4CW 005

4CW 005

The scene opens over a sold out theatre. The rings rests in the center of the room, surrounded by packed seats and overlooked by a full balcony. Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the announcers booth at ringside as we start the show.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I’m Steve Johnson!”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa. Welcome to our first ever sold out event as we bring 005 to you live from the KIMO Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico!”
JOHNSON: ”As well all know and have learned over the past few weeks, 4CW has joined forces with HBO Sports to bring the coverage to you live and main stream!”
VASSA: ”That’s right folks, we’re not hidden on the internet anymore, we’re live on your television nationwide!”
JOHNSON: ”Yes we are! It’s been a short road traveled but far from easy to say the least. Although Mr. Wallace brings a huge cash flow to 4CW, it took the magic of his legal team to ink the deal and make it official. It’s been a life long dream of his and now it has become a reality!”
VASSA: ”Televised or not, 4CW was making an impact and going viral as each show passed. We’ve signed some great talent along the way and now we have the television backing to produce higher quality shows.”
JOHNSON: ”In other news, the 4CW television deal isn’t the only buzz going around at the moment. Two weeks ago we crowned our first champion, the South-West Heavyweight champion. Jason Kash defeated Owen Moon in a caged ladder match to become our first EVER champion and will forever have his name in the record books.”
VASSA: ”I’ve called matches for Kash for quite some time and it’s never a dull moment when he’s in the ring. I’m proud of him!”
JOHNSON: ”Lets not forget about Owen Moon. He put up a fight like no other and could have walked away with the title himself if the cards played differently. This match could have gone either way but in the end Jason Kash is our first champion.”
VASSA: ”What happened to Owen by the way? I heard that he sustained an injury and will be sidelined for the time being.”
JOHNSON: ”Did you pay attention to that match, Vinny? It was brutal! I’m not clear on the injuries that Owen suffered but it has been confirmed that he will be sidelined for the time being. We wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery.”
VASSA: ”So, what do we have in store for tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”Well, first off we have Mark Brooks and Jimmy Baron debuting in a 4CW ring. Mark has the experience and Jimmy is new to the business.”
VASSA: ”I’m really looking forward to seeing a real life pirate in the ring tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Then we have Niobe Martin and Morgan Alvertez squaring off in the ring.”
VASSA: ”Last week Morgan made her presence felt as she jumped all in Niobe’s face after that tag loss she suffered due to Aidan Black not showing up in her corner. Now these two chicks get to face off one on one, this should be interesting.”
JOHNSON: ”Last Week Gordie James made his presence felt as he popped in after the main event with the defunct Rampage Wrestling championship. Mr. Wallace has given him the opportunity to do what Rampage Wrestling had never done and that’s the chance to defend the title.”
VASSA: ”I know that Perry said he was going to put Gordie through a series of challenges. What’s first for the night?”
JOHNSON: ”We have an extreme gauntlet match with him entering the ring first and competing against A Forgotten Soul, Nikki X, Aidan Black, Angel Kash and Jensen Knickerbocker.”
VASSA: ”This should be a good one, no rules and anything goes all wrapped up into a gauntlet match. BRING IT ON!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Then we continue with our tag division and showcase Beauty and the Beast facing off against Action Packed! Christian Taylor and Mike Smith will take on Stefan Raab and Joe Dobbs.”
VASSA: ”Power Trip butting heads with Action Packed… this has nothing but greatness written all over it!”
JOHNSON: ”Then we have Miss Michelle going up against Kandi Washington. Both of these women had impressive debuts two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”I also understand that these two have a history with one another and don’t quite get along. Do I smell a cat fight in store for us later tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”Our headline match of the night will be “Young” Mannie going up against The Red Pioneer. Both of these two were successful with their debuts two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”I’m really looking forward to see what The Red Pioneer brings to the ring tonight. Mannie on the other hand, I think he just needs to leave his posse behind and handle this on his own.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think he will, maybe you could talk to him about that.”
VASSA: ”I’ll be sure to get right on that!”
JOHNSON: ”Then for our main event we have Roxi Johnson squaring off against the newly crowned South-West Heavyweight champion, Jason Kash.”
VASSA: ”With all the people who have come and gone since day one, Roxi has been here and deserves to be in the ring with Kash. This could potentially be a warm up to a title match down the road.”
JOHNSON: ”Lets not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll see how she holds up tonight against our champion.”
VASSA: ”Well that’s that! I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get tonight kick started. Are you ready, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”You bet!”
VASSA: ”Well, lets get to business!”


JOHNSON: ”For our opening match of the night, we have two new faces to 4CW making their debuts.”
VASSA: ”Mark Brooks is married to the lovely, Miss Michelle, who made her debut last week in an impressive win over the not so talented, Nikki X.”
JOHNSON: ”She did look good in the ring and displayed her talents for us all. Now, it’s Mark’s turn to do his thing in the spotlight of 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Then we have Jimmy Baron. I honestly don’t know anything about this kid.”
JOHNSON: ”Neither do I but everyone deserves a chance in 4CW and this is his chance to prove himself as well.”
POWERS: ”Our first competitor comes to you out of Key West, Florida weighing in at two hundred, twenty pounds and standing six foot, three inches… He is “The Pirate”, Jimmy BBAARROONN!!!”
The lights dim as “He’s a Pirate” begins to play over the sound system. A giant, waving, black pirate flag – the symbol identical to the ones on Jimmy Baron’s tights – appears on the big screen as “The Pirate” Jimmy Baron comes running full-tilt from the backstage area. As he descends the entrance ramp, he briefly stops to motion to the crowd before breaking back into a run as he laps the ring. Upon completing his lap, Jimmy slides under the bottom rope and quickly bounds back to his feet. After making a quick circuit of the ring and again motioning to the fans, Jimmy drops to one knee in the center of the ring, both arms outstretched as he basks in the adulation of the fans. Hopping back up, he discards his linen shirt and waits for his opponent to make his way to the ring.

JOHNSON: ”This kid is showing a lot of spunk.”
VASSA: ”This business isn’t just about winning matches, winning the crowd factors in as well and this kid is off to a good start.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sorry Vinny, but, this business is all about winning matches in that ring. It doesn’t matter how much the fans love or hate you, if you can’t win in the ring, all of that means nothing at the end of the night.”
VASSA: ”I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.”
POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to you out of Boston, Mass., weighing in at two hundred, twenty five pounds and standing six feet, one inch. He is the Above Average… Mark BBRROOOOKKSS!!!”
“Ace of Spades” by Motorhead hits over the p.a. system and the fans immediately erupt with cheers as they all stand to their feet. Mark Brooks strolls out from the back and with his back turned to his fans; he starts to twirl his hips around and shaking his booty to the fans cheering. As he swirls around, Miss Michelle comes strutting to the side of her fiancé. He takes her by the hand as she twirls around him and he dips her low as he leans down to kiss her lips. He lifts her up and she starts to walk down the ramp with her hand clasp around his bicep. They make their way down the ramp and she walks over to the steel steps as he hops on the ring apron. She steps up on it and he holds the ropes open and she raises her arms in the air as the male viewers begin whistling. He steps over the second rope and hustles across the ring, jumping on the second turnbuckle, and raising his hands to his waist and circling it as he pretends to already be the Undisputed Champion. His theme becomes cut off just before he steps down from the corner and he along with Miss Michelle turn toward the entrance ramp.

VASSA: ”Mark appears to be sure of himself, motioning for a title to be around his waist.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s going to have to prove himself first and then talk about a title shot if he fairs well.”
VASSA: ”Christopher Salieri is our official for the match. Lets get down to it and kick off the night and the new beginning for 4CW!”
The ref signals for the bell as the match officially begins.
Not hesitant to jump right into the action, Jimmy rushes at Mark. Mark quickly stops him in his tracks and hits him with a series of right hands and then knees him in the stomach. Jimmy leans forward in pain as the air gets knocked out of him. Mark then lifts him in the air and hits him with a side slam backbreaker. Jimmy’s body bounces off Mark’s knee and hits the canvas. Mark quickly stands back to his feet and picks Jimmy up by the back of his head and pulls him back to his feet. Mark then scoops Jimmy up and drives him into the mat with a powerslam that sends an echo screaming throughout the building.

VASSA: ”Mark is quickly getting the advantage and using his experience to his favor.”
JOHNSON: ”Mark has yet to debut in 4CW until now and he’s off to a great start.”
Mark pulls Jimmy to his feet again and then launches him across the ring, towards the ropes. Jimmy bounces off the ropes and comes back, when he does, Mark kicks him in the mouth with a dropkick. Jimmy stumbles back a few steps as Mark quickly pops back to his feet. Mark then runs at Jimmy who is leaning on the ropes and clotheslines him up and over the top rope.

JOHNSON: ”Mark is here for business tonight!”
VASSA: ”Jimmy is going to need to be aware of his surroundings if he’s going to stand a chance against an experienced wrestler like Mark Brooks.”
Jimmy rolls on the hard floor outside of the ring as the ref begins to count him out.
Mark walks around the ring, looking on the outside at Jimmy as he slowly gets to his feet.
Jimmy finally get to his feet and rolls under the bottom rope and enters the ring. Once inside, Mark introduces Jimmy to his boots as he kicks and stomps him while he’s down. Mark then picks Jimmy back up to his feet and throws him across the ring once more to the ropes. When Jimmy comes back, Mark goes for a clothesline but misses as Jimmy ducks. Jimmy goes to the opposite ropes and when he bounces back, he hits Mark with a blindside running lariat. Jimmy quickly gets back up and stomps on Mark’s legs for a moment before running to the ropes again and coming back to hit him with a rolling senton splash.

JOHNSON: ”Jimmy has turned this around in the blink of an eye.”
VASSA: ”Not to take anything away from the kid, but, you must blink awfully slow.”
Jimmy grabs Mark and pulls him to his feet and hooks him and delivers a quick snap suplex in the center of the ring. Mark holds his back in pain as Jimmy gets up and grabs him once more, pulling him to his feet. Jimmy then delivers a knife hand chop across Mark’s chest that gets a huge pop from the fans as the sound rips through the sound waves. By the reaction of the fans, Jimmy gives Mark another chop and another before kicking him in the stomach, forcing him to bend over. Jimmy then nails Mark with a swinging backbreaker and quickly goes for the pin.

VASSA: ”He kicked out!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Jimmy is getting a little too ahead of himself and going for the quick win.”
VASSA: ”You can’t blame him. The object is to win and the faster you can do it, the less likely you are to get hurt yourself.”
JOHNSON: ”Is that so?”
VASSA: ”At least that’s what I hear.”
Jimmy gets up as Mark shortly follows, not wasting anytime. Jimmy makes it to his feet first and grabs Mark by the head. Mark then drives a big elbow in Jimmy’s stomach and breaks the hold. Mark then grabs Jimmy’s head and drops him with a jawbreaker. Jimmy pops up into the air from the impact and falls to the canvas. Mark quickly gets up and takes a few steps towards Jimmy on the ground before jumping into the air and coming down on Jimmy’s chest with a hard elbow drop. Mark then crawls on top of Jimmy and begins to attack him with fury punches. Jimmy tries to block the blows but doesn’t as Mark wears him down and then connects with a hard right hand that knocks Jimmy’s face into the mat as his head turns like a swivel.

JOHNSON: ”This match has turned back in Mark’s favor.”
VASSA: ”Experience always plays a factor.”
A few minutes pass as Mark remains in control of the match. Mark positions himself behind Jimmy and lifts him into the air and drops him with a pump handle suplex. Mark then gets up and kicks Jimmy over to where he’s laying on his stomach. Mark grabs Jimmy by the hair and then drags his face across the mat from one side of the ring to the other. Mark then jerks Jimmy to his feet and lifts him into the air with a vertical suplex. Jimmy manages to wiggle himself free while in mid-air and flips down, behind Mark and pulls him to the mat with a school boy pin. The ref quickly notices and drops for the count…

VASSA: ”Jimmy almost had it!”
JOHNSON: ”The kid has heart and I admire his ambition.”
As Mark kicks out, he rolls away from Jimmy. The two get up at the same pace and look across the ring at each other. Mark then motions for Jimmy to come at him. Jimmy doesn’t back down and runs at Mark. Mark throws up a big boot but misses as Jimmy drops to the mat and slides underneath and behind Mark. Jimmy quickly pops up to his feet and when Mark turns around, Jimmy lunges at him in an attempt to lock up. Mark quickly kicks his foot up and catches Jimmy in the gut. When Jimmy bends over, Mark quickly wraps his arms around Jimmy’s waist and the lifts him into the air and slams him to the mat with a falling powerbomb. jimmy’s body bounces like a ragdoll as Mark rolls over and does a few pushups before getting up.

