This match started off with Andrew Morrison getting the better of Aidan with a few quick takedowns whilst looking to keep her in submissions. Aidan was able to get a leg up on a rope and thats when the match began to change. Aidan started using her swiftness and caught Morrison with a sweet Superkick that shattered his jaw. She went for a quick pin but Morrison quickly kicks out. After Aidan looks for a special Roundhouse Kick that Morrison ducks and plants Aidan with a Spinebuster that had Aidan down for a minute.
As this match began to pick up it’s been Andrew whose been in the driver seat. Aidan being able to connect with a few moves here and there but Morrison always found a way to stop her momentum, that was until Aidan connected with a Shuffle Side Kick that almost shattered Morrison’s jaw. Aidan is able to captilize on this and hits Morrisn with a flury of moves before she catches him with a Handspring Elbow. She goes in for the pin but once again Morrison kicks out. After getting back to his feet and going back and going back and forth with Aidan, Morrison connects with a big The Revelator. He goes for the pin but Aidan kicks out right at the last minute.
With the momentum on Morrison’s side he looks to capotlize on his ground game and wear down on the smaller Aidan, but the resilent Aidan always found a way back to her feet. Morrison was becoming a little frustrated with himself because he wasn’t able to keep Aidan down to the mat. He started looking for some explosive moves that Aidain countered every time. When Morrison was able to finally get Aidan up against the ropes she tripped him causing Morrison’s neck to crash with the ropes. Morrison didn’t drop to the mat, instead he dropped to his knees, hanging on to the ropes, but Aidan pulverizes him with a tremendous The Fire Inside. She goes for the pin and this time gets it as she’s able to pick up a win her Four Corner Wrestling debut.


This match started off slow with both men looking to capitilize with submissions. None of them being able to get the better of eachother. That is until Dustin is able to connect with a big Yakuza kick. The crowd gives him some cheers. With Cross trying to recover from the Yakuza kick Dustin takes Cross to the mat and places him in a Dragon Sleeper that looked like it was going to make Cross tap.
Dustin has been feeling it thus far in the match, being able to counter all of Cross’s attacks and find licks of his own. When Cross goes for a Suplex Dustin is able to land on his feet. When Cross turns around Dustin connects with a Pele Kick and goes for the cover. Cross being able to kick out in the nick of time. When they got back to their feet Cross is able to find a groove. Dustin was beginning to lose his momentum.
When it seemed Cross was about to take over Dustin dodges a Superkick from Cross and connects with a Superkick of his own that sends Cross into the turnbuckles where Dustin hits Cross with the Bama Buzzaw Kick before following that up and finishing Cross with the Fall Of Man. Dustin wraps the legs and gets the pin. Getting his first Four Corner Wrestling victory.


Soon as the bell tolls it’s Mad Dog who showing off all the talent by hitting Adams with a flurry of different Suplex’s before he mounts him and hits him with a few deadly elbows before he crawls around Adams and repeatedly headbutts him. When Mad Dog pulls Adams to his feet and crushes him with a Sidewalk Slam that rattles the ring. Mad dog showing off tremendous power, getting some love and jeers from the crowd.
With the match going all Mad Dog’s way he toys with Adams by slapping him and dragging him around the ring before stomping on him in each corner. With Mad Dog’s size you wouldn’t expect to see him climbing up the ropes, but tonight he shows his versatility when he dives off the top rope with a Diving Shoulder Charge. He burst to his feet to some jeers and cheers before lifting Adams to his feet and deviating him with a vicious The Big Bite. The crowd fearing the worst for Adams after the impact Mad Dog slammed him to the mat with.
With Mad Dog just beating the shit out of Adams for the duration of this match Adams is finally able to find some spark when he catches Mad Dog with a stiff European Uppercut, but Mad Dog laughs that off and mulls Adams with a Clothesline that causes Adams to flip to the mat. Mad Dog instantly pulls Adams to his feet before grabbing his legs and lifting him for the move he calls Howling At The Moon, in which he howls while having Adams placed in the move. Adams tries holding on but he’s forced to tap, taking his second consecutive Four Corner Wrestling loss.


In the beginning it was LaRue who was getting the better of Taylor. Veronica began to turn that around when she eye rakes LaRue and slams her to the mat with a Suplex. From there Taylor places LaRue in a Boston Crab but LaRue is able to get out of it. The match begins to pick up from here but it is Taylor who seems to be in control.
Left and right Taylor is able get LaRue down to the mat, taunting her everytime she does, and every single time the crowd boos her. As Taylor is basically winning the match right now she grabs LaRue by the hair and flings her into the turnbuckles lifting her to her feet and nailing LaRue with the the Facelift. She taunts the crowd once more, feeling she’s got LaRue done but not finished with her.
Taylor is rapidly losing her steam at this point of the match. LaRue began to find her strengths against Taylor. Hitting Taylor with the LaRue special and going for the pin but Taylor kicks out. As they continue to go back and forth Taylor catches LaRue with another eye rake before annihilating LaRue with the Backstabber. She goes for the pin and gets it as she gets her first win in 4CW.

The scene fades to the back lot of the Minglewood Hall, as we a greeted by a gleaming stretch limousine. We can tell the footage is from earlier today because it says so in the bottom of the corner. Before the chauffeur can get out of the car and open the door, it nearly flies off the hinges on its own as an angry individual dressed in all black including a matching ski mask steps out. The camera swings around as the unknown man impatiently addresses someone else inside the limousine.

UNKNOWN 1:“I told you we’re going to run late. You and your stupid ideas. We have a job to do, so hurry the hell up.”
As the unknown man takes a step back, anther individual, dressed in the same exact garb, exits the vehicle. He stretches out without a care in the world before diving back inside the car to pull out a couple of duffel bags. He tosses one to his accomplice.

UNKNOWN 2: “Don’t forget this… We’ll need it to make this work.”
UNKNOWN 1: “Make what work?”
UNKNOWN 2: “The plan… ”
UNKNOWN 1: “What plan? You know what, don’t even answer. We’re already late. Lets go see the man we came here to see…”
Before the two men can reach the back door it swings open with a thud and out steps out Mr. Perry Wallace, his shades half way down his nose as he looks from behind them unamused. He motions for the men to hurry inside.

WALLACE:”Will you two hurry the fuck up? I don’t have all night.”
The two masked individuals nod to each other and head inside the Minglewood Hall in the foots steps of Mr. Perry Winkle. The scene fades to black.

JOHNSON:”Good evening folks and welcome to another 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson and the man right here beside me is no other than…”
VASSA:”VINNY VASSA!!! Welcome to the madhouse!”
JOHNSON:”We have an exciting lineup planned for the night as we kick off the national touring!”
VASSA:”There isn’t much to Memphis, Tennessee but we’re going to put the Minglewood Hall on the map tonight!”
JOHNSON:”I’m pretty sure this place was already on the map…”
VASSA:”If you’re from the future because tonight’s event puts it there!”
JOHNSON:”If you say so.”
VASSA:”I did and that’s that! So what’s on the menu for tonight, Steve?”
JOHNSON:”First off, the champs as well as a few others had the last show off. Tonight, they’ll all be on the card and kicking this national tour off with a bang.”
VASSA:”Well isn’t that nice?”
JOHNSON:”We’ve had a few matches already that you can check out for yourself on the website. Some of the newer talents showcasing themselves.”
VASSA:”4CW is getting big, well, we’re already big. It’s no surprise that we’re signing new talents each and every week. 4CW is THE place to be, not that other who claims it is.”
JOHNSON:”We have a few tag matches on the lineup for tonight. The champs will be in action against The Film Addicts.”
VASSA:”These two teams were in the big gauntlet at Winter Wasteland. Unfortunately for the Addicts, Black Listed advanced and went to claim the championships. We’ll see how they hold their own against the champs tonight.”
JOHNSON:”We’ll also get to witness the highly anticipated debut of The Black Dahlias as they’ll face off against “Young” Mannie and Alec Quartermain, the team of We Dem Boyz.”
VASSA:”I’ve been anxious to see these two ladies teamed up in the ring. It looks like Christmas comes a little early this year!”
JOHNSON:”We also have a few extreme matches in the mix. Lord Raab will face off against the sick and twisted, Dakota Smith. This has blood bath written all over it.”
VASSA:”I think one of the biggest matches on the card is the 4CW Extreme Rules debut of the former 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe!”
JOHNSON:”He’ll be sticking his toes in the blood so to speak tonight against Griffin Hawkins.”
VASSA:”He nearly killed Dazi two weeks ago in the ring. I hope Cashe hasn’t forgotten how these matches go.”
JOHNSON:”We also have a champion versus champion match, non title but still!”
VASSA:”The 4CW Extreme champion, Havok, will face off against the 4CW Pride champion, Lo’Renzo Porter!”
JOHNSON:”Surprisingly, this will be a standard rules match. Some may thing Havok will be out of his element.”
VASSA:”The same could be said for Flipp if this was an extreme rules match.”
JOHNSON:”Regardless of the match type, this is primed to be a great bout between the two champions.”
VASSA:”I know it’s been unclear as to what title falls in line underneath the 4CW Championship and this match could determine just that, unofficially of course.”
JOHNSON:”You make a valid point, Vinny. That doesn’t happen very often.”
VASSA:”Thank you, Stevie!”
JOHNSON:”No problem, Vinny. I try to boost your confidence whenever the opportunity arises. Which leads us to the main event. Connor Gates will be facing off against the 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins!”
VASSA:”The championship isn’t on the line but it’s clearly the undisputed top championship of the food chain. The pick of the litter.”
JOHNSON:”Gates has been on a hot streak since signing with 4CW so this will be the ultimate test for him as he will face off against the king of 4CW.”
VASSA:”If he wants to make a name for himself quickly then upsetting the champ would do just that, maybe even get him in the title picture.”
JOHNSON:”Cashe has yet to receive a rematch so we can’t overlook him.”
VASSA:”No one is overlooking him. He’s my boy!”
JOHNSON:”Those are our biggest matches of the evening but we have plenty of more action in the lineup. We’re going to go backstage for a moment and when we return, we’re kicking the night off with a tag match between the newly signed team of The Misfitz and the randomly thrown together team of Christine Ann Nash and Niobe Martin.”

The Main doors leading out to the Parking Garage are shown as the cameras cut to the backstage area. You can see the 4CW Logo plastered on the doors with posters along the walls in the area. Lead Interviewer, Gabriel Hartman steps into the scene with a microphone in hand. He looks down and checks his cell phone, scrolling through some text messages. Suddenly the doors click as one side is pulled open from the outside and through the door walks Jason Cashe followed by Tidus Howe. Hartman goes wide eyed and meets Cashe with a smile and a hand shake.

HARTMAN: “Bout time you get here! You said 5 minutes. That was 15 minutes ago..”
CASHE: “We stopped to get White Castle. Their french fries are BANANAS! Rest assure–“

CASHE: “Excuse me heh! Rest assure I’m here now, tonight is LIVE in good Ol’ Tennessee! Yeeee Haaawww Country Music headquarters! Kickin up Mud, Grand Ol’ Opry! Now it can also be remembered for the night EXTREME was revisited by “The Influence”. You excited? I’m excited!”
HARTMAN: “You seem more than ready for tonight! Your opponent though, Griffin Hawkins is also prepared. He’s looking to use your name to jump back into Title position. Technically this is his environment, you’re just a guest of the division. How do you see this playing out for you when he has his back against the wall as well. Just as much to lose as you do, the only difference being which title you both want your hands on.”
Nodding as Hartman finishes up the questioning, Cashe strokes his beard, runs open fingers through it and plucks a piece of french fry from it and tosses it to the side.

CASHE: “Griffin spent time quoting Sun Tzu among others and let me tell you how ANNOYING it is to watch everyone and their Grandmothers at 35 tweeting quotes, posting little gif pics as their own humor or their own wisdom. What separates you quoting it from the hundred THOUSAND others who have before you when it was more original to quote something of wisdom? Fact is you look at old wisdom because you LACK any of your own. Period. The talk of fears, overcoming them. Fighting against them and not once did I say to fear me. I don’t seek your fear Griffin.”
Holding up his hands to stop, Cashe looks full of regret over potentially giving Griffin any fears.

CASHE: “I want you to be strong, be proud, be full of confidence! I want you to play your result over and over in your head until you can’t even comprehend an end where I win. THAT is what I want! I want you at your best, your most focused and it’s because only THEN will I get the most out of beating you. That’s my addiction, my gluttony. I want to feed off the arrogance in your eyes because I receive a high from when it changes and all hope is lost. So please don’t be scared as you’ve shown on Twitter feeling creeped out about someone digging into your personal life but NEVER addressing it as being me directly. Your fear is your own weakness. Your fear of failure not spiders. Your fear of the pain not snakes. Be scared of death, come to cope with what I will do to you here tonight…”
HARTMAN: “Wow…I for one am excited as Heck to see this bout! This is straight from the mouth of our former 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe. Back to ringside..”
Cashe and Howe walk past Gabriel Hartman as the scene jumps back to ringside.


VASSA: ”It’s time for our opening match folks!”
JOHNSON: ”We already have the first team out here, MisFitz. They’re new to 4CW and from what I hear, this will be a try out for them.”
VASSA: ”They’re going to have their hands full with this randomly paired team of Niobe Martin and Christine Ann Nash.”
The lights go out and the crowd gets quiet. Lights up as we hear “Mz. Hyde” begins. Then the lights flash and Christine appears on the stage. She bends over to touch the ground and then back up whipping her hair as she moves. She cocks her head and then poses for the crowd as she blows them a kiss. She then walks down the ramp as the crowd has a mixed reaction. Some boo and some cheer.

POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring from Ottawa, Illinois, weighing in at one hundred thirty pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. She is “The Twisted Angel”, Christine Ann Nash!”
She slides into the ring and then poses again for the crowd before sitting on the turnbuckle in the corner waiting for the match to begin.

As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is “The Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe appears on stage, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

VASSA: ”These two lovely ladies were a random pairing for tonight but a vicious one to say the least.”
JOHNSON: ”Not much is known about the opponents but I guess we’ll find out here in just a few moments.”
The ref checks with each corner as Niobe and Ace designate themselves as the legal wrestlers to start the match. The ref then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
The two approach each other in the center of the ring. Ace rushes Martin but gets swept off his feet as she spins him around and drops him across her knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Niobe then stands up and pulls him to his feet. She then hits him with a couple of forearm smashes to the face before shooting in and flipping him over to his back with a fireman’s carry takedown. With his head right facing her, Niobe then unloads with multiple punches to the face, before coming down with a forearm across his face, crushing his nose. Niobe then pushes herself up, digging her fists into his chest. She then grabs him by the head and pulls him up.
Niobe then throws Ace to the ropes. As he comes back with speed, she lifts him in the air and plants him into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster. The ring rattles from the impact as Niobe pops up to her feet and turns to the corner. She climbs the turnbuckle and stands straight up, looking over the crowd before leaping into the air. Twisting in the air, she comes down with a corkscrew elbow drop across Ace’s chest. Quickly getting up, Niobe lifts him from the mat and then throws him to her corner.

VASSA: ”Niobe is doing her thing tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Ace better do something or this is going to end quickly.”
Niobe then charges the corner and hits Ace in the mouth with a running elbow. She then slaps hands with Nash in the refs view. The two switch spots and Nash comes into the ring, firing away with body shots to Ace. She then lifts him up and places him on top of the turnbuckle in a sitting position. Nash then climbs the corner to the top and stands over Ace. She then fires away with punches to the head as the crowd counts with each landed blow.
“One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten!!!”
Nash then jumps up and wraps her legs around Ace’s head and flips him over from the top with a Frankensteiner, sending him flying across the ring and crashing in the center. Nash then pushes herself up and climbs the corner again. As she turns back to the ring, she extends her arms to the side, soaking in the mixed reactions from the crowd. She then leaps from the top rope and comes down with a senton across Ace’s body.
Rolling up to her feet, Nash then runs to the other corner and hits Human Punchingbag with a clothesline, knocking him off the apron and crashing into the barricade on the outside. Nash then turns backto Ace and walks over to him, grabbing him by the arm. As she pulls him up to his feet, she drives her knee into his stomach and then hooks his arm around her head. Nash then lifts him up and drops him to the mat with a vertical suplex. She then stands to her feet and looks over at Niobe who is reaching over the top rope, waving for a tag. Nash makes her way over and slaps hands with her as Niobe then ascends the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON: ”These two are really doing a number on Ace!”
VASSA: ”Well I think we may be coming to the end of the line because Niobe is up top and Ace’s partner, whatever his name is, is laid out at ringside.”
Niobe then leaps from the top rope, flipping in the air and comes down with a 450 splash.

JOHNSON: ”The Hallucination!”
Niobe then hooks the leg as the ref drops in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe and Christine have won it! This one is in the books.”
VASSA: ”Coming off tough losses this should turn things around for the two.”
POWERS: ”And the winners by pin fall, CHRISTINE ANN NASH and NIOBE MARTIN!!!”
The two stands side by side in the ring as the ref raises both of their arms into the air. Niobe then climbs through the ropes to the outside, leaving Nash in the ring.

JOHNSON:”Wait a minute, what’s going on here?”
The lights in the theatre begin flickering, and then go out, leaving the place pitch black for a few moments until suddenly, a blood-red spotlight cuts on and hits the ring and it is shining down on Christine Nash.

VASSA:”I don’t know, but I do know that that light seems incredibly familiar, don’t you think?”
JOHNSON:”That it does, but why is it here and why is it covering Christine Nash?”
VASSA:”A better question would be…why is she smiling about it?!”
Christine Nash stares up at the spotlight with a smile on her face and falls to her knees before the light goes out, leaving the theatre pitch black once again!

JOHNSON:”Seriously, what the hell is going on around here?!”
All of the sudden, the lights come back on in the theatre…and Christine Nash is gone!

VASSA:”Nash has vanished! What the hell is right!?
JOHNSON:”Christine Nash just got done competing and now it seems has disappeared after being shrouded in that blood-red light! What does this mean? Where’d she go?”
VASSA:”I don’t know, but the show must go on!

We cut backstage to an empty hallway. A door opens and on the rush cold air comes laughter. Following behind it comes Sativa and Ramona. They are laughing and puffing on a Vape. Sativa starts to dig in her coat pockets as soon as the door closes behind them.

SATIVA: “Now that we are behind closed doors, so to speak…”
She pulls out a plastic tube and a lighter. She pops the top off the tube and up ends in into her empty hand, dropping a pre-rolled blunt into it. She drops the tube into a passing trash can and places the blunt between her lips. She sparks the lighter and starts lifting it to the end of the blunt and stops halfway there. The stop was also in her stride as she stands and glares as the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Black Listed, cross their path.

SATIVA: “Oh look, its the ‘Champs.’”
Sativa lets the flame die on the lighter and palms it as she does the air quotes. She then re-sparks the lighter and continues with lighting the blunt.

RAMONA: “The fuck you two want? We got a couple of fuck boys to put down, we ain’t got time for you.”
ROYCE: “Well you’re going to have to make time. You two really think you are that good of a team? Eh. Looks more like a case of two people who failed solo coming together as a unit.”
Sativa pockets her lighter and takes a couple smooth puffs on her blunt before passing it to Ramona. She exhales the smoke towards Black Listed and chuckles.

SATIVA: “Ain’t like any other teams in four cee dub got any talent.”
Royce and Demi look at each other and chuckle. Demi pats her tag title belt.

DEMI: “These belts say otherwise!”
SATIVA: “Royce, you better be gettin your wanna be call girl in line before I scar up that pretty face of hers.”
Ramona almost chokes on the hit she was taking. She quickly recovers and laughs. Royce has to throw his arm out to stop Demi from attacking Sativa. Sativa just smirks and takes the offered blunt from Ramona.

RAMONA: “Oh, look at that. Lil sis got some fire in her! Fitting team really. A man whore and a pint size prosti-tot. Great team to rep our company.”
ROYCE: “You guys really ones to talk?”
RAMONA: “Not at all. I’m not the tryin to fuck every woman or man who comes to four cee dub. It’s a good strategy though, hit on all of em, ones bound to say yes.”
Sativa bursts out laughing. She ashes the blunt and sets it down on a near by table. She turns to face Black Listed, ready to unload another diss but is cut off. That last line from Ramona was the breaking point. The champs lunge at the Black Dahlias. They two teams brawl for a few moments before security and refs come to break things up. The two teams are separated with security standing between them. Sativa picks up her blunt and the champs grab their belts. The two teams stare at each other as the slowly part ways.

SATIVA: “Hey Royce, you gotta little something right here…”
Sativa points at her nostril. The Dahlias burst out laughing as Royce tries to lunge at Sativa. Security stops him and the Dahlias walk off laughing while the Tag Team Champions shrug off the two women and their words knowing they’ve still got the titles.



The pulsing intro to Halestorm’s “Freak Like Me” begins to play through the PA system as the lights fade to black. The theater stays dark for several seconds, but when the song finally kicks off, the lights kick back on and Kyra pushes her way past the curtain, looking out into the crowd.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring first from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at one hundred forty three pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, Kyra McKnight!”
“I’m on the train that’s pulling the sick and twisted,
Making the most of the ride before we get arrested,
We’re all wasted, And we’re not going home tonight.”
“Covered in black we lack the social graces,
Just like an animal we crawl out of our cages,
They can’t tame us,
So if you’re one of us, get on the bus”
She leans back, throwing the horns up with both hands, taking a half-skip to get herself moving down the ramp, slapping hands a with a few of the fans, but rather quickly making it down to ringside.
“If you’re a freak like me, wave your flag!
If you’re a freak like me, get off your ass!
It’s our time now, to let it all hang out!
(So shout)
If you’re a freak like me, you were born to burn
This is no disease, you don’t need a cure
It’s our time now to come out…”
She jumps up onto the ring apron, leaning back against the ropes and flashing a grin to the nearby crowd. She points out one fan in particular, nodding before stepping under the bottom rope, moving over to the nearest set of turnbuckles and throwing the horns up again.
“If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!”
She jumps off the turnbuckle, settling back into the corner and waiting for her opponent.

The lights suddenly go out and an image appears on the screen.

As the image appears a hauntingly calm child’s voice floats from the speakers.

Do you hear the Whisper Man?
The Whisper Man is near.
If you hear the Whisper Man
Then turn away your ear.
Do not hear the Whisper Man
Whatever else you do.
For once you’ve heard the Whisper Man
He’ll stop…
And look at you.

The voice and the image both fade at the same time. After a few heartbeats of darkness the lights return.

VASSA: ”What the hell is that?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know but it seems out of place.”
POWERS: ”And the opponent, coming to the ring from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds and standing five feet, five inches tall, Dazi Molaroni!!!”
“Halo” hits the PA, white lights shining as Dazi makes her way out on stage with a kendo stick in her hand. She stands there, staring at the ring with laser focus. She marches toward the ring, a smirk starting to form on her face. She hops up on the apron ,teasing the fans before stopping. Getting in the ring, Dazi just giggles to herself before looking across the ring at Kyra and pointing the kendo stick towards her.

