JUNE 9TH, 2014

The scene opens over the crowd in attendance at the KIMO Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ringside at the announcers booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit, ready to open the show.
JOHNSON: ”Here we are ladies and gents, another Monday Night Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m the reason you all listen each and every show! I’m Vinny Vassa! Welcome to the KIMO Theatre!”
JOHNSON: ”The reason everyone listens to our shows? Get over yourself!”
VASSA: ”I love you too, Steve! Boy, oh boy, do we have an exciting card scheduled for tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”We sure do, Vinny, we sure do. But first, let’s go over the outcome of Adrenaline two weeks ago in Austin, Texas.”
VASSA: ”It was a great show, like always. First thing’s first, Jason Cashe and Perry Wallace are eventually going to collide and when they do, it’s going to be bad news for Perry.”
JOHNSON: ”After disrupting the opening match with Athena, Cashe didn’t even make an appearance, or allow Athena to for that matter. Perry Wallace was furious!”
VASSA: ”He should be. Cashe is interrupting the shows and eventually, HBO is going to put the pressure on Wallace to do something.”
JOHNSON: ”Mr. Wallace did make it clear that Cashe won’t receive a rematch and names Masahiro Kojima as the number one contender for the South-West Heavyweight championship.”
VASSA: ”I thought Cashe was going to lay Wallace out but he surprised me, big time!”
JOHNSON: ”Later in the night, we found out what happened to Athena as she was laid out in a complete mess. But back to the confrontation with Cashe and Mr. Wallace… Where was Tatsuhiko, his bodyguard?”
VASSA: ”Apparently he had to drop some science in the bathroom and what better time for Cashe to take advantage and lock him away.”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe is sneaky and knows how to play this game. Smart move on his part. Mr. Wallace didn’t look too thrilled with Tatsuhiko being locked away…”
VASSA: ”Why should he be? Tatsuhiko is supposed to be his bodyguard, his protection from Cashe or anyone willing to lay hands on the boss. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wallace expresses his anger tonight with Kojima and Tatsuhiko.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s going to be fun to see how this all unfolds. Congratulations to Stefan Raab, Nathaniel Havok and Kandi Washington on their victories as well.”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget about Eric Lee and XTC with the big win over the Blue Collar Bruisers, Pat Gordon Jr. and “Average” Joe Martinez.”
JOHNSON: ”That was a huge win for these two. Later tonight, the tag team straps are on the line and we will crown a tag team champion. The losing team will face off against Eric Lee and XTC to determine a number one contender. That match will take place two weeks from tonight!”
VASSA: ”Speaking of Eric Lee, he sure did make an impact during the Extreme Television championship match.”
JOHNSON: ”That match was a great one, like always. The Red Pioneer defended the strap against Jair Hopkins and Shane Borderland in an extreme triple threat match. The Red Pioneer retained the championship after Eric Lee decided to take Borderland out of the match!”
VASSA: ”With Borderland knocked to his back, The Red Pioneer capitalized and finished Hopkins off for the win. I’m still excited from that stare down between Eric Lee and The Red Pioneer in the aftermath. There is always action revolving around the Extreme Television championship.”
JOHNSON: ”This wasn’t the main event, but this next match made the biggest impact of the night and impacts the South-West Heavyweight championship scene dramatically.”
VASSA: ”Roxi Johnson had the champ, Jason Phoenix, on his toes and almost ready to put away before Morgan Alvertez stuck her nose in the middle of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see Morgan at ringside but she changed the outcome of this match.”
JOHNSON: ”Management has taken noticed of Roxi’s impressive night and there’s no doubt in my mind that Roxi will find her place in this craziness revolving around the South-West title.”
VASSA: ”And that brings us to the co-headline match for tonight. Roxi Johnson will be teaming with Jason Cashe to go head to head with Masahiro Kojima and Jason Phoenix. In my opinion, all four of these people are in the South-West Heavyweight championship scene. Roxi earned her spot and whether Perry agrees or not, Cashe deserves a rematch at that title.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s going to be a good one, that’s for sure! In our other co-headline match for tonight, The Red Pioneer will be defending the Extreme Television championship against “Young” Mannie Romero in a parking lot brawl…”
VASSA: ”I love these parking lot brawls. It’s going to be one hell of a mess after these two collide tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Then there’s our main event. Tonight, we finally crown our tag team champions after weeks of matches in the tournament.”
VASSA: ”Beauty and the Beast, Mike Smith and Christian Taylor will climb in the ring with the team of Sweet Annihilation, Ice and Drake Knight.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have dominated the tag scene in 4CW and tonight they go up against each other with the gold on the line. This is going to be awesome!”
JOHNSON: ”Those are our big matches for tonight but we have plenty of great action that will take place before those in the lineup. Two newcomers will square off. Brent Samson and Robby Newhause will open tonight’s event.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know anything about these two but they will prove themselves tonight in front of everyone here tonight and all of you sitting at home watching us live right now!”
JOHNSON: ”Another newcomer, Brandy Danielle, will climb into the ring with Stefan Raab. Brandy isn’t new to wrestling but she is new to 4CW. Will she have what it takes to make an impact tonight?”
VASSA: ”I don’t know, but we’ll find out! Stefan Raab is a tough person to climb in the ring with so it won’t be easy for her, not by any means.”
JOHNSON: ”Then we have a fatal four way involving Dan White, Niobe Martin, Jair Hopkins and Nathaniel Havok.”
VASSA: ”Things just don’t get any easier for Niobe, damn… This match is going to come down between two individuals, Jair Hopkins and Nathaniel Havok.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have been around each other for a while now so they’re not new faces to one another. This is going to be a touch battle between the two… excuse me, four.”
VASSA: ”It’s alright Steve, it’s coming down to those two and we all know it!”
JOHNSON: ”Following that tough match, Shane Borderland will have his chance to get revenge on Eric Lee as the two will compete against one another in an extreme rules match.”
VASSA: ”I know Shane has been looking forward to this match for the past two weeks. Eric Lee laid him out with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Who knows what weapons will be used tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s going to be messy. I can only assume that the winner will face off against the Extreme Television champion either two weeks from tonight at Adrenaline or even at Ante Up in Vegas…”
VASSA: ”Either way, the title will be on the line next show no matter who is booked against the champion. That’s why I love the Extreme Television championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Me too, Vinny, me too. Well, that’s our lineup for tonight folks. We’ve taken up enough of your time. I think it’s time for us to shut up and get this night started.”
VASSA: ”I couldn’t have said it better myself… Wait… I’ll be damned…”
JOHNSON: ”What?”
The crowd pops with cheers at ringside as the camera cuts for a close up.

VASSA: ”They actually came…”
Walking to their front row seats, Orion CEO, Mason Pierce and COO, Jaime Alejandro make quite an appearance as they gain attention from the fans.

JOHNSON: ”Hey! Those are the key management figures for Orion Promotions. What are they doing here? That’s competition!”
VASSA: ”You obviously don’t keep up with social media outlets like Twitter, do you? We’re in their backyard, New Mexico is the stomping grounds for Orion Promotions. Last week, Perry Wallace extended an invitation for these guys to attend tonight’s event. He even comped them front row seats, the best seats in the house next to ours.”
JOHNSON: ”I hope he knows what he’s doing by inviting the competition to the party.”
VASSA: ”Maybe Perry is just showing his respect to these two hard working men and the promotion that they have built from the ground up. Respect is a hard thing to earn in this business.”
JOHNSON: ”What was said on Twitter? Was Mr. Wallace talking trash?”
VASSA: ”Nope! It was a friendly invitation and it appears that these two have taken Perry up on the offer. This should be interesting…”
JOHNSON: ”Well… let’s show these guys what 4CW is all about and why we’re the premiere promotion in the south-west United States!”
VASSA: ”I’m ready when you are, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s get things started then!”


JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen, for your opening bout tonight we have two fresh new faces to the world Four Corners Wrestling…”
VASSA: ”Lace those boots up boys…it’s time to make a lasting impression on Mr. Powers and Mr. Morrison…”
JOHNSON: ”…And there’s no better way than to get a win in the opening bout of a 4CW show! Tonight we’ll get to see if Brent Samson or Robby Newhause have what it takes to make a career for themselves.”
VASSA: ”Sometimes that second match is harder than the debut. Tonight these guys are running on pure adrenaline!”
JOHNSON: ”I see what you did there…a little play on words…nice!”
VASSA: ”I don’t get paid just to sit here next to you for the night.”
JOHNSON: ”Well it looks like Brent Samson is in the ring and ready to go…”
VASSA: ”No entrance? Hows this guy going to steal the show if he doesn’t even have an entrance?”
Mike Powers taps on the microphone, gaining the attention of the 4CW faithful.

POWERS: ”The following contest is schedule for one fall and is your opening contest of the night. Introducing first…standing in the ring…weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds…from Hollywood, Florida…the Show Stealer…BRENT SAMSON!!!!!”
The feed cuts to the ring and Brent Samson climbs the corner, raising his hands in the air while standing on the second turnbuckle. The 4CW faithful in attendance give him an unimpressive round of applause. His girlfriend Amanda Ramirez and his bodyguard Tristen Storm stand ringside, cheering on the third member of their trio.

JOHNSON: ”That’s his girlfriend Amanda Ramirez standing ringside, another newly signed talent in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”And that other clown is their bodyguard? Who does this guy think he is? Mr. Powers?”
JOHNSON: ”Tristen Storm…and he is a massive human being. I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.”
VASSA: ”To quote the late, great, Mr. T…He ain’t so bad! He ain’t so bad!”
JOHNSON: ”Mr. T isn’t deceased…”
VASSA: ”You sure?”
The feed once agains switches to Mike Powers in the DJ booth. He looks down at the index cards in his hand and officially announces the next competitor.

POWERS: ”And his opponent…weighing in at two hundred and three pounds…from Boston, Massachusetts…4CW’s Number One Son…ROBBY NEWHAUSE!!!”
“Go Go Ratchet” by AFK plays over the loud speakers. 4CW fans sit in silence as colorful strobe lights flicker about the curtain. Robby Newhause bursts through the curtain and strides to the ring. He tells off a fan or two on the way before entering the ring and removing his trench coat.

JOHNSON: ”The official is going over both competitors. Making sure no foreign objects are being brought into the ring.”
VASSA: ”Come on…It would at least make things a bit more interesting for the fans.”
Pleased with his thorough checks of the competitors the ref motions for the time keeper to signal the start of the match with the opening bell.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Newhause and Samson circle one another in the middle of the ring, sizing each other up. Both men move in and lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. After a brief struggle for leverage, Newhause manages to isolate a single wrist of Brent Samson and twists it behind Samson’s back with a hammerlock. Newhause drives the isolated arm upwards as Samson looks for an escape. He manages to reach upwards and grabs Newhause by the back of the head. He drops down to his knees and flips Newhause over with a snap mare takedown. Both guys are quick to their feet and Samson quickly flips Newhause back to the mat with an arm drag takedown. Newhause staggers back to his feet and turns back to Samson, getting tossed once with a second arm drag takedown. Newhause rolls out of the ring to the outside trying to regroup. He leans against the security railing, never taking an eye off of Brent Samson while dodging the fans outstretched hands. Brent moves over to the ropes and sits on the middle rope while lifting the top, inviting Robby back into the ring.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think Robby Newhause expected to be outwrestled by Brent Samson tonight.”
VASSA: ”So what…He underestimated him a little bit. Now he knows and I’m sure he’s got a plan B.”
JOHNSON: ”Might not even be that he underestimated Brent. There’s a ton of pressure on these two to put on a good performance here tonight. Maybe the pressure got to him early in this contest.”
The ref moved Samson from the ropes and Robby Newhause quickly rolls into the ring. Brent side steps the ref and charges at Robby Newhause. Robby takes him down with a drop toe hold. Newhause floats over his opponent and pushes off of his back to his feet. He quickly drops and elbow to the upper back of Brent. Robby stands over Brent as he pushes up to all fours and immediately gets both hands on Brent’s head and begins turning it beyond it’s range of motion with a neck crank. Brent sits out and reaches for the ropes as Robby twists his head even further. With the ropes far out of reach, Brent pushes to his feet forcing Robby to turn his neck crank into a side headlock. Brent explodes backwards lifting Newhause with a belly to back suplex and dropping him onto his back and neck!

