The scene opens overlooking the Albuquerque crowd at the KIMO Theatre. At ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the announcers booth.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a special one year anniversary edition of 4CW Adrenaline…”
VASSA: ”4CW’s anniversary, not Adrenaline’s!”
JOHNSON: ”Heh… I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”… and I’m Vinny Vassa! We’re live at the KIMO Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the place is packed! It’s a huge celebration tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, Vinny. The party is only getting started and we have a spectacular lineup scheduled for the evening.”
VASSA: ”Forget the lineup for a second. This is a landmark accomplishment for us. Lets take a moment and be proud of what this promotion has become in our first year running.”
JOHNSON: ”I remember when the crowd was less than half the size of what it is tonight.”
VASSA: ”Hell, I remember when it was half the size of that half. That’s like what, an eighth?”
JOHNSON: ”It’s never a dull moment with you, Vinny. This has been one fun year sitting at ringside with you. An eighth is close but lets just round that up to a quarter and keep it simple.”
VASSA: ”Simple, I like that.”
JOHNSON: ”It was a bumpy road at first, as it is with any new wrestling promotion. We finally hit our groove and we’ve been booming ever since.”
VASSA: ”A lot of people still consider us small time since we stick to our territory so to speak. I don’t understand how they can say that. We’re televised worldwide. We have some of the best talent in the business today. Our owner’s pockets are very deep and the sky is the limit for this promotion. To say that we’re still small fish in this big pond is a slap in the face to anyone employed under the 4CW banner!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny! What’s gotten into you?”
VASSA: ”Nothing, just stuff in the back of my mind from various things I’ve seen on twitter and other media outlets.”
JOHNSON: ”Look where we are now? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we’re a force to be reckoned with in this business.”
VASSA: ”Twenty five shows in the year, broadcasted on worldwide television and followed by a large fanbase but people call us small time. I just don’t get it.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t let it bother you. Folks, our first event was help on December 23rd last year. Tonight will be our twenty sixth event and what better night to have it on than New Year’s Eve. We’re going to bring in the New Year with a bang!”
VASSA: ”You damned right we are! So Steve, what’s on the schedule for tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”As always, we’re running a tad bit behind so let me go over the big matches of the evening. First, we have had quite a few new signees and they will open with our early matches for the evening. After that, we have a small four person tournament starting tonight to determine who will challenge Lo’Renzo Porter at Winter Wasteland for the 4CW Pride championship.”
VASSA: ”These should be very interesting. To start, Equinox will take on Ramona Lee Epps who has been hot since signing with 4CW… both in and out of the ring! Sure, Equinox has been able to hold his own, somewhat, in singles but I don’t think he fares well in that ring alone without Mike Harrison watching over his back.”
JOHNSON: ”This is primed to be a great matchup for the night. Then the other two, Jace Savage and Roxi Johnson will step in the ring and compete to advance and face the winner of the other match. The winner from each match will advance and collide at our next show with the number one contendership on the line.”
VASSA: ”We haven’t really seen much of Jace in singles and this match against Roxi will be a challenge as she has proven to be a huge factor in 4CW. I’m looking forward to this one! Hey Steve, don’t we have some extreme matches in the mix as well?”
JOHNSON: ”Yes we do! Damien Knight will climb in the madness with Lord Raab. These two are guaranteed to make a mess in the ring, well the ring area at least. There’s really no telling where these matches will end.”
VASSA: ”We also have DJ Holt squaring off with Marisol Hawkes, right?”
JOHNSON: ”Yes sir!”
VASSA: ”I just hope that Dustin doesn’t mess that pretty face up, too badly.”
JOHNSON: ”Then we have our headline match of the evening which will be an extreme rules match between Griffin Hawkins and the 4CW Extreme champion, Nathaniel Havok. The title will not be on the line but Marisol Hawkes will be the special guest referee and the winner will choose the stipulation for their meeting at Winter Wasteland which WILL be for the championship.”
VASSA: ”Special guest ref, really?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s what the program says.”
VASSA: ”I remember a few weeks ago when Marisol and Griffin were booked against each other and Havok was the special ref. Oohhh yeah! This match is going to be VERY exciting. I believe someone, maybe even another, will be seeking revenge for the abuse of power Havok displayed while he was deemed in control of the match.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s just how it works. You play with dirt, you get dirty.”
VASSA: ”I couldn’t have said it better myself!”
JOHNSON: ”And then to finish off the evening before we bring in the new year with a bang and drink ourselves into a coma, we have our main event. Jair Hopkins will be challenging Jason Cashe for the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship.”
VASSA: ”Hopkins has straight up earned that number one contender spot. He’s hungry. He’s determined. Shit, him and Cashe have history, they already have beef. This is going to get ugly, and that’s great for us watching!”
JOHNSON: ”A match has already been scheduled for these two to meet at Winter Wasteland but I reckon Mr. Wallace and the team wanted to bring in the new year big so they booked a big match, probably THE biggest match of the month in this business as a whole.”
VASSA: ”Those are some strong words, Steve. Be proud of this place!”
JOHNSON: ”I am, Vinny. Believe me, I am. And that about wraps up the preview for tonight folks. We have some other great matches mixed in there. Right now, we have to go backstage while we get ready to get the night underway.”
VASSA: ”You know the drill.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll be right back here at ringside in just a few moments folks!”

Ashe Corvin paces back and forth in the parking area. He keeps pulling his phone out and checking the time and if he has any missed calls or texts. Dressed in business casual with an overall black and purple theme he seems a bit out of place. His pace quickens. He is unusually flustered and appears on edge.

CORVIN:”Haven’t heard from him since before Christmas with this huge debut tonight…”
He continues to pace and check his phone. He stops and watches as Jonathan Cage casually strolls up.

CORVIN:”And he finally shows up! Come on man, I hope your head is in this.”
CAGE:”We got this, don’t worry.”
Cage continues walking right past Corvin. Corvin watches him go and shakes his head in disbelief.


JOHNSON: ”We’re back here at ringside ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”The wait is over!”
JOHNSON: ”You can say that again… but don’t, seriously.”
VASSA: ”You’re no fun, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sorry for being a buzz kill but maybe this first match will cheer you up.”
VASSA: ”It might just be the fix that I’ve been craving.”
The lights in the theater die down as the crowd screams in anticipation. “Dear Youth“ by The Ghost Inside suddenly explodes through the sound system in sync to the pulsation of gold lights. We then suddenly see the entrance way being engulf with smoke. Amidst the smoke, we see a figure as the song blasts throughout the airwaves. After several seconds while the smoke starts to clear, the figure materializes and is revealed to be Ryan Kidd. He stands on the entrance way surveying the theater as the crowd cheers him on.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred twelve pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. Introducing RYAN KKIIDDDD!!!”
As the gold lights pulsation continues, he then strolls down to the ramp as he slaps the hands of the fans sitting ringside. He then stops at the bottom of the ramp and surveys the theater before pointing at a certain spot. He then continues walking making his way around the ring slapping more hands. He stops in front of a steel steps. He runs up the steps before stopping on the ring apron. He then climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms up to the delight of the crowd. He jumps down from the turnbuckle and walks to the opposite corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He does the same thing as the crowd cheers him on. He then jumps down from the turnbuckle and walks to the opposite side of the ring. He then leans on the ropes puts his foot on the bottom rope as he raises his arm. He then walks into his corner and does some warm up as he awaits his opponent.

VASSA: ”It looks like Ryan Kidd has found his way back to a 4CW ring.”
JOHNSON: ”He’ll open the night off against another new signee, Seamus O’Connor.”
The theater flashes between green, white and orange lights. As The Spicy McHaggis Jig by Dropkick Murphy plays. Seamus comes with a shillelah in one hand.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Irish Bastard”, SEAMUS O’CONNOR!!!”
He runs out on stage does a heel click. Before walking to the ring amp up trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and run up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Ryan Kidd is going to have his hands full tonight. Seamus is a big ole boy.”
VASSA: ”Didn’t you tell me a while back that size isn’t everything? And no, I’m not talking about your sex life.”
JOHNSON: ”I did tell you that, Vinny. I also said that it looked like Ryan is going to have his hands full. I didn’t say how the outcome of the match was going to be.”
VASSA: ”Who cares? lets just sit back and watch first hand!”
The ref stands in the center of the ring and checks with each corner for a nod. After getting one from both men, he throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
The two leave their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. Circling each other, they wait for the other to make the first move. A few moments pass and Seamus strikes first and lunges forward with a powerful right hand. Quick on his feet, Kiss side steps and delivers a stinging knee to his gut. Kidd then follows up with a slap across the chest and connects with a spinning kick to the stomach. Lunging over, Seamus finds himself looking at a knee approaching right before landing across the bridge of his nose. Seamus’s head flings back as he stands straight up from the blow. Kidd then goes on the attack with repeated stiff forearm strikes, connecting one after the other, backing Seamus into the corner. Kidd then lifts him up and sits him on the top of the turnbuckle. He looks around the ring for a moment before climbing up himself.
Just as Kidd stands on the middle ropes, Seamus wraps his arms around his chest and jumps away from the corner. As the two come down, Seamus keeps his arms locked around him and drives his back into the canvas with force. The ring shakes as the two roll across the ring in opposite directions. Seamus rolls up to a standing position while Kidd holds his back in pain from the big move. Seamus then grabs him by the head and lifts him up to his feet. Kidd tries to break free once to his feet but gets put in his place as Seamus knees him in the side of the ribs and lifts him up into the air before throwing him down with a powerslam. Seamus bursts up to his feet as the crowd pops with cheers.

JOHNSON: ”Seamus is putting on a small display of his strength for us.”
VASSA: ”He threw Ryan Kidd around like it was nothing.”
Lifting him up to his feet, Seamus has Kidd tied up in a headlock in the center of the ring. Kidd fights to break free but doesn’t as Seamus continues to crank down. Kidd then throws an elbow into Seamus’s stomach. Seamus keeps the headlock in place as his feet raise from the mat. Kidd then throws another elbow into his stomach and lifts him up again but still doesn’t manage to break the hold. Kidd then throws another elbow to Seamus’s stomach that breaks the hold as it lifts him into the air. Kidd then grabs him by the arm and throws him to the ropes with everything he has in the tank. Seamus hits the ropes and comes back with speed as Kidd awaits him in the center of the ring. As he approaches, Kidd jumps into the air and wraps his legs around his head before flipping back and taking Seamus down to the canvas with a hurricanrana.
Just as Kidd stands up and looks over, Seamus is right there to his feet and rushing in with a fury of punches. Kidd fends them off and then kicks him in the stomach, forcing him to bend over after getting the wind knocked out of him. Kidd then punches him across the forehead with a hard right, followed by another and another. Kidd then steps behind Seamus and throws a forearm across his back. He then wraps his arms around him and lifts him into the air, backwards, driving him into the mat with a belly to back suplex.

VASSA: ”Kidd is using his small size and quickness to his advantage.”
JOHNSON: ”Well look at that! You actually do learn even though at a very slow rate.”
VASSA: ”Oh be quiet!”
Kidd kicks Seamus a few times while he’s down and then grabs him by the arm and pulls him up to his feet. Kidd lands a few quick punches before locking up with him and driving his knee upward into his stomach over and over. Kiss then wraps his arm around his head and tosses Seamus’s over his and then lifts him in the air for a suplex. Just as his feet raises from the mat, Seamus kicks them and manages to bring his body back down and feet to the mat. Kidd then goes to lifts him again but doesn’t get far as Seamus manages to keep his toes on the mat before finally pulling his weight down.
Seamus then lifts Kidd in the air in a vertical position and holds him upside down for a few moments. He then drops Kiss and catches him as his stomach lands on his shoulder. Seamus then wraps his arms around his waist and flips him over, slamming his back to the canvas while driving his shoulder into his stomach. A loud grunt is heard from Kidd as the initial impact takes place. Seamus then slowly pushes himself up and stands to his feet. He then looks down at kid who struggles to catch his breath after having everything in his pipes knocked out.

JOHNSON: ”WOW, that looked painful!”
VASSA: ”Things don’t appear to being going good for Ryan right now.”
Seamus snaps out of his stare and reaches down and grabs Kidd by the head and pulls him up to his feet. The crowd grows electric with anticipation as Seamus holds him up to his feet. Seamus then grabs Kidd’s head with his other hand and locks onto it with both. He then jumps in the air and raises his knees. As he falls back to the canvas, he pulls Kidd down as well and just as his body gets stopped by the mat, his knees drive upward into Kidd’s face and sends him flipping backwards. Kidd hits the mat with a thud as all motion ceases. Seamus then rolls over and crawls over, covering Kidd for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”That’s all she wrote ladies and gents. Ryan Kidd just didn’t have a chance after getting hit with The Irish Kiss.”
VASSA: ”More like an Irish car bomb.”
JOHNSON: ”Slow it down, Vinny. The night is still young.”
“The Spicy McHaggis hits the sound system as Seamus stands to his feet and the ref raises his arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall, SEAMUS O’…CCOONNNNOORR!!!”
VASSA: ”This night is off to a good start if I do say so myself.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes it has Vinny, yes it has. We’ll be right back folks. We’re going to go backstage for a moment while we clear the ring.”

We are taken back into the locker room of NewGen where we see the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Mr. Executive, Brian Hollywood, and Jace Savage. They are sitting on the bench with their titles draped over their shoulders. Not much is said at first before a smirk comes across the face of Hollywood.

HOLLYWOOD:”You know, it’s almost depressing…the fact that everyone that has tried to step in our path, has been sliced down and sent back down to the bottom of the roster or to irrelevancy, where they all fucking belong anyway.”
Jace nods his head slowly as he takes a drink from his water bottle.

SAVAGE:”I know exactly what you mean bro. It’s pretty sickening if you ask me. That’s why I’m going to make an announcement tonight. It should get the roster buzzing pretty good.”
Hollywood’s eyebrow raises as this intrigues Hollywood. Hollywood then smiles as a sense of irony comes over him.

HOLLYWOOD:”You know, that’s actually pretty funny that you mention that because I actually have some plans of my own tonight. This is exactly why we are the best in this business because when shit gets really fucking shitty, you and I both know just how to get shit buzzing. I know you were talking about an idea of yours a few weeks ago, but we never really covered it much. However, I trust that whatever in detail that may be, it will be what’s best for business around here.”
Savage nods his head confidently.

SAVAGE:”Oh trust me, it’s going to get these lazy mother fuckers off their asses and an opportunity to actually try to stop their shit talking and give them a chance to actually back it up. I am curious to know what you’ve got planned for tonight.”
Hollywood smiles as he polishes up his championship a bit.

HOLLYWOOD:”Believe me, I have big plans to start this New Year off right. I’m going to be making a statement tonight and I am going to be delivering a few messages that the entire roster is going to receive, even if I have to force it down their throats. I’m going to make sure the entire 4CW roster knows that NewGen are going to be running the course here in 4CW and what they can expect to see from us going into 2015. Plus, I have a surprise for an old friend who needs to know just who is the boss here in 4CW. Your going to be out there with me to make sure that he gets a proper welcome to 4CW. You and I have a busy night tonight so it’s time to get down to business.”
Hollywood and Savage both stand up as Hollywood pats Savage on the back.”

SAVAGE:”Not only that, but we both have matches to prepare for.”
Hollywood nods his head in agreement.

HOLLYWOOD:”Yes and matches that I have no doubt we will both win. So let’s go out and win our matches and set our plans in motion for 2015. This night will only be the start of the inevitable rise of NewGen. 4CW has brought this upon themselves and I plan to make them every last member of the roster know exactly who runs the show around here. Time for the chaos to begin.”
And with that, both Hollywood and Savage exit out of the locker room as the scene fades.

Backstage after some of the early matches here on the Anniversary show and we are in the halls in the back. We come to see Dazielle Molaroni walking down the hall doing some final preparations on her way to get ready for her match. She seems focused and ready until out from a door backing out with his shorts and tank-top on comes Royce Griffin with a chuckle as he points at someone in the room. Laughing as he closes the door while Dazi does not seem amused by the rather unfortunate timing. Royce turns caught off guard by a person standing next to him let alone one he has such a trying history with.

RPG: ”Shit, this the part where you break my neck?”
Royce has a chuckle recalling what she said to him earlier in the week. As he takes a moment to look her up and down which only makes things worse between the two.

RPG: ”Nice ring gear though…Wait a minute hold up, did Jessica let you come here all by yourself…Like…No supervision?”
Royce peers behind her pretending to be searching for Jessica humor in his voice still. Dazi rolls her eyes in her head. She knows of the troubles Jess has had over the last week or so. She walks over, looking him up and down, then goes to throw a punch. He flinches, she starts laughing.

MOLARONI: ”You know, for someone who is supposed to be a wrestler, you are nothing more than…what did you call me…a bitch?”
She leans against the wall, shaking her head.

MOLARONI: ”As for Jess, you by now know she was at a funeral and then at the hospital with her family. The fact you try to pick a fight with her now of all times makes you look stupid and pathetic. Call me what you want to little boy. I’m a friend looking out for my trainer and friend.”
Royce lets out a sigh and rolls his eyes as he leans against the wall along with her.

RPG: ”Trust me I could care less about her right now, this between you and I. Now just because your trainer and I have had some words don’t mean that you and I got to hate each other now do we? We will meet in the ring but let’s face it, deep down you know you don’t want to hurt me. Deep down we a couple of New Yorkers with some sexual tension between us.”
Royce smirks down at her with a small chuckle as she doesn’t seem to be too receptive.

RPG: ”I mean I’m even rooting for you out there tonight.”
Her eyes rolled and a sigh escaped her lips.

MOLARONI: ”Please. Only tension I got is not wanting to punch you in the mouth when you clearly deserve for hitting on women who already have men. Makes you actually look desperate. Just cause we’re from the same area of the world don’t mean shit.”
She turns to walk away from him, looking back in his direction.

MOLARONI: ”You keep on looking desperate there chump. Meanwhile, I’m about to get one step closer to tag team titles. Have fun looking on from the sidelines.”
She walks out, getting ready for her match next as Royce watches her go with a grin on his face enjoying himself. While Dazi looks poised and ready for her big match.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Franklin, Tennessee, “The Freaking Deacon” Travis Deacon HALL!”
“Cut You Down w/. Whistle Intro” by Serg Salinas & Dale Oliver plays over the theater as the whistle parts starts Travis Deacon Hall makes his way out to the ring wearing a black cowboys hat, black vest, black jeans and black wrestling boots. He is accompanied by his wife Sage Melissa Hall who slides onto the ring apron and does her trademark split into the ring before Travis Deacon Hall enters the ring between the top and middle ropes where he waits for his opponent as his wife exits the ring and waits in her husband’s corner.

POWERS: “And his opponent…”
“Highway To The Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins plays as Andrew Storm comes out onto the stage. He stops on the stage and leans forward with his arms crossed, as pyros and smoke begins to go off.

POWERS: ”Coming from Miami, Florida, weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds, he is “God’s Gift To 4CW” Andrew Storm.”
Andrew Storm straightens back up raising his arms into the air, as another round of pyros begin shooting off. Andrew walks through the smoke, as a chorus of cheers and boos begins while he walks down the rampway. He walks up the steps and climbs over the top rope and waits for the start of the match.

VASSA: “Two men looking to make a mark here in 4CW. Should be a good match!”
JOHNSON: “Yeah, I’m interested to see what Mr. Storm has in store. God’s Gift to 4CW, he better show the goods.”
The bell rings and the two men come together as Andrew Storm, right away gets a good start with a strong headlock on Hall after a brief grapple by the two men. Andrew has it on tight as he tries to keep it going but a stiff shot to the kidney by Hall allows that tight grip to grow loose and Hall found himself free out of a headlock as he grabbed Storm by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Storm countered Hall’s attempted clothesline with a stiff uppercut to the jaw, putting Hall off-balance. Storm followed up quickly with a powerslam. He followed with a pin.

VASSA: “Hall kicked out but Storm looking to not waste any time with this one.”
Storm pulls Hall back up to his feet as he uses his strength to throw Hall into the nearest corner. Storm came rushing in but Hall saw it a mile away and in turn stuck his boot up in defense, catching Hall right in the face with it. Storm being turnt completely around after that clash led to Hall immediately taking advantage of the situation as he leaped up, grabbing Storm’s back and hitting a double-knee backbreaker that caused Storm to ‘flop’ around the ring, feeling the pain. Hall was back on his feet as he grabbed Storm and brought him to his feet. Hall delivered an excellent European uppercut, it seemed as payback from earlier as it had a little more umph to it rather than normal.

JOHNSON: “Hall with a vicious European Uppercut!”
VASSA: “Hall blowing Storm’s back out with that Lungblower.”
Hall grabs Storm from flailing backwards as he delivers a vertical suplex to Storm, putting him on his back again. Storm follows with several knees to the back of Storm as he continues to pound on that back area of Storm. Hall gets up to his feet as he takes his right foot and presses down hard on the back of Storm. Hall grabs Storm, putting him on his feet. Hall lifted Storm up for what looked to be an Olympic-styled slam, but Storm slithered out of Hall’s grasp and clubbed him immediately in the back of the head. Hall was on all fours as Storm ran into the ropes and bounced off as he connected with a kick to the gut of Hall.

VASSA: “What a vicious kick to the gut by Storm. Hall is all of a sudden in a bad spot right now.”
JOHSNON: “The size on that foot of Storm, I can’t imagine the feel of it creating a piercing hole right in your gut.”
Storm grabs Hall by his locks as he serves a vicious set of punches to the face. Pulling him up to his feet, He pulled Storm into position as he hit a half-nelson backbreaker. Storm picking Hall up again, he lifted Hall up into the air with his two hands clutching him around the throat, feet off the ground as he had Hall in a chokelift. Hall was turning red, really red as he slammed Hall to the mat. Hall grasping his throat, rolled around out of dodge.

JOHNSON: “Storm has this match back in his pocket now. He’s got Hall where he wants him.”
VASSA: “This match has gone back and forth, it’s kind of difficult to tell who clearly has the momentum. Right now, he has it but he needs to keep it going.”
Storm didn’t allow Hall much breathing room as he had the momentum once again. Storm ‘stalked’ Hall from behind as he slowly made his way to his feet again. Storm turned him around and was looking to knock Hall’s head off with a running big boot but Hall avoided death with a crucial dodge. Hall quickly got to his feet as he grabbed Storm and in turn hit him with a jumping cutter. Hall quickly rolled Storm over for the pin…

VASSA: “This could be it!”

