MAY 12TH, 2014

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa!”
JOHNSON: ”A lot has changed since our show two weeks ago folks. The scenery has shifted and a new South-West Heavyweight champion has been crowned.”
VASSA: ”I’m still in shock to be honest.”
JOHNSON: ”I think everyone is. Two weeks ago we watched as Jason Phoenix challenged Jason Cashe for the championship in a last man standing match that changed the face of 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Since 4CW 004, Cashe has lead this company as the South-West Heavyweight champion. After a brutal, long match up, Phoenix put Cashe down and out for the count. A new champion was crowned.”
JOHNSON: ”This was a rematch that had Vegas written all over it but Cashe pushed Mr. Wallace to the limits. In return, Mr. Wallace bumped up the match and booked it ahead of schedule.”
VASSA: ”The stars aligned and Adrenaline E02 will forever be remembered as “The Night Of The Phoenix”.”
JOHNSON: ”We can only sit here and wonder how is Cashe going to play his hand now that the chips have fallen in Phoenix’s favor.”
VASSA: ”I’ve been calling his matches since 2006 and I’ve never known him to let adversity get the best of him. He’s going to come back swinging for the fences!”
JOHNSON: ”Him nor Phoenix are booked tonight. Cashe hasn’t even been heard from as a matter of fact.”
VASSA: ”I heard that he has been camping, searching himself. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a few magic mushrooms take part in this vision quest.”
JOHNSON: ”Without them two in the picture tonight, allow us to go over what we do have in store for everyone watching tonight.”
VASSA: ”First up, we have Dan White debuting in 4CW against Lincoln Cutler.”
JOHNSON: ”Dan has a little mystery to him as far as 4CW goes but he will be put to the challenge in this debut match up tonight against Cutler.”
VASSA: ”Cutler is old school and I will guarantee that he won’t hold anything back tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago we were supposed to see Shane Borderland debut against Stefan Raab. Well that didn’t go as planned!”
VASSA: ”Oh it sure didn’t! The two basically broke out into a brawl and then Tidus Howe broke it up. What does that mean? Who knows!”
JOHNSON: ”Mr. Wallace released a statement earlier in the week that nothing like that will happen again tonight. Shane must compete and his opponent is the “Nightmare” herself, Niobe Martin!”
VASSA: ”This should be a good one. Niobe has been with 4CW since the beginning but after her match two weeks ago, I think she’ll find her stride tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Next up, we get to see Jackson Ford climb in the ring with Jair Hopkins.”
VASSA: ”Last week Ford came up short in the ring when he met Kandi Washington. I don’t blame him. I’d be distracted if I was in the ring with her too. She’s on fire!”
JOHNSON: ”Jair Hopkins will be making his debut tonight. He has been a really huge signing over the last few weeks and will bring excitement to the ring each and every time he steps foot in it.”
VASSA: ”This should be a really good match up between these two. I don’t know who to pick. With Jackson Ford and Jair Hopkins, the fans are sure to win with this one!”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago Duke Thunder and XTC made their tag debut in the first round of the tag tournament and walked away with a victory. Tonight they will compete against Beauty and the Beast in round two of the tag tournament.”
VASSA: ”Christian Taylor and Mike Smith are a powerhouse in the ring. They secured their spot in the tournament four weeks ago. Tonight, only one of these teams will walk away a winner and advance in the quest to crown a tag team champion!”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of Stefan Raab, he’ll be climbing in the ring with Roxi Johnson. Roxi has been on a rough patch lately but can turn it around with a win tonight over Raab.”
VASSA: ”It’s not going to be easy for her but that superhero we’ve all grown to love will dig deep and pull out all the stops!”
JOHNSON: ”Every superhero has their ups and downs. It’s what they do when the times are bad that determine their future. I’m expecting to see Roxi bounce back and bring a level of energy to the ring that the fans have grown to love.”
VASSA: ”Then we have Nathaniel Havok climbing in the ring with Masahiro Kojima. Havok was in a brutal match two weeks ago with The Red Pioneer and those two beat the living Hell out of each other. I’m thinking that Havok is still feeling the pain from that match.”
JOHNSON: ”Kojima has been on a hot streak since returning and he will have a challenge tonight stepping inside of the ring with Havok. This should be a great one!”
VASSA: ”Next up, we have another match for the tag team tournament.”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago “Young” Mannie and Alec Quartermain defeated “Average” Joe and Pat Gordon Jr. in the tournament. That was a close match but in the end, Mannie and Alec came out on top.”
VASSA: ”At 4CW 008, Pat defeated Alec in a singles match. With the result of the tag match two weeks ago, I would assume that evens the score for Mannie and Alec. Maybe we’ll get to see those two in action against each other in the near future.”
JOHNSON: ”Coming off a bye in the tournament, Sweet Annihilation will meet them in the ring for another match in the second round of the tournament.”
VASSA: ”I said that Beauty and the Beast was a powerhouse in the tag division but Drake Knight and Ice are as well. You take those two and then consider Kandi in the equation, this team is one to look out for.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, Vinny! It’s going to be one heck of a headline match tonight.”
VASSA: ”And then for our main event, we have another delightful Extreme Television match.”
JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer has been dominate since winning the championship, since stepping foot on 4CW soil .Last week he defended the championship successfully against Havok. Tonight, he’ll be defending the championship against “Average” Joe Martinez.”
VASSA: ”Joe was very impressive two weeks ago in his debut. Although he came out on the losing side of that tag match, management saw something special in him and has given him the opportunity to challenge The Red Pioneer for the strap.”
JOHNSON: ”This will be a standard extreme rules match which in a nutshell means that there are no rules. Anything can happen!”
VASSA: ”And I’m looking forward to that anything!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s our rundown for the card tonight folks. We have a great one booked. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the action.”
VASSA: ”In other news, 4CW has acquired 220 Wrestling. I think we all knew that by now. Frankie Morrison was the guest GM there a few weeks ago at a 220 show in Norfolk, Virginia. Heath came by two weeks ago to visit with Perry and Frankie and see the 4CW product in person. I think this is an awesome alliance that will in the end, give the fans more of what they want to see. The fans win in my opinion.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes they do! 4CW has been strictly in the south-western region of the United States. 220 reaches to the north-eastern market of the country. With this acquisition, it gives the company as a whole outlets on both coasts. I’ve even heard that 220 will be taking part in this tag team division we have in 4CW to create one big division among both brands.”
VASSA: ”I’ve even heard that the new tag team championship, when introduced officially, will be able to float between 4CW and 220.”
JOHNSON: ”4CW and 220 both have their own separate events. We alternate weeks so that gives you, the fans, action on a weekly basis. I’ve even heard rumor that both brands will come together for super-shows. In reality, creating one HUGE show featuring both rosters. This is fantastic!”
VASSA: ”220 was going their thing on the east coast and caught Perry’s eye. The overall feel of 220 is what attracted Perry and he has assured that nothing will change on that end. Heath Sommersby remains in control of 220 and Perry wants him to change nothing. This just gives Heath access to a larger cash flow and solves his work visa issue that forced him to book some future events across seas, in Japan.”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be a beautiful, fruitful relationship that will make the company as a whole, a powerhouse in this industry!”
VASSA: ”220 had a show last weekend and Frankie stopped by with a gift from Perry. Perry spent a lot of money on a custom championship belt for 220 and as a token of appreciation, had Frankie present it to Heath.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s being called the Second to None championship and I’m looking forward to seeing it on the line in future events.”
VASSA: ”Me too but apparently there’s some drama going on revolving around the championship. You’ll have to tune in this weekend to catch the latest scoop on that.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, I think we’ve done enough talking. What do you think, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”I couldn’t agree more!”
JOHNSON: ”Are you ready to get this night started?”
VASSA: ”Lets quit wasting time and get right to it! Are you ready everyone!”
JOHNSON: ”I know we are. Lets get tonight kicked off!”


JOHNSON: ”It’s time for our first match of the evening. Dan White will be making his 4CW debut against the 4CW resident, Lincoln Cutler.”
VASSA: ”Cutler is already in the ring and looks ready to put the newcomer to the test tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Christopher Salieri will be our official for this opening match.”
VASSA: ”Salieri… I wonder what his old uncle Tony is doing these days?”
JOHNSON: ”I have no idea. Maybe you should get with Christopher after the show tonight and ask him.”
VASSA: ”I think I may! I’d love to catch up with Tony.”
JOHNSON: ”Do it on your own time because we have business to attend to tonight. Mike Powers, please do the honors.”
POWERS: ”Our next competitor comes to the ring out of Cardiff, Wales. He weighs in at two hundred fifty three pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Welsh Dragon” Dan WHITE!!!”
”Anarchy in the UK” by The Sex Pistols hits, and even as the first “Anarchy” hits, the fans pop as Dan White walks out through the curtain. He claps his hands, ready for action, and walks down to the ring, with a pretty simplistic light show, and no pyros. He walks down the ramp, and close to the fans, not shaking their hands, but close enough so they have the chance to touch greatness. He enters the ring, where he warms up at the ropes, and climbs a turnbuckle, throwing his arms in the air and beating his chest, before jumping down and preparing for a fight.

VASSA: ”I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this lad in action but tonight’s just as good of a time as any!”
VASSA: ”I’m just speaking the language, Steve. Get over yourself!”
JOHNSON: ”I will. Until then, it looks like both competitors are ready to get down to business.”
Both stand in their corner as the ref stands in the center of the ring. He waves his hand in the air and signals for the bell as the match officially begins.

JOHNSON: ”There’s the bell and the night has officially kicked off!”
VASSA: ”I thought it did earlier when we opened with the rundown for this evening?”
The two slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. The fans wait in suspense before Cutler makes the first move and lunges forward at White. White side steps him and then the two lock up in the center of the ring. They struggle with one another, back and forth, before White gets the leverage and locks in a headlock on Cutler. White cranks down on the pressure. Cutler then positions his hands and pushes White off of him and to the ropes. White bounces off the ropes and comes at Cutler, knocking him down with a shoulder block. Cutler quickly gets up and runs to the ropes. When he comes back, White stands his ground and puts him right back down with another shoulder block. Cutler gets up again and goes to the ropes once more. When he comes back, White lunges forward with a clothesline but Cutler ducks. Cutler hits the ropes opposite and bounces back. This time when the two approach each other, White lifts Cutler up and spins around, driving him into the canvas with a powerslam.

VASSA: ”White rattled the ring with that impact move!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s going to have to do more than that to keep Cutler down.”
White gets to his feet just as Cutler gets to his. The two stare each other down for a moment. Cutler then lunges forward to lock up with White but receives a foot to the stomach instead. Cutler bends over from the blow and White hooks his arm around his head and then throws Cutler’s arm over his. White then lifts Cutler into the air, up and over, dropping him to the canvas with a vertical suplex turned into a neckbreaker. Cutler hits the mat with a thud and rolls over as White gets to his feet. White wastes no time and grabs Cutler by the head and pulls him to his feet. White then kicks Cutler in the stomach again and then locks on a full Nelson with Cutler bent over. White then takes a few steps, bringing Cutler with him, and drops Cutler face first into the mat with a bulldog.

JOHNSON: ”That was an impressive bulldog. White locked his arms so Cutler couldn’t put his hands down to protect his face.”
VASSA: ”So far White has the match in control.”
White gets back up and then stomps on Cutler while he’s down. Cutler tries to defend himself but fails as White stomps all over. White then picks Cutler up and locks an armbar and jumps into the air, hitting Cutler with a jumping arm breaker. Cutler remains on his feet as White keeps a hold on his wrist. White then pulls Cutler in to him and lays him out with a clothesline.

VASSA: ”Lincoln Cutler is a technical wrestler but Dan White is showing him up tonight!”
White kicks Cutler a few times while he’s down, until Cutler manages to push himself up and get to his feet. Cutler then rushes White and swings with a hard right. White side steps the blow and grabs ahold of Cutlers head and takes him to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. White quickly gets up and grabs Cutler by the head again and pulls him up, giving him no time to rest. White then takes Cutler to the mat with a snapmare and sets him up in the seated position. White then runs to the ropes in front of Cutler. He bounces off the ropes, comes back, and connects with a dropkick to Cutler’s head that sends his head flying back and crashing to the canvas. White then climbs on top of Cutler and covers for the pin.

VASSA: ”Cutler kicks out!”
JOHNSON: ”That was a close one!”
White doesn’t waste any time arguing with the ref. He climbs to his feet and then pulls Cutler up as well. White sets Cutler up for another suplex and lifts him into the air. Cutler manages to break free and falls to his feet, behind White. Cutler then wraps his arms around White’s waist and lifts him up and plants him into the mat with a German suplex. White rolls over and jumps back up as Cutler stands and looks at him in disbelief. White then swings with a hard right and Cutler ducks and delivers an elbow in his side. White leans over from the pain and Cutler picks him up and throws him to the canvas with a bodyslam. White pops back up and Cutler grabs him again, lifts him up, and drops him to the mat with another bodyslam. Cutler’s hair gets in his face but White manages to get back up again. Just as Cutler wipes the hair away from his face, his eyes widen as he noticed White standing across from him. Cutler quickly reacts and lunges at White. White grabs him by the arm and launches him across the ring to the ropes. Cutler hits the ropes, comes back and gets dropped with a spinebuster.

JOHNSON: ”That move looked to do some damage.”
VASSA: ”Cutler is a perfectionist in the ring and tonight, Dan White is showing him up each and every step of the way.”
White then turns to the corner and quickly approaches it. He climbs the turnbuckle to the top rope and turns to the inside of the ring where Cutler is still laying down. White then leaps from the top rope with a corkscrew moonsault and connects with Cutler’s defenseless body.

JOHNSON: ”If I’m correct, Dan White likes to call that corkscrew moonsault variant the Welsh Dragon.”
VASSA: ”What is he doing? He has this match finished…”
White slowly gets up as Cutler lays there, motionless from the high impact move. White then grabs him by the head and pulls him to his feet, holding the dead weight up. White then lifts him up in the spinebuster position and then plants him into the mat with a sitout pin. Dan has Cutler in position for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.


VASSA: ”Dan White has won it!”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed he has with an impressive victory in his 4CW debut.”
White quickly gets to his feet as “Anarchy in the UK” hits the speakers. The ref then raises his arm in the air as the bell sounds.

POWERS: ”Your winner, by pinfall… DAN WWHHIITTEE!!!”
VASSA: ”Lincoln Cutler isn’t a pushover by any means and Dan White made it look simple in the ring as he picked him apart.”
JOHNSON: ”In his first 4CW match, Dan has made a statement tonight with this victory.”
The music continues to play as White paces around the ring, letting the cheers of the crowd soak in.

JOHNSON: ”While Dan enjoys his win and we clear the ring, lets go backstage for a moment.”

The cameras switch to the backstage area just outside the women’s locker room. As the cameras zoom in closer, Kandi Washington is seen strutting her way through the main door. As she walks in, she struts pass the vanity stand where there’s Jacinta leaning over the countertop doing her eye makeup. Kandi smirks as she catches her from the corner of her eye. She twirls around and walks back up to Jacinta as she pauses just inches away from her. She folds her arms across her chest and twitches her nose as she lets out a slight snicker.

KANDI: ”Has anybody told you, you look like a drag queen with all of that unnatural makeup? It’s really not cute.”
Jacinta leans up and sets her eyeliner pencil down as she turns to Kandi, rolling her eyes, and slapping her hand on her hip. Kandi tilts up off the wall with her arms still crossed across her chest.

JACINTA: ”Wow! You’re actually cornier than thought you would be Kandi, but I’m going to do us all a big favor by stopping you right here Sweetie. Because Kandi if you keep on talking shit; then the next thing that will comes towards your mouth, won’t feel as “Icey” as what comes out of it…HOE!”
She says with such aggression and Kandi simply laughs in response. She unfolds her arms and lifts her right hand up to her hair as she begins to twirl her finger around a strand or two of her platinum blonde locks.

KANDI: ”While I would enjoy humiliating you and belittling you with my words, you’re not worth my fucking time, little girl! I have much bigger things on my plate than a little foreign exchange student to play with… but…”
She leans in and taps Jacinta on her chest.

KANDI: ”If you intend to escort Mannie out to the ring tonight, I am going to make sure you regret the day you ever chose to align with Mannie. Do I make myself clear? You, Mannie, and Alec Quartermain will NOT be getting your grubby little hands on those prestigious championship titles that have MY team’s name all over them!”
She licks her lips seductively.

KANDI: ”I want YOU to remember I am the Queen of 4CW and the HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE, so the last person you should want to piss off is…ME!”
She points to her chest and raises her eyebrow as she cocks her head to the side. Jacinta raises her hand up to her nose and chuckles.

