MARCH 11TH, 2015


The match starts out with Cole in control from the beginning, taking down Monroe with a clothesline. He capitalizes with a stomp and then several mounted punches. Monroe just barely manages to get free. Jackson immediately comes back with a big boot and an elbow drop.
Monroe is down for several seconds, barely managing to get to his feet before the ten count only to get taken down with a thunderous spinebuster. Cole follows up with a pair of stomps and then locks on a Boston crab submission. For a few moments it looks as though Monroe is about to tap out, but Jackson lets go, not yet ready to be done with his opponent!
Malachi charges, but Cole steps out of the way at the last moment and Monroe hangs up on the ropes. Jackson takes advantage and floors him with a powerbomb that shakes the ring. Jackson pulls Malachi up by the hair and slams him back to the mat with a one handed spinebuster. Cole gives Monroe all the time he needs to stagger to his feet before hitting him with the Canadian Codebreaker and covering for the 1-2-3!


In an uncommon show of sportsmanship the two shake hands before the match begins. As soon as the bell rings Talia dodges a calf kick from Richards, rebounding off of the robes for a crossbody. Using her impressive speed the spritely Lea hops up on the turnbuckle and nails a picture perfect hurricanrana. Jason Richards uses his frustration to power back with an uppercut followed by a slingshot leg drop.
Jason capitalizes and locks on a cloverleaf, but Talia is able to get a hand on the ropes. Lea drops Richards with a heel kick and tries to put him away with a Ring of Lea, but Jason gets to his feet and catches her midair, throwing her into the turnbuckles! Jason hits two successive corner knee strikes and tries for an elevated flatliner, but Talia breaks free with a standing dropkick.
Jason shows off his technical skill with a high angle Boston crab, but once again Talia manages to get a hand on the ropes! The Starstrukk Princess is clearly feeling the pain, but she’s not out of the match just yet. Richards attempts a blue thunder driver, but Lea reverses into a headscissor takedown! Talia soaks in the cheers from the crowd just a few moments too long, allowing Jason to recover and hit the Wolf’s Blood! Richards make the cover and the match is over.


As the bell rings Jarrett plays the crowd for a few moments, but Morrison is in no mood to waste time and takes it to Dustin with a snap suplex. Andrew quickly follows up with a few stomps before Jarrett rolls out of the way. He comes back with a standing dropkick that sends Morrison into the ropes. When Andrew bounces back Dustin takes him down with a DDT.
Jarrett locks on a crossface, but in a matter of moments Morrison wrestles free and puts him in a
dragon sleeper! After several seconds of struggling Dustin just barely manages to get his hands on the rope. Andrew stamps his feet in anger, storming around the ring. Jarrett waits for the right moment and rushes in for a running hurricanrana!
Dustin bounces off the ropes, looking to keep his momentum, but Morrison counters with a spinebuster that leaves the smaller man in obvious pain. Andrew locks Jarrett up and delivers several knees to the midsection. Dustin breaks free and attempts a yakuza kick, but Morrison grabs Jarrett for the Damnation Driver and covers him for the win!


As soon as the bell rings Veronica makes the first move, hitting newcomer Felicity Banks with huge bitch slap! Banks holds the side of her face for a moment, looking enraged, before taking Veronica down with a DDT. The two tumble across the mat, pulling hair and screaming at one another. Banks ends up on top and pulls Taylor to her feet by the hair before hitting a sitout jawbreaker.
Veronica powers back with a hairmare, followed quickly by and elbow drop. Felicity sends Taylor staggering with an open palm strike and then knocks her clear out of the ring with a superkick! The ref counts to 7 before Veronica manages to get back in the ring. Banks misses a running knee and Taylor capitalizes with a back rake, then a backbreaker!
Felicity baseball slides between Veronica’s legs and takes her to the mat wit a dropkick. She uses her foot to choke Taylor against the ropes, holding on until the last possible moment before disqualification. As the referee chastises Banks, Veronica climbs the turnbuckle and takes Felicity down with a double axe handle. Taylor thinks she has the match in the bag when out of nowhere Banks hits her with the Felony II! Felicity pins her for the 3 count and picks up her first 4CW win.

VASSA: ”We’re live in Charlotte, North Carolina!”
JOHNSON: ”Welcome to another night of 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re getting closer to April when we’ll invade Miami, Florida for South Beach Brawl! The last few shows have been packed full of action coming off of Winter Wasteland. And they’re only going to get better.”
VASSA: ”The big buzz around the locker room is Jason Cashe laying our the 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins, and giving Connor Gates the win two weeks ago.”
JOHNSON: ”We all knew that Cashe wasn’t going to let things be after the title change at Wasteland. I’m surprised things went as long as they did before he striked.”
VASSA: ”We can only think now, where does this put Connor Gates? A win is a win and he scored on over the 4CW Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s facing off against Cashe tonight who is the former 4CW champion, well South-West Heavyweight champion. Who knows if Jair will seek revenge tonight but this is a big match for Connor to prove his worth, increase his value even more in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”He’s proved his worth ever since he signed the dotted line. His value has been going up show after show with impressive wins over main stays. You’re right, Steve, this is a big match for him tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s only one of two headline matches we have in the lineup tonight. You know this is going to be a good show!”
VASSA: ”That’s right! We have a huge showdown tonight with the tag team champions stepping in the ring with The Black Dahlias.”
JOHNSON: ”This ain’t no normal tag match either. Black Listed and The Black Dahlias will be going toe to toe in a tornado tag match.”
VASSA: ”The Dahlias are coming off a win from two weeks ago over “Young” Mannie and Alec. As for the champs, they’re just rolling through anything that’s put in front of them.”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t going to be an easy one for them. Although these ladies have only tagged for one match, they have been rather impressive in singles.”
VASSA: ”Well if Mannie and Alec weren’t a good challenge for them, they’re going to have their hands full tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”The talk of the town has been this main event though. Two weeks ago we had a champion versus champion match, Extreme versus Pride. Lo’Renzo Porter defeated Havok and unofficially proved that the Pride championship is next in line underneath the 4CW Championship…”
VASSA: ”And tonight he climbs in the ring with the 4CW Champion himself, Jair Hopkins!”
JOHNSON: ”This won’t be the first time they’ve stepped in the ring across from each other. The first time, Hopkins came out with the win. If I was a betting man, I’d throw my money on Flipp to even the score tonight.”
VASSA: ”I wish I wasn’t a betting man. I’m tired of ducking bookies.”
JOHNSON: ”Pay your debts then!”
VASSA: ”Do I look like a Lannister to you?”
JOHNSON: ”What?”
VASSA: ”I never pay my debts until they come knocking at my door!”
JOHNSON: ”And on that note, we’re going to go backstage for a brief moment before we officially kick the evening off with Shane Borderland and Niobe Martin in the ring.”

We open backstage to a shot of Sativa Nevaeh standing around looking bored. She is in her ring gear with a Black Dahlias’ shirt on over it. She takes a puff off her vape pen and looks over at Gabriel Hartman.

HARTMAN:We are here with Sativa after quite an eventful couple of weeks. Sativa any words you want to say about it?
SATIVA:Thank you for asking me that question.
Hartman waits a bit awkwardly to see if Sativa has anything else to say. After he is sure she was done speaking he pulls his mic back towards him.

HARTMAN:Uh, thank you, I think. People are hyped about your match tonight. Saying it is a huge one for you and Ramona. Any insight to what you got planned tonight?
Sativa rolls her eyes and sighs. She takes another puff before answering. She pauses for a moment before shaking her head and blowin the smoke towards Hartman. He waves a hand in front of his face and coughs. After regaining composure he tries valiantly to continue the failing interview.

HARTMAN:Where is that fiery Sativa that everyone is used too? Where is she at?
SATIVA:I’m just here so I don’t get fined.
Sativa smiles blandly and nods at Hartman. She walks away leaving Hartman flapping his jaw silently.

The scene cuts to interview backdrop in the back hallways of Knight Theater where we find Gabriel Hartman, 4CW’s devout backstage reporter, getting ready to conduct an interview with one of 4CW’s new tag teams, The Fire, and their manager TinkerBell. Hartman gives the signal that he’s ready before speaking into the microphone.

HARTMAN: “I’m joined right now by the two members of The Fire, Dillinger 5 and Jacob Grimm, as well as their manager, TinkerBell. They are set to make their debut here in 4CW in just a little bit, against their opponent Politically Incorrect.”
TinkerBell is childishly jumping up and down, eager to be the first to answer any questions that may be posed by Gabriel Hartman, as Dillinger 5 tries to motion for her to calm herself down.

HARTMAN: “The fans would like to know, if there are any jitters as you make your debut or if you have any final words for the two men you are facing tonight, Dustin Reeves and Antoine Rage?’
TinkerBell grabs Gabriel Hartman’s hand and brings the microphone close to her lips. She flashes a devilish yet silly grin and is about to answer the question, but Jacob Grimm stops her short and instead points Hartman’s hand and the microphone towards Dillinger 5, bu not before muttering a few heavy accented words himself.

GRIMM: “Oi! Let da’ man speak…”
Look of concentration and intent on his face, Dillinger 5 begins to address the question in a deep, almost robotic tone of voice produced by a voice modifier.

DILLINGER 5: “Gabriel… Anarchy knows no jitters. The Fire is here tonight… to do exactly what we have set out to do… What we have been chosen to do… and that is… to ignite this forsaken company… on fire… There is no telling what will happen to…”
Suddenly the interview is cut short by Politically Incorrect, as from off screen walks in Dustin Reeves, his head donning a movie set version of Darth Vader’s mask, full with voice changer. Behind him trails Antoine Rage, with a look of bewilderment forming on his face. Speaking in a Darth Vader voice, Dustin Reeves interjects into the interview pointing at Dillinger.

REEVES: “Psshhh… Dillinger… 5… I am… your father!…”
Dustin Reeves then breaks out into a perfectly executed robot dance, as Gabriel Hartman tries to hold back his giggles and the members of The Fire look on in surprise and bemusement. Antoine Rage’s eyes grow wide and his face turns beet red at the display of antics by his tag team partner.

RAGE: “What the hell are you doing?”
REEVES: “What do you mean…? You don’t know the robot…?”
RAGE: “Are you kidding me? You’re ridiculous!”
REEVES: “Chill brah! I’m just trying to spice things up, Politically Incorrect style!”
Antoine Rage can’t believe what’s happening, while at the same time Jacob Grimm’s patience meter seems to have run out as he pushes aside TinkerBell and Gabriel Hartman and charges directly at the dancing Dustin Reeves taking him down. Grimm then saddles him up before unleashing a barrage of punches. Somewhat caught off guard, Antoine Rage tries to grab for Grimm to pry him off his partner. However, Dillinger 5 shakes his head as if to say “not again” and somewhat reluctantly stops Rage short as he delivers a thundering punch to his opponent’s face. The two begin to trade punches as TinkerBell jumps around in arousal while clapping her hands in excitement. The foray continues for a bit with The Fire seemingly having the upper hand before everyone is bum-rushed by a sea of officials trying to break up the brawl as the scene cuts out.

