4CW 007

4CW 007
MARCH 17TH, 2014

As the show begins to air, the screen remains black as white letters appear that read…

4CW 004: FEBRUARY 3RD, 2014

Video footage from a previous 4CW event begins to play as “This Is Absolution” by Killswitch Engage plays in the background.

Owen makes his way towards Kash and pulls him up by the back of his head and pants. Kash takes a blind swing but misses as Owen side steps. Owen then kicks him in the stomach and plants him into the ladder, head first with a snap DDT. Blood begins to trickle from Kash's forehead. Owen gets back to his feet and rolls Kash out of the ring, to the outside. Owen then grabs the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring and takes that first step as he ascends towards the championship. Making his way to the top of the ladder, Owen reaches for the belt but out of nowhere, Kash slides into the ring and runs towards the ladder. Owen notices and but it doesn't matter as Kash pushes the ladder over with all of his strength. As the ladder tips over, Owen holds on for as long as he can before he jumps off and flies over the top rope to the outside of the ring and crashes into the cage.

Owen leans against the cage, unable to move as the pain sinks in from the vicious fall. Kash looks up at the championship hanging over his head but then looks back down at Owen on the outside. Kash then walks towards the ropes and exits the ring. He slowly walks over to Owen and grabs him by the head and lifts him to his feet. Kash gives him a series of punches to the head and then follows up with a big European uppercut, knocking Owen back a few steps, slamming into the cage. Kash then grabs Owen by the back of the head and pants and then runs with Owen, slinging him into the ring post, head first. Owen's face smashes into the metal just before his body drops to the ground like a sack of rocks.

JOHNSON: "These two are going to feel it in the morning."
VASSA: "I'll be surprised that either of these two walk out of the building tonight on their own strength."
Kash wipes the blood from his face and looks back inside the ring while Owen is down on the ground. Kash climbs the apron but slips and falls back to the floor. He laughs a bit in an attempt to play it off and climbs the apron once more. He enters the ring underneath the top rope. Just as he takes a step towards the ladder, a hand grabs his foot and pulls his leg out from under him.

JOHNSON: "Owen isn't giving up just yet!"
Kash smashes his face into the mat as Owen doesn't let go of his foot and pulls him out of the ring, underneath the bottom rope. With half of Kash's body out of the ring, Owen gives one more hard tug and pulls Kash completely out. Kash's head slams into the hard floor as Owen loses his grip and falls back a few steps and hits the cage. Owen bounces off and comes back at Kash and drops a knee to his lower back. Owen slowly gets up as Kash does as well. He grabs Kash by the head and slings him into the cage, face first. Owen then grabs Kash's head with both hands and presses his face harder into the cage. Owen then drags Kash along the cage, keeping his face pressed to the metal as each link digs into his face. Once they get to the end of the side, Owen pulls Kash's head back and slams it into the cage one last time before letting go and watching Kash drop to his knees.

VASSA: "Two weeks ago we watched as Owen showed how aggressive he can be in the ring as he advanced in the tournament. Tonight, he's showing that side as well."
JOHNSON: "He's already busted Kash wide open and not he's just ripping that laceration open even more."
Owen pulls Kash back to his feet and rolls him back into the ring, under the bottom rope. Owen follows behind and gets up before Kash. He then picks Kash up and pulls him towards the ladder in the ring and drops him with a Russian leg sweep. Both of their backs collide with the ladder. They roll in opposite directions as they hold their backs in pain. The two slowly get to their feet as the crowd watches on the edge of their seats. They finally get up and walk towards each other and exchange blows. Owen then hits Kash with a big right hand, Kash fires back with a right of his own and knocks Owen back a step. Owen then lunges forward with a haymaker but Kash ducks and steps in behind him and jumps. Kash then grabs the back of Owen's head and hits him with a jumping back to back cutter.

JOHNSON: "U.T.I.!!!"
VASSA: "Owen Moon is officially under the influence."
Owen's body bounces up and away from Kash. Kash pops to his feet with excitement and looks over at Owen who is motionless. Kash then grabs the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring. He grabs the ladder on both sides and takes that first step. The crowd gets loud with cheers as Kash continues with a second and third step. Kash makes his way to the top as the crowd pops with a loud cheer.

JOHNSON: "I can't believe it!"
VASSA: "Owen Moon is back to his feet!!!"
Owen grabs the ladder and shakes it but Kash manages to keep his footing. Owen then climbs the other side of the ladder and makes his way to the top. Kash hits him in the back of the head as he makes his way up but doesn't slow him down one bit. Owen gets face to face with Kash and the two go back and forth with hard punches. Owen then grabs Kash with both hands and slams his forehead into Kash's face. Kash loses his balance and goes down a step but manages to keep position on the ladder. Owen reaches up and grabs the belt, pulling at it. Kash looks up and punches Owen below the belt, causing him to bend over in pain as the pain sinks in to his stomach. Kash then locks his arms onto Owen and slams him off the ladder with a T-bone powerslam.

JOHNSON: "I have no idea what that move is called but this could very well be the end of a long, hard fought finale to our show tonight."
VASSA: "That U.T.I. didn't finish Owen off earlier so I wouldn't be surprised if he bounced back from this devastating move."
JOHNSON: "Kash is slow to get up as it appears he banged up his hip from the fall."
The ladder still manages to stand in the center of the ring after that impact and rattle of the ring. Kash finally gets to his feet and ascends the ladder one more time. He makes his way to the top and reaches above for the championship, getting both hands around it.

VASSA: "He's not finished yet!!!"
Owen gets back up and pushes the ladder over. Kash gets the title unhooked and brings it down with him as he flies over the top rope and crashes on the hard floor on the outside of the ring. He rolls and slams into the cage but manages to keep his grasp on the belt. The ref calls for the bell as Owen Moon stands in the ring and looks disappointed.

VASSA: "Kash did it, Kash has won!!!"
JOHNSON: "We have our first ever 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion."

As the footage ends and the music slowly fades out, we go to Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sitting at ringside ready to open the show.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another night of 4CW action! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! We have one hell of a night scheduled for you folks!”
JOHNSON: ”Yes we do, Vinny! We’re only two weeks away from our eight show which will be a super-card and the tension is building up.”
VASSA: ”As we just watched, Over a month ago, at our fourth event, Jason Cashe defeated Owen Moon in a caged ladder match to become the first ever 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion. In two weeks, he’ll be defending that championship for the first time against the leader of Powertrip, Jason Phoenix.”
JOHNSON: ”Perry Wallace has searched for multiple contenders before choosing Jason Phoenix. One after the other, they just didn’t pan out. Jason Phoenix has proved to be a true contender and will offer one heck of a challenge.”
VASSA: ”Although those two won’t be squaring off tonight, we have a nice card scheduled for the evening. Earlier, before the show, Jensen Knickerbocker was released from her 4CW contract after falling to defeat by the hands of 4CW’s one and only, Athena.”
JOHNSON: ”Her performance was becoming less and less entertaining as each show passed. I’m surprised that Perry didn’t terminate her earlier. Not only has she been terminated here but her backyard wrestling “company” has fallen under just like her career.”
VASSA: ”Once we started signing some real talent around here, I didn’t think she would last much longer. I’m surprised that she lasted this long and didn’t get herself hurt, poor thing!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m getting word from production that we’re ready to kick the show off and call our first event of the night.”
VASSA: ”Lets not just sit here and talk about it, lets get to it!”

The camera pans into view backstage, apparently somewhere near the parking garage. As it comes into view we see a face that no one in the building seems to recognize. He has shoulder length curly black hair and glasses that would make anyone guessing think that he belonged in a high school as a substitute teacher, If anyone had a clue, or had ever met him personally, then they would know that this face belongs to none other than Maximilian Newman. Only this is what the man looked like without the mask that transformed him into The Red Pioneer.

VASSA: ”Who the hell is this guy, and who invited him to the show?”
As we watch this character walk backstage, we can hear the sound of 4CW’s resident wrestling expert Steve Johnson shuffling through his paperwork.

VASSA: ”Well, the world awaits for your brilliant insight here Stevie.”
JOHNSON: ”Umm, I don’t know? I’ve never seen this guy before- Steve continues to rifle relentlessly through his notes.-and there’s no record of him in my books. Unless Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison are doing something that I don’t know about, this guy is new here.”
Max continues to walk through the parking garage and around a pillar, but something causes him to stop dead in his tracks. His eyes grow wide before dropping into a squint, and he bites his bottom lip slightly. The camera turns around to see what he is looking at and we see Kandi Washington and her entourage walking through the parking garage as well.

WASHINGTON: “This is the night where MY team does what they are meant to do, which is dominate and destroy. I hope Miss Michelle and Julliet Brooks are ready to be completely and utterly demolished!”
As they walk by Max never takes his eyes off of Kandi. This of course garners the attention of Drake, but he continues to walk by without saying anything. Max slowly spins, his attention clearly captivated by the leader of the entourage. She glances back and when she locks eyes with him a smile crawls across her face. He gives her an awkward smile back before spinning and walking away. Kandi quickly elbows Drake in the side lightly.

WASHINGTON: “I have no fucking idea who that was or why he was gawking at me, but let’s not allow that to distract us from what we need to do tonight!”
Drake nods at her as the rest of her entourage looks on in confusion, apparently never noticing Max in the first place.

VASSA: ”What the fuck was that all about? I’m so confused right now.”
JOHNSON: ”For once I have to say that you and I are in complete agreement Vince. Who the hell was that guy, and what was he doing in our parking lot?”


JOHNSON: ”Now we’re about to see two brand new competitors here in 4CW…”
VASSA: ”Is anyone taking bets on how long they’ll last?”
JOHNSON: ”Really Vinny? How about we give these guys a chance…”
VASSA: ”Oh I’m giving them a chance. Just not a long one…Let’s face it, some guys just aren’t cut out to make it here in 4CW…”
JOHNSON: ”You never know, one of these two could be a future champion in 4CW!”
VASSA: ”Pfft…next you’re going to tell me how anything’s possible inside the ring on any given night..”
The opening riff to “Prayer of the Refugee” by Rise Against begins to play over the speakers. A white spotlight shines at the top of the ramp. Then after a few moments, Jordan Taylor steps out from behind the curtain. He looks out at the fans for a few moments before bum-rushing the ring. He slides in underneath the bottom rope into the middle of the ring. He stands up and climbs to the near corner looking out at the fans. He steps down and faces the aisle. “Prayer of the Refugee” fading away.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Mobile Alabama, weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds, Jordan Taylor…”
VASSA: ”Thank God, actual entrances.”
JOHNSON: ”Still shook up about the prelims, huh?”
VASSA: ”Steve, Jensen stayed home! That’s like, wrestling blasphemy!”
Suddenly the lights dim.

POWERS: ”Introducing…”
The beginning rift carries through the loudspeakers, causing the light to dim flashing lights covering the crowd. Lee makes his arrival to the stage, extending his arms, widening his legs and tilting his head back . The crowds boos are ignored by Lee as he soon afterwards swaggers down the ramp. Exclaiming that he’s number one each and every given chance. He eventually taunts his way to the base of the stairs leading to the ring, taking a quick glance around, annoying the crowd further as he slowly steps up onto the apron. He strides along the edge, tapping the rope in the rhythm of the song before eventually entering the ring through the ropes. He makes his way toward the nearest turnbuckle, making the motions as if he were about to hop up and taunt, yet he instead halts and backs away gesturing that the fans weren’t worth it as another set of boos rain down.

POWERS: ”…from Cleveland Ohio, weighing in at two hundred and thirty four pounds, Jason Lee!!”
The music is stopped in sudden pause. As Jason and Jordan both warm up in the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Jordan Taylor is a massive man!”
VASSA: ”Do you think there’s any relation to Christian and Crystal Taylor?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think so Vinny. Jordan is a mexican-american…”
VASSA: ”He is? Holy crap that is a massive man! Remind me to cross off any Mexican jokes I had jotted down…”
Ding! Ding! Ding!
The bell rings, as the two instantly meet in the middle of the ring for a standard collar-and-elbow tie up. Jordan switches it around into a side headlock, rolling through with the move and bringing Lee to the mat before releasing the hold and rolling to the side, twisting his legs around Lee’s neck in an impressive delivery of moves! Jordan Taylor rolls forward quickly, putting heavy strain on Jason Lee’s neck before releasing him. Jordan jumps up as Jason clutches at his neck, rolling away!

VASSA: ”Nice startoff here, Jordan Taylor seems to be in control all ready!”
Jordan walks over to Jason, going to pick him up when Lee pulls him into a tight small package!

JOHNSON: ”Whoah!”

VASSA: ”Close, but no fuck.”
JOHNSON: ”Wait, what?”
Jordan catches Jason Lee just as he breaks it, rolling him into a quik pin of his own for a two!

JOHNSON: ”Seriously, what?”
VASSA: ”Shut it Steve. And LOOK OUT! Nice elbow to the head their from Jason Lee!”
Jordan Taylor rolls away, clutching at his head as Lee reaches his feet, walking over to Jordan and forcing him to his feet. He whips Jordan to the ropes and catches him off the rebound, lifting him up briefly into the air and catching him on his shoulders before dropping back with a back body drop! Jason bridges himself for yet another cover!
Jordan manages to roll to the side, locking his legs tight around Lee’s arm and putting him into a pinning predicament!

VASSA: ”Close again! This is quite a match thus far of pinfalls and reversals!”
Both men reach their feet and this time Taylor grabs Jason by the throat, physically THROWING the smaller of the two into the turnbuckle and charging forward, ramming his elbow into the side of Jason Lee’s head! Jordan pulls Jason from the turnbuckle, grappling his arm and twisting enough to get him down onto the mat, keeping his hold on Jason’s arm and locking his legs around it, stretching as much as he can in an armlock! Jason Lee quickly grabs the bottom rope with his free arm, breaking the hold before Jordan Taylor could truly capitalize off of it, but the damage is done!

JOHNSON: ”Quite a show, quite a show… How sweet, love and wrestling DO mix!”
VASSA: ”What the hell?”
Jordan stands up and lifts Jason up as well…but wait! Jason shoves Jordan away in desperation, inadvertantly causing him to stumble and accidentally knock over the ref! Jordan tries to steady himself from falling onto the ref, turning to check up on him only to get locked into a sleeper hold! Jordan finds himself being lifted into the air before being dropped RIGHT on his back with a sleeper slam, delivered beautifully from Jason Lee!

