4CW 006

4CW 006
MARCH 3RD, 2014


POWERS: “The following contest is the opening bout of the night and introducing first…”
In a very preppy and upbeat tone, “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful” is shouted over the p.a. system before the infamous “Queen of the Reich” by Queensryche plays over the sound system.

POWERS: “Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts and being accompanied by Mark Brooks… MISS MICHELLE!”
Mark Brooks strolls out from the back and with his back turned to his fans; he starts to twirl his hips around and shaking his booty to the fans cheering. As he swirls around, Miss Michelle comes strutting to the side of her fiancé. He takes her by the hand as she twirls around him and he dips her low as he leans down to kiss her lips. He lifts her up and she starts to walk down the ramp with her hand clasp around his bicep. They make their way down the ramp and she walks over to the steel steps as he hops on the ring apron. She steps up on it and he holds the ropes open and she raises her arms in the air as the male viewers begin whistling. He steps over the second rope and hustles across the ring, jumping on the second turnbuckle, and raising his arms while Miss Michelle walks over to the front ropes. She stands on the bottom rope and blows a kiss to the cheering fans.

POWERS: “And introducing her opponent…”
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don’t matter if I step on the scene or sneak away to the Philippines
They still gon’ put pictures of my derrire in the magazine
You want a piece of me? You want a piece of me?
The fans boo loudly as Piece of me by Britney Spears hits over the public adders system, as the lights dim and a lone spotlight forms at the top of the entrance ramp.

POWERS: “Hailing in from New York City… ANGEL KASH!!”
As out from the back steps Angel Kash alongside her is her bodyguard Leroy Angel does an arrogant pose with Leroy standing behind his boss menacingly, as the fans shower her with loud boos. As Angel snickers at their boos.
I’m Miss Bad Media Karma, another day, another drama
Guess I can’t see the harm in workin’ and being a mama
And with a kid on my arm, I’m still an exceptional earner
You want a piece of me?
Angel then continues her arrogant supermodel strut down to the ring trash talking the fans as Leroy walks behind her. Angel sticks her hand out rudely staying in the center of the walkway telling them to talk to the hand. As Angel then makes her way up the steel steps followed by Leroy as she does another arrogant pose before ordering Leroy to lower the ropes for her, which he does. As Angel enters the ring before dong another arrogant poses in the center of the ring, before taking off her entrance robe and glasses, and td giving them to Leroy as she lays nonchalantly on the top turnbuckle taunting the fans as she smirks over at Miss Michelle.

VASSA: “It looks like Angel is very confident tonight and my money is on her. Did you see her performance last episode?”
JOHNSON: “Oh Vinny, I don’t think you are being fair to Miss Michelle.”
As Angel and Michelle walk over to each other, when Michelle goes for a frontal grapple Angel sucker punches her with an eye rake. As Michelle turns around wiping her eyes, Angel grabs her by the hair and pulls her back onto the knee with a vicious backbreaker. She leans down and lifts Michelle up by the hair, whipping her into the ropes. As Michelle bounces off the ropes, she takes Angel off her feet with a running crossbody.

VASSA: “Get up Angel, come on!”
JOHNSON: “Michelle has just taken Angel off her feet with a beautiful standing crossbody.”
As they both get to their feet, Michelle with a slight advantage is first and she grabs Angel’s wrist whipping her into the corner, but Angel reverses it. Angel runs toward her in the corner, but Michelle gets a back elbow to the face. Angel stumbles back and Michelle runs out of the corner to only get caught with a hip toss. Michelle holds her lower back and Angel capitalizes with a heel kick.

JOHNSON: “This match is back and forth as Angel has just managed to score with a painful heel kick to the temple.”
VASSA: “Yeah! Angel is going to show Michelle rich girls can be talented too.”
She leans down to lift her up off the mat as Michelle battles back with forearms to the midsection. Angel breaks the hold and Michelle grabs, taking her down with a STO. She looks down as she smirks when the fans are all cheering. Michelle steps back and she does a handstand following a leg drop, but Angel rolls out of the way. As she seats up, Angel runs at her with a shoot kick to the chest. Angel leans down and holds her neck.

VASSA: “Nobody was home for Michelle’s leg drop. She wasted too much time with that handstand.”
JOHNSON: “And Angel seems like she was ready for a follow up as we heard that thud throughout the building.”
Michelle is holding her chest and Angel grabs her up by the hair as she runs to the cornered turnbuckle. As she goes to smash Michelle’s face against the top turnbuckle, Michelle gets a foot up on the second turnbuckle, and elbows Angel’s gut. She grabs Angel’s hair and starts pounding her face against the top turnbuckle repeatedly as the fans are heard count…
Michelle breaks the hold and Angel staggers backwards.

JOHNSON: “The fans are all behind Miss Michelle here tonight Vinny!”
VASSA: “She should have been disqualified!”
As Angel is holding the side of her face, Michelle runs off the ropes and catches Angel in the mouth with an enormous bicycle kick to the face. She looks down at Angel, but she becomes distracted when “Fuck You” by DamagePlan starts to blare over the p.a. system. She turns to the entrance ramp as Drake Knight slowly walks out from the back. Michelle is pointing up at him as she’s talking to the referee. Mark Brooks walks out from around the corner.

JOHNSON: “Oh come on, why the hell is he even coming out here right now! Michelle was getting ready to put Angel away.”
VASSA: “That was a biased presumption Steve and Drake Knight can get a closer look of the action if he wants!”
As Drake slowly makes his way down the ramp, Michelle is standing on the second rope leant over yelling up at him while Mark Brooks meets him at the bottom of the ramp. They start to brawl as it looks like Brooks is getting the upperhand, but the size plays a factor when Drake Knight overpowers him with a knee to the midsection, tossing him into the barricade. As Michelle tries to exit the ring, Angel grabs her from behind the legs with a school-girl rollup with tights in hand.
Michelle kicks out!
Angel is up to her feet, but as she pulls Michelle up to her feet, Michelle pushes her off of her. Angel stumbles and Michelle connects with a spinning roundhouse kick right there on her forehead.

VASSA: “It looks like Angel is singing at she hit the Singing Chel-legram!”
She covers by hooking both legs.
The referee gets up and starts telling Drake to get off from the apron as Miss Michelle looks up at him.

JOHNSON: “I knew Drake was up to no good!”
Michelle gets up and she starts walking over to him, but Mark Brooks puls Drake’s ankles up off the apron. As Drake’s face ricochet off the apron, Brooks takes him by the neck and throws him into the steel stairs as Michelle looks over at Angel, who’s crawling toward the ropes.

JOHNSON: “It looks like everything is closing in on Angel Kash.”
VASSA: “Come on Angel Kash, do not let Michelle get a victory over you!”
As Angel is stumbling up to her feet, Miss Michelle is slouched over with her hands on her thighs as she’s taunting Angel to turn around. A very dazed Angel stumbles around and when she does, Michelle kicks her in the midsection and tucks her head in between her legs as she hops up off the canvas with a jumping piledriver.

JOHNSON: “It looks like despite Kandi’s attempt, Miss Michelle overcame the odds and beat Angel Kash.”
VASSA: “But she still isn’t as good as Kandi, so she better count her blessings she was able to escape with a win.”
POWERS: “And here is your winner by via pin-fall… the first lady of 4CW… MISS MICHELLE!”
“Queen of the Reich” hits over the sound system as Mark Brooks rolls in under the ring as he lifts Miss Michelle up with her arm raised in victory as the fans erupt with cheers. Drake his holding his jaw as he’s glaring down at the couple in the ring as he walks backwards up the ramp.

JOHNSON: “It looks like this rivalry is heating up more. Mark Brooks was able to come to his girl’s rescue tonight.”
VASSA: “Yes, I would love to see how Mark puts up in a one on one setting in the ring.”

Coming into light somewhere deep in the shadows of the theater as STF is perched up on a box equipment box and the beautiful STO is standing between his legs with her hands rested on her thighs as she is tilting her head up at STF twirling partially around in a circular motion. He’s flinging his fingers through her hair as he leans down and licks her forehead.

STF: ”We get to do it again. We get to start from the bottom and work our way up so nobody can ever claim we didn’t earn what we fucking have!”
She nods as she bites her bottom lip and leans her body up closer to him.

STO: “I’ve never been that bitch who cared what others thought about me or what I have done in the business. Whatever floats your boat baby, it’s all good with me.”
STF slides both hands on opposite sides of her hair as he intertwines his fingers through the strands of her hair.

STF: ”4CW isn’t ready for Drugs, Sex, and Violence, but they better get ready because STO and STF aren’t going any fucking place!”
She laughs in response as he leans his face down to hers and the two makeout on camera as the scene zooms out.


”Nightmare” is now playing over the 4CW sound speakers as the fans continue to boo with a few cheers thrown in.

POWERS: “Our first competitor comes to the ring from Los Angeles, California weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet seven inches tall. She is the “Nightmare”… NIOBE MARTIN!!!”
Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
Now your nightmare comes to life…’
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
‘Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never..’
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

VASSA: ”Last week turned ugly as Niobe and Morgan went at it all night. Talk about a cat fight…”
JOHNSON: ”Morgan got the advantage thanks to Crystal. But, now its Crystal’s turn to climb in the ring with Niobe one on one.”
VASSA: ”I believe Niobe will be seeking revenge tonight.”
“All About Me” hits the sound system and pink lights start flickering throughout the arena while the fans stand up in a wave of boos as Crystal Taylor playfully dashes out from the back with Morgan following behind.

POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming out of South Beach, Florida… she weighs in at one hundred twenty pounds and stands five feet, four inches tall. She is “The Bombshell”… CRYTAL TAYLOR!!!”
She struts down the ramp while placing her hands in the back of hair and smirking at the crowd who shows her a negative reaction. Crystal stops down at the bottom and leans down as she fixes her bright pink knee pads before standing up. She dashes to the ring apron and she sets her right leg upon the side as she kneels up, shaking her little butt, and tilting her head back shaking her hair loosely. She does not stand completely up as she then goes underneath the second rope and enters the ring. She dashes over to the corner turnbuckle and climbs to the second rope. She points to her chest and starts clapping while saying, “come on Crystal,” but the fans continue to boo her. Crystal steps down off the ring apron and starts twirling her neck and stretching her arms as she roams around the ring. Morgan stands to the side, getting her share of negative reactions from the fans. Morgan then slowly exits the ring as Crystal stands in her corner starring across at Niobe.