JOHNSON: ”Nice counter from the Show Stealer, Brent Samson.”
VASSA: ”Alright maybe this kid can go! The verdict is still out on Robby Newhause.”
Both Newhause and Samson rise to their feet. They turn towards one another and Robby fires away with a stiff right hand. Samson staggers back before countering with a right hand of his own. Newhause bobs out of the way and drives his knee upward into Samson’s midsection, doubling him over. Newhause grabs Samson with a front face lock before snapping him down to the mat with a swinging neck breaker! Newhause pops up to his feet and moves towards Samsons head, measuring him up before crashing down with a falling headbutt that targets Samson’s neck and shoulder. Newhause is quick to his feet again, this time moving towards the ropes and bouncing towards his opponent before falling with a leg drop across his throat. Newhause rolls over onto the chest of Samson with the first pin attempt of the match.
Samson shoots his shoulder off of the mat before the count of three.

VASSA: ”What is this the eighties? You can’t win with a running leg drop!”
JOHNSON: ”You never know Vinny. If your opponent is down on the mat, you go for the pin. Kicking out of a pinfall exerts energy.”
Newhause lifts Brent up by his hair and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Newhause chases in pursuit and crushes him in the corner with a clothesline. Brent stands lifeless in the corner, only being held up by the ring ropes. Newhause stands him upright and hits Brent’’s bare chest with a hard knife edge chop!
Robby smirks at the fans instinctive utterance and stands him upright again, crashing down on his chest with another knife edge chop, pandering to the crowd.
Robby steps back and allows for Brent to stumble out of the corner. Robby quickly scoops him up and and throws him to the ground with a body slam. Robby steps over Brent who is perpendicular to the corner. Robby climbs the corner with his opponent behind him. Newhause makes it to the top rope and sits perched on the top turnbuckle, looking over his shoulder towards his fallen opponent. Robby stands up and leaps backwards, coming down onto Brent Samson with a double rotation moonsault! Newhause bounces off his opponent before crawling back for the cover. The ref slides into a position to make a count.
Samson manages to buck Newhause off before the count of three.

JOHNSON: ”WOW! What a move! Have you ever seen anything like that double rotation moonsault?”
VASSA: ”Alright, I’ll give him that one. That was impressive!”
JOHNSON: ”Impressive isn’t the word. Yet Brent Samson managed to find enough strength to kick out!”
Robby stares down the referee, surprised that his opponent had enough to kick out of the double rotation moonsault. He slaps his hands together and argues for the ref to count faster. Robby turns his attention back to Brent who has backed up against the ropes in a sitting position. Robby stomps towards him and Brent catches him off guard, grabbing him by his slacks and pulls him through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Newhause crashes down into the security railing with Tristen Storm and Amanda Ramirez watching eerily nearby. The referee immediately hops to the outside of the ring and begins to herd Storm and Ramirez away from the action. Brent manages to climb the nearest corner and stands on the top rope facing Robby Newhause. Brent soars through the air and takes Newhause down with a flying crossbody to the outside!
Brent pulls himself to his feet with the help of the security railing and is treated to a round of applause by the fans. He grabs Robby by his head and begins lifting him to his feet. With the referee still occupied by moving Ramirez and Storm away from the action, Newhouse turns the tide by hitting Brent with a low blow! Samson immediately drops down to his knees as Robby climbs to his feet. He reaches over the security railing and grabs a cup of beer from one of the fans. Robby takes a nice long swig before smashing Brent in the face with the plastic cup filled of beer. Newhause steps back and holds his fist up. He watches vigorously as Brent finds his way back to his feet. Brent turns around towards Newhause and gets knocked out by a huge superman punch! Newhause immediately rolls into the ring along with the referee and demands for him to count Samson out…

VASSA: ”What a knockout punch! The ref is now at six and Samson is just starting to stir around!”
JOHNSON: ”Seven! And he’s on his knees leaning against the apron…”
Brent finds enough strength to pull himself into the ring under the bottom rope. Newhause immediately begins stomping away at the ribs of his opponent. Grabbing the top rope for leverage, he continuously drives the heel of his cowboy boot to the torso of Brent Samson. The referee pulls Newhause off of his opponent as half of his body still lays under the ropes. Newhause drags Samson up to his feet and holds him up with a front face lock. Newhause grins before dropping him head first with a vicious DDT. Newhause hooks Samson with a half nelson and rolls him over onto his back, eventually laying over his opponent with his forearm digging into Samson’s mouth while looking for the pinfall victory.
Samson onc again defies the odds and kicks out of the pinning predicament.

VASSA: ”How many lives does this guy have? Another close call.”
JOHNSON: ”He looked as if he had turned things around for a moment but Robby Newhause played off the refs distraction and curbed all of his momentum.”
Newhause rips Samson off of the mat and drives his knee into his gut repetitively. He throws him across the ring towards the ropes. As Samson bounces off of the ropes and rebounds back towards Newhause, Robby turns towards the opposing ropes and leaps onto the middle rope, spring boarding backwards and nailing a Pelé soccer kick that drops Samson like a ton of bricks!

JOHNSON: ”He calls that Newhause International!”
Newhause wipes his lips with the backside of his hand and leans over Samson, slapping him in the back of the head to get him to start stirring around. Samson gets to all fours and Newhause grabs him by his head, shoving him between his legs. He reaches down and grabs Samson around his waist, lifting him up into the air. He transitions his grasp and holds Samson above his head with like a crucifix. Newhause falls forward, driving Samson down onto his neck and shoulders with a crucifix power bomb and immediately hooks his leg for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”What a debut for Robby Newhause…”
VASSA: ”The same can’t be said about for poor Brent Samson…That was hard to watch”
JOHNSON: ”That Robby Newhause Inc. Crucifix Powerbomb was brutal…”
”Go Go Ratchet” by AFK takes over the venues audio system as the referee holds Robby Newhause’s arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner via pinfall…4CW’’s Number One Son…ROBBY NEWHAUSE!!!”


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for One Fall! First, already inside the ring, allow me to Introduce Brandy DANIELLLEE!!!”
The camera zooms in on the new signing to 4CW and the fans give her a small cheerful welcoming. She looks prepared as she looks on waiting for her opponent. The reign of booing is heard even before Mike Powers makes the introductions for him.

POWERS: “Coming down to the ring now weighing in at two hundred thirty pound,s coming from Cologne Germany, “The Killerplauze” STEFFAAAN RRRRRRAAAAAAB!!”
“Monster by Skillet” plays over the sound system as Stefan Raab comes out through the curtain. He’s wearing his gold and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers and black gloves on both of his hands. He wears a black and red stripy mask and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes. He crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for the match to start.”

VASSA: “These people are hating on Raab tonight but he’s use to the hate!”
JOHNSON: “He’s a weird one either way but what do we know about Brandy Danielle?”
VASSA: “I dunno, she is married I think? Not sure about her in ring history. This is the first I’ve heard of her but a face and body like that? She can win all matches against me! Grrrr…”
The bell sounds and Stefan Raab rushes across at Brandy. He crashes into her as she sits in a corner and immediately takes on rapid short punches and inside forearm shots by Raab. He grabs her by the hair and the right arm, pulling her from the corner before slamming her back into the turnbuckles. Raab holds her back against the turnbuckles and slaps her hard across the face. The crowd roars with boos, showing their displeasure for his aggressive behavior.
He drops down, bending over until his shoulder touches her midsection. He drives shoulder charges hard into her gut. She blows out, emptying her lungs from the charge. He pulls back and does it again. As he goes to do it for a third time, Brandy pops up using the ropes and drives a knee into Raab’s face as he charges in with another shoulder. She drops to her feet but jumps up again with her underarms up over the ring ropes and snatches Raab by the head with her legs.
He tries pulling her off but she pushes and drops out of the corner, whipping Stefan Raab with a Hurricanrana that sends him sliding onto his back on the canvas.

JOHNSON: “Oh what a fantastic Hurricanrana by Brandy Danielle! She has some spark!”
VASSA” “I’d let her wrap her legs around my head any day of the week.”
JOHNSON: “You and Perry Wallace need help, you know people can file Sexual Harassment claims right?”
VASSA: “See what she’s wearing? Sue me, make a claim! She fine and I’m inclined to announce that! Her pants so tight, I feel restrictions in mine!”
Brandy hurries to Raab as he pushes to his feet. She blasts him with a downwards punch to the face. He pops her in the liver with a nice short hook to the body. Raab stands up as Brandy grapples and locks in with Raab for the first tie up of the match. Raab wins and gets her placed in a side headlock. The crowd boos but Stefan Raab has a big and evil smile on his face, a face that changes to surprise as Brandy Danielle lifts him and drops him with a basic Back Body Drop. The fans change from jeers to cheers.
Hopping back to her feet quickly, Danielle rushes across the ring, hits the ropes and springs off them back in the direction of a downed Raab. Brandy leaps and hits a running Moonsault and lands across Raab, hooking a leg and going for a pin.

VASSA: “That was closer than Raab wanted it to be! What a beautiful moonsault by Brandy. How serious is her marriage, do you know?”
JOHNSON: “Come on man, call the match. I don’t care about your Fantasy Games of chicks you’ll NEVER get!”
Raab looks pissed, red in the face as he rises to his feet. Brandy wallops him with a right but Raab pushes through it and tackles Brandy to the canvas. He drives down punches and elbows into her face as she tries to block the incoming shots. Pushing off her, Raab grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her feet. He whips her across the ring, Brandy ducks a clothesline on the run back. She hits the other side of the ring as Raab twirls around. Brandy goes to duck again but Raab snatches her by the hair with both hands and slams her down on her back with a Hair Whip. The crowd hates it and shows it as they begin to throw trash.

JOHNSON: ”The fans are showing their displeasure with Raab as they throw trash into the ring.”
VASSA: ”What do you expect? A big man like that, throwing a beauty like that around like a ragdoll…”
Rabb climbs on top od Brandy and swings down with a powerful right hand, connecting with the side of her head. He then grabs a handful of hair and jerks into the air. The ref moves in and fusses at Raab for the hair grab and commands for him to release the hold. Raab does but then wraps his arms around BRandy and lifts her into the air, driving her into the mat with a spinebuster. Raab then covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count…
Raab quickly pops up in a rage and drags Brandy to her feet as well. He then throws her to the ropes. Brandy bounces back and ducks as Raab swings with a hard clothesline. She runs to the opposite ropes and hits them. Bouncing back, Brandy leaps into the air and takes Raab to the canvas with a head scissors takedown. Raab rolls across the mat as Brandy gets to her feet. As Raab gets to one knee, Brandy greets him with a slap across the chest. Raab stands to his feet and yells in her face as Brandy slaps him across the chest again and again, Raab then swings with all of his might but misses the punch as Brandy ducks and slides behind Raab, taking him to the mat with a modified schoolboy pin. The ref quickly drops down for the cover…

JOHNSON: ”Brandy almost with the schoolboy!”
VASSA: ”She isn’t going to beat Raab with strength but she can do a number on him with her quickness.”
Raab rolls to his feet as Brandy stands up. Raab lunges forward but Brandy kicks him in the stomach. She then wraps her arm around his head as he’s bent over and goes for a DDT. Raab doesn’t budge, he holds his footing and doesn’t go down. Brandy maintains the wrap around his head and pulls back to attempt the DDT again but fails. Raab then wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her into the air, throwing her up and over his head. Brandy flips over and falls to the canvas on her back. Raab then goes to the ropes and comes back, dropping a hard elbow across her chest.

VASSA: ”I wish I was that elbow…”
JOHNSON: ”I wish you would be more professional! Dangit Vinny!”
Raab grabs Brandy by the back of the head and pulls her to her feet. He then backs her into the corner and delivers a series of boxing punches to her mid-section before connecting with a direct blow to the chops. Raab then grabs her by the arm and throws her across the ring at the opposite corner. He quickly follows behind. As Brandy gets to the corner, she jumps into the air and springboards off the middle ropes. She then jumps back and turns around, catching Raab with a hurricanrana and taking him down to the mat. Brandy rolls up to her feet and stands across from Raab as he slowly gets to his. Just as Raab gets up, Brandy moves in with a running superkick…

JOHNSON: ”Here comes the Phack Off Running… I believe…”
Raab catches Brandy’s foot and locks his grasp onto her ankle. He then twist her leg and takes her down to the mat with an crucial ankle lock in place.

JOHNSON: ”Yes it is. This could be it!”
Brandy fights the pain and tries to escape the hold but Raab doesn’t let up. A few moments pass as the ref checks in on her. Brandy continues to fight the hold but eventually taps as Raab continues to crank down the pressure on that ankle. Brandy slaps the canvas over and over and the ref signals for the bell.

JOHNSON: ”This one is over folks! Raab has made Brandy tap out!”
VASSA: ”This was an exciting debut for Brandy but in the end, Raab pulls it off with the Killerlock!”
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by submission… “The Killerplauze” STEFAN RRAABBBB!!!”
As Raab releases the hold, the ref raises his arm in victory as “Monster” by Skillet hits the sound system.

