JUNE 23RD, 2014

The scene opens over the sold out Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah. At ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the announcers booth with an energetic crowd surrounding them.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome folks to another 4CW Monday Night Adrenaline! We’re live from the Capitol Theatre here in Salt Lake City! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”… and I’m Vinny Vassa! Welcome to Adrenaline!”
JOHNSON: ”We have an action packed night ahead of us ladies and gentlemen! We’re just one event away from the big one, Ante Up in Las Vegas, July thirteenth!”
VASSA: ”That we do! But before we get into the lineup for tonight, let’s take a look back at Adrenaline two weeks ago. It was one hell of a night and a lot went down in the timeframe of our shows.”
JOHNSON: ”First thing is first, Masahiro Kojima was seriously injured two weeks ago but is making a recovery. He suffered a neck injury by the hands of former South-West Heavyweight champion, Jason Cashe!”
VASSA: ”I’ve seen a ton of piledrivers in my days of commentary but I have never seen one as brutal as the one Kojima received from Cashe off of the ring apron onto the hard floor below the ring. I’m actually surprised that Cashe didn’t snap his neck in half.”
JOHNSON: ”It was horrible! Wrestling is wrestling but Jason Cashe took things too far with that move. Kojima is lucky to be alive.”
VASSA: ”Just weeks before, Perry Wallace announced Kojima as the number one contender to challenge Jason Phoenix for the South-West Heavyweight championship. What happens now?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a good question. If he can’t compete, who steps up? Four weeks back we saw Roxi Johnson almost upset the champ in a non-title match. Where does she factor in? This title picture is getting interesting and it will have to be defended at Ante Up. We’re getting down to the wire here. Expect something big tonight!”
VASSA: ”First Athena. Then Kojima, the number one contender. Cashe has been on a warpath and has taken people out one by one. Wallace has stated that he will not receive a rematch but something has to be done for the safety of the roster.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right, Vinny. I just hope he doesn’t turn his assault to Roxi.”
VASSA: ”Here’s some good news, we finally crowned our first 4CW Tag Team champions. The team of Sweet Annihilation defeated the team of Beauty and the Beast.”
JOHNSON: ”Congratulations to the new tag team champions but just as they were celebrating their victory, a target has already been placed on their backs. New Gen Rising!”
VASSA: ”I love that name! Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood have officially landed in 4CW and not only have they signed with House of Howe, they’ve made it clear that they have their sights set on Sweet Annihilation.”
JOHNSON: ”If the tag division wasn’t interesting enough, it just got kicked up a notch!”
VASSA: ”For the past two weeks all the talk has been mainly surrounding the controversial decision of the Extreme Television championship match. The Red Pioneer retained the championship as the ref failed to notice “Young” Mannie had an arm over The Red Pioneer as well while both men were down for the count.”
JOHNSON: ”To put things lightly, it has created a hell storm within the offices of Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison. Although these two men beat the living hell out of each other, the match shouldn’t have ended the way it did.”
VASSA: ”I wish the ref, Christopher Salieri, nothing but luck as I’m sure he will be hearing from Wallace tonight is he hasn’t already.”
JOHNSON: ”Now, before we get into tonight’s lineup, 4CW has officially stated we will be doing a four event tour of the North-East after Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”We’re branching out! This company has taken off and skyrocketed through the roof with the amount of mainstream attention it has received. It’s due time we give the east coast a taste of the adrenaline that 4CW brings to this industry.”
JOHNSON: ”Locations have not been announced but I’m sure we’ll know in due time. And with that said… let’s get to the schedule for tonight!”
VASSA: ”Earlier tonight, we had a preliminary match up with the returning duo of Miss Michelle and Mark Brooks as they faced off against Team Slayer. Boy, was Miss Michelle a sight for sore eyes!”
JOHNSON: ”It was rough return for the two. In the end Team Slayer took the win and kicked things off a little early for the fans in attendance.”
VASSA: ”I’m just glad that Michelle is back because I surely have missed her.”
JOHNSON: ”Then you’re going to love what we have in store for tonight then! But before we get that far in the card, we open the show with an eight person battle royal.”
VASSA: ”Believe me, I have been looking forward to tonight ever since Perry emailed us the card. This eight person battle royal does look interesting though as we have some new faces classhing in the ring with two veterans.”
JOHNSON: ”Lincoln Cutler and Joseph Sullivan will be climbing in the ring with new signees Brent Samson, Amanda Ramirez, Equinox, Branden Harvey, Travis Black and Raven. Will the 4CW veterans teach the newcomers a thing or two about how 4CW works?”
VASSA: ”I doubt it! Brent Samson was a dud two weeks ago. But some of these new people do look promising. This should be a good one to kick the evening off for the people at home watching.”
JOHNSON: ”Robby Newhause made a successful debut two weeks ago against Brent Samson and he will climb in the ring with Stefan Raab who is coming off a win over another new talent, Brandy Danielle.”
VASSA: ”Newhause looks promising but this new look for Raab is scary! I don’t even know what to think of this match up tonight between these two. All I can say is that it will be a good one.”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago they made their debut and tonight, New Gen Rising will be making their in-ring debuts.”
VASSA: ”Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood have been hitting our shows with hints over the last few weeks and tonight we get to see them in action. The New Reign will be making their tag debut tonight as well.”
JOHNSON: ”Bayne and Bryce Byson will climb in the ring, associates of our very own, Nathaniel Havok! These two have promise…”
VASSA: ”Four weeks ago Shane Borderland and Jair Hopkins competed for the Extreme Television championship in an extreme rules triple threat match with the defending champion, The Red Pioneer. Borderland was taken out by Eric Lee as The Red Pioneer put the finishing touches on Jair.”
JOHNSON: ”Shane got revenge two weeks ago as he was scheduled to be in a match with Eric Lee. Before the match even started, he returned the favor with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire to the back of Lee’s head. After dragging him to the ring, the bell sounded and we all saw what happened next… one, two, three! Lights out!”
VASSA: ”Shane and Jair will get each other one on one tonight to prove who the better man is and this match alone has ratings written all over it. This is like our co-headline or co-main event of the night!”
JOHNSON: ”I would have to say the co-co to either one because our next match in the lineup is one that I know you have been waiting for ever since seeing these beautiful ladies for the first time in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”YES SIR!!! I’m not alone on this either. I know damn well that the fans in the building tonight and the one’s sitting at home watching are looking forward to this match. We get to see three lovely ladies climb in the ring and get stripped of their clothes and possibly their dignity. It just went from six to midnight just thinking about it!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny! Brandy Danielle, Niobe Martin and Kandi Washington will be competing in a triple threat evening gown match with Jacinta Perez as the special guest referee.”
VASSA: ”You better hope the kids are in bed folks! It’s time to get naked!”
JOHNSON: ”I know deep down inside that you truly hope that does happen… pervert.”
VASSA: ”I’m a man! They are three… four beautiful women climbing in that ring and I’m only reacting the way nature intended me to. I love women!”
JOHNSON: ”Jacinta and Kandi will be squaring off at Ante Up, how will she playa factor?”
VASSA: ”By competing with these ladies as to who has the best figure in 4CW! That’s how!”
JOHNSON: ”After that ,we have our headline…”
VASSA: ”Hold up! I’m not finished talking about this match!”
JOHNSON: ”Come on, we’re running a tight ship and we’re getting short on time. The show just go on!”
VASSA: ”I guess… damnit…”
JOHNSON: ”We spoke about these next two earlier and how they will play a factor in challenging Jason Phoenix for the South-West Heavyweight championship at Ante Up. Jason Cashe will face Roxi Johnson one on one!”
VASSA: ”It’s simple. Roxi was about to upset the champ until Morgan stuck her nose in. Cashe has already been denied a rematch for the championship. It’s Roxi who’s stepping up to the plate at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: ”I just hope things don’t get out of hand and something happens to Roxi. Cashe and Perry need to make things right and end this rivalry that has hurt pieces of our talent. Something has to give!”
VASSA: ”We’ll see what happens. If Cashe comes out with the win, what then? He has to be in that title picture then, right?”
JOHNSON: ”Who knows. Last but not least, we have our main event.”
VASSA: ”Aside from the triple threat evening gown match, I guess you could call this the main event.”
JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer will be defending the Extreme Television championship against Lucifer Phoenix in an extreme rules match.”
VASSA: ”As much as I like The Red Pioneer, these beatings have to catch up to him eventually. He’s been through hell since winning this championship but no one has knocked him off the throne. The fans love him. I love the energy he brings to the ring. But again, these matches have to be taking their toll on this guy.”
JOHNSON: ”Well he gets a pretty fresh body tonight with Lucifer Phoenix so we’ll see how he stands up to someone with no wear and tear.”
VASSA: ”I have two steel chairs with no asses in them right here beside me. Please put these to use!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s our lineup for tonight folks. We have a good one in store for everyone watching as we continue down the path to Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”When that evening gown match approaches, go ahead and dial 9-1-1 and wait for my signal to hit call. I think I might just have an heart attack tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Until that happens, let’s cherish the last moments together as we call another 4CW Adrenaline. Are you ready?”
VASSA: ”Is Wallace afraid of Cashe?”
JOHNSON: ”I’ll take that as a yes. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 4CW Adrenaline!”

The scene cuts backstage where we find Perry Wallace, Tatsuhiko and three other unknown gentlemen. Perry and Tatsuhiko stand across from each other with one man behind them and the third in between them. With confidence, Perry appears to be in control of the conversation as he talks loudly…

WALLACE: ”Sorry, Tats… you’re services are just no longer needed. It’s not you, it’s me… haha. I need someone who can do their damn job!”
Tatsuhiko takes a step towards Wallace but get stopped by the man in the middle as the one behind him closes in behind him. Tatsuhiko looks over his shoulder before stepping down…

WALLACE: ”Come on, big guy! If you were half the man that Kojima claimed you were, these three guys here wouldn’t stand a chance against you. Then again, Kojima isn’t a quarter of the man he claimed to be, full of empty promises. I left him with one task and look what happened to him two weeks ago. You guys are a straight up disgrace!”
With that said, Tatsuhiko lunges forward at Wallace but gets his arm caught by the man in the middle. The one behind him then grabs his other arm and they both restrain Tatsuhiko.

WALLACE: ”I could have you beaten into a bloody pile of your own shit it I wanted to, but, I’m not. I don’t need your services anymore and I’ll leave it at that. I have been eyeing someone else to handle the job that you found too hard to do. It’s not your fault. This is America and people here are just tougher than those little folks in Asia. If you talk to Kojima, if you even talk at all, let him know he’ll be hearing from me tonight if he hasn’t by the time you get with him. Hopefully he’ll be able to speak and isn’t eating through a straw after the ass whooping Cashe handed him two weeks ago.”
Tatsuhiko struggles to get free but fails as the two hold onto each arm. The man behind Wallace then steps closer and looks Tatsuhiko in the eyes. Meanwhile, Wallace backs away with a smile on his face…

WALLACE: ”Don’t fight it, Tats. These guys will chop you up into little pieces of Sushi. Just walk away while you still have the legs to carry you and don’t fuck up. If you do, these guys will be there to clean up the mess.”
The three men then drag Tatsuhiko away as Wallace turns and walks in the opposite direction. As they go their separate ways, Wallace stops and thinks to himself before speaking up softly.

WALLACE: ”Maybe I should keep one of those guys with me tonight? Hmm… I’ll be fine. He won’t bother me tonight.”
Wallace then continues walking away as the scene slowly fades out.

Cameras are zoomed in Stefan’s mask as he hasn’t been on camera for a while since he’s worn the mask. When the cameras zoomed out, it shows that the cameras were in Stefan’s locker room as he speaks on camera.

RAAB: ”HAHAHA, the change of me is here for real this time. I’m wearing this mask because it makes me look and feel good about myself, but lets go and talk about my rivalry with the so called bad boy Shane Borderland. This guy isn’t really a bad boy at all, he’s just pretending to be as I’m a bad boy well more than that, I’m a bad sick monster man who wrestles for violence.”
Stefan takes a deep breath inside of his mask to take a bit of a breather before speaking again.

RAAB: ”Ever since I started to wear this mask, I’ve been undefeated because nobody has been able to beat me due to my aggressive and violent style of wrestling I brought out in me and that’s what makes me dangerous that nobody can ever predict what I’ll do in the ring since I’m a changed man. No longer will you see the old Stefan making a complete joke of the wrestling business, moaning and urinating all over the place.”
Stefan chuckles for a while as he looks around his locker room before turning to the camera again.

RAAB: ”Shane, you better watch my match against Robert Newhause because this is what awaits for you when we face off and I’m taking you out the same way Robert will be in a few minutes. I end up being happy when I cripple or hurt people and you along with Robert won’t be able to stop me in the ring. HAHAHAHA prepare to be Raabinated by The Masked German Monster.”
Stefan finishes talking as the cameras cut to ring side for the first match to take place on Adrenaline.


JOHNSON: ”Well Vinny, are you ready for complete chaos to start this show off right?”
VASSA: ”I love the unpredictability of these battle royals. So many people with false hope that they actually stand a chance!”
JOHNSON: ”The majority of competitors are in the ring. Only one left to come out and get this thing underway!”
VASSA: ”And he’s the one that I’m putting my money on. There’s something refreshing about this kid.”
The beat drops. The crowd goes Woodstock 1999. Everyone rises from their seat, downing their drink and throwing hands in the air for the party has truly started. But where is he? The one who’s very fanfare drives the audience to pure, hedonistic insanity? He’s in the crowd! Holding a cam-corder high above his head with a grin the length of the Rio Grande, he pans it round to capture every second of his hero’s reception, milking it for every drop with a crawls pace of a walk down the long steps to ringside. His adoring audience tries to drown out his theme song with various chants of “LET’S GO TRAVIS!” and “PARTY STARTER!” but the speaker system always wins in the end. When he finally reaches ringside, he hops the barrier and films the front row going berserk as the electricity rises into his chest. He climbs onto the apron, mounting the turnbuckle and getting one last wide shot of the whole audience before he takes his place ready to fight all of his overwhelmed opponents.

JOHNSON: ”That’s it. The refs are surrounding the ring. All of the competitors are ready to go. Lincoln Cutler, Joseph Sullivan, Branden Harvey, Brent Samson, Amanda Ramirez, Equinox, Raven, and Travis Black! They’re all here!”
With the opening bell all seven of Travis Black’s opponents take a step forward towards him. They ambush him in the corner, hammering down with rights and lefts, pushing and shoving amongst one another to get a shot in on their extremely vocal opponent. Travis drops down and covers up, deflecting some of the blows with his forearms and knees. Eventually he’s able roll out of harms way by making an escape underneath the bottom rope. The other seven competitors follow pursuit, each sliding under the ropes and chasing after Travis Black. Travis does a lap around the ring before sliding in, running across and sliding back out. Once the competitors slide back in they give up on the chase and go after one another pairing off. Raven and Amanda Ramirez tangle up in one corner. Equinox and Branden Harvey tie up in another corner. Lincoln Cutler and Joseph Sullivan team up on Brent Samson.
Cutler and Sullivan take turns hammering away at Samson as he leans up against the ropes. They each grab a leg and desperately try to dump him over the top rope. Samson fights through it, hitting Cutler with right hands to break free from him before kicking Sullivan between the eyes. Samson steps back down on the canvass and hits Sullivan with a desperation Fame Asser! Cutler is standing idly by and whips Samson across the ring once he returns to his feet. While charging across the ring towards the ropes, Travis Black hops up onto the apron and yanks down on the top rope with two hands, causing Brent Samson to tumble over and to the surrounding floor!

JOHNSON: ”And just like that Brent Samson is gone!”
VASSA: ”Smart move by Travis Black. He’s still in this match, the other competitors seemed to have given up on him.”
Travis climbs back into the ring and goes to work on Lincoln Cutler as Joseph Sullivan joins in with Equinox on his fight with Branden Harvey. The two men take turns laying their boots to Harvey’s gut. They each grab him by his wrist and pull him from the corner before forcefully throwing him back in against the turnbuckles. Equinox runs across the ring to the opposing corner before charging back at Branden Harvey. Halfway across the ring he does a handspring and leaps into the corner with a stinger splash! Harvey slumps down, his weight only being held up by his arms which are intertwined with the ropes. Sullivan takes the moment to climb up onto the second rope over Harvey and rains down with right hands that the fans count out loud with every connecting blow.
“One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine!”
Before Sullivan could land a tenth punch, Equinox moved towards one of the adjoining ropes, spring boarded off of the second rope and drop kicked Joseph Sullivan in the back, sending him over the top rope to the venues floor! Equinox watches as Sullivan bounces off of the mats surrounding the ring. As the referees swarm to tell Sullivan he’s been eliminated, Equinox charges and dives through the ropes, hitting Joseph Sullivan with a completely unnecessary Suicide Dive!