VASSA: “Hell, yeah! Finally some damn excitement in the tag team division and some comedic relief as well. Ha ha ha! I can’t wait for this match later on tonight.”
JOHNSON: “I think The Black Dahlias and Black Listed deserve some applause for their recent actions as well in the tag team division. Lets not forget about them.”
VASSA: “Steve, these new tag team coming in are the future of this company. They are setting the tone.”
JOHNSON: “We’ll see about that. They will have to prove themselves first before anyone gives them any serious consideration.”


The lights dim throughout the theatre, orange strobe lights start flickering everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva hits the sound system.

POWERS: “This next contest is scheduled for One Fall. Introducing first, coming BACK to 4 Corners Wrestling! “The Bad Boy” SHAAANE BOOORRRRDERRRLAAAND!!”
Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms, then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

VASSA: “It’s awesome to see Shane back where he belongs, inside of a ring. This guy can be dangerous for anyone!”
JOHNSON: “Yeah but is there reason for concern? How is his neck? Last we seen of him, Lord Raab did a number on him. He wasn’t all there, is he ready mentally?”
As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is “The Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe appears on stage, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

JOHNSON: “Niobe is a fighter! She wants to rise up in 4CW, wants to see her name in the Marquee and tonight is another chance to begin that climb.”
Rushing across the ring, Shane Borderland doesn’t wait for the bell. The referee hurries to call for the start of the match but Niobe Martin is overwhelmed with an range of attacks. Slaps, punches, shoves and elbows. He backs her into the corner turnbuckles and Chops her to the chest. Niobe acts quickly as a small window opens and she thumbs him to the eye. He tries to regain control but is slapped hard across the face. Niobe kicks forward at Shane’s knee and buckles him backwards. Lunging forward at him, Niobe hits Borderland to the gut with a Yakuza like big boot and he loses his footing and drops onto his butt.
Springing into Action, Niobe dives over a sitting Borderland and snaps back his neck with a neckbreaker like move. Getting up in a hurry, she goes to stomping down into “The Bad Boy” repeatedly. He pushes through the stomps, gets on his hands and knees but before he can push up to his feet, Niobe Martin punt kicks him right to the face. He tumbles over onto his side as the crowd ignites in a roaring cheer for the fast paced match.

VASSA: “Look at her go! Niobe isn’t playing, she is working Borderland right now! Maybe he isn’t ready..”
JOHNSON: “He had her in the corner, he just let her have an opening. This match can go either way from this point on, I just can’t tell you who will take it!”
Again Borderland gets to his hands and knees, he pushes up onto one knee as Niobe approaches. Her hands raise up, clinched together to pound Shane with a Double Axe Handle but Borderland low blows Niobe to the vagina. The referee isn’t sure if that counts as a red flag, if he should call for the bell but Borderland is up on his feet before Niobe can flinch in pain. Shane grabs her, pulls her in, lifts her by the waistline of her tights and plants her with an Impact DDT.

JOHNSON: “That was a low blow, illegal ref! Call it!”
VASSA: “Oh bull! She barely felt that…Quit being such a girl!”
JOHNSON: “Such a sexist sport we are apart of, no equality.”
VASSA: “What? How many times has Roxi or any other female on this roster been put in there with any man on the same roster? Don’t give me that crap, Niobe is given the same chance here that Shane has and that’s to win and climb the ladder one more rung.”
A handful of hair, Shane rips Niobe off the canvas. He hooks her with a Double Underhook Butterfly and lifts her, hitting a Suplex from the position. He gets up with ease and taunts the crowd who return his taunts with a round of boos and cheers. As he reaches down for another handful of hair, Niobe kicks up high and catches Shane to the face. He steps back surprised as Niobe scrambles to get up. Rushing her, he goes to clothesline her but she slides under the attempt and takes his back. She jumps up and slaps on a Rear Naked Choke, wrapping her legs around his midsection.
Backpacking Borderland, Niobe tries to tighten her squeeze but Shane changes her plans and walks over to a near corner, turns his back to the turnbuckles, putting her in the corner before he jumps back, slamming her into the turnbuckle pads. He walks her away from the corner and again shoots back, trying to smash her into the corner once more. She releases her grip, stands on the middle ropes and as Shane leaves the corner and turns around, Niobe Martin soars off the middle ropes and hits a Missile Dropkick to Shane’s chest that sends him falling back.
Both rise up at the same time, Niobe comes at Shane but Shane snatches her up and hits a snapping Belly to Belly overhead Suplex. Niobe crashes into the canvas hard and moans as pain runs through her body.

VASSA: “His timing is impeccable! A second too early and it would have been botched, a second too late and Niobe would have plowed right through him! Gotta love the speed of the match.”
JOHNSON: “Both of them are trying to regain some attention, be seen in a bright light again. What a show they are putting on here though!”
Waving her to rise, Borderland stalks Niobe. She gets up and reaches the ropes for help. Borderland plows into her from behind with a Reverse Clothesline. She keeps the ropes with one arm to prevent herself from falling down. Borderland grabs her and runs her shoulder first into another corner. He walks up from behind, Niobe cracks back with a wild elbow and connects to his chin. He wobbles and shakes off the daze as Niobe begins to climb the turnbuckle with her back to the ring.
Leaping forward, Shane snatches Niobe by the hair with both hands from behind. Yanking her back, he falls with her, lifting his knees and placing them to her Spine as they fall together. Niobe spills over the sides of Borderland’s arched knees and the fans cringe at the dangerously executed backstabber.

JOHNSON: “There it is, he calls it “Spinal Tap” and it was a vicious one! Niobe looks broken apart at the seams.”
Pushing her off him, he gets up and pulls Niobe’s limp body up with him. Setting her up, he connects with a Wrist Clutch Exploder and the crowd knows the match is more than likely over. A small chant of “Elite Velocity” begins to rise as his fan base shows appreciation for not only his finisher but his return. He rolls over and covers Niobe as the ref drops and makes the count.

VASSA: “There ya have it! Shane Borderland is back in 4CW and back to winning matches!”
JOHNSON: “Niobe gave him a challenge for a moment there, she put forth a great effort here tonight. Only a few pieces are missing before she’d be on the rise herself.”
As his music plays and his name is announced as Victor, Shane Borderland stands tall and allows the referee to raise his arm. Pulling his arm free from the ref, Shane walks to a nearby camera and speaks loud and clear so the audio is picked up.

Shoving the camera away, Shane exits the ring and heads to the back.

We go backstage where Gabriel Hartman is standing by.

HARTMAN: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me now is The Rock Soldier, Griffin Hawkins!”
Griffin walks onto the screen as the crowd is cheering big time.

HARTMAN: ”Griffin, tonight you are going one on one with a really close and personal friend of yours, Roxi Johnson. Both of you have made it clear this week that you’re not going to hold anything back. Whats your feelings on Roxi?”
HAWKINS: ”Well lets put it this way remember the old cartoon from back in the day..Double Dragon?”
HARTMAN: ”Unfortunately yes..yes I do.”
HAWKINS: ”It was the cartoon based on the hit Video Game. The Shadow Master invented this drug…it was in a little black orb. Once you crushed it you get all powerful and jacked up till it all wore off. “
HARTMAN: ”Um..what does that have to do with Roxi?..”
HAWKINS: ”Nothing actually…Double Dragon was on Netflix and I’ve been watching a few episodes..but as for Roxi, me and her have a mutal respect. We’ve been there for eachother when things got bad. And now it seems that we’re gonna be locking horns tonight. This match could go either I’m not gonna overlook her at all. I just hope when it’s all over, our friendship will still be in tact.”
HARTMAN: ”Switching gears..last week, the Extreme Champion Nathaniel Havok actually gave you props and commended you for coming this close to leaving with his title. He even spoke about a potential rematch between you two in the near future. In your mind..when should it be?”
HAWKINS: ”Well..I was just as surprised as you are now when Havok put me over last week. And like him, he earned my respect as that was one of the best 4CW Matches I have had so far. As for a rematch..well, South Beach Brawl is next month, and I wouldn’t mind having myself some fun in the sun..and tearing the house down with Havok once more. I’m sure he doesn’t…”
”Enough Enough Enough already!”
Dakota Smith comes onto the screen, glaring a hole in Griffin.

SMITH: ”This is exactly what I was talking about last week. I’m sick and tired of you getting a pulpit every week to talk about your losses, I’m sick and tired of hearing your voice, I’m sick and tired of seeing your face! What makes you think you deserve a rematch with Havok? You lost! You lost at Winter Wasteland..yet everyone keeps saying you deserve a title shot!”
Griffin takes off his silver Aviator Sunglasses, looking directly at Smith.

HAWKINS: ”Correct me if I’m wrong but..didn’t you get your ass beat last week too?”
Smith’s glare intensifies.

SMITH: ”I may have lost but I walked away! I proved that I am the man to beat Havok! I don’t give a god damn what he said to you last week, I’m the rightful number one contender..not you!”
HAWKINS: ”Okay..other than the fact that you have a smidge too much caffeine in your forget a lot of things. See..many might not remember this, but it wasn’t that long ago when we were in a company called Uncensored Inc and it was ME who was kicking your ugly ass last time we were in the ring together. And don’t forget..up until then you were looked at as unbeatable, and don’t forget it was me who shattered your mystique, don’t forget who it was who exposed you for the fraud you are..and don’t forget who it was who had his hand raised when it was all said and done. You of all people should know what I am capable of when it comes to being extreme.”
SMITH: ”You think one fucking match makes you better than me? Don’t make me laugh! One fluke win does NOT make you great, it makes you lucky. I have been waiting Months to get my hands on you. I’ve demanded from management time and time again to give me a one on one match from you so I can wipe you out of 4CW once and for all..but they refused to do so because they know what I would do to you..why don’t you just admit that your pussy ass is scared of me?”
HAWKINS: ”You really think I’m afraid of you? Listen Grizzly come at me…and you’ll go home in a fucking box. Quite frankly..I’m sick and tired of dealing with you. I’m sick and tired of you getting in my face thinking 4CW owes you something just because you’re the so called “sickest fuck in wrestling.”
SMITH: ”You don’t like me in your face?..Well why don’t you do something about it? Or are you too much of a little bitch to make a move?”
Hearing enoguh, Griffin strikes Dakota with a hard right hand. Dakota strikes back and a slug fest is on! Officials backstage are on the scene immediately to try and break it up! Both men are rolling on the ground punching eachother as it takes a busload of officials to try and break it up, even some of the wrestlers are on hand to try and contain this powder keg. Dustin Jarrett and Marisol Hawkes are keeping Griffin back who’s trying like mad to get free.

HAWKINS: ”Come on you motherfucker! You want me! Come on!”
Other officials are holding back Dakota as well.

DAKOTA: ”Let me go! Let me go! I’ll fucking kill that little bitch! Let me go!”
Officials and other wrestlers do their best to keep the situation under control. We go back to the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Whoa..that was insane! And here I thought it was safer backstage than in the ring!”
VASSA: ”Everyone wants a shot at Havok’s we’ve just saw, both Smith and Hawkins are staking their claim as the number one contender already! “
JOHNSON: ”The only question here is..what does Havok think of all this! I can’t wait to hear his input on all this!”


