The camera scans over the packed Coleman Theater as the fans wait patiently for the event to begin. The sold out crowd welcomes us back to home turf, as we leave the north-east behind and conclude the recent tour.
“4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W…”
Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the announcers booth set up at ringside. Adrenaline surges over the theatre as we cut to ringside and the duo kick things off.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome everyone to another Adrenaline as we come back to our stomping grounds and leave the north-eat behind. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”AND I’M VINNY VASSA!!! Let’s get this straight, Steve. We didn’t just leave the north-east behind. We conquered that shit!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s one way of putting it.”
VASSA: ”That’s the only way of putting it. The folks in the north-east haven’t experienced a show that only 4CW is capable of putting on! We have blown up on a national level after rocking the north-east over these last four events.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right about that! After our conclusion of the tour two weeks ago, our social media outlets, online and on demand views have rocketed. We’re slowly but surely becoming a powerhouse in the professional wrestling circuit.”
VASSA: ”I’m glad you’re taking notice, I really am. I couldn’t tell by walking into each and every sold out show we’ve had since Ante Up!”
JOHNSON: ”Smart ass…”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago, in New York, we crowned our first ever 4CW Price champion. Jason Sanity fought his way to a championship by winning the elimination rumble in at the last Adrenaline.”
JOHNSON: ”The show two weeks ago in New York was a monster show for us. Not only did we crown the first ever Pride Champion with Jason Sanity, Jason Cashe successfully defended the 4CW South-West Heavyweight against Roxi Johnson. New Gen Rising successfully defended the 4CW Tag Team championships against American Psychos. Havok successfully defended the 4CW Extreme championship against “Young” Mannie. It was a huge night for us with a championship match dominant event.”
VASSA: ”Congratulations to the defending champions as well as the new Pride champion, Jason Sanity. So Steve, what do we have planned for tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”We have a big night scheduled. Just about every event we’ve hosted lately has been big. First up, we have a new signee, Damien Knight taking on Sativa Neveah and Jett Wilder in a three way. Neveah impressed us two weeks ago with a win over Desmond Crowley, a man twice her size.”
VASSA: ”You did point out that size doesn’t always matter and Neveah proved it! Jett Wilder came up just a little short in the Pride elimination rumble. Look for him to bounce back and get on track tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Then we have a tag match with the All Stars taking on American Psychos.”
VASSA: ”The American Psychos lost a big one two weeks ago in a championship match with New Gen Rising. The All Stars also came up short in a match with The Carnival. Tonight is going to be big for either team. This should be a fun one to watch!”
JOHNSON: ”Kaylyn James Evans will take on Dustin James Holt. Following that, Stefan Raab will face off with Shane Borderland.”
VASSA: ”there is bad blood between Raab and Shane. These two last met with Borderland getting the win as the House turned on Raab, kicking him to the curb. Borderland has been hot lately but so has Raab, who has earned a position in the Fright Night Warzone. I think Raab takes this one in the end with a hard fought match up.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have a hatred for each other and we all get to witness it first hand tonight! Next up, we have another tag team match up. Law and Disorder will be squaring off with The Carnival who has been on a hot streak since stepping foot in the 4CW tag division.”
VASSA: ”The Carnival has steam rolled over the competition placed in front of them without any bumps in the road. Pretty soon, these guys are going to get a shot at the tag team titles.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed they are. We’ve taken notice. The fans have taken tonight. I know Mr. Wallace and Mr. Morrison have to take notice in these two up and comers.”
VASSA: ”I’d be willing to bet that Frankie has his eye on these two individuals. They have been hot here in 4CW. Wallace on the other hand, I doubt he can see past Daysi Doll’s chest to take notice in anything going on within the promotion.”
JOHNSON: ”Fright Night is just around the corner. With a big win tonight, The Carnival should be able to secure a contendership.”
VASSA: ”Indeed they should.”
JOHNSON: ”Corey McCabe is coming of a big win over JTC. He’ll face off against the newly crowned 4CW Pride Champion, Jason Sanity. “
VASSA: ”This will be a non title match but will be a huge opportunity for McCabe to make a name for himself quickly with a win over the Pride Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”Jason Sanity is on a roll and has a massive amount of momentum behind him in this match up.”
VASSA: ”I can see this one going either way.”
JOHNSON: ”Roxi Johnson came up short two weeks ago in a title match with Jason Cashe. She will get another opportunity at the championship as she has already earned her position in the Fright Night Warzone. Tonight, she faces off against Jair Hopkins who has also earned his position in the Fright Night Warzone.”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget that a few weeks ago, Hopkins pulled off an upset win over the South-West champion, Cashe. These two have also teamed together recently and came away with the victory. This should be an interesting match!”
JOHNSON: ”Interesting to say the least. This match has ratings written all over it!”
VASSA: ”Oh yea!”
JOHNSON: ”Then we have another tag match and challenge for the tag team champions. The New Reign will be facing off against New Gen Rising, who is coming off a huge title defense two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”We haven’t seen much of The New Reign. Honestly, I would rather see them in action than have to sit through Havok’s nonsense. I’m not the one booking these shows though so what do I know….”
JOHNSON: ”We’re getting short on time so I’ll wrap this up. Our main event will showcase Jessica Black taking on the South-West Heavyweight champion, Jason Cashe, in a non championship bout.”
VASSA: ”These two have secured positions in the Fright Night Warzone and will test the waters tonight in a singles match. I’m more concerned with what Jessica has going on with Jacinta.”
JOHNSON: ”Of course, you would be! That’s our show for tonight folks. We’ve held you in suspense long enough. Are you all ready?!?!”
The fans pop with cheers.

JOHNSON: ”So are the fans! Lets quit delaying the show and get down to business!”
VASSA: ”Let’s do it.”

The scene opens backstage. Perry Wallace’s office to be more precise. Standing at the entrance is Jason Sanity. He’s dressed in his casual attire, which consists of jeans and a brown leather jacket. And draped over his shoulder is his newly won 4CW Pride championship belt.

SANITY: “You wanted to see me?”
Wallace glances up from his desk.

WALLACE: ”Jason! Come in, come in. Make yourself at home.”
Sanity makes his way to Wallace’s desk. Standing before the desk, he crosses his arms over his chest and glares at the man who signs his checks.

WALLACE: ”First off, let me congratulate you on winning the Pride championship. Tremendous effort. I feel like you’re going to be an amazing champion for us.”
SANITY: “Cut the ass licking routine, Wallace. What the fuck do you want?”
Wallace’s cheery demeanor cracks a bit, but then he forces the smile back on his face.

WALLACE: ”Down to business, then? Alright. I’ve lined up your title defense for Fright Night, and I figured you’d want to be the first to hear about it.”
SANITY: “I’m listening.”
WALLACE: ”Okay, here goes. Jason Sanity versus …”
He pauses for dramatic effect.

WALLACE: ”… Shane Borderland …”
Another pause.

WALLACE: ”… versus Jett Wilder!”
SANITY: “Uh, Wallace? In case you were too busy jerking off in your office at the time and missed it, I already beat both of those guys. You know, to win this belt …”
Sanity taps the shiny belt draped over his shoulder.

SANITY: “… a couple of weeks ago.”
Wallace gets up from his desk, walks around to the other side, and drapes an arm around Sanity’s shoulder. Sanity stares down at it like it’s a used condom.

WALLACE: ”And your match got rave reviews! Fans couldn’t stop talking about it. Show stealer, match of the night, that sort of thing. It was a ratings hit. So I thought, what better way than to recreate that magic at Fright Night!”
Sanity’s jaw clenches.

SANITY: “Did Daysi Doll put you up to this?”
Wallace shows his first cracks of anger at this point.

WALLACE: ”Believe it or not, not every decision I make is made with my cock. Jett Wilder is involved in this match because he deserves to be after his showing at the Pride championship rumble.”
SANITY: “And Borderland? Did his mom pay you a visit, too?”
Wallace’s jaw muscles work. You can tell it’s an effort for him not to blow a gasket at this point.

WALLACE: ”He was final two with you. He almost had you on a couple of occasions. He’s more than deserving of another shot.”
Sanity offers a shrug, as if he’s come to a decision.

SANITY: “If you say so. Alright, I’ll play your game. You want to book me against Wilder and Borderland at Fright Night, so be it. I’ll just prove once again that what I did a couple of weeks ago was no accident.”
Sanity turns away from Wallace, and makes his way to the door. The scene fades back to ringside after he exits the office.

We see the door to Sativa’s locker room slightly ajar. In the room we see Sativa, her boyfriend Burn, and some guy with red hair. They seem to be in the middle of some sort of discussion.

BURN: “…is right babe, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone down there to keep an eye on her.”
SATIVA: “I know it wouldn’t but I can handle myself out there. That slut so much as lays a finger on me I will tear out every drop of silicone and reverse any plastic surgery she has had. Plus her ‘assets’ won’t work on me. I don’t understand how they work on anyone.”
BURN: “Alright, I just don’t want this kid to get lucky and earn that date with you. We don’t need no love struck puppy chasing you around.”
SATIVA: “I know babe, but don’t worry. Even IF he gets his little date I have the perfect thing planned. Don’t worry.”
Sativa smiles and kisses Burn on the cheek. She takes the offered tube to a box vape that is sitting on the small coffee table. She takes a couple long draws on it and then hands it to the other guy in the room. She smiles at Burn again and exhales and heads out of her locker room towards the entrance area.


JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen I’ve always been a firm believer that a wrestling promotion can be measured by the young talent it chooses to showcase to it’s fanbase. With that being said, you can’t help but get excited about the state of 4CW when you look at the card and see a matchup like we have up next!”
VASSA: ”Why don’t you just go in the back and blow the talent scouts instead of sounding like such a kiss ass. Save yourself an ounce of dignity.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sorry that the injection of youth into this company has me excited about what’s on the horizon…”
:VASSA ”I’m excited too. I just don’t see the need to confess it to the world from a pedestal!”
JOHNSON: ”So persecute me for having my beliefs.”
VASSA: ”You’re always so dramatic…”
The bickering duo missed their cue to cut over to Mike Powers who’s caught slightly off guard when the camera crew fades to him in the DJ Booth.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds…from Cincinnati, Ohio…The Jackal…DAMIEN KNIGHT!”
The lights dim as “Masked Jackal” by Coroner begins to play over the PA System and strobe lights start flashing to the beat of the guitar riff, after a few minutes the riff picks up in speed as do the flashes and once the vocals hit Damien emerges from the backstage area with his arms outstretched, he makes his way down to the ring and hops up on the apron before removing his hood revealing a sadistic grin as he stares down the audience before entering the ring ready for his match.

POWERS: ”And his opponent…weighing in at one hundred and thirty-five pounds…from Kingston, Jamaica…the Ganja Goddess…SATIVA NEVEAH!”
The intro to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX starts to play as the theater lights fade down to a green. Fog/smoke starts to pour out of the entrance way as Sativa walks out from the back. She glares at the crowd through half open eyes. A lot of the women are booing and the guys cheer. She stands and poses for about a minute before she heads towards the ring.
First thing’s first, I’m the realest (realest)
Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)
And I’m still in the Murda Bizness
I could hold you down, like I’m givin’ lessons in physics (right, right)
You should want a bad bitch like this (huh?)
Drop it low and pick it up just like this (yeah)
Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris
High heels, somethin’ worth a half a ticket on my wrist (on my wrist)
Takin’ all the liquor straight, never chase that (never)
Rooftop like we bringin’ ’88 back (what?)
Bring the hooks in, where the bass at?
Champagne spillin’, you should taste that

I’m so fancy
You already know
I’m in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I’m so fancy
Can’t you taste this gold?
Remember my name
‘Bout to blow
As she climbs onto the ring apron she slinks along the outside before rolling under the bottom rope. She seductively crawls towards the center of the ring where she gets on her knees and leans back, both hands up middle fingers in the air, and screams.

POWERS: ”And their opponent…weighing in at one hundred and forty-five pounds…from Los Angeles, California…being accompanied to the ring by Daysi Doll…JETT WILDER!”
The lights go dark as the beginning of “My Moment” by DJ Drama hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing as out from the back wearing this weeks designer dress and heels is Daysi Doll who draws some whistles and a few cheers from the crowd as she walks her way down to the ring the camera man following her along the way as the camera seems ready to follow her until Jett Wilder pulls the camera away from her back to him at the top of the ramp, looking at himself in the lens as she pushes the camera away and stands back posing at the top of the ramp with his arms spread wide, nodding his head as the boos now pick up as he walks down with his towel over his shoulders around his neck.
Walking with that swag in his step he gets booed all the way as he heads down the ramp, ignoring the crowd and holding up his arms out at his side as he screams out,
“Its My Moment!” as he walks around the ring where we rejoin Daysi now who is signing stuff at ringside as Jett walks behind her, the camera completely ignoring him for his mother as she signs shirts and other apparel at ringside as Wilder can be seen posing on the top rope in the background as he jumps down disappearing out of the camera angle until the match officially begins.

JOHNSON: ”Jett Wilder has been very vocal these last two weeks about the Pride Championship match. He’s made it known that he feels there was preferential treatment in favor of Jason Sanity and Shane Borderland.”
VASSA: ”The kid did most of the heavy lifting in the match, then those two buffoons took him out and fought it out for the strap.”
JOHNSON: ”So they out strategized the young man. Is that any excuse to throw a temper tantrum?”
VASSA: ”I’m sorry, what did you say? I couldn’t help but stare as Daysi Doll just glided in front of us.”
JOHNSON: ”Forget it. Looks like we’re ready to begin this match!”
The referee stands in the center of the ring and call for the opening bell.
The three competitors begin moving in towards the center of the ring, forming a triangle as they all close the gap on one another. Suddenly Sativa’s attention is drawn to the outside of the ring as Daysi stands pressed against the apron and begins pounding on the canvass, cheering her son on. Knight and Wilder both charge Sativa and squash her with tandem running elbow smashes. Sativa drops down to one knee and the two men begin clubbing the only woman in the match. She arches her back with every smacking blow before finally dropping to her hands and knees. Knight and Wilder pick Sativa up and toss her across the ring towards the ropes. She bounces back and the two toss her up into the air, letting her crash chest first down onto the canvass with a flapjack! Wilder quickly flips Sativa onto her back and tries for a cover.
Damien Knight drags Wilder off of Sativa and drops down for a cover of his own.
Wilder reciprocates and pulls Damien Knight off of Sativa. Knight pushes to his feet and quickly gets nose to nose with the young teenager. Wilder puts both hands on Damien Knight and pushes him back a step. Knight bites the bottom his lips before replying with a shove of his own that’s strong enough to send Wilder into a backwards roll into the nearby corner.

JOHNSON: ”Damien Knight is the much bigger and stronger of the two. He’s going to win that encounter nine times out of ten!”
VASSA: ”But this kid is resilient. He’s not going to let something as simple as a push keep him down.”
Wilder pulls himself to his feet and quickly turns towards the ropes where his mom, Daysi Doll, is standing. Wilder begins pleading his case and pointing at Damien Knight.

VASSA: ”Or maybe he will.”
Wilder turns back towards Damien Knight and charges at him. Knight ducks underneath a clothesline attempt and counters it into a spinning spinebuster! Knight pops up to his knees just in time to catch a standing side kick from Sativa Neveah which was destined for the side of his head. Knight stands up while holding Sativa’s foot. She hops around, being pulled towards the center of the ring. Sativa tries to throw up an enziguri kick but Damien ducks underneath it and allows for Sativa to crash to the canvass. Damien presses the sole of his boot against the back of Sativa’s knee before lifting it up and then stomping it down into the canvass! Before Damien could follow up his attack, Jett Wilder leaps onto his back and tries for a half-assed sleeper hold. Damien reaches up and whips Wilder down with a snapmare tackdown. Wilder lands in a seated position and Damien is quick to deliver a stiff kick right to his spine!