JOHNSON: ”He had already eliminated Joseph Sullivan. There was absolutely no need to dive out of the ring and hit him with that Suicide Dive.”
VASSA: ”He’s not eliminated though. He dove between the ropes, not over the top. He saw an opening and just couldn’t resist!”
While the refs sort out the action outside of the ring, Raven holds Amanda Ramirez horizontally in the middle of the ring. Raven drops back and throws Amanda Ramirez overhead with a fallaway slam! As she finds her footing and stands up, she’s hit from behind from a returning Equinox. Raven fights off Equinox and plants a boot to his midsection. Raven quickly grabs ahold of Equinox and flips him over with a snap duplex that lands on top of Amanda Ramirez. Branden Harvey charges out of the corner after recovering and targets Raven. She sees him coming and delivers a back body drop, forcing him to land on top of Equinox and Amanda Ramirez!
The three roll off of one another. Raven lifts Amanda up to her feet and holds her by her wrists. She crosses her arms before turning around and dropping her with a straight jacket neck breaker! Raven pops up to her feet just in time to see Branden Harvey charging again. She dips her shoulder and lifts Branden over the top rope. Harvey drops down onto the ring apron and tries to climb to the top turnbuckle. While placing his first foot onto the top turnbuckle, Raven explodes up with a pop up European Uppercut the knocks Branden Harvey back and down to the venue floor.

JOHNSON: ”That’s the third elimination. We’re down to five. Lincoln Cutler, Equinox, Raven, Amanda Ramirez…”
VASSA: ”…And my pick to win it all, Travis Black!”
JOHNSON: ”For now. Lincoln Cutler has Travis Black in a vicarious position, laying across the top turnbuckle and holding on for dear life!”
Equinox runs over to the corner and tries to help Cutler eliminate Travis Black. Amanda Ramirez returns to her feet and hits Raven from behind with a double axe handle smash that knocks her into the corner. Amanda grabs two hands full of Raven’s hair and whips her across the ring, dropping her face first. Equinox abandons the seemingly impossible task of eliminated Travis Black and sneaks up on Amanda Ramirez. Amanda turns around and Equinox grabs her by the back of her head, drops down to the mat, and forces her face to his knee with a code breaker! Equinox positions himself standing at Amanda Ramirez’s side before jumping up and landing a standing shooting star press! Raven watches from all fours as Equinox gets back to his feet. She lunges forward and takes Equinox out by his legs with a chop block.
Travis found more secure footing in the corner and turned the tides on Lincoln Cutler. Travis wraps an arm around Lincoln Cutler and intertwines his leg with his opponents before forcing him backwards into the turnbuckles with a Russian Leg Sweep. Travis watches as Cutler falls to a seated position in the corner. As Raven and Equinox continue to mix it up. Travis reaches down and lifts Amanda Ramirez to her feet. He whips himself around and drops her with a spinning back elbow! Amanda drops down covers her face as blood begins to shoot from her nose. Cutler charges from the corner and takes Travis down with a tackle and floats over to a mounted position. Raven and Equinox fight to a stalemate as they both look down at a bloodied Amanda Ramirez. Equinox hits Raven with a surprise Superkick and then looks back at Amanda. She runs at him before being spun around and dropped across his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Equinox grabs Amanda by her hair and the waist of her trunks. He runs her across the ring and effortlessly throws her over the top rope to the arena floor!

JOHNSON: ”There’s no way Travis Black didn’t break Amanda Ramirez’s nose with that spinning back elbow. She’s spewing blood everywhere.”
VASSA: ”That’s the price you pay when you try to be a professional wrestler!”
Travis and Lincoln Cutler make it to their feet and Black knees Cutler in the midsection to curb all of his momentum. Travis latches onto Cutler with a front face lock and drops him with a DDT. As Black pops to his feet he notices out of the corner of his eye, Equinox trying to sneak up on him. Travis leaps up and hits him with the Tequila Shot, a superman punch that lays the charismatic renegade out cold. Travis turns back to where Lincoln Cutler was but is caught by surprise with a dropkick from Raven. Raven steps out of the ring through the ropes and stands on the apron as Travis shakes out the cobwebs and rises to his feet. Raven quickly climbs the corner and leaps into the ring, nailing Travis Black with a cross body!
Cutler gets to his feet with the help of the ropes and immediately clubs Raven in the back with a stiff forearm shot. He lifts her back to her feet and whips her across the ring. On the rebound Lincoln Cutler tries for a clothes that Raven ducks. Raven comes to a complete stop and waits for Cutler to spin around. She jumps up onto his shoulders and tries for a hurricanrana, but Lincoln Cutler catches her. He holds her up in the air and brings her towards the ropes to power bomb her over the top rope. Raven drops her weight back and hooks her arms around the top rope before finally finishing off the hurricanrana and sending Lincoln down to the arena floor while landing on the apron.

JOHNSON: ”Three remain but Raven is in a very bad spot. She went over the top rope with that Hurricanrana and is vulnerable on that ring apron.”
VASSA: ”And I think Equinox is realizing just that!”
Equinox charges towards Raven and she pulls down on the top rope. Equinox falls over the top rope but lands on the apron with Raven. Both climb up to their feet and begin exchanging right hands as Travis black watches from inside of the ring. He charges both of them looking for a double clothesline to win the battle royal but both are privy to his intentions and each nails him with a high head kick for his troubles. He stumbles backwards and Equinox looks to capitalize on his temporary stupor. He grabs the top rope and launches himself into the air, looking to springboard off of the top rope but Raven pulls his legs out from under him and he takes a nasty fall backwards after bouncing off of the top rope by his hamstrings. Equinox hits the venue floor leaving just Raven and Travis Black in the battle royal. Raven climbs back into the ring as Travis Black watches cautiously.

JOHNSON: ”A good showing in his debut from Equinox. If focused I think there’s a lot of potential there.”
VASSA: ”Who cares about the guy who has been eliminated. My pick to win it is still in this thing. You’re going to owe me a steak dinner after the show.”
JOHNSON: ”What are you talking about? We never bet on it…”
VASSA: ”Too late to back out now!”
Raven makes the first move and charges at Travis Black. He lifts her up over head with something that resembles a flapjack. Raven soars through the air and lands like a cat with her feet on the middle rope and her hands grabbing the top rope. She bounces on the ropes before leaping back at Travis Black as he turns around with a flying high knee that hits its mark. Travis drops to the mat and Raven begins to stalk her opponent. Once in a reachable distance, Travis explodes off of the mat and grabs Raven by the front of her shorts and pulls her down, throat first, across the middle rope. Travis rolls under the ropes and stands up on the apron. He climbs the nearby corner but stops on the middle turnbuckle and faces Raven. He leaps off and tries for a diving knee drop but Raven moves in time and causes Travis to land knee first on the apron. Raven charges towards the ropes but Travis shoots his body through the ropes like a missile and drives his shoulder into her midsection. Travis launches himself over the top rope and and levels Raven with a slingshot shoulder block! Travis picks Raven up and carries her over his shoulder. He carries her towards the ropes and she reaches out, grabbing the top rope with both hands. Travis lets go of Raven and she lands on her feet. She turns towards him and gets hit with the same spinning back elbow that may have broken Amanda Ramirez’s nose earlier in the contest. Raven falls back against the ropes and grabs her face. Before she knew it, Travis clotheslined her up and over the top rope, sending her down to the venue floor!

JOHNSON: ”And that’s it! That’s the match right there! With that last elimination of many, Travis Black wins his big debut in impressive style!
VASSA: ”And with his camera at ring-side, he’s got it all right there on film for him to watch again and again. Travis Black wins in a big way, and I look forward to seeing what he does next.”
Barely getting to his feet, the referee tries to raise his arm but Travis snatches it away. He stumbles over to the corner and reaches out for a microphone. An announcer has one ready and passes it to him, allowing Travis to take to the stick in center stage.

JOHNSON: ”Wait a minute. Apparently something’s going on at the top of the stands in the production booth!”
The camera cuts away from Travis to a man with a mohawk grabbing 4CW’s production manager and throwing him out of the booth, using his own chair as a wedge underneath the handle to keep it locked. The attacker adjusts some dials and turns up the switches then opens the disk drive and puts in his own little mix tape.

BLACK: “Earlier in this week, if you watched me talk about this match, you’d know that I promised a big fat victory party once I won this match. Well, I’m many things but I’m not a liar. Brought to you by the courtesy of San Diego’s WCHHR, West Coast Hip Hop Radio DJ Benjamin Castle, I bring you the ultimate victory party! Let’s get it started right now!”
Benjamin Castle hits the play button on the system and sounds flood the speakers. “We Want Some Pussy” by 2 Live Crew bursts through the speakers. From behind the entrance curtains, a bunch of Travis’s friends wheel out huge kegs of beer. With the encouragement of Travis, the front rows of the audience vacate their seats and flood the ring with their new heroes. Booze starts pouring and before long, everyone has a drink in their hand.

JOHNSON: ”Travis has hijacked the theater! This is out of control!”
VASSA: ”Someone better put a stop to this!”
It doesn’t take too long for the fun police to arrive. Assembled at the top of the entrance ramps, yellow shirts with batons flood out rank and file.

BLACK: “Oh what’s the matter? A little party never hurt anyone. Come on, join us for a drink. LIVE a little.”
SECURITY GUARD CAPTAIN: ”Oh we’ll come down and join you alright. Move in boys. Let’s break up this shit show.”
The front lines of both sides charge into the ring and a riot quickly consumes the arena. Travis leads the march, diving into the crowd of security guards with elbows and knees flying like a maniac. The war rages on as training and equipment faces sheer numbers right through until a commercial break.

JOHNSON: ”Oh my God! This is pandemonium! Travis Black’s party has just turned Project X!”
VASSA: ”Well that didn’t take long and now we have to cut to commercials! Hopefully order can be restored by the time we get back!”

Backstage, Jair Hopkins is seen coming out of his locker room, with a half-done smile. He sees the interviewer to the right of him and immediately goes left.

HARTMAN: “Jair! Jair … Can I just get a quick word with you?”
A sigh and a shake of his head was his response as he turned around, face-to-face with the female interviewer. Tilting his Brooklyn Nets cap to the side, he decides to give the interviewer a moment of his time.

HOPKINS: “Shoot!”
HARTMAN: “Thank you! So the past few weeks since your debut, you’ve been a hard man to chase down backstage. After that promising debut of yours, you’ve been the opposite, record-wise. What’s going on?”
Another sigh came from Hopkins as he lowered his head.

HOPKINS: “That first matchup, getting my feet wet within the waters of 4CW was better than I could have ever asked for. After that, something happened. I fell down the steps after the first step. Studying, game-planning, the competition is tough. The past two weeks…”
Hopkins smirks.

HOPKINS: “I’ve been against the odds. Four Ways, Triple Threats, it’s not like I’m new to being the odd homie out, but it’s been a crazy challenge. If it wasn’t getting my head snapped off by that flying Ninja in Red Pioneer, it’s getting a draw in last weeks bout against Nathaniel Havok. It’s not as bad as you may think. Sure, I could’ve been the surprising Extreme Television Champ right now, I could’ve won the battle last week, but things happen for a reason.”
HARTMAN: “Hehe, Well hopefully with your scheduled showcase tonight against Shane Borderland, you can possibly even yourself up.”
HOPKINS: “Yeah, it’s me and Borderland, mano e’ mano. Last time we met, Red Pioneer was between us as we tried to kill each other for that Extreme Television Championship. Things didn’t work out as expected but I am amped to get in some revenge on Borderland. It’s just us two and he has a large task at hand to take down. He should be fully aware of me by now.You see Mr. Hartman, I like to talk sometimes, but I rather spend my energy talking in the….”
Pausing at the end there, Hopkins spotted a smirking Nathaniel Havok walking up into the scene. Hopkins and Havok looked towards each other as Gabriel Hartman face lit up with a smile seeing the two men stand close, face to face, eye to eye.

HAVOK: “I’m not here to steal your shine, my man. Just wanted to tell you that we had a great match last week. The result isn’t what we wanted to achieve, but we gave it our all. We will meet again and when we do, their will be a CLEAR winner. That winner will be me.”
Hopkins nods as he rubs the side of his mouth.

HOPKINS: “We will for sure meet up again in that ring, but it won’t be you who will be the winner. As I was about to say before you came onto the scene. I was stating my reason for not much talk is because I do all my talking in the ring. I talk all kinds of language in that ring and it’s effective when all is right in the world.”
HAVOK: “Well good luck tonight with Shane. You’re going to need every bit of it, man.”
Nathaniel walks on off as he leaves Hopkins gritting his teeth. He just shook his head as he looked at Gabriel who stood firm, looking possibly for another word but Hopkins walked on off as well the other way as the cameras cut.


JOHNSON: ”Last week Robby Newhause made an impressive debut with a big win over Brent Samson.”
VASSA: ”Brent Samson was a joke. This time around we’re going to see what he’s really made of. Stefan Raab had proven himself in this industry. A win over him would definitely have to grab the attention of Mr. Morrison and Mr. Wallace.”
JOHNSON: ”Definitely would make a good impression on the minds behind 4CW.”
VASSA: ”With the 4CW Extreme Television Championship being defended at every televised event, every win is an important one…”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a very valid point. With that being said lets go to Mike Powers and get this match underway!”
The feed cuts from the announce team and focuses in on Mike Powers in the DJ booth.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and three pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, 4CW’s number one son, ROBBY NEWHAUSE!!”
“Go Go Ratchet” by AFK plays over the loud speakers. 4CW fans sit in silence as colorful strobe lights flicker about the curtain. Robby Newhause bursts through the curtain and strides to the ring. He tells off a fan or two on the way before entering the ring and removing his trench coat.

POWERS: ”And his opponent…weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, from Cologne, Germany, The Killerplauze, STEFAN RAAB!!”
Monster by Skillet plays over the sound system as Stefan Raab comes out through the curtain. He’s wearing his gold and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers and black gloves on both of his hands. He wears a black and red stripy mask and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes. He crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think I fully understand the concept behind this whole mask thing…”
VASSA: ”What’s there to understand? He realized his face was unbearable to look at. He’s doing the fans a service by covering up that grotesque mug!”
The camera crew focuses in on the referee in the center of the ring. He signals for the timekeeper to begin the match.
As the bell sounds Raab charges Robby Newhause and crushes him with a few right hooks that back him into the corner. Raab grabs a hold of the top rope and lays into Robby’s midsection with some kicks. Raab lets go of the ropes and grabs Newhause by his slacks and his shirt and drives him towards the opposing corner. Raab lets go of his opponent but the force sends him through the ropes and crashing into the steel ring post, shoulder first! Raab steps out of the ring onto the apron as Robby stays put. grimacing in pain. Raab runs along the apron and kicks Newhause’s shoulder against the ring post. Newhause falls backward, clutching his left shoulder.
Raab steps back into the ring and immediately targets onto Robby’s shoulder. He pushes him down to the mat, flattening him out on his back and pulls his arm out. Raab drops down onto Newhause’s shoulder with his knee first! Robby rolls towards the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet with only his right arm as Raab stalks him. Newhause turns towards his opponent and is instantly whipped down with an arm drag. Raab keeps his opponents left arm secured after the arm drag and rolls through into a Fujiwara Armbar! Raab plants his feet into the canvass and leans all of his weight backwards onto Newhause.

JOHNSON: ”My God! That is the sickest Fujiwara Armbar I have ever seen! The human anatomy was not meant to bend that way!
VASSA: ”His shoulder looks like it’s about to be pulled clean from its socket!”
JOHNSON: ”Robby Newhause is trying to fight through the pain but I don’t know much more he can take!”
Raab leans back just a little more and Newhause counters by shifting his ways and turning it into a half assed crucifix roll up! The ref slides down to count but Raab kicks out before the count of one. He jumps to his feet and once again latches onto Newhauses left arm. He drags him across the ring, sprinkling in a few rib shot along the way. Raab steps through the ropes and drapes Robby’s left arm over the top rope. Raab jumps down with two hands on his wrist and lands on the arena floor. Robby bounces backwards off of the ropes and lands on his back. Robby begins to roll onto his stomach and Raab reaches into the ring under the bottom rope and grabs Newhause’s left arm. He drags him over to the corner. Raab pulls Newhause under the bottom turnbuckle. With his shoulder joint pressed against the steel ring post, Raab pulls Robby’s arm away and then runs it right back against the steel! Robby tries to pull his arm in under his body but Raab pulls it away from the ring post again before running it into the steel for a second time!