VASSA: ”Mark’s now proving why he is “above average” in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”I just find him cocky with the pushups in the middle of a match!”
Mark walks over to Jimmy and pulls him to his feet. Out of nowhere, Jimmy punches Mark in the stomach a few times until he knocks the air out of him. Jimmy then hooks and executes a fast Russian leg sweep. Mark quickly gets back up as if it doesn’t phase him and Jimmy just looks on. Then two then lock up in the center of the ring. Mark overpowers Jimmy and throws him to the ropes and then runs to the opposite ropes himself. Mark jumps towards the ropes and springboards off the middle rope and turns around, flying across the ring at Jimmy who’s running back. Mark nails Jimmy with a powerful springboard clothesline and goes for the pin as the ref drops down to count.

VASSA: ”That clothesline nearly knocked Jimmy’s head off. I’m surprised he kicked out of that pin.”
JOHNSON: ”Jimmy is proving himself in the ring tonight with his debut to 4CW.”
A surprised look comes over Mark’s face as he can’t believe that Jimmy kicked out from the pin attempt. Wasting no time, he gets to his feet and picks Jimmy up behind him. Jimmy looks to be shaken up by the clothesline still and Mark uses this to his advantage. Mark lifts Jimmy into the air in the fireman’s carry position. He walks around with jimmy on his shoulders for a moment.

JOHNSON: ”This could be it! We could be on the verge of seeing the Photo Finish.”
VASSA: ”Come on Jimmy! Fight back!”
Mark swings Jimmy around and goes for a cutter but Jimmy manages to get free. Jimmy slides behind Mark and pushes him towards the ropes as he goes for the cutter. Mark hits the ropes and comes back only to get taken to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Mark quickly pops up as does Jimmy. Mark swings with a right at Jimmy but misses as he steps to the side. Jimmy then throws Mark to the ropes and nails him with a body splash as soon as he collides with the turnbuckle. Jimmy then drives his shoulder into Marks stomach over and over as the fans begin to count as each one connects.
Jimmy then exits the ropes and climbs to the apron as Mark stumbles towards the middle of the ring but manages to stay on his feet. With his back turned to Jimmy, Mark opens himself up for attack. Jimmy then springboards off the top rope and does a somersault connecting with a cutter at the end on Mark in the center of the ring.

VASSA: ”That was awesome!!!”
With Mark out cold in the center of the ring, Jimmy quickly makes the cover as the ref drops for the count.

VASSA: ”Jimmy Baron has won it! The Pirate has stolen the match!”
JOHNSON: ”That was an impressive debut from the kid.”
VASSA: ”I’ve always wanted to be a irate since I was little and now I can live my fantasy through Jimmy!”
JOHNSON: ”Seriously?”
Jimmy jumps up in excitement as the ref raises his arm in the air and “He’s a Pirate” begins to play over the speakers.

POWERS: ”And the winner by pinfall… JIMMY “THE PIRATE” BBAARROONN!!!”
Jimmy celebrates in the ring as the ref holds his arm in victory and the crowd cheers him on.

VASSA: ”That was one hell of a way to kick the night off!”
JOHNSON: ”If every match is going to be as exciting as this one then we’re in for a wild night.”
VASSA: ”I was really looking forward to seeing this guy debut and he didn’t disappoint one bit.”
JOHNSON: ”As he celebrates his debut win and we get the ring cleaned up, lets go backstage for a moment.”

The scene cuts backstage to an office where Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison are sitting across from each other at a desk. The two carry on a conversation as if the camera isn’t even there.

MORRISON: ”So, what are we going to do?”
WALLACE: ”I don’t know. We need to find a suitable challenger for Jason but no one has stepped to the plate yet. We were hoping to push a Moon versus Kash rematch…”
MORRISON: ”That would have been great.”
WALLACE: ”Hell yes it would have! But, you know how that turned out. Owen got banged up and won’t be competing for the time being. We need to find a challenger for Kash. I don’t want him getting lazy now that he’s champion.”
MORRISON: ”Who do you have in mind?”
WALLACE: ”I have no clue! I was hoping you had some guidance being you’re my general manager and everything. I’m at a fork in the road with what to do, make that a fork shaped like an octopus!”
MORRISON: ”I have someone in mind who has been burning inside for the opportunity to shine and claim the throne around here.”
MORRISON: ”I’ll fill you in on the details later on when the camera aren’t around.”
WALLACE: ”Awesome. I’m ready to turn the temperature up around here and set this place on fire!”
The two lean over the desk, closer to one another and whisper to avoid the being heard as the scene slowly fades out.


JOHNSON: “Up next ladies and gentlemen, we are going to see the 4CW debut of Mr. Phoenix’s lovely wife do battle with rival Niobe Martin. This one has built up over the course of the last two weeks.”
VASSA: “It sure has and Niobe Martin has been said to been worked her butt off to get back on top, but this Lady Phoenix chick is sure confident in being able to push Niobe out of 4CW forever.”
JOHNSON: “Vinny, we both know Niobe a little bit better than Ms. Alvertez, so I think we can both vouch that it will take more than a few losses to push her out of 4CW.”
VASSA: “I don’t know Steve-O; Morgan might just get her way after tonight!”
”Bitch” starts to play over the p.a. system.

POWERS: “The following contest is a standard one on one singles match and introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Crystal Taylor, billed from Miami, Florida… MORGAN ALVERTEZ!”
Morgan Alvertez steps out from the back. She flips her hair over the shoulder, squints her eyes, and staring at the fans as if they are nowhere near her prestige. They boo her as she tilts her head down and Crystal Taylor walks out to her side. She raises Morgan’s left wrist as Morgan points to her chest after circling her waist. Crystal releases Morgan’s wrist and the pair of divas proceed down the ramp while the fans continue to boo them. As Morgan and Crystal reach the bottom of the ramp, Crystal pauses and stares from right to left as she scowls at their presences. Morgan walks to the steel stairs and slowly creeps up the three steps. She walks along the ring apron and stops in the middle before lowering down, and going underneath the second rope. After entering the ring, she raises her arms and starts to motion down to her with two fingers as Crystal walks along ringside clapping and cheering for Morgan Alvertez. While Morgan continues to bask in her own spotlight, her theme is cut off as her opponent’s music immediately starts to play. She looks up at ramp with a look of anger as she kneels down over the second rope and begins to talk “game” with Crystal.

VASSA: “You can’t tell me this woman does not have winner branded on her forehead? She exudes confidence and talent!”
JOHNSON: “How the hell would you know Vinny? This is her 4CW’s debut and despite what she’s managed to do in other companies, nothing else matters except what happens in THAT 4CW ring!”
”Nightmare” is now playing over the 4CW’s sound speakers as the fans continue to boo with a few cheers thrown in.

POWERS: “And introducing her opponent billed from Los Angeles, California… NIOBE MARTIN!”
Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
Now your nightmare comes to life…’
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
‘Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never..’
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

JOHNSON: “Niobe is sure not looking like she’s ready to make amends or a friendship with Morgan. I can cut the tension at ringside with a knife.”
VASSA: “Niobe is projecting her anger on the wrong person, when in fact, she should be mad at Aiden Black who ditched her ass on the last program! Morgan needs to smack some sense into her head!”

When the match begins, Niobe and Morgan meet in the middle as the ladies exchange a few words. They continue to move closer to each other and Niobe shoves Morgan back. Morgan pulls her hand back and slaps Niobe across the face. Niobe clutches her cheek and smirks up at Morgan.

VASSA: “That was the slap heard worldwide!”
JOHNSON: “Yeah, but all it did in the long haul was piss Niobe off even more Vinny!”
As Morgan moves in closer, Niobe lifts her up by the legs and slams her back on the canvas as she begins to open up on Morgan with forearms. Morgan covers up as she’s screaming for help and the referee leans down to lift Niobe up off of Morgan. Morgan crawls to the ropes and Niobe fights away from the referee. As she runs toward Morgan, she gets dropped with a drop toe hold on the second rope. Morgan gets up and places her knee on the back of Niobe’s neck as she pulls up on the second rope.

JOHNSON: “I don’t think this is a legal move!”
VASSA: “Because it’s not, but Morgan is showing why she’s the dominant female.”
As the referee orders Morgan to break the hold, she grabs Niobe’s hair afterwards and slams her backwards on the mat. She stands on Niobe’s blonde hair and reaches down to grab her hands. She starts pulling up on the arms as Niobe is screaming in agonizing pain.

VASSA: “Look at Morgan trying behead Niobe Martin!”
JOHNSON: “This is absolutely a despicable tactic used by Morgan!”
Morgan breaks the hold and she taunts the booing crowd as Niobe is pulling herself up to her feet while holding her hair. Morgan turns toward Niobe and to her surprise, Niobe charges at her with a shoulder thrust, ramming her in the corner. She starts to repeatedly thrust her shoulder into her midsection. After the fifth thrust, she walks back across the ring. She jets to the corner with a massive cornered dropkick.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Morgan is seeing stars.”
VASSA: “Niobe doesn’t want a second loss in a row on her record I can tell you that much.”
Morgan staggers out of the corner a bit before stumbling back and falling on the canvas. As she’s leaned against the bottom turnbuckle, Niobe runs with a big boot, but Crystal rolls her out of the way. As Crystal is checking on Morgran, Niobe goes through the second rope and grabs Crystal’s hair. She pulls her up as Crystal is screaming in pain.

JOHNSON: “Crystal should know better than to stick her nose in other people’s business.”
VASSA: “But Morgan has just slid in the ring behind Niobe.”
Morgan takes her nails and wedges them down Niobe’s bareback with a back rake. She releases Crystal’s hair and Morgan whips her into the ropes, but Niobe’s reverses it. Morgan bounces off the ropes with a kick to the chest. She grabs her by the tights, snap suplex. She covers…


VASSA: “It was a close call there for Niobe Martin.”
Morgan mounts Niobe as she starts choking and pounding her head on the canvas. Niobe turns things around and they begin to roll around the ring. The referee manages to separate the ladies as they are both to their feet. They run at each other and Niobe ducks underneath a clothesline, but as Morgan turns around Niobe catches her with a dropkick to the chest. She runs to the corner and hops on the second rope.

VASSA: “It looks like Niobe is going to show Morgan how to fly.”
As Morgan stumbles up to her feet, Niobe flies off the second ropes with a heel kick. She covers…

JOHNSON: “Morgan almost bit the dust on that one.”
Morgan leans off the mat as she wipes her mouth, but Niobe is up first and she has a handful of Morgan’s pretty little hair. She whips her into the ropes and as Morgan bounces off the ropes she takes Niobe down with a swinging neckbreaker. Morgan staggers to the ropes, still holding her jaw as she stares down at Niobe. As Niobe gets up to all fours, Morgan comes jolting in with a hard shin kick to her midsection.

JOHNSON: “That was totally uncalled for!”
VASSA: “I think Morgan is quite frustrated, judging on her aggressiveness in the ring.”
Morgan reaches down and grabs Niobe halfway up by the hair and slams her face first on the canvas. She throws her hands up as she tells the referee she’s not doing anything. She smirks. She looks back at Niobe and lifts her up to her feet. She grabs the tights and she screams, “total impact time.” Niobe with a sharp jab to the kidneys breaking the hold and Niobe then whips Morgan into the ropes. As Morgan bounces off the ropes, she gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker across the knee.

VASSA: “Niobe is up to her knees and she’s watching Morgan as she’s sprawled out.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like Niobe is calling for the nightmare!”
Niobe looks over at Morgan who’s on both knees as she’s holding her head. She staggers up to her feet and Niobe runs over to an unaware opponent. She leaps up off the mat and catches Morgan with an Enzuigiri. Morgan dazes around before she hits the canvas face first.

JOHNSON: “It’s over; Niobe has just hit the True Nightmare!”
Niobe falls to her knees and rolls Morgan over as she covers…

But the referee then looks over at Crystal on the apron yelling at him. He stops the count and walks over to Crystal telling her to get off from the apron.

JOHNSON: “This is bullshit!”
Crystal is on the apron and she’s distracting the referee. Niobe stands up from Morgan and she walks over as she swings. Crystal ducks and Morgan grabs Niobe from between the legs from behind as she rolls her up with a schoolgirl. The referee slides down to the mat and Morgan pulls the tights of Niobe for leverage. The referee counts…

VASSA: “Morgan has just stolen one from Niobe Martin.”
JOHNSON: “I agree Niobe Martin should have won it, but the distraction from Crystal Taylor was the opening Morgan needed.”
POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin-fall… MORGAN AALLVVEERRTTEEZZ!!!”
“Bitch” hits over the speakers as Morgan quickly exits the ring as an angry Niobe immediately stands to her feet, standing on the bottom rope screaming at the ladies of Power Trip. Crystal raises Morgan’s arm as they backtrack up the ramp.