JACINTA: ”You may be the “Head Bitch In Charge” but I will always be The BOSS BITCH!”
Jacinta removes her right hand from Kandi’s face, before using her left one to blindside her with a slap. Kandi clutches her hand to her cheek and smirks as she licks her lips seductively. She rubs her cheek as she continues to glare down at Jacinta.

KANDI: ”Do you honestly feel you’re the boss OVER anything besides Mannie’s small ass dick? Oh puh-lease, I have already proven to be the ONLY bitch that mattered in 4CW and I will continue to wear the crown of Queen in 4CW, period!”
She reaches her hand over to Jacinta and she presses her finger against the middle of Jacinta’s forehead, forcing her to slightly stumble backwards. She crosses her arms and raises her right eyebrow. Jacinta smirks to herself a little bit before nodding back at Kandi, who looks to be pretty proud of herself.

JACINTA: *Clapping* ”Small Ass Dick hunh? Hmm, that was so original too Kandi. So I was wondering maybe you could tell me that story again, because I’m still confused about something…*Pondering* How could you know the size of my Papi’s *Stretching out her hands* Culo Polla Gorda, if you were already too busy sucking it through the TV monitors every week? I mean damn Bitch hop off! He’s already taken and he is all mine, *Pointing to herself* but then again I forget that your legs also have the same problem as your mouth.”
Jacinta leans forwards and gets directly right into Kandi’s face.

JACINTA: *Raising her hand up* ”See Kandi it’s all starting to make sense now. *Chuckling* You’ve been taken so many dicks that all that was left here was a Air-headed, *Forehead Poke* Pancake-Tits Having, *Forehead Poke* Square-Nippled, *Forehead Poke* Buck-Teeth, *Forehead Poke* Fake Blonde, *Forehead Poke* Who is now full from head to toe with Cum Inflated Ego! *Clapping again* Bravo you Silly Hoe, Bravo! *Waving her hand around* So for all of your hard work Kandi, I think that you deserve a big reward. *Smiling* You deserve a chance to have one more of your free holes violated by someone in 4CW & what better person than me? Because I’m going to enjoy myself when I personally deliver my 7 inch boot up your whistle-blowing ass!”
Jacinta rolls her neck before turning around to walk off from Kandi.

Out from the back, Perry Wallace makes his way to the entrance stage. He stands there for a moment, overlooking the crowd. He then turns to the entrance and a masked man, Tatsuhiko Matsuhita, walks out from the back and stands beside him. The two look at each other for a brief moment before walking to the ring.
Once at ringside, Tatsuhiko climbs the ringside steps and walks onto the apron. Wallace then climbs the steps and enters the ring underneath the top rope as Tatsuhiko pulls it up and sits on the middle one, lowering it to create a large gap. Wallace walks to the center of the ring as Tatsuhiko follows suit and stands in a corner with his arms crossed, overlooking Wallace. Looking around the building, Wallace pulls out a microphone as the sound of the crowd goes silent.

WALLACE: ”How is everyone doing tonight, here in Denver, Colorado?!”
The fans begin to cheer as a grin comes to Wallace’s face. He then looks around the crowd as if he was scanning for something before raising the mic to his mouth.

WALLACE: ”As I’m sure you all know by the recent headlines, 4CW has officially acquired 220 wrestling.”
The fans erupt with cheers as Wallace nods his head.

WALLACE: ”We now have territory, we now have reach on the east coast. 4CW is doing its thing here in the south-west and 220 is doing its thing on the north-east just along the Mason-Dixon Line. I’m sure you are all wondering, what does this mean for 4CW and 220 alike? The answer to that question is simple, indeed it is. It means that us as a whole, 4CW and 220, have joined forces to become a powerhouse in this industry! It means that we have media outlets on both coasts and soon across the Pacific.”
“I know there are a lot of die hard 220 fans out there who are unsure about this acquisition. I come out here tonight to ease those worries and assure you that 220 will remain as it is. Nothing will change, you all will still get to enjoy the great product that they present. Frankie Morrison is now the official general manager of 4CW while Heath Sommersby is the official general manager of 220. Where does that leave me you ask? I’m the one who bankrolls this business opportunity and brings both of these worlds together, under one roof, one family.”
“I would like to take this opportunity to make a special announcement. 4CW and 220 will both collide in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Jubilee Theater. We will come together to put on one of the biggest shows that this business has seen this year. July 13th, 4CW and 220 will join forces at a special event that will forever be etched in your memories. July 13th, I will present ANTE UP to all of you and together, we will show this business that we are the elite wrestling force to date.”

The crowd begins to cheer as 4CW and 220 chants are heard through the sounds.

WALLACE: ”Until then, you can catch one of us each and every week leading to July 13th. Then, and only then, will you truly know what our minds have come together to create for you fans out there!”
As the fans continue to cheer, something flies into the ring and falls at Wallace’s feet. Wallace looks down and bends over, picking it up. He holds it into the air and examines for a moment. The camera then zooms in to reveal a marijuana cigarette between his fingertips. Wallace chuckles for a moment before placing it behind his ear and raising the mic to his mouth.

WALLACE: ”Did he put you up to this?”
The crowd then goes silent as Wallace looks around, waiting for someone to answer. He then clears his throat before continuing.

WALLACE: ”Lets get to my other agenda for the night. Two weeks ago we witnessed a new 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion born. Jason Phoenix defeated Jason Cashe with the title on the line in a last man standing match. I know, some of you may feel that this rematch between the two was a little rushed and it very well was. It wasn’t by my doing. I was pushed to bump up the rematch date by the disrespect that Jason Cashe showed me. To add fuel to the fire, he made it very clear to me that he wouldn’t be in the building tonight and that I could stick my booking up my you know what. Well… I’m here to make a few things clear.”
The crowd then begins to chant as an angry look comes over Wallace’s face.
“Jason Cashe… Jason Cashe… Jason Cashe… Jason Cashe… Jason Cashe…”

WALLACE: ”A few weeks ago, Jason Cashe literally slapped me in the face. Then after the show two weeks ago, he slapped me in the face again by telling me that he will not be here tonight regardless of it I booked him or not. I’m here tonight to make one thing clear. After him and Jason Phoenix’s first title match ended in a no contest, I gave Phoenix a rematch, the rematch that he deserved. I know some of you out there, including Cashe himself, feel that he deserves a rematch at the championship. I’m here to tell you and him, in front of everyone here tonight, that he will not get a rematch!”
The crowd then begins to boo heavily as Wallace paces back and forth in the ring, looking over the crowd, scanning for someone. Tatsuhiko stands there with his arms still crossed, watching over Wallace.

WALLACE: ”I know, I know… you all think I’m a huge asshole. This wasn’t an easy decision for me, not at all. Jason Cashe is the only one to blame for this result, him being denied a rematch at the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship. If he wants to disrespect me, disrespect all of you and he is by not being here, then what kind of champion is he? We have a new champion who beat him fair and square in the ring. Speaking of which, I would like to take a little time out to congratulate Jason Phoenix on his victory.”
The crowd continues to boo and throw stuff in the ring. Half burnt marijuana cigarettes fall at Wallace feet as he chuckles.

WALLACE: ”I know you all are displeased with me right now but don’t waste your good top grade cheeba on yours truly. Hang on to it and put one in the air for me. I’m not the one who has cheated you. Jason Cashe has given you all the shaft! In light of these hard times, I do have a contender in mind. I have just the guy to line up across from Phoenix and give you all the match you truly deserve.”
“Who do I have in mind? You’ll all just have to wait and see. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. So please, save the rolled joint clouds for someone who deserves it. Last time we came to Colorado the ring was engulfed by a spliff cloud and it has become something that 4CW is infamous for. On the other hand, I will enjoy this little treat behind my ear backstage. Just remember, I’m not the enemy folks. I work hard for each and every show to put on the best performance that we possibly can. Jason Cashe is the one who has cheated you all by tucking his tail between his legs and boycotting this event tonight. Remember that!”
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I have wasted enough of your time tonight. Lets get back to the action, what we all came here to see tonight!”

The crowd boos as Wallace walks towards Tatsuhiko. The two look at each other as the scene cuts to a video feed.



JOHNSON: ”Up next we have Shane Borderland climbing in the ring with Niobe Martin.”
VASSA: ”Niobe came through with a clutch win in the preliminaries last week. Shane was to make his official debut against Stefan Raab but things didn’t quite go as planned.”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight he’ll have the opportunity to debut. Mr. Wallace has already commented about the situation and said he will not tolerate any mishaps like last week. The fans pay to come see and show and that’s what they’re going to get.”
VASSA: ”I’m sure things won’t get out of hand tonight because Niobe is a little firecracker and I will bet that she has her sights set on a win tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s time to get this match underway. Mike Powers, do your thing.”
POWERS: ”Our next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he comes here tonight out of San Diego, California. He weighs in at two hundred forty three pounds and stands six feet, four inches tall. He is the “Bad Boy”… Shane BORDERLAND!!!”
As the lights dim throughout the building, orange strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva blares through the sound system. Shane Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms, then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

VASSA: ”There he is, the “Bad Boy” himself!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s been teasing us with appearance for the past few shows. Tonight, it’s time to put up or shut up!”
POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to the ring straight out of Los Angeles, California. She weighs in at one hundred twenty five pounds and stands five feet, seven inches tall. She is the “Nightmare” Niobe MARTIN!!!”
As the opening of the song starts to play, the video flashes on the big screen of a camera panning up a grassy hill at night slowly until it gets to the top, panning from left to right, lightning flashing in the sky as the opening guitar rift plays. Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now your nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

VASSA: ”Now that’s a face that I ALWAYS enjoy seeing at every show.”
JOHNSON: ”Niobe has been on a rough patch as of late but things turned around 2 weeks ago when she walked away with a victory over Eric Paisano and Jason Lee in a triple threat match.”
VASSA: ”I’ve always been a sucker for a pretty face and my bet is going on Niobe tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”You do know that we’re supposed to remain unbiased right?”
VASSA: ”Do you not see that sexy body in the ring right now?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not even going to acknowledge that comment. Larry Collins will be our official and it looks like he’s ready to signal for the bell.”

VASSA: ”And there it is!”
At the sound of the bell, Shane takes off towards Niobe who is still in her corner. As he approaches, Niobe quickly side steps and Shane crashes into the turnbuckle with a missed right hand swing. Niobe then digs her fingernails into his back and pulls down, giving Shane a back rake. Shane stands straight up and leans back a little in pain as the red lines become apparent going down his back. Niobe then turns him around and slaps him across the face with a stinging right open hand. Shane’s head turns to the side from impact as he just looks down and licks his lips. He then turns back at Niobe and lays her out with a closed fist punch directly to the head. Niobe stumbles back a couple of steps and Shane plants her into the canvas with a clothesline.

VASSA: ”Sanctioned match or not, you don’t hit a lady like that!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sorry Vinny, but, if she’s willing to climb in the ring with a male then she needs to expect to get treated like one. This isn’t Niobe’s first rodeo.”
Shane walks towards Niobe as she slowly begins to climb to her feet. He grabs her by the hair and helps her up. Shane then lifts her into the air and drops her to the canvas with a scoop slam. He then jogs to the ropes, bounces off and comes back to drop a hard knee across her shoulder. Shane then pulls her back to her feet before lifting her back up and holding her for a moment. He then drops to one knee and gives Niobe a backbreaker. Niobe bounces off his knee and rolls over to the mat, face first. Shane then stands back up with a cocky look painted on his face.

JOHNSON: ”So far, Shane has taken control of this match up.”
VASSA: ”He seems proud of himself with manhandling a woman!”
JOHNSON: ”Niobe will be fine, she’s a big girl.”
Shane walks over to the corner as Niobe slowly begins to move. He climbs the turnbuckle and turns to face the ring. Niobe pushes herself up and gets to one knee. She prepares himself but continues to wait. Just as Niobe stands to her feet, Shane leaps from the top rope and nearly knocks Niobe’s head off with a missile drop kick. Niobe flips over as she falls to the canvas as Shane lands smoothly. Shane then crawls to Niobe and rolls her over and goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Shane’s trying to end this match quickly before things really get going.”
Shane pushes himself up, driving his fist into Niobe’s shoulder. He then grabs Niobe by the hair and pulls her up as well. Out of nowhere, Niobe elbows Shane in the stomach and breaks his grip. She then stomps on his toe and drops to one knee and flips him over to the canvas with a fireman’s carry takedown. Niobe then pops up to her feet and wastes no time before stomping on Shane while he’s down. She stomps on his lower legs and then kicks him in the stomach with all of her might. Niobe then rolls Shane over to his stomach and climbs on his back. She then locks in a Camel Clutch and leans back, applying the pressure.

VASSA: ”I wish she would straddle me like that!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down Vinny!”
Shane lets out a grunt from the pain but fights to break free. Niobe doesn’t let up and keeps the pressure on as she leans back even further, pulling Shane’s head with her. Shane manages to get one of his arms free and begins to peel Niobe’s fingers apart, one by one. Noticing that she’s losing her grip, Niobe repositions her hands and then slams Shane’s face into the mat. She then gets to her feet and quickly runs to the corner. She ascends the turnbuckle and turns to face Shane as he slowly begins to get to his feet. Once to his feet, Niobe leaps from the top rope towards Shane. She lands on his shoulders with her legs wrapped around his head and goes for a hurricanrana. Shane then wraps his arms around her waist and drives her into the mat with a huge powerbomb that echoes throughout the building.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe went for a hurricanrana but Shane turned it into a devastating powerbomb.”
Shane rolls backwards and comes to his feet. Niobe holds the back of her head in pain. Shane takes notice and moves in, without giving her time to rest. He lifts her to her feet and throws her to the corner. Niobe collides with the turnbuckle, stomach first, and barely holds herself up. Shane comes from behind, lifts her up and sits her on the top rope. He thenwraps his arms around her waist and pulls her back, driving her into the mat with a German suplex from the top rope. Shane doesn’t release the hold and bridges with a pin attempt as the ref drops down to count.

JOHNSON: ”She kicks out again!”
VASSA: ”That was a close one! Come on Niobe!”
Shane comes to one knee and looks at the ref with disbelief. He shakes his head and stands to both feet. He then turns his attention back to Niobe who is slowly starting to move, trying to get up. Shane quickly grabs her by the hair and jerks her to her feet. The ref intervenes due to the hair pulling. Niobe then pushes Shane back a step as Shane’s shoulder connects with the refs jaw. The ref turns away from the blow and Niobe takes advantage of the situation and delivers a low blow. Shane drops to his knees from the hit as Niobe stands straight up. She walks to the ref and checks on him for a moment and then turns back to Shane, kicking him across the back with a hard right foot. Shane yells in pain. Niobe then runs to the ropes, when she comes back, she flips over Shane and grabs his head in the process. Niobe flips over and bends Shane over, slamming his head into the canvas.

VASSA: ”You go girl!”
JOHNSON: ”She has a few tricks up her sleeve and played that just right.”
VASSA: ”Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get ahead in that ring.”
Niobe gets up as Shane slowly rolls around, holding his head in pain. She then walks over to Shane and pulls him to his feet. Niobe then lifts him in the air and drops him in the center of the ring with a spinebuster. Niobe quickly gets up and goes back to the corner. She climbs it once more and waits for Shane to get up as well. Once he does, she leaps from the top rope and lays him out with a spinning heel kick. With Shane down, Niobe quickly covers and goes for the pin.

VASSA: ”For a second there I thought that Niobe had turned it around and ended this match.”

JOHNSON: ”She almost did but Shane managed to kick out at the last split second.”

Niobe doesn’t waste any time and mounts herself on top of Shane. She then delivers a series of punches, alternating hands. Shane tries to fend them off but fails as she target a different part of the body with each swing. Niobe then draws back and takes a swing for the fences that connects with Shane’s face and knocks his head into the mat. Niobe then climbs off of him and drags Shane up as well. Niobe takes him back down with a snap suplex. She gets back up and grabs his arm this time. She pulls him up by the arm and then locks an armbar in place. Niobe then runs forward, pulling Shane with her, and jumps across the ring. She extends Shane’s arm out and drives it into the mat, hyperextending it. She then climbs on Shane’s back and locks him in a crossface.