JOHNSON: “That was close, seriously close. I thought Hall got him.”
Hall looked at the referee as he thought he had it there but no, Storm had survived a close call, kicking out at the very last moment. Storm used the ropes to get back to his feet as Hall was there with him. Both men traded punches back and forth, Hall grabbed advantage as he tried for a swinging neckbreaker, however Storm rolled out of the attempted neckbreaker as he delivered a stiff kick to the back of Hall’s knee. He followed with a running high knee. Hall went to the canvas. Storm lifted Hall up to his feet and led him to the ropes. Storm got Hall into position as Hall was now on the outside of the ring on the apron, Storm took no time in delivering his signature Rope-assisted DDT as Hall’s skull collided hard with the mat. Storm, showing that playtime was now over. He got Hall up and into position as he had him high up in the air before quickly bringing him down onto that mat, crash landing. Storm remained in the seated position as he pinned him.

JOHNSON: “There’s no waking up from that!”
VASSA: “Storm knew with how close that last call was, he needed to end it ASAP. What power!”

VASSA: “And that is how you make a statement. He may just live up to that moniker!”
JOHNSON: “The first of many. Andrew Storm is one and oh in 4CW.”
POWERS: “The winner of this match … Andrew Storm!”
JOHNSON: “Impressive showing by both men here tonight!”

The scene cuts backstage, where Nathaniel Havok is walking into the building, with his bag on his shoulder. He has a very depressing look on his face, almost as if the lights are on, but, no one is home.

VASSA: “He’s here! Nathaniel Havok is in the building!”
JOHNSON: “Nathaniel hasn’t been seen or heard from in days, and he’s…”
Backstage, Frankie Morrison comes charging up to Nathaniel, with a look of disappointment on his face.

MORRISON: “What in the hell, Havok? Where were you? You no-showed your…”
Frankie looks to his left, and sees Perry Wallace walking up to the two. Perry puts his arm around the shoulder of the Extreme Champion, with a look of concern on his face.

WALLACE: “Give him a break, Frankie. He’s had a pretty rough week.”
MORRISON: “You knew about this?”
WALLACE: “No, not until earlier, when he called me. Don’t worry about Nathaniel, I’ve got this. Just give him a break for me, would you?”
MORRISON: “Yeah, okay. Hope things get better for you, Nate.”
The scene cuts back to ringside, as Johnson and Vassa both have puzzled looks on their faces.

JOHNSON: “What in the world was that about?”
VASSA: “I don’t have a clue. I hope Havok is okay!”

The theater lights go out, as a melodic keyboard intro is heard behind the sounds of rain.
Blue lights hit the stage, as the word “PARIAH” is etched across the screen, and “We Are The Brave” by Veridas kicks into high gear
“There is an enemy
Dressed as a friend
The picture of deceit
Who knows the end
We are standing here unafraid
In the lions den
‘Cause the power strong enough to save
Is running through our veins”
The crowd explodes with cheers as the sillhoutte of a man stands on the stage-arms outstretched. As the music kicks up, he turns around.
“We are the brave
We’ll never break
Whatever it takes
We’re gonna make it together
We’re chasing out fear
You’re not welcome here
Now and forever
Love is always gonna win the fight
Because the blood runs deep inside
We are the brave”
The crowd explodes as the stage lights come up, and John Pariah is standing on stage, wearing a black hooded peacoat over his t-shirt and jeans. The crowd EXPLODES into a frenzy as he heads down the ramp.

POWERS: Ladies and Gentlemen…please welcome….THE ICONIC….JOHN PARIAH!!!
He pauses at the top of the ramp, holding his arms just out to his side, as the crowd explodes with cheers. He heads down the ramp and climbs onto the apron-throwing his arms and head back into the ropes as the song hits a high note. He poses on the ropes as the music fades out.
Pariah leans into the mic, and holds the mic out as the crowd continues to cheer.

PARIAH: “That’s a feeling I had missed. So this is Four Corners Wrestling huh?”
“4CW! 4CW! 4CW!”

PARIAH: “You know…I’ve been around the block a couple of times..and let me tell you this…I have NEVER seen a crowd like this! Is this what 4CW is like EVERY NIGHT?”
The crowd cheers louder with each second.

PARIAH: “I guess I’ve found my new home than.”
“4CW! 4CW! 4CW!”

PARIAH: “January 2015, I will make my presence felt. I will be reborn, and you will see a John Pariah competing with a fierceness that has not been seen in ages. 2015 is a new day, and you will see a very, very different John Pariah here in 4CW. I promise you that!”
The crowd boos as “I Play You Lose” by the Gruesomes hits the PA system and Pariah turns, awaiting the arrival of New Gen Rising.

VASSA: ”What the hell is this?.”
Pariah faces the stage, knowing whose about to come-as Brian Hollywood sneaks in behind him, and lays him out with a shot to the back of the head with the Tag Titles. Jace Savage slides into the ring, and the duo begins to put the boots to Pariah as the crowd boos loudly.

JOHNSON: ”Pariah and Hollywood go way back, and they don’t really like each other..”
The crowd boos loudly as they set him up for The Connection, when “Dear Youth” by the Ghost Inside hits, and Ryan Kidds hits the ring with a chair. New Gen Rising high tail it-as Kidd checks on Pariah. He pulls himself to his feet as we cut to the back.

JOHNSON: ”That happened so quickly!”


JOHNSON: ”Well folks, we’re back here at ringside and ready for our next match.”
VASSA: ”It looks like John Blade is ready as well. He’s already in the ring and waiting for the lovely, Dazielle Molaroni.”
JOHNSON: ”John Blade isn’t much on entrances is he?”
VASSA: ”No he isn’t Steve, no he isn’t.”
“Halo” hits the sound system, white lights shining as Dazi makes her way out on stage. She stands there, staring at the ring with laser focus.

POWERS: ”Now introducing to the ring from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds and standing five feet, five inches tall. Please welcome… DAZI MOLARONI!!!”
She marches toward the ring, a smirk starting to form on her face. She hops up on the apron ,teasing the fans before stopping. Getting in the ring, Dazi just giggles it herself before backing into her corner, preparing for the match.

JOHNSON: ”Dazi is another new signee to 4CW folks.”
VASSA: ”The fellas in the back are sure doing it right. They know how to fill that ring with not only talent but pure beauty.”
VASSA: ”It seems like every woman that walks through these doors catches your attention.”
JOHNSON: ”If they’re not catching yours then something’s wrong!”
The ref walks to the center of the ring and checks with each corner for the nod. He then throws his arm in the air and waves for the bell…
At the sound, Dazi takes off from her corner and rushes Blade in his corner. Catching him off guard, Dazi connects with a stiff punch to the mouth, knocking him backwards and crashing into the corner. She then slaps him across the chest, sending a loud sound cutting through the commotion of the crowd. Dazi then kicks him in the stomach over and over, slowly breaking him down into a sitting position. With his back to the corner, Dazi takes a few steps back and then jumps forward, planting her feet into Blade’s face and driving his head backwards into the turnbuckle. She then pops back to her feet and follows up with multiple knees to the face, over and over, connecting with each. She then drops down to her knees and begins to throw forearms, connecting with Blade’s face. After landing numerous blows, she slowly stands back to her feet and takes a step back, looking down at Blade with a look of confidence on her face.

VASSA: ”This chick has come out here for a fight tonight! She isn’t holding anything back.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s all about first impressions and she’s making a BIG one in that ring right now!”
Dazi then walks back toward Blade and grabs him by the head. She pulls him up to his feet but to her surprise, Blade throws a quick elbow and knocks her back a step. He then grabs two handfuls of hair and spins around, slamming her into the corner with force. Blade then connects with a couple of punches before lifting her up and sitting her on the top ropes. He then goes to climb up but gets knocked down as Dazi swings downward and lands a vicious right club to the top of his head. Black holds himself up with the ropes, maintaining his footing on the canvas. Dazi then knees him in the face, knocking his grip loose. She then wraps her arm around his head and pushes herself away from the corner, jumping into the air and spinning around. With Blade’s head still locked, she spins him around as well before planting his head into the mat with a tornado DDT. Blade flips over to his back and Dazi wastes no time. She quickly crawls on top of him for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Blade barely kicked out of that close pinfall.”
Dazi quickly pushes herself up and paces around the ring for a moment while Blade continues to lay on his back. She then leans over to grab ahold of him but gets caught off guard as he spins his body and sweeps her legs out from underneath her. Blade then crawls on top of her and begins to throw lefts and rights, connecting with stinging punches one after the other. Dazi then grabs him by the head with both hands and digs her thumbs into his eyes and rolls him off and over to her side. The two quickly hustle to get to their feet. As they both stand, Blade lunges forward with a right hook but misses as Dazi ducks the attack and steps in behind him. She then wraps her arms around his waist and lifts him into the air, flipping him back and tossing him across the ring with a release German suplex.
Dazi quickly stands to her feet and rushes in on Blade and attacks with a series of stomps and kicks. She then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Out of nowhere, Blade swats her arms away and kicks her in the stomach. As she lunges over, he wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her up into the air for a powerbomb. While up, Dazi throws a couple of punches to Blade’s exposed head. Before he even has a chance to slam her down to the canvas, he falls backwards to the mat. As he slams against the canvas, Dazi lands on top of him and continues to assault of punches to the head. She then stands to her feet and bends over, slapping Blade across the face. She then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet and pulls his head down while driving her knee upward into his mid-section.

VASSA: ”Dazi is not letting up.”
JOHNSON: ”John Blade better do something quick or this match is going to be over.”
Dazi then lifts Blade into the air in a scoop and then drops him to the canvas with a Michinoku Driver.

VASSA: ”I think that might be it!”
JOHNSON: ”You could be right, Vinny! She likes to call that move The Blue Flame.”
Dazi then covers Blade for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”And that’s that!”
“Halo” hits the sound system as Dazi stands to her feet and the ref raises her arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall… DAZI MMOOLLAARROONNII!!!”

The screen recaps what happened earlier between John Pariah and New Gen Rising. We fade backstage, where John Pariah and Ryan Kidd are standing.

PARIAH: “So I come here, to 4CW to reboot myself. To be reborn, and OF COURSE, someone like Brian Hollywood has to get involved.”
KIDD: “They’ll never let it die. Will they?”
PARIAH: “I said out there-2015 is my rebirth. My renasciance. Ryan and I? We’re coming after you two. We’re not asking for a hand out. We’re willing to start at the bottom. Together, we are the Fierce…”
KIDD: “…and the Fearless…”
PARIAH: “And New Gen Rising…is in our crosshairs.”
Pariah makes a gun motion with his hand, as we fade to black.


The lights go out and the crowd gets quiet. Lights up as we hear “Circus for a Psycho” begins. Then the lights flash and Christine And Ryan Ward appears on the stage. She bend over to touch the ground and then back up whipping her hair as she moves. She cocks her head and then poses for the crowd as she blows them a kiss. She then walks down the ramp as the crowd has a mixed reaction. Some boo and some cheer.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Sanford, North Carolina, weighing in at one hundred thirty pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. Being accompanied to the ring by Ryan Ward, please welcome “The Twisted Angel”, Christine Ann NNAASSHH!!!”
She slides into the ring and then poses again for the crowd before sitting on the turnbuckle in the corner waiting for the match to begin.

As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is “The Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe appears on stage, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

VASSA: ”It looks like these two lovely ladies are ready to kick things off.”
JOHNSON: ”And so is the ref!”
After getting the Ok from each corner, the ref throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
The two approach each other in the center of the ring and circle for a moment before they both lunge forward and lock up. The two fight to gain control but neither manage to do so in a quick fashion. Nash then wraps Niobe in a headlock and then knees her in the stomach. Nash grabs Niobe by the arm and then throws her to the ropes behind her. Niobe hits them hard and bounces back only to get knocked to her back with a shoulder block. Niobe quickly rolls over to her stomach and pushes herself up from the mat and to her feet. She then runs to the ropes and hits them before bouncing back and coming at Nash again. As Niobe gets closer, Nash hops into the air with her legs spread as Niobe runs underneath and to the opposite ropes. As Niobe hits and bounces back, Nash then drops to her stomach, leaving Niobe to run over her.
After crossing Nash and getting that second foot planted, Niobe stops in her tracks and turns around to Nash who is just getting to her feet with her back turned to her. Nash then turns around only to get surprised with a slap to the chops. Niobe then leaps into the air and connects with a standing dropkick that knocks Nash down to her back. The two squirm to get to their feet, Niobe standing first. As Nash stands straight up, Niobe is right there to greet her with another slap to the chops and then another to the chest. Niobe then lifts her into the air and turns around, slamming Nash to the canvas with a spinning spinebuster.

VASSA: ”I’m sure that move sent a shock down her spine!”
JOHNSON: ”Niobe can be vicious and she’s showing that right now.”
VASSA: ”I do LOVE watching Niobe in the ring!”
Niobe stands to her feet and looks down on Nash with a smirk on her face before she takes a step back and then forward, delivering a hard kick to the side of the ribs. Niobe then grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her feet. Niobe then goes to throw her to throw into the corner but gets reversed as Nash sends her to the corner instead with an Irish whip. Niobe’s back slams against the turnbuckle and as it does, Nash is right behind her to follow up with a running clothesline. Nash then steps out of the way as Niobe stumbles forward right by her. As she passes, Nash pauses for a moment before running up behind her and jumping into the air, grabbing her by the head and slamming it into the mat with a running bulldog. Niobe holds her head in pain while Nash gets to her knees and rolls Niobe over to her back.
Nash then crawls on top of her and goes on the attack with rapid punches. Over and over, she connects with stinging lefts and rights. Nash then stands to her feet and leans down, grabbing Niobe by the hair and pulling her to her feet. Nash then locks her arm around Niobe’s head and lifts her into the air and down to the mat with a vertical suplex. Nash then goes for the cover as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”This match has to end at some point but Niobe isn’t going to let that happen just yet.”
Nash looks up at the ref with a look of anger on her face. She then pushes herself up, driving her fist into Niobe’s chest while doing so. She then reaches down and grabs Niobe by the arm and pulls her up. Nash applies a side headlock to Niobe and cranks down for a few moments before catching an elbow to the stomach. Nash keeps the headlock engaged but Niobe delivers another elbow to the stomach, this time breaking the hold. Niobe then pushes her back a few steps. She then leaps into the air and tackles Nash, taking her down to the canvas. The two roll around the ring, slapping each other and fighting to gain control over the other. Niobe rolls over onto Nash and swings her head downward, connecting with a brutal headbutt that sends Nash’s head slamming back into the canvas.
Niobe then stands to her feet and kicks Nash in the side of the head before picking her up once more. As she stands up, Nash swings at Niobe but comes up short as Niobe side steps her and pushes her to the ropes. Nash hits the ropes and bounces back with speed only to get caught by Niobe, lifted into the air and dropped across her knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Niobe then pops up to her feet as the fans pop with a cheer themselves. She quickly turns to the corner and rushes over to it, ascending to the top rope. Niobe then turns around to face Nash in the center of the ring on her back. Niobe then jumps into the air and comes down with a 450 splash.

At the last split second, Nash rolls out of the way as Niobe crashes into the canvas, face first.

JOHNSON: ”I thought we were about to see the Hallucination but Christine obviously wasn’t having any part of that.”
Nash then pushes herself up as Niobe recovers in the center of the ring. Nash stalks her and grabs her by the head, pulling her up to her feet. Nash fires away with a couple of closed fists before kicking Niobe in the stomach and forcing her to lunge over. Seeing an opportunity, Nash pulls her head and places it in between her legs. She then gets Niobe in a double underhook and lifts her into the air, spinning and drops her to the mat with a facebuster.

JOHNSON: ”Angels Wings!!!”
VASSA: ”This is going to be a hard one to recover from.”
Nash then rolls Niobe over to her back and covers for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.
“CircusFor a Psycho” hits the sound system as Nash pops up to her feet and the ref raises her arm in the air.

POWERS: ”The winner by pinfall… CHRISTINE ANN NNAASSHH!!!”
VASSA: ”That was a good one right there Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”I wasn’t sure exactly who to place my bet on because these two are so closely matched. In the end, Christine Ann Nash steals the show.”
VASSA: ”I want to see it again!”
JOHNSON: ”You’ll have to check out the replay then because we’re going backstage right now as the ring is cleared for our next match of the evening.”

The cameras backstage show a small group of people talking amongst themselves. Among the group is Lincoln Cutler, Joseph Sullivan, the Tag Team of Team Slayer and Athena. They are heard complaining to a lowly Production Assistant about none of them being on the show tonight. The Assistant has no power, he can’t change anything and seems to be circled by the group of technical “jobbers” of 4CW.

CUTLER: “I’ve been here since the very first show, exactly ONE year I’ve been here and I’m not on the card?”
Chipping in, Joseph Sullivan makes much of the same case for himself.

SULLIVAN: “Same here and I had offers other than 4CW when I signed up. I’ve done my Father’s name, his dreams for me no Justice at all. We’re just dogs in an unfair fight. Do you know I don’t get traveling paid? I come out of pocket for that, my contract sucks.”
ATHENA: “I think Jason Phoenix spyed on me while I was changing once, I tried filing a report but Noooo! Perry Wallace was dick hard for Phoenix and told me I was mistaken. I was assigned a Closet after that for a Locker Room. It’s Horse shit!”
BILLY: “The Kidd and I have pretty sweet deals! We get paid in Gum, how cool is that?”
The Kidd standing next to his brother, nudges Billy with an elbow.

THE KIDD: “No that was that one commercial…We get paid by appearance. Gives us time for the Wave Life! Hang Ten ah-ha! Totally…”
Staring back at Team Slayer as they jump and bounce their bodies against each other like head bangers in a Mosh pit, Joseph Sullivan seems fed up with things and grabs the Production Assistant.

SULLIVAN: “Somethings got to change. Do you understand me? Something has to change or we’re just wasting our time here..I’m going to give that Wallace a piece of my mind!”
VOICE: “Maybe that’s not such a good idea…”
All of them snap around to see who the voice was and where it came from was from Tidus Howe. Billy flinches at the sight of him, knowing their run ins with Tidus or people around him haven’t been very pleasant. Tidus steps forward, the circle of wrestlers open and he steps to the center where the Production Assistant is being gripped at the shirt collar by Joseph Sullivan. Calmly, Tidus places a hand on the gripped hands of Sullivan and lowers them down for the man to release his grasp on the Assistant.

HOWE: “What does this accomplish? He’s a nobody, less of a nobody than any of you have managed to become. Let him leave. Go on, scoot.”
In a hurry the Assistant high tails it out of there. Leaving Tidus Howe with the group of labeled Losers in 4CW. He smiles as he looks over at Sullivan.

SULLIVAN: “What are you suggesting we do? There is no respect anymore unless you win and none of us are getting the chance. Even John Blade has had bigger bookings and he couldn’t pin a wet mop!”
HOWE: “I watched a man lose for an entire year. Every match he lost kept losing. Couldn’t catch a break for nothing! Then he made a few changes, opened himself to who he really was and his world changed! He won matches, became a Champion but only after he fell….Fell at the hands of Jason Cashe.”
Holding up a hand as both Athena and Lincoln Cutler try to blurt out responses to his words. Tidus continues with what he wants to say without any interruptions.

HOWE: “Now I give you that Jason is a bit…Dysfunctional if you will but because of him, a handful of talent in this business has thrived off his advice he gives in passing. Or those who moved in closer and learned from him as a partner or an ally. Some like Shane Borderland couldn’t handle not being #1 so he broke free and hasn’t seen even a pinch of the same success he had when he was letting Cashe lead the way. Now that’s not saying Jason Cashe is a leader of man, he would hit me for saying he was. He’s not, he thinks irrational and doesn’t always see the bigger picture but his experiences, his sight for what can become MORE is untouched by most. I watched him brutally beat a handcuffed man with Steel Chairs, more than one mind you! But the man was left with a pair of lips down the center of his forehead. It looked like a crime scene. So–“
CUTLER: “So…You’re saying we should let your “client” whip our asses and it will change the landscape of our careers? Ha…hahaha, that’s a load of crap!”
Athena and Team Slayer both joined in laughing at his suggestion. Who would agree to that? Like it was some gang initiation without a gang membership. Tidus didn’t see it as a joke and wasn’t laughing.

HOWE: “Take the information as you will but know that the man who received that beating? He put on a mask and tore shit up, became a deranged fucking monster and won titles, took titles from the hands of people who said he was a joke just like each of you have become. In his return? He stood by Jason Cashe, not angry but thankful for the check of reality that he gave the man! So laugh..don’t have any interest in my “client’s” offer. However he didn’t want to leave anyone left without something to grab on to so..”
From his pocket is an envelope. Tidus holds it out, showing that the contents is money. So much that the envelope won’t shut properly. All of their eyes widen with a new interest as their attentions have been freshly secured in what he was going to say next.

HOWE: “Jason says that none of you should go forgotten on this night. He wants ONE of you to feel an accomplishment not only for the Anniversary but so close to the Holidays in which so many of us celebrate. Therefore, you all have the chance to fight for this here envelope. Right here, right now, no rules, no regulation. The last person left able to stand is declared 30 thousand dollars richer. THEN we can talk about moving things further than that…Deal? Have at it, just let me move over here to better enjoy the show!”
Waving the envelop as he passing by the small group of bottom feeders, all of them have a thirst for blood in their eyes. The camera begins to pull away as Cutler spins around and soccer kicks Athena to the vagina. Cameras head back to ringside.


POWERS: “This following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from El, Paso Texas, weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds, she is TARAAAA BLACKHAAAARRRT!!!”
“Shitlist” by L7 begins to play as the theatre goes dark and shades of purple begin to pulsate. Tara comes from the back now, a slight smirk. She comes to the stage where it meets the ramp and throws her head back as she holds her arms up high almost like she’s doing a ‘Y’. Lilly Rose would soon follow out behind her, as she stops next to Tara. Streams of silver, white and purple pyro explode in ‘X’s behind them across the stage. Tara snaps her head down and starts down the ramp, as Lilly follows behind her. Tara rolls under the ropes and jumps to her feet, this time throwing an ‘X’ over her head via her arms as purple pyro blast from each corner post. Lilly Rose would enter the ring, as they head to Tara’s corner as they start discussing things. The music dies off.

