JANUARY 28TH, 2015

As the cameras cut backstage, Shane Borderland is coming down the hallway. A sign for “entrance” is posted on the wall pointing in the direction Shane is heading. He stops at a storage closet but before he opens the door, a voice behind him freezes his progression.

”Say…got a minute?”
Turning to the voice, Shane sees an old friend. Maybe the best one he’s made in this business at one time or another. Jason Cashe adjusts his Southwest Championship resting over his shoulder as he approaches. Shane just nods in greeting his old friend and ignores the extended handshake offered to him by the Champion.

CASHE: ”It’s like that now? Alright, check it dude. You’ve handled this beef with Raab for me and I appreciate it but this attitude that’s come with that? It’s not needed man, I’m on a roll. We doing big things with Howe and Sullivan and you could have a piece of that. You know we friends but you are like a brother to me so…I’m offering you a place with me one last time. If you don’t wan–“
BORDERLAND: ”Keep your offers Jason. I don’t need them or want them. This thing with Raab? It’ll end tonight one way or another and it will not be due to you being involved or associated with me and my acts. I don’t need your hand outs to ride in your shadows, people talking, giving you more credit for what WE did together…Nah man, keep that for someone else. I can climb to the top without you and I’ll see you there I’m sure…”
Having cut Cashe off, Shane had a open palm up but lets it fall as he goes to turn from Jason and that springs a rush of aggression out of the Champion. His title falls off his shoulder as he lunges forward and snatches Borderland’s shoulder, spinning him around as the two come inches from each other’s face.

CASHE: ”You threatening me?”
BORDERLAND: ”Heh…nah, I know better than that. With you threatening is a waste of time. I’m TELLING you what’s going to happen! Here, take a look at Raab’s fate..”
Now turning from Cashe, Shane Borderland opens the storage closet and steps aside so Cashe can see inside. His red tinted, anger rising face slowly grows a smile. Looking to Shane, Cashe might not like his pushing away, wanting his own path but he did have to like what was being seen before him now. Closing the closet before the cameras catch a glimpse, Shane turns back to Cashe and the Champion bends down, grabs the Southwest Title and turns himself t walk away.

CASHE: ”I offered..Remember that…I wanted us to do this together, like before. Share a spotlight regardless of who or what got it on us. But it WON’T be offered again…Good luck out there yeah?”
BORDERLAND: ”Yeah…you too..Bye…”
Leaving the scene, Jason Cashe disappears as Shane Borderland re-enters the closet only minutes before he’s due at ringside.



POWERS: “The following contest is an Extreme Match and it is scheduled for ONE Fall! Introducing First SHANE BORDERLAND!!”
Through the back comes a cart filled with folding chairs. Shane Borderland behind it, pushing it out onto the stage and the fans begin clapping, wanting these two to tear each other apart. Ignoring the music, the fans, Shane strolls down to ring side with the cart of Chairs. Stopping, Shane begins launching chair after chair up over the ropes and into the ring. The referee and Mike Powers exit as a pile of chairs begins to form. The fans counting each chair as it soars up and over the ropes, they get to 16 and it’s only half of what is in the cart.

VASSA: “That’s a lot of chairs…This must be what he showed Cashe backstage.”
JOHNSON: “This is going to be brutal and sloppy and dangerous for both men.”
VASSA: “I know, come on out Lord Raab!! Let’s get it started!!”
Taking two at a time now, Shane is still putting chairs inside the ring. Now he’s sliding them under the ropes as Mike Powers gets on the microphone and makes introductions for the other man in this match.

POWERS: “And the opponent, hailing from Cologne, GERMANY! “The Masked GERMAN MONSTER!!” LOOOORRRDD RRRRRAAAAAAB!!”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak. Shane Borderland stops adding chairs and locks eyes with the man behind the mask up on the stage. Lord Raab turns to Losak and holds up a hand for him to stay put. In a burst of energy, Lord Raab sprints down the entrance ramp, Shane Borderland skips by the cart now almost empty of chairs and meets Raab as their bodies crash into each other. Fans erupt with both cheers and boos, most likely cheering the conflict and booing both men in general as neither are liked.

JOHNSON: “And here we go! Right away they meet outside the ring and are trading blows. These men want to kill each other!”

VASSA: “And hehe we might get to see it LIVE!! Woo Hoo! What a great time to be a 4CW fan!”
Borderland lifts a knee into Raab’s stomach and slaps a side headlock on him. As he turns to walk Raab to the ring, Raab lifts Shane up and hits a Back Body drop on the ring side floor. Pushing Shane away, Lord Raab gets to his feet in a hurry. Shane follows suit and is up only seconds after Raab but it’s enough time for Lord Raab to continue taking control. Raab swats Shane with a hard slap to the face and instant spins back and wallops “The Bad Boy” with a Spinning Back Fist. Shane stumbles sideways and almost loses his footing. He’s wobbled, taken by surprise and then clobbered with a powerful clothesline by “The German Masked Monster” Lord Raab.
His arms stretch out to his sides as far as they can reach as the Masked Face tilts back and takes in his quick work of a long time rival. The fans give him a round of boos and he seems to enjoy them as well as his eyes open and scan the audience before looking back down at Shane.
As Raab pulls Shane up, Borderland punches him with a stiff shot to the midsection. A second punch followed by a third until Borderland is up on his feet and driving a hard pressed elbow to the masked face of Lord Raab. Shoving hard at Raab, Borderland pushes him back against the ring apron. Raab’s back arching as pain fills his lower half. Shane rushes over to the cart he brought to the ring and grabs one of few remaining chairs left inside. He turns already swinging as if Raab would be right there but he isn’t and Shane swings into open space. The audience laughs at him as he straightens up and approaches Lord Raab, now carrying a chair with him. Raab pulls up using the ropes and quickly slides into the ring. Again the fans laugh at Shane Borderland and it’s starting to annoy him as he cusses someone in the front row.

VASSA: “Shane is looking a little bothered isn’t he? He wants this but I think wanting it has turned losing into a potential nightmare for him.”
JOHNSON: “He doesn’t want to lose, who does? I think Shane has hopes to be the Bigger fish in a smaller pond. Maybe that’s just what he needs to feel satisfied. We’ve seen plenty others who have come and gone through these ropes that needed the same.”
VASSA: “And that folks is what they call a Third Degree BURN! Look at you Johnson!? I’m almost proud to be your Broadcast Partner…almost..”
Rounding the ring, Shane is looking for the best entry to get inside the ring with Lord Raab. The ring littered with chairs, Shane pops up quickly on the ring apron and whip throws the chair in his hand into the ring, bulls eying for Lord Raab. In a hurry, Shane runs along the apron and begins climbing the outside of the turnbuckle. Raab hops over a few chairs and plants a big left hook to Shane’s face to stop his ascent. Climbing up in front of Borderland, Lord Raab is inside the ring and Shane is barely hanging over the turnbuckles.

JOHNSON: “Uh Oh…this could get ugly!”
Raab positions Shane and using all his power, dead lifts Shane Borderland up and Superplexes Shane Borderland down into the center of Mount Chairstack! The fans erupt with shock and cheer as the clanking of chairs exploding out from under them fly out of the ring in multiple ways. Some flinging and get caught up in the ropes but still so many stay within the walls of inside the ring.

VASSA: “Holy Crapola! Chairs everywhere!!”
JOHNSON: “Winter Wasteland is kicking things off with an Explosion!”
Both of them lay ‘wasted’ on the canvas. Raab grunting, holds his chest like he got the wind knocked out of him. Shane is sprawled out, lying on two or three chairs that didn’t escape out from under them. Raab finally reaches over and looks to go for a pin fall but as the referee drops down among the chair covered canvas, Raab yanks his arm away and shakes a finger letting the crowd know he isn’t done. They actually pop some for “The Masked German Monster” as he grabs chairs trying to pull himself up. He flings a few as he gets to his knees and looks back at Shane who is still down.
On his feet, Lord Raab begins kicking away chairs that are close enough to the edge of the four sided ring. Giving him enough room to work but leaving chairs to play with as well. He sets his attention back to Shane who is moving a little now and trying to roll over. Raab leans down, pulling him up off the canvas. He slips on the short stack of chairs that were under him but Raab keeps him on his feet. Getting behind a groggy Borderland, Lord Raab hits an easy Release German Suplex. Shane crumbles feet over head as Raab pops back up, refilled with a rage everyone has grown to see in him.

JOHNSON: “Did you know that Lord Raab has Mastered the German Suplex? He knows 6 different versions of it and can execute them with tremendous power and dangerous intent.”
VASSA: “Everyone knows that…Did you know 15 minutes could save you 15% or More on your Car Insurance by switching to Geico? Haha!”
Borderland is grabbing at his neck, there might be something wrong with it as the referee bends down to check on him. Lord Raab isn’t concerned as he gathers a few chairs, opening two of them and sitting them down facing each other as if he wants to sit face to face with Shane. He takes another chair and lays it across the two opened chair seats like a bridge.

JOHNSON: “What’s he thinking, what’s in store for Shane Borderland? He looks hurt, he could have neck injuries that need to be tended too!”
VASSA: “Oh please, we love our jobs for this right here! The potential to see something dastardly happen, dangerous, violent. The fans buy tickets to see the dangers not the sportsmanlike attitudes. That’s lame. You think Gladiators fighting for their LIVES hugged or shook hands after? TO THE DEATH!! GET HIM RAAB!!”
Shoving the referee away, Lord Raab rips Shane off the canvas. He drives an elbow down into Borderland’s neck and stands him tall, grabbing him with both hands placed tightly around the throat. Raab lifts, turns and slams Shane Borderland through the makeshift chair table with a Chokeslam Powerbomb. The two chairs setup slide back bent down at the seats but the chair Shane went through bent around his back like a piece of armor as he crashes into the canvas hard. Fans gasp and follow it up with some light clapping.

JOHNSON: “Now we’re Old English speaking? Bloody Hell…”
It would be easy to win now but Lord Raab again gives the fans in attendance the shaking finger and looks down at Shane. A long, solid scream down at his opponent, Lord Raab is raging up to do something terrible. Stomping down at Borderland, Raab pulls him up and Shane is all but unconscious as his body is almost limp noodle. Laying him over the ropes, Shane’s arms dangling outside the ropes, facing away from Raab.
Lord Raab removes the bent chairs and finds just one that somehow catches his eye among the few remaining. He lifts it off the canvas and brings it up to eye level, staring at it like it was a magic crystal ball showing him a future nobody else could see. Turning slowly towards where he left Shane, Lord Raab gently lays the chair down back on the canvas. He touches it’s surface and glides his hand across it before rising up with an increase of flame in his eyes as he stares at the back of Shane Borderland.

JOHNSON: “His eyes..they are like the burning souls of hell. His eyes are creeping me out, they are burning a hole in Shane’s back. Lord Raab is losing his mind..”
Stepping into Borderland, it looks as though Raab is giving him a hug from behind. The live crowd giggles, laughter fills the air but it is quickly removed as Lord Raab pulls Shane off the ropes and lifts him with a German Suplex right onto the chair Raab laid out himself. Rolling up, Raab doesn’t release Shane but steps around and hits another German Suplex, once again bouncing “The Bad Boy” off the steel chair. For a third time, Lord Raab rolls out and pulls Shane to his feet still wrapped around his back. Raab lifts one more and this time snaps back into a Bridge, Borderland tucked tightly on his neck as his feet hang down bent back in the Bridging German Suplex. The referee is fast to drop and make the pin count.

VASSA: “KILLED IT! Raab nailed this contest! Shane Borderland came in hot, full of fuel but his engine was not ready for the race and Lord Raab humiliated Shane here tonight!”
JOHNSON: “I think Shane hurt his neck a little earlier and Raab seen that. He seen it and he sought out to hurt Shane and I believe he did just that..And won, the villain…The BIGGER villain won.”
Releasing the hold of the bridge, Lord Raab gets up off the canvas as Mike Powers makes the official call.

POWERS: “Winner via Pinfall….LORD RAAAAB!!”
As his music begins to play, Henry Losak walks down to the ring clapping. Raab shoves the referee away for even attempting to raise his arm in victory. Shane Borderland is out, laying on his arm face first into the canvas. Suddenly Raab rushes in and stomps down on his neck and again and again until the referee comes in and tries to pull Raab off. A few more referees who were coming down to help care to Shane also begin to pull Raab off as Shane lays on the canvas not moving or reacting to the extra assault by Raab. Henry Losak calms Raab enough to exit the ring as EMTs rush down from the back to assist the referees.

VASSA: “Brutal…”

The cameras cut toward the back of the Jubillee Theatre. The actual location is the loading bay as a solid white van backs up into the unloading lane as The Warden is standing on the dock. Standing beside her is her most trusted servant known only as The Orderly. She is holding a clipboard while wearing a dark gray button down blouse placed close to a solid black pencil skirt. She is tapping her high heels on the solid steel frame.

THE WARDEN: ”How is our patient today?”
THE ORDERLY: ”He is so so madam.”
The Warden glares up from her clipboard before shooting her eyes over toward him.

THE ORDERLY: ”Iinmate hasn’t ate anything for the last few weeks. He hasn’t really been in a talking mood. Ever since he was snubbed from Winter Wasteland. I have tried everything but he just isn’t budging. What do you expect me to do?”
The back doors of the van are quickly opened as a muscular orderlies are bringing Inmate 31 out from the van while he is wearing his signature straight jacket and Bane like mask. The Warden just nods her head while looking back down at her clipboard.

THE WARDEN: ”Guess, I will have to take care of this myself.”
The cameras cut back inside the Jubilee Theatre as The Warden follows Inmate 31 inside the double loading bay doors.

”Paper Planes” by Sleepwave begins playing over the sound system, the intro of the song resonating throughout the theater, as Danny Richards comes out from behind the curtain to a cheer from the crowd. Wearing his trademark toothy grin, he slaps hands with fans as he makes his way down to the ring. He slidies in underneath the bottom rope before posing on the ropes as the crowd cheers loudly

VASSA: ”I wonder what Danny Richards has to say..”
JOHNSON: ”He eliminated John Pariah last time we saw him in that Rumble Match..”
The crowd cheers as Danny takes a mic. The crowd is firmly behind him as he goes to speak, but is cut off by the sound of a melodic keyboard intro is heard behind the sounds of rain, the camera zooms into the screen as a guitar slide is heard and the word “PARIAH” is etched across the screen, and “Catch Your Breath” by CFO$ kicks into high gear. The crowd roars as John Pariah walks out onto the stage in a black button up shirt and jeans. He smiles as he heads down the ramp and climbs into the ring-asking for a mic. The crowd roars as his music fades out.

PARIAH: ”Danny. How are you doing?”
Danny reluctantly nods his head before holding the mic up

RICHARDS: ”I’m good John. I’m good. I didn’t expect you out here…”
PARIAH: ”Danny, Danny, Danny…don’t worry. I’m not mad at you. It was a Rumble, every man for himself. Hell-to quote the great Ron Burgundy…I’m not even mad. That was amazing!”
The crowd laughs, and Pariah chuckles. Danny lets out a nervous chuckle as well-breaking the ice with the former 23 Time World Champion

RICHARDS: ”That’s good to hear John. Thank you, it means a lot coming from a legend like yourself.”
PARIAH: ”Oh Danny. Look, I didn’t mean to take up your whole promo time. I have a celebration to get to, I just wanted to clear the air and say you did good kid…and I look forward to the next to we meet.“
Pariah extends his hand as the crowd cheers. Danny waits a moment and goes to shake it

RICHARDS: ”I look forward to it!“
He shakes Pariahs hand, and than goes to leave-but Pariah holds on

VASSA: ”Whats this?“
The crowd gasps as Pariah pulls Richards back in and lifts him up like he’s going to drop him with a sidewalk slam-but flips him over onto his face with a swinging flatliner

VASSA: ”What the hell was that?“
JOHNSON: ”If I remembered his tweet last week, he calls that ‘Kneel Before Zod’-and it was DAMN effective!“
The crowd begins to boo loudly as Pariah stands up, smiling. He grabs Richards and locks in a Stretch Plum-wrenching back on the head and shoulder of Danny Richards

JOHNSON: ”He calls that the Gates of Gotham, but what the heck is Pariah doing?“
VASSA: ”Somebody get some damn help out here!“
The crowd roars as Jason Aries runs down the ramp, and slides into the ring. Pariah lets go of Richards, and stands up-staring a hole into Aries. He goes to check on Richards-and begins to help him up, before lifting him up and dropping him with the Death By Aries

VASSA: ”It’s a damn conspiracy!“
The crowd boos loudly as Jason Aries sits up, smiling evilly as Pariah is cackling against the ropes. Aries sits Richards up in a kneeling position, and runs the ropes-before hitting a running knee strike to the head of Danny Richards. The crowd begins to boo loudly as Pariah and Aries wait in opposing corners-stalking Richards. He slowly begins crawling to his feet-and the crowd erupts as he gets to a knee. We pan over to the camera where Timothy Hunt hops the railing

JOHNSON: ”That’s Timothy Hunt! He’s a former champion from a past promotion!“
VASSA: ”We heard a rumor he was going to be coming to 4CW this week, looks like he’s here to even the odds!“
Hunt grabs a chair and slides into the ring-looking like he’s about to fight Pariah and Aries. He smiles, before dropping the chair to the mat and dropping Richards with a Twist of Fate onto the chair.

The crowd has begun throwing stuff into the ring as they boo loudly. The three men stand over Richards with smiles across their face. Pariah holds his hand up in a “Too Sweet” gesture-as the other two respond in kind. Aries and Hunt lift up Richards-and Pariah grabs him. It appears like they’re going for a Triple Powerbomb-but as Aries and Hunt pull him down-they jump up and drive their knees into his spine with a double back stabber. Pariah drags Richards to ropes on the hard camera side-and sits him up in a kneeling position-tying his arms in the ring ropes. He picks up a mic he dropped as the crowd continues to boo.

PARIAH: ”My name is John Pariah-and I’ve done some terrible things in my time-and I’m proud of each and every one of them. This my friends, is The Phenom Jason Aries-a former PWX Hybrid Champion, Evolution Champion, and 2CW Champion. Along with him, is Mr Controversy Timothy Hunt-another former PWX Hybrid Champion. You see, Jason and I were ROBBED from a victory last time in the Rumble-because of that very fact. You see, we’re not from around here. We’re not 4CW by blood. We’re outsiders, we’re gaijin. We represent a tribe of a whole different level of thinking. Tonight-this is our totem. Tonight, WE make our stand.
Lillith Morgan climbs into the ring, handing Hunt and Aries a pair of black shirts-as Pariah unbuttons his dress shirt and throws it to the ground-revealing a logo that reads ICONIC in a very military text. Lilith drops her little leather jacket-revealing a cut off version of the same shirt, and Aries and Hunt put theirs on.

PARIAH: “We’re more than champions, we’re more than hall of famers, we’re more than legends….we….are…..ICONIC! ”
Pariah drops the mic, as a voice echoes “WE ARE..ICONIC” over the PA system, and “Shot’Em” by QBRICKS hits the air. The three men pose in the ring with Lillith-each making a gun motion with their hands as we fade to black

The scene cuts backstage to the office of Perry Wallace. Inside, he sits in his desk with the lovely, Daysi Doll, sitting in his lap. As the two enjoy themselves, teasing at one another, a sound is heard from the door across the room.
The two turns their heads to the door before Daysi stands up and walks to the other side of the desk. She looks back at Wallace and he nods, pointing his head to the door. Daysi then walks to it and grabs the handle, turning it and slowly pulling the door open. The look that comes over her face gives off the fact that she doesn’t know who the person on the other side is, let alone if he or she was expected.
Popping his head in the door, an unfamiliar face comes into the scene. With a smile from ear to ear and squinted eyes, a man walks in. Wearing tattered jeans, a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and a tattered denim vest, the man stops in his tracks. Cutting his eyes away from Wallace, he looks at Daysi from head to toe through the long hair hanging over his face. After rubbing his beard for a moment, Wallace interrupts.

WALLACE: ”HEY! Eyes over here. That’s mine!”
The man then turns his attention back to Wallace with the grin still on his face. He then walks towards the desk and comes to a stand still, folding his arms as silence fills the room for an awkward moment.

WALLACE: ”Why if it isn’t the has-been himself, Tommy Knox, Knoxville, whatever it is that you call yourself.”
KNOX: ”It’s Knox, man. I heard that you wanted to see me after word spread that I’d be here tonight.”
WALLACE: ”Have a seat, Tommy. Lets chat for a moment. I don’t have much time. As you can tell, I have my hands full with this beauty tonight.”
Knox grabs the chair and turns it around, sitting in it backwards and resting his arms across the top, folded.

KNOX: ”I don’t have much time to be sitting in here myself, man. This is Vegas and I could be doing plenty more exciting things than being crammed in this office. This mother fucker is dead…”
WALLACE: ”Hey now, watch the language in front of the lady.”
KNOX: ”Lady? Do you know who she is?”
Wallace cuts his eyes at Daysi as that awkward silence fills the room once more.

DAYSI: ”It’s okay, Perry.”
Aggravated, Wallace cuts his eyes back to Knox.

WALLACE: ”I understand that you’ve been sidelined for a while now. It must be a major blow to the pride not being able to wrestle anymore with that bum knee.”
KNOX: ”It ain’t that bad, really. I have my business in Cali keeping the bills paid and my mind off things. The weed business is a beautiful thing. Why did you want to see me? I didn’t come here to listen to the filth spewing from your mouth about my assumed hard times.”
WALLACE: ”I need someone like you. Aside from the fact that you can’t do squat in the ring anymore, you have other qualities that I find useful. You’re good on the mic. You can get your hands on anything one may need. More importantly, you’ve been in this business for a good while and you know the ins and outs. You know what it takes to take that step to the next level and that’s exactly what this promotion is. We are the next level when it comes to talent.”
KNOX: ”So what, you lookin’ for another suit on the payroll? I’ll stop this right here and now. That ain’t me. What you see is what you get and I’m far from the corporate slave that you seem to be looking for.”
WALLACE: ”I’m not looking for a suit as you call it. I need someone that the talent can relate to. A resource for whatever it is they may need on the road as we’re about to hit this national tour. You have your connects and I have the a position that could use those.”
KNOX: ”What exactly is it that you’re asking?”
WALLACE: ”If a certain wrestler needs something hard to get their hands on in an unfamiliar town, I need someone that can do the legwork. This isn’t just that though. I need a talent relations type, someone who can find new, raw talent that would fit the 4CW mold. I know you have en eye for that. You’ve been there, done that.”
KNOX: ”I got you. All I can say right now is that I’ll think about it. This place needs more than a talent relations person like me. I have the attitude on the mic to turn this place upside down. But like I said, I’m not the suit wearin’ type.”
WALLACE: ”Let’s just take this one step at a time. I know you have your demons waiting to reach out and take you by surprise. Hell, we all do. You seem to know quite a few folks in the back and I think there’s opportunity there. You could maybe even get your boy Cashe in line for me…”
KNOX: ”Oh really? You’re on your own with that. There’s no talkin’ sense into that man. That’s just who he is. You either love him or hate him and I love the man like a brother. But he isn’t goin’ to listen to me. That’s your battle.”
WALLACE: ”I guess you’re right. Just think it over and lets try to get together before you leave Vegas and see where we land. Cool?”
KNOX: ”Sounds like a plan. I’ll be in touch…”
Knox then stands up and backs away from the chair. As he heads for the door, he takes a long look at Daysi, checking out the figure once more before grabbing the door handle and pulling it open. As he walks through the door, something catches his attention, drawing his eyes to the floor. Bending over to pick it up, he holds a familiar mask in his hand. He then turns back to Wallace who looks as if he’s seen a ghost.

KNOX: ”Hey man, I don’t know what kind of kinky stuff you two are in to but one of your play things was out in the hall. Here you go… Keep that shit behind closed doors.”
Knox tosses the mask onto the desk and then leaves the room, closing the door behind him. Wallace stares at the mask for a moment as memories overtake his thoughts. He then grabs it and pulls it close, continuing to stare at it as the scene fades.


POWERS: ”The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making her Four Corner Wrestling debut, hailing from Ft, Lauderdale, Florida, weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds…She is, Kirstaaaaa Lewiiiiiiiiissss!!!”
A loud roar of a big cat can be heard over the speakers before Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry begins to play. The Hellcat Kirsta Lewis appears and she removes the chain from around her waist and starts to swing it back and forth showing off her ability to use it when needed. She lays it then across her shoulders as she makes her way down to the ring. At ring side she pauses a few moments sizing up the crowd and taking in all the hate thrown her way. She tosses her hair from side to side before mounting the steps and slipping through the ropes.

VASSA: ”Here is a match up that’s going to pin two newcomers to Four Corner Wrestling against each other.”
JOHNSON: ”Both of these ladies will be looking to start off on the right side of things here tonight.”
POWERS: “And her opponent, also making her Four Corner Wrestling debut, hailing from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at one hundred and forty three pounds, she is Kyraaaaa McKniiiiiiiight!!!”
The pulsing intro to Halestorm’s “Freak Like Me” begins to play through the PA system as the lights fade to black. The arena stays dark for several seconds, but when the song finally kicks off, the lights kick back on and Kyra pushes her way past the curtain, looking out into the crowd.
“I’m on the train that’s pulling the sick and twisted,
Making the most of the ride before we get arrested,
We’re all wasted, And we’re not going home tonight.”
“Covered in black we lack the social graces,
Just like an animal we crawl out of our cages,
They can’t tame us,
So if you’re one of us, get on the bus”
She leans back, throwing the horns up with both hands, taking a half-skip to get herself moving down the ramp, slapping hands a with a few of the fans, but rather quickly making it down to ringside.
“If you’re a freak like me, wave your flag!
If you’re a freak like me, get off your ass!
It’s our time now, to let it all hang out!
(So shout)
If you’re a freak like me, you were born to burn
This is no disease, you don’t need a cure
It’s our time now to come out…”
She jumps up onto the ring apron, leaning back against the ropes and flashing a grin to the nearby crowd. She points out one fan in particular, nodding before stepping under the bottom rope, moving over to the nearest set of turnbuckles and throwing the horns up again.
“If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!”
She jumps off the turnbuckle, settling back into the corner and waiting for the bell to ring.

VASSA: ”Let’s get things started.”
Both ladies waste no time darting from their corners but it’s Kyra whose able to take down Krista with a quick take down but Kyra is back to her feet in no time as both woman begin to circle the ring. They dart toward eachother and yet again it is Kyra whose able to get the better of Krista with a leg lariat but Krista is once again back to her feet. This time Krista is able to connect with a punch to the jaw of Kyra’s before taking her down to the mat with a Snapmare. She gets to her feet and grabs Kyra by the hair and tosses her into the turnbuckles.
Krista tries following that up with a Suplex but Kyra moves out of the way. Krista going shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Kyra grabs Krista from behind and plants her with a Suplex before jumping back to her feet, bouncing off a rope and leaping up for a Standing FrogSplash that she connects with as the crowd begins to cheer.

JOHNSON: ”Well these ladies have wasted no time with the action.”
Kyra brings Krista back to her feet, but Krista eye rakes Kyra’s eyes. Kyra turns her back to Krista, Krista spins Kyra around and connects with a Dropkick before she climbs up a turnbuckle and waits for Kyra to get back to her feet. As she does Krista leaps off looking for a Crossbody but Kyra catches her and levels her with a Backbreaker. Kyra pulls Krista to the middle of the ring where she drops down and places Krista in a toe hold. Krista reaching out for the nearest ropes but they’re a few inches away.
Kyra tries locking in the hold tighter but Krista is able to make her way to the ropes where she gets a hand on it. The ref jumping in to break up the hold. When he does Kyra immediately lifts Krista back to her feet and Irish Whips her into the ropes. Krista bounces off and spins off of Kyra who was looking for a elbow. Krista bounces off the opposite ropes and plants Kyra with a Flying Head-scissors. Kyra falling to the mat as Krista gets on top of her and begins hitting her with some blows before Kyra is able to reverse the mount and deliver a few blows of her own.
Kyra lifts Krista back to her feet and hits her with one more punch to the face before wrapping up around her and looking for a Belly To Belly Suplex but Krista lands on her feet, wraps around Kyra’s neck and plants her with a Neck breaker.

VASSA: ”These ladies are showing they belong in Four Corners Wrestling.”
JOHNSON: “They’re taking it to each other right now.”
VASSA: “This is how you open eyes when you debut.”
Krista jumps to her feet and taunts the crowd who lets out some jeers before she lifts Kyra back to her feet. She delivers a knee to Kyra’s gut causing her to bend over, she looks for a DDT but Kyra pushes her off and kicks her with a Roundhouse kick. Kirsta falling back into a turnbuckle. Kyra sets up on the other side of the ring and charges toward Kirsta going for a Flying Knee but Krista moves out of the way just before Kyra is able to connect.
Kyra grabs Krista from behind and lifts her up before nailing her to the mat with a Vertical Suplex. Kyra crawls around Kirsta’s body before locking her in a Camel Clutch but she locked it in too close to the ropes as Krista is able to get a leg on the ropes. Kyra immediately lets go of the hold and pulls Kirsta back to her feet and looks for an Axe kick that Kirsta ducks under and Clothesline Kyra. Kirsta climbs up a turnbuckle and leaps off for a Moonsault that does connect and she goes for the pin.
Kirsta upset with herself grabs Kyra by the hair and pulls her back to her feet and hits her with two back to back elbows before going for another that Kyra ducks under and hits Kirsta with a quick Uppercut. Kirsta aids to her jaw and Kyra drops her with Spinning Heel Kick. Kyra begins to get the crowd into the match as she rallies them up and sets up in a turnbuckle. As Kirsta gets to her feet Kyra darts across the ring, going for a Missile Dropkick, but Kirsta is able to dodge out of the way from it.

VASSA: ”That would’ve turned the whole match around.”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, it’s been pretty even so far between these two ladies.”
With both women on their feet it’s Kirsta who makes the first move. Looking for a Flying Clothesline that Kyra easily moves out of the way off. Kyra looks to wrap up with Kirsta but Kirsta slides through Kyra’s leg, gets to her feet and kicks Kyra in the back sending her into the ropes, but Kyra doesn’t fall out of the ring, she’s able to hold onto the ropes. She gets back in the ring and Kirsta charges head first with a Spear that connects with allot of impact. Kirsta rising to her feet and taunting the crowd.

JOHNSON: “I already don’t like her.”
Kirsta grabs Kyra by the hair and pulls her to her feet before slapping her across the face. Kirsta goes for another slap but Kyra wraps grabs the arm and connects with a Snap DDT. She’s quickly back to her feet and sets up in a corner. Kirsta getting to her feet and dodging a Flying Knee from Kyra. Kirsta looks for a Big Boot but, but Kyra uses her flexibility and ducks under it. Exploding upwards with a Scissors kick that tears right through Krista.

VASSA: ”What a move to counter that Big Boot.”
JOHNSON: ”Kyra showing her flexibility right there.”
Instead of going for the pin Kyra lifts Krista back to her feet and whips her into the ropes. Kirsta bounces off and catches Kyra who was looking for another Crossbody. Kirsta lifting Kyra up and leveling her with a Sidewalk Slam. Kirsta is quick back to her feet and drags Kyra in the center of the ring where she climbs up the turnbuckle, taunts the crowd and leaps off for a Diving Swan but Kyra is able to move out of the way as she rolls over and catches some breath.

VASSA: ”Kirsta just missing with that Diving Swan.”
JOHNSON: “It was pretty but no connection.”
Kyra moves in on Kirsta and lifts her back to her feet before she looks for a Headlock takeover but Kirsta pushes her off. Kyra not letting up looks for a Forearm Smash but Kirsta is able to maneuver away from it. Kirsta looks for a Leg Lariat to sweep Kyra off of her feet but Kyra jumps over the leg. When she gets back to her feet Kirsta looks for a quick take down but Kyra hits her with an European Uppercut.
Staying on the attack Kyra looks for just a Dropkick but Kirsta grabs the leg and flips Kyra who lands on her feet. Kirsta looks for a wheelbarrow Kick but Kyra is able to weave it and land a Samoan Driver before she hops back to her feet ready to end this match. She lifts Kyra back to her feet and wraps up around Kirsta’s head looking for the Knight Light.

JOHNSON: “This could be it folks.”
Kyra goes to lift Krista up but Krista fights out of it and pushes Kyra away before she connects with the Hell’s Bitch Kick that crushes Kyra. Krista dropping down to a knee and going for the pin.

VASSA: ”Now this could be it.”

VASSA: ”And Kirsta Lewis is able to win here on her debut.”
JOHNSON: “Kyra shouldn’t hang her head low after this lost. She showed allot of potential out there. Kirsta Lewis was just a tad bit better tonight.”
POWERS: ”Here is your winner…Kirsta Lewwwwwissss!!!”
The ref raises Kirsta hands before Kyra shows sign of respect by raising Kirsta’s arm as well before leaving the ring. Kirsta knowing this is a match up she’s going to have to see again in due time.

VASSA: ”And we’re about to head backstage folks.”

The scene comes to backstage where a man who appears to be in his late forties is seen talking to one of Wallace’s many assistants. The assistant, a bifocal-ed elderly gentleman, is listening intently to what the man has to say, and then shakes his head. The man lets out a rather audible sigh as he digs his hands into his pockets.

ASSISTANT: ”Listen, we just don’t allow anyone to meet with Mr. Wallace.”
MAN: ”You see, I get that, but I was really hoping to have a meeting with him concerning my client.”
As the man says this the assistant raises an eyebrow, but beyond that doesn’t really react.

ASSISTANT: ”We know who you represent, Mr. Owens, and I will say it again, much like I said it the first time. Unless if your ‘talent’ has decided to come out of seclusion to come compete here, there is nothing to discuss. Mr. Wallace likes to see the product he is purchasing before he signs on the dotted line and I assure you since your ‘talent’ has so far decided to snub him at every turn, I can tell you that there will be no meeting.”
The assistant adjusts his glasses on his face and then sneers at Mr. Owens.

ASSISTANT: ”Prodigy or not, there is an order to things, and I’m not going to break that order.”
OWENS: ”But that is what I have been trying to tell you. He is here tonight.”
The assistant raises his eyebrow again and then lets out a snide chuckle. All the while it is clear that Mr. Owens has realized that this assistant doesn’t like him. It probably has something to do with the fact that his client blew off several meetings with this said assistant, but no matter. He had his man here tonight.

ASSISTANT: ”Oh, really? Then where is he then?”
Mr. Owens eyes darted behind him, looking for his client no doubt, and soon found that no one was there. A bead of sweat dripped down his face as he realized that he had been ditched by the man he was representing.

OWENS: ”He…uh….well… He went to the bathroom! In fact, maybe I should go look for him right now!”
The assistant, clearly not amused, shakes his head, and then walks off scene as Mr. Owens watches him leave in defeat. Owens turns his head again, looking behind him in bewilderment. He just hoped that his client wasn’t getting himself into trouble again.

We cut back to the ring where ‘Riot’ by Dead Kennedys fills the Jubilee theater. Kid Kaos shows up at the top of the entrance with a sign in hand. The sign reads “this place sucks,” and it gets a ton of boos from the crowd in Las Vegas. Kaos walks down the ramp and reaches the base of the ring, with the sign high above his head. He throws it into the ring and rolls in under the bottom rope. He holds the sign above his head one last time before tossing it to the ground and requesting a mic. Placing it up to his mouth, he begins to speak.

KAOS:”In case you morons failed to hit what I was pitching, let me reiterate, this place sucks! Las Vegas has to be one of the worst cities on the planet. Streets filled with trash and when I say trash, I’m talking about each and every one of you.”
JOHNSON:”Kid is really laying it on the fans in attendance.”
VASSA:” I love it!”
KAOS:”I’m sure half of you are already in a drunken stupor and we’re not even halfway through the show. Drunk because you lost all of your money the night before and you’re slowly falling into a depressed state. Depression is a popular thing here in Vegas and the trend will continue after tonight. After I pick apart every team in the gauntlet, I’m going to march my way into the title match, and knock off the most dominant tag team in 4CW history. When it’s all said and done, the individuals that I beat tonight will fall into the same depressed state that you all have fallen into.”
The boos get louder and louder as Kaos goes on.

KAOS:”I’m not sure who you’re rooting for tonight in the gauntlet and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn because this place is in need of a change and I am going to be the one to initiate it. And there’s not a damn thing any of you can do about it.”
JOHNSON:”Kaos seems pretty confident heading into the tag team gauntlet here tonight.”
VASSA:” That match is going to be insane. We might see new tag team champions here tonight, Steve!”
KAOS:”I was made for the tag team division and I am going to prove it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who my partner is.”
Kid points to a guy in the front row drinking beer.

KAOS:”Hell, you could give me that piece of work as a partner, and I’d still win those belts. Tonight, the division gets new tag team champions so get used to this face. Prepare for Kaos.”
Kid drops the mic and exits the ring as we cut to the back.

Heading backstage getting into a long night here at Winter Wasteland where we will see some amazing matches over the course of the show. We open up to Demi Griffin walking through the halls still wearing a black dress and heels not yet changed into her ring gear, still with some time before competing in the Tag Team Gauntlet. She is walking down the hall keeping quiet when unfortunate timing occurs as Jace Savage one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions walks out in front of him, still with a long time before he he’ll have to enter the ring.