JOHNSON: ”His shoulder could be dislocated at this point! It’s been all Stefan Raab and it’s been all focused on the left shoulder of Robby Newhause.”
VASSA: ”Stefan and Tidus Howe must have had some sort of game plan in place because Raab has been like a charging locomotive since the opening bell.”
Raab climbs back into the ring. He stands behind Newhause and watches as he pulls himself up to his feet again, only using his right arm. Raab comes up from behind and hits him with a running shoulder block. Newhause falls forward, landing against the turnbuckle with his injured shoulder. Raab the runs to the furthest ropes and bounces back towards Newhause. As Newhause stumbles out of the corner he squares up to Raab and dips his right shoulder, flipping him over with a back body drop! Raab is quick to his feet but is steamrolled back down with a clothesline. Raab pushes up to his feet and once again charges towards Newhause. Robby drops down and trips Stefan up with a drop toe hold. Stefan falls face first into the middle turnbuckle.
Robby is blessed with a moments rest, he shakes his left arm, trying to regain some feeling back into it. He massages his shoulder as he watches Stefan pull himself up to his feet. Stefan turns around into the waiting arms of Newhause. Newhause plants a boot into Raab’s gut, doubling him over. He leans over and wraps Raab’s arm around the back of his neck, before lifting him up with a suplex. Instead of falling backwards, Newhause drops Raab forward between his legs with a falcon arrow! Newhause hesitates to cover Raab as he clutches his arm. After fighting through the pain he rolls up one of Raabs legs and scoots himself into a seated position across Raab’s chest.
Raab pushes Newhause off of his chest and rolls over onto all fours.

JOHNSON: ”A two count that may have been three if not for the strain on his already injured shoulder!”
VASSA: ”You may be right Steve. He took a moment to deal with the pain shooting towards that left shoulder. He wasted precious time before finally covering his opponent. That’s a rookie mistake! Let the medical staff deal with your injury later. Focus on winning the match first!”
Robby watches as Raab climbs up to his feet. He’s quick to come down across Raab’s bare chest with a knife-edged chop! Raab covers up as he begins back peddling. Robby pounces on Raab and pushes his head down while driving a knee up to the solar plexus. With Raab doubled over, Newhause grabs Raab by the head and swings him around to the canvass with a swinging neck breaker. Newhause floats over for a quicker, more efficient pin attempt. He hooks Raab’s leg as the ref slides into position for the cover.
Stefan kicks out, bucking his hips and rolling Newhause off of him towards the ropes. Newhause rolls under the bottom rope and rises to his feet. Newhause climbs to the top rope and faces out towards Stefan Raab as he regains his footing. Newhause leaps out towards Stefan with a diving clothesline. Raab jumps up and hits Robby Newhause with a European Uppercut while soaring in mid air!

JOHNSON: ”Robby Newhause might have just snapped his neck!”
VASSA: ”Stefan Raab just exploded into the air and that collision was brutal!”
Raab went down to all fours after hitting the European Uppercut. He crawls over to Newhause and pulls him up to his feet. Raab traps Robby’s left arm and pulls it behind his back. With his free arm, Raab reaches across the face of and locks his hands together, finish the crossface chickenwing. Robby squeals as he fights through the pain, reaching for the ropes. Raab feels the two of them moving towards the ropes and instinctively drops backwards to the canvass and wraps his legs around Newhause’s midsection. Newhause takes his free hand and drops down to his waist, prying at Raab’s feet. Newhause manages to break Raab’s legs apart and frees himself from the body lock. Raab stands up in frustration while holding the crossface chickenwing. He lifts Robby up and slams him over head with a crossface chickenwing German Suplex! Raab rolls Newhause over onto his back and lackadaisically pulls his leg up for added leverage.
Robby Newhause shoots his shoulder off of the mat, rolling towards Raab.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how much more Robby can take. That was a fantastic variation of the German Suplex.”
VASSA: ”I think Raab is more surprised than anyone that Newhause refuses to give up! We’re learning a lot more about this kid then we did last episode of Adrenaline.”
Raab pushes Robby over onto his back and presses down on his throat with one hand, slowly choking him against the referees warning. Showing no intention of releasing the choke hold, the referee is forced to use his five count.
Raab lets go and holds his hands up high above his head. He picks Newhause up to his feet and whips him hard into the corner. Raab follows in pursuit and mashes Newhause in the corner with a stiff clothesline. He steps back and allows for Robby to stagger out of the corner. Stefan lifts him up with both hand secured around his opponents thighs and spins him around, slamming him to the mat with a spine buster. Raab pulls Newhause up to his feet by the injured left arm and once again brings him towards the ropes. He presses Newhause’s chest against the ropes and forces Robby’s left arm over the top and then in between the top and middle ropes. Raab wrenches back with a modified hammerlock, using the rope as added leverage. The ref instantly steps in, barking at Stefan to release the illegal hold. The referee once again begins using his five count in order to get some order in the match.
Raab release his grasp on Robby and steps back with his hands held up innocently.

JOHNSON: ”Stefan Raab is really testing the referee’s patience. Showing complete disregard for the rules; he may just force the refs hand into a disqualification.”
VASSA: ”That would be highway robbery in itself. Stefan Raab has nearly controlled the pace of this entire match. That would be a shitty way to lose a match!”
Raab watches as Newhause leans on the ropes, holding his injured shoulder. The referee checks on the condition of Newhause and Raab tries to take advantage of the distraction. He stomps behind the ref and quickly approaches his opponent. Robby sees Raab coming and shoves the referee aside while stepping underneath a clubbing forearm strike. Newhause rallies with a few stiff right hands that back Stefan against the ropes. Robby grabs Stefan and sends him on his way with an Irish whip. Stefan counters and pulls Newhause in, swiftly dropping him to the mat with the Killer Cutter, a Diamond cutter variation! Stefan drops down onto Robby and tries for the pinfall.
No! Robby valiantly fights out of the pinfall, getting just enough separation between the canvass and his shoulder.

JOHNSON: ”That was the closest fall we’ve seen in this match. Newhause may be on his last leg at this point.”
VASSA: ”Now is the time to empty the reserves. Whatever you have left, leave it all in the ring. Nothing worse than sitting back there after a loss wondering if you could have done something differently!”
Stefan pushes to his feet and grabs the official by his shirt. The two begin pointing fingers with one another while jarring back and forth.

VASSA: ”That’s probably not a wise move…stay focused on Newhause!”
Raab lets go and holds his hands up high above his head. He picks Newhause up to his feet and whips him hard into the corner. Raab follows in pursuit and mashes Newhause in the corner with a stiff clothesline. He steps back and allows for Robby to stagger out of the corner. Stefan lifts him up with both hand secured around his opponents thighs and spins him around, slamming him to the mat with a spine buster. Raab pulls Newhause up to his feet by the injured left arm and once again brings him towards the ropes. He presses Newhause’s chest against the ropes and forces Robby’s left arm over the top and then in between the top and middle ropes. Raab wrenches back with a modified hammerlock, using the rope as added leverage. The ref instantly steps in, barking at Stefan to release the illegal hold. The referee once again begins using his five count in order to get some order in the match.
Raab release his grasp on Robby and steps back with his hands held up innocently.

JOHNSON: ”Stefan Raab is really testing the referee’s patience. Showing complete disregard for the rules; he may just force the refs hand into a disqualification.”
VASSA: ”That would be highway robbery in itself. Stefan Raab has nearly controlled the pace of this entire match. That would be a shitty way to lose a match!”
Raab watches as Newhause leans on the ropes, holding his injured shoulder. The referee checks on the condition of Newhause and Raab tries to take advantage of the distraction. He stomps behind the ref and quickly approaches his opponent. Robby sees Raab coming and shoves the referee aside while stepping underneath a clubbing forearm strike. Newhause rallies with a few stiff right hands that back Stefan against the ropes. Robby grabs Stefan and sends him on his way with an Irish whip. Stefan counters and pulls Newhause in, swiftly dropping him to the mat with the Killer Cutter, a Diamond cutter variation! Stefan drops down onto Robby and tries for the pinfall.
No! Robby valiantly fights out of the pinfall, getting just enough separation between the canvass and his shoulder.

JOHNSON: ”I think Stefan Raab is losing before our very eyes. He’s teetering back and forth on that line. The ref is going to be left with no other option!”
Robby rose to his feet and spun Stefan around by grabbing his shoulder. Newhause plants both of his feet on the jaw of Stefan Raab with a dropkick. Robby watches as Raab bounces off of the canvass and back to his feet. Newhause scoops him up and slams him hard to the mat. Newhause takes a few steps backwards and then drops down with a falling headbutt that hits Stefan in the mouth! Stefan rolls over to a seated position and Robby watches as he clenches his right fist. As soon as Stefan stands, he’s dropped with a superman punch! Robby moves across the ring and stands about five feet from the ropes while looking over his shoulder. Stefan staggers to his feet and falls forward towards Robby as he runs at the ropes, leaps up and springboards off of the middle rope and nails Stefan with a Pelé soccer kick, a combination he calls Newhouse International. Newhause crawls across the mat to Stefan and drapes his right arm over his opponents chest while tucking his own left arm against his side.
Stefan shoots one of his arms off of the mat, breaking the refs count.

JOHNSON: ”That flurry of moves looks like it may have taken just as much out of Robby Newhause as it did Stefan Raab!”
VASSA: ”Well if that’s the best the kid has then he’s as good as done!”
JOHNSON: ”Well I guess we’re going to find out rather shortly because both men are rising to their feet at the same exact time!”
Raab and Newhause each drag themselves to their feet at opposite ends of the ring after crawling away from each other. Newhause is up slightly faster than his opponent and turns towards the center of the ring. He runs towards Stefan foolishly and gets hit with a back elbow that stops him in dead in his tracks. Stefan turns around and plants his boot right into the gut of Robby Newhause. Robby doubles over and Stefan quickly grabs him with a double underhook. Raab lifts Newhause up vertically and holds him briefly before dropping back and driving Robby down with a double underhook brain buster! Newhause lays motionless in the center of the ring as Stefan slithers his way onto his opponent and pulls a leg up for added leverage during the pinfall.
Stefan sits upright and looks back at Robby Newhause, pulling his arm away from the ref as he tries to raise it in the air.

JOHNSON: ”The Killerbuster leads to another big win for Stefan Raab! So much for the impressive debut just two weeks ago by Robby Newhause…”
VASSA: ”A couple of big wins in a row for Stefan leading up to his encounter at Ante Up with Shane Borderland!”
JOHNSON: ”Should be a huge boost for his confidence.”
“Monster” by Skillet blasts over the PA system as Stefan pushes to his feet, keeping an eye on his downed opponent.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, via pinfall…The Killerplauze…STEFAN RAAB!!!”

As we pan outside the Theatre, we are taken into the parking lot. Backstage reporter, Gabriel Hartman, is standing by. A black limo turns the corner as we see it pulling into the parking lot slowly. The limo driver steps out of the front and starts to walk to the back. Before he can open the door, Gabriel looks back at the camera with a microphone in his hand as he gets in a quick word.

HARTMAN: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, we are mere moments away from their grand debut!”
The driver opens the back of the limo door as two men dressed in expensive tailored business suits step out of the limo. They are sporting black shades as neither man is smiling. They are the NewGen Rising, Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage. Both men step away from the door as the driver grabs their bags with their ring gear in them. Hollywood and Savage walk away from the limo as they seemingly ignore Harman’s presence. Gabriel has other plans, though.

HARTMAN: ”Excuse me! NewGen! Jace and Brian!”
Both NewGen members stop and slowly turn around and look back at Gabriel. Jace and Hollywood look at each other before walking back to Gabriel. Jace looks right at Gabriel and shakes his head.

SAVAGE: ”Ok, first off, thats MR. Hollywood and MR. Savage to you.”
Hollywood nods his head slowly as he smiles at Jace.

HOLLYWOOD: ”You would think that after all these interviews with these worthless interviewers, that SOMEONE would get it right eventually.”
Hartman immediately rebounds quickly. He doesn’t let his guard down and instead, stays with it.

HARTMAN: ”Forgive me if I offended you guys. A good reporter always knows how to combat the unknown and tackle it with the proper channels.”
Hollywood and Savage look at each other and both seem to be impressed.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Well God damn….I’ve gotta say that there is still “hope” for you people yet.”
Jace just laughs and then gets serious again as he looks right at Gabriel.

SAVAGE: ”Now get to it, Hartman. Just why did you want to call us over here for anyways? Were here now so you minus well give us some reason to make it worth our while.”
HARTMAN: ”I think everyone wants to get your thoughts on your opponents tonight. Everyone has been anticipating your debut for weeks now. Is there any pressure going out there tonight?”
Hollywood eyes Gabriel as he adjusts his suit tie. There is no look, no fear or expression on Hollywood’s face.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Debut? Pressure? Anticipation? If there is one word out of those three that are even close to relevant, it is anticipation. The anticipation of when Jace and I go out to that ring and destroy the Bysons.”
SAVAGE: ”This isn’t a debut….it’s picking up where we left off last time. As you all should know, this is the second coming of NewGen. Pressure? The only thing that Hollywood and I have on our minds is becoming the 4CW Tag Team Champions.”
Gabriel nods as there’s a slight pause.

HARTMAN: ”So you guys have made it clear that you want to be 4CW Tag Team Champions. First, you guys have to get through the New Reign Rising. How do you—“
HOLLYWOOD: ”Whoa, whoa, stop right fucking there! WHO?! There ISN’T a team called New Reign…their the Bysons. That’s all they are.”
SAVAGE: ”Their brothers. That’s all they are. They talk a whole lot of shit. There isn’t anything that’s going to go well for them tonight. NewGen is not only back, but we plan on on decimating the brothers at any cost.”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Tonight, the brothers are merely stepping stones to the real deal around here. As my good buddy just said, NewGen is BACK! The second coming is here and we are going to pick up right where we left off! You can bet that as an Executive Promise!”
SAVAGE: ”After were through with the Bysons, we set our sights on what’s rightfully ours…..the 4CW Tag Team Championships.”
Hollywood and Jace look at each other and nod as they adjust their ties and walk off into the theatre as we fade out.

NEW GEN RISING (Jace Savage & Brian Hollywood)
THE NEW REIGN (Bayne & Bryce Byson)

JOHNSON: ”Coming up next we have the debut of two new tag teams inside a 4CW ring. One of which is highly anticipated!”
VASSA: ”Two more names that fall underneath the Tidus Howe umbrella…This guy is going to have a monopoly of talent at this rate.”
JOHNSON: ”The wrestling industry is familiar with Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood. But Bayne and Bryce Byson are a completely different story. Relatively unknown to the fans, they’ll be looking to play spoiler to Savage and Hollywood’s official 4CW debut.”
VASSA: ”Man, 4CW’s tag team division is stacked!”
JOHNSON: ”It sure is Vinny. All the way from the champs, Drake Knight and Ice, down to Team Slayer. There is no shortage in talent.”
VASSA: ”We may have the toughest tag team division out there today!”
JOHNSON: ”You very well could be right Vinny. Well lets allow the talent to argue that point for you in the ring! Here’s Mike Powers for the official introductions…”
The production truck switches the feed from the announce team to Mike Powers who is standing by in his DJ booth with a microphone in hand.

POWERS: ”The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…at a combined weight of four hundred and forty pounds…representing the House of Howe…Jace Savage…Brian Hollywood…NEW GEN RISING!!”
”I play you lose” hits the speakers as New Gen Rising Brian Hollywood, and Jace Savage walk out on to the ramp. The make their way to the ring yelling insults at the crowd. Upon reaching the ring they split up and head to different corners to walk up the steps. Jace and Brian wipe their feet off on the apron at the same time before climbing through the ropes. They walk to opposite corners and climb to the second turn buckle. They yell more insults at the crowd before hopping off the turn buckle ready to face their opponents.

POWERS: ”And their opponents…Bayne and Bryce Byson…THE NEW REIGN!”
“Blood” hits on the PA system, as purple strobe lights flicker around the building. When the music picks up at 0:15, Cole Turner slowly makes his way out from behind the curtain. The fans begin to boo uncontrollably, as Cole soaks it all in. He stands at the top of the ramp, adjusts his tie, and hits his knees, stretching his arms out and looking to the Heavens. From behind the curtain, Bayne and Bryce come out, placing one hand apiece on opposite shoulders of Cole. Both men bow their heads, and lift their “Devil horns” into the air with their opposite hands, as pyro explodes all around them. As the pyro subsides, Cole makes his way to his feet, and the three men slowly stroll down the ramp. All three men take the stairs up to the ring. Both brothers enter the ring, as Cole stays on the apron. Cole walks to the middle of the apron, as the brothers stand in the ring, on opposite sides of him. Cole once again spreads his arms, as the brothers lean against the ropes behind him, as the music fades out.

