NOVEMBR 26TH, 2014

The scene opens overlooking the Denver crowd at the Paramount Theatre. At ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the announcers booth waiting to kick the evening off.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another night of Adrenaline. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! We’ve found our way back to the great state of Colorado. Damn, It’s good to be back!”
JOHNSON: ”It sure is, Vinny. The fans here are wonderful at the Paramount Theatre.”
VASSA: ”I hear the grass isn’t bad either….”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t know about that but I believe our fans would know a thing or two.”
VASSA: ”The aroma is in the air. I smell it, let me inhale it!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure at least one of us will have a contact buzz by the time the show ends. But before that happens, lets go ahead and get down to business.”
VASSA: ”We have an exciting night scheduled as far as the action in the ring goes. Two weeks ago we named our number one contender for the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes we did, Vinny. Jair Hopkins defeated Roxi Johnson and Jessica Black in a triple threat number one contenders match. He earned the position out right.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of Jessica Black, she’ll be facing off with the champ in the ring tonight. Although the championship won’t be on the line, I’m looking forward to this matchup between her and the champ, Jason Cashe.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s always a pleasure to watch these two in the ring and I’m sure they’ll make this a night to remember by the time it’s all said and done.”
VASSA: ”Well that’s our main event for the evening. I don’t think we could have asked for anything better as we invade Colorado again. I have my umbrella handy just in case it decides to start raining joints from the sky.”
JOHNSON: ”That was a wild night!”
VASSA: ”Only in 4CW! What else do we have scheduled, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago we kick started the extreme division and it will carry over into tonight’s lineup. The Extreme champion, Havok, will be climbing into the ring with Marisol Hawkes, Griffin Hawkins and Kerin Monroe in an extreme rules fatal fourway. The championship isn’t on the line in this one but I can assure you that this will be one messy match.”
VASSA: ”It’s going to be a bloodbath! This is a main event quality match we have scheduled for the headline event. Talk about a stacked card!”
JOHNSON: ”The wrestlers from both New Gen Rising and The Carnival will be competing in singles competition against each other. This should be rather interesting.”
VASSA: ”Lets not forget about the up and comer La’Renzo Porter taking on the number one contender for the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship, Jair Hopkins. This has match of the night written all over it.”
JOHNSON: ”It could steal the show.”
VASSA: ”Then we have Johnny Rebel taking on Roxi Johnson and lord Raab taking on Shane Borderland for a third time in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”Those two have been at each other for a long time now. This rivalry doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either. Maybe we’ll find some closure tonight.”
VASSA: ”You thought the headline match was stacked? Wait until you hear what we have scheduled for earlier in the night. We have an extreme rules triple threat match between John Blade, Damien Knight and Dustin James Holt.”
JOHNSON: ”The extreme division in 4CW has taken a turn for the better over the last few weeks. I can’t wait to see who becomes the number one contender and challenges for the title.”
VASSA: ”You and me both!”
JOHNSON: ”As you all know, we’ve had a recent surge of new signees. Well, the beginning of the card will showcase them. RAFAEL will be climbing into the ring with Sativa Nevaeh.”
VASSA: ”Sativa isn’t all that new. She’s been around for a good minutes. I am willing to bet that she’s happier than anyone else in the locker room that we’re here in Colorado tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Why’s that?”
VASSA: ”Nevermind!”
JOHNSON: ”Tara Blackhart will face off with Ramona Lee Epps who was very impressive in her debut two weeks ago when she won the opening ten person elimination rumble.”
VASSA: ”A few weeks ago, Alec Quartermain issued an open challenge to anyone who answered. Who answered? Well, that man would be Nick Watson.”
JOHNSON: ”Nick Watson may be his opponent but I can almost guarantee that Mr. Wallace is the main target.”
VASSA: ”Poor Wally… Haha!”
JOHNSON: ”The lovely Niobe Martin will get in the ring with Branden Harvey.”
VASSA: ”It’s always a pleasure to watch Niobe in action. I hope that she can pull off the win and turn things around. She’s been in a bit of a slump lately.”
JOHNSON: ”We have to cut this a little short folks but to open the night we have another ten person over the top rope elimination rumble. We’ve had even more new signees recently and it’s time to see what they’re made of.”
VASSA: ”Talk about a stacked card.”
JOHNSON: ”These types of cards have become a pretty consistent thing with 4CW. The level of talent is by far the best in the business.”
VASSA: ”We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, right here, right now. We’ve become a big deal in this business. It great to finally start getting the recognition we deserve!”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s the lineup ior this evening folks. Get comfortable because we have an action packed night for you. We’ll be right back shortly to kick things off.”

Ashe Corvin and Fiery Reign walk up the Perry Wallace’s office. He knocks once on the door and swiftly enters without waiting for a response. Wallace looks up from his work and looks at Corvin.

WALLACE:”People normally wait to be invited.”
CORVIN:”Only those intimidated by the rooms occupant.”
Ashe crosses the room in a couple of strides and extends his hand to Perry.

CORVIN:”Figured I would get the pleasantries out of the way early. Ashe Corvin.”
WALLACE:”I know who you are Mr. Corvin. Checked out your history after reviewing and signing your contract. Impressive to say the least.”
CORVIN:”On top of things. I like that from the head honchoes. Makes for a smooth run ship. Now to be precise I’ll be blunt. You know who I am and what I bring to the table. I just ask one thing from you.”
Ashe’s demeanor changes from somewhat easy going to hard, cold, and calculating. Along with a large dose of intimidation.

CORVIN:”Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, Understand?”
WALLACE:”I understand. Just hold up to your end and there shouldn’t be a problem.”
CORVIN:”Good. Now if you will excuse me, time to go meet the neighbors.”
Ashe nods and shales hands with Perry again before turning to leave.



JOHNSON: ”We’re ready to get things started folks! Lincoln Cutler and Joseph Sullivan have already made their way down to ringside,”
VASSA: ”The ten person elimination rumble we had two weeks ago was awesome but tonight we will do things a little differently. Instead of having a new wrestler enter upon the elimination of another, we will have one wrestler enter the rumble every few minutes.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right, folks! This should be a fast paced contest to kick the evening off.”
With Sullivan and Cutler already in the ring, the drums of “Don’t Bring Me Down” by Electric Light Orchestra echo throughout the theatre as the fans begin to scream. The lights dim as a spotlight shines at the roof as the “Battle Master” Chris Keen shows himself on the rafters looking down at his fans.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring, weighing in at two hundred pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is “The Battle Master”, CHRIS KEEN!!! “
He dances to his theme song as he grabs a rope from the theatre curtain and swings to the center of the wrestling ring. Chris climbs the turnbuckles facing the fans as he raises his arms in the air and pointing at his “BM” emblem on his chest. Chris begins to stretch, prepping for the match as he music fades out.

A loud howl blasts throughout the theatre as the lights go out as it stays dark the camera focuses on the entrance way as he appears out of nowhere his head is down a wolf type mask covering his mouth.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring out of Seattle Washington, weighing in at two hundred eight pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. He is the “American Wolf”, JASON RICHARDS!!!”
He slowly raises his head we can see he is wearing ice blue contacts he begins to make his way to the ring as he seems to be in a trance with his entire focus on the ring. He walks up the ring steps and then stands on the second rope as he rips the mast off he lets out a howl of his own. He jumps down and crouches in the corner looking straight ahead.

JOHNSON: ”Alright, we have our first four to start the rumble off!”
VASSA: ”I’m excited to see some of these new signees in action.”
The ref checks with each corner for the nod and then throws his arm in the air, signaling for the bell.
As the sound echoes throughout the theater, all four take off from their corners and collide in the center of the ring. Cutler and Keen exchange punches in the center as Sullivan backs Richards into a corner with an all out assault of crushing blows that connect one after the other. Cutler connects with a quick kick to Keen’s stomach and then lifts him up in the air before slamming him down to the canvas with a powerbomb. Cutler then climbs on top of Keen and begins to tag his forehead with closed fist punches. In the corner, Sullivan wears down Richards with a series of kicks to the stomach. He then lifts Richards up and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. Sullivan slowly ascends the corner and lifts Richards up and away from the ropes. Holding him sideways, Sullivan lifts him up while falling backwards and tosses him over his head into the ring with a fall away slam from the top rope.
Sullivan slowly climbs to his feet while Cutler continues the assault on Keen across the ring. Not wasting any time, Sullivan grabs Richards by the head and lifts him to his feet. Richards attempts to punch Sullivan away but fails as Sullivan grabs his arm and pulls him in close, wrapping his arms around him. Sullivan then lifts Richards into the air and throws him down to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. Feeling the impact, Cutler quickly looks up as the ring shakes. He then stands up over Keen and grabs him by the head, pulling him up to his feet as well. Cutler then bends Keen over and pulls his head in between his legs. He then lifts him up in the air upside down and drives his head into the mat with a piledriver.

VASSA: ”The 4CW vets are putting in work tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”These two are probably the most underrated wrestlers in this company. I think they’re out to make a statement tonight.”
The lights go out and the crowd gets quiet. Lights up as we hear “Circus for a Psycho” begins. Then the lights flash and Christine appears on the stage. She bends over to touch the ground and then back up whipping her hair as she moves. She cocks her head and then poses for the crowd as she blows them a kiss. She then walks down the ramp as the crowd has a mixed reaction. Some boo and some cheer.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Sanford, North Carolina, weighing in at one hundred thirty pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. She is “The Twisted Angel”, CHRISTINE NASH!!!”
Once at ringside, she runs to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope. Cutler and Sullivan exchange punches in the center of the ring as Keen and Richards exchanger a few of their own, using the ropes as leverage and support. Nash examines the action for a moment and turns her attention to Keen and Richards who appear like the weakest links in the match. She then takes off from a stand still and rushes at them both. Just as she gets close, both turn to look at her only to get hit with a double clothesline that sends them up and over the top rope, falling to the hard floor below.

JOHNSON: ”We have our first two eliminations of the match as both Chris Keen and Jason Richards have fell to the outside of the ring.”
VASSA: ”Christine Nash isn’t wasting any time as she set her sights on those two once she stepped foot in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, Mr. Wallace has been pushing for this to be a fast paced match and Christine is doing just that.”
Nash quickly turns around and sets her eyes on Sullivan and Cutler who are still beating the hell out of each other in the center of the ring. She quickly rushes in and catches Cutler with a sucker punch to the back of the head. Cutler stumbles forward and Sullivan quickly takes advantage and trips him as he passes by. Cutler falls to the mat as Sullivan throws a punch at Nash and connects with her jaw. He then lunges forward to lock up but Nash side steps him and moves in behind. She then wraps her arms around his waist and lifts him up and drives him into the mat with a German suplex.
Just as she stands up, Cutler is right there with his fist flying towards her head. Nash quickly reacts and ducks the punch and grabs Cutler by the arm. She then throws him to the ropes with everything she has in the tank. Cutler hits the ropes and bounces back with speed. Just as he gets close, Nash leaps in the air and knocks him flat on his back with a standing dropkick.

VASSA: ”These veterans better be on their A game because Christine Nash has come to throw down tonight!”
“Solitude/Unraveling” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the theatre gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face as he marches down to the ring.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring weighing in at two hundred thirty one pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Butcher”, DAKOTA SMITH!!!”
He makes no time to stop for the audience – that is until he reaches the ring. He then bounces from one foot to the other, looking around the theatre. A slight smirk grows on his lips before he bolts into the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He plants his fists down on the mat and pushes himself up.
With Christine being the only one on her feet, Dakota quickly rushes her for a sneak attack but gets caught as she see’s him in the corner of her eye. Nash quickly turns and catches Dakota in the mouth with a spinning elbow. Knocking him back a few steps. She grabs him by the arm and throws him to the ropes behind her. Bouncing back with speed, Dakota runs towards Nash. Just as he approaches, she jumps into the air as he runs underneath her. Before he can hit the opposite ropes, Sullivan is right there to lift him up with his momentum and toss him over the top rope and into the steel barricade at ringside.

JOHNSON: ”This was Dakota Smith’s debut match for 4CW and he failed…”
JOHNSON: ”I’m just getting word that we will introduce another wrestler into the mix since Dakota was eliminated as soon as he stepped foot in the ring.”
VASSA: ”Damn, they weren’t playing around when they said fast paced.”
“Moving in Stereo” by the Cars hits the P.A system as her entrance video plays on the big screen. As the song slowly picks up, a female figure appears on stage with her body outstretched in a pose that shows off all of her best assets. She is also carrying a towel in her right hand. Her silohoutte is displayed with a bright white light shining behind her. As the song picks up, the white light stops and the world is now allowed to enjoy “Little Miss Perfect” live and in living color.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Coroa Del Mar, California, weighing in at one hundred eighteen pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. “Little Miss Perfect” KATRINA NOVA!!!”
She gives a fake smile to her ‘adoring’ public before strutting down to the ring looking uninterested in what the crowd thinks of her …afterall, she is just hear to give them charity by letting them soak in her perfection. She stops at the edge of the rampway before tossing the towel upwards, doing a spin and then catching it. She then runs and slides underneath the bottom rope entering the ring.
In the center of the ring, Cutler and Sullivan take turns with punches to Nash who tries to fend them off but has no luck. Nova grabs Cutler by the arm and spins him around. She kicks him in the stomach, forcing him to lunge over from the blow. Without hesitation, she then fires away with an uppercut that knocks him back a step. Nova then moves in beside him and drops him to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. Nova pops back up to her feet and then runs to the ropes. She hits them hard and comes back with speed. As she gets close, she jumps in the air and connects with a running senton splash across Cutler’s chest.
Meanwhile, Sullivan lifts Nash into the air for a vertical suplex. While upside down above his head, Nash manages to wiggle herself free and she falls to her feet behind Cutler. She then grabs him by the back of the head and takes a few steps forward before pulling him along for the ring and driving his face into the canvas with a running bulldog. Just as Nash stands back up, Nova rushes at her with a running clothesline. Nash ducks and flips her up into the air as she runs into her. Nova flips in mid air and comes down across Sullivan’s throat with a flying leg drop.
Nash regains her focus as Nova stands to her feet. The two then stare at one another for a moment before circling each other in the center of the ring. The two lock up and struggle with one another for position. Nash takes control and wraps her arm around Nova’s head, locking her with a tight headlock. Nash cranks down on the pressure as Nova tries to escape. A few moments pass as Nash remains in control of the situation. Nova then plants her hand into Nash’s lower back and pushes her away, breaking the hold and throwing her to the ropes. Nash hits the ropes and comes back with speed only to get knocked to her back with a shoulder block. Nash quickly pops back to her feet. As the two stare at one another for a moment, Cutler pops back into the picture and knocks them both to the canvas with a double clothesline from behind.

JOHNSON: ”You should never have your back turned to either one of these veterans.”
VASSA: ”When you do, they will make sure to capitalize on the opportunity.”
“Last Ride of the Day” hits the sound system as Jessica comes out, psyching herself up. She jumps up and down a few times, then heads down the ramp.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at one hundred twenty one pounds and standing five feet, five inches tall. JESSICA ROBERTSON!!!”
She stops, hyping herself up again before sliding in the ring. Across the ring, Cutler has Nash backed in the corner, dropping closed fist punches on her one after the other. In the center of the ring, Sullivan slowly gets to his feet. He stalks the two in the corner. Meanwhile, Jessica looks on and makes her move. She rushes in behind and wraps her arms around Sullivan before lifting him up and dropping him to the mat with a belly to back suplex.
Jessica quickly pops up to her feet and runs to the corner and connects with a flying body splash to the back of Cutler, knocking him forward, crushing Nash into the corner. Jessica then grabs Cutler by the hair in the back of his head and pulls him away from the corner. As she does, Nash falls forward and crashes face first into the canvas. Jessica then turns Cutler around and kicks him in the stomach and follows up with a snap DDT. She then pops back up to her feet and grabs two handfuls of hair and pulls him back to his feet. She slowly walks him to the ropes and lifts him up and rolls him over the top rope. Cutler grabs onto the top rope to keep from falling but loses his grip before falling down and crashing into the hard floor below.

VASSA: ”Oh no, Cutler! I had such high hopes for you!”
JOHNSON: ”You just can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”
VASSA: ”Who said anything about dogs?”
The lights dim simultaneously on out in the 4 Corner Wrestling theater as it plunges into darkness as “Back in Black” by ACDC begins to blare on out of the sound system across the theater. As it does a gold strobe light flickers on and can be seen throughout the theater as if on cue, out of nowhere “The Franchise” Thaddeus Stone appears and can be seen swinging around to face the fans.
Stone paces the entrance isle, left to right as he does the fans of 4CW can be heard booing Stone, various chants of “Go back to Retirement” can be heard along with various jeers, and remarks of disdain, before finally retaking center stage.

POWERS: ”Coming from Nashville, Tennessee he weighs in tonight at two hundred and thirty five pounds and stands approximately five feet, eleven” inches… He is “THE FRANCHISE”… THHHHHADDEUS STTTTTONE!!!”
Thaddeus slowly walks down the entrance isle, as he does he stands in the center of the isle , the gold strobe lights flicker back to a solid white light, as it does the white piercing light comes shinning down upon him and illuminating his figure which can be seen being illuminating under the light as they stands in the entrance isle looking out into the darkness that surrounds them for a few seconds.
As Stone does he can be seen wearing a his sleeveless knee length jacket, and sunglasses which can be seen being lit up under the white light, Thaddeus soaks in the boos, and jeers, and chants of despise from the fans. His eyes burn with intensity and hatred towards those booing him, his body pounding with adrenaline with blood lust on his mind as he makes his way down to the ring.
Stone slowly walks on down the isle, once at ringside Thaddeus walks around to the steel steps and slowly walks on up, before entering the ring finally. Sullivan and Nash go toe to toe in the center of the ring while Nova and Jessica go back and forth, exchanging slaps in the far corner. While the two girls go at it, Nash grabs Sullivan by the arm and throws him to the ropes behind her. Standing by the ropes, Stone takes notice and braces himself as Sullivan quickly approaches. Just as Sullivan gets close, Stone lifts him up in a military press and holds him up before turning around to face the crowd.
From behind, Nash runs in and throws a forearm across his back. Stone stumbles forward and drops Sullivan as he loses his grip. Sullivan falls and hits the top rope before bouncing up and over to the outside of the ring. Sullivan lands on the apron and pulls himself up to his feet using the top rope. Nash then throws another forearm across Stones back, knocking him forward into Sulivan on the apron. Stone knocks him from the apron and to the floor as he grabs onto the ropes and braces himself for the attack from behind from Nash.

VASSA: ”And there goes our other veteran! NNOOO!!!”
JOHNSON: ”I figured you’d be used to seeing these two get shown up in the ring by now.”
VASSA: ”Yea, I was just in a mood to pull for the underdogs tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Wait a second! I’m getting word that we will bring out our final contestant in this match.”
VASSA: ”Boy, this match has flown by!”
The theatre lights drop into total darkness. Fans light cell phones and glow sticks as the opening stanzas of Ben Moody’s cover of Johnny Cash’s cult classic “Ain’t No Grave” begins to play. At 0:35 of the covered song, a spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and a tall hooded figure dressed in black and red stands at the top of the ramp with his head slightly lowered. He stands there motionless as smoke begins to rise from below the ramp and the crowd gives him a mixed pop. At 0:52 of “Ain’t No Grave,” when the lead solo breaks in, the hooded figure raises his head and begins a slow ominous trek to ringside as the spotlight follows him.

POWERS: ”From the “City of Angels,” Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred eighty five pounds…he is the “Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling,” “The Wrath of God Incarnate,” he is………. XANDOR KALLLLLEEEEELLLLL!”
Once at ringside, Xandor removes his robe and runs to the apron and slides in the ring underneath the bottom rope. Once up to his feet, Nova is right there to greet him with a scissor kick that knocks him back into the ropes. She then unleashes with a fury of punches to his mid section.
Across the ring, Stone lifts Jessica up and throws her to the canvas with a powerful scoop slam. He then jumps into the air and comes down, connecting with a hard headbutt to the center of Jessica’s face.
While Nova continues to wear down Xandor, Nash pops up out of nowhere and joins in on the assault. The two ladies then look at each other for a moment in agreement before turning back to Xandor. They then work together and lift him up and force him over the top rope, pushing him to the outside and down to the floor below.
As the two step away from the ropes, they stop in their tracks and quickly turn to one another. Nova connects with an open hand slap across Nash’s cheek. Nash then fires back with a stinging slap of her own. Nova slowly walks to the ropes with her head down, holding her cheek. Nash then see’s an opportunity and drops an elbow across the back of Nova. She then locks her arm around her head and sets her up to get lifted for I a vertical suplex. With Nova’s back almost touching the ropes, Nash goes to lift her up but Nova hooks her leg before she gets lifted off her feet. Nash then goes to lift her again but gets stopped as Nova hooks the leg and remains on the canvas. Nova then lifts Nash up into the air in a vertical position and falls backwards, bringing Nash up and over the top rope just as she releases the hold. Nash flips over and falls to the apron. Before hitting, she reaches for the top rope to break her fall but barely misses and hits hard, bouncing off and to the floor below.
Across the ring, both Jessica and Stone are on their feet, circling each other. Stone lunges forward with a right clothesline but misses as Jessica ducks the attack and steps in close to him. She wraps her arms around him and goes to lift him up for a belly to belly suplex but gets stopped as Stone throws his head forward and slams it into her nose, breaking the hold. He then grabs her by the back of the head and drags her down the ropes to the corner, building up speed. As they approach the joint set of ropes, Stone throws her forward and sends her flipping over the top rope and crashing to the floor below.