POWERS: “And her opponent, hailing from The Arena, weighing in at two hundred and thirty two pounds he is “The Butcher” DAKOOOOTA SMIIITHHH!!!”
“Take Me to Church” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the theatre gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face as he marches down to the ring. He makes no time to stop for the audience – that is until he reaches the ring. He then bounces from one foot to the other, looking around the theatre. A slight smirk grows on his lips before he bolts into the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He plants his fists down on the mat and pushes himself up. Then he circles the ring a few times before going to his corner and taking a seat – waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: “I’m trying to figure out where The Arena is located.”
VASSA: “Not me. I’m trying to figure out if I think Tara or Lily looks better.”
JOHNSON: “Eh, looks like we’re ready to begin this match.”
Dakota takes to the middle of the ring, hands to his hips as he stares across the ring at Tara who darts off toward Dakota. Tara charges across the ring running into a Big Boot from Dakota. Tara falls to the mat but Dakota quickly picks her up from it. He delivers an elbow to her face before lifting her up and dropping her with a reverse STO. Dakota drags Tara to the middle of the ring where he bounces off a rope before rolling up and pulverizing Tara with a Rolling Moonsault.

JOHNSON: “He just exploded out of that roll.”
VASSA: “Yeah, very impressive move by Dakota but I’m not impressed by him at all.”
JOHNSON: “This guy seems serious.”
Dakota cracks his neck before getting to his feet. He sets up in a turnbuckle awaiting Tara to get to her feet. She’s slow to get to them but when she does Dakota blast’s her with a Yakuza Kick before setting up in another corner, taunting the crowd and Tara by yawning. Tara pulls herself to her feet, this time Dakota grabbing her by the neck and tossing her into the ropes, she bounces off and into his arms where he hits her with a German Suplex onto the turnbuckle. The crowd wincing at the impact.
Dakota grabs Tara by the hair and lifts her to her feet before going for a punch to the face that Tara dodges, she pushes Dakota into the turnbuckle and looks for a quick School Boy Pin but Dakota holds onto the ropes, reels back and elbows Tara before reversing and placing her in the turnbuckle, Dakota beginning a flurry of a moves from The Berzerker.

VASSA: “How many kicks and knees was that?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know but all of that should have him tired.”
Tara looks utterly lifeless as Dakota grabs her by the hair and lifts her back up to her feet before whipping her across the ring by her hair before running across the ring and just sadistically looking down on her before delivering a few stomps to her back before Lily Rose grabs Dakota by his leg stopping him from delivering another stomp. He bends over the ropes and grabs Lilly Rose by the hair before grabbing her by the neck and choke slamming her to the canvas.

JOHNSON: “Dakota’s on a tear right now.”
VASSA: “Still not impressed by him. I need to see more.”
Dakota turns his attention back to Tara where he lifts her back to his feet and Irish Whips her into the ropes. Tara holds on though, before ducking a Clothesline from Dakota. Dakota angered that he missed turns around and is caught by a flying elbow from Tara Blackhart that makes him stumble backward a little bit. Tara looking for another elbow but Dakota catches the wrist, knees Tara in the chest and lifts her face up with a Running Knee Lift. Instead of falling to the mat Tara falls into the ropes where she bounces off into the hands of Dakota who lifts her up and delivers a Cut-Throat Neckbreaker.
Dakota stops and looks over with a smile before he taunts her and then taunts the crowd once more. He taps his chest before lifting Tara back to her feet and setting her up for the Manson Family Driver. He looks out at the crowd before clamoring at the top of his long and annihilating Tara with the driver. Dakota rolling Tara over and going for the pin.
DIN!!! DING!!! DING!!!

POWERS: “Here’s your winner DAKOTAAA SMIITHHH!!”
Dakota gets his feet and looks down over Tara before reeling over and whispering something in her ear. The ref goes to raise his hand but he snatches it away before rising it himself.

VASSA: “Well that was quick.”
JOHNSON: “Quick and beastly like. He just destroyed Tara Blackhart.”
VASSA: “Looks like Lilly Rose is still down too.”
JOHNSON: “And it also looks like we’re heading backstage.”

The Pride Championship belt is in view of the camera causing a flurry of cheers from inside the Kimo Theatre. The camera man swinging the camera upward showing Brian Hartman standing along with the new Pride Champion himself Lo’Renzo ‘Flipp’ Porter. He’s dressed in a pair of indigo DC jeans with a simple white t-shirt that has twenty fifteen numbered in tye-die colors to go along with some h2o repel wheat Nike boots. He chuckles, slinging the Pride title over his shoulders before Brian begins to speak.

HARTMAN: ”As you can see I’m standing here with the newly crowned Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter who defeated the odds in that brutal fatal four way main event some weeks back. I want to know how was it being in that match that qaulified for Match Of The Year?”
Lo’Renzo nodded his head before clearing his throat and responding.

FLIPP: “It was tough out there man. You got action going on left and right. You tryna watch your back while tryna stay offensive. You don’t wanna get caught up on one person and have the match slip through your fingers. It’s just really allot stuff going on. The key for me the whole time was just seeing the faces of my fam and my son Reno, but most importantly giving the fans a Pride Champion they can get behind. Someone they can look up to. Since day one I said I had their back. It’s good to know they got mines too brah.”
HARTMAN: ”I know it hasn’t been long but what’s it been like now that you are a champion?”
Flipp smiles from ear to ear before chuckling once more.

FLIPP: “Everyday when I wake up I turn over and look at this belt on the dresser or the seat if I slept on Foxy Treeapatra. But even though I got gold round my neck, waist, or shoulder imma always be a humble person. I know that Imma champion of a big steady rising company and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m still the same Lo’Renzo Porter who stepped through those 4 C Dub doors. Ain’t nothing change for me now that I’m Pride Champion. My mission, my goals are far from the finish line. Still allot of work that has to be put in. I’mma enjoying being Pride Champ while putting in said work.”
Lo’Renzo looks over at the belt on his shoulder, tapping it before Hartman ask another question.

HARTMAN: ”Tonight on the one year anniversary show there will be the start to the tournament to crown a number one contender to your title. Your thoughts on that?”
He holds the microphone out to Lo’Renzo’s mouth who smiles.

FLIPP: “Honestly I think it’s a pretty dope idea, but really I would love to give Jason Sanity a shot at this title whenever he comes back. That’s why this tournament is so grade right now because every champ needs a contender. It’s gonna be fun to see who wins and gets that shot. See who really wants it. I know whoever wins is gonna be a tough good opponent for my first ever title defense. So I’ll be watching very close backstage.”
HARTMAN: ”Who do you think wins it?
Lo’Renzo shook his head before he responds. His purple dreads swinging left and right.

FLIPP: “I really don’t know man. The talent’s so thick round here you never really know. Everybody’s fighting for a different reason. They all want the same thing. We just gotta see how it goes.”
Lo’Renzo adjust’s his title around his shoulder, Brian coughing before asking another question.

HARTMAN: ”Also tonight you’re in a match against the fierce Nick Watson whose looking to capitalize and claim his biggest win in Four Corner Wrestling tonight. Comments?”
FLIPP: “Nick’s a great guy to have around because he loves to fight man. He’s gonna make sure that he’s ready with his mind focused on giving the fans good matches. Showing the world why Four C Dub is the place to be. I like guys like that, and I see nothing but big things going foward for Nick but I gotta do me. No hard feelings just gotta do me. I’ve been looking foward to getting back in the ring since we had a lil holiday vacay. Tonight’s the last show of the year for Four Corner Wrestling. It’s already been action packed with allot more ahead. We bringing in the new years on a high note. Me and Nick gone make sure to keep up the pace because that’s what we do.”
Hartman holds up one finger indicating this was his last question.

HARTMAN: ”Any final words?”
Lo’Renzo smiles before sliding his title from his shoulder and holding it in his hands.

FLIPP: “Let’s turn up. Here’s an early Happy New Years from me to you. Stay hip, stay true, and stay you. Enjoy the rest of the show. Deuces.”
With that Flipp salutes toward the camera before it begins it slow fade out on the 2015 on Flipp’s t-shirt.

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed, blasts over the PA system as the crowd start drowning in boos. Mr. Executive, Brian Hollywood, starts to make his way down to the ring with his tag partner, Jace Savage, closely following in tow. Both NewGen members are carrying their 4CW Tag Team Championships draped over their shoulders. Both men make their way into the ring as Hollywood is seen with a cocky smile across his face. Hollywood and Savage both grabs mics as Hollywood makes his way to the center of the ring. Savage stands behind him as Hollywood’s music cuts out.

HOLLYWOOD:”What did I tell you people? I said that I would be making sure I send messages that would be felt throughout the entire 4CW roster and I have already started just that. That started with the beatdown of John Pariah. Seriously, how many times do you have to come out of retirement John? I shouldn’t be surprised that your actually trying to make yet another run to build your legacy and add to your career. I have to ask, though, why waste your time? That’s all your going to find here in 4CW.”
The crowd continue to boo Hollywood as he just simply shakes his head in disgust.

HOLLYWOOD:”I mean, really John, what were you expecting when you arrived in 4CW? You and I have a lot of history, there’s no doubt about that, but you should know that you and I cannot share the same spotlight here in 4CW. Hell, we can’t share the same spotlight anywhere that we are in the same fed together. History has never been on your side, John. It has always been on mine. It’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows for you here, John. As you can see, I’ve already made my mark here in 4CW and I’m just getting fucking started! My partner and my brother, Jace Savage, have already been dominating here. We have been holding the 4CW Tag Team Championships for 6 months, a good half year, and have been decimating anyone who stands in our way. We have cut down teams and have sent teams packing from 4CW. NewGen have crushed the dreams of others and it just fuels us even more. I mean, look around you John. Do you see anyone trying to take our 4CW Tag Team Championships? From what I can see, there is no one in sight.”
Jace smiles as the crowd continues to drown the champs in boos. They are also starting to get chants started.
NewGen simply smiles and starts to jaunt the crowd.

HOLLYWOOD:”You people can hate us all you want, but you can’t deny the dominance we have executed in the half year we have held these titles. There hasn’t been a god damn person or people that have been able to dethrown us. We are just getting started and if you hate us now, you’ll just hate us even more as 2015 ages. That’s just a damn simple fact that your all going to have to accept! By the way, how did your arrival in 4CW fair for you, John? Expecting a warm debut? Once again, I’ve rained on your parade just like I’m going to rain on your damn entire time here in 4CW. It’s an undeniable fact, John. You just had to have help though, didn’t you John? I can’t say that I’m not surprised that Ryan Kidd had to come to your aid. When have you ever done something on your own, John? You’ve always had to have help to find you any kind of success and even in that moment of success, it was always stained. Do you really think Kidd is going to help you achieve success here?”
Hollywood looks back at Savage as Jace and Hollywood just start busting up laughing as they shake their heads. This prompts Jace to raise his mic.

SAVAGE:”Which speaking of help, your more than welcome to try to do something about our dominance. Hell, invite Kidd to help you in your quest for some footing ground here in 4CW. It won’t even matter. However, if you and Kidd are getting any wise ideas, your more than welcome to tune in later tonight for my announcement. It might actually benefit the both of you, not like it will really matter, though.”
Hollywood smiles devilishly as he raises the mic back up to his mouth.

HOLLYWOOD:”The point is John, no matter what you try to do here in 4CW, it will always fail. You will always fail. You are nothing more than a failure, John. Your entire legacy is nothing but a gigantic joke. At every turn, you will be put down and you will never find success here. The fact is, John, that I’m just fucking better than you. I’ve always been better than you. History has never been on your side. In more ways than one, I’ve always been the one to best you. I’m all for repeating history, John, and I have no fucking problem with doing it again. If beating your ass and ending your career is what I have to do to get it into your fucking skull that you will never achieve greatness, than that is what I will do. Truth is John, no matter where you turn for help, you will never outshine me. That is an undeniable fact. I’m actually looking for a challenge and you simply are not challenge material. Interestingly enough, that brings up my next point.”
Hollywood looks towards the entrance ramp and shakes his head in disgust.

HOLLYWOOD:”I came out here to address the entire 4CW roster. Since I have been in 4CW, I have been nothing short of dominant. Any person that I have faced, has been put down and silenced. Jace and I have sat in the back for the past month and that has gotten me doing a lot of thinking. All of the events that have occured in the last month and a half has brought me out here to this ring tonight to simply speak my mind. That has drawn me to one conclusion….I’ve simply gotten fucking bored!”
This gets the crowd red hot at Hollywood as they just continue to boo him. Hollywood just laughs it off and is unphased by the crowd’s reaction.

HOLLYWOOD:’Hell, all you fucking people bore me! You don’t want to get yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, bored! When shit like that starts to happen, bad things come along with it. I mean, I’ve got plans in place here in 4CW, but they are plans that will come when you people less expect it. However, there are just some of those times where I have to take matters into my own hands. Take for instance, the 4CW roster. You people haven’t done shit to impress me lately. Some of you might be champions, but the least you have done hasn’t impressed me. You get thrown challengers, but you all lack the ability to actually put yourselves in situations where you control your own destiny. Situations where you actually hold all the cards. From where I’m standing, none of you are even close. You all lack the ability to make risky moves because you all get too comfortable in your own moments. I have always groomed myself for success. I have always put myself in the position to where I have all the power. You all are simply blinded by it. It will pass you all by and sooner than later, when you actually all wake up and see what’s going on around you, it will be too fucking late to do anything about it! You see, by the end of this night, you all will come to hate me. Why? It’s because I make the big moves. I will be that one guy who, when it’s all said and done, will still be holding all the cards. It’s simple fucking knowledge that all of you lack. That’s why tonight, I am giving myself something to do and out of boredom. That should scare each and every one of you in the back. Just imagine how I am on my good day when shit is naturally coming in my direction. What I am doing tonight is merely giving myself something to do as I wait for all my plans to fall smoothly in place. So I beg all of you…try to fucking stop me! Try to fucking do something about it! I DARE you! I dare you to rise up and try to knock me down. In the end, you’ll all just be proving my point! In my opinion, which is actually nothing but actual truth, you all are beneath me! You all lack the ability to actually knock me from my thrown. I may not look like I’m doing much in 4CW, but you all are boring me so much, that I actually have to force all your hands! I have to give you all that nudge to force you to actually rise and make a move against me! So please, enlighten me. Humor me. It’s been far too long since I’ve actually had a good challenge. Will any of you really agree? Most likely not. Then again, I don’t expect any of you to. In the end of the day, you all will just hate me and spite me. I encourage that. I really do. So channel that hate on me. But in the end, it will just be your only smokescreen as I put out that angry fire and once again prove that you all are and will always be three steps below me.”
Hollywood is getting booed so loudly, that throughout this entire promo, Hollywood can hardly be heard. However, Hollywood is simply unphased by any of it as he nods his head slowly with a smile on his face. Jace is smiling as well as he adjusts his championship over on his shoulders.

HOLLYWOOD:”Oh you all thought that was bad? HA! I’m just getting warmed up! Tonight, I’m only just beginning! By the end of this night, your all going to want to kill me. You all are going to be wanting to chuck your TV’s out the window but really, you all know that I’m a man who always gets results. Each and everyone of you people here are just going to keep buying those tickets and sitting your lazy asses in those seats just to hate on me some more. However, that’s exactly what I expect. I’m putting your asses in those seats and you all hate it because you all know that I’m right! So enjoy what you paid for because this night is only getting started! Happy New Year you mother fuckers!”
With that, Hollywood drops the mic as he and Jace make their way out of the ring and to the back as NewGen get drowned in boos as they exit to the back as we cut to backstage.

Security are on the scene as the cameras come back to Tidus Howe and the group of Wrestlers he lured into a fight with each other. Tidus is seen paying off the Security team and turns back to see the hallway torn to shit. Walls with holes in them, chairs broken, scattered in pieces all over the place. Team Slayer is knocked out and laying in a pile of themselves against the wall like they were stacked nicely after being knocked out. As the camera turns to Joseph Sullivan, he has Athena by her neck and the back of her pants at the waistline. He launches her head first into the hard corner where two walls connect. She slumps and crashes down onto the waxed floor as blood quickly comes rolling out from her head. Her tongue hanging out of her mouth and it looks like she bit it as she crashed into the corner of the wall.
Lincoln Cutler slowly rises to his feet, his nose bleeding and his mouth stained with blood as he smiles showing his teeth brightly covered in blood. He rushes Sullivan with a wild and wide overhand but Joseph Sullivan locks it with his arm and slides behind Cutler. Sullivan hooks both of Cutler’s arms behind him and snaps him up and over with a Tiger Suplex. Cutler crashes into the hallway wall with his neck and shoulders before dropping down to the floors leaves him unconscious. Joseph Sullivan pushes up and gets to his feet. He looks around at all the others and realizes they are done. His eyes move to Tidus Howe who is approaching him, filling the hallway with the sound of clapping.

HOWE: “Outstanding! Wow, I mean all of you! Where has that hunger been? I’ve not seen any of you fight that hard one time since I’ve been here! I’m taken back, a bit impressed and in truth surprised. I told Jason this might be a waste of time but boy was I wrong!”
CASHE: “Told you..”
Into the scene comes Jason Cashe and he’s got the Southwest Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder. Cashe nods at the envelop of Money still in Tidus’ possession.

CASHE: “He earned that, give it to him..”
Handing over the envelop, Sullivan looks down at the money and a small grin stretches across his face.

SULLIVAN: “Honestly? That was intense! It was the most alive I’ve felt in years man…I want to thank you for the opportunity.”
CASHE: “It’s something that doesn’t need to stop here. You want to feel like that more often? Really change your career for the better? We can help you, all you have to do is ask.”
Thinking on it, letting the pros and cons he can think about sink in. Sullivan nods and looks over Cashe and then Tidus, wanting that chance.

SULLIVAN: “Yeah..My father use to tell me never to follow my gut, always trust your heart. My heart hasn’t taken me anywhere, let’s see what this gut feeling leads too. Let’s do it.”
HOWE: “Well alright then! Let’s get back to the room then. Jason has a Title to defend tonight!”
Following Cashe and Howe, Joseph Sullivan looks unsure of what will happen but is trusting his gut. Something he was told would lead him down some dark paths.


JOHNSON:” What a night it has been for us here in the early going, Vinny. And it’s only going to get better. Up next, we’ll be seeing a recently formed tag team of Ashe Corvin and the debuting Jonathan Cage taking on Black Listed, a team already familiar with 4CW.”
VASSA:” The tag team division really is heating it up. “
JOHNSON:” We saw it once before when we had the All Stars, American Psychos, The Carnival, Malice, but it has since died down, until now. “
POWERS:” The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Jonathan Cage and Ashe Corvin…Xtreme Apocalypse!!”
The theater lights dim as the intro to “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons starts.
“As a child you would wait
And watch from far away.
But you always knew that you’d be the one
that work while they all play.”
Ashe Corvin and Jonathan Cage step out from the back through fog. The crowd starts to boo, with a few cheers mixed in. They both look out to the crowd and scoff as the head towards the ring.
“In youth you’d lay
awake at night and scheme
of all the things that you would change,
but it was just a dream!”
They climb into the ring and each take to opposite corners. The crowd increases their volume. They both slam a fist over their heart and then hold that arm up and out at an angle.
“Here we are, don’t turn away now,
we are the warriors that built this town.
Here we are, don’t turn away now,
we are the warriors that built this town
From dust.”
As the chorus of the song ends they drop from the turnbuckles and stand in their corner.

JOHNSON:” For those that don’t know. These two go way back and have held tag team gold once before. “
VASSA:” They’re my pick to knock off New Gen Rising. “
JOHNSON:” That’s a bold prediction. “
POWERS:” And their opponents, the team of Royce and Demi Griffin…Black Listed!! “
The lights start to switch to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B hits as the familiar beats draw cheers from the crowd. Out from the back first comes the bubbly and fun Demi Griffin with a big smile on her face as she stops to shake her booty to the beat a few times before making her way to the ring. Not far behind her coming through the curtain as his sister has already made it half down the ramp is the imposing RPG, Royce Griffin standing looking out at the crowd. The two wearing matching red and black themed outfits though, differing in types of gear. They still have matching arm bands and focused looks as Demi finishes high fiving the fans around the ring before hopping up the steps and stepping through the bottom two ropes. As she does this Royce slides into the ring,
Once in the ring Royce does two big jumps into the air to show off his athleticism and get stretched out as his sister walks around the ring hands held high. RPG throws a few practice punches before letting out a primal scream for the crowd getting them going as Demi now sits atop one of the corner posts jiving to the beat. Royce walks around the ring screaming out “Let’s Go” several times while hyping the crowd as the two seem fully ready for their tag match.

JOHNSON:” Black Listed looked good in their last tag bout and will look to improve upon their record here tonight. Some people see them as the next contenders to New Gen Rising. “
VASSA:” We’ll see about that. “
Ashe Corvin is the first one in, opposite of Royce and wastes no time going after his counterpart. Royce is hit from behind as he talks strategy with Demi. Corvin immediately takes him away from his corner and hammers him down to one knee with a forearm to the lower back. Corvin hits the ropes, bounces off, and puts a knee right to the middle of Royce’s back. Royce gets on all fours, but is dropped to the mat with a kick to the gut, courtesy of Ashe Corvin. Corvin drags Royce over to his corner and tags in Cage. Cage hops over the top rope and sticks a kick into the mid section of Royce as he tries to get up.

JOHNSON:” Xtreme Apocalypse has the advantage after a blindside. “
VASSA:” Blindside? Black Listed just wasn’t ready. They heard the bell! “
Cage lifts Royce up and rips him across the chest with a few knife edge chops before sending him to the ropes. Cage bends down and is quickly hit with a swinging neck breaker and both hit the mat. Royce begins crawling to his corner, but Cage quickly regains his composure and grabs the leg of Royce dragging him back to his corner. Corvin hits Cage on the shoulder and climbs back in. Cage continues to hold the leg as Corvin stomps on the back of Royce’s head. Corvin picks Royce up and rams him back into his teams corner and begins unloading with kicks to the legs and midsection. Royce drops to a seated position as Corvin puts a boot to his throat and begins to choke him until the ref steps in and breaks the hold.

