MAY 26TH, 2014

The scene opens over the crowd in attendance at the Paramount Theatre in Austin Texas. Ringside at the announcers booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit, ready to open the show.

JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another 4CW Monday Night Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Welcome to the show!”
JOHNSON: ”Today is Memorial Day so lets take a moment to remember those who have given their lives for this country and our freedom.”

VASSA: ”Boy do we have a great card for tonight in honor of those who have fallen.”
JOHNSON: ”It all kicks into high gear at the sound of the bell in our opening match!”
VASSA: ”For weeks now, Jason Cashe has been butting heads with our owner, Perry Wallace. Tonight, Perry has scheduled Cashe in the opening match against a resident punching bag, Athena!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m interested to see how this match unfolds. Two weeks ago Cashe wasn’t in attendance at Adrenaline after losing the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship two weeks prior to that.”
VASSA: ”The bad blood between Cashe and Perry is obvious. These two just don’t like each other and it’s beginning to spill onto our show. I hope these two can settle their differences… Then again, I think if they don’t settle their differences then the shows are more likely to be crazy and even more entertaining.”
JOHNSON: ”Whenever anyone goes up against their boss, it’s always entertaining to watch. I think with this booking tonight, Perry has basically slapped Cashe in the face…”
VASSA: ”Sort of like Cashe physically slapping Perry in the face, forcing him to bump up the rematch between him and Jason Phoenix.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a hectic month in the books and the tension between these two is rising. Next up, we have Duke Thunder squaring off against Stefan Raab.”
VASSA: ”Duke Thunder has been nothing but a disappointment since stepping foot in a 4CW ring. I think Raab puts him in his place tonight and walks away with the win.”
JOHNSON: ”I think so too.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of disappointments. Niobe Martin climbs in the ring with Dan White and Nathaniel Havok tonight. She has let me down show after show for the past few and I’m beginning to lose all faith in her.”
JOHNSON: ”Dan White debuted two weeks ago and was impressive to say the least.”
VASSA: ”Havok and Masahiro Kojima went head to head as well in what could possibly be an instant classic. Havok fell just short but look for him to bounce back tonight in this triple threat.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s going to come down to either Dan White or Nathaniel Havok and if I had to choose, I think Havok bounces back tonight!”
VASSA: ”Then we have another match that plays a huge factor in the tag team division. Tonight, Twisted High will face The Blue Collar Bruisers.”
JOHNSON: ”This match is going to go far for the winner. This could be huge!”
VASSA: ”The tag team championship match is in two weeks between Beauty and the Beast and Sweet Annihilation. The winner of tonight’s tag match will face the loser of the championship match to determine who the true number one contender will be.”
JOHNSON: ”This tag division started out a little rough but has blossomed into a great aspect of 4CW. The level of competition in our tag ranks is stacked!”
VASSA: ”Then we have a little catfight on our hands involving three bombshells. I’m really looking forward to this match.”
JOHNSON: ”Crystal Taylor will be climbing in the ring with Kandi Washington. To make things even better, Jacinta Perez will be the special guest referee.”
VASSA: ”All three of these chicks sidlike each other and have shared words a time or two. This is going to be crazy… and sexy!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I am calm!”
JOHNSON: ”Next up is our headline match of the night. Two weeks ago our 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion called out Roxi Johnson by name. Well, management has decided to book the champ, Jason Phoenix, against Roxi Johnson in a non-title match tonight.”
VASSA: ”This could be a huge match for Roxi if she pulls off the upset victory. It could change the entire landscape of the championship scene here in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it could. We don’t even have a contender yet. All we know if that Perry Wallace has made it clear that Jason Cashe will not receive a rematch.”
VASSA: ”With a win tonight, Roxi could launch herself into the title scene for sure.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes she could!”
VASSA: ”Last but certainly not least, we have our main event. I look forward to these matches more than anything each and every event.”
JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer will be defending the Extreme Television championship in an extreme triple threat against Shane Borderland and Jair Hopkins.”
VASSA: ”These two challengers have been impressive since stepping on 4CW turf and tonight, they’ll have their chance to prove they’re the real thing.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s not going to be easy though…”
VASSA: ”HELL NO IT’S NOT!!! The Red Pioneer lives for these matches. Show after show, he puts his body on the line to defend that championship. I don’t see him doing anything different tonight. This is going to be awesome! The level of competition that will be in that ring is huge!”
JOHNSON: ”The level of competition shoots through the roof! These matches have become a staple of 4CW.”
VASSA: ”I love these matches revolving around the 4CW Extreme Television championship! The fans love them. The network loves them. EVERYONE LOVES THIS SHIT!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Watch out now! Calm down, buddy. Well folks, that’s our card we have scheduled for the night. We’re going to go backstage for a brief moment. When we return, we’ll open with Athena climbing in the ring with Jason Cashe.”
VASSA: ”I’m stoked! We’ll be right back folks!”

There’s a lot of yelling and shouting between Stefan and Borderland as they are arguing with one another backstage as Stefan speaks to Shane.

RAAB: “I bet you’re gonna get you’re ass kicked tonight and not even win the title belt.””
BORDERLAND: “At least I’ve been winning matches unlike you’re useless ass who couldn’t beat anybody in a real wrestling match.”
Stefan’s attempting to punch Shane, but Tidus ran towards them as he says this.

HOWE: “Stop it. You both aren’t fighting until the day of the Super Show. You need to have a fair competition against each other. I suggest you both have an arm wrestling match right here and now.”
BORDERLAND: “Come on scared bitch, are you man enough to take the challenge on?”
Stefan hasn’t had very good history with arm wrestling matches as he lost quite a few in the past.

RAAB: “Alright fine, I’ll take the arm wrestling challenge on to show you how good I am Shane.”
HOWE: “Good, now come over here where we got a table set up right here in the parking lot.”
Shane and Stefan follow Tidus where the Arm Wrestling pads and table were placed as there’s a referee standing in the middle of the table as Shane was placed on the left side and Stefan went to the right side.

REFEREE: “Place you’re elbows on these pads here Shane and Stefan and let’s get started.”
Shane and Stefan place their elbows on the pads as they get ready to show their test of strength as they wait for the referee to start things off while Tidus watches them from the background, holding their hands from letting go.

REFEREE: “Ready and go.”
It starts off with both of them having an even advantage over one another as Stefan squeezes very hard, but it’s Shane who ends up being stronger than Stefan and he pins his hand down on the pad, giving Shane a point.

RAAB: “This is bullshit.”
BORDERLAND: “Oh god, shut up and lets do it again because I love making you angry.”
Stefan’s willing to do it again as he and Shane got themselves into position and wait for the referee’s instructions.

REFEREE: “Ready and go.”
This time, Shane knows he’s already got inside of Stefan’s head as he seems a lot stronger at this point and Stefan having a red face, screaming in anger and Shane pins Stefan’s hand down on the mat again giving Shane two wins to Stefan having no wins. It gave Stefan that fire in his eyes to try it again as they get into position and without the referee’s instructions, they started again as Shane’s clearly got the advantage.
Suddenly, Stefan cheats as he pokes Shane in his eyes and put his hand down on the mat as the camera’s focuses on Shane looking like he’s blind and then when he slowly raises his head, he notices that Stefan’s no longer opposite him as Stefan’s gone from sight as Shane says this with a smile on his face.

BORDERLAND: “What a coward.”
The cameras then cut back to ringside for the next match to take place on the show.


POWERS: “The Opening contest is scheduled for One Fall! Introducing first, already in the ring. From California…ATHENA!!”
The fans don’t much react to her being introduced. Faint chants of her opponent’s name begin to rise as Mike Powers makes the next Introductions.

POWERS: “And her opponent!”
The crowd erupts before Powers can even finish his announcement as they rise to their feet, scream to the top of their lungs for the returning Former Champion of 4CW.

POWERS: “From Houston, Texas…He is the Former 4CW South West Heavyweight Champion! The Returning…JAASSSOOON CAAAASSSHE!!!”
The building erupts with cheers as “Grew Up A Screw Up” plays throughout the arena. The fans, even the commentators are wide eyed in wait for the return of Jason Cashe.

VASSA: “Listen to these sheep! They will cheer for anyone won’t they?”
JOHNSON: “Not anyone, they have never liked you too much! Where is Cashe?”
His music still playing but the fans notice his lack of appearance. They begin chanting.
With thunderous rhythm but still no signs of the man booked for the match. Athena grows frustrated wanting to fight, she shoves the referee asking where her opponent is but the referee shrugs not knowing the answer himself.

JOHNSON: “Can we get word from the back, has something happened back there?”
VASSA: “Maybe someone snatched that Million Dollar Bounty. Who’d expect that now?”
Putting his finger to his ear piece, Mike Powers gets word from the back and steps to the center of the ring to make an Official call for the match.

POWERS: “It is with great displeasure to announce that Jason Cashe has not been seen in the building and this match will not take place. Official call is a No Contest.”
VASSA: “So Cashe isn’t here? I guess Mr. Wallace’s plan of punishment backfired. HBO is going to be pissed!”
JOHNSON: “I think Athena is a little peeved and I can only imagine that Perry Wallace is cussing someone out somewhere..”
Fans continue to boo as Athena kicks the bottom rope a few times, punches the ring ropes and turnbuckle nearby to show her frustration. She leaves the ring and stomps to the back as the fans are left waiting for an opening match.

The scene cuts backstage to the main office where Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison are sitting across from each other at a desk. The two converse with each other as Tatsuhiko stands in the corner with his arms crossed, keeping a close eye on Perry’s well being. Perry appears upset by the outcome of the previous match.

WALLACE: ”DAMNIT!!! Cashe thinks he can pull this crap? Who the hell does he think he is? He didn’t make an effort to show his face last week, and now he ruins the opening match tonight… Frankie, what are we going to do?”
MORRISON: ”I don’t know…but we can’t have our first ever 4CW South-West Heavyweight Champion just up and leave us in the dust. Obviously his actions can’t go unpunished…but this is bad for business Perry. We need to find a happy median between you two.”
WALLACE: ”I’m trying, Frankie. Everything was fine until he slapped me that day. Now I have to go around with this guy following behind me.”
Perry turns his head towards Tatsuhiko as Frankie cuts his eyes and nods.

WALLACE: ”I’m trying to be nice, I truly am. I feel that he has zero respect for me just because I paid for my way into this business, bought this dream. And I did, but it was money well spent. He gets paid handsomely as well. I just feel that he blames me for losing the championship when he’s the one who pushed me to bumping up the rematch.”
MORRISON: ”That could be it Perry. Regardless, we need to get back on track here. These last few weeks have been like a roller coaster for 4CW.”
WALLACE: ”Indeed it has… but the ratings are killing it. HBO loves us! I don’t think I’m going to earn Cashe’s respect by playing Mr. Nice Guy here. Let me try this my way first. If it doesn’t work, I’ll let you intervene and do your thing. After all, you are the general manager of this company and I will back you with any decision you make. I just need to prove to Cashe that I’m not going to sit here and take his abuse.”
MORRISON: ”Understandable. Just keep in mind I know how to handle the rebellious type. I was Chris Madison’s agent for fourteen years. Whenever you want me to take the reins with this Cashe situation let me know…Has there been any headway with the executives on the other front?”
WALLACE: ”No, they’ve put their foot down. I’m making the announcement at ringside here shortly.”
MORRISON: ”What a shame…I really think we were onto something. But if the execs aren’t going to back us it could have been a disastrous blow to everything we’ve worked for!”
WALLACE: ”Oh yea, no doubt. We’ll see how the fans take the news. I’m guessing it’s going to be a heartbreaker because this thing was going to be huge. Live and learn, I guess. We busted our asses to get where we are today with 4CW and sign the level of talent we have. The executives know that 4CW is a sure thing. We know that 4CW is a sure thing. I’m just trying to expand and reach a broader audience. HBO does air outside of the south-west though, so that’s a good thing!”
MORRISON: ”It is. Hell, maybe the network knows best. All we can do is move on from this and continue to do what we do best.”
WALLACE: ”You said it, brother. I’m about to make the announcement shortly. Wish me luck…”
The two continue to talk off topic as Tatsuhiko stands there overlooking. The scene then slowly fades out.


JOHNSON: ”Well I guess technically, this will be our opening bout for the night!”
VASSA: ”All because Jason Cashe has his panties in a bunch and refuses to do as he’s told. He’s contracted to wrestle here. If Mr. Wallace says you’ve got a match, guess what…you’re expected to get in that ring!”
JOHNSON: ”You know what, I actually agree with you on that.”
VASSA: ”First a physical slap in the face and now a metaphorical slap in the face…Mr. Wallace is going to have some punishment for Jason Cashe!”
JOHNSON: ”Well let’s not lose sight of what’s coming up next…fellow House of Howe member, Stefan Raab is fixing to get in the ring with journeymen, Duke Thunder.”
VASSA: ”Duke Thunder has been impressive in 4CW thus far, winning in his debut and in the first round of the tag tournament. Hell he wasn’t even part of the loss last Adrenaline that knocked his team out of the tournament.”
JOHNSON: ”XTC and a man we’d learn to be Eric Lee took Duke Thunder out prior to the match, allowing for Eric Lee to take his place.”
VASSA: ”I think we are going to see a more vicious and pissed off Duke Thunder tonight. Not to mention he’s up against a slumping Stefan Raab!”
The feed cuts to the DJ booth and Mike Powers rises to his feet with a microphone in hand to address the raucous 4CW crowd.

