JANUARY 14TH, 2015

The scene opens overlooking the sold out Salt Lake City crowd at the Capitol Theatre. At ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the announcers booth.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome folks to another 4CW Adrenaline! I’m one of your hosts, Steve Johnson and the man beside me is the one and only…”
VASSA: ”Vinny Vassa in the house!”
JOHNSON: ”We have another action packed card for the evening. Tonight we get to witness the ladies of 4CW overtaking the scene.”
VASSA: ”I’ve been waiting for a card like this ever since Perry threw down the money to open this company.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re not going to go on and on like we have in the past. We understand that you all tuned in to see the action and we’re not going to stand in the way. Let’s just go over the headline and main events.”
VASSA: ”The headline for tonight is one that I’m going to play back in my head for many week to follow. We have a fatal fourway lined up with four of the hottest ladies to walk in the door.”
JOHNSON: ”Four ladies and only one winner can come out of this match.”
VASSA: ”Jessica Robertson… Connors, whatever she goes by, will be climbing in the ring with Marisol Hawkes, Jessica Black and our resident stoner, Sativa Nevaeh.”
JOHNSON: ”This match first came together over Twitter and now has become a reality.”
VASSA: ”Kids these days with their social media and technology.”
JOHNSON: ”All four of these ladies have been hot as of late, no pun intended.”
VASSA: ”Yes they have, both with their looks and their skills!”
JOHNSON: ”Only one will walk away the winner tonight. This is going to be a great one to watch and we have the best seat in the house.”
VASSA: ”Tell us a little about the main event, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Well two weeks ago we started a small tournament to determine who will challenge Lo’Renzo Porter at Winter Wasteland for the 4CW Pride championship.”
VASSA: ”Ramona lea Epps destroyed Equinox in the ring to advance. She’s been a force ever since signing with the company.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s not the only one who destroyed him but we’ll stay on topic. You can check out the last show if you missed it to see what happened for yourself.”
VASSA: ”You could just say that justice was served for piss poor performances.”
JOHNSON: ”In the other tournament match, Roxi Johnson defeated Jace Savage to advance.”
VASSA: ”So tonight, we have Ramona climbing in the ring with Roxi. There’s a reason that this match is the main event for the evening.”
JOHNSON: ”I hope Porter is watching because no matter who advances, he’s going to have his work cut out for him at Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: ”That’s it, folks. Another stellar lineup that we’ve all come to expect from 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”Winter Wasteland is just around the corner. If you’re out of the loop, be sure to catch up on all the adrenaline pumping action. We’re going to go backstage for a moment before we officially kick things off.”
The theater lights suddenly go out as the video screen comes to life.

After the video ends the lights raise. The ring is covered in a blanket of black flowers. Black Dahlias to be exact.

VASSA: ”What the hell?”

A solid white van pulls up outside of the Capitol Theatre as several orderlies storm out from it. A woman stands there with a giant of a man beside her. The psychotic bastard known as Inmate 31 is finally being helped out of the van while having his arms wrapped up inside a straight jacket. One of the orderlies stands on the other side of the woman and strikes up a conversation with her.

THE ORDERLY: ”Are you sure this is a wise decision to bring him back this quickly?”
THE WARDEN: ”Yes, I believe our plan is working like a well glistening gem. Now, how do we get him to tap into the murderous side?”
THE ORDERLY: ”Can we not find that side? I don’t feel like zapping him if he gets out of hand.”
The lady warden looks at hired help basically and light taps her hand across his shoulder. She stops and starts squeezing it. The pain from the hold shoots through his arm and causes him to go down to his knee.

THE WARDEN: ”Listen up and listen good, my monster will do my bidding if he ever wants to see his beautiful wife again. Also if you ever cross me again. I will make sure no one ever finds your body. Do you understand?”
The orderly nods his head while tears are forming in the corners of his eyes.

HANDLER: ”He is ready boss. Where do you want him?”
The Warden just points toward the loading bay doors of the theatre as the strong handlers bring Inmate 31 into the theatre. An evil smirk comes across The Warden’s face as the camera cuts away.



VASSA: ”Alright, lets kick things off!”
JOHNSON: ”We have a few new talents signed and it’s time for them to show 4CW what they’re made of.”
VASSA: ”Athena has already made her way down to the ring. I will be honest with you. She is my least favorite female to look at on the roster.”
JOHNSON: ”I bet you wouldn’t say that to her face.”
VASSA: ”I don’t want to get that close.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a good while since we’ve had one of these big rumbles but like last time,. this will be a fast paced contest. The wrestlers will make their entrances every two minutes until the last one has arrived. There is no limit on how many wrestlers will be in the ring at once. Heck, we could end up with all eight in there at once by the time it’s all said and done.”
The opening chords of “Love Me Electric” cut through the theater as the lights dim and a spotlight hits the curtain as The Dirty Devil walks out from behind it.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Dirtyville, California, “The Dirty Devil” CONNOR GATES!!!”
He raises his hands up from his sides as the crowd cheers him on. He may not be the most popular guy in the world but the crowd connects with him as Connor slides under the bottom rope and rests his forearm on his knee as he looks out over the crowd.
They are already singing along with the music as he stands to his feet and gets to his feet. Walking over and resting one foot on the second rope and the other on the bottom rope as he leans forward and yells at the crowd to get them all fired up for the ass kicking he is about to deliver to his opponent

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, JASON ARIES!!!”
Sick begins to play throughout the theater as the lights go down for a few moments suddenly the lights begin to flash purple and gold as he appears from behind the curtain his head down and the hood on his ring jacket over his head. The song plays a little longer as he begins to bounce side to side as he raises his head he looks out over the crowd as he begins to hype himself up. He begins to slowly make his way to the ring holding out both fists as the fans hit it he keeps a dead stare on the ring he jumps up on the apron and turns as we can see the word Phenom on the back of his jacket as he turns his back to the hard cam looking out at the crowd. He steps through the ropes and walks over to a far corner taking off his ring jacket he hands it to the ring side valet he puts in his mouth guard as he begins using the ropes to stretch his legs waiting on his opponent.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Baltimore, Maryland, LINCOLN CUTLER!!!”
“Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll” hits the sound system as Cutler runs out from the back. He stands at the top of the stage for a brief moment before stepping towards the ring and running in stride. He slides underneath the bottom rope and rolls to his feet before walking to his corner and looking at the other three opponents.

JOHNSON: ”That’s four folks and we will officially start the match off before introducing the other four.”
VASSA: ”It’s time to get down to business, time for these new signees to put up or shut up!”
The ref checks with each corner and gets the nod from each wrestler. He then waves his hand in the air, signaling for the bell.
At the sound of the bell, Athena rushes from her corner towards Aries. On his toes, Aries ducks underneath a clothesline and grabs her by the back of the head, slamming her face forward into the turnbuckle. He then wraps his arm around her and hooks the leg. Athena tries to break free but fails. Aries then falls back and drops her to the canvas with a Russian leg sweep.
Across the ring, Gates and Cutler collide with an exchange of punches. Cutler connects with a slap to the chops but gets knocked back when Gates fires back with a devastating right hand. He then kicks Cutler in the stomach and plants his head into the canvas with a snap DDT. Gates then climbs on top of Cutler and begins to fire away with more punches, connecting with lefts and rights, one after the other.
Aries grabs Athena by the hair and pulls her up to her feet and pushes her into the corner. He then goes on the warpath with machine gun chops, quickly breaking her down to one knee, holding herself up with the ropes. On the other side, Gates pulls Cutler to his feet and slams him into the corner, shaking the ring. He then grabs Cutler by the arm and throws him to the corner behind him. In that corner, Aries grabs Athena by the arm and throws her to the corner behind him.
In the center of the ring, Athena and Cutler collide, butting heads. The two bounce off each other and stumble backwards. Gates steps in and wraps his arms around Cutler’s waist as Aries does the same to Athena. The two then lift up both jobbers and drive them into the mat with German’s suplexes that shake the ring as the crash into it one after the other.

VASSA: ”Damn these two couldn’t have timed those suplexes any better.”
JOHNSON: ”Lincoln and Athena’s heads are going to feel that headbutt they gave each other in the morning.”
VASSA: ”I just feel sorry for Cutler having his face that close to Athena’s.”
The theatre entrance stage grows dark and the crowd jump to their feet, “No Juice” By Lil’ Boosie blasts through the speakers, Carlos makes his way from behind the curtain playing the crowd, not caring about the mix reaction Carlos throws his middle fingers in the air while making his way down the ramp way.

POWERS: ”Coming down to the ring from Puerto Rico, CARLOS TTOORRRREEZZ!!!”
He reaches the ring and jumps up on the apron, he stands there for a second looking all around the theatre before turning his attention to the madness taking place inside of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”We have our fifth wrestler for the rumble!”
VASSA: ”I don’t even think the others notice him standing on the apron.”
Gates lifts Athena up from the mat and punches her a few times with hard rights. He then grabs her by the arm and throws her to the ropes towards Torrez with force. Torrez quickly reacts and springboards over the top rope, flying over Athena and wrapping his legs around gates head, taking him to the canvas with a head scissors takedown. Athena hits the ropes but before she can come forward, Aries surprised her with a quick roundhouse kick that sends her up and over the top rope, falling to the floor below.
Aries quickly turns to Cutler who is just starting to get to his feet. He rushes in on him and kicks him a few times while he’s down before grabbing him by the arm and pulling him up to his feet. Aries then throws Cutler to the ropes and runs behind him. As Cutler hits the ropes, Aries is right there to greet him with a running clothesline that flips him up over the top rope and down to the hard floor below.
Torrez stomps on Gates knee while he’s down. From behind, Aries attacks him with a double axe handle, knocking him down to one knee. Aries then runs to the ropes in front of him and bounces back to Torrez’s front, leaping in the air and knocking him straight to his back with a dropkick to the chops. Aries quickly pushes himself up and moves in on Torrez who is just rolling over to his stomach.
As Aries reaches down towards Torrez, Gates throws a forearm across the top of his shoulders and knocks him on top of Torrez. Gates then stomps on both of them, going back and forth between the other.

VASSA: ”Well that’s two down!”
”Paper Planes” by Sleepwave begins playing over the sound system, the intro of the song resonating throughout the theater, as Danny Richards comes out from behind the curtain to a cheer from the crowd. Wearing his trademark toothy grin, he slaps hands with fans as he makes his way down to the ring.

POWERS: ”Walking down to the ring from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia… “The Phoenix”, DANNY RRIICCHHAARRDDSS!!!”
Richards then runs towards the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope. As he pops up to his feet, Gates takes notices and rushes him, attacking with a combination of punches, catching him off guard. Gates then grabs Richards by the head with both hands and then drives his forward, connecting with a brutal headbutt. Richards stumbles backwards and hits the ropes, holding himself up. Gates then draws his fist back but before he can swing, Torrez spins him around and kicks him in the stomach.
Torrez then lifts Gates up and throws him down to the mat with a hard scoop slam followed by a quick leg drop across the throat. As Torrez pushes himself up, Richards charges at him with a clothesline but misses as Torrez ducks at the last moment. Richards continues to run towards Aries who is just standing up to his feet. Richards swings with another clothesline but misses again as Aries side steps him and takes him down to the canvas with a drop toe hold.
Aries then crawls on Richards back and gets him in a chin lock. He cranks down the pressure for a moment before letting up and standing to his feet. Aries then kicks Richards in the side and grabs him by the head, pulling him up to his feet. As Richards stands up, he swings upward and connects with a European uppercut out of no where. Aries stumbles back a few steps but regains his footing. The two then lock up and fight for control over the other. Richards takes the lead and wraps his arm around his head, pulling it down and applying a side headlock. Aries quickly pushes Richards away, breaking the hold and sending him to the ropes. Richards hits the ropes and comes back only to send Aries to his back with a shoulder block.
Across the ring, Gates and Torrez throw down, beating the living hell out of one another. Torrez gains control of the situation after blocking a punch thrown by Gates. Torrez then fires away with a hard right that connects with Gates jaw. He then fires away with another, connecting even harder than the last. Torrez then draws back for one more but gets surprised as Gates lunges forward and gouges his eyes.

VASSA: ”Torrez should have had a better eye on the situation if you catch my drift!”
JOHNSON: ”Here comes our seventh wrestler!”
“Expect The Unexpected” by Cassidy ft. Murda Mook hits the sound system. The lights in the theater slowly dim down. As the beat picks up Caleb steps through the curtains. Wearing a black hoodie, and a pair of black and gold fight shorts. His head is bowed and focused on the ring in front of him. His arms are hanging down to his sides his hands shaking as he slowly makes his way down to the ring.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada, CALEB HHOOUUSSTTOONN!!!”
Houston slides in underneath the bottom rope only to get his face smashed with a running kick from Gates. From behind, Torrez smashes his elbow into the back of Gates head, knocking him into the ropes. Torrez then reaches down and grabs Houston by the head and drags him to the center of the ring before pulling him up to his feet. Torrez grabs him by the back of the head and pulls his head downward, driving his knee upward and slamming it into his face. Houston’s feet raise up from the canvas as his body flies backwards in the air.
Gates pops back into the scene and catches Houston and locks him in a full Nelson. He then pulls back and applies some serious pressure, lifting Houston’s feet up from the mat. Torrez then moves in but gets pulled back as Richards grabs him by the arm. Richards then runs by him and drives his foot into Houston’s stomach with a running kick. Houston releases a loud cry in pain as Gates lifts him up even higher and drives his head into the canvas with a full nelson suplex.
Gates pops back to his feet and turns his attention to Richards who is coming at him full speed with a haymaker. Richards connects with the punch and then throws another, and another. Richards then kicks him in the stomach and wraps his arm around his head and hooks Gates arm and leg before lifting him up and dropping him to the mat with a fisherman’s suplex. As Gates slams against the canvas, Richards rolls over on top of him and then begins to attack with a fury of mounted punches.
Aries then rushes in and leaps onto Richards, tackling him and knocking him off of Gates. The two scramble around the mat as Gates quickly pushes himself up to his feet. Gates looks on as the two scrap before looking over to Houston who is just barely beginning to move. He then keys in and grabs Houston by the head, pulling him up to his feet. across the ring, Torrez grabs Richards by the head and rolls him over to the side, pushing him off. Torrez then quickly gets to his feet as does Richards.
Richards then throws a punch but Torrez blocks it and fires back with one of his own, knocking Richards down to the canvas. Torrez then looks behind him where Gates has Houston propped up against the ropes, driving knees into his mid-section. Torrez then runs towards the two and leaps into the air. Flying like a madman, Gates quickly notices and steps out of the way as Torrez connects with a flying clothesline that sends Houston flipping over the top rope and falling to the floor like a ragdoll..

JOHNSON: ”Caleb Houston didn’t stand a chance tonight. He should just pack his bags and hit the door.”
VASSA: ”No shit! We’ve seen better talent who actually bring something worth watching to the ring.”
The theater lights go out, as a melodic keyboard intro is heard behind the sounds of rain, the camera zooms into the screen as a guitar slide is heard and the word “PARIAH” is etched across the screen, and “Catch Your Breath” by CFO$ kicks into high gear. The crowd roars as John Pariah walks out onto the stage-hood up and a black and white Grendel mask covering his face.. As the music swells-the spotlight comes on-and Pariah puts his hand out in a gun position-as pyros go off behind him.

POWERS: ”Our final wrestler coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California, “The Iconic” JOHN PPAARRIIAAHH!!!”
He throws his arm into a crucifix as the crowd explodes with cheers. He heads down the ramp and climbs onto the apron-throwing his arms and head back into the ropes as the song hits a high note. He drops the hood, and removes the mask. He poses on the ropes as the music fades out before entering into the rumble.
Pariah quickly rushes Gates and catches him off guard as he stomps on Aries. Pariah turns him around and then fires away with rapid knife edge chops across the chest, getting a pop from the crowd as each one lands with a stinging sound cutting over the crowd. Torrez runs towards Aries who is down and jumps into the air, hitting him with a running moonsault. As Torrez pushes himself up, Richards drop kicks him in the back of the head, sending him rolling across the ring.
Richards then picks Aries up from the floor and throws him to the corner. As Aries slams against the turnbuckle, Richards is right behind him, driving his shoulder into his mid-section. Richards then lifts Aries up and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. Richards then swings up, connecting with a couple of quick punches before the sounds of the crowd warn him of what’s behind.
Richards quickly turns around only to see Torrez running at him full speed and leaping into the air. As Torrez gets close, Richards ducks and then raises up as Torrez is above him, pushing him higher into the air. Torrez quickly turns his body and lands a spinning heel kick in mid-air to Aries face, knocking him off the top turnbuckle and down to the floor below.

JOHNSON: ”That was some quick thinking by Torrez because for a minute there, I thought he was going to fly out of the ring after Richards vaulted him even higher into the air.”
VASSA: ”Oh look out!”
After hitting the mat on his way down with impact, Torrez is slow to get to his feet. Richards kicks him a few times while he’s down but gets blindsided as Pariah runs into the picture with a lariat from behind. Richards falls face first to the mat, before rolling next to Torrez. Pariah then stomps on both of them side by side before grabbing each adjacent top rope with a separate hand. He then jumps into the air, pulling himself upward and comes down with a body splash on the two.
Gates then rushes him from behind as he gets up and kicks his leg out from under him, knocking him down to his back, laying beside Richards who is still beside Torrez. Gates then stomps on the three before grabbing onto the ropes and jumping upward and coming down with a body splash across the three. Just before contact, Richards in the middle holds his knees up and catches Gates in the stomach. Gates bounces off and falls to the mat, rolling to the center of the ring.
Richards then gets up and rushes to Gates before he has a chance to catch his breath. Richards kicks him a few times in the side and then jumps into the air and lands a beautiful standing senton across Gates. In the corner, Torrez and Pariah both begin to pull themselves up using the ropes for leverage. Once up, the two take a moment to catch their breath before noticing the other in front. The two then begin to beat the mess out of each other with vicious punches, one after the other, taking turns.
Richards lifts Gates up to his feet and then locks him in a side headlock before taking a few steps forward and hitting him with a bulldog. Richards then pops back to his feet and looks to the corner where both Torrez and Pariah as going at it. He then takes off from stand still and rushes them both, connecting with a double clothesline that sends both over the top rope falling to the outside.

JOHNSON: ”Danny Richards just eliminated both John Pariah and Carlos Torrez with one shot.”
JOHNSON: ”Talk about taking out two birds with one stone.”
The crowd pops with a huge cheer as Richards looks up at them, taking a moment to celebrate and soak it in. In the center of the ring, Gates has just climbed back to his feet and waits patiently. Richards then turns around and see’s Gates looking back at him from across the ring. Richards then charges him with a running clothesline but misses as Gates ducks and throws an elbow into his stomach.
Gates then steps to the side of Richards and lifts him up in a reverse fireman’s carry position and walks around the ring with him on his shoulder for a moment. Gates then pushes him up over his head and turns his body into a piledriver position, dropping him to the canvas head first with a psycho driver III.

JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen, I believe Connor likes to call that move The Dirty Driver.”
VASSA: ”It looked nasty!”
Gates then pops up to his feet and paces around the ring, looking down at Richards who is motionless in the center of the ring. Gates then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet. With a hold still on Richards head, Gates runs towards the ropes, dragging him along, and throws him forward, sending him flipping over the top rope and crashing to the floor below.

JOHNSON: ”Connor Gates has won it! He’s eliminated Danny Richards who was the last man in the ring.”
VASSA: ”Talk about an impressive debut!”
“Love Me Electric” hits the sound system as Gates walks to the center of the ring, looking over the electric crowd in attendance.

POWERS: ”The winner of the elimination rumble… The Dirty Devil, CONNOR GGAATTEESS!!!”
The ref raises Gates hand into the air as the crowd goes nuts.

JOHNSON: ”When we have multiple new signees we like to welcome them with a rumble such as this and Connor Gates has impressed tonight.”
VASSA: ”He isn’t the only one. Richards, Aries, Torrez and Pariah all showed good things tonight and I can’t wait to see what they bring moving forward. Caleb Houston on the other hand, go home pretty boy!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a moment folks as we clear the ring for our next match of the evening.”

The backstage comes into view at the Exit doors leading to the Parking Garage. The doors open and through them comes Jason Cashe carrying his Southwest Championship over his shoulder. Behind him comes Tidus Howe and Sullivan who lets the door close behind him as they all step into the building.

CASHE: “Hopkins is done, I left that dude like a voice message. Pressing 7 for deletion if he comes back and he knows that. Next is the body bag, zip zip that’s gonna be that.”
HOWE: “We face what’s in front of us and here tonight, that is John Blade. Let’s get to the locker room..”
Nodding in agreement, Cashe turns to lead the trio deeper into the combination of hallways and rooms backstage. He doesn’t make it five steps forward before Gabriel Hartman rushes into the scene with a microphone in hand. As always, Cashe is happy to see Hartman, they have a long history together.

HARTMAN: “Can I have a minute Jason?”
HOWE: “No we–“
CASHE: “Let’s not be rude Howe! Of course I have a minute for an old friend. What’s up Hartman, what can we do for you?”
The obvious disliking Tidus Howe has for Gabriel Hartman could probably be summed up in jealousy but it has never been fully explained. Tidus steps back with a look of annoyed written all over his face as Cashe wraps an arm around Hartman and awaits the questions yet to be asked.

HARTMAN: “You’ve never been one for In Ring discussions so I knew I had to come find you to get a word. Tonight you have John Blade, an easy opponent on paper. Nobody believe he can win, is that something you prepare for? Do you take this match like he’s a threat or do you go in only bringing part of your play book?”
CASHE: “First off, I want to reintroduce the world to Sullivan here. He’s no longer using the name “Joseph” and is in the process of reinventing himself for the better as “Mad Dog” Sullivan. MD say hello.”
Sullivan steps up and leans slowly down closer to the microphone as Gabriel Hartman looks at a man with a terrible eye and a mean look to him.

SULLIVAN: “Grrrrrr…The dog will bite…”
Cashe moves away from side hugging Hartman and stands in front of Sullivan, cutting him off from the microphone so he can speak himself.

CASHE: “You asked if I bring my whole play book to the ring even for these boring bouts? Why wouldn’t I? I told everyone last week that wins and losses are nice, being a Champion has it’s perks but is it what fuels me most? No. What fuels me, what keeps me coming back full force each and every match is the potential to hurt someone be it their careers, their backs, knees, heads and necks, their relationships, their family, the place where they learned the business. Hurting them gives me pleasure. You see the men I stand with here and now?”
Stepping back to Tidus, Cashe back hands his Manager to the chest. Tidus grabs himself at the chest and falls back taking it harder than Cashe meant to give it but he doesn’t notice as Tidus gasps for air in a comedic routine as Cashe gets into his point of the crew he belongs too.

CASHE: “THIS is loyalty. You cannot buy it like we tried with NewGen and The House of Howe. Some like Shane Borderland cannot afford loyalty because in truth, it overshadows them and consumes them as being not worth a spotlight outside of what is created for them. So for my loyalty, for those I fight for and represent be it Short Bus or this crew right here? I’m living, I’m fighting like it’s to the death, like every match is Last Man Standing and I will do damage to make sure I am the one in the end with the “w”. When you fucking with my team you are…”
“Mad Dog” Sullivan pops forward over Cashe’s shoulder and cuts him off, speaking loud and clear so the microphone picks it up.

SULLIVAN: “Hospital Bound!”
CASHE: “Ha! Step in the ring and you’ll be…”
SULLIVAN: “Face first down!”
CASHE: “Leave you assed out like a…”
SULLIVAN: “Hospital Gown!”
Laughing the whole lot of them, Hartman included. Cashe nods to Sullivan and the bigger man steps back and the jokes and play on words comes to a brief end.

CASHE: “So John Blade is in trouble. John Blade might find himself laid out, stretched out and laying next to where I left Jair Hopkins at the Anniversary show.”
HARTMAN: “What happens when and if Jair Hopkins is cleared to return to action?”
CASHE: “What happens? Heh, what happens is that if he returns then I failed the first time and won’t the second. My playbook gets more Dysfunction with every person, man or woman who steps up to get stepped on. Get down or lay down is the mindset. We’re only missing a female touch but I’m in no hurry to find that until the RIGHT one comes through. Until then? Let the bodies hit the floor and let’s get DOWN with our bad selves!”
Breaking out into a dance, the Title falls from Cashe’s shoulder as the camera focuses on his dance skills or lack thereof.


As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theater, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is “The Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe appears on stage, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below” “Down to the devils show” “To be his guest forever” “Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe Martin promising us all that 2015 is going to be much different than last year, or at least how last year ended with that loss to Christine Nash.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bringing up the bad stuff, Steve? Not cool. Niobe lost, no big deal. I look for big things here in 2015 for here.”
JOHNSON: ”No, not what I mean at all. She seems focused, ready, and most of all confident.”
The arena flashes between green, white and orange lights. As “The Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphy plays. He comes with a shillelah in one hand. He runs out on stage does a heel click. Before walking to the ring amp up trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and run up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

VASSA: ”Someone check this guy’s papers lately?”
JOHNSON: ”He probably passed the necessary background checks.”
VASSA: ”Hey, speaking of which. What’s the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know, what.”
VASSA: ”One less drunk!”
The bell dings and the duo come out from their respectful corners, Martin giving up a lot of size to the Irishman O’Connor but she doesn’t seem much like she’s going to back down any here. O’Connor goes for a big right with his gloved hands, but Martin is able to duck under as she charges towards the ring ropes and rebounds herself where she leaps up and smacks O’Connor across the chest with a forearm smash! O’Conner gives ground, but doesn’t fall. Martin slings herself into the ropes again, this time she spins as she connects the stunned O’Connor with leaping clothesline!

JOHNSON: ”Niobe is giving up more than one hundred pounds here, so she’s using the speed advantage here.”
VASSA: ”Did you get the joke? One less dr–“
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, yeah. I got it.”
O’Conner still doesn’t go down, a frustrated Martin slings herself into the ropes for a third time leaps up into the air and is prevented from hitting a hurricarana as O’Connor is able to hold her in place. What a lucky guy! O’Connor wraps his hands around her back and carries her more towards the middle of the ring looking to hit a big move. The crowd buzzes for the impact that’s about to go down, but instead they get Niobe Martin chewing down onto the bridge of the nose of O’Connor!! O’Connor yells out in pain as Martin locks down preventing him from seeing anything and unable to fight it off, as he stumbles around the ring headed for the ropes…

JOHNSON: ”Martin and O’Connor crashing to the outside of the ring!!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know who got the worst of that, but it looked like Martin hit the apron on the way out. But, O’Connor took the whole fall to the outside.”
JOHNSON: ”Dirty move there by Martin with the bite, but we’ve known her as someone who will literally do anything to get the advantage in that ring.”
VASSA: ”You know, to have a girl sit on our shoulders like that and bite you normally is going to cost you a couple of hundred bucks. And if she’s got a friend, well then that’s going to be dou–“
JOHNSON: ”What are you talking about?”
It’s Martin who is able to get back up to her feet first on the outside of the ring. O’Connor has to use the guardrailing to get back up to his feet as he took most of that fall to the outside on his back and legs, oh not to mention that he’s got a red mark across the bridge of his nose now. Martin is quick up to her feet as she climbs up onto the ring apron. O’Connor spins around just in time as she charges and leaps at him this time she connects back first with a front flip and both again crash onto the ground!

JOHNSON: ”Impressive front flip there by Niobe Martin, and she’s really going after the much bigger Seamus O’Connor.”
VASSA: ”Like she said about this match, it’s time to put an end to last year, focus on this one and just take it to whomever is across that ring.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s sticking form, but she’s still got to get the much larger O’Connor up and back into the ring to get the pin.”
Martin once again is up first and goes to the attack on O’Connor is trying to recover on the floor, with a couple of stomps across his back she is able to once again get the advantage and rolls the big man back into the ring. Martin gets up on the ring apron as O’Connor recovers, she reaches back on the top ropes and slings herself up onto the top rope before leaping in mid air.
Missing O’Connor as he is able to duck out of the way of the spinning heel kick attempt there. Martin gets back up to her feet as quick as possible, but Seamus is quicker as he wraps his arms around Martin and flings her over the top via a belly to belly suplex! Martin again pulls herself back up, but once again O’Connor is in position to strike as he lifts up Martin and slams her to the ground with a vicious looking sitout spinebuster which gets the crowd going for the impact on that one. O’Connor rolls up the leg and goes for a cover…

JOHNSON: ”O’Connor hit the Sitout Spinebuster! But a kickout at two and a half by Niobe Martin!”
VASSA: ”Very close, but Martin’s fighting well out there.”
JOHNSON: ”No Irish jokes?”
VASSA: ”Oh, you want to hear more? Awesome.”
Martin crawls her way back to her feet as O’Connor is once again waiting for her, he swings her up into the air looking for a belly to back suplex, but somehow Martin is quick enough to flip out of that and land on her feet as O’Connor turns around Martin swings a kick in his direction. O’Connor is able to catch the leg, but Martin swings the other one and connects across the back of O’Connor’s head with her True Nightmare Enzuigiri which echoes across the building! O’Connor falls to the mat which gives Martin the opening to head for the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe heading to the cornerturnbuckle… she leaps up.”

JOHNSON: ”Split-Legged Moonsault connects!”
VASSA: ”She calls that the torment. Just an incredible move there.”
JOHNSON: ”Here’s the cover…”

JOHNSON: ”…and Seamus O’Connor kicks at two and a half!”
VASSA: ”She had the legs hooked, she made the proper pinning hold, but the Irishman just got the shoulder up.”
JOHNSON: ”O’Connor used his power to get out that one.”
VASSA: ”O’Connor’s looking straight up pissed after that move. Like the bar just ran out of Gunniess pissed.”
O’Connor rolls back up into a standing position, but Martin strikes with a kick to his chest, O’Connor is able to block it mostly and pulls himself back up to the mat. Martin this time spins and swings her back elbow wildly at O’Connor’s face but he is able to catch that and quickly locks on a Cobra Clutch to counter! As he pulls Martin away from the ring ropes he wraps his leg around her side and falls back with a body scissors! Martin flails around in pain but is able to loosen her arm up enough to get the tips of her fingers onto the bottom ropes. This forces the referee to break the hold which O’Connor does only taking his time. Seamus still seems like he is fuming as he gets back up to his feet, stomping a bit around the ring. That’s when he gives a signal to the crowd that’s he’s going to put this one away.

JOHNSON: ”Could be time for the Irish Kiss here. Seamus O’Connor pulling Martin back up to her feet…”

VASSA: ”No Kiss for him!”
JOHNSON: ”O’Connor went for the Irish Kiss, but Niobe Martin holds onto the ropes which prevented her head from slamming into both knees of O’Connor!”
VASSA: ”O’Connor is stunned!”
Martin uses this moment to recover a little bit as O’Connor pulls himself up. Just when he’s getting to his feet Martin uses the ring ropes to springboard off of hooking her legs around O’Connor’s head and whirling down with a hurricanrana! Martin charges off towards the corner turnbuckle and pulls herself up to the top ropes. With a short nod to the crowd she leaps off spinning forwards at an extremely fast velocity
Getting a surprising reaction from the crowd she connects with the HALLUCINATION 450 Splash and quickly hooks the leg of Seamus O’Connor. The referee slides into position…

POWERS: ”Your winner by pin fall, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Niobe Martin takes the win that impressive splash of hers, and she starts off 2015 just the way she said she wanted to with a heck of win over Seamus O’Connor!”

Backstage the cameras open to the Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter walking along the halls before he stops in front of the wooden door. The camera scrolls up showing the nameplate on the door to be the boss himself in Perry Wallace. Lo’Renzo knocking on the door before turning the knob and entering.

WALLACE: ”Lo’Renzo, how’s it going man?”
Flipp sucks his teeth, shaking his head while taking a seat in a chair before Perry’s desk.

FLIPP: “Still a lil mad bout the lil brawl me and Nick had with New Gen earlier. I hate those dudes man.”
WALLACE: ”It’s all good for the ratings. Those two have painted a huge target on their backs. There’s a lot of people gunning for them and those titles.”
Lo’Renzo looks at Perry confused, shaking his head and replying.

FLIPP: “Ratings? In my Herm Edwards voice brah. Mannn them two been foul for too long. I knew Jace wanted to get a shot at this title, but I ain’t really up for they games cuz I got other things going on. Like my first title defense. Think New Gen tryna throw me off that.”
WALLACE: ”I wouldn’t put it past them but they have their hands full with this upcoming tag tournament taking place at Winter Wasteland. If these guys want to retain, they would be wise to focus on their match and not you or the Pride championship. How are you feeling about this upcoming title defense? Roxi and Ramona are two firecrackers ready to explode. No matter who wins, either will be a tough challenge for you.”
Flipp looks down at the Pride Championship belt whilst nodding his head.

FLIPP: “I know. Both of them are ultra competive. I know my hands are gonna be full. That’s no problem with me. Since winning this title I knew what it would be like. I’ve been thinking bout this title defense and I’ve been wanting to do something with the match. The veiwers will love it and so would you.”
Wallace thinks to himself for a moment before a smile cracks across his face.

WALLACE: ”What do you have in mind? The big show is in two weeks. It’s going to be on our biggest stage.”
FLIPP: What about a thirty minute Iron Man Match. It is the Pride title on the line so what not a better way to show just that. You like ratings and that match is sure to bring them whether it’s me versus Roxi or Ramona.”
WALLACE: ”You know what… That’s a fantastic idea. I will make it happen. You’ve been a great asset to this company and have proven to be the definition of pride and what it brings to this place.”
Lo’Renzo smiles as wide as he could before replying.

FLIPP: “That means allot Pee W. Winter Wonderland is gone to be major for Four C Dub, but there is just one more thing I wanna know.”
He pauses reeling in closer to Perry’s desk.

FLIPP: “Are the rumors true?”
Wallace thinks to himself for a moment in silence before answering.

WALLACE: “What rumors?”
FLIPP: “You know brah brah, bout Four C Dub going national.”
Wallace chuckles for a bit before answering.

WALLACE: ”I’m not at liberty to say at the moment. I will go as far as saying that they be more than just rumors. “
Flipp looks at Wallace with confusion as silence fills the air. Wallace then bursts into laughter.

WALLACE: ”Sorry man, I just came from out back, getting my head right if you catch my drift. Hell, of course you do! Look it, details are being worked out now that will land us with a few more select theatres across the nation. We’re already broadcasted anywhere that picks up HBO. We have our following, our roots here in the south-west but the rest of the country wants to see us in person. Who am I to deny that? I will let you in on one thing. You can bet that the majority of these added states will in some sort of fashion be for legal smoke, whether it be medicinal or recreational.”
Lo’Renzo grins before standing from his chair, throwing the Pride Championship belt over his shoulder.

FLIPP: “That’s what’s up geez. I love the sound of that my man, but let me gone head and get up outta here. Know you’re a busy man and I need to have my eyes focused On the main event.”

New Gen Rising is walking backstage with their wrestling attire and tag team titles hanging off their shoulders. Talking amongst themselves about tonight’s match, and about the tag team tournament when Gabriel Hartman comes upon them.

HARTMAN:”Ah ha! Just the two people I was looking for. let me ask you a questions guy. So Jace and Brian, with the Winter Wasteland tag team tournament just around the corner, how is the tournament going to take place, and what are the rules?”
Jace and Brian look at one another then look at Hart, with a confused anger on their face.

SAVAGE:”First of all Mr. Hartman you call me Mr Savage! and you call him Mr. Hollywood! We are not on first names basis with you, and you are talking to the tag team champions so show a little respect before I slap you in the mouth. Now lets get down to business, you want to know what is going to happen at Winter Wasteland. Well let me tell you. First we have the list of names of the teams who have signed up, and for those who are still going to. Sign ups are open until the Wasteland card in set in stone, but the rules are simple enough.”
“Two teams will start in the ring but all the other teams are to be lumberjacks. When one team is eliminated the next team to enter will be chosen by the team already in the ring. I call it a lumberjack gauntlet match. Then the winner of the match will face us for the titles later in the night now if you will excuse us we need to get ready for our match.”

New Gen Rising walks off as the camera cuts.


“Cut You Down w/. Whistle Intro” by Serg Salinas & Dale Oliver plays over the theater as the whistle parts starts Travis Deacon Hall makes his way out to the ring wearing a black cowboys hat, black vest, black jeans and black wrestling boots.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Franklin, Tennessee weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet tall, Travis Deacon HHAALLLL!!!”
He is accompanied by his wife Sage Melissa Hall who slides onto the ring apron and does her trademark split into the ring before Travis Deacon Hall enters the ring between the top and middle ropes where he waits for his opponent as his wife exits the ring and waits in her husband’s corner.

