4CW 008

4CW 008
MARCH 31ST, 2014

The scene opens up over the Jubilee Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada. The seats are packed as we kick off our super-card, 4CW 008! At the announcers booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit as usual ready to kick things off.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to 4CW 008! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m the one and only, Vinny Vassa! Welcome to Las Vegas!”
JOHNSON: ”As you can tell by Vinny’s introduction, we’re pumped to start tonight’s event and drive 4CW into the future. We have an exciting card scheduled for tonight.”
VASSA: ”First off, we have two newcomers to 4CW climbing in the ring and putting on a display of their talents at our grandest stage of all. Marr Ward will square off with Eric Paisano in a singles match that will act as a sample of what they may potentially bring to the table.”
JOHNSON: ”I haven’t had the pleasure of watching either of these men in action but I have heard a little buzz on the social networks that Eric has his sights set on our very own, Nathaniel Havok!”
VASSA: ”I saw that as well. When I’m not keeping tabs on your moms twa… twitter, I’m staying connected to all of the 4CW talent.”
JOHNSON: ”Next up we have a match that has been building over the weeks as Pat Gordon Jr. will climb into a 4CW ring and battle Alec Quartermain. “Young” Mannie isn’t scheduled to participate but rest assure, I have a feeling that he will be involved one way or the other.”
VASSA: ”If I’m getting this right, Alec is supposed to be Mannie’s bodyguard yet he’s the one climbing in the ring in an official match tonight. What’s up with that?”
JOHNSON: ”Mannie refers to himself as the main attraction in 4CW and I wouldn’t put it past him to make that image felt tonight whether or not he’s scheduled to wrestle.”
VASSA: ”Then we have a match that I can’t wait to see. I’ve seen these two girls go at it numerous times and it never gets old. The lovely Miss Michelle will climb in the ring with the beautiful Kandi Washington.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have been at each others throat ever since they stepped foot on 4CW soil. Apparently they’ve always had a hatred for each other, even before 4CW. I don’t think tonight will put that to rest but it will surely be a fun one to watch as they never cease to amaze us when they both climb in that ring.”
VASSA: ”I just hope Mark Brooks sticks to his side of the ring and out of my view! Once that’s all said and done, we have another match that will make your pants just a tad bit tighter.”
JOHNSON: ”Niobe Martin and Morgan Alvertez will be meeting each other in the back and fighting one another in a parking lot cat fight!”
VASSA: ”Ever since Morgan signed with 4CW, she has made it a mission to make Niobe’s life a living hell. Show after show, these two tried to rip each other apart. Crystal Taylor even managed to get involved and I wouldn’t count her out for this match either. In the parking lot, anything goes and Morgan will do whatever it takes to secure the victory and remain in control of 4CW’s baddest bitch!”
JOHNSON: ”And if you haven’t put the little ones to bed, now’s the time to do so! The language is only going to get worse from here and honestly, this is TV:MA and thanks to HBO there is no censorship to what we say or do on the air. This place is going to be a madhouse! “
VASSA: ”Our headline match for the night we will be introducing a new championship to the 4CW ranks. Tonight we will crown our first ever Extreme Television champion as we decide a winner in an extreme over the top barbed wire rope elimination rumble.”
JOHNSON: ”Gordie James was supposed to be heading this whole thing up but as we’ve seen over the weeks, he fell short of expectation. Mr. Wallace has taken control of the Rampage Championship and trashed it two weeks ago and chalked it up as a loss. With the HBO executives breathing down his neck to add a little excitement to the show, the Extreme Television championship was created.”
VASSA: ”This is a unique championship to say the least. We’ve seen television championships come and go that must be defended on every televised event. We’ve seen extreme and hardcore championships that are held by no restraints under an anything goes policy. Well, this combines both of those worlds!”
JOHNSON: ”This championship must be defended on every 4CW event under a different extreme stipulation every time. Anything goes and anything can happen!”
VASSA: ”Tonight we’ll see STF, Julliet Brooks, Jordan Taylor, Jason Lee, Stefan Raab, Roxi Johnson, Drake Knight, Mark Brooks, Nathaniel Havok and The Red Pioneer face off in an over the top rope rumble where only one person can be crowned the champion when they’re the last person left standing in the ring. To top if off, the ropes will be barbed wire! BARBED WIRE!!!”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be one hell of a match and a bloody one at that!”
VASSA: ”And then, after you think that we’ve pulled out all the stops and we can’t top anything off, we have our main event!”
JOHNSON: ”At 4CW 004 Jason Cashe defeated Owen Moon to become the first EVER South-West Heavyweight champion.”
VASSA: ”It was a hectic match but Cashe prevailed in the caged ladder match. Tonight, he defends it for the first time ever against Jason Phoenix.”
JOHNSON: ”Now, it’s no secret that Mr. Wallace had a hard time securing a first challenger for Cashe as people kept falling short of expectations but finally after pushing the flakes aside, we found our challenger in Jason Phoenix.”
VASSA: ”This isn’t a special stipulation match. This will be a one on one standard rules match to display both men’s skills in that ring. This championship is our highest trophy and I can’t think of a better way to determine a champion than a straight up true wrestling match!”
JOHNSON: ”You said it best, Vinny. Well, there you have it folks. Are you ready, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Am I ready? You damned right I am. But before we kick things off, let me share the results of our preliminary matches with the viewing audience. Athena defeated Angel Kash and Joseph Sullivan defeated Jimmy Baron. I have also received word that Angle and Jimmy both have been released from their contracts.”
JOHNSON: ”Both? Talk about tough luck…”
VASSA: ”It isn’t a walk in the park over here at 4CW. You have to put in the work if you want to get recognized and those two were dead weight, simple as that. Now, are you ready, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”I’ve been ready!”
VASSA: ”GREAT! Lets get this party started!”

HARTMAN: ”I am backstage and here with me is Joel Wildside. Joel, First and foremost.. Welcome to 4CW. A few days ago, we heard rumblings about you bringing your talent here to 4CW. Then reports come from out of the blue, you’re not interesting in “Wrestling” for 4CW but you will manage a superstar who has a last name Cashe.”
WILDSIDE: ”GAB, I have been here for over two months. My agents and 4CW can’t come to terms on a contract. I have decided I am going to pass up a contract. But, I am still going to prove.. Joel Wildside’s worth too this company.”
HARTMAN: ”How are you going to accomplish that.”
WILDSIDE: ”A wildcard..”
HARTMAN: ”Which is?”
WILDSIDE: ”I told you, Jason isn’t the only Cashe in the business.”
HARTMAN: ”We get it, what does it mean?”
WILDSIDE: ”It means, Cashe isn’t the only man in the business that represents Cashe.”
HARTMAN:” Is that a code for.. You have someone coming to 4CW to represent that name like Jason Cashe?”
WILDSIDE: ”It means.. Jason.. Isn’t the only Cashe in the business.. Soon, you and the 4CW will recognize.. Joel Wildside is coming but I am not alone.. Jason better watch himself.. We’re not after his Championship, we’re after something much, much… more..”
HARTMAN: ”But, how can you just walk into this company and demand attention from our World Champion?”
WILDSIDE: ”I am Joel Wildside, I don’t give a rats fuck what people say. Jason will meet someone he don’t know, but will recognize very soon..”
HARTMAN: ”Have you spoken too Cashe? Have you two discussed this?”
WILDSIDE: ”Do I look like a man who need’s his approval? Jason, From day one.. It don’t matter if I was under a mask, using a different gimmick or used a different name.. We’re connected in more ways then one. A source has come too me and made the connection even stronger.. Be ready.. it’s almost show time..”
HARTMAN: ”Well, Folks.. I am backstage and that is Joel Wildside.. Some answers have been answered but some have been made everyone wondering.. But let’s go to ringside…”


“Waking the Demon” by Bullet for my Valentine begins to play over the speakers as Matt Ward walks out onto the stage from the back. He receives a loud rush of boos from the fans as he makes his way down the aisle.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring out of Chicago, Illinois standing six feet, four inches and weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds… He is the Second City Warrior… Matt WWAARRDD!!!”
Matt taunts the fans as he continues towards the ring. He slides in underneath the bottom rope and walks to his corner as the fans continue to shower him with boos.

VASSA: ”This is Matt Ward’s first appearance in 4CW and the fans already hate him with a passion.”
JOHNSON: ”Why is that? I’ve never even heard of the guy.”
VASSA: ”Beats me… I have no frickin’ clue.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll get to see him in action shortly as the fans have toned it down a bit for the entrance of our next new comer to 4CW.”
It’s in the water baby
It’s in the pills that bring you down
It’s in the water baby
It’s in your bag of golden brown
It’s in the water baby
It’s in your frequency
It’s in the water baby
It’s between you and me
Out from the back Paisano walks out wearing a custom basketball jersey with the last name “Paisano” stitched on the back. The crowd applauds as they stand to their feet. He then takes the jersey off and tosses it into the crowd.

POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to the ring out of Wilmington, North Carolina standing six feet two inches and weighing in at two hundred ten pounds. He is the Pretty Boy… Eric PPAAIISSAANNOO!!! “
Eric shows off his toned six pack and receives some whistles from the females in attendance. He smiles at the crowd and makes his way towards the ring. Once at ringside, he jumps on the ring apron and enters between the top and middle rope. The ladies in the crowd continue to cheer for him as he stands in his corner and the music slowly fades.

JOHNSON: ”Herre’s another new face to the 4CW roster, Eric Paisano!”
VASSA: ”I can’t say that I know who he is but the ladies in the crowd sure seem to be pleased with his looks. I bet you’re having a hard time taking your eye off of him, Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”What I wouldn’t give for some maturity at ringside with me each and every show…”
VASSA: ”Keep dreaming! I was talking with Perry earlier in the day and he assured me that my tenure here at 4CW was in no jeopardy. The guy freakin’ loves me!”
JOHNSON: ”That is until he starts calculating the expenses on the backstage buffet that you seem to love so much. You’re literally eating a whole in this company’s budget.”
VASSA: ”Budget? Perry Wallace is rich!”
JOHNSON: ”Enough with this nonsense. Our competitors are in the ring and the fans are ready for the first official match of the night.”
VASSA: ”Lets do it!”
Christopher Salieri is the ref for this first match and he walks to the center of the ring as the opponents stand in their corners. He signals for the bell as we officially start the match.
Eric and Matt both come at each other quickly at the sound of the bell. Matt lunges forward with a clothesline but Eric sidesteps him and drops him to the mat with a drop toe hold. Eric then climbs on Matts back and delivers a series of knees to his sides, knocking the air out of him. Eric then spins around and grabs Matt by the legs, locking on a Boston crab.

VASSA: ”He may be out of North Carolina but that move if fresh out of Boston!”
JOHNSON: ”How original, Vinny… heh… Eric better hold on a little tighter because it looks like Matt is about to work himself free.”
Matt drags himself with Eric on top towards the ropes. He then extends his arm, reaching for the bottom rope. Eric looks back and takes notice just before pulling back and cranking down on the pressure one good time. Eric then slams Matt’s feet to the mat and quickly gets up. He then stomps on Matt’s legs as he finally reaches the rope. Eric then grabs him by the legs and lifts his lower body into the air. Matt hangs on to the bottom rope for dear life. Eric then gives one big tug and pulls Matt away from the ropes and into the air. Matt falls face first to the mat and the crowd pops with cheers.

VASSA: ”That’s one way to do it!”
JOHNSON: ”Matt Ward thought he found his safety net with the ropes but Eric pulled it our from under him as he slammed him into the mat.”
Matt quickly gets up as Eric waits and looks on. Once to his feet, Matt turns around to face Eric only to catch a hard right to the side of the head. Matt stumbles back a few steps and hits the ropes, bouncing back towards another hard right from Eric. Matt falls to one knee only to have Eric grab him by the head and pull him back up to both feet. Eric then slams Matt to the canvas with a side belly to belly suplex. Eric follows up with a leg drop across the throat of Matt and quickly covers for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”That was close!”
VASSA: ”For a moment there, I thought that this match was over just as it was getting started.”
Wasting no time, Eric rolls off of Matt and pushes himself up. He then grabs Matt by the head and pulls him to his feet as well. Eric then delivers one hell of a European uppercut that knocks Matt’s head backwards and sends spit flying into the air towards the crowd. Eric then jumps into the air and hits Matt with a dropkick to the chops that knocks him to his back, sending a thud throughout the building. Eric gets up with no worries as Matt rolls around for a moment before finally climbing to his feet. Once up, Eric quickly moves in and takes Matt down with a swinging neckbreaker in the center of the ring. Eric pops back to his feet and runs to the ropes and comes back, landing across Matt’s chest with a leaping knee drop. Eric then drops down for the cover.

VASSA: ”He kicked out again!”
JOHNSON: ”This is the first time I have seen either of these two in the ring and Eric is impressing me. Matt on the other hand, not so much…”
VASSA: ”It doesn’t take much to impress you.”
JOHNSON: ”Now you have me confused with yourself and your sexual interests.”
VASSA: ”That was cold.”
Eric doesn’t let the count bother him as he gets back to his feet, staying focused on the match. He then stomps on Matt’s legs for a moment and then rolls him over. Eric then grabs a foot and lifts his leg into the air just before slamming the knee into the mat. Eric grabs the same leg and repeats before switching it up and attacking the other leg. Eric then pulls Matt to his feet and gets behind him. Eric wraps his arms around Matt and slams him to the canvas with a belly to back suplex. Eric then gets up and grabs Matt’s leg, wrapping it around his and locking on a figure four leg lock.

VASSA: ”Oh, this doesn’t look good!”
JOHNSON: ”Eric’s locking on a figure four leg lock and this time the submission is in the center of the ring. There’s nowhere for Matt to escape.”
VASSA: ”Unless he still has some in the tank and is playing opossum, I don’t think he’s dragging both of them to the ropes to break the submission.”
JOHNSON: ”There it is! The move is locked and loaded. Lets see what Matt Ward has or how long he can withstand the pain.”
Eric applies the pressure as Matt tries to break free but fails, miserably. A few moments pass as Matt begins to turn bright red. The ref drops to one knee and checks on Matt face to face. Matt tries to fight it but begins tapping on the mat uncontrollably as Eric cranks down on the pressure. The ref pops up to his feet and signals for the bell.

JOHNSON: ”He tapped out! Matt Ward has tapped out ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”This was a one sided ass kicking from the sound of the bell and Eric Paisano has made a statement here tonight.”
Eric releases the hold as Matt rolls towards the ropes, holding his leg in pain. Eric climbs to his feet as the ref raises his hand in victory as “Post Blue” by Placebo begins to play over the speakers.