POWERS: ”The following contest is schedule for one fall. Introducing first…weighing in at two hundred and thirty-one pounds…from Lexington, South Carolina…DUKE THUNDER!!!”
The lights cut out as Thunderstruck by AC/DC blares out over the PA system. The strobes begin to flicker as Duke Thunder bursts out from behind the curtains to a series of cheers. Duke begins to swagger down to the ring side taking in the atmosphere as he does. Stepping into the ring, he blows a cheeky kiss to the camera, He slowly slumps into the turn buckle and positions himself for the match.

JOHNSON: ”Looks like Duke Thunder is ready to go! There were some questions about whether or not he was still going to be feeling the effects from that assault just two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”That could be bad news for Stefan Raab…”
POWERS: ”And his opponent…weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds…from Cologne, Germany…The Killerplauze…STEFAN RAAB!!”
Wrenches and Kings play over the sound system as Stefan comes out through the curtain just wearing his gold and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a hold up on each turnbuckle and everyone boos him as he does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent with anger in his eyes waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: ”You can’t help to wonder if this is going to be the match where Stefan Raab turns things around…”
VASSA: ”I think it is. Tidus Howe is giving him some final instructions. I got a good feeling about this.”
JOHNSON: ”Well I hope so. Stefan Raab hasn’t won in a 4CW ring since our fourth show when he and Joe Dobbs defeated Sin and Roxi Johnson in a tag team match! That’s over three and a half months without a victory!”
VASSA: ”Yikes…that’s a bitter pill to swallow!”
The ref motions for the time keeper to signal the start of the match with the opening bell.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Duke Thunder and Stefan Raab meet in the center of the ring and quickly lock horns with a collar and elbow tie up. The two men jockey for position, neither giving an inch. After a brief struggle Raab manages to back Duke Thunder into the corner. The referee steps between the two men, trying for a clean break. Duke holds his hands up above his head as Stefan Raab slowly begins backing away. Raab then catches both Duke and the ref off guard by driving his knee into Thunder’s midsection! Thunder doubles over as the wind is sucked right of him. Raab straightens Duke up in the corner and clobbers his chest with a stiff knife edged chop!

Raab grabs Duke by his head and pulls back, bending his upper body over the top turnbuckle. Raab releases Thunder before coming down across his chest again with a second knife edged chop!

VASSA: ”I think Duke Thunder’s heart may have skipped a few beats!”
JOHNSON: ”A tough start for the journeymen. He let his guard down and Stefan Raab took full advantage of the mistake.”
VASSA: ”It’ll be interesting to see if he can keep up the pace.”
JOHNSON: ”And without bending the rules too much. The referee will surely be watching with a close eye after refusing to cleanly separate out of the corner.”
Stefan grabs Duke by his wrist and whips him across the ring to the opposite corner. Raab charges after his opponent hits the turnbuckles and crushes him into the corner with a hard clothesline. Raab steps back, allowing for Duke Thunder to stumble out of the corner. Stefan Raab reaches down and grabs Duke by his legs, spins him around, and drives him down to the canvass with a spine buster! Duke instinctively rolls onto his stomach and pushes up to all fours. Raab stands over him before reaching down and grabbing him with a rear waist lock. Stefan lifts Duke up to his feet and tries for a German Suplex but Duke wiggles around while in the air forcing Raab to put him back down on his feet. With Raab still wrapped around his waist, Duke moves towards the ropes and grabs the ropes while Raab tries to pull back. Raab releases the waist lock and drops Duke Thunder with a stiff European Uppercut as he turns around.

JOHNSON: ”He may have just knocked Duke Thunder out cold!”
VASSA: ”He did! Look, Duke Thunder is snoring in the middle of the ring!”
Raab lifts Duke Thunder to his feet against Tidus Howe’s suggestions. He traps one of Duke’s arms behind his back while reaching around his waist with his free arm. Raab then lifts Duke up and slams him over his head with an arm trap chickenwing german suplex! Stefan foregoes the pin attempt and moves down by Duke’s legs. He lifts both of his legs before tucking one of his feet behind his other knee. Raab then clasps his hands together and steps over Duke Thunder while rolling him over. Raab sits down and puts all of his weight down onto the small of Dukes back, locking in the modified texas cloverleaf he calls the Cologne Cloverleaf! The ref slides into position to check for the tap out. Duke squirms in agony as Raab continues to pull back further and further. Duke manages to crawl through all of the pain and got a hand on the bottom rope. The ref calls for the break of the submission but Stefan Raab refuses and pulls back even more. The referee begins to use his five count in order to get Raab to break the hold.
Raab releases the hold and stands to his feet, immediately being lectured by the referee. Tidus Howe stands nearly nose to nose with Duke Thunder and just smiles before stepping back. Raab pushes passed the ref and lifts Duke up by his head. He puts Duke down throat first across the bottom rope. Raab then steps down with both feet on the shoulder blades of Duke Thunder, pushing his throat down against the ropes and forcing the ref to utilize a second straight five count!
Raab steps down and backs away with his hands up as Tidus Howe watches on with an approving head nod.

VASSA: ”I think we are seeing a meaner, more viscous Stefan Raab and Tidus Howe seems to approve!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s got to be careful to not get himself disqualified. If he continues to blatantly bend the rules the ref could just call the match!”
Raab grabs Duke with two handfuls of hair and pulls him to his feet. Duke surprises Raab with an elbow into the gut. Raab doubles over but still has one handful of hair. Duke drives another elbow into the midsection of Stefan Raab and breaks free. Duke runs off of the ropes and charges at Stefan Raab with a lariat. Raab ducks underneath the lariat attempt and grabs Duke with a rear waist lock before tossing him overhead with a release German suplex! Stefan Raab crawls across the canvass to his opponent and rolls him onto his back before trying for a pinfall. The ref slides into a position to see both of Duke’s shoulders.
Duke shoots a shoulder off the mat prior to the ref counting to three.

JOHNSON: ”Duke Thunder managed to kick out of that release German Suplex!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know how. Raab folded Duke Thunder up on his head and neck. That was a brutal German Suplex.”
JOHNSON: ”Yet he’s still in this match…albeit on his last leg perhaps…but still in this match!”
Raab lifts Duke to his feet and whips him towards the ropes. Raab cuts him off on the rebound with a spear. Raab stands behind Duke and stalks him as he thrashes around on the canvass. Duke crawls to the ropes and begins pulling himself up to his feet. Duke turns around and Raab quickly grabs drops him with his modified Diamond Cutter, The Killercutter! Raab moves down towards Duke’s feet and latches onto an ankle. He begins twisting his ankle in a way it’s not meant to. Duke pushes up with his hands and tries to roll out of the submission. Stefan Raab holds onto his ankle and isolates his leg by securing a leg scissor. Raab continues to twist as both men roll around awkwardly. Raab’s weight crushes Duke’s ankle underneath him and he’s tapping instantly!!
Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!

VASSA: ”The streak is over!”
JOHNSON: ”What a huge win for Stefan Raab!!”
VASSA: ”I can sense big things for this guy in the future and this will be the official turnaround!”
Stefan Raab steps up off of Duke Thunder and he instantly grabbing at his ankle. Raab looks down at Duke and shrugs his shoulders as “Wrenches and Kings” by Linkin Park begins to play over the sound system.

VASSA: ”I think Duke Thunder may be seriously hurt. He’s holding onto his ankle and has not even tried to put any weight on it.”
JOHNSON: ”Medical personnel is on their way down to the ring to assist Duke Thunder.”
POWERS: ”Here is your winner…by submission…The Killerplauze…STEFAN RAAB!!!”
The ref lifts Stefan Raab’s arm up as medical personnel help Duke Thunder out of the ring and act as crutches so he can hop back to the trainers room.

The scene cuts backstage to the main office where Perry is sitting at his desk, alone. He has a worried look on his face as he sits there, sweating impatiently.

WALLACE: ”Where the hell is he at? He’s been gone too long, something isn’t right.”
Tatsuhiko isn’t in the room. Perry stands up from his desk and walks towards the office door, cautiously. He grabs the handle and takes a deep breath before turning the knob and opening the door. He then pops his head out into the hallway and looks to his left and right for a moment.

WALLACE: ”Damnit… he’s not out here. TATSUHIKO!!!”
Perry screams for his bodyguard, Tatsuhiko, but there’s no answer. He then slowly steps into the hallway and continues to look around timidly.

WALLACE: ”Tatsuhiko, I’m ready! Come on out!”
An afraid look comes over Perry’s face as his calls for Tatsuhiko go unanswered. He doesn’t walk far from the door as he continues to stare down the hallway and call out his name. Frustration then comes over him and he slams the door behind him.

WALLACE: ”Fuck it! I don’t need him…”
Perry walks away from the office, down the hallway, cautious with each step. The scene then slowly cuts out.


The scene cuts to the entrance stage where Perry Wallace slowly walks out from the back with caution. He receives mixed reactions from the fans as he makes his way onto the entrance stage. He continues to walk to ringside, with a little pep in his step. He walks alone, without Tatsuhiko by his side. Once at ringside, he climbs the steps and enters the ring underneath the top rope. He walks to the center of the ring, with a mic in hand, as the fans continue to give mixed reaction. He slowly raises the mic to his mouth as silence slowly overcomes the crowd.

WALLACE: ”How is everyone doing tonight?”
A few cheers can be heard as Perry stands in the center of the ring, not pleased with the reaction he has received from the fans.

WALLACE: ”I can tell that a few folks out there are still displeased with the things that I said two weeks ago in reference to the former 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion.”
The crowd erupts in boos as Perry shakes his head back and forth. A grin then comes over his face as he looks over the crowd as if he were looking for someone.

WALLACE: ”We’ll get to him soon enough! Right now, I’d like to take a moment of your time and fill you in on some drastic changes that have taken place over the last two weeks. I’m sure that many of you are wondering what exactly I heard on the other end of that phone call two weeks ago as the show ended. I’m here to shed some light on that.”
“For over a month now, we have been working towards closing a deal with acquiring 220 Wrestling. It was a brilliant idea to say the least. It gave us exposure to the north-east region of the United States. It gave us two “brands” to offer for your entertainment needs. It put two great rosters under one roof and gave us the opportunity to become a powerhouse in this industry. Well… I’m here to break your hearts and let you all know that it won’t be happening.”

The fans begin to boo as Perry nods in the ring, displeased by the words coming out of his own mouth.

WALLACE: ”Now, before you get upset with me, I want you all to know that is was not my decision. When I first confronted Heath Sommersby with the idea, I was impressed by the concept that is 220 Wrestling. I wanted to bring them to our family, but keep them as their own identity. I didn’t want them to change anything about their business model. I didn’t want to change what attracted my eye to 220 Wrestling to begin with.”
Well, HBO had an opinion of their own. They had their needs for this to work and in the end, it wasn’t a good fit for either party involved. Heath Sommersby wasn’t going to conform to what the network had planned for 220 Wrestling, and for that, I salute Heath. The network wanted to change their concept and put them on the same platform as 4CW and that’s just not what 220 Wrestling is. They’re different, and that’s a good thing! I wouldn’t want to see anything changed with their platform because the way they do things now is what caught my eye to begin with.”
So, at the conclusion of the show two weeks ago, I received a phone call. The camera wasn’t supposed to be running at the time but it is what it is, it left you all in suspense to what I had to announce tonight. Effective immediately, 220 Wrestling is no longer in association with 4CW. It was good for the brief moment that it lasted but will continue no further. And for that, I want to apologize to each and every one of you out there for letting you stick the tip in and nothing more.”

The crowd continues to boo as Perry stands in the center of the ring. He continues to look over the crowd, searching for something, someone.

WALLACE: ”What does that mean for the future of 4CW, the plans for Ante Up in Vegas July 13th? The show will go on! 4CW will hold its biggest event ever at the Jubilee Theater, you can bet one that! As for reaching out to uncharted territories, well… we may have an upcoming north-east tour in the works. I know the folks on the east coast would love to see the product that we offer. Only time will tell…”
A few cheers are heard over the crowd as the boos start to die off. Perry paces back and forth in the ring, looking over his shoulder and not keeping his back positioned to one side of the ring for too long. He then clears his throat and raises the mic to his mouth once more, with a slight look of fear in his eyes.

WALLACE: ”Now, enough with the bad news. What’s done is done and all we can do now is move forward. I want to take a quick moment to set the record straight in regards to a certain someone who didn’t just rob you fans two weeks ago, but has done it again tonight, here in Austin, Texas! The former 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion that you all believe you hold so dear has left you short changed yet again.”
“Two weeks ago, I made it clear that Jason Cashe WILL NOT get a rematch at the championship that Jason Phoenix defeated him for in Phoenix, Arizona. His disrespect for authority comes with a cost and that debt will be paid. I don’t know if you all have noticed, but the opening match for this evening didn’t even take place. Jason Cashe was supposed to climb in this ring with Athena and give you fans the match you all deserved. What happened? I’ll tell you what happened! He didn’t show and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t bother coming to the theatre at all. He’s a coward!”

The fans erupt in boos as Wallace nods in the ring, pacing with a little confidence.