JOHNSON: ”Well, it looks like Crystal didn’t come out alone tonight as Morgan is at ringside with her.”
VASSA: ”Did you just come up with that all by yourself? I think we can see! I’m looking forward to this cat fight, nothing but sexiness inside of that ring right now!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny. Our official for this match will be no one other than Larry Collins.”
VASSA: ”I wish I was in his shoes right now… besides the old age. He better be careful in that ring with all of this action going on tonight. He could have a heart attack from the beauty inside the ring tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”I think it’s best that you aren’t in his shoes, Vinny. 4CW doesn’t need a lawsuit…”
VASSA: ”It looks like Larry is ready to get this match started, as am I.”
The ref signals for the bell as the two women stand in their corners, looking across the ring at one another.
Crystal walks to the center of the ring and begins to run her mouth at Niobe who waits in her corner. Niobe then walks to the center and confronts Crystal. Crystal continues to talk trash to Niobe and then spits at her. Niobe reaches back and out of nowhere, she connects with an open hand across Crystal’s left cheek. Crystal goes back a couple of steps only to get rushed by Niobe. Niobe attacks Crystal with a series of open hands to the head and then grabs her by the back of the head and drives her knee into her stomach as she forces Crystal’s head down. Niobe then drops to one knee and picks Crystal up with a fireman’s carry and slams her to the mat.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe is taking control early!”
VASSA: ”She needs to do a number on Crystal quickly before Morgan gets involved. Ahh… that would be nice to see all three of them go at it in the center of the ring… mmm…”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny.”
Niobe quickly jumps on top of Crystal and hits her with a left, a right, a left and another right. Crystal tries to fend the blows off but fails and then Niobe grabs her by the hair and slams her head into the mat. The ref yells at Niobe about the hair pulling and pulls her off of Crystal. Niobe pushes Larry aside and rolls Crystal over, this time climbing on her back and hooking a crossface. Crystal squirms, trying to get away as Niobe just applies more pressure and pulls back on her head. Crystal somehow manages to wiggle her way towards the side of the ring and reaches out and grabs the bottom rope with her right hand. The ref quickly signals for Niobe to release the hold but gets ignored. Niobe continues to crank down with the crossface until the ref has to physically break the hold and pulls Niobe to the other side of the ring.

VASSA: ”Niobe is ready tonight! She’s getting payback from last week when Crystal decided to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s showing just how relentless she can be in that ring and come down to Crystal’s and Morgan’s level.”
VASSA: ”What level is that? I would lloovvee to be on that level!”
JOHNSON: ”Only in your wildest dreams…”
Morgan walks around to the side of the ring perpendicular to the side Crystal is on and climbs onto the apron. Niobe takes notice and walks over to Morgan as the two exchange words. The ref quickly gets in between them to avoid any outside interference. Out of nowhere, Crystal grabs Niobe by the back of the head, pulling her hair and slamming her to the mat. Morgan smirks and then hops down from the apron as Crystal climbs on top of Niobe and slaps her around. Crystal then grabs Niobe by the hair and begins to slam her head into the mat multiple times until the ref pulls her off and drags her across the ring. Niobe slowly begins to get up as Crystal manages to push the ref aside. Just as Niobe gets to her feet, Crystal is there to meet her with a double axe handle to the back. Niobe falls to one knee as Crystal grabs her head and pulls it down, slamming her knee into Niobe’s face.

Crystal wastes no time and pulls Niobe back to her feet. Crystal then gets behind Niobe and grabs her by the hair, hitting her with a hair-pull backbreaker. Niobe falls to the mat as Crystal quickly rolls her over and covers for the pin as the ref drops for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe kicks out!!!”
VASSA: ”That was close. A little too close, I was hoping to see more action from these beautiful ladies.”
Crystal quickly gets up and looks at the ref with a disappointed look on her face. She then looks to the side of the ring where Morgan is watching with displeasure. Crystal then grabs Niobe by the hair and pulls her to her feet. Crystal then gets Niobe in a double underhook and slams her to the mat with a thud. Crystal quickly pulls Niobe back to her feet and this time she throws her to the corner. Crystal quickly follows up with kicks to Niobe’s midsection, breaking her down until she falls to the mat in an upright position. Crystal then backs up to the opposite corner and runs at Niobe full speed, slamming her crotch in Niobe’s face with a bronco buster.

JOHNSON: ”This is what you’ve been waiting for all night, isn’t it Vinny?”
VASSA: ”I wish that was me!”
Crystal climbs off of Niobe and walks to the center of the ring, nodding at Morgan on the outside of the ring. Crystal then turns her attention back to Niobe who is slowing pulling herself up to her feet with help from the ropes. Crystal quickly moves in on Niobe on to get a foot to the stomach. Crystal bends over in pain as Niobe quickly climbs the turnbuckle and leaps at her, nailing her with a spinning heel kick that puts her on the mat. Niobe then jumps back up, with a second wind, and climbs the turnbuckle once again. She then leaps in the air once more and this time, comes down with a high angle senton bomb on Crystal in the center of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Niobe has gotten a burst of energy out of nowhere!”
VASSA: ”I’m assuming that’s what Crystal’s crotch would do to anyone…”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe to you it would but I doubt Niobe is interested.”
Niobe picks Crystal up and throws her to the ropes. When Crystal comes back, Niobe spins and hits her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The two get back up, Niobe first. Niobe then runs to the ropes and comes back, hitting Crystal with a flying clothesline. Niobe gets back up as Crystal struggles to get to her feet. Niobe then runs to the opposite ropes and just as she bounces off to come back, Morgan reaches inside of the ring and trips her up. Niobe falls face first to the mat as Morgan slowly walks away, unnoticed by the ref.

JOHNSON: ”HEY!!! Larry Collins didn’t even notice that interference from Morgan.”
VASSA: ”I knew it was only a matter of time before Morgan got involved.”
The ref looks at Niobe as if she just lost her footing and tripped up. By this time, Crystal is back to her feet and walks towards the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. She waits as Niobe slowly begins to push herself up and get to her feet. Once up, Niobbe looks across the ring only to see Crystal flying at her in mid-air. Crystal hooks her arm around Niobe’s head and spins her to the mat with a tornado DDT that sends a thud echoing throughout the building. Crystal quickly rolls Niobe over and covers for the pin as the ref drops to count.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe manages to kick out of yet another close pinfall.”
Crystal pops her head up and looks over at the ref with a look of disbelief. She shakes her head in disgust and slowly gets up as Morgan yells from the outside, furious at the refs count. Crystal pulls Niobe to her feet and hooks her arm around her head and lifts her into the air with a vertical suplex. Niobe manages to slip out and falls behind Crystal. Niobe then grabs her shoulder and spins her around quickly and kicks her in the stomach. Niobe then lifts Crystal in the air and plants her into the mat with a powerful spinebuster that rattles the ring. The crowd pops with cheers as Niobe then mounts herself on top of Crystal and begins to send a flurry of punches to her head and body. Crystal tries to guard herself but fails as each punch gets thrown to a different part of the body. Niobe then grabs Crystal by the head and headbutts her with all her might. The two heads collide and Niobe rolls over and falls to her back. The two lay there, motionless as the ref begins to count them both out.
The two begin to slowly move and rolls opposite directions.
Niobe gets to her feet first as the ref stops his count. She walks over to Crystal, holding her head in pain. Niobe draws back and lands a huge punch to Crystal’s forehead that knocks her back a few steps. Niobe the lunges forward and rakes Crystal’s eyes. Crystal falls back to the ropes and bounces back only to get taken to the mat with a rolling snapmare. Crystal sits in the upright position as Niobe jumps up and runs towards the ropes in front of Crystal. When Niobe comes back, she flips over Crystal, grabbing her head and slamming it to the mat as she flips over.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe still has a lot of fight left in her.”
VASSA: ”Morgan isn’t too thrilled about that!”
Niobe quickly gets up and then runs to the ropes again, opposite of Morgan, and when she returns to the center of the ring she drops a quick elbow drop across the throat of Crystal. Crystal rolls around the mat, holding her throat from the pain. Niobe then runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle once more. As Crystal rolls to the center of the ring, on her back, Niobe looks down at Crystal for a brief moment.

JOHNSON: ”This could be it! Niobe’s waiting for the opportunity to hit either the Hallucination or Phantasm Horror!”
VASSA: ”Oh, what now?!?!”
Morgan quickly jumps on the apron and the ref moves in on her without hesitation. He orders for Morgan to get down as Niobe stands on the top of the turnbuckle watching. Morgan then hops off from the apron, holding onto the top rope, shaking it. Niobe loses her balance and leaps towards Crystal in the center of the ring with a sloppy corkscrew elbow drop. Crystal quickly rolls out of the way as Niobe crashes into the mat and misses. The ref turns his attention to Morgan on the outside and begins yelling at her as Crystal slowly gets up.

JOHNSON: ”Using the ropes to get down, as innocent as it looked, put Niobe in harms way.”
VASSA: ”I think Larry is getting sick and tired of the interference from Morgan tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”She hasn’t really done anything to justify a disqualification but I don’t know how much longer he can allow this.”
VASSA: ”The two have hated each other for weeks now and after tonight, it’s only going to get worse!”
Crystal gets to her feet and makes her way towards Niobe who is on one knee, struggling to get up. Crystal draws back and delivers a stinging slap across Niobe’s face that sends her spinning to the mat. Crystal then grabs Niobe by the hair and yanks her to her feet. Niobe finds a surge of energy and pushes Crystal back a few steps. Niobe then lunges forward with a clothesline but misses as Crystal ducks underneath. Morgan then jumps back on the apron and yells at Niobe, grabbing her attention. Niobe walks over to Morgan and the two exchange words before the ref gets in between them and forces Morgan to step down. Niobe takes a step back and then slowly turns around only to catch a foot to the chin with a hard superkick from Crystal.

JOHNSON: ”The Heartbreaker!!!”
VASSA: ”Indeed it was with help from Morgan on the outside.”
Niobe falls to the mat and Crystal slowly covers, hooking her leg.

VASSA: ”Crystal wins it! This one is over.”
JOHNSON: ”And with a little help from Morgan tonight.”
VASSA: ”Morgan has made it a point to get involved since the sound of the bell. It looks like it worked in their favor tonight as Crystal picks up the win over Niobe.”
“All About Me’ begins to play over the building as the ref raises Crystal’s arm in the air. Morgan climbs in the ring and celebrates with Crystal before rolling Niobe to the outside of the ring with nudges from her feet. Morgan holds up one of Crystal’s arms as the ref holds up the other.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall… CRYSTAL TAYLOR!!!”
The two continue to walk around the ring with their arms in the air as Niobe slowly comes to on the outside of the ring. Crystal and Morgan just look down at her with smirks on their face as the music continues playing.

VASSA: ”Morgan definitely has it out for Niobe.”
JOHNSON: ”She sure does! Lets go backstage for a moment while we clear the ring for our next match on the card.”


