The scene opens inside of the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, California. There isn’t an empty seat in the building as we kick things off with another Adrenaline!

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another night of 4CW Adrenaline! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! We’re broadcasting live from the Fox Theatre in the beautiful Redwood City, California. We have an exciting lineup scheduled tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”That we do, Steve. We’re running a little behind schedule so lets jump straight into the pre-show before we kick things off this evening. Before we go over the schedule of tonight’s event, lets take a few moments to discuss the show from two weeks ago in Miami, Oklahoma.”
VASSA: ”We’re getting closer to Fright Night as we’ve finally entered October. Speaking of which, the eight involved in the Fright Night Warzone just couldn’t wait any longer to get their hands on one another.”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago Jessica Black and Jason Cashe featured our main event but things were interrupted as the other six people involved in the Warzone decided to barge in the ring.”
VASSA: ”It was crazy! Everything was going well until Stefan Raab took it upon himself to cut in this dance between the two. After that, chaos was upon us!”
JOHNSON: ”The brawl didn’t last too long before the security team broke things up. After seeing how things panned out, the booking committee booked an eight person tag match tonight with the eight involved. It seems that some broke off from others to attack certain wrestlers and the teams for tonight have been factored by that. I forgot to mention, this will be our main event!”
VASSA: ”Team one will consist of Stefan Raab, Travis Black, Jessica Black and Jair Hopkins. Travis and Jessica are related so I’d expect to see these two working together somewhat but I don’t know how Raab or Hopkins will mesh with this team.”
JOHNSON: ”Our other team will consist of Dustin James Holt, Kaylyn James Evans, Roxi Johnson and the South-West Heavyweight champion, Jason Cashe.”
VASSA: ”I can see why Holt and Raab are on separate teams. These two have grown to dislike each other very much. I have a feeling that will show later tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Kaylyn James Evans and Cashe seem to be fond of each other so I can see the teaming of those but I don’t understand why Roxi is on this team. Her and Cashe had a brutal match a few weeks ago in New York. The matches these two have been through, I don’t see a team friendly duo between them.”
VASSA: ”It appeared that Cashe and Hopkins have a competitive beef with each other which is why I believe they’re on separate teams. If anything I would suggest switching him and Roxi but I don’t see Roxi teaming well with the likes of Raab.”
JOHNSON: ”What about Dustin James Holt?”
VASSA: ”Exactly! This match is just one cluster fu… one big mess.”
JOHNSON: ”You got that right! By the end of the night, I expect to see another brawl break out. Heck, we might now even make it to Fright Night!”
VASSA: ”We have another notable match taking place. Shane Borderland and Jett Wilder will be going toe to toe in a singles match. These two will be challenging our Pride champion, Jason Sanity, at Fright night for the championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Sativa Neveah and Jett have been exchanging words on Twitter as of late. She’ll be facing Sanity in a singles match up that won’t be for the championship. Maybe she can upset the world and earn her spot in this match at Fright Night for the Pride Championship?”
VASSA: ”Maybe. Then we have The Carnival climbing in the ring with the Tag Team champions, New Gen Rising, in a non-title match.”
JOHNSON: ”The Carnival has been hot since entering themselves in the tag division. They have rolled over every team thrown at them. They have yet to face the champs but a win tonight could definitely secure a title match at Fright Night.”
VASSA: ”Whether they win or lose, what other team here deserves it more than them? Like you said, they’ve beaten every other team we’ve thrown at them.”
JOHNSON: ”Before we get straight to the action, we have a few more moments to go over what’s happening with the Extreme championship. Havok is scheduled to wrestle in an extreme triple threat with Corey McCabe and Raven. This match won’t be for the championship but it will be a nice warm up for the already confirmed match up with “Young” Mannie at Fright Night for the championship.”
VASSA: ”He’ll be in a singles match with Damien Knight this evening. It won’t be extreme rules but with him, anything is bound to happen.”
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, those are just some of the exciting matches we have scheduled for tonight. We’re ready to kick things off as I just received word from the back that we’re ready to get to our first match of the night.”
VASSA: ”About time! I didn’t sign up for this job to host a talk show at the start of every show. I’m here to offer my services in commentary for the exciting, Adrenaline pumping matches that 4CW have to offer.”
JOHNSON: ”Well let’s get to it!”

Standing in front of the camera dressed in his ring gear is La’Renzo “Flip” Porter who bounces up and down with that normal smile to his lips as he notices the camera.

FLIPP: “Mannnn it’s time to do this shit Cali.”
He taps his chest while still bouncing up and down.

FLIPP: “This is what I been waiting for for a looooooong time man.”
He lowers his head before lifting it back up.

FLIPP: “This that moment right now and I’m bout to go out there and go ham. I got my fam out there and we all ready to do the damn thing brah.”
He stops bouncing up and down and takes a stern look at the camera.

FLIPP: “So Khris lets start the show off in a beast ass form and show everybody watching at home, backstage, and in the crowd that we can we bring it brah. Let’s do this man.”


“Beleive Me” by Ace Hood begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Flipp Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in tydie knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey dc wrestling kicks.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first from St. Matthews, South Carolina. Weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, “Flipp”, La’Renzo PPOORRTTEERR!!!”
He taps his chest a few times before smiling and making his way down the ramp before stepping inside the ring.
He jumps up and down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters. He runs up a turnbuckle before doing a back flip of off it hyping himself up for the action tonight. Taking his bandanna from around his hair and throwing it into the crowd.

JOHNSON: ”Here’s one of the new additions to the 4CW roster!”
VASSA: ”We always have fresh talent walking through the doors here at 4CW. This place isn’t for everyone but for those who do make the cut, they’re definitely talented in the ring.”
A familiar sound can be heard as the lights go dim. A spotlight is focused at the entrance area as the crowd is buzzing in anticipation. The lyrics of “Built To Last” by Rise Against blares across the PA.
“Invest time, invest life
invest it all, reinvent yourself.
before you know it,
your essence is renewed with something fresh.”

POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to the ring from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches tall. He is the “International Phenom”, Khris YYOOUUNNGG!!!”
With that, Khris Young steps out from the back with a huge smile on his face. He walks out rather slowly and enters the spotlight. Young looks out at the cheering fans. A few boos can be heard, but Young just looks out at the crowd to the left and starts clapping. He switches his focus to the right and claps for them. Young walks down the ramp singing Built To Last as he slaps the hands of some of the fans.
“let’s not praise the past, just a fact
Built to last
old school or the new
doesn’t mean shit if your heart ain’t true”
Young reaches the base of the ring, climbs the steps and looks out at the fans once more before wiping his feet on the apron and climbing into the ring. Young bounces off the ropes a couple times before stretching and swinging his arms back and forth.

JOHNSON: ”Here’s another new signee. Some of you watching may recognize him, Khris Young is a familiar face in the wrestling world.”
VASSA: ”I don’t care what anyone has done outside of 4CW. It’s what they do in 4CW that gets my attention!”
JOHNSON: ”You say that now but I’ve heard you countless times praising wrestlers and their past promotions.”
VASSA: ”Oh you have? When?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know, maybe every time that Jason Cashe is in the ring.”
VASSA: ”Oh shut up!”
The ref checks in with each corner for the nod that they’re ready. He then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
Without hesitation, both men step away from their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. They circle each other for a moment before locking up and testing each others strength. Young takes control and locks Flipp in a side headlock. He cranks down on the pressure but loses his grip as Flipp pushes him off and sends him to the ropes. Young hits the ropes and comes back only to run into a roundhouse kick that knocks him to his back with a thud. Young quickly rolls over and pushes himself up but gets knocked to his stomach with an overhead forearm to the top of his back. Flipp then grabs him by the head and pulls him to his feet. Flipp delivers two back to back knees to Young’s stomach before picking him up and throwing him down to the canvas with a scoop slam. Flipp then runs to the ropes and leaps in the air, landing on the middle rope. He springboards off and flips in the air at Young with a moonsault but comes up short as Young rolls out of the way at the last second. Young pops up to his feet and quickly moves in on Flipp, kicking him in the mid section a few times, keeping him down. He then grabs Flipp by the head and pulls him to his feet. Young then applies another side headlock and cranks down once again with the pressure. He then takes a few steps forward and plants Flipp into the mat with a bulldog.

JOHNSON: ”Khris Young has turned this match around fairly quick.”
VASSA: ”Turned it around? It’s only getting started!”
Young stands to his feet and circles Flipp for a moment. He then kicks him a few more times while he’s down. Young then grabs him by the arm and pulls him up to his feet. Young then throws Flipp to the ropes with force. Flipp hits the ropes and comes back with speed only to get lifted up and driven into the canvas with a powerslam. Young bursts up to his feet as the fans pop with cheers. Young doesn’t waste any time and turns back to Flipp who is just rolling over and starting to get up. Young grabs him by the head with both hands and drags him across the ring before finally lifting him to both feet. Young positions himself behind Porter and wraps his arms around his waist. He then attempts to lift him up for a German suplex but Flipp holds his footing and locks his leg with Young’s. Flipp then throws an elbow back and connects with the side of Young’s head, breaking his hold. Young quickly reaches over Flipp’s shoulder with one arm but gets surprised when Flipp grabs it with both hands and flips him over his shoulders, slamming him to the mat. Flipp keeps his grip on Young’s arm and then locks an armbar while standing over his back and driving his knee into his shoulder blade.

VASSA: ”That looks very painful!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s not letting up either! Young better do something quickly before this gets out of hand and he’s forced to tap out.”
Young struggles to break free but can’t seem to squirm his way out of the hold. The ref checks in with him for a submission but Young refuses to give up. Flipp continues to put the pressure down on his arm while driving his knee into the back of his shoulder. The ref gives it a few moments before checking with Young again for the submission. Young begins to turn bright red from the struggle to break free. He then slowly begins to drag himself across the canvas, pulling Flipp with him who still has the move in place. A few more moments pass as Young finally gets close enough to the edge of the ring to throw him foot on the bottom rope. The ref quickly takes notice and yells for Flipp to release the hold. Flipp lets go and takes a step back with a look of disappointment on his face. Young grabs the ropes with his hands and pulls himself up. Once to his feet, Flipp charges and attacks with a series of forearms to Young’s back. Flipp then pulls Young away from the edge of the ring and lifts him in the air, up to his side. Flipp then drops Young down across his knee and connects with a backbreaker that rattles the ring upon impact. Young bounces off Flipp’s knee and rolls over, falling to his stomach. Flipp stands to his feet. The crowd goes nuts in the background but he ignores them and remains focused on Young. He lifts Young from the mat and hits him with a few closed fists to the forehead. Flipp then moves in swiftly and wraps his arms around Young, lifting him up and slamming him to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex.

JOHNSON: ”Flipp Porter is off to an impressive debut if I do say so myself.”
VASSA: ”You’re right about that. 4CW has a keen eye for talent and this guy surely fits the bill.”
Flipp slowly gets to his feet as the crowd carries on in the background, loving the action in the ring. He wastes no time and grabs Young, pulling him up to his feet. Flipp throws a few punches and connects to Young’s head, knocking him back a step as each makes contact. Flipp draws back for another big punch but gets caught off guard as Young pushes him away. Young then goes to kick him in the stomach but Flipp catches his foot. Flipp then spins Young around but gets his bell rung as Young connects with another kick, dropping him to the mat with a dragon whip. The fans pop with cheers after the big move while Young pushes himself up from the canvas. Flipp rolls over on the mat, holding his head. Young grabs him by the arm and pulls him to his feet. He then lifts Flipp up and drops him to the canvas with a scoop slam converted into a reverse DDT. Young gets up and runs to the corner, ascending the turnbuckle. Once at the top, he leaps from the top rope and connects with a diving headbutt. Young quickly covers Flipp for the pin as the ref drops down for the count…
Flipp gets a shoulder up before the refs hand makes contact with the mat. Young looks up at the ref, surprised by the count. He pushes himself up, driving his hand into Flipp’s chest. Young lifts Flipp up from the mat and throws him to the corner. Flipp slams into the turnbuckle with his back only to get hit instantly with a running clothesline by Young who follows. Young then pulls him away from the corner by his arm and drives his knee into his stomach. Young then bends him over and lifts him into the air, throwing him into the corner with a powerbomb. Flipp’s back slams against the turnbuckle before he falls to his head. Young stomps on him while he’s down, keeping him contained in the corner. He then pulls him up to his feet and shoves him back into the corner. Young then takes a step back to create some space and then jumps into the air, hitting Flipp with a dropkick. Flipp hangs on to the top ropes, holding himself up. Young quickly gets up before Flipp has a chance to regain himself. He then pulls Flipp away from the corner and drops him to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker.

JOHNSON: ”Young has taken control of the match up and is putting a hurting on Flipp.”
VASSA: ”I thought he was going to end it earlier but Flipp managed to kick out of that pin.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have put on a great match for us so far.”
Young gets up and grabs both of Flipp’s legs, hooking his in them and locking in a Sharp Shooter. Young manages to turn Flipp over and begins to apply the pressure of the hold. Flipp fights to break free but doesn’t as Young continues to crank down. The ref checks in with Flipp for the submission but gets a quick answer as Flipp shakes his head back and forth, refusing to submit. A few moments go by before Flipp takes notice of how close he is to the ropes. He then begins to slowly pull himself towards them, pulling Young along for the ride. Flipp then reaches for the ropes but just as his hand is about to touch, Young pulls him away, keeping the Sharp Shooter locked in. The ref checks with Flipp again for the submission but gets nothing as Flipp continues to fight the pain. Finding a burst of energy, Flipp pulls himself closer to the edge of the ring. He reaches one last time and grabs the bottom rope. The ref quickly takes notice and yells for Young to release the hold. Young stands to his feet and walks to the center of the ring, frustrated. Flipp then pulls himself up with the help of the ropes and stands to his feet. As he turns around, Young surprises him with the attack. Young throws a few clubs over Flipp’s back and then grabs him by the arm, throwing him to the ropes across the ring. Flipp hits the ropes and comes back fast. As he approaches, Young bends over to flip him up into the air but catches a boot to the mouth as Flipp kicks him, sending Young flying into the air and down to his back.

VASSA: ”That was some quick thinking by Flipp right there as he force fed Khris his boot.”
JOHNSON: ”Force fed?”
VASSA: ”That’s what I said and I’m willing to bet that it didn’t taste good!”
JOHNSON: ”It is a boot, would you expect it to taste anything but bad?”
VASSA: ”Shut up!”
Young rolls over to his stomach and begins to push himself up. Just as his arms extend, Flipp knocks him back down with a running elbow drop to the back of the head. Flipp then gets up and stomps on the legs of Young before grabbing him by the arm and pulling him up to his feet. Once up, Young pushes Flipp a few steps back and then grabs him by the arm. He pulls Flipp closer and delivers a knee to the stomach. Young then goes to throw Flipp to the corner. Just as Young goes to release him, Flipp keeps a grip of his wrist and pulls him in closer. Flipp then delivers a devastating elbow to Young’s chin.

JOHNSON: ”I’ve done my research and Flipp likes to call that elbow nothing other than the Flipbow.”
Young stumbles back a step, stunned from the elbow. Flipp then does a back flip, sending his foot flying at Young’s head. Just before contact, Young leans back as Flipp’s boot flies right by his face, missing. Flipp hits the mat but quickly pushes himself up. Once to his feet, him and Young go toe to toe, exchanging blows back and forth. After a few hits have landed by both parties, Flipp kicks Young in the stomach and then throws him to the corner with all his strength. Young slams into the turnbuckle, crushing his chest with the impact. Flipp then moves in behind him and lifts him up, sitting him on the top of the turnbuckle, overlooking the crowd. Flipp then climbs up and stands on the top rope, looking over the crowd as well. He then jumps in the air and lands on Young’s shoulder. Flipp falls backwards with his legs wrapped around Young’s head and plants him into the canvas with a reverse Frankensteiner. Young bounces off the mat and rolls over to his stomach. Flipp quickly crawls over to him and makes the cover as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”That was an impressive reverse Frankensteiner by Flipp. I’m surprised that Young was even able to kick out of that pin after a move like that.”
Flipp doesn’t waste any time and climbs to his feet. He looks down at Young for a moment who is recovering. He then looks over the electric crowd, not seeing a single ass in the seat. He turns his attention back to Young and slowly makes his way over to him. Grabbing his arm, Flipp pulls him to his feet. Flipp then grabs him by the back of the head and walks him over to the edge of the ring. He then throws him to the ropes, sending him up and over, falling to the outside. Flipp then climbs the turnbuckle and waits patiently as Young slowly climbs to his feet. Once up, Young turns to face the ring only to get knocked back down as Flipp leaps from the top of the turnbuckle, connecting with a flying clothesline.

JOHNSON: ”Things are getting crazy!”
VASSA: ”There’s the ref starting with the count. They better get back in the ring.”
The ref begins to count them both out as they slowly begin to move around on the floor outside of the ring.
Flipp gets to his feet first and then kicks Young a few times while he’s still down.
Flipp then pulls Young up from the floor and drags him closer to the ring. Just as they approach the apron, Young pushes himself away and then grabs ahold of Flipp’s arm, throwing him into the steel barricade at ringside.