POWERS: ”And the opponent coming to the ring from Sanford, North Carolina, weighing in at one hundred thirty pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, she is The Twisted Angel, Christine NNAASSHH!!!”
The lights go out and the crowd gets quiet. Lights up as wehear “Circus for a Psycho” begins. Then the lights flash and Christine And Ryan Ward appears on the stage. She bend over to touch the ground and then back up whipping her hair as she moves. She cocks her head and then poses for the crowd as she blows them a kiss. She then walks down the ramp as the crowd has a mixed reaction. Some boo and some cheer.
She slides into the ring and then poses again for the crowd before sitting on the turnbuckle in the corner waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”Travis is coming off a tough loss for his debut but I’m sure is looking to bounce back tonight.”
VASSA: ”Christine is coming off a big win and I’m willing to bet that she wants to carry on that momentum and build herself a little streak.”
JOHNSON: ”Well I guess the only thing left now is to get down to business.”
The ref checks with each wrestler and then throws his hand in the air, signaling for the bell.
The two exit their corners and approach the center of the ring, starring at one another. Locking up, Hall takes lead and drives his knee upward into Nash’s stomach, lifting her feet from the mat in the process. He then spins her around and locks in a full nelson and lifts her up from the mat and slams her down on the canvas flat on her back. Hall then jumps into the air and comes down with a knee drop across her shoulder that rattles the ring upon impact. Hall then stands to his feet and grabs Nash by the arm, jerking her up from the canvas to her feet. He then throws her to the ropes with force and waits for her return. Nash hits the ropes hard and bounces back only to get lifted into the air and driven into the mat with a powerslam.
Hall pops back to his feet and paces around the ring for a moment before kicking her while she’s down. He then reaches down and grabs her by the arm, pulling her up again. This time, Hall hits her with a brutal European uppercut that nearly knocks her teeth out from the impact. Nash stumbles back a step in a daze. Hall then lunges forward with a clothesline but misses as Nash ducks the blow and sweeps his legs out from under him. Nash then leaps into the air and lands on Hall, attacking with a series of rapid punches, lefts and rights, connecting with one after the other.
Nash then stands back to her feet and runs to the ropes. She leaps in the air and plants her feet on the middle rope before springboarding backwards, spinning in the air and coming down on Hall’s throat with a leg drop. Hall’s feet shoot into the air as Nash’s leg keeps his head pinned to the canvas. She then rolls over and pushes herself up as Hall rolls to his side, holding his throat and gasping for air.

VASSA: ”Christine is a beauty and she literally took his breath away!”
JOHNSON: ”The ladies of 4CW are vicious in the ring and can go toe to toe with any male in the locker room.”
Nash then reaches down and grabs Hall by the arm and pulls him to his feet. Out of nowhere, Hall grabs her by the arm with his free hand and pulls her in close, trapping her arms with his. He then lifts her up and tosses her across the ring, sending her crashing into the corner. Hall doesn’t waste a moment and quickly rushes over to her, kicking her while she’s down. He then picks her up from the mat and slams her back against the corner. Hall then kicks her in the stomach over and over, breaking her down into a sitting position in the corner. He then takes a few steps back and comes at her with speed, driving his knee upward into her face, knocking her head back against the turnbuckle.
He then grabs a hand full of hair and lifts her up, sitting her on top of the corner. He then climbs the turnbuckle himself over her and stands on the middle rope, looking down at Nash helpless. Balling up his fist, Hall begins to land punches over and over as the crowd counts with each crushing blow.

“One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six…”
Finding a second wind, Nash stops the seventh punch from landing and then throws a quick jab to Hall’s stomach. She then pushes him away, sending him falling backwards to the canvas and hitting with a thud. Nash shakes it off and then stands up on the top rope and waits as Hall slowly begins to get up. Once to his feet, Nash leaps from the top rope and connects with a flying crossbody. Hall falls backwards as Nash lands on top. After hitting the mat, Nash hooks the leg for a quick pin…

VASSA: ”Travis ain’t going down that easily!”
JOHNSON: ”Look at the strength!”
Travis then lifts Nash over his body and tosses her aside. The two then climb to their feet and waste no time before breaking into a punching contest in the center of the ring. Nash connects with a quick right to the side of Hall’s face only to receive one in return. She then goes to kick him in the stomach but Hall catches her foot. Hall then pulls her in close and lunges forward with his right arm, knocking Nash to the mat with a powerful clothesline.
Nash rolls around the ring, holding her head from the massive move. Hall then paces around her and then runs to the ropes and comes back with a running punt kick to head. Nash flips over to her back as Hall goes to the ropes again, this time slower, and comes back with a rolling knee across her face. Hall then grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her feet. This time, he pulls her head between his legs and wraps his arms around her waist. He then lifts her up into the air for a powerbomb but gets an unpleasant surprise as Nash begins to fire away with rapid punches to his head. After about five or so, she then flips back with her legs wrapped around his head and flips him over, throwing him across the ring with a Frankensteiner.
Hall rolls across the ring as Nash slowly pushes herself up. She quickly moves in on him and grabs him by the head, lifting him up. Hall then pushes her away a few steps and then comes forward with a superkick. At the last split second before contact, Nash ducks the boot to the face and side steps him. Hall quickly turns to her only to get a quick kick to the stomach. As he lunges over, Nash locks her arms with his in a double underhook and then lifts him up and spins, planting his face into the canvas with a facebuster.

JOHNSON: ”Angels Wings!!!”
VASSA: ”This might be it!”
Nash then rolls him over and covers for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count…
“Circus For A Psycho” hits the sound system as Nash stands to her feet and the ref raises her arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pin fall, The Twisted Angel, CHRISTINE NNAASSHH!!!”
JOHNSON: ”And it looks like Christine is continuing the streak.”
VASSA: ”Better luck next time Travis!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll be right back at ringside in a few moment folks!”

Cut to the back to boobs.
Boobs. Big beautiful boobs. Covered of course in a skin tight lowcut top. But not just any type of skin tight top will suffice for these big bountiful boobs, no these bouncy blimps are covered in the American Flag. These patriotic melons are only an inch or two away from turning this broadcast into a full blown porn. But you don’t care, the camera just focuses on this massive chesticles for a couple of seconds before finally the greatest possible thing happens, the person who is attached to the boobs uses her arms to adjust her American Flag top which causes a shaking in the hills like living on the San Andreas border.
And then…
A hand ruins it for the viewing public as it pulls the camera towards two other men. The one on the right is short, has a young chubby face and is wearing a real cheap suit and tie, the one on the left who still has his hand on the lens of the camera is tall, lean, is wearing a black Stetson hat and has a mouthful of chew on the side of his face. That man is the one who speaks first

MAN: “What you lookin’ at boy? You don’t look at Starla’s fun bags, only the Prince of Texas can look at Starla’s pillows… and that’s me!”
The blonde to whom the big bouncy beautiful boobs belong to steps into view as Brody Lee pulls her over with his left arm can be seen now in full. She’s got real dumb look on her face, get used to it, and is wearing that low cut American Flag t-shirt which more than makes up for it. She waves to the camera, because why the heck not.

MAN: “Tell them who the Prince of Texas is, Starla!”
She chomps on her gum for a couple of seconds and then gives a confused look.

STARLA: “Um…is this a trick question?”
MAN: “Wha… what do you mean?”
STARLA: “Well, Texas is a part of America. And America doesn’t have no king, honey.”
This gets a blank stare, but then the young looking kid with the chubby face starts raising his hand as if he were waiting for the teacher to call on him.

MAN: “Yes, Max.”
MAX: “You’re Brody Lee Prince. The Prince of Texas.”
Finally, we know the tall man with the black Stetson hat and the cheek full of chew is none other than Brody Lee Prince. Starla still seems to be confused over the whole question and continues to chew her gum as she tries to figure it out by staring into space.

BRODY LEE: “As I were sayin’ to the camera man, don’t you ever go lookin’ at another man’s prize and those are my prize. That’s what you get for being the Prince of Texas, amigo. Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s just lay it out there right now… why wasn’t I in the rumble? Why didn’t I get my chance to toss out seven others?”
I showed up here tonight wantin’ to kick a little ass, but Max here dropped the ball. My supposed super agent couldn’t get the contract signed quick ‘nough. Ain’t that right, Max?”
Max does a little shrug, Brody Lee is just standing over him giving him the biggest intimidation stance you can do without saying a single word.

BRODY LEE: “And now everyone down on the ranch in Texas won’t be able to get see their Prince do what he does best. You should apologize to the people, Max. You should apologize for not givin’ the people of Texas what they want to see.”
MAX: “Sorry.”
STARLA: “So, there is a King of America then?”
Just then Lincoln Cutler, who was earlier in the rumble match, walks by still covered in sweat from the match and obviously showing that his forty year old body is having a lot of problems trying to recover quickly happens to walk by the trio. Lincoln being the nice guy he is walks by and introduces himself to all Max, Brody Lee, and finally Starla. Brody Lee doesn’t seem to like the fact that Starla smiles at Cutler.

BRODY LEE: “That’s my prize!”
From behind, Brody Lee smashes Lincoln across the back of the head with a massive forearm shot! This sends the veteran stumbling forward to which Brody Lee follows up with another shot across the back of the head of Lincoln this time sending him into some of the black crates in the backstage area. Lincoln turns around, but is met with a spinning lariat from Brody Lee which pretty much knocks him out cold right there on the concrete. 4CW security get there and begin to pull Brody Lee away from Lincoln.

BRODY LEE: “They’re all mine! Me! Brody Lee! Mine!”
Brody Lee spits chew everywhere as he yells and struggles against security who are just trying to pull him away from the scene. We fade to black!

The intro to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX starts to play as the theater lights fade down to a green. Fog/smoke starts to pour out of the entrance way as Sativa Nevaeh walks out from the back. She smiles at the crowd through half open eyes. The theater bursts into a mixed reaction.
“First thing’s first, I’m the realest (realest)
Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)
And I’m still in the Murda Bizness
I could hold you down, like I’m givin’ lessons in physics (right, right)
You should want a bad bitch like this (huh?)
Drop it low and pick it up just like this (yeah)
Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris
High heels, somethin’ worth a half a ticket on my wrist (on my wrist)
Takin’ all the liquor straight, never chase that (never)
Rooftop like we bringin’ ’88 back (what?)
Bring the hooks in, where the bass at?
Champagne spillin’, you should taste that
I’m so fancy
You already know
I’m in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I’m so fancy
Can’t you taste this gold?
Remember my name
‘Bout to blow”
As she climbs onto the ring apron she slinks along the outside before rolling under the bottom rope. She seductively crawls towards the center of the ring where she gets on her knees and leans back, both hands up middle fingers in the air, and screams. She stands up and gets a mic.

NEVAEH: “Well, I see some of you didn’t take to kindly to my words for the other ladies in my match tonight. Oh well. I will speak my mind and I don’t care who you are or who I piss off. I’ve always been blunt and truthful, if it offends you. Sorry, I’m not sorry. Now I could go on and on and rant about my match and blah blah blah but I know you all came here for action! So, I will be making an announcement, again. This one, has farther reaching effects than my last announcement of a match. I am here to announce that I have formed a tag team with another four cee dub superstar!”
Mixed reaction.

NEVAEH: “You might like her, you might hate her, but we see eye to eye and by damned if we didn’t decide to make a team. Again, all of this would be obvious if you followed Twitter. That is if that sort of thing isn’t illegal here in Utah. Now, without further ado, I give to you my tag team partner, the one, the only, RAMONA LEA EPPS!!!
As the slow start of ‘Comanche’ came over the theater’s speakers it was followed by the name RAMONA appearing on the large screen in letters of varying size and color that looked like they’d been cut out of several magazines. The name disappeared and the screen came to life with clips of the formerly announced woman entering and working out in a desolated gym interrupted occasionally with that first image of RAMONA in between them.
Her welcome was just about as mixed as Sativa’s had been, if not a bit more unpleasant. as she stepped out from behind the curtain dressed more like she was ready to enter a mosh pit than a wrestling ring. With a sly cock of the head and short lived wink to the crowd Ramona rolled beneath the bottom rope, into the ring and hopped to her feet.

RAMONA: ”Oooh sounds like this crowd is a little salty after the way I’ve been talking about Miss Johnson these last few days, Eh, Sativa? That’s right people we have officially signed up as a tag team not only for your enjoyment but for our personal gain. I mean, you saw our little hint at the beginning of the show right? I hope it was kind of obvious to you but blind faith was never really sort of my thing. Now I bet you are all wondering what we have decided to call ourselves. What could possibly represent the talent, brains and mystery we both share? Well, after many a ‘brain storming’ session we came up with the name, the Black Dahlias!”
Minor mixed reaction.

NEVAEH: “I knew that would go over better in LA!”
RAMONA: “Well, never the less, we’re going to be dominant in the Tag Division! We’re going to breathe the life back into those sad deflated belts they’re so desperately begging for.”
NEVAEH: “Oh, and don’t worry about the whole tournament thing that the ‘champions’ set up. We will come in after that and mop the floor with every team and then take those gold straps. I mean I wouldn’t want to take away from Mona’s Pride title match at Winter Wasteland. We have been patient in announcing this team we can be patient for our tag title shots.”
RAMONA: “As long as we don’t have to wait too long.”
NEVAEH: “In parting, to the Tag Division. I’m going to steal a line from the Joker in The Dark Knight. ‘Let’s put a smile on that face!”
Sativa starts to laugh hysterically. Both ladies drop their mics as “Me and Mary Jane” by Black Stone Cherry starts to play over the speakers. The crowd responds with a mix of cheers and boos. The two exit the ring and head to the back.

Marching down the hallway like a man on a mission was Dakota Smith. He was muttering to himself under his breath, you only being able to make out a few words. But what you do make out seems very violent. He turns a corner and inspects the area – looking for something or someone.

SMITH: ”Griffin Hawkins, thinking he’s some sort of badass! I’m nothing? I’ve done nothing!? I wouldn’t bother to wipe you off my boot after I curb stomped you. You’re nothing! This whole company is nothing! Earning Respect? I’ll flucking take it!”
The butcher spits on the ground, his eyes still searching for something as he continues on his path. As he enters what looks to be the catering area someone in the corner catches his eye. A man dressed in all black with long black hair is crouched over some wires. Dakota bolts over to the man, kicking him directly in the spine causing him to go head first into the concrete wall. With bloodlust now in his eyes he continues to savagely soccer kick the man’s ribs over and over again. You can’t see the man’s face because his hair is in the way but it’s obvious that he has been busted open.

He reaches down and grabs some of the wire the man was inspecting and wraps it around his victim’s throat. Pulling back as tight as he can, a vein throbbing in Dakota’s forehead as he screams out in pure rage. He looks down at the man who he presumes to be Griffin Hawkins but to his shock it was not. The hair had gotten enough out of the way to show that this man was nothing more than a staff member. Dakota drops the wires and the man’s limp body smacks against the ground.

SMITH: ”Well…Uh….Shit. Sorry guy.”
Looking around to see if anyone had noticed, Dakota quickly flees the scene as the camera zooms in on the busted open face of the staff member, the wire still half way wrapped around his throat. Paramedics rush the scene as the camera goes black.

Perry Wallace is in the ring with a table that has two chairs on the side. On the table is the contract.

WALLACE: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Taking place right here in this very ring is the official contract signing for The reigning Extreme Champion Nathaniel Havok..against the number one contender…Griffin Hawkins at the first 4CW Pay Per View of 2015…Winter Wasteland! Last week, Griffin Hawkins defeated Nathaniel Havok in one on one match which earned him the right to choose the stipulation for this one on one match. Right now the contract will be signed. I’d like to first bring out, The Extreme Champion…Nathaniel Havok!”
“Unsettling Differences” Blasts as Havok walks from behind the curtain carrying the Extreme Title around his shoulder. The crowd is cheering for him but he seems to be focused more on the contract in the ring.

JOHNSON: “The Champ looks to be in true form tonight, all business!”
VASSA: “Of course he’s all business, he’s the Extreme Champion! When you carry that belt, you have a bullseye on your chest! But he has always managed to turn back all the challengers!”
He walks up the ring stairs, stepping between the ropes and sets down the belt on the table. He takes a seat, looking serious as he’s ever been. The music stops as Perry still has the mic.

WALLACE: “And his opponent, the man who will challenge Havok for the Extreme Championship, Griffin Hawkins!”
The crowd erupts once more as Griffin emerges from behind the curtain in his street wear, black jeans and a Motorhead England T-Shirt. He casually walks down, slapping hands of a few fans.

JOHNSON: “Some are calling this man the next Extreme Champion..and I don’t think I can argue! He has scored two victories over the Champ in the last few matches they were involved in, including pinning the Champ at the last Adrenaline! Could he have Havok’s number?”
VASSA: “Of course not! All Hawkins is doing is playing mind games with the Champ, as soon as he regains his bearings he’ll be back in top form, ready to defend his title!”
He gets in the ring and sits down, taking off his black wrap around shades as he focuses dead on Havok who’s glare hasn’t left him for one second. As the music ends, he sits down.

WALLACE: “Now..the both of you have reviewed the contract. And you both have agreed on the terms and conditions of the contract. I believe right now if there is anything left to say before we get on with the proceedings, you may get it off your chests.”
Havok signs his name on the dotted line. He then takes the first microphone by the table. He just looks over at Hawkins and begins to speak.

HAVOK: “You must feel pretty proud of yourself, Griffin? You managed to weasel your way into the Extreme Division, making nice with me, only to stab me in the back, politic, and get yourself a title shot. You probably had this planned from the beginning. You waltz in here like you’re Mr.Nice Guy, claiming you respect me and the division. Now I see you for what you truly are, a lying, backstabbing, good for nothing son of a bitch. You may have everyone fooled, but, you’ll never fool the Enforcer of Sorrow again! You like to think you’re some kind of role model, a masiah of sorts to the mass of 4CW faithful. I can see through that phony act, from a mile away, Griffin. At Winter Wasteland, no matter what match you put me in, no matter what odds you stack against the champ, I’m gonna expose you for what you are. And what you are, Griffin, is nothing more than a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. Nothing more, nothing less.”
Griffin smirks and takes the other microphone.

HAWKINS: “You couldn’t be anymore wrong…see, when I came to this company, it was to prove that I am the best in the world. And I prove that every time I step foot in this ring. It doesn’t matter if I am in the opening card..or headlining it. If my name is on the program, the fans know they are in for one hell of a show. And for your information…I EARNED the right to become the number one contender. So like it or not, I am the number one contender. And on January 28th, I’m leaving Las Vegas with your belt.”
HAVOK: “See, that’s the problem, Griffin. That right there, is what makes me absolutely sick of you. You have this whole attitude, an inflated sense of self-importance. You think you’re entitiled to everything. You think you deserve all this hype and adulation. All you are is arrogant, delusional, and a little punk bitch, who stabbed me in the back, and “sucked” up to the powers that be, to get in the position you’re in now. You got yourself a one on one match, with your girl as the referee, just because you knew you couldn’t do it without her help. Then, after she helped you beat me, you continue to let it go to your head. Take a good look at MY belt, Griffin, because thats as close as you’ll EVER get to it!”
HAWKINS: “Sucked up?…I sucked up?”
HAVOK: “You know you did, don’t try to deny it.”
HAWKINS: “Lets get one thing straight fancy pants. I NEVER sucked up to anybody in my career. Nobody gave me this. I am here because of me. Everything I’ve accomplished, I’ve busted my ass for it. Who the hell are you to say otherwise?”
HAVOK: “Who am I? I’m the guy you sucked up to, in the first place! You sucked up to me, convinced me that you respected me, and then you used it against me!”
HAWKINS: “As a wise man once said…Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. What the hell is your problem with me man? We used to have a mutual respect, but then you have to go and turn into a douchebag.”
He can’t help but chuckle a little.

