APRIL 14TH, 2014

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever, 4CW Adrenaline, only on HBO! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa!!! Welcome folks!”
JOHNSON: ”Thank you for tuning in to the one and only, 4 Corners Wrestling. HBO was looking for a certain image to bring to their broadcasting and 4CW fit the mold. It’s no secret, we’ve been signed with them for a few shows now but tonight we begin a new era as we kick things off every other Monday night on Adrenaline!”
VASSA: ”I guess 4CW 001, 4CW 002, 4CW 003, you get the picture, was a little too stale and simple. So the folks at HBO sat down with Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison to decide on a name to call our events. If they had to choose one word to describe 4CW, it would have to be adrenaline because our events get yours at home pumping, and not in a sexual manner, HA!!!”
JOHNSON: ”New name or not, you still have the same childish punch lines and no maturity whatsoever.”
VASSA: ”And that’s why the guys in management love me. I add color to this broadcasting booth. I add comic relief that the fans at home die to hear in between spats of your technical bologna.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s not technical bologna, it’s pure genius!”
VASSA: ”Yea, I hear you…”
JOHNSON: ”So, are we ready to kick this broadcast off and jump right into things?”
VASSA: ”You bet your ass we are!”
JOHNSON: ”First up we have two newbies making their debuts in a 4CW ring. XTC will be facing off against Tormented Youth in our opening bout.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know the first thing about XTC but I do know that Tormented Youth made his debut appearance last week with the carnage he brought to the ring in the aftermath of the Extreme Television championship match.”
JOHNSON: ”After The Red Pioneer claimed his victory and the championship, Tormented Youth made it a point to come to ringside and attack him…”
VASSA: ”Not only attack him but he decided to marinate him in gasoline. Things could have gotten ugly if he went that extra step further and lit a match!”
JOHNSON: ”Luckily things didn’t go in that direction and The Red Pioneer wasn’t burned alive on television. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he strikes back and evens the field between him and Tormented Youth.”
VASSA: ”The night hasn’t even started yet and this talk had gotten my adrenaline flowing already!”
JOHNSON: ”Following our opening match, we have two more new faces to 4CW that will be making their debuts as well. Duke Thunder will be squaring off against “Bishop” Creflo Chambers.”
VASSA: ”Once again, I have no idea who these men are!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s why this is called a debut, Vinny. After tonight, you will know whether they’re the real deal or not.”
VASSA: ”In our third match of the night, we have a returning face, Masahiro Kojima!”
JOHNSON: ”He’ll be wrestling Jordan Taylor who’s looking to bounce back after coming up short two weeks ago at 008.”
VASSA: ”When Kojima first signed with 4CW months back, he was a big signing but fell short of expectations before slipping into the darkness. Now that he’s back, I’m looking forward to what he has to offer!”
JOHNSON: ”If I remember correctly, we last saw him in Colorado when Cashe and the fans created the infamous, 4CW joint tidal wave!”
VASSA: ”Tidal wave? That was more like a tornado of marijuana delights taking over the ring!”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe seems to have his hands pretty full with people calling him out but this is rivalry has history! Next up, we get to see Nathan Paisano climb in the ring with Nathaniel Havok.”
VASSA: ”I heard that Paisano personally requested this match and the loser has to be the winners bitch?”
JOHNSON: ”I have no clue what you’re talking about.”
VASSA: ”Eh, whatever! Then we finally get to kick off the first half of the first round for the tournament to crown the first ever, 4CW tag team champions!”
JOHNSON: ”The Diamond Divas have been quiet as of late and they will face off against…”
VASSA: ”Do you blame them? They have to climb in the ring with Beauty and the Beast, Mike Smith and Christian Taylor! These two have been unstoppable since entering the tag division here at 4CW and have made a name for themselves.”
JOHNSON: ”All they need to do now is continue on that path and claim the championships for themselves and be the first ever, 4CW tag team champions.”
VASSA: ”If anyone can do it, these two can. They have been on fire lately and I don’t see them cooling down anytime soon.”
JOHNSON: ”After that, Niobe Martin will climb in the ring with the man who has a target painted on his back, Jason Cashe. This will be a non championship bout, just a straight up match!”
VASSA: ”Niobe has been in a slump lately but a win over our South-West Heavyweight champion should boost things and get her back in the swing”
JOHNSON: ”It seems that everyone wants a piece of Jason Cashe, even outsiders, people not even signed with 4CW. He has a price on his head.”
VASSA: ”And that should motivate Niobe even more!”
JOHNSON: ”Then we have our second match in the tag tournament as House of Howe, consisting of Stefan Raab and Mike Conrad, will be climbing in the ring with Sweet Annihilation.”
VASSA: ”This is another team who is on a hot streak. Drake Knight and Ice have been unstoppable themselves. This should be a great match!”
JOHNSON: ”Then finally, after the dust has settled, we will have our main event. After winning the Extreme Television championship two weeks ago, The Red Pioneer will defend it for the first time tonight against Jason Lee and Roxi Johnson in a triple threat, no rules, pinfall wins match.”
VASSA: ”I love this championship concept. We’ve seen television championships. We’ve seen extreme and hardcore championships. Well this ties the two together and gives the champion no time to rest as he or she defends this belt week in and week out, at every show. It’s the championship that never sleeps and lives by its own rules, no rules!”
JOHNSON: ”For the first defense, this match won’t come off as easy. Jason Lee has been impressive since appearing and we all know that Roxi Johnson can handle herself within the ropes.”
VASSA: ”This belt alone will define what 4CW Adrenaline is all about. I’m freakin’ stoked!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s that, the introductions have been taken care of and the kiddies at home have been put to bed. Let the madness begin!”


JOHNSON: ”We’re ready to kick things off and Mike Powers is ready to take it away!”
POWERS: ”Our first competitor comes to you out of Tokyo, Japan weighing in at one hundred ninety pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches. He is the Extreme Techo Child… X.T.C.!!!”
The lights dim down to green as fog fills the entrance way and ring. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex cues up. The crowd looks around a bit as the intro continues. A computer altered voice comes on for a few seconds followed by a woman screaming ‘Oh my God!” The beat then takes a darker tone as X.T.C. and Molly make their way towards the ring. He ignores fans the entire way, as they are giving him obscene gestures and booing. He slides in under the bottom rope and spins around the ring looking out at the crowd with his arms out. He climbs one of the turnbuckles and throws his arms up like he is the greatest thing in the world.

POWERS: ”And the opponent, straight out of the depths of a deprived society, he weighs in at one hundred ninety pounds and stands five feet, eleven inches. He is… Tormented Youth!!!”
VASSA: ”These two are exactly the same size in both weight and height. This should be an interesting match to see who the more skilled wrestler is.”
As the lights in the arena fade to black, a green strobe effect lights up the ramp way and the curtain entrance eventually phasing into a single green spotlight.
The opening stanza of Bullet with Butterfly Wings starts to play from the PA system and the fans begin to look towards the green light and from behind the curtain, Tormented Youth appears. He crouches down and pulls the hood from his jumper back as pyro begins to drop down from the ramp and he walks through.
He slowly makes his way down the ramp before getting to ringside and sliding under the bottom rope. He makes his way to the center of the ring and crouches down again as the music fades and the lights come back up.

JOHNSON: ”These two are exactly the same size, Vinny, you’re right. Both are new faces to 4CW although Tormented Youth made his presence felt last week as he soaked The Red Pioneer in gasoline.”
VASSA: ”That was crazy!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m still waiting to see Pioneer retaliate and we all know it’s bound to happen. He’s our new Extreme Television champion and hasn’t backed down from a fight since signing with 4CW.”
VASSA: ”I’m getting words in my headset that we need to get the show rolling. Christopher Salieri will be our official for this match as we kick off the night with the first ever 4CW Adrenaline!”
Salieri sounds for the bell as the two stand in their corners, looking across the ring at one another.
The two meet in the center of the ring and XTC wastes no time and dropkicks Tormented in the knee. Tormented falls to one knee and XTC quickly gets up and runs to the ropes. Upon his return, XTC plants his foot in the side of Tormented’s head with a huge Shining Wizard.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know much about either of these two but from what I have read, that’s XTC’s trademark move, Lights Out!”
VASSA: ”Damn, it’s a little too early for that, isn’t it?”
XTC gets up as Tormented lies on the mat holding his head in pain. XTC then runs to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. He waits patiently for Tormented to climb to his feet. Once he does, XTC leaps from the top rope and wraps his arm around his head. XTC then plants Tormented into the canvas with a tornado DDT that rattles the ring on impact.

VASSA: ”Last week we saw Tormented Youth wreak havoc on The Red Pioneer and drown him in gasoline. Where’s that excitement this week?”
JOHNSON: ”I think he left it at home to be honest.”
XTC gets up and runs to the ropes, when he comes back he hits Tormented with a senton right across the stomach. XTC rolls in a fluid motion to his feet and hits the ropes again. This time when he comes back, he delivers a quick dropkick to the side of Tormented’s head. Tormented rolls over and tries to get up. XTC grabs him by the back of the head and helps him to his feet only to bust his chops with an European uppercut. Tormented lunges forward with a clothesline but comes up short as XTC ducks and side steps. XTC then kicks Tormented in the back of the knee and knocks him to one knee again. Tormented bends over in pain as XTC quickly climbs the rope. He then leaps from the top rope and stomps on Tormented’s back with both feet.

JOHNSON: ”I haven’t seen a mushroom stomp in a very long time.”
VASSA: ”Hell, I haven’t seen one since I last play Super Mario Brothers.”
Tormented falls to the mat and rolls over to his back. XTC takes advantage and ascends the turnbuckle once more. He turns his back to the ring and looks over the crowd as they wait in suspense for the next big move. XTC then does a backflip 180 degree and turns it into a 450 splash facing the inside of the ring. He connects with the phoenix splash and the fans go wild!

VASSA: ”And what might we call that?”
JOHNSON: ”That would be the MOLL-E!”
XTC then covers Tormented for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”XTC has won it!”

VASSA: ”Really? Is that what the three count means?”
JOHNSON: ”Last week we witnessed Tormented Youth make a statement with The Red Pioneer in his Extreme Television championship victory and this week we witness a dud.”
VASSA: ”But, XTC made a great debut tonight and I’m looking forward to what this kid can do with a real challenge in the ring.”
“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrilllex begins to play over the arena as the ref raises XTC’s hand in victory.

JOHNSON: ”This match was short but straight to the point. Lets go backstage for a moment as we clear the ring for our next card in the lineup.”

The scene cuts backstage, as we focus in on Nathaniel Havok, walking down the hallway. With his head down and deep in thought, Nathaniel walks right past The 4CW Southwest Heavyweight Champion, who is coming out of his locker room. Cashe notices Havok, as it hits Havok that he’s just passed one of his most fierce rivals. Havok stops dead in his tracks, with his back to the champion. Cashe takes his title off of his shoulder, folds it up, and charges at Nathaniel, who turns around, causing Cashe to stop charging after him immediately.

JCASHE: ”Good to see you, Nate! I was glad to hear that you were coming to 4CW.”
HAVOK: ”I only came to where the competition was the best. By the way, your shoe is untied.”
Jason looks down, noticing his shoe is indeed untied. He turns, bends down, and begins to tie his shoe. Nathaniel charges at the champion, ready to kick his head off. Cashe however, quick at the shoe tie, stands up and turns back around, causing Havok to stop charging at him. The two men stare at each other for a second, until Cashe breaks the tension, smirking at Nathaniel, and holding out his hand.

JCASHE: ”You son of a bitch, you haven’t changed a bit.”
Nathaniel smirks as well, and the two men shake hands. They pull in close, and share a “Bro-like” embrace.

Havok: Guess I could say the same to you. But, I wouldn’t expect any less.
JCASHE: ”One of these days, right?”
HAVOK: ”Sooner or later, my friend. Sooner or later.”
The two men chuckle with one another, before splitting off and going their separate ways. As they walk away from one another, both men simultaneously look over their shoulders, just to make sure the other isn’t coming after them. Both men chuckle once again, as the scene fades back to ringside.

JOHNSON: ”Well, what do you think of that!?!?”
VASSA: ”Two former enemies, with mutual respect and admiration for one another. They might have a friendship built on mutual respect. But, it’s clear to see that they still don’t trust one another!”


VASSA: ”We’ve got ourselves two more new faces to the 4CW roster making their debut up next!”
JOHNSON: ”Duke Thunder takes on ‘Bishop’ Creflo Chambers in one on one action!”
VASSA: ”Chambers has already made his way to the ring and boy is that man massive!”
JOHNSON: ”Six foot six…Three hundred and fifteen pounds…A preacher from Jackson, Mississippi.”
VASSA: ”Well I hope Duke Thunder is in god’s good grace…It may be the only thing that saves him!”
POWERS: ”And his opponent…Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-one pounds…from Lexington, South Carolina…DUKE THUNDER!
The lights cut out as Thunderstruck by AC/DC blares out over the PA system. The strobes begin to flicker as Duke Thunder bursts out from behind the curtains to a series of cheers. Duke begins to swagger down to the ring side taking in the atmosphere as he does. Stepping into the ring, he blows a cheeky kiss to the camera, He slowly slumps into the turn buckle and positions himself for the match.

VASSA: ”Could you imagine Creflo handing out the collection plate at church? I’d sure hate to be the guy that passes…”
JOHNSON: ”To you and I he may look impressive, but this is 4CW where we have loads of talent always looking for a fight. No matter who you are.”
The ref motions for the time keeper to signal the start of the match with the opening bell.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Duke Thunder and Creflo Chambers circle one another, sizing each other up. Duke throws a couple of feint shoots to test the reaction of Creflo Chambers. Chambers frustratingly pushes forward with a lariat that Duke Thunder easily ducks under. After ducking underneath the lariat, Duke runs towards the ropes and rebounds towards his opponent. Chambers spins around and drives his shoulder through Duke’s sternum with a brutal shoulder block! Duke bounces back and lands hard onto the mat. Duke lands on his back but quickly rolls over to his hands and knees. Bishop pulls Duke up to his feet by his arm and quickly whips him across the ring into the corner. Duke rests up against the turnbuckles as Chambers charges at him like a runaway locomotive. Thunder rolls out of the way as Chambers crashes into the corner after an avalanche splash attempt. Chambers stumbles backwards and Duke Thunder quickly rolls him up with a school boy. The ref slides into position to make the count.
Chambers powers out and both men quickly push back to their feet.