Young then charges at Flipp and hits him with a clothesline. The two then flip over the barricade and fall into the seating area of the fans.
Young quickly gets up and climbs back over the barricade, rushing to the ring before the ref makes the ten count. Just as he does, Flipp reaches from the pother side of the barricade with both arms and grabs him by the shoulder, pulling him back and slamming him into the barricade.
Flip then hops over the barricade and runs to the ring but gets tripped up by Young. Flipp hits the floor. Meanwhile, Young darts for the ring but gets stuck as Flipp grabs his foot, keeping him from entering the ring.

JOHNSON: ”It’s a double count out! Neither one could get back into the ring before the ref made the ten count.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think this is how either man expected their 4CW debut to end. Hell, I didn’t see this coming!”
Young pulls his foot away from Flipp with a frustrated look on his face. He walks away, leaving Flipp alone to get up as well.

POWERS: ”The following contest has resulted in a double count out!”
As Young walks towards the other side of the ring, Flipp comes up from behind and grabs him by the shoulder, spinning him around. The two then stand eye to eye, staring back at one another. The ref quickly slides out of the ring and jumps in between the two before anything happens.

VASSA: ”We had a really exciting match taking place before this double count out.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think this will be the last time these two meet. Both are going to be looking to settle the score and prove just who is the better wrestler.”
The two continue to stare at each other, with the ref in between them. Young then takes a step back and turns for the entrance stage. Flipp backs down and talks with the ref as the two watch Young making his way up the aisle.

VASSA: ”Both of these gentlemen put their talents on display tonight and I can guarantee you that there isn’t a disappointed fan in the house.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t say that. I’m disappointed that this match didn’t end with a win for one of the two.”
VASSA: ”Your whole life is nothing but disappointment.”
VASSA: ”I just call it how I see it.”
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, I guess that’s it for our opening match. We’re going to go backstage for a moment before heading into our second match of the evening.”
VASSA: ”Something has to give. These two CANNOT be satisfied with this double count out.”

Sydney and Natasha are standing in the Gorilla position as they are finishing their finally preparations for the upcoming match. The cameraman walks up to them as Daniela Sanders steps out from behind him.

SANDERS: ”Ladies, I am so sorry for interrupting your match preps but I have to ask you a couple of questions.”
HOLLISTER: ”Not to be rude but who are you? What happened to Gabriel Hartman?”
SANDERS: ”My name is Daniela Sanders. I have been hired here to help Gabriel Hartman out. Are you a tad nervous about face Of Mice and Malice?”
Natasha lets out a laugh before composing herself. She looks at Daniela with a smile on her face.

BLANKENSHIP: ”Daniela, we are not nervous. I do believe the ones who should be nervous are Of Mice and Malice. I mean they are facing a new red out tag team that is only getting better. Sydney and I are ready for one thing.”
HOLLISTER: ”To end this night with a Royal Flush.”
SANDERS: ”There you have it folks. The All Stars are ready for their fight tonight. Back to you guys.”
Sydney and Natasha high fives each other as the soft sound of “Shotgun” plays in the theatre as the cameras cut back inside the theatre.


JOHNSON: ”4CW continues to grow, show after show, we find more and more talent flocking to us.”
VASSA: ”That’s because people in this industry are starting to realize that 4CW is one of the few promotions in which you’re judged solely on your performances inside that ring.”
JOHNSON: ”Up next we have a debut for a brand new tag team that is looking to add their names into the mix of one of the greatest tag team divisions going!”
VASSA: ”As if it wasn’t strange enough with some the teams we have lurking around here. These two have a few screws loose…”
JOHNSON: ”You’re so quick to judge. Next week you’ll be singing their praises.”
VASSA: ”Pffft…”
JOHNSON: ”Well this new tag team will be up against a newer version of the All Stars than we were acclimated to. Sydney Hollister and Natasha Blankenship made their debut as a tag team, replacing the struggling combination of Adam Grant and Aiden Scott, just two weeks ago with a win over Jai Knightly and Jax Waverly.”
VASSA: ”I’m a huge supporter of this new and improved All Stars tag team.”
JOHNSON: ”Of course you are Vinny…”
Steve Johnson reaches down and grabs some loose papers that have notes scribbled on them and shuffles them at the announce table before the crew cuts to Mike Powers in the DJ booth.

POWERS: ”The following contest is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Reverend Malice, at a combined weight of five hundred and fifty-two pounds… Montgomery Grimm and “Last” Chance McGraw…OF MICE AND MALICE!!”
The voice of Rev. Malice can be heard.
“Come and see. And I saw.”
The lights dim, the opening slide guitar rings out the notes from Cage the Elephants’ “Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked” begins to rattle out over the theater. From behind the curtain steps out the wild eyed monster known as Montgomery Grimm. Alongisde the near seven foot tall man is the short preacher known as Rev. Malice, Malice points to the ring and begins to tell tales towards Montgomery which only seem to get him madder and angrier with each passing step he takes towards the ring. Joining them, but only a little behind is Chance McGraw, McGraw is a bit more talkitive towards the crowd letting them know exactly what he thinks about whatever is on his mind. He slides into the ring just as Grimm steps over the top ropes, the two don’t really seem to interact with each other, rather simply move to their spots guided by the Reverend himself.

POWERS: ”And their opponents, at a combined weight of two hundred and fifty-one pounds…“The Queen of Cards” Sydney Hollister and “Country Queen” Natasha Blankenship…the ALL STARS!!”
“Shotgun” begins to play as Sydney Hollister walks out with Natasha as Garry Zane is walking behind them with Felecia and Amy already at the ring. Sydney is waving to the audience as her partner keeps a close eye on her. She hops onto the ring apron while her partner does the same. She jumps into the ring as her partner enters normally. Sydney hops onto the second turnbuckle and poses for the live audience as the song continues to play.

JOHNSON: ”The audience loves them, but tonight is going to be one tough challenge for Hollister and Blankenship. They’re being outweighed by over three hundred pounds.”
VASSA: ”Haven’t you ever heard of David versus Goliath?”
JOHNSON: ”Well yeah, but David didn’t have to fight Montgomery Grimm. Look at that man. He’s enraged and almost three times the size of both ladies that he’ll be up against tonight…”
Chance McGraw and Natasha Blankenship remain in the ring as their partners step out onto the ring apron in the respective corners.
Chance McGraw runs his thumb and his index fingers seperate ways, outlinning his mustache as he stares down Natasha Blankenship. She looks puzzled by his sinister smile and foolishly charges across the ring. McGraw flattens her with a quick clothesline and then stands over her as she tosses and turns on the canvass. McGraw reaches down and grabs two handfuls of her hair and drags her to the corner. He throws her against the turnbuckles and unloads on her with a combination of right jabs followed by an overhead left hook. Natasha falls forward out of the corner but McGraw catches her and quickly scoops her up, turning her upside down and sticking her into the corner, trapping feet underneath the top turnbuckle. McGraw steps away and smiles, looking at Natasha as she dangles upside down. McGraw charges and hits a sliding dropkick that knocks her loose and back down to the canvass. McGraw looks over at his partner and calls out to him. Montgomery Grimm places his large boot over the top rope as McGraw lifts Natasha back up to her feet. McGraw grabs Natasha by the back of the head and guides her face first into Grimm’s boot! Grimm brings his foot back down off of the top rope as McGraw tags him in.

JOHNSON: ”And this is exactly what I was afraid of. Here comes the big man!”
VASSA: ”I don’t like Natasha’s odds against this monster…”
Grimm reaches down and picks Natasha up with two hands around her throat. He tosses her aside into the corner and follows that up by driving his knees repeatedly into her midsection. He steps back and allows for her to stumble out of the corner before scooping her up and dropping her down with a side slam. Grimm climbs up to his feet and then reaches back down to grab Natasha. He follows through with a deadlift gutwrench suplex that tosses her clear across the ring. Grimm crawls towards his fallen opponent and lays across her, driving his forearm down on her face as the ref slides in to make the count.
Sydney Hollister hops into the ring and quickly hits a dropkick to Montgomery Grimm to break up the pin attempt. He shakes off the kick and quickly stomps towards Syndey. He grabs her with both of his hands around her throat and lifts her high up into the air. Behind his back, Natasha manages to pull herself up in time to see her partner about to be slammed down to the canvass. She dives across the ring and hits Grimm with a chop block that frees Sydney from his grip.

JOHNSON: ”Grimm is down to one knee. The ladies need to work together here to get him off of his feet.”
VASSA: ”Oh so now you’re okay with double teaming one opponent? Seems a bit one sided to me…”
Natasha and Sydney stand side by side as Montgomery Grimm rises to his feet. They leap into the air and hit their Country Queens tandem dropkick but it only forces the big man to stumble backwards. He explodes forward and levels them with a double clothesline before marching towards the corner and tagging his partner into the ring. Chance climbs through the ropes and pushes Sydney out of the ring, under the ropes, with his foot before turning his attention to Natasha. He calls out orders to Grimm and bounces himself off of the ropes, right towards his partner. Grimm lifts McGraw up and over him with a back body drop, forcing McGraw to land on Natasha Blankenship. Grimm climbs out of the ring as McGraw grabs Natasha by the hand and pulls her towards the corner. He slides out of the ring and positions her head underneath the bottom turnbuckle. McGraw slides back into the ring and quickly grabs Natasha by her feet. He drops back and catapults her upwards, her face connecting with the steel underneath the bottom turnbuckle. McGraw pulls her out from underneath the ropes and tries for another cover.
Natasha manages to get one of her feet on the bottom rope and the ref notices before the count of three.

JOHNSON: ”This match has become tough to watch. This is two grown men beating on women.”
VASSA: ”Yeah but they’re the ones that signed up for this. No one is forcing them to step into the ring. So save us the man versus woman babble…”
McGraw slides over to his corner and tags Grimm back into the match. Grimm marches towards Natasha and lifts her up as McGraw reaches up to the top rope and pulls himself up. Grimm whips Natasha into the corner and then immediately turns to his partner. Grimm grabs McGraw by the wrist and whips him towards the same corner, boosting a running clothesline that McGraw hits on Natasha. McGraw then grabs Natasha by the back of the head and throws her towards the center of the ring and she is hit by a running big boot from Montgomery Grimm. Grimm makes the cover and hooks a leg as McGraw exits the ring.
Once again Hollister finds her way into the ring and dives onto Grimm to break up the pin attempt, this time with a double axe handle smash. Grimm rolls off of Natasha and locks eyes on Sydney. Sydney takes the initiative this time around and begins unloading leg kicks to the knee. Grimm shows no sign of feeling the effects from the low leg kicks and reaches out, grabbing Sydney by the hair. Sydney tries for a kick to the midsection but Grimm catches it. He spins her around and Sydney counters with an enziguri kick that hits the mark! Grimm staggers around and turns towards Natasha who has climbed out to the apron. She springboards herself off of the top rope and hits a dropkick that knocks the big man back into his own corner. McGraw reaches over and tags himself in as Grimm uses the turnbuckles to keep himself on his feet.

JOHNSON: ”Even after all of that they couldn’t take the big man off of his feet! And now a fresh McGraw has found himself into the match.”
VASSA: ”If they’re going to be able to get the upperhand on either of their opponents it’s going to be the smaller Chance McGraw…”
Sydney Hollister helps Natasha to her feet and the two duck a double clothesline from Chance McGraw. He turns around and the two plant a foot into his midsection, doubling him over. Sydney grabs McGraw by his head as Natasha moves behind him and hits an enziguri kick that leads to Sydney hitting a reverse STO! Montgomery Grimm charges out of the corner and heads directly for Natasha as she rests against the ring ropes. She sees it coming and drops down, pulling the top rope down, sending Grimm to crash down to the arena floor. Grimm lands on his feet and stares at the two women as they look on in disbelief. Sydney moves over to the ropes and grabs the top rope before sending herself over and towards Grimm. Grimm catches her in mid air and holds her horizontally across his body. He turns around while holding Sydney and sees Natasha diving off of the top rope, hitting a crossbody and finally dropping the big man down! Sydney and Natasha pop up to their feet and see Chance McGraw flying off of the top rope with a cross body of his own. They move and Chance McGraw crashes into the security railing.

JOHNSON: ”For the first time in the match it looks like the All Stars have the clear cut upper hand in the match!”
VASSA: ”We’ll see how they handle it. They need to seize the moment and take advantage of McGraw and Grimm while they are reeling…”
Natasha and Sydney climb up onto the ring apron and look back at McGraw and Grimm as they rise to their feet. Simultaneously they jump up and use the middle rope as a springboard for tandem asai moonsaults! Natasha hits McGraw and knocks him off of his feet. Grimm catches Sydney and drives her towards the steel ring post. Sydney slithers back and lands on her feet behind Grimm. Natasha quickly moves next to her partner and as Grimm turns they hit a double dropkick that knocks him back into the steel ring post! Grimm manages to stay on his feet as he wobbles around. The two ladies turn back to McGraw and slide him into the ring. Natasha slides in behind as Sydney climbs up to the apron and the two immediately tag, switching places in the match. Sydney watches as Chance McGraw pushes up to one knee. She charges and hits a running shining wizard that she calls the Queen of Spades! Hollister rolls up McGraw’s leg and makes the cover.
McGraw powers out and immediately rises to a seated position.

JOHNSON: ”McGraw may be seeing stars after that brutal shining wizard. Grimm is just finding his way back to his corner and is getting an earful from Reverend Malice.”
VASSA: ”He doesn’t look as pleased as he did earlier in the match.”
McGraw pushes up to his feet and Hollister follows behind him. She hops up into the air and hits him with a double axe handle smash to the back of the head. She lands on her feet and quickly grabs McGraw by his hair and pulls him backwards hitting an inverted DDT! Hollister again rolls up McGraw’s leg and looks for the pinfall.

McGraw pushes Hollister off before the count of three and flops over onto his stomach. He extends his arm, reaching for his partner but is way too far away for a tag to be made.

VASSA: ”Easy buddy. You almost took out the announce table jumping up like that. And you tell me I show favoritism at time?”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t help it…The fact that Natasha Blankenship and Sydney Hollister are even hanging with these two is a feat in itself!”
Hollister moves over to her corner and slaps her partners extended arm. Blankenship steps into the ring and immediately marches towards Chance McGraw as he crawls towards the corner. McGraw suddenly reaches up and grabs Blankenship by the front of her tights and pulls her down, smashing her face into the turnbuckle. Hollister notices the misstep as she climbed out of the ring and instantly re-enters and charges at McGraw. McGraw dips his shoulder and lifts Hollister clear over the top rope, down to the ringside floor. McGraw looks to his partner and tags him in before going back to grab Natasha. Grimm climbs in and stands with his back against the ropes. McGraw whips Natasha to the opposing ropes and steps towards her. On the rebound he lifts her with two hands, catapulting her into the air and over his head. While Natasha is in mid air Montgomery Grimm bounces off of the ropes and hits her with a running lariat! Grimm folds Natasha up in half as McGraw moves towards the ropes nearest Hollister.

JOHNSON: ”They call that With Malice…”
VASSA: ”I call that an impressive win…WOW! That was an impressive debut…”
The ref gets pushed aside by the Reverend Malice as he raises Chance McGraw and Montgomery Grimm’s arms into the air. “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage The Elephant takes over the venue’s PA system as Mike Powers makes the official announcement.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners…via pinfall…Chance McGraw…Montgomery Grimm…OF MICE AND MALICE”

The scene shifts to the backstage area. The locker room of Jett Wilder and Daysi Doll, to be precise. As the camera moves through the locker room, a pile of discarded clothing can be seen sitting on a wooden bench. On closer inspection, it appears to be women’s clothing. Tight top, short skirt, and matching bra and panties.

The camera continues deeper into the locker room, past the locker stalls and benches, to the shower area. Water is heard, and shortly steam can be seen rising from above the shoulder height wall blocking the showers from the rest of the locker room.

Someone whistles a tune. A woman’s voice. As the camera pans in closer, we see that it is none other than 4CW’s resident hot mama, Daysi Doll. The shower head cascades water over her head and down her face, her hands raking through her long hair.

She reaches for the tap and turns off the water. Turning, she reaches for her towel and lets out a loud yelp of surprise. The camera pans to an arm reaching out to her, holding her towel.

SANITY: “Looking for this?”
Daysi Doll’s first instinct is to cross her arms over her breasts, but then remembers she’s fully naked and proceeds to do an awkward little dance until she finds the right position so her one arm covers both her breasts and the other arm/hand covers her womanly parts.

DAYSI DOLL: “What the hell are you doing in here?! Get the hell out!”
The camera pans out wider. Jason Sanity is seen standing in front of Daysi Doll, his right arm outstretched with the towel held out in front of him. Draped over his left shoulder is the Pride championship title belt. He gives her a wicked grin.

SANITY: “Come on, Daysi. Since when are you shy about being naked in front of anyone?”
Daysi Doll’s face goes bright red. Whether from embarrassment or anger isn’t quite clear. Probably a mixture of both.

DAYSI DOLL: “Give me that!”
He holds out the towel, which she attempts a swipe at. But he pulls it back out of her reach, causing her to cover herself up again and stomp her feet in frustration.

SANITY: “Hey, fair’s fair. You saw mine, so it’s only right I see yours.”
Sanity puts actions to words and scans up and down Daysi Doll’s body with his eyes, not making any attempt to hide the fact his eyes linger the longest when he’s looking at her breasts and nether regions. Daysi Doll is spitting mad at this point.

DAYSI DOLL: “Stop that!”
SANITY: “What? Was I supposed to give you the twenty bucks now rather than after?”
DAYSI DOLL: “What?! No … you … Grrr!”
Sanity barks out a laugh, then tosses the towel to Daysi Doll. She catches it clumsily, almost dropping it, before finally wrapping it around herself.