VASSA: ”Dazi has come ready for a fight tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Being an extreme rules match, I’ve never understood why some wrestlers come to the ring empty handed.”
VASSA: ”Some folks come prepared while others depend on the Santa Claus of extreme wrestling to leave a bundle of goodies underneath the ring.”
Before the ref can even get to the center of the ring, Dazi bolts off from her corner and rushes towards Kyra. Taking a swing with the kendo stick, Dazi tries to take Kyra’s head off but misses and hits the top of the corner as Kyra sucks out of the way.
Dazi quickly turns around while swinging the kendo stick for Kyra’s head but comes up short again as she drops to the mat. Dazi then swings down at her but misses yet again as Kyra rolls out of the way. Dazi then fakes for another swing and watches as Kyra rolls to the side. Once she stops, Dazi then swings the stick and connects with it across her back.
Dazi then takes another swings and slams the stick across the back of Kyra’s head.
Daxi then walks around the ring holding the stick above her head as the fans go wild. She then turns her attention back to Kyra only to find her slowly coming to and forcing herself up. Dazi quickly moves in beside her and holds the stick across her neck, pulling back on it, choking her while sandwiching her with her lower body. After choking her for a moment, Dazi drops Kyra to the mat with a Russin leg sweep using the stick for some extra damage.

VASSA: ”I bet Kyra’s regretting it now, not coming to the ring ready for a throw down.”
JOHNSON: ”Dazi looks like she’s on a war path. From the social media feeds, I think she may have someone in the crowd tonight watching.”
VASSA: ”Seamus? Why would he be in the crowd?”
Dazi stands up to her feet and raises the stick above her head with both hands. She then swings down and smashes it across Kyra’s stomach, leaving a nasty mark.
Dazi then swings again but somehow, Kyra throws her hands up and grabs ahold of the end, stopping it from colliding with her chest. The two then struggle with one another, fighting to grab the stick from the other. Dazi pulls back with all her might and as she does, Kyra releases her hold, sending Dazi falling to the mat and rolling across the ring. Kyra then pushes herself up, slow at that. Once to her feet, she moves in on Dazi who still hasn’t began to. Kyra grabs her by the hair and jerks her to her feet and then swings with an open hand slap, connecting with the side of her face.
Without hesitation, Dazi jabs the stick in her stomach, knocking the breath out of her. Dazi then swings overhead with it and hits her over the top of the head.
Still on her feet, Kyra wobbles but doesn’t go down. Dazi then swings again and hits her over the head once more.
Kyra then goes down to one knee. Dazi then laughs in her face before turning to the ropes behind her and running towards them. After hitting them and coming back with speed, Dazi jumps into the air and flies at Kyra with the stick being held by both hands.
Dazi smashes it across her face, snapping it in half, sending pieces flying into the air.

Dazi then crawls on top of Kyra and covers her for the pin as the ref drops down for the count.

VASSA: ”That’s all she wrote!”
JOHNSON: ”After taking a beating two weeks ago from Griffin Hawkins, Dazi turns it around tonight with a quick, brutal beatdown.”
“Halo” hits the speakers as Dazi stands to her feet and the ref raises her arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pin fall, DAZI MMOOLLAARROONNII!!!”

Cut to the back of the Minglewood Hall.
We fade into a shot of a three tiered trophy, which is currently in the process of being reconstructed, but still has enough of the pieces put together that is it obvious that this is the EWI Male Breakout Star trophy for Brody Lee Prince. He of course, calls it Marla. Marla has not just one security guard in the form of Max Von Grant, but he is flanked on either side by two other larger men in security gear who stand imposingly with their arms crossed in front of that trophy.
Just then Brody Lee walks into frame, with him as always is the almost spilling out of her top Starla Von Grant who has a disgusted look on her face as she gets near the trophy of Brody Lee’s dreams. She still has the Polaroid camera around her neck which is propped up by her jugs. Brody Lee is just smiling away as he shakes out the latest picture taken.

BRODY LEE: “Now all I have to do is autograph this one, and we’ve got ourselves a gold mine!”
STARLA: “You mean enough money to buy more crazy glue.”
BRODY LEE: “You’re darn right! That’s some expensive glue, Earl’s charging five bucks for a little tube of that stuff. But, I only get the very best for my Marla. Don’t I, girl?”
Facepalm by Starla as she shakes her head in complete embarrassment. She mumbles under her breath as Brody Lee continues to just stare as his trophy shaking away at the Polaroid.

STARLA: “God, I thought we buried that thing.”
Brody Lee begins to walk back towards where Starla is standing, however, just then he bumps into Seamus O’Connor —

SEAMUS: “You better watch where you going there fella. Wait a sec you that Brody Lee fella who I get to face in just a moment from now. I hope you prepared yourself for a fight because I tend to beat your bloody arse.”
Seamus stares down Brody. Brody adjusts his black Stetson hat and gives a smirk, his cheek puffs out with the chaw in his mouth. Brody Lee looks over the right shoulder of Seamus, and then over the left shoulder of him.

BRODY LEE: “I don’t see no trophy saying that you could kick my ass, amigo. See that over there? That’s my trophy and it says that I am the Male Breakout Star. I am the one to look out for in 2015, not you.”
Seamus looks over at the Trophy and smirks.

SEAMUS: “That’s great but you know I recall they where handing out that trophy before I signed with 4CW and if you not careful fella, I may just stick that trophy so far up your bloody arse that the little man on top will be picking your nose. ”
Brody Lee thinks about it for a moment.

BRODY LEE: “That doesn’t sound comfortable at all. I’ll tell you what– hey what’s going on over there?”
Brody Lee points which causes Seamus to turn his head and gives Brody Lee the opening he needs to bolt in the other direction.
Seamus looks back and chuckles.

SEAMUS: “Yeah go ahead and run fella, you have nowhere to run in the ring.”
We head back to the ring

Meanwhile backstage, a somewhat unenthused and slightly on-edge Gabriel Hartman stands with mic in hand… presumably because he’s about to say something! GO FIGURE!

HARTMAN: ”Ahh, folks, I’ve been told that the man who recently left quite the impression in the 4CW studios had requested this time to address his actions only a couple days ago- oh, here he is now.”
And sure enough, a sombre Johnny Bonecrusher, one of 4 Corners Wrestling’s latest special-deal acquisitions, enters the scene.

BONECRUSHER: ”Thanks. Thanks, Mr. Hartman.”
HARTMAN: ”You wanted the floor at this time – go ahead.”
Gabriel hands over the mic to The Pre-Millennium Wrestler, who inhales deeply and wipes the sweat from his brow. And yes, he’s wearing shades indoors – AGAIN.

BONECRUSHER: ”Oh Monday, Mr. Hartman here graciously took the time to sit down with Yours Truly, and for that, I thank him for acknowledging this newcomer to 4CW. Thanks a lot, Mr. Hartman.”
Gabriel looks taken aback at the humility being show by the 15-year veteran.

HARTMAN: ”W-well, you’re welcome, of course.”
Johnny nods as he extends his hand for Gabriel to shake, who reciprocates.

BONECRUSHER: ”And I’d also like to apologize to the good folks here in 4CW for my behaviour that day. I was out of control. That’s not how one makes a good first impression, especially in a place where he hardly knows anyone. I don’t want that side of me to be a reflection of what Awesome Championship Wrestling – the Arizona territory I’m here to represent – is all about.”
Johnny removes his shades and looks directly into the camera.

BONECRUSHER: ”So I’m sorry. I’m really, REALLY sorry.”
Johnny exhales deeply as he purses his lips.

BONECRUSHER: ”I’m sorry… I’m sorry… that that scrawny sack of crap Sativa wasn’t here right now so I could WRAP MY HANDS AROUND HER FUCKIN’ NECK UNTIL SHE STOPPED BREATHING FOREVER!!!”
Gabriel puts a hand on Johnny’s shoulder.

HARTMAN: ”Come on, Johnny, come on.”
Johnny gently removes Gabriel’s hand from his shoulder, and shoves him out of the way.

The good ol’ security folks come onto the scene now, trying to calm Johnny down. Johnny holds up his hands and backs off, assuring them with non-verbal cues that everything’s cool. He leaves the scene.
He practically immediately returns to the scene, upending a food trolley, stomping on sandwiches and whatnots. Security tries to hold him back, but unlike last time, he yanks free from their grasps to continue his tirade.

BONECRUSHER: ”Ohhh, my little PRETTY ONE! PUH-PRETTY ONE! Wheeeennnn you gonna give me some – TIME! RAMONA! -oh wait, wrong sack of bones… THIS time!”
Johnny further evades security to continue trashing the general area. He tosses folding chairs around, smashes fluorescent light bulbs, and finishes off this leg of this psychopathic episode by somehow jackknife powerbombing the trolley into a table, causing the poor inanimate object to go crashing through it. Johnny seethes as he points at the trolley.

The surprisingly useful security crew manage to get the one-up on Johnny just as he completes his diatribe. They proceed to drag him away, kicking and screaming.

Johnny starts to laugh his big stupid head off.

BONECRUSHER: ”Hey, don’t forget my glasses, ya YAHOOS!”
Then the scene mercifully comes to an end.


POWERS:“The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds, Brody Leeeee Prince!”
JOHNSON:“This match promises to be a good one. Two titanic men squaring off for supremacy. Both have had a few choice words for each other in the past weeks.”
VASSA:“I hope we don’t get any speeches, I can’t understand a single thing either of these two say.”
The beautiful opening notes of Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold” begins to play out of the theater. The curtain parts open and out walks Brody Lee Prince, Prince doesn’t look to happy to be here tonight in fact he doesn’t even want to walk down the aisle and towards the ring. Brody Lee begins to back up, but his talent agent Max Von Grant and big boobed girlfriend Starla are there to give him a push towards the ring. With the two of them preventing an escape, Brody Lee slowly marches down towards the ring doing as much talking to the fans as humanly possible — and not in a good way. He even manages to slap the popcorn out of the hands of a small fan. Chew drips from his lips as he once again tries to leave, but is pushed to the ring by the Von Grant duo. Brody Lee slowly removes his black Stetson hat and gives it a big old kiss before handing it over to Starla. He then takes the lump of chew out of his lips and hands that to Max with instructions to save that for later.

POWERS:“And introducing his opponent: Weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds from Dublin, the Irish Bastard, Seamus O’Connooor!”
The theater flashes between green, white and orange lights. As The Spicy McHaggis Jig by Dropkick Murphy plays. He comes with a shillelagh in one hand. He runs out on stage does a heel click. Before walking to the ring amp up trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and run up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

VASSA:“Brody is determined not to let the loss of Marla distract him into another loss this week.”
JOHNSON:“Seamus did make a valid point, though. Texas doesn’t actually have a monarchy.”
VASSA:“Ireland does have more than a few bastards, though.”
JOHNSON:“That’s just crass, Vinnie. Brody Lee may be looking to come back from his loss to Kyra McKnight, but Seamus wants to show that all the trouble and confusion surrounding his love Dazi isn’t distracting him either. Both men have something to prove, but who will come out on top?”
The ref calls for the bell and the match beings. Brody Lee puts his hands on his hips, miming hooking his thumbs in his belt loops before alternating kicking his legs out to either side, making a dancing mockery of O’Connor’s entrance. Seamus wastes no time charging Brody and sends him to the mat with a thunderous clothesline. Prince flops around on the canvas as if he’s been hit by a semi truck. Once he’s vertical again Brody Lee stalks over to the ref, stomping his feet and appearing to demand some sort of penalty call for the shot from O’Connor.
Seamus shakes his head and steps in to wrap his arms around Prince for a belly to back suplex. The impact of the two big men rocks the ring and the fans cheer wildly. O’Connor stands once again and leans down to grab Brody’s legs.

JOHNSON:“Is Seamus about to lock in the cloverleaf?!”
VASSA:“Will the ref even make it over before Prince starts tapping?”
Before O’Connor can finish what he started, Brody Lee leans up and jabs Seamus in the eye! Seamus stumbles backward, giving Prince the time he needs to get to his feet. Brody knocks the wind out of O’Connor with a running knee strike. He’s quick to follow up with a series of chops that drive Seamus back into the ropes. Prince whips Seamus across the ring and spins around as though he’s going for the Tooth-Loosener. With his showing off he moves too slowly and O’Connor grabs him for an atomic drop!
Brody practically throws himself into the ropes as he is released, dropping to the canvas and rolling out of the ring. Seamus holds his arms up, exasperated for a moment, but then looks up to the crowd and beckons for some cheers, which he gets in spades. Prince gestures for a timeout, but the referee ignores him and starts counting.
One… Two…

JOHNSON:“Hasn’t Brody Lee learned yet that there are no timeouts in wrestling?”
VASSA:“Sure doesn’t look that way.”
Three… Four… Five…
Brody stomps his feet at being ignored and starts for the ramp. Starla and Max are there to stop him, blocking his way and trying to convince him to get back in the match. All three gesture wildly as they argue. Prince isn’t convinced but slowly backs toward the ring.
Starla and Max barely get out of the way as a sudden baseball slide from behind sends Brody Lee flying face first onto the floor! Seamus slides out of the ring and pulls him up by the hair and the trunks. The referee stops counting and warns O’Connor about the hold, but he’s already throwing Prince back into the ring under the bottom rope.
Brody pounds his fists on the mat in anger, but Seamus ignores it and delivers a knee drop mid-tantrum. O’Connor moves in, once again trying to lock on a cloverleaf submission to put Brody away. Prince struggles and manages to kick Seamus off just in time!

JOHNSON:“I wonder if Brody is starting to realize he may actually have to fight here.”
VASSA:“You’re such an optimist Steve.”
Brody Lee takes Seamus down with a toe trip from his prone position and leaps up to take advantage. Prince sends stomps into O’Connor’s midsection, his right knee, his arms, he even goes for the head! Half of his shots miss, but the other half are clearly taking their toll on the foul mouthed Irishman.
The ref finally pushes Brody back. Prince stomps a foot and backs away to a corner. He taunts the crowd, earning their jeers, sneakily removing the turnbuckle pad while the referee is checking on the downed Seamus. O’Connor brushes the official aside and gets to his feet. Brody turns around just in time to see Seamus coming at him for a double axe handle! Instead Prince grabs the other man by the hair and slams his face down into the exposed turnbuckle!
The crowd boos even louder than before, but Brody Lee just soaks it in. Seamus looks dizzy, checking his face for blood, but he’s still on his feet. Prince expects an easier target as he tries a second time to take his opponent down with the Tooth-Loosener. O’Connor counters with a sitout spinebuster that leaves both men laying on the canvas!

JOHNSON:“Seamus O’Connor may have just pulled out the win if he can make the cover!”
VASSA:“He’s not moving any more than Brody Lee Prince at the moment.”
With both men down, the ref starts counting once again.
One… Two… Three…
Seamus is the first to start moving, struggling to get his arms beneath him.
Four… Five…
Brody Lee rolls onto his stomach and stalls.
Six… Seven… Eight…
O’Connor is up first! He doesn’t want the easy win and drags Prince to his feet. The Texan’s weak struggling isn’t enough to pull free and Seamus drops him with a backbreaker! Brody writhes in pain, holding his spine, but the Irishman isn’t done. Seamus pulls him up again and locks up both of Prince’s arms with his own. With an expletive scream, O’Connor hits Brody with a vicious headbutt once, twice, three times!
Brody Lee drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes, rolling back and forth while holding his head. Seamus turns a slow circle in the ring, his arms raising as the cheers get louder. The crowd is electric as they wait for O’Connor to finish his rival off.

JOHNSON:“I think this is it! I think Brody Lee Prince’s losing streak is about to continue!”
VASSA:“Everyone here in Minglewood Hall sure seems to want to see it.”
Max Von Grant climbs up on the apron, yelling for Brody to get up. The referee turns, gesturing and shouting for him to get down. O’Connor uses his foot to sweep Prince’s limbs up against his body, making his target nice and neat. With a click of his heels Seamus bounces back into the ropes, only to fall flat on his face as Starla grabs his foot!
The referee is so busy yelling at Max that he doesn’t see it! Seamus jumps to his feet, turning around and yelling over the ropes at Starla. He doesn’t notice that Brody Lee is getting to his feet behind him!

JOHNSON:“Oh no…”
VASSA:“Oh yes!”
Seamus turns around just as Brody Lee nails him with the spinning lariat!

VASSA:“Tooth-Loosener! Seamus O’Connor just got the Tooth-Loosener!”
JOHNSON:“That’s despicable. Brody Lee’s two goons interfered!”
Prince drops on top of Seamus and hooks the leg.
Brody Lee jumps to his feet and throws his arms in the air in celebration, practically skipping around the ring. The referee doesn’t even have the chance to raise his hand.

VASSA:“He did it! The Prince of Texas defeated the Irish Bastard!”
JOHNSON:“He cheated is what he did.”
POWERS:“And your winner, Brody Leeeee Princeeeee!”

The cameras turn live as all that is seen is long, draping blue curtains as a “State Of 4 Corners” logo is imprinted into the curtain threads. Noises o’plenty of people are heard in the background as there’s a lectern, again with the logo on the front of that, two chairs on each side of the lectern as a few minutes passed before the sound of dance music was heard.
Follow me
Why don’t you follow me
To a place
Where we can be free
Out from the back was two men, Darron and fellow mate Boogie, dressed nicely from top to bottom with a nameplate that only gave three-letter initials, “S.o.D” to which Darron had an old school ghetto blaster boombox which came from the 80’s-early 90’s era as they heads nodded to the beat. “Follow Me” by Aly-Us was what being played as a few seconds passed and that led to the entrance of the 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins who was in the matching, dark blue suit like his fellow men as he came out with a warm and friendly smile on his face.
Can you feel it
It’s in the air
Know its time for changes
Time for us to care
Walking over to the lecturn, taking his time, he daps up both of his men, as they stand on each side of him. Hopkins nod to each as they follow, cutting off the music and then sitting down. Hopkins follows with clearing his throat as the cameras never stopped flashing since he came from out the back.

HOPKINS: ”First off, major props to my man Darron for the old school party anthem intro. Nicely done!”
Darron nods in response as Hopkins turns his attention to the press of people in the front of him as he adjusts the 4CW Championship on his shoulder.

HOPKINS: ”To start this off, I just want to continually thank my fans, those who’ve supported and been behind me since the beginning. Without you all, this wouldn’t be possible. So major “Thank You’s” out to all of you.”
Adjusting the collar of his shirt, his eyes glance down and quickly back out to the audience in front of him.

HOPKINS: ”This is going to be an unforgettable journey. I promise I will do everything to honor this title and fullfill the objectives while holding onto it. I welcome all challengers, despite what some people may think. I’ve never backed down from a battle, an obstacle course since I was able to talk and walk. Some folks see me as a “one-hit wonder” but I’m far from one hit. My track record speaks for itself but I can somewhat understand the concern from some. The former took over after the man he beat held it for a year I believe and then Cashe has held it down for the second longest. The doubt is that I will fall within the first couple months.”
Hopkins smirks a little as he glanced back down at his notes.

HOPKINS: ”I can assure you that I won’t let them doubters kill my vibe. They can’t hold me down. Even with the top-tier title of the company, I’m still an underdog. Imagine that. The 4CW Champion sitting as an underdog. But you know what, I can dig it. That title has been with me since my debut and it’s steadily consistent. One day I will lose that title though and in place will be the word “Legend”. I’ve bled for this company. Breaking my neck for this company. I’m far from done. Life has been good to me. I’m purely blessed to even be where I’m standing right now. It’s not luck, it’s hard work that got me here. Even the doubters can’t doubt me on that.”
HOPKINS: ”4CW is filled with young talent. Over the span of my time here, I’ve seen many come and go. I’ve seen some do well and then just fade off. I’m proud of everyone who’s come in, work their tails off to get better every day. The vets continue to push themselves to stay afront. I’m proud to be apart of this company and as previously stated, I’m going to do all I can to stay on top with the gold on my shoulder.”
Boogie hands Hopkins a bottle of water as Hopkins quickly twists the top off and takes a swig as Darron signals that it’s time for any questions.

REPORTER #1: “Hello Mr. Hopkins! First question, you said at the beginning that you welcomed all challengers, yet a few days ago on Twitter it seemed much different with your stance taken. Care to explain?”
Hopkins initiated a smile after being asked a question or rather to explain the situation from a few days ago. Taking another swig of water, Hopkins nodded.

HOPKINS: ”Sure thing. I’m pretty sure you’re talking about the conversation between me and my fellow working mate, Sativa Nevaeh, right? Her approach was via rumor, labeling me with the word “Noob”. I can understand her angle to get into the title picture. Anyway you can get in, it’s a win, right? I gave her a fair chance to face me, non-title. If she would’ve taken that and let’s say she won, she automatically gets a shot at that title, BUT that is after the former gets his rematch. She wanted me to accept right that moment and I wasn’t. She’s an outstanding talent but she has to wait like the others. I had to wait, so she can do the same.”
The reporter nodded as she sat down. Another female reporter raised her hand as she was next.

REPORTER #2: “With that intense staredown of you and Jason Cashe on the last episode of Adrenaline, the words “Far from over!” came out of the former champ’s mouth, only a few words which was a rare sight and then to see him come back out later that evening and shoot what was on his mind, are you ready physically ready for another showdown with your long-standing rival?”
HOPKINS: ”I can never expect what is to come from one with a mind like Cashe. The man is a genius mentally (at times). I never expected the words “Three Stages of Hell” to come out of my mouth and after I announced that match, I just shook my head because I knew after all we’ve been through, all that he has done to try and end me permanently, I was signing my own death certificate. The bloodiest I’ve ever been, we tore the house down all for the right to wear this title I have on my shoulder. I had enough pressure after winning it when it was just South-West, I was representing that region but now that all of that has dropped from the title, an extreme mount of pressure sits firm on my shoulder as I represent to the nation-wide audience. Seeing Cashe again is and will be a nightmare but I’m ready for it.”
HOPKINS: ”I mean afterall, it’s a great amount of pressure for both of us. For him taking back the throne, he gets the seat back with it being warm. For me winning, not only does it prove that I belong but defeating Cashe means he no longer is a name in the hunt. I mean he said it himself, putting all his chips on the table. I will just say this … I can’t wait for the next battle.”
Darron shouts that there will be one more question as Hopkins chugs down more from the bottle of water, putting it just under mid-way.

REPORTER #3: “Okay Jair, unplanned of course but how does it feel being that three out of the four champions in 4CW are Black? Being the month we’re in, Black History Month, how do you feel?”
Hopkins smiles proudly, nodding his head as he enters pause, not answering right off the bat.

