4CW 003

4CW 003
JANUARY 20TH, 2014

The scene opens over the Broomfield Events Center to a crowd larger than the previous events combined. Ringside, Vassa and Johnson sit at the announcers booth ready to kick the night off.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another 4CW event, this is 003!”
VASSA: ”I’m Vinny Vassa and this ugly man beside me is no one other than the wrestling genius, Steve Johnson!”
JOHNSON: ”We have an exciting card for you this evening as we kick off the second round of the tournament for the South-West Heavyweight championship. “
VASSA: ”Last week, Joe Dobbs and Kojima were in our main event before being taken out from the start. With that match being thrown out due to no contest, Donathan DuPaul gained a bye this week as he was in the same bracket. He’ll be in our main event later tonight in a big rumble with only one person walking out a winner.”
JOHNSON: ”Back to the tournament, Jensen Knickerbocker and Jason Kash will square off in the ring to decide who advances to the championship match at 004.”
VASSA: ”The Geek going head to head with the one and only Influence! After that, Mac Haze and Owen Moon will compete for the last remaining spot in the championship match.”
JOHNSON: ”Owen has been impressive and gained a close win over Roxi Johnson last week. Will that momentum carry over to tonight?”
VASSA: ”We’ll see. He has mentioned earlier that he is looking to get more aggressive with his wrestling style as we get closer to the championship finale”
JOHSNON: ”We also have a newcomer debuting tonight, the dangerous but lovely, SIN!”
VASSA: ”Lets not forget about another member of Action Packed climbing into a sanctioned 4CW match for the first time, Stefan Raab! We’ll also get to see Aidan Black in action as he makes his debut tonight as well as a few others.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s looking to be a promising night.”
VASSA: ”I’ll second that! But lets not keep the fans waiting. I think we’re ready to start the night off and get one step closer to crowning a South-West Heavyweight champion.”
JOHNSON: ”I think you’re right, the fans are anxious. First up we have Athena facing off against Joe Dobbs. Speaking of which, here she comes now making her way to the ring.”


Athena Awaits in the ring as “Indestructible” by Disturbed plays over the building.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the ring weighing in at three hundred pounds and standing six feet, eight inches, coming from Sacramento, California… JOE DOBBBBBBBSSSS!!!”
Lights go out as the music plays, play spot lights roam the crowd until coming to a fixed position on Joe at the top of the ramp. Focused on the ring he begins to walk forward not paying attention to anything else but the ring, the spot light follows him down. Joe slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. He stands up in the middle of the ring. He beats on his chest like a gorilla. He raises his arms in the air as the lights come back on. Dobbs Motions for a mic. Ringside crew hands him the mic as he paces back and forth staring at Athena.

DOBBS: “Athena I’m going to give you the chance to walk out of the ring right now under your own power, because once that bell rings I’m going to hurt you. I want you to know I’m going to enjoy every minute if it. I do not care you are a woman. All I care about is releaving some of my anger upon you.”
Dobbs laughs to himself for a moment before continuing

DOBBS: “It’s not your fault really, you see your being used against me. If I don’t lose to you then someone I care about will be hurt. Well sweetheart I’m going to tell you this. I’m going to use you. I’m going to use you as a statement. The message I’m going to send is you don’t fuck With Joe Dobbs or Action Packed. I will deal with these ass tards when the time comes. But for now, You’re in my sight.”
Athena shakes her head no and rushes Dobbs and is caught with a big boot and slams hard to the mat. Dobbs picks up Athena by the hair and irish whips her into the corner.

VASSA: ”Look at the raw strength!”
JOHNSON: ”After getting taken out last week by god knows who, he’s here to prove a point tonight.”
Dobbs follows up on Athena with a hellish clothesline sending Athena over the ropes. Dobbs climbs out of the ring, he picks up Athena and whips her into the steal post. Dobbs once again picks up Athena and rolls her into the ring before following behind.

JOHNSON: ”WOW! He’s pissed!”
VASSA: ”I feel sorry for Athena. I wouldn’t want to be her.”
He mounts Athena and starts driving elbows into Athena’s skull.. The ref is trying to pull Dobbs off of Athena but can’t. Dobbs keeps hammering elbows into Athenas head and knocks her out cold. The ref calls for the bell as Athena is clearly out of this and unable to defend herself.

POWERS: ”Your winner by knockout… JOE DDDOOOOBBBBBBSSSS!!”
Dobbs stops elbowing Athena, gets up and slides out of the ring. He walks to up the ramp and behind the curtain before his music even hits the speakers.

JOHNSON: ”Talk about a statement!”
VASSA: ”Tell me about it. He finished up Athena and went backstage before Mike even had time to hit his music. I’m guessing that he’s still upset about the ambush last week.”
JOHNSON: ”I along with everyone else is still trying to figure out exactly what happened.”
VASSA: ”What done is done, it appears that Dobbs has moved on… somewhat.”
JOHNSON: ”I feel for the person who has to climb in the ring with him after tonight’s performance… or should I say beatdown.”
VASSA: ”While we wait for the ring to be cleared, lets go backstage!”

The camera takes us backstage where we find Jason Kash in the parking garage heading into the building. He adjusts his gym bag over his shoulder and pushes the door open.
Kash stops in the doorway with his hand on the door. Aidan Black is on the floor picking up a tray and a bunch of playing cards. Jason Kash is oblivious to what happened and just kinda steps over Aidan and continues toward the dressing area.
Aidan stares at Kash with anger as the cameras fade out.


VASSA: ”That first match was over within the blink of an eye. Lets see if this will last any longer.”
JOHNSON: ”We have two new pieces of talent in the show tonight, Aidan Black and Raven. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to bring to the program.”
VASSA: ”Larry Collins will be our official. Take it away Mike Powers!”
POWERS: ”Our first competitor comes to the ring weighing in at two hundred fifty seven pounds and standing five feert, eleven inches. Coming out of Los Angeles, California… he is “The Executioner”… AIDAN BBLLLLAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!”
“Quantum” by Datsik starts to play and Aidan Black steps through the curtain. The fans are silent seeing how Aidan Black is still climbing up in the ranks in 4CW. He reaches the ring and walks around the outside by the announcers tables and awaits his opponent’s arrival.

VASSA: ”Well, this is something new. I’ve never seen the first wrestler out wait outside of the ring for their opponent to make their entrance.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s a first time for everything and 4CW is setting the new standard in professional wrestling!”
POWERS: ”And the opponent, weighing in at one hundred eighteen pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, coming to you from Birmingham, England… RRAAAVVVEEEENNNNN!!!”
“Special Op” begins to play in the arena as all the cameras zoom out from either the stage of the ring before zooming into a segment of the crowd where the young Englishwoman known as Raven is. One of the closest cameras zooms in on Raven as she glances at her opponent outside ring before beginning to slowly walk down the staircase, a very confident look completely across her face as she doesn’t mind the amount of pats on the shoulders and arms she is receiving from the hyper-excited crowd.
Continuing to enjoy her walk down the stairs, all the way to the barrier. The moment she arrived at the barrier Raven looked towards her opponent and smirks lightly. Afterwards she pressing both her palms down on the barrier and jumping clean over it, easily landing on her own two feet. The raven-haired lady simply walks up the steel steps and onto the middle of the apron, with her front facing the crowd. Raven momentarily glances over her left shoulder to see her opponent and shows a cocky grin as she turns back to face the crowd. Raven slowly unzips her jacket, revealing her upper attire in the process, and purposely throws the jacket on top of the nearest camera before bending over the middle rope to enter the ring. The moment she enters the ring Raven’s left hand holds onto the top rope and she leans back as she emits a loud scream. After doing so the female straightened herself out and another grin appeared on her face as she looked at her opponent on the outside again.

VASSA: ”Aidan is now entering the ring… I wonder what that was about?”
JOHNSON: ”Who knows but he’s looking at her and just signaled to slice her throat. Things are about to get heavy. Let’s go!!!”
The bell sounds as the match officially begins.
The two meet each other in the center of the ring and exchange words before Raven slaps Aidan across the mouth. Aidan’s head turns to the side as a smile comes across his face. He looks back at Raven only to catch another slap on the other cheek. Getting angry, Aidan grabs her by the back of the head and punches her closed fist in the nose with all of his strength. Raven flies back as blood begins to pour from her nose. The ref gets in between him and Raven and fusses for a moment.

VASSA: ”Did you just see that? “
JOHNSON: ”I know this is wrestling and we don’t discriminate against sex but that’s no way to hit a woman!”
Aidan pushes the ref out of the way and grabs Raven by the hair and jerks her to her feet. He then gives her a series of knees to the stomach, about five or six before forcing her head between his legs. He looks over the crowd and signals for the end of the match as he wraps his arms around her waist and flips her up into the air and holds her up for a minute while walking around the ring. He then slams her to the mat with a brutal powerbomb and doesn’t release the hold. He uses all of his strength and lifts her back up in the same position and runs only to slam her to the mat once more with an even harder running powerbomb.

JOHNSON: ”I believe that was The Kamikaze, his finisher.”
VASSA: ”Seriously, he can’t be pinning her now???”
Aidan covers Raven with the pin as the ref drops to one knee and counts.