SANITY: “Meh, I’ve seen better.”
He turns and walks away from the shower stall, leaving Daysi Doll cursing and fuming behind him.

As he exits the locker room, Jett Wilder is seen approaching. Sanity has a wide smile on his face as the two come face to face. Sanity simply offers Wilder a wink and a nod, then brushes past him. Wilder, unsure of what that was about, scowls and shakes his head, then heads inside the locker room.

As he walks inside the locker room, he sees his mother, Daysi Doll, in the process of walking out of the shower with the towel wrapped around her and her hair looking disheveled. Wilder eyes his mom, then turns around and eyes the door that Jason Sanity had just exited, then back to his mom.

WILDER: “Mom! What the hell?!”
The scene then fades to ringside.


JOHNSON: ”Vinny I’d be lying if I said I knew what to expect out of our next matchup.”
VASSA: ”I naturally prepare for the worst when it comes to a man who fucks with the boss.”
JOHNSON: ”For those of you who missed the last episode of Adrenline, Mannie Romero and Alec Quartermain barged into Mr. Wallace’s office, rendering his bodyguard unconscious in the process. Just as Mr. Wallace was about to suspend the both of them, network executives called up and granted Mannie another shot at Nathaniel Havok’s extreme championship. Mannie demanded a warmup match and here we are.”
VASSA: ”Damien Knight versus Mannie Romero…”
JOHNSON: ”Mr. Wallace has to have something up his sleeve, right?”
VASSA: ”Like I said, prepare for the worst…”
The production crew cuts from the announce team to the ring announcer, Mike Powers, as he patiently waits his cue inside his DJ booth.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall…Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds…from Cincinnati, Ohio…the Jackal…DAMIEN KNIGHT!”
The lights dim as “Masked Jackal” by Coroner begins to play over the PA System and strobe lights start flashing to the beat of the guitar riff, after a few minutes the riff picks up in speed as do the flashes and once the vocals hit Damien emerges from the backstage area with his arms outstretched, he makes his way down to the ring and hops up on the apron before removing his hood revealing a sadistic grin as he stares down the audience before entering the ring ready for his match.

The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the sound system, building anticipation.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from The Commonwealth of Virginia, weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. Accompanied to the ring by Alec Quartermain, he is “The Main Attraction”, “Young” MANNIE RROOMMEERROO!!!”
Mannie and Alec emerge to a wave of boos. Mannie is lead to the ring by Alec Quartermain, while being inside of an Old-School Electric Motorized Cart. Next the stage lights die down, as Mannie who is wearing his glow in the dark ADIDAS sweatsuit, begins to soak in the hate. Right before a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. Mannie steps out of the cart, as he then strides up the steps, while the cameraman sits on the middle rope before he enters the ring. Mannie proceeds to remove his sweatsuit, awaiting for the start of the match.

JOHNSON: ”I just can’t help but think that Perry is back there, waiting for the perfect time to drop a bombshell on Mannie…”
VASSA: ”I have a funny feeling there’s nothing coming…Why wait? Why the suspens?”
JOHNSON: ”You may be right, the ref is calling for the opening bell and here we go!”
The ref signals for the two competitors to get the match underway as the timekeeper rings the opening bell.
Mannie and Damien Knight meet in the center of the ring and lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. The jockey for position, neither giving up an inch until Mannie catches Damien Knight off guard by hitting him with a headbutt. They break the hold and Damien staggers backwards. Mannie hooks Damien by the back of the head and pushes him down as he hits him with a series of european uppercuts. Mannie transitions into a Muay Thai clinch and continues to force Damien’s head downward, this time throwing some vicious knees before finishing him off with a flying knee. Damien falls backwards, dazed and confused from the striking game from Mannie. Damien lands with his back on the bottom rope and before he could clear his head, Mannie grabs both of his legs and falls backwards, catapulting his throat into the middle rope…

JOHNSON: ”Mannie looks ferocious tonight. Like he’s got something to prove to the world.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think the ref appreciated that last move. He’s giving Mannie an earful…”
Mannie backs away with his hands held high above his head. With the ref distracted, Alec quickly moves towards Damien Knight and hits him with a stiff right hand as he leaned on the ropes with his head sticking out towards the audience. Knight collapses back into the ring and Mannie side steps the ref, hopping onto Damien Knight and trying for a quick cover.
Damien Knight quickly kicks out of the early pin attempt. Mannie pulls Damien up to his feet. Mannie backs up to the ropes and does a forward roll towards Damien as he stands doubled over in the center of the ring. Mannie pops up out of the forward roll and drops his leg down across the back of Damien’s head, hitting a rolling thunder fameasser!

JOHNSON: ”What an athletic maneuver from Mannie! He always shows glimpses of brilliance inside the ring.”
VASSA: ”Athleticism has never been apart of his downfalls. If Mannie could get the mental aspect of wrestling straightened out, he’d be one hell of a wrestler…”
JOHNSON: ”Which is why it’s so frustrating to watch him. He doesn’t need Alec Quartermain’s help. He has the tools. He just needs to piece it all together.”
Mannie lifts Damien up and grabs him by his hair and his trunks. He tosses him over the top rope and turns his back, thinking he’d fallen to the arena floor near Alec. Damien lands on the ring apron and drops down to one knee. He notices Alec marching towards him and quickly gives him a boot to the face, knocking him backwards into the security railing. Mannie turns back around and stomps towards Damien. Damien darts his shoulder between the ropes and drives it into Mannie’s midsection. He then grabs Mannie by the back of the head and leaps down off of the apron, driving Mannie’s throat down across the top rope. He turns around and sees Alec storming towards him. He side steps the big man and guides him shoulder first into the nearby steel ringpost. Damien slides back into the ring and waits for Mannie to get up from his knees. Damien darts towards him and folds him in half with a spear!

JOHNSON: ”The tides have turned! Damien is treating this like a two on one…keeping his head on a swivel.”
VASSA: ”If he wants to walk out of here with a win he’s got to…”
Damien grabs Mannie by his arm and drags him to the center of the ring. He pulls him up to his feet and twists his arm while stepping underneath and tucking it behind with a hammerlock. Damien turns Mannie around while keeping the hammerlock intact and tucks his head against Mannie’s side before lifting him up and over with a bridging hammerlock northern lights suplex! The ref slides into position and begins to count.
Mannie kicks out and frees his arm from underneath his back. He rolls over and clutches at his shoulder. Damien refuses to let up and quickly grabs Mannie by the same arm and pulls him back towards the ropes. Damien steps through the ropes and drapes Mannie’s arm over the top before dropping down to the arena floor and pulling relentlessly on Mannie’s arm while doing so. Mannie drops to the canvass and squirms around, holding his arm. Damien turns just in time to be crushed by a running axe handle smash from Alec! The referee was distracted, checking on the condition of Mannie’s arm while the ambush occurred on the outside. Alec lifts Damien up and drives him back first into the security railing before stepping away without alerting the official.

JOHNSON: ”And that’s where having the numbers on your side pays off! Alec just gifted Mannie an opening to get back into this match!”
Mannie pushes up to his feet and sees Damien standing with his back against the security railing. Mannie smirks as he runs towards the opposite ropes, he bounces off, building up steam, and charges towards Damien. Mannie leaps up to the top rope and uses it as a springboard before hitting a tope con hilo that leaves both men out of the venue floor and the live audience on their feet applauding.
“4-C-W! 4-C-W! 4-C-W!”
Alec moves towards the two and the ref steps out through the ropes, breaking his ten count to order him to move away from the wreckage. Surprisingly both men begin to stir close to the same time. Mannie gets to his feet first but Damien isn’t far behind him. Mannie grabs Damien by his head and drives his knee upwards into his midsection before rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope. Mannie hops up onto the apron and grabs the top rope. He leans back before trying his luck at a slingshot senton splash. Damien gets his knees up and drives them into the small of Mannie’s back as he comes down with the senton splash!

JOHNSON: ”This could be Damien’s chance to get back into this match!”
VASSA: ”How either guy survived that springboard tope con hilo is amazing in itself…”
Damien drags himself up to his feet in the corner. He watches as Mannie stands up with his hand pressed against his lower back. Mannie turns towards Damien and is quickly scooped up with a double leg and spun around into a spinebuster! Damien floats over into a side mount and begins hammering away with hard right hands. The official warns Damien about the use of a closed fist and he obliges by standing up with his hands up. Damien pushes passed the ref and begins stomping away at Mannie as he tries to cover up. Damien drops down and wraps both of his hands around Mannie’s throat and begins choking him, forcing the ref to utilize his five count.
Damien releases his hold of Mannie much to the ire of the official and stands up to his feet once again.

JOHNSON: ”Damien Knight is fighting fire with fire…”
VASSA: ”Hell if they’re going to bend the rules and turn this into a two on one, why not use every second of the officials patience to his advantage?”
Damien lifts Mannie up and pulls him to the center of the ring. He shoves his head between his legs and lifts him up for a powerbomb. Damien runs Mannie into the corner and powerbombs into the turnbuckles! Damien runs to the opposite side of the ring and charges Mannie, looking for the Jackal Strikes. Alec pulls Mannie by his feet, forcing him to hit the canvass and then drags him out of the ring under the ropes. Knight pulls up short of the corner and then steps on the ropes barking at Alec as he lifts Mannie up. The ref pulls Knight away from the ropes and the two exchange words. With the ref distracted, Nathaniel Havok runs down the entrance way with his Extreme championship in hand. Havok clocks Alec in the head, knocking him out cold. Havok then lifts Mannie up, his arms tucked underneath Mannie’s arms and grabbing him by the inside of his knees. Havok drops him on his head with the Reign of Terror package piledriver! Havok drops down and rolls under the ring as the ref turns and sees both Mannie and Alec laid out.

JOHNSON: ”Mannie is out cold! Damien is going to win by count out!”
VASSA: ”You can throw an assist Nathaniel Havok’s way…”
Damien Knight raises his arms up as the ref returns from the timekeeper after signaling for the bell. “Masked Jackal” by Coroner blares throughout the arena’s speakers as the fans begin to voice their dismay for the outcome of what looked to be a promising matchup.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, via count out…the Jackal…DAMIEN KNIGHT!!”
The scene remains Ringside as ‘The Main Attraction’ is about to blow a gasket but instead of letting his anger get the best of him, he however decides to refocus all of his reserved energy into something more positive.

Once upon hearing Mannie’s aggressive request, a near-by Roadie hurries to give Mannie what he wants…

VASSA: ”You see that right there Steve? Now that’s a Real Champion!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh give me a break Vinny… You can’t be serious can you?”
VASSA: ”It looks like Mannie isn’t making no bones as to why he wanted that microphone Steve but nevertheless i’m still looking forward to whatever is about to happen.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh I just bet can’t Vinny…”
JOHNSON: ”What?”
The sounds of “Bossy” by Kelis airs through the PA system as “The Loud Mouthed Vixen” Jacinta Perez storms her way down the ramp towards the ring.

VASSA: ”WOW…She looks pissed!”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah you could say that again Vinny…”
Jacinta slides in the ring under the bottom rope before sizing up Mannie, who looks more than happy to be around her again.

MANNIE: ”Damn Baby… You’re looking real good right now!”
JACINTA: ”Tell me something that I don’t know Mannie… So what do you want though?”
MANNIE: ”I Want You!”
JACINTA: ”You are so freaking funny right now for saying that too, because I on the other hand Boo could actually give a damn about whatever you want from me…”
MANNIE: ”Okay I can admit that I deserve that, but I mean damn Jacinta… How long are going to stay mad about this shit?”
JACINTA: ”Are you fucking serious?”
The whole building can feel her rage about to overload as they begin to instigate her sub-conscience.


MANNIE: ”Babe…”
Jacinta reluctantly takes Mannie’s advice as the 4CW Universe voices their displeasures about it with loud boos.

JACINTA: ”Okay Mannie… You wanted my attention, well now you got it. Speak!”
MANNIE: ”Okay…”
VASSA: ”I think Mannie is making the right choice of being careful around her because we all know how short her temper is…”
JOHNSON: ”Now that’s a understatement Vinny!”
‘The Main Attraction’ begins to shake nervously as he tries to amp himself with a few smacks to his own face, before then reaching into his Ring Jacket pocket while dropping down to one knee.

MANNIE: ”Baby…”
The 4CW Universe is erupting into a frenzy as the building is beginning to shake.

JACINTA: ”Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God… Yes, Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times Yes Mannie!”
MANNIE: ”You said Yes?”
JACINTA: ”Mhmm.”
The estranged couple finally “consummates” it by joining together for a passionate tounge-kiss, in which the 4CW Universe again voices their opinions.


MANNIE: ”I’m so happy that you accepted my Birthday Bash.”
JACINTA: ”What?”
MANNIE: ”Yeah baby it’s going to be awesome… I got everybody from Homie The Clown to Deebo coming down to Las Vegas to celebrate your Birthday with us.”
MANNIE: ”What did I say now?”
“The Loud Mouthed Vixen” makes her exit out of the ring almost as fast she did making her way there, while Mannie can’t but shake his in disbelief.

VASSA: ”I sure don’t want to be Mannie when he arrives backstage after what he just pulled out here.”
JOHNSON: ”Hell Vinny, I don’t even think Mannie wants to be Mannie right now. He’s Titleless, Girfriendless, and most of all Partner… He’s got to be out of his mind.”

Cameras turned to ringside as Raab comes down to ringside with an evil looking man, Henry Losak as they get booed with Raab ignoring the hell out of the fans while Henry is confused as they walk down to the ring with Henry and Raab climbing in-between the ropes as while Raab stands there, Henry knows what to do in this situation and asks for the microphone and begins to speak.

LOSAK: ”I’m Henry Losak. Now everyone’s seen how much Raab’s improved as of late in the ring and it’s all because he’s embracing his inner anger which is what’s made him different to everyone else in the world who seek help and cure for their depression.”
Henry gets a large amount of boos as Raab whispers in Henry’s ear to know what to do with a crowd reaction and gets the message to speaks again.

LOSAK: ”Before anyone gets it in their head that I’m going to manage this man. Let me clear the air now as to just who I am. I am Raab’s Anger Management Guide. I am here to not help him find peace but to unleash the rage and torment inside him. I will evaluate him at ringside during matches, find ways to bring out the BEAST he has deep within his thoughts that for a while now have begun to seep out. My life, my purpose is FOR Raab and I will do what is needed to see him lose his sanity.”
Crowd let out to boos as Henry takes a deep breath before speaking again.

LOSAK: ”Because of that, all of you along with the wrestlers in the back will address him as Lord Raab.”
There’s a large amount of boos as Henry pauses and speaks again.

LOSAK: ”Now the Evil known as Lord Raab has something to say, listen up scumbags.”
Boos go all through the arena as Henry hands the microphone to Raab who’s looking forward to talk.

LORD RAAB: ”HAHAHAHAHA so I’ve said I might not show up for the tag match tonight and I’m still deciding if it’s worth it which speaking about tag matches in general Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison, after tonight, I don’t want to be in any more tag team matches because they do absolutely nothing for my career. If you want me to wrestle. I only accept singles, triple threat, fatal four ways and handicap matches wrestling on my own. If you can’t then don’t bother booking me because I hate every single wrestler on this roster and hate every single one of you as well.”
Raab’s pissed off with 4CW owners on booking him in tag matches all the time and continues to speak.

LORD RAAB: ”Everyone in the Warzone match better watch out for a change of this lord because I’m angry more than everyone in the match and Jason Cashe better watch his and his buddies back. I hate to think that Tidus Howe’s gonna be a victim of me seriously hurting him in his face HAHAHAHAHA. I’m the lord of violence and pain that I’ll give to each one of my seven competitors.”
Raab also takes a breather before he says his last few words to his fellow competitors in the Warzone match.

LORD RAAB: ”Warzone cage match competitors, prepare to be Raabinated by the future Masked South-West Heavyweight Champion.”
Monster by Skillet plays over the sound system as he drops the microphone in the ring and both him and Henry leave the ring as the cameras switch to backstage.

The cameras cut backstage, where they begin to follow Nathaniel Havok.

HAVOK: Yeah, you’ll want to see this. You’ll definitely want to see what happens next. Just keep following your Extreme Champion!
Havok continues walking through the backstage area of the theatre, when he stops dead in his tracks, right at the office door of 4CW’s CEO, Perry Wallace.

HAVOK: This, it ends tonight! I’m done!
He thinks long and hard, putting his hand on the door knob a few times, before finally shaking his head. He opens the door, and barges right into the room.

WALLACE: What the hell? Wha…
Nathaniel slams the office door behind him, leaving the cameras outside in the hallway. The cameras cut back to ringside, where Steve Johnson and Vinnie Vassa both have concern on their faces.

JOHNSON: This can’t be good, Vinnie!
VASSA: What in the hell is the Extreme Champion doing?
JOHNSON: Somebody get a camera in that room right now! What’s going on?
The cameras cut backstage once again. Nathaniel Havok opens the door of Perry Wallace’s office, smirks, adjusts the Extreme Championship around his waist, and walks away from the scene. The cameras poke inside the office, to see Perry Wallace still sitting at his desk, unharmed, with a very puzzled look on his face.

WALLACE: Get the hell out of here! GO!
The cameras cut back to ringside.

JOHNSON: What in the hell was that about, Vinnie?
VASSA: How in the hell would I know, Steve?