VASSA: “I guess the moral of the story is do not piss off Ms. Alvertez, right Steve?”
JOHNSON: “I guess so, but I wonder how Niobe is going to take this.”

The cameras fade to the backstage area as Kandi Washington is seen standing by in the middle of Ice and Drake Knight. Drake Knight has his arms crossed, shirtless, blue jeans as he’s grinning at the camera while the fans are heard booing throughout the arena. Ice also has her arms crossed as she has on a white tank top and blue jeans. Kandi has her hand extended off to the side on top of Drake’s arms. She flips her hair over the shoulder with her second hand as she holds her hand sideways to the top of her chest. She cocks her head up and smirks, after twitching her nose.

KANDI: “Ladies and gents of my fucking kingdom—I am the one and only, absolutely fucking fabulous, and notorious… First Lady of Wrestling—The Queen of Professional Wrestling as you know, the future of 4 Corners Wrestling, Boardwalk Wrestling, and Ladies All-Stars Wrestling, and soon to be the first triple crown champion in all three associated companies… KANDI FUCKING WASHINGTON!”
She continues to stand in between Drake Knight and Ice, but slightly angled closer to Drake sideways as she has her right hand perched upon his shoulder. She has her opposing hand now on his peck as she looks up at him with her eyes squinted and a smirk across her face.

KANDI: “While it doesn’t take rocket science to understand that I am the clearly the most untouchable bitch in all of the land, I think it’s pretty safe to say I do NOT work well with others, which means I will NOT be tagging with any sorry excuse for a whore or crack head in my time with 4CW. However, to help move the evolution of a tag team division, I have no doubt in my mind that these two…”
She glances over at Ice and back up at Drake Knight.

KANDI: “will take the division by storm as they become the first-ever tag team champions. If Beauty and the Beast or Action Packed think they have what it takes to stop Sweet Annihilation then it will only be a matter of time before they are annihilated! Just so you all know, once these tag team titles are in their possession—they are also in my possession because without me, this team would never be!”
She brushes her fingers through her hair and snickers wickedly. She turns back to the camera as she points to her chest.

KANDI: “As for you, MISS Michelle, you have a date with destiny with me and it’s not going to be anything like an average date. It’s going to be the date from hell and I guarantee you after I’m finished with you, you’re going to be wishing you never signed with 4CW. If you continue to plague this company with your insufficient ass I will see to it that they dispose of you like the garbage that you are. You do not represent anything more than a pile of shit an ape left the zookeepers! Do not fuck with me, Michelle because by you being in my way, it’s causing a diversion from me claiming the Southwestern Heavyweight Championship and everybody knows Kandi Washington ALWAYS has to be the center of attention!”
She waves.

KANDI: “So get the fuck out of the way before I mow you over like roadkill, you cock blocking son of a bitch!”
She yells at the camera before brushing her hair to the side and smiling innocently. The scene fades back out to ringside.

JOHNSON: “It seems like Kandi Washington is not happy about this match with Miss Michelle and she’s entering that tag team in the race for the unannounced tag team titles?”
VASSA: “It seems so and Kandi Washington continues to leave an everlasting impression on 4CW, but I know Miss Michelle is hoping to shut her up once and for all.”

No music. No entrance videos. A couple of minutes go by and the crowd starts to get antsy. Then, someone emerges from the back… And the crowd goes BERSERK!

JOHNSON: ”That’s… That’s PAT GORDON, JR!”
VASSA: “What’s HE doing here? He’s not contracted to 4CW… IS HE???”
Pat Gordon, Jr. makes his way down the aisle, giving out a few high fives along the way. He stops by the commentary table to pick up a microphone.

PGJR: “Mind if I borrow this?”
JOHNSON: “No, go right ahead!”
PGJR: “Thanks.”
Pat takes the microphone and walks up the ring steps, stepping through the ropes. He turns to the crowd and throws his arms up for a minute to garner some cheers. It isn’t long, however, before he’s trying to quiet the crowd down so he can talk.

PGJR: “I’m gonna make this brief, because I know you’re all enjoying this HOT ACTION here tonight! Hell, I know I am.
“But as much as I love to watch wrestling, I didn’t come to New Mexico tonight,” crowd pop, “to watch. I came here because I’ve seen Young Mannie out here, and I have some unfinished business with that big goon of his, Alec Quartermain.
“You see, up in Seattle, Chris Madison and I had just finished wrestling a CLASSIC submission match, when Mannie and his gorilla of a bodyguard came to the ring. While Madison and I had our eyes on Young Mannie, Quartermain snuck up from behind and tossed me over the top rope!”
The crowd boos at the mention of the atrocious sneak attack.

PGJR: “Now, I saw some stuff on the Twitter from the so-called ‘Main Attraction’ telling me that Alec Quartermain still hasn’t forgotten us interrupting their little Ciroc commercial and WHOOPING THEIR ASSES! Well, Mannie, I’m glad he hasn’t forgotten… Because I sure haven’t forgotten what STARTED this whole thing! And I’m standing here, in New Mexico,” more crowd pop, “to throw down the gauntlet. I’m out here to CALL YOU OUT, Alec, and CHALLENGE YOU to a match at 4CW 008 on March 31st! So how about it, Alec? Do you have the GUTS to step in the ring and face me man-to-man?”
JOHNSON: ”Wow! Pat Gordon, Jr. with the big challenge, how will Mannie and Quartermain respond?”
VASSA: ”Mannie and Quartermain fear nothing, Steve, NOTHING. I have no doubt they’ll answer his challenge and give him the beating he deserves!”
Gordon lowers the mic, waiting for a response.
The beginning of “Money A Do It” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Alec Quartermain emerges to a wave of boos, he is led to the ring by Young Mannie and Jacinta Perez. Quartermain slowly walks down the ramp intimidating the crowd with snarls and growls. Meanwhile Mannie and Jacinta have already began to taunt to Pat Gordon, Jr.
“The Glasgow Hooligan” Alec Quartermain has finally made his way ringside, as the trio are then handed some microphones. However, before being too hasty about responding to Pat Gordon, Jr. The trio allows the moment to breathe a bit, by putting the 2nd generation star on hold.

MANNIE: ”Oh Pattie, Pattie, Pattie!”
The show of disrespect by Mannie gets no love from the 4CW Universe, as they quickly voice their opinions to ‘The Main Attraction’ with boos. Yet, Mannie shrugs it off while continuing his jargon.

MANNIE: ”So let me get this straight…You want a match with Alec?”
Mannie can’t help but chuckle, as Jacinta chimes in as well.

JACINTA: Are you crazy Cabrón?
Gordon raises his mic back up to his mouth.

PGJR: “Hey Mannie, keep your silverback under control. I said I want a match with Quartermain. Alec, you got the guts or what?”
Mannie and Jacinta shakes their heads in disapproval before replying back Pat Gordon Jr.

MANNIE: “Well I pretty sure that I can speak for Alec when I say that…
‘The Main Attraction’ was just about to finish his sentence, when “The Glasgow Hooligan” interrupted him with a mic snatch. This act by Alec didn’t just shock Mannie and Jacinta, but it did impress the awaiting Pat Gordon Jr. who was actually waiting for “The Glasgow Hooligan” to step out.

ALEC: “Awrite Patrick, ya want me?”
The roof is about to blow from anticipation as Alec smirks at Pat Gordon, Jr, who is salivating at the opportunity. Meanwhile Mannie & Jacinta are still trying to talk Alec out of doing it, but Alec has already made up his mind.

JOHNSON: ”It doesn’t look like Mannie and Jacinta think this is a good idea and they’re trying to talk Alec out of it. But I think he wants to do this!”
VASSA: ”Don’t be ridiculous, Steve! They’re just helping him translate his thoughts into English. That’s all.”
JOHNSON: ”What are you talking about? He’s SCOTTISH!”
VASSA: ”Exactly!”
JOHNSON: ”At any rate, this may be Alec Quartermain’s big opportunity to break out on his own.”
ALEC: “Well Laddie, if you have the bawbag? Then Eh, you got it!”
Pat Gordon, Jr. smiles ear-to-ear as the crowd roars at the thought of the match, as Alec Quartermain makes his way to the back with Mannie & Jacinta arguing in tow.

JOHNSON: ”Pat Gordon, Jr. vs. Alec Quartermain is going to happen in a Four Corners Wrestling ring folks.”
VASSA: ”And it all goes down in VEGAS BABY! I can’t freaking wait!”


VASSA: ”Two weeks ago Gordie James surprised us when he decided to pop in at the ending of the show and challenge the newly crowned champion, Jason Kash.”
JOHNSON: ”He even brought that defunct championship with him from Rampage Wrestling. What was he thinking?”
VASSA: ”I have no clue but Perry quickly squashed that and gave him the opportunity to defend that strap.”
JOHNSON: ”That championship won’t be on the line tonight but this match will be one of a few challenges that Perry has arranged for Gordie to compete in and earn the opportunity of having that dead championship resurrected into a new 4CW championship.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of which, Gordie and Forgotten Soul are in the ring and it looks like we’re ready to kick things off.”
JOHNSON: ”The object of the match is simple folks. There are no rules and anything goes. Once the match begins, the other competitors will enter the ring one y one. Eliminations are determined by being thrown over the top rope and to the floor below. When there are two people left, the winner will be decided by pinfall.”
VASSA: ”You forgot to mention one thing…”
JOHNSON: ”What’s that?”
VASSA: ”Weapons will be involved! Right now there’s a single kendo stick in the center of the ring. As eliminations are made, a new weapon will be tossed inside to add to the carnage.”
JOHNSON: ”Sounds good enough to me. Are you ready?”
VASSA: ”I’m always ready for action and it appears the ref is too.”
Gordie and Forgotten Soul stand in their corners as the ref signals for the bell.
The two quickly make a dash for the kendo stick in the center of the ring but collide with one another. Gordie falls over Forgotten and the two scramble in the middle of the ring. Exchanging hits with each other, Gordie takes the upper hand and headbutts Forgotten between the eyes. Gordie then rolls backwards, off of Forgotten and grabs the kendo stick. Gordie then strikes Forgotten a few times with the kendo stick while he’s down and then slams it right across his nose, busting it wide open.

Gordie then picks up Forgotten and wraps the stick around his throat and then drops him with a Russian leg sweep. The stick crushes down on Forgotten’s windpipe as a buzzer sounds and the next competitor runs out on to the stage and down towards the ring.
Nikki gets to ringside and jumps on up the apron. Gordie quickly gets up and turns his attention towards her as Forgotten is motionless in the middle of the ring. Gordie quickly grabs Nikki by the hair and pulls her into the ring, flipping her over the top rope. Nikki holds her head in pain as Gordie holds up a handful of hair and screams at the crowd as the go crazy.

JOHNSON: ”He ripped the hair out of her scalp!”
VASSA: ”You mean those ugly ass extensions?”
Gordie then cracks the stick over Nikki’s face a few times until blood gushes from her mouth and nose. He then pulls her by the hair again and yanks her to her feet. Gordie pushes her up against the ropes and then connects with a hard right hand to her mouth that sends her flying over the top rope and crashing to the outside of the ring.
Gordie then directs his attention back to Forgotten and beats him while he’s down for a few moments until the buzzer sounds once again.
Aidan quickly rushes down to the ring and slides in. Gordie has Forgotten to his feet and throws him to the ropes towards Aidan. As Forgotten approaches, Aidan ducks and flips Forgotten up into the air and over the top rope. Forgotten hits the floor outside of the ring and then rolls, crashing into the barricade.
Just as Aidan pops his head back up, Gordie cracks the kendo stick over it and sends pieces flying all over the ring as it explodes. Just as this happens, a glass picture frame slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Aidan falls backards to the ropes and comes back at Gordie only to get hit with a spinning spinebuster.

JOHNSON: ”And just like that, back to back, two wrestlers are eliminated and Gordie has a new friend to play with inside the ring.”
VASSA: ”Gordie has demolished both Nikki and Forgotten Soul. I can understand Nikki because she’s straight up garbage but I’m impressed how Gordie handled Forgotten Soul.”
Gordie picks Aidan to his feet and the two lock up for a moment. Gordie takes the time to catch his breath as Aidan just uses it to snap back to reality after the huge blow to the head. Gordie then gets Aidan in a headlock and runs across the ring with it in lock and nails him with a running bulldog. Gordie then rolls on top of Aidan and begins to beat the living mess out of him for a few moments until the buzzer sounds once again.