JOHNSON:” Royce still hasn’t been able to recover. Corvin and Cage working as a team here in the early going. “
VASSA:” I’m telling ya, Steve, you’re looking at the next tag team champions! “
Corvin plays to the crowds boos as he stomps on Royce for good measure. Corvin pulls him out of the corner, slings him to the ropes, and hoists Royce up on his shoulders as he bounces off. Royce begins elbowing his way out with shots to the temple. Corvin drops him to the mat. Corvin holds his head as he makes his way over to a crouched Royce. Royce shoots up and hits a devastating european uppercut. Corvin falls back against the ropes, bounces back towards Royce as Royce lifts him up and slams him to the mat with a spine buster.

JOHNSON:” Royce loves to show off his power and use the spine buster. Slams Corvin with authority! “
VASSA:” You really wanna brush that illegal punch off, Steve? “
JOHNSON:” Uppercuts are legal.. “
Both men are down as they crawl to their respective corners. Corvin reaches out, tags in Cage. Royce makes the tag to Demi. Demi hops in and immiedately knocks Cage down with a clothesline. He’s right back up and Demi puts him back on the canvas with a hip toss. Cage hops back up and Demi ducks his clothesline. Cage turns around and is hit with a big dropkick. Cage stumbles backwards and falls through the ropes and to the outside. Demi goes over to the ropes and nods her head at the recuperating Jonathan Cage. She turns around to a charging Ashe Corvin, but she ducks, and lifts Corvin up over the top rope. Corvin goes over the top rope and crashes down on Jonathan Cage. Cage and Corvin are down on the outside as Royce shares an embrace with Demi on the inside. Royce makes a motion towards Demi.

JOHNSON:” It looks like Black Listed is gonna try a little team work here! “
VASSA:” Come on guys! Get up! “
Royce gets on all fours as Demi bounces off the ropes. Demi jumps off his back, over the top rope, and topples on top of Cage and Corvin who had made it back to their feet. All three crash to the padding. Royce rolls under the bottom rope, helps Demi up, and throws Cage back under the bottom rope. Demi climbs in and makes the pin on Cage.

JOHNSON:” Cage kicks out, but the damage may be done after that dive. Wow! “
VASSA:” Pick your jaw up off the ground. “
Cage just gets the shoulder up as Demi immediately picks him up and rocks with a forearm to the face. That staggers him and Demi quickly sends him to the corner with a hard irish whip. Cage staggers outward as Demi hits the ropes and connects with a bull dog. Instead of going for the pin, Demi makes a quick tag to Royce. Royce hops in like a man on fire and he begins stomping all the way around the body of Jonathan Cage. Royce picks Cage up and sends him to the corner. Cage sticks to the corner as Royce gets a running start and smashes him with a clothesline. Cage staggers out to the center of the ring, Royce gets in a fighting stance, spins around, and connects with a vicious spinning back elbow. Cage crumbles to the mat.
The fans are on their feet as Royce crouches low, waiting in the corner, for Cage to get back up. Cage is still down, but is starting to stir. Corvin is slowly making his way over to Royce on the outside, going unnoticed. Cage is up to his feet as Royce goes to make a run at him, but Corvin has a hold of his foot on the outside. Corvin hops up on the apron and pulls the neck of Royce over the top rope as he turns around. Demi runs over to Corvin and pulls his legs from out under him. He smashes his face on the apron. In the ring, Cage sneaks behind Royce and rolls him up.

JOHNSON:” Cage taking advantage of the Corvin distraction. “
Royce bursts out of the pin attempts and gets back to his feet quickly as does Cage. Royce shoots and hits a double leg take down. Royce hops right into full mount and begins unloading with some brutal ground and pound. Griffin is throwing right and lefts. He flies off with a few elbows and some body shots. The ref finally pulls Royce off and Cage catches a break. Royce hops back on Cage, but this time, into a pin.

VASSA:” Ha! He can’t even get a one count. Pathetic. “
The ref isn’t able to even able to make a one count as Corvin breaks it up with a kick to the back of Royce. Demi climbs into the ring, runs at Corvin, Corvin side steps her and throws her over the top rope. Corvin turns around and taunts her as the ref goes over to Corvin, yelling at him to get out. The ref puts half of his body through the ropes, checking on Demi. Royce hooks Corvin up from behind, looking for a german suplex. Corvin throws his leg up and hits Royce with a low blow. The ref completely misses it as Corvin and Cage take advantage. Royce goes to the mat as Corvin picks Cage up and drags him closer to his corner. Corvin gets the attention of the ref as he gets back on the apron. Cage sluggishly makes the tag and Corvin is back in.

JOHNSON:” Speaking of illegal moves…Corvin is a damn disgrace. “
VASSA:” I bet you won’t say that to his face. “
Corvin aggressively begins stomping on Royce Griffin. Corvin picks Royce up, knees him in the midsection, and connects with an exploder suplex. Corvin makes the pin.
Royce powers out of the pin attempt and Corvin becomes visibly upset. Corvin grabs a hold of Royce’s right arm and begins to torque it, putting pressure on the joints. Corvin continues to pull at it as Royce screams in agony. The fans begin to get behind Royce as Royce makes his way up to one knee. He begins elbowing his way out, hitting Corvin in the midsection. Royce breaks away, bounces off the ropes, ducks a Corvin clothesline, Royce bounces off the other side, and Demi makes a blind tag. She immediately climbs to the top rope as Corvin connects with a back body drop. Simultaneously, Demi flies off the top rope and connects with a diving hurricanrana. Cage runs back in and attacks Demi, but he is quickly met with Royce who tosses him to the outside. Demi turns around and is hit with an enziguri from Corvin. Royce grabs Corvin from behind and sends him flying into the ring post, shoulder first. His shoulder wraps around the ring post and he quickly falls to his knees. Cage hops back up on the apron sees his partner hurt and tags himself in.

JOHNSON:” Cage is back in and Corvin may be hurt, Vinny. “
VASSA:” Black Listed should be disqualified. He used that ring post as a weapon! “
JOHNSON:” Give it up. Your boys are reeling. “
Royce finds himself back on the apron as Cage knocks Demi down with a shoulder block. She is quickly back to her feet and hits an arm drag on a rebounding Jonathan Cage. Cage flips out of the attempted arm bar. Cage knocks Demi down with a clothesline. He quickly turns around to hit Royce, but Royce jumps off the apron and avoids the strike. Cage mouths off before turning around and getting hit with Peep This! Cage falls to the mat as Demi tags in Royce.

JOHNSON:” Cage tried to get a cheap shot on Royce, but it did not pay off! “
Royce peels Cage off the mat, lifts him up into a spinebuster position, as Demi climbs to the second turnbuckle. She flies off, connects with a kick to the head, and Royce finishes out with the spinebuster. Royce hooks the legs…

JOHNSON:” That’s it! Black Listed has defeated Xtreme Apocalypse! “
VASSA:” After they deliberately injured Corvin. “
POWERS:” The winners of this match, Royce and Demi Griffin…Black Listed!! “
Corvin is now back to his feet, shoving off refs as they try to check on him. He stands at the base of the ramp, holding his limp shoulder as Black Listed celebrate in the ring. Royce looks out at Corvin and just shakes his head.

JOHNSON:” Corvin may be injured, but it was incidental. Nonetheless, Black Listed remains undefeated. Folks, we’re gonna take a break from the action. We’ll be right back! “



JOHNSON:”Well folks, we are once again ready to hit off another Extreme Rules Match. This time, between Damien Knight and the ever so monstrously Lord Raab.”
VASSA:”That’s right Steve, and this could be a big opportunity for Knight to put down Raab. It would certainly give Knight something to add to his resume here in 4CW.”
POWERS:”The following match is scheduled for one fall, and it is an Extreme Rules Match!”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak.

POWERS:”Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Masked German Monster”, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin as Henry Losak stands at ringside.

JOHNSON:”Raab looks to continue his domination here in 4CW. He would love nothing more than to destroy Damien here tonight.”
VASSA:”I have always been impressed with Lord Raab. He has never disappointed and Knight is going to have a lot of work to do if he wants to pull of the big win here tonight.”
The lights dim as “Masked Jackal” by Coroner begins to play over the PA System and strobe lights start flashing to the beat of the guitar riff, after a few minutes the riff picks up in speed as do the flashes and once the vocals hit Damien emerges from the backstage area with his arms outstretched, he makes his way down to the ring and hops up on the apron before removing his hood revealing a sadistic grin as he stares down the audience before entering the ring ready for his match.

POWERS:”And his opponent, from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at 220 pounds, Damien Knight!”
JOHNSON:’Damien is looking pretty confident tonight. He’s going to need that confidence if he wants to knock off one of 4CW’s best here tonight.”
VASSA:”That is what makes Knight so great, because it doesn’t matter who he faces. Knight comes to that ring every night and performs to his very best.”
The bell rings and this match is underway. Knight wastes no time and charges towards Raab only to be taken down with a vicious clothesline. Raab picks Knight up and delivers a German Suplex. Knight gets back to his feet and Raab ricochets off the ropes and comes at Knight with a Lou Thesz Press and starts mounting him with a few right punches. Raab picks Knight up and starts to nail him with several headbutts before following it up with a spinebuster. Raab goes for a cover.
Raab just stops the pin himself and lifts Knight up from the canvas.

JOHNSON:”What is Raab doing?! He could have ended the match right there as Knight wasn’t even looking to kick out of that pin!”
VASSA:”My guess is Raab is looking to make his time worthwhile by inflicting pain to Knight.”
And pain is exactly what he plans on dishing out on Knight. Losak yells from outside the ring for Raab to destroy Knight in the most painful way possible! Raab, of course, acknowledges his request. As Raab lifts up Knight, Knight actually tries to fight back as he catches Raab off guard and is able to deliver to drive Raab into the mat with a DDT. Raab is quick to his feet, however, as Knight tries to stay on the offense. Knight bounces off the ropes and comes back and hits a clothesline on Raab, but Raab still remains standing. Knight looks concerned as he tries again. He bounces off the ropes once more and hits another clothesline that once again, doesn’t do any damage to Raab. Knight shakes his head as he tries once more, ricocheting off the ropes, and hits a clothesline. Once again, Raab just stands there undamaged by the attack. Raab smiles evilly and has had enough as he plants Knight with a huge European Uppercut. Knight falls hard to the canvas as Raab follows it up with repeated knee drops to the head of Knight. Since this is an Extreme Rules match, the referee cannot interfere and Knight is helpless at the merciless attacks Raab continues to dish out to him. Losak finally gets the attention of Raab and tells him to finish Knight off. Loyally listening to Losak, Raab picks up Knight off the mat and hits The Raabinator leveling Knight. Raab hooks the leg of Knight.

JOHNSON:”Well that wasn’t pretty…”
VASSA:”It’s Lord Raab! It’s hard to stop a monster!”
POWERS:”Here is your winner, Lord Raab!”
JOHNSON:”Well, Lord Raab picks up the victory here tonight and it’s hard to imagine where Damien Knight will go from here.”
VASSA:”Knight has had a rough roller coaster these last couple months. Hopefully he will be able to recover quickly from them.”

We see Corvin sitting in his locker room. He is breathing heavy with his eyes closed and head leaning back. With out opening his eyes he speaks to his partner Cage.

CORVIN:”I’m. done. man.”
CAGE:”That was a damn rough match brother.”
CORVIN:”No, I mean I’m done wrestling. Period.”
CAGE:”You serious?”
Cage sits up and looks at Corvin. Corvin opens his eyes slowly and lifts his head and looks Cage dead in the eyes.

CORVIN:”Yeah man, I am. I planned on making one last run here but fuck man. I ain’t got it anymore. I think I’m just gonna stick with training. Ain’t like I need the money right?”
Both chuckle.

CAGE:”Yeah you got that right. Well, I’m glad I was part of your last match man.”
CORVIN:”I wouldn’t have it any other way man. Let everyone out there mark the date. It happened finally. The great Ashe Corvin is hanging up the boots. And I promise you this Perry, cause I know you will see this. I will send any of my trainees here for their first place. Top notch company.”
CAGE:”Well, it’s New Years Eve, lets at least go out and party!”
Corvin smiles and nods his head. He slowly pushes himself up and heads to the showers.


“Blood” hits on the sound system, as purple strobe lights flicker around the building. When the music picks up at 0:15, Cole Turner slowly makes his way out from behind the curtain. The fans begin to boo uncontrollably, as Cole soaks it all in. He stands at the top of the ramp, adjusts his tie, and hits his knees, stretching his arms out and looking to the Heavens.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring, Bayne and Bryce Byson… The New Reign!!! “
From behind the curtain, Bayne and Bryce come out, placing one hand apiece on opposite shoulders of Cole. Both men bow their heads, and lift their “Devil horns” into the air with their opposite hands, as pyro explodes all around them. As the pyro subsides, Cole makes his way to his feet, and the three men slowly stroll down the ramp. All three men take the stairs up to the ring. Both brothers enter the ring, as Cole stays on the apron. Cole walks to the middle of the apron, as the brothers stand in the ring, on opposite sides of him. Cole once again spreads his arms, as the brothers lean against the ropes behind him, as the music fades out.

VASSA: ”It’s been a good minute since we’ve seen these two in action.”
JOHNSON: ”It sure has Vinny and they both look ready tonight!”
The theatre gets filled with silver lights as “Welcome to the Queendom” begins to play through the speakers. Sydney and Natasha walk out through the curtain immediately being followed by Ursula Palmer and Courtney Sharpless. Sydney pulls up on her ring jacket as Natasha kneels down in front of her. Sydney then throws open her jacket as they bounce down the aisle. Ursula is walking down behind them as Courtney walks with her.

POWERS: ”Being accompanied to the ring by Courtney Sharpless and Ursula Palmer, at a combined weight of none of your damn business, please welcome “Queen of Cards” Sydney Hollister and the “Country Queen” Natasha Blankenship. They are QUEENS INCORPORATED!!!”
Sydney and Natasha slides into the ring at the same as Ursula is seen walking up the steel steps. Courtney continues walking around the ring, pulls a chair up and takes a seat next to the commentators booth. Sydney jumps up onto one turnbuckle as Natasha gets up onto another turnbuckle. Sydney flings off her ring jacket as Natasha throws her arms high into the air. Ursula stands in the middle of them as she points to both of them as they jump off their respective turnbuckles and begins the final preparations for their upcoming match.

Ursula and Courtney both leave the ring as the ref walks to the center and checks with each corner. After getting the nod, he signals for the bell.
New Reign dart out of their corner and rush the Queens. Bayne takes a swing at Sydney and connects with a closed fist to the jaw. Bryce kicks Natasha in the stomach and then throws her to the corner behind him with all his might. As Natasha hits the corner, Bryce is right there behind her with a clothesline that flips her up and over the top ropes and to the outside of the ring. Bryce then exits the ring and stands on the apron while the ref recognizes Sydney and Bayne as the legal wrestlers.
Bayne continues to do a number on Sydney with a vicious attack. He then kicks her in the stomach a few times before dragging her out of the corner and lifting her up and dropping her across his knee with a backbreaker. Sydney bounces off and falls face first to the canvas while Bayne slowly raises to both feet. He then grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her feet before throwing her to New Reign’s corner. As Sydney’s back hits the corner, Bryce throws a powerful forearm across the top of her back, knocking her forward into a running superkick from Bayne.
Sydney hits the mat on her back. Bryce and Bayne then slap hands initiating a tag. Bryce then springboards over the top rope and comes down on Sydney with a leg drop across the throat. He then stands back up and pulls Sydney up from the canvas. Bryce then lifts her up in a fireman’s carry position on his shoulders. He spins around a few times before launching Sydney into the air and throwing her to the center of the ring. He then runs to the ropes, hits them hard and comes back with speed, dropping another leg drop across the throat of Sydney. Bryce then covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.
From the outside, Natasha slides underneath the ropes and into the ring. She breaks up the pinfall before the ref can get the three count. The ref quickly backs her into the Queen’s corner and commands her to climb onto the apron.
Meanwhile, Bryce lifts Sydney to her feet and backs her into New Reign’s corner with a series of kicks and punches. From the outside, Bayne reaches into the ring and wraps his arms around Sydney, trapping her. Bryce then winds up and takes a swing for the fences. He connects with a powerful right hand and then looks to Bayne and the two slap hands, initiating the tag.

VASSA: ”New Reign is on the rampage tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”They sure are, Vinny.”
Bayne climbs into the ring while Bryce holds Sydney in the corner. The ref quickly orders Bryce to climb onto the apron and he does after a short pause. Bayne then grabs Sydney by the arm and throws her to the Queen’s corner with all of his might. Sydney slams into the corner and right behind her, Bayne is there to knock her head off with a running clothesline. He then pulls her away from the corner and grabs her by the arm. Bayne then swings her arm at Natasha, slapping her across the face with it. The ref recognizes it as a tag as a smile comes across bayne’s face. Bayne then reaches to the outside and grabs a handful of Natasha’s hair. He then lifts her up and over the top rope, dragging her into the ring.
Sydney falls to the mat and rolls underneath the bottom rope to the apron before falling off the edge and crashing to the floor below. The other Queen’s on the outside quickly rush to her aide. Back in the ring, Bayne then throws Natasha to New Reign’s corner. As she collides with the turnbuckle, Bayne is right there to greet her with a running big boot to the face. He then slaps hands with Bryce. The ref recognizes the tag and the two quickly switch position in the ring before the ref can even mention a word.
Natasha stumbles across the ring, away from the corner. Bryce then comes in from behind and wraps his arms around her. Bayne then climbs the corner to the top while Bryce lifts her up and drives her into the ring with a German suplex. As Natasha collides with the canvas, Bayne leaps from the top rope and comes down with a big air leg drop across the throat. Bryce then covers for the pin as Sydney slides back into the ring.
Bayne then rushes towards Sydney and stomps on her before she can even get to her feet.

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s one way to finish the match big! The Takeover was exactly as it’s title, a takeover!”
“Blood” hits the sound system as New Reign stand side by side in the ring and the ref raises both of their arms in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winners, Bayne and Bryce Byson… The New RREEIIGGNN!!!”

The screen is pitch black as nobody can be seen, other than a pair of eyes peeking out from a mask who’s sitting in a chair, looking around the room as he chuckles before he begins to speak.

RAAB: ”For a while, Shane and I had lots of fights, costing ourselves big championship matches because our anger and hatred for each other gets worse each time we fight, but there’s a problem with Borderland, everytime he loses a match, he wants to quit wrestling.”
Raab’s voice sounds very cold and you can see a shadow of Samuel McPhereson, Raab’s Muscle servant, but nothing else.

RAAB: ”He crumbles under pressure every title match he’s in along with his whole career too like the time when he walked out of APW as the tag team champion. Shane’s proven on more than one occassion he’s nothing more, but a coward.”
Raab takes deep breaths as he laughs again, relaxing in the dark room, but sounding cold.

RAAB: ”He can’t stand losing matches and I know for a damn fact the reason why he didn’t want to face me tonight is because he’s scared of losing to me again and his achievements are known for his failers and has a mental breakdown because of it.”
Raab and Samuel are laughing loudly in the room as the reality is true.

RAAB: ”I demand a match against Shane Borderland at Winter Wasteland because he’s a life loser and the only way Shane can prove to me he’s not is showing his ass up to the arena and prepare himself for the most brutal beating of his life. Because if tonight’s match against Damien Knight was bad, you’re reality faces far worse to a point where you’re career ends of a brutal, vicious and bloody beaten you’ll get from me.”
Raab’s serious about his challenge against Shane Borderland, feeling a little shaky in excitement, rocking the chair backwards and forwards with Samuel still larking in the shadows, granting and continues to speak.

RAAB: ”When I beat you one last time, you will disappear like a dust of wind, knowing I’ve given you the most embarrassing loss of you’re life, something you’ll never look back on and you will prepare for the violence and pain you’ll suffer from me. I’d prefer it if our match involved in some sort of stipulation like a hell in a cell match or a deathmatch to make you’re beating even more memorable. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, prepare to be Raabinated by The Masked German Monster.”
While Raab and Samuel are laughing in the background, the cameras went back to ringside.

The intro to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX starts to play as the theater lights fade down to a green. Fog/smoke starts to pour out of the entrance way as Sativa Nevaeh walks out from the back. She smiles at the crowd through half open eyes. Surprisingly the theater bursts into cheers.
“First thing’s first, I’m the realest (realest)
Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)
And I’m still in the Murda Bizness
I could hold you down, like I’m givin’ lessons in physics (right, right)
You should want a bad bitch like this (huh?)
Drop it low and pick it up just like this (yeah)
Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris
High heels, somethin’ worth a half a ticket on my wrist (on my wrist)
Takin’ all the liquor straight, never chase that (never)
Rooftop like we bringin’ ’88 back (what?)
Bring the hooks in, where the bass at?
Champagne spillin’, you should taste that”
“I’m so fancy
You already know
I’m in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I’m so fancy
Can’t you taste this gold?
Remember my name
‘Bout to blow”

As she climbs onto the ring apron she slinks along the outside before rolling under the bottom rope. She seductively crawls towards the center of the ring where she gets on her knees and leans back, both hands up middle fingers in the air, and screams. She stands up and gets a mic.

NEVAEH: “Fear not my lovely closet stoners for I am here! I know with the announcement of my concussion you thought I wouldn’t be here tonight. Well here I am!”
The crowd once again erupts into cheers. They all start to chant.
“GAN-JA GOD-ESS!” *Clap clap clap-clap-clap!*
“GAN-JA GOD-ESS!” *Clap clap clap-clap-clap.*

NEVAEH: “Thank you for such a warm welcome! Now I have a couple of announcements to make. First off, if you haven’t been following me or Four Corners on Twitter shame on you! Haha I kid, I kid. But seriously, you be following @ThaGanjaGodess on twitter, I get some good one liners off from time to time. But I digress, back to my announcements. First I have been officially cleared to return to the ring on Januarary Fourteenth!”
Another burst of cheers.

NEVAEH: “Once I got the call from my doctor I sat and wondered what I would get for my return. I didn’t really trust the front office so I issued an open challenge on Twitter. Boy was I shocked at the response! Not only did I get a response with in minutes.”