JOHNSON: ”Knight seems to be having his way with his two undersized opponents early on Vinny…”
VASSA: ”They may have to set their differences aside and take him out of this match if either wants to win here tonight…”
Knight pulls Wilder up to his feet and whips him into the corner. He then reaches down and pulls Sativa up to her feet and whips her towards the same corner. Sativa reverses the irish whip and sends Knight barreling towards Jett Wilder. Knight hits Wilder with the Jackal Strikes, a modified running Yakuza kick! Wilder falls forward out of the corner, hitting the canvass face first. Before Knight could capitalize with a pinning attempt, Sativa sneaks up behind him and rolls him up with a schoolboy.
Damien Knight kicks out and quickly rolls up to his feet. Sativa pushes up but before she could stand, Damien Knight pounces on her and grabs her with a front face lock. He viciously beats down on her back with clubbing strikes until she drops down onto her knees. Knight then falls backwards and plants her face first into the canvass with a DDT. Knight shoves her and rolls her out of the ring, quickly turning his attention back to Jett Wilder.

JOHNSON: ”Knight caught Wilder with the Jackal Strikes, and early…”
VASSA: ”But he wasn’t able to take advantage of it. We’ll see how this plays out now that Sativa is out cold on the apron…”
Knight stalks Wilder as he begins to stir around in the corner. He reaches down and pulls Wilder up to his feet by his head. Wilder stomps down on the top of Knight’s foot, breaking free from his graps. Wilder turns and bounces himself off of the nearby ropes, building up momentum for his rolling wheel kick that drops Damien Knight down to the mat. Both men bounce off of the canvass, Knight pressing down on the side of his face. Wilder runs passed Knight before he removes his hand from his face and rebounds off of the ropes, approaching him from behind. He drives Knight face first into the mat with a running bulldog! Daysi Doll applauds from ringside and shouts for Wilder to make the cover.
Knight kicks out, tossing the young man aside with ease before sitting upright.

JOHNSON: ”And just like that the tables have turned!”
VASSA: ”And it may not be getting better for Damien Knight. Sativa is up on the apron and fire burns in her eyes!”
Sativa climbs the nearest corner and sits perched on the top turnbuckle, waiting as Damien Knight begins to rise to his feet. Damien stands and turns towards Sativa who catches him with a missile drop kick. As Damien falls backwards, Jett Wilder runs towards him and kicks him in the back of the head with his trademark bicycle kick, Gotcha’… Wilder tries to take advantage of the unscripted series of moves that he and Sativa had just hit Damien Knight with and scurries atop of him for a cover.
Sativa drops down with a double axe handle smash onto Jett Wilder to break up the pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”Jett shouldn’t have been so foolish to think that Sativa was going to allow him to pick up the win.”
VASSA: ”He’s young…He’s naïve…what else do you expect from him?”
Wilder stands up to his feet and begins jawing with Sativa; the two pleading their case with one another. Wilder turns towards him mother but before he could say anything, Sativa hits him with a series of elbow smashes and backs him against the ropes. She grabs Wilder by the wrist and whips him across the ring. Wilder reverses it and sends Sativa running. On the rebound Wilder twists Sativa through the air and plants her onto his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Wilder steps out of the ring and grabs the top rope with both hands, launching himself over the top rope and down across Sativa’s torso with a slingshot somersault senton! Wilder pops up to his knees and looks to make the cover but freezes as he happens to look down the entranceway and notices Jason Sanity walking down towards the ring, fully dressed in his wrestling gear with the Pride Championship draped over his shoulder. Wilder shouts to his mother and points as the 4CW Pride Champion walks around the ring towards the announce table.

JOHNSON: ”Folks, it appears Jason Sanity is going to be joining us at ringside.”
VASSA: ”What an unexpected surprise.”
JOHNSON: ”First off, champ, congratulations are in order for winning the 4CW Pride championship.”
SANITY: “Thanks. I wish I could say it came as a shock when I won, but then I’d be lying to your face. But don’t mind me. Carry on with your match. I’m just here as a silent observer.”
He matches actions to words, placing the Pride title belt on the announce table, then leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest.

JOHNSON: ”Alright then…You picked a hell of a time to come out here. Jett Wilder just hit a flawless slingshot somersault senton on Sativa and could have been on his way to winning this match…”
Wilder drops down to his knees and begins hammering away at Sativa with stiff right hands while periodically looking up towards Jason Sanity. Wilder stands up and catches Damien Knight charging at him out of the corner of his eye. Wilder leaps up and cuts him off with a Lou Thesz press. Wilder pops right up to his feet and shifts himself down towards Damien Knights waist. He looks out towards Sanity and points directly at him before hitting a standing moonsault. Wilder plops back down on Knight and hooks a leg for the cover.
Sativa once again pulls Wilder off of Damien Knight by his feet to break up the pinfall.

JOHNSON: ”Jett’s head is all over the place. He can’t allow the distractions to knock him off course…”
VASSA: ”You putting the blame on the champ over here? That’s not like you to take shots at the competitors.”
JOHNSON: ”Not at all. If anyone is going to cost Jett Wilder this match it’s himself!”
Sativa and Wilder stand up to their feet and begin exchanging blows. Wilder gets the upperhand by driving his knee into Sativa’s midsection. Wilder turns away and bounces himself off of the ropes, charging at Sativa with a full head of steam. Jett throws his Wildin’ Out running lariat but Sativa ducks. Damien Knight had risen to his feet right behind Sativa before she ducked and became a casualty to the running lariat! Knight gets turned inside out and hits the canvass awkwardly. Sativa quickly leaps up and pulls Jett backwards with a crucifix roll up.
Jett manages to push out of the roll up pin just in the nick of time.

JOHNSON: ”That may have been the closest count we’ve had in this match!”
VASSA: ”Meanwhile Damien Knight looks like he’s seeing stars…”
Damien Knight slowly pulls himself up to his feet and marches towards Sativa and Wilder. Damien grabs each of them by the back of their heads and forces them to collide with one another. They stumble away from each other, Wilder seemingly collecting himself first. He charges at Damien and gets sent overhead with a back body drop. Knight plucks Jett back up to his feet and tucks his head between his legs. Knight lifts Jett up and runs him to the corner, nailing a powerbomb into the turnbuckles! Knight backs himself into the corner opposite Wilder and smiles before running at him and hitting the Jackal Strikes for a second time! Wilder slumps down into the corner and slides under the ring ropes. Jason Sanity stands up from the ring table and collects his 4CW Pride Championship belt. He walks around the ring and stops near Wilder for a moment, shaking his head side to side before returning up the entrance ramp to the backstage area.

JOHNSON: ”This match is still on but I think the champ has seen about all he needed to.”
VASSA: ”That was odd…”
Damien turns around and Sativa is standing their with a devilish grin on her face. Sativa leaps up and snatches Damien with a front face lock before twisting her body and driving him down with a tornado DDT! Knight staggers to his feet and finds himself backing into one of the corners. Sativa steps over and hits his bare chest with a knife edged chop! She whips Knight across the ring to the opposing corner and quickly follows pursuit. Knight manages to lift Sativa up, tossing her over the ropes and onto the apron. Knight steps out and throws a wild right hand that Sativa ducks under and quickly secures the bite of the dragon! The dragon sleeper intertwined in the ropes drew the refs five count.
Sativa releases the hold before the count of five. Knight slumps down to his hands and knees and begins shaking the cobwebs out. Sativa climbs up to the top rope with her back towards Damien and waits as he pushes to his feet before sending him back down with a moonsault!

JOHNSON: ”Sativa looks ready to put an end to this match. She’s hunched over and calling for Damien to stand up.”
VASSA: ”Wilder is just starting to stir around!”
Sativa waits until Damien gets up in the middle of the ring. Damien is doubled over momentarily and Sativa strikes. She charges, flipping herself over Damien with a sunset flip and traps her feet under his arms, flipping Damien down to the mat with a powerbomb!

The ref slides in to make the count as Sativa keeps Damien’s shoulders pressed to the mat.
Jett dives towards Sativa to break the count.
But gets there just a moment too late. The ref calls for the bell and Jett Wilder watches in disbelief as the ref raises Sativa’s arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, SATIVA NEVEAH!!”
JOHNSON: ”What a match!”
VASSA: ”Probably the last person that I thought was going to come out as the winner!”

Natasha and Sydney are standing in the gorilla position waiting for their announcement as they look toward the camera.

HOLLISTER: ”American Psychos, you had a chance to tuck your tails between your legs and run away. However you decided to go ahead with this tragedy that will be your career. It will be tragic to watch you squirm beneath our feet.”
BLANKENSHIP: ”This will finally be our night. Adam and Aiden couldn’t have got this far with the level of their confidence. Our confidence will shoot through the roof and we will take you out.”
TOGETHER: ”It’s time for the COUNTRY FLUSH to finish you off. Welcome to mega stardom courtesy of the All Stars Inc.”
“Shotgun” strikes up through the speakers as the All Stars high five each other while springing through the curtains.


JOHNSON:” Two teams seemingly on the downfall face off tonight. The American Psychos vs. the All Stars. “
VASSA:” The All Stars never really got going and ever since their debut, the Psychos have fallen by the waste side. “
JOHNSON:” Absolutely. The Psychos will look to get back on track and with the benching of Scott and Grant, Hollister and Blankenship will make the start. “
POWERS:” The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Jai Knightly and Jax Waverly…The American Psychos!!”
The heartbeat of the music can be heard pumping through the arena as the lights beat to its rhythm. The drums get louder and switch to a different tune as Jai Knightly and Jax Waverly appear at the top of the entrance. They look around at the fans with sadistic smiles before beginning their slow walk to the ring.
Jax and Jai reach the base of the ring, as the boos continue to file in, followed by some surprising cheers. Jax ascends the ring steps as Jai hops up onto the apron and through the ropes. Jax follows behind him as they choose a corner and look up at the entrance area.

POWERS:” And their opponents, from Atlanta, Georgia…Natasha Blankenship and Sydney Hollister…the All Stars!! “
“Shotgun” begins to play as Sydney Hollister walks out with Natasha as Garry Zane is walking behind them with Felecia and Amy already at the ring. Sydney is waving to the audience as her partner keeps a close eye on her. She hops onto the ring apron while her partner does the same. She jumps into the ring as her partner enters normally. Sydney hops onto the second turnbuckle and poses for the live audience as the song continues to play.

VASSA:” Looks like they brought the entire locker room. “
JOHNSON:” That may be apart of the gameplan. “
Jax Waverly and Natasha Blankenship are the first two in the ring. They lock up in an elbow tie up and Jax pushes Blankenship back into the corner before dropping her to her knees with a kick to the midsection. He pulls her back up and hits a few knife edge chops before sending her to his corner. Jai quickly tags himself in. Jax sends her to the ropes, lifts Blankenship up for a sidewalk slam, Jai gets behind her and they connect with a sidewalk slam, reverse DDT combination. Jai quickly hops up, bounces off the ropes and drops a knee to the face of Blankenship. He wraps his hands around her throat and begins choking her as he looks over at Hollister. The ref pulls him off at a four count. Jai pulls her up, whips her to the ropes, bends over, and looks for a back body drop. Blankenship sees it and kicks Jai right in the chest. Blankenship bounces herself off the ropes, but is immediately hit with a powerslam. Jai hooks the legs.

JOHNSON:” Natasha gets the shoulder up and the Psychos look to be in control early. “
VASSA:” Ya think? “
Jai drags Natasha over to his corner and tags in Jax. Jax puts her into the corner and begins stomping on her face and chest before putting his foot across her throat. The ref reaches another four count and pulls him off. Jax laughs it off before pulling Natasha up and sending her to the corner. He follows it up with a clothesline and looks for the bull dog, but Blankenship shoves him away and he lands on his back. He climbs to his knees and is met with a desperation shining wizard from Blankenship.

JOHNSON:” Did you hear that?! “
VASSA:” She’s gotta make the tag here! “
Both competitors are crawling toward their respective corners. Natasha leaps and tags in Hollister. Waverly makes the tag to Knightly. Knightly enters the ring and is immediately hit with a back body drop. Waverly gets up and he’s hit with a back body drop. Knightly gets up and is taken back down with a hurricanrana. Waverly is met with the same fate and is sent under the bottom rope and to the outside. Hollister stalks Knightly as he gets to his feet and is met with a double arm DDT. Hollister hooks the legs.
Knightly throws the shoulder up as Hollister throws in a few stiff punches. Hollister picks Knightly up and sends him to the corner with a hard irish whip. He staggers out and she puts him back on the mat with a snap suplex. She walks over and tags Blankenship back in. They pull Knightly to his feet, send him to the ropes, and hit a double flapjack. Hollister exits as Blankenship makes another pin.
Knightly gets the shoulder up. Blankenship picks Knightly up and attempts to throw him to the ropes, but Knightly reverses it. She bounces off and knocks Knightly back down with a spinning heel kick. She immediately drags him over to the corner, hops up, and looks for a split legged moonsault, but Knightly gets his knees up. Knightly is able to reach his corner and tag in Waverly who comes in and pulls Blankenship back to the middle of the ring before she can make a tag.

JOHNSON:” The Psychos continue to make quick tags. “
He lifts her up and slams her leg down on the unforgiving canvas. Blankenship sits up, holding her leg as Waverly bounces off and hits her right between the eyes with a front drop kick. Jax picks Blankenship up and sends her to the ropes. Jai pulls down the top rope and she topples to the outside. Jax distracts the ref as Jai stomps on the fallen superstar. He picks her up and tries to ram her head into the ring post, but she falls off the back and pushes Jai face first into the unforgiving steal. She is caught from behind by Jax who has her by a hand full of hair and pulling her back up on the apron. She breaks free and pulls Waverly’s neck down over the top rope.

VASSA:” The Psychos are getting out played! “
JOHNSON:” Possibly outsmarted? “
Blankenship ascends to the top rope, but Jai is on the apron, pulling at her foot. Hollister comes from behind and yanks Jai off and he smacks his face on the apron. Before Blankenship can fly, Jax shakes the ropes, and she falls into a seated position. Jax climbs up with her, but Natasha battles out with stiff shots to the ribs. Jax falls off the top rope and blankenship regains her balance. Jax turns around and is hit with a missile drop kick. Blankenship leaps over and tags in Sydney Hollister. Hollister jumps to the top rope and as JAx turns around, he is met with a diving spear. She jumps into the pin.

JOHNSON:” No! Knightly breaks up the count! “
VASSA:” So close! “
Knightly picks Hollister up and hits a few forearms before sending her to the ropes. She catches herself on the ropes as Knightly runs after her. She flips him over the top rope, but Jai lands on the apron. Jax is now up and runs with a full head of steam at Hollister. She ducks the attack and Jax runs into Jai knocking him off the apron. Hollister rolls him up from behind after the collision.

VASSA:” Jax kicked out!! “
JOHNSON:” I don’t think so! A bit too late! This match is over! An upset?! “

POWERS:” The winners of this match…Natasha Blankenship and Sydney Hollister…The All Stars!! “
VASSA:” Wow! A huge win for the All Stars and the Psychos continue to fall. “
The All Stars exit the ring and reconnect with their team as Knightly slides back in to the check on the disgruntled Waverly.

The cameras cut back to show Dustin James Holt heading towards the ring. He is wearing his trademark black tights with red skull and crossbones as he stops for a brief second.

HOLT: ”In just few short seconds, I am going to show the entire world how serious I am about being the best at what I do. I don’t need anyone to watch my back because ultimately their ones who wind up stabbing you in the back afterwards. Kalyn James Evans tonight will be your last night in a 4CW ring because I am going to end your career. Welcome to your own personal hell. Just remember this all important phrase and you should come out of this match with some of your blood still inside your body. THE PSYCHO COMETH!”
Dustin places one hand on the camera and shoves it out of the way as “Make Things Right” can be heard from inside the theatre. The cameras cut back to ringside as the ring crew get set for his entrance.