VASSA: ”Are you kidding me? The match is over already? What the hell?!?!”
JOHNSON: ”I believe that was him making a statement like Dobbs did just a moment ago.”
VASSA: ”That match was shorter than the opener with Dobbs!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Actually it wasn’t but it was damn close.”
VASSA: ”Well, I’m disappointed… in Raven that is. I was expecting more.”
Aidan’s music begins to play over the speakers as the ref raises his hand in victory.

POWERS: ”Your winner, by pinfall… AIDAN BBLLLAAACCCKKKK!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Lets go backstage as we clear the ring for our next match of the night.”

Donathan DuPaul. Jason Kash. Stefan Raab. Three pieces of 4CW talent representing 4CW in an inter-fed event. Show your support for them at APW’s Survive and Conquer.

The cameras cut to Stefan’s locker room as everyone can see Stefan putting his gloves on and his wresting boots in his locker room and he begins to speak

RAAB: “Thank god that I’m making my debut tonight because I’m fed up of waiting on being booked to be wrestling in a match with someone and that person is Phinehas Lovecraft. I’m going to take out every bit of my anger out on you on 4CW ignoring me and just to beat the hell out of you.”
Suddenly, there was a knock on Stefan’s locker room door and Stefan responds.

RAAB:“Come in”
It’s the manager of Action Packed Tidus Howe who came into Stefan’s locker room and begins to speak with Stefan.

HOWE:“Just to let you know that your match is next so you better get your ass out there and win this match for Action Packed.”
RAAB:“I got it all under control Tidus and show 4CW what I’m all about and to Raabinate, Phinehas Lovecraft straight to hell just like the dominate performance Joe done on Athena and just like how Jason Kash is going to completely destroy Jensen Knickerbocker in the title tournament. I got the win in the bag Tidus.”
HOWE:“That’s the spirit and I along with Kash and Joe will be watching you from the back. I will leave you to it. Good luck tonight.”
Just as Stefan was going to respond, Tidus left as Stefan stood up and made sure he’s got everything before leaving the locker room to wait outside the curtain to be called down to ringside.


The lights simultaneously dim on out through out the entire 4 Corner Wrestling arena, as they do pink strobe lights flicker on and flicker down on the entrance isle lighting up the isle and various fans near the isle as well. The fans can be seen holding up various signs for their favorite 4CW wrestler. As the lights continue to flicker down on the isle and across the arena over the rows of fans. “The Bad Touch” By Bloodhound Gang begins to play on out of the PA Sound system.
As it does “The Erotic One” Phinehas Lovecraft III comes walking on out from behind the black curtains. Finch stands in the isle soaking in all the jeers, abhorrence towards him. His Zebra print jacket can be seen as he stands with his back facing towards the ring, the words “Your Sexually Temptation….” can be seen in gold letters across the back of it as Lovecraft III stands soaking in the hatred the fans can be heard giving him.

POWERS: From way of Las Vegas, Nevada weighing in tonight at approximately Two hundred and Fifty-five pounds, and he stands approximately Six foot Four inches tall in length. He is The Most Gorgeous Man Alive, The Erotic One, The Candy-man, The Prince of Sexual Temptation… he is… PHHHHHHHINEHAS LOOOOVECRAFT the thhhhhhhird!!!!
As Lovecraft III hears his name, he slowly walks on down to the ring. The pink light continues to flash down upon him as he slowly approaches the ring, once at ringside he slowly walks around to the steel steps taunting the nearby fans at ringside before finally walking on up them. Once at the top of the steel steps Lovecraft III before stepping inside the ring wipes the bottoms of his boots on the side of the ring apron before stepping inside the squared circle and awaiting for his opponent.

POWERS: ”Coming down to the ring now weighing in at 230 pounds coming from Cologne Germany, “The Killerplauze” Stefan Raab.”
Wrenches and Kings play over the sound system as Stefan comes out through the curtain just wearing his gold and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a hold up on each turnbuckle and everyone boos him as he does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent with anger in his eyes waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: ”Well ladies and gentlemen you are looking at one of the most hated men in the wrestling world!”
VASSA: ”Yeah this Lovecraft guy is freaky in every way imagineable.”
JOHNSON: ”I was talking about Stefan Raab…”
VASSA: ”Yeah I knew that…”
JOHNSON: ”Anyone who follows social media knows that Stefan Raab creates controversy regularly with his twitter wars.”
VASSA: ”All the more reason to have him here! People are going to wanna see if someone can shut his mouth for him!”
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Lovecraft stares at his opponent while he stands with his back up against the turnbuckle nonchalantly. He finally struts his way to the center of the ring where Raab is fired up and waiting. The two lock up with a collar and elbow tie up and Raab drives his opponent backwards into that same corner which he stood so comfortably in. With neither gaining an immediate edge the ref separates the two. Raab backs up hesitantly with his hands held in front of his face. Lovecraft strike with a lightning fast slap that turns Raab’s cheek a bright red! Raab tries to grab a hold of Lovecraft but gets pushed away by the official.
Lovecraft charges out of the corner with the hopes of taking advantage of a distracted Stefan Raab. Raab ducks the lariat attempt and hooks Lovecraft’s head in the process. Raab spins him around and drops him to the canvass with a swinging neck breaker! Raab leans over and grabs Lovecraft by his hair. He drags Lovecraft up and over to the nearest ropes. Raab sends Lovecraft running. On the rebound Lovecraft gets scooped up and nearly driven through the canvass with a powerful spine buster!

VASSA: ”Look! There’s an imprint of Lovecraft in the ring mat!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think Stefan Raab was too keen on getting slapped.”
VASSA: ”No man ever is…”
Raab helps Lovecraft to his feet and lifts him up with a belly to back suplex. Instead of falling backwards Raab walks Lovecraft and drops him on the top rope, groin first. Raab smiles as Lovecraft squeals in pain. He grabs ahold of the top rope and shakes it, bouncing Lovecraft up and down. Raab lets up and Lovecraft rolls over the ropes and drops to the apron. Raab stalks his opponent as he stands to his feet, facing the crowd. Raab reaches over the top rope and grabs around Lovecraft’s midsection. In a feat of herculean strength he lifts Lovecraft up and over with release german suplex!
Raab climbs onto of Lovecraft with a full mount and begins to pummel him with stiff right hands that could knock any man out cold. Lovecraft covers up, trying to block the hard right hands. Raab notices the perfect opportunity to transition from the violent punches to a textbook anaconda vice submission hold! Lovecraft flails his free hand hoping to get ahold of the nearby ropes. The referee slides into position to look for the tap out. Lovecraft begins bucking his lower body, inching closer to the ropes. Raab arches backwards, applying more pressure to the neck of Lovecraft. Finally Lovecraft makes it close enough to reach out and get his hand on the bottom rope forcing the ref to break up the submission.

JOHNSON: ”Lovecraft was able to squirm his way to the ropes!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know how much more of that anaconda vice he could have taken. My neck was starting to hurt just looking at him.”
JOHNSON: ”Well he needs to bury that pain quickly and find a way into this match!”
Raab rises to his feet and reaches through the ropes, grabbing Lovecraft by the head who has slid under the ropes. Lovecraft makes it to his knees before driving his shoulder through top and middle ropes right into Raab’s mid section. Raab doubles over and Lovecraft sends himself over the top rope, grabbing Raab in the air and rolling him up with a sunset flip. The momentum is too much and Raab rolls through the pin attempt. He gets to his feet and charges with a running knee that connects to the side of Lovecraft’s head. Raab tries to make the quick cover, taking advantage of his dazed opponent.

VASSA: ”Lovecraft managed to get a foot on the ropes!”
JOHNSON: ”Shows great ring awareness on his part. Not much of an offense but he has found his way to the ropes in both of Raab’s attempts to win this match.”
VASSA: ”Well he needs to find a way into this match. He can’t win if he continues to spend his time in this match on his back!”
Raab rises to his feet and reaches through the ropes, grabbing Lovecraft by the head who has slid under the ropes. Lovecraft makes it to his knees before driving his shoulder through top and middle ropes right into Raab’s mid section. Raab doubles over and Lovecraft sends himself over the top rope, grabbing Raab in the air and rolling him up with a sunset flip. The momentum is too much and Raab rolls through the pin attempt. He gets to his feet and charges with a running knee that connects to the side of Lovecraft’s head. Raab tries to make the quick cover, taking advantage of his dazed opponent.

VASSA: ”Lovecraft managed to get a foot on the ropes!”
JOHNSON: ”Shows great ring awareness on his part. Not much of an offense but he has found his way to the ropes in both of Raab’s attempts to win this match.”
VASSA: ”Well he needs to find a way into this match. He can’t win if he continues to spend his time in this match on his back!”
Raab gives a sinister look to the referee. He turns his attention to his opponent who catches him off guard with a rising clothesline! Raab bounces back to his feet and immediately gets a boot to the gut. Raab doubles over and is immediately dropped onto his back with a running knee lift! Lovecraft crawls to the ropes after that short burst of offense and holds onto the ropes to get to his feet. At the same time Raab finds his way back to his feet. Lovecraft feels the pressure of his opponent recouping and rushes towards him with another clothesline attempt. Raab ducks it and then spins him around, dropping him face first with his variation of the diamond cutter, The Killercutter! Raab wastes no time and lifts his opponent back up, once again grabbing him with a rear waist lock. He sends him up and over his head, bridging for the pin with The Killerpin!
Ding! Ding! Ding!