JOHNSON: ”Looks like we’re going to be starting off with Jace Savage and Bayne Byson!”
VASSA: ”I feel bad for The New Reign. Being thrown right into the fire with a debut against Savage and Hollywood.”
The referee stands in the center of the ring and points to the two legal competitors before swaying his arms inward and calling for the opening bell.
Jace Savage and Bayne Byson circle one another as the opening bell rings. Savage and Bayne lock up with a quick collar and elbow tie up. Savage transitions smoothly to a wrist lock and steps underneath his opponents arm while unnaturally twisting it. Bayne grabs at his shoulder momentarily before rolling forward out of the twisted arm and turning it around on Jace with a wrist lock of his own. Jace scampers to the nearest ropes and dips his upper body through the ropes, forcing the ref to break the hold. Bayne keeps his right hand cocked as he hesitantly releases Jace. The two separate cleanly and the referee backs Bayne up to allow room for Jace to get back in the ring. While his back is turned, Jace leaps over the ref and clobbers Bayne with a stiff forearm shot that drops him to one knee. Jace locks onto his opponent with a front face lock and back peddles to his corner. He leans up against the turnbuckle as Brian Hollywood tags himself in. Once in the ring, Hollywood drives the sole of his boot into the exposed ribs of Bayne Bryson. Jace releases Bayne and climbs to the outside of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”No surprise that Jace and Hollywood are quickly bending the rules in order to get the upper hand in this match.”
VASSA: ”You’re always so quick to judge Stevie…Don’t get your panties twisted!”
Hollywood allows for Bayne to stumble out of the corner before doubling him over with a well placed kick to the midsection. Hollywood runs at the ropes opposite Bayne’s head and rebounds towards his opponent. He grabs him with a front face lock and falls backwards with a running DDT. Bayne rolls up to a seated position and grabs at the back of his head and neck as Hollywood is quick to his feet. Hollywood once again bounces off of the ropes and flattens Bayne with a dropkick to the side of the head. Hollywood moves to his corner and slaps the extended hand of his partner before lifting Bayne to his feet. Jace ascends to the top turnbuckle. Hollywood lifts Bayne up and drops him on his knee with an atomic drop and Jace Savage flies off of the top rope, hitting a flying clothesline. Jace covers Bayne for the first pin attempt of the contest.
Bryce rushed the ring and dropped down with a double axe handle smash across the back of Jace Savage to break up the pinfall.

JOHNSON: ”Early pin attempt after a series of quick tags and fluid double team moves.”
VASSA: ”Bryce doesn’t look like he’s ready to let this match slip away yet. Even if his brother is taking an early beating!”
Jace pushes to his feet and moves toward Bryce as the ref tries to herd him from the ring. The two bicker back and forth with the ref standing in the middle. Hollywood sneaks in behind the confrontation and pulls Bayne towards his teams corner. Hollywood drapes Bayne across the bottom rope and steps down on his back while holding onto the top rope. With all of Hollywood’s weight down across his back, Bayne struggles for air. Eventually the ref manages to clear Bryce from the ring and in turn, completely missed the interference from Hollywood. Jace’s eyes light up as he watches Bayne’s labored breathing while on all fours. Jace pulls him to his feet and whips him across the ring. As Bayne bounces off of the ropes, his brother Bryce reaches over and tags him on the back unbeknownst to Jace. On the rebound, Jace leaps into the air and takes Bayne out with a jumping calf kick! He immediately goes for the pin but the referee refuses to count. The two begin bickering back and forth as Bryce stands idly by on the apron.
Jace turns away from the ref and Bryce leaps off of the top rope with a springboard missile drop kick! Hollywood climbs into the ring and tries to curb any change of momentum but is flipped backwards with a back body drop. He pops off of the mat and is quickly clotheslined back down. Hollywood now staggers to his feet and backs up against the ropes. Bryce helps his brother up to his feet and the two lock onto Hollywood. They simultaneously jump into the air and land tandem dropkicks to Hollywood, forcing him to crash through the ropes to the outside of the ring. During all of this, Jace rolled out of the ring to the arena floor, trying to collect himself. Bryce and Bayne stand side by side in the ring for a moment before they charge opposite sides. They each dive through the ropes and take out a member of New Gen Rising with a suicide dive that knocks them back into the security railing!

JOHNSON: ”One simple mistake has turned this match completely upside down!”
VASSA: ”That’s why our tag team division in 4CW is the best in the business! No matter who’s in that ring, a simple slip up could cost a team the match!”
As the pace slows down, Bryce rolls Jace back into the ring and the two legal competitors get things rolling. Bryce hits Jace with a few stiff right hands that back him up towards the ropes. Jace stumbles forward and is immediately dropped with a low dropkick to the shin. Bryce kip-ups and runs towards the ropes. On the rebound he charges towards the back of Jace, hitting him with a shinning wizard to the back of the head as he made it to his knees. Bryce passes on the pin attempt and rolls under the nearby ring ropes. He stands on his feet on the apron and watches as Jace staggers around to his feet, dazed by the knee to his head. Bryce springboards off of the top rope and in mid air grabs Jace with a front face lock, whips around, and plants him with a tornado DDT! Bryce quickly covers his opponent and hooks the leg.
Hollywood reaches into the ring after finally finding his composure. He grabs Bryce by his feet and pulls him off of his partner before the count of three!

JOHNSON: ”I think Bryce had him! If not for Brian Hollywood, this match would be over right now!”
VASSA: ”Great action so far. Fast paced, no wasted movements!”
Bryce stares down Hollywood but decides to stay focused on his opponent. Bryce lifts Jace to his feet and whips him hard into his teams corner. Bryce looks to his brother and the two nod. Bayne moves towards the other ring post and waits for his brother’s move. The two run towards Jace simultaneously; Bryce in the ring and Bayne across the apron. Bryce hits Jace with a running Yakuza Kick in the corner as Bayne leaps and hits a running Enziguri kick to the back of the head. Jace flops forward as Bryce tags Bayne into the match. Bayne climbs to the top rope and looks down at Jace before leaping off and crashing down onto him with a frog splash! Bayne hooks Jace’s leg as he looks for the win.
Jace kicks out the surprise of the New Reign! Bayne quickly lifts Jace to his feet and grabs him with a side headlock. He runs towards the ropes and leaps up, pushing off of the top rope with his feet before spinning around looking for a bulldog. Jace powers his way out of the side headlock and tosses Bayne halfway across the ring before collapsing down to his knees.

JOHNSON: ”Bayne Byson might have gotten a little over zealous with that bulldog attempt.”
VASSA: ”New Gen Rising have been afforded a golden opportunity here. If Jace can tag in Brian Hollywood, they may just find themselves right back in this match!”
JOHNSON: ”The same could be said for Bayne. If he can tag in Bryce before New Gen makes a tag, that failed bulldog could only be a hiccup in route to a victory!”
Bayne and Jace each struggle towards their respective corners. Jace reaches out and slaps the hand of Brian Hollywood. Hollywood charges the ring and moves right passed Bayne, hitting Bryce on the apron with a running big boot! Bryce falls backwards, hitting his jaw on the security railing behind him. Hollywood turns towards Bayne and ducks underneath a poor attempt of a clothesline. Hollywood grabs Bayne with rear waist lock and slams him backwards with a german suplex! Hollywood watches as Bayne struggles up to his feet. He grabs Bayne by his wrist and sends him packing towards the ropes with a hard Irish Whip. On the rebound Hollywood uses Bayne’s momentum against him by grabbing him with hand and slamming him down with a modified chokeslam that he calls the Executive Decision! Brian drops down across his opponents torso and demands for the ref to count for the pinfall.
Bryce fought through the shooting pain in his mouth and moved quickly to the side of ring closest to his brother. He reached in and grabbed Hollywood by the feet, pulling him off to break up the pinfall. Hollywood looks up to the referee and is irate!

JOHNSON: ”A little retribution for the broken up pin attempt from earlier in the match!”
VASSA: ”You reap what you sow!”
Hollywood continues to argue with the referee. Bayne takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Hollywood up with a schoolboy. The ref quickly slides into position to count down Hollywood’s shoulders.
Hollywood kicks out and is quick to his feet. He ambushes Bayne, delivering stiff kicks to the head. Hollywood drops down to his knees and pulls up on Bayne’s head before clobbering him with right hands. He steps away and moves to one of the corners of the ring. Hollywood squats down and watches as Bayne pushes through the assault and rises to his feet. He turns around to find Bayne and gets folded in half with a spear! Brian pops up and runs towards the ropes, spring boarding off of the middle rope and landing across the raised knees of Bayne Byson! Hollywood holds his ribs and crawls towards his corner, allowing for Jace to reach in and tag himself into the ring.

JOHNSON: ”That’s why its called high risk! Hollywood took a gamble with the springboard moonsault!”
VASSA: ”And he’s paying the price. Fortunately for him he made it to his corner for a quick tag.”
Jace climbs into the ring and rushes towards Bayne Byson. Bayne takes Jace down with a drop toe hold. He hops to his feet and moves to his corner to tag Bryce in. Bryce hops over the top rope charges Jace. He lifts him up and ducks under a few wild punches. Bryce kicks backwards and nails Jace with a mule kick that doubles him over. Bryce bounces himself off of the ropes and shoots towards Jace. Jace leapfrogs Bryce and lands on his feet. He turns around and catches up to his opponent. He grabs him with a rear waist lock as the two make it to the ropes. Bryce grabs a hold of the ropes and shakes Jace off. Jace rolls backwards, eventually popping up to his feet. As Bryce turns around he’s caught off guard with a combination from Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage. Hollywood catches him with a super kick as Jace levels him with a superman punch! Bryce drops down to the canvass and Hollywood quickly runs across the ring, taking Bayne out with a forearm shot as Jace makes the cover.

JOHNSON: ”That’s it! What a combination from New Gen Rising!”
VASSA: ”And all that hype with the videos throughout the tag team tournament has come to fruition with a debut win!”
“I Play You Lose” by The Gruesomes takes over the venues audio system as the ref moves to the middle of the ring and raises both Jace Savage’s and Brian Hollywood’s arms into the air.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, via pinfall…Jace Savage…Brian Hollywood…NEW GEN RISING!!!”

As the scene opens, Perry Wallace sits behind his desk with his cell phone held to his ear and a smile on his face… hair and suit still wet from earlier in the night.

WALLACE: ”… I’m finished with him and his services. You promised me a bodyguard that would watch my back and make sure nothing happened to me. You promised me that you would take care of Cashe and squash this little beef I have with him. … No, wait a damn second! … Tatsuhiko has been escorted out of here by a few hired thugs who can handle themselves and do what they’re paid to do. … You’re damn right I paid you! I made you number one contender for his services and he didn’t hold up YOUR end of the bargain. Not only that, you didn’t put your money where your mouth is and now you’re not even capable of competing at Ante Up. … It’s called Ante Up for a reason and you’ve brought nothing to the table but empty promises. … No, I’m finished with this! … You’ll be back? … I hope you do come back and when you do, don’t expect any free handouts. I’m not running a fucking charity! … Yes, it’s like that!”
Wallace’s eyes look up briefly before getting wider, scared of what may happen next. Popping his head through the door, The Red Pioneer interrupts Wallace’s phone call and slowly opens the door further before walking in. Wallace clears his throat before speaking into the phone with relief written on his face.

WALLACE: ”Do what you have to do, rehab, whatever. If you’re up for coming back, AGAIN, then you know where to find me. Don’t expect to be given a free ride like before because you’ve let me down and your boys services are shit. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have business to attend to.” (click)
Lowering the phone from his ear, Wallace tosses it onto the desk before speaking up.

WALLACE: ”Pioneer, you made it! Word travels fast. Please, come in and have a seat.”
The Red Pioneer walks into the office but stops in front of the desk and stands, looking down to Wallace.

WALLACE: ”Sit, stand… do whatever you like big guy! I bet you’re wondering why I have summoned you? Let me explain, I won’t take long. I know you have a big match later tonight and you’re not trying to listen to anything I have to say.”
The Red Pioneer continues to look down at Wallace who kicks back in his chair and props his feet on the desk.

WALLACE: ”Brother… the HBO execs have been all over my ass these last two weeks. At the last event, you and “Young” Mannie nearly killed each other. Hell, you’ve sacrificed your body each and every show since winning the Extreme Television championship. I commend you for that. You’ve done an excellent job and have represented 4CW in ways that I cannot even begin to explain. I love it! The HBO execs… well, they are starting to get a little worried with their investment in 4CW and the health of associated talents.”
The Red Pioneer remains quiet as Wallace looks up at him, waiting for him to say something, but nothing is said, silence.

WALLACE: ”We’ve put you through straight up Hell each and every show since you’ve won that championship. I know you’re a fighter, a champion of champions but they’re starting to fear for your health. Shit, we introduced this championship knowing what could potentially happen. You… you surprised us. We didn’t intend for anyone to hold the championship for as long as you have and I’m sure you don’t intend to give it up anytime soon. So… I’ve been going back and forth with the execs and we’ve sort of come up with a solution but in the end, I told them that I need the current champ, you, to sign off on it.”
The Red Pioneer remains quiet as Wallace pauses, giving him the opportunity to speak up. Still, nothing is said as the silence still fills the air.

WALLACE: ”They want to change the stipulations of the championship. The extreme, bloody, chaos still takes place when defended but the execs want to remove the television stipulation to where you wouldn’t have to defend it at each and every show…”
Suddenly Red lifts his hand to cut Wallace off, and on cue Perry stops talking. Red takes the 4CW Extreme Television Championship off of his shoulder and drops it onto Wallace’s desk.

THE RED PIONEER: ”So let me get this straight: Because I’ve transformed this title far beyond anything that you and your bosses ever thought would be possible, you want to change the rules? You want to water down my title so that those that come after me won’t have to face the trials and tribulations that I have? You can do whatever you want Perry, but you will listen to me now. As long as this belt is still in my hands, I will never sign off on what you’re trying to sell.”
Perry kicks his feet off of the desk and leans up in his chair defensively.

WALLACE: ”Now wait just a minute Red-“
Before Wallace can say another word, The Red Pioneer slams his fists down on his desk. Wallace leaps backwards in surprise and nearly falls backwards out of his chair.

THE RED PIONEER: ”No Wallace, you listen to me! I’ve done everything that you have asked of me. I have defeated everyone that you have placed in my path. And now; now that I’m on the top of the hill looking down at those who envy my every move; now you want to level the playing field? If you have people dropping out because they’re too scared of the ramifications that come with this title, that’s not my problem. If your bosses are breathing down your neck because they’re worried about everyone else’s safety, once again, that’s not my problem. This is MY title Perry! Mine!”
Red slams his fists on the desk one last time in anger. He leans forward and gives Wallace an evil glare before dropping his tone to a growl.

THE RED PIONEER: ”And if you want it, then you’re going to have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.”
Wallace thinks to himself for a moment as that silence fills the air once more. Choosing his words wisely, Wallace leans back and looks The Red Pioneer in the eyes.

WALLACE: ”You want it? You got it! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. This was thought up to keep you from killing yourself in the first place. I can keep the network happy, after all, this is my company. The fans love these matches, they love you. Hell, I am a fan myself. Do your thing but know this, if these stipulations stay in place, there will be no breathers. You want to defend this belt each and every show, so be it. Just do me a favor… Don’t get yourself killed.”
The Red Pioneer looks at Wallace in the eye. Silence, it consumes the air once more before he turns away and leaves the room. Wallace watches as he exits the room and shakes his head as the scene slowly fades out.


Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a ryhtmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

POWERS:“ From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at 5 feet, 8 inches and weighs in at 208 pounds. He is one-half of “The Dying Breed”, JAIRRR …. HOPKINSSS!!!”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way, and that bright trademark smile that he shows to his cheering fans. He continues smiling as he makes his way to the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, waiting for his opponent.

JOHNSON:“Jair Hopkins this week is looking to make an impact tonight and if he can defeat Shane Borderland, he will definitely make the impact he wants.”
VASSA:“You’re right Jair Hopkins does need a win tonight, but not because he needs to beat Shane Borderland. He needs to prove he has a place in this business!”
POWERS:“From San Diego, California, he stands 6 feet, 4 inches, and weighs in at 243 pounds. He is the Vital Idol, SSHHHAAANNNNEEEE… BBBOOORRRDDDEEERRRRLLLLAAAANNNNDDDD!”
As the lights dim throughout the arena, orange strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva blares through the arena. Shane Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms, and then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

VASSA:“ He’s one of the more arrogant men on the roster, but he has the talent to back it up. Jair Hopkins has a fight lying ahead of him.”
JOHNSON:“Shane Borderland isn’t even fair though, especially the way he completely underestimated Jair this week. It would serve him right to come up short.”