VASSA: “Up next Steve is one of my favorite people on the 4CW’s roster. I am looking forwarding to seeing the Queen’s reign continues!”
JOHNSON: “Do you really think you have a chance with her? Vinny, she’s way out of your league! Hopefully, somebody soon puts her in her place.”
VASSA: “You’re just mad because she doesn’t like you, Steve. Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”
JOHNSON: “Well, you don’t get points for originality Vinny, but anyway, we take you guys to the ring for the next match between Jensen Knickerbocker and Kandi Washington!”
POWERS: “The following is a standard singles match and introducing first…”
“Bitch, please” by Jefferee blares throughout the 4CW’s sound system as the fans rise to their feet booing as loudly as they possibly can while pink and white strobe lights flash through the arena.

POWERS: “Hailing in from Las Vegas, Nevada and accompanied by her bodyguard Ice… KANDI WASHINGTON!!”
Kandi Washington struts out from behind the velvet entrance curtains as she pauses at the top of the ramp. She places her hand on her right hip as she smirks at her booing fans and standing slightly behind her is the vicious Ice. Kandi Washington proceeds down the ramp as her tightly pulled ponytail bounces from side to side as she ignores the fans waving to her and shouting at vulgarities her way as she makes her way to the ring apron. She turns to the stairs as Ice pulls herself onto the apron. Kandi makes her way along the apron and Ice opens the ropes as Kandi ducks down underneath the second rope. She enters the ring and raises her arms in the air motioning to the fans to keep booing and chants coming. Ice follows her inside the ring and stands in the corner with her arms folded across her chest, just glaring across the arena. Kandi starts to strut around her ring, looking down at her nails and waiting for her opponent as her theme music comes to an end.

POWERS: “And introducing her opponent…”
“The Final Countdown” by Europe begins to play over the speakers.

POWERS: “Hailing in from Sims City… JENSEN KNICKERBOCKER!!”
Jensen takes her time getting to the stage, so that the intro of her music plays. She skips out, blowing kisses to the fans. Once at ringside, she climbs the steps and enters under the top rope. She walks to the center of the ring, blows a few more kisses to the fans before skipping to her corner and waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: “Jensen is definitely hoping to knock Kandi off her pedestal, but I don’t think she’ll be able to do it. How about you, Steve?”
JOHNSON: “Jensen does have the fans on her side that’s for sure, but it’s going to be a tough one, especially with Kandi’s she-male at ringside.”
When the bell sounds, Jensen wastes no time to confront Kandi, but Kandi shoves her back. As Jensen looks at her, she dashes toward her and hops up onto Kandi as they both fall to the mat. Jensen starts to bang her head against the mat as the referee quickly tries to separate the two. Kandi rolls herself out from under Jensen and slides out of the ring. Jensen starts arguing with the referee as Kandi holds the side of her head.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Jensen managed to get an early advantage Vinny. Let’s see if she can keep it.”
VASSA: “Come on Kandi!”
Jensen runs at the ropes and slides out as Kandi starts to run around the ring. Kandi makes it halfway around before reentering the ring, but as Jensen slides in after her she’s met with hard kicks and stomps to the back as Kandi is keeping her from standing up. Kandi leans down and grabs Jensen’s by the hair and slams her face first onto the canvas. Jensen rolls over to her back and Kandi stands on her hair as she starts yanking up by the wrists.

VASSA: “Yes! Kandi is showing her dominance as she tears and yeans at Jensen’s hair.”

JOHNSON: “Kandi better be careful she doesn’t get herself disqualified.”

Kandi is forced to break the hold a few seconds later and as the referee tries to inform her on the rules, SLAP! She slaps the referee and as she turns back to Jensen, Jensen tackles her to the mat. Kandi wraps her legs around Jensen with a modified body scissors hold and gets her into a front headlock as Jensen tries to battle out with shots to the kidneys. The referee slouches over and he is trying to once again separate the ladies a part.

JOHNSON: “I’m surprised he better disqualify after that slap, but it looks like these are trying to try out for the MMA.”
VASSA: “I have always knew Kandi was versatile.”
As they are ripped part, Jensen bum rushes Kandi to only get a thumb to both eyes. Kandi pushes her back in the corner and extends her right leg up as she starts to choke Jensen relentlessly while holding the ropes for leverage. The referee starts to count…
Kandi breaks the hold. As she starts to move away, she turns back and latches onto Jensen’s hair and spins her halfway around being tossing her clear across the ring.

VASSA: “I thought Kandi was going to be DQ’d there.”
JOHNSON: “So did she obviously, but it looks like Kandi is not letting Jensen get much time to rest.”
Jensen staggers up to her feet and Kandi bolts across the ring with a clothesline, but Jensen falls to her knees. As Kandi turns around, she’s met with a throat thrust. Kandi starts grasping for air as she holds her neck. Jensen grabs her by the pretty blonde hair and chugs her into the middle of the ring. As she grips the tights, Kandi with a high knee to the midsection: she grabs Jensen by the hair and hops up off the mat as she drills Jensen’s face with a sit-out facebuster.

VASSA: “Oh and Jensen bites the dust on that one!”
Kandi hooks the leg:
NNOOO! And Jensen kicks out just in the nick of time!

JOHNSON: “It was a very close call for Jensen right there Vinny. I thought Kandi had her.”
As Kandi is the first one up to her feet, she looks down at Jensen who’s holding her face as she takes a moment to regoup. Kandi makes her way to the corner and off onto the ring apron. She starts to climb up the turnbuckle. Jensen is stumbling to her feet as she swirls around, still dazed. Kandi leaps off the top rope with a somersault senton.

VASSA:“She calls this the Flying Cunt!”
JOHNSON:“Well, at least she’s accurate in what she is.”
She very provocatively covers Jensen with her hand over the face of Knickerbocker as the referee slides down to the mat.

VASSA: “And this one should be over!

JOHNSON:“Jensen has just got her shoulder up right at the count of three and the match continues!”
VASSA:“Kandi is absolutely livid!”
Kandi slaps her hands against the canvas and she pushes herself up off the mat. She makes her way to the corner as Jensen looks to be crawling toward the ropes. Kandi runs out from the corner and she drives her shin right into the temple of Jensen with a wicked punt!

JOHNSON:“Oh no, Jensen has to be out cold after an assault like that!”
VASSA:“Kandi got the Final Lick in and that’s all for Jensen Knickerbocker tonight!”
Kandi places her foot on Jensen’s chest and she blows a kiss to the booing fans right before she yells at the referee to count.

JOHNSON: “What an arrogant way for her to cover.”
The referee starts calling for the bell.

VASSA:“It looks like Kandi will be continuing her reign of terror on the 4CW.”
“Bitch, please” by Jeffree Starr starts to play over the p.a. system as the referee raises her arm in victory.

POWERS: “And here is your winner by via pin-fall… KANDI WASHINGTON!”
As Kandi pulls her arm away, she starts stomping down on Jensen Knickerbocker as Ice enters the ring. As Ice enters the ring, Kandi starts yelling at her to pick her up and destroy her as she very vindictively watches on in satisfaction.

JOHNNSON: “Oh enough is enough for Christ sake Kandi!”
As Ice has her hand around the throat of Jensen, Michelle races down the ramp with a huge pop from the crowd. As she slides inside the ring, Kandi runs toward her to only get a clothesline from Michelle. Ice tosses Jensen down and grabs Michelle from behind, but Michelle surprises the world with a modified stunner.

VASSA: “Michelle is getting a little bit of revenge and I don’t like it one bit!”
Kandi is outside retreating as Michelle turns around to Ice and clocks her with a spinning roundhouse kick to the mouth.

JOHNSON: “And goodnight Ice as Michelle decks her with the Singing Ch-elle-gram!”
Michelle checks on Jensen as Ice rolls out of the ring and “Queen of the Reich” starts to play as she stares up at the ramp, pointing in disgust. Kandi is on the entrance pointing and yelling obscenities back at Miss Michelle.

JOHNSON: “It looks like the playing field has been set as these two ladies continue to add coal to their fire. Who will prove to be the true queen of 4CW?”
VASSA: “My money is on the beautiful and sexy Kandi Washington. Oh boy, I think I need a change of pants!”
JOHNSON: “That was something I didn’t need to know Vinny, but thanks for the visual. As for these ladies, I think Michelle is hungry.”

The cameras cut towards the big screen where they see Stefan on the beach and palm trees behind him as he looks straight towards the camera with a smile on his face as he begins to speak.

RAAB: “So everyone must be wondering where I am this week. I’m on holiday in the Caribbean by my anger doctor’s advice to calm my anger down since I have a very bad temper and he said I needed to chill out and luckily for you idiotic American fans, I’m not going to be at 4CW event tonight.”
That raised a lot of cheers from the fans as Stefan didn’t care about the fans cheering for that as he wanted to be hated and he had a lot to say regarding his Action Packed Team who are in the main event tonight and continues to speak.

RAAB: “Tonight I heard my team are going up against the team that beat me and Joe a couple of weeks ago Beauty and The Best who I think are a complete joke in the wrestling business and they seem to think their win against me and Joe wasn’t a fluke. In my opinion it was and Mike and Christian just got lucky, but you boys are right about one thing, I haven’t been pinned since I’ve been in 4CW because I’ve improved on my wrestling skills thanks to my trainer Chris Richards, Jason Cashe, Joe Dobbs and Tidus Howe for helping me out hence why Action Packed are going completely destroy you sickening piece of garbage team you pricks really are to 4CW”
There was boos from the crowd as Stefan smiled as he got a reaction from the fans and he continued to speak.

RAAB: “You lot are the most childish team I’ve ever come across in my wrestling career yet naming yourselves after a disney film as if anybody’s going to be impressed with that. I’m certainly not and nor are Jason or Joe impressed with what you’ve done in wrestling because here’s the facts. You haven’t done anything worthy to prove yourselves true challengers for the tag titles. Me and Joe have been in 4CW day in and out proving that we are threats for the belts regardless of that poxy win Mike and Christian got over us”
Stefan got his words out about the match two weeks ago and continues to speak once more about two weeks time.

RAAB: “If you guys think that I’m not going to come back to 4CW to wrestle again, you’re dead wrong because from two weeks time onwards, I’m gonna come back to 4CW and destroy whoever my opponent is and destroy them in my own style since I haven’t had a singles match for a while and that’s what I want a singles match against anybody on the roster. Jason deserves the title more than you guys think cos he’s worked hard to get it, but you sickening and the beast idiots expect to get things handed to you. That’s not the 4CW way. Prove yourselves tonight against Cashe and Dobbs and we’ll see where you guys are stacked. See you and the rest of you scums in two weeks time with changes waiting to be made by Action Packed team by then.”
Stefan finished up talking as the cameras switched to ringside for the next match taking place in the ring.

The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Mannie & his Posse emerge to a wave of boos, Mannie & Jacinta are lead to the ring by Alec Quartermain; Mannie & Jacinta are taking their time while basking in the hate. The trio then proceeds to enter the ring via the ring-steps, as a cameraman leans on the ropes for them. Afterwards a mic is then handed to Mannie from a stagehand, as the boos begin to die down a little bit. Mannie then taps the mic to calm down the rest of them, while Jacinta & Alec stand around proudly awaiting his comments.

