4CW 001

4CW 001

The scene opens up over a small crowd in the Reno Events Center. In the center of the view, an empty ring stands just waiting for the action ahead of us. “Bang Your Head” by Quiet Riot plays over the speakers, pumping life into the crowd below. The lights slightly dim as a spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. Out from the back, Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison walk onto the open stage and scan over the crowd for a brief moment.
The two look at each other and nod before proceeding down the aisle and towards the ring. Grabbing the crowds attention, Perry waves his hands to get them active. Frankie approaches the ring first and climbs the steps on the side, shortly followed by Perry. The two then enter the ring under the top rope and walk to the center. With a huge smile on his face, Perry extends his hand to Frankie who in return extends his. The two shake hands as Perry pulls out a microphone from his pocket. He signals for the music to stop and it slowly does as he raises the mic to his mouth. The fans slowly die down in commotion, listening for what the owner has to say.
WALLACE: “How’s everyone doing tonight?”
The small crowd erupts in cheers as Perry nods his head looking over at Frankie who remains his composure.
WALLACE: “First of all, I just want to thank each and every single one of you here tonight. I wasn’t expecting this many people for our first event but looking over the numbers, there are five hundred seventy four people in attendance tonight. I couldn’t be more happier form this special event, the night that 4CW changes the face of wrestling forever. Then again, maybe it’s the free beer we’ve been promoting for the past week or so. Either way, I’m pleased and I want tothank you all from the bottom of my heart for joining us tonight. Give yourselves a round of applause!”
The crowd begins to applaud as Perry walks around the ring with his hands on his waist. He then stops again in the center of the ring and raises the mic to his mouth once more.
WALLACE: “Now first of all, I want to introduce this man standing right here beside me. If it wasn’t for him and his knowledge, I don’t know if this dream could have ever been turned into a reality. He’s my general manager but more importantly he’s becoming a friend and not just a colleague. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Frankie Morrison!”
The crowd begins to applaud once more as Perry hands the mic over to Frankie and pats him on the back. Frankie gives the crowd a moment to calm down and raises the mic after clearing his throat.
MORRISON: “For nearly fourteen years I have bled for this business. As an agent I have handled some of the greates competitors to step through the ropes. I know what is needed to make this company and Mr. Wallace shares that vision. Together we are going to put out a product that will satisfy everything you, the 4CW fans, want in a wrestling program. We’re going to take wrestling back to where it should be!”
Frankie hands the mic back over to Perry.
WALLACE: “Now lets introduce the two gentlemen sitting at ringside. These two will work commentary for tonight’s event and every event rolling forward. Combined, they have about twenty years of experience in this profession, maybe even longer than that. Please give it up for Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa!!!”
The crowd applauds as the two, Vassa and Johnson, stand up at the commentary booth and wave. As the cheers quiet, the two sit back down as Perry clears his throat.
WALLACE: “Back on the entrance stage at the DJ booth, we have none other than Mike Powers! He’ll be our music coordinator and ring announcer. I know Mike from previous business endeavors. Give a warm welcome, everyone, Mike Powers!”
The crowd applauds as a spotlight shines on Mike Powers. He waves and begins scratching a record and mixing in sound effects. Perry and Morrison talk amongst themselves for a moment before the crowd goes silent and he raises the mic to his mouth.
WALLACE: “Now we have two officials currently and you’ll see them in action later tonight. Our head official, Larry Collins, wants to keep a low profile on them so they can just focus on calling matches for 4CW and insuring that the standard is set and bar is raised in this company. Allow me to tell you all a little about myself if you will.”
“A few months back, I hit the lottery as some of you may know. I won’t go into details about how much I banked but I will shed some light on my intentions with 4CW. I’ve always been a lifelong fan of this sport. Wrestling has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As you can tell, I’m not really physically or athletically inclined to pursue a career inside the ropes. I have a bigger vision in mind. Someone has to be on the outside looking in, making sure all the pieces fit together. With my passion and new found finances, it only made sense for me to reach outside of my own abilities and partner up with Frankie Morrison.”
“With his experience in this business combined with my own attributes, 4CW was born. Take a look around. There are plenty of small promotions either closing shop or struggling to fight through the hard times. When one place closes its door, another one opens them. Frankie and I have made key signing within the last week in light of the hardships that have fallen on other promotions. One in particular, which I will leave unnamed, has struggled to maintain balance in the far south-eastern tip of this great country. As the flame slowly fades away for them, our fire grows even stronger…””
A loud commotion is heard from the front row behind the announcers booth. Perry stops talking as him and Frankie look down only to see the fans gathered around an individual. This face isn’t a stranger by any means, it’s Jason Kash and he has the fans worked up around him. Caught in the middle of doing the wave, Kash looks up into the ring and see’s Perry and Frankie watching. He laughs it off as the fans calm down and Perry focuses his attention back to the rest of the crowd.
WALLACE: “Well what do you know, it looks like we have some of that dying light here with us tonight. I don’t what your intentions are, whether you’re just watching the competition or considering becoming a piece of our talent. I’ll keep my eyes on this one. I have a message for every wrestler out there and even for you, Mr. Kash. With my new found finances and ambition to grow 4CW into a great wrestling company, I see that I have to pay to play. Now, while we’re not mainstream or even televised for that matter, the goal is there to achieve that one day. After tonight’s show and the many to follow, we will gain national recognition and earn our place in this business. So that brings me to this and how I plan to gain exposure.”
“I don’t care if I lose money at first as I have plenty to burn. I’m paying top dollar for top talent. If any one of you signed with someone else thinks you have what it takes and are tired of getting chump change, give me a call. If you’re a free agent and searching for that top bidder, give me a call. If you’re only in this sport for the money then by all means, give me a call. I don’t care who you are or who you’re signed with, I will buy your contract and put you in the fast lane to success. There’s an old saying that I’ve grown to know over these past weeks. Cash talks and bullshit walks. Look out for your future and best interests, sign with 4CW.”
Perry chuckles for a moment as he looks over at Frankie and hands him the mic. Walking to the ropes and looking down at Jason Kash at ringside, Perry rubs his fingers together, giving the international sign for money. He then nods and walks back towards the center of the ring with Frankie as Kash looks on with the crowd standing strong behind him.
MORRISON: “And it’s that kind of attitude that’s going to skyrocket this company to the top. There is no talent who’s out of reach. There’s no limit to how far we’ll go to bring the best competition around the world to 4CW. Someone needs to take this industry back to the golden days, when wrestling mattered. Too many companies have focused more on the entertainment and less on the actual wrestling! That needs to change and it WILL change.”
Frankie Morrison walks over to the ropes and hands the microphone to Perry. The crowd erupts as Morrison and Wallace exit through the ropes and up the aisle towards the back.

It is a dark, smoky room and laughter is heard. The smoke clears and two people can be seen. It is a young woman with black and green hair. She is slim but curvy in all the right spots. She is flipping off the camera. Then beside her is a man with face paint. He is draped across the other chair. They both have smirks on their faces.
Then the young woman stands up and walks closer to the camera. She grins as she kneels to the ground and moves the camera to focus on her.
NIKKI X: “4CW better be ready because the baddest bitch is about to make her presence felt. I am Nikki X.”
Nikki X then pulls out a joint from her right jean pocket and puts it to her lips. Teasing it a bit before putting it in and lighting up. She inhales and holds it in. She then releases it right into the camera as she smirks. The video feed slowly fades out.

Joseph Sullivan stands in the ring waiting for his opponent to make their entrance.
VASSA: “For those who don’t know, that’s Joseph Sullivan in the ring right now and he’ll be in our first matchup to kick off the evening.”
JOHNSON: “He’s been in this sport for a long while but just hasn’t seemed to catch a break. He’s good, puts a lot of passion into his abilities. I’m glad Perry Wallace looked him up and signed him to 4CW to help grow the younger talent in this business.”
VASSA: “Me personally, I’ve never heard of the guy. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s capable of.”
JOHNSON: “He’ll get his chance to coming right up. I think our DJ, Mike Powers, is about to introduce his opponent.”