POWERS: ”Your winner by submission… Eric PPAAIISSAANNOO!!!”
VASSA: ”This was one hell of a debut for Eric Paisano tonight in a 4CW ring. I’m really looking forward to what this kid brings to the table.”
JOHNSON: ”I hope Havok was watching because this kid means business and has his sights set on him!”
VASSA: ”Lets go backstage for a moment as we clear the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t even think Eric broke a sweat.”
VASSA: ”But I think Matt Ward has shed tears all over the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll be back here at ringside in just a few moments folks!”

Backstage Jason Cashe is standing in the hallway with his cell phone to his ear. He is slowly licking his lips as the cameras come in closer and pick up his words.

JCASHE: “Now smell it…Mmmmm…Is it soft and hard at the same time? Oh yeah I like that!! You want it, you know you wan–“
He notices the cameras and turns away from them, covering his mouth with his free hand to whisper to the caller on the other line.

JCASHE: “Baby I gotta go..Yeah cameras caught me. I know I could have had my junk out and everything, imagine their shock then? Hah! Alright, yeah I’m gonna be there trust me. BITE THAT ASS…MMMMMmmmm!! Bye..”
He slides the phone to sleep and pockets it as he turns towards the cameras and smiles. A grin of both pride and humility over being caught talking dirty with his girlfriend, Kaylyn James Evans.

JCASHE: “That was KJE, she LOVES the Di–“
He comes storming down the hallway towards his client with a letter raised above his head. He shoves it at Cashe and the 4CW Champion seems confused as to what has twisted up Tidus Howe’s panties. His eyes scan over the words on the paper. His mouth slightly opens and his eyebrows rise. Once finished he shrugs and looks up at Howe who seems ready to erupt.

JCASHE: “Eh..So what, let them come.”
HOWE: “WHAAAT!?! Let me come? What is this a Knuckles joke? You have a BOUNTY on your head, not just to kick your ass but a Bounty to TAKE…YOU…OUT! Injury is the only claim to the Bounty and a Career Injury adds a fucking BONUS!?!”
Crumbling the paper up, Cashe shoves it in his mouth. Tidus slaps him and digs his fingers into Cashe’s mouth, pulling the now wet and slimy layered ball of paper from his mouth. Cashe can’t believe it.

JCASHE: “Haha! You seriously just did that! Wow.”
HOWE: “This isn’t funny, this isn’t something to take lightly. One Million Dollars AFTER Taxes to the one who claims this Bounty and EVERYONE will be looking to take a shot. Come on, we need to get somewhere safe!”
Howe tries to pull Cashe and Cashe does his usual struggle over something simply and/or stupid.

JCASHE: “Wait, wait, come on, I wanna get a soda! I’ve got cotton mouth and I’m not even high!”
But Howe wasn’t hearing it and even though Cashe could have pulled free with ease, he played along and followed the Leader of the House Of Howe as the scene jumps back to ringside.

“The Boston Bruiser” PAT GORDON JR
“The Glasgow Hooligan” ALEC QUARTERMAIN

JOHNSON: ”Oh do we have a treat for the 4CW faithful up next!”
VASSA: ”Tell me Perry is taking a page out of Oprah’s book and giving away free gifts to the audience!”
JOHNSON: ”Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how many times you were dropped on your head as a child.”
VASSA: ”Too many…”
JOHNSON: ”Nevertheless, Pat Gordon Junior is making his debut in 4CW in what could be his one and only match for the company!”
VASSA: ”Ah Pat Gordon Junior. I used to think he was a bit of a goody two shoes but now I have a whole new outlook since his antics in Fenway a few weeks back!”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight he locks up with ‘Young’ Mannie’s personal bodyguard, Alec Quartermain. A bit of a rivalry that stems from an incident in Seattle a few months back.”
VASSA: ”No one ever said Bostonians were ‘smaht’.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re a buffoon…”
VASSA: ”What? My Boston accent is no good?”
The feed cuts to 4CW ring announcer Mike Powers who is standing inside the ring waiting for his cue.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, weighing two hundred and ninety, being accompanied to the ring by ‘The Main Attraction’ “Young” Mannie and Jacinta Perez…ALEC QUARTERMAIN!!!”
The beginning of “Money A Do It” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Alec Quartermain emerges to a wave of boos, he is lead to the ring by Young Mannie and Jacinta Perez. Quartermain slowly walks down the ramp intimidating the crowd with snarls and growls. Alongside him, Young Mannie wearing his entire glowing in the dark ADIDAS sweatsuit is soaking in the hate, meanwhile Jacinta creates a mini guard of honor for Alec as he marches up the steps into the ring. Alec then slips into a ‘Eye of the Storm’ type of slumber, while waiting for the opening bell.

POWERS: ”And his opponent…weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, The Boston Bruiser, PAT GORDON JUNIOR!”
The Celtic-rock sound of Dropkick Murphys’ “Heroes from Our Past” moves the fans to their feet. Pat Gordon, Jr. comes sprinting down the aisle, throwing a bunch of Arby’s coupons into the crowd along the way! He slides right into the ring and goes straight for Alec Quartermain with a series of punches!

JOHNSON: ”Pat Gordon wasting no time!”
VASSA: ”The official didn’t even get a chance to call for the opening bell! Pat Gordon Junior is such a ‘pissah’.”
JOHNSON: ”Gordon mixing up his strikes between punches and forearm smashes has Quartermain reeling.”
The initial flurry of strikes from Pat Gordon Junior backs Alec Quartermain against the nearest ropes. He reaches up and grabs Quartermain by the back of the head, pulling it down before unloading with a series of Irish Kiss headbutts! Gordon lets go of the Glasgow hooligan and takes a step back before charging and clotheslining Alec over the top rope to the arena floor! Pat Gordon Junior climbs through the ropes to the apron but puts the brakes on his ongoing attack as Young Mannie and Jacinta Perez surround the trios enforcer giving him a moment to recuperate. The official pulls Pat Gordon Junior back into the ring after an exchange of words with Young Mannie. After getting Gordon back into the ring the official warns Quartermain to follow his lead. Alec makes it to the apron and reaches up to the middle rope to pulls himself up but gets surprised with a baseball slide from Pat Gordon Junior that connects directly to Alec’s sternum and knocks him backwards into the security barrier.

VASSA: ”Pat Gordon Jr caught Alec Quartermain off guard and has been using that to his advantage so far.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think this match has even officially started! The referee never signaled for the opening bell.”
VASSA: ”Then it’s Quartermain’s lucky day because it’s been all Pat Gordon Jr so far.”
JOHNSON: ”If Alec doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by Pat Gordon Jr’s vast experience he needs listen to the advice that Young Mannie barks out from ringside. As big as the Glasgow Hooligan is, he’s still pretty green in the ring.”
The referee backs Pat Gordon Jr to the opposite side of the ring, opening up an opportunity for Alec to collect himself. Quartermain hesitantly climbs back into the ring, not taking his eyes off the Boston Bruiser. Once Quartermain enters the ring the referee signals for the opening bell.
Alec charges PGJR looking for a lariat to turn him inside out. PGJR ducks underneath and begins connecting with a series of leg kicks that targets the big mans knee. PGJR manages to chop Alec down to one knee with the stiff leg kicks. PGJR nails Alec with some strategically placed elbow shots to the temple. Pat turns from his opponent and sends himself off the ring ropes. On the rebound Pat dives forward with a shoulder block but Alec Quartermain effortlessly swats him aside! PGJR crashes stomach first onto the canvass as Alec pushes to his feet. He reaches down and grabs PGJR and lifts him to his feet. He snatches him by his throat with both of his massive hands and tosses PGJR into the corner. He unloads on him with a mix of bone crushing hooks to the midsection. Alec grabs the middle rope with each hand before beginning to thrust his shoulder into PGJR’s gut unmercifully! The referee pulls Alec from PGJR who slumps down to a seated position.

JOHNSON: ”Pat Gordon Jr is crushed right now! He’s gasping for air and holding his ribs.”
VASSA: ”Those body shots have to feel like being hit with a lead pipe.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m happy to say that I’ve never felt either.”
After being pulled away Alec marches back to his opponent. Once in striking distance PGJR plants his foot into Quartermain’s stomach. PGJR pulls himself up with the helps of the ropes and flips positions with Quartermain. PGJR grabs Alec by his arm and tries to whip the big man across the ring to the opposing corner but Quartermain grabs a hold of the top rope to prevent the irish whip. PGJR steps forward and nails another Irish Kiss headbutt. Quartermain loosens his grip of the ropes and finally lets go when PGJR hits another Irish Kiss headbutt. PGJR finally sends Quartermain into the opposing corner. He charges the Glasgow Hooligan who steps out of the corner putting a quick halt on all of PGJR’s momentum with a discus clothesline! Quartermain drops to his knees while PGJR rolls around on the mat holding his head.
Quartermain quickly hops onto PGJR with a full mount and begins hammering down with rights and lefts while PGJR tries to cover up and reflect the blows. Alec rises to his feet while PGJR rolls back onto his stomach. Quartermain drops down to the mat and locks in a front face lock. Alec begins violently rolling and twisting around the mat while maintaining his hold of Pat Gordon Junior with the front face lock. Quartermain releases the hold and stands to his feet. He shifts his way down towards PGJR’s feet and reaches down picking him up with a rear waist lock and finishes his deadlift german suplex! Quartermain bridges after folding PGJR up in half and the referee slides into position to keep an eye on his shoulders while making the count.
PGJR shoots his shoulder off the mat forcing Quartermain to break his grip around his waist.

VASSA: ”Gordon looked more like an accordion than a wrestler being folded up like that!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s a ton of strength behind that german suplex. Pat Gordon Junior is no small man.”
VASSA: ”Proves the value of his employment. Makes Young Mannie look pretty smart!”
Quartermain stands to his feet and then helps PGJR up. He grabs him by his wrist and throws him towards the ropes. PGJR bounces back into the clutches of the Glasgow Hooligan. Alec squeezes Gordon with his arms wrapped around his ribs and their chests touching before flipping him overhead with a releasing bear hug belly to belly suplex! PGJR bounces off the mat like a basketball and slides under the ropes onto the apron. Alec makes his way to the corner and climbs up onto the second rope. He reaches down over the ropes and grabs a hold of PGJR by his hair and pulls him to his feet. Alec gets a hold of Pat’s tights before lifting him up over the ropes and down to the mat from the second rope with a dead lift superplex! Alec bounces up to his feet and plants one of his massive boots onto the solar plexus to make the official cover.
Quartermain’s foot gets shoved off by PGJR’s momentum as he bucks his upper body off the canvass.

JOHNSON: ”And that’s the inexperience of Alec Quartermain showing. You’re not going to pin Pat Gordon Junior by placing one foot on his chest. The man has too much heart and drive to succeed in this business to be pinned in such a manner.”
VASSA: ”Take it easy on Alec, he’s still learning!”
Alec’s anger is visually growing. He reaches down and picks PGJR up by his throat. Pat grabs at the wrists of Alec and slowly begins to pry them from crushing his windpipe. After a struggle PGJR focuses on one wrist, pulls it outwards and steps underneath. While behind Alec he folds the arm backwards with a hammerlock and wrenches it up, putting pressure on Alec’s shoulder. Alec grabs at his shoulder before blindly throwing back elbows trying to hit the mark on PGJR’s head. Pat bob’s and weaves the back elbows before pushing forward and driving Quartermain shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Alec grabs his left shoulder while resting his weight against the turnbuckles. Pat grabs the injured arm of Quartermain and wraps it in between the top and middle ropes. Pat pulls up on the arm using the ropes for added leverage. Alec grimaces in pain and begins hitting PGJR with stiff right hands to break from Pats grasp.
Pat stumbles backwards and shakes out the cobwebs while Alec storms towards him. Pat surprises him with a drop toe hold that introduces Alec’s boulder like skull to the canvass. Pat’s quick to his feet and drops his knee down onto the injured left shoulder of the Glasgow Hooligan. Pat grabs Alec by the wrists and drags him towards the middle of the ring. He lifts him up so his upper body is off the mat. Pat steps over and tucks his foot against Alec’s right side, crosses his arms and rolls him over onto his gut. Pat pulls back on the arms while sitting down onto the left shoulder with a scorpion arm lock submission hold! The referee slides down in front of Alec and continues to ask if he submits seeing as his arms are tied up and incapable of tapping out. Alec shakes his head no while fighting through the pain.

JOHNSON: ”A scorpion arm lock! My god, I think that’s a first in 4CW! Pat Gordon Jr calls that Sunday Mass!”
VASSA: ”That’s a lot of pressure being applied to the already softened up left shoulder! Alec may want to send a quick prayer up to the big guy or this match could be over before it ever really got started.”
JOHNSON: ”This could all just be part of a larger scheme, maybe softening him up for the Pat Lock…”
Alec manages to move his knees up to create some base for a sudden outburst of strength. He pushes to his feet and lifts PGJR in the air while he still has the scorpion arm lock applied. Alec falls backwards with a modified electric chair drop! The impact of the fall from close to seven feet in the air breaks the submission hold. Both competitors stir around before they each crawl over to adjacent ropes. Alec is first to his feet but is still holding the top rope for balance. PGJR pushes to his feet and turns towards the middle of the the ring. Without warning Alec rushes towards PGJR and flattens him with a high impact running shoulder block that sends him flying through the air back towards the ropes! Alec lets out a beast like roar while flexing in the middle of the ring. He turns his attention back PGJR who’s leaning his chest on the bottom rope with his head facing the fans. Alec slides out of the ring and turns the corner with his eyes affixed to his opponent. Alec charges and leaps into the air with a running front drop kick that connects to the side of PGJR’s head! PGJR flops back into the ring and Alec follows pursuit. After sliding in under the ropes Alec drapes his chest over PGJR for the cover without hooking the leg.
Pat Gordon Jr bucks his hips and rolls Alec off before the third count.