JOHNSON:”: What do you think about this next match, Vassa? Jett Wilder taking on Shane Borderland.”
VASSA:”: I think it’s going to be quick and in the favor of Shane Borderland. But does it really matter? Jason Sanity is the title holder. “
JOHNSON:”: It is pretty significant, just days away from their triple threat title match. “
POWERS:”: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at one hundred forty-five pounds, from Los Angeles, California…Jett Wilder!! “
The lights go dark as the beginning of “My Moment” by DJ Drama hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing as out from the back wearing this weeks designer dress and heels is Daysi Doll who draws some whistles and a few cheers from the crowd as she walks her way down to the ring the camera man following her along the way as the camera seems ready to follow her until Jett Wilder pulls the camera away from her back to him at the top of the ramp, looking at himself in the lens as she pushes the camera away and stands back posing at the top of the ramp with his arms spread wide, nodding his head as the boos now pick up as he walks down with his towel over his shoulders around his neck.
Walking with that swag in his step he gets booed all the way as he heads down the ramp, ignoring the crowd and holding up his arms out at his side as he screams out “Its My Moment!” as he walks around the ring where we rejoin Daysi now who is signing stuff at ringside as Jett walks behind her, the camera completely ignoring him for his mother as she signs shirts and other apparel at ringside as Wilder can be seen posing on the top rope in the background as he jumps down disappearing out of the camera angle until his opponent is ready to make their entrance.

JOHNSON:”: Wilder is giving up a huge size advantage to Borderland. “
VASSA:”: And that’s one of my reasons as to why I think Shane is going to take it. “
JOHNSON:”: What’s your other reasons? “
VASSA:”: Confidential. “
The lights dim throughout the theatre, orange strobe lights start flickering everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva hits the sound system.

POWERS:”: “Introducing to the ring from San Diego, California, weighing in at two hundred forty three pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is the “Bad Boy”, SHANE BBOORRDDEERRLLAANNDD!!! “
Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms, then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON:”: It’s no secret that these two don’t like each other, but they’re both vying for the same prize, and it’s in the grasps of Jason Sanity, who will be competing later this evening. “
The two waste no time and go right after one another. They meet in a tie up and Borderland gets the upper hand and puts Wilder in a side headlock. He pushes him to the ropes, Borderland bounces off, and knocks Wilder down to the mat with a shoulder block. Borderland begins stomping on the right shoulder of Wilder, one kick after another. Borderland picks Wilder up and sends him flying to the corner. Borderland arrogantly walks over to Jett and begins choking him until the ref pulls him off. Borderland backs away, but comes back with a kick to the midsection and Wilder drops into a seated position. Borderland begins stomping away at the fallen Wilder until the ref pulls him off. Borderland backs off and gets into the face of the ref.

JOHNSON:”: Borderland better cool it. That could get him disqualified. “
VASSA:”: The ref needs to get off his back then! “
Borderland regains focus and hustles back over to Wilder who springs into action and kicks Borderland right in the teeth. He staggers backwards holding his mouth. Wilder rushes out of the corner and gets taken down with a powerslam from Shane Borderland. A momentum shift put on hold as Borderland hooks the legs.
Jett Wilder throws the shoulder up and breaks the count. Borderland sits up with a smirk on his face before peeling Wilder off the mat. He sends Wilder to the corner with a hard irish whip. Borderland quickly drops him with a snap DDT. Borderland sits up and dusts his hands off before taunting the crowd.

JOHNSON:”: Borderland is getting on the wrong side of this audience. “
VASSA:”: Who cares? “
JOHNSON:”: Borderland looking to go high risk. “
Borderland is now crouched on the top turnbuckle, awaiting Jett Wilder. He gets up, staggers around, and Borderland flies off looking for the missile dropkick, but Wilder rolls under the attack. Borderland crashes and burns and both men are down. The ref begins the ten count, but both men are up by the count of five. Wilder rushes to meet Borderland in the center of the ring and he ducks a Borderland clothesline. Borderland turns around as Wilder bounces off the other side and catches Borderland around the neck and connects with a tornado DDT.

JOHNSON:”: High impact move from Jett Wilder!! Doll is loving this! “
VASSA:”: Of course she is. He better take advantage. “
Wilder is feeling the momentum as they both get up and Wilder puts him back to the mat with a hip toss. He follows it up with a back body drop before sending Borderland into the corner. Wilder looking for a hurricanrana, but Borderland comes out of the corner and tosses Wilder over his head. Wilder lands right on the top turnbuckle.

JOHNSON:”: Great athleticism shown by Jett Wilder. “
Wilder re positions as Borderland turns around. He flies off and connects with a diving hurricanrana sending Borderland across the ring and under the bottom rope. Wilder is still moving aggressively as he pulls Borderland up on the apron, but Borderland quickly strikes and hangs Wilder’s neck over the top rope. She bounces backwards on the mat as Borderland drops to the outside and threatens Doll. Borderland just laughs before slowly getting back to the apron. Wilder is already back up as she slides under the bottom rope, hitting a baseball slide, and knocking the feet out from under Borderland. Borderland hits his face on the apron on the way down.

JOHNSON:”: Borderland better stay focused or this match could get away from him.
VASSA:”: Doll shouldn’t be out there! Come on! “
Wilder hops through the ropes and quickly rolls him back in and makes the pin.
Shane Borderland throws the shoulder up as cheers and boos start to rain down from the audience.

JOHNSON:”: Is that Jason Sanity? What is he doing out here?! “
VASSA:”: Just surveying the competition, it’s harmless. Get it together. “
Jason Sanity has a steel folding chair in hand as he unfolds it and takes a seat, watching the action from a distance. Both competitors are still unaware as Wilder drops Borderland with a bulldog. Wilder heads to the outside and up to the top turnbuckle. Wilder finally looks up and sees Jason Sanity up at the entrance. Sanity gives him a little wave with a smirk as Wilder begins yelling at him. Borderland is back up and throws himself against the ropes, causing Wilder to fall on top of the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON:”: Jett Wilder got a little distracted and paid for it. “
Borderland quickly makes his way up with Wilder and hooks him up for a superplex, but Wilder hangs on. Wilder begins hitting Borderland with rights and lefts to the ribcage. Wilder rakes Borderland in the eyes before hitting him with a forearm. Borderland falls off the top turnbuckle as Wilder repositions himself. Borderland turns around as Wilder flies off looking for the Jett Plane, but Borderland dodges it, and Wilder crashes to the mat. Borderland smirks, but it quickly fades as he notices Jason Sanity up at the entrance. Sanity gives him a little wave too before getting up out of his seat. He slowly begins walking to the ring as Borderland yells at him, but Borderland remains focused as he picks Wilder up and hits him with a german suplex.

VASSA:”: Borderland is showing off, from the looks of it. “
JOHNSON:”: Sanity is circling the ring, as if he’s stalking his prey. “
Borderland goes to lock in a texas cloverleaf, but Wilder pushes him away. Wilder rolls backwards and back to his feet. Wilder rushes Borderland, but he ducks it. Borderland grabs Wilder from the back, around the neck, and hits the Spinal Tap! Borderland hooks the legs.

JOHNSON:”: Wilder evades disaster and kicks out at the last minute.
Borderland can’t believe it and Sanity is on the outside, laughing at the nearfall from Borderland. Borderland hops to his feet and goes over to confront Sanity who throws his hands up in defense. Borderland is caught by surprise from Wilder who comes from behind and rolls him up.
Borderland thrusts his legs outward and the count is broken. Borderland goes for a clothesline, but Wilder ducks it. Wilder bounces off the other side and hits Borderland with a bicycle kick as he turns around.

VASSA:”: Yes! This is the break he needed! “
Borderland is slow to move as Wilder goes to a corner and waits for Borderland to get up. Sanity makes his way around the ring towards, Wilder unnoticed. Borderland is back up as Wilder attempts to run out of the corner, but Sanity has a hold of his foot, causing him to stay stationary. Wilder turns around and is furious as Sanity just throws his hands up in protest. Wilder starts spewing profanities and is crushed into the corner from behind by Shane Borderland. Borderland pulls Wilder out to the center of the ring, hooks his head, and hits Infusion! Borderland makes the pin as Sanity looks over at Doll laughing.

JOHNSON:”: Shane Borderland got the win after Sanity held onto the foot of Jett Wilder. “
VASSA:”: This thing is getting intense. I have to assume that Wilder was lined up for that running lariat of hers. “
JOHNSON:”: Nonetheless, Borderland picks up a huge victory before his big bout at Fright Night. Sanity is loving this. “
POWERS:”: The winner of this match, Shane Borderland!!! “
JOHNSON:”: Sanity is playing games and he may have the upper hand on both of these individuals. “
Borderland looks at the fallen Wilder before directing his attention towards Sanity who is back up at the entrance laughing. Borderland makes the motion of having the title around his waist as we cut away.

We cut backstage to a superstars locker room where Gabriel Hartman is standing by.

Hartman:”Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by with Khris Young who competed earlier tonight against La’Renzo ‘Flipp’ Porter. Khris, how do you feel about your performance? “
The cameras zoom out to show Young taking off his boots and unwrapping the tape around his wrists.

Young:”I thought I did well, giving the long layoff. Obviously I wanted to finish the match. I’m disappointed in the way it ended, but it is what it is. “
Hartman:”How did it feel to be back in there? “
Young:”Oh man, it was excillerating. I was nervous and anxious heading into the bout, but once I stepped through those ropes, it all disappeared. Flipp was an excellent opponent and pushed me to be the very best. We put on a show tonight. “
Hartman:”You most certainly did. The fans were heavily into it. What’s next for you? “
A smirk crawls over the face of Young as he nods his head.

Young:”Well, I’m not sure about Flipp, but I received high praise from management about our opener, and a rematch has been scheduled. “
Hartman:”So, you’ll be taking on Flipp again? “
Young:”Yes. It will be Flipp versus Khris Young one more time at Fright Night. Except this time, there will be no count outs. “
Khris grabs his boots and heads over to his duffel bag and out of the frame.

Hartman:”There you have it folks. Khris Young versus La’Renzo Porter part two at Fright Night on October twenty sixth. “



“Well, enough is enough, and it’s time for a change!”
“Come and take your best shot!”
“I tried to be a nice guy,”
“I tried to play by the rules.”
“You turned your backs on me!”
I” snap!”
“I was a victim!”

POWERS: Coming to the ring from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred twenty two pounds and standing six feet, three inches tall. He it “The Dublin Maniac”, COREY MMccCCAABBEE!!!”
The Dublin Lunatic” Corey McCabe comes out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Corey walks down the aisle and starts mocking the fans in attendance. As The Dublin Lunatic reaches the ring he stops and takes a deep breathe before sliding underneath the bottom rope. Corey has a sinister smile on his face as he perches himself up on the top ropes awaiting for the bell to ring.

VASSA: ”Two weeks ago Jason Sanity destroyed McCabe. I’m sure he’ll look to bounce back tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”I would hope so. At least I would hope that Sanity didn’t break his spirits with that embarrassing defeat.”
“Special Op” begins to play in the arena as all the cameras zoom out from either the stage of the ring before zooming into a segment of the crowd where the young Englishwoman known as Raven is. One of the closest cameras zooms in on Raven as she glances at her opponent in the ring before beginning to slowly walk down the staircase, a very confident look completely across her face as she doesn’t mind the amount of pats on the shoulders and arms she is receiving from the hyper-excited crowd.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring, hailing from Birmingham, England and weighing in at one hundred eighteen pounds…RAVEN!!!
While having her name announced Raven continued to enjoy her walk down the stairs, all the way to the barrier. The moment she arrived at the barrier Raven looked towards her opponent and smirks lightly. The Englishwoman then grabs the nearest camera, turned it to look at her face and said ”that is my opponent? I’ve seen pigeons more threatening.” Afterwards she lets go of the camera before pressing both her palms down on the barrier and jumping clean over it, easily landing on her own two feet. The raven-haired lady simply walks up the steel steps and onto the middle of the apron, with her front facing the crowd. Raven momentarily glances over her left shoulder to see her opponent and shows a cocky grin as she turns back to face the crowd. Raven slowly unzips her jacket, revealing her upper attire in the process, and purposely throws the jacket on top of the nearest camera before bending over the middle rope to enter the ring. The moment she enters the ring Raven’s left hand holds onto the top rope and she leans back as she emits a loud scream. After doing so the female straightened herself out and another grin appeared on her face as she looked at her opponent once again, even daring to say ”I doubt you’ll last five minutes.”

JOHNSON: ”Raven has been in a slump herself. If anyone needs to bounce back, I believe it will be her!”
VASSA: ”I can think of a few ways she could “bounce” back if you catch my drift.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh come on, Vinny!”
“Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system of the theatre, accompanied with mixed emotions from the crowd.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from The Underworld, by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred forty two pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is the 4CW Extreme Champion and “Enforcer of Sorrow”, NATHANIEL HHAAVVOOKK!!!”
Havok makes his way to the entrance ramp with the 4CW Extreme championship around his waist, walking slowly, observing the fans in attendance. He throws his arms in the air as the lights shine down on him, before walking down the ramp, still observing the fans that surround him. He looks cold, calculated, but most importantly, he looks ready for a fight. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully from the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, removing the championship from his waist as his music fades out.

VASSA: ”There’s the champ!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh wait, what is this?”
A member of the ringside crew walks to the apron with a metal trash can full of weapons in hand. He tosses it over the ropes. As it crashes to the canvas, it falls over. A steel chair, kendo stick, roll of barbed wire and other various assorted goodies fall out.

VASSA: ”I was wondering where the weapons were at. I’d like to give a big thanks to our ringside crew!”
Havok removes the championship from his waist and hands it to a member of the ringside crew on the outside. The ref then walks to the center of the ring, standing in the mess of chaos. He looks to each corner and receives a nod, one after the other. He then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.

JOHNSON: ”Here we go, folks! Let the madness begin!”
VASSA: ”I miss having these extreme matches each and every show.”
As the bell chime goes silent, the three quickly rush to the center of the ring. McCabe takes a swing at Havok but misses as Havok ducks and takes him down to the mat with a drop toe hold, slamming his face into the steel chair. Havok pushes himself up but gets cracked over the back with a kendo stick in the hands of Raven. He falls down to his chest as Raven draws back and takes another swing. Havok quickly rolls out of the way as he avoids the hit. He then pushes himself up as Raven draws the stick back for another swing. She lunges forward with it but Havok grabs the end with both hands and pulls her into him, knocking her down to the canvas with a shoulder block. As she hits the mat, McCabe is up to his feet and rushes Havok, attacking with a series of punches and kicks. Havok blocks them one after the other. McCabe then swings forward with a right but Havok moves to the side, grabs his arm and then drops him to the mat with a falling arm bar. Havok then crawls on top of McCabe and begins throwing raging punches, connecting with hard rights to the side of the head. Havok then grabs him by the head and swings his downward, connecting with a brutal headbutt.

VASSA: ”Havok is looking like a mad man tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t expect anything less as we get closer to Fright Night. I’m still wondering what type of match him and Mannie will have for the championship.”
VASSA: ”Whatever it is, I’m sure Wallace has something big in store for the two.”
McCabe holds his head in pain as Havok grabs the roll of barbed wire and wraps it around him. The barbs cut into McCabe as blood begins to trickle from the wounds. Out of nowhere, Raven kicks Havok in the back, knocking Havok off of McCabe and over to the back in a pile of thumbtacks spread over the canvas. Havok quickly rolls over and gets up with a few stuck in his skin. Raven then steps in and connects with a big European uppercut that knocks him back a step. She then kicks him in the stomach and moves in, flipping him over with a snap suplex directly on top of McCabe. Raven then runs to the ropes, bounces off and comes back, leaping into the air and coming down on Havok with a double knee to the chest. Raven rolls in a fluid motion and comes to her feet as Havok rolls off of McCabe, holding his chest in pain. Raven quickly moves in on McCabe and stomps on him while he’s down. She then grabs him by the head and lifts him to his feet. Raven then takes a step back and then comes forward, connecting with an open-hand slap across McCabe’s face, knocking him down to one knee. She then reaches down and grabs the metal trash can. She lifts it over her head and swings down, slamming it into McCabe’s head. McCabe falls over to his side as his head leaves a huge dent in the side of the can.

JOHNSON: ”Raven is doing some damage!”
VASSA: ”I love these types of matches. Anything can happen as long as there’s a weapon in hand. This match could fall to anyone!”
Raven then turns her attention to Havok who is just now starting to get up. As he gets to one knee, she throws the trash can at him. Havok pops up and brushes it off, throwing it to the side. The two then rush each other and meet in the center of the ring with an exchange if fists. Raven connects with a stinging right slap across Havok’s chops. He then fires back with a right that connects with her forehead. Raven swings back with a closed fist that knocks Havok back a step. Havok then lunges forward and knocks Raven to the mat with a haymaker that rings her bell. Raven hits the mat with her back and has no time to catch her breath before Havok moves in and hits her with a running leg drop across the throat. Havok quickly gets to his feet and stomps on her a few times before running to the ropes and coming back with a jumping senton that lands across her mid section. Havok then rolls over and covers Raven as the ref drops down for the count.
Just as the ref raises his hand for the three count, McCabe breaks up the pin as he drops an elbow across Havok’s back. He then grabs Havok by the hair and pulls him to his feet. McCabe turns Havok around to face him but gets surprised as Havok swats his hands away and kicks him in the stomach. Havok then pulls McCabe’s head in and wraps his arm around it. He then falls back and drives McCabe’s forehead into the steel chair with a hard DDT.