“Killin’ It” by Krewella begins to play over the building, igniting the fans with excitement.
POWERS: “The opponent standing at five foot three and weighing in at one hundred twenty two pounds, she represents the city of Houston, Texas. Introducing… MIIS JADE!!!”
Miss Jade walks out onto the stage, she grins at the fans, most of whom are booing her. She smirks at the audience and blows them a kiss sarcastically before walking down the ramp, she ignores the fans for the best part and just reaches ringside, slowly she rolls under the ropes and just stands in the ring. With her music continuing to play, she walks to the turnbuckle and stands on the middle ropes, her eyes glancing across the fans before slowly the sound of Krewella begins to die down. She jumps down and awaits for the bell to sound.
JOHNSON: “Our official for the match will be Christopher Salieri.”
VASSA: “He’s just getting his start in this business. I know his uncle really well. If this kid has a passion anything close to his uncles for this sport, then he will become a top notch official. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”
The ref signals for the bell as we kick off the first match of the night and the beginning of 4 Corners Wrestling.
As the bell sounds, Sullivan wastes no time and rushes across the ring and surprises Miss Jade with a hard clothesline nearly knocking her head off. She falls into the corner and as Sullivan sees an opportunity. He kicks her in the stomach a few times until she falls to the mat, fighting to hold herself up with the ropes. Sullivan then grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet only to pick her up and slam her back into the turnbuckle with force.
VASSA: “This Sullivan guy came here for a fight tonight. This match just got started but it’s beginning to look like a one sided beat down.”
JOHNSON: “He’s a seasoned veteran and saw an opportunity to strike.”
VASSA: “Opportunity? More like a weakness!”

Sullivan grabs her by the hair once more and drags her to the center of the ring and then throws her to the ropes. As she returns, he bends over in an attempt to flip her only to catch a boot to the mouth. Sullivan’s head slings back. As he stares at the ceiling for a moment trying to regain his focus, Jade runs to the ropes again and comes back with a quick drop kick to his left knee. Sullivan falls to one knee and Jade runs to the ropes again only to come back this time with a drop kick to the chops, sending Sullivan to his back on the mat.
Miss Jade then climbs the ropes and waits as Sullivan slowly climbs to his feet. Once up, his back faces her still waiting on the top turnbuckle. Sullivan slowly turns around only to get blindsided with a flying crossbody. He falls straight to the mat with Jade on top of him. Without hesitation, Jade hooks the leg and attempts to end the match quickly.
Sullivan kicks out at the last moment, leaving Miss Jade surprised and disappointed. Jade quickly jumps to her feet and stomps on the midsection of Sullivan before getting her foot caught. Sullivan then pulls her to the mat and rolls over and applies a ton of pressure with an ankle lock. Jade screams in pain and Sullivan adjusts his position and gains even more leverage. The ref kneels down in front of Jade and checks to see if she can fight through it or not.
Miss Jade shakes her head from left to right, refusing to give up. She fights through the pain and manages to kick Sullivan in the ribcage with her free foot. It knocks the air out of him briefly, just enough for Jade to wiggle free and break the hold. Jade gets to her feet and limps to the other side of the ring as Sullivan slowly catches his breath. With anger in his eyes, Sullivan rushes toward Jade full speed and lunges forward with a double axe-handle. Jade ducks out of the way, causing Sullivan to miss and flip over the top rope and fall to the floor outside of the ring.
JOHNSON: “Cat like reflexes…”
VASSA: “More like luck. No wonder Sullivan hasn’t broken through in this sport. He should have seen that coming!”

Miss Jade rolls her ankle around some before looking on the outside and seeing Sullivan still on the floor, in pain from the hard fall. She climbs the turnbuckle once more and waits patiently. Sullivan begins to pull himself up with help from the apron of the ring. Once up, he holds his head down and rubs with one hand as he slowly paces. Jade see’s the opportunity to strike and leaps from the top turnbuckle and flies towards Sullivan. With his back to her, she locks her arm around his head and drives his face to the floor with a devastating bulldog.
JOHNSON: “Haha… I haven’t heard that phrase in a few years. It’s good to have you back at my side, buddy!”

Jade rolls around on the floor in pain from landing wrong with that move. Sullivan is motionless at the moment.
VASSA: “That looked painful. I think she broke her ass…”
JOHNSON: “I think she did too. Someone needs to get up though because Salieri has started a count out.”

Miss Jade finally gets up and fights through the pain as she grabs Sullivan and pulls him to his feet. She rolls him into the ring and shortly follows as the ref stops the count.
JOHNSON: “Although short, this has been a brutal match so far.”
VASSA: “I wouldn’t want it any other way! This is a great start to our ground breaking event.”

Miss Jade Grabs Sullivan and pulls him to his feet in the center of the ring. As he stands completely up, Sullivan catches Miss Jade with an open hand across the face, sending an echo throughout the building. Miss Jade’s face quickly turns to the side as the fans watch in silence, on the edge of their seats. Sullivan then grabs her by the throat and holds her head up and plants a kiss on her cheek. Jade erupts and scratches the side of his face with her fingernails. She swings wildly, Sullivan ducks the attack and drives a forearm into her stomach. She curls over but remains on her feet as Joseph Sullivan pulls her head in and plants her with a DDT.

As the commentator sits stunned and the crowd begins to rise in noise levels, a man of great size comes out from the back. The fans aren’t sure if they should boo or cheer but the look on his face says something bad is about to happen.
VASSA:”That HAS to be Joe Dobbs! Biggest man on the roster, seeing him in person…It’s overwhelming. What’s he doing out here though?”

Big Joe Dobbs grabs the middle rope as he comes to ringside and pulls himself up onto the ring apron to his feet. He pushes down the top rope and steps over the ropes to enter the ring. Joseph Sullivan reacts and rushes the big man. Dobbs steps to the side and tosses Sullivan over the ropes and crashing to the ringside mats with ease.
VASSA:”Like a ragdoll, he twitched and Sullivan was leaving the ring by force…What’s he going to do!?”

Miss Jade pushes up off her knee and stands tall before her eyes bulge out from the massive hand that snatched her by the throat. Joe Dobbs lifts her with one hand and smiles. The crowd instantly going into a deep boo as Dobbs stares down at Miss Jade.
JOHNSON:”He’s going to eat her!! Someone needs to get in there and stop him!!”

Joseph Sullivan scrambles to his feet after regaining his composure and lifts the skirt of the ring. He reaches underneath and removes a Steel folding chair. The fans burst into cheers as he slowly crawls into the ring under the ropes. The crowd grows in volume of cheers as a man leaps the guard railing of the front row.
VASSA:”It’s Jason Kash! He’s here to watch the show not get involved, someone call Security!!”
JOHNSON:”Rocking sweat pants and a toothless smile, I don’t think he cares about Security. I think he’s here to help..”

As Sullivan rises with the chair in hand, he approaches Dobbs from behind. Kash hurries, leaps up onto the ring apron before bouncing into the ring through the middle ropes. The fans still cheering all gasp at once as Jason Kash runs up, jumps, grabs Sullivan by the back of his neck and drops him with a Snapping Jumping Neckbreaker. The steel chair flops out of his hands as he hits the canvas. Kash pops back to his feet, rips off his shirt and roars out to a deafening Boo from the live audience.
VASSA:”He calls that Neckbreaker, “Under The Influence” and he has done damage in the past, his name is NOTHING without that move but what is he doing here?”
JOHNSON:”We’ve both called Kash matches, we’ve both seen what this man can do but the question is what is he doing HERE? He’s not signed to this company, as far as anyone knows he is signed to another Promotion..”

A middle aged man comes from the back clapping. He has a smile stretched across his face as he heads towards the ring. He climbs the stairs and walks the ring apron before entering the ring. The man gently slaps the chest of Kash as he walks past him and stands near Joe Dobbs. He simply nods to the big man and the fans once again are heard gasping.
Dobbs lifts Miss Jade in a Gorilla Press. He turns to show everyone how simple it is to manhandle the woman that he holds her up with one hand. A few laughs come from the audience as Dobbs breaks into a jog and launches Miss Jade over the ropes. She slices through the air and plows hard into the unforgiving Ring Railing. It moves with her impact and she is left laid out at ringside. Kash is kick pushing Sullivan out of the ring as the middle aged man requests and receives a Microphone.
MAN: “My Name is Tidus Howe…How is everyone tonight? You will all be seeing a lot more of me as the time passes here in Four Corners, you see I’ve invested in something that in the past has had success and will now multiply that success into something more. Let me explain, you see in this business there are a few elements to create success. Strength…”

He reaches up and pats Joe Dobbs on the shoulder. The crowd boos lightly but listens closely to the man’s words.
HOWE: “Then there are those who can adapt to any situation, compete against any style and really shine regardless of the odds or numbers against him. Those like Jason Kash here who I’m sure most of you have seen or have heard of. The odd man out, The Foul Mouth of a Criminal Minded man who enjoys the Action this business gives each and every competitor. But what do these men have in common? What brings people like Joe Dobbs and Jason Kash together inside the ring? Well not just them because this isn’t all of us is it?”

