4CW 002

4CW 002

The scene opens over the Comerica Theatre. The attendance is up from the last show by the looks of things. Mike Powers plays music over the speakers as the fans wait for the night to launch.
JOHNSON :”Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen. I’m Steve Johnson and this man right here beside me is Vinny Vassa.”
VASSA: “Yes I am!”
JOHNSON: “We’d like to thank you all for tuning in to our internet broadcast tonight as we officially kick off 4CW 002.”
VASSA: “I thought we already kicked things off? Didn’t we have a match earlier in the night?”
JOHNSON: “Yes we did, Vinny. That was just a preliminary match between Lincoln Cutler and Jackpot.”
VASSA: “Well… I think the people watching deserve to know the outcome of that match.”
JOHNSON: “Why don’t you make yourself useful then…”
VASSA: “That’s my signal! Ladies and gents, earlier this evening we witnessed a short match up between the veteran, Lincoln Cutler, and the new kid in town, Jackpot. As always, experience always gets the upper hand and it showed tonight. Lincoln Cutler wasted no time and picked Jackpot apart piece by piece in only a matter of moments…”
JOHNSON: “Four and a half minutes to be exact.”
VASSA: “You said it, Steve! The match was over before it really even began. By the time our attention was fully caught, BAM! Lincoln finished him off and called it a night.”
JOHNSON: “I just received word that Jackpot has been released from his contract here in 4CW moments ago.”
VASSA: “The night just doesn’t get any easier for that kid. I’m assuming it was because of his poor performance and lack of skill in the ring?”
JOHNSON: “Ding, ding, ding… you are right my friend! Mr. Wallace is trying to build a solid brand of talent, a particular brand of competition and an exclusive brand of entertainment. Jackpot just came up short. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”
VASSA: “I’d suggest that he get some more trainer or face the facts that he just isn’t cut out for this business, at least on the level that 4CW is destined to achieve.”
JOHNSON: “On to bigger and better news. Tonight we begin the journey to crown a South-West Heavyweight champion. twelve people will compete in three brackets in a single elimination style tournament that will conclude in Houston, Texas at 4CW 004 in a triple threat cage match.”
VASSA: “I’m really, really looking forward to this! We have a lot of talent competing but in the end, only one will walk away with the title around their waist.”
JOHNSON: “It’s going to be an adrenaline pumping, action in your face, only in 4CW experience.”
VASSA: “Since the tournament brackets have been decided, we’ve signed a few more pieces of talent to the roster. I’m looking forward to what they have to bring to the table. I can only assume that with them and the losers from the brackets, we’ll begin to formulate a contender in one fashion or another.”
JOHNSON: “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Now, last week, after 001 we had a meet and greet after the show. Tonight we’ll air some of the footage for you all to see. Right now, lets take a look at Mr. Wallace’s interactions with the fans after 001 and then we’ll kick off the night and the journey to the South-West championship.”

The scene opens up outside of the Reno Events Center, shortly after 4CW 001 came to a conclusion. A group of fans are centered around Perry Wallace who is signing a few fan belongings. A news reporter fights to the front of the crowd and extends a mic as he yells over the sounds of the fans.
REPORTER: “Mr. Wallace, can you please tell us your plans for 4CW going forward?”
WALLACE: “It isn’t obvious after the show we put on tonight? Let me tell you, friend, what my vision is for this promotion. Financial troubles are falling on the shoulders of independent promotions across the land. Poor management has plagued this business. Old places close and new ones open, it’s a cycle that this business has grown accustom to. I opened 4CW in light of all these trials and troubles. I have been a childhood fan of this sport and have seen a lot of things done wrong by various owners and promoters. Excuse me for one second…”

Wallace turns to a fan beside him and grabs a piece of paper and begins to sign it as he looks back at the reporter.
WALLACE: “I know, a lot of people are going to say that I will fail no matter how much money I invest in this brand. Whether it be lack or experience or just spending more than what I’m making, people are going to talk. I have plenty of money due to my recent lottery winnings. I don’t care if I lose money to get this business off the ground. My lawyers are currently seeking business opportunities for 4CW. I’m willing to lose some money in order to gain what I have sought out to accomplish. I’m a life long fan, if anything, if it does fail, then I just paid a little too much money to watch in person, some of the best this business has to offer. It’s a risk that I’m willing to take and with my partner, my general manager, Frankie Morrison, it’s a risk that is easy to overcome and turn into a success ”
“Back to your questions… The future of 4CW is simple. Tonight was a success in my opinion. We’ll know tomorrow how the viewings were online. I expect our next show, 002, to be even bigger and better! The sky is the limit with this promotion and our future is a diamond in the rough. Let me sign some more big names and get some more shows under our belt and we’ll be a force to be reckoned with in this business. The South-Western United States is 4CW territory and it’s time to claim this place for ourselves, make a name for ourselves. The future is bright, plain and simple. (Pause) Damnit, what is she still doing here… SECURITY!”

The camera cuts to Wallace’s view where Miss Jade is seen walking with four other unknown individuals groping all over her. Wallace looks at the camera and signals to cut the feed as the scene fades out.

JOHNSON: “Oh yea, I almost forgot about that.”
VASSA: “I haven’t! Can I please tell the fans?”
JOHNSON: “Go ahead but keep it short since we’re ready to kick off this first match.”
VASSA: “Not only has Jackpot been released as of tonight, Miss Jade was released after her match at 001.”
JOHNSON: “It hasn’t hit the social media sites yet and Miss Jade has yet to comment publically on the situation. It was a real doozie…”
VASSA: “So, apparently Miss Jade was caught backstage after her match with four or five random fans in the locker room getting down and nasty. The janitor there told me about it after the show. He said something about bukkake but who am I to judge.”
JOHNSON: “Once Mr. Wallace caught wind of the situation, he had security hunt her down and bring her to his office. With fear of catching a sexual harassment lawsuit from the fans caught in the act or from any future mishaps she could potentially present, Mr. Wallace terminated her contract right there on the spot and had her escorted out of the Reno Events Center.”
VASSA: “I’m glad he decided to get rid of her. I thought she looked disgusting if you ask me. I’m surprised those dudes even got near her and that Ms. Ed grill.”
JOHNSON: “Now that we’ve cleared that up, lets get on with the show and introduce the wrestlers for our upcoming match up. Take it away Mike Powers!”
POWERS: “Our first opponent, standing five feet eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds. Coming to you out of SimCity… JENSEN KNICKERBOCKER!!!”

“The Final Countdown” by Europe begins to play over the speakers. Jensen takes her time getting to the stage, so that the intro of her music plays. She skips out, blowing kisses to the fans. Once at ringside, she climbs the steps and enters under the top rope. She walks to the center of the ring, blows a few more kisses to the fans before skipping to her corner and waiting for the match to begin.
POWERS: “And the opponent, standing six feet even and weighing in at one hundred ninety five pounds. Coming to you from Tanta, Egypt. He is the Conqueror-King of the Simbel Nation… ALI SIMBEL!!!”

“What Have You Done” by Within Temptation begins to play, the lights dim and four spotlights begin to circling the crowd, moving faster as the volume and intensity of the music increase. As the music blares the end of the vocal introduction, the spotlights snap to the entrance ramp as Ali Simbel makes his entrance. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp for several seconds doing several simple stretches before briskly walking down the ramp toward the ring. As he makes his way to the ring, he largely ignores the crowd, save for occasional (and very mechanical) nods to fans close at hand while en route to the ring. After scaling the ring steps, Simbel climbs the turnbuckle and faces the crowd, scanning silently before raising a single open palm into the air. He holds his hand up for several seconds before bringing it down quickly to slap himself on the chest three times. He then hops off of the turnbuckle and crouches in a corner.
JOHNSON: “Ali Simbel is a new addition to 4CW, signing after 001 aired. With the recent closing of a certain promotion, Perry managed to sign him to the roster before anyone else made an offer.”
VASSA: “I don’t know too much about this guy but I am looking forward to what he has to offer. Now, Jensen on the other hand. We had the opportunity to watch her last week. Although she came up short in her match with Niobe Martin, I was quite impressed by the little geek so to speak.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like we’re ready to start the match. Our official is Christopher Salieri.”
VASSA: “He made his debut as an official last week and to be honest, he didn’t do that bad.”
JOHNSON: “Well, here we go. He’s calling for the bell now to signal the start of this match.”


Ali runs at Jensen with a clothesline at the sound of the bell. Jensen ducks and trips Ali, sending him flying into the corner. She quickly follows up with a few kicks to the knee of Ali and then gives him a european uppercut. Ali then grabs Jensen by the hair and pulls her into the corner and delivers a huge shoulder to the stomach. He then picks her up and places her on the top turnbuckle and climbs it as well. He then grabs her and positions for a superplex…
JOHNSON: “Ali wastes no time and goes straight for the big moves…”

Jensen punches him in the stomach again and again until Ali releases the hold. She then grabs him by the head with both hands and pushes him back, throwing him to the mat from the top rope. The sound echoes through the building as Ali quickly jumps up only to get blindsided with a flying crossbody from Jensen. Ali falls to the mat with Jensen on top as she attempts the pin.
Ali kicks out from the pin. Jensen doesn’t let up and quickly jumps to her feet. She kicks Ali while he’s down and then hooks a single leg crab before he can manage to get up. Ali fights through the pain and manages to wiggle free and quickly separates himself from Jensen. She catches her breath for a moment as Ali pulls himself up with help from the ropes. Ali rushes her without hesitation. Jensen waits until the precise moment and takes him down with a drop toe hold. Ali’s face crashes into the mat. He quickly gets up where Jensen is waiting. Ali swings at her with all of his might but misses as Jensen ducks and steps behind him. He quickly turns around carelessly. Jensen kicks him in the stomach and quickly plants him into the mat with a snap DDT.
VASSA: “Jensen is really impressing me tonight with her quickness.”
JOHNSON: “She came up short at 001 but it looks like she’s on top of her game tonight!”