VASSA: ”God may be in Duke’s corner! If he gets crushed in the corner by this guy…It’s over!”
JOHNSON: ”Well not only did he avoid the big corner splash but he had the wherewithal to try for a quick rollup on a dazed opponent…”
Both men get to their feet simultaneously. Chambers throws a wild right hook towards the body of Duke Thunder. Duke blocks it and traps his opponents arm between his body and his elbow. Chambers throws another wild hook, this time with the left hand. Thunder blocks and traps that shot also. Duke looks around at the fans grinning and begins pummeling his opponent with some trapped headbutts! After ten consecutive strikes which the fans counted aloud, Duke releases Chambers who drops down to the mat. Thunder staggers to the ropes and holds on to the top rope while feeling the side effects of the headbutts.
After collecting himself Duke notices Chambers using the opposite ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Chambers turns around right into a stiff clothesline from Duke Thunder that nearly decapitates him. Chambers pops back to his feet and is instantaneously is taken back down to the mat with another clothesline. Chambers is slower to his feet this time before being dropped with a third straight clothesline. Chambers makes it to his hands and knees. Thunder moves to Chambers hips and grabs one of Chambers arms and locks in an armbar. Duke steps over the trapped arm, turns and dives forward over his opponent, rolling Chambers onto his shoulders with an arm-wrench inside cradle. The Ref slides into position for another quick pin attempt.
Creflo Chambers uses his raw power to break free before the three count.

JOHNSON: ”That takes a lot of technical precision to pull off that cradle also known as la magistral.”
VASSA: ”Maybe technical prowess is more valuable than brute strength?”
Chambers begins crawling to the ropes. Duke Thunder drops both of his knees down onto the small of his opponents back and reaches down towards his legs. He tucks one ankle behind the other and hooks Chambers head before rolling back, locking in the bow and arrow submission hold. Duke struggles to hoist the large man up but he manages to do so. He pulls back on his opponents head and legs, bending Chambers’ back in a fashion the human body was never meant to. After only a few moment he releases the hold and rolls Chambers over. Duke climbs to his feet and sprints towards the nearest ropes. He leaps onto the middle rope and springboards backwards, landing a moonsault onto his downed opponent. After briefly bouncing off he covers Chambers and hooks a leg looking for the pinball.
Chambers gets his far shoulder off the mat by turning inward towards Duke Thunder.

VASSA: ”How the hell did Duke Thunder lock in that Bow and Arrow on such a huge man?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know…but he is physically wearing down Chambers. All these quick pin attempts…it’s a strategy to make Chambers waste strength kicking every time. Not once has Thunder questioned the refs count. As if he doesn’t want it to be over just yet!”
VASSA: ”So not only is he in full control of this match, but he’s toying with him?”
Duke Thunder steps out of the ring onto the apron and slowly ascends the ropes before sitting perched on the top turnbuckle. Creflo Chambers rises to his feet and frantically looks around the ring for his opponent. Once he turns towards Thunder, Duke leaps off of the top rope and crashes down onto his opponent with a diving double axe handle smash! Chambers goes down but stumbles back to his feet right into Thunder’s waiting arms. Thunder lifts him by his waist, spins him around and drops him down back first to the mat with a sit out spine buster! Thunder traps Chambers’ arms under his legs and holds onto Creflo’s leg while leaning forward for the pin attempt.
Chambers wisely wiggles one leg free and kicks Thunder in the head to breakup the pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”That could be just the opening that Creflo Chambers needs in order to get back into this match.”
VASSA: ”I’ve not been impressed by his debut thus far. My faith in him coming back in this match is about as strong as my faith that Jesus will once again rise from the dead…”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s try to keep our religious views from preventing us to call the match…”
Thunder grabs his forehead right at the his eyebrow as he gets to his feet. Creflo Chambers explodes up and drives his shoulder through Duke Thunder, driving him back into the corner. Chambers grabs the middle rope and begins unloading with shoulder thrusts to the midsection. Chambers steps back and charges forward, leading with his shoulder. Duke pushes off the top rope and lifts himself up and over Creflo Chambers. He hooks his legs under Chambers arms and rolls forward with a sunset flip. Their momentum rolls through any pinfall attempt. Both men get to their feet and Duke immediately grabs Chambers with a side headlock. He runs forward and plants him head first with a running bulldog!

VASSA: ”He just spiked his head nearly through the canvass!”
JOHNSON: ”He calls that ThunderStrike. Thunder looks like he could be on the verge of wrapping this thing up!”
VASSA: ”And I’m sure no one would have guessed it would be that simple. Creflo Chambers is an intimidating looking man…”
Thunder is feeling it. He grins as he rests up against the ropes. He runs his hand through his hair, brushing it out of his face before signaling for his opponent to rise to his feet. Creflo staggers towards his opponent blindly while wincing in pain. Duke scoops him up for a body slam but instead of dropping him back first on the mat he falls towards his side with a scoop slam brain buster that he calls Thunderstruck! Duke rolls over across Chambers’ chest and hooks his leg while the ref slides into position. Duke bangs his head with every slap of the mat.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

POWERS: ”Here is your winner…by pinfall…DUKE THUNDER!!”
”Thunderstruck” by AC/DC begins to blare over the PA System while the referee raises Duke Thunder’s arm into the air.

VASSA: ”And Duke Thunder has just won his debut match for Four Corners Wrestling!”
JOHNSON: ”And he made that look like an exhibition! An impressive debut from the journeymen from Lexington, South Carolina…”

The scene opens to show The Red Pioneer walking through the hallways in the back of the arena. He has his mask on, but his jumpsuit is only up around his waist, and the arms are freely hanging. As the camera pans around him, we can see the enormous amount of scars that cover his upper body. Red dips around a corner and walks over to his dressing room. He opens the door and goes to walk inside, but stops dead in his tracks. He takes a step backwards, and when the camera pans around to see what spooked him, we see Kandi Washington standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face. The camera pans back around to Max, and his eyes look calm and collected behind his mask. He cocks his head to the side before addressing her.

PIONEER: ”And to what do I owe this pleasure?”
She glares at him and rolls her eyes.

KANDI: ”First things first, you can wipe that shit eating grin right off your face and bow down in my presence because I am a FUCKING real Queen!”

She brushes her hands through her hair and she reaches over and snatches his title from his shoulder.

KANDI: ”And secondly, I will be holding this title for safe keeping since I look far better in everything, especially gold than you or anybody else in this God forsaken company!”

She drapes it down over her shoulder and the strap covers up a portion of her flesh colored halter top as she flips her hair over the shoulder.

KANDI: ”Thirdly, I heard YOU have been looking for somebody to help your career. I know I am the BEST bitch for the job since I turn losers into legends!”
Red crosses his arms over his chest and steps toward Kandi until he is only a few inches away from her.

PIONEER: ”Is that what you heard? Funny, last time I checked, I didn’t need any help elevating my career. And if I’m gathering this correctly, you’re the one that came to my dressing room girl.”
Red eyes Kandi from head to toe before returning his glare up to her eyes. Kandi looks down at her shoulder at the title she snatched from Max and snickers to herself.

KANDI: ”Do YOU call being the extreme champion elevated your career? I call it a fucking filler championship. I call it, “they don’t know what to do with your ass championship” You should consider yourself lucky that I came here because I don’t MAKE house calls for EVERYBODY. Just those I see the ultimate potential in. I mean, clearly if you want to stay in a FILLER division, then by all means, knock it out of the park, but you really want to be in the main event scene, you would take up this ultimate opportunity. Then again, I guess you have to be somewhat intelligence to know a GOOD thing when SHE’S standing in front your ass!”

She slides her fingers down her chest as she steps closer to Max. There is no space in between them as she slides her hand down. She grabs Max’s crotch and squeezes softly. She leans in and whispers softly into his ear.

KANDI: ”Everybody… wants to be with the queen, but not everybody gets the opportunity.”
Red grabs Kandi’s other hand and rubs it across the scars on his muscular chest. He takes his other arm and gently lifts her by the chin until they’re eyes are locked and only an inch apart.

PIONEER: ”The Queen huh? Looks to me like the Queen is missing a king.”
Red lays the forehead of his mask against Kandi’s forehead and continues his glare at her.

KANDI: ”I have always been like Queen Akasha. I killed my king and absorb his powers because I don’t need a king. I need a prince; somebody below me. I don’t share ALL of my powers with anybody!”

She slowly backs up with her hands clutching the top of his pants as they make their way to the wall beside the door. She reaches her hands up to his mask.

KANDI: ”But you can be my Lestat de Lioncourt… my boy toy, but first I need to see the MAN behind the mask!”

She tears at the back of his mask and Red pushes the camera angle down to the floor. As Kandi takes the mask off, she hangs it on the door knob and closes the door behind her. The camera tries to catch a glimpse of what The Red Pioneer really looks like, but all they can see is a head full of curly hair as the scene fades back to ringside.


JOHNSON: ”Well Vinny, up next we have a bit of a comeback story…”
VASSA: ”UGH! No one wants to see a comeback story. They’re overdone and played out…”
JOHNSON: ”Everyone loves a good comeback story!”
VASSA: ”Sometimes I wonder where you get your information from!”
JOHNSON: ”Masahiro Kojima…”
VASSA: ”Why didn’t you say it was time for Kojima’s comeback! That changes everything!”
JOHNSON: ”I really don’t get you sometimes.”
VASSA: ”No, I’ve been waiting to see this guy at his best since the doors opened in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”Well we all have! Early predictions had Masahiro Kojima and Jason Cashe battling it out to be crowned the first 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship; a match that never came to fruition.”
VASSA: ”Yeah good going Joe Dobbs!”
JOHNSON: ”To be fair, no one knows when he suffered that injury. Could have been against Dobbs, could have been that U.T.I. neck breaker from Jason Cashe after he got eliminated from the battle royal that highlighted our third show, live from Broomfield Colorado.”
VASSA: ”I blame Cashe…he was probably high as hell and not fit to be competing!”
The production team cuts the feed from the announce team and switches to the ring announcer, Mike Powers, who is standing idly by inside of the ring.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall… introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-seven pounds… from Sôka, Saitama, Japan… MASAHIRO KOJIMA!”
The lights dim and the opening stanza of Kasumi by Dir En Grey starts to play over the PA system. A red light appears in the centre of the ring, symbolising the Japanese national flag.
The crowd start to voice their negative opinion of Kojima as he steps through the curtain and onto the stage. He looks around with a slight smirk on his face before checking the tape around his wrists, once satisfied he starts to make his way down towards the ring.
Kojima slides under the bottom rope and takes a moment to take in the heat he is receiving from the fans in attendance. He smiles and climbs to the second turnbuckle, again looking around the audience. Once happy with the reaction, he makes his way to the centre of the ring so the red light is shining down on him. He drops down to one knee and spreads his arms out before the lights resume to normal and the music fades out.

POWERS: ”And his opponent… weighing in at two hundred seventy-five pounds… from Mobile, Alabama… JORDAN TAYLOR!”
The opening riff to “Prayer of the Refugee” by Rise Against begins to play over the speakers. A white spotlight shines at the top of the ramp. Then after a few moments, Jordan Taylor steps out from behind the curtain. He looks out at the fans for a few moments before bumrushing the ring. He slides in underneath the bottom rope into the middle of the ring. He stands up and climbs to the near corner looking out at the fans. He steps down and faces the aisle. “Prayer of the Refugee” fading away.

JOHNSON: ”I’d like to point out that protective glove that Kojima is wearing on his left hand.”
The cameraman zooms in on Masahiro Kojima’s hands as he grabs the top rope and pulls on it, loosening up before the opening bell.

JOHNSON: ”He wears that glove because he’s missing the tip of his left pinky finger! Could add to the list of challenges that he has to overcome tonight if he finally wants to prove the hype right!”
VASSA: ”That is a big man with a lot to prove standing across the ring from him. Missing fingertip or not, he’s going to need to be a great competitor here tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure Jordan Taylor is going to be looking to prove himself after a poor performance in the Extreme Television Champsionship match just two weeks ago. After a hard fought battle in his debut loss against Jason Lee he was the first eliminated from the barbed wired rope battle royal!”
VASSA: ”I guess it’s safe to say there’s a lot on the line tonight…”
JOHNSON: ”There is every night Vinny. With the freshly minted 4CW Extreme Television Championship officially being defended week after week all it could take is a phenomenal performance to earn yourself a shot…”
Ding! Ding! Ding!
After the opening bell both men methodically make their way to the center of the ring. Jordan Taylor tries to catch Kojima with a collar and elbow tie up but Masahiro Kojima swiftly ducks underneath and latches onto his opponent with a rear waist lock. Taylor reaches down and gets a hold of Kojima’s wrists while firming a steady base. He pries Kojima’s hands apart, utilizing his obvious strength advantage. Jordan isolates one of the wrists and spins Kojima around, trapping his arm behind him with a hammerlock. Kojima looks for an escape but comes up unsuccessful. He reaches up with his free arm and grabs Jordan by the back of his head. Kojima charges the corner and runs up the turnbuckles before spinning in the air and flipping Jordan Taylor down to the mat with a snap mare takedown that forces the release of the hammerlock that was applied. Jordan pops up to his knees and stares at Kojima across the ring.
Taylor nods his head, recognizing he’s got to do more to get one up on Masahiro Kojima! Taylor rises to his feet and makes his way back to the center of the ring. This time both men shoot for a collar and elbow tie up at the same time. After a slight struggle in the center of the ring, Jordan Taylor backs Kojima against the ropes, using his size as leverage. Kojima intertwines his leg with the lower rope, causing the ref to force a break in the hold. Jordan Taylor reluctantly lets go and takes a few steps back while keeping his guard up. Suddenly Kojima explodes towards Jordan with a standing Yakuza kick that connects but only dazes the big man! Kojima takes a couple of steps backwards and measures his opponent up before connecting with a second standing Yakuza kick that still doesn’t take the big man from Alabama down. Suddenly Jordan reaches up and grabs Kojima by the head before driving his head against Kojima’s forehead. Kojima stumble back and counters with a hard open hand chop to the chest. Taylor grunts in pain before recklessly throwing his foot into the air, trying for a big boot. Kojima ducks underneath the boot and unloads a flurry of chops to the bare chest of Taylor. Once he feels his opponent is out on his feet Kojima runs off the ropes and takes Jordan Taylor down with a running leg lariat!