VASSA: ”Take that twitter world! What a win for Stefan Raab!”
JOHNSON: ”Another win in 4CW’s short history for a member of Action Packed! These guys live up to the billing!”
VASSA: ”You know he desperately wanted to shut up the twitter universe and make a statement here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”He did just that! We’ll see how he fares in shows to come…”
Inside the ring the ref is raising Stefan Raab’s hand high in the sky as the ring announcer makes the official call.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, “The Killerplauze” STEFAN RAAB!!!”

Backstage Jason Kash is seen talking with Action Packed Leader, Tidus Howe. They are going over plans for the evening, Jensen Knickerbocker mostly. Kash mimicking breasts as he grabs his own chest and a laughter is share between the two. Into the scene walks Aidan Black and he shoulder charges past Kash knocking him forward. Kash slams into Tidus Howe and an eruption of anger fills his face as he turns to see Aidan just walking by.

KASH: “You got a problem Rook?”
Coming to a stop, Aidan Black turns around with a grin on his face that only adds to the annoyance of Kash.

BLACK: “Rook? Pssh. You don’t know me… obviously. What’s my problem? What’s it to you?”
KASH: “What’s it to me? Heh….Listen Rook, do yourself a favor an…”
Before Kash can finish his statement, Aidan Black lunges at him with an overhand right that connects to his jaw. Kash stumbles back and bounces forward with a right of his own and a brawl ensues. Black and Kash are trading punches, Kash drives up and knee and Black shoves him back and leaps at “The Influence”. Kash slams Aidan Black to the ground and the two start pounding each other with short punches and elbows.

HOWE: “Hit him! Get em Kash, Get EM!! Punch that mother fu…”
Security rushes into the picture and begins to pull both men apart. Aidan Black grabs Kash by the beard and drives forward with a headbutt to the bridge of his nose and some blood begins to emerge from a cut. Kash smiles as the blood rolls down over his teeth and security holds them apart.

KASH: “You fucked up..”
Security jerks them both as they try to rush each other again. Tidus Howe gently pats the back of Kash. Calming down his client isn’t going to happen but with security, neither side can do anything more as the scene cuts back to ringside.


JOHNSON: ”This next match we have scheduled for the night has been the talk of the town so to speak.”
VASSA: ”That is has! Roxi Johnson has been nothing but impressive since she’s stepped onto 4CW turf. Last show she fell short in a match with Owen Moon that could have went either way.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed, that was a close match two weeks ago. Unfortunate for her, Owen advanced in the tournament for the south-west championship and will be competing later on tonight. As we can all see, Roxi is sort of a superhero to these parts. She doesn’t hide her identity, she’s willing to fight any and everyone.”
VASSA: ”Just before 002, 4CW signed another talent from the defunct Rampage Wrestling. She goes by the same SIN. Once she came onto the scene, it appears that she’s slapped a target on Roxi’s back and has been gunning for her since.”
JOHNSON: ”I guess you could call SIN the villain in this battle between good and evil. How evil can she be? We’ll find out right now. Take it away, Mike!”
POWERS: ”Our first competitor comes in standing five foot, six inches tall and weighs in at one hundred twenty five pounds. Representing St. Louis Missouri… SSSIIINNNNN…”
The lights go out leaving the arena in total darkness as “Relax” by “Peaches” begins to play over the PA system. lasers shoot around the stage ramp. The entrance lights up with Sin sitting in a steel chair sculpted with snakes and dragons. Her legs are kicked over the right arm of the chair and fans let out a mixed reaction of cheers and boos as she slowly stands up from the chair. She slowly makes her way down the stage ramp ignoring the stretching arms of fans hoping for some kind of physical contact with the sensational diva. She makes it to the ring and grabs the bottom rope lifting herself up the edge of the ring. She then grabs the tops rope and puts her feet on the bottom bouncing up and down a couple of times before dropping down into the splits as more as strobes flicker. Sin slowly and seductively crawls into the ring and stands to her feet throwing her hands into the air as the fans continue with their mixed reaction of boos and cheers.

JOHNSON: ”There she is ladies and gentlemen, SIN!”
VASSA: ”She is a beauty but I’m willing to guess that she’s even more dangerous than her looks insinuate.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re about to find out because Mike Powers is ready to announce Roxi!”
POWERS: ”And the opponent standing five foot, six inches and weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds… ROXI JOHHNNNSSSSSOOOOONNNN!!!”
“Help Is On The Way” by Rise Against plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

VASSA: ”Roxi is looking to bounce back from that close one last week and what better time than now after being called out by the newcomer, her villain for the night.”
JOHNSON: ”Larry Collins will be our official for this match. Speaking of which, it appears that he’s ready.”
Larry Collins signals for the bell as the match officially begins.
SIN wastes no time and charges at Roxi who is still in her corner. Roxi notices the rush attack and quickly rolls underneath as SIN swings with a hard clothesline. SIN quickly turns around where Roxi is up to her feet. Roxi grans her arm and whips SIN around, throwing her to the corner on the opposite side of the ring. Roxi quickly follows behind only to get surprised when SIN jumps and springboards off the middle ropes of the turnbuckle and comes back with a hard elbow. SIN connects with Roxi and sends her to the mat in pain. SIN then gets up and kicks Roxi a few times while she’s down before grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up to her feet. SIN then hooks Roxi’s arm around her and flips her over with a quick snap suplex.

VASSA: ”SIN isn’t wasting any time at all tonight. As soon as the bell rang, she rushed in on Roxi with the attack.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t count Roxi out so soon, Vinny. She was impressive two weeks ago against Owen.”
SIN hops right back up and kicks Roxi a few more times before grabbing her by the hair yet again and pulling her to her feet. This time SIN gets behind her and brings her to the mat again but this time with a hard Russian leg sweep. The sound of Roxi’s crashing body sends a thus throughout the building. SIN looks over and see’s Roxi in pain and decides to roll over and climb on top of her and deliver a series of punches to the midsection before drawing back and planting on right in the center of Roxi’s forehead. SIN gets up and pulls Roxi to where she’s sitting in an upright position and then she runs to the ropes. When SIN comes back, she gives Roxi a hard running dropkick to the chops and sends her head back with force as it smacks the mat with impact.

JOHNSON: ”I wasn’t expecting SIN to come at Roxi this hard tonight.”
VASSA: ”Me either, but then again, we haven’t ever seen this chick in the ring. She called out Roxi and unlike a lot of folks, she’s actually backing her words up.”
Roxi rolls around the ring for a moment as SIN climbs the turnbuckle and ascends the top rope. She looks down at Roxi and then leaps into the air and flies at her with a body splash. Roxi notices and quickly rolls out of the way as SIN crashes into the mat, stomach and face first. Roxi jumps to her feet and runs over to SIN and drops a running leg drop to the back of her head. SIN’s face pounds the mat as Roxi jumps back up and then delivers a standing moonsault to the back of SIN.

VASSA: ”Roxi’s turned it around!!!”
Roxi nods her head in pleasure and then gets to her knees. She rolls SIN over, back to the mat, and then gets up. Roxi looks over the crowd and then grabs SIN by both legs and raises them into the air. She kicks the inside of her right knee a couple of times before stepping in between her legs and attempting to lock on a sharpshooter. As Roxi goes to cross SIN’s legs, SIN kicks her in the face with her left foot and breaks the hold. SIN then wiggles free and sweeps the feet out from under Roxi and brings her to the mat. The two roll around on the mat, battling for control over the other until SIN headbutts Roxi in the jaw and gets the upper hand. SIN quickly gets control over Roxi and hooks a sleeper and applies a ton of pressure as Roxi tries to fight it off with her face beginning to turn bright red.

JOHNSON: ”Roxi had control of this match for a moment but now, now she’s in trouble.”
VASSA: ”She should have worked SIN down a little more before trying to hook a big move like that sharpshooter.”
JOHNSON: ”Now she has to fight her way out of this sleeper before it ends her night and sends her off to nap time!”
Roxi continues to fight as SIN applies more pressure with the sleeper hold. As few moments pass and Roxi’s face is covered in red as her fighting begins to die down as the impact of that sleeper hold appears to be setting in. Roxi’s eyes close and appears to the out cold as the ref checks on her. SIN doesn’t set up as the ref grabs Roxi’s arm and raises it into the air. He releases and it falls to the mat. He lifts it up once more and drops it to the mat for a second time.

VASSA: ”This could be it if he hand falls to the mat for a third time!”
The ref raises Roxi’s hand once more and holds it up for a few seconds. He then releases his grip and Roxi’s arm falls to the mat but just before making contact with the mat, it stops in mid air. Roxi’s fist then balls up and begins shaking as the fans erupt in cheers and begin to chant her name. Roxi begins to force herself up from the mat, bringing SIN up with her who still has the sleeper hold locked around her neck. Once up to one knee, Roxi takes her free hand and waves for the crowd to get louder as she holds herself up with her other hand. She then gives a huge elbow to SIN’s stomach, then again and again. SIN refuses to let the hold go as Roxi manages to get to her feet with SIN still behind her with the hold locked. Roxi puts her hands together and gives one more elbow to SIN, this time a huge one to the stomach and knocks the breath out of SIN and makes her lose her grip on the hold. Roxi then wraps her arms around SIN and pushes forward, sending SIN to the ropes. When SIN comes back, Roxi jumps into the air and wraps her legs around SIN’s head and flips her over to the mat with a huge hurricanrana.