SAVAGE: ”Well, well, well. If it isn’t one half of Black Listed herself, what’s your name again? Denise, Delilah, Demi? Not sure I know considering your brother is always the one doing all the talking for you guys.”
Though Demi isn’t one known to back down, it’s clear she wasn’t prepared for the situation. Given the circumstances she seems to sort of turtle up as Jace adjusts his Tag belt if only to rub it in.

SAVAGE: ”You know I find it funny you guys seem to think us leaving the ring last week means anything in regards to what would happen if we met in the ring for the Tag belts. We’ve lost matches before, but when it comes down to it? We never lose the rematch and we surely never lose when our belts our on the line. But who am I kidding you may not even make it to us tonight?”
Jace as usual brimming with confidence and after his run as champion it may be justified. Demi remains silent just glaring at him until Royce comes around the corner laughing and pointing back at somebody. But when he turns to see who his sister is face to face with that smile erases quickly as he walks over to her side quickly.

RPG: ”Why don’t you take your ass elsewhere?”
Royce naturally jumping to the worst case scenario, that being that Savage may be trying to take her out backstage. Given Savage and Hollywood’s history not such a reach as he glares across at the Tag Team Champion.

SAVAGE: ”Don’t worry we were just talking. I’ll see you guys later…Then again maybe not.”
Jace again hoists his belt over his shoulder while walking away, with Royce not taking his eyes off of him until he’s gone. Savage playing some last minute mind games while Demi and Royce prepare to overcome the odds and get a second chance at New Gen Rising and a first chance at claiming the Tag Team Championships.

The scene cuts to the backstage area, specifically to the rather vacant and narrow hallways. The camera sits still, not providing a single hint of what is going to transpire. Only revealed is a backstage worker doing his job. The worker glances to his right, prompting him to halt his action in an instant. He was frozen right then and there, as if he had seen a ghost. What followed was a man emerging from the right corner „Ÿ the reason the stagehand was petrified. At first glance, there was absolutely nothing familiar in him but if you took a closer look, you’d realize that it was a face familiar to many fans who watched mainstream wrestling. Inserting himself into the camera’s view was none other than Jaedon Church! Church had gotten rid of his trademark long, two-toned curls and was instead sporting a short, dark brown haircut and a lighter beard „Ÿ making it hard for anyone to recognize him. As soon as Church made his appearance in the scene, he turned to the stagehand and looked him dead in the eye, as if to tell him to take a hike. He did and Church took the liberty to hop onto a pile of production crates, having gotten rid of his “distraction.” The camera soon zoomed into him, showcasing his brand-new appearance. Jaedon stared into the camera, examining it for a brief moment, before using his familiar calm yet clear voice that the public hadn’t heard since September 2014.

CHURCH: ”It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
Church let out a light scoff, as if to confirm that it has indeed been a while.

CHURCH: ”Now, I’m sure all of you are just dying to know what the special occasion is with me being backstage at a Four Corners Wrestling event. It probably doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out BUT because I’ve been surrounded with intellectual retards my whole life, you never know. I wanted to personally come here to Sin City to announce that from this day onward, you will be seeing my face on your screens on a frequent basis. That’s right, ladies and gents, I have officially been signed to a contract with Four Corners Wrestling! Now, the reason I’m here to personally announce it is because I don’t want any kind of bullshit media outlet do that for me. Not really the biggest news in the world, I get that, but I promise you that sometime during twenty-fifteen, this moment will be remembered. This moment will be revisited and watched all over again because by then? By then, it will be something big. “
Jaedon took a pause, allowing himself to take a breather in the process. Staring intensely at the camera, Jaedon let out a few more carefully selected words.

CHURCH: ”In around two weeks, you can expect me to kick some heads off when I’m scheduled to stand in the opposite corner of my opponent „Ÿ no, my VICTIM „Ÿ whether it be a fellow debutante or even Mr. South-West Heavyweight Champion himself. Speaking of him. Jason Cashe? Once I’ve made Jaedon Church the most dangerous name in 4CW, I will be coming for the one thing I desire and the one thing I have never had „Ÿ the World title. That is, of course, if you manage to steamroll over Jair Hopkins later tonight „Ÿ which I honestly don’t think you will. It’s not a challenge nor is it a threat. It’s simply a piece of friendly advice, given from one man to another. But don’t even think about not taking it seriously. Because if you don’t? You just might need to find yourself a new jaw.”
Church hopped down from the pile of crates and walked away, beyond the camera’s reach. The blockbuster scene then faded to black.


The theater flashes between green, white and orange lights, as “The Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphy plays.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Irish Bastard”, Seamus O’CONNOR!!!”
O’Connor comes with a shillelah in one hand. He runs out on stage does a heel click. Before walking to the ring, amped up, trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and runs up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out before hopping down and waiting for the opponent.

VASSA: ”He’s hit a rough patch so to speak but can turn that around with a win tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”He might have his hands full with Pariah. Apparently there’s some sort of takeover about to go down.”
The theater lights go out, as a melodic keyboard intro is heard behind the sounds of rain, the camera zooms into the screen as a guitar slide is heard and the word “PARIAH” is etched across the screen, and “Catch Your Breath” by CFO$ kicks into high gear. The crowd roars as John Pariah walks out onto the stage-hood up and a black and white Grendel mask covering his face.. As the music swells-the spotlight comes on-and Pariah puts his hand out in a gun position-as fireworks go off behind him.

POWERS: ”And the opponent coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred nineteen pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Iconic”, John PARIAH!!!”
He throws his arm into a crucifix as the crowd explodes with cheers. He heads down the ramp and climbs onto the apron-throwing his arms and head back into the ropes as the song hits a high note. He drops the hood, and removes the mask as the crowd throws streamers into the ring. He poses on the ropes as the music fades out.

JOHNSON: ”There he is, John Pariah!”
VASSA: ”It’s time to see first hand if this guy is just a big mouth on the mic or if he can actually back it up in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s only one way to find out and I believe it’s time!”
The ref checks in with both corners, getting the nod, and then throws his arm in the air and signals for the bell.
The two slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. Circling each other for a brief moment, Pariah shoots in and takes Seamus down to the mat with a single leg takedown. He then positions himself on top of Seamus and hits him across the face with a quick elbow. Seamus then grabs him with both hands and throws him off to the side. He then rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up but before he can get up, Pariah jumps onto his back and gives him a nasty crossface, crushing his nose as his arm goes across. Pariah then pushes Seamus’ head forward, slamming his face into the canvas and then stands to his feet.
Seamus shakes it off and plants his hands into the mat but before he pushes himself up, Pariah kicks him in the stomach, lifting him up from the canvas. Pariah then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet and hits him upside the head with a hard right hand and then grabs his arm, clinching onto his wrist. Pariah then throws him to the ropes and as Seamus comes back, Pariah runs at him, taking him off his feet and down to the mat with a spear. Pariah then mounts himself on top and unloads with a fury of punches. Seamus manages to block the majority, only taking minor damage before catch Pariah’s arm and trapping it.
Seamus then rolls him over to the side and turns his body, wrapping his legs around the arm and applying an armbar. Pariah releases a grunt as the pain shoots up his arm. The ref quickly moves in on Pariah, checking for a submission but doesn’t get one as Pariah struggles to break free, refusing to give up. Seamus then jerks his arm back with all of his might, forcing Pariah to yell as the sharp pain hits him. Seamus then releases the hold and rolls over, pushing himself up and standing to his feet.

VASSA: ”Damn, he almost ripped Pariah’s arm straight from the socket.”
JOHNSON: ”If he hurts pariah’s arm then he doesn’t have to worry about much of an attack with that arm. I’m sure there’s a method to his ways.”
Seamus then takes a big step forward and delivers a brutal kick to the rib cage of Pariah, knocking him over to his stomach. Seamus then grabs him by the head and lifts him up to his feet. He then unloads with a combination of punches and kicks, backing Pariah into the corner. Seamus then punches him in the stomach with a devastating right hand, forcing him to lunge over as the wind is knocked out of him. Seamus then lifts him up and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. Seamus punches upward, connecting with a hard right to Pariah’s head and then climbs the turnbuckle as well to the middle rope. wrapping his arms around Pariah, Seamus stands straight up and locks in a bear hug, squeezing the life out of him. Seamus then lifts him up and jumps away from the turnbuckle, falling back and throwing Pariah over his head to the mat below with an overhead belly to belly suplex from the top. Seamus then quickly covers him for the pin as the ref swoops in with the count.
Before the ref can get his hand down for the two count, Pariah kicks out of the pin and forces his shoulder up from the mat. Seamus then pushes himself up and keeps a firm grip on Pariah. He then lifts him from the canvas with both hand and holds him up in a sideways position. Seamus then shows his strength as he lifts Pariah even higher and then takes off running. Once at the other side of the ring, Seamus jumps up from the mat and drives Pariah into the mat with a running powerslam. As the two hit the mat, the ring shakes a brief moment before settling after the dust settles.

JOHNSON: ”Seamus has a lot of power packed inside of that massive body.”
VASSA: ”Tell me about it. It’s just trying to escape!”
Seamus then stands to his feet, looking down at Pariah and destruction brought on by his hands. He then grabs pariah by the arm and pulls him up to his feet. Seamus then pulls his head in underneath his arm and throws his over Pariah’s. With the fans on the edge of their seats, Seamus then lifts him straight into the air for a vertical suplex but stalls for a moment, showing off his strength. Stalling for a just a second too long, Pariah manages to wiggle free, breaking away from Seamus and coming down to his feet. With Seamus’ back to him, Pariah slams his head forward, connecting with a vicious headbutt to the back of his head. Seamus then falls down to one knee in a daze as the fans pop with the sudden change of pace.
Pariah then wraps his arms around Seamus’ waist and pulls him back to both feet. He then lifts Seamus from the mat and drives him backwards, planting him into the mat with a German suplex. Still keeping his hands locked, Pariah rolls over, bringing Seamus along, and pulls them both to their feet. Pariah then lifts him up once more and slams him back in to the mat with another German suplex. After the second, pariah still has his hands locked and rolls over, climbing to his feet and bringing Seamus back up for a third time. He then lifts Seamus up once more and drives his back into the mat with a third German suplex, this time bridging it and going for the pi. The ref uquickly drops in for the count…

”Seamus kicked out!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how he managed to do it but Seamus isn’t going down, not just yet!”
Pariah rolls over to a sitting position, looking at the ref with disbelief by the kickout. He then stands to his feet and paces around the ring while Seamus slowly begins to roll over to his stomach. As Seamus pushes himself up, Pariah runs to the ropes and comes back, delivering a quick running dropkick to the side of the head. Seamus rolls over to his back, holding his head in a world of pain. Pariah then stands back to his feet and grabs Seamus by the arm and pulls him up as well. Pariah then throws a few knife edge chops, landing them across Seamus’ chest, one after the other. He then takes a step back and comes forward, landing a brutal European uppercut that knocks Seamus back a couple of steps.
Pariah then lunges forward with a right haymaker but misses as Seamus leans back, watching the first barely miss his face as it passes. Seamus then grabs Pariah by the head with both hands and jumps into the air, lifting both knees. As gravity kicks in, Seamus falls to the mat, pulling Pariah’s head down for the ride. As Seamus’ back hits the mat, his knees drive upward into Pariah’s head as it comes down, hitting him with a codebreaker.

VASSA: ”Talk about getting your bell rung!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s going to be touch for John Pariah to come back from that devastating move.”
Pariah pops straight up and then falls to his back with a thud. Seamus then rolls over to his side and crawls over to pariah, covering him for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”Seamus has done it! He’s turned his luck around and earned the win here tonight.”
“The Spicy McHaggis Jig” hits the speakers as Seamus stands to his feet and the ref steps in beside him, raising his arm into the air for the victory.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pinfall, “The Irish Bastard”, SEAMUS OO’CCOONNNNOORR!!!”
JOHNSON: ”This match could have went either way but Seamus was quick to think on his feet and took advantage of the small opportunity Pariah opened for him.”
VASSA: ”I hope this doesn’t put a kink in Pariah’s plans.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll just have to wait and see at Adrenaline in two weeks. We’ll be right back at ringside folks.”

Outside of the Jubilee Theater surrounded by an immense crowd is the Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter. The crowd behind him cheering at the top of their lungs while the camera pans around showing the beautiful night life of Vegas before panning back to Lo’Renzo who speaks.

FLIPP: “Now this is excitement.”
The rousing crowd cheer once more.

FLIPP: “This is what all these people have been waiting for….Winter Wasteland. It has absolutely already been one helluva show with a whole lot more to go.”
He pauses.

FLIPP: “But there is also an announcement I need to make.”
He pauses once more before smiling.

FLIPP: “You ever wanted to get to know your favorite Four C Dub superstar better? Ever wanted to ask them a question of your own? Ever want to know what they think about the other superstars, but have it all on one show?”
He holds up a finger before continuing.

FLIPP: “Well wait no longer because starting two weeks from now I will be bringing to you all just that. Two weeks from now I will be hosting a new show for every Four Corner Wrestling event that allows you to get a little more intimate with your favorite Four Corner Wrestling superstar.”
There is another tumultuous cheer from the crowd.

FLIPP: “But there are a few things I could use you guy’s help on. Like the show name and who my guest would be for every show. That’s why when the show is over tonight you can go to the Four C Dub website and vote for what you would like the show name to be. You can also vote for who you would like to see be my very first guest.”
He nods his head while the crowd continues to roar.

FLIPP: “As far as the Pride Championship Iron Man match tonight you’re gonna have to wait on my word bout that. Right now sit back, get your gummy bears and your popcorn refilled because it’s allot more action coming your way tonight.”
He salutes toward the camera before the feed cuts back to the ring for the upcoming Triple Threat Match.



JOHNSON:” Solid night thus far, Vinny, but it’s only going to get better. “
VASSA:” You can say that again. We still have a tag team gauntlet on tap, all four of our champions will be in action here tonight. “
JOHNSON:” Yes they will. Porter will defend his Pride championship for the first time here tonight against Ramona. New Gen Rising will face off against the gauntlet winner. Hawkins finally gets his shot at Havok’s Extreme Championship and of course, the main event. Jason Cashe will put the gold on the line against contender, Jair Hopkins. But right now, it’s a triple threat match! “
POWERS:” The next match is scheduled for one fall, a triple threat match! Introducing first, from Franklin, Tennessee, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds…Travis Deacon Hall!! “
“Cut You Down w/. Whistle Intro” by Serg Salinas & Dale Oliver plays over the theater as the whistle parts starts Travis Deacon Hall makes his way out to the ring wearing a black cowboys hat, black vest, black jeans and black wrestling boots. He is accompanied by his wife Sage Melissa Hall who slides onto the ring apron and does her trademark split into the ring before Travis Deacon Hall enters the ring between the top and middle ropes where he waits for his opponent as his wife exits the ring and waits in her husband’s corner.

JOHNSON:” Hall is coming off of a loss to Christine Nash, how do you think he does tonight, Vinny? “
VASSA:” I’m going to go with not well. He previous defeat was to a woman and I see another one coming tonight. “
“Highway To The Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins plays as Andrew Storm comes out onto the stage. He stops on the stage and leans forward with his arms crossed, as pyros and smoke begins to go off.

POWERS:” Introducing now from Miami FL, weighing in tonight at 245 lbs he is “God’s Gift To 4CW” Andrew Storm. “
Andrew Storm straightens back up raising his arms into the air, as another round of pyros begin shooting off. Andrew walks through the smoke, as a chorus of cheers and boos begins while he walks down the rampway. He walks up the steps and climbs over the top rope and begins waiting his opponent.

VASSA:” This guy is arrogant. I like it! “
JOHNSON:” He too is going to have his hands full because their opponent is a 4CW veteran! “
As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.
POWERS:” “Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is “The Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe appears on stage, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below” “Down to the devils show” “To be his guest forever” “Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

JOHNSON:” Niobe Martin is the real deal and she is coming off of a win over 4CW newcomer, Seamus O’Connor. Another big match for Martin as she looks to climb towards a title shot. “
All three competitors step to the center of the ring, looking one another up and down. Martin looks at Hall and then at Storm before slapping them both across the face. Hall and Storm look at one another before grabbing Martin by the back of the head and dumping her over the top rope and to the outside.

JOHNSON:” Not a smart move by Niobe. “
VASSA:” Very brave, but she’s a braaaave woman! “
Hall is talking smack as Andrew Storm gets him with a forearm to the back. Storm turns him around and slings him to the ropes. Storm bounces off and gets hit with a dropkick. Martin slides back in before Storm can make the count and she rams Storm into the steel ring post, shoulder first. Hall is slow to get to his feet and when he does he is met with a discus back elbow. Hall collapses to the mat as Martin changes her focus to Andrew Storm. MArtin hits Storm with a right hand, backing him into the corner. She wraps his arm over the top rope and back through, twisting it between the ropes. She raises her foot up and kicks him right in the joint where the shoulder and arm meet.

JOHNSON:” Martin is targeting that shoulder she just rammed into the ring post. “
VASSA:” That’s a veteran move, Steve. “
Storm falls to his knees and crawls away from the corner, on his knees. Martin lifts Storm up to his feet and sends him to the ropes. He bounces off and she plants him with a spinning spinebuster. Martin hops to her feet quickly and ducks a clothesline from a resurging Hall. She spins him around, kicks him in the gut, and connects with a stunner. Martin makes the first pin attempt of the match.

JOHNSON:” Andrew Storm breaks the count right before the three! “
Storm picks Martin up and slings her back into the corner. He begins unloading with kicks to the mid section, causing her to go into a seated position. Strom picks her up, pulls her to the center of the ring and sends her to the ropes. He follows it up with a shoulder block knocking her to the mat. She rolls under the bottom rope as Storm turns and goes after Hall who is slow to get up. He stomps on Hall before backing away into the opposite corner, waiting for him to get up. Hall turns around and is met with a running Storm who is looking for a spear, but Hall dodges it. Hall grabs Storm from behind and hits a full nelson slam.

VASSA:” Hall is back in it, just like that. “
Martin begins to stir on the apron as Hall and Storm squirm on the mat. Hall is trying to regain composure instead of going for the pin. Martin begins climbing to the top rope, closes to her foes. She reaches the top as Hall pulls Storm up to his feet. Martin dives off the top rope and knocks both men to the mat with a flying clothesline.

JOHNSON:” Niobe Martin is putting on a show here tonight and I expected nothing less. “
VASSA:” I don’t think any of us did, Steve. When she brings it, she’s tough to beat, and she’s bringing it tonight! “
Martin quickly picks Hall up and goes to send him to the corner, but he reverses it and she hits the turnbuckle hard. He follows it up with a corner clothesline, but Martin remains standing. Hall lifts Martin up to the top turnbuckle and slams her with a right hand. He follows her up, standing on the second turnbuckle. He goes for a superplex, but Martin hangs on to the top rope. Hall reaches the hold and goes for another right hand, but Martin blocks it and pokes Hall in the eyes. She follows it up with a rake to the eyes and a hard forearm straight to the face. He begins reeling and Martin unloads with five more forearms and Hall falls off the second turnbuckle and lands on his back.

JOHNSON:” You could hear the thud of those forearms all the way over here! “
VASSA:” Martin has something in mind, seems risky! “
Martin climbs up to the top turnbuckle, turns around, back facing the ring. She jumps up off the turnbuckle and his a split legged moonsault on Travis Hall. Martin gets to her feet and catches Storm charging at her out of the corner of her eye. She rolls away from a would be clothesline. He turns around and is met with a kick, but he catches her foot. She leaps into the air and hits a enziguri, smacking Andrew Storm right in the temple. Storm falls to the mat, dazed.

JOHNSON:” Niobe calls that True Nightmare!! Andrew Storm is out of it! “
Martin grabs Storm and pulls him over, closer to Travis Hall. Martin puts a boot to the chest of Hall before climbing back to the top turnbuckle. She stands upright and looks out at the fans, booing her. She leaps off and hits a shooting star press on both Storm and Hall. Martin pushes Hall under the bottom rope and to the outside as she makes a cover on Andrew Storm.

JOHNSON:” Niobe Martin has done it! She hit both with a move she calls Phantasm Horror and this one is over! “
VASSA:” Beautiful shooting star press from Martin and I had no doubts that she would win this one! “
POWERS:” This winner of this match, the Nightmare, Niobe Martin!! “
Martin gets up and stares at Storm who is holding his gut, rolling around on the mat. She leans over the top rope and looks at the fallen hall. A smirk covers her face as she raises her arms to the chorus of boos.

JOHNSON:” They may not like her as a person, but as an athlete, you have to respect her for what she did here tonight at Winter Wasteland. We’ll be right back to the action after a short break! “

We cut to the backstage area here at the Jubliee Theater there is a loud moaning, something similar to what you’d expect from a dying moose, coming from off camera as a couple of people head over to what exactly is the comotion going on back here. As the camera pans over, there is at least a team of three members of the medical staff, a couple of security team members, Starla Von Grant, Max Von Grant and of course, Brody Lee Prince.
Brody Lee Prince is the one doing the dying moose scream as he is sitting in a chair with his legs stretched out before him with the medical staff taking a look at what is going on with him. Brody Lee is in full wrestling gear, complete with his black Stetson hat, and he even has some chew puffed out to the one side of his cheek. His taped hand holds those of Starla as she seems really concerned over what has happened to her mealtic— er… man. Max is pacing back and forth with a pale look on his chubby face. Which, by the way, is completely covered in sweat. The medical staff have his black knee pad down around his ankle and are attempting to stretch it out some more.

MED STAFF: ”Does this hurt?”
The man pushes on the front of Brody Lee’s foot bending it closer upwards, might like a stretch, Brody Lee grabs the bottom of the chair with both hands and looks into the air as he screams again.

BRODY LEE: “Yes! For the millionth time, y’all didn’t pay for airfare for me so I had to take a bus to Las Vegas and sittin’ in the tight bus is causin’ my legs to cramp up! This is horrible, horrible!”
Brody Lee reaches for Starla once again.

BRODY LEE: “Baby, where are you? I can’t see nothin’ now!”
STARLA: “Is he going to live?”
Everyone gives Starla a weird “what are you thinking?” look at once.

MED STAFF:”Yeah, it’s a cramp. Why is he going blind?”
BRODY LEE: “Musta been the smell of old people! Musta been! Starla! Starla!”
Just then one of Brody Lee’s hands make their way and finds her right breast. Ample, and Brody Lee squeezes like he’s checking for ripe melons at the store. Starla holds her man tight.

MED STAFF: “I really don’t think there’s anything we can do, you’re just going to have to drink some water and get out there because you’ve got like two minutes until your match.”
BRODY LEE: “No! I can’t! The pain, the blindness, I can’t possibly ‘rassle in these conditions! Max, you’re gonna hafta take my place tonight. You’re gonna hafta go out there an’ take on Aries for me. Can you do that for me, Max?”
Max’s chubby pale face suddenly gets flushed red. His eyes bug out of his head as he starts to shake his head ‘no’ over and over again.

MAX: “But I can’t fight, Brody!”
BRODY LEE: “Max, you’ve got to be the one. You’ve got to make my debut for me tonight, you’ve got to bring home the victory for Team Brody Lee. Look into my eyes, take a deep look, get the eye of the tiger stare now. Go out there and dominate this sucker.”
STARLA: “How come you’re looking at him? I thought you went blind.”
Max gives Brody Lee a stare down, the two look into each other’s eyes. Without warning, Max goes limp and falls to the floor, the medical staff rush over to him ignoring the cramps that Brody Lee is currently having and checking to see if Max hit his head on the ground.

STARLA: “Max!”
BRODY LEE: “What about my cramps!? I’m dying over here!”
Nobody, not even Starla is paying attention to Brody Lee. They are all attending to Max who is still passed out on the ground. Brody Lee keeps looking over, but nobody is even looking in his direction. After a couple of moments, Brody Lee gives it the ‘oh screw this’ look, stands up and walks normally off camera leaving the medical staff, security and the rest of Team Brody Lee behind. We fade to black.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for One Fall. Introducing first, from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas! “The Prince Of Texas” BRODY LEE PRINCE!”
The beautiful opening notes of Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold” begins to play out of the arena. The curtain parts open and out walks Brody Lee Prince, Prince doesn’t look to happy to be here tonight in fact he doesn’t even want to walk down the aisle and towards the ring. Brody Lee begins to back up, but his talent agent Max Von Grant and big boobed girlfriend Starla are there to give him a push towards the ring. With the two of them preventing an escape,
Brody Lee slowly marches down towards the ring doing as much talking to the fans as humanly possible — and not in a good way. He even manages to slap the popcorn out of the hands of a small fan. Chew drips from his lips as he once again tries to leave, but is pushed to the ring by the Von Grant duo. Brody Lee slowly removes his black Stetson hat and gives it a big old kiss before handing it over to Starla. He then takes the lump of chew out of his lips and hands that to Max with instructions to save that for later.

JOHNSON: “Brody looks a little hesitant to be out here tonight. Do you think he’s nervous or just playing possum?”
VASSA: “He’s from Fort Worth, they eat possum so he wouldn’t play as one. I think he’s just Dallas Texas Scared of being a failure.”
JOHNSON: “What has Dallas done to you? Pssh just shut up and let’s get this contest started.”
“Sick” begins to play throughout the arena as the lights go down for a few moments suddenly the lights begin to flash purple and gold as he appears from behind the curtain his head down and the hood on his ring jacket over his head. The song plays a little longer as he begins to bounce side to side as he raises his head he looks out over the crowd as he begins to hype himself up.

POWERS: “And his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota…”The Phenom” JASON AARRRRIIIESSS!!!”
He begins to slowly make his way to the ring holding out both fists as the fans hit it he keeps a dead stare on the ring he jumps up on the apron and turns as we can see the word Phenom on the back of his jacket as he turns his back to the hard cam looking out at the crowd. He steps through the ropes and walks over to a far corner taking off his ring jacket he hands it to the ring side valet he puts in his mouth guard as he begins using the ropes to stretch his legs waiting on the bell to sound.

VASSA: “I think Brody wants to hide under the ring. This should have some laughs!”
As the referee signals for the start of the match, Brody Lee ducks out of the ropes trying to leave the ring. His girlfriend, Starla holds up her hands to stop him but Jason Aries rushes over and grabs him by the arm, pulling him back inside the ropes. Quickly, Brody pops Jason with a poke to the eyes before shoving him back. As Aries steps forward, swinging out with one hand as his other rubs at his eyes, Brody Lee Prince grabs, lifts and drops Aries in place with an Atomic Drop. Jason Aries goes from rubbing his eyes to holding his ‘boys’ which opens the way for Brody Lee to drop Aries with a Clothesline. The crowd begins to laugh as Brody Lee celebrates briefly and tries to dart from through the ropes at the opposite side of the ring.

JOHNSON: “I think he knows he got lucky there, Brody Lee does not want to be in this match. Look, look at his Agent, Max Von Grant stopping him from leaving the ring..Just sad.”
VASSA: “Well Aries is up and Brody isn’t taking notice, here comes the Clinic!”
Pounding down on Brody’s back, Jason Aries wraps his arms around Brody’s waist to execute a German Suplex but Brody Lee Prince grips onto the ropes tightly so he doesn’t go anywhere. Fans begin laughing as he holds on for dear life. Aries clobbers him to the steam of his neck and yanks again at his waist but Brody isn’t letting go. The referee moves around, sees the tight grasp Brody has on the ropes, he instructs Brody to let go. Brody shakes his head no and the referee grabs at his arms to try and break the hold on the top rope. Brody uses one arm and shoves the referee away by the face, at the same time lifts back and Low Blows Jason Aries. “The Phenom” releases his grapple around Brody’s waist and falls over, landing on the canvas.

JOHNSON: “Oh come on! That was a cheap shot, a low blow!”
VASSA: “If the referee doesn’t see it, it’s not cheating. It’s taking advantage and Brody Lee did that.”
Turning to Aries, Brody Lee leaps up and lands a big Elbow Drop, quickly going for the cover as the elbow lands. The referee drops and slaps the canvas for the attempt.
Slapping the canvas, Brody can’t believe the referee didn’t count faster. He gives an example on the canvas himself, slapping it rapidly three times fast. The referee shake his head at Brody and the man from Fort-Worth rolls out of the ring, grabs his Cowboy Hat and tries to hurry and leave ringside. His Agent and Girlfriend both rush over to him and stand in his way. He tips his hat to them and is stopped from leaving. Stomping his foot down, his girlfriend Starla grabs him at both sides of his face and whispers in his ear before kissing him hard to the lips. His eyes widened, he turns back towards the ring and removes his Cowboy Hat. Jason Aries is up on his feet and waving for Brody to reenter the ring and continue this fight.
Brody hops up on the ring apron with one knee and before he pulls himself up, he drops back down to ringside shaking his head no in the direction of his girlfriend and Agent. Aries breaks in the opposite direction inside the ring, bounces off the far ropes, rockets himself at Brody Lee, leaps up and over the ropes to the outside with an Asai Moonsault that lands crashing down into Brody Lee, his girlfriend Starla and his Agent Max Von Grant. The outside looks like a 4 car pile up and the fans erupt, loving the high risk, high flying action by Jason Aries.

VASSA: “Aries to the skies and Brody and his posse have taken the pain! This might be turning into the Show of Aries from here on out!”
Up to his feet, Jason Aries rips Brody off the ground and whips him towards the ring. His body rolls into the ring under the bottom ropes and Jason Aries follows him. Brody tries to get up but is met with a Running Front Dropkick to the chest as he rises and is sent falling back. Holding his chest, Brody rolls and pushes up to his feet. He rushes at Aries with a Lariat but Aries ducks the clothesline and swings around with a half back spinning fist. Brody stumbles sideways and tries calling for a timeout, using his hands to make a ‘T’ but the referee just shakes his head at even the idea he’d ask for one.

VASSA: “Hah! Is he calling for a timeout!? This guy is hilarious!”
JOHNSON: “He needs something because he doesn’t seem to have the Fight to fight in this match…”
Cowering in the corner, Brody Lee holds up open palms begging for Jason Aries to give him a minute. Aries comes in, knocks Brody’s arms out of the way and chops him hard to the chest. Brody cries out and grabs his chest. Aries keeps him in the corner and hits Brody with a headbutt. Brody falls back into the corner dropping his arms giving Jason Aries an opening as he begins drilling Brody with Machine Gun Chops and each of them come with loud cries from Brody Lee Prince. As Brody stands rubbing at his chest, Jason Aries turns and makes the signal for the finish and the fans erupt in cheers wanting to see him win.
As he turns back to Brody, Jason Aries is kicked dead in the balls. Brody Lee props himself up on the second ropes and leaps forward, diving over Jason Aries who is leaning forward holding his privates. Brody grabs Aries upside down and pulls him over in a roll up, Sunset Flip pin. The referee slides and is slapping the canvas as Brody holds Aries arms down with his legs.

JOHNSON: “What a cheap and sneaky win, he shouldn’t feel proud about that!”
VASSA: “What? He should LOVE this! He won a big match here at possibly our biggest event thus far! Winning is winning and Jason Aries just didn’t do enough to win. Simple.”
Surprised, shocked and unsure it really happened, Brody Lee Prince gets up off the canvas as his girlfriend and Agent enter to celebrate with him. He jumps up with his arms in the air as Mike Powers makes the official announcement.

As Jason Aries sits up looking disappointed, Brody Lee sees him look over at him and he quickly dips through the ropes and exits the ring. He picks up celebrating outside of the ring as he’s joined by Starla and Max Von Grant.

Ramona steps out before a cloud of smoke. She turns and faces to the right hand side of the theater. As the first few notes and lyrics of “Me and Mary Jane” by Black Stone Cherry kicks up.
“Me and Mary Jane got a thing goin’ on, goin’ on
Creepin’ up slow, hangin’ ’round my back door, my back door!”
As the song plays Sativa creeps up behind Ramona and slinks up Ramona’s back and stands back to back with her. They smile and turn and head towards the ring. Both trash talking and messing with the crowd. They get into the ring and head to opposite corners and stand on the second rope. They both hold their arms out to pose for the crowd before jumping down to the mat. Sativa gets a couple of mics and hands one to Ramona.

SATIVA: ”I know there are a lot of teams popping their heads up all of a sudden chasing after those belts, and don’t worry we’re going to let you all have your chance to fight over them and pass them around for a minute.”
RAMONA: ”But you all should know that sooner or later you’re going to be handing them over to us, like it or not.”
SATIVA : ”Well, since in just a few moments we shall be ‘enjoying’ this fabulous idea of a match with all the other tag teams in it, I figure why not let us give each team our thoughts on their chances of winning. Now, where do we start?”
Sativa looks over to Ramona with an inquisitive raised eye brow.

RAMONA: ”Well, there’s the Dragon’s of Harmony. What if they win? They seem really scary!”
SATIVA: ”Fuck I hope it isn’t them. I mean dragons are super scary! They like, breathe fire and fly and…”
RAMONA: ”Calm down Sativa, they aren’t real dragons.”
SATIVA: ”Are you sure? Cause they fight with each other like dragons. And they do look like dragons.”
RAMONA: ”Shit, you got a point there. Might need to re-read the Hobbit to figure out a weakness. Well, who else do we got? Film Addicts? They might have the brains to pull off a win.”
SATIVA: ”True, but could they pull themselves away from their movies, or their World of Warcraft or whatever else it is losers like that do?”
RAMONA: ”That gives me an idea. Might have to bring some cosplayers in case they are the ones we have to face.”
SATIVA: ”YEAH! We could get some chick to dress like a super slutty Princess Peach and some dude to do a shitty frat boy style Mario!”
RAMONA: ”Frat boy Mario?”
SATIVA: ”Yeah, you know like spray tan, gold chains, tacky mirrored aviator shades, collared shirt with said collar popped…”
RAMONA: ”I think you are talking about a Jersey Shore douche bag … or one of my ex boyfriends.”
SATIVA: ”Same thing right?”
RAMONA: ”Enough about those projection room losers. How bout Sinister Minds? They look like they know how to fight.”
SATIVA: ”If they win we are totally screwed! Have you seen them on TV? They catch all kinds of super smart and weird criminals. I bet they could figure out who Jack the Ripper was!”
RAMONA: ”That’s Criminal Minds you’re thinking of Sativa. And even if they WERE ‘Criminal Minds’ that would just make us like ‘NCIS’ in comparison.”
SATIVA: ”Yeah, you’re right. Fuck I think I might have smoked a little too much in preparation for tonight.”
RAMONA: ”Meh, no big deal really. What about We Dem Boys?”
SATIVA: ”You mean NWA light with a muscle bound white retard?”
RAMONA: ”Yeah, you’re right, they don’t stand a chance. Black Listed?”
SATIVA: ”Affirmative Action team number blah blah blah? Come on Mona, you really think that they welfare twins will really win?”
RAMONA: ”They are undefeated. Something I know a little about myself.”
SATIVA: ”Yeah against what? Bimbo’s United and the VA Superstars?”
RAMONA: ”Word is that Royce already got more than 3 count when he pinned Dazi outside of the ring, if you know what I mean. And they do have a win over the current champs remember.”
SATIVA: ”Cause Team Run Away ran the fuck away. Those two douche canoes don’t deserve those belts. They run their mouths about ‘dominating’ the division. I just want to ask this. What fucking division?”
RAMONA: ”That’s a good point. Besides the Carnival, which has gone MIA and is presumed dead who else have they had to defend against?”
Sativa lifts the mic to her mouth to speak and then drops it to her side. She repeats the motion again. Third time is the charm when she raises the mic.

SATIVA: ”I got nothing. They brag about being some great team yet they haven’t had anyone but a couple of fucktard teams to deal with lately. IF they happen to cheat their way outta losing their belts tonight I will damn sure make it my goal to take those belts from them.”
RAMONA: ”Like I said, let these pathetic teams play around and think they are important. We will get those belts whenever we want to come and take them,”
SATIVA: ”And when we do come for them I got a little advice to whoever is holding those belts. Do yourselves a favor when we come for OUR belts I just want you two, whoever you are, to do the smart thing and hand em over to us. I really don’t want to have to explain why we are preset with two dead bodies.”
RAMONA: ”That would be the smart thing to do. But then again, who said the other teams in Four See Dub are smart?”
SATIVA: ”Sorry, we’re not sorry.”
Both ladies grin and drop their mics as “Me and Mary Jane” by Black Stone Cherry starts to play over the speakers. The crowd erupts into a thunderous chorus of boos. The two exit the ring and head to the back.

Daphne Fitzgerald aka The Warden is standing backstage with her client. She doesn’t seem to be all that pleased with him as he remains in a stoic state. The Warden begins to walk around her special creation.

THE WARDEN: ”Why are you so difficult at times?”
Inmate 31 lets out a grunt.

THE WARDEN: ”Ever since I got you that blasted mask. You have remained silent. I just don’t get it. How can a man with so much anger kept inside hasn’t gone off the deepend yet?”
He grunts again.

THE WARDEN: ”Speak, dammit!”
Inmate 31 opens his eyes as The Warden jumps back a bit. He starts to speak with an altered vocal performance.

INMATE 31: ”For a woman you a very persistent but as someone who claims to be the reason I exist. Let me be the first too say, I find that to be rather amusing. How someone can be so blind to the truth?”
THE WARDEN: ”What truth is that?”
INMATE 31: ”That our mission has only just begun.”
Inmate 31 walks down the hallway as The Warden is left a little puzzled.