HAVOK: “You wanna know my problem? The fact that I just said what my big problem with you is, yet, you’re such an egotistical prick, you’d rather drown out all the noise, to hear your own voice as you think! People like you, Griffin, they’re a dime-a-dozen. People like you are the problem. I mean, look at you! You’re a God damn joke! My problem isn’t you, it’s people like you, and what you represent. It’s not your gimmick, even though it’s an easy target for a good laugh. But, no, it’s nothing like that. Here are the facts, Grif… This is a man’s sport! If you’re a woman, which, you easily could pass as one. But, if you are a woman, this is a REAL womans sport, as well! I’m sick to death of people like you, coming into MY company, into MY division, and making a mockery of everything it stands for! The minute you signed here, you were handed everything on a silver platter, and promised the world. Now you think you’re gonna come into MY division, and take what I’ve busted my ass for? It’s not gonna happen.”
HAWKINS: “Is it my fault that you live in a bubble? When I came here I had a following. People knew who I was..they’ve seen me in the last few years of my career. They’ve seen me fight the biggest and the baddest in this sport. They KNOW who I am. And they especially know who I am because it was me who’s been laying your sorry ass out in the last few weeks. I’ve beaten you twice…I’m 2 and 0 against you Havok. Now you tell me..does that sound like I’m all looks and no action?”
HAVOK: “First, let’s get something perfectly clear… I spent MONTHS fighting and fending off that sorry sack of shit, Mannie Ramero, just to move on, and build the Extreme Championship division into a respectable division. Six months later, and I’m dealing with Deit Mannie… All the gimmick and charisma, however, with lack of knowlege about how things go, when Nathaniel Havok is the head of the division. At least Mannie had the respect to see that! Pretty sad, when you’re higher on the sack of shit list, than Mannie Ramero is! Another thing, thats the problem with you Griff. The only way you manage to beat me, is when my attention is diverted somewhere else, or if you have the Special Referee in your back pocket. I’ll give you one thing, kid, you’re impressive. Problem is, you’re just not good enough to beat me on your own. For the life of me, I don’t know what the hell makes you think you’re good enough to be at my level. You seem to have it in your head that you’re in my league. Why? Because you got a couple of cheap wins over me? Because everyone is buying into all this hype about you? You’ve only been here for a cup of Coffee. You have absolutely no idea, what I do to people like you. If you need a refresher course, just watch what I do to Dakota Smith, later tonight. I’ve been Champion for the last six months, and nobody has been able to unseat me as the man. Mannie has been the only one with balls big enough to try, and that’s just because he’s too stupid to realize that he’ll never beat my ass. So, you’re better off going for the Pride Championship, or finding someone dumb enough to team with you, and make a run for the tag titles. I hear John Blade is looking for a partner that’s on his level. Just saying. There is no way in hell that you’re taking this title, Hawkins. This is one on one, no fatal four way, and your little girlfriend isn’t going to be able to save your ass, this time! I’m going drive your God damn skull through the ring, watch your scream in agony, like it, and then finish your sorry ass off! Believe me, when I’m finished with your sorry ass, that will be the last ANYBODY sees you in 4 Corners Wrestling.”
A small grin comes across his face.

HAWKINS: “See…I make you nervous don’t I? I scare you. You thought that I wouldn’t last in a company like this did you? It looks like you were wrong. You’re intimidated by me…it’s written all over you. You can deny it all you want, but you are scared. Because you know deep down inside without a shadow of a doubt…you can’t beat me. At Winter Wasteland..I’m gonna be the new Extreme Champion..whether you like it or not. The reality is this Havok…I’m walking into Las Vegas, and I am walking out the Champion. Are you scared?..You should be.”
Havok starts to laugh uncontrollably.

HAVOK: “You make me nervous? You scare me? I’m intimidated by… YOU!?!?”
Havok continues his hysterical laugh. Almost as if on cue, his laugh turns into a face of seriousness. He glares even harder at Griffin than before, and leans in closer.

HAVOK: “Listen to me, you delusional, desperate, mouthy, little shit! I am not scared of you, by any stretch of the imagination! Why? Because I am the be all end all, of the Extreme Division! I’m the guy who put the Division on the map! While you were off in some shitty podunk wrestling promotion, facing guys who wouldn’t last a minute here in 4CW, I was putting people through tables, making them eat barb wire, busting their heads open, and keeping Mannie Ramero as far away from this title as possible! I’ve come too far to lose to some Poison reject like you. I AM the Champion, and until you beat me FOR the championship, you are nothing, and your shady, lackluster wins against me, are also nothing! You understand me, Griffin?! You’re nothing but some leather pants and bitch hair, that gotten lucky, ever since he got here. If you want me to embarrass you at Winter Wasteland, then go ahead and sign your name on the dotted line. Because I guarantee you, your luck, along with your 15 minutes of fame, are both going to end at my hands. You don’t have what it takes to become Champion. Look into the eyes of your demise, Griffin Hawkins, and realize that once you sign your name to that piece of paper, your soul, and your sorry ass, belong to ME!”
Griffin slowly rises from his chair, glaring down at Havok.

HAWKINS: “…Why don’t you shut up bitch?”
The crowd Oooh’s at the remark as Havok seems to be growing angrier and angrier by the minute.

HAWKINS: “You talk WAY too much. It doesn’t matter how I earned this number one contendership. What matters is I AM the number one contender! When people think of the word Extreme…they think of Griffin Hawkins. Here’s the thing about me. I’m not like can agree with me on that. I don’t dye my hair to the point where it looks like a Skunk died on my head…and I don’t stay up all night making up a million fancy nicknames for myself. I’m not you…I’m Griffin Hawkins, the NEXT Extreme Champion. Come Winter Wasteland…I’m gonna beat the living shit outta you.”
Havok smirks at Griffin, rolling his eyes, and scoffing.

HAVOK: “You think I gave myself the name “The Enforcer of Sorrow”? No. That nickname was coined by the late, great, Andrew Knaugy, the man who gave me one of my first big breaks in this business. Yeah, I call myself Mr. CCW, but, I think I’ve earned it. Nobody puts on a show like Nathaniel Havok, and until someone produces the matches that I do, or even comes close, there’s no proving that name wrong. If that’s the best you’ve got, you need to buy “Insults for Dummys”, and give it a read. Who helped you work on your promo skills? Helen Keller? Furthermore, what should we call you? A guy so feminie, he makes the Spice Girls look like men? Come on there, beauty queen. Come correct with the insults, if you’re going to try and hurt my feelings.”
Griffin grabs the pen. His glare on Havok is focused as he signs his name.

HAWKINS: “And when it comes to you…there’s no other way to say it. You…are an asshole. The Enforcer of Sorrow? Mr. Knaugy probably died of laughter after seeing what you’ve become. Literally…didn’t he?”
Havok has heard enough, he slaps Hawkins right across the face! The crowd ooooh’s. Hawkins glares at Havok, dropping the mic. He delivers the first punch, Havok hits back, its a slugfest! Havok takes Hawkins down by the legs and begins punching him, Hawkins rolls over and starts punching him back! The crowd is loving it as they are on the mat punching eachother.

JOHNSON: “We got a fight on our hands!”
VASSA: “I knew this would happen! Two egos in one ring…somethings gotta give!”
Perry calls for the referees to come from the back, pulling these two apart. Hawkins is trying hard to get through as he’s held back, Havok is trying to break free but is dragged away from the ring by officials shouting “You’re a deadman Hawkins! You’re fucking dead!” Hawkins grabs the microphone.

HAWKINS: “Hey! I wasn’t done yet! You wanna know the stipulation for our match? It’s gonna be…a Last Man Standing Match!!”
JOHNSON: “Oh my God! A Last Man Standing Match!? These two are gonna kill eachother!”
VASSA: “I love it! Winter Wasteland is shaping up to be awesome!”
The crowd erupts in excitement over the announcement. Havok nods shouting “Bring it on!” As Hawkins is on the ropes, shouting towards him.

Outside on the rooftop of The Capitol Theatre is Lo’renzo Porter whose enjoying himself an extended doob just enjoying the sceneray and the breezes when all of a sudden the rooftop door swings open as it’s none other than ‘Young’ Mannie Romero, who was the person behind it startles Flipp; Which in turn sends a big smile to Mannie’s face.

MANNIE: “I knew smell anywhere, so wassup homie?”
Lo’Renzo smiles before flinging his hands in the air.

FLIPP: ”Mannie! What’s good man? Shit…I ain’t seen you around in a lil minute.”
MANNIE: ”Yeah I know brah but I’m back now though… Plus in the meantime I was doing some work outside of wrestling for the Love.”
FLIPP: ”Mann you always making moves”
Lo’Renzo passes the doob to Mannie who takes a nice tote off of it.

FLIPP: ”You been enjoying the show so far man? This the last show of the year. It’s going down inside there brah.”
MANNIE: ”Shit…I’m still waiting for Winter Wonderland.”
Mannie takes another tote from the doob before slightly cutting his eyes.

FLIPP: ”I see I see… So brah you got your eyes on that Extreme title hunh?”
MANNIE: ”Oh Yeah Dude, I most definitely want it back too…Eventually!”
FLIPP: ”Eventually?”
MANNIE: ”Yep…”
FLIPP: ”Well I don’t see nothing holding you back but it’s still good to have you back though, you know with you bringing us that “Young” Mannie flare to the ring.”
Mannie takes one more pull from the joint before passing it back to Flipp.

MANNIE: ”Thanks Brah… I mean even though I ain’t been gone for only about a couple of months but I did miss getting in the ring though.”
FLIPP: ”Hell yeah, i’ll be looking foward to seeing you back in action next year.”
MANNIE: ”For some reason that sounds like a long time from now even though the new years tomorrow.”
They both laugh in unison.

FLIPP: ”Seriously It do though. I’m just ready to get back out there in the ring to start off my year with a bang.”
MANNIE: ”Yeah it’s nothing like bringing in the New Years in with a blast…”
FLIPP: ”Fuck! I’m almost forgot dude that after the show I’m turning up to a whole another level tonight… Hell when I think about it Last Year was prolly the best year of my life.”
Lo’Renzo passes the doob to Mannie while exhaling some smoke.

MANNIE: ”You already know we got to party tonight Brah. Shit and I hope you got some more of whatever this is too?”
FLIPP: ”Fashow man. Always, you can keep that though. Just wanted to relax my mind I ain’t tryna be too high before the show ends tonight.”
Flipp laughs before he and Mannie dap each other up.

FLIPP: ”Be easy brah.”
He walks toward the rooftop doors before entering them. Mannie continues to smoke the doob as the camera begins to fade out.

MANNIE: ”♫Take my money, my house and my cars.
For one hit of you, you can have it all.
Cause makin’ love, ev’rytime we do, girl,
It’s worse than drugs, ’cause I’m an addict of you.♫”


POWERS: ”This following contest is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first hailing from Miami Florida, weighing in at two hundred and fourty five pounds, he is “God’s Gift to Four Corner Wrestling” ANDREWWW STOORM!!!”
“Highway To The Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins plays as Andrew Storm comes out onto the stage. He stops on the stage and leans forward with his arms crossed, as pyros and smoke begins to go off.
Andrew Storm straightens back up raising his arms into the air, as another round of pyros begin shooting off. Andrew walks through the smoke, as a chorus of cheers and boos begins while he walks down the rampway. He walks up the steps and climbs over the top rope and begins waiting his opponent.

POWERS: ”And his opponent, hailing from Salt Lake City Utah, he is the “Sensational One” NICK WATSOOOOOON!!!”
“Bring It” by Trapt plays as Nick Watson steps out onto the entrance ramp garbed in his colorful ring attire, he looks around at all of the fans, and then walks down the ramp, slapping hands as he does so. Striding down to the ring the fans and announcers alike can notice the look of determination on his face.
Nick pauses on the outside of the ring and unzips his hoodie vests, which he then hands off to someone in the crowd, he then leaps up on to the apron, and then makes his way into the ring. When he enters the ring, Nick goes over to the closest turnbuckle and poses for the fans to take photos, after posing for a bit, Nick flips off the turn buckle and runs to the center of the ring, where he begins to warm up for his match.

JOHNSON: ”Both of these men desperately want to get a win here tonight. This should be another good one partner.”
VASSA: ”You have Andrew Storm coming off an impressive debut win last week, and Nick Watson who was able to draw with the Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter.
JOHNSON: ”Salt Lake City is also Nick’s hometown so I know more than anything he wants to bring home that W tonight.”
RIght out of the gate Nick darts across the ring looking for a Flying Knee that Andrew easily slides out of the way of. Andrew looks for a quick Uppercut that Nick blocks, following up with a punch of his own before catching Andrew with a Roundhouse Kick that gets the crowd off of their feet. Andrew stumbles backward before falling to the mat but he quickly gets back up to a flying Nick looking for that flying punch again, but Andrew ducks. Andrew’s able to wrap up around Nick, lifting him up and delivering a Back Suplex before he mounts Nick and nails him with a couple of blows before jumping to his feet, holding out his arm and basking in the heat from the crowd.

JOHNSON: “Andrew’s taunting already.”
VASSA: “He’s one confident dude.”
After taunting Andrew grabs Nick by the head and lifts him back to his feet. He whips Nick into a turnbuckle, Nick bounces off and into a Clothesline from Andrew who follows that up with an Elbow drop. Andrew bounces off a rope and looks for another Elbow drop but Nick rolls out of the way. He hops to his feet while Andrew get’s to his, both men darting toward each other, but Nick’s able to land a Suicide Dive, keeping Andrew on the ground Nick places Andrew in an Armbar, but with the ropes not to far out Andrew gets a leg on one causing the ref to break up the hold.
Nick wastes no time getting Andrew to his feet, grabbing the arm and whipping him into a turnbuckle. Nick charges across the ring and looks for a Cross Body but Andrew catches him. Nick catching Andrew with a few elbows causing Andrew to drop him from his grasp. Nick grabbing Andrew by the head, stepping up the ropes and nailing Andrew with a swinging Neck Breaker. Andrew hops to his feet to the loud cheers from the crowd and climbs up the turnbuckle awaiting Andrew to get to his feet. When he does Nick dives off for a Corkscrew Moonsault but Andrew slides out of the way. He lifts Nick to his feet and deviates him with a Pumphandle Slam. Andrew goes for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”Nice Pumphandle Slam but that wasn’t even close.”
VASSA: ”Nick better try and turn this around for his hometown.”
JOHNSON: ”I think he’s trying to do too much right now.”
Andrew looks up at the ref before getting to his feet, bringing Nick with him. Andrew lifts Nick up in Bearhug position before he rams him into a turnbuckle. Nick falls to the mat where Andrew drags him to the middle of the ring and looks for the Diving Headbutt but Nick rolls out of the way, a little slow to his feet. Andrew’s able to get to his while Nick’s back to his. Andrew making a move and looking for a stiff right but Nick ducks and hits Andrew with a Uppercut Elbow that sends Andrew falling backwards. Nick staying on the attack and catching Andrew with a Spinning Elbow Strike. Andrew falls back into the ropes while Nick bounces off one, he lifts up looking for a Jumping Knee but Andrew rolls out of the way. Rolling out of the ring to a crowd of boos.

JOHNSON: “Andrew’s not trying to let Nick find a groove.”
VASSA: ”He’s getting booed, but that was not a bad thing to do.”
JOHNSON: “Nick’s on top of the turnbuckle though.”
Andrew whose catching his breath turns around to a Nick Watson who leaps off for a Crossbody that sends both men down to the mat. The crowd getting off their feet for the hometown hero. Nick feeling some affects from the Crossbody arises back to his feet. He grabs Andrew and lifts him to his feet before rolling him into the ring. Nick jumps up onto the ring and over the ropes. He sets up in a turnbuckle awaiting Andrew to get to his feet. Andrew slowly making progress to them. The groggy Andrew finally gets to his feet, Nick going for The TRUE Flying Knee but no connection, Andrew slid out of the way. Nick stays on the attack looking for the Axe Kick but once again no connection. Andrew stunning Nick with a European Uppercut. Andrew wraps up around Nick and flattens him with a Wheelbarrow Suplex.
Andrew doesn’t want to attempt a pin and instead lifts Nick back up to his feet where he whips Nick into the ropes, he trails behind Nick, but Nick senses it and moves out of the way of a Clothesline that would send Nick over the ropes. Andrew grabbing the ropes to come to a halt. He turns around and right into a Superman Punch that sends him into the turnbuckle. Nick darting across the ring looking for a Spear that he connects with. Andrew falls to the mat in between the ropes where Nick delivers a kick to the face of Andrew’s before dragging him into the middle of the ring before climbing up the ropes. He leaps off for a Moonsault but once again Andrew rolls out of the way.

JOHNSON: “Second time Nick went for a high risk move and it hasn’t payed off.”
VASSA: ”You can tell Andrew’s been studying some of Nick’s work.”
Andrew takes a quick breather before laying down a few stomps to Nick’s torso. He grabs Nick by the head and brings him to his feet, lifting him up, looking for the Olympic Slam but Nick maneuvers out of Andrew’s grasp, turning him around and hitting him with a Diagnol Elbow. Andrew hits Nick with a punch of his own before the two get in a brawl of the fist, Nick dropping Andrew but Andrew is swiftly back to his feet. Andrew tries taking Nick down but Nick tosses him off of him and kicks him with a Tae Pub Nae. Andrew feeling the pain as he hobbles on one leg, Nick following up with a Shining Wizard that sends Andrew into the turnbuckle. The crowd on their feet as Nick sets up, darts off and crushes Andrew with The No Risk/No Reward. Nick climbs up the turnbuckle, bringing Andrew with him, the crowd getting louder as they know what’s coming as Nick levels Andrew with the Salt Lake Dive, immediately wrapping the legs.

POWERS: ”And you’re winner, NICK WATSOOOONNN!!!”
Nick hops to his feet jumping up and down as the hometown hero takes in the beloved cheers. The ref comes in to raise his hand before Nick exits the ring, heading to the guard rails and high fiving fans in the crowd before we cut backstage.

Backstage, we see Mr. Executive, Brian Hollywood, in his suit walking slowly and texting someone. Hollywood stops in his tracks so he can concentrate more on the texts. The camera is able to get a good shot of his phone and what texts are being sent and received.

HOLLYWOOD:”The time is drawing near. My next execution of plans will proceed shortly.”
TEXTER:”I can’t wait.”
Hollywood smiles and replies never taking his eyes off his phone.

HOLLYWOOD:”I wouldn’t expect anything less. Are you ready?”
TEXTER:”I’m already ready. Just waiting for the word. How soon?”
HOLLYWOOD:”Excellent! Soon enough. You’ll have all the details shortly. You’re going to do just fine!”
Hollywood starts to laugh methodically as he puts his phone back into his suit pocket. He starts to walk once again but runs into a backstage worker. This worker just so happened to spill a drink on Hollywood’s suit. Hollywood’s eyes flares up and he nails the guy with an Executive Promise.