VASSA: ”Win or lose, I’m still impressed by Brandy’s debut tonight. There’s always the next one…”
JOHNSON: ”She’ll do just fine here in 4CW! Lets take a short break. We’ll be right back folks!”


JOHNSON: ”Up next we’re going to push our audience to keep up with the action. It’s a four way dance. Four men, one fall…”
VASSA: ”Not my kind of party…”
JOHNSON: ”Really?”
VASSA: ”I wish you could see yourself Stevie…HA!”
JOHNSON: ”Whether you want to take your job serious or not is your own prerogative. I am going to call this fatal four way if you don’t mind.”
VASSA: ”Yeah have at it…Who’s in this thing anyways?”
JOHNSON: ”Dan White, Jordan King, Jair Hopkins, Nathaniel Havok…”
VASSA: ”Alright, so Hopkins versus Havok is up next folks!”
The feed cuts to the DJ booth and Mike Powers rises to his feet with a microphone in hand to address the raucous 4CW crowd.

POWERS: ”The following contest is a fatal four way match schedule for one fall. Introducing first…weighing in at two hundred and fifty-three pounds…from Cardiff, Wales…The Welsh Dragon…DAN WHITE!!!”
”Anarchy in the UK” by The Sex Pistols hits, and even as the first “Anarchy” hits, the fans pop as Dan White walks out through the curtain. He claps his hands, ready for action, and walks down to the ring, with a pretty simplistic light show, and no pyros. He walks down the ramp, and close to the fans, not shaking their hands, but close enough so they have the chance to touch greatness. He enters the ring, where he warms up at the ropes, and climbs a turnbuckle, throwing his arms in the air and beating this chest, before jumping down and preparing for a fight.

POWERS: ”And his opponent…weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six pounds…from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…The Pitbull…Jordan King!!”
”Natural Born Killaz” by NWA plays over the PA system and Jordan King steps out from the backstage area through the curtain to an enormous amount of boos from the fans. He struts to the ring, mouthing off to the fans that sit along the entrance way before finally making it into the ring and taking his place in one of the empty corners.

POWERS: ”And their opponent…”
Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a ryhtmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

POWERS: ”From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred and eight pounds. He is one-half of “The Dying Breed”, JAIRRR …. HOPKINSSS!!!”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way. That bright, trademark smile of his shows as he makes his way into the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, waiting for his final opponent.

POWERS: ”And finally…their opponent…weighing in at two hundred and forty-two pounds…from The Underworld by way of Indianapolis, Indiana…The Enforcer of Sorrow…NATHANIEL HAVOK!!!!”
“Cult of Personality” hits on the PA system, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Nathaniel Havok makes his way out to the entrance ramp, extremely hyped and ready to go. He throws his arms in the air as pyro goes off around him, before walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on his way down. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully off the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, as his music fades out.

JOHNSON: ”All four men are in the ring and they’re licking their chops to get this match underway.”
VASSA: ”Havok and Hopkins look as if they’re ready for a war. Someone needs to warn those other two guys who they’re standing in the ring with…”
The ref motions for the time keeper to signal the start of the match with the opening bell.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Havok and Hopkins start off in opposite corners. They begin making a move towards one another, forgetting about their other opponents in this match. Dan White clobbers Havok with a running forearm shot that knocks him back into his corner while Jordan King blindsides Jair Hopkins with a knee to the midsection. White and King look across the ring at one another and nod their heads, each grabbing their initial targets by the wrist. They whip Havok and Hopkins out of the corner and send them on a collision course towards one another in the center of the ring. Miraculously they avoid each other as Havok leapfrogs Hopkins in the center of the ring and both maintain their course. Hopkins catches Dan White off guard with a Stinger Splash in the corner as Havok hits a running Yakuza kick on Jordan King!
King drops down in the corner but is immediately dragged out to the center of the ring. Havok captures him with a side headlock and lets out a war call like scream before driving him down with the FBD, a headlock driver! Hopkins moves away from White and closer towards King. He grabs the top rope, bouncing to the top turnbuckle and spring boarding backwards with the OMFG, a moonsault foot stomp. Hopkins and Havok push King out of the ring by kicking him out of the ring under the ropes.

VASSA: ”So much for Jordan King…”
JOHNSON: ”Havok and Hopkins both nailed their finishing maneuvers on Jordan King. That boy needs some medical attention.”
VASSA: ”Four is a crowd…I’d prefer a good ole fashioned threesome any day!”
Medical personnel rush to the aide of Jordan King as Hopkins and Havok watch from inside the ring. Their viewing party is quickly interrupted as White clotheslines Hopkins from behind. Hopkins falls over the ropes but stays on the apron. White turns towards Havok who nearly kicks his head off with a Super Kick. White drops after being caught with the Sorrow Enforced. Havok drops down onto White and tries for a quick cover.
Hopkins pulls Havok by his feet off of White. Hopkins stands up on the apron and quickly springboards himself off of the top rope, nailing a second OMFG! White clutches his chest after being landed on by the soles of Hopkins boots. As Hopkins pushes to his feet, White rolls to the outside of the ring joining Jordan King by the medical personnel. Hopkins turns and Havok quickly shoves him back a few steps. Havok barks at Hopkins for breaking up his pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”Not really sure what his gripe is. This is every man for himself!”
VASSA: ”Tell that to King and White. I’m pretty sure they’re feeling a little teamed up on.”
Hopkins bites down on his lip and holds his head up high before turning towards Havok. Havok makes the first move and tries for a quick lariat but Hopkins ducks underneath his outstretched arm. Havok turns and is immediately met with a picture perfect dropkick that lands on his chin. Havok bounces off of the mat and is flipped back down to the mat with a Japanese arm drag. Both competitors are quick up to their feet and Hopkins sends Havok back down to the mat with a second Japanese arm drag! Havok rolls out of the ring, under the bottom ropes, holding the back of his neck after his head whiplashed back with each arm drag.
Hopkins moves over to the ropes and hops over onto the apron. Havok tries sweep Hopkins legs out from under him as he lands on the apron but Hopkins hops over the attempt. He kicks backwards and plants his foot right between Havok’s eyes, sending him stumbling backwards. He moves rapidly towards one of the ring posts and faces Havok, charging directly at him. Hopkins leaps off of the apron and wraps his legs around Havok’s head and flipping him inside out with a hurricanrana! Hopkins is quick to his feet and is treated to a thunderous round of applause from the 4CW fans.

VASSA: ”Holy shit! What a running hurricanrana!”
JOHNSON: ”Pure athleticism by the kid who calls Brooklyn New York home…Showcasing the true potential this kid possess.”
Hopkins rolls Havok into the ring and slides in behind him under the ropes. Havok crawls to a corner and begins pulling himself up to his feet. By the time he turns around to get an eye on his opponent, Hopkins had charged him full speed, leaping up, placing his feet onto Havok’s thighs while grabbing him by the back of the head. Hopkins rolls back and flips him backwards with a monkey flip. As soon as Havok is on his feet Hopkins doubles him over with a gut kick. Hopkins latches onto his opponent with a front face lock and grabs a hold of his tights before dropping him down with an implant DDT! Hopkins rolls Havok over and tries for the pinfall.
Havok shoots his shoulder off of the canvass to end the refs count.

JOHNSON: ”Hopkins is keeping up the pace of his onslaught.”
VASSA: ”He’s a speedy little bastard, isn’t he?”
JOHNSON: ”He’s giving up eight inches and almost forty pounds. He needs to be faster than Havok in order to win this match.”
Hopkins pulls Havok to his feet with a front face lock after the near fall. He drapes one of Havok’s arms behind his head while grabbing onto Havok’s trunks. He lifts him up for a suplex but Havok fights through it by kicking his legs, forcing Hopkins to place him back down onto the canvass before a second attempt. Hopkins lifts Havok but he breaks free and falls onto his feet behind Hopkins. Havok grabs Hopkins by his hair and pulls him backwards before planting him with an inverted DDT! Havok runs towards the ropes and bounces back towards Hopkins, jumping into the air and crashing down across his ribs with a jumping senton! Havok looks over his shoulder while seated at Hopkins before turning around and hooking a leg for the pin attempt.
Hopkins kicks out and instinctively rolls onto his side.

VASSA: ”A nice reversal from Havok followed by an inverted DDT!”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not overlook the handful of hair he used to get Hopkins back into a position for the inverted DDT…”
VASSA: ”You know you’re a real pessimist. Always have to look at the negatives…”
Havok stands to his feet and follows as Hopkins begins inching towards the ropes. He grabs Hopkins, pulls him to his feet and quickly drives his knee into Hopkins gut. Havok then wraps his arms around Hopkins waist and lifts him up for a Gut-Wrench Powerbomb the land right into the nearest set of turnbuckles! Hopkins slumps down to a seated position in the corner and Havoc grabs a hold of the rope for leverage as he begins laying a boot to Hopkins chest. Havok lets go of the ropes and lifts Hopkins to his feet. He lifts his leg and places his foot on Hopkins throat, once again grabbing the rope for leverage while utilizing a foot choke.
Havok drops his foot as the ref begins warning him about using illegal tactics. As Havok turns his attention back to his opponent, Hopkins explodes out of the corner and takes him down with a spear. Hopkins floats over to a side mount and begins hammering away with right hands before being pulled off by the referee. Hopkins moves to the corner furthest from Havok as he finds his way up to his feet. Hopkins charge and leaps into the air, clearing the top rope and nailing a koronco buster on Havok. He follows it up with some more stiff right hands that the fans are so willing to count aloud for him.

“One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten…”
Hopkins flips backwards onto his feet and watches as Havok stumbles out of the corner. Hopkins bends down and scoops Havok up on his shoulder before dropping backwards with a modified Samoan Drop, the BK drop! Hopkins hooks Havok’s leg while laying with his back on his opponents chest…
Havok turns towards his opponent and shoots his shoulder off of the mat.

VASSA: ”That was a close call. How the hell does he jump that high so effortlessly?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know partner but that Koronco Buster is a thing of beauty.”
Hopkins pushes to his feet and climbs out of the ring and onto the apron. He starts climbing one of the corners as Havok begins rising to his feet. Perched on the top turnbuckle, Hopkins waits until Havok makes it to his feet before he leaps off with a flying cross body. Havok catches Hopkins in mid air and grins. While holding Hopkins, Havok adjusts his grip and turns into a fisherman suplex. He lifts him up above his head but instead of falling backwards, Havok turns Hopkins and drops him onto his head while sitting out! Havok hooks Hopkins leg while sitting down on his chest for the pin attempt.

VASSA: ”All Killer, No Filler!”
Hopkins kicked his free foot up and nailed Havok hard enough to break up the pin attempt. Havok climbs to his feet blindly while holding his hand up against his face. Hopkins staggers to his feet and ducks under a blind clothesline. He grabs Havok with a rear waist lock and sends him over head with a release German Suplex! As soon as Hopkins gets to his feet he runs towards the nearest corner. He climbs the corner with his back to Havok and looks over his shoulder to his fallen opponent. Hopkins flips backwards with a moonsault and lands clean across Havok’s knees which were brought up to his chest!

JOHNSON: ”Maybe a little game of possum being played by Havok. Waiting in lay while Hopkins ascended the corner for that moonsault Vinny.”
VASSA: ”High risk right? Well there’s one of the risks!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m receiving word from backstage that General Manager Frankie Morrison has officially made this match a one on one contest with Dan White and Jordan King both helped to the trainers room by medical personnel and unable to compete!”
VASSA: ”So they’re not going to make it back into this match?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think ever really stood a chance in this match. Mr. Morrison is just saving them a loss in the record books…”
Havok leaps onto Hopkins like a predator pouncing on his wounded prey. In a full mount he begins raining down with some hard right hands. Hopkins covers up, allowing his forearms to deflect most of the blows. Havok pushes off his opponent and rises to his feet. As soon as Hopkins rises he is grabbed by Havok with a side headlock. In a moment of desperation, Hopkins pushes Havok in the back, sending him towards the ropes. Havok rebounds and takes Hopkins down with a hard shoulder block. Hopkins grimaces but quickly gets to his feet. Havok sends himself off of the ropes and back at his opponent like a torpedo. Hopkins leap frogs his opponent and charges the opposite ropes. Both men rebound towards one another at full speed. They both leap into the air going for running cross bodies but miss their marks and smash heads in mid air!

JOHNSON: ”Ouch! That has to hurt!”
VASSA: ”Both men look to be out cold Steve!”
The referee drops to one knee and checks on both competitors left in this bout. Neither giving him a response, the referee looks around frantically before rising back to his feet and using his standing ten count.
The ref moves over towards the ropes and signals for the bell to ring. After a brief conversation with the time keeper the bell sounds for the official ending of the match.
Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!