Angel runs down to the ring as Gordie continues his assault on Aidan. She slides underneath the bottom rope and quickly grabs the glass picture frame that rests on the mat. Gordie pays no attention to her until out of nowhere, Angel smashes the picture frame over his head and sends glass flying all over the ring. Gordie falls over to the side and then Angel picks Aidan up. Angel rakes his eyes and then gives him one hell of a bitch slap that sends a sound throughout the building. Angel then kicks Aidan below the belt and quickly grabs him and flips him up and piledrives his head onto the broken glass in the ring.

JOHNSON: ”He’s going to feel that for the next few days, possibly weeks!”
VASSA: ”Is it just me or does this gauntlet seem to be going by rather quickly?”
JOHNSON: ”Gordie has quickly eliminated a couple and now it looks like Angel is having her way with Aidan.”
Gordie continues to lay on the mat as Angel has her way with Aidan. Angel then drives her shoulder into Aidan’s stomach and knocks the breath out of him. Then out of nowhere, the buzzer sounds one last final time as a chair flies into the ring furthest away from all of the action.
Jensen runs to the ring as Angel slaps Aidan around. Once Jensen enters, Angel throws Aidan at the ropes in her direction. Jensen quickly grabs the top rope and drops down, ducking as Aidan flips over the top rope and falls to the outside.
Just as Jensen pulls herself up to her feet and turns towards the middle of the ring, Angel meets her with a clothesline that knocks her over the top, flipping to the outside as well on top of Aidan.

VASSA: ”That was quick! Just when she thought she was safe… BAM!!!”
JOHNSON: ”That has to be the fastest elimination of the night!”
VASSA: ”It looks like Gordie is finally snapping back to reality.”
Gordie finally gets back to his feet as Angel looks at him with a smirk on her face. Angel slowly backs towards the corner with the steel chair as Gordie sets his sights on her. Gordie then rushes her but Angel side steps him and takes him down to the mat with a drop toe hold, face first into the chair. A thud screams through the building as blood trickles from his forehead. Angel then grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet and slaps him across the face and eye rakes him as well. Angel then hooks his arm and sets him up and drives him into the mat with a roll of the dice, face first into the chair yet again!

JOHNSON: ”You’re Ugly!”
VASSA: ”Hey now, watch it! She’s beautiful!”
JOHNSON: ”That was the name of her finisher right there. It’s called, You’re Ugly.”
VASSA: ”I guess you could call that a You’re Really Ugly since it was kicked up a notch with the chairs involvement.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s going for the pin!”
Angel quickly covers the bloody Gordie as the ref drops for the count.

VASSA: ”Angel has won it!”
The ref quickly gets up and signals for the bell as “Piece of Me” by Brittney Spears plays over the speakers.
Angel slowly gets to her feet and the ref raises her arm in the ari as he looks down at the bloody Gordie and shakes her head in disappointment.

POWERS: ”You winner by pinfall… Angel KKAASSHH!!!”
VASSA: ”Gordie has failed the first obstacle that Perry has arranged for him. How is this going to affect him going forward and bringing life back to that dead championship?”
JOHNSON: ”I have no idea but this is a major upset. I’m sure Perry must be in shock right now as he wonders what to do with Gordie and this failed attempt at introducing a new championship to 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Angel was impressive though and if anything, she deserves to have her name in the mix when talks about a new championship do arise and become official.”
JOHNSON: ”Lets cut away for a moment as we clean the ring. Here’s some information from one of our affiliated partners!”


VASSA: ”Up next we get to find out if Stefan Raab and Joe Dobbs are the real deal!”
JOHNSON: ”They proved to be quite a tag team last week when they beat Sin and Roxi Johnson.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, they beat a couple of women. Must be real proud of themselves.”
JOHNSON: ”Sin and Roxi are fully capable wrestlers. Last week the better team won. Had nothing to do with their sex.”
VASSA: ”Please! Joe Dobbs was bigger than those two girls combined. It’s easy to pick on someone smaller than you. I can’t wait to see how he holds up when a real man is in his face!”
JOHNSON: ”Well you’re going to get your wish. Beauty and the Beast is up next and they sure as hell want to impress management incase any tag team championships are in the works…They’ve already made it to the ring and are chomping at the bits to get this under way.”
The feed cuts from the announce crew to the ring announcer, Mike Powers, who’s standing in the ring by himself with a microphone in hand.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring, weighing in at 300 pounds, from Sacramento, California, Joe Dobbs!”
Lights go out as as the music begins to, play spot lights roam the crowd until coming to a fixed position on Joe at the top of the ramp. Focused on the ring he begins to walk forward not paying attention to anything else but the ring, the spot light follows him down. Joe slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. He stands up in the middle of the ring. He beats on his chest like a gorilla. He raises his arms in the air as the lights come back on.

POWERS: ”And his partner, Coming down to the ring now weighing in at 230 pounds coming from Cologne, Germany, “The Killerplauze” Stefan Raab.”
Wrenches and Kings play over the sound system as Stefan comes out through the curtain just wearing his gold and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a hold up on each turnbuckle and everyone boos him as he does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent with anger in his eyes waiting for the match to start.

POWERS: ”And their opponents standing to my side, weighing in at a combined weight of 543 pounds, Beauty and The Beast, “The Sex Pod” Christian Taylor and “The Enforcer” Mike Smith!”
Mike Smith and Christian Taylor hoist their arms into the air and stare out at the fans who shower them with boos. Crystal Taylor stands at ringside, the lone person in the building applauding the debuting tag team.

JOHNSON: ”Looks like Mike Smith and Stefan Raab are going to be starting things off.”
VASSA: ”I was hoping for Smith and Dobbs. I wanna see those two behemoths go at it!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure we’ll see it Vinny. But first you get stefan Raab.”
VASSA: ”I have to disagree with their strategy. I know Raab is a well traveled athlete but look at this Mike Smith guy. I’d crap myself if I ran into him in a dark alley.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s not going to matter. The better team will get the win, and possibly put themselves at the forefront of the tag team division.”
VASSA: ”Well I think Action Packed will want to disappoint Jason Kash. They’ll look to assert their dominance in this company.”
JOHNSON: ”And we’re ready to get rolling!”
The ref signals for the bell as the match officially begins.
Raab and Smith meet in the middle of the ring and Raab signals for a test of strength. He holds his hand up high and tries to rally the fans to get Mike Smith into it. Smith cautiously accepts the invitation. Raab raises his other hand but before Smith could get his up there Raab sneaks in a poke to the eye! Smith stumbles backwards holding his eyes. He blindly starts swinging haymakers, hoping to connect with Stefan. Raab ducks one of the right hooks thrown his way and slams Mike Smith down with a spine buster. He refuses to give the big man any room to breath and immediately jumps onto his opponent, trying to lock in a triangle choke submission.
Smith powers out of the feeble submission attempt. He rises to his feet and Raab connects with a spear that knocks him backwards into Action Packed’s corner! Raab starts hammering away at the big man with hooks, jabs, and uppercuts. Combinations that makes him look more like a golden glove winner than a wrestler. The ref separates Raab from the corner and warns him about the use of closed fists. Meanwhile with the refs back turned, Joe Dobbs reaches into the ring and wraps his arm around the neck of Mike Smith, choking the life out of him. Dobbs releases as the ref turns around. Raab quickly charges the corner but Smith explodes out of the corner, dropping Raab to the mat with a shoulder block!

JOHNSON: ”Wow! That had the impact of a high speed car wreck.”
VASSA: ”But look at Raab’s willingness to win. An eye poke! I mean he used an eye poke to get the advantage!”
Both Raab and Smith make it to their feet simultaneously. Raab starts to stagger towards his corner but Smith has other plans for him. He grabs him with both hands squeezing his head and drops him with a headbutt. Smith shakes off some of the effects from being choked earlier and notices Raab crawling to his corner again. Smith grabs Raab by the leg and pulls him into the corner of the ring. Raab twists and rolls onto his back. A few up kicks breaks himself free from Smith’s grasp momentarily. He gets to his feet and starts moving towards the corner again but gets leveled by a running big boot from Mike Smith. Smith picks up his flattened opponent and whips him into his teams corner. Next thing you know Raab is crushed in the corner by a running body avalanche!
Raab slumps down to the canvass while Smith tags in his partner. Before exiting the ring Smith lifts Raab up and marches around the ring looking for a sidewalk slam. Christian Taylor climbs onto the second rope and instructs his partner where to set up their opponent. Smith folds Raab in half with a backbreaker across his knee and holds Raab still. Taylor leaps off the second rope and nails a leg drop across the throat of Stefan Raab! Smith makes his way out of the ring and onto the ring apron while Christian Taylor makes the cover. The ref slides in to make the count while Taylor has Raab covered.
The pinfall attempts is broken up by the big boot of Joe Dobbs!

VASSA: ”If Dobbs wasn’t alert that backbreaker leg drop combination would have ended it!”
JOHNSON: ”An impressive debut so far for Taylor and Smith.”
Taylor lifts Raab to his feet and begins backing him into a neutral corner with some stiff European uppercuts. He takes a step back and delivers an insulting hard slap to the face of Stefan Raab! The strike brought some life to Raab who charges his opponent but gets flipped up and over with a belly-to-belly suplex! Taylor refuses to let up on Raab and puts on an athletic display with a standing moonsault! Instead of a pin attempt Taylor wakes Raab up with a testicular claw! Raab thrashes around while the ref utilizes his five count. Raab makes it to his knees when the ref gets to four and Taylor releases his hold.
Raab stumbles to his feet only to be flattened by a leaping clothesline! Taylor stands next to Raab and plants an elbow directly into his sternum. Taylor takes a step back and stands idly by waiting for Raab to get to his feet. Taylor grabs Raab by the arm and whips him into a neutral corner. He charges Raab and clotheslines him and then transitions into a side headlock. He pulls Raab from the corner and the drives him head first into the mat with a running bulldog! Taylor turns his attention to big Joe Dobbs and struts over to him. There’s a heated exchange between the two which ends with another hard slap from Taylor. Dobbs tries to get into the ring but is cut off by the referee. Taylor notices Raab has crawled to the ropes and takes advantage of the opening. He kicks Raab in the ribs and then puts his throat across the bottom rope. Taylor steps on the back of Raab, pushing him down onto the ropes and choking him in the process.

JOHNSON: ”Taylor is really taking advantage of the rules. It’s obvious that him and Smith are a well versed tag team.”
VASSA: ”Raab needs to find a way to tag his partner in. I don’t know how much more of this he can take.”
Taylor locks in a sleeper hold while Raab was trying to get manage his way to his feet. Stuck in a seated position Raab seems to be fading, and fast! Once the ref notices Raab not responding he decides to check to see if he’s lost consciousness. He lifts Raabs arm and lets it drop once. He lifts his arm a second time and lets it drop again. He lifts Raabs arm for a third and final time and lets it go. Raab refuses to give in and holds his arm up. He finds the strength within to make it to his feet. He drives his elbow into Taylor’s midsection, creating a slight opening for him to fully break the hold. Raab ducks behind Taylor and lifts him into the air, dropping him on his neck with a German Suplex!
Both men look to be out from the move. Taylor is the first to move and starts crawling to his corner. Raab stirs around but that german suplex took almost all his strength out of him. Taylor makes it his corner and tags in Mike Smith. Smith climbs into the ring and Raab leaps towards his corner, tagging in Joe Dobbs. The two big men collide in the middle of the ring like two titans. They clobber each other with alternating right hands, neither budging. Smith is the first to differ to a different tactic. He runs and bounces off the ropes, driving his shoulder into Dobbs. Dobbs barely budges and challenges Smith to try agin! Smith runs passed Dobbs and off the ropes to build some momentum. Dobbs catches Smith off guard and nearly decapitates the enforcer with a big boot!

VASSA: ”Oh man, someone is going to get hurt in this ring tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”The power that these two men possess is unmatched in 4CW!”
VASSA: ”Neither guy is going to back down! I can’t wait to see how this plays out…”
Dobbs lifts Smith up to his feet and drives his knee into the midsection. He shoves him into the corner and knees him again. Dobbs keeps Smith off balance with a couple of back elbows to the head. Dobbs pushes Smith back against the corner and comes down with a huge open palm overhand chop! Smith immediately tenses up and tries to stumble out of the corner. Dobbs pushes him back again, once again coming down with another open palm chop, this time he steps aside, allowing Smith to fall forward and onto his knees. Dobbs lifts his opponent up and drags him to the middle of the ring. He slaps one hand around his throat, lifts him up, and slams him down with a choke slam! Dobbs lays on top of him and tries for a pinfall.
Before the ref could slap the mat for a third time Christian Taylor climbed into the ring and dropped a knee across the back of Dobbs’s head, breaking up the pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”Dobbs is easily asserting himself as the alpha male in this match.”
Vassa: ”That’s three hundred and twenty two pounds he slammed to the mat with one hand!”
Dobbs quickly rises to his feet and chases Taylor. Taylor runs out of the ring but the big man stays in pursuit. Taylor rolls back into the ring underneath the ropes and Dobbs follows. Once Dobbs gets to his feet he’s met with a throat thrust from Mike Smith that stops him dead in his tracks. He quickly lifts Dobbs up and drops him face first with a flapjack! Smith and Taylor discuss some strategy as both head towards the corner. Taylor climbs to the top rope and Smith stands in front of him. Taylor grabs a hold of Smiths hands and stands on his shoulders. Smith steps away from the corner as Taylor stands upright. Taylor leaps off Smith’s shoulders and lands a big splash onto Joe Dobbs! Taylor quickly rolls out of the ring as Smith makes the cover.
Dobbs powers out, bucking one of his shoulders off of the mat.