Ali gets back up and stumbles towards Jensen only to get hit with a head scissors takedown. Ali rolls across the ring and crashes into the corner. Jensen doesn’t ease up. She quickly picks Ali up to his feet again but Ali gives her an elbow to the stomach. Jensen doesn’t let go. Ali gives her another elbow to the stomach but Jensen still doesn’t let go. Ali then pulls his elbow back as far as he can and gives her another one to the gut and this time she breaks the hold. Ali then rushes to the ropes and comes back with a clothesline. Jensen ducks as Ali runs back to the ropes. When Ali comes back, Jensen hits him with a drop kick and knocks him to the mat.
JOHNSON: “Jensen is just on top of her toes tonight, ducking and dodging everything Ali throws at her.”
VASSA: “I’ll be honest with you, Steve. I didn’t expect this kind of performance from her tonight. Being the geek that she is, I thought she would be a pushover.”
Jensen quickly follows up with a series of elbow drops across Ali’s chest. After the fourth, she jumps up and runs to the ropes. Upon her return, she drops a fifth elbow drop, but this time with speed and momentum behind it. The impact sends a thud over the building as Jensen gets up and waits for Ali to find his way back to his feet.
VASSA: “Ali has just been out-wrestled tonight, hands down.”

JOHNSON: “It looks like she’s waiting to make an impact right now. She could be ending this a little sooner than we thought.”

Ali finally gets to his feet only to get put back down with a hard boot to the chin. Jensen delivers a superkick that knocks him out cold.
JOHNSON: “That’s Amazing!!!”

VASSA: “You can say that again! She’s going for the cover!”

With Ali out cold on the mat, Jensen quickly drops down and covers him for the pin. The ref jumps to his knees and counts…
VASSA: “She’s done it! Jensen has pulled off the victory tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Indeed she has. After the upset last week in a nail biter, Jensen has bounced back and will advance in the tournament for the South-West Heavyweight championship.”
POWERS: “Your winner by pinfall… JENSEN KNICKERBOCKER!!!”

Jensen gets up as the ref raises her hand in victory. “The Final Countdown” by Europe begins to play over the building as the fans cheer her own and Jensen celebrates in the ring.
JOHNSON: “This was a great way to kick off the night!”
VASSA: “A hell of a lot better than that preliminary match with Jackpot getting taken to school.”
JOHNSON: “We’re going to take a small break while the ring clears. Lets go backstage!.”

The scene cuts backstage to the locker room of Niobe Martin. Inside, a conversation can be heard as a man rubs her shoulders as she prepares and relaxes before her match tonight.
MAN: “You got this, babe.”
MARTIN: “I know, Tommy. I’m not worried about it, no stress from me.”

It becomes apparent that the man with her is no one other than Tommy Knox, her manager and significant other.
KNOX: “Just do everything that we went over. You’ve always been able to handle yourself well in that ring, babe. Since we’ve hooked up, you’ve grown even more in your abilities. I think this lifestyle I live has hardened you.”
MARTIN: “If you say so, I feel the same. The only thing different is I have you by my side. We’ve been together for quite a while now, since early 2013.”
KNOX: “I knew there was something about you. I want you to climb in that ring tonight and show Mac Haze and the rest of the world why you are everyone’s nightmare.”
MARTIN: “I should be, I am the nightmare that everyone wishes they could avoid. I destroyed Jensen Knickerbocker last week. This week, I’m going to kill Mac Haze. I am the nightmare…”
KNOX: “And you’re my wet dream…”

Niobe turns around and smacks his shoulder as she laughs it off.
MARTIN: “Your mind is always in the gutter…”
KNOX: “No, you’re always on my mind and that’s far from any gutter.”
MARTIN: “Aww, how sweet. Will you be joining me at ringside tonight?”
KNOX: “Sorry babe, I can’t do it. I still haven’t agreed to terms with Perry and 4CW. To avoid any confusion or problems, I think I’ll hang back here and watch as you do your thing in the ring.”
MARTIN: “Don’t get too lonely without me.”
KNOX: “In case I do, come over here and give papa some sugar.”

Niobe sits in Knox’s lap as he holds her close and the two kiss. The scene then slowly fades out.

The cameras pick up Jensen and Brie backstage. Brie is her manager/girlfriend dressed in her suit and glasses, and Jensen still had her ring gear on. We then hear Brie speak into the camera
BRIE: “Hey there! I’m Brianne, but you can call me Ms. Brie, or Brie. I am the girlfriend of this lovely nerd right next to me, Jensen Knickerbocker. We’ve only known each other a week, but know we’re made for one another.”

Brie then smiles, showing her own braces. She loved being nerdy, just like Jen did, which made them perfect for one another. As she spoke, she adjusted her top a bit and looked around shyly. She wasn’t great at talking, but maybe this would help out a bit.
BRIE: “But the reason I am here is simple. I’m here to see to it that my girl gets the South-West title. But I won’t stop there. Once she gets that title, I’m getting in the ring. Our main goal is a tag team title of some sorts, that is, outside the South-West title. I was told to introduce myself and talk about why I am here. I have done that, so I wish you all a good evening!”

Brie and Jensen then share a kiss, which leads into a little more before each girl’s braces get stuck together. The two struggle for a bit before freeing themselves as the scene fades out.

VASSA: “Our next match will debut Nikki X, a newly signed talent to the 4CW roster.”
JOHNSON: “Last week we caught a short video clip of her and tonight we get to see her in action. There’s only two ways this will go. She’s either going to be successful or an overall bust, her destiny is in her hands.”
VASSA: “Larry Collins will be our official for this match.”
JOHNSON: “This should be a good one as his officiating always is.”
VASSA: “Looks like he’s ready to get things rolling. Mike Powers, take it away!”
POWERS: “Our first competitor comes to you representing Houston, Texas. She stands five feet three inches and weighs in at one hundred nineteen pounds. NIKKI X!!!”

“Dancing With the Devil” by Krewella plays over the speakers as Nikki X walks out onto the stage with her hoodie down covering her face. Then her manager/bodyguard Sabre comes up behind her as she takes off the hoodie and then runs down to the ring. Sabre follows her by walking as she gets in the ring, he stands on the outside but watches closely.
VASSA: “Who’s this guy? She need to bring a man to fight her fights for her?”
JOHNSON: “She may needs him after what we saw DuPaul do in the ring against Jackpot. That man is an animal!”
POWERS: “And the opponent, standing six foot, one inch and weighs in at two hundred twenty five pounds. Coming out of parts unknown, he is “The Trite”… DONATHAN DUPAUL!!!”

“Thorn in Your Side” by Rod Oliver begins to play over the speakers. DuPaul slowly walks down to the ring. He uses the steps to get to the apron and then steps between the middle and top rope. He starts stretching and pops his neck. He flexes hard and almost seems to grow in musculature before the match starts.
JOHNSON: “There he is, The Trite!”
VASSA: “He’s looking pissed tonight. Well, lets get it started!”

Nikki walks to the center of the ring, worried with each step as she gets closer. DuPaul watches on with a look of hatred in his eyes as he can see the intimidation in her. He then takes a step forward and walks towards the center as well, causing Nikki to stop in her tracks half way to her destination. She looks over at Sabre for guidance and he nods at her. She then looks back at DuPaul and takes a couple of more steps before standing face to face with the physical specimen. The difference in size is very apparent as DuPaul dwarfs Nikki
VASSA: “It’s worse than I thought. He makes her look like an infant.”

DuPaul then reaches out with one arm and shoves Nikki back a few steps and laughs at her in the process. She looks over at Sabre who begins to look worried as well. He nods at her once more and she steps towards DuPaul only to get shoved back with one hand again, this time even further back. Nikki looks at Sabre who looks back at her without any advice. DuPaul then snaps his fingers, getting Nikki’s and Sabre’s attention. DuPaul looks at Sabre and gives him a thumbs down. He then lunges forward and connects with a forearm smash across the forehead of Nikki. She flies back to the ropes and grabs on to them, catching herself from falling. DuPaul laughs and then looks over at Sabre with cockiness on his face.
JOHNSON: “I think he just knocked her into next week!”
VASSA: “It looks as if he’s taunting Sabre, I think that’s his name. Whoever he is, Nikki’s manager, lover, who knows. Either way, I think DuPaul’s daring him to climb in the ring. I’m hoping… OUCH!!!”

DuPaul delivers a gut punch to Nikki with all his might. Her feet come off the ground as he holds on to the ropes to keep from flipping out of the ring. DuPaul then kicks her in the stomach and does it again and again until Nikki falls to one knee. He then grabs her by the hair and tosses her into the air and across the ring. She crashes into the mat as the fans pop with excitement as the raw power of DuPaul amazes them. DuPaul walks towards Nikki while looking over at Sabre, laughing at him the entire time. He then grabs Nikki by the hair and delivers a series of punches with his free hand while holding on to her, not letting her fall. He then gives her a huge knee to the stomach that knocks the air out of her.
VASSA: “This is going to get ugly.”