JOHNSON: ”We’re back at ringside folks and it’s time to get down to this tag team double elimination lumberjack gauntlet match!”
VASSA: ”This is a big match and honestly, I have no idea what the hell is going on with the rules.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s simple, Vinny. Just follow along. We have six teams who will be in this match. Only two will be in the ring at once competing against each other. The other four teams will be on the outside acting as lumberjacks.”
VASSA: ”So, how do the other teams on the outside get involved in the action taking place in the ring?”
JOHNSON: ”This is a double elimination match. In order to score an elimination, one team must pin the other. Submissions or knock outs just aren’t going to do it tonight. The ref must make the three count!”
VASSA: ”So what happens when a team is pinned?”
JOHNSON: ”You seriously don’t pay attention to anything that goes on in our staff meetings, do you?”
VASSA: ”I’m usually either stoned off my ass or piss drunk, Steve. The answer to your question is no. I’m here for my knowledge and comic relief at ringside.”
JOHNSON: ”You can say that again. It’s a joke having to work with you at times but that’s why I love you.”
VASSA: ”Step back, Stevie, ain’t no sugar water running through these veins.”
JOHNSON: ”So once a team is pinned, the team who scored the pin will then choose their next opponent from the four standing outside of the ring acting as lumberjacks. The team who was pinned will then go to the outside and act as lumberjacks. This will go on until there is one team left that hasn’t been pinned twice.”
VASSA: ”So lets say a team is pinned twice, it’s going to happen eventually. What happens then?”
JOHNSON: ”Well to avoid disruption in the match, they would have to leave ringside since they would be officially eliminated from the contest.”
VASSA: ”Well, that seems easy enough to follow. I just hope that New Gen Rising is ready for whoever walks away from this thing a winner.”
JOHNSON: ”If anyone has an advantage in this it’s New Gen. I mean they’re going to defend against a team that has been in the ring with five others. Whoever wins this will have some time to rest but they’re still going to be worn out I would imagine.”
VASSA: ”Well aren’t they lucky? Not only have they been causing a lot of problems with the roster lately they now have the advantage in retaining those straps. Someone needs to knock them down a peg or two.”
JOHNSON: ”Lets see which one of these teams will have the opportunity to do that. We already have our first team in the ring. John Blade and the newest signee to 4CW, Latoya Hixx are in the ring and ready for action.”
VASSA: ”Let’s get the others out here now and get down to business!”
The opening riff of “Approach the Bench” starts up over the loud speakers as Everett The Nerd and his niece step out from behind the theatre curtains.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring, Everett The Nerd and Sydney Ashford, they are THE FILM ADDICTS!!!”
They bounce back and forth before walking down the aisle way. Everett is busy calculating how this match is going to go while Sydney is waving at the rocking audience. She jumps up onto the ring apron while Everett walks up the stairs. She jumps over the ring ropes into the ring as her uncle enters the ring. Sydney poses on the turnbuckle as Everett continues to calculate while waiting for their match to begin.

VASSA: ”Here we have another new team to the 4CW tag division which we got to see two weeks ago for the first time.”
JOHNSON: ”Science meets the ring? At least The Nerd seems to think so as he was infatuated with the ratings at Adrenaline two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”I hope he’s able to contain himself tonight because the ratings are going to pop off the charts!”
Quicksilver then hits the sound system as Jess and Dazi come out on stage. The girls look at each other and give each other a high five as the pair heads down to the ring.

POWERS: ”Coming down to the ring, Jessica Connors and Dazielle Molaroni, DRAGONS OF HARMONY!!!”
They tease fans, getting in their face if they tried touching them. Then the pair hop on the apron, teasing more before getting in the ring, smiles on their faces.

JOHNSON: ”Tonight is the first that we will see these two as a team in the ring.”
VASSA: ”This is a HOT combination and I know they’re just as deadly.”
The lights go out, filling the building in darkness. “Mouth For War” by Pantera begins to blare as a spot light shines down on the entrance stage, where Judd Grunge stands. The fans begin to boo loudly as he just shakes his head in disgust at them. He points out into the crowd as a second spot light shines towards where Grunge is pointing. Kid Kaos is now seen making his way through the crowd, ignoring them as he heads toward the ring.

POWERS: ”On their way to the ring, Judd Grunge and Kid Kaos, SINISTER MINDS!!!”
Judd walks down the ramp and walks up the ring steps, just as Kaos hops the guardrail and gets on the apron. They both stand there, looking out at the booing fans, they look at each other and just shake their heads as if saying “Fuck these people”. They climb into the ring and get ready for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”Sinister Minds is another new team we have in 4CW and by the looks of them, they’re out for blood.”
VASSA: ”We have wrestlers walk in and out of the doors all the time but there’s something special about these two. I can just feel it!”
The beginning of Future’s “Shit (Remix)” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Mannie & Alec emerge to a wave of boos, they are lead to the ring by Jacinta who is strutting her stuff down the ramp.

POWERS: ”On the way to the ring competing at a combined weight of five hundred fifteen pounds, they are accompanied by “The Loud-Mouth Vixen” Jacinta Perez… Ladies and gentlemen… please give it up for… “The Main Attraction”, “The Glasgow Hooligan”, WWEEE DDEEEMMMM BBOOOOYYZZZ!!!”
Meanwhile Mannie is two-stepping to the beat and Alec is slowly walking down the ramp intimidating the crowd with snarls & growls. After which the stage lights die down; as a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. Jacinta then creates a mini guard of honor for them, as they both march up their respective steps into the ring. Although, there’s a slight difference because a cameraman sits on the middle rope for Mannie; as he proceeds to remove his sweatsuit and toss it onto the camera lens. Meanwhile Alec has already slipped into a ‘Eye of the Storm’ type of slumber, as he awaits for the opening bell.

VASSA: ”I thought these two were going to be climbing in the ring with Michael and Chris Salieri?”
JOHNSON: ”That was the original plan but Christopher Salieri fell ill at the most convenient time.”
VASSA: ”I was wondering why we had a recent wave of new official signings. Christopher doesn’t need to be wrestling anyway. He’s just a limp noodle.”
JOHNSON: ”Both him and Michael are down on their luck this evening. Apparently Christopher was faking the illness and it has come to bite him and his cousin in the behind.”
The lights start to switch to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B hits as the familiar beats draw cheers from the crowd. Out from the back first comes the bubbly and fun Demi Griffin with a big smile on her face as she stops to shake her booty to the beat a few times before making her way to the ring.

POWERS: ”Our last team coming to the ring, Demi and Royce Paxton Griffin, BLACK LISTED!!!”
Not far behind her coming through the curtain as his sister has already made it half down the ramp is the imposing RPG, Royce Griffin standing looking out at the crowd. The two wearing matching red and black themed outfits though, differing in types of gear. They still have matching arm bands and focused looks as Demi finishes high fiving the fans around the ring before hopping up the steps and stepping through the bottom two ropes. As she does this Royce slides into the ring,
Once in the ring Royce does two big jumps into the air to show off his athleticism and get stretched out as his sister walks around the ring hands held high. RPG throws a few practice punches before letting out a primal scream for the crowd getting them going as Demi now sits atop one of the corner posts jiving to the beat. Royce walks around the ring screaming out “Let’s Go” several times while hyping the crowd as the two seem fully ready for their tag match.

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s it. All six teams have come down to the ring and it’s now time to sound the bell and crown a number one contender for the 4CW Tag Team Championships.”
VASSA: ”Lets do it!”
The official looks around the ring at each team and then points to the team of John Blade and Latoya Hixx. The then looks at the remaining five teams and then points at Dragons of Harmony. After choosing the two teams, he then points the other four teams to the outside.

VASSA: ”It looks like we have our two teams who will kick this big ass match off! This is going to be a cluster fuck to call.”
JOHNSON: ”John Blade and Latoya Hixx will start off against Dragons of Harmony. It’s time!”
As each team stands in their corner, the ref checks with them and receives the nod before throwing his arm in the air and signaling for the bell.
Jessica and Blade step onto the apron leaving Dazi and Hixx to start the match off. After talking with their corners for a brief moment, Dazi bolts out of her corner and charges towards Hixx. Once in range, Dazi jumps into the air and lands a knee to Latoya’s face. Hixx slams into the corner with a thud as Dazi then draws back and swings with a hard right, connecting right across the jaw. Dazi then grabs her by the hair with both hands and throws her to the center of the ring. Just as Dazi steps to her, she then turns around and slaps Blade right across the mouth, sending a loud smack piercing through the sounds of the crowd.
Dazi then turns back to the ring where Hixx is just getting up to her feet. Dazi charges her once more and swings with a clothesline but misses as Hixx side steps her. As Dazi goes by, Hixx pushes her in the back and sends her to the ropes. Dazi bounces off the ropes and comes back to Hixx who is waiting for her return. Quick on her feet, Daze leaps into the air and collides with Hixx, landing a cross body that sends her straight to her back. On top of Hixx, Dazi positions herself on top and then fires away with back to back forearms to the face. After taking a couple hard hits, Latoya throws her arms over her face and manages to block the third. She then reaches up and grabs Dazi by the head and rolls her over to the side, freeing herself.
The two then scramble to get to their feet. Rising up at the same time, the two then lunge forward at each other and lock up in the center of the ring. Hixx overpowers Dazi and forces her down to one knee. Out of nowhere, Dazi finds a burst of strength and stands back to her feet and then drives her knee upward into Latoya’s stomach. Dazi then hooks her arm around Latoya’s head and tosses her arm over her head and lifts her into the air before dropping her with a vertical suplex that shakes the ring. Dazi quickly pops up to her feet and then runs to her corner where Jessica is reaching over the top rope for the tag. The two slap hands and Jessica quickly climbs the corner to the top and leaps into the air, coming down with a high vertical frog splash.

VASSA: ”I can tell she isn’t afraid of heights after that big move. She had some air!”
JOHNSON: ”And Latoya Hixx is feeling that momentum from above.”
VASSA: ”I wish I was on the receiving end of that move!”
Jessica goes for the pin as the ref drops in for the count.
Blade quickly climbs into the ring and rushes to break the pin.
Just as Blade gets close, Dazi blindsides him with an elbow to the side of the head.
Blade falls to his side and rolls out of the ring as the ref pops up and pulls Jessica away. Dazi then kicks Latoya a few times in the side, rolling her towards the edge of the ring before giving her one last kick, sending her falling to the floor below.

JOHNSON: ”The team of John Blade and Latoya Hixx have one strike against them by the hands of Dazi and Jessica.”
VASSA: ”Beat their asses!”
VASSA: ”The lumberjacks! They need to step their game up and do a number on John and Latoya. After all, they are out of the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s no point. They just received one loss and it’s time for another team to be chosen to enter the mix.”
VASSA: ”The ball is in the ladies hands. I wonder what team is going to be next.”
Jessica and Dazi talk amongst themselves for a moment before turning their attention to the team of We Dem Boyz yelling at them from the outside. Mannie stands in front of Alec, running his mouthj. Jessica then yells back before Dazi steps in front of her and slowly points at the two.

VASSA: ”Oh hell! We haven’t seen “Young” Mannie in action for quite a while but the time has come!”
JOHNSON: ”I’d be more worried about that monster he runs with. Alec Quartermain is a beast!”
Mannie slowly climbs onto the apron, continuing to run his mouth as Dazi and Jessica look on. Mannie then waves for them to come close, almost testing them to make a move. The two ladies look at each other and then nod before rushing towards him. Just as they get close, Mannie drops down to the floor and Alec slides into the ring on the adjacent side. Popping up to his feet, Alec grabs Dazi by the arm and throws her to her corner with brute force. He then turns Jessica around and kicks her in the stomach before lifting her up with a military press over his head. He pumps her a few times as if she were weights before throwing her to the center of the ring. Alec then takes off from stand still and rushes Dazi in the corner, demolishing her with a clothesline. Dazi falls to a sitting position before Alec kicks her underneath the bottom rope, out onto the apron.
In the opposite corner, Mannie yells for Alec’s attention. Once he gets it, he points at Jessica and orders him to attack. Like the good dog he is, Alec runs towards Jessica and jumps into the air, coming down across her chest with an elbow drop, nearly collapsing her chest. Alec then pops up to his feet and grabs Jessica by the arm and throws her to his corner. Just as Jessica hits the corner, Mannie slams his forearm across her back and knocks her forward. As she stumbles, Alec sends her to the mat with a big boot to the face. he then looks at Mannie who is chuckling in the corner. The two then slap hands as mannie springboards over the top rope and enters the ring.

VASSA: ”The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The movie star is about to get his first taste of action in a long time.”
Mannie does a handspring and launches himself into the air. After turning his body, he comes down across Jessica’s head with an elbow drop of his own. He then rolls to the side and pushes himself up. He then grabs Jessica by the hair and pulls her up to her feet. Holding her head in his grasp, a cocky smirk comes across his face just before he winds back and lays her out with a closed fist to the forehead. Mannie then struts around the ring for a moment, showing off for the crowd who has missed seeing him in action. He then grabs Jessica by the hair and pulls her up again but gets caught off guard as she swats his hands away and kicks him in the stomach. She then wraps her arm around his head and falls back, planting his head into the mat with a desperation DDT.
The two lay there for a moment before Jessica rolls over to her stomach and pushes herself up. Barely up on her feet, Jessica turns to her corner and limps over. Meanwhile, Mannie is just beginning to come to and pushes himself up in a sitting position. Reaching out into the ring, Dazi extends her arm as Jessica gets closer. The two then slap hands as Mannie stands up and turns to his corner. Dazi quickly enters the ring and runs up behind Mannie and wraps her arms around his waist. Stopped in his tracks, Mannie reaches forward to Alec who is hanging over the top rope, reaching inside for the tag. Just as the two come within an inch of touching, Dazi lifts Mannie and slams him backwards into the mat with a German suplex.
Dazi rolls over and gets up while Mannie squirms around the mat in pain. She then kicks him in the side a few times while he’s down before grabbing him by the head and pulling him up to his feet. Dazi then connects with a vicious forearm to the face of Mannie, knocking him back a step. She then fires with another and connects, knocking Mannie down to one knee. Dazi then turns to the ropes behind her and runs to them. Bouncing back, she leaps into the air and hits Mannie with a low flying crossbody, knocking him flat on his back. As she rolls away, Dazi comes up to her feet as the crowd grows electric. She paces around the ring for a moment while Mannie slowly begins to push himself up. Waiting for the opportune moment to attack, Dazi watches on as Mannie gets to his feet. Once up, Dazi attacks with a roundhouse kick. Just before contact, Mannie ducks the kick and positions himself behind Dazi. He then grabs her by the back of the pants and pulls her back for a quick rollup.
The ref drops down for the count as Mannie sneaks his feet onto the bottom rope for leverage.
Jessica hops over the top rope to break the pin but gets met by Alec and his massive body blocking the path.
Jessica swings at Alec with a right hand but doesn’t do any damage as he shrugs it off and pushes her across the ring.
After the count, Mannie quickly moves his feet away from the rope before the ref can even notice. Dazi gets up in a rage as Jessica rushes the ref and complains about the missed call. The ladies argue with the ref for a moment while Mannie and Alec back into their corner, watching in amusement.

JOHNSON: ”Come on ref! Open your eyes! That was an illegal pin!”
VASSA: ”It’s only illegal if you get caught obviously.”
JOHNSON: ”Come on, Vinny, you can’t condone this.”
VASSA: ”You act surprised by this, Steve. Shit happens.”
After arguing for a few moments and not getting anywhere, the ladies exit the ring but don’t leave quietly as the yell across at Alec and Mannie. Meanwhile, the two just laugh it off and then look to the outside for their next opponents. After looking around for a moment, the two decide to call out one of the new tag teams on the scene. Mannie points at both Kid kaos and Judd Grudge, Sinister Minds. The two then slide into the ring together and pop to their feet, looking across at We Dem Boyz. Grudge steps forward as Kaos steps onto the apron. Mannie and Alec talk for a moment before Alec exits the ring and stands on the apron.

JOHNSON: ”I’m surprised that Mannie isn’t letting Alec handle the load.”
VASSA: ”Oh be quiet!”
Mannie and Judd slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. Standing face to face, the two stare at each other for a moment before Mannie swings a quick punch, connecting with Judd’s jaw. Judd then fires back with a punch of his own, crushing his fist into Mannie’s chin. Mannie then lunges forward but quick on his feet, Judd traps his arms and then begins to drive his head forward, connecting with headbutts one after the other. After landing three, Judd pulls his head back even further and then slams it into Mannie’s forehead, ringing his bell. He then releases mannie’s arms and steps back as Mannie wobbles on his feet. Judd then kicks Mannie in the gut and sets him up to a suplex. Lifting Mannie up, Judd stalls for a moment before falling back, dropping Mannie to the mat with impact.
Judd rolls over and gets to his feet and wastes no time before grabbing Mannie by the arm and pulling him up to his feet. Wrapping his hand around Mannie’s wrist tightly, Judd pulls him in and hits him with a clothesline from the other arm. mannie hits the mat while Judd keeps his grip on that wrist. He then pulls Mannie back to his feet and hits him with another short-arm clothesline, knocking him down once more. With the wrist lock still in tact, Judd pulls Mannie up once more and then wraps his arms around his waist and lifts him into the air. Judd then drops mannie with a powerful spinebuster in the center of the mat that shakes the entire ring. Judd then turns to the corner where Kaos is anxious to get in on the action. The two slap hands as Kaos leaps over the top rope into the ring.
Kaos runs over to Mannie and jumps into the air, coming down on him with a knee drop across the right shoulder. He then pulls Mannie up to his feet and goes on a rampage with knife edge chops across the chest. Landing stinging chops, over and over, Kaos then transitions into a leg attack. Kaos lands a could of blunt kicks to the lower legs of Mannie. He then grabs Mannie by the arm and goes to throw him to the ropes behind them. Just as he goes to release, Mannie hangs on for dear life and reverses the throw, sending Kaod to the ropes instead. Kaos hits the ropes hard and comes back at Mannie full speed. Quick to think, Mannie side steps Kaos and takes him down with a drop toe hold, slamming his face into the canvas. Mannie then turns to the corner where Alec is waiting and rushes over. After the two make the tag, Alec storms into the ring, leaving Mannie to stand behind him and run off at the mouth for a moment before exiting to the apron.

VASSA: ”The big man is back in the ring and he looks pissed!”
JOHNSON: ”I think it’s funny that Mannie waits until Alec is in front of him before he runs his mouth. Typical coward.”
Alec grabs Kaos by the arm and leg before lifting him up into the air and throwing him across the ring. Alec then rushes over and goes for a big stomp on Kaos’ head but misses as he rolls out of the way at the last second. Alec then goes to stomp on his head again but misses once more as Kaos moves out of the way. Alec then fakes for another attempt at stomping his head but this time, when Kaos rolls out of the way, Alec grabs him by the feet and pulls his body closer. He then locks an arm around each leg and lifts him into the air while spinning in circles. After a couple of revolutions, Alec releases his legs and sends him flying across the ring but to the corner where Judd is reaching in for the tag. As Kaos hits the canvas and rolls to the corner, Judd slaps him across the back as the ref recognizes the tag. He then climbs into the ring while Kaos rolls underneath the bottom rope onto the apron.
Alec stands his ground as Judd looks back at him. The two then rush each other and collide, exchanging punches with each other. Alec lands a hard right to the head but gets hit with one in return as Judd fires back. Alec then takes a swing for the fences with a right hook but misses as Judd ducks underneath as his arm flies over his head. Judd then pops up and connects with an uppercut, knocking Alec back a few steps. Judd then swings forward but gets caught as Alec stops his hand in mid-air. Alec then grabs him by the arm and goes to throw him in the corner where Mannie is. Out of nowhere, Judd reverses the throw and spins around, sending Alec to the corner instead. As Alec hits the turnbuckle, his hand connects with Mannie’s shoulder. The ref quickly yells for Mannie to enter the ring as a tag has been made. Mannie refuses to enter, arguing with the ref. Suddenly, Judd runs in and sends Alec up and over the top rope with a gruesome clothesline. As Alec falls to the floor, the wrestlers on the outside quickly move in like sharks at the smell of fresh blood in the water.
Judd then grabs Mannie by the head and pulls him into the ring, flipping him over the top rope and throwing him to his back in the ring. Judd then mounts himself on top of Mannie and begins to connect with a series of brutal punches to the head. He then stands up and grabs Mannie by the arm, pulling him up as well. Not letting up, Judd goes berserk with rapid knife edge chops to the chest, backing Mannie up into the corner where Kaos is waiting. As Mannie’s back hits the turnbuckle, Kaos reaches in and locks up both of Mannie’s arms. Judd then takes a few steps back and runs forward, hitting Mannie with a high impact running clothesline that nearly knocks his head off. He then grabs Mannie by the arm and pulls him away from the corner before lifting him up with a pump-handle and turning it into a piledriver while dropping mannie on his head.

Judd then covers Mannie for the pin as the ref drops in for the count.
On the outside, the group of wrestlers continue to attack Alec, not letting him get back up to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”There’s one strike against We Dem Boyz!”
JOHNSON: ”Serves them right!”
Judd quickly pops up to his feet as he looks over at Kaos. He then walks to the corner and stands, looking out into the pack of wrestlers beating on Alec. He then looks to Kaos as the two talk for a moment before turning back to the group and pointing at The Film Addicts. Mannie slowly rolls out of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”The new team on the block is calling out the other new team in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”I’ve been waiting to see these nerds in action.”
Sydney and Everett climb onto the apron on opposite sides of the turnbuckle from each other. After discussing a game plan for a brief moment, Sydney enters the ring first. Standing there, she looks over the crowd, the energy radiating from it consumes her. She then turns to Judd who patiently waits across with determination painted on his face. Kaos yells from behind and as his voice is heard, Judd takes off from the corner and rushes towards Sydney. As he approaches, Judd lunges at her but at the last moment, Sydney ducks underneath his big arms and moves behind him. Judd slams against the ropes where he makes eye contact with Everett looking at him from the apron. Sydney then slams her arms across the top of his back with a double axe handle. Judd quickly turns around and throws an elbow in the process. Sydney leans back as the elbow passes her face. She then kicks him in the side of the stomach and follows up with an open hand slap across the chest.
Sydney then jumps into the air and connects with a standing dropkick that knocks Judd into the corner. Popping back to her feet, Sydney grabs the ropes with each hand and then begins to lunge forward, driving her shoulder into Judd’s stomach over and over. Knocking the win out of him with each blow, she slowly but surely wears him down. She then grabs his head and pulls him away from the corner before slowly locking her hands and turning him. With his head locked in place, she then drops to the mat, bringing Judd down backwards and connecting with a perfect reverse neckbreaker. She then stands up and looks over to Everett who watches on, eager to jump into the action. The two slap hands as the ref recognizes the tag. Everett climbs the turnbuckle from the outside and stands on the top, looking down at Judd below. He then leaps straight into the air and comes down, landing a frog splash. Everett then hooks the leg as the ref drops down for the count.
Everett pushes himself up, driving his hands into Judd’s chest and stands to his feet. He then pulls Judd up to a sitting position and runs to the ropes behind him. Hitting them hard, Everett comes back with speed and connects with a fast dropkick to the back of Judd’s head, sending him rolling forward and smashing his face into the canvas. After standing up, Everett grabs Judd by the arm and pulls him up as well. He then wraps his arms around Judd’s body and lifts him up and slams him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.

VASSA: ”DAMN!!! I didn’t think Everett had it in him. Judd is a big boy!”
JOHNSON: ”Looks can be deceiving, Vinny.”
Everett stands back up and walks over to his corner, slapping hands with Sydney. The ref recognizes the tag and orders Everett to leave the ring. as he does, Sydney enters swiftly and jumps into the air, coming down on Judd with a body splash. She then pops up to her feet and grabs Judd by the arm, pulling him up to his feet. Once up, Sydney swings her arm for a knife edge chop but Judd catches her hand and locks his grip around her wrist. Sydney then swings with the other hand but Judd catches that one as well, locking his grip on that wrist. With both hands restrained, Judd drives his knee upward into her stomach. He then applies a side headlock and punches her on top of the head with his free hand. Judd then takes a few steps forward, dragging Sydney along and jumps into the air, planting her face into the mat with a bulldog.
He then climbs to his feet and stumbles towards his corner, staggering with each step. Kaos reaches over the top rope for the tag. Meanwhile, Sydney slowly gets to her feet. She quickly turns her attention to Judd who still hasn’t made it close enough to make a tag. She then runs towards him. Before she gets close enough, Judd falls forward, reaching his arm out and making the tag with Kaos before falling face first to the canvas. Kaos hops over the top rope. A few steps away from him, Sydney stops in her tracks and begins to slowly back up. Kaos looks over the theater as the intensity builds. He then lunges forward and the two lock up. Taking control of the situation quickly, Kaos drives his knee into her stomach and then pulls her in close before locking his arms and flipping her up and over his head with a T-bone suplex.
Kaos pops up in a burst of energy and then goes to town stomping on her while she’s down. He then drops a quick leg drop across her throat, choking her for a brief moment. Kaos then rolls over and goes to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. He waits patiently as Sydney begins to get up to her feet. Looking over the theater, he soaks in the sounds of the crowd before turning his attention back to the ring where Sydney is just getting up to both feet but bent over, holding her throat from the leg drop moments earlier. Kaos then leaps high into the air and comes down with a mushroom stomp, planting his feet into her back and knocking her flat on her face. Jumping off of her, Kaos lands to his feet and takes off running in a fluid motion towards the corner where Everett watches.
As Kaos gets closer to the corner, he jumps into the air and hits Everett in the chops with a leaping superkick. Everett flies off the apron and crashes on the hard floor below and in an instant, the wrestlers on the outside swarm in and attack him while he’s down. Kaos pops back up to his feet and then runs back towards Sydney. Stepping over her, he goes to the ropes across the ring and hits them hard. Bouncing back with force, Kaos then jumps into the air with a front flip and as his legs come up and over, he connects with a flipping leg drop to the back of Sydney’s head. Kaos then rolls her over and drags her to the center of the ring before making the cover. The ref rushes in and drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”After hitting the Poseur, Kid Kaos followed up with an awesome flipping leg drop that sealed the deal.”
VASSA: ”These new guys, Sinister Minds, are really impressing me!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a known fact that 4CW signs top notch talent and these guys are no exception.”
Kaos stands to his feet as the ref helps Sydney to the outside of the ring. Meanwhile, the swarm continues to do a number on Everett. Kaos goes to the corner and checks in with Judd who seems to have recovered. After conversing for a brief moment, Kaos walks to the edge of the ring where the wrestler are still attacking Everett. He then whistles and catches Royce Griffin’s attention before pointing at him and yelling for him to enter the ring.

VASSA: ”Black Listed has been hot since signing with 4CW and it’s finally their turn to get inside of the ring.”
As Demi continues to beat on Everett with the others, Royce runs and slides in underneath the bottom rope. He bursts to his feet and rushes towards Kaos who takes off from his spot as well. As the approach each other, Royce swings with a powerful clothesline. Kaos ducks the power swing and steps behind Royce and pushes him in the back to the ropes. Royce grabs the top rope and shakes his head before turning around in a rage and lunging forward with a hard right connecting with Kaos’ jaw. Royce then fires with a hard left and crushes his fist across his chin. Royce then grabs Kaos by the head and pulls it in close before dropping down to his knees and pulling his head down in the process. As Royce’s knees hit the mat, Kaos’ jaw slams down on top of his head. Kaos head flings back as Royce lets go. Royce then stands to his feet and swings with strength, connecting with a vicious European uppercut that sends Kaos’ head flying back and spit soaring through the air into the crowd.
Royce then grabs him by the arm and throws him to the opposite ropes. As Kaos hits them and bounces back, Royce runs towards him and spears him in the center of the ring. He then crawls on top of kaos and begins to throw brutal lefts and right, connecting with each blow from the ground and pound. Royce then grabs him by the head and drives his forward, connecting with a dazing headbutt. Royce then pops to his feet in anger and releases a loud war cry. He then stomps on Kaos a few times while he’s down. Looking over to his corner, Demi is finally up on the apron and cheering him on from the outside. Royce then grabs Kaos by the arm and jerks him up to his feet and throws him to the corner with all his might. Kaos crashes against the turnbuckle and before his feet can get settled, Royce is right there to greet him with a running corner clothesline. Kaos falls to a sitting position with his back against the turnbuckle. Royce then slaps hands with Demi as the crowd bursts with cheering and whistling.
Demi enters the ring as Royce drives his knee forward into kao’s face, slamming the back of his head against the turnbuckle. Demi then walks to the center of the ring and struts her stuff for a moment before cutting her eyes to the corner and stopping dead on. She then runs to the corner and jumps into the air, hitting Kao’s with a bronco buster, straddling his face and grinding up and down on it.

JOHNSON: ”Oh now, calm down, Vinny!”
VASSA: ”There isn’t much in this world that I wouldn’t do to be in Kid Kaos’ shows right now!”
Demi then stands to her feet and grabs Kaos by the arm, pulling him up as well. She then drags him to the center of the ring and winds up with her right arm before landing a huge open handed slap across the chops. Kaos falls to one knee and then Demi turns to the ropes and runs towards them. Bouncing off and coming back with speed, Kaos quickly drops down to his stomach as Demi runs over him to the ropes across the ring. As her back bounces off the ropes, Kaos stands back up. Kaos then jumps into the air and spreads his legs as Demi runs underneath and goes to the opposite ropes. Hitting them and bouncing back, Demi rushes Kaos but gets caught off guard as he grabs her by the head and flips her over to the canvas with a hip toss. Kaos then lays a few punches into her head before rolling off and heading for his corner where Judd eagerly waits in the corner, reaching inside of the ring over the top rope.
The two slap hands as the ref recognizes the tag and Judd quickly climbs into the ring. Kaos falls against the corner catching his breath for a moment before the ref orders him to exit to the apron. Judd rushes Demi and kicks her a few times before she can get up. He then slaps her across the ass as the stinging sound cuts through the sounds of the crowd. Judd then lifts her up to her feet and then off her feet and holds her sideways for a moment before dropping her across his knee with a backbreaker. Judd then stands up and grabs her by the head with both hands. He then begins to drive his knee into the top of her head over and over with repeated knee strikes. Judd then stands up and pulls her up as well and traps both of her arm with his. He then lifts her up and bodyslams her to the canvas with force. On top, Judd hooks her leg as the ref drops down for the count.
Royce quickly enters the ring…
Royce runs into the mix and stomps on the back of Judd’s head, breaking the pin before the ref can slam his hand to the mat for the three count. The ref quickly stands up and gets between Judd and Royce, pushing Royce to his corner. Judd pushes himself up and just as he does, Royce shoves the ref out of the way and rushes towards him. Royce slams his arm across the back of Judd, knocking him face first to the canvas. The ref then grabs Royce’s arm and turns him around, pointing for him to go to the corner before he starts to count. Royce backs away from Judd and climbs onto the apron, giving Demi plenty of time to recover and get to her feet. With the refs back turned to the action, Demi pulls Judd up to his feet but gets blindsided with a superkick to the back of the head from Kaos. Demi falls to the mat as Kaos quickly climbs back onto the apron before the ref even notices. Judd then takes off running towards Royce and hits him with a shoulder block, sending him up and over the top rope, crashing to the floor below.
The swarm of wrestlers on the outside quickly move in on Royce and attack him while he’s down. Judd then lifts Demi up to her feet and bodyslams her in the center of the ring. He then runs to the ropes and hits them hard, bouncing back with speed. As he gets within range, Judd leaps into the air, flipping, and hits Demi with a running senton splash. He then rolls over and covers her for the pin as the ref drops down for the count while Royce is still out of the picture, being beaten on the outside of the ring.

VASSA: ”Judd Grunge has pinned Demi Griffin! He gave Black listed their first strike!”
JOHNSON: ”These two are really impressing us tonight as they have a two pin streak going now.”
VASSA: ”They’ve been in two intense bouts and it appears they are beginning to take their toll.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s the downside to dishing out the pins in this crazy match. The winning team simply doesn’t have a chance to rest before facing another team.”
VASSA: ”Who’s next? The five other teams all have a strike against them while Sinister Minds sits with a clean slate.”
The ref helps Demi exit the ring while Judd stands in the corner, talking it up with Kaos once more. After a brief discussion, Judd points to the outside directly at Jessica Connors. Not noticing, Dragons of Harmony continue the assault with the others on the outside to Royce. An official from the side of the ring then pats them on the back, grabbing their attention away from the madness and letting them know it’s their turn to get back into the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Dragons of Harmony will get their second chance in the gauntlet.”
VASSA: ”Sinister Minds has been in there for a good while now so if these ladies are smart, they’ll take advantage of their fatigue.”
Dazi and Jessica slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope and talk amongst themselves before Jessica steps out onto the apron, leaving Dazi to start things off. Not wasting any time, Judd takes off from the corner and rushes Dazi in the corner. As he lunges forward, Dazi side steps him, leading him into a foot to the mouth as Jessica kicks from the outside. Judd stumbles back a couple of steps before Dazi moves in with quickness and lays him out with a hard elbow to the forehead. She then crawls on top of him and goes to town with a series of punches, knocking Judd senseless as each one lands with force. She then pushes herself up from Judd and throws her arms in the air as the adrenaline pumps through her body.
She then grabs Judd by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Delivering a few quick knees to the stomach, she then hits him with a European uppercut, knocking his head back in a flash. As Judd takes a step back, she then swings forward with a right hand but misses as Judd catches her arm and then throws her to the ropes behind him. Dazi hits the ropes and comes back with speed as Judd waits for her return. As she gets near, he swings with a big right hook but misses as she ducks underneath and continues to run right by. Dazi then changes her angle in stride and rushes Kaos in the corner before jumping into the air and planting her feet on the middle ropes. In the blink of an eye, Dazi throws a powerful punch that connects with Kaos head, knocking him down from the apron and to the floor below. The wrestlers on the outside quickly move in on him and attack before he can get to his feet.
Judd then rushes towards her but before he can get close, Dazi springboards off the middle ropes into the air. As she soars, she turns her body and once facing Judd, she wraps her arm around his head and plants his head into the mat with a tornado DDT. Judd’s feet go straight into the air before tumbling over and falling to his back. Dazi then rolls over and covers him as the ref sweeps in for the count with Kaos still occupied on the outside of the ring.

VASSA: ”Dragons of Harmony giving Sinister Minds their first strike. I like it!”
JOHNSON: ”This could be a good thing for Sinister Minds as they’ll have a chance to rest and catch a breather before climbing back into the ring.”
The official helps Judd exit the ring while the ladies chat it up for a moment and then quickly point to Mannie and Alec on the outside, watching from a distance as the others continue to assault Kaos. Manie and Alec then look at each other and laugh for a moment before cutting their eyes back to the ladies. The two then roll into the ring but before they can get up, Dazi and Jessica are right there to stomp on them. Jessica attacks mannie as Dazi kicks Alec in the gut over and over, wearing the big man down. Jessica then kicks Mannie in the head and sends him rolling underneath the rope and falling to the floor below. The ref then pulls Jessica away and orders her to go to the corner, naming Dazi and Alec as the two legal wrestlers.
Before Mannie can get up, Royce is right there to greet him with a stiff punch to the jaw. The others then join in and go to town on Mannie while he’s down. Dazi continues to kick Alec before getting her leg caught. Alec then twists her ankle and pulls her down to the canvas. He quickly gets up to his feet and draws back to swing down with a power punch but suddenly stops as he notices mannie being attacked on the outside. Alec then walks to the ropes and leans over, yelling for the other wrestlers to leave him alone. Catching Royce’s attention, the two lock eyes. Royce pulls himself away from the pack and approaches the ring, running off at the mouth. The two exchange words for a moment before Alec grows angry.

JOHNSON: ”Wait a second!”
Back to her feet, Dazi drops down to one knee behind Alec and pulls him backwards to the canvas for a quick rollup. The ref drops down for the count, with his back to the ropes, leaving Dazi free to prop her feet on the bottom rope for leverage as the count begins.

VASSA: ”Payback is a bitch!”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, Vinny.”
Dazi quickly removes her feet from the bottom rope before the ref stands up and takes notice. She then rolls away from Alec, leaving him to burst up in a rage. Before he can come at her, the ref steps in front and orders for him to exit the ring. The two argue for a moment before Alec turns around in a fit and climbs out of the ring. He then rushes to the assault on Mannie and pushes everyone away before pulling him up to his feet. The group of wrestlers back away, giving them space before an outside official intervenes and points them to head to the back. Mannie and Alec stare at him for a moment before making hand gestures and turning to storm up the ramp unpleased with the outcome.
As the ref inside the ring watches, Dazi taps him on the shoulder and quickly points at Film Addicts. Wasting no time, Sydney slides into the ring and pops up to her feet. She then charges Dazi and the two exchange punches in the center of the ring, beating the living hell out of one another. Sydney then grabs her by the arm and throws Dazi to the ropes. Just as Dazi gets in range, Sydney lifts her up from the mat and with her momentum, she spins her and drops her across her knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dazi bounces off and falls to her stomach but Sydney doesn’t give her a split second to rest. Sydney then stops on the back of her shoulder and then reaches down, grabbing her by the head and pulling her up to her feet. Standing her up, Sydney then jumps into the air and wraps her legs around Dazi’s head and falls backwards, flipping Dazi and throwing her across the ring with a hurricanrana.
Sydney then gets up and lifts Dazi back to her feet before throwing her to the corner where Everett patiently awaits. Just as Dazi hits the corner, Sydney is right there to follow up with a running knee to the stomach. She then slaps hands with Everett initiating the tag. Everett enters the ring nodding at Sydney with a grin on his face and then turns to Dazi. He then climbs over her, standing on the middle ropes and begins to swing downward, connecting with punches as the crowd counts along with each landing.