VASSA: ”I’m willing to bet that McCabe is regretting that he broke up that pin.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t think so. He had to if he didn’t want this match to be over.”
VASSA: ”Don’t give me that! Raven would have kicked out. She’s not going out that easy!”
Havok slowly gets to his feet and notices Raven doing the same across the ring. He quickly moves in on her as she gets to one knee. Havok takes a few quick steps forward and kicks her leg out from under her, knocking her back to the canvas. He then reaches down and grabs a handful of hair, jerking her up to her feet. Havok wraps his arms around her and lifts her into the air before throwing her down to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. He doesn’t stop there. He grabs her by the hair once more and pulls her to her feet. This time, he bends her over and lifts her into the air and slams her down with a gut-wrench powerbomb in the center of the thumbtacks spread across the mat. Raven releases a yell of pain as she rolls over. Thumbtacks stick to her back with blood slowly beginning to trickle around them. Havok then turns his attention to McCabe and grabs him by the back of the head, lifting him to his feet. Havok keeps his grip on the back of his head with one hand and grabs the back of his pants with the other. Havok then takes off towards the corner, dragging McCabe along for the ride. Havok then releases his grip and throws McCabe into the corner, through the top and middle ropes, slamming his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Havok then moves in and kicks him in the stomach a few times as he’s bent over and hung up in the ropes. He then pulls McCabe out and turns him around. Havok lifts him up and sits him on the top of the turnbuckle and then ascends to the middle rope. Havok then wraps his arm around McCabe’s head and lifts his arm over his before lifting him up and dropping him to the canvas with a superplex from the top rope onto the metal trash can, crushing it upon impact.

JOHNSON: ”McCabe is going to feel that in the morning…”
VASSA: ”He’s going to feel that for the next few weeks!”
Havok gets to his feet with an evil smirk on his face as he looks down at McCabe lying in the trash can in pain. Across the ring, Raven leans against the ropes in a world of her own pain. Havok approaches her and takes a swing but gets stopped in stride as Raven kicks him in the stomach, knocking him back a step. She then pushes off the ropes and comes at him full speed, slapping both hands across his chest. Havok releases a moan as the slaps leave stinging hand prints across his chest. Raven then swings at him again, connecting with a open-hand right across the cheek, knocking havoc back. He trips over McCabe and falls to his back from the blow. Raven then kicks McCabe a few times while he’s down, leaving Havok to get back to his feet without interruption. Raven pulls McCabe up from the mat to his feet. Suddenly, Havok pushes McCabe aside and jumps in front of him only to get caught with another open-hand slap across the face. Havok fires back with a right elbow that connects with her jaw, knocking her back into the ropes. Raven bounces off the ropes and jumps into the air, hitting Havok with a dropkick, knocking him into McCabe. Havok falls to the floor but manages to knock McCabe across the ring, up and over the top rope and down to the hard floor on the outside. Raven quickly moves in on Havok but gets stopped in her tracks as he throws a handful of thumbtacks in her face. Havok pops up to his feet but as he does, Raven lunges forward. Havok side steps her and drives his knee into her stomach. He then pulls her head between his legs and reaches down below her arms, locking his hands behind her knees.

VASSA: ”This can’t be good!”
Havok then lifts Raven into the air upside down before dropping to a sitting position with her head driving into the canvas between his legs, connecting with the package piledriver onto the steel chair lying in the ring.

Havok then covers Raven for the pin in the debris as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”That’s a wrap!”
JOHNSON: ”Havok has won it!”
“Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system as Havok climbs to his feet. The ref raises his arm in the air in victory as Havok looks down at Raven who’s still our cold from the impact move. He then walks to the ropes and reaches to the outside, grabbing the Extreme championship from the member of the ringside crew.

POWERS: ”Your winner, by pinfall, Nathaniel HHAAVVOOKK!!!”
VASSA: ”Corey McCabe was nowhere to be found for that pinfall.”
Havok raises the championship into the air as his music continues to play, soaking in the win.

JOHNSON: ”This was a brutal match up, folks! We’re going to go backstage momentarily as the ring gets cleaned up and prepped for our next match.”

Backstage cameras show Tidus Howe, the Leader of The House of Howe standing outside of a locker room door. He is seen talking with The House’s newest “Prospect” Gene Collins.

HOWE: “No, no, you shouldn’t go in there with me. I need to handle this meeting on my own. Go find Cashe for me, tell him I want to talk to him. Thanks.”
Collins does as he’s asked and Tidus Howe takes a quick few breaths of preparation before grabbing the doorknob and just walking inside. Both Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood are waiting inside. Hollywood has his Tag Title over his shoulder, Jace has his strapped around his waist. Neither of them smile or even greet Tidus Howe as he enters and shuts the door behind him.

HOWE: “Hey guys, how are my Champions doing? You comfortable, need anything tonight for the show?”
SAVAGE: “We’re good, just come and have a seat if you will.”
Tidus takes a seat on a nearby bench and leans back into some lockers behind him. Hollywood takes a folding chair and sits down but Jace Savage keeps to standing.

HOLLYWOOD: “Question. How would YOU rate yourself on Job performance? When it comes to NewGen? How do you think you’ve done up until this point?”
HOWE: “Heh…Oh you’re serious? I’ve done alright! I got you a shot at the Tag Titles fairly quick right? You’ve had competition booked each time you’ve competed. You have almost beaten every Tag Team in this Promotion. You ARE the Tag Division! Pretty easy to manage that and not fuck up ya know?”
Looking back and fourth between Savage and Hollywood, Tidus Howe can see they don’t agree with him.

HOWE: “How…How do YOU think I’ve done if I may ask?”
Both members of NewGen look at each other, Jace grinning a bit as he turns away and lets Hollywood take this one.

HOLLYWOOD: “Where to begin Tidus? I mean this has been a back and fourth failure from the start hasn’t it? I guess we can give you credit for getting our foots in the door, providing us with a quick opportunity to get to the Tag Titles but it was US out there winning them, defending them. We asked for a deal with HBO and you said you tried but Cashe ended up getting a deal with HBO didn’t he?”
HOWE: “Now wait, that had nothing to do with you guys! I tried getting all of us, the entire group in that deal. I can’t force HBO to do anything!”
HOLLYWOOD: “Who are you trying to fool Tidus? We gave you the idea and you pitched it and Cashe came out with it. Simple as that. You’ve not promoted us, pushed our names or our talents like you have Cashe. Hell even more recently, Shane. We are the Tag Team Champions and we deserve….better…”
Dropping his head, he felt this coming. Tidus Howe hated this feeling, it was like getting fired from a good job. It was like being broken up with a girl like there was simply no connection and in truth, all parties knew they had little in common. Their goals were distant from each other and everyone knew it. Howe looks up over at Jace who seems to be staying out of the conversation.

HOWE: “And you feel the same? Of course you do, your whole Promo was a complaint. You know what, cool. Fine! Let’s not play beat around the bush, what’s going to happen guys? You want to punch me, push me down, yell at me? Let’s get it moving forward, I have other people to work for.”
Again the Tag Champions look at each other but neither of them surprised.

HOLLYWOOD: “No. There won’t be any assaults made on you, not by us. We handle business as business, nothing personal Tidus. Jason Cashe is a lowlife mustard stain but you’ve at least tried to conduct business first. Failed miserably but you tried and we’re just saying that it’s time for NewGen Rising to handle our own from here on out…”
SAVAGE: “Here, this is for severing ties. Figure it keeps the peace and makes everyone happy. Let’s get outta here Brian..”
Stepping over to Tidus, Jace Savage sets down a steel briefcase and nods to his now former Manager as their eyes meet. Standing up from his folding chair, Brian Hollywood adjusts his Tag Title as he stares at Tidus Howe before heading to the door. Before he can open it, Cashe walks in. The room goes wide eyed which has Cashe looking curious.

CASHE: “What? Do I have something on my face?”
HOLLYWOOD: “Yeah but you can’t fix ugly…You guys have a good night!”
Stepping aside to let Savage and Hollywood leave the room, Cashe stands with his mouth dropped in awe. Shocked like he’s exaggerating the insult from Hollywood, he looks over at Tidus now with a sad, almost cry and emotionally hurt look on his face.

CASHE: “He called me ugly! Rude dick face…What? What’s wrong with you?”
HOWE: “They quit. They left The House of Howe…”
CASHE: “Ehhh….”
Shrugging his shoulders, Cashe goes back to normal and grabs his duffel bag to find something, needing to get ready for his big Tag Match later in the night. The current events not seemingly bothering him at all.

Before both could finish, suddenly the lights go out.

JOHNSON: ”What the hell?!”
VASSA: ”The lights went out!”
JOHNSON: ”Nice observation Dick Tracy, but why are they out?”
VASSA: ”Maybe someone forgot to pay the electric bill…”
JOHNSON: ”Can’t somebody fix this?! These fans don’t want to spend the rest of the show in total darkness!”
Just then, the sounds of shredding guitars is heard. Suddenly the spotlight comes on on a young man in the middle of the ring, he seems to be jamming on the electric guitar, the fans seems to be into it. The harder he does it, the more the crowd cheers.

JOHNSON: ”What the…who is this guy?…”
He continues to go on and on until suddenly he snaps, smashing the guitar in the middle of the ring. The crowd pops big time, appreciating the destruction. The light comes on as the man reveals himself, throwing his arms in the air in devil horns.

JOHNSON: ”That’s…That’s Griffin Hawkins!”
VASSA: ”Are you kidding?! I mean..I heard rumblings about him signing here, but I didn’t think they were true!”
The crowd goes crazy as Griffin takes in the adulation. A “Hawkins” chant breaks out as he smiles. He takes a microphone from Mike Powers.

HAWKINS: “What the hell is up Redwood City?!!”
The crowd goes absolutely wild as he smiles.

HAWKINS: “It sounds like a lot of you know who I am…my name is Griffin Hawkins, The Rock Soldier, The Mane Event, the man that’s here to turn 4 Corners Wrestling upside down!”
The crowd cheers once more as he paces in the ring.

HAWKINS: “To those who don’t know me..well, you’re all in for a treat. Because I am somebody that will give you the show of a life time. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the main event, or the middle of the card, or even opening the show. If my name is on the card, you can bet your ass that I will do my best to give you Metal Maniacs a show you’ll NEVER forget!”
JOHNSON: ”Wow..this guy sure doesn’t have a confidence problem.”
VASSA: ”Well if you’re gonna survive in this company you have to be confident.”
HAWKINS: “If there’s anyone who knows me, they know how much I strive to be the best in the world. You put me in this ring against anyone you want, and I will prove myself. Because if there is one goal I have in mind, it’s to become the South West Champion. But I’m not going to be one of those guys who walks into the company and expect things to be handed to them, they never last long. So instead, I’m gonna start from the very bottom and work my way to the top just like I always have in my career. With the many titles in this company, it’s tough to decide which one to go for. But after thinking about it, I…”
A familiar music plays, Joseph Sullivan comes down to the ring. The crowd begins booing him, especially for coming out and interrupting this newcomer. He doesn’t look happy as he steps in the ring. He grabs himself a mic as Griffin looks at him.

HAWKINS: “You sure are one ugly son of a bitch aren’t ya? I dunno why you’re here, but you’re on my time, interrupting me. When I get done, you can resume standing there looking stupid.”
SULLIVAN: ”That’s real cute kid. You got a such a big mouth for a little punk.”
HAWKINS: “I have a big mouth?..So I’m guessing you must be here to shut me up right?”
SULLIVAN: ”You catch on quick Blondie. You see, it’s people like you that makes me sick! Young punks like you think you can just waltz in here outta nowhere and steal the spotlight. But you wanna know the truth pretty boy? I’m not gonna allow some nobody like you to take glory that should go to me! Joseph Sullivan takes a back seat to nobody! Now, I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but quite frankly I don’t care. But seeing as you’re new, I’m gonna cut you a little break. I’m gonna give you the chance to leave this ring. Otherwise..your pretty little face is not gonna look so photogenic for these little girls when I’m done with you!”
Griffin puts his hands up in defense.

HAWKINS: “Alright made your point man. I didn’t come here to get in a fight with somebody. If you want me to leave, I’ll leave.”
SULLIVAN: ”It’s about time you wised up.”
Griffin turns his back and begins to walk away, Sullivan smiles as he turns his back as well, thinking he’s proved his point. Then suddenly he is hit with a Superkick! Sullivan is out! The crowd goes nuts as Griffin smiles, standing over him with a mic.

HAWKINS: “The name’s Griffin Hawkins…nice to meet you!”
He drops the mic and leaves the ring as Sullivan is still out cold.

We see Sativa Nevaeh and her boyfriend Burn sitting in their locker room. They are each smoking a joint. Sativa stands up and starts pacing the locker room. She finishes her joint well before Burn. She stops and looks at him.

NEVAEH:I have an idea.
Burn looks at her quizzically.

BURN:Oh Yeah? What’s that?
NEVAEH:We should go find Jett and fuck with him.
Burn slumps slightly after getting confirmation that his assumption of Sativa’s idea was correct.

NEVAEH:God, not like that. I mean go find him and troll the fuck outta him. Ya know, just kinda be there together, having a little of that good old fashioned PDA. Make that little bitch squirm and jealous of you. Sound fun?
BURN:Yeah, that could be fun. But there isn’t a lot of time before your match, how we gonna find him fast enough?
Sativa grabs her phone off the table and show it to him.

NEVAEH:We will split up and text each other when we find him.
Burn sighs and finishes his joint. He stands and then motions for Sativa to lead the way. At the door they kiss and go separate ways. Burn seems to be lackluster in this endeavor but plays along because he knows it will be fun to see the kid squirm. After taking a couple of turns through the back he has a feeling they might not find Jett. He turns a corner to almost physically run into Daysi Doll. Burn is shocked at first, who wouldn’t be after almost running into someone? Then the shock changes to open disgust. He would love nothing more than to be able to ignore her and keep on moving but it is impossible.

BURN:Excuse me…
Daysi seems prepared to walk by without really realizing who it is but before he gets off the hook she stops and takes a step back with a smile on her face as she gets in his path.

DAYSI DOLL:Wait just a minute…I think I recognize you, you are Burn right? Sativa’s boyfriend.
Daysi takes a step back looking him up and down a bit awkward for Burn as he nods his head clearly realizing he is sort of trapped here now with the enemy as she smiles.

DAYSI DOLL:She must be off getting ready for her match then? You know I feel really bad for you, having to put up with her and her temper. I am sure that she can be a bit much to handle. But I guess you must be used to that already, guess it was your choice to date a girl and not a woman after all.
Doll moves closer to him her low cut dress as usual making it hard for most to maintain eye contact as she makes things even more awkward for Burn as she takes a step closer.

BURN:First of all…
He takes a couple steps back and holds his hands up. Her low cut dress being the last thing on his mind he stares at her dead in the eyes, deadpan.

BURN:You need to back up, I don’t want to catch anything. Secondly, she is more of a woman than you are. She is only ‘hard to handle’ when she doesn’t like you. So you see, I don’t see her that way.
Burn reaches into his pocket and pulls out his Toker Vape vape pen and takes a puff on it blowing the smoke towards Daysi. Doll waves it away from her shaking her head in disgust.

DAYSI DOLL:You know you two make a good couple…But you know what, just let Sativa know when you see her that her ‘win’ over Jett doesn’t mean a thing. She couldn’t pin him, and she’ll never be able to. And if you want to be an issue with me to? So be it. Just stay out of my way ok?
Daysi angrily shakes her head as she waits for Burn to go. Burn smirks and takes another hit and again blows it towards Dasyi.

BURN:You know, you can keep saying that your failed abortion is great. People might actually start believing it. Hell it worked for every major religion.
Burn turns on his heel and walks away shaking his head, as Doll watches him go seeming to curse under her breath as he turns the corner out of sight as she looks around then turns into the room she was heading towards. The camera follows her into the room now with Bun long gone as we realize that this is the locker room of Mannie Romero or at least it’s where he left his things, as Doll who has had her fair share of weird moments with him seems ready to add another to the list as she starts to dig into his bag. Not long after she pulls out the wrestling trunks that he wore earlier to the ring and one of his shirts clearly he’s changed since his match as she grabs them and pulls them to her nose. Taking a long whiff she holds it to her nose for a bit when the door opens and the camera pans to see Jett Wilder walking in turning in terror still in his ring gear.

WILDER: ”Mom!? Oh my God!”
Wilder cringes and turns away as Daysi lowers the trunks away from her nose rubbing them in her hands looking nervous as Jett after having walked into that situation with his mother and Sanity earlier in the night now walks into another precarious situation as his mother takes a second then comes up with a perfect response.

DAYSI DOLL: ”Jett it isn’t what it looks like, I had just heard from a few people that the people who make Mannie’s wrestling gear are the best and I asked him if I could have a look at it. I just want you to have the best gear you can have sweetie.”
Jett with no knowledge of his mother’s past run in’s with Mannie takes a moment to shake his head as he nods his head.

WILDER: ”Oh…Ok.”
DAYSI DOLL: ”And you know I think I may put in an order? I really like the fabric on this, think it’ll really make you stand out. Let’s go sweetie.”
Jett nods his head turning around as Doll moves them back up to her nose for one last smell before dropping them back in the bag and following Wilder out of the room as the two go on their way after a very eventful night for the both of them.