DuPaul then grabs her head with both hands and pulls it in between his thighs. He looks over at Sabre and hand signals in a throat slicing motion. Sabre then jumps up on the turnbuckle. DuPaul quickly wraps his arms around Nikki’s waist and then lifts her into the air, over his head, and slams her back to the mat with a powerful jackknife powerbomb.
JOHNSON: “DuPaul isn’t wasting any time!”

Sabre enters the ring under the rope and charges. DuPaul notices and runs towards him, spearing himclose to the ropes. He then picks Sabre up and lifts him over his head with a military press.
JOHNSON: “So far the ref hasn’t called the match because Sabre hasn’t attacked DuPaul. Until that happens, this match isn’t over and won’t end in disqualification.”
VASSA: “What’s he doing now?”

DuPaul walks around with Sabre lifted in the air for a moment. His muscles then bulge even larger as he throws Sabre up and over the top rope and to the outside. Sabre flies towards the crowd and then crashes into the metal barricade, chest first. He bounces off with a thud and hits the concrete floor on the other side with his head. He lays there in a puddle of blood as DuPaul focuses back at Nikki who still lays in the ring, motionless.
JOHNSON: “Someone get the medical staff back here!”
VASSA: “Why? That Sabre dude shouldn’t have gotten in the ring.”
JOHNSON: “Not for him, I think Nikki is going to need it by the time DuPaul is finished with her.”

DuPaul rolls her over and grabs each of her arms, one with each hand. He then pulls back on them, lifting her head up. He then places his boot on the back of her head and kicks forward, slamming her face into the mat with a curb stomp.
VASSA: “Jesus, that move is vicious!”
JOHNSON: “Actus Reus, I believe it is called.”
VASSA: “You can call it whatever you want. I call it one hell of a headache. This one should be in the books.”

DuPaul kicks her over to her back and steps on her chest with his right boot as the ref drops down for the count.
VASSA: “DuPaul wins!”
JOHNSON: “Did you doubt he would?”
VASSA: “You never know. I was expecting more out of Nikki X but she let me down. What a disappointment. At least DuPaul made it interesting by destroying her.”
POWERS: “Your winner, Donathan DuPAUL!!!”

The medical staff rushes down to ringside and begin to assist Sabre who continues to lay motionless in a puddle of his own blood. The ref raises DuPaul’s hand in the air as “Thorn in Your Side” begins to play over the speakers. He then looks down at Nikki and jerks his hand away from the ref. DuPaul grabs Nikki by the hair and pulls her up and over his head in one motion, in a military press. He walks around the ring with her held high as the ref tries to get him to let her down.
JOHNSON: “What’s he going to do next? I hope he doesn’t do anything drastic that will cost him his place in the tournament, especially seeing that he advanced with the win tonight.”
VASSA: “I don’t think it will, Steve. Perry and I sat down earlier this week and discussed things he’d like to see in 4CW. One of them was the talent being gladiators in the ring, just like in olden times when they used to fight to the death. Obviously we can’t have our talent fighting to the death but coming close to it is definitely not off limits.”

DuPaul then walks to the ropes closest to the fallen Sabre who is being lifted onto a cart by medical staff. As Soon as they strap him onto the car, DuPaul launches Nikki into the air, towards Sabre. She flies through the air and crashes on top of him. The cart then rolls over as Nikki’s head slams into the metal barricade, busting it open as well.
JOHNSON: “Just look at the look on his face!”

DuPaul leans over the top rope, starring down at the fallen Nikki and Sabre laying in a pool of their own blood. He laughs to himself as the music continues to play and medical staff assists. DuPaul then exits the ring on the opposite side and walks towards the back.
JOHNSON: “The brutality!”
VASSA: “I’m starting to like DuPaul more and more as each show passes. The guy’s a monster and will be a force in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “Well, it looks like he will advance in the tournament. Lets cut away for a moment as we get this mess at ringside cleaned up. ”

As the cameras come on the backstage area you can hear Jason Kash in a screamed voice calling for someone. As the camera scans the area there is no sign of Kash anywhere. Tidus Howe comes around the corner holding a roll of toilet paper as he hurries to a door cracked open. He enters the doorway and a Bathroom comes into view.
HOWE: “I got it! Had to look in two other bathrooms to find it. Wooo…You funky as hell!”

Tossing the roll over the top of the bathroom stall, it disappears and from inside you can hear Kash moving around. From behind Howe comes in Stefan Raab and he stops dead in his tracks as the smell of the bathroom hits his nose.
HOWE: “Yeah you might not want to come in here..”
RAAB: “Oh my god! You freakin’ stink Kash!!”
KASH: “You shut up! This is the scent of Influence damnit..Haha!”

The silence after his laughter fills the bathroom as Tidus and Raab head out. They stand in the hallway waiting for Kash.
HOWE: “So tonight is gonna be very important to us. Action Packed has the chance to advance not one but two members into the next round of this Championship Tournament. It’s a shame you couldn’t be involved but with Kash and Dobbs being involved, I feel we could see the Finals.”
RAAB: “If that bathroom smell is any indication of things, Kash will make a stinky of all his opponents in this Tournament and will be crowned 4CW’s South Western Champion!”

Exiting the bathroom, Jason Kash has a smile on his face as his eyes meet with both Tidus and then Raab. He dries his left hand off on Tidus Howe’s shirt but does it like he’s just patting the man on his back. Howe doesn’t notice.
KASH: “I’m ready now. All the evil came out and Mike Wilson will regret opening his bitch mouth on Twitter tonight!”
HOWE: “That’s what I want to hear! Full of confidence and spewing only the truth in what will happen here tonight.”
KASH: “Yeeeoooo so…Where is our Main Event?”
HOWE: “Who?”
KASH: “Dobbs? He’s in the Main Event…Where is he now?”

Tidus looks around as if he might find Dobbs nearby but doesn’t.
HOWE: “I’m not sure exactly. You need to worry about tonight’s match, Joe Dobbs will handle his match and handle Kojima so don’t even worry about them. Tonight is about you and this Tournament. We break bread and lay down the path for those after us to follow. It starts tonight…”

Shrugging and nodding his head, Kash is in full agreement with Tidus Howe as the three of four members of Action Packed head down the hallway and the cameras cut back to ringside.

“Alive” by Kid Cudi begins playing throughout the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. A majority of the fans in attendance jump to their feet and begin cheering as Owen Moon steps through the curtain and starts walking to the ring. Owen hasn’t changed into his ring gear yet, still sporting the suit he arrived to the arena wearing. He’s grinning from ear to ear as he slaps hands with fans on his way down the aisle. Once he gets to the ring, he climbs the steel steps onto the apron. Owen smiles at the fans again before stepping through the ropes. He walks to the far side of the ring to retrieve a microphone from the ring announcer. Owen waits for the crowd to quiet and his music to fade out before bringing the microphone to his mouth.
OWEN MOON: “Damn, I never knew it could get so hot in Phoenix, Arizona.”

The crowd goes wild at the mention of their hometown. Owen pulls the microphone away from his face and laughs, enjoying the reaction he’s getting from the audience.
OWEN MOON: “I want to thank you all for making it out to our show here tonight. Our reputation seems to be growing and the people seem to like what we’re selling. Are you all having a good time?”
CROWD: “Yeah!”
OWEN MOON: “Are you enjoying the free beer?”
CROWD: “Hell Yeah!”
OWEN MOON: “Good, drink up. Not only is the beer flowing here tonight, but you are all about to witness some of the most exciting, explosive, and promising talent in the entire wrestling business.”

The crowd responds once again, cheering for Owen.
OWEN MOON: “I also want to remind everyone that tonight marks the start of the tournament to crown the first ever South-West Heavyweight Champion. You are going to see several first round matches tonight as we cut the field in half. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all what a huge opportunity this is for everyone involved.”

He pauses for a moment.
OWEN MOON: “Now, I’m not out here to brag or boast about how I’m going to win this entire tournament and step over the competition on my way to the title. But what am I going to say is that I plan on doing whatever it takes to make it to the final match and win the championship. I’m not taking anyone lightly. I will give each of my opponents the respect they deserve and I won’t overlook anyone. I know there are some very talented names involved, so I will need to put on some spectacular performances to come away successful. For those of you that saw my first match against Michael Wilson, you know that I’m all about delivering quality matches.”

Several fans respond and applaud Owen’s previous performance.
OWEN MOON: “Thank you, that means a lot to me. But for those of you that saw that match, know that it was just the beginning. I plan on putting on some instant classics in the next couple weeks during this tournament. I know with the right opponent, the right moment, and the gold on the line, I’m going to be involved in something special.”

Owen nods to the crowd and starts walking towards the announcer, ready to hand the microphone back. Suddenly, he stops and remembers something else he wanted to say.
OWEN MOON: “Oh, before I forget, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the competitors in the tournament good luck in their matches tonight. I am looking forward to watching everyone perform. Thank you. Enjoy the beer and enjoy the show.”

Owen passes the microphone back to the ring announcer as his music begins playing again. He waves to the fans one last time before exiting the ring and heading to the back.

The scene cuts and shows a city and a camera pan through the city at a rapid pace. Then we flash and see Roxi Johnson’s smiling face on the screen.
ROXI: “You don’t have to worry, help is on the way.”

We see Roxi backstage, sitting on an anvil case.
ROXI: “Greeting true believers, I am Roxi Johnson, and I am inviting you to come along with me and trust and believe in me, the way I believe in all of you. Get ready, because it’s going to be one heck on an adventure.”

The scene then fades with Roxi giving the camera a thumbs up.