“One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six…”
Dazi then wraps her arms around his waist and steps away from the turnbuckle, holding him in mid-air. Walking to the center of the ring, Dazi falls forward, dropping Everett to the canvas with a powerbomb. As his body hits the mat, Dazi’s head crushes his junk. Everett quickly rolls over to his stomach in the fetal position, holding himself in a world of pain. Dazi then gets to her feet and goes to the corner where Jessica is leaning over the top rope, reaching inside of the ring, waiting for the tag. The two slap hands and Jessica quickly enters the ring. She rushes Everett and kicks him in the ribs a few times, adding more pain to the already unbearable level inflicted. She then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet and unloads with a huge slap across the cheek, sending a sharp sound echoing throughout the theater. Jessica then steps behind him and wraps her arms around his waist before lifting him up and dropping him to the canvas with a belly to back suplex.
Jessica pops to her feet and kicks Everett some more in the side of the ribs before running to the ropes with speed. As she hits them and comes back, she goes to drop a quick elbow but comes up short as Everett rolls out of the way at the very last moment. Hitting the mat hard with her elbow, Jessica takes some damage and holds her arm in pain. Everett then crawls to his corner where Sydney is reaching inside waiting for the tag. The two slap hands and Sydney enters the ring and rushes towards Jessica. As she approaches, Sydney delivers a quick running drop kick to the side of Jessica’s head, sending her rolling across the ring. Sydney then gets up and grabs her by the arm, pulling her back to her feet. The two then lock up and struggle for control, slowly making their way to the ropes.
Sydney then gets the advantage and drives her knee upward into Jessica’s stomach. Jessica lunges over, giving Sydney the chance to wrap her arm around her head. All of a sudden, Dazi leaps over the top rope and enters the ring. She rushes to aide Jessica but Sydney quickly takes notice. As Dazi swings forward with a hard right, Sydney ducks, sending Dazi up and over the top rope to the floor below. As soon as Dazi hits the floor, the swarm is right there to chow down on the fallen piece of meat. Sydney then drags Jessica to the center of the ring and delivers another knee to the stomach. She then slaps Jessica across the face and takes off towards the ropes behind her. As Sydney comes back with speed, she jumps into the air with a flip, catching Jessica’s head in the process and flipping her up and over, planting her head into the canvas with a somersault DDT.

JOHNSON: ”I believe she calls that Falling Up.”
VASSA: ”I believe these two need to have a mud wrestling match after the show!”
Sydney then covers Jessica for the pin, with Dazi on the outside being attacked, as the ref drops in for the count.

VASSA: ”NNOOO!!! Not Dragons of Harmony!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s it for them tonight as that pinfall officially eliminates them from the contest.”
VASSA: ”DAMNIT!!! Now this match is just one big sausage fest with two biscuits in the mix.”
The ref assists Jessica to the ropes and helps her climb down to the floor. The outside official pulls the pack of wolves away from Dazi and helps her up as well before clearing a path for the two to exit ringside. Sydney then walks over to her corner and discusses things with Everett before the two decide who to call out next. Sydney then gets the refs attention and points at John Blade but before her finger comes to a stop, Royce steps in front of him. The ref then calls for Royce and Demi to enter the ring as Sydney looks back at Everett with a look of worry on her face.
Demi slides into the ring while Royce climbs the ring steps and stands at the corner of the apron. Sydney then walks to the center of the ring as Demi shortly follows. The two then lock up but before a struggle for control even takes place, Demi stomps on Sydney’s foot and then sweeps in and takes her down to the mat with a single leg takedown. Demi then crawls on top and opens up a can with a fury of punches. Demi then pushes against her Sydney’s face, using it as leverage to stand back to her feet. She then grabs Sydney by the head and pulls her up as well. Demi then applies a side headlock and cranks down on the pressure before taking a few steps forward and leaping into the air. Dragging Sydney along for the ring, Demi plants her face into the canvas with a bulldog.
Demi then pops back up to her feet and circles Sydney for a moment before grabbing her by the back of the head and pulling her up. Demi then spins her around and lands back to back slaps across the chest before grabbing her arm and throwing her to the ropes. As Sydney comes back, Demie lifts her from the mat and drives her into the canvas with a powerslam that rattles the ring upon impact. Demi then pops up and goes to the corner where Royce is patiently watching and waiting for the tag. The two slap hands and Royce enters the ring with confidence. Wasting no time, he grabs Sydney by the head and pulls her to her feet and then lifts her over his head. Holding her up for a moment, he then tosses her across the ring, flipping her over to hit the mat flat on her back. Royce then goes to the ropes and comes back with a devastating leg drop across the throat, sending Sydney’s feet flying into the air as his leg pins her head to the mat.
He then gets up and circles her for a moment before grabbing her by the arm and jerking her to her feet. Royce then throws her to the ropes with power. As Sydney hits the ropes, she locks her arms around the top one, holding herself back. Before Royce can react, Sydney rushes to the corner and quickly tags Everett in. Everett climbs through the ropes only to see Royce charging at him full speed. Royce lunges forward with a right hook but misses as Everett ducks underneath and steps to the side. Royce quickly turns to face him and throws another right hook but misses again as Everett sidesteps. Growing angry, Royce then lunges forward with another punch and misses again but this time, Everette sidesteps him and gives him a quick kick to the ribcage. Everett then jumps into the air and lays him out with a standing dropkick. Royce hits the mat hard and lays there for a moment while Everett gets back to his feet.
Everett then grabs him by the arm and pulls him to his feet, clinching his hands around Royce’s wrist. Everett then twists Royce’s arm and jumps, driving his knee underneath his armpit. Royce stumbles back a step, holding his arm in pain. He then swings forward with his other hand but gets taken down to the mat as Everett sidesteps him and counters with a drop toe hold. Everett then stands up and locks his leg into Royce’s and falls back, bending it in an awkward position and slamming it to the mat. Everett then rolls away and gets to his feet before Royce can even begin to. Everett grabs him by the arm and pulls him up once more. With Royce barely able to stand, Everett runs to the rope beside Demi. As his back hits them, Demi kicks through the top and middle ropes, planting her foot in the lower part of his back. Everett stumbles forward and falls to one knee, reaching around to his back and holding it in pain. Royce then rushes in, spinning down to one knee and delivering a huge back elbow to Everett’s face.
Everett falls backwards to the mat as Royce pops up in a rage and rushes to the corner, catching Sydney off guard and knocking her to the floor with a clothesline. He then turns back and move in on Everett as the wrestlers on the outside swarm Sydney. Royce quickly covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”That’s it for the Film Addicts.”
VASSA: ”Tonight was their debut and it was still good whether or not they walk out of this mayhem with the win.”
JOHNSON: ”Well we’re down to three teams left.”
The ref helps Sydney to the ropes. On the outside, the official moves everyone back from Everett and helps him get to his feet. Him and Sydney then join side by side and limp to the back. Back in the ring, Royce bounces back and forth staring at one team on the outside and one team alone. Without even talking to Demi, Royce points at Grunge with a smile on his face. Sinister Minds then climb onto the apron and discuss things for a moment before Kaos takes lead and enters through the ropes. Before getting his feet settled, Kaos darts off and rushes towards Royce. Ready for what’s coming, Royce throws his hands up and blocks a quick kick to the head. He then lunges forward and grabs Kaos and throws him to the mat. Royce then kicks him in the back and follows up by jumping into the air and coming down with an elbow. Before making contact, Kaos rolls out of the way as Royce crashes to the mat.
The two quickly rush to their feet but Kaos is the first to stand and moves in quickly just as Royce gets up. Kaos then goes on the attack with multiple kicks to Royce’s legs. After half a dozen, Kaos then spins around and delivers a stiff mule kick to Royce’s stomach. Kaos then grabs him by the head and jumps into the air, coming down and driving Royce’s face into the canvas. he then stands to his feet and stomps on Royce a few times before grabbing ahold of his arm and pulling him to his feet. Kaos then wraps his arms around Royce and goes to lift him up but gets stopped as Royce slams his head forward, connecting with an headbutt. Royce then lunges forward, grabbing Kaos by the head, and slams him backwards to the mat. Royce then goes to the corner and tags Demi in. The ref recognizes the tag as she storms into the ring and rushes in on Kaos. Leaping into the air, she comes down with a knee but misses at the last second as Kaos rolls out of the way.
Kaos then pops up to his feet and runs to the ropes as she slowly pushes herself up. Once up to one knee, Demi looks up only to get wiped out with an enziguri. Kaos then kicks her while she’s down a few times and then jumps into the air and stomps on her arm with both feet as he drives them down. He then grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her feet and locks her in, lifting her up and flipping her over to the mat with a northern lights suplex. After hitting the mat, Kaos bridges it into a pin as the ref drops down for the count.
Demi kicks out of the pin before Royce even has a chance to enter the ring. Kaos gets to his feet and kicks her in the side once before grabbing her by the arm and pulling her to her feet. He then grabs her by the head and jumps up, pulling her head up and on the way down, slamming her face into his knee. Demi stands straight up after the blow to the face, stunned and in a daze. Kaos then jumps forward and wipes her out with a clothesline. he then crawls on top of her and begins to throw lefts and rights, connecting with one after the other. Standing to his feet, Kaos lifts Demi up one more and then throws her to his corner. As she hits the turnbuckle, he’s right there to knock her senseless with a leaping body splash. Barely able to hold herself up with the ropes, Demi falls to a sitting position as Kaos slaps hands with Judd, initiating the tag.
Judd enters the ring and then drives multiple knees to Demi’s face. He then stands her up and lifts her onto the top of the turnbuckle. Judd then plants his hands on her and lifts her up from the corner and holds her above his head. He then tosses her to the center of the ring crashing to her back. Judd then runs to her and drops a quick rolling knee across her forehead. He then lifts her up and runs his mouth for a minute before going to lock up with her. Out of nowhere, Demi rakes his eyes, stopping him in his tracks. She then backpedals to the corner where Royce reaches across the ropes and taps her back. The ref recognizes the tag and Royce springboards over the top rope into the ring. He then runs towards Judd and knocks him flat to his back with a running shoulder block. Royce then positions himself over Judd’s head and begins to drive knees into his head, over and over.
Royce then stands up and paces the ring before turning his attention to Kaos in the corner. The two lock eyes as the tension builds between the two. Meanwhile, Judd slowly starts to get to his feet. Just as he does, Royce turns his attention back to him and then runs towards him. Leaping into the air, Royce flies towards Judd and lays him out with a flying knee to the chops. Judd falls to his back, out cold as Royce rolls to his feet. Royce then covers for the pin as the ref drops down for the count and Demi begins to climb into the ring.
Kaos quickly enters the ring and rushes to break the pin…
Kaos and Demi collide into each other, crashing to the mat as the ref continues the count.

VASSA: ”Royce and Demi evened the score between the two! Sinister Minds is eliminated!”
JOHNSON: ”After laying Judd Grudge out with the RG-Knee, he didn’t have a chance!”
VASSA: ”We’re down to two teams left but Kaos and Demi and ripping each other apart.”
JOHNSON: ”The official needs to get him and Judd out of the ring.”
Kaos positions himself on top of Demi and begins to connects with punches from all over the place. Royce then pops to his feet and rushes him from behind, tackling him off of Demi. Kaos and Royce roll around the ring for a moment, fighting with each other before the ref rushes in and tries to break the two apart. After separating them, the ref pulls Kaos away as Demi does the same to Royce. The official from outside of the ring then comes in to assist Judd in exiting the ring. Kaos stands his ground for a moment, ready to throw down but the ref stands in front of him. Finally convincing him to leave the ring, the ref points Kaos to the outside. After a brief exchange of words, Kaos rolls out of the ring and walks over to Judd, helping him stand to his feet. The two then head up the ramp towards the back.
Demi then goes to the corner and climbs onto the apron before Royce follows but stays in the ring. On the outside, Blade and Hixx appear afraid to enter the ring. After talking amongst themselves for a moment, the official on the outside orders them to enter the ring and begins to count them out. Hesitantly, they slide into the ring and once up to their feet…
Royce runs in and takes both of them out with a double clothesline. He then reaches down and grabs Blade by the head, lifting him up to his feet. Royce then lifts him up and carries him to the ropes and tosses him up and over to the outside. Turning his attention back to Hixx, Royce grabs her by the hair and jerks her to her feet. He then throws her to the corner with all of his might. As she collides with the turnbuckle, Royce is right behind her to crush her face with a running big boot. Hixx falls to a sitting position as Royce slaps hands with Demi. Royce then reaches down and lifts Hixx to her feet as Demi climbs the corner and stands on the top rope. Royce then lifts her up in the air but before bring her down, Demi leaps from the top rope and delivers a kicks her face. In a fluid motion after the kick, Royce plants hixx into the canvas with a spinebuster.

JOHNSON: ”The Blackout!!!”
Royce then pops up to his feet and climbs onto the apron as Demi quickly covers for the pin.
“Think We Got A Problem” hits the speakers as Royce climbs back into the ring and helps Demi to her feet. The two then embrace for a moment as the ref comes over and raises both of their hands in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winners of the tag team elimination lumberjack gauntlet… Demi and Royce Griffin… BLACK LLIISSTTEEDD!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Well we have our challengers for the Tag Team championships later on tonight. Black Listed will step into the ring with New Gen Rising.”
VASSA: ”I hope New Gen is ready for these two. Just weeks ago Black Listed had them on the edge of losing before they chose to leave the ring and take the count out.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think that will be happening tonight. Rumor has it that New Gen must finish this match without a count out or disqualification.”
VASSA: ”Rumor?”
JOHNSON: ”Supposedly those were Mr. Wallace’s words to be exact but I don’t believe anything unless I hear it from him.”
VASSA: ”At least New Gen will be fresh. Demi and Royce just went through hell to secure this win.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a moment folks while we clear the ring for out next match. Sit tight!”

The scene goes backstage where Nick Watson is currently preparing for a hell of a match with Sativa. He is stretching and prepping himself for whatever is to come his way, which at that point, and time may as well be anything. Yet, he looks calm, and collected.

MADOK: ”Looks like you are ready to go kick some ass and take some names.”
The voice of Watson’s manager off screen, brings the camera around to see Madok standing in the doorway, looking at the man he has been trying to prepare for this moment. Nick simply nods, words have been spoken, and now fate will decide whether he walks out a winner or a loser tonight. Nick would rather be a winner, but sometimes life just doesn’t work that way, and Nick understands that, yet he is greedy for a win here.

MADOK: ”Well lets go. You’ve got a big match to win.”
Watson nods and joins Madok in the doorway as the scene goes back to ringside.


The theatre grows dark and the crowd jump to their feet, “No Juice” By Lil’ Boosie blasts through the speakers, Carlos makes his way from behind the curtain playing the crowd, not caring about the mix reaction Carlos throws his middle fingers in the air while making his way down the ramp way, he reaches the ring and jumps up on the apron, he stands there for a second looking all around the theatre before climbing into the ring.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Puerto Rico, weighing in at one hundred seventy pounds, CARLOS TORREZ!!!”
VASSA: ”Oh ain’t that classy?”
JOHNSON: ”Well Torrez isn’t exactly showing anyone any respect right now and the fans here in Las Vegas are giving it to him.”
VASSA: ”Let’s see how this kid goes when he dances with the devil!”
The opening chords of “Love Me Electric” cut through the theater as the lights dim and a spotlight hits the curtain as The Dirty Devil walks out from behind it. He raises his hands up from his sides as the crowd cheers him on. He may not be the most popular guy in the world but the crowd connects with him as Connor slides under the bottom rope and rests his forearm on his knee as he looks out over the crowd.

POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for onefall! Introducing first from Dirtyville, California, weighing in at 228 pounds, CONNOR GATES!!!”
They are already singing along with the music as he stands to his feet and gets to his feet. Walking over and resting one foot on the second rope and the other on the bottom rope as he leans forward and yells at the crowd to get them all fired up for the ass kicking he is about to deliver to his opponent.

JOHNSON: ”And here he is, The Dirty Devil himself and the man who won that big rumble match on Adrenaline.”
VASSA: ”Well we’ll just see if he can actually win by the usual means, eh. I mean Richards kinda did a lot of the work for him, right?”
JOHNSON: ”That could be said, yes but he has his chance to prove himself here at Winter Wasteland against one of the men from that rumble, Carlos Torrez.”
The match starts and the two quickly lock up but Gates shows off the size difference between himsef and Torrez, shoving him straight down into the mat. Torrez quickly gets back up with a scowl on his face. They lock up once more and Gates once again shoves him away, not very impressed with what Torrez is giving him right now. For the third time they go to lock up by Gates instead gives a boot to the midsection of Torrez, following by a big swinging punch to the side of the face as Torrez retreats to the corner, hiding behind the ropes, demanding that the referee backs Gates up.

JOHNSON: “Well probably not the start that Carlos Torrez was looking for.”
VASSA: “Kid’s like 100 pounds soaking wet, The Dirty Devil ain’t even trying. This one will be over soon. BORING.”
JOHNSON: “I wouldn’t count Torrez out just yet. While he’s smaller, he’s bound to have some tricks up his sleeve.”
As the referee backs Gates up, who is not happy with giving his opponent breathing room, Torrez charges past the referee into Gates with a swift hard back elbow shot which knocks him right off of his feet. Like a shark that smells blood in water, Torrez immediately jumps on Gates, pummeling him with lefts and rights. He quickly gets back to his feet and starts going to work on the knee of Gates, stomping away at it. Gates tries to shove Torrez away and gain some separation but he just uses the momentum, hits the ropes, and drops an elbow down before wrenching the joint in a very awkward position.

JOHNSON: “What did I tell you?”
VASSA: “Eh, maybe the kid ain’t so bad. He’s vicious. Like a chihuahua.”
JOHNSON: “We’ll see if he can keep it up and keep Connor Gates grounded.”
Torrez continues to wrench and beat down on the knee of Gates, who is in extreme amounts of pain. He starts to fight back, hurling some shots towards to the pretty boy face of Torrez who relinquishes the hold. Gates hobbles up to one leg as Torrez shows some dissatisfaction for Gates trying to damage his beautiful face. Torrez charges in but Gates uses this small window to leap up and plant his knee square in the face of Torrez as he rolls right out of the ring. Gates hobbles for a bit, his knee tweaked but uses this time to try and recooperate. Torrez on the other hand is on his knees on the outside of the ring, making sure his face isn’t too mangled.

VASSA: “Seriously? Is this kid worried about a nose bleed or what?”
JOHNSON: “Maybe he’s hurt? That was a pretty brutal knee and Gates seems to be recovering pretty well in the ring.”
VASSA: “Oh boy. This ain’t gonna go down too well for Torrez’s moosh I can tell you that.”
Gates slides outside the ring and approaches Torrez from behind, shoving him face first into the ring post knocking him for a loop as he falls down to his hands and knees. Gates shows no mercy and no hesitation before giving him a swift kick to the midsection as Torrez tumbles onto his back in pain. The referee admonishes Gates for being outside the ring after getting to a count of 4 before Gates picks up Torrez and throws him back inside the ring. He hits the ropes and as he approaches a downed Torrez he drops a knee right across his skull before going for the first pinfall of the match.

JOHNSON: “And now after a strong start, Torrez on the defensive after taking some serious shots from The Dirty Devil Connor Gates.”
VASSA: “Yeah that strong start lasted like five minutes, if that. Kid’s probably blown up, lanky fella. Gates is gonna tear him up like I tear up a bag of Doritos.”
JOHNSON: “Alrighty…”
VASSA: “You don’t like Doritos?”
Following the nearfall pinning attempt, Gates quickly mounts Torrez before striking him aggressively with some elbows and closed fists. Torrez covers up before being able to squirm out of the predicament, retreating to the corner once again. Gates charges towards Torrez as he dropkicks the knees out, dropping Gates onto one knee before driving his boot right into the face of Gates as he falls onto his back. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Torrez quickly hits the ropes and drops a double legged drop onto the midsection of Gates before going for the cover.

JOHNSON: “And he nearly had him there.”
VASSA: “Yeah totally. Bet it doesn’t even take any effort getting that scrawny frame off of your body. Hell I could fight this kid.”
JOHNSON: “Then why don’t you?”
VASSA: “Too fucking lazy, basically.”
JOHNSON: “Fair enough.”
The crowd starts chanting for Connor Gates to get back into this match, much to the dismay of Carlos Torrez who starts screaming at the audience to shut up, only causing them to get louder. “Dirty Devil” chants echo throughout the arena causing distress for Torrez. Due to this he returns to taking it Gates with some stiff strikes. He pulls him up to his feet and lifts him up for a suplex before sharply dropping Gates’ neck onto the mat with a sick brainbuster. He floats into the cover and hooks the leg.

VASSA: “Dude that was pretty sick.”
JOHNSON: “What a brainbuster! He calls that #FateByNature!”
VASSA: “Hash tag. Really. Damn kids these days.”
Torrez is in disbelief that Gates was able to kickout and starts arguing with the referee that it was a three count. He gives the referee a shove and his admonished heavily for it. Torrez decides it to be wise to return to the downed Gates instead of getting himself disqualified. He goes to pick Gates up by the hair but is instead met with a sneaky inside cradle pinning attempt!

JOHNSON: “Gates almost stole one!”
VASSA: “Bah gawd!”
Both men jump to the feet and Torrez is met with a big time clothesline, knocking him for a loop. Torrez stumbles to his feet and is met with a kick to the midsection as Gates locks him in a double underhook before lifting him up and dropping his back down onto his knee. Torrez writhes in pain as Gates goes to the top rope and drops the big fist down, right on the button. Gates starts channelling the emotions from the crowd and is beckoning for Torrez to get back to his feet. Torrez groggily gets upto one knee before Gates quickly grabs him and drives his head into the mat with a Snap DDT. Gates rolls the seemingly lifeless Torrez onto his back for the cover.

JOHNSON: “Gotta give the kid credit where it’s due he ain’t giving up!”
VASSA: “He got guts. Or no brains. Either one.”
JOHNSON: “And you know all about having no brains, isn’t that right?”
VASSA: “Some might call me an expert…wait what?”
JOHNSON: “Oh nothing.”
Gates pushes himself up and looks down at Torrez, shaking his head in disbelief. He then grabs him by the arm and pulls him to his feet. Once up, Torrez pushes him away and then kicks him in the side of the leg. He then kicks with his other leg and lands a stinging blow in the side of Gates ribs. Torrez then lunges forward with a punch but misses as Gates side steps him and grabs his wrist. Holding onto his wrist, Gates positions himself behind Torrez, pulling his arm across his body and over his shoulder. Gates then lifts him up in a revere fireman’s carry position and turns around to the center of the ring before lifting him up and flipping him to the front of his body. On the way down, Gates lays him out with a Psycho Driver III.

JOHNSON: ”The Dirty Driver!”
VASSA: ”That looked nasty!”
JOHNSON: ”Connor Gates is going for the pin again!”
Gates covers Torrez for the pin as the ref drops in for the count.

VASSA: ”And that’s all she wrote!”
JOHNSON: ”After an impressive debut two weeks ago with winning the eight person rumble, Gates impresses tonight with a win over Carlos Torrez.”
“Love Me Electric” hits the speakers as Gates stands to his feet and the ref raises his hand in the air. He paces around the ring, looking down at Torrez before walking to the ropes and looking over the crowd.

VASSA: ”Things are off to a great start so far tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”We still have a lot more in store. We’ll be right back here at ringside in a few moments folks.”


VASSA:” If the first half of this night is any indication, we’re in for a spectacular finish, Steve! “
JOHNSON:” We most certainly are. We now know that New Gen Rising will face off against Black Listed in the tag team title match later on tonight. We still have the Pride, Extreme, and South-West Championships to be decided as well! “
VASSA:” But first we get the butcher, Dakota Smith taking on the twisted angel, Christine Nash. “
JOHNSON:” You said it, Vinny, and this one is going to be good! “
The lights go out and the crowd gets quiet. Lights up as wehear “Circus for a Psycho” begins. Then the lights flash and Christine And Ryan Ward appears on the stage. She bend over to touch the ground and then back up whipping her hair as she moves. She cocks her head and then poses for the crowd as she blows them a kiss. She then walks down the ramp as the crowd has a mixed reaction. Some boo and some cheer.

POWERS:” Making her way to the ring, residing from Ottawa, Illinois, Being Escorted By Ryan Ward, The Twisted Angel Christine! “
She slides into the ring and then poses again for the crowd before sitting on the turnbuckle in the corner waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON:” Dakota better keep his eye on Ryan Ward who has accompanied Christine to the ring. “
“Dance With the Devil” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the theatre gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face as he marches down to the ring.

POWERS:” And her opponent, making his way down to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-one pounds hailing from the halls of the arena, He is… DAAAAKOTTTA SMIIIIITH!! “
He makes no time to stop for the audience – that is until he reaches the ring. He then bounces from one foot to the other, looking around the theatre. A slight smirk grows on his lips before he bolts into the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He plants his fists down on the mat and pushes himself up. Then he circles the ring a few times, staring at Nash before going to his respective corner.

JOHNSON:” This would be a huge win for both competitors here tonight. “
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Both Smith and Nash rush to the ring and lock up quickly. Dakota uses his size and backs Nash up into the corner and follows it up with a nice knee to the midsection. The knee causes Nash to buckle and Smith is enjoying it. Smith follows it up with three more vicious knees, but this time to the face. The ref pulls Smith aside, but he has none of it and goes right back on the attack. Smith pulls Nash to an upright position and rocks her with a right hand before pulling her to the center of the ropes. He whips her across the ring and catches her with a running knee lift as she bounces off. Instead of going for the pin, Smith puts his boot on the head of Nash and rakes it across her face.

VASSA:” No! Not the face!! “
JOHNSON:” Dakota Smith has complete control of this match. “
Smith picks Nash back up and sends her to the ropes. Nash holds onto the top rope which infuriates Smith as he takes off running. Nash ducks the attack, his the opposite end of the ring, but gets put the mat with a knee to the midsection as she bounces off. A quick turn around for Dakota Smith, catching her offense with some defense. Smith picks Nash up off the ground and sticks her to the corner with a hard irish whip. Smith runs after her as Nash runs at him, and knocks his legs out from under him with a front dropkick, dropping him face first on the mat. Smith starts crawling to the corner and gets up into a seated position and is immediately hit with a corner dropkick.

JOHNSON:” The power of the dropkick, Vinny! Nash is back in this thing! “
VASSA:” High impact dropkicks too! “
Smith crawls away from the corner as Nash pulls herself up on the ropes, holding her midsection. Smith pulls himself up on the ropes as Nash gets a running start. She clashes with Smith and both go over the top rope, bounces off the apron and onto the padded floor.

JOHNSON:” Christine put everything she had into that clothesline. Both are out on the outside and the ref starts the count! “
Both get up to their feet and Nash rocks Smith with a stiff right hand. Smith returns the favor and both are reeling.
Nash sneaks in another right hand and runs to slide back into the ring, but Smith grabs her by the foot and pulls her back outside. Dakota uses such force that she smacks her face off the padding on the outside. Smith picks her up and rams her back first into the ring apron.
Smith rolls Nash back in and follows. He makes the first pin attempt.

JOHNSON:” Nash gets the shoulder up! “
VASSA:” The middle part of Nash has to be aching. First the gut and now the back. “
Smith gets back to his feet and doesn’t look too happy as Nash crawls on all fours. Smith kicks her right in the midsection and she topples over on her back. He quickly jumps up in the air and hits a double foot stomp.

JOHNSON:” Dakota is clearly targeting that mid section of Christine Nash. “
Smith picks Nash up and rocks her with another right hand, knocking her back into the corner. He grabs her by the arm and sends her to the opposite corner with a hard irish whip. Smith goes for the running clothesline again, but Nash pulls her legs into the air and wraps them around the neck of the incoming Dakota Smith. She hangs her back over the top rope and pulls Smith over the top rope with her legs. Nash lands on the apron as Smith topples back to the outside.

JOHNSON:” This match keeps going back to the outside area and I think that falls right into the hands of Dakota Smith. “
VASSA:” That may be his home away from home, but don’t count Nash out. “
JOHNSON:” I’m doing no such thing! “
Nash pulls herself up on the apron as Smith gets to his feet, holding his neck. Smith turns around as Nash runs the length of the apron, hops off, and connects with a hurricanrana. Smith slides across the padding as Nash pulls herself up and slides back under the bottom rope.

JOHNSON:” We’re already at a three count, Vinny. “
VASSA:” Smith better get back! “
Smith begins crawling towards the ring, reaches the apron, and falls to his chest. He puts his head halfway under the ring and pulls out a small bag.

VASSA:” What does Dakota have, Steve? You got eyes on this? “
JOHNSON:” I’m in the same position as you, Vin. “
The apron is up a bit as Smith dumps the bag out to reveal thumb tacks.
Dakota Smith puts two thumb tacks between his fingers, pulls himself up, and pushes himself back into the ring.

JOHNSON:” Those were definitely thumbtacks. He’s going to get himself disqualified. “
VASSA:” Only if he gets caught! “
Nash puts a boot to the chest of Smith as he rolls to the center of the ring. Nash bends down to the pick him up and he strikes her with the hand loaded with thumbtacks. Nash bounces backwards, holding her face. Smith quickly gets up and hits her with another loaded right hand. Nash falls to one knee as Smith positions himself behind her, and drags his fist across her forehead, causing a cut. He releases the hold as she puts her head over the middle rope. He puts a knee to the back of her head, choking her against the ropes. The ref pulls him off after a four count. He puts his hands up as the ref backs him away. He points towards Nash, telling him to check on her. Clearly a decoy as the ref turns his head, Smith slings the thumbtacks out of the ring.

JOHNSON:” The official has no idea what just happened and Nash’s forehead is bleeding. “
VASSA:” A little bit of the viciousness coming from Dakota. “
Smith picks the bloody Nash up and sends her back to the corner. He finally connects with a corner clothesline as Nash collapses into a seated position. Smith begins unloading with vicious kicks to chest and face of Christine Nash. Smith backs away from the hurting Nash, allowing her to get to her feet. He measures her up and goes for a spinning back fist, but Nash ducks it. She drops to the mat and hits Smith with another dropkick to the knee and he drops to one. She hops back up, hits the ropes and knocks Smith down with a knee to the cranium. Nash collapses back to the mat momentarily.

JOHNSON:” Nash is fighting with pure adrenaline now. The blood is still running! “
VASSA:” What a great back and forth from these two! “
Smith pulls himself up in the corner and is met with a corner clothesline from Nash. She hits him with a few shoulder thrusts before locking his neck up, spinning him around, and hitting a tornado DDT. She quickly hops to her feet, jumps up on the ropes, and hits a picture perfect springboard moonsault.

JOHNSON:” She hooks the legs!!! “

VASSA:” Shoulder up! “
Nash rolls off of Smith and gets to her knees. She rubs her hand across her forehead, noticing the blood. She pulls herself up and staggers over to the corner. She begins to ascend the top rope as the ref hovers over Smith. Nash crouches, waiting for Smith to get up. He finally does and Nash flies off the top rope. Smith pulls the ref in front of him and Nash topples down on the ref with a crossbody.

JOHNSON:” What a sly move from Dakota! Low! “
VASSA:” Gotta do what you gotta do, Steve. “
Smith goes over to Nash and Nash gets up and hits him with a low blow almost immediately. She puts his head between her legs and hooks the arms.

JOHNSON:” Nash looking for Angels Wings!! “
Smith breaks the grip, lifts up, and flips Nash over his back and over the top rope.

VASSA:” Back to the outside! “
Nash crashes the padding as Smith drops to the mat and rolls to the outside. Smith walks over to Nash, but stops in his tracks as he pulls up the apron and goes back under the ring. He pulls out a metal folding chair as Nash crawls around on the floor.

JOHNSON:” Oh come on! Not again! “
Nash gets to her feet, turns around, and dodges Smith’s chair shot. Nash pumps him with a couple of kicks and Smith drops the steel chair. She uses all of her force and rams Smith into the barrier. She quickly hops back on the apron and notices that the ref is still down. Smith staggers away from the barrier as Nash dives off, looking for the crossbody again, but Smith catches her in mid air. He runs, and wraps her back around the steel ring post. He drops her body to the padding and saunters back over to the chair. He picks the chair up and begins yelling at Christine Nash who is slow to get up. She turns around, right into a chair shot from Smith. He sticks the tip of the chair right into her rib cage and she hunches over. He drops the chair right below her head and then connects with a snap DDT right onto the folding chair.

JOHNSON:” The onslaught continue from Dakota. “
VASSA:” I thought Nash had the match turned around, but she paid for the high risk. “
JOHNSON:” You’re not going to mention the chair thing at all, huh? “
VASSA:” Eh, the ref should be doing his job. “
JOHNSON:” The ref WAS doing his job until Dakota used him as a shield. “
Smith kicks the chair back under the ring, before tossing Nash back under the bottom rope. The ref is on all fours, shaking the cob webs from his head. He reaches an upright position as Smith climbs back into the ring. Smith begins to stalk Nash as she is slow to get up. Smith pulls her around, kicks her in the gut, hooks her up into a fisherman suplex position. He lifts her up for the suplex, but transitions the suplex into a sitout spinebuster.

JOHNSON:” That could very well be it, Vinny. He calls that Deadman Wonderland. “
Dakota pins her arms to the mat with his legs as the ref counts.

JOHNSON:” What a match from both of these two. Dakota came away with the win and he is brutal. “
VASSA:” Great back and forth! “
JOHNSON:” I’m not sure how this would have went if Smith didn’t get away with a few things. Very shady guy. “
POWERS:” The winner of this match, Dakota Smith!!! “
VASSA:” A win is a win, Steve! Get with it! “
Smith gets to his feet and falls into the corner, looking down at Nash as the ref checks on her.

JOHNSON:” Back to the drawing board for Nash as Dakota continues to climb up the ladder. A quick break from us at ringside! “

With Christine Nash and Dakota Smith’s match coming to an end Ramona could finally look away from the small monitor she’d been watching it from in the back. She of course wanted to stay focused and prepare for her own upcoming fight but that was one battle that she knew she needed to see, wondering how Perry could have even condoned the thing in the first place. Already dressed for her match in some shorts and a tank top she zipped up a hoodie over the outfit to fight off the slight chill in the backstage of the theater.
In her own world in her own head space she could have continued the rest of this evening leading up to her Iron Match just fine by herself. One leg in a lunge position out before the other she braced both of her hands on top of it and leaned into the light hamstring stretch. Someone behind her cleared their throat, but Ramona didn’t turn around. Finally, hesitantly, they tapped her shoulder which did the trick. Much to Gabriel Hartman’s surprise the young woman greeted him with a smile.

RAMONA: “Well Mister Hartman, it’s been a long time since our last talk. I was afraid you’d forgotten all about me since that first encounter several months ago.”
GABRIEL: “Oh no forgetting you is kind of impossible all things considered. A lot has happened between now and then though though.”
RAMONA: “It certainly has and I’m glad you can say so too. So let me guess you’re hear to ask about my upcoming match? My newly formed partnership? What happened that suddenly I’ve gone bad?”
She raised her hands to add her own finger quotes around the word ‘bad’ in the last sentence, chuckling at the absurdity she found in it.

GABRIEL: “How about we just say all of the above. Your attitude change has been something that both of your last two opponents have made comments on.”
RAMONA: “And so have I. It’s not difficult to understand, it’s not god damn Dan Brown mystery novel, I just decided to stop playing nice with people that don’t matter to me and focus on getting ahead in my career. I know that in some people’s minds that must be the most evil thing ever but frankly, those people’s minds are about three IQ points away from being legally retarded.
Roxi Johnson thought I wasn’t worthy of the respect I’m due so she got beat. She got beat so badly her fame-whore, desperate for any and all attention wife has gone out of her way to block me, because even she’s too embarrassed to face the truth of it all. Roxi didn’t give respect, so she didn’t get it back. Same thing that happened to Lo’Renzo, I extended the olive branch and he spit at my feet. Honestly he shouldn’t have been surprised by the verbal beat down I gave him afterwards but really I don’t think he’s that entirely capable of very much forward thinking.”

GABRIEL: “Sativa?”
RAMONA: “Yeah we were just in the ring not that long ago. Did you not notice? Either way, I like her. We don’t see eye to eye on everything but where we do meet is where it truly matters. While every other girl here in 4CW whines on about their wedding, their boyfriend how their BFF totally betrayed them or their insecurities Sativa actually talks about her matches. And that is refreshing. Only makes sense to align yourself with an equal like that.”
GABRIEL: “Alright, fair enough. So in a bit you’ll be competing in a 30 minute Iron Man match–”
A backstage worker stepped in from the side, paying no attention to Hartman as he leaned in to address Ramona.

WORKER: “Excuse me ma’am, but there is … someone … an um … a bag lady I guess? You have a visitor is what I’m trying to say.”
RAMONA: “Well bring her here then! I put her name on the guest list several days ago, this is ridiculous. Bureaucracy at work, am I right Gabriel?”
She nudged the interviewer softly in the ribs with her elbow, chuckling to herself. He of course seemed a bit perturbed by it all and tightened the grip on his microphone in preparation. A moment later that same backstage crewman returned with a woman in tow. She was on the shorter side and appeared to be skinny underneath the multiple layers of clothing she wore which included a dirty brown Carhartt jacket and several scarves.
Her skin was so tan from day after day in the sun and dirty with grime it was hard to tell exactly what her genetic make up was or just how many years she’d lived on this earth. The woman put several dirty fingernails in her mouth and began to chew on them as she sized up both Ramona and Gabriel. Ramona bit her bottom lip, trying to hide her repulsion before she slapped on a fake smile.