VASSA: ”Niobe looks pissed now!”
JOHNSON: ”I can tell by that look on her face.”
VASSA: ”That’s a look of beauty.”
Niobe applies the pressure with the crossface. Shane tries to fight it as best as he can but fails as Niobe turns the pressure up. Shane begins to slowly drag himself towards the ropes as Niobe continues with the crossface. Pulling himself with one arm, Shane manages to get close enough to the ropes to grab the bottom one. The ref breaks the hold as Niobe gets up and argues at the ref. While Niobe argues, Shane pulls himself up using the ropes as leverage. As his back is turned, Niobe flips Shane up and over the top rope. Shane crashes down on the apron, back first.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe is angry and letting the ref know exactly how angry she really is.”
VASSA: ”Shane deserved it!”
JOHNSON: ”What’s she doing now?”
Niobe then turns to the ref as he continues fussing at her. She pushes him back and then turns her attention back to Shane who still lays on the apron. The ref then comes back and pulls Niobe by the arm and turns her around. The two begin to argue. Meanwhile, Shane slowly gets up on the apron.

VASSA: ”Turn around Niobe!”
JOHNSON: ”Shane’s back up! This is going to be bad.”
While Niobe has her back turned to Shane, she continues to argue with the ref. Shane then vaults himself up and over the top rope back into the ring. He flies behind Niobe and grabs her by the shoulder. Shane then falls back, and brings Niobe with him, bending her backwards and driving his knees into her lower back.

Niobe bounces off Shane’s knees and flips forward, crashing face first into the mat. Shane then slowly gets up as the cockiness comes over his expression again. He then walks to Niobe and slowly walks around her, taunting her with each step. Shane then grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet. He then locks a wrist clutch and lifts Niobe into the air. Shane then falls back with Niobe, driving her head into the canvas with a wrist clutch exploder.

JOHNSON: ”Shane with the Elite Velocity!”
VASSA: ”Poor Niobe…”
Shane then rolls over and covers Niobe as she lays there, motionless. The ref drops down to count…

JOHNSON: ”This one is in the books. Shane has won it tonight.”
VASSA: ”Why couldn’t he do this last week in the ring with Stefan Raab?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know, why don’t you ask him yourself.”
“My Time to Shine” begins to play over the speakers. Shane gets to his feet as the ref raises his hand in victory.

POWERS: ”Your winner, by pinfall… SHANE BBOORRDDEERRLLAANNDD!!!”
JOHNSON: ”After a weak showing two weeks ago, Shane has showed 4CW what he’s capable of tonight.”
VASSA: ”It wasn’t easy for him. Niobe put up a fight the entire match. In the end, she just didn’t put up enough.”
Shane walks around the ring as his music continues to play over the speakers. He looks down at Niobe with a cocky grin before throwing both arms in the air.

VASSA: ”I’ve seen enough!”
JOHNSON: ”She’s out of your league, Vinny. You just need to realize that and take all emotion out of the equation when calling matches.”
VASSA: ”I’ll try but look at her! She’s beautiful!”
JOHNSON: ”Right now she’s out cold in the middle of the ring. We’re going to take a brief break folks.”

We come back to ringside, to see Nathaniel Havok standing mid-ring, with a microphone in hand.

HAVOK: ”You know, I’ve been with 4CW for a while now. I’ve beaten women, I’ve shown the world that the Extreme Division is in good hands, with Max as champion.”
“Yes, that’s the story I’m sticking with.”
“And most of all, I crucified a little boy, that thought he could come into 4CW, demand respect, and get away with it. If you ask me, that’s one hell of a 4CW memory, right there.”

The fans cheer, as they too, cannot stand Erica Puss-ano.

HAVOK: ”The one thing I haven’t done, is what I promised to do, right from the start. And that’s…”
*A voice can be heard over the loud speaker, the voice of Mannie Romero.

MANNIE: ”♫Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up♫”
Out from the back, walks ‘The Main Attraction’, as well as his Posse.

MANNIE: ” You weren’t about to mention my name, were you? Because ever since you got here all you’ve been doing Havok is talk, you been talking about bringing down Sports Entertainment & The MA Era. Yet; as I start to wiggle my toes and bend my knees. I’m beginning to notice that something is wrong about all of those statements you made Havok, because despite those idle threats that you’ve been making… I’m-Still-Standing!”
Mannie, Jacinta, and Alec; have all began slowly making their way down the ramp.

MANNIE: ”Just face it Havok, you are a joke! Because you know, like I know, and just like everybody else already knows that you can’t beat me.”
HAVOK: ”Is that a fact?”
MANNIE: ”Did I fucking stutter? *Looking around the Theatre* You heard me freak!”
Mannie & his Posse are finally now ringside, when Nathaniel lets out a smirk. Thus, this action by Havok in turn allowed everybody to know that for some odd reason, he was very confident about upcoming confrontation. So Havok continued to rolls his eyes back at them; all while in the same instance he lifted his head to the Heavens, and then finally he stretched his arms out to the side. Mannie & his Posse don’t seemed to be too impressed by any of Havok’s defensive stances. So they begin to approach surround the ring, which again Havok takes lightly as he openly invites them come inside. However, just before they can climb into the ring. The lights go out.

JOHNSON: ”What the hell?”
VASSA: ”What’s going on?”

The lights have now came back on, as Nathaniel is in the ring with four other individuals, who are all ready to fight Mannie & his Posse; Who have just stopped dead in their tracks, meanwhile Nathaniel stands right in the middle of those four people, with the same smirk on his face that he had earlier.

HAVOK: ” Romero, allow me to introduce you to your future! Allow me to introduce you to your end! Allow me the pleasure of introducing you and the world, to the New Reign! Of course, you all know Cole Turner. My attorney, my adviser, my right-hand man. This fine dime right here, this is Trixie Havok. And yeah, I’m hittin’ that!”
The crowd is now having a good laugh about the new situation as Jacinta covers Mannie’s ear.

HAVOK: ”But more important than that, are the two men that you see to my left. Bayne and Bryce, the Byson brothers. The Demon of Truth, Bayne. Bayne can read your inner truth, without you even realizing it. A valuable asset to my regime, and a demon worthy of my affiliation. His brother, Bryce, the Demon of Lies. Even as moronic as you might be, even you can see where this is going. Welcome the newest tag team to 4CW, why don’t you? Come on down here, let’s do this!”
Mannie thinks about it for a second, while Jacinta & Alec awaits his orders. So Mannie finally makes the a choice, as he shakes his head to signals for them to back up. The fans begin to boo them, while Mannie & his Posse exit to the back, Meanwhile Havok & The New Reign celebrate their retreat as “Cult of Personality” hits on the PA.

Cameras cut backstage as Stefan, Tidus Howe and Shane Borderland along with his fiancée were backstage and while Stefan and Borderland were looking at each other face to face, Tidus Howe begins to speak.

HOWE: “Today the House Of Howe can grow stronger! Pushing aside any second guesses from people looking in from the outside, we can stand here now and show them our strength! So I officially offer Shane Borderland to take up residence in The House Of Howe…”
RAAB: “What? No! We don’t need him!!”
Reaching across the empty space between them, Stefan Raab shoves Borderland at the shoulder. Borderland returns the shove but before they can get out of control, Tidus Howe steps in between them and shows his quick thinking.

HOWE: “Ok fine! How about this…4CW and 220 are putting on a Show soon. July 13th to be exact and it’s their first Super Show called “Ante Up” and so that’s what we’re gonna do right here! On that show Shane Borderland will fight Stefan Raab. I will not be at ringside nor will any member of The House. In this match if Shane Borderland wins, he becomes a member of this House!”
BORDERLAND: “You mean WHEN I win? Does Raab ever win? Haha!”
Raab tries to react but Tidus Howe keeps things calmed as he cuts in vocally and adds to the match even further.

HOWE: “If Raab wins…Shane isn’t given a Room. He isn’t welcome in this House…”
RAAB: “Just turn him down now because I will beat him now, tomorrow or on the 13th of July.”
BORDERLAND: “If you’re so sure just fight me for YOUR spot then? Huh? Nothing to say? That’s what I thought..I accept..”
Both men snare growls and mean faces at one another but Tidus Howe is looking for a legitimate match with fair stipulation. They wanted to fight and this gives them that chance AND still provides for The House Of Howe as far as strength goes.

HOWE: “Good. Let’s shake on it…Make it at least verbally Official here and now?”
Shane with a shit eating arrogant grin offers his hand but Raab is reluctant to make the connection. He does after a glare from Tidus and the Leader Of The House looks very pleased even with his House fighting in-House…


JOHNSON: ”I’ve been in anticipation for this match all week. These two superstars have been practicing all week for this one. It’s surely going to be a doozy.”
VASSA: ”I personally think Jair Hopkins has the advantage in this one, but then again that could just be my biases Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”He is a former APW Champion, but I think Jackson Ford is hungry and looking to show everybody his loss to the Queen of 4CW was nothing more than a fluke.”
VASSA: ”Well, for two straight matches in a row, Jackson Ford has been booked against legendary names in sport’s entertainment. I hope you’re right, but we will have to see.”
POWERS: “The following is standard one falls to the finish match up and introducing first…”
The arena goes pitch black, as Red and blue strobe lights flash through the arena. Across the screens, pictures of Jackson Ford inside the ring flashes before fading to static.
“This moment in time”
“This moment defined”
“How is it I feel nothing?”
“Wanted Dead or Alive” blasts over the p.a. system.

POWERS: ”Hailing in from Charlotte, North Carolina, standing at 6 feet, 2 inches, and weighing in today at 218 point 5 pounds: he is… JACKSON FORD!”
Voice over: Corrupt Entertainment proudly brings to you: A modern day Outlaw. “The Loaded Gun” Jackson Ford.
A single Spot light hits the Entrance Ramp as “The Loaded Gun” Jackson Ford steps out, his face is covered with a black and red handkerchief. He makes his way to the ring. He walks around the ring before entering through the bottom ropes.
Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a ryhtmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

JOHNSON: ”Jackson Ford really needs a win here tonight against newcomer Jair Hopkins.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think Jackson is even ready for this match to be completely honest. He took his loss to Ms. Washington pretty hard.”
POWERS: ”From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at 5 feet, 8 inches and weighs in at 208 pounds. He is one-half of “The Dying Breed”, JAIRRR …. HOPKINSSS ”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way with that bright, trademark smile of his shows as he makes his way into the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, turning to face his opponent.

VASSA: ”One of the biggest names in APW’s history, Jair Hopkins is looking to do the same here in 4CW that he was able to do in APW.”
JOHNSON: ”No doubt with APW closing its doors, 4CW is a great place for the APW’s superstars to start new journeys in.”
Jackson and Jair friendly slap hands and circle a bit before leaping forward into a front grapple hold.

JOHNSON: ”A friendly handshake between competitors before a front grapple hold is a great way to show good sportsmanship.”
Both men struggle to get control, but as Jair loses it, Jackson takes control by putting him in a side headlock hold. He turns the head and grinds Jair’s head in between his arms. Jair feels around his lower back and connects with a few jabs to the kidneys before pushing Jackson into the ropes. Jackson rebounds off the ropes with a running shoulder block. Jair falls down and Jackson hops over him and runs into the ropes on the opposite side. As he bounces off the ropes, Jair is up and he leapfrogs over Jackson. Jackson runs off the ropes again and Jair catches him with a quick Japanese armdrag takedown. Jackson stumbles to his feet and follows it through with a gut check. He jumps down to his knees and catches Jackson in the throat with a throat thrust.

VASSA: “That’s going to have Jackson grasping for air.”
JOHNSON: “These men look like they might be evenly matched to say the least, but can Jackson get Jair off his feet is the question.”
As Jackson is aiding his throat, Jair rushes him with a clothesline, but Jackson ducks beneath his arm and quickly spins around. He grabs Jair around his back and he lifts him up with a release German suplex. Jair crashes down on his neck and as he gets up to his feet, he’s aiding that body part. Jackson is up to his feet and he grabs Jair with a standing bearhug, but soon lifts him up with a side belly to belly suplex. He goes for the cover…

VASSA: “Oh no, is this going to be it!?”

JOHNSON: “Jair was saved by the two count!”
Jair arches his back off the mat and he starts to stumble up to his feet. Jackson tries to hook him from behind with a full nelson, but Jackson tweaks his elbow and starts to connect with reverse elbows to the face of Jackson. As Jackson breaks the hold, Jair runs to the ropes and he turns around rebounding as he catches Jackson right in the chest with a drilling dropkick. As Jackson holds his chest and gets up to his feet, Jair runs over to him and connects with a high knee smash. Jackson leans back against the ropes and Jair grabs him by the wrist, whipping him across the ring, but Jackson reveres it. As Jair rebounds once more, Jackson lifts him up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

JOHNSON: “Jackson is showing everybody his determination right now and he’s hoping it will lead him to a victory.”
VASSA: “He might need a wheelchair after a move like that! It looked like he was twisted like a pretzel!”
Jackson leans down and picks Jair up to his feet. He whips him to the ropes and Jair manages to counter it. As Jackson rebounds off the ropes, Jair gets on the canvas and places his feet against Jackson’s midsection and monkey flips him overhead. Jackson arches his back off the mat and he connects with a spinning lariat takedown. He covers Jackson…

VASSA: “Jackson kicks out and the match continues.”
Jair is first up to his feet and he makes his way to the corner. He steps over the second rope and starts to climb to the top rope. Jackson staggers up to his feet and he runs against the ropes and Jair falls down on the top turnbuckle. As Jair hits his family jewels on the top turnbuckle, Jackson starts to climb to the top rope. He places Jair’s arm around the back of his neck and lifts him up on his feet as he stands in front of him. He flips him off the top rope with a superplex.

JOHNSON: “What goes up must come down and both men hit the canvas hard!”
Jackson sits up and looks over to see Jair see lying on his back. He leans over and covers without hooking the leg. The referee slides down to the mat…

JOHNSON: “Jair just barely got his shoulder up at the last minute!”
VASSA: “I thought Jackson had him right there Steve.”
Jackson gets frustrated and grabs both sides of his head before standing to his feet. Still a little woozy from earlier, he leans down to grab Jair up to his feet. He lifts Jair up over the shoulder, but he manages to slip down Jackson’s back and pushes him chest first into the corner. Jackson holds his chest and stumbles around as Jair meets him with a toe kick to the midsection. He grabs his tights and attempts to lift him up, but Jackson blocks it. Jackson follows it up with multiple elbows to the back of his neck when Jair breaks the hold. Jackson runs at Jair and he uses Jair’s own momentum to throw him into the ropes. Jackson rebounds off the ropes and surprises Jair with a standing Enzuguri to the head.

JOHNSON: “Jair was just caught off guard with a thundering Enzuguri to the temple!”
VASSA: “Jackson follows it up with a standing moonsault and he hooks both Jair’s legs.”
The referee slides down to the mat…

JOHNSON: “And I don’t know how Jair did it, but he kicked out again!”
Jackson lifts Jair back up to his feet by the right arm and whips him to the ropes. As Jair rebounds off the ropes he takes Jackson down with a huge hurricanrana. As Jackson spins up to his feet, dazed from the hurricanrana, Jair grabs him by the arm and whips him into the corner. Jair charges Jackson in the corner and springboards on the second rope with a high knee to the temple. He hops down onto the canvas with Jackson’s head in a headlock hold as he runs out of the corner: drilling his face onto the canvas with a fierce bulldog.

VASSA: “And Jackson’s face got all of that with that bulldog!”
JOHNSON: “This was the opening Jair Hopkins needed.”
Jair kneels up as Jackson rubs his face and looks at his hands to see if he’s bleeding. He gets up off the mat and he grabs Jackson’s right leg and locks in a single-leg Boston crab. As he tightens the hold, Jackson is stretching up to the ropes and starting to yell out in as he’s reaching for the ropes. He’s slowly crawling backwards to the bottom rope as the referee is kneeling down beside him asking if he gives up. Jackson yells, “no” as he continues stretching to the bottom rope and slowly moving closer to the bottom rope.

JOHNSON: “It looks like we might be seeing Jackson Ford tap out to Jair Hopkins right here.”
VASSA: “Don’t count him out yet, it looks like Jackson is slowly making his way to the ropes.”
Jackson finally grabs the bottom rope and the referee tells Jair to break the hold. Jair breaks the hold and pulls away as he pushes himself off the mat. Jackson is holding his leg as he’s checking it out and Jair walks back to the ropes, resting against the ropes. Jair starts to pace from back and forth.

VASSA: “Jair Hopkins is stalking his prey and it doesn’t look good for Jackson Ford right now.”
As Jackson gets up to his feet, Jair is already up and waiting and he grabs Jackson from behind. He lifts Jackson up to shoulder level and he drills him face first with a reversed facebuster. As Jackson’s face ricochets off the canvas, Jair kneels up and points to the cheer crowd as they start “Jair” chants.

“Jair has just hit the Bread and n’ Butter!”
VASSA: “Jackson does not look like he’s in a good place right now.”
As Jackson staggers up to his feet, still slightly dazed by the reverse facebuster, Jair runs to the ropes and hops on the second rope. He back flips off the ropes and springboards onto Jackson’s face with a moonsault foot stomp!