VASSA: ”They’re dropping like flies!”
JOHNSON: ”Xandor, Christine and Jessica went back to back to back. We’re now down to two wrestlers!”
VASSA: ”Thaddeus Stone and Katrina Nova, two new signees to 4CW! I’m loving this new talent!”
Stone and Nova circle each other in the center of the ring. nova makes the first move and sweeps in with a single leg takedown, dropping Stone to his back. Stone quickly rolls over and pushes himself up as Nova waits to make her move. Once to his feet, she shoots in again for another single leg takedown but Stone sprawls and falls on her back, crushing her body into the canvas. he then stands to his feet and grans her by the hair, jerking her to her feet. Stone then fires away with a knife edge chop across her chest, knocking her down to one knee. He then grabs her by the back of the head and drives his knee upward, into her face. He keeps his grip and keeps her from falling to the canvas. Stone then lifts her back to her feet and grabs her by the head and drops her to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker.
Stone pops to his feet as the crowd goes wild in the background. He then goes to the ropes and hits them, coming back with speed. As he gets close, he jumps in the air and comes down with a leg drop but hits the canvas as Nova rolls out of the way. A sharp pain shoots up his spine as his bottom slams against the mat. Nova quickly pushes herself to her feet. She limps a bit as she paces around the ring, keeping her eyes locked on Stone the whole time. She then gets behind Stone and runs towards him, connecting with a running drop kick to the top of his back. Stone falls over to his side and Nova quickly gets up and turns to the corner. She ascends the turnbuckle and stands at the top, overlooking the electric crowd. With Stone still down, she leaps into the air and comes down with a double foot stomp across his chest.

JOHNSON: ”Katrina Nova has stepped up and taken control of the match.”
VASSA: ”But for how long?”
She slowly stalks Stone who is down, holding his chest in pain. She grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Nova then draws back and slaps him across the chest, sending a loud sound cutting through the noises of the crowd. She then swings again but Stone jabs her in the throat, knocking her back a step. He then slaps her across the face and lifts her into the air and places her over his shoulder. With her upside down, he takes a step forward to drop her with an over the shoulder belly to back piledriver but Nova manages to escape. Stone stumbles forward as Nova lands on her feet.
Stone hits the ropes and comes back at Nova who bends down and lifts him up, throwing him into the air, using his momentum to help. Stone goes straight up and comes down into a powerful European uppercut.

JOHNSON: ”That’s her Swiss Death!”
Stone flips backwards and hits the ropes, flipping up and over, falling to the floor on the outside.

VASSA: ”HOLY HELL!!! Thaddeus has been eliminated!”

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, KATRINA NNOOVVAA!!!”
“Moving In Stereo” by The Cars hits the sound system as Katrina catches her breath. The ref quickly walks beside her and raises her arm in the air.

JOHNSON: ”Katrina Nova put on a good show for us tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to the table in singles competition… one on one matches.”
VASSA: ”me too! I’m just looking forward to seeing Little miss Perfect in the ring at each and every show. She is fine!”
JOHNSON: ”Mr. Wallace wanted a fast paced rumble and that’s exactly what he got tonight. We’re going to go backstage for a moment folks while we clear the ring and get ready for our next match of the evening.”

Gabriel Hartman is standing right beside Alonzo Gomez as beads of sweat are streaming down his face.

HARTMAN: ”Alonzo, are you feeling okay?”
GOMEZ: ”Yes, I am fine. What do you think I am not fine? What have you heard? Did she tell you something?”
Gabriel looks at Alonzo while looking really confused. Alonzo is still sweating bullets as he seems to be quite nervous still.

HARTMAN: ”Everything okay Alonzo, you seem to be quite nervous. Does this have anything to do with Dustin James Holt’s recent behavior change?”
Alonzo quickly throws his hand over Gabriel’s mouth while looking side to side.

GOMEZ: ”Don’t use that name Gabriel. Trust me, you will get inside her crosshairs. She has changed my good friend and to be honest. I still find her to be extremely sexy. Grant it her methods aren’t ethical but who gives a care. Just be careful Gabriel. If you don’t use the name Inmate 31 then you will wind up living in your own nightmare.”
Gabriel tries desperately to mutter some words out but Alonzo keeps a tight grip over his mouth. His eyes go wide as Inmate 31 and a woman with raven black hair are standing behind Alonzo. Inmate 31 looks right into Gabriel’s eyes and utters the one simple phrase he is known for.

Liquid starts running down Gabriel’s leg as the woman lets out a very dark laugh.

MYSTERY WOMAN: ”This night belongs to The Bizarre Nation. Come Inmate 31, we have work to do.”
Alonzo relinquishes his grip on Gabriel as the woman and Dustin James Holt walks away. Gabriel is trying to regain his composure while the scene cuts away.


As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is “The Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe appears on stage, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

VASSA: ”There she is! The lovely, the beautiful, Niobe Martin!”
JOHNSON: ”She looks ready for this match up. This is an opportune time for her to bounce back.”
“Fuel” by Metallica hits the sound system as Branden Harvey slowly walks out from the back and through the curtain.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Sacramento, California, weighing in at one hundred forty pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall. “Supersonic” Branden Harvey!!!”
He sprints toward the ring. As he nears the ring, he leaps in the air, springs his right foot off the ring apron, and uses his momentum to do a flip and land in the ring. He paces around the ring before going to his corner and waiting for the bell to sound.

JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago Branden Harvey made his debut in our opening ten person elimination rumble. Tonight, we’ll get to see him in singles action, one on one!”
VASSA: ”He’s been rather quiet since the show two weeks ago. Maybe he’s been saving his effort for the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”That would be the smart thing to do.”
The ref checks with each corner for the nod before throwing his hand in the air and signaling for the bell.
At the sound of the bell, Niobe darts out of her corner and rushes Harvey. She catches him off guard and corners him before unloading with an assault of punches and kicks, connecting with stinging blow after stinging blow. She then fires away with two back to back kicks to the stomach. Harvey lunges over from the kicks only to get his head grabbed and a knee driven into his face. Harvey stumbles back and slams against the turnbuckle only to get kicked a couple more times in his open mid section. Niobe then lifts Harvey up and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. She punches him in the stomach twice before climbing up and hooking his arm around her head. She then lifts him up and falls backwards, dropping him to the canvas with a superplex that shakes the entire ring upon impact.

VASSA: ”Hot damn! Niobe is coming out big tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Yes she is, Vinny, yes she is.”
Niobe stands to her feet and quickly turns to Harvey who is down, holding his back in pain. She grabs him by the head and pulls him to his feet. Clinching her right fist, she draws back and connects with a huge punch to the forehead that knocks Harvey back against the ropes. She then grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him down while driving her knee into his stomach. As Harvey tries to catch his breath bent over, Niobe drops down to one knee and flips him overt to the mat with a fireman’s carry takedown. She then mounts herself on top of him and fires away with a series of punches that batters Harvey’s head, knocking it into the canvas withy each fist making contact. She then pops up to her feet and grabs him by the head with both hands and quickly lifts him to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”She is just not letting up! Branden Harvey better do something quickly before this match gets out of hand.”
VASSA: ”I’m glad to see this fire lit inside of Niobe. It’s always a pleasure to watch her at work.”
Just as Harvey gets to his feet, he swings his arms and swats Niobe’s hands away. He then runs to the ropes and bounces back with speed. Swinging with a brutal clothesline, Harvey comes up short as Niobe ducks the attack. Harvey runs to the opposite side of the ring and hits the ropes before bouncing back again with even more speed. As he approaches Niobe, he takes another swing for the fences but misses again. This time, Niobe side steps the clothesline and drops him to the mat with a drop toe hold. Harvey’s face slams into the mat but he quickly pops up to his feet in a daze. Niobe pushes herself up and takes advantage of the situation and lifts him into the air and plants him into the mat with a devastating spinebuster. The crowd pops with a loud cheer as Niobe jumps to her feet. With the electricity flowing through her body, she quickly turns to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, she turns around to face Harvey who is still down in the ring. With the crowd getting louder and louder, she leaps from the top rope and connects with a 450 Splash.

JOHNSON: ”The Hallucination!”
VASSA: ”I think that’s all she wrote!”
Niobe hooks Harvey’s leg as the ref drops down for the count…
Niobe quickly pops to her feet as “Nightmare” hits the sound system.
The ref raises her arm in the air as she looks over the electric Colorado crowd.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe pulls her arm away from the ref as she paces around the ring, looking down at Harvey who is still out cold in the center.

JOHNSON: ”That was a quick victory for Niobe as she bounces back at Adrenaline tonight.”
VASSA: ”She’s deadly when she’s at the top of her game and tonight there was no stopping her.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a moment folks as we clear the ring for our next match of the evening.”

After the introductory meeting with Perry Wallace, Ashe Corvin, with Fiery Reign at his side, has been strolling through the back. Introducing himself to staff and wrestlers alike. Mostly just a nod, a few handshakes for the medical staff, cause ya know never hurts to be on their good side. Even had a few of the backstage access fans run up to him for autographs, which he grudgingly gave.
After passing Sativa’s locker room he shakes his head and mumbled something along the lines of he understands why his brother joined here for a while. After wandering around for a bit he sees none other than South-West Champion Jason Cashe. A smirk comes over his face and he chuckles slightly.

REIGN:”Oh god, are you thinking what I think you are?’
CORVIN:”Just going to say hello to the Champ. Gotta get to know who I plan on toppling.”
Ashe arrogantly stroll up to Cashe.

CORVIN:”Hey Champ.”
CASHE: “Hello…Umm, remind me of who you are again?”
Ashe chuckles and gives Cashe the once over, sizing him up. Ashe stands up straighter to his full height to look down on Cashe.

CORVIN:”You’re cute kid. I’ll give ya this one since it has been a few years since I was on television. Plus I have changed a few things about my appearance. Ashe Corvin. Need a refresher, go look at Epic Wrestling’s company history. I mean as Champ you do know who your company is allied with right?”
CASHE: “Kid? I’m a Grown ass man Ashe Catchem’ and I know who you are, I was giving you shit. Lighten up, we’re in Colorado after all..”
CORVIN:”Typical. Well, just was showing myself around since I signed a contract recently. Just do me a favor will ya?”
CASHE: “I will NOT make out with you!”
Ashe smirks once again as Cashe looks around hoping someone heard his short jab joke. Corbin leans in and pats the South-West title.

CORVIN:”You do good work, just keep that safe for me.”
Corvin locks eyes with Cashe and they have a momentary stare down. The tense moment is broken when a small figure comes up and clears her throat.

NEVAEH:”Ahem. Excuse me grandpa, but I got some business to handle with Cashe. Mind taking a hike?”
CASHE: “Ohhh Snap she told you! Ha!”
Ashe snaps his head and stares daggers at her. His hands start to involuntary shake and clench. Fiery Reign looks at Sativa with pure shock then tugs on Corvin’s arm.

REIGN:”Come on babe, we got other things to take care of, she isn’t worth the effort.”
Ashe is led away grudgingly. Sativa just watches them leave making sure they, or anyone else, is paying attention. She holds out a paper bag, reminiscent of the bags you would take your lunch in to school.

NEVAEH:”Here ya go. Top shelf no seeds.”
Cashe grabs the bag and hands over some money to Sativa. She smiles and slips it into her pocket.

CASHE: “This is great, much appreciated.”
NEVAEH:”Anytime. I always have some, and it’s always top of the line. You know how to get a hold of me.”
They nod knowingly at each other and part ways. Cashe off to whatever and Sativa headed back to her room, which has smoke flowing from it like a chimney.


JOHNSON:” What a great match to start the night. Martin continues her success with a win over newcomer Branden Harvey. And up next, we’ll be seeing another intriguing bout as the new guy on the block, Nick Watson takes on an associate of Mannie Romero, Alec Quartermain. “
VASSA:” I think Watson may be in over his head. “
JOHNSON:” Watson did accept an open challenge issued by Alec Quartermain and he may have his hands full. Quartermain is looking to make a statement. “
“Bring It” by Trapt plays as Nick Watson steps out onto the entrance ramp garbed in his colorful ring attire, he looks around at all of the fans, and then walks down the ramp, slapping hands as he does so. Striding down to the ring the fans and announcers alike can notice the look of determination on his face.

POWERS:” Making his way to the ring, from Salt Lake City, Utah…he is the Sensational One! Nick Watson! “
Nick pauses on the outside of the ring and unzips his hoodie vests, which he then hands off to someone in the crowd, he then leaps up on to the apron, and then makes his way into the ring. When he enters the ring, Nick goes over to the closest turnbuckle and poses for the fans to take photos, after posing for a bit, Nick flips off the turn buckle and runs to the center of the ring, where he begins to warm up for his match.

JOHNSON:” Watson is coming off a razor thin loss, after being tossed over the top rope in a rumble last week. “
POWERS:” And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred ninety pounds, he is the Glasgow Hooligan…Alec Quartermain! “
The beginning of “Money A Do It” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Alec Quartermain emerges to a wave of boos. Quartermain slowly walks down the ramp intimidating the crowd with snarls and growls. Alec reaches the base of the ring and marches up the steps into the ring. Alec then slips into a ‘Eye of the Storm’ type of slumber, while waiting for the opening bell.

JOHNSON:” Alec certainly has the size advantage. “
VASSA:” And that’s exactly why I’m placing all of my bets on him to win this match. “
The two men circle one another be hooking horns in an elbow tie up. Alec drives Watson back into the corner and applies pressure until the ref breaks the two up. Quartermain steps away, but dives right back in with a knee to the midsection. Quartermain grabs the ropes for leverage and rams his shoulder into the stomach of Watson. Alec does it a few more times until Watson collapses to the mat. Alec puts his boot to the fallen Watson and the ref breaks the choke up after a four count.

JOHNSON:” Quartermain being relentless here in the early going. “
VASSA:” Can you blame him, after the recent events that have taken place? Come on! “
Quartermain picks Watson up and drives him back into the corner before sending him into the opposite corner. Alec follows it up with a corner clothesline and Alec stumbles out and falls to one knee. Quartermain lifts him up to his feet rather quickly and tosses him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex. He sits up with a smirk on his face as Nick lays on the canvas, holding his back. Quartermain crawls over to Watson and makes the pin.
Kickout! Watson gets the shoulder up and Quartermain is not happy with the referee. Alec stands up and questions his two count. He turns his attention back to his foe as he lifts him up off the mat. Watson tries a little offense and begins hitting Alec in his brick wall of a stomach. Watson throws himself gets the ropes, but is immediately put back on the mat courtesy of a powerslam from Quartermain.

JOHNSON:” Just as Watson tried to gain a little momentum, it was halted by the Hooligan. “
VASSA:” Watson should just get used to it. “
Alec avoids the pin attempt and begins to look a little angry. He peels him up off the canvas and shoves him back against the ropes. He begins beating the chest of Watson with hard knife edge chops. The crowd responds to the thuds of the chops. Quartermain grabs him by the wrist and launches him to the opposite side of the ring. Nick bounces back and ducks a clothesline from Alec. Alec turns around and is hit with a superman punch from Nick Watson. Quartermain staggers backwards and falls between the ropes and to the outside.

JOHNSON:” Wow! That punch came from out of nowhere, Vinny. “
VASSA:” That was a closed fist. Should be disqualified. “
JOHNSON:” You’re delusional. “
Watson picks himself up in the ring and looks out at Alec who is slowly getting up from the previous shot. Watson takes the opportunity, bounces off the ropes, and flies between the ropes, knocking Quartermain back to the ground with a suicide dive. Watson gets to his feet, throws his hands into the air, and begins screaming. Watson is feeling in the moment as he quickly rolls Quartermain back under the bottom rope. Watson stands up in the distance and awaits Alec to get up. He gets to one knee as Watson takes off and drops him back to the mat with a shining wizard. Watson hooks the leg.

VASSA:” Kickout! Shew! “
JOHNSON:” He may have kicked out, but the momentum has shifted, Vin. “
Watson picks Alec up and sends him into the corner with a hard irish whip, using all of his force. Alec smacks the corner and staggers outward, as Watson comes from behind and hits a perfect running bulldog, planting his face into the canvas. Watson is quick to his feet as Quartermain rolls over on his back. Watson hits the ropes and hits the rolling thunder on top of Quartermain. Watson avoids the pin and drags Alec to the center of the ring. He begins dropping multiple knees to the joints of Alec.

JOHNSON:” Nick Watson has completely taken control of this match. “
Watson picks Alec up and attempts to send him to the corner, but Alec reverses it. Watson sticks into the corner as Quartermain runs after him, looking for a corner splash, but Watson throws up a boot, kicking him between the eyes. Watson hops up to the second ropes and awaits Alec. He turns around and Watson leaps off the second rope and hist a hurricanrana, with the legs hooked.
Alec Quartermain burst out of the pin attempt, much to the dismay of the crowd. Quartermain is back to one knee as Watson gets to an upright position. Watson takes no time, taking the back of Alec, trying to sync in a rear naked choke. Quartermain has none of it and pulls Watson over his shoulder and plants him on the mat. Watson hops back to his feet, bounces off the ropes, and looks for a jumping knee, but Quartermain catches him, and hangs him up on the ropes, neck first. Quartermain gets a full head of steam, bounces off the ropes, and hits Watson with a running shoulder block as he turns around.

JOHNSON:” What an impact! That might do it! “
Quartermain drops to the mat and hooks one leg.

JOHNSON:” The Sensational One kicks out and the match will go on. “
VASSA:” Quartermain is in the driver seat now. “
JOHNSON:” Looks like we have a visitor! “
VASSA:” What is he doing out here! “
Michael Saleri, Perry Wallce’s right hand man, comes out from the back and stands at the top of the entrance. He slowly begins walking down the ramp as Quartermain stands behind Watson, stalking him. Saleri catches the eye of Alec as he marches towards the ropes and begins jawing with Saleri. Michael begins to ascend the steps as if he’s going to jump in, but then slowly backs down.

JOHNSON:” Alec better turn around. Watson is about to go air born! “
Quatermain gives up on Saleri and turns around only to be hit with The TRUE Flying Knee. Alec crashes to the mat holding his face.

VASSA:” He better make the pin! What an idiot! “
JOHNSON:” He wants to finish this, Vinny! “
Watson begins stalking a dazed Alec Quartermain. Alec turns around and gets assaulted with knee strikes, kicks, and elbows. Quartermain is out on his feet as Watson wraps his arm around the neck and shoulder of Quartermain, and follows through with Heavy Artillery.

JOHNSON:” That’s gotta be it! “

VASSA:” Come on! Thanks a lot, Saleri! “
JOHNSON:” Give me a break, Vinny. Watson just took Quartermain to the woodshed. “
POWERS:” The winner of this match, the Sensational One, Nick Watson!! “
JOHNSON:” This will serve as a huge boost to Nick Watson as he gets his first victory inside the 4CW wrestling ring. “
Watson celebrates as we cut away from the action.

After Nick Watson and Quartermain’s match had come to an end the camera’s feed switched backstage for a brief intermission from the action. Ramona was sitting in the back on one of the trunks used for storing various equipment. Obviously no one needed it since no one had told her to get her butt off it just yet. For the past several minutes she’s been there with her headphones in, listening to a selection of music from her phone to get her in the right head space for this match.
It must have been effective because when she took her earbuds out and hopped up to her feet in front of the camera, she was ready to go. For tonight’s match she was wearing a pair of black Doc Martens, ratty jeans and a red crop top for some unknown band called Skullbeat. Ramona steepled her fingers together before her chest and took a deep breath before speaking.