JOHNSON: ”WHOAH! This match could be over all ready!”
Jason quickly hops to the too rope and leaps off with his one and only signature Diving Head Butt..Reaching his arm over and making the cover. The ref makes the count.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

VASSA: ”Yep, it’s over all right!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure the fans know this by now, Vin…”
VASSA: ”Fucker, don’t be an ass with me. I get enough ass from your sister.”
POWERS: ”Here is your winner, JASON LEE”
The bell rings as the fans in the arena popping loudly! Jason Lee stands and raises his arms into the air, middle fingers extended at the end. The cameras focus on the celebrating Jason Lee for a few moments before we switch backstage!

The cameras slowly switch to the backstage area where 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe is standing alone in the hallways. He’s pacing back and forth and with every slight noise, his head pops up and looks down both sides of the hall. He’s waiting for someone, for something to go down even. Antsy, aching to compete and he isn’t even the Main Event this show. The squeak of footsteps grab his attention but as he lifts his head to look, the feet belong to an approaching Gabriel Hartman. The new 4CW Backstage Interviewer. Cashe is almost filled with disappointment, Hartman isn’t someone Cashe would bother fighting.

HARTMAN: ”Cashe! It’s nice to see you again Champ, how have you been?”
Looking up and meeting his gaze, Cashe didn’t seem like being cheery and friendly. He wanted something and it was eating him up inside right now.

JCASHE: ”Just ready to get out there…”
Out from a door nearby comes Tidus Howe and Stefan Raab. Tidus smiles to the sight of Gabriel Hartman and the cameras as he approaches. Raab doesn’t seem to interested as he walks past them from behind.

HOWE: ”The viewers! HBO! Jason, smile for the cameras…”
Cashe remains stands back against the wall with his head down, completely in thought as the 4CW Championship is wrapped around his waist. His shirt tucked in places but hanging over in others as a voice grabs everyone’s attention.

BLACK: ”It’s a shame really…To know that I wanted the next shot and somehow you dodged me. Maybe you’re puppeteer pulled the right strings? Why you scared of me “Cashe”?”
HOWE: ”He’s not scar–“
Ripping past both Tidus and Hartman, Jason Cashe launches at Aidan Black. Stefan Raab rushes up as well and the two men begin to work over the mouthy “pretender”. Cashe unbuckles the Title around his waist and lets it drop to the ground as he pulls Black up from the floors. Tidus Howe is quick to scoop up the Belt for safe keeping. With Raab holding him, arms pulled back behind him, Jason Cashe grabs him at the jawline.

JCASHE: ”I don’t run from nobody. Not you, not some freak goth show like Phoenix. If any motherfucker wants to step through those ropes or run up backstage, I am ALWAYS ready for Action…Let me show you my Addiction…”
He grabs Black from behind the back of his head and runs him across the hallway.

As if to plead with the Champion knowing what was to come, Gabriel Hartman and everyone else watches as Cashe launches Aidan Black head first through the wide Hallway window looking into Catering. Glass shatters as his body is thrown through the panel. People inside move out of the way or duck for cover as the explosion of sharp shards crash down over food tables. Black breaks through one holding Potato Salad. Standing at the busted open frame where a window used to be, Cashe stares down at the body of Aidan Black.

HOWE: ”Another contender literally ‘out the window’…THAT’S ACTION! Hartman, you get that? You wanted an interview? THERE IT IS! Jason Phoenix and his little crew of misfits better take heed to this..This is OUR House…”
Taking his Championship from Tidus Howe, Jason Cashe and Stefan Raab leave the scene as Gabriel Hartman peeks into the room to see whats left of Aidan Black.


JOHNSON: “But up next Vinny, we are going to see a real life David and Goliath match. I never thought I would be seeing a match with three women and one man and calling it a David and Goliath match.”
VASSA: “Oh on the contrary and the best thing about the match is we will get to see the every so deadly sweet Kandi Washington at ringside!”
JOHNSON: “I could have gone a show without her, but O.K. that’s just me. More impressive this is the in-ring debut for both Ice and Drake Knight, as well as Julliet Brooks’ very first match in 4CW. These four wrestlers all have potentials to do big things.”
VASSA: “Not as big as Kandi Washington, but you already knew that. Speaking of Kandi, it’s time!”
‘Sweet Victory’ by Van Halen hits the p.a. system as the fans raise to their feet booing and chants of “whore” begin to fill the arena.

POWERS: “The following contest is a tag team match and introducing first, being accompanied by the Queen of Professional Wrestling Kandi Washington—at a combined weight of 529 pounds, Ice and Drake Knight… SWEET ANNIHILATION!”
When pink and purple lights start to flash through the crowd, the velvet entrance curtains wiggle open as smoke starts to blow out from the top of the ramp as Kandi Washington appears from behind the curtains. She struts up to the top as she stands just within the smoke as she places her hands on her hips. She stares to both sides of the crowd as the smoke dies down and she’s joined by her entourage Drake Knight and Ice. Kandi is dressed in a pair of silver boy shorts, light blue backless halter top, and knee-high blocked heel boots. She has her hair pulled back in a tightly-pulled ponytail. She starts to strut down the ramp as she’s smirking at the booing crowd while Drake Knight and Ice follows behind her. She makes her way to the bottom of the ramp way and turns to her left as she proceeds to the stairs. She struts up the three steel steps as she makes her way alongside the ring apron. She pauses in the middle on the outside apron, staring back at the fans as Drake Knight and Ice stand on both sides of the entrance ramp, at the bottom just gawking at the crowd. She turns back to the ropes and lowers herself under the second rope and steps over the first rope. She stands back up and struts to the middle of the ring, raising her arms above her head as she evilly smirks at the booing crowd as she walks across the ring to the corner. She turns around in the corner and leans against the turnbuckle as she lifts her foot up on the bottom turnbuckle pad. Drake Knight and Ice walk toward the apron and they both pull themselves up by the ropes. Drake goes over the top rope and Ice goes over the second rope. As Kandi poses in the middle of the ring, Drake Knight and Ice stand behind her with their arms folded across their chest. Her theme starts to fade, the lights die down, and her video fades from the screen to blackness. All that can be heard now are the fans boos.

JOHNSON: “Look at the sizes of Drake Knight and Ice, Vinny. They are massive!”
VASSA: “And the beautiful mind of Kandi is responsible for putting together the biggest tag team in 4CW, if not all wrestling!”
The guitar rifts to “Diamond Girls” are heard and immediately following the fans all hop to their feet with a standing ovation. “Diamond girl, you sure do shine” bursts over the p.a. system when Miss Michelle and Julliet Brooks races out from the back.

POWERS: “And introducing their opponents, at a combined weight of 254 pounds… the first lady of 4CW Miss Michelle and Julliet Brooks… THE DIAMOND DIVAS!!”
They start down the ramp on opposite sides start slapping a few fans’ hands as they pass the barricade. Julliet and Michelle proceed down the ramp as Michelle walks over to the steel stairs and Julliet leaps on the apron. When Michelle hustles up them, Julliet enters the ring and walks over to the corner. She stands on the bottom rope and raises her arms as Michelle walks over to the front ropes and leans over the top. She blows a kiss to the adoring fans. Michelle walks over to Julliet and wraps her arm around her as they begin to look up at the ramp when there theme comes to an end.

VASSA: “Miss Michelle and Julliet Brooks are good to look at, but I can’t believe I actually showed up to win.”
JOHNSON: “They have heart Vinny and sometimes heart is all you need to motivate you to win.”

JOHNSON: ”It looks like the referee calls for the bell as Drake Knight has already chosen for his team that he will start.”
VASSA: “And foolish Julliet has elected herself to start. This is going to be over faster than a fat kid can eat a piece of chocolate cake!”
As the match begins, Julliet chooses to start off the match as does Drake. She runs over to Drake with a clothesline, but doesn’t even faze him. She starts to connect with forearms to the chest, but Drake just laughs at her. Julliet turns and offs off the ropes. As she bounces off the ropes, Drake lifts her up with a huge back body drop. Julliet leans up off the mat, aiding her back.

VASSA: “Did you see how high Julliet flew there Steve?”
JOHNSON: “Julliet hit that canvas from a high elevation. I hope she’s okay.”
Drake grabs her wrist and whips her into the corner. He walks over to her and places his foot up on her neck as he starts to choke her. He tags in Ice as she climbs into the second rope. Drake lowers his foot. Drake and Ice whip Julliet into the ropes. As Julliet bounces off the ropes, they grab her by the throat and deliver a double chokeslam in the middle of the ring.

JOHNSON: “This has got to be the end! There’s no way she will be able to kick out from this.”
The referee escorts Drake out of the ring and Kandi is clapping with excitement as Ice goes for a cover, but Miss Michelle runs in with a leg drop to the back of Ice’s neck. The referee turns to Michelle and escorts her out of the ring.

VASSA: “Miss Michelle tried to keep the match alive for a moment.”
Ice leans down and grabs a handful of Julliet’s hair. She dangles Julliet over the shoulder as she starts to taunt the booing crowd. As Ice starts forward, Julliet slips down her back and shoves her chest first into the corner and Miss Michelle leaps up on the apron with a forearm shot to the face. Julliet tags in Michelle.

JOHNSON: “I don’t know how Julliet did it, but she made the tag.”
VASSA: “Not without taking some heavy hits from both Drake and Ice. I wonder what condition she’ll be in for the rest of this match.”
Michelle quickly rushes inside the ring and kicks Ice in the midsection twice and bounces off the side ropes as she flips her over with a nicely executed swinging neckbreaker. She covers, but after one Ice powers out. Miss Michelle backs up as Ice staggers to her feet while holding her neck. Michelle charges at her and attempts a bicycle kick, but Ice moves out of the way. As Michelle turns around, she turns into a discus clothesline.

JOHNSON: “Just when Michelle was finally feeling the groove, Ice overpowers her with that discus clothesline.”
VASSA: “Ice is looking like she wants to cause bodily harm to Miss Michelle now. Get out of there Michelle!”
Ice kneels up and she bizarrely starts to stare around the arena as the fans boo. Michelle holds her throat as she pushes herself up off the mat. Ice is to her feet first and she leans down grabs a handful of Michelle’s hair. She whips Michelle into the ropes and Michelle tries to take her off her feet with a crossbody, but Ice catches her in midair. Julliet runs in behind her with a low clothesline to her knee. She falls and Michelle lands on top of her.

VASSA: “It looks like Michelle is covering her!”

JOHNSON: “Michelle almost had it Vinny!”
As Michelle is the first one up to this time, she starts stomping and kicking while Ice is trying to get up. When she finally does, Michelle unwisely whips her into the ropes. Ice manages to reverse it and Michelle bounces off the ropes once more. As Ice tries to lift her up, Michelle surprises her with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown. Ice staggers up to her feet andMichelle with a roundhouse kick to her temple.

VASSA: “Michelle with the Singing Chel-legram!”
Michelle covers…

Aw and Ice manages to kick out of Michelle’s finishing move. Michelle backs up in the corner as she looks like she’s anticipating Ice to stand up. Ice wonders up to her feet and Michelle runs out of the ring.

JOHNSON: “Oh no, Ice with a giant boot to the face! Michelle looks to be hurt now.”
Ice falls to her knees and holds her face as she looks down at Michelle who has been flattened. Julliet is crying for the tag. Ice is the first person to be able to make the tag as she tags Drake back in. He walks over to Michelle and stands over her. Julliet tries to enter the ring, which distracts the referee, and as Drake is lifting Michelle up by the neck—she kicks him in the groin’.

VASSA: “My God, Drake is definitely going to feel that one!”
Look at Michelle now, still dazed from that big boot, but she runs takes Drake down to the mat with a spinning roundhouse kick to the back of his head. She looks over at Julliet. She staggers to her corner and tags Julliet in. Julliet starts climbing to the top rope, but Drake is getting up to his feet. As Drake gets to his feet, Julliet leaps, but Drake catches her! Drake positions her on the shoulders.

JOHNSON: “This doesn’t look good at all for Julliet Brooks right now.”
VASSA: “It certainly doesn’t, especially if it’s going for what I think he’s going for.”
He spins her out with a fireman carry facebuster as Julliet’s face ricochets off the canvas. Michelle hops off the second rope when Drake stands up and locks in a rear naked chokehold. She locks it in as he tries to wiggle free. Ice stomps across the ring and she grabs Michelle by the back of her hair as she slams her down onto the canvas.

JOHNSON: “Michelle was trying to come to Julliet’s rescue, but the size advantage proved to be too much.”
VASSA: “Julliet has not moved since Drake hit her with the Knight-Fall!”
As Drake Knight goes for the cover, Ice picks Michelle up and tosses her through the second rope as Kandi remains cheering at ringside.

JOHNSON: “Well, despite the size difference Michelle and Julliet tried to give it all they could, but could you do with such a drastic weight disadvantage? ”
As the referee is raising Drake Knight’s arm as “Sweet Victory” starts to play over the DJ booth, the fans are booing as he’s very arrogantly standing over Julliet’s limp body. Meanwhile, Kandi Washington is still outside the ring and she’s yelling at Ice to destroy her!

VASSA: “What is Kandi over there yelling about? ”
Ice has lifted Michelle upon to her shoulders and the fans are screaming no!

JOHNSON: “Kandi and Ice are trying to end Michelle right here.”
VASSA: “This culd be the end as we know it for the first lady of 4CW.”
Ice attempts to run Michelle’s face into the ring post, but Michelle slips off her back and pushes Ice face first into it instead. As Ice staggers to the ground, Kandi looks horrified as Michelle starts to chase her around the ring.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Miss Michelle is not going to wait to get her hands on Kandi.”
Kandi slides inside the ring and immediately hides behind Drake Knight as Miss Michelle rolls in after her, but suddenly gets caught up in a huge bearhug submission. Michelle is trying to push her way out of it as he’s squeezing the life out of her.

JOHNSON: “This is unfair! Somebody do something!”
VASSA: “Miss Michelle should have known better.”
Mark Brooks bursts through the curtains and races down the ramp as the fans erupt with cheers. Before Kandi can even turn around, Mark has slid inside the ring and has shoved her to the mat. Mark gets behind Drake and falls to his knees with an uppercut to his groin. Michelle follows it up with a bell clap.

VASSA: “It looks like the hold has been broken, but now I suggest they get the hell out of the ring!”
JOHNSON: “It looks like they are not finished!”
Kandi who is on her hands and knees screaming, “get out of the ring!” watches on as Mark Brooks and Miss Michelle hooks a side of Drake Knight’s tights and the couple very slowly hits a double suplex.

JOHNSON: “By God, they did it! They hit that double suplex!”
Drake Knight is pulled out of the ring by Ice as they start to retreat. Kandi has slid out of the ring too and she continues to yell at both Michelle and Mark. Michelle leans down to check on Julliet who is barely coming to it as she helps her up. Mark and Michelle raises Julliet’s arms in victory as the fans explode with “Queen of the Reich” playing over the p.a. system.