VASSA: ”That was huge. Listen to the crowd. They’ve gone crazy!”
Roxi rolls over and gets to her feet as SIN rolls around the ring, holding her head in pain. Roxi lifts SIN to her feet. Roxi hooks her head in an attempt to hit a big DDT but SIN pushes her off. The two then run at each other and connect in the center of the ring with back and forth blows. This goes on for a few moments before SIN leaps at Roxi and catches her head with both hands and slams it down to the mat with speed as the two crash and roll on each other. Roxi shakes off the blow but SIN quickly gets up and runs to the ropes. Roxi notices and jumps up just in time to duck a clothesline from Roxi. Bouncing off the opposite rope, SIN comes back with another clothesline as Roxi side steps and takes her down with a drop toe hold. Roxi then jumps back up and waits for SIN to get to her feet. Once she does, Roxi rushes at her and nails her with a big tornado DDT in the center of the ring and quickly goes for the cover.

VASSA: ”That was a close one!”
JOHNSON: ”After all they’ve been through in this match, I didn’t think SIN would get up from that.”
VASSA: ”You and me both! With the velocity they picked up on the way down, I was certain that SIN was out cold after contact. She whipped her around and planted her head in the match causing her neck to bend like Navorro Bowman’s leg last night in that NFC championship game against Seattle.”
JOHNSON: ”That was a nail biter… from what I’ve heard. I don’t keep up with football so I personally wouldn’t know.”
VASSA: ”Weirdo…”
Roxi looks up at the ref with a look of disappointment on her face after SIN kicking out before the three count. She slowly climbs to her feet and looks down at SIN who lays there, slowly moving in pain as she regains herself. Roxi pulls her to her feet only to catch an eye rake from SIN who catches her off guard with a desperation attempt. Roxi stumbles back a few steps, holding her eyes and SIN shakes off the pain from the last move and waits for an opening on Roxi as she stands in an awkward postion, bent over holding her eyes. SIN steps in quickly at Roxi and grabs the back of her head and pops her knee up to connect with Roxi’s face. Roxi’s head slings back as she falls to the mat. SIN then pulls her up without giving her a moment to breathe and takes her back down with a quick belly to belly suplex. The sound echoes through the building as SIN then follows up with an arm bar. Roxi tries to work herself from the hold but SIN refuses to let go. Getting closer and closer to the ropes, Roxi reaches out with her leg and makes contact as the ref moves in to break the hold.

JOHNSON: ”It’s a good thing SIN quickly found the ropes there.”
VASSA: ”This chick is a true superhero, never giving up and fighting until the end.”
The two climb to their feet but SIN gets up first. Roxi struggles for a moment before getting up and surprised by SIN with a double handed club on the back. Roxi then finds another burst of energy and hits SIN in the midsection as she goes for another. Roxi then swings with a hard right but SIN ducks and quickly turns around and waits. When Roxi turns to face her. SIN quickly moves in with a superkick…

JOHNSON: ”The Cardinal Sin!!!”
Roxi ducks and barely avoids that huge kick to the chops as she runs to the ropes and leaps towards them. She bounces off the middle rope and comes back at SIN with a hard swinging kick of her own.

JOHNSON: ”Roxi’s Ray of Hope!!!”
SIN avoids a kick as well as she side steps. Roxi lands on both feet only to turn around and catch a kick to her midsection from SIN. Roxi bends over in pain as SIN quickly grabs her and lifts her in position for a tombstone piledriver.

JOHNSON: ”This could be it, SIN’s Sinful Pleasures that I’ve heard about.”
Roxi then shifts her weight and flips over with SIN in the tombstone piledriver position. SIN works herself free and flips to the mat, back first and tries to pull Roxi down as her arms are still wrapped around. Roxi delivers a couple of punches to the side of SIN’s head and then grabs her head and flips over her, slamming it into the mat. Roxi jumps up as SIN struggles to get to her feet. As SIN almost gets up, Roxi runs to the ropes and jumps on the middle one, spring boarding back and spinning with that same spinning kick, this time connecting with the side of SIN’s head. SIN falls to the mat as does Roxi. Rolling over, Roxi makes the cover as the ref drops for the count.

VASSA: ”Roxi connected with that Ray of Hope this time around and put SIN out for the count.”
JOHNSON: ”This match was rollercoaster ride, back and forth, but in the end it was Roxi who will be getting her arm raised in victory.”
The ref, Larry Collins, raises Roxi’s arm as her music plays over the speakers and the fans cheer her on for the competitive performance. Roxi checks on SIN who is still down but not out.

JOHNSON: ”Tonight just keeps getting better and better.”
VASSA: ”I have a feeling that this isn’t the last time we’ll see these two square off in the ring against each other.”
JOHNSON: ”Lets go backstage for a little bit while the ring gets cleared.”

JOHNSON: “What an incredible match we just witnessed and 4CW has just begun its quest for greatness.”
The DJ to the far end of the entrance ramp starts to play ‘Bitch’ by Sevendust and Vassa looks over to Johnson.

VASSA: “Who in the world could be coming out to this song?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know, but 4CW has been constantly growing since Wallace and Morrison opened the doors to this company, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s another new face.”
A woman in a short black spaghetti strapped cocktail dress, surely fits tightly around her curvy body, walks out onto the top of the ramp and her hair: straightened, long, and light brown with streaks of dark blonde through it, her skin is the color of rich tasty caramel, and a pair of clear six-inch stiletto heels strapped around her ankles as she has a microphone in hand. She poses at the top of the ramp with her right hand placed firmly up on her waistline as she squint her eyes, staring through the stacked arena.

VASSA: “It looks like you’re right Johnson and if I can say, she’s a doll!”
She flips a strand of her hair behind her shoulder and raises her right hand with the microphone up to her lips, after motioning with her left for the DJ to stop playing her theme.

UNKNOWN: “It’s been ages since I’ve stepped foot in a wrestling arena and I’ll enjoy this little message I have been sent to deliver regarding the state of the 4CW establishment. My husband is one of the single-most achieved legendary men of all-time in this business and he has decided to lace up his boots once more as he reclaims the glory he acquired in 2000 to 2012. My husband did not come alone, as he never does. My husband will be aligning with the ultimate team of all-time; they are known as the unstoppable, the indistinguishable, and the impossible task to beat… they are going to once again prove why they are not to be mistaken for anything other than legends! Some of you may know who they are and some of you may not, but once you have had the privilege, the honor, and the unfortunate run-in with any of them—you will never forget them!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t like the stands of that!”
The woman turns to her right side and starts to strut to that part of the ramp.

UNKNOWN: “They don’t need any introduction for their resumes speak louder than anybody can ever attempt to do. They don’t need your handouts because once they have set out to accomplish something; they do it just like that!”
She bends her left elbow as she lifts her forearm and snaps her fingers.

UNKNOWN: “On the fourth edition of this company’s existence, THEY will be what change this company and it will not only change it—it will REVOLUTIONIZE it! It will REVOLUTIONIZE this entire God forsaken business! 4CW could have never even have imagined the meteorite that is about to it. If you think Owen Moon, Adrian Black, Mac Haze, Jason Kash, or anybody else on the roster are talented enough to stop the invasion of a very powerful alliance, then you clearly have your work cut out for you. This invasion is not permitted to take any prisoners; it is only here to victimize! Each man I have named are only a few in its sights of total domination and this alliance will have only gotten started when each of them make their GRAND debut in that ring! The black hole is upon you and the black hole doesn’t discriminate…”
She firmly extends her left arm down to the ring and her extends her middle ring out to it.

UNKNOWN: “Nobody has even began to comprehend the struggle they are in for because they are too foolishly motivated to become the first-ever champion of 4CW. The inaugural champion will have an enormous target on his back because it will be my husband who sends him into a bottomless pit where he will be buried alive when MY husband claims the championship for himself, reinventing himself as the only LIVING LEGEND to ever step foot in a four-sided ring! Owen Moon and whoever else that is still be in the running for the championship better reconsider your position or else you might end up in a position you have not prepared yourself for. The war has been declared and the war begins in TWO WEEKS on 4CW TV!”
She stares over at the DJ and walks over to his stand, setting the microphone down before turning away. As she walks away, she places her right hand on her waistline and starts to strut off the ramp. The fans are left in total shock and surprise as they begin reacting negativity to this woman’s announcement.

VASSA: “The war has been declared!? Who is she!? What the hell is she talking about!?”
JOHNSON: “An even better question is who or what alliance could she be referring to? And she certainly made no hesitation to quickly outline and target our fellow 4CW stars.”
VASSA: “There’s one thing I know and that’s Owen Moon will not take this sitting down.”

The cameras begin rolling from the ringside area to the backstage as a new face appears on the big screen. The fans have a mixed reaction, but soon after seeing a stunning beauty beside the man they erupt with cheers. The entire arena begin chanting “Miss Michelle” and “Above Average” as the commentators at ringside look to each other in total disbelief as they are clearly unable to tell us anything about these two new people. The woman has on very skimpy and tiny two piece wrestling attire with a high-rise hooded sweater, open in the front, and a championship title fastened around her shoulder. She slides her hand through her hair and tilts her head toward the man as he’s wearing a pair of black slacks and white wife beater with a baseball cap on backwards.