HOLLYWOOD:”Watch where your fucking going you piece of shit! This was fucking expensive! I’ll make sure your kind are gone first! Fucking assholes…”
With that, Hollywood leaves the worker unconscious and walks down the hallway without a care in the world whistling softly as the backstage fades out.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for One Fall and it is a NON Title Match! Introducing first, already in the ring from somewhere in America…John…Blade…”
Briefly the audience claps their hands but it no stops almost as quickly as it started. Blade feeling confident throws his arms up hard and high, roaring to the crowd. He claps his hands ready for his opponent, taking this as his biggest opportunity to turn things around.
The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps himself a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.

“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my wrist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Choice of Influence”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan and roars out to the crowd ferociously. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp. At ringside, he leaps up at the side of the steel stairs, grabbing the ring post and walking alongside the ring apron outside the ropes.
He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd. He removes his platinum chain with the “JC” diamond pendant and drops it to a member of the ringside crew as he drags his feet like a bull to get some traction as his music stops playing. Cashe looks over at John Blade who looks pumped and ready to go. Laughter comes from the Champion as he nods, signaling he’s ready to do this.

VASSA: “Jason doesn’t seem to see John Blade as anything more than a sparing partner, if that. This should be over fast!”
JOHNSON: “I think it’s stupid to overlook anyone in this sport, anything can happen inside the Wrestling Ring.”
Hearing the sound of the bell, John Blade darts across the ring at Cashe with evil intention in his eyes. Colliding with the Champion, the two of them crash into the corner and begin trading short punches with each other. Being the smaller of the two, Cashe ducks down and drives a forearm into Blade’s stomach a few times over until the muscle bound man curls up from the shots. Popping up to full stand, Cashe drops an elbow down across the back of Blade’s neck and shoves him. Blade falls into the middle rope as he drops to a knee.
Skipping back to put some distance between them, Cashe jolts back at John Blade and big boots him to the side of his head. Blade falls out through the ropes but holds on and stays out on the ring apron. The crowd gets loud first, watching as Cashe gets a smile on his face as if remembering the last time he got someone on the ring apron. His head tilts some as he stares out at John Blade.

JOHNSON: “He has that look of sickness on his face, he could be thinking of something foul to do with John Blade. This guy needs to react or he will end up hurt like Jair Hopkins, like Kojima, like so many before him…”
Waving for John Blade to reenter the ring, Cashe backs away as the dastardly look fades from his expression. A few fans let out boos for his choice to back off. Blade bends and steps through the ropes and they begin to circle each other. They lock up and it’s clear that Cashe doesn’t hold the same strength as John Blade as he gets launched backwards. He rolls back and comes to land on his knees looking up at John Blade who wants to lock up again. Waving Cashe this time, John Blade wants to test strength and holds up a hand for a game of Mercy. Cashe nods and rises to his feet, spits in his hand and rubs them together as he approaches Blade. As Cashe lifts a hand to lock it with Blade’s hand, Cashe toe kicks him to the gut. He laughs and points at Blade, the crowd shares his laughter as he slaps the back of Blade’s head and DDTs him with a graceful motion.

VASSA: “Did Blade really think Cashe would play? Haha! This is too easy…”
JOHNSON: “John needs to utilize his strength if he wants to catch Jason, if he can do it, this might be a different match altogether.”
VASSA: “Doubt it..”
Getting Blade up onto his knees, Cashe hits him with a double slap to each each. Better known as a Bell Clap and John Blade grabs his own ears as they ring out from the shot by Cashe. Breaking away from Blade, Jason Cashe rushes across the ring, hits and springs off the ropes. As he comes back at Blade, Cashe hits him with an Uppercut Knee Lift to his face and Blade awkwardly falls back onto the canvas. The fans let out a long Awwwww as if they felt Blade’s pain from the creative knee lift.
Looking down, seeing John Blade dazed and holding his face. Cashe drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring. He rounds the corner and approaches the Announcer’s table. He grabs a microphone so he can make a quick announcement.

A handful of fans respond with a “Yo” much like Cashe gave them. An older and rare thing he does when he has talked out at ring side.

CASHE: “Tonight, we’re gonna do this a little bit different. Bare with me will you? Or don’t, I got the mic and ya’ll can leave if you don’t like it. Heh.”
Reentering the ring, he does so with the mic in hand as the fans Boo him for suggesting for them to leave. On his feet, he sees that John Blade is pushing up to his.

JOHNSON: “This is borderline disrespectful. Not to just his opponent but the sport of competition. Why not just get through the match and talk after?”
VASSA: “Duhh! He’s Champion? Just shut up and watch the man work..Such a party pooper!”
Almost rushing to blast Blade with the mic, Cashe changes his mind and drops it before rushing as Blade. John uses his strength, catching and lifting Cashe up with a twisting Power Spinebuster. Cashe’s head snaps back and bounces off the canvas. John Blade starts going crazy with wild shots to a downed Cashe, laying over Cashe with no proper Mount but close to that as he drives down shots getting blocked as best as Cashe can block them.
Scraping Blade’s eyes with a thumb, Cashe turns and tries to crawl out from underneath Blade’s weight. Blade grabs hold and tries to secure a Crossface submission but as it’s applied, Cashe begins to struggle until he realizes the submission isn’t painful or secured properly. Holding up a thumbs up, the fans laugh at the attempt of John Blade as he yanks back only pulling on Cashe’s head but not good enough to cause pain. Finally Blade releases the hold and hurries to his feet.
Before Cashe can even get to his feet, John Blade lifts him with a Gutwrench and flings him up and over, tossing him across the ring. Springing to his feet as Blade approaches, Cashe ducks a Clothesline, the two spin around and Cashe plows Blade with a “Mark Of JASON” Roaring Elbow. Blade falls back, stumbling a few steps before really falling and he lands into the ropes behind him. Cashe rushes him and hits him with a second “Mark Of JASON” and that drops John Blade in place as he crumbles straight down and folds onto the canvas. Shaking a finger and his head, Cashe doesn’t seem satisfied as he goes and picks up the mic he brought into the ring.

CASHE: “Oh no! This isn’t going to be his end, this is where things get fun! C…O….D….Cashe On Delivery!!”
Dropping the mic, Jason Cashe hurries back to John Blade and pulls the muscled man up and shoves him back into the corner nearby. Cashe breaks into a run across the ring, hits the ropes and comes in hot. As he comes in, Cashe lifts a leg and Corner Big Boots John Blade into the jaw. His head cocks back as his body collapses down into the corner.

VASSA: “Oh Man!! He used that back in his APW days but then it was called The Asylum Kick! “COD” Haha, that’s a great play on his name! Fantastic!”
JOHNSON: “John Blade is all but done, why does Cashe need to do this? Someone needs to stop this before it gets out of hand and someone really gets hurt…”
Now with a big smile on his face, Jason Cashe raises his right arm. The one he likes to throw Elbows with. The one he uses for the “Mark Of JASON” and he pats it a few times before dragging John Blade out from the corner and to the center of the ring. Cashe drops down over Blade’s lap, straddling the bigger man in a Mount position, the proper way. He goes to town.
One big Elbow after another as John Blade’s head thuds and bounces off the canvas, catching a new elbow as it comes off the canvas. The referee goes to ask Blade if he quits but there is no answer. He checks Blade’s arm, raising it up and letting it fall but before he can get to a third drop where the match would end, a voice interrupts the match.

VOICE: “Go ahead and body him up like you did me. Go ahead and try to end his career like you pretty much did to me, Cashe!”
The crowd roars into cheers as Jair Hopkins is seen slowly prancing down the walkway. Jason Cashe changes his focus from Blade to the man he put in the hospital at the last “Adrenaline”. Almost with a slight state of shock to seeing Hopkins, Cashe shoots a smile, raising up his hands and motioning for Hopkins to come on into the ring.

HOPKINS: “Nah, I don’t think so, Cashe! I think it’s a smart idea for me to keep the space between you and me as far as possible because the thoughts that are running through my head right now, you don’t want to see the images I’m seeing with my fists and your face.”
Cashe looks behind him as Blade is still down. Looking to grab the microphone he had, Cashe tries talking in it but it doesn’t work. He looks at Hopkins and yells “BRING IT!” as the microphones on the cameras pick it up clearly.

HOPKINS: “Yeah, sorry…I had them cut your mic before I came out…Heh..You tried to end me Cashe but like always, I’ll never stay lying down for long. I might be sporting this ridiculous looking neckbrace right now but do not let it fool you. The doctors say I need to rest for atleast a month or more to fully let the neck heal but I don’t know if I can. The 28th of January is looming closer and closer and I’m not in the mood to be sitting at home, eating Doritos and watching this on Pay Per View, Cashe. I want a part in the “Winter Wasteland”.
The audience cheers as Hopkins acknowledges it with a smile. He points at Cashe.

HOPKINS: I want in it with you as my co-star. I wanna do things the right way Cashe. See, with you pretty much killing off what was indeed a great main event, you made the situation worse. If you would’ve beaten me fair and square, I wouldn’t be standing here. I’d have taken my lumps and be onto the next one. Instead, you gave me a DQ victory and a sour-ending. You made me spend New Years in a hospital. It’s time I return the favor. Come “Winter Wasteland”, I want you and me to settle it for once and for all inside Three Stages Of Hell.”
Again, on beat, the place erupts as Hopkins announces the match of choice, stunning Cashe as Cashe walks towards the ring ropes and throws the useless microphone at Hopkins but misses.

HOPKINS: “The stages are unknown at the moment but trust me, you’ll be informed sooner than later. You’ve put me and my family in alot of painful situations and you’re due for some malicious karma to be thrown your way. I hope you enjoy beating down Blade, because that will be the last time you have the advantage card, homie. Your evasive title run will be over. Get prepared for life without it!”
Hopkins flips the mic up in the air as he lets it fall, both men staring down each other as Hopkins grins while backing up the ramp. The cheers are raining in as Cashe is irate.

JOHNSON: “Jason Cashe is losing it inside the ring but this match isn’t over! John Blade is rising and Cashe is just ignoring him! Come on Blade, SHOCK the World!!”
Half his body is ducked out of the ring, Cashe is still screaming at the ring ramp. As he comes back into the ring, John Blade stands up and quickly drops behind Cashe, pulling him back with a School Boy pin. The referee drops as the fans erupt in shock as the count begins.

VASSA: “Oh my GOD! That was too close…that was… My heart stopped for a second…”
JOHNSON: “Haha! That’s just wonderful! How great would that have been? Didn’t he lose to Niobe Martin before due to distractions? This would top that!”
In a fit of rage, Cashe begins kicking at John Blade as Blade rises off the cover. To the face, to the chest Cashe upkicks at John Blade. Scrambling, Cashe gets to his feet and as John Blade wobbles at him with a sloppy clothesline attempt, Cashe ducks it and leaps up, catching Blade’s head from behind and hits a “UTI” Jumping Neckbreaker. Cashe jerks over and throws an arm over Blade as the referee drops and makes the count.
Pushing off Blade, Jason Cashe doesn’t look happy. He rolls out of the ring before he can be crowned victor or have his hand raised. He rounds the ring, grabs his belt and begins to leave ringside as Mike Powers makes it official and his music begins to play.

VASSA: “He looks mad and he should be, Jair Hopkins came out here and tried to steal his thunder! Hasn’t he learned yet?”

Judd Grunge is seen walking backstage, taping up his fist. He notices the camera and shakes his head.

GRUNGE: “I was wondering how long it would take tonight before a camera would be shoved in my face. I’m sure you all want me to stand here and explain why I came to 4CW, but over the last few months I have come to find that actions speak far louder than words. I am not going to waste my time tonight explaining anything, instead I am going to let my actions make the statement for me. All you need to know right now as far as Judd Grunge is concerned is this… FEAR NO ONE… HURT EVERYONE!”
With that Judd shoves past the cameraman and continues down the hallway.


A loud roar of boos overcomes the crowd as Perry Wallace walks out from the back with a slight stagger in his step. In one hand, he carries an open bottle of champagne and in the other, a microphone with blinking lights, celebrating the landmark late anniversary. Behind him, Michael Salieri walks into the picture, keeping a distance but making his presence known.

VASSA: ”Hey, Perry is coming out to say a few words!”
JOHNSON: ”This wasn’t in the schedule but should be interesting nonetheless.”
VASSA: ”Oh yes it will. Perry looks a bit intoxicated.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re one to talk…”
Perry begins to walk towards the ring as Salieri slowly follows behind. Once at the bottom of the ramp, Wallace stumbles and falls forward, crashing in front of everyone watching. The crowd erupts into laughter as Salieri quickly rushes in and helps Perry get back to his feet. A frustrated look overcomes his face as he brushes Salieri off and storms to the ring, embarrassed by the incident.

VASSA: ”Looks like someone has had a bit too much to drink.”
JOHNSON: ”Accidents happen, Vinny. You’re here!”
Wallace rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope and stands to his feet. He looks over the crowd as his face glows red. He takes a few moments as the laughter dies down. He then looks to the outside of the ring at Salieri and nods. Salieri stands point and keeps an eye on Wallace and the entrance ramp. Wallace then paces around the center of the ring before finally calming down and raising the mic to his lips.

WALLACE: ”Come on, get the boos out of the way.”
The crowd releases a loud roar of boos before dying off, giving Wallace silence to speak for once.

WALLACE: ”Well I’ll be damned…”
Wallace pauses for a moment, giving the crowd another opportunity to boo him off the stage but they do not.

WALLACE: ”I wasn’t planning on making this appearance but one thing led to another and here I am. I didn’t want to ruin the evening for you all, seeing that you hate me for some odd reason. I still haven’t quite put my finger on that one yet. It is what it is, I guess. Anywho… so I was in the back, taking a few shots, smoking a little something if you catch my drift, and then it hit me. I just had to come out for a brief moment to thank each and every one of you.”
The people in the crowd turn to each other in confusion as those last words roll off his tongue. Wallace chuckles to himself before raising the mic back to his mouth.

WALLACE: ”That’s right, you heard me correct! I want to thank each and every one of YOU people out there. If it wasn’t for you, the fans, we would have never gotten to where we are today. Our last event will forever be a landmark for 4 Corners Wrestling. If it wasn’t for the support from you guys, we wouldn’t have made it past three shows. Two weeks ago was our twenty sixth event and tonight is number twenty seven!”
The crowd begins to cheer softly as Wallace takes notice and a smile comes across his face.

WALLACE: ”I don’t really have too much to say. I didn’t write a speech or anything. me coming out here was on impulse. It’s been a long day and it’s going to be an even longer night. I’m just going to keep things short and simple. I’m not going to make an ass out of myself. At least not tonight. Not only does tonight lead us into a new year of our lives. It’s also the beginning of a new chapter in 4CW. I know a lot of people like to consider us “small time”, but that’s a crock of shit. Yea, I heard what you were saying two weeks ago, Steve.”
“Yea, we started out small. We didn’t just go sign any nobody off the street without a bit of talent like some places did. We looked for ability and names that grabbed your attention. We’re televised on HBO worldwide. We have a worldwide following. Yea, we stick to our roots here in the South-West but that doesn’t make us indy by any means. We’ve grown past that. We’re about as mainstream as you can be now with our media outlets available. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re expanding our area, visiting more theaters on a regular basis outside of the…”
“Wait, forget I even said anything. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve obviously had a little too much to drink in the last half hour. This isn’t about us. I mean yea, two weeks ago we had our one year anniversary show but tonight is about 4CW and my appearance tonight is more for you guys, the fans. Love me or hate me, I appreciate everything you have done for 4CW, each and every one of you. Lets not forget about the talent either. I love you guys and gals in the locker room. Just like the fans, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t…”

”If it wasn’t for who Bitch?”
As Wallace continues to talk, his mic cuts out as the speakers go silent.

JOHNSON: ”What the?”
VASSA: ”His mic quit working!”
Wallace finally realizes it and holds it up, looking at it with disappointment on his face. He smacks it a few times before the crowd erupts with cheers…

”Because what it sounded like to me was that you were going to say that if it wasn’t for ‘The Maaaaiiiinnnn Attttrrraaaction’ then you would’ve never had a Company to celebrate a whole year of Success to; Now would you Perry?”
POWERS: ”Ladies & Gentlemen…On the way to the ring being accompanied by “The Loud-Mouth Vixen” Jacinta Perez…Would you please give it up for…’The Main Attraction’, “The Glasgow Hooligan”, ‘WEEEEEEE-DEEEEEEM-BOOOOOYYYZZZ’!!!”
The beginning of Future’s “Shit (Remix)” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Mannie & Alec emerge to a wave of cheers, they are lead to the ring by Jacinta who is strutting her stuff down the ramp. Meanwhile Mannie is two-stepping to the beat and Alec is slowly walking down the ramp intimidating the crowd with snarls & growls. After which the stage lights die down; as a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. Jacinta then creates a mini guard of honor for them, as they both march up their respective steps into the ring. Although, there’s a slight difference because a cameraman sits on the middle rope for Mannie; as they have all finally proceed to enter the ring while Perry & his Company look onward.

JOHNSON: ”Where in the Sam-Hell did he come from Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Well Steve according to this 4CW Roster Page that I’m looking at right now, it says The Commonwealth of Virginia.”
So after having a momentary Stare-Down with Perry & his Company just now, Mannie & his Posse have just began to take in all of the Fan-Fare as their shocked by the Crowd’s new admiration.

MANNIE: ”Thank You! You are all far too kind but you on the other hand Perry… You’re just a Bitch with a Big Pocket-Book who needs to be Checked, so who better than MEEEY to do so?”
MANNIE: ”Exactly! So why don’t you let all of these people know why you won’t “Man Up” to face me One on One?”
The 4CW CEO much to the Crowd’s dismay has began to take his sweet time before answering Mannie’s question, which in turns sends them into a Jeering Frenzy.

SPEAK THE FUCK UP… *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap*
SPEAK THE FUCK UP… *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap*

WALLACE: ”Are you talking to me?”
WALLACE: ”Oh Mannie, you never cease to amaze me. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but we have a lot more names on the payroll that have drawn attention to this company and put asses in the seats that overlook the ring. You’ve done nothing but shown disrespect to me since signing on and quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of it. So what did I do? You know what I did. Jacinta may be right there beside you but I took your woman, a woman by far above the ranks of that hoodrat you treat like garbage! So, what are you going to do? I think you need to quit shut your trap and do the talking in the ring!”
MANNIE: ”Nigga What? Shit you ain’t said nothing but a muthafucking word!”
WALLACE: ”Once again Mannie you have shown to be dumb-dumb because I was talking to that Big Bastard next to you…”
Mannie, Jacinta, and Alec all begin to laugh as Perry & Michael are starting to get annoyed by them.