VASSA: “Steve, you know this isn’t over between these superstars and ladies.”
JOHNSON: “Vinny, it’s not over by a long shot!”

The scene cuts backstage where Perry Wallace is sitting at a desk with Frankie Morrison sitting across from him. In the center, in between them both, the defunct Rampage Wrestling championship sits on top of the desk. The two look down at it and laugh with one another while talking back and forth.

WALLACE: ”Gordie did turn out to be a huge bust, man.”
MORRISON: ”I thought I saw potential in the guy but boy, were we wrong!”
WALLACE: ”It’s bad enough that I let him strut around here with this dead, crap championship… he didn’t even bother to hold his end of the deal. I new this piece of shit was as good as mine, heh..”
MORRISON: ”So what are we going to do? The HBO executives are pushing us to introduce another singles championship to boost the ratings.”
WALLACE: ”Ratings? I’m pretty sure that our ratings are doing just fine since HBO was in such a need to sign us to this exclusive television deal. I have something in mind that will blow their minds and up one them and their wants.”
MORRISON: ”The plan was adopting this championship here and turning it into an extreme championship of sorts. What are our options now?”
WALLACE: ”For starters, lets just toss this piece of shit in the trash and move on to bigger and better things.”
Wallace grabs the Rampage Championship and drops it in the trashcan beside the desk. The two then laugh as Wallace leans back in his chair and places his hands behind his head.

WALLACE: ”That’s what I think about Rampage Wrestling, it’s championship and everyone from there except for the select few who are still with us.”
MORRISON: ”Cashe, Raab, Sin… those are the only three who have done bigger things with their careers here in 4CW. The others were just too blind to see what’s best for them.”
WALLACE: ”Here’s what I have in mind, something to appease the minds of the executives of HBO and our loyal fans. We wanted to introduce a championship that was restricted by nothing, no rules, anything goes… The HBO executives want something that will represent the network and out shows week in and week out.”
MORRISON: ”What if we were to combine the two?”
WALLACE: ”You read my mind, Frankie! Lets introduce the Extreme Television championship that is defended at every 4CW televised event and is bound to no rules. Each time we book a match involving the championship, we add a stipulation that represents the extreme, destructive side of 4CW.”
MORRISON: ”I think we’re on to something great here.”
WALLACE: ”We’ve been on something great ever since the two of us put our heads together and built this place.”
MORRISON: ”How do you feel about booking the first match on 008 in an extreme type rumble?”
WALLACE: ”I think you’re a genius. We’ll take the top talent not in the tag division and places them in a small rumble with barbed wire ropes and glass tables set up in the corners.”
MORRISON: ”I think that’s insane and I love it! I assume the tag championships won’t be introduced on 008?”
WALLACE: ”No. As you know, we’re been discussing a tournament of some sort and I would prefer to get some more teams involved as I have been in contacts with unsigned talent, luring them with this tournament in the works.”
MORRISON: ”Alright, I got it. We can just start the tournament at 009 and carry it to 012, the next super-card, and declare a team of champions then.”
WALLACE: ”Frankie, you and I together are going to be a force to be reckoned with in this business. With us and the level of talent we have signed, there’s no stopping us!”
MORRISON: ”I hear you, Perry.”
WALLACE: ”Well, lets get out of here and take a peak at the live action in the building tonight. This room is getting stuffy and this shitty championship in the trash is stinking up the room. I need to get a cleanup crew in here to dispose of that thing.”
Morrison and Wallace both stand up and exit the room as the camera zooms in on the defunct Rampage championship in the trash before going back to ringside.


JOHNSON: “Coming up next Roxi Johnson will meet Angel Kash in a singles match for the first time of their careers. What is going to happen when the superhero meets the snob?”
VASSA: ”Angel Kash is looking for a victory as she has been unable to get her groove too.”
POWERS: ”The following is a standard singles match and introducing first, hailing in from Tampa, Florida standing in at 5 feet, 8 inches, and weighing 132 pounds… ROXI JOHNSON!”
“Help Is On The Way” plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

JOHNSON: “The resident superhero of the 4CW and she absolutely ready for action as she waits for Angel Kash.”
VASSA: “It has taken her a while to find her groove in the 4CW ring. Let’s just hope she can come out of this with a victory.”
POWERS: ”And introducing her opponent, hailing in from the Hamptons, standing in at 5 feet, 9 inches, and weighing 123 pounds… ANGEL KASH!”
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don’t matter if I step on the scene or sneak away to the Philippines
They still gon’ put pictures of my derrire in the magazine
You want a piece of me? You want a piece of me?
The fans boo loudly as Piece of me by Britney Spears hits over the public adders system, as the lights dim and a lone spotlight forms at the top of the entrance ramp. As out from the back steps Angel Kash alongside her is her bodyguard Leroy Angel does an arrogant pose with Leroy standing behind his boss menacingly, as the fans shower her with loud boos. As Angel snickers at their boos.
I’m Miss Bad Media Karma, another day, another drama
Guess I can’t see the harm in workin’ and being a mama
And with a kid on my arm, I’m still an exceptional earner
You want a piece of me?
Angel then continues her arrogant supermodel strut down to the ring trash talking the fans as Leroy walks behind her. Angel sticks her hand out rudely staying in the center of the walkway telling them to talk to the hand. As Angel then makes her way up the steel steps followed by Leroy as she does another arrogant pose before ordering Leroy to lower the ropes for her, which he does. As Angel enters the ring before dong another arrogant poses in the center of the ring, before taking off her entrance robe and glasses, and td giving them to Leroy as she lays nonchalantly on the top turnbuckle taunting the fans as she ignores Roxi.

JOHNSON: “Angel looks like she’s ignoring Roxi and Roxi finds it amusing.”
VASSA: “Angel is too good for this. I think Angel knows she might have it won.”
Angel is in the ring and Roxi is getting the fans hyped up as they begin chanting her hair. The minute she turns back, Angel runs behind her and slams her backwards on the mat with a hair-pull sitout rear mat slam. She then stands on Roxi’s hair and starts yanking up on the arms. Roxi cries out in pain, but the referee forces Angel to break the hold. As Angel breaks the hold, she turns to the booing crowd and starts to bow arrogantly.

JOHNSON: “Angel better not take too much time playing around.”
VASSA: “Roxi is right behind her!”
As Angel slowly turns around, Roxi blasts her with a standing dropkick to the chest as Angel goes down. Angel is back up against the ropes and runs at Roxi to only get caught with an overhead hip toss. As Angel arches her back off the canvas, Roxi charges at her and takes her down with a standing hurricanrana. Angel kneels up dizzy as she holds her head. Roxi runs behind her with a neck snap.

JOHNSON: “Roxi has not skipped a beat in this match and I think Angel really helped fuel the fire.”
VASSA: “Roxi is looking to put her away!”
As Angel stumbles up to her feet, Roxi runs off the side ropes and she leaps off the second rope with a springboard clothesline. Angel stumbles up to her feet again as Roxi runs to the corner turnbuckle and hops up on the top rope. Angel staggers around and Roxi leaps off the top rope with a missile dropkick.

VASSA: “Angel looks like she was just blown away!”
Before Angel can get up to her feet, Roxi runs over to the far ropes and leaps on the second rope as connects with a lionsault.

JOHNSON: “Roxi has just hit Reality Bites!”
As Angel lies there, Roxi grabs her by the head and locks in the triangle hold.

VASSA: “It looks like Roxi is going for a submission win as she locks in the Justice Lock.”
Roxi tightens the hold as Angel is in the middle of the ring. She reaching her hand over to the ropes, but she can’t move as she has been beaten down severely. As the referee is kneeled beside Angel, he’s asking Angel if she gives up, Angel starts tapping her hand on the canvas. The referee stands up and calls for the bell as Roxi breaks the hold.

JOHNSON: “This wasn’t even a match. Roxi ran circles around her!”
POWERS: “Here is your winner by submission… ROXI JOHNSON!”
The referee raises Roxi’s arm in victory as the fans erupt. Angel is sprawled out of the ring as she rolls over to the edge of the ring and holds the back of her neck. She looks around as she rests her face against the canvas while Roxi stands on the second turnbuckle and she’s clapping as the fans cheer.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Roxi’s streak continues. I wonder what will next for this high-flying sensation.”
VASSA: “I’m not sure Steve, but it’s definitely going to be interesting to see where she goes from here.”

The cameras cut into Stefan’s locker room where he was making his return to in ring action tonight after having a couple of weeks off from wrestling and he had some business to take care of along with someone on the 4CW roster he wanted to call out as he stands up from his chair and begins to speak.

RAAB:“Tonight I’m back to wrestle for 4CW against Jason Phoenix, but before I get down to wrestle against him tonight, I got something to address to a certain guy who I said I’m going to call out tonight.”
He walks around in his locker room for a while to take a breather since he was pretty angry and continues to speak.

RAAB:“Since I lost my last match against Christian Taylor and Mike Smith and seeing how one of those guys pinned Joe Dobbs in the tag team match. I’m simply calling out Christian Taylor and it’s not just because of the loss you gave to me and Dobbs. It’s also because I find you vile and disgusting man who does nothing, but show off his body in front of the crowd, making himself a complete joke.”
Crowd sort of booed and cheered of what Stefan said about the man and he really didn’t apprishate those cheers at all, but he ignores them and continues to speak.

RAAB:“I’m not going to let you get away with that fluke win you got over me and I certainly don’t want another tag team match with you. I want only me and you one on one in a singles match to prove you have what it takes and to take your disgusting body once and for all. Any time, any place, anywhere without your butt buddy Mike Smith and your wife holding on your jock and interrupting the match.”
Stefan had to relax a little bit as he had a little bit of a chest pain which then went away quickly after he took deep breaths and continues to speak.

RAAB:“Prove to me that you have the balls to take me on in a match in a singles match and we’ll see who the true better wrestler is between me and you and I would like an answer sooner rather than later Christian because I want to kick your balls straight to hell without being the sex model you claim to be. If you excuse me, I got to take out Jason Phoenix who gets handed a title shot and business to deal with Cashe and Tidus regarding about changes are going to be made within Action Packed tonight.”
Stefan got his talking done as he left his locker room and stands behind the curtain waiting to be announced to wrestle against Jason Phoenix.



JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen, this next match has huge implications on the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship. Jason Phoenix has had his eye on Jason Cashe’s title since joining the roster…”
VASSA: ”And now he gets to lure Cashe’s attention by beating fellow House of Howe member, Stefan Raab!”
JOHNSON: ”Surprisingly, this is only Stefan Raab’s second singles match here in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, he had wasted weeks being weighed down by that oversized oaf, Joe Dobbs!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh how quickly you change your tune…”
VASSA: ”What the hell does that mean?”
JOHNSON: ”You were their biggest cheerleader! Now that Cashe has trimmed the fat you’re going to simply forget that?”
VASSA: ”Well look at that, I think we’re ready for the next bout.”
The feed cuts to 4CW ring announcer Mike Powers who is standing inside the ring waiting for his cue.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, from Miami Florida…The Living Legend…JASON PHOENIX!!”
The lights dim down low as it becomes almost filled with blackness; smoking starts to fill the ringside area as well as the entrance ramp, and two figures appear out from the back. “Violence Fetish” is now playing throughout the sound system as the video upon the wrestling-tron begins to play the living legend’s entrance video. The fans waste of no time to boo the moment Jason Phoenix’s video is playing. The lights slowly turn to white as Jason Phoenix is seen on the ramp with his lovely wife Morgan Alvertez. Morgan plays with her hair as her opposing hand is on his arm. The pair starts down the ramp as Morgan scowls at the booing fans and Jason Phoenix completely ignores their booing. They walk down the ramp slowly and stiffly as there appears to be no emotion in the eyes of Jason Phoenix. They make their way down to the ring and Morgan Alvertez walks over to Jason’s corner as Jason slowly creeps up the stairs. He stops at the top and he glares across the ring. He tilts his down and starts onto the apron. He stops at the beginning of the apron and steps over the second rope. He enters the ring and slowly walks to the middle of the ring. He turns back to the ramp area as he starts rubbing his hands together as the smoke clears, the lights turn back on, the entrance video quits playing, and his music fades. He tilts his head up and stares at the entrance ramp as he waits for his next victim.

POWERS: ”And his opponent…weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, from Cologne Germany…The Killerplauze…STEFAN RAAB!”
Wrenches and Kings play over the sound system as Stefan comes out through the curtain just wearing his gold and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a hold up on each turnbuckle and everyone boos him as he does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent with anger in his eyes waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: ”This is a huge opportunity for Stefan Raab. A controversial figure in the professional wrestling world who has a knack for rubbing people the wrong way.”
VASSA: ”Hell, even Jason Cashe couldn’t stand him at one point! Towards the end of their tenure in Action Packed Wrestling they were ready to tear each other’s limbs off. Now they’re like two peas in pod!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know if they’re that close…”
4CW official Christopher Salieri signals for the time keeper to ring the bell and the match officially begins!
Stefan Raab and Jason Phoenix methodically circle one another before locking up with a collar and elbow tie up. They jockey for position before Phoenix pushes up, ducks under Raab’s arms, and grabs him with a rear waist lock. Raab reaches down and grabs at the grip of Phoenix. He manages to break the grip and spins around Jason Phoenix, grabbing him with a rear waist lock of his own! Phoenix takes his turn trying to break free from Raab’s clutches. His attempt is less successful and immediately searches for an alternate escape. He blindly throws a few back elbows which Raab easily avoids. Phoenix reaches between his legs and grabs ahold of Raab’s ankle. He tugs on it, pulling the Killerplauze off balance and to the ground. Phoenix keeps a grasp on Raabs ankle and yanks on it straightening out his leg. Jason Phoenix tries to step over but Raab places his free foot square on Jason’s rear and kicks him off!
Raab quickly scurries to his feet as Jason Phoenix turns around. The two men stare at one another, neither really gaining an edge on the first exchange. Raab rushes forward for another collar and elbow tie up. Phoenix has other plans and he plants his boot in the midsection, doubling over Stefan Raab. Phoenix reaches out and grabs Stefan by the top of his skull and smashes his forehead with his opponents! Raab stumbles backwards but instinctively gets Phoenix by the back of his neck and tugs him down while swinging wildly with a european uppercut! Phoenix back peddles before collecting himself and driving forward with another headbutt! Raab falls to one knee before shaking out the cobwebs. He rises with another european uppercut that catches the living legend off guard. Phoenix drops to his knee and stares into his opponents eyes. The both jump to their feet and charge towards the ropes which were behind them Phoenix tries for a running headbutt but Raab was able to leapfrog his opponent. Raab puts on the brakes and turns towards his rebounding opponent. Raab throws the living legend across the ring with an arm drag takedown! Phoenix rolls under the ring ropes and is immediately met by his wife who is comforting him while he signals for a time out.