RAMONA: “So we all saw Tara finally crawl out from under the rock she was hiding under finally but I know no one is under the impression that it was of her own free will. More than likely Perry got her on the phone and ripped her a new one reminding her of her contractual obligations to perform her in 4 Corners if she was actually expecting to get paid. So she came out and put as much effort into this match as someone puts into a fart but refuses to lift an ass cheek during it.”
“Poor Tara, I really did try and give you a chance. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and hell I even acknowledged the one thing you have actually done well in this company but I see that you’re incapable of thinking anyone else in this place can do what you do. That’s why I’m not going to spare an ounce of pity on you in the ring tonight, because you don’t deserve it. Hell, maybe one of those hits will knock the idea that you’re really not so special through your thick skull.”
“If anyone is ‘wasting people’s time’ being a wrestler it’s you, seeing as you can’t even properly prepare for a match. I’m good at what I do, and everything I do because I put work into it even when it’s just against opponents as lazy and sad as yourself. I know you’re butt hurt that I do modeling on the side, but that’s really your problem and not mine. You see where I come from you don’t get everything handed to you and working two jobs is kind of the norm. So if appearing in a few pictures once a month is going to give me some more money to send home to my family so my father can retire early then yeah, I’m going to do it.”
“But that’s really all you could say against me isn’t it? That I do modeling work and I’m on twitter like the other eighty-percent of the population. With those sort of observation skills it’s a wonder some local police department isn’t using you to solve cold murder cases. Maybe you should try that, because it’s not like you’re doing the wrestling world any good is it? If you want to talk shit you should be prepared to back it up. That’s all I ask.”

Getting one last jab in at her opponent was fun at all and Tara Blackheart certainly deserved it. At least so Ramona felt, but there was another reason she was here on the screen now. It was time to make an announcement regarding things much bigger and better than Tara. It was time she let everyone know just what her true intent in this company was.

RAMONA: “And that goes for all my future opponents out there too. In my mind I like to think I’m a pretty nice person and I’m not trying to alienate everyone here because I think I’m morally superior to them. However this is a competition so I do keep my eyes open for people’s hypocrisies and bullshit and I will not hesitate to bring it to light when it’s time for me to go head to head with someone.”
“I’m still pretty green around here so I didn’t want to come in first thing running my mouth with nothing behind me to back it up. I have that now though and if you don’t think my performance last week was worth a little respect I guess one day I’ll just have to show you first hand. I love wrestling, that’s why it’s the number one priority in my life and I give it everything I have on a consistent basis. I want everyone out there to know that about me too and that’s why I think it’s time I made my intentions crystal clear.”
“I came to 4CW to be a star. I came here to compete in the main event and headline Super-Cards and I will do that. I want gold here and believe me I’m going to take it. I want to go through everyone on this roster too because I welcome the challenge I know so many of you in this company have to offer as well as I feel there are a few people out there who need a healthy dose of reality beaten into them. It will all happen in good time though, I’m sure of it. Just don’t let the pretty smile fool you, I’ve got fangs and I do bite.”

The theater lights dim down as fog fills the entrance area. The intro to “Bombs Away” by B.o.B. starts to play as Morgan Freeman’s voice fills the arena.
As the war between light and darkness continues
Heroes and villains become harder to identify
Kindred spirits separated at birth
Fighting for their place in time to be solidified
The clock ticks faster and faster
While time runs a marathon in this babylon
But see, the end is only the beginning
The beginning of the calm before the storm

In the middle of the speech Ashe Corvin steps out from the back. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos. Ashe smirks as B.o.B. starts the first verse. He starts to head to the ring.
I used to dream of success, now success is inadequate
It seems the bigger I get, it’s the more they get mad at me
Cause it ain’t no rules inside this fight that we battlin’
And it ain’t no leftover scraps, you only eat if you capture it
And I swear it’s like a fucked up reality
But creation needs a devil, the devil needs an advocate, I guess

Ashe stands in the middle of the ring, holding his arms out, like a King welcoming the cheers of his people. The boos continue as Ashe stands in the middle of the ring like he is getting admiration.

CORVIN:”I honestly thought none of you people would recognize me. Well, I guess when you are loved as much as I am, you aren’t easily forgotten.”
The crowd boos as loud as it can possibly get. Ashe just smiles and continues.

CORVIN:”Well, you obviously know who I am and what I do. For those uneducated rabble watching this online I will tell you. I am Ashe Corvin. Yes, THE Ashe Corvin. Look at some names on this roster and doing my homework, comes to find out a couple of guys know, or at least should know, who I am. Heya Griffin, nice to see you out of that shit hole. Hope we don’t meet. Just because that place held me back doesn’t mean I don’t have the talent to go toe to toe with you. You should know better.”
“Then we got Jair Hopkins. He might not know me directly, but his friend Juan Ramirez should remember me from the days back in the Epic. Well, his final days and my start really. But I did plant that boy face down and basically ended that career.”
“But then again, it isn’t like that’s the first time I have done…”

Ashe is cut off as A familiar sound can be heard as the lights go dim. A spotlight is focused at the entrance area as the crowd is buzzing in anticipation. The lyrics of “Built To Last” by Rise Against blares across the sound system.
“Invest time, invest life
invest it all, reinvent yourself.
before you know it,
your essence is renewed with something fresh.”
With that, Khris Young steps out from the back with a huge smile on his face. He walks out rather slowly and enters the spotlight. Young looks out at the cheering fans. A few boos can be heard, but Young just looks out at the crowd to the left and starts clapping. He switches his focus to the right and claps for them. Young walks down the ramp singing Built To Last as he slaps the hands of some of the fans.
“let’s not praise the past, just a fact
Built to last
old school or the new
doesn’t mean shit if your heart ain’t true”
Young reaches the base of the ring, climbs the steps and looks out at the fans once more before wiping his feet on the apron and climbing into the ring. Young looks at Corvin and the both smirk at each other.

CORVIN:”I was wondering when I was gonna run into you.”
YOUNG:”Despite what you may think, you are not high on my list of priorities.”
CORVIN:”Reatty? Guess ya learn something new everyday. See you are all fancied up. Glad to see you finally got somewhere in life.”
YOUNG:”Full of yourself as always I see? Some things never change.”
CORVIN:”Well, ‘if it ain’t broke’ as they say. Now, I take it this is gonna be a challenge? Still butt hurt over our last encounter I take it? Damn boy, let it go. That was what, eight years ago?”
YOUNG:”Something like that. But no, I’m not here to challenge you. Fortunately for you, I’m not on the roster, I’m in the office.”
Ashe pats the air with his free hand.

CORVIN:”Alright, alright. I can see where this is going. I have already met and talked with Wallace, both of our Boss, and I have met the Champ. Good Kid, see a lot of myself in him. So as far as I’m concerned I’ve dealt with everyone that actually matters around here.”
YOUNG:”Well, seeing as how I do have some say around here, you might want to rethink that statement.”
CORVIN:”Corporate style threats now? Come on Young, we are better than that. That style doesn’t suit us and you know it. Do your worst, you should know it won’t matter in the end. I’ll still stand tall and victorious. Or have you forgotten that little trait about me?”
YOUNG:”We’ll see about that now won’t we?”
CORVIN:”Just stay out of my way or I will finish what I started back in XWE.”
Ashe drops his mic and the two have a stare down. “Bombs Away” kicks on as both men continue staring at each other. Slowly Corvin makes his way out of the ring, never taking is eyes off Young. He slowly walks backwards up the ramp pointing at Young and shaking his head.

The beloved Gabriel Hartman can be seen backstage doing what he does best. Traveling around the Paramount Theatre, he appears to be looking for someone in particular. Gabriel raises his microphone and let’s us know what his mission is.

HARTMAN:”I have been waiting to do this for a long time! I have the opportunity to finally get the interview that I’ve been waiting for!”
As some are left wondering, Gabriel makes his way around the corner and just stops. There he stands as the camera cuts away and over where we see Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, standing with the 4CW Tag Team Championship draped over his shoulder. The crowd can be heard heavily booing in the background. Hollywood notices Gabriel and sees that he has a microphone in his hand. If anyone knows Hollywood well enough, is that Hollywood hates seeing a guy with a microphone staring at him and salivating from the mouth.

HOLLYWOOD:”Well, well, well…if it isn’t the…infamous..Gabriel Hartman.”
Gabriel is taken back from this unusual compliment. Gabriel didn’t know what to think. He knew Hollywood well as he was a big fan so it’s questionable how Gabriel really took it. Gabriel moves in for the big opportunity he’s been waiting for.

HARTMAN:”First of all, MR. HOLLYWOOD, it’s a pleasure to finally get the chance to meet with you.”
Hollywood is surprised by the manner in which Gabriel addressed him. Hollywood never had the respect from any of the other interviewers who interviewed him as they always proceeded to address him the incorrect way. Hollywood smiles at Gabriel and nods hi s head in respect.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Mr. Hartman, let me give you the pleasure any other interviewer besides yourself rarely receives from me. I would like to give you my gratitude and respect. Unlike that good for nothing, brain dead, retarded son of a bitch, Shawn Lester, you and I are going to get along just fine!”
Gabriel’s day was just getting better and better. None the less, he maintained his composure and his cool and proceeded with what he wanted to ask Hollywood.

HARTMAN:”Mr. Hollywood, I thank you for your kind words. The 4CW Universe hasn’t had an opportunity to really hear from you since your arrival. I understand your a busy man and that these kinds of things are a rarity, but I was hoping to ask what your thought process has been since arriving here in 4CW.”
HOLLYWOOD:”I guess a man of my stature is indeed incredibly busy enough to hardly get the chance to address my nature. Well, ever since my arrival, things have gone exactly as they were supposed to, Mr. Hartman. I know we were brought in by Titus Howe, a man obviously within the House of Howe…for some of you idiots who are too stupid to put that into knowledge. Jace Savage was brought with me. We saw the opportunity to strike and we took it. The path to the 4CW Tag Team Championships was laid out right in front of us. The tag team division was easy pickings for Savage and myself. I saw opportunity for us both so I got Savage back on his feet and a share within my company. We then got into contact with Howe and laid out the ground work. It was going to be our way or we wouldn’t have struck a deal with Titus.”
Hollywood pats his tag title belt with a smile.

HOLLYWOOD:”You see, you know me well enough Mr. Hartman, that I always get what I want! Unfortunately for Titus and the rest of the House, Savage and I no longer needed their assistance. I’m going to be honest with you, the House never suited me in the first place. However, it was Jace who suggested it, so I agreed to move cautiously forward. People know me well enough that I do things my way and that I don’t need to be a follower of someone else’s bullshit, but rather, a leader in what’s best for business. What I believe to be best. My way, my rules, my god damn way or no way at all. I’m always in business with myself and the people of 4CW have either already found out for themselves or will find out in due time.”
Gabriel nods his head as he’s getting more out of Hollywood than he expected. Of course, he wasn’t going to complain about it.

HARTMAN:”Well, you’ve got a singles match tonight against one of the men you defeated to retain your 4CW Tag Team Championship, Mike Harrison, in one of your first singles matches since you’ve come to 4CW. What should we expect to see out there from you?”
Hollywood adjusts his title over his shoulder.

HOLLYWOOD;”You should expect what your always going to get when yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, steps into that ring. I don’t give a shit if it’s a singles match or a tag team match, your going to get the same Hollywood regardless. Your going to get the same manipulative, strategic, cunning, masterful opportunist that you always get. Mike Harrison stands the same percent of chance he stood when he was fighting against me in tag team matches. No fucking chance. Harrison should be honored, though, because he’s going to become the first man who sees just what I can do in singles matches. He becomes the first man to step foot into a ring with Mr. Executive’s first singles match in 4CW. Harrison, you should be honored, even if it’s only going to last all but a few seconds. The fact of the matter is that after those few seconds are up, your time is up. I will destroy you in that ring tonight and then nobody is going to remember a god damn thing about you after tonight. It’s not trivia, it’s the absolute facts. What people are going to see from me tonight , in singles action, is merely only the beginning of what they can expect to see from a guy of my stature. I don’t need people’s hype here in 4CW. I’ve got what I need already and that is the history. History, as it will always be written, is that the dominance of yours truly, will soon take his rightful place at the head of 4CW. You can prophesize that all you want to. If people don’t know the legacy of Brian Hollywood yet, then their about to. I almost pitty the ones who haven’t because they have no idea what’s coming. I’m a man of power, Mr. Gabriel, and when people start to put the pieces of the puzzle together…and they finally put the link of power and Hollywood together, then they will already know that it is too late. There is a storm coming to 4CW, but it’s not like one they’ve ever seen. There are a couple here who have seen it and they too know it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. What you see is what you get and at least for tonight, Mike Harrison is getting an Executive blessing from what I’m about to do to him. I’m going to do him a favor and end his career and suffering here in 4CW. He’s going to thank me later for it, because what follows after, everyone else is going to wish they got out like Mike Harrison is about to do…”
Hollywood cracks a sadistic smile as he pats Gabriel on the back and proceeds down the halls of the theatre as we cut to ringside.


JOHNSON:” Up next, we’ll be seeing Tara Blackhart take on Ramona Lea Epps. Ramona won a rumble match last week and Blackhart dropped an Extreme Rules match, but these two have looked impressive. “
VASSA:”: I can agree with you on that one, Steve. “
JOHNSON:” The influx of ladies have been nice. We already have seen success in a few like Sativa Nevaeh and Roxi Johnson who has been doing it since day one. Now we have Hawkes, Lopez, Monroe, and these two here tonight. “
VASSA:”: You said it. They all have looked great, whether in defeat or in victory. This should be a good one. “
“Shitlist” by L7 begins to play as the theatre goes dark and shades of purple begin to pulsate. Tara comes from the back now, a slight smirk. She comes to the stage where it meets the ramp and throws her head back as she holds her arms up high almost like she’s doing a ‘Y’. Lilly Rose would soon follow out behind her, as she stops next to Tara. Streams of silver, white and purple pyro explode in ‘X’s behind them across the stage. Tara snaps her head down and starts down the ramp, as Lilly follows behind her. Tara rolls under the ropes and jumps to her feet, this time throwing an ‘X’ over her head via her arms as purple pyro blast from each corner post. Lilly Rose would enter the ring, as they head to Tara’s corner as they start discussing things. The music dies off.

POWERS:” The next match is scheduled for one fall. Currently standing in the ring, weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds, from El Paso, Texas…Tara Blackhart!! “
JOHNSON:” Blackhart being accompanied by Lilly Rose here tonight and Lilly isn’t a slouch in the ring either, Vin. “
As the slow start of ‘Comanche’ came over the theater’s speakers it was followed by the name RAMONA appearing on the large screen in letters of varying size and color that looked like they’d been cut out of several magazines. The name disappeared and the screen came to life with clips of the formerly announced woman entering and working out in a desolated gym interrupted occasionally with that first image of RAMONA in between them.

POWERS:” And her opponent, weighing in at one hundred forty-five pounds, from Detroit, Michigan…Ramona Lea Epps!! “
The music was playing so loud she couldn’t tell if the crowd was cheering or booing as she stepped out from behind the curtain dressed more like she was ready to enter a mosh pit than a wrestling ring. With a sly cock of the head and short lived wink to the crowd Ramona rolled beneath the bottom rope, into the ring and hopped to her feet.

VASSA:”: Ramona brings energy to this bout and I can’t wait to see this one go down. “
JOHNSON:” Well, the wait is over! “
The match begins as the two race to the center of the ring. Tara goes for a quick right hand, but Ramona steps aside and dodges it. Tara turns around and is met with a few forearms and backs up against the ropes. Ramona sends her to the opposite side and knocks her to the canvas with a back elbow. Tara is quick back to her feet, makes a run at Ramona, and gets taken down with a hip toss. She hops back up again, but gets taken down once more with a spinning roundhouse kick. She remains on the mat this time around.

JOHNSON:” Some great, quick action here in the early going. “
VASSA:”: Ramona proving to be too quick right now. “
Ramona takes no time to rest, picking Tara up off the mat, and shoving her back into the corner. She kicks her a few times in the midsection before raising her leg, and putting a boot to her throat. Ramona lets go of the hold before the four count and sends Blackhart to the opposite corner. Ramona runs after her, puts her boots into Tara’s gut, looking for a monkey flip, but Tara lifts upward and dumps Ramona over the top rope. Ramona crashes onto the apron. Tara quickly picks her up by the hair, hooks her up, and suplexes Ramona back into the ring. Tara flips over and makes a pin.
Ramona throws the shoulder up and the attempt is broken.

JOHNSON:” Nice suplex from Blackhart. “
Tara gets to her feet and stomps on Ramona to keep her down before turning around and hitting a standing moonsault. Tara gets to her knees and looks out at Lilly who is clearly happy as she claps away. Tara picks Ramona up by the hair and tosses her to the ropes. She bounces off and Tara gets her in a front face lock. She quickly jumps behind Ramona and drops her to the mat face first. She grabs her by the legs and quickly locks her in an STF.

JOHNSON:” Talking about quickness, Tara just flipped the script. Great series of moves from Blackhart. “
VASSA:”: From face lock to back mount, take down, and into a STF. Nicely done! “
Tara begins cranking at the neck as Ramona reaches for the ropes, but to no avail. She continues to torque and after a few failed attempts, Ramona finally reaches the ropes and the hold is broken. Tara is upright and awaits Ramona. She gets to her feet and is met with a kick to the gut. Tara hooks her up for one of famous DDTs, but Ramona catches wind of it and rams Tara back first into the corner. She rams her into the corner a few more times and Tara breaks the grasp. Ramona turns around to walk away, but Tara grabs her by the hair and pulls her down to the mat. Ramona’s back smacks hard on the canvas.

JOHNSON:” She may have pulled some strands of hair out of the head of Ramona. “
VASSA:”: Ouch. “
Tara picks Ramona up off the mat, centers her against the ropes, and blasts her with a right hand. She sends her to the ropes and hunches over. Ramona bounces off and from out of nowhere hits Tara with a double knee facebreaker. Both women land on the mat.

VASSA:”: She may have a broken nose after that move! “
Both women work their way back up their feet and meet in the center of the ring. They begin throwing bombs. Rights and lefts, Forearms to the face. Tara goes for a huge blow, but Ramona ducks it. She grabs Tara by the wrists, twists her around, and hits a nice crooked arm lariat. Ramona jumps to her feet, heads outside, and ascends to the top rope. She crouches on the top, waiting for Tara to get up. Blackhart reaches her feet, turns around, and is hit with a missile drop kick. Lea Epps hooks the legs.
Tara Blackhart kicks out before the three count.

JOHNSON:” Great form from Ramona on that missile dropkick. “
Ramona slaps the canvas in frustration, but jumps right back to action. Ramona picks Blackhart up by the hair, hits her with a chop, and flips her over with a snapmare. Ramona bounces off the ropes and hits a front drop kick to the face of a seated Tara Blackhart. Some cheers begin to reign down as Ramona picks Tara off the mat and sends her to the corner.

JOHNSON:” Ramona is wasting no time here tonight. “
Ramona revs up, runs at Blackhart, and finally hits the monkey flip. Tara rolls under the bottom rope, and crashes on the outside. Lilly rushes over to help Blackhart up and successfully does so. Tara catches Ramona out of her peripheral, attempting a baseball slide. Blackhart side steps it and pulls Ramona to the outside. Tara lifts Ramona up on her shoulder and drives her back first into the ring apron. She rolls Ramona under the bottom rope and makes a pin attempt.

VASSA:”: Ramona took a hard shot to the spine, but kicks out. “
JOHNSON:” These two are TOUGH. “
Tara peels Blackhart off the mat and attempts to throw her to the corner, but Ramona reverses it and Tara hits the turnbuckle. Ramona runs after her, but Tara elevates and flips over the back of Ramona. Ramona turns around and is planted with a snap DDT from Tara. Tara hops to her feet and taunts Ramona and she groggily gets to her feet. Tara turns Ramona around, puts her head between her bicep and side, looking for that guillotine choke. She can’t seem to get her arm under the chin, but she locks both legs around the body of Ramona. Ramona stays standing and wiggles her head loose. Tara’s head smacks off the mat with her legs still hooked. Ramona grabs her by the legs, drags her closer to the corner, and slingshots her into the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON:” Great counter from Ramona! “
VASSA:”: Blackhart couldn’t get that forearm under the chin of Ramona. “
Blackhart’s face smacks the turnbuckle as she staggers around to face Ramona. Ramona goes for a kick, but Tara catches it, and wags her finger. But Ramona uses some momentum, flips around, and catches her with the Dragon Whip.

VASSA:”: That could be it! “
JOHNSON:” She calls that Punked! “
Ramona hooks both legs.

JOHNSON:” Ramona Lea Epps has done it! “
VASSA:”: Great win for Ramona. “
JOHNSON:” Even in defeat, Tara Blackhart looked pretty impressive. But Ramona will be moving up in the ranks. “
POWERS:” The winner of this match, Ramona Lea Epps!! “
JOHNSON:” We’ll be right back ladies and gentlemen! “
Ramona is perched up on the second top rope, celebrating her win over Tara Blackhart as we cut away.