VASSA: ”Next up we have a tag match in the lineup folks.”
JOHNSON: ”We have two new teams meeting in the ring tonight, one of which has already made their way down to the ring.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know much about this new team, The Fire.”
JOHNSON: ”You and me both, Steve. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see what they’re all about.”
VASSA: ”Until then, lets get the other guys out here.”
The restless fans of 4CW explode with jeers as the first guitar riffs accompanied by the drum line of Papa Roach’s “Getting Away With Murder” begin to pump out of the PA speakers. As the music continues to blare through the sound system for a few seconds to build the crowd’s anticipation, the curtains seem to finally stir just as the first verse of the song hits the airwaves.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred fifty four pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, Antoine Rage!”
As the fans nag him on, from behind the curtains and into a fog of smoke confidently steps out Antoine Rage wearing his usual black trunks with silver lettering on the back reading: “RAGE,” accompanied by black knee pads and boots of the same color. Finishing off his in-ring attire is black sports tape wrapped around each wrist. As an explosion of white lasers cut through the thick artificial fog. Antoine Rage steps through the dense smoke and flashes a sly grin at the booing fans.
Antoine begins his cocky strut down the aisle, making a few calculated stops en route just to tease the fans by inching within their reach and getting into a verbal spats. As Rage reaches the ring, he heads up the steel steps and effortlessly gets inside the ring by stepping between the middle and top ropes. Taking a few quick bounces off the ropes, he casually leans on them and taunts some fans in the crowd.

VASSA: ”Where the hell is his partner? Is he doing this match alone?”
JOHNSON: ”Not that I’ve heard.”
Silence fills the theater as notes to Saliva’s “Superstar” begin to blare over the PA system. The crowd explodes with a shower of thundering boos, but the women seem to be swayed by whatever magic Dustin Reeves carries, as the curtains stir and he steps out from behind them. The riffs and drums explode over the sound system to the colorful display of lasers as Dustin Reeves’ entrance video flashes on the big screen. Huge grin on his face, he flips off the fans and takes in their reaction with a chuckle.

POWERS: ”Now coming down to the ring from Hollywood, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall. He is “The Superstar”, Dustin Reeves!”
As the song continues to play, smoke from the smoke machines swallows up Dustin’s feet as he begins to trek down the aisle and towards the ring. The women in the crowd that are close by try to grab for him but he just teases them further by not letting them touch him. He runs down the last few feet and jumps onto the apron; leaning against the ropes he taunts some fans in the crowd before flipping over the top rope and into the ring.
Running up to each turnbuckle of the 4CW ring one by one, Dustin Reeves acrobatically hops on to the middle ropes and raises he right arm as in victory, as the fans shower him with boos each time before hopping back down. Making his way to the center of the ring, he mouths something off to the referee, as he awaits the beginning of the match.

JOHNSON: ”I think this answers your question, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”They had me wondering for a minute. Surprise, surprise…”
JOHNSON: ”Well all four men are in the ring and it looks like the official is ready to get this match underway.”
The ref checks with each corner as the teams designate which man will start the match. Checking with The Fire first, Dillinger 5 steps forward as Grimm exits to the apron. Before the ref can even look to the other corner, Rage and Reeves bombard Dillinger 5 with brutal punches coming from both directions.
As Reeves goes to work on Dillinger 5, Rage turns his attention to Grimm and knocks him down from the apron with a powerful right hand. Reeves then kicks Dillinger 5 in the gut and grabs his arm with both hands. He then throws him to the corner across from the ring and Rage quickly follows behind him, running with speed. Dillinger 5 slams against the corner with his back and before he can get his feet settled, Rage is right there to ring his bell with a running clothesline. Dillinger falls to the mat in a sitting position as Rage climbs through the ropes and onto the apron, designating Reeves as the legal man.

VASSA: ”Damn, these two are kicking things off with a bang!”
JOHNSON: ”We have a tough crew of talent. New talent signees need to make an impact from the start if they’re going to make a good impression.”
While Dillinger 5 sits in the corner with his back to the turnbuckle, Reeves takes off from the other side of the ring. Gaining momentum, Reeves drives a running knee into Dillinger’s head, knocking it back against the turnbuckle. He then stomps on Dillinger while using the ropes as leverage. Reeves then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Once up, Reeves turns him around and grabs him by the back of the head. With force, he slams Dillinger’s face into the top of the turnbuckle. Dillinger then stumbles back in a daze as Reeves side steps him and watches him go by. Before he can even go down, Reeves then jumps up off the mat and hits him in the side of the knee with a dropkick.
Dillinger hits the mat hard as the sound cuts through the crowd. Reeves slowly pushes himself up with a smile on his face. He then looks over to the corner at Rage and chuckles. Cutting his attention back to Dillinger, Reeves quickly moves in with stomps to the face. After landing a handful, he jumps into the air and comes down with a crushing elbow drop across Dillinger’s chest. Reeves then pops back up to his feet and walks around the ring for a moment. Noticing Grimm back on the apron, he quickly rushes him and catches him off guard with an elbow to the face. Grimm loses his balance and falls back to the floor as the crowd pops. Reeves then walks to his corner with cockiness and slaps hands with Rage who’s eager to get a taste of the action.

JOHNSON: ”These guys aren’t wasting anytime tonight. They’re getting right down to business.”
VASSA: ”That’s the only way to do it. Believe it or not, we’ve grown into what some would call the big leagues.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t get ahead of yourself, Vinny.”
Once in the ring, Rage slowly stalks Dillinger. He then grabs him by the head and jerks him up to his feet. Once standing, Rage delivers a couple of overhead punches, backing him across the ring and to the ropes. Rage then grabs him by the back of the head and pulls it down while driving his knee upward and planting it into Dillinger’s face. Rage then lifts him up in a fireman’s carry position and carries him to the center of the ring. After holding him up for a moment, Rage then slams him to the canvas with impact. Rage then backs up to the ropes and hits them to bounce back with a little speed. As he approaches, he then jumps into the air and connects with a leg drop across Dillinger’s throat.
Rage wastes no time and gets back to his feet. He pulls Dillinger up from the mat and then walks him over to the corner where Grimm is looking on from. Holding Dillinger up, Rage taunts Grimm and then grabs his arm and waves it in front of Grimm’s face. Not sure what to do, Grimm then reaches across the ropes and slaps Dillinger’s hand initiating the tag. Before he can enter the ring, Rage then throws Dillinger to the ropes and sends him flipping up and over to the floor below. Rage then backs up to the center of the ring and give Grimm space to get settled inside. He then taunts him and waves for Grimm to make a move.
Without hesitation, Grimm takes off from stand still and rushes Rage in the center of the ring. Grimm goes for a shoulder block but Rage stands his ground as Grimm bounces off and back a couple of steps. Rage then swings for the fences and connects with a nasty European uppercut. Grimm stumbles back but doesn’t get far before Rage reaches across and grabs him by the wrist. He then pulls Grimm in closer and wraps his arms around him. Squeezing the life out of Grimm, Rage lifts him up from the canvas with each and then drives him into the canvas with a belly to belly suplex.

VASSA: ”These guys aren’t playing around!”
JOHNSON: ”I hope the tag teams in the back are watching because I think they’re being put on notice right now.”
Rage stands to his feet and paces around the ring for a moment before catching a glimpse of Dillinger in the corner of his eye. He then snaps around and rushes him and connects with a running big boot to the face, sending him flying off the apron and slamming to the floor. Dillinger rolls and crashes into the steel barricade at ringside as the fans got nuts. Rage then looks at Reeves and nods to the corner. Reeves climbs the corner as Rage goes to the one to the left and climbs as well.
Patiently waiting, the two look on at Grimm who is slowly coming to. After a few moments pass, Grimm finally stands and as he does, Rage leaps from the top rope and wipes him out with a lariat. Just as Grimm’s back hits the mat, Reeves leaps from his corner with a moonsault and connects with in the center of the ring. Reeves quickly rolls out of the way as Rage crawls over and makes the cover.

JOHNSON: ”This one’s over folks!”
VASSA: ”I must say, I’m impressed!”
POWERS: ”And the winners by pinfall, Dustin Reeves and Antoine Rage, POLITICALLY IINNNNNCORRECT!!!”
The two men stand to their feet as the ref raises both of their arms in victory. Snatching their arms away, the two look at each other and leave the ring side by side. Talking amongst themselves, they make their way up the entrance ramp and to the back without taking the time to even celebrate. Once gone, the sounds of sirens and drumbeats overcome the theater.

VASSA: ”Damn Powers! It’s a little too late to be playing their music don’t you think?”
“Marching Off to Bedlam” then plays over the speakers as the camera cuts to the crowd where three individuals makes their way to the barricade and climb over. The big one, lays out a member of the ringside crew with a powerful punch. He then walks over to the announcers booth and grabs an empty chair sitting by.

VASSA: ”What the hell is happening right now?”
The unknown man then throws the chair in the ring and watches as it falls and collides with Grimm’s head. Across the ring on the other side, the other man breaks away from the female accompanying them and grabs a nearby camera and rips it away from the cameraman. Dillinger up to his feet, backs away but doesn’t get far before the unknown man lunges forward and jabs the camera into his throat. Dillinger falls to the floor as both men then turn their attention to the inside of the ring.

VASSA: ”Who are these three? We have two men and a woman but I have no clue who they are.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know either but Grimm better wake up and get out of there before it’s too late.”
As one of the men climb into the ring, the official makes a run for it and rolls underneath the ropes to the outside. Quickly making his way to the back, he doesn’t stop to even look back. The other one on the outside then goes berserk and grabs the first thing in sight, a teleprompter on the announcers deck. He rips it away from the desk and throws it across the side of the ring, smashing it into the ringside steps. Meanwhile, the woman looks on, encouraging the two. The man on the outside then grabs another member of the ringside crew and rolls them into the ring.

JOHNSON: ”We need security!”
VASSA: ”Are these pissed off fans?”
The man inside of the ring quickly rushes the ringside crew member rolled into the ring. He lifts him up from the floor and then begins to sling him around like a rag doll. He then throws him across the ring. Turning his attention to Grimm, he lifts him off the mat and then throws him to the ropes. Grimm hits them hard and flips over to the outside where the other throws a fury of punches to his head.

VASSA: ”Here comes the wrecking crew!”
Out from the back, a dozen members of security rush down the ramp. The three inside of the ring quickly take notice and gather together on the outside of the ring. They then climbs back over the barricade and run through the crowd just before security can make it to ringside.. Fighting their way through the fans, the soon disappear into the sea of bodies.

VASSA: ”I don’t know what just happened but these three just destroyed everything in sight.”
JOHNSON: ”While security searches the building for them, we’re going to get this mess cleaned up quickly so we can get on with the show. We’ll be right back folks.”

The poorly lit locker room appeared in disarray. Seated in the center on a stool was none other than The Ultraviolent God Eric Lee. His legs are crossed Indian style and his hands clasped in his lap. His hair hangs in his face. He looks up through his hair and giggles.

LEE:Tonight is the night ‘psychopath.’ Are you ready? I hope you are. Because the clock ticks away the last few moments before you see divinity. But you are not the end game, are you? Oh no, you are not. You are just the beginning, that starting of the journey. You are that first fateful step. The end of the journey is clouded, not yet decided. But in the end? In the end, I shall have my following, I shall have my worshipers. And you, Dustin, you shall be the first…
The light flickers for a moment then abruptly goes out. Out of the darkness Lee’s breathing can be heard. Then his voice floats through the emptiness.