JOHNSON: ”Once again the teamwork of Beauty and the Beast seem to be getting the better of Joe Dobbs and Stefan Raab.”
VASSA: ”That could be enough for the win. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good the two wrestlers are, a team with chemistry will have the upper hand.”
Smith lifts Dobbs off the mat and whips him towards the ropes. Dobbs rebounds and ducks under a clothesline from Smith. Dobbs is forced to put on the brakes as he almost ran into his partner on the apron. Smith takes advantage of the opportunity and drives his knee into Dobbs’s back, pushing him into Stefan Raab! Raab falls off the apron and hits into the security barrier. Smith keeps up on Dobbs and spins him around. Smith scoops Dobbs up with a bear hug and begins to crush his ribs. Smith backs towards his corner while keeping a hold of Dobbs. Taylor reaches over and tags the back of Smith. He climbs into the ring and runs passed Smith. He rebounds and nails a leaping clothesline while Smith drives him forward with a spine buster! Taylor quickly goes for the pin.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

JOHNSON: ”Raab never even had a chance to break up that pin.”
VASSA: ”Last episode Raab and Dobbs looked to be the cream of the crop when it comes to tag teams, now this week it’s Beauty & The Beast!”
JOHNSON: ”They’ve definitely opened some eyes with that victory.”
VASSA: ”I can’t wait to see how the tag division plays out here in 4CW!”
”Bad Guy” by Eminem blares over the PA system as Christian Taylor, Mike Smith, and Crystal Taylor raise their hands in victory right in the center of the ring.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, Mike Smith, Christian Taylor, BEAUTY & THE BEAST!!”

The scene cuts backstage where Perry Wallace has caught up to Gordie following his match earlier in the night. Perry looks annoyed as he corners Gordie.

WALLACE: ”What happened out there?”
Gordie thinks to himself for a moment and just as he goes to answer, Perry cuts him off.

WALLACE: ”You stormed onto my set two weeks ago throwing that defunct championship around like it still means something. You called out 4CW’s top champion knowing damn well you haven’t done anything to justify doing so. I told you I was going to give you a chance to do what Rampage Wrestling couldn’t and let you defend that championship for the first time. I told you that I was going to push you with a series of matches to earn the opportunity to bring life to that dead belt you have right there. What the hell happened?!?!”
Gordie begins to look angered as Perry raises his voice at him. Gordie goes to answer again but gets cut off by Perry without hesitation.

WALLACE: ”I’ll tell you what happened! You got lazy! You want things handed to you and don’t want to work for them. Not everyone can win the lottery like me and buy what they’ve always wanted. You wanted a chance to defend that championship and you failed me. But, as merciful as I am, I’m willing to give you one more chance. In two weeks you will face the winner of our headline match in an extreme rules match. If you win, you get to continue in these trials to pump life back into that dead championship. If you lose, you hand the championship over to me and we squash this right here, right now and we bury this thing once and for all. How does that sound?”
Gordie looks frustrated and goes to answer only to get cut off once again by Perry.

WALLACE: ”Why do I care how you think that sounds. This isn’t your show to ruin! If you want to throw around a defunct championship in a promotion that dwarfs Rampage Wrestling then you better come correct! Two weeks from now, your last chance, don’t let me down.”
Perry then walks away from Gordie, leaving him in silence as the scene fades out.


JOHNSON: “The next match on the card is between two strong willed and minded ladies, but I can’t you from what I have seen… Kandi Washington is completely disrespectful and needs to learn a lesson on respect.”
VASSA: “You’ll only hearing one side of the story. We don’t know what Miss Michelle has done to make Kandi so angry toward her.”
JOHNSON: “It doesn’t matter, but Kandi has proclaimed herself to be superior than every other woman in 4CW and that is going to upset many of the active ladies on the roster.”
VASSA: “Well, let’s take it to Powers as the ladies are ready to make their ways out to the ring.”
In a very preppy and upbeat tone, “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful” is shouted over the p.a. system before the infamous “Queen of the Reich” by Queensryche plays over the sound system.

POWERS: “The following contest is for one falls and it is a standing one on one singles match. Introducing first, billed from Boston, Massachusetts—she is the First Lady of 4CW… MISS MCHELLE”
The fans immediately stand to their feet and begin cheering as Miss Michelle’s newly designed entrance video plays on the razortron. Miss Michelle walks out from the back and she kicks her right leg up as she slides her hands through her dark reddish hair. She shakes her head and starts strutting down the ramp as she’s saying, “it’s time to get back what is my.” Miss Michelle makes her way over to the ring apron and lifts herself up using the ropes. She kicks her feet against the apron and flips her hair back before diving under the third rope entering the ring, but pausing over the second. She wiggles her ass as she briefly closes her eyes and licks her lips. She steps over the second rope and jots over to the far corner, climbing to the second rope, and blowing a kiss to the cheering crowd before hopping off the second rope. She turns around and stares up at the entrance ramp as she glares at the curtains. Her theme comes to an end as the fans continue to cheer, but Miss Michelle is slightly stretching her arms against the ropes as she waits for Kandi.

JOHNSON: “Miss Michelle is looking to defend her title in 4CW and get revenge in the process.”
VASSA: “I usually don’t condone stars bringing their baggage into a new company, but I’ll excuse it this one time!”
“Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry blares throughout the 4CW’s sound system as the fans rise to their feet booing as loudly as they possibly can while pink and white strobe lights flash through the arena.

POWERS: “And introducing her opponent, the self-proclaimed Queen of 4CW, being accompanied to the ring by Ice billed from Las Vegas, Nevada… KANDI WASHINGTON!”
Kandi Washington struts out from behind the velvet entrance curtains as she pauses at the top of the ramp. She places her hand on her right hip as she smirks at her booing fans and standing slightly behind her is the vicious Ice. Kandi Washington proceeds down the ramp as her tightly pulled ponytail bounces from side to side as she ignores the fans waving to her and shouting at vulgarities her way as she makes her way to the ring apron. She turns to the stairs as Ice pulls herself onto the apron. Kandi makes her way along the apron and Ice opens the ropes as Kandi ducks down underneath the second rope. She enters the ring and raises her arms in the air motioning to the fans to keep booing and chants coming. Ice follows her inside the ring and stands in the corner with her arms folded across her chest, just glaring across the arena. Kandi starts to strut around her ring, looking down at her nails and waiting for her opponent as her theme music comes to an end.

VASSA: “I think I just wet myself! Kandi is a gorgeous foul mouthed woman!”
JOHNSON: “She’s foul mouthed all right Vinny, but she has the worst attitude I have ever seen!”

JOHNSON: “These ladies are wasting no time to get this match started.”
Michelle and Kandi go to hook up, but Kandi pokes her in the eyes. The referee warns her about it, but she ignores it as she clasps onto Michelle’s hair. She spins her around and tosses her across the ring as Michelle holds her head as she moans in slight pain.

VASSA: “Kandi is showing why she’s the Queen Catfighter in the business with that hair-whip.”
Kandi walks over to grab Michelle’s leg, but Michelle kicks Kandi off from her. As Kandi hustles back to Michelle; Michelle flips her with a monkey flip. Kandi arches her back off the mat and Michelle runs with a neck snap. She covers, but only gets a one count. Michelle is up to her feet and she pulls Kandi by the wrist, whisking her off into the ropes. Kandi stops herself with the ropes and Michelle runs after her.

VASSA: “Michelle gets catapulted over the top rope with a beautiful back body drop.”
JOHNSON: “Oh great balance by Michelle as she lands on the apron, Vinny.”
Kandi turns around to get a shoulder thrust between the second rope. Michelle flips over the top rope with a sunset bomb to Kandi. She covers,
Kandi manages to get a shoulder up off the mat.

JOHNSON: “Michelle is on fire right now! Kandi isn’t showing much defense or offense in the early going of this match.”
VASSA: “If the referee was doing his damn job, this wouldn’t be happening!”
As Kandi pushes herself off the mat and she turns around, Michelle swings with a roundhouse kick, but Kandi ducks. She grabs Michelle by the back of her hair, hair-pull backbreaker on the edge of her knee. She starts pounding away at Michelle’s head as she’s kneeled beside her. The referee grabs Kandi and yanks her up as she’s screaming and kicking to be put down.

JOHNSON: “I thought the Morgan and Niobe’s match was ugly, but these ladies want to tear each other’s heads off.”
VASSA: “It looks like Kandi managed to get away from the referee and she’s running over to Miss Michelle.”
Michelle lifts Kandi up with a hip toss. As Kandi staggers up to her feet, Michelle hops up with a dropkick to her chest. Kandi stumbles back to the corner and Michelle runs at her with a cornered clothesline, hooking the head with a headlock—racing forward with a bulldog in the middle of the ring. The fans erupt with cheers as Michelle kneels up.

JOHNSON: “The fans love the punishment Kandi Washington is getting tonight.”
VASSA: “It looks like Kandi’s win streak is going to end prematurely.”
Michelle taps on the mat a few times as she yells for Kandi to get up. Kandi is slowly standing to her feet and Michelle aims for another roundhouse kick, but Kandi falls to her knees dodging it. As Michelle brings her foot down, Kandi rolls her up with a schoolgirl, but very quickly Michelle kicks out of it and spears a newly standing Kandi to the mat.

JOHNSON: “Years of verbal abuse it looks like Michelle is not playing with Kandi anymore.”
VASSA: “Michelle looks like she’s setting Kandi up as she’s waiting in the corner.”
As Michelle charges at Kandi, she hops up with a bicycle kick to Kandi’s mouth. Kandi flops to the canvas and immediately start to hold her jaw. Michelle slouches down to her thighs and starts yelling for Kandi to bring it.

VASSA: “It looks like Kandi is hurt!”
The referee kneels beside her and Kandi starts to motion to her jaw as he looks at it. Michelle is getting highly impatiently while Ice enters the ring behind Michelle.

JOHNSON: “It looks like this could all be a ploy Vinny!”
Kandi pulls the referee in closer and presses his face against her chest. Michelle turns around as she walks right into a big boot. Ice quickly lifts Michelle up by the hair and her hand around Michelle’s throat. She lifts her up and slams her on the canvas.

VASSA: “My god Michelle might have just been broken in half with that brutal chokeslam!”
Kandi now pushes the referee away as she crawls to an unconscious Michelle. She lies over her and hooks the leg, kissing the side of Michelle’s face. The referee shakes his head and slides down to the canvas.

JOHNSON: “This is highway robbery!”

VASSA: “And Kandi continues her winning streak in 4CW!”
“Crazy Bitch” hits over the speakers as the fans boo.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin-fall… KANDI WWAASSHHIINNGGTTOONN!!!”
Ice stands in the ring over Miss Michelle’s body as her arms are folded while Kandi has forced the referee to lift hers in victory. She bows to the booing fans as she smirks wickedly.

JOHNSON: “Michelle should have had this match in the bag. If it wasn’t for that manly woman Ice, Kandi would have suffered her first defeat.”
VASSA: “Oh it sounds like you’re just bitter! Kandi promised us all a victory and she stayed true to her word!”

The cameras open up backstage as Morgan is gently resting an ice pack on the side of her neck as she’s smirking over at Crystal Taylor. Crystal flings her hand through her hair and she’s laughing delightfully as she lowers her arms, pointing at Morgan.

TAYLOR: “You were great out there tonight and we really showed Niobe Martin why the ladies of Power Trip are not to be messed with. ”
Morgan nods confidently.

ALVERTEZ: “I don’t know what she hit me with, but my neck is sore as hell. Is this what I have been missing? These women have adopted styles they never had when I started.”
TAYLOR: “Don’t worry about their styles Morgan because your style is always going to be far superior than theirs.”
Crystal says with a grin on her face.