VASSA: ”An intriguing match coming up next, Johnson.”
JOHNSON:” Indeed. Disregarding any wins or losses the two have faced, they have looked impressive. KJE had her hands full a couple of weeks ago, taking on the likes of Travis Black and Jair Hopkins. She looked very solid in that match, but came up a little short. Then you look at DJ Holt from that same card and he came out with a win over a very game opponent in Stefan Raab. “
VASSA:” It could go either way and you would have to consider putting the winner into the title picture. “
POWERS:” The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds, from Brooklyn, New York…Kaylyn James Evans!! “
VASSA:”Woo! The Perfect Ten!! “
“What you get is what you see
It won’t take much to get hooked on me
Just shoot me right into your skin
And I will be your heroin..”
“The side effects are sexual are you dying for a taste
The side effects are sexual and I love the way you sayyyy”
The curtains part as Kaylyn comes rushing through and stands there at the top of the ramp with arms wide while spinning around in a slow circle.
“Im your favorite drug, your favorite drug
Just one hit is never enough
im your favorite drug, your favorite drug
you can’t shake this addiction NO!”
Slowly she walks down the ramp towards the ring while ignoring the cat calls from the males in the crowd and the boos from everyone else. Getting to the ring she jumps onto the apron and goes through the ropes before a spotlight hits the center of the ring as she drops down on her knees with her arms spread wide soaking in the reaction from the crowd. Slowly she gets up and prepares herself for the match ahead.

JOHNSON:” Evans getting some calls from the crowd, but she is having none of it. “
The lights inside the theatre where the 4CW event is being held goes down living the entire theater pitch black. A voice comes over the PA System startling the live audience, “He’s here to make things right.” The voice disappears as the room still remains pitch black. That is until, the giant screen lights up with a countdown clock ticking away. Right as the clock reaches zero, a video package begins to play as “Make Things Right” strikes up over the speakers. The double doors in the back of the theater swing open as red strobe lights flutter around the theater. A woman wearing a Chevron pattern Maxie dress walks into the theater first followed by a man wearing his trademark ring attire.

POWERS:” Making his way down the center aisle, first being accompanied to the ring by his wife Jenifer Holt. Hailing from The Medieval Kingdom, weighing in at 238 lbs, he is one half of The Lords of Violence. Please welcome “The Psycho” DUSTIN JAMES HOLT!” “
The couple walk down the center aisle as the crowd in the theater are giving Dustin a standing ovation as he completely ignores them. His facial expressions never change as he marches behind his wife while heading to the ring. Jenifer sidesteps out of the way as Dustin slides into the ring. He stays on the canvas while waiting for his wife to walk up the steel steps. As soon as she touches the ring apron, Dustin pops up and holds the ring ropes open for her. She enters the ring and stops right in the center of it. Dustin climbs up on a turnbuckle, removes his leather jacket and sunshades. He jumps off and lies down on the bottom ring rope while smacking himself in the face.

VASSA:” This guy is nuts. “
JOHNSON:” He can be, at times. But he is three and zero, so I guess it’s working. “
DING!!!! DING!!!
The opening bell sounds and Holt has his back turned and it costs him as KJE rushes him and pushes him into the corner, chest first. Evans stomps at the back of his legs and unloads with body shots. Holt starts to swing wildly with back elbows and a couple connect and it knocks Evans backwards. Evans is met with a boot as she runs at Holt who is now turned around in the corner. Holt hops up to the second rope, dives off, and hits Evans with a tornado DDT. Holt hooks one leg…
KJE gets her shoulder up and Holt doesn’t look surprised. Evans gets up and is met with three right hands followed by a standing dropkick and she hits the mat once again. Holt picks her up from the mat and sends her to the corner, chest first. She bounces off hard as Holt hooks her up from behind and hits a german suplex. Hotl turns his hips, still attached, stands her up, and hits were with another. Holt finishes it up with one more german suplex before making the pin.

JOHNSON:” Another kick out by Kaylyn and DJ Holt is controlling this match after a quick start by Evans. “
VASSA:” I’m telling you, this guy is nuts, but KJE is resilient. Just watch. “
Holt takes a few jabs at Evans as she lies on the mat before standing her upright. He sends her to the ropes, she ducks a clothesline, bounces off the other side, and hits Holt with a huge spear and both competitors are down.

JOHNSON:” And the momentum may have shifted! Huge spear from Evans. “
The official makes it to a five count and both are up in opposite corners. Holt tries to bull rush her, but Evans lifts herself up over him, flips behind him, and rolls him up.
Holt thrusts his way out and doesn’t look happy. He runs at Evans again and she puts his face into the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. She grabs him by the hair, pulls him to the center of the ring, and drops him with a neck breaker. KJE shows some athleticism, flips over on top of him, in a mount and begins throwing rights and lefts until the ref pulls her off. She momentarily gets in the refs face, but regain her focus as Holt heads to the corner. She runs at Holt and hits him with a beautiful kick, straight to his face. He staggers out and she lifts him up for a spinning sit out spinebuster. Shoulders are down and the pin is made.

JOHNSON:” Holt kicks out and the tides have changed. “
VASSA:” KJE is very dangerous when she gets going. We saw that last week, but Holt is a quack so who really has the advantage? “
Evans throws his legs out of her face before bending over him and slapping him across the face. She picks him up, puts his head between her legs, looking for a piledriver. Holt holds onto her legs before lifting her up and sending her over the top rope. She smacks off the apron and onto the outside while Holt gets a little breathing room. He regains his composure as KJE gets up on the outside. Holt runs with a full head of steam, attempts a baseball slide, but Evans dodges it. Holt lands on his feet as Evans swings at him. He ducks it, hooks her up from behind, and connects with a russian leg sweep, and her head bounces off the ground on the outside of the ring. Holt hops back up to his feet and has some adrenaline rushing into his body as he slaps his face multiple times.

VASSA:” He may knock himself out. “
JOHNSON:” This match has been back and forth, just what we expected. “
Holt slides her back into the ring and makes the pin.
KJE throws the shoulder up once again and the count is broken. Holt stands off from a distance, measuring KJE as she slowly makes her way back to her feet. Holt runs at her, looks for the Splitting Headache, but she ducks under it. Holt turns around and is met with a backflip kick from Kaylyn James Evans. Holt hits the mat and KJE drags him close to the corner. She ascends to the top rope, stands atop briefly before connecting with her patent shooting star press.

JOHNSON:” A huge move by Kaylyn James Evans, but Holt just does get his shoulder up! “
VASSA:” Kaylyn can’t believe it and neither can I! “
KJE begins screaming at Holt, taunting him as he gets up to his feet in a daze. She hooks him in the full nelson looking for the KY Bomb, but he throws back his head with velocity and hits her in the mouth and she releases the hold. Holts bounces off the ropes, ducks a clothesline from KJE. He bounces off the other side and catches her with the Splitting Headache as she turns around. Holt lands on top of her.
Kaylyn James Evans throws a shoulder up at the last minute and the match will continue! Holt rolls off of her and they’re both laying on the mat, back to square one. Both competitors slowly get to their feet, in opposite corners. They meet in the middle and begin exchanging left and right hands. Holt gets the upper hand with a knee to the midsection. Kaylyn buckles over as Holt pushes her back in the corner. He unloads with a few shoulder thrusts before sending her to the opposite corner. She staggers out and Holt takes off, looking for the Free Lance Crusader! Kaylyn dodges it and Holt wraps his shoulder around the ring post. He staggers backwards, right into the clutches of KJE. She lifts Holt into the air and hits the KY Bomb! She hooks both legs.

JOHNSON:” Kaylyn James Evans has defeated the red hot Dustin James Holt! “
VASSA:” Wow! A huge win for KJE! “
POWERS:” The winner of this match, Kaylyn James Evans.”
The ref goes to raise her hand, but she just pulls it away, and looks down at the fallen Holt before exiting the ring. Holt sits up, holding his shoulder, clearly upset.

In the back, Wallace sits in his office with Salieri standing in the corner. With the cell phone to his ear, Wallace carries on a conversation with an unknown identity on the other end of the line. Suddenly, the door bursts open as Alec Quartermain kicks through it from the other side. The door swings around and connects with Salieri’s head, knocking him to the floor. Mannie and Alec then rush the room.

WALLACE: ”I’ll call you right back.”
Wallace lowers the cell phone from his ear and sets it on the table. He looks to the corner and notices Salieri out cold before leaning back and placing his hands behind his head.

WALLACE: ”Mannie…”
The smile quickly disappears before Wallace shoots up to his feet and leans over the desk, yelling across the office to Mannie.

Mannie can’t but smirk at Alec as he can’t believe that Wallace would even have the gumption to ask him such a stupid question in the first place.

MANNIE: ”You’ve got to be kidding me right Perry… Because something just isn’t clicking with this whole deal between us anymore; It’s as if i’m ether losing my mind from taking all of these bumps in these Extreme Matches or are you really just that much of a freaking idiot to keep on asking me the same rhetorical question show after show?”
WALLACE: ”Why can’t you put Havok in his place?”
WALLACE: ”Or what? He’s had his chances to put Havok in his place. Havok is the damn Extreme Champion! If he wants the championship back then he’ll have to take it from Havok. So what are you going to do, Alec? OR ELSE!!!”
The “We Dem Boyz” duo of Romero/Quartermain can’t help but share a chuckle after hearing his response, meanwhile Perry Wallace on the other hand looks to be bewildered by their behavior.

The 4CW CEO makes his presence known as he bangs his fist across the desk, which then prompts the laughter of “We Dem Boyz” to stop in dead silence.

ALEC: ”We’re sorry about that Wally, It’s just that we think it’s funny that you believe that you’re untouchable…”
WALLACE: ”Listen here you Scottish Bastard, if you even think for one second of trying to touch me I will-“
“The Glasgow Hooligan” proceeds to snatch The 4CW CEO by the neck of his Bolo Tie as his nose connects with the desk.

WALLACE: ”YOU IDIOT! You broke my nose…”
MANNIE: ”What did you say?”
“The Glasgow Hooligan” squeezes harder on Perry’s Bolo Tie as he still is struggling to break free.

WALLACE: ”Come on, let go of me! You can’t do this to me! I’m the CEO of this promotion damn it! I’ll throw both of your asses out in the streets!”
Mannie nods his head in a slow stride as he has now indicated the serious nature of the matter, Thus Mannie had to respond in a uncharacteristic manner about it.

MANNIE: ”Let him go Alec…”
The massive Scottsman looks to be perplexed by the order as he keeps tightening his grip.

WALLACE: ”Please Stop…I can’t breathe!”
MANNIE: ”I said let him go Alec!”
Alec release his hold and Perry pulls his head away from the desk and takes a step back. He catches his breath for a moment as his face boils over red.

WALLACE: ”THAT’S IT!!! You’re fucking suspended! Both of you pricks! You want another shot with Havok for the Extreme Championship that you couldn’t keep in your possession? WELL FORGET ABOUT IT!!! You need to learn some goddamn respect, so get the hell out of my office and get the fuck out of the building!”
The “We Dem Boyz” duo refuses to budge from the room as Perry snatches his cell phone off the table, so that he can continue letting them know that he means business.

WALLACE: ”You two think that i’m playing? BECAUSE I WILL FIRE BOTH OF YOUR ASSES!”
ALEC: ”You don’t have the balls to fire to me Wally…”
WALLACE: ”What?”
MANNIE: ”Yeah Bitch, Pull The Trigger!”
Just as Wallace goes to unlock his phone, it begins ringing in his hand. He looks down at the screen for a moment in confusion. His eyes then look up at Mannie for a moment before answering and holding it up to his ear.

WALLACE: ”Perry here. … I’m actually glad that you’re calling. I was about to give you a ring myself. … Oh you are? … I see. … WHAT?!?! … NO! … Hold up. … I see. … I guess. … (Wallace cuts his eyes at Mannie.) … Seriously? You have got to be kidding me. … Yes, I can fly out that way Friday. … I’ll see you then. … I mean, I’m not happy but I guess it is what it is if I want to keep this network contract in tact with you guys. … Yes, I will pass th… (click)”
Wallace throws the phone to the desk as rage comes over his demeanor. He then looks up at Mannie who is looking right back at him with a smile on his face.

WALLACE: ”So… That was the network. I have been informed that I cannot suspend you. Give me a damn break, right. Not only that, you’ll get your rematch with Havok at Fright Night.”
As those last words roll off Perry’s tongue, he slowly looks down in embarrassment.

MANNIE: ”I knew you would see things my way Wally, so why don’t you be a good CEO and give me a tune-up match for the next show?”
WALLACE: ”Oh Yeah Mannie, you will get your match…”
MANNIE: ”See that wasn’t so hard, now was it Wally?”
Mannie & Alec proceeds to walk out of the office chuckling as Perry abruptly swipes all of miscellaneous items off his desk onto the floor.

ALEC: ”You have a nice day…”
The door slams behind them when Wallace slowly walks to the corner where Salieri is still out cold.

Wallace then turns around and kicks the trashcan by his desk across the office. He paces back and forth, mumbling under his breath as the scene cuts away.

“Shotgun” is still playing throughout he theater as Vicki Johnson is already standing inside the ring with Natasha and Sydney behind her. Vicki doesn’t seem to be in a real happy mood at the moment.

JOHNSON: ”It has come to my attention that everyone has been criticizing my decision to place both Adam Grant and Aiden Scott on the bench. This decision was not an easy one but it had to be done. Both men were not getting the job done and we needed to get some energy back into the team. If anyone knows anything about sports team then you know substitutions are essential to a teams success. That is what we did here. We pulled Sydney and Natasha off the bench and the fans are enjoying it.”
Vicki pauses for a brief second as she allows the fans to give their appreciation to the group inside the ring. She turns her head toward Natasha and Sydney before continuing.

JOHNSON: ”This new lineup will provide you a fresh look on the tag team division. This is a shout out to every tag team on the roster. We are coming to take your place. There is a new era here in 4CW and we will be the ones to hand out the ROYAL FLUSH.”
“Shotgun” strikes back up as the All Stars stand on the turnbuckles while posing for the live audience. The cameras begin to fade to the back as they begin leaving the ring.

We are about ready for the next match up of the night as Shane Borderland is shown walking through the halls backstage towards the ring for his match getting focused when all the sudden he stops giving a curious look to the side as stopping him in his tracks is none other than Daysi Doll standing in a doorway with a big smile on her face as she walks out towards him wearing tight fitting blue dress the same one she wore to the ring earlier with Jett.

DOLL: ”Hello Mr. Borderland…I don’t mean to stop you on your way to the ring or anything. But I’m sure you heard the announcement earlier, about the Pride title and I just wanted to talk to you…I just think that we have a lot in common. You are a California boy, as are Jett and I. And I just wanted to say that I think you are an amazing talent, so handsome, and just a great member of the roster.”
Borderland can be seen looking past her towards the ring clearly knowing he needs to go but she moves closer to him…Almost too close as she stands right next to him looking him over.

DOLL: ”But just because my son and you are on opposite sides I don’t think that you and I need to be enemies either. My son really looks up to you as one of the leaders in the locker room and he hoped not to be enemies. I mean it’s not like he was the one that beat you for the belt right?”
Messing up by mentioning that Shane’s eyes glare down at her for bringing up that loss last week as she quickly realizes her mistake and tries to dig herself out of the hole considering Borderland’s glare is a more than intimidating one.

DOLL: ”Not that I think Sanity is better then you or anything, in fact I sort of figured you would be the one that would walk out with the belt if not Jett. And if I am being completely honest I hate that someone as talented as you get’s labeled a choke artist because of a few losses here and there. I guess it’s people like Sanity that give you that label when they rub it in forty times before and after the match right?”
Still standing uncomfortably close to him, though whether he minds remains to be seen Daysi looks up at him towering over her as she waits for his response. Shane looks up at her with a smile and backs her up against the wall. He places his right hand, palm on the wall, right next to her face. Standing over her looking down at her as she looks a bit nervous, Borderland a more than menacing man

BORDERLAND: ”Listen Double D, with a remark like that you better be glad that you’re still standing. I just like looking at your assets. Right now I am in what you would call a slump, it will be over very soon. But for you and Jett. Just stay out of my way for now. I know that Sanity and I was last in the rumble. I also know that Sanity hasn’t seen the last of me. But your son might need to find a better role model to look up too. I know I am one of the greatest, so you don’t need to try and inform me. The handsome thing, well that’s another story. But for now, I have something I need to attend.”
A sadistic grin pops up on Borderland’s face as he walks away from Daysi Doll. Heading towards the ring for the next match as we stop to get a view of Daysi up against the wall, looking nervously but stepping away from the wall this perhaps not going the way she had hoped.