Tidus hands the microphone to Jason Kash and he gets a few popping cheers but they are faded with boos.
J. KASH: “We’re not alone. I want to bring out a man who for the past 6 to 8 months has been a thorn in my side. A turd that wouldn’t flush, a sore that wouldn’t heal. He has taken cheap shots, turned my best friend against me, tried to steal my Girlfriend and worse, he’s from Germany!!”

Crowd lets out a laugh as a whole and Tidus Howe comes close and takes the mic from Kash. He just laughs and moves away as Tidus takes over the introductions.
HOWE: “Anyways…Please welcome The Most HATED Man in Social Media today…”The Killerplauze” STEFAN RAAB!! COME ON DOWN!!”

No music, nothing but Boos to fill the small arena as Stefan Raab comes out from the back. The fans grow louder as he appears and immediately heads for the ring. His pace quick but it’s a natural stroll as he gets to ringside. Climbing the steel steps, he quickly cuts through the middle rope to enter the ring. Raab and Tidus Howe shake hands. Raab then locks eyes with Jason Kash and the two stand there face to face. Kash breaks into a laugh and pats him hard to the arm. Kash riles up the crowd like he wants more boos and the live audience gives him exactly that as Tidus Howe once again returns to the mic.
HOWE: “These men have put aside their differences. Laid to rest their inner problems so that THIS can come together. They are Organized and TRUST ME that each and everyone of them possess the skill of Violence. They feed off being in the mix of pure Action. You could say each one of them is PACKED full of Action!

Kash hurries and pulls the mic and Howe’s arm towards him so he can interrupt and make a general correction of sorts in Howe’s comments.
J. KASH: “Absolutely No Homo here folks…Packed full of Action? Srrious Howe? Come on dude…”

Howe shakes his head, figuring Kash finds the immature humor in every twist and turn of words. He glares at Kash as he goes back to saying what he was saying.
HOWE: “So with that, the world will from this moment on know us as Action Packed. We are NOT Anti-Establishment, we LOVE that someone is paying us to do what we crave, what we enjoy and what we are bread and skilled to do and that’s fill these arenas, PACK them with Action. What we are is a Public Service Warning to let everyone on this roster and the next know that if you stand in our path to where we want to go…Ohhhh that will be VERY bad for your health. We will put the fear of GOD in our opposition…Thank you for your Time. Let’s go guys..”

Mr. Howe drops the mic and heads to the ropes and exits the ring. Kash tries to jump onto the massive back of Joe Dobbs but the big man swipes him off and Kash laughs as he drops and rolls out of the ring. Dobbs and Raab leave the ring in their own way as “Action Packed” head to the back as a Unit.
VASSA: “Well this has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I’ve called plenty of matches involving Jason Kash. Things just got serious around here!”
JOHNSON: “Indeed they have. Stephan Raab and that monster, Joe Dobbs. That’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. As we clear the ring and get ready for our next match, lets go backstage for a moment.”

The camera cuts backstage where we join Bobby Rothwell, a local Reno, Nevada reporter covering tonight’s inaugural 4CW event. He takes his cue from the cameraman and begins speaking as the shot zooms out.
BOBBY ROTHWELL: “Good evening, everybody! I’m Bobby Rothwell and I’m here in attendance at the very first event for a brand new wrestling promotion, 4 Corners Wrestling! Joining me right now is one of the men who will be competing in tonight’s main event. Please welcome, Owen Moon!”

Owen Moon steps into the shot, already wearing his ring gear. There’s a confident smile on Owen’s face as he nods at Bobby and gets into position next to him.
ROTHWELL: “Thanks for taking the time to talk to me before your big match, Owen. I want to see how you’re feeling right now, just moments away from the biggest match in your career…”

Owen lets out a small laugh before answering the question.
MOON: “I can’t even describe the feeling. I have been training a long time for this moment and I am so anxious to make my debut here in 4CW. I am thankful for the opportunity they’ve given me here tonight to perform in the main event. I think it’s going to be an amazing show.”
ROTHWELL: “Now you live in San Francisco, correct?”
MOON: “Yes, I do.”
ROTHWELL: “Is this your first time competing in Nevada?”
MOON: “It is. I’m no stranger to playing cards at the casinos in Vegas, but this is my time performing in front of a crowd in Nevada.”
ROTHWELL: “From the people I’ve talked to, it seems the wrestling fans are very excited about this show. Like myself, they are interested to see what this new promotion has to offer.”
MOON: “I can understand that. Let me just tell you, they won’t be disappointed. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know I’m going to put it all on the line here tonight and send the fans home happy.”

The confident smile appears again on Owen’s face.
ROTHWELL: “Your opponent here tonight is Michael Wilson. What do you need to do to come away with a victory in that match?”
MOON: “It’s simple, Bobby, I just need to execute my plan. You see, I’ve done just as much planning and strategizing for this match as I’ve done training. I believe in my skills and if I can make Michael wrestle my style of match, I’ll have no problem coming away with the victory.”
ROTHWELL: “And how would you describe your style?”
MOON: “If you’ve ever heard the expression ‘speed kills,’ that pretty much describes me. I’m a machine gun inside the ring. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss something spectacular.”
ROTHWELL: “That does sound quite exciting, Owen. I can’t wait to see your match later on tonight. Thanks again for taking the time to speak with me.”
MOON: “Absolutely. Just as a reminder for the fans, I’ll be around after the show for a meet and greet, so I look forward to seeing you all there. I’ll be signing autographs and taking pictures until the last person leaves.”
ROTHWELL: “Well there you have it, straight from the man himself. Like I said, we’ll see Owen a little later on tonight in the main event. Now I’ll send you back to ringside for the next match of the night.”

JOHNSON: “For our first event, things have gotten off to a great start.”
VASSA: “They’re only going to get better from here on out! I’m still stoked to learn that Jason Kash landed in 4CW. I’m even more stoked by the level of talent that Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison have signed to the roster so far. Someone’s doing something right! What do we have next in line for tonight Steve?”
JOHNSON: “Our next match we have Donathan DuPaul and Jackpot debuting for us all tonight. If our previous match is a preview of what’s to come tonight then we’re in for a hell of a show!”
VASSA: “You can say that again. Lets get to it. Take it away Mike Powers…”

An old man with the body of a Greek god comes from behind the curtain. He strokes his long, gray beard as “Thorn in your Side” blasts over the speakers.
POWERS: “Our first competitor stands six foot, one inch and weighs in at two hundred twenty five pounds. Coming out of parts unknown, he is “The Trite”… DONATHAN DUPAUL!!!”

He slowly walks down to the ring. He uses the steps to get to the apron and then steps between the middle and top rope. He starts stretching and pops his neck. He flexes hard and almost seems to grow in musculature before the match starts.
VASSA: “Old man’s built!”
JOHNSON: “I would like to know what his secret is, you should get some advice, Vin.”
VASSA: “Still with the fat jokes, Steve? After all these years I figured I’d at least earn an ounce of respect from you.”
JOHNSON: “Oh, you have my respect. I’m just calling it how I see it.”

“Headstrong” starts playing as Jackpot comes out and starts dancing to the music.
POWERS: “The second competitor stands five foot eleven inches and weighs in at one hundred eighty nine pounds. Representing Las Vegas, Nevada… JACKPOT!”

Jackpot then walks to the ring, enters and then dances again inside as we wait for the bell to sound.
JOHNSON: “The 4CW home office is located in Las Vegas and that’s where Jackpot is out of. Let’s see what the local resident is made of.”
VASSA: “Larry Collins, our senior official, will be calling the match tonight.”
JOHNSON: “I’ve been fortunate to commentate quite a few matches that Larry has officiated. He’s old school and a great asset to have in 4CW.”

The ref signals for the bell as the match officially begins.
Jackpot and DuPaul slowly walk toward each other to the center of the ring. Jackpot looks over DuPaul, sizing him up. In return, DuPaul looks at Jackpot with a cocky smirk on his face, showing no intimidation. The two then slowly circle each other before DuPaul makes the first move and shoves Jackpot back a few steps. Not backing down, Jackpot shoves him back but barely budges him a step. Jackpot tries again to push the big man back but only moves him a step. DuPaul then laughs and swings a hard right lariat at Jackpot and connects with his forehead, sending him to the floor with a thud.
VASSA: “DuPaul made that look easy.”