JOHNSON: “OMFG! Did you see that!? Jair Hopkins just scored with the OMFG!”
VASSA: “This one has got to be over!”
Jair grabs both Jackson’s legs and lays back on Jackson’s chest as he covers. The referee slides down to the mat.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Jair has it!”

VASSA: “What a debut! What a match! There is no loser in this match, Vinny!”
POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pin-fall via the OMFG!… JAIR HOPKINS!”
VASSA: ”And just like that, Jair Hopkins has won his 4CW debut! The 4CW better keep their eyes peeled because I predict big things in Jair’s 4CW future!”
JOHNSON: ”This was an amazing match, but both Jair and Jackson put on a great show.”
As Jair’s theme is blaring over the p.a. system, Jair leans down to help Jackson up to his feet. He shakes his hand and then Jackson takes him by the wrist and lifts Jair’s arm in victory.

We come to a backstage hallway. We see XTC walking up to his tag partner Duke Thunder.

XTC: ”Hey Duke, you actually gonna try and help me with this match? I mean who wouldn’t want to be the first ever Tag Team Champions of Four Corners?”
Duke merely scoffs at XTC and goes back to what he was doing, standing around looking bored. XTC grabs his shoulder and forces Duke to look at him.

XTC: ”You know, I am sick and tired of carry your worthless ass. If I could go back and have a different partner or scrap this idea all together I would in a heart beat. I need a real partner, not some worthless tag along.”
Just then from an adjoining hall comes a guy dressed in Muay Thai fighting attire and covered in scars. He runs up to Duke and launches himself into the air. Before landing he brings his knee up connecting with Duke’s temple. The man lands is unison with Duke crumpling lifelessly to the floor.

XTC: ”Consider this your pink slip from this team Duke. I got myself a real partner and we are gonna go win this match and continue on to the Belts.”
XTC drops down to the floor and gets right in Duke’s face.

XTC: ”And if I EVER see your ugly face around these halls again you won’t be leaving under your own power. Hell, you might not be able to do that tonight.”
XTC and the other guy head towards the ring entrance, getting ready for their Tag Team match.


JOHNSON: ”Well I hope you’re ready for a semifinal match in our tag team championship tournament!”
VASSA: ”Can’t we just hand the titles over to Christian Taylor and Mike Smith? They’ve been a terror since first competing in 4CW. No one has been able to stop them!”
JOHNSON: ”And they’re for sure the favorites in tonights match. They were supposed to be facing Duke Thunder and XTC but it seems like XTC had other plans…I’m receiving official word from the medical staff, Duke Thunder is not capable of competing here tonight!”
VASSA: ”So does that make this a handicap match?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know Vinny. That wouldn’t seem fair in a tag team tournament…”
VASSA: ”Yeah but XTC and his little buddy are the ones at fault!”
“Bad Guy” by Eminem hits the speakers and a booing crowd stand to their feet as they start chanting, “go away.”

POWERS: ”The following contest is a semifinal match of the Tag Team Championship tournament! Introducing first, representing Power Trip and being accompanied to the ring by Crystal Taylor at a combined weight of 547 pounds, they are the team of Mike Smith and Christian Taylor… BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!”
Mike Smith walks out from the back with Crystal Taylor at his side. She turns toward him and starts clapping as he perches his hands on his waist, staring at the booing crowd. Christian Taylor jogs out from the back and he hops on Mike Smith’s back with his legs fastening around his midsection. He raises his right fist to the ceiling and shouts, “we the bomb, bitches!” Remaining on Mike Smith’s back, Mike showing his true strength as he continues to walk normally down the ramp with Crystal beside him. They pass the fans as Christian pretends to want to backhand the booing fans. Once they make it to the bottom of the ramp, Christian hops off Mike’s back onto the apron and climbs up to the second rope, kneeling his knee on the top turnbuckle, looking through the audience. Mike pulls himself up on the apron and steps over the second rope. He walks to the middle of the ring as Crystal hustles up the steel stairs and dips down under the second rope as Christian backflips off the turnbuckle. He stands on the bottom rope and leans over the rope, blowing a kiss to the booing fans as Crystal smirks at her husband while standing beside Mike Smith in the middle of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Beaty and the Beast look like they mean business tonight. I think they can taste the gold…”
VASSA: ”And with Jason Phoenix securing the South-West Heavyweight Championship from Jason Cashe the name Power Trip seems more fitting with every day that passes.”
POWERS: ”And their opponents, first, weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds…from Tokyo, Japan by way of Los Angeles, California…Extreme Techno Child…XTC!!!
The lights dim down to green as fog fills the entrance way and ring. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex cues up. The crowd looks around a bit as the intro continues. A computer altered voice comes on for a few seconds followed by a woman screaming ‘Oh my God!” The beat then takes a darker tone as X.T.C. and Molly make their way towards the ring. He ignores fans the entire way, as they are giving him obscene gestures and booing. He slides in under the bottom rope and spins around the ring looking out at the crowd with his arms out. He climbs one of the turnbuckles and throws his arms up like he is the greatest thing in the world.

VASSA: ”I wish I could read Crystal Taylor’s mind. She has not taken her eyes off of Molly.”
JOHNSON: ”More importantly XTC is out here alone! I think we’ve got ourselves a handicap match!
The feed cuts back to Mike Powers’s DJ booth. One of the stagehands has grabbed his attention and is whispering into his ear. After the brief conversation the stagehand hands Powers an index card and nods his head.

POWERS: ”And his partner…from Los Angeles, California…weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds…The Tormented Soul…ERIC LEE
The arena lights dim and the intro to “Am I a Psycho” by Tech N9ne starts up. Fog fills the entrance and a spot light lands on the entrance.
I see you looking at me
Looking at me, so I ask
Eric Lee steps out from the back and glares out at the crowd as they boo him loudly.
Am I a psycho? Am I a psycho?
Yeah I’m a psycho, I guess I’m a psycho
The song continues as he walks to the ring. He looks around as if listening to someone or something instructing him. He slides into the ring and crawls to the center. He gets on his knees and screams at the top of his lungs. He then crawls over to his corner and sits there leaning back against the turnbuckles.

JOHNSON: ”Well I guess that answers our question…the other half of that assault on Duke Thunder has stepped in to be XTC’s partner.”
VASSA: ”Well now that’s not fair! Taylor and Smith were prepared for Duke Thunder not this guy! And this guy never won a qualifying match!”
Christian Taylor argues with the referee about XTC having a new partner but he’s having no part of it. Eric Lee stays in the ring as XTC climbs out onto the apron. Taylor scowls across the ring at Lee before whispering into Smith’s ear. He pats Smith on the chest and climbs out of the ring. The ref signals for the opening bell.
Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!
The bell rings and Smith wastes no time charging at the unknown Eric Lee. He throws a big boot his way but Eric Lee ducks underneath. Lee quickly begins alternating with kicks targeting the outside and inside of Mike Smiths knee joints. Each kick stings worse than the one prior and backs Smith closer to the ropes. Lee reaches up to the Enforcer and grabs the back of his head with a tradition muay thai clinch. He forces Smiths head down and begins unloading knees upwards, each landing its mark. Lee releases Smith and hits a jumping knee that sends the big man tumbling through the ropes and to the arena floor. Crystal and Christian Taylor quickly scurry to Mike Smith’s aid and the trio regroups after being caught off guard by Eric Lee’s offense.

VASSA: ”See…that’s not fair. They weren’t prepared for this guy!”
JOHNSON: ”Well they better figure something out soon or this match, and their shot at the tag titles, will pass them by!”
VASSA: ”If that happens I’m starting a petition and bringing it right to Frankie Morrison!”
The three separate and Crystal Taylor climbs up onto the apron. The referee and Eric Lee immediately turn their attention to Crystal. Smith runs to the side of the ring behind the ref and Eric Lee and slides in underneath the bottom ropes. He charges Lee and clubs him in the upper back with a double axe handle! Lee drops down to his knees and Crystal lowers herself back down to the arena floor. Smith lifts Lee up onto his shoulder and carry’s him over to the corner before dropping him head first onto the top turnbuckle with a Snake Eyes! Lee leans in the corner with his chest against the turnbuckles while feeling his head. Smith takes the opportunity to run to the corner opposite Lee. He bounces himself out of the corner and runs full speed at Eric Lee before crushing him in the corner with an avalanche splash! He steps back and lets his beaten opponent stumble out of the corner. Smith lifts him up into the air with a guerrilla press and holds him high in the air. Smith presses him up and down three times before letting him fall behind him chest first onto the canvass. Smith makes the cover by placing one boot onto Lee’s chest.
Lee pushes Smith’s boot off of his chest and gets a shoulder up to break the refs count…

JOHNSON: ”Is that more to your liking? Crystal Taylor distracted Eric Lee long enough for Mike Smith to sneak up behind him and get the upper hand.”
VASSA: ”It’s called effective teamwork.”
The big screen begin to flicker a moment as it attracts the attention of a few fans. The words, “NEWGEN RISING” flash a few times before fading away.

JOHNSON: ”What the heck?”
Smith grabs Lee by his neck and lifts him up to his feet before choke tossing him into his teams corner. Smith tags Taylor in. Smith scoops up Eric Lee and drops him down across his knee with a backbreaker. Smith holds Lee in place as Taylor backs up to the turnbuckle and lifts himself up onto the second rope. Taylor jumps off of the ropes and comes down across Lee’s throat with a leg drop! Smith steps out of the ring as Taylor folds Lee’s legs up to his head going for the pin.
XTC climbed into the ring and pulled Taylor by his feet to break up the count. Taylor quickly hops to his feet to confront XTC. While the two bicker back and forth Taylor catches XTC completely off guard with a european uppercut that knocks him back against the ropes. XTC tries to respond but the ref steps in. He pushes XTC back into the corner and Mike Smith climbs back into the ring. Taylor quickly lifts Lee up to his feet and holds him tightly against his body. Smith charges and nails a perfectly placed big boot as Taylor slams Lee down with a big boot! Taylor climbs out of the ring and Smith claps his hands together loud enough for the ref to hear. After getting XTC onto the apron the ref turns around and signals that there was a legal tag.

VASSA: ”And now they wear down this nobody and earn their spot in the finals!”
JOHNSON: ”How can you say they’ve earned anything? They’ve done nothing but cheat so far in this match.”
Smith looks down at Lee as he tries to crawl to his corner and laughs. Smith stands over Lee and reaches down to slap him in the back of the head. Lee drops to the canvass and then pushes up to move closer to the corner. Smith reaches down, this time driving his forearm across the side of Lee’s face. Lee flattens out again before persevering and inching closer to his corner. Smith this time grabs Lee by the back of the neck and lifts him up to his feet. Lee stomps back across the top of Smiths foot, breaking his grasp. Lee then drives a spinning back elbow right to the bridge of Smith’s nose! The big man stumbles back and Lee dives across the ring, tagging in XTC! XTC grabs ahold of Smith by the back of the head and jumps backwards onto his back, driving him face first into his knees. Smith pops up onto his knees and pats at his nose which is beginning to trickle blood. XTC gets to his feet and runs towards the ropes, rebounding and leveling Smith with his Lights Out shinning wizard! Just as XTC was about to make the cover Christian Taylor climbed into the ring. He charged at XTC who leaps up and nails a drop kick right to the chin. XTC makes the cover on Smith as Taylor rolls out of the ring under the ropes.
Smith powers his way out of the pin attempt by pressing XTC clear off of him.

JOHNSON: ”And once again…Just that moments distraction could have made the difference between a two count and a three count.”
VASSA: ”Don’t be so one sided! You didn’t say anything when XTC broke up a pin!”
XTC climbs out of the ring and stands on the apron as Smith starts to climb to his feet. Before Smith could get his bearings XTC springboards off of the top rope and grabs him with a front face lock in mid air, driving him down to the canvass with a tornado DDT! Smith rolls out of the ring almost instinctively. XTC stands with his ribs pressed against the ropes opposite where Smith had exited the ring. Once Smith stands up XTC charges, diving though the ropes with a suicide dive that knocks Smith against the steel security railing. XTC is quick to his feet and is surprised by the admiration of the fans who treat him to a round of applause. He wastes no time and climbs up onto the apron. He stands with his back to Smith and grabs the top rope while looking over his shoulder. Just as XTC is about to try for an asai moonsault, Christian Taylor climbs into the ring and charges him. XTC drives his shoulder between the top and middle rope right into the midsection of Christian Taylor. He springboards himself off of the top rope towards Taylor and executes a hurricanrana!
Smith climbs up to his knees and peers into the ring as Taylor rolls under the ropes onto the apron. He pulls himself up and is immediately met with a baseball slide from XTC that knocks him back against the security railing! XTC quickly climbs the corner closest to his fallen opponent and sits perched as he fights back to his feet. He’s quickly interrupted as Crystal Taylor makes her way in front of Mike Smith to block any further attacks on him! He yells down at her as he begins climbing back down the corner. The referee leans through the ropes and orders Crystal Taylor back to her teams corner. While distracted Mike Smith tries to sneak back into the ring. XTC sees him and catches him with a mule kick. XTC reaches up behind him and grabs Smith by the back of the head. He runs towards the corner and climbs up the turnbuckle, flipping over Smith with an inverted DDT to finish the shinarui! XTC hooks the leg and beckons for the ref.
Smith shoves XTC off just in the nick of time.

VASSA: ”Oh man was that close!”
JOHNSON: ”A beautiful shinarui from XTC.”
VASSA: ”A shin a who?”
XTC looks over to his corner and sees Eric Lee’s extended hand. He rushes over and tags him in before the two turn their attention to Smith. Each grabs a side of his trunks and wraps his arms behind their head before flipping him over with a double suplex. Lee stands facing one the corners while looking over his shoulder towards Smith. Once Smith starts to stir he charges the corner and runs up to the top rope. He leaps back and nails his signature move, Dopamine, a version of the whisper in the wind! After the two crash to the canvass Lee scampers towards his fallen opponent and hooks a leg.
Frustrated by the flow of the match, Christian Taylor grabs Eric Lee and pulls him from his partner. Once standing he pushes him back before hitting a jumping roundhouse kick to the side of the head that he calls Golden Showers! Eric Lee drops to the mat and Christian Taylor goes back to his corner while holding both hands over his head as he’s being lectured by the referee.

JOHNSON: ”And just like that we seem to be at a stand still!”
VASSA: ”Eric Lee is out! This is Mike Smith’s chance to tag his partner in…”
Both Smith and Lee begin crawling to their respective corners. Smith makes it to his corner first and tags in Christian Taylor. XTC realizes his partner isn’t going to make the tag in time and climbs into the ring. He ambushes Christian Taylor with a running knee into the midsection that drops him back to the ropes. Taylor bounces off of the middle rope unsuspectedly and levels XTC with a leaping clothesline. He watches XTC as he rolls around the canvass and eventually climbs to his feet. Taylor quickly leaps and takes him face down with his jumping cutter, the Sexy Attraction! With XTC out of the picture he turns his attention to Eric Lee. Lee gets to his feet and turns towards Christian Taylor. Christian Taylor nearly kicks his head off with a super kick right under the chin! With Lee down on the mat on his back Taylor stands at his midsection with his opponent behind him. He jumps up and lands a standing moonsault, staying on top of his opponent for the cover.
Lee surprisingly is able to get a shoulder up before the ref reached three.

VASSA: ”How the hell did he kick out of that?”
JOHNSON: ”A super kick followed by a standing moonsault, not a bad combination…but not good enough!”
Taylor frustrating begins to slap Lee in the face while yelling at him. Taylor lifts Lee up and tries to whip him towards the corner. Eric Lee counters it with an irish whip of his own. Lee charges Taylor in the corner who sees him coming and lifts him over the top rope. Lee lands on the ring apron and immediately grabs him with a dragon sleeper while wrapping his legs around his midsection to fully lock in the bite of the dragon submission! The referee warns Lee to break the hold because the two are intertwined in the ring ropes. Lee refuses and pulls back further on Taylor’s head forcing the ref to use his five count.
The ref’s count is broken but not because Lee released the hold. Smith had charged at Lee on the ring apron and hit him with a big boot to free his partner. Smith grabs Lee before he falls to the floor and tosses him into the ring. He follows pursuit, against the advice of the referee. Smith grabs Lee and brings him to the middle of the ring with a huge bear hug. Taylor climbs to his feet and runs passed the two in the middle of the ring. He bounces off of the ropes right towards Lee. He hops up and nails a leaping clothesline as Smith releases his hold of Eric Lee, a combination they call Beast Mode! Taylor lays on top of Lee for the cover as XTC charges. Smith cuts him off and grabs him by his throat before slamming him down with a chokeslam.
Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!