“It starts with one”
Those words gently soothed themselves into the theatre the very moment after the ring announcer declared Rafael’s name and the people attendance are left to mumble, cheer and boo as – throughout the next forty seconds – all they were getting was a rather unique cover of Linkin Park’s “In The End.”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, weighing in at two hundred eighteen pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches tall, RAFAEL!”
“I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to be will eventually be a memory of a time when”
The moment those last four words boom through the sound system that the Brazilian male comes out to a relatively mixed response from the crowd tonight before immediately deciding begins to make his way down the ramp. With his hood up all the camera could see of his face is not enough to tell if he is confident or nervous. Once arriving at ringside this Rafael slid under the bottom rope and approached the furthest corner. After ascending up it Rafael flung his hands up to throw his hood off his head, revealing his determined yet sure-assured eyes in the process, before flinging both hands out to the sides and shouting out the word “phenomenon.” After doing so Rafael springs off, land on his feet and spins around before leaning back against the corner with probably one of the most relaxed expressions ever seen in a wrestling ring.

POWERS:”And her opponent, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, from Kingston Jamaica, Sativa Nevaeh!”
The intro to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX starts to play as the theater lights fade down to a green. Fog/smoke starts to pour out of the entrance way as Sativa walks out from the back. She glares at the crowd through half open eyes. A lot of the women are booing and the guys cheer. She stands and poses for about a minute before she heads towards the ring.
“First thing’s first, I’m the realest (realest)
Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)
And I’m still in the Murda Bizness
I could hold you down, like I’m givin’ lessons in physics (right, right)
You should want a bad bitch like this (huh?)
Drop it low and pick it up just like this (yeah)
Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris
High heels, somethin’ worth a half a ticket on my wrist (on my wrist)
Takin’ all the liquor straight, never chase that (never)
Rooftop like we bringin’ ’88 back (what?)
Bring the hooks in, where the bass at?
Champagne spillin’, you should taste that”
“I’m so fancy
You already know
I’m in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I’m so fancy
Can’t you taste this gold?
Remember my name
‘Bout to blow”
As she climbs onto the ring apron she slinks along the outside before rolling under the bottom rope. She seductively crawls towards the center of the ring where she gets on her knees and leans back, both hands up middle fingers in the air, and screams.

Sativa and Rafael stand in their respective corners while the official pats each competitor down. He questions both competitors if they were ready for the match. The ref then moves back to the center of the ring and signals for the bell to sound.

VASSA: ”Here we go, this should be a good contest.”
JOHNSON: ”I am pulling for Sativa in this one.”
Rafael and Sativa leave their corners and begin to circle each other. Rafael goes in for a collar elbow tie up but gets dropped right on his back with a quick European uppercut from Sativa. She looks at the downed Rafael and shakes her head. She points down at him while blatantly screaming at the audience. Rafael gets back up to his feet as Sativa knocks him back down with a hard forearm shot to his face.

VASSA: ”I don’t think Sativa is taking this match seriously”
JOHNSON: ”Would you take a match like this seriously?”
VASSA: ”Yes. In this business every match should be taken seriously.”
Sativa rolls out of the ring and grabs a hold of Rafael’s leg. She pulls at his leg and leaves it dangling over the ring apron. Sativa looks out at the live audience then back up at the referee before slamming Rafael’s leg down on the side of the ring apron. He instantly screams out in pain as Sativa continues to slam his leg down on the ring apron. She rolls into the ring just to break up the referee’s count as she repeatedly starts stomping away at Rafael’s head. The crowd is showing their displeasure toward Sativa as she scoffs at them.

VASSA: ”This girl sure has a mean streak.”
JOHNSON: ”Did you see how bad she was slamming Rafael’s leg down? She could have done some serious damage to his leg.”
Sativa beens down to pick Rafael up off the canvas but gets met with a quick headbutt. The sudden impact from that move causes Sativa to stumble backwards. Sativa shakes her head as Rafael is working up to his feet. Sativa charges at him but he catches her with a single leg dropkick. Rafael springs back up to his feet as he catches Sativa with back to back forearm shots. He continues to drive his forearm into her face as his confidence begins to build. He bounces off the ropes but misses with a clothesline. He tries to come back with another swing but Sativa kicks him right in the gut. She jumps on his back before letting out a loud scream. She proceeds with a sunset flip into a powerbomb.

VASSA: ”Sativa just blitzed Rafael”
JOHNSON: ”This one is over.”
Sativa traps Rafael’s shoulders to the mat with her legs as the ref slides into position for the count.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner…..Sativa Neveah.”
Sativa quickly stands to her feet as the ref raises her hand in the air.

JOHNSON: ”There you have it folks! Sativa Nevaeh has won it. We’ll be right back here at ringside momentarily.”

Earlier in the night, Gabriel Hartman was caught pissing his pants by Dustin James Holt and his new management team. However he has caught up with the mystery woman who has been seen around him. She has granted Gabriel some time for an interview but he seems to be very nervous.

THE WARDEN: ”Speak.”
HARTMAN: ”Who are you?”
THE WARDEN: ”My name is not relevant. You and everyone in 4 Corners Wrestling will refer to me as The Warden. I am responsible for unlocking the killer instinct inside Inmate 31. He will now be seen as the killing machine and the true leader of The Bizarre Nation. He will be walking out of Denver with the full taste of human blood coursing through his veins.
Gabriel tries to move away from this weird woman but he bumps right into Inmate 31. The strange woman just laughs as she and Inmate 31 surround poor Gabriel.

INMATE 31: ”Tonight, blood will flow in the streets of Denver and the only person responsible for this act of violence will be ME.”
THE WARDEN: ”You see Gabriel, The Bizarre Nation can’t be stopped by a Cena wanna be and an extreme fraud. Inmate 31 will provide the violence and once Perry Wallace gets a stomach full of blood soaked bodies then he will have to reward Inmate 31 with a title shot at the Extreme Championship. So boys do yourselves a favor and stay out of our way. Otherwise you will hear this….”
The strange woman lets out a laugh as she and Dustin James Holt walks out of the picture. Cameras follow them until they turn the corner before panning back to where Gabriel is standing. Tears have slowly formed in the corner of Gabriel’s eyes as the cameras tilt down to find small brown balls on the floor. He quickly runs out of the shot as the scene cuts back to ringside.


VASSA: ”This upcoming match is one I’ve been waiting on here tonight in Denver.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh yeah!!! These two men have been in some grueling tag team matches against one another.”
VASSA: ”And tonight we get to see them go at it one on one.”
JOHNSON: ”This should be very heated and fantastic.
POWERS: ”The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, hailing from Blackpool, England weighing in at two hundred and twenty eight pounds….Miiiiike Haaaaarrrrriiiiisssooooon!!!!”
“Beast” by Nico Vega can be heard through the sound system and Harrison emerges from behind the black curtain. Upon seeing Harrison the crowd springs into life with cheers that echo around the arena. He stops and stretches his arms out wide taking it all in with a smile on his face. A few moments pass and Harrison makes his way down the ramp to the ring and taps the hands of fans along the way. When he reaches the ring he stops and stares intently at the ring, a moment later he slides under the bottom rope and runs towards the corner of the ring and springs up onto the top turnbuckle. He poses for the crowd as the drums midway through the song begin to get into motion and Harrison closes his eyes. After a moment he drops down from the top turnbuckle and readies himself for combat.

POWERS: ”And his opponent, one half of the Four Corner Wrestling Tag Team Champions, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, hailing from Los Angeles, California, Brrrrrriiaan Hoolllyyyyywoooood!!!!”
“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the sound system as the crowd starts erupting in boos. A black limo pulls out right up to the entrance of the theatre. The limo driver steps out of the car and walks towards the back of the limo. The writing on the door is inscripted as “Mr. Hollywood.” The Limo Driver then opens the door and showcases Brian Hollywood as he steps out of the car. Hollywood looks around the outside before making his way inside the theatre. Walking in, he smiles as he walks towards the fans and just when he’s about to give them a handshake, he blows them off and laughs. Hollywood then stops at the end of the ramp, closest to the ring, and his smile turns to seriousness as he stares at the ring for a moment. Hollywood then gets to the ring and walks around the ring once looking about the crowd before walking up the ring steps. Hollywood slides into the ring then walks over to the ropes and stretches by pulling on the ropes. He then walks to a turnbuckle and leans up against it and waits for the bell to ring.

VASSA: ”I can tell that both men are ready for this match.”
JOHNSON: ”Look at them, already in eachothers faces.”
As soon as the bell tolls Hollywood wastes no time pushing Mike Harrison who stumbless backwards while Hollywood smirks at him across the ring. The crowd already booing Brian Hollywood as Harrison gets back in Hollywoods face. This time Mike pushing Hollywood and sending him to the mat. Hollywood rolling back to his feet and darting toward Harrison before they break loose in an all out brawl.

VASSA: ”I thought this was wrestling?”
JOHNSON: ”These two just really wanted to get their hands on each other.”
VASSA: ”And Hollywood goes down.”
Harrison caught Hollywood with a stiff punch to the jaw that sends him to the mat, Harrison getting on top of Hollywood and hitting him with a few more blows before he lifts Hollywood to his feet. When he does Hollywood pushes Harrison off, delivering a kick to the gut before dropping Harrison with a DDT. Hollywood rolls to his feet, checking his lips for blood while catching a quick breather.
Hollywood now feeling refreshed lifts Harrison back to his feet. He attempts to wrap Harrison up but Harrison hits him with an elbow to the face. Staying on the attack Harrison sweeps Hollywood off of his feet before jumping up and landing a Leg Drop. Hollywood’s feet flopping in the air. Harrison grabbing one of Hollywood’s leg placing him in a single leg boston crab.
Hollywood wastes no time getting his arm out across the ropes, Harrison letting go of the hold while Hollywood rolls out of the ring to a crowd of boos.

VASSA: ”Brian wants nothing to do with Mike right now.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s just trying to get the extra hyped Mike antsy to make a move he can captilize on.”
Hollywood slides back under the ropes with his eyes focused on Mike, Mike tapping his chest making Hollywood angered who storms to the middle of the ring, taunting Mike and the crowd before Harrison steps face to face with Brian. They share a few words before Brian slaps Harrison. Harrison returning the favor with a slap of his own. Hollywood goes for another slap to the face but Harrison ducks under it and bounces off the ropes. He goes for a high knee strike but Hollywood moves out of the way. With Harrison’s back turnt Hollywood delivers a kick to the back of the leg before turning Harrison around and landing a diamond cutter.
Hollywood stays on the move and lifts Harrison back to his feet before whipping him into the ropes. Harrison bounces off the ropes into the hands of Hollywood who plants him back to the mat with a twisting neckbreaker. He gets to his feet and taunts the crowd before laying a stiff kick to Harrison’s ribs followed by another.

JOHNSON: “Those stomps could rupture Harrison’s ribs.”
After another stomp to the ribs Hollywood smirks, lifting Harrison back to his feet and putting him in a standing headlock. With his elbow Mike is able to nail it into Hollywood’s gut a few times before Hollywood lets the lock go, aiding to his chest while Harrison recollects himself from the Hollywood attack. Hollywood still aiding to his chest is hit by a running knee from Mike Harrison that sends Hollywood into the turnbuckles. The crowd aweing at the impact. Harrison delivers a spear onto Hollywood who stays on the turnbuckle only to get caught with another spear from Harrison before Hollywood drops to the mat.
Harrison now with momentum on his side yells out before lifting Hollywood to his feet, but Hollywood rakes his eyes before looking for a school boy pin that Harrison kicks out of before the ref gets the first hand down. With both men on their feet they begin to circle the ring before locking up with eachother. Nobody able to oust one another before the shove eachother off looking to wrap up once more as they circle ring. This time when they lock up Harrison goes for a quick leg sweep, grabbing a leg and placing Hollywood in an ankle lock.
With ankle lock locked in Hollywood looks for a way to escape as Harrison tries keeping Hollywood from the ropes. Hollywood nearing closer to the ropes, Harrison pulling him away. Harrison reels back to apply pressure on Hollywood’s thigh. Hollywood in pain reaching for the nearest ropes before he’s able to drag himself closer to it.

VASSA: ”Looks like Brian is going to get his hand on the ropes.”
JOHNSON: ”And he does.”
Harrison lets go of the ankle lock but doesn’t let up his attack as he drags Hollywood to the center of the ring and delivers a few stomps of his own before climbing up a turnbuckle. He leaps off for a 450 splash that Hollywood rolls out of the way. Harrizon grabbing at his chest from the impact he just had with the mat.

VASSA: “So beautiful but no connection.”
JOHNSON: ”If that connected that would’ve change the whole match around.”
Hollywood lifts himself back to his feet, setting up in a turnbuckle as he awaits Mike to get back to his feet. Harrison slowly gets to his feet, Hollywood darting toward Harrison looking for a missile dropkick but Harrison dodges it. Hollywood landing on his feet, Harrison looking for a clothesline, but Hollywood ducks under it and runs off into the ropes, so does Harrison, both men bouncing off looking for flying clotheslines, both men connecting before they drop to the mat.

JOHNSON: ”There is no let up in these two.”
VASSA: ”Harrison got his arm over Hollywood. The ref’s going for the count.”
Hollywood kicks out to boos from the crowd. Harrison slapping the mat before getting to his feet, bringing Hollywood with him. He puches Hollywood on the jaw before whipping him into the turnbuckles, Hollywood bouncing off into the hands of Mike Harrison who looks for a suplex but Hollywood lands on his feet, wraps around Harrison and delivers a sideslam.
With momentum picking up for Hollywood he lifts Harrison back to his feet and looks for a quick elbow to the chin followed by another. He backs Harrison back into the turnbuckle before smearing his elbow into Harrison’s face before whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle but Harrison is able to step up the turnbuckle jumping off and coming down on Hollywood with a backflip kick. The crowd cheering at the impressive move from Harrison.
Harrison moves in going for the pin but Hollywood immediately kicks out of it. Harrison pummeling down with a few blows before setting himself up for the Sunshine Superkick.

JOHNSON: ”Looks like this could get ugly for Brian whose slow to get up.”
Hollywood slowly pulls himself to his feet by the turnbuckles. He staggers to the middle of the ring where Harrison goes for the Sunshine Kick but Hollywood moves out of the way just in time, Harrison turning around and getting nailed with the Executive Promise from Hollywood. Hollywood quickly going for the pin.

VASSA: ”And this could be over.”

JOHNSON: ”And it is….Brian Hollywood has captured the win over one of his foes.”
POWERS: ”Here’s your winner….Brian Hollywood!!!”
Hollywood’s slow to get to his feet as “Perfect Insanity” by Disturb begins to play. The ref raises Hollywood’s hand before he snatches it away aiding to his chest before the camera cuts backstage.

The scene shifts to the backstage area, where Nick Watson and Madok Mortalis are currently in a heated argument. Nick Watson doesn’t seem to be paying much attention as he is too busy packing his bag with the content of his locker.

MADOK: ”I really can’t believe you blew off ESPN just so you could have some…how did you put again? Oh yeah! Some “alone” time. Do you know how many strings I had to pull to get you that interview? Let me tell you, that interview was not easy to set up.”
Nick shakes his head and turns to face his manager with a look of bewildered amusement.

WATSON: ”Trust me, I get that you jumped through hoops to get me that interview, but as I told you before…I have no intention of doing any interviews until I have actually done something of merit here. Besides, ESPN is the FOX of sports reporting.”
MADOK: ”They may be the FOX of sports reporting, but they are also a way to get your name out there. Lets face it Nick! You don’t have Pence Weatherlight’s name next to yours anymore! So far, you have received zero attention from the people who pay your checks, and yet it seems you are more content in being irrelevant than in being the big dog on campus.”
Nick glares holes into Madok, clearly he doesn’t seem to enjoy being told that the only reason he was recognized a year ago was because of his association with the APW hall of famer, and he is making it known with a look.

WATSON: ”I am sick and tired of people telling me I’m nobody without him and I am sick and tired of people telling me what to do!”
Nick backs Madok into a corner of his locker room, Madok takes a big gulp, as if a lump had formed in his throat, but yet stands his ground against the 6’3 athlete.

WATSON: ”He may have trained me and taught me the ropes, but I promise you that beyond that he did nothing for me! I got here on my own merits by night in and night out putting out the effort to obtain excellence. So, if you want to stand there, and tell me that Pence Weatherlight is the reason I ever…and I mean ever got anywhere in this business then you can just leave. Because in my book I don’t need a manager that doesn’t believe in me and I sure as hell don’t need a manager who wants to force me to do things I don’t want to do.”
Nick backs off and goes back to packing his bag, grunting in frustration, and after packing up what looks like a wife beater, he turns around, and glares at Madok before heading to the door.

WATSON: ”Nick Watson won that match tonight, not Pence Weatherlight, but me! Remember that…”
And with that, Nick Watson exits the room. Madok shakes his head in frustration and anger as the scene switches back to the ring.

“Aces” by Suzy Bogguss strikes up over the PA System as Ursula Palmer and Courtney Sharpless are making their way down the middle aisle. The crowd is giving them a very loud mixed reaction as the two ladies shake their heads.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Queens Incorporated members Courtney Sharpless and Ursula Palmer.”
Ursula and Courtney look at each other while walking closer to the ring.

VASSA: ”Don’t these ladies look lovely tonight.”
Courtney jumps up on the ring apron as Ursula walks up the ring steps. Courtney walks over to the ring technicians area and requests for two microphones. One ring tech hands her two microphones as Ursula is standing in the middle of the ring. Courtney hands one microphone over to Ursula as they wait for the live Denver crowd to quiet themselves down.

PALMER: ”How’s it going Denver? For those who are still clueless on who we are then let us introduce ourselves. My name is Ursula Palmer.”
SHARPLESS: ”and my name is Courtney Sharpless”
PALMER: ”I am sure you all were hoping to see Sydney and Natasha out here and trying to talk you people up. However Natasha decided that you classless potheads don’t deserve to see her so she stayed at home. I really can’t blame her. If it wasn’t for some unfinished business from Sydney, then we would have gone straight to Austin, Texas. Why should we be subjected to these people who are higher than a kite? We deserve to be respected not subjected to be pure sex icons.”
Before Ursula could continue, “Shotgun” strikes up as Sydney Hollister is seen walking down the middle aisle. A smile comes across Ursula’s face as Sydney quick jogs up the ring steps and enters it. Courtney hands Sydney her microphone as the crowd is going crazy. Sydney looks out at the Denver audience as her expression hasn’t changed.

HOLLISTER: ”Respect. Too some it’s just a word. Too others it’s a way to get some recognition for their hard work. However to me, respect is a way of life. It would appear that not many people are showing the Queens a lot of respect but that is okay. Because The Queens will soon be holding gold. We won’t have to resort to bitching or complaining like our opponents last week. We will earn them.”
PALMER: ”If you have a problem with us then consider yourselves the next victim to succumb to our ROYAL FLUSH. Crown ya soon.”
“Welcome to the Queendom” strikes up as Sydney poses on the turnbuckle as Ursula and Courtney are posing as well as the scene cuts to the backstage area.




JOHNSON:”Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our Extreme Rules match!”
VASSA:”Sweet Jesus, this is gonna be good!”
John Blade swiftly makes his way down to the ring. He gives some high fives to the fans as he rolls into the ring and spins around a couple times.

POWERS:”The following an Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match! In the ring, he is, John Blade!
“The Cosmic Universe is off balance” shouts through out the theatre as black and purple lights fill the theatre. “Am I A Psycho” rings through the speakers as smoke screens fill the entrance stage and ramp as Jenifer Holt walks through the smoke first carrying a black statue in her hands. She stops midway down the ramp as Dustin James Holt walks out behind her with no facial expression on his face.

POWERS:”Making his way down the aisle, hailing from the Cosmic Universe, he weighs in at 238 lbs and is accompanied to the ring by “Evil Enchantress” Jenifer Holt. Please welcome “The Cosmic Psychopath” Dustin James Holt”
Jenifer strokes the statue as she resumes walking down the ramp. Dustin follows her down the ramp til they reach the ring. She motions for him to stand on the ring apron and he complies. He helps her up on the apron as he climbs up the corner. He reaches up and pulls off his wig. He hands the wig to his wife. He hops into the ring as she is standing in the center of it. He kneels down and looks up at the statue in her hand. he then removes his robe, sits in the corner and begins rocking back and forth while waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON:”Here comes Dustin. Dustin looking very confident here tonight.”
VASSA:”What did you expect? Dustin is polarizing!”
The lights dim as “Masked Jackal” by Coroner begins to play over the PA System and strobe lights start flashing to the beat of the guitar riff, after a few minutes the riff picks up in speed as do the flashes and once the vocals hit Damien emerges from the backstage area with his arms outstretched, he makes his way down to the ring and hops up on the apron before removing his hood revealing a sadistic grin as he stares down the audience before entering the ring ready for his match.