RAMONA: “Misses Porter I’m so glad you could make it. Gabriel don’t be rude! Say hello to Lo’Renzo’s mom!”
It took another elbow to the man’s ribs to get him to respond. Against his will and better judgment he extended his hand to shake ‘Mama Porter’s.’

GABRIEL: “The pleasure is all mine I’m sure. So, you’re Lo’Renzo Porter’s mother?”
The woman croaked an overly enthusiastic reply with a voice that sounded like she’d been gargling asphalt.

‘MAMA PORTER:’ “Sure am! Truth be told Lo’Renzo was always my favorite child too. His brothers Hewey, Dewey and Louie are sweet too but little Lo-Lo is the apple of my eye. Him and his daughter Rene.”
GABRIEL: “I thought his son’s name was Reno..”
RAMONA: “Of course that’s what she meant Gabriel! This woman has been through a lot and her son Lo’Renzo won’t even send her money to eat because he’d rather roll it up and smoke it. Quit giving her such a hard time! I for one was so personally offended by Lo’Renzo’s treatment of his mother that I paid for Mama Porter’s trip out here so that she could see her son tonight. I put her up in a nice hotel room too! But is anyone going to thank me? Of course not.”
‘MAMA PORTER:’ “Mmm it’s true. My baby was always a selfish one and I told him that, I guess I didn’t do a very good job raising him though. Hopefully he’ll do a better job with his son.”
Ramona snorted so hard that she had to cover her mouth, bending at the waist as a big belly laugh escaped her.

RAMONA: “Oh no, that kid is screwed too trust me. Might as well let Jerry Sandusky try and raise him, he’d probably do better. Don’t worry about it though Miss Porter, you got enough to fret over tonight seeing as I intend on making an even bigger fool out of Lo’Renzo than his literacy skills do.
I just wish this match had a few less restrictions in it so I could beat him with a flip flop to make up for all the years you didn’t. That’s in the past though. My match however is in the future and if you all don’t mind I need to start warming up.”

‘MAMA PORTER:’ “Uuh yeah of course honey. Real quick before you go, you think I could get a few dollars? I need to uh … get something to eat real quick if you know what I mean. I need to get my fix-uh, I mean my food!”
‘Mama Porter’ scratched fiendishly at the side of her neck with those same decrepit nails that had just been in her mouth not that long ago as Ramona reached into the pocket of her hoodie. Pulling out a few wadded bills the young woman didn’t even bother to count them before handing them over. Gabriel Hartman just continued to watch from the back as this morbid scene played out.

RAMONA: “Yeah go do whatever. Just make sure you’re in the front row in time alright?”
Receiving more money than having expected Miss Porter licked her dry chapped lips and made her exit quickly, without so much as a thank you. Ramona didn’t seem to mind much and she shrugged at the interview who continued to stare at her speechless now. She slapped him on the shoulder several times before making her own departure.

RAMONA: “Try and not be so much of a stranger from now on Gabey! I’ll be keeping an eye out for ya at the next show.”

We return to the ringside area as “Stepped on my J’s” has been playing through sound system as the crowd is leaning side to side. The once prolific tag team All Stars have occupied the ring while dancing along to their theme music. Adam Grant is holding microphone as he throws one arm into the air.

GRANT: ”Hot damn, it’s great to be back here in 4 Corners Wrestling. The All Stars should have been in that tag team gauntlet match but we got kicked to the damn curve. What are we some worthless trinket that you shine up real nice like before tossing into the garbage bin. Aiden, Sydney and myself don’t blame you guys for our failures. We don’t blame management. We blame ourselves. We should have fought harder to get out of the bottom but I guess someone thought differently.
Now we are back for one night to party like no other. The All Stars are going to party all night long.”

The house lights drop as a single spotlight shines in front of the double doors near the back of the theatre. The doors swing open as The Warden walks into the light with her giant of a bodyguard right by her side. The house lights are brought back up as The Warden stands in the aisle with a mysterious smirk on her face. Aiden Scott, however, doesn’t like the interruption as he rips the microphone out of Adam’s hand.

SCOTT: ”Hey lady, I don’t know who you are but this is an invite only party and I am positive that we did not invite you. Now Instead of risking further humiliation, I suggest you turn back around and go back out those double doors.”
THE WARDEN: ”That was so cute but unfortunately this little party will end one of two ways. The first way is you and your cohorts leave the ring or the second way is that HE will force you out.”
A very visible ticked off Sydney Hollister shows her true colors when she takes control of the microphone.

HOLLISTER: ”Listen up bitch and listen good. This is our time and unless you and the walking tree want to do something about it. Then come on cupcake, step right up into this ring and get us out yourself.”
The Warden begins to let out a laugh before continuing.

THE WARDEN: ”Tempting as that sounds little girl but I must decline. You see I leave all the fighting to my monster. Now like I said, this little party will be over. In fact, I know neither of you have a contract here anymore and since you are in HIS ring. Well, let’s just say HE hates invaders. Now get lost before you regret coming back.”
HOLLISTER: ”Shut up bitch. There is nothing you can do to make us leav….”
The lights drop down again as the crowd is going crazy. Just then “Tear Away” starts to play as the double doors open again. However there is no light shining down in front of it. The house lights come back on as Inmate 31 is standing behind the All Stars wearing his ring gear. Adam and Aiden turn around first to see Inmate 31 in front of them. They look at each other while nodding quickly. Adam strikes first with several rights. Aiden seems shocked as he strikes with a few lefts of his own.

VASSA: ”Is this guy even human?”
Inmate 31 is in his stoic state as both Adam and Aiden continue to attack him with blow after blow. Aiden and Adam look at each other before throwing their arms high into the air. The Warden lifts her hand in the before turning her thumb to the side. Inmate weakens from his stoic state while pulling out a microphone from inside his pocket.

Adam and Aiden’s eyes widen as they slowly turn around. Right as they face him, he levels them with a double clothesline. Their buddy tries to get involved but gets a big boot for his troubles. Inmate slides out of the ring, tosses the ring apron up and pulls out a table wrapped in barbed wire. He picks the table up and slides into the ring. Before returning to the ring, he pulls out another table wrapped in shards of glass and slides that into the ring as well. He then grabs two cases of lighter fluid and a lighter. The crowd all seems very nervous as Inmate 31 slides back into the ring. He knocks both Adam and Aiden back down onto their faces. He proceeds to set one table up in the corner and doses the table with lighter fluid.
Before lighting the table, he picks up the second table and sets it up. He looks at the table first before dosing the table with more lighter fluid. Adam is the first one up and comes charging at Inmate 31. Adam manages to clock him in the side of the head but while getting ready for his next move. Inmate 31 lifts him high into the air before dropping him through the table with the Bar Exam. Adam starts rolling around the ring as Inmate 31 moves toward Aiden. Aiden finally gets back up to his feet as Inmate spins him around. He grabs a hold of Aiden’s arm, goes to Irish whip him across the ring but pulls him back into a belly to belly suplex. The force of the throw sends Aiden into the other burning table. This time Aiden is covered in barbed wire. Inmate 31 examines the scene when Natasha from out of nowhere leaps from the top rope and connects with a hurricanrana.
This is the first time Inmate 31 has left his feet but the moment Natasha gets up to her feet. She gets knocked back down by a polish hammer type move from the Green Giant that was standing beside The Warden. Inmate 31 works his way back up to his feet as he charges toward the giant. The giant steps to the side as Inmate 31 strikes Sydney with a Fear Dot Com.
He continues to look down at the fallen trespassers as he picks the microphone back up off the canvas as he stares into the cameras.

INMATE 31: ”The Psycho Cometh!”
“Tear Away” sounds as the lights die down again. The lights come back on as the five bodies are lying close together. The camera zooms in as #31 is written cross their back. The scene finally fades as a sinister laughter is heard in the distance.

The scene cuts backstage to the locker room of Jason Cashe. The sounds of “Footloose” can be heard blaring from a radio set off in the corner, echoing off the walls, distorted from the volume. In the center of the room, Cashe dances uncontrollably with his back turned to the door without a care in the world. A creak is then heard as the door cracks open. Cashe doesn’t notice and continues to dance as Tommy Knox steps into the room. He looks on for a moment before laughing silently and closing the door behind him gently. A few moments pass as Knox continues to watch before he shakes his head and reaches behind him to grab the door handle. Knox barely opens the door once more and then kicks his foot backwards, slamming the door shut.
Cashe quickly grabs a steel chair sitting beside him and turns around, ready for a fight. Knox holds his hands up and leans against the door as Cashe lowers the chair and laughs. He turns down the music before addressing the man in his locker room.

CASHE: “Why if it isn’t my old friend, KnoxVILLE!”
KNOX: “Heh… some folks never change! What’s up, brother?”
The two step towards each other and shake before embracing in a brotherly hug. After a brief moment, Cashe steps back, creating space between the two in the awkward situation.

KNOX: “I was in the building tonight handling a little business and I figured I’d drop in on the champ before his big match. How you been?”
CASHE: “I’ve been in Championship Mode since July. Weed supply is top notch, can’t complain. How bout yourself? What business you having in 4CW?”
Shrugging as if it’s nothing at the moment worth mentioning in detail, Knox walks over to the bench and lifts up the Southwest Heavyweight Title. Looking at it and then back to Cashe, Tommy Knox responds to his old friend’s question.

KNOX: “Oh you know…Offers here and there, jobs that Perry Wallace thinks I’d willingly take since I retired from in ring action. This is nice right here! Fitting to the man who wears it.”
Handing the Title to Cashe, Knox pats Cashe to the outside shoulder. He looks back and then back to Jason, nodding to his buddy.

KNOX: “You wanna toke up before you go out there tonight? I know it’s not usually your thing but I got this special herb right now…It’s not some reggie you’re probably fucking with.”
CASHE: “You must not know my dealer these days! I got some good sticky icky icky! Shit that put a hump in a camel’s back, put hairs on your chest. Smile on your face and drool that makes me right at home on the Short Bus…But no, we can meet up after though? I need to be straight thinking in this match…I’m a thinker now!”
They both pause in a stare at each other…The moment grows as Knox stares with his eyebrows raises as if surprised by Cashe’s comments. Suddenly they both start laughing out loud and hard. Cashe…thinking…in a fight? It was funny all across the board and Tommy Knox knew it better than most. They had been running buddies for years on the road during the early 2000s. Not but maybe one other person has ever been as good of a friend as Knox had been at one time.

KNOX: “Heh…Well listen, I’ve got to head back to see Wallace. He wants an answer on this offer he gave me. I’ll check your match though and catch up with you after the show. We’ll hot box that Bus of yours! Get a few chicks, make it a party alright?”
CASHE: “Sounds like a plan man. See you in a bit.”
Tommy Knox backhands Cashe to the chest before turning and leaving the locker room. Wrapping the belt around his waist, Cashe returns to the radio and turns the music back up and goes back to dancing, now with his Title around his waist.


“Bring It” by Trapt plays as Nick Watson steps out onto the entrance ramp garbed in his colorful ring attire, he looks around at all of the fans, and then walks down the ramp, slapping hands as he does so. Striding down to the ring the fans and announcers alike can notice the look of determination on his face.

POWERS: ”Introducing first … Making his way to the ring, from Salt Lake City, Utah…he is the Sensational One! Nick Watson!”
Nick pauses on the outside of the ring and unzips his hoodie vests, which he then hands off to someone in the crowd, he then leaps up on to the apron, and then makes his way into the ring. When he enters the ring, Nick goes over to the closest turnbuckle and poses for the fans to take photos, after posing for a bit, Nick flips off the turn buckle and runs to the center of the ring, where he begins to warm up for his match.

JOHNSON: ”Nick Watson with a confident look on his face coming into this one. Coming into Winter Wasteland with a victory on the last Adrenaline, he’ll be looking to add another here tonight against Sativa Nevaeh … the Ganja Goddess.”
VASSA: ”Can’t wait for this battle to go down. Sativa can’t be happy after what happened on Adrenaline. A chance to redeem herself here tonight.”
POWERS: ”And his opponent, making her way to the ring, hailing from Kingston, Jamaica … the “Ganja Goddess” … SATTIIVVAAAAA … NEEVVAEEEHHH!!!”
The intro to “Nazi Halo” by Jack Off Jill starts to play as the theater lights fade down to a green. Fog/smoke starts to pour out of the entrance way as Sativa walks out from the back. She smiles at the crowd through half open eyes. The crowd erupts into jeers and boos. She stands and poses for about a minute before she heads towards the ring.
Take a souvenir and stop your staring
Just cause I’m screaming
Don’t mean I’m sharing
Can’t keep my mouth shut
if you keep that dress on
You can’t negotiate
Not with me this time
you go so low
your faggot rainbow
your Nazi Halo
won’t save you this time
As she climbs onto the ring apron she slinks along the outside before rolling under the bottom rope. She seductively crawls towards the center of the ring where she gets on her knees and leans back, both hands up middle fingers in the air, and screams.

VASSA: ”Boss status! Middle fingers in the air, like ya’ just don’t care!”
JOHNSON: ”Did she really have to do that? Watson isn’t pleased by it.”
VASSA: He will be pleased with an “L” in a few minutes. Just watch and see. Sativa bringing some fury with her tonight. All ready to battle!”
With the ringing of the bell the two competitors give each other an intermediate length of a classic staredown. The two come together in the center of the ring as they lock hands. Watson hip tosses Sativa down to the mat. Sativa quickly gets up, catches Watson with a swift leg sweeping kick as she causes Watson to actually lose balance. A rushing dropkick Watson across the face as she goes for a quick ankle lock, looking to dominate the canvas early with Watson but Watson uses his strength to turn and kick her off of his right leg. Watson pops up, sees Sativa coming and catches her with a body slam, placing her on her back as her head smacks the canvas a bit from impact. Watson presses down for the cover as the ref slides quickly into position.

JOHNSON: ”Watson on the offense early, looking to get a quick one on Sativa.”
VASSA: ”You aren’t just going to get a quick win on Sativa. Not happening!”

Sativa quickly kicking out, just at the count of two, she rolled away from Watson as she held her head from that unwanted ‘smack’ against the canvas. Sativa is up and so was Watson who was rushing at Sativa, who was backed against the ropes. Watson went flying over as he was left hanging on the apron. Sativa wisely ducking out of harm, she turns to see Watson making it to his feet on the outside apron of the ring. Sativa catches Watson with a punch to the side of his face as it connects cleanly. She goes for another but it’s blocked and she gets stunned with a rising elbow that leaves her stumbling back about three feet from the ropes. Watson springboards off the ropes and into the ring as he connects with a clothesline tackle on Sativa, as the rising cheers from the crowd follows.

VASSA: ”Watson taking to the skies already. It’s still early here, a bit on a derail but trust, there’s a bounce back session coming soon. Watson better stay on his “A” game.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed, he must. Sativa can turn something simple into something very unforgiving real quick. Physical, technical and very proficient with her submissions.”
VASSA: ”My kinda girl!”
Watson lifts Sativa up to her feet as he whips her into the corner. Watson goes sprinting towards her. Looking to tag her with a dropkick, Sativa dodges out of the way as Watson gets a bad feeling of his lower regions slamming into the corner ring post. Sativa comes off the dodge with a neckbreaker, bringing Watson down to the canvas. The cheers switch to boos as soon as Sativa makes her move off Watson’s miss. Sativa places a foot across the throat of Watson as the referee starts counting towards the illegal move. Watson’s arms go flailing as Sativa then releases her foot on his throat at the count of three. Sativa follows up with a leg drop across the throat before locking in a grounded figure-four necklock as Watson’s head was stuck in a hard place. You could see the look in his face, not wanting to drown, not wanting to give in. Right arm flailing in the air as he tried to fight out of it.

VASSA: ”Wouldn’t I love being in that position.”
JOHNSON: ”I bet you would love getting choked out. Watson slipped and now has found himself in a very, very bad situation here.”
VASSA: ”Watson feeling the struggle from both ends. His balls gotta feel deflated after that jam in the corner. Better check that PSI!”
JOHNSON: ”Just couldn’t resist it, could you?”
VASSA: ”Nope!”
While Vassa was making jokes about ‘deflated balls’, the air was leaving the “Sensational One” very quickly as he continued to fight out of that submission. Watson tried with his free arm to reach the ropes but too far away to grab that lifeline. He had to find another way and as time seemed to not be on his side, he ventured for the next move. That next move being an attempted roll over to try and counter but Sativa kept the man grounded with that hold as she had a nice, tight press on Watson, damn near immobilizing him from doing anything.

JOHNSON: ”Don’t know how much Nick Watson can take but if he doesn’t find a way out, this is over quickly.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, Sativa got him like a Boa Constrictor, wrapped tight for the slow kill.”
Nick Watson tries once again with an exit strategy and what’s better for an exit strategy than to pinch the skin of Sativa’s leg, a dire need for release and although sketchy exit strategy, he makes it work as Sativa’s grasp loosened from that leg pinch allowing Watson to break free. The cameras showed closely of Watson ‘sucking in air’ as he was on his knees. Sativa had a menacing frown on her face, not digging that pinch skin trick at all as she knew she had him dead to rights. Watson had a second life and had an opportunity to bounce back. Watson got to his feet as he and Sativa managed another tie up. Sativa reached around, getting from behind. Clearly not winning the height and size advantage, Sativa opted to trick Watson with a knee to the back inside of Watson’s right knee as he slightly buckled. Sativa popped up and connected with a dropkick to the back of Watson, causing him to go down yet again. Quickly looking to recover, Watson catches Sativa off the ropes with a thrusting palm strike to the gut, stopping her quickly in her tracks. He followed up with a belly to belly suplex, as she landed in the opposite far corner. Watson popped up as he had Sativa down.

JOHNSON: ”What a belly to belly suplex there by Watson. That vicious thrusting palm strike was what set that up. Sativa was looking to connect with something but never saw that coming.”
VASSA: ”Sativa is dazed. That had to hurt like hell. Out of nowhere, full-on impact. Whew!”
Watson once again went over towards Sativa as he lifted her up. Sativa clearly off-key, off balance, Watson grabs her and lifts her upside down vertically. Her legs dangles back and forth, screwing up the balance that Watson had. Seconds later, she managed to make herself motion backwards as she then countered out of the vertical suplex, dropping down behind Watson. Sativa runs the opposite way towards the ropes as Watson turns. Sativa comes hard as she ducks under Watson’s lunging arm. Sativa, with speed now goes and for what seemed rare, used the ropes to gain a high point of attack as she springboarded off it and it allowed her to take Watson down with momentum as she landed a Tornado DDT. A cover quickly followed.



JOHNSON: ”Sativa with a stellar springboard variant to hit that Tornado DDT!”
VASSA: ”Sativa pulling out her bags of tricks on Watson. Man, she put him down with good contact on the top of the dome. Watson feeling that brain scramble a bit after that.”
Sativa was ready to get back on her game. She was back to her feet as she saw Watson try and make his way back to his feet but a quick running knee to the back of his head demolished those plans. Sativa grabbed the head of his as she sat him upright, taking her arm and wrapping it underneath his chin from the front. She yanked back, applying that deadly, sick-looking Dragon Sleeper as Watson, yet again was well deep into Sativa’s grasp. He was getting worked on the canvas, her strategy all along to keep him from being airborne. Watson kept his arms moving as Sativa was looking to cut off the air supply, looking for that tap out submission victory. Watson fought though, never choosing to take the easy way out. He wanted this just as much as Sativa, wanting to extend his win streak. He had a long way to go though from his current position to a hopeful victory.

JOHNSON: ”Man, Sativa is just keeping Watson grounded the whole contest.”
VASSA: ”His ass has to be feeling numb with all the time he’s been on the canvas. Feeling them pins and needles.”
Sativa talks some smack, yelling at Watson to just tap out and shouting also for him to go to sleep. Watson doesn’t want to do either of those remarks by Sativa. He steadily fights, although in a losing battle. Watson tries to use his leg strength to raise himself a bit but that failed quickly as he dropped seconds into that attempt. Sativa’s grasp was tight. Being the position Sativa was, her head was right at his chest, he raised his left knee, catching her flush in the forehead. One strike was all it took to loosen that Dragon Sleeper. Sativa felt that strong knee as she backed off. Watson rolling and getting to his feet, although slowly, he managed to catch her running towards him in time as he lifted her up and over, planting her on the mat back-first with a Samoan Drop. Watson once again got to his feet as he lifted her up off the mat. Watson connected with a swinging neckbreaker as Sativa was getting close and personal with the mat courtesy of Nick Watson. Watson lifted her up once more as he stood her up tall. He swung his right leg up, aiming for Sativa’s head with what seemed to be a roundhouse kick. Somehow, Sativa’s awareness ability allowed her to escape a deadly hook to the head as he ducked. Watson, after spinning around with a miss, didn’t miss on his next attempt as he dropped her face-first into the mat with an Enziguri. Watson winked to the audience as he got her with the second attempt.

JOHNSON: ”Watson landing one hell of an Enziguri. Hearing that foot connect with such power on the end of it.”
VASSA: ”All it’s going to do is shake her brains up a little more than what it already is. She’s probably smiling face down on the canvas.”
Watson seemed to be feeling it as he backed up, letting the chants consume him, giving him some much-needed energy. Watson watched as Sativa slowly rised up off the canvas. A bit dazed, she shook it off as she made it to her feet. A spinning elbow strike connected as Watson got Sativa to spin around with her back facing him. Watson took no time to lift her and slam her back-first with a German suplex as he held her there, folded as the referee slid into position for the cover.



Sativa kicking right out, so close to what would’ve been a heartbreaker, she was still alive, atleast for now as she was feeling the crunch. Watson got to his feet and climbed the turnbuckle behind Sativa. Some fans in the crowd rose up out of their seats as the look in Watson’s eyes showed that the end was coming soon. He was looking to connect with something wicked and as Sativa slowly came to her senses after being folded up from that German suplex. Head dizzing around as she raised her head. By the time she raised her head, Watson with a tremendous leap was looking to strike with his flying high knee, titled “The True Flying High Knee”. He connected and there he quickly crawled over for the cover as it seemed like it was an end to this bout.

JOHNSON: ”This is it! The TRUE Flying Knee is about to cash in for Watson here.”



JOHNSON: ”WOW! Kickout from Sativa! Wow! Watson can’t believe it!”
VASSA: ”Neither can the audience. That was crazy. Watson is losing his mind. I’m loving it. Sativa is driving this man wild right now.”
Watson with the “Unbelievable” smirk on his face as he’s on his knees, staring across at Sativa who just kicked out from one devastating flying knee to the skull. Sativa rolling over onto her chest as she crawled to the ropes, desperate to get to make it to her feet. Both competitors feeling the highs and lows, it seemed time was wavering as crunch time neared closer. Watson clearly had his game face on now, ready to truly end it. Sativa was in bad shape it seemed after taking that full-on headshot. She did manage to get to her feet, using the ropes in aide. Watson made it over and grabbed her, pulling her away from the ropes. He went to take her by the arm to do something but Sativa re-routed, getting out of his grasp as she sent a quick, stiff kick to the gut of Watson, causing him to double over. Sativa from there caught him flush with an uppercut as she tried to bust his face up. Watson shook it off but Sativa, somehow finding fire, ran, tricking out Watson by sliding between his legs. Watson turned around as he looked to deliver an attack but Sativa, grabbing both of his arms raised her feet in the air, bringing him over and down on his back with what looked like an inverted monkey flip. Sativa, in one swift motion rolled him over and got on his back.

JOHNSON: ”Oh boy … Oh boy! Sativa is in prime position.”
VASSA: ”Watson better roll out or do something quick!”
Watson couldn’t manage quick enough to escape roll out of his current position. Sativa aligned her hands under Watson’s chin and neck as she managed to position and flip herself forward as she held it tight. Watson clearly was in bad shape as he now was in Sativa’s “White Wall” finisher submission with no ropes to reach out too. A loud groan escaped from him, trying to reach for hope but hope was growing darker and darker as the more he fought, the more energy drained and as the ref continually checked on him, even with his fans cheering him on in hopes of a miraculous escape, he found himself moments later tapping out as the referee signaled for the ringing of the bell. Sativa dropped the hold as she pushed Watson off and made it to her feet to a mist of boos, some cheers mixed in but the boos were drowning out. Sativa got up as the referee raised her hand, she showcased her smile.

POWERS: ”And your winner by Submission, the “Ganja Goddess” … SATTIIVVAAA … NEEVVAAEEHHH!!”
JOHNSON: What an awesome, thrilling match from both Watson and Sativa. Sativa was close to being finished but wound up catching Watson off guard into her finishing submission.”
VASSA: ”Just when you count her out, she comes rising up like a flower. Watson once again not recognizing his place and position and found himself on the wrongside of the tracks. Sativa delivered in the clutch!”

Everett The Nerd is sitting inside his dressing with ice packs taped to his shoulders. All the while watching “The Big Bang Theory” on his portable television. His niece walks through the side door sporting a nice little shiner around her left eye. Everett looks at her once before returning his gaze to the tiny little screen. She sits down on the edge of his couch.

ASHFORD: ”Uncle Everett, are you still mad at me?”
THE NERD: ”You made me look like a fool Sydney. I told you that I didn’t want to get back into the ring. Why didn’t you listen to me?”
ASHFORD: ”How many times do I have to ‘I’m Sorry’ for you to forgive me?”
Everett looks over his shoulder toward his niece.

THE NERD: ”I don’t know Sydney. I think I need sometime to think about my career before we continue this tag team thing. You need to understand that when I am ready to get back inside the ring. You will be the first to know. Tonight just wasn’t the right time.”
ASHFORD: ”When will the right time be?”
THE NERD: ”I don’t know Sydney. I just don’t know.”
Tears start to fill in the corner of her eyes as Everett resumes watching his favorite television show.


POWERS: “This next contest is a One Falls Match Up! Introducing first, from Honolulu Hawaii! MARIIISOOOLL HAAAWWWWKESS!!”
Is heard throughout the Arena before her music blares over the loudspeakers and Marisol walks out in her black and pink leather attire. She smirks as she glares around the theater at the fans. She walks down the ramp and quickly up the ring steps. She smiles at the crowd again as she gets in the ring and then looks back up the ramp. Marisol stretches and paces the ring as she awaits her opponent.

JOHNSON: “Marisol seems ready for this! This is a huge match for two of the biggest female athletes we have had in 4CW. This is truly a match to earn respect. For each other, from the fans. This will have people talking! I’m excited!”
VASSA: “You are? I’m hoping for wardrobe malfunctions!”
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

VASSA: “These two chicks are amped up and ready to go! Let the hair pulling and clawing of eyes BEGIN!!”
JOHNSON: “As Marisol would say, don’t underestimate divinity. These are athletes first and females second when they enter that ring. Give them their due, this isn’t some pretty model types just playing a role. This is RAAASSSLING!!”
VASSA: “Woooo Hooooo!”
The two ladies meet in the center as the bell starts the match. Roxi extends a hand, showing her good nature and Marisol shakes her hand but crosses with her other hand, slapping Roxi across the face. The fans ‘Ohhhh’ as Roxi nods and backs up a few steps. They begin to circle each other, mouthing, trading verbal jabs before coming together in a tight Lock Up Grapple. Pushing back and fourth, Roxi seems to take control but Marisol lifts up the grapple and drives a knee into Roxi’s gut. Quickly she grabs a handful of Roxi’s hand and whips Mrs. Johnson back onto the canvas. Fans booing as Marisol raises her arms up, the referee motions for hair pulling but Marisol denies it as she backs off. Roxi pushes up looking right at Marisol as the two keep their distance.

JOHNSON: “This is that trial period when you look down your opponent, get a feel for what they might do. Test their strength and skill little by little.”
VASSA: “Why can’t they just put it all out there! No hesitation, no clothes, it would make me and these Male majority fans VERY Happy!”
JOHNSON: “You’re a Pig…”
Again the two women meet in a tie up, this time Roxi walks Marisol backwards and presses her up against the ropes. She shoves Marisol’s hands down and comes down hard with an open palm slap to the chest of Marisol Hawkes. Reacting to the stinging attack, Marisol pushes Roxi and gouges her to the throat. Roxi bends over coughing and holding her throat as Marisol rushes in and lifts a knee into Roxi’s face, putting her to the canvas.
In a hurry, Marisol gets Roxi’s back and goes to apply a Rear Naked Choke. Roxi pushes up to her feet with Marisol clinched to her back like a Backpack but doesn’t stay on her feet as Roxi drops back, slamming Marisol into the canvas under her weight. The submission attempt is canceled as Marisol pushes Roxi off her. They both scramble to their feet and connect with punches at the same time. Again they swing and again they connect in sync with each other. Staggering after the third time connecting, they begin trading words and just standing in the center of the ring. Roxi nods and motions towards the ropes. Marisol nods back and bursts into a run at the very ropes Roxi motioned too.
Springing from the ropes, Marisol Hawkes rams into Roxi with a shoulder and Roxi barely budges. Marisol points at the opposite ropes and Roxi takes her turn as she sprints across the ring. Marisol not giving her the same chance, takes off after her. As Roxi hits the ropes and turns back to Marisol, she is met with a wicked forearm to the bridge of her nose that knocks her back, arms dangled over the ropes as he leans back from the blow. Marisol drives another forearm in Roxi’s face before grabbing her hair and pulling it back over the top rope behind Roxi. Marisol ties Roxi’s hair to the top rope and puts her in a bad situation. The crowd pours down boos on Marisol as she smiles knowing what an advantage she has.

VASSA: “Clever, clever girl!”
JOHNSON: “Can’t say I can remember ever seeing someone tied up with their own hair before. Give credit to Marisol for this inventive approach but Roxi does not look pleased.”
Slapping Roxi with a hard open hand, Marisol taunts her some before mocking Roxi with a motion for the far ropes. Moving fast, Marisol takes off across the ring, hits the ropes and races back across the ring, leaping before she reaches Roxi and crashing into Roxi with a Spinning Wheel Kick that connects to the chest of Roxi. Marisol pops back to her feet as Roxi reaches out and swings at her opponent. The referee tries to untie her hair but Marisol pulls him away and stops him. Roxi tries kicking at Marisol but she keeps her distance.
Turning from Roxi again, Marisol heads across the ring again. The referee begins working on Roxi’s hair as Marisol hits the ropes and comes off them with some speed. As she approaches Roxi, Marisol leaps into a Crossbody but Roxi pops up off he feet and sticks up her feet in a double big boot like stance and her feet dig deep into Marisol’s gut as she drops from mid air and crashes into the canvas. Roxi landing on her feet, the referee unties her hair and she springs at Marisol and pounces on her. They roll body over body cat fighting on the canvas.

VASSA: “YES! Ohhhh Man! Malfunctions, please have a malfunction! I wanna see more skin!! Gimme Gimme Gimme some BOOBIES!!!”
JOHNSON: “One day you’ll find yourself face to face with your Maker and you’ll have to answer for your disturbing way of thought. I hope you find forgiveness.”
VASSA: “If my “Maker” didn’t like Breasts-a-Ziz’s he’d have made them hairy like mine! Wanna see? Don’t play that religion crap with me! This is Wrestling, not Church.”
As they are bunched up against the ropes, Roxi straddles Marisol and is driving punches and elbows down into a blocking Marisol. She bucks and even pinches Roxi to get her off her but Marisol is having a hard time. Roxi raises her hands together, clinched in a double fist and ready to drop a Double Ax, Marisol reaches up and pinches Roxi to the titty and the fans begin cheering as Roxi’s mouth drops open and pain fills her chest. She pushes herself off to the right away from the ropes and Marisol releases the purple nurple attempt and slides out of the ring under the bottom ropes.

VASSA: “Woooo Weeeee! That was lovely action! She touched it! Did you see? Huh, Huh did you!? Fantastic!!”
Marisol motions pinching to the fans and they give her a loud mixed reaction. Roxi springs up from a knee and flips over the top ropes, landing on Marisol and crashing into the ringside floor. The crowd as a whole goes crazy from the high risk move as Roxi gets up and excites the crowd even more. She rips Marisol up off the floor with a handful of hair and rolls her back into the ring. Roxi climbs up onto the ring apron and as Marisol gets up onto her hands and knees, Roxi again takes to the air as she springs up over the ropes with a front flip into a leg drop that plants down over the back of Marisol’s neck. Roxi slides her legs out of the way, rolls Marisol over and covers her for a pin.

JOHNSON: “So close! Roxi is on a roll and it’s thanks to Marisol. She lit a fire in Roxi when she tied up her hair. Might have been her biggest mistake tonight.”
VASSA: “I disagree, that was pretty funny!”
JOHNSON: “Funny is not always Smart. The smart thing is to not give your opponent more of a reason to want it more.”
Not getting the win wasn’t a bummer to Roxi as she picks herself and Marisol off the canvas. Pulling Marisol in, Roxi sets her up in a Suplex and lifts her up before dropping her with a basic Suplex. Roxi rolls keeping the suplex setup and looks to hit another but Marisol blocks it, locking her leg with Roxi’s. Marisol converts things and lifts Roxi up, snapping her with a Snap Suplex and now Marisol rolls, keeping the setup and gets them both to their feet locked up together to where either could hit a suplex. Roxi blocks Marisol and pulls down to change things up and lifts Marisol with her own Suplex and holds it in a Stalling form before dropping Marisol with a powerful Stalling Suplex. The fans begin clapping for the suplex back and fourth between the two women.
Dragging their feet a little, they both get up from the canvas. Roxi throws a punch, Marisol gets under it and lifts Roxi up across her shoulders. The fans know she intends to go for her “Divine Grace” Death Valley Driver but Roxi slides off Marisol’s back. Roxi spins Marisol around and snatches her up, snapping her instantly with a beautiful T-Bone Suplex and the audience begins a round of ‘ROXI’ chants.

VASSA: “Okay I’m beginning to see this as more than a chance for nip slips. This is a decent match, I’m impressed. That trade off was pretty sick!”
JOHNSON: “Oh look, there is hope for you after all…”
Lifting Marisol up again, Roxi locks her up with a front headlock. Marisol pulls and rolls out of the headlock, keeping Roxi’s arm in her grasp and whipping Roxi across the ring with an Irish Whip. Roxi hits the ropes, Marisol ducks, Roxi leap frogs her and bounces into the opposite ropes. Marisol spins around and as Roxi comes in, Marisol whips her over with a vicious Arm Drag that she instantly transitions into an Arm Bar. Roxi reaches, scrambles for an escape or ropes to grab but is too far away. The referee bends down and asks Roxi if she wants to quit but she nervously yells no as she tries rolling up on Marisol to break the submission but Marisol tightens the hold by lifting herself as the hips.
Roxi pulls and pushes at Marisol’s legs across her chest but can’t break the submission. Almost in tears as her arm is tugged at, she can feel her bones stretching, her joints being torn with pressure and looks deep within herself to find the strength to get free as she rolls big and is able to roll Marisol up. Roxi holds the roll up as the referee drops and makes the count for the sudden pin attempt.

JOHNSON: “That took alot out of Roxi to get out of that arm bar, it was deep! From Arm bar to pin attempt, this is once again becoming a great technical showdown. Which female possess the better playbook, who has more counters for what their opponent can throw at them. That’s what will win this match!”
Holding her arm, still sore from the arm bar, Roxi Johnson is up and watches as Marisol rises from the canvas. Roxi takes off running past Marisol, approaches the ropes behind her in a jog, Roxi leaps up, springs off the ropes as Marisol turns around and Roxi goes for her “Ray Of Hope” Springboard Roundhouse Kick. Marisol is able to throw up an arm to block the kick but as Roxi falls back, she latches onto Marisol in a different way and as she lands on her back, Roxi pulls Marisol down over her and right into a Triangle Choke.
Marisol surprised by the move struggles and goes hysterical trying to break free but she isn’t going anywhere as Roxi tightens the submission and gives Marisol no other choice as she begins to tap out before she fades out. The referee signals for the bell and Roxi releases the submission and lets Marisol flop onto the canvas half conscious.

VASSA: “Justice Lock! Roxi just impressed the world with that transition! She went for one Finisher, got blocked and pulled Marisol into another to win this match! Just great work between these two!”
JOHNSON: “I couldn’t agree more and I’m surprised by your focus on the match as the match progressed. You were sold on seeing nudity but this isn’t Taxi Cab Confessions! This is 4 Corners Wrestling! Here is Mike Powers to make the announcement.”
POWERS: “Winner via Submission by Triangle Choke…ROXI JOHNSON!!!”
With the help of the referee, Roxi gets to her feet and allows the ref to raise her arm in victory. The fans approve as they cheer and chant for the resident Super Chick. Roxi looks down at Marisol, nodding and approving of the competition she just faced.

As the cameras head backstage, they land inside of the number one contender for the 4CW South West Heavyweight Championship in Jair Hopkins as he is nervously walking back and forth as the nerves are pretty much rattling through his veins. His home boys are back there along with him as they try to keep him from growing into a nervous wreck before his showdown with Jason Cashe.