Jackpot rolls away and gets to his feet as DuPaul stares him down with that cockiness still in his eye. DuPaul waves for him to come get some and the two slowly walk toward the center of the ring. This time DuPaul raises his hand in the air and looks Jackpot in the eye, daring him to lock hands and have a battle of strength. Jackpot looks over the arena and swallows hard before raising his hand as well. As the two slowly pursue the others hand with theirs, Jackpot catches DuPaul off guard with a hard kick to the stomach. DuPaul quickly bends over as Jackpot kicks him in the stomach again, trying to knock the breath out of the big man. Jackpot then slams a his elbow in the back of DuPaul before grabbing his head and delivering a huge knee to his face. DuPaul takes a few steps back from the pain as Jackpot keeps a close eye on him.
VASSA: “This kid isn’t backing down from that monster in the ring.”
JOHNSON: “He actually surprised me as well. He obviously can’t compete in strength but he’s using his speed instead.”

Jackpot runs at DuPaul only to get lunged at again. Jackpot ducks and runs to the other side of the ring and bounces off the ropes. Before he can turn around, DuPaul gets kicked in the back of the knee with a dropkick. Jackpot delivers a series of kicks to DuPaul’s leg until he breaks him down and drops him to one knee. With momentum on his side, Jackpot closes in and hits DuPaul with a reverses neck breaker. As the big body hits the canvas, it sends a loud thud throughout the building as the fans erupt in cheers, fueling Jackpot as he quickly gets back to his feet.
VASSA: “Jackpot’s building some momentum here.”
JOHNSON: “He has to. With that difference in build between the two, Jackpot is on the right track with his game plan.”

Dupaul rolls on the canvas, sluggish to get up as Jackpot takes the opportunity to attack him while he’s down. Jackpot stomps on the legs of DuPaul and then drops a hard knee to his inner thigh. DuPaul fights through the agony and manages to get up before getting attacked anymore. Barely on his feet, DuPaul gets rushed by Jackpot with a series of punches to the head. After getting a few good shots in, Jackpot winds up with a big one and swings with all his might. DuPaul ducks the punch and throws an elbow into the stomach of Jackpot, knocking him back a few steps. DuPaul then kicks Jackpot in the stomach and follows up with a hard forearm smash across his back, sending him to the canvas face first.
JOHNSON: “It looks like the wide is changing as DuPaul has put Jackpot down on the mat.”

DuPaul grabs Jackpot by the back of the head and jerks him to his feet. He then throws Jackpot to the ropes and upon his return, DuPaul drives him into the canvas with a huge powerslam. The sounds cuts through the noise of the crowd like a hot knife through butter. DuPaul climbs to his feet, pushing himself up with his hand around Jackpot’s throat, choking the life out of him. The ref breaks the hold and pushes DuPaul back only to get shoved aside as DuPaul moves back in on the fallen Jackpot. DuPaul rolls Jackpot over with his foot as he kicks Jackpot in the side until he’s completely turned over. Opening up his back for attack, DuPaul drops two back to back knee drops to his lower back before pulling him up to his feet again but this time by the hair. DuPaul slings him across the ring and pulls out a few strands of hair in the process. Wasting no time, DuPaul picks him up once more and lifts his body up and carries him to the corner only to sidewalk slam Jackpot into the turnbuckle.
VASSA: “The Trite is having his way with this youngster tonight!”
JOHNSON: “There’s no other way to describe it. I have a feeling that once DuPaul gets going it’s going to be hard to slow him down.”

Jackpot falls to the mat, head first after getting broken against the turnbuckle. DuPaul still doesn’t let up and drags him to the center of the ring by the hair. The ref tries to get DuPaul to release the hair only to get ignored. After yelling for a moment at DuPaul, Collins convinces him to release the hair. DuPaul laughs it off and then picks Jackpot up by the back of the head and lifts him up once more only to drop him again but this time a Samoan drop in the center of the ring. DuPaul then drops to the canvas and begins to work on Jackpot with a few various holds, wearing him down for about five minutes.
DuPaul then gets back up and drags Jackpot with him. DuPaul hammers at him with a couple of closed fists to the head before grabbing him by the arm and slinging Jackpot to the ropes behind him. DuPaul swings with a hard right hook but misses as Jackpot ducks. DuPaul quickly turns around and lunges forward with a clothesline as Jackpot bounces back off the ropes again but misses once more as Jackpot dodges another big hit. Slower to turn around this time, DuPaul gets hit with a flying crossbody after Jackpot bounces off the ropes for a third time. Jackpot bounces and hits the mat but only manages to knock DuPaul back a few steps and against the ropes. Jackpot bursts himself up and moves in on DuPaul only to catch a big boot to the face. DuPaul then grabs Jackpot by the back of the head and pants and throws him into the corner, slamming his shoulder against the turnbuckle.
JOHNSON: “Oh my, that looked painful.”
VASSA: “I’m starting to like the old man, Steve. He fights hard and tries to break the opponent in half. It’s going to be a pleasure watching him in the future… as long as he doesn’t break a hip.”
JOHNSON: “You’re just a classic comedian aren’t you, Vinny?”
VASSA: “I try to bring something fresh to the announcers booth. Don’t be jealous…”

Jackpot leans over the middle rope, halfway hanging outside of the ring trying to catch his breath. The Trite watches on from the opposite corner and preys on him like a hawk, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Jackpot begins to work himself out of the turnbuckle and manages to stand on his two feet with his back toward the center of the ring. He leans against the corner and holds his shoulder in pain. Slowly turning around, Jackpot continues to look down at the mat with pain written all over his face. In the blink of an eye, DuPaul runs towards him…

DuPaul slams into Jackpot with powerful spear, nearly knocking him out of his boots. The Trite crushes Jackpots body with his own as he sandwiches Jackpot into the corner. Jackpot grabs on to the ropes to hold himself up but DuPaul takes advantage to his open midsection and grabs on to the middle ropes himself and begins slamming into his midsection with a series of hard shoulder thrusts. Not letting up, the ref is forced to move in and break the hold. DuPaul pulls back and nods to the ref but then delivers one more hard shoulder thrust that knocks the air out of Jackpot. DuPaul then gets to his feet and pushes back on Jackpot as he creates space between the two and obeys the ref as Jackpot falls to the floor.
VASSA: “Donathan is vicious!”
JOHNSON: “This has been a brutal…”

]As Jackpot sits in the corner, fighting through the pain, DuPaul quickly moves back in on him and slams his knee into his face. Jackpot’s head slings back and slams against the turnbuckle. DuPaul then grabs him by the arm and jerks him to his feet. With brute strength, DuPaul lifts Jackpot into the air and nails him with a military press. With Jackpot down, face first to the mat, DuPaul grabs both of his arms and pulls him backwards. DuPaul holds him up for a moment stretching Jackpot’s body as he looks over the crowd and places his foot behind his head. In the blink of an eye, DuPaul drives his foot down on the back of Jackpot’s head, stomping it into the canvas.
JOHSNON: “Actus Reus!”
VASSA: “I have no idea what you just said but he just curb stomped the hell out of Jackpot!”
JOHNSON: “Yep, he calls that Actus Reus.”
VASSA: “Well, I call that taking out the trash! He’s going for the pin!”

DuPaul turns Jackpot over to his back and then drops down to both knees. He looks over the arena for a moment before covering Jackpot as the ref drops for the count.
JOHNSON: “This one’s in the books. Donathan DuPaul destroyed Jackpot.”
VASSA: “The kid tried and the kid failed. In the end, DuPaul showed to the world that he’s going to be a force in 4CW.”

The ref raises DuPaul’s hand in the air as “Thorn in Your Side” by Rod Oliver begins to play over the speakers.
POWERS: “And the winner by pinfall, he is The Trite… DONATHAN DuPAUL!!!”

DuPaul jerks his hand away from the ref and exits the ring, headed towards the back. Meanwhile, the ref checks on Jackpot.
JOHNSON: “While they clean up the ring, lets look at a clip from earlier in the week when 4CW signed one of its newest assets.”

The ref continues to assist Jackpot as the scene slowly cuts out to a video feed.