WALLACE: ”What’s so damn funny hunh?”
MANNIE: ”Well that’s sort of the thing Perry, it’s something that you’ve somehow managed to keep missing about us though…”
WALLACE: ”And what is that Mannie?”
MANNIE: ”I mean isn’t it obvious Perry? Because if not then allow me to tell you that We absolutely could give 100 fucks about your Supremacy!”
WALLACE: ”Oh is that right Mannie?”
MANNIE: ”Did I fucking stutter Perry?”
WALLACE: ”Well since I got confirmation then I believe you three won’t mind being thrown of out my Theatre right? SECURITY!”
MANNIE: ”Nope!”
WALLACE: ”Awesome! So if that is all?”
WALLACE: ”Excuse Me…What do you want then Mannie, what else do you fucking Want?”
MANNIE: ”I want a match with you Bitch!”
MANNIE: ”Okay Perry I thought you would tell me no again about having a match with me, so that’s why I came prepared tonight…”
WALLACE: ”Prepared? You to be kidding me eight now? Because if you actually think that there is anything that you can say or do Mannie that can change my mind then you must be out of your…”
MANNIE: ”All I need is one opportunity Perry but if for some reason I can’t then I promise as god as my witness that I will leave 4CW for Good?”
WALLACE: ”Okay Mannie you have my attention now but if I know you like I think I know you then there’s a catch?”
MANNIE: ”There’s not really a catch Perry as much as there is a couple of conditions…”
WALLACE: ”Name Em…”
MANNIE: ”Okay for 1 thing…. I want this to be a tag match between Us vs Michael…”
WALLACE: ”Okay but who is his partner suppose to be though… DJ Holt? John Blade? Nathaniel Havok?”
MANNIE: ”Nah Perry… Who I want Perry is somebody that I have a completely different beef to hash anyways and once we kill those two birds together then it’s onto YOU!”
Mannie and the Posse have all began to make their exits from Ringside when all of a sudden Perry decides to stop them one last time.

WALLACE: ”You wait one damn minute Mannie!”
MANNIE: ”What?”
WALLACE: ”I mean aren’t you going to at least tell everyone who is Michael’s partner for Winter Wonderland?”
MANNIE: ”Well I was actually going to keep a secret but since you want to twist my arm about it then I guess I can tell you that it’s going to be…”
WALLACE: ”Who Mannie Who?”
MANNIE: ”Christopher-Salieri!”
Everyone including Perry & Michael are as shocked as Christopher who is sitting down Ringside at the Bell Center.

VASSA: ”What in the World Steve… What is Mannie proving by throwing him into this mess now? Because we all know that Christopher is just a Referee who happens to be related to Michael, so why even bother with the poor guy at all?”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s a question Vinny we clearly can’t anwser tonight but Boy did Winter Wonderland become a lot more interesting…”
The scene fades as Mannie and his Posse finally make their exits as Perry and Company are still in a stuck in a blunder about Mannie’s choice of opponents…

Backstage you quickly see Jason Cashe and he doesn’t look happy. The locker room is trashed, he picks up and launches a chair across the room. Moves to the flat screen hanging on the wall and rams his forehead into the screen, cracking it and trickles of blood appear where his head made contact. Tidus Howe and “Mad Dog” Sullivan both standing out of his way as everything seems to have been turned upside down.

CASHE: “AAAAGHHHH!! Where the fuck is Wallace? Morrison? Where are these fucks? I want answers, NOW!!”
HOWE: “Jason calm down. Wallace said he would be here soon, getting worked up isn’t going to fix anything. What can we do?”
Like he was going to charge Tidus for even talking to him, Cashe shoves a garbage bin out of the way as he storms in the direction of Tidus but “Mad Dog” Sullivan steps in between Tidus and Cashe just in case. This was a surprise to Cashe and he stops in his tracks and shakes off his anger at the wrong people.

CASHE: “What can you do? You can go and find out what these Stages will be! They want to stack the deck yet again on me? They want to try their best to remove this belt from me in case I don’t resign after Winter Wasteland? Fine…Fine…This will be on them in the end…”
Reaching out and patting “Mad Dog” on his chest, Cashe steps to the bigger man and nods at him to let him know he’s done a good thing.

CASHE: “You did good but don’t buck up to me. Protect Tidus but know I would never put my hands on him alright? He controls my financials, I’d go broke if I did him dirty. He’s told me such…”
HOWE: “You’d have a few quarters to rub together maybe..Haha!”
CASHE: “And I respect that honesty! Love you for it but do your job here man…Go get some answers! My phone’s on, I’m leaving, kind of hungry and want to get high but Jair is going to get fucked up at Wasteland and this might be the LAST great match you see from me in 4CW so they better pull out all the tricks they have up their sleeves..”
Storming past them both, Cashe leaves the room as the scene fades back to ringside.



JOHNSON:”Well here we are getting ready for yet another extreme rules match up. This time we’ve got Havok taking on Smith.”
VASSA:”This match has a lot of good factors to be a great one. That and Dakota Smith could really use the victory here tonight.”
POWERS:”The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is an Extreme Rules match!”
Dance With the Devil” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the theatre gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face as he marches down to the ring.

POWERS:”Introducing first, from the Arena, weighing in at 230 pounds, Dakota Smith!”
He makes no time to stop for the audience – that is until he reaches the ring. He then bounces from one foot to the other, looking around the theatre. A slight smirk grows on his lips before he bolts into the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He plants his fists down on the mat and pushes himself up. Then he circles the ring a few times before going to his corner and taking a seat – waiting for the match to begin.
“Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system of the theater, accompanied by a huge pop from the crowd. Yellow strobe lights flicker around the entire theater, as we anxiously await the arrival of Mr. 4CW himself.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred forty two pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “Mr. 4CW”, and the 4CW EXTREME CHAMPION, The Enforcer of Sorrow, NATHANIEL HHAAVVOOKK!!!”
Havok makes his way to the entrance ramp, walking slowly, observing the fans in attendance, with a smirk on his face from all the love and adulation of the fans. He slowly takes the (Insert Title) Championship off of his waist, and lifts it into the air, as the yellow strobe lights continue to flicker throughout the entire theater. Nathaniel throws the title onto his shoulder, and begins walking down the ramp, still observing the fans that surround him. He looks cold, calculated, but most importantly, he looks ready for a fight. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully from the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd, Championship again held high above his head. He hops down and stands in the corner, as the referee comes over and takes his title, handing it to the time keeper, as his music fades out.

JOHNSON:”Havok is a beast!”
VASSA:”Havok isn’t just a beast…he’s a freaking extreme MONSTER! Smith is going to have to dig deep if he wants to steal one here.”
The match is underway as both Smith and Havok lock up in the middle of the ring. Havok grabs Smith and pushes him back hard. This doesn’t make Smith happy and now Smith is charging at Havok. Havok goes for a spinning wheel kick but Smith ducks. Smith pops back up and delivers a nice snap DDT sending Havok face first into the mat. Smith goes for the early cover.

VASSA:”Smith needs to stay on offense through out this entire match if he wants to win here tonight.”
JOHNSON:”Yea, if Havok gets any chance of offense, it’s going to be hard for Smith to stay on him.”
Smith comes off the ropes and comes back and hits a rolling knee drop to Havok. Smith doesn’t pin him again, though, as he rolls out of the ring. He pulls up the banner around the ring and starts looking around under the ring. Smith pulls out a couple steel chairs and tosses them into the ring. He finds a trash can, a cane and a table to top it all off. Smith attempts to put the table into the ring, but Havok slides the table with his feet into the throat of Smith. Smith falls hard.

JOHNSON:”Holy shit that looked sick!”
VASSA:”Havok almost killed Smith with that one shot!”
Havok rolls out of the ring and grabs Smith. He pulls his head towards the steel steps and slams it on the top of the steel. Smith’s head bounces back as Havok hits a neckbreaker. Havok rolls him into the ring and covers him.

JOHNSON:”I have a feeling this match is going to get brutal any time.”
VASSA:”Well jeez, how did you guess that?!”
Smith grabs his throat a little as Havok slams him with a side suplex. Havok ricochets off the ropes and delivers a thunderous leg drop on Smith. Havok then picks up a steel chair and starts to bash Smith a few times with it. Smith rolls over and Havok shrugs his shoulders as if Smith were trying to accomodate him. Havok starts smashing the steel chair into the back of Smith. Smith holds his back as Havok places the chair over his neck. Havok bounces off the ropes and attempts another leg drop, but Smith moves out of the way this time. Smith picks up the trash can and slams it down on Havok’s head. He then places the entire trash can over Havok. Smith picks up the chair and starts smashing it into the trash can repeatedly. Havok falls to the ground as the trash can rolls off him. Smith heads to the top and is able to deliver an elbow drop straight into Havok. Smith knows what he has to do as he covers Havok quickly again.

JOHNSON:”Wow did this match get violent pretty quickly!”
VASSA:”Well of course it did! It’s an Extreme Rules Match for god sakes!”
As Smith stands over Havok, Havok starts to strike Smith in the knees with his foot. Smith bends over a bit as Havok gets back to his feet. He grabs Smith and sends him back first into the trash can with gut wrench powerbomb. Havok grabs one of the steel chairs and places it sideways into the ropes against the turnbuckle. Havok then leans the table right over it.

JOHNSON:”Looks like Havok is up to something. A hidden chair behind a table? Now that’s gotta be a first!”
VASSA:”That’s what makes Havok the greatest 4CW Extreme Champion of all time! The guy thinks extreme! He takes risks and risks pay off for risk takers!”
Havok pulls Smith to his feet as he places him against the table. Havok steps back a few feet and then runs at him but stops as Smith moves out of the way. Havok expected this as he grabs Smith and sends him down to the mat with a half nelson slam. Smith, who has been close to the ropes, rolls out of the ring. He starts to walk around the ring as Havok slides back out. Havok starts to run at him and Smith turns around and plows him with a jumping neckbreaker. Smith grabs the cane that was laying in the ring and starts to beat it into the back of Havok. He strikes repeatedly as you can tell my the red spots of how hard that cane is being administered. Smith rolls Havok back into the ring and tries to pin him.
Smith shakes his head in doubt as he picks Havok back up and kicks him right in the balls. Havok bends over and Smith strikes him with a Taxidermic Needle. Smith goes for the cover.

JOHNSON:”What a cheap shot by Smith!”
VASSA:”Anything is possible in an Extreme Rules match!”
Smith can’t believe it as turns and looks at the table. A smile crosses his face as he sets up Havok against the table. This time it is Smith charging but Havok boots him in the face. All of a sudden, Griffin Hawkins comes running from the back. He hops on the ring apron as Havok sees him. Havok looks at him for a moment before Smith comes behind Havok. Smith hits Havok with a chokeslam and then walks over towards Griffin and smiles. As Smith starts to walk off, Griffin stops him. Smith turns around and starts talking to him like Griffin has something important to say. However, it was just a ploy as Griffin drops down and Havok comes from behind grappling Smith. He pulls him towards the turnbuckle and hits the Reign of Terror on him sending Smith crashing through the table and right into the steel chair. Havok goes for the cover.

POWERS:”The winner of this match, Nathaniel Havok!”
JOHNSON:”Havok pulls off the victory here tonight!”
VASSA:”I can’t believe that match! What a unique match! I’m always amazed, even after several extreme matches how things can always be so fresh!”
JOHNSON:”That’s exactly why Havok is champion! Good work from Smith, but Griffins presence down here tonight will definitely have to be explained!”

Wandering around the back in none other than Sativa Nevaeh, headphones in and vape in hand. She stops occasionally to sign the random autograph and have the typical weed convos with the obvious stoners. Ya know the ones wearing her merch with a Jamaican flag motive beanie. In one hand Sativa is carrying a florist’s bag.
After wandering for a bit she stops by the locker room of Black Listed and slips inside, leaving a Black Dahlia flower on each other their bags. She exits their room and proceeds to New Gen’s locker room to do the exact same thing. She then heads back to her locker room.

BURN: “You get your message out there?”
SATIVA: “You bet! Messages sent and should soon be received!”
BURN: “I assume it would be pointless to ask if you care if you piss them off.”
SATIVA: “Yeah, basically. But knowing them and their think skulls they will just laugh it off. Which is fine. I just love opening people’s eyes. Now, I need to get ready for my match.”
Sativa heads off to get changed and Burn loads a couple of bongs for the after match smoke out.


JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentleman we’re about to get ready for some Tag Team action.”
VASSA: ”Yup, Black Listed is set to take on the defending Tag Team Champions New Gen Rising.”
JOHNSON: ”And speaking of the rising tag team here comes Black Listed.”
POWERS: “This following match is scheduled for one fall by way of pin or submission under Tornado Tag rules, Introducing first, hailing from Niagra Falls, New York, they are BLACK LISTEEEEEDDDD!!!”
The lights start to switch to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B hits as the familiar beats draw cheers from the crowd. Out from the back first comes the bubbly and fun Demi Griffin with a big smile on her face as she stops to shake her booty to the beat a few times before making her way to the ring. Not far behind her coming through the curtain as his sister has already made it half down the ramp is the imposing RPG, Royce Griffin standing looking out at the crowd. The two wearing matching red and black themed outfits though, differing in types of gear. They still have matching arm bands and focused looks as Demi finishes high fiving the fans around the ring before hopping up the steps and stepping through the bottom two ropes. As she does this Royce slides into the ring,
Once in the ring Royce does two big jumps into the air to show off his athleticism and get stretched out as his sister walks around the ring hands held high. RPG throws a few practice punches before letting out a primal scream for the crowd getting them going as Demi now sits atop one of the corner posts jiving to the beat. Royce walks around the ring screaming out “Let’s Go” several times while hyping the crowd as the two seem fully ready for their tag match.

VASSA: ”Royce looks like he’s ready to go.”
POWERS: ”And their opponents, the reigning defending Four Corner Wrestling Tag Team Champions, They Are NEW GEN RISINGGGGGG!!!”
VASSA: ”Here come the champs.”
”I play you lose” hits the speakers as New Gen Rising Brian Hollywood, and Jace Savage walk out on to the ramp. The make their way to the ring yelling insults at the crowd. Upon reaching the ring they split up and head to different corners to walk up the steps. Jace and Brian wipe their feet off on the apron at the same time before climbing through the ropes. They walk to opposite corners and climb to the second turn buckle. They yell more insults at the crowd before hopping off the turn buckle ready to face their opponents.

JOHNSON: ”This one is going to be good.”
With the bell rung the action is ready to begin as both teams begin circling the ring. Eyes locked on one another before Royce darts across the ring, his aim on Brian Hollywood as he attempts a Flying Punch, Hollywood ducking under it before grabbing Royce by the arm and whipping him into the arms of Jace Savage, Royce quickly maneuviring out of his arms before delivering a stiff backward elbow. Hollywood’s eyes are locked on Royce, Demi seeing this and hitting Hollywood with a Frontflip Clothesline. The crowd beginning to stir up some cheers.
With Hollywood down Royce and Demi have Jace cornered in a turnbuckle. Royce hitting him with a quick knee to the gut before Demi follows up with one of her own. Royce grabbing Jace’s arm and whipping him across the ring into another turnbuckle. Jace bouncing off and dodging a Superkick from Demi before being crushed by a Spear from Royce. Royce getting to his feet and clamoring out loud before out of nowhere Brian Hollwood hits him with a Diamond Cutter. Demi looks for a quick kick to the gut of Hollywood’s but he grabs the leg and flips her backwards making her land awkwardly on the ropes. With Jace to his feet he gets in on the action and delivers a Punt Kick to the face of Demi who slowly falls from the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”This match is already so fast paced.”
Jace lifts Royce to his feet before faking the whip across the ring and Clotheslining him to the mat. Hollywood on the other end lifting Demi to her feet, wrapping up around her waist and lifting her up for a Suplex. Hollywood taps his chest behind a smirk while soaking in the boos. He slaps Royce across the chest before grabbing him by the leg and dragging him into the middle of the ring. Jace Savage beginning to lay down the stomps to Royce while Hollywood slowly makes his way toward a down Demi. Hollywood lifts Demi back to her feet, looking to set her up in a turnbuckle but Demi catches him with a quick slap. She grabs the arm and whips Hollywood across the ring who runs into Jace Savage. Both men stumbling backwards. Demi follows up with a cross body to Hollywood while Royce gets to his feet and delivers a Spinning Wheel Kick to the face of Jace Savage. New Gen now down on the mat as the fans begin cheering. Both Demi and Royce taking in deep breaths.

VASSA: ”Black Listed could possibly have New Gen’s number.”
JOHNSON: ”They’re showing that fire they need to show in order for them to hold those Tag Team belts one day.”
With the action back and forth Royce looks to take it to the mat and places Brian Hollywood in a Chin Lock. Jace was slowly getting to his feet and see’s this, jolting across the ring looking to kick Royce’s skull off but Royce dodges it causing Jace to kick Hollywood across the face. Royce looks to wrap up Jace from behind but Jace flips him over his back. Demi delivering an elbow drop to Hollywood followed by another. Jace placing Royce in a Triangle Choke that he locks in tight.
Demi’s steady going to work on Hollywood with some ground and pound of her own before Hollywood rolls her over and delivers and elbow to the chin before hitting her with some mounted punches of his own. He gets to his feet and lifts Demi to her’s before placing a stiff punch to her gut and driving her to the mat with a DDT.

JOHNSON: “And just like that it looks like the tides are beginning to turn again.”
VASSA: ”No team has been able to get the better of the other so far.”
JOHNSON: ”Looks like we have ourselves a visitor.”
Coming through the crowd is the Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter who is greeted with a tremendous cheer while the action continues inside the ring. Lo’Renzo hops the guard rail and is handed a chair and headset by a stage hand. He looks up at the ring where New Gen have their eyes locked on him. Royce beginning to muscle his way out of the Triangle Choke while Hollywood plants Demi back to the mat with a Sideslam. With Demi down Hollywood makes his way over to Jace and Royce where Royce is about to escape the lock. When he does he’s quickly met with a kick to the gut from Brian Hollywood before both men wrap an arm around the shoulder and lift Royce up for a Double Suplex. They waste no time lifting Royce back to his feet where Jace whips him into the ropes. Royce bounces off and ducks under a Big Boot from Hollywood before he nails Jace with a Clothesline.

JOHNSON: ”Glad you could join us here tonight Lo’Renzo.”
FLIPP: “Good looks man. I ain’t had nothing to do backstage so I thought I’d just come out here and getta better look at the action.”
VASSA: ”You smell like weed.”
Royce lifts Demi back to her feet while they await either Hollywood or Jace to get to theirs. Jace is the first back up, Demi charging across the ring toward him and hitting him with a Flying Elbow, Royce trailing her but being tripped by Hollywood causing Royce to fall into Demi who stumbles backwards into the hands of Jace who lifts Demi up and nails her with a Atomic Drop. Royce quickly gets back to his feet though and locks up with Jace who gets the better of Royce. Wrapping up around his head and placing him in a standing Headlock before he slowly gets Royce to a knee. Hollywood slowly getting to his feet before making his way over to Demi whose pulling herself up with the ropes. Hollywood grabs her from behind but Demi catches him with an elbow followed by another. This causing Hollywood to stumble backwards. Demi climbs the ropes before leaping off with a Shooting Star but Hollywood catches her and drives her to the mat with a Side Effect.