VASSA: ”This guy has an answer for everything Jordan Taylor has tried to do!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s going to have to overpower Kojima. Trading blows, turning this into a technical wrestling extravaganza will only favor Kojima.”
VASSA: ”Really? That’s the master plan? You are some crack strategist…Is there any irony in the fact that Kojima is using a standing Yakuza kick early in this match?”
JOHNSON: ”There have been reports that Kojima may have ties to the reputed Japanese gang…But thus far that’s been only speculation…”
While Jordan tries to rise to his feet Kojima grabs him by his head and drives an elbow straight down to the back of the neck, dropping Taylor down to his knees. Taylor pushes up to his feet only to be struck by the same driving elbow. Kojima quickly locks on a front face lock and tries to drop down to the mat. Taylor bursts to hiss feet and lights Kojima in the air whir the front face lock remains intact. Taylor drives Kojima to the corner and crushes him against the turnbuckles, breaking the hold. Jordan grabs the middle ropes with both hands and begins to drive his shoulder into the midsection of Masahiro Kojima. After three thrusting shoulder strikes Taylor steps back and charges at Kojima. Kojima steps out of the corner and drops Taylor into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold. Taylor winces while resting against the turnbuckles, chest first. Kojima sprints to the opposing corner and lines his opponent up. He charges Taylor and sandwiches him against the turnbuckle with a running double knee strike that targets Taylor’s spine.
Kojima climbs to the top rope and waits as Jordan climbs back to his feet. Kojima leaps towards Jordan Taylor and grabs him with a front face lock while in mid air. Kojima whips his body around in a similar motion resembling a tornado DDT. Instead of driving his opponent head first towards the mat, Kojima whipped his body over the top rope and dropped Taylor’s throat down across the ring rope. As Kojima landed on the apron Taylor flopped to the mat, clutching as his throat. Kojima grabs a hold of the top rope and launches himself clear over with a slingshot leg drop and comes down across Taylor’s larynx. Kojima floats over into cover and the ref slides in to make the count.
Taylor powers out, pressing Kojima off of him and through the bottom and middle ropes to the ring apron.

JOHNSON: ”What a tornado rope cutter by Kojima! That takes some athleticism to control your body in mid air like he did.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you move around like that…not that you’re not athletic…”
JOHNSON: ”Oh cause your the perfect picture of men’s health?”
Kojima climbs up to his feet and climbs back into the ring just as Jordan Taylor starts to rises to his knees. Kojima takes advantage of the dominant position and begins to connect with a series of kicks to the chest of Jordan Taylor. After connecting with seven straight kicks, Kojima makes the eighth count by lifting his leg higher and connecting with the side of the head. Kojima reaches down and lifts his opponent to his feet before whipping him towards the ropes. On the rebound Kojima uses Taylor’s momentum to slam the big man tow the mat with a snap powerslam! Taylor is slow to his feet and immediately turns right towards his opponent. Kojima grabs Taylor and lifts him up for a vertical suplex. Instead of dropping Taylor on his back, he drops him down quickly on his head with a brain buster! Kojima rolls Taylor onto his back and hooks a leg for the cover.
Taylor punches an arm off of the mat, creating separation between his shoulder blade and the ring mat before the three count. Kojima grabs a hold of that arm with both hands and begins forcing it behind Jordan Taylor while applying a body scissor. Kojima fully locks in the kimura lock! Taylor fights the submission attempt with his brut strength, forcing Kojima to exhort himself while trying to get Taylor to tap out. Taylor slowly crawls towards the ropes using only his free arm. Finally Taylor makes it near the ropes and grabs the bottom rope with his free hand. Kojima shows no sign of releasing the hold. The official pleads with Masahiro Kojima to break the hold but gets nowhere. He starts utilizing his five count and makes it to four before Kojima finally breaks the hold. Taylor rolls under the ropes and clutches his elbow that was streniously being strained by that submission hold.

VASSA: ”I like it, Kojima just zapped half of Jordan Taylor’s strength from him with one submission hold!”
JOHNSON: ”A hold which he illegally kept applying after Jordan Taylor reached the ropes! The fans are letting Kojima hear it…They definitely don’t approve of Kojima’s antics!”
VASSA: ”He had a five count to break the hold, he only used four seconds. If it was so illegal why hasn’t he been disqualified?”
Jordan Taylor made it to the ring floor and is standing against the security barrier, hunched over facing the fans. Kojima rushes to a corner and climbs to the top rope and sits perched on the turnbuckle facing Taylor. Jordan spins around as Kojima leaps from the top rope to the ring floor with a flying cross body! Jordan manages to catch Kojima in mid air and drives him spine first against the ring apron before tossing him back over his head with a fallaway slam! Jordan sits up and looks over his shoulder as Kojima for the first time in the match seems to be really in pain. Jordan gets to his feet and quickly grabs Kojima by his head while the referee begins utilizing his ten count. He grabs Kojima with both hands around his throat and throws him parallel to the ring with a two handed choke toss.
Kojima turns towards the steel steps and tries to push himself up to his feet. Jordan steps around his opponent and begins ascending the stairs. Halfway up the steps he notices Kojima’s protective glove palm down against the steel. Jordan ferociously stomps down onto the hand of Kojima, causing him to pull his hand back and shriek in pain!
Jordan jumps off the steps and pulls Kojima by his left hand, the one covered by the protective glove. Jordan pulls him to the steps again and slams the hand down onto the steel stairs before isolating it and forcing it down flat. Jordan begins climbing the steps again. Before he could stomp down, Kojima breaks free and grabs both of Jordan’s ankles, pulling his legs out from underneath him and sending him crashing down the steps back to the arena’s floor. Kojima looks up at the referee and instinctively rolls in and out of the ring under the bottom ropes, breaking up the referee’s ten count.

JOHNSON: ”Kojima is still favoring that hand. That protective glove must not have done much for him against those steel steps…”
VASSA: ”It’s not like he’s got a hand wrapped with bubble wrap. It’s simple physics…Steel or flesh and bone; wonder which one is harder?”
Kojima is standing on the ring apron against the turnbuckle facing Jordan Taylor, waiting for him to stand to his feet. Kojima is holding onto the top rope with his right hand while looking down at his left as he opens and closes his fist. Jordan fully stands to his feet and turns towards Kojima. Kojima runs along the ring apron and leaps off at Jordan Taylor, leading with his knee and nailing the Kojima Kick; a variation of the Baisaku knee kick! Jordan Taylor is out cold on the ringside floor! Kojima rests for a second in a kneeling position, looking over Jordan Taylor as he lays motionless, his breathing heavily labored. Kojima inches towards Jordan and grabs him with a front face lock, struggling to lift all two hundred and seventy-five pounds of the big man. He rolls Jordan into the ring and climbs up onto the apron. Kojima grabs the top rope with both hands for leverage and leaps up spring boarding off of the top rope and planting a front drop kick right to the sternum of Jordan Taylor, knocking him back across the ring! Kojima scurries towards his opponent and hooks the leg for the cover.
The referee cuts his count short noticing Jordan Taylor’s free foot resting on the bottom rope…Kojima stands to his feet and argues the count with the referee as Jordan rolls under the bottom rope onto the apron.

JOHNSON: ”Jordan Taylor doesn’t even have the strength in him to kick out. This match has to be nearing it’s final moments.”
VASSA: ”This wasn’t a match. It was a clinic! The Yakuza must pay well for Kojima’s training!”
JOHNSON: ”Again, that’s all just speculation. But what Masahiro Kojima has done here so far has fed into the hip that followed him here from the now defunct Rampage Wrestling…”
Jordan Taylor uses the ring ropes to climb to his feet on the ring apron. Before he could even comprehend what was going on, Masahiro Kojima charges and plants the sole of his boot against his cheek with a running Yakuza Kick that knocks him back off of the apron and into the security railing. Kojima grabs the top rope and launches himself clear over the top rope, crashing down on Jordan Taylor with a Pescado splash! Kojima bounces back to his feet and quickly rolls Taylor back into the ring. By the time Kojima climbs onto the apron, Taylor has slowly made his way to his feet. Taylor leans forward towards Kojima who steps aside and drops him with a high head kick! Taylor falls down like a bag of bricks and Kojima quickly ascends the nearest corner. Kojima measures his opponent before jumping down onto his chest with a double foot stomp which he calls the Rising Sun Stomp! Kojima quickly makes a cover and hooks the leg.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

POWERS: ”Here is your winner…MASAHIRO KOJIMA!”
”Kasumi” by Dir En Grey plays over the PA system after the official announcement. The referee grabs Kojima by his left wrist and tries to hoist his arm up into the arm. Kojima pulls his arm free from the ref and raises his right arm above his head.

JOHNSON: ”And it’s a performance like that which makes you believe there was something to all this hype that surrounded Kojima…”
VASSA: ”Maybe Jason Cashe should start counting down the days to his title reign…”
JOHNSON: ”With the amount of people gunning for him…Masahiro Kojima included…I would say you may not be far off.”

The lights slightly dim throughout the arena as “My Time To Shine” by Saliva kicks off. Mixed reactions come from the crowd as Shane Borderland, armed up with Brooke Fox, steps out from underneath titan-tron. They both smirk and begin to walk down the ramp towards the ring. When they reach the ring, Borderland hops upon the apron and holds the ropes for Brooke to enter and then Shane enters. He signals for a mic and one is thrown to him.

BORDERLAND: “Seems like my arrival last week surprised a few people.”
Again mixed reactions from the crowd.

BORDERLAND: “See I didn’t come here to get revenge, I didn’t come here to try and prove something to you people. Everyone knows what I am capable of. I am capable of turning any wrestling organization into a boom town. No matter where I go, there is always going to be hell to pay and that’s how I do things.”
Shane looks throughout the crowd, just taking in a glimpse of the signs that has been made. One catches his eyes, “Welcome Back Borderland!”

BORDERLAND: “I see some are excited to see me make my return to professional wrestling. I will let you know this right now, it feels damn good to be back inside a ring. After the time I have had off? I am ready for this. For those that don’t know me, I will tell you a little about myself.”
Shane smiles towards the crowd.

BORDERLAND: “I started my career four years ago. I became a well known superstar in a short period of time. I met your 4CW World Champion, Jason Cashe. After that, some things were a blur, but most were unforgettable. The things that happened between us, no person could take away. We decided to team up in a place called Action Packed Wrestling, I know everyone here knows them. Well we became Tag Team Champions of The Year in 2011, we were unstoppable. But that’s where the trouble began. I ditched Jason Cashe on the night where we was suppose to defend our Tag titles.”
The crowd begins to boo.

BORDERLAND: “I know, bitch move right? Well anyways, after that I took a break from APW. Later on I returned only to be put out of wrestling by Jason Cashe himself. He broke my ankle and months and months of therapy, I am here now to start fresh. Everything that has happen over the years, well it was mean’t to be. It was meant for me to be a one time Television Champion, a two time United States Champion, and one half of the Tag Team Champions. It was also meant for me to have a broken ankle that set me back.”
The crowd erupts into cheers.

BORDERLAND: “Just so you all know, I am not here to try and get back at Cashe for what he has done. Sure someday it will come down to us handling it in the ring, but not right now. See I want something more than that and I will not wait in line for it. The South-West Heavyweight Championship. That is right. See my whole wrestling career, I have never been the one that was standing tall over everyone other opponent. This time, whether it be Cashe or someone else, I will gain that championship and I will finally know what it feels like to be over everyone. I don’t care who I have to go up against or what I have to go through, it will be mine and no one can do a damn thing about.”
Shane lowers the mic and smiles for a split second before returning the mic towards his mouth.

BORDERLAND: “Next week, well it’s my professional debut in the 4CW. I lace up my boots once again to raise hell wherever I go!”
“My Time To Shine” by Saliva starts back up as Shane and Brooke exit the ring and make it to the back.

The cameras backstage open up as a man is seen heading down the hallway full of confidence. The man turns and nods to someone on his right and you quickly recognize the man as Dan Benson from WeWA and PWW. He continues down the hallway as he checks doors he passes. Finally coming up to the right one, he stands in front of it and brushes himself off as if to make a good impression. Then he turns the knob and pushes the door open, entering to a locker room with loud Rap music by Mayday plays through a Beats Pill sitting on a bench.
Turning to face Benson is Jason Cashe seems to have been warming up for his upcoming match with Niobe Martin. Seeing Benson, his demeanor changes to attack mode and Cashe almost flies across the room right into Benson’s personal space. Dan Benson doesn’t budge as the two stand staring into the eyes of the other. Each ready to attack or defend in a moments notice but then Benson breaks the brief silence.

BENSON: “So this is the locker room of one Jason Cashe? Quite quaint from what I am used to. None the matter I wanted to see the man responsible for the distraction that put my brother in the Hospital the other night…Doesn’t look like much though from where I stand.”
Benson steps past Cashe and scans the locker room. Cashe’s casual clothes just laying about on the floor. Garbage around the trash can but not all of it inside the can. It looked like a party had been thrown in the place and the show just started. Benson laughs a little almost not surprised as he turns back to face his Pagano Cup, First Round Opponent.

BENSON: “I think I might watch the show tonight up close, return the favor that you’ve given to me at the PWW House Show. Any seats available you think?”
JCASHE: “If I had a sock and a pad lock right now I swear…Heh…Nevermind, look motherfuc–“
Cashe again steps to Benson as he lets his mouth talk shit but Benson isn’t backing down and that in turn only adds to the fuel of Cashe wanting to cause problems.

BENSON: “I’m right here Cashe! You want to fight, we can fight but our fight in Vegas for the Pagano Cup is where it will count. I’m just here visiting…Just as you did me, scouting if you will.”
JCASHE: “Or…OR I can whip your ass right here, right now and then head to Vegas for April 20th and whip that ass once again to eliminate you from the opening round. That reputation you think you have…Ehhh that’s gonna be tarnished come 4/20! Please Believe that!”
Words no longer being needed the two men come together ready to strike once again but the Locker Room door opens. Benson looks over but Cashe doesn’t take his eyes off Benson and the thought of cold cocking him running through his mind. The man who enters is Tidus Howe who isn’t alone but has some Security Guards with him. When Cashe does notice he seems pissed off more so than during his conversation with Benson.

JCASHE: “What the fuck Howe? You got Rent-A-Cops? For this chump?”
BENSON: “Chump!?! I will show you in front of your buddies and the rest of the 4CW who the chump is.”
Interrupting them both as they get back into a back and forth over everything and anything. Tidus Howe clears his throat before cutting in.

HOWE: “Guys..Listen, listen..I seen Mr. Benson coming in and thought to myself maybe he was here to do more than talk. I think he has a ticket for the show and this Security team is just here to make sure he gets to that seat…”
BENSON: “This isn’t over by a Long shot… Ohh, I wish you luck tonight, and on the 20th you best bring your A-Game if you think you can keep up with world class competition. You may find yourself in for one hell of a ‘Shocker” “
Dan Benson heads to the door and squeezes past the handful of Security Guards and locks eyes with Tidus Howe as he leaves the room. Jason Cashe grabs the Beats Pill Speaker that still has music playing and launches it, shattering it against the far wall. Angered by the appearance of security as Tidus nods for Security to follow Benson and shuts the door to help his client calm down before his upcoming match. Outside the locker room, Security surround Dan Benson as he stares at the locker room door one last time.


“It’s in the water baby
It’s in the pills that bring you down
It’s in the water baby
It’s in your bag of golden brown
It’s in the water baby
It’s in your frequency
It’s in the water baby
It’s between you and me”
Out from the back Paisano walks out wearing a custom basketball jersey with the last name “Paisano” stitched on the back. The crowd applauds as they stand to their feet. He then takes the jersey off and tosses it into the crowd.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring out of Wilmington, North Carolina standing six feet two inches and weighing in at two hundred ten pounds. He is the Pretty Boy… Eric PPAAIISSAANNOO!!!”
Eric shows off his toned six pack and receives some whistles from the females in attendance. He smiles at the crowd and makes his way towards the ring. Once at ringside, he jumps on the ring apron and enters between the top and middle rope. The ladies in the crowd continue to cheer for him as he stands in his corner and the music slowly fades.