WALLACE: ”It’s alright, though. Two weeks ago I announced that I have chosen a number one contender to challenge Jason Phoenix for the South-West Heavyweight championship. He’s a man who has pride. He’s a man who has honor. More importantly, he’s a man who has respect! Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it here tonight as he is in his homeland of Japan, but, that man is Masahiro Kojima! Your number one contender for the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship is…”
“Grew Up A Screw Up” blares over the PA system in the Paramount Theatre and the fans erupt with sheer excitement. Perry Wallace whirls around looking around him as he seems a little worried.

VASSA: “I think Perry Wallace just crapped his pants! I believe we are about to see Jason Cashe!!”
JOHNSON: “This IS Texas and Jason Cashe loves Houston so he’s doing it Big! Where is he?”
The cheers start to die down as the music thunders through the arena. Wallace starts to regain his composure thinking Cashe will have another no show like with the Athena match earlier. The loud reign of Boos begin to reign down louder than the music itself as Perry Wallace signals for the music to be cut off to the Production crew in the back.
As the music cuts off the crowd in one section roars loudly followed by the entire House of Fans as Jason Cashe pushes his way through the crowd and appears at ringside. He hops the guard railing and stands at the side of the ring as Perry Wallace and Jason Cashe lock eyes.

JOHNSON: “Ohhh weeee this is about to get interesting!! I bet Wallace wishes Tatsuhiko was out here!!”
VASSA: “I don’t think even Cashe would come out here if Tatsuhiko eres with Wallace. Why risk his health? You’ve seen Tatsuhiko right? Good golly his a big boy!”
JOHNSON: “Come on! The guy isn’t immortal or a robot, as long as he bleeds I think Jason Cashe would fight him…Oh snap, Cashe is climbing the stairs!!”
VASSA: “Did you just say Oh Snap?”
Pulling on the ring post, Cashe steps up and walks along the ring apron outside the ropes. His eyes never leaving Perry Wallace. Cashe pops through the middle rope and enters the ring to the loud cheer of the fans. Everyone on their feet as Perry Wallace holds up his hand to keep Cashe back as he puts the mic to his mouth to mix words with the former South West Champion.

Rushing at the owner of 4 Corners Wrestling, Cashe arches back ready to attack. Wallace flinches, dropping the mic and covering his face with a Philly Style Cross block. The fans laugh as Cashe stops his forward motion. Wallace slowly lowers his hands and Cashe flicks him to the forehead. The audience bursts with laughter as Wallace steps away looking embarrassed and angry.

VASSA: “What disrespect for the Owner of this Promotion! Cashe should be ashamed of himself and possibly fired for this blatant act of foul behavior.”
Bending over, Cashe picks up the microphone Perry Wallace dropped and tosses it back to him. He walks over and grabs another mic from Mike Powers who is standing outside the ring offering one up to him. Cashe with a mic in hand moves back over closer to Wallace.

WALLACE: “It’s about tim–“
CASHE: “Shut up. You’ve stood out here and ran that dick taster long enough. Now you listen because if I let you talk right now…I’m gonna put your face to my hands if you understand the seriousness of the situation.”
Fans loving the way Cashe is working over Wallace as they pop loud for every one liner he throws out. Laughing at the Owner of 4CW. Cashe paces two steps from right to left but remaining in front of Wallace in arm’s reach.

CASHE: “I’m a coward? Did my ears hear you right? These people were booing you so loudly I might have heard wrong…Go a head, you can talk now. I won’t hurt you, I just want to be clear on the matter..”
Hesitating Perry Wallace raises his mic as the crowd boos wanting Cashe to just attack him. He doesn’t though and Wallace responds to the accusations before him.

WALLACE: ”I believe you heard me right! You pushed me to the edge and forced my hand into bumping up the rematch between you and Phoenix. Well, Phoenix won that rematch and is now the 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion. What did you do next? You tucked your tail in between your legs and went on a little camping trip. Instead of coming back to the ring to do what you do best, you let your emotions piss all over your parade and basically spit in my face. Then… what happened with the opening match that was supposed to take place tonight?”
CASHE: “Who tucked tail? I have been competing, just not for you. Having to take a show off because I looked right and got knocked the fuck out by Jason Phoenix and I’m punished for it? So no, I didn’t tuck tail. I’ve never tucked tail and being out there in the wild is for FAR more than just to go camping so speak on what you know, not what you assume. Assumption just makes an Ass out of you and you look like you’ve assumed A LOT!!”
The fans fill the arena with short laughter and a round of applause as the Former Champion makes the “Boss” look bad in front of the live audience and those watching on HBO.

CASHE: “And Athena? Opening act? No, no that’s not how things are gonna play out Wallace…I could put my name out there and get 100 different companies just DYING for a guy like me. Not the prettiest, not the best in any ONE category but I make shit interesting every single time and it’s why you still write me a paycheck…It’s why I could drop you right here, right now, piss on your face and still keep a job. You need me Wallace…FAR more than I need you…How does that feel?”
VASSA: “Oh he can’t talk to the Owner like this! Fire him Wallace!! Put that punk in his place like Jason Phoenix did!!”
A few “ohhhs” from the crowd are heard as Perry Wallace builds up his frustration and lifts the mic to his mouth to sound off his response to Jason Cashe.

WALLACE: ”Cashe, as much as it turns my stomach to say it, you are an asset to this company, to 4CW. I don’t want you to leave and sign with the next vulture in line waiting to pick away at your career. If I sent you packing or forced your hand to do so, the fans would hate me, HBO would hate me. I’m all about business and whether I like it or not, you’re good for business. While you may be an asset to 4CW, you’ll just have to ride the pine for a while and be an asset without a championship around that waist. Hell, you could potentially be a huge asset that never gets another shot at that strap, or any strap for the remainder of your contract. I just want a little damn respect while you’re under contract!”
Cashe smiles, rubs at the corners of his mouth and tugs on his wildly growing beard. Thinking he puts the mic to his mouth as his pace stops and he stands facing Wallace.

CASHE: “You know what? I’m okay with that Wallace. I’m okay with you believing that you can hold me back from becoming a Champion. I expect more Opening Acts, maybe some new signings to be put up against! I could be the Gatekeeper! OH man! Hehe..heh..”
JOHNSON: “That doesn’t look like a playful grin or laugh coming from Jason Cashe…I worry for the safety of Perry Wallace right now..”
The small grin disappears. The laughter cuts off and Cashe stares at Perry Wallace. His eyes red with anger but he’s doing a good job at holding it back in the physical form.

CASHE: “You can try to put all those ideas together and make it happen. What will happen is complete and pure chaos…See Wallace if you stop me, if the walls around me close up tight then I am just going to FUCKING LOSE IT! Heh..Heh…You will find that firing me is the ONLY thing left to do and before I left I would make DAMN SURE that HBO, NBC, TBS, USA, or any other Channel on Television would never put 4CW on the air again. I would leave this company in a pool of their own blood. I will crash Main Events, put top stars on the shelf and make each of the bigger moments that come in the near future and turn them into horrific moments that only “The Red Wedding” can rival it…So you go with your plan Wallace…I’ll go with mine, let’s see who gives in first…”
He lifts the mic up and lets it flop out of his hand. It hits the ring canvas and Perry Wallace looks ready to try his hand at fighting but he knows better as Jason Cashe leaves the ring.

VASSA: “Did I mention how much I liked Jason Cashe?”
JOHNSON: “Afraid he’ll come after you? He said top stars not fat announcers. I think you’re safe…Perry Wallace might want to rethink his game plan now..”
Cashe stops on the ring apron outside of the ropes and stares at Wallace, slowly nodding his head wanting the boss to make his next move. Dropping down off the apron, Cashe jogs and springs off one hand as he hops back into the live audience and disappears into the crowd leaving Perry Wallace alone in the ring. Wallace throws his microphone in frustration as the scene cuts backstage.

The sound of slow-clapping is heard through out the Theatre as the attending audience on their feet with anticipation. Nonetheless the crowd along with the millions watching at home are met with no visual to the clapping.
Yet after a few more seconds of waiting, the view of 3 pair of random individual shoes/boots. The first pair on the left side of the screen seems to be some normal all black wrestling boots, but they’re is flair added with Gladiator Flaps on them. Meanwhile on the right side the next pair of boots are worn with kick pads, but they also bear the bedazzled initials “J.P.”
Then as we look in the middle of them both, we finally see the last pair, but unlike the others who are wearing wrestling boots. This pair however is the Adidas Brand FYW Division shoes.
This sight sends the crowd into a frenzy as they already know who they’re watching right now. So while the camera slowly backs up into a single shot, it doesn’t take long for the oso familiar voice answer back to them.
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

MANNIE: ”I just wanted to properly congratulate Sweet Annihilation on their victory against us 2 weeks ago. You managed to knock us off the tournament, all while advancing to the finals in Las Vegas. So once again Kandi congrats…”
“Oh Yeah!”
“And Nathaniel Havok we will be seeing you and your misfits very, very soon!”
*Smirking before winking*
JACINTA: *Rolling her eyes* ”Ummm, No!” *Cocking her head to the side* “Now while my Papi may want to be nice to you Kandi, but I don’t need to do any of that shit. Because I on other hand Kandi, I could give 10 shits about doing any of that stuff because we still have so much more unfinished business. However though Kandi, I know tonight that I still have a job to do. So I don’t want you to worry your pretty little head about anything, because Jacinta has everything handled boo-boo.” *Blowing a kiss full of glitter at the camera lens*
The crowd splits down the middle with boos/cheers as Mannie & Jacinta look puzzled about something. They begin to look at each other a little bit before turning their attention to Alec, who had been just standing there in silence. So Mannie decides to talk to “The Glasgow Hooligan”.

MANNIE: ”Yo Alec!”
Mannie pushes Alec, who doesn’t move a muscle but Mannie somehow moves two-steps back. Jacinta laughs about it, while Mannie tries to finish talking to him.

MANNIE: ”Wasn’t there something that you wanted to say?”
Alec rolls his shoulders around for a little while before replying back to Mannie.

ALEC: *Breathing before walking up on the camera* ”YOU WILL FEAR ME OR YOU WILL SUFFER!”
Alec proceeds to shove the cameraman on the floor as the view has gone back to their feet, as they exit out of the frame talking.


POWERS: “The following is a standard triple threat match for one falls and introducing first, hailing from the Underworld, standing at six feet, four inches, and weighing in at two hundred forty two pounds… NATHANIEL HAVOK!”
“Cult of Personality” hits on the PA system, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Nathaniel Havok makes his way out to the entrance ramp, extremely hyped and ready to go. He throws his arms in the air as pyro goes off around him, before walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on his way down. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully off the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, as his music fades out.

JOHNSON: “Nathaniel is one of the premiere performers in 4CW and this is his chance to really showcase what he can do. I think his chances are pretty good going into it.”
VASSA: “I think you’re right Steve, like him or not, this guy has the heart of a champion!”
POWERS: “And introducing his first opponent, hailing in from Cardiff, Wales, standing at 6 feet, 2 inches, and weighing in at 253 pounds… DAN WHITE!”
”Anarchy in the UK” by The Sex Pistols hits, and even as the first “Anarchy” hits, the fans pop as Dan White walks out through the curtain. He claps his hands, ready for action, and walks down to the ring, with a pretty simplistic light show, and no pyros. He walks down the ramp, and close to the fans, not shaking their hands, but close enough so they have the chance to touch greatness. He enters the ring, where he warms up at the ropes, and climbs a turnbuckle, throwing his arms in the air and beating this chest, before jumping down and preparing for a fight.

VASSA: “Dan White is going to be the wildcard in this match. He started off two weeks ago in extraordinary fashion, but now he’s going to be put to the test.”
JOHNSON: “Vinny, you might be onto something, but nobody has even seen him until tonight. People were questioning whether or not he was having flight delays or visa problems.”
POWERS: “And now the final participant, hailing from Los Angeles, California and standing in at 5 feet, 6 inches… NIOBE MARTIN!”
As the opening of the song starts to play, the video flashes on the tron of a camera panning up a grassy hill at night slowly until it gets to the top, panning from left to right, lightning flashing in the sky as the opening guitar rift plays. Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
Now your nightmare comes to life…’
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
‘Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never..’
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

JOHNSON: “I wonder how much of her head is going to be in this match or if she’s going to fall like she fell two weeks ago against Shane Borderland.”
VASSA: “Niobe hasn’t won a match since that huge battle royal. She’s been in a downward slump and if she doesn’t win tonight, she could potentially be out of a job!”

JOHNSON: “And what in the world? Niobe isn’t wasting anytime going after Nathaniel Havok. She must have not liked the way he talked about her!”
As Niobe foolishly races across the ring with a clothesline in mind, the skill of Nathaniel Havok ducks it and lifts her onto his shoulders. He spins her around before putting her back down as she is in a dazed. As she stumbles around, he lifts her up with a belly to belly suplex. After laying her out on the canvas, Dan White tries his luck as he goes after Havok from behind. Locking Havok in a side headlock, Havok lifts Dan up with a back suplex and forcing Dan to land on his neck. Havok knees up as Niobe tries to recompose herself.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Havok is off to a pretty damn impressive job at maintaining both opponents.”
VASSA: “I don’t think he was missing earlier in the week Steve; I think he was just refocusing!”
As Niobe is about halfway up to her feet, Havok walks over and grabs her with a side grapple and head in between his arms. He looks over at the crowd who has a mixed reaction. He drives Niobe’s head into the canvas with a thundering headlock driver! The fans go absolutely nuts as it looks like Niobe is out cold. Havok goes down and hooks the leg as the referee sides down to the mat.