FLIPP: “I know that shit had hurt.”
JOHNSON: ”Hollywood showing some good awareness out there.”
VASSA: “I just realized something though. There has been no pin attempts at all this match.”
Royce elbows Jace in the gut causing Jace to loosen up the Headlock before Royce is able to push him off. Royce jumps to his feet and explodes with some punches and calf kicks to a cheering crowd before Hollywood is able to jump in on the action by kicking Royce on the knee followed by another knee shot. Hollywood grabs Royce by the arms and bares him for Jace while Jace lines Royce up and hits with some fierce elbows before Hollywood let’s Royce go, Jace taking a few steps and looking for the Savage Punch but Royce ducks out the way, using his reach and hitting Jace with the move he calls NY’s Finest. Royce begin to cheer himself on losing some focus. He turns around and when he does he’s met with an The Executive Decision from Brian Hollywood. Royce’s body plummeting to the mat.

Demi just nailed Hollywood with the move she calls Niagara Falls and now she’s the only one standing while the crowd begins to cheer her on. She looks left and right before climbing up a turnbuckle. She leaps off and looks for a Frogsplash on Brian Hollywood but Hollywood rolls out of the way in the nick of time.

VASSA: ”That would’ve end the match.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know. But it would have been close.”
FLIPP: “Close but no cigars geez.”
Hollywood pulls himself up to his feet by the ropes while Demi slowly gets to hers. Jace and Royce slowly getting to their feet. Jace and Royce begin throwing hands in an all out brawl before Hollyood clocks Royce in the back. Demi, catching Brian Hollywood with a punch of her own. Hollywood turns around and with a Spinning Back Elbow but Demi ducks and pushes him into Jace Savage who goes flying over the ropes. Royce grabs Hollywood and lifts him up before Demi delivers a kick to his head before Royce levels him with a Spinebuster. Using the move they call The Blackout.

FLIPP: “Royce fitna hook them legs brah.”
Royce is about to go for the pin when Jace grabs the leg of Brian Hollywood and drags him out of the ring. The crowd going ballistic with the boos as Jace walks over to the announce table and snatches their tag team titles. He hands Brian Hollywood his title before New Gen Rising looks to be making their way backstage. The ref beginning the count out.

VASSA: ”What are they doing?”

FLIPP: “You ask me look like New Gen leaving.”

JOHNSON: “I don’t think Black Listed is going to like this.”

FLIPP: “Cowardly move by New Gen. Look like Black Listed was bout to get that W too.”
POWERS: “And your winners by double count out, BLACK LISTEEEED!!!”
Standing at the top of the stage is New Gen Rising who stare back at the ring to a Royce and Demi Griffin whose motioning title around their waist. Jace Savage smirking while Hollywood waves a finger. New Gen holds their titles in their air before the camera begins it’s fade on the Tag Team Champions.

We cut backstage immediately where a small fire has broken out. A couple members of the 4CW stage crew are present as is the tag team of Billy and The Kidd, who are not dressed to compete. Billy rips a table cloth off of a nearby table and covers the small fire, stomping it out. As the fire ceases down and it burns its last flame, Billy and The Kidd are attacked from behind. The stage crew are shoved out of the way as the two men continue the onslaught. One appears to be Judd Grunge who was seen earlier in the night.

JOHNSON:” I’m not sure what’s going on here, but someone needs to get back there! “
VASSA:” I believe they set the fire, Steve! “
JOHNSON:” Not sure what they’re trying to prove here. “
Grunge rips the shirt off of Billy and slams him into a concrete wall. His accomplice grabs the fire extinguisher that was used and cracks it over the skull of The Kidd. Grunge pulls Billy up to a crouching position and delivers multiple vicious headbutts, busting him open. Billy slouches back to the ground as Grunge pushes things over, looking for a steel folding chair.

JOHNSON:” Come on guys! Enough is enough! “/
VASSA:” This is getting out of hand, even for my taste. “
Billy’s head is slouched up against the wall as Grunge takes the chair and slams it against his head smashing it against the wall and chair. Grunge turns his attention towards The Kidd who is on the ground as the hands of his partner. He is in a mount and unleashing vicious shots to the face. Grunge gets his attention and points to a ladder in the corner of the room. Some officials come flooding in, but the two fight them off. Grunge drags The Kidd closer to the table where the cloth was taken from.

VASSA:” I don’t think anyone can get to them, Steve. “
JOHNSON:” I don’t think so. I’m just getting word that Grunge is with Kid Kaos, a newly signed talent here in 4CW. “
VASSA:” Trying to make a statement. That much is clear. “
Kaos is up to the ceiling on the ladder as Grunge raises The Kidd up off the concrete. He picks him up into a firemans carry, transitions it into a flapjack as Kaos dives off the ladder, and hits a double foot stomp to the back of The Kidd, driving him into the table.

JOHNSON:” This has been a mugging. “
Some high ranked officials come from the back and the two throw up their hands as if to say they’re done. Kaos shrugs his shoulder and a smirk slides across the face of Grunge as the two walk backwards looking at their handy work.

The sounds of “Beileive Me” by Ace Hood flares up causing the exhilarated crowd to let out a frenzy of cheers as the Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage, a microphone already in hand as he tests it before clearing his throat.

FLIPP:”Salt Lake City what’s good with y’all?”
The crowd lets out another cheer as Lo’Renzo adjusted the Pride title over his shoulder.

FLIPP:”I know I know, y’all excited bout holding the first Four Corner Wrestling show of the year. It’s a nice place to start things off this year here in the Capital Theatre. I’m excited and y’all excited so what more could we ask for?”
He shrugs his shoulder whilst smiling, continuing his walk to the ring.

FLIPP:”And I know y’all heard the rumors. It’s some noice circling around that Four C Dub might be going National. How big would that be for Four C Dub?”
The crowd cheers once more as Lo’Renzo gets to the ring, steps up the steel steps and steps inside the ring.

FLIPP:”That would be huge man and if the rumors are true I can’t wait to represent Four C Dub city to city.”
He paused before looking down.

FLIPP:” Last week in New Mexico though after a tough match with Nick Watson I felt very disrespected by the Tag Team Champs in New Gen Rising brah brah. As a matter of fact everyone should feel disrespected by that duo. Last week they thought they were higher ups, that they own Four C Dub. Walking around with their noses up and I didn’t like that.”
He shook his head as he looks back up.

FLIPP:” If it wasn’t for Nick I prolly woulda got drilled with some chair shots from New Gen but Nick threw his body over mines and for that I respect Nick more than I already do.”
He nodded his head while the crowd starts up a “Sen-Sational” chant. Flipp cheering along with them before continuing.

FLIPP:” After being tossed out the ring I felt bad because I couldn’t help Nick. Felt like I let him down. He was there for me but I couldn’t be there for him. What Hollywood and Jace did to him was unacceptable and tonight I think he’s owed an apology. Not just from me but New Gen as well.”
He nodded his head once more, about to speak again but “I play you lose” by Gruesomes flares up causing a stir of boos as Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage cockishly steps out onto the ropes. Both Hollywood and Jace are laughing and shake their heads as Hollywood pulls the mic up to his mouth.

HOLLYWOOD:” Why am I really not surprised by the lack of response out of you Porter? I mean, I expected more coming from a champion! But I digress though, that wouldn’t be satisfactory for you, would it?”
NewGen start walking further down the ramp as Hollywood continues to talk.

HOLLYWOOD:” You know for you being the Pride Champion, I would expect something more out of you than a demanded apology. Thing is Porter, I don’t do apologies. Why is that you ask? It’s simple. Everything I do out here is all part of what I do. I don’t need to fucking justify it either. However, I must be doing my job right if you’re the one coming out demanding apologies from people. Who gives a fuck about what you want or what any of these people want?!”
The crowd start to boo even louder as the hatred for Hollywood is so evidently present. NewGen enter the ring naturally as Hollywood brings the mic back up to his mouth.

HOLLYWOOD:” Now that I see you up close Porter, you really don’t look like a Pride Champion at all.”
The crowd continue to boo as Hollywood stares at Porter and notices his title draped over his shoulders. Hollywood looks at Jace and lets out a laugh.

HOLLYWOOD:” Well isn’t this just ironic? For a guy who’s supposed to be Pride Champion, you really don’t act like it! I mean, since when does an apology become so demanding from a Pride Champion? I think we were too much for you last week. I think, because we got the better of you, you demand yourself an apology to getting your ass kicked. See there’s a name for what category you belong in, Porter. That category is called the hypocrites. You were at your weakest stage and couldn’t do anything to help Watson last week when we came out for the attack. You were gotten the best of last week and now you’re out here trying to make it all better. An apology doesn’t make it all better, oh no, it makes it ten times worse! However, you are righting a wrong in one way..”
Jace starts to laugh sarcastically again as Hollywood smiles but then the smile turns to seriousness.

HOLLYWOOD:” You can take your apology and shove it up your ass, Porter! What you did do right, though, is by coming out here and accepting your fate. You came out here to get your ass kicked and I admire that. At least you know what’s coming. Good for you, Porter! Maybe a little later, on your way to the hospital to be more precise, I’ll have one of the potheads in the back make you some special brownies for taking one for the team! In the meantime, why don’t we just start your fated tour right now!”
As tensions rise to a head and it looks like Flipp is about to have to fight a two on one engagement the fans begin to cheer. “Bring It” by Trapt begins to play as Nick Watson emerges on the entrance ramp, in his hand is a bent, and broken steel chair which some could assume is the steel chair that New Gen beat him with last Adrenaline. He looks into the ring where New Gen is standing, waiting for him to make his move. Watson simply slides into the ring and brushes past the tag team champions to join Flipp on his side of the ring.

WATSON:” So, looks like the odds have evened a bit, eh?”
There is a loud pop as Watson looks around the theater and then back to New Gen, namely Brian Hollywood. His eyes dart to Flipp, who he elbows in the side a bit, and then his eyes go back to Hollywood.

WATSON:” Sorry, Flipp, I didn’t want to be late, but I had some business to take care of. And by business I mean…well… I would rather show everyone than talk about it.”
Watson points to the big screen, which comes to life as if on command, showing footage of Brian Hollywood’s limo. Or what is left of Hollywood’s limo. What is shown is a broken and battered vehicle which has clearly been smashed to all hell. Hollywood’s eyes go wide and then he turns back around to face a laughing Watson. However, it is clearly a fake laugh as in a matter of moments Nick has shaped up, and is staring seriously at Hollywood.

WATSON:” It isn’t so funny when it is your shit getting broke is it? I mean, otherwise you would be laughing right now. You would be standing here. In this ring. Laughing your ass off! Just like when you came into the ring, pushed Flipp aside, and started beating me with reckless abandon.”
Watson glares holes into Hollywood, who is speechless, but clearly fuming at Watson for what he did.

WATSON:” But this is just the beginning, Brian. I’m not done with you guys yet. You see, Flipp may be sated with a simple apology, but I’m not going to be sated with three simple words, two if you use a contraction! “
Nick beats the chair on the canvas once and looks wild eyed at Brian while doing it.

WATSON:” I won’t be sated till I have enacted every sense of the word “justice” upon you. I will get justice for Jessica Black and her hand which you viscously assaulted. I will get justice for my friend Flipp, who you so viscously shoved aside, and came out to threaten tonight. I will get justice for John Pariah, who wanted to come to this company to bring these fans a show, and you attacked brutally. Hell, I might even get a little justice for myself. But most importantly I will get justice for the fans.”
Watson looks out across the sea of fans in the theater who begin to chant “Watson” as Nick turns back around to face a clearly volatile Mr. Executive.

WATSON:” Because you stole from them the most precious thing of all….entertainment by doing what you did last Adrenaline. And as long as Nick Watson is on duty, that will never…and I repeat never happen again.”
Watson stops speaking and drops the microphone as the crowd grows more rampant and more unstable with each passing second. They want Watson to enact some justice tonight and even more so they want Flipp and Watson to team up and get a little pay back while doing so. Hollywood, visibily shaking with anger, brings the microphone up to his lips as Jace begins to unbutton his suit jacket. It is clear where this conversation is going to end, but Hollywood clearly wants the last word.

HOLLYWOOD:” Your fucking dead Watson! You think you can just prance around breaking other people’s shit?! It’s obvious I didn’t fucking get it through your stupid ass brain of yours a couple weeks ago. Turning down my offer to rejoin NewGen was your first mistake. Your second mistake was destroying valuable property. You don’t want to go to war with me, kid! This could have been totally different for you, but you picked the wrong side! This is why your irrelevant, Watson. You were irrelevant then and your still irrelevant now! I’ve heard this bullshit before many times and yet no one has ever stopped me. It won’t be any different now. In fact, your fate, as well as lesson number two starts now!”
Hollywood drops the mic as Jace follows suit. NewGen lunge themselves forward as all four men start fighting viciously.
Security is already making their way out as the brawl gets underway. Watson and Hollywood are nailing each other with punches while Flipp and Savage are going all out on each other. Security almost gets into the ring, but Watson shoves Hollywood into the on coming security, and scatters them to the wind. Watson who had dropped the steel chair before, picks it up quickly, and goes to engage Hollywood again. However, Hollywood, always using his brain, is already making his way from ringside to the back. Watson, however gives chase. Meanwhile Flipp and Savage are just delivering punches, kicks, and whatever will do the most damage to each other as security finally manages to get into the ring and try to separate them.



VASSA: ”We finally made it! IT’S TIME FOR THE SEX APPEAL!”
JOHNSON: ”Hold up now, Vinny! These ladies are WAY more than just sex appeal.”
VASSA: ”I just call it how I see it and I’m ready to see this match!”
JOHNSON: ”Well let’s wait no more! Take it away Mike!”
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen our next contest is scheduled for one fall and will be a fatal fourway. Introducing to the ring first from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at one hundred twenty one pounds and standing five feet, five inches tall, JESSICA CCOONNNNOORRSS!!!”
“Last Ride of the Day” hits the sound system as Jessica comes out, psyching herself up. She jumps up and down a few times, then heads down the ramp. She stops, hyping herself up again before sliding in the ring and posing in the corner. She hops off the turnbuckle and awaits her opponent.

POWERS: ”Our next opponent hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at one hundred twenty six pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, MARISOL HHAAWWKKEESS!!!”
You hear ‘Don’t underestimate Divinity’ before the theme music blares over the loudspeakers and Marisol walks out in her black and pink leather attire. She smirks as she glares around the theater at the fans. She walks down the ramp and quickly up the ring steps. She smiles at the crowd again as she gets in the ring and then looks back up the ramp. Marisol stretches and paces the ring as she awaits the sound of the bell.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring out of Madison,Wisconsin, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall. She is “Second to None”, JESSICA BBLLAACCKK!!!”
The speakers filled the venue with the sound of “Demi Gods” by LabRats and Slim Jim, and the fans reacted to the music with both cheering and booing, neither sound drowning out the other. The main lights dimmed to near-darkness, and yet the noise of the crowd did not quiet down with them.
Suddenly, the lights hanging above the ring switched on, their beams flashing rapidly and aimed at the entrance ramp, more specifically at the small woman standing at the top of the ramp with her back turned to the crowd, arms outstretched and her hands balled into fists.

“You’re an asshole!”
“But we love you!”
“You’re an asshole!”
“But we love you!”
“You’re an asshole!”
“But we love you!”
The crowd voiced their respective feelings toward Jessica Black even louder when she turned to face them, the hood of her sleeveless jacket obscuring all but the lower part of her face, which twisted into her trademark smirk, as if the noise amused her somehow. She stood there, taking in the sight of thousands of wrestling fans watching the show; her haters and her fans alike, all had come to see her fight.
The flashing lights followed Jessica as started her way down to the ring, her eyes peeking out from under the hood as she still flashed that smirk of hers. When she was just a few feet from the ring, she moved close to some of the gangsters who some of her fans who stood in the front row, high-fiving and brofisting with them, and even ruffling the hair of one or two of the younger JB fans.
And to her haters, she merely smiled at them, as if she couldn’t care any less about what they thought of her.
Jessica made a running leap to the ring, a testament to her agility as she landed feet first with cat-like grace onto the edge and grasping the top rope as she then walked over to the nearest corner and climbed the turnbuckles. She looked out and into the crowd once more, pulling down her hood and bellowing out loud “Second to None!” before jumping off the top rope.
The spotlights following her were switched off, and the venue was once more well illuminated by the main lights as Jessica made her way to the opposite corner, climbing to the top and stretching her arms out in apparent victory before climbing down and removing her sleeveless jacket. And now, she waited for the match to begin, eager to add another name to her growing list of casualties.

POWERS: ”Our final competitor comes to the ring from Kingston, Jamaica, weighing in at one hundred thirty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is the “Ganja Goddess”, SATIVA NNEEVVAAEEHH!!!”
The intro to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX starts to play as the theater lights fade down to a green. Fog/smoke starts to pour out of the entrance way as Sativa walks out from the back. She smiles at the crowd through half open eyes. The crowd erupts into cheers. She stands and poses for about a minute before she heads towards the ring.
“First thing’s first, I’m the realest (realest)
Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)
And I’m still in the Murda Bizness
I could hold you down, like I’m givin’ lessons in physics (right, right)
You should want a bad bitch like this (huh?)
Drop it low and pick it up just like this (yeah)
Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris
High heels, somethin’ worth a half a ticket on my wrist (on my wrist)
Takin’ all the liquor straight, never chase that (never)
Rooftop like we bringin’ ’88 back (what?)
Bring the hooks in, where the bass at?
Champagne spillin’, you should taste that”
“I’m so fancy
You already know
I’m in the fast lane
From L.A. to Tokyo
I’m so fancy
Can’t you taste this gold?
Remember my name
‘Bout to blow ”
As she climbs onto the ring apron she slinks along the outside before rolling under the bottom rope. She seductively crawls towards the center of the ring where she gets on her knees and leans back, both hands up middle fingers in the air, and screams.

JOHNSON: ”All four ladies are in the ring and the crowd is going nuts!”
VASSA: ”This is insane! I can’t even hear myself talk over this noise. The house is rocking!”
JOHNSON: ”This match has been hyped up on social media for the last few weeks and it’s time for these ladies to put up or shut up.”
VASSA: ”I hope they don’t shut up. I love watching their mouths move!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re going to get us slapped across the face with a lawsuit if you don’t think before you speak, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I did think!”
JOHNSON: ”It looks like the official is ready to get this match underway.”
VASSA: ”I would love to have his view for this match!”
The ref stands in the center of the ring and checks with each corner, getting the nod from all four before throwing his hand in the air and signaling for the bell.
All these women have something to prove tonight. If matters couldn’t become nightmarish, Sativa is stared upon by the other three. Sativa shakes her head as she knows what’s about to come. She wastes no time, though, and immediately starts to run after the first person that comes into her sights. Luckily for Robertson, that person is her. Sativa goes for a right but is stopped by Robertson. Jess returns one of her own that is sent into the side of Sativa’s face. Sativa stumbles backwards and into a hurricanarona by Hawkes which sends Sativa back towards Robertson as Robertson hits a missile drop kick that sends Sativa to the outside.