ALVERTEZ: “It’s quite unfortunate she didn’t seize my advice and she was the one with a hurt ego when it was all said and done. She really had no idea who she was messing with, Cris.”
TAYLOR: “If she didn’t know then, she knows it now. I hope she stays clear from you in the future or else it history will repeat itself.”
Crystal and Morgan respond to the statement with laughing. With their backs turned, a grunting sound is heard as it nears the ladies of Power Trip. Niobe runs up behind Crystal and Morgan as she attacks Crystal with a double axe smash to her back. She spins her around and starts punching away at her face as Morgan steps to the side screaming at Niobe. Crystal extends her hands out and grabs Niobe by the throat as Niobe does the same. The ladies fall to the concrete floor and Niobe remains on top of Crystal as she starts pounding Crystal’s head to the floor. Morgan chucks her ice pack at Niobe.

VASSA: “It looks like Niobe is getting her revenge on the ladies right now.”
JOHNSON: “This rivalry has just started to heat up between Niobe Martin and the ladies of Power Trip. Where’s the security when you need them?”
Niobe tries to get up to go after Morgan, but Crystal grabs Niobe by her hair. As Niobe looks back over at Crystal, she punches her in the face. Niobe then is grabbed by Morgan from behind and she slams the back of her head against the canvas. Niobe holds her head as Morgan helps Crystal to her feet. 4CW’s official race over to the women and start escorting Niobe to another part of the arena.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Morgan once again took advantage of a distraction to get the upper hand over Niobe. This jezebel wouldn’t know a fair fight if it smacked her in the face!”
VASSA: “Oh hush Steve! What about Niobe? I would have thought she wouldn’t turn her back on Morgan a second time!”

The cameras switch up to the rafters as Jason Phoenix’s shadow is seen. As the cameras zoom up to the top of the ceiling, the lights begin to flicker as smoke fill the entrance ramp area. The fans all look up above their seats as the sprinklers begin to go off, wetting the 4CW’s fans. Jason Phoenix extends his arms out to the sides and he begins to speak.

PHOENIX: “Jason Kash!”
As he shouts the name, the fans and commentators go absolutely crazy.

PHOENIX: “You pitiful; you disgraceful champion; you are going to suffer at the hands of the Phoenix! You might be the South-western Champion right now, but in due time your reign will plummet and you will fall to the Phoenix. You will not be given another chance or opportunity like you were previously given. If you think you have deserved or even earned a rightful place at the top of 4CW, you must have suffered a form of dementia because all you’ve proven to beat were useless developmental rookies. You’ve never been able to beat a true living legend!”
He brings his arms down to his chest and folds them in the form of a prayer as he bows his head down.

PHOENIX: “I will be watching every move you make and when the right time comes I will swoop down like the hawk that I am, taking what rightfully belongs to me! The era of the Phoenix is slowly evolving and everybody will be my! My fate is that South-western Championship and your fate has been sealed! Enjoy walking on borrow time because your future has never been as blurry as it is now!”
The sounds of heavy breaths be exhaled by Jason Phoenix fills the arena as the lights dim all the way down and a bright white spotlight flash up at the figure.

PHOENIX: “Jason Kash, you might believe your goons will be able to protect you from my wrath, but your goons will be disposed of immediately. They will suffer at my henchmen’s hands and fall to my creation: Power Trip! Nobody will be able to salvage the broken man known as Jason Kash when I am finished with you. You will be nothing more than a pile of ashes. You soul will be captured. Your spirit will be on fire throughout eternity. If you think for one-second you are anything more than a simple man, you were lied to and have been lied to your entire life. I am here to open your eyes to your reality. Your real reality because the thing you’re currently living in is nothing more than a faded dream. It’s a mere figment of your imagination. You dominate nothing! In due time, you are going to find out just how weak you truly are!”
The cameras zoom up even more as he leans his face closer. His pure white eyes have no emotions or feeling inside them. The catalyst man is a cold and heartless being.

PHOENIX: “You will know once the Phoenix has succeeded his task that you were just a stone in the road. You were just the missing piece. You thought I was going to take another route, but all routes lead to you, Jason Kash. All roads end with you. All goals start with the South-western Championship. I know you aren’t as foolish to think people were going to turn their heads when you won the title. I know you didn’t believe for a single moment in time that you were safe. You had to believe the moment you won that championship a large target appeared on the back of your head. You will be burned alive at the stake and I will be the one starting the fire. I will be…”
And with that incomplete statement, he fades back in the darkness and the lights flicker on as everybody looks around with bizarre looks on their faces.



JOHNSON: ”We’ve had a great night so far and now we’re ready for our headline match of the evening.”
VASSA: ”The Red Pioneer and “Young” Mannie both debuted last week and were impressive at that.”
JOHNSON: ”Mannie dominated Lincoln Cutler from the sound of the bell and finished him off quickly. I expected great things from Mannie when I heard that he joined but that performance last week set the bar high.”
VASSA: ”Don’t forget about The Red Pioneer. He dominated his match from the sound of the bell as well and steam rolled over A Forgotten Soul.”
JOHNSON: ”They both had quick, one sided wins last week and gained momentum heading into tonight’s match. This should be a good one!”
VASSA: ”I wouldn’t expect a one sided victory from any of these two tonight but you never know what’s bound to happen inside of that ring. Lets go to Mike Powers as he takes over and introduces the two for our headline match of the night.”
The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the arena, building anticipation as Mannie and his posse emerge to a wave of boos.

POWERS: ”On the way to the ring, accompanied by Jacinta Perez and Alec Quartermain, he hails from The Commonwealth Of Virginia and weighs in at two hundred, twenty-five pounds…‘THE MAIN ATTRACTION’ “YOUNG” MANNIE!”
Mannie and Jacinta are lead to the ring by Alec Quartermain; Mannie and Jacinta are being escorted down the ramp, while being inside of an Old-School Electric Motorized Cart. Next the stage lights die down; as Mannie who is wearing his glow in the dark ADIDAS sweatsuit, begins to soak in the hate. Right before a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. Mannie and Jacinta step out the cart, as he then strides up the steps, while the cameraman sits on the middle rope before he enters the ring. Mannie proceeds to remove his sweatsuit as the music dies down.

VASSA: ”He sure does know how to make an entrance, doesn’t he?”
JOHNSON: ”He calls himself “The Main Attraction” so I assume you have to pull out all the stops to earn that name for yourself.”
VASSA: ”Tonight’s our first event aired on HBO Sports so we’ll see who the main attraction is. I’m willing to bet that it’s the entire roster as a collective whole.”
JOHNSON: ”You can say that again… but don’t, please.”
POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to you out of Prospect, Connecticut… weighing in at two hundred, seven pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches… He is the Red PIONEER!!!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan blasts out through the arena as the lights all dim. The Red Pioneer comes bolting out from the back, charging toward the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He runs over to the far corner and leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who is roaring their approval for him before dropping back to the mat and stretching before the match starts.

VASSA: ”We saw intensity from the man in the mask two weeks ago. Will we see it again tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t doubt that the intensity will be there but I don’t think either of these two will dominate as they did two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”There’s only one way to find out and that’s to get this match started.”
JOHNSON: ”Christopher Salieri is our official for our headline match and it looks as if he’s ready to signal for the bell and get this match started.”
The two walk towards the center of the ring as the ref stands in between them and signals for the bell.
The two lock up in the center of the ring and struggle with one another until Mannie gets the upper hand and hooks Pioneer in a headlock. He cranks down with pressure as Pioneer tries to get free. Mannie refuses to let go and applies even more pressure. Pioneer then grabs Mannie by the waist and pushes him forward, towards the ropes, breaking the headlock. Mannie bounces off the ropes and comes back with a hard clothesline but Pioneer ducks. When Mannie hits the ropes again and turns around, Pioneer is right there to meet and flip him over with a head scissors takedown. The two quickly get back up and when Mannie finally makes it to his feet, Pioneer catches him with a dropkick. Mannie falls back to the ropes but catches himself. Pioneer gets back up and moves in on Mannie and lunges forward at him. Mannie quickly kicks him in the stomach, knocking the air out of him. When Pioneer bends over from the kick, Mannie nails him with a series of hard European uppercuts. Mannie hits him with one last uppercut that knocks Pioneer off his feet, to the mat, back first.

JOHNSON: ”Mannie quickly turned that around!”
VASSA: ”I thought we were going to see a nice stretch of offense from the Red Pioneer.”
JOHNSON: ”We just might!!!”
Mannie wastes no time and rushes in on Pioneer with a few kicks to the stomach. He then jumps on top of Pioneer and hits him with a series of striking blows to the mid section and a hard right across the jaw. Mannie then knees his mid section a few times before Pioneer frees his arms and grabs Mannie by the sides of the head. Pioneer then headbutts Mannie in the nose and knocks him off. Mannie rolls over, holding his nose in pain.

VASSA: ”Mannie is lucky that headbutt didn’t bust his nose wide open!”
JOHNSON: ”I think a busted nose is the least of his worries. Hopefully there’s no broken bones.”
Pioneer gets to his feet and walks around Mannie, who rests on his knees, holding his nose. Pioneer kicks him in the back and Mannie lets out a yell of pain. Pioneer grabs him by the back of the head and lifts him to his feet. He then flips Mannie over with a snapmare and sets him in a sitting position. Pioneer then runs to the ropes behind Mannie and comes back, driving his feet into his back. Mannie lunges forward and slams into the mat, face first and rolls a few times before stopping on the edge of the ring. Pioneer quickly gets up and walks over to Mannie. He grabs Mannie by the head and lifts him to his feet and drags him to the center of the ring. Pioneer then hits Mannie with a snap suplex and quickly gets to his feet. Mannie is slow to get up, in the meantime, Pioneer walks over to the ropes and climbs outside to the apron and waits. As soon as Mannie gets up with his back turned to Pioneer, the crowd pops in cheers. Mannie slowly turns around as Pioneer jumps up and then springboards off the top rope. He flies across the ring and lands on Mannie with his legs around his head and flips back, flipping Mannie over in the process with a hurricanrana.

JOHNSON: ”A huge hurricanrana from The Red Pioneer!!”
VASSA: ”This masked man impresses me more and more each week.”
JOHNSON: ”What’s he doing now?!?!”
Pioneer quickly gets to his feet while Mannie is still down and runs to the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle and ascends the top rope. The fans begins to cheer loudly as Pioneer looks down at Mannie who is still on his back. Pioneer then jumps from the top rope and flips in the air. He comes down at Mannie with a leg drop.

At the last second, Mannie rolls out of the way and Pioneer crashes into the mat.

VASSA: ”I think things are about to get turned around!”
Mannie gets up as Pioneer holds his backside in pain from the blunt landing. He grabs Pioneer by the sides of the mask and pulls him to his feet. Mannie then scoops him up and rushes towards the ropes with Pioneer, slamming him into the turnbuckle with a scoop slam. Pioneer falls to the mat, head first. His feet get tangled in the ropes and he hangs there as Mannie kicks him in the mid section a few times. Mannie continues with the assault until the ref comes in and separates the two. The ref pushes Mannie back as Pioneer untangles himself and falls to the mat. Mannie then shoves the ref out of the way and rushes in on Pioneer before he can get up. Pioneer makes it to one knee before Mannie comes down on his back with a double axe handle. Pioneer falls back to the mat, face first. Mannie drops another double axe handle on his back and then picks him up to his feet. Mannie has a hold on the back of Pioneer’s head with one hand and the back of his pants with the other. Mannie then slings him into the corner. Pioneer crashes into the turnbuckle, underneath the top rope and his shoulder slams into the ring posts.

JOHNSON: ”That’s one way to slow the competition down.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know if The Red Pioneer can recover from that huge blow to the shoulder.”
Pioneer falls to one knee as his body still leans over the middle rope against the ring post. Mannie showboats in the ring for a bit as he draws heat from the crowd. He then moves in slowly on Pioneer, strutting up from behind with cockiness in his steps. Mannie pulls him by his foot and yanks him away from the corner. Five minutes or so pass and Mannie still remains in control of the match. Mannie runs at a staggering Pioneer in the middle of the ring and flips him with a running lariat. Mannie then jumps on top of him and attacks with anther series of stiff strikes; elbows, punches and knees. Mannie then gets up and pulls Pioneer behind him. Mannie throws Pioneer to the corner with all his strength. Pioneer crashes into the corner and before he knows it, Mannie is there to meet with him a clothesline. Mannie then sits Pioneer on the top rope and climbs himself. Mannie lifts Pioneer into position and then brings him to the mat with a sitout side powerslam.