The lights dim throughout the theatre, orange strobe lights start flickering everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva hits the sound system.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from San Diego, California, weighing in at two hundred forty three pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is the “Bad Boy”, SHANE BBOORRDDEERRLLAANNDD!!!
Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms, then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

VASSA: “Shane Borderland full of confidence as always! He might have lost that Pride Rumble but this man has ALL the tools to get back there and WIN the Championship. ANY of them if he wanted it. That’s how good Shane can be!”
JOHNSON: “Mmmm…Shane has his issues, we’ll see because every member of this roster has the tools. The trick is to find who uses them best.”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Stefan Raab comes out through the curtain.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Killerplauze” and “The Masked German Monster”, STEFAN RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab stands at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. He then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up to ringside and the stare down begins. Slowly Raab moves to the corner stairs leading to the ring apron and begins to climb them. Walking along the ring apron, The referee is standing in front of Borderland trying to keep him calm before the bell. No sooner as Raab dips down through the middle rope to enter the ring, Shane rushes across the ring to attack. The referee quickly signaling for the bell.

JOHNSON: “This one is getting heavy hitting right out the gate!”
Keeping Raab bent over, Borderland pounds down with a sledgehammer forearm into Raab’s back. Getting him away from the ropes, Shane grabs Raab and whips him hard across the ring. Off the rebound, Stefan Raab leaps off his feet as he springs at Borderland crashes into “The Bad Boy” with a Flying Forearm Smash. Borderland stumbles back and falls into the ropes. Hurrying back to his feet, Raab chops Borderland to the open chest.
Borderland snaps and grabs Raab, trading places to put Raab with his back against the ropes and cracks down a loud cracking Open Handed Slap into the center of Raab’s chest. Raab pushes off the ropes and hits a quick thumb to the eye causing Borderland to be disoriented. Hooking both of Borderland’s arms, Stefan Raab begins drilling Shane to the face with Repeated Headbutts.

VASSA: “Have you noticed how much more dangerous Raab is becoming? The man has lost ALL his marbles!”
JOHNSON: “After every loss, every failure, Stefan Raab has become a man lost in his own anger. It’s a scary place to be but it might be much scarier for his opponents.”
Down on his knees after dropping from the headbutts, Shane Borderland hugs at the waist of Raab. Pulled to his feet, Shane is scooped up and Slammed with a Bodyslam square into the canvas. Raab looks pleased with himself as a creepy and evil smile spreads across his face. The fans deafening with boos for both men but Raab gets the louder disliking rumble.
Backing up, Raab falls into the ropes behind him and springs forward at the downed Shane Borderland. He jumps up and goes to drop a vicious knee to Borderland’s forehead but “The Bad Boy” moves and Raab hits the canvas and falls over to his side. Both men stagger to their feet and come in hot with a big punch, they land at the same time. Raab swings big with a wide hook but Shane ducks it and grabs Raab at his side, hitting a sloppy Russian Leg Sweep.

JOHNSON: “With these two, it’s all about who finds that right counter…Hey! Hey! What’s Jason Sanity doing out here?”
Out from the back comes the Pride Champion, Jason Sanity to a large eruption of cheers as he steps out on stage and stares down at the ring. Fans liking him more than either of the hated men competing in the ring. He smiles and begins to stroll down to ringside as the match continues with neither man noticing his arrival to ringside. Borderland up from putting Raab down with the Leg Sweep, spots Sanity as the Pride Champion rounds the ring and steps to the Announcers Table.

JOHNSON: “Well look who’s back!”
VASSA: “I saved you a seat, champ!!”
SANITY: “Thanks again.”
JOHNSON: “So I take it …”
SANITY: “Shh! Silent observer, remember? Pretend I’m not even here.”
JOHNSON: “O…kay. Things have just gotten interesting. Borderland sees our Pride Champion out here and it seems to be distracting him from his match.”
Having moved to the side of the ring near the Announcer’s Table, Shane Borderland mouths off and points at Sanity sitting at ringside. Raab on his feet rushes up from behind Borderland and spins him around before blasting him in the mouth with a huge overhand right. Raab throws a quick right Body Punch followed by a left hook that stumbles Borderland and slumps him back into the ropes. Turning, Raab breaks into a run across the ring.
He forcefully bounces off the far ropes and in a rush comes at Borderland with a villainous look in his eyes as Borderland leans back against the ropes in a daze. Raab rockets off his feet and Spears Borderland hard to the midsection. Borderland folds in between the top and middle rope and both Stefan Raab and Shane Borderland fall out through the ropes and flop down onto the ring side floor. The crowd gasps and break into a “HOLY SHIT” chant as both men lay hurting at ring side.

VASSA: “That hurt just watching it! They might not get up from that bump, this one could end in count out right here..”
JOHNSON: “Raab threw himself into that Spear, he KNEW what would happen!”
SANITY: “Ehh..”
He says as he shrugs his shoulders not really impressed.
The referee gets to the count of 5 as Borderland reaches up and grabs the top of the Announcer’s Table. He pulls himself up and his eyes lock onto Jason Sanity as he gets to his feet.

JOHNSON: “Hey don’t start anything, Vassa can’t stand for too long without sweating!”
Using the ring, Raab gets up onto one knee and lays his head against the ring apron. Borderland spins around wanting to show off, warn Sanity as to what will come to him. Shane snatches up Raab and locks him up for his “Elite Velocity” Wrist Clutch Exploder and hits it, planting Raab hard head first into the ring side floor and the crowd cringes as do the Announcers.

VASSA: “Good DAMN! Borderland might have injured Raab with that, he bounced off his head! Sanity how does that make you feel huh?”
SANITY: “…………..”
JOHNSON: “Well I’m impressed! I think our Champion here is paying attention, Borderland seeks the finish. He learned to hunt his prey with Jason Cashe and it’s a deadly skill to have.”
Rolling a limp Stefan Raab into the ring, Borderland looks back at Sanity before climbing up onto the ring apron and bending down through the ropes to enter the ring himself. He drops down and covers Raab as the referee drops to make the count.
Not wasting time to complain, Borderland pushes off Raab and rises to his feet. Ready to make his next move, he rips Raab off the canvas as well. Turning Raab away from him, Borderland looks to hit his “Spinal Tap” Backstabber but Raab comes alive, reaches back and gets hold of Shane’s head and drops him with his “Killercutter”. The audience goes into a shocking gasp as both men stay laid out on the canvas.

JOHNSON: “I don’t think Shane seen that one coming!”
VASSA: “If Raab doesn’t pin him, this match will continue. It will take more than that to put away “The Bad Boy”.”
Both men move an inch, they come together using the other to get to their feet tied up. Raab goes for a sluggish punch but Shane drives a knee to his midsection. Grabbing Raab by the head, Borderland gets him in a front headlock. He comes alive as he feels the setup for his “Infusion” and twists Raab around, gets them back to back before snapping him around face first into the canvas. Having the match won, Borderland instead looks over at Jason Sanity. The smile on his face expects a reaction from the Pride Champion but none is present. That pisses Borderland off.
Getting to his feet instead of making the cover, Borderland heads to the ropes nearest Sanity and runs his mouth. Sanity just sits there shaking his head at an angered Borderland.

VASSA: “I think he wants you to worry. Shane needs to win the match he’s in and he has Raab beat! PIN HIM!!”
Crawling on the canvas, Stefan Raab moves around in disarray. He shakes off his daze and looks to see Borderland yelling at Jason Sanity. He slowly pushes up onto his feet and wobbles but keeps his balance. He stumbles towards Shane and as he gets up on him, Raab falls to one knee still a little fuzzy in the head from the match. He reaches out, grabs Borderland and drops down, pulling Shane back for a basic School Boy. The referee is quick to slide down to make the count as Stefan Raab pulls the tights, exposing Shane Borderland’s bare ass. The crowd laughs, girls scream cheers.
The roll up is released like an explosion as Raab hurries to get away and slides out of the ring as Shane Borderland pops up enraged. The referee calls for the bell as Shane yanks up his tights and argues with the referee but the decision, the victory belonged to Stefan Raab as Powers makes it official.

Kicking the ropes, mad as can be Shane Borderland curses at Stefan Raab who is backing up the entrance ramp with his arm raised in victory.

JOHNSON: “Travesty…Shane had that match won, would have made this thing between Raab and Borderland out of reach for Raab but now things are tied up! Will we see a third match?”
SANITY: “Such a shame…I expected better..If you’ll excuse me guys..”
Jason Sanity stands up, adjust the Pride Championship over his shoulder and right as Shane turns and locks eyes with him, Sanity walks around the ring and towards the entrance ramp. Borderland going berserk inside the ring as Sanity almost ignores him and heads to the back.

We fade backstage where newly signed La’Renzo ‘Flipp’ Porter stands before the camera dressed in a Mod Sun Tydie Hoodie and Express jeans. He smiles while not getting any reception from the crowd before his hand rises to his dreads and he begins to twist one.

FLIPP: “Ayeee what’s good y’all? I’m La’Renzo Porter but you can call me Flipp.”
He chuckles before clearing his throat.

FLIPP: “Man this my first time doing some shit like this so a youngin a lil nervous on the low, but I thought since being a new signee I’d let y’all get to know bout the boy a lil bit.”
He nodded his head before placing his hands in his pocket.

FLIPP: “First of all though shout-out to them dudes Frankie and Perry for signing me and allowing me to do what I been tryna do. Much love to y’all fellas.”
He places a thumb up before continuing to speak.

FLIPP: “Mannn but I’m excited as hell. I’ve been truly blessed brah and things couldn’t be any better right now. I’m in Four C Dub and it’s some good shit going on down in this company. I’m glad that I’m gone be apart of it man. I’m tryna enjoy the ride just like you guys in the crowd or at home watching the stream right now. I’m looking forward to this ish brah.”
He pauses before smiling showing his bottom gold grill.

FLIPP: “And this shit important to me. It’s allot of people depending on me to make it and actually bring something to where I’m from down in The Matt. I got mouths to feed and bodies to look after. Being in Four C Dub gone help me do that. That’s why I’m so elated in this bitch.”
He pauses once more and throws his hood over his head.

FLIPP: “How can I not be?”
He shrugs his shoulders before jovially smiling.

FLIPP: “And when I debut in Cali I’m gone have allot of fun man. Imma show y’all what I can bring to the table. All the work I been putting in and shit. Y’all gone like what y’all see. Mannnnnn I’m just so ready. I wish I could get in the ring tonight.”
He throws a punch at the camera before laughing once again.

FLIPP: “I ain’t gone hold y’all up any longer though. I know y’all ready to see some more action out there tonight. Imma just leave y’all on this note. Watch out for this dude right here man. Deuces.”
He chunks up the deuces before turning away from the camera and walking down the corridors, the camera cutting back to the ring.

The scene cuts to the locker room area. Gabriel Hartman stands, microphone in his hand, next to Jason Sanity. The new 4CW Pride champion is wearing his usual wrestling attire which consists of black full length wrestling tights, black boots with white laces, and a black hooded sleeveless sweatshirt. He has the Pride title belt draped over his left shoulder.

HARTMAN: ”Jason, earlier tonight Perry Wallace announced that at Fright Night, you’d be defending your 4CW Pride championship in a triple threat match versus Jett Wilder and Shane Borderland. Your thoughts on that announcement?”
SANITY: “At the last Adrenaline, I showed the world who the better wrestler was between myself, Jett Wilder and Shane Borderland. Wilder shot his load early, so to speak, and was nowhere to be found when the title was actually up for grabs, and I pinned Borderland’s shoulders to the mat for the one, two, three. And now Wallace wants round two? No problem with me. I’ll just beat them all over again.”
HARTMAN: ”You didn’t seem particularly thrilled when you first heard about the match. Have you had a change of heart?”
Sanity offers a snort of amusement.

SANITY: “Not exactly. I just decided to look at it from a different angle. When I beat the two stooges again at Fright Night, it will put an exclamation point on the fact I’m better than them. Beating them once proved I’m better than them. Beating them twice proves they’re not even in my stratosphere.”
HARTMAN: ”So can we assume that you showing up at ringside for both of their matches is you doing some scouting for your first title defense?”
The new Pride champion shakes his head.

SANITY: “I don’t need to scout those two jackasses. I already saw them in action and know what it’s going to take to beat them again. No, I went down to ringside for one reason and one reason only.”
HARTMAN: ”And that is?
Sanity raises the Pride championship belt up for the camera.

SANITY: “To remind them of what slipped through their fingers a couple of weeks ago. I wanted both of those guys to see me at ringside with this nice shiny belt draped over my shoulder as a reminder in case they’ve already forgotten that I beat them the last time we set foot in that ring, and to send the message that I’ll do it again at Fright Night.”
HARTMAN: ”Tonight you’re booked in a match against Corey McCabe. Thoughts on your opponent?”
SANITY: “McCabe’s nothing but a tune up for Fright Night. He’s inconsequential to the big picture. But make no mistake, I aim to win tonight and continue my little streak that I’m on. McCabe’s going to make a very nice warm up for when I put my title on the line in just over a month’s time.”
HARTMAN: ”Well, good luck tonight, Jason.
Sanity offers Hartman a lopsided grin.

SANITY: “Save it for my opponent. It’s Corey McCabe that’s going to need luck tonight if he wants any shot at beating me. When you’re as good as I am, skill is what wins you matches, not luck. That’s something Shane Borderland and Jett Wilder learned a couple of weeks ago, and that’s something Corey McCabe’s going to learn tonight.”
The scene fades back to ringside.


JOHNSON: ”You can’t help but wonder when enough is enough. The Carnival keeps adding to their undefeated streak as a team and seem to be living in the shadows of the tag team division…”
VASSA: ”Why are trying to stir the pot Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not stirring the pot. Mike Harrison and Equinox are three and oh as a team. Yet a team like the American Psycho’s keeps getting the spotlight…”
VASSA: ”Well they have their hands full tonight. Travis Black and Raven are two solid competitors…”
JOHNSON: ”But are they that solid of a team? Harrison and Equinox, as odd of a pairing as they are, are a well oiled team!”
Mike Powers flicks a few switches on the board in front of him and presses a microphone up against his lips while standing isolated in the DJ booth.

POWERS: ”The following contest is a tag team contest and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first…weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds, from St Louis, Missouri…The Charismatic Renegade…EQUINOX!!”
Equinox slowly folded in the Umbrella holding it firmly in his hand running down the ramp frantically as he takes a sharp turn to the steel steps running over to them hopping handing the ref the umbrella. He hopped down and landed in the arms of the fans cackling evil as they let him go as he clapped the hands of all the fans before heading back up the steel steps and proceeded to slap the steel steps before pulling up the ring apron and cackling at the thoughts of the chaos that could be caused.
Once he was in the ring he began to unbutton his jacket revealing his new shirt as he let out a bloody scream.

POWERS: ”…And his partner…weighing in at two hundred and twenty-eight pounds…from Blackpool, England but currently residing in Malibu, California…The Lionheart…MIKE HARRISON!!”
“Beast” by Nico Vega can be heard through the sound system and Harrison emerges from behind the black curtain. Upon seeing Harrison the crowd springs into life with cheers that echo around the arena. He stops and stretches his arms out wide taking it all in with a smile on his face. A few moments pass and Harrison makes his way down the ramp to the ring and taps the hands of fans along the way. When he reaches the ring he stops and stares intently at the ring, a moment later he slides under the bottom rope and runs towards the corner of the ring and springs up onto the top turnbuckle. He poses for the crowd as the drums midway through the song begin to get into motion and Harrison closes his eyes. After a moment he drops down from the top turnbuckle and readies himself for combat.