VASSA:”Good god that was a nice double team move there by Marisol and Jessica.
JOHNSON:”I can’t argue with you there, Vinny. We knew this was going to be a hot match up here tonight. All four of these women have something to prove, but only one of them can come out of this on top.”
VASSA:”Ha, you said on top!
JOHNSON:”Why do I even bother sometimes?”
Black tries to go outside the ring, but Marisol stops her. Robertson, on the other hand, slides out of the bottom rope and to the outside. Black tries to stiff Hawkes, but instead, she gets taken down by Marisol with an armbar. Marisol starts to work over the injured arm of Black as she starts to put some pressure on it. Black starts to wither in pain, but tries to hide it. Black starts to fight as she elbows Marisol a few times before Marisol is forced to release. Black ricochets off the ropes but misses Marisol which causes her to wind up being taken down with a neckbreaker. Marisol follows it up with a pin.

JOHNSON:”Close call already there for Marisol. Black’s injury got worse a couple weeks ago when Brian Hollywood viciously attacked her. However, Black is a fighter and it’s going to take a lot to put her down.”
VASSA:”Truer words were never spoken. I actually wish one of these women would start screaming though. I would mark out instantly!”
Outside the ring, Robertson continues to stalk Sativa. She grabs her and tries to whip her into the steel steps, but Sativa manages to whip her into the steps instead. Robertson grabs her shoulder as Sativa starts to unleash kicks into her shoulder. Sativa grabs Robertson and tosses her into the ring. Robertson staggers back to her feet as Sativa bounces off the ropes and is able to connect with a tornado DDT. Sativa now with the cover on Robertson.
Marisol, who didn’t have enough time to stop the pin, gets lucky as she turns around and grabs Sativa from behind. Marisol drives a knee into the back of Sativa and then clips her with a neckbreaker. Marisol heads to the top rope and targets Sativa. She dives off but is met with a shotgun dropkick in mid air by Jessica Black, leveling Marisol. This time, Jessica covers a stunned Marisol.

VASSA:”Holy shit that gave me a damn boner!”
JOHNSON:”This is why you don’t take your eyes off Jessica Black. She will hit you when you least expect it! You never know what’s going to happen when you leave her unnoticed.”
Robertson is back to her feet as she starts to exchange some rights into Black. Robertson knees Black into the stomach and nails a belly to belly suplex only for Black to land on her feet. This catches Robertson off guard as Black slams her down with a spinebuster. Black heads to the top and points down towards Robertson. Before she can dive off, though, Marisol comes from the side and pushes Black off the top rope and to the outside as Black hits the ground hard.

JOHNSON:”Jesus Christ! Did you hear that fall? That was sick!”
VASSA:”Oh I heard it alright, Steve! That was a HARD fall for Black. It doesn’t help she’s wrestling with an injured arm. That fall could have given her a major setback. That was brutal!
Marisol looks out on a fallen Jessica Black and smiles. She is taken out of nowhere, though, as Sativa rolls her up quickly.
Robertson starts to fight off Sativa now as Marisol starts to get to her feet. Sativa tries to grapple with Robertson, but Marisol joins the fray. Now all a sudden, Robertson and Marisol send a double team kick to the gut of Sativa and lift her up and send her down into the mat with a double flapjack. As Sativa rolls closer to the apron, Robertson and Marisol are all alone in the ring. The crowd starts to go nuts as the two finally lock up against one another.

VASSA:”So about that boner I was telling you about…”
JOHNSON:”I was wondering when this match up was going to happen and it looks like we’re finally going to see it!”
Robertson and Marisol lock up trying to get the upperhand over the other. Marisol is able to knee her and lift her up, but Robertson is able to bring herself back down on her two feet. Robertson grabs Marisol and plants her with a DDT into the mat. Robertson stands over Marisol for a moment before planting her with a standing moonsault. Robertson goes for the cover.

VASSA:”Robertson did it! She did…“
JOHNSON:”I hate to burst your bubble, Vinny, but look!”
And right Johnson was as Marisol was able to kick out at 2.9999999999999. Robertson starts to argue with the referee a bit as she thought she had Hawkes right where she wanted her. Frustrated that it should have been a three count, Robertson picks up Marisol and tosses her into the corner turnbuckle. Robertson attempts a spear into the corner but Marisol jumps out of the way as Robertson goes shoulder first, yes the same one that got injured, straight into the ring post. Robertson stumbles backwards as Marisol spins her around nails the Divine Intervention taking her down to the mat. Marisol doesn’t stop there, though, as she heads to the top rope. She targets Robertson but notices Sativa and Black getting back to their feet. She instead targets them and flies off taking both Black and Sativa down with the Divine Blackout. The crowd are red hot on their feet for this match.

JOHNSON:”Can you believe this match?! This is crazy!”
VASSA:”Everyone expected this match to be a potential show stealer and so far, it hasn’t disappointed!”
Marisol picks herself back up to her feet and slides back into the ring. Robertson is back to her feet at this time and runs at Marisol but runs into an elbow. Marisol goes to grapple her and Robertson maneuvers out of it. She grabs Marisol and hits the Harmony on Fire planting Marisol into the mat. However, Robertson falls backwards and just lays on the mat.

JOHNSON:”A desperation move by Jess as she’s breathing pretty hard out there.”
VASSA:”I can’t say that I’m surprised given the nature of this match. This has been a very physical match.”
As both Marisol and Robertson are trying to catch their breaths, Sativa and Black roll back into the ring. Sativa does not look happy, either. She strikes a hard right into the face of Black and hits her with the Blitzed. Sativa turns her attention to Marisol and does the same thing with another Blitzed. Sativa hooks the leg of Marisol.
THRE…. NO!!!
Black starts to protect her arm a bit more as Sativa storms to her feet. Black grabs her and hits a one handed bulldog in the middle of the ring. Robertson is back to her feet as she targets Black. Meanwhile, Marisol is getting back up as well and sees Black. She goes after her and Robertson runs at her from the other direction. Black ducks as Robertson hits the Harmony Design connecting with Marisol instead of Black. Robertson has no time to think about it, though, as Black comes up to her and connects with the Fade to Black. Black drops down quickly as she goes for the pin.

JOHNSON:”It’s over! Jessica Black has won!”
VASSA:”I’m pretty sure I just blew a load in my pants…”
POWERS:”The winner of this match, JESSICA BLACK!”
JOHNSON:”All four of these women wrestled their hearts out! Great win by Jessica, and no one should hold their heads down in this match!”
VASSA:”Oh absolutely not! Great effort by everyone in this match and I can only see many more great matches out of all these stars tonight. Great, great talent!”

Everett The Nerd is pacing back and forth near the catering area. He is busy looking at his palm pilot while talking to himself,

THE NERD: ”Oh, this is not good. This is not good at all.”
Sydney Ashford walks into view while watching her uncle going a little crazy. She tries to be quiet as she moves behind him. She repeatedly taps on his shoulder.

ASHFORD: ”Uncle Everett? Uncle Everett”
THE NERD: ”If this company keeps going, then their ratings will continue to skyrocket?”
ASHFORD: ”Uncle Everett?”
THE NERD: ”What!?”
Everett nearly jumps out of his skin until he notices his beautiful niece standing behind him. A generous smile comes across his face.

THE NERD: ”Hi Sydney”
ASHFORD: ”What are you doing Uncle Everett?”
THE NERD: ”I am crunching the numbers and according to my findings. This place is going to go above and beyond their ratings count.”
ASHFORD: ”That is great. I knew it wS the best choice for us.”
Everett quickly shakes his head.

THE NERD: ”No, because it means I will have to help them. We need to not let these ratings continue to rise.”
ASHFORD: ”Uncle Everett, you do realize we are well liked film critics show on YouTube right. Plus we are two very accomplished wrestlers in our own right, I know you don’t want the ratings to skyrocket but they will because we are signed here. So good luck with that Uncle.”
THE NERD: ”I guess you are right.”
Everett looks really sad as he and Sydney walks out of the area as the cameras fade away.


VASSA: ”It’s been an exciting night and we’ve finally made it to our main event.”
JOHNSON: ”I juts hope you can control yourself for this. You got a little out of hand with the last match.”
VASSA: ”Do you blame me? It was exciting! Provocative!”
JOHNSON: ”What are we going to do with you?”
VASSA: ”Not a damn thing!”
As the slow start of ‘Comanche’ came over the theater’s speakers it was followed by the name RAMONA appearing on the large screen in letters of varying size and color that looked like they’d been cut out of several magazines. The name disappeared and the screen came to life with clips of the formerly announced woman entering and working out in a desolated gym interrupted occasionally with that first image of RAMONA in between them.

POWERS: ”Our main event, the Pride Championship number one contender match, is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring out of Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, RAMONA LEA EEPPPPSS!!!”
The music was playing so loud she couldn’t tell if the crowd was cheering or booing as she stepped out from behind the curtain dressed more like she was ready to enter a mosh pit than a wrestling ring. With a sly cock of the head and short lived wink to the crowd Ramona rolled beneath the bottom rope, into the ring and hopped to her feet. It wasn’t long before the theater grew silent and dark in the brief pause before her opponent’s music started….

JOHNSON: ”Ramona has made a name for herself ever since signing with 4CW. She’s rolled over the competition and has earned the opportunity to become the number one contender for the 4CW Pride championship.”
VASSA: ”The ladies of 4CW pack a nasty punch and have overtaken the show tonight. Ramona will have her toughest test yet as she will face off with Roxi Johnson.”
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

JOHNSON: ”Just months ago Roxi was challenging for the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship. Although she came up short, she’ll have her chance to earn another chance at challenging for 4CW gold.”
VASSA: ”Oh boy it’s always a joy to watch Roxi in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”Just keep it in your pants and try to focus on the wrestling for once.”
VASSA: ”I’ll try but I’m not making any promises.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, it’s time to kick off our main event folks. Are you ready? I know I am!”
The ref walks to the center of the ring and looks to both corners, getting the nod from each wrestler. He then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
At the sound, both ladies dart out of their corners and meet in the center of the ring. Ramona attacks with a roundhouse kick but misses as Roxi ducks underneath. As Ramona turns back to face her, Roxi fires away with a roundhouse kick of her own but misses as well as Ramona ducks underneath. As Roxi turns back to face Ramona, the two then lock up. After a short struggle for control, Roxi pulls Ramona’s head down and applies a side headlock. Ramona quickly plants her hands in Roxi’s back and pushes her away, breaking the hold. Roxi then lunges forward but Ramona locks her arms around her head and flips her over to her back with a hip toss.
Ramona stands to her feet as Roxi quickly pushes herself up, leaving distance in between the two. Ramona then comes at her but gets tripped up with a drop toe hold. Ramona’s head slams against the canvas as Roxi keeps a leg locked with Ramona’s and then reaches forward, wrapping her arms around Ramona’s head and applying a nasty chin lock. The ref drops down to check with Ramona for the submission but the fighting warrior she is, she refuses to submit and waves him to step away.
Roxi continues to apply the pressure as Ramona begins to pull herself towards the ropes, dragging Roxi along for the ride. Reaching out, Ramona grabs the bottom rope and the ref quickly yells for Roxi to release the hold. Being the baby face that she is, Roxi lets up and stands to her feet, backing away and giving Ramona space to get up and settled to go at it again.

VASSA: ”Talk about determination. Ramona wasn’t going to let Roxi end the match that quickly. She made it a point to crawl to those ropes with Roxi on her back.”
JOHNSON: ”I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. The ladies of 4CW are vicious and can hand with any wrestler in the ring, male or female.”
VASSA: ”We have top talent and it shows each and every week we come out here and put on a show.”
The two circle each other in the center of the ring, waiting for the other to make a move. Roxi then lunges forward to lock up but gets stopped in her tracks as Ramona kicks her in the stomach. Ramona then wraps her arms around Roxi’s head and flips her over to her back with a snapmare Standing to her feet, Ramona takes a step back and then comes forward with a stinging kick to the top of Roxi’s back. She then grabs Roxi and pulls her up to her feet, positioning herself behind her.
Ramona then lifts Roxi in the air and drops her with an atomic drop, sending a sharp pain shooting up her back. Roxi stands straight up and takes slow steps forward as the pain continues to eat away at her. Ramona then runs up from behind her and jumps into the air, grabbing her head with both hands and slamming it into the canvas on the way down. Ramona then pops up to her feet and runs to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, she turns back to the ring and waits as Roxi stands up her feet.
As Roxi turns around, Ramona leaps from the top rope and wraps her legs around her head, flipping her across the ring with a head scissors takedown. Ramona then stands up and looks over the crowd as they stand to their feet, cheering so loudly that the entire theater begins to rumble. While Roxi begins to get up, Ramona moves in and grabs her by the head, giving her a helping hand. Once up, Ramona lifts Roxi up and throws her to the mat with a scoop slam. Ramona then runs to the ropes and jumps into the air, planting her feet on the middle rope and springboarding back towards Roxi who is still down and landing a splash in the center of the ring. Ramona then hooks the leg as the ref drops in for the count.

VASSA: ”I knew Roxi wasn’t going down that easy!”
JOHNSON: ”When the opportunity is there, you have to take it and try for the pin. Ramona saw a chance and took it.”
Ramona pushes herself up, and stands over Roxi, looking down at her. She then reaches down and grabs her by the head, pulling her up to her feet. Once up, Roxi spreads her arms and swats Ramona’s hands away and kicks her in the stomach. Roxi then wraps her arm around Ramona’s head and falls backwards, planting her head into the canvas with a DDT. Ramona’s body rolls over and falls to her back. Roxi quickly gets up and walks to her side and turns around to face the crowd, turning her back to Ramona. Roxi then jumps in the air with a backflip and comes down on Ramona with a standing moonsault.
Roxi then rolls over and gets up as Ramona holds her stomach from the impact of the move. Roxi then grabs her by the arm and pulls her up and hooks her arm around her head. She then tosses Ramona’s arm over hers and hits her with a snap suplex. Roxi rolls over on top of Ramona and throws a few quick elbows, connecting with the top of her head, one after the other. Roxi then pushes herself up and looks to the corner and takes off for it. Climbing the turnbuckle, Roxi stands on the top rope and turns back to face Ramona in the ring who is just now slowly starting to stand to her feet.
Once up, Ramona turns to face Roxi who leaps from the top rope and connects with a tornado DDT, planting her head into the canvas. Ramona rolls across the ring as Roxi goes in the opposite direction. Roxi quickly gets up and runs to the ropes opposite of Ramona and hits them, coming back with speed. As she approaches Ramona, she leaps into the air and does a front flip. As she comes down and turns one revolution, Roxi connects with a leg drop across Ramona’s head that receives a HUGE pop from the crowd.

VASSA: ”A regular leg drop isn’t enough. She gained a lot of momentum with that flipping dropkick and Ramona is feeling the pain.”
Roxi then covers for the pin as the ref moves in for the count.
Ramona kicks out before the ref even goes for the three count. Roxi brushes it off and climbs to her feet, repecting the refs count and not arguing. She then grabs Ramona by the head pulls her to her feet. Roxi then throws Ramona to the ropes and waits for her return. Ramona jumps into the air and springboards off the middle rope and does a backflip in the air, landing behind Roxi. She then grabs Roxi by the shoulder and spins her around and throws her to the ropes behind them. Roxi hits the ropes and comes back with speed as Ramona drops to her stomach. Roxi continues to run by towards the opposite ropes and does a cartwheel, hitting the ropes while upside down and bouncing back to her feet and bouncing off the mat, vaulting herself into the air. Ramona catches her in mid-air but the momentum carries Roxi to an upside down position while in Ramona’s grasp.
Roxi manages to slip free from her and falls straight down, locking her arm around Ramona’s head and driving it into the mat as she comes down. After slamming her face, Ramona pops straight up in a daze as Roxi rolls forward and comes to her feet. Roxi then runs at Ramona to leaps at her with a crossbody but Ramona catches her in mid air and drops her down across her knee with a backbreaker.

JOHNSON: ”This has turned quickly into a flying match. I’m impressed.”
VASSA: ”I’m very impressed by all the body parts bouncing around. I hope the kids are in bed and if not, I’m sure they’ll be thinking about this match for many days to come.”
Ramona takes a short moment to catch her breath and then moves in to lift Roxi from the mat. She then hooks her and lifts her in the air for a vertical suplex. Before Ramona has a chance to fall back, Roxi manages to escape and lands to her feet behind Ramona. Roxi then pushes her in the back and sends her running to the ropes. Ramona hits the ropes hard and comes back with speed. Roxi then bends over and flips Ramona in the air as she stands back up. Ramona gracefully lands to her feet as Roxi doesn’t notice with her back turned. Ramona then places a hand on her shoulder but gets caught as Roxi throws an elbow backwards and connects with her mouth. Roxi then runs to the ropes in front of her and leaps into the air, planting her feet on the middle rope and springboarding back with a roundhouse kick.

VASSA: ”Here comes the Ray of Hope!”
Just before the kick lands, Ramona ducks and moves out of the way. Roxi lands on her feet and gets surprised with a roundhouse kick from Ramona. Roxi manages to catch her foot and holds it for a moment before spinning her around. Catching her off guard again, Ramona connects with a Dragon Whip, laying her out.

JOHNSON: ”She got PUNKED!!!”
Ramona then covers Roxi as the ref drops in for the count.

VASSA: ”Ramona has done it! She’s the number one contender for the 4CW Pride Championship and will face Lo’Renzo Porter at Winter Wasteland in a thirty minute Ironman match.”
JOHNSON: ”Boy does he have his work cut out for him.”
“In This Moment” hits the speakers as Ramona stands to her feet.
The ref then raises her arm in the air as the fans break out into a chant.

“Ra-Mo-Na… Ra-Mo-Na… Ra-Mo-Na… Ra-Mo-Na… Ra-Mo-Na…”

POWERS: ”The winner and number one contender for the 4CW Pride Championship, RAMONA LEA EEPPPPSS!!!”
After celebrating for a moment, Ramona checks in with Roxi and helps her get up as the two shakes hands and show appreciation for one another in the hard fought battle.

JOHNSON: ”That’s what I’m talking about. Sportsmanship!”
VASSA: ”Or is it sportswomanship?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t quite know but we can think about it over the next two weeks as we head into Winter Wasteland. That’s all the time we have for tonight folks. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good Night!”