POWERS: ”And his opponent! From the Underworld by way of Indianapolis, Indiana..”The SOURCE” Nathaniel HAAAVOK!!”
“Cult of Personality” hits on the PA system, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Nathaniel Havok makes his way out to the entrance ramp, extremely hyped and ready to go. He throws his arms in the air as pyro goes off around him, before walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on his way down. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully off the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, as his music fades out.

JOHNSON: “We have a classic Veteran versus Newcomer here! Havok shouldn’t look past Paisano in this one, the kid seems to have a good bit of talent.”
VASSA: “That’s true but Havok has seen the top of the Mountain before and I’m sure he expects to be there again here in 4CW!”
JOHNSON: “Maybe but Paisano wants that same thing, he has the same goals in mind and right now it’s about who wants it more.”
Even before the official bell can be rung, Eric Paisano rushes across towards Havok and leaps onto “The Source” with rapid shots. Havok shoves Eric back and clubs him with an overhand forearm as Paisano rushes back in like a rapid dog looking for the attack. He pops back up to his feet and continues to carry the same persistence as he comes right back at Havok with wild punches in a bizarre combination. Havok gets caught with a hook and stumbles back into the corner behind him, his back presses against the turnbuckle pads. Eric calms a bit with the rapid assault and crashes into Havok with a Corner Clothesline.
Leaning into Havok, Eric pulls him out the corner with an Irish Whip that sends Havok across the ring and into the far ropes. Paisano follows in pursuit and as Havok hits the ropes and comes back, Paisano jumps and goes for a Flying Superman like Punch but Havok ducks and rolls to dodge it. Both men hurry to their feet, Havok pops off a sprinters stance as Eric gets up and turns around. Nathaniel Havok takes off his feet himself and connects with a tough Crossbody that puts Eric onto his back as Havok hooks the leg and tries for a quick pinfall.

JOHNSON “What a cross body by “The Source”!”
VASSA: “I prefer “The Enforcer Of Sorrow” myself but he’s a Star either name he takes.”
Pushing off Paisano, Nathaniel Havok gets to his feet and Paisano starts to get up too but Havok grabs him to help him. He gets him in a grapple and with ease, snaps him and slams him with a Belly to Belly Suplex. The crowd cheers for the Fan Favorite! On his feet again, Havok poses for the crowd and takes in the audiences love. He goes to rip Paisano off the canvas again but Eric Paisano breaks free and shoulder shoves Havok back and immediately leaps off his feet and hits a picture perfect Dropkick that lands right into Havok’s chest and knocks him off his feet. Paisano scrambles back to his feet and rushes to the opposite side of the ring, springing off the ropes and as Havok slaps the canvas and gets up to his feet he is once again met with Paisano who collides with Havok, taking him again to the canvas with a Lou Thez Press!
Paisano rapidly pounds down repeatedly fists into Havok’s face as he sits in Full Mount on his opponent. Paisano switches and drops a huge elbow into the cheek of Havok which erupts Havok as he bucks and shoves Paisano off him. Both men scramble, hurry to their feet and Paisano ducks an incoming Clothesline by Havok. They spin around to face one another again and Havok slaps a Dropkick attempt by Paisano and takes his back as he tries to return to his feet. Havok drives a forearm into the back of Paisano’s neck and lets him go to stumble forward. As he twirls around, Havok darts to the right, jumps up and springs off the nearby ropes, grabs Paisano and plants him with a unique Tornado DDT. Paisano flops and rolls on the canvas as the fans again erupt!

VASSA: “THAT’S The Havok we have all seen in his days with Action Packed Wrestling! That is the man who became World Champion at the expense of our CURRENT Champion, Jason Cashe!”
JOHNSON: “Don’t say that in front of Cashe, you might get slapped around. Those two have some history and I’m SURE it had something to do with why we have Havok on this roster right now..”
VASSA: “Oh no doubt about it! Young Mannie too! Jason Cashe has a lot of people gunning for him for more than just the Championship around his waist but Nathaniel Havok better look at the people in front of him in this moment and not look past them. Cashe is later, Paisano is NOW!”
As Havok poses for the fans, gloating to the fans who rain down cheers for him makes him un-noticing of Eric Paisano running like a dog in place, he pushes off all fours and rushes Havok as he turns his back to him. Paisano grabs and lifts Havok with a Spinning Olympic Slam that pops the crowd with even more cheers, showing their love for both competitors as Paisano takes control of the match. Up on his feet, Paisano goes to stomp down into Havok but misses as Havok rolls in pain from the unexpected Slam. Paisano bends over and grabs Havok, pulling him to his feet and sends him again, across the ring with an Irish Whip.
Havok springs off the far ropes and as he tears through the air with his quickness off the ropes, Eric Paisano dives for a snapping Spear but Nathaniel Havok hurdles the attempt and Paisano hits the canvas and slides on his stomach like he was playing on a Slide and Slide. The upper half of his body hangs over the ring apron to the outside with his waist and below still stretched inside the ropes and ring. Havok keeps his balance as he lands and bursts into a sprint at the ropes in front of him, he comes with a dangerous speed off the ropes and hauls ass towards the side of the ring where Paisano is laying under the ropes. Havok jumps over the ring ropes, using the top rope to vault him over and drives a downward knee into the back of Paisano’s head, leaving him dangling almost unconscious over the edge of the ring apron. The crowd gasps and goes silent as Nathaniel Havok falls to ringside.

VASSA: “Oh My Black Baby Jesus!!”
JOHNSON: “Your What, Who, and Are you Serious!?! That hurt!!”
VASSA: “That could be a game changing for this match, he might wake up saying “Mommy just another ten minutes” kind of dazed after that move!!”
Havok pulls himself to his feet using the steel stairs at the corner of the ring. He looks over at Eric Paisano who is still barely moving. An idea fills his head as his eyebrows raise up and his head looks up at the top turnbuckle. The fans all gather thoughts, whispers and some cheers and even boos as Havok hurries to climb the top ropes from the outside of the ring. He pulls up from the ring apron and looks down at Paisano still dangling over the edge.

JOHNSON: “He’ll end him right with this! This isn’t just dangerous, it’s life threatening!”
VASSA: “I Know huh! Look…Goose Pimples!!”
JOHNSON: “You mean Goosebumps? Why do people call them Goose Pimples, that’s just gro–OHHHHHHH”
Everyone in the arena gasps as Nathaniel Havok leaps from the top turnbuckle to the outside. Flashes from the crowd of people snapping pictures on Cell Phones and even a few cameras. Hands wildly waving around as the time almost slows down and he lifts up and begins to descend below with what looks to be a Legdrop. Eric Paisano had other ideas and pulls himself back into the ring at the very last minute and time picks up as the crowd, the announcers, and surely Havok’s own Mother all go “OHHHHHH” as he lands ass first into the ringside floor. He bounces but only high enough to get both his hands under himself to hold his throbbing butt and tailbone. Some laughs come from the audience as he rolls onto his side in almost a cradle position. The crowd eventually picks up a chant as they all say:
“Clap, clap… clap, clap, clap!!!”
They repeat it a few times over as Eric Paisano doesn’t even realize what he did. He slowly gets to his feet and still has some wobble to him like his legs aren’t all there but keeps his balance and looks at the ref with shrugging shoulders. The referee can’t explain as he is getting into the count out of Nathaniel Havok on the outside.

VASSA: “Haha Paisano doesn’t even know! He almost got MESSED UP! Haha he’s clueless on his lucky break…Wow, it’s like winning the lotto and not knowing you won! Fantastic!”
At the count of 7, Havok is on his knees leaning against the ring and Eric Paisano dips through the ropes and grabs a handful of Havok’s hair. He pulls to get Havok up onto the apron and half way through the middle ropes. Paisano hooks him in to go for a Rope Hung DDT but Havok flicks his right leg off the rope and into the ring, then his other and lifts Paisano, dropping him with an Atomic Drop but that sends a jolt into Havok’s tailbone and he drops back into the ropes as Paisano isn’t as affected by the move. He barrels toward Havok and drives a knee into his midsection, instantly he turns and puts his back to Havok. Paisano jumps up to hit his Jumping Ace Cutter Finisher but Havok pushes him away and he lands on his back closer to the center of the ring.
Quickly he manages to roll and pop back up but Havok is waiting and snaps to his side, trying for a Superkick he calls “Sorrow Enforced” but Paisano catches the incoming foot and gives it a good whip to the side which spins Havok. As he comes around full spin, Eric Paisano goes to scoop up the legs of Havok, looking maybe to setup his Figure Four but Havok lifts a knee right into Paisano’s face. He grabs him in a Bulldog setup with his back to Paisano and whips himself forward, hitting Paisano with his Headlock Driver! The fans go absolutely bonkers with cheers!!

“THE FBD! He hit The FBD!!”
The referee waits but only until Havok can roll Eric Paisano over and fling an arm across his chest.

Nathaniel stands over Eric, victorious in his efforts. He stands over him with a sick grin on his face, shaking his head in disapproval of his rival. He lifts his head to the Heavens, looking as if he is speaking in tongues. He holds his hands out, in a showing of religious iconography. Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out.

JOHNSON: ”Here comes Mannie! This has got to be Mannie!”
VASSA: ”Did we forget to pay the light bill? What’s going on?”
A countdown begins over the PA system…

VOICE: ”10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”
“Nemesis” by Cradle of Filth begins to play, as white strobe lights allow us to barley make out what is going on in the ring. As Nathaniel stands still in the same position as before, two men have entered the ring, and are laying the boots to Eric Paisano. As “Nemesis” continues to play in the background, the two men continue to beat down Paisano. After what seems like forever, the two men stop their beatdown, and begin dragging Eric Paisano up the entrance ramp. The strobe lights stop, and the arena is once again pitch black. “Nemesis” continues to play, however, as nobody has a clue what is going on. All of the sudden, the music stops, and we’re left in pitch black. The lights come back on, and now we see what is going on.

JOHNSON: ”Oh, my god! Oh, my god!”
VASSA: ”This isn’t right! This is sick! Sadistic! Damn, Nathaniel Havok!”
Up at the top of the ramp, Nathaniel Havok now stands right in front of a throne, still in the same stance that he was before. Head the the sky, chanting in tongues, arms stretched out wide. The two men that beat down Paisano, are now kneeling before Nathaniel in praise. Heads bowed, on one knee, one on each side of Nathaniel. However, the worst of it is now discovered, as the cameras pan back to see Eric Paisano suspended above the big screen, hovering over the entrance way. A crown of thorns on his head, bleeding from ear to ear, hanging from a stone cross that is attached to the ceiling of the building. Nathaniel finally breaks his stance, grabbing a microphone from the seat of the throne, and sitting down in the throne, to address the audience.

HAVOK: ”I tried warning him. Furthermore, I tried warning all of you. Let Eric Paisano be an example to you, let him be an example to ALL of you! Have you forgotten who I am, what I’m capable of? Now, I came to 4CW, with the best of intentions. I came here looking for the best competition, and I got it. I was willing to prolong the formation of the New Reign, until I absolutely needed to. However, Eric Paisano forced my hand. Eric Paisano forced the Source to unveil his plans, due to his bitching and moaning. You got what you wanted, Eric Paisano. You wasted my time! On the very first Adrenaline, a show where I should be one of the main focuses… Eric Paisano, you wasted my time!”
“It wasn’t only Eric, though. You have others to think for this takeover. Perry Wallace, Frankie Morrison… You are, as well, to blame for all of this. It doesn’t matter how many times a kid like Paisano cries. I could care less about how much bitching he does! You ignore him, until he can prove himself! You don’t waste my time, by sticking him in the ring with me, on the very first Adrenaline show! This was a show that I should have been in the main event of! There will NEVER be another “first ever” for Adrenaline! This is your faults, too, and don’t you dare forget it!”
“At this time, I, the Source, the Enforcer of Sorrow, Nathaniel Havok, declare war! I declare war NOT on management, NOT on 4CW, and NOT on the sport of professional wrestling. However, I declare war on SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! That’s right, sheep! I’m taking back this sport! I’m doing what nobody else in that locker-room has the balls, or the power, to do! Eric Paisano is my example. Mr. Paisano was given a chance, without proving anything. He begged for this, he pleaded for this, and look where it got him. In due time, this will be your fate, shall you undeserving cross my path.”
“The New Reign has begun! You need pray for mercy, but I will not show it! Havok, has spoken.”

“Nemesis” once again hits on the PA system, as Nathaniel stands from his throne. He stretches his arms out once more, as Eric is lowered back down. As Eric continues to be lowered, Nathaniel and his two comrades, make their way backstage.

JOHNSON: ”Nathaniel Havok has declared war on Sports Entertainment! But, Eric is in some serious need of help, out here!”
VASSA: ”I don’t like this! I don’t like this at all! I have a very, VERY bad feeling!”

Still fuming over Dan Benson appearing, Jason Cashe and Tidus Howe are seen arguing in their locker room as the scene switches backstage. Stefan Raab is also seen sitting with headphones on bobbing his head and keeping out of the argument.

HOWE: “He didn’t need to be here, I was looking out for you! With all these mud fuckers wanting to take what you have, replace you as the Top Draw of this Company and now in WeWA for however long you’ll remain there…You need to think these things thro–“
JCASHE: “Aghhhh! You don’t get it Howe! I want these people to line up, get their chance, their shot so that the pleasure of me overcoming them…Overwhelming them…INFLUENCING them becomes that much sweeter!!”
Throwing his arms up, Tidus turns from Cashe and looks over at Stefan Raab who is shaking his hips around like Elvis. Cashe notices and his jaw drops open but quickly turns into a big smile. Just as he begins to call for Raab and embarrass him, the locker room door bursts open. In walks the 4CW Owner, Perry Wallace and he doesn’t look pleased.

WALLACE “What the hell is going on around here? Did you invite Dan Benson into MY show? Why is he here?”
HOWE: “I don’t think he invited the guy…How much sense would that make with everyone else wanting a piece and you not having control over your own promotion?”
WALLACE: “I have complete control over this Company and where I don’t, Frankie Morrison DOES. You worry about your little roster of clients and let me handle the bigger picture alright Tidus?”
Cashe steps forward lifting a finger at Wallace as if to hold up a moment. Then his peripheral vision catches a glimpse of Stefan Raab once again breaking into another dance. This one more of a running in place, Flash Dance like get down. Cashe shakes his head in disbelief as he turns back to Wallace and remembers what he was going to say.