NEVAEH: “I got multiple responses! So I am here to officially announce that my return match shall be a Fem-Fatal Four way! It will consist of myself, Marisol Hawks, Jessica Connors, and Jessica Black!”
The crowd gives it their all to blow the roof off of the theater in their response to the announced match. They start their chant up again.
“GAN-JA GOD-ESS!” *Clap clap clap-clap-clap.*
“GAN-JA GOD-ESS!” *Clap clap clap-clap-clap.*

NEVAEH: “That’s right, gonna return in the match type and side lined me. But fear not, I won’t be side lined again. I got a lot of plans for Four Corners in Twenty Fifteen. I will let you all get back to the action! Good Luck to my girl Ramona in her match up next against that punk bitch Equinox! Also, if you follow my Twitter you can get the detail for the after/New Years Eve Party I got planned tonight! Ta ta my beauties!”
Sativa drops the mic as “Fancy” starts up again. She holds her hands out and then pantomimes smoking a joint as she laughs and heads backstage surrounded by the deafening cheers of the crowd.


The crowd less than excited for his introduction as The lights in the building go black, completely black in the arena ready for this match of the evening. The fans as quite as they heard the air move around them and they were patiently waiting for something new. The lighting began to change as the song begins to play over the sound system…The crowd screams towards the entrance way in cheers now, “Tourniquet” having just started to pound itself through the sound system. As the song picked up power, and rocks out hard the theater goes near pitch black. In the flashing of a strobe like white, green and blue lights at the entrance way as green mist flows along the theater. The lights continue to go “wild” as they flash erratically as the starting lyric announces…
“She’s made of hair and bone and little teeth
and things that cannot speak
she comes on like a crippled plaything
her spine is just a string
I wrapped our love in all this foil
Silver tight like spider legs
I never wanted it to ever spoil
but flies will always lay their eggs
Take your hatred out on me
Make your victim my head
You never ever believed in me
I am your tourniquet”
As it begins to play over the sound system and the lighting changes, bathing the entire theater in an eerie purple glow. The stage, as well as the ringside area, slowly begins to fill up with green smoke as the crowd watches in anticipation. Suddenly, something began to rise out of the stage, as if rising from the depths of hell itself. The fans began to erupt as Equinox hidden underneath the umbrella rises out of the stage, as if he’s here for them. To preform for them.
“Prosthetic synthesis and butterfly
Sealed up with virgin stitch
If it hurts baby please tell me
Preserve the innocence
I never wanted it to end like this
But flies will lay their eggs
Take your hatred out on me
Make your victim my head
You never ever believed in me
I am your tourniquet
What I wanted, what I needed
What I got for me
What I wanted, what I needed
What I got for me”
Fog began to appear as an umbrella can be seen twirling and twirling as it slowly rises and a man slowly emerged shrouded by a black and white umbrella twirling about over his head slowly, as he twirled it away from his body and onto his left shoulder as “The Superman of Insanity” Equinox comes creeping out through the reveal from the Umbrella. Equinox has his chest clad in a black tank top, and his customized arm covers over each arm in hues of black, dark blue, and charcoal gray. Over it is his coat and silver tie around his neck. His face hidden behind his eccentric face paint and jointed mask. The fans cheering as the ring announcer announces enigmatic insanity.

POWERS: “From St. Louis!!!! Weighing in at two hundred thirty five pounds…”The Suicide Thriller” Equinox!!!!!!!”
Equinox slowly folds in the Umbrella holding it firmly in his hand running down the ramp frantically as he takes a sharp turn to the steel steps running over to them hopping handing the ref the umbrella.
He hops down and lands in the arms of the fans cackling evil as they let him go as he clapped the hands of all the fans before heading back up the steel steps and proceeded to slap the steel steps. In frenzy he started up back to the ramp. Going full throttle he got a running pace his head bobbing with the music’s sound as the song continues playing out. The crowd in a frenzy as Equinox trucks right through the sea of outstretched hands… He slides under the ropes, jumping to his feet as he grabs the top rope with his right hand, he throws his left fist high with authority and glares over the crowd as he slowly raises his left brow cackling at the thoughts of the chaos that could be caused as the song starts to finish.

“Take out
Take out
From me
I am your tourniquet
Not even I believed in me
I am your tourniquet”
Once he was in the ring he began to unbutton his jacket revealing his new shirt as he let out a bloody scream. You can plain see the energy etched over his face as he gazes the crowd, Equinox then jumps in a single leap from the mat to the second turnbuckle of the nearest corner as the music continues playing loudly. His hair flying around in a color mess as the Joker’s begin cheering as begins thrashing his neck and head about as he lets his arms fly out as he cackles. He repeats this for the rest of turnbuckles before hopping down to meet the competition. Once done, He cackles in his enigmatic facepaint to all the Joker’s in the theater in the night to see as the Revolution begins.

VASSA: ”I know the guy’s been here for quite a while now but it seems like his appearance are becoming more and more like rip-offs from other wrestler in the business.”
JOHNSON: ”Some people just have a hard time being original.”
POWERS:” And the opponent, weighing in at one hundred forty-five pounds, from Detroit, Michigan…Ramona Lea Epps!!! “
As the slow start of ‘Comanche’ came over the theater’s speakers it was followed by the name RAMONA appearing on the large screen in letters of varying size and color that looked like they’d been cut out of several magazines. The name disappeared and the screen came to life with clips of the formerly announced woman entering and working out in a desolated gym interrupted occasionally with that first image of RAMONA in between them.
The music was playing so loud she couldn’t tell if the crowd was cheering or booing as she stepped out from behind the curtain dressed more like she was ready to enter a mosh pit than a wrestling ring. With a sly cock of the head and short lived wink to the crowd Ramona rolled beneath the bottom rope, into the ring and hopped to her feet.

VASSA: ”And another lovely face on the roster, Miss RAMONA!!!”
JOHNSON: ”She’s been on a hot streak since signing with 4CW and tonight, she gets the opportunity to advance in the tournament to name the number one contender to challenge Lo’Renzo Porter for the Pride championship at Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: ”After she won the ten persona elimination rumble in her debut, I knew she was going to do big things here in 4CW.”
The ref quickly checks with each corner and then signals for the bell.
Equinox rushes towards Ramona who waits in her corner for the bell to go quiet. Before the chime stops, Equinox gets in range to have his head nearly knocked off with a spinning roundhouse kick from Ramona. He slams against the mat with a thud and quickly rolls over to his stomach. Ramona acts quickly and stomps on his back a few times before turning her attack to the knees. She stomps on his right knee a few times before jumping into the air and coming down on Equinox’s ankle with a double foot stomp. Equinox releases a loud cry as she twists his ankle upon impact.
Ramona then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet. After standing him up, she hits him with a quick throat thrust. Equinox stumbles backwards, holding his throat as he gasps heavily. Ramona then sweeps in and drops him to the canvas with a single leg takedown. Climbing on top of him, she mounts herself before going to town with a series of punches. One after the other, she lands stunning punches to the face of Equinox. She then pulls her arm way back and swings forward, connecting with a stiff jab to the nose. Equinox’s head flings back and slams into the canvas as blood begins to trickle from his nose.

JOHNSON: ”it appears that Ramona’s momentum hasn’t died down yet. She’s taking charge!”
Ramona stands to her feet and looks down at Equinox who appears to be crying in the center of the ring. She laughs for a moment and then straightens her face before reaching down and grabbing by the head with both hands and pulling him up to his feet. She quickly moves in and flips him over to his back with a quick snapmare. Equinox rolls up to a seated position. Ramona then takes a few steps back and then runs forward, connecting with a powerful stinging kick to the lower back. Equinox releases another loud cry. Ramona then runs to the ropes in front of him and hits them with speed before bouncing back with full steam. With Equinox still in a seated position, Ramona runs at him and slides beside him, connecting with a brutal forearm smash to the face. Equinox’s head flies back again and crashes into the canvas with a thud as the fan gasp from the attack.

JOHNSON: ”And that’s the Blitzkrieg Bop!”
VASSA: ”That looked more like a concussion to me.”
Equinox holds his head in pain as he slowly rolls over to his stomach. Ramona stands to her feet with confidence as the fans cheer loudly after she gives them a quick look. She then climbs over Equinox and stands over his back. She then squats down and reaches back, grabbing both of his feet and locking them in her arms. With her hands now free, she then applies a camel clutch with an assisted leg trap. Pulling back with all her might, Ramona tries to break him in half while slowly raising up, leaving his weight pulling him down and applying more pressure.

VASSA: ”Look at that! A leg trap camel clutch! And she makes it looks good!”
JOHNSON: ”She likes to call that little nifty move the Ramona-sutra. I don’t think Equinox is escaping this hold.”
VASSA: ”What a bitch! That didn’t last long!”
Equinox begins to tap wildly as Ramona cranks down the pressure. The ref quickly takes notice and signals for the bell.
Ramona doesn’t let up, she continues to break Equinox in half. The ref quickly pats her on the shoulder and yells for her to release the hold. Ramona then drops Equinox and he falls to the mat, slamming his face into the canvas. She stands up slowly with a cocky look on her face as “In This Moment” hits the speakers. The ref then grabs her arm and raises it in the air as the fans pop with a loud cheer.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by submission… RAMONA LEE EEPPPPSS!!!”
JOHNSON: ”So Ramona will be advancing in the tournament and will face the winner between Jace Savage a Roxi Johnson later tonight.”
VASSA: ”Porter better be on the lookout because he has some competition coming his way!”
JOHNSON: ”You bet he does! We’ll be right back folks!”

The fans were clamoring at the hype for the next match. As the fans continued to talk about the match that was coming up next, Marisol Hawkes was walking through the backstage area clearing her head before her match. She stopped and looked down the hall to see Griffin Hawkins leaning against the wall talking with a stage hand. Marisol fixed the white leather jacket Griffin got her for Christmas and walked up to him.

HAWKES: ”Hey there Griffin. Are you busy?”
Griffin turned to see Marisol standing there in her black and pink leather wrestling attire and the white leather coat with gold studs that he got her. He smiled and the stage hand said that she would catch up with Griffin later. Griffin chuckled and turned back to Marisol, brushing the hair out of his face. Marisol smiled at Griffin and quickly moved her bangs out of her eyes.

HAWKINS: ”Hey there Marisol. I hope you are ready for tonight. Your match is up next. I know you will rock the crowd like you always do.”
Marisol smiled a genuine smile at Griffin and leaned against the wall next to him. Marisol bit her bottom lip as the hallway got silent for a brief moment. Marisol looked at Griffin and cleared her throat before speaking to him.

HAWKES: ”You know that surprise I told you about over Twitter? The one where I spoke in Spanish to tell you I had this surprise?”
Griffin nodded his head yes and just laughed. Marisol reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a small sprig of mistletoe. Griffin tilted his head back in wonder as she held the mistletoe over his head.

HAWKES: ”Look up Griff.”
Griffin looked up to see the mistletoe over his head. When he looked down at Marisol, she kissed his lips. Marisol wasn’t forceful in her kiss, but she made sure that he knew she meant business. The two stood there for a few moments kissing and then Marisol broke the kiss. Marisol didn’t open her eyes right away, but she smirks as she slowly opens her eyes. Griffin has a smile on his face and Marisol chuckled a bit.

HAWKES: ”Consider it a late gift from me. Have fun in your match tonight Griffin. I know I will have fun reffing it.”
Marisol started walking towards the go position and she looked back to see Griffin staring at her. She smiled at him and held up the heavy metal sign at him before turning back around and started to hum a song to herself.



The theater lights drop down as “Requiem (The Fifth)” comes over the Sound System as the theater doors swing open. A serious business woman steps through the double doors as white theater lights turn up. She turns 180 degrees as Dustin James Holt walks into the theater wearing a straight jacket. His purple and gold face paint can still be seen as his gaze is very stoic. He doesn’t remove his eyes from the ring as this mystery woman is walking behind him with Alonzo Gomez beside her.

POWERS:” Ladies and gentlemen, being accompanied to the ring by The Warden and Alonzo Gomez, from The Hidden Asylum, weighing in around two hundred thirty eight pounds….please welcome ‘Inmate 31’ Dustin James Holt. “
Dustin reaches the ring and stops as Alonzo unbuckles the straight jacket. Once the jacket is removed, Dustin pulls himself up onto the ring apron as The Warden and Alonzo remain on the theater floor. Dustin steps up onto the turnbuckle and throws his arms into the air. He holds them out for a few more seconds before dropping them to his side and jumping down. He squats right there in the corner while waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago Holt defeated Kerin Monroe in an extreme rules match. He’s been on a roll lately and will look to carry that momentum into this match.”
VASSA: ”He’s going to have his work but out for him because Marisol Hawkes isn’t just a pretty face in the ring, she’s deadly in it!”
You hear ‘Don’t underestimate Divinity’ before the theme music blares over the loudspeakers and Marisol walks out in her black and pink leather attire.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at one hundred twenty six pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, Marisol Hawkes!”
She smirks as she glares around the theater at the fans. She walks down the ramp and quickly up the ring steps. She smiles at the crowd again as she gets in the ring and then looks back up the ramp. Marisol stretches and paces the ring as she awaits the bell.

VASSA: ”Another extreme rules match! This should be good!”
After checking with each corner, the ref signals for the bell.
At the sound, Holt takes off from his corner and runs towards Hawkes like a mad man. As he approaches, she swings with a powerful clothesline but misses as Marisol ducks and uses his momentum to flip him up and over the top rope and to the hard floor below the ring. Holt hits the floor with a thud and rolls towards the steel barricade. Marisol quickly drops to her back and rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside of the ring. She wastes no time and moves in on Holt before he even has a chance to get to his feet. Crawling towards the barricade, Holt tries to create some space between the two so he can get up. Marisol doesn’t let that happen and she quickly goes on the assault with a fury of kicks to the back of Holt’s head.
She then grabs him by the head and shoulder and pulls him up to his feet. She then throws him forward towards the barricade. Holt rolls to the floor and smacks the bottom of the barricade with his head as the sound silences the crowd. Marisol quickly follows up with more kicks to the back of the head. She then pulls him up to his feet and draws back to deliver a HUGE slap across the cheek. The crowd pops as the sound cuts through even the loudest cheer. She then grabs his head with both hands and slams it down into the top of the barricade.
Marisol doesn’t let up. She draws his head back and slams it forward again and again, crushing Holt’s skull with the top railing of the barricade. She then grabs him by the arm and shoulder and drags him across the outside floor before picking up speed and slinging him into the ringside steps, crashing shoulder first into them before knocking them over.

VASSA: ”I love it when these matches go to the outside of the ring and right in front of our booth!”
JOHNSON: ”We already have the best seats in the house but this just makes them even better.”
Holt pushes the steps off of him and begins to crawl towards the announcers booth. Hawkes just looks on with an evil smile on her face. At the booth, Holt reaches up and grabs the top to pull himself up to his feet. Once up, Hawkes attacks from behind with a double axe handle to the back. Holt falls forward and his chest slams into the top of the booth but he manages to hold himself up. Hawkes then grabs him by the back of the head and begins to slam it into the top of the booth over and over.

JOHNSON: ”Hopefully she doesn’t mess up our mic feed!”
VASSA: ”I was thinking more along the line of I’m hoping that she doesn’t kill him right here just a few inches away from us.”
Hawkes then reaches across the table and pulls Vassa’s headset off of his head. She then grabs the cord with both hands and wraps it around Holt’s throat. She then begins to strangle him with it for a moment before letting up and tossing it back to Vassa. She then pulls his head back and then slams it down forward, crashing it into the top of the booth with a thud. Holt’s head bounces off and he rolls over to his side, falling to the floor again. Marisol then stomps on him repeatedly before reaching back to the booth and snatching an iPad out from underneath Johnson’s arms. She then draws back with it and swings down at Holt, breaking it over his head upon impact. Piece of the device fly into the air and crowd. The fans pop with cheers again as the carnage continues.
Blood begins to trickle from the top of Holt’s head. Hawkes then lifts him up to his feet and rolls him into the ring underneath the bottom rope. She then turns back to the booth and walks towards Vinny. Reaching beside him, she grabs an empty steel chair and folds it up before raising it above her head, showing off for the crowd. She then turns back to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope as well. Standing to her feet, she holds the chair in hand and slowly stalks Holt show is having a hard time getting to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”I’ve never seen DJ holt get handled like this in the ring before.”
VASSA: ”There’s a first time for everything. Afterall, it is New Year’s. Maybe he started drinking a little too early.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re one to talk!”
Hawkes raises the chair above her head and then swings down at Holt. Before making contact, Holt quickly rolls out of the way as the chair slams into the canvas. Hawkes then draws back again and takes another swing but misses again as Holt dodges the blow. Holt then pops up to his feet and lunges towards Marisol. Quick on her feet, she jabs the chair in his open mid-section. As Holt lunges forward after getting the wind knocked out of him, Hawkes drops the chair to her side and then sweeps in and lifts Holt onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. She then positions herself above the chair and drops Holt on it head with a Death Valley Driver.

Holt lays motionless on the chair as Hawkes gets back to her feet and turns to the corner. She quickly ascends to the top and turns to face the inside of the ring. Standing straight up, she looks over the crowd who cheer her on. She then leaps into the air and comes down on Holt with a Swanton Bomb while he lays on the steel chair.

JOHNSON: ”And there’s the Divine Forgiveness!”
Marisol then covers Holt for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”She’s done it! Marisol Hawkes has won it!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know what happened to DJ but tonight just wasn’t his night.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure he’ll be looking to bounce back next time he steps foot in the ring.”
“You Call me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing” hits the speakers as Marisol stands to her feet. The ref then grabs her arm and raises it in the air as the fans pop with loud cheers.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall, MARISOL HHAAWWKKEESS!!!”
JOHNSON: ”And she isn’t finished for the night folks!”
VASSA: ”Not by a long shot. She still has the headline event to ref.”
JOHNSON: ”This should have been a nice little warm up because later on, there’s no telling what’s going to happen in this ring.”


“My Time” plays over the speakers. The crowd begins to boo Jace Savage walks out on to the ramp. He looks around for a moment and smirks at the crowd. He raises his hands in the air rubbing his index fingers and thumbs together making the universal sign for money. He throws his hands down to his side and begins to walk to the ring.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet, three inches tall. He is one half of the 4CW Tag Team champions, Jace SSAAVVAAGGEE!!!”
Jace walks over to the stairs leading up to the apron. He walks up the stairs, wipes his feet on the apron and climbs inside the ring. Jace walks over to the furthest turnbuckle, stands up on it slapping his chest with his arm. He climbs down and stands in his corner.

VASSA: ”He already owns one belt here in 4CW. Tonight, he’ll have his chance to advance and challenge for another.”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t going to be an easy one for him. Roxi has proven to be a solid competitor in the ring. Things didn’t quite go in her favor when challenging for the 4CW South-West Heavyweight but she’ll have a chance to redeem herself and advance in the tournament to name a number one contender for the 4CW Pride Championship!”
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

JOHNSON: ”And here she is!”
VASSA: ”She has been with the company since our second show. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Roxi is a big part of the foundation here in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t take it anymore! The anticipation is killing me. This is primed to be an instant classic!”
The ref stands in the center of the ring and looks to Jace for the nod. Once he gets it, he looks to Roxi for hers and receives it as well. He then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
As the bell chime goes silent, the two slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. As the crowd awaits in anticipation, the two slowly circle each other before making any haste moves. Suddenly, Jace lunges forward and wraps his arms around Roxi’s head, pulling her in closely before converting his hold to a headlock. Roxi quickly plants her hands in Jace’s back and pushes him forward towards the ropes. Jace hits them and comes back with speed. Just as he gets close, she leaps in the air and connects with a dropkick to the chest, knocking him backwards into the ropes. As Jace hits them and bounces back forward, Roxi quickly pushes herself up and awaits his arrival. Once Jace gets close, Roxi flips him over to the canvas with a hip toss. She then pops back up to her feet as Jace rolls over to his stomach and begins to push himself up.
The two then circle each other once again in the center of the ring. This time, Roxi takes charge and fakes to lunge forward. As Jace throws his arms up, Roxi backsteps and then kicks him in the stomach. Jace lunges forward as the boot makes contact. She then wraps her arm around his head and falls backwards, driving it into the canvas with a DDT. Jace flips over to his back as Roxi rolls over and climbs to her feet. She then turns her back to Jace and looks at the crowd before jumping into the air and hitting him with a standing moonsault.

JOHNSON: ”Roxi is an athlete, plain and simple.”
VASSA: ”Just imagine if I tried to do a back flip like that.”
JOHNSON: ”You’d break your neck.”
Roxi stands over Jace and grabs him by the head, pulling him up to his feet. She then throws him to the corner and takes off running behind him. Just as his back hits the corner, Jace lunges forward, bouncing off, and drops Roxi to the canvas with a shoulder block. She quickly rolls over to her stomach and pushes herself up but Jace acts fast and drops an elbow across her lower back. He then grabs her by the head and lifts her up to her feet. Sizing up the situation, Jace fires away connecting with a impactful European uppercut that knocks her into a daze and back a couple of steps. Jace then spins around and connects with a heel kick to her head, knocking her down to one knee. Jace then steps back and waits a moment before running forward and laying her out on her back with a shinning wizard.
Jace then climbs on top of her and goes on the assault with ground and pound elbow strikes. He then draws back his right hand above his head and swings down, hitting Roxi with a hard punch to the jaw. Jace then slides off of her and grabs her arm, locking his hands and legs around it and applying an arm bar. As he leans back, pulling on the arm, Roxi grunts loudly from the pain of having him attempt to pull her arm from the socket. A few seconds pass as Jace cranks down the pressure. The ref checks in with Roxi who fights the pain and tries to break free. She refuses to submit and shakes her head back and forth. She then manages to slip her arm out of his graps.
The two then stand to their feet, Jace first. As Roxi gets up, he lunges at her and locks his arms around her head. He then drives his knee upward into the side of her ribs. He then headbutts her and wraps his arms around her torso. Jace then lifts her up and flips her over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Roxi hits the mat with a thud. Jace then stands to his feet and moves in on her, not giving her the chance to get back to her feet. He kicks her a few times while she’s down and then grabs her by the leg and rolls her over, applying a nasty half crab. Roxi begins to fight as Jace pulls back on the one leg, trying to rip it apart from her body. As he continues to pull, she reaches forward and grabs the bottom rope. The ref quickly notices and pats Jace on the back, yelling for him to release the hold. As he does, he ref pushes him away from Roxi, giving her the opportunity to get up.