VASSA: ”What the hell is going on?”
JOHNSON: ”I think the ref is ruling this match a draw on account that neither answered his standing ten count!”
VASSA: ”Is he allowed to do that? Under who’s authority?”
JOHNSON: ”4CW’s…this match is a draw!”
The referee signals for medical personnel to come to the ring as both Hopkins and Havok begin stirring. Each man is holding their head and moving gingerly as they get to a seated position. The fans vehemently let the referee hear their dismay over his official decision.

POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest has been ruled a draw!”

The scene cuts backstage to the main office where Perry Wallace is standing behind his desk, furious. Across from him, Masahiro Kojima and Tatsuhiko stand on the receiving end of Wallace’s words.

WALLACE: ”About damn time you decided to stop by and pay me a visit, Masahiro! You decided to skip out two weeks ago and leave me with this pathetic excuse for a bodyguard you have. What’s the big idea?”
As Kojima goes to answer, Perry throws his hand in the air and cuts him off…

WALLACE: ”I know, I know, you had shit to attend to in Japan. Big fucking deal! I thought Tatsuhiko was going to watch my back, make sure nothing happened to me? Instead, he manages to get locked away by Cashe.”
Kojima grows frustrated and goes to respond but gets cut off by Perry once more.

WALLACE: ”I don’t care what excuses you have for him, it’s inexcusable! I don’t care if he shit all over himself, he is not to leave my side! I held up my end of the bargain. I named you the number one contender. All I asked is for a little protection from that inbred, disrespectful piece of shit, CASHE! Don’t talk! I don’t want to hear anything from you. Or you, Tatsuhiko! … Oh, that’s right, I forgot… you don’t even speak! Make this right, Kojima. I booked you in a match with Cashe tonight. Make him pay. Make him hurt! And while all of this is happening, don’t let Tats leave my side. I don’t like having to worry about looking over my shoulder. I hate it! Do this and I will make sure that you retain your number one contendership. Make him hurt!”
Kojima looks at Tatsuhiko and the two nod. Perry then sits down at his desk and leans back to relax as the scene slowly cuts out…



POWERS: ”Our next match is scheduled for one fall under extreme rules. Introducing to the ring first, fighting out of Los Angeles, California. He weighs in at one hundred, eighty pounds and stands six feet tall. He is the Tormented Soul… ERIC LEE!!!”
The theater lights dim and the intro to “Am I a Psycho” by Tech N9ne starts up. Fog fills the entrance and a spot light lands on the entrance.
“I see you looking at me”
“Looking at me, so I ask”

JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago Eric Lee took it upon himself to take out Shane Borderland in the Extreme Television match with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.”
VASSA: ”I know, it was insane!”
Eric Lee steps out from the back and glares out at the crowd as they boo him loudly.
“Am I a psycho? Am I a psycho?”
“Yeah I’m a psycho, I guess I’m a psycho”
The song continues as he walks to the ring. He looks around as if listening to someone or something instructing him…

Out of nowhere, Shane Borderland sneaks up behind Eric and cracks a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire across the back of his head. Eric falls to the aisle as blood trickles from the back of his head. Borderland looks down at him with a smirk and then grabs him by the hair, pulling him up to his feet. Borderland then drags him to the ring and rolls him underneath the bottom rope to the inside.

VASSA: ”Is this legal?”
JOHNSON: ”It’s an extreme rules type match so I would assume that anything is legal.”
Borderland then walks around the ring, towards the announcers booth. Once there, he grabs an empty steel chair and folds it up before throwing it into the ring. Borderland then approaches the ring with the baseball bat resting over his shoulder. He climbs the ringside steps and enters the ring as Eric lies on the canvas, motionless and bleeding all over the mat.

JOHNSON: ”This match isn’t even fair now after that blind assault.”
VASSA: ”Shane is just returning the favor. Eric did it to him two weeks ago. An eye for an eye…”
Borderland walks over to Eric who continues to lie in a pool of his own blood. Shane tosses the baseball bat aside and then lifts Eric to his feet. Shane leans him against the ropes and slaps him a few times but gets no response. He then looks at the ref and motions for him to signal for the bell. The ref pauses for a moment and then signals for the bell as this is an extreme rules match.
Shane slaps Eric across the mouth once more and drags him to the center of the ring. Shane kicks the chair along the way, placing it in the center as well. Standing over the chair, Shane hooks Eric with a swinging inverted snapmare and spins him over, driving his head into the chair.

VASSA: ”What the hell was that?”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a little technical but it’s a swinging inverted snapmare driver. On top of that, Shane did it on top of a steel chair!”
VASSA: ”Damn, this match is over before it even started!”
Shane stands to his feet and looks down at Eric with a cocky look on his face. He then drops to one knee, pressing it in Eric chest for the pin as the ref drops down for the count…

JOHNSON: ”This one is over and in the books! Eric blindsided him last week with the attack and Shane gets his revenge tonight!”

VASSA: ”After this quick beat down tonight, Shane is making his presence felt and making a statement for The Red Pioneer to see.”
JOHNSON: ”Shane has been impressive since stepping onto 4CW soil and tonight he made a huge impact!”
The ref raises Shane’s arm in the air as “My Time to Shine” by Saliva begins to play over the speakers. Shane jerks his hand away and picks up the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire up from the canvas. He then slowly exits the ring with it resting on his shoulder, leaving Eric in a pool of his own blood.


VASSA: ”Here we are ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our first of two headline events tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”This should be a good one. All four of these wrestlers are somewhat revolving around the talks of the South-West Heavyweight championship. Jason Phoenix currently holds the title and is our champion and in his corner, will be Masahiro Kojima.”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago, Perry announced that Kojima is the number one contender for the championship. This should make for an awkward team with each wrestler knowing that they will face each other in weeks at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not forget about their opponents. Roxi Johnson earned her spot in these discussions for contending for the championship. Two weeks ago she had Phoenix on his toes before Morgan interrupted. She deserves to be in the picture and tonight she gets to prove it once again.”
VASSA: ”Then there’s Jason Cashe. Two weeks ago, Perry denied him a rematch at Jason Phoenix and the South-West Heavyweight championship. Tonight, he gets to climb in the ring and compete against the team of champion and number one contender. It’s a slap in the face if you ask me.”
JOHNSON: ”How does Cashe feel about Roxi after her near upset two weeks ago? This match could end in one of many possible ways that could potentially change the face of the championship scene drastically.”
VASSA: ”I think Roxi is safe from any threat Cashe may pose. He wants to get his hands on Phoenix and Kojima and tonight is his opportunity to do so.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, let’s stop talking about and get down to business. Mike Powers, take it away!”
The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out.
“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my wrist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: “Introducing from Houston, Texas! He is the Former 4CW South West Heavyweight Champion!! Weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is”THE CHOICE” JAAASSOON CCAAAASSSSHHHE!!”
The music continues to play as the fans cheer his name but no one walks out from the entrance.
Moments pass and still, no one walks out.

VASSA: ”Uh oh… I think Cashe is ruining another one of Perry’s matches, a headline match at that!”
JOHNSON: ”He has to make an entrance. Tonight is his chance to get his hands on Phoenix and Kojima. There’s no way he’s going to pass up this opportunity.”
VASSA: ”Perry has already declined him getting a rematch. Cashe couldn’t care less about these two in my opinion, not without a title on the line.”
The music continues to play as the fans begin to grow restless and chant…
Moments pass, and nothing. The music then slowly begins to fade.

JOHNSON: ”He can’t do this to Roxi, feed her to the wolves. This is crazy!”
VASSA: ”Maybe Phoenix and Kojima won’t make it to ringside either. We saw what happened two weeks ago to Athena.”
“Help Is On The Way” plays over the sound system…

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring out of Tampa, Florida. She weighs in at one hundred thirty two pounds and stands five feet, six inches tall. 4CW’s resident Super Hero… ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the building. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

JOHNSON: ”Is it safe to say that Roxi has bigger balls than Cashe?”
VASSA: ”I don’t even want to vision that, Steve. Disgusting! Roxi is a beauty!”
JOHNSON: ”If tonight isn’t a repeat of the last Adrenaline then Roxi has her work cut out for her tonight…”
The lights dim and the opening stanza of “Kasumi” by Dir En Grey starts to play over the sound system as the crowd starts to become hostile to the sound. A red light appears in the center of the ring, symbolizing the Japanese national flag.

POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to you out of Sôka, Saitama, Japan… Weighing in at one hundred eighty one pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, MASAHIRO KKOOJJIIMMAA!!!”
The crowd, already voicing their negative opinion, start to roar louder as Kojima steps through the curtain. Once on the stage he looks around the crowd with an emotionless look before checking the tape around his wrists. Once satisfied he starts to make his way down towards the ring, occasionally stopping to share an argument with a fan.
Kojima slides under the bottom rope. Masahiro takes a moment to take in the heat he is receiving from the fans, all while testing the ropes out and giving them a pull. Happy with the condition of the ropes, Kojima climbs to the second turnbuckle, again looking around the audience and taking in the moment. Once happy with the reaction, he makes his way to the center of the ring so the red light is shining down on him. He drops down to one knee and spreads his arms out, after a moment raising his right hand above his head in a fist.
Eventually the music starts to fade and the lights come back to normal once he is back to his feet.

VASSA: ”Damn, I just now realized just how small Kojima really is.”
JOHNSON: ”Small or not, he’s proven himself over the last few shows and earned his number one contender spot.”
VASSA: ”I assume you’re right… Maybe Perry is just paying him back for the failed services of Tatsuhiko?”
JOHNSON: ”If that was the case, don’t you think Mr. Wallace would have pulled him out of the mix by now?”
VASSA: ”I don’t know. Without Tatsuhiko, who else would watch his back? I know I’m not getting in between him and any wrestler we have signed to the roster…”
The arena’s lights dim down and a bit of white smoke begin to rise up on the entrance ramp. “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits over the 4CW’s sound system as there’s a mixed reaction from the crowd.
“Ah ah ah ah ah aooo”
“Come inside and be afraid”
“Of this impressive mess I’ve made”
“If you take a look now you will find”

POWERS: ”Introducing our final competitor, he is the current 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion. Coming to you out of Miami, Florida, weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is the “Living Legend”, JASON PPHHOOEENNIIXX!!!”
Jason Phoenix slowly steps out to the top of the ramp with the South-West Heavyweight championship draped over his shoulder. He has a long black cape tied around his neck and he kneels down on the ramp. He stands up as he glares down at the ring, ignoring the fans throughout this building. He starts down the ramp, approaching the ring and unravels the string. The cape drops to the back of his heels and he sprints to the apron, leaping onto it. He stands up and climbs to the top turnbuckle, leaning downward as he stares through the crowd. He climbs down off the top turnbuckle. Once entering the ring, he holds the championship over his head. He leans in the far corner and slides down onto the canvas. He rests his elbows on the bottom rope as he waits for the sound of the bell. His theme comes to an end as “Perfect Insanity” fades.

JOHNSON: ”There’s our South-West Heavyweight champion!”
VASSA: ”Larry Collins will be our official for this tag match. And now we get to take an up close look at the championship!”
Ringside staff takes the championship away from Phoenix as he stares them down, keeping a close eye on his prize. The championship is then placed on the announcers booth as each wrestler stands in their corner, waiting for the sound of the bell. Roxi stands in her corner as Phoenix and Kojima stand in theirs, looking at each other. Kojima goes to exit to the apron before Phoenix puts his arm in the way and yells at him…

VASSA: ”DAMN! Phoenix just told Kojima to prove himself as the number one contender. Things are heating up already.”
JOHNSON: ”Kojima looks stunned as Phoenix cuts him off and exits to the apron.”
VASSA: ”Phoenix might as well let Kojima do the dirty work and prove his worth. I can see the game plan behind this… But where the hell is Cashe at?!?!”
Larry Collins walks to the center of the ring and looks to each corner getting a nod from Roxi first and then one from Kojima. He then signals for the bell…

JOHNSON: ”There’s the bell!”
Kojima and Roxi slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. Once face to face, Kojima lunges forward to lock up with Roxi but fails. Roxi side steps and slides behind him. Roxi then wraps her arms around his waist and lifts him up into the air backwards, driving him into the canvas with a German suplex. Kojima rolls over to his feet and pops back up only to see Roxi waiting for him, already on her feet. Kojima then goes on the assault and charges at Roxi with a series of kicks and punches. One after the other, Roxi fends them off with ease. Frustration quickly comes over Kojima and he swings for the fences with a big right. Roxi ducks and avoids the punch as Kojima steps by her. Roxi then takes him down with a drop toe hold, sending Kojima crashing into the corner, head first into the turnbuckle. As his head bounces off the top turnbuckle and his body moves upward, Roxi quickly moves in and drops him to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker.