VASSA: ”Jason Phoenix is looking for a time out…”
JOHNSON: ”This is professional wrestling…There are no time outs!”
VASSA: ”Do you want to do the honors and tell him that? He’s way too intense for me.”
JOHNSON: ”I think referee Christopher Salieri is doing a good enough job trying to get this match to continue!”
The referee leans between the middle and top rope and warns Jason Phoenix to get back into the ring. Raab steps behind the referee and pulls him out of the way. Raab moves closer to the ropes and Jason Phoenix explodes onto the apron. He grabs Raab by the back of the head and pulls him down, throat first, across the top rope! Raab stumbles backwards grabbing his throat in pain as Jason Phoenix climbs into the ring. He charges like a bull, this time driving his head through Raab’s sternum with a running headbutt. Phoenix stalks his opponent who slowly rises to his feet. Raab lunges towards Phoenix trying for a right hook but Jason traps his arm. Raab throws a left hook, hoping to break free but gets similar results. With both arms trapt, Phoenix cracks a smile before hitting repeated headbutts that eventually drop Raab to the mat. Phoenix tries for the quick pinfall.
Raab easily bucks his opponent off of him.

JOHNSON: ”This has been a slugfest since the get go.”
VASSA: ”Feels more like a fight than a wrestling match…”
JOHNSON: ”Well this fight doesn’t seem to be slowing down!”
Phoenix leaps onto Raab’s back as he crawls around the ring on all fours. He flattens out on the mat with the addition weight on his back. Phoenix sprawls across his opponents back before clutching Raab with a front face lock. He lifts him up slightly and begins driving one of his knees forward targeting Raab’s neck and shoulder area. Phoenix flips his opponent over onto his back and transitions into a full mount while keeping ahold of the front face lock. He releases and shoves Raab towards the mat. He quickly rains down with bone crushing right hands. Salieri steps in and begins utilizing his five count, warning him to use an open hand opposed to a closed fist. He gives up on his count and pulls the living legend from his opponent! Phoenix and Salieri begin arguing with one another in the center of the ring, allowing Raab a moment to turn things around.
Raab rises to his feet and charges Jason Phoenix. He slams his shoulder into Phoenix’s midsection and drives him into the nearest corner. Raab takes a step back and unloads on Phoenix with a boxer’s combination of jabs and hooks, mixing it up between body shots and head shots. Phoenix covers up, trying block the blows as they soar in with seemingly no end. Phoenix manages to shove Raab backwards giving him a moment to breath. Phoenix runs at Raab and tries for a lariat. Raab ducks under while grabbing and twisting Phoenix’s arm behind his back with a chicken wing. Raab takes his free hand and grabs Jason’s waist. He lifts him up and over his head, slamming him down with a chicken wing german suplex! Raab tries for the cover.
Morgan managed to place Jason’s leg onto the bottom rope undetected. Referee Christopher Salieri notices his foot before making the third count.

VASSA: ”What a woman! Able to sense that could have been a quick ending for her husband…”
JOHNSON: ”I guess he’s not man enough to fight his own battles.”
VASSA: ”He’s utilizing all his options. That’s smart wrestling!”
Raab eyes down Morgan Alvertez suspiciously as she grins from ear to ear. Jason Phoenix crawls to the ropes and begins pulling himself up to his feet. Raab quickly grabs him with a rear waist lock and tries to pull him from the ropes. Phoenix has his arms intertwined with the ropes, preventing Raab from pulling him away. Raab give him a stiff forearm shot to the kidneys that breaks Phoenix free. Raab pushes forward before rolling backwards while maintaining the rear waist lock. At the end of the roll he lifts Phoenix up and drops him on his neck with a rolling german suplex! Raab refuses to let up on his opponent. He hops to his feet and grabs Phoenix by the arm. He drags him to the middle of the ring and rolls him onto his knees while isolating that arm and throwing his legs around Phoenix’s back, locking in a triangle choke!
Phoenix immediately begins squirming, looking for an escape. Each jolting movement allows for Raab to tighten the submission hold. In a full out state of panic, Phoenix uses brute strength to lift Raab while the stays intact. Phoenix slams Raab down to the mat, hoping the force would break him free. Raab’s legs broke apart for a brief moment, but not enough for Jason to escape. Stefan pulls him in again and locks the legs behind his back. Phoenix looks to be fading and the referee can sense it. He gets a closer look and is on the verge of calling the match. Phoenix in a last ditch effort, rolls forward and bridges his body over Raab. The submission has tightened even more, but Raab’s shoulders are pinned to the mat!
Raab is forced to release the hold in order to not be pinned! He rolls Phoenix’s limp body over, frustrated that he wasn’t capable of finishing the match.

JOHNSON: ”That was an innovative move by Jason Phoenix. Sacrificing himself, knowing that a move like that would tighten the choke hold.”
VASSA: ”It was his only option. He took a gamble and it paid out big time!”
Stefan Raab grabs Phoenix by his head and holds him up with a front face lock. In the meantime Morgan Alvertez finds her way up onto the apron and is shouts at Raab’s direction. He plants Phoenix down to the mat with a DDT while never taking an eye off his opponents wife. Salieri steps in to interject and issues Morgan a warning. Raab walks over that side of the ring and quickly gets himself a handful of her dark brown hair. She quickly flails her arms as Salieri pleas with Raab to let go while the fans erupt and cheer him on. Jason Phoenix manages to crawl behind Raab undetected and without getting the refs attention drives his bicep up between the legs with a low blow! Raab quickly releases Morgan, allowing her to climb back down to ringside while he drops down to his knees.
Phoenix pulls himself to his feet and applies a front face lock on Stefan Raab. He lifts him up and pulls him towards the center of the ring. Phoenix falls backwards but drops to one knee, driving his opponents face down with a face breaker DDT! Jason rolls to the nearest corner and sits up against the turnbuckle. Raab starts to stir so he reaches up to the top rope and pulls himself to his feet. He waits patiently hold his palm high with his fingers completely outstretched. Raab turns towards his opponent and is immediately grabbed by a Clawhold from Jason Phoenix. Phoenix squeezes Raab’s temples with his wide open hand. Raab grabs Jason’s wrist with both hands, trying to pry free from the grip. Phoenix moves his leg behind Raab’s and sweeps him to the mat, finishing off the Clawhold STO. Phoenix releases the claw as he lays across his opponents chest for the pin attempt.
Raab shoots one of his shoulders off the mat to breakup the pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”How many times is Jason Phoenix going to rely on the aide of his wife to keep him in this match?”
VASSA: ”Probably until the official catches wind of whats going on!”
JOHNSON: ”Some challenger…This is supposed to be the best this company has to offer up to Jason Cashe as a challenger?”
Phoenix quickly begins intimidating the official and backs him into the corner while arguing over the speed of the count. Phoenix turns his attention to Raab and begins stomping away as Raab crawls to the ropes. Raab fights through the pain and pulls himself to his feet. He turns towards his opponent and is lifted up with a firemen’s carry. Raab wiggles free and slips down the back of Phoenix. He grabs him by his arms and whips him towards the ropes. Phoenix is able to hold on to Raab and turns his irish whip into a short arm clothesline that nearly decapitates the killerplauze! Phoenix looks around the ring while planning his next attack. He lifts Raab up to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Raab rebounds into the waiting arms of Jason Phoenix who grabs him by his waist, lifts him up and spins him around before slamming him down with a spinning sitout spinebuster! Phoenix passes on the pin attempt and quickly tucks Raabs legs underneath his armpits while getting a firm grip with his two hands. He stiffens upright as the fans sense what’s about to happen. He begins to spin around while allowing his momentum to lift Raab completely in the air. The fans start to yell out with each rotation!

VASSA: ”That takes some serious strength and concentration! Qualities you look for in a champion! And he’s still going!”
JOHNSON: ”The building is going to be spinning when he finally release Stefan Raab!”
Phoenix releases Raab, throwing him across the ring. Jason drops to one knee while trying to regain his bearings. He shakes his head before standing back up. He focuses back on his opponent who is starting to stir around the canvass. He approaches, lines up Raab, and then jumps down with a fist drop that connects with his skull. Phoenix is quick to his feet and bounces himself off the ropes before coming down across Raab’s throat and jaw with a running leg drop. Jason picks Stefan up and pulls one hand between his legs while hooking the other behind his own back. He lifts Stefan up with a pump handle and spins him to the mat with a michinoku driver II! He hops back up to his feet and runs to the corner. He climbs to the top rope. He sits perched on the top turnbuckle while measuring up his opponent. He leaps through the air, twisting his body before crashing down across Raabs ribs with a 630 senton splash! Jason makes the cover and the referee slides into position.
Raab miraculously gets a shoulder off the mat just in the nick of time!

VASSA: ”Jason Phoenix calls that majestic ariel onslaught Face from Grace. I don’t know how the hell Raab managed to kick out of that after the giant swing!”
JOHNSON: ”Thats because for as controversial as Stefan Raab is, he’s a talented wrestler with a lot of fight in him!”
VASSA: ”Sometimes that’s not enough. There’s always someone out there who’s better, faster, stronger!”
Morgan shouts at the referee from outside of the ring while Phoenix is overcome by disbelief. After a moments pause the adrenaline takes over. Phoenix hops to his feet and begins stomping away at Raab’s upper back. Phoenix drops down to his knees and begins to smash the back of Stefan’s head with forearm after forearm. Jason drags Raabs lifeless like body to the nearest corner and throws him against the turnbuckle. Raab is sitting upright against the bottom turnbuckle starting to come to while Phoenix charges knee first! The impact of the knee knocks Raab out cold! He slumps down out of the corner and under the bottom rope. Phoenix reaches through the ropes and pulls Raab up to his feet, the ring ropes separating the two gladiators. Phoenix lifts Raab up with a suplex and pulls him back into the ring. He holds him up in the air, stalling, allowing the blood to rush to Raab’s head. Phoenix drops Raab down with a brain buster after marching around the ring! Phoenix makes another attempt to finish the match.
Stefan turns his body out away from Phoenix, lifting his shoulder up in the process. Jason frustratingly locks in a dragon sleeper and digs his knee into Raab’s spine after another unsuccessful pinfall. He cranks back on the head and neck, bending Stefan in a way that the human anatomy wasn’t meant to.

JOHNSON: ”Frustration levels have to be at an all time high for Jason Phoenix. He has hit Raab with both of his signature moves, Face from Grace and The Blood Rush…and Stefan Raab has found away to survive both!”
VASSA: ”Yeah survive…that’s about all he’s been doing since that triangle choke earlier in the match…”
JOHNSON: ”Well he’s going to have to survive this dragon sleeper and find a way back in this contest if he wants to pull off what many feel would be a huge upset…”
Raab looks about as bad as he has all match, barely holding on. Referee Christopher Salieri senses the end may be near and drops down to one knee while checking to see if Stefan Raab has anything left. Morgan violently pounds on the apron, emitting a high pitched scream that could pop an eardrum. Raab reaches back with his free hand and hooks it behind Phoenix’s head. He pulls him down while driving his knee up, smashing him in the face! Jason’s grip loosens slightly and Raab pulls down to deliver another knee to the face, this time breaking the submission free. Phoenix stumbles back and pats his nose as blood begins to drip from his nostrils. Raab pushes up to his feet into the waiting arms of Jason Phoenix. Phoenix tries to irish whip his opponent towards the rope but Stefan keeps a grip on Phoenix’s wrist and pulls him in before nailing the Killercutter, his variation of the diamond cutter! Both competitors are out on the mat and the referee steps in to use his standing ten count…
Phoenix starts to crawl towards the nearest ropes.
Raab makes it to his hands and knees while Phoenix begins pulling himself up with the aide of the ring ropes.
Phoenix makes it to his feet, breaking up the refs count and staggers towards Stefan. Stefan explodes from all fours with a spear that folds Jason in half! Raab rises to his feet and falls backwards against the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”He drew Jason Phoenix right where he wanted him!”
VASSA: ”And now the tables have turned. This is Stefan Raab’s chance to beat the number one contender for the South-West Heavyweight Championship!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure somewhere backstage Jason Cashe is on the edge of his seat just like all the fans in this building. It would be a mighty leap forward for Stefan Raab and would make for quite some drama!”
Phoenix stumbles towards his opponent and half heartedly throws a lariat his way. Raab ducks underneath and grabs Phoenix with a rear waist lock. Raab tries to lift his opponent backwards over his head but Jason managed to grab the top rope with both hands. Raab releases one of his hands from around Phoenix’s waist hits him with a forearm to his upper back. Phoenix momentarily releases his grip on the ropes and Raab tries for another attempt at a German Suplex. This time in mid air Phoenix throws a back elbow to the side of the head of Stefan Raab which causes for an awkward release of his opponent. Phoenix catches Raab with a drop toe hold that drops him across the middle rope. Raab lays hung across the rope while Phoenix charges at him. Phoenix grabs a hold of the ropes and swings his body between the top and middle rope, kicking Raab in the face with a tiger feint kick! Raab gets to his feet and stumbles around the ring. Phoenix quickly scales the nearest corner and stands on the top turnbuckle. He flies through the air with a Shooting Star Press and after the full rotation of his body grabs Raab by the head, driving him to the mat with a DDT! Phoenix crawls to his opponent and makes the cover.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

JOHNSON: ”The Phoenix Eclipse has seal the deal for the Living Legend, Jason Phoenix!”
VASSA: ”I don’t think he expected Stefan Raab to give him as much of a challenge as he did! A phenomenal performance from both wrestlers tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”If there was any doubt that Jason Phoenix belongs in the conversation amongst the top wrestlers in this company…that was just wiped away. Regardless of how he did it, Jason Phoenix got the win tonight…”
”Violence Fetish” by Disturbed begins to blare over the PA system as Jason Phoenix pulls his arm away from referee Christopher Salieri. Morgan Alvertez joins her husband in the ring and raises his arm as Mike Powers makes the official announcement.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, The Living Legend, JASON PHOENIX!!!”

The scene cuts in, and we see a stationary camera in a hallway backstage. After a few moments, The Red Pioneer walks around the corner, and as soon as he becomes visible the fans explode into a roar of cheers. He’s completely ready for battle, decked out in an all orange jumpsuit, and a mask to match. He stops outside of his dressing room and looks at his door. He pulls a small note off of the door and the camera pans in over his shoulder so that it can be read.

Sweet wishes; Sweet desires; Sweet dreams… Wouldn’t you like to know who this is?
The card is signed and sealed with a bright pink lipstick mark on the bottom right hand corner. Red looks for a signiture or anything else, but when he doesn’t see anything he begins to glance down each side of the hallway.