JOHNSON: ”Beauty and the Beast has just punched their ticket to the finals!”
VASSA: ”Just give them the gold! Save someone else the embarrassment!”
”Bad Guy” by Eminem begins to blare over the PA system as Mike Smith, Christian Taylor, and Crystal Taylor all stand hand in hand at the foot of the entrance way…

POWERS: ”Here are your winners…Christian Taylor…Mike Smith….BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!”


VASSA: ”Coming up next Steve, we are going to witness the crazy little high-flying red head in action with the German brawler. It’s the clash of the styles in this one.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t treat her like she’s a woman, don’t treat her like a man, treat her like somebody who will kick your ass, if given the chance! She has one of the biggest hearts in our sport Vinny.”
VASSA: ”She sure does, but there’s no love lost between her and Stefan. I think she’s a little out of her element this week though. Stefan is determined to get his career back on track.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not saying it’s impossible, but Roxi is going to make him work for it. I hope he’s not going into this underestimating her because that would be his number one mistake.”
POWERS: ”The following inter-gender singles match to the first fall, introducing first…”
“Help Is On The Way” plays over the PA system.

VASSA: ”The might be an inter-gender match, but I wouldn’t treat Roxi like a delicate flower because she’s a pistol!”
POWERS: ”Hailing in from Tampa, Florida and standing in at 5 feet, 6 inches, she is the resident superhero of 4CW… ROXI JOHNSON!”
Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

JOHNSON: ”One of the 4CW’s originals and she has managed to stay relevant and every week continues to improve. This week she takes on one of her worse villains to date.”
VASSA: ”Original or not, she is one bad chick. She’s the kind of crazy you don’t take home to mom, but secretly want to date.”
“Wrenches and Kings” play over the sound system

JOHNSON: ”Now it’s time for her opponent, Stefan Raab, a member of the House of Howe!”
POWERS: ”Coming down to the ring now weighing in at 230 pounds coming from Cologne Germany, “The Killerplauze” Stefan Raab.”
Stefan comes out through the curtain just wearing his gold and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a hold up on each turnbuckle and everyone boos him as he does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent with anger in his eyes waiting for the match to start.

VASSA: ”Stefan Raab needs to win this. His career has been in a slump as of lately and I know he’s hoping this match will help him out of it.”
JOHNSON: ”I think you’re right about that one Vinny, but Stefan said several controversial remarks this week that had many people at a uproar.”
Stefan and Roxi run toward each other once the bell is rung and Stefan misses with a clothesline. Roxi turns around and catches Stefan off guard with a standing headscissors takedown. Stefan kneels up and Roxi runs off the ropes with a low dropkick to the face. As Stefan falls back on the mat she covers him, but he KICKS OUT after one.

VASSA: ”And it looks like this one is off to a quick start!”
Roxi is first up to her feet and she attempts to whip him into the ropes, but he reverses with a short-arm clothesline forcing Roxi’s head to thud against the canvas. She holds her neck as he leans down and lifts her up off the mat. He picks her up off her feet and kneels down as Stefan drops her lower back across the knee with a backbreaker. He kneels beside her head and starts to open up with fury punches to her face. Roxi covers up as the referee is warning Stefan about closed fisted punches.

JOHNSON: “Stefan better listen to the referee if he doesn’t want to be disqualified.”
VASSA: “I think Stefan is fixated on inflicting as much pain on Roxi as he possibly can, but you’re right he doesn’t want to be disqualified.”
Stefan throws his hands up after the count of four and just before he stands up. She rolls over to her stomach and he leans down, grabbing a handful of her red hair. She tries to push herself up off the canvas, but Stefan leans down and grabs her up by the right wrist. He whips her into the corner and runs toward her in the corner, but Roxi leaps up with a boot to the face. He stumbles back holding his face and after recomposes himself, he runs back at her in the corner. Roxi leaps herself up off the top rope and wraps her legs around his neck, but as she attempts a headscissors takedown, he pulls her back up onto her shoulders: countering the move. He slams her down with a painful powerbomb as her neck ricochets off the mat.
Stefan kneels down just prior to hooking her leg and the referee slides down to the mat.

JOHNSON: “And Roxi kicks out right in the nick of time and Stefan looks enraged with the referee’s decision.”
Stefan starts arguing with the referee and he starts to back the referee up in the corner. As the referee yells it’s his decision and points to his black and white stripe shirt, Roxi are making slow movements to the ropes. She uses the ropes to pull herself up and as she gets up to her feet, leaning against the ropes, Stefan charges at Roxi with a clothesline, but she ducks down and lifts him with a back body drop over the top rope.

JOHNSON: “Stefan was just dumped!”
VASSA: “It didn’t look like an easy fall.”
As Stefan uses the apron to climb up from the floor, Roxi runs to the opposite side of the ring and bounces off the ropes as she connects with a baseball slide to his face. Stefan flings back to the floor as he ropes his face. He starts to climb up to his feet while Roxi hops on the top rope. She leaps backwards and connects with a standing moonsault on Stefan Raab as both of them get laid out on the outside.

JOHNSON: “It looks like the high risk move paid off, but what damage did it do to Roxi in the process!?”
VASSA: “Could we potentially see a double count out right here?”
The referee leans over the ropes as he calls for both competitors and when neither respond to him, he starts the count.
Stefan starts to crawl to the apron as Roxi continues lying on her back and breathing heavily.

JOHNSON: “They better hurry and get back in the ring because the referee is already to the count of five.”
Stefan pulls himself up to his feet as Roxi tries to sit up. Stefan walks over and walks her by the top of her hair.
Stefan runs and throws her back inside the ring. Stefan reenters and breaks up the count.

VASSA: “The count was broken and it looks like Stefan is going for another cover.”
The referee slides down to the mat:

JOHNSON: “Roxi managed to kick out again!”
Stefan grows ever so frustrated as he stands to his feet and Roxi struggles to get up to hers. Stefan goes for a punch, but Roxi blocks and connects with a toe kick to the midsection. She starts to push him back with leaping forearms to the face and when Stefan is leaning against the ropes, she grabs his wrist and whips him across the ring. Roxi runs at Stefan as he’s rebounding off the ropes, but Stefan catches Roxi with a giant spear.

VASSA: “Oh my God Roxi might have just been broken in half!”
JOHNSON: “Can Stefan capitalize on it!?”
Roxi is rolling around in agonizing pain as she is clutching her stomach while Stefan staggers up to his feet, obviously winded from this match. He walks over to Roxi and lifts her up by the hair. The referee yells, “watch the hair, Stefan!” He grabs her by the neck and turns around as he goes for a cutter, but Roxi pushes off of her. Stefan holds his lower back as he rolls up to his feet and Roxi leans back in the corner. Roxi starts toward him, but he charges her and she catches him with a drop toe hold on the second turnbuckle.

JOHNSON: “What a face plant on that second turnbuckle!”
VASSA: “Does Roxi have it in her to steer this thing back in her favor?”
Stefan pushes his hands against the turnbuckle and stands to his feet as Roxi goes around him. She hops on the second rope and grabs his head between her arms. She leaps off the second rope and drills the top of Stefan’s head into the canvas with a painful tornado DDT!

JOHNSON: “And the fans go absolutely crazy as the arena is filled with Roxi’s chants!”
VASSA: “Come on Stefan get up!”
Stefan has his forearms wrapped around his head and he’s kicking his feet up and down as Roxi kneels up, in so much agonizing pain. She clutches her stomach and neck at the same time as she leans forward.

JOHNSON: “Roxi must be in a tremendous amount of pain right now, Vinny!”
As Roxi leans up to her feet, she reaches over to the ropes and balances herself on the soles of her feet.

VASSA: “It looks like she’s taunting Stefan to get up now!”
As Stefan stumbles back up to his feet, Roxi climbs to the top rope. As Stefan staggers around, Roxi leaps off the top turnbuckle and wraps her legs around Stefan’s head as she takes him down with a super hurricanrana. Stefan wobbles up to his knees and reaches to the ropes as he pulls himself up to his feet. Roxi catches him with a standing dropkick as he turns around to her. Stefan gets on all fours as Roxi quickly gets on her back below him. She wraps her legs around his neck and starts yanking back on his right arm.

JOHNSON: “Roxi has just locked in the Justice Lock after a series of impressive power moves.”
VASSA: “How humiliating would it be if Stefan Raab tapped out to the resident superhero!?”
JOHNSON: “Not very Vinny; Roxi is an impressive body of talent!”
Stefan is trying to stagger out of the chokehold, but Roxi tightens it the chokehold and her legs around his neck. The fans start chanting “tap out” and Stefan looks like he’s getting weaker by the second. He’s reaching for the ropes, but they are so far away. The referee is kneeled down and he’s asking if Stefan gives up. Stefan is trying to fight it, but suddenly he starts slapping the canvas. The referee jumps up and starts to call for the bell.

JOHNSON: “It looks like this one is over and Roxi Johnson has done it!”
POWERS: ”Your winner by submission via Justice Lock… ROXI JOHNSON!”
JOHNSON: “It looks like our superhero did it! Roxi Johnson defeated Stefan Raab!”
VASSA: ”How the hell is Stefan Raab going to live this down? The poor sap just can’t get a break!”

A door pops up into the screen’s view, the name Shane Borderland is written on a black label that is glued on the door. The door opens and there stands Shane himself and his fiance Brooke Lockheart. Both of them are surrounding a small round wooden table that has a package on it.

LOCKHEART: “You sure this is what you want to do Shane?”
BORDERLAND: “You damn right it is. I have been thinking about it since my return to wrestling. I think it would be a smart choice for the both of us Brooke.”
LOCKHEART: “Well I will be going anywhere you go, you know that. Besides both of us being there, well we can get the ball really going.”
Shane smiles.

BORDERLAND: “I know that’s right. We will begin our own dynasty Brooke. I know some people won’t be too happy about it though.”
Brooke shakes her head.

LOCKHEART: “Who cares, remember?”
He smiles.

BORDERLAND: “Ohh I don’t care, I just can’t wait to see there faces when all of this goes down.”
Both of them smile as Shane begins to tear into the package that lies across the table. A black t-shirt is what we see and Shane puts it on. He turns around and we see that it says 220 in red bold numbers on it. Shane smiles as Brooke comes in close to him and the scene fades away.


JOHNSON: ”Only one show removed from what may have been the best 4CW Extreme Television Championship match, Nathaniel Havok is lined up to face Masahiro Kojima…”
VASSA: ”Talk about being taken out of the frying pan and thrown right into the fire!”
JOHNSON: ”Havok came up short against The Red Pioneer and will be looking to quickly get back to winning ways.”
VASSA: ”Yeah but a win over Masahiro Kojima is no easy task…Look at how impressive he’s been since returning from his injury. Jordan Taylor? Roxi Johnson? Neither ever stood a chance against him!”
JOHNSON: ”Roxi Johnson gave Kojima one hell of a fight!”
VASSA: ”And she came up short! Close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades! Havok’s going to learn next.”
The feed cuts to the DJ booth and Mike Powers rises to his feet with a microphone in hand to address the raucous 4CW crowd.

POWERS: ”The following contest is schedule for one fall. Introducing first…weighing in at two hundred and forty-two pounds…from the Underworld by way of Indianapolis, Indiana…The Source…The Enforcer of Sorrow…NATHANIEL HAVOK!!!”
“Cult of Personality” hits on the PA system, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Nathaniel Havok makes his way out to the entrance ramp, extremely hyped and ready to go. He throws his arms in the air as pyro goes off around him, before walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on his way down. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully off the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, as his music fades out.

VASSA: ”Pfft…The Underworld…”
JOHNSON: ”Listen, you can say what you want about Nathaniel Havok…but when he’s focused, when his head is fully set on the task at hand…there’s no one tougher!”
VASSA: ”We’ll see. Kojima will be looking to make a huge statement tonight. Jason Phoenix is the new South-West Heavyweight Champion. Jason Cashe is the dream match that Kojima has been foaming at the mouth for. Both should watch with a wary eye because Masahiro Kojima is emerging as one of the best in the business!”
POWERS: ”And his opponent…weighing in at two hundred thirty-seven pounds…from Sôka, Saitama, Japan…MASAHIRO KOJIMA!!”
The lights dim and the opening stanza of Kasumi by Dir En Grey starts to play over the PA system as the crowd start to become hostile to the sound. A red light appears in the centre of the ring, symbolising the Japanese national flag.
The crowd, already voicing their negative opinion, start to roar louder as Kojima steps through the curtain followed by his new accomplice, Tatsuhiko Matsuhita. Once on the stage he looks around the crowd with an emotionless look before checking the tape around his wrists. Once satisfied he starts to make his way down towards the ring, occasionally stopping to share an argument with a fan.
Kojima slides under the bottom rope, as Tatsuhiko stands at ringside and looks around. Masahiro takes a moment to take in the heat he is receiving from the fans, all while testing the ropes out and giving them a pull. Happy with the condition of the ropes, Kojima climbs to the second turnbuckle, again looking around the audience and taking in the moment. Once happy with the reaction, he makes his way to the centre of the ring so the red light is shining down on him. He drops down to one knee and spreads his arms out, after a moment raising his right hand above his head in a fist.
Eventually the music starts to fade and the lights come back to normal once he is back to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”Kojima is at a huge size disadvantage. Eight inches and sixty one pounds!”
VASSA: ”That didn’t stop him when he handled Jordan Taylor with ease!”
JOHNSON: ”Jordan Taylor is no Nathaniel Havok. Comparing the two is insulting. This will be Kojima’s toughest challenge to date…”

The ref motions for the time keeper to signal the start of the match with the opening bell.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
As soon as the bell rings Havok charges Kojima, shoots, and drops him back first onto the mat with a double leg takedown. Havok straightens out his posture and begins rain down with stiff right hands. Kojima gets his hands up instinctively trying to black the blows while sliding his hips out and pushing to his feet. Havok grabs Kojima by the wrist and whips him across the ring. Kojima rebounds off of the opposing ropes and Havok launches him high above the ring with a flapjack! Kojima crashes stomach first onto the canvass. Havok lines him up before dropping a knee to the back of Kojima’s head, rolling through and leaping up to his feet. Havok quickly turns around and drops a second straight knee drop to the back of Kojima’s head. After rolling through he crawls to Kojima and flips him onto his back, making a cover.
Kojima bucks Havok off of him before the referee even gets a two count.

VASSA: ”You’re not going to keep Kojima down with a couple of leaping knee drops!”
JOHNSON: ”You can’t blame Havok for trying a different approach and taking it right to Kojima, skipping the whole feeling out process…”
VASSA: ”Great job, you got one up on Kojima…it’s only a matter of time until he adapts and controls the course of this match. The man is a ring general!”
JOHNSON: ”And making him uncomfortable is a great game plan! Loads of quick covers…You never know, he could steal a victory…”
Kojima sits upright after pushing Havok off of him. Havok steps up behind him and drives a knee down into the spine of Kojima before locking in a rear chin-lock. Havok pulls on Kojima’s head while digging his knee into his back. Kojima turns his body and pushes up to his feet, forcing Havok to turn the chin-lock into a side headlock. Kojima backs up Havok to the ropes and then pushes him off. Havok runs across the ring and springs back off of the ropes. Kojima sends Havok into the air and on the way down guides Havok face first with a cutter, finishing the ace crusher! Kojima rests for a moment on his knees and focuses on the nearby turnbuckle. He ascends the corner as Havok rises back to his feet. Kojima leaps off looking for a cross body but Havok rolls through and lifts Kojima up before throwing him across the ring with a fallaway slam! Havok quickly tries for another cover, digging his forearm across Kojima’s face while the ref counts.
Kojima lifts his shoulder off the mat and immediately rolls onto his side.

JOHNSON: ”Wow, Havok has some unpredictable scary strength. He got hit with a cross body, rolled through without ever letting go of Kojima and tossed him clear across the ring with a fallaway slam!”
VASSA: ”Yeah, I’m not impressed…”
Havok stands to his feet and stalks his opponent. Kojima crawls to the corner and uses the turnbuckles to pull himself to his feet. Havok quickly moves to the corner opposite Kojima. He sprints across the ring and jumps up right before the point of impact, smashing Kojima with a stiff elbow smash. Havok runs back across the ring to the opposing turnbuckle, bouncing out of the corner and charging back at Kojima, once again leaping right before the point of impact with a second elbow smash. Havok steps backwards and allows Kojima to stumble out of the corner. He wraps his arms around Kojima’s waist and pulls him in tight before driving him to the canvass with a belly-to-belly suplex! Havok rolls under the nearby ropes and stands up on the apron as Kojima lays on the canvass. He grabs the top rope and launches himself over the top rope with a slingshot senton, crashing down across Kojima’s chest. Havok tries for the cover, this time hooking Kojima’s leg for extra leverage.
Kojima kicks out of a third pin attempt by Nathaniel Havok!