MANNIE: *Coughing* “Is this thing on?” *Tapping on the mic some more* “Hey Baby!” *Looking at Jacinta* “I need your help…” *Pointing his finger, while lowering his mic down*
‘The Lovely’ Jacinta Perez steps on over to Mannie, as she slips her dainty hands around the microphone. ‘The Loud Mouth Vixen’ then proceeds to start stroking it in a “Sexually-Suggestive” manner. This gesture by Jacinta sends the male audience and surprisingly even some of the females to go wild as well.

POWERS: My Lawd!
JOHNSON: *Gawking* ”Would you look at that technique Vinny?”
VASSA: *Gawking as well* ”Yes Steve, I can see it and it’s extraordinary.” *Pulling out a bottle of lotion from under the table* “As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen such a technique so expertly applied since ‘Real Sex: 27”
JOHNSON: *Looking at Vassa in shock* ”You got to be kidding me? You really can’t be serious?”
VASSA: *Shrugging* ”What? It was really a good episode…”
Jacinta has now started to “blow on it” as the 4CW Universe can’t help but cheer her on. Mannie just relaxes while Alec hi-fives him.
She Is Awesome…Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!
She Is Awesome…Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!
She Is Awesome…Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

JACINTA: *Tongue-Kissing Mannie* ”How does it sound now Papi?”
MANNIE: *Smirking* ”Thanks Baby, I needed that.” *Surveying the theatre*
‘The Main Attraction’ waits a couple of moments before speaking, knowing that the chants needs to down first. So as he waits, Mannie leans on the top rope arrogantly.

MANNIE: *Smacking his teeth* ”Now that we got that shit out of the way, Red Pioneer would you please make your way here?”
The crowd goes into a complete silence, and a good minute and a half pass by with no sign of The Red Pioneer. Mannie begins to look frustrated and goes to speak again, but as soon as his voice becomes audible he’s cut off. “Save Me” by Damageplan ignites through the arena and all of the lights dim as the crowd begins to ignite in a roar of cheers.

JOHNSON: *Looks around* ”Well I can hear his music, but where is he?”
VASSA: *Scoffs and leans back in his chair* ”C’mon Steve, you can’t honestly believe that he’s going to show.” *Taps Johnson in the chest* “Sometimes you just know when you’re outmatched. This is no different. Red isn’t going to come down to this ring, he’s too smart for that.”
A spotlight casts up the ramp to look for him, but The Red Pioneer is nowhere to be seen. The crowd begins to die down as Mannie and his Posse begin to look at each other in confusion and borderline annoyance. All of a sudden a section of the crowd off to the side breaks into a roaring cheer. The spotlight flies up into that part of the crowd and The Red Pioneer can be seen bolting through the crowd toward the ring.

JOHNSON: *Gawks in amazement* ”There he is! The Red Pioneer is here!”
VASSA: *Almost falls out of his chair in disbelief* ”Does he have some kind of death wish? Look at him charge the ring. This man is clearly out of his damn mind!”
He leaps up on the apron once he reaches ringside, and crosses his arms as he gazes into the ring. The crowd continues to roar so loud that the cameras begin to shake. After a moment, a ringside assistant brings him a microphone. Without hesitation The Red Pioneer leaps down from the apron and dives under the bottom rope into the ring. Mannie and his Posse back up, allowing him some breathing room as he begins to pace back & forth.

MANNIE: *Holding his hands up* ”Hold it Buddy! I’m not here to fight, I just want to talk to you.”
RED PIONEER: ”Oh, you’re not here to fight? You’re not here to fight?” *Spins around to a large pop from the crowd* Well that’s funny, because all of these fans seem to think that you are Mannie. They seem to think that you came out here to let your mouth write another check that your ass can’t cash! Well, start writing Mannie. You want to talk? Talk. Please tell us, what level of bullshit are you out here to spew in an effort to bore us to death?
JOHNSON: ”He better be careful. From where I’m standing, Red is on the losing end of the numbers game.”
VASSA: *facepalm* ”Oh really Einstein? And exactly how long did it take you to come up with that conclusion?”
Alec begins to press forward, but Mannie holds him back. He then talks in his ear a bit, before commenting back at Pioneer.

MANNIE: *Nodding* “Okay Red, I can see that your on edge and I get that. But…” *Holding up his finger* “Don’t think for one second that I’m some type of bitch, because I will let Alec loose and he will end you!
The tension builds higher as the crowd immediately gets behind Red Pioneer.
FUCK HIM UP PIONEER, FUCK HIM UP…Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!
FUCK HIM UP PIONEER, FUCK HIM UP…Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!
FUCK HIM UP PIONEER, FUCK HIM UP…Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!
Mannie and his Posse hear the chants, but they choose to ignore them. However; judging by posture of Red, he seems to be more than ready for a fight.

MANNIE: ”So I take it Red that you want to along with everybody else, about what were my motives last week right?” *Eye-balling Red Pioneer*
Feeling the tension build, The Red Pioneer walks right up to Mannie and meets him chest to chest, and eye to eye.

RED PIONEER: *points at Alec*”Go ahead and let your bitch dog loose and watch what happens. Just don’t cry to me when I send him back home with a limp and a boot mark in his ass. You want to explain your motives? Well…” *Motions to the crowd* We’re listening.
JOHNSON: ”Can you feel that Vinny? The tension in this arena is so thick right now that you could cut it with a knife!”
VASSA: ”You ain’t lying Steve! I’m not even in the ring and I feel like I could drink an entire bottle of pepto right about now.”
Mannie smirks at Pioneer’s serious demeanor, as he keeps “The Glasgow Hooligan” at bay. However, it doesn’t keep Alec from having some choice words for Pioneer.

ALEC: *Flexing in aggravation* “That’s right Wanker just keep getting Cheeky, because all you’re going to do is Cheese-Me Off!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not sure if you had the pleasure yet Vinny; but I’ve seen some tapes of Alec Quartermain in training, and I can damn sure vouch for Mannie when he says that Alec needs to stay calm.”
VASSA: *Depressing a look of confusion* ”Yeah, yeah Steve I get that, but…” *Rubbing his stubble*
JOHNSON: ”But what?” *Staring back & forth at Alec and Vincent*
VASSA: ”Well, it’s just that…I mean…” *Rubbing his stubble harder* ”Hell Steve, I though he was suppose to be Scottish?”
JOHNSON: ”What are you talking about Vinny? You already knew that he was Scottish.”
VASSA: ”Yeah Steve that’s the thing, because I want to know why is speaking with a British accent?”
JOHNSON: ”You know what Vinny, you’re right…” *Twisting his mustache while giving Alec a blank expression*
Meanwhile back in the ring, Mannie and Jacinta have finally settled Alec down. Yet, The Red Pioneer is still mouthing off at him.

MANNIE: *Holding his up to Red* “Okay Pioneer, that’s enough.”
The banter continues, until Mannie decides to draw the final line.

Mannie proceeds to headbutt The Red Pioneer, as Pioneer drops to one knee. Mannie looks frustrated as he starts to talk into the mic again.

MANNIE: *Shaking his head & pointing* ”I tried to be patient with you and all you did was throw it back in my face, so you want an answer for last week Pioneer? Well I got your answer right here!”
Jacinta pops up from behind Mannie, by reaching inside of his sweatpants. Then she proceeds to feel on a round, long, dense object; once getting a good grip on it. Jacinta pulls it out with all of the female fans on-edge waiting to see. Yet, what actually comes out of Mannie’s pants isn’t what they expected. Because the object that Jacinta pulled out was a bunch of stapled papers.

MANNIE: ”See Red, what I have right here is your ticket to greatness.” *Waving the papers around* “See Red, all I was trying to do was help you, I was trying to give you something that nobody else here could offer you.”
Red Pioneer is still wobbling a bit from the impact of the blow, but he’s slowly making his way back up to his feet.

MANNIE: ”Listen to me Red, these people are going to lead you down a road of disappoint trust me. So let me help you, let me guide you? I can get you to the top Red and I can get there quicker than all them can.”
JOHNSON: ”Mannie seems very confident about what he can do for The Red Pioneer, but my question though Vinny is what can Mannie offer?”
VASSA: ”I’m not sure Steve, but I’m sure it’s something great” *Chuckling*
The Red Pioneer is finally on his feet as he leans back on the ropes, trying to collect his thoughts. Meanwhile Mannie inches closer and closer upon him with those papers.

MANNIE: ”So here’s what I’m offering Red…” *Unraveling the papers in-front of Red’s face* “Right here in my hand Red is a guarantee contract with both Ciroc and Adidas. I want you to read it clearly Red, because it’s only going to be offered one-time and one-time only. So all you have to do to earn it Red is one thing…” *Grilling Red face to face* “You want to know what that is Red?” *Looking around the theatre as everyone can’t take the suspense anymore* “See you all have to do Red; is do the same thing I was trying to do for you last week; and that’s clean yourself up and to get of the filthy, disgusting, grotesque mask!”
JOHNSON: ”Mannie can’t possibly believe that he can buy him off. Who does he think he is?”
VASSA: ”Now hold on Steve, he has a great point. Get rid of the mask and have two ironclad sponsors? This could be exactly what he needs.”
Mannie shoves the papers into his chest and hands him a pen. Red looks the papers over and then nods. He over looks the papers one last time before motioning for Alec to come over, as he is ready to sign them. Alec then walks over as he turns his back out wide as a base, and the crowd begins to ignite in a chorus of boos.

JOHNSON: ”He can’t be serious! What about all of this nonsense he’s been spewing about fighting for a cause?”
VASSA: ”One day you will learn that every man has his price Steve. It appears we’ve found his.”
Red leans in and goes to sign the contract, but at the very last second he brings the pen up and draws a mustache on Alec! The big man leans backwards in shock and Red levels him with a thundering superkick! He takes the mic from a now shocked Mannie and delivers his rebuttal.