JCASHE: “You might run this place, sign the checks “Bawse” but let me ask you…When am I going to defend my Belt again? Again? What am I saying, the first time was a broken fuck fest of people sticking their nose in my match. Yet here you are being in control right?”
WALLACE: “That was my fault? Heh. Look, you will defend the belt in due time. There is a process to these things..”
HOWE: “On that I agree, Jason let’s not rush anything alright? Bide your time, you have WeWA to think about, a match tonight and lord knows what else 4CW Management decides to throw you into while giving Jason Phoenix every other show off…”
Everyone turns to see Stefan Raab spin in place as he rocks out on an Air Guitar. Wallace isn’t sure what to think but before he can go into what he was saying, Jason Cashe cuts him off with a shocking reality check.

The huge sound barrier breaking slap that Cashe hit on Wallace still lingers in a faint echo of the locker room. Tidus Howe covers his mouth surprised by Cashe’s actions but Perry Wallace turns red in the face. An anger over being slapped by an employee wasn’t expected. He hasn’t been the type to involve himself in the spotlight like most Promoters. This wasn’t the start of that for him or the desire for it from Cashe. It was just bringing things to a decision and ones that needed to be made.

WALLACE: “Are you..? Are you fucking stupid? What the hell did you do that for? I could just strip you of that Title…And that’s not a question, it’s a reality. Is that what you want? You want me to find someone else to sit in this self appointed THRONE you claim to have?”
JCASHE: “As if! Haha! Like you could find someone with the sack to take my place without beating me first. I’d Whoopi Goldberg “Ghost” their ass and they’d vanish like Aidan Black, like Gordie James, like Owen Moon. You got someone to fill my shoes? Put them in that ring and put…Where is my belt? Ahh there! Put this on the line and quit being such a BITCH about it..”
WALLACE: “Fine. We had something planned but you want to defend that belt then we will make it happen. Next Adrenaline, the Rematch between Jason Phoenix and Champion Jason Cashe. To make it more interesting, I’ll do you one better! You have your crew and he has his. If there is any outside interference then the match will be over and the violating party will lose. If it’s you that violates this rule, you WILL lose that championship! And oh yea, I almost forgot. It will be a last man standing match!!!
HOWE: “Oh man…”
Most people would take such news with shock and worry but Jason Cashe allowed a smile to creep onto his face. A slight nod agreeing with the decision. Wallace flinches a bit as Cashe extends a hand in an offering. Wallace looks over at Tidus who shrugs still shocked himself at the decision. As Wallace goes to shake it, Cashe pulls away and goes to pick his nose. He pulls his finger free and steps over and as Wallace gives him that “You better not” glare, Cashe rubs his finger tip down the front shoulder of Wallace anyways.

JCASHE: “Proud of you!”
Everyone turns to Stefan Raab as he cuts himself off and notices he was singing aloud. He pulls the headphones off and his face turns bright red as the scene jumps back to ringside.


The guitar rifts to “Diamond Girls” are heard and immediately following the fans all hop to their feet with a standing ovation. “Diamond girl, you sure do shine” bursts over the p.a. system when Miss Michelle and Julliet Brooks races out from the back.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring… the 1st Lady of 4CW Miss Michelle and her tag team partner, Julliet Brooks… Diamond Divas! “
They start down the ramp on opposite sides start slapping a few fans’ hands as they pass the barricade. Julliet and Michelle proceed down the ramp as Michelle walks over to the steel stairs and Julliet leaps on the apron. When Michelle hustles up them, Julliet enters the ring and walks over to the corner. She stands on the bottom rope and raises her arms as Michelle walks over to the front ropes and leans over the top. She blows a kiss to the adoring fans. Michelle walks over to Julliet and wraps her arm around her as they begin to look up at the ramp when there theme comes to an end.

VASSA: ”These beautiful ladies seem like they just cannot get a break. Julliet Brooks hasn’t even won a match in 4CW yet!”
JOHNSON: ”You can’t deny their heart and determination to be the best. They want so badly to prove they can be the number one tag team, but they have to be a tough team right now.”
“Bad Guy” by Eminem hits the speakers and a booing crowd stand to their feet as they start chanting, “go away.”

POWERS: ”And introducing the opponents, representing Power Trip and being accompanied to the ring by Crystal Taylor at a combined weight of 547 pounds, they are the team of Mike Smith and Christian Taylor… BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!”
Mike Smith walks out from the back with Crystal Taylor at his side. She turns toward him and starts clapping as he perches his hands on his waist, staring at the booing crowd. Christian Taylor jogs out from the back and he hops on Mike Smith’s back with his legs fastening around his midsection. He raises his right fist to the ceiling and shouts, “we the bomb, bitches!” Remaining on Mike Smith’s back as Mike continues to walk normally down the ramp with Crystal beside them. They pass the fans as Christian pretends to want to backhand the booing fans. Once they make it to the bottom of the ramp, Christian hops off Mike’s back onto the apron and climbs up to the second rope, kneeling on the top turnbuckle, looking through the audience. Mike pulls himself up on the apron and steps over the second rope. He walks to the middle of the ring as Crystal hustles up the steel stairs and dips down under the second rope as Christian backflips off the turnbuckle. He stands on the bottom rope and leans over the rope, blowing a kiss to the booing fans as Crystal smirks at her husband while standing beside Mike Smith in the middle of the ring.

VASSA: ”This team is looking to go four and zero in the tag division. They are the Jason Cashe and Kandi Washington of the tag division!”
JOHNSON: ”No doubt about that Vinny; they are definitely impressive and they both have a victory over Jason Cashe too. They are a promising team for the tag team straps.”

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Christian Taylor and Miss Michelle will be starting things off for their teams.”
As Miss Michelle wants to start the match, Christian kneels down below her and he taps his finger to his cheek as Miss Michelle is looking to the cheering crowd as they start to chant her name. Christian continues to taunt her and he kneels down on both knees and starts begging her. Miss Michelle smirks as she runs backwards off the ropes with a hard kick to the front of her chest as Christian peels over onto the mat.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Miss Michelle showed him exactly what she could do.”
VASSA: ”I think that’s disgusting! Christian was trying to give her the first hit and she delivered the first kick?”
Before Christian can get up to his feet, Michelle locks him in with a side headlock hold. She tightens the hold as she twists his head in between her arms, but he overpowers her with a push into the ropes. As Michelle rebounds off the ropes, she catches Christian directly in the face with a bicycle kick. As Christian falls down on the mat, she covers to only get a one and half count. Michelle leans down to pick him up.

VASSA: ”I hope Christian doesn’t lose to this chick; that would be pretty embarrassing.”
JOHNSON: ”Miss Michelle is a pretty fierced competitor and it looks like she means business here tonight.”
As she pulls Christian up, he surprises her with an European uppercut to her chin. Michelle staggers back and she stumbles back to him, walking into a dropkick to the chest. As she staggers up to her feet, he irish whips her into the corner and runs at her with a cornered splash. As Michelle staggers out of the corner, Christian shoots off the ropes with a running bulldog, drilling her head into the canvas.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Christian isn’t playing anymore and it’s really delivering the goods against the former First Lady.”
VASSA: ”As he should be doing Steve; this man is a hot commodity!”
He leans down to cover, but he breaks it at the count of two. He pulls her up by the hair, but the referee warns him about hair-pull. He whips her off into the corner, but as he charges at her in the corner—she gets two boots up to his face. He stumbles back to the middle of the ring and runs again at her in the corner. Michelle leaps up and wraps her legs around his neck as she releases it into a headscissors takedown. Christian kneels up and Michelle runs out of the corner with a swinging neckbreaker. She covers…

VASSA: ”Christian kicks out!”
JOHNSON: ”And I think he needs to make the tag!”
Michelle helps him up as Christian is holding his neck, she whips him into the ropes, but as he rebounds—Mike Smith blind tags himself in. As Christian rebounds he kicks her Michelle in the chest with a boot as Mike Smith races in with a thunderous big boot right to her pretty little face. Michelle’s limp body collapses on the canvas as Christian rolls out of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Mike Smith didn’t come to pay around Vinny. I think Michelle needs to tag in the fresh Julliet.”
VASSA: ”That’s a given. This man right here wants to win and he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.”
Michelle is holding her face as he leans down to pick her up, but he pushes her back against the ropes. He flips her up with a flapjack as her face just ricochets against the canvas. He grins as the fans boo. Mike leans down and grabs Michelle by the neck and he just pulls her up and tosses her loosely into the corner. Julliet tags herself in and enters the ring. As she enters, Mike clips Michelle with a cornered clothesline and a large thud is heard as she falls to the mat.

VASSA: ”I think Miss Michelle has now been taken out of the equation.”
JOHNSON: ”Julliet is very bravely charging at Mike Smith now.”
And as Julliet charges at him, he catches her and lifts her up sideways into a front military lift. He starts to press her in the middle of the ring like a bar bell. He then drops to one knee and drops her down on his knee with a high aptitude gutbuster. Julliet clenches her stomach in pain as Mike Smith grabs her by the throat. He lifts her up by both hands and starts trash talking. Meanwhile, Christian bounces off the ropes and leaps up with a superkick to the face of Julliet Brooks.

JOHNSON: ”Oh My GOD! I think Julliet Brooks might be dead! Did you see that high elevation superkick to the face!?”
VASSA: ”I don’t think Mike Smith even expected it!”
Julliet isn’t even moving as the referee tries to get Christian back out onto the apron. As Mike starts to circle Julliet, Michelle wastes no time to save her friend and hops on the back of Mike Smith. He reaches his hands behind her and flips her over the shoulder as she rolls out of the ring. Mike Smith grabs Julliet by the throat and lifts her up aggressively. He places her hand on her back and lifts her up as he slams her hard with a vicious chokeslam from hell. He covers with his foot on her chest.

JOHNSON: ”Mike Smith calls this the FINAL CUT and I think that was the FINAL NAIL in her coffin!”

VASSA: ”Call for the bell and stick a fork in the Diamond Divas because they are done!”
Crystal Taylor starts to hustle up the stairs as she enters the ring when Christian jolts up and hops on Mike’s back in early celebration. The fans begin to boo when “Bad Guy” starts to play over the p.a. system.

POWERS: ”Here are your teams, the team of Christian Taylor and Mike Smith… BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!”
The trio continue to celebrate their victory here tonight as the referee checks on Julliet in the ring as Mark Brooks races down to check on his lady Miss Michelle.

VASSA: ”I think this is the team to beat in the tournament Steve. Say what you will, but they are all kinds of crazy talented. They will be a honorable tag team champions.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not disagreeing, but it’s mainly Christian’s own projected attitude that I personally find offensive and immature. He needs to start taking this job more seriously. The Diamond Divas tried, but the odds just were not there tonight.”
VASSA: ”Back to the chalkboard for the divas and moving on to the next round for Beauty and the Beast. This tournament is definitely heating up.”
JOHNSON: ”And a little bit later tonight we are going to find out who advances in our second tag tournament match, which is our headline match of the night.”

A commercial travel bus is seen pulling away from a stop, leaving a thick cloud of dust and smog behind. Overhead, one can bear witness to the last throes of daylight dying off. The distinct crunching of dirt and small rocks underneath is heard as a shadowy figure marches along a road, on occasional passing pair of headlights illuminates a pair of brown work boots and dusty jeans. Our view changes to a parking lot where attendants direct the flow of traffic. A youth in a safety vest waves a car into an empty spot. A voice is heard making an inquiry, the thick gravelly tone startles the clean cut young man.

“Hey kid, where’s the entrance?”
The attendant turns to the voice and his eyes widen. He points towards a specific end of the arena nearby.

“Thanks, bud.”
As the figure walks through the lot one of the cars honks at him.

“Ah, hold yer horses.” Is heard as they lumber past.
Our view switches to a front gate where a security guard stands at attention. Next to him an event staff worker checks tickets. The guard puts his open palm authoritatively in front of him.

“Hold it right there, ticket.” he says to the newcomer.
“Ain’t here to watch. Here to work.” replies the gruff voice.
The guard and ticket attendant both exchange glances with raised eyebrows. The guard suspiciously looks over the person making the claim and grabs a nearby phone. Without taking his eyes off the stranger he dials a number.

“Yeah, hey this is security, were you expecting a new guy tonight? I’ve got someone here claiming… Oh. Alright. Yes. Sorry. Ok, I will.”
The guard looks surprised at the response. He waves the outsider in and shrugs at the ticket attendant’s puzzled look.
Our view still omits the unknown arrival as they approach a crew of teamsters who labor away. The workers run wire and haul pipes through open ceiling tiles while walkie-talkies buzz with the activity of a backstage crew keeping a wrestling promotion going. They halt at seeing the new arrival trying to get past. One of them, seeming to be in charge calls out to our protagonist.

“Hey buddy, you can’t be back here. Staff only.”
“That’s me.” replies the stranger.
“You a new guy? Grab a hard hat, you’re late.” says the man, gesturing towards equipment.
“Thanks, but I ain’t workin’ on this end with you folks. Gonna be in the ring. Gotta sign off on some paperwork for make it official” comes the reply.
The workers look at each other with a hint of disbelief in their features. The worker in charge doesn’t seem to believe it.

“You? You’re gonna be a wrestler? Buddy no offense, but have you seen the folks they got on the roster ‘round these parts? These guys are built, muscles and meatheads – not average Joes, you know? Hate to break it to ya, but you look more like one of us than one of them.”
“Good, wouldn’t want you folks thinking I ain’t one of ya.” replies the voice.
The workers seem pleasantly surprised.

“What’s your name, man?”
The camera pans to reveal our mystery party. A scruffy beard and bushy mane of dark hair sit atop a portly body of unremarkable height. The man in our view now wears a plain black t-shirt with holes in it and a simple denim vest. A fierce determined look is broken by a feral grin.

With that the stout man trudges past the works crew and rounds a corner. Two of the teamsters exchange a final glance.

“They’re lettin’ anybody in nowadays, eh? Maybe I should sign up.” says the first.
“You see the look on his face? If you looked half as mean as he did, I’d sign you up myself.” replies the other.
With that, our scene fades out.


POWERS: “The Following contest is a Standard Match scheduled for One Fall to a Finish by Pinfall or Submission…Introducing First, from Los Angeles, CA!! She is “THE NIGHTMARE” NIOOBE MAAARRRRTINN!”
As the opening of the song starts to play, the video flashes on the tron of a camera panning up a grassy hill at night slowly until it gets to the top, panning from left to right, lightning flashing in the sky as the opening guitar rift plays. Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…

Now your nightmare comes to life…’

Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.

‘Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never..’

As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

POWERS: “And Her Opponent….He is the current 4CW South West Champion! “THE INFLUENTIAALL” JAAASSSOOON CAAAASSSHE!!”
“I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw-Up
Got Introduced to the Game, to the Game then Fucking Blew Up”

As the chorus to “Grew Up A Screw Up” plays as Jason Cashe steps through the back curtain with the 4CW Championship buckled around his waist as he steps onto the stage, he is met with cheers of many plus some deep bass boos from the haters. The chorus of the song plays as Cashe unbuckles his Title and raises it high above to a great reaction from the crowd.
Suddenly from the back comes ‘Power Trip’ Members, Mike Smith and Christian Taylor who immediately barrel into the back of the 4CW Champion. His Championship flies from his grasp as he crashes down onto the entrance ramp. Smith and Taylor begin stomping down into the Champion with vicious intent as the crowd boos and Niobe Martin looks on from the ring. They pull Cashe to his feet and Mike Smith grabs him around the throat, lifting him up high and slamming him down with a tremendous thud!