VASSA: ”That takes some athleticism. That’s two hundred and ninety-five pounds leaping off the floor and dropkicking a man in the side of the head!”
JOHNSON: ”Putting it like that…I’m surprised Pat Gordon Jr kicked out of that one!”
Alec once again reaches down and lifts PGJR up by his throat. This time he immediately supersedes it with a guerrilla press. Alec parades around the ring while holding PGJR firmly in the air like a golden trophy. He dazzles the crowd with a showcase of his strength by military pressing the Boston Bruiser three times before dropping him down forward and spearing him to the ground. PGJR in mid air grabbed Alec with a front face lock and reversed the spear into a DDT, spiking Alec head first into the canvass. PGJR lifts Alec up and grabs around his waist before slamming him back down with a belly to belly suplex. Pat stands back for a second while Alec gets to his feet with assistance from the ring ropes. Alec turns towards PGJR and is introduced to the Bruin Breaker, a tilt-a-whirl shoulder breaker that focuses on the left shoulder which PGJR had isolated earlier in the match. Alec makes it to all fours and Pat drives his foot against his left side. Quartermain flattens out for a brief moment before bouncing back up to all fours. Pat grabs Alec’s left arm and straightens it out perpendicular to Alec’s body. He steps over then folds the arm back behind Alec with a hammerlock. Pat then rolls over the other side of Alec finishing the magistral cradle, hooking one arm with his leg and one of Alec’s legs with his arm.
Alec uses his lower body strength the power out of the cradle before the three count. Both competitors quickly get to their feet and Alec throws a wild left hook. Pat get both of his arms up and blocks the punch with his forearms. Pat wraps his arm around Alec’s back, trapping his left shoulder in the process. He also steps over Alec’s left leg and plants it down in front of Quartermain. Pat reaches across the front of his opponent and clasps his hands together finishing the abdominal stretch. Alec begins to flail his free arm around looking for the ropes as his exposed side begins being stretched uncomfortably. The referee squats near Alec to look for the tap out. PGJR lets go for a moment and drives some twelve to six elbow strikes to his ribs. Each strike knocking some wind out of Alec. PGJR goes to grasp his hands together again but Alec takes advantage of the moment and flips PGJR over with a hip toss to break from the hold.

VASSA: ”You think Chris Madison showed him some of the nasty elbows?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know but the ball of your elbow driving straight down into the ribs seems like a good way to crack a rib or two…”
VASSA: ”Regardless…Alec Quartermain has now escaped a second submission hold from supposed seasoned ring technician.”
As Alec stands to his feet he notices the Pat is nearing the ropes. Pat stands up and turns around to see Alec charging like a bull. Pat’s back is pressed against the ropes and his arms are resting on the tope rope when Alec leaps with a cross body that sends both of them crashing over the top rope down to the arena floor! Jacinta Perez quickly turns the corner and nears PGJR when the referee steps out and begins herding her away from the competition. With the distraction in full effect, “Young” Mannie comes around from the other corner. Alec shoves Pat from behind towards the corner. Mannie charges and leaps between the bottom and middle rope with a suicide dive. He grabs Pat with a front face lock while in mid air and spins around, planting him with a suicide dive tornado DDT that he calls T.D.G! Mannie hops to his feet and then does a backflip to taunt the crowd.
The referee notices over his shoulder that Mannie has made it towards PGJR and leaves Jacinta to go to “Young” Mannie. The two begin exchanging words as the ref accuses him of getting involved. Alec grabs the referee by the shoulder and pleads his case. While his attention is distracted by both Mannie and Quartermain, PGJR has used the ring apron to get get to his feet. Jacinta scurries from behind, drops to her knees, and thrusts her arm up between the legs with a ball-busting low blow! Pat immediately drops to his knees and reaches towards his groin. Jacinta back peddles away as the conversation between the referee, Alec, and Mannie comes to an end. Alec turns to see PGJR on his knees in a world of pain. Alec grabs him with two hands full of hair and lifts him to his feet. He slides his hands down around PGJR’s throat and then sends him into the security barrier with a choke toss.

JOHNSON: ”Now this is ridiculous! What started off as a good quality match has become a circus! Does Mannie and Jacinta really need to get involved?”
VASSA: ”They’re a cohesive unit! One for all and all for one!”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t a team match. Outside interference is illegal! And they took advantage of a referee who can’t seem to keep up with the pace…”
Alec rolls PGJR back into the ring. He climbs into the ring and aides PGJR up to his feet. He spins him around and lifts PGJR off the mat with a reverse fireman’s carry. Alec moves to the middle of the ring and begins spinning around with his opponent on his shoulder. Alec picks up speed with each rotation around the ring, eventually sliding his hands down by his side, holding PGJR up only with his shoulders and the momentum from the spinning. Alec reaches back up and then tosses PGJR off, through the air, and to the mat back first! Alec takes a couple of steps back, dizzy from all of the spinning before turning his full attention back to PGJR. Alec walks to his opponent and reaches down towards his opponent and lifts him up. Alec grabs PGJR by the tights and hoists him into the air with a vertical suplex. He holds him still for a moment and instead of falling backwards he pushes PGJR forward and turns it into a side slam!
Alec drops down to the mat and looks at PGJR’s seemingly lifeless body. He decides to forego the pin attempt and drags PGJR over to the ropes. Alex lifts PGJR, shoves him against the ropes, and whips him to the other side of the ring. PGJR counters the irish whip with an irish whip of his own. Alec rebounds off the ropes and PGJR uses his momentum to carry him over with a powerslam! Both competitors are out on the mat. Mannie and Jacinta are pounding on the ring apron, trying to rally behind their enforcer. PGJR gets a hand on the bottom rope and pulls himself to his knees. He looks over his shoulder to see Alec crawling to the corner. Simultaneously both men climb to their feet and turn towards one another. The fans can sense the end is near as both athletes seem to be working on reserves. They’re both hunched over and their breathing is labored as they stare one another down from across the ring.

JOHNSON: ”It’s got to be frustrating for Alec Quartermain. No matter how much he tries to break Pat Gordon Junior, the Boston Bruiser seems to find a way to weather the storm.”
VASSA: ”And likewise for Pat Gordon Junior…”
JOHNSON: ”Eventually something is going to bend here. Someone will not have the will power to continue in this match. You have to think that the longer this match goes, it’s going to favor the vastly experienced Pat Gordon Jr.”
Alec catches his breath first and swings at Pat with a hard right. Pat throws his arm up and blocks it. Alec throws another but it gets blocked as Well. Alec then throws one more, with more power, Pat ducks and delivers a hard right to the ribcage of Alec. Pat the punches him again and again until Alec leans over to his side from the pain. Pat then grabs Alec by the arm and throws him to the ropes.

VASSA: ”Pat’s back in this!”
Alec hits the ropes and bounces back. Upon his return, Pat lifts him into the air and spins around, slamming Alex in the center of the ring with a powerslam. The ring shakes from the impact as the sound rips through the loud cheers of the crowd. Pat then goes for the cover but before the ref can even drop for the count, Alec throws him up into the air and off of him. Pat gets up as Alec lies there, catching his breath. Then Mannie and Jacinta jump onto the apron and begin yelling at Pat. The ref quickly takes notices and rushes at them, yelling for them to step down. Pat then walks up behind the ref and begins running off at the mouth to Mannie. Meanwhile, Alec manages to get up. He then rushes at Pat from behind. Hearing the footsteps, Pat steps to the side and pulls the ref with him as Alec knocks Mannie and Jacinta from the apron with a double clothesline. The two fall to the floor as the crowd goes nuts.

JOHNSON: ”Alec has taken out both Mannie and Jacinta!”
VASSA: ”Pat Gordon Junior saved the ref!”
Pat then grabs Alec from behind and slams him to the mat and locks on a cross face chickenwing. Alec fights it and then Pat flips over turning it into a bridging crossface chickenwing. Alex tries to fight free but comes up short as Pat applies the pressure.

JOHNSON: ”The Pat lock! This could be it!”
Pat continues to apply the pressure as Alec fights with everything he has before tapping out. The ref quickly jumps up and signals for the bell as Pat releases the hold and rolls away, standing to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”This one is over!”
The ref raises Pat’s arm in the air as Mannie and Jacinta come to on the outside and begin yelling in the ring at Pat. Alec continues to lay in the center of the ring, recovering from the submission move. “Heroes From Our Past” by Dropkick Murphey’s begins to play over the speakers as the ref continues to hold Pat’s arm in the air in victory.

POWERS: ”The winner by submission… PAT GORDON JUNIOR!!!”
VASSA: ””Young” Mannie and Jacinta do not pleased one bit. She’s furious!”
JOHNSON: ”Alex is still down but Mannie refuses to climb in the ring as Pat stands there, looking down at him, ready for anything.”
VASSA: ”It’s been one hell of a match but lets take a small break as we clear the ring and separate these people before the show gets carried away.”

As the scene comes into focus, we see a hallway located somewhere in the back of the building. From the distance, we see a young man come into view. He has a grey suit on, but you can tell that it isn’t a designer. In his hand is a bright pink envelope, which he taps against the palm of his other hand as he walks down the hall. He begins to whistle, and he observes each door as he walks through the hallway.

VASSA: ”Here we go again: Another random ass person that no one knows walking through our halls. Don’t we have security? What do we pay these asses for?”
Suddenly the man stops, and lets his whistle take a high pitch before abruptly stopping that as well. The camera pans in close to see what intrigued him. The door is bare except for a nameplate that has been fastened on for this event. It simply states, ‘The Red Pioneer’. He pulls a small roll of tape out of his pocket, and moves to attach the note to the door. As soon as he begins to press the envelope to the door, it swings open and the man is face to face with The Red Pioneer himself. His jumpsuit is only on up to his waist, and his scar laden upper body is clearly visible. His mask is bright orange and has purple accents. He grabs the man by the front of his collar and pulls him just a few inches away from his face.

THE RED PIONEER: ”Is this some kind of fuckin joke? Who the hell are you, and exactly why are you taping love letters to my door?”
The man begins to stammer uncontrollably, and is visibly starting to perspire. Red puts a finger over his lips to shut him up.

THE RED PIONEER: ”I asked you a question boy. Now, when I take my finger off of your lips, I expect an answer. Use your words. Stick them together to form sentences. Now tell me, what the hell are you doing here with a bright pink envelope in your hands? “
Red drops his finger and the man whimpers for a moment while he gathers his thoughts.

PACKAGE BOY: P-p-p-p-please mister. I was told that if I taped this envelope on that door, I would be given a hundred dollars. I don’t know anything, I swear.
Red looks down at the envelope and takes it out of the man’s hand. He opens it with his free hand, and pulls out a note card. He cocks his head to the side as he reads it out loud.

THE RED PIONEER: ”Trick or treat: I have something sweet to eat. I’m lurking in the shadows…”
Red flips the card over to check the back, and when the camera pans in on the card we can see that it is signed with the same lipstick kiss as the card he received at the last show. He looks back up at the man again and squints his eyes before grabbing him by the collar once more.

THE RED PIONEER: ”You don’t know anything huh? Why don’t you let me be the judge of that? We need to talk.”
Red pulls him into his dressing room, and quickly follows in after him. The camera attempts to follow them, but Red swings the door shut behind him before it can even get close.

VASSA: ”Ha! Red’s secret admirer is a homosexual! It’s gotta be the BDSM vibe he gives off with that mask of his.”
JOHNSON: ”Vince…. I think you just went full retard. Never go full retard. Apparently his admirer is trying to keep their anonymity. All I have to say is that I wouldn’t want to be that guy right now. I have a feeling Red is going to find out who sent him, and damn the consequences. ”

All of a sudden the lights in the arena go out. The crowd erupts in excitement even though they have no idea what’s going on. All of a sudden static comes across the screen of the big screen. A voice can barely be heard through the static. Then all of a sudden everything stops. The arena is silent and dark once again until suddenly a BOOM! Fireworks begin to shoot from the big screen, an orange light begins to flicker and the sounds of “My Time To Shine” by Saliva begins to play through the speakers. Some of the crowd boo’s and some of them cheer because some of them remembering where that song came from. All of a sudden Shane Borderland steps out from underneath the titan-tron. He is wearing a suit, looking all business man type, but we know how this man is. He stops at the top of the ramp and he signals for someone else to come on out. A beautiful woman walks out and Shane smiles. She walks up behind him, locking her arm around his and then they both begin to walk down the ramp. When they get to the ring, Shane Slides underneath the bottom rope, only hoping up to help the young lady in the ring herself. Shane hops upon the top turnbuckle and he extends his arms as usual and then he hops down. He signals for a mic and all of a sudden one comes flying from the ring crew. He catches it and the crowd suddenly dies down.

BORDERLAND: ”Boy it’s been awhile.”
Mixed reactions come from the crowd.

BORDERLAND: ”I see we still have the same ol’ rejects watching out there.”
The crowd erupts into boo’s.

BORDERLAND: ”See it has been close to nine months, nine damn months since I have done really anything big. Yea I went a few matches after I left APW, but nothing big. So in all honesty, APW was my last real gig. Since they decide to close up shop, well a lot of people lost their jobs. But I have noticed something. Ton’s of them came here. There are plenty of names that I remember from being in APW. You know who I am talking about, Niobe Martin, Stefan Raab, Young Mannie, and that Damn Jason Cashe.”
Another mixed reaction comes from the crowd.

BORDERLAND: ”See I know what he has done here. Yes he became the first ever Southwest Heavyweight Champion of 4CW. Congrats on that Cashe, you most likely deserved it.”
Shane rolls his eyes.

BORDERLAND: ”You know I have been asked from almost everyone, what would I do if I got back into a ring and Jason Cashe was around? Well at first, I wanted to beat his like a red headed step child. But now, I just look back at what went wrong. See the night at Rasslemania, I was suppose to go up against Cashe on a one on one match up. That night I wasn’t myself as I believe everyone could tell. I didn’t act like myself and I damn sure didn’t perform like myself that night. Hell I came out in a damn diaper ladies and gentleman.”
The Crowd begins to start laughing at Shane.

BORDERLAND: ”And what happened that night? Jason Cashe broke my ankle and beat me. He didn’t want me around anymore, he knew that I might steal his spotlight. But let me tell you a little something. I am not here to be anyone’s shadow or will I try and follow anyone’s footsteps. I am here on my own willingly and this is the first place that I wanted to come back to. Sure it’s going to be a rocky start and a hell of a road to try and conquer, but one day I will be there.”
Shane brings the young lady into the picture.

BORDERLAND: ”You see this woman right here? She has been with me since my accident from Cashe. She was the one that helped me with my therapy and she has helped me more than anyone else ever has. I am proud to call her my fiance, Brooke Fox.”
All of a sudden Brooke grabs the mic from Shane.

FOX: ”Listen Jason. I have heard so much about you and frankly I am sick of listening to it. What needs to happen to you is…”
All of a sudden Shane covers her mouth with his right hand as he grabs the mic away from her.