JOHNSON: ”Here we go folks. You want to talk about big time matches. Equinox and Mike Harrison have the best opportunity a tag team could ask for.”
VASSA: ”Time to lock horns with the champs!”
JOHNSON: ”They’ve defeated everyone else in the division. All that’s left is New Gen Rising!”
VASSA: ”A win here will for sure give them a shot at the tag titles. A loss, well that could drop them back down into the pool with the rest of the teams.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s go to Mike Powers for the official introductions.”
As the feed cuts to the DJ booth, Mike Powers has his head down and flips a few switches, cueing the entrances for the two tag teams that are about to walk down to the ring.

POWERS: ”The following contest is a non title tag team contest and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first…weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds, from St Louis, Missouri…The Charismatic Renegade…EQUINOX!!”
Equinox slowly folded in the Umbrella holding it firmly in his hand running down the ramp frantically as he takes a sharp turn to the steel steps running over to them hopping handing the ref the umbrella. He hopped down and landed in the arms of the fans cackling evil as they let him go as he clapped the hands of all the fans before heading back up the steel steps and proceeded to slap the steel steps before pulling up the ring apron and cackling at the thoughts of the chaos that could be caused. Once he was in the ring he began to unbutton his jacket revealing his new shirt as he let out a bloody scream.

POWERS: ”…And his partner…weighing in at two hundred and twenty-eight pounds…from Blackpool, England but currently residing in Malibu, California…The Lionheart…MIKE HARRISON!!”
“Beast” by Nico Vega can be heard through the sound system and Harrison emerges from behind the black curtain. Upon seeing Harrison the crowd springs into life with cheers that echo around the arena. He stops and stretches his arms out wide taking it all in with a smile on his face. A few moments pass and Harrison makes his way down the ramp to the ring and taps the hands of fans along the way. When he reaches the ring he stops and stares intently at the ring, a moment later he slides under the bottom rope and runs towards the corner of the ring and springs up onto the top turnbuckle. He poses for the crowd as the drums midway through the song begin to get into motion and Harrison closes his eyes. After a moment he drops down from the top turnbuckle and readies himself for combat.

POWERS: ”And their opponents…at a combined weight of four hundred and forty pounds…they are the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…Jace Savage…Brian Hollywood…NEW…GEN…RISING!!”
“I play you lose” hits the speakers as New Gen Rising Brian Hollywood, and Jace Savage walk out on to the ramp. The make their way to the ring yelling insults at the crowd. Upon reaching the ring they split up and head to different corners to walk up the steps. Jace and Brian wipe their feet off on the apron at the same time before climbing through the ropes. They walk to opposite corners and climb to the second turn buckle. They yell more insults at the crowd before hopping off the turn buckle ready to face their opponents.

JOHNSON: ”New Gen looks fired up…”
VASSA: ”You can’t blame them. Everyone is singing the praises of Equinox and Mike Harrison, almost blowing the champs off as yesterday’s news.”
JOHNSON: ”They’ll have their chance to silence the critics…”
Mike Harrison and Brian Hollywood start off in the ring as their partners make their way out to their respective corners. The referee calls for the opening bell and things get underway.
Hollywood comes out quick, trying to pressure the possible challengers. Harrison comes out on top and takes Hollywood down with an arm drag takedown. Hollywood pops back up and turns into a second arm drag takedown. Hollywood doesn’t risk a third and comes up to his knees with his back against the ring ropes, Harrison stands in a stance, ready for the action to continue. Hollywood rises cautiously and shakes his head. The two meet in the middle of the ring and lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. Hollywood gets the upperhand and quickly turns it into a wristlock. Harrison swats at Hollywood but misses. He then does a forward roll and then pops up to his feet and reverses the wristlock into a hammerlock of his own. Hollywood pushes forward and tangles his arm and foot in the ring ropes, forcing the ref to make Harrison break the hold.

JOHNSON: ”I think Hollywood may have underestimated Mike Harrison in the early portion of this matchup.”
VASSA: ”They’re still feeling each other out. It’s too early to tell how this one is going to play out.”
The ref separates the two and Hollywood makes his way to his corner. He tags in Jace and switches places. Savage steps into the ring and circles around Harrison. Harrison moves in for another collar and elbow tie up but Savage catches him with a stiff forearm shot that stuns him. Savage grabs Harrison and backs him up against the ropes. He whips him across the ring and dips his shoulder as Harrison rebounds. Harrison dives over Savage and rolls him up with a sunset flip.
The champ kicks out quickly and jumps to his feet. He throws a clothesline Mike Harrison’s way but misses wildly. Harrison steps under the clothesline and counters with a bulldog that drives Jace face first into the canvass. Harrison reaches out and tags Equinox into the ring. Equinox quickly moves towards Jace and jumps high into the air, coming down onto his chest with a standing double foot stomp. Equinox steps aside and Mike Harrison follows that up with a standing shooting star press!

JOHNSON: ”What a one two punch!”
VASSA: ”That knocked the wind out of me and I’m sitting ringside!”
Equinox pulls Savage up to his feet and drags him to the corner. Equinox stands with his back to the turnbuckles and wraps his hand around Savages head. He whips him backwards with a reverse STO into the turnbuckle! Savage slumps down and hits the canvass. Equinox rushes to the other side of the ring and turns back towards Savage. He runs, does a forward roll and then pops up into the air and hits a frog splash to his downed opponent. Equinox passes on a pin attempt and turns back to his partner, tagging him back into the match. Harrison steps in as Equinox lifts Savage and shoves him into the corner. Harrison drops to all fours in front of Savage as Equinox moves to the other side of the ring. He runs, bounces off of Harrison’s back, and hits Poetry in Motion! Harrison pulls Savage away from the corner and drops down on him for a cover as Equinox exits the ring.
Hollywood gets into the ring and pulls Harrison off of Savage by his foot. Harrison jumps to his feet and chases Hollywood from the ring. Hollywood drops and rolls under the ropes, avoiding any attack from Mike Harrison.

JOHNSON: ”It’s all Mike Harrison and Equinox early on. The champs are going to have to find a way to kill this momentum that the Carnival rode into this match.”
VASSA: ”Hollywood has been around the block once or twice. They’ll find an opening and will get into this match.”
Harrison turns back to Savage and pulls him up to his feet. He backs him to the ropes and whips him across the ring as Hollywood climbs back onto the apron. As Savage rebounds, Hollywood tags himself in without Harrions noticing. Harrison leaps up and whips Savage down to the canvass with a hurricanrana. As Harrison stands up Hollywood clubs him in the back and begins pounding away until he gets him down to his knees. Hollywood steps back and then charges and hits a kneeling Mike Harrison with a running big boot! Savage staggers back to his feet and joins his parnter. They back Mike Harrison to the ropes and whip him across the ring. On the rebound they both lift him up in the air and allow him to crash to the mat with a double flapjack!

VASSA: ”Told ya so…”
JOHNSON: ”Harrison never saw the tag. The referee did, he called it right away…but Harrison was locked in on Savage and it cost him.”
Hollywood mounts Harrison and begins pummeling him with stiff right hands. He steps up and backs away as the ref gives him a tongue lashing for the closed fists. He watches as Harrison crawls towards the ring ropes and begins pulling himself up to his feet. Once standing, Hollywood spins Harrison around and drops him back down with a diamond cutter! Hollywood pulls Harrison towards New Gen Rising’s corner by his foot and tags Savage back into the match. Savage grabs the other leg and the two champs lock eyes before pulling Harrison’s legs apart like a wishbone! Harrison grabs his groin and winces in pain before Savage rolls him up for a pin attempt.
Harrison bucks his body, getting a shoulder off of the mat before the count of three.

VASSA: ”As a man, that pains me to see. That move should be banned from professional wrestling!!”
JOHNSON: ”Painful and effective…”
Savage stalks Harrison as he crawls towards his corner. He drops down and drapes an arm around his waist to control Harrison’s movements. He throws some punches up towards the face, forcing Harrison to lift a hand off of the mat and cover up. Savage quickly hops onto his back and hooks his legs around Harrison’s torso with a body scissor. He squeezes and flattens Harrison out on his stomach and then begins delivering vicious elbows to the back of the head that send a sickening thud out to the first few rows of the live crowd. Harrison seems to go limp and Savage releases, standing up to his feet. He turns to his corner and tags Hollywood in. As Hollywood enters the ring, the champs notice that Harrison play possum. He dove to his corner and tagged Equinox into the match…

JOHNSON: ”Jace Savage thought he knocked Mike Harrison out cold!”
VASSA: ”He should have never let go…He should have made the official stop the match!”
Equinox runs into the ring and takes Hollywood down with a drop kick. Savage tries his hand and gets turned away by a savate kick followed up with a tornado kick! Hollywood gets back to his feet and is flipped backwards with a back body drop. Savage charges Equinox and gets a back body drop of his own, this one tossing him over the top rope and down to the venue’s floor. Equinox turns back to Brian Hollywood and grabs him with a full nelson. He drags him to the center of the ring and then slams him backwards with a dragon suplex! Equinox bridges and tries for the cover.
Hollywood breaks out of before the refs three count.

JOHNSON: ”That was close. They almost had the champs beat.”
VASSA: ”Almost doesn’t win you championships…”
Equinox watches as Hollywood pushes up to his feet. He grabs him with a front facelock and then spins so that they are standing back to back. Equinox then jumps up and comes down into a hangman’s neckbreaker, a move he calls The Mad Hatter Project! Equinox slaps his partner’s extended hand and the two scoop up Hollywood. Savage is down on one knee, watching from the outside as he fiddles around with something underneath the ring. Harrison lifts Hollywood up for a powerbomb and as he slams him down Equinox grabs him and delivers a double knee backbreaker! Harrison rolls Hollywood over and tries for the cover.
Savage dives into the ring and instead of hitting Harrison he delivers a double axe handle smash to the referee, knocking him out!

JOHNSON: ”What the hell! That’s got to be a disqualification.”
Harrison jumps to his feet and is quickly hit with a superman punch from Jace Savage. Equinox turns around and Savage jumps on him, pummeling him down to the canvass with clubbing blows to the back. Hollywood begins to stir and and joins in on the assault…stomping away at Equinox until he’s incapable of fighting back. Savage slides out of the ring and reaches back under the ring skirt, pulling out a small duffle bag. He puts the bag on the apron and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Hollywood turns to Harrison as he begins pulling himself up to his feet. Hollywood puts a quick end to any heroics by hitting the Executive Promise superkick!
Savage and Hollywood lifts Harrison up and drag him to the corner. They push him chest first into the turnbuckle and wrap his arms underneath the ropes, handcuffing them together. Hollywood and Savage then turn their attention back to Equinox as he begins to stir. They let him stand to his feet and then they hit him with The Connection…Jace hitting his superman punch as Hollywood hits his superkick!

JOHNSON: ”Someone needs to come out and stop this! We get it…You two are on top of the tag division…”
VASSA: ”They’re just eliminating any threats to their reign…You can’t fault them for that…”
JOHNSON: ”No I fault them for assaulting an official and taking the coward’s way out of a match they could have lost!”
Savage slides back out of the ring and reaches under the ring yet again. This time he pulls out a table and slides it into the ring under the ropes. Hollywood grabs the table and sets it up in the center of the ring as Savage climbs back in. The referee begins to stir and backs himself into a corner with his shoulders pressed against the bottom turnbuckle. Savage steps up and stands between Equinox and the table as Hollywood stands on the otherside. Equinox fights to his feet and turns towards Savage. Savage lifts him up with a double leg and begins falling backwards with a flap jack. While in the air, Hollywood leaps up and grabs Equinox by the head, hitting a cutter and driver him through the table! The referee officially calls for the bell as Hollywood and Savage stand over Equinox laughing as he gasps for air.

POWERS: ”The ref has called an end to this match. Your winners by disqualification…Equinox…Mike Harrison…THE CARNIVAL!”

Gabriel Hartman has been hunting for Dustin James Holt after receiving a weird text message from him. Gabriel has searched from top to bottom of the Fox Theatre but still can’t seem to locate DJ Holt.

HARTMAN: ”Where is he? Does he know I am a very busy man? I can’t spend all my time searching for him.”
Gabriel continues to walk the backstage area as he is still searching for Dustin James Holt. A creepy voice nearly causes him to jump out of his skin.

JENIFER HOLT: ”Are you looking for someone Gabriel?”
HARTMAN: ”Uh, yes. I have been looking for your husband. Do you have any idea where he is?”
DJ HOLT: ”Is that fear that I smell?”
Gabriel looks behind him as a purple and black face painted Dustin James Holt is standing behind him. He nearly crumbles to the ground.

HARTMAN: ”Where in the hell did you come from? I have been looking all over the damn Fox Theatre for you. What did you want?”
DJ HOLT: ”Gabriel, I requested your miserable presence because I have a message for all those phobia followers. It has come to my attention that people let their fears cripple them. There are so many phobias out there but the only phobia you should have is the phobia of psychopaths. I plan to feed off the fears of everyone. Fright Night will be the night I walk away with the championship. No one will be able to stop me.”
HARTMAN: ”Why are you worried about Fright Night? Shouldn’t you be focusing on this week?”
JENIFER HOLT: ”Are you really that dense? My husband will show up tonight and carry his pathetic tag team partners like a true warrior will. This match will only be the small glimpse of what will happen come Fright night. The body bags will begin to fill. Someone will be going home without their body fluids.”
DJ HOLT: ”Wat is er met jullie allemaal klootzakken huh? Verwacht je dat we gefocust op een wedstrijd die we al hebben gewonnen te blijven. Deze avond is slechts een formaliteit. Bloed zal vloeien op deze avond.”
Gabriel looks confused by the Dutch speaking DJ Holt. He closes his eyes to stop them from watering. He reopens them as Dustin James Holt and his wife are no where in sight. He looks right and left as he just scratches his head.


JOHNSON:” Jason Sanity is taking on the Ganga Goddess next and we’ve already seen the Pride Champion here tonight, Vassa. “
VASSA:” We certainly did as he aided Shane Borderland by tripping up Jett Wilder. “
POWERS:” Introducing first, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, from Kingston, Jamaica, Sativa Neveah!!! “
The intro to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX starts to play as the theater lights fade down to a green. Fog/smoke starts to pour out of the entrance way as Sativa walks out from the back. She glares at the crowd through half open eyes. A lot of the women are booing and the guys cheer. She stands and poses for about a minute before she heads towards the ring.
First thing’s first, I’m the realest (realest)
“Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)
And I’m still in the Murda Bizness
I could hold you down, like I’m givin’ lessons in physics (right, right)
You should want a bad bitch like this (huh?)
Drop it low and pick it up just like this (yeah)
Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris
High heels, somethin’ worth a half a ticket on my wrist (on my wrist)
Takin’ all the liquor straight, never chase that (never)
Rooftop like we bringin’ ’88 back (what?)
Bring the hooks in, where the bass at?
Champagne spillin’, you should taste that
I’m so fancy
You already know
I’m in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I’m so fancy
Can’t you taste this gold?
Remember my name
‘Bout to blow
As she climbs onto the ring apron she slinks along the outside before rolling under the bottom rope. She seductively crawls towards the center of the ring where she gets on her knees and leans back, both hands up middle fingers in the air, and screams.

JOHNSON:” Sativa has her hands full, but she looks ready to go. “
VASSA:” Who knows what could happen. I’m sure Sanity is thinking a lot about Fright Night. “
The entrance way lights up as “Come with me” by Puff Daddy roars over the theatre speakers. Two white spotlights focus on the entrance, the curtain pulls aside, and out walks Jason Sanity. Dressed in his familiar black hooded sleeveless sweatshirt with the hood up, he pauses at the entrance and raises both arms in the air, fists clenched tight.

POWERS:”Making his way to the ring … from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at two hundred thirty one pounds … He is the current 4CW Pride Champion, the “Apex Predator” … JASON SANITY!”
He lowers his arms, his eyes focused ahead of him, and makes his way to the ring. He climbs the steel ring steps, slides through the second and third rope, then ascends to the second turnbuckle facing the audience. Again he lifts his arms in the air, fists clenched, then lifts his head back, causing his hood to fall from his head. He lowers his head, a smirk painted on his expression, then dismounts from the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON:” Sativa has been on quite the tear since her debut. 2-0 and taking on the Pride Champion, Jason Sanity. “
VASSA:” Unfortunately for her, the ride ends tonight. “
Both competitors circle one another before Sanity drops to one knee and sweeps behind her. He pushes her against the corner and tries to roll her up, but she hangs on as Sanity rolls backwards and back to his feet. Sativa runs after him, but Sanity hits her with an arm drag and hangs on to the arm, cranking it. He pulls on the arm as Sativa gets up. She rakes him in the eyes and bounces off the ropes, but is immediately hit with a roundhouse kick, knocking her to the mat. Sanity bounces off the ropes and drops a knee on her forehead and makes the first pin of the bout.
Sativa throws a shoulder up right after the two count.

JOHNSON:” Solid start for our Pride Champion, Jason Sanity. “
VASSA:” Sativa is looking a little green right now. Get it? “
Sanity has Sativa up to her feet and puts her right back on the mat with a snap suplex. Sanity immiedaitely gets back up and looks out at the crowd in attendance. Sativa is pulling herself up as Sanity makes his way over. Neveah starts battling back with forearms to his midsection, but he completely discredits it by hitting her with a knee and knocking her back down to the mat. Sanity grabs her by the arm and sends her flying to the ropes. She bounces off and Sanity connects with a one man flapjack. Sanity floats right over and locks in a STF.