PIONEER: ”What the fuck?”
Red folds the note in half and puts it in his pocket before heading into his dressing room. The camera tries to follow him in, but the door closes abruptly and almost hits the camera as it clicks shut.

VASSA: ”And the strangeness continues here tonight ladies and gentlemen. Ya know Steve, if you forced me to guess right now, I’d guess that the freak we saw in the parking lot earlier is the one that left the note on Red’s door.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know about that Vince, but I do know one thing for sure. Whoever put that note on Red’s door needs to be extremely careful, because he’s one unstable individual. I would hate to see what would happen if someone messed with him and wasn’t entirely sure of everything he’s capable of.”
VASSA: ”I semi-agree with you there Steve. I agree that no one here is anywhere close to knowing exactly what Red is capable of, and that anyone that decides to even talk to him needs to be incredibly careful. He seems like a nice guy, but there’s definitely a few screws loose there. As far as when he does snap though, I would love to see it. We all saw what he did to Gordie James this last week. Can you imagine what he could do to someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing?”


VASSA: ”We’ve had an exciting night so far and things are about to get even better as we head into our lumberjack match for tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Niobe Martin has been on a slump as of late and she will be facing off against a newcomer who has made an impact since his arrival, Nathaniel Havok.”
VASSA: ”Yea, Niobe has had her problems lately with Morgan Alvertez and Crystal Taylor and tonight is a break from that madness.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t be so sure. Our lumberjacks are coming down to ringside right now. We have Lincoln Cutler, Joseph Sullivan, Athena and look here… Crystal Taylor and Morgan Alvertez are making their way to the ring.”
VASSA: ”Things just got a little more exciting knowing that Niobe has an opponent both inside and two on the outside.”
JOHNSON: ”Right now it looks like Athena, Lincoln and Joseph are taking separate sides of the ring and Morgan and Crystal are teaming up on the last available side.”
VASSA: ”Well, it looks like our lumberjacks are ready to get things started. Lets go to Mike Powers as he introduces our wrestlers for the match. Take it away Mike!”
”Nightmare” is now playing over the 4CW sound speakers as the fans continue to boo with a few cheers thrown in.

POWERS: “Our first competitor comes to the ring from Los Angeles, California weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet seven inches tall. She is the “Nightmare”… NIOBE MARTIN!!!”
Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
Now your nightmare comes to life…’
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
‘Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never..’
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

VASSA: ”Niobe just got in the ring and Morgan is already yelling at her on the inside.”
JOHNSON: ”Niobe better hope that she doesn’t go to the outside anywhere near Morgan and Crystal or there will be trouble.”
VASSA: ”Luckily for us, those two beautiful ladies are directly in front of us. We have the best seat and view in the house!”
Morgan and Crystal both turn back and look at Vinny sitting at the announcers booth. They blow him a kiss and then turn their attention back to the ring as Mike Powers voice fills the void.

POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to you out of The Underworld. He stands six feet, four inches and weighs in at two hundred forty-two pounds… He is the Source of all Evil, Nathaniel HAVOK!!!”
“Cult of Personality” hits on the PA system, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Nathaniel Havok makes his way out to the entrance ramp, extremely hyped and ready to go. He throws his arms in the air as pyro goes off around him, before walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on his way down. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully off the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, as his music fades out.

JOHNSON: ”I’ve done my research on Havok and he’s rather impressive. I’m glad to finally be able to call one of his matches.”
VASSA: ”I’m just glad to still have a job ion this business.”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe if you put the bottle away during shows you wouldn’t have to worry about job security.”
VASSA: ”People love me! We’re on HBO now, this isn’t the kiddie channel!”
JOHNSON: ”Christopher Salieri will be our official for this match and it appears that he’s ready to sound the bell.”
Havok wastes no time and rushes at Niobe as soon as the bell sounds. He meets her in the corner and hits her with a huge shoulder block, knocking her into the turnbuckle. He quickly kicks her in the stomach a few times, wearing her down as she falls to her bottom, holding herself up somewhat by the middle ropes. Havok then delivers a hard knee to her face and grabs her by the hair. Havok jerks her into the air and raises her to her feet, keeping her back against the turnbuckle. He then scoops her up and body slams her upside down into the turnbuckle. Niobe’s feet get tangled in the ropes and she hangs there, upside down. Havok then takes a few steps back and jumps in, giving her a hard dropkick to the face. Niobe’s feet free from the ropes and she falls to the mat, head first with a thud.

JOHNSON: ”Havok has made it clear that he’s here to make a statement in 4CW and he’s getting off to a great start tonight!”
Havok drags Niobe away from the corner by her feet. He then ascends the turnbuckle and leaps into the air. He comes down across her throat with a high vertical leg drop that strangles her. Havok quickly gets up and stomps on Niobe until she rolls out of the ring and fall to the floor.

Joseph Sullivan quickly begins to attack Niobe as she tries to defend herself. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her up and punches her one good time in the stomach before rolling her underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring. Havok picks Niobe up, wraps his arms around her and spins around, slamming her to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. He then gets up and drops an elbow across her chest and goes for the pin

JOHNSON: ”She kicks out!!!”
VASSA: ”That was a close call right there. I thought this one was over before it even started.”
Havok jumps up in a rage and kicks Niobe a few times while she’s still down. He then goes to stomp on her hard but she grabs his foot and twists his ankle, spinning him and making him fall to the canvas. Niobe gets to her feet before Havok can. Once she does, she waits for Havok to get up. Havok lunges at Niobe with a haymaker but she dodges and plants him into the mat with a spinning spinebuster. Niobe then climbs on top of Havok and hits him with a series of lefts and rights. She then rakes his eyes and slams his head into the mat once before getting pushed to the side as Havok defends himself.
The two get to their feet and then lock up in the center of the ring. With his size, Havok gets the advantage and throws Niobe to the ropes. Upon her arrival, Havok bends down to flip her over only to catch a boot to the mouth from Niobe. He flies backwards and crashes to the mat. Niobe then runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Once Havok gets up and turns to her, Niobe wraps her legs around his head and flips him over with a hurricanrana.

VASSA: ”I wish that could have been my head in between those legs!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I’m plenty calm, Steve. I’m just enjoying this nice back view of Morgan and Crystal bent over as they lean into the ring yelling at Niobe.”
Niobe turns her attention to Morgan and Crystal who are screaming at her inside of the ring. She walks closer to the ropes and talks trash herself. Morgan then jumps onto the apron and the two get in each others face before the ref comes over and forces Morgan to step down. Suddenly, Havok attacks Niobe from behind and tosses her up and over the top rope. Niobe crashes on top of Crystal and the two begin to scrap right there at ringside.

JOHNSON: ”This isn’t going to be good.”
While Niobe mounts Crystal and relentlessly attacks her. Morgan comes from behind and crushes her back with a double axe handle. Niobe falls to the side, off Crystal. Morgan kicks her while she’s down as Crystal gets to her feet. The two then double team Niobe. iobe tries to defend herself but fails. Athena then runs over from the other side of the ring and pushes Morgan and Crystal away. Athena then pulls Niobe up by her hair and rolls her underneath the bottom rope back into the ring. Crystal and Morgan then talk trash to Athena who slowly back towards her side of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t see Crystal and Morgan jumping at the chance to tango with Athena.”
VASSA: ”You could tie a rack of ribs, fresh cut of steak and a bone around her neck and a dog wouldn’t play with that.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s just wrong, Vinny. Mean.”
Havok picks Niobe up but as the ref gets distracted by Morgan and Crystal yelling at ringside, Niobe delivers a low blow to his family jewels. Havok falls backwards to the mat and Niobe takes a moment to catch her breath. She walks to the side of the ring, opposite of Crystal and Morgan and waits with her back facing Joseph Sullivan. Havok slowly gets up and when he does, Niobe is there to take him back down with a fireman’s carry takedown. She then runs over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Waiting for Havok to get up to make her move, Niobe waits patiently. Once Havok is up, she leaps at him with a flying crossbody. Havok catches her in mid-air and drives her into the canvas with a powerslam.

JOHNSON: ”Havok was ready all along!”
VASSA: ”That hurt my back just watching.”
Havok gets up and backs towards the ropes planning his next attack. Out of nowhere, Joseph Sullivan reaches in the ring and pulls Havok’s feet out from under him. Havok crashes to the mat and gets pulled to the outside. Sullivan then beats on his back with his forearms and delivers a suplex onto the hard floor. Havok yells in pain as Sullivan gets up and taunts him. Sullivan then pulls Havok up by the hair and throws him with all of his might into the ring steps. Havok crashes into the metal head first and knocks the steps away from the ring.

Sullivan doesn’t let up and picks Havok back up and this time, he lifts him into the air and drops him stomach first onto the steel barricade. Coming for a taste, Lincoln Cutler smashes a few forearm shots on Havok’s back and then pulls him away from the barricade. Culter grabs Havok by the back of the head and walks him back to the ring and rolls him underneath the bottom rope back into the ring.

JOHNSON: ”All of our lumberjacks have officially gotten a piece of the action tonight.”
VASSA: ”Niobe has been on the outside more but I think Havok has received the most damage from the resident losers of 4CW.”
Niobe quickly moves in on Havok as his beaten body rolls into the ring. She kicks him while he’s down a few times before picking him up and body slamming him in the center of the ring. Niobe then goes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle and locks her sights on Havok.

JOHNSON: ”What the hell?”
Morgan climbs onto the apron and pushes Niobe from behind, sending her flying off the top rope without control. As she flies towards Havok, he rolls out of the way and Niobe lands stomach first in the center of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”I knew it was only a matter of time before Morgan got involved more than she was actually supposed to tonight.”
VASSA: ”And the ref, Salieri, didn’t even see it!”
The two slowly begin to climb to their feet in the middle of the ring. Morgan and Crystal go berserk on the outside, yelling for Havok to finish Niobe off. Niobe gets up right before Havok does and raises both arms in the air. She runs towards him to attack with a double axe handle but out of nowhere, Havok delivers one hell of a superkick that lays Niobe out.

JOHNSON: ”Sorrow Enforced!”
VASSA: ”This could be it!”
Havok gets back up but instead of going for the pin, he slowly stalks Niobe. He then picks her limp body up and wraps his arm around her head, locking on a tight headlock.

VASSA: ”I don’t think he’s finished yet.”
JOHNSON: ”I think we’re about to see The FBD.”
With the headlock still intact, Havok then goes forward, driving Niobe’s head into the mat with a headlock driver.

JOHNSON: ”He’s going for the pin!”
Havok then rolls Niobe to her back and covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”This one’s over.”

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall… Nathaniel HHAAVVOOKK!!!”
“Cult of Personality” begins to play over the building as the ref raises Havok’s hand in victory.

JOHNSON: ”This match was back and forth somewhat but in the end, Havok walks out of here with a win under his belt.”
VASSA: ”I’m really looking forward to him being here in 4CW and I think the fans are too.”
Havok stands over Martin, victorious in his efforts. All of the sudden, Young Mannie comes darting through the crowd, ready to pick a fight with the Enforcer of Sorrow.

VASSA: ”MANNIE!!! MANNIE!!! Mannie’s coming to get him a piece of Havok!”
The two men start brawling in the middle of the ring, stumbling over the prone body of Niobe Martin. The both trip over her, falling, and rolling around on the mat, trying to get top position. The two end up rolling out of the ring, as security comes down to break up the brawl.

JOHNSON: ”Mannie has come out here to show the world that he’s not afraid of Havok! And believe it or not, I believe him!”
VASSA: ”I don’t! I think he’s stupid after watching this impressive win tonight. I think he’s just trying to gain street cred and prove a point.”
Security breaks up the brawl and separates the two as the fans go wild.

JOHNSON: ”You never know what to expect around here!”
VASSA: ”I’m ready to see where this leads. Let them go security! LET THEM GO DAMNIT!!!”
JOHNSON: ”While things get cleaned up and we clear the ring, lets go backstage for a moment.”

Before the Main Event goes under way, the cameras cut to the backstage area where Tidus Howe is standing by. He has a 4CW logo draped down as a back drop to the view as a microphone lifts up to his mouth.

HOWE: ”Now normally you wouldn’t see me without one of my clients. Stefan Raab and/or our Champion Jason Cashe. However right now I believe the viewers at home, those in the crowd tonight. You all deserve a truth. See everyone has been going around calling us Action Packed and that is an honest mistake…”
A brief pause as he takes a deep swallow with tight lips. His words heard again soon after.

HOWE: ”When we first came out to the ring in 4CW’s First Show, we did say that we were ‘Action Packed’ but that is what we are not WHO we are. Each of my clients are different, each bring their own style and grace to the ring. They all however have one thing in common. They are gifted with Action. Every time they compete, the fans, the other wrestlers backstage or the viewers at home can bet their bottom dollar that their matches will be…Action Packed! It is to be expected each and every time one of my clients is in the ring.”
“That is our purpose. Now 4CW isn’t the only place with names who rise to that level. Who compete with that gift about them. So I have gone out and recruited others from different promotions to sign up together under MY guidance. I am not an Athlete, I have no experience competing but I know Competitive Business and I have an eye for talent. Action Packed Talent. As all of us come together we all share the love, the taste, the Addiction if you will for Action but again it is not in the name we fight for.”

His pause this time comes with Jason Cashe and Stefan Raab entering the picture. Both men standing behind Tidus Howe. Cashe holding the 4CW Championship over his shoulder.

HOWE: ”In 4CW we believe that these two men right here can own these lands. Kaylyn James Evans can own the lands of UWA and my newest client, Mike Conrad can dominate the ranks of Grind House and I will be in each and every one of these places laying down OUR brand. OUR Name. Under One Roof…My Roof…My House….The House Of Howe!
Tidus Howe lifts his arms above his head and makes a roof over his head with his hands. Both Cashe and Raab follow suit and do the same.

HOWE: ”This isn’t some cult, this isn’t some Militia, this is my Family being built and those under my roof won’t get wet when the storm we create comes REIGNING down…”
Cashe jumps forward and sticks a finger pointed at the camera..

Tidus laughs as he shoves Cashe sideways, Raab shaking his head leaves the scene after them and the cameras head back to ringside.