HOPKINS: ”As you mentioned, it’s completely random that the stars align like this but man is it special. The feeling you get just holding the title is gratifying enough but to see that stat is amazing. It’s a moment we can share and simply say “We Made It!” Since Lo’Renzo Porter came in, many minds probably thought he wouldn’t take flight like he has done, week after week improving and just splattering doubters like bugs on a bug shield. He’s been killing it. Same for Blacklisted. Both Royce and Demi have put the tag division on their backs and they intend to continue to deliver. Same for me, I plan on delivering twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I fought to get to this level, I’m not about to let it all just waste away. We’re all making our statements, whether with a title or not, statements are being made daily, weekly.”
Darron stands up signaling the end to questions as Hopkins throws his hands up in the air as he slowly backs away from the lectern, he throws up the Peace sign as he, Darron and Boogie take exit to the left side of the stage. The cameras pan back on the “State of 4CW” logo before fading.

“Monkey Business” hits the air as Griffin Hawkins comes from behind the curtain. The crowd immediately comes to life as he makes his way down the ramp.

JOHNSON: Here he comes, Griffin Hawkins! At Winter Wasteland he put up a serious effort and came this close to becoming the new Extreme Champion!
VASSA: Whether you love him or hate him, the man has proven himself to be extreme night and night out. Yes he lost to Nathaniel Havok, but In my view he’s got nothing to be ashamed of. Will he get another title shot? That’s the big question everyone is asking!
As he gets in the ring, he grabs a microphone.

HAWKINS: Damn it’s so good to be here in Music City!
The crowd pops as Griffin smiles, soaking in the adulation.

HAWKINS: Now..unless some people have been living in a cave, I’m here to update you. See, at the last Supershow, I took on the Extreme Champion..Nathaniel Havok. As everyone knows…I came up short. But I made sure I went down fighting. You see..I promised Havok..and I promised all of you that I would dig down deep and find a sadistic and brutal side of me that nobody has ever seen…and I lived up to my words. I gave Havok everything he could handle and came this close….this close to becoming the NEW Extreme Champion. And with my newfound brutal nature, I gave Dazi Molaroni the ass kicking she deserved last week..but that wasn’t enough to satisfy my hunger. That’s why right now…I’m asking for The Champ to come out here and deal with me face to face!
The crowd is ecstatic at the thought of the two fighting again.

JOHNSON: Hawkins is calling out the Champ! Could we be seeing part 2 of Winter Wasteland!?
VASSA: Oh this is gonna be good!
Griffin takes off his leather jacket, placing it in the corner.

HAWKINS: You don’t have to put the belt on the line Havok, this isn’t a match…I’m just in the mood for a fight! I know you’re back there hanging on to my every word..that’s why I’m giving you the chance to come out here so we can finish what we started!
Griffin holds his arms out, waiting for Havok, but then he hears a voice.

”Whoa Whoa Whoa! Hold on a minute!”
From behind the curtain comes Dakota Smith. The crowd immediately starts booing him. He has a mic in hand as he walks towards the ring.

VASSA: I don’t think Hawkins was expecting Smith to come out…
SMITH: No..Hell No, we’re not doing this shit again! Not this time! If anyone is getting a shot at Havok, it’s me!
He steps between the ropes, glaring a hole in Griffin.

SMITH: You see doesn’t matter what company I go into, it’s always about you. The companies change..but the story remains the same…the company ALWAYS caters to Griffin Hawkins!
HAWKINS: Dude…by the power of Greyskull…what the hell are you talking about?
SMITH: You know exactly what it is I’m talking about, you fuckin’ rock star wanna’ be. I bust my ass off, destroying every little maggot they put in front of me… Yet it is still you who they cater to, It’s you who the powers at be favor! Whether it’s here or any other piece of Shit Company we’ve been in together. You get the money, you get the opportunities! YOU GET WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE! Just because you’re name is Griffin Hawkes… Look at last week, I fucking decimated that little twig you call a play thing. Yet you face some random maggot? Who doesn’t know her shit from her shat? And get to co headline the main event? And what do I get? What does Dakota Smith get… He gets some washed up old monster. I’m sick of these companies, and I’m sick of the powers at be. You…. I’m sick of you, Griffin Hawkes.
HAWKINS: Listen man..I’m gonna give it to you straight. Ever since you got have done nothing but talk about how winning the Extreme Title is your destiny, how you should have the belt handed to you without even working for it. Weeks ago you were in the ring with the Champ..and what happened? You got your ass handed to you. So if you want a shot..I suggest you do what I’m trying to do for myself now, I suggest you take your ass to the bottom of the long line of contenders..start at ground zero and work your way up to get a shot at Havok’s belt.
SMITH: HA! I should go back to the bottom? You fluckin’ lost at Winter Wasteland! But, Me? I won! Yet all these piss ants can go on about is how you deserve a rematch… Where’s my rematch? Where is my rematch to the match that you screwed me out of! I’m done with being in your shadow and now it’s time for you to fucking die.
Griffin smoothes his hair, trying to maintain his composure.

HAWKINS: Listen dude…I am not in the mood to deal with your shit okay? If you have a problem with being overlooked for an Extreme Title shot, quit whining and take it up with Perry, because I don’t feel like dealing with you. I called out the Champion..not you. If you got a problem with me, we’ll settle it in a match in the future. But that night is not tonight. So if you would please, take yourself to the back.
He puts his hands up as if to back off, stepping between the ropes. Griffin turns his back to give the microphone back, but suddenly he is hit from behind by Dakota. The crowd immediately boos.

VASSA: Oh come on! That shows what kind of man Dakota Smith is, he attacks him from behind!
JOHNSON: I think he’s trying to send a message that the only one who should be number one contender is him!
He continues beating on Hawkins screaming “You think you’re better than me!? You think you’re better than me!? You are NOT better than me! You got that?!” Suddenly down comes Nathaniel Havok! He rushes in and to everyone’s surprise, pulls Dakota off of Griffin and starts hammering him, clotheslining him out of the ring!

VASSA: What the!? I thought he was down here to join in the carnage, now he’s helping Hawkins!?
JOHNSON: I’m….confused…
Hawkins is just getting up, dazed from the attack, Havok taps him on the shoulder and he quickly turns around, getting in a fighting position! Havok backs off, throwing his hands in the air, to show Griffin that he’s not looking for a fight… At the moment, anyways. He calls for a microphone, which his promptly receives.

HAVOK: Easy there rock star, I’m not out here for a fight, I’m here to talk to you. I’ve been looking for you for weeks now, and I got something to say.
Griffin looks confused, wondering what he’s up to.

HAVOK: See, usually, I don’t toot the other guy’s horn after a match, if the ass kicking I gave him was out of pure hatred. However, in your case it’s a tad bit different. At Winter Wasteland, you said that you would bring out a barbaric side that nobody had ever seen before. Me? I didn’t believe you. I just thought you were blowing smoke. I thought you were full of hot air, and pretty full of shit. Regardless of what I thought, on that night, you actually did show me something. You showed me just how far you’re willing to go to get the Extreme Title. What you did Hawkins, is show the world, as well as myself, that you’re a hell of a lot tougher than you look! You’ve got a lot of balls, doing what you did. I mean, you came so close! Closer than anyone else ever has! You were so close to walking out of Vegas with my gold, and I think you deserve a standing ovation for that. Furthermore, you and I put on a spectacle that tore the roof off of that God damn house, and I think we both deserve a standing ovation for that!
Nathaniel turns away from Griffin, to address the crowd.

HAVOK: You heard what I said! One time for Griffin Hawkins, come on!
The Crowd cheers for him as he looks around.

HAVOK: Now, one time for both of us, just to sooth my ego!
The crowd roars once again, as both men laugh at Nathaniel’s “ego” comment. Griffin stops the laughing, however, as he mouths something about Dakota Smith. Before he can finish his thought, Havok puts his hand up.

HAVOK: Listen, don’t pay any attention to what Dakota Smith says, he’s a dipshit, and nowhere near OUR league. He believes in his own hype way too fucking much, and it’s completely unjustifiable. In my opinion, you put up a WAY better fight than he ever could, in our match at Winter Wasteland. You belong in this Extreme Division, and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t mind going another round with you. In fact, I’d welcome it!
The crowd begins cheering.

HAVOK: I don’t book the matches around this place, although I should. I mean, have you seen I2W lately?!?! Shameless plugs aside, if any of those monkeys in the back are listening, I wholeheartedly think that you, Griffin Hawkins, deserve a rematch. I think we should see Hawkins/Havok part 2!
The crowd goes absolutely wild this time.

HAVOK: What do you say Griff? You think you can pull yourself together for another match?
Griffin grabs himself a mic.

HAWKINS: Anytime…any place…anywhere….I’m in!
Havok nods, extending his hand. Griffin accepts it, shaking his hand as the crowd loses it!

JOHNSON: Wow! I never thought I’d see this! Nathaniel Havok actually giving props to Hawkins?!Is this really happening!?
VASSA: I think Hell just saw its first snowstorm!
JOHNSON: Nonetheless, I’d love to see these two fight again! Only time will tell if it’s going to happen, though!

The image on the big screen switches backstage where we find Gabriel Hartman standing with 4CW fresh face Aidan Carlisle who doesn’t seem much worse for the wear after her intense match with fellow newcomer Andrew Morrison. In fact, despite all that transpired between the two she is still smiling.

HARTMAN:“Miss Carlisle, how are you feeling after your debut here at 4 Corners Wrestling?”
AIDAN:“Please, you can just call me Aidan. As for how I’m feeling? In a word: Alive. I may have been out of the ring for a few months, but the exhilaration of it hasn’t changed a bit. I’m really looking forward to what happens next for me here.”
Hartman is poised to ask another question when he suddenly lurches backward. Seemingly out of nowhere the wild-eyed Antichrist himself flies into frame and catches Aidan with a massive clothesline.

JOHNSON:“What is Andrew Morrison doing?! Now that is just poor sportsmanship!”
VASSA:“That may be true, but it is also entertainment.”
Staggering, Aidan barely has time to recover before Morrison throws himself at her again. This time she isn’t caught off guard and uses the momentum of the big man to reverse into a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Morrison collides with the concrete like the freight train of a man he is. Somehow both athletes are on their feet again at the same time. Aidan makes the first move with a shuffle side kick, but Morrison hardly budges! In the moment of surprise he snatches her up for an impressively drawn out stalling vertical suplex.

JOHNSON:“Someone needs to stop this. If Morrison has a problem with Aidan, he needs to solve it in the ring.”
VASSA:“I don’t see her raising the white flag, Steve.”
The only thing that cushions Aidan from the cement is a few coiled sound cables and she is left writhing on the floor as the maneuver is completed. Morrison delivers a series of brutal stomps to the midsection with his huge booted foot. For several moments it seems like the big man is in control until Aidan rolls to the side and trips him up with one of the cables! Still on the floor she gives Morrison a hellacious forearm smash to the face!

JOHNSON:“Serves him right!”
VASSA:“You can’t tell me you don’t find this exciting!”
The two tumble across the floor trading punches back and forth. Furniture and boxes are overturned in the process, turning the hall into an obstacle course. Aidan snatches up a chair and is about to drive it into the Antichrist’s face but he sits up in a flash and headbutts her completely off of him!
The woman climbs slowly to her feet as Morrison reaches down to finally untangle the cable from his feet. As he begins to stand Aidan takes advantage and bulldogs him straight onto one of the fallen equipment trunks!

JOHNSON:“That could be it for Morrison.”
VASSA:“I wouldn’t count on it, I don’t think lunatics feel pain.”
Morrison clutches his face for several seconds, but when his hands come away there is no blood. He recovers just in time to see Aidan rushing him for a running knee. Instead he catches her and uses his superior size to lift her into the air once more. Drinks and towels fly in all directions as he powerbombs her straight through a refreshment table!

VASSA:“Why does everyone always take it out on the furniture? Tables cost money, you know!”
VASSA:“Really Vinnie, that’s what you’re worried about here?”
That crazed look still in his eyes, Morrison begins to search around for something to use as a weapon. Miraculously, Aidan is still moving, albeit slowly. With his back turned she climbs a stack of unused sound gear, crouching until he turns and launching herself at him with a flying crossbody that takes them both to the floor. As the the two lock up once again referees and security finally pour into the area, having to climb over the debris to separate the two brawling athletes.


POWERS: ”On the way to the ring at a combined weight of five hundred fifteen pounds, they are accompanied by “The Loud-Mouth Vixen”, Jacinta Perez… Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for “The Main Attraction”, “The Glasgow Hooligan”, WWEEE DDEEEMMM BBOOYYYZZZ!!!”
The beginning of Rae Sremmurd’s “We” airs through the P.A. system building anticipation, as Mannie & Alec emerge to a wave of boos, they are lead to the ring by Jacinta who is strutting her stuff down the ramp. Meanwhile Mannie is two-stepping to the beat and Alec is slowly walking down the ramp intimidating the crowd with snarls & growls. After which the stage lights die down; as a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. Jacinta then creates a mini guard of honor for them, as they both march up their respective steps into the ring. Although, there’s a slight difference because a cameraman sits on the middle rope for Mannie; as he proceeds to remove his sweatsuit and toss it onto the camera lens. Meanwhile Alec has already slipped into a ‘Eye of the Storm’ type of slumber, as he awaits for the opening bell.

VASSA: ”We haven’t seen these two in action since Winter Wasteland in the tag gauntlet.”
JOHNSON: ”Things didn’t quite work out in their favor but they’ll be looking to bounce back here tonight.”
VASSA: ”I thought they already bounced back after laying that beating on Michael and Christopher Salieri?”
JOHNSON: ”But this is different as it will be in the ring against the debut of The Black Dahlias.”
Ramona steps out before a cloud of smoke. She turns and faces to the right hand side of the theater. As the first few notes and lyrics of “Me and Mary Jane” by Black Stone Cherry kicks up.
“Me and Mary Jane got a thing goin’ on, goin’ on
Creepin’ up slow, hangin’ ’round my back door, my back door!”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring at a combined weight of two hundred eighty pounds, Ramona Lea Epps and “The Ganja Goddess” Sativa NEVAEH!!!”
As the song plays Sativa creeps up behind Ramona and slinks up Ramona’s back and stands back to back with her. They smile and turn and head towards the ring. Both trash talking and messing with the crowd. They get into the ring and head to opposite corners and stand on the second rope. They both hold their arms out to pose for the crowd before jumping down to the mat and standing in their corner.

JOHNSON: ”These two have already made a name for themselves in singles competition but tonight is the BIG debut of their tag team, The Black Dahlias!”
VASSA: ”I think Demi Griffin is smoking but this has to be the HOTTEST tag team in 4CW, maybe even wrestling all together!”
JOHNSON: ”It always comes down to looks when it involves a female with you, doesn’t it Vinny?”
VASSA: ”I like beautiful things, the eyes don’t lie!”
JOHNSON: ”I can already tell I’m going to be calling the majority of this match with relevant happenings. You just keep the gents entertained…”
As both teams stand in their corners, the ref walks to the center of the ring. Sativa and Mannie both step onto the apron making Sativa and Alec the official two to kick things off. After checking with both corners the ref throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
At the sound, Alec storms away from his corner and rushes towards Ramona like a bull. As he gets close, he lunges at her with a vicious lariat but misses as she quickly ducks underneath and steps to the side. Alec quickly turns around and swings with a right hook but misses yet again as Ramona ducks underneath and fires back with a quick elbow to the stomach. She then pops up and connects with a boot to the face from a spinning wheel kick. Alec stumbles back but stays on his feet. After getting her feet settled, Ramona then jumps in the air once more and connects with a spinning roundhouse kick to the chops. Alec stumbles back once more but manages to stay up. Shaking it off, Alec then looks up only to see Ramona flying through the air towards him and connecting with a punch right between the eyes. Alec falls back, unable to stay on his feet, and crashes to the canvas.
Ramona then jumps into the air and comes down with a double stomp onto Alec’s chest. Pushing herself off of him, she goes into the air and then comes down, mounting herself on top and going to town with a fury of punches. Rights and lefts, repeatedly connecting one after the other, Ramona does a number on Alec before drawing back with her right and swinging down at him, connecting with a hard punch to the jaw. As she draws back for another, Alec reaches up and grabs her by the head, throwing her over to the side, freeing himself up. He then pushes himself up to his feet but is last to stand as Ramona is right there to greet him with another spinning wheel kick to the side of the head. Alec goes down to one knee in a daze. Ramona then runs to the ropes behind her and hits them, coming back with speed. She then leaps into the air and connects with a flying crossbody. As Alec’s back hits the canvas, Ramona remains on top and goes for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.

Alec lifts Ramona off of his body and tosses her across the ring as he breaks the pin. Ramona hits the mat but rolls over to her side and pushes herself up. With a smile on her face, she watches as Alec slowly gets up in a rage. Once to his feet, Alec storms towards Ramona. As he draws near, Ramona side steps out of the way and drops him to the canvas with a drop toe hold. Alec’s face slams into the mat with a thud and bounces off before coming back down and hitting it again. Ramona pops up to her feet and turns to her corner where Sativa patiently looks on, eager to get a taste of the action. The two slap hands as the ref recognizes the tag. Instead of leaving the ring, Ramona helps Sativa lift Alec from the canvas. Once up, the two grab him at the same time and lift him up and over, dropping him back to the canvas with a double suplex.
Ramona then leaves to the apron as Sativa stands up and walks around Alec, looking down at him with a smirk on her face. She then begins to stomp on his ankles, over and over, trying to shatter them with each blow. She then looks over to the corner and rushes towards it, ascending the turnbuckle and climbing to the top. Once up, she turns back to Alec who is still down on his back in a world of pain. Sativa leaps from the top rope and comes down with a corkscrew senton, lading it across Alec’s chest with impact. Rolling up to her feet in one fluid motion, Sativa looks over the crowd as the fans look on. She then grabs Alec by the head and pulls him up to his feet, struggling while doing so with the weight, but managing to nonetheless. She then goes to hook him up for a northern lights suplex but gets caught off guard as Alec pushes her back and then lunges forward at her. Grabbing her by the head, Alec lifts her off the mat and throws her across the ring like a ragdoll. He then limps over to his corner and slaps hands with Mannie as the ref see’s the tag.

JOHNSON: ”This thing was one sided from the start but Alec showed his strength, opening up the opportunity to make the tag with Mannie.”
VASSA: ”I thought she was going to fly out of the ring. Luckily for her, she didn’t.”
JOHNSON: ”Mannie better quit showboating and move in on Sativa!”
Not even in the ring yet, Mannie shows off for the crowd in an attempt to prove that he is 4CW’s Main Attraction. Stepping in the ring a moment too late, Sativa has already gotten to her feet and stares across the ring at him with a look of disgust on her face. She then points and laughs at Mannie, drawing him into a fit. Mannie then rushes towards her but gets stopped in his tracks as Sativa delivers a quick kick to the stomach. She then sets him up for a northern lights suplex, driving him into the canvas. Sativa then stands to her feet and goes to the ropes, coming back with a quick elbow dropped to Mannie’s head. She then stands up and kicks him in the side of the head before stepping on it. She then draws her foot back and holds it up, looking at the bottom with an angry look on her face as if she just stepped in a pile of dog crap.
She then reaches down and grabs Mannie by the head, pulling him up to his feet. She throws him to her corner with everything in the tank. Mannie crashes into the turnbuckle and as he does, Ramona throws a forearm across his back, knocking him forward. In the blink of an eye, Sativa moves in and hits him with a drop kick to the chops, sending him into the corner again. Sativa then pushes herself up and looks at Mannie in the corner holding himself up with the ropes. Giggling, she then swings forward and hits him in the mouth with a right jab. Mannie then falls to a sitting position. Sativa then grabs him by the arm and pulls him to his feet.
Out of nowhere, Mannie slaps her across the face, knocking her back a few steps. He then turns back and connects with a hard right to Ramona and knocks her down from the apron. Mannie then winds up and swings forward with an overhead punch that knocks Sativa to her back.

VASSA: ”Mannie’s turning it around!”
JOHNSON: ”He laid out both sativa and Ramona!”
A loud pop is then heard from the fans as the camera cuts to the entrance where Perry Wallace walks out onto the entrance stage. Mannie then turns his attention up the ramp where he locks eyes with Wallace, walking towards the ring.

JOHNSON: ”What’s Mr. Wallace doing out here?”
VASSA: ”I think he may have a little unfinished business with mannie and Alec!”
JOHNSON: ”But where’s Michael? Where’s his muscle?”
VASSA: ”Maybe he finally grew a pair.”
Once at ringside, Perry yells into the ring at Mannie. Mannie then walks to the ropes and leans over, pointing at Wallace. The two exchange words for a moment before Jacinta rushes over and gives him an ear full. Perry then points to the ringside crew and then Jacinta, signaling for them to remove her from ringside. As they do, Mannie goes into a rage and begins yelling over the ropes at Wallace. Alec then drops down from the apron across the ring and makes his way around the edge. Wallace takes notice and then begins to back away, up the ramp.

VASSA: ”I’m going out on a limb here but I don’t think he grew a pair.”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be bad! Alec is coming right for him.”
Sativa then turns Mannie around and lands a few punches to the side of the head. Mannie pushes her backwards to the center of the ring. He then lunges forward at her but catches another kick to the stomach. Sativa then reaches down and grabs his feet, pulling them out from under him and sending him to his back. With his legs locked in her arms, Sativa then falls back and lifts Mannie up, sending him across the ring with a slingshot catapult. After releasing his legs, Mannie flies through the air into a vicious missile drop kick from Ramona leaping down from the top rope.

VASSA: ”That’s what they call that? HA HA!!! Fitting for the occasion since Mannie boy, Alec, is known as the Glasgow Hooligan.”
Ramona then rolls to the apron as Sativa crawls over to Mannie and covers for the pin. The ref then sweeps in for the count as Alec continues to approach Wallace, blind to what’s happening in the ring.
As the refs hand hits the mat for the three count, Alec turns around only to see Mannie being pinned. Not believing what’s happening, he goes into a rage and turns his attention back to Wallace as his face grows bright red.

JOHNSON: ”The Black Dahlias have won it!”
VASSA: ”Revenge is a dish best served cold and Wallace has served it up on a platter for them boys tonight!”
POWERS: ”And the winners by pinfall… Ramona Lea Epps, Sativa Nevaeh… THE BLACK DDAAHHLLIIAASS!!!”
As those words echo over the theater, Alec then charges Perry. Wallace quickly backs up but trips over his feet and falls to the ramp. Out of nowhere, two masked men run through the crowd, both wearing realistic masks, one of Martha Stewart and the other President Obama. They jumps over the barricade and attack Alec from behind just before he can get his hands around Perry’s neck.
Sativa and Ramona both look on from the ring while Mannie continues to lay on the mat. The two masked men break Alec down to his knees with punches and forearms. Martha Stewart then pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and lays Mannie out as President Obama helps Perry up from the ramp.