BORDERLAND: ”Feisty little thing isn’t she? Well what she was wanting to say, well it’s not why I am here at the moment. I’m here to show everyone that I am still alive and walking around. Sure I have been out for almost a year, but right now I am going to make a full comeback to the sport of professional wrestling. When? Who knows, but for know I will be around 4CW a lot.”
Shane wipes the bead of sweat that is rolling down his forehead.

BORDERLAND: ”It may not be this week or the week after next, but I will soon end up in this ring, going up against the talent in 4CW. I will see if I still have it in me or not.”
A cocky smile rolls across his face.

BORDERLAND: ”So this is me telling you 4CW, Watch Out! There Is Going To Be Hell Coming Your Way!”
“My Time To Shine” by Saliva starts back up as Shane grabs his fiance Brooke and helps her out of the ring. He jumps out of the ring himself and they both make it backstage.

Cameras were in Stefan’s locker room and they see him just finishing up being in the urinals as he realises that his match was coming pretty soon as he has a bit of time to say something for his match.

RAAB: ”So tonight’s the night when finally after being in 4CW all of this time, I finally get myself a chance to go for a title tonight and there’s been only five wrestlers who’ve talked shit towards each other with only two of those people have spoken about me so I’ll start with Roxi. Thank you for mentioning yet again that I’m an asshole and a douchebag because nothing of those insults get me angry anymore since I’ve heard them so many times that I take them as a compliment and then you said how I brag about beating you. You’re just mad that you haven’t defeated me yet in your career that I can actually back up so go ahead and be mad because you’re the biggest fake superhero I’ve heard of in my life.”
That’s when the crowd done heavy boos on Stefan and he was smiling about what he said to Roxi and he continues to talk.

RAAB: ”Then we come to the biggest lying idiot I’ve ever heard of in my life The Red Pioneer. Yeah I said it that you are a liar because you’ve clearly stated that you haven’t been with or even heard of FGA? That’s such a lot of shit because you have wrestled there and been in other companies you bloody hypocrite and of course you only deny those facts cos you got your ass kicked so bad that you decide to stay with 4CW to win against people who aren’t your level. You say you manhandled STO and STF, but hello they weren’t competition for you and they are a tag team so bravo on beating a bunch of rookies with a win that’s near enough going to be irrelevant pretty soon.”
Stefan wanted to get his thoughts out mainly to the two people who’ve spoken about him even though he still classed Havok as a threat and speaks about it.

RAAB: ”I know I haven’t talked trash on Havok mainly because there’s nothing bad to say about him other than him being a cool dude and me and him are actually good friends believe it or not, but the friendship only goes out of the window tonight Havok and we’ll lay it all on the line my friend and hopefully we’ll be the last men standing, but eventually I would have to eliminate you from the match with no hard feelings, but it’s just the way this business goes.”
Stefan took a break for a while as he laces his boots up and then putting his gloves on before he speaks for the last time.

RAAB: ”Tonight we are going to honor a champion that’s been with 4CW since day one and a champion that people are going to boo the hell out of, especially regarding me being a member of The House Of Howe and how everyone is going to hate us holding titles around mine and Cashe’s shoulders, owning 4CW to have control of it almost. Everyone else I haven’t mentioned aren’t worth my time and clearly aren’t real threats to me in the match and because of that, we are going to see me becoming the Extreme TV champion. Tonight, everyone’s gonna be prepare to be Raabinated by the new 4CW Extreme TV champion.
Stefan finished up talking about the match as he warms up before the cameras cut to ringside for the next match that’s going to take place in the ring


POWERS: “The following is a one falls standard singles match and it is for the title of “First Lady of 4CW.” Introducing first, hailing from this very city of Las Vegas, Nevada, standing in at five feet, eight inches, and weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds… the “Queen of Professional Wrestling” KANDI WASHINGTON!!”
“Bitch, please” by Jeffree Starr plays over the p.a. system this live Las Vegas’ crowd rise to their feet and begin booing as well as chanting “whore” loudly enough for everybody in the Jubilee theater can hear it. The black entrance curtains swing open and Kandi Washington slowly struts out to the top of the ramp. She pauses at the top of the ramp and kicks her feet back as she tosses her hair behind her shoulders, wiggling it freely. She raises her nose at the booing fans and starts strutting down the ramp with one hand on her hip and the other down at her side. She makes her way down the ramp. She ignores the fans who try to touch her as she makes her way to the front of the ring. She pretends to backhand a fan before laughing it off and hopping on the ring apron. She steps back and flips her hair forward as she poses with her leg up against the second rope. She sets it down and goes over the second rope. She takes off her sleeveless jacket and tosses it to the crew outside the ring. She starts to strut across the ring as she wiggles her cute little ass in black boy shorts.

VASSA: “This woman is absolutely stunning and breathtaking beautiful. How can anybody NOT like to listen to her rant and rave?”
JOHNSON: “Maybe because she’s an absolute ruthless bitch?”
POWERS: “And introducing her opponent, hailing in from Boston, Massachuettes, standing in at five feet, seven inches, and weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds… MISS MICHELLE!!”
“Queen of the Reich” starts to play over the p.a. system as Miss Michelle jolts out from the back to the top of the ramp. She pauses and leans over as she blows a kiss to this Vegas’ crowd. She leans up and waves as she starts to proceed down the ramp. As she passes the fans on both sides, she leans over and starts slapping her adoring fans’ hands. She makes her way to the bottom of the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. She kneels up and slides her hands through her hair as she slowly makes her way up to her feet. She’s pointing across the ring at Kandi and jogging to the far corner. She makes her way to the corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle and raises her arms as the fans continue to praise her.

VASSA: “It looks like Miss Michelle is owning that 4CW ring too and she got a bigger pop than Kandi Washington and this is Kandi’s hometown!”
JOHNSON: “That’s what happens when you go around disrespecting and degrading everybody you come into contact with.”

JOHNSON: “The referee calls for the bell and these women do not look like they are wasting any time.”
When the bell sounds, Kandi and Michelle approach each other in the ring, but Michelle tries to start the trash talk—Kandi places her hand over her face and shoves her backwards. Michelle spins around and takes Kandi off her feet with a discus clothesline.

JOHNSON: “Michelle just takes Kandi clear off her feet with that hard discus clothesline.”
VASSA: “Kandi didn’t even see that coming!”
Kandi leans up and holds her face as she stares up at Michelle. She goes to push herself up off the mat, but Michelle pulls her up by the hair and tosses her into the corner. She runs at Kandi, but Kandi with a back elbow to the second. She steps up on the second rope and when Michelle runs around toward her, she leaps off with a calf kick to the chest.

JOHNSON: “Kandi’s taking risks and it paid off for sure.”
VASSA: “Kandi is always renovating herself.”
Michelle holds her chest as she rolls up off the mat and Kandi grabs a handful of her hair and she connects with a hair-pull backbreaker across the knee. She positions herself on the chest of Michelle and starts pounding her head relentlessly against the canvas. The referee starts yelling at Kandi to break the hold and Kandi refuses to oblige by his rules.

VASSA: “It looks like the referee is physically removing Kandi since she doesn’t want to listen.”
JOHNSON: “Finally, he starts putting his foot down with this jezebel!”
As Michelle is getting up to her feet, Kandi charges at her and Michelle catches her with a back body drop. Kandi arches her back off the canvas and holds her lower back as Michelle connects with a bicycle kick straight in her face.

JOHNSON: “Kandi might be out with an impact like that!”
Michelle kneels down and hooks the leg:

VASSA: “It looks like it wasn’t enough to keep the self-proclaimed Queen down.”
Michelle looks over at the referee before she gets up to her feet with a handful of Kandi’s hair. She whips Kandi into the ropes and on the rebound Kandi kicks Michelle’s shoulder. Michelle holds her shoulder as she flings upward and Kandi grabs her by the side of the hair and slams her backwards with a mat slam. She stands on Michelle’s hair on both sides of her head and starts yanking up on the arms.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Kandi is conducting another illegal move.”
VASSA: “She’s trying to make Michelle go bald!”
After Michelle has been screaming in pain, Kandi steps off of her hair and holds her hand to the face of the referee. She leans down to help Michelle up and she spins around with a roundhouse kick, attempting the Kandi Kaned, but Michelle ducks. As Kandi spins around, Michelle with a straight roundhouse kick of her own, but Kandi kneels below it. As Kandi rises up to her feet, she takes Michelle down with a tackle. They start tearing and pulling at each other as they tussle around the ring.

VASSA: “Catfight!”
JOHNSON: “These two lovely ladies look like they know a few things about a good old fashion catfight.”
As the referee tries to separate them, Michelle is up to her feet first and she meets Kandi with a toe kick to her midsection. She whips her to the corner turnbuckle, but Kandi reverses it as Michelle hits the turnbuckle hard back first. Kandi charges at her in the corner, but Michelle leaps up off the canvas and grabs her legs around the head of Kandi with her hands gripping the side of the ropes.

JOHNSON: “It’s not looking good for Kandi right now.”
VASSA: “It sure doesn’t, but wait a minute!”
Right as Michelle tries to let go of the ropes, Kandi counters into a modified powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Michelle holds the back of her neck as Michelle starts chanting a booing crowd as chants of “Michelle” start to be yelled out throughout the arena.

JOHNSON: “Kandi hates the fact these fans cannot stand her.”
She leans down and grabs Michelle by the red hair and starts to pound her face against the top turnbuckle. The fans start to scream, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, and Michelle with a foot on the second turnbuckle and an elbow to the midsection. Kandi clenches her stomach and Michelle sprints out of the corner to only get caught up with a drop toe hold. She positions herself on the back and starts wiping Michelle’s face against the canvas.

JOHNSON: “Kandi is disgusting! She doesn’t care about winning; she just wants to punish Miss Michelle.”
VASSA: “She’s trying to make it clear that she’s the only woman who counts, duh!”
She gets up off the back of Michelle and holds her arms up as she bows to the booing fans. As Michelle starts to push herself up to all fours, Kandi runs off the ropes behind her and she connects with her shin to the side of Michelle’s temple.

Michelle tosses over to her back as she looks to be totally unconscious. Kandi slouches down and looks down at Michelle as she says, “I’m the First Lady of 4CW, sweetie.” Kandi places her foot onto the top of Michelle’s chest and she yells to the referee, “count them!”

JOHNSON: “How humiliating is that showman pinning variation!?”
The referee slides down to the mat:

VASSA: “Ring the damn bell; we have a new Queen in town!”
“Bitch, please” hits over the p.a. system as the fans continue to boo as Kandi makes the referee raise her arm in victory.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin-fall and the official “First Lady of 4CW” and the self-proclaimed Queen of 4CW… KANDI WASHINGTON!”
Kandi snatches her arm away from the referee and she motions for Michelle’s body to be rolled out of her ring as she continues to strut around the box shaped ring with her hands perched on her hips. She thrust her hips from side to side as she blows unwanted kisses to the booing crowd.

VASSA: “Like this woman or not, you have to respect the apparent legacy she has made for herself in 4CW. This woman continues to be untouched and undefeated in the ring.”
JOHNSON: “Not to mention, she might have the key to the tag team championships with her impressive tag team.”
VASSA: “One thing is for certain and that’s Kandi Washington isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!”

The camera cuts to backstage and we see Masahiro Kojima stood wearing a suit and sunglasses, he looks to have gained a little bit of muscle size since his injury and is smiling as he takes off his sunglasses and looks into the camera.

KOJIMA: “Well, it has been a long time since you’ve had the pleasure of speaking with the International Superstar, Masahiro Kojima. Not since that oaf Joe Dobbs managed to do some damage to my back with his inability to perform.”
Kojima smiles as he begins to pace from side to side, the camera staying with him at all times.

KOJIMA: “Things have gone very well for me in my rehabilitation and it has allowed me to now sign for a real promotion, working in my home country of Japan. Now, you may think this isn’t relevant but I plead with your simple minds to keep attention.”
With a smirk on his face, Kojima reaches behind him and brings out a cardboard cut out of the 4CW Heavyweight Champion, Jason Cashe, with the title belt on the cut-out. Kojima starts to laugh and then gains his composure to continue.

KOJIMA: “Now, before I was removed from the program, Cashe and I have had our differences and we have had our discussions. Cashe believes that he is able to defeat any man on this roster, but I want you to take the time to ask him about me. Cashe has a respect for my ability and this stems from our time elsewhere.”
Kojima laughs as he puts his arm around the cut-out of Jason Cashe and smiles.

KOJIMA: “Now, you might look at my record here in 4CW and say that I am not worthy but you don’t see the potential that I have to over throw this corporation. I have the potential to walk in, beat Cashe and head straight back to Japan with the Championship.”
Kojima starts to laugh as he removes his arm from his new friend and begins to pace forwards and backwards again.

KOJIMA: “Jason Cashe, I am putting you on notice right now. I know you’re a Champion who won’t ever feel like you’re the real Champion without defending your title against me. So I want you and Perry Wallace to sit down and discuss what I need to do to get my Title Shot. But when you decide, I will complete the task, I will win the Championship and officially rename it to the Japanese Heavyweight Championship.”
Turning back towards the cardboard cut-out, Kojima stares and strokes the Title belt on the unit.

KOJIMA: “I will be your biggest threat yet Cashe. I promise.”
Kojima reaches into his locker and pulls out a Samurai sword, he pulls the sheeth off the sword and then takes a swift swing, cutting the cardboard cut-out in half. Kojima starts to laugh as the scene fades out.


VASSA: ”Well, we have one of the sexy featured matches over with our beautiful ladies. Now lets get to part two and check out these hotties!”
JOHNSON: ”You seriously need a woman, Vinny. At least move out of your mothers.”
VASSA: ”I can’t do that, the cooking is just too good. Mama doesn’t mind when I bring a lady home every now and then.”
JOHNSON: ”Those aren’t ladies, my friend. Those would be corner girls.”
VASSA: ”Well, look at you with the jokes tonight! I’ll have you know, friend, those skanks have feelings too!”
JOHNSON: ”And I’m willing to bet that none of those feelings are towards you.”
VASSA: ”Oohhh!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Now enough with you, lets get back to the match at hand. Morgan and Niobe have been at each others throats for weeks now and we’re at the end of the line.”
VASSA: ”I sure hope not. I love seeing these two go at each other.”
JOHNSON: ”Morgan has relentlessly been at every corner Niobe turns. I don’t know what started this all but it’s lead us here tonight, in the parking lot for a good ole fashioned cat fight.”
VASSA: ”There aren’t really any rules to this except for the first pinfall wins it. I’m hoping these two rip each others clothes to shreds.”
JOHNSON: ”And by that time, you’ll unexpectedly need to take a break for the bathroom with your phone handy?”
VASSA: ”You know me all too well my friend.”
JOHNSON: ”Larry Collins will be our official. Lets cut the camera to the video feed from the back where Niobe and Morgan are both waiting in the parking lot with security keeping them apart for the moment.”
As the scene cuts to the back parking lot, Morgan stands beside a car with her arm propped up on the hood. Niobe stands across with security between her and Morgan. All of a sudden, Niobe bursts through the pack of security guards and charges at Morgan. Catching her off guard, Niobe swats Morgan’s arm out from under here causing her head to slam into the car hood leaving a dent. Niobe then turns Morgan over and slams her to the hood on her back and begins slapping her wildly. Security then steps away from the scene and leaves the area as Niobe continues to attack Morgan. Niobe then slams her head into the hood again. Morgan flings her arms trying to get a grab on Niobe until she finally gets a handful of hair. Morgan then pulls Niobe to the side and slams her to the car. Morgan then pins Niobe against the hood of the car and delivers a series of open palm slaps of her own.