VASSA:“It looks both of these men are watching each other closely!”
As the referee calls for the bell, Shane and Jair circle each other in the ring.

JOHNSON: “It looks like these guys are scaling one another.”
Jair lunges in with a front grapple, but Shane with a knee strike to his midsection. Jair bends over clutching his stomach and Shane lifts him up off the canvas with a gut buster across his knee. Jair rolls over on his side and Shane leans down to pick Jair up to his feet. He whips him into the ropes and Jair rebounds off the ropes with a leaping fist to the forehead of Shane. Shane falls down to the canvas, but is quick to stand back up to his feet. As he hops up to his feet, Jair meets him with a dropkick to his chest.

VASSA:“It looks like Shane isn’t getting room to breathe and that’s exactly what you have to do against an athlete like Shane Borderland.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like Jair is staying on top of Shane!”
Shane rolls up to his feet and Jair tries to whip him into the corner, but Shane uses his strength advantage to send Jair into the corner. Shane runs after Jair in the corner, but Jair gets a jumping boot up to Shane’s face. Shane staggers backwards to the middle of the ring and Jair runs out of the corner, grabbing Shane’s head into a side headlock as he drills him face first into the canvas. He hops up off the mat and he attempts a jumping leg drop, but Shane rolls out of the ring.

JOHNSON: “Nobody was home for Jair Hopkins as he got nothing but mat!”
VASSA:“Shane is now up to his feet first and the odds have shifted.”
He grabs Jair with a reverse headlock and he brings him down with a backbreaker as Jair flops face first on the canvas. Jair pushes himself up off the canvas, but Shane runs and delivers a massive soccer kick to his midsection. Jair clutches his stomach and Shane leans down to pick him up, but Jair rolls him up with a small package, and the referee slides down to the mat.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Jair is going for the cover!”

VASSA:“But Shane was able to kick out of it and he looks completely surprised by the surprised rollup.”
Shane is first up to his feet as he looks down at Jair climbing up to his feet. He grabs Jair’s right wrist and whisks him into the ropes. As Jair bounces off the ropes and takes Shane off his feet with a running leg lariat. Shane goes down and quickly goes over to the corner, jumping on the top rope. As Shane staggers up to his feet, Jair leaps off the top rope with a missile dropkick to the chest.

JOHNSON: “Oh my God, it looks like Jair Hopkins is feeling it now!”
VASSA:“Shane Borderland just had the air knocked out of him with that top rope missile dropkick!”
As Shane is holding his chest on the mat, Jair leans down and lifts him up to his feet. He lifts him over his head and attempts a scoop slam, but Shane slips down his back. As Jair stumbles around, Shane catches him in the stomach with a toe kick. He hooks his head between his arms and drops Jair on his head with a huge DDT! The fans erupt with boos and start to chant “come on Jair!”

VASSA:“The fans are behind Jair Hopkins, but it looks like Shane Borderland is using his power to completely floor the underdog.”
JOHNSON: “The fans look absolutely mortified at what they just saw!”
Shane looks over at the cheering crowd with his eyebrow lifted and he leans down to pick up Jair Hopkins. He grabs him with a headlock and turns him around as he locks in a sleeper hold. As Jair tries to free himself from the sleeper hold, Shane tightens the hold. The referee kneels down and asks Jair if he gives up and he shakes his head. The fans start clapping and chanting Jair’s name as Shane arrogantly locks in the hold even tighter.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Shane is going to try and make Jair tap out right here tonight!”
VASSA:“This wasn’t the way Jair Hopkins expected this match to go, I bet.”
As Jair looks like he’s starting to fade and he starts to fall down to his knee, Shane has a big cheesy grin on his face as he’s beaming from ear to ear. Jair is trying to fight out of it as he starts connecting with reverse elbows to the sternum. Shane’s hold loosens up as Jair continues to lay into the stomach with elbows. As Shane finally breaks the hold, Jair runs off the ropes and takes him down with a head scissors takedown. Shane spins up to his knees and Jair charges at him with a low clothesline to his neck.

VASSA:“Oh My God Jair Hopkins has just exploded on Shane Borderland!”
JOHNSON: “And it looks like he’s not done yet; he’s going up high for a second time.”
As Shane uses the ropes to pull himself up, Jair Hopkins leaps off the top rope and catches Shane with a diving crossbody and he rolls him up into a cover! The referee slides down to the mat and starts slapping his hand on the mat.
Shane gets his shoulder up at the last minute!

VASSA:“I thought we were looking at a winner right there. Jair was so close to putting him away!”
JOHNSON: “Jair Hopkins has a lot of heart Vinny and there’s no way he’s going to give up just yet!”
As Shane lies there for a moment, Jair starts clapping his hands and getting the fans pumped up. Jair runs toward the side ropes and leaps off the second rope with a springboard foot stomp moonsault, but Shane rolls out of the way.

VASSA:“Jair lands on his feet!”
As Jair grabs Shane from behind, Shane capitalizes with a reverse elbow to the face and spins around to the back of Hopkins. He lifts Jair up off his feet and sends him back to the canvas with an enormous German suplex. Jair holds the back of his neck as Shane continues the pain when he drives his elbow into his chest. He stays down on the mat and hooks the leg…

JOHNSON: “It looks like Shane is trying to put Jair Hopkins away.”

VASSA:“Jair Hopkins gets his foot on the bottom rope.”
As the referee tries to back him away from Jair, Shane sprints at him and stomps down on his chest. He starts to relentlessly and angrily stomp down on Jair as Jair holds his chest. Jair pulls himself to the apron and Shane starts to pull him up. As Jair gets up to his feet, he connects with a shoulder thrust to his midsection from between the ropes and leaps over the top rope with a sunset flip bomb. He covers…

VASSA:“And oh no, Shane just kicked out of it!”
JOHNSON: “These men are giving it all they have!”
Shane holds his chest as he starts to climb up to his feet and about halfway up to his feet, Jair runs at him and connects with a swinging neckbreaker. He wastes no time and starts up to the top rope. He climbs up with his back toward to Shane as the fans are continuing to chant Jair’s name.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Jair Hopkins is going up high again Vinny!”
As Jair looks over his shoulder, he leaps backwards off the top rope and attempts to plant a top rope moonsault.

VASSA:“Shane gets his knees up!”
Jair holds his midsection as he trundles around the mat in pain. Shane kneels up and he looks over at Jair who is in a lot of pain right now. He pushes himself up off the mat and walks over to him and he leans down to pick him up. He grabs him with a front grapple and he connects with a swing snapmare driver.

VASSA:“Shane Borderland has just planted him with the Infusion!”
JOHNSON:“Jair Hopkins doesn’t look like he’s moving!”
Shane kneels over Jair and just before he covers, he yells at the referee that he belter count correctly. He grabs both legs of Jair and hooks them as the referee slides down to the canvas.

VASSA:“It looks like Shane is going to escape with the victory.”

JOHNSON:“Call for the bell because he has in fact defeated Jair Hopkins, but what a fight Jair Hopkins put up!”
VASSA:“Who cares? The point is Shane won and continued his quest for great things in 4CW!”
POWERS:“Here is your winner by pin-fall… SHANE BORDERLAND!”
“My Time to Shine” hits over the p.a. system as Shane is met with boo who is helped up to his feet by the referee. The referee tries to raise Shane’s arm, but he yanks his arm away as he storms to the corner. He climbs up to the second turnbuckle and extends his arms open as he taunts the booing crowd.

VASSA:“It looks like this man has found the old Shane Borderland and he’s not taking any prisoners. What does Shane’s future in 4CW hold for him?”
JOHNSON:“I don’t know, but I can tell you this Vinny, Shane is not a man who should be underestimated or counted out. This man is the future of professional wrestling.”
VASSA:“Indeed, he does have a promising future. You have to wonder will the results be the same if Shane and Jair meet in the near future though.”
JOHNSON:“I don’t know, but for right now, Shane is the one standing over, not Jair Hopkins!”

Gurgling, gasping to breath. The sounds of someone in panic is heard as the camera comes backstage in one of the Public Bathrooms. The feet of someone are sticking out of a stall as the gurgled pleas are first heard.

”Ugghghhh HELP!!” *Cough Cough* ”YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME, I’M THE BOS–NO!”
Splashing as the stall shakes some from the struggle. The view comes in sight to see Jason Cashe standing inside of the stall shoving Perry Wallace’s head inside the toilet bowl. Cashe pulls the head back up, hands full of the curly hairs of his Boss. Fighting to suck in air, Wallace whines as he grabs at Cashe to get him to stop. His pleas again come out quick and loud.

CASHE: “Give me what I want, you’re making me do this! You think I want to spend my time giving you a swirly? Give me my match. I want Phoenix and I’m tired of waiting. Just think, I could have made sure this toilet was used before we started. Consider this my last time asking with any care of what happens to you now GIVE ME MY MATCH!!”
WALLACE: “No, I can’t….I–“
His restraint was useless, Cashe plunged his head once again under the surface of the toilet water. Gurgles come as water sloshes around and out, spilling on to the floors. Cashe pulls him up again and Perry Wallace is breathing even harder.

CASHE: “Last Chance…My match? Just say those beautiful words and all this can come to an end..”
WALLACE: “You’re sick..ugghhh, I’m going to throw up…”
He throws up a little, mostly water into the Toilet bowl. Cashe goes to dunk him in his own vile and Wallace screams out.

CASHE: “What was that? Say it clear…”
Coughing up more water, sucking in air to catch his breathing back to normal. Wallace has water dripping at all edges of his face and hairline. He regrettably lets out the words Cashe had been seeking to hear.

WALLACE: “You can have your match, you’re in at “Ante Up” you will get your shot at the Title….Now let me go!”
Releasing Wallace completely, he drops his head laying it on the toilet bowl and lets out a long and deep sigh. Cashe pats him on the back as if to mock the Boss.

CASHE: “Now see, how hard was that huh? You should probably take a shower though…Who KNOWS what ass was sitting and dropping loads in there before your head took a swim. Kind of gross..”
Turning to leave, Cashe flings his hands down towards the tiled floors. Perry Wallace pushes away from the toilets and manages to catch a glimpse at Cashe as he exits the bathroom. Free of anymore attack, Wallace struggles and pulls out his cell phone from his pants pocket as he lays out of the Bathroom stall, sprawled on the floors. He dials a number and places the phone to his wet ear.

WALLACE: “NEVER AGAIN! I won’t be Bullied ANYMORE…Tell him to come…He’s got the job..”
Hanging up Wallace throws his phone and it slides across the floor as he drops his head back and closes his eyes. Not sure of what could happen next.

POWERS: “On the way to the ring, accompanied by Jacinta Perez and Alec Quartermain, he hails from The Commonwealth Of Virginia and weighs in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds…‘THE MAIN ATTRACTION’ “YOUNG” MANNIE!
The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Mannie & his Posse emerge to a wave of boos, Mannie & Jacinta are lead to the ring by Alec Quartermain as Mannie who is wearing his glow in the dark ADIDAS sweatsuit, begins to struct while soaking in the hate. Meanwhile a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is then placed in front of the middle apron as Mannie & Jacinta stride up the steps, while the cameraman then sits on the middle rope before they all enter the ring. Mannie proceeds to now remove his sweatsuit, while Jacinta begins shows off her Referee attire, and Alec just idly stands by in silence awaiting the boos to die down.

VASSA: *Using his hands as a loud speaker* ”Let’s Go Mannie!” *Doing 5 Soft Golf Claps*
JOHNSON: *Looking around the Capitol Theatre* ”What are you doing?”
VASSA: ”What the hell does it look like i’m doing Steve? I’m starting a Mannie.”
The reply from Vinny Vassa has now prompted Steve Johnson to give an equal response to his shenanigans as well.

So while the ‘Two-Man Commentary Team’ continues to bicker back & forth, Mannie & his Posse have just been handed some mics.

JACINTA: *Doing a “Presidential Style Wave* ”Hola Biiiitttttcccchhhheeees! *Twiddling a lock of her hair* So I have a little question to ask everybody… *Surveying the room* Did You Miss Us… Or Nah?”
And just like that in one fell swoop the live audience shouts in unison…


MANNIE: ”Oh that’s real mature people, *Shaking his head* but you know what then again I should of expected such a idiotic reception from “The In-Bred Alps” known better as Salt Lake City!”

MANNIE: ”Let’s get one thing straight Salt Lake City… *Holding up his left trigger finger* The only things that suck around here *Swirling his finger around* Are your Sister Wives!”
JACINTA: ”YAAAASSSSS BITCH! *Throwing her hands up in joy* That’s right… We’re talking to You! *Fingering pointing* You! *Fingering pointing* You! *Fingering pointing* You! *Fingering pointing* You!” *Fingering pointing*

MANNIE: ”Well now that were all re-acclimated with each other, I have some real business to take care of tonight. *Licking his lips* See it was about 2 weeks ago that your ‘Main Attraction’ was involved in not only the biggest match in 4CW thus far, but I was also in the biggest controversial moment to date as well.”
JOHNSON: ”Well Vinny, I actually hate to say this but Mannie may be right. Because around 2 weeks ago he was involved in one of the most intense matches in 4CW history and hey if you don’t believe me folks then check it out for yourself.”
The scene goes from Ringside and right into a clip of the last Episode of Adrenaline’s ‘Co-Headliner’ involving “Young” Mannie Romero & The Red Pioneer.

Pioneer grabs a steel chair that the camera crew is using and folds it up. Mannie swings at him with the parking sign but Pioneer holds the chair up and blocks the blow. He then kicks Mannie in the stomach, forcing Mannie to drop the pole. Pioneer then swings up and over at Mannie…

JOHNSON: ”Did he just do that?”
Mannie catches the chair in his hands, avoiding the head blow from it. He then jerks it out of Pioneers hand. Pioneer then backs up as Mannie takes a swing at him. Pioneer ducks and side steps Mannie. He then grabs another chair being used by the camera crew and folds it up. Just then, Mannie swings at him but Pioneer holds the chair up and blocks the blow. The two then draw back and swing at one another with all of their might, connecting with each others heads at the same time.

After connecting with the simultaneous chair shots, both drop their chairs to the ground and stumble for a slight moment. Both fall to their backs, side by side with an arm draping over the other, Mannie’s barely visible.

JOHNSON: ”They’re both out and covered for the pin.”
The ref drops down to count, taking notice to Pioneer’s arm draped over Mannie’s chest.

VASSA: ”Three? Who the hell just won?”
JOHNSON: ”I have no clue but we could have a new Extreme Television champion.”
The ref grabs Pioneer’s hand and raises it in the air, knocking Mannie’s to the ground before even noticing he had the cover as well.

VASSA: ”The Red Pioneer retains!”
JOHNSON: ”How is that even possible? They both had each other covered for the pin.”
VASSA: ”I guess the ref only noticed Pioneer’s arm over Mannie. The lighting out there is terrible.”
JOHNSON: ”Well this surely is a controversial win for The Red Pioneer. How could this happen?”
VASSA: ”The ref only saw one arm covering the other. Both of their shoulders were on the pavement. Pioneer was lucky in this situation.”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be reviewed…”
VASSA: ”Reviewed? This isn’t the NFL! The ref has already declared Pioneer the winner. He can’t go back on that, not now!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right, Vinny. I can only think that this will be looked at by Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison and possibly a rematch set for Ante Up in Vegas.”
VASSA: ”I guess we’ll just have to wait two weeks to find out what the verdict is.”
JOHNSON: ”Someone get back there and clean these two up, check them over for serious bodily injury. We’ll be right back folks after this short break…”
The scene now returns to Ringside as Mannie & his Posse are looking disgusted by what they just saw now.

MANNIE: *Pointing at the screen* ”Now do you see what I am talking about? I-Was-Screwed-Damn It! Where the hell is that referee? *Pointing to the entrance ramp* I want some Justice and I want it now!”
JACINTA: ”Yeah that’s right Perry, my Papi wants his rematch and we’re not leaving this ring until he gets one!” *Rubbing Mannie’s back with her free arm*
The crowds attention is drawn to the entrance way as 4CW General Manager, Frankie Morrison, struts out from behind the curtain with a microphone in hand. He stares down towards the ring as Mannie, Jacinta, and Alec watch on, whispering back and forth between one another.