VASSA: “Havok almost forgot about Dan White as Dan breaks the pin up!”
JOHNSON: “The tricky nature of a triple threat match.”
As Havok gets up and turns to Dan White, Havok gets clocked with a spinning roundhouse kick to the face. While Havok holds his face and crawls to the ropes, Dan kicks Niobe out of the ring. He walks over to Havok and helps him up. As he leans Havok back on the ropes, he whips him across the ring. As Havok rebounds off the ropes, Dan starts to run toward him, and Havok nearly beheads him with a running Enziguri.

JOHNSON: “And Dan White has just went down! Did you hear the impact of that Enziguri?”
VASSA: “I did and I also heard the enormous thud Dan’s body made when it collapse on the canvas.”
As he’s stalking Dan, taunting him to get up to his feet and yelling, “come on” Niobe starts to reenter the ring. As she stands up after sliding in under the bottom rope, Havok turns around and decks her with a superkick out of nowhere right to her face. She flops to the mat and rolls out of the ring as the fans just chant “HOLY SHIT!”

VASSA: “Niobe Martin might have had a tooth knocked out with the Sorrow Enforced! My God Havok is on fire tonight!”
JOHNSON: “No kidding, Niobe didn’t even have a chance since the opening bell. Niobe might just find a pink slip on her locker room’s door when she hits the showers.”
Meanwhile, Dan White is up to his feet and he swings, but Havok avoids it. As Dan turns around, Havok starts to open up with multiple kicks to his kidneys and ribs as Dan clutches his midsection. As Dan is in the slouched over position, Havok hooks the head in between his arm and crashes the top of his head down onto the canvas with an inverted DDT!

JOHNSON: “Havok looks like he’s feeling it and Dan White couldn’t be in a worse predicament right now!”
VASSA: “I think this is really showing Mr. Wallace and Morrison exactly what Havok can do in the ring.”
Before standing up to his feet, Havok reaches down and lifts Dan up to his as well. Still dazed and wobble on his legs, he hooks the head in with a headlock and connects with a second headlock driver in the match.

VASSA: “Dan White might as well be dead because he just FUCKIN’ BOWED DOWN!”
JOHNSON: “He’s going for the cover!”

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin-fall… NATHANIEL HAVOK!”
”Cult of Personality” hits over the p.a. system and the fans begin to cheer as Havok stands to his feet. Barely even breaking a sweat, he wipes off the few spots of sweat from his forehead and the referee raises his arm in victory. He walks over to the far corner and whisks his arm around as he stands on the second turnbuckle. He raises his arm in victory and motions for the fans to keep cheering. The referee checks on Dan White inside the ring while officials run to Niobe’s aid who is still unconscious outside the ring.

JOHNSON: “Niobe Martin and Dan White didn’t even stand a chance in this one. Nathaniel Havok completely dominated here tonight and he showed everybody that he’s on a quest for greatness!”
VASSA: “With a performance like that, I think he’s showing and telling both champions exactly what to expect because he’s coming!”

The cameras turn to the backstage area where 4CW Backstage Reporter, Gabriel Hartman is leading cameras to an Interview. He turns the corner and lets out a gasp as the camera picks up Athena laying on her back in a pool of blood.

The camera follows Hartman as he rushes over to her aid but she lays unconscious. Hartman slips on the blanket of blood that covers the floor around her upper body. He slams hard against the hallway floor and pauses on his side realizing where he’s laying.

HARTMAN: “Aghhh…This is so disgusting….Help me up will ya? Did someone call for the EMTs?”
As he is helped up by the camera crew, EMTs come around the corner in a hurry. Finally in good view you can see Athena has been split open across her right eyebrow and her orbital bones appear to be swollen and broken. Blood still draining from a wound to the back of her head is where all the blood is coming from. Her eyes barely open but her breathing is slowed as the EMTs attend to her. Gabriel Hartman covered down his side in blood stands looking around for any evidence of who could have done this.

HARTMAN: “Anyone see anything? Did Cashe do this, anybody see him? This is horrible…Her eyes are rolled up in her head, she is in trouble. Save her guys..I’m going to find out what happened!”
As Hartman snaps around to leave the scene he bumps into Tidus Howe who looks around Hartman and sees the scene of horror.

HOWE: “Oh my…She’s looks to be in rough shape..Tsk, that is just unfortunate isn’t it?”
Tidus looks once more and shrugs his shoulders at Gabriel Hartman who stands there with a look of realization and disgust on his face. Tidus Howe leaves the scene and Hartman looks sure of the culprit as the scene jumps back to ringside.

TWISTED HIGH (X.T.C. & Eric Lee)
THE BLUE COLLAR BRUISERS (Pat Gordon Jr. & Joe Martinez)

JOHNSON: ”Up next we have two teams that have a huge opportunity in front of them.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, winners get offered as a sacrifice to Beauty and the Beast after they become the first 4CW tag team champs!”
JOHNSON: ”Although nothing has been made official, a win tonight would make a strong case for them to be first in line for a shot.”
VASSA: ”And in turn, the first team to lose to Christian Taylor and Mike Smith!”
JOHNSON: ”I think you’re overlooking Drake Knight and Ice. Two formidable opponents.”
VASSA: ”Pfft…I think you’re downplaying the talent of Christian Taylor and Mike Smith!”
”Workers Song” by Dropkick Murphys blares over the PA system and the fans immediately rise to their feet with their eyes fixed on the entranceway.

POWERS: ”The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall…Introducing first, at a combined weight of five hundred and forty-six pounds…Pat Gordon Junior…’Average’ Joe Martinez…the BLUE COLLAR BRUISERS!”
Joe stomps out from behind the gorilla position and stands at the entrance ramp with both fists raised as Pat Gordon, Jr. steps out from behind the curtain! He makes his way down the aisle, giving out Arby’s coupons to everyone within reach as Joe nods to his working-class fans cracking his neck and stretching his arms while taking a determined stride towards the ring. Pat Gordon Jr does one lap around the ring, getting rid of the last of his coupons, before he scales the ring steps and climbs into the ring to wait for the bell while Joe slowly makes his way up the steps and dips between the second and third rope before. The two stand side by side in the middle of the ring and raise both of their hands in the air simultaneously drawing a thundering round of applause from the fans.

JOHNSON: ”Some would argue that these two got a raw deal and may have beaten ‘Young’ Mannie and Alec Quartermain had it no be for the interference from 220 Wrestling’s GRINDER.”
VASSA: ”I hear a lot of complaining. Fact is they lost and missed out on their opportunity.”
POWERS: ”And their opponents…at a combined weight of three hundred and seventy pounds…X.T.C…’The Tormented Soul’ Eric Lee…TWISTED HIGH!!!”
The theater lights dim as “Glory and Gore” by Lorde starts to play.
There’s a humming in the restless summer air
And we’re slipping off the course that we prepared
But in all chaos, there is calculation
Dropping glasses just to hear them break
You’ve been drinking like the world was gonna end (it didn’t)
Took a shiner from the fist of your best friend (go figure)
It’s clear that someone’s gotta go
We mean it but I promise we’re not mean
Eric Lee and XTC both come out from the back and smirk out at the crowd. XTC sprints towards the ring as Eric Lee confidently strolls. Then both get in the ring and climb to opposite turnbuckles and raise their arms as the crowd boos.
And the cry goes out
They lose their minds for us
And how it plays out
Now we’re in the ring
And we’re coming for blood
With those lines Eric Lee spits out some ‘blood’ towards the crowd and the two jump down. They move to their corner and wait for the match to start.

VASSA: ”Man I hope Eric Lee kicks that overrated bostonian’s head off!”
JOHNSON: ”What’s your problem with Pat Gordon Junior? He’s a beloved talent in the industry that fans just can’t help but get behind!”
VASSA: ”He’s a putz…”
JOHNSON: ”That seems like a bit much…”
VASSA: ”Like Eric Lee said, another second generation wrestler living off his daddy’s name!”
XTC takes a spot on the ring apron in his teams corner while Average Joe and Pat Gordon Junior discuss who will start the match. Eric Lee takes it on himself to make the decision for them and charges across the ring, clubbing PGJR in the back with a stiff forearm. PGJR falls into the corner and the referee steps in front of Average Joe, preventing him from getting involved in the mix. As Joe reluctantly steps out of the ring and onto the apron the referee signals for the official opening bell.
Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!
Eric Lee clasps his hands together behind PGJR’s head with a muay thai clinch and drags him from The Blue Collar Bruiser’s corner to a neutral corner. Lee drives his knees up into Pat’s sternum before tossing him back against the turnbuckles. With all of Pat’s weight back against the corner, Lee begins unloading on his opponent with curving knee kicks that focus the impact on the right ribs of PGJR. After four straight curving knee kicks Lee steps back and allows for PGJR to fall out of the corner. On the way down, Eric Lee catches PGJR with a double underhook and flips him overhead with a butterfly suplex! Lee stalks PGJR as he rolls on the canvass and pushes up to his feet. Lee darts his hand under PGJR’s chin and punches a pressure point right above the throat with a tongan death grip! PGJR grab’s Lee’s wrist with both hands and begins pulling at it to free himself from his grasp. PGJR unintentionally stumbles backwards towards his corner, allowing for Average Joe to tag himself in before PGJR lost consciousness.

VASSA: ”Great! Here comes everyone’s favorite whiner!”
JOHNSON: ”What are you talking about? Joe Martinez is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t fit the mold of a professional wrestler but has found success in this industry.”
VASSA: ”BORING! Nobody wants to see a fat, sweaty, non-athletic FAN in that ring. They want hulking men and smoking hot women!”
Joe lumbers into the ring and comes down with a double axe handle smash between the shoulder blades of Eric Lee, freeing his partner from the hold in the process. Lee drops down to one knee and turns toward Average Joe. He throws a back elbow to the midsection of Average Joe, buying him enough time to stand to his feet. Joe wraps his massive arms around Lee’s thin frame and slams him down to the mat with a side belly to belly suplex. Joe pushes to his feet and pulls Lee up with him by his head. Joe shoves Lee back into his teams corner and mixes a surprisingly technical combination of hooks to the body. Joe follows up the punches by grabbing Lee by his head and dropping him with a headbutt. Joe catches the slumping Eric Lee with a front face lock and spikes him to the canvass with a DDT. Joe rolls Lee over onto his back and blankets his opponent for the pin attempt.
The pin is broken up by a perfectly timed boot from XTC to the side of Joe’s face!

JOHNSON: ”A blind tag from Average Joe, and the Blue Collar Bruisers sucked the momentum from XTC and Eric Lee.”
VASSA: ”Joe shouldn’t be allowed to compete against these two. He nearly ways more than they do combined. That’s an unfair advantage if you ask me!”
Joe frantically rises to his feet and unloads on XTC, prompting the referee to separate the two. While Joe’s attention is distracted with XTC, Lee finds his way to his feet with help from the ropes. Lee finds his way behind Average Joe and places a hand on his shoulder before spinning him around. Joe turns right into an uppercut elbow strike, known as Sok Hud in Muay Thai, that lands right on the chin. Joe stumbles backwards and Lee begins to chop away at Joe’s right leg, mixing kicks between the inside and the outside of the knee joint. Lee manages to chop the big bruiser down to one knee. Lee leaps off the mat and drives forward with his knee, cracking Joe on the nose with a jumping knee strike! Joe falls back to the canvass and grabs at his nose which is beginning to spit blood with every exhale. Lee tries for the cover.
Joe powers out rather easily, rolling Eric Lee off of him.

VASSA: ”They got the big man down. Lee needs to tag in XTC and really keep things rolling before Pat Gordon Junior finds his way back into this match.”
JOHNSON: ”Usually a team will isolate the smaller of the opponents. There’s too much risk in keeping a powerhouse like Average Joe in the ring.”
Lee rolls near his teams corner and reaches up, tagging XTC into the match. Both XTC and Lee charge at Joe as he finds his footing. They both leap into the air, nailing a double drop kick to his sternum, knocking him into a nearby corner. Lee stays near Joe’s feet and on all fours as XTC rushes towards the opposing corner. XTC runs and uses his partner’s back as a springboard, nailing their version of poetry in motion, Buy the Ticket! Lee rolls out of the ring under the ropes and XTC hops back to his feet. Joe stumbles out of the corner and XTC leaps in the air, grabs Joe by the back of his head and falls backwards, forcing Joe’s face to hit both of his knees with a double knee face breaker! XTC digs a shoulder into Joe’s side and forces the big man onto his back before trying for a pin attempt.
Joe bucks his body, forcing XTC off before the count of three.