RED PIONEER: ”You make me sick Mannie. Do you really think that I would just sell out so easily? I could give a fuck less about your sponsorships and about time in the limelight.” *Red notices Jacinta moving toward his flank and he motions as if to deliver another superkick, but pulls up short. Scared at the prospect of getting her head turned around, Jacinta screams and rolls out of the ring to cheers from the crowd.* So my answer to your offer is this Mannie.
Red tosses the mic at Mannie, and when he catches it he also receives a kick to the midsection. Red brings a hard knee up right across his jaw that sends him sprawling back into the corner, and he turns around right into Alec Quartermain. Alec swings a hard right and connects with Red and knocks him back a few steps. Red then bursts forward and hits Alec with a right of his own followed by another and another. Red then runs to the ropes and bounces back, leaps in the airs and knocks Alec down with a flying lariat. By the time Red gets up, Mannie naisl him with a few clubs over the back and then a hard double axe handle than knocks him to the mat.Alec slowly gets up and grabs Red and holds him. Mannie then draws back slowly and swings with all his might with a hard right. Red stomps on Alec’s toe, breaks free and doges at the last moment. Mannie connects with Alec as Red drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Mannie quickly checks on Alec while Red climbs over the barricade and walks backwards through the crowd, keeping his attention inside the ring.
Alec shakes it off and turns towards Red in a furious rage as Mannie begins to yell at him over the crowd. Red makes his way to a side entrance and exits as Mannie and Alec just continue to watch, angry from what just happened in the ring. Mannie and his Posse are beginning to leave the ring, as the lights in the arena go out. The eerie sound of thunder and lightning can be heard over the PA, as the arena begins to strobe purple light. The sound stops, as does the strobe. A few moments later, the lights come back on, and we see “Young” Mannie standing in the middle of the ring, wondering what’s going on. But, behind him…

VASSA: ”Steve, look!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh my God! Oh my God! That’s… That’s… That’s…”
VASSA: ”We know who’s symbol that is!”
Behind Mannie, hanging from the rafters and floating in the ring, is a Triquetra, the symbol synonymous with the Enforcer of Sorrow, Nathaniel Havok.

JOHNSON: ”Mannie might want to turn around, Vinny!”
VASSA: ”Maybe not! I wouldn’t!”
Mannie turns around with a smug look on his face, and his facial expression immediately goes to one of shock.

JOHNSON: ”Mannie looks like he’s going to get sick!”
VASSA: ”This has to be a joke! Havok is retired!”
JOHNSON: ”I’ve heard rumors, we all have! I guess it’s true! But, why Mannie?”
VASSA: ”Who cares? Nathaniel Havok is coming to 4CW!”
The lights go back out. The sound of thunder and lightning can be heard once again, as the purple strobes continue as well, with a voice-over from the one and only Nathaniel Havok.

HAVOK: ”Mannie, I’ve waited 4 years for this. You were never in my league, so I never got the chance. But these days, you’ve grown a big head. You’re just the first one on my list of many. Former APW Megastars, each and every one of them. Starting with YOU! Nathaniel Havok has come to 4CW. But more importantly, Nathaniel Havok, the Source of all Evil, the Enforcer of Sorrow, has come for your SOUL!”
The voice-over stops, but the strobe and sounds of storms continue. Once again, we go pitch black. When the lights come back on, the symbol is gone. Standing in the ring, is only Young Mannie, with a look of concern on his face.

VASSA: ”Steve, this is bad! This is very bad!
JOHNSON: ”This all started on Twitter with our World Champion. “Young” Mannie got involved, and now it seems as if Nathaniel Havok has had enough!
VASSA: ”Nathaniel Havok! He’s back! He’s 4CW!”
Mannie looks around at the crowd, who is psyched about the news. His look of worry, turns into a cocky look. However, you can easily tell that his cocky look is a facade. The worry can be seen in his face.

JOHNSON: ”We need to take things backstage! We’ll be back!”
VASSA: ”Havok is back, Steve! Nathaniel Havok!”

“The Pirate” JIMMY BARON VS. “Superhero” ROXI JOHNSON

JOHNSON: ”Next we have ourselves what could be an aerial showcase. Impressive newcomer, Jimmy Baron is going to take on Roxi Johnson.”
VASSA: ”Why do they call her Superhero?”
JOHNSON: ”Why don’t you just ask her after the match?”
VASSA: ”It just doesn’t make any sense. She’s a woman. A woman superhero is called a heroine.”
JOHNSON: ”Then why bother calling Jimmy a pirate…Pirates haven’t existed for centuries.”
VASSA: ”I’m just saying…and Pirates do exist. Apparently you’ve never heard of Somalia.”
POWERS: ”Our first competitor comes to you out of Key West, Florida weighing in at two hundred, twenty pounds and standing six foot, three inches… He is “The Pirate”, Jimmy BBAARROONN!!!”
The lights dim as “He’s a Pirate” begins to play over the sound system. A giant, waving, black pirate flag – the symbol identical to the ones on Jimmy Baron’s tights – appears on the big screen as “The Pirate” Jimmy Baron comes running full-tilt from the backstage area. As he descends the entrance ramp, he briefly stops to motion to the crowd before breaking back into a run as he laps the ring. Upon completing his lap, Jimmy slides under the bottom rope and quickly bounds back to his feet. After making a quick circuit of the ring and again motioning to the fans, Jimmy drops to one knee in the center of the ring, both arms outstretched as he basks in the adulation of the fans. Hopping back up, he discards his linen shirt and waits for his opponent to make his way to the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Regardless of whether or no he’s a real pirate or it’s just a silly moniker, this kid had a very impressive debut against Mark Brooks two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”We’re still in the relative early stages of 4CW but Jimmy Baron could be going places!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s been a lot of names which have tried to show their god given talent so far. Management is working hard to figure out who the first challenger to the 4CW South-West Championship is going to be.”
VASSA: ”Maybe it could be Jimmy Baron!”
POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to you out of Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred and fifty six pounds, Superhero… ROXI JOHNNSOOOONNN!!!”
“Help Is On The Way” plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

VASSA: ”Roxi has been on a bit of a tail spin, losing the tag match against Raab and Dobbs, and then dropping a hard fought battle against Jason Cashe.
JOHNSON: ”Curbing a young man’s budding career would be a nice way to turn things in the right direction.”
VASSA: ”It sure would Steve, maybe even keep her in the talks for the first official challenge to the 4CW South-West Championship…”
The ref signals for the bell as the match officially begins.
Baron and Roxi converge in the center of the ring as the match commences. They briefly circle one another before locking up with a collar and elbow tie up. As they jockey for position Baron is able to catch Roxi with a side headlock. Before he could really synch it in Roxi backs up against the ropes and then pushes the pirate off of her. Baron returns off the ropes and drives his shoulder into her sternum, flattening out Roxi. Baron stares down at his opponent and begins jawing at her. She quickly gets back to her feet with a surprising kip up. Before Jimmy could amount anymore offense Roxi drop kicks the taste out of his mouth! Baron gets back to his feet and is met with a second drop kick that looks equally as devastating.
Baron stumbles to his feet and finds himself backed into the corner. He charges Roxi and is flipped over with an arm drag takedown. As he gets to his feet Roxi flips Jimmy inside out with a head scissor takedown. Jimmy rolls under the bottom rope trying to buy a moment of time to collect his composure. Roxi climbs out of the ring and stands on the apron waiting for her opponent to turn around. She runs along the apron and takes Jimmy out with a flying senton! The crowd roars in awe of Roxi’s high risk maneuver that caught Jimmy completely off guard. The referee sticks his body out between the middle and top ropes warning Roxi to take the fight inside the ring.

VASSA: ”I don’t think Jimmy was expecting this much fight out of Roxi! Especially this early in the match.
JOHNSON: ”Well even though she has had a rough go at it the last few matches, Roxi is a seasoned vet in that ring who shouldn’t be taken lightly!”
VASSA: ”Well now he knows that!”
Roxi made her way back into the ring and is waiting for her opponent. Baron cautiously climbs to the apron without taking an eye off Roxi. Roxi walks to the ropes near one of the corners and sits on the middle rope while pushing up on the top rope, inviting Jimmy into the ring. He storms the ring and quickly ducks a lariat attempt. Roxi turns around towards Baron and gets mule kicked in the gut. Jimmy pushes up on Roxi’s chest to stand her fully upright before striking her with a knife-edge chop! Roxi covers up her chest while cringing in pain. Jimmy pries her arms free before connecting with a second knife-edge chop the puts Roxi against the ropes. Jimmy throws Roxi across the ring with an Irish whip. On the rebound he slams her to the mat, back first, with a belly to belly suplex! Jimmy quickly hops to his feet connects with a falling knee drop the targets her neck/shoulder area. Roxi thrashes around before Jimmy straightens her out on the mat. He leaps in the air and comes crashing down across her neck with a standing leg drop. Jimmy rolls onto Roxi for the cover.
Roxi is able to roll to her side, lifting one of her shoulders off the mat in the process breaking up the count.

JOHNSON: ”Baron seems to really be trying to keep Roxi grounded. A smart strategy…”
VASSA: ”Roxi is at her most dangerous when she is soaring through the air! If he can wear her down and keep her on the mat, he’ll be victorious again!”
Baron lets the close pinfall roll right off of his back and keeps focused on his opponent. He moves down towards Roxi’s lower body and yanks on her left leg. He kicks her hamstring as he tries to hyperextend her knee. He places her leg on the mat drives his knee down onto the inside of hers with a falling knee drop. Baron straightens her leg out before targeting the same area with a second falling knee drop. He lifts her to feet and she hobbles around as he pulls her by an arm. Jimmy whips her hard into the corner and follows up with a running knee to the midsection. Jimmy keeps her pushed up against the turnbuckles and targets her left knee again. He intertwines it with the middle rope and uses the ropes to help with leverage as he tries to bend the knee in ways it’s not meant to.
He takes a step back and runs parallel with the ropes. He bounces back and charges Roxi, delivering a running drop kick to her exposed left knee that’s caught up in the ropes! Roxi flops to the ground, immediately clutching at her left knee. Baron seizes the moment and grabs Roxi by her wounded leg and drags her to the middle of the ring. He flips her over and locks in a single leg crab! He sits back and keeps a tight hold on her leg, torquing her knee and lower back! The ref slides into position to looking for the tap out. He repetitively asks Roxi if she wants to quit but the fire is still burning inside her as she claws and crawls her way towards the ropes. She extends her arm out, only a mere finger tip from the ropes when Baron releases the hold. He jumps to her upper body and drops an elbow right between the shoulder blades that knocks the wind out of Roxi.

VASSA: ”I don’t think Baron had any intentions of finishing the match with that submission!”
JOHNSON: ”I think you’re right partner. I think he was letting her burn up some of her energy hoping she’ll tire herself out.”
Jimmy lifts Roxi and holds her up with a front face lock. He tucks her arm behind him and gets a good grip of her waist. Jimmy goes for a snap suplex but Roxi turns her body in midair and comes down across his chest. The ref quickly slides in to count the pinfall.
Jimmy bucks his hips, tossing Roxi off of him. He’s to his feet before Roxi could even get to all fours. He reaches down to get ahold of Roxi but she surprises him with a small package cradle. The ref once again gets into position to make the count.
Jimmy powers out of the cradle and gets to his feet. He turns to see Roxi using the ropes to assist herself to her feet. She turns towards Jimmy and he tries for a back body drop. On the way down Roxi wraps her arms around his waist and rolls him backwards with a sunset flip! The ref once again get into position for another quick pin attempt.
Jimmy kicks Roxi in the face while flailing his legs to break the pin attempt. He charges Roxi who’s on all fours, still feeling the effects from that kick. Jimmy is caught off guard again, this time with a drop toe hold the sends him crashing through the bottom and middle ropes to the arena floor. Roxi rolls under the ropes and stands up on the apron. She grabs the top rope while watching her opponent over her shoulder. Once Jimmy Baron stands up Roxi springboards herself off the middle rope and takes her opponent out with an Asai Moonsault! Both competitors are now down at ringside and the official is left with no other choice than to start his ten count.