VASSA: ”What?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s what he likes to call that move.”
VASSA: ”Is it a finisher?”
JOHNSON: ”No, but he’s going for the pin anyway!”
Mannie quickly covers Pioneer as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”He kicked out!!!”
Mannie looks up at the ref with a look of disbelief on his face. He then slowly gets up, not taking his eyes off the ref. Once to their feet, Mannie backs the ref in the corner and complains for a moment. The crowd begins to cheer louder as Pioneer slowly starts moving and getting to his feet. Mannie keeps his back turned to the ring as he continues to argue with the ref. Pioneer then moves in behind him. Mannie hears the pop of the crowd and quickly turns around and throws an elbow. Pioneer ducks and then lays a huge chop across the chest of Mannie. Pioneer then chops Mannie a few more times before he grabs his arm and flings him to the ropes. Mannie bounces off the ropes and comes back at Pioneer with some speed. Pioneer swings with a clothesline but Mannie ducks and runs to the opposite ropes. When Mannie comes back, he swings with a lariat but Pioneer ducks. Mannie goes to the ropes for a third time and when he turns around this time, Pioneer hits him with a kick to the gut and then hooks a T-bone suplex and slams Mannie to the mat, sending a thud throughout the building.

VASSA: ”He’s back in it!!!”
The two get up from the mat quickly and Mannie lunges forward at Pioneer with a hard right. Pioneer ducks and steps behind Mannie and wraps his arms around his waist. Pioneer then pulls back and lifts Mannie up and plants him into the mat with a German suplex. Pioneer gets up and Mannie follows, not slowing down for one second. The two then lock up and struggle with one another for leverage until Pioneer knees Mannie in the stomash and force him to bend over in pain. Pioneer then delivers another knee, knocking the air out of Mannie. Pioneer then drapes Mannie’s arm over his head and hooks his leg. Pioneer lifts Mannie off the mat and flips him over with a hard fisherman’s suplex.

JOHNSON: ”That was a nice little variation of suplexes from The Red Pioneer.”
VASSA: ”It looks like he finally wore Mannie down a little because he isn’t so quick to get up this time.”
Pioneer gets to his feet but Mannie continues to lay on the mat in pain from the series of moves. Pioneer then stomps on Mannie’s ankles and delivers a few kicks to his ribcage. Mannie tries to cover himself but has no luck. He rolls away and manages to get to one knee but gets attacked again by the Pioneer with a driving elbow in his lower back. Pioneer picks Mannie up to his feet and then begins to deliver kicks to his shins. He then grabs Mannie by the back of the head and shoves it down and drives his knee upward. Pioneer’s knee crashes into Mannie’s face. Pioneer then lifts Mannie up and nails him with a spinning facebuster.

JOHNSON: ”Peaceful Slumber!!!”
VASSA: ”That didn’t look so peaceful to me!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s going for the pin!”
Pioneer quickly covers Mannie and hooks his leg as the ref drops down and counts.

Pioneer quickly rolls off of Mannie and gets to his feet, ignoring the ref unlike Mannie earlier. Pioneer walks back to Mannie and grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him to his feet. He then hooks Mannie’s arm around his head and his arm around Mannies head. Pioneer lifts Mannie into the air and drops him with a vertical suplex. Pioneer rolls over on top of Mannie and punches him a few times and then gets to his feet. He pulls Mannie up and then places his head between his legs. Pioneer then lifts Mannie up in a powerbomb position and and holds him there for a moment.

JOHNSON: ”This could be The Sacred Heart coming up.”
VASSA: ”And that would be?”
JOHNSON: ”A powerbomb lungblower… WAIT!!!”
Mannie begins to punch Pioneer in the head a few times while he’s lifted up in the air. Mannie then connects with one big punch which causes Pioneer to stumble and then falls backwards with Mannie on top. Pioneer falls, back first, to the mat and Mannie sits on his chest and delivers a few more punches to the chops. Pioneer manages to roll over and get Mannie off of him. The two quickly get up and stare at each other in the center of the ring as the crowd pops with cheers, waiting on the egde of their seats.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like we have a Mexican standoff in New Mexico tonight!”
VASSA: ”That would be a New Mexican standoff, right?”
JOHNSON: ”Call it what you want but these two haven’t blinked since this cold stare began a moment ago.”
VASSA: ”Can you feel the intensity in the ring right now?”
JOHNSON: ”I do. These fans do. I think we all feel the intensity in the ring right now. It’s electrifying!”
Mannie and Pioneer continue to stare at one another. Pioneer makes the first move and shoots in at Mannie attempting a single leg takedown. Pioneer hooks Mannie’s leg but Mannie drops a double axe handle over his back. Mannie then reaches at the base of Pioneer’s mask at the back and grabs a hold of it. Mannie yanks back on it, trying to pull it off.

VASSA: ”Mannie’s trying to unmask The Red Pioneer!!!”
Pioneer gets to his feet and pushes Mannie back. Mannie’s grip lets go as he falls back towards the ropes. Pioneer adjusts his mask as Mannie bounces off the ropes and comes back at him. Pioneer drops Mannie with a drop toe hold in the center of the ring. Mannie’s face crashes into the mat as the fans pop with cheers. Mannie’s bodyguard, Alec Quartermain then climbs onto the apron and catches Pioneer’s attention. The two exchange words before the ref pushes Pioneer back and then turns his attention to Quartermain. While the ref fusses at Quartermain to get off of the apron, Jacinta Perez slides in the ring behind Pioneer without him noticing. Mannie continues to lay on the mat holding his head as Jacinta drops to one knee behind Pioneer. She then delivers a hard low blow from behind to Pioneer that sends him to his knees and then to the mat. The ref notices in the corner of his eye and quickly turns towards the ring and see’s Jacinta pulling her arm away.

JOHNSON: ”I think the ref caught that!”
VASSA: ”I think I’m hurt by just watching that!”
The ref signals for the bell and calls the match due to disqualification. Mannie slowly gets to his feet and walks over to Jacinta and wraps his arm around her. The two look at Pioneer in the center of the ring and laugh for a moment as the bell continues to sound.

POWERS: ”The winner by disqualification… The Red PIONEER!!!”
Mannie walks to Pioneer and slaps him in the back of the head a few times.

JOHNSON: ”What’s he doing now?”
VASSA: ”I think we’re about to see a repeat of what happened to Lincoln Cutler last shoe when Mannie debuted.”
JOHNSON: ”Here comes trouble…”
Mannie continues to taunt Pioneer as Quartermain enters the ring and slowly walks over. Mannie looks at him and then nods towards Pioneer. Quartermain picks Pioneer up to his feet and turns him around, facing Mannie, and holds his arms behind his back.

VASSA: ”Are we going to see another bottle of Vodka crack over someone’s head tonight?”
Mannie then reaches behind Pioneer’s head and begins to mess with the back of his mask. Mannie takes one tug and then out of nowhere, Pioneer kicks Mannie below the belt.

JOHNSON: ”It’s not going to be that easy!”
Mannie falls backwards to the mat. Pioneer then pops his head back and catches Quartermain in the nose with the back of his head. Quartermain lets go and Pioneer turns around only to have a right hand flying at his head. Pioneer ducks the punch from Quartermain and dashes to the ropes and flips over to the outside of the ring. Jacinta helps Mannie get to his feet as Pioneer slowly backs up the entrance ramp towards the back.

VASSA: ”Something tells me that this is far from over.”
JOHNSON: ”Mannie intentionally tried to remove his mask twice tonight. I don’t think that’s going to sit well with The Red Pioneer.”
Mannie, Quartermain and Jacinta stand in the center of the ring and watch as Pioneer slowly backs up towards the stage. Pioneer keeps his eye on Mannie as well. He then gets to the top of the entrance stage and holds his arms in the air and the three in the ring begin talking amongst each other.

JOHNSON: ”This is going to be trouble…”
VASSA: ”I like trouble!”
JOHNSON: ”Lets cut to some footage from the new HBO series, True Detective, for a moment while we clear the ring and get ready for our main event.”


VASSA: ”And now it’s time for tonights main event!”
JOHNSON: ”Just two weeks removed from a brutal caged ladder match against Owen Moon, Jason Kash, our South-West Heavyweight Champion goes one on one with Roxi Johnson.”
VASSA: ”Yeah that match was crazy! Kash proved he’s the best we have in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”For the moment. There’s a roster full of talented wrestlers who are now all itching for a shot to prove that they have what it takes to go toe to toe with Jason Kash.
VASSA: ”There’s no doubt that he has a huge bullseye on his back.”
JOHNSON: ”And so is life as a champion…”
The feed cuts to Mike Powers who’s standing in the ring with a microphone in hand. He pushes the mic up to his lips and is ready to introduce the competitors.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your Main Event! First, coming to the ring by way of Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 132 pounds, Roxi ‘The Superhero’ Johnson!”
“Help Is On The Way” plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

VASSA: ”Last show Johnson took a beating from two of the three members of Action Packed…Is tonight going to be a repeat?”
JOHNSON: ”That was a tag match in which she was forced to partner with an early rival here in 4CW, Sin…Tonight she only has to worry about herself and focus on her sole opponent, Jason Kash!”
”I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up”
As the chorus to “Grew Up A Screw Up” plays as Jason Kash steps through the back curtain with the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship buckled around his waist as he steps onto the stage, he is met with cheers of many plus some deep bass boos from the haters. The chorus of the song plays but is spoken over as the Ring Announcer makes introductions.

POWERS: ”Introducing the Atlanta Born but Houston Representative, at two Hundred and Thirty pounds he is the Current 4CW South-West Heavyweight Champion!! “The INFLUENCE” Jaaaasssooon…KAAAASSSH!!!”
“Ever since I was an embryo, waiting to shape up and ship out
Something in my brain said, “Wake up and kick out!”
Roberta and Wayne stayed up and flipped out
Cause when I came I was draped up and dripped out
Snip the umbilical, spit the government chip out
Peace up, A-Town down and then I dipped out
And oh my gosh, the Osh Kosh was picked out
I slipped in, even my baby stroller was tricked out
Somebody get him, the little homie’s out of control
Put a little bit of rum in my bottle I’ll dream about diamonds and gold
Gold gold, to grow from an infant to toddler was effervescent
The essence of adolescence got my body feeling freshen
freshing freshing, and it was a blessing to rhyme and start rapping
I was the best in my section with flows hard than erections
Still the best but now I’m grown with more range than a Texan
And I’m a heavyweight you dudes is lighter than my complexion”
As he heads to ringside, he rounds the corner he unbuckles the Championship and picks up speed as he leaps up on the ring apron, landing on one knee and pulling himself to his feet using the ropes and lifts the Championship high into the air above him. He dips through the ropes and enters the ring to a louder pop from the crowd. He throws up an Upside Down Peace Sign handsign for the cameras to see before handing the belt off to the referee and leans against the ropes. Ready for his dose of Action.

VASSA: ”There are some Jason Kash fans in the building tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Jason Kash has traveled the world and been in this business a long time. Regardless of what you think of the guy you can’t help but applaud the work he’s put into this industry.“
VASSA: ”There’s no denying that he always finds a way to make the most of his opportunities, hell he’s our first champion!”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of opportunities, what an opportunity for Roxi Johnson tonight.”
VASSA: ”A win over the champ would skyrocket her to the top of the list of contenders for sure. Kash hasn’t lost yet in 4CW and I’m sure Mr. Wallace and Mr. Morrison are watching each match closely to find his first challenger.”
Senior official Larry Collins calls for the opening bell to signify the start of the match.
Roxi Johnson and Jason Kash meet in the middle of the ring and quickly lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. Kash uses his size and strength to back Roxi against the ropes. A knee to the midsection relinquishes Roxi’s fight as she doubles over in pain. Kash quickly whips Roxi towards the opposite ropes. Roxi rebounds towards a charging Jason Kash. She instinctively leap frogs her opponent knowing that there was no way she’d end up on the winning side of a mid ring collision. Both combatants rebound, this time Kash throws himself with a running cross body. Roxi sees it coming and dropkicks Kash in the chest in mid air!
Both Roxi and Kash get to their feet at the same time, Kash slightly feeling the effects from that dropkick. He holds onto his ribs and nods his head at his opponent across the ring. The two circle one another looking for an opening. Kash makes the first move, shooting for her legs with an amateur style take down. Roxi side steps to avoid the take down attempt and catches him off guard with a soccer kick to the ribs while he was rising to his feet. Roxi takes a step back before charging and dropkicking Kash while on all fours! Kash rolls out of the ring under the ropes to collect himself. He turns, facing the ring and is knocked back into the security railing thanks to a suicide dive from Roxi!