JOHNSON: ”If Twisted High can keep up that kind of speed they’ll find themselves on the winning side of this match.”
VASSA: ”Last episode Adrenaline was the first time we saw these two together, but they compete like they’ve been at it for awhile. And good chemistry in a team is tough to overcome!”
XTC seems to disapprove of the refs count speed. He slaps his hands together three times while barking at the referee. XTC pushes to his feet and turns towards Joe after all the bickering ends. He snatches Joe with a front face lock but the big man lifts XTC clean in the air. XTC wiggles his body and lands back on his feet while maintaining the front face lock. He then bounces off of the canvass and whips his body around in the air to take Average Joe down with a tornado DDT. Joe instinctively rolls under the ropes and falls to the venues floor. XTC scurries to the opposing ropes and waits for a sign of life from Average Joe before charging and jumping through the ropes to hit a suicide dive that knocks Joe back against the security railing. Pat Gordon Junior hops off of the canvass and moves around the ring towards his partner. The ref notices this and intercepts Pat before getting into the mix. The distraction is long enough for both members of Twisted High to team up against Joe. Lee joins his partner. They lift Average Joe to his feet and each wrap an arm around their neck while grabbing a hold of Joe’s waist. They simultaneously lift him up and over with a double suplex on the mats surrounding the ringside area.
Both Lee and XTC lift the big man and roll him into the ring under the ropes before the ref could catch on to the double team outside of the ring. XTC climbs up onto the apron and then leaps over the top rope. XTC’s eyes open wide as Joe laid perpendicular to one of the corners. XTC skipped over his fallen opponent and moved to the corner. He grabbed the top rope and jumped up to the second rope. He used the second rope as a springboard to the top rope and from their nailed a picture perfect moonsault onto Average Joe. XTC hooked Joe’s leg for the pin attempt.
Pat Gordon Junior snuck into the ring while the ref was counting and grabbed XTC by his boots, pulling him off of his partner before the three count!

VASSA: ”Oh come on! Ref control that guy!”
JOHNSON: ”Pat Gordon Junior with a huge save after XTC nailed a BME…Best Moonsault Ever!”
VASSA: ”At least you’re willing to give him credit where credit is due!”
Eric Lee steps into the ring and charges at PGJR for interfering in the pin attempt. Pat lifts Lee up and twirls him in the air before nailing his tilt-a-whirl shoulder breaker, The Bruin Breaker! Lee thrashes around the mat holding his shoulder and XTC makes a move towards PGJR. Charging full speed, PGJR uses XTC’s momentum against him with a quick powerslam. Finally the referee steps in and moves PGJR back towards his corner while Joe pulls himself up to a seated position in the corner, enjoying the path of destruction that PGJR had left in the ring. Lee is first to his feet and he moves towards Average Joe. Joe surprisingly leaps into the air and takes him down with a Lou Thesz press. While mounting Lee, Joe places his two hands around his throat and begins choking him. The ref watches on helplessly as Joe chokes out the non legal participant in this match. Joe keeps a watchful eye on XTC as he begins to stir.
Joe pushes off of Eric Lee and climbs to his feet. XTC staggers around the ring and Joe scoops him up before dropping him across his knee with a pendulum backbreaker. Joe keeps a hold of his partner and stands up to his feet, dropping XTC down again across his knee with a second pendulum backbreaker. Joe turns back to Eric Lee. He lifts him up and grabs him by his hair and his shorts. He tosses him out of the ring over the top rope like yesterdays garbage. Joe then turns back around and sees XTC pulling himself up to his feet by the ropes. Joe latches onto XTC with a rear waist lock and pulls him from the ropes. He lifts him up with a belly to back suplex but in mid air turns it into a sideslam. Joe skips a pin attempt and quickly moves to his corner, tagging in Pat Gordon Junior!

JOHNSON: ”Fall by the Wayside and then a tag to Pat Gordon Junior.”
VASSA: ”Big mistake, should have went for the pin when he had the chance!”
PGJR steps into the ring as XTC finds his feet. XTC turns around and PGJR grabs him with two arms around his waist. PGJR lifts him up and flips him over head with a belly to belly suplex! PGJR pushes to his knees and grabs XTC by his wrist. He pulls him to his feet by his left arm. PGJR steps underneath XTC’s arm while twisting it awkwardly. PGJR then unleashes on the twisted arm with a series of punches that focus on the shoulder joint. Pat let’s go and then grabs XTC by his head before hitting him with an irish kiss headbutt! XTC falls backwards, his upper body bounces off of the middle rope while falling, shooting him back at PGJR. Pat lifts XTC up and hits him with his tilt-a-whirl shoulder breaker! Pat jumps onto XTC’s back and grabs him with a crossface chickenwing. Sensing the Pat Lock coming, XTC sprawls towards the ropes and with his free hand grabs the ropes. PGJR refuses to let go of the hold and XTC pushes to his feet. Now standing with the crossface chickenwing still intact, Pat pulls XTC back violently, away from the ropes. Pat then does the unthinkable and flips him over head with a crossface chickenwing suplex, also known as a millennium suplex, that drops XTC on his head! Pat rolls XTC over and tries for the pin.
Eric Lee slides into the ring under the ropes and dropkicks PGJR to the side of his head, breaking up the pinfall by doing so!

VASSA: ”YES! Kick his head off!”
JOHNSON: ”Vinny XTC hasn’t moved…He landed right on his head and neck with that rare crossface chickenwing suplex. I hope to god he didn’t break his neck!”
VASSA: ”Victory is the best medicine. He’ll be fine when Twisted High picks up the win…”
JOHSNON: ”I think you mean if…”
Despite the interference, PGJR gets to his feet first. The referee has his hands full trying to move Eric Lee back to the corner. Pat reaches down and grabs XTC by his head. Suddenly the lights in the arena flicker and the only source of light is the video screens by the entrance way. Pat Gordon Junior drops XTC and moves towards the ropes, intrigued by the glowing light.

The video comes to an end and PGJR stands with his hands held out, wondering why that video just played. XTC sneaks up behind PGJR and rolls him back with a schoolboy roll up. Eric Lee climbs between the ropes and charges across the ring, hitting Average Joe with a Muay Thai flying knee as he climbs through the ropes. The ref counts the pinfall as Eric Lee watches on from The Blue Collar Bruisers corner.
Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!
Pat kicks up but not in time! Eric Lee and XTC slide out of the ring as PGJR processes what just happened.

JOHNSON: ”The distraction just cost The Blue Collar Bruisers the match! I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth…”
VASSA: ”I don’t. The better team won. Eric Lee and XTC could have just as easily been distracted by that video. Instead, they took advantage of an opportunity.”
”Glory and Gore” by Lorde cut through the PA system as the ref joined Eric Lee and XTC by the foot of the entrance way to raise their hands in victory.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, by pinfall…Eric Lee…X.T.C…TWISTED HIGH!!”

w/ Jacinta Perez as Special Guest Referee

POWERS: “The following contest is a standard first falls match with a special guest referee, introducing the first lady of We Dem Boyz… the “Boss Bitch” Jacinta!”
”Bossy” by Kelis hits over the p.a. system and the crowd begin to boo as Jacinta struts out from behind the entrance curtains with a pair of black short shorts, a referee’s halter top, and a pair of black knee-high heeled boots. She flips her hairs through her hair as she continues down the ramp. She rolls her eyes and flips her hair over the shoulder as she makes her way over to the steel stairs. She hustles up with swaying her arms in front of her body as she makes her way along the ring apron. She lowers herself and steps over the first rope as she enters the ring. She struts across the ring as she continues to flip her hair over her shoulder.

JOHNSON: “I wonder how unbiased Jacinta will be in this match and if she has any referee training at all.”
VASSA: “Anybody who knows the rivalry between Kandi Washington and Jacinta knows there’s some tricky business going on in this one.”
POWERS: “Now introducing the first participant, representing one-sixth of Power Trip, she hails all the way from South Beach, Florida… the “Bombshell” CRYSTAL TAYLOR!”
“All About Me” hits the sound system and pink lights start flickering throughout the arena while the fans stand up in a wave of boos as Crystal Taylor playfully dashes out from the back. She struts down the ramp while placing her hands in the back of hair and smirking at the crowd who shows her a negative reaction. Crystal stops down at the bottom and leans down as she fixes her bright pink knee pads before standing up. She dashes to the ring apron and she sets her right leg upon the side as she kneels up, shaking her little butt, and tilting her head back shaking her hair loosely. She does not stand completely up as she then goes underneath the second rope and enters the ring. She dashes over to the corner turnbuckle and climbs to the second rope. She points to her chest and starts clapping while saying, “come on Crystal,” but the fans continue to boo her. Crystal steps down off the ring apron and starts twirling her neck and stretching her arms as she roams around the ring.

VASSA: “We haven’t seen Crystal in action sometime and the last time she stepped in the ring with Kandi, she came up short.”
JOHNSON: “Now Crystal has Kandi’s enemy Jacinta as a special guest referee, so the odds are in her favor.
POWERS: “And now her opponent, representing the House of Sweentess, she hails from Las Vegas, Nevada… “The Queen of 4CW” KANDI WASHINGTON!”
“Bitch, please” by Jeffree Starr plays over the p.a. system this live Las Vegas’ crowd rise to their feet and begin booing as well as chanting “whore” loudly enough for everybody in the Jubilee theater can hear it. The black entrance curtains swing open and Kandi Washington slowly struts out to the top of the ramp. She pauses at the top of the ramp and kicks her feet back as she tosses her hair behind her shoulders, wiggling it freely. She raises her nose at the booing fans and starts strutting down the ramp with one hand on her hip and the other down at her side. She makes her way down the ramp. She ignores the fans who try to touch her as she makes her way to the front of the ring. She pretends to backhand a fan before laughing it off and hopping on the ring apron. She steps back and flips her hair forward as she poses with her leg up against the second rope. She sets it down and goes over the second rope. She takes off her sleeveless jacket and tosses it to the crew outside the ring. She starts to strut across the ring as she wiggles her cute little ass in black boy shorts.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Kandi’s queendom and her undefeated streak is going to come under fire in this match.”
VASSA: “How fitting is her theme song, especially with the way these women have been trying to burn her at the sake?”

JOHNSON: “Jacinta has just called for the bell and it looks like Kandi and her are exchanging some words.”
With Kandi’s back turned to Crystal, Crystal walks up from behind her and slams her with a sit-out rear mat slam down on the canvas. Kandi holds her neck as Crystal leans down and lifts her up by the hair. Jacinta is leaning in the corner as she’s filing her nails and Crystal whips Kandi into the ropes. As Kandi rebounds off the ropes, she catches Crystal with a high kick to her chest. Crystal leans up, holding her chest and Kandi runs at her with a clothesline, but Crystal ducks under the arm. Crystal spins Kandi around and delivers a toe kick to the midsection. She lifts Kandi up and slams her down on the knee with a gutbuster.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Crystal has started this match off with a bang and Kandi didn’t even see it coming!”
VASSA: “I blame Jacinta; she’s more of a distraction than a damn official!”
Crystal connects the legs as Jacinta slides down to the mat…

VASSA: “That was a blasted fast count!”
JOHNSON: “It seems like Jacinta is in fact trying to screw Kandi Washington out of this match.”
Crystal mounts the top of Kandi and places her hands around Kandi’s neck as she begins to repeatedly pound the back of her head against the canvas. Jacinta struts around the ring with a big chessy smile on her face. Kandi manages to switch things around and she begins returning the favor, but Jacinta is threatening to disqualify her. As Kandi continues to pound Crystal’s head in the mat-Jacinta starts the five’s count: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 Kandi breaks the hold. Kandi stands up and starts to back Jacinta up in the corner.

JOHNSON: “I don’t think this is a good idea for Kandi, especially with Jacinta having the power in this match.”
VASSA: “Slap the taste of her mouth Kandi! Jacinta is just jealous that she’ll never be the Queen of 4CW!”
Crystal holds the back of her head as she rolls up the back of Kandi’s legs and rolls her up with a schoolgirl…

VASSA: “Another fast count! Can we have somebody not so biased!?”
JOHNSON: “Calm down now Vinny, Kandi still managed to kick out of it.”
Kandi is first to her feet as Crystal is wobbling up to hers and Kandi sprints toward her with a high knee to the face. Crystal falls back and holds her nose as she staggers to her feet. She grabs the top of Crystal’s hair and leaps up as she connects with a beautifully executed sit-out facebuster! Kandi seductively lies on her chest as she licks her lips and starts pounding the mat. When she looks over her shoulder, Jacinta is just shaking her head and smirking.

JOHNSON: “Oh come on Jacinta, do your damn job!”
VASSA: “I hope Mr. Wallace is watching this because Jacinta needs to get an attitude adjustment!”
Kandi stands up from the pinning procedure as she struts up to Jacinta. Jacinta rolls her eyes as she starts pointing to her top. Kandi and Jacinta start screaming at each other while this buys Crystal sometime to get up to her feet.

VASSA: “Kandi, you can’t forget you’re in a match.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like Kandi is preoccupied with the shouting match she’s in with Jacinta.”
As Crystal is halfway up, she wipes her forearm across her mouth as she looks up at the back of Kandi from the back. Jacinta smirks and points behind Kandi. As Kandi slowly turns around, Crystal slides sideways and attempts a superkick, but Kandi dodges it as she falls to the mat. Crystal lands the superkick right to Jacinta’s face.

JOHNSON: “Oh my God Jacinta has just been knocked out with the Heartbreaker!”
VASSA: “Jacinta was knock the fuck out and now there’s no referee, even though there wasn’t really one to maintain any order anyway!”
Crystal looks down at Jacinta and slides her hands through the side of her hair as she’s in a dazed. She can’t believe she accidentally knocked her out. As she goes to lean down to check on Jacinta, Kandi struts up behind her and snatches her by the hair as she pulls her back with a hair-pull backbreaker across the knee. Crystal arches her back off the mat as Kandi starts to climb up to the top rope in the far corner. As Kandi makes her way up to the top rope, Crystal staggers up to her feet and Kandi leaps off the top with a molly-go-round!