BROOKS: “Tonight… tonight, the 4CW is never going to be the same again. Tonight, the 3.0 Revolution will be taking over and even though we aren’t booked on this episode of 4CW, we are going to make an everlasting impression. You might not know who we are, but we are the above average Mark Brooks and the beautifully deadly female talent Miss Michelle, also the current PWF Women’s World Champion. I am the future of PWF, but we don’t just want to stick with ONE company. We want world dominance! We want to acquire as many fans as we possibly can gain all over the world as we show each and every single superstar in this industry that we are the future of professional wrestling!”
He holds his balled up fists to his chest.

BROOKS: “I got my start back in 2011 and even though it has only been three years, I’m still a veteran like it or not. I refuse to be treated like some wet behind the ears rookie because anybody who underestimate me will be destined for failure. Let me be the first one to say how bad of a decision it will be to doubt my in-ring abilities before you even get to test them out for yourselves. The 4CW has been put on noticed: I’m here… I’m ready… I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. You all thought this was your playground; you all thought this was your turf, but you’re going to find out that the NEW FACE OF WRESTLING has come to revamp this entire company from the floor up!”
Miss Michelle very confidently claps with a smirk on her face.

BROOKS: “I’m not just the new face of wrestling boys; oh no, I’m going to be the NEW FACE OF 4CW! I’m going to send this company into the Above Average era within the first few months of my arrival! 4CW has never seemed as promising as it does right now!”
Miss Michelle brushes her hand through the back of her hair as she struts partially in front of her man as she glances down at her championship.

MICHELLE: “As for any of the ladies or superstars that think I’m just a pretty face, you can all think again because I can take care of myself in and out of that ring. I don’t use my fiancé as a rock to hide me from my opposition. I am the cornerstone maiden of women’s wrestling and I have returned to bring back the appropriate respect women’s wrestling has always deserved. Women have proven to be as fast, skillful, and smart as any man in this industry, so when you see the beautiful name of Miss Michelle, you will know me as the Queen of the Reich!”
The fans start chanting “Queen of the Reich” as she just snickers beneath her breath.

MICHELLE: “Whoever my and our debut is against, we promise to leave rays of sunshine in the air as we prove why we are the prominent wrestling couple in all wrestling! And ladies, this goes to all of you—since not a single one of you picked up the first lady of 4CW, I am been dubbed it. I am now the first lady of 4CW and I think it fits me perfectly, wouldn’t you all agree?”
She slouches over and blows a kiss.

MICHELLE: “Pleasant dreams and it will only be momentarily before I have you all seeing stars when I blow your fucking minds!”
She tilts her head back and Mark wraps his arm around her tiny little waist.

BROOKS: “And that ladies and gents is how you master the business! Get ready because the 3.0 SUPERSTAR HAS ARRIVED!”
He holds up three fingers as does Michelle and the scene fades back out to the ringside area.


VASSA: ”Our next match will determine who advances in the championship match at 004 against DuPaul who has already clinched a spot and the winner of the Moon, Haze matchup.”
JOHNSON: ”Both have put on a show since joining 4CW. Jensen Knickerbocker had a nice win last week to advance in the tournament.”
VASSA: ”So did Jason Kash! It’s always a pleasure to call a match of his and I can proudly say that I have been since 2006.”
JOHNSON: ”I had the pleasure of calling a few myself afterwards. Enough with the past though, lets move into the future and announce another competitor who will wrestle for the South-West championship.”
POWERS: ”Our first opponent, standing five feet eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds. Coming to you out of SimCity… JENSEN KNICKERBOCKER!!!”
“The Final Countdown” by Europe begins to play over the speakers. Jensen takes her time getting to the stage, so that the intro of her music plays. She skips out, blowing kisses to the fans. Once at ringside, she climbs the steps and enters under the top rope. She walks to the center of the ring, blows a few more kisses to the fans before skipping to her corner and waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”After a rough start, Jensen bounced back last week and now she’s made it to the semi-finals in the tournament.”
JOHNSON: ”It looks like her friend, Brie, will be at ringside supporting her in this match tonight.”
“I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up”
As the chorus to “Grew Up A Screw Up” plays as Jason Kash steps through the back curtain and steps onto the stage, he is met with cheers of many plus some deep bass boos from the haters. The chorus of the song plays but is spoken over as the Ring Announcer makes introductions.

POWERS: ”And his opponent, Introducing the Atlanta Born but Houston Representative, at two Hundred and Thirty pounds…”The INFLUENCE” Jaaaasssooon…KAAAASSSH!!!”
“Ever since I was an embryo, waiting to shape up and ship out
Something in my brain said, “Wake up and kick out!”
Roberta and Wayne stayed up and flipped out
Cause when I came I was draped up and dripped out
Snip the umbilical, spit the government chip out
Peace up, A-Town down and then I dipped out
And oh my gosh, the Osh Kosh was picked out
I slipped in, even my baby stroller was tricked out
Somebody get him, the little homie’s out of control
Put a little bit of rum in my bottle I’ll dream about diamonds and gold
Gold gold, to grow from an infant to toddler was effervescent
The essence of adolescence got my body feeling freshen
freshing freshing, and it was a blessing to rhyme and start rapping
I was the best in my section with flows hard than erections
Still the best but now I’m grown with more range than a Texan
And I’m a heavyweight you dudes is lighter than my complexion”
As he heads to ringside, he rounds the corner and picks up speed as he leaps up on the ring apron, landing on one knee and pulling himself to his feet using the ropes. He dips through the ropes and enters the ring to a louder pop from the crowd. He throws up an Upside Down Peace Sign handsign for the cameras to see before he begins to stretch and lean against the ropes. Ready for his dose of Action.

VASSA: ”Talk about an entrance… that song is getting more and more catchy each time I hear it.”
JOHNSON: ”It looks like Kash is ready to get started as we await the sound of the bell.”
VASSA: ”Christopher Salieri will be our official for the match and I think he’s just about ready.”
The ref signals for the bell as we officially start our match.
Jensen looks intimidated for a brief moment and looks down to Brie at ringside for assurance. She then runs at Kash as he pays her no attention. Jensen slaps Kash across the face and then stomps on his toe. Kash hops around for a moment as Jensen moves in for another strike only to get caught with a European uppercut from Kash that nearly knocks her head off as she falls backwards. Jensen gets back up as she rubs her jaw. She walks to the center of the ring slowly, not backing down from Kash. The two lock up in the center of the ring and in a moments notice, Kash locks on a side headlock and gives Jensen a noogie as well. Jensen fights to get free and pushes Kash towards the ropes. When he comes back Jensen jumps in the air with a drop kick but Kash stops short of contact and watches as she misses and falls to the mat with a thud. He then moves in on her only to get sweeped by both of her legs and falls straight to his back. Jensen quickly grabs his legs and turns him over, hooking a single leg crab and pulling back with all her might.

VASSA: ”She outsmarted him with that sweep.”
JOHNSON: ”She may have but I don’t think she has the strength to keep that single leg crab locked on Kash. His thigh is about as big as her!”
VASSA: ”He reminds me of a Kevin Blode…”
VASSA: ”Don’t worry about it, you had to be there.”
As called, Kash uses all of his strength and throws Jensen forward and he forces his leg straight. She rolls across the ring and quickly gets to her feet and Kash gets to one knee and stares across the ring at her. Kash shakes his head and rushes in at her and tries to grab her with a bear hug but misses as she drops to the mat and pops back up behind him. Jensen attempts to wrap her arm around Kash’s neck for a reverse DDT but Kash reaches back and grabs the back of her head. He then drops to the mat and hits Jensen with a jawbreaker that sends her flying across the ring and crashing to the mat. Jensen hops back up as does Kash. The two stare at each other and meet in the center of the ring again. Jensen swings a right at Kash but he catches her hand in mid-air and slams her with a wrist clutch suplex.

JOHNSON: ”Jensen isn’t backing down. I think the size difference is playing a factor though.”
VASSA: ”You think? She’s tiny!”
Jensen gets back up again, showing a lot of heart as Kash watches and looks on, showing no sign of being impressed at all. HE slowly walks over to her and grabs the back of her head and she’s up to one knee. As he pulls up, she hits him in the stomach with an elbow. Kash steps back and then comes back at her with a big boot the her face, the drive by boot. Jensen falls back and Kash covers her cocky for the pin, just leaning against her fallen body.
Kash rolls off of Jensen and gets back up as she rolls over and pushes herself up from the mat.

JOHNSON: ”That was a fast kickout from Jensen in that premature pin attempt from Kash.”
VASSA: ”Hold on now… did you just say that Kash was premature?”
JOHNSON: ”No I didn’t! I think you hang around with the fans too long backstage before we kicked off the show, Vinny.”
Kash comes at Jensen but gets kicked in the stomach and then hit with a snap DDT. He rolls on the mat, holding his head as Jensen gets up and attacks him while he’s down. She kicks his lower legs but Kash rolls out of the way and manages to grab her foot. He pulls Jensen down to the mat with him and jumps on top of her. He holds her arms to the mat with his hands wrapped around her wrists and straddles her. Jensen fights to get free as Brie yells from the outside of the ring. Kash looks up at her and laughs as he leans his head back and slams it forward, hitting Jensen with a headbutt. He then rolls off of her and gets to his feet. Jensen holds her head with her right hand as her left rests on the mat. Kash takes notice and then walks around and all of sudden, he stomps on her fingers as Jensen screams in pain and jerks her hand out from under his boot.