JOHNSON:” Jason Sanity looking to end it early. “
Neveah is fighting through it, inching closer and closer to the ropes. She reaches the bottom rope and Sanity breaks the hold. Neveah is crawling on all fours, trying to regain her composure as she is grabbed by the hair and pulled upward. Sanity sends her flying to the corner and casually walks over to her. Sanity lines her up and hits her with a perfect back elbow. Sanity grabs her by the neck and flips her over with a snap mare. In an upright position, Sanity bounces off the ropes and puts a boot right between her eyes. Sanity drops down for another count.

VASSA:” The Ganga Goddess kicks out! “
Sanity is back against the ropes, lining Seveah up as she slowly gets to her feet. Sanity looks for the running clothesline, but Seveah ducks it, bounces off the ropes, and catches Sanity with a flying forearm, catching her first break. Both get back to her feet and Seveah catches a running Sanity with a drop toe hold. Seveah slips to the back of Sanity and goes to lock on an ankle lock, but Sanity pushes her away. Seveah gets up by the ropes as Sanity runs after her. Seveah lifts him up and tosses him to the outside. Sanity crashes and burns as Seveah quickly hurries to the apron. She has her back turned to Sanity as she springs upward on the top rope and hits Sanity with a corkscrew senton.

JOHNSON:” What a move by Sativa Seveah!! “
VASSA:” That could have been disastrous, but she connects. “
Sativa holds her back as she rolls Sanity under the bottom rope. Neveah makes the pin.

JOHNSON:” The champ kicks out, but the momentum may have shifted in favor of Sativa Neveah. “
Sativa picks Sanity up and puts her head between his arms and rams him into the corner. She follows it up with a few shoulder thrusts before pulling him out into the center of the ring and hitting a northern lights suplex and bridging over for another pin.

VASSA:” Another kickout from Jason Sanity. “
Seveah is becoming upset as she mounts on Sanity and begins to wail on him with rights and lefts until the ref pulls her off. Seveah picks Sanity up and sends him to the corner and he sticks right in the corner. Seveah runs after him and Sanity springs out of his corner and flips her inside out with a running clothesline.

JOHNSON:” Wow! What a clothesline from Sanity. Both are down and out! “
The ref checks on both individuals and Sanity is the first to his feet. Sanity picks Seveah up off the mat and rams her into the corner. He connects with a few stiff blows before putting her up on the top turnbuckle. Sanity climbs up with her, but he is immediately knocked back down to his feet. Sanity takes a step back and then jumps high into the air and knocks Seveah off the top turnbuckle with a standing dropkick. Seveah topples to the outside.

VASSA:” What a dropkick from Sanity. One of the best I’ve seen. “
The fans begin to boo and out walks Jett Wilder.

JOHNSON:” It was only a matter of time. There’s Jett Wilder, the man that Sanity messed with earlier in the night. “
VASSA:” Payback time! “
Seveah walks halfway down the aisle way, just enough to catch the attention of Jason Sanity. Sanity hops out of the ring and tells Wilder to get out of here. Wilder back tracks as Sanity gets closer. Sanity is suddenly attacked from behind by Sativa Neveah. Sativa grabs him by the arm and slings him face first into the steel ring post. She rolls him under the ropes and right into position as she ascends the top rope.

JOHNSON:” Seveah looking to go high risk! “
She jumps into the air and hits a perfect shooting star press and hooks the legs.

VASSA:” That paid off for Sativa and Sanity is in trouble. “
Sativa picks Sanity up and knees him in the midsection before sending him to the ropes. Sativa bends down looking for a back body drop, but Sanity rebounds and hits a swinging neck breaker. Both stagger back up as Sativa goes for a clothesline, but Sanity ducks behind and hits a quick belly to back suplex. Sanity sits up, holding his abdomen before pulling Sativa close to the turnbuckle. Sanity hoists himself up to the second rope, calling for the Sanitizer.

JOHNSON:” What is Jett Wilder doing now?! “
Wilder has made it to the base of the ring as he begins to taunt Sanity who is now focused on Jett. Wilder points back to the ring at Seveah who is running at Sanity. She springs upward to the top rope and hits a frankensteiner out of nowhere. Sativa Neveah hooks the legs.

JOHNSON:” Sanity dodges another bullet and Sativa can’t believe it. “
VASSA:” Sanity deserves what’s coming to him. “
Sativa picks Sanity up and backs him against the ropes with a few body shots. She sends him to the ropes, but he reverses it. She bounces off and Sanity hits her with the patent superkick out of desperation. Both competitors are out on the mat.

JOHNSON:” Some desperation moves from both Neveah and Sanity. Wilder is now circling the ring, much like Sanity did earlier in the night. “
VASSA:” Did you hear the impact of the superkick? Wow. “
The ref reaches a six count and both are back up. Sanity wonders over and knocks Neveah back down to the mat with a forearm to the spine. Sanity pulls her up by the hair, puts her back against the ropes, and hits her with an elbow across the face. Wilder continues to circle towards Sanity who is caught up in the match. Sanity throws Sativa to the ropes, but she reverses it. Sanity bounces off the opposite side and Neveah hits the ground and Jason hops right over her and bounces to the other side. Wilder catches Sanity on the other side and pulls on his foot as he bounces off. It stops him immediately and he turns around, pointing his finger at Wilder, telling him to leave.

JOHNSON:” Sanity is not happy. He was riding the momentum and got stopped by Wilder. “
VASSA:” Look out for Seveah! “
Seveah scopes Sanity out before coming from behind and rolling him up.

JOHNSON:” Oh my god! Sativa Neveah just pinned the Pride Champion. All thanks to Jett Wilder who returned the favor. “
VASSA:” Now, that’s what I like to see. A little bit of his own medicine. “
JOHNSON:” Huge win for Neveah and she is getting out of dodge. “
POWERS:” The winner of this match, Sativa Neveah!! “
Sativa quickly rolls under the bottom rope and Sanity is in shock. Sanity is on his knees looking for Wilder who is sliding under the bottom rope on the opposite side. Neveah has made her way to the back as Sanity turns around and is met with the running lariat from Jett Wilder.

JOHNSON:” Jett Wilder just hit the Pride Champion with the move he calls Wildin’ Out! “
VASSA:” Look out though! Here comes Shane Borderland! “
Borderland comes flying out from the back and slides under the bottom rope. Wilder turns around just in time and the two are going toe to toe, exchanging blows. Wilder gets the best of the exchange, kneeing Borderland in the midsection. He sends Borderland to the ropes and bends over, looking for a body drop. Borderland bounces off and kicks Wilder right in the chest. Borderland quickly grabs his wrist and hits him with Elite Velocity.

JOHNSON:” From out of nowhere, Borderland hits Wilder with that wrist exploder! “
VASSA:” This is chaos! “
Borderland stands over Wilder with his hands raised as Sanity slowly gets up behind him.

JOHNSON:” This isn’t over yet! “
Sanity sneaks up behind Borderland, wraps his arm around his neck, pulls him backwards and hits the End Game!

JOHNSON:” A falling reverse DDT and now Shane Borderland is down and the champ is standing tall! “
VASSA:” This is madness! And at the end of it all, the Pride Champion has his hands raised. “
Sanity stands over Borderland for a moment before grabbing his Pride Championship and backing up the aisle. Sanity continues to hold his abdomen as he points at Wilder and Borderland in the ring, then back at his title, shaking his head. Borderland is slowly getting up as Wilder is on his knees on the outside, fuming as he looks up at Jason Sanity.

JOHNSON:” But will Jason Sanity be the last one standing at the end of Fright Night?! What a match that is going to be! “

Scene opens up backstage with New Gen Rising walking through hall with their tag team titles around their waist, enjoying the fact they have just put Euinox though a table as Mike Harrisn watched helplessly. They come to a stop in front of Perry Wallaces momentary office. Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage look at each other for a moment before walking in. They find Mr. Wallace sitting at his temporary desk. Perry looks up to see New Gen Rising walking through his door.

WALLACE: ”What can I do for you gentlemen?”
Jace and Brian look at one another then at Perry. Jace begins first.

SAVAGE: ”Well Mr. Wallace we have come to talk about Fright Night, our opponents and the match. You see we are not done humiliating The Carnival. We want to make a statement out of them. So we are asking….No…We are demanding at Fright Night it will be New Gen Rising…not the New Reign……Taking on The Carnival in a tag team elimination tables match for the Tag Team Championship! We will not take no for an answer Mr. Wallace.”
Brain takes his turn to speak

HOLLYWOOD: ”Like Jace says we aren’t done with The Carnival by a long shot. We are going to make a prime example out of them, we are going to show every team around why we are simply the best at what we do. We don’t have to beat them, they can stay undefeated. We just wanted to show them a little taste of what we can do. They will get a little more come Fright Night, That’s an Executive Promise!”
WALLACE: ”Fine consider it done! You want The Carnival at Fright Night! you got it! It will be New Gen Rising verse The Carnival for the Tag Team Championships in a table eliminations match! You know I’m glad you came in here, I was having a hell of a time finding what to do with you guys. Now get out I’m a busy man.”
The scene slowly cuts back to ringside.



“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Stefan Raab comes out through the curtain.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Killerplauze” and “The Masked German Monster”, STEFAN RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab stands at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. He then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin.

The beat drops. The crowd goes Woodstock 1999. Everyone rises from their seat, downing their drink and throwing hands in the air for the party has truly started. But where is he? The one who’s very fanfare drives the audience to pure, hedonistic insanity? He’s in the crowd! Holding a cam-corder high above his head with a grin the length of the Rio Grande, he pans it round to capture every second of his hero’s reception, milking it for every drop with a crawls pace of a walk down the long steps to ringside.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring by way of San Diego, California. He weighs in at one hundred ninety three pounds and stands six foot even. He is “The Voice of the Night”, Travis BBLLAACCKK!!!”
His adoring audience tries to drown out his theme song with various chants of “LET’S GO TRAVIS!” and “PARTY STARTER!” but the speaker system always wins in the end. When he finally reaches ringside, he hops the barrier and films the front row going berserk as the electricity rises into his chest. He climbs onto the apron, mounting the turnbuckle and getting one last wide shot of the whole audience before he takes his place ready to fight an overwhelmed opponent.

The crowd cheered as a heavy guitar riff filled the theatre speakers as “Warrior” by Disturbed began to play, heralding the arrival of Jessica Black.
“I am now an instrument of violence
I am a vessel of invincibility
I cannot leave this undecided
Stepping down to battle another day
Remember me for all time this
Determination is a vital part of me
Surrender now or be counted
With the endless masses that I will defeat”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring, from Madison, Wisconsin. She weighs in at one hundred twenty five pounds and stands five feet, six inches tall. She is “Second To None”, JJEESSSSIICCAA BBLLAACCKK!!!”
It was several seconds before Jessica graced the fans with her presence, clad in her ring gear, as well as a black leather jacket. She stood there, looking out at the sea of faces who have come to see her with an arrogant smirk before she slowly made her way to the ring.
“Come on bring it, don’t sing it
Better believe it
Broken down, till your hope has died
Beat down till the victory is mine
Stand up and show me some pride
And now, are you ready?”
As she reached the ring steps, Jessica climbed up and moved to the middle of the ring apron, flashing the crowd another arrogant smirk as she stretched her arms out. Afterward, Jessica moved to the corner and climbed the top turnbuckle, bellowing “Second to None!” out to the fans as she raised her arms.
“I’m one with the warrior inside
My dominance can’t be denied
Your entire world will turn
Into a battlefield tonight
As I look upon you through the warrior’s eyes now
I can see the fear that will
Ensure my victory this time”
After she jumped off and into the ring, Jessica moved to the opposite corner and did it once again before climbing down and removing her jacket, waiting for the match to begin, eager to add another name to her growing list of casualties.

“Ready Or Not” by The Fugees hits the sount system. Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a rhythmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

POWERS: ”From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at 208 pounds. He is one-half of “The Dying Breed”, JAIRRR …. HOPKINSSS!!!”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way. That bright, trademark smile of his shows as he makes his way into the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, waiting for his opponent.

JOHNSON: ”That wraps up the entrances for our first team and boy, is this team stacked!”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago we ended Adrenaline with a brawl between these people and it’s going to spill over into our main event.”
JOHNSON: ”Although these four are a team, they will be opponents at Fright Night as they challenge Jason Cashe for the South-West Heavyweight Championship.”
“The Cosmic Universe is off balance” shouts through out the arena as black and purple lights fill the theatre. “Dark Days, Darker Nights” rings through the speakers as smoke screens fill the entrance stage and ramp as Jenifer Holt walks through the smoke first carrying a black statue in her hands. She stops midway down the ramp as Dustin James Holt walks out behind her with no facial expression on his face.

POWERS: ”Making his way down the aisle, hailing from the Cosmic Universe, he weighs in at two hundred thirty eight pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is accompanied to the ring by the “Evil Enchantress”, Jenifer Holt. He is “The Psycho King”, Dustin James HHOOLLTT!!!”
Jenifer strokes the statue as she resumes walking down the ramp. Dustin follows her down the ramp till they reach the ring. She motions for him to stand on the ring apron and he complies. He helps her up on the apron as he climbs up the corner. He reaches up and pulls off his wig. He hands the wig to his wife. He hops into the ring as she is standing in the center of it. He kneels down and looks up at the statue in her hand. he then removes his robe, sits in the corner and begins rocking back and forth while waiting for the match to start.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring out of Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall. She is “The Perfect Ten”, Kaylyn James EEVVAANNSS!!!”
“What you get is what you see
It won’t take much to get hooked on me
Just shoot me right into your skin
And I will be your heroin..”
“The side effects are sexual are you dying for a taste
The side effects are sexual and I love the way you sayyyy”
The curtains part as Kaylyn comes rushing through and stands there at the top of the ramp with arms wide while spinning around in a slow circle.
“Im your favorite drug, your favorite drug
Just one hit is never enough
im your favorite drug, your favorite drug
you can’t shake this addiction NO!”
Slowly she walks down the ramp towards the ring while ignoring the cat calls from the males in the crowd and the boos from everyone else. Getting to the ring she jumps onto the apron and goes through the ropes before a spotlight hits the center of the ring as she drops down on her knees with her arms spread wide soaking in the reaction from the crowd. Slowly she gets up and prepares herself for the match ahead.

The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck and the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship around his waist. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps the South-West Heavyweight championship a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.
“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my wrist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is the 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion and “The Choice of Influence”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan, hurries to remove his championship and roars out to the crowd ferociously. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp. At ringside, he leaps up at the side of the steel stairs, grabbing the ring post, lays the championship over the turnbuckle and walks alongside the ring apron outside the ropes.
He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd. He removes his platinum chain with the “JC” diamond pendant from his neck and the championship from his waist before handing it to a member of the ringside crew on the outside. He then drags his feet like a bull to get some traction as his music stops playing and he awaits the sound of the bell.

VASSA: ”And here is the champ to top off this already stellar team.”
JOHNSON: ”Him and Roxi had a battle for the championship a few weeks ago in which they beat the living crap out of each other. Tonight, they’re team mates for a moment before facing off again with six others in the mix.”
VASSA: ”I’m over excited for this huge match we have scheduled for Fright Night. This Warzone match is going to forever be a benchmark in the history and success of 4CW.”
The two teams discuss business in their corners and decide who will start off this match. Holt steps forward as the other three step out onto the apron. Across the ring, Jessica gets nominated to start the match as his three partners exit to the apron. The ref then checks with each corner and receives the nod as they are ready to kick things off. He quickly throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell, officially starting the match.
Holt and Jessica slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. The two lock up. Holt takes control quickly and slides behind Jessica, locking her arm in the process. He then moves to her side and drops her to the canvas with a side Russian leg sweep. Holt gets up only to find Jessica up to her feet as well. Jessica rushes him but gets taken to the mat again with a fluid motion belly to belly suplex, throwing her across the ring. Holt stands up as Jessica rolls over to her stomach and pushes herself to her feet. She charges at him again and takes a swing for the fences but misses As Holt ducks the blow. He then sweeps in and flips her over to the mat with a fireman’s carry takedown on one knee. Holt then grabs Jessica by the head and applies a choke hold with his weight forced on her back. Jessica struggles to break free, fighting for air. She then manages to turn to her side and begins to get up while Holt has the choke hold still in lock. Holt stands up as Jessica does, still cranking down with the move. Jessica then fires an elbow into his mid section, breaking his hold. She then steps away from Holt. Before she can get her feet settled, Holt lunges forward with a lariat but misses as Jessica side steps him and positions herself behind him. She then grabs him by the back of the head and takes a few steps forward, driving his face into the canvas with a one-handed bulldog.