LEE: To Worship me.

On the large screen is a video of a shadow you can see a glimpse off in the dark as the cameras point up as the quickly went down and see a large masked guy known as Lord Raab sitting on top of the theatre roof with his legs crossed looking down at everyone as you can see Samuel McPherson and Henry Losak in the background. Raab sits very quietly, looking at the the cars and people walking by as he then begins to speak on camera.

RAAB: ”Recently, Henry’s seen a future within myself on being at the top of the Extreme title division and he said I could potentially be a title contender. I like to hope that because ever since I started out in the division, I’ve been destroying my opponents like anything and I’m the only Extremest to date that’s been undefeated.”
Raab’s never recently asks for title shots because of his past in APW, being an asshole as he sniffs loudly, feeling something’s about to happen.

RAAB: ”I smell a taste of gold in my hands along with the feel of blood, weapons and people’s bones who’ve been crushed, but that’s until after I’ve beaten Nathaniel Havok tonight. You see, I want to prove that I deserve a title shot and the only way I know I’d deserve one is beating the living shit out of Havok and then when I win, I’ve put myself in position to be an Extreme title contender.”
He knows the wins he’s got over Damien Knight, Shane Borderland and Dakota Smith aren’t enough to prove himself as a title contender and needs to do something big as you can hear Henry and Samuel chatting in the background as he speaks again.

RAAB: ”Tonight, I’m gonna beat the living shit out of the falling champion who’s been ignoring me since the match was announced and I’m going to bust him open just for that, smashing a weapon over Nathaniel’s skull, bleeding underneath my feet, making him regret for him ignoring me and get him to notice that I’m a threat for his title and he will cripple under pressure when he’ll be destroyed completely by this German Monster. HAHAHAHA, tonight Nathaniel Havok, prepare to be Raabinated by the future Extreme champion.”
The camera zooms out as Raab closes his eyes and feels his destiny of being the Extreme champion may have arrived sooner than he thought as the cameras go back in the theatre.



JOHNSON: “First extreme rules match of the evening and Carlisle will try for another W when she takes on Dazi Molaroni.”
VASSA: “Dazi is no slouch. This one is going to be interesting, Steve.”
JOHNSON: “Both have been vocal on social media. It’s time to put up or shut up!”
POWERS: “The next match is scheudled for one fall, under extreme rules! Introducing first, standing five foot – eight inches, weighing in at one hundred forty-five pounds, from Rochester, New York…The Hardcore Queen, Aidan Carlisle!!”
“Take a good look at agony
Force fed pass down
Time release…”
Aidan appeared at the top of the ramp as the heavy metal chords of her theme song filled the theater, pumping her fist in the air as she stopped to survey the crowd through the dimmed lights. She was smiling from ear to ear as the cheers from the crowd got her revved up for the impending match.
“I never noticed, until I focused
On everything you did, you said,
You lit the fuse inside my head”
She raced down the aisle and rolled into the ring under the bottom rope. Her own excitement was palpable as she hopped up onto the middle rope, subtlely bouncing it in the rhythm of the music.
“Thank you for reminding me
Of why I’m sick inside
Thank you for the venom, did
You think it would paralyze?
These scars I scratch, I tear
Are there under my skin
Where you’ve always been
Thank you for reminding me,
To sin with a grin”
The cheers turned near-deafening as she kissed her middle and index fingers, thrusting them into the air in her trademark salute to her fans.

VASSA: “The Hardcore Queen, she has the name for a reason!”
POWERS: “And her opponent, standing five foot – five inches, weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds, from Portland, Oregon — fighting out of New York City…Dazi Molaroni!!!”
“Halo” hits the PA, white lights shining as Dazi makes her way out on stage. She stands there, staring at the ring with laser focus. She marches toward the ring, a smirk starting to form on her face. She hops up on the apron ,teasing the fans before stopping. Getting in the ring, Dazi has her eyes locked on Aidan..

VASSA: ”And here we have two beautiful ladies who are looking to kill one another. It doesn’t get any hotter than that.”
VASSA: ”I like women, my bad…”
At the sound of the bell, the two ladies charge each other and collide in the center of the ring. Dazi slaps Aidan across the face with a stinging open hand. Aidan fires right back with a kick to the ribs. Lunging over, Dazi opens herself up as Aidan swings forward and connects with a punch to the nose. Dazi stumbles backwards and hits the ropes. Before she can bounce back, Aidan is right there to flip her over with a clothesline. Dazi crashes on the hard floor below as the fans pop with excitement. Aidan wastes no time and climbs through the ropes to the floor below. She grabs Dazi by the ahir and pulls her up to her feet and then slings her across the side of the ring, sending her crashing into the ringside steps. Knocking the steps over, Dazi through them before coming to a stop on her back.
Aidan then runs in and jumps into the air. As she comes down, she plants her knee into Dazi’s forehead and crushes it against the floor. Aidan then stands to her feet and grabs a section of the steps and slams it down across Dazi’s knee. Releasing a scream of pain, Dazi tries to crawl away but is slow to do so. Aidan then kicks the steps out of her way and slowly stalks her. She then grabs Dazi by the hair and pulls her up to her feet. Before Aidan can get a good drip on her, Dazi digs her fingernails into Aidan’s forehead and leaves a nasty scratch across the top. Aidan then pushes her back and creates a little space in between the two. On her own, Dazi favors her leg as she slightly lifts it off of the floor to relieve the pressure.
Aidan then comes in like a freight train and tackles her into the steel barricade at ringside. Slamming her back against it, Aidan pins her against the barricade and then unloads with a flurry of lefts and rights. After beating her senseless, Aidan pushes herself up by pressing Dazi’s head into the barricade. Aidan then locks onto her hair with both hands and pulls her head forward before slamming it back against the barricade with force.

JOHNSON: ”She’s going to give Dazi a concussion!”
VASSA: ”This is the extreme division. It isn’t for the weak. These wrestlers know what they’re getting into each and every time they step into that ring.”
JOHNSON: ”But they’re not in the ring!”
VASSA: ”And that makes it even better!”
Aidan doesn’t let go of her hair and pulls Dazi up from the floor to her feet. She then grabs an arm with one hand while keeping her other locked on Dazi’s head. Aidan then pulls her across the floor and throws her towards the fallen steps. Dazi hits them with her feet and trips forward. As she does, she falls face first into the ring post.
Aidan then walks over to the ring and begins to dig underneath. After fooling around for a moment, she pulls out a steel chair as her eyes light up with joy. Aidan then locks both hands around it and creeps up on Dazi who is struggling to get to her feet.
Aidan slams the chair across the top of her back, knocking her back to the floor. Moaning in pain, Dazi begins to crawl away, dragging her body across the floor.
Aidan slams the chair across her back again, this time even hard. Dazi rolls around the floor in a world of pain. Aidan then looks over to her side as a light comes on inside of her head. She then walks to a section of the fallen steps and props the chair against it. She then turns back to Dazi and slowly walks up to her. In the background, the fans go crazy with the action that close. Aidan then grabs Dazi by the hair and drags her across the floor. She makes her way to the chair placed against the ringside steps and rolls Dazi over to her stomach. She then drags her body even more and rests her head on top of the propped up chair. Aidan then stands over her and grabs both arms and pulls them back, lifting Dazi’s torso and head up from the floor and chair.

JOHNSON: ”This isn’t going to end well for Dazi.”
VASSA: ”I hope she’s doing what I think she is. I’ve always wanted to see this done in person.”
Aidan then places her foot on the back of Dazi’s head and jerks her arms up quickly. Releasing in an instant, Aidan drives her foot downward, planting Dazi’s face into the chair with a curb stomp.

JOHNSON: ”I think this one’s over.”
Aidan then rolls Dazi’s limp body over, revealing a bloody face. She then drops down to her knees and covers Dazi for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”This one is in the books ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”We’re going to need a clean up on aisle seven!”
POWERS: ”The winner of this contest by pinfall, AIDAN CCAARRLLIISSLLEE!!!”
“Sin with a Grin” hits the speakers as Aidan paces around Dazi’s fallen body. The ref then stands beside her and raises her arm into the air.

JOHNSON: ”We’ll be right back at ringside in just a few moments folks.”

The 4CW production truck cuts to backstage, in a room where a familiar blood-red light fills the air. Andrew Morrison is standing in it and holding a chain, and attached to the chain and tied up is Christine Nash.

VASSA: ”What has this monster of a man done to Christine Nash?”
JOHNSON: ”The man is sick! Literally sick!”
Andrew gazes back at Christine.

MORRISON: ”We are together again, dear Christine, or should I say Angel? Tell me, are you ready for what lies ahead? Are you ready to join me?”
JOHNSON: ”It doesn’t really look like she has much of a choice!”
VASSA: ”Everyone has a choice!”
JOHNSON: ”You want to be the one to tell this monster no!? Be my guest!”
Nash turns toward the camera, her face one of fear but also of acceptance.

NASH: ”I will stand by your side, because we are one in the same…we are both demons preparing to lay waste to those who wish to stand in our way! They all will pay for what they have done!”
JOHNSON: ”She is ACTUALLY going along with this!? What is wrong with her?”
VASSA: ”I don’t know, but if these two are joining forces…”
MORRISON: ”On March 25th, we challenge any two souls who are foolish enough to want to step into the ring and stand in our way of sending this company into the depths of hell!”
NASH: ”Whomever you are, I beg you to run! For if you choose to accept your fate….we will destroy you. Together. The Twisted Angel will be unleashed! And she will not be coming alone, for she is now bound to “The Antichrist!””
JOHNSON: ”Christine Nash has completely lost it…as if she ever had it! Morrison and Nash have challenged any two in the locker room for March 25th! I don’t know who will be crazy enough to step up, but this has the makings of absolute chaos!”

We cut back to the ringside area where the new General Manager is already stationed with microphone in hand.

YOUNG: “How’s everyone doing tonight, here in Charlotte, North Carolina!!!”
The crowd bursts into cheers and Khris is eating it up.

YOUNG: “I just want to say what an honor it is to be here. I’ve wrestled here before and it is a great place to lace up the boots. Tonight, we’re going to give you a great show, I promise you that!”
The cheering continues.

YOUNG: “When I accepted the General Manager position, I made a promise to myself that I would lead this company into the promise lands and continue the growth and expansion of this…”
Before Khris Young continues on, his attention is drawn to ringside. The fans are on their feet as someone has jump the guardrails and is heading straight for the ring. Security team members rush over to stop the individual from getting close to Young.

VASSA: “WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! It appears as if somebody has come from the crowd and is trying to get in the ring!”
JOHNSON: “Security is right there making sure Young is not put in harms way, but it’s hard to tell who that person is.”
Young walks over to the ropes and looks out at the commotion taking place right there in front of him at ringside. Upon seeing the person who jumped the guardrails, Young shakes his head in disbelief.

YOUNG: “What the hell are you doing here Zion?”
VASSA: “Zion? Could that be Alex Zion?”
JOHNSON: “Zion is the former two time World Champion from Khris Young’s former company, GrindHouse Wrestling.”
Khris motions for security to back off, and as they do it is now obvious to those who know him, it really is Alex Zion. He climbs into the ring and smirks at Young, as the two meet in the center of the ring. The fans in attendance aren’t sure how to react to seeing Zion here in 4CW.