POWERS: ”And their opponents…”
Sexy swinging 70’s sounds courtesy of Nintendo pipe through the speakers. Much to Raven’s annoyance, it’s the theme song of ‘Law and Disorder’ as well as the theme to ‘Starsky and Hutch’ and though she feels it undermines her seriousness, Travis thinks it’s too badass a song to let history strangle. Both their feelings about this are reflected in the entrance, with Travis happily marching out the curtains dangling zebra far handcuffs off his finger while Raven appears with her arms folded looking rather cross.

POWERS: ”…at a combined weight of three hundred and eleven pounds… the team of Raven and Travis Black… LAWWWWW AND DISORRRRDERRRRR!”
Travis turns to Raven and offers her a fist bump with the smile to end a million arguments. Raven tries her best to stay frustrated but she cracks under the pressure. She bumps fists with ‘The Party Crasher’ before breaking out into synchronized sprints to the ring. They slide underneath the bottom rope into the ring and scale opposite corners. Travis dangles his handcuffs for all to see while Raven pulls out the telescopic baton she hopes to use later on.

JOHNSON: ”We’re going to get things underway with Raven and Equinox starting things off.”
VASSA: ”This should make for an interesting pairing…”
The ref steps away from the center of the ring after calling for the opening bell. Raven and Equinox meet in the middle of the ring and quickly lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. Raven breaks out and ducks behind Equinox with a rear waist lock. Equinox reaches down and pries apart Raven’s grip, separating her arms as far apart from one another. He spins around, turning her around in the process and shoves her from behind. She bounces off of the ropes and ducks under a clothesline attempt from Equinox. Equinox rebounds and gets flattened by a dropkick from Raven!

JOHNSON: ”A very stiff dropkick from the young woman from Birmingham, England.”
VASSA: ”Equinox may want to check to see if she knocked out any chiclets with that dropkick!”
Equinox get knocked back towards his corner and before pushing to his feet, reaches up and tags Mike Harrison in. He steps into the ring and is surprised as Raven waves him on. She holds up one hand and points to it, challenging Harrison to a greco roman knuckle lock. He obliges and the two briefly struggle chest to chest before Harrison overpowers Raven and forces her down to her knees. She fights as he wrists are awkwardly bent backwards. Raven reassures one foot on the canvass and pushes up to her feet. Harrison tucks his head under her arms and flips her over with a modified northern lights suplex. He bridges and the ref slides in for the cover while maintaining the knuckle lock throughout the entire maneuver.
Raven bucks her hips and gets a shoulder off of the mat before the three count.

JOHNSON: ”A technical showcase early on in this matchup.”
VASSA: ”Which much to my surprise, Mike Harrison got the best of Raven.”
Both Harrison and Raven rise from their feet. She quickly hits Harrison with an open hand slap to the face that enrages him. He grabs her by her arm and pulls her in for a short arm lariat the flips her around in mid air. She staggers to her feet and Harrison begins unloading on her with a combination of kicks to the midsection and legs. Harrison backs her into a neutral corner and then whips her across the ring. Harrison follows and flattens her with a corner splash. She slumps down to a seated position and Harrison runs back to the opposing corner. He runs once again, leaps up into the air and hit a hesitation dropkick. Harrison pulls Raven out from the corner and hooks a leg for the cover.
Travis Black climbed into the ring and broke up the pin attempt with a boot the the back of Mike Harrison. Harrison jumped to his feet and instead of retaliating, he dragged Raven by her feet towards his corner and made the tag to Equinox.

JOHNSON: ”I think Travis expected Harrison to retaliate. He looks stunned.”
VASSA: ”And now here comes the part of the match we’ve all been accustomed to. Equinox and Harrison will make a series of quick tags, and utilize some unbelievable double team moves to wear down Raven and look for the win…”
Harrison lets Raven stand up to her feet as Equinox climbs up to the top rope. She staggers towards Harrison and he scoops her up before dropping her across his knee with a pendulum backbreaker. Harrison holds her still as Equinox leaps from the top rope and comes down on Raven with a diving foot stomp! Harrison steps out of the ring as Equinox pulls Raven up to her feet and holds her still with a side headlock. Equinox sweeps Raven’s feet out from under her and drives her forward, spiking her head into the canvass with a headlock driver! He flips her over and hooks a leg for the cover.
Travis Black once again breaks up the pin attempt, this time with a double axe handle smash to the back of Equinox. As the ref moves Travis out of the ring, Equinox pushes to his feet and makes a tag to Mike Harrison.

JOHNSON: ”Harrison’s getting back into this match and Travis Black’s frustration continues to grow.”
VASSA: ”Well you know he wants into this match. The Carnival is having their way with Raven…”
Harrison quickly lifts Raven and holds her close as Equinox steps behind. Equinox jumps up and hits an Enziguri kick that is immediately turned into a reverse STO from Harrison! Harrison moves towards his teams corner and climbs to the top rope. He leaps off and nails his variation of the shooting star press, Star Struck!! He pops up to his feet instead of sticking the landing and charges across the ring, hitting Travis Black with a flying forearm smash that knocks him back into the security railing. Harrison turns back towards Raven and hooks a leg for the cover.
The ref stops his count as he notices Raven’s free leg draped over the bottom ring rope. Harrison stands up and turns around right into a right hand from Travis Black. The two begin exchanging blows with the ref trying to pull them apart. Black hits Harrison with a knee to the midsection that doubles him over and then grabs two hands full of his hair and whips him backwards onto the canvass. Black finally backs away towards his corner with both of his hands held up innocently in the air.

JOHNSON: ”This is Raven’s chance to change the tides of this match. Black bought her an opportunity and she needs to deliver.”
VASSA: ”Both are starting to inch towards the respective corners…”
Raven reaches out for her partners extended hand as Harrison watches over his shoulder. He quickly changes course and grabs ahold of Raven by her feet, dragging her towards the center of the ring. She rolls onto her back and explodes up, pulling Harrison down with a small package cradle.
Harrison quickly powers out but before he could spin his head around and get eyes on Raven she had already tagged in Travis. Harrison turns right into an elbow smash from Black. Black backs Harrison against the ropes before throwing him across the ring. On the rebound Black leapfrogs his opponent and then runs behind him and hits him with a cactus clothesline, sending the both of them over the top rope and down to the arena floor! Travis lands on his feet and turns around just in time to see Equinox running across the apron and leaping at him with a crossbody. Travis jumps up and hits a dropkick to Equinox while he’s in mid air!

JOHNSON: ”What a collision!”
VASSA: ”Equinox may have a few broken ribs from that one…”
Travis lifts Harrison back up to his feet and tosses him back into the ring, under the bottom ropes. Black climbs up onto the apron and quickly springboards himself into the ring, hitting Harrison with a flying clothesline. Harrison flattens out on the canvass and Black stands at his waist. Black flips himself in the air and crashes down on Harrison’s torso with a standing moonsault! Travis hooks a leg and tries for the cover.
Travis pushes himself off of Harrison, allowing for a charging Equinox to hit a running senton on his own partner! Equinox gets back up to his feet and turns towards Travis. Travis kicks him in the gut and then hits his sitout jawbreaker, the Tequila Shot! Raven runs over after collecting herself and helps Travis lift Equinox up to his feet. They whip him into the ropes and on the rebound drop him back down to the mat with a double dropkick!

JOHNSON: ”Travis Black and single handedly put his team back into this match. It looked like a foregone conclusion that Equinox and Harrison were going to walk away with this one.”
VASSA: ”Never count anyone out!”
Black and Raven isolate Equinox in the corner and begin stomping away as Mike Harrison pulls himself back up to his feet in the corner. Raven steps out onto the apron for a moment before tagging in and switching places with Travis. She lifts Equinox up and pulls him from the corner. Harrison explodes to his feet, grabs Raven with a rear waist lock as she grabbed Equinox. Harrison powers backwards hitting a german suplex but Raven kept a hold of Equinox and hit a german suplex of her own! Harrison turns to his hands and knees while surveying the damage done. Raven’s holding her head and neck as Equinox rolls under the ropes and falls to the arena floor. Harrison waits for Raven to stand and charges at her, hitting a running high knee that seems to knock her out cold. He passes on the pin attempt and looks outside for his partner.

JOHNSON: ”That could end up being costly. Raven’s out cold, he would have had the pin.”
VASSA: ”You can’t say that for sure. Travis is standing on the apron, watching all of this unfold.”
Harrison slides back into the ring after lifting his partner off the arena floor. Equinox is hunched over, watching as he leans on the apron. Harrison stands in the middle of the ring and calls for Raven to stand to her feet. She begins to stir and pushes up to one knee. Harrison fakes everyone out and hits Travis with a superkick that knocks him down from the ring apron. As he turns back around, Raven marches towards him but gets a boot to the gut. Equinox slides in as Harrison lifts Raven up for a powerbomb. He jumps and hits a double knee backbreaker as Harrison finishes off the powerbomb…

: ”Rise of the Carnival!!”
Equinox charges Law & Disorders corner and climbs up onto the second rope, keeping an eye on Travis as Harrison makes the cover.
Equinox leaps back down and helps his partner to his feet as the ref hoists both of their arms up into the air.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners…Mike Harrison…Equinox…THE CARNIVAL!!”
JOHNSON: ”Another solid performance from Mike Harrison and Equinox. They are still undefeated as a tag team!”
VASSA: ”Alright, maybe they belong in the conversation…”

The anger inside of Dustin James Holt is about boil out of him after his match with Kalyn James Evans. He grabs hold of the camera and sticks his face nearly inside the lens.

HOLT: ”Is that the best you got for someone like me? Kalyn wasn’t even a challenge for me. All she did was call me a itch but that didn’t even stop me from busting her face up. I faced Raab last week and I thought he was holding back. Why in the hell am I facing lesser talented people?”
He pauses to catch his breath before continuing.

HOLT: ”If something doesn’t change soon then The Psycho will start filling body bags. This is a clear warning to everyone on the roster. If you get in my way then you will get a body bag. It is that simple. Jason Cashe, if your were smart then you would bypass Fright Night and put your title on the line against me. Because if we wait then your chances of retaining that belt will be very slim. It’s time to let the Psycho loose. The Psycho Cometh!”
Dustin lets go of the camera lens as he walks out out of focus.


“Well, enough is enough, and it’s time for a change!”
“Come and take your best shot!”
“I tried to be a nice guy,”
“I tried to play by the rules.”
“You turned your backs on me!”
I” snap!”
“I was a victim!”

POWERS: Coming to the ring from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred twenty two pounds and standing six feet, three inches tall. He it “The Dublin Maniac”, COREY MMccCCAABBEE!!!”
The Dublin Lunatic” Corey McCabe comes out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Corey walks down the aisle and starts mocking the fans in attendance. As The Dublin Lunatic reaches the ring he stops and takes a deep breathe before sliding underneath the bottom rope. Corey has a sinister smile on his face as he perches himself up on the top ropes awaiting for the bell to ring.

JOHNSON: ”With a win two weeks ago, McCabe will be looking to get some momentum behind him with a win over the Pride Champion, Jason Sanity.”
The entrance way lights up as “Come with me” by Puff Daddy roars over the theatre speakers. Two white spotlights focus on the entrance, the curtain pulls aside, and out walks Jason Sanity. Dressed in his familiar black hooded sleeveless sweatshirt with the hood up, he pauses at the entrance and raises both arms in the air, fists clenched tight, revealing the 4CW Pride Championship around his waist.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Detroit, Michigan, he weighs in at two hundred thirty one pounds and stands six feet, one inch tall. He is the 4CW Pride Champion, JASON SSAANNIITTYY!!!”
He lowers his arms, his eyes focused ahead of him, and makes his way to the ring. He then takes off running and slides underneath the bottom rope, then ascends to the second turnbuckle facing the audience. Again he lifts his arms in the air, fists clenched, then lifts his head back, causing his hood to fall from his head. He lowers his head, a smirk painted on his expression, then dismounts from the turnbuckle. He removes the championship from his waist and hands it to a member of the ringside crew on the outside of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Jason Sanity will have his first match as the 4CW Pride champion.”
VASSA: ”It isn’t a title defense but Sanity has been very impressive since signing with 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”He has, Vinny, very impressive. As for first title defenses, he seems to have his eye on a few possible contenders? Maybe searching for an opponent to defend the championship against at Fright Night?”
VASSA: ”Jett Wilder and Shane Borderland have caught his eye. They were the last two in the ring with him two weeks ago in the elimination rumble.”
JOHNSON: ”I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Sanity has planned. But for now, lets get to this match!”
The ref checks with each corner as they give him the nod. The ref then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
At the sound, Sanity quickly approaches the center of the ring and stands there, looking at the corner ahead, testing McCabe to make a move. McCabe then takes off from the corner and rushes Sanity. He swings with a powerful clothesline but comes up short as Sanity ducks underneath. McCabe then throws an elbow as he spins around to face Sanity. He barely misses as Sanity leans back and then steps forward, kicking him in the stomach. McCabe quickly lunges over as Sanity grabs him by the back of the head. He drops a couple of big elbows to the back of his head before pulling it in and locking his arm around it. Sanity then lifts McCabe into the air in a vertical position and then falls back, dropping him to the canvas with a suplex.

VASSA: ”Sanity is a perfectionist in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”He is quite handy with the craft.”
Sanity quickly gets to his feet and lifts McCabe up as well. He connects with a couple of knees to McCabe’s stomach before flipping him over to his back with a quick snapmare. Sanity quickly pops to his feet as McCabe is in a sitting position. Sanity takes a step back and then comes forward, driving his foot into McCabe’s back with a hard kick. McCabe release a yell of pain as Sanity grabs him by the head and pulls him to his feet. McCabe positions himself behind McCabe and wraps his arms around him, lifting him into the air. Sanity slams him to the mat with a belly to back suplex that rattles the ring. Sanity climbs to his feet and stands over McCabe, turning his back to him. Sanity then does a back flip in the air and connects with a standing moonsault across McCabe’s ribs. Sanity then pushes himself up and runs to the corner. He ascends the turnbuckle. As he gets to the top, Sanity turns around to face McCabe laying on his back in the center of the ring. Sanity leaps from the top rope and soars through the air before coming down with a rolling knee drop that crushes McCabe’s shoulder.

JOHNSON: ”That flying knee drop was precise the area of impact. Jason Sanity is the real deal, folks.”
VASSA: ”Don’t get ahead of yourself, Steve. Calm down, hehe.”
Sanity walks around the ring for a moment, catching his breath. He then turns his attention back to McCabe and grabs him by the arm, pulling him up to his feet. Sanity keeps a tight grip on McCabe’s wrist. He then pulls him in closer, driving his shoulder into the recently crushed on of McCabe’s. McCabe drops down to one knee but Sanity pulls him back to his feet. Sanity then drives his shoulder into his again, this time knocking him flat on his back to the canvas. The crowd pops with cheers as Sanity looks over, and scans over the crowd. He then turns his attention back to McCabe and pulls him up to his feet. Out of nowhere, McCabe connects with uppercut that catches Sanity off guard. Sanity stumbles back a couple of steps. McCabe then pops up and swings with a right haymaker. He connects his Sanity’s jaw and knocks him back to the ropes. Sanity bounces back and fire with a right hand of his own and lands a hit to the side of McCabe’s head. Sanity then lunges forward and flips McCabe in the air with a clothesline, nearly taking his head off. Sanity follows through and steps forward, over McCabe. The crowd pops with another cheer as the electricity flows through the theatre.

VASSA: ”The fans are enjoying the performance that Sanity is putting on right now.”
JOHNSON: ”This championship is supposed to be about bringing the art of true wrestling back to this sport and Jason Sanity is doing that right now!”
Sanity turns to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle once again. Once at the top, he turns towards McCabe in the ring and stalks him, waiting to make his move. McCabe slowly begins to get to his feet. Just as he stands up and turns around, Sanity jumps from the top rope and connects with a missile drop kick. McCabe hits the canvas and rolls into the corner. Sanity quickly gets up and approaches him. Sanity grabs him by the head and pulls him up. He then pushes McCabe into the corner, slamming his back against the turnbuckle. McCabe finds another burst of energy and swings forward. Sanity ducks as McCabe goes right by him. Sanity then grabs him by the back of the head and pulls hit back, locking his arm around his head. Sanity then falls forward, planting McCabe into the canvas with a falling reverse DDT.