VASSA: ”He’s always been one to sneak in a dirty move here and there. I like it!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think he’s taking Jensen serious.”
VASSA: ”After hearing the things he had to say about her earlier this week, I think you’re right.”
Kash picks Jensen up by the back of the head and hooks her only to lift her with a vertical suplex. Jensen manages to get free and flips over getting behind Kash and delivers a hard elbow to his lower back. Kash lets out a moan of pain. Jensen then runs to the ropes and comes back with a quick dropkick to the back of Kash’s knee, knocking him down to only one knee keeping him from falling to the mat. Jensen then hooks her arm around his neck and hits him with a small reverse DDT with him on one knee.

JOHNSON: ”If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
VASSA: ”I’m sure Kash would counter that with, if at first you don’t succeed, smoke some weed. I can smell it lingering in the air tonight. I love Colorado!”
Jensen goes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle as Kash slowly gets to his feet. She leaps at him with a flying crossbody but Kash catches her in mid-air and drops her down to his knee with a powerful backbreaker. Jensen rolls on the mat, holding her back from the pain as Kash gets up. He then takes a few running steps and jumps in the air, coming down with a leg drop. Jensen moves at the last second as Kash crashes to the mat and appears to tweak his back from the impact. The two are slow to get up but Jensen finally makes it to her feet first. With his back turned to her, Jensen runs and grabs the back of his head, jumping and slamming it into the mat. Kash bounces for a moment as Jensen gets up and kicks him in the side. After taking a few kicks, Kash grabs her foot and twists her ankle, pulling her to the ground yet again. Kash gets up and grabs her by the leg and drabs her across the ring. He props her leg on the middle rope and then jumps up, holding on the top rope, and comes crashing down on her knee.

The ref pulls Kash back away from Jensen due to the illegal use of the ropes. Jensen holds her knee but manages to push through and get to her feet. Kash complains to the ref for the bad call with his back turned to Jensen. Brie then jumps on the apron and catches his attention. Kash cracks a smile and walks over to her, looking her up and down. She then points behind him and he quickly turns around to a limp superkick from Jensen. Kash barely dodges the kick and gets behind her, opening the opportunity to hit her with a back to back cutter. He slams her to the mat with it as it sends a thud over the sounds of the crowd.

VASSA: ”Under The Influence!!! He hit her with the U.T.I.!!!”
JOHNSON: ”I think this might be it. He’s going for the cover.”
Kash quickly covers Jensen as the ref drops down to count.

JOHNSON: “There you have it! Jason Kash advances in the Tournament here tonight!!”
VASSA: “Jensen tried, she fought her heart out and just came up short. Much better match then I think Kash thought it’d be.”
Even as his music begins to play and the referee goes to raise his arm, Jason Kash pulls his arm free and waves for someone at ringside to give him the microphone.

VASSA: “Oh lovely, this dude is about to speak to an audience of people who probably hate him…”
JOHNSON: “Are you kidding? The new love of Colorado shares alot in common with Jason Kash. Smell the air if you don’t follow along.”
Snatching the mic from a floor staff members hand, Kash turns back to the ring and waits as Jensen Knickerbocker slowly gets out of the ring. He wipes the sweat from his forehead and flings it down towards the canvas as the microphone presses up against his bottom lip.

KASH: “Yeeeeeeeeeeooooo…COLORADO!!”
Turning from the boos he was getting as he grabbed the mic to a wild roar of cheers, the crowd rises in volume for the cheap pop. He holds up a hand to try and calm them down.

KASH: “So I was sitting backstage sober as a Christian and I’m thinking why I got to be sober in Colorado? I’ve just advanced in this Tournament, put my name in the Finals and what better way to celebrate than to spark something?”
JOHNSON: “Did he just say he was sober like a Christian? Somehow that is wrong..”
Again the crowd pops from just the hint at lighting up some marijuana and much of the crowd hold up what they are burning. Putting it in the air so to speak and holding it up proud. Kash nods as a smile fills his face.

KASH: “As I look around this place I see clouds moving along like we’re setup outside, it’s a beautiful sight and…”
He moves the mic and takes a deep inhale through his nose to the fan’s enjoyment as their cheers once again pop and rumble the Broomfield Events Center. Kash puts the mic back to his mouth.

KASH: “The smell in this place…WOW! Colorado is the new Amsterdam!”
Again they roar with cheer as a few joints are thrown into the ring. Kash bends over and picks one up. That’s when his eyebrows raise and the idea comes to him.

VASSA: “Is that a joint? Are we going to have our first Joint smoked inside of a Wrestling Ring!?”
KASH: “I appreciate this because truth be told, I don’t have a connection in Colorado…I ain’t got nothing to smoke!”
The deafening of boos has him laughing inside the ring as he moves to the left in a slow pace. He comes back to the center before he puts the mic to his mouth again. The crowd still lingering with their boos.

KASH: “I’ve been told Colorado is the new King of Ganja so I need a connection, anyone got the hookup?”
Suddenly Kash looks up as a darkened cloud comes flying overhead. The entire audience launches joints, blunts and buds of marijuana through the air. It begins to rain marijuana, hitting the ringside area from outside the ring to inside the ring. Kash covers up expecting more than just weed to be thrown by the fans but to his surprise it’s just marijuana raining down. Kash is stunned, jaw dropped as he turns around full circle looking down at the layer of marijuana that has covered the ring side area. Like a kid in his first snow fall, Kash falls back and lands on the canvas and begins making ‘Snow Angels’ but with joints and blunts and buds of actual marijuana. The crowd breaks into laughter as he pushes up to his knees throws a handful of product up in the air above him. He gets to his feet as the crowd begins to cheer and chant his name.

JOHNSON: “It’s Raining Drugs!! What are you doing Vassa?”
VASSA: “I’m umm…I’m…Mind your business, I need this for medical reasons…”
Vassa is seen picking up a few joints near the Announcer’s Table as the cameras cut back to Kash inside the ring.

KASH: “Good DAMN, Colorado knows how to Party!! I’d ask for a light but…wait…”
Rushing to the ropes, Kash dips out of the ring and a fan is reaching a lighter to him over the guard railing. Kash grabs it and dives back into the ring under the ropes. On his feet again, Kash puts a joint in his mouth and sparks the lighter to the loudest roar of cheers thus far in the night. One big inhale and exhale and Kash smiles to their roars.

KASH: “This is good shit! Colorado…Thanks for getting this bad motherfucker high! Enjoy the rest of the show, let’s get STUPID! RRRAAAHH!!!”
He drops the mic and the crowd again erupts in more cheers as Kash gathers up as many joints as he can in his wrestling gear. He waves to the back for assistance and out comes some lowly road staff with a plastic bag. Kash instructs him to fill the bag as he puffs on the joint he lit inside the ring. He heads up the aisle way as his music begins to once again blare through the building and he heads to the back.

JOHNSON: ”That was unbelievable!”
JOHNSON: ”It appears that there’s a huge mess at ringside and inside that needs to be cleared before we can proceed with the show.”
VASSA: ”I’ve never seen anything like this before and if it’s a taste of what’s in store for 4CW then this promotion is going to be ground breaking!”
JOHNSON: ”You can say that again, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”This promotion is going to be ground breaking!!!”
JOHNSON: ”When are you going to learn that’s just an expression? Lets go backstage!”

The scene cuts backstage where Frankie Morrison and Perry Wallace are sitting at a conference table talking amongst one another and another unknown voice on a telephone.

WALLACE: ”Yes, we can definitely agree to those terms, Sienna. I’ve even offered to take his loft he just purchased in Seattle off his hands. 4CW is ready to commit.”
MORRISON: ”Trust me Sienna, this deal is a win for Mannie. With him being a free agent, this is more than likely the best offer on his plate.”
WALLACE: ”You can bet on that! Sienna, we’d love to have Young Mannie join the talented roster we have here at 4CW. He wants to get paid, well I’m willing to throw the cash his way. I need you to get him to agree.”
SIENNA: “The offer does appear to be the real deal. When can he start?”
WALLACE: ”Immediately. This final bottom line number is figured off appearance and the more appearance he makes, the more money he banks.”
MORRISON: ”We don’t just throw money around for nothing. It will have to be earned. We have a huge network TV deal that is about finalized and now is the key opportunity for Mannie to climb on board before this ride leaves him behind.”
WALLACE: ”I couldn’t have said it better myself, Frankie! So, what do you say, Sienna? Do we have an agreement?”
MORRISON: ”Come on Sienna, you know damn well that this is a more than fair deal for someone who hasn’t even proved to the promotion that he can carry the load.”
WALLACE: ”Damn… you’re cold, Frankie! Cold but true. After 004 we will ink that television deal with or without Mannie on board. Lets just say that myself and the network is willing to dish out huge amounts of cash to those on board and loyal to the product that we have to offer.”
MORRISON: ”Come on, Sienna… you know this is the right move and best opportunity available.”
A silence fills the air for a moment as Frankie and Perry lean towards the phone, waiting for her response.

SINENNA: “Yes… my client will take the offer.”
MORRISON: ”Thank you Siennna. We will see Mannie two weeks from now in Houston.”
SIENNA: “Looking forward to it.”
The other end of the call clicks as Frankie and Perry look at each other and then shake hands. The two continue to talk as the scene fades out.