JOHNSON: ”Roxi’s lucky that the ropes were right there.”
VASSA: ”Yes she is! She’s even luckier that the ref gave her space to get up without worry from attack.”
As Roxi stands, Jace shoves the ref aside and charges her. He swings with a right hook but gets taken to the mat with a drop toe hold as Roxi side steps the attack. She quickly stands to her feet as Jace pushes himself up to one knee, wiping his chin. As he stands, Roxi moves in with a series of kicks and punches, backing him into the corner. Roxi then grabs onto the top rope for leverage and begins to kick him in the stomach repeatedly, slowly breaking him down into a seated position. She then takes a few steps back and runs forward, connecting with a hard knee to the side of the head. Roxi then grabs Jace by the head and pulls him up to his feet and then pushes him back into the corner.
She then lifts him up and places him in a seated position on the top. Roxi then climbs the corner as well and stands over Jace, looking over the crowd for a moment before turning her attention back to him. She then swings down and connects with a right punch to the top of his head.

Hearing the crowd in the background, Roxi then fire away with more punches, connecting with one after the other as the fans count in the background.
“Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten!!!”
Roxi then places both hands on Jace’s shoulders before jumping up and wrapping her legs around his head. She then flips backwards and throws Jace from the top with a Frankensteiner, sending him across the ring, crashing to the canvas.

VASSA: ”What I would give to have her wrap her legs around my head!”
Roxi climbs back to her feet while Jace rolls around across the ring, regaining himself. Not giving him the chance to recover, Roxi quickly rushes him with kicks to the legs. She then grabs him by the foot and drags him to the center of the ring before rolling him over to his back. Roxi then runs to the ropes and jumps into the air, planting her feet on the middle rope and springboarding back. As she flies in the air, she spins her body around and comes down on Jace’s throat with a nasty leg drop. Jace’s feet fly into the air as his head remains pinned down to the canvas from Roxi’s leg. She then covers him for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.
Roxi stands up and grabs Jace by the head and delivers a couple of hard punches to the head. She then goes to throw him to the ropes behind her. Just as she goes to release him, Jace wraps his hand around her wrist and spins around, throwing her to the ropes instead. Roxi hits the ropes and comes back with speed, only to get lifted into the air and driven into the mat with a powerslam that rattles the ring.

JOHNSON: ”And just like that, Jace turns this match around.”
VASSA: ”He was literally on his back being pinned just seconds earlier.”
Jace stands to his feet and reaches over, grabbing Roxi by the hair and lifting her to her feet. He then connects with another vicious European uppercut that knocks her back a few steps. Jace then fires away with a kick to Roxi’s calf, forcing her to fall to one knee. He then steps forward and nearly knocks her head off with an enzugiri. Roxi slams backwards and hits the mat with impact. Jace wastes no time and leaps forward into the air, coming down on her chest with an elbow drop.
A few moments pass with Jace still on the offensive. He lifts Roxi into the air and brings her down into a nasty atomic drop. Roxi falls forward to the mat while Jace stands straight up with a cocky look on his face. He then turns to the corner and walks towards it while Roxi continues to lay down on her stomach. Jace ascends the corner and turns to face the ring. Meanwhile, Roxi begins to push herself up while Jace waits and watches. Just as she stands, Jace leaps from the top rope and lays her out with a missile drop kick in the center of the ring. He then crawls over to her and covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.
Roxi manages to get her shoulder up, breaking up the pin.

JOHNSON: ”So close!”
VASSA: ”But not close enough!”
Jace looks up at the ref with anger as he pushes himself up to his feet. He then turns his attention to the ref and backs him into the corner, arguing the count. While this takes place, Roxi slowly begins to come to and rolls over to her stomach before pushing herself up. The crowd gets loud with cheers as she does. Jace takes notice and slowly turns around only to see Roxi standing across from him. The two then run at each other and exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Jace connects with a right as Roxi fires back with a left to the chops. Jace then swings with all his might with a hook but misses as Roxi ducks underneath and runs to the ropes behind him. She leaps into the air and sprinboards off the middle rope again. As she spins in the air, Jace turns to face her, only to get caught with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head, knocking him flat on his back.

VASSA: ”That’s what happens when you turn your focus away from the opponent.”
Roxi then covers Jace for the pin as the ref rushes in for the count.
“The Touch” begins to play over the speakers as Roxi stands to her feet. The ref then grabs her arm and raises it in the air as the fans cheer her on.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
Roxi soaks in the big win as the fans continue to cheer, transitioning into a chant.

VASSA: ”That was a close match up Steve but it looks like Roxi will be the one to advance in the tournament.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll see her back in action in two weeks when she climbs into the ring with Ramona with the number one contendership on the line.”
VASSA: ”You better watch out Lo’Renzo Porter!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll be right back here at ringside in just a few moments folks.”

The scene opens in Jessica’s locker room. There she was, dressed in her ring gear and ignoring the camera as it filmed her wrap black sports tape heavily around her hand, much more heavily than compared to the wrapping around her other hand. The camera focused on her face, features twisted as if she were feeling uncomfortable. Pained even.
Slowly, Jessica kept wrapping the tape around her hand, until she brought the tape further down around her wrist and then her forearm. She brought her hand to her mouth and torn the tape free with her teeth, smoothing down the loose tape back down to her arm before she tested the heavily taped-up hand, flexing and slowly closing her fingers into a fist. The look on her face told the camera that the action hurt her, but she grit her teeth tightly and bore the pain, forced it into the back of her mind.

JOHNSON: “There’s Jessica Black. It looks like she’s getting ready for her match against Brian Hollywood.”
VASSA: “I don’t get it, Steve. We all know she broke her hand the last time she stepped foot inside a 4CW ring. How come she don’t wait until she’s all healed up?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know, but I’ll tell you this. She may be one arrogant young woman, but you can’t deny her guts.”
VASSA: “Or her big set of brass ones…”
JOHNSON: “Or those, yeah…”
She opened her fist and closed it again, getting used to the discomfort before smirking slightly, satisfied with her handiwork.
There was the sound of a door opening and closing, and Jessica turned to face a long-haired older man, taller than she was by a head yet he shared similar features to her own. Around his neck was a lanyard that was clearly a backstage pass.

D. BLACK: “So how about it, kid? You ready to kick some ass?”
Jessica’s face grew into her trademark smirk before she nodded her head. She was ready. It was soon time to dismantle Brian Hollywood and make him her bitch.

J. BLACK: “Let’s do this.”
And with that, both father and daughter exited the locker room together. The camera followed close behind them as they walked through a corridor in the backstage area, and it picked up a brief quiet laugh as they heard the chanting from the crowd on the other side of the curtain, more than likely watching her and her old man from the big screen.
“You’re an asshole!”
“But we love you!”
“You’re an asshole!”
“But we love you!”
“You’re an asshole!”


JOHNSON:” The time is winding down for us in 2014, Vinny, but the show continues on. Up next we have a very intriguing match up as Jessica Black takes on one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Brian Hollywood. “
VASSA:” Very intriguing. It just goes to show you how dominant New Gen Rising is, they’re breaking away from the tag division and going solo. “
JOHNSON:” I wouldn’t expect that to last considering some of the tag teams we saw compete earlier on in the night and Jace Savage was eliminated from the Pride Title Tournament. “
The speakers filled the venue with the sound of “Demi Gods” by LabRats and Slim Jim, and the fans reacted to the music with both cheering and booing, neither sound drowning out the other. The main lights dimmed to near-darkness, and yet the noise of the crowd did not quiet down with them.
Suddenly, the lights hanging above the ring switched on, their beams flashing rapidly and aimed at the entrance ramp, more specifically at the small woman standing at the top of the ramp with her back turned to the crowd, arms outstretched and her hands balled into fists.

“You’re an asshole!”
“But we love you!”
“You’re an asshole!”
“But we love you!”
“You’re an asshole!”
“But we love you!”
The crowd voiced their respective feelings toward Jessica Black even louder when she turned to face them, the hood of her sleeveless jacket obscuring all but the lower part of her face, which twisted into her trademark smirk, as if the noise amused her somehow. She stood there, taking in the sight of thousands of wrestling fans watching the show; her haters and her fans alike, all had come to see her fight.

POWERS:” Ladies and gentlemen, introducing at this time…weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds… from Madison, Wisconsin, she is ‘Second to None’ in the wrestling world…JESSICA BLACK! “
The flashing lights followed Jessica as started her way down to the ring, her eyes peeking out from under the hood as she still flashed that smirk of hers. When she was just a few feet from the ring, she moved close to some of the gangsters who some of her fans who stood in the front row, high-fiving and brofisting with them, and even ruffling the hair of one or two of the younger JB fans.
And to her haters, she merely smiled at them, as if she couldn’t care any less about what they thought of her.
Jessica made a running leap to the ring, a testament to her agility as she landed feet first with cat-like grace onto the edge and grasping the top rope as she then walked over to the nearest corner and climbed the turnbuckles. She looked out and into the crowd once more, pulling down her hood and bellowing out loud “Second to None!” before jumping off the top rope.
The spotlights following her were switched off, and the venue was once more well illuminated by the main lights as Jessica made her way to the opposite corner, climbing to the top and stretching her arms out in apparent victory before climbing down and removing her sleeveless jacket. And now, she waited for the match to begin, eager to add another name to her growing list of casualties.

JOHNSON:” Jessica looks ready to go and would love to get a win here to put her back on the right track. “
VASSA:” It will be tough going against a veteran guy in Brian Hollywood. “
POWERS:” And her opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds…he is one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Brian Hollywood!! “
“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the PA system as the crowd starts erupting in boos. A black limo pulls out right up to the entrance of the theatre. The limo driver steps out of the car and walks towards the back of the limo. The writing on the door is inscripted as “Mr. Hollywood.” The Limo Driver then opens the door and showcases Brian Hollywood as he steps out of the car. Hollywood looks around the outside before making his way inside the theatre. Walking in, he smiles as he walks towards the fans and just when he’s about to give them a handshake, he blows them off and laughs. Hollywood then stops at the end of the ramp, closest to the ring, and his smile turns to seriousness as he stares at the ring for a moment. Hollywood then gets to the ring and walks around the ring once looking about the crowd before walking up the ring steps. Hollywood slides into the ring then walks over to the ropes and stretches by pulling on the ropes. He then walks to the turnbuckle opposite of Jessica Black and waits for the match to begin.

JOHNSON:” Buckle in ladies and gentlemen because here we go!! “
Both take to the center of the ring, Black is the aggressor. Hollywood ducks the initial attack, takes her back, and gets her to the ground with a wrestling maneuver. He spins around to a front choke. Black pushes him upward. She grabs him by the legs, pulls them out from under him. He’s flat on his back, She grabs his legs and flips on top of him into a pin, but Hollywood has none of it and immediately kicks out.

JOHNSON:” If you didn’t know. These two have similar styles. Both enjoy the grappling and submission aspect of the game. “
VASSA:” It’s always nice to see slick transitions like these. Makes for an exciting bout! “
The two get locked in an elbow tie up. Black gets a headlock, but Hollywood pushes her away to the ropes. She bounces off and he knocks her down with a shoulder block. Brian bounces off the ropes, hops over Black. Black jumps back to her feet and hits a hip toss on Hollywood. Hollywood lands on the mat in a seated position as Jessica looks on with a smile on his face. He smacks the canvas out of frustration before getting back to his feet. Hollywood takes to the center of the ring and lifts his right hand to the air, calling for a test of strength. Black turns her head to look out at the audience, knowing what’s coming. But in the little time that she does that, Hollywood strikes. Hollywood connects with multiple boots to the midsection, causing Black to double over. He lifts her up by the hair and rams her into the corner. He follows it up with a few shoulder thrusts. He goes for one more, but Black lifts her legs up, hooks them under his arm, and rolls him up for a pin.
Hollywood rolls backwards to get out of the pin, quickly jumps upward, and hits a drop kick to the face of Black before she can get up.

JOHNSON:” Both are showing off their quickness here in the early going, but Hollywood gets the best of that exchange. “
VASSA:” Color me impressed. “
Black is back to her feet, but is met with a Hollywood right hand which knocks her back against the ropes. He grabs her by the arm, slings her to the ropes, scoops her up off the rebound, and connects with a sideslam. Hollywood rotates down to the legs of Black and hops back to his feet. He lifts the right leg of Black high into the air and slams back down on the hard canvas. Black tries to crawl away, but he grabs the leg, lifts it high into the air once more and slams it back down. Black tries to crawl away and again and reaches the corner, but Hollywood grabs a hold of her leg anyways. With her back in the corner and Hollywood holding one leg, she pulls him in with it, and pushes outward, causing him to break the grip and roll backwards. He recovers, chases after her and gets a boot to the face for his efforts.

JOHNSON:” Jessica seems hobbled. That might have been smart on the part of Hollywood to try and take that away from her. “
VASSA:” I agree, Steve. “
The kick causes Hollywood to turn his back to Jessica. She rallies out of the corner and takes Hollywood down with a one handed bulldog. She lays on her back for a moment, trying to catch her breath. She hops back to her feet and begins stomping on the fallen Brian Hollywood, putting a focus on his left arm. She pulls him up by his left arm, twists it, and yanks him to the mat. She pulls it outward and drops a leg on it. She pulls him up by the targeted arm and slings him to the corner. She follows it up with a clothesline and quickly drops him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. She makes the first legit pin of the bout.

JOHNSON:” Hollywood kicks out, but momentum has shifted, Vinny! “
VASSA:” Yes it has and I like that they’re targeting limbs. Smart move by both of them. “
Black picks Hollywood up off the mat, sends him to the ropes, and he hangs on. Black runs after him, but he ducks and flips her over the top. She lands on the apron and he’s met with a right forearm as he turns around. He staggers around as Black rushes up to the top turnbuckle. Before she can get her balance, Hollywood shakes the ropes and she falls into a seated position, straddling the turnbuckle. Hollywood rocks her with a right hand before climbing up with her. Hollywood hooks her up, climbs to the top turnbuckle, falls back with her, and hits a thunderous superplex. Both hit the canvas with a thud and both are down. Hollywood manages to get one leg hooked.

JOHNSON:” Black kicks out, but that had to take a lot out of her. “
VASSA:” That took a lot out of me! “
JOHNSON:” That was a huge risk taken by Hollywood, only time will tell on whether or not it paid off. “
Hollywood is finally back in an upright position as he holds onto his back. Black is crawling to the ropes as she rests her forearms on the second rope. Hollywood comes from behind and puts his knee to the back of her head and presses her throat against the rope. The ref pulls him back after a four count. He grabs her by the hair and slams her back against the mat. Hollywood picks her up from behind, wraps his arms around her, and plows her into the mat with a german suplex. Hollywood sits up with a smirk on his face as he dusts his hands off. Hollywood gets back to his feet and arrogantly stalks the fallen Black. He crouches down in the corner. She gets up, he runs after her, looking for a spear, but she dodges it. Hollywood stops himself from hitting the turnbuckle. He turns around, ducks a clothesline from Black, bounces off the ropes, and catches Black with a running big boot as she turns around. Hollywood hooks the legs with a smile.

JOHNSON:” Somehow Black gets the shoulders up. With a huge kick from Brian Hollywood. Nearly took her head off! “
VASSA:” She dodged the bullet in the first round, but got rocked in the second. “
Hollywood’s smile turns into a frown as he gets up and waits for Black. Black staggers upward and Hollywood takes her down with a chop block on that hobbled leg. He turns her over on her back, grabs her leg, and goes to lock in a figure four, but she pushes him away as she rolls backwards into a crouching position. He charges after her, but Jessica rolls out of the way. He turns around as she gets to her feet. He goes to strike her, but she side steps it and take him down and locks in a fujiwara armbar.

JOHNSON:” Hollywood may tap here! That armbar came quick! “
VASSA:” Not to mention it’s on that already hurt arm of Hollywood. “
Hollywood uses his legs to inch closer and closer to the ropes as Black continues to pull back on that arm. After several more seconds of torture, Hollywood reaches, and grabs a hold of the bottom rope. Jessica Black is forced to break the hold. Black is able to get a second wind as Hollywood gets up holding his arm. Black charges after him in the corner, but he moves out of the way. Black climbs to the top rope and hits a diving moonsault on a standing Brian Hollywood. She has the legs hooked.

JOHNSON:” Black is getting her legs back. Showing off some of her explosive high flying attributes. “
VASSA:” Picture perfect on that moonsault. “
Black picks Hollywood back off the mat and goes to send him to the ropes, but he reverses it. Black bounces off and hits a float over DDT, planting Hollywood’s head into the canvas. Black sits up and points to the turnbuckle as she gets up and walks over to it. She begins to ascend as some of her real fans start cheering. She reaches the top, dives off, looking for that flying headbutt, but Hollywood rolls out of the way.

JOHNSON:” Jessica Black looking for that flying headbutt she likes to call Black Magic. “
VASSA:” That high risk did not pay off for her. “
Hollywood gets to his feet, shaking out the cobwebs. Hollywood lower s himself, stalking Black as she hobbles upward. She staggers around, Hollywood kicks her in the gut, and puts her head between his arm and side.

JOHNSON:” This is it! The Layoff!! “
Hollywood spins around to finish the move, but Black pushes him away. He bounces off the ropes and as he bounces off, Black catches him, throws his arm over her head, and plants him into the mat with Fade to Black.

JOHNSON:” Fade to Black!! From out of nowhere!! “
VASSA:” I hope the people watching didn’t blink! “
Black hooks both legs.

JOHNSON:” Black has defeated one half of the tag team champions, but more importantly, she is back in the win column. “
POWERS:” The winner of this match…Jessica Black!! “
VASSA:” A great victory for Jessica Black. I was impressed by both of them. A great back and forth battle. “
JOHNSON:” You can say that again. “
VASSA:” A great victory for Jes… “
JOHNSON:” Stop. “
Jessica stumbles to an upright position and falls back into the corner, favoring her leg as she tries to celebrate.

JOHNSON:” Jessica Black is back and we’ll be right back, folks! “
VASSA:”No wait!! What the hell is going on?!”
Hollywood, literally loses it and starts to assault Jessica. He starts kicking her with right after right into her face. Hollywood then rolls out of the ring and pushes one of the ringside officials out of the chair and picks up the chair and marches back into the ring. Hollywood targets Jessica’s injured arm and strikes it hard with the steel chair.

Hollywood continues his assault and snaps even more as he raises the chair and bashes Jessica in the arm again. Hollywood continues this for a few times before Jessica’s dad, who was just watching her match from the audience, literally jumps the barricade and rushes the ring enraged. Jessica’s father literally gets into Hollywood’s face and Hollywood just laughs in are you serious kind of way. Jessica’s dad won’t back down, though, as he throws a hard right punch into the face of Hollywood that gets the crowd ROARING with cheers! Hollywood, who has had enough from the dad already, charges him only for the dad to connect a hurricanrana on Hollywood. Jessica’s dad then heads to the top rope and delivers a moonsault onto Hollywood.

JOHNSON:”WHOA! Jessica’s dad can wrestle?!”
VASSA:”I was shocked too, but apparently he actually used to wrestle years ago.”
Hollywood gets back to his feet as now he looks infuriating as he starts to walk towards the dad slowly. The dad doesn’t back down, however, and stands in front of Hollywood. Hollywood picks up the chair and walks even closer to him. This drags security out in the hopes of not letting this get out of hand, as Jessica’s father is technically a member of the audience, despite his surprising wrestling moves against Hollywood. Hollywood just rolls out of the ring and drops the chair as he wants nothing to do with the security. The crowd cheer for the dad as Hollywood is in full retreat up the ramp. Jessica’s dad checks on his daughter, who a medic is out in the ring already attending to as this time we cut out.

The scene goes backstage to Nick Watson, who is sitting in a chair behind the curtain at the entrance ramp for his turn to fight this evening. A winded Brian Hollywood comes into frame, coming from the ring, and as he sees Watson a grin forms on his face. Watson doesn’t make eye contact, but that doesn’t stop Hollywood from confronting the Sensational One.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Well look at what we have here? If it isn’t the Nick Watson…”
Brian says smugly as Watson is seemingly tuning him out, his face is stoic, and it is clear that he has no intention of getting into a clash of words with the reigning tag team champion. Hollywood’s mouth displays a grin as he continue to speak.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Cat got your tongue, Watson?”
Watson looks up and for the first time their eyes meet. It is clear that Nick doesn’t want to be bothered, but Mr. Executive wants to continue to stir the pot.

HOLLYWOOD: ”It’s fine. You don’t have to say anything, but listen up, and listen well. I’m going to offer you something that I just don’t offer anyone out there, mainly because the majority of this roster is beneath me, but that is besides the point! I’m going to offer you the chance to make something of yourself!”
Watson’s eyes narrow at Hollywood and Hollywood continues on with his speech.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Come back to New Gen Rising, Nick. I mean lets face it, your career has seen better days, and you are making absolutely no head way here at all. Just think of the possibilities! All three of the founding members of New Gen Rising, back together again, running rampant! I, as the South-West Heavyweight champion. Jace as the Pride Champion. And last, but not least, you as the 4CW Extreme champion.”
Watson looks down to the floor as Brian continues on, almost like he is trying to sell a product to a potential consumer.

HOLLYWOOD: ”We could own this company, Nick. The three of us could shape it in our image! That was our dream, wasn’t it!? To make everyone look at us, to make everyone see us as the best in the business, and what better way to do that than to make this company ours. Or…”
Hollywood gets down on one knee to look Nick straight in the face. His face is smug and has an air of arrogance about it, but Nick does very little to hide the fact that he is thinking it over.

HOLLYWOOD: ” Or you can keep on crying about not getting a fair shake and continue down the path that will lead you to an early retirement. The choice is yours… I’m only offering because you are a former member and we both know I was the guy who scouted you to join in the first place. I saw the potential in you when no one else did! Now lets show the world, your potential as a member of…!”
As Hollywood goes to finish his statement, Nick’s hand comes up to his mouth, effectively silencing him. Nick looks him dead in the eyes and then speaks for the first time to Hollywood.

WATSON: ”Let me stop you right there, Brian.”
Hollywood doesn’t like being silenced, but decides to allow Nick to speak. Nick continues on to what he has to say.

WATSON: ”I have no intention of being a piece on your chess board, in fact…I have no intention of joining your corrupt version of New Gen Rising. So lets just nip that shit in the bud right now!”
Hollywood glares holes into Watson, who keeps on chugging along.

WATSON: ”A long time ago we were partners and yes, we did it to get recognition, but at the same time we did it so that we could watch each other’s backs. Tonight, you have shown me that you have forgotten what made us who we were back then, and as far as I am concerned… my allegiances ended to you and your group after you guys started walking the path that you guys are currently on. So, you can take your corrupt propaganda elsewhere, because this is one guy who ain’t buying in to your shit talking.”
Hollywood begins to laugh as Watson stands up from where he is seating and begins to make his way to the entrance ramp.