VASSA: ”Hair pulling and stinging slaps… I love it!”
JOHNSON: ”Now that securtiy has left, I don’t see anyone separating these two until someone is left unconscious.”
VASSA: ”These two hate each other with a passion and by the end of the night it could be both knocked out cold by the hands of the other.”
As Morgan draws back for a big hit, Niobe elbows her in the stomach and knocks her off balance. Niobe then gets up from the hood and slaps Morgan across the face with a right and then hooks her arm around her head and lifts her into the air, suplexing her onto the hood of the car. Morgan’s body caves in the hood a bit as the windshield shatters from the impact.

As Morgan lies on the hood, Niobe climbs up there and kicks Morgan in the stomach a few times. Niobe then pulls Morgan up by her hair. Out of nowhere, Morgan knees Niobe in the stomach and then plants her head into the hood with a DDT. Niobe’s body bounces to one side of the car as Morgan falls to the other, both crashing to the hard asphalt. The two slowly get up, using the car to their advantage. Morgan makes it to her feet first and walks around the car, towards Niobe. Once in arm reach, Morgan grabs Niobe by the hair and pulls her, dragging her across the parking lot. Approaching another car, Morgan goes to throw Niobe into it only to get pushed forward herself. Niobe drives Morgan forward with all of her weight, sending her crashing into the car, stomach first. Niobe then runs and jumps at Morgan, grabbing her head from behind and slamming her face into the hood. Niobe rolls across the hood to the other side of the car as Morgan holds her had in pain. Niobe quickly gets up and comes around the car at Morgan. Niobe lunges forward but Morgan side steps and trips Niobe, causing her to fall face first into the side mirror. As Niobe’s head hits the mirror, it detaches and flies across the parking lot as she falls to the ground.

JOHNSON: ”This is going to get messy!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know what Perry was thinking when he booked this match but someone is going to get hurt. These girls are going to kill each other!”
JOHNSON: ”Mr. Wallace is all about entertaining the fans and these two welcome the opportunity to do this to each other with open arms.”
Niobe crawls away from Morgan in pain. Morgan just looks on for a moment as she catches her breath. Morgan then moves in on Niobe only to get surprised with a mirror to the face as Niobe swings it upward with all of her might. Morgan falls to the ground with a thud as Niobe slowly gets to both feet with the mirror still in hand. Niobe then spits on the mirror and throws it at Morgan, nailing her in the back of the head with it. The mirror breaks into pieces as Morgan holds the back of her head in pain. Niobe looks on, licking the blood from her lip. Morgan rests beside the car as Niobe takes it upon herself to rush in. As Niobe comes at Morgan with speed, Morgan reacts quickly and opens the car door causing Niobe to slam into the inside. The door opens all of the way and then kicks back, slamming shut, sending Niobe rolling across the parking lot.

JOHNSON: ”She nearly broke the door off the hinge with that impact.”
VASSA: ”Anything goes and these girls are using their surroundings any way that they can.”
Morgan gets up and walks towards Niobe who is still down. Morgan comes down to the back of Niobe’s head with a backhand chop. She then grabs her by the hair and yanks her to her feet. In the view, a hotdog stand sits with a few customers lined up watching the action. Morgan drags Niobe towards the hotdog stand with a handful of hair. As the approach, Morgan flings Niobe forward, crashing into the stand and knocking it over. The fans jump out of the way as the man working the stand begins to fuss as the mess they have made. Morgan walks around to the other side where food has fallen and grabs a hotdog bun and walks back towards Niobe. She then bends over and shoves the bun in Niobe’s mouth and slaps her with her other hand, sending a sound echoing off the cars. Morgan then walks back towards the other side and grabs a bottle of ketchup and mustard. As she turns around, Niobe is right there to meet her with a kick to the stomach. Morgan bends over in pain with her arms held out to her side. Niobe then grabs the bottles from her and squirts them in Morgan’s hair before slamming them both with Morgan’s head in the middle. Ketchup and mustard fly everywhere as it smears all over Morgan. Niobe then lifts her up and plants her into the concrete sidewalk with a piledriver and quickly covers for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”That was close!”
VASSA: ”Nice try Niobe but I don’t think Morgan is ready for this to end just yet.”
JOHNSON: ”These girls have made a mess back there. They demolished that foot stand!”
VASSA: ”I will be more than happy to help both of them with cleaning up after this food fight.”
Niobe slowly gets up and pulls Morgan up as well. Niobe then gets her in a headlock and walks across the parking lot, towards the back of the building. As they approach the back glass door, Morgan pushes Niobe forward. Niobe crashes into the glass and falls through, sending glass flying everywhere. Niobe has cuts all over her arms as blood begins to trickle down from her wounds. Morgan slowly moves in on Niobe who sits in a pile of glass. Niobe then grabs a handful and throws it in her face. The glass pops her in the face as she covers her face in reaction. Niobe then pops up and runs at Morgan, spearing her back through the door and back into the parking lot.

VASSA: ”This cat fight just keeps going back and forth. I’m getting dizzy!”
JOHNSON: ”These girls have been brutal ever since they kicked things off, even before this match. I knew it would end like this.”
VASSA: ”I just hope they don’t destroy each others pretty faces.”
Niobe punches Morgan a few times before getting her arm caught. Morgan flips Niobe over and rolls on top and gives a few punches of her own. Morgan then hops up and delivers a soccer kick to Niobe’s head while she’s down. Morgan then drops down and covers for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”Morgan almost ended it right there!”
Morgan cuts a mean look at the ref, Larry Collins, after the broken up count. She then gets up and picks up Niobe by her hair. Niobe elbows Morgan in the stomach, breaking free from her grasp. Niobe runs over to a nearby car and climbs onto the hood. Morgan follows along and Niobe leaps through the air, grabbing Morgan with a front face lock before whipping her body around and driving Alvertez head first to the pavement with a tornado DDT! Niobe hooks Morgan’s leg looking to capitalize on the moment of offense.
Morgan shoots a shoulder off the pavement to break the count

JOHNSON: ”I thought that tornado DDT was going to do it! The amount of fight these ladies have is inspiring!”
VASSA: ”You know how the old saying goes. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”
JOHNSON: ”Well these two ladies are prime examples of that. I’d rather no get on either of their bad sides!”
Niobe is first to her feet. She drags Morgan back over to the car she had just leapt off of. Niobe shoves Morgan’s head between her legs while facing the hood of the car. Niobe reaches down and grabs around Morgan’s waist. She lifts Morgan but she resists while in the air and Niobe returns her back to the ground. Morgan counters the power bomb attempt and back body drops Niobe onto the hood of the car. Morgan climbs up to follow Niobe and immediately grabs two handfuls of her hair. Morgan repeatedly bounces the back of Niobe’s head off of the hood of the car like a basketball. Morgan climbs to the roof of the car and reaches down to Niobe, pulling her up with her. Morgan pulls Niobe to her feet and drives her knee into her midsection. Morgan grabs Niobe with a front face lock and gets a handful of her trunks. She lifts Niobe clear off the ground before nailing an implant DDT that she has dubbed High Impact, sending Niobe through the windshield of the car! Morgan climbs down off of the roof and rolls Niobe onto her back on the hood, shards of glass are stuck to Niobe’s scalp as blood begins to drip down the side of her face. Morgan lays across Niobe for the cover and the referee smacks the hood for the count.
Morgan immediately rolls off of the car and holds her hands up to celebrate her victory while medics rush to the aide of Niobe Martin…

POWERS: ”Here is your winner…by pinfall…MORGAN ALVERTEZ!”
JOHNSON: ”What a battle that was! Perhaps a contender for the new Extreme Television Championship down the road?”
VASSA: ”It may be wise for Morgan to rest up a bit before finding the courage to challenge for that title!”

The scene opens inside of a plush dressing room. Everything is top of the line, from leather furniture to a refrigerated wine cabinet on the far side of the room. The room itself is void, except for a bright pink box sitting on the center of the table. The sound of people talking can be heard, and it grows louder as they approach the door. When the door finally opens we see Kandi Washington and her entourage of Drake Knight and Ice.
Kandi instantly looks down at the present on the table and points as she rolls her eyes.

KANDI: ”What the fuck is this!?”

She looks over to Ice and Drake, who both shrug their shoulders.

KANDI: ”Maybe I spoke too softly. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?”

She yells, as Ice sighs annoyed at Kandi’s aggressiveness.

ICE: ”I don’t know, maybe you should open it up and find out.”

She says sacastically as Kandi flips her hair over the shoulder.

KNIGHT: ”Well boss, we are in your hometown of Vegas. Maybe it’s a homecoming present. This is the first show in a while where you got to wrestle in your hometown.”
Kandi licks her lips and points down to the present.


She points to Ice.

KANDI: ”Open it.”
Ice sighs again and walks over to the table and she wants to unravel the ribbon as she then goes to lift the top of the present. Kandi leans in and looks inside. Then suddenly, she grabs Ice by the arm and shoves her out of the way.

KANDI: ”Move, bitch!”

She reaches in the box and pulls out an adorably cute stiletto heel.
Pink heeled with a gold ankle strap, and a patterned wrap around the stiletto to make them look like candy canes. The sole is a black with a pink and red trim, and as Kandi flips them over we can clearly see that they are Louis Vuitton’s.
Kandi struts over to Drake and hugs him. The most emotion she has shown in 4CW… ever!

KANDI: ”I always knew you had good taste. A heel fitted for a queen.”

Drake looks down and shakes his head.

KNIGHT: ”It wasn’t from me, boss.”

Kandi leans up and looks down at the shoe.

KANDI: ”Then who the fuck got me these?”
Kandi looks over to see Ice pull a card from out of the box. She reads the card out loud.

ICE: ”Mirror mirror on the wall. A gift to the fairest of them all. I wish I could see your face glow. You’re not the only predator in the shadows.”
The camera pans back over to Kandi, who’s eyes are sparkling like diamonds as the scene fades to black.


Inside the locker room of the House Of Howe, you see Tidus Howe on the phone yelling at someone. He seems to be trying to hire some security detail. Cashe is laying along a bench with a wet towel over his face, taking in some “rest” before his big Title Defense in the Main Event. As Tidus turns from him, Cashe removes the towel and stares over at his Manager. He acts quickly and pushes off the bench and hurries to the locker room door. He escapes and runs down the hallway before cutting around a corner. When he feels he has put enough distance between him and the over protective Tidus Howe, Cashe quits his rush.

JCASHE: “He means well but I am not a chicken wuss! If someone wants to come after me for a Million Dollars then I will give them a Million reasons to regret their decision.”
Even though he seemed confident, his eyes seem to scan the area more than usual. That’s when he noticed two younger guys he had never seen before staring hard at him from a weak ass hiding spot. He approaches without concern and they jump out like they want to scare him but he doesn’t flinch.

Cashe just sat there shaking his head, surprised by their attempt but also embarrassed for them.

BROWN HAIRED GUY: “Look at him, he’s scared!”
BLONDE HAIRED GUY: “Yeah he’s SO Scared, you can tell bro!!”
JCASHE: “Who the hell are you two suppose to be?”
The two men look at each other as if stunned, they look back at Cashe and then break out a little introduction rhyme.

BROWN HAIRED GUY: “Prepare for Trouble!”
BLONDE HAIRED GUY: “We Bring It Double!”
BROWN HAIRED GUY: “To Own these Lands by Slayer Force..”
BLONDE HAIRED GUY: “To Make ALL the Ladies Hot and Moist!”
BROWN HAIRED GUY: “And Become The Best Thing since Fake Boobs and G-Strings!”
The two men look at each other with excitement in their eyes before turning back to Cashe.

BLONDE HAIRED GUY: “And I’m The Kidd…”
BOTH GUYS: “Team SLAYER! Lay Down or Get Slayed!!”
They both launch at Jason Cashe, the Champion side steps Billy and he stumbles down the hallway some as The Kidd’s punch gets ducked and he spins around in a complete circle. Cashe shoves him from behind and he crashes into some crates. Cashe is left once again shaking his head is shame.

JCASHE: “If this is who is coming to collect…Oh the insanity! PAH-LEESE!”
He steps over The Kidd as he lays out on the hallway floor and is gone before either member of this “Team Slayer” returns to their feet.


JOHNSON: ”I hope to god you have the children tucked away in their beds for this one folks!”
VASSA: ”Oh boy! We’re crowning an Extreme Television Champion tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right partner, the ring is filled with competitors and the ring crew is making the final adjustments as they replace the ring ropes with barbed wire!”
VASSA: ”STF, Jordan Taylor, Jason Lee, Stefan Raab, Roxi Johnson, Julliet Brooks, Mark Brooks, and Drake Knight! They’re all in the ring and look ready to be crowned the first 4CW Extreme Television Champion!”
JOHNSON: ”This match will work like any other battle royal. The only way you’re eliminated is by going over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. The extreme twist is that the ropes are barbed wire.”
VASSA: ”There will bloodshed. This will be violent and not for the weak of heart! Even the winner won’t be walking out of here unscathed!”
JOHNSON: ”Well hopefully whomever wins doesn’t take to much damage. As Extreme Television Champion for 4CW you will be expected to defend that championship every televised show under your reign!”
VASSA: ”This title will shorten your career! I love it!”
JOHNSON: ”It sure will Vinny, but the prestige of a long run with the belt will mean so much more and will speak volumes on your toughness!”
The feed cuts to Mike Powers who’s standing ringside next to the announce table. He holds the mic to his mouth as he continues to introduce the participants to this historical rumble match.