JOHNSON: “Alex Zion and Khris Young never got along in GHW, and it appears as if their feelings haven’t changed much.”
YOUNG: “I’ll ask you again Zion, what the hell are you doing here?”
VASSA: “For those who know about the history between these two men, this moment is huge.”
Zion gets a microphone and continues to smirk as he stares at 4CW’s General Manager.

ZION: “What’s wrong Khris, aren’t you glad to see me after all this time?”
YOUNG: “I’m not going to ask a third time, cut your crap Zion! I’ve got business that needs…”
Alex cuts Young off in mid-sentence.

ZION: “Business has changed Young! Whatever other garbage you were going to spew out to these morons here in Charlotte, doesn’t matter anymore!”
The fans erupt in boos, which Alex just ignores as Young is getting visibly annoyed.

JOHNSON: “I do not care who you think you are, that is no way to speak to our GM!”
VASSA: “Alex has never shown much respect for Young so why should he start now?”
ZION: “The only business that matters is the business between you and I.”
YOUNG: “There is NO business between us anymore Zion! GrindHouse is done, YOU LEFT! Our business is all in the past and as far as I’m concerned, there is no reason for you to be here. With that being said, I am giving you once chance to get out of this ring and get the hell out of this building.”
ZION: “That’s an option, but I have a better one. If you want me out of here so badly, I will gladly leave…”
Young nods his head.

ZION: “Once you sign my new contract!”
VASSA: “That’s why he’s here tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Alex Zion wants a 4CW contract, and Young doesn’t look happy about it.”
Young shakes his head as he looks at Zion is disgust.

YOUNG: “Why on Earth would I sign a contract for you to compete here after you did everything in your power to make my life hell back in GHW? NO WAY!”
ZION: “I’ll tell you why Young, because deep down you STILL know that I was the reason your precious company saw the success that it did! Despite how much you hated to admit it, signing me to GrindHouse was the best decision you ever made! Standing here tonight, you know damn well that signing Alex Zion would be the best decision you could ever make for THIS company!”
YOUNG: “You were a pain in my ass back then, and you are still that same pain in my ass now! That locker room back there is filled with talent that the guys you faced back then, couldn’t even compare to. You may have been one of the best in GrindHouse, but this is 4 CORNERS WRESTLING and you don’t have what it takes to cut it here!”
The fans cheer and clap as Zion begins to laugh.

ZION: “You are still trying to pass off your own personal feelings off on me huh Young? Nice to see not much has changed. The truth is, you COULDN’T hang against those jokes in the back so you once again put on this suit! You know first hand that when I step inside this squared circle, I make history each and every time! Just because you are washed up and can only handle tying a tie, instead of lacing up a pair of boots these days, does NOT mean I am the pathetic fool you always have been!
Zion gets right in Young’s face, the smirk is gone and tension fills the building.

ZION: “I’m not going anywhere until I get MY contract! So the way I see it is this, you’ve got two options… you can borrow a set of balls from your boss and give me what I want. OR … I can do what I should have done a long time ago… DROP YOUR ASS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!”
Young doesn’t flinch a muscle as he glares right back at Zion, his patience is all but gone.

YOUNG: “Trust me Zion, I would love nothing more than to put you in your place myself…”
The fans erupt in cheers for Khris Young.

YOUNG: “HOWEVER, I have to be professional. You want a contract that badly, then how about this. YOU PROVE YOURSELF, TONIGHT! In this very ring, you shut up and fight for the chance to become apart of this company! I’m sure it won’t be hard for me to find somebody in the back that would love to shut your ass up. Compete right here, right now… if you win, then I will sign your contract. IF you lose however… you never again show up to a 4CW event. You claim to be the best this business has to offer, are you willing to put that to the test Zion?”
The smirk slowly returns to Alex’s face as he chuckles to himself.

ZION: “If that’s how you want to play this Young, then you’ve got yourself a deal!”
Zion holds out his hand and Young shakes it. The fans cheer the two continue to stare one another down.

JOHNSON: “Alex Zion showed up tonight looking to get a contract, Khris Young says if that’s what you really want, you have to fight for it. Zion agrees and now the only question that remains is, who is going to step up to face Zion tonight?”
VASSA: “I think we are getting our answer as we speak!”
Suddenly “Pissed Off and Mad About It” by The Texas Hippie Coalition blares throughout the building. Young and Zion both look towards the entrance way as the fans get to their feet.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Judd Grunge is answering the call!”
VASSA: “We haven’t seen him since Winter Wasteland!”
JOHNSON: “Grunge was also apart of GHW so he is very familiar with both Young and Zion.”
Judd gets in the ring and takes the microphone from Khris before getting right in Zion’s face. As Grunge begins to talk, Zion just chuckles to himself again while shaking his head.

GRUNGE: “I couldn’t sit back there another second while you stood out here and ran your mouth, just like you always did. I may have never gotten the chance to bash your face in back in GrindHouse, but I will gladly do it RIGHT NOW!”
JOHNSON: “Grunge wants to fight Zion and Young is shaking his head in agreement.”
Young takes the mic back as he turns and looks towards the back stage area.

YOUNG: “Let’s get an official out here and get this going!”
ZION: “Works for me, but one last thing Grunge…”

VASSA: “Smart move by Zion!”
JOHNSON: “REALLY? How can you say that? It was a cheap shot!”
VASSA: “Of course it was, but it was effective. Zion needs to win this match in order to get the contract he wants, so it’s a brilliant strategy to immediately take Grunge off his game.”
JOHNSON: “He is suppose to be PROVING himself, not cheating to win!”
VASSA: “That’s Alex Zion, he does whatever he needs to do to be as he claims, “The best this business has to offer”. He got the upper hand right out of the starting gate, now we see if Grunge can recover or will we be welcoming Zion to 4 Corners Wrestling.”
JOHNSON: “At least for those who might not know Alex Zion, they have already seen what he is willing to do.”
Zion tosses the microphone out of the ring as Grunge rolls to the outside. Young slides out and goes to check on him as official Laroy Jones makes his way to ringside. He also starts checking on Judd as Alex slides out of the ring. He goes over and motions for Jones to get in the ring, which he does. Young tells Zion to back off but Zion just grabs Judd and tosses him into the ring steps. He crashes against them hard as Young continues to yell at Zion, who just ignores him. Alex turns and sees Grunge now laying on the ground with his upper back and head leaning up against the ring steps. Blood is running down Grunge’s face due to the blow from the microphone. Zion smirks and looks over to Khris, telling him to “Get ready to sign my contract.” Zion runs and slams a vicious knee right into the face of Grunge, the impact causes his head to whiplash back against the steps. The fans begin to boo loudly as Zion taunts Grunge, who lays on the ground holding his head.

JOHNSON: “Brutal assault by Zion here as the official is telling him to get back in the ring. This impromptu match hasn’t even officially begun yet.”
The fans continue to boo as Zion grabs Judd and pulls him up to his feet. He rolls him back into the ring and slides in after him. Alex gets to his feet and holds up his hands as the official motions for him to back away.

VASSA: “See there, Alex is backing off to the far corner so the official can check on Grunge.”
JOHNSON: “Judd looks to be out of it, this shouldn’t happen like this.”
Judd is now on his feet, leaning back against the turnbuckles. The official asks if he is OK to compete and he shakes his head yes. With that Laroy calls for the bell.

VASSA: “Grunge says he is ready to go and this match is official under way!”
Before Grunge can even come out of the corner, Zion sprints across the ring and drills him with a drop kick right in the corner. The unexpected impact rocks Judd, who staggers out to the center of the ring and falls to one knee. With him bent over, Zion smirks out at Young before running towards the ropes. He bounces off and comes back at Grunge, jumping high into the air. As Zion comes back down, he plants his boot right on top of Judd’s head, slamming it viciously into the mat with a Blackout Curb-stomp.

JOHNSON: “Zion calls that move the Death Blow!”
VASSA: “Alex is just moments away from getting what he came here for tonight!”
Zion points out at Young and then points down at Grunge, who lays face down on the mat. The fans are booing as Alex reaches down and slowly pulls Grunge up. He sets Judd up and connects with a sickening double underhook piledriver as Young turns his back in disgust.

JOHNSON: “Zion nails the Iconic Finale and goes for the cover…”
Zion hooks the leg as the official is there for the count…

JOHNSON: “Come on…”
POWERS: “Here is your winner, via pinfall… ALEX ZION!!!
Young turns around and looks back in the ring as Zion stares back at him with a huge grin on his face while his hand is raised in victory.

JOHNSON: “Young is not happy about what this means.”
VASSA: “What this means is Alex Zion just earned himself a 4CW contract.”
JOHNSON: “Give me a break! Zion didn’t earn anything, he cheated his way to a undeserved win.”
VASSA: “Zion outsmarted Grunge and Young, that’s it. Disagree all you want but the fact is Khris Young now has to sign Alex’s contract. The man did what he had to do, plain and simple.”
Young shakes his head as he turns and heads to the back. Zion stands in the center of the ring with a smirk on his face while the fans chant “ZION SUCKS… ZION SUCKS… ZION SUCKS”.

Cameras cut inside a dark room with only a kerosene lamp as the only light source. A man stands in the center of the room while speaking complete nonsense.

INMATE 31: ”The voices are saying to murder Eric Lee. Other voices are saying that this night as only just begun. It is time for the Psycho to riseth from the blood lust.”
The red eyes turn to steel blue as a clicking sound is made.

INMATE 31: ”Click……….DOOMSDAY”
That rings out as the camera cuts away.


The theatre lights drop into total darkness. Fans light cell phones and glow sticks as the opening guitar stanzas of Steve Stern’s “Soul of a Man” begins to play.
Won’t somebody tell me, answer if you can
I want someone to tell me, what is the soul of a man?
At 0:26 when the orchestra enters the theme, a spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and a tall hooded figure dressed in black and red stands at the top of the ramp with his head slightly lowered. He stands there motionless as smoke begins to rise from below the ramp and the crowd gives him a mixed pop.
I’m going to ask a question, answer if you can
Will anyone here tell me, what is the soul of a man?
At 0:49 of “Soul of a Man,” when the orchestra breaks in again, the hooded figure raises his head and begins a slow ominous trek to ringside as the spotlight follows him.
I want someone to tell me, answer if you can
I want someone to tell me, what is the soul of a man?

POWERS:“From the ‘City of Angels,’ Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred eighty five pounds…he is the “Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling” he is………. XANDOR KALLLLLEEEEELLLLL!”
Once at ringside, Xandor Kalel slides under the bottom rope and goes to the center of the ring. He lowers his head once more and slowly peels back the hood of his jacket to reveal a stoic, fearless expression.
I’ve traveled different countries, I’ve traveled in furthest lands
I haven’t found one to tell me, what is the soul of a man?
The Patron Saint of Wrestling slowly turns his head towards the entrance/his opponent with a cold glare behind long wet strands of hair as he removes his jacket.
After a few moments “You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” by Halestorm hits the speakers as Marisol Hawkes walks out in her black and pink leather attire.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at one hundred twenty six pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, MARISOL HHAAWWKKEESS!!!”
She smirks as she glares around the theater at the fans. She then proceeds down the ramp and quickly up to the ring steps. She smiles at the crowd again as she gets in the ring and then looks back up the ramp. Marisol stretches and paces the ring as she waits for the match to begin.