JOHNSON: ”End Game!”
VASSA: ”You damn right this is the end game for Corey McCabe!”
Sanity quickly covers McCabe for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.
As the refs hand connects with the mat for the third count, Sanity pushes himself up to his feet. Adrenaline hits him as “Come With Me” hits the sound system.

POWERS: ”And your winner by pinfall, the 4CW Pride Champion, JASON SSAANNIITTYY!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Jason Sanity just displayed a small portion of what he’s capable of.”
VASSA: ”He executes from start to finish. This man has some serious skill.”
JOHNSON: ”We did good as a company with the crowning of our first ever 4CW Pride champion.”
VASSA: ”Now we just have to see what he has in store for Jett and Shane.”
JOHNSON: ”It will be interesting to watch as it all unfolds. We’ll be right back at ringside folks!”

With his wallet out, 4CW South West Heavyweight Champion Jason Cashe is seen speed walking up to a Vending Machine. He flattens out a Five dollar bill and inserts it into the bill slot.

CASHE: “Yeah boy! I’m getting TWO Nutter Butters!”
He punches in the number for the Candy Bar and the first one falls. He repeats the process and a second one falls. Rubbing his hands together, Cashe bends down and pulls both bars from the receiving section. Quickly he rips the wrapper off one of the bars and takes a bite. His eyes partially close as he seems to go into a feel good tingle. You’d think it was a sexual feeling the way he looks. Chewing, each bite seemed like a step into heaven for him.

CASHE: “Mmmm…So Good! Tidus isn’t getting one, they’re MINE!! Haha!”
Heading back the way he came, Cashe begins to turn the corner and stops in his tracks. He quickly backs up and peeks around the corner to see Kaylyn James Evans talking with Perry Wallace. A mouth full of Candy Bar, he stands there and all his shine and happiness has faded. His mouth sits open with partly chewed candy bar just sitting inside his lips.

CASHE: “I KNEW this bitch was lying! I’m gonna set they ass straight right now!”
He comes out of hiding but catches himself and steps back again out of sight. He slowly begins chewing his candy again as his head nods finding out the truth behind his girlfriend. He can hear only a little of what they’re saying.

KJE: “Don’t Forget, Got it?”
WALLACE: “Oh I won’t beautiful…I surely won’t forget that!”
Instead of waiting to see anything more, Cashe slaps the wall and backs away into the hallway where the vending machine is located. He rips another bite off his candy bar and storms off out of the scene.


VASSA: ”Up next we have two Warzone qualifiers, Jair Hopkins and Roxi Johnson.”
JOHNSON: ”This has instant classic written all over it!”
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

VASSA: ”Just two weeks ago Roxi had a title match with Cashe. Boy, that was brutal!”
JOHNSON: ”She went into it with nothing to lose but everything to gain. It was a long match but in the end Cashe took the win with his first title defense.”
“Ready Or Not” by The Fugees hits the sount system. Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a rhythmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

POWERS: ”From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at 208 pounds. He is one-half of “The Dying Breed”, JAIRRR …. HOPKINSSS!!!”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way. That bright, trademark smile of his shows as he makes his way into the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, waiting for his opponent.

JOHNSON: ”Just weeks before the title match with Roxi and Cashe, Hopkins defeated the champ in a non-title match.”
VASSA: ”It was a surprise to us all. I knew that Jair was good but I didn’t see a win over the champ in their first 4CW meeting.”
JOHNSON: ”Those two have somewhat of a history dating back to a previous promotion. It hasn’t quite spilled over into 4CW but I have a feeling that may be about to change before too long.”
The ref checks with each corner before throwing his hand in the air and signaling for the bell.
The two approach each other in the center of the ring. They circle each other for a moment before locking. Hopkins quickly takes control and locks Roxi in a headlock. She quickly pushes him away from her, breaking the hold and throwing him to the ropes. Hopkins bounces off the ropes and comes back at Roxi who jumps into the air as he passes underneath. He hits the opposite ropes and comes back only to get flipped over to the canvas with a head scissors takedown. Hopkins rolls across the ring before popping back to his feet. Before he can stand straight up, Roxi is right there on the attack with a series of kicks that backs him into the corner. Hopkins feels his back hit the turnbuckle and ducks as Roxi swings with a hard right. He then grabs her by the head and slams her head into the top of the turnbuckle. He then wraps his arm around her head and steps onto the middle rope quickly and turns around with Roxi, jumping towards the center of the ring and slamming her face into the mat with bulldog.

VASSA: ”That wasn’t your average bulldog!”
JOHNSON: ”Hopkins knows how to use his surroundings with the experience he brings to the table.”
Hopkins stands to his feet as Roxi slowly begins to push herself up from the canvas. Hopkins grabs her by the head and lifts her up, giving her a helping hand. He then steps beside her and wraps his arms around her waist. He then lifts her into the air for a suplex but Roxi manages to escape as she flips over and lands on her feet. With his back to her, Roxi grabs him by the back of the head and drops him to the canvas with a neckbreaker. She then pops back to her feet and runs to the rope, bouncing off and coming back at him. She leaps into the air and connects with a running senton across his stomach. Roxi rolls up to her feet and steps away from Hopkins as he rolls over and slams his hands to the mat. He then pushes himself up but gets an elbow dropped to the top of his back before he can get to one knee. Hopkins drops stomach to the mat. Roxi then stands up and grabs him by the head and pulls him to his feet. She knees him in the stomach and then locks him in and flips him over to the mat with a T-bone suplex.
Hopkins slams against the canvas with his back and rolls over to his stomach as Roxi gets back up. In the background, the crowd gets loud with cheers. Roxi grabs Hopkins by the head and again and pulls him up to his feet. She then throws him to the corner. Hopkins slams into the turnbuckle with force as his back crashes into it. Right behind him, Roxi is there to greet him with a running clothesline that lifts his feet into the air before he falls to a sitting position in the corner. Roxi kicks him in the midsection a few times before lifting him back to his feet. She then connects with another knee to the stomach before lifting him up and sitting him on the top of the turnbuckle. Roxi then ascends the corner and climbs over Hopkins until she’s standing on the middle rope. She lifts his arm and places it over her head and then lifts him up and drops him back to the center of the ring with a suplex from the top rope.
Hopkins rolls around the ring, holding his back in pain as Roxi stands to her feet with the electric sounds of the crowd in the background, cheering her on.

VASSA: ”That was a big move right there! Hopkins is going to feel that in the morning.”
JOHNSON: ”Roxi is always full of surprises in the ring and she loves the high risk moves.”
Roxi wastes no time and moves in towards Hopkins. She pulls him to his feet and turns him around to face her. She then goes to kick him in the stomach but gets surprised as he catches her foot. He then pulls her into him with the leg and knocks her down to the canvas with a clothesline. Roxi quickly rolls over and pushes herself up but gets caught with a kick to the stomach that lifts her up briefly before falling down and slamming her face into the canvas. Hopkins then jumps into the air and comes down with an elbow drop of his own that knocks Roxi back to the canvas just as she pushed herself up again. Hopkins gets back up and then leaps into the air again. This time, he comes down with a leg drop to the back of Roxi’s head, squashing it into the mat. He then crawls onto her back and grabs her left foot and pulls it back for a single leg crab. Suddenly, Roxi extends her leg and breaks the hold. Hopkins then stands up and jumps into the air again and comes down with a double axe handle that knocks the breath out of Roxi as it connects with her lower back.

JOHNSON: ”The momentum has shifted!”
VASSA: ”Oh yes it has!”
Hopkins then lifts Roxi to her feet and throws her to the corner. As she collides with the turnbuckle, Hopkins follows behind, flying through the air and connecting with a body splash that rattles the ring. As he comes down to his feet, Roxi stumbles forward but manages to stay up. Hopkins then grabs her by the back of the head and drops her to the canvas with a front-face slam. He quickly covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count…
Roxi manages to kick out as Hopkins slowly pushes himself away and up to his feet. He then lifts Roxi up and lifts her into the air before throwing her down with a scoop slam. Hopkins then goes to the ropes and comes back and drops a knee across her head as he rolls upward to his feet. He then turns around and jumps into the air, coming down with a standing corkscrew moonsault. The crowd pops with cheers as Hopkins climbs to his feet and stomps on Roxi a few times while she’s down. He then grabs her by the head and pulls her up to her feet. He positions himself behind her and wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her into the air. He slams her to the mat with a release German suplex. Getting in the groove, he runs to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. He turns around to face Roxi who is still down in the center of the ring. He catches his breath for a moment as Roxi begins to slowly push herself up. As she stands and turns to face him, Hopkins leaps from the top rope and hits Roxi with a flying crossbody. He falls on top of her as her back crashes into the canvas. He quickly hooks her leg for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”That was a close one! I thought Hopkins was about to pull off the win.”
JOHNSON: ”Both have pushed Cashe to the limits. No matter which one wins tonight, the champ is in store for a huge match at Fright Night. The level of competition is going to flood the theatre.”
Hopkins slowly gets up in disbelief. He grabs ahold of Roxi and pulls her up. Out of nowhere, Roxi swats his arms away from her and kicks him in the stomach with a surprise attack. She then moves in and flips him over to the mat with a snap suplex. Roxi pops back to her feet as Hopkins follows. Once to his feet, Roxi connects with a dropkick that knocks him back down to the mat. Roxi quickly gets back up, finding a second wind. Hopkins slowly gets up and just as he stands, Roxi jumps into the air and wraps her legs around his head, flipping him over with a hurricanrana that sends him across the ring. Roxi then rushes to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, she waits patiently as Hopkins gets to his feet. Once he does and begins to turn around, Roxi leaps from the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick to his chest that sends him rolling across the ring and crashing into the corner across from them. Roxi jumps up and rushes Hopkins in the corner and kicks him a few times while he’s down and tangled in the ropes. She then lifts him to his feet and knocks him into the corner with a stinging open hand slap across his chest. She then lifts him up and sits him on top of the corner again and climbs over him to the middle rope. She pauses for a moment with a grip on his head and looks over the crowd. Suddenly, Hopkins headbutts her and breaks her grip. She loses her balance but before he can fall backwards, Hopkins jumps forward and drives his shoulder into her as she hits the canvas with a tackle from the top.

Hopkins then climbs on top of Roxi and attacks with a series of punches that connects with her head and body. He then pushes himself up and away from her as he stands to his feet. Roxi rolls over, holding her stomach as the pain settles in. Hopkins then grabs her by the head and lifts her up to her feet once more. He then hooks her leg and flips her over to the canvas with a fisherman’s suplex. He quickly pops up and runs to the corner and climbs. Standing on the top rope, he looks behind him to see Roxi still down. He then leps into the air with a backflip and comes down with a springboard moonsault foot stomp. Just before his feet stomp onto her chest, Roxi rolls out of the way. Hopkins feet hit the canvas and Roxi quickly gets up. Roxi runs to the ropes, bounces off and comes back at Hopkins full speed. He swings with a hard right but misses as Roxi ducks and goes underneath. She then jumps into the air and lands on the middle rope, springboarding off and connecting with a roundhouse kick to Hopkins dome.

JOHNSON: ”The Ray Of Hope!!!”
VASSA: ”She hit that move out of nowhere! Hopkins goes down!”
The crowd erupts with cheers as Hopkins falls to the canvas and Roxi lands on her feet. She then drops down and covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”Roxi’s done it!”
“The Touch” hits the sound system as Roxi stands to her feet and the ref raises her arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
Roxi paces around the ring as Hopkins remains unconscious in the center of the ring. The fans cheer her on as she soaks in the victory.

JOHNSON: ”The competition for the Fright Night Warzone is stacked! Weeks ago, Hopkins defeated Cashe. Two weeks ago Cashe defeated Roxi. Tonight, Roxi has defeated Hopkins. This is crazy!”
VASSA: ”I’m looking forward to this big ass event we have in store. It’s going to be spectacular!”
JOHNSON: ”You can say that again, Vinny. Well… don’t repeat yourself.”
VASSA: ”Damnit!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a moment folks while we clear the ring for our next match up.”

Heading backstage now just a bit after Jason Sanity and Corey McCabe’s match in the ring as we are there with Jason Sanity next to his locker pulling something out of his bag as his Pride Championship sits not to far away as he is only in his ring gear now as he pulls out a shirt about to put it on when the loud clanking of heels on the ground catches his attention as he looks up to see Daysi Doll standing there next to him wearing an expensive blue dress with big six inch heels that make her appear much taller as she takes a moment to look over Sanity.

DOLL: ”Well, well, well…So my son gets another shot at your title? I appreciate you giving him the opportunity….And I saw you out there watching the match.”
Daysi always seeming to be having a plan reaches down and rubs her fingers on the title belt just wanting a feel of it as she looks back at Sanity who gives her time to speak waiting to see what she is here for.

DOLL: ”Now I know that you don’t seem to be the biggest fan of my son’s…That’s fine. But I just don’t think that the two of you need to be rivals or anything? I mean you are a talented, handsome, great champion and my son is your new contender. I don’t think there needs to be any bad blood.”
Daysi walks around the belt now over to Sanity getting awfully close to him considering how little he is wearing as she looks him up and down then let’s out a little smile.

DOLL: ”So what do you say? Let’s not be enemies, let’s be friends…And let’s treat Borderland as the real enemy in this match.”
Daysi gives him a big smile as she looks him over stepping just a bit close to him waiting on his answer.

SANITY: What do I say?”
Sanity returns her smile.

SANITY: “I say get the hell out of my locker room, you two bit tramp.”
Daysi’s eyes go wide and she splutters with anger and surprise.

SANITY: “Thanks to you, I’m going to have to get my Pride title belt sanitized after you touched it with your disease infested fingers. And as for your son, the fact you think I’d ever side with that half grown twit makes me wonder if you even live in reality.”
He points an accusing finger right in Daysi Doll’s face. Her shock at his outburst has made her temporarily mute.

SANITY: “Let me make one thing clear. I don’t know how you did it, how you convinced Perry Wallace to give Jett another shot at my belt. But at Fright Night, I’m going to make sure it’s his last shot. Got it?”
With Daysi Doll standing before him, Sanity simply drops the towel as if it’s nothing, and casually reaches for his underwear and pants inside his duffel bag. The camera view the audience is treated to is from the waist up, but from the look on Daysi’s face, she is obviously seeing the R-rated version. She has her eyes locked on it shaking her head trying to avert her attention which takes a little longer than some might expect as she glances back at him.

DOLL: ”You are making a big mistake, you prick. Don’t think that you’ll get away with this. I’ll be coming to–I mean we’ll be coming for you. Ugh whatever.”
One can see where her head is at as she shakes her head and angrily walks out of the room the camera following her out as she storms off angry. The camera pans back as Sanity is now wearing his pants as he shakes his head not even looking up from his stuff as the show goes on.

The crowd cheered loudly the moment that “Warrior” by Disturbed began to play through the arena speakers, signalling the upcoming arrival of one Jessica Black.

JOHNSON: ”Well, here comes Jessica Black, who is set to face Jason Cashe in tonight’s main event in a non-title match.”
VASSA: ”You know, Steve, I think I’m looking forward to that match the most.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed, Vinny, it will be interesting to see how this brash young woman deals with having to face the South-West Heavyweight Champion.”
VASSA: *chuckles* ”‘Brash’, Steve? Didn’t you say the last time you didn’t like her attitude?”
JOHNSON: ”And I stand by that. I admire her talent in the ring, she’s a great fighter and I do see gold in her future, but she’s one of the most arrogant and disrespectful people I’ve ever seen. Just look at how she treated our backstage reporter!”
VASSA: ”Pffft! Who cares about that walking mic stand?”
JOHNSON: ”You stole that from Ms. Black, didn’t you?”
As the two ring announcers were speaking, Jessica was walking down the ring, dressed in a black skater mini-skirt with little skulls printed on and a pair of black Converse shoes and a dark red open hoodie which covered most of her head. As she reached the ring stairs, Jessica looked out through her glasses and her hood toward the cheering fans, and she smiled at the sight of her gangsters before climbing up the stairs and into the ring, raising her arms in apparent victory before moving to the edge and calling for a mic.
With a mic in her hand, Jessica then moved to the centre of the ring and sat down, careful not to show anything off as she crossed her bare legs together.
She raised the microphone to her lips.