POWERS:”And currently in the ring, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, Damien Knight!”
JOHNSON:”Damien looking to get a huge win here tonight. Getting a victory in this match, especially over Holt, would be huge for Damien.”
VASSA:”Well, in an extreme rules match like this, anyone could come out with the victory. Having a weapon as your friend in these kind of matches, can help decide whether or not your put over the top.”
And the bell has rung and this match has begun! All three men start to circle one another as each sutdy the other carefully. As the three men circle each other, Holt and Knight crack a devilish smile, both turning towards Blade. Blade doesn’t take long to realize the circumstances have gotten off to a really bad start for him. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, Blade lunges his body out towards Holt, surprising him, and taking him down with a cross body. Knight, on the other hand, clotheslines Blade. Holt, who isn’t very impressed he was caught off guard like that, picks up Blade up and hits a snap suplex on him. Knight decides to roll out of the ring and grab a steel chair. Holt uses this time to cover Blade.
Knight sees this and quickly throws himself at Holt to stop the pinfall attempt.

JOHNSON:”And Holt tries to pull a fast one and end this match early!”
VASSA:”I think Holt knows that this match can get violent quickly!”
Knight, who isn’t happy at all what Holt tried to do, throws a few kicks into Holt. While Holt gets to his feet, Knight picks up Blade and tosses him over the top rope and to the outside. Holt is back up and charges at Knight. Knight is able to act quickly as he takes Holt down a couple times with a few arm bars. Knight Irish Whips Holt, who is able to jump over him, and Holt comes back and catches Knight off guard with a spinning round house kick. Holt strikes a few right hands before taking down Knight with a standing dropkick. Holt looks for the pin.

JOHNSON:”A near fall for Holt!”
VASSA:”Damien is not going to make it that easy for Holt, though!”
Holt decides to head up to the top rope. He eyes Knight as he shoots for a leg drop only to meet the mat as Knight moves. Knight, who is looking for an opportunity right here, bounces off the ropes and comes back at Holt and drops a knee to the back of his head. Knight begins stomping away at Holt, and looking like he’s having fun doing it too, when Blade rolls back into the ring, not empty handed either.

VASSA:”OH BOY! Christmas is about to come early!”
JOHNSON:”Blade has a steel chair in his hands!”
Blade comes up behind Knight and blasts the steel chair square into the back of Knight. Knight winces as he falls to his knees. Blade then Irish Whips and runs towards Knight with the steel chair right in front of him and drop kicks the chair square into Knight’s face. Larry Collins, who is aware of the match stipulations but doesn’t necessarily like them, spins around from the fallen Knight. Blade hooks the leg as Collins drops down for the cover.

JOHNSON:”Knight barely stays in it!”
VASSA:”That was a beautiful drop kick by Blade!”
Knight starts to roll around the ring holding his face as Holt is back to his feet. Blade starts to run at him with the chair and swings but Holt ducks and grabs Blade and slams him down hard with an exploder suplex. Holt rolls out of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring. He slides it under the bottom rope and sets it up in the corner against the turnbuckle. Blade gets back to his feed and Holt takes him back down with a russian leg sweep. As Holt grabs Blade, Knight launches himself at Holt and clotheslines him from behind. Knight then spins Blade around and nails a spinebuster on him. Knight picks Blade up again tosses him once again over the top rope.

VASSA:”I feel like Knight loves throwing people over the top rope..”
JOHNSON:”He sure can fly, I’ll give you that one, Vinny.”
Knight refocuses his attention on Holt, but because he took the time to throw Blade over the top rope, he is taken by surprise as Holt is able to hit a belly to belly suplex on him. Holt stands in the corner as Knight tries to get back to his feet. As he does, he turns around and walks right into a Splitting Headache from Holt. Holt remembers that there is a table conveniently leaning up against the turnbuckle, the one that he laid up against. Knight lays up dazed against the table. Holt steps back a little and then heads towards Knight as he goes for the fear dot com but as he does, Knight moves out of the way and Holt crashes himself through the table.
“Holy Shit… Holy Shit… Holy Shit… Holy Shit… Holy Shit…”
Holt crawls out of the rubble slowly and pulls himself up from the ropes. He turns around and there is Knight who buzzes him with The Jackal Strikes. Knight goes for the cover immediately.
Blade comes flying from the top rope to break up the pinfall attempt!!

JOHNSON:”WHAT A SAVE BY BLADE!! This match is insane!”
VASSA:”This match has definitely gotten extreme alright! I don’t even know who’s going to win this match! Blade keeps popping up out of nowhere!”
Knight can’t believe it as he thought he had that match won. Blade doesn’t give him any time to think about it, though, as he hits a spinning wheel kick straight to the temple of Knight. Blade Irish Whips Knight into the corner turnbuckle and charges at him to deliver a hard elbow into the face of Knight. Blade backs up again but this time, meets a Jackal Strikes leveling Blade’s head. Just before Knight goes for the pinfall, though, Holt manages to get to his feet and throws Knight out of the ring. Holt hooks the leg quickly and looks out at Knight who knows he’s in trouble.
Knight back to his feet on the outside…
Knight rolls into the ring…
Knight breaks up the pin, but it’s too late!

JOHNSON:”Knight ALMOST saved this match, but Dustin pulls off the victory!”
POWERS:”Here is your winner, Dustin James Holt!”
JOHNSON:”What a match that was! Very impressive by all three men!”
VASSA:”I think Knight is going to bust a vein! He can’t believe the match had to end the way it did! Great match by these three competitors, though!”

The smokey haze filling the room made it feel like London. The lights barely penetrating the smoke were just faintly glowing orbs. Wafting through the smoke and air are the tones of Slightly Stoopid, reggae stoner music through and through. The ambient smoke is disturbed by the exhalation of even more smoke. We see Sativia and Burn sitting on a couch, each with a two foot bong in hand. A towel sits around Sativa’s neck and it is obvious that she has recently been in the shower. Wrestling gear discarded by the bathroom’s entrance furthers the obvious. Reclining after taking her umpteenth bong rip Sativa smiles.

NEVAEH:”Well, back on the right track and what better way to celebrate than getting everyone and their mother high as shit tonight. I honestly don’t think they knew what they were getting into bringing me to Colorado.”
BURN:”Shit, they done fucked up thinkin ain’t no one gonna be high tonight.”
The two are interrupted by a knock on the door. Sativa raises an eye brow and looks at the door.

NEVAEH:”Come on in, it’s open!”
The door slowly opens and slowly Lil’ Flipp sticks his head in, eyes closes enjoying the aroma. He looks over to Sativa and Burn sitting on the couch, who motion for him to come in and over. He closes the door behind him and makes his way over and sits in an empty chair.

FLIPP:”I knew it had to have been you two!”
NEVAEH:”When in Rome eh? Or should I say Colorado?”
All three laugh, contact high was obviously a given, as Burn hands Flipp a bong, already loaded and waiting.

BURN:”We came to party and by god we are gonna party! Toke up man.”
After each take a couple of fat rips Sativa sits up straight and gets that serious stoner look on her face. She leans forward a bit and looks directly at Flipp.

FLIPP:”What’s goody?”
NEVAEH:”No hard feelings about what went down during that sesh in Vegas a while back.”
FLIPP:”You Gucci… it wasn’t really nothing like that. Besides, I was tryna turn up and have a good time during Jacinta’s bash.”
Sativa smiles, sighs, and sits back. They share some more bong rips just chillin and enjoying the music.

NEVAEH:”Well, figured it goes without saying but having confirmation is always nice. You ever need anything, herb, cash, help, ANYTHING you call me got it? You get some beef with a couple guys and need a partner, I’m your girl. We gotta stick together, what with Mannie kinda goin MIA you and I are the only real ‘out in the open’ stoners around this joint.”
Sativa starts giggling at her unintended joke. In Short order all three are laughing like maniacs.


JOHNSON: ”Well Vinny, we saw earlier in the night, Mike Harrison and Brian Hollywood go toe to toe…”
VASSA: ”The Carnival has proven to be the biggest threat to New Gen Rising’s tag team title reign. But they haven’t shown that they can truly beat the champs just yet!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s why these two singles matches are so significant. If Harrison and Equinox were to pull off the clean sweep here tonight, all of the momentum would be on their side for an inevitable rematch for the tag team championships!”
VASSA: ”If that rematch is made, Equinox and Harrison are going to have to strip down their game plan and come at New Gen Rising with something they haven’t seen yet…Easier said then done in my opinion.”
JOHNSON: ”Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood are no doubt a well oiled machine, but dog has his day…”
VASSA: ”Forgive me if I refuse to hold my breath…”
The feed cuts from the announce team of Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa over to 4CW’s MC, Mike Powers…

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall… First…”
The lights went black, completely black in the stadium ready for this match of the evening. The fans as quite as they heard the air move around them and they were patiently waiting for something new. The lighting began to change as the song begins to play over the PA System…The crowd screams towards the entrance way in cheers now, “Tourniquet” having just started to pound itself through the P.A. system. As the song picked up power, and rocks out hard the arena goes near pitch black. In the flashing of a strobe like white, green and blue lights at the entrance way as green mist flows along the arena. The lights continue to go “wild” as they flash erratically as the starting lyric announces…
She’s made of hair and bone and little teeth
and things that cannot speak
she comes on like a crippled plaything
her spine is just a string
I wrapped our love in all this foil
Silver tight like spider legs
I never wanted it to ever spoil
but flies will always lay their eggs
Take your hatred out on me
Make your victim my head
You never ever believed in me
I am your tourniquet
As it begins to play over the pa system and the lighting changes, bathing the entire arena in an eerie purple glow. The stage, as well as the ringside area, slowly begins to fill up with green smoke as the crowd watches in anticipation. Suddenly, something began to rise out of the stage, as if rising from the depths of hell itself. The fans began to erupt as Equinox hidden underneath the umbrella rises out of the stage, as if he’s here for them. To preform for them.
Prosthetic synthesis and butterfly
Sealed up with virgin stitch
If it hurts baby please tell me
Preserve the innocence
I never wanted it to end like this
But flies will lay their eggs
Take your hatred out on me
Make your victim my head
You never ever believed in me
I am your tourniquet
What I wanted, what I needed
What I got for me
What I wanted, what I needed
What I got for me
Fog began to appear as an umbrella can be seen twirling and twirling as it slowly rises and a man slowly emerged shrouded by a black and white umbrella twirling about over his head slowly, as he twirled it away from his body and onto his left shoulder as “The Superman of Insanity” Equinox comes creeping out through the reveal from the Umbrella. Equinox has his chest clad in a black tank top, and his customized arm covers over each arm in hues of black, dark blue, and charcoal gray. Over it is his coat and silver tie around his neck. His face hidden behind his eccentric face paint and jointed mask. The fans cheering as the ring announcer announces enigmatic insanity.

POWERS: ”From St. Louis, Missouri… Weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds pounds…. EQUINOX!!”
Equinox slowly folded in the Umbrella holding it firmly in his hand running down the ramp frantically as he takes a sharp turn to the steel steps running over to them hopping handing the ref the umbrella.
He hopped down and landed in the arms of the fans cackling evil as they let him go as he clapped the hands of all the fans before heading back up the steel steps and proceeded to slap the steel steps. In frenzy he started up back to the ramp. Going full throttle he got a running pace his head bobbing with the music’s sound as the song continues playing out. The crowd in a frenzy as Equinox trucks right through the sea of outstretched hands… He slides under the ropes, jumping to his feet as he grabs the top rope with his right hand, he throws his left fist high with authority and glares over the crowd as he slowly raises his left brow cackling at the thoughts of the chaos that could be caused as the song starts to finish.

Take out
Take out
From me
I am your tourniquet
Not even I believed in me
I am your tourniquet
Once he was in the ring he began to unbutton his jacket revealing his new shirt as he let out a bloody scream. You can plain see the energy etched over his face as he gazes the crowd, Equinox then jumps in a single leap from the mat to the second turnbuckle of the nearest corner as the music continues playing loudly. His hair flying around in a color mess as the Joker’s begin cheering as begins thrashing his neck and head about as he lets his arms fly out as he cackles. He repeats this for the rest of turnbuckles before hopping down to meet the competition. Once done, He cackles in his enigmatic facepaint to all the Joker’s in the arena in the night to see as the Revolution begins.

POWERS: ”And his opponent… From Los Angeles, California… Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… He is one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions… JACE SAVAGE!!”
My time plays over the speakers. The crowd begins to boo Jace Savage walks out on to the ramp. He looks around for a moment and smirks at the crowd. He raises his hands in the air rubbing his index fingers and thumbs together making the universal sign for money. He throws his hands down to his side and begins to walk to the ring. Jace walks over to the stairs leading up to the apron. He walks up the stairs, wipes his feet on the apron and climbs inside the ring. Jace walks over to the furthest turnbuckle, stands up on it slapping his chest with his arm. He climbs down and stands in his corner.

JOHNSON: ”Equinox has not taken an eye off of that 4CW Tag Team Championship belt that Jace is carrying around the ring.”
VASSA: ”Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe he should keep his eyes focused on the man holding the belt.”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe… But that belt is what’s driving him. You’ve got to keep your eye on the prize right?”
The official stands in the center of the ring and motions for the timekeeper to ring the opening bell before stepping back and clearing space for competitors to get things going.
With the opening bell Equinox explodes out of the corner but gets folded in half by a double leg takedown from Jace Savage. Savage postures up and begins hammering down with stiff right hands as Equinox tries to cover up and deflect the strikes. Equinox reaches up and hooks the back of Jace’s head before rolling and reversing positions. Equinox wildly swings right hands before being pulled back by the referee. The officials lecture gives room for Jace to slither towards the ropes. He pulls himself up to his feet and catches Equinox off guard with a back elbow as he marches towards him. Jace scoops Equinox up with a side slam and drops him down across his knee with a backbreaker.

JOHNSON: ”The official was lecturing Equinox about using closed fists and Jace Savage used that opening to lure his opponent in.”
VASSA: ”And just like that, he’s grounded the unorthodox Equinox and has a chance to completely control the pace of this matchup.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s got to be Savage’s strategy tonight, right? Keep Equinox down on the mat, grind him down and don’t let him build up any speed.”
VASSA: ”I would think so…”
Savage quickly jumps onto Equinox with a side mount and rolls him over onto his stomach. Savage viciously drives his knees upwards into the ribs of Equinox, each strike creating a sickening thud. Savage stands up and allows for Equinox to crawl towards the ropes. Equinox gets one hand on the bottom rope as Savage stands straddling over his opponent. Savage grabs the top rope and bounces off of the bottom rope, crashing down onto the small of Equinox’s back with both of his feet. Savage steps off and allows for Equinox to continue crawling forward. Equinox drapes his upper body onto the bottom rope and Jace quickly steps down onto his back, between the shoulder blades, and holds down on the top rope for added leverage. The official steps in and begins utilizing his five count to force a break of the illegal choke.
Jace steps off and holds his hands up innocently as he backs away.

VASSA: ”He used every hundredth of a second that’s allotted to him before being disqualified.”
JOHNSON: ”That’ll wear on the officials patience very quickly if it becomes an ongoing thing throughout the matchup.”
Jace allows for Equinox to stagger to his feet with the help of the ring ropes and quickly chops him back down to the mat with a chop block to the back of the knee. Savage drops down onto Equinox’s back and pushes him forward, allowing him to hook one of his legs underneath Equinox and behind the knee which was just struck by the chop block. Savage turns his body and grabs a hold of Equinox’s foot. He leans back and folds his leg over his other foot, creating a figure four around the isolated leg of Equinox and pulls back to finish off the calf slicer submission hold. Equinox flails in pain as the tendons and ligaments in his knee are violently stretched. He plants both of his hands down on the canvass and fights through the pain, crawling to the nearby ropes and getting ahold of the bottom rope. The ref calls for the break of the submission but Jace Savage refuses.
Jace releases the calf slicer submission hold before the refs five count and pushes up to his feet. He shoves the referee aside and begins stomping away at Equinox, flattening him against the canvass.

JOHNSON: ”Equinox may not have tapped out from that hold but his leg may be of no use at this point.”
VASSA: ”A submission hold like that could put you on the shelf instantly. The human leg was not meant to be bent backwards like that!”
Jace slides out of the ring and grabs Equinox by his ankles. He drags Equinox towards the corner and forces him to spread his legs with the ring post caught in the middle. Jace tries to isolate one leg and swing it into the ring post but Equinox manages to give him a short jab to the mouth with his free foot. Jace staggers back but quickly latches back onto Equinox. This time Equinox pulls Jace forward, smashing his face into the steel ring post. Equinox slides out from under the bottom turnbuckle and moves to the opposite side of the ring. He charges and launches himself over the top rope, connecting with the Fosbury Flop to the outside! After a moment Equinox struggles to his feet and quickly goes to work on Jace, pounding him with rights and lefts to the back as he pushes to his feet. Equinox slides Jace into the ring and pops up onto the apron. Equinox waits until Jace gets to his feet before launching himself over the top rope and connecting with a slingshot tornado DDT!

JOHNSON: ”The tides have quickly turned but Equinox is still favoring that knee.”
VASSA: ”He may be realizing that he’s going to have to beat Jace at his own game if he wants to win this one.”
Equinox lets Jace climb to his feet before locking in a full nelson. He sweeps his legs out from under him and drives his head down into the canvass with the skull crushing finale. Equinox bounces off of the ropes and charges towards Jace as he sits up. Equinox feints a shinning wizard and elevates over his opponent. He follows that up with a reverse round house kick to the back of his head. Jace flops over onto his back, dipping his shoulder and rolling over. Equinox stands at Jace’s side and connects with a standing shooting star press. He sticks the landing and hooks a leg for the cover.
Jace powers out and rolls over towards the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”An unbelievably athletic move from Equinox but it wasn’t enough to keep Jace Savage down.”
VASSA: ”Jace is a tough kid. It’s going to take more than a few fancy flips to keep him on the mat.”
Jace pulls himself up to his feet by the ropes. Before he could spin around Equinox connects with a roaring elbow to the back of the head. Jace stumbles forward and bounces back off of the ropes, Equinox leaps up and flips the both of them backwards with an inverted Frankensteiner. Equinox runs passed Jace and bounces off of the ropes, he approaches Jace as he pushes up to his hands and knees and plants him back into the canvass with a running curb stomp. Equinox flips Jace over and hooks a leg for the cover.
Jace gets a foot up in the bottom rope and the ref notices right before the count of three!

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how Jace managed to get a foot up onto the ropes.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know but the frustration is going to start boiling over. A lesser man could have had his career cut short…Not Jace Savage.”
Equinox lets Jace climb up to his feet and leaps up, grabbing the back of his head while falling backwards, looking for the code breaker face buster. Jace gets his hands between his face and Equinox’s knees and slams him down. Jace quickly counters with a Texas Cloverleaf submission hold but Equinox instantly grabs the ropes. Jace releases and stumbles forward. Jace spins and throws a front kick which is caught by Equinox. He follows that up with an Enziguri that flattens Equinox to the mat. Both competitors struggle towards opposite sets of ring ropes.

JOHNSON: ”This may just come down to who gets to their feet first. Savage took a beating but Equinox is seeing stars right now.”
VASSA: ”Lets not discredit the punishment Jace dished out early in this contest…”
Equinox is first to his feet and spins towards his opponent. He quickly plants a boot into Jace’s midsection. Jace doubles over and Equinox grabs him with a double underhook, looking for The Mad Hatter Project. Jace reverses by lifting Equinox over his head and bridging after a modified Northern Lights Suplex.
Equinox releases the double undertook and kicks out before the three count.

JOHNSON: ”That almost backfired for Equinox…”
VASSA: ”It still might. Savage is standing hunched over with fist clenched!”
Equinox rises to his feet and spins right into Jace’s Savage Punch! Jace drops down onto a laid out Equinox and hooks a leg.

VASSA: ”And that’s all she wrote. What a superman punch!”
“My Time” by Fabulous blasts over the PA system as the ref raises Jace Savage’s arm into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner… by pinfall… JACE SAVAGE!”


POWERS: “The following Contest is scheduled for ONE Fall and is a RUBBER MATCH! Introducing First…”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain carrying a Baseball Bat and accompanied by Henry Losak.

POWERS: “From Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Masked German Monster”, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. Raab lifts the Bat in the air to a raining of boos that shake the building. Henry Losak stands at ringside, clapping for his client as the referee instructs Lord Raab to get the bat out of the ring before his opponent shows up.

VASSA: “That bat could bring some problems for Shane Borderland. He almost completely removed Tidus Howe’s ability to function with a bat much like the one he has there.”
JOHNSON: “This match has Standard Rules so using that bat would stop this contest and I am not a betting man but I’d wager that Lord Raab doesn’t want to lose this match.”
The lights dim throughout the theatre, orange strobe lights start flickering everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva hits the sound system.