JOHNSON:“While Xandor has called their professional relationship a friendly rivalry, these two have had plenty to say over the past several weeks. Now that they’re finally in the ring together I suspect the fans are in for quite a show.”
VASSA:“I wonder which one of the two will be able to back up all that talk. Marisol is a tried and true competitor, a well known name in 4 Corners Wrestling”
JOHNSON:“But Xandor considers it his personal mission to make sure that 4CW stays on what he considers the right path and doesn’t fall into the darkness.”
VASSA:“I hate to say that he has his work cut out for him, but… well, you’ve seen the rest of the talent!”
As soon as the bell rings Xandor takes it to Marisol with a forearm smash that sends her flying half way across the ring. The self-proclaimed Patron Saint of Wrestling is quick to follow up with an elbow drop and a series of vicious stomps. Marisol can barely shield herself and is forced to roll out under the bottom rope to escape the barrage.
The referee forces Xandor to back away to give Marisol room to get back in the ring. However, as soon as Hawkes is standing on the apron, Kalel hits her with a superkick! Marisol flies off of the apron, hitting the announcer’s table before crumpling to the ground. This time Xandor follows her out of the ring, pulling her up by the hair and rolling her back in.

VASSA:“Things certainly aren’t looking too friendly right now.”
JOHNSON:“Well Xandor did say that he would test Marisol during this match. From what we’ve seen so far tonight, he’s staying true to his word!”
Marisol manages to get to her feet, charging at Xandor, but he reverses whatever she had in mind with a scoop powerslam that rocks the ring. Hawkes writhes and holds her back in pain. Kalel drops to the mat and wraps her up in a powerful armbar that makes Marisol scream in agony. The ref asks several times if she wants to give up, but she resists, squirming and fighting to get free. She finally manages to just barely grab the bottom rope.
Xandor breaks the hold and pulls Marisol up by the hair once again, lifting her with one arm up onto the turnbuckle. He steps up onto the second rope, setting her up for a superplex. At the last moment she shoves him off, waiting until he stands to take him down with a missile dropkick.

JOHNSON:“I wonder if this will give Marisol the chance to turn it around…”
Both wrestlers get to their feet at the same time. Marisol charges at Xandor. The much larger man plants his feet and knocks her to the ground with a shoulder block.

VASSA:“I think that would be a no.”
Kalel gives her the chance to get back to her feet before lifting her for a hellacious Samoan drop. Xandor lets Hawkes get to her feet again before doubling her over with a palm strike to the gut and flooring her with a scissor kick! For a THIRD time he gives her the opportunity to stand, this time driving her headfirst into the mat with a DDT!

JOHNSON:“Xandor is definitely pulling no punches here.”
VASSA:“I think someone IS going to need to pray for her after this match, darkness or not.”
Marisol struggles to her feet, in obvious pain but refusing to quit. The two lock up, fighting for the advantage. Marisol finally manages to lock in a standing armbar! For several long moments it looks as though she is actually gaining the upper hand. She fights to keep the hold in place as Xandor uses his superior strength to begin to overpower her. After a few seconds more he breaks free and his Marisol with a fisherman suplex that lays her out.
Kalel drops and makes the cover.

JOHNSON:“I don’t know how Marisol managed that after the beat down Xandor has been giving her.”
VASSA:“But will she be able to do it again? Does she have a chance at turning this match around?”
Frustrated, Xandor drags Marisol to her feet and whips her into the corner. As he steps up onto the second rope he gives her a few mounted punches for good measure, then lifts her high into the air for a stalling superplex! The sound of the two hitting the canvas echoes through the theater!
Marisol rolls out of the ring once more. Xandor shakes his head, turning a slow circle to survey the crowd. As his back is turned Hawkes crawls under the ring! Kalel finally turns back and steps out between the ropes, looking to throw Marisol back into the ring, but finding her missing.
Marisol emerges from the other side of the ring, sliding back in! Xandor turns around just in time to see her as she charges at him. Hawkes leaps out with a suicide dive that takes them both into the barricade and then to the ground!

JOHNSON:“I think that had to hurt Marisol as much as it might have hurt Xandor, Vinnie.”
VASSA:“You might be right.”
The referee begins the count out as both opponents lay outside the ring.
Xandor is the first to start moving, shaking off the cobwebs as he sits up.
Kalel stands first, seeing Marisol still on the ground. Not content with the possibility of a count out win, he pulls her up and rolls her back into the ring before sliding under the bottom rope himself. Hawkes has miraculously gotten back to her feet and meets Xandor with a hair pull mat slam as he’s getting to his! Marisol tries to follow up with a stomp, but he rolls out of the way and flips back up to a standing position!
Marisol charges Xandor over and over, trying to build momentum. He takes her down with an arm drag! …A hip toss! …A snapmare! …And a backbreaker! Each time she bounces back up, but each time it clearly takes a little more out of her!

JOHNSON:“You’ve got to hand it to Marisol, she’s not going down easily.”
VASSA:“And Xandor is on point, never quite letting her make that comeback tonight.”
Kalel grabs Hawkes and lifts her up, looking like he’s going for a crucifix! Marisol squirms free and drops down behind him, shoving him forward as hard as she can. Instead of bouncing off of the ropes, Xandor steps up onto the second one, twisting his body around and coming back with a springboard super punch!
Marisol is laid out, barely moving on the canvas as she tries to get her arms beneath her. Kalel pulls her to her feet, doing most of the work of supporting her with one hand while he uses the other to make the sign of the cross, as if giving her the Last Rites. The crowd goes wild as Xandor flips Marisol up and over his shoulder so that she hangs back to back…

JOHNSON:“Oh no. Here it comes..!”
Marisol struggles weakly, trying to get free of the hold, but Xandor hits the Golgotha!

VASSA:“What a shot! I think that’s going to be it!”
Xandor stands over the fallen Hawkes for a few moments, staring down at her with contempt, using his foot to shove her over onto her back before he hooks her leg for the pin.
The bell rang and the referee held Xandor’s hand high in the air.

POWERS:“And here is your winner, XANDOR KALLLLLEEEEELLLLL!!!”
JOHNSON:“Xandor has done it! The Inquisition has begun!”

Walking around backstage we find the Hellcat Kirsta Lewis who appears to be without Insatiable. She passing a few people on her way down the hall fully dressed in her wrestling gear. When her cell goes off and alerted of a text message coming in. She checks it and texts back something before slipping it into her back pocket. Looking around before she darts around a corner out of the chaos that is going on around her. There waiting for her is two figures, both obscured from the dim light they had chosen to keep themselves obscured from the camera.

KIRSTA:”Oh man, I can’t tell you how great it is to see you. How long has it been?”
MALE:“Some would say too fucking long. Easily a few years.”
Kirsta steps back and takes a long look at the two figures that stand before her and nods with a grin.

KIRSTA:”These bitches around here just have no clue what’s in store for them do they?”
FEMALE:“Definately not, the definition of breaking skulls and taking names is about to be redefined as breaking skulls and jumping up and down on the carcass”
KIRSTA:”Tonight it starts, without a doubt when I’m in that ring they will see a Kirsta that they haven’t yet met. I’ve missed the blood letting and the destruction. I’m done with following rules. It’s time to change things up around here.”
MALE:“The Hellcat of Legend, those poor fucks really have no fucking clue what’s about to be unleashed upon them.”
KIRSTA:”I don’t even have to ask if your both ready. I see it in your eyes. I’ve been hyped up for this all week and it’s not about just facing Seamus O’Connor. It’s about getting back to my roots and what I do best. So, I take it your waiting for just the right moment to make your presence known?”
MALE:“That we are, and if you remember my old habits from back in the day… We don’t like a lot of through traffic…”
Kirsta lets out a small chuckle as she leans up against the wall.

KIRSTA:I remember everything from back in the day as well as those habits. I guess to make sure that there is no big sightings I should go besides my match is coming up here soon.”
MALE:“Alright, give ’em hell and the first shot of venom!
KIRSTA:”You know I will, catch you two later, enjoy I know that you will”
Kirsta reaches out her hand to both figures who take it easily, nodding to both before she takes a peek around the corner to see if its clear. She quickly makes her exit and leaves the others to their plans for the night.


The match bell sounds three times calling for everyone’s attention as the theater flashes between green, white and orange lights. “The Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphy hits the speakers…

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring tonight from Dublin, Ireland… Seamus O’CONNOR!!!”
He comes with a shillelagh in one hand. He runs out on stage does a heel click. Before walking to the ring amp up trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and run up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

VASSA: ”Coming off of a very disappointing loss..”
JOHNSON: ”As is his opponent! Both of these superstars are looking to show their true colors tonight in Charlotte!”
A loud roar of a big cat can be heard over the speakers before “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry begins to play. The Hellcat Kirsta Lewis appears and she removes the chain from around her waist and starts to swing it back and forth showing off her ability to use it when needed. She lays it then across her shoulders as she makes her way down to the ring. At ring side she pauses a few moments sizing up the crowd and taking in all the hate thrown her way.

POWERS: ”And the opponent from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, “The Hellcat”, Kirsta LEWIS!!!”
She tosses her hair from side to side before dropping her chain on the ring apron in her corner. Watching Seamus, she mounts the steps and slips through the ropes.

VASSA: ”The Hardcore, Suicidal, Brawler is looking for not only a win…but that definitive win here in Four Corners that will really put her on the map..”
JOHNSON: ”And she had her chance to do that when she faced Roxy Johnson!”
As Kirsta’s feet hit the mat, the referee steps back out of the way and calls for the bell to officially start this match…
Both wrestlers move quickly to the center of the ring. Seamus is going in for a collar and elbow tie up when Kirsta lands a kick to the gut that was so low that no one but Seamus really knew if it was a low blow or not. He doubled over and Kirsta drove a knee into his face and quickly followed that up with a European Uppercut. Kirsta wrapped her leg behind Seamus’ and with a Clothesline, took him down with an STO. With both hands on his throat and his shoulders pinned to the mat, Kirsta demanded a count from the ref!

VASSA: ”It never takes Kirsta long to get started!”
JOHNSON: ”And she is wasting no time tonight as she faces the much larger Seamus O’Connor…”
With a handful of hair, Kirsta pulls Seamus up to his feet and with an Irish Whip she moved to send him for the ride. Seamus overpowered her and reversed it, sending Kirsta hard into the far side ropes. Seamus went for a Clothesline and as it looked like she might try and duck it by bending over backwards, she hit him hard in the knee with a sitting dropkick. Again, she tore him up off of the mat with a handful of hair. As he made it up to his feet, Kirsta shoved Seamus into the turnbuckles!

JOHNSON: ”We’re right in the splash zone if this gets bloddy!”
With a drop toe hold, Kirsta sent Seamus away from the corner. The referee, she simply shoved him out of the ring through the middle and top ropes. Wasting no time, Kirsta grabbed her chain and began to wrap it around her right forearm close to her elbow. Seamus began to climb up to his feet and Kirsta springboarded off of the middle rope and landed a hard elbow shot which knocked Seamus flat. The chain lacerated him deeply above his left eye.