VASSA: ”We’ve had one hell of a night already and it’s only going to get better.”
JOHNSON: ”I saw what you grabbed earlier from the raining cloud of goodies.”
VASSA: ”I… have, um… a sleeping disorder that needs attention. Hold on a second! It’s legal here!”
JOHNSON: ”Sure you do, and I have a weight problem.”
VASSA: ”Shut up! Lets focus back on the show. I’m getting a contact so to speak and need to focus on the ring, the action… food?”
JOHNSON: ”Can’t help you there but I can help you with some more action. Lets get to the next match as we set the final spot for the championship match at 004.”
VASSA: ”I can dig that. Mikey, while I take care of this cotton mouth, take it away!”
POWERS: ”Our first competitor comes to the ring standing six feet, three inches and weighs in at two hundred forty pounds, coming to you out of Kansas City, Missouri… MAC HAZE!!!”
“Last Man Standing” by People In Planes plays over the speakers as Mac Haze walks out from back onto a stage filled with grayish and Maroon smoke. Mac walks through the smoke down the aisle that leads to the ring. Once at ringside, Mac slides through the bottom rope and gets to his feet. The pa system fades his music as he awaits for the referee to call for the bell.

VASSA: ”Now… this guy had an impressive debut last show against Niobe Martin and advanced to the semi-finals tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”He has his work cut out for him as Owen has been impressive himself and honestly, the kid has a lot of fight in him.”
POWERS: ”And his opponent…from San Francisco, California, standing six feet even and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds, OWEN MOON!”
“Every time…the moon shines I become alive…”
“Alive” by KiD CuDi echos throughout the arena as Owen Moon steps between the curtain. The fans in attendance go wild at the sight of him and Owen responds with a huge smile. He pauses for a moment at the top of the entrance, looking out at the crowd. Flashes can be seen all over the building as cameras are going off. The energy in the arena continues to build and Owen turns his attention to the ring with a look of determination in his eyes. Owen stretches his shoulders as he makes his way to the ring. He high-fives his fans while walking down the ramp before a short sprint. Owen slides under the bottom rope and springs to his feet inside the ring. Quickly bouncing off the ropes, Owen continues to warm up while his music begins to fade.

JOHNSON: ”There he is, one of 4CW’s hottest assets, Owen Moon!”
VASSA: ”Did you just say his ass was hot?”
JOHNSON: ”You only hear what you want.”
VASSA: ”I only hear the things that you let slip out but hold true to heart.”
JOHNSON: ”Whatever you say, Vinny. It looks like our official is ready to get things started. Take it away Christopher Salieri!”
The ref signals for the bell as the match officially begins.
Haze slowly walks to the center of the ring as he stares Owen down with. Showing no intimidation, Owen walks to the center and stands chest to chest with Haze, eye to eye with the man. Haze shoves Owen back a few steps only to open a can of worms he had no idea existed. Owen regains his footing and comes back at Haze with a right hook to the side of the head and then kicks him in the stomach, forcing him to bend over as the air is knocked out of his lungs. Nick then grabs the back of Haze’s head and slams it down into his knee as he thrusts up with his right leg. Haze stumbles back against the ropes and bounces off only to get knocked to the mat with a spinning heel kick.

JOHNSON: ”Moon is getting straight to business tonight!”
VASSA: ”Last week was a brutal match with him and Roxi and as he’s mentioned earlier, he’s wanting to get more aggressive with his style. This is a great way to come out the gate swinging.”
Haze gets to his feet where Owen just waits , stalking and planning his next attack. Once Haze stands straight up and turns Owen, he’s knocked back to the mat with a flipping dropkick. Owen then pops back to his feet and rushes towards the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He waits there as Haze gets to his feet with his back turned to him and leaps in mid-air, connecting a huge diving bulldog on Haze in the center of the ring. Owen quickly rolls him over and goes for the pin.

VASSA: ”Owen isn’t wasting any time at all trying to end this match and advance to the championship bout.”
JOHNSON: ”He almost did so there but Mac kicked out at the last second.”
Owen jumps back to his feet and stomps on Haze a few times as he tries to get up. Haze finally makes it to one knee as Owen runs to the ropes and bounces back at him, this time, nailing him with a big flying knee strike to the forehead, knocking him back to the mat again. Owen then goes to the corner once more and climbs the turnbuckle. Once up top, he jumps again but this time nails a big moonsault across Haze’s body. Wasting no time yet again, Owen goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Owen almost ended it again right there with another quick pin attempt.”
VASSA: ”He is showing a lot in the short time this match has taken place. I believe he wants to be in the championship match more than Mac Haze.”
Owen shakes his head in frustration as Haze kicks out from another pin. Not letting it get to him, Owen gets back up and grabs Haze by the hair, pulling him up as well. Haze punches Owen in the stomach and breaks his hold. He then lunges forward and tries to grab Owen only to miss as Owen side steps him and sticks a foot out, causing him to trip and fall face first into the mat. Owen then jumps on his back and grabs his arms and pushes his feet in Haze’s back. He rolls him over and hooks a Mexican surfboard. Owen applies the pressure as Haze yells in pain. Owen then rolls back with some speed and crashes Haze into the mat, head first. Owen jumps up without hesitation and goes to the corner once more and ascends. He waits a minute or so for Haze to finally get up and this time he jumps towards him and connects with a missile dropkick that sends Haze rolling across the ring, crashing into the turnbuckle on the opposite side.

VASSA: ”Owen has been relentless tonight as he’s dominated the match from the start.”
JOHNSON: ”This match will determine the final person climbing in the ring and wrestling for the South-West championship at 004. I think he just wants to end it quickly and roll into 004 with momentum.”
Owen gets up and looks over the crowd as they chant his name and cheer as he dominates every aspect of this match. He then walks over to Haze in the corner and jerks him to his feet. He delivers a series of right hands to Haze’s forehead while in the corner before grabbing him by the arm and pulling him in for a hard kick to the gut. Haze bends over quickly and Owen grabs his arm again and lifts him into the air, on his shoulders in a firemans carry. He then walks to the center of the ring and drops him to the mat with a crushing death valley driver.

JOHNSON: ”The San Diego Dagger!!!”
Vassa: ”This could be it!”
With Haze old cold in the center of the ring, Owen goes to the corner again and climbs to the top. He looks down on Haze and then scans over the crowd before leaping into the air with major height. He then comes down with a shooting star press on Haze and quickly hooks his leg for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”The Eclipse!!!”

VASSA: ”He did it! Owen advances to the championship match at 004!”
JOHNSON: ”I have to be honest, that was impressive!”
VASSA: ”It looks like DuPaul and Kash have some competition because Owen will be heading into that matchup with a hell of a lot of momentum. This was huge for him!”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it was. Him and Dobbs must have a bet going on backstage on who can win their match the fastest tonight.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know whether it’s the smoke in the air or Owen is just that fast but damn, that match flew by!”
The ref raises Owen’s arm in victory as his music plays over the building. The fans go wild as they cheer for him in his time of victory.

JOHNSON: ”While we get the ring cleared, lets go backstage for a few moments.”

Moments pass after Owen gets backstage and the shot cuts backstage as Owen Moon can be seen walking the halls following his victory over Mac Haze. Owen has a confident look on his face as he suddenly stops in his tracks, seeing the Chief Executive Officer, Perry Wallace, coming at him from the opposite direction. Owen greets his boss with a smile and nod.

MOON: “Good evening, Mr. Wallace.”
WALLACE: “Owen, I’m glad I ran into you. I wanted to congratulate you on your performance tonight and advancing to the finals of the Southwestern Heavyweight Championship tournament.”
Owen’s smile grows wider.

MOON: “Thank you. It wasn’t easy getting here. There was some tough competition along the way and I know the final match is going to be the most difficult challenge yet.”
WALLACE: “I’m sure you’re right about that. You’ve shown tremendous heart inside the ring so far, so I’m sure we’re all in for an amazing title match.”
MOON: “I told you when I signed my contract that I wasn’t going to stop until Four Corners Wrestling was a legitimate wrestling promotion. I think we are well on our way.”
WALLACE: “That’s good to hear. With competitors like you and some of the others on the roster, I think the company’s future is looking bright. Not to mention the new acquisitions that will be joining us in the near future.”
Nodding his head in agreement, Owen seems interested in the new talent that Perry is referring to.

MOON: “I look forward to the new challenges.”
Looking down at his watch, Perry Wallace realizes he’s late for a meeting.

WALLACE: “I have to get to the other side of the building in about two minutes for an interview. Nice running into you, Owen. Good luck in the final match. I’ll be watching closely.”
Mr. Wallace walks out of the shot and Owen watches him make his way down the hall. Owen grins again before walking off, continuing towards the dressing room.


”It’s time for the main event Vinny!”
VASSA: ”Nothing like a good old fashion over the top rope battle royal!”
JOHNSON: ”Seven of 4CW’s stars are entering the ring as we speak. Who’s got the upper hand tonight?”
VASSA: ”Ha! Easy! Donathan DuPaul has been on a tear since stepping foot in a 4CW ring. He’s going to clean house!”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not overlook Masahiro Kojima. This guy came into 4CW with as much buzz as anyone in the wrestling world. Last week he fell flat with a double count out against Joe Dobbs.”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget the biggest guy in the battle royal, Joseph Sullivan!”
JOHNSON: ”His size may help, but he’s no giant in there!”
An old man with the body of a Greek god comes from behind the curtain. He strokes his long, gray beard as “Thorn in your Side” blasts over the speakers. He slowly walks down to the ring. He uses the steps to get to the apron and then steps between the middle and top rope. He starts stretching and pops his neck. He flexes hard and almost seems to grow in musculature before the match starts.