VASSA: ”Next up we get to see out South-West Heavyweight champion in action against Mark Brooks.”
JOHNSON: ”Larry Collins will be our official for this match. We haven’t seen Mark Brooks in action since he fell to Jimmy Baron a few weeks ago at 005.”
VASSA: ”Tonight is the perfect opportunity to bounce back with a victory over our one and only champion, Jason Cashe.”
JOHNSON: ”Mike powers is ready to announce our wrestlers to the ring. Take it away, Mike!”
POWERS: ”Our next match is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring first, weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet one inch. He comes to you out of Boston, Mass…. He is “Above Average” Mark… BBRROOOOKKSS!!!”
“Ace of Spades” by Motorhead hits over the p.a. system and the fans immediately erupt with cheers as they all stand to their feet. Mark Brooks strolls out from the back and with his back turned to his fans; he starts to twirl his hips around and shaking his booty to the fans cheering. As he swirls around, Miss Michelle comes strutting to the side of her fiancé. He takes her by the hand as she twirls around him and he dips her low as he leans down to kiss her lips. He lifts her up and she starts to walk down the ramp with her hand clasp around his bicep. They make their way down the ramp and she walks over to the steel steps as he hops on the ring apron. She steps up on it and he holds the ropes open and she raises her arms in the air as the male viewers begin whistling. He steps over the second rope and hustles across the ring, jumping on the second turnbuckle, and raising his hands to his waist and circling it as he pretends to already be the Undisputed Champion. His theme becomes cut off just before he steps down from the corner and he along with Miss Michelle turn toward the entrance ramp.

VASSA: ”The lovely, Miss Michelle will be joining him at ringside tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Try to keep your eyes on the match and not on her assets, Vinny.”
”I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up”
As the chorus to “Grew Up A Screw Up” plays as Jason Cashe steps through the back curtain with the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship buckled around his waist as he steps onto the stage, he is met with cheers of many plus some deep bass boos from the haters. The chorus of the song plays but is spoken over as the Ring Announcer makes introductions.

POWERS: ”Introducing the Atlanta Born but Houston Representative, at two Hundred and Thirty pounds he is the Current 4CW South-West Heavyweight Champion!! “The INFLUENCE” Jaaaasssooon…CCAASSHHEE!!!”
“Ever since I was an embryo, waiting to shape up and ship out
Something in my brain said, “Wake up and kick out!”
Roberta and Wayne stayed up and flipped out
Cause when I came I was draped up and dripped out
Snip the umbilical, spit the government chip out
Peace up, A-Town down and then I dipped out
And oh my gosh, the Osh Kosh was picked out
I slipped in, even my baby stroller was tricked out
Somebody get him, the little homie’s out of control
Put a little bit of rum in my bottle I’ll dream about diamonds and gold
Gold gold, to grow from an infant to toddler was effervescent
The essence of adolescence got my body feeling freshen
freshing freshing, and it was a blessing to rhyme and start rapping
I was the best in my section with flows hard than erections
Still the best but now I’m grown with more range than a Texan
And I’m a heavyweight you dudes is lighter than my complexion”
As he heads to ringside, he rounds the corner he unbuckles the Championship and picks up speed as he leaps up on the ring apron, landing on one knee and pulling himself to his feet using the ropes and lifts the Championship high into the air above him. He dips through the ropes and enters the ring to a louder pop from the crowd. He throws up an Upside Down Peace Sign hand sign for the cameras to see before handing the belt off to the referee and leans against the ropes. Ready for his dose of Action.

JOHNSON: ”Here’s our champion! He looks ready for action tonight1″
VASSA: ”He’s always ready for action. Don’t you remember what he did to Aidan Black earlier tonight? He always needs his fix, his dose of action!”
JOHNSON: ”Well, it looks like Larry Collins is ready to start this match and so are the competitors.”
The ref takes the championship away from Cashe and hands it to a ringside staff member before signaling for the bell, officially beginning this match.
Cashe stares across the ring at Brooks with a smirk on his face before slowly walking to the center of the ring. Brooks hangs back in his corner as he watches Cashe. Cashe then signals for him to step to him in the center of the ring and Brooks doesn’t hesitate for one second and walks towards Cashe. The two stare one another down for a moment before Brooks lunges forward and locks up with Cashe. The two have a small test of strength before Brroks come out on top and drives his knee into the midsection of Cashe. The knee knocks the wind out of him and Brooks delivers another before locking Cashe in a headlock. Cashe tries to break free and pushes Brooks forward, towards the ropes, releasing the hold. Brooks hits the ropes and comes back only to knock Cashe to his back with a hard shoulder block. Cashe quickly gets up as Brooks runs to the ropes again. Just as Cashe gets to his feet, Brooks puts him back down with another shoulder block. Brooks then grabs Cashe by the head and pulls him to his feet. He then lifts Cashe into the air and slams him to the mat with a scoop powerslam.

VASSA: ”Mark Brooks is quickly getting the advantage over the champ, Jason.”
JOHNSON: ”So far he taking control of the match which is what you have to do when against someone like Jason Cashe.”
Mark then runs to the ropes and when he bounces back this time, he drops a leg across the throat of Cashe who’s still lying in the center of the ring. Brooks gets to his feet and pulls Cashe up with him. Brooks punches Cashe a few times and then drops him to the mat again with a Russian legsweep. Brooks gets up with a smile on his face as he has the champ down. He then waits for Cashe to begin climbing to his feet before running to the ropes in front of him. Once Cashe gets to his feet, Brooks springboards from the ropes and flies back, nailing Cashe with a clothesline that nearly knocks his head off.

JOHNSON: ”Mark Brooks is keeping the momentum in his corner as he gives no opportunity for Cashe to even breathe.”
VASSA: ”Mark Brooks is one of the most underrated talents on the roster and he’s proving that tonight by keeping the champ on his toes.”
Brooks gets up and circles the fallen Cashe before making his next move. He then walks over and pulls Cashe up to his feet only to get surprised as Cashe finds a second wind and delivers a kick to the stomach. Brooks goes back a few steps and Cashe kicks him again and again before grabbing his wrist and locks on a wristlock. Brooks delivers an elbow to Cashe’s face with his free arm but doesn’t break the hold. Cashe then locks on a side headlock of his own and gives Brooks a noogie before running forward and planting his face into the mat with a bulldog.

VASSA: ”There he is! I knew it was only a matter of time before Cashe got on track.”
JOHNSON: ”Talk about a way to get under your opponents skin. Cashe takes it to a whole new level with these petty backyard style moves.”
VASSA: ”No matter how he brings it, you just gotta love him!”
Cashe quickly gets up as Brooks moves across the ring on all fours. Cashe then rushes towards him and stomps on the fingers of his left hand. Brooks pulls his hand up in pain and Cashe quickly stomps on the fingers of his right hand. Brooks yells in pain and when he pulls that hand back, his face plants into the mat. Cashe chuckles for a moment and then jumps into the air and comes down with a hard headbutt to the back of Brooks skull. Brooks rolls aroun d in pain as Cashe is slow to get up, holding his forehead, showing signs of pain himself. Cashe then grabs Brooks by the back of the head and pulls him to his feet again. This time, Cashe gets behind him and pulls his head back, lifts him up and drops him to the mat with a reverse DDT. Cashe then rolls him over and covers for the pin as the ref drops for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Mark kicks out!!!”
VASSA: ”That was a close on after a series of head impact moves.”
JOHNSON: ”He does refer to himself as “Above Average” so I’m hoping that he can withstand this assault better than your average Joe.”
Cashe shakes his head as he gets to his feet. Brooks rolls over and holds his head in pain. Cashe grabs him by the head again and begins to pull him to his feet. Suddenly, Brooks wraps his arms around Cashe’s legs and lifts him into the air and slams him to the mat, driving his shoulder into Cashe’s stomach. Brooks then climbs on top of Cashe and delivers a series of punches to his head and body. Cashe tries to fend them off but fails as he blocks on spot and opens another. Brooks then hops up and hits Cashe with an enzuigiri, knocking his head back and to the mat.

VASSA: ”And just like that, Mark Brooks is back in it!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m actually surprised at how quickly the momentum changed. Out of nowhere, Mark found a burst of energy and used it to his advantage.”
VASSA: ”He came from his knees and lifted Cashe into the air before driving him into the mat. I’m impressed!”
Brooks circles Cashe who is still recovering in the center of the ring. Brooks then grabs Cashe by the back of the head and smashes his face into the canvas. He then jumps up and comes down on Cashe’s back with an elbow drop. Brooks gets up and drags Cashe to his feet. He punches him with a hard right in the head, followed by another and another.Cashe lunges forward with a punch of his own but misses as Brooks ducks and moves in behind him. brooks delivers a hard punch to the side of Cashe and then locks him in a pumphandle and lifts him into the air before dropping him with a big suplex. The sound of Cashe’s body hitting the mat echoes throughout the building as Brooks quickly goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”That was close. We almost had an upset on our hands ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”For a second there I thought we had another name to throw in the contenders hat.”
Wasting no time, Brooks pushes himself up and looks at the ref with a disappointed look on his face. He then bends over and pulls Cashe to his feet. Brooks then lifts Cashe into the air and drops him with a gutwrench falling powerbomb. Cashe bounces a couple of inches off the canvas as Brooks rolls over and begins doing pushups. Cashe rolls around the mat in pain, holding his back. Brooks then gets up and moves in, not giving Cashe a moment to rest. He grabs Cashe by the back of the head and yanks him to his feet. Brooks then looks over at Michelle who is leaning underneath the bottom rope, cheering him on. Brooks then takes Cashe to the mat with a forward Russian legsweep. Brooks then climbs on top of Cashe’s back and hooks a single leg Boston crab and applies the pressure as the ref moves into Cashe’s view, awaiting a response from him.

VASSA: ”This could be it! Lets see how Cashe holds up against the constant pain.”
JOHNSON: ”Mark sure is applying the pressure as if he’s trying to pull Cashe’s leg apart.”
Cashe fights the pain as Brooks continues cranking down. Using his elbows, Cashe begins to pulls himself towards the ropes, bringing brooks along as he sits on his back. Brooks takes notice and and pulls back on that leg even harder but Cashe fights through the pain and continues to get closer and closer to the ropes. Before Cashe can extend an arm in an attempt to make contact with the ropes, Brooks releases the hold and pops up to his feet. He turns around and kicks Cashe in the back of the head, driving his face into the mat. Brooks then grabs Cashe by the leg and pulls him into the center of the ring. He then pulls Cashe to his feet again, lifts him up with a fireman’s carry and then hits him with a huge gutbuster. Brooks then rolls Cashe over and goes for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”I don’t know how he did it but Cashe managed to kick out once again.”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe is proving to be a fighting champion, but, Brooks is proving to be a force inside of the ropes.”
Brooks looks up at the ref, frustrated by the count. He shakes it off and climbs to his feet. Cashe continues to lay in the center of the ring, holding his stomach in pain as he slowly begins to move. Michelle is heard on the outside of the ring, applauding Brooks as he remains in control of the match. Brooks walks over to the ropes and blows her a kiss as Cashe slowly gets to his feet. Michelle quickly points it out to Brooks and he turns around to focus his attention on Cashe. Brooks moves in and hits Cashe with a hard right, followed by an even harder left. Cashe staggers back a few steps and then Brooks winds up and nails him with a huge right hand. Cashe stumbles back to the ropes and just as he’s about to bounce back, Brooks jumps in the air and goes for a dropkick. Cashe clinches his arms around the ropes, leaving Brooks hanging as he doesn’t connect with the kick and crashes to the mat. Cashe continues to hold onto the ropes as Brooks gets to his feet. Once Brooks is up, Cashe lunges forward, spins, and connects with a sharp rolling elbow to Brooks forehead.

JOHNSON: ”The Mark of Jason!”
VASSA: ”He laid Mark out with that elbow! He’s going for the pin!!!”
Cashe quickly covers Brooks fallen body in the center of the ring as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”Brooks kicks out!!!”
Cashe looks at the ref, surprised that Brooks kicked out. He pushes himself up but gets stuck as Brooks wraps his arm around his leg. Cashe tries to break the hold with a series of punches to Brooks back and head but comes up short. Brooks then pulls himself up, using Cashe as leverage. Cashe tries to push himself away from Brooks but fails as Brooks doesn’t let Cashe break loose.

JOHNSON: ”Mark just will not call it a day. After coming a split second away from a loss, he’s found his way to his feet and won’t let go of Cashe.”
VASSA: ”Cashe keeps trying to get himself free but just can’t. Mark has a close hold on him and Cashe can’t even do anything to get away.”
Brooks wraps his arms around Cashe and then headbutts him in the mouth. Cashe spits out a mouthful of blood and tries to get his arms loose from the bearhug he’s found himself in. Brooks then goes to hit Cashe with a belly to belly suplex but loses his grip. Cashe manages to break free and stays on his feet, getting some distance between him and Brooks. Brooks then lunges forward with a huge lariat but misses as Cashe side steps him and ducks. Out of nowhere, Cashe grabs the back of Brooks head and drops him to the mat with a big back to back cutter.

VASSA: ”U.T.I.!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe has hit Mark with the Under the Influence and this one could be over.”
Before Cashe can attempt a pin cover, Jason Phoenix walks out from the back with a trash can lid and stick in hand, banging them together, catching Cashe’s attention. Cashe walks to the ropes closest to the entrance stage and begins to run off at the mouth as Phoenix slowly walks closer. From the crowd, Christian Taylor and Mike Smith hop over the barricade and climb into the ring. Before Cashe can turn around to see what the noise is all about, he gets attacked from behind.

JOHNSON: ”Watch out!!!”
Smith comes across Cashe’s back with his entire arm and knocks him down to one knee. Taylor then grabs the back of Cashe’s head and slams it into his knee. The two begin to assault Cashe as the ref calls for the bell.
As the two continue to attack Cashe, Brooks slowly gets to his feet. Cashe manages to get back to his feet as him and Taylor exchange blows while Smith watches, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Brooks then turns Cashe around and connects with a hard right to his head, knocking Smith against the ropes. Brooks then runs at Smith and clotheslines him up and over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor.

JOHNSON: ”Mike Smith is now out of the equation!”
Taylor swings at Cashe with a clothesline of his own but Cashe ducks and flips him up and over the top rope. Just as Smith gets to his feet, Taylor crashes down on him and they both crash to the hard floor. Phoenix quickly runs to their aide as Cashe and Brooks stands their ground in the ring.

VASSA: ”They cleared the ring! It’s now two on three! I don’t see Miss Michelle getting involved here, at least I hope not.”
Cashe points at Phoenix and signals for him to get inside of the ring. The two stare each other down but instead of getting in the ring, he helps Smith and Taylor to their feet. The three then slowly back up the ramp, starring at Cashe and Brooks in the ring.

JOHNSON: ”It’s clear that Cashe and Mark have the advantage and high ground in the ring and Jason Phoenix realizes that.”
VASSA: ”Two weeks away we’ll get to see Jason Phoenix challenge Jason Cashe for the South-West Heavyweight championship in Las Vegas! I can’t wait.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what Jason Phoenix was up to but from the looks of it, it didn’t work out as planned.”
Phoenix, Smith and Taylor make their way to the stage and disappear into the back as Cashe and Brooks hold the ring down.