POWERS: “Introducingthe opponent from San Diego, California, weighing in at two hundred forty three pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is the “Bad Boy”, SHANE BBOORRDDEERRLLAANNDD!!!”
Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd cheers him, liking him more than Lord Raab tonight. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and the eyes lock between Shane and Raab.

JOHNSON: “This is going to be a fight fest!”
Dipping through the middle and top ropes, Borderland enters the ring and it begins. Lord Raab rushes over, blasting Shane with a lifting knee to the face. Shane drops and folds over to his side next to the ropes as the Referee signals for the start of the match and Lord Raab begins stomping down into “The Bad Boy” Shane Borderland. Trying to fight through the stomps, Shane pushes up, grabs the ropes to help and gets up onto a knee. Raab cocks back and once again BLASTS Shane with another lifting knee to the side of his head. Borderland crumbles back down and rolls out of the ring, plopping on the ring side floor.

VASSA: “Lord Raab has bum rushed Shane and took advantage of the situation. Things need to change for Shane or this match, this Rubber Match will be another disappointment for “The Bad Boy”.
JOHNSON: “Fright Night was anyone’s night! Maybe it’s just a run of bad luck he’s having?”

VASSA: “Happens…”
Pulling up using the ring, Shane gets to his feet and begins to shake off the quick assault from Raab. Looking into the ring, the two stare at each other as Raab begins to mouth off. Shane waves him to get back and then props up onto the ring apron and rises to a standing outside the ropes. This time, he pops through the ropes quicker and keeps his sights on Raab but again, Lord Raab rushes in. Borderland blocks a overhand right and connects with a well placed Left that stuns Raab. He strikes again to Raab’s jaw and the “The Masked German Monster” stumbles back. Shane skips forward and bumps chest to chest with Raab before yanking him into an Irish Whip. Sending him hard into the corner across the ring.
Shane bursts into a run and collides into Raab with a thundering clothesline. Again and again, Shane slams short range Clotheslines across Raab’s chest and the Masked German wobbles and bounces around in between each pounding. Pulling Raab from the corner, Shane hooks him and snaps him over for a Snap Suplex towards the center of the ring. He twists on the canvas and crawls to Raab and begins dropping a short but sharp elbow across the middle of his Masked face a few stiff times before grabbing one of Raab’s legs and making a pin attempt.

JOHNSON: “It’s been full of scrap but it’s too early to pick up a Victory for either man!”
Pulling Raab up as he pushes to his feet, Shane hooks his opponent with a Double Underhook. He lifts Raab up for a Butterfly Suplex but drops it into a Backbreaker as he drops to one knee. Raab’s back bends over the stiff knee and he collapses onto the canvas. Again Shane Borderland pulls Raab onto his back and hooks BOTH legs and attempts a pin.
Popping up, Shane looks at the referee almost accusing him of slow counting. He rises to his feet and foot shoves Raab to the masked face. Reaching down and grabbing the mask and the back of Raab’s head, Shane pulls up the German Maniac but Raab breaks free of the grapple and hits Borderland with an upper cut Thrust to the throat. Shane stumbles far back, Henry Losak outside the ring grabs the baseball bat and rolls it into the ring for Raab to pick up. Shane falls back into the ropes and as he bounces off them, Lord Raab swings wide right at Shane. Jumping to try and block it, Shane catches most of the bat to the midsection but it made contact and the referee calls for the bell. Fans erupt with vibrating boos again as Raab watches Shane squirm in pain on the canvas.

VASSA: “Ohhh did you see the Assist by Henry Losak? Beautiful, very Steve Nash like! That’s Basketball if you didn’t know Johnson..”
JOHNSON: “Cause your Fat Ass likes Basketball…This is terrible! How can Raab look to cheaply gain a head? This match started with instant sparks! These two have fought and fought, and we STILL don’t have a clear winner!!”
Henry Losak slides into the ring as Lord Raab stares down at Shane Borderland and Mike Powers makes the ruling on the match.

POWERS: “Due to Disqualification, your Winner SHANE BORDERLAND!!”
Hearing Shane’s name being announced as the Winner sets Lord Raab off. Henry Losak tries talking to Raab, getting him to think about what he wants to do exactly before just acting on an instinct. Raab begins nodding slowly as a smile lifts across his face.
“Cashin Out” blares through the arena and the fans scream like their at an Nsync concert as the Southwest Heavyweight Champion, Jason Cashe comes storming out from the back. No time to waste, he sprints to the ring and dives into a slide underneath the bottom ropes. Lord Raab at first loses his cool and acts like he’ll attack but as Cashe enters the ring, Lord Raab drops and rolls out of the ring on the opposite side.

Left in the ring is Henry Losak and he is scared as he begins to plead for his safety. Cashe looks around as the fans wave wildly with their arms and Raab hits the Steel Stairs with his bat trying to get Cashe’s attention. Looking over at Raab, Cashe snaps back to Henry Losak as he takes off trying to run away. Shoving him at the back, Henry bounces forward into the ropes and as he comes back off the rebound, Cashe pops up off his feet, grabbing Henry’s head and snapping it down with a Jumping Neckbreaker.

VASSA: “UTI, Under The Influence! Henry Losak is feeling the regret of entering a ring..Hahaha! Look at Raab, he’s furious!!”
JOHNSON: “Yeah he’s mad but even with a Baseball Bat he won’t get in the ring himself right now..”
Helping Shane up, Cashe is staring at Raab through the ropes on the outside. As Shane rises to his feet he looks angry and pulls away from Cashe’s help. Turning to Shane, Cashe looks a little confused. Shane hard shoves Cashe.

Shane Borderland exits the ring as Lord Raab stands at the top of the entrance ramp laughing at the friendship unfolding inside the ring. He takes a bow as if taking credit for the entire collapse of The House of Howe before leaving to the back. Cashe watches Shane walk off, shaking his head and leaving the ring himself.

JOHNSON: “What’s that about?”
VASSA: “I’m not sure and we won’t find out right now I’m sure..”

“Believe Me” by Ace Hood flares up throughout the Paramount Theatre causing a few cheers from the crowd as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out from behind the curtains. He’s dressed in a pair of white Skinny Leg jeans and a Emanuel Sanders Denver Broncos jersey, joint to his lips as he smiles looking through the crowd.

VASSA: ”Looks like Flipp is going to have some words to say here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s coming off an impressive win over the Pride Champion Jason Sanity. He has to be feeling good about himself after that.”
Lo’Renzo steps up to the steel steps but see’s a fan whose motioning that he wants to take a tote from the joint. Flipp takes one more pull from the doob before handing it to the fan in the crowd and stepping in the ring.

FLIPP: “Brah I thought I’d never see the day where I was gone be able to touchdown in Denver.”
There is a little pop from the crowd causing Lo’Renzo to smile.

FLIPP: “Not only that but the weed is legal up here in Denver. I can smoke whenever wherever and that’s always a plus.”
He points to the fan in the crowd who he gave his doob too whose steady puffing away. Lo’Renzo reaching into his back pocket and pulling out another doob.

FLIPP: “And since I touchdown last night I ain’t been getting nothing but pure love from y’all.”
He lights up the joint exhaling the smoke before beginning a pace around the ring.

FLIPP: “But as y’all know last week I was able to do what I needed to do to flip the game around a lil bit. I was able to pin Jason Sanity, but before that I had to hear a certain someone ramble on about a one on one shot with the Pride Champion…that man being Shane Borderland.”
There are immediate jeers from the crowd while Flipp nods his head.

VASSA: ”Borderland’s hated everywhere he goes.”
FLIPP: “Shane feels that in order for anyone to get a shot at Sanity you gotta go through him first. Who? The same Shane Borderland who couldn’t capture the belt twice?”
He holds up two fingers before shaking his head.

FLIPP: “But somebody has to go through him though?”
He chuckles before taking a tote from the doob.

FLIPP: “But since Shane feels that way and beileives that he’s the true number one contender to the Pride title then I won’t knock him for that. Only show him that he’s really not and this guy right here whose done something that he’s never done really is.”
The crowd gives off a few cheers while Lo’Renzo continues to pace around the ring.

JOHNSON: “What the heck is Flipp getting at?”
VASSA: ”Ssssssshhh, listen and you will find out.”
FLIPP: “So next show in Austin, Texas I’m calling you out Shane for a match right now. You think you deserve a one on one match with Jason for the belt then prove it brah. Me and you, toe to toe.”
VASSA: ”See if you just listen then you will find out.”
Lo’Renzo stops pacing around the ring and comes to a stand still.

FLIPP: “Tonighy though I’m in the ring with Jair Amir Hopkins. The number one contender to the South-West Heavyweight Championship belt. One of my fav dudes on the Four C Dub roster.”
The crowd goes ballistic at the mentioning of Jair’s name.

FLIPP: “And I’m guaranteeing right now that me and Jair gone give y’all one helluva match cuz that’s what we do.”
JOHNSON: ”That bout could be the show stealer tonight here in Denver.”
Lo’Renzo pointd out to the crowd while exhaling some smoke.

FLIPP: “Y’all sit back and continue to enjoy the show. Keep rolling up and living life. See y’all later.”
“Beileive Me” by Ace Hood flares up once more as Lo’Renzo tosses the microphome into the crowd along with his doob, the cameras cutting backstage.

Team Slayer of Billy and The Kidd are talking backstage about their future plans in 4CW.

BILLY: ”What about if we go for the tag team titles?”
THE KIDD: ”Are you kidding me? I’m too afraid of those New Gen guys.”
Suddenly when Billy was going to respond, they get attacked with a barbed wire and the cameras caught Lord Raab hitting vicious shots towards Billy and The Kidd non stop until he sees blood on their heads and puts blood on his chest and in his mouth.

LORD RAAB: ”HAHAHAHA, this is Cashe’s and Borderland’s future of them laying by my feet with violent and vicious shots I’ll give to them with a weapon like this, making them suffer in extreme pain.”
Raab’s already done his goal of bashing Borderland’s head with the baseball bat tonight and smiles.

LORD RAAB: ”I even split up Cashe’s and Borderland’s friendship because I killed House of Howe due to my actions on destroying Tidus Howe at Fright Night and my addiction for violence grows every single second, embracing the weapon use and violent fights I love to be in and being religious about it. They’ll witness a pool of their own blood after I’ve done with them HAHAHAHAHA.”
Raab holds the barbed wire over his head, standing over Team Slayer as the cameras went elsewhere in the arena.


VASSA:” I don’t know about you, Steve, but I’m excited for this one! “
JOHNSON:” I’m with you, Vinny. Johnny Rebel failed to get the win over Khris Young a couple of weeks ago and Roxi Johnson lost a heartbreaker to Jessica Black and Jair Hopkins. “
VASSA:” I think Johnny Rebel gets back on track here tonight. “
JOHNSON:” Both want to get a win here tonight. I’m sure Roxi Johnson wants to remain in the title picture and Rebel wants to catapult himself into the scene. “
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS:” Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!! “
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

JOHNSON:” She looks primed and ready to go. “
A recorded voice comes over the loud speaker and “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple blasts over the PA. Johnny Rebel comes out in a gold robe shimmering in the lights. “SIMPLY PUT” is written in silver on the back. His blonde goatee is neatly trimmed and blonde hair is freshly cut with his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses.

POWERS:” And her opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at two hundred thirty-four pounds…Johnny Rebel!! “
The crowd has come unglued in their hatred for Rebel. He gets to the ring and pulls a camera man down to the ground and on all fours as Rebel uses him as a stepping stone to get in the ring. He takes off his robe to reveal his gold tights and tasseled white boots. He poses on the second turnbuckle with both hands held high.

JOHNSON:” Here we go!! “
Roxi is still getting warmed up and is blindsided by the opportunist, Johnny Rebel. He turns her around in the corner and unloads with rights and lefts. Rebel lifts her up on his shoulder, brings her to the center of the ring and hits an atomic drop. Rebel bounces himself off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Roxi drops to the mat, and hits a drop toe hold. She hops to her feet and drops an elbow to the back of the head of Rebel.

JOHNSON:” Quick start for Roxi. “
Roxi lifts Rebel to his feet and sends him to the ropes, but he holds onto the ropes. A frustrated Roxi runs at him and he flips her over the top rope, but she hangs on to the apron. Rebel turns around and gets blasted with a forearm. He staggers backwards as Roxi springs up on the top rope and dives into the ring, hitting Rebel with a hurricanrana. Rebel rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside. Roxi waits on him as the ref begins to count. Rebel looks in at Roxi and shakes his head so Roxi jumps to the outside and chases him. Rebel quickly slides in and Roxi right after him. Rebel stomps her back as she slides under the bottom rope.

VASSA:” A veteran move from Johnny Rebel. “
JOHNSON:” A cheap move. “
Rebel pulls Roxi up by the hair and tosses her back against the ropes. He slaps Johnson across the chest a few times before sending her to the ropes and snapping her back down to the mat with a spinebuster. Rebel makes the first pin of the bout.
Roxi throws a shoulder up and breaks the count. Rebel aggressively pulls Johnson up off the mat and shoves her back into the corner. He knees her in the midsection before lifting her up onto the top rope. He rocks her with a couple more shots. He climbs up on the bottom rope, but gets clock with an elbow, and another, and another. Rebel’s feet fall off the bottom rope as Roxi hooks her arm around his head, pushes off, and hits a perfect tornado DDT.

JOHNSON:” Great move by Roxi to get back into this. “
VASSA:” Just wait, Steve, Rebel will bounce back. Minor set back. “
Roxi manages to get an arm over the body of Rebel.
Rebel throws his shoulder up as Roxi gets to her knees and tosses her hair over her shoulder. Roxi picks Rebel up, and whips him to the mat with a hard snap suplex. Roxi floats over on top of Rebel and begins throwing down forearms to the face before the ref pulls her off. Rebel is slow to get to his feet as Johnson awaits. She goes to strike with a clothesline, but Rebel ducks it and dropkicks Roxi in the back and it sends her through the ropes, but she lands on the apron. Rebel goes over, grabs her by the hair, but Roxi grabs Rebel by the head and pulls his neck over the top rope. Rebel goes flying backwards as Roxi hops back up on the apron. Rebel gets to an upright position, turns around, and is immediately hit with a springboard clothesline from Roxi Johnson as she flies over the top rope.

JOHNSON:” Roxi Johnson is flying all over the place! “
Rebel gets back to his feet as does Roxi. Roxi knocks him back down with a forearm. He jumps back up and is hit with a standing dropkick. Roxi makes another pin.

VASSA:” Rebel’s gotta stop doing that to me. Close call. “
Both competitors reach their feet after the near fall. Roxi goes for a clothesline, but Rebel ducks it. Roxi slips behind Rebel and pushes him up against the ropes, trying to get a roll up, but Rebel hangs on. Roxi flips backwards and gets to her feet. Rebel tries a clothesline of his own, but Roxi ducks his, bounces off the ropes, and catches him with a bulldog. Johnny Rebel lays on his back as Roxi looks out at the crowd to a chorus of cheers. Roxi gets a running start, bounces off the second rope and hits a second rope springboard moonsault.

JOHNSON:” Reality Bites!! “
VASSA:” Come on, Rebel! “
Roxi Johnson hops to her feet and skips the pin. She pulls Rebel up and is hit with a forearm to the gut. Rebel hammers her with another and she drops to one knee. Rebel locks her up at the waist and hoists her in the air, looking for the gutwrench powerbomb, but Roxi slides off the back side. She hits the canvas running, springboards off the ropes, and hits a Ray of Hope on Johnny Rebel as he turns around.

JOHNSON:” There it is! She loves that roundhouse kick. Caught him perfectly! “
VASSA:” This can’t be it! “
Roxi hooks both legs.

JOHNSON:” Roxi Johnson has done it! “
VASSA:” No way! What a disappointment. “
JOHNSON:” Disappointment? One hell of a performance from Roxi Johnson. Controlling most of the match and solidifying her spot at the top. “
POWERS:” The winner of this match, Roxi Johnson!! “
JOHNSON:” Roxi has just proven that she belongs at the top. A huge win for her, knocking off a long time veteran like Johnny Rebel. “
VASSA:” I thought for sure he had this one. Nonetheless, great performance from Roxi Johnson. “
Roxi celebrates in the center of the ring, looking out at all of the cheering fans as Rebel rolls under the bottom rope, holding his head.



“Beleive Me” by Ace Hood begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Flipp Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in tydie knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey dc wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling and making his way down the ramp before stepping inside the ring.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from St. Matthews, South Carolina, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. “Flipp” La’Renzo Porter!!!”
He jumps up and down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters. He runs up a turnbuckle before doing a back flip of off it hyping himself up for the action tonight. Taking his bandanna from around his hair and throwing it into the crowd.

VASSA: ”La’Renzo Porter ladies and gents! This guy has impressed since day one.”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago he pulled off a huge upset win over the 4CW Pride champion, Jason Sanity.”
VASSA: ”Tonight, he’ll be squaring off with the number one contender to the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship. He’s climbing in the ring with my boy, Jair Hopkins!”
JOHNSON: ”Speak of the devil…”
Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a rhythmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

POWERS: ”introducing to the ring from the Concrete Jungle in Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at two hundred eight pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. He is one half of “The Dying Breed”, Jair Hopkins!!!”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way. That bright, trademark smile of his shows as he makes his way into the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”Two weeks ago this man defeated both Jessica Black and Roxi Johnson in the contender match. This man is on fire! He’s already upset the champ in a non-title match a while back. This man is on fire!”
JOHNSON: ”He surely is building up some momentum as we get closer to the big match between him and Jason Cashe.”
The ref checks with each corner for the nod that they are ready before he throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
The two slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. They circle each other for a moment before Flipp takes it upon himself to make the first move. He shoots in and hooks Hopkins leg, knocking him down to the canvas with a single leg takedown. Flipp tries to mount himself on top of Hopkins but gets rolled over to the side as Hopkins pushes him away. The two quickly rush to get to their feet and do at the same time. They stare at each other for a moment before they begin to slowly circle each other again. Flipp shoots in again for Hopkins leg but gets met with a surprise as Hopkins throws a knee up and catches him in the side of the head with it.
Hopkins then grabs him by the arm and throws him to the ropes behind him. Flipp hits the ropes hard and bounces back with full speed. As he approaches, Hopkins jumps in the air and hits Flipp with a roundhouse kick that knocks him down to the canvas. Hopkins then runs over and grabs Flipp by the foot and rolls him over to his stomach. He then applies an ankle lock that sends pain shooting up Flipp’s leg. Hopkins keeps the move locked in for a few moments before he raises Flipp’s leg into the air and slams it down, driving his knee into the mat. Hopkins then stands up and kicks the knee he just slammed into the canvas a couple of times before he grabs Flipp by the head and pulls him up to his feet.
Hopkins then lifts Flipp into the air and drops him over his knee with a devastating backbreaker. Flipp bounces off of his knee and rolls over, crashing face first into the canvas. Hopkins then looks to the corner and quickly runs towards it. He ascends the turnbuckle and once at the top, he slowly turns around to face Flipp who is still down in the center of the ring. Hopkins then looks over the crowd for a moment before he leaps into the air with a flip and comes down with a frog splash. before he makes contact, Flipp quickly rolls out of the way and Hopkins crashes into the mat with a thud.

JOHNSON: ”Porter barely escaped that high flying move and now he has Hopkins hurt from the impact.”
VASSA: ”This isn’t going to be an easy match for either one of these men. They’re going to push each other to the limit. I’ve been looking forward to this match for the last week now!”
Flipp stands to his feet and looks down at Hopkins who is still down in a world of pain. He then grabs Hopkins by the arm and lifts him to his feet. Flipp throws Hopkins to the ropes close by. As he comes back, Flipp lifts Hopkins up to his side and drops him in the center of the ring with a sidewalk slam. The ring shakes a bit from the impact. Flipp quickly stands back up and kicks Hopkins a few times in the head before targeting the mid-section with a few stiff kicks. He then wraps his legs around Hopkins head, applying a headlock of some sorts with his legs. Flipp cranks down the pressure as Hopkins struggles to break free.
The ref sweeps in to check with Hopkins for am submission but doesn’t get one. Hopkins fight to break free and finally manages to pull his head out from the depths of that leg lock. The two quickly scramble to get to their feet. Hopkins makes it up first and doesn’t waste any time as he lunges forward and connects with a hard right punch to the jaw just as Flipp stands up. Hopkins then draws back and lands a stinging knife edge chop across Flipp’s chest. Hopkins draws back again and swings for another knife edge chop but Flipp catches his arm and flips him over to the canvas with a hip toss. Flipp stays on top of Hopkins and fires away with a series or lefts and rights. Punch after punch, Flipp wears Hopkins down.
Flipp then stands to his feet and then turns to stomp on Hopkins a few times before lifting him up from the canvas and to his feet. Flipp connects with a couple of overhead punches to Hopkins forehead. He then lifts Hopkins up onto his shoulders in the fireman’s carry position. Flipp circles the ring once before flipping Hopkins over and dropping him to the canvas with a Samoan driver. The crowd pops loudly as Flipp bursts to his feet. He then runs to the corner and quickly climbs to the top. Once there, he turns to face Hopkins who is still down in the center of the ring. Flipp then leaps high in the air with a flip and comes down, connecting with a frog splash to the defenseless Hopkins.