JOHNSON: ”What a series of pin attempts from Roxi! What a shame she couldn’t steal a win with one of those pinfalls.”
VASSA: ”Yeah but she curbed all the momentum Jimmy Baron had. It’s like its a whole new match.”
JOHNSON: ”Not if they don’t get back into the ring. The ref is up to five of his ten count already!”
Roxi manages back to her feet and rolls into the ring.
Jimmy climbs up onto the apron to break up the count. He stumbles into the ring while Roxi charges the nearest turnbuckle. She leaps onto the middle rope and springs backwards towards her opponent. She grabs Jimmy with a front face lock and whips her body around for added momentum while spiking him head first with a modified tornado DDT! She quickly hops up to her feet and runs towards the ropes, leaping over Jimmy who’s laying on his back. She jumps up onto the second rope and soars backwards through the air with her version of the lionsault which she calls Reality Bites. Roxi stays on top of Jimmy and hooks his leg for the pin attempt.
Baron barely gets a shoulder up before the refs hand hits the mat for a third time.

VASSA: ”This is exactly what Baron was trying to prevent earlier in the match!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s like every time you turn around she’s bouncing and flying from a different direction!”
Roxi lifts Jimmy up to his feet and whips him across the ring. Baron bounces back and heads towards Roxi. She flips him through the air with a tilt-a-whirl but Baron lands on his feet. He immediately goes to plant a boot into Roxi’s midsection but she catches his foot. Baron smiles while hopping around on one foot. He surprises Roxi with an enziguri kick that nearly knocks her out cold! Baron takes the moment to climb outside the ring. He holds onto the top rope tightly from the apron and watches as Roxi begins to stir. Baron launches himself up, spring boarding off the top rope and driving his feet through Roxi with a springboard missile drop kick! Baron quickly hooks Roxi’s leg looking for the pin.
Roxi explodes one of her shoulders off of the mat, breaking up the pin.

VASSA: ”What resilience by Jimmy Baron to come back after that flurry of attacks by Roxi…”
JOHNSON: ”This is a big match for both wrestlers and neither wants to let this one slip by! They’re leaving it all in the ring…”
Baron glares at the referee for a moment before refocusing on his opponent. He lifts Roxi up by her hair and holds her upright. He pushes her down to the ring with an STO over his knee. He pops back up without releasing Roxi and sends her up and over with a snap suplex that connects! His eyes wander towards the nearest turnbuckle and a lightbulb goes off in his head. He quickly climbs the ropes while Roxi is still out on her back. He dives through the air looking for a senton bomb but Roxi instinctively rolls her knees up to her midsection, driving them right into the small of Baron’s back! Roxi crawls towards her opponent and in a fit of adrenaline, hops to her feet, grabs Jimmy by a leg, steps over and locks in a STF in the middle of the ring! Jimmy quickly squirms in excruciating pain! He easily drags the much smaller Roxi towards the ropes and latches on, forcing the ref to count for the break!
Roxi releases the hold, using every last second of the refs count to her advantage.

JOHNSON: ”That was a phenomenal series of moves. Unfortunately Roxi didn’t have the strength to keep Jimmy Baron in the middle of the ring…”
VASSA: ”The woes of being a woman in a man’s world. Almost all the men she’ll wrestler are close to one hundred pounds heavier than her. It’s simple physics!”
JOHNSON: ”That doesn’t mean she’s not capable of beating any man in that ring…”
Both Roxi and Jimmy rise to their feet simultaneously. Jimmy tries to catch her off guard with a lariat that she ducks. Once Jimmy turns towards his opponent Roxi tries to kick his head off with a super kick that Baron sidesteps. Roxi quickly counters with a pele soccer kick that hits the mark. Baron drops down to his knees, dazed and confused. Roxi takes the advantage of opportunity and starts to tee off with kicks across Baron’s bare chest, each one getting closer and closer to knocking him backwards. After the third kick Baron catches Roxi’s leg and explodes up, lifting her into a power bomb. He marches around the ring and tries to slam Roxi down but she counters with a hurricanrana that she turns into a pin attempt!
No! Baron powers out of the closest pin attempt in the match!

VASSA: ”I’m not sure about that one…That looked like a three count.”
JOHNSON: ”I think Roxi agrees. She is fired up! Regardless, this match is still on and she needs to let it go before it costs her!”
Roxi reaches down to lift Jimmy up off the mat. He nails her with a stiff elbow to the midsection that buys him a moments time. He rises to his feet and this time connects with and elbow to her face that rocks her! She staggers backwards and Jimmy grabs her by her arm. He whips her across the ring and follows pursuit. When they near the ropes Roxi leaps up onto the second rope and springboards backwards with a disaster kick which she calls Ray of Hope! She immediately lays across the stomach of Jimmy Baron and hooks the leg. The ref slides into position and the fans shout out the count with the ref.
The ref signals for the bell.

VASSA: ”She did it! Roxi gets the win!”
JOHNSON: ”If anyone ever needed a victory it was Roxi Johnson and it was tonight!”
Roxi rises to her feet, showered by applause from the live audience. “Help Is On The Way” by Rise Against blares over the PA system and the ref hoists her arm in the air as Mike Powers makes the official announcement.

POWERS: ”Here’s your winner, “Superhero” ROXI JOHNSON!”

In the ring, Perry Wallace stands with a microphone in hand as the crowd waits in silence, listening to what he has to say.

WALLACE: ”Ladies and gentlemen, first I want to thank you for joining us tonight here at the Capitol Theatre.”
The crowd begins to cheer as a smile comes to Perry’s face.

WALLACE: ”As you all know, as few weeks ago we crowned our first ever champion, our South-West Heavyweight champion, Jason Cashe. It’s been a fun trip and a joy to watch as we crowned our first ever champion. It brings me great pleasure to announce that we will be introducing a second championship to the 4CW scene. With the recent interests in tag team competition, I am proud to announce that we will be introducing a tag team championship!”
The crowd pops with cheer as Wallace paces around the ring, enjoying the sounds of the pleased crowd.

WALLACE: ”As you all know, it has always been a lifelong dream of mine to operate my own wrestling promotion and it is now a reality. Tag team wrestling is a true art form, something that can’t be imitated. We have a few teams on hand and we’ve been displaying their skills in the last few shows. Now it’s time to raise the bar and search for a team to represent 4CW as its tag team champions!”
The speakers then sound, interrupting Perry before he can continue.
Hey what’s wrong
Come quick Some losers wanna fight us
Oh Not again I’ll go get my gun
You must be loco to mess with us
Don’t you know we’re dangerous
We’ll kill U
We’ll kill U
As red spotlights flicker and faint sirens play behind the lyrics, Sky Tari Ocean drags an axe out over her shoulder to the top of the ramp. She swings it over her shoulder and slams it against the ramp as she throws it down. She turns to the entrance curtains and flicks her back code to the side, tilting her head back when STF walks out from the back. His head is slightly lowered as he makes his way to her. She cocks her head over the shoulder as she drops her coat down on the top of the ramp. She slides her finger down his chest and he licks her face. He looks up at Perry in the ring as soon as the DJ stops playing the music. He takes a microphone out from her coat jacket and brings his arm to around her shoulders.

STF: ”Whoa, whoa, hold it right there Mr. Wallace. Where’s the mother fucking introduction for Sex and Violence? Shouldn’t you be more focused on your money maker in the tag division than blowing smoke up on all these other’s asses? Where’s the respect, man?”
STF with his arm still around STO’s shoulders and he looks around the crowd.

STF: ”Now, I don’t want to get off on a sour note with you but we couldn’t help but listen we don’t know all you plan on giving a shot for these prominent tag titles, but we do know we are telling you Sex and Violence should be in the running, if not automatic number one contenders for the championships.”
He licks his lips as Sky stares down to the ring while rubbing her hand over STF’s stomach.

STF: ”We don’t mind if you put us against Sweet Annihilation, Power Trip, or even the Diamond Divas. If it soothes your heart, you can even grab two guys off the roster and toss them into the mix. The point I’m trying to make Mr. Wallace is you’re looking at the future of tag team wrestling. While we are the future of the division, we are not restrictive to it. Try not to even consider any other alternative because Sex and Violence will blow all other candidates out of the water.”
Before letting Perry resume on with his announcement, STF passes the microphone over to STO.

STO: “You don’t want to make it anymore nastier than shit is about to be in the coming of weeks of 4CW TV, so I would suggest you do as you were told, Mr. Wallace.”
She twirls the microphone in her hand as she sneers up at the ring to Perry while STF licks his lips, tilting his head up and listening closely to what he has to say.

WALLACE: ”Well, I’m glad you decided to join the announcement tonight. I don’t believe we included interruptions on your contract but you know, I’ll let it slide. You’re new to 4CW, both of you. You are a team. You two are hungry for gold and guess what, we will now be implementing a tag team championship. Now, I can’t just go and make you number one contenders without even seeing you two in the ring, in action. I’ll tell you what I can do…”
Perry paces back and forth in the ring, thinking for a moment. He then stops and turns his attention back towards the two and raises the mic to his mouth.

WALLACE: ”I will include you in the mix for our quest to determine two contending teams for the championships. Including you two, we have four official teams. I’m going to throw a curveball in the mix and create my own team of two randoms to represent the possibility that anything is possible and anything can happen with the right combination of skill and talent. Next week, I will book you two against the team of Jimmy Baron and The Red Pioneer!!!”
The crowd pops with a huge cheer as Perry cracks a grin from ear to ear. STF and STO nod their heads as Perry raises the mic to his mouth for one last word.

WALLACE: ”You want to make an impact? Here’s your chance…”
The three continue to stare at one another as the scene slowly fades.

The cameras open up backstage as Miss Michelle sitting on the bench in the locker room area when newly signed Julliet Brooks walks over to her. As Julliet’s gets closer, Michelle looks up to her with a warm welcoming smile.

MICHELLE: “Oh hey girl, I didn’t think you were in Salt Lake City tonight.”
JULLIET: ”I wasn’t going to show, but I took a later flight. I did manage to see your match.”
Michelle smiles.

MICHELLE: “It was a tough fight, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I thrive on challenges. Did you hear about the announcement Perry Wallace was going to make?”
JULLIET: ”No, I didn’t hear anything about the announcement. What was it?”
MICHELLE: “He’s going to make a statement about the tag team titles and you know we have recently formed the ‘Diamond Divas.’ I hope he considers us because the last thing we should be seen as are…”
Michelle pauses and points over to Julliet.