VASSA: ”You called it! We’re right in the splash zone!”
He made it up to one knee where Kirsta met him and reigned down hard elbow shots with that chain! Finally, Seamus fell out flat on his back. As he did, Kirsta was on him again landing an elbow drop down hard across his throat. As Seamus writhed in pain on the mat, Kirsta slid out of the ring. She tore the ring apron aside and pulled out a ladder which she quickly slid into the ring. Back in the ring, she set the ladder up in the corner farthest from where Seamus lay. Kirsta went up to the top rope.

VASSA: ”The ref is still out!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s starting to come to though.”
Standing on the top rope, Kirsta could still hardly reach the top of the ladder in front of her. Holding the top of the ladder for balance, she began bouncing the top ropes. Springboarding off the top rope and over the top of a twelve foot ladder she hit Seamus square with a Five Star Frog Splash!


With the referee now back in the ring, Kirsta gets rid of her chain. The ref asks about the ladder but Kirsta begins pointing and blaming it on Seamus. The crowd goes wild trying to tell the ref that it was Kirsta. Taunting the crowd Kirsta taken down hard by Seamus who hit her with a headbutt. With a wristlock, Seamus pulled her to her feet and sent her for the ride with an Irish Whip. He followed her in so she couldn’t counter and as soon as she bounced off of the far side ropes, O’Connor nailed her with a ring shaking Spinebuster. He hooked the far leg…

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how Seamus can even see. He’s covered in blood!”
Wasting no time, as Kirsta rose to her feet, Seamus nailed her with the Codebreaker!


JOHNSON: ”She kicks out again!”
Sensing that her end was near, Seamus hoisted Kirsta up onto his shoulders with a Fireman’s Carry, and began to spin in the tight circle in the middle of the ring. As he did, the crowd all rose to their feet and went wild…

VASSA: ”Seamus is going to give Kirsta a Drunk Landing!”
JOHNSON: ”She’s fighting it!”
She nailed Seamus with repeated hard elbow shots to the jaw. As she did the tight circle he began with, began to wobble. Somehow, she twisted herself off of his shoulders and still twisting her body around his, hit with him a Tornado DDT! When he hit the mat, she was already moving towards the top rope. With no hesitation, Kirsta leaped and hit him hard with a Moonsault!

VASSA: ”Even though he is not on the ropes…Kirsta has Seamus on the ropes!!!”
JOHNSON: ”And we are at the intersection of pins and needles!!!.”
Seamus made it up to one knee, and Kirsta took his head off. She hit him square on the point of the chin with her notorious side kick. She covered him, and hooked the far leg. The ref slid into position to make the count.


JOHNSON: ”And Kirsta has done it! She is back on the winning side of things in Four Corners Wrestling!!!.”
As “Crazybitch” by Buckcherry hit the speakers once again, the ref raised her arm in victory.

POWERS: ”Here is you winner, “The Hellcat”, KIRSTA LLEEWWIISS!!!”

The cameras switch backstage, showing the fabric walls where the EMTs hired for the show had cordoned off an area.

???: “I’m fine, really. I’ve been through a lot worse. I don’t need anything else.”
A curtain draws back to reveal Aidan trying to back away from the rather insistent medical staff. Having already accepted the one little bandage that was necessary after her match she really didn’t care for any more attention, despite the arguments to the contrary.

CARLISLE: “I promise, I take full responsibility for myself. You guys have done all you need to.”
As she keeps backing up she accidentally bumps into someone else walking by. Flustered, she turns and looks up at the much taller figure of Shane Borderland.

CARLISLE: “Sorry about that. I wasn’t—”
Her cheeks turn a bit red as she stands up straighter and tries to regain her composure. One brow arches, rather unbidden, and she bites the inside of her lip as she fights back the embarrassment.

CARLISLE: “Hi, I don’t think we’ve met… I’m Aidan. Sorry again about that.”
Before she do any further damage for the night she turns and heads down the hall, trying not to grin or giggle. Shane just stands there watching Aidan walk away with a slight smirk starting to show on his face.



JOHNSON: “Extreme matches have become a staple here in 4CW and we’re about to get the second one of the night.”
VASSA: “These are always brutal. I’m excited!!”
The house lights drop down to a single spotlight as a woman in high heels, pencil skirt and a nice blouse walks out behind a curtain and stands on the small stage. She points toward the double doors near the back of the the theatre as “Tear Away” suddenly strikes up. Three men dressed in white walk through the doors with a man wrapped up in a straight jacket with three hoes in it. They pull up three rods and place them inside the jacket as the man’s face is covered with a mask. The house lights finally come back up as the woman is actually standing in the ring. She holds up a microphone as the three strong men are bringing the monster to the ring.

WARDEN: “Ladies and Gentlemen making his way to the ring from Gotham City mainly Arkham Asylum, he weighs 256 lbs and he stands Six feet Six inches tall. He is the Monster of Fear..please welcome Inmate 31.”
This monster of a man finally makes it down to the ring. The three orderlies remove their metal rods from inside the jacket. They place the rods down and unhook the jacket. The jacket falls off as Inmate 31 pulls himself up onto the apron. He looks at his Warden before stepping over the ring ropes. He climbs up the nearest turnbuckle, removes the mask covering his face and tosses toward one of his orderlies. He drops down off the turnbuckle, embraces the Warden and gives her a kiss. She pulls away and slaps him across the face. A sinister smile comes across her face as his eyes turn to a blood shot red. “Tear Away” continues to play as Inmate 31 squats in a corner.

JOHNSON: “Inmate had a strong showing against Sativa Nevaeh a couple weeks back, now he gets Eric Lee, a man making his 4CW debut.”
POWERS: “And his opponent, standing six foot tall, weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds, from Los Angeles, California…The Tormented Soul, Eric Lee!!!”
The arena lights dim and fog fills the entrance area and a spot light lands on the entrance.
Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away…
“Black Candles” by Umberto starts playing through the theater. Eric Lee steps out from the back and glares out at the crowd as they boo him loudly as he walks to the ring. He looks around as if listening to someone or something instructing him. He slides into the ring and crawls to the center. He gets on his knees and looks straight ahead with eerie calm. He then crawls over to his corner and sits there leaning back against the turnbuckles.

JOHNSON:” What do you think of this Eric Lee guy, Vinny? “
VASSA:” Haven’t seen too much from him, but I like his vibe here tonight. “
JOHNSON:” A tall task in his very first bout. “
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Eric Lee makes the first move and rushes over to Inmate and ducks an initial clothesline. Lee hits the ropes and chops Inmate down at the knees. Inmate goes to one knee as Lee hits the other knee with Tae Pub Nok. Lee hits the ropes, bounces off, and puts Inmate on his back with a jumping knee strike.

JOHNSON:” The striking advantage goes to Eric Lee. Chopping the big man down. “
VASSA:” A similar strategy we saw from Sativa not too long ago. “
Eric Lee slides under the bottom rope and pulls out a trash can full of goodies. Lee tosses the entire trash can into the ring before going back under the ring. Lee pulls out a ladder and sets it up in the outside before going back into the ring to Inmate who is slowly getting to his feet. Lee stomps on the shoulder of Inmate as he gets to one knee. Lee hits the ropes again, but Inmate gets to his feet and scoops Lee up in his arms, hitting a snap powerslam. Inmate gets to his feet, bounces off the ropes, jumps into the air and connects with a double knee drop onto the face of Lee. Lee covers his face as Inmate walks over to the trash can and dumps all of the weapons out. A bat, a crutch, handcuffs, lead pipe and a bag of tacks. Inmate waits for Lee to get to his feet and slams the trash over his head. Lee’s upper body is stuffed in the can as Inmate bounces off the ropes, connecting with a big boot to the face of Lee.

JOHNSON:” Inmate putting that trash can to use. Ouch! “
VASSA:” Welcome to Four Corners Wrestling! “
Inmate steps over the top rope and to the outside where the ladder is. Inmate digs under the apron and slowly pulls out a table. Inmate drags it out and attempts to toss it into the ring, but it’s kicked back in his face by a sliding baseball kick from Eric Lee. Lee lays on his back for a minute, shaking the cobwebs out from the earlier kick to the face. Lee slides under the bottom rope and gets to the apron. Lee gets a running start, dives off the apron, and hits Inmate with a flying knee as he turns around. Inmate drops to the padding.
Lee immediately goes for the table and sets it up in front of the ladder. He pats it down before dragging Inmate up to his feet, struggling to get him up. Lee rocks him with a few elbows before pushing him up on the table. Eric Lee turns his back to Inmate and begins ascending up the ladder, but only gets halfway before Inmate grabs him by the leg. Inmate tries to pull him off the ladder, but Lee his him right between the eyes with a back kick, causing him to stumble backwards. Lee looks over his shoulder before diving off the ladder with a moonsault, and both men hit the ground.

JOHNSON:” Huge moonsault from Eric Lee!! “
VASSA:” This guy doesn’t care to put his body on the line. That much is clear! “
JOHNSON:” Sometimes the risk pays off. “
Lee gets to his feet and slowly walks over to the steel steps and picks them up off the floor. Lee brings it over to Inmate and as he is on all fours, he crashes it down on his spine and lower back, causing him to collapse back to the ground. Lee turns the steps over upright and stomps on the head of Inmate. He drags Inmate up on the steps and puts his head between his legs. He’s calling for a piledriver, but can’t lift the big man up. Inmate uses a burst of energy and flips Lee off the steps and onto the hard padding. Lee grabs his back in pain as Inmate catches his breath. Inmate staggers over to the apron, goes back under the ring, and pulls out a steel chair.
Lee is crawling on all fours as Inmate smacks the steel chair across his back. Lee still struggles to crawl away and Inmate smacks it over his back once again. Inmate tosses the chair aside and grabs Lee by the leg, dragging him back towards the upright table. Inmate picks Lee up on his shoulder and drops him face first on the barricade. Lee struggles to get away and gets his head under the ring, but not before Inmate pulls him out. Inmate flips him over as Lee lunges up and blows some kind of powder into the face of Inmate. Inmate losing his footing and falls backwards onto his backside. Inmate tries to get his eyes clean as Lee crawls over to the steel chair that was used on him.

JOHNSON:” What the hell did Eric Lee just use on the big man?!! “
VASSA:” Inmate 31 is now blind! Time to attack! “
Lee gets to his feet, picks the chair up, and begins walking back towards Inmate. Inmate is finally back to his feet, and turns around, right into a chair being hurled at his face. Lee using some force and throws the chair right into the face of Inmate 31. Inmate drops back to the ground. Inmate crawls over to the steel steps and tries to pull himself up, but Lee smacks the chair over the small of his back. Lee places Inmate’s head on the steel steps and presses down on it with his boot before slamming the chair over his head. Inmates head gets smashed between a chair and the ring steps as the sound rings throughout the theater.

JOHNSON:” Good god! Did you hear that echo!! “
VASSA:” That’s one way to take the deranged man down. “
Eric Lee shares a sadistic smile with the fans before grabbing Inmates lifeless body and pulling him with all his might to the table. Lee lifts him up, and places him back on the table before climbing back up the ladder. Lee finally reaches the top, and stands upright as he towers over his foe lying on the table below. He looks out at the fans in attendance before flying off with a shooting star press. Eric Lee and Inmate 31 crash right through the table as the official checks on both men. Eric Lee rolls off of Inmate, holding his gut, rolling back and forth. Inmate still remains motionless. Lee gets checked on by the official, but he just shoved him away. Lee pulls himself up on the barricade and staggers back to Inmate, falling to his knees on the way. Inmate starts to move his right arm as Lee grabs a hold of it and drags him closer to the ring. Lee lifts him up and rolls him back in under the bottom rope.
Lee hops to the apron and steps through the second rope, before dropping ontop of Inmate for the pin.