HOLLYWOOD: ”You are making a poor business decision, Nicholas. New Gen Rising can offer you the world and make you a somebody, if you turn us down the only thing you will succeed in doing is making an enemy of the future leaders of this company.”
Watson looks back at Hollywood, one more time, and then with a shrug of his shoulders and a smile on his face, replies.

WATSON: ”I would rather be a nobody than a piece of low life trash like you, Brian.”
With that, Watson walks to the entrance ramp, and begins to warm up as Brian Hollywood gets off the floor. He stares at Watson and then smiles, before walking off screen.


JOHNSON:”We are set for our last undercard match of the night as Lo’Renzo Porter takes on Nick Watson. I gotta say, Watson has shown strength since he debuted in 4CW.”
VASSA:”Watson has also showed some guts as he pretty much denied Hollywood’s invitation to join rejoin NewGen with him and Jace Savage. Hollywood pretty much never offers second chances, Steve.”
JOHNSON:’Not only that, but Hollywood went ape shit after his loss against Jessica Black. I’m surprised Hollywood didn’t snap and attack Watson. Who knows, this match may or may not have happened if Hollywood went off on him too. Regardless, he’s going to have his hands full against the Pride Champion.”
POWERS:’The following match is scheduled for one fall!”
“Bring It” by Trapt plays as Nick Watson steps out onto the entrance ramp garbed in his colorful ring attire, he looks around at all of the fans, and then walks down the ramp, slapping hands as he does so. Striding down to the ring the fans and announcers alike can notice the look of determination on his face.

POWERS:”Making his way to the ring, from Salt Lake City, Utah…he is the Sensational One! Nick Watson!”
Nick pauses on the outside of the ring and unzips his hoodie vests, which he then hands off to someone in the crowd, he then leaps up on to the apron, and then makes his way into the ring. When he enters the ring, Nick goes over to the closest turnbuckle and poses for the fans to take photos, after posing for a bit, Nick flips off the turn buckle and runs to the center of the ring, where he begins to warm up for his match.

JOHNSON:”Watson hasn’t had much experience here in 4CW yet, but if he can pull off the win against Porter tonight, he could get himself in the 4CW Pride Championship conversation.”
VASSA:”Yes and that could be HUGE for Watson’s singles career already here in 4CW.”
“Beleive Me” by Ace Hood begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in tydie knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey dc wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling, raising his left hand to his face while he raises his Pride Title in the air with his right.

POWERS:”And his opponent, from St. Matthews, SC, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds, he is the 4CW Pride Champion, Lo’Renzo Porter!”
He begins making his way down the ramp, pausing to sign a few autographs before continuing his way to the ring, slapping handsvas he does. He steps inside the ring where he spins in a circle before coming to a knee in the center of the ring. He crosses his chest before looking up and looking out at the crowd to his right.
He jumps up to his feet, jumping upand down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters once more, this time the Pride title high in the air. He runs up a turnbuckle before faking the back flip he normally does, instead he points out to the crowd before saluting them, taking his bandanna from around his dreads and throwing it into the crowd, wrapping his Pride title before kissing it and jumping down from the turnbuckle before passing it to the ref. Setting up in his corner he closes his eyes for a few seconds before letting out a deep breathe, Flipp ready for the match to begin.

JOHNSON:”Lo’Renzo has been put into some tough match ups out of the gate, but they have all proven to be good resume career builders for him.”
VASSA:”Not only that, but is is the reigning Pride Champion and he beat Jason Sanity for the belt which is no easy task. Sanity was a very successful Pride Champion and he held that title for a long time before Porter beat him for it. This match is could very well be huge for both men.”
Both men start off in the center of the ring circling one another as they study each other carefully, neither wanting to make a careless move. Porter and Watson lock up each trying to get the upperhand. They both release at the same time and both go for round house kicks which collides both legs. Both men pop back as they each hold their respective legs briefly.

JOHNSON:”Wow, what a unique way to start this match off!”
VASSA:”It’s interesting because these two men are in more ways, similar to the other. It’s almost as if they compliment each other with their styles in the ring,
Watson takes the opportunity to go on the offensive first as he takes Porter down with a cross body. Watson bounces off the ropes and is able to land a rolling thunder on Porter. Watson follows it up with a knee drop to the face of Porter. He goes for the cover.
Porter quickly gets his shoulder up. The Pride Champion won’t stay down that easy as he is able to get to his feet quickly. This time, Porter is the one that takes the offensive charge. Porter plants a wonderful chin kick to Watson and then hits a sidewalk slam on him. Porter picks Watson up and is able to hit a backbreaker on Watson. Porter keeps his offensive wave going by locking Watson into a cobra clutch. Porter keeps adding pressure to Watson as Watson tries to get to the ropes. He’s slow to get there but eventually does reach the bottom rope as Porter releases the hold.

JOHNSON:”It looks as if the champ has found a nice offensive rhythm here.”
VASSA:”Yes and Watson has to be careful here as if Porter gets into more of an offensive rhythm, it’s hard to stop that momentum.”
Porter runs towards the ropes and attempts at springboard moonsault, but Watson holds up his knees and drives them into the abdomen of Porter. Watson is able to get back to his feet and he now bounces off the ropes and flings in the air and hits a beautiful lionsault on Porter. Porter is down, but he pulls himself up to one knee as Watson runs again, this time from the corner, and hits a shining wizard on Porter. Watson goes for the cover again.
But Watson doesn’t stop there as, as quick as Watson is on his feet, comes back with another knee drop to the face to Porter. Watson brings Porter to his feet and throws him into the corner turnbuckle. Watson strikes a few rights into the face of Porter before lifting him up and placing him on the top rope. Porter just sits there as Watson climbs up and grabs Porter. Watson looks to go for a super plex, but Porter is making it extremely difficult for Watson to hit him with it. Instead, Porter starts to strike Watson in the side with punch after punch. This causes Watson to hold his side as Porter takes the opportunity to strike one more blow to the face of Watson that causes him to fall back first onto the canvas. Porter then stands on the turnbuckle and measures Watson. He dives off and hits a flipping frogsplash on Watson. Porter next goes for a cover on Watson.
Watson is just able to get his shoulder up!

JOHNSON:”This match up has been very entertaining! Both these men have been going back and forth!”
VASSA:”I agree, Steve. Both these guys have been closely flawless in this bout.”
Porter strikes a few rights into the face of Watson before he gets back to his feet. Watson, not quick but decently moving, gets back to his feet. However, he isn’t able to react fast enough as Porter hits the Juice on him and Watson goes down hard. Porter is visibly breathing heavily as he follows up the cover once again.
Watson just BARELY gets the shoulder up again! Porter can’t believe it as he just sits up on the mat thinking what he has to do to put Watson away. Porter gets back to his feet and heads to the top rope once again. He targets Watson and dives off knee first but Watson moves out of the way as Porter drives his knee hard into the mat. Watson lays on the mat for a few moments before he is able to get back to his feet. He grabs Porter and stands him back up and then starts to hit him with several kicks, knee strikes and elbows as Porter just stands dazed as Watson delivers the devastating Heavy Artillery sending Porter down to the mat. Watson drips to the mat and hooks the leg of Porter.

JOHNSON:”NO!! Porter gets his shoulder up literally at 2.999! Now Watson is in disbelief!”
VASSA:”These two stars are putting on a clinic here tonight! Look at Watson, though! That took a lot out of him!”
Watson is indeed looking winded as the Heavy Artillery took a lot out of him. Porter starts to move slowly as he pulls himself up to his feet. Watson throws a right which causes Porter to stumble back but Porter returns a right of his own which, in turn, causes Watson to stumble. Both men exchange rights and lefts for a few moments before both men ricochet off the ropes from opposite sides and collide HARD with each other as both men hit a flying cross body on the other. Both men hit the mat hard and simply lie on the mat, heavily breathing. The referee checks on both of them, but is forced to start a count.
Both men continue to lie on the mat, not moving.

JOHNSON:”Which man will make it to their feet first?!”
VASSA:”What if neither man makes it?! Did you think of that possibility?”
There is some slight movement now as both men start to stir, but still haven’t started the climb to their feet. The count, is still continuing.
Porter gets to one knee, but ultimately falls back down as Watson is still down on the mat.

JOHNSON:”Neither man could make it back to their feet!”
POWERS:”As a result of a ten count, as neither man could reach their feet in time, this match has been declared a DRAW!”
JOHNSON:”WOW! Unbelievable!”
VASSA:”Both these men were dead even back and forth in this match! I can’t believe this match ended in a draw. It’s kind of ironic, but their first and last moves of the match were the same moves! You don’t see that everyday!”
Both Porter and Watson are still down in the middle of the ring when all of a sudden the crowd start booing loudly. Out from backstage, NewGen, Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage, come running down the ramp with steel chairs! Hollywood especially doesn’t look very happy.

JOHNSON:”Oh come on! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Hasn’t NewGen caused enough trouble tonight?!”
VASSA:”Well, yes, they have. However, it appears as if Hollywood is keeping his word on his chaotic prophetic promise tonight. Hollywood also has more reason to be down here than he has this entire night as Nick Watson literally declined Hollywood’s offer to rejoin NewGen. Hollywood obviously doesn’t take no for an answer very lightly.”
NewGen roll into the ring as they look upon BOTH Porter and Watson. Watson sees both Hollywood and Savage and before they can launch an attack, he rolls right on top of Porter, almost as if he’s trying to protect him. Hollywood and Savage don’t care as they start unleashing their chair assault onto Watson. Hollywood and Savage take turns bashing the steel chairs into the back of Watson. Watson yells in pain as the assault start to become more and more violent. Savage rolls Watson off of Porter and Hollywood grabs Porter and throws him hard over the top rope and to the outside. Hollywood turns his attention back to Watson as he levels Watson in the back again with the steel chair. Hollywood and Savage are showing no signs of letting up as they continue their assault at the heavy disapproval of the crowd, who are DROWNING NewGen in boos. Finally, enough has been seen that this causes security to pour from backstage and they run down the ramp and climb into the ring. Hollywood actually swings a steel chair at one of the security guards and plows him right in the face. The security official falls from the apron and takes a few other security officials down to the ground. NewGen finally drop their chairs and flee out of the ring as all security pour into the ring and they are livid. Hollywood shakes his head as a smile crosses his face. Security make sure they don’t come back into the ring but at this point, Hollywood and Savage are heading back up the ramp. Hollywood can be heard yelling something out towards the ring.

NewGen make their way up to the stage as the crowd continue to boo loudly. Medics are seen rushing down the ramp now as they rush the ring and attend to Watson. Hollywood shrugs his shoulders without a care in the world as Jace smiles devilishly.

JOHNSON:”That was absolutely UNCALLED for from NewGen! I can’t believe Hollywood would mount an assault like that!”
VASSA:”I hate to be the one to defend a selfish bastard like Hollywood, but he did warn something like this was going to happen tonight.”
JOHNSON:”After that assault, you have to wonder what else could possibly happen tonight. Hollywood has LITERALLY terrorized the entire show tonight. I just hope Watson is ok! That was a selfless act Watson did for Porter. One would have to wonder how Porter will respond to Watson’s heroics out there tonight. Folks, well be sure to provide you an update on Watson’s condition as we get it.”

The scene opened backstage. The camera filmed Jessica sat on a chair being attended by an EMT who knelt beside her as he cut the heavy tape from her hand. Jessica winced as the scissors cut through the tape on her palm, but she bore it like a trooper.

EMT: “Okay. Let’s take a look, here…”
As the EMT did his work, Jessica looked up and watched her father face angrily back and forth around his daughter.

D. BLACK: “I swear to God I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch!”
J. BLACK: “Get in line, Dad. Hollywood’s mine. I kicked his ass once, and I’m more than happy to do it again.”
Jessica’s eyes kept following her old man pace back and forth.

J. BLACK: “Dad, for the love of… Would you stop doing that?!”
Daniel stopped pacing and sat down on a nearby chair, though it was clearly obvious he neither wanted to sit down, nor pace around his daughter like some impatient child. Instead, he wanted to go out there and find the son on the bitch who attacked his girl after the match had finished and tried to re-break her healing hand.

D. BLACK: “How’s the hand, Jessie?”
Jessica shrugged her shoulders.

J. BLACK: “Hurts like hell, but… How about it, Doc? Do I need a hook for a hand or-AAAAHHH!”
The EMT pressing hard on the palm of her hand was the cause of her distress, and Jessica snatched her hand away just as soon as he did.

D. BLACK: “You okay?”
Jessica ignored her old man. Instead, she glared at the man who hurt her.

J. BLACK: “You motherfucker! What the hell, man?! You’re supposed to be checking it out, not breaking it! Whatever happened to ‘do no harm’?!”
The EMT took Jessica’s anger in stride as he got to his feet and looked at the young woman.

EMT: “Yeah, it’s still broken.”
J. BLACK: “No shit!”
EMT: “If I had to guess it’s broken clean through, but we need to get it x-rayed so we know the full extent of the damage.”
J. BLACK: “But it’s New Year’s Eve! I planned on getting drunk and making out with someone. Preferably a taken someone!”
D. BLACK: “Seriously? Some asshole breaks your hand, and instead of getting medical attention you planned on getting shitfaced?”
J. BLACK: “Uh, yeah! X-ray guys aren’t going anywhere and neither’s Hollywood. I can get this looked at any time I want.”
EMT: “I seriously recommend you go get it seen to, ASAP.”
J. BLACK: “Oh hush, you!”
D. BLACK: “I’m with this guy.”
J. BLACK: “But Daaad! New. Years. Eve! I’m not spending it sitting on my ass in some hospital. Period.”
Jessica turned her head to look at the EMT.

J. BLACK: “Look, can’t you stick a splint on it and load me up with painkillers, or something?”
The EMT sighed heavily and went for his medical bag as the camera faded to black.



JOHNSON: ”It’s now time for our headline match of the night folks.”
VASSA: ”Griffin Hawkins and Nathaniel Havok will be getting down in the ring tonight with a huge stipulation on the line.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right, Vinny. The winner of tonight’s match will choose the stipulation for the Extreme title match between the two at Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: ”And to top things off, we have a special guest referee for the match, Marisol Hawkes!”
JOHNSON: ”Three weeks ago Havok was the guest ref in a match between her and Griffin. Lets just say that he abused his power so to speak and things got a little heated in the aftermath. Tonight, I’m willing to bet that Marisol will look for revenge as the power is now in her hands.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of which, here she comes!”
You hear ‘Don’t underestimate Divinity’ before the theme music blares over the loudspeakers and Marisol walks out in her black and pink leather attire with a referee shirt on top. She smirks as she glares around the theater at the fans. She walks down the ramp and quickly up the ring steps. She smiles at the crowd again as she gets in the ring and then looks back up the ramp. Marisol stretches and paces the ring as she awaits the wrestlers to make their entrances.

The lights go out, the crowd is wondering what’s going on. The opening lyrics begin going smoothly till a LOUD scream is heard. The strobe lights go off as that same young man is on the ramp accompanied by Brooke McQueen. It appears to be Griffin Hawkins!

POWERS: ”AND her opponent! From Windsor, Ontario, Canada, weighting in at two hundred twenty seven pounds, The Rock Soldier, Griffin Hawkins!”
He walks down the ramp as “Monkey Business” by Skid Row hits. He high fives a few fans as he walks down the ramp way. He walks up the ring stairs and holds the ropes for his manager to step through. He gets on the ropes and throws the devil horns in the air, pumping the crowd, as Hawkes moves to the outside of the ring. Soon he gets off the ropes, taking off his leather jacket and goes to the outside of the ring. As he moves to the outside, Hawkes rolls back in, possibly avoiding conflict before the opening bell. Hawkins puts his Silver Aviator glasses on a lucky young fan, patting him on the head as he smiles up at him. he then rolls into the ring and locks eyes with Marisol for a moment before turning his attention to the entrance ramp.

VASSA: ”This is going to get ugly!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s an extreme rules match, we wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system of the theater, accompanied by a huge pop from the crowd. Yellow strobe lights flicker around the entire theater, as we anxiously await the arrival of Mr. 4CW himself.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred forty two pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “Mr. 4CW”, and the 4CW EXTREME CHAMPION, The Enforcer of Sorrow, NATHANIEL HHAAVVOOKK!!!”
Havok makes his way to the entrance ramp, walking slowly, observing the fans in attendance, with a smirk on his face from all the love and adulation of the fans. He slowly takes the Extreme Championship off of his waist, and lifts it into the air, as the yellow strobe lights continue to flicker throughout the entire theater. Nathaniel throws the title onto his shoulder, and begins walking down the ramp, still observing the fans that surround him. He looks cold, calculated, but most importantly, he looks ready for a fight. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully from the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd, Championship again held high above his head. He hops down and stands in the corner, as Marisol comes over and takes his title, handing it to the time keeper, as his music fades out. The two then stare at each other for a moment with hatred.

JOHNSON: ”There doesn’t appear to be any love loss there!”
VASSA: ”I have a feeling that Havok is going to regret the things he did three weeks ago.”
Marisol looks over at Griffin and gets the nod. She then looks at Havok and shakes her head back and forth before throwing her arm in the air and signaling for the bell, not giving him the chance to even nod..
Without hesitation, the two rush out of their corners and collide in the center of the ring. Griffin connects with a right hand to the jaw. Havok then fires back with a right of his own and a kick to the stomach. Havok then wraps his arm around Griffin’s head and goes for a DDT but gets pushed away and falls to his back. Griffin then leaps into the air and on top of Havok. He wraps his hands around Havok’s throat and begins to choke the life out of him. Marisol stands by keeping a close eye on the situation but doesn’t interfere. While Griffin chokes him, Havok swings upward with his right hand and hits Griffin underneath the chin. Griffin doesn’t let up and continues to choke him. Havok then fires away with another punch and another before finally stunning Griffin. Havok then wraps his hands around Griffins throat and rolls him over to the side, freeing himself.
The two scramble to get to their feet. Once up, Havok hits Griffin in the forehead with a hard right and then wraps his arms around his waist. Havok headbutts Griffin right between the eyes and then lifts him up and throws him down to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. Havok quickly gets up and then stomps on Griffin while he’s down. Griffin then rolls towards the ropes as Havok follows him, continuing to kick him while he’s down. Havok then plants his foot in Griffin’s side and shoves him underneath the bottom rope and out to the floor below. After falling to the floor, Griffin crawls towards the ring and grabs onto the apron. He then pulls himself up only to see Havok springboarding over the top rope and coming down with a crossbody. Havok lands on top of Griffin and the two crash to the floor with a thud.

VASSA: ”And in the blink of an eye, the match has transitioned to the outside of the ring. I love this job.”
JOHNSON: ”I love the extreme division!”
As the two crawl away from each other and slowly begin to get up, Marisol walks to the edge of the ring and leans against the ropes, watching the action from the inside. Havok gets up first and grabs Griffin by the hair before he can get up. Havok drags him across the floor on his knees to the bottom of the entrance ramp. He then pulls him up and and connects with two punches to the head. Havok then lifts him up and body slams his bare back against the cold, hard floor. Griffin grunts after colliding with the flood. Havok then stomps on his hand and crushes it against the floor. He then grabs Griffin by the hair again and pulls him up to his feet. Havok then throws Griffin towards the steel barricade. Griffin slams against it and right behind him, Havok flies in the air and flips him up and over with a bicycle kick.
Griffin rolls into the crowd as they separate and open up the floor for him. Havok then grabs the barricade and steps over with one foot. Before he get the other off the floor, Griffin pops up and jumps towards him, tackling him into the entrance ramp. The two rolls towards the ring, fighting for control. Just as the hit the side of the apron, Griffin manages to be on top and wraps his hands around Havok’s throat again. This time as he chokes him, he swings his head forward and nails Havok right in the nose with a hard headbutt. Griffin then stands to his feet and grabs Havok by the arm. He pulls him to his feet and then rolls him into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Griffin then looks to the corner of the ring and notices a trash can sitting there with goodies sticking out of the top.
Griffin looks through the trash can and pulls out a kendo stick and raises it above his head as the fans bust with cheer. He then looks back to the ring where Havok is still down on his back. Griffin then reaches down into the trash can and pulls out a leather strap with his other hand. He then turns to the ring with a weapon in each hand and rolls in underneath the bottom rope.

JOHNSON: ”Things are about to get a little interesting.”
VASSA: ”I hope Havok is ready to have the life beaten out of him.”
Standing to his feet, Griffin looks down on Havok who crawls across the ring. He then takes a swing with that strap and whips Havok across the back with it.
Havok releases a loud yell from the stinging strap to the back. Griffin then swings again and cracks the whip across his back once more.
Havok releases another loud grunt as he tries to pull himself away. Griffin then takes another swing and smacks Havok right across the top of the back with it, forcing him to yell loudly, cutting over the sounds of the crowd.
Havok then rolls over to his stomach only to see Griffin standing over him with both hands on the kendo stick and holding it above his head. Griffin then takes a swing and slams the stick across Havok’s stomach. Havok quickly rolls over to his stomach, revealing three red marks across his back. Griffin then drops the stick to his side and then wraps the leather strap around both hands. He then jumps onto Havok’s back and wraps the wrap around his head. With his mouth wide open, the strap goes across it just as Griffin pulls back on it, holding on for dear life.
With his mouth wide open but stuffed with the strap, Havok yells but nothing is heard as it muffles the sound. Griffin continues to pull back on that strap as Marisol drops down to one knee, looking Havok in his eyes and checking for a submission. Havok shakes his head back and forth telling her no and Griffin then pulls back even harder, bending Havok in half. Griffin then lets up but places both hands on the back of Havok’s head and then slams his face into the canvas. Griffin then releases the strap and stands to his feet, looking down at Havok for a moment. He then looks up at Marisol with a smile on his face and then stomps on the back of Havok’s head, crushing his face into the canvas yet again.
Griffin then grabs Havok and lifts him up to his feet. He then throws Havok to the corner with all his strength. Havok slams against the turnbuckle with a thud and right behind him, Griffin is there to hit him with a running elbow to the chops. Griffin then takes a step back and sizes up Havok before lunging forward again with another elbow. As he comes forward, Havok ducks and then raises up, lifting Griffin up from his feet and flipping him up and over the top rope,. Griffin falls to the floor below and rolls into the trash can of goodies, knocking it over into a complete mess. Marisol rushes to the ropes to check on Griffin. With her back to him, Havok pushes her away and yells at her before climbing to the outside himself.