VASSA: ”I swear Havok looks like he’s running about a hundred miles per hour in that ring! You’d think the smaller of the two would be the speedier…”
JOHNSON: ”That’s what makes Havok so dangerous. You look at his size and think he shouldn’t be that quick, or he shouldn’t be that strong. Everything about him is deceptive. It all comes down to his focus and right now he seems to be set on making a statement at the expense of Masahiro Kojima!”
Havok looks down at Kojima and quickly mounts him. He pulls Kojima’s head up and hits repeated forearm shots to the side of the head! He releases Kojima and pushes to his feet. He grabs a hold of the top rope and begins to release his frustrations by stomping down on his chest. The referee steps and warns Havok before utilizing his five count. Havok breaks his grip on the ropes and steps back at four. Kojima rolls over onto all fours and Havok flies in, reaching down and grabbing him by his waist. He lifts Kojima up to his feet before flipping him overhead with a gut-wrench powerbomb! In mid air Kojima manages to grab Havok with a front face lock and counters the Gut-Wrench powerbomb with a falling DDT! The ref slides in to check the condition of both competitors who are out cold on the rings canvass!

JOHNSON: ”That could just be the opening that Kojima needs! A beautiful counter, turning a Gut-Wrench Powerbomb into a Falling DDT!”
VASSA: ”Consider it over! This is when Kojima will shine and put away Nathaniel Havok.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not count our eggs too early. That was one move. He needs to show that he can string together some offense together, something he has yet to do in this match.”
The referee had gotten to seven of his standing ten counter before Havok managed to climb to his feet. Kojima rose right behind him. Havok tried to place a boot right into Kojima’s midsection but he caught it. Kojima pulled Havok in and leveled him with a lariat! Havok rolls under the ring ropes and onto the apron. Kojima walks over and Havok surprises him with a shoulder to the midsection. Havok then lifts Kojima up over the top rope looking to drop him to the outside but Kojima grabs the top rope and lands on his feet on the apron. Havok quickly smashes Kojima with a stiff forearm. Kojima responds with an open palm slap. Havok answers with a kick to the thigh which is immediately answered by a knife edged chop. Havok nearly falls backwards off of the apron by grabs the top rope with one hand. Kojima grabs Havok by his head and pulls him back towards the ropes. Kojima then explodes with a combination of slaps that target the midsection, the ribs and the head. Havok is out on his feet and Kojima quickly lifts him up with a suplex and jumps off of the apron landing a brain buster onto the padding that surrounds the ring!

VASSA: ”Oh my god! He may have broken Havok’s neck!”
JOHNSON: ”That is his game changing moment in this match. The falling DDT earlier may have been a fluke, but that brain buster is going to put Kojima in the drivers seat of this match.”
VASSA: ”Exactly where he belongs. Controlling the flow of this match. It’s only a matter of time now!”
Kojima stands to his feet and looks over at Havok who is barely crawling. Mere feet away is Tatsuhiko Matsuhita, Kojima’s bodyguard. As Havok inches closer the referee stops his count to warn Matsuhita about interfering. Havok uses the steel steps to push to his feet. He turns and charges towards Kojima who uses his momentum to nail a snap powerslam! Kojima pushes off of Havok’s chest to rise to his feet. He moves over to the steps and shouts toward Havok to get to his feet. Havok uses the corner of the steel security railings. Kojima charges Havok as he pulls himself up and leans back against the railing. Kojima nails a running Yakuza kick that sends Havok into the front rows of the audience! Kojima quickly rolls into the ring under the ropes and climbs the corner near Havok. He turns towards the fans and sits perched on the top turnbuckle. Security has pushed the fans away from Havok, creating an open space. Havok stands to his feet and Kojima flies, this time connecting with a flying cross body!

VASSA: ”Wow! He got some distance on that jump! He hit Havok in the third row!”
JOHNSON: ”That was an impressive leap but he needs to get back in the ring if he wants to win this match and the ref is already up to four.”
Kojima flips over the security railing and to the ring floor into the waiting arms of Matsuhita. Matsuhita helps Kojima to the ring. He rolls Kojima into the ring under the ropes but Kojima rolls right back out of the ring, breaking up the count. Kojima walks over to the railing where Havok is now trying to climb over. Kojima grabs Havok with a front face lock and clubs Havok in the upper back before dragging him over the railing. Havok’s feet hook the top of the security railing and Kojima drops down with a DDT! Kojima jumps up and slides into the ring. The referee instantly begins lecturing Kojima about breaking up his count and keeping the fight in the ring. Matsuhita grabs Havok while the refs attention is distracted. He rolls him into the under the ropes and instantly Kojima lays on top of his opponent looking for the win.
Havok gets a leg up onto the bottom rope and the ref sees it before counting to three.

JOHNSON: ”Surprisingly Matsuhita simply just helped Havok back into the ring.”
VASSA: ”What did you expect? For Kojima to cheat? There’s no honor in cheating to win. He simply wants to beat Havok inside the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”That seems to be true…but he sure did some damage outside of the ring.”
Kojima climbs to his feet and grabs a hold of Havok by his hair. He pulls him to his feet with the referee barking in his ear. Kojima releases Havok and spins him around. He hooks both of Havok’s arms from the side and traps them against his upper back before lifting him backwards with a release tiger suplex! Havok’s neck and shoulders take the brunt of the impact and he bounces off the mat before sliding away. Kojima walks over to his opponent and watches him try to get back to his feet. Kojima stands behind Havok who’s within arms reach to the ropes and hooks a leg over Havok’s. Kojima forces Havok’s upper body to one side while trapping an arm with his own. Kojima drapes is free leg over Havok’s neck to finish locking in the octopus hold. The ref gets into a position to look for the submission from Havok who is reaching outward with his free hand towards the ropes. Kojima wrenches back on the arm while forcing Havok down further with his leg, making the submission that much more uncomfortable. Havok drops down to one knee…seemingly on the verge of quitting.
”Let’s Go Ha-Vok…Let’s Go Ha-Vok…Let’s Go Ha-Vok!”
Havok fights back up to his feet and makes one last ditch effort to lean closer to the ropes. He gets his hand around the middle rope and the referee begins to tell Kojima to break the hold. Kojima refuses the referee’s orders. The ref tries to pry Kojima off of his opponent but comes up unsuccessful, immediately turning to his five count.
Kojima releases the hold before the fifth count and Havok collapses down to his knees.

VASSA: ”That had to wear down Havok!”
JOHNSON: ”What ever happened to not cheating and fighting with honor?”
VASSA: ”He had to the count of five and released at four…completely within the rulebook. You should read it sometime if you’re going to be calling matches!”
The referee gives Kojima an earful as Havok uses the ropes to get back to his feet. Kojima pushes passed the referee and spins towards Havok with a discuss lariat. Havok ducks underneath and quickly grabs Kojima with a rear waist lock. Havok then lifts Kojima and slams him on his neck with a german suplex. That sudden burst of offense seemed to have taken more out of Havok than Kojima. Kojima is the first to stand to his feet. He begins moving towards Havok out suddenly hops to his feet and nails his signature super kick, Sorrow Enforced, out of nowhere! Kojima is out on his back and Havok crawls over to Kojima, draping an arm across his chest to make the cover.
Kojima shoots his arm up into the air, lifting his shoulder off the mat causing the fans let out an exasperating sigh.

JOHNSON: ”I thought Havok had him! That is as close to three as you can get!”
VASSA: ”He’s too resilient to lose because of a silly ole super kick…”
Havok has a look of utter disbelief on his face as he stares at the ref. He slaps his hands together three times, as if telling the referee to speed up the count. Havok lifts Kojima up to his feet and grabs him by the back of the head resembling a muay thai clinch. While holding his head down Havok drives his knees up into Kojima’s sternum. Havok releases and grabs him with a side headlock.

JOHNSON: ”This is it! The FBD!”
VASSA: ”NO! Kojima look out!”
Havok tries to sweep Kojima’s legs out, looking to spike him head first to the mat with a headlock driver but Kojima hops over Havoks leg and pushes his way out of the headlock. By the time Havok turns around Kojima has already ran and bounced off the ropes, flying at his opponent like a torpedo. Kojima leaps into the air driving his knee into the face of Havok with the Kojima Kick, his modified Baisaku Knee Kick! Kojima foregoes the pinfall and immediately turns towards the corner. Kojima climbs to the top rope and leaps off with the Rising Sun Stomp, driving both feet down onto Havok’s chest with full force. He sits down on top of Havok’s chest and pulls a leg up as leverage.
Ding!!! Ding!!! Ding!!!

VASSA: ”YES!!! Kojima wins again!”
JOHNSON: ”That was his toughest match to date…Havok should return backstage with his head held high because he gave it his all!”
The referee raises Masahiro Kojima’s hand as Dir En Grey by Kasumi blares over the PA system. Kojima pulls his hand away and takes a seat in the center of the ring, intriguing the curiosity of the fans at the live event.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, by pinfall…MASAHIROOOO KOJIMAAAA”
Kojima continues to sit on the mat as he requests a microphone and the match official brings it over to him.

VASSA: ”Kojima is that cool he doesn’t even get his own microphone.”
JOHNSON: ”It would appear that something is bothering him right now.”
Masahiro Kojima takes the microphone, and looks visibly upset as he continues to remain seated on the mat.

KOJIMA: “Cut the music!”
Kasumi begins to fade as the crowd start to boo the victor of the previous battle.

KOJIMA: “I told the world that this wasn’t about anything other than Jason Cashe, but he decided to become a recluse for the week and hide away in his little shed in the middle of nowhere.
The crowd begin to cheer at the mention of their fomer South-West Heavyweight Champion, Kojima just shakes his head at their idol.

KOJIMA: “You can cheer him all you want, but at the end of the day your hero can’t even show his face here tonight because he’s so upset about losing the title.”
A slight laugh can be heard from the microphone from Kojima.

KOJIMA: “You’re pathetic Cashe, you think that this is what it’s all about? I want to show you who is the better man between the two of us, and after everything I have done to you over the past few weeks you can’t even be bothered to show up. You’re just like that idiot Jason Phoenix, you haven’t got a clue how to react to someone like me.
Kojima laughs some more and in a strange twist of events there is a conflicting ‘Jason Phoenix, Phoenix sucks’ chant. Kojima shakes his head in disgust at how easy it is for the fans in the arena to change their allegiances.

VASSA: ”These fans need their heads checked!”
JOHNSON: ”Freedom of speech is what we’re built on!”
Deciding that he now wants to face the fans, he stands and looks around the arena.

KOJIMA: “Well here it is, until Jason Cashe has the guts to appear back on 4CW television, I am officially refusing to compete. So I will not be available on Adrenaline episode four. Your choice Cashe, turn up or 4CW lose their ratings.
With the parting statement, Kojima drops the mic and Kasumi by Dir en Grey begins to play again as the camera cuts to ring stage.

JOHNSON: ”Wow…what an ultimatum. Either Cashe shows up and faces Kojima or 4CW seemingly loses two of their biggest names!”
VASSA: ”I never thought these words would come out of my mouth…Jason Cashe better show up next week!”
JOHNSON: ”I hope so too partner. Both are top notch competitors in the industry and these fans deserve the best competition put forth in front of them…”


JOHNSON: ”The headline of the match is next and it will definitely be an excellent showcase of talent. The winning team will move on step closer to capturing the 4CW Tag Team Championships. Who is your money on Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Steve, you know how retarded that question sounds? Of course, I’m rooting for Kandi Washington’s team because everything she touches turn to gold.”
“Sweet Victory” by Van Halen hits over the p.a. system and the fans begin booing as chants of “asshole” and “whore” begin start being shouted throughout the crowd. “Unstoppable” Drake Knight and “Ravishing” Ice walk out from behind the black entrance curtains as they walk up to the top of the ramp with their hands on the front of their hips. They are joined by Kandi Washington who walks out in a sparkling rhinestone backless and thin strapped dress with five inch stiletto heels strapped around her ankles. She walks up to the middle between the two with her hands on her hips.

POWERS: “On the way to the ring, being accompanied by Kandi Washington: They are competing at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty two pounds… ‘The Russian Blizzard’ and ‘The Unstoppable Force’ SSSSSWWEEEEEEEEEET AAAAAANNNNNIIIIIIIIIHIIIILLLLAAAAATIIIOOONNNN!!!”
They continue walking down the ramp as they make their way pass the fans. They ignore the fans reaching over the barricade as they make their way at the bottom of the ramp. As Drake Knight and Ice walk over to the ring apron, Kandi Washington struts over to the steel stairs. Drake Knight and Ice pull themselves up on the apron. Drake and Ice step over the second rope and Kandi Washington struts along the ring apron. Drake stands on the bottom rope and pulls the other two up as Kandi steps down and over the first rope. She enters the ring and starts clapping as Drake and Ice pose in the middle of the ring with their hands on their hips.

JOHNSON: ”This is one of the biggest tag team in the tournament and we could very well be looking at the next tag team champions.”
VASSA: ”We could be? I think you intended to say, we are looking at the FIRST-EVER tag team champions!”
The beginning of the “Shit (Remix)” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Mannie & Alec emerge to a wave of boos, they are lead to the ring by Jacinta who is strutting her stuff down the ramp. Meanwhile Mannie is now two-stepping to the beat and Alec is slowly walking down the ramp intimidating the crowd with snarls & growls.

POWERS: “And their competitors, being accompanied by Jacinta Perez, and competing at a combined weight of five hundred and fifteen pounds…’The Main Attraction’ and “The Glasgow Hooligan”, Give it up for ‘WEEEEEEE DEEEEEEM BOOOOOYYYZZZ’!!!”
After which the stage lights die down; as a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. Jacinta then creates a mini guard of honor for them, as they both march up their respective steps into the ring. Although, there’s a slight difference because a cameraman sits on the middle rope for Mannie; as he proceeds to remove his sweatsuit and toss it onto the camera lens.

JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t count out the team of Mannie and Alec Quartermain; as a combination, they have the speed and strength to go the distance. Let’s see if they can stop Sweet Annihilation.”
VASSA: ”It is however not going to be for the weak at heart.”
Meanwhile Alec has already slipped into a ‘Eye of the Storm’ type of slumber, as he awaits for the opening bell.

JOHNSON: ”This one is getting underway and it looks like it will be war of the supernaturals!”
Drake and Alec decide to start the match off against one another, and the slowly make their way toward the center of the ring. Alec looks down at Drake with a smirk on his face and begins to say something, but Drake unleashes on him with a huge right hand before he ever has the chance to speak. Alec rears back, and Drake charges in on the offensive. Alec is able to recover not a moment too soon, and the two giants collide with a double shoulder block.

JOHNSON: ”Damn, I don’t think any other competitor has been able to move Alec or Drake this entire time in their careers.”
VASSA: ”You’re damn right and that’s because Drake is a supernatural force!”
Drake throws another right hand, and this one finds home on Alec’s jaw one more time, sending him reeling backwards. Drake takes a step to the side and then comes in at an angle, catching Alec with a shoulder thrust that sends him flying into the corner.

VASSA: ”Drake is here on a mission and he’s trying to prove he’s the only beast on the 4CW’s roster!”
Drake rushes in for a body avalanche, but Alec turns and gives Drake a shoulder thrust of his own. The Unstoppable Force takes a solid few steps backward, and the giant Quartermain comes barreling out of the corner full force. He goes for a lariat, but Drake ducks underneath of it. Alec spins and starts throwing a combination of punches at Drake Knight. Drake is able to get his hands up and defends against most of the strikes, but Alec is able to connect to his midsection with a couple of hard blows.

JOHNSON: ”Alec is fighting back with some blows of his own. These two are not going to stop until both out cold.”
VASSA: ”What the hell is Alec thinking now?”
Alec goes to finish the combo with a diving lariat, but Drake is able to duck underneath of it once again. Wen Alec turns around Drake leaps into the air and catches him right in the bottom of the chin with a vicious bicycle kick! Alec stumbles back into his corner and Mannie tags himself in.