HOPKINS: “These damn nerves yo, seriously it’s screwing me up badly. So many thoughts running through my head, it’s crazy.”
BOOGIE: Man, don’t even sweat it. You’re here now. You’ve made it through all the obstacles that were thrown your way, all the distractions, but you’ve made it here. One last step.”
DARRON: “Actually, three last steps, BUT it can be downgraded to two if you’re in the zone. But check this out … We got something for you. You know, just a little to pep up your spirits.”
Boogie goes behind Darron to grab the medium-sized, dressed-up box with a ribbon on top. Boogie comes around and presents it in front of Hopkins, who’s face is literally the expression of lost, unsure. He looked up at his buddy Boogie and Darron before looking back down at the box.

DARRON: “Go ahead bruh, open it up, let us know whatcha’ think!”
Hopkins grabs the sides of the top as he pulls it up and looks inside. His head nervously shakes as it is revealed to the cameras as a King’s crown. Darron pulls it out of the box for Hopkins as he places it on top of Hopkins’s head, all tilted and off-centered slightly. Hopkins unsure of how to respond as his boys have an elated look on their faces.

BOOGIE: “My boy fitting to sit at the top of the mountain after tonight. That ‘Chimp’ Jason Cashe bout to face his worst nightmare besides the mirror. Let’s get that title, homie!”
Hopkins shakes his head as he pulls the crown off the top of his head, sitting it back in the box leaving his boys with a unsettled look on their faces.

DARRON: “You don’t like it?”
HOPKINS: “You do know that is considered ‘bad luck’ right? Right? Man, I need to focus. I can’t be seen with a damn crown on my head. Crazy. I’m about an hour and some change away from going to war. Do you understand?”
The tense, very stern and serious voice coming from Hopkins was almost like an awakening to the ears of his peers as they slowly backed off a bit. Right as he said that, Hopkins’s locker door opened as Gabriel Hartman came in with that mic of his in hand. He had a smile on his face as he seemed to come ready to ask some questions.

HARTMAN: ”Mr. Hopkins, if you don’t mind…”
HOPKINS: “Actually I–”
HARTMAN: ”I figured you wouldn’t mind. Tonight is a very, very big night for you and as you ready yourself for what will be one of the most brutal matches, well set of matches for you, how are you holding together?”
Hopkins rubs his chin as he slowly works his neck around, a smirk comes across his face as he then clears his throat.

HOPKINS: “It’s no secret Gabriel that I have an injured neck thanks to our South West Heavyweight Champ. It’s no secret he wants to end me. It’s alot that are no longer secrets. I’m barely able to think straight. Seeing everyone around me get endangered and everyone seeing me suffer all thanks to some toothless asshole, it’s safe to say, it could be a top-selling drama series, Gabriel. I’m not looking to make this into two seasons. One and done. Tonight, I have the opportunity to drive a stake through Cashe, right through his mouth and through the back of his skull. But as Cashe said, I’ve been nothing but all talk…”
Hopkins lets out a light chuckle.

HOPKINS: “Tonight, I’m going to prove otherwise. Oh trust me, it’s going to get bloody. EMT’s will surely be on standby once again. One normal match and two hellacious matches. Me with a very soft and flexible neck. Him with every intention to break it in two and send me home paralyzed, forever regretting the decision to go through with this. I’m going to prove that good guys don’t always finish last. I’m truly the last of a dying breed. I’m not going down with ease. Cashe knows that. I’m going out there and I’m going to deliver the best performance for these hard-working folks who paid to see a great show and a great main event.”
HARTMAN: ”Well said, Sir. I’m unsure if you’ve heard about the situation with you and Cashe’s trainer … well former-trainer. Reports are that…”
HOPKINS: “Yeah, I heard and to be honest, I could care less, man. He was a traitor and learned the hard way. It’s not my focus. My focus is on one man. I appreciate you busting in here and requesting answers to your questions but you gotta’ roll!”
Both Darron and Boogie interfere as they push Hartman out of the locker room, closing the door as Hopkins look at the two of them and begins shaking his head. The cameras head back to ringside.

The lights in the theater go off as the opening of “Insane in the Membrane” by Cypress Hill begins to play over the theater’s speakers. The fans begin to murmur in confusion as the dialogue to open the song ends and the opening rift begins a man stumbles out on to the entrance ramp. He looks around wide eyed and licking his lips as he begins to make his way down to the ring.

VASSA: ”Did a fan manage to make it all the way out to ringside without being caught by security?”
JOHNSON: ”It looks like it, where the hell is security?”
The man pauses once he reaches the steel steps and looks around again, he pushes his hair back, and then begins to walk up the steps. The fans are still murmuring as the man makes his way to the center of the ring. Upon reaching the center of the ring he falls down flat on his ass, crossing his legs Indian style, and begins to look around.

VASSA: ”He looks completely out of it.”
JOHNSON: ”I think he might be drunk.”
The man reaches into his jacket, a rather old and worn down leather jacket, and pulls out a microphone. He taps the microphone as the music cuts out and his tapping causes a group of fans closer to the speakers to cover their ears. The man, after tapping a few more times to bring his point home, brings the microphone to his lips, and begins to talk. His eyes twitch and his shoulders constantly jerk as he begins to talk.

MAN: ”Hello, Four Corners Wrestling! My name is Henry Adams and I…. am surprised I managed to make my way out here. I mean security didn’t want me to come out here. They yelled at me and were just ultra rude. However, I’m a good negotiator, so I negotiated with them to go to sleep. And they did! So here I am…doing what? I don’t know, really.”
Henry slurs his words and the fans begin to chitter and chatter to each other about the man in the ring.

VASSA: ”This guy is a basket case!”
JOHNSON: ”And what does he mean negotiated with security to go to sleep?”
ADAMS: ”Oh yeah! I remember now! I was told by my manager, Mr. Owens to send a message to the people in the back. To prove that I am a fighting prodigy, that I am going to make an impact, and that I am going to be champion…or whatever. Personally, I could care less about worthless brass rings on leather belts. I just want to fight, nothing else really matters to me.”
As Adams finishes slurring out his statement, the fans chuckle. How can a guy who clearly is a few cents short of a dollar possible be a fighting prodigy? Better yet, how can he compete with the finest in Four Corner Wrestling? As they laugh, a security guard has appeared on the ramp, and is coming down to the ring to the applause of the fans.

JOHNSON: ”Finally someone is out here to get him out of the ring!”
The guard gets into the ring and walks over to the still seated Adams, who just looks up at him, and then back out to the audience. The guard tries to talk to him, but Adams is clearly ignoring him. Finally, the guard having enough of the young man’s stubborn attitude, reaches over to pick Adams up. However, Adams in the blink of an eye, grabs the top of the guards head as he bends over to pick him up, and slams the guards chin down on the top his own head. The guard yells out in pain, blood gushing from his mouth from where he has bitten his tongue. The guard falls down on his back rolling around on the mat.
By this point the crowd is silent, they just saw Adams take out a guard in a single move while seated, and some fans are even booing Adams. A line of blood comes down Henry’s face, but he seems to not feel any pain, or remorse for that matter as he barely moves. He puts the microphone to his lips and begins to speak again as if nothing has happened.

ADAMS: ”I hate distractions, they always seem to pop up when I’m trying to talk to people. As I was saying before… I am here to fight because I am good at fighting. Hell, before my time at the Ward, some would say I was one of the best fighters in the nation. And I am going to prove that by running rampant all over the so called “stars” that Four Corners Wrestling has acquired over the last year. Be it your Heavyweight Champ or lowliest Jobber…I will destroy them, because I am Henry Adams, and there is no one better than me.”
Right as those words come out Mr. Owens, the man from earlier, runs out to put a stop to all this. Adams looks at Owens and then nods his head, as if sympathetic to the fact that he has caused so much of a ruckus already. He stands up and shambles his way over to Owens, who is busy pointing at the guard laying on the mat. Adams looks at him and then back at Owens and then back at the guard. Owens takes the microphone from Adams rather quickly and begins to give his apologies to the crowd and to the guard as the scene switches to backstage.



The lights go out, the crowd is wondering whats going on. The opening lyrics begin going smoothly till a LOUD scream is heard. The strobe lights go off as that same young man is on the ramp accompanied by Brooke McQueen. It appears to be Griffin Hawkins!
He walks down the ramp as “Monkey Business” by Skid Row hits. He high fives a few fans as he walks down the ramp way. He walks up the ring stairs and holds the ropes for his manager to step through.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds, he is the Rock Superstar, The Mane Event, GRIFFIN HAAAAAAAAAAAAAWKINS!!!
He gets on the ropes and throws the devil horns in the air, pumping the crowd. Soon he gets off the ropes, taking off his leather jacket and goes to the outside of the ring. He puts his Silver Aviator glasses on a lucky young fan, patting him on the head as he smiles up at him. He gets back in the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: “Here comes the challenger, a man who is no stranger to extreme matches and who has been nipping at the heels of the champion for a while now.”
VASSA: “We’ll see if he can take the next step here tonight.”
“Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system of the theater, accompanied by a huge pop from the crowd. Yellow strobe lights flicker around the entire theater, as we anxiously await the arrival of Mr. 4CW himself.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred forty two pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “Mr. 4CW”, and the 4CW EXTREME CHAMPION, The Enforcer of Sorrow, NATHANIEL HHAAVVOOKK!!!”
Havok makes his way to the entrance ramp, walking slowly, observing the fans in attendance, with a smirk on his face from all the love and adulation of the fans. He slowly takes the (Insert Title) Championship off of his waist, and lifts it into the air, as the yellow strobe lights continue to flicker throughout the entire theater. Nathaniel throws the title onto his shoulder, and begins walking down the ramp, still observing the fans that surround him. He looks cold, calculated, but most importantly, he looks ready for a fight. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully from the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd, Championship again held high above his head. He hops down and stands in the corner, as the referee comes over and takes his title, handing it to the time keeper, as his music fades out.

JOHNSON: “Last man standing with the Extreme Title on the line, Vinny, I think we’re about to witness something that’s going to be talked about for a long long time.”
VASSA: “We’re going to see attempted homicide right before our eyes! These two have been at each other’s throats for a while now, and that belt, that belt is going to cost years off their career tonight.”
JOHNSON: “This won’t be for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. There’s the bell, and here we go…”
There is little dance, there is no wait, Griffin Hawkins and Nathaniel Havok make a bolt for the middle of the ring, for each other and collide with an exchange of rights and lefts back and forth. Their fury begins to whip the crowd into one of their own as neither man backs down from the other, neither man dears to give an inch in the first couple of blows. The champion gets the first advantage, as he ducks to the left and gets and extra shot on Hawkins, and another. Havok sends Griffin into the ropes at full speed, connecting with a rising leg lariat knocking Hawkins to the mat in the process. Both men get right back to a vertical base quickly, Havok charges in for the attack but Hawkins ducks and tosses Hawkins with an arm drag takedown. Havok gets right back up and moves aside as Hawkins attempts a doulbe axehandle club shot, instead he connects with the corner turnbuckle.

JOHNSON: “High energy shown here by both men, but it’s now Havok slowing the pace down a bit as he drives his shoulder into the midsection of Griffin Hawkins in the corner turnbuckle. Havok thrusting again, and you can just here the smack and the rush of air out of Hawkins’ lungs with each of these shots.”
VASSA: “I heard from a little birdy backstage that underneath that ring is some serious artillery, could be that each man is trying to get to that as quickly as possible here.”
JOHNSON: “Havok’s doing a good job of taking the wind out from the sails of Griffin Hawkins then, another shoulder! That’s four total.”
VASSA: “Each one doing more and more damage to the challenger.”
JOHNSON: “By the way, you have a little birdy?”
VASSA: “I know people.”
Back in the ring Havok backs off from the shoulder thrusts, walks a couple of steps away and charges back into the corner with clothesline across the chest of Griffin Hawkins. Hawkins stumbles out of the corner and Havok follows that up with a huge boot to the gut and quickly sets up Hawkins for a powerbomb. Havok goes to lift, but is blocked by Hawkins, Hawkins then powers up and dumps Havok to the ground with a leaping back drop driver! Havok bounces off the mat from the impact, and starts to roll back up to his feet, that’s when he meets a clothesline himself from Hawkins smashing him through the top and middle ropes onto the apron.

JOHNSON: “Vicious shot there by Griffin Hawkins, early on here it’s been nothing short of a slugfest.”
VASSA: “I’d call it a bar brawl, personally.”
JOHNSON: “Speaking of which, they ever talk to you about that one in Utah?”
VASSA: “No comment.”
Havok starts to get up on the ring apron, but Hawkins leaps up onto the corner turnbuckle and in a single move leaps off catching Havok around the shoulders with his legs and proceedes to flip both of them off of the ring apron and onto the floor with a hurricanrana! The crowd gets to their feet for that impressive move to the outside!!

JOHNSON: “Oh my! What a move by the challenger Griffin Hawkins!”
VASSA: “Both men crashing onto the floor, but I think Havok ended up hitting the guardrailing on the outside of the ring.”
JOHNSON: “Remember, there are no countouts, disqualifications or even pinfalls. The only way to win this match is to make your opponent unable to answer a standing ten count. Looks like we’re going to get our first count here tonight.”
The referee begins the count as both men lay on the floor on the outside
Looks as if Griffin Hawkins is up first, but Nathaniel Havok is able to use the guardrailing and begin to pull himself back up to his feet as well. Havok turns just in time to duck out of the way from a superkick attempt by Griffin Hawkins! Hawkins instead crotches himself on the guardrailing. Havok doesn’t let him sit too long on there and quickly knocks him over the guardrailing into the front row with a running forearm smash. Havok doesn’t follow him over, instead he heads to the underside of the ring and begins to search the entrance side flipping up the ring dressing in the process.

VASSA: Here it comes, some of the goodies I was told were placed under the ring!
JOHNSON: “Looks like he’s found what he has been searching for here now… it’s… oh my! Oh my! It’s a table with light tubes taped across the top! There are light tubes taped to that table, Vinny.”

VASSA: “Somewhere, some office building is missing a whole row of bulbs.”
JOHNSON: “And this crowd is now getting the idea of what the champion has in store here, as he sets up the table on the outside of the ring.?
Havok heads back over to where Griffin Hawkins is pulling himself back over the guardrailing, Havok throws some wild punches across the top of Hawkins’ skull before he drags him fully back over and towards the table. Havok puts Hawkins once again into the powerbomb position and points to the light tube covered table he has just set up. Havok gives the situation a once over causing him to hesitate this level of violence long enough for Hawkins to once again lift up Havok and drop him onto the concrete with a back drop!

JOHNSON: “Hesitation by the champion?”
VASSA: “I don’t know what that was, Havok just didn’t seem like he was ready to cross that line just yet. You know, going fully malicious.”
Hawkins gives an eye to the table himself, but instead turns his attention quickly back to the champion as he hammers away with some boot stomps. From there he scoops up Havok and rolls him back into the ring before he ducks down and pulls something out from under the ring as well. Hawkins rolls back into the ring as Hawkins is able to get to a vertical base, Griffin shows the crowd that in his hand is a nice shiny cheese grater! From behind he pulls Havok’s head back and swipes the grater across the forehead!! For good measure he does a second time!! And then drags it as slow as possible a third time before tossing Havok back down to the rin screaming in angony from that. Griffin holds the cheese grater up for the crowd to see the blood splatter across the once shiny face of it. Havok isn’t just busted open, he’s already got a full on crimson mask and the blood isn’t stopping. Hawkins pulls him up by the back of the head showing the world the damage he’s done already.

JOHNSON: “That’s just… just…”
VASSA: “Awesome!”
JOHNSON: “Griffin Hawkins using that cheese grater to just slice open the forehead of Nathaniel Havok.”
VASSA: “Hey, with enough blood loss there’s no way he’s going to answer the ten count.”
JOHNSON: “I guess there’s always that.”
Hawkins stands back and waits for Havok to try and get back fully up to his feet, blood drips down onto his chest and on the mat but the champion is able to at least get to his knees. That’s when Hawkins charges and nails Havok to the side of the head with a vicious superkick!! Havok crumbles under the ‘Shot in the Dark’ by Griffin Hawkins. The referee moves in and starts the ten count, the crowd gets to their feet as the count starts…

NO!! Havok is able to answer the ten count and begins to pull himself back up to his feet. Hawkins doesn’t seem to care all that much and tosses Havok into the farside ropes with a big whip, Havok is able to duck under the lariat attempt and rebounds off the farside leaps into the air and connects with a spinning wheel kick taking Hawkins off of his feet. Both men are down on the ground after that one, as the blood loss seems to be hindering Havok a little bit more now.

JOHNSON: “How he’s going to be able to carry on in this match is going to be an amazing feat of endurance, Vinny.”
VASSA: “He’s lost about a pint, easy. But that’s why he’s the champ and has been for a while now.”
Havok is able to get back up to his feet first, but once again right behind him is Griffin Hawkins. Havok hits a couple of quick snap kicks to the ribs of Hawkins and follows that up with another one, however Hawkins is able to catch that one, but Havok counters up the catch with a leaping enziguri!! Hawkins falls to all fours in the ring and by the time he pulls himself back up to his knees Havok charges in and this time connects with a vicious shining wizard enziguri!! Hawkins hits the mat face first, his head bouncing off of the mat. The referee moves in for the count, but Havok pulls the referee back as he climbs to the corner turnbuckle and climbs to the top rope. Hawkins pulls himself back up to all fours again, but that’s when Havok leaps from the top ropes and connects with a leg drop across the back of his head!

JOHNSON: “Incredible move there by the champion!! Will that be enough?”
VASSA: “I don’t think even Nathaniel Havok thinks it’s going to be enough as he heads to the outside of the ring as the referee moves over to where Griffin Hawkins is laying.”
JOHNSON: “I think Hawkins is moving around enough that the referee isn’t even going to start the ten count here, but Havok’s… Havok’s got a chair! He’s got himself a chair from the timekeeper and he’s bringing that back into the ring now.”
With his face full of now drying blood Nathaniel Havok slides back into the ring as Griffin Hawkins brings himself back up to his feet once again. Havok takes aim and swings the chair downwards, but Hawkins is able to move out of the way and the chair clangs down onto mat which a crunching sound. Hawkins is quick to counter with a back elbow smash across Havok’s jaw causing him to drop the chair on the mat. Hawkins goes for another shot, but Havok is able to counter with a duck under hooking the back arms of Hawkins and tossing him over the top with a belly to back suplex!! Havok repositions the chair in the ring then he pulls Hawkins up into the middle of the ring by his hair. Havok gives a smirk to the crowd from behind his dying blood and quickly sets up Griffin Hawkins above the chair, sets up his cradle piledriver…
…the crowd pops for that one as Havok scoots back and the referee begins the ten count. Havok uses the bottom ropes to keep himself propped up as he looks on. The loss of blood has gotten him pretty woozy looking, but still he counts along.

JOHNSON: “NO! NO! Griffin Hawkins answers the ten count! Havok hits the Reign of Terror, but Hawkins is still in this match!”
VASSA: “How the hell?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think even Nathaniel Havok can believe it, but Hawkins somehow pulling himsef to his feet is able to get the ten count stopped. And this match is going to continue!”
VASSA: “That does not bode well for the champion, the longer this match goes on the more and more blood he’s going to lose from that gash on his forehead.”
Havok has a look of disbelief on his face as Hawkins pulls himself back up, Havok doesn’t give the man much more than that as an opportunity as Griffin turns around Havok connects with a kick to the jaw of his own which causes Hawkins to crumble to the mat. Havok doesn’t waste a moment and slides to the outside of the ring where he quickly unhooks the top part of the steel stairs from the bottom. It takes a couple of tries but he is able to dump the top part of the stairs into the ring which gets a major reaction from the crowd.

JOHNSON: “This… this can’t be good.”
VASSA: “Depends on what you’re rooting for, to be honest. It could be good for some out there, just not Griffin Hawkins.”
JOHNSON: “Those heavy steel stairs are just pure danger and after taking one piledriver, I don’t know if Hawkins’ neck could take something like that!”
Havok once again cradles Griffin Hawkins just as he last did, Havok going for another Reign of Terror on the challenger this time he’s aiming himself near the steel stairs inside the ring. Hawkins fights back against the hold causing Havok to break his grip, Hawkins powers out again however instead of hitting another backdrop dirver he holds Havok up onto his shoulders and…
Slams Havok down backfirst across the top of the steel stairs!! The crowd pops for the carnage as Hawkins falls back himself, Havok seemingly going limp in the process of getting the slam treatment. The referee begins the count against the champion.

VASSA: “If I wasn’t sitting here, I would have never believed it myself. The champion somehow finding it in himself to get back into this match by answering the ten count.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know what these two have left, I don’t know what they will have left after this match, but this is one hell of a battle of wills.”
VASSA: “Havok’s face still dripping blood from earlier, he’s got to be whoozy already, and on top of that, he just got slammed down on his back.”
Hawkins just shakes his head in disbelief as he pulls himself up with the help of the ropes. Havok has been able to pull himself back up into a seated position holding his back in a massive amount of pain. Just as he’s about to get back up he stumbles somewhat, showing the signs of this match and his blood loss already. Hawkins musters up enough from the ropes, shuffles his feet and nails the barely standing Havok square in the jaw…
…with a Shot in the Dark!! Havok falls backwards from the impact and hits the ground almost motionless. The crowd again pops for that, as the referee once again goes in to check on the champion. There is almost no life in the body of Havok as the referee starts another ten count.
The crowd roars as Havok pulls himself up once again into a seated position stopping the count. Covering his chest with both arms the bloodied Havok refuses to give into the blood loss, the pain, and to surrender the championship. Hawkins has a look of shock on his face, but instead of attacking he rolls to the outside of the ring instead quickly pulling up the apron and searching for something.

JOHNSON: ”What do you think could be left under that ring?”
VASSA: “I don’t know, but it’s going to have to be nuke at this point.”
JOHNSON: “The champion has absorbed everything the challenger has given him here tonight, and it might look like he’s been through a couple of car crashes, he’s still pushing forward.”
VASSA: “It’s an amazing show of will.”
JOHNSON: “Oh no!! Griffin Hawkins has himself… a barbed-wire bat!!”
Hawkins holds it up for the fans in Vegas to see, the wooden bat wrapped in razor wire, slowly he slides the slugger into the ring following right behind it. Havok has no idea any of this is going on as he is still working on trying to get back up to his feet using the farside ring ropes to prop himself back up fully. Hawkins rights himself, holding the bat and ready to strike at the exact moment that Havok turns himself around. Hawkins creeps closer and closer, just then Havok turns around and is met with shot from the barbed-wire bat right into the midsection!! The crowd gasps in horror as Hawkins then takes the bat and drags it across the face and forehead of the champion again. Fresh blood pours over the dried blood as Havok’s face is once again busted open. Hawkins drops the bat in the ring and grabs the champion by the head…
…with a quick snap he drives the top of Havok’s head onto the baseball bat in the middle of the ring. Havok just flops to the side as Griffin Hawkins pulls himself back up pulling some of the barbed-wire out of his own skin. The referee moves over to start the ten count, but Hawkins pulls Havok back up pushing the referee out of the way in the process. And that’s when Hawkins sees on the outside the ring the table with lightbulbs strapped to it on the outside of the ring.

JOHNSON: “Griffin Hawkins making a motion towards that table on the outside of the ring that Havok set up earlier in this match.”
VASSA: “Nathaniel is probably regetting not dumping him through that table now.”
JOHNSON: “Indeed he probably is, we’ve seen a very reserved Nathaniel Havok in this match. He’s almost fighting against himself as well as Griffin Hawkins and that’s cost him in this match a lot of blood. To say the least.”
VASSA: “And it’s going to probably cost him the title!”
JOHNSON: “Hawkins setting up Havok here near the ropes, looks like he’s going for a powerbomb… maybe? He goes to lift Havok…”
There’s a massive pop as the champion is somehow able to counter the powerbomb attempt by Griffin Hawkins into a hurricanrana of his own!! Hawkins pops right back up to his feet after the impact and immediately spins around only to eat a superkick from Nathaniel Havok!! Hawkins slumps to the mat and Havok’s eyes turn towards the barbed-wire bat in the center of the ring. His eyes sharpen, his gaze is deadly, he wipes the blood off of his face as he picks up the bat. Havok gives in. He scoops up the baseball bat as Hawkins gets back up to his feet, wrapping the barbed-wire around Griffin’s neck he places the bat across his throat and drops backwards with reverse DDT!!

VASSA: “So cruel! Havok paying back Hawkins for all the cuts here tonight now.”
JOHNSON: “So true, so true. The champion now pulling the barbed-wire bat up, pulling the barbs from the flesh of his opponent… what does have Havok have in mind here?”
VASSA: “I doubt we want to know. But, we’re going to find out.”
Havok pulls Hawkins up to his feet and tosses him out through the middle ropes where Hawkins lands on the ring apron. Havok follows right out beside him and once again pulls Hawkins back up to his feet only give a big boot to the gut doubling him over in the process. That’s when Havok points towards the table with lightbulbs strapped onto the top, the crowd stands to their feet as Havok begins to cradle the arms and legs of the challenger.

JOHNSON: “Oh no, not this! Not this!”
VASSA: “Holy shi—“
The roof comes off the place. The arena has a sunroof. Nathaniel Havok plunges Griffin Hawkins through the table covered in lightbulbs with his package piledriver!! Dust from the bulbs flies everywhere like a billow of smoke, the carnage takes a moment to settle and laying there are both men. The referee begins to give the ten count to both men.

JOHNSON: “Is either man moving!?”
VASSA: “I can’t tell!”

JOHNSON: “Maybe something’s moving? Maybe?”
And just then a single hand reaches up over the ring apron, it is the hand of the champion. He pulls himself up as the referee finishes the count.
The bell sounds as the crowd erupts, Havok rolls back into the ring fully covered in blood. He pulls himself up with the use of the ropes as “Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system of the theater, accompanied by a huge pop from the crowd as his arm is raised as the victor here tonight. Almost as soon as the referee lets go, Havok falls to both knees slumping down a bit in the ring until his Extreme title is once again placed on his shoulder.

JOHNSON: “I can’t believe it! Nathaniel Havok is able to put down a serious contender in Griffin Hawkins for the count of ten, Havok is the last man standing here tonight.”
VASSA: “I don’t know how he did it, but it doesn’t matter because his is the hand that is raised in victory here and that title is going home with him. But, I’m sure the first thing he’s going to need are a few dozen stitches and a nice long bath.”
JOHNSON: “Both men put it all out on the line here tonight, in and out of the ring is just pure carnage. We are really living up to the name of this being a Winter Wasteland.”

We see Sativa sitting in the back of the theater somewhere. She still has her ring gear on and is smoking a fat blunt. Gabriel Hartman notices her and walks up to her waving. Sativa looks at him and her eyes go wide in shock. She starts looking around wildly and erratically. Hartman comes up to her, concern obvious on his face.

HARTMAN: ”Sativa, it’s Gabriel Hartman, is everything alright?”
Sativa looks at Hartman and laughs a bit.

SATIVA: ”Sorry, thought this was bat country for a moment…”
Hartman stares at Sativa blankly, obviously not getting the joke. Sativa on the other hand is laughing at her own joke. She takes a hit off the blunt and smiles at Hartman.

SATIVA: ”Yes Gabe, I’m fine. Better than fine actually. I’m cruising at a solid 7 right now.”
HARTMAN: ”Oh-kay? Well, some are saying things are looking up for you Sativa. Your win here tonight being a big one and getting you out of your recent funk.”
SATIVA: ”Lemme ask you something Gabe, can I call you Gabe? Gabe, did anyone doubt that I would win? I mean come on, it was Nick ‘Captain America’ Watson. Poor boy never stood a chance.”
HARTMAN: ”Well, I personally thought you were gonna win.”
SATIVA: ”Gonna stop you right there Gabe, no one likes a kiss ass.”
Hartman stammers for a moment then coughs and clears his throat.

HARTMAN: ”Right, now, people are all wondering how your team with Ramona is gonna go. I mean she is in line to win the Pride title tonight.”
SATIVA: ”Gabe, I thought you were supposed to be some big shot wrestling guru. Or at least that’s how you were described to me. I dunno might have been someone else, I was high at the time. You talked to Ramona earlier. You know exactly where we stand. When she wins the Pride title I will be there at ringside to celebrate with her. No one said we couldn’t be a tag team if she has singles gold. Our ultimate goal is for both of us to hold singles titles and the tag titles. We aren’t gonna be some flash in the pan team Gabe. We are here to dominate this place. Give it the prestige and class it fucking deserves. Fuck Gabe, I am a classy broad after all.”
HARTMAN: ”Any thoughts on the possible outcome of the Tag Title match that is just about to start?”
SATIVA: ”Gabe, man, are you fucking deaf? Didn’t you see Ramona and I out in the ring earlier giving our thoughts on it? I’m not going to repeat myself.”
Sativa stands up and takes a massive hit off her blunt. She sets it down in the near by ashtray and grabs Hartman’s mic. She blows her hit into his face and then pushes him back.

SATIVA: ”How about you fuck off Gabe? I think you are needed down at the Mint Hotel.”
HARTMAN: ”The what?”
SATIVA: ”I said fuck off Gabe.”
Sativa glares at Hartman who cowers back and leaves.

SATIVA: ”Four See Dub, let Nick Watson and my promos this last couple of weeks be a fucking message. A warning that the little miss nice hippie Sativa is gone. You all done fucked around and brought out the bitch. Go and try to find Scoob, his real name is Brian Williams. I would try looking around southern New Mexico. After that go ask Nick what happens when you piss me the fuck off. I’m done playing nice, I’m done being everyone’s friend. I am out for two things, well, two things that go hand in hand. I’m out for Gold and success. I’ve had a shot at gold and fucked it up and I have had some mild success. But fear not kiddies. I will be getting another chance at gold, one that I will capitalize on. And I will be getting loads more success. The Ganja Goddess, or if you prefer Nick’s name of Darth Ganja, is here to stay. She is here to destroy you all. I just hope you are all fucking ready. Now get that fucking camera out of my face.”
Sativa puts the mic down on the table and grabs her blunt. She takes a hit off of it and blows a couple of O’s at the camera. She then pushes past it rudely, heading off towards her locker room.



VASSA: ”It’s time for New Gen Rising to defend those straps once and for all!”
JOHNSON: ”They’ve been a menace so to speak as of late and with the stipulations the challengers had to go through, it’s time to put it all on the line.”
VASSA: ”Black Listed walked away from the tag team lumberjack gauntlet and will challenge the champions in just a few moments.”
JOHNSON: ”That gauntlet wasn’t an easy match by any means and I’m sure the fatigue is weighing in on them. In times like these, folks go that extra mile to achieve greatness.”
The lights start to switch to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B hits as the familiar beats draw cheers from the crowd. Out from the back first comes the bubbly and fun Demi Griffin with a big smile on her face as she stops to shake her booty to the beat a few times before making her way to the ring. Not far behind her coming through the curtain as his sister has already made it half down the ramp is the imposing RPG, Royce Griffin standing looking out at the crowd.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring, the challengers for the 4CW Tag Team championships, Demi and Royce Griffin, BLACK LLIISSTTEEDD!!!”
The two wearing matching red and black themed outfits though, differing in types of gear. They still have matching arm bands and focused looks as Demi finishes high fiving the fans around the ring before hopping up the steps and stepping through the bottom two ropes. As she does this Royce slides into the ring,
Once in the ring Royce does two big jumps into the air to show off his athleticism and get stretched out as his sister walks around the ring hands held high. RPG throws a few practice punches before letting out a primal scream for the crowd getting them going as Demi now sits atop one of the corner posts jiving to the beat. Royce walks around the ring screaming out “Let’s Go” several times while hyping the crowd as the two seem fully ready for their tag match

VASSA: ”And there they are and boy do they look ready for a fight!”
JOHNSON: ”They have their work cut out for them but carry a lot of momentum after winning the gauntlet earlier.”
:” I play you lose” hits the speakers as New Gen Rising, Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage, walk out on to the ramp with the 4CW Tag Team championships draped over their shoulders.

POWERS: ”And the 4CW Tag Team Champions coming to the ring, Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage, NEW GEN RRIISSIINNGG!!!”
They make their way to the ring yelling insults at the crowd. Upon reaching the ring they split up and head to different corners to walk up the steps. Jace and Brian wipe their feet off on the apron at the same time before climbing through the ropes. They walk to opposite corners and climb to the second turn buckle, holding the championships in the air. They yell more insults at the crowd before hopping off the turn buckle ready to face their opponents. The ref then comes over, grabs the championships and holds them up with both hands in the center of the ring. He then walks over to the ropes and hands them to a member of the ringside crew.

JOHNSON: ”The wait has finally come to an end! New Gen Rising will defend the championships against the rising stars, Black Listed!”
VASSA: ”After seeing Black Listed in action earlier, New Gen better not take them lightly or it will bite them in the ass!”
The ref checks with each corner as the teams talk amongst themselves. Hollywood steps out onto the apron leaving Jace to start the match. Across the ring, Royce steps out onto the apron leaving Demi to kick things off. The ref then checks with each corner to see if they are ready and then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
Not wasting anytime, Demi rushes out of the corner and charges towards Jace. As she gets close, Jace takes off in a flash. The two collide into each other, exchanging punches. Jace takes a cheap shot and rakes her eyes, blinding her briefly. He then wraps her up and delivers a couple punches to the kidneys. The ref yells at the illegal punches and tries to break up the two but Jace shrugs him off and then lifts Demi up and throws her down to the mat with a body slam. He then leaps on top of her and mounts himself over her before unloading with ground and pound elbow strikes. Demi blocks the majority but still manages to catch a direct hit right between the eyes, knocking her head backwards, slamming into the canvas. Jace then grabs her by the head and slams it into the mat a few times before letting go and standing to his feet.
He then reaches down and rolls her over to her stomach, allowing her to push herself up in an attempt to get to her feet. He then walks behind her and slaps her across the left butt cheek, sending a stinging sound cutting over the loud theater crowd. He then grabs her by the head and pulls her up to her feet. Slapping her in the back of the head, Jace then turns her around and wraps his arms around her waist. he then lifts her up into the air and drops her across his knee with an atomic drop that sends a jolt up her spine. As she stands straight up after the impact, Jace smacks her across the bottom again and kicks her leg out from under her, knocking her to her back. Jace then runs to the ropes and comes back, stalls for a moment and then drops a fist down across her forehead.

JOHNSON: ”New Gen has been disrespecting everyone in the locker room and tonight is no different.”
VASSA: ”He’s just doing what every other man in the back wants to do. He’s getting him a touch of that junk in the trunk!”
Jace pushes himself up and walks around the ring for a moment with a cocky look on his face. He then walks back to Demi and lifts her up to her feet. Grabbing her by the arm, Jace then throws her to the corner where Hollywood is. Demi slams against the turnbuckle and as she does, Jace then takes off and runs at her full speed. Just as he gets close, Demi then throws her foot in the air and kicks him square in the chin. Jace quickly turns around, holding his chin in pain. Demi then pushes herself away from the corner and runs towards him but gets stopped as Hollywood reaches over the top rope and grabs a handful of hair. He then jerks her head back and throws her to the mat.
Jace then turns around and comes back angry, dropping a knee across her shoulder. He then slaps hands with Hollywood as the ref recognizes the tag and the two change places in the ring. As Hollywood steps inside of the ropes, he wastes no time and begins to kick Demi while she’s down. Not satisfied, he then grabs the top rope for leverage and kicks down even harder. After landing a few kicks, He places his foot on her throat and then begins to choke the life out of her while still using the ropes for that added leverage. The ref quickly rushes over and yells for him to release but Hollywood pays him no mind and continues to choke her. The ref then begins to count. Getting to the eight count, Hollywood finally lets up and backs away with a smile on his face from ear to ear.
Hollywood then walks back to Demi and grabs her by the arm, lifting her up to her feet. Locking onto her wrist, Hollywood throws her to the ropes with force. As Demi hits the ropes across the ring and comes back, Hollywood runs a few steps and goes for a running big boot. Just before taking her head off, Demi ducks underneath and continues to the opposite ropes. Hitting the ropes and bouncing back with speed, she leaps into the air and does a front flip. After making one revolution, she hits Hollywood with a clothesline just as he turns around to face her. The two lay on the mat, side by side. Demi then gets up first and rushes over to the corner and slaps hands with Royce who bursts over the top rope. The ref takes notice of the tag and walks to that side of the ring to make sure Demi exits to the apron which she does.
Royce then rushes Hollywood in a rampage and kicks him in the back before he can get to his feet. With him still down on one knee, Royce steps in front of him and then jumps up, driving his knee right under Hollywood’s chin and sending him flying across the ring before landing on his back. Royce then stomps on his legs while he’s down and then takes off to the ropes and comes back with a high impact jumping elbow drop across the chest. Royce then pops back to his feet in a rage as the fans cheer him on.