VASSA: “Kandi Washington has just connected with the Flying Cunt!”
JOHNSON: “Kandi looks like she’s ready to put her away!”
Kandi kneels up as looks down at Crystal who aimlessly tries to get up to her feet. As she gets up about halfway, Kandi grabs her by the wrist and short-arms her before putting her foot up to her face and falling back to the canvas connecting with a foot stomp facebraker!

JOHNSON: “Kandi Washington has just connected with the Sweet Tooth and she’s going for the cover!”
VASSA: “But Jacinta is still out cold!”
Kandi is looking around stunned as she’s shaking her head. The fans are cheering as there’s nobody to count the pin. Suddenly, Madison Lewis who is Kandi’s publicist runs down with a referee shirt on as she makes her way down the ramp quickly. She slides inside the ring and starts to count.

JOHNSON: “Jacinta isn’t going to like this outcome one bit!”
VASSA: “Who cares? She shouldn’t have been knocked out!”
POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin-fall… KANDI WASHINGTON!”
“Bitch, please” hits over the p.a. system as Madison helps Kandi up to her feet. Madison raises Kandi’s arm in victory as she points to Kandi’s body and circles the ring as the fans erupt with boos and chants of “whore.” Kandi struts over to the fallen Jacinta and leans over as she says, “don’t fuck with the Queen Bee!” She smirks as she slides her fingers through her hair and steps over Jacinta’s body as she starts to make her way out of the ring.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Kandi Washington has walked away from this match victoriously, but will this win stick in the history books? You have to wonder with Madison Lewis unsuspecting making the count.”
VASSA: “It should, especially seeing how Jacinta was fast counting for Crystal Taylor and trying to cheat Kandi out of this match. I see nothing wrong with the outcome of the match.”

The scene cuts backstage where Perry Wallace is storming the halls in frustration.

WALLACE: ”Tatsuhiko, where are you!?!?”
Wallace makes his way down the hall to the far end of the backstage area of the theatre. As he approaches a corner, he hears a loud banging noise that echoes throughout the hall. His speed picks up as he turns the corner and his jaw drops to the floor.

As the camera turns around the corner, a door stands to Perry’s right. Around the door handle, a big lock is hooked around the smaller part of the handle, with the knob sticking out, keeping it from being pulled out. The lock also goes through the loops of a chain that stretches across the hall, tightly connected to a railing bolted to the floor in a handicap restroom across.

JOHNSON: ”Oh dear…”
WALLACE: ”You’ve got to be kidding me!”
To make matters worse, the lock itself is wrapped in tape to cover the key hole in many layers. Perry grabs the lock and begins pulling on it, trying to break it away from the door but fails. He then knocks on the door with question.

WALLACE: ”Tatsuhiko, is that you? Knock twice if it’s you.”
Wallace pulls and pulls on the lock but fails to break it free from the door handle. He then follows the end of the chain to the handicap restroom only to see that it is looped as well and wrapped in tape. He tries to pull the chain away from the railing but fails to even budge it.

Wallace turns back to the door where Tatsuhiko is trapped. He fools around with the lock some more but fails to break it free. He then slams his hands on the door in anger.

Perry hits the door with his fist and then kicks it a few times before giving up and resting his head on the door, giving up.

WALLACE: ”Hang in there Tat, I’m going to get help.”
CASHE: ”Having a little trouble there?”
Perry quickly cuts his head only to see Jason Cashe standing at the corner, leaned against the wall with a huge grin on his face.

WALLACE: ”What’s the big idea!?!? So this is why Tatsuhiko wasn’t with me at ringside and you decided to show your ugly mug.”
CASHE: ”I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just walking the halls and heard the noise so I figured I’d check it out for myself.”
WALLACE: ”You mean you thought you heard another innocent victim to attack? This is getting…”
CASHE: ”I ain’t got time for this…”
Cashe then turns to walk away as Wallace stands there in shock. Just as Wallace goes to open his mouth, Cashe turns around.

CASHE: ”This might help!”
Cashe tosses Wallace a key and then turns his back and leaves the scene as Wallace catches it in mid air. Wallace looks down at it as a smile comes across his face. The smile quickly goes away as he looks at the lock to his left and slowly cuts his head to the lock on his right.

WALLACE: ”Two different locks, which one is it for? You wait a damn minute Cashe!”
WALLACE: ”You just wait until I get this door unlocked!”
Wallace begins to peel the tape off of the lock at the door Tatsuhiko is trapped behind. He struggles to peel the layers. The frustration builds as the scene slowly fades out.


VASSA: ”It’s time for our headline, folks.”
JOHNSON: ”Roxi turned it around last week, lets see if she can stay on pace tonight against the 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion, Jason Phoenix.”
POWERS: ”Our next non-title match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing to the ring first, coming to you out of Tampa, Florida. She weighs in at one hundred thirty two pounds and stands five feet, six inches… ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
“Help Is On The Way” plays over the sound system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the building. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

VASSA: ”Roxi has been here since the beginning of 4CW and it has been a pleasure to watch each and every match.”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight she lines up with our top dog, the 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion. I’m excited!”
VASSA: ”You should be! She could change the whole game with an upset win tonight.”
The lights dim down and a bit of white smoke begins to rise up on the entrance ramp. “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits over the 4CW’s sound system as there’s a mixed reaction from the crowd.
“Ah ah ah ah ah aooo”
“Come inside and be afraid”
“Of this impressive mess I’ve made”
“If you take a look now you will find”

POWERS: ”Now introducing, the current 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion, accompanied by his wife and Power Trip’s First Lady, Morgan Alvertez. Coming to the ring out of Miami, Florida, weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches. He is the Living Legend, JASON PPHHOOEENNIIXX!!!”
Morgan Alvertez struts out from behind the black drapes and she has the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship draped down her shoulder as she clicks her stiletto heels up to the top of the ramp, pausing, and placing her right hand firmly on her hip. She turns her head to the side as her husband Jason Phoenix slowly steps out to the top of the ramp. He has a long black cape tied around his neck and he kneels down on the ramp. Morgan tilts her head up with a proud smirk on her face as Jason Phoenix reaches his jaw on his fist as he’s posing at the top of the ramp. He stands up as he glares down at the ring, ignoring the fans throughout this building. He starts down the ramp and Morgan Alvertez slowly follows in pursuit with her right hand on her hip. She pauses when he stops at the very bottom. She looks up as Jason Phoenix unravels the string. The cape drops to the back of his heels and he sprints to the apron, leaping onto it. He stands up as Morgan Alvertez makes her way over to the steel stairs. She struts up them as Jason Phoenix climbs to the top turnbuckle, leaning downward as he stares through the crowd. He climbs down off the top turnbuckle as Morgan Alvertez steps over the bottom rope. Once entering the ring, she struts across the ring with the title above her head as Jason Phoenix walks in front of her. He leans in the far corner and slides down onto the canvas. He rests his elbows on the bottom rope and looks up at the entrance ramp as his wife stands beside him with her back leant against the ropes. She has her hand on her hip and title back draped down her shoulder. His theme comes to an end as “Perfect Insanity” fades.

VASSA: ”What a beauty…”
JOHNSON: ”I love the design of the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship!”
VASSA: ”I was talking about Morgan. She’s smoking!”
JOHNSON: ”Christopher Salieri will be our official for this match.”
VASSA: ”No! Don’t make her leave the ring, Chris!”
JOHNSON: ”She has to, Vinny. She can’t stay in there for the match. If you’re lucky, she’ll stand close by so you can not pay attention to the damn match.”
VASSA: ”That was my intention this entire time. You caught me!”
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, Morgan has exited the ring with the championship and it looks like this one is ready to begin. May I remind you, this is a non-title match.”
VASSA: ”Title on the line or not, a win here would be huge for Roxi!”
JOHNSON: ”Here we go!”
Phoenix takes off from his corner and rushes at Roxi. He swings with a powerful right clothesline but misses as Roxi ducks underneath and side steps. Phoenix turns around in a rage only to catch a dropkick to the chin that knocks him into the corner. Roxi quickly gets up and kicks Phoenix in the mid-section a few times until he falls to his bottom, barely holding himself up with the ropes. Roxi then lifts Phoenix to his feet and grabs him by the arm. She throws him to the opposite corner…

Phoenix counters and spins around, throwing Roxi to the corner instead. She collides with the turnbuckle and bounces off only to fall into a neckbreaker from Phoenix. The two quickly get up but Phoenix beats Roxi to his feet. He grabs her by the back of the head and then drives his knee into her face, lifting her up from the canvas and into the air. Roxi manages to land on her feet, hunched over from the blow. Phoenix grabs the back of her head and again and goes for another knee, only to have Roxi hook his leg and lift him into the air. Roxi slams Phoenix into the mat, driving her shoulder into his stomach. She then climbs on top of Phoenix and delivers a series of punches. Unable to defend himself, Phoenix takes the punches before managing to roll Roxi off of him. The two then get up at the same time and stare at one another in the center of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”We have a standoff! Roxi isn’t backing down from the champ tonight.”
VASSA: ”Roxi has been with 4CW since its beginning days. It’s going to take more than a few knees to the face to scare her off.”
All of a sudden, Phoenix lunges forward with a hard right. Roxi ducks and quickly moves behind him. Phoenix turns around blindly, only to catch a foot to the stomach. Roxi then hooks him into position and takes him to the canvas with a T-bone suplex. Roxi gets up only to see Phoenix up as well. He swings at her again but she side steps the blow and runs to the ropes. Bouncing back, she leaps into the air at Phoenix and turns her body, wrapping her legs around his waist. Roxi then spins around and rolls Phoenix over with a victory roll and goes for the pin.

VASSA: ”Phoenix kicks out!!!”
JOHNSON: ”That was a close one for the South-West Heavyweight champ!”
Roxi stands to her feet, watching as Phoenix slowly gets to his. Just as he does, Roxi leaps and wraps her legs around his head. She flips back and throws Phoenix across the ring with a hurricanrana. Phoenix rolls towards the corner as Roxi rolls to her feet in a fluid motion. Roxi waves her hands around, getting the crowd behind her as she stares down Phoenix. He slowly starts to get up, using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Roxi then rushes him and leaps into the air, going for a splash in the corner. Phoenix pops up and catches her in mid-air and drops her to the mat with a sit-out spinebuster.

Phoenix finds a burst of energy and quickly gets to his feet with rage in his eyes. Roxi rolls around on the canvas, holding her back in pain before Phoenix grabs a handful of hair and jerks her to her feet. He then wraps his arms around her and lifts her into the air, and drivers her into the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. The ring rattles from the impact. Phoenix pops back up runs to the ropes. He bounces off and comes back, dropping a hard fist to Roxi’s forehead. He gets back up and goes to the ropes again. This time when he bounces back, he jumps high into the air and comes down with a brutal leg drop across Roxi’s throat. Phoenix then rolls on top of her for the pin…

JOHNSON: ”That was a close one!”
VASSA: ”Yes it was, Steve. I thought Jason Phoenix was about to end this thing once and for all.”
Phoenix looks up at the ref in anger and pushes himself up, driving his hand on Roxi’s throat. He then grabs her by the hair and pulls her up as well. Roxi takes a swing but Phoenix blocks it and hooks her arm. Roxi swings with her other hand but it gets blocked and hooked as well. With both arms hooked, Phoenix delivers a couple of hard headbutts. In desperation, Roxi stomps on his toe and manages to break the hold. Roxi then takes Phoenix to the mat with a snap suplex. The two quickly get up as Roxi takes a swing. Phoenix blocks the punch and lifts Roxi into the air over his head. Roxi manages to break free and falls to her feet behind Phoenix. She then lifts him into the air and drops him with a blue mountain powerbomb in the center of the ring and keeps the legs hooked for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”This has been a close matchup so far. I’m surprised to see this many pin attempts already.”
VASSA: ”I’m not. Two weeks ago Phoenix called Roxi out by name. I don’t blame her for trying to end the match when she can. A win here would be huge!”
Roxi quickly gets up while Phoenix is still down. She runs to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle and stands on the top rope, facing him in the ring. Just as Phoenix gets to one knee, Roxi leaps from the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick to his face, knocking him to his back with impact.

VASSA: ”That’s going to hurt in the morning!”
Roxi gets back up as Phoenix lays on the canvas. While Phoenix lays there with his body exposed, Roxi stands over him and turns to the crowd. She then does a backflip and hits him with a standing moonsault and covers for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”Phoenix with the quick kick out!”
VASSA: ”The champ is refusing to go down with ease tonight. This is the third time Roxi has tried to pin him but comes up short.”
JOHNSON: ”Eventually she’s going to wear him down…”
VASSA: ”If he doesn’t bounce back and finish her off first!”
Roxi gets up as frustration begins to show in her facial expression. She wastes no time and pulls Phoenix up to his feet as well. Roxi then throws Phoenix to the ropes. Phoenix hits the ropes, bounces off and comes back at Roxi. She jumps in the air with a spinning heel kick but misses as Phoenix ducks underneath and goes to the opposite ropes. Phoenix bounces off the ropes and comes back at Roxi, planting her into the mat with a shoulder block. Roxi pops back up and runs to the ropes and comes back at him. Phoenix stands his ground and plants her into the canvas again with another shoulder block. Roxi pops back up and turns for the ropes once more. Phoenix reaches out and grabs a handful of hair. He pulls Roxi in towards him and spins her around and uses his other hand to apply a clawhold on her forehead. Roxi tries to break free but Phoenix doesn’t let up. He then sweeps his leg behind hers while keeping the clawhold in tact and drives her to the mat with an STO.