JOHNSON: ”Alec made the tag and now Mannie has to step into the ring with the supernatural force.”
Mannie leaps over the top rope and the two men look at Drake with a sinister smile. Knight simply walks over to his corner and tags in Ice, who quickly steps in to even the numbers. As soon as he realizes that their advantage is gone, Alec rolls out of the ring, and Drake follows suit by stepping out onto the apron.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Ice is the legal person now.”
VASSA: ”Mannie might feel humiliated if Ice beats him.”
Mannie and Ice start to pace around the ring, sizing up one another. Mannie is the first to act, as he quickly swoops in and comes up from underneath of Ice with a snap European Uppercut! She reels backwards, and Mannie quickly closes the distance.

VASSA: ”Mannie is holding his own against the ravishing Russian!”
The big screen begin to flicker a moment as it attracts the attention of a few fans. The words, “NEWGEN RISING” flash a few times before fading away.

VASSA: ”NewGen Rising? What the hell is that?”
He whips her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but she ducks. On the rebound, Mannie dives backward with his elbow out, but Ice gets her hands up and spins off of it. Mannie quickly charges in once more and goes for a leaping calf kick, but Ice catches his leg and drops him onto his stomach before locking in a single-leg Boston crab!

JOHNSON: ”We could be looking at a potential tap out! Can Ice make Mannie tap out right now!?”
Mannie starts screaming in agony, desperately reaching for the ropes. Ice calmly leans back, increasing the pressure on the hold, and the referee swoops down to ask Mannie if he wants to quit. With his back to the action, Alec capitalizes by walking over and grabbing Ice by the hair before throwing her hard into the mat face first. When she breaks the hold, the referee looks up at Quartermain, who simply shrugs like he had no idea what just happened.

JOHNSON: ”Alec is showing his mean streak as he shows no regard for the rules of the wrestling ring.”
VASSA: ”Now it opens the door for Mannie as he takes advantage of the situation like the sly rat he is.”
Mannie takes the opportunity to kip up onto his feet, and he almost simultaneously spins around with a stiff calf kick that catches Ice directly in the ribcage. She cries out in pain, but the look on her face is pure rage. She charges up to her feet and goes after Mannie, but the wiley veteran plants a stiff toe-kick directly into her midsection. He then hits the ropes and rolls before dropping her onto her face with a rolling thunder fameasser! Mannie hooks a leg and goes for the pin!

JOHNSON: ”Mannie could have it and We Dem Boyz could be the finalists of the tag team title tournament!”

VASSA: ”Ice gets a shoulder up and Mannie cannot believe it!”
Mannie looks up at the referee in disbelief and begins to complain about the speed of the count, but ultimately decides to let it go. He grabs Ice by the hair and lifts her to her feet before dragging her over to his corner where he tags in Alec. The two men flank Ice, and Mannie hits her with a backstabber, which he holds as Quartermain comes flying off of the ropes with a running senton! Ice falls over into a twitching slump, and the two men look at each other with a sadistic grin.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Ice is in serious need to tag Drake back in before she costs them the match.”
VASSA: ”Ice better watch her back before it looks like Alec is stalking her.”
Alec begins to stalk Ice around the ring as she begins to crawl toward her partner. He allows her to get within a foot of making the tag before grabbing her by her hair once again. He pulls her up to her feet and then lifts her into a gorilla press. He walks around the ring with Ice held high above his head and then stops when he locks eyes with Drake. Alec smile grows so wide it covers half of his face, and then he drops Ice onto his shoulder before spearing her to the mat so hard that the ring shakes.

JOHNSON: ”By God, Ice has to be out cold after that brutal spear! How the hell do you get up from that!?”
VASSA: ”And Alec is taunting Drake who is angry fluming on the ring apron.”
Alec looks down at Ice’s motionless body and claps his hands together three times, as if to tell Ice that he could defeat her right now if he really wanted to. Ice finally rolls onto her stomach and crawls over to the ropes. She uses them to pick herself up, and then realizes that she cannot stand at the moment without their assistance. Alec charges in and drives a hard knee into her midsection before whipping her across the ring and into the corner. He eyes the crowd before spinning and charging at Ice full force. He leaps into the air for a body press, but Ice is somehow able to barrel roll underneath of him. Alec’s face collides with the top turnbuckle with a sickening thud, and Kandi Washington climbs up onto the apron. As the referee goes to deal with her, Ice reaches in from behind and hits Alec with a monstrous low blow.

JOHNSON: ”DISQUALIFICATION! Ice should have been disqualified, but the referee is busy with Kandi on the apron.”
VASSA: ”This is the opening Ice needed for her team. Come on Ice, Drake, team Kandi!”
Seeing the action unfold, Jacinta leaps up onto the apron herself to make a case. Meanwhile, Alec manages to roll over to his corner and finally makes the tag to Mannie. Romero leaps over the top rope and charges in wildly, and Ice catches him with a Russian Roulette tilt-a-whirl chokeslam right in the middle of the ring! Both competitors end up on their backs, and the referee is still trying to get the two managers under control.

JOHNSON: ”Both of these competitors could be counted out if one of them doesn’t get up!”
VASSA: ”I can’t see Mannie getting up after the Russian Roulette!”
When Kandi and Jacinta lock eyes, all hell breaks loose. They both climb into the ring and begin to point fingers and yell at one another. They finally get close enough to where their noses are nearly touching, and then, in the blink of an eye, they both grab ahold of the other woman’s hair. They struggle with each other for a moment before tumbling to the mat, still gripping each other by the scalp. Somehow, Kandi is able to fall on top of Jacinta, and she starts to bounce her head off of the canvas like a basketball.

JOHNSON: ”Kandi and Jacinta have finally gotten their hands on each other! This is going to be absolutely ugly!”
VASSA: ”The referee is trying break these two ladies up.”
Jacinta’s head bounces off of the mat around half a dozen times and she is finally able to spin on top of Kandi before returning the same favor. The referee tries to break it up, but all he receives is a blind kick in the groin for his efforts. Alec finally gets into the ring and goes to grab ahold of Kandi, which in turn causes Drake to get in on the action. As Alec is grabbing Kandi by the hair to pull her off of Jacinta, Drake takes him through the ropes and down to the floor outside of the ring with a brutal spear. The two men begin brawling like they were in the middle of a bar fight and the crowd erupts into a roar.

JOHNSON: ”OH MY FUCKING GOD! Drake Knight might have just broken Alec Quartermain directly in half!”
VASSA: ”Just like it should have been Steve. Drake Knight is the most dominant man on the roster.”
As the two men continue to trade blows outside of the ring, the referee makes it back up to his feet and returns his attention back to Kandi and Jacinta, who are still rolling around the ring in an attempt to leave with a handful of the other manager’s hair. Finally, the two women roll out of the ring and down onto the floor where they continue to brawl, and a chant of “This is awesome!” breaks out throughout the crowd!

JOHNSON: ”The action is spilling in and out of the ring! The fans absolutely love this!”
VASSA: ”They have it whenever Kandi is around; she’s the Queen of 4CW!”
As the camera returns to the ring, both Ice and Mannie are now on their feet and viciously eyeing one another. Mannie swings with a wide right hand, connecting solidly with Ice’s jaw, and she staggers into the corner. He charges in at her with a lariat, but she quickly rolls forward and away from him as he connects rib first into an empty corner. Shaking off the sting, Mannie quickly turns and goes for the Zig-Zag, but Ice is somehow able to keep her footing and Mannie flops onto the mat back first!

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Ice was able to counter the Zig Zag and I have no idea how she was able to do that.”
VASSA: ”Come on, Ice it’s time to pull your own weight for your team!”
He quickly gets back up to his feet and heads back in Ice’s direction, and she plants a boot into his inner thigh. She quickly lifts Mannie up onto her shoulders and begins to spin. She picks up speed, and spins until she begins to lose her balance. As soon as she starts to fall backwards, she releases Mannie’s feet and sends him crashing to the mat with The Chilly Storm tornado cutter! She hooks both legs as she goes for the cover!

JOHNSON: ”Is this going to be enough to put Young Mannie away!?”

VASSA: ”Ice did it!”
Ice kneels up and she’s holding the back of her neck as she hangs her head down while the fans are booing as loudly as they practically can.

POWERS: “Here are your winners and finalists in the tag team championship’s tournament: Drake Knight and Ice… SWEET ANNIHILATION!”
“Sweet Victory” hits over the p.a. system as Drake Knight helps Kandi Washington back inside the ring and follows her behind her. Kandi starts clapping as Drake helps his partner up. He raises her arm in victory as the fans continue to boo. Alec pulls Mannie out of the ring and Jacinta is holding the back of her head as she’s staring at Kandi from outside the ring.

VASSA: ”It looks like we know the two finalists in the tournament and it’s going to be a war in the finals!”
JOHNSON: ”Yes and Kandi’s team continues to win as her career in 4CW is extremely impressive. Will anybody be able to stop Drake Knight and Ice?”
VASSA: ”Up next is the main event and it’s going to be the third title defense, if Red Pioneer can manage to successfully defend against Joe Martinez.”

The cameras open up backstage as Gabriel Hartman has a microphone in hand, standing beside a plasma television monitor. He opens the scene as there is apparently two shadows on the opposite side of him.

HARTMAN: ”Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Gabriel Hartman and standing here with the new 4CW South-West Heavyweight Champion, Jason Phoenix and his lovely wife Morgan Alvertez.”
Morgan extends her hand opened and motions for the microphone. Hartman hands her the microphone as she motions for him to step aside. Morgan pushes her hair behind her ear and turns to the camera as Jason Phoenix looks down in it. She adjusts his title on HER shoulder as she smirks.

ALVERTEZ: ”My husband did unthinkable and defined himself as truly the living legend of professional wrestling when he defeated Jason Cashe for the first time in Jason Cashe’s career. Jason Cashe underestimated my husband for majority of the time and finally, my husband left him in the exact position he belonged, which was unconscious and on his back. If Jason Cashe chooses to cash in his rematch clause for the championship, it will be my husband’s honor to successfully defend HIS South-West Heavyweight Championship, which is something even Jason Cashe cannot say.”
She swings her head to the side and standing sideways she points to her husband as the title belt dangles off the edge of her shoulder blade.

ALVERTEZ: ”Now silence while my husband says a few things to the 4CW’s universe and roster!
She hands him over the microphone and adjusts the title as she holds it tightly while continuing to look up at her husband with admiration in her eyes.

PHOENIX: ”Doubters. Those who doubted me were surprised by the unpredictable finish of the last man standing South-West Heavyweight Championship match. Those who doubted what I can do were all taken back by seeing their beloved former champion Jason Cashe laid out for the duration of the referee’s count. Doubters got a feel for the new era in 4CW and whether they like it or hate it, they now know my word is my bond.”
He places his hand on Morgan’s shoulder and tilts his head up as he continues to speak.

PHOENIX: ”I did exactly what I promised. I guaranteed I would prove I belonged in 4CW. I proved I was more than a part-time employee on the roster. I proved I didn’t need to kiss Perry Wallace or Frankie Morrison’s asses to get where I am right now. I proved everything I have ever accomplished my past was all authenticate and well-deserved when I beat a man, who in many eyes, was very close to his own league in professional wrestling. I showed the world that even a man like Jason Cashe had weaknesses, flaws, and faults. He fell from grace and now I will restore the honor, respect, and pride back into this championship. I will help restore the fight in 4CW and carry this company on my shoulders as I am its lead representative. And unlike Jason Cashe, I choose to fight each and every show. I will take on any and all challengers for this championship as I see fit. Stefan Raab? If he thinks he’s worthily enough for it, step up. Roxi Johnson? I will show her she’s not ready for the belt. Nathaniel Havok? I’ll break his spirits even more than the Red Pioneer did when he beat him for the Extreme Television Championship. Shane Borderland? I’ll have him wishing he was back in the ring with Niobe Martin.”
He flashes an evil grin on his face and nods.

PHOENIX: ”The only thing I have to fear is fear itself. Since I have beaten Jason Cashe, I fear stepping in the ring with no one. The only way to continue earning all of your respect is by continuing to cement my legacy in all your little hearts and minds. The only way for me to prove you all I am truly the only living legend in the wrestling world is by taking on each and every single competitor that is set forth in front of me. My work is never done. Just like my work is never done, this reign will not end for a long, long time!
Jason hands the microphone down to his wife and Morgan adjusts his title on her shoulder as she turns back to the camera.

ALVERTEZ: ”There you have it. YOUR God has clearly spoken and left his presence on all your hearts and souls. I do hope you no longer have any questions on his loyalties or his priorities because 4CW is where he’s at. 4CW is where his dominance lies. Jason Phoenix will be only one of the superstars in the world renowned group Power Trip to have 4CW gold to his name. The group known as Power Trip will own the South-West Heavyweight Championship and the World Tag Team Championships. Now I say get to your knees and begin to worship the era of TOTAL DOMINATION!”
Morgan hands the microphone back and rolls her eyes as she wraps her hand around her husband’s bicep. They walk off and the scene fades back to ringside.


VASSA: ”This is it folks! It’s time to get to our main event.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve had a great night so far with the action in the ring and this match will be just that, GREAT!”
VASSA: ”I hear you Tony the Tiger! This match is going to be fucking awesome!”
JOHNSON: ””Average” Joe made his debut two weeks ago in a tag match with Pat Gordon Jr. They came up short in the tournament against “Young” Mannie and Alec Quartermain but Joe seemed to have impressed the powers that be because he gets his crack at Extreme Television championship.”
VASSA: ”This isn’t going to be an easy match, not by far! The Red Pioneer has been running strong ever since stepping foot in 4CW and with that championship around his waist, I don’t see him losing steam any time soon!”
JOHNSON: ”Since winning the championship at 4CW 008, he’s defended the strap successfully twice in brutal matches to say the least. Tonight, will be no different as the two compete against each other in an extreme rules match.”
VASSA: ”And by extreme rules, you basically mean there are no rules! I’m ready! The fans are ready! Are you ready, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”I sure am, Vinny!”
VASSA: ”Well lets get this thing started. Take it away Mike!”
As the opening riff from “Fear His Name” begins, Joe stomps out from behind the gorilla position and stands at the entrance ramp with both fists raised.

POWERS: ”Our first competitor comes to you from Aztec, New Mexico. He weighs in at three hundred one pounds and stands five feet, eleven inches tall. Give it up for “AVERAGE” JOE MARTINEZ!!!”
Joe roars a challenge and lowers his arms, then starts to make his way towards the ring. As Joe nods to his working-class fans, he cracks his neck and stretches his arms while taking a determined stride towards the ring. He slowly makes his way up the steps and dips between the second and third rope before staring intensely at the entrance stage waiting for his opponent to walk out.

JOHNSON: ”Now that is a big boy.”
VASSA: ”This is a man for the people, the type of people that 4CW appeals to, the working class! There’s no fancy clothes or grand entrances with this guy. What you see is what you get and tonight, we’re going to get one hell of a match!”
POWERS: ”And the 4CW Extreme Television champion, coming to you out of Prospect, Connecticut. He weighs in at two hundred seven pounds and stands five feet, eleven inches tall. He is the Harbinger of Serenity… The Red PIONEER!!!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan blasts out through the arena as the lights all dim. The Red Pioneer comes bolting out from the back, charging toward the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He runs over to the far corner and leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who is roaring their approval for him before dropping back to the mat and stretching before the match starts.

VASSA: ”The champ is in the house and the fans are welcoming the intensity he brings to the ring.”

JOHNSON: ”Since we’ve introduced this Extreme Television championship to 4CW, the fans have embraced it. It is truly becoming a staple in 4CW!”
VASSA: ”Of course they embrace it. Everyone loves to watch a great wrestling match but when you add in the fact that there are never any rules and the stipulations change every week, it brings a new level of excitement to 4CW.”
Pioneer removes the championship from his waist and hands it to the ref who raises it in the air before handing it to ringside staff to place at the announcers booth. The ref then walks to the center of the ring and looks at each wrestler for the nod before raising his hand in the air to sound the bell.

JOHNSON: ”Larry Collins will be our official and this match has officially started.”
VASSA: ”Hold on to your nuts!”
Pioneer rushes at Joe at the sound of the bell. He swings with a chop but Joe blocks it as he swipes his arm away. Pioneer then goes for another chop but gets blocked once more. Pioneer then kicks with a hard right but Joe manages to catch his foot. Joe then pulls him in closer and knocks him to the mat with a clothesline. Pioneer quickly gets back to his feet but Joe slams a forearm across his back and knocks him down to his knees. Joe then grabs him by the back of the head and slams it into his knee as he drives his leg upwards, knocking Pioneer to the canvas on his back. Pioneer begins to get back up but once he gets to one knee, Joe raises both his arms in the air and comes down on his back with a double axe-handle, that knocks Pioneer down to the canvas face first.