POWERS: “The following contest is a South-Western Heavyweight Championship tournament match and it is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first, weighing in at 240 pounds, from Kansas City, Missouri, MAC HAZE!”

Last Man Standing By People In Planes Plays throughout the pa system as Mac Haze walks out from back onto a stage filled with grayish and Maroon smoke. Mac walks through the smoke down the aisle that leads to the ring. Once at ringside, Mac slides through the bottom rope and gets to his feet. The pa system fades his music as he awaits for the referee to call for the bell.
POWERS: “And his opponent, weighing in at 125 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, “NIGHTMARE” NIOBE MARTIN!”

As the opening of the song starts to play, the video flashes on the tron of a camera panning up a grassy hill at night slowly until it gets to the top, panning from left to right, lightning flashing in the sky as the opening guitar rift plays. Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
Now your nightmare comes to life…’
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
‘Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never..’
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.
JOHNSON: “Well ladies and gentlemen, you want to talk about the potential of an explosive match, you’re looking at it!”
VASSA: “Mac Haze is known as one of the most innovative wrestlers in the indy scene. And Niobe, well, we’ve all seen her soar through the air to get the job the done.”
JOHNSON: “Lets not forget that wrestling bad boy, Tommy Knox, is sure to be lurking around here somewhere. It’s an aspect to this match that Mac Haze has to keep in mind!”

Mac Haze tugs at his bushy beard and smirks as the lean and petite Niobe Martin limbers up in the opposing corner. She kicks her leg up and rests it on the top rope, stretching out her hamstring as Mac licks his chop like a lion stalking a gazelle. The referee stands in the middle of the ring between the two wrestlers and calls for the bell to signify the start of the match.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
As the bell rings Niobe comes charging out of the corner and catches Mac off guard with a running busaiku knee kick! Mac stumbles backwards before falling to one knee. He presses his fist to the mat before pushing off and trying a discuss lariat. Niobe ducks underneath his swing arm and counters with a Pelé bicycle kick that drops Mac to the canvass. Niobe drapes her body over Mac but he powers out of the pin attempt before the ref could even get into position. Mac rises to his feet but gets nailed in the jaw with a calf kick that knocks him backwards into the ropes. Niobe moves towards Mac but gets dumped over the top rope with a back body drop. Niobe grabs the ropes while in mid air and comes down on the apron. She pulls back and launches herself through the air with a springboard drop kick to an unsuspecting Mac Haze right between the shoulder blades.
VASSA: “I think Mac Haze thought this was going to be a walk in the park.”
JOHNSON: “Niobe Martin is one of the best women inside the ring. No one should take her lightly.”
VASSA: “I think Mac just learned that the hard way.”
JOHNSON: “She needs to take advantage while the momentum is riding in her favor.”

Niobe stands poised, stalking Mac as he got up to one knee. She came speeding towards him with a shinning wizard attempt. Mac batted her away like he was swinging at a gnat. Niobe fell backwards allowing for Haze to fully compose himself. Once he got his bearings he turned his attention to Niobe who was pulling herself up with help from the ropes. Mac marched towards her and grabbed a handful of her golden blonde locks. Mac crushes her face with two stiff elbows before releasing his hold of her. Mac spins around and lays Niobe out cold with a roaring elbow strike.
Haze aides Niobe to her feet and throws her to the ropes. On the rebound Mac turns her inside out with a forceful lariat. Mac sticks to the attack, stomping Niobe as she squirms around on the mat. Niobe crawls to the corner and pulls herself up. Mac runs and crushes her into the corner with an avalanche splash. Haze backed out, allowing for Niobe to stagger out of the corner. She turns around right into a t-bone suplex. Mac makes the cover and the ref slides in to count.
JOHNSON: “Niobe barely gets her shoulder up after a wicked T-Bone suplex.”
VASSA: “A human neck is not structured to handle that kind of impact! She’s lucky she can move.”
JOHNSON: “I would say so. We’ll see if she can find a way to rebound from it.”

Mac pulls Niobe to her feet before nearly decapitating her with a hard European uppercut. He whips Niobe towards the opposing ropes and makes his way to the middle of the ring by the time she returns. Mac lifts Niobe and sends her about nine feet in the air with a flapjack. On the way down to the mat Haze grabs Niobe by the head and spikes her into the ring with a DDT! Haze follows that up dropping a running leg drop across Martin’s throat. He hooks her leg for another pin attempt.
VASSA: “A flapjack into a DDT, talk about innovative!”
JOHNSON: “And another high impact move to the head and neck of Niobe Martin. I’m not sure if Haze is trying to win the match or end Niobe’s career.”
VASSA: “Maybe both…”

Haze eyeballs the ref as if to question the speed of the count. He reaches down to the mat and tries a dead lift gut wrench suplex. Niobe counters in mid air and tosses Mac to his back with an arm drag take down. Both scamper to their feet simultaneously. Mac charges and Niobe tries to leapfrog him. Mac catches Niobe with a power bomb, slamming her down to the mat. Before hitting the ground Niobe counters with a hurricanrana. Once again they both get to their feet together, Niobe reeling from the previous onslaught, and Mac trying to weather this sudden counter attack. Niobe lets our a monstrous roar and sprint towards Mac trying for a Lou Thesz press. Haze counters with a sit out spine buster! Haze makes another cover, hoping to scoop up a victory.
JOHNSON: “Mac Haze calls that spine buster the Spinal Tap. He keeps nailing moves like that and it’s just a matter of time before he picks up a win in his 4CW debut.”
VASSA: “I can’t believe she’s hung in this long.”
JOHNSON: “Niobe is going to need some kind if miracle if she wants a chance to become the first Southwestern Heavyweight Champion.”

Haze stands in the corner and runs his hand through his auburn hair, slicking it backwards as he waits for Niobe to muster enough strength to get to her feet. His patience is rewarded with the golden opportunity. Niobe makes a move towards Mac but nearly has her head kicked off her shoulders by a running Yakuza kick that leaves the fans jaws dropped. Instead of attempting another pinfall Mac grabs ahold of Niobe’s legs and locks in a modified Texas cloverleaf! Niobe instantly winces and tries to scratch and claw her way to the nearest ropes. With every ounce of strength she tries move Mac pulls back creating a higher angled arch in her back. The inevitable happens and Niobe succumbs to the pain, tapping out on the mat to get the ref to break the hold…Mac tosses her legs aside and throws his arms in the air.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
VASSA: “Mac Haze is moving on in the Southwestern Heavyweight Championship tournament, and with a submission victory under his belt.”
JOHNSON: “The torque he got on that modified cloverleaf which he calls Pass-Out was unreal. I think he would have snapped her back if he pulled back anymore!”
VASSA: “Well let’s be glad he didn’t. She survives to fight another day…just not for the strap!”

Inside the ring the ref is raising Mac Hazes hand high in the sky as the ring announcer makes the official call.
POWERS: “Here is your winner, by submission, MAC HAZE!”

The scene opens backstage in Perry’s office where he sits behind his desk with new talent signee, Sin, sitting across from him. He’s rambling on about something as she just looks on, with skepticism in her facial expression.
WALLACE: “… and I know I haven’t done anything to earn your respect like the now defunct Rampage Wrestling did. They were the ones to have their lawyers work a deal to get you out of the institution. They were the ones to get you set free and amongst the civilized. Although I cannot take credit for these things, I can promise you this. Unlike Rampage, 4CW isn’t going to just up and close. We’re not going to just abandon you and send you back to that hell hole. No, we’re not. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to fulfill your need for violence without having to worry with the consequences of fulfilling this thirst on the streets with the innocent.”

Sin just looks on, listening to his words without an expression whatsoever.
WALLACE: “We all know what you did to land yourself in that god forbidden place. I can tell by the look in your eyes and the introduction you put together for us that you sure as hell don’t want to go back in that place with those roaming hands to do whatever they desire. Since I did not set you free so to speak, let me tell you what I am going to do. I understand that you have a hunger for violence and a thirst for blood. I also understand that you recently called out another talent here, Roxi Johnson. Now, I can’t just up and book a match with you and her for the next show. She’s in the tournament and has a match later tonight. I can promise you that your match will happen at one point or another. I will promise you that your hunger for violence will be filled week in and week out. I will promise you that your thirst for blood will be quenched as each show goes down in the history books.”

Sin leans forward in her seat, waiting for the words to roll off Perry’s tongue. He seems to have her attention, at least for the time being.
WALLACE: “I promise you these things without the consequences you would suffer if done on the innocent and civilians outside of 4CW. I’m here to announce 4CW as you new form of therapy and relaxation. If you want Roxi Johnson, then you’ll get her. Sooner or later, you will get your match. I just ask that you be patient and let the tournament play out before making any sudden moves,. If you do, so be it. Who am I to tell you how to live your life. I’m in this business because I love this sport and everything it has to offer. If I were to stand in your way then I would be a hypocrite in everything that I stand for with 4CW.”

Sin licks her lips, as it appears that what Perry has to say has satisfied her. She remains quiet as she gets up from her seat.
WALLACE: “Just think about what I said, Sin. I understand that I didn’t rescue you from the depths of Sunny Daze or whatever it is you were held, but I promise to make this the most therapeutic experience you could ask for. I’m a fan of violence and welcome it with open arms. I know that 4CW can be a great home to you and you can be a great asset to 4CW. Thank you for your time. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me. If you’ll excuse me, I have an important business call I’m expecting in regards to the future of 4CW.”

Sin slowly backs out of the office, keeping an eye on Perry as he watches her. The scene then slowly fades out.