VASSA: ”Get him Roxi!”
JOHNSON: ”So far she’s holding her own and reading Kojima’s every move like an open book.”
VASSA: ”Look at the smile on Jason Phoenix’s face!”
Roxi quickly pops up and turns to the corner. She ascends the turnbuckle, climbing to the top rope. Kojima rolls around the ring in pain before resting on his back. Roxi then leaps from the top rope and comes down on Kojima’s throat with a high flying leg drop. Kojima’s legs fly upward as Roxi’s leg keeps his head on the mat. Roxi then grabs a leg and hooks him for the pin as the ref quickly drops down for the count.

Phoenix grabs Roxi by the foot and pulls her off of Kojima, breaking the pin. She quickly stands to her feet and turns to face Phoenix as he backs into his corner and exits to the apron. Roxi keeps an eye on him for a minute, allowing time for Kojima to get to his feet. As Roxi slowly turns around to face Kojima, she catches a kick to the stomach. Roxi bends over in pain from the mid0section kick and Kojima grabs her by the arm and throws her to the ropes. Roxi bounces off and comes back. Kojima jumps into the air and spins with a roundhouse kick. Roxi ducks and goes to the opposite ropes. She bounces off and leaps into the air, taking Kojima to the mat with a flying crossbody. Roxi rolls off of Kojima as the crowd gets behind her.
“ROXI!!! ROXI!!! ROXI!!! ROXI!!! ROXI!!!”

JOHNSON: ”The crowd is really feeling it tonight. Roxi has their full support…”
VASSA: ”I think Kojima is taking her a little too lightly tonight and it’s coming back to bite his in the ass.”
Roxi stands to her feet and quickly grabs Kojima by the back of the head, pulling him to his feet. She then lifts him into the air for a suplex but Kojima manages to slip loose and free himself. He falls to his feet behind Roxi and pushes her in the back, towards the corner with Phoenix. As Roxi approaches the corner, Phoenix swings over the ropes with a hard right and connects with her forehead. Roxi stumbles back a step but Kojima is right there to push her into the corner, slamming her against the turnbuckle. As Kojima moves in to attack, Phoenix reaches over the ropes and slaps him across the chest. The ref recognizes it as a tag as Phoenix climbs into the ring.

VASSA: ”Phoenix has taken it upon himself to make the tag. Kojima looks stunned…”
JOHNSON: ”Stunned? I would say more so angry.”
Phoenix and Kojima stand toe to toe, looking each other in the eyes. Phoenix looks down on Kojima and orders him to exit the ring. Kojima stands his ground until the ref walks over and forces him to exit the ring. Phoenix then turns his attention towards Roxi and grabs the top ropes on each side of her with both of his hands. He then drives a knee into her stomach, again and again until Roxi falls to the mat in a sitting position with her back against the turnbuckle. Phoenix then backs away from the corner until he stands in the center of the ring. He then runs at Roxi in the corner and drives his knee into her face with all of his might. Roxi’s head flings back and as the she holds herself up with the ropes. Phoenix then looks up at Kojima and slaps Kojima across the chest, making an official tag.

VASSA: ”Damn, this isn’t going to end well between these two…”
JOHNSON: ”Listen! Phoenix is now yelling at Kojima…”
“Finish the damn job! Do I have to do everything myself around here?”

JOHNSON: ”Phoenix isn’t satisfied with Kojima’s performance…”
Phoenix steps onto the turnbuckle adjacent from Kojima as the two stare one another down. Kojima ducks under the top rope and enters the ring. The two continue to stare at one another before Kojima turns his attention to Roxi and grabs a handful of hair. He jerks her to her feet and drags her to the center of the ring. Kojima then lifts Roxi into the air in a vertical position and stalls for a moment, before dropping her with a brainbuster. Roxi lies in the center of the ring as Kojima stands to his feet and looks down at her with a cocky look on his face. He then turns his attention to Phoenix who is staring right back at him. Kojima then goes to the opposite corner and ascends.

VASSA: ”Come on Roxi, get up!”
Kojima makes it to the top rope just as Roxi begins to slowly come to. She struggles to get to her feet but once she does, Kojima leaps from the top rope and knocks her back down with a flying clothesline. Roxi hits the canvas with a thud as Kojima stays on his feet. He then quickly turns to look down at her and grabs her by the back of the head, lifting her to her feet once more. Kojima then places her head between his legs and lifts her into the air and drops her with a sit-out powerbomb. With her legs in grasp, Kojima places his feet over her shoulders and goes for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”Roxi barely kicks out!”
VASSA: ”That was a close one. Phoenix doesn’t look pleased either…”
From the corner, Phoenix yells into the ring at Kojima. He catches his attention and the two lock eyes. Kojima then slowly walks towards the corner, leaving his back turned to Roxi. Kojima and Phoenix stand across from each other with the ropes dividing them. As the two continue to talk trash to one another, Kojima lunges forward with a punch but misses as Phoenix leans back, holding himself up with the top rope. Phoenix then lunges over the ropes with a punch of his own. Kojima steps back, barely dodging the devastating blow. Suddenly, Kojima gets spun around by Roxi who kicks him in the stomach and flips him over to the mat with a snap suplex.

JOHNSON: ”These two have Roxi outnumbered but they’re going to cost themselves the match if they don’t get on the same page.”
VASSA: ”Kojima just needs to focus on Roxi and ignore Phoenix on the outside. These two will get their chance at each other in a matter of time at Ante Up.”
Kojima quickly gets up as him and Roxi have a stare off. Kojima comes at her with a powerful right kick, Roxi blocks it. Kojima then kicks with a quick left, Roxi blocks it. Kojima then comes at her full speed with a series of punches, each one, Roxi blocks. Kojima then draws back with his right hand but just as he does, Roxi jabs him in the throat, knocking him off balance. Roxi then jumps into the air and connects with a dropkick, knocking Kojima back a few steps before falling to the canvas. Kojima rolls backwards and comes to his feet, just as he does, Roxi is there to greet him with a hard right in the chops, knocking him into the corner with Phoenix. Phoenix then reaches over Kojima and slaps him on the chest, sending an echo throughout the theatre. The ref recognizes it as a tag.

VASSA: ”Kojima is just getting it from all angle tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Morgan isn’t here to save the night so lets see what Phoenix can do in the ring with Roxi!”
Phoenix springboards himself over the top rope and into the ring. The ref quickly moves in and forces Kojima to exit the ring and stand on the apron. Roxi and Phoenix then circle each other in the center of the ring. Waiting for the other to make a move, the two keep a close eye on each other. Suddenly, Phoenix swings with his right, directly at Roxi’s chest with a heart punch. Roxi leans back just enough to avoid contact and grabs his arm, using it to flip him over her shoulder. Phoenix quickly gets up and moves in on Roxi before she even has a chance to get away. Phoenix hooks her arms and then delivers a series of headbutts to Roxi. After the third, Phoenix draws his back even further but before he can swing forward with one more headbutt, Roxi stomps on his toes, breaking the hold. Roxi then hooks Phoenix and takes him to the canvas with a T-bone suplex.

Phoenix begins to get up with anger written all over his face. Roxi keeps an eye on him, waiting for the opportune moment to make her move. Out of nowhere, Kojima attacks her from behind with a double axe-handle to the back. Roxi falls to one knee as Kojima stands behind her, furious. The ref then gets in between them and forces Kojima back to his corner and to the apron, outside of the ring. Phoenix gets up while Roxi is still on one knee and grabs her by the head, pulling her to both feet. He then throws her to their corner with all of his might. Roxi slams into the corner and just as she does, Phoenix is right behind her to meet her with a running clothesline. Roxi’s feet come off of the mat as he body goes back. Phoenix then knees her in the stomach and bodyslams her away from the corner. Just as he goes to make his next move, Kojima reaches over the top rope and slaps him on the back with an open hand. The ref notices it as a tag and Phoenix turns around, outraged.

JOHNSON: ”Now Kojima is making the premature tag…”
VASSA: ”Premature like everything you do revolving around a bedroom?”
JOHNSON: ”Come on Vinny!”
VASSA: ”What?! I just had to make a comment, you left the door wide open!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m trying to call the match. Get your mind out of the gutter.”
VASSA: ”We all knew it was only a matter of time before Kojima returned the favor and tagged himself in.”
Phoenix stares down Kojima as he enters the ring. The ref pushes Phoenix back to the corner but before he gets too far away, Phoenix kicks Roxi in the back of the head. The ref then yells at him to exit the ring. Phoenix walks to the corner, staring at Kojima the entire time. He ducks under the top rope and steps onto the apron. Kojima then makes his move on Roxi and kicks her in the mid-section a few times while she’s down. Kojima then lifts her up and plants her head into the canvas with a DDT. He quickly goes for the cover as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”I thought that would have been it right there.”
Kojima looks up at the ref in anger from the count. He pushes himself up, driving his hand into Roxi’s face. Kojima then pulls Roxi up again and backs her into the corner with a series of kicks. With her back turned to the corner, Phoenix slams his forearm across her back, knocking her to her knees. Kojima the fires at Roxi with a spinning kick to the face, knocking her back into the corner. Phoenix then reaches down and grabs her by the hair, pulling her to her feet. At that moment, a loud commotion is heard from the fans…

JOHNSON: ”What’s that?”
VASSA: ”IT’s CASHE!!! Cashe is coming down to the ring!”
JOHNSON: ”This is about to get VERY interesting…”
Cashe makes his way to the ring while Phoenix and Kojima remain focused on beating Roxi down in the corner. As Phoenix holds Roxi up by the hair, Kojima moves in quickly with a right kick. At the last second, Roxi manages to break away from Phoenix and ducks. Kojima connects with Phoenix, knocking him off the apron and to the floor on the outside. By this this time, Cashe is up on the apron, reaching into the ring and yelling at Roxi. Kojima walks to the ropes with his back turned to Cashe and Roxi, looking on the outside at the fallen Phoenix.

VASSA: ”Kojima better turn around because he’s about to get an unpleasant surprise!”
With Kojima’s back still turned, Roxi notices Cashe in the corner and pulls herself up. She quickly approaches him and makes the tag as the crowd pops with cheers. Cashe then enters the ring as the fans go nuts. Kojima takes notice and slowly turns around, only to have a surprised look on his face when he sees Cashe standing across the ring from him.

VASSA: ”I think Kojima just wet himself!”
JOHNSON: ”The energy that has been revolving around these two getting in the ring has been high. Tonight, we get to witness it with our very own eyes, first hand!”
Wasting no time, Cashe runs at Kojima and greets him with a European uppercut, knocking him back a coupe of steps into the corner. Cashe then unloads on him with a combination of lefts and rights before winding up and connecting with a HUGE right across the jaw. Cashe then grabs him by the side of the head and pulls his face in closer, only to bite him on the bridge of the nose. Cashe then pulls his head down and connects with a lifting knee to the face. Cashe then hooks both of Kojima’s arms and flips him to the mat with a double arm suplex.
Meanwhile, on the outside, Phoenix gets up and notices the action in the ring as the fans cheer at the top of their lungs. He climbs onto the apron while Cashe stomps on Kojima while he’s down. Cashe then stomps on the fingers of Kojima’s left hand. Kojima yells in pain as a smile comes to Cashe’s face. Cashe then stomps on the fingers of Kojima’s right hand. Kojima rolls over to his back, holding his hands together in tremendous pain. Cashe then jumps into the air and comes down with a head to head headbutt, connecting with Kojima right between the eyes. As Cashe gets to his feet, he sees Phoenix on the apron and talks a little trash as the two stare one another down.

VASSA: ”Cashe is in the building folks and he’s let Kojima know personally!”
JOHNSON: ”The crowd is loving every moment of this interaction! Now Phoenix is running his mouth to Cashe. This may be Cashe’s only chance to get his hands on Phoenix.”
VASSA: ”There will be plenty of times to do that, just maybe not with a title on the line.”
Cashe throws up a middle finger to Phoenix and turns his attention back to Kojima. Cashe then stomps on Kojima’s ankles a few times and then directs the assault to the family jewels. Stomp after stomp, Kojima yells in pain as it brings joy to Cashe’s face. The ref then moves in and pushes Cashe back for the illegal move. Cashe then side steps the ref and runs at Kojima, stomping on his knee with momentum behind him. Cashe then picks Kojima up to his feet and attempts to lift him with a suplex. Kojima hooks his leg, holding himself to the ground. Kojima then punches Cashe in the ribs and lifts him up into the air with a suplex of his own. Just before coming down, Cashe manages to break loose from the hold and slips out, falling to his feet behind Kojima. Noticing the opportunity, Cashe goes for the back to back cutter…

VASSA: ”Hold up…”
As Cashe goes to hit the cutter, Kojima somehow breaks free just as Cashe pulls forward to bring him down. Cashe’s grip lets loose and he goes forward a few steps towards the corner with Roxi. Kojima quickly approaches the corner with Phoenix and extends his hand out for the tag.