JOHNSON: ”Who are those two?!”
VASSA: ”I have no clue but they showed up just in time to save Perry from his early death.”
Continuing to watch, Sativa and Ramona lean over the ropes. Wallace brushes his pants with his hands as he thanks the two masked men. Both masked men then go their separate ways and climb back over the barricade, disappearing into the crowd. Wallace then looks to the ring and gives the ladies a thumbs up before backing away and going backstage.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what just happened here but either way, The Black Dahlias have made an impressive debut in their first tag match together.”
VASSA: ”Could it have been Michael and Christopher Salieri?”
JOHNSON: ”Why would they wear masks though?”
VASSA: ”That’s easy! Maybe they don’t Mannie and Alec looking for them again.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know but maybe we’ll get some answers soon. For now, we’re going to go backstage for a moment.”

We cut backstage from the action to the locker room of the Hellcat Kirsta Lewis who is seen sitting on a bench, lacing up her boots. She already is dressed in her wrestling gear of Leather and has her chain wrapped around her waist. As she finishes up with her boots she looks up to a pacing Megan Dela Vega who seems lost in thought.

KIRSTA: “You ok? You seem a million miles away.”
She turns around and looks at her bestie with concern in her eyes.

INSATIABLE:” Yeah, I’m ok. How about you?”
KIRSTA:” I’m fine, never better.”
Megan watches her closely as she makes her way over to her and sits down next to her on the bench.

INSATIABLE:” I wonder if that in fact is true. After we drank a few last night, you got extremely quiet and started staring off into space. When I tried getting your attention it was as if you didn’t even hear me or even knew that I was there.”
Kirsta stood up and looked at her friend weirdly before walking back over to her duffel back and retrieved a bottle of water before rejoining Megan on the bench.

KIRSTA:” It wasn’t anything major, I was probably tired and the alcohol got to me.”
INSATIABLE:” No I think it was more than that. I’m worried that you may need help again with dealing with things. When I did get through to you, you slapped me and called me a bitch and yelled at me telling me to leave you the fuck alone, before storming off.”
KIRSTA:” Are you sure? I don’t remember that.”
INSATIABLE:” That’s not all, when I went to the bedroom door; I could hear you talking to yourself as if you weren’t alone. You got angry and then it got quiet again.”
Kirsta turned to face her feeling somewhat overwhelmed before shaking her head.

KIRSTA:” Sorry, I don’t remember any of that. I must have been out of it. We can discuss all of that later. Right now I got to get my head into my match against Roxi.”
INSATIABLE:” About that, I don’t think this place is right for you. You’ll never fit in here. Too many bitches around here running their mouths, spouting off shit they know nothing about.”
Kirsta reached up and ran her fingers through Megan’s long red hair and smiled.

KIRSTA:” That ain’t shit, being the new girl around here, it’s to be expected. Remember, we use to do the same shit to those coming in. It’s all about dominance. They’ll come around and if they don’t not a big deal. Not here to make friends anyways. You sure that is what it is or could it be that you couldn’t make it here?”
INSATIABLE:” That had nothing to do with it. Heath Sommerby and 220 wrestling came in and it didn’t work out so when he left we all left nothing more to it.”
KIRSTA:” Ok if you say so. Everything is fine but I will tell you this much that I won’t be reaching out to anyone as I did to Roxi. I was being sincere and not making light of her situation. She wants to through my help back in my face then so be it. Tonight when we face each other I will show her that her heroness is nothing compared to what the Hellcat can bring. I’ll just have to show her and everyone else who makes light of me that I am the real deal. I’ve already taken two down, Tonight Roxi Johnson will make it a third. It’s time that I kick it into high gear and pull out the big guns.”
Megan stood up and took the bottled water from Kirsta and took a drink as Kirsta stood up and patted her friend on the back.

KIRSTA:” You worry too much, everything is fine. Come now, let me show you around. Who knows you may even like what you see or not and want to knock a few heads together.”
INSATIABLE:” Kirsta! I’m not interested in getting back in the ring. I told you that already.”
KIRSTA:” I know you said that but I also know how much you miss it.”
Kirsta grabs her by her hand and leads her to the door as both girls leave the room to check out what 4CW might offer or intrigue someone who’s not convinced.


JOHNSON:”What a night it has been so far, and the train keeps going with this next bout.”
VASSA:”Kirsta Lewis will have her biggest test against Roxi Johnson.”
JOHNSON:”Roxi always seems to have a target on her back so she should be fired up for this one. We might see a different Roxi here tonight!”
A loud roar of a big cat can be heard over the speakers before Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry begins to play. The Hellcat Kirsta Lewis appears and she removes the chain from around her waist and starts to swing it back and forth showing off her ability to use it when needed. She lays it then across her shoulders as she makes her way down to the ring. At ring side she pauses a few moments sizing up the crowd and taking in all the hate thrown her way. She tosses her hair from side to side before mounting the steps and slipping through the ropes.

JOHNSON:”The Hellcat had an impressive resume before coming to 4CW and she keeps adding to it.”
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS:”Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

JOHNSON:”Roxi is so resilient and I could see her bouncing back with a win here tonight.”
VASSA:”We’re already winners, Steve! What a great match up!”
A fiery Roxi Johnson jumps right on Lewis with forearms to the face. Lewis stumbles back into the corner as Roxi climbs up to the second turnbuckle. She begins to drop fists as the crowd counts.
Lewis shoves Roxi off of her, drops to the mat, and rolls under the bottom rope. Johnson quickly follows her out and Lewis notices the pursuit so she slides back in. Roxi slides under the bottom rope after her and is immediately stomped.

JOHNSON:”A quick start for Roxi and she looks different here tonight.”
VASSA:”She came out with some intensity. I like it!”
The Hellcat continues the onslaught with multiple stomps to the lower back of Roxi. She picks Johnson up, whips her to the ropes, and catches her with a clothesline as she bounces off. Roxi gets back to her feet and gets knocked back down with another clothesline. Roxi gets up again, but ducks the last clothesline and bounces off the ropes. Lewis ducks a clothesline from Roxi, and puts her to the mat with a spinebuster.

JOHNSON: ” Huge move from Kirsta. Roxi may be out of it. “
Roxi throws the shoulder up, but it seems to amuse Lewis. She stomps on the face of Johnson before picking her up and whipping her to the corner. Roxi staggers out as Kirsta swings around, looking for a spinning heel kick, but Roxi ducks it. Kirsta turns around and is hit with a drop kick that sends her into the corner. That doesn’t keep Hellcat down. As soon as Roxi gets to her feet, Kirsta fires out of the corner and drops Roxi with a spinning heel kick.

JOHNSON: ” Lewis finally gets the heel kick she has been wanting! “
VASSA: ” Hits Roxi right in the mouth! “
Kirsta picks Roxi up, kicks her in the gut, and looks for a DDT, but Roxi rams her back first into the corner. Roxi drops to the mat and crawls away from the corner. She finally make it back to her feet and walks over to Kirsta who rakes her in the eyes. Lewis hops to the second turnbuckle, flies off, and hits a perfect hurricanrana that sends Roxi across the ring.

VASSA: ” Beautiful! “
Kirsta begins to stalk Roxi Johnson who is slow to get up. Roxi finally gets to her feet and Lewis takes off, looking for a spear, but Roxi side steps it, and sends Lewis between the ropes, and to the outside.

JOHNSON: ” Crash and burn! Roxi needed that. “
VASSA: ” Indeed she did! “
Roxi gets to her feet and quickly climbs to the top rope. Kirsta staggers around and gets hit with a flying cross body.

JOHNSON: ” Wow!! What a high risk move by Roxi Johnson!! “
VASSA: ” She landed weird, but connected nonetheless. “
Both women are down, but Roxi is back to her feet after a four count. She sends the Hellcat under the bottom rope and follows suit. She hooks one leg.

JOHNSON: ” No!! Lewis gets the shoulder up and this match will continue. “
VASSA: ” That cross body may have taken something out of Roxi too. “
Roxi gets up and looks at the ref, but stays calm as she throws an elbow to the face of Kirsta Lewis. Roxi peels Kirsta off the mat and pulls her upright. She hooks her up and hits a t-bone suplex, planting her on her back. Roxi jumps back to her feet and nails a standing moonsault. Johnson hooks the legs again.
Kirsta Lewis manages to kick out once more.

VASSA: ” The Hellcat is still alive! “
JOHNSON: ” Roxi is going to try and finish it here. “
Roxi gets up, looks at the ropes, and then back at Lewis. She runs, bounces off the second rope, looking for Reality Bites, but Kirsta rolls out of the way. Roxi lands on her feet as Lewis gets to her feet. Kirsta ducks an oncoming clothesline. Roxi turns around, gets kicked in the gut multiple times, and is hit with the Money Shot from out of nowhere!!

JOHNSON: ” The Money Shot!! “
VASSA: ” Wow! That has to be it! “
Kirsta rolls Roxi over and hooks one leg.

JOHNSON: ” NO! Roxi got the shoulder up!! “
VASSA: ” This is why Roxi is so hard to beat! “
JOHNSON: ” You said it, Vinny. So much heart and determination! “
Kirsta leans back on her knees and can not believe it. She mounts on top of Roxi and begins laying into her with rights and lefts. Lewis climbs off of Roxi, tilts her head back, and lets out a shriek. Kirsta begins to stalk Roxi again. Roxi is slow to get to her feet and turns around, right into a super kick — no — Roxi dodges the initial kick.

JOHNSON: ” Roxi gets out of the way of Hells Bitch Kick! “
Roxi has her back towards the corner as Kirsta turns around and runs after her. Roxi hits a drop toe hold and Lewis smacks her face on the second turnbuckle. Roxi comes up behind her and rolls her up into the pin!
Kirsta Lewis gets the shoulder up again as Roxi rolls off of her. Both women are on their backs as the fans get to their feet.

JOHNSON: ” The fans in attendance are loving this one! How can you not?! “
VASSA: ” This is great, Steve! “
Both women crawl to opposite corners and pull themselves up to an upright position after a five count from the ref. They look at each other from across the ring and meet in the middle. They begin exchanging rights and lefts, and the fans are eating it up as they exchange. Kirsta gets the upper hand with a couple of knees planted in the mid section of Roxi.

JOHNSON: ” Hard knees from Kirsta. “
Lewis grabs Roxi around the throat, and lifts her up for a chokeslam, but Roxi slips off behind her. Roxi grabs her around the waste, pushes her up against the ropes, chest first, and goes for a roll up, but Kirsta hangs on to the ropes. Roxi rolls backwards, runs after Kirsta, but Kirsta ducks the attack, and flips Roxi up over the top rope. Roxi lands on the apron. Kirsta points to her head as if she out smarted Roxi. She turns around and gets knocked to the mat with a springboard clothesline.

VASSA: ” Lewis thought she had Roxi outsmarted there! “
JOHNSON: ” Great rebound from Roxi there! Lewis needs something big here to get back into it. “
Roxi waits for Kirsta to get up and hooks her up from behind as she makes it upright. Roxi looks for the blue thunder bomb, but Kirsta rocks her with a few right hands to the face and Roxi lets the move go as she staggers backwards against the ropes. Roxi shoots off the ropes and Kirsta ducks the clothesline and bounces off the opposite side of her. Roxi turns around and gets taken down with a spear.

JOHNSON: ” Huge turning point!! “
VASSA: ” You mean huge spear! Wow!! “
Kirsta is holding her neck as she gets to her knees. She calls for the finish as she struggles to make it to the corner. She crawls to the corner, but has to stop a couple of times, still favoring the neck area. Kirsta makes it to the corner, climbs to the outside, and begins ascending the top rope. She finally reaches the top and calls for the end as she dives off the top rope.

VASSA: ” Cat Splash!!! “
JOHNSON: ” Roxi got the knees up!! “
Johnson throws her knees up and catches Kirsta in the midsection. Lewis rolls around on the mat holding her gut, as Roxi pulls herself up on the ropes. She takes a seat on the second rope as Lewis gets up on the opposite end. Roxi runs after her and Kirsta dodges the clothesline, but Roxi springboards off the second rope, and catches Kirsta Lewis right in the face with a roundhouse kick.

JOHNSON: ” Ray Of Hope!!! “
Roxi falls on top of Kirsta and hooks both legs.

VASSA: ” Roxi Johnson has done it! “
JOHNSON: ” What a match!! A back and forth bout, and Roxi gets the final touch. “
POWERS: ” The winner of this match, Roxi Johnson!! “
VASSA: ” Those two can go! I’m impressed. “
The ref raises Roxi’s hand as she stumbles back into the corner. Kirsta remains on the mat, holding her face.

JOHNSON: ” As am I, Vin. That just goes to show you, one mistake could cost you. Kirsta let her guard down for just a second and got caught. We’ll be right back folks! “

We return to the backstage area of Minglewood Hall as Gabriel Hartman is standing off in the corner somewhere trying to be out of sight. He looks to the left then looks to the right before sticking his index finger straight up his nose. He pulls out his finger to see a green substance dripping off his finger. He looks around again before sticking his finger right into his mouth. Right as he does it, a dark shadow slowly creeps up behind him.

INMATE 31: ”What are you doing Gabriel?”
HARTMAN: ”Hmmhmmm….”
Gabriel slowly pulls his finger out of his mouth while slowly turning around to see a man standing there with black and purple face paint covering his face but instead of his straight jacket covering his tattoo covered arms. He is wearing a t-shirt that has his face in the center of it and the phrase “Psycho Cometh” written underneath the picture in a script style text. Gabriel seems shocked to see Inmate 31 standing that close to him.

INMATE 31: ”What you looking at Gabriel?”
HARTMAN: ”Are you Inmate 31 or are you Dustin James Holt?”
INMATE 31: ”What do you think?”
Gabriel looks away as The Warden walks up beside her client. Gabriel looks back at the two as they can tell he is a little nervous.

HARTMAN: ”I am so confused. One minute you are Dustin Holt and one minute you are Inmate 31. How am i supposed to know who are you going to be today? Maybe you might become a third person along the way. It is getting very hard to determine who you are these days.”
INMATE 31: ”You will just have to watch and see now won’t you.”
Inmate 31 walks away as Gabriel is still confused. The Warden is also a little loss with the recent attitude change.



“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Masked German Monster”, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin as Henry Losak stands at ringside.
The lights suddenly go out and an image appears on the screen.

As the image appears a hauntingly calm child’s voice floats from the speakers.

Despair, Fear, and Grief
They all visit tonight
My heart is frozen, my feelings gone numb
If I could only see the light
Anger, Rage, and Loss
They are old friends of mine
My eyes are blinded, my thoughts locked
The edge of madness becomes a thin line
Pain, Crazy, Sorrow
Just won’t leave me alone
My memories are clear, my future clouded
Destination yet unknown

The image on the screen changes during the reciting of the poem to this image.

Doubt, Captivity, and Desperation
have just arrived
My soul is lost, my love has choked
Don’t know if it can be revived
Loneliness, Hate, and Revenge
Have no secrets for me
My hope crumbled, my spirit breaking
Darkness sees it’s opportunity
Sadness, Agony, and Misery
Came to stay
My courage grows dim, my strength is melting
And the light inside me fades away…

The voice and the image both fade at the same time. After a few heartbeats of darkness the lights return.

VASSA: ”There are those weird images again! What the hell?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what they are supposed to be or what for. I think we may have some technical difficulties going on at the moment.”
“Dance With the Devil” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the theatre gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face as he marches down to the ring.

POWERS: ” Making his way down to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-one pounds hailing from the halls of the arena, He is… DAAAAKOTTTA SMIIIIITH “
JOHNSON: “This is going to be a war. “
VASSA: “You can say that again, when you put a god damn psychopath up against full blown monster – there really is only one outcome. Heres hoping we see some blood! “
JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith promised on twitter that there would be, and I’m not going to be the one who calls him a liar. “
He makes no time to stop for the audience – that is until he reaches the ring. He then bounces from one foot to the other, looking around the theatre. A slight smirk grows on his lips – instead of going into the ring as he usually would, Dakota kneels down and begins to rummage under the ring. When he stands back up he has two kendo sticks in hand. The butcher throws one in the ring in Raab’s general direction and then rolls in. Lord Raab picks up the kendo stick without hesitation as Dakota stands up to his feet. The two men have a stare down as the bell rings…
Clinching their weapons tight the two begin to go after each other. The loud smacking sound as both sticks hit against one another. Raab swings for Dakota’s skull but he ducks and returns with a swift kendo stick strike to the masked man’s mid-section. The lord however barely even flinches as he smacks Dakota across the face with the stick sending the man down to one knee. Raab continues the assault by violently smashing the stick over Dakota’s head – rapidly, one after another. After about six shots the skull Dakota finally falls to the ground
Raab drops the kendo stick and takes things into his own hands as he grabs Dakota by the back of the neck and brings up to his feet. He then starts to unleash a fury of blows upon the butcher, strikes to the forehead and uppercuts to the gut – backing the man up against the ropes. Raab stops his assault and Irish whips Dakota into the ropes, on the rebound Raab picks him up for a spinebuster but Dakota reverses and uses his momentum to hit a sick bionic elbow right to the top of Raab’s skull. As the German monster holds his head Dakota wastes little time, kicking the man directly in the balls with a low blow.

JOHNSON: “What a blatant cheap shot by Smith, the match is just getting started and he’s already going below the belt. “
VASSA: “This is extreme rules! Do it again! “
As Raab clutches his lower regions Dakota wraps his arms around the man’s head and falls back with snapping DDT. Dakota is quick to get to his feet as he stares at the downed monster. Laughing to himself a bit he walks over to one of the kendo sticks and picks it up, firmly grasping it in his hands he begins to violently assault Raab’s mid-section. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! With every crack Raab squirms in pain, he somehow manages to roll underneath the bottom rope and drops to the pavement below.
Dakota’s head twitches a little bit as his arms begin to shake, a pressure building inside of him as he waits for Raab to get up his feet. Using the ring to help him Raab finally makes it back up, just as Dakota makes a mad dash and suicide dives through the middle rope. But Raab moves to the side and Dakota goes crashing into the steel barrier head first. The butcher grabs the back of his head and neck and goes into a fettle position as Raab gains his full senses. The masked German monster stands over the downed man for a few moments sizing him up, He then brings Dakota up to one knee and starts to viciously knee Dakota’s forehead

VASSA: “He is kneeing the ever living shit out of him! “
JOHNSON: “ I think I see blood! Raab is just destroying him here. “
VASSA: “ I’d say he was butchering him. “
Dakota’s head starts to drip blood but Raab doesn’t stop his assault throwing in three more knee shots before letting the man fall down limp. Lord Raab then walks over to the ring and starts to search underneath it, he pulls out a table as the crowd roars with excitement. Raab slides the table into the ring and then turns his attention back to Dakota, who has barely moved. Raab brings the man up by his beard but half-way through Dakota pushes Raab causing both men to fall backwards – Raab into the ring and Dakota into the ring barrier. Raab gains his senses first and walks over to Dakota but the monster is met with a stiff kick to the mid-section. Dakota follows up with rapid elbow shots to the head backing the Lord Raab up against the ring once again. The butcher grabs ahold of Raab’s arm and whips into the ring barrier with a loud smack his back crashes into the steel.
Raab is still on his feet using the barrier to keep himself up as Dakota grabs him by the throat, lifting him up and slamming him down to the canvas with a choke slam. Raab groans out in pain as Dakota wipes some of the blood off of his face. He then goes back to searching under the ring – with a sick grin on his face he pulls out a trash can full of various items, he dumps its entirety on top of Lord Raab who has gotten up to one knee. Dakota bends down and picks up a cookie sheet, he bashes it over Raab’s head. He then grabs onto Raab and lifts him back up to his feet. He drags the man over to the ring and rolls him inside of it – but so that his head was hanging off the ring apron.

JOHNSON: “ I don’t like the look of this one bit. “
VASSA: “ Whatever he has in mind, I can guarantee it’s not going to be pretty. “
Dakota rummages through the pile of weapons and sets his sights on a strand of barb wire. He takes in his hand and walks back over to Raab. Dakota pulls the barb wire tight with both hands drops down to his knees. He then places the straightened out barbed wire into Raabs mouth and pulls down on both ends. The monster screams out in pain as the wire begins to tear and rip away at the sides of his mouth and tongue.

VASSA: “ HOLYSHIT! Are you seeing this, he is trying to rip Raab’s jaw open! “
JOHNSON: “ This is just to much, someone should stop this before these two end up permanently ending their careers. “
VASSA: “ Fuuuuuck that – Let these two mental patients off themselves – the world would truly be a better place. “
JOHNSON: “ Did you really just say that? “
VASSA: “ What? I just love the violence. “
Dakota rips away the barb wire and rolls Raab fully into the ring. At this point Raab is dripping blood out of his mouth. Dakota tosses the barbwire into the ring. He looks back to what weapons are left on the ground and decided to also throw in a steel chair and the garbage can. He then slides in under the bottom rope. Raab is up on his feet with the help of the ring ropes. Dakota bolts towards with a clothesline but Raab ducks it – Dakota almost goes flying over the top rope but Raab catches him by the gut and raises him up in the air before taking a running start and slamming him down with a spine buster on top of the trash can – flattening it.
Raab goes for the pin.
Dakota Kicks out at two, Raab doesn’t waste time however as he locks him in an anaconda vice! The monster squeezes and wrenches back on the hold as the Ref asks if Dakota would like to submit, Dakota spits blood into the face of the ref before screaming out in pain. Raab tries to put as much pressure as he can on the hold but Dakota refuses to give up – he starts strike Raab in the side of the head with closed fists. One after another until Raab finally let’s go of his hold. Dakota tries to crawl away but Raab grabs him the leg and tries to drag him back to the center of the ring. Dakota turns over and boots Raab directly in the face causing him to stumble back into the turnbuckle. Dakota stands up to one knee when he notices the strand of barbed wire. He takes it in his hand as Raab grabs him by the back of the head. The butcher elbows back into Raabs gut and then stands up, he starts to rain down blow after blow to the forehead of Raab. When the monster finally falls to his knees Dakota takes the barbed wire and sticks it inside the top of Raab’s mask! He then backs up a little bit before running forward and big booting Raab’s wired filled mask. Lord Raab falls backwards and holds his face, desperately trying to remove the barbed wire from his mask. But you can see the damage has been done as blood starts to pour onto what little flesh on the man’s face you can see.
Dakota cockishly walks over to the downed monster, who still hasn’t gotten the wire out of his mask and picks him up to his feet. He then pulls the man over to where the steel chair lays in the ring. He kicks Lord Raab in the gut and then double under hooks his arms. He lifts him up in the air but only for a split second before pile driving him head first into the chair.