VASSA: ”Jessica is just as deadly as she is beautiful. It’s a shame that she’s into chicks.”
JOHNSON: ”Come on, Vinny. Stay focused on the match at hand.”
VASSA: ”Alright! I’m just saying…”
Jessica pops up to her feet as Holt shakes off the impact of that move and slowly pushes himself up. Before he can get up, Jessica goes on the attack and jumps into the air, stomping on his hand while coming down. Holt quickly pulls it away and falls to his stomach as Jessica steps away with a grin on her face. She then grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him up to one knee. Jessica draws her hand back and connects with a hard punch to the side of his head. Holt shakes it off and bursts up, knocking Jessica back with a European uppercut, stunning her briefly. He then steps behind her and drops her to the mat with a neckbreaker. Holt gets back up and kicks Jessica a few times while she’s on the mat. He then grabs a handful of hair and pulls her to her feet. Holt then flips her over and drops her to the mat with a snap suplex. Rolling on top of her, Holt delivers a series of punches to her forehead, connecting with one after another. He then stands up over her with his legs spread, one foot on each side. Out of nowhere, Jessica grabs a both calves and kicks her foot upward, planting her boot in the lower part of his back. She then crawls out from under him and gets to her feet. Holt spins around with a haymaker but misses again as Jessica ducks the blow and grabs his other arm. She then throws him to her corner. Holt slams into the corner with his back. Travis and Hopkins both grab an arm and hold him in place as Raab stands in the middle, wrapping his arms around his chin with a chin lock. Jessica then takes off from stand still and leaps into the air, connecting with a flying shoulder block that rattles Holt’s head. As she comes to her feet, the three on the outside release their holds and Holt falls forward, crashing stomach first into the mat. Jessica then walk to the corner and slaps hands with Travis, initiating a tag noticed by the ref.

JOHNSON: ”We have our first tag of the night!”
VASSA: ”And keeping it in the family at that!”
Travis enters the ring and stands over Holt, who’s still down. He grabs him by the arm and lifts him to his feet. Travis then connects with a hard right and sweeps in, lifting Holt into the air and dropping him back to the mat with a body slam. Travis then runs to the ropes. After hitting them, he comes back with speed and jumps into the air, coming down with an elbow drop. At the last moment, Holt rolls out of the way, leaving Travis to crash into the canvas, driving his elbow into it. Holt then stands up and kicks Travis a few times before lifting him back to his feet. Holt then grabs him by the throat with his left hand and lands three hard right hands to Travis’s dome. After connecting with the third, Holt takes a step back and then leaps into the air, connecting a dropkick to Travis’s chops. Travis hits the mat with a thud. Holt then pops back up and wastes no time before hitting him with a standing leg drop across the throat. Holt then stands back up and pulls Travis up to his feet. Holt hits him a few times with closed fists before throwing him to his corner. Travis crashes into the turnbuckle. On the outside, Cashe licks his finger and then sticks it in Travis’s ear.

VASSA: ”EEWWW!!! Cashe just gave Travis a wet Willy!”
JOHNSON: ”And there’s the tag!”
Cashe reaches across the ropes and then slaps Holt across the chest, initiating a tag. Holt stands there for a moment in rage as Cashe enters the ring. The two stand eye to eye before the ref moves in and orders Holt to exit the ring. Cashe then turns his attention to Travis who’s still propped up in the corner. Cashe grabs Travis by the back of the head. He then pulls it down while driving his knee upward, smashing it into Travis’s face. Travis falls back and hits the corner again. Cashe then unloads with a series of punches to the body, knocking the breath out of Travis. Cashe then pulls him away from the corner and leans his head over the top rope. Cashe then reaches up under the top rope and grabs Travis by the back of the head, pulling it down, choking him in the process. Cashe then begins to walk along the ropes, pulling Travis along while giving him rug burn across his throat. The ref yells for him to release the hold. Cashe shakes his head for a moment then then leans over, biting Travis in the side of the head before letting go. The ref quickly pulls Cashe away and gives him a warning for the use of the ropes and the biting. Cashe laughs it off and then approaches Travis who’s catching his breath with his back turned to the ring. Cashe grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around. He then locks Travis up and flips him over to the mat with a release T-bone suplex.

JOHNSON: ”It’s never a dull moment when Cashe is in the ring, using those cheap shots like it’s no thing.”
VASSA: ”We all know the ref gives a warning or two before taking action so you might as well take advantage of the chances you’re given. I love these tactics!”
Cashe gets to his feet and quickly pulls Travis up as well. He then throws Travis to the corner. Travis hits the corner with force as Cashe follows behind with a clothesline. With his body blocking the ref’s view, Cashe delivers a knee to Travis’s crotch, knocking him down to a sitting position. Cashe then nods at KJE and walks over to her. He leans over the ropes and then slaps her across the back side, initiating a tag in the ref’s eyes. KJE looks at Cashe and shakes her head before entering the ring. Cashe then exits to the apron as KJE turns to face Travis. She then gives Travis a face wash with her boot while he’s in the sitting position. Travis fails to throw up any defense in the process. She then grabs him by the arm and pulls him to his feet and drags him to the center of the ring. KJE bends Travis over and places his head in between her legs.

VASSA: ”What I wouldn’t give for that to be my head right now!”
She then wraps her arms around his waist and goes to lift him up. Travis manages to keep his feet on the ground and then stands straight up, lifting KJE into the air and flipping her over his back. KJE slams the canvas as Travis quickly runs to his corner and tags Raab who’s not expecting the tag. He looks at Travis for a moment in confusion before the ref signals for him to enter the ring. Raab then enters but keeps his eyes locked on Travis who slowly climbs to the apron. Finally getting his head in the match, Raab turns to the center of the ring only to get caught with a blind side rush from KJE. She connects with a running front kick that knocks him back into the corner. Raab bounces off the turnbuckle and comes back at KJE with a powerful clothesline. He connects and flips her in mid air as he nearly knocks her head off. Raab then picks her up from the mat and locks his arms around her. He then begins to swing his head violently, connecting with repeated headbutts, beating KJE senseless. Raab then lifts her into the air and tosses her over his head with an overhead belly to belly suplex. KJE hits the mat and leans forward as the stinging sensation overwhelms her back. Raab then stands to his feet and takes a few steps forward before planting his foot into the middle of her back.
The sound cuts through the cheers of the crowd as KJE then releases a loud grunt from the pain. Raab then grabs her by the hair and jerks her to her feet once more. He lifts her into the air with a bear hug and holds her up for a moment before planting her into the canvas with a powerful spinebuster that shakes the entire ring. Raab then crawls on top of her and begins to hit her with knees to the head. KJE manages to block a few before Cashe enters the ring and dives into the mix, tackling Raab and knocking him off of KJE. The two roll around the ring for a moment, throwing punches before the ref cuts in and pulls Cashe away and orders him to exit the ring. Raab gets up in a rage and rushes Cashe but gets stopped by the ref. Cashe and Raab exchange a few words while KJE slowly begins to get to her feet. Cashe exits the ring and Raab slowly turns around, leaving himself open to get speared by KJE who’s waiting behind him. KJE then climbs on top of Raab and goes wild with lefts and rights, connecting with hit after hit. KJE then then stands to her feet and pulls Raab up as well. She then wraps her arm around Raab’s neck and sweeps him, dropping him to the canvas with an STO.

JOHNSON: ”This is what happens when you don’t keep your mind on the match and opponent in the ring.”
VASSA: ”There’s bad blood between Raab and Cashe. I’m surprised it hasn’t really escalated since the House turned its back on Raab.”
KJE pops up to her feet and walks to the corner. She looks at Cashe for a moment who is waving for her to tag him in. She then reaches to Roxi and the tag slap hands, initiating the tag. Roxi quickly enters the ring and rushes over to Raab before he has a chance to get up. Roxi kicks him a few times while he’s down and then turns around. She then does a backflip in the air and hits Raab with a standing moonsault. Roxi then gets up and runs to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, she patiently waits as Raab begins to slowly get up. Once to his feet, Roxi leaps from the top rope and comes at Raab with a flying cross body. Raab catches her in mid air and fluidly drops her across his knee, crushing her side. Roxi rolls off his knee and hits the canvas as Raab stands to both feet. He then reaches down and grabs her by the hair, pulling her up to her feet. Raab then lifts Roxi up and drives her head into the canvas with a scoop slam piledriver. Raab quickly covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.
Holt enters the ring and breaks up the pin with a boot to Raab’s back. Raab quickly gets up and connects with a right hand to Holt’s jaw. Holt then fires back with a right of his own and connects with the side of Raab’s head. The ref then steps in between them and backs Holt into his corner and directs him to exit the ring. Raab quickly turns his attention to Roxi and lifts her to her feet. He then throws her to the ropes with force. Just before Roxi gets to the ropes, she jumps in the air and springboards off the middle rope. She then flies back at Raab, turning around in mid air and connects with a hard clothesline. Raab hits the mat had as Roxi rolls to the side. She slowly gets to her feet but takes a moment to rest before approaching Raab who’s still down. She lifts him up to his feet and then backs him into a separate corner with swift kicks to the lower legs and side. Roxi then bends over and grabs the middle ropes. She then lunges forward and drives her shoulder into Raab’s stomach, knocking the breath out of him. Roxi then climbs the turnbuckle over Raab until standing on the middle rope. Finding a burst of energy, Raab wraps his arms around Roxi and lifts her up. He turns around and places her on the top of the turnbuckle. Raab then draws his fist back and delivers a hard punch to her forehead. Roxi then fires back with a slap to the chops, stunning Raab briefly. Roxi then wraps her arm around his head and pushes off with her feet from the corner, turning Raab around in the process. Roxi then turns as well and plants Raab’s head into the canvas with a tornado DDT.

VASSA: ”Raab is going to have a hard time remembering where he is after a big tornado DDT like that.”
JOHNSON: ”Roxi truly is an artist of the aerial arts.”
Roxi stands to her feet as Raab rolls over to his stomach, holding his head in pain. She then grabs him by the arm and pulls him to his feet. Suddenly Raab holds onto her wrist tight with both hands and pulls her in close to him. Raab drives his shoulder into Roxi’s, knocking her to the ground. He doesn’t let go of the wrist and then yanks her into the air and up to her feet. Raab then throws her to his corner. Roxi crashes into the turnbuckle and Raab quickly follows in stride. He slams into her with another shoulder block that crushes her against the turnbuckle. Raab then looks to Hipkins who stands on the apron looking right back at him. The two lock eyes for a moment before Raab reaches towards him. Hopkins then slaps his hand quickly and enters the ring. Raab slowly exits to the apron. Hopkins keeps Roxi in the corner and kicks her a few times in the mid section, breaking her down into a sitting position. He stomps on her a few more times before back stepping. Once in the center of the ring, Hopkins takes off and rushes Roxi. He jumps in the air and connects with a hard dropkick to the chops. Hopkins pops to his feet and then pulls Roxi to her feet before pulling her towards the center of the ring. Hopkins then lifts Roxi into the air in a fireman’s carry and slams her to the mat with a Samoan drop. Hopkins climbs to his feet and then leaps in the air and comes down on her with a jumping elbow drop.

JOHNSON: ”Look at the vertical Hopkins possesses!”
VASSA: ”He’s got up, that’s exactly what he has!”
JOHNSON: ”No, that’s pure athleticism.”
Roxi holders her chest in pain from the impact of that elbow. Hopkins quickly gets up and kicks her a few times while she’s down. He then drops a knee drop to Roxi’s lower leg. Standing back up, he drops another knee to her leg. Hopkins the picks her up from the mat and goes to throw her to the corner. Once spun around, Hopkins goes to let go of his grip but Roxi keeps hers. She then pulls Hopkins in close to her and slams him into her knee. Roxi then throws him to her corner. Hopkins slams into the corner. From the outside, Cashe swings over the top rope and Hopkins shoulder, laying an imprint of his hand across Hopkins chest. Roxi then charges the corner and connects with a frog splash. Just as her feet come in contact with the mat, Cashe reaches over the top rope and smacks her across the back side. Roxi pulls her attention away from Hopkins and looks Cashe dead in the eye. The ref recognizes the tag and yells for Roxi to exit the ring. Roxi slowly climbs to the apron across from Cashe. With a smile on his face, Cashe enters the ring with Roxi’s and KJE’s eyes both locked on to him. He shrugs them off and turns his attention to Hopkins. Cashe pulls him away from the corner but gets an unexpected uppercut to the chin, knocking him away from Hopkins. Hopkins then lunges forward and locks up with the champ. The two struggle for control momentarily before Hopkins stomps on his foot and lifts him into the air, throwing him to the canvas with a scoop slam. Cashe quickly rolls over and gets to his feet. He charges Hopkins but gets a kick to the guy, forcing him to lunge over from the blow. Hopkins then steps in and wraps his arm around Cashe’s head. Hopkins then positions Cashe’s arm and hooks his leg before lifting him up from the mat and flipping him over with a fisherman suplex. Hopkins keeps the leg hooked as the ref drops down for the count.
Cashe throws a shoulder up, stopping the count. Hopkins then stands up and grabs Cashe by the arm, pulling him to his feet. Hopkins then grabs his head and drops him to the canvas with a front-face slam. Hopkins pops up to his feet as Cashe pushes himself up slowly. Once to his feet, Cashe holds his jaw for a moment before swinging at Hopkins with a vicious right hook. Hopkins ducks the punch and then fire a jab into Cashe’s rib cage. Hopkins then follows up with a hard right to Cashe’s head. Hopkins then spins around and steps forward at Cashe with a powerful lariat that knocks him down to the mat. Hopkins then turns around and jumps into the air, coming down on Cashe with a corkscrew moonsault. Cashe lets out a grunt as the move knocks the breath away from him. Hopkins stands to his feet and then grabs ahold of Cashe and pulls him up. Hopkins then goes to lift Cashe up with a vertical suplex. Cashe locks his leg into Hopkins on the first try and prevents him from lifting him into the air. Hopkins throws a knee to Cashe’s stomach and then grabs him by the arm. Hopkins throws Cashe to his teams corner. Just as Hopkins goes to release Cashe, he reverses the move and irish whips Hopkins. Hopkins slams into his corner which his hand catching the side of Travis upon impact. The ref quickly recognizes the tag as well as Cashe. The champ then runs to the corner and connects with a stiff striking elbow to Travis’s face, knocking him off the apron and slamming awkwardly into the steel barricade on the outside.

VASSA: ”I don’t think that tag was intentional but now the legal wrestler is knocked out cold on the outside of the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s got to be in a world of pain right now after the way his arm just slammed into the steel barricade at ringside.”
VASSA: ”This doesn’t look good…”
Jessica drops down from the apron and walks over to Travis, checking on his as he lies there motionless with his arm bent in a bad position. The ref begins to count him out as Cashe and Hopkins go toe to toe.
Hopkins rushes from the corner and wraps his arms around Cashe, lifting him up and tackling him to the canvas. Raab then enters the ring and rushes over, stomping on Cashe’s head. Evans and Holt then enter the ring and rush Raab, both attacking him at the same time.
Raab takes a few punshes and then lunges forward, knocking both to the ground with a double clothesline. Cashe somehow manages to roll on top of Hopkins and then delivers a hard headbutt to the center of the forehead, right between the eyes. Stunning Hopkins briefly, Cashe stands up with Raab’s back turned to him. With a smile on his face, Cashe grabs each of Raab’s pant legs and pulls them down to his ankles.

VASSA: ”Cashe got him. He pulled his trousers down!”
Raab quickly turns to face Cashe who stands right behind him with a grin from ear to ear. Just as Raab lunges forward, Hopkins reachs from the bottom and pulls Cashe down to the ground. Raab hits the ropes and flips over the top, falling down to the outside with his pants around his ankles.
Holt and KJE then get to their feet and turn to each other, exchanging punches back and forth. Cashe and Hopkins roll around on the mat, throwing punches and stealing control away from the other. Raab quickly gets to his feet and pulls his pants up in a hurry. He looks in the ring for a second.
Raab then turns his back to the ring and blows it off. He begins to walk up the entrance ramp. To his right, Jessica continues to check on Travis as the brawl carries on inside the ring.
Raab stops in his tracks as he hears the ref yell ten. He then steps forward and heads towards the back, leaving the ring behind him. The four inside continue to fight with one another. Meanwhile, Roxi finally enters the ring and attacks Cashe who mounts himself of Hopkins and delivers a few back to back punches,.

JOHNSON: ”It was only a matter of time before the chaos broke loose!”
The ref signals for the bell as the five fight in the center of the ring. Raab finally makes it to the top of the steps and turns to face the ring, looking at it for a brief moment.

POWERS: ”Your winners by count out… Dustin James Holt, Roxi Johnson, Kaylyn James Evans and Jason Cashe!”
VASSA: ”We have another count out and then it turns into a big brawl. Where is Raab going?”
JOHNSON: ”I think he’s had enough of this nonsense. He wasn’t really thrilled about the idea of a tag match to begin with. “
VASSA: ”He knows the match at Fright Night is all that matters, the Warzone!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m a little concerned with the health of Travis Black. He’s finally came to at ringside but is holding that arm as if something bad has happened. Jessica is right there by his side, trying to keep him calm and stable.”
VASSA: ”This doesn’t look good at all. He may have a serious injury. He took a pretty nasty fall after Cashe hit him with the Mark of Jason.”
JOHNSON: ”Hopefully the five left in the ring don’t kill each other tonight. This is getting out of hand. I’m sorry folks, but we’re running out of time.”
VASSA: ”Oh damnit! No! No worries folks. Be on the look out for a brief recap of what all goes down after the cameras stop rolling for HBO.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll see you in two and a half weeks at Fright Night!”
VASSA: ”Mark your calendars if you haven’t already. We’ll see you in Vegas!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s all for now, folks. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good night!”
The five continue to brawl in the ring, each up to their feet. With it all on the line in less than three weeks, everyone now fights for themselves. The crowd goes nuts as chanting rattles the building.
“4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW…”
As the fight carries on, Raab turns his back to the ring and exits to the back. The camera cuts back to the ring as the scene slowly fades out, each wrestler in the ring fighting to hold their own.