MORRISON: ”You know Mannie, I’ve never been one for all this fanfare that you always surround yourself with. Call me old school but I prefer a smash mouth kind of attitude. You feel slighted? You feel like the referee screwed you over? Instead of standing in the ring and bellyaching about it…It’s time to act like a MAN…With that being said, I actually agree with you! Perry and I have reviewed the incident and feel the referee did a piss poor job of getting into the proper position to see that both sets of shoulders were down! He’s being dealt with. And to further rectify the situation, at Ante Up, you’ll get your rematch against the Red Pioneer. If he wins tonight it will be for the 4CW Extreme Television Championship! I hope you don’t squander this golden opportunity!”
Frankie Morrison holds the microphone out towards the ring and tips it towards Mannie and his crew before smirking and turning to the backstage area.

Mannie & his Posse all begin to give Frankie Morrison a Slow Clap as they continue on ranting.

MANNIE: *Smirking* ”Well I finally got what I wanted from the head office, but I’m still wondering though… *Now staring at Jacinta & Alec* What about you two?”
Mannie gracefully bows out of the forefront as Jacinta has now stepped up.

JACINTA: ”Thank You Papi… *Kissing him on the lips* So this week people I was once again placed into a Women’s match as a Special Guest Referee, but unlike some dickhead I won’t make the mistake of allowing a Mis-Justice to happen during my officiating. So I guess that now just leaves you all wondering about what is going to actually happen tonight during the Evening Gown Triple Threat right? *Scanning the Theatre* Well if you’re going to pulling my arm about it Salt Lake; then I guess I will just tell you that there will be a decisive winner; but you can mark my words… If any of those bitches get the slightest idea of trying to fuck with me, *Pointing to herself* then I will have no problem whooping any of there asses, but this message goes out to especially to you Kandi. Because if thought any of that shit from the last show was sweet breeze, then you got another thing coming from The Boss hoe. *Staring into the camera lens* Me and You *Pointing back & forth* We are so far from finished BITCH!” *Blowing a kiss full of Glitter into the camera lens*
“The Loud-Mouth Vixen” has finally backed away from the spotlight as well, when Alec takes the last step into the spotlight too so that he cap things off. However, the reaction that Alec receives from the Salt Lake faithful is much different from Mannie & Jacinta’s as he getting cheered by them.

ALEC: *Looking around the Theatre* ”Nicole-Starr… I’m not sure what has possessed you lately or who has told you to be so foolish with your well being, but you have to be some type of a Bampot to call me out! So because you decide to make such a dumb decision, I have no choice but to Go Through You… Although on the other hand, I am not a total bastard. So I’m going to leave you with two options before Adrenaline number 8, but let me be clear when I say “Two Options” Nicole. *Holding his left trigger & middle fingers* You can ether no-show the event, because I don’t think anyone would personally hold it against you if you did do that.”
SHE WON’T DO IT! *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap* SHE WON’T DO IT! *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap*

ALEC: *Rolling his neck around* ”Or… You can go with Option 2. You can accept my challenge and forgo the Fear of facing me, but I will honestly not be happy about what I’m going to say next because in the skeme of it all Nicole… You-Will-End-Up-Suffering!” *Dropping the mic*
The scene fades as Mannie & his Posse begin to exit.

The scene cuts backstage to Wallace’s office where he sits behind his desk. Across from him a 4CW official sits, Christopher Salieri. Wallace’s face is red as he yells at the top of his lungs in a furious rage.

WALLACE: ”… and after that bullshit decision you made two weeks ago? Come on Christopher! What the hell were you thinking?!?”
C. SALIERI: “I honestly didn’t see Mannie’s arm covering The Red Pioneer. All I could see in that dim parking lot was The Red Pioneer’s arm draped over Mannie. I don’t know what else to say…”
WALLACE: ”Just don’t say anything! Your bogus performance has been the talk of the town over the last two weeks. The HBO execs have been breathing down my neck on how I’m going to make this right. SHIT!?!? We could have a new Extreme Television champion for all we know. “Young” Mannie has made it clear that he’s Very displeased with the ruling of this match. You know how much P.R. work and promotional shit he does for this company? Exactly! You don’t! I just need you to keep your eyes open and be aware of everything that happens in one of our sanctioned matches!”
C. SALIERI: “Yes sir. I will make sure that it doesn’t happen aga…”
WALLACE: ”I thought I told you not to say anything else! Just listen! It’s your job to call these matches exactly how they happen. You let me down two weeks ago. Seriously, for real!”
Wallace stands up from his chair and circles the room, keeping his eyes locked on Christopher.

WALLACE: ”I took a chance on you. Your uncle asked for a huge favor and I took a chance on you. I couldn’t tell him no. I won’t sit here while you make rookie mistakes like this either. We’re striving to be the premiere, main stream wrestling promotion in the country and we’re not going to achieve that with mistakes like this. Chris, I like you. You’re a good kid. Please don’t put me in the position that will force me to upset your uncle. That’s the last thing I need around here. Listen closely. Pay attention to every little detail in that ring, parking lot, where ever! Can you do that?”
C. SALIERI: “Yes si…”
WALLACE: ”Don’t talk, just listen and do. Think about what we discussed and don’t let it happen again. You can leave now…”
Christopher stands up and exits the room as Wallace watches with his hands on his hips. He then turns and walks back to his desk as the scene slowly fades out.


POWERS: “The following is a triple threat evening gown match and introducing first, she is the special guest referee… JACINTA!”
There’s a mixed reaction from the crowd as Jacinta is already in the ring and she’s waving to the fan. She holds her necklace with the logo “Boss Bitch” around her neck and points to it as “The Unforgiven II” by Metallica hits over the p.a. system as the entire crowd stand to their feet cheering.

POWERS: “Introducing the first participant, she is making her 4CW debut and billed from San Diego, California and standing at 5 feet, 7 inches… BRANDY DANIELLE!”
Brandy walks out from the back in a generic black dress and no shoes on her feet as she makes her way down the ramp. As she makes her way pass the fans hanging over the barricade, she high-fives people’s hands as she jolts to the ring. She makes her way to the ring apron and she hops on the apron and steps over the bottom rope. As she dashes across the ring, she makes her way to the far corner and stands on the first rope: raising her arms in the air.

JOHNSON:“Well, it looks like Brandy is absolutely ready for battle, but you have to wonder what is going through her head.”
VASSA:“You know exactly what is going through her head and that’s complete hostility toward Kandi and this match stipulation!”
As the opening of the song starts to play, the video flashes on the tron of a camera panning up a grassy hill at night slowly until it gets to the top, panning from left to right, lightning flashing in the sky as the opening guitar rift plays. Niobe appears on the hilltop, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
Now your nightmare comes to life…’

POWERS: “Introducing next, billed from Los Angeles, California and she stands in at 5 feet, 6 inches… NIOBE MARTIN!”
Niobe comes running out in a tightly fitted white spaghetti strapped dress from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
‘Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never..’
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She pushes the middle of her dress down between her legs as she snarls across the ring at Brandy. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

VASSA:“As much as I like Niobe Martin, I have to say my money is on Kandi Washington, but that doesn’t mean Niobe won’t come in second place.”
JOHNSON:“Niobe definitely has the heart and experience, we will just have to see who is going to be the last woman standing with her gown.
The lights die down and the fans begin to boo as “Let Dem Hoes Fight” by Trina blasts out from the DJ’s sound system as the black entrance curtains wiggle open. Kandi Washington holds the bottom of her beautiful black lace dress and struts out to the top of the ramp in a pair of five inch heels. She poses and starts to flip through her hair as the fans start to boo.

POWERS: “And finally, introducing the Queen Bitch of 4CW, she is from Las Vegas, Nevada and standing in at 5 feet, 5 inches… KANDI WASHINGTON!”
She continues to strut down the ramp as she plays with her hair, passing the booing fans reaching over the barricade to touch her as she makes her way to the ringside area. Jacinta, Brandy, and Niobe are all staring her down as she makes her way to the bottom of the ramp. She dusts her dress off as she turns toward the steel stairs. She starts to strut up them and extends her hand to the top of the turnbuckle and walks along the apron. She struts over to the middle of the apron and ducks down as she steps over the bottom rope. She enters the ring as she raises her arms and twirls around in a circle as she shines in the moment.

VASSA:“Can you believe how much these other women absolutely hate her!? Kandi is the taking names and kicking ass wherever she goes! She’s going to continue to be the Queen Bitch of 4CW, period!”
JOHNSON:“I don’t know Vinny because it looks like the odds are stacked against her. It looks like it might be a 3 on 1 event for her, so I hope for your sake, Kandi believes in miracles.”
As soon as the bell rings Brandy charges at Kandi and takes her to the mat with a spear. She gives her a few right hands across the side of the head before rising back up to her feet. Brandy throws her arms out to the side to taunt the crowd, but her taunt is cut short when Niobe drops her with a short arm clothesline. Kandi rolls outside of the ring and composes herself, and Jacinta follows after her. In the ring, Brandy gets to her feet and Niobe takes her right back down to the mat with a thunderous sit out mat slam.

VASSA:“Oh my I guess we weren’t looking at a two on one. Niobe came out of nowhere with that sit-out mat slam!”
JOHNSON:“It looks like Kandi’s attention is focused on her rival Jacinta!”
Kandi and Jacinta begin arguing on the outside of the ring, almost oblivious to the action taking place inside of it. They both get in each other’s face and theatrically argue with one another, as their arms and hands fly in every direction. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Brandy is back on her feet and Niobe is stalking her. As Brandy turns toward her, Niobe charges in with a flying clothesline, but Brandy ducks underneath of it and catches Niobe with a sit out facebuster as soon as she turns around. She grabs at Niobe’s gown and begins to tug at it, tearing one of the shoulder straps clean off. She reaches for the other side of her gown, but Niobe quickly lands a boot right in her temple.

VASSA:“Oh boy, oh boy I thought we were going to see how kind of panties Niobe wears right there!”
JOHNSON:“Oh Vinny, will you call the damn match and stop worry about these girl’s panties?”
Niobe charges to her feet and catches Brandy off guard with a quick discus back elbow. Brandy staggers backwards into the ropes, and Niobe quickly whips her across the ring. She goes for another leaping clothesline, but once again Brandy is able to duck underneath it. She charges across the ring and springboards off of the second rope. As she comes back toward Niobe, she spins and catches her right across the bridge of the nose with a vicious side kick that sends her crashing to the mat. She grabs Niobe’s gown once more and begins to tear away at it. She tears a big rip across Niobe’s midsection, but once again, Niobe is able to kick Brandy off of her. Outside the ring, Kandi and Jacinta are still busy arguing with one another.

VASSA:“Hey Kandi, don’t worry about her—she’s just jealous of you, baby! Come sit on daddy’s lap!”
JOHNSON:“Meanwhile, it looks like Niobe has completely forgot what the goal in this match was.”
Brandy pulls Niobe to her feet and goes for a running superkick, but Niobe ducks it and drives a stiff toe kick right into Brandy’s stomach. She follows it up with a lightning fast stunner that sends Brandy rolling across the ring. Niobe charges her, but instead of trying to rip off her gown, she mounts Brandy and begins pounding the back of her head into the mat. Somehow Brandy is able to roll sideways and reverse the positioning, and she returns the favor by doing the same. Brandy rises to her feet with a roar, and when she turns and sees Niobe rising to her feet, she quickly moves in and drives a hard knee into her midsection. She then grabs Niobe’s tattered nightgown and throws her out of the ring while holding onto the gown. The tattered remnants peel off of Niobe’s body, and she goes crashing to the floor with nothing to cover her except for her bra and panties to a roar of approval from the crowd.

VASSA:“Niobe got stripped down to her bra and panties! Niobe does have a sexy body!”
JOHNSON:“It looks like Brandy is celebrating in the middle of the ring, but she better keep in mind that Kandi is still in it.”
After watching Niobe crash to the floor next to her, Kandi sticks her hand in Jacinta’s face before sliding into the ring. Brandy is celebrating, and doesn’t even see Kandi walk right up next to her. Kandi drives a hard elbow into the side of her head and grabs her midsection, ripping a section of her gown off with her nails. Brandy staggers into the corner, holding her side, and Kandi wastes no time pouncing on her. She drives a hard boot into Brandy’s midsection and brings her out of the corner with a snap DDT. Kandi rolls through the maneuver, and once on top of Brandy, starts ripping at the top of her gown. Brandy struggles and manages to roll Kandi off of her, and she begins crawling toward the corner.

VASSA:“Kandi is trying to rip the gown off of Brandy’s body and she’s not wasting anytime.”
JOHNSON:“I thought you would want Kandi to lose, so you can see her bra and panties. Ha!”
Brandy begins to pull herself up to her feet with the ropes, and by the time she is able to stand, Kandi is on her once more. Kandi drives a hard knee into her midsection that drops her down to her knees, and she quickly follows it up with a Kandi Kaned roundhouse kick to the back of her head. Kandi grabs Brandy’s gown by the back of her waist and begins to rip at it, but Brandy somehow springs to life and relentlessly fights to get away from her. As she crawls away, Kandi’s grip begins to tear another rip in her gown, this one right above her lower back. Kandi holds up the tattered piece of night gown with a smirk as Brandy scatters across the ring and up to her feet.

VASSA:“Come on Brandy, we all want to see Kandi half-naked, but it looks like Brandy is at a disadvantage.”
JOHNSON:“These two ladies absolutely despise each other because Brandy hates women like Kandi.”
Kandi charges Brandy once again, but gets a hard shoulder in her midsection. Brandy stays on the offensive with a series of hard chops, and she slowly backs Kandi up into the center of the ring. She goes for a clothesline, but the head bitch of 4CW ducks it and reaches back, grabbing Brandy by the neck. She then lifts her off of the mat in a modified chokehold, and Brandy begins to kick and flail frantically. Kandi holds on as long as she can, but as soon as she starts to lose control she whips herself forward, causing Brandy to flip over her and land face first on the mat with a thud.

VASSA:“This one is getting ugly ladies and gentlemen; these two women’s rivalry isn’t going to end right here.”
JOHNSON:“The fans don’t look too happy about that though.”
Kandi’s face lights up with a vicious smile as she taunts the crowd to a chorus of boo. She then reaches down and grabs Brandy’s gown once more and gives a hard tug, bringing it up around her neck. Brandy continues to fight and struggle, but Kandi is relentless in her assault. Brandy lashes out at Kandi, grabbing her by the hair and kicking her in the thigh, but Kandi rips once more on her gown and brings it up over her head and around her arms. As soon as Brandy hears the crowd starts to whistle, she lets go of Kandi, and her gown becomes pulled off all the way.

VASSA:“Brandy Danielle has just lost her evening gown Steve! Do you know what that means!?”
JOHNSON:“Yes, it means Kandi Washington’s tail was saved once again and how lucky was she?”
The bell rings and Kandi holds Brandy’s gown in front of her with a smirk before eyeing her from head to toe. Her face turns bright red in embarrassment and she attempts to cover herself with her hands as she frantically runs up the ramp and backstage.

VASSA:“I was going to say we didn’t get to see Kandi stripped down!”
POWERS: “Here is your winner… Kandi Washington!”
Kandi holds her hands out wide with Brandy’s gown in her hands, and “Let Dem Hoes Fight” starts up. She nods in approval of herself, but from out of nowhere Jacinta hits her in the back of the head with a hard elbow. Catching her completely by surprise, Jacinta is able to grab Kandi’s gown by the bottom and rips it clean off of her in one swift movement to a roar of approval from the crowd.

JOHNSON:“It looks like Kandi Washington has just been stripped down to her bra and panties!”
VASSA:“Woohoo Steve, my wishes and dreams have come true! She won and she’s sexy in bra and panties!”
Jacinta twirls Kandi’s gown above her head with a look of accomplishment and struts around the ring with it. As she turns to face Kandi once again, the Queen of professional wrestling leaps to her feet and catches Jacinta with a brutal toe kick to the midsection. As soon as Jacinta bends over, Kandi grabs two handfuls of hair and spins, tossing Jacinta clear across the ring and sending her rolling under the bottom rope and to the floor below.

VASSA:“Oh my God, she’s even vicious in just bra and panties! Did you see the heights that hair-whip had Steve?
JOHNSON:“I did indeed and it looks like Kandi continues to run through the 4CW’s women.”
Jacinta rises to her feet, holding her hair and backing up the ramp as Kandi leans over the top rope and taunts for her to get back into the ring.

JOHNSON:“This rivalry between Kandi and Jacinta is far from over Vinny.”
VASSA:“I can’t wait until these women get inside the ring against each other.”

Shane Borderland is seen packing up his gear. He zips up the Puma gym bag and he throws on a shirt. He spins around to look at the camera.