JOHNSON: “Manson Family Driver! Right onto the steel chair, with barbed wire in his mask… Jesus Christ he’s dead. “
VASSA: “This could be it, he’s hooking the leg! “
JOHNSON: “I don’t know how anyone could kick out of that. “

VASSA: “ that’s how. “
Dakota gets a frustrated look on his face as he gets on top of Raab and begins to savagely beat the man, just wildly thrown punches to every section of Raab’s face. He finishes off the assault with a rather ape looking double hammer fist. He then sits there for a moment, breathing heavily before he stands up to his feet. Dakota Surveys the ring and notices the table that Raab had thrown in earlier. He walks over to it and begins to set it up. While Dakota is paying little attention to Raab the monster is finally able to get the wire out of his mask. He grips it in his hands as he rolls onto his stomach and starts to pick himself up. With the table now set up Dakota goes over to Raab and brings him to his feet. Raab with the handful of wire shoves his palm into Dakota’s face – the sheer force alone of the strike sending both men down the ground. Raab smears the wire all over the face of Dakota – his flesh being torn open and bleeding profusely.

JOHNSON: “ I don’t know how much more of this horrorfest I can watch. “
VASSA: “ Oh can it! I’m tired of you sitting here being a little bitch! This is amazing! “
Lord Raab finishes his art piece of Dakota’s face and throws the wire off to the side of him. He then puts his hand behind the Butcher’s head and brings him up to his feet. Dakota pushes him away but both men are on weak knees. They stare at each other for a few moments – blood pouring from Dakota’s face, smeared all over his chest. And Raab who’s mask is now almost purely red, along with the rest of his face and hair. Then like two wild dogs they start to go at each other, blow for blow, elbow for elbow. Back and forth just bludgeoning each other. Raab gets the upper hand as he starts to throw in some boxing strikes. A big haymaker sends Dakota stumbling back into the ropes. Raab runs at him and with a giant spear the two men go flying through the middle rope onto the ground outside in front of the ring ramp.
The two men get up to their feet at about the same time. But it’s Raab who takes the advantage – quickly snapping off a European uppercut, spinning Dakota around. The German monster then wraps his arms around Dakota’s waist, lifting him up in the air and flipping him head first into the ring apron with a German suplex. Dakota lays limp on the ground as Raab gets up to his feet, he brings the dead weight of Dakota up and rolls him back into the ring before getting into the ring himself and going for the pinfall.

VASSA: “ That was a split-second away from being over. “
Raab seems to get a little frustrated as he slams his fist down on the mat. He rolls off of Dakota and takes a few breaths before getting back up to his feet. He gets an evil grin on his face as he eyes the set up table. He grabs Dakota by the back of the neck and brings him up to his knees. Dakota uses what little strength he has and brings his arm up with an uppercut straight to Raab’s groin.

VASSA: “He didn’t want kids anyway – I’m sure of it. “
JOHNSON: “ Again!? I know this is extreme rules but why does he has to fight so dirty? “
VASSA: “Gotta do… What you gotta do. “
By the time Dakota is up to his feet Raab has regained his senses. But Dakota runs off of the ropes and goes for discus forearm shot.

JOHNSON: “ Taxidermist Needle, this could be it right here. “
Raab ducks the move and latches onto Dakota’s midsection he lifts the butcher up in the air and over his head right onto the table with a bridging German suplex, the table shatters instantly on impact.

JOHNSON: “ Holy shit…”

JOHNSON: “ HE DID IT! The German Monster beat the Butcher! “
VASSA: “ That was one hell of a war… But Raab was just the better monster tonight. “
JOHNSON: “ I wonder where this puts Dakota in terms of the Extreme Championship? Could Raab be the next in line instead? “
Raab gets up to his feet, blood dripping off of his mask and face. The referee raises his arm up in the air but Henry who has been watching the match from afar pushes the ref out of the way and then he raises Raab’s arm. Dakota slowly – like a badly wounded animal drags himself out of the ring as Raab celebrates.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pin fall, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”

White limo comes to a screeching halt right in front of Minglewood Hall as the driver slowly gets out of the driver’s seat and comes around to open the door. As the camera focuses on the door being open, a man wearing a black Armani suit accented by a white shirt and black tie steps out followed by another one donning a matching suit. We slowly come to realize that the two men are the notorious faces behind Politically Incorrect. Unimpressed, one of them speaks.

REEVES: “This is it?”
RAGE: “What do you mean, is this it?”
REEVES: “I guess I’m used to more glitz and glamour.”
Antoine Rage shakes his head; his friend never providing a dull moment but a collection of unforgettable memories. He motions towards the door, inviting Dustin Reeves to be the first one in.

RAGE: “You never fail to amuse me. Lets go.”
REEVES: “You’re right… lets not prolong out arrival. Lets thrill these people! We’re here 4CW!”
Antoine Rage shakes his head again as the two men head towards the entrance. Only time will tell why these two are here and what’s on their agenda.


JOHNSON:” I’m excited for this one, Vinny. For the first time since their title win, we get to see Black Listed in action! “
VASSA:” Look for them to show some dominance. I’m sure they’re hungry to make a statement. “
The opening riff of “Approach the Bench” starts up over the loud speakers as Everett The Nerd and his niece step out from behind the theatre curtains. They bounce back and forth before walking down the aisle way. Everett is busy calculating how this match is going to go while Sydney is waving at the rocking audience. She jumps up onto the ring apron while Everett walks up the stairs. She jumps over the ring ropes into the ring as her uncle enters the ring. Sydney poses on the turnbuckle as Everett continues to calculate while waiting for their match to begin.

POWERS:” Currently standing in the ring, Everett The Nerd & Sydney Ashford…The Film Addicts!! “
JOHNSON:” A very stiff test for the film buffs. “
The lights start to switch to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B hits as the familiar beats draw cheers from the crowd. Out from the back first comes the bubbly and fun Demi Griffin with a big smile on her face as she stops to shake her booty to the beat a few times before making her way to the ring. Not far behind her coming through the curtain as his sister has already made it half down the ramp is the imposing RPG, Royce Griffin standing looking out at the crowd. The two wearing matching red and black themed outfits though, differing in types of gear. They still have matching arm bands and focused looks as Demi finishes high fiving the fans around the ring before hopping up the steps and stepping through the bottom two ropes. As she does this Royce slides into the ring.

POWERS:” And their opponents, the reigning 4CW Tag Team Champions, Royce and Demi Griffin…Black Listed! “
Once in the ring Royce does two big jumps into the air to show off his athleticism and get stretched out as his sister walks around the ring hands held high. RPG throws a few practice punches before letting out a primal scream for the crowd getting them going as Demi now sits atop one of the corner posts jiving to the beat. Royce walks around the ring screaming out “Let’s Go” several times while hyping the crowd as the two seem fully ready for their tag match.

VASSA:” I’m trying to figure out how the Addicts can win this one, but I just don’t see it happening. “
JOHNSON:” You can’t count them out. They show up time and time again and put on good matches. Black Listed better not underestimate them. “
Black Listed decides to let Demi Griffin go first and Sydney for the Film Addicts. They meet in the center of the ring, in an elbow tie up. Demi puts a head lock on Sydney, but she quickly sends Demi to the ropes. Demi bounces off and puts Sydney on her back with a shoulder block. Demi bounces off the ropes, Sydney rolls under her, as she bounces off the other side. Griffin puts her back to the mat with a clothesline. Sydney quickly crawls to her corner and makes a tag to Everett. Demi smirks as he enters and she tags in Royce.

JOHNSON:” A nice exchange from Demi and Sydney. Now we get Royce and Everett! “
Royce and Everett meet in the middle and this time Everett locks Royce in a side headlock. Royce pushes off. Everett tries a shoulder block of his own, but Royce doesn’t hit the mat. The two men collide and just stand in front of one another as they start to trade blows. Both men are throwing hard right hands. Royce eventually gets the upper hand, knocking Everett back against the ropes. Royce whips Everett to the ropes and drops him with a spinebuster. Royce gets back to his feet and drops an elbow across the neck of Everett. Royce drags him over to his corner and tags in Demi. Royce holds up the right arm of Everett as Demi stomps right on the joint.

VASSA:” Great flow so far from the new champs. “
JOHNSON:” Everett holds the distinct size advantage now. “
Demi stomps on the right arm of Everett once more before grabbing it and wrapping it around her leg, pulling at it, trying to separate it. She lets go of the hold and slams his arm against the mat before tagging Royce back in. Royce stomps on the arm before picking him up and slinging him to the rope. Everett reverses the Irish whip and bends over looking for a back body drop. Royce bounces off, takes advantage of the positioning and drops Everett with a jaw breaker. Royce gets to his feet, puts his back to the corner, and lifts himself up to the second turnbuckle. He jumps off, looking for a diving knee, but Everett rolls out of the way as Royce’s knee hits hard on the canvas. Royce gets up to one knee as Everett runs at him and connects with a single leg lariat. Both men are down as they crawl to their respective corners.

JOHNSON:” Everett needed that to happen. A good turn around for the Film Addicts. “
VASSA:” Both are getting closer! “
Everett and Royce make tags almost simultaneously. Sydney ducks a Demi clothesline, and comes back at her with a flying forearm knocking her to the mat. Demi is quick to her feet, but dropped once more with a back body drop. Sydney picks Demi up and rams her into the corner and follows it up with shoulder thrusts. Sydney sends Demi to the opposite corner and Demi sticks to the turnbuckle. Ashford runs after her and is hit with a boot to the face. Sydney staggers backwards as Demi pushes herself up to the second turnbuckle. She dives off as Sydney hops up, catching Griffin in mid air with a dropkick.

JOHNSON:” Huge collision!! “
Sydney sends Demi to her corner and follows it up with a back elbow. Sydney begins to stomp away at the mid section before tagging Everett back in. The two back up and hit a double dropkick on Demi as Demi drops face first on the mat. Everett picks Demi up and puts her to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Everett quickly tags Sydney back in as she ascends to the top rope. Sydney flies off the top rope, looking for a shooting star press, but Demi rolls out of the way. Sydney lands hard on her stomach as Demi begins inching closer and closer to Royce. Sydney is able to grab the foot of Demi before she reaches Royce. Demi is hopping on one leg before pulling her leg free and hitting a dropkck on Sydney. Ashford staggers back into her corner where Everett tags himself in. Demi leaps and tags in Royce.

VASSA:” Here come the big boys!! “
JOHNSON:” Both coming in with a full head of steam. “
Royce runs at Everett and ducks an initial running clothesline. Royce bounces off the ropes and catches Everett with a spinning wheel kick as he turns around. He gets back to his feet quickly and Royce drops him with a hip toss. Royce grabs him up off the mat and sends him to the corner, following it up with a corner clothesline. Royce grabs a hold of the arm again, hooks him up, and hits a bridging cradle suplex. Royce bridges into the pin.
Everett shoots his shoulders off the mat to break the count. Royce picks Everett up off the mat and pulls him closer to his corner. He tags in Demi and hits Everett with a muay thai knee as Demi bounces off the ropes and hits him with a jumping hip attack. Everett staggers backwards and falls through the ropes and to the outside. Demi quickly tags Royce back in as he drops off the apron and rolls Everett back under the bottom rope.

VASSA:” Black Listed is such a smart team. “
JOHNSON:” They did learn from the size advantage mistake they made earlier. “
Royce picks Everett up and sends him to the ropes. Royce bends down and is caught with a boot to the chest as Everett bounces back to him. Everett grabs a hold of Griffins arm and connects with a jumping arm breaker. Everett picks Royce back up and pulls him to his corner. Everett twists the arm of Royce and tags in Sydney. Sydney climbs to the top rope and dives off with an axe handle smash right on the twisted arm of Royce. As soon as Everett reaches the apron, he is tagged back in. Sydney holds Royce’s arm out as Everett puts a boot to it. Everett grabs him by the targeted arm and sends him to the corner. He follows it up with a corner clothesline, but Royce gets out of the way and slips behind him as he crashes chest first into the corner. Royce loads up and connects with a spinning back elbow to the back of Everetts head as he collapses to the mat.

VASSA:” New York’s Finest!! “
JOHNSON:” Everett might be knocked out. Wow! “
Royce makes the pin.
Sydney drops an elbow to the back of Royce, breaking the count.

JOHNSON:” A nice save by Ashford! “
Demi hops over the top rope and from out of nowhere, drops Sydney Ashford with Niagara Falls. Ashford rolls under the bottom rope as Royce and Demi look at the fallen foe on the outside. They slap hands as Everett charges at them. Both of them dodge the attack, going in separate directions. Demi hops to the nearest turnbuckle on the second rope. Everett bounces off the ropes and is caught in the arms of Royce as he lifts him up for a spinebuster. Demi jumps off the second turnbuckle and kicks Everett right between the eyes as Royce finishes the spinebuster.

JOHNSON:” Blackout!! “
Royce drops for the pin as Demi keeps an eye on Sydney.

JOHNSON:” A solid win for Black Listed and they needed that to show that they are for real as champions. “
VASSA:” What a back and forth bout. I was a bit nervous for Black Listed early on, I’m not gonna lie. “
POWERS:” The winners of this match, Royce and Demi Griffin…Black Listed!! “
JOHNSON:” They prevailed with great team work. That is what the tag division is all about! “
Royce and Demi retrieve their titles from the time keeper as they walk around the ring, celebrating. Sydney climbs back into the ring to check on Everett as we cut to a break.

POWERS: “Get your lighters ready, your bong or bowl on standby. Your doob or your spliff rolled and ready. We’re about to have a session folks. Not just a session but the second edition of “The Session.” here in Memphis tonight. I’d like for you to get on your feet, hold your cups up and give it up for your host…The Pride Champion, Purple Wrestler Eater, the hostess who stay totin Loooooo’Reeeeeenzooooo Pooooortttttttteeeeer!!!”
“Smooth Operator” by Sade flares up as the Pride Champion makes his way from behind the curtains dressed in blue jeans, a white t shirt with Pride spelled across the chest in tye-die colors. Lo’Renzo pauses before saluting out to the crowd. The crowd letting out a tumultuous cheer as Flipp continues his way to the ring.
The camera pans around showing the crowd and the band before it’s cue is on the ring where it’s decked out with white plush carpet, one ty-die colored sofa, a blue sofa in which Brian Hartman is seated and a blue love seat for the special guest tonight. Lo’Renzo gets to the steel steps, steps up them and turns around before blowing a kiss out to the crowd feeling like a young Micheal Jackson. He steps into the ring and daps up Brian Hartman, smiling and holding his cup in the air before checking his headset to make sure it’s working.

FLIPP: “Ladies and Gentleman of Memphis, I’d like to welcome you to the second installment of The Session.”
The crowd cheers as Lo’Renzo smiles whilst pointing out to the fans.

FLIPP: “Of course I’m your host Lo’Renzo Porter, Four Corner Wrestling Pride Champion and I’d like for y’all to give it up for my band tonight…Wasted Youth.”
The four band members play a slight tune before waving out to the crowd.

FLIPP: “And of course give it up for the musical god Mike Powers over there.”
Mike waves out to the crowd before pointing at Flipp.

FLIPP: “And last but not least give a round of applause for my dude, my co host Brian Hartman.”
B Hart stands from his seat and bows before waving to the crowd.

FLIPP: “Yo B Hart thanks for being out here with man. We got a very special guest joining us here tonight.”
HARTMAN: “That we do indeed.”
Lo’Renzo takes a sip from his triple cup.

FLIPP: “Before we bring him out though what about the show tonight so far. Of course Four C Dub bringing you that fire like we always do.”
There is a round of applause from the crowd.

FLIPP: “And let’s not forget about last Adrenaline where allot of new talent came out and performed very well.”
There is a “Adrenaline” chant that stirs up.

HARTMAN: “And let’s not forget about our very first guest on The Session last show…Black Listed.”
There is a cheer for the Tag Team Champions.

FLIPP: “Oh yeah boy boy, it was fun having them out there in Miami.”
HARTMAN: “How was your day with Demi champ?”
Flipp smiles before answering.

FLIPP: “I really enjoyed it man. We had a superb time. Really cool girl brah brah.”
HARTMAN: “Glad you enjoyed it.”
Lo’Renzo nods his head.

FLIPP: “But tonight here on The Session like I said, we have a very very very special guest. This man has been around the buisness for a while now. He’s a multi time champion and has even had his own company before. This dude has basically done it all. After making his return to the ring last year October here in Four C Dub he stepped down from stepping in the ring and decided to put back on the cooperate suit and becoming Four Corners Wrestling man of the talent relations. After spending some time as that last show it was announced that big Frankie Morrison had to step down from being General Manager and none other than Khris Young got the position. Once again just moving up in Four C Dub. I’ve been blessed to have been inside the ring with this dude two times and now he’s my boss. I’d like for y’all to get on your feet and give up for Four C Dub’s General Manager Khris Young brah brah.”
The instrumental version of “Built to Last” hits as Khris Young makes his way out from the back. With a smile on his face, he bows down several times to show his appreciation for the adoring fans. He fixes his suit before making his way down to the ring, slapping the hands of those leaning over the barrier. Young reaches the base of the ring, climbs the steps, and hops into the ring. Khris points a finger at Flipp and smiles.

FLIPP: “Welcome to The Session GM.”
YOUNG: “Thanks for having me. Nice little set up you got here.”
They share a handshake before both men take their collective seat.

FLIPP: “Thanks man, but I know I already told you but congratulations once again gzz. You been grinding hard for Four C Dub. Nice to have you on board as GM brah.”
YOUNG: “Thanks Lo’Renzo. It means allot man. I’m glad to finally be back in a position like this.”
Flipp takes another drink from his cup while nodding his head.

FLIPP: “Allot of peeps didn’t know that not too long ago you had your own company. Let the folks know how it was for you back in those days?”
YOUNG: “Yes, yes I did. GrindHouse Wrestling. The funny thing is, many people thought I came out of the blue and just created the company out of thin air. But it was a vision I had several years ago when I was still competing. I’ve always had an admiration for the business and I just wanted to be build my own brand.”
“It was tough for me though. For one reason really. As you know, in many organizations, in anything really, you have a number two. Coach — assistant coach, president — vice president. I never had that number two that I could rely on or talk me down. For instance, I’m the number two here. If Wallace decides, “hey, I’m shutting down.” I am the guy that comes in and tells him to sleep on it, think it through, pros and cons. And it wasn’t only that. I never had a number two to help me make business decisions. The company fell solely onto my shoulders and I think that led to the demise of GrindHouse Wrestling. But I chalk it up as a win because great things came from it all.”

Lo’Renzo holds up a finger as a question comes to mind.

FLIPP: “Not to forget the impressive career you’ve had inside the ring. What was that translation like going from wrestler to boss?”
Young looks up for a moment looking for the right words.

YOUNG: “It wasn’t as difficult for me. But no athlete or competitor wants to step down and become the man in a suit. The transition was a little easier for me because I had done my research and I was well educated on the business side of things. I was just well prepared and I knew my time had come.”
HARTMAN: “Is that itch there to still get in the ring?”
Young nods his head with a slight smile.

YOUNG: “All the time man. There will always be an itch. I’m sure every athlete or competitor will agree with me on that. I still train and workout as if I am still stepping inside the ring, but that’s only to keep my shape up. Since getting more into the business side of things that’s what I’ve been dabbling in. I am able to market the promotion, meet the fans, get an understanding of what they like and what they want to see. But I’m also here to mentor the young guys who want to make it big.
FLIPP: “You’ve been doing nothing but big things for Four C Dub. How has this past two weeks been for you.”
YOUNG: “Allot more busier. I can tell you that. It has been a roller coaster.”
They chuckle before Khris continues.

YOUNG: “But I’ve been busy doing some media things. I’m not Mr. Talent Relations any longer. Now I’m the General Manager so I’ve had tons of more work to do but it’s nothing I can’t handle.”
FLIPP: “With Four C dub going National what are some things you have lined up now that we gone be in many states now?”
YOUNG: “I can’t spoil anything. Nice try though. Thing are just starting to heat up. Myself, Wallace, and Morrison are working hard to improve the company every single day, and we have some big things planned for 2015.”
Flipp smiles knowing the General Manager wouldn’t say too much. Hartman having another question for Khris.

HARTMAN: “Four Corners Wrestling has been growing rapidly. How do you plan on to continue the steady growth?”
YOUNG: “It all begins with the talent. We house some of the best talent, not just in the country, but in the world. When you have that type of talent, the product speaks for itself. In every company, you need a solid base of wrestlers. A base that is loyal, determined, and inspired. We have that and then some. We set cities on fire when they host us, and Flipp can account for that. We’re going to continue to be innovative and like I said before, we have big plans for 2015, so we hope to draw in some more talent which will draw in more fans. And on a personal level, I’m trying to get an event up in Canada. So, we’ll see.”
Lo’Renzo smiles once more, feeling that Young is holding back once more.

FLIPP: “How’s your daughter doing though?”
YOUNG: “She’s doing quite good. She’s my little princess. The family is doing great as a whole. We’re all in a good place right now.”
Khris smiles.

FLIPP: “But as you know now is the time where we give our audience a chance to ask some questions. We call it The Rotation y’all.”
Wasted Youth plays a little set as Powers makes a zing noise from his keyboard. The cameras panning over to Hartman whose already standing with someone. The fella smiles, waving up toward Khris and Lo’renzo.

HARTMAN: “I’m standing here with Drew, Drew tell the people a little bit about yourself.”
DREW: “I’m Drew Davies and from right here in Tennessee and I’m representing the Longhorns. WOOO go Longhorns.”
There is a cheer from the crowd.

DREW: “I’m wondering Khris how have you settled into becoming Four C DoubleU’s General Manager?”
YOUNG: “It was a natural position for me. Frankie decided to step down and in my mind, take a promotion. Because it’s the guys behind the scenes that make the biggest splash. I have settled in quite nicely. I have a nice office, I enjoy working with the talent, and I enjoy the face time. It has been great.”
Drew waves once more before clapping his hands and making his way back to his seat. Lo’Renzo points out to the guy with dreads jumping up and down to make sure he gets noticed, Hartman waving him down to the barricades before Powers plays the theme from the price is right. As the tall man dressed in all black gets to the barricade he smiles before reaching out and sharing a handshake with Hartman.

HARTMAN: “And your name sir?”
B Hart holds the microphone up to his lips.

MARIO: “Mario is my name.”
HARTMAN: And where are you from?”
MARIO: “I’m from Vancouver.”
There is a cheer from some of the Vancouver folks in the crowd tonight.

HARTMAN: “And what’s your question for the General Manager?”
MARIO: “I want to know how you got started in the wrestling business?”
YOUNG: “Wrestling has always been a passion of mine. I wrestled at the amateur level since before high school. It was fueled by the level of competition. The discipline that went into the sport was second to none. Discipline is something I needed in life because I didn’t have it at home. It changed my life. On top of that, I’m a pretty charismatic guy, so I decided to dabble in the entertainment business which eventually led to professional wrestling. I wrestled several shows, for fifty dollar paychecks, and then I was sought out by bigger promotion, and the rest is history.”
Mario nods his head before sharing another handshake with Hartman and making his way back to his seat. Hartman looks out at the crowd as many of the fans make their plea to have their question answered by Khris. Hartman points to the kid dressed in a Dakota Smith t-shirt in the front row. He cheers along with his brother before making his way to B Hart.