JULLIET: ”Just a couple of pretty faces. So when is he supposed to make the announcement Chelley?”
MICHELLE: “I guess later tonight. You do know Kandi’s monstrous tag team might be in the mix too, right?
Julliet shakes her head.

JULLIET: ”Oh great, dumb and dumber. I’m sure we can manage against them though because they might have the size in their advantage—we have the heart and determination it takes to wear the titles.”
MICHELLE: “This is the truth, but you can’t deny it’s going to be a rough patch to overcome, so our best bet would hope two bigger teams go head to head while we get one of the smaller teams.”
She stands up and she places her hand on the back of her neck as she cringes when she touches her neck. Julliet helps Michelle as they start to walk over to the door. The cameras go back out to the ring.


VASSA: ”Our next match we get to see Gordie James in action again against the Red Pioneer who was impressive two weeks ago against “Young” Mannie.”
JOHNSON: ”Gordie has brought the Rampage Wrestling championship to 4CW with him and has been given the opportunity to defend it in hopes of it being adopted by 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago Gordie competed in the extreme gauntlet in which Angel Kash walked away the winner. Needless to say, Perry was upset and called him lazy for his efforts.”
JOHNSON: ”Mr. Wallace is giving Gordie the opportunity to do what Rampage Wrestling never did and that’s to defend the championship. Gordie will face The Red Pioneer tonight in an extreme rules match. If Gordie disappoints, I don’t know what Mr. Wallace has in mind for him.”
VASSA: ”I bet he won’t be pleased… Anywho, Christopher Salieri will be our ref for this special match tonight. Gordie James has already made his entrance to the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”We have the Rampage Championship at the booth with us tonight while this match takes place.”
VASSA: ”Honestly, I’m not impressed at all. Why would Perry consider adopting this defunct championship?”
JOHNSON: ”Your guess is as good as mine but lets not worry with that now. It looks like Mike Powers is ready to announce The Red Pioneer and Christopher Salieri is ready to start the match.”
POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to you out of Prospect, Connecticut… weighing in at two hundred, seven pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches… He is the Red PIONEER!!!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan blasts out through the arena as the lights all dim. The Red Pioneer comes bolting out from the back, charging toward the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He runs over to the far corner and leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who is roaring their approval for him before dropping back to the mat and stretching before the match starts.

VASSA: ”The Red Pioneer’s been impressive since his debut in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes he has, very impressive. Last week he scored a victory over “Young” Mannie due to outside interference. Now we find him in an extreme rules match. I think he’ll be ready for anything.”
VASSA: ”This is Gordie’s last chance to prove to Perry that he is worth the talk about this defunct championship. I think Gordie is in for a rude awakening tonight.”
The ref signals for the bell as we officially begin the match.
Wasting no time, Pioneer runs at Gordie and flips in the air, kicking him in the jaw while in the process. Gordie falls back to the corner as Pioneer quickly hops up and delivers a series of chops to his chest. Pioneer then kicks Gordie’s shins a few times before reaching back and landing one last loud chop across the chest of Gordie. Pioneer then grabs him by the back of the head, pulls him away from the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Pioneer then jumps forward, slamming Gordie’s face into the mat.

Pioneer then rolls to the outside of the ring and walks over to the announcers booth. He grabs an empty chair and folds it up before tossing it in the ring, crashing on top of Gordie’s back. Pioneer then rolls back inside of the ring underneath the bottom rope and grabs the chair once he gets to his feet. Pioneer then slams the chair across the back of Gordie a few times as the sound cuts through the noise of the crowd. Pioneer then slams it on the back of Gordie’s knees a few times before tossing it aside and picking Gordie to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer isn’t wasting anytime on getting weapons involved in the match tonight.”
VASSA: ”That’s the object of the match, isn’t it?”
JOHNSON: ”After Mr. Wallace announcing the team of Jimmy Baron and The Red Pioneer as his special curveball team for the tag division, I wouldn’t be surprised that he came to The Red Pioneer personally to bring the pain on Gordie.”
VASSA: ”Perry was disappointed with Gordie last week and it’s no secret that he is pissed with the result of the extreme gauntlet. He’s taken it upon himself to adopt the Rampage Championship if Gordie can pass a series of challenges. By the looks of things, I think that is in the back of Perry’s mind now…”
Pioneer then lifts Gordie up and carries him around the ring at waist level. Pioneer then lifts him up a bit more before dropping his back across his knee with a pendulum backbreaker. Gordie bounces to the mat and Pioneer quickly climbs on top of him. Pioneer grabs Gordie by the head and slams it into the mat before jumping to his feet and stomping on Gordie. Gordie tries to defend himself from the stomping but fails. Pioneer then kicks him in the side and rolls him over. He then grabs Gordie by the ankle and lifts it into the air and slams it to the mat, crushing his knee into the canvas. Pioneer then rolls over and grabs the chair just before climbing to his feet. He then begins to hit it on the mat, taunting Gordie.

JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer isn’t letting up one bit. He’s relentless!”
VASSA: ”As each show passes and we see him in the ring, I start to like him more and more.”
JOHNSON: ”His masks frighten me…”
VASSA: ”And so do strip clubs…”
Pioneer continues to beat the chair on the canvas as Gordie slowly gets to his feet. The crowd cheers loudly as each thud echoes throughout the building. Gordie then gets up with his back turned to Pioneer. He slowly turns around only to Have Pioneer throw the chair at him. Gordie catches it in mid air and as soon as he does, Pioneer delivers a roundhouse kick to the chair, knocking it into Gordie’s face. Gordie flies back and flips over the top rope, crashing to the hard floor below.

The crowd erupts with cheers as Pioneer walks over to the ropes and looks down at Gordie. He then grabs the chair and stands by the ropes as Gordie slowly comes to. Once Gordie gets to his feet again, Pioneer runs to the ropes behind him. He bounces off and comes back, leaps in the air and lands on the top rope. He then springboards off the top rope and flies into the air with the chair in hand. Pioneer comes down and dropkicks the chair into Gordie’s face again. Pioneer crashes to the floor as Gordie slams back first into the barricade.

VASSA: ”This is awesome!”
Gordie’s arms drape over the barricade, holding himself up. Pioneer pushes himself up and gets to his feet. He then kicks Gordie in the stomach a few times and then gives one big kick to the shin. Pioneer then grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him away from the barricade. He drags Gordie towards the announcers booth.

JOHNSON: ”They’re coming right for us!”
VASSA: ”We have the best seat in the house. What’s The Red Pioneer doing with Gordie?”
Pioneer pulls him to the announcers booth and points at the Rampage Wrestling championship. He then presses Gordie’s face into it for a few moments before pulling his head back and slamming it down into the hard metal of the title. The crowd pops and Pioneer does it again, and again, and again. Pioneer then turns Gordie around and rolls him into the ring. He turns back towards the announcers booth and grabs the championship and tosses it into the ring. Pioneer then slides into the ring himself and grabs the championship from the canvas. He then spreads it across the mat, in the center of the ring and turns his attention to Gordie. At that very moment, Perry Wallace walks out from the back and makes his way to ringside.

VASSA: ”Perry Wallace has come down to the ring!”
Perry stands on the outside and watches the action on the inside. Pioneer looks at Perry who just nods at him. Pioneer then picks Gordie up and hooks his arm behind his back and other arm around his head. He then lifts Gordie in the air and flips him back, planting his head in the championship with a cradle hammerlock DDT.

JOHNSON: ”The Unmasking!!!”
VASSA: ”He Unmasked him on the defunct Rampage championship!”
JOHNSON: ”Mr. Wallace is enjoying this by the look on his face.”
VASSA: ”This match has been a brutal beatdown from the start but that right there is the final nail in the coffin.”
JOHNSON: ”This could be it!”
Pioneer then drapes the championship across Gordies body and covers him for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”The Red Pioneer wins it!!!”
The ref and Pioneer both get up as the ref raises his arm in victory.

POWERS: ”The winner by pinfall… The Red PPIIOONNEEEERR!!!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan begins to play over the building as the ref continues to hold Pioneer’s arm in the air. On the outside, Perry applauds as the fans cheer Pioneer on. Pioneer then looks down at the Rampage championship and picks it up and walks over to the side of the ring where Perry is. He reaches over the top rope and hands the title to Perry as Perry’s eyes light up with joy.

JOHNSON: ”He’s got it now! He said he would get it if Gordie failed to pass his challenge tonight.”
VASSA: ”What does this mean? We already have a South-West Heavyweight champion. We’re about to introduce a tag team championship. What now?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know, Vinny. Mr. Wallace does look pleased to have that championship in his hands though.”
VASSA: ”I hope he destroys that ugly thing!”
Pioneer continues to walk around the ring as his music plays and the fans cheer him on. Perry then walks towards the back with the championship, looking back to nod at Pioneer before exiting.

JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer has been impressive by far and tonight is just icing on the cake.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know if Perry plans to implement an extreme type championship but if he does, I think he found a champion with that performance tonight, and I don’t mean Gordie James!”
JOHNSON: ”Lets go backstage for a moment as we clear the ring and prepare for our main event.”


VASSA: ”Main event time!”
JOHNSON: ”…and what a main event it is! The trio known as Action Packed: Stefan Raab, Joe Dobbs, and Jason Cashe seek retribution for last weeks loss to Beauty & The Beast.”
VASSA: ”They’re swapping out Stefan Raab for the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Champion. Hoping that combination will prove to be too much for this impressive tag team of Christian Taylor and Mike Smith.”
JOHNSON: ”You have to wonder if there’s any chemistry between Dobbs and Kash, they’ll need it to stay competitive.”
VASSA: ”Please! Jason Cashe has proven to be the best talent on the roster. He doesn’t need chemistry to win matches.”
JOHNSON: ”He may be the best individual talent, but this is a tag team match and chemistry is crucial!”
The feed cuts from the announce crew to the ring announcer, Mike Powers, who’s standing in the ring by himself with a microphone in hand.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring, weighing in at 300 pounds, from Sacramento, California, Joe Dobbs!”
Lights go out as as the music begins to, play spot lights roam the crowd until coming to a fixed position on Joe at the top of the ramp. Focused on the ring he begins to walk forward not paying attention to anything else but the ring, the spot light follows him down. Joe slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. He stands up in the middle of the ring. He beats on his chest like a gorilla. He raises his arms in the air as the lights come back on.

”I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up”
As the chorus to “Grew Up A Screw Up” plays as Jason Cashe steps through the back curtain with the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship buckled around his waist as he steps onto the stage, he is met with cheers of many plus some deep bass boos from the haters. The chorus of the song plays but is spoken over as the Ring Announcer makes introductions.