JOHNSON: ”Jair just tried that same move moments ago.”
VASSA: ”porter didn’t like the way he did it so he decided to show him how.”
The crowd pops again with the high vertical move. Flipp stays on top of Hopkins and hooks his leg as the ref quickly drops to the mat for the count.
Flipp doesn’t waste any time and pushes himself up and to his feet. He stomps on Hopkins lower legs for a moment before grabbing him by the head with both hands and jerking him up to his feet. Once up, Hopkins swats Flipp’s hands away and kicks him in the stomach with everything he’s got. Flipp lunges over from the breath taking kick. Hopkins then grabs him by the head and slams it downward as he lifts his knee upward, driving it into Flipp’s face. Flipp falls backwards and slaps the mat with a thud. Hopkins then stomps on the knee he targeted earlier. he then lifts Flipp back to his feet and stands him up in the center of the ring. Hopkins swings and connects with a hard right to Flipp’s head. He draws back and connects with another punch as he swings forward. Hopkins then grabs his head with both hands and then leaps into the air. He wraps his legs around Flipps’ head and then falls backwards, flipping Flipp over and across the ring with a Frankensteiner.
Hopkins climbs back up to his feet as Flipp begins to slowly get up himself. Without hesitation, Hopkins rushes him and drops him back to his stomach with a double axe handle across the back. Flipp pushes himself back up but Hopkins sends him back to his stomach with another double axle handle to the back. Hopkins then grabs him by the head and lifts him to his feet. After standing him up, Hopkins connects with a jab to the throat and then spins around. As he completes his revolution, Hopkins lunges forward and knocks Flipp to his back with a spinning lariat. Hopkins then jumps into the air and comes down with a leg drop across his face. Rolling backwards, Hopkins comes up to his feet. He then runs to the ropes behind him and hits them with force before bouncing back and landing a running elbow drop across Flipp’s chest.
Hopkins remains on the assault. Hopkins has Flipp down on the canvas and is attacking with a series of kicks to the ribs. He then reaches over to grab Flipp by the head but gets surprised as Flipp reaches up and grabs him. Flipp then pulls him down to the canvas and rolls him up in a cradle pin catching the ref off guard. The ref quickly takes notice and drops to the mat and begins the count.
Hopkins manages to kick out from the pin. The two crawl in opposite directions as the climb to their feet. Once up, they stare each other down for a moment before slowly stepping closer and circle each other. The two then lock up in the center of the ring. After struggling with one another for a few moments, Hopkins manages to get Flipp in a head lock. Flipp quickly reacts and pushes Hopkins away with both hands breaking the hold and sending him to the ropes. Hopkins hits the ropes hard and comes back with speed only to get his head rocked with a devastating elbow to the chin.

VASSA: ”I think this match might be coming to an end shortly!”
Flipp then does a back flip but comes forward at Hopkins, aiming his feet for his head.

VASSA: ”There it is!”
Hopkins leans back and barely dodges the kick as Flipp’s boot barely skims over his face. Flipp lands on his stomach but quickly pushes himself up to his feet. Just as he stands, Hopkins kicks him in the stomach with a powerful quick kick. Hopkins then steps in and wraps his arm around Flipp’s head and lifts his arm over his as if he were going to lift him up for a suplex. Hopkins then lifts Flipp in the air but twists his body and takes him down to the mat, driving his face into the canvas with a spinning reverse facebuster.

VASSA: ”The Bread N’ Butter!”
Hopkins pops back to his feet as the crowd erupts with cheers. He then runs to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, he looks over the crowd and throws up a Dying Breed hand signal. Hopkins then leaps into the air with a springboard moonsault and comes down with both feet stomping on Flipp’s chest.

Hopkins quickly covers Flipp for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”He’s done it! Hopkins has won the match!”
JOHNSON: ”This wasn’t an easy one for him to win and I’m sure it won’t be the last time these two meet in the ring.”
“Ready or Not” hits the sound system as Hopkins slowly stands to his feet. The ref stands beside him and raises his arm in the air as the bell sounds.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
Hopkins pulls his arm away from the ref before he walks to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle once more. He looks over the electric crowd as the fans go wild.

JOHNSON: ”I wasn’t really sure who to put my money on in this match as both competitors are just about evenly matched.”
VASSA: ”This match could have easily went in Flipp’s favor but tonight, tonight is Jair’s night.”
JOHNSON: ”While Hopkins celebrates the win, we’re going to go backstage for a moment and clear the ring for our fatal fourway up next!”

Tidus Howe is seen coming around a corner as the camera cuts backstage. A smile on his face as he strolls down the hallway with a cane helping him along. Coming to the door of his client’s locker room, Tidus grabs the knows and opens before stepping inside. There you see Jason Cashe slouched in a folding chair sleeping. In his fingers is the butt end of a smoked joint. Tidus grumbles before clearing his throat and yelling to wake Cashe up.

HOWE: “HEY! Wake up!!”
Swinging and hitting Cashe at the leg, Tidus whacks him again before the South West Champion pops awake.

CASHE: “Autoparts…Oh? Uhhh..Tidus? I’m awake, I’m up!”
HOWE: “How are you sleeping with tonight’s match coming up soon and what the HELL is Autoparts?”
CASHE: “Heh..Heh, it’s my safe word. Crazy cool dream I was having. You just get here?”
Sitting up, Cashe goes to rub his eyes and pulls up the stump end of the joint in his fingers. Both of them stare at it, knowing full well Cashe doesn’t smoke the day of competing. Howe’s stare moved from the joint to Cashe as a questioning glance came over him.

HOWE: “I just arrived…is that a Joint? Ar-Are you HIGH!?”
CASHE: “Me? Naaahh, now way!”
He tries but not hard to lie as he tosses the roached joint aside and sits up. Standing up, Cashe wobbles a bit and stands in place before shaking like a dog to wake himself up.

HOWE: “Why would you get high? Jessica Black isn’t going to play around, she wins and she gets her name RIGHT back into the picture for YOUR Championship! You need more contenders like you need four nipples. Remove her tonight, that was the game plan! Now…Now you’re high and who knows how that will turn out..”
Waving his hands in a “Calm Down” motion, Cashe smiles, eyes red like they’d been dyed. He moves in and hugs Tidus to help calm him down, even petting his Manager’s head of hair and shhhing him.

CASHE: “It’s okay, I got this! Jessica can’t beat me, I’ll be fine. Stoned or not, I can do this. We’re in Colorado! Relax! Wanna get high?”
Shoving Cashe away, Tidus doesn’t find it as funny as Cashe does.

HOWE: “Where’d you get it? I didn’t see you in the ring with joint clouds this time? It might have been laced! People could use that as an opening to drug you!!”
CASHE: “Damn that’d be messed up…Haha! No I don’t think it was laced, I feel fine! I think Sativ–Uhhhhmmmm you know what I am craving? Hungry, you hungry? I could EAT yo!”
HOWE: “Fine. I’ll find someone to get you some food. Get sobered up. Don’t compete blitzed. You want the high of the action tonight..”
Tidus leaves the locker room as Cashe stares out blankly a head of him. Thinking a deep thought, most high thoughts end up being ideas that could be amazing, often times seem so while you’re high. He has a sparkle in his eyes now, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

CASHE: “Action…I’m suddenly erect…”



“Don’t underestimate Divinity” blares over the loudspeakers and Marisol walks out in her black and pink leather attire.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at one hundred twenty six pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, MARISOL HAWKES!!!”
She smirks as she glares around the theater at the fans. She walks down the ramp and quickly up the ring steps. She smiles at the crowd again as she gets in the ring and then looks back up the ramp. Marisol stretches and paces the ring as she awaits her opponents.

VASSA: ”We had an exciting extreme rules triple threat earlier. Now we’re going to try and top that off with an extreme rules fatal fourway!”
JOHNSON: ”This should be a good one. We have two trash cans at ringside full of goodies to be used in this match up.”
VASSA: ”That we do! In the trash can to the left of us, there’s a bright and shinny toaster sticking out from the top. I think I may have to take that home with me.”
JOHNSON: ”You better hope it remains in one piece!”
The lights go out, the crowd is wondering whats going on. The opening lyrics begin going smoothly till a LOUD scream is heard. The strobe lights go off as that same young man is on the ramp accompanied by Brooke McQueen.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred twenty seven pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Rock Soldier” and “The Rock Superstar” of 4CW, GRIFFIN HAWKINS!!!”
He walks down the ramp as “Monkey Business” by Skid Row hits. He high fives a few fans as he walks down the ramp way. He walks up the ring stairs and holds the ropes for his manager to step through.
He gets on the ropes and throws the devil horns in the air, pumping the crowd. Soon he gets off the ropes, taking off his leather jacket and goes to the outside of the ring. He puts his Silver Aviator glasses on a lucky young fan, patting him on the head as he smiles up at him. He gets back in the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”So far we have Marisol Hawkes and Griffin Hawkins who have BOTH made impacts in 4CW since signing with us. Griffin has been here a little longer than Marisol but both as fine wrestlers nonetheless.”
VASSA: ”I’ve heard that Griffin like to throw down with HUGE parties at the hotel after each event. I think I may have to drop in tonight if there are any festivities going down.”
“Reincarnate” by Motionless in White cues up as the crowd get loud and bitter, the lights dips into darkness before a red glow over takes it. The big screen burns to life with Kerin Monroe’s video package now.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Manchester, United Kingdom, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, nine inches tall. She is “The Poison Princess”, “Manchester’s Finest”, KERIN MONROE!!!”
Kerin comes from the back, a twisted smirk over her face as she strolls to the edge of the entrance stage and ramp. She then whips her red hair back and throws up both arms victoriously. She then starts for the ring, boos still ringing out, as she walks right by any outstretched hands along her path. She pulls herself up onto the apron with the help of the bottom rope and gets to her feet before ducking under the middle rope getting into the ring. She makes her way to the middle of the ring where she stops and once again whips her hair back, raising her arms once again.

VASSA: ”Here is another lovely lady who has impressed us with more than her great looks. Kerin Monroe has been with us for a short time but has proven to be a great addition to the 4CW roster.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes she has, Vinny!”
“Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system of the theatre, accompanied with mixed emotions from the crowd.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from The Underworld, by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred forty two pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is the 4CW Extreme Champion and “Enforcer of Sorrow”, NATHANIEL HHAAVVOOKK!!!”
Havok makes his way to the entrance ramp with the 4CW Extreme title around his waist, walking slowly, observing the fans in attendance. He throws his arms in the air as the lights shine down on him, before walking down the ramp, still observing the fans that surround him. He looks cold, calculated, but most importantly, he looks ready for a fight. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully from the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, removing the championship from his waist as his music fades out.

VASSA: ”There he is, the 4CW Extreme champion, Nathaniel Havok!”
JOHNSON: ”The championship won’t be on the line in this match but we should get a pretty good idea of who’s ready to step up and challenge the champion for the belt.”
VASSA: ”Dustin James Holt was really impressive earlier tonight with his win in the extreme rules triple threat match. I’m sure he’ll be stepping in the ring with any one of these wrestlers inside of the ropes right now.”
JOHNSON: ”As we get closer to our next big super-card, Winter Wasteland, I’m sure we’ll be naming a number one contender before too long.”
VASSA: ”then again, you never know with Perry. Although him and Havok seem to be on good terms, he could just be keeping the champ on his toes.”
The ref checks with each corner before turning to Havok and approaching him to take the 4CW Extreme championship. The ref reaches out as Havok just looks at him with a smirk on his face.

Havok takes off from his corner with the championship in hand and rushes Griffin. Catching him off guard, Havok lays him out with a shot to the head with the championship belt. The ref quickly signals for the bell as Marisol and Kerin look on briefly.
Havok then turns around and rushes Kerin with the championship still in hand. He lunges forward and takes a swing but misses as Kerin leans back, barely avoiding the blow. She then kicks him in the stomach. Just as Havok lunges over from the kick, Marison attacks him from behind with a stiff kick to the lower part of his spine. Havok falls to one knee. Kerin then winds up and slaps him across the mouth, knocking his head to the side. Marison then grabs Havok by the hair and pulls him up to his feet. Both of the ladies then grab Havok and throw him up and over the top rope, sending him crashing to the hard floor below.
Not wasting any time, Marisol connects with a hard right to Kerin’s forehead, knocking her back a step. Marisol then grabs the top rope and vaults herself over, flying through the air and coming down on Havok with double knees to the chest. Kerin quickly goes to exit the ring but gets stopped in her tracks as Griffin grabs a handful of hair and spins her around. He then lifts her up and throws her back down to the mat with a scoop slam. He then begins to break dance for a brief moment and follows it up with a leg drop across Kerin’s throat.
On the outside, Marisol lifts Havok up to his feet and throws him into the steel barricade separating the fans from the action. Havok’s back slams against the steel. He holds on to the top, keeping himself up. Marisol then picks up the Extreme championship and looks down at it for a moment before swinging forward with it and connecting with a shot to the side of Havok’s head. Havok doesn’t go down as he keeps a tight grip on the barricade, holding himself up. Marisol then draws back and fires another shot with the title and connects with the other side of Havok’s head. She then drops it to the floor and kicks Havok in the stomach, setting him up only to plant his head into the title with a brutal DDT.

VASSA: ”This is why I love the extreme division! The match has only started and chaos is already breaking out.”
JOHNSON: ”It takes a certain type of wrestler, a particular breed, to compete in these types of matches at each and every show. This isn’t a division for the weak at heart.”
Back in the ring, Griffin has Kerin cornered against the turnbuckle. He knees her in the stomach and then follows up with a overhead right that knocks her head backwards. He then grabs a middle rope on each side of her and then begins to drive his shoulder into her stomach over and over, slowly wearing her down with each and every hit. He then lifts her up and sits her on the top of the turnbuckle. Griffin then climbs up as well. Once on the middle ropes, Griffin draws back and swings forward with a hard right to Kerin’s forehead. He then draws back and swings again, connecting with another crushing blow. Griffin draws back and swings again as the fans begin to count with each landing punch.
“Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine…”
Griffin then looks up at the crowd with his right hand drawn back, ready to land another punch. He then pumps his fist and bangs his head for a moment before swinging down and connecting with another hard punch.
Griffin then hops up and wraps his legs around Kerin’s head and flips backwards, lifting Kerin up from the turnbuckle and throwing her across the ring with a hurricanrana.

JOHNSON: ”Griffin Hawkins really has the crowd behind him tonight.”
VASSA: ”The man is a rock star, what do you expect?”
Hawkins quickly pops up to his feet and turns his attention to the outside of the ring where Marisol has Havok in a headlock, dragging his face back and forth across the top of the steel barricade. Hawkins then takes off from stand still and runs to the side of the ring they’re on. As he approaches the ropes, he jumps into the air. Landing on the top rope, Griffin springboards into the air and takes out both Marisol and Havok with a suicide dive. The three crash into the steel barricade with Griffin on top. Griffin quickly climbs to his feet and begins to kick Marisol in the side a few times while she lays on top of Havok. He then lifts her up and places her head between his legs. Wrapping his arms around her waist, Griffin lifts her up into the air and drops her on top of Havok with a sit-out powerbomb. The crowd pops with cheers as he rolls backwards, away from the pile and stands to his feet.
Griffin then walks back to the pile and grabs Havok by the hair, pulling him to his feet. Marisol rolls over and begins to crawl to the side of the ring. She reaches up to the apron and pulls herself up. She turns to Griffin and Havok but gets surprised as Kerin reaches down from above and grabs a handful of hair. Kerin then swings overhead and connects with a big punch to Marisol’s forehead. As Marisol falls to one knee, Kerin climbs to the outside and drops down to the floor. She then grabs Marisol by the back of the head and pants and walks her to the corner of the ring and throws her into the ringside steps. Marisol crashes through the steps, knocking them over. Kerin then walks over to one of the trash cans and grabs the toaster sticking out of the top. She walks back to Marison and stalks her for a moment before raising the toaster above her head and swinging down with it, slamming it into the top of her head. Marisol falls over to her side as Kerin draws the toaster back once again and swings, connecting with another vicious blow that crushes the side of the toaster.
At the adjacent side of the ring, Griffin stands Havok up and wraps his arms around him, looking him in the eye face to face. Griffin goes to lift Havok up from the floor but catches a headbutt right between the eyes. Havok then frees one arm and slams his elbow into the Griffin’s ear. Havok then grabs him by the head and walks him over to the corner of the ring and slams his face into the ring post, stunning him. Havok then slaps Griffin in the mouth and throws him into the other trash can full of weapons. Griffin crashes into the trashcan, spilling all the goodies inside. Havok looks through the mess for a moment and then reaches down and grabs a picture frame. Griffin begins to crawl away from the mess but havoc quickly follows and takes a few steps towards him, drawing the picture frame above his head with both hands. Havok then swings down and puts Griffin’s head through the glass, shattering it into hundreds of pieces.
Griffin rolls over to his back with the picture frame around his bloody head. Lying in a pile of glass, Griffin begins bleeding from numerous spots in his back as the shard pierce his skin. Havok kicks him a few times while he’s down and then jumps into the air, coming down with a leg drop across Griffin’s throat. Havok quickly gets back to his feet and stomps on Griffin a few more times before grabbing him by the head and pulling him up to his feet. Havok draws back and connects with a stinging punch to Griffin’s mouth, knocking him back down to one knee. Havok then reaches down into the mess of weapons and pulls out a cheese grater. With the grater in hand, Havok grabs Griffin by the back of the head with his other hand and then drags the grater back and forth across his face, cutting his forehead wide open. With a smile on his face, Havok smashes the grater on top of Griffin’s head and then tosses it aside. He then pulls Griffin back up to both feet and grabs his head, Turning both their bodies until their backs touch, Havok drops Griffin in the shattered glass with a neckbreaker.

VASSA: ”We have our first blood sighting!”
JOHNSON: ”It was only a matter of time before some blood was shed. I wouldn’t expect first blood by anyone other than the Extreme champ himself.”
On the other corner of the ring, Kerin has Marisol up to her feet, pressed against the steel barricade. Pushing her back into the barricade and bending her backwards, Kerin chokes the life out of Marisol with both hands wrapped around her throat. Kerin then drives her knee into Marisol’s stomach before lifting her up to her shoulders. Kerin then tosses Marisol towards the barricade. Marisol’s throat crashes down on top of the barricade before she falls to the floor. Kerin then turns to the trash can full of weapons and kicks it over. Picking it up, she shakes all of the weapons out of it and then turns to Marisol. Raising the trash can above her head, Kerin takes a few steps towards Marisol before slamming the trash can down on her. Marisol falls flat to the floor and Kerin raises the trash can again, slamming it across Marisol’s body once more. Kerin then looks at the trash can dented badly and tosses it aside.
Kerin then lifts her up from the floor and slams her forearm across the top of her back twice, knocking her back down to one knee,. Kerin then lifts Marisol up in a fireman’s position and carries her over to the pile of weapons scattered across the floor. A roll of barbed wire stretches across the floor a few feet. Kerin walks over to it with Marisol still on her shoulders. She then drops Marisol onto the barbed wire with a Death Valley bomb. Marisol screams in pain as she rolls over to her stomach. Blood pours from a few open wounds on her back. Kerin slowly gets back to her feet and doesn’t waste any time. She quickly goes on the attack with a few stomps to the mid-section of Marisol. Kerin then turns around with her back to her. She then does a backflip in the air and hits Marisol with a standing moonsault. Kerin then hooks the leg for the pin as the ref rushes over and drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”Oh that was close!”
JOHNSON: ”Marisol is a bloody mess but she refuses to go down that easily.”
Back to Griffin and Havok, the two exchange blows on the other side of the ring. Havok swings with a hard right but gets blocked as Griffin throws his arm up in defense. Griffin then kicks him in the stomach and grabs him by the back of the head. Griffin then delivers a headbutt that stuns Havok briefly, giving him just enough time to follow up with a chin buster. Griffin then slowly walks to the pile of weapons as the blood continues to drip from his head. He reaches down and grabs golf club. Turning back to havoc who is trying to crawl away, Griffin slowly stalks him. Griffin then fires away and strikes Havok across the back of the knee with the golf club.