VASSA: “So far we’ve had an exciting night and it’s only going to get better from here.”
JOHNSON: “We’ve already seen some great matches. Next up we have another debut with Roxi Johnson.”
VASSA: “It should be a good one, I hope. Take it away Mike Powers.”
POWERS: “Our first competitor stands five feet, six inches and weighs in at one hundred thirty two pounds. Wrestling out of Tampa, Florida… ROXI JOHNSON!”

“Help Is On The Way” plays over the speakers. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.
POWERS: “And his opponent…from San Francisco, California,standing six feet even and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds, OWEN MOON!”

“Every time…the moon shines I become alive…”
“Alive” by KiD CuD echos throughout the arena as Owen Moon steps between the curtain. The fans in attendance go wild at the sight of him and Owen responds with a huge smile. He pauses for a moment at the top of the entrance, looking out at the crowd. Flashes can be seen all over the building as cameras are going off. The energy in the arena continues to build and Owen turns his attention to the ring with a look of determination in his eyes. Owen stretches his shoulders as he makes his way to the ring. He high-fives his fans while walking down the ramp before a short sprint. Owen slides under the bottom rope and springs to his feet inside the ring. Quickly bouncing off the ropes, Owen continues to warm up while his music begins to fade.
VASSA: “Owen Moon was impressive with his debut win last week. Lets see if he can carry the momentum tonight as he faces Roxi Johnson in the first round of the South-West championship tournament.”
JOHNSON: “Larry Collins will be our official for the match and it looks like we’re ready to get started,”


The two slowly approach each other in the center of the ring and stop about three yards apart from one another. Not looking away, the two stare each other in the eyes as the crowd sits in silence anticipating what’s about to happen next. The two move closer and closer until Roxi is standing face to face with Owen. Out of nowhere Owen scoops Roxi up and spins around for a moment before launching her across the ring crashing into the corner.
JOHNSON: “I didn’t picture Owen having the strength to do that but I guess anything is possible.”
VASSA: “She’s a chick, guys throw chicks on to beds like that all of the time.”
Johnson: “Professionalism, Vinny, professionalism.”

Owen slowly walks to the corner where Roxi is banged up, lying underneath the bottom rope. He then raises his boot and comes down with force barely missing Roxi’s head as she rolls to the outside of the ring. Roxi regains herself on the outside of the ring as Owen walks back and forth in front of the ropes separating him from her. He taunts with a cold look in his eyes as he looks down at Roxi. As the crowd begins to boo from Owen blocking her entrance, he slowly steps back and leans against the ropes on his backside.
VASSA: “If she wants to get back in the ring then here’s her chance. Owen is just playing with her now.”
JOHNSON: “There she goes!”

Roxi quickly slides into the ring and pops to her feet only to have Owen lunge at her with full force. Ducking at the last moment, Roxi avoids a huge clothesline and nails him in the back of the head with a drop kick sending him over the top rope and crashing to the floor.
VASSA: “Wow!”
JOHNSON: “She’s using her quickness to her advantage.”
VASSA: “Oohhh, Owen looks angry on the outside of the ring.”

Owen slowly climbs the steps on the outside of the ring and walks onto the apron holding the top rope with both hands. As Roxi watches, Owen climbs through the ropes. She bounces off the back rope behind her and comes at Owen with lightning speed and leaps in the air catching his head between her legs as her body goes over the top rope. With her momentum, Roxi spins Owen around on the apron and takes him back to the floor with a hurricanrana. Falling on top of Owen, she quickly follows up with fingernails to the back as he yells pain from his skin being pierced. The ref begins to count to ten.
As blood trickles from his back, Roxi tries to pull him to his feet. As she struggles, Owen pops up and grabs her by the back of the head and throws her under the bottom rope into the ring. Owen wastes no time and rolls under the bottom rope as the two begin to get up on opposite sides of the ring.
JOHNSON: “Whoever can get up first here will have the advantage.”
VASSA: “Is that so? Wow…”

Roxi makes it up just before Owen and gets a head start as she leaps at him with a flying crossbody. Coming into contact with Owen, she comes to a dead halt as he catches her in mid air. Owen then slams her to the mat with a bodyslam. Roxi quickly bounces back up only to catch a spinning heel kick to the chops that puts her back on the mat. Owen picks her up once more and this time hits her with a stomach breaker, like a back breaker but reverse. Roxi rolls from Owen’s knee to the mat as he releases her limp body. Slowly climbing to his feet, Owen walks across the ring and leans back for a moment against the ropes as he wipes the sweat from his forehead. Owen then pushes himself off the ropes and comes at Roxi with some speed as he nails her with an elbow to the throat. Without hesitation, Owen quickly gets to his feet and hits her with two more back to back elbows to the throat.
VASSA: “She’s going to have a hard time speaking after those hard hits to the windpipe.”
JOHNSON: “Owen is using a different approach than the one we saw last week.”

Owen grabs Roxi by the hair and yanks her to her feet. Releasing the hold he pulls his hand back with a fist full of hair clinched between his fingers. He then hooks her arm and lifts her in the air with a vertical suplex. As he begins to come down, Roxi wiggles herself free and reverses the move into a tornado DDT. Quickly getting up, she then runs over to the top rope of the corner and jumps back at Owen hitting him with a dropkick. Owen falls back to the mat as she climbs another corner. Getting to his feet slowly, Owen is met with a missile dropkick that takes him to the mat and vulnerable to a pin. Roxi quickly covers…
VASSA: “Roxi almost had him there for the win.”

Roxi gets up before Owen and waits for him as he slowly climbs to his feet using the ropes for assistance. As soon as he gets up, he looks to his left at Roxi only to be surprised with a hard superkick to the mouth sending him over the top rope to the cement below. As Owen rolls in the floor in pain, Roxi takes a short breather as the fans get behind her. A few moments pass as Owen is back in the ring but down at the moment. He finally gets to his feet as Roxi has the crowds attention to her in the center of the ring. She then runs over to the ropes between her and Owen and hops up onto the top while spinning around. She then bounces for a moment before leaping backwards and hitting him with a springboard clothesline, sending the two over the top rope and to the outside of the ring.. The two crash to the floor as the ref begins counting the both out.
Roxi gets up first, holding her side as she grabs Owen by the ears and pulls him to his feet. Sliding him under the bottom rope, Roxi struggles with Owen, who’s dead weight at the moment.
With Owen finally in the ring, she slowly climbs up the apron and underneath the top rope. With Owen down, she continues to assault with a series of kicks to his side as he tries defending himself. Roxi then takes two steps back and then steps into a powerful kick that connects with Owen’s mouth one on one. His head flies back as his body rolls over. The ref pushes Roxi away from the downed Owen for an illegal kick and allows him to get to his feet and catch his breath. Owen stands there rubbing his fingers across his lips and then looking down at them to see the blood. Blood runs down the side of his chin as we wipes it away with his forearm smearing it across his jawbone as it mixes with the sweat.
VASSA: “Owen Moon is bleeding!”
JOHNSON: “You can say that again…”
VASSA: “Moon is bleeding!”
JOHNSON: “You do know that’s an expression and you don’t have to repeat yourself every time I say that, right?”
VASSA: “What?”

Moments pass as the action continues in the ring. The two go head to head, exchanging blows one after the other. Owen gets the upper hand and lands a big, quick striking combination to Roxi’s midsection before leaping into the air and slamming his boot across her head with a spinning heel kick. Roxi stumbles across the ring, to the ropes but bounces off of them and comes back at Owen with speed. Owen spins again with another spinning heel kick but Roxi goes to the mat and slides underneath his attack. She quickly gets to her feet and as Owen turns around, she hooks him with a T-bone suplex and flips him up and over with it.
JOHNSON: “I’m getting dizzy watching this match go back and forth!”
VASSA: “I didn’t think Roxi had the strength to pull that move off but damn… maybe she is just in fact a superhero defending this world from harm and danger.”
JOHNSON: “Owen doesn’t look like an evil villain by any means.”
VASSA: “Who said that he did? I was just saying that Roxi has the skills of a superhero.”

With Owen on the mat, Roxi runs to the ropes and leaps towards them. She lands on the bottom rope with her feet and catapults herself up to the top where she lands on the back of her thighs with her legs spread apart. She bounces off the top rope and does a backflip performing a split-legged moonsault.
JOHNSON: “That’s her Superhero Press!”

As Roxi flies in the air towards Owen, he quickly rolls out of the way. Roxi lands face first to the mat.
VASSA: “She missed! Owen dodged a bullet there!”

Owen gets to his feet and picks Roxi up by her head and knees her in the gut. He then lifts her onto his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and drops her to the mat with a death valley driver.
JOHNSON: “Owen has a trademark move of his own. He just nailed Roxi with the San Diego Dagger!”
VASSA: “This could be it…”

Owen quickly gets up and turns to the corner as Roxi lays on the mat, motionless with her back down. Owen climbs the turnbuckle and looks over the crowd for a moment before leaping into the air and doing a backflip.
VASSA: “The Eclipse!!!”

Owen lands a huge shooting star press on Roxi and hooks her leg without hesitation as the ref drops to count.
JOHNSON: “Owen has done it!!!”
VASSA: “He sure did, Steve! This was one hell of a match. Both of these two deserve to advance in the tournament but unfortunately, only Owen will do so.”

“Alive” by KiD CuD plays over the speakers as Owen climbs to his feet and has his air raised by the ref in victory.
POWERS: “Your winner by pinfall… OWEN MOON!!!”