VASSA: ”Phoenix… Cashe… FIGHT!!!”
Phoenix doesn’t reach inside of the ring to make the tag but just looks at Kojima with disappointment on his face. Kojima steps closer, still extending his hand for the tag. Meanwhile, Cashe tags Roxi in and the fans jump to their seats. Across the ring, Kojima reaches one last time for Phoenix but comes up short. Phoenix drops down from the apron to the floor and walks over to the announcers booth…

JOHNSON: ”Jason Phoenix wouldn’t tag Kojima! What is going on here?”
VASSA: ”I could only guess that he’s a little upset from that kick Kojima delivered when Cashe made his big entrance.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s coming this way…”
Phoenix snatches the South-West Heavyweight championship from the announcers booth and walks around the ring, towards the entrance ramp. Kojima continues to look at him in confusion. Cashe takes notice and begins laughing and pointing as he notices Phoenix walking away. As Phoenix walks up the entrance ramp, Roxi stands behind Kojima, waiting for him to turn around. Just as he does, Roxi jumps onto the middle rope with one foot. She bounces off and spins around with a hard kick to the side of Kojima’s head…

VASSA: ”Down goes Kojima!”
Kojima spins around and falls to the mat, face first. The crowd pops with cheers as Cashe claps on the outside of the ring. Phoenix makes it to the top of the ramp and stops in his tracks. He looks back only to shake his head before turning towards the back and walking away. In the ring, Roxi pushes Kojima to his back with one foot and then drops over him for the pin…
Just as the refs hand slaps the canvas for the three count, Cashe enters the ring with a huge grin on his face. He walks over to congratulate Roxi as the ref raises both of their hands in the air and “Help is on the Way” hits the speakers…

POWERS: ”Your winners by pinfall… JASON CASHE and ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
VASSA: ”Roxi did it! She beat Kojima! She beat the number one contender for the South-West Heavyweight championship!”
JOHNSON: ”After almost upsetting the champ last week and beating the number one contender tonight, Roxi has definitely earned the right to have her name in the South-West Heavyweight mix! What’s going to happen next week?”
As the ref raises their hands, Roxi jerks her hand away from Cashe and shakes her head at him. The two have a little exchange of words before Roxi leaves the ring with an angry look on her face.

JOHNSON: ”What just happened now?”
VASSA: ”I think Roxi may be a little upset with Cashe and his fashionably late appearance tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”She has every right to be! Roxi handled herself fairly well against the team of Kojima and Phoenix tonight but things could have went in a different direction if those two actually worked together…”
VASSA: ”There she goes, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens between these two. I think Cashe just managed to get on her bad side.”
JOHNSON: ”What the heck is he doing now?”
Cashe exits the ring and walks towards the announcers booth. He grabs an empty steel chair, folds it up and tosses it beside the ring. Cashe then rolls underneath the bottom rope and enters the ring. He slowly walks to Kojima who is still out and barely coming to. Cashe stands over him and bends over, shouting in his face. Suddenly, Cashe draws back and slaps Kojima across the side of the face, sending a sound throughout the theatre cutting through the cheers of the crowd. Cashe then grabs him by the back of the head and forces him to his feet. Cashe hooks Kojima in a headlock and walks with him towards the ropes where the chair is lying on the outside of the ring. To add a little more insult, Cashe gives Kojima a noogie before kneeing him in the stomach.

VASSA: ”Kojima has been talking about how he wanted a piece of Cashe… well, now’s his chance!”
JOHNSON: ”Are we about to witness something similar to what happened to Athena last week?”
VASSA: ”Cashe has been on the warpath and Perry denying him a rematch for the championship only makes things worse.”
Cashe lifts Kojima into the air and drops him on the top rope, stomach first. As Kojima hangs there, Cashe slaps him in the back of the head and then exits the ring and stands on the apron. He then grabs Kojima by the back of the head and pulls him to his feet. With both on the apron, Cashe looks over the crowd as chanting begins to come over the crowd.
“JA-SON CASHE *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap…* JA-SON CASHE *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap…*”

JOHNSON: ”The fans are loving every bit of this…”
JOHNSON: ”What is Cashe going to do?”
VASSA: ”Let’s just sit back and see for ourselves…”
Cashe punches Kojima a few times and then knees him in the stomach. Cashe then pulls Kojima’s head between his legs and looks over the crowd before making his next move…

VASSA: ”Uh oh…”
Cashe then lifts Kojima up in an upside down position. Holding him in the air, Cashe takes little steps and turns his body to face the crowd. With the chair below, Cashe hops down from the apron with Kojima still in his grasps. Cashe drives Kojima’s head into the steel chair on the floor outside of the ring with a piledriver from the apron.

Kojima’s body falls to the side, limp. Cashe then slowly gets up, a little hurt from the high impact move. He stands over Kojima who lies there, motionless. Cashe then spits on him and says a few choice words before turning his back and walking up the entrance ramp towards the back. Kojima continues to lie there, limp and motionless.

JOHNSON: ”That was crazy! Cashe could have killed him. SOMEONE PLEASE GET MEDICAL STAFF TO RINGSIDE!!!”
VASSA: ”This isn’t the first time Cashe has injured Kojima… but it may be the last.”
JOHNSON: ”Folks, we’re going to cut backstage while medical staff comes out and checks on Kojima. Our thoughts are with him…”
Kojima still lies there without making a single movement, still in the awkward position he landed in. As medical staff rush down to ringside, the scene cuts backstage…



JOHNSON: ”We’re back ladies and gents with our second co-headline match of the night.”
VASSA: ”Kojima has been carted off after the brutal attack by the hands of Jason Cashe. That was a scary moment.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll know later in the night, or possibly tomorrow on the condition of Masahiro Kojima. By the looks of that fall and impact onto the chair, it could be very serious.”
VASSA: ”There is a time and place for everything and what Cashe just did was in the wrong place by far. That type of action should be showcased in these Extreme Television championship bouts.”
JOHNSON: ”If that piledriver off of the apron wasn’t scary enough for you then this next match should do the trick.”
VASSA: ”These Extreme Television championship matches are where this mayhem belongs and at times it can be too much for weak stomach individuals to endure.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m getting word that The Red Pioneer and “Young” Mannie are both in the back parking lot and ready to get this underway.”
VASSA: ”No big entrances?”
JOHNSON: ”They’re in a parking lot, Vinny. Use that big head of yours.”
VASSA: ”Whatever STEVE!!!”

The scene cuts backstage to the parking lot where Pioneer and Mannie stands across from each other. Christopher Salieri is the official and takes the championship from Pioneer. He puts it on display as the camera zooms in for a close up.

JOHNSON: ”Christopher Salieri will be our official for this championship match.”
VASSA: ”Look at all the clean, shiny cars in the parking lot. I hope the owners have insurance!”
The ref places the championship on the hood of a car where we have a camera crew in place. He then walks to the middle of the parking lot and looks to each wrestler for a nod. Once ready, Pioneer and Mannie walk up to each other as Salieri stands in between them, waiting to give the signal.
“LET’S GO!!!”
Salieri yells for the match to begin before quickly back stepping out of harms way. Mannie makes the first move and attacks with back to back palm strikes, connecting with Pioneer’s chest. Mannie then punches Pioneer in the face with a hard right and grabs him by the head. Mannie runs with Pioneer and throws him into the side of a car, slamming into the door and shattering the glass.

VASSA: ”And there’s the sound of the bell folks!”
Mannie doesn’t let up and delivers a couple of knees to Pioneer who’s leaning against the car. Mannie then picks him up and walks to the front of the car before scoop slamming Pioneer onto the hood of the car. Mannie then climbs onto the hood and just as he stands tall, Pioneer grabs him by the legs and stands up, lifting Mannie into the air as well. Mannie punches Pioneer in the head a few times while in the air before getting slammed onto the windshield with a spinebuster.

JOHNSON: ”This match is just getting started and they’ve already destroyed that car.”
JOHNSON: ”Like I said, I hope these car owners have insurance.”
Pioneer mounts himself on top of Mannie and begins to attack with lefts and rights. Mannie tries to block them as best as he can but can only manage to block one for every two landed. Pioneer then pulls back for a haymaker but Mannie reaches up and grabs him by the head. Mannie slams his head forward while pulling Pioneer’s down and connects with a hard headbutt to the forehead. He stuns Pioneer and then pushes him to the side, off of him. Pioneer falls onto the hood of the car and then rolls off to the hard asphalt below. Mannie slowly gets up as pieces of glass stick to his back and a few cuts are visible. Mannie stands over Pioneer looking down on him while he brushes the glass off of his legs. Pioneer begins to get up only to get knocked back down as Mannie comes down on him with a powerful double axe-handle.

JOHNSON: ”Mannie’s back is becoming covered with blood.”
VASSA: ”It’s just a little glass. These guys are warriors!”
Mannie grabs Pioneer by the back of the mask and pulls him to his feet. He drags him across the parking lot towards a fresh car and takes a few quick steps towards it. Mannie goes to throw Pioneer into the side of the car only to get stopped in his tracks. Pioneer plants his feet and then elbows Mannie in the stomach. He then pops up and attacks Mannie with a series of knife-edge chops. Pioneer then grabs Mannies arm with his left hand and pulls him in close, knocking him to his back with a short arm clothesline. Pioneer then stomps on Mannie while he’s down and delivers a few gut kicks with force. Pioneer then goes to stomp on Mannie’s head but misses as Mannie rolls over at the last second. Pioneer then goes to stomp his head again but misses as Mannie rolls over once more. Pioneer then raises his leg to stomp on Mannie’s head once more but misses when he comes down as Mannie rolls out of the way again. This time, Mannie rolls against the front tire of the car and has nowhere to go. Pioneer then plants his hands on the fender of the car and kicks Mannie in the side a few more times while he’s down. Pioneer then pulls Mannie to his feet and lifts him in the air in the vertical position. Pioneer drops Mannie across the hood of the car with a suplex as they both fall back first onto the metal.

VASSA: ”There goes the resale value of yet another perfectly fine car!”
JOHNSON: ”This hasn’t been much of a wrestling match but more of a street fight.”
VASSA: ”What do you expect? These guys are in a parking lot. They’re not inside of a ring, confined by the ropes.”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be one brutal match…”
Pioneer is the first to get up and stands over Mannie on top of the hood. He kicks Mannie in the side a few times, flipping him over to his stomach on the hood. Pioneer then pushes him to the edge of the good, leaving plenty of room behind him. Pioneer then hooks his legs in with Mannie’s and then swings down with both hands, hitting Mannie in the sides. Pioneer grabs both of Mannie’s wrists and pulls them back. He rocks back and forth a few times before rolling to his back, lifting Mannie into the air with a surfboard stretch in the center of the hood. Pioneer holds Mannie in the air for a while as Mannie fights the pain, refusing to give up. The ref moves in to get close to Mannie’s face and check on his condition and if he wants to submit. Mannie shakes his head back and forth, yelling as he fights the hold. Realizing that Mannie isn’t going to submit, Pioneer launches Mannie into the air with his legs. He holds on to Mannie’s wrists, forcing Mannie to flip over in mid air. Pioneer then releases Mannie’s wrists, sending Mannie flying over the side of the car and crashing into the hard asphalt.