JOHNSON: ”That is a true display of strength from the champ.”
VASSA: ”I just hope he doesn’t mess up that pretty face of hers because we would have a problem if he did!”
JOHNSON: ”Every show, doesn’t matter who’s in the ring, you always talk like you’re going to be the knight in shinning armor to these ladies. “
VASSA: ”Maybe I am going to be… one day.”
JOHNSON: ”I’ll believe it when I see it.”
Phoenix gets up and stands over Roxi. He grabs her legs and then spins, lifting her off the canvas. After swinging her around a couple of revolutions, he releases her legs and sends her flying across the ring towards the ropes. Roxi hits the mat and rolls to the edge of the apron, just below the bottom rope, and stops before falling to the floor. Suddenly, Phoenix grabs her foot and drags her back inside of the ring. He grabs her by the head and lifts her to her feet once more. He lifts her into the air in a fireman’s carry position and walks around the ring with her for a moment on his shoulders. He then drops her to the canvas with a death valley driver that echoes throughout the theatre.

Phoenix sits on the mat for a moment as Roxi’s body lay beside him. He looks over at her and shakes his head before getting up and standing to his feet. He grabs Roxi by the arm and pulls her up as well. Phoenix lifts Roxi into the air and carries her to the corner. He sits her on the top ropes of the turnbuckle and climbs up to the middle rope. He raises Roxi’s arm in the air but gets hit in the side with her free arm. Phoenix bends slightly over from the pain and Roxi punches him in the side, again and again. Roxi then hooks her arm around Phoenix’s head and jumps from the top rope, spinning around and bringing Phoenix along for the ride. The two fall to the mat as Roxi plants Phoenix’s head into the canvas with a tornado DDT. The two roll to the center of the ring and Roxi slowly moves in for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”UNBELIEVABLE! Phoenix has kicked out again!”
VASSA: ”Roxi has tried to pin him time and time again but comes up short each time. Phoenix just refuses to go down!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how much more he can take. Roxi needs to act quickly and finish him while he’s worn down.”
Roxi looks at the ref in disappointment but doesn’t waste any time. He pushes herself off of Phoenix and stands to her feet. She grabs Phoenix by the head and pulls him up. Out of nowhere, Phoenix wraps his hands around Roxi’s head and falls to his knees. He pulls Roxi down with her jaw on his head, delivering a crucial jawbreaker. Roxi pops straight up before falling backwards to the canvas. Phoenix gets to one knee but takes a short moment to catch his breath.

VASSA: ”What the hell is he doing? If he wants to finish this match he needs to act quickly!”
JOHNSON: ”It appears that he’s taking a moment to rest, obviously!”
VASSA: ”OH REALLY?!?! I didn’t notice! He needs to act fast while Roxi is still down before she finds her second wind.”
JOHNSON: ”I agree, but, I don’t think he’s too concerned with that right now.”
VASSA: ”He should be! Championship on the line or not, he needs to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.”
JOHNSON: ”So now you’re giving the South-West Heavyweight champion tips?”
VASSA: ”You damn right I am!”
Phoenix finally gets to both feet and taunts over Roxi who is still down. He then grabs her by the arm and pulls her to her feet but doesn’t release his grip on her wrist. He then sets her up and lifts her into the air with a pumphandle and brings her down, shoulder first across his knee. Roxi bounces off of his knee and flips over, falling to her back. Phoenix stands back up and doesn’t hesitate to grab her by the head with both hands and lift her into the air. Phoenix then tosses Roxi back as she lands on her feet. As her feet hit the mat, Phoenix kicks her in the stomach, forcing her to lunge over from the pain. He then pulls her head in between his legs and lifts her into the air in a powerbomb position. Phoenix holds her up for a moment and suddenly, Roxi locks her feet together around his head and flips back. Roxi flips Phoenix over as well with a frankensteiner. Phoenix hits the canvas with his back as Roxi lands on her chest.

VASSA: ”Just when you think she’s out, she pulls off a great reversal like that!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m impressed by the athleticism Roxi has showed tonight as well as the determination to stay focused on the task at hand.”
Suddenly, Morgan jumps on the apron and begins yelling at Roxi from the outside. Roxi slowly gets up and hears Morgan on the outside as it catches her attention. Roxi pays her no mind and focuses back on Phoenix in the ring but Morgan continues to yell from the apron until the ref walks over to her.

VASSA: ”I was wondering when we would see Morgan sticking that pretty nose of hers in.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s been quiet for the most part but that ship has sailed.”
Morgan keeps on yelling in the ring until she finally draws Roxi’s attention. Roxi cuts her eyes to the apron where Morgan looks back with a wicked grin on her face. Roxi then slowly walks over behind the ref and says a few words. The ref keeps himself between the two women and pushes Roxi back. He then jumps in Morgan’s face and demands for her to leave the apron. Morgan refuses and pushes the ref back a few steps. Out of nowhere, Roxi leaps into the air and knocks Morgan down from the apron with a dropkick. Morgan crashes to the ground with a thud.

VASSA: ”Roxi isn’t taking any crap from Morgan tonight. I can promise you that!”
As Morgan rolls to the barricade, the crowd begins to go wild. Roxi then turns her attention back to Phoenix who is just now slowly beginning to get up. Roxi gets the fans behind her as she waves for their support. As Phoenix climbs to one knee, Roxi runs at him from behind and plants his face into the mat with a running bulldog. Phoenix bounces from the canvas as Roxi gets to her feet. She wastes no time and pulls him to his feet. Roxi lifts Phoenix into the air in the vertical position for a brief moment. Phoenix manages to slip loose and fall behind Roxi and gives her a hard push to the back. Roxi hits the ropes and bounces off, when she runs the opposite way, Morgan reaches into the ring underneath the bottom rope and trips her feet up. Roxi falls forward to the mat just as Phoenix is there to catch her and flip her up and over into the mat with a huge powerslam.

JOHNSON: ”We knew that her interfering was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m surprised that she restrained herself this long.”
Phoenix lays on top of Roxi, looking to the outside at Morgan as he covers for the pin.

Roxi kicks out at the last split second. Phoenix gets up in a rush and grabs Roxi by the hair, pulling her up as well. He then knees her in the stomach a few times before throwing her to the ropes. When Roxi bounces back, Phoenix kicks his foot up with a big boot. Roxi slides to the mat and slips behind him. She pops to her feet. Phoenix turns around with a powerful swing but Roxi ducks and takes him to the mat with a drop toe hold. Phoenix’s face slams into the canvas. Phoenix rolls over and pushes himself off the mat, furious. As he gets up, Roxi runs to the ropes and leaps into the air. She springboards off the middle rope and flies back at Phoenix just as he’s getting up and nearly knocks his head off with a clothesline.

JOHNSON: ”Roxi has turned it around…”
VASSA: ”AGAIN!!! Lets hope that she can capitalize on it this time!”
Phoenix lays on his back, holding his head in pain. Roxi pumps her fists into the air as the crowd cheers behind her.

JOHNSON: ”She has the crowd in the palm of her hands.”
VASSA: ”She needs to harness this energy and hit Phoenix at the opportune time and take the win.”
Roxi looks to the ropes while Phoenix is still down. She then runs towards then and leaps into the air again.

JOHNSON: ”This could be the Reality Bites!”
Just as Roxi’s feet are about to land on the middle rope, Morgan pops up with the South-West Heavyweight championship in head.
Morgan hits Roxi in the face with the championship. Roxi falls backwards to the canvas as the ref notices and quickly calls for the bell.

JOHNSON: ”Morgan Alvertez just saved Phoenix by attacking Roxi with the championship belt!”

JOHNSON: ”This match is over!”
VASSA: ”Roxi was about to end this thing fair and square before Morgan decided to stick her nose in.”
Roxi lays on her back, holding her head in pain, barely moving. Jason Phoenix gets to his feet as Morgan stands by his side with the South-West Heavyweight championship in hand.

POWERS: ”Your winner by disqualification, ROXI JOHNSON!!!”
The ref checks on Roxi who continues to hold her head from the blow. Phoenix and Morgan just look on as a sinister grin comes over their faces. Suddenly, Phoenix pushes the ref out of the way as Morgan kneels in Roxi’s face and talks trash.

VASSA: ”You’ve got to be kidding me!”
JOHNSON: ”They can’t touch the ref like that!”
As Morgan continues to talk trash to Roxi who is still out, the ref rushes back in and pushes Phoenix back a few steps. He then pulls Morgan away and stands in between them and Roxi. Phoenix and Morgan stare down the ref who refuses to move, protecting Roxi.

JOHNSON: ”This is going to get ugly.”
VASSA: ”There you go Christopher! Stand your ground and keep those vultures away from Roxi!”
JOHNSON: ”Our official, Christopher Salieri, has stood up to these two and is standing between them and Roxi. It looks like Power Trip is standing down, somewhat. Lets go backstage for a moment while we clear the ring and get some assistance down here for Roxi.
VASSA: ”CHEAP!!! If it wasn’t for Morgan, Roxi was about to finish this match once and for all. Disqualification or not, Roxi has made a statement and proven that she deserves to be in the championship conversation.”
JOHNSON: ”Perry Wallace announced the contender earlier tonight but no one has kept Phoenix on the edge of his seat like Roxi has tonight. We’ll be right back folks!”


JOHNSON: ”Next up, our main event and it’s going to be a good one.”
VASSA: ”Every main event that 4CW has held or ever will hold is a good one. Geeze…”
JOHNSON: ”You know what I meant. Tonight we have the Extreme Television championship on the line in an extreme triple threat match.”
VASSA: ”Shane Borderland and Jair Hopkins were both impressive two weeks ago and will challenge for the Extreme Television championship tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer hasn’t let up since winning the strap at 4CW 008. Heck, he hasn’t let up since stepping foot on 4CW soil.”
VASSA: ”I just hope everyone is ready to see one hell of a match!”
JOHNSON: ”We are, Vinny, we are.”
As the lights dim throughout the theatre, orange strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva blares through the sound system.

POWERS: ”Our next match is scheduled for one fall in an extreme triple threat match for the 4CW Extreme Television championship. Our first competitor comes to the ring from San Diego, California. He weighs in at two hundred forty three pounds and stands six feet, four inches tall. He is the Bad Boy, SHANE BBOORRDDEERRLLAANNDD!!!”
Shane Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms, then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON: ”Shane Borderland looks ready for this match, this time to dethrone the reigning Extreme Television champion.”
VASSA: ”He better be because this isn’t going to be an easy match by any means.”
“Ready Or Not” by The Fugees begins to play over the sound system. Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a rhythmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

POWERS: ”From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he weighs in at two hundred, eights pounds and stands five feet, eight inches. He is one half of “The Dying Breed”, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way. That bright, trademark smile of his shows as he makes his way into the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”I keep hearing about this so called, “Dying Breed”. What exactly is this?”
JOHNSON: ”Apparently it is an older faction from a different promotion. The relevance it has here, is beyond me.”
VASSA: ”I want to learn more about this Dying Breed. I wish the other so called, “half”, would make his presence felt here.”
POWERS: ”And our Extreme Television champion, coming to the ring out of Prospect, Connecticut. He weighs in at two hundred, seven pounds and stands five feet, eleven inches. Introducing… The Harbinger of Serenity, THE RED PPIIOONNEEEERR!!!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan blasts out through the building as the lights all dim. The Red Pioneer comes bolting out from the back, charging toward the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He runs over to the far corner and leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who is roaring their approval for him before dropping back to the mat and stretching before the match starts.

JOHNSON: ”There he is, the 4CW Extreme Television champion!”
VASSA: ”The crowd is going crazy right now. They always erupt when he makes his entrance to the ring. The fans love him!”
JOHNSON: ”They should, he pours his soul out for us each and every show defending that championship. Blood, sweat, tears… it doesn’t matter. The Red Pioneer is the type of champion that everyone enjoys watching perform in the ring.”
VASSA: ”I personally look forward to these main event with this championship on the line more than the matches that take place before. I’m sorry but it’s the truth.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s your personal opinion and you’re entitled to it. I enjoy this entire show, as a whole, from the opening match all the way to the main event. 4CW is stacked with talent!”
VASSA: ”I didn’t say that is wasn’t. I’m just…”
JOHNSON: ”Enough with what you think, it’s time to get this match started. Larry Collins will be calling this match and it appears that he’s just about ready to kick things off.”
The Red Pioneer hands the Extreme Television championship to the official as he holds it over his head. The fans begin to chant as the ref walks around, displaying the championship for everyone to see.
“4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW…”
The ref then hands the title to a member of the ringside crew on the outside and they bring it to the announcers booth. The three look at each other in the ring as the ref stands in the center and signals for the bell.

VASSA: ”Here we go!!!”
At the sound of the bell, Borderland rushes at Hopkins. He swings with a hard right, but Hopkins throws his arm up and deflects the blow. He then lays Borderland out with a vicious right. As soon as Borderland hits the mat, Pioneer is there to swing a hard right at Hopkins. Hopkins ducks the punch and delivers a gut kick. He then grabs Pioneer by the back of the head and slams his backwards to the mat. Just as Hopkins stands up straight, Borderland is back to his feet and catches him in the jaw with a hard hook. Hopkins stumbles back to the corner and Borderland quickly moves in with a series of body blows. Left, right, left and a hard right knocks Hopkins to his ass as he holds onto the middle rope. Borderland then climbs the turnbuckle over Hopkins and swings down with a series of right hands, connecting one after the other as the crowd counts as each one lands.
Pioneer then wraps his arms around Borderlands waist and pulls him back, driving him into the mat with a German suplex. With Shane down, Pioneer quickly gets up and stomps on his fallen body. Hands, feet, head, no body part is safe as Pioneer continues to stomp anything in sight. As he continues to stomp on Borderland, Hopkins pulls himself up using the ropes as leverage. Hopkins then sneaks up behind Pioneer and drops him to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker.