SHANE BORDERLAND: “Since my arrival it has been one hell of a ride, I can tell you all that much. I have encountered some pretty good things so far, more are sure to come. But I still haven’t reached that level that I am always talking about. Now it’s time for me to go on and start making that come true.”
He smiles.

SHANE BORDERLAND: “I have only really lost one match since I came to 4CW. Other than that, I have been on top of things and I plan on to keep it that way. Everyone that knew me, well they already knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. But the new people, they didn’t expect to see me rise so quickly. Everyone saw a new man after the match I had with Eric Lee. They seen how far I took it and you better believe that the worst is still to come. Like my first PPV match ever in the 4CW coming up soon.”
Shane winks at the camera.

SHANE BORDERLAND: “Raab and I have always said that it would be a pleasure to meet one another inside that ring, why you ask? Well we are a lot alike, well in some ways. We both will do whatever it takes to beat our opponent into submission and we don’t care who we piss off by doing. All we want is OUR recognition in this sport and we will get it one way or another. Now the way he is prancing around in that mask, that’s a whole new ball game for me. You do whatever you have to Raab to try and maintain your sanity. I know the slump you was in just wasn’t what the doctor ordered, but a beating is rapidly approaching for you.”
All of a sudden we hear the door open and close and in comes Brooke Lockheart. She walks beside Shane and grabs his duffle bag and listens in.

SHANE BORDERLAND: “You can wear whatever you want, dress up however you like, but that isn’t going to change the outcome. I have your number and I can’t wait to give you the match that you have always dreamed about. See Raab, I know how much this match means to you, I really do. You have talked about this match for over a year now, how much you want to step inside the ring with me. Well the time always comes for boys to grow up. At Ante up, you will be stepping inside that ring with a man, a mad man that will do anything for the V. You think that you have slipped into the seventh circle of hell? You have no idea for what you are about to encounter my friend. You have been saying that you have been wanting, needing a real match. Well this is it! You have finally gotten your wish Raab, to bad this won’t be your everyday fairytale ending.”
Brooke smiles as she places her arm around the waist of Shane Borderland and the two begin to walk out of the picture.


The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps himself a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.
“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my wrist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: “Introducing from Houston, Texas! He is the Former 4CW South West Heavyweight Champion!! “THE CHOICE” JAAASSOON CCAAAASSSSHHHE!!”
As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan and roars out to the crowd ferociously. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp. At ringside, he leaps up at the side of the steel stairs, grabbing the ring post and walking alongside the ring apron outside the ropes. He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd. He removes his platinum chain with the “JC” diamond pendant and drops it out to the Ring Announcer as he drags his feet like a bull to get some traction as his music stops playing and he awaits the sound of the bell.

VASSA:“Here is the leader of the House in 4CW who is not only trying to regain the championship he lost to Jason Phoenix in a last man standing match, but he is trying to prove that HIS House is the most dominating.”
JOHNSON:“It’s going to be a tough battle for him: tonight and at Ante Up. However, he is not as unstoppable and untouchable as he likes to claim he is.”
POWERS: “And now introducing his opponent from Tampa, Florida, she stands at 5 feet, 6 inches… ROXI JOHNSON!”
“Help Is On The Way” plays over the sound system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She smiles at the crowd and walks with a bounce in her step as she slaps some fan hands along the way. She pauses from time to time looking around the building. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

JOHNSON:“Roxi has so much heart and she has so much to prove. Roxi Johnson is never willing to go down without a fight.”
VASSA:“Sometimes people have too much pride and that pride just might be Roxi’s downfall. If it doesn’t happen tonight, it will happen at Ante Up!”

JOHNSON:“This one is looking like it starts off in an enormous way as Cashe and Roxi lock up in the middle of the ring!”
Cashe quickly takes control of the match and he spins around to the back of Roxi, picking her up off the mat and body slamming her on the canvas. He then kneels up as Roxi starts to kneel up off the mat. Cashe grabs Roxi front the front and he spins her around with a side belly to belly suplex. He covers…

As the referee goes down for the three count, Roxi manages to get a shoulder up as Cashe looks furious at the alleged slow count.

VASSA:“It looks like Jason Cashe expected an easy win over Roxi Johnson, but it’s not going to work out that way.”
Cashe is first up to his feet and he grabs Roxi by the hair as the referee warns him about hair-pulling, Roxi is up to her feet and slouched over as she starts connecting with forearms to his gut. She forces the hold to be broken and she grabs Cashe by the arm as she tries to whip him into the ropes, but he reverses it. She runs to the ropes and hops on the second rope as she springboards back with a heel kick to the side of Cashe’s face.

JOHNSON:“Did you see that? She just floored Jason Cashe with that springboarding heel kick!”
VASSA:“Roxi is completely unpredictable and she could be our next and first women’s South-western Champion!”
Roxi is up to her feet and as Cashe stumbles backwards up to his, she pushes him back to the ropes and she starts to connect with knife edge chops to his bare chest. After about the fourth, she drives her knee into the front of his stomach and the impact forces Cashe to lean over. She grabs him by the wrist and whips him across the ring. Cashe rebounds off the ropes and he leaps back with a thrusting headbutt!

JOHNSON:“It looks like he took her down with that headbutt, but he might have hurt his head too!”
VASSA:“But it looks like Cashe is the first one to his feet.”
He grabs Roxi up by the red hair as she drags her feet. He wraps her arm around the back of her neck and grabs her tights as she tries to flip her over with a snap suplex, which he succeeds. He leans down and picks her up as he whips her into the corner. Cashe runs at her in the corner and she gets a reverse elbow to the face of Cashe. She hopes on the second rope and as Cashe turns back toward her—she leaps off the second turnbuckle with a front missile dropkick.

VASSA:“Roxi looks like she’s going for the cover!”
JOHNSON:“This could be the upset of a decade!”
Roxi hooks the leg as the referee slides down to the mat:
Jason Cashe gets his shoulder up off the mat and Roxi grips both sides of her hair as she looks horrified. She holds three fingers up to the referee and drops her head down in sadness.

VASSA: “You have to believe Roxi really thought she put Jason Cashe away, but Jason Cashe is not going to give up that easily.”
Roxi gets up to her feet and she runs backwards off the ropes as she connects with a leg drop across his throat. Cashe rolls over to his stomach and holds his neck as Roxi starts to mount him. She locks in a rear naked sleeper hold with body scissors.

JOHNSON: “It looks like she’s going to try and win with submission.”
As Roxi tries to tighten the hold, but Jason Cashe is able to push himself up off the canvas as he slowly gets up to his feet. With Roxi still on his back, Cashe tries to swing her off and loosen the hold, but Roxi holds on for dear life. Cashe grabs her hand and he starts biting down on the top of her hand. As he’s biting her hand, she lets out an agonizing cry and Cashe runs backwards into the corner. As he slams Roxi between him and the turnbuckle, she slides down on the canvas.

VASSA: “That is one way to get out of that hold.”
JOHNSON: “Now it looks like Roxi is in a bad place.”
Cashe leans down and he holds his hand to his head as he’s taunting Roxi to bring it. Roxi checks out her hand before pulling herself up by the ropes. She runs at Cashe out from the corner, he grabs her and lifts her up with a back body drop. She arches off the mat and Cashe runs with a clothesline as she goes back down to the mat. She staggers up to her feet and he whips her into the ropes. As she bounces off the ropes, Cashe runs toward her and executes a running high knee to the face.

JOHNSON: “Now it looks like Jason Cashe has taken back the control of the match.”
VASSA: “Now Jason Cashe is showing the world his relentless side as he connects with mounted punches to Roxi’s face.”
The referee leans down as he warns Cashe about closed fisted punches. Cashe raises his hands up as he steps up off of Roxi. He leans down and lifts her up as she’s pulled up to her feet. Cashe tries to whip her into the ropes, but Roxi reverses it. As Roxi rebounds off the ropes, Cashe charges at her and takes her down with a spear!

VASSA: “Jason Cashe might have just broken Roxi Johnson in half!”
JOHNSON: “He’s now going for the cover!”
The referee slides down to the canvas:
Roxi kicks out!

JOHNSON: “How in the world was Roxi able to kick out?”
VASSA: “It’s that heart why she’s in the South-western Heavyweight Championship’s title picture.”
Jason Cashe looks over at the referee as he’s arguing with him for a bit. Roxi is still on the mat and she’s holding her stomach in pain. Cashe has backed the referee up in the corner and yells at him to do his job. He then looks back down at Roxi who is crawling toward the ropes to help herself up. Jason Cashe makes his way to the corner and he starts to climb to the top rope. As he makes his way to the top, he kneels down as he watches Roxi stumble to her feet.

VASSA: “It looks like Jason Cashe is going to take a page out of Roxi’s playbook and go for a high risk move!”
Jason Cashe leaps off the top rope with a diving axe handle, but Roxi gets a jumping dropkick to his midsection.

JOHNSON: “Oh my God, did you see that bloody counter!?”
VASSA: “I have no idea where Roxi came out with that, but it looks like Jason Cashe is feeling the effects of that one!”
Roxi limps up to her feet and she grabs Jason Cashe’s legs as she starts to lock in a sharpshooter. As she tries to lock in the move, he kicks her off of him and she flies to the second rope. He’s still clinging to his midsection as he staggers up to his feet.

VASSA: “These two are giving it all they can.”
JOHNSON: “I have no idea who is going to walk out from this one victoriously.”
As Roxi manages to take Jason Cashe down with a standing tornado DDT, she kneels up and holds the back of her head when Morgan Alvertez slowly starts to strut out from the back in an extremely short black strapless cocktail dress with knee-high heeled boots. She makes her way down the ramp as both the commentators and Roxi Johnson notice Morgan Alvertez’s presence when she makes it halfway down the ramp.

JOHNSON: “What is Ms. Phoenix doing out here?”
VASSA: “I don’t know, but it looks like she managed to get Roxi Johnson’s attention.”
Morgan Alvertez is on the apron and she, along with Roxi, are exchanging words as Roxi has her back turned. Jason Cashe is kneeled up in the ring and he sneaks up behind Roxi as he rolls her up with a roll up. The referee goes down to the make the count…

Jason Phoenix hops over the barricade and slides inside the ring as he connects with his South-western Championship to the front of Jason Cashe’s face.

JOHNSON: “My God Jason Phoenix has just blasted the former champion with his title!”
Jason Phoenix rolls out of the ring and the referee calls for the bell as Jason Cashe hops up to his feet, wiping his forearm across his face.

VASSA: “It looks like the referee has called for the bell!”
Roxi sits up as she holds her head down. Jason Phoenix is walking backwards up the ramp with his title raised up in the air and his wife at his side.

POWERS: “This match has been ruled a no contest!”


VASSA: ”It’s been a wild and exciting night with everything that has happened and now we finally reach our main event. It’s time for violence!”
JOHNSON: ”These championship matches have become a highlight, a staple for our events and tonight the champ is defending the belt against Lucifer Phoenix.”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago The Red Pioneer and “Young” Mannie took each other to the edge and came crashing down in what ended in a very controversial decision. As we saw earlier, Perry was pissed and had no problems letting the ref know how he felt.”
JOHNSON: ”We also witnessed earlier tonight that “Young: Mannie will in fact get a rematch at Ante Up. Will it be against The Red Pioneer is the question.”
VASSA: ”He’s been successful in defending that belt each and every show since winning it at 4CW 008. These matches have to be taking their toll on him physical so Lucifer could take advantage and pull out an upset over the champ.”
JOHNSON: ”Larry Collins will be our official for this match and it looks like he’s ready to get things started.”
VASSA: ”Mike Powers… you know the drill!”
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is for the 4CW Extreme Television championship and will fall under extreme rules. Our first competitor, coming to the ring out of Miami, Florida, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing five feet, ten inches tall. He is the Anti-Christ… LUCIFER PHOENIX!!!”
“Die” by Slaughterhouse begins to play over the speakers as the lights slowly dim. Lucifer Phoenix walks out from the back as he is greeted with boos from the fans in attendance. Paying them no attention, he continues towards the ring. Once at ringside, he rolls underneath the bottom rope and stands to his feet as he slowly walks to his corner and stares at the entrance way.

VASSA: ”There he is folks, the son of 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion, Jason Phoenix.”
JOHNSON: ”We haven’t seen much from him in the ring but tonight we’ll get to see first hand if he’s anything close to his father, Jason Phoenix.”
POWERS: ”And the 4CW Extreme Television champion coming to the ring out of Prospect, Connecticut. He weighs in at two hundred, seven pounds and stands five feet, eleven inches tall. He is the Harbinger of Serenity… THE RED PIONEER!!!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan blasts out through the theatre as the lights all dim. The Red Pioneer comes bolting out from the back, charging toward the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He runs over to the far corner and leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who is roaring their approval for him before dropping back to the mat, he removes the 4CW Extreme Television championship from his waist and stretches before the match starts.

VASSA: ”Listen to those fans. They love him!”

JOHNSON: ”Although last week was controversial, The Red Pioneer is undefeated in 4CW with the highest winning streak of nine.”
VASSA: ”He’s been on fire since stepping foot in 4Cw and even with the bumps and bruises from defending that strap, I think the momentum will play a huge factor in this match.”
JOHNSON: ”Larry Collins takes the championship belt from The Red Pioneer and holds it above his head. The fans are going crazy!”
Collins walks to the ropes and hands the belt to ringside staff on the floor. As the belt gets placed on the announcers booth, Collins checks with each wrestler to get a nod before signaling for the bell.

As the bell sounds, Lucifer takes off from his corner and charges at Pioneer. He swings with a powerful right clothesline but misses as Pioneer ducks underneath and slides behind him. Lucifer quickly turns around and catches Pioneer in the jaw with a hard left elbow. Pioneer stumbles back a step and without hesitation, Lucifer attacks with a palm strike to the chest. Stunning Pioneer, Lucifer then grabs him by the back of the head and slams it down into his knee as he drives it upward, knocking Pioneer into the air and onto his back. As Pioneer hits the canvas, Lucifer stomps on his right knee and then drops an elbow across his face.

VASSA: ”Lucifer Phoenix is quickly taking charge.”
JOHNSON: ”One can only assume that The Red Pioneer may be a little slow on his feet from these matches lately.”
VASSA: ”Two weeks to heal is more than enough time! I don’t know what Wallace and the HBO execs are talking about.”
Lucifer climbs on top of Pioneer and draws back with his right hand, as he does, Pioneer rolls him up and over. The two quickly get to their feet at the same time and stare at each other, waiting for one to make the first move. Pioneer lunges forward to lock up but gets stopped as Lucifer pokes him in the eye. Lucifer then grabs Pioneer by the back of the head and slings him towards the corner, crashing into the turnbuckle. Just as Pioneer hits the turnbuckle, Lucifer runs at him and nails him in the chest with a running dropkick. Pioneer’s feet shoot off the ground as Lucifer lands on the canvas. As Pioneer holds himself up with the ropes in each hand, Lucifer gets to his feet and sizes him up for a moment. Lucifer then moves in with an elbow but comes up short as Pioneer moves out of the way, causing him to slam down on the top of the turnbuckle. Pioneer then grabs him by the back of the head and slams his face into the top of the turnbuckle, then again, and again. Pioneer then wraps his arms around Lucifer’s waist and pulls him back, driving him into the mat with a German suplex.

JOHNSON: ”Wait a second! The Red Pioneer has turned it around.”
VASSA: ”It was only a matter of time before he did!”
Lucifer quickly gets to his feet only to get met with a standing drop kick from Pioneer, knocking him back to his back. Pioneer then runs at the fallen Lucifer and leaps into the air, coming down with a brutal double foot stomp to the chest. Lucifer rolls over and crawls away as Pioneer looks down at him, stalking. Pioneer then grabs him by the foot and pulls him back to the center of the ring and hooks his leg with his. Dropping onto Lucifer’s back, Pioneer locks his hands around his chin and applies an STF. Lucifer squirms to break free but fails as Pioneer continues to apply the pressure.

JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer has locked Lucifer with an STF! This one could be over before it really gets going.”
VASSA: ”No bloodshed? HELL NO!!! You better break free Lucifer!”
Pioneer doesn’t let up, pulling back on Lucifer’s head with all his strength. The ref drops to the mat and checks in on Lucifer who refuses to give up. A few moments pass and Lucifer begins to turn bright red, fighting with every ounce of energy in his body. Pioneer keeps at it, trying to rip his head off. A few more moments pass and Lucifer refuses to give up. Realizing this isn’t going to end the match, Pioneer releases the hold and then slams Lucifer’s face into the canvas. Pioneer rolls off of Lucifer and climbs to his feet, looking down at his victim .Pioneer then grabs him by the head with both hands and pulls him to his feet. Pioneer hits Lucifer with a European uppercut and then flips him over to the mat with a snapmare setting him up in the seated position. Pioneer then runs to the ropes in front of Lucifer, bounces back and connects with a vicious dropkick to the chops. Lucifer’s head flies back and slams into the mat as the thud is heard throughout the theatre. Pioneer quickly covers Lucifer as the ref drops down for the count…

JOHNSON: ”Although I haven’t seen a lot of Lucifer Phoenix in the ring, I would put money on him not going down that easily.”
VASSA: ”Neither one better go down this quickly, before this match takes a turn for the EXTREME! I want to see pain and agony written over someone’s face.”
Pioneer pushes himself up, driving his fist into Lucifer’s face. He then grabs Lucifer by the head and pulls him up to his feet as well. Suddenly, Lucifer pops up and swats Pioneer’s arms away. He then wraps his arms around Pioneer’s waist and lifts him into the air, running across the ring and driving his back in the turnbuckle. Lucifer then lifts Pioneer up and flips him over the top rope/ Falling to the outside of the ring, Pioneer crashes on the hard floor below and rolls into the steel barricade separating ringside from the fans. Meanwhile, Lucifer ducks under the top rope and climbs on the apron. Pioneer slowly begins to climb to his feet while Lucifer waits, watching his every move. Once to his feet, Pioneer turns to the ring, facing Lucifer only to get surprised as Lucifer jumps from the apron. Lucifer wraps his arm around Pioneer’s head and plants his head into the hard floor with a tornado DDT. Pioneer stops upon impact as Lucifer rolls off and crashes into the barricade, back first.

JOHNSON: ”The Red Pioneer’s ears have to be ringing after that brutal tornado DDT on the outside of the ring.”
VASSA: ”Hell, I think Lucifer managed to take some damage from that move as well.”
Lucifer grabs the barricade and pulls himself to his feet while Pioneer continues to lay there, holding his head from the pain and barely moving. Lucifer takes advantage of the situation and grabs Pioneer by the back of the mask and jerks him to his feet. He slaps Pioneer in the face and then throws him shoulder first into the steel steps at ringside. Pioneer crashes into them, knocking the stack over. The metal covers his body but Lucifer doesn’t let up and quickly grabs him by the mask and pulls him to his feet again. Lucifer then lifts Pioneer in the air and bodyslams him on a corner of the steps, back first. Pioneer bounces off the metal and flips over, falling to the floor smashing his face into the hardness. Lucifer looks down at him, cocky with a smile on his face. He then grabs Pioneer by the back of the head and jumpsuit and lifts him up and stands him to his feet. Pioneer punches him in the stomach, knocking the breath out of him and breaks free. Pioneer then kicks him in the stomach and sets him up, lifting him into the air for a suplex. Lucifer manages to bring his feet back to the floor and then lifts Pioneer in the air and falls forward with him, slamming his stomach over the steps.

VASSA: ”He’s going to kill The Red Pioneer with those ringside steps!”
JOHNSON: ”For a second there, I thought The Red Pioneer was going to turn things around but Lucifer counted back and kept his grasp on control of this match.”
VASSA: ”WAIT A SECOND!!! Lucifer is going for the pin!”
Lucifer covers Pioneer for the pin as the ref quickly drops down with the count…

JOHNSON: ”He kicks out!!!”
Lucifer’s head pops up and eyes the ref with frustration and anger. He quickly gets to his feet and argues at the ref for a moment before turning back to Pioneer, who is still down in the pile of ringside steps. Lucifer picks Pioneer up to his feet and then throws him over the barricade, into the crowd. Pioneer rolls on the floor as Lucifer climbs over the barricade and the fans clear the area as a chant begins to take place…
“4CW!!! … 4CW!!! … 4CW!!! … 4CW!!! … 4CW!!!”
Lucifer picks Pioneer up and punches him a few times and slams his head into the barricade. Pioneer begins to walk along the barricade, parallel to the entrance aisle, holding onto the railing for support. As he gets closer and closer to the entrance stage, Lucifer follows behind, stalking him. As Lucifer preys on Pioneer, something catches his eye from the crowd. A fan in attendance watches with a broken leg, holding himself up with two wooden crutches. Lucifer approaches him and extends his hand out as the fan happily hands him a crutch, using the other to hold his weight up alone. Just as Lucifer turns back to Pioneer, he gets caught with a series of shin kicks. Right, left, right, right and left. Pioneer kicks with fury before unloading with a series of backhand and knife-edge chops. Left backhand, right chop, left chop, right backhand. Pioneer then grabs the other end of the crutch and tries to pull it from Lucifer’s hands. The two struggle for a moment, pulling back and forth. Pioneer then swings Lucifer around with his weight distribution. Pioneer then falls to his back and kicks upward at Lucifer’s hands, causing him to let go of the crutch. Lucifer stumbles backwards and crashes into the barricade, back first. Pioneer quickly gets to his feet and grabs the crutch with both hands before running at Lucifer, and jabbing the arm support in Lucifer’s throat, knocking him over the barricade and into the entrance aisle.

VASSA: ”That was awesome!”
JOHNSON: ”He might have snapped Lucifer’s windpipe in two with that blow.”
VASSA: ”It was either him or Lucifer, he chose Lucifer. If he didn’t, it might have been Pioneer’s throat getting bashed with that crutch.”
Lucifer rolls on the aisle, holding his throat, fighting for air. Pioneer tosses the crutch into the aisle, just a few feet away from Lucifer. Pioneer then hops over the barricade and walks towards Lucifer, picking him up to his feet. Pioneer positions himself to the side of Lucifer and drops him to the metal aisle with a Russian legsweep. He then climbs on top of Lucifer and begins to ferociously assault him with hard rights and left before grabbing his head and slamming his forehead in between Lucifer’s eyes. Lucifer’s head slams against the hard floor as Pioneer looks down at him with no emotion whatsoever. Pioneer then stands to his feet and turns to the crutch just a few feet away. As he takes that first step towards it, Lucifer grabs his foot and jerks it out from underneath him. Pioneer falls to one knee, slamming it in an awkward position against the floor. Lucifer then rolls over and pushes himself up. He runs and locks his arm around Pioneer’s head from behind, leaping and slamming his face into the floor with a bulldog.

JOHNSON: ”That’s going to feel worse than a hangover in the morning.”
VASSA: ”Luckily for The Red Pioneer, he has at least a little bit of cushion with that mask covering his head. I would assume it’s better than not having anything at all.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right, Vin. Either way, it still has to hurt like heck.”
Lucifer gets up and locks his eyes on the crutch just a few feet away. He quickly rushes towards it and picks it up. Turning his attention back to Pioneer, he slowly walks towards him, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Pioneer starts to get up, and makes it to one knee. Lucifer draws back and takes a swing, connect with Pioneer’s right shoulder. Pioneer puts his left hand down, holding himself up. Lucifer then takes another swing and hits his right shoulder again. Pioneer refuses to go down, holding himself up with his left hand. Lucifer shakes his head and then pulls back once more, as he does, Pioneer pops up and runs at run, tackling him in the middle of the aisle. The crutch flies out of Lucifer’s hand and bounces down the aisle before coming to a stop. The two struggle with each other as they roll in the aisle, fighting for control over the other. Lucifer grabs Pioneer by the sides of the head and digs his thumbs into his eyes, the only thing uncovered by the mask. Pioneer grabs Lucifer’s hands and tries to pull them away but doesn’t at first as Lucifer continues to dig. Lucifer and releases his head and pulls back with his right hand, swinging it down like a club and connecting with Pioneer’s forehead. Pioneer’s head slams against the aisle as Lucifer does it again and again. Lucifer then pushes himself away from Pioneer and gets to his feet. As Pioneer goes to get up as well, Lucifer takes a step forward and kicks him in the jaw, flipping him over to his back and knocking him to the floor.

JOHNSON: ”No one has found a weakness with The Red Pioneer yet but Lucifer may be onto something by taking his eyes out.”
VASSA: ”It makes sense. If you can’t see, you can’t defend yourself… unless your other senses are superhuman but we already have one superhero in our ranks.”
JOHNSON: ”Lucifer is going for the crutch again!”
Lucifer grabs the crutch and looks back at Pioneer who is slowly turning to his stomach. Pioneer begins to get to his feet as Lucifer just waits. Once to his feet, Pioneer looks up only to get surprised with a fearsome blow to the head with the crutch in Lucifer’s grasp. As it connects, the crutch explodes into pieces…
Pioneer falls to the aisle and slowly begins to roll towards the ring as Lucifer holds the remaining end of the crutch in his hands. As Pioneer rolls towards the ring, Lucifer follows while still holding the other half of the crutch in his hands. Coming to a stop at ringside, Pioneer lays on his back without much movement at all. Lucifer then stands over Pioneer and looks down at him as he begins to talk trash. Pioneer leans his head forward just a bit, raising it from the floor. As he does, Lucifer takes one more swing with the crutch in his right hand and smacks Pioneer upside the head with it. Lucifer then tosses the broken crutch into the crowd and grabs Pioneer by the head, pulling him to his feet. With pioneer up to his feet, Lucifer grabs him by the back of the head and walks him around the ring, towards the announcers booth. He then runs with Pioneer still locked by his grip and throws him towards the ring post. Pioneer’s head crashes into the outside of the ring post.
Pioneer falls backwards to the floor as Lucifer watches with pleasure. Walking towards the announcers booth, Lucifer grabs an empty chair sitting to the left. He folds it up and then turns around to Pioneer, who is slowly moving on the floor. Lucifer walks over to him and draws the chair over his head before swinging down with it, slamming it into Pioneer’s knee, the same knee that landed awkwardly in the aisle earlier. Lucifer then draws the chair back once more and swings downward again. Still aware of his surroundings, Pioneer pops his other leg in the air, kicking the chair with his foot.
Pioneer kicks the chair back into Lucifer’s face, knocking him backwards and crashing into the front of the announcers booth.

VASSA: ”Watch out now!”
JOHNSON: ”I am watching! We have the best view in the house!”
Pioneer slowly gets to his feet, favoring his left knee. Across from him, Lucifer starts to slowly pull himself up, using the announcers booth as leverage. While Lucifer still pulls himself up, Pioneer picks up the chair from the floor and holds it with both hand. He then limps towards Lucifer and tosses him the chair. Lucifer catches the chair, as he does, Pioneer jumps into the air and spins, kicking the chair into Lucifer’s face with his right foot.
Pioneer lands on his left foot and falls to the floor as the knee gives. Lucifer rolls onto the announcers booth as the chair flies into the crowd.

JOHNSON: ”I have a bad feeling about this, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I don’t. I’m loving it!”
JOHNSON: ”I meant for us and our setup we have here.”
VASSA: ”Nothing’s going to happen…”
Lucifer rests on his back, on top of the announcers booth, as the blood begins to slowly trickle from his forehead. Meanwhile, Pioneer fights to get to his feet and limps towards the booth, favoring that left leg even worse than before. Pioneer climbs onto the announcers booth as Vinny and Steve grabs their headsets and back away.

JOHNSON: ”I told you that I had a bad feeling about this.”
VASSA: ”No shit, now I have to stand until they take this fight somewhere else.”
Pioneer pulls Lucifer to his feet but gets surprised with a vicious right uppercut as Lucifer swings upward. Pioneer takes a step back and then swings with a hard right hook that connects with Lucifer’s jaw. Lucifer then swings with a right of his own, connecting with Pioneer’s left eye. The two then begin to trace powerful blows, wearing each other down but remaining on their feet. Lucifer pokes Pioneer in the eye and then swings for the fences with a huge haymaker. At the last second, Pioneer ducks the punch and slides behind Lucifer and pulls his head back, wrapping his arm over his face in the reverse DDT position.

JOHNSON: ”Hold on a second! This could be it!”
With Lucifer’s head in place, Pioneer quickly spins, spinning Lucifer with him, bringing his face down and driving it into the announcers booth.
As Pioneer drives Lucifer down, the table gives and breaks into pieces as the two falls to the ground.

JOHNSON: ”GODDAMNIT!!! Where the hell am I going to sit now!?!?”
The fans erupt in chanting as pieces of the table fly all over the place.
Lucifer lays on the ground, motionless as Pioneer begins to move around and climbs on top of him for the cover. The ref drops to the ground, on top of broken pieces of table for the count.

JOHNSON: ”This one’s over! It’s over! The Red Pioneer has won it!”
VASSA: ”Pioneer wins! Pioneer wins!”
JOHNSON: ”Luckily for you, Vinny, this is our last match of the night so you won’t have to stand for long.”

VASSA: ”I’m relieved to know that. I hate standing up!”
“Save Me” by Damageplan begins to play over the speakers as Pioneer climbs to his feet. The ref grabs the championship from the floor and hands it to Pioneer before raising his arm into the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner and still 4CW Extreme Television champion… THE RED PPIIOONNEEEERR!!!”
Pioneer holds the championship in the air as he walks towards the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope. HE stands to his feet and holds the championship above his head with both hands as the fans break out into another chat…
“PI-O-NEER!!! … PI-O-NEER!!! … PI-O-NEER!!! … PI-O-NEER!!! … PI-O-NEER!!!”
As Pioneer celebrates inside of the ring, the fans burst into boos at the entrance of the entire Power Trip stable, minus their leader.The group rushes down to the ring, Christian Taylor and Mike Smith maneuver around each side of the ring, surrounding Red. Morgan Alvertez and Crystal Taylor slide into the ring and begin to shout out orders to their counterparts. Red looks around at his sides, completely ignoring the two women. On the outside of the ring, Lucifer is now back on his feet and he grabs a steel chair from out of the wreckage where the announcers table used to be. He slides in behind Red, and when he turns, Lucifer wastes no time jabbing him in the ribs with the steel chair. Red drops to one knee, and both Mike and Christian run in from either side before connecting with a running big boot on either side of his head. Red crumbles into a heap and the three men push him out onto the floor. They all follow him out and then begin to lay the boots to him.

JOHNSON: ”This is disgusting! The Red Pioneer has been putting himself through hell defending that 4CW Extreme Television Championship show after show and now he’s being subjected to a five on one!”
VASSA: ”Well when you’re on top there’s a huge target painted on your back. It comes with the position!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a crap excuse and you know it! They have no business being out here!”
After being beaten for over a minute, the crowd explodes into a roar of cheers. Morgan and Crystal turn around just in time to see The House of Sweetness charging the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Thank god someone in the back isn’t going to stand for this!”
Ice and Madison Lewis slide into the ring and quickly take them to the mat with a simultaneous set of spears followed by mounted punches and head slams. Drake Knight and Jake Wakefield charge around either side of the ring and begin to get to work. Jake plants a running superkick in to Christian Taylor’s jaw before picking him up off of the ground and throwing him head first into the barricade. Drake Knight picks Mike Smith up over his head and tosses him back first into the corner ring post, causing him to limply drop to the floor. Drake and Jake then turn their attention toward Lucifer, who has backed up to where the announcer’s table used to be.
As Red slowly makes his way up to his feet, he looks over at Knight and Wakefield before looking over at Lucifer. All three men look over at Red, all in question of exactly what he’s going to do. Lucifer is the first to act, and he charges at Drake with the chair. Suddenly, Red leaps to his feet and spins, sending the chair into lucifer’s face with a leaping calf kick! When he rises he walks over toward Drake and the two men simply exchange a nod with one another. Drake taps Wakefield on the shoulder and the two men go back to work on Beauty & The Beast.

JOHNSON: ”The House of Sweetness is cleaning house! No pun intended…”
VASSA: ”If Jason Phoenix was out here, this would be a whole different story!”
Red looks down at Lucifer, who is covered in blood, and he picks up the chair that he kicked into Lucifer’s face. He opens the chair up and sets it on the remnants of the announcers table and gives Vassa a wink before picking Lucifer up to his feet. Red throws him into a hammerlock and lifts him into a cradle. He looks behind him and then turns slightly before driving Lucifer straight back onto the set up chair with The Unmasking! The chair wraps around Lucifer’s head with a sickening thud, and when Red rises to his feet he rips off his mask. He turns to face Drake and the two man shake hands before exchanging a few words. Max then spins and springboards off of the barricade into the crowd. They surf him through the arena as they echo out simultaneous chants of “Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” and “4CW! 4CW!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s all we have folks! The next time we see you we’ll be live in Las Vegas for the Ante Up Supershow!”
VASSA: ”I know we’ll be there but I’m not so sure about the rest of Power Trip.”
JOHNSON: ”For 4CW I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”…and I’m Vinny Vassa…”
JOHNSON: ”Good fight and good night!”