JOHNSON:” Inmate just got the shoulder up! “
VASSA:” How did he do that?! “
JOHNSON:” He’s nuts. “
Eric Lee rolls off of Inmate and puts his hands to the his forehead. Lee crawls on all fours and comes to the bag of tacks. He picks them up and looks out at the fans with that smile on his face. He empties them in the center of the ring before returning his focus back towards Inmate 31. Lee picks Inmate up and pulls him to the center of the ring, setting him up for Visions of Insanity, but Inmate battles out with an elbow to the side of the head. Lee breaks the grip and stumbles back against the ropes. Lee bounces off as Inmate kicks him in the gut and drops him on the tacks with a single arm DDT.

JOHNSON:” Eric Lee just went face first into those tacks!! “
VASSA:” That’s gonna leave a mark! “
Inmate rolls Lee over and hooks the leg.
Eric Lee throws the shoulder up and breaks the count. Lee has tacks sticking out of his face as blood trickles down his forehead and between his eyes. Inmate sits up and looks over at the corner and follows his instincts. Inmate leaves the ring and begins to ascend to the top rope. Inmate wastes a lot of time getting to the top and it costs him as Lee using a bit of energy and throws himself at the ropes causing Inmate to fall down into a seating position. Inmate holds his groin as Lee falls down to his knees. Lee looks between the blood and sweat and notices the bat laying across the ring. Lee rushes over to it and quickly picks it up. Lee staggers back over to an Inmate 31 who is still in pain. Lee grips the bat and hits a home run across the dome of Inmate 31. Inmate is out as he falls off the top rope and to the mat.

JOHNSON:” WOW! At the very least that was a triple double. “
VASSA:” Baseball season is back, Steve!! “
Lee drops the baseball bat as he drags Inmate to the center of the ring. Eric Lee with blood trickling down his forehead, picks Inmate up, and puts him in his death grip once again. Lee prepares him for the STO, but before he plants him, he screams, “Worship Me!!” Lee whips him around and Inmate face plants into the tacks just as Eric Lee did.

VASSA:” Visions of Insanity!! “
JOHNSON:” Inmate gets a taste of his own medicine. “
Inmate’s face bounces off the tacks, but ends up on his back as Eric Lee makes the pin.

JOHNSON:” Eric Lee has put away Inmate 31!! And in his debut match!! “
VASSA:” I’m impressed by Lee. He put his body on the line to win this match. Crashing through tables, tacks in his face. He’s the real deal. “
POWERS:” The winner of this match, Eric Lee!!! “
JOHNSON:” Look out Extreme Divison!! We gotta take a quick break, folks! “
Lee is on his knees with his arm hanging between the ropes with a tack hanging from his forehead and blood covering his face like a mask. We see an image of Inmate 31 with tacks sticking out of his mask as we cut away.

CASHE: “I’m not some vet who is being pushed back for new talent. Fuck that. This isn’t football, you just let me handle that. Gates gonna get straightened out. I’m going to go talk to Wallace, I’ll catch you back in the locker room.”
Jason Cashe is seen backstage as the cameras switch over. Tidus Howe is with him and nods before leaving in another direction. Cashe turns and begins heading down the hallway. He rounds a corner and comes face to face with Dakota Smith. As if silence filled the building, time itself might have slowed down as the two lock eyes standing within arm’s reach from each other. As if looking into a mirror, Cashe stares at Dakota and Dakota at Cashe. As Cashe tilts his head to the right, Dakota mimics it and does the same. Cashe pops up a hand and waves at Dakota, Dakota matches it as if a reflection.

CASHE: “Heh!”
DAKOTA: “Heh!”
Mocking his exhale of laughter, Cashe cringes at the eyebrows. Dakota does the same and Cashe leans back so Dakota continues to play along. Shaking his head no, Cashe stands straight and begins to scratch his beard. Dakota follows suit.

CASHE: “Is this real? I’m not high..”
DAKOTA: “Is this real? You’re not high..”
Looking to try and stumble Dakota, Cashe lifts his index finger and begins moving it back and fourth in front of Dakota’s face. Dakota does the same, their arms brushed next to each other. Dakota doesn’t follow Cashe’s finger until Cashe begins following Dakota’s. Before Cashe can act, Dakota points his index at Cashe and pokes him in the forehead. Cashe’s head knocks back some and Dakota casually steps by Cashe and leaves the scene. Cashe stands there smiling as he turns and watches Dakota disappear.

CASHE: “They say we look alike? Pssh, I don’t see it!”
Shrugging his shoulders, Cashe continues down the hallway and the scene cuts back to ringside.


The lights go out, the crowd is wondering what’s going on. The opening lyrics begin going smoothly till a LOUD scream is heard. The strobe lights go off as that same young man is on the ramp accompanied by Brooke McQueen.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred twenty seven pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Rock Soldier”, GRIFFIN HHAAWWKKIINNSS!!!”
He walks down the ramp as “Monkey Business” by Skid Row hits. He high fives a few fans as he walks down the ramp way. He walks up the ring stairs and holds the ropes for his manager to step through.
He gets on the ropes and throws the devil horns in the air, pumping the crowd. Soon he gets off the ropes, taking off his leather jacket and goes to the outside of the ring. He puts his Silver Aviator glasses on a lucky young fan, patting him on the head as he smiles up at him. He gets back in the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: “Two fan favorites here tonight and I think things will be far too clean, far too respectful and it disgusts me!!”
JOHNSON: “Get over it, this could be a very outstanding contest. Don’t just it off the crowd approval. These people know who brings it and both Roxi Johnson and Griffin Hawkins has done nothing but brought it every match book. Giving their all..”
VASSA: “And their ‘All’ has come up short at best when it mattered most. They should be booed, who’s gonna fail here?”
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

JOHNSON: “And look, they both meet at the center and shake hands. Fantastic sportsmanship from these two!”
VASSA: “This is almost a chick on chick match! Griffin wears as much makeup as a female and look at that HAIR!!”
They begin to circle each other just as the bell sounds off. The referee is quick to stay out of their way and they lock up at the center of the ring. Hawkins muscles Roxi and pulls her into a side standing Headlock. Reacting almost as fast as she was put into the headlock, Roxi Johnson lifts, spins and slams Griffin Hawkins with a Blue Thunder Bomb and she hooks his arms with her legs, keeping him held down for a pin attempt.
Shoving Hawkins to the side, both of them hurry back to their feet. Roxi leaps and goes for a jumping Clothesline but Hawkins ducks it and as they spin around, Hawkins catches Roxi with a Step up Enziguri. She takes two steps forward and falls face first into the canvas. Grabbing her and lifting her up by the arm, Griffin pulls Roxi in for a Piledriver. He hoists her up at the waist and snaps down into a sitdown, drilling her head first into the canvas. The crowd showing two sides to the story as some boo and others cheer.

VASSA: “We’ve got a divided crowd here, it’s what Management gets for giving us two crowd pleasures. Neither can make the entire crowd happy in this match. One of them will have to execute to win this match and that might mean making the other suffer.”
JOHNSON: “They know that, it’s part of the job they do inside that ring. Both have known sacrifice and struggle and both are capable of succeeding at the highest level.”
As Roxi pushes up from the canvas, she stretches out her neck. Griffin steps in and cuts her across the chest with a Knife Edge Chop. Roxi falls back but springs back at Griffin with a forearm to his cheek. Griffin shoves her back, Roxi bounces back into the ropes and rockets back at Griffin but gets lifted up ala Dirty Dancing as Griffin goes to launch her up and over like a shoulder toss but Roxi grabs Griffin by the head, slings herself back and connects with a high falling DDT that ignites the crowd!
Both roll to their stomachs and push up, Griffin a bit dazed as he rises doesn’t fight back too much as Roxi grabs him, turns her back to the turnbuckle and hooks Griffin up before snapping him up and over with a T-Bone Suplex that puts Griffin upside down in the corner as his body crashes into the turnbuckle pads. She rolls him up, hooking both his legs so he doesn’t touch the ropes as she goes for the pin.

JOHNSON: “That was electric! This crowd is loving this and I can’t argue, it’s smash mouth Action!”
VASSA: “This crowd loves the one winning. Right now that’s Roxi, most of these people are Drunk or just…Well they’re from North Carolina!! Speaks VOLUMES!!”
Helping Griffin to his feet, Roxi sets him back into the turnbuckle. She jumps up in front of him, looking to hit a snap Hurricanrana but Griffin Hawkins counters it stepping forward twice before planting her down hard with a Sitdown Powerbomb. Again the crowd erupts with cheers as Griffin takes a turn at trying to win the match.
Looking slightly disappointed, Griffin shoves Roxi to the side and gets to his feet rocking and tilting but keeping his balance. Roxi raises an arm up to stop Griffin from approaching, he grabs the arm and yanks her up to her feet. Roxi blasts him with a forearm to the face and Griffin stumbles back. He ducks an incoming Clothesline and sparks into a rush across the ring, hits the ropes and flies at Roxi as she turns around and is ripped in half with a Spear. Both lay sprawled out on the canvas as the fans continue showing their support for a back and fourth match full of turns in Action.

VASSA: “God damn that was a well placed, well executed Spear! Griffin just grabbed my attention!”
JOHNSON: “If only he was covering her, this could be where he won the match!!”
VASSA: “Ha! It looks like Griffin is getting that “Encore” Second Wind!!”
Slapping the canvas, Griffin Hawkins gets to his feet and rocks out for the fans with an Air Guitar. The cheer for the long haired Rocker as he rips Roxi up. She breaks free and pops up off her feet for a dropkick but Griffin slaps her legs to the side. She hits the canvas and scrambles to get back up and away from Griffin. “The Rock Soldier” grabs her by the hair from behind and pulls her back as he drops to a knee and pulls her head down over his kneeling knee. The crowd is more mixed for the very dirty tactics in a regular ruled match. He drops down over Roxi but doesn’t hook a leg as he looks for the win.

JOHNSON: “Dang! I thought she was done there…Her head, that sound..Ewww!”
VASSA: “What are the fans booing about? If this was Extreme which is Griffin’s choice of scene that would have been perfectly acceptable. They need to quit bandwagon jumping. It’s annoying. This is Dog eat Dog, By Any Means Necessary!”
Stunned as he pushes off Roxi, Griffin Hawkins begins to look down at Roxi like she was a true super human. He dives down from his knees and drives an elbow into her face. Again he lays over her, this time hooking a leg after making the cover.
As he rises from the near fall, Hawkins gets up and Roxi in pain rolls over on her stomach before pushing up onto her hands and knees. Griffin steps back and cocks back his leg, looking for a Buzzsaw Kick. As Roxi pushes up from her hands, she rests on her knees and Griffin Hawkins shoots the kick. Roxi drops back down to a crawl position, missing the kick attempt. She twists as Griffin twirls and hooks him between his legs, pulling him back with a School Boy. The referee rushes, slides