HARTMAN: “What’s your name little guy?”
He points to the nametag on his shirt that reads Greg.

GREG: “The name is Greg and I’m also from Tennessee.”
He claps his hand as the crowd cheers once more.

HARTMAN: “What’s your question?”
GREG: “I want to know if you could sign me?”
Young and Lo’Renzo share a laugh before Khris responds.

YOUNG: “Not now little fella. In a few years if you got the talent then we can talk.”
Greg sucks his teeth before pouting his way back to his seat. The camera panning back to the ring.

FLIPP: “Give up Drew, Greg and Mario y’all.”
The crowd claps as Wasted Youth plays another slight tune.

FLIPP: “Before we wrap this up of course I gotta present for you for being on The Session.”
Lo’Renzo reaches behind his chair and grabs a custom nameplate for the General Managers door.

FLIPP: “It’s nothing special but it’s something fitting. Here you go brah.”
He hands him the nameplate. Khris looking at Lo’Renzo with much gratitude.

YOUNG: “Thanks for this. I’m going to make sure to replace the regular one with this one.”
FLIPP: Appreciate it man, but ladies and gentleman this has been our time. I’m Lo’Renzo Porter and I’ll see you all again later tonight when I’m up against Nathaniel Havok in a Champion versus Champion match. Until then be you, live free, and stay hip. Until next time.”
He salutes toward the crowd as Wasted Youth kicks up a tune. The cameras fading to the Pride Champion and the General Manager having a conversation.

Pacing backstage, dressed to compete, ready to fight is Jason Cashe. His head down whispering to himself as he cuts back and retraces the line he has been walking. The waiting game is his worst enemy, the countdown of minutes and seconds before it’s his turn to step out from behind the curtain. A bottle of water in his hand half empty with the missing contents likely what is dripping from his beard and wildly growing hair.

YOUNG: “Yeah thanks, have that sent to my office. Thanks again!”
The voice belonged to Khris Young. The General Manager of 4CW as of last show. A man Cashe had only spoken to in passing but someone he hadn’t said a word to since he was appointed as the new Sheriff in town so to speak. His head snaps in the direction of the voice, he breaks off his pace and turns the nearby corner to see Young approaching in his direction. No sooner as they lock eyes, Young knows Cashe is coming to talk as they walk almost directly at each other. Young stops first as Cashe makes the final steps and brushes by Young, looks down the hallway where Young had come from and cuts back to the GM.

CASHE: “Young..”
YOUNG: “Jason Cashe..How are you tonight?”
Almost like an itch overcomes him, Cashe motions a scratching to the back of his neck. An imaginary itch needing to be scratched as Cashe leans in closer to Young.

CASHE: “Could be better I must say..I gotta ask you, I gotta know!”
Nodding as if okaying the coming question, Young looks around as does Cashe before the former Champion of 4CW finally asks.

CASHE: “When? When will I get my rematch? When can I USE my rematch clause? Huh? Huh? You tell me..”
YOUNG: “While it’s true that you have the right to a rematch, Wallace and I are looking into everyone qualified for a shot at the top prize here in 4CW.”
Turning from Khris Young, Jason Cashe is shaking his head and his index finger no. His eyes closed, his bottom lip bit down on as what Young has said doesn’t seem to please him.

YOUNG: “Now you’ll get your chance, that won’t be taken from you. Just give us time to make the right decisions for the direction of this company. Okay? Can you work with me?”
CASHE: “Right decisions for the direction of this–Heh, this company?! Are you kidding me? This company buddy was built strapped on my back up until this point. This new generation coming in or settling in right now came AFTER I laid down the foundation. You want the right decisions? The best for the job? Fine…I’ll work with you, give you exactly what you’re looking for. ONCE again I will do the job that needs to be done so everyone watching inside the building, outside the building, blogging about this product or hosting a fucking podcast KNOWS that it is ME who is right for this company. I have been since I arrived and I’ll show you how much that’s changed tonight..”
Walking away from Young, Cashe shoulder bumps him. In a snap Khris Young grabs and spins Cashe around. The two stand face to face and in Young’s days of competing this would have been a showdown, a moment of silence where time itself might have slowed down.

YOUNG: “You don’t have to like Perry Wallace. You don’t have to like me for all I care but you WILL respect me Jason. I know how you feel, I’ve been there before, that’s how we can relate. At the end of the night I am who will help mold this into a much brighter future than you’ve YET to carry it. With that being said, I wish you the best of luck out there tonight.”
In a slow creep, a smile breaks across Cashe’s face. He bursts forward, Khris Young flinches almost going to defend himself but finds himself being hugged by Jason Cashe. Very awkward as the former Champion squeezes him gently but tight and as he releases the hug, Cashe pats Young on the shoulder, nods to the new GM and turns to walk away from him. Khris Young stands left alone and stunned.



JOHNSON: ”We’ve had a couple of tasty extreme matches earlier tonight and this is hyped to top them all.”
VASSA: ”Jason Cashe has always been associated with extreme, hardcore, whatever you want to call it. I’ve seen this man in numerous extreme matches myself and he brings an essence of carnage to the ring each and every time he steps foot inside of the ropes.”
JOHNSON: ”If it’s one thing I’ve learned in my time in this sport, the past is exactly that, the past. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. Anything can happen inside of that ring and I’m sure Griffin Hawkins is aiming to prove just that.”
VASSA: ”A few weeks ago at Winter Wasteland I thought he was going to be our new Extreme Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”Griffin has been in the extreme mix since signing with 4CW. Cashe on the other hand hasn’t. If I had to bet, I’d say Griffin has the edge tonight.”
VASSA: ”Griffin has the edge? Obviously you think Cashe is taking losing the 4CW Championship lightly. This is going to be a throw down! Griffin just better be lucky that he isn’t Jair Hopkins tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Well lets just see this go down for ourselves, shall we.”
The lights go out, the crowd is wondering whats going on. The opening lyrics begin going smoothly till a LOUD scream is heard. The strobe lights go off as that same young man is on the ramp accompanied by Brooke McQueen. It appears to be Griffin Hawkins!

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred twenty two pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He it “The Mane Event”, Griffin HAWKINS!!!”
He walks down the ramp as “Monkey Business” by Skid Row hits. He high fives a few fans as he walks down the ramp way. He walks up the ring stairs and holds the ropes for his manager to step through.
He gets on the ropes and throws the devil horns in the air, pumping the crowd. Soon he gets off the ropes, taking off his leather jacket and goes to the outside of the ring. He puts his Silver Aviator glasses on a lucky young fan, patting him on the head as he smiles up at him. He gets back in the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”Griffin is here and looks ready to get down to business…”
VASSA: ”I hope it’s not monkey business because this match is going to be anything but!”
The lights suddenly go out and aa video appears on the screen.
After the video fades the darkness remains. After a couple moments in the dark a maniacal laughter fills the air as this image appears on the screen.

The laughter and the image both stop abruptly at the same time. After a few heartbeats of darkness the lights return.

JOHNSON: ”Again? This is the third time tonight!”
VASSA: ”Technical difficulties or not, Mike Powers and the production crew need to get their stuff in line!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m taking a shot in the dark but this happened in the other two extreme rules matches earlier in the night. Could this be connected or maybe just a coincidence? Who is returning?”
VASSA: ”You make a good point, Steve. Hmm…”
Wild Electric Guitar mixed with a hiphop/rock beat from Prozak’s “Enemy” plays through the house speakers. As the chorus begins, Jason Cashe comes out from the back with a Wooden Guitar hanging around his stomach, attached with a strap across his chest.
“I can see it in your eyes
See right through your lies
Everything you pretend to be
And it comes as no surprise
Hater in disguise
That you are my enemy”
Standing at the edge of the stage, Cashe lifts the guitar and pretends to play along with the music. Fans lay on a thick round of Boos as Cashe raises the guitar in one hand and his free arm up above his head.

VASSA: “He fights with the best of them, smokes with the best of them and can ALSO play the guitar? What can’t this guy do?”
JOHNSON: “You’re kidding right? That’s not even the right kind of guitar as the music. You have a biased view of things you know? What’s Cashe got in store for that guitar? What a means to mock his opponent..”
VASSA: “This is an Extreme Bout, he can bring whatever he wants for the match. He was feeling….artistic…Heh!”
“Just look at you
I see you staring all green with envy
You wishing upon a star
Hoping that one day you can end me, bitch
Look deep into my eyes
You don’t know truth from lies
And it comes as no surprise
I’m not the kind to empathize
Retaliation (MUST)
Annihilation (BUST)
A violation guaranteed to make your skull (CRUSH)
A savage assassin
That belongs to a family like Manson
Attacking at random
I’m selling your soul for ransom!”

VASSA: “New music for Cashe, wonder if this will be a permanent change? I like it!”
At ringside, Cashe takes the steel stairs in to steps and walks along the ring apron with the guitar in hand. He raises it again to a thundering sound of boos and a few cheers from his loyalists. Ducking down through the middle and top rope, he enters the ring and again goes to “playing” his guitar.

JOHNSON: “He might as well be doing Air Guitar. I bet he can’t even play Guitar Hero!”
VASSA: ”That’s my boy, Jason Cashe!”
JOHNSON: ”We haven’t seen him in action since Winter Wasteland and I’m sure the batteries have recharged.”
VASSA: ”We saw where he was hanging around during the off time. I hope the big Salieri mentioned me…”
The ref walks to the center of the ring and looks over to Griffin for the nod. He then looks over to Cashe who stares back and nods slowly. The ref then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell…
Before the chime dies down, Cashe darts out of his corner and rushes Griffin like a bull. Before he gets halfway, Griffin takes off from his corner and the two collide in the center of the ring with an exchange of punches. After ringing each others bell for a moment, Griffin connects with a stiff jab to the nose, stunning Cashe and knocking him back a step. Griffin then lunges forward and takes Cashe off his feet with a clothesline, knocking him flat on his back. Griffin then goes on the attack with multiple stomps to Cashe’s head from all angles. He then grabs Cashe by the hair and pulls him up to his feet. Griffin then plants his knee into Cashe’s stomach and lifts him up into the air and drops him to the mat with a scoop slam. Cashe quickly rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up. As he stands to his feet, Griffin greets him with a buzzsaw kick that sends him flying backwards to the ropes. Cashe hits the ropes and flips over them backwards, falling to the floor outside of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”That didn’t take long at all! Looks like we’re about to take this match to the outside.”
VASSA: ”I hope they make their way over here so we can get a close up of the pain they inflict on each other.”
Cashe rolls around on the floor while Griffin makes his way to the ropes and climbs through them to the outside of the ring. Before Cashe can get up, Griffin kicks him in the lower back and sends him face first into the floor. He then grabs Cashe by the head and pulls him up to his feet and turns him around. With an open face in front of him, Griffin swings with a hard right and clocks Cashe upside the head, knocking him backwards and stumbling into the ringside steps. Cashe bounces off and falls to his knees as the pain paints a picture on his face. Griffin then steps in and connects with a hard right to the top of the head, followed by a left to the jaw. Griffin then grabs him by the head and pulls it inward, driving his knee into Cashe’s face. Cashe falls backwards and slams against the steps once more and then to his back.
Griffin then walks to the steel barricade separating the fans from the action where one fan in particular leans on one crutch while extending the other outward. Griffin grabs the crutch from the fan and then turns back to Cashe who is still down by the steps. Slowly making his way to Cashe, Griffin then swings down with the crutch, connecting with the side of Cashe’s knee. Cashe releases a grunt from the pain as he rolls over to his stomach. Griffin then raises the crutch over his head and swings down again, cracking it over Cashe’s back. Breaking in half, the top end of the crutch bounces across the floor. Griffin then rolls Cashe over to his back and draws the other half of the crutch back and takes a swing for the fences. Out of nowhere, Cashe reaches up and grabs the crutch before it slams against his head. He then pulls it towards him, flipping Griffin up and over.
Griffin crashes into the ringside steps, knocking them over. As he lays there in the mess, Cashe rolls over to the side of the ring and grabs ahold of it, using it to pull himself up. He then turns his attention to Griffin as a smile comes over his face. Limping towards him, Cashe reaches down and grabs a handful of hair and drags him across the floor to the barricade. Cashe then pulls him up to his feet and throws him against the barricade. Wish Griffin’s back to the barricade, Cashe fires away with a series of punches which then turns into striking elbows. After landing a few hard hits, Cashe then reaches towards a fan and grabs their beer and smashes it across Griffin’s face.

JOHNSON: ”I hope that fan isn’t expecting a refund for that tasty beer.”
VASSA: ”I’ll buy him another just to see that happen again!”
Cashe then lifts Griffin up and turns him around before tossing him up into the air. Griffin then comes down as his head smacks the top of the barricade. Before he can fall backwards, Cashe lunges forward and hits him in the back of the head with a lariat. Griffin then stumbles forward and hits the barricade, flipping over it and rolling into the crowd. Cashe then roars as the adrenaline flows through his body. He then climbs over the barricade but just as his feet touch the floor on the other side, Griffin is right there to tackle him into the barricade. Cashe’s back slams against it and the two go to the floor, rolling separate ways away from each other. The two slowly begin to climb to their feet. Getting up at the same time, they look over at each other. Cashe makes the first move and rushes Griffin. Swinging with a clothesline, Cashe misses as Griffin ducks underneath and delivers a quick punch to the ribs.
Griffin then kicks Cashe in the stomach, forcing him to lunge over. Griffin then wraps his arm around Cashe’s head and plants it into the floor with a DDT. Griffin then stands to his feet, looking down at Cashe on the floor holding his head from the pain. Griffin then grabs him by the arm and pulls him up, nearly holding up all of his weight. Griffin then throws him towards the barricade, sending him up and over and back to the floor at ringside. Cashe rolls over to his back and lays there, looking up at the ceiling, catching his breath. Griffin then slaps hands with a few of the fans as the circle around him. He then runs to the barricade and jumps into the air, planting his feet on the top. Griffin then jumps into the air and comes down on Cashe with a leg drop across the throat, lifting his feet from the floor while keeping his head pinned down.
Taking some of the impact himself, Griffin slowly stands to his feet, favoring his back after coming down on the hard floor. He then kicks Cashe in the side of the head before reaching down and grabbing a fistful of hair. Pulling him up to his feet, Griffin unloads with a couple of punches to the forehead and then delivers a knee to the stomach. He then grabs Cashe by the head with both hands and pulls it in between his legs. Wrapping his arms around Cashe waist, he looks over the crowd as they wait in anticipation and break into chanting.

“4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W… 4-C-W…”
Griffin then goes to lift Cashe up but just as his feet raises off the floor, Cashe begins kicking wildly, forcing himself back to touching. Griffin then goes to lift him up again but Cashe kicks away and manages to drop back to both feet, Cashe then begins to lean upward, lifting Griffin up from the floor and flipping him over his head. Griffin flies into the air and crashes on top of the fallen ringside steps, back first, sending a chill down everyone’s spine who witnessed.

VASSA: ”Holy shit! He’s going to need a back adjustment after that!”
JOHNSON: ”I know a few good chiropractors I could point him to.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think he’s interested in the dudes you see who give the happy endings!”
Cashe walks away from the pile of steps, leaving his back turned to Griffin in the rubble. Catching his breath, Cashe then walks towards the announcers booth, slowly with a limp. Meanwhile, Griffin begins to move around, rolling to his stomach as the pain settles slightly. Reaching the announcers booth, Cashe waves for one of the ringside crew members to get up from his chair. Before he can even stand, Cashe reaches for him and shoves him to the side, knocking him down to the floor. Cashe then grabs the chair he was sitting in and holds it up with both hands, folding it as the reflection from the lights above hit the metal and twinkle in his eyes. Before he can even turn around, Griffin rushes him with full speed. Tackling Cashe from behind, the two fall to the floor as Cashe loses his grip on the chair.

VASSA: ”The fight has come to the table! I love it!”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe now you can actually pay attention to what’s going on.”
Griffin crawls onto Cashe’s back and grabs him by the head, applying a chin lock and trying to rip his head off. Cashe struggles to break free but doesn’t as Griffin keeps the lock in place. The ref comes in and checks with Cashe, looking for a submission. Being the man that he is, Cashe laughs at the ref while Griffin continues to pull back on his head. Realizing that Cashe isn’t going to give up, Griffin throws his head forward, slamming his face into the floor. Griffin then stands up with Cashe between his legs and throws a double axe handle across his lower back. Cashe releases a grunt from the pain but before it goes away, Griffin hits him with another right in the lower spine.
Griffin then stands Cashe up and throws him into the announcers booth, crushing his back against the side. He then takes a big swing and connects with a hard right but instead of wearing him down even more, it seems to ignite a spark in Cashe. Before Griffin can land another, Cashe grabs him by the head with both hands and then slams his face down onto the top of the booth. Cashe then reaches across the booth and grabs the headset from Vassa’s head and wraps the cord around Griffin’s throat and mouth. Cashe then begins to strangle him with it. Biting down on the part of cord in his mouth, Griffin tries to shrug Cashe off. Cashe chokes him with it for another moment and then pulls back on it, lifting Griffin’s head from the booth, and then slams it down into the top of the booth. He then unwraps the cord from Griffin’s head and holds the mic to his mouth, yelling into it.

Cashe then tosses the headset back to Vassa as the two nod at each other before throwing up the devil horns. Cashe then grabs Griffin by the head and drags it across the booth from one side to the other. Once at the end, Cashe throws Griffin to the floor on top of the chair from earlier. He then turns to the ring and rolls in underneath the bottom rope. Making his way to his corner, Cashe reaches underneath the ropes and grabs the guitar he brought down to the ring with him earlier. Holding it above his head, he walks back across the ring, looking down at Griffin who is still down on the floor.
Cashe then rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside and makes his way to Griffin. He then holds the guitar up and begins to strum wildly while head banging with his tongue flying all over the place. Cashe the suddenly raises it above his head with both hands but before he can swing down at Griffin with it, he gets caught off guard with a kick to the stomach. Cashe drops the guitar to his side as he bends over, holding his gut from the unexpected kick. Griffin then pops up to his feet and lifts Cashe up, throwing him down to the floor with a scoop slam.
Griffin then goes on a rampage with multiple kicks to Cashe’s chest and finishes it off with a brutal kick to the head. He then grabs the chair and lays it across Cashe’s face and climbs up onto the announcers booth. Griffin then begins to break dance on top of the booth before leaping off and coming down on the chair with a leg drop.

JOHNSON: ”I heard you’re a fan of table dances, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Not from dudes though! Get your facts straight!”
JOHNSON: ”After that I think Cashe may be sweating bullets!”
Griffin slowly gets up, showing signs of damage to himself from that leg drop onto the chair. He then removes the chair from Cashe’s head, revealing a bloody face with a toothless smile from ear to ear. Griffin then swings downward with the chair but before making contact, Cashe rolls out of the way.
The chair smacks the hard floor, sending a sharp piercing sound into the air. Griffin then takes another swing…
Rolling out of the way again, Cashe avoids another shot to the head. He then pushes himself up and charges Griffin as he raises the chair once more. Griffin swings for his head once more but misses as Cashe takes to the floor and rolls underneath. Noticing the guitar beside him, Cashe grabs it and pops up while taking a swing in a fluid motion. Just as Griffin turns around to face him…
The guitar bursts into pieces as it smashes over Griffin’s head. Griffin then stumbles for a moment before going to the floor, dropping the chair and falling to his back.

JOHNSON: ”Cashe just laid Griffin out with his instrument of choice!”
VASSA: ”He said let’s rock this bitch and that he did!”
Blood begins to trickle from Griffin’s head as Cashe holds the neck of the guitar in his hand. He then tosses it to the crowd as the fans fight over the souvenir. He then slowly walks over to Griffin and drops down to both knees, pausing for a moment before making the cover. The ref quickly drops in for the count…

JOHNSON: ”Cashe has won it! He’s proved his worth in the extreme division1″
VASSA: ”Proved his worth? He never had to. This man has a history of violence, extreme, carnage, whatever you want to call it!”
“Cashin’ Out” hits the speakers as Cashe slowly stands to his feet and the ref grabs his arm, raising it in the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pin fall… JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Cashe licks the blood from his lips before snatching his hand away from the ref. He then looks down at the mess, throwing up the devil horns once more while trying to lick the bottom of his chin. He then turns away from the mess and heads towards the back as his music drowns out the theater.

JOHNSON: ”Even though Cashe came out with the win, this match could have went either way and could end up being the match of the night.”
VASSA: ”We still have two more matches in the card but leave it to Cashe to steal the show!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a moment folks while we get this mess cleaned up at ringside.”

The scene cuts backstage to the office of Perry Wallace. Inside, Wallace sits at his desk, watching the show from the big screen on his wall in the comfort of Daysi Doll. The two flirt with each other, cuddled up with her in his lap. A knock is then heard at the door as it grabs both of their attention. Daysi stands up and straightens her skirt before proceeding to the door. Opening it with caution, she cracks it slightly as an unfamiliar man stands on the other side. Daysi lets out an audible gasp and takes a step backwards. Wallace cocks his head back and sees something familiar. A grin comes across his face as he stands to his feet.

WALLACE: ”It’s cool, Daysi. You can let him in.”
Daysi opens the door fully as an imposing man dressed in black with a hooded black and red jacket walks into the office. Wallace walks from around the desk and extends his hand. The hooded man raises his right hand to the back of his head and pulls off the hood revealing his identity.

WALLACE: ”Xandor Kalel! The Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling!”
Xandor’s disposition is stoic but he acknowledges Wallace’s reception with a simple nod without shaking his hand. Daysi sneaks an eyeful of the former monk before taking a seat across the room on the couch.

WALLACE: ”Please have a seat.”
Wallace walks back to his chair behind the desk and sits down. Xandor watches both of them cautiously before sitting down in front of Wallace.

WALLACE: ”I hope the contract proposal I gave you this weekend in Vegas was to your liking. I think it’s a generous offer considering things didn’t go quite as planned last fall. But what does in our business, right? I’m stoked to have you on board again! We’re going to make a lot of money together.”
Xandor continues to be emotionless but now he breaks his silence.

KALEL: ”I’m not here for the money. I’m here to set things right in our sport.”
Wallace frowns at Xandor’s comment about money.

WALLACE: ”Still holding on to that righteous indignation, are we?”
KALEL: ”The situation hasn’t changed, Perry. The cashflow is steady. 4CW is going national. But how long before we’ve completely prostituted the integrity of our sport for the sake of the dollar and ratings? That’s why I’ve come back. It’s time someone restores professional wrestling to its glory days.”
Wallace and Xandor glare at each other for a few moments before the Patron Saint unbuttons the front of his jacket and reaches into it. He pulls out a folded group of papers and places them on Wallace’s desk. Its the contract proposal. Wallace reaches over and takes them. He pages through them and sees something that catches his attention. A wide grin comes to face as he looks up at Xandor.