VASSA: ”Royce is in the ring and he looks READY!”
JOHNSON: ”He is an athlete that’s for sure.”
VASSA: ”An athlete? More like a beast!”
Royce then grabs Hollywood by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Hitting him with a hard European uppercut, Royce knocks Hollywood back a step and then rushes forward, knocking him to his back once again with a shoulder block. Royce then runs to the corner and quickly ascends to the top. Turning back to face the ring, He leaps in the air and comes down on Hollywood with a diving knee drop to the shoulder. Rolling off of Hollywood and to his feet, Royce then grabs him by the head and lifts him to a sitting position and gets behind him. Royce then applies a chin lock and cranks back on the pressure as the ref sweeps in to check with Hollywood for a submission.
A few moments pass but Hollywood doesn’t give up. Royce then applies even more pressure, damn near ripping his head off. From behind, Jace plants a hard right kick right between the shoulder, forcing Royce to release the hold. The ref quickly gets up and leads Jace to the corner and orders him to get out of the ring. Jace gives him a hard time for a moment, allowing Hollywood to get up and big his thumbs into the eyes of Royce. After blinding him for the moment, Hollywood lifts him to his feet just as the ref turns to face the action with Jace back on the apron.
Hollywood snaps on a side headlock and then lands multiple punches to the top of Royce’s head. He then takes a few steps forward and plants his face into the mat with a running bulldog. Hollywood then gets up and begins to stomp on the back of Royce’s head, over and over, not letting up. After doing some damage, Hollywood grabs both of his arms and pulls them back while driving his knee into the back of Royce. Cranking down on the pressure, Hollywood digs that knee back and forth into his back, inflicting a serious amount of pain. The ref then comes in to check with Royce for a submission. Royce shakes his head back and forth, refusing to submit. After a few moments pass, Royce find a bust of energy and pulls his arms forward, ripping them away from Hollywood’s grasp.
Still on his feet, Hollywood then steps forward and delivers a big boot to the back of Royce’s head, knocking him forward to the mat. Hollywood then grabs his leg and rolls him over to his back and then goes to lock in a figure four. After turning that leg for the first step, Royce lifts his other leg up and kicks Hollywood in the stomach, Hollywood doesn’t let up and keeps a firm grip on the leg. Royce then raises his other leg once more and places it against Hollywood’s stomach. He then kicks him away with force, sending Hollywood falling to the mat and rolling across the ring.

VASSA: ”He isn’t going down that easy!”
JOHNSON: ”The leg strength of Royce is something on another level. He just sent Hollywood flying across the ring with ease.”
Royce quickly gets up and moves in to Hollywood before he even has a chance to get up. Royce kicks him a few times while he’s down and then grabs him by the head. Lifting him to his feet, Royce pauses for a brief moment. Taking the opportunity, Hollywood drives his thumb into Royce’s eye, unnoticed by the ref. Royce holds his hand over his eye but before he can react, Hollywood kicks him in the stomach and then pushes him backwards to the corner. On the outside, Jace reaches over the top ropes and grabs ahold of Royce. He pulls him away from the corner a bit but still against the ropes and then locks his arms behind him.
Hollywood then runs to the ropes across the ring and hits them with force. Coming back with momentum, Hollywood lunges forward with a lariat but misses as Royce pulls his arms away and ducks. Hollywood hits Jace in the head with the lariat, sending him flying from the apron and to the outside. Jace hits the floor and then rolls backwards, slamming his head against the barricade separating the fans from ringside. Jace lays on the outside of the ring in a daze, obviously hurt from the impact to his head.
Royce then lands a big right hand to the side of Hollywood’s jaw, knocking some sense into him. He then grabs Hollywood by the arm and throws him to the corner where Demi is. Just as Hollywood’s back is about to hit the turnbuckle, Deme delivers a knee through the ropes into his lower back. Hollywood releases a loud grunt but before he can shut his mouth, Royce is with there to nearly knock his head off with a running clothesline. Hollywood stumbles away from the corner in a daze and then falls down to one knee. Royce then looks to Demi with a smile on his face and the two slap hands in the refs sight. Demi then climbs the corner while Royce exits onto the apron.
Waiting patiently, Demi watches as Hollywood slowly pushes himself up to both feet. He then turns around slowly and as he does, she leaps from the top of the turnbuckle and comes down, hitting Hollywood with a jumping reverse STO.

JOHNSON: ”Niagara Falls! This could be it!”
VASSA: ”She’s going for the pin and Jace is still out cold on the side of the ring!”
Demi then covers Hollywood for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”Black Listed has won it! We have new 4CW Tag Team champions!”
JOHNSON: ”After going through the gauntlet and winning, Black Listed has dethroned the long tenured 4CW tag team champions!”
VASSA: ”About time New Gen Rising has been put in their place!”
“Think We Got A Problem” hits the speakers as Royce runs into the ring and lifts Demi up into the air, celebrating the hard fought victory. The ref grabs the titles from the ringside crew on the outside and then walks over to both Demi and Royce, handing them over. He then stands in between the two and raises both of their arms into the air as the fans cheer.

POWERS: ”Your winners and new 4CW Tag Team Champions… BLACK LLIISSTTEEDD!!!”
With the ref holding up one of their arms, the two hold the titles above their heads with the other. The fans erupt in the audience, embracing the new tag team champions.

VASSA: ”That was unbelievable! We have new champions!”
JOHNSON: ”We sure do and it serves New gen Rising right!”
VASSA: ”The face of the tag division has changed and I couldn’t have imagined a better match up.”
JOHNSON: ”While the new champs celebrate the victory and we clean the ring up a bit, we’re going to go backstage for a brief moment folks!”

FLIPP: “It’s almost time.”
Fading open to the Pride Champion Lo’Renzo’s dressed in his ring gear. His expression as serious as it’s been all night.

FLIPP: “Almost time for me to defend this belt for the very first time.”
He slangs the Pride title over his shoulders.

FLIPP: “I’ve heard everything Ramona has had to say about me. Even though a good seventy five of it is just her trying to feel good about herself she has took things to far by discrediting me as a man and a father.”
His gaze was fully focused on the camera.

FLIPP: “If you feel imma bad father because my son is not with me when im at a show you then I’d hate to see you as a mother. My son has me and his moms. He’s well taken care off and you tryna bring him in this just only made it harder for yourself. You tryna bring up my life has only made it harder for yourself.”
He slightly cuts hid eyes.

FLIPP: “I understand though. My life is more important than what I can do in the ring.”
He sniffles before continuing.

FLIPP: “I understand. Try and get under my skin to see if you can break me. The only thing you did was give me extra fuel and make a fool of yourself to me and the loyals.”
He slides the belt down from his shoulders and holds it in his hand.

FLIPP: “But this belt.”
He holds the Pride Title up in the air.

FLIPP: “Is not going anywhere.”
He walks away heading toward the curtains where the fans are on their feet for the upcoming Thirty Minute Iron Man match.



JOHNSON: ”It is now time for the Thirty Minute Pride Championship match between Ramona Lea Epps and the Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter.”
VASSA: “Yeah, the challenger in Ramona has done nothing but rise through the ranks. Last event she won in the finals over Roxi Johnson to be able to have this shot tonight.
JOHNSON: “And for Lo’Renzo this would be his first time defending a title.
VASSA: ”In what has already been an event jam packed with action I’m sure this match will keep up the intensity.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh you can bet it will.”
POWERS: “Ladies and gentleman this is our headline match for the Pride Championship set under thirty minute Iron Man Rules. Introducing first, hailing from Detriot Michigan, weighing in at one hundred and fourty five pounds. She is the challenger, Ramonaaaaaaa Leeea Epppppps!!!”
“I wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah
I wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah”
“I wanna raise pulses”
Appearing from behind the curtains Ramona stepped out with a cocksure wink and grin, throwing one hand in the air above her head. Even though her reception from the crowd wasn’t the warmest she seemed to be unaware of the fact as she started in towards the ring. Upon reaching it she stopped again, looking left then right, and brushing some imaginary dirt off her shoulders in each direction before rolling under the bottom rope.
“La chica with the most-est
Not in the mood for the average Josephs
Coming unglued, baby this is explosive
I wanna raise pulses”
“I’m coming for your rhythm, I’m here to wake you up
I wanna be your hero, I wanna shake the fluff
I be on that beating in your chest
Check a stethoscope run a few tests
Something you can measure doesn’t make it better
Feeling weighed down did you lose your girl, get her”
Even with some jeers trying to compete with her music she was unaffected, stepping on the middle of the bottom rope while holding onto the top one so that she could lean forward and out towards the spectators. Amongst haters were a few fans who took the opportunity to snap a few pictures before she hopped back down and into the center of the ring. She flipped her hair back over her shoulder, ready to go to work as her music began to fade out
“You got a heart that’s born with a beat
What’s that now, you forget how to breathe?
I wanna get that thing runnin’…”

JOHNSON: “As you can hear the fans here in the Jubilee could care less about Ramona.
VASSA: ”Why would they. When she joined forces with Sativa Neveah she lost all the love they had for her.
JOHNSON: ”The man about to come from behind those curtains though is all about the fans here tonight.
VASSA: “He’s also the Pride Champion.”
POWERS: ”And her opponent, hailing from St. Matthews, South Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds. He is the Pride Champion, Lo’Renzoooooo Porteeeeeer!!!”
“Beleive Me” by Ace Hood begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in tydie knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey dc wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling, raising his left hand to his face while he raises his Pride Title in the air with his right.
He begins making his way down the ramp, pausing to sign a few autographs before continuing his way to the ring, slapping handsvas he does. He steps inside the ring where he spins in a circle before coming to a knee in the center of the ring. He crosses his chest before looking up and looking out at the crowd to his right.
He jumps up to his feet, jumping upand down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters once more, this time the Pride title high in the air. He runs up a turnbuckle before faking the back flip he normally does, instead he points out to the crowd before saluting them, taking his bandanna from around his dreads and throwing it into the crowd, wrapping his Pride title before kissing it and jumping down from the turnbuckle before passing it to the ref. Setting up in his corner he closes his eyes for a few seconds before letting out a deep breathe, Flipp ready for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”The Pride Champion looks more focused than I have ever seen him.”
JOHNSON: ”But so does Ramona whose been dominant since making her debut.”
VASSA: ”This is just going to be one back and forth match. I can sense it.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to have to see because the bell is getting ready to be rung.”
With that both the champ and Ramona dart from their corners. Ramona striking with a Spin Wheel Kick that Lo’Renzo ducks under. Lo’Renzo looks for an Uppercut but Ramona weaves it, ducking and catching Lo’Renzo with a knee to the chest. She takes Lo’Renzo down with a Hip Toss, quickly wrapping around the head and putting Lo’Renzo in a Headlock, but Flipp gets his feet up on the ropes. Ramona holding the lock just a little longer before breaking it up.
Lo’Renzo gets to his feet only to instantly be met by a flying Ramona who strikes him with a Flying Forearm Smash, Lo’Renzo falling backward into the ropes before Ramona sweeps his legs. Lo’Renzo not wanting to go down manages to hold onto the ropes, but Ramona grabs his hands and knees him right in the jaw as the fans begin to rain down the boos. Ramona looking up and holding her arms out with that smirk of hers. She drags the champ to the middle of the ring and places him in a Fujibar Armbar, cranking on that arm as Lo’Renzo tries reaching out for the ropes.

VASSA: “Ramona has managed to take control of this match early.”
JOHNSON: “That seems to have been her gameplan.”
VASSA: ”Well it’s working quite good right now.”
Lo’Renzo begins a slow slide across the mat, but the slick Ramona reverses the Armbar into a mount where she begins to lay down the blows. Lo’Renzo trying to cover up but Ramona’s mixing it up well with strikes to the face and torso. She looks for one devastating blow but Lo’Renzo catches her by the wrist and reverses the mount. He strikes her with an elbow before lifting Ramona to her feet. Lo’Renzo whips Ramona into the ropes, she bounces off and ducks under a Flying Clothesline from Lo’Renzo, Ramona bouncing off the opposite ropes but this time is caught with a Flying Superman Punch.
Lo’Renzo stays on the attack and looks for another punch but Ramona easily weaves it and takes Lo’Renzo down with a Leg Lariat but Lo’Renzo is quickly back to his feet. Ramona looks for a Superkick but Lo’Renzo pushes her leg, spins her around and drops her with a DDT as the crowd begins to cheer. Lo’Renzo jumps back to his feet feeling the early momentum beginning to shift. He brings Ramona back to her feet and wraps up around her looking for a Suplex, Ramona lands on her feet, spins Lo’Renzo around and nails him with a Diamond Cutter.
Getting to her feet Ramona stalks Lo’Renzo as he slowly begins to pull himself to his feet, shaking off some cobwebs as he gets to a knee. Ramona darts across the ring looking for a Punt Kick, but no connection as Lo’Renzo rolls out of the way and back to his feet. He charges across the ring, looking for a Flying Forearm, Ramona ducks and sends Lo’Renzo into the turnbuckle. He bounces off and Ramona rolls him up with a School Boy Pin.
Ramona slaps the mat thinking she had the first pinfall. She grabs Lo’Renzo by the hair and brings him to his feet before placing him in a Side Headlock. Lo’Renzo tries pushing her off but, the ring savy Ramona lifts him over with another Hip Toss, this time stomping down on the champ with Double Foot Stomps. The crowd beginning to jeer from every direction. Ramona smiling while waving a finger. She stomps on Lo’Renzo once more before placing him in a Stepover Toe Hold Sleeper. Lo’Renzo clamoring out in pain, but once again uses his length to get a finger on the ropes as the ref steps in to break the hold.
Ramona scampers back to her feet and yells at the referee before turning her focus back to Lo’Renzo. When she does she’s swept off her feet but quickly gets back up. She smiles nonchalantly toward Lo’Renzo who tells her to “Bring it on.” Ramona darts across the ring before the two begin to just throw fist, but it is Ramona who uses her shorter height to catch Lo’Renzo with an unexpected European Uppercut that noodles his legs before Ramona drops him to the mat with a Crooked Arm Lariat.

JOHNSON: “The Champ hasn’t really been able to get anything going so far.”
VASSA: ”It’s like Ramona is just a step ahead of him.”
JOHNSON: ”When you’re five and oh inside Four Corner Wrestling that says allot, and it’s showing right now.”
Ramona not wanting to keep things to the mat lifts Lo’Renzo back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckles. Ramona charging across the ring looking for a Spear, Lo’Renzo rolls out of the way sending Ramona into the turnbuckle who runs into it at full speed. Ramona winces in pain as she aids to her shoulder. Lo’Renzo breathing heavily as he catches a little breath. He pulls himself to his feet, grabbing Ramona by the arm and pulling her to her feet only to take her back down with a quick Suplex. He bounces back to his feet, tapping his chest trying to get the crowd back into the match. He sets up into a corner, stalking Ramona as she gets to her feet.

Charging across the ring Lo’Renzo leaps up looking for a Flying Knee but Ramona moves out of the way. As Lo’Renzo comes down to his feet he’s met by a Spin Wheel Kick that sends him to his knees, Ramona bouncing off a rope and deviating Lo’Renzo with the Blitzkreig Bop. Ramona immediately following that up with the pin.

VASSA: “She could get the first pinfall here.”

JOHNSON: ”And there goes the first pin fall of this contest with twenty minutes to go folks.”
VASSA: ”Getting that first pin is always a plus in a match like this. Ramona knows that she’s really in charge right now.”
The crowd rain down the jeers toward Ramona as she rolls over Lo’Renzo and brings him back to his feet. She knees him in the gut, looking for a DDT but Lo’Renzo pushes her off and follows up with a Roundhouse Kick that sends Ramona to the mat as the crowd begins to go ballistic. Lo’Renzo still feeling the effects of that Blitzkreig Bop as he slowly gathers some breath. He grabs Ramona by the arm and drags her to the middle of the ring before bouncing off a rope, leaping up and coming back down with an elbow to Ramona’s torso. Ramona rolling over and out of the ring as the crowd stirs up some more jeers.
Ramona turns her back toward the ring as she aids to her chest, Lo’Renzo running up a turnbuckle before leaping off looking to land a Crossbody that connects and sends both him and Ramona into the guard rails. The crowd on their feet as the chants begin to stir.

Lo’Renzo pulls himself and Ramona to their feet before sliding her back in the ring. He follows behind her, lifting her back to her feet and delivering a Alabama Slam before he climbs back up the ropes. He leaps off, this time going for a Frogsplash but Ramona rolls out of the way as the champion comes crashing down hard. Ramona waste’s no time taking advantage of Lo’Renzo’s mistake as she begins to pummel down on him with some stomps before she lifts him back to his feet and slaps him across the chest. She follows that up with another slap and another before annihilating Lo’Renzo with a Double Kneebreaker.

VASSA: ”And just like that Ramona is able to slow down some of Lo’Renzo’s momentum.”
JOHNSON: ”She maybe fighting at her best right now to capture that Pride Championship Belt.”
VASSA: ”We could very much be looking at a new Pride Champion tonight.”
Ramona gets to her feet and puts her feet down on Lo’Renzo’s neck as she begins taunting the crowd. She removes her foot and grabs Lo’Renzo by the hair and lifts him back to his feet. She whips him across the ring onto the ropes, Lo’Renzo bouncing and being hit with a Slingshot Springboard Crossbody. Ramona tries following that up with a pin but Lo’Renzo quickly kicks out. Ramona lays down a few blows to Lo’Renzo’s face before getting back to her feet and awaiting for Lo’Renzo to get to his. When he does Ramona darts across the ring looking for a Clothesline but Lo’Renzo grabs the arm, tucks it between his legs and brings Ramona down to the mat for the move he calls The Verdict.

JOHNSON: ”Ramona could tap here.”
The crowd cheers at the top of their lungs as Lo’Renzo cranks back on Ramona’s neck. Ramona lifts her hand up not wanting to tap but she’s forced to as she slaps down on the mat three times before Lo’Renzo breaks up the hold and bounces back to his feet, pumping up the crowd and getting them louder. He grabs Ramona by the arm and pulls her back up to her feet where he goes for a Axe Kick but Ramona grabs the leg and sweeps Lo’Renzo off of his feet, keeping the leg intact and placing Lo’Renzo in an inverted Leg Lock.
Ramona sits back on the leg looking as if she’s going to pop it right out of place, but Lo’Renzo musters up some strength and begins to drag himself to the nearest rope before he’s able to get his arm over it. Ramona not wanting to let the lock go but she’s forced to by the referee. Once more she mouths off to the referee before dragging Lo’Renzo in the middle of the ring. She climbs up the turnbuckle and leaps off with a Diving Reverse Elbow that crashes down onto Lo’Renzo’s face. Lo’Renzo grabbing his face in agony as Ramona brings herself to her feet whilst taunting the crowd.
She kicks Lo’Renzo on the arm before grabbing that arm, lifting it up and slamming it into the mat before repeating the same process. She runs up a turnbuckle and sits on it, waiting for Lo’Renzo to get back to his feet. When he does she leaps off with a Flying Forearm Smash that barely connects. Lo’Renzo was able to gaurd himself for the most part. The contact is what sent him backwards stumbling. Ramona goes for a leveling Superkick but Lo’Renzo grabs her leg, instead Ramona reboots and plants Lo’Renzo with the Punked, the crowd ghasping as she immeadietly goes for the pin.

VASSA: “This could be another pin fall for Ramona.”

The crowd cheers as Lo’Renzo gets his hand up in the nick of time. This battle coming down to the haywire as it’s still split even with ten minutes to go. Ramona slapping the mat in a rage knowing that pin could have been the deciding factor. She gets to her feet and brings Lo’Renzo with her, clocking him with an Elbow followed by another before whipping him into the ropes, Lo’Renzo bounces off and is met with a Flying Clothesline. Ramona hypes herself up as the crowd begins to Jeer.
With Lo’Renzo down Ramona sets up in a corner, stalking Lo’Renzo like a scavenger. Lo’Renzo pulls himself to his feet by the ropes before staggering to the middle of the ring where Ramona darts toward him connecting with a Springboard Splash. She bounces up and runs up the ropes, leaping off for a Back Flip into a slash but Lo’Renzo rolls out of the way in a split second. He gets to his feet while catching a momentarily breather before pulling Ramona to her feet, wrapping up around her and nailing Ramona with a Dragon Suplex.
With all the wear and tear of this match Lo’Renzo is slow back to his feet breathing heavily as he climbs up the ropes. He taps his chest and points out the crowd who cheers before Lo’Renzo leaps off with a Flipping Frogsplash that has no connection as Ramona rolls out of the way.

VASSA: “Impressive move by the Champ but Ramona had that one scouted.”
JOHNSON: ”Also that may have been a little high risk with the time winding down on this match.”
Ramona is also slow to get to her feet in the final five minutes of this title match as the crowd begins to cheer as loud as they have been this whole match. With Ramona now on her feet she lifts Lo’Renzo back to his before Dragon Whipping him back to the mat and following that up with a knee to his throat before she let’s go and slaps him right across the face before lifting him back to his feet. She wraps around him looking to take him down with a Snapmare but Lo’Renzo elbows out of it. Ramona grabbing at her face before Lo’Renzo connects with a Chin Kick that sends Ramona flying backwards.
Lo’Renzo drops to a knee before getting back to a stand still and lifting Ramona back to her feet. He whips across the ring and looks for a Spear but Ramona moves out of the way, Lo’Renzo able to grab ahold of the ropes so he want crash into the turnbuckle. When he turns around Ramona hits him with a Wheelbarrow Kick that sends him into the turnbuckle. Ramona running up Lo’Renzo before flipping off, grabbing the head and bringing him down with a DDT.

JOHNSON: “That was beautiful.”
Ramona slides Lo’Renzo into the middle of the ring where she looks to set him up for the Ramona-Sutra. The fans knowing this as their eyes widen, as soon as Ramona is moments away from getting Lo’Renzo’s free leg in position he powers up and flips Ramona off his back and quickly gets to his feet but so does Ramona as the crowd begins to countdown the last ten seconds.
Ramona looks for a quick elbow but Lo’Renzo ducks under it and looks for an Uppercut but Ramona weaves it.
Ramona’s looks for a Spinning Heel Kick but Lo’Renzo ducks under that and comes up with the move he calls Flippbow.
The crowd cheers as Lo’Renzo steps back, leaps foward and crushes Ramona with Juice. It looks as if Ramona’s body grows stiff as she flails to the mat. Lo’Renzo wasting no time to wrap the legs as the referee slides in for the count.

JOHNSON: “This could be it VINNY!!!”

VASSA: “Oh my god, Oh my god, Lo’Renzo is able to pull it off right as time is expiring.”
JOHNSON: ”What a fucking match this was and a way for the Pride Champion to reatain his Championship Belt.”
VASSA: “Ramona came so close to becoming the new Pride Champion here tonight. The sky is only the limit for her.”
JOHNSON: ”Man this show just keeps getting better and better.”
POWERS: ”Here is your winner and STILL the Pride Champion…LO’RENZOOOOO PORTEEEEEER!!!”
Lo’Renzo jumps to his feet and runs around the ring like he’s just won the lottery. He slides out of the ring and hops the gaurd rails where he runs through the crowd giving high fives before returning to the ring where he’s handed the Pride Championship belt from a stage hand. He climbs up a turnbuckle and hold a fist up before holding his Championship belt up to a roaring crowd. He hops down from the turnbuckle to an infuriated Ramona Lea Epps who could’ve easily become the new Pride Champion here tonight. Lo’Renzo nods his head in a show of respect before grabbing Ramona by the arm, going to lift it up but Ramona snatches it back and leaves the ring. The camera beginning to fade on the defending Pride Champion while he cheers in the ring along with the crowd.

A camera is stationed outside of Kaos’ locker room as his door swings open. Kid is dressed in his street clothes as he brushes by the camera and begins walking down the corridor to the exit. The cameras continue to follow him until he becomes irritated and turns around.

KAOS: ”It’s bad enough that I get screwed out there and now you want to shove your cameras into my face. That’s why I hate the media, always snooping for something. But I’ll give you something to write home about. If Royce and Demi thought they saw the last of Kid Kaos then they have another thing coming. This is far from over and I will not stop until I get those straps. “
Kid begins to take off, but turns back around.

KAOS: ”And for those wondering, Grunge is out. “
Kid shakes his head.

KAOS: ”But I’m not going anywhere. Prepare for Kaos.”
KK shoves the camera out of his face and continues towards the exit.

The one and only ‘Dirty Devil’ Connor Gates is seen at the concession stand. He has washed the face paint off and is now switched into a dark suit. It’s Vegas after all and you got to look good when going out on the town. He is buying himself a popcorn when Gabriel Hartman makes his way through the crowded line to get a chance to speak with The Dirty Devil The fans around him clamoring and trying to get a high five or an autograph or just be able to say they put a hand on his shoulder.

HARTMAN: ”Connor Gates! I’d like to get a word with you.. But first, I have to ask.. What are you doing?”
DIRTY DEVIL: “I’m buying some popcorn, main event is coming right up! I bought a ticket because I want a very up close view of the main event. I am going to sit back and watch those two guys beat the piss out of each other. You got questions Gabby? Then I just might have some answers for you.”
HARTMAN: ”Jason Cashe and Jair Hopkins are going to be in a three stages of hell match.. Do you have a prediction?”
DIRTY DEVIL: “If you ask me, this is going to be one dirty fight. My kind of fight you know? As for a prediction.. I may or may not have placed a bet on the three stages of hell bout. We are in Vegas after all, why not put some money on the line?”
HARTMAN: ”Who did you put your money on?”
Connor smirks and rubs his chin for a moment, the fans are all gathered around him and many of them trying to either flip off the camera or photobomb Connor as he looks at Gabriel Hartman. The Dirty Devil was going to be on everyone’s radar after tonight and more then a few people would be interested to hear who he put his money on.

DIRTY DEVIL: “Holding my cards close to my chest on this one, lets just say I have a deep interest in how three stages of hell turns out here at Winter Wasteland. If you don’t have your eyes on the prize then you need to reevaluate what exactly you are here for. Honestly, I hope they both kick the shit out of each other. The bloodier the better..”
HARTMAN: ”Alright, so what is next for Connor Gates after tonight’s event?”
DIRTY DEVIL: “What’s next? I plan on stepping into the ring with whomever 4CW has lined up for me next. Pretty simple answer right? But the question is, who could it be? Raab, John Pariah, maybe someone a bit more established in 4CW. Hey, I don’t have the book in my hands so whatever they decide next.. I’m just going to roll with it. Anyone, anytime, anyplace. The Dirty Devil backs down from no man, woman or beast!”
The crowd that is surrounding him erupts into cheers, you can’t help but love a guy like Connor Gates. He does what he wants and gives no fucks if it bothers anyone. On top of that he is willing to step into the ring with the best of the best in this company and not even going to bat an eyelash. 4CW has superb talent and some of the biggest names in the business today. Anyone with half a brain would try and get in the ring with them to elevate their own status..

HARTMAN: ”Can you name anyone specific? Feel like calling anyone out tonight?”
DIRTY DEVIL: “Listen, I have to get to my seat before the main event starts so I am going to make this short and sweet. I want gold.. I haven’t been in 4CW very long. So whoever is going to put me on the quickest road to a title shot, that is who I want to step into the ring with. Former champions, former contenders.. It doesn’t matter. It actually wouldn’t be to bad if I cleaned out the majority of the roster as I make my ascension to the top of 4CW so when I do win the championship the question isn’t going to be who is he going to defend his title against.. The question will be who is LEFT for The Dirty Devil to defend his championship against. This isn’t arrogance, this is business. Things are looking up in 4CW and whoever has that championship wrapped around their waist is going to be seeing some better days when they check their bank account. I’ve said it before and I will repeat it again for those who are hard of hearing, this is going to be the year of The Dirty Devil. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to take my popcorn and watch two talented individuals try and murder each other. Stay Dirty..”
HARTMAN: ”Pretty strong words for a guy who just signed with 4CW..”
Connor gave the camera a wink and began to push his way through the crowd that surrounded him so that he could get to his seat. Sometimes you have to push buttons in order to make some noise. No doubt people might be looking at him and thinking “This fuckin guy..” regardless of how you viewed him.. Your eyes are still on him. His name is on the tip of your tongue and people will be talking about The Dirty Devil.



POWERS: ”This following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the evening and is a “Three Stages Of Hell” match. Two out of three wins. This is for the 4CW SOUTH WEST HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!”
“Ready or not
Here I come
You can’t hide…
Gonna find you and take it slowly.”
“Ready or not
Here I come
You can’t hide…
Gonna find you and make you want me”
Casually making his way from the back, Hopkins comes out at a rhythmic pace with the music as he begins to “feel the vibe” of the crowd. He does a slow spin-around as the fans greet him with cheers as he makes his way down the ramp. Slapping hands and blowing kisses to the females in attendance.

POWERS: ”Introducing first from the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at 5 feet, 8 inches and weighs in at 208 pounds, JAAIIIRRR …. HHOOPPKKINNSS!!!”
Entering the ring as he stylishly poses on the apron he hops upon, he takes in the sight as he looks back at the entrance way. That bright, trademark smile of his shows as he makes his way into the ring. His braids flapping around as he jubilantly accelerates from one side of the ring to the next, bouncing up on the middle rope to the crowd, throwing up that unforgettable “TDB” hand sign. He hops down and hops the near turnbuckle before nodding in approval at the scenery. He hops off and back on the canvas as he stretches, the camera zooms in slightly as Hopkins goes into his corner, lightly rubbing the back of his neck as he awaits the Champion.

JOHNSON: ”The look in that man’s eyes. Through all the pain, the torture, he’s here tonight to settle this once and for all. The only question that stands is, how ‘healed’ is that neck of his from that piledriver that he took on the steps courtesy of Cashe.”
VASSA: ”I got the answer to that and it’s far from “good” or “great” condition. Hopkins is risking everything he’s worked hard for. If I were him, I’d got out of this match and waited until all was one hundred percent.”
JOHNSON: ”You should know that Hopkins, as long as we’ve seen him battle it out here in 4CW. There is no “waiting game”. He feels he’s in good condition to battle. He’s not letting Cashe slip through his fingertips again.”
VASSA: ”Well we’ll see how long it takes before he goes down in a blaze with a completely broken neck. Cashe is licking his lips at that tender neck.”
The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck and the South West Heavyweight title around his waist. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps the 4CW South West Heavyweight title a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.
“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my wrist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is the 4CW South West Heavyweight Champion and “The Choice of Influence”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan, hurries to remove his championship and roars out to the crowd ferociously. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp. At ringside, he leaps up at the side of the steel stairs, grabbing the ring post, lays the championship over the turnbuckle and walks alongside the ring apron outside the ropes.
He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd. He removes his platinum chain with the “JC” diamond pendant from his neck. He then drags his feet like a bull to get some traction as his music stops playing. He walks over and up into Hopkins face as the referee is in the middle, trying his best to keep the two separated until the bell. Cashe flashes a smile and speaks a few words that sparks Hopkins, causing him to lunge an arm towards Cashe, but wildly misses.

JOHNSON: ”And there’s our South West Heavyweight Champion, Jason Cashe…doing what he does best.”
VASSA: ”He’s already in Hopkins’s head. Hopkins isn’t ready for this. He’s got the brave face but one hit to that area, he’s finished. Cashe knows it. You can hate this man but he’s as smart as they come. I really feel bad for Hopkins.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t feel bad for Hopkins. Hopkins is never one to count out. With as much as Cashe has done to that man, all of that silent rage balled up in Hopkins chest is about to explode. He’s ready for war!”

As the timekeeper rings the bell, Hopkins jets from out of his corner straight towards Cashe, but for Cashe, he dodged out of the way, smiling. Hopkins wore no smile, just angry eyes as he wanted badly to get his hands on Cashe. Hopkins walked right into a knee to his gut as Cashe with his tactics got him into a headlock grapple. Cashe switched it to the back with a hammerlock before grabbing Hopkins around the waist and throwing him to the ground face and chest first. Jason seems to have Hopkins down with ease as he places him upright in a sitted position with a body lock. Hopkins though, quickly rolled out of that attempt as he fought to get to his feet, still with Cashe’s arms around his waist. Hopkins tries to pull them away but Cashe has it locked it in tight. What came next was an elbow to the ‘noggin’ of Cashe as “Option 2” was available for his escape route. The grasp became looser and for Hopkins, he was able to weasel his way out of Cashe’s grasp as he took the left arm of Cashe and twisted it into an armlock. Cashe took the opportunity to roll out of it as in the process he swept Hopkins off his feet and onto his back with a sweep. Cashe covered Hopkins in which was a quick kickout. Hopkins with a kip-up, popped back onto his feet.

JOHNSON: ”Hopkins popping right back. Very nice chain of movements to start us off here tonight in this helluva’ main event we have. Three Stages Of Hell will surely live up to i’s name here tonight.”
VASSA: ”In the end of these three stages…if it even reaches the third, Jason Cashe is retaining the South West Heavyweight Championship.”
Hopkins grabbed Cashe and went to irish whip him into the ropes but Cashe reversed midways as Hopkins was the one sent into the ropes. Cashe timing it perfectly, tossed Hopkins overhead with a back body drop … or atleast he thought he did until he turned around and realized Hopkins was on his feet. Hopkins leaped up and connected with a dropkick, putting Cashe down on the canvas. Hopkins was looking to take the lead as he met Cashe coming up, grabbing him around his head and neck. Cashe pushed off, shoving Hopkins back, Cashe with a kick to the gut, he then had Hopkins doubled-over to which he wasted no time in testing that neck of Hopkins with a DDT. Hopkins laid there on the mat still as the referee was swift to the aide of Hopkins as Cashe got up with a smile on his face.

JOHNSON: ”Vicious DDT there by Cashe and already Hopkins is is being tended to by the referee.”
VASSA: ”Told ya, Hopkins last match will be here tonight. He’s not going to ever be normal after this contest. His fault. Revenge sometimes isn’t worth killing your career.”
JOHNSON: ”It sometimes isn’t but after all that Jason has done to Hopkins. Hopkins isn’t about to let it just slide. He wants to be the one that ends Cashe’s mark of excellence here in 4CW.”
Cashe moments later intervened between the referee and Hopkins as he lifted Hopkins to his feet. Cashe threw him into the nearest corner hard, back-first. Cashe got some steam going as he looked to flatten Hopkins. Somehow, with what seemed like tenths of seconds, Hopkins had dodged a serious bullet as Cashe went colliding with the corner. Hopkins attempted to hurry to his feet to take quick advantage of the situation. Hopkins was finally up as he used the ropes to get there. A bit dazed from that DDT, Hopkins chose to not let that interfere with his plan. Grabbing Cashe, Hopkins served him with a gut kick and followed with a Monkey Flip, sending the Champ flying across the ring. Hopkins had lift Cashe up as he once again had him around the head and neck. Hopkins took a second to look both ways towards the crowd before lifting Cashe up and over. Cashe dropped down behind Hopkins, bashing him with a KG-like headbutt. Cashe decked Hopkins with a lethal lariat to the back of the head and neck area.

JOHNSON: ”One thing about Cashe that I admire, when he’s focused on something…He’s focused. A DDT, Headbutt and now a striking hot lariat to the back of the neck.”
VASSA: ”Hopkins is a dead man walking. Cashe is going to make spaghetti out of that man’s neck. Cashe is on a mission to put Hopkins out of his misery.”
JOHNSON: ”One thing we’ve learned about Hopkins though, he doesn’t quit, even when the odds are heavily stacked against him.”
Hopkins holding the back of his neck as he is yanked up from off the mat by Cashe. Cashe delivers a stinger of a European Uppercut as Hopkins staggers back all the way onto the ropes. Hopkins shakes it off before rushing and attacking Cashe with a leaping forearm smash to the face. Both men still standing after taking some tough, stiff shots. Cashe comes at Hopkins as Hopkins grabs Cashe’s right arm and slings him down with a Japanese-styled armdrag as he delivers another one as Cashe had gotten back up to his feet. Cashe did get back up, albeit a few seconds late after Hopkins. Hopkins had Cashe set up as if attempting a swinging neckbreaker. Cashe reversed out of it as he had Hopkins. He raised Hopkins up in the air as if going for a full nelson slam but Hopkins surprised Cashe with a counter roll-up.

VASSA: ”Whoa!”

JOHNSON: ”Hopkins catching Cashe off gaurd with that roll-up from behind. Just like that, Hopkins can turn it around.”
VASSA: ”He’s gotta get up first before he can actually turn it around. He just angered the Champ even more.”
Cashe kicked out as Hopkins rolled onto a knee. Cashe got to his feet as Hopkins urged for Cashe to come his way. Cashe did so and as he came towards Hopkins, Hopkins ducked underneath his attempted clothesline as Hopkins with much speed after bouncing off the ropes, leaped and clashed chest to chest with Cashe, taking him down with a cross-body splash. Both men were in the center of the ring, emulating a two-car crash. The referee began to count…


Hopkins rolled over to the ropes and used them to get to his feet first. Hopkins working his neck around, giving a brief rollaround. Hopkins makes his way over towards Cashe, grabbing a lock full of his hair. Hopkins mouths off something to Cashe who is still a bit dazed from that collision. Hopkins serves up two uppercuts of his own to the chin of Cashe, causing him to fly back to the ropes, damn near falling to the canvas in the process. Hopkins backs up as he looks at the crowd and the fans cheering loudly. Hopkins gets a running start as he has his arm out, looking to tackle Cashe over the ropes. Cashe ducked slightly as Hopkins got lifted and thrown over the ropes with Cashe still in the ring, with a cheesing smile. Hopkins takes another damaging, cringing hit to the spine and neck area with his body bouncing off the floor. Cashe exits the ring as he stands over Hopkins, stalking him to an exact.

JOHNSON: ”This isn’t good. Not one bit. Cashe on the outside is the worst thing Hopkins could have happen here.”
VASSA: ”One hell of a bump on the way down. How Hopkins is even still able to show motion is surprising the hell out of me.”
Cashe bends down as he says something but its inaudible. He grabs a couple of Hopkins braids as he uses it to his advantage, banging Hopkins head on the floor some more, as if it didn’t get enough after the fall. The referee interrupted his own count as he issued a warning to Cashe, causing him to back off although the damage had already been issued out. Hopkins eyes blinking like turn signals as he clearly was in “No Man’s Land” in this “Three Stages Of Hell” contest. It was just the first match and it seemed already like there was going to be a clear winner in Cashe. The confidence he sported as he was currently in dominant form against Hopkins. Cashe slid back into the ring, only for a moment to break the ring count as it was at the count of six. Cashe slid back out and went to lift Hopkins up. Cashe immediately shoved Hopkins into the ring apron, back-first as Hopkins lets out a sound that is straight pleasure to Cashe’s ears. The sound of suffering. Cashe delivers a knee to Hopkins before placing him between his legs. He goes to pull and lift Hopkins up before powerbombing him back first onto the ring apron. Hopkins just looks lifeless on the floor.