Griffin then takes another swing and smacks the back of Havok’s knee with the golf club again. Out of nowhere, Kerin attacks Griffin from behind with a lariat to the back of the head. Griffin drops the club as he stumbles forward and falls into the steel barricade. Kerin quickly rushes him again and attacks with a series of kicks and punches to the back. She then grabs him by the back of the head and pulls it backwards before wrapping her arm over his face and locking his head into place. Kerin then drops Griffin to the canvas with a reverse DDT. Kerin stands back to her feet and kicks Griffin in the side of the head a few times before grabbing his arm and pulling him up to his feet. She then locks him in a headlock and walks him towards the ring, rolling him underneath the bottom rope.
Havok slowly begins to pull himself up, using the barricade as leverage. Finally up to his feet, Havok leans over the barricade with each hand holding the top, catching his breath.
Marisol slams a steel chair across his back that sends a sound cutting through the loud noises of the crowd. Havok falls down to both knees but keeps his grip on the barricade. Marisol then draws the chair up over her head and then slams it down, crushing the top of havok’s head. Havok falls over to his side. Marisol then takes a few steps back and then comes forward, jumping in the air and extending her leg. With the chair underneath her leg, she drops it across Havok’s face, hitting him with a leg drop partnered up with a chair shot. She quickly covers him as the ref runs around the corner and jumps to the floor for the count.
Back in the ring, Kerin has Griffin in the corner, wearing him down with quick kicks to the stomach. She then takes a few steps back and runs forward, hitting Griffin with a running elbow to the jaw. Kerin the lifts him up and sits him on the top rope. She then climbs the turnbuckle and stands to the side of him and wraps her arm around his head. Kerin then jumps from the turnbuckle and pulls Griffin along for the ride, driving his face into the canvas with a bulldog from the top rope. She then rolls him over to his back and covers him for the pin as she ref quickly notices and slides into the ring for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Griffin kicks out!”
Kerin quickly pushes herself up with a look of disappointment on her face. She grabs Griffin by the head and pulls him up to his feet. She then throws him to the corner and runs behind. Just as Griffin hits the turnbuckle, Kerin is right there behind him nailing him with a flying body splash. As she comes down to her feet, she steps to the side and Griffin falls forward to the canvas.
Back to the outside, Marisol is still on the attack with the chair. Up to his feet, Havok dodges hit after hit as she unleashes a fury of swings with the weapon in hand. Marisol then lunges forward with the chair but Havok side steps her and takes her down with a drop toe hold. As Marisol falls to the floor, the chair hits the floor and stops, shortly followed by her face crashing into the cold steel. Havok gets back to his feet and kicks Marisol in the side of the ribs with a hard right boot. Havok then stomps on her a few times before turning back to the ring and watching the action inside.
Kerin stands Griffin up and walks him to the center of the ring. She then unloads with a series of kicks.

Kerin connects with one last kick to the back of Griffin’s knee, forcing it to buckle and bring him down to that knee. Kerin then takes a few steps back and looks over the crowd while Griffin is barely able to hold himself up. She then takes a few steps forward and goes for a Yakuza kick.

JOHNSON: ”Here comes the Beauty Mark!”
VASSA: ”Wait a second!”
As Kerin drops down and kicks her foot forward, Griffin pops back up and lunges forward. Dodging the Yakuza kick, Griffin connects with a vicious clothesline and almost rips Kerin’s head away from her shoulders. Griffin pushes himself back up and then runs to the corner and quickly ascends. He turns back to the ring where Kerin is still down, slowly recovering from the clothesline. Griffin then leaps from the turnbuckle and connects with a swanton bomb to Kerin in the center of the ring.

VASSA: ”You can feel his heart but you know he’s mean! WWOOOOO!!!”
After making contact, Griffin rolls up to his feet. He looks across the crowd for a moment before dropping down to his knees.
On the outside, Havok quickly takes notice and runs towards the ring but gets stopped as Marisol trips him up and sends him stumbling into the side of the ring.
Griffin then makes the cover as the ref drops down for the count and Marisol darts for the ring.
Sliding into the ring, Marisol tries to break up the pin but comes up short as the refs hand slaps the mat for the final count.
Marisol hits Griffin in the back but it’s too late as the ref has already stood to his feet and signaled for the bell.

VASSA: ”Griffin Hawkins has won it! He won the extreme fatal fourway with the extreme champ involved. This will surely push him into the title picture if he wasn’t already in there to begin with.”
JOHNSON: ”This was a brutal match up for everyone involved but Griffin Hawkins pulls out the win in a hard fought battle.”
“Monkey Business” by Skid Row hits the speakers as Griffin stands to his feet. He turns to look back at Marisol behind him but doesn’t make a move as she backs down and lowly exits the ring. The ref then grabs Griffin’s hand from behind and raises it in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner of the extreme rules fatal fourway by pinfall, GRIFFIN HHAAWWKKIINNSS!!!”
The music continues to play as Griffin soaks in the victory. Marisol makes her way up the entrance ramp as Kerin and Havok slowly start to recover.

JOHNSON: ”This extreme division just keeps getting more and more exciting as each show passes.”
VASSA: ”So with Dustin james Holt and Griffin Hawkins getting the wins tonight, Havok has to be a little worried as to who may be coming for his crown.”
JOHNSON: ”Who knows what’s running through his head right now. We’ll just have to wait and see.”
VASSA: ”Just sit tight, folks. We’re going to go backstage for a moment while we clear the ring for our main event.”

The 4CW Logo centered in the backdrop as Interviewer, Gabriel Hartman stands with a microphone in hand and a smile on his face as the cameras cut backstage.

HARTMAN: “We are moments away from our Main Event where Jessica Black will finally get her One on One with the Southwest Heavyweight Champion, Jason Cashe. Plenty of people have wondered how things would go down, who would truly walk out as the victor. Tonight we find out. Will Jessica insert her name in the Title picture yet again with a big performance or will she be like so many before her and fall short of putting Cashe’s shoulders to the mat?”
VOICE: “Gabriel, Gabriel, can I have a minute of your time?”
The voice belonged to Jason Cashe as the Southwest Champion steps into the screen with his ring gear on and his Championship draped over his shoulder. He looks into the camera as he can feel the vibrations of the cheering and booing live audience. Their faded reactions bring out a moment of pause before Cashe speaks out again towards Hartman.

CASHE: “When was the last time you seen a pair of titties like these huh Hartman?”
Referring to his T-Shirt with a pair of Naked Breasts printed on the front. It reads “Save The Fun Bags” beneath the printed image. Cashe pushes out his chest and nods for Hartman to cop a feel.

CASHE: “Go a head, touch one. It’s my Breast Cancer Awareness representation. I care about the finer things in life. A good boob is worth saving. Just like tonight when that BOOB Jessica Black waddles out to the ring and steps inside of my place of business, my stash house of Addiction. I have turned that ring into my own crack house and anytime I step foot inside, it’s time to get FUCKED UP for someone! Tonight just so happens to be Jessica Black’s turn.”
From the side of the screen, a hand moves in and begins to rub their finger around on the printed Breast on Cashe’s T-Shirt. The picture pulls out to show it was Gabriel Hartman getting himself a feel. Cashe stops talking and looks down at Hartman’s hand.

CASHE: “Hah! Hahaheh…Jessica wanted this fight and this fight she will get, this fight she will be overwhelmed by. Since July I have laid down my Influence, shot loads in the face of all those wanting an ounce of what I have carried since I arrived here. It will take more than a Snickers Mini to dethrone me. To break down the walls of what I have helped build…Nah…Nah, not her…She can’t. I said it once before and I’m saying it now…Her RISE has never and will never have the HEIGHT to compete at my level. You can stop touching me now…Perv…”
Lightly slapping Hartman across the face, Cashe walks off mocking the feminists of the world who recently have made noise trying to get ‘catcalling’ banned and made illegal in inner cities. Hartman holding his face looks both embarrassed and shocked as the camera heads back to ringside.


POWERS: “The Following contest is Our MAIN EVENT and it is scheduled for One Fall! Introducing first…”
The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck and the Southwest Heavyweight Title around his waist. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps the Southwest Title a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.
“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my wrist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan, hurries to remove his Championship and and roars out to the crowd ferociously as he Raises the Southwest Title. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp.

VASSA: “Our Champion looking confident as ever coming to the ring, do you think he’s still high?”
JOHNSON: “Who knows but we’ll se– Oh, OH Look!!”
Roaring in a different tune as Jessica Black comes hauling ass from the back. Flying down the aisle way and crashes hard into Cashe with a forearm to his lower back. He goes stiff and falls forward and the Southwest Championship slides down closer to ringside. Jessica is mad, her face shaded red as she stomps down into Cashe repeatedly. She slaps an extended hand from a fan near the aisle barrier as Cashe crawls away slowly. He turns back to see it’s Jessica and turns over onto his backside, hands up he pleads with her some.

JOHNSON: “Is he begging? Is Jason Cashe begging?”
VASSA: “Call me crazy but I think he’s still high…he’s laughing as he begs, this won’t be good for him..”
Approaching, Jessica big boots Cashe to the face and he flops back onto the aisle ramp and turns to crawl again. Jessica walks around him and gets to ring side, the match still not having officially started. She pulls him up, he gets to one knee before blasting her to the stomach with a wide right. He hits her again but she responds quickly with a rising knee to the underside of his thick beard. Cashe collapses again to the floors as Jessica picks up the Southwest Championship and stares down at it before tossing it back to the ground.
Up again onto both knees, Cashe looks a little groggy already from the surprise attack. Jessica rushes at him and floats around his shoulders before hitting a Float Over DDT. On her feet again, Ms. “Second To None” begins to smile and enjoy herself even with the fans giving her mixed signals.
Slapping Cashe to the back of his head as he uses the ring apron to pull himself up again, Jessica waits for him to rise. He stumbles and moves along the ring, grabbing the outside ring post to help keep balance on his feet. Jessica cocks back and looks for a big haymaker but Cashe ducks it and Jessica Black punches the steel ring post with a thundering right and instantly she screams out in pain. Cashe pops up and shoulder charges her to the gut, lifting her up and slamming her back over the ring apron. Both of them fall to the ringside floor as the referee is looking like he might call the match.

VASSA: “DON’T YOU DO IT! If he calls this match I’m hitting him with a Chair..”
JOHNSON: “I’d LOVE to see that!”
Jessica holding her hand as she begins to rise, Jason Cashe pushes to his hands and knees. He blocks an incoming Soccer Kick as he gets to one knee and swings Jessica in a half circle before popping up to a standing position and blasting her from behind with a Clothesline to the back of her head. Taking a deep breath, Cashe bends down and yanks her up by her wrestling gear and launches her forward towards the steel stairs. She falls to the floor and reaches up to grab the stairs with her bad hand but Cashe jumps up and stomps down on her injured hand and another crying pain is heard from the “Lady Gangsta”.

JOHNSON: “He’s found a bleeding wound, he will expose it and try to do permanent damage. She better play things smart from this moment forward.”
VASSA: “She ran out and attacked him from behind! She was mad and for good reason! Cashe was high today, he never does that and Jessica Black MUST feel disrespected on many levels by our Southwest Champion. She means business!”
JOHNSON: “Since WHEN do you go against Cashe? Ohhh wow, you like Lesbians don’t you?”
VASSA: “I do but Jessica is special, she’s like a little sardine and I want to spread her on my cra–“
JOHNSON: “Aaaannd we’re back to the match! It’s about to officially begin, look!”
Grabbing Jessica with a handful of hair, Cashe pulls her up to her feet and rolls her under the bottom ropes before he crawls in after her and they both are finally inside the ring. The crowd gives a small pop of cheer for the official start of the bout. To his feet first, Cashe kicks her until she rolls over onto her back. Dropping down, Cashe mounts her and the struggle for control of her hand begins. Cashe drives down a few elbows into her face. The feeling of having done the same thing to KJE at Fright Night plays in his head as he stares down at a dazed “Lady Gangsta”.
In a rampage, Cashe grabs the back of her head and begins going to town with rapid short elbow shots to her cheek bone until her struggle fades and Cashe gets control of her hand. He whips it outward and slams it down against the canvas, Jessica Black whines a little and bucks Cashe on top of her like a small bull in a Rodeo. Cashe sitting up looks down at Jessica under him and he drops down for a big elbow shot but Jessica moves her head and Cashe hits the canvas hard with his elbow. He falls off her sideways grabbing at his elbow. Now both with damage to a limp.
Even with their pains, Cashe is the first to his feet. Jessica shortly after him still gets the upper hand as Cashe comes in with a weakly executed clothesline that Jessica ducks. They both spin around and Cashe gets caught with a Front Dropkick that sends him stumbling back into the ropes. Against the ropes groggy, Cashe watches as Jessica rises in a burst of energy and rushes towards him. She leaps up as he moves off the ropes, she springboards off the ropes, twisting back looking for her Springboard Roundhouse Kick but Cashe dives under it.
Both to their feet quickly, Jessica turns around right into a HUGE “Mark Of JASON” Plowing Elbow. Jessica’s head snaps to the right and she crumbles to the canvas like a sack of potatoes. Cashe falls down to his knees before letting himself fall forward, covering Jessica with the match’s first pin. The referee is fast to react as he makes the count.

VASSA: “OH MY GOOD GOD! I Did NOT expect her to kick out of that! What an elbow from Cashe, not sure anyone in the world does it better than that!”
JOHNSON: “It was vicious and she took it all! What a strong heart in that young woman! Outstanding will power!”
VASSA: “All due credit to our Champion, he landed the “Mark Of JASON” out of nowhere, off a counter to Jessica’s “Splitting Headache” that she missed. This is the competitive match I think everyone expected here tonight.”
On his feet, Cashe puts the failed pin attempt behind him. Plucking Jessica from the canvas, he grabs her injured hand and intertwines it with his own. He puts her in a Test of Strength, a game of Mercy or Uncle and she grimaces in the face but before she cries out, she thumbs Cashe to the eye and he is quick to release the grip on her hand. Rubbing his eye, Cashe isn’t seeing Jessica as the “Lady Gangsta” takes off behind Cashe, hits the far ropes and comes back at him from behind on fire as she leaps up and hits him with a One Handed Bulldog. He bounces off the canvas and turns on his back, arms flopping around from the impact.
On her feet again, Jessica roars out to fight away her hand pains. Beginning to rise, Jason Cashe has a small grin on his face, welcoming the fight in Jessica and she seems willing to give even more. She springs into Action and hits the ropes in front of Cashe, she leaps up as he comes up off a single knee and she looks for a Hurricanrana but Cashe catches her as he stands tall. In an instance, he runs her towards the turnbuckles and launches her at the three tiered corner pads and she crashes hard back first into them before sinking down onto the corner canvas. The crowd erupts from the explosive spot as Cashe wobbles but stays on his feet.

JOHNSON: “Corner Powerbomb was unexpected! Jessica had no thought as it being a possibility. That sucked for her!”
Jessica sits up in the corner as Cashe puts distance between them. He turns back to her and takes off into a rush. Before reaching her, he flips forward hitting a Corner Senton Splash and crushes the micro female athlete.

VASSA: “Brutal! Cashe isn’t a big man but against Jessica, he’s a lot more weight and it was all compacted into her head right there. She might be done here soon..Such a fighting spirit in “Lady Gangsta” though, you have to admire it!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think Jason admires her, I think he feels sorry for her. He said so himself just before the match, he didn’t come out here expecting a brawl.”
VASSA: “Well he’s got one!”
As if on cue to the Announcers comment, Cashe pulls Jessica up from the corner and Ms. “Second 2 None” blasts him with a forearm to the face that surprises him. She hits another and another and walks him back, stumbles him back with each solid forearm shot. Switching it up on him, Jessica throws a leg kick and drops Cashe to one knee. She steps back, cocking her leg for a big kick and swings it high aiming for his head but Jason Cashe wallops her with an uppercut in the crotch. Jessica buckles at the legs and tilts over, falling to the canvas as the crowd of live fans “Ohhhh” followed by a grouping of laughter filling the building.

JOHNSON: “That’s not right…He’s wearing pink tonight to support Breast Cancer but punches Jessica to the vag?”
VASSA: “It’d be wrong if he Titty punched her, a low blow is only wrong if you get caught and from the looks of it, the referee didn’t see anything. Haha! Cashe hits the Twat Swat on Jessica Black…Mark it in your calendars! Love it!”
Throwing his arm up over the middle ropes, Cashe pulls himself up to his knee before standing tall on his feet. Jessica Black rolls onto her stomach and gets up to her hands and knees. Cashe comes off the ropes and stomps down on her injured hand as it’s pressed onto the canvas for support. She falls and lands on her shoulder and Cashe kicks her with various style kicks. Soccer kicks to the back, stomps to the side of her face, he was kicking the crap out of her so badly it looked like a Gang initiation. He grabs her, pulls her up and places her with a Cross the Chest grapple before lifting her up and hitting her with a Sitout Spinebuster. He holds her in place and goes for a pin as the referee drops and counts.

VASSA: “He calls that “The Injection”, he told me about it the other day. Said it was a move that would grow into using better and he’d master it over time. Not sure why he replaced his last pet project Signature move, it was associated with his alliance with Golden Boy Gym…”
JOHNSON: “Some would say he has been a bigger promoter of Golden Boy than even Jair Hopkins at one time. Nobody is sure of that situation but if this “Injection” is going to be mastered over time, it could become a devastating weapon for Jason Cashe. I like it!”
Nodding as if knowing she’d kick out, Cashe shoves her legs aside and gets up to his feet. He pulls her by her hair up off the canvas, Jessica grabs Cashe as she rises, climbing his body for support and with the referee not seeing everything so clearly, Jessica hits a low blow of her own on the Southwest Champion and he screams out loud and clear. The fans again uproar with laughter as he timbers over the a freshly cut tree. Jessica walks on her knees and falls over Cashe as she hooks a leg and the referee goes to slap the canvas.

VASSA: “He did it and now Jessica Black has Popped The Pecker! Good lord I am funny!”
JOHNSON:”There is a sane my Mother once told me. Ugly people BETTER be funny because they don’t have much else going for them. You should think about that..”
VASSA: “Oh so your Mother is one of those cunts?”
JOHNSON: “Basically. Haha..”
Slowly moving, Jessica still painted with pain across her face as she grabs her damaged hand to support it as she gets to her feet. Looking down at Cashe, Jessica thinks big and looks back towards a nearby corner. She hurries as fast as she can move and dips through the ropes, onto the ring apron before she begins climbing from the outside up onto the top turnbuckle. Cashe still laid out with a hand cupping his manhood.

JOHNSON: “She’s going High Risk, could this be her “Black Magic” Diving Headbutt? That could end this match right now!!”
VASSA: “Look how Cashe is laying? She is going to do it right into his groin!! Oh the humanity!”
She comes off the top ropes, soaring down like a knife cutting through butter but Cashe closes his legs and lifts a knee and Jessica comes down forehead first onto his extended knee. She flips to the side and flops down looking unconscious as Cashe rolls over, shoving her onto her back and he throws an arm across her body. Neither of them moving around too much as the referee makes the count.

VASSA: “It’s Over…She hit her Diving Headbutt, landed her “Black Magic” but it landed on the sharp edge of Cashe’s bent knee. Crazy finish here folks!”
JOHNSON: “These fans are loving it, listen to the cheers! Both of them were looking to hurt the other and the outcome once again landed in Jason Cashe’s favor. So close for Jessica Black, this was her chance to keep her name in the Title picture and now it becomes Jair Hopkins and Jason Cashe.”
The referee gets down to check on both of them, Jessica has a slight gash on her forehead where she landed but her hand is hugged to her body. Cashe is just laying flat on his back breathing heavily as the fans in Colorado begin raining Marijuana Joints into the sky, most of them pounding down inside the ring. Mike Powers makes it official.

POWERS: “And the winner of the match by Pinfall…JASON CAAASSHHE!”
“Cashin Out” (Cashe Remix) plays as the referee grabs the Southwest Championship and places it over Cashe as he ducks the raining joints that continue coming like Roman Arrows on a battlefield. A close up of Cashe on his back shows a smile on his face, he reaches down, grabs a joint that landed on him and he places it in his mouth. The fans erupt at the sight of it but he’s breathing heavy as hell as he stays laying on the ring canvas.

JOHNSON: “Just like the last time we were here, Colorado shows their support for Jason Cashe by launching these Marijuana Cigarettes into the ring!”
VASSA: “Let me get a few of these…It’s a layer of joints! Party Time!!”
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, it’s been an exciting show tonight! Unfortunately for you, we’re out of time.”
VASSA: ”NO!!! We were just getting to the fun part!”
JOHNSON: ”Just take those to the back with you and everything will be fine!”
The camera zooms in on VASSA who is staring right back with a huge grin on his face and a joint hanging between his lips.

JOHNSON: ”How adorable…”
VASSA: ”They are, aren’t they?”
JOHNSON: ”Well, that wraps it up. We here at 4CW wish you and your family a happy holiday season.”
VASSA: ”Happy Thanksgiving!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Smoke up and good night!”