BLACK: ”Damn is it good to be in Miami!”
The crowd let out a loud pop at the mention of their hometown, prompting Jessica to smile as she looked out toward the crowd from where she sat.

VASSA: ”And you called her ‘disrespectful’…”
BLACK: ”I’m telling you, man. Miami is great. The culture, the history, and all the hot mamas walking around walking next to nothing and shaking their cute asses as they move. I love it all!”
VASSA: ”There’s hot mamas here?”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, something tells me she’s not talking about Miami, Oklahoma.”
And still, the crowd popped.

BLACK: *smirking* ”Okay, Miami does have its downside, too. It’s hot as balls, it’s humid enough to make said balls a little sweaty…but, you know, that’s just coming from someone who grew up north of here. But not only that, there’s also far too many fat guys walking around in those stupid hawaiian shirts or whatever they’re meant to be. And then…” *looks out to realise the crowd have copped on and started to boo* ”Oh, I’m sorry. I was actually talking about Miami, Florida. Did you really think I was talking about this town?”
The crowd really started to boo her.

JOHNSON: ”Yes, Vinny, I called her ‘disrespectful’.”
“You’re an asshole!” The crowd chanted. “You’re an asshole!” Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap. “You’re an asshole!”

BLACK: ”I know, I know. I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, but you should know by now…dicking with people is kinda my thing! But, you know, joking and dicking around aside, you’ve all been awesome tonight.”
And the crowd began to cheer once more.

BLACK: ”Come on! Where’s that pop!?”
The cheering grew louder, and Jessica’s grin had almost doubled in its size at the noise.

BLACK: ”There we go! Now listen, folkies, because this is really important. And no, I’m not going to waste your time talking about tonight’s main event.”
“WHAT?!” yelled the crowd, and Jessica continued on as if she hadn’t even noticed.

BLACK: ”We all know that I’m going to destroy toothless Joe, tonight.”
“WHAT?!” they yelled again.

BLACK: ”And I believe that what needed to be said about it has been said.”
And it was then when Jessica paused to realise what it was that was going on. She frowned at the crowd and lowered her microphone, staring at the crowd as if they had done something to irritate her.

BLACK: ”Really?”

BLACK: ”You’re doing this?”

BLACK: ”You’re doing the ‘What?!’ thing, right now?”

BLACK: ”Is this revenge for what I said about Miami, Florida?”

BLACK: ”Okay, I’m sorry about that. But you gotta stop this ‘What?!’ bullshit, seriously.”
Jessica lowered her microphone and just sat there in silence, shaking her head.

JOHNSON: ”It’s annoying, isn’t it, JB?”
VASSA: ”You’re damn right it’s annoying!”
BLACK: *raising the microphone to her lips once more* ”Okay, okay, okay, okay… I know a solution. I can stop this with one simple statement.”

BLACK: ”Are you ready for it?!”

BLACK: ”Guys who sleep with their sisters say…”

VASSA: ”What?”
JOHNSON: *says nothing, but simply sniggers*
BLACK: ”Now, as I was saying, I’m not here to talk about tonight and me sticking my boot up Jason Cashe’s ass. That’s already a given. No, I’m here, sitting in the middle of this ring, to talk about Fright Night. Specifically, the WarZone match for the South-West Heavyweight Championship. Eight people, Jason Cashe, Stefan Raab, Roxi Johnson, DJH, KJE, Jair Hopkins, Travis Black…and your Lady Gangster, Jessica Black.”
JOHNSON: ”That is our main event for Fright Night in October.”
VASSA: ”And it’s truly gonna be a war, Steve!”
BLACK: ”And man…is that going to be a match, or what?” *the crowd cheered* “I mean, look at these guys…you have an individual who is true championship material. An individual who has kicked ass since day one.”
JOHNSON: ”I think she’s talking about our current champion, Jason Cashe.”
BLACK: ”You have an individual who is an absolute beast who’d frigging destroy you as soon as you step into that ring.”
JOHNSON: ”Stefan Raab?”
BLACK: ”You have an individual who can fly like Supergirl and kick ass like Batwoman. And she’s waaaay cooler than any supervillain.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s obviously Roxi Johnson.”
BLACK: ”You have an individual who can be crazed as crazed can be sometimes. An absolute psycho when needed to be.”
JOHNSON: ”Dustin James Holt.”
BLACK: ”You have an individual who is soooo God damn hot. But don’t let that fool you, guys and gals, cause she’s no Barbie doll. She’s got the looks and the talent!”
JOHNSON: ”Does she mean herself or Kaylyn James Evans?”
BLACK: ”You have an individual who is a true innovator, who lives and breathes this business.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m guessing she means Jair Hopkins.”
BLACK: ”You have an individual who has revolutionised this company, who is adept at trash-talking, and who enjoys a good party.”
JOHNSON: ”That’ll be her cousin, then. Travis Black.”
BLACK: ”And you have an individual who is a submission machine, who is the God damn Queen of the Mind Games, a Lady Gangster, and the absolute damn best female professional wrestler in the world today. So good at what she does, you can call her second to none!”
JOHNSON: ”And that’s obviously you.”
The crowd cheered Jessica on as she listed each individual, and then her mouth pulled itself into a wide grin, as if she were about to reveal some kind of twist to her words.

BLACK: ”And then you have Jason, Stefan, Roxi, Dustin, Kaylyn, Jair, and Travis.” *she chuclked briefly* “Yep, that’s right ladies and gentlemen and all you gangsters out there! October 26th, at the Jubilee Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada, eight people are going to be locked in the slammer and beat each other up to see who will be the new champ! But unfortunately for my seven opponents for the match, who knows cages better than a gangster?”
The crowd popped loudly.

VASSA: ”Um…serial killers, rapists, drug dealers, people who talk at the movies…Justin Bieber…”
BLACK: ”Aint nobody who knows a cage better than a gangster! And come October 26th there are seven people who are gonna walk into that cage and realise that instead of me being locked up with them, those poor bastards are locked up with me and they’ll know what a caged up gangster is capable of! To all my opponents, consider yourself duly noted that nothing will stop me from becoming the new champ. Jason, you have what I want and envy keeps me up at night. Stefan, you speak all the German you like but it won’t stop me from slapping some English into you, and maybe a little Japanese, too. Roxi, I loved those cookies you sent me, but I’ll go kryptonite on your ass if you get in my way. DJH, you step up to me and I’ll slap you so hard you’ll become mentally stable and an even uglier bastard, and KJE you can hide behind your boy Cashe if you want, but he won’t stop me from stomping down on your face so hard you and Cashe will have matching sets of missing teeth! Jair, I like you’re style, but as soon as that cage closes your ass is still mine. And Travis…we’re cousins and all, and I love my family…but ever since we were little kids I’ve been kicking your ass, and now won’t be any different! Take fair warning, all of you! I will take you all on one at a time or all at once! I don’t care cause on my best day or my worst day, I’m still walking out of that arena with that belt! Because I am Jessica Black and I…am your next 4CW South-West Heavyweight Champion!”
And with that, “Warrior” played through the speakers once again, and Jessica rose to her feet before exiting the ring and making her way back to the locker room, to get ready for her match against Jason Cashe.

JOHNSON: ”Well there we have it! Bold words from the Lady Gangster!”
VASSA: ”Well if JB has any say, those words will be prophetic, too!”



JOHNSON: ”Up next we have the tag champs fresh off of their successful title defense against The American Psycho’s.”
VASSA: ”In New York City they avenged their sole blemish thus far here in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”They’ve been on a roll. There’s no discrediting the quality performances that they’ve put on since joining 4CW! But you know Equinox and Mike Harrison have to be watching in the back.”
VASSA: ”You’re obsession with those two creep me out!”
JOHNSON: ”Listen, there’s no beating around it anymore. The Carnival should be the hands down, number one contenders for the tag straps. They’ve beaten everyone put before them.”
VASSA: ”Sometimes I wonder if they’ve got you on the payroll as a hype man…”
Steven Johnson ignores Vinny’s last comment as the production cuts from the announce table to the DJ booth. Mike Powers fiddles around with the switches in front of him and begins announcing the teams participating in the headline matchup.

POWERS: ”The following tag team contest is schedule for one fall and is a non title match! Introducing first, Bayne and Bryce Byson…THE NEW REIGN!!”
“Blood” hits on the PA system, as purple strobe lights flicker around the building. When the music picks up at 0:15, Cole Turner slowly makes his way out from behind the curtain. The fans begin to boo uncontrollably, as Cole soaks it all in. He stands at the top of the ramp, adjusts his tie, and hits his knees, stretching his arms out and looking to the Heavens. From behind the curtain, Bayne and Bryce come out, placing one hand apiece on opposite shoulders of Cole. Both men bow their heads, and lift their “Devil horns” into the air with their opposite hands, as pyro explodes all around them. As the pyro subsides, Cole makes his way to his feet, and the three men slowly stroll down the ramp. All three men take the stairs up to the ring. Both brothers enter the ring, as Cole stays on the apron. Cole walks to the middle of the apron, as the brothers stand in the ring, on opposite sides of him. Cole once again spreads his arms, as the brothers lean against the ropes behind him, as the music fades out.

POWERS: ”And their opponents…At a combined weight of four hundred and forty pounds…They are the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…Jace Savage…Brian Hollywood…NEW GEN RISING!!”
”I play you lose” hits the speakers as New Gen Rising Brian Hollywood, and Jace Savage walk out on to the ramp. The make their way to the ring yelling insults at the crowd. Upon reaching the ring they split up and head to different corners to walk up the steps. Jace and Brian wipe their feet off on the apron at the same time before climbing through the ropes. They walk to opposite corners and climb to the second turn buckle. They yell more insults at the crowd before hopping off the turn buckle ready to face their opponents.

JOHNSON: ”New Gen Rising does not look impressed with Bayne and Bryce Byson.”
VASSA: ”Why would they be? They’re just a couple of lackeys who have rode Nathaniel Havok’s coattails long enough. Hopefully they bury them. I know I could do without these two fillers!”
JOHNSON: ”Wow, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?”
Bryce Byson and Jace Savage step out of the ring and stand in their respective corners, holding the rope that’s affixed to the top turnbuckle securely in their hands as they talk to their partners. The ref signals for the opening bell as the teams sort out their final strategies.
Brian Hollywood and Bayne Byson move to the center of the ring and begin circling one another, looking for an opening. Neither pleased with what they saw they each shoot for a collar and elbow tie up. They push and pull, trying to gain a dominant position. Their struggle pushes them back into a corner with Bayne leaning against the turnbuckles. Neither breaks the hold and they begin spinning along the ropes until finally the ref steps and tries to break them up. Hollywood slowly begins slipping away when Bayne throws a wild right hand. Hollywood ducks under and hits him with a right hand of his own. Hollywood begins backing Bayne into a neutral corner. Hollywood grabs ahold of the top rope and switches to boots to the midsection, pummeling Bayne into the corner. Hollywood steps back and lets Bayne stumble out of the corner before running passed him and driving him to the mat with a bulldog!

JOHNSON: ”A picture perfect bulldog from one half of the tag team champions.”
VASSA: ”Are we really expecting anything besides perfection from these two?”
Hollywood drops down to a mounted position and begins hammering away with hard right hands as Bayne tries to cover up. Hollywood steps over Bayne and tags in his partner. They lifts Bayne up to his feet and each lifts him up from behind with a belly to back before slamming him forward to the mat with a facebuster! Jace drops down into a side mount as Hollywood steps out of the ring. The ref drops down thinking Jace is going for a cover but holds off on the count as Jace begins pounding away at Bayne Byson with a mixture of elbow shot. Bayne covers up and rolls, giving up his back. Jace runs to the ropes and times it as Bayne makes it up to one knee. Savage charges right at Bayne and connects with a shining wizard that nearly decapitates his opponent. Savage quickly pops up to his feet and tags Brian Hollywood back into the match. They converge on Bayne as he staggers up to his feet. Hollywood stands behind Bayne as Jace stands in front. Simultaneously Hollywood drops down and hits a leg sweep as Jace hits a running calf kick!

VASSA: ”What timing! These two are completely in sync. Quick tags, isolating one opponent, all of which is a recipe for a great tag team…”
JOHNSON: ”It’s hard to argue when you watch a performance like this. Bayne Byson is completely outclassed in that ring and desperately needs to tag his brother in.”
Hollywood sands over Bayne and toys with him, kicking at his head as he rolls around. Hollywood backs himself against the ropes and watches closely as Bayne pushes up to his feet. Bayne stands up but is still doubled over as Hollywood charges and drives him back down with a running DDT. Hollywood rolls back to his corner and tags Jace back into the match. Hollywood lifts Bayne up and holds him up on shoulders with a firemens carry. Jace runs towards them and hits a standing block buster neck breaker as Hollywood drops backwards with a samoan drop! Jace makes the cover as Hollywood steps out of the ring and onto the apron.
Jace lifts Bayne up off of the mat and stares across the ring at his brother, shaking his head.

JOHNSON: ”Now that is foolish. If you have the match won then end it. You never know what could happen inside that ring. I’d be a real shame if the champs lost this match now.”
VASSA: ”They won’t. They’re just not ready to let this match be over. They’re sending a message to all of the other tag teams out there in 4CW.”
Jace stands up and once again tags his partner into the match. Jace then turns his attention to Bayne and whips him into a neutral corner. Hollywood and Savage then move to the opposing corner. Hollywood grabs Savage by the wrist and whips him towards Bayne, eventually hitting a running corner splash. Savage then grabs Bayne and throws him towards the center of the ring, right into a running big boot from Brian Hollywood! Bayne’s head bounces off of the canvass as Hollywood rolls him up and hooks a leg.
Bryce springboarded himself off of the top rope and came down with an elbow drop but Hollywood rolled out of the way, allowing for Bryce to crash down onto Bayne.

JOHNSON: ”That was a high risk move that failed miserably!”
VASSA: ”What is this a three on one? Ha Ha Ha!”
Hollywood tags Jace back into the ring. He comes up from behind Hollywood, leapfrogs him and comes crashing down onto Bayne with a double foot stomp! New Gen Rising then turns their attention to Bryce. Like a pack of rabid dogs they begin pummeling him with right hands, beating him down to his knees. Jace steps behind him and lefts Bryce up like a wheel barrow, dropping his torso down on the top rope. He holds him still as Hollywood runs and bounces off of the ropes. He leapfrogs Jace and crashes down onto Bryce’s lower back. Bryce drops down to the canvass and the two push him out of the ring, under the bottom ropes with their feet. Jace and Hollywood turn their attention back to Bayne as he begins standing up to his feet. They each take a separate angle on him as Hollywood hits a superkick and Savage hits a superman punch!

JOHNSON: ”There it is…The Connection!”
VASSA: ”WOW, these two dominated!”
Jace drops down and makes the cover, hooking a leg as Hollywood steps one leg through the ropes and keeps an eye on Bryce.

VASSA: ”You really think The Carnival has what it takes to keep up with these two?”
The official raises the arms of Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood as “I Play You Lose” by the Gruesomes takes over the PA system. Mike Powers makes the official announcement over the teams entrance music…

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, Brian Hollywood…Jace Savage…NEW GEN RISING!!”

JOHNSON: ”What a night it has been, Vessa. But one person we have yet to see? Khris Young. “
VASSA: ”He was supposed to be here tonight and as the night comes to a clos… “
Before the sentence can even be finished, ‘Built To Last’ fills the Coleman Theater and out steps the International Phenom, Khris Young.