POWERS: ”And our final competitor, weighing in at 225 pounds, “The Trite” Donathan DuPaul!”
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Lincoln Cutler and Joseph Sullivan are standing side by side talking with one another. The two seem to be going over some game plan. Donathan DuPaul starts making his way over to the two of them, catching their attention. They charge, only to be dropped by a double clothesline! Ali Simbel tries to take advantage of the distracted DuPaul, hitting him with a stiff drop kick right between the shoulder blades. The drop kick has barely enough force to nudge DuPaul forward. He turns towards Simbel but quickly has to deal with a charging Michael Wilson. He stiff arms Wilson’s poor attempt at an offensive move and Keeps his eyes focused on Simbel.
On the opposite side of the ring Niobe and Kojima are exchanging stiff knife edge chops that echo throughout the venue. Simbel bounces off the ropes, praying that he picks up some momentum. He nails DuPaul with a shoulder that only fires up the old crazy bastard. DuPaul yells at Simbel to bring a little more! Simbel comes off the ropes again, this time being spun around with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! DuPaul lifts Simbel to his feet and drives him into the corner with his shoulder in his midsection. DuPaul then grabs Simbel with two hands around his throat and effortlessly throws him over the top rope to the ring floor!

JOHNSON: ”That’s our first elimination!”
VASSA: ”Only by default. Lincoln Cutler, Michael Wilson, and Joseph Sullivan look to be in no better shape.”
JOHNSON: ”Kojima may be on the verge of eliminating Niobe Martin!”
Kojima had won the striking challenge and drove Niobe back into one of the corners. He muscled her onto the top rope and was trying to finish the job. Niobe’s only saving grace was that she had her legs wrapped around the top turnbuckle with a vice like grip. At times she dangled upside down but Kojima was unable to get her to the ring floor. DuPaul marches over to the corner and clobbers Kojima in the back of the neck with a stand double axe handle smash that breaks his attempt on Niobe. DuPaul pulls Kojima to the center of the ring by his head and lifts him into the air with a military press. Kojima wiggles loose and drops behind DuPaul. He turns DuPaul around and whips him towards the ropes. DuPaul reverses and pulls Kojima on for a short armed clothesline that nearly decapitates the man from the land of the rising sun!
In the meantime Sullivan has gotten to his feet and made his way to Niobe who was dangerously sitting on the top turnbuckle. She’s sees him charging and tries to catch him off guard with a crossbody that he catches in mid air. He parades around the ring with her in his arms to the crowds delight, teasing which ropes to throw her over. Niobe surprises him with a few elbows to the temple that causes him to drop her. She leaps onto the dazed and confused Sullivan for a hurricanrana but once again, the largest man in the battle royal catches her. He walks her over to the ropes but gets caught off guard when she finishes the hurricanrana over the top rope sending him to the floor and her onto the rings apron!
ELIMINATED: Joseph Sullivan

JOHNSON: ”And the smallest competitor in this battle royal just eliminated the largest!”
VASSA: ”Size isn’t everything Steve, at least that’s what my wife tells me…”
JOHNSON: ”Really Vinny?”
Michael Wilson makes it back to his feet and tries to take advantage of Niobe by charging her while on the apron. Niobe sees the attack coming and reaches over the ropes, elbowing him in the face. He stumbles backwards as Niobe launches herself back into the ring with a springboard drop kick that knocks Michael Wilson into Donathan DuPaul! DuPaul turns away from pummeling Kojima with right hands to the new nuisance as Niobe gets blindsided by Lincoln Cutler with a boot to the face. Kojima crawls to the ropes and pulls himself under onto the apron for safety as the other four competitors continue beating the hell out of one another.
DuPaul lifts Michael Wilson up to his feet and bodyslams him down to the mat hard. Lincoln Cutler in the meantime has Niobe’s throat pressed against the bottom rope and he’s standing on her back. DuPaul walks over and grabs Lincoln Cutler off Niobe and tries to dump him over the top. Niobe slides out of the way as DuPaul clubs Cutler in the back with hard forearm shots. Wilson stands back up and has his eyes set on DuPaul. He charges hoping to catch the man off guard. As if he had a sixth sense, DuPaul released Cutler and turned towards the charging Wilson. He flips him up and over the ropes with a back body drop and Michael Wilson bounces back first off the ring floor!
ELIMINATED: Michael Wilson

JOHNSON: ”Michael Wilson just went flying over the top rope as if he was yesterday’s garbage.”
VASSA: ”This poor guy has had a rough go at it here in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”Tell me about it. 4CW management had high hopes for the ultimate heel.”
Donathan DuPaul turns his attention back to Lincoln Cutler who’s on all fours crawling to the opposite side of the ring. He stomps towards Cutler but gets blind sided by a springboard busaiku knee kick from Kojima that drops DuPaul to one knee in the center of the ring. Kojima gets to his feet quickly and Niobe meets him in the middle of the ring. The two begin alternating kicks to Donathan DuPaul, Niobe kicking him in the back and Kojima kicking him in the chest. After the fourth set of kicks Kojima bounces off the ropes and levels DuPaul with a shinning wizard! He keeps the onslaught going by mounting DuPaul and hammering him with stiff forearm shots to his face!
Niobe in turn sets her eyes on Lincoln Cutler who’s resting in the corner against the turnbuckle. Niobe charges and leaps over her opponent, hooking her legs underneath his armpits in the process. Tangled in the ropes and hanging upside down she reaches down and grabs Cutlers legs, locking in a tarantula submission hold resembling an upside down boston crab tangled in the ropes. Niobe wrenches the hold and Lincoln Cutler screams “I Give! I Give!”. Niobe releases the hold and stands up on the apron. She climbs to the top rope and comes crashing down on the tender ribs of Lincoln Cutler with a senton splash! Niobe lifts Cutler to his feet and stands him up in the corner. Limb by limb she lifts the larger man over the ropes, finally gaining the attention of Kojima. He runs to the corner and aides Niobe. With little resistance the two team up to dump Lincoln Cutler over the top rope and the ringside floor!
ELIMINATED: Lincoln Cutler

JOHNSON: ”And then there were three!”
VASSA: ”Niobe Martin has to be the underdog here. No way she’s surviving these two gladiators.”
JOHNSON: ”Niobe is no slouch! When she’s on, she’s on!”
VASSA: ”Well slap me silly and call me Mary! What the hell is Jason Kash doing out here!
JOHNSON: ”I think he wants a closer look at Donathan DuPaul!”
VASSA: ”Maybe it’s unfinished business with Kojima!”
Niobe, DuPaul, and Kojima all start circling one another in the middle of the ring, looking for an opening to capitalize on. Kojima looks a bit distracted, periodically looking over his shoulder at Jason Kash who’s standing ringside. DuPaul charges both of his opponents who duck his double clothesline attempt. Kojima counters with a Pelé bicycle kick and Niobe hits a drop kick to the knees which momentarily incapacitates the odds on favorite to win the battle royal. Niobe and Kojima stand and stare each other down. Kojima bounces off the ropes but Niobe leap frogs her charging opponent. She’s uses his momentum against him on the rebound and grabs him by the back of his head sending him over the ropes. With cat like agility Kojima lands on his feet on the apron. Niobe quickly tries a high roundhouse kick but Kojima blocks it. He grabs Niobe by her blonde locks and pulls her in trying to suplex her out of the ring. In mid air she kicks free and lands on the apron with Kojima! The two exchange elbow strikes as DuPaul starts getting to his feet! Suddenly Kash has circles around the ring and is unknowingly standing at Kojima’s feet. He reaches out with two hands and pulls his feet out from under him! Kojima drops to the ring floor, smacking his chin on the apron in the process. Meanwhile DuPaul charges the very vulnerable Niobe Martin. She drops down onto the apron and pulls the top rope down with! DuPaul tumbles over the top rope to the ring floor, cracking his head on ring apron which his neck awkwardly!
Ding! Ding! Ding!
ELIMINATED: Masahiro Kojima & Donathan DuPaul

JOHNSON: ”Niobe Martin has done it!”
VASSA: ”That might be the biggest upset 4CW has seen so far!”
JOHNSON: ”And now EMT personnel has rushed to ringside. Donathan DuPaul has yet to move!”
Niobe climbs back into the ring and climbs the nearest corner, standing on the second turnbuckle facing the crowd as Mike Powers announce his official decision. Meanwhile on the outside of the ring Jason Kash is standing over Kojima who’s using the ring apron to stand to his feet. Kojima tries for a lunging lariat but Kash ducks and drops him to the surrounding mats with a U.T.I. Neckbreaker which sends the crowd into a frenzy!

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, NIOBE MARTIN!!!”
VASSA: ”We’re out of time folks. It’s been one hell of a night and I can’t wait until 004 in two weeks.”
JOHNSON: ”DuPaul is out cold. This is bad. Medical staff needs to get down here right now to check out him. I think he broke his neck!”
VASSA: ”What does this mean for the championship match at 004?.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know but I’m sure we will find out within the next day or so. That’s our show for the night folks, I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa. We’ll see you in two weeks!”
The camera cuts to DuPaul as he lies at ringside, motionless while the medical staff attends to him. The red holds Niobe’s arm in the air for victory as the scene slowly fades out.