VASSA: ”With three people in the ring at once, you can’t focus on just one person for too long!”
JOHNSON: ”You can say that again, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”With three people in the ring…”
JOHNSON: ”That was just a figure of speech, Vin.”
The crowd pops as Hopkins drops Pioneer to the mat. He slowly gets up as Borderland does as well. Both to their feet at the same time, they turn to one another. Suddenly, the two go at it, exchanging blows in the center of the ring. Hopkins connects with a left jab that knocks Borderland back a step. Hopkins then lunges forward with a clothesline but misses as Borderland side steps him and drops him to the mat with a Russian leg sweep. Borderland then crawls on top of Hopkins slams his head into the mat a few times. From behind, Pioneer pulls Borderland off of Hopkins. Borderland and Pioneer then go toe to toe in the center of the ring. Pioneer assaults with a series of chops and then draws back to deliver one stinging knife edge that forces Borderland to yell in pain. Pioneer then goes on the attack with shin kicks. Borderland tries to fend them off but comes up short just as Pioneer lays him out with a spinning heel kick.

JOHNSON: ”I can already tell that this is going to be a brutal match!”
VASSA: ”The Red Pioneer has faced a few challenges but I don’t think any of them stand up to the challenge that Jair Hopkins and Shane Borderland present together!”
As Shane hits the canvas, Hopkins is there to spin Pioneer around by the arm. Hopkins delivers a backhand chop to Pioneer’s chest that cuts through the noise of the crowd. He then kicks Pioneer in the stomach and lifts him up before throwing him to the mat with a scoop slam. Hopkins then runs to the ropes, bounces off and comes back to deliver a knee drop to Pioneer’s forehead. As Hopkins gets up, Shane does as well. Hopkins grabs Shane by the arm and throws him towards the corner. Shane collides with the turnbuckle and Hopkins is right behind him to connect with a high vertical body splash. Upon impact, Shane’s feet come off the ground and he gets tangled in the rope. Jair then lifts him up and throws him over the top rope to the hard floor on the outside.

VASSA: ”That’s one to the outside! I hope this action finds itself directly in front of the booth, right here!”
JOHNSON: ”As long as they take your headset again and not mine, I’m cool!”
VASSA: ”I would be more than happy to lend my headset out if it will get used to strangle someone at ringside. Bet on that!”
Just as Hopkins turns back to the inside of the ring, Pioneer is there to greet him with a running headbutt. Hopkins stumbles back and bounces off the ropes. Pioneer then catches him and plants him into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster. Pioneer then grabs Hopkins legs and hooks him in a Texas Cloverleaf, turning him over to lock the hold. Pioneer cranks back on the pressure as Hopkins yells in the ring, refusing the give up.

JOHNSON: ”Although this is an extreme rules match, submission will earn a victory.”
As Pioneer continues to apply the pressure, the ref checks in on Hopkins. Hopkins fights the pain but fails to break the hold. He still refuses to submit while he fights to get free.
Out of nowhere, Borderland connects a chair shot to Pioneer’s head, forcing him to release the hold and fall to his back.

Borderland holds the chair in his hand while looking down at the two on the mat as the crowd chants…
“4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW…”
Pioneer rolls over and Borderland draws the chair back once more and connects with another shot to his skull.
Borderland then turns his attention to Hopkins to crawls away. Borderland moves in as Hopkins turns over to look up. Borderland then draws the chair back over his head and swings down…
Hopkins manages to kick his feet up and drive the chair into Shane’s face. Borderland falls back a few steps as the chair falls to the canvas.

JOHNSON: ”That was a close one but Jair Hopkins managed to turn Shane’s assault against him.”
VASSA: ”Shane’s still up!”
Hopkins quickly gets up and moves in on Borderland. Hopkins kicks him in the stomach and then hooks his leg and delivers a fisherman suplex on top of the steel chair. Borderland’s body connects with the cold metal as Hopkins keeps the leg hooked for the pin…
Pioneer manages to get back to his feet and breaks the pin. He pulls Hopkins to his feet and attacks with knife edge chops before knocking him to the mat with a short arm lariat. Pioneer then runs to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, he leaps into the air and comes down on Hopkins with a double knee plant to the chest. In a fluid motion, Pioneer rolls to his feet and runs to the opposite ropes. He bounces off of them and comes back to connect with a flipping leg drop across Shane’s throat.

VASSA: ”He makes that look so easy!”
JOHNSON: ”Yes he does, Vinny, yes he does.”
Pioneer then rolls over and covers Shane for the pin…
At the last second, Shane kicks out. Pioneer goes to get up only to get attacked from behind with a double axe handle to the back. Hopkins manages to get in a sneak attack and puts Pioneer back to the canvas, face first. He then runs to the ropes, bounces back, and lands corkscrew moonsault on Pioneer’s back. Hopkins quickly stands to his feet only to have his left leg pulled out from under him by Shane. Hopkins trips to the canvas as Borderland gets up in a rage. Borderland stomps on Hopkins knees a few times and then pulls him to his feet by the hair on his head. Shane lifts Jair into the air and drops him across his knee with a backbreaker that nearly bends him in half. Borderland then turns to Pioneer who is still down but slowly coming to. Borderland picks him up to his feet and knees him in the stomach. Pioneer lunges over from the blow and then Shane pulls his head in between his legs and lifts him into the air. Shane holds Pioneer upside down for a moment before jumping and planting Pioneer’s head into the mat with a piledriver.

VASSA: ”Shane Borderland is making it hurt for both of these guys tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”He has to! The Extreme Television division is one hell of a division. It takes its toll on competitors with ease. If you’re going to get ahead in this game, you have to make it hurt for your opponent and that’s exactly what Shane is doing!”
VASSA: ”Shouldn’t he capitalize and go for a pinfall here?”
Shane turns his attention to the corner and approaches. He ascends the turnbuckle and makes his way to the top rope. He then turns to the inside of the ring and balances himself on the top rope, waiting to make his move. Borderland preys on the two as they slowly begin to come to. Hopkins and Pioneer both begin to climb to their feet slowly. Borderland continues to wait for the opportune time to make his move. Just as Pioneer and Hopkins stand to their feet, Borderland leaps from the top rope and nearly knocks both of their heads off with a double clothesline. The three fall to the canvas and Shane covers Hopkins for the pin…

VASSA: ”We almost had a new Extreme Television champion!”
JOHNSON: ”What are we playing, horseshoes? Almost isn’t going to cut it with this strap on the line. If you’re going to win one of these brutal matches, you must be on top of your game.”
VASSA: ”I hate when you correct me!”
Shane gets up and looks at the ref in disbelief. He then walks to the corner where the chair is still in the ring and picks it up from the mat. Shane then runs at Pioneer who’s still down and swings at him with the chair. Pioneer rolls out of the way as the chair connects with the canvas. Shane then draws back and swings at Pioneer again. Pioneer rolls out of the way once more. Shane then turns his attention to Hopkins and swings the chair down at him. Hopkins rolls out of the way, barely dodging a direct blow from the steel chair. Shane draws back once more but gets sweeped from behind as Pioneer kicks his legs out from under him. Shane falls to the canvas as the chair flies out of his hand and falls to the other side of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”As I said earlier, you have to keep an eye on everyone at the same time!”
VASSA: ”Get over yourself, Steve. He turned his back to Pioneer for a brief moment…”
JOHNSON: ”That’s all it takes!”
Pioneer gets up and quickly goes after Borderland. He pulls him to his feet and drags him to the edge of the ring, at the ropes. Pioneer then lifts Borderland up and flips him over the top rope, crashing to the floor once more. Just as Pioneer turns back to Hopkins, he gets blindsided with a clothesline. Hopkins sends Pioneer up and over the top rope, crashing to the floor as well. Shane break Pioneer’s fall and the two begin to punch each other while rolling around on the outside floor. Hopkins then cuts his head back to the inside of the ring and eyeballs the steel chair. He quickly makes a move and grabs it before coming back to the ropes. On the outside, Borderland and Pioneer continue to roll around, beating the hell out of each other. Pioneer rolls on top of Borderland and begins to punch him ferociously. Hopkins then vaults himself up and over the top rope, to the outside. He comes over the top rope with the chair in hand and lands a vicious leg drop with the chair to the back of Pioneer’s head.

“4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW…”
Pioneer falls over to his side as Hopkins rolls off of him and crashes into the barricade.

Hopkins slowly gets up after colliding with the metal barricade. He turns his attention to Borderland who begins to get up himself. Hopkins grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him to his feet. Hopkins then lifts Borderland in a scoop slam position and carries him towards the barricade. Just as Hopkins goes to toss Borderland, he gets held up with a thumb to the eye. Borderland digs his finger into Hopkins right eye and manages to work himself free. Borderland falls to his feet and then grabs Hopkins by the head and slams his forehead down into the barricade. Borderland doesn’t let go and slams his head once more as the crowd pops with cheers.

JOHNSON: ”Talk about a splitting headache.”
VASSA: ”Too bad we aren’t in Colorado this week. The fans could just pass him a remedy of their own if we were.”
JOHNSON: ”And you don’t smell it in the air here?”
VASSA: ”No, I always smell like this!”
Borderland pulls Hopkins head back once more and goes to slam it. Hopkins throws his hands down and grabs the barricade, pushing upward to keep Borderland from slamming his head. Borderland struggles for a moment but gets the breath knocked out of him when Hopkins delivers a hard elbow to the stomach. Borderland releases the hold and Hopkins pops up and grabs ahold of his head. He then slams Borderland’s head into the barricade and flips him up and over into the crowd. From behind, Pioneer kicks Hopkins in the back of the head. Hopkins crashes into the barricade, stomach first. Pioneer then pulls him up and launches him across to the outside ring post. Hopkins connects head first. The blow stuns him but he manages to stay on his feet. Pioneer then wraps his arms around Hopkins waist and lifts him backwards, throwing him up and over his head with a German suplex. Hopkins flies, crashing into the barricade back first. He catches himself and keeps from falling to the floor as his arms hook around the top of the barricade. Pioneer then kicks Hopkins in the stomach a few times until he breaks him down into the sitting position with his back against the barricade. Pioneer then turns to the ring and climbs onto the apron.
Out of nowhere, Borderland comes up from behind Hopkins and throws a forearm across his chest. He then pulls Hopkins to his feet with his back to him, still facing the ring. Shane then drops him with a reverse neckbreaker, head first to the top of the barricade. Shane falls to the floor but Hopkins head just stops and rests on top of the barricade. Pioneer then leaps in the air and spins, coming down on Hopkins head with a corkscrew barricade leg drop.


JOHNSON: ”The crowd is going insane! They could have just broken Hopkins neck with those back to back brutal moves.”
VASSA: ”That’s what this division is all about!”
Pioneer is slow to get up as if he injured himself with that devastating move. A loud commotion comes over the crowd as the crowd separates from around Borderland on the fan side of the barricade. Borderland begins to get to his feet as he notices both men down on the other side of the barricade. Out of nowhere, Eric Lee runs through the crowd and connects a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire to the back of Borderland’s head.
Borderland falls to the ground as Pioneer slowly crawls on top of Hopkins for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”That’s Eric Lee! What is he doing out here!?!?”
VASSA: ”It looks like he’s having a little batting practice session to be honest.”
Pioneer officially makes the cover as the ref drops down for the count…


VASSA: ”The Red Pioneer is still the Extreme Television champion with a little help from Eric Lee.”
JOHNSON: ”What the heck?”
The ref helps Pioneer to his feet as he hands him the championship and raises his arm in the air.

POWERS: ”You winner and still 4CW Extreme Television champion… THE RED PPIIOONNEEEERR!!!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan begins to play over the speakers as the ref continues to hold Pioneer’s arm in the air. On the other side of the barricade, Eric Lee stands over Shane Borderland with the bat in hand. He catches Pioneer’s attention. The two stare each other down just before Eric slowly raises the bat and points at Pioneer.

VASSA: ”I don’t think he’s here to help. I think Eric Lee wants a piece of the champ. He wants a shot at that strap!”
JOHNSON: ”This division never rests and Eric Lee has made his presence felt in the extreme television scene.”
Pioneer and Lee continue to stare each other down as the ref stands between them. The music continues to play over the speakers as Borderland and Hopkins continue to lay on the floor, motionless. Eric Lee then slowly begins to back up through the crowd, not taking his eye off Pioneer.

VASSA: ”This has been one hell of a match. One hell of a night!”
JUOHNSON: ”That’s all the time we have for the night folks. It appears that Eric Lee is leaving the scene. If anything happens after we go off the air, we will be sure to broadcast on our official website.”
VASSA: ”Trust me, if anything happens, I’ll be sure to post it on YouTube straight from my cellphone.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s all the time we have for the night ladies and gents. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa!”
JOHNSON: ”Be sure to tune in two weeks from tonight as we’ll be at the KIMO Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Happy Memorial Day everyone!”