The music continues to play as Owen lowers his arm and then reaches down to check on Roxi. He helps her get to her feet and the two shake hands in the center of the ring as the fans cheer them both on.
JOHNSON: “Now that is what you call, respect.”
VASSA: “Is that what you call that? Haha, I call that mackin’…”
JOHNSON: “These two gave it their all in that ring tonight and earned each others respect with their talents and level of competition. It doesn’t get any better than this ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: “You’re right about that, Steve. Owen will advance to the second round of the tournament for the South-West Heavyweight championship. While these two show their respect, lets go backstage while the ring gets cleaned up for our next match.”

The scene cuts backstage to the locker room where Donathan DuPaul is sitting in his room. The camera looks at his back and slowly comes around to the side of him when it becomes apparent that he is focused on his iPad. He grunts as he scrolls through various pages as a huge smile comes over his face.
DuPAUL: “Here we go.”

He plays around for a moment, completely focused on what’s in front of him on that screen. Oblivious to the camera beside him, he continues to do his thing.
DuPAUL: “Last week was just a little taste of what I can do, Frankie.”

DuPaul looks to the side when he notices the camera and quickly sets the iPad beside him, out of cameras view. He tosses a towel over the screen as he stands up and backs the camera towards the door from which it came.
DuPAUL: “You’re nosey, aren’t you? Don’t you know how to knock. Get out of here before you’re sorry, before I do something bad.”

DuPaul then places a hand over the lens and pushes the camera back as the view flings back, looking up at the ceiling. He then slams the door behind it as a loud thud echoes through the hall. The camera regains focus on the wodden door, closing DuPaul off from the outside as the scene slowly fades.

POWERS: “The following contest is a South-Western Heavyweight Championship tournament match and it is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first, weighing in at 230 pounds, from Short Hills, New Jersey, “GREATNESS” MICHAEL WILSON!”

The lights were dimmed inside the arena as the 4CW crowd sat anxiously anticipating. White smoke billowed from the fog machines near the black curtain at the entrance way, as Breaking Point’s “One of a Kind” hit single from their ‘Coming of Age’ album. Jody Abbot’s drums beat through the P/A system before Brett Erickson’s voice flooded sound waves inside the arena…
“I’ve got that feelin’ deep in-siiiiiiiide….”
The drums would play rapidly along with the riffs of a guitar, as Erickson’s voice continued…
“But what it is, I don’t knowwww…..”
The background sounds picked up and continued as Erickson’s voice was continually heard…
“My vision starts to chaaaange, My mind gets filled with raaaaage ….I raise my fists up to the skyyyyy … WHAT DO YOU SEE!!!?!?! The fear I see when I look into your eyes, Makes you believe I’m ONE OF A KIND …..The fear I leave in the back of your mind, Makes you believe I’m ONE OF A KIIIIND!!!!”
With the song in full tilt, the black curtain was parted by a taped white hand. This was it, no glits or glamour as the 4CW brand would take it back to wrestling instead of the theatrics. Emerging from the backstage area pushing aside the black curtain stepped out “Greatness” Michael Wilson. Dressed in his vintage shiny white tights as the royal blue lettering of “GREATNESS” glistened from the lighting in the arena. His black hoodie sat zipped over his upper torso, as the black hood was drawn over his wet golden locks while his icy blue orbs scanned out to the 4CW crowd. His taped right hand ran across his five o’clock shadowed face softly before spinning slightly on his glossy black boots and turning his back to the ring as the light caught the his rear end and “#HEEL” glistened in royal blue coloring. Spinning back around he slowly began an arrogant strut down the aisle way pushing through extended hands of 4CW fans leaning over the steel guardrails. Reaching ringside, he took another glance out to the ringside crowd and shook his head before turning and making his way up the steel staircase and onto the apron. Once on the apron, he wiped the bottom of his boots off before grabbing ahold of the top rope with both taped hands and with a quick tug he propelled himself up and over the top rope into the ring. Pulling the hood off his dirty blonde locks, he leaned back against the ropes and unzipped his hoodie. Sliding the hoodie off his well maintained and chiseled upper torso he tossed the hoodie out to a ring grip and stretched his arms out across the top rope, momentarily warming up as the song faded out and he awaited the bell to sound.
“I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up”
As the chorus to “Grew Up A Screw Up” plays as Jason Kash steps through the back curtain and steps onto the stage, he is met with cheers of many plus some deep bass boos from the haters. The chorus of the song plays but is spoken over as the Ring Announcer makes introductions.
POWERS: “And his opponent, Introducing the Atlanta Born but Houston Representative, at two Hundred and Thirty pounds…”The INFLUENCE” Jaaaasssooon…KAAAASSSH!!!”

“Ever since I was an embryo, waiting to shape up and ship out
Something in my brain said, “Wake up and kick out!”
Roberta and Wayne stayed up and flipped out
Cause when I came I was draped up and dripped out
Snip the umbilical, spit the government chip out
Peace up, A-Town down and then I dipped out
And oh my gosh, the Osh Kosh was picked out
I slipped in, even my baby stroller was tricked out
Somebody get him, the little homie’s out of control
Put a little bit of rum in my bottle I’ll dream about diamonds and gold
Gold gold, to grow from an infant to toddler was effervescent
The essence of adolescence got my body feeling freshen
freshing freshing, and it was a blessing to rhyme and start rapping
I was the best in my section with flows hard than erections
Still the best but now I’m grown with more range than a Texan
And I’m a heavyweight you dudes is lighter than my complexion”
As he heads to ringside, he rounds the corner and picks up speed as he leaps up on the ring apron, landing on one knee and pulling himself to his feet using the ropes. He dips through the ropes and enters the ring to a louder pop from the crowd. He throws up an Upside Down Peace Sign handsign for the cameras to see before he begins to stretch and lean against the ropes. Ready for his dose of Action.
JOHNSON: “Now we have your headline match. Michael Wilson who was impressive in defeat just two weeks ago will take on the battle tested Jason Kash!
VASSA: “Jason Kash is a name that demands respect, no matter where he competes. One of the hardest working individuals in this industry”
JOHNSON: “Should be interesting to see if Wilson can control the flow of this match from the get go like he did against Owen Moon.”

The 4CW faithful is roaring with the anticipation of a heavyweight title fight. Kash looks around at the fans and smirks. He looks across the ring at Wilson who seems a bit unnerved by the big fight feel.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Both competitors walk to the center of the ring and begin jawing with another. Wilson reaches back and slaps Kash across the face sending an echoing through the intimate venue. Kash, angered by the blatant disrespect, tackles Wilson to the ground, transitions into a full mount position and begins reigning down with hard right hands. The ref steps in and tries to pull Kash off before having to utilize his five count. He immediately begins to warn Kash about the use of the closed fists all while Kash kept a close eye on his opponent. Kash uses a swim move that would make any football defensive linemen envious and charges his opponent. He nails a running soccer kick to the ribs of Wilson who had managed his way to all fours.
VASSA: “Maybe Wilson should have thought differently about slapping Kash.”
JOHNSON: “I think the ultimate heel was trying to get in the head of Kash.”
VASSA: “Well he succeeded and pissed off the Bad Influence in the process.”
JOHNSON: “Maybe not the smartest of moves but it’s still early. We’ll see if Wilson can rebound.”

Kash waits for Wilson to stand and immediately grabs ahold of him with a side headlock. He wrenches on Wilson’s neck before letting up a bit and grinding his fist on the top of his head with an old school noogie! Kash releases and Wilson stumbles backwards embarrassed and turning red. He foolishly charges Kash and gets flipped with a back body drop. Wilson quickly bounces right back to his feet and gets knocked back down with a left handed clothesline. Kash stands poised as Wilson gets back up, albeit a little slower. Kash runs again, this time taking the ultimate heel down with a running cross body drop. Kash rolls off his opponent, challenging Wilson to get back to his feet.
Kash doesn’t have the patience to wait all day. He grabs Wilson by his head and pulls him up to his feet and lets go. He crushes Wilson’s equilibrium with a double ear slap bell clap! Wilson staggers around in a disoriented daze, turning towards Kash just in time to see him leaping off the top rope with an axe handle smash. Kash moves down towards Wilson’s lower body and spreads his legs, dropping knee after knee to the groin area, much to the approval of the fans. The ref steps in again, warning Kash who’s debating that the knees were to the midsection. After the brief conversation Kash turns back to his opponent. Wilson got to his feet with the aide of the ropes but gets caught with a tiger duplex before he could turn around. Kash bridges and holds the suplex for the pin.
JOHNSON: “The first pin attempt, a very technical tiger suplex from Jason Kash which Wilson somehow managed to kick out.”
VASSA: “I think we are seeing two completely different levels here.”
JOHNSON: “Wilson seems to be greatly unmatched. I don’t know how he rebounds, but he needs to do something soon before the hole gets too big..”

Kash climbs his way to the top rope and lines up his opponent before flying with a front drop kick. Wilson manages to do a forward roll underneath Kash, making him miss the high risk move. Only an arms length away from the corner, Wilson pulls himself up and leans against the turnbuckle for a moment, collecting himself. He turns as Kash is bent over in a three point stance trying to get off the mat. Wilson charges and nails a running knee lift to the head and chest of Kash! Wilson turns to an animalistic like rage and pounces on top of Kash, mixing in punches, elbows, and even slamming the back of Kash’s head against the canvass. He stands up and quickly snaps in a STF submission hold. Kash squirms his way to the ropes before the hold could feel its full effects.
Wilson squats down, stalking Kash as he pulls himself up to his feet. He stomps towards Kash and quickly ducks as Kash rose with a roaring elbow strike, the Mark of Jason, which unintentionally connects with the referee! Jason moves to the ref aide, turning a blind eye to his opponent who kicks him between the legs with a low blow, doubling him over. Wilson grabs him by his trunks and throws him to the ring floor, between the ropes. The crowd erupts with deafening boos as Wilson surveys the damage with a grin on his face from ear to ear.
VASSA: “Of all the vile and dastardly things you can do to a man!”
JOHNSON: “And with the ref knocked out the only form of judgement is his own conscience.”
VASSA: “I got a hunch that Michael Wilson doesn’t really give a damn!”