WALLACE: ”Here you are lecturing me about my sins while you try to sneak yours past me. Uh-uh. I don’t think so. I see the name here on the beneficiary form.”
Wallace puts down one of the sheets and points to a name written on it. Xandor just glares at Wallace.

WALLACE: ”Alexis Calloway. Or should I say, July 2011 Playboy Playmate Alexis Calloway?”
Xandor keeps silent but Wallace knows he’s got the upperhand on him. Even Daysi’s interest is piqued.

WALLACE: ”So the rumors are true. The Patron Saint is dating a former Playboy Playmate. Wow! I never saw that coming! Did you Daysi?”
Daysi shakes her head and mouths “No.”

WALLACE: ”You think she’d do some promotional work for us? I can make it worth her while.”
Xandor is seething with the realization that his personal life has found interest with the 4CW brass.

WALLACE: ”Maybe an autograph? Loved her portfolio. She is incredibly sexy. How’d you pull that off anway? Prayer? Holy water?”
Wallace is loving every moment of this exchange. Xandor stands up buts leans forward to look Wallace straight in the eyes. A cold, sober tone comes from his voice.

KALEL: ”My private life is exactly that…private. I’m here to do what’s right for 4CW. That’s all you and the rest of the company needs to know about me.”
A surprised look comes over Wallace’s face as he looks back at Xandor across the table.

WALLACE: ”I’m sorry, Xandor. I didn’t mean to pry. I’m all about business and what’s good for it. I really do respect the need to keep personal life away from business. I don’t know what sins you feel need to be cleansed but this is a dirty business. I just hope that I’m not under your watchful eye.”
The eyes of the Patron Saint are fixed on the 4CW owner. It’s almost as if Xandor is looking into his soul.

KALEL: ”As long as you run this company with integrity and fairness, you won’t have to worry about me. As for your more…”
Xandor turns his head and looks over in Daysi’s direction before returning his stare to Wallace.

KALEL: ”…personal sins, that’s none of my business. That’s between you and the Creator. But heed this warning, Perry: ‘How terrible it will be for those who do evil in my sight. They think no one will see them. But the Most High makes known secrets that are deep and hidden; he knows what is hidden in darkness, and he will bring everything into the light so they might face judgment.’ I am the Judgment of the Most High sent to 4CW. When I sign this 4CW contract, the war for the soul of this company begins. Pray to God you’re on the winning side.”
Wallace is stunned by Xandor’s passionate warning. Whether he takes it to heart is not apparent. But he does show Xandor some respect with a nod as he slides a formal contract in front of him and places a pen on top of it. Xandor takes the pen and signs the contract making him a 4CW superstar once again.

WALLACE: ”Wow… I don’t know what to think about that but I will keep it in mind. It looks like things are official! Welcome back to 4CW. Make yourself at home and enjoy the show. We have drinks and a buffet in the…”
Before Wallace can even finish his sentence, Xandor backs away towards the door and exits, leaving Wallace hanging on those last words. Wallace then walks from around the desk towards the door as well and pops his head out, watching as Xandor slowly gets further and further away. He then turns to Daysi in silence and looks her in the eyes. A grin then comes over his face as he jumps on the couch with her, wrapping his arms around her.

WALLACE: ”Whether anyone is watching or not, let’s get back to our life of sin together!”


JOHNSON: “Champion versus champion, such a rare occasion in any federation, here in 4CW where the competition is at the top level in our industry, champion again champion sets the stage for something special.”
VASSA: “I couldn’t agree with you more, Nathaniel Havok the Extreme Champion, Lo’Renzo Porter the Pride Champion, this is going to be great. I’ve already got goosebumps!”
JOHNSON: “Here comes the first champion now…”
“Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system of the theater, accompanied by a huge pop from the crowd. Yellow strobe lights flicker around the entire theater, as we anxiously await the arrival of Mr. 4CW himself.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred forty two pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “Mr. 4CW”, and the 4CW EXTREME CHAMPION, The Enforcer of Sorrow, NATHANIEL HHAAVVOOKK!!!””
Havok makes his way to the entrance ramp, walking slowly, observing the fans in attendance, with a smirk on his face from all the love and adulation of the fans. He slowly takes the Extreme Championship off of his waist, and lifts it into the air, as the yellow strobe lights continue to flicker throughout the entire theater. Nathaniel throws the title onto his shoulder, and begins walking down the ramp, still observing the fans that surround him. He looks cold, calculated, but most importantly, he looks ready for a fight. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully from the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd, Championship again held high above his head. He hops down and stands in the corner, as the referee comes over and takes his title, handing it to the time keeper, as his music fades out.

VASSA: “You’ve got to think that Havok would have hoped this match would have been under extreme rules.”
JOHNSON: “It would have swung this match into his favor, after witnessing the match at Winter Wasteland I don’t think there’s a better fitting Extreme Champion than Nathaniel Havok.”
VASSA: “That was an incredible match, but you’ve got to wonder if that took the wind out of the sails a little for tonight’s match.”
“Beleive Me” by Ace Hood begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in tydie knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey dc wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling, raising his left hand to his face while he raises his Pride Title in the air with his right.
He begins making his way down the ramp, pausing to sign a few autographs before continuing his way to the ring, slapping hands as he does. He steps inside the ring where he spins in a circle before coming to a knee in the center of the ring. He crosses his chest before looking up and looking out at the crowd to his right.
He jumps up to his feet, jumping up and down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters once more, this time the Pride title high in the air. He runs up a turnbuckle before faking the back flip he normally does, instead he points out to the crowd before saluting them, taking his bandanna from around his dreads and throwing it into the crowd, wrapping his Pride title before kissing it and jumping down from the turnbuckle before passing it to the ref. Setting up in his corner he closes his eyes for a few seconds before letting out a deep breathe, Flipp ready for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: “Speaking of incredible matches at Winter Wasteland. Lo’Renzo Porter was taken to the limit by Ramona Lea Epps, and while it wasn’t an extreme match they pushed the boundaries and that too could have taken a little out from Porter here tonight.”
VASSA: “He is the youngest champion in 4CW, he is also now the longest reigning champion here in 4CW. There are hot streaks, then there are hot streaks and Flipp has been on a hot streak.”
JOHNSON: “We will find out here soon enough, champion against champion! Here’s the bell and here we go!”
The two champions slowly make their way towards the center of the ring, each one moving to their right trying to anticipate what the other one is about to do. Havok fakes a leg shoot, which causes Porter to take a defensive stance himself and then Porter counters with a fake shoot himself. They meet center in the ring for a collar and elbow lock up, the two do a little pushing back and forth but it is Havok who is able to get to the advantage as he pushes Porter up against the ropes, forcing a rope break by the referee. Havok backs off and once again the two lock up in the center of the ring, this time it is Porter who is able to push his opponent up against the ropes again forcing a second rope break.

JOHNSON: “You get the sense here they both of these champions are just in the process of feeling each other right now. Neither man wants to be the first to make a mistake as they know that could cost them the match.”
VASSA: “With the level of competition this high, you’re exactly right. One mistake and it could be all over like that.”
For a third time the two lock up dead center in the ring, instead of pushing each other around, this time it is Porter who does a quick go-behind move and wraps around the waist of Havok. Havok swings back elbows wildly in an attempt to break the hold, but Porter is able to duck away from each one and counters by lifting up Havok and dumping him to the mat face first with the first takedown of the match. Havok quickly scrambles back to his feet and the two run into the ring ropes, Havok holds onto the top ropes as Porter tries going for the roll through and instead rolls through by himself. Havok spins around just in enough time to duck out of the way of a charging clothesline by Porter! On the rebound, Havok hits a single arm drag flip sending Porter flipping to the mat, Porter springs back up and connects with a single arm drag flip of his own on Havok.

JOHNSON: “These two just exchanging moves back and forth here early on in a sort of game one-up manship. Neither man is able to really get to the advantage here right away.”
VASSA: “They could be just figuring out what to do here. Where to go next, and how to hit the other guy harder.”
The two charge at each other once again, as the intensity on their faces begins to show through, Porter ducks the clothesline and goes behind looking for a quick neckbreaker, but Havok counters that as he rolls through into a front face lock. Havok goes for a quick suplex from that hold, but Porter counters as he slides out of the suplex behind Havok!! Porter spins Havok around looking for a DDT, but Havok counters with a Northern Lights suplex and holds it for the first pinfall attempt of the match!

JOHNSON:”What great back and forth action there as Nathaniel Havok gets the first big shot in with that Northern lights suplex into a pin, but he could only a two and a half on that count.”
VASSA: “Mostly out of shock, I’d imagine, Porter’s still really fresh out there.”
Indeed, Porter springs back up to his feet after the near fall but waiting for him is Havok who charges in going for a running kneelift. Porter is able to hold on and counters it into a crucifix roll up, the referee isn’t even able to get into position before Havok kicks out and gets to his feet as well, but by then Porter is waiting for him and flips the Extreme champion high into the air with a belly to belly suplex!! Havok crashes down onto the mat and bounces from the impact from that move!! Havok tries to scramble back up to his feet, but Porter charges into the corner and hits a knee to the midsection of Havok. As Havok stumbles out from the corner, Porter leaps up and nails him in the back of the head with an enzugiri!! Havok falls face first to the mat and Porter flips him over and goes for a pinfall of his own…

VASSA: “He almost got him there!”
JOHNSON: “Lo’Renzo Porter with the nearfall after that echoing kick to the back of Nathaniel Havok’s head!”
Porter pulls Havok back up to his feet picks him high up into the air and comes down with an atomic drop, Havok stumbles forward in pain as Porter charges in at him from a rebound off of the ropes and connects with a clothesline that sends Havok over the top ropes and to the floor below! Porter waits long enough to see that Havok is starting to stir and then charges off of the ropes again and dives through the middle and top ropes connecting with a flying elbow strike!! Both men tumble to the ground after that move, which gets the crowd to their feet!

JOHNSON: “Suicide dive to the outside there wiping out Nathaniel Havok.”
VASSA: “I don’t like the tactic of Porter taking the Extreme champion to the outside of the ring, just too dangerous in my opinion.”
Porter is the first to get himself back up while Havok has a bit of trouble pulling himself up with use of the guardrail on the outside. Porter hits a double axehandle across the Extreme champion’s back which causes him to stumble a bit, Porter grabs Havok by the back of the head and tosses him shoulder first into the guardrailing knocking it back a little bit in the process from the impact. The referee begins to count both men out in the process, which causes Porter to turn his attention away from Havok for a moment before going back to bring him back into the ring. In the delay, Havok gets the advantage and tosses Porter face first into the ring post!! Havok then pulls the Pride champion back up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Havok waits for Porter to get back up to his feet before he leaps up and connects with a driving shoulder block which knocks him right back down to the mat!!

JOHNSON: “Big time move there by the Extreme champion, and now the momentum is swinging back towards Havok once again.”

VASSA: “These two going back and forth, who’s the better champion? That’s what I’ve got to know!”

Havok gets back up to his feet heads over towards the corner turnbuckle and climbs up to the middle rope while facing Porter in the ring. Porter doesn’t move in time as Havok leaps off and connects with a leg drop!! Havok hooks the leg of Porter and goes for a quick pin as the referee slides into position…

JOHNSON: “Only two there as Lo’Renzo Porter powers out of that pinning attempt, I think he’s trying to say that’s not going to put down the Pride champion. Not tonight.”
VASSA: “Which only gives more fire for Havok here to prove he can put the other champion down.”
JOHNSON: “Could be.”
Porter pulls himself to his feet, but Havok is ready to meet him as he wraps his arms around the midsection of Porter from behind and muscles him up and over right onto his shoulders with an incredible German suplex complete with the bridge, the referee goes to count again.
There isn’t even an hesitation by the Extreme champion as Porter kicks out of that hold, Havok springs off of the ring ropes and dives in feet first kicking Porter with both feet upside the head!! Porter flips over from the impact of that one, Havok gets right back up stands there for a moment and then leaps up high into the air before crashing down on his opponent with a standing senton splash! He still isn’t done, he pulls the Pride champion back up to his feet, doubles him over hooks the leg for a fisherman’s suplex and..
..turns it into a cradle piledriver right there dead center in the ring!!

JOHNSON: “Havok hits the All Killer, No Filler!! Here’s the cover… the hook of the leg…”

JOHNSON: “The referee holds two fingers in the air as the crowd nearly popped for the victory there. Havok seems a bit frustrated after hitting that vicious driver right there in the middle of the ring, but Porter isn’t giving up so easily and was able to slip the shoulder just before the hand came down for a third time!!”
VASSA: “Oh man, come on.”
JOHNSON: “The heart of the champion continues to beat here.”
Porter starts to stir as Havok gives a little bit of a tired and shocked look towards the crowd that he kicked out of that one. Havok pulls himself back up to his feet and pulls Lo’Renzo back to his feet as well, Havok nails him with a stiff shot to the head followed up elbow strike! Havok tosses Lo’Renzo into the corner turnbuckle with a heavy thud. Havok drops to one knee, before springing back up and charging into the corner right after him, but Porter is able to get his foot up in defense and nails Havok under the jaw with that one! Porter, still a bit loopy is unable to follow it up which allows Havok to leap up at him into the corner, but Porter catches it and…
…slams Havok down back first with an Alabama Slam!! Porter then holds onto Havok’s legs as he leaps over the top with a bridging pin!! The referee slides in for the count…

VASSA: “They’re pulling at the strings of my heart now! Who is the better champion!? I have to know!”
JOHNSON: “Vinny, calm down. Calm down. You’re foaming at the mouth!”
VASSA: “I am, I really am!”
Porter gets back up to his feet before Havok can, Porter boots Havok right in the gut and sets him up for what looks like a standing headscissor before a powerbomb, but instead Lo’Renzo gives a sign to the crowd that he’s going to flip this man around! The crowd gets up to their feet as Lo’Renzo flips over the back of Havok and….
…drives him head first into the mat with an incredible flip powerbomb!! Porter leaps over the top of Havok and quickly goes for the pinning attempt here. The crowd counts along with the referee’s had hitting the mat.

JOHNSON: “No! No! Havok got his foot on the ropes! Havok with the presence of mind to put the botoom of his boot onto the bottom of ring ropes and this match will continue here tonight!”
VASSA: “Oh my God! Come on, you’re killing me here guys.”
Even Lo’Renzo Porter is in a little bit of a shock as he turns to see that yes, Havok was able to get his foot on the ropes by a mere inch or two. Porter tries to shake the damage from this match off as he once again pulls himself back up to his feet, almost thinking of what he could do next.

JOHNSON: “One of these guys have got to try a rest hold here before Vinny passes out.”
VASSA: “Please do, that would allow me to breath a little bit here.”
JOHNSON: “Just to note to the guys in the back, we might need some oxygen out here soon.”
Porter heads towards the ring as Havok begins to try and get his feet back up under him, and he’s not having a lot of luck. Havok is a bit wobbly as Porter takes his place near the ring ropes on the inside almost waiting for Havok to stumble into place. Just as he does, Porter leaps up onto the middle turnbuckle and springboards off connecting with an amazing looking moonsault!! Havok crumbles under the shot and Porter lands on top of him with a heavy thud. The referee once again slides into position for the three count… the fans, still buzzing, count along again.

JOHNSON: “So close again! But the Extreme champion is able to pick up the shoulder one more time there in the middle of the ring.”
VASSA:”This match cannot be good for my health!”
JOHNSON: “Your health? What about theirs?”
VASSA: “I’m holding on here… barely! I can’t worry about them!”
Once again the Pride champion looks a bit shocked by the fact that Havok kicked out of that moonsault pin. The frustration shows this time as he slams his hands into the mat before starting to pull himself back up to his feet. Havok is hardly moving, just enough to roll onto his stomach and try to get his legs and arms underneath him. Porter points towards the corner turnbuckle and begins to head that way as the crowd once again begins to get back up to their feet with anticipation as the Pride champion begins to climb to the top. Porter leaps from the top ropes…
…and connects with nothing but the mat with a flying knee attempt as Havok rolls out of the way!! Porter rolls forward and turns around as Havok rights himself in the ring and…
…connects with a desperation superkick out of nowhere!! Porter crumbles to the mat as the kick connects squarely into the jaw, Havok too falls to the mat as he is unable to capitalize and make the pin right away. Slowly, the Extreme champion pulls himself over to where Porter is laying on his back looking up at the lights and drapes his arm across him. The referee slides in for the three count, the crowd on their feet begin to count again.

JOHNSON: “Lo’Renzo Porter kicked out!! He kicked out at two and a half!!”
VASSA: “I just don’t believe it. He nearly got his head kicked off from Havok’s Sorrow Enforced, and he kicks out?!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know how he kicked out, but he did and this match will continue.”
Slowly, Havok pulls himself back up to his feet first as Porter still struggles to get back up to his feet from that devestating kick he took. Havok, with sweat pouring from his brow, stands ready to strike as Lo’Renzo tries to gather himself in the ring. Lo’Renzo spins around only to be met with a big boot to the midsection. Havok then sets him up with a standing headscissors, and hooks his arms under the waist looking for the package piledriver, the crowd stands up knowing what this means and as Havok goes to lift him up, Porter is able to stop the attempt. Havok tries again, breaking the hold to smack Porter across the back a couple of times with stiff forearms and then once again lifts, Porter is able to counter it for a second time!! This time Porter stands up and twists around dropping Havok throat first across the top rope!!

JOHNSON: “Great counter there by the Pride champion!”
VASSA: “I’m still amazed he could stand!”
Havok stands up holding his throat in pain as he turns around, he is met by a flash kick to the side of the jaw by Lo’Renzo Porter!! The crowd pops as Havok crumbles to the mat, Porter falls to his knees and then manages to pretty much flop down on top of Havok for the cover. The referee slides in…

VASSA: “Oh my!”
POWERS: ”Your winner by pin fall, Lo’Renzo “FLIPP” PPOORRTTEERR!!!”
JOHNSON: “And there you have it folks, on this night Lo’Renzo Porter was able to answer the question who is the better champion, maybe just for tonight though. I can imagine this match could have gone either way multiple times.”
The referee holds up Lo’Renzo’s arm in victory as “Beleive Me” by Ace Hood begins playing over the PA system. Porter is handed his Pride championship belt and gives a nod towards his opponent as he makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp. Havok begins to pull himself back up to his feet in the ring as well, the crowd gives him a big hand as well to the effort.

JOHNSON: “Let’s do that again, huh Vinny?”
VASSA: “I don’t know if my heart could take round two, but what the hell? I’d die happy.”
Just then from out of the crowd comes out Dakota Smith, still with dried up blood on his face and chest from his match earlier, Smith slides into the ring with a steel chair in hand so that Havok can see him coming. Dakota goes for the knockout shot with the chair, but Havok is able to duck out of the way and rebounds off of the farside of the ropes leaping into the air going for a Yakuza kick…
…only to be nailed on the foot by the chair of Smith!! Havok falls to the ground clutching his leg in serious pain!! Smith puts the chair in the middle of the ring and pulls Havok up to his feet quickly, and nails the Deadman Wonderland directly onto the chair!!

JOHNSON: “Enough is enough, come on. Stop this!”
VASSA: “I don’t think Smith knows the meaning of stop.”
Smith slides out of the ring and grabs hold of the Extreme title belt, he stands over the fallen Nathaniel Havok with sick smile dropping the title to his feet and spitting in its direction for one final F you to the champion. With that, he begins to make his way out of the ring as the crowd boos loudly.

JOHNSON: “The disrespect. These two are going to meet down the line, folks. These two are going to meet and there might not be two men who walk out of that ring that night, mark my words on that one.”

Backstage in the Black Dahlias’ locker room the team are celebrating their win. The smoky haze in the room is starting to build into Tokyo or London status. Sativa is reclining in an arm chair with a fat blunt in between her slim fingers. Across from her, lounging on a couch and trying to take some selfies is Ramona. She’s pouting her lips and pushing her chest up at the phone’s camera, trying to look as seductive as possible. Sativa takes a puff off her blunt and rolls her eyes.

SATIVA: “I think your flavor of the month has enough for the spank bank.”
Ramona gives Sativa a look that says ‘did you really just say that?’

RAMONA: “Gotta keep him happy. Don’t need no trolls tryin to steal him away. Like that would ever happen. That poor boy was like a puppy in a shelter, he’s going to be loyal for life since I saved him from dull sex death row.”
SATIVA: “Didn’t you, you know, nevermind. Not like he needs that many pics sent his way. Can barely pull you off his dick it seems…”
RAMONA: “I’m just havin fun. I thought you, of all people, would understand that.”
Ramona goes back to trying to take some more provocative selfies. Sativa takes another hit off her blunt and rests it in an ashtray. She gets up and grabs Ramona’s phone out of her hands. Clearly the woman needed an intervention.

SATIVA: “I’m all for fun but it has a time and place. We are the baddest bitches in this place, and the best tag team. And that means that we will have people gunning for us. We need to be focused on them. Not your flavor of the month.”
RAMONA: “Alright, alright! I got it. I promise he’s not going to be a distraction, my career will always come first. Can I have my phone back now?”
A sigh and eye roll from Sativa precedes her tossing Ramona’s phone onto the couch. Sativa sits back down picking up the blunt. She takes a puff off of it and offers it to Ramona. Ramona takes the blunt after picking up her phone.

SATIVA: “Now, we just had a cake walk through Mannie and his ‘man friend’ but they aren’t really important. We need to focus on the Champs and our belts.”
RAMONA: “What’s to worry about? It’s not like they are something special. Just a bigger blacker version of Liz Smalls and some failed call girl.”
SATIVA: “I couldn’t agree more. Just remember what happened earlier. We all know how bad Royce wants in your pants. We need to keep an eye out. I’ll get a hold of my guys that way we can have some added security.”
After taking a handful of puffs off the blunt Ramona hands it back to Sativa. She blows a few smoke rings before speaking.

RAMONA: “Couldn’t hurt, just give me ones that speak English. So, who do you think we will pull for our next match? The tag division is just overflowing with talent after all. Maybe Perry will punish us some more and make us face Niobe Martin and Christine Nash. Maybe we could beat the gothic teenage angst out of them and knock some sense into their heads.”
Her face screwed up like she’d just tasted something sour at the thought of that tag team.