The video feed begins to play with Perry Wallace standing in front of a 4CW stand, microphones on top and the 4CW logo draped over. Two tables are positioned, one on each side, next to the stand. Masahiro Kojima is sat at the table on the left with two of his representatives and some 4CW staff are sat to the right. The noise in the room drops slightly as Perry raises a hand to gain their attention.
WALLACE: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to announce officially at this time, that we have signed former Rampage Wrestling standout, Masahiro Kojima, to an agreement to compete for the next six months. I’d now like to give Mr. Kojima the opportunity to speak. Mr. Kojima…”

Perry Wallace invites Masahiro Kojima to take the stage, he slowly stands and takes off his sunglasses and makes his way to the center of the room. He has a drink of water from the bottle on the table and then looks out over the crowd.
KOJIMA: “I am here. This is a very exciting day for all of you, getting to see a wrestler with some class in front of you. From now on, you won’t see the rubbish booked for 001, you will see me. My matches will quickly go down in history as the best of all time, and my focus is going to be solely on winning the championship in this tournament Perry was telling me about.”

Kojima pauses for a moment as he takes another drink of water and then continues.
KOJIMA: “So, I know you have all come for various reasons but I am not taking any questions right now and I will be preparing for my debut, thank you.”

Kojima grabs the bottle of water and then walks off the stage and through an exit door leaving Perry Wallace, 4CW representatives and his own representatives still at the table. Being an unexpected move, Perry Wallace quickly makes his way to the stage.
WALLACE: “Masahiro Kojima everybody! Now, are there any questions relating to the upcoming event that I can answer?”

The video fades with Wallace answering questions regarding the upcoming show, slightly angered with the attitude of Kojima, but trying to maintain that things are going smoothly.

JOHNSON: “So far we’ve had an exciting show and we’re only midway through.”
VASSA: “Would you expect anything less with you and me sitting at the table calling these matches?”
JOHNSON: “We can’t take all the credit. We’ve had some great debuts tonight and a ton of action inside the ring. I’m really looking forward to these next two matches.”
VASSA: “You and me both. I’m looking more forward to this next matchup as we get to watch two hotties beat each other up in the ring. Hell, we have the best seats in the building!”
JOHNSON: “Calm down, Vinny.”
VASSA: “I’ll try but right now we’re ready for Mike powers to take it away…”
POWERS: “Let’s kick this third match off for tonight! Are you people ready!? Our first competitor stands five foot seven inches and weighs in at one hundred twenty five pounds. Representing Los Angeles, California, she is the “Nightmare”… NIOBE MARTIN!!!”

As the opening of the song starts to play, the video flashes on the tron of a camera panning up a grassy hill at night slowly until it gets to the top, panning from left to right, lightning flashing in the sky as the opening guitar rift plays. Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
Now your nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.
VASSA: “Now that’s a hottie!”
JOHNSON: “Be careful, Vinny. I’d hate for her boyfriend to hear what you have to say.”
VASSA: “Who, Tommy Knox? He couldn’t even take the time to come to the show tonight and support his woman. Talk about selfish…”
JOHNSON: “Speaking with Perry earlier in the week, he told me that Tommy Knox has agreed to make appearances in the ring from time to time.”
VASSA: “Great! First Jason Kash makes an appearance and now Tommy Knox is rumored to appear from time to time. This feels all so familiar.”
JOHNSON: “Well, Niobe looks ready to get things started. Now, lets introduce her opponent.”
POWERS: “And the opponent, standing five feet eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds. Coming to you out of… wait, what? Representing SimCity… JENSEN KNICKERBOCKER!!!”

“The Final Countdown” by Europe begins to play over the speakers. Jensen takes her time getting to the stage, so that the intro of her music plays. She skips out, blowing kisses to the fans. Once at ringside, she climbs the steps and enters under the top rope. She walks to the center of the ring, blows a few more kisses to the fans before skipping to her corner and waiting for the match to begin.
VASSA: “She looks a little more up your alley, Steve. I know how you love a woman in glasses.”
JOHNSON: “I guess when 4CW wrote up your contract they forgot to include professionalism.”
VASSA: “What?! I’m just having a little fun.”
JOHNSON: “Like always… Back to the match, Christopher Salieri will be officiating our contest. He didn’t look too awful bad earlier. I’m hoping he gets better with experience.”
VASSA: “Dang, Steve. I give these women a compliment and you call me unprofessional. You diss the refs skills and I’m the bad guy? Jeez…”

The ref walks to the center of the ring and signals for the bell as we kick off the start of the match.
The two women look each over as if passing judgment on the other by their appearances. Jensen then prances to the center of the ring without a care in the world as Niobe looks on in a serious nature. Disgusted by her happy attitude, Niobe walks towards her and gets face to face with her. The two then lock up and struggle with one another for a moment before Niobe locks onto Jensen with a headlock. She applies the pressure for a minute before Jensen works herself free and grabs one of Niobe’s arms and gets her in a wristlock. Jensen positions herself behind Niobe, applying pressure on her arm with it twisted behind her back. Niobe takes her free hand and reaches back, wrapping it around Jensen’s head and bends forward, flipping Jensen over to the mat.
JOHNSON: “Swift moves from both parties there.”

With Jensen in front of her, Niobe grabs her by the head and locks a sleeper hold tightly around her neck. Jensen fights the hold, trying to break free but Niobe refuses to let go. Jensen manages to turn her body to the side with the hold still applied. She starts to fight her way to stand as Niobe converts the move into another headlock. Jensen pushes Niobe with all of her might and sends her to the ropes, breaking the hold. Niobe bounces off the ropes and comes back as Jensen moves to the side and takes her down with a drop toe hold. Niobe’s head slams into the canvas as Jensen hops on her back and grabs her left leg, locking a single leg crab on Niobe and pulling back on it with all her strength.
VASSA: “Wow, I wish I was that flexible.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t, that’s just gross, Vinny.”
VASSA: “That’s not what your wife said…”
JOHNSON: “I’m divorced.”
VASSA: “Again? What’s that, like two times?”
JOHNSON: “Three actually, but lets get back to this match.”

Niobe wiggles her way free from the hold and kicks Jensen in the mouth with her other foot. Niobe take a moment to get to her feet. Meanwhile, Jensen is waiting for her as she wipes the blood from her lip. With her back still turned, Niobe opens herself up to be victim of a reverse DDT by the hands of Jensen. Niobe rolls across the mat in pain as Jensen jumps back up and quickly keys in on Niobe. Grabbing Niobe by the foot, she drags her back to the center of the ring and turns her over, grabs her legs and attempts to lock a sharpshooter on Niobe but fails. Niobe kicks her in the stomach with her left foot and then sweeps Jensen’s legs out from under her with a right sweep. Niobe quickly hops up and jumps onto Jensen and slams the back of her head into the mat a few times before standing up and looking down at her disgusted. She picks Jensen up and throws her to the ropes and when she returns, Niobe plants her into the mat with a spinning spinebuster that rattles the ring.
JOHNSON: “Niobe just annihilated Jensen with that spinebuster.”
VASSA: “I’m no chiropractor but I think Jensen is going to need an adjustment after that.”

Niobe gets up and walks over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Once she gets to the top, she looks down at Jensen who is still down in tremendous pain. Niobe then scans over the crowd and raises her arms to her side and leaps from the top rope. She floats for a moment and comes down with a high angle senton bomb crashing onto Jensen’s stomach. Niobe rolls off of her and comes to her feet. As Jensen remains on the canvas in pain, Niobe circles her and begins to taunt. She then grabs Jensen by the back of the head and pulls her to her feet. Jensen catches Niobe off guard and shoves her back. Niobe comes back without hesitation but gets stopped as Jensen kicks her in the stomach and plants her into the mat with a snap DDT.
JOHNSON: “She turned it around after taking a few big blows leading up until now. Never say die? Where did that come from, Vinny?”
VASSA: “Goonies, Steve. Goonies never say die.”

Jensen hurries over to Niobe and grabs her by the leg and lifts it up in the air only to slam it back down, knee first into the canvas. Niobe yells in pain and Jensen takes the opportunity to do it again and wear down the legs of Niobe. A few minutes pass as Jensen continues to work on Niobe’s lower body with various moves. Jensen then picks Niobe up and slams her back on the canvas with a quick bodyslam. She then runs to the ropes and comes back, dropping a quick elbow across the throat of Niobe. Niobe rolls across the mat and makes her way to the corner and begins to pull herself up with the ropes. Jensen sits back and waits. As soon as Niobe gets up, she looks across the ring and rushes Jensen with a clothesline. Jensen ducks and when Niobe turns around to face her, Jensen catches her under the chin with a superkick.
VASSA: “Really? It was just a superkick…”
JOHNSON: “I guess I’m the only one who does any research on the talent around here. That’s Amazing is the name of that superkick she’s fond of.”
VASSA: “Well, I learn something new everyday. I’m sorry I don’t have a cheat sheet sitting right in…”
JOHNSON: “Jensen with the cover!”