POWERS: ”Introducing the next competitor taking part in this barbed wire rope Extreme Rumble…From the Underworld by way of Indianapolis, Indiana…Weighing in at two hundred and forty-two pounds…The Source…The Enforcer of Sorrow…NATHANIEL HAVOK!!!”
“Cult of Personality” hits on the PA system, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Nathaniel Havok makes his way out to the entrance ramp, extremely hyped and ready to go. He throws his arms in the air as pyro goes off around him, before walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on his way down. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully off the mat. He foregoes his routine pose in the corner and admires the barbed wire ropes as his music fades out.

POWERS: ”And finally…The tenth and final competitor of the barbed wire rope Extreme Rumble…From Ephraim, Utah…Residing in Prospect, Connecticut…Weighing in at two hundred and seven pounds…The Harbinger of Serenity…THE RED PIONEER!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan blasts out through the arena as the lights all dim. The Red Pioneer comes bolting out from the back, charging toward the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He runs over to the far corner and leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who is roaring their approval for him before dropping back to the mat and stretching before the match starts.

JOHNSON: ”This is unreal. Look at all of these athletes in this ring. You have to wonder who this type of match favors.”
VASSA: ”I would think your smaller statured athletes like Julliet Brooks, Roxi Johnson, and even the Red Pioneer may not be able to withstand the pain and agony they’re all about to feel. I think one of the bigger guys is going to win this. Maybe Jordan Taylor. Maybe Drake Knight.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not forget that Nathaniel Havok has made a career off of extreme type matches! I think he’s my pick to win it!”
VASSA: ”Well it looks like the crew is ready! They’re all climbing down from the apron and making their way backstage.”
JOHNSON: ”We have an official standing on the arena’s floor by each side of the ring. This thing is getting underway!”
Ding! Ding! Ding!
As the bell rings the competitors in the ring immediately pair off while trying to keep their distance from the razor sharp barbed wire that have replaced the ring ropes. Jason Lee begins teeing off on Jordan Taylor. Stefan Raab is taking it to STF, mixing hooks and jabs with a flawless combination that would make an boxer envious. Nathaniel Havok and “Above Average” Mark Brooks have locked up with a collar and elbow tie up, each jockeying to back their opponent against the ropes. Roxi and Julliet are trading chops in the center of the ring while The Red Pioneer tries to fight off the brute strength of Drake Knight. Drake scoops The Red Pioneer up and parades him around the crowded ring looking for a place to slam him down. Drake carries him towards the barbed wire ropes but the Red Pioneer manages to wiggle free and slides behind the One Man Army. Drake spins around and Pioneer begins chopping away at Drakes vertical base with stiff shin kicks, eventually dropping him down to one knee. Pioneer then uses Drakes knee as a step as he climbs up the big man before knocking him out with an enziguri!
Back in the center of the ring Roxi get’s the advantage with exchange of knife edged chops between her and Julliet. She backs Julliet an arms length away from the ropes before she drop kicks her right on the chin! Julliet falls backwards and instinctively reaches back to brace herself. She falls back first against the middle rope and immediately shrieks in pain as the barbs puncture her upper back. Roxi reaches down and grabs Julliet from the barbed wire and peels her from the barbs. She grabs Julliet from behind and begins lifting her for a belly to back suplex. In mid air Roxi spins her around and slams her to the mat with a sit out powerbomb. Roxi quickly hops to her feet and stands at Julliet’s midsection with her back to her opponent. Roxi leaps into the air and lands on her opponent with a standing moonsault!

JOHNSON: ”So far Jason Lee, Stefan Raab, Nathaniel Havok, The Red Pioneer, and Roxi Johnson have taken it to their opponents!”
VASSA: ”Taylor and Knight are going to turn things around. You just watch!”
Jason Lee has Jordan Taylor by the back of the head while connecting with repeated forearm smashes to the jaw. He changes pace and takes the unsuspecting Jordan Taylor down with an arm drag. Taylor quickly hops back to his feet before being tossed with a second arm drag takedown. A little slower to his feet Taylor staggers towards Jason Lee. Lee grabs Taylor by the arm and whips his exposed back into the corner. Taylor yells out in pain as the barbs stab into he back and arms. Lee charges, going for a running shoulder attack to Taylor’s midsection. Taylor is able to step aside, allowing Lee to fly shoulder first into the ring post while his stomach drags across some of the barbs on the second rope. Lee falls backwards to seated position and looks down at his chest and midsection which looks as if it had just been clawed by a wild animal.
Meanwhile Stefan Raab has grabbed STF by the waist with a rear waist lock. He pushes STF forward, chest first into the barbed wire ropes. STF reluctantly hooks his arms around the barbed wire and holds on while Raab tries to roll backwards. Raab loses grip of his opponent and does a backwards roll. He returns to his feet as STF shakes his arms which have a few wounds that are dripping blood. STF turns around into the waiting arms of Stefan Raab who picks him up with a shoulder into his med section and each hand grabbing a leg. Raab spins STF around and plants him into the canvass with a spine buster! Raab hops to his feet, proud of his handy work and quickly grabs STF by his legs, flipping him over with his variation of the texas cloverleaf that he calls the Cologne clover leaf!
Finally you have Nathaniel Havok and Mark Brooks exchanging right hands that makes it feel more like a pier six brawl than a wrestling match. Havok finally ends the exchange by grabbing Brooks by the back of the head and pulling him forwards while driving a knee into his midsection. Brooks is doubled over and Havok seizes the opportunity by flipping him around with a gut wrench power bomb! Havok takes a step back and lines up with Mark’s head. Havok lowers his knee pad and struts towards Brooks, dropping the exposed knee to Mark’s forehead and rolling through to his feet. Havok scoops Brooks up to his feet and lifts him up with a vertical suplex. Instead of dropping backwards he falls forwards, putting Brooks stomach first on the top rope, his feet dangling over the apron.

VASSA: ”Mark Brooks is in a bad spot early in this match.”
JOHNSON: ”Already Julliet, Mark, Jordan, Lee, and STF are bleeding from the unforgiving barbed wire ropes!”
Mark Brooks teeters on the top rope, his weight shifting from his upper body and lower body before finally rolling forward into the ring, opening some of the wounds on his stomach. Havok turns his attention over to The Red Pioneer who’s desperately trying to lift Drake Knight and all three hundred and two pounds of dead weight. Havok grabs Drake and the two lift the big man to his feet. The each grab an arm and push Drake back first against the barbed wire ropes. The pulls him from the barbed wire and feint an irish whip. Once their arms are extended they both don’t let go and pull back instead, driving Drake back first against the barbed wire again! They let go of Drake who resembles a scarecrow nailed to wooden posts as he leans against the ropes grimacing in pain.
Roxi drags Julliet towards the bottom rope. She grabs to hands full of Julliet’s raven colored hair and tries to force her face against the rope. Julliet has the wherewithal to grab the wired ropes between barbs and struggles to prevent her face from being scraped against the sharp metal. She manages to her knees and uses that as a foundation to get back to her feet without being mangled. Roxi still has Julliet by her hair drives her face first into the mat with a sit out face buster. Roxi lifts Julliet up and quickly t-bone suplexes her, Julliet’s back landing against the barbed wire ropes and she folds up onto her head and neck! Jordan Taylor approaches Roxi from behind and clubs her with a forearm between the shoulder blades that immediate drops the petite high flyer to her knees. Taylor spins Roxi and around and shoves her head between his legs. He reaches down and wraps his massive arms around her waist before lifting her up for a power bomb. Jordan carries Roxi towards the ropes. Roxi manages to counter the power bomb with a hurricanrana that unexpectedly throws Jordan over the top rope and to the floor!
Eliminated: Jordan Taylor

VASSA: ”Wow! One of the biggest guys in this match and Jordan Taylor is the first one eliminated!”
JOHNSON: ”So much for the theory of the smaller competitors struggling and the bigger guys dominating. Jordan Taylor is gone. Drake Knight looks to be on his last leg…”
VASSA: ”Can I change my pick to Roxi?”
Roxi landed on the ring apron after her hurricanrana. Jason Lee’s eyes light up and he tries to drive his shoulder through her midsection. Roxi alertly matches Jason Lee with a knee that connects to the side of his head. He drops backwards to his ass and begins shaking out the cobwebs while his eyes glaze over. Roxi walks to the nearest corner and carefully climbs to the top rope. She waits as Jason Lee rises to his feet before diving through the air and dropkicking him right in the sternum! Lee falls backwards, knocking Nathaniel Havok into The Red Pioneer. The Red Pioneer stumbles backwards before the two begin exchanging strikes. Roxi hops back to her feet after the missile drop kick begins turning her boot to Drake Knights midsection as he rests against the ropes.
Stefan Raab and STF continue their scrum which has made it to the middle of the ring. STF tries for a rising clothesline but Stefan ducks underneath it. He hooks STF’s arm and tucks it behind his back while reaching around the front of his body with the free hand. Raab explodes, lifting STF over his head with an arm trapped chicken wing german suplex! By this time Mark Brooks has collected himself. As Raab stands to his feet Brooks grabs him from behind and slams him backwards to the mat with with a russian leg sweep. He tries to maintain the pace by grabbing Raab’s head and pounding it against the mat. Brooks stands to his feet as STF recovers and gets to his. Brooks and STF begin arguing over who’s going to try to eliminate Stefan Raab. Their argument leads to pushing and shoving. Just as STF is about throw a haymaker Mark’s way Raab rises to his feet and hits him with a hard european uppercut. STF stumbles backwards while Raab turns to Mark and hits him with an european uppercut. Raab has both men reeling as he alternates between the two. Raab grabs each guy by the back of their head and drives them forward, forcing them to headbutt one another! STF flops to the mat as Mark Brooks stumbles towards the Killerplauze. Raab ducks his head and lifts Mark Brooks clear of the ropes to the ring floor with a back body drop!
Eliminated: Mark Brooks

JOHNSON: ”That’s the second elimination of this match and both women are still in this thing!”
VASSA: ”Brooks may have landed awkwardly on his ankle…He seems to be favoring it.”
JOHNSON: ”And STF looks like he’s counting the little birdies flying around his head. Stefan Raab did a number on those two!”
Havok grabs The Red Pioneer by his waist and goes for a german suplex. Before fully lifting him into the air Jason Lee charges and grabs Havok by the waist, adding to the suplex. Jason Lee nails a belly to back suplex on Havok while he nails a german suplex on the Red Pioneer! Lee is slow to his feet after exhausting himself with the weight of two superstars. Roxi and Julliet both approach Jason Lee. The two ring vixens who were going toe to toe with one another seemed to form a temporary alliance as they each take turns with alternating side kicks to Jason Lee’s thighs. They each grab a hand and whip Jason Lee against the ropes. He screams out in pain as the barbs puncture his upper back. He slowly pulls himself from the ropes and the two ladies quickly nail a tandem dropkick that sends him right back against the ropes! The ladies high five one another, proud of their offense. They turn around to see who else they could use this little allegiance against but are both flattened by the massive arms of Drake Knight!
Drake stands over the women who are gasping for air after being blindsided by a double clothesline. Drake grabs Julliet and lifts her well above his head with a military press. Drake drops Julliet forward sending her crashing down onto Roxi. Drake arrogantly puts one foot down on top of the Julliet’s stomach and pushes off, putting all his weight down on that one foot before walking over his fallen opponent. Drake flexes in the middle of the ring and once his back is turned Jason Lee charges and brings him head first to the mat with a running bulldog. Lee lifts Drake to all fours before taking a step back and then dropkicking him in the face. Lee reaches down and grabs Drake with a front face lock. He carries Drake towards the ropes and drops him onto the middle rope, draping his chest across the barbed wire with his head facing the fans. Lee hustles to the other side of the ring and then charges his opponent. Lee jumps onto Drake’s back before sliding to the outside through the middle and top rope!

JOHNSON: ”Lee is not eliminated! You have to go up and over the top rope. He went through…”
VASSA: ”Yeah but what is he doing. He’s looking under the ring apron…”
JOHNSON: ”He just pulled out a trash can and threw it into the ring! And now he’s sliding a steel chair in there also…”
Jason Lee slides back into the ring and immediately grabs the steel chair that he brought into the ring. Raab approaches and gets clocked with a chair shot to the head! Havok turns towards Lee and gets jabbed in the gut with the chair before Lee strikes Havok across the back. STF follows the line and tries to prevent the chair shot to his face by raising his arms but with no prevail! Lee continues the trend by delivering chair shot after chair shot. The Red Pioneer, Roxi Johnson, Julliet Brooks, and then lastly Drake Knight. The chair is mangled at this point and Lee tosses it aside. He turns his attention to STF. Lee lifts STF with a suplex and drops him groin first onto the top rope! STF painfully grabs at his groin while touching the canvass with his tippy toes. Lee leaps into the air and dropkicks STF free from the barbs but tumbling down to the ring floor!
Eliminated: Sebastian Tyler Fluker

VASSA: ”Uh, someone needs to check on Sebastian…those barbs were in a very sensitive spot!”
JOHNSON: ”Why don’t you go ahead and check on him yourself.”
VASSA: ”I’m not a trained medical physician. I’ll leave that for the professionals…”
Lee turns back around and Nathaniel Havok has made it back to his feet. Havok nearly decapitates Jason Lee with a desperation super kick! Havok gets back to his feet and turns his full attention to Drake Knight. Havok methodically stomps at Drake Knight’s arms as he crawls towards one side of the ring. Havok drops down to his knees and begins forcing Drake’s forehead to the bottom rope, the barbs shredding the flesh on his forehead. The blood from Drake’s cuts begins to drip into his eyes, making it hard for the big man to see. Havok decides to add to the force by pressing the sole of his boot to the back of Drake’s head, pushing it against the barbed wire! Havok takes a step back. The Red Pioneer had made it to his feet and gotten ahold of the steel trash can that Jason Lee introduced. As Havok turns around The Red Pioneer crushes Havok’s skull with the side of the trash can, leaving an imprint of Havok’s head.
The Red Pioneer turns just in time to see Julliet Brooks charging at him like a speeding locomotive. He scoops her up with a side slam before forcing the small of her back to his extended knee with the pendulum backbreaker. Roxi tries to sneak up behind the masked phenom. Once he turns she leaps up and grabs a front face lock on The Red Pioneer. She swings her weight around to use her momentum for a tornado DDT. The Red Pioneer got both of his hands on her hips and while she spun, he managed to push her off into a flapjack! Roxi bounced off the mat and big Drake Knight wrapped his massive arms around the Red Pioneer, lifting him off of the mat with a bear hug. He squeezed vigorously while the Red Pioneer squirmed, trying to break free. The Red Pioneer managed to get his arms loose and began digging his fingers into his blood filled eyes, forcing Drake Knight to break the hold. The Red Pioneer stumbles backwards. Drake takes a few steps towards The Red Pioneer who lifts him up and drops him throat first with a stun gun to the top rope! Drake immediately grabs at his neck and the Red Pioneer dumps him over the top rope to the floor.
Eliminated: Drake Knight