POWERS: ”This match has been ruled a no contest due to outside interference.”
Cashe and Brooks then turn their attention towards each other. Cashe then nods at Brooks and extends his hand out. Brooks looks down at it for a moment as the fans begin to cheer. He then extends his hand and the two shake in the center of the ring as Cashe thanks him for the help.

JOHNSON: ”Now that’s respect. These two went toe to toe and just as we thought we were coming to an end, PowerTrip decided to stick their noses in.”
VASSA: ”Well, it looks like these two have earned each others respect.”
Miss Michelle then climbs in the ring and stands by Mark’s side as him and Cashe turn their backs to each other and walk to opposite corners of the ring, looking over the crowd. Cashe then hops out of the ring and gets his championship and Mark and Michelle hold each other in the ring.

JOHNSON: ”I can’t wait to see Cashe and Phoenix collide at 008!”
VASSA: ”I can’t wait to see this next match we have scheduled for tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Lets go backstage for a moment as we clear the ring.”


JOHNSON: “It is now time for the headline of the night! The debut of STF and STO will team up to take on the unlikely duo of the Red Pioneer and Jimmy Baron. How do you think this match will go Vinny?”
VASSA: ”To be honest with you Steve, in my several years experience in this business tell me Sex, Violence, and Drugs have this match in the bag!”
JOHNSON: “I might not like their attitudes, but when it comes to chemistry and partnerships, they do seem to be on the same page. I don’t know if Jimmy Baron and Red Pioneer have even talked to each other about this match.”
VASSA: ”It was a screw ball team from the beginning and now they have to go up against a team looking to make an impact in their 4CW’s debuts!? I think they are in trouble!”
POWERS: ”The following match is the headline of the night and it is a tag team match for one falls. Introducing first, they are the team of Sky Tari Ocean and Sebastian Tyler Fluker… SEX, VIOLENCE, AND DRUGS!”
Hey what’s wrong
Come quick Some losers wanna fight us
Oh Not again I’ll go get my gun
You must be loco to mess with us
Don’t you know we’re dangerous
We’ll kill U
We’ll kill U
As red spotlights flicker and faint sirens play behind the lyrics, Sky Tari Ocean drags an axe out over her shoulder to the top of the ramp. She swings it over her shoulder and slams it against the ramp as she throws it down. She turns to the entrance curtains and flicks her back code to the side, tilting her head back when STF walks out from the back. His head is slightly lowered as he makes his way to her. She cocks her head over the shoulder as she drops her coat down on the top of the ramp. She slides her finger down his chest and he licks her face.
It’s on now the fight’s beginning
One punch in and we’re already winning
Guy #1 the ape shit killer
After you’re dead I drink an ice cold Miller
Out on parole and looking to score
I’m guy #2 I’ll take your whore
AK’s, Uzis, nines and glocks
They turn to the ring and start down the ramp. STF starts rubbing his hands and she rubs her tiny little tummy to the mixed reaction from the crowd as a feint voice is heard saying, “violence… sex… and drugs…” They make their way to the ring and she sits upon the apron as she spreads her legs open. She motions for him to come closer as he squeezes her throat, licking her face. He rolls in under the ropes after releasing his choke hold of her throat. She rubs her neck as she spins around and slithers in over the bottom rope.
One pierced ear and ankle socks
If you see us on the street
You can bet we’re high
We wear sunglasses
For bloodshot eyes
He walks over and props her upon her feet and she hustles to the far corner, hopping on the second rope, motioning with her hands, finger guns. STF starts pacing around the ring and removes his “sex, violence, and drugs” sleeveless shirt and tosses it to some lucky fan in attendance. When she hops up off the turnbuckle, she walks over to him and places her hand on his shoulder. He wraps his arm around her midsection as they turn their attention to the entrance ramp / or opponent across the ring.

POWERS: ”And introducing the opponents: first, hailing in from Prospect, Connecticut, standing in at 5 feet, 11 inches, and weighing 205 pounds… THE RED PIONEER!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan blasts out through the arena as the lights all dim. The Red Pioneer comes bolting out from the back, charging toward the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He runs over to the far corner and leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who is roaring their approval for him before dropping back to the mat and stretching before the match starts.

VASSA: ”This man is one bizarre individual and I don’t even know if he can be trusted in this match.”
JOHNSON: “I think he wants to win Vinny and if that means working with Jimmy Baron, he’ll do it.”
POWERS: ”And introducing his partner, billed from Key West, Florida, standing in at 6 feet, 3 inches, and weighing 230 pounds… JIMMY BARON!!”
The lights dim as “He’s a Pirate” begins to play over the sound system. A giant, waving, black pirate flag – the symbol identical to the ones on Jimmy Baron’s tights – appears on the big screen as “The Pirate” Jimmy Baron comes running full-tilt from the backstage area. As he descends the entrance ramp, he briefly stops to motion to the crowd before breaking back into a run as he laps the ring. Upon completing his lap, Jimmy slides under the bottom rope and quickly bounds back to his feet. After making a quick circuit of the ring and again motioning to the fans, Jimmy drops to one knee in the center of the ring, both arms outstretched as he basks in the adulation of the fans. Hopping back up, he discards his linen shirt and waits for his opponent to make his way to the ring.

JOHNSON: “I really like this guy, I hope he can get back on the winning streak his career was promised.”
VASSA: ”Face it Steve, the clown was all hype!”
Pioneer steps over the second rope and this force Jimmy Baron to start things off as STF looks to be starting things off for his team. The two men start circling each other in the ring. As Jimmy meets STF in the middle, STF with a side kick to the gut and wrenches his arms around Baron’s neck as he locks in a headlock hold. He swings him over with a snapmare headlock hold.

VASSA: ”It looks like Jimmy Baron is being showed up here by a couple of rookies.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think Baron has been feeling himself lately.”
Baron pushes himself out of the hold as he kneels up and STF is up to his feet. As Baron is kneeled before him, STF connects with martial art kicks to the chest. As Baron get woozy on his knees. STF grabs his head and connects the top of his temple onto the canvas. STF then gets up to his feet and he begins to scope down on Baron. He grabs the right leg as he connects with a few kicks to the back of his kneecap. He then hooks the leg between his arms and he snaps back with a leg-DDT.

JOHNSON: “STF might have fractured Baron’s kneecap with that vicious move!”
VASSA: ”Baron is in some serious pain and this match only started a few minutes ago.”
STF leans down and grabs Baron by his hair as he looks over at Pioneer who’s trying to cheer on Baron. STF races Baron to the Sex and Violence’s corner as he rams Baron’s face against the top turnbuckle. He turns Baron around in the corner and tags in STO.

JOHNSON: “The first tag of the match and Baron is in no man’s land!”
STF holds Baron in place away from the corner as STO climbs up to the top rope. She leans off the top rope with a diving knee drop onto both Baron’s shoulders. She hops up and leans down to pick up Baron, but Baron begins fighting back with forearms to the midsection. He gets on his feet, favoring his right leg, and whips STO into the ropes. STO bounces off the ropes and she surprises Baron with a head scissors takedown.

VASSA: ”So much hope Baron, but STO stole it away just like that and Pioneer is starting to get frustrated as he’s yelling for the tag.”
STO quickly makes it back to STF first and tags him in as STF jets across the ring with a leaping forearm shot to his face. Pioneer falls to the floor and quickly slides inside the ring as the referee tries to get him out onto the apron. STO and STF both help a hurt Baron up to his feet and they connect with a double snap suplex. They run off of opposite sides of the ring, STF with a leg drop and STO with a rolling cutter.

JOHNSON: “STO and STF’s teamwork appears to be working to their advantage as Pioneer finally gets back on the apron!”
The referee is making STO get to her corner as Pioneer runs inside the ring with a quick thinking German suplex on STF. As the referee turns around to see what the commotion was all about Pioneer is back on the apron. STO is screaming and yelling across the ring as both Baron and STF are face down on the mat.

VASSA: ”It seems like Pioneer has evened up the playing field with that quick German suplex and now both men are desperate to make the tag.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like Baron is holding his knee and the referee is asking him if he can go on.”
Baron nods as he makes his way to the ropes and starts to pull himself up. As he gets up on the ropes, so has STF. STF staggers over to Baron and he delivers a kick to the back of his right knee. Baron falls backwards on his ass as he’s holding the head now too. STF staggers to STO and tags her in as she climbs to the top rope. She leaps off the top rope with a double mushroom foot stomp on Baron’s midsection.

VASSA: ”They are showing the world Baron is the weak link in this match. How in the hell is he going to tag in Red Pioneer?”
JOHNSON: “Pioneer is looking irritated right now!”
STO kneels down and starts slapping him upside the head before she pulls him up off the mat, but just enough to slam him back down with a modified facebuster. She positions herself on the middle of his back and locks in a camel clutch. Baron immediately reaches to the bottom rope and the referee is yelling for the hold to be broken, but STO refuses. She keeps the hold locked in as the referee is warning to disqualify her.

JOHNSON: “This little woman is absolutely vicious.”
VASSA: ”How can a woman look so sexy, but be so vicious at the same time?”
She finally breaks the hold and she walks over to Pioneer’s corner with Baron’s braids in hand as Baron is reaching for his partner to make the tag. She ends it with a quick Russian leg sweep! She kneels up and looks back over to Pioneer’s corner at the turnbuckle and nods.

JOHNSON: “What the hell is she thinking?”
VASSA: ”I don’t know, but she has that turnbuckle in mind… I think?”
She leans down to pick Baron back up to his feet and them back up to the corner. Pioneer is trying to reach over the top rope as he’s just in enough reach to tag Pioneer in, but STO lets out a huge scream, which causes her not to hear Pioneer slapping the flesh of Baron’s back flesh.

JOHNSON: “The Red Pioneer has tagged himself in!”
VASSA: ”Then why the hell isn’t he getting in to help his partner already!?”
STO has Jimmy Baron locked up for a reverse STO in the corner of his and Pioneer. She leaps back and connects with the reverse STO on the second turnbuckle as Baron is out cold, but what STO doesn’t know is Pioneer tagged himself in when her back was turned.

JOHNSON: “STO connected with the Sky High!”
VASSA: ”But Jimmy is no longer the legal man.”
As she starts to pull Jimmy away from the ropes, the referee tries to tell Jimmy isn’t the legal man. She looks over at the Pioneer who is on the top rope. As she looks over at him, he leaps off the top rope with a high flipping neckbreaker on STO. STF goes to enter the ring, but he zooms over to the corner and dropkicks STF off the ring apron.
As STO is getting up to her feet, he grabs her from behind and locks up under her arms with a back to belly… facebuster!

JOHNSON: “Reality Check to STO!”
As STF slides in under the bottom rope, he runs up behind Pioneer and grabs him with a back grapple, but Pioneer flings him off with a standing hip toss. Pioneer staggers up to his feet and STF is now facing Pioneer. Without much delay, Pioneer grabs him with a lifting face buster as STF’s face ricochets against the canvas.

VASSA: ”Peaceful Slumber to STF!”
It looks like STO is back alone in the ring with Pioneer. As STO doesn’t even realize where she is as she’s staggering up to her feet. Pioneer spins her around and lifts her up with a hammerlock cradle DDT.

JOHNSON: “The Red Pioneer has connected with the Unmasking! He goes for the cover.”
VASSA: ”It looks like the Red Pioneer carried his partner to victory.”

The referee jumps up to his feet and he starts calling for the bell as Pioneer stands to his feet. The referee raises his hand as STO continues to lie in the middle of the ring motionless.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners by pin-fall… THE RED PIONEER AND JIMMY BARON!”
Jimmy limps over to Pioneer to shake his hand, but Pioneer looks down at his hand and laughs. He walks off as Baron is left limping across the ring. The referee and STF are both kneeled beside STO as they are calling the medics down. Pioneer flashes a grin as he sees the carnage he has done. He nods and dusts his hands off.

VASSA: ”I wonder what happened to Jimmy Baron. I hope if worse comes to worst, it’s just a sprain.”
JOHNSON: “I’m not really worried about Baron, but what about STO? She looks like she might have suffered a severe injury from the Unmasking.”
As the medics load her onto a stretcher and pull her to the edge of the ring, STF starts to slide his hand through his hair paranoid and scared for his girlfriend.

JOHNSON: “I hope we will be able to update you all on STO’s condition, but for right now, we take you to the backstage area.


JOHNSON: ”Well ladies and gentlemen it’s time for the final of three tag team matches on the card tonight.”
VASSA: ”Main event time!”
JOHNSON: ”A main event consisting of perhaps the most impressive tag team that 4CW has on it’s roster, Beauty and the Beast, Christian Taylor and Mike Smith!”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago they handed 4CW’s South-West Heavyweight Champion, Jason Cashe, his first loss inside a 4CW ring!”
JOHNSON: ”To be fair, Cashe probably had more to do with that loss than Christian Taylor or Mike Smith.”
VASSA: ”Regardless, they’ve done what no one else has been able to do!”
JOHNSON: ”Well tonight the table gets turned…The Main Attraction, “Young” Mannie Romero and his hired bodyguard Alec Quartermain get an opportunity to hand Taylor and Smith their first loss as a tag team in 4CW!”
VASSA: ”Talk about a feather in your cap with tag team titles inevitably being introduced within the company. If Mannie and Quartermain can win this one, they’re my pick to be the first tag team champions!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure you won’t be the only one to have that point of view. But now lets go to Mike Powers for the official introductions!”
The feed cuts to Mike Powers as he walks up the steel ring steps. He climbs through the ropes and holds the microphone up to his mouth.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your MAIN EVENT!!! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and fifteen pounds…being accompanied to the ring by Jacinta Perez…The Main Attraction “Young” Mannie and Alec Quartermain!”
The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Mannie & his Posse emerge to a wave of boos, Mannie & Jacinta are lead to the ring by Alec Quartermain; Mannie & Jacinta are being escorted down the ramp, while being inside of an Old-School Electric Motorized Cart. Next the stage lights die down; as Mannie who is wearing his glow in the dark ADIDAS sweatsuit, begins to soak in the hate. Right before a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. Mannie & Jacinta step out the cart, as he then strides up the steps, while the cameraman sits on the middle rope before he enters the ring. Mannie proceeds to remove his sweatsuit, as Mike Powers Introduces Mannie’s opponents.
“Bad Guy” by Eminem hits the speakers and a booing crowd stand to their feet as they start chanting, “go away.”