VASSA: ”DAMN!!! Did you see that?!?!”
JOHNSON: ”Of course I did, Vinny! I’m looking at the same monitor as you. I pay attention to every little detail of every match while you’re too busy getting lost in the crowd looking for the next girl with the biggest rack.”
Mannie rolls across the hard asphalt as Pioneer lies on the car hood. Pioneer then starts to get to his feet as Mannie shakes his head, coming to his senses. Pioneer stalks Mannie as he slowly begins to get up, waiting for the perfect time to make his move. Just as Mannie stands up, Pioneer leaps in the air towards Mannie. He lands on Mannie’s shoulders, wrapping his legs around Mannie’s head. As Pioneer leans back to flip him over with a hurricanrana, Mannie takes a few steps forward while wrapping his arms around Pioneer. As they approach the car, Mannie throws Pioneer to the hood and slams him with a devastating powerbomb that shatters the windshield of the car.
Mannie then stands up and begins punching Pioneer in the face as his legs drape to each side of his. Mannie punches left, right, left and then winds up to deliver a huge right hand. After connecting, Mannie wraps his arms around Pioneer’s legs and pulls him off of the hood of the car, dropping him to the hard ground below.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know where Mannie found that burst of energy to counter that hurricanrana but I’m impressed!”
VASSA: ”Even though Pioneer came up short, I’m still thrilled by his use of the environment, replacing ropes from a ring with cars in a parking lot. This guy uses his surroundings to his advantage to still use his high flying technique.”
Mannie stands over Pioneer and begins to yell at him, talking trash. He then drops down and goes for the cover as the ref shortly follows with the count…

VASSA: ”All Mannie needed was another second and he could have finished it.”
JOHNSON: ”If he would have went for the pin instead of opening his mouth we could be looking at a new Extreme Television champion right now.”
VASSA: ”And if my aunt had a penis then she’d be my uncle!”
JOHNSON: ”What is wrong with you?”
Mannie pushes himself up but before climbing to his feet, he drives his fist into Pioneer’s face one more time. As Pioneer head turns, Mannie’s first rolls off of his face and collides with the hard asphalt. Mannie yells in pain and quickly stands to his feet, trying to shake the pain off. As Mannie paces back and forth, Pioneer slowly comes to and grabs a handful of glass and pops up, throwing it in Mannie’s face. Mannie turns his head as the glass slightly cuts his skin .Pioneer then rushes him and tackles him onto the hard ground. Pioneer gets a few punches in before Mannie rolls him over and gets in a few punches of his own. Pioneer then rolls Mannie over and mounts him, punching in the process, not stopping for anything.

JOHNSON: ”Oh my…”
From behind, Jacinta Perez runs into the scene and slams a small trash can over Pioneer’s head. The trash can falls to the ground, empty with nothing inside. Pioneer then headbutts Mannie, stunning him, before standing up and turning his attention to Jacinta.

JOHNSON: ”Was that a plastic trash can?”
VASSA: ”Indeed it was, Steve. Jacinta has just walked into the middle of a throw down and hit the champ with a plastic trash can. That’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight.”
Pioneer walks towards Jacinta, backing her towards a car. Just as she feels the cold steel press against her thigh underneath her short skirt, her eyes widen as she realizes she’s backed herself into a corner. Pioneer stands in front of her, intimidating by his appearance. As Pioneer goes to make his move, Mannie hits him from behind with a lariat to the back. Jacinta quickly moves out of the way as Pioneer slams into the car. Mannie quickly moves in and wraps his arms around Pioneer from behind. Mannie lifts Pioneer into the air and drives him into the asphalt with a German suplex.

VASSA: ”Jacinta was saved at the last moment there. Pioneer could have really hurt her…”
JOHNSON: ”This is the extreme division, anything and everything is legal. Sticking her nose in this match is the worse thing that she could have done.”
Mannie checks on Jacinta who’s frightened. Out of nowhere, Kandi comes into the scene and grabs a handful of hair. Kandi slams Jacinta on the hood of the car and then begins slapping her. Mannie tries to pull Kandi off but catches an open palm to the cheek as Kandi turns and slaps him. Jacinta then pushes herself up and the two ladies begin to scrap as Mannie looks on…

Mannie goes to break the fight up only to get stopped as Pioneer spins him around and clocks him with a right hook. Mannie stumbles into the side of the car but bounces back and connects with a right of his own. Mannie swings with another punch but misses as Pioneer ducks and punches him below the belt. Mannie lets out a moan of pain. Pioneer then lifts Mannie up and holds him to his side for a moment before dropping him with a pendulum backbreaker.

JOHNSON: ”I knew this would be a fight between these two but I had no clue that we would get a double header and witness Kandi and Jacinta going at it, side by side with their men.”
VASSA: ”Kandi’s man? Seriously?!?”
JOHNSON: ”Let me guess… her man should be you?”
VASSA: ”You said it, not me!”
As the two ladies continue to scrap, security rushes onto the scene and breaks them apart. One security member pulls Jacinta away, the other Kandi. The two ladies continue to throw punches and slaps but miss as security pulls them further and further apart. As Kandi screams, Pioneer takes notice and eyes the security member pulling her away. Pioneer moves in closer and grabs him by the arm, looking him in the eye.
A rock hits Pioneer in the back of the head. Just as he turns around, Mannie flips across the parking lot with a handspring. Pushing himself into the air, Mannie flies and lands on Pioneer’s shoulders, spinning to the back of his head and taking him down with a reverse frankensteiner.

JOHNSON: ”Handspring reverse Frankensteiner!”
Pioneer rolls across the parking lot. Meanwhile, security manages to get Jacinta and Kandi away from scene. Mannie quickly moves in on Pioneer and climbs on top of him, attacking with stiff strikes. Mannie strikes Pioneer with a hard chop to the neck, followed by a knee to the side. He then elbows Pioneer in the ear and pulls back to deliver a thrashing headbutt, knocking Pioneer’s head back into the asphalt. Mannie then goes for the cover as the ref drops down for the count.

Mannie looks up at the ref in anger from the count. He then stands up with Pioneer between his legs. Mannie then bends over and punches Pioneer a few times in the head. Suddenly, Pioneer kicks Mannie’s right leg out from under him and Mannie falls to one knee. Pioneer then draws his legs back and kicks them forward, driving his feet into Mannie’s chest. Mannie flies backwards and slams into the asphalt, back first. Pioneer hops to his feet and quickly moves in. Mannie rolls over and climbs to his feet only to get met with a running enziguri from Pioneer. Mannie falls to the ground, face first to the asphalt. Pioneer then rolls him over and covers for the pin…

Pioneer pushes himself up, not wasting any time. He grabs Mannie by the back of the head and pulls him up as well. Pioneer then attempts to lift Mannie into the air but catches an elbow to the stomach. Mannie then pushes Pioneer back a few steps before spitting a mouthful of blood to the asphalt. He then wipes the corner of his mouth with his arm as the two lock eyes. Pioneer makes the first move and attacks with a series of shin kicks, backing Mannie up towards another car. Mannie then jumps into the air, avoiding another kick as Pioneer foot sweeps underneath him. Mannie then slaps his hands together, crushing Pioneer’s ears as they collide with his head. Mannie then grabs Pioneer by the head and pulls him closer before running and throwing Pioneer head first through the window of the nearby cars door.

JOHNSON: ”I bet his ears are ringing after that.”
Mannie pulls Pioneer’s head away from the inside of the car. A bottom piece of the mask gets caught on a piece of glass sticking up from the car. Mannie give’s Pioneer a good tug and pulls him from the car, ripping the bottom left cheek portion of his mask off in the process.

VASSA: ”This is bringing back some memories…”
JOHNSON: ”What do you mean?”
VASSA: ”The first time these two met, Mannie tried to remove the mask and reveal who the man is underneath.”
JOHNSON: ”He came up short then. Will be do it tonight?”
The camera zooms in on Pioneer’s bottom left part of his face, revealing a large cut and blood trickling down to his chin.

VASSA: ”Blood for blood! Pioneer made Mannie bleed earlier, not he’s just returning the favor!”
Mannie grabs a handful of the shreds of mask hanging from the bottom, before he can even attempt to rip it even more, Pioneer spits in his eye and then lunges his head forward, popping Mannie in the throat. Mannie falls back a few steps as Pioneer runs at him full speed. Mannie ducks and Pioneer rolls over him and comes to his feet standing behind Mannie. He then locks a sleeper hold on Mannie and cranks down the pressure. Mannie fights to break free but comes up short as Pioneer continues to apply the pressure. Out of nowhere, Mannie bends over, lifting Pioneer’s feet from the ground. Mannie slowly walks towards the car as Pioneer continues to crank down with the sleeper hold. As they approach the car, Mannie reaches behind him over his head and grabs a hold of Pioneer. He then jerks forward, flipping Pioneer up and over his shoulder and onto the car hood back first. Mannie then gouges Pioneer’s eye and pulls him closer, pulling his head over the edge of the hood. Mannie then drops a powerful elbow across Pioneer’s throat, knocking his head back and into the grille of the car.

JOHNSON: ”These guys are going to beat each other into a bloody mess before this match is over with.”
VASSA: ”Isn’t that the point of the Extreme Television division? These men are gladiators!”
Mannie then reaches down at Pioneer only to get surprised as Pioneer rolls his body back and kicks him right between the eyes. Mannie stumbles back a few steps as Pioneer rolls over and forces himself up. Mannie looks to his left and notices a parking sign standing close by. As Mannie turns his attention towards it, Pioneer jumps down from the hood and rushes in. Pioneer tackles Mannie back first into the parking sign, knocking it over. The two scrap on the ground for a moment before Mannie rolls on top of Pioneer and begins to beat him with hard punches to the head and body. Mannie then climbs off of Pioneer and kicks him in the face one more time before walking away to grab the parking sign. As Mannie picks it up, Pioneer climbs to his feet and notices. Mannie then begins swinging furiously as Pioneer jumps back with each swing, barely dodging each blow. Looking for a weapon, Pioneer scans the parking lot. Mannie swings for the fences at Pioneer’s head but comes up short as Pioneer rolls underneath and darts for the camera crew.

JOHNSON: ”You just had to mention the word gladiator, didn’t you? Now Mannie is trying to kill The Red Pioneer.”
VASSA: ”Anything goes and I can promise you that Pioneer wouldn’t expect anything less in this situation.”
Pioneer grabs a steel chair that the camera crew is using and folds it up. Mannie swings at him with the parking sign but Pioneer holds the chair up and blocks the blow. He then kicks Mannie in the stomach, forcing Mannie to drop the pole. Pioneer then swings up and over at Mannie…

JOHNSON: ”Did he just do that?”
Mannie catches the chair in his hands, avoiding the head blow from it. He then jerks it out of Pioneers hand. Pioneer then backs up as Mannie takes a swing at him. Pioneer ducks and side steps Mannie. He then grabs another chair being used by the camera crew and folds it up. Just then, Mannie swings at him but Pioneer holds the chair up and blocks the blow. The two then draw back and swing at one another with all of their might, connecting with each others heads at the same time.

After connecting with the simultaneous chair shots, both drop their chairs to the ground and stumble for a slight moment. Both fall to their backs, side by side with an arm draping over the other, Mannie’s barely visible.

JOHNSON: ”They’re both out and covered for the pin.”
The ref drops down to count, taking notice to Pioneer’s arm draped over Mannie’s chest.

VASSA: ”Three? Who the hell just won?”
JOHNSON: ”I have no clue but we could have a new Extreme Television champion.”
The ref grabs Pioneer’s hand and raises it in the air, knocking Mannie’s to the ground before even noticing he had the cover as well.

VASSA: ”The Red Pioneer retains!”
JOHNSON: ”How is that even possible? They both had each other covered for the pin.”
VASSA: ”I guess the ref only noticed Pioneer’s arm over Mannie. The lighting out there is terrible.”
JOHNSON: ”Well this surely is a controversial win for The Red Pioneer. How could this happen?”
VASSA: ”The ref only saw one arm covering the other. Both of their shoulders were on the pavement. Pioneer was lucky in this situation.”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be reviewed…”
VASSA: ”Reviewed? This isn’t the NFL! The ref has already declared Pioneer the winner. He can’t go back on that, not now!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right, Vinny. I can only think that this will be looked at by Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison and possibly a rematch set for Ante Up in Vegas.”
VASSA: ”I guess we’ll just have to wait two weeks to find out what the verdict is.”
JOHNSON: ”Someone get back there and clean these two up, check them over for serious bodily injury. We’ll be right back folks after this short break…”

Beauty and the Beast (Christian Taylor & Mike Smith)
Sweet Annihilation (Drake Knight & Ice)

JOHNSON: ”Well Vinny it all comes down to this. Weeks of fighting tooth and nail have paid off for two teams who have the opportunity of a lifetime.”
VASSA: ”Beauty and the Beast versus Sweet Annihilation! For the straps…”
JOHNSON: ”One team will be walking out tonight as the first ever 4CW Tag Team Champions…”
VASSA: ”I know it feels like i’ve been pulling for Taylor and Smith throughout the entire tournament but…”
JOHNSON: ”But what? You’ve been their biggest cheerleader the entire time…Even bigger than Crystal Taylor!”
VASSA: ”Don’t be ridiculous Steve. At least I don’t mark out every time Pat Gordon Junior staggers his beaten ass to the ring! You’re like a child.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m like a child? You’re the one who thinks it’s still edgy to route for the bad guys!”
The feed cuts away from the bickering announce team to Mike Powers in the DJ booth.