JOHNSON: ”My god! Drake’s hands are covered in blood! I hope there’s not a severe puncture to his throat!”
VASSA: ”Everyone knew the risks of taking part in this match…”
JOHNSON: ”You still don’t want to see anyone seriously injured! We are down to six. Roxi, Julliet, The Red Pioneer, Nathaniel Havok, Jason Lee, and Stefan Raab! One of which will be your first 4CW Extreme Television Champion!”
Roxi and Julliet both stand to their feet and hit simultaneous drop kicks on Stefan Raab and Jason Lee. Julliet turns towards Roxi who plants a foot in her gut, doubling her over. Roxi moves towards the barbed wire ropes before charging at her opponent. She leapfrogs Julliet, hooking her legs with Julliets arms in the process. Roxi then flips Julliet, folding her up with the yoshi tonic! Roxi stands back up and the Red Pioneer grabs her by her wrist before pulling her in with a short-arm lariat! The Red Pioneer turns around and Nathaniel Havok is waiting patiently for him. Havok kicks the Red Pioneer in the stomach and quickly lifts him into the air with a fisherman suplex. While in the air Havok spins the Red Pioner and drops him with piledriver like move between his legs!
Havok rises to his knees and smiles as the bodies begin to feel the stress of this match. Raab and Lee are on all fours. The Red Pioneer and Roxi are out on their backs while Julliet Brooks is rising to her feet in the corner. She turns around and Havok charges, squishing her into the corner with an avalanche splash! Havok peels her from the corner and immediately puts her in a side headlock. Havok smiles before sweeping her leg out and spiking the top of her skull to the mat with a move he calls the FBD! Havok looks at Julliet, disgusted with her sudden lack of fight. He grabs a handful of her hair and throws her back against the ropes before clotheslining her over the top rope to the ring floor.
Eliminated: Jullet Brooks

VASSA: ”Man, Havok looks to be getting a second wind while the others are struggling to even amount an offense. You may be onto something when you picked Havok to win this thing Stevie!”
JOHNSON: ”Like I said, he strives in this environment. Some guys are just made for these matches. Havok is one of them.”
Raab and Lee both get to their feet and turn towards the smiling Nathaniel Havok. They both stumble towards him and he explodes with a double clothesline. Roxi is next to her feet. Havok gets his arms around her waist and quickly sends her back to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Havok turns to see The Red Pioneer perched on the top turnbuckle. The Red Pioneer leaps through the air with a flipping neck breaker that catches Havok completely off guard! Jason Lee quickly drives his forearm into the Red Pioneer’s back as he tries to push to his feet. He pulls the Red Pioneer backwards by his head before dropping him to the mat with an inverted DDT!
Stefan Raab grabs Jason Lee by his hair and pulls him to his feet before he could defend himself. Raab clubs him over the back twice before dropping him down to the mat with a DDT. Raab stomps away at Jason Lee mercilessly. Lee tries to crawl to the corner and take cover under the bottom turnbuckle but Raab pulls him out by an arm and a leg. He lifts Lee up and drives a knee into his solar plexus. Raab drives his shoulder into Lee’s gut and lifts him up, placing him in a seated position on the top turnbuckle which has to feel like sitting on a cactus plant! Havok sneaks up from behind and hits a spinning heel kick to the back of Raab’s head, forcing him head first into the groin of Jason Lee! Lee tumble dow to the arena floor as Raab rests chest first against the corner.
Eliminated: Jason Lee
Havok wastes no time and clotheslines Raab in the back of the head, dumping him over the top rope right behind Jason Lee!
Eliminated: Stefan Raab

JOHNSON: ”Raab inadvertently eliminates Jason Lee with a headbutt to the groin and then Havok clotheslines Raab over the top rope to the floor, leaving us with a final three!”
VASSA: ”Nathaniel Havok…Roxi Johnson…The Red Pioneer…WHO WANTS IT!?!?”
The three final competitors all stand in the center of the ring facing one another. All bruised and bloodied from the brutality of this extreme rumble. Havok charges Pioneer who ducks underneath a clothesline and nails a mule kick as he spins around. Roxi runs and leaps up, wrapping her legs around Havoks head and flipping him over with a running hurricanrana! Havok immediately rolls to a defensive position on his stomach, covering his head while the two begin stomping away at his ribs. The Red Pioneer makes his way to Havoks legs and stands over his knees. He bends Havoks legs up, hooking them around his own knees. The Red Pioneer grabs Havoks wrists and pulls back, dropping to his back while holding Havok in the air with a surfboard stretch. Roxi charges at the two men and nails a dropkick to the exposed ribs of Havok, breaking the hold in the process.
Havok crawls towards the ropes. The Red Pioneer follows him, like a predator stalking his prey. Once near the ropes, the Red Pioneer forces Havok’s torso between the bottom and middle ropes. He tucks Havok’s arms behind the middle rope and pulls back on Havok’s head with a modified camel clutch, forcing the barbed wire rope into Havok’s shoulders and arms. The Red Pioneer releases Havok and turns his attention to Roxi. As Havok pulls himself from the barbed wire, the fans in the front rows begin to stir. Young Mannie has made his way through the audience and over the security barrier. Havok gets to his feet and Mannie hops onto the apron. Mannie reaches over and grabs a handful of Havok’s hair before dragging him to the corner and smashing his head into the ring post. Mannie doesn’t let go of Havok. He pulls down on his head and begins grinding Havok’s forehead side to side along the top strands of barbed wire! Mannie finally lets go and drops to the arena floor. Roxi manages to take The Red Pioneer down with a snap suplex. She notices Havok leaning over the top rope and comes up from behind him, grabbing him by the legs and dumping him over the top rope!
Eliminated: Nathaniel Havok

JOHNSON: ”What a huge elimination! Roxi Johnson and The Red Pioneer are left in this match!”
VASSA: ”It’s like I said, this match obviously favors the smaller competitors. I knew Roxi would be here in the end.
JOHNSON: ”That’s the exact opposite of what you had said…”
Roxi turns back around after eliminating Nathaniel Havok. The Red Pioneer presses down on his knee and pushes to his feet. They meet in the middle of the ring and begin to go for broke. Roxi cracks The Red Pioneer with a forearm smash to the chin. The Red Pioneer reciprocates with an overhand chop that echoes through the first few rows. Roxi stumbles backwards before shooting forward with a crooked arm lariat. The Red Pioneer drops backwards, narrowly avoiding the barbed wire ropes. Roxi tries to connect with a leg drop but The Red Pioneer rolls out of the way. He throws a kick Roxi’s way but she catches his boot before being kicked in the back of the head with an enziguri! The Red Pioneer circles Roxi, stomping at each exposed limb as he makes one full rotation.
The Red Pioneer reaches down and grabs Roxi by her arm. He folds it over her chest. He grabs Roxi’s other arm and folds it over the other arm before lifting her with a straight jacket suplex! The Red Pioneer keeps the flow going, grabbing Roxi with a rear waist lock. He flips her over and bridges with a reverse northern lights suplex and rolls it into a cattle mutilation submission hold. Roxi taps out but pitfalls and submissions have no barring on the outcome to this match. The Red Pioneer releases the hold and grabs Roxi by her hair. He drags her to the corner but she manages to break free. She shoves him into the corner before charging and pouncing on him looking for a monkey flip. The Red Pioneer moves slightly knocking Roxi’s balance off and grabbing her with a fireman’s carry. She grabs the ropes and struggles through the pain of squeezing the barbs while trying to remain in this match. The Red Pioneer drops Roxi and waits for her to spin around. The Red Pioneer quickly clotheslines Roxi over the top rope and to the ring floor.
Eliminated: Roxi Johnson

JOHNSON: “What an excellent match! That was pretty violent! ”
POWERS: “Here is your winner… and new 4CW Extreme Television Champion…THE RED PIONEER!!”
As the referee is raising The Red Pioneer’s arm, the lights fade to darkness in the building and only static can be heard playing over the PA system. When the lights come back on we see The Red Pioneer standing with his title draped over his shoulder and the debuting Tormented Youth standing behind.

VASSA: “This might not be a particularly great situation for The Red Pioneer.”
JOHNSON: “Surely he has not authority to be here, this should be a moment for The Red Pioneer to enjoy his win?”
VASSA: “Well I think we’re about to find out why he is here.”
Tormented Youth taps on the shoulder of The Red Pioneer, who spins around and stares directly in the face of the painted attacker. The Red Pioneer looks physically exhausted as Tormented Youth starts to laugh.

JOHNSON: “This isn’t going to end well.”
Youth and The Red Pioneer start trading blows with one another in the middle of the ring, both men going hell for leather and landing some stiff shots.

JOHNSON: “This is amazing!”
VASSA: “Fair play to The Red Pioneer, he is not letting the fact that he just went through a brutal match have any effect on his stamina.”
Fatigue starts to play it’s part on The Red Pioneer as Youth starts to get the advantage and manages to land four consecutive blows to the face of The Red Pioneer. Tormented Youth now starts to back The Red Pioneer towards the barbed wire ropes with much slower, yet stronger, right hands.

VASSA: “Tormented Youth has some evil intentions in mind here, he’s starting to become more methodical with his attack and The Red Pioneer will want to stay away from those ropes.”
JOHNSON: “Why is nobody out here to help The Red Pioneer? This isn’t right!”
Tormented Youth measures The Red Pioneer and hits a stiff kick to his jaw, sending him into the barbed wire. The Red Pioneer tenses up as he hits the wire, but Youth is immediately on top of him, using the barbed wire to tie him up in the ropes. Once in a position of stability, Tormented Youth steps back as a little glimmer of fear appears in the eyes of The Red Pioneer.

JOHNSON: “This isn’t good. Tormented Youth has wrapped The Red Pioneer in the ropes, using the barbed wire!”
Youth lifts his hands and looks at the blood that has started to trickle due to handling the barbed wire. He smiles and licks some of the blood away before looking back at The Red Pioneer and staring.

VASSA: “What is Tormented Youth doing?”
JOHNSON: “This has to be the strangest scenario I have ever seen!”
Tormented Youth bolts under the bottom rope and then starts looking under the ring, eventually pulling out a red container that appears to be petrol. He slides the container in the ring and follows shortly behind.

VASSA: “Oh my god, we need security out here now!”
Youth opens the top of the canister and starts to pour the petrol over The Red Pioneer, who is now frantically trying to get himself loose. Youth stops after a moment and turns to grab the discarded title belt that he was presented, he stares at it for a moment and then back to The Red Pioneer, eventually draping the title on his fallen victim.

VASSA: “Why is nobody out here?! This guy needs taking away now!”
JOHNSON: “I’ve just had word that security are on their way out here, but should anything happen we are going to have to end the live feed!”
Youth pulls a lighter out of his pocket and starts to laugh, as he flicks the top open four security rush the ring and Tormented Youth slides out of the ring and jumps over the barricade. He stands with the fans watching the security try and untie The Red Pioneer before the lights go out again, when they return Tormented Youth is gone and the security are helping The Red Pioneer in the ring.



JOHNSON: “Up next is the main event on the second 4CW’s supershow. It is going to be a real tensed match from start to finish. It will be the battle of the Jason’s: as Jason Phoenix is going to look and dethrone Jason Cashe, but Jason Phoenix has been on a mission to claim the highest honor in the company since day one.”
VASSA: “Indeed he has Steve. He even took the winning streak of Stefan Raab and Stefan hasn’t been the same since. I think with a win over one of the champion’s allies has fueled the fire even more between Jason’s.”
JOHNSON: “It sure has Vinny because Jason Phoenix’s allies have managed to beat Stefan Raab, Joe Dobbs, and Jason Cashe in leading up to this showcase. It seems like the group known as Power Trip might be the group to dominate this company.”
VASSA: “We are going to find out what Jason Phoenix is made of though when he takes on the undefeated and inaugural South-western Heavyweight Champion Jason Cashe!”
POWERS:“The following is the main event of the evening and it is for the 4 Corners Wrestling’s South-western Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, he is the challenger, billed from Miami, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds, and standing in at six feet, two inches… the “Living Legend” JASON PHOENIX!”
The lights dim down low as it becomes almost filled with blackness; smoking starts to fill the ringside area as well as the entrance ramp, and two figures appear out from the back. “Violence Fetish” is now playing throughout the sound system as the video upon the wrestling-tron begins to play the living legend’s entrance video. The fans waste of no time to boo the moment Jason Phoenix’s video is playing. The lights slowly turn to white as Jason Phoenix is seen on the ramp with his lovely wife Morgan Alvertez. Morgan plays with her hair as her opposing hand is on his arm. The pair starts down the ramp as Morgan scowls at the booing fans and Jason Phoenix completely ignores their booing. They walk down the ramp slowly and stiffly as there appears to be no emotion in the eyes of Jason Phoenix. They make their way down to the ring and Morgan Alvertez walks over to Jason’s corner as Jason slowly creeps up the stairs. He stops at the top and he glares across the ring. He tilts his down and starts onto the apron. He stops at the beginning of the apron and steps over the second rope. He enters the ring and slowly walks to the middle of the ring. He turns back to the ramp area as he starts rubbing his hands together as the smoke clears, the lights turn back on, the entrance video quits playing, and his music fades. He tilts his head up and stares at the entrance ramp as he waits for his next victim.

VASSA: “The challenger looked ready and I’m pretty afraid just by staring at him. He looks like an evil, evil man.”
JOHNSON: “His words were quite chilling that he had for Jason Cashe this week, but let’s see if he can keep true to his promises.”
VASSA: “If his words were in fact true, then I wouldn’t want to be in Jason Cashe’s shoes because we might not have a new champion after only the first title defense.”
“I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up”
As the chorus to “Grew Up A Screw Up” plays as Jason Cashe steps through the back curtain with the South-western Heavyweight Championship buckled around his waist as he steps onto the stage, he is met with cheers of many plus some deep bass boos from the haters. The chorus of the song plays but is spoken over as the Ring Announcer makes introductions.