JOHNSON: “Oh this is just a disgusting display by Power Trip! What dishonor for this sport in general, do they not respect the competition at all?”
VASSA: “I’m gonna say no. They might be looking to grab that 1 Million Dollar Bounty…Could Phoenix want Cashe eliminated BEFORE he gets another chance to take the Title?”
Cashe arches in the back as the pain vibrates through his spine from the huge Chokeslam by Mike Smith. Christian Taylor scooting away, pushes Smith aside as he lines up his move called ‘Sexified’ and with the right distance cuts forward into a dash and wallops Cashe to the side of his head with a big Punt Kick! Cashe head snaps sideways and lifts off the ground a bit before flopping down onto his cheek.

VASSA: “He’s out! Jason Cashe eyes just rolled into the back of his head, he could have a concussion!!”
JOHNSON: “Don’t sound so excited…”
VASSA: “I’m not but Cashe will smile about it later, this is the shit he LIVES for! This makes the feud with that whole team THAT much more meaningful now. You don’t think his craving to fight them will increase because of this?”
JOHNSON: “Very true…Insane but true..”
The crowd booing grows louder in their disappointment as Jason Phoenix steps out from the back. Mike Smith and Christian Taylor turn to their leader and he gives them a nod. They act by lifting Cashe off the entrance ramp and dragging him towards the ring. Niobe Martin stands back still unsure of what is going on. The referee yelling out commands to deaf ears of the members of Power Trip as they slide in the unconscious body of the 4CW Champion. Christian Taylor yells back at the referee and signals for him to start the match.

JOHNSON: “Oh no…The match hasn’t officially started! Under standard rules, competitors have to be inside the ring for the bell to sound and only THEN can any stoppage come to a match. This is terrible..”
VASSA: “Haha! Is Niobe going to make the cover? Is she in danger? Someone needs to protect her…I will lay over her, hold her and keep her safe!”
Reluctantly the referee calls for the bell and it sounds off, he motions to Niobe to get the match underway and she glances out at Power Trip who is also yelling to her to make the pin. She drops to her knees and slowly lays over a downed Jason Cashe. The referee drops and makes the count.

VASSA: “Wow! This deserves a round of applause!!”
JOHNSON: “Sit down you idiot..Phoenix didn’t want to just punish Cashe, he wanted to embarrass him…”
POWERS: “Your Winner…via…Pinfall, Niobe Martin…”
Her theme music plays but Niobe Martin slides off Cashe with her eyes stuck on Mike Smith and Christian Taylor as they both enter the ring quickly following the match. Jason Phoenix with a huge smile on his face continues standing up on the Entrance Stage as he watches his boys continue their assault. Niobe charges trying to take control but is pummeled and thrown from the ring by the two men as the fans boo with massive bass to their displeasure. Then their boos turn to cheers suddenly as fans in the front row step aside and Masahiro Kojima comes flying over the guard rail to ringside.

JOHNSON: “Now here is a problem…Where is Stefan Raab? Where is Mike Conrad? House Of Howe in general?”
Kojima hops up onto the ring apron and springs up and over the ropes, kicking Christian Taylor with a stiff kick to the chest in mid-air. Taylor steps back and is met with another hard kick to the jaw, sending him to the mat. Kojima pivots with the kick, just in time, as Mike Smith rushes at him, he ducks an incoming Smith clothesline and spins around, hitting Smith to the midsection with a back kick. Quickly, Kojima fires off right and left hands and nails a hard kick to the jaw which allows him to grab Mike Smith and run him to the ropes, throwing him through to the outside. Christian Taylor rolls out of the ring on his own as Jason Phoenix is losing his mind on stage.

VASSA: “Is he…Saving Cashe? I don’t get it?”
JOHNSON: “I do, he doesn’t want anyone else to claim that bounty and he is going to damage Cashe himself!”
As the crowd continues roaring with cheers, Kojima waves for Power Trip to come back in the ring for more. Their leader motions for them to come to him and they slowly make their way up the ring ramp. As Power Trip leaves into the backstage area, Kojima turns around and lays eyes on a downed Jason Cashe. A man he has openly challenged more than once now. He paces around Cashe in a circle before heading over and requesting a Microphone.

KOJIMA: ”You can stop with the cheers and cries for me to do the right thing, this isn’t here for me to be your hero. I’m not made that way. I don’t believe that two, three, four or five on one is a fair fight in any setting.”
He cuts himself off as Jason Cashe slowly moves around on the canvas. He takes a moment to watch Cashe, who isn’t moving anywhere in a hurry, and then re-focuses on the audience.

KOJIMA: “I hope the individuals that just got floored don’t take this too personally, I’m just protecting something. An investment, if you will. You see, if I let people come around here and beat seven shades of something out of Jason Cashe here, then what oppurtinity do I have at claiming this title?”
Kojima stands back behind Cashe as the Champion slowly pushes himself up onto his knees. Kojima steps back and winds up a hard kick to the back of Cashe’s head, sending him falling forward and slapping against the canvas. He takes a moment to look at his downed opponent and smiles before raising the mic back to his mouth, he continues with what he was saying.

KOJIMA: “I may have more pressing things in motion for next week, obviously retribution will be on the mind of Phoenix and the gang. So I’d like to introduce my insurance policy from them and The House of Howe.”
Kojima opens his arm to direct the attention of the audience to the crowd and stood in the front row is a very large man wearing a mask who has recently appeared. Kojima smiles as the man stands to show an impressive frame and he looks around, Kojima laughs for a moment before re-addressing the crowd.

KOJIMA: “Not only am I now protected, but we will be competing next week in the Tag Team Tournament.”
Kojima is interupted by the site of Tidus Howe, who comes marching out from the back, ripping duct tape from his wrists. His screaming as he approaches the ring causes Kojima to smile and exit out of the bottom rope and hopping over the barrier to stand with his much larger associate.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Tidus was bound backstage, could this have been at the hands of Power Trip?”
VASSA: “That or someone looking to cut off Cashe’s life line. It’s not a secret that Cashe has no friends other than Tidus Howe. Stefan Raab and Mike Conrad might be backstage and maybe they were cut off from helping as well but what do they owe to Cashe? If Tidus couldn’t call for help then maybe none came. He has stated that he prefers going at it alone regardless but with so many apparently against him? He needs allies more than ever.. But what about that huge “associate” of Kojima and his introduction into the Tag Title picture?”
Tidus climbs the steel steps and enters the ring to check on his client. EMTs emerge from the back and rush down to the ring.

JOHNSON: “I’m not quite sure, but it looks like we may have some realy contenders for the Tag Championships and Cashe has one more person to worry about!”
The EMT’s are working on Cashe, shining a light into his eyes, a worried Tidus Howe looking on as the cameras switch to the backstage to continue on with the show.


The camera pans wide open as the view has been placed in front of 4CW ‘CEO’ Perry Wallace’s office, where we now see ‘The Main Attraction’ “Young” Mannie Romero and his Posse have just entered inside of it.

VASSA: ”Hey Steve; Look it’s Mannie, Jacinta, and Alec.”
JOHNSON: ”Hunh, you don’t say?”
VASSA: ”You know those three are my favorite talents around here, so please excuse my excitement Steve. Although, I am wondering why they’re going inside of Perry’s office.” *Rubbing his stubble* ”Hahahahaha, well nevertheless this should be a good one Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not sure what to expect from any of this Vinny, but I do believe it will be quite entertaining to watch though.”
Right on the other side of the door; we see ‘The Main Attraction’ and his Posse staring at the back of a large desktop chair, an unraveled phone cord, & a pair of black silver-toe cowboy boots. Mannie and the Posse are quite sure what to make of things, so they begin talking out loud.

MANNIE: ”Yo Perry!”
The initial call from ‘The Main Attraction’ goes unanswered as Jacinta tries her hand at getting his attention next.

JACINTA: ”¿Eres sordo o algo así? Mi Papi estaba hablando con usted idiota!”(Are you deaf or something? My Papi was talking to you asshole!)
Jacinta’s attempt at talking to Perry has seem to fall flat as well, so that leaves none other than Alec Quartermain to his best.

ALEC: *Moving forward towards the desk* ”WAKE THE FUCK UP!”
The loud yell by Alec sends shockwaves through everyone in the Fox Theatre including Perry Wallace, who has just jumped from fright onto a near-by book case.

WALLACE: ”What the hell big guy? Ever heard of knock, knock, knocking?”
MANNIE: ”We already tried that asshole but I guess you were to busy phone-boning to notice that.”
WALLACE: *A grin comes across his face as he chuckles* ”So that’s what it looked like? I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I was doing that… yet. I’m just lining up some action for tonight after the show.”
MANNIE: *Nodding* ”Well that’s just fine and dandy Perry, but I still want what you owe me!”
WALLACE: ”What exactly do I owe you, Mannie? You’ve been getting paid. I purchased the loft in Seattle when Pure left you high and dry. What else do you need, sir?”
The trio all express a look of disbelief at each other, before turning their heads back around to look at Perry.

JACINTA: *Rolling her eyes before pointing* ”You got to be kidding me right?”
MANNIE: ”Baby!”
JACINTA: *Putting up her hand* ”Nah Papi, he’s trying to play dumb and act like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. So maybe I should slap those pubic hairs off his face and maybe then he will act right!”
WALLACE: ”What is it that I owe you. I’m like the Lannister’s, I always pay my debts. Maybe you’re forgetting what you owe me, Mannie. I thought you were supposed to be the main attraction? Here lately, Alec has been more of an attraction than you have.”
”The Glasgow Hooligan” smirks to himself as Mannie & Jacinta doesn’t too amused by Perry’s comment.

MANNIE: *Scowling* ”You’re just full of jokes tonight aren’t you Perry? Well let me tell you something…Alec and myself have delivered nothing but the best since we’ve arrived here, but if you don’t believe me then check the numbers. Because all you’re going to find is records being set higher & higher each time we appear on here, so go right ahead and keep playing dumb Perry. Because all you’re going to end up doing is piss us the fuck off, so I’m make this perfectly clear to you and everyone else in the back. We are tired of waiting around for your “lucky” lottery pick drawing every 2 weeks, we want some title shots and we want them now! I want the South-West Heavyweight title and Alec wants that Extreme Television one!”
WALLACE: *His eyes widen as a grin comes across his face.* ”So, you want to demand title shots, do you? I’ll tell you what. I’ll do you one even better. Two weeks from now you and Alec will compete in the tournament for the tag team championships. You want to set record numbers? I’m sure the fans would LOVE to see you two climb in the ring with Average Joe and Mr. Pat Gordon Jr. himself. What do you say? You want a shot at some gold, well I’m giving both of you the opportunity two weeks from now to earn your shot.”
Mannie, Jacinta, and Alec all stare at each other once more before talking the deal over. Perry stands by awkwardly as he tries to read their lips, however he doesn’t have to wait too long because they’re just about done talking when they decide to separate from the huddle.

MANNIE: *Extending his hand out to Perry, who shakes it back* ”You got yourself a deal Perry!”
Mannie & his Posse all seemed to be amused with the idea of being in the tag tournament next week, while The trio plus including Perry all share a hearty good laugh about it. They next begin making their way towards the door as Perry proceeds to open it for them. The trio nods in approval because of the recent respect shown by Perry, so Mannie let’s him know that by patting him on the back while exiting out of his office. Once back outside in the hallways Mannie & his Posse head up the corridor, as The trio begin to make their way past a couple of vending machines. They then make a left turn towards the locker-rooms, as they have now found themselves right near an empty interview area. The light start flicking on/off when up on the flat screen; right along with every other screen in the building, a static, loud, and white noise has appeared on them. Mannie & his Posse look irritated by it, as they all hold their ears trying to block it out. Then all of a sudden the static, loud, and white noise cuts off, as the camera pans back on the flat screen showing none other than the Enforcer of Sorrow, Nathaniel Havok. The appearance of Nathaniel Havok sends an uproar through the Fox Theatre, meanwhile Mannie & his Posse looked to be pissed off by it.

VASSA: ”Holy Shit!”
HAVOK: ”Mannie… Mannie, Mannie, Mannie… I seem to remember a time, not too long ago, when you were nothing. You were a jobber in APW, and if anyone faced you, it was like having the night off. Do you remember those days, Mannie? The fans may have forgotten, but I haven’t! You see, the reason I targeted you upon my 4CW arrival, is because I don’t buy it. I don’t believe in the hype, I don’t think you’ve changed, and I want to show the world that you’re still the worthless piece of garbage that you once were!”
“That’s how it is, Mannie. That’s how it was, and that’s how it always will be! Sure, you’ve stepped your game up in recent years. Yeah, you’ve got the attention of the world, and the spotlight is on you. However, it’s my job to remind the world where you came from. It’s my job to show the world that you’re still Young Mannie, the guy that at one time, couldn’t even tie his own wrestling boots. I’m not doing this to bring you down, or even to prove that I’m better than you. This… What I’m about to do to you… In all honesty… It’s for your own good.”
“But why? Easy! Because out of all the people that forget who you USED to be, you’re the one that has forgotten the most. You seem to forget the guy that you used to be, and you want others to forget as well. Mannie, it’s on me to remind you, on me to force you to remember where you came from! And, you know what? That’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’m going to remind you of the pathetic little piece of trash that you used to be! I’m going to take you back to the times when facing Young Mannie, meant that you needed a break from real in-ring competition! You seem to forget, and now it’s time for the Enforcer of Sorrow to beat that ego out of you. You need humbled, and I’m going to humble you.”
“I’ll see you soon, my friend. Havok has spoken.”

The screen cuts back to static and white noise, before cutting off completely. The cameras turn back to Mannie & his Posse who stand by weirded out…


“Wrenches and Kings” play over the sound system as the fans begin booing as they turn up to the entrance ramp.

POWERS: ”The following is a qualifying round of the 4CW Tag Team Championship match and introducing first, representing the House of Howe and being accompanied by Tidus Howe, at a combined weight of 430 pounds… STEFAN RAAB AND MIKE CONRAD!
Mike Conrad walks out onto the stage and stands on the ramp Conrad then holds both arms in the air and pyrotechnics shoot of into the rafters. Stefan comes out through the curtain just wearing his gold and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands. Conrad looks behind him and out comes Tidus Howe clapping. Conrad and Raab walk side by side down the ramp with Conrad still having his arms high in the air as they all get to the steel steps. Raab and Conrad enter the ring as Tidus waits on the outside shouting instructions to Conrad to Raab. Stefan Raab does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent with anger in his eyes waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: ”This is the first time the House of Howe is working as a team and I am excited to see how this creation works.”
VASSA: ”It’s the collision of the two most powerful houses in 4CW and it will be a vicious brawl!”
‘Sweet Victory’ by Van Halen hits the p.a. system as the fans raise to their feet booing and chants of “whore” begin to fill the arena.