POWERS: ”The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! Introducing first, at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty-two pounds…Drake Knight…Ice…SWEET ANNIHILATION!”
Sweet Victory’ by Van Halen hits the p.a. system as the fans raise to their feet booing and chants of “whore” begin to fill the arena. When pink and purple lights start to flash through the crowd, the velvet entrance curtains wiggle open as smoke starts to blow out from the top of the ramp as Kandi Washington appears from behind the curtains. She struts up to the top as she stands just within the smoke as she places her hands on her hips. She stares to both sides of the crowd as the smoke dies down and she’s joined by her entourage Drake Knight and Ice. Kandi is dressed in a pair of silver boy shorts, light blue backless halter top, and knee-high blocked heel boots. She has her hair pulled back in a tightly-pulled ponytail. She starts to strut down the ramp as she’s smirking at the booing crowd while Drake Knight and Ice follows behind her. She makes her way to the bottom of the ramp way and turns to her left as she proceeds to the stairs. She struts up the three steel steps as she makes her way alongside the ring apron. She pauses in the middle on the outside apron, staring back at the fans as Drake Knight and Ice stand on both sides of the entrance ramp, at the bottom just gawking at the crowd. She turns back to the ropes and lowers herself under the second rope and steps over the first rope. She stands back up and struts to the middle of the ring, raising her arms above her head as she evilly smirks at the booing crowd as she walks across the ring to the corner. She turns around in the corner and leans against the turnbuckle as she lifts her foot up on the bottom turnbuckle pad. Her theme starts to fade, the lights die down, and her video fades from the screen to blackness. All that can be heard now are the fans boos.

JOHNSON: ”And of course, Kandi Washington soaking in all of the attention. Someone needs to inform her that Drake and Ice have earned this title match. Not her.”
VASSA: ”I’m sorry, what did you say? I was busy admiring Kandi Washington…”
“Bad Guy” by Eminem hits the speakers and a booing crowd stand to their feet as they start chanting, “go away.”

POWERS: ”And introducing the opponents, representing Power Trip and being accompanied to the ring by Crystal Taylor at a combined weight of five hundred and forty-three pounds, they are the team of Mike Smith and Christian Taylor… BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!”
Mike Smith walks out from the back with Crystal Taylor at his side. She turns toward him and starts clapping as he perches his hands on his waist, staring at the booing crowd. Christian Taylor jogs out from the back and he hops on Mike Smith’s back with his legs fastening around his midsection. He raises his right fist to the ceiling and shouts, “we the bomb, bitches!” Remaining on Mike Smith’s back, Mike showing his true strength as he continues to walk normally down the ramp with Crystal beside him. They pass the fans as Christian pretends to want to backhand the booing fans. Once they make it to the bottom of the ramp, Christian hops off Mike’s back onto the apron and climbs up to the second rope, kneeling his knee on the top turnbuckle, looking through the audience. Mike pulls himself up on the apron and steps over the second rope. He walks to the middle of the ring as Crystal hustles up the steel stairs and dips down under the second rope as Christian backflips off the turnbuckle. He stands on the bottom rope and leans over the rope, blowing a kiss to the booing fans as Crystal smirks at her husband while standing beside Mike Smith in the middle of the ring.

VASSA: ”Kandi doesn’t look too impressed by Christian Taylor, Mike Smith, or Crystal Taylor!”
JOHNSON: ”She doesn’t need to be. She’s not apart of this match…Instead of focusing on the eye candy at ringside why don’t you focus on the two undefeated tag teams in the squared circle that are on the verge of an epic clash!”
VASSA: ”You suck all the fun out of things Stevie. I don’t even want to think of how the losing team is going to feel, knowing that their only defeat came in the biggest spot…”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah but which team will it be?”
VASSA: ”God I don’t even want to think about it…”
Both teams discuss some last minute game plans leading to Ice and Christian Taylor starting off the match. Both teams powerhouses take their places on the ring apron and grab a hold of the tag rope as the ref signals to the time keeper to officially start the match.
Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!
Ice and Taylor meet in the center of the ring and circle one another. They lock up with a collar and elbow tie up and jockey for position. The struggle is brief as Ice displays her own power by shoving Christian back onto his ass! Christian looks up at the Russian Blizzard in a state of complete shock. He tentatively pulls himself to his feet and moves towards his corner. Ice cuts off the lane, standing between Christian and his tag partner. Christian desperately pleads with Ice as she closes the gap between herself and the Sexpod. He drops down to his knees and begins begging. Once within an arms reach, Christian sends an uppercut between Ice’s legs, nailing a blatant low blow. Ice looks down at Christian and shakes her head with a devilish gring

VASSA: ”She’s a lady you idiot. There’s nothing dangling between her legs for you to hit!”
JOHNSON: ”Thank’s for the lesson in human anatomy Vinny.”
Ice reaches down and grabs Christian with two hands around his throat. She lifts him up clean off the mat before dropping him Taylor down with a two handed choke bomb she calls the Ice bomb! Christian thrashes around the mat, rolling under the ropes to get out of harms way. Ice moves towards Christian but puts on the brakes as she sense Mike Smith charging her way. Smith throws up his massive foot, looking for a running big boot. Ice ducks underneath the ill timed attempt and powerslams the big man as he turns towards her! Ice reverts her attention back towards Christian Taylor who has climbed the turnbuckle during the momentary distraction. Ice rushes the corner and grabs ahold of Taylor before he could amount any offense. She pulls him from the corner and lifts him clear above her head and lets him drop to the canvass with a gorilla press slam.
Ice grabs Taylor by his wrist and drags him towards her corner, making the tag to Drake Knight. The two of them lifts Christian up to his feet and both send him to the ropes with an irish whip. On the return they lower their heads and toss him up and over with a double elevated back body drop! Ice climbs out of the ring, taking Drake’s place on the apron. Drake stands over Christian as he claws his way towards his partners outstretched hand. Drake drops down across Christians back to a seated position. He stands up and rolls Christian over onto his back. Drake steps onto Taylor’s midsection and puts all his weight down before stepping over. Taylor gasps for air before being lifted like a rag doll. Drake drapes his opponent over his shoulder before flattening him out with a running powerslam! Drake places two hands on Taylors chest and demands the referee to count.
Smith climbed into the ring and bull rushed Drake Knight, knocking him clean off Christian Taylor to break up the pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”Frustration levels are already high for Mike Smith as Christian Taylor is getting bullied around in this match.”
VASSA: ”They’re singling out the smaller of the two opponents and already made one quick tag. It’s like they know what they’re doing in the ring!”
The referee struggles to get Mike Smith back into his corner. While his hands are full, Ice climbs into the ring and joins her partner, each grabbing a leg of Christian Taylor. They drag him towards their corner before pulling his legs apart like a wishbone! Ice scampers out of the ring as Taylors high pitched scream drew the attention of the referee. Smith steps back onto the apron and Drake tags in his partner. Ice climbs into the ring as Drake lifts Taylor to his feet. Drake shoves Taylors head between Ice’s legs. She reaches down and wraps her arms around Taylor’s waist. With aide from her partner, Ice lifts Taylor up and power bombs him back down to the canvass. Ice folds Taylor up and tries for another pinfall attempt.
Crystal Taylor rushed over near the pin attempt and pulled Ice by her feet enough to get her off of Christian. Ice sits up and looks outside the ring as Crystal turns her back and faces the fans. She looks down at her nails, pretending to be oblivious to the action in the ring. Ice leans through the ropes after getting to her feet and grabs Crystal by her hair. The referee tries to separate the women, eventually becoming successful. As he helps Crystal back down to the ringside area, Mike Smith charges Ice and clobbers her with a double axe handle to her upper back. Ice drops down to her knees and falls forward, leaning against the middle rope.

VASSA: ”Ice had no right putting her hands on Crystal Taylor…”
JOHNSON: ”Crystal instigated the confrontation, she pulled Ice off of Christian. And right now Kandi Washington is giving the ref an earful about the whole scenario!”
Christian stumbles to his feet and sees Ice in a vulnerable position. He looks over at Smith who’s stepped back out onto the ring apron. Christian charges Ice and and tries to jump down onto her back. Ice moves last minute, causing Christian to slide through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Ice rolls under the ring ropes and joins her opponent on the outside. Christian charges her but she lifts him into the air and drops him face first across the ring apron with a flapjack! Christian holds his hand up to his mouth and begins to spit out some blood. Ice comes up from behind him and rolls Christian back into the ring. Christian climbs to his feet and stands dazed in the middle of the ring. Ice charges him and crushes him with a running body avalanche! Christian crumbles to the canvass. Ice once again smothers her opponent looking for a pinfall.
Taylor kicks out on his own accord, shooting his shoulder off of the mat just as the ref was about to reach three.

JOHNSON: ”Taylor finds a way to kick out! There might not be much fight left in this kid. He needs to tag his partner in first chance he gets.”
VASSA: ”Apparently he doesn’t think so. He passed up on that opportunity before falling to the outside of the ring…”
Ice drags Christian to her teams corner and lifts him up, sitting him on the top turnbuckle. She tags Drake in as she climbs up to the second rope. She wraps Christians arm behind her while grabbing ahold of his tights. Drake steps under Ice, allowing her to sit on his shoulders as the two combine for a stacked superplex! Christian bounces off of the canvass like a basketball from the added force. Drake stands to the side of Christian, reaches down and grabs him by his throat. He lifts Christian up to his feet and smiles before placing his free hand on his back. Drake lifts Christian up and slams him down with his chokeslam from hell that he calls the Knight Shade! Drake hooks Christians leg for the cover while the ref slides into position to make the count.
Mike Smith once again breaks up the pin attempt, this time leading to a full out brawl between the two big men.

VASSA: ”You knew the way this match was going it was only a matter of time.”
JOHNSON: ”Smith and Knight are exchanging right hands, neither giving up an inch!”
The big men take their fight to the outside of the ring with Drake Knight finally gaining the advantage. Drake Knight clubs Mike Smith on the back, each blow knocking him further and further to the floor. Drake steps back and lets Smith try to rise up. Once he makes it to his feet, Knight charges and delivers a stiff big boot that nearly decapitates Beauty and the Beasts enforcer! Knight looks at his partner before sliding into the ring. Ice climbs in and both stand against opposite sides of the rings with their backs to the ropes. Dead center, Christian climbs up to his feet and before he could notice the trouble coming his way, Ice and Drake charge, each landing a big boot on opposite sides of his head! Christian falls to canvass like a sack of potatoes. Drake places his boot on Christian’s sternum and the ref begins counting.
Ding! Ding! Ding!

VASSA: ”Yeah you would enjoy screaming that you perv!”
Kandi Washington climbs into the ring to celebrate the big win with her tag team Sweet Annihilation as the referee grabs the freshly minted tag team championships from the time keeper.

VASSA: ”That’s what it’s all about. The first ever tag team champions, Sweet Annihilation.”
JOHNSON: ”What a tremendous accomplishment for Ice and Drake Knight!”
VASSA: ”And don’t forget Kandi Washington!”
”Sweet Victory” by Van Halen blasts through the PA system as Mike Powers makes the official announcement.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners…and NEW 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…Ice…Drake Knight…SWEET ANNIHILATION!”
As the newly crowned tag team champions are celebrating their victory when the instrumental song “Rock the House” comes over the speakers. Tidus Howe comes walking from the back with a micro phone and some papers in his hand. He stands on the stage for a moment clapping his hands in support of the new champions. He stops clapping and begins to speak.

HOWE: ”I have here two newly signed contracts to represent The House. I have signed champions to The House. No, it’s not the two standing in the ring right now. No, the tag team I have signed is the best tag team to be brought into 4-C-W. The tag team I have signed have been through hell. The tag team I am bringing here to win the titles and bring them to the house is none other then NEW GEN RISING, Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood.”
Two men in suits come out from behind the curtain. These two have been seen before in the video that played last show. They shake Howe’s hand and they chat for a second before turning their attention to the new champs

HOWE: ”They will bring a new era to the tag team division. Nothing like 4-C-W has seen before. These boys are top contenders. You better strap up those boots nice and tight because NEW GEN RISING is here to take those titles from you and show 4-C-W what tag team competition is all about.”
New Gen Rising starts talking trash to the champs inside the ring. Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage start walking toward the ring as they pull off their jackets and ties looking for a fight. Just as the reach the outside of the ring security jumps in and stops New Gen Rising from getting in the ring. The newly signed team pick up their jackets and walk toward where Howe is standing.

HOWE: ”Now there will be plenty of time for that guys. For now let us leave the title holders enjoy their win because soon enough those titles will belong to The House!”
Howe drops the mic as the three stare at the newly crownded champs in the ring. The scene slowly fades out…