JOHNSON: ””Average” Joe is making his presence felt with his raw strength.”
VASSA: ”The Red Pioneer is quick but can his quickness withstand the power that Joe possesses?”
Joe picks Pioneer up from the mat and throws him to the ropes with all his strength. Pioneer hits the ropes, bounces back only to get blindsided as Joe takes him down with a Lou Thesz press. Joe then wraps his hands around Pioneer’s throat and begins to choke the life out of him. Pioneer fights to break free but doesn’t get anywhere. Joe’s face begins to turn red as he exerts all of his energy into strangling Pioneer. Joe then slams Pioneer’s head into the canvas, then again, and again and again. Joe keeps his grasp around Pioneer’s throat and stands to his feet. He then lifts Pioneer into the air and holds him up, continuing to choke him.

VASSA: ”I don’t see this going well for The Red Pioneer is he can’t keep Joe off of him.”
JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer has him with quickness but Joe out powers him easily and there’s just no comparison in size between the two. If The Red Pioneer can’t create some space between him and Joe, this isn’t going to end pretty.”
As Joe continues to hold him up in the air, Pioneer starts to gouge at his eyes. Joe doesn’t let up and continues to choke Pioneer with both eyes being gouged. Pioneer then digs both thumbs into each of Joe’s eyes until Joe slightly lowers him. Pioneer then grabs him by the back of the head and headbutts Joe right in the nose, forcing him to release the hold. Pioneer falls to his feet and bends over, holding his throat as he catches his breath. Joe stumbles back a step and holds his nose as he tilts his head back. Pioneer then pops his head back up and delivers a stinging chop to Joe’s chest. Pioneer then chops his chest again and then kicks him in the shin. Joe falls back to the ropes and before he bounces back, Pioneer lunges forward and clotheslines him up and over the top rope. Joe flips over and crashes to the hard floor below.

VASSA: ”Time to take this match to the outside, where the fun happens!”
JOHNSON: ”Now that The Red Pioneer has created space, lets see if he uses it wisely to his advantage.”
Pioneer stands by the ropes, watching Joe on the outside as he slowly climbs to his feet. Joe gets up, with his back turns to the ring and slowly begins to turn around. Meanwhile, Pioneer springboards himself over the top rope to the outside and flies at Joe, catching him as he turns around with a hurricanrana. Pioneer flips him over and into the ringside steps. Joe’s body collides with the steels steps and knocks them over to their side. Pioneer gets back up and wastes no time as he targets Joe who is laying in a mess of metal. Pioneer picks up a section of the steps and lifts it over his head before swinging down with it and hitting Joe in the back as he tries to get up. Pioneer then picks the steps up off of Joe and tosses them aside. He grabs Joe by the back of the head and pulls him to his feet. Pioneer then lifts Joe into the air, struggling, and drops him on top of another section of steps with a suplex.

JOHNSON: ”This is what this Extreme Television division is all about!”
VASSA: ”I’m surprised that he was able to lift that mass of a man over his head.”
Joe rolls off of the steps and towards the entrance aisle. Pioneer slowly gets up and looks around the building as the fans go crazy.
“4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW…”
Pioneer walks towards Joe who is crawling in the opposite direction. Pioneer stops him in his tracks and lifts him to his feet. Out of nowhere, Joe swings with a hard uppercut that knocks Pioneer back and into the barricade separating the fans from ringside. Joe then moves in, swinging with a series of body blows that wears Pioneer down. Pioneer tries to fend them off but fails and then gets turned around, facing the crowd. Joe then pulls Pioneer’s head back and slams it into the barricade. Joe holds Pioneer up and does it again before lifting Pioneer up and dropping him with a powerful back breaker.

VASSA: ”This is what I love about these matches and the rules that do not contain them. The momentum can change in an instant!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right about that, Vinny.”
Joe pushes himself up from one knee and stands over Pioneer who lays at his feet. Joe picks him up and then lifts him into the air into the fireman’s carry position and then walks towards the ring with him on his shoulders. Joe walks around the outside of the ring and towards the announcers booth.

VASSA: ”He’s coming this way!”
As Joe approaches the announcers booth, he lifts Pioneer above his head and holds him up for a brief moment. He then slams him onto the announcers booth.

VASSA: ”Now we’re up close…”
JOHNSON: ”About time!”
Joe pulls the headset off of Vinny and wraps the cord around Pioneer’s throat. He then begins to strangle him again, this time without his bare hands. Joe then slams Pioneer’s head on the booth before unwrapping the cord and hitting him in the face with it. Joe then looks up at Vinny and tosses the headset back. As Vinny puts the headset back on his head, Joe lifts Pioneer up from the table and carries him on his shoulders towards the corner the ring.

VASSA: ”As much as I disliked having my voice taken away from me, that was awesome!”
Joe turns his attention to the outside ring post and takes quick steps towards it. He goes to slam Pioneer’s back into it but at the last moment, Pioneer slips free and Joe slams into the ring post, shoulder first. Pioneer then grabs him by the back of the head and pants and turns him around and slings Joe into the barricade, head first. Joe crashes into the barricade and falls to the floor as Pioneer walks up to him and grabs Joe’s leg and turns him over. Pioneer then locks in a single leg crab and applies the pressure.

JOHNSON: ”These two have went back and forth all night. The Red Pioneer is working on the legs now.”
VASSA: ”That’s going to be his best option if he wants to slow this beast down.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right about that!”
All of a sudden, Joe finds a burst of energy and kicks Pioneer off of him as he straightens his leg. Pioneer rolls across the floor and his head goes underneath the ring. Joe grabs ahold of the barricade and starts to pull himself up. Pioneer starts to move around with his head under the ring, as if he was looking for something. Finally, Pioneer pulls his head out and drags a metal pipe out. Pioneer stands to his feet with the pipe in hand as Joe gets up. Just as Joe gets up and turns around, Pioneer jabs the metal pole into his stomach. Joe lunges over in pain and then Pioneer draws the metal pole back and slams it down on Joe’s back
Joe goes down to one knee. Pioneer then draws the metal pole back once more and just as he swings down, Joe throws both hands up and catches the pole in his hands. Pioneer tries to jerk the metal pole away but Joe refuses to let go. Joe then stands up and the two try to pull it away from the other. Joe then pulls back with all of his strength and swings Pioneer around and knocks him into the barricade stomach first. Pioneer hits the barricade and flips over it and falls to the other side, at the feet of the fans.

VASSA: ”We got our up close and personal, now the fans get theirs!”
JOHNSON: ”This has been one exciting match!”
Joe walks to the barricade and climbs over as Pioneer crawls towards the fans, slowly getting up. Joe lifts him off the floor and places his head between his legs. Joe then lifts Pioneer upside down and falls to his bottom, hitting Pioneer with a piledriver. Pioneer’s head bounces off of the floor and his body falls to the side. Joe sits there for a moment as the fans chant…
“4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW…”
Joe then gets up and holds his arms to the side as the fans pat him on the back and crowd around him, as the chant shifts to…
Joe grabs Pioneer by the back of the mask and pulls him up to his feet. Joe drags Pioneer back towards the barricade and throws him up and over. Pioneer hits the floor on the other side and rolls towards the ring, not far from the metal pipe. Joe climbs over the barricade but gets his foot stuck in between the bars. As he struggles to free himself, Pioneer gets to his feet and notices. Pioneer then picks up the metal pole and jabs Joe in the head with it, busting him wide open.

VASSA: ”HOLY HELL!!! He’s bleeding!”
JOHNSON: ”We all knew it was only a matter of time before the bloodshed.”
Pioneer grabs ahold of Joe and tries to pull him over the barricade. Joe resist and grabs Pioneer around the head and then delivers a headbutt that knocks Pioneer to the floor. Joe then climbs over as Pioneer gets up with blood smeared on his mask. The two then go at it, hitting each other with hard punches, back and forth. Suddenly, Joe grabs Pioneer by the arm and throws him towards the announcers booth. Pioneer crashes into an empty steel chair. Joe wastes no time and walks to him, picking the chair up from the floor and folding it. Joe then presses down on Pioneer’s throat with force and chokes him again. Pioneer grabs the chair and tries to push it away from his throat but has no luck. Joe continues to press down on him with all of his might before raising it up and cracking it down on Pioneer’s head.
Joe then throws the chair up and over his head and it falls in the center of the ring. He then picks Pioneer up and rolls him underneath the bottom rope, back into the ring. Joe rolls in under the bottom rope as well and goes to the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle to the middle ropes and turns around to face Pioneer in the ring. Pioneer slowly comes to and begins to get up. Just as Pioneer gets up with his back turned, Joe leaps from the middle rope and knocks him back down with a jumping double axe-handle to the back.

JOHNSON: ””Average” Joe plays it safe without a high flying move. Smart for the big man not to get too high in the air where gravity waits for him.”
Joe picks up Pioneer and gets behind him, locking in a chicken wing. Pioneer squirms to get free but has no luck as Joe applies the pressure. The ref moves in to check if Pioneer wants to tap but he doesn’t. After a moment of cranking down, Joe lifts Pioneer up and suplexes him onto the steel chair laying in the center of the ring.

VASSA: ”That’s not good…”
JOHNSON: ”Joe likes to refer to that as the Handout. That’s his finisher and this could be it.”
Joe rolls over and covers Pioneer for the pin as the ref drops down to count.

VASSA: ”I thought we had a new champ there for a moment but The Red Pioneer kicked out at the last split second.”
Joe quickly gets up and kicks Pioneer off of the chair. He then picks Pioneer up and throws him to the corner with power. Pioneer crashes into the turnbuckle and barely holds himself up with the top ropes. Joe then picks the chair up and runs towards Pioneer with it held over his head. Joe swings down but barely misses as Pioneer rolls out of the corner. The chair smacks the top of the turnbuckle. Joe turns around where Pioneer is standing there. Joe swings the chair but misses again as Pioneer ducks and moves behind him. Without looking, Joe swings the chair around and barely misses again as Pioneer rolls underneath and behind Joe. Joe turns around, frustrated, and pulls the chair up only to have Pioneer jump in the air and dropkick it into his face. Joe drops the chair as he stumbles back to the ropes. Joe bounces off of the ropes and comes at Pioneer just as he gets up. Joe swings with a right and Pioneer ducks and positions himself behind Joe. Pioneer then grabs Joe from behind and lifts him into the air. Pioneer then drops Joe with a sitout belly to back facebuster onto the steel chair.

JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer hit “Average” Joe with the Reality Check.”
VASSA: ”This could be it!”
JOHNSON: ”What is he doing?!?!”
Pioneer gets back up and looks down at Joe who lays there, motionless, face down on the steel chair. He then picks Joe up and pulls him to his feet. Pioneer gets behind Joe and pulls his head back, wrapping his arm around his head like a reverse DDT. Pioneer holds Joe there for a moment and looks over the crowd as they chant…
“4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW…”
Pioneer then spins while holding onto Joe and brings him along for the ride. Pioneer drives Joe’s face into the canvas with the devastating move as the crowd goes wild.

JOHNSON: ”OH MY GOD!!! The Inquisition Version 2.0!!!”
VASSA: ”This is insane! He’s going for the cover!”
Pioneer then climbs on top of Joe and covers as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”This one is over! The Red Pioneer retains the Extreme Television championship!”
VASSA: ”This was a brutal back and forth match but in the end, The Red Pioneer prevailed. Who’s next in line for the strap?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know, Vinny. We’ll find out in two weeks though.”

POWERS: ”Your winner, and still 4CW Extreme Television champion, THE RED PPIIOONNEEEERR!!!”
Pioneer climbs to his feet as the ref walks to the ropes and grabs the championship from a member of the ringside crew. The ref walks to Pioneer, hands him the championship and grabs his arm to raise in the air as “Save Me’ by Damageplan begins to play over the speakers.

JOHNSON: ”This Extreme Television division just keeps getting better and better each week.”
VASSA: ”Oh yes it does!”
JOHNSON: ”We had a great night of action and this is the icing on the cake. I’m really looking forward to what this relationship with 220 brings and more importantly, the super-card, Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”Me too, Steve. I’m looking forward to seeing that man in the ring in action as we take the big stage in Las Vegas as the Jubilee Theater.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s all the time we have for tonight folks. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! GOOD NIGHT!!!”
The camera scans over the crowd as they cheer wildly. Pioneer climbs the turnbuckle and holds the championship in the air above his head as the camera slowly fades backstage before coming to a close.

As the scene changes backstage, we find ourselves outside of an office. Tatsuhiko stands by the door with his arms crossed, keeping lookout and protecting what’s on the inside.
As the scene changes to inside of the office, we See Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison sitting at a deck across from each other. The two are in the middle of a conversation as a view of the ring displays on a small television, pictured is The Red Pioneer holding the Extreme Television championship over his head.

WALLACE: ”Another show, another victim. The Red Pioneer has been unstoppable ever since stepping foot in a 4CW ring. Wouldn’t you say, Frankie?”
MORRISON: ”And the fans are the ones benefiting from this. Week after week, he never disappoints. Same can be said for Beauty and The Beast!”
WALLACE: ”This whole tag team division is taking off fast. Round two is done and over. In four weeks we’ll crown a winner in the championship match, then a team from 220 will get their chance at the belts.”
MORRISON: ”I’ve got to say, things are going surprisingly smooth. I thought the transition might be a bit rocky. This union is looking better and better. The possabilities are limitless for these supershows we’re looking to produce!”
WALLACE: ”The ink hasn’t officially dried but I’ve pushed for this with the network. 220 is raw, it’s unique. I don’t want to change that. I love the grunge feeling they bring to the business with their events. Heath is doing an outstanding job with the place. He remains in full control, I’m just financially backing it. It diversifies the company as a whole. Heath is the general manager of 220. You’re the general manager of 4CW.”
Morrison nodded his head, agreeing with everything Perry Wallace was saying about 220. He paused for a moment as if he was trying to choose his words wisely.

MORRISON: ”Any word from Cashe yet?”
WALLACE: ”Nothing yet. I’m sure I will hear something in the next few days after laying into him earlier tonight. I hate to step on your toes, being you’re the general manager of 4CW, but I had to make an example out of him. He will not go unpunished for laying his hands on me. Hell, I had to hire Tatsuhiko as a bodyguard. Cashe is too unpredictable.”
MORRISON: ”Personal agenda aside…he better show. If he doesn’t and Kojima walks because of it, we will feel it on the business side of things!”
WALLACE: ”I know, trust me, I know. When has Cashe ever backed down from a fight? He’s not one to disappoint the fans either. I’m sure he’ll show, just to rub it in my face that my authority means nothing to him. I’m going to try and contain myself, keep business in mind and not let emotion get in the way of business decision. He just has a way to scratch that itch and get on my nerves. He’s well known for these rebellious antics. Enough about Cashe! What’s on your mind with these 220 transitions and the future of this company?”
MORRISON: ”I don’t seeing this going anywhere but up…I mean imagine the possabilities! Megan Dela Vega versus Kandi Washington. Kojima versus JXD. Pioneer versus Madison? If we can finish this transition without a hiccup I think 4CW and 220 become a major player in the industry…”
WALLACE: ”4CW has already proven to be a major player in this business. I see it. You see it. HBO sees it! When Heath and I first discussed this business venture, he was in need of support for his work visa. They had a grasp on the north-east coastline and it just made perfect since being that we’re on the south-west side of the country. I’ve taken a big risk with moving this forward. I haven’t even gotten approval from the network yet. They demanding change and airing their shows on the network. I don’t want to change 220 in any way, shape or form. I want it to stay the same and the iPPV’s reach abroad audience as they are. We reach out to two media outlets with this concept. If we change anything about 220 then it won’t be the same, it won’t be the same company that I see huge potential in. I’m making this deal happen without any hiccups…”
Cutting Perry off in mid sentence, his cellphone begins to vibrate on the desktop. He looks down at it with a surprised look on his face before picking it up and answering.

WALLACE: ”Perry Wallace speaking…”
The room goes silent as Perry listens to the phone call. His eyes then widen as the words roll off his tongue.

WALLACE: ”We’re still on the air? I thought this camera was a dead feed?”
Perry’s expression changes from surprised to disappointment as he listens to the other end of the call.

WALLACE: ”What do you mean it’s not happening!?!?”
Perry looks upset as he continues to listen. He stands up from his chair before speaking up.

WALLACE: ”I’m available to meet tomorrow in Vegas. Are you positive this… (pause) Ok, we’ll discuss tomorrow.”
Perry slams his phone on the desk and lets out a yell of anger.

WALLACE: ”SON OF A BITCH!!! Turn that camera off!”
Perry waves for the camera feed to end as Morrison looks on, confused as what the conversation was about and more importantly, with whom. Perry drops back in his seat and leans back as anger comes over his faces and the scene fades to black.