VASSA: ”Our champion is reeling!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s too early, but definitely not a bad start for Roxi.”
Roxi struggles as she lifts Kash to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. She climbs onto the apron and grabs a hold of the top rope, eyeing up her opponent as he quickly recovers and gets to his feet. Roxi springboards herself off the top rope towards her opponent and flips him inside out with a springboard hurricanrana. Kash lands near the corner of the ring and backs his way up against the bottom turnbuckle. Roxi keeps the onslaught going and runs towards Kash. She hops onto the second rope, above Kash’s head, and grabs the top rope with her hands. She bounces off the second rope, doing a handstand before swinging her entire body back down like a pendulum, driving both of her feet into his sternum! Roxi pulls Kash out of the corner and makes the cover, hooking Kash’s leg.
Kash quickly kicks out, bucking the much lighter Roxi Johnson off of him.

JOHNSON: ”That kick in the corner could have made Kash’s heart skip a beat or two!”
VASSA: ”Not a bad strategy going for the quick pin. If she could steal one…”
JOHNSON: ”Roxi is a hell of a wrestler who’s fully capable of beating anyone. There’s no stealing one!”
Roxi and Kash both get to their feet at the same time. Kash catches Roxi off guard, striking her with a bell clap! Roxi stumbles around the ring, her ears ringing from that double ear slap. Kash grabs Roxi by the back of her head and knocks her backwards with a European uppercut. Roxi nearly falls to her feet but is too close to the ropes. The power in the strike causes Roxi to bounce off of those ropes and into the waiting arms of Jason Kash who plants Roxi into the canvass with a sidewalk slam! Kash takes advantage of his downed opponent, dropping all two hundred and thirty pounds across her chest with a running senton. Kash stays on his opponent and hooks her leg.
Roxi shoots a shoulder up before senior official Larry Collins reached three.

VASSA: ”And now the Champ is rolling!”
JOHNSON: ”Roxi showed last week that she’s no easy out when she pushed Stefan Raab and Joe Dobbs to their limits as a tag team. Tonight’s no different. This isn’t close to being over!”
VASSA: ”Yeah and this week it’s the South-West Heavyweight Champion. If she couldn’t find the win over those two how’s she going to beat Jason Kash?”
Kash lifts Roxi to her feet and quickly shoves her into the corner. Kash drives his knee into her gut twice before lifting her up and placing her onto the top rope. Roxi tries to fight out of it by hitting Kash with a few right hands. He steps back and she kicks him in the face, creating an opening for Roxi. Roxi leaps off, trying for a tornado DDT but Kash catches her in mid air. He drives her back into the corner hard and places her back on the top rope. Kash grabs her head and pulls her out so that her feet are hanging off the top rope and her body is parallel with the ring. Kash spikes her down to the mat with a DDT! He rolls her lifeless body over and hooks the leg for the pin.
Roxi gets her free leg onto the bottom rope breaking up the pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”What a DDT by Jason Kash!”
VASSA: ”I’m surprised she doesn’t have a broken neck!”
Kash pulls Roxi up by her head. She breaks free from Kash and quickly rolls him up with a small package! Caught off guard the ref finally slides in to make the count.
Kash barely breaks out of the cradle before the count of three!

VASSA: ”You really want to tell me that wouldn’t have been stealing one?
Kash is quick to his feet and catches Roxi with a lifting knee to the face as she rose to her feet slowly. Kash forces her up with a front face lock. He grabs her by her waist, lifts, and spins before dropping her with another DDT. Kash makes his way towards her lower body. He lifts her legs and spreads them apart. Kash stomps away, driving his boot to her midsection. Kash throws her legs aside and mounts her, repeatedly hitting her with punches before being forced off by senior official Larry Collins. Kash and Collins argue over the legality of his strikes while Roxi squirms to the ropes. She pulls herself up to her feet as Kash steps away from his exchange with the referee.
She catches Kash off guard and drops him throat first onto the second rope with a drop toe hold. Roxi struggles to her feet but uses the ropes again. She launches herself over the top rope to the outside, dropping a leg across the back of Kash’s head in the process. Kash flops off the ropes and thrashes around on the mat while grasping at his throat. Roxi sees an opportunity and uses the stairs to get to the apron before climbing to the top rope. Roxi leaps off and onto her opponent with a senton bomb!

JOHNSON: ”Roxi has dug deep and found a second wind. If she’s going to pull out the in, the time is now!”
VASSA: ”Well she just climbed back on top of Kash and is going for another pin attempt!”
Kash powers out of the pinfall attempt!
Roxi watches, bewildered by Kash’s resiliency. Kash rolls to the ropes and tries to pull himself up to his feet. Roxi runs and jumps onto his back, trying to lock in a sleeper hold while wrapping her legs around his waist. Kash fights through it and snaps Roxi down to the ground with a snap mare takedown. Roxi is sitting upright before having her head nearly knocked off by Kash’s drive by big boot! Kash steps back and watches as Roxi fights her way to her feet through all of the pain. She turns right into the Mark of Jason, his signature rolling elbow that seems to knock her out cold. Kash looks at Roxi and then looks at the nearest turnbuckle. He rushes to the corner and climbs to the top rope, leaping off and nailing his splash, The How High!

VASSA: ”First the Mark of Jason, then the How High, the end is near for Roxi…”
JOHNSON: ”If there’s anything left, now is the time for Roxi to find it.”
Kash watches Roxi methodically as she staggers to her feet. She could sense Kash stalking her and tries for a last ditch clothesline that gets ducked. Kash leaps and reaches backwards, driving Roxi down to the mat with his back to back cutter, the U.T.I! Kash lays across Roxi and hooks one of her legs.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

POWERS: ”Your winner, by pinfall…JASON KASH!!!”
As his music begins to play, the fans roaring with Boos as the First Ever South Western Heavyweight Champion pushes to his feet. The referee hurries over and grabs his Belt from the time keeper and hands it to Jason as he stands tall. Grabbing his hand the referee raises it up to declare him the official victor. Jason rips his arm free and shoves the referee back with a one armed stiff. He heads to the ropes and signals for a microphone.

JOHNSON: ”He’s grabbing a mic, our Champion has something to say!”
VASSA: ”He looks a little irritated, how can he be disappointed with this match? It was fantastic!”
Returning to the center of the ring as the Referee helps Roxi exit, his music cuts off abruptly as he slides his belt over his shoulder and puts the mic to his mouth.

J.KASH: ”Another bites the dust…heh…It’s becoming a trend that I am finding that the ‘competition’ here in 4CW is talented but is it just GOOD or is there anyone here who can climb to the level of being Great? That’s my question! You’ve got the Tournament which consisted of people who failed to achieve what I have and a man in DuPaul who held his neck and let a pain remove him from what would have been the biggest and most important match of his pathetic career! So who is left? Who is next in line now Wallace? I know you’re back there..No you know what? Fuck Perry Wallace! He’ll sign my paycheck as long as I hold this right here and I don’t believe there is anyone in the back who can take it from me..”
VASSA: ”He might be overlooking the talent on this roster. How can more women than men on the roster be a BAD Thing?”
Booing loudly, the fans show their disapproval, their disagreement in his statement.

JOHNSON: ”Listen to these fans, they don’t agree with his comments either. He’s going to be shocked and lost when one of the names on this roster take his belt for slacking off.”
VASSA: ”That’s nasty!”
JOHNSON: ”SLACKING not…Ohh nevermind, your mind is always in the gutter..”
J.KASH: ”Earlier in the night a member of this roster was involved in a match. One Angel Kash to be more precise. After watching that GOD Awful match though I had an itch to tear her face off as soon as she came to the backstage area. You have NO idea how close I came to making that happen. Why? Because she is someone who has been hyped and promoted as a future star and she carries, uses the name I created in this business. The brand of Cash spelt with a “K” was my original. 15 years ago now I debuted using that name because it was a name I EARNED on the streets growing up. My Mother’s name is Cashe with an “e” at the end as you fanboys out there should know and I just gave it a street reputation of it’s own. Yet now…Now I see the name used everywhere like it in itself have been over labeled like Legend or Icon has in this business. Like a damn smiley face, every which way I turn now I see “Kash” in one form or another and I am SICK of it. I am sick of sharing what I built so from THIS MOMENT FORWARD I will drop the gimmicks of a name, remove the mask that I have made a career out of and just be myself…The name of my Birth Certificate, the name on my License, the name of my Incarceration! That name is the name of my Momma and that name is C-A-S-H-E! “The Influence Of Wrestling” Jason CASHE!!”
The start of a chanting CASHE is heard but is swarmed with Boos as the majority of people still dislike the man inside the ring, new name, old one, either way.

JCASHE: ”So if Perry Wallace wants a Champion in me? Then LET ME DEFEND THIS BELT! He wouldn’t let me defend it here tonight! So give me a date, give me a target, I want to put this on the line each and EVERY time I set foot inside the ring and if you won’t give me that then I will riot. I will rumble and I will make 4CW my BITCH!”
Their boos deepen but the volume raises up. He laughs a bit as the mic drops and is risen again to his mouth.

VASSA: ”They didn’t seem to know which to cheer for, him wanting to defend the Belt or him making something his bitch?”
Responding to the crowd’s boos, Jason speaks into the mic again.

JCASHE: ”I know huh? Like I’m scurred or something! So RIGHT NOW, TONIGHT! I am opening the gate, requesting, DEMANDING that another name, another so called ‘Talent’ comes out here and competes with me…FOR THIS!”
JOHNSON: ”WHOA!! Are we going to have another Match tonight? FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP!?!”
He lifts the South West Heavyweight Title high up above his head and the fans erupt with cheer. Showing the man mixed reactions as he holds it up, wanting to be a Fighting Champion.

JCASHE: ”I don’t care if it’s Gordie James since he wants to interrupt MY Championship victory in MY hometown. I don’t care if it’s the so called “Living Legend” Jason Phoenix who…haha I mean COME ON! How about Aidan Black? Punk has a ton of heart and an attitude to boot, do you want some motherfucker!?! LET’S GO!!”
VASSA: ”What happens if all of them came out? Has that ever happened? That’d be BONKERS!!”
The fans chant names like Owen Moon or Young Mannie which got a huge Chant but laughter was heard in the mic as Jason returns to speaking.

JCASHE: ”His sponsors won’t allow it! Even THEY know better…I can promise you it won’t be someone who has been in the ring with me already. Coming out here, answering this call comes with a price. It means that you’ve stepped foot on MY battlefield and that one step in the wrong direction HERE and BAAAOOOOMMM they are beaten into pieces! Nothing? Nobody? I bet Wallace is back there locking people’s doors, keeping them from answering my call because he doesn’t want to GIVE AWAY two Championship matches in back to back shows without the proper promotion..I will fight anyone!!”
Music begins to play. The crowd turns their heads all at once to the Entrance as their anticipation spikes at the highest levels.

JOHNSON: ”Ohh who could it be? This is thrilling stuff right here!”
VASSA: ”I bet it’s Johnny Knuckles..You know how disappointing it’d be if it was Johnny Knuckles? PLEASE don’t be Johnny Knuckles!!”
As soon as he steps through the curtain they explode with cheers. 4CW Owner Perry Wallace steps out with a microphone in hand.

VASSA: ”No challenger but it’s not Johnny Knuckles either so Hooray!”
Wallace paces across the small entrance stage and cuts back but his eyes never leave the ring. Jason Cashe adjusts his Championship on his shoulder as if confident in whatever Wallace might have to say.

JCASHE: ”You what? Tell me BAWSE because I’m failing to see where I’m going to be prevented from leaving this ring, walking up there and putting my fist through your throat if you say something off key to me right now…”
The Champion gets fired up as he steps to the ropes facing the Entrance ramp. Cashe seems bothered by the very presence of Perry Wallace.

JCASHE: ”You know what Perry..Just go into the back, go get Frankie! I’ll talk to him, I’ll take whatever it is you felt the need to say from him because it is within HIM that people around here take the lead of Management, not you. You are the lucky guy who won the lottery, your respect isn’t signed to every paycheck and it sure isn’t going to BUY you the time to sit here and try to dictate who and WHERE I will defend this Championship…You got that? You might have created it but I carry it…Go find Morrison or go find your balls to speak up and see what happens…”
He begins to yell, is mad in the face but Perry Wallace heads into the back to a crowd of Boos echoing through the KIMO building at the Champion who stands inside his ring.

JCASHE: ”Guess nobody is coming..Fine I will pick my next opponent then!”
MORRISON: ”Hold it, hold it right there bucko!”
To Cashe’s surprise and the crowd’s excitement, Frankie Morrison comes out from the back. Microphone in hand, he looks sternly to the ring at the South West Champion.

MORRISON: ”You want a challenge? Fine on March 3rd at the Capital Theater in Utah…I will have a challenger up to par with Greatness you “desire” and when it’s met..? Don’t be surprise when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew!”
The General Manager turns and leaves through the curtain as the fans Cheer for his decision and announcement. The logo appears at the corner of the screen as the show comes to an end.