POWERS: ”And introducing their opponents, representing the House of Sweetness and being accompanied by the First Lady of 4CW and the Queen of Professional Wrestling Kandi Washington at a combined weight of 526 pounds, they are the team of Drake Knight and Ice… Sweet Annihilation!”
When pink and purple lights start to flash through the crowd, the velvet entrance curtains wiggle open as smoke starts to blow out from the top of the ramp as Kandi Washington appears from behind the curtains. She struts up to the top as she stands just within the smoke as she places her hands on her hips. She stares to both sides of the crowd as the smoke dies down and she’s joined by her entourage Drake Knight and Ice. Kandi is dressed in a pair of silver boy shorts, light blue backless halter top, and knee-high blocked heel boots. She has her hair pulled back in a tightly-pulled ponytail. She starts to strut down the ramp as she’s smirking at the booing crowd while Drake Knight and Ice follows behind her. She makes her way to the bottom of the ramp way and turns to her left as she proceeds to the stairs. She struts up the three steel steps as she makes her way alongside the ring apron. She pauses in the middle on the outside apron, staring back at the fans as Drake Knight and Ice stand on both sides of the entrance ramp, at the bottom just gawking at the crowd. Kandi Washington walks up the stairs as both Ice and Drake Knight step up on the ring apron. Drake steps over the top rope and Ice goes over the second as Kandi steps down under the first. She struts to the middle of the ring as she poses in the middle with both Drake Knight and Ice standing on each side of her with their arms crossed. As Stefan and Mike watch from their ring apron.

VASSA: ”I have to say, I look forward to seeing Kandi Washington all the time, even when she doesn’t wrestle. Boy oh boy, I wish she would come sit right here!”
JOHNSON: ”You are disgusting Vinny; she doesn’t want to sit on your lap!”
Ice and Stefan make their way to the middle of the ring. They lock up with a front grapple and Stefan manages to get control as he takes her down to one knee with a side headlock. Ice feels around his back and pushes him off into the ropes. He rebounds off the ropes and clips her with a shoulder block that floors the larger woman. Ice rolls up to her feet and Stefan with a toe kick to the midsection; he hooks her head and taps her back, DDT!

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think I have ever seen Stefan Raab this aggressive in a match.”
VASSA: ”You would too and I think he’s a little on edge with Mike Conrad showing up at the last minute.”
Ice holds her head as she gets back up to her feet, but Stefan is there to whip her into the ropes by the wrist. Ice rebounds and he lifts her up off the canvas with a spinning spinebuster, just planting her back against the mat. The ring rumbles a bit as Stefan then grabs the leg and he is looking to lock in a STF, but Ice maneuvers her legs and kicks Stefan toward the ropes. Stefan bounces himself off the ropes and clips Ice with a clothesline as she’s just getting up to her feet.

VASSA: ”Oh thank god, I thought we were going to see Stefan win this match with the STF.”
JOHNSON: ”Ice needs a miracle or something if she’s going to win the match for her team.”
As Ice is pushing herself up off the mat, Stefan starts connecting with forearms across her back and kicks to her kidneys as he’s trying to keep her down. As she tries to fight through it, she manages to finally make it up to her feet and she blocks one of his right forearms and connects with one of her own. She delivers a kick to the gut and whips him to her team’s corner, but he reverses with a short-arm belly to belly suplex!

JOHNSON: ”Ice is being tossed around this ring and match like she’s a dinky little girl rather than the fierce muscular competitor that she is.”
VASSA: ”I always knew Ice was the weak component of Sweet Annihilation. Tag in Drake Knight!”
Ice arches her back off the canvas and Stefan runs off the ropes, but Kandi grabs his ankle. He turns around as she starts to taunt the booing crowd. He grabs her by the blonde hair and she’s screaming, then suddenly Drake Knight runs across on the apron with a high knee to the side of his temple. He staggers backwards and Ice rolls him up with a quick schoolboy, but only gets a one and half count.

VASSA: ”Ice almost got the victory there and Stefan should have known better than to go after Kandi Washington!”
JOHNSON: ”Kandi has no business sticking her nose in this match to begin with.”
As Stefan gets up to his feet, Ice power lifts him up onto her shoulders, but Stefan delivers elbow blows to the side of her head as he slides down her back. He grabs her fron behind and releases her with a non-bridging German suplex. She sits up and Stefan runs off the ropes with a running knee strike to her chest. He covers her,

JOHNSON: ”Ice got her foot on the ropes and that’s enough to break up the count!”
VASSA: ”Stefan looks outraged and angered by the call as he thought the match was in the bag”
Stefan gets up to his feet and he slouches down and starts taunting Ice up to her feet. As he backs up to the ropes, Mike Conrad tags himself in. Stefan turns around and stares over at him as he starts to yell at him. Tidus Howe is yelling from outside the ring for the two to get on the same page. As Stefan goes to shove Mike Conrad, Ice runs over and she surprises Stefan with a clothesline, taking him over the top rope. Mike grabs her from behind and goes for a Russian legsweep, but she slides out of it and pulls him in with a short-arm clothesline.

VASSA: ”I can’t believe Mike Conrad would blind tag himself in when his partner wasn’t even tired yet.”
JOHNSON: ”It looks like Mike allowed Ice to be the first to get up to her feet and she really needs to make the tag.”
Ice is first to her feet as Mike climbs to his. Ice quickly staggers over and tags Drake’s hand as the big man rushes into the ring. As Conrad gets up and leans in the corner, Drake charges at him in the corner and catches him with a huge body avalanche. Mike Conrad stumbles dazedly out from the corner and Drake lifts him up off the canvas, dropping him to the side with a military press drop.

JOHNSON: ”Drake Knight has at least a hundred pounds on Mike Conrad and he’s showing us how dominant he is.”
VASSA: ”Conrad looks like a damn rag doll against Unstoppable Drake Knight!”
Conrad arches up off the canvas and Drake is there to help lift up the rest of the way. He whips Mike as hard as he can into the corner and as Conrad’s back snaps against the turnbuckle, Mike trips face first on the mat. Stefan races inside the ring and he catches Drake by surprise and starts to open up with lefts and rights. Drake fights through it and shoves Stefan hard to the canvas. Stefan rolls up to his feet and charges at Knight as he catches him with a snap powerslam.

VASSA: ”And Stefan Raab felt that powerslam in a huge way!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh but it looks like Mike is back to his feet and Drake doesn’t see him.”
Mike is up to his feet and he runs up behind Drake with a low clothesline to the back of his knee, chipping at his cap. Drake falls to one knee and Mike connects the head between his arms and collapses on the canvas with a DDT. He covers, but Drake quickly poers out. Drake is to his feet first as he fights through the cobwebs. As Mike charges at him, he lifts him up into the air, on his shoulders, and drops him with a Samoan drop. Tidus Howe gets on the apron and starts distracting the referee as Stefan go behind Drake with an uppercut between his legs. Kandi starts running around the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Kandi Washington hates the fact that Tidus has stolen a page out of her play book and Drake Knight is really dominating this match.”
VASSA: ”What the hell Stefan should have been DQ’d after that low blow!”
Mike and Stefan both grab Drake Knight and connect with a double suplex in the middle of the ring. As they both stumble to their feet, they get beheaded by an oncoming Ice with a double clothesline. Kandi just pulls Tidus Howe off the apron as he hits mouth on the edge of the canvas. Kandi hops on his chest and starts to slap him repeatedly as Ice runs at Stefan, but gets caught up on the top rope. Stefan charges at her with a clothesline and they both tumble to the outside of the ring.

VASSA: ”I would kill to be Tius Howe right now. Boy, he is sure lucky having Kandi Washington straddle him!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s chaos with all six of these wrestlers! The fans are chanting this is nuts!”
Drake Knight is climbing to his feet as Mike is up to his and waiting for Knight to stand up. As Knight turns around, he grabs him by the arm and tries to pull him in with a short-arm, but Knight reverses it and sends him crashing chest first into the corner turnbuckle. Mike stumbles backwards holding onto his chest as he lifts him up for a brainbustah. He walks closer to the corner and drops Mike’s head onto the top turnbuckle because slamming him down on the mat.

JOHNSON: ”Holy SHIT! It’s Knight, Knight to Mike Conrad!”
VASSA: ”Stefan Raab and Ice continue to brawl on the outside as it looks like Kandi and Tidus have finally separated. Knight is going for the cover!”
Drake places his hands on the chest of Conrad as he looks over to the booing crowd. The referee slides down on the canvas…

VASSA: ”And it looks like Drake Knight wins it for his team and and the House of Sweet Ass wins again!”
POWERS: ”Here are your winners, the team of Drake Knight and Ice… SWEET ANNIHILATION!”
”Sweet Victory” starts to play over the p.a. system as the fans boo when Kandi Washington enters the ring, lifting Drake’s arm in victory. She’s pointing to his chest and yelling, “Next tag team champion!” Stefan is yelling at Tidus Howe while pointing in the ring at Mike Conrad.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Stefan Raab is pissed that Mike Conrad lost their team the match. Stefan was doing excellent until Conrad tried to steal his hard work.”
VASSA: ”Tidus has to do some real damage control in trying to repair the holes in their alliance, but in the meantime Kandi’s team prevails again!”
JOHNSON: ”That she did and between her and this monstrous team, Kandi Washington has been a powerful force in 4CW!”
VASSA: ”Now we know Power Trip and House of Sweetness is bound to clash sooner than later it looks like as they are the two teams moving on in the tag team championship’s tournament!”

As the camera cuts backstage, we see Masahiro Kojima and his “accomplice” on their way out of the building. Kojima looks very relaxed as he is leaving until we see Gabriel Hartman appear on the scene.

HARTMAN: “Mr. Kojima! Mr. Kojima! Can I please have a quick word with you?”
Masahiro stops and turns towards Gabriel Hartman, who is coming charging forwards, however the “accomplice” of Masahiro Kojima steps his near 6ft, 260+ lb frame in front of Gabriel, who stops almost immediately.

HARTMAN: “I was just wondering if I could get a quick word with you?”
Kojima places a hand on his “accomplices” shoulder as if to tell him to relax, and he does. Kojima steps from around the big man and stands in front of Gabriel Hartman, smiling.

KOJIMA: “What can I do for you Gabriel?”
HARTMAN: “I just wanted to get word on what happened earlier tonight with Jason Cashe?”
Taking a moment to compose himself, and think about the answer to give, Kojima runs both hands through his hair, his little finger on the left hand still bandaged due to his incident with a samurai sword.

KOJIMA: “What I did, Gabriel, was make Jason realise that there is more to worry about than Bounty Hunters. You see, I am not doing this for the money. You fear someone much more when he isn’t searching for something, wanting a reward. I am more dangerous because i am doing this for the goal of making Jason Cashe live a nightmare on a regular basis.
HARTMAN: “But surely you are after something, the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Title?”
KOJIMA: “Perhaps that is true, but that is reward for a job well done. But for now, we have more pressing matters. I was hoping to get a chance at a Tag Team match at Adrenaline, episode 2, with Lucifer Phoenix and Mike Smith. But then we had a little think about what we wanted, and it wasn’t it.”
Masahiro Kojima takes a moment and looks at the large man next to him, who has yet to take his eyes off Gabriel Hartman.

KOJIMA: “Then I thought that maybe my accomplice would like a match with someone like Alec Quartermain, Creflo Chambers or Drake Knight to show his dominance while I take someone like Shane Borderland and show him why I will be the next No. 1 Contender to the Title, but then I thought we could face Stefan Raab and Jason Cashe? But then again we have the chance to be in the Tag Title tournament.”
HARTMAN: “But which will it be?”
KOJIMA: “Perhaps when Mr. Wallace and Mr. Morrison get a moment to decide the direction for us, then we will go from there. But for now, just be introduced to Tatsuhiko Matsuhita, and you will soon see what he is capable of.”
As Kojima says that, he turns and walks away from Gabriel Hartman. Hartman goes to try and follow but Tatsuhiko Matsuhita puts his palm on the chest of Gabriel and doesn’t allow him to follow. With that Tatsuhiko turns and follows Kojima as they leave the building and the scene fades.

The cameras switch to the backstage area to find EMTs hauling Jason Cashe to the Ambulance. He is strapped down on a stretcher with Tidus Howe at his side as they tear through the backstage hallways. It’s clear Cashe is still out of it as Tidus tries to keep him awake to prevent him from falling asleep in case of concussion.

HOWE: “Hey stay with me, look at me Cashe! Is he gonna be okay?”
Smaller EMT: “He’ll be fine, we just need to get him for some tests. He might have a concussion..Let us do our jobs!”
They arrive at the Ambulance and the bigger EMT guy hurries to open the double doors at the rear of the vehicle. Tidus stands back as they work but the smaller EMT cocks his head to the side as he stares down at Cashe watching.

Smaller EMT: “Hey…Hey Bobby? I think this one is going toes up! Get the Defibrillator stat!!”
HOWE: “Wait, what? What’s happening? Talk to me people!!”
As the bigger EMT pulls out the electric pulsing pads and machine, the Smaller EMT opens Cashe’s mouth and inserts a piece of wood for him to bite down on before he shoots a glare to Tidus Howe and points at him sternly.

Smaller EMT: “Let us do our jobs alright? Back up!”
Thing was, Jason Cashe had his eyes glazed over but they were open. He seemed to have understood what was going on as he moves at the wrists trying to push free from the straps of the stretcher. Howe seems suspicious by the whole thing as he looks down into the wide open eyes of Cashe as he looks up to see the defib being prepared.

HOWE: “No..Nah, this isn’t right! He looks fine to me! He’s eyes wide open look! Don’t do that..”
Cashe shakes, tries moving to show he’s okay as Howe approaches the stretcher again and tries to grab for one of the straps to free his client. The Bigger EMT hands off the defibrillator and steps around to meet Tidus Howe. Howe looks up at the wide and thick EMT but the bigger man just shoves back the Leader of The House. Howe hits the ground losing his balance and looks up shocked at the actions of the Emergency Unit worker.

Smaller EMT: “Okay let’s get this done…That money is ours!”
The gel on each pad is rubbed together as the EMT looks to the Bigger EMT to turn up the voltage.

Smaller EMT: “CLEAR!!
The pads hit the bare chest of Jason Cashe and a surge of electricity flows into the 4CW Champion’s body. He arches up from his lower back but the straps keep him tied down as his voice screams out in pain.

JCASHE: “AhhggghhhAhhhgggghhhhAhhhgggghh!!!!
On his feet in a hurry, Tidus Howe grabs a small garbage can and tilts it over to dump out some excess trash before lifting it off the ground. He rushes back into the “action” and swings the Garbage can, cracking the bigger EMT to the bridge of his nose. He falls back into the Ambulance, Tidus drops the garbage can and slaps one of the paddles from the smaller EMT.