With Niobe down on the mat, Jensen quickly covers her for the pin as the ref drops and counts…
VASSA: “Oh that was close but Niobe managed to kick out!”

Jensen looks up at the ref with disbelief in her eyes as Niobe breaks the pin. She quickly shrugs it off and pulls Niobe to her feet in the center of the ring. With both of her hands around Niobe’s head, Jensen looks around the ring as they watch on the edge of their seats. Out of nowhere, Niobe grabs Jensen’s head and drops to her knees. She pulls Niobe’s head down with her, slamming her jaw on the top of her head. Jensen’s head shoots straight back as she falls towards the ropes. Niobe looks up and runs towards Jensen and sends her over the top rope with a clothesline. Jensen flips to the outside and crashes on the floor below. Niobe then grabs on the top rope and leaps over, shooting herself up and over like a slingshot. Niobe lands on Jensen with two knees to her stomach and rolls off once making contact. Jensen rolls around in pain as the ref walks over to the ropes and begins to count them both out.
Niobe quickly gets up and grabs Jensen by the head and pulls her to her feet. She then throws her into the barricade dividing the ringside and the crowd. Jensen crashes into it back first and screams in pain. With the count still going, Niobe grabs her by the back of the head again and pulls her to the ring. Niobe rolls her under the bottom rope to the inside.
Niobe then slides under the bottom rope, back into the ring as the ref stops his count and the match continues.
VASSA: “Niobe is a little firecracker, isn’t she?”
JOHNSON: “These two have been going back and forth all night. Both inside and outside of the ring, I think Niobe is proving why she is your nightmare.”

Before Niobe can make her way towards her, Jensen pops up off the canvas. She holds her back in pain. Niobe moves in on her and reaches out to lock up with her. Jensen side steps her and delivers a knee to the stomach. Niobe lunges forward in pain, bending over. Jensen then takes to the ropes once more. As she comes back towards Niobe, she leaps in the airs and kicks with an enziguiri. Niobe ducks the kick and jumps on the bottom rope. She springboards off and comes back an Jensen turning around and hitting her with a hurricanrana. Jensen gets tossed across the ring as Niobe approaches the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. As Jensen gets to her feet, Niobe leaps from the top rope and spins towards Jensen, nailing her with a flying spinning heel kick. This time, Jensen hits the canvas with a thud as Niobe takes notice and takes to the top rope of the turnbuckle again. This time Niobe jumps and comes down with a 450 splash on the fallen body of Jensen.
JOHNSON: “Niobe with the Hallucination!”
VASSA: “She goes for the pin!”

Niobe hooks the leg of Jensen as the ref drops down to count.
VASSA: “She did it! Niobe has won!”
JOHNSON: “This match was very impressive by both parties but in the end, only one can walk away the winner.”

“Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the arena as Niobe gets up and has her arm raised in victory by the ref.
POWERS: “The winner by pinfall, she is The Nightmare… NIOBE MARTIN!!!”

Niobe looks down at Jensen with a smirk on her face and then slowly walks towards the steps on the outside and ducks under the top rope. Niobe looks back again with a look of cockiness on her face and then heads towards the back.
VASSA: “Lets go to some more video as they clean up the ring and help Jensen get to the back.”

Jensen slowly begins to get up as the ref checks on her and the video feed cuts to an advertisement for an affiliated program.

The sound of “Kasumi” by Dir en Grey plays over the speakers as Masahiro Kojima appears at the entrance platform. He is dressed in a very expensive looking grey pinstripe suit, with a white shirt and the top few buttons opened. He runs his hands through his hair and the starts walking down towards the ring, the fans booing loudly at his appearance. This only seems to encourage him as he shakes his head and threatens to attack some of the younger fans. Once at ringside, he makes his way up the steps and casually steps through the middle rope, snatching the microphone from a production team member and telling him to get out of the ring. The music starts to die down and the boo’s become more focussed now that the sound isn’t drowning them out.
KOJIMA: “So this is what Reno’s finest has to offer? You know what I see when I looked up your precious hometown and sports? I found that you have nothing but second grade teams like the Reno Aces or Reno Bighorns, all second level.”

The crowd erupts with even more boo’s for Kojima as he starts to lay into the hometown and their sporting accolades.
KOJIMA: “You must be a little bit surprised because the last time you had a winner, like me, in this place was when James J. Jefferies and Jack Johnson fought in 1910.”

Kojima starts to laugh now as a few people start to throw litter into the ring to emphasize their displeasure at what he has to say, but this doesn’t phase him as he lifts the microphone back to his mouth and soaks up the crowd reaction.
KOJIMA: “Don’t panic, I didn’t come down here just to mock your pathetic hometown, I came down here for three reasons. One, I’d like to get a few things off my chest about a little place in Orlando, Florida that we’ll refer to as RW. Now over in RW we have a guy that seems to think it’s the best idea to shut me out of his plans and put me as far away from the title picture as possible, fighting nobodies called Ivan and Jason. Now Ivan is the biggest waste of time I have ever laid eyes on and they think that by pushing me in matches with him, things will be okay for RW.”

Kojma pauses for a second, the boo’s have subsided now, and he bites his lip as you can tell the frustration is building up inside of him, he manages to calm himself and continue.
KOJIMA: “Now, what they fail to tell anyone is that their whole establishment is built on lies, deceiving people and favoritism. If you’re not regarded as one of the team, then you don’t get anywhere. If you’re told you will have a match, only to get to the arena and find out that your match has been scrapped. They tell you you’re great and then tell the person who comes in next you’re not. It’s pathetic. Well, RW, let me tell you something. 4CW has picked up one hell of a talent and you guys can sit around, mulling it over about how RW died and fell to pieces while I sit high and ride tall as the future of this business, and the death of yours.”

The crowd starts cheering Kojima, who smiles at their response, and he takes it in for a few moments. He eventually waits for their support for 4CW to slow down before he continues.
KOJIMA: “Don’t get too excited, that’ll be the only good thing you hear from me. Two, the South-West Heavyweight Championship. I have been told that the tournament will be starting at the next show and that I will be competing in the tournament. I’ve not heard how the tournament will be drawn, but I am very much looking forward to being a part of it and becoming the Japanese Heavyweight Championship, after all why would I be known as the Heavyweight Champion of your region? Why would I associate myself as a second rate loser like Ryan Bader, who never quite gets to where he wants to be?”

The fans remember that they hate Kojima and start booing him again, almost forgetting the praise he sang of 4CW moments earlier. It’s this reaction that brings some energy and excitement to Kojima as he waves his arms as if to ask for the boo’s to get louder.
KOJIMA: “This! This is what I love. Three, and finally a message to Jason Kash.”

The fans cheer as they hear the name of Kash and this starts to anger Kojima.
KOJIMA: “I had a feeling that you would end up here after RW took a turn for the worse. I wasn’t quite sure but when I saw that you made an appearance earlier tonight, it made my night. You, Jason Kash, are everything I hate with society. You take drugs, you drink, you party until the early hours yet these people cheer you for your inappropriate behavior. If you were in Japan, you wouldn’t last five minutes with the fans as you would have been kicked out of the country. You think it’s cool to smoke cannabis and brag about it, well let me tell you something. Masahiro Kojima is all about the purity of wrestling and the honor of this professional combat. My fights are about my perseverance and my fighting spirit, yours are about getting paid and getting laid. Kash, if you’re man enough to join the 4CW ranks after this tournament has started, I promise that my first defence will be against you, but there will be conditions on the match. But let’s see if you’re a man, or the little punk you portray yourself as. The ball, as they say, is in your court.”

Kojima pauses for a moment as he looks around at the 500+ fans in attendance and he shakes his head.
KOJIMA: “I’ve been to the toilet with more people in the room than this. These numbers will change as this is a Japanese declaration of war.”

Kojima drops the microphone as “Kasumi” begins to play again, he climbs out if the ring and hops down from the ring apron this time, making his way to the backstage area.