SATIVA: “Maybe, the way people be coming out the wood work with teams it’s tough to tell. Could be we get to give the Film Addicts an Oscar for best receiving of an ass whooping too. Gonna be exciting, what with all the ‘friends’ I’ve been making.”
RAMONA: “You do got a talent for that one girl. I heard tell rumor that that little bald oompa loompa from ACE is gonna be here tonight. Might be running late, most taxi cabs don’t have booster seats in them.”
SATIVA: “I thought I smelled french fries while walking around backstage. Silly little potato dwarf just needs to watch himself. Might be a little hulk nut sack lookin mother fucker but I ain’t gonna back down from him. He wants his piece he knows where to find me. Things lookin like you got a little troll tryin to bite at your heels too.”
The blunt once again passes between the two ladies. Sativa gets more comfortable in the chair, exhaling smoke as she does. Ramona gladly accepts the blunt and takes a hit before speaking. Smoking escaping her lips as she speaks.

RAMONA: “Well, the little gremlin needs to learn her place. She is trippin if she don’t think I won’t fuck her world up. Leave the midget so wrecked Knox would have to use a whole roll of duct tape to put her back together just to fuck her.”
SATIVA: “I think that brings a whole new meaning to destroying that pussy…”
The blunt starts to burn low. The two ladies crack up laughing as the haze continues to grow in the room as the scene fades.

The shot of Inmate 31 standing near the Gorilla position as he is trying to catch his composure. His handler, The Warden, is trying to talk him about completely ignoring her all week.

THE WARDEN: ”Are you ever going to talk to me?”
She notices her client not paying any attention to her so she waves a hand in front of his face.

THE WARDEN: ”Earth to Inmate 31. Are you even listening to me? Hey, I am right fucking her….”
The Warden continues to wave her hand in front of his face until Inmate 31 catches it in mid wave. He quickly removes his dark sunshades to reveal some evil intent within his deep blue eyes. The Warden’s eyes widen as Inmate 31 gets right in her face.

INMATE 31: ”Unless you want to be a one handed bitch, I suggest you stop waving it in my face. Otherwise I will snap it off and slam it right down your throat. Now do yourself a favor and shut the hell up.”
He shoves The Warden’s arm back towards her while turning away from her face. Tears slowly roll down her cheek as the cameras quickly cut back inside Minglewood Hall.

The cameras float around Minglewood Hall as Vassa and Johnson try to establish what just happened between Inmate 31 and The Warden.

VASSA: ”Did we miss something?”
JOHNSON: ”I am beginning to wonder about that myself. They were the most dangerous duo to ever grace 4 Corners Wrestling.”
The opening riff of “Tear Away” echoes through the sound system as the double doors fling open. The house lights drop down as black lights with red filters fill the giant room. Inmate 31 walks through the double doors as one of the cameras catches him on the stage. His eyes are covered by dark sunshades while wearing a modified version of his face paint. He is still wearing the t-shirt from earlier on but wearing a black leather jacket instead of the vest. He exhales once while listening to growing boos from the live audience.

VASSA: ”Inmate 31 seems to be highly aggravated and from what we saw just a few minutes ago, it seems his relationship with The Warden is in trouble.”
JOHNSON: ”I am interested in hearing what he has to say about everything.”
He chuckles underneath his breath while sauntering down the ramp. He slowly looks back and forth while continuing to chuckle underneath his breath. “Tear Away” continues to play as Inmate 31 reaches the bottom of the ramp. He looks to the left side of the Hall then to the right side before leaping up onto the ring apron. A sinister smirk comes across Inmate 31’s painted face as he stays on his knee for five minutes.

VASSA: ”That smirk means Inmate 31 already has something up his sleeve.”
JOHNSON: ”No matter what it will be an interesting 30 minutes.”
Inmate 31 is handed a microphone as he enters the ring. He stands in the center of the ring and takes a moment to soak in all the boos. He brings the microphone up to his lips.

INMATE 31: ”I find it kind of comical to watch so many losers come into this place thinking they are the greatest thing since Steve Jobs created the iPhone. Well, let me tell you all something, the extreme division is about to get a major wake up call. Sativa got real lucky last time we faced off in the ring. I admit she got me but trust me when I say it wasn’t my best.”
He pauses to run a hand over his bald head.

INMATE 31: ”After that loss, I started wondering if this was worth it. That was until my true voice of reason reached out to me.”
Before Inmate 31 could continue, “Bitch” comes over the sound system as Daphne Landry also known as The Warden comes walking down the ramp. A look of anger comes across her face as two muscle bound orderlies are walking right beside her. One of them is holding the infamous straight jacket.

VASSA: ”The Warden looks a little pissed.”
JOHNSON: ”The look on her face kind of tells the whole story. Inmate 31, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to bothered that she is coming out here now.”
Daphne nearly sprints up the steps as she enters the ring. The two orderlies surround the ring as three more jump the guardrails. Inmate 31 continues to laugh as Daphne gets right in his face.

THE WARDEN: ”Who in the hell do you think you are? You are nothing more than my slave. You do exactly what I say. I am the reason you are even back here. Without me, you would be sitting at home crying about your pathetic career.”
Inmate 31 bursts out laughing which causes her to get even madder.

THE WARDEN: ”What is so funny?”
INMATE 31: ”You are funny. I mean do you hear yourself. You think you are the main reason for my return to 4 Corners Wrestling. I know you have it in your mind that it was you who unlocked my killer instinct. Well I hate to break it to ya, you just unearthed it from it’s dark slumber.”
THE WARDEN: ”I created you and I will destroy you. Maybe the next Inmate 31 will actually listen to me this time.”
INMATE 31: ”You can try to destroy me but if I go down. I will be taking you down with me. The true voices of reason warned me about you. I was really hoping they weren’t right but it is obvious. The voices of reason were right. Now, the Inmates are going to be running the Asylum.”
The Warden halls off and slaps Inmate 31 across the face. He sells the blow as she backs up a bit while her minions jump up on the ring apron. Inmate 31 begins counting as “Pieces” blares while Shamrock comes running down to the ring. The Warden notices the giant coming to his pal’s aid and tells all her minions to stop him. The minions try their hardest but get tossed around like little rag dolls. She turns back toward Inmate 31 who has dropped his microphone. She holds her hands up while continuing to back up. She tries to exit the ring but Shamrock is standing on the outside.
The Warden looks down at her big brute trying to keep him back. She stays inside the ring and backs right into her former client. She tries to run away but Inmate 31 catches her by the hair. She screams but Inmate 31 places her in a front facelock. She lifts her up high into the air before dropping her with a suplex cutter.

VASSA: ”BAR EXAM! I guess the voices are happy now.”
The Warden is flat on her face as Inmate 31 gets down on his stomach while holding another microphone in his hand.

INMATE 31: ”I warned you that the VOICES were not happy. I told you that the INMATES were now running the ASYLUM. Now, you will witness the winds of change here 4CW.”
He holds up his thumb toward The Warden.

INMATE 31: ”Click……”
He presses his thumb down like in a clicking motion.

“Tear Away” strikes back up as Inmate 31 slithers out of the ring like a snake. He joins Shamrock at the bottom of the ramp as the cameras cut away.

We skip to one of the back hallways of the Minglewood Hall, where we find all fours members of our well known and infamous 4CW tag teams of Team Slayer and The Byson Brothers engaged in a quarrel over who has more memorable losses. Just as we’re about to move from a shouting contest to a full blown shoving match between Billy and The Kidd and their counterparts, Bayne and Bryce Byson, Antoine Rage and Dustin Reeves enter off screen, wearing their matching Armani suits.

RAGE: “Ladies… Ladies… Ladies…”
REEVES: “What’s all the squawking about?”
RAGE: “Can’t we all just get along?”
Annoyed by the interruption, the two veteran tag teams muster enough brains to temporarily form an alliance, as one of them manages enough testosterone to reply back.

BILLY: ” Hey, this is an A and B argument so C your way out of it, fellas! Hehehe.”
THE KIDD: “Nice one bro! Hahaha!”
The members of Team Slayer high five each other as the giggle loudly at their own joke. Antoine Rage just shakes his head before once again addressing our “heroes” of the night, as Dustin Reeves gets in a good chuckle of his own.

RAGE: “Is this what 4CW really has to offer?”
REEVES: “Come man, they’re like Martin and Lewis. Hilarious and classic.”
Antoine Rage looks over at his friend with a raised eyebrow and a look of concern on his face.

REEVES: “I kid, I kid… Sheesh, don’t hurt anyone… Lets just do what we came HERE to do.”
With those magical words spoken last, the hell on earth broke loose. Antoine Rage quickly grabs The Kid by his head and drives it into the brick wall of the hallway… once… twice… three times. Seemingly dazed and disoriented The Kidd crumbles to the ground. Surprised by the sudden attack, Billy stammers back but Dustin Reeves swiftly grabs a hold of him and sends him flying into a stack of neatly stocked chairs and as he lands hard o the floor, they come crashing down on top of him. Seeing their opportunity, The Byson Brothers engage in the battle. Bayne tries to grab onto Antoine Rage but he’s spun around and leveled to the ground with a huge lariat as he hits the floor with a splat grabbing his back in pain. Meanwhile, Dustin Reeves is seen trying to put finishing touches on the downed Kidd just as Bryce Byson is about to smack him in the skull with a steel chair. But out of nowhere comes Antoine Rage to the rescue with a steel chair shot of his own. Bam! Bryce hits the ground. Dustin Reeves looks up at his partner realizing what just happened.

REEVES: “Thanks, dude! I owe you one…”
Antoine Rage flashes a cold glare as the camera zooms in closer on him; he points to the four men struggling to get back off the floor with a smirk on his face, intensity and intentions burning in his eyes. He smirks before speaking, but he’s interrupted by Dustin Reeves.

REEVES: “You might know who we are… but you don’t know why we’re here.”
RAGE: “What the hell are you talking about?”
REEVES: “I always wanted to say that! Sorry, dude.”
Obviously somewhat frustrated Antoine Rage snickers and looks at his companion in disbelief before looking back into the camera with a cold blank stare, he finishes what he originally planned to say.

RAGE: “4CW may not know who we are, YET… but only because half of these imbeciles are illiterate… But this will all change soon…. You have been warned.”
With that said the cameras cut away as we’re left with many unanswered questions.


The opening chords of “Love Me Electric” cut through the theater as the lights dim and a spotlight hits the curtain as The Dirty Devil walks out from behind it.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first from Dirtyville, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty nine pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Dirty Devil”, Connor GATES!!!”
He raises his hands up from his sides as the crowd cheers him on. He may not be the most popular guy in the world but the crowd connects with him as Connor slides under the bottom rope and rests his forearm on his knee as he looks out over the crowd.
They are already singing along with the music as he stands to his feet and gets to his feet. Walking over and resting one foot on the second rope and the other on the bottom rope as he leans forward and yells at the crowd to get them all fired up for the ass kicking he is about to deliver to his opponent.

JOHNSON: ”It’s time for our main event folks and Connor Gates has been hot since signing with 4CW!”
VASSA: ”He’s been very impressive and has built a winning streak since walking through the door.”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago he had his toughest challenge against Roxi Johnson. That match could have went either way but he pulled it off with the win over the 4CW vet.”
VASSA: ”He has his hands full tonight as he’ll be squaring off against the 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins!”
JOHNSON: ”This will be a true challenge for him and if he can carry on his winning streak, I’m certain that will surely muddy up the title picture.”
VASSA: ”We can’t forget about Cashe! He has yet to get his rematch and if I know him, he’s not going to let anything stand in between him and Hopkins.”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds…
“How many start a journey, but never see the end
I never ask how, conceive it then speak in whens
A man will work his whole life to see his ego shed
I sew it up needle head all I need is thread
A team can only take it as far as its strongest leader
The streets are red, runnin with the blood of non-believers”
As “Fate” by Ces Cru came in, Hopkins appeared from the back, the only thing shining was the new and shiny 4CW Championship belt around his waist as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.

POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred eight pounds. He is the 4CW Champion, JAIIRRR …. HOPKINSSS!!!”
“I’m out for action what the fuck are y’all about relaxin’?
They can doubt my sanity but never doubt my passion
And I don’t know why they deceive us, feed us lies mislead us
He who denies what he has seen is worse than blind believers
I just play the cards the way they’re dealt.”
The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Unwrapping the title from around his waist, he holds it up high in the air, showing it off as the camera flashes catches every frame of movement. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to start.

VASSA: ”And there’s the champ!”
JOHNSON: ”We haven’t seen him in action since Winter Wasteland. Hopefully the bumps and bruises have healed because Connor has proven not to be a push over.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know about the bumps and bruises but I can see where that braid once was. I bet that still hurts.”
JOHNSON: ”Him and Cashe did a number on each other and it’s far from over. Tonight though, that should be the last thing on Jair’s mind.”
VASSA: ”Being his first match since becoming the 4CW champion, I’m sure he feels like there’s something to prove.”
JOHNSON: ”Something to prove? He’s the champion! He defeated Cashe for the championship, after a long reign. A two time 4CW Champion!”
VASSA: ”Heavy is the head that wears the crown…”
Hopkins reaches over the ropes and hands the championship to a member of the ringside crew. The ref then checks with each corner and gets the nod before throwing his hand in the air and signaling for the bell.
The two leave their corners, keeping a close eye on each other, neither in a rush. Meeting in the center of the ring, the two lock up as the fans watch in excitement. Hopkins takes lead and slides in behind Gates, pulling his arm behind him and folding it behind his back. Gates then throws an elbow back for Hopkins but misses as Hopkins leans back. With his arm still locked behind his back, Hopkins holds on with his other hand around Gates waist and lifts him in the air for a suplex. Once up, Gates flips over, pulling his arm away and comes down to his feet behind Hopkins. He then wraps his arms around Hopkins waist and pulls back for a German suplex but Hopkins locks his leg with his, keeping himself on the mat. With the momentum, Gates falls backwards to the mat as his grip slips from Hopkins waist.
Quickly pushing himself up to his feet, Gates shrugs it off as Hopkins stares back at him, ready for him to make another move. Gates then bombards him with a series of punches and sharp elbows. Blocking them one after the other, Hopkins then connects with a backhand chop across Gates chest, sending a sharp sound cutting over the cheers of the crowd. Hopkins then grabs him by the head and drives his knee upward into Gates stomach, knocking the breath out of him. Hopkins then stands him straight up and delivers another stinging backhand chop to the chest. He then hits Gates with a gut kick and drops him to the mat with an implant DDT.
Gates rolls over to his back as Hopkins gets up to his feet. Hopkins then jumps into the air and comes down with an elbow drop across Gates chest with grace. Rolling over and up to his feet, Hopkins then walks around to his head and while Gates holds his chest. He then leaps into the air and comes down with a leg drop across the throat of Gates, sending his feet shooting upward in the air. Hopkins then gets back up and looks around the theater as the fans wait for the next move. He then grabs Gates by the head and lifts him up to his feet before throwing him to the corner, crashing into the turnbuckle.

VASSA: ”So far Hopkins is showing Connor why he’s the 4CW Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”Unlike Connor, Hopkins has been in this company for a while now, he’s familiar with the surroundings and what the competition is all about.”
VASSA: ”Gates is hot though! He’s on a streak…”
With Gates in the corner, Hopkins takes off from stand still and runs towards him. Leaping in the air, he goes for a body splash in the corner but collides with the turnbuckle as Gates quickly moves out of the way. Hopkins bounces off the turnbuckle and stumbles back into a quick kidney shot from Gates. He then lifts Hopkins up and drops him across his knee with a backbreaker. Falling to his stomach, Hopkins hits the mat with a thud. Gates then stands to both feet and wastes no time before moving in. Kicking Hopkins in the ribs with a stinging right foot, he flips him over to his back. Gates then jumps in the air and lands on Hopkins, mounting himself on top.
Gates then fires away with elbow strikes, connecting with each side of Hopkins head, bouncing it back and forth. After landing quite a few, Gates stands up over Hopkins and swings down, connecting with a right haymaker. He then grabs Hopkins by the head and pulls him up to his feet. With Hopkins head still in his hands, Gates lunges his head forward and connects with a brutal headbutt right between the eyes. Hopkins falls backwards and slams into the corner, holding himself up with the ropes on each side. Gates then moves towards him and locks up. Blocking the refs view with his body, Gates gouges Hopkins eyes with his thumb and then slams his head forward once more, connecting with another headbutt.
Leaning against the corner in a daze, Hopkins holds himself up with the ropes. Gates then leaps into the air and lands a knee underneath his chin, sending his head flying back and slamming against the top of the ring post. Gates then takes a few steps back, leaving Hopkins a little room as he stumbles forward. As he gets closer, Gates drops to the mat and then takes Hopkins down as well with a drop toe hold, slamming his head into the canvas.

VASSA: ”Connor has turned this match around quick like!”
JOHNSON: ”And not just against anyone but the 4CW champion!”
VASSA: ”The mans on a hot streak! Then again, So is Hopkins coming off a big championship win so this could change at any given moment.”
Gates pops up to his feet as the roars from the crowd overtake him, drawing his attention. He looks over the theater, soaking in the electric vibes of everyone in attendance. He then grabs Hopkins by the head and lifts him up. Just as he gets to both feet, Hopkins wraps his arms around Gates waist and lifts him up from the mat and slams him to the canvas, driving his shoulder into his stomach. He then leans up with his knees holding down Gates arms to the mat and throws a hard right, connecting with his jaw. Hopkins then throws a left, smashing it across the other side of his face. Hopkins then grabs Gates with both hands around his head and slams his down, delivering a nasty headbutt of his own. Hopkins then rolls backwards and away from Gates, holding his head after taking a bit of damage himself.
Hopkins then pushes himself up and moves in on Gates. With his mid-section open, Hopkins stomps on his stomach a few times, knocking the breath out of him with each landing boot. He then grabs Gates by the arm and pulls him up to his feet. Kneeing him in the stomach, Hopkins then positions himself behind Gates and drops him to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker. He then gets up and runs over to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, he waits as Gates slowly begins to push himself up. Once to his feet, Hopkins leaps from the top rope and collides with a flying crossbody. As Gates back hits the mat, Hopkins stays on top and hooks the leg for a quick pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Oh that was close!”
VASSA: ”We ainit playing horseshoes so close ain’t gonna cut it.”
JOHNSON: ”The opportunity was there…”
Hopkins doesn’t waste a moment and pushes himself up. He grabs Gates by the head and pulls him up to his feet as well. Hopkins then spins around and comes forward with a lariat, knocking Gates to the canvas. He then grabs Gates by the leg and rolls him over to his back. After locking his arm around it, he goes for a single leg crab but surprisingly, Gates picks him away with his other leg and breaks the attempt. Before Gates can create some space in between the two, Hopkins rushes in and stomps on his ankle, sending a sharp pain up his leg as he releases a gruesome moan. Hopkins then pulls him back to his feet and lifts Gates up onto his shoulder with a fireman’s carry and holds him up for a moment before falling back and executing a Samoan Drop.
Rolling around the mat, Gates makes his way to the other side of the ring before Hopkins can even get back to his feet. Hopkins quickly moves in on him and drops a knee across his ankle, working that same one. He then goes to lift Gates to his feet but as he does, Gates gouges the eyes once again, this time clearly in the refs view. As Hopkins backs away, holding his eye, the ref warns Gates while giving him the time to get up as well. After shaking it off, Hopkins looks at Gates who stares back across the ring at him. The two then slowly approach each other, meeting in the center of the ring.
Waiting for the other to make the move, the two circle each other. Gates then lunges forward and locks up with Hopkins. Gates then drives his knee into Hopkins side. He then locks his arms around Hopkins arm and flips him over his back, slamming him to the mat. Hopkins rolls over and up to his feet, shaking it off as Gates looks on, eager to make the next move. The two then lock up again but this time show a true test of strength as they fight for leverage over the other. Hopkins begins to take lead and starts backing Gates into the corner but out of nowhere, Gates gouges the eyes once more, this time harder than the last. The ref quickly moves in and forces himself between the two and backs Gates into the corner, yelling at him with another warning and threatening with a disqualification.

VASSA: ”They don’t call him the Dirty Devil for nothing!”
JOHNSON: ”This is his second warning. Might as well be the third but he was lucky enough to sneak the first one by the ref.”
Hopkins backs into the corner on the opposite side of the ring while the ref continues to warn Gates. A loud pop then overcomes the crowd…

JOHNSON: ”Wait a second!”
Coming through the crowd, Jason Cashe climbs over the barricade and grabs the 4CW championship from the announcers booth. He then stealthily climbs onto the apron behind Hopkins and lunges over the top rope with it, smashing it into the back of his head.

JOHNSON: ”Oh come on!”
VASSA: ”I knew it was only a matter of time before Cashe struck!”
Hopkins falls forward to the mat as Cashe drops down from the apron. He tosses the championship aside and climbs back over the barricade into the electric crowd. Back in the ring, the ref turns around after warning Gates only to see Hopkins laid out on the canvas. Looking around the ring for anything out of place, he finds nothing as a look of confusion overtakes his emotions.
Gates stands in the corner, looking on in confusion as well. He looks over the theater and shrugs his shoulders before walking over to Hopkins and dropping down to his knees. He then rolls Hopkins over to his back and pauses for a moment, still in wonder of what just happened. Gates then covers Hopkins for the pin as the ref has no choice but to drop down for the count.

VASSA: ”Connor Gates with the win! He’s beat the 4CW Champion right here on Adrenaline!”
JOHNSON: ”Yea, with a little help from the former champ, Cashe.”
VASSA: ”It is what it is, a win is a win.”
“Love Me Electric” hits the speakers as Gates slowly stands to his feet, shocked by the outcome of the match. The ref then stands beside him and raises his arm into the air.

POWERS: ”Your winner by pin fall… CONNOR GGAATTEESS!!!”
Gates celebrates the win, still in confusion as to what happened. Meanwhile, Cashe has made his way to the back of the theater, mixing it up with the fans as the theater goes wild. Cashe looks back at the ring, with a smile on his face. He then disappears in the crowd as he makes his way out of sight. Back in the ring, Gates paces around the ring, still soaking in the big win over the champ.

JOHNSON: ”Well that was just unexpected! We can’t even have a decent main event without others getting involved.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know why this is such a shock to you. We ALL knew it was only a matter of time before Cashe made his move and the impact has been felt here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”For someone looking for a rematch clause, he’s making a hard case for himself by promoting other talent, potential threats for what he believes is truly his.”
VASSA: ”It’s the nature of the beast!”
JOHNSON: ”You call it what you want but Cashe could have waited until he climbed back in the ring with Hopkins to make his move. This was out of nowhere!”
VASSA: ”It’s the element of surprise! I’m still in disbelief that those two didn’t tango two weeks ago. To make it this long without an altercation, I’m shocked.”
JOHNSON: ”And once again, we have another crazy ending for Adrenaline.”
VASSA: ”This whole night has been crazy and it’s only the calm before the storm. Things are about to go into chaos mode before too long.”
JOHNSON: ”And we’ll be right here when it does. Until then, we’re out of time folks. This has been another great night of Adrenaline but the show must come to an end. Be sure to tune in two weeks from tonight as we head over to North Carolina and continue infecting the Southern States with the great product that’s 4CW. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and good night!”