POWERS: ”Introducing his partner, the Atlanta Born but Houston Representative, at two hundred and thirty pounds he is the Current 4CW South-West Heavyweight Champion!! “The INFLUENCE OF WRESTLING!” Jaaaasssooon…CAAASSSSHHE!!!”
”Ever since I was an embryo, waiting to shape up and ship out
Something in my brain said, “Wake up and kick out!”
Roberta and Wayne stayed up and flipped out
Cause when I came I was draped up and dripped out
Snip the umbilical, spit the government chip out
Peace up, A-Town down and then I dipped out
And oh my gosh, the Osh Kosh was picked out
I slipped in, even my baby stroller was tricked out
Somebody get him, the little homie’s out of control
Put a little bit of rum in my bottle I’ll dream about diamonds and gold
Gold gold, to grow from an infant to toddler was effervescent
The essence of adolescence got my body feeling freshen
freshing freshing, and it was a blessing to rhyme and start rapping
I was the best in my section with flows hard than erections
Still the best but now I’m grown with more range than a Texan
And I’m a heavyweight you dudes is lighter than my complexion”
As he heads to ringside, he rounds the corner he unbuckles the Championship and picks up speed as he leaps up on the ring apron, landing on one knee and pulling himself to his feet using the ropes and lifts the Championship high into the air above him. He dips through the ropes and enters the ring to a louder pop from the crowd. He makes a roof over his head with his hands for the cameras to see before handing the belt off to the referee and leans against the ropes. Ready for his dose of Action.

“Bad Guy” by Eminem hits the speakers and a booing crowd stand to their feet as they start chanting, “go away.”

POWERS: ”And introducing the opponents, representing Power Trip and being accompanied to the ring by Crystal Taylor at a combined weight of 547 pounds, they are the team of Mike Smith and Christian Taylor… BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!”
Mike Smith walks out from the back with Crystal Taylor at his side. She turns toward him and starts clapping as he perches his hands on his waist, staring at the booing crowd. Christian Taylor jogs out from the back and he hops on Mike Smith’s back with his legs fastening around his midsection. He raises his right fist to the ceiling and shouts, “we the bomb, bitches!” Remaining on Mike Smith’s back, Mike showing his true strength as he continues to walk normally down the ramp with Crystal beside him. They pass the fans as Christian pretends to want to backhand the booing fans. Once they make it to the bottom of the ramp, Christian hops off Mike’s back onto the apron and climbs up to the second rope, kneeling his knee on the top turnbuckle, looking through the audience. Mike pulls himself up on the apron and steps over the second rope. He walks to the middle of the ring as Crystal hustles up the steel stairs and dips down under the second rope as Christian backflips off the turnbuckle. He stands on the bottom rope and leans over the rope, blowing a kiss to the booing fans as Crystal smirks at her husband while standing beside Mike Smith in the middle of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Here we go…Action Packed versus Power Trip, round two!”
VASSA: ”I’ve got goosebumps! Look…”
JOHNSON: ”I think the entire building shares that feeling, this place is electric.”
VASSA: ”It looks like Cashe is refusing to give his championship over to the timekeeper.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know why it matters. Regardless, Cashe seems adamant about keeping his title in the corner with him…”
VASSA: ”Strange, Dobbs is in the ring, ready to go…Taylor and Smith seem to still be discussing who’s going to start this shindig off!”
JOHNSON: ”Taylor is climbing to the outside, The two behemoths are going to be getting things underway for us tonight!”
The ref signals for the bell as the match officially begins.
Joe Dobbs and Mike Smith meet in the center of the ring and quickly begin mouthing off to one another, neither backing down at all. Smith cocks his hand back and launches a huge haymaker. Dobbs gets a hand up and blocks the massive blow, returning one of his own that knocks Smith back a step. Smith cocks his hand back again trying for another massive strike. Dobbs gets his hand up again and this time rains down with a series of right hands that back Smith towards the ropes. Dobbs whips Smith across the ring and drops him with a big boot on the return. Taylor enters the ring without being tagged and tries to sneak up behind Dobbs. Dobbs turns before Taylor got within reach of him.
Taylor pumps on the breaks and puts his hands up, pleading with the big man to not hit him. He backs his way to his corner while Dobbs follows him. As if he has a sixth sense, he steps aside allowing a charging Mike Smith to crush Christian Taylor in the corner with an avalanche splash! Dobbs turns Smith around and flips him over his head with a back body drop! Dobbs turns his attention back to Christian Taylor who’s slumped in the corner. He grabs him with his two massive hands around Taylor’s throat and tosses him across the ring with a choke toss! Taylor slides under the ropes as Dobbs roars, pumped from his early success in the match.

JOHNSON: ”Dobbs is not happy about his performance from last week and he’s taking it out on both Taylor and Smith.”
VASSA: ”We’ll see if he can keep it up. It’s too early to put it all on Dobbs.”
Dobbs starts making his way to his teams corner. Before he gets to Jason Cashe, Mike Smith comes up behind and clobbers Dobbs with a forearm to the neck. Dobbs stumbles but quickly recovers. He turns around and explodes with a clothesline that drops Power Trip’s powerhouse. Smith quickly gets to his feet and Dobbs scoops him up and plants him down onto the mat with a sidewalk slam. Smith gets up again, albeit a little bit slower. Dobbs picks up Mike Smith again, spins him around and levels him out with a sit out spine buster! Dobbs stays on top of Smith looking for the pinball.
Taylor crashes down on Dobbs with an axe handle smash to his back breaking up the pin. Senior official Larry Collins pulls Taylor away and begins to warn him about interfering. Cashe continues to look on from the apron, barely moving since the opening bell. Dobbs staggers to his feet at the same time as Smith. Taylor pushes the official aside and charges Dobbs side by side with his partner. Dobbs explodes with a double clothesline that nearly decapitates both members of Beauty and the Beast. Taylor slides under the ropes and lays motionless on the apron as Smith stirs around the middle of the ring.

VASSA: ”Dobbs looks like a one man wrecking crew tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not too sure Cashe even wants anything to do with this match. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this disinterested inside the ring.”
Dobbs lifts Smith up and whips him into the corner. He follows pursuit and clotheslines the big man in the corner. He keeps ahold of Smith and whips him to the opposite corner. He follows that up with a second corner clothesline! He steps back and allows for Smith to stumble out of the corner. Dobbs plants a boot into Smith’s midsection that doubles him over. He quickly lifts him up and power bombs the enforcer into the turnbuckle! Dobbs marches around the ring, proud of his onslaught. While his attention is turned from his opponent Christian Taylor reaches in and tags his partner.
Taylor climbs the ropes and sits perched on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Dobbs to turn back around. Taylor soars through the air looking for a cross body but the unsuspecting Dobbs uses his strength to catch the much smaller Christian Taylor in mid air. He parades Taylor around the ring like a trophy before finally tossing him over his head with a fall away slam. Dobbs walks over to Taylor who’s laying right in front of Jason Cashe and reaches down, grabbing him around the waist and throwing him across the ring with a dead lift gut wrench suplex!

JOHNSON: ”He may not even need Cashe tonight with how he’s rolling!”
VASSA: ”This is some display of raw power on Dobbs behalf. I wonder if the pressure of living up to Cashe’s caliber has brought out a whole new Dobbs!”
Dobbs walks over to Taylor and lifts him up by his head. Taylor instinctively pokes Dobbs in the eyes to break free from his grasp. Dobbs blindly swings at Taylor who’s able to duck underneath the strikes. Taylor reaches up and grabs Dobbs by the head, lowering him down into a booming european uppercut. The force wasn’t enough to knock the big man down but it did knock him against the ropes. Smith had made it to his feet on the apron and reaches over the ropes, grabbing Dobbs’s arm and holding them behind his back. Taylor quickly starts to tee off on Dobbs with rights and lefts to the body that could drop any normal man.
Taylor quits punching and places his hand underneath Dobbs jaw, holding his head up. He slaps Dobbs across the face before running towards the opposite ropes. Dobbs manages to wiggle loose from Smith’s grasp and drops him off the apron with a back elbow! Taylor had built up too much momentum and couldn’t stop charging at Joe Dobbs who’s now standing tall. Dobbs bends down and back body drops Taylor high over the top rope all the way down to the buildings floor. Smith tries to jump back up to the apron but Dobbs drives his shoulder through his midsection, sending him flying into the security barrier!

VASSA: ”Oh man, here we go! Dobbs is making his way over to Jason Cashe.”
JOHNSON: ”Joe Dobbs has worn down the two members of Beauty and the Beast and is looking to sick the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Champion on them.”
VASSA: ”Not the guy you wanna see standing across from you while you’re reeling.”
Dobbs extends his hand out to Cashe but Cashe hops off the apron to avoid the tag. Dobbs looks at Cashe confused and begins jawing off to him. Cashe stands silently on the outside of the ring not saying a word to big Joe Dobbs. Dobbs turns back around as Christian Taylor slowly climbs his way back into the ring. Suddenly Cashe slides in underneath the bottom rope and grabs his championship belt that he had kept close by in his corner. Dobbs turns around in time to see Cashe clobbers him with the championship to the skull! Cashe looks down at his tag partner who’s unconscious for a moment before exiting the ring.

JOHNSON: ”What the hell was that!!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know, but the fans are giving Cashe an earful!”
Taylor crawls over to Dobbs and watches Cashe as he makes his way to the entrance ramp. Cashe stops at the foot of the ramp and watches as Taylor cautiously makes the cover, keeping a close eye on the South-West Heavyweight Champion. Senior official Larry Collins is as confused as everyone but gets into position to make the count.

JOHNSON: ”I can’t believe it ended this way! Joe Dobbs was a machine tonight. He and Jason Cashe could have easily had this match won if not for ole Benedict Arnold!”
VASSA: ”I’m sure we’ll hear about this in upcoming weeks. But right now Beauty and the Beast has just won yet another tag team match!”
”Bad Guy” by Eminem blares over the PA System as Mike Smith and Crystal Taylor climb into the ring to join Christian Taylor. The three members of Power Trip raise their arms in victory as Mike Powers makes the official call.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, Christian Taylor, Mike Smith, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!”
VASSA: ”I’ve got such a bad taste in my mouth right now…”
JOHNSON: ”I think we all do…”
Cashe makes his way up the ramp as the 4CW faithful shower him with boos. Cashe holds his championship high in the sky as a response to the negative reaction from the fans. Once Cashe makes it to the top of the ramp the arena lights flicker with a brief moment of darkness. When the lights return Jason Phoenix appears and is standing face to face with Jason Cashe. He smirks and points to the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship that Cashe has draped over his shoulder. There’s only a camera man so no one can make out war is being said but Cashe is giving Phoenix an earful. Cashe hoists the belt into the air right in front of Jason Phoenix and shows no signs of backing down. The lights suddenly flicker on and off again, this tim Jason Phoenix has now disappeared. Cashe looks around, bewildered by the Houdini like escape as the 4CW feed fades to black.