Donathan DuPaul is sitting in front of his locker and working on his iPad. Frankie Morrison walks in. He stands over DuPaul, who doesn’t budge. Frankie clears his throat. Donathan looks up at him and then back down to his iPad.
DuPAUL: “What can I do for you, Mr. Morrison?”
MORRISON: “I want you to tell me who your benefactor is.”
DuPAUL: “The timing just isn’t right, Mr. Morrison. All things will be made clear.”
MORRISON: “Throughout history, great leaders have always had leaders of their armies. These men were brave…intelligent…and, to be honest, a little bit crazy.”
DuPAUL: “What does that have to do with me?”

There is an awkward silence.
DuPAUL: “Ahh, I got ya.”
MORRISON: “I need someone that I can trust to make sure that things run smoothly in 4CW. I’ve been given an opportunity that I’m not going to just let go to waste.”

Donathan nods.
MORRISON: “I need someone who won’t be afraid to get his hands dirty…or bloody even…”

Donathan nods.
MORRISON: “I need someone…What are you doing?”

Donathan nods, touches a button on his iPad and the room goes pitch black.
The feed snaps back as the lights are flickering back on.
MORRISON: “So, you just turned off the lights?”
DuPAUL: “Wait for it…”

Frankie’s phone starts blowing up with text messages. He looks down and then quizzically looks at DuPaul.
MORRISON: “Did you just turn off the power to the arena?”
DuPAUL: “Absolutely.”
DuPAUL: “Why not?”
MORRISON: “You know, I think you and I will get along just fine…I’ve handled guys who just want to watch the world burn. As hard as it is to believe, I get you.”

Frankie smiles.
MORRISON: “What is that phrase you end your promos with?”
DuPAUL: “Don’t Provoke DuPaul.”
MORRISON: “I like the ring of it. I really like the ring of it. It just rolls off your tongue so fluidly. Keep up the good work Donathan. I’ll see you later.”

Frankie pats that muscular shoulder of DuPaul who continues to work on his iPad.

POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for Four Corner Wrestlings inaugural main event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and has a sixty minute time limit! Introducing first, from Short Hills, New Jersey, weighing in at 230 lbs, The Ultimate Heel, Greatness, MIKE WILSON!!!”

The lights were dimmed inside the arena as the 4CW crowd sat anxiously anticipating. White smoke billowed from the fog machines near the black curtain at the entrance way, as Breaking Point’s “One of a Kind” hit single from their ‘Coming of Age’ album. Jody Abbot’s drums beat through the P/A system before Brett Erickson’s voice flooded sound waves inside the arena…
“I’ve got that feelin’ deep in-siiiiiiiide….”
The drums would play rapidly along with the riffs of a guitar, as Erickson’s voice continued…
“But what it is, I don’t knowwww…..”
The background sounds picked up and continued as Erickson’s voice was continually heard…
“My vision starts to chaaaange, My mind gets filled with raaaaage ….I raise my fists up to the skyyyyy … WHAT DO YOU SEE!!!?!?! The fear I see when I look into your eyes, Makes you believe I’m ONE OF A KIND …..The fear I leave in the back of your mind, Makes you believe I’m ONE OF A KIIIIND!!!!”
With the song in full tilt, the black curtain was parted by a taped white hand. This was it, no glits or glamour as the 4CW brand would take it back to wrestling instead of the theatrics. Emerging from the backstage area pushing aside the black curtain stepped out “Greatness” Michael Wilson. Dressed in his vintage shiny white tights as the royal blue lettering of “GREATNESS” glistened from the lighting in the arena. His black hoodie sat zipped over his upper torso, as the black hood was drawn over his wet golden locks while his icy blue orbs scanned out to the 4CW crowd. His taped right hand ran across his five o’clock shadowed face softly before spinning slightly on his glossy black boots and turning his back to the ring as the light caught the his rear end and “#HEEL” glistened in royal blue coloring. Spinning back around he slowly began an arrogant strut down the aisle way pushing through extended hands of 4CW fans leaning over the steel guardrails. Reaching ringside, he took another glance out to the ringside crowd and shook his head before turning and making his way up the steel staircase and onto the apron. Once on the apron, he wiped the bottom of his boots off before grabbing ahold of the top rope with both taped hands and with a quick tug he propelled himself up and over the top rope into the ring. Pulling the hood off his dirty blonde locks, he leaned back against the ropes and unzipped his hoodie. Sliding the hoodie off his well maintained and chiseled upper torso he tossed the hoodie out to a ring grip and stretched his arms out across the top rope, momentarily warming up as the song faded out and he awaited the bell to sound.
POWERS: “And his opponent…from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 180 lbs, OWEN MOON!!!”

“Every time…the moon shines I become alive…”
“Alive” by Kid Cudi echos throughout the arena as Owen Moon steps between the curtain. The fans in attendance go wild at the sight of him and Owen responds with a huge smile. He pauses for a moment at the top of the entrance, looking out at the crowd. Flashes can be seen all over the building as cameras are going off. The energy in the arena continues to build and Owen turns his attention to the ring with a look of determination in his eyes. Owen stretches his shoulders as he makes his way to the ring. He high-fives his fans while walking down the ramp before a short sprint. Owen slides under the bottom rope and springs to his feet inside the ring. Quickly bouncing off the ropes, Owen continues to warm up while his music begins to fade.
JOHNSON: “Well ladies and gentlemen we are mere moments away from the first main event in 4CW’s history. Senior official Larry Collins is checking the competitors and this place is electric.”
VASSA: “I can hardly stay in my seat! This has been one helluva night.”
JOHNSON: “And now we have two guys who want to do nothing else but leave a lasting impression by being the winner of the first main event in Four Corner Wrestling’s history.”
VASSA: “Well it looks like we’re ready to get underway! Larry Collins is calling for the official start to this main event!”

Owen Moon and Mike Wilson slowly start to circle one another, sizing each other up like two starving dogs getting to ready to fight over scraps. They playfully paw at one another looking for the slightest opening before finally locking up with one another in a collar and elbow tie up. They jockey for position with Mike Wilson eventually powering the smaller Owen Moon back into the corner. Referee Larry Collins calls for the break as Owen’s leg intertwines with the bottom ring rope. Wilson breaks just before the count of five but steps away after a hard open palm slap across the cheek of Moon!
Moon comes charging out of the corner with something to prove after the disrespectful slap heard around the arena! They lock up once again with a collar and elbow tie up. After a brief stalemate, the result is the same. Wilson uses his size advantage to back Moon into a favorable position. He pushes Moon so his back is against the ropes. Wilson lets go of Moon and catches him off guard with a forearm to the chin. He grabs Moon by his arm and sends across the ring with an irish whip. Moon bounces back off the ropes and is immediately flattened by a stiff shoulder to the sternum!
JOHNSON: “Wilson is using the size difference to his advantage…”
VASSA: “Smart move. It’s not going to be too often that Wilson has an advantage like this. Two hundred and thirty pounds is not a large man by wrestling standards.”
JOHNSON: “No, but on this night it’s good for a fifty pound weight advantage which has to account for something.”

Wilson stalks his opponent who has turned to all fours. He gets within an arms reach when he’s surprised by a drop toe hold that trips him up and bounces his head off of the canvas like a basketball. Moon quickly kip-ups while Wilson staggers to his feet while pressing down on the right side of his face. He blindly swings and misses a lariat. Moon counts with a stiff mule kick to the gut that doubles Mike Wilson over. Moon runs and bounces off the ropes, on the rebound he tries for a clothesline of his own. Wilson ducked and countered with a german duplex hat folds Owen up like an accordion.
Wilson rises to his feet and feels his face. Angered by his quick slip up, The Ultimate Heel quick turns his attention to a fallen Owen Moon. He stomps away at all of Moon’s extremities. Moon crawls his way to the ropes, hoping for a break in the onslaught. Wilson continues stomping away. He drives his knee across the back, pushing Moon’s throat down on the bottom rope. Senior official Larry Collins warns Wilson to break and begins counting when there’s no immediate action. Wilson finally steps off right before the count of five and staggers backwards with his hands held up. Owen Moon thrashes around on the mat coughing and holding his throat.
JOHNSON: “Well that’s why he’s known as The Ultimate Heel…”
VASSA: “If he’s not too careful, Larry Collins will disqualify him. He broke before the five count, but complete disregard for the rules could be enough for our senior official to call the match.”
JOHNSON: “It is the second time that Collins had to utilize that five count.”