Wilson follows pursuit and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. Kash is sitting upright with his back against the security barrier. Wilson lines him up and charges with his knees leading the way. Kash moves just in time to watch Wilson’s knee strike the metal barrier! He comes away limping, not putting any weight down on the leg. Kash seizes the golden opportunity and chop blocks the damaged knee! Kash then grabs the leg as Wilson thrashes around on the floor, steps over it with one leg and falls to the ground, crushing Wilson’s knee between his legs! Kash keeps a hold of the leg and does a forward roll, clearing Wilson, but extending his leg in a way the human anatomy wasn’t meant to be pulled!
Kash lifts Wilson and rolls him back into the ring just as the ref started to stir around. He climbs up onto the apron and gets caught off guard with an elbow to the gut. Wilson hooks Kash and tries to suplex him back into the ring. Kash kicks his legs while in the air and comes back down onto the apron. Kash attempts a suplex of his own but the result is the same. The ref manages to find his way in and shakes off the cob webs. Kash sneaks a knee in through the ropes and gives it another attempt. He gets Wilson in the air and drops him on his head with a brain buster onto the apron that sends the fans into a frenzy! Kash rolls into the ring under the ropes and Wilson rolls to the venue’s floor. The ref starts a slow ten count.

JOHNSON: “What a brain buster!”
VASSA: “That may be enough to do it, the ref is at seven already!”
JOHNSON: “if it’s not, it’s got to be the beginning of the end! I can’t imagine much of a comeback after that manuever!”

On the verge of victory Kash steps through the ropes to the ring apron, breaking up the refs count. He lines up his opponent and charges, diving off the apron with a spear that nearly folds Michael Wilson in half! The crowd breaks out into a Jason Kash chant, showing their appreciation of the effort Kash has put into this match.
“Ja-son Kash! Ja-son Kash! Ja-son Kash!”
Kash once again lifts his lifeless opponent and rolls all two hundred and thirty pounds of dead weight into the ring. Kash takes his time but climbs into the ring uses the steel steps to make it to the apron. Kash reenters the ring and immediately ducks a last ditch effort lariat. He counters by spinning around and laying Michael Wilson out with the Mark of Jason! Kash stalks his opponent as he pats his forehead look down at the blood covering his palm. Kash allows Wilson to the ropes and up to his feet only to drop him with a U.T.I. back to back cutter! Kash hooks the leg and the crowd counts with the ref!
One “One”
Two “Two”
Three! “Three”
Ding! Ding! Ding!
VASSA: “A debut win for Jason Kash!”
JOHNSON: “And a second straight loss for “Greatness” Michael Wilson.”
VASSA: “Well he’s going to have to find away to rebound on episode three before the hole is too big to climb out of.”

“Grew Up a Screw Up” by Ludacris blares over the PA system as Kash climbs one of the corners, standing on the second rope and raising his arms in victory.
POWERS: “Here is your winner, “The Influence” Jason Kash!”

The scene cuts backstage to Perry’s office once again where this time he is sitting behind his desk, on the telephone.
WALLACE: “So, they’re going to at least watch the next couple of shows before making a decision? … That’s great! … 004 should seal the deal when we crown the South-Western Heavyweight champion. … Yes … OK … I hear you. … They want me to do what? … I think we can manage that. … I need to speak with Frankie first but I think it can be done. … I’ll get right on this. … Well here he is now, let me call you back.”

Frankie Morrison walks in as Perry hangs his phone up and tosses it onto the desk. He motions for Frankie to sit down. Perry then leans back in his chair and places his hands behind his head.
WALLACE: “What’s up, Frankie?”
MORRISON: “Nothing much. So far we’re having a successful show.”
WALLACE: “Yes we are. I just got the numbers in. We’re sitting at about eleven hundred in attendance tonight. Free beer and big names put asses in the seats.”
MORRISON: “Yes they do. Who was that you were just talking to? Seemed like you were talking about me.”
WALLACE: “That was my team of lawyers. They’ve been working around the clock to get our product seen on an entirely different level than streaming online. With our recent signing, they’re in talks with a television producer who is willing to give us a chance as long as we can impress with tonight’s show and the next few leading to 004.”
MORRISON: “That’s great. What station?”

Wallace cuts his eye at the camera as Morrison nods his head.
WALLACE: “I’m not at liberty to say at this exact moment but we can discuss in the next day or two over lunch.”
MORRISON: “That’s would be great. I’m looking forward to it.”
WALLACE: “Me too, friend. I’m impressed with the way you’re coordinated this show and the last. You’re a great asset to 4CW and I couldn’t have done any of this without you.”
MORRISON: “I just want to thank you for the opportunity.”
WALLACE: “Well, I’ll let you get back to managing the show. Don’t let me hold you up. Now I have to make some calls and set things up for Colorado in two weeks. These people thought this was heaven on earth with free beer. They haven’t seen anything yet, especially with the full recreational smoke shops going into full effect the first of this year.”

The two laugh with one another before Morrison stands up and exits the office. Wallace then grabs his phone and goes through his phonebook as the scene fades out.

Donathan DuPaul. Jason Kash. Two pieces of 4CW talent representing 4CW in an inter-fed event. Show your support for them at APW’s Survive and Conquer.

JOHNSON: “It’s been a long and exciting night as we’ve made it to our main event for 4CW 002.”
VASSA: “Indeed it has, Steve. We’ve seen some great matches tonight and some great talent advance in the tournament for the South-West Heavyweight championship which will be on the line at 004.”
JOHNSON: “We watched Jensen Kickerbocker, Mac Haze and Jason Kash advance to the next stage of the tournament.”
VASSA: “Lets not forget about Donathan DuPaul! He annihilated Nikki X in that ring, and her boyfriend, or whatever that guy was. DuPaul is a freakin’ monster!”
JOHSNON: “We also witnessed an excellent match between Roxi Johnson and Owen Moon. Roxi came up a little short but respect was earned in that ring tonight. I’m sure this isn’t the last time those two put on one hell of a show for us.”
VASSA: “Here we are, it’s time for the main event. Joe Dobbs will be facing off against Masahiro Kojima… did I say that right?”
JOHNSON: “You did, Vinny. Kojima signing with 4CW has been the talk all over the town as of late. Mr. Wallace signed this high profile talent after Kojima walked away from the now defunct, Rampage Wrestling. We first saw him in the ring at 001 when he called out Jason Kash himself. Apparently he has a dislike for the lifestyle Kash leads.”
VASSA: “What’s there to dislike? He lives like a rock star. Speaking of Kash, that brings us to Kojima’s opponent, Joe Dobbs. Joe is aligned with Kash himself and I’m willing to bet that he’s not going to let Kojima off the hook for the not so kind words he had to say two weeks ago.”
JOHNSON: “Joe Dobbs made an impact two weeks ago when he put a hurting on that trash, Miss Jade.”
VASSA: “I just hope we went to see a doctor afterwards because there’s no telling what you can get just by touching that skank.”
JOHNSON: “Oh Vinny… Will we see Kash and Stefan Raab interfere tonight or will Dobbs be left to fight for himself and represent the newly formed group that is no other than, Action Packed?”
VASSA: “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Larry Collins is our official for the main event and it looks like he’s ready to kick things off. Take it away Mike powers!”
POWERS: “Ladies and gent…”

All of a sudden, the lights and sound system in the building turn off. Silence and darkness fill the entire area as the fans begin to cheer, waiting for something big to happen next. After a few moments pass, the cheers die down and suddenly the lights come back on after a minute or so passes. The speakers crackle a bit as Mike Powers tests the mic.
POWERS: “Check, check…”
VASSA: “What the hell just happened?!?!”
JOHNSON: “I have no idea, Vinny. It seems as if he had a sudden power surge or blackout of some sorts. Everything seems to be working fine.”
VASSA: “Weird! Anyway, lets try this again. Mike Powers… take it away and announce the competitors for tonight’s main event.”

The lights darken as “Indestructible” by Disturbed plays over the building.
POWERS: “Our first opponent comes to you standing six feet eight inches and weighing in at three hundred pounds. He comes fighting out of Sacramento, California. JOE DOBBS!!!”

Spot lights roam the crowd until coming to a fixed position on Joe at the top of the ramp. Focused on the ring he begins to walk forward not paying attention to anything else but the ring, the spot light follows him down. Joe slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. He stands up in the middle of the ring. He beats on his chest like a gorilla. He raises his arms in the air as the lights brighten.
JOHNSON: “This guy is huge!”
VASSA: “Yes he is! 4CW has signed a handful of big ones to the roster.”
POWERS: “And the opponent standing six feet even and weighing in at two hundred thirty seven pounds. He comes to you representing Sôka, Saitama, Japan. MASAHIRO KOJIMA!!!”