POWERS:“Introducing the Atlanta Born but Houston Representative, at two Hundred and Thirty pounds he is the Current South-West Heavyweight Champion!! “The INFLUENCE OF WRESTLING!” Jaaaasssooon…CAAASSSSHHE!!!
“Ever since I was an embryo, waiting to shape up and ship out
Something in my brain said, “Wake up and kick out!”
Roberta and Wayne stayed up and flipped out
Cause when I came I was draped up and dripped out
Snip the umbilical, spit the government chip out
Peace up, A-Town down and then I dipped out
And oh my gosh, the Osh Kosh was picked out
I slipped in, even my baby stroller was tricked out
Somebody get him, the little homie’s out of control
Put a little bit of rum in my bottle I’ll dream about diamonds and gold
Gold gold, to grow from an infant to toddler was effervescent
The essence of adolescence got my body feeling freshen
freshing freshing, and it was a blessing to rhyme and start rapping
I was the best in my section with flows hard than erections
Still the best but now I’m grown with more range than a Texan
And I’m a heavyweight you dudes is lighter than my complexion”
As he heads to ringside, he rounds the corner he unbuckles the Championship and picks up speed as he leaps up on the ring apron, landing on one knee and pulling himself to his feet using the ropes and lifts the Championship high into the air above him. He dips through the ropes and enters the ring to a louder pop from the crowd. He makes a roof over his head with his hands for the cameras to see before handing the belt off to the referee and leans against the ropes. Ready for his dose of Action.

JOHNSON: “The champion isn’t showing any signs of fear toward Jason Phoenix as he taunts him. But Jason Phoenix doesn’t look the least bit afraid of the champion either. This match is going to be a slobberknocker.”
VASSA: “Look at Tidus Howe making his way down causally long after his client’s entrance. You know him and Morgan both are to be watched at ringside.”

JOHNSON: “Yes, indeed—they are both sneaky and vindictive, which have played big roles in both men’s careers.”

VASSA: “The referee calls for the bell as both men immediately start to search for the other’s weaknesses.”
As the bell sounds, Cashe and Phoenix start to circle each other in the ring. As the referee steps back to the corner, he watches Cashe and Phoenix as they slowly make their way to the middle of the ring. Cashe holds his hands up and Phoenix reaches his to Cashe, but as he gets closer to Cashe—Phoenix scores with a toe kick to the midsection. Cashe slouches over and clutches his stomach as Phoenix starts connecting with back elbows to the face.

VASSA: “It looks like the challenger is starting off with fury elbows to the champion’s face.”
JOHNSON: “This is one of the few times we have seen Jason Cashe not have the immediate advantage.”
Phoenix spins around and grabs Cashe by the wrist and whips him off into the ropes. Cashe rebounds with a running clothesline on Phoenix. Phoenix rolls up to his feet and Cashe grabs him by the wrist and sends him into the corner. Cashe runs toward him and Phoenix with a standing big boot to Cashe’s face. Cashe stumbles back and slouched over, Phoenix runs out of the corner with a running high knee to the face.

JOHNSON: “Jason Phoenix looks determined Vinny.”
VASSA: “As he has since his debut match, but it’s going to take much more to put him away.”
He leans down to grab Cashe and Cashe strikes up with a throat thrust to Phoenix. Phoenix clutches his throat and staggers away. Cashe rolls up to his feet and he grabs Phoenix from behind and launches him overhead with a German suplex. Phoenix arches his back off the mat and Cashe runs off the ropes. He aims for a running senton, but Phoenix rolls out of the way. Cashe holds his ass as he staggers up to his feet.

VASSA: “Jason Cashe got nothing, but canvas with that running senton.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like Phoenix is right there to meet him with a toe kick to the midsection.”
He lifts Cashe up off the mat and as he attempts a powerbomb, Cashe reverses it with a sit-out facebuster. Cashe covers, but only gets a one count before he kicks out. Cashe is first to his feet and he starts to stomp down on Phoenix as he fights up to his feet. As Phoenix gets on all fours, Cashe runs off the ropes and leaps off the canvas with a double knee stomp on the middle of Phoenix’s back.

VASSA: “It looks like Jason Phoenix might have underestimated Jason Cashe a bit.”
Phoenix rolls out of the ring and he holds his lower back as Cashe leans over the second rope and starts to grab Phoenix up by the chin, but as Phoenix gets pulled up on the apron—he grabs the back of Cashe’s head and drops him down with a guillotine drop. Cashe falls backwards on the canvas and holds his throat while Phoenix starts to climb to the top rope.

JOHNSON: “Jason Phoenix looks like he wants to fly.”
VASSA: “Jason Cashe better get up!”
As Cashe starts to stagger up to his feet, he stumbles around to look up at Jason Phoenix who leaps off the top rope with a diving clothesline. As he staggers up to his feet, he catches Cashe up off the canvas and lifts him up with a spin-out spinebuster. He hooks the leg and the referee slides down to the mat.

JOHNSON: “It looks like the challenger is going for the pin.”

VASSA: “But it still wasn’t enough to keep the champion down.”
Phoenix kneels up and he grabs Cashe by the back of his neck as he lifts him up to his feet. He whips Cashe into the corner and runs at him in the corner, but Cashe rebounds with a reverse elbow. As Phoenix holds his mouth, Cashe grabs him by the back of the pants and neck, throwing him shoulder first into the ring post. Phoenix stumbles out of the corner aiding his shoulder as Jason Cashe lifts him up onto his shoulders.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Jason Cashe is going for the Samoan drop.”
VASSA: “But Jason Phoenix has just slid down off his back.”
Cashe turns around and gets met with a clawhold STO in the middle of the ring! He looks up at the booing fans as he sticks out his tongue and growls at them while his hand is still placed over Cashe’s face. He positions himself on Cashe’s chest and he starts to open up with repeatedly punches to the face. Cashe covers up as the referee is yelling at Jason Phoenix to break the hold. Jason Phoenix refuses and he continues to hammer away at Cashe’s face.

VASSA: “Jason Phoenix is walking in dangerous territory right now and could find himself disqualified.”
JOHNSON: “The official is at the count of four, break it up Jason!”
Phoenix just barely breaks it up and he stands above Cashe’s body with his arms raised in the air. He reaches down and he grabs Cashe by the throat with a vicious chokehold. He slowly starts to lift him up to his feet, but Cashe surprises Phoenix with a bell clap to both of his ears. Phoenix holds his ears and he shakes his head as Cashe runs off the far ropes. As Cashe rebounds, Phoenix sprints with a huge striking spear.

JOHNSON: “Oh my God Jason Phoenix may have just broken Jason Cashe directly in half with that huge spear!”
VASSA: “We are seeing these men do everything out of pure desperation for the greatest prize in the 4CW empire.”
Phoenix looks down at Cashe for a moment as Cashe is rolling around the canvas in pain with his forearms clutched around his midsection. Phoenix leans down to pick him up, but as he does, Cashe shoves him backwards and jumps up with a front dropkick to the outside. As Phoenix slowly gets to his feet, Cashe baseball slides out of the ring. Phoenix grabs Cashe and whips him into the steel stairs, but Cashe reverses it as Phoenix crashes into the barricade. Cashe charges at him and scores with a spear as both Jason’s go through the barricade!

VASSA: “Holy SHIT! Did you just see that Steve? Jason Cashe just put Phoenix through the barricade!”
JOHNSON: “Both men look like they aren’t even moving right now.”
The referee exits the ring as he walks over to check on the men, but Jason Cashe is the first one to show life as Phoenix just lies there on his back. Cashe coughs as he spits up a few drops of blood. He’s up to his feet and he leans down to pick up Phoenix. He runs over to the apron and tosses him back into the ring. Cashe rolls in under the bottom rope and quickly hooks the leg…

VASSA: “It looks like this one is going to be over.”

JOHNSON: “Phoenix got his shoulder up at the last fucking second! How the hell did he do that!?”
Cashe is beside himself as he’s holding up three fingers and complaining to the referee as he’s resting on his knees. He holds his forearm in front of his midsection as he looks around the crowd that begins chanting “Jason Cashe!” Jason Cashe points to the top rope as he slowly stumbles to the corner. He looks down at Phoenix as Cashe slowly makes his way to the top. He leaps off the top rope with a five star frog splash, but gets a gut full of knees from Phoenix.

JOHNSON: “He was trying to go for the How High, but got only a couple of knees!”
VASSA: “Phoenix could be back in this thing, if he can muscle up the strength to get up.”
Morgan starts pounding on the mat as she’s cheering for her husband. Cashe has the fans behind him as both Jason’s slowly make it up to their feet. They turn around and they start to throw rights and lefts as they stumble over each other’s feet. As Cashe throws a punch, Phoenix blocks it and shoves his knee into his midsection. He lifts Cashe up with a gut buster across his knees. He starts to clobber him in the back of the head with fierce forearm shots.

JOHNSON: “Where the hell is Jason Phoenix finding this ability and what will it take to put him away?”
VASSA: “I don’t know, but now it looks like Cashe is on the receiving end.”
Phoenix breaks the hold and he backs up a bit before running as he connects with a leg drop to the back of his neck. He rolls Cashe over and covers. The referee slides down to the mat.

VASSA: “We might have a new champion!”

JOHNSON: “And Jason Cashe kicked out in the nick of time!”
Phoenix staggers up to his feet and stumbles over to the ropes as he gawks down at Cashe rolling around the ring. Cashe crawls to the ropes as he starts to pull himself up to his feet. Phoenix storms over to Cashe and spins him around as Cashe attempts a discus clothesline, but Phoenix ducks and avoids it. As Cashe turns around he gets a kick to the gut. Phoenix lifts him up and he’s holding Cashe upside down.

VASSA: “The blood is rushing straight to Jason Cashe head”
JOHNSON: “This isn’t looking good for the champion at all Vinny!”
Phoenix drops him down with a brianbuster after waiting several seconds.

VASSA: “The Blood Rush! My God, we are going to have ourselves a new champion!”
Jason Phoenix covers as the referee slides down to the mat,

JOHNSON: “Tidus Howe is on the ring apron and he’s distracting the referee.”
VASSA: “Jason Phoenix could have been the winner!”
Morgan runs around the ring and she grabs the left leg of Tidus and pulls him down off the apron. She starts to argue with Tidus at ringside and Tidus places his hand on her forehead and shoves her down.

JOHNSON: “My God, he just struck Jason’s wife!”
Jason Phoenix immediately turns his focus to the outside as he points to Tidus Howe. Christian Taylor and Mike Smith start to walk down the ramp at the same time.

VASSA: “I think Tidus Howe started a war.”
Jason Phoenix starts to walk toward the ropes, but not paying attention to Jason Cashe—the dizzy champion somehow climbs to his feet and he jolts behind Jason Phoenix. He falls to his knees and uppercuts him between the legs.

Suddenly, Stefan Raab comes running out from the back and he races behind Christian with a double forearm smash to the back as he starts to stomp down on Christian once on the mat. Mike turns around and he catches Stefan off guard with a headbutt. Now Mike and Stefan are doing battle as Christian gets up to his feet.

VASSA: “There’s so much going on in this match and the referee doesn’t know what to do.”
Jason Cashe grabs Phoenix and he grabs him like a t-bone suplex setup, but Phoenix elbows the back of his head to get out of the hold. He lifts him up onto his shoulders, but Tidus Howe slides in the ring pulls him off Phoenix’s back. Somebody jumps over the barricade and starts to help Stefan battle it out with Mike Smith and now Christian Taylor.

JOHNSON: “It’s World War III in what should have been an excellent title match!”
VASSA: “Welcome to 4CW!”
As the four men are fighting in the bottom of the entrance ramp, Phoenix stumbles back to the ropes and Cashe charges him with a hard running crossblock over the top rope as both him dump over it. As Morgan is off to the side, she’s yelling for the madness to stop. Tidus grabs the championship belt and races around the ring as he starts instructing Cashe to put him away.

JOHNSON: “What are they planning now!?”
Tidus hands Cashe his belt and just then, Jason Phoenix’s son bolts down to the ringside area and tries to fight through Stefan Raab, Mike Smith, Christian Taylor, and who has now been identified as Mike Conrad. Just before Lucifer gets down to Cashe and Phoenix, Cashe runs and drives his championship belt into Phoenix’s forehead. As Cashe looks over, Lucifer catches him with a shining wizard.

VASSA: “I don’t know what the hell Perry Wallace is going to do about this madness!”
The referee starts calling for the bell as Lucifer and Cashe start to brawl on the outside as it looks like Mike Conrad and Stefan Raab are getting the best of Mike Smith and Christian Taylor. Morgan Alvertez is kneeled beside her husband.

POWERS:“This match has ended up in a via double disqualification!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think anybody even knows what the call was because they are still brawling.”
Just then, the lights flicker off and pure darkness takes over the arena as the fans erupt with cheers.

JOHNSON: “What the hell happened to the lights? Are they still fighting?”
VASSA: “I don’t know—“
The lights flicker on and when they do, Jason Phoenix and Morgan Alvertez are gone from ringside. Jason Cashe and Tidus Howe are leaned over near the barricade as Lucifer is near the apron. Christian and Mike are staring down Mike and Stefan. Everybody looks surprised to see Jason Phoenix and Morgan Alvertez.

VASSA: “O.K., I give up. Where the fuck did they go?”
JOHNSON: “Your guess is as good as my, but one thing is for sure this match ended with both men on the losing end, but Cashe retained his title.”
VASSA: “He might have retained it, but this war is far from over Vinny.”
JOHNSON: ”Things just got real and this is turning into a battle of the armies.”
VASSA: ”Where did they go?!?!”
JOHNSON: ”Your guess is as good as mine but we’re out of time folks. Tune in two weeks from now as we take 4CW into a new era and a new event name!”
VASSA: ”I almost forgot! Why didn’t we mention this earlier?”
JOHNSON: ”The HBO executives want us to have a name for our shows and it all starts next week as we kick off the first official 4CW Monday Night Adrenaline!”
VASSA: ”This place sure has grown since November, I’ll stand by that.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s pretty obvious! We’re the premiere leading wrestling promotion in the South-West United States!”
VASSA: ”Out with the old and in with the new! 4CW 001 through 008 will always be the foundation of what Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison have created but come two weeks from now, Adrenaline will set the standard for all of professional wrestling!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re out of time. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good night folks!”
The madness calms down as everyone at ringside take their sides as the fans cheer at the top of their lungs.
“4CW!!! 4CW!!! 4CW!!! 4CW!!! 4CW!!! 4CW!!! 4CW!!!”
The scene then slowly fades to black with the blue 4CW logo centered, surrounded by blood and smoke.