POWERS: ”And introducing the opponents, representing Power Trip and being accompanied to the ring by Crystal Taylor at a combined weight of 547 pounds, they are the team of Mike Smith and Christian Taylor… BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!”
Mike Smith walks out from the back with Crystal Taylor at his side. She turns toward him and starts clapping as he perches his hands on his waist, staring at the booing crowd. Christian Taylor jogs out from the back and he hops on Mike Smith’s back with his legs fastening around his midsection. He raises his right fist to the ceiling and shouts, “we the bomb, bitches!” Remaining on Mike Smith’s back, Mike showing his true strength as he continues to walk normally down the ramp with Crystal beside him. They pass the fans as Christian pretends to want to backhand the booing fans. Once they make it to the bottom of the ramp, Christian hops off Mike’s back onto the apron and climbs up to the second rope, kneeling his knee on the top turnbuckle, looking through the audience. Mike pulls himself up on the apron and steps over the second rope. He walks to the middle of the ring as Crystal hustles up the steel stairs and dips down under the second rope as Christian backflips off the turnbuckle. He stands on the bottom rope and leans over the rope, blowing a kiss to the booing fans as Crystal smirks at her husband while standing beside Mike Smith in the middle of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”No-one is budging! All four competitors are standing nose to nose in the center of the ring and this match hasn’t even started yet. Smith and Quartermain…”
VASSA: ”…Mannie and Taylor. We haven’t heard an opening bell and senior official Larry Collins is already struggling to get things under control!”
JOHNSON: ”They’re not going to wait!”
Christian Taylor reaches across and disrespectfully slaps Mannie in the face. Alec grabs Christian by the throat and immediately shoves him back onto the mat. Mike Smith clubs Alec across the back with his massive forearm. Alec turns towards Smith with a sinister smile on his face. Christian and Mannie take a few steps back as the behemoths stand face to face, their foreheads grinding against one another. Smith makes the first move and clobbers Alec with a hard right hand. Alec immediately counters with one of his own that dazes the enforcer. Alec reaches up and grabs him by the back of the head before driving his knee into Smiths’s gut. He backs Smith against the ropes and takes a step back before clotheslining him clean over the top rope. He turns following the clothesline and catches Christian trying to charge at him. Alec wraps his arms around Christian’s ribs and tosses him over his head with a release belly to belly suplex. Christian bounces off the mat and right to the feet of Young Mannie. Mannie grins as he looks down at “the Sex Pod” as Alec climbs out of the ring and onto the apron.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

JOHNSON: ”I guess we’re starting off this match with Mannie and Christian Taylor.”
VASSA: ”Mannie is definitely getting his money’s worth for a bodyguard. He just cleared house without breaking a sweat!”
Mannie lifts Christian to his feet and whips him into the corner. Mannie follows him into the corner with a running knee into the mid section of Christian Taylor. Taylor slumps forward but Mannie pushes him back with his forearm. Mannie follows that up with a series of strikes. Mixing up low kicks to the legs, chops to the chest, and finishing it up with knees to the torso. Mannie steps back and allows for Christian Taylor to stagger out of the corner. He scoops him up and slams him into the turnbuckle! Mike Smith hops off the apron and walks over to the corner where his partner is nearly folded upside down. He pulls his partner to safety under the ropes much to the fans dismay.
Crystal meets up with her team while Mike Smith holds up Christian with his arm draped around his shoulder. Mannie sees this as an opportunity to take out two birds with one stone. He backs up to the adjacent ropes and charges towards Beauty and the Beast. Mannie dives through the middle and top ropes, taking out both competitors with a suicide dive while Crystal jumps backwards out of the way! Mannie is quick to his feet and Jacinta Perez runs to his side. The two women begin jawing at one another and Mannie guides his valet back towards their corner. Mannie turns back towards his opponents and grabs a hold of Christian Taylor. He rolls him back into the ring and hops onto the apron.

VASSA: ”Beauty and the Beast has been reeling from the beginning of this match!”
JOHNSON: ”They’re going to have to evolve their game plan if they want to keep that tag team record of theirs from earning its first blemish!”
Mannie grabs a hold of the top rope, looking to springboard himself into his opponent. In a last ditch effort Mike Smith grabs a hold of Mannie by the ankles, preventing him from launching himself into the ring. Mannie tugs one foot free and begins kicking away at Mike Smith. After a few well placed boots to the head, Mannie manages to break free. He turns towards Mike Smith but is caught off guard when Christian Taylor drives a knee into the small of his back. The force from the knee pushes Mannie off of the apron and into the waiting arms of Mike Smith. Smith shakes Mannie around with a bear hug, squeezing his grip tighter. He releases a bit and drives Mannie back first into the ring apron! Smith in turn rolls Mannie into the ring for Christian Taylor to pick apart the left overs.
Christian charges Mannie and plants his boot to the back of the head with a running stomp. Mannie tries crawling away but Christian grabs him and throws him into his teams corner. Mannie slumps down so that he’s sitting upright against the bottom turnbuckle. Christian presses his boot against Mannie’s throat and presses down, choking his opponent. Senior official Larry Collins steps in to break it up and Mike Smith reaches over the ropes to tag his partner on the back. Smith steps in as Christian steps off Mannie. Each member of Beauty and the Beast grab a leg and drag Mannie from the corner. They then simultaneously pull a leg to the side trying to split Mannie in half like a wishbone! Mannie thrashes around he ring holding his groin while Christian Taylor is escorted to his corner.

VASSA: ”I don’t care how tough you are. If you’re a man, that move is uncomfortable to even watch…”
JOHNSON: ”And just like that Beauty and the Beast is in control of this match.”
VASSA: ”That’s what a well oiled team does. They used their experience as a team to weather that early storm.”
Mike Smith lifts Young Mannie up and carries him over to the corner before dropping him face first onto the top turnbuckle. Mannie lands on his feet but stumbles backwards. Smith bounces off the ropes and charges his dazed opponent, kicking his head nearly off with a running big boot! Smith reaches down and picks Mannie up again, lifting him onto his shoulder stomach down. Smith marches towards the middle of the ring before dropping down to his knees, forcing Mannie’s stomach to impact on his shoulder! Smith rolls Mannie onto his back and lays across his chest. Larry Colllins gets into the perfect positioning to make the count.
Mannie shoots one of his shoulders off the mat as Alec was starting to climb into the ring looking to break up the pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”Its a good thing Mannie got his shoulder off the mat. Alec Quartermain was a little slow getting into the ring.
VASSA: ”As big, and tough, and intimidating Alec is, we have to remember he’s got very limited experience inside that ring. It could play a huge factor in this match.”
JOHNSON: ”It will definitely shine at times but I don’t think its going to effect the outcome of this match.
Smith helps Mannie to his feet and drives his knee into Mannies gut, doubling him over. He stuffs Mannie’s head between his legs and reaches down around his waist. Smith looks over at Alec and begins running his mouth before hoisting Mannie into the air and driving him down with a power bomb. Throughout the entire sequence Smith kept a hold of Mannie and lifts him up for a second power bomb, driving him down into the mat again! Mike Smith still doesn’t let go of his opponent and lifts him up for a third straight power bomb! Mannie somehow reaches down into his reserves and begins hitting Mike Smith with some 12 to 6 elbow strikes that connect with the top of his head. Mannie then reverses the third power bomb with a hurricanrana! Mannie pops up to his feet and charges Smith before knocking him out with a rolling koppu kick!
Crystal Taylor can sense the momentum of the match switch and she hops onto the apron to distract the official while Mannie inches to his corner. Mannie dives towards Alec and makes the tag. Alec charges in like a bull and clotheslines Smith. Christian Taylor climbs into the ring and Alec sends him flying through the air with a back body drop. Alec turns to Mike Smith and sends him overhead with a release belly-to-belly suplex. By the time Alec stood to his feet Christian had leapt onto his back and tried locking in a sleeper hold. Alec reaches up and grabs Christian, tossing him down to the mat with a snap mare. Crystal hops off the mat as Alec hops onto Mike Smith. Alec begins pounding away with hammer fists but Larry Collins grabs him by his arm and orders him back to the corner. Alec pleads with him, explaining that Mannie made the tag but with no prevail.

JOHNSON: ”The referee never saw the tag! Crystal Taylor had him distracted and prevented him from seeing a legal tag!
VASSA: ”He didn’t see the tag, therefor Alec had no business being in the ring. He at least managed to get some damage done before Collins kicked him out of the ring.
JOHNSON: ”That’s not the point Vinny. Alec should be the legal man and he should be in control of this match right now…”
Mannie finds his way to his feet in one of the unoccupied corners. As he turns around into Mike Smith’s waiting arms. Smith lifts up Mannie by his legs and drives him down onto the mat with a lifting spine buster. Smith turns to his corner and notices Christian just getting back onto the apron. Smith grabs Mannie by his head and pulls him to the center of the ring before lifting him up with a military press. Smith presses Mannie up and down over his head three times before dropping him backwards, falling stomach first to the canvass. Smith turns towards his partner and tags him in. Smith stands with his back against the turnbuckles as Christian Taylor climbs to the top rope. He then grabs a hold of his partner and steps onto his shoulders from the top rope. Christian dives off his partners shoulders and onto the main attraction with the elevated splash! Smith climbs out of the ring while Taylor makes the cover.
Mannie bucks Taylor off of him and reaches towards his partner.

VASSA: ”The added height of the splash made the impact that much more impressive! I’m surprised Mannie kicked out!”
JOHNSON: ”As brash and arrogant as Young Mannie can be he is very talented and very resilient!”
Taylor grabs Mannie by his feet and drags him away from Alec. Mannie flips onto his back and places two kicks strategically between Christian’s eyes, breaking free from his grasp. Mannie executes a kip up and turns towards Christian. Christian tries for a leaping clothesline but Mannie rolls underneath it. Mannie hops out of his role and nails a step up enziguri kick to Mike Smith who’s standing on the apron. Smith drops down to the arena floor and Mannie turns back towards Taylor. Taylor tries for a drop kick but Young Mannie side steps, forcing Taylor to crash to the canvass. Taylor rises back to his feet and Mannie gets a knee to his gut. He quickly lifts Taylor with a suplex. Before dropping him backwards he drops Taylor forward allowing his lower body to bounce off the top rope for added momentum. After executing the slingshot suplex Mannie floats over onto his opponent for the pin.
Taylor manages to roll his shoulder off the mat before Collins counts to three.

JOHNSON: ”And just like that, Mannie and Alec are back in this match.”
VASSA: ”As impressive as that was, Mannie has taken a beating in this match and needs to tag his partner!”
JOHNSON: ”He must have heard you because there is the tag!”
Mannie staggers to his corner and tags in Alec Quartermain, this time with the official seeing the tag. Alec climbs into the ring and immediately grabs Christian by his throat. He then lifts Christian up with a military press and holds him up in the air. He drops him forward and spears him to the ground on the way down to the mat! Crystal Taylor orders Mike Smith into the ring to save her husband. Alec turns in time to see Smith sliding into the ring under the ropes. Alec bounces off the ropes and meets Smith in the middle of the ring, leveling him with a high impact shoulder block that knocks Mike Smith out of the ring ring under the ropes. Alec climbs out of the ring to continue his attack on Mike Smith.
Jacinta Perez interjects and points to Christian who has crawled to the ropes and has draped his body over the bottom rope while talking to Crystal. Alec turns and runs around the corner. He charges towards the couple and leaps into the air nailing a front dropkick to the head of Christian Taylor! Alec roars towards the fans before rolling into the ring. Christian Taylor seems to be out cold, laying with his face down onto the mat. Alec reaches down and grabs Christian by his waist. He then dead lifts his opponent and folds him up with a dead lift bridging german suplex! Larry Collins slides into position to make the count.
Miraculously Taylor just gets his shoulder off the mat in time to break up the count.

VASSA: ”I don’t know if there is any stopping this guy!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s like a bull that’s seeing red. If he can control this sudden rage there will be no stopping him…”
Alec stands to his feet and backs Larry Collins into a corner. He barks at the official about what he thought was a slow count. In the meantime Christian has rolled under the ropes an onto the apron. Alec backs off the official and turns back towards his opponent who has made it to his knees near one of the corners. Alec runs over and climbs up and stands on the second rope. Alec reaches over the top rope and grabs his opponent. He lifts Christian up with a dead lift superplex! Before falling down to the mat Crystal reaches up and grabs a hold of Alec’s foot, knocking him slightly off balance. The assistance allowed Christian to turn the suplerplex into a cross body and lands on top of Alec looking for the pin.
Alec bench presses Christian off, tossing him aside like a rag doll!

JOHNSON: ”Once again Crystal has stuck her nose where it doesn’t belong! Thus allowing her husband to seize the moment!”
VASSA: ”Well it looks like Jacinta is about to do something about it! Cat Fight!!!!”
Jacinta charges Crystal and takes her down with a spear! She quickly mounts Crystal Taylor and grabs two handfuls of her hair and begins smashing the back of her head to the arena’s floor. Crystal manages to roll Jacinta over onto her back and grabs two handfuls of her own. Crystal returns the favor and begins smashing Jacinta’s head against the floor. Mike Smith walks over to interfere in the scrum. The ladies manage to their feet and Smith grabs a hold of Jacinta, trying to pull them apart. Mannie hops off the apron and runs parallel with the ring. He leaps up and does a suicide dive through the bottom and middle ropes at the turnbuckle. Smith sees it and releases Jacinta in time for Mannie to grab him with a front face lock and turn that suicide dive into a DDT!
Inside the ring Alec had been watching the melee. He turns back towards Christian. Christian drops to his knees and hits a low blow on Alec. Alec leans over, holding his groin area and gets nailed with a jumping roundhouse kick to the back of the head which Taylor calls the Golden Paradise! The big man drops down to one knee and tries to shake off the cobwebs. He pushes back up to his feet and Taylor leaps into the air, bring him down face first with his version of a jumping cutter, Sexy Attraction! Taylor stops on his knees, contemplating going for the pinfall. Alec begins to stir around much to the surprise of Taylor. He gets to his feet and stomps around before charging Alec who’s on all fours. Taylor punts Alec in the head, a kick that he calls Sexified! Taylor covers the big man and shouts out to the official who was still occupied with the outside ring activities. Larry Collins slides in and makes the count.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

JOHNSON: ”Christian Taylor just stole one from Alec Quartermain!”
VASSA: ”Mannie was occupied with the tussle outside the ring. So was the official. He never saw the low blow and Mannie had no time to get into the ring to break up the pin.”
Taylor slides out of the ring as Mannie slides in. He walks over and collects the other members of Beauty and the Beast as “Bad Guy” by Eminem blares over the PA system. They back up the ramp and raise their arms in victory as Mike Powers makes the official announcement.

POWERS: ”Your winners, by pinfall, Beauty and the Beast, CHRISTIAN TAYLOR AND MIKE SMITH!!!”
JOHNSON: ”With tag titles looming in the impending future, Beauty and the Beast have to be at the top of the list when it comes to contenders!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know if there is a better team out there!”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s all the time we have for tonight folks! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good night!!!”