A Japanese flag appears on the big screen for a moment while a red light seems to fall on the arena before “Kasumi” by Dir En Grey belts through the PA system, from behind the curtain appears Masahiro Kojima. He walks down the ramp, refusing to slap hands with the fans but staring at the ring, once at ringside he slides into the ring and continues his intense manner by using the ropes to stretch and wait.
VASSA: “I can tell by the intensity between these two, this is going to be huge match up.”
JOHNSON: “We’ll see as we start the match to decide who the final person of the night is to advance in the tournament.”

The ref signals for the bell as we start the match.
Dobbs wastes no times and rushes at Kojimas and launches his foot into the air with a running big boot. Kojima ducks the attack and side steps. Dobbs swings back around at Kojima with a hard right only to miss again as Kojima drops to the mat. Kojima quickly bounces up and avoids another hard right from Dobbs, and another and another before finally running to the ropes with Dobbs back turned to him. Bouncing off the ropes, Koima comes back only to get another big boot thrown his way. He slides underneath the boot of Dobbs and quickly delivers a kick to the back of Dobbs knee. Dobbs manages to keep his balance as Kojima delivers another kick to the knee. With Dobbs staggering, Kojima jumps up and runs to the ropes again but this time when he returns, he hits Dobbs knee with a hard, quick dropkick to the side of it, knocking Dobbs down to the mat.
VASSA: “Kojima is showing his quickness in the ring as he dances around Joe Dobbs, avoiding everything he has to throw at him.”
JOHNSON: “His quickness is impressive. I just hope it doesn’t wear him out before this match really takes off.”

Dobbs begins to get to his feet as Kojima begins to hit him with various chops and slaps across the chest and back. Dobbs fights through the pain and manages to get to his feet. Kojima slaps him across the chest with three consecutive chops. Going for a fourth, Dobbs catches his arm and flips him to the ground with all his might, managing to stay on his feet while doing so. Dobbs doesn’t let go of Kojima’s arm and yanks him back to his feet and hooks the arm only to deliver a huge pump handle slam to Kojima in the center of the ring. Upon impact, the crash sends a loud thud throughout the building.
VASSA: “It was only a matter of time before the big man got his hands on Kojima.”

With Kojima down, Dobbs quickly mounts himself on top of him and delivers a series of ground and pound elbow strikes to the mid and upper body of Kojima. Dobbs then grabs him by the sides of his head and gives him a hard headbutt to the forehead, knocking his head into the mat with force. Kojima’s head just bounces back and Dobbs gives him another before the ref breaks in between the two and pulls Dobbs off of him. Dobbs gets angry and yells at the ref for a moment as Kojima begins to regain his mental state. Shaking it off, Kojima gets up while Dobbs is distracted with the ref and moves in for an attack. He spins Dobbs around and attempts to kick him in the stomach. Dobbs catches his foot and pulls Kojima in, lifts him into the air and drops him to the mat with a powerful spine buster that sends chills up Kojima’s spine.
JOHNSON: “Joe Dobbs is showing his brute strength in the ring tonight.”
VASSA: “I’m pretty sure that Kojima will feel that one in the morning.”

Dobbs picks Kojima up off the mat and hooks his head underneath his arm and lifts him into the air with a vertical suplex. Holding him in mid air for a moment, Dobbs walks around the ring to show his power. Opening up an opportunity, Dobbs manages to lose grip of Kojima as he wiggles free and drops down behind him. Kojima then wraps his arms around Dobbs waist and jerks him backwards, hitting him with a belly to back suplex in the center of the ring. Kojima and Dobbs are both slow to get up as Kojima makes it to his feet first. With Dobbs on one knee, Kojima kicks Dobbs in the side of the head with all his strength and knocks him backwards to the mat, flat on his back. Kojima works on the knee of Dobbs again with stomps and kicks to it, blunt trauma. He then wraps his leg around his and applies pressure to the knee before jumping into the air and slamming it down into the hard mat.
About six minutes pass as the match continues…
JOHNSON: “These two have been going back and forth, big blow after big blow. I’m surprised that these two are still going at one another as hard as they are considering the effort that they have put in so far tonight.”
VASSA: “This has been a delightful main event and I don’t think these two are even close to being finished with one another.”

Dobbs backs Kojima into the corner and kicks him in the stomach, knocking the breath out of him. He then grabs Kojima by the back of the head and turns him around only to beat his face into the top turnbuckle over and over. Dobbs then lifts him up into the air and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. He punches Kojima in the stomach a few times to knock his breath out again before climbing the ropes himself. Standing on the middle ropes, Dobbs lifts Kojima up to where he’s standing on the top ropes. Kojima snaps out of it and eye rakes Dobbs and gives him a hard right followed by an elbow to the mouth. Kojima then hooks his arm around Dobbs head and all of a sudden… the lights and sound turn completely off once again as the crowd pops with cheers waiting yet again for something big to happen.
A few loud thuds are heard as they echo over the building once the fans go silent. Then the sound of flesh falling to the floor sounds. A few more loud thuds are heard before silence fills the building once more, as the fans wait in suspense, as we all wait for the power to come back on. About thirty seconds pass and the lights flicker a bit before coming back on. Dobbs and Kojima are nowhere to be seen inside of the ring. The camera view changes to the other side of the ring where they’re both laying face down on the outside, knocked out cold.
VASSA: “What the hell just happened?!?!”
JOHNSON: “I have no idea but from the looks of things, those two kept fighting even in the dark and fell from the top rope to the hard floor on the outside of the ring.”
VASSA: “Are they alright?”
JOHNSON: “I have no idea but it looks as if the ref, Larry Collins, is starting to count them both out.”

JOHNSON: “I have no clue what just happened here but it appears that this match it over.”
VASSA: “That can’t be! That just doesn’t make any sense! This match was to decide who the final person is to advance in the tournament for the South-West championship.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know what they’re going to do about this. Wait a second… Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison have both walked out and are standing at the top of the entrance stage, looking down at the mess laying at ringside.”
VASSA: “I want to hear what they have to say about this mess!”

Wallace and Morrison stare down at the ring for a moment with a confused look on their face, Wallace more so than Morrison. The two then look at each other and talk for a few moments.
VASSA: “I wonder what they’re discussing.”
JOHNSON: “Obviously it’s the outcome of this tournament sanctioned main event.”
VASSA: “We don’t have a winner. What are we going to do, wait for those two to wake up and start the match over?”
JOHNSON: “Well you know we can’t do that. I don’t even think these two could go on just by looking at the shape they’re in right now. They’ve been laying there for five minutes or so and still haven’t moved. I think we need to get the local medical staff out here to check on these two.”

Medical staff rushes out from the back and down to ringside to check on Dobbs and Kojima who are still unconscientious.
JOHNSON: “Hopefully these two are alright. That looks like a terrible fall from up there.”
VASSA: “We’ve already seen two people taken out of here on stretchers.”
JOHNSON: “I think management has come to a conclusion…”

Morrison and Wallace appear to have come to an agreement. Wallace still looks shocked and confused by the whole situation as Morrison remains calm and cool. Wallace pulls out a mic and slowly raises it to his mouth as the fans go silent and listen on the edge of their seats.
WALLACE: “Talk about a crazy way to end a fantastic night. I’m at a loss for words as to what has happened, whatever the hell happened down there just now. This match was to determine who the sixth person is to advance in the tournament for the 4CW South-Western Heavyweight championship. And now we’ve come to a brick wall and a match that ends in a no contest, a double count out. What are we going to do here, Frankie? I’ll leave this in the hands of my general manager, I trust his decision and will back it up to the best of my abilities.”

Wallace hands the mic over to Frankie as he nods at Wallace.
MORRISON: “What a crazy night!”

The fans erupt in cheers as medical staff attend to the helpless bodies of Dobbs and Kojima at ringside.
MORRISON: “Obviously, no one from the main event can advance in the tournament since we didn’t have a winner tonight. That leaves Mr. Wallace and myself at a crossroads as to what to do next. We can’t just pick a newly signed talent and place them in the second round, that wouldn’t be fair. We can’t have a re-do and let these two go at it again because everyone would then want a re-do. With careful consideration, here’s what we’re going to do.”
Neither man advanced in the match up just now, plain and simple. One man in the same bracket as these two did earlier tonight and that man is Donathan DuPaul. We can’t punish him and throw unscheduled things at him and alter the setup of this sanctioned tournament, that just wouldn’t be right. So here’s what we’re going to do. Two weeks from now we will be hosting 4CW 003 and it will feature the second round of the tournament. Since Mr. DuPaul doesn’t have an opponent to face, he gets a bye week. Just think of this like the NFL in a sense. We all love football, right?”
Now, I’m not saying that he’s the best by any means, that has yet to be determined. I’m just simply saying that as far as the tournament goes, he gets a bye week and will advance to the championship match which is scheduled to take place at 004 in Houston, Texas! Two weeks from now in Colorado though, he won’t have a bye week from 4CW as he’ll compete in a rumble with some of the losing parties in the tournament. Consider this to be a warm up to the triple threat cage match that awaits at the end of the road in this journey to the South-West championship. Nothing is easy and given away in 4CW. Everything will be earned.”

Morrison and Wallace nod at one another as they scan over the crowd for a moment before heading backstage.
JOHNSON: “You heard it here, folks. Donathan DuPaul benefits from this tragic ending to tonight’s show.”
VASSA: “I wouldn’t really call it a benefit. He’ll have his work cut out for him in the ring against multiple opponents two weeks from tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Indeed he will. That’s all the time we have for tonight. Thanks for tuning into 4CW on your computers at home. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa. Good night folks!”