JOHNSON: ”I was wondering when these two would have words.”
VASSA: ”Havok would be wise not to mess with the ref. Afterall, she can cost him this match if she desired.”
Havok walks over to Griffin who is still down in the mess of weapons scattered across the floor. Havok reaches down and grabs the trash can and raises it above his head. He then slams it down across Griffin’s back, putting a huge bent in it. Havok then sets the trashcan down and grabs Griffin by the head and pulls him up to his feet. He then throws him into the steel barricade, crushing his back. Havok then picks up the trash can again and places it over Griffin’s head. Havok quickly turns to the ground to look for a weapon. He picks up a toaster, looks at it for a moment and shakes his head before throwing it in the air behind him and into the ring. He then spots a chair and picks it up and takes a swing for the fences.
As the chair smacks the trashcan, a loud crashing sound pierces through the loud sounds of the crowd. Havok then winds up again and takes another swing.
Havok then tosses the chair inside of the ring and turns back to Griffin. He removes the trash can from his head and then slams it with both hands into Griffin’s stomach. Griffin grunts from the blunt blow. Havok then grabs him by the arm and throws him to the corner of the ring. As Griffin comes to the corner, his head slams into the ring post. As he stumbles back, Havok gets him in a full nelson and then lifts him up and suplexes him to the hard floor.

JOHNSON: ”These guys are going to kill one another!”
VASSA: ”I thought that was the point?”
Havok then stands up and pulls Griffin up to his feet. He then rolls him into the ring. Havok shortly follows and enters himself. Standing up, he looks down at Griffin who is crawling in the other direction. Havok then moves in and kicks him in the side a few times, flipping him over to his back. He then reaches down and grabs Griffin by the hair and pulls him up to his feet. Havok then pulls Griffin’s head and places it between his legs. He then reaches down and wraps his arms underneath Griffin’s arms and grabs the back of his knees. Havok then looks underneath and notices the chair below Griffin and a smile comes across his face.

VASSA: ”This is going to be bad.”
Havok then goes to lift Griffin up but out of nowhere…

JOHNSON: ”Marisol has taken out Havok!”
VASSA: ”Revenge is a dish best served cold!”
Marisol slams the toaster into his face, knocking him away from Griffin and down to his back. As Havok lays there, limp, Marisol checks in with Griffin who is down on both knees, catching his breath. She pats him on the back and points at Havok, showing him that he’s down. Griffin pushes himself up, with Marisol’s help, and slowly approaches the corner. He ascends to the top and turns to face Havok who is still down.
On the edge of their seats, the fans begin to scream loudly as a chant breaks out…

“4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW… 4CW…”
Marisol then grabs the chair and runs over to Griffin, handing it to him. Griffin then looks down at it in his hands and then back at Havok. He then leaps into the air. While flying towards Havok, Griffin extends his legs and holds the chair underneath them. As he comes down, the chair slams into Havok’s face with all of Griffin’s weight on top.

VASSA: ”That was nasty! He hit Havok with a leg drop from the top rope with the chair!”
Griffin then covers Havok for the pin as Marisol drops down and slaps the mat for the…

JOHNSON: ”Griffin has won it! He’s defeated Havok, the 4CW Extreme Champion!”
VASSA: ”If that wasn’t bad enough, he also gets to choose the stipulation for the title match these two will be facing each other in at Winter Wasteland.”
“Monkey Business” hits the sound system as Griffin stands to his feet. Marisol quickly moves in beside him and grabs his hand, interlocking fingers, and raises it in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pin fall, “The Rock Soldier”, Griffin HHAAWWKKIINNSS!!!”
The two celebrate in the ring and embrace. While standing with each other, they look down at Havok who is still out cold and begin to laugh.

VASSA: ”I can’t wait to hear what stipulation this title match is going to be between the two.”
JOHNSON: ”Right now I’m more interested in what’s going on between Marisol and Griffin.”
VASSA: ”Mind your won business!”
JOHNSON: ”Well we have a huge mess both in and out of the ring. We’re going to go backstage for a moment and get this cleaned up. Just sit tight folks!”

Equinox is gathering his belongings to leave the 4CW for good. As he is packing his gear and getting ready to leave for good, a steel chair crashes across the back of Equinox, and Jace Savage is the person holding the chair. Hollywood walks on screen with a steel chair in his hands and hits Equinox again across the back as he is trying to get to his feet.
Equinox falls to his stomach Savage and Hollywood lay into Equinox. After a few rounds of going back and forth Savage goes to swing the chair on Equinox but the chair is stopped suddenly by Harrison who rips it away from Savage.
Harrison ushers Savage and Hollywood back. Harrison checks on Equinox to see if he is okay. Harrison whispers something into his ear as he stands up. Harrison smiles as he looks over at New Gen and raises the chair just to bring it crashing down across the skull of Equinox repeatedly.
Harrison begins to laugh as New Gen backs up never removing their gaze from Harrison.



POWERS: “The Following Contest is Scheduled for ONE Fall and it is for the 4CW South West HEAVYWEEEIGGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!”
Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a rhythmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred eight pounds. He is one-half of “The Dying Breed” and the Number One Contender, JAIRRR …. HOPKINSSS!!!”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way. That bright, trademark smile of his shows as he makes his way into the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, waiting for his opponent.

POWERS: “And his opponent…”
Before Mike Powers can continue his introductions, the crowd erupts with boos as Jason Cashe launches the 4CW Southwest Title at ringside and two hand hops the guard rail. He waves at Jair like a silly bastard, playing more games with the man he has tried tearing down over the last month or so. As the two lock eyes, Cashe bends down and lifts his Southwest Title up and above his head with one arm, taunting Jair.

VASSA: “He’s letting Hopkins know just who the hell he is! What a great Champion we have here at 4 Corners! I love it!!”
JOHNSON: “After all Jason has done to Hopkins, he stands and taunts him? He knows Jair can get to him now and this is going to pop off like a premature load out of a Virgin!”
Darting across the ring, Hopkins hurries to exit through the ropes as Cashe pulls down the Southwest Title and blasts Jair to the side of his head as he cuts between the middle and top ropes. Mike Powers hurries to leave the ring, ignoring the rest of the introductions as the referee tries to instruct Cashe to drop the belt and enter the ring to begin the match.

JOHNSON: “Oh Come ON! He used the belt, this match is already in his advantage! That should be a Disqualification…”
VASSA: “The match hasn’t officially started and this had to have been the gameplan for Cashe! He lured Hopkins to exit the ring so things could get ugly BEFORE the match officially started! Brilliance!!”
JOHNSON: “Cheap is more like it..”
VASSA: “Cheap? No cheap would be getting himself DQed to keep his belt and Jason Cashe wants to win! He wants to embarrass or end Jair Hopkins here tonight!”
Letting the belt drop at ringside, Cashe slides under the bottom rope and scramble crawls to Jair Hopkins who fell back into the ring in a daze from the belt from the Title Belt. Quickly Cashe begins pounding Hopkins with repeated punches as he sits laying in a side position next to Hopkins. The fans continuing to boo from Cashe’s actions, Cashe gets to his feet and spits out of the ring, in the direction of some of the fans in the front row.

Turning back to Hopkins, Jason reaches down and gets a handful of his opponent’s braids. Yanking on them to get Jair off the ground, the Golden Boy representative rises from the canvas. Cashe keeps Jair bent over and reaches back, grabbing the waistline of Jair’s pants before turning and running Jair shoulder first into the nearby corner. Jair crashes and drops to a knee facing the corner. Cashe cocks back and open hand slaps the center of Hopkins back and he arches back and screams from the unique chop

JOHNSON: “Good gracious! Have you ever seen a Back Chop like that?”
VASSA: “DWWAAAAAMN! Oh Oh Oh That Stung!”
Jair stands using the turnbuckles and turns around to face Cashe. Again, Jason waves at Hopkins, mocking him, taunting him and in response Hopkins flips him off. The fans erupt with cheers and Cashe turns from playful to rage and rushes Hopkins. In two strides Cashe is in arm’s reach and runs right into a HUGE Roaring Elbow from Jair Hopkins! Cashe snaps at the neck, goes limp and collapses to the canvas. The crowd stays cheering, vibrating the KIMO Theatre!

VASSA: “Did he? Did he just connect with Cashe’s “Mark Of JASON”?”
JOHNSON: “Jason has all of Hopkins plays, he took the head trainer of Golden Boy so Jair used something Cashe didn’t expect! That’s hilarious!”
Stomping away, Jair goes to town on Cashe. Unleashing all his frustrations with each boot he puts to the body of his rival. Cashe tries to scramble, using the ropes to try getting off the canvas. Hopkins swift kicks Cashe to the back as he pushes up to his feet and the Champion falls over the top rope. Ripping him off the ropes, Jair Hopkins snaps a Knife Edge Chop against Cashe’s chest as he now lays back against the ropes. Following the Chop with a short elbow that crashes into Cashe’s jaw, Jair Hopkins pulls Cashe off the ropes and forcefully sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip.
As Cashe approaches the far ropes, Hopkins chases after him, Cashe leaps up and lands on the Middle Rope looking for a Springboard move but Jair Hopkins reacts quickly. He jumps up next to Cashe, standing with his feet on the middle rope and Springs off backwards, grabbing Cashe and hitting a Springboard Russian Leg Sweep. The crowd blows up with cheers for the creative spot.

JOHNSON: “What a Counter by Jair Hopkins!”
From his back, Jair scoots and rolls over Cashe with an arm. The referee drops and slaps the canvas.
Cashe kicks out right after the Two as the referee signals the count and stands up. Hopkins pushes to his feet and pulls Cashe up with him. Cashe comes up with a thrusting palm thrust that catches Hopkins off balance. Hopkins jumps back at Cashe with a hard slap to the face. Then comes another and another, Cashe has found himself in a right, left, right, left slap combination by Jair Hopkins.

Hopkins takes off across the ring, Cashe shakes off the dizzy and takes off after him. Jair leaps up going for his own Springboard off the middle ropes but Cashe plows into the back of Hopkins and simply dumps him over the top ropes. Hopkins bounces off the ring apron outside the ropes before tumbling to the ring side floors. The crowd rains down boos as Cashe continues to work.
Hurrying to the nearby corner, Cashe climbs up the turnbuckles facing the outside. As Jair Hopkins begins to rise, Cashe steps up and gets as high as he can stand on the top turnbuckle and dives off flipping forward with a Cannon Ball Senton but Hopkins side steps it and Cashe crashes and bounces hard off the unforgiving ring side floor.

VASSA: “Ohh the wind has left Cashe’s body after that mishap!”
JOHNSON: “He started off alright, dumping Hopkins was smart but trying to go High risk? He had to expect small chance for success, Cashe is not a high flyer by any means.”
VASSA: “We’d be calling his Genius if he connected with it. Funny how potential Highlights can become a Failure so quickly.”
Looking to hurt the man who’s done so much to hurt him, Jair Hopkins swiftly kicks the back of Jason Cashe as he rolls onto his side. Hopkins drops into a Handstand and free falls down into a Driving Knee into the middle of Cashe’s back and the “Choice of Influence” bellows out a cry of pain. Hopkins reaches to punch Cashe in the face a few times before he turns to see the referee get to 5 on his count.
Moving to his feet, Hopkins rolls in and out of the ring to reset the count. Turning his attention back to Cashe as the downed man begins to pull himself in a crawling scoot. On his stomach now crawling to the guard rails, Cashe is unaware as Hopkins comes in locked on his target and jumps up and comes down with a Leg Drop, smashing Cashe’s face into the ground hard with pressure.
Again the referee reaches the count of 5 and Hopkins turns to once again roll in and out to restart the time. Cashe grabs him at the right ankle, hugging Jair to stop him from getting the restart. Turning to stomp at Cashe, Hopkins foot is brushes off as Cashe pushes up to his feet, still with Hopkins ankle held in his hands. Using his agility, Hopkins stands on one leg, jumps and spins to hit a Spin Kick but lifts the held leg and sends Hopkins falling towards the ring. He crashes his head to the ring apron and Cashe rushes, slides in the ring hoping to get a count out victory as the referee gets to 8 on the count. The crowd roaring with boos, hating the method chosen by the Champion. To him though, it was taking something else away from Hopkins. He was all smiles as he stands breathing hard from the fight thus far.

JOHNSON: “Disgusting. He’s going to get a cheap victory and take away Jair Hopkins chance at a clear decision in this Championship match.”
VASSA: “Blame Management, they put these two in a match with rules. With limits and now our Champion is just exposing that mistake. Can you blame him? He’s inside the head of Jair Hopkins and it’s going to drive Hopkins crazy!! That’s what Cashe wants!”
JOHNSON: “These fans are going to riot, we might not be welcomed back after this…come on!!”
Moving fast, Hopkins barely makes it under the ropes before the count of ten. He is met with a round of stomps as Cashe doesn’t let him up. Stomps, kicks both to the back and head, arms and legs. Hopkins slides back outside the ring to get away from the assault and leans up against the steel stairs at the corner. Cashe steps out onto the ring apron and Hopkins reaches up, grabs the bottom ropes and pops up with a high rise capoeira kick to Cashe’s midsection. From the ring side floor, Hopkins hops up onto the Apron and in a beautiful sequence, he hooks Cashe and hits him with a Snap Suplex off the apron and onto the ring side floor. Again, Cashe’s body is slammed and crashed hard and he inhales deep and loud trying to catch his breath.

VASSA: “The oxygen in his lungs was knocked out of the Champ! He’s gonna be sore tomorrow..”
JOHNSON: “He’s sore now I’d bet!”
Hurting some himself from the impact spot, Jair Hopkins pushes off the ground and rises to his feet. He begins to pull Cashe up as well but for good measure, Hopkins drills a knee into the cheek of Jason’s face and he knocks sideways and slumps back to the floor. Hopkins smiles with a flare of rage in his eyes as he pulls Cashe up and rolls him into the ring. Following, Hopkins rolls Cashe on his back and covers the current Champion looking to take the title now.
Unable to get the victory, Hopkins climbs over Cashe and gets in the Mount Position. The crowd counts off every punch, every elbow that Jair Hopkins drops into Cashe’s face. His eyebrow split, blood pouring from it as a mouse forms under his left eye, Jason Cashe seems to just let the assault come crashing down on him. Hopkins stops and looks at his elbow, blood stained to the tip, it satisfies his hate and he again adjusts to make the cover.

JOHNSON: “How? How is he still kicking out? His face just took a beating, his body has taken one. Jair Hopkins has taken it to Cashe harder than anyone else has yet.”
VASSA: “Yes but it’s these moments that Jason has wanted since he became Champion. He over looked one man and got beat but other than that ONE mistake, he has brought the best out of everyone he’s faced and now Jair Hopkins does that for him. His heart and will comes into play now.”
Sitting up with his knees extended and his feet planted on the canvas, Jair Hopkins looks over at Cashe bleeding and nods before he hurries to get up. He grabs the ropes to help him rise. Looking up, Hopkins wants to go high risk, maybe put it away once and for all. Facing the turnbuckles, Hopkins begins to climb up. As he balances and pushes up to the very top, Cashe scoots down and slides out feet first under the ropes to the outside. The audience groans at Cashe’s retreat but Hopkins sees it and waits. As Cashe turns and looks up, Hopkins dives off to the outside and comes down with a crazy Cross Body! This turns the fans upside down with cheers and celebration.

JOHNSON: “Both men are DOWN! A Huge Cross Body and both felt the crash landing. This could end in a double count out…”
VASSA: “Ref, stop counting!”
As the time passes, neither man is moving much other than the up and downs of their breathing chests. Then Hopkins turns and grabs the guard rail to pull himself to his knees. Taking a deep breath, he stands to his feet and bends down to bring Cashe up to his. Bursting from Hopkins grapple, Cashe cocks back and BLASTS Jair with the “Mark Of JASON” and Jair Hopkins falls back, landing on his ass but crashing back first into the side of the steel stairs. Cashe falls sideways and lands armpit first against the guard rail. The referee reaches 7 and Cashe pushes off the railing and like Hopkins had done before, Cashe rolls in and instantly back out of the ring. Restarting the count.
A smile creeps across his face as he stares at Jair using the steps behind him to rise up. Cashe takes off, bursting in a rush right at Hopkins. Coming in with a Double Axe Handle, Cashe is vulnerable and left open as Jair drops a shoulder and lifts Cashe up with a Shoulder Toss. Cashe flies up and over the steel steps, landing on the opposite side of them from where Hopkins is. He’s quick to get up as a jolt of pain storms through his back. Jair Hopkins is already in motion as he leaps up on the Steel Stairs surface and takes flight, landing on Cashe, looking for a Hurricanrana but Cashe keeps him up, steps forward and tosses Hopkins from a Powerbomb position into the side of the steel steps. The stairs explode as Hopkins back pounds into them, the echo swarms throughout the KIMO Theatre. Gasping, the fans go silent as the top piece of the stairs falls off and Hopkins rolls on the ground, grabbing at his own back in pain.

VASSA: “This is horrific. Neither of these men will walk the same after this!”
JOHNSON: “If they walk again at all, those stairs are unforgiving, Hopkins back can only take so much.”
Kick pushing Hopkins to the back, Cashe rips Jair up and lifts him with a Suplex but lets him fall stomach first over the guard railing. Cashe turns from Hopkins and bends down, struggling to lift the bottom, flat piece of the steel stairs. As he looks to drop them down on Hopkins back, the referee gets to the count of 7 and Cashe smiles, tossing the stair piece next to the ring and hurries to slide in and get that count out victory he tried getting earlier. Clapping as he stands in the ring, Cashe looks pleased with how things could potentially turn out. Jair Hopkins has other plans, ones that still include fighting back and hopefully winning.
Jair pushes himself off the railing on the crowd side. He looks up to see the referee yell out the 9 on his count and hurries to act. He pops up on the guard railing, landing on his feet and leaps from the railing to the ring apron. In one swift movement, Hopkins springs up over the ropes as Cashe rushes in but Hopkins lands both knees into Cashe’s chest, executing a perfect Double Knee Attack and the crowd begins roaring with cheers as the match continues.

JOHNSON: “Wow! Hopkins has Hops! Who else does that? Who else can make that jump and make it look that easy after the punishment he has taken? Amazing!”
VASSA: “It was A’IGHT! Let’s see if that leads to a victory, then I’ll be impressed!”
On their last rush of adrenaline, both men move to return to their feet. Cashe is up first and swings with a wild clothesline that Hopkins ducks as he breaks into the rush across the ring behind Cashe. Hopkins jumps up, hits the ropes with a Reverse Springboard and comes back at Cashe with a Pele like Kick that taps Cashe to the back of the head. Cashe falls forward and instantly rolls out under the ropes but stays on the ring apron. Holding the back of his head, Cashe tries getting to his feet on the ring apron. Hopkins jumps the ropes and lands on the ring apron with Cashe and grabs him to pull him up. Cashe drills Hopkins with a short punch to the gut and both men stand slumped up against each other and leaning against the ropes. Both now worst for wear.

VASSA: “If they fall, they both better be aware of that bottom section of the steel stairs. If could be a devastating end to one or both if they’re not careful.”
Jair comes down with a pounding forearm to Cashe’s back. Cashe throws up an uppercut to Hopkins ribs. Pushing off Hopkins, Cashe gets some distance as Hopkins stumbles back alongside the apron. He comes back at Cashe but is caught with a HUGE “Mark Of JASON” Elbow that jacks Hopkins jaw. He tilts, his body goes to give out on him and fall to the outside floors but Cashe snatches him by the head, pulls it down and places his head in between Cashe’s legs. The crowd rises in suspicion as Cashe wraps his arms around Hopkins waist and lifts him as he side steps off the ring apron, taking both of them into a fall. A long gasp is heard before the thud clank echos out as Cashe piledrives Jair Hopkins down onto the flat surface of the bottom stair piece. A woman in the front row covers her young child’s eyes as Hopkins goes limp, the referee calls for the bell and Cashe seems only hurt in the butt cheeks as the match comes to an end.

JOHNSON: “Oh my god…Someone get some help down here!!”
VASSA: “Off the ring apron, onto the steel stairs at the side of the ring…Cashe just ended Hopkins! His neck bent awkwardly, his neck may be broken! So cool!”
The referee hurries out of the ring and checks on Hopkins who lies unconscious. Cashe pulls up using the ring apron but his eyes remain on Hopkins laid out. As EMTs rush ringside, Cashe moves out of the way and stumbles over in much pain himself, grabs his Southwest Heavyweight Championship and shoves Mike Powers making sure he seen what Cashe had done, Cashe smiling, happy about it. In response Mike Powers makes the official announcement.

POWERS: “Due to Disqualification, the winner of this Match is Jair Hopkins…”
This removes the smile from Cashe’s face and he grabs at Mike Powers. Threatening the ring announcer, Cashe cusses him until Mike gets back on the microphone to make a second announcement official.

POWERS: “However…STILL 4CW South West Heavyweight Champion….Jason Cashe…Happy?”
Nodding yes as he backs away, Cashe raises his arms and his Title in the air to a loud thundering round of boos from the fans. He doesn’t seem to care as he moves around the ring and heads up the ramp. Pointing and laughing at the mass amount of people attending to Hopkins, he holds up his Title once more before turning and leaving to the backstage.

VASSA: “He’s just a special kind of Champion! He’s more Extreme than our Extreme Champion! Good gracious! So entertaining!!”
JOHNSON: “While I don’t agree with his methods, Jason Cashe is still the Champion. He didn’t pin his challenger, he simply took him out. Not the first time a challenger was removed by Cashe but it might be the worst case we’ve seen thus far…I pray for Jair Hopkins…I really do..”
VASSA: ”I knew this was going to get bloody!”
JOHNSON: ”Well… that’s all the time we have for tonight folks. It’s been a great first year and I look forward to many more in the future. We hope you all have a happy and say New Year and we will catch you in 2015. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”
The two then remove their headsets and set them aside. Vassa then reaches beside him and pulls out a bottle of whiskey and slams it on the announcers booth. The fans pop with cheers, those who aren’t focused on Hopkins in the ring. As the camera slowly backs away, the scene fades out as the sounds of the background can still be heard.