JOHNSON: ”Right on cue. Young getting a nice reaction from those who have seen his work. “
Young stands at the entrance with his hands extended, clapping at the fans, thanking them. He walks down the ramp wearing one of his trademark suits. He climbs up the steps and enters the ring, before requesting a mic. The cheers die down as he puts the mic up to his mouth.

KHRIS YOUNG: “First and foremost, I just want to say that it feels GREAT to be back within the confides of these ropes once again. On top of that, it feels great to be here in 4CW. ON TOP OF THAT, it feels great to be here in Miami, Oklahoma!”
VASSA: ”Cheap pops. “
The crowd erupts in cheers.

KHRIS YOUNG: ” For those that don’t know me and haven’t followed me for the past ten years, my name is Khris Young. I have been in this business for awhile now. I have traveled the world, beaten some tough son of a bitches, and I’ve been beaten by some tough son of a bitches. I am former president of the now defunct, GrindHouse Wrestling. More importantly, I am here in 4CW to start from the bottom, climb the ranks, and eventually become a champion, once again. ”
Some more cheers burst through and a smile breaks across the face of Young.

KHRIS YOUNG: ” Many rumors have been floating through the information superhighway over the past couple of weeks. I want to discredit those in one fell swoop. I am here for one thing and one thing only. I am here to have one last run and to ultimately become a champion before I go into retirement. That’s it. Now, I’ve had my eye on this place for awhile now. I’ve been in constant communication with management and I know this place has some of the most talented individuals in professional wrestling. I know about Stefan Raab. I know about Jessica Black. I know bout Dustin James Holt. I know about Borderland. I know about Jason Sanity. I know about Hopkins. I know about Jason Cashe.”
The crowd let out boos and cheers as he says each name.

KHRIS YOUNG: ” I don’t expect to be bumped to the front of the line. I know the politics, I know of the merit, of the seniority, so I’m going to wait patiently, and compete against whoever management sees fit. I may have not been in the ring competitively in over a year, but I can promise you one thing, I have not lost a ste… ”
His sentence is cut off as the rhythm of ‘Reversal’ can be heard pumping through the arena as the lights beat to its rhythm. The drums get louder and switch to a different tune as Jai Knightly and Jax Waverly appear at the top of the entrance. They look around at the fans with sadistic smiles before beginning their slow walk to the ring. Jax and Jai reach the base of the ring, as the boos continue to file in, followed by some surprising cheers. Jax ascends the ring steps as Jai hops up onto the apron and through the ropes. Jax follows behind him as they have their sights set on Young. Khris is just nodding his head as he keeps his eyes on both men. Jai gets a mic and begins speaking.

JAI KNIGHTLY: ” Well, well, well. If it isn’t God himself, Khris Young. The man that put a handful of people out of jobs, including the American Psychos. But we were fortunate enough to land on our feet. You, on the other, you won’t be so lucky.”
KHRIS YOUNG: “Let me just cut you off right there, Jai. I don’t need to hear anymore from you. I heard enough from you in GrindHouse. This is 4CW, and the past is the past. If I were you, I’d stop the bitching and moaning and worry about winning matches. ”
Jax starts laughing hysterically behind Jai.

JAI KNIGHTLY: “That is pretty funny, huh Jax? This coming from a guy who ran away from his responsibilities just like all of the other suits. We may lose, but at least we accept it, and we don’t run. ”
With that, Jai drops the mic, moves up, and gets in the face of Young. Jax begins circling around Young when all of a sudden the crowd erupts in cheers and out runs Hollister and Blankenship of the All Stars. They slide under the bottom rope as the Psychos get the upper hand. Both men are pummeling the All Stars in the corner. Knightly whips Blankenship to the ropes, but she holds on. Knightly runs after her and she pulls down the bottom rope and he topples to the outside. Hollister starts to get the upper hand on Waverly, hitting him with rights and lefts out of the corner. Blankenship joins her. They both back up, jump forward, and hit Waverly with a double dropkick. Waverly doesn’t hit the ground, but instead staggers around right into Khris Young. Young quickly grabs the wrist of Waverly, hooks it between his legs, lifts him up, and nails a wrist clutch exploder.

JOHNSON: ”The All Stars defeated the Psychos earlier tonight and they get the upper hand on the Psychos again. And I think it’s safe to say that Young is ready to go. Did you see that?! “
VASSA: ”Out numbered to begin with, but he just dropped Waverly on his head. “
JOHNSON: ”Khris Young is here. “
Young climbs up to the second turnbuckle as Waverly rolls under the bottom rope. Knightly picks him up, and helps him up the aisle. Young beats on his chest and looks on with a smile on his face.


JOHNSON: ”Here we are ladies and gentlemen, our main event!”
VASSA: ”We have the South-West Heavyweight Champion squaring off with Jessica Black who will be challenging for the championship at Fright Night.”
JOHNSON: ”This match won’t be for the title but will be a tiny sample of what’s in store for us at the Fright Night Warzone!”
The crowd cheered as a heavy guitar riff filled the theatre speakers as “Warrior” by Disturbed began to play, heralding the arrival of Jessica Black.
“I am now an instrument of violence
I am a vessel of invincibility
I cannot leave this undecided
Stepping down to battle another day
Remember me for all time this
Determination is a vital part of me
Surrender now or be counted
With the endless masses that I will defeat”

POWERS: ”Our main event is scheduled for one fall. Introducing to the ring first, from Madison, Wisconsin. She weighs in at one hundred twenty five pounds and stands five feet, six inches tall. She is “Second To None”, JJEESSSSIICCAA BBLLAACCKK!!!”
It was several seconds before Jessica graced the fans with her presence, clad in her ring gear, as well as a black leather jacket. She stood there, looking out at the sea of faces who have come to see her with an arrogant smirk before she slowly made her way to the ring.
“Come on bring it, don’t sing it
Better believe it
Broken down, till your hope has died
Beat down till the victory is mine
Stand up and show me some pride
And now, are you ready?”
As she reached the ring steps, Jessica climbed up and moved to the middle of the ring apron, flashing the crowd another arrogant smirk as she stretched her arms out. Afterward, Jessica moved to the corner and climbed the top turnbuckle, bellowing “Second to None!” out to the fans as she raised her arms.
“I’m one with the warrior inside
My dominance can’t be denied
Your entire world will turn
Into a battlefield tonight
As I look upon you through the warrior’s eyes now
I can see the fear that will
Ensure my victory this time”
After she jumped off and into the ring, Jessica moved to the opposite corner and did it once again before climbing down and removing her jacket, waiting for the match to begin, eager to add another name to her growing list of casualties.

VASSA: ”I love what this chick brings to the ring, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s made quite an impact since signing with 4CW and she’ll get her opportunity to become the best of the best in October.”
The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck and the South-West Heavyweight Championship around his waist. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps the South-West Heavyweight strap a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.
“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my wrist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is the 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion and “The Choice of Influence”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan, hurries to remove his championship and roars out to the crowd ferociously. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp. At ringside, he leaps up at the side of the steel stairs, grabbing the ring post, lays the championship over the turnbuckle and walks alongside the ring apron outside the ropes.
He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd. He removes his platinum chain with the “JC” diamond pendant from his neck and the championship from his waist before handing it to a member of the ringside crew on the outside. He then drags his feet like a bull to get some traction as his music stops playing and he awaits the sound of the bell.

JOHNSON: ”The fans love him. He’s earned that respect by putting countless hours into this sport.”
VASSA: ”Some people would looks at Cashe as assume that he’s a lazy bum but he’s the complete opposite in this business. I’ve had the pleasure to call a portion of the matches he was involved with many years back. We go back. I’m actually proud to call the man my friend.”
JOHNSON: ”Geez… please don’t give us a history lesson on your acquaintances with Jason Cashe. Spare us the lecture!”
VASSA: ”WHAT?!?! I’m just saying that Cashe is one of the hardest working wrestlers in this profession but not many realize that.”
JOHNSON: ”As much as we’d like to hear about your experiences with the man, we have a match to get to.”
The ref checks with each corner and receives the nod as they are ready to compete. He then raises his arm into the air slowly and then quickly signals for the bell.
At the sound, the two charge each other and collide in the center of the ring. Black throws the first punch and connects with a hard right to Cashe’s jaw. He then fires back and connects with a right of his own. Jessica shakes it off and then fakes a punch, causing Cashe to flinch. She then kicks him in the side which forces him to buckle a bit. She then draws back and lands a big punch across his forehead that knocks him down to the canvas. Cashe quickly rolls over to get up but doesn’t get the chance as Jessica kicks him while he’s down. She knocks him off his fours and down to his stomach. She then stomps on his back a few times before grabbing him by the head and lifting him to his feet. Cashe pushes himself away and creates space between the two. Jessica doesn’t hesitate and swings with a right hand chop that connects with Cashe’s chest. She then charges him, lifts him into the air and drops him with a spinebuster that shakes the ring.

VASSA: ”Jessica came for a fight! I like it!”
JOHNSON: ”Everyone wants a shot at the belt he carries. It’s in their best interest to put the champ down before the Warzone even takes place, put him at a disadvantage.”
Cashe quickly gets up but is too late as Jessica is right there to hit him with a stinging kick to the chest. Cashe stumbles back a couple of steps and she runs at him and jumps into the air, flipping and wrapping her legs around his head. Jessica takes Cashe down to the mat with a head scissors takedown. Cashe rolls across the ring but comes to his feet as Jessica stands across the ring from him with a smirk on her face. Cashe then takes off and rushes her full speed. As he lunges forward, she side steps him and takes him down to the canvas with a drop toe hold, slamming his face into the mat. Jessica quickly gets up and moves in before Cashe can come to. She lifts him to his feet but gets caught off guard as Cashe rakes her eyes. As she holds her face in pain, he then grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her closer, biting her forehead. The ref quickly breaks the hold and gives Cashe a warning for the bite.

VASSA: ”I love the passion Cashe brings to the ring! Legal or not, he’s always ready to throw down and put a hurting on someone.”
The ref backs away and then two lock up in the center of the ring. Cashe overpowers her for a moment but then gets caught off guard with a knee to the stomach. Black then goes to lift him into the air with a suplex but gets stopped as Cashe manages to bring his feet back to the canvas. He then delivers a knee of his own and breaks her hold. Cashe then locks her in a head lock and cranks down on the pressure. A smile then comes to his face as he holds one hand up and balls his fist. He then goes to give her a noogie but comes up short as she pushes him away and throws him to the ropes. Cashe hits the ropes and comes back. Jessica stands her ground but gets knocked to her back with a big shoulder block by Cashe. Jessica gets back to her feet and runs to the ropes. She comes back with a shoulder block of her own but Cashe holds his position and knocks her back to the mat with his shoulder. Jessica pops back up and rushes to the ropes once more and comes back with speed. Cashe then takes a step forward and raises his leg in the air for a big boot. Jessica quickly drops to her stomach and slides underneath the attack. She then pops up behind Cashe and locks him in a full nelson. Cashe struggles to break free for a moment but Jessica lifts him into the air and drives his head into the canvas with a full nelson suplex.

VASSA: ”There’s that quickness theory again…”
JOHNSON: ”It’s not quite a theory, it’s an actual fact. You just saw it with your own two eyes.”
The two quickly get to their feet but Jessica makes it up first. She grabs Cashe by the back of the head and then throws him into the corner. Cashe slams into the turnbuckle with his back but bounces off and comes at Jessica with a thrusting headbutt that knocks her back a few steps. Cashe then rubs his head for a moment before moving in and locking both of Jessica’s arms. He then takes her down to the canvas with a double arm suplex. While on top, Cashe quickly goes for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.
He pushes himself up, driving his hand into Jessica’s face for leverage. He then lifts her to her feet and positions himself beside her. Cashe then drops her to the canvas with a Russian leg sweep. He then climbs on top of Jessica and mounts himself above her. Cashe then attacks with a series of punches and elbows. He then grabs her by the head and drives his into hers with a huge headbutt. As Jessica’s head slams into the canvas, Cashe rolls over to his back and begins to hold his head a little more from the blunt move.

VASSA: ”He’s already not all there in the head but if he keeps up with the headbutts, he may be straight short bus by the time this match is over.”
JOHNSON: ”Short bus? Come on, Vinny…”
Cashe slowly gets to his feet as Jessica just rolls over to her stomach. He then grabs her by the foot and lifts her leg into the air before slamming it down, driving her knee into the canvas. Cashe then pulls her up and connects with a couple of hard rights, backing her into the corner. Once cornered, Cashe draws back and lunges forward with a powerful right but misses barely as Jessica ducks the blow. Cashe’s hand slams into the top of the turnbuckle. He quickly pulls it back in pain as Jessica then slaps both of her hands across his chest and pushes him a few steps away. Jessica then rushes Cashe and kicks him in the stomach with everything she has and forces him to lunge over from the blow. She then goes to the ropes and comes back, grabbing Cashe by the head, leaping into the air and slamming his head into the canvas with a one-handed bulldog.

JOHNSON: ”What’s that?!”
Our from the back, Raab runs out onto the entrance stage and towards the ring. The crowd pops with cheers but Jessica only looks up with a smirk as she thinks they are for her. She lifts Cashe to her feet and just as she does, Raab slides into the ring and pushes her aside. Raab then wraps his arms around Cashe and lifts him into the air, slamming him to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. The two then begin to roll around on the mat, fighting with one another. The ref then goes to wave his hand in the air but Jessica quickly moves in and throws a forearm that slams onto Raab’s back.

Kaylyn James Evans then runs out from the back and towards the ring as the three inside make it to their feet and begin to exchange blows with each other.

JOHNSON: ”Cashe has some help on the way!”
KJE slides into the ring and turns Jessica around to connect with an open hand slap across the cheek. The two girls then go at it as Cashe and Raab continue to exchange punches on the other side of the ring. The ref quickly calls for the bell and yells for the outbreak to come to an end, but no one listens.
With the four fighting in the ring, Travis Black runs out from the back, shortly followed by DJ Holt. The two slide into the ring. Travis goes to aide Jessica and breaks up the fight with her and KJE. Holt runs up behind Raab and drops a double axe handle across his back, knocking him forward into Cashe who drives his knee upward, knocking Raab to the mat.

VASSA: ”I think the Fright Night Warzone is going to kick off a little earlier than scheduled!”
JOHNSON: ”I think you’re right, Vinny!”
VASSA: ”We have six of the…”
Roxi and Hopkins both run out of the back side by side and rush down to the ring.
As they both slide in, Roxi rushes Travis Black and attacks him from behind. KJE then tackles Jessica to the mat and the two roll around, fighting for control. Hopkins pushes DJ into Raab and the two collide in the corner. Cashe then lunges forward and connects with a right hook to Hopkins, knocking him back a step. Cashe then lunges forward to grab Hopkins but gets tripped up as Raab attacks him from behind, forcing Holt out of his way. As Cashe stumbles forward, Hopkins flips him over to the canvas with a fireman’s carry takedown. Holt then attacks Raab from behind and and lifts him into the air, dropping him down with an atomic drop.
Roxi and Travis exchange blows until Roxi takes front and drops him to the canvas with DDT. Roxi then goes on the attack but gets stopped as Jessica has gotten away from KJE. Jessica grabs Roxi by the hair and turns her around, only to connect with a European uppercut. Holt and Raab continue to brawl as Hopkins attacks Cashe while he’s down.
The ref then waves for help from the back as the team of security rushes the ring.

VASSA: ”The clean up crew is on the way!”
JOHNSON: ”This is insane! They’re going to tear the theatre apart!”
The team of security approaches the ring as the brawl continues inside.

JOHNSON: ”We’re running out of time folks! This is madness!”
VASSA: ”We always run out of time when something big happens! What gives?”
JOHNSON: ”Sorry folks. We’re out of time and the schedule is strict around here.”
The security team enter the ring and begin separating the wrestlers from one another but get nowhere as another one attacks when given the opportunity. The security team is just out numbered and can’t contain the chaos.

VASSA: ”They’re ripping each other apart!”
JOHNSON: ”Sorry folks but we’re out of time. Tune in for details on how this brawl ends. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”DAMNIT!!! And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good night!”