Wilson panders to the crowd, indulging in the heat he’s receiving. He reaches down and grabs Moon by his head, lifting him off the mat. Moon shocks him, catching him off guard with a small package roll up. The referee quickly slides into a position to make the count.
Wilson kicks out in the nick of time. He gets to his feet first and drives his knee into the midsection of Owen Moon. Moon doubles over then gets flipped to the ground with a snap mare takedown. Wilson follows that with a strong kick to the spine. He then runs, bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Moon in the head who was still sitting on the canvass. Wilson quickly mounts Moon and rains down with right hands, once again paying no heed to the referees warnings and breaking just before the count of five…
“Wilson Sucks! Let’s go Moon!” “Wilson Sucks! Let’s go Moon!” “Wilson sucks! Let’s go Moon!”
VASSA: “I don’t think Wilson liked being caught off guard with that small package.”
JOHNSON: “Perhaps The Ultimate Heel should focus more on his opponent than living up to his persona.”

Moon made his way to one of the corners of the rings. He pulls himself up to his feet with the aide of the ropes. Wilson takes off with Moon facing the turnbuckle and nails an avalanche splash! After coming back down on his feet he waits as Moon staggers backwards and gets spun around. Wilson quickly sends Moon to the mat with a snap suplex. Wilson turns his attention to the corner and climbs the ropes. He sits perched on the top rope as Moon starts to stir around. He rises to his feet only to be leveled by a flying knee lift! Wilson wastes no time and attempts a pinfall.
Moon barely gets his shoulder off the mat before Larry Collins hand comes down for a third time. Wilson nods his head and makes his way to the outside of the ring. He stands on the apron and grabs the top rope. He launches himself over the ropes like a missile, trying for a flying forearm, but Moon counters with a drop kick that creates a high impact mid-air collision!
JOHNSON: “That could be just the break that Moon needs to get back into this match!”
VASSA “To this point Mike Wilson has dictated the pace. He’s trying to keep the speedy Moon grounded and has been taking advantage of the referees five count to kill any chances of comeback.”
JOHNSON: “He’s been successful thus far Vinny.”

Both competitors rise to the feet at relatively the same time. Moon sees Wilson has his back to him and quickly grabs a rear waist lock. Wilson quickly scurries to the ropes and hooks his arms to the top rope, preventing any offense Moon. Larry Collins steps in to break the two men apart and with his attention occupied, Wilson sneaks in a low blow, lifting his leg between Moons legs and striking him hard enough in the groin to send him stumbling backwards. Wilson turns and seizes the opening, leveling Moon with an enziguri kick that looks to have knocked him out cold on his back. Wilson hops back to the top rope of the nearest turnbuckle leaps off nailing his trademark Frog Splash! Wilson bounces off momentarily from the impact but crawls back on top of his opponent trying for another pinfall.
Owen Moon bucks Wilson off of him before the three count!
JOHNSON: “I don’t know how he keeps doing it, but Owen Moon will not stay down!”
VASSA: “We’ve learned a lot in our first night. One being just how resilient Owen Moon is!”

The Ultimate Heel is growing more agitated as the match moves forward. He’s becoming visibly frustrated as he begins jawing with the referee about the speed of the count. He lifts Moon up and whips him towards the opposing ropes. On the rebound Wilson tosses Moon in the air, trying for a flapjack. Mid air Moon grabs Wilson by his head and whips himself around, nailing a tornado DDT! The building erupts as they sense a change in the momentum. Both wrestlers are back down on the mat and senior official Larry Collins begins his ten count. At the seven mark Moon and Wilson begin to stir.
With both men staggering to their feet in the middle of the ring they begin to exchange blows. Wilson throws some elbow strikes as Moon chops away at the knee with low side kicks. With the inability to put any significant weight down on his left leg his elbow strikes lose any power behind them. Moon turns to right hands which are being thrown unmatched. He backs Wilson into the corner and whips him across the ring. He follows pursuit which Wilson is privy to. He tries to surprise Moon with a clothesline but Moon ducks and keeps running to the corner. He runs up the corner and leaps backwards nailing Wilson with a huge moonsault!
JOHNSON: “That’s the kind of move Wilson has been trying to avoid throughout the entire contest!”
VASSA: “He ran up the corner with such grace and pulled that moonsault off effortlessly!”
JOHNSON: “We’ll see if the offense can be sustained, he has yet to be able to string anything together…

Wilson rolls out of the ring, underneath the ropes, trying to buy a moments time to slow down Moons pace. He exchanges words with some of the fans in the front row while Owen Moon stands against the opposite ropes. He sprints towards Wilson, leaps over the top rope doing a forward roll in the air and collides with Mike Wilson who had just turned his attention back towards the ring. Both men are out at ring side, forcing Larry Collins to start counting them out…
“Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”
JOHNSON: “A picture perfect Suicide Somersault Plancha!”
VASSA: “A move like that doesn’t come without risks. He may have taken himself out of this match. Collins is already up to five Steve!”

Larry Collins reaches six when Owen Moon climbs to his feet. He rolls in and out of the ring to break up the referees count. He lifts all two hundred and thirty pounds of dead weight that is Mike Wilson and rolls him back into the ring. Moon finds himself on the ring apron waiting for some sign of life from Wilson. Moon measures up Wilson as he finds his way to his feet. He springboards off the top rope and traps Wilson’s head between his legs for a hurricanrana. Wilson counters it with a spinning sit out powerbomb! Senior official Larry Collins checks on both wrestlers before once again utilizing a ten count.
At the count of seven both athletes find their bearings and manage their way to their feet. Mike Wilson grabs Moon by the back of the head before rocking him backwards with an European uppercut. The thud from Wilson’s bicep smacking Moons chest sends echoes throughout the first few rows. Moon counters by grabbing Wilson with two hand, shoving his head down while driving a knee upwards. Wilson falls backwards and goes down to one knee while checking his face, his fingers coated by blood which came from a bloody nose. Wilson drives forward with his shoulder in the midsection of Owen Moon. He takes a step back and tries to drive his shoulder into Moons gut again, who’s leaning against the turnbuckles. Moon jumps over Wilson and rolls him up with a sunset flip! The referee slides in for the count.
Wilson manages to kick Moon in the face, breaking out of the pinfall!
VASSA: “These guys are trying to pull out all of the stops tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Regardless of who wins, Mr. Wallace and Mr. Morrison have to pleased with the feature bout for the night…”

Wilson and Moon both rise up from the canvass simultaneously. Out of nowhere Mike Wilson tries for a super kick which gets ducked. Moon grabs him by his shoulder and spins him around, lifting Wilson on his shoulders with a firemen’s carry. Wilson wiggles free before Moon could deliver his trademark Death Valley Driver known as the San Diego Dagger. Wilson shoves Moon from behind and he goes chest first into the turnbuckle. Wilson drops to the mat and pulls Moon down with him by way of a school boy roll up. Moon kicks free before the referee could even count to one.
Both men pop up to their feet. In one fluid movement, Moon ducks a clothesline, hooks Wilson by his head, and spins him to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker! Moon looks over towards the nearest corner, smiles, and points. He climbs up and stands on top of the ropes before launching himself through the air with a shooting star press! Moon lands it and hooks the leg immediately.
JOHNSON: “He’s done it! Owen Moon has won the first main event in 4CW history over Mike Wilson.”
VASSA: “He calls that shooting star press The Ecipse.”
JOHNSON: “Well on this night, The Eclipse was enough to get the win in a hard fought battle…”
POWERS: “Here is your winner, OWEN MOON!”

Referee Larry Collins raises Owen Moons hand proudly in the air as the ring announcer called out the official decision. “Alive” by Kid Cudi begins to play over the speakers as Owen celebrates and looks over the crowd, cheering him on. He slowly walks around the ring, still looking over the crowd as the music pumps throughout the arena.
VASSA: “That was one hell of a match to end the night and officially kick 4CW into overdrive!”
JOHNSON: “I’m looking forward to our next show in two weeks as we kick off the tournament for the South-West Heavyweight championship. 4CW has signed some big name talent to its roster.”
VASSA: “Yes they have! I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of how this first show would play out and honestly, I’m surprised. Tonight was a huge success and can only mean great things for 4CW moving forward.”
JOHNSON: “You can say that again.”
VASSA: “Tonight was a huge…”
JOHNSON: “I was just kidding! Well, that’s all the time we have for tonight folks. Be sure to catch us streaming online in two weeks or better yet, come see the action live for yourself. We’ll be in Phoenix, Arizona with 002. Wishing you a happy holiday, I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa. Merry Christmas everyone!”

The camera scans over the arena as the fans continue to cheer as the music still plays over the speakers. With Owen still standing in the ring celebrating his victory, the camera cuts on him just before slowly fading out.