HOWE: “Leave him alone mud fuckers!”
There was little left that Tidus could actually do as he had no fighting skills himself and the bigger EMT was back on his feet and heading towards him with big man rage burning in his eyes. The foot falls come from out of the scene but Tidus Howe turns to see Stefan Raab rushing into the scene, he passes by Tidus and dives at the bigger EMT knocking him back a few steps. Tidus lets out a proud WOOT as Raab begins pounding into the face of the bigger man disguised to take care of the injuries for the event.

The smaller EMT sees his partner taken down by Raab and decides to abort. He drops the other pad and takes off running. Tidus Howe hurries and begins to loosen the straps bounding Cashe and gets the first arm free before Stefan Raab gets to his feet and comes to help.

RAAB: “Sorry I’m late, I think someone tampered with my belongings so I wasn’t even aware something was happening at ringside. I should have been there..”
HOWE: “Don’t worry about it, let’s just get him off this and out of this arena..It’s been a terrible night!”
As they both haul Cashe up off the gurney, they get him held up between then as they get ready to leave the scene. As they turn to walk away though, 4CW Owner Perry Wallace is standing there watching. Tidus and Raab halt their progression as a drooling and dazed Jason Cashe slowly lifts up his head to see the man before him who saved him earlier in the show.

WALLACE: “What…the….fuck?”
He stands there with his arms raised up and Cashe just drops his head again as the House Of Howe walk him out of scene leaving Wallace standing there shocked at the EMT laid out on the ground. He shakes his head knowing this Bounty will have some effect on him as well as the days pass. The scene switches and heads back to ringside.


VASSA: ”We’ve had one hell of a night and it’s about to get even better!”
JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer won the Extreme Television championship two weeks ago and tonight will be his first defense. It isn’t an easy defense either as he will be taking on both Jason Lee and Roxi Johnson in a triple threat, no rules, pinfall only contest.”
VASSA: ”Anything can happen!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Larry Collins will be our official for this match as we conclude the very first 4CW Adrenaline. Mike Powers is standing by, ready to introduce the wrestlers.”
POWERS: ”Our first competitor comes out of Cleveland, Ohio and weighs in at two hundred thirty four pounds and stands six feet, three inches tall… Jason Lee!!!”
The beginning rift carries through the loudspeakers, causing the light to dim flashing lights covering the crowd. Lee makes his arrival to the stage, extending his arms, widening his legs and tilting his head back . The crowds boos are ignored by Lee as he soon afterwards swaggers down the ramp. Exclaiming that he’s number one each and every given chance. He eventually taunts his way to the base of the stairs leading to the ring, taking a quick glance around, annoying the crowd further as he slowly steps up onto the apron. He strides along the edge, tapping the rope in the rhythm of the song before eventually entering the ring through the ropes. He makes his way toward the nearest turnbuckle, making the motions as if he were about to hop up and taunt, yet he instead halts and backs away gesturing that the fans weren’t worth it as another set of boos rain down.

POWERS: ”Our next competitor comes to you out of Tampa, Florida and weighs in at one hundred thirty two pounds and stands five feet, six inches… She is 4CW’s very own superhero, Roxi Johnson!!!”
“Help Is On The Way” plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

POWERS: ”And the final, coming to you out of Prospect, Connecticut weighing in at two hundred seven pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches… He is the 4CW Extreme Television champion, The Harbinger of Serenity… The Red Pioneer!!!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan blasts out through the arena as the lights all dim. The Red Pioneer comes bolting out from the back, charging toward the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He runs over to the far corner and leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who is roaring their approval for him before dropping back to the mat and stretching before the match starts.

VASSA: ”There he is, 4CW’s first ever Extreme Television champion!”
JOHNSON: ”Each title defense will consist of an extreme type rule and of course, this title is defended on every 4CW show. Tonight isn’t a walk in the park either. For his first defense, he has to go up against both Jason Lee and Roxi Johnson in a pinfall only triple threat match that consists of no rules.”
VASSA: ”NO RULES!!! I’m freakin’ ready!”
JOHNSON: ”It appears that Larry Collins is ready to start this match as well as he hands the championship to our ringside crew to hold during this bout. Lets do it!”
At the sound of the bell, Jason takes off from his corner and runs at Pioneer. Without hesitation, Pioneer sidesteps and plants Jason’s face into the top turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Jason’s head bounces off of the turnbuckle and Roxi is right there behind him to slam him with a german suplex. Jason’s body flips over and rolls to the other side of the ring as Roxi quickly scrambles to her feet. Pioneer takes advantage of her being down and kicks her in the side a couple of times. Going for a third, Roxi grabs his foot and twists his ankle, pulling him down to the mat with her. She then climbs on top of Pioneer and attacks with a series of punches. Pioneer tries to fend them off the best he can before finally wrapping his arms around her body and slamming his head forward, right between her eyes with a hard headbutt.

VASSA: ”She’s going to feel that in the morning!”
JOHNSON: ”Not nearly as bad as I can imagine Jason’s head must be feeling right now and for the remaining week.”
Pioneer pushes Roxi off of him and climbs to his feet while she lies there with her head held in pain. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet. Out of nowhere, Roxi delivers a hard elbow below the belt that puts Pioneer in the turnbuckle, holding onto the ropes to keep from going down to the canvas. Roxi then climbs the turnbuckle over Pioneer and hits him with a series of punches as the fans begin to count as each one connects.
“One… Two… Three… Four… Five…”

By this time, Jason has made it back to his feet and slowly walks to the corner, trying to sneak his way into the action. Roxi looks back and takes notice before jumping from the turnbuckle into the air with a backflip. When she comes down, she lands behind Jason and drops him to the mat with a neckbreaker that sends a thud throughout the arena. Roxi gets to her feet and as soon as she turns around, Pioneer is there to plant her into the mat with a spear followed by slamming her head into the mat over and over with rage.

VASSA: ”You can never take your eye off of one opponent in a triple threat. This is what happens!”
Pioneer climbs off of Roxi and notices Jason slowly getting to his feet. He turns his attention towards him and grabs him by the back of the head. Pioneer then drags him across the ring and throws him into the turnbuckle, underneath the top rope, slamming his shoulder into the metal post. Jason then falls through the ropes onto the apron and Pioneer then grabs the top rope and springboards over and comes down on Jason’s head hanging off the apron with a leg drop.

Jason’s body flips over and crashes to the floor as Pionner slowly climbs to his feet, feeling the pain from that move. He then slides into the ring but is quickly met by Roxi who stomps on his back as he tries to get up. Roxi then pulls him to his feet and takes him right back down with a snap suplex in the center of the ring. She then runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Pioneer slowly gets to his feet as Roxi just waits to make her move. Once up, Pionner turns his body towards Roxi. She leaps from the top rope of the corner with a flying crossbody. Quick to react, Pioneer catches her and fluidly drives her into the mat with a powerslam. He then covers for the pin as the ref drops for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Roxi kicks out!!!”
VASSA: ”I thought this thing might have been over before the real action happened!”
Pioneer wastes no time and gets up, pulling Roxi with him. He then delivers a series of backhand chops to her chest that get big pops from the fans.

VASSA: ”Getting a little close to those treasures of hers…”
JOHNSON: ”Do you always think like that?”
VASSA: ”I’m just saying, if it was me, I might have a hand slip… on purpose.”
Jason slowly gets up on the outside of the ring. Pioneer gives Roxi one last chop before grabbing her arm and throwing her to the ropes behind him. As Roxi approaches the ropes, she notices Jason struggling to get to his feet. She then leaps through the top and middle ropes and dives directly into Jason. The two collide with Jason breaking her fall and receiving all of the impact. Roxi then gets up and picks Jason up as well. She then slams his head into the barricade separating the fans from the ring. The fans go nuts as things begin getting really interesting and down right what they came to see. Roxi then grabs Jason’s arm and throws him into the ring steps. Jason crashes into them, knocking them over as his back collides. She then gets right back up and keeps her focus on Jason. She picks him up and kicks him in the stomach. Jason quickly lunges over in pain and Roxi takes advantage, planting his face into the hard floor with a DDT.

JOHNSON: ”We haven’t seen this side of Roxi but she sure is adapting to the settings of this Extreme Television championship match.”
VASSA: ”Superheroes are supposed to follow the rules and that’s exactly what she’s doing. There are NO RULES!!!”
On the inside, Pioneer watches on for a moment. He then climbs out of the opposite side of the ring and heads straight for the commentary booth.

JOHNSON: ”Here comes The Red Pioneer!”
VASSA: ”I know exactly what he wants.”
Vassa stands up and grabs an empty chair at ringside. He then turns around and hands it to Pioneer who’s standing at the booth, waiting. The fans cheer as Vassa turns around and pumps his fists. Pioneer then walks around the ring with the chair in hand.

JOHNSON: ”So now you’re getting involved?”
VASSA: ”I’m just giving the fans what they came to see! Plus, I wasn’t about to give up my chair. Do I look like I want to stand for the rest of the night?”
JOHNSON: ”It wouldn’t hurt.”
Roxi has Jason by the hair, pulling him to his feet. Finding a burst of energy, Jason connects with a hard right. Roxi then connects with a right of her own. Jason fires back with one of his. Pioneer then approaches with the chair in hand. Roxi kicks Jason in the stomach and then turns him around, pushing him towards Pioneer. Pioneer then draws the chair back and steps forward, slamming it into Jason’s head, knocking him to his back, out cold.

VASSA: ”That’s what we came to see!”
Pioneer then looks up at Roxi who looks on herself. He then swings at her with the chair but misses as she jumps back. He swings again but misses once more. Pioneer then tosses the chair at Roxi and she catches. Pioneer then jumps in the air with a spinning kick and drives the chair into Roxi’s face. Roxi falls back a few steps and crashes into the fallen ring steps. The chair falls out of her hand and bounces at Pioneer’s feet. He looks down at it and nods before picking it up once more. Pioneer then takes a big swing at Roxi who’s on the ground. She rolls out of the way as the chair slams into the metal steps with a thud. Pioneer then swings again and comes down at Roxi only for her to kick the chair back up in his face. The metal backrest pops him in the face and knocks him back a few steps before he trips and falls over Jason’s fallen body. Down beside Pioneer, Jason quickly rolls over for the pin on Pioneer as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”Jason almost stole the match!”
Pioneer rolls Jason off of him and slowly pulls himself up using the barricade for help. Meanwhile, Roxi slowly gets to her feet using the ring steps to help. The two get up at the same time while Jason continues to lay on the hard floor. They then approach each other and lock up on the outside of the ring. Roxi takes control and locks Pioneer in a headlock and then takes a few steps before planting him with a bulldog. She then goes for the cover.

”The Red Pioneer isn’t going down that easy!”
VASSA: ”Easy? They have been beating the hell out of each other!”
Roxi rolls off of Pioneer and uses the side of the ring to get to her feet. Pioneer does the same. The two get up at the same time. Pioneer then grabs her by the hair and slams her face into the apron. He then rolls her underneath the bottom rope into the ring. Pioneer then grabs Jason by the back of the head and jerks him to his feet. He then rolls him into the ring as well. Pioneer then grabs the steel chair at ringside and tosses it over the top rope, into the ring and crashing onto the back of Jason’s head with a thud.

VASSA: ”Things just aren’t getting any easier for Jason tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s taken more damage than Roxi or The Red Pioneer but hasn’t delivered nowhere near as much as they have.”
Pioneer climbs onto the apron as Roxi gets to her feet. She picks the chair up off of Jason and attacks his knee with it. Pioneer then springboards onto the top rope and flies at Roxi. She quickly takes notices and jabs the chair into his mid section. Pioneer lands but bends over in pain, with the breath knocked out of him. Roxi then slams the chair on the mat behind Pioneer and drops him on top of it with a Russian leg sweep. She then goes for the pin but Jason is right there to pull her away by the leg. Jason then kicks her while she’s down but comes up short as Roxi turns over and kicks him in the groin. She then jumps to her feet and attacks Jason with a series of kicks and punches. She then runs to the ropes and jumps towards them. Jason looks back to keep an eye on her only to watch her bounce off the middle rope and come back with a spinning kick to the face. Jason flies across the ring before crashing and rolling out of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”THE RAY OF HOPE!!! This could be it!”
VASSA: ”Not just yet!!!”

As Roxi turns around, Pioneer is there to slam the chair in her mid section, returning the favor. He then slams down to the mat in front of her. He kicks her in the stomach again and then wraps his arm around her head and hooks her arm. He then lifts her into the air in a cradle position and lifts her up and over with a powerful cradle hammerlock DDT onto the steel chair in the center of the ring.

VASSA: ”HOLY HELL!!! Now, this could be it!”
JOHNSON: ”The Unmasking! He hit Roxi with The Unmasking on top of a steel chair!”
Pioneer then covers Roxi’s motionless body as her head rests on the dented chair. The ref then drops for the count…

”The Red Pioneer has won it! His first Extreme Television title defense was a success!”
VASSA: ”If this is what we have to look forward to at every show then we’re all in for some good times!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan begins to play over the building as Pioneer quickly jumps to his feet. The ref walks to the ropes where the Extreme Television championship is handed to him. He then hands the title to Pioneer and raises his arm in the air in victory.

JOHNSON: ”For a first title defense, this was one heck of a match!”
VASSA: ”This has been one hell of a show, Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks from now we get to see it all over again, maybe with even more extreme stipulations.”
VASSA: ”Perry, Morrison and the HBO executives have really done it with this championship. This is sure to get the adrenaline pumping in everyone watching, not only here at ringside but live on HBO!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s all the time we have for tonight folks. Tune in two weeks from now to see the rematch we’ve all been waiting for. Jason Phoenix will be climbing in the ring with Jason Cashe with the South-West Heavyweight championship on the line in a last man standing match.”
VASSA: ”Not only that but there can’t be any outside interference by either party. We also get to witness another title defense from the Red Pioneer.”
JOHNSON: ”Now we can only wonder if Cashe will even make it to the title defense after what happened earlier tonight.”
VASSA: ”This guy has made it to shows after sitting in jail hours earlier. I have faith that Cashe will not disappoint.”
JOHNSON: ”I hope you’re right. Lets not forget the second half of the tag team championship tournament. Beauty and the Beast and Sweet Annihilation have the show off but we’ll be introducing four new teams into the mix.”
VASSA: ”I can’t wait for what’s in store for us in 4CW’s future.”
JOHNSON: ”Thanks for tuning in folks. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa. Thanks for watching. Good night!”
Pioneer continues to hold the championship in the air as the fans chant his name.
PI – O – NEER, PI – O – NEER, PI – O – NEER…”
He then climbs the turnbuckle with the title in hand and looks over the crowd as the scene slowly fades to black.