JOHNSON: ”That has to be it. Cashe, please just pin the man and move on. Hopkins is finished.”
VASSA: ”Someone call 9-1-1. That was murder that Cashe just wrote.”
He took Hopkins and ‘swung’ him underneath the bottom rope and into the ring as Cashe followed. Cashe rolled Hopkins away from the ropes as he grabbed the leg of Hopkins and went for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”That’s it!”

JOHNSON: ”The heart of a man who wants to become Champion. This is amazing and this is only the first match of three.”
Cashe slaps the mat, a bit frustrated seeing as that Hopkins was still aware and unready to give up the first fall. Cashe looks even more pissed than before as he gets up and brings Hopkins to his feet. Hopkins is wobbly and clearly not fully balanced as he stumbles a bit. Cashe whips him into the ropes. Hopkins on the comeback, somehow manages to go low and slide through Cashe’s legs as he pulls him backwards from behind and rolls him up. The ref was slow on reaction due to not expecting that. He slides in for the count..

JOHNSON: ”Hopkins again with another slick quickie roll-up.”

Cashe pops up surprised as Hopkins is on his knees, a smirk on his face as Cashe takes off towards Hopkins. Hopkins trips him up in the process by lunging his body into Cashe’s running lane. Cashe has the ropes to fall upon but there was Hopkins, almost as if some magical burst of energy was consumed by him. He runs at Cashe but Cashe smartly lifts his boot as he makes contact with Hopkins’s chest. Hopkins falls back slightly but still steady. Cash comes in at Hopkins as the two trade punches back and forth, left and right, a ‘Rock Em’, Sock Em’ Robot battle to see who will be left standing. Hopkins ducks under one of Cashe’s punches as he leaps and connects with a calf kick. Hopkins follows up, grabbing Cashe’s right arm and turning it awkwardly before leaping and delivering a kick right to the apex of Cashe’s arm. Cashe’s arms get grabbed up once again by Hopkins but Cashe blocked access and in turn had Hopkins in a strong tie-up. Hopkins tried muscling his way out of Cashe’s grasp but Cashe with the slight advantage on weight and height, powered over Hopkins and forced him to the mat as he still has pressure on. Hopkins arched up, his head pressed into the canvas, he tries to push back as his head slowly rises off the mat but again, Cashe powers through, forcing Hopkins back to his original spot.
Hopkins once again tries to counter with what power he has left in his body as the loud, forceful grunts are heard escaping his body. He pushes and pushes and pushes as Cashe is steadily being forced back the other way. Hopkins only would have it for a split of a moment before Cashe went tossing Hopkins over and out back onto his backside. Cashe bent over to grab Hopkins, but it led to Hopkins pulling Cashe over onto his own backside with a hurricanrana. A quick counter that led to Hopkins getting a moment of time to get back to his feet. Hopkins runs towards Cashe and delivers a jumping elbow drop, dropping it right across the chest of Cashe. Cashe rolls over, grabbing his chest as Hopkins shakes his head as he signals that Cashe isn’t getting away that easily. Hopkins runs to and off the ropes as he catches Cashe in the back of the head with a kneeling knee drop. Hopkins walks over to the nearest corner as he exits to the apron only to climb to the top of the turnbuckle as he awaited Cashe to get up to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”It’s time to fly for Hopkins.”
VASSA: ”Trying to fly with a near-broken back. Smart.”
Cashe had slowly gotten himself to one knee. Hopkins, like a Hawk, waited on his prey to fully stand. When he did finally come to two feet, he purposely fell forward to trip the rope and cause for Hopkins to come down hard, a very cheap veteran move that worked in his favor. Cashe got up off the ropes and quickly capitalized with a top-rope DDT as Hopkins showed little to no movement afterwards.

VASSA: ”Like always, clutch veteran awareness by Cashe. It never pays to wait when at the top.”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe feeling real good about himself right now.”
VASSA: ”As he should, snatching the momentum right out of his opponent and the cheer right out of this crowd.”
Cashe gets up pounding his chest at the booing fans as he is HYPED. He slouches into one of the far corners as he watches on at the referee tend to Hopkins. Hopkins moves but not alot. Cashe saw red, very brood colors in his vision. Hopkins looked done and he was ready to take this first fall of the contest. Minutes had passed and Hopkins finally had come to all fours, both arms and feet, trying to get up. Cashe shakes his head as he wastes no time to rush out of the far corner with momentum as he clashes against Hopkins head and neck with a huge Drive-By Big Boot with much aim directed to the neck area. Hopkins was laid out, on his side as Cashe nodded at his work. He grabs Hopkins legs and was able to turn him over while applying an elevated Texas Cloverleaf as he placed a knee in the back of Hopkins, who was in quite the position. Cashe pulled back, applying as much pressure as possible.

VASSA: ”Hopkins needs to do himself a favor here and just tap already. He won’t be shit come the second bout.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s determined to take the first fall, to set the tone, to show Cashe he will do anything and everything to come out on top.”
VASSA: ”If he doesn’t stop being dumb, he’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his time.”
JOHNSON: ”Hopkins mentality isn’t about giving in to pressure. I mean hell back in APW, he was the TapOut Champion. To be exact, their last champion. As you can see clearly here, he’s not about to give up on that religion of tapping. He’s going to fight.”
VASSA: ”Well he doesn’t have to tap. The way Cashe has him bent, he’ll snap in any moment.”
Hopkins showed no ounce of quit. With as much as he’s endured, with another round to fight for, he wanted this first badly. Very badly. As Cashe had all the advantage and momentum, Hopkins had to rely on crawling from the middle of the ring to the ropes. He began his difficult journey as Cashe could feel Hopkins try and pull. Little by litte, progress was being made, somehow, someway, Hopkins was crawling. Reaching out with his right arm every couple of moments, he finally crawled a little bit more as he reached out, over-extending his arm to touch and grab the bottom rope. Miraculously doing so, Cashe was both surprised and pissed but carried that broken smile of his on his face as Hopkins did not break.

JOHNSON: ”Just what will it take for Hopkins to stay down here. Cashe has clearly dominated this round with a few breaks by Hopkins. Hopkins is still alive.”
VASSA: ”Barely.”
Cashe claps, applauding Hopkins it seemed. Unsure if sarcastic or actually genuine would remain to be seen. Cashe did help Hopkins up who was struggling to do that. Cashe looked at him as Hopkins was all off-balance. Hopkins smacked Cashe right in the face be before running and hitting a dropkick. Hopkins and Cashe went down with Hopkins slow recovery. Hopkins does get back up. Cashe is grabbed by Hopkins as he places his head on his shoulders. Hopkins runs to the corner and up the turnbuckle looking to take Cashe for a ride with the “Slice Bread No.2” but as he makes it half-way, Cashe slips out of Hopkins’s grasp and with a sweet, ridiculous counter, Cashe turns defense into offense with his UTI Neckbreaker. Hopkins’s body is curled up as his legs hang off the ropes. Cashe grabs the legs of Hopkins as he rolls Hopkins up for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”What amazing counter into the UTI! Cashe delivering in stunning fashion.”
VASSA: ”That should be two consecutive pins in a row for Cashe to end this for once and for all. Hopkins just selfishly ended his career. His neck and spine is fucked.”

POWERS: ”Winner of the first fall of this contest … JASON CASHE!”
VASSA: ”THANK YOU! Finally, one down, now one to go!”
JOHNSON: ”I have to believe Vinny that this will be short work here for Cashe in Match number two. To imagine all of this in the first, the second is a Falls Count Anywhere.”
VASSA: ”Not even a bottle of Gatorade G2 will recover Hopkins from this.”
Letting go of the pin, Cashe rolls onto his back. The fans booing at the outcome of Stage One’s Standard Rules Match as Mike Powers makes the announcement for the start of Stage Two.

POWERS: “The next Stage in this THREE Stages of Hell is to be contested under Falls Count Anywhere Rules. A pinfall OR submission can take place ANYWHERE in the Arena!”

The bell sounds the start of Stage Two as Jason Cashe rolls back towards Jair and throws an arm over his chest. Looking to take the match altogether quickly. The referee drops to the canvas and his first slap starts the count.

JOHNSON: “Oh man! Cashe almost finished the whole thing right there!”
VASSA: “For good reason, did you see that UTI to end Stage One? As Cashe would say, Geez-Us!! I’m surprised he kicked out there..”
JOHNSON: “I’d like to think as would all these people, that Jair Hopkins has more reason, more heart to just lose right here, right now. This fight is FAR from over!”
As Cashe leaves the failed pin attempt behind, it’s like an idea hit him in the face. A smile stretches across his face as he sits up, reaches the ropes and pulls himself out from under the bottom rope. Heading around the corner of the outside, he heads to the Announce table and snatches a Steel Chair from near the time keeper table. The fans all gasp as they know this has become a Dangerous Environment and Cashe has evil intent in his smiling glare as he looks into the ring at Hopkins.

VASSA: “Things are about to pick up here, Cashe has a chair. Someone call Havok and tell him to take notes!”
JOHNSON: “Why do you stir that pot? You know it hurts his feelings..Just watch the match..”
Before he can get up on the ring apron, Jason Cashe stops as Jair Hopkins begins to push up off the canvas. Standing tall outside the ropes on the apron, Cashe holds the steel chair as Hopkins gets up to a knee. Popping up, Hopkins dives at Cashe but the Champion is quick and drops off the apron. Hopkins holds the ropes, jumps up in place and swings his feet out through the ropes in a Front Dropkick, Baseball slide variation and connects with Cashe’s chest, sending him back into the ring barrier behind him, the chair falls to the ring side floor.
As Cashe grunts in pain as he begins to crawl to the steel chair he dropped, Jair Hopkins bursts to the corner nearby. He runs up each turnbuckle one side to another until he reaches the top. Instantly he launches up off the top turnbuckle to the outside with a Shooting Star gainer as Cashe begins to rise with the steel chair about to be lifted off the ground but Hopkins timed his flight perfectly as he comes down, snatches Cashe’s head and plants him into the steel chair on the floor with a Shooting Star DDT! The fans erupt as they begin stomping their feet and chanting for the man from Manhattan.

JOHNSON: “HAIL MARY! Jair Hopkins “Hail Mary” Shooting Star DDT to the OUTSIDE!! Oh My Maker that was fantastic! Have you ever seen one of those to the outside!?”
VASSA: “No I haven’t but how much did that take out of Jair as well? He’s not moving right now either, both are already winded. To think, if this ties up, a Cage lowers around the Ring and we go into a Caged Ladder Match for Stage 3!”
Even the referee is standing there in awe, still in the ring as the crowd continues cheering for Jair Hopkins. Finally his arm slowly shoves Cashe over on his back and rolls over, flopping his body over the current Champion’s upper body. The referee almost trips as he slides from the ring and slaps the ground at ringside.

OHHHHHHHH!!! The fans getting loud in their disappointment over the close fall. As Hopkins moves off Cashe, the crowd begins rising in another pop of excitement as blood is smeared on Hopkins chest and pouring from Cashe’s head.

VASSA: “THERE WILL BE BLOOD!! That is some gash along his eyebrow, it’s already puddling under Cashe’s head. This will get sticky!”
JOHNSON: “He’ll have blood in his vision, this could be a problem for Jason Cashe here tonight.”
Wiping his eyes as he sits up off the floors, Jason Cashe coughs and flinches still slightly dazed from the huge move by Hopkins. Jair Hopkins using the ring apron, pulls himself up from a kneeling knee. Grabbing Cashe by his beard, Hopkins pulls Cashe in with a side headlock. Yanking him, jerking him (Ha) around by the head, Jair seems to move back to the ring but Cashe has other ideas as he lifts Hopkins and snaps back into the guard railing with a Back Body Drop variation. Hopkins is forced to release the headlock as he slams into the unforgiving wall of barrier.
Slow to his rise but Cashe pulls himself up and puts a heavy boot into Hopkins sat up against the railing body. A handful of braids and Cashe pulls on Jair, getting him up off the ground. Bringing him in, Cashe puts Jair into a front headlock and positions him for a Suplex and lifts Jair but quickly drops him stomach first over the top of the railing. Hopkins lungs exhale with all their oxygen as he lays dangled over the railing.
Backing away a few feet, Cashe almost stumbles but shoots forward, back towards Hopkins and goes for a massive Big Boot but Hopkins pulls himself off the railing into the crowd. Fans get quiet as Jair Hopkins pops up in a single leap onto the top of the railing, gets his footing and leaps across the open gap landing on the ring apron. As Cashe begins to turn around from the big miss, Hopkins springs up, bounces off the ring ropes and twists looking for a HUGE Crossbody but as he comes down, Cashe connects with a “Mark Of JASON” Elbow but their bodies still collide and crash into the ring side floor as the fans vibrate the building with excitement and cheers.

JOHNSON: “What a counter by Jason Cashe! Jair Hopkins is an amazing athlete, bouncing from the railing to the apron and then spring boarding into a Cross body but CHRIST! Cashe with a well placed Elbow to the face and now they’re both on the ground!”
VASSA: “If Cashe would have hit that “CoD” Big Boot, this might have been a different scene altogether. But both of them get a step a head before getting put on their asses, Stage One and now Stage Two. This is just crazy!”
JOHNSON: “You said it! This whole night has been stupid dangerous and Perry Wallace will have to cover all the medical expenses, haha think about that bill!”
Cashe shoves at Hopkins as both are kind of piled together at ringside. Reaching up, Jason grabs the barrier and begins to rise off the floor. Hopkins rolls away holding his jaw as the camera closes in to show the crimson mask that Jason Cashe is wearing. His beard thick with the blood that continues to roll out from his eyebrow. As Hopkins gets to his feet, he bursts from a sprinters position and blasts Cashe with a clothesline that sends him up and over into the crowd.

VASSA: “Jair just took this into a deeper part of hell.”
Crawling away, Jason Cashe is dripping blood from his face as he tries to put distance between him and Hopkins. Jair one hand hops over the railing as fans step back to give them some room. Cashe pushes up and gets to his feet as Jair approaches and Cashe holds up his hands to plea with Jair but Hopkins simply shakes his head no. The pleas changes to both hands giving Jair the Middle Finger which sparks Jair to skip into a rush and snaps looking for a Jumping Wheel Kick but Cashe reaches over, grabs a female fan and pulls her in front of him and she takes the Wheel Kick right to the face. The audience roars in thunderous boos as Jason Cashe falls and scrambles back to his feet and Jair hurries to check on the woman who took the attack.

JOHNSON: “Sickening! Just outright disturbing how Jason Cashe finds his way out of a situation. He has no concern for his fellow man, no sportsmanlike conduct in the current Champion. He’s disgraceful.”
VASSA: “Whaat?! How was that not a smart play on Cashe’s part? He pull out a Bogey! Haha! Jair Hopkins did NOT hit his Battleship! Wooo tonight is awesome, I am on FIRE!!”
JOHNSON: “As bad as you’re sweating, I wouldn’t doubt that.”
Wobbling on his feet, Cashe moves to Hopkins as his attention is on the female. As he turns his head to see where Cashe is, Hopkins is cracked to the jaw with a Sidekick and Hopkins falls over across the female who is still crying in pain. Finally EMTs come and attend to the woman as Cashe drags Hopkins off her with both hands full of Hopkins braids. Sitting Hopkins on his knees, Cashe still with braids in his hands blasts Hopkins with a knee to the face. Blood trickles out from Hopkins bottom lip as Cashe drives in another knee and then drives a downward elbow into the back steam of Hopkins neck. Yanking on the hair, a few of the braids rip out. As he turns and tosses the hair, Hopkins breaks free, pops up from his knees to his feet in one swoop and drills Cashe with his own Short Elbow to the face. Blood flings back as Cashe’s head whips back from the blow and he stumbles and falls down into a setup chair that one of the fans left empty as they moved out of the way.
Standing in front of Cashe as he’s sitting down, Hopkins steps back and bursts forward, leaping off his feet and plowing Cashe to the chest with a Front Dropkick. The chair tips back and Cashe goes with it. A handful of fans laugh as Cashe’s mishap but Jair isn’t laughing. He spits out a mouth full of blood and steps over to get to Cashe but Cashe surprises him with a can of perfume that gets sprayed in Jair’s eyes.

JOHNSON: “Wait, where did he get that!?!”
VASSA: “Haha! Look! He took it out of someone’s purse on the ground. Good job, a fan with an assist to the Champ!”
JOHNSON: “A fan who might not have approved to help. He stole something from someone’s purse..Shady!”
Taking his time to get up, Jason Cashe thinks he has blinded Jair and for the time being he has. Hopkins swings out trying to hit or feel for Cashe but Cashe isn’t going to make this easy. He ducks and circles Hopkins, slapping him or his hands here and there to get him in the same general area. The blood on Cashe’s face has finally begun to roll from his beard and drip onto his chest. He touches his face, wiping away blood with his hand and then cocks back and slaps Jair Hopkins across the face with his bloody hand. Jair spins and drops to a knee from the unseen slap. Cashe snaps forward and bullets Jair with a knee to the temple and Jair flops down on the floor. Cashe signals for the referee and drops to his knees, rolling Hopkins over and hooking the leg for good measure as the referee hurries in and drops to make the count.

VASSA: “YESSS…NOOO!!!! He kicked out, so close! We need a new referee, this guy is slow counting!”
JOHNSON: “That was very close, I thought he had it. Wow. Blinded, Mouth bleeding, and both men riding closer and closer to Empty…How he kicked out is beyond me!”
Up from the pin, Jason Cashe is hyping himself up. Throwing his arms up, motioning for Hopkins to rise off the ground. Cashe turns and walks away and as he does, a fan pours a full bottle of water down over the eyes of Hopkins. Giving him help to wash away the blinding spray that Cashe got him with earlier. As Cashe turns around, he screams at the fan but doesn’t see that Hopkins had been helped, doesn’t notice the water splattered on the floor because his eyes are locked on Jair Hopkins.
Ready to strike, ready to hit another UTI and be done with this, Cashe is squatted, bouncing in place, waiting, stalking a rising Hopkins. As he gets up, Cashe rushes across the open space, leaps past Hopkins, goes to grab his neck as he flies by but Hopkins pulls forward and Cashe lands hard on his backside right onto the concrete floor. He rolls over and pushes up onto his hands and knees. Jair Hopkins grabs a Steel Chair and as Cashe pushes up into a sitting on his knees position, Hopkins swings for the fences and the echo bellows throughout the arena.
Blood flies, sweat with it and the crowd behind them all react to feeling it fall over them as Cashe falls back, his leg stays bent back underneath him. Hopkins drops the chair, shakes out his hands from the vibration of using the chair and drops down over Cashe as the referee drops to slap the concrete.

JOHNSON: “I can’t believe that…Cashe got hit like he was in a Looney Tune Cartoon and his face just got flattened by a frying pan. That’s how hard he got hit! That’s what that looked like…How did he kick out? How?”
VASSA: “Some would argue he’s too stupid to know it’s suppose to hurt? I on the other hand prefer to think he’s just that big of a fan when it comes to physical pain. Giving or Taking it.”
Hopkins can’t believe it. He pulls up off the cover and looks at the referee in disbelief. Cashe is covered in blood, new blood, freshly pouring out from somewhere on his face but it’s so thickly covered you can’t see where the wound is. His beard thick with blood as it rolls off his face and pools in his eye sockets. Hopkins looks down at him and drops over him again with a cover, this time hooking both legs to add more control.
Hopkins comes off the pin and slaps the concrete twice before pushing up off the ground. Cashe’s head turns and the blood from his sockets roll out. He wipes his face as he tries to get up but his head is throbbing. Hopkins bends down and grabs a handful of the beard and yanks Cashe into a sit up position. Grabbing the back of Cashe’s head while still holding the beard, he works Cashe up to his feet. There he walks Cashe slowly towards the ring, to the ring barrier where Hopkins leans Cashe up against. Cashe throws a weakened and slowed punch that hits Jair but doesn’t really do anything. Hopkins takes it and hits Cashe in response with a Uppercut thrust that causes spit and blood to shoot off Cashe’s face as his head snaps back.
Hopkins steps away and turns back to Cashe, breaking at his opponent but Jason Cashe drops a shoulder and lifts Hopkins up and over back to ring side. Hopkins goes high but comes down, landing on all fours before popping up on just his feet. Cashe turns around, Hopkins claps him with a side rising uppercut slap. He grabs Cashe, pulls him a little over the barrier and positions him in a suplex with the barrier between them. Lifting Cashe, Hopkins brings him to ringside and snaps into a whip, hitting his Spinning Reverse Facebuster he calls “Bread N’ Butter”.

VASSA: “Ohhhhh Noooo!!!”
Flopping and then rolling onto his back, Cashe looks out of it. Hopkins looks down and instead of pinning Cashe, he looks up at the ropes and just reacts. He leaps up and lands on the ring apron, instantly popping up and springing off the ropes, shooting back with a Moonsault as cameras in the arena flash. Hopkins comes down with his Moonsault Double Foot Stomp and lands hard in Cashe’s chest. Hopkins falls back into the railing but hurries, crawls and covers Cashe as the referee gets to ring side and makes the count.

VASSA: “He didn’t win the whole thing though, this is now tied up folks…We’ve got one final stage…Something…FAR worse than we’ve yet to see! These two, are they able to continue?”
POWERS: “Winner of Stage Two via Pinfall…JAIR HOPKINS!!
Fans still on their feet, cheering, losing their marbles at the match just witnessed. Jair Hopkins barely moving, pulls at the ring skirt to try and bring himself up. Referees come out from the back to help both men get inside the ring as the Cage slowly begins to descend and Mike Powers announces the Third and Final Stage.

POWERS: ”Our final stage will be enclosed within a steel cage. Hanging above the ring, the 4CW South-West Heavyweight championship will rest where whoever can ascend the ladder and grab it will win the match. Each wrestler has one win in this contest and we have now entered a sudden death stage where only one person can claim the championship for themselves.”
After the cage has settled, an official enters through the side door and sets up the ladder in the center of the ring. He then climbs up and places the championship on a hook dangling from the light fixtures. The ref then climbs down and folds the ladder before leaning it against a corner away from both Cashe and Hopkins. The ref then walks to the center of the ring and checks with each wrestler before waving his hand in the air and signaling for the bell.

VASSA: ”And here we are, the final stage in this chaotic match!”
JOHNSON: ”Both men have a win under their belts in this three stage madness. Whoever can climb the ladder and grab the title will be the South-West champion!”
Catching their breaths , the two stand in their corners, leaning against the turnbuckle for support. Cashe then pushes himself away and darts out of the corner, headed straight for Hopkins. Lunging forward, Cashe tries to grab Hopkins but gets caught with a quick kick to the gut. Hopkins then grabs him by the head and slams it against the top of the turnbuckle.
Not letting go of the wild hair, Hopkins pulls his head back and slams it forward again, crushing his forehead into the turnbuckle once more.
Hopkins then wraps one arm around Cashe’s head and steps to the corner, up onto the middle rope and turns around with Cashe in his grip and leaps towards the center of the ring. Dragging Cashe along for the ride, Hopkins plants his face into the canvas with a bulldog. Rolling forward, Hopkins slowly pushes himself up to his feet as Cashe holds his face in pain from the impact move. Knowing that Cashe is worn out himself, Hopkins jumps into the air and drives his knee into the lower back of Cashe, forcing him to release a loud moan as the pain shoots up his spine. Hopkins then stands up and grabs another handful of hair and pulls Cashe up to his feet. Holding him up as if it were dead weight, Hopkins hands onto his head with one hand and then draws back before swinging forward with a vicious punch to the nose. Cashe falls to the mat with a thud as blood begins to pour from the left nostril.
Hopkins then circles him for a moment, taking the opportunity to catch his breath before moving in and grabbing him by the arm. Pulling Cashe to his feet, Hopkins then throws Cashe to the corner with the ladder. Crashing into the ladder face first, Cashe stumbles backwards a couple of steps. From behind, Hopkins runs up on him and grabs the back of his head, driving it forward into the ladder. He then turns Cashe around and slams his back against the ladder before going to town on his chest with backhand chops, each stinging the flesh upon impact. Hopkins then grabs Cashe be the arm and pulls him in while swooping down and grabbing his leg, lifting him up onto his back in a fireman’s carry position. Hopkins then walks to the center of the ring and falls backwards, dropping Cashe to the mat and falling on top of him with a Samoan drop.

JOHNSON: ”Cashe is a mess, bloodying up the ring with that busted nose.”
VASSA: ”I knew this was going to be a brutal match but I had no idea it was going to be this bad.”
Hopkins stands back to his feet and looks down at Cashe, covered in blood. Hopkins wipes the blood away from his chest and rubs it into Cashe’s face, smearing it over him like a rub to a piece of meat before grilling. Hopkins then turns to the corner and approaches the ladder leaning against the turnbuckle. Placing both hands on the ladder, he takes a moment to catch his breath. Leaving his back exposed, Cashe finds a burst of energy and rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up. He then rushes Hopkins and catches him off guard with running drop kick to the back of the head, knocking Hopkins face into the ladder. Hopkins then falls backwards and hits the mat as the ladder follows and crashes over him.
Slowly getting up, Cashe wipes the blood from his eyes and then moves in on Hopkin’s. With his arms sticking out from underneath the ladder, Cashe stomps on his left hand, crushing his fingers. Cashe then stomps on them again and instead of lifting his foot, he then digs it back and forth, rolling over Hopkins fingers in an attempt to break them. Cashe then runs to the ropes slowly and hits them, bouncing back with a little momentum. As he gets close, Cashe flips in the air and comes down with a senton bomb across the ladder, squashing Hopkins between it and the canvas. Taking some damage himself, Cashe rolls over to a sitting position and leans back against the ladder, feeling the pain he also inflicted upon himself with that move.
Cashe then climbs to his feet and turns back to face Hopkins still on his back with the ladder on top. Cashe then reaches down and grabs the ladder with both hands and lifts it up, raising it above his head. Without hesitation, Cashe then slams it down across the right knee of Hopkins. Hopkins releases a loud grunt followed by a deep moan as he holds his knee in pain. Cashe then backs up with the ladder still in hand until he reaches the center of the ring. Unfolding the ladder, Cashe sets it up underneath the championship above and then grabs it with both hands before placing his foot on that first step.

JOHNSON: ”Cashe is going to go for the strap! This could be it!”
VASSA: ”Smart move by him to crush Hopkins knee with the ladder before setting it up. Hopkins is going to have to fight through the pain if he’s going to stop Cashe from grabbing the title.”
JOHNSON: ”There he goes!”
Cashe pulls himself onto the ladder and then takes the next step up and then the next. Stopping on the third, Cashe wipes the blood from the bottom of his face and then looks back up at the title and climbs up even more. Meanwhile, Hopkins forces himself up, holding his knee, showing signs of trouble from the damage taken moments earlier. Cashe finally makes it to the third step from the top and then reaches up for the championship, removing both hands from the ladder. Stumbling over, Hopkins grabs the ladder with both hands. Cashe quickly looks down at him and yells from the top before looking back up and reaching for the belt. Hopkins then begins to rock the ladder back and forth, trying to push it over. Back and forth, he moves the ladder, slowly gaining momentum with each push before finally sending it over to its side. As the ladder falls, Cashe jumps away from it towards the corner of the ring and comes down chin first on the top turnbuckle.
Getting his bell rung, Cashe staggers away from the corner and from behind, Hopkins wraps his arms around his waist, locking his hands. He then lifts Cashe up from his feet and pulls him backwards, driving his back into the mat with a release German Suplex. Bouncing off the mat, Cashe flips over to his stomach as Hopkins rolls over to his side, looking up at the ceiling while catching his breath. Hopkins then pushes himself up and stands to his feet, barely putting weight on that right leg. He hobbles to the corner and then ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, he slowly turns around to face the ring, struggling to keep his balance. He then squats and rests as Cashe slowly begins to roll over and get up himself. Once up to his feet, Hopkins jumps from the top rope and connects with a flying clothesline tackle, taking Cashe down to the canvas before he can even get his feet settled.
On top of Cashe, Hopkins crawls over him and moves to the other side of his head. He then grabs Cashe by the head and pulls him close, holding his body up and then wrapping his arm around his throat. Grabbing onto his arm with his free hand, Hopkins locks in a sleeper hold and begins to choke the life out of Cashe in the center of the ring. With the match being a ladder match, the ref just watches as Hopkins chokes him, not checking for a submission from Cashe. A few moments pass as Hopkins continues to strangle Cashe in the center of the ring.. As his face begins to turn blood red, Cashe slows down, fighting to get a fresh breath of air. Realizing that struggling ism only making things worse, Cashe then reaches over his head with both hands, searching for Hopkins head. Not letting up, Hopkins continues to choke him, hoping to put him out once and for all. After fumbling around for a moment, Cashe finally grabs hold of Hopkins face and then digs his thumbs into each of Hopkins eyes. Hopkins fights the pain for as long as he can before finally releasing the hold and dragging himself away from Cashe, blinded for the moment.

VASSA: ”Cashe is going to rip his eyes out!”
JOHNSON: ”These two are going to kill each other!”
VASSA: ”And we got the best seats in the house!”
Cashe hunches over for a bit, taking in the breaths of air he was briefly denied. He then slaps both hands onto the canvas and pushes himself up and looks to Hopkins to is rubbing his eyes, still temporarily blinded. Cashe then walks over to him and grabs him by the braids, dragging him across the ring. Once at the ropes, Cashe leans over and bites him in the forehead before slamming his head to the mat and rolling him underneath the rope to the outside of the ring. Hopkins hits the floor with a thud. Cashe then falls to his back and rolls underneath the rope himself and comes down to the floor on his feet. He then kicks Hopkins in the side of the face with a powerful thrust. Cashe then grabs him by the braids again and lifts him up to his feet and walks to the cage and slams his face into it. Not letting up, Cashe rubs his face back and forth against the steel links before dragging him from one end to the other, digging his face into each link as they pass.
Once at the end of that side, Cashe pulls Hopkins head away from the cage and then turns around with him still in his grasp and throws him into the steel ring steps. Hopkins crashes into them and knocks them over as he rolls into the pile of rubble. Cashe then rushes in and grabs him by the braids once more and shakes his head back and forth before leaning over and biting down on one.

JOHNSON: ”What the hell is he doing now?”
With the braid clamped in between his teeth, Cashe jerks his head up and rips the hair from Hopkins head.

The crowd pops as Cashe looks over them with the braid hanging from his mouth. He then removes it from his mouth and holds it over his head as if he were a barbaric warrior holding up a prize from battle. He then tosses it aside and looks over at Hopkins, face covered in blood as it pours from the top of his head. Cashe then grabs him by the braids again and pulls him up to his feet. Cashe then applies a side headlock and cranks down on the pressure. Looking over the crowd with his toothless smile, Cashe then balls his fist up and sets it on top of Hopkins head. Before he can give him his patented noogie, Hopkins wraps his arms around Cashe’s waist and lifts him up, slamming him backwards with a side suplex on top of the fallen ring steps.

VASSA: ”Even he can’t save these two from ripping each other apart!”
Laying over the steps, nearly bent in half over them, Cashe looks up at the ceiling in a daze. Slow to get up, Hopkins finally stands to his feet and falls backwards. Catching himself on the apron, he stays on his feet barely even able to hold up his own weight. Hopkins then rolls back inside of the ring and lays on his back, looking up at the championship above. Forcing himself up, Hopkins grabs the the ropes and pulls himself up, grabbing each rope one by one until finally on both feet. He then staggers towards the ladder laying across the ring. Step by step, Hopkins struggles to make it across the ring but fights through the pains that he’s endured. With the ladder at his feet, he reaches down slowly and picks it up from the floor. With the ladder in each hand, he then turns around and limps to the center of the ring and unfolds it, setting it up beneath the championship hanging above.
He then grabs it with both hands and pulls himself up to the second step. On the outside, Cashe rolls down from the step and falls to his stomach. He then pushes himself up and looks into the ring only to see Hopkins slowly making his way up the ladder. Cashe then rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope and forces himself up to his feet. He then grabs the ladder with both hands on the opposite side of Hopkins and pulls himself up, ascending himself. Taking notice, Hopkins looks down at Cashe and begins to pull himself up the ladder faster. In a rush, his foot slips and he falls down a step before catching himself and regaining his footing. Out of nowhere, Cashe punches through the opening of the ladder and connects with Hopkins jaw. Cashe then pulls himself up and climbs the ladder, gaining position on Hopkins.
As the two race to the top, Cashe makes it to the second highest step. Shortly after, Hopkins stands on the second highest step across from him. The two then look at each other for a moment, exchanging words before Hopkins lunges forward and connects with a overhead right to the top of Cashe’s head. Cashe shakes it off and then fires back with a right of his own, crushing his fist against Hopkin’s chin. The two then exchange punches while holding onto the ladder with their other hands for balance. Cashe then takes a chance and reaches across the ladder with both hands, grabbing Hopkins by the head. He then slams his head forward, delivering a brutal headbutt right between Hopkins eyes. Hopkins grabs the ladder with both hands to keep his balance and blinks his eyes in a daze. Cashe then makes a move and reaches up with both hands while placing one of his feet on the very top of the ladder.

VASSA: ”This could be it!”
JOHNSON: ”The championship is right there at his finger tips!”
Cashe finally grabs ahold of the championship with one hand, tugging away at it, trying to pull it from the cable. Underneath, Hopkins finally comes to and shakes his head before regaining himself. He then yells upward at Cashe, grabbing his attention as he forces him to look down. With his hand on the championship, fully extended, Cashe spits down at him before looking back up and reaching with the other hand. Hopkins then clinches his fist and draws back quickly before throwing a stiff punch to Cashe’s stomach. Cashe slightly buckles, but still keeps his fingers gripped onto the championship. Hopkins then throws another punch into the ribs of Cashe, this time with a little more sting to it. He then throws another directly in the stomach, knocking the breath out of Cashe, forcing him to drop his hand from the championship. Hopkins then reaches up with both hands and wraps them around Cashe’s head, locking his fingers together. Hopkins then drops down two steps in an instant, bringing Cashe’s head down along for the ride. Unable to stop the motion, Cashe’s face slams down on the top step of the ladder with force.
As his head bounces up from the step, Hopkins releases his grip. Cashe then wobbles for a moment and falls backwards in a slow motion. His feet give out from under him as the stars circle his head. He then falls and crashes back first to the canvas, shaking the ring and the ladder upon impact. As the ladder wobbles back and forth, Hopkins holds on with both hands and leans against the motion of the ladder, maintaining balance until it finally comes to a rest and settles.

JOHNSON: ”Cashe it out! This doesn’t look good…”
VASSA: ”I think he left an imprint of his face in the top of the ladder.”
JOHNSON: ”I think the ladder made its mark on his face!”
VASSA: ”Now’s your chance. Grab that belt Hopkins!”
Hopkins then takes a step up and pulls himself towards the top of the ladder. He then takes another and slowly stands straight up before raising both hands and reaching for the strap. Grabbing ahold of it, Hopkins wiggles it a bit before finally releasing it from the cable above and dropping it down to rest on top of the ladder.

JOHNSON: ”We have a new 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion! Hopkins has done it!”
VASSA: ”DAMN, I never thought I’d see Cashe go down like this!”
“Ready or Not” hits the speakers as Hopkins stands at the top of the ladder, leaned over with the championship in both hands.

POWERS: ”And the winner and new 4 Corners Wrestling South-West Heavyweight Champion… JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
VASSA: ”This match was unbelievable. These two men ripped each other apart in that ring and outside of it.”
JOHNSON: ”This night will forever be remembered and will go down as one of the greatest matches EVER in 4CW history.”
VASSA: ”Cashe is still out cold. We need to get the medical team out here now to check on him and make sure he’s still alive.”
JOHNSON: ”While they’re at it, Hopkins could use some attention to his head after having the hair ripped straight from his scalp.”
Hopkins then raises up with the championship in hand and then raises it above his head as the fans greet him with a huge pop and break out into chanting…
“4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W…”

VASSA: ”Listen to the fans, they’re embracing their new 4CW South-West Heavyweight champion with love, with respect!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been one hell of a night as we’ve witnessed carnage both in and out of the ring. We’ve crowned new champions and respect has been earned for everyone who stepped in that ring tonight.”
VASSA: ”I can’t wait for Adrenaline in two weeks. It’s already sending chills up and down my spine just thinking about it.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s all the time we have for tonight folks. You can now safely relax and let your blood pressure settle after being kept on the edge of your seats all night.”
VASSA: ”All good things must come to an end and Winter Wasteland is officially in the books!”
JOHNSON: ”Be sure to tune in to Adrenaline in two weeks to witness first hand the aftermath of tonight’s colossal impact on the scene in 4CW. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good night! It’s time to blow all my money at the casino and put the home up for a second mortgage!”
The camera zooms in on Hopkins still at the top of the ladder with the championship draped over his shoulder, looking over the crowd as the blood continues to trickle down from his head. As he soaks in the cheers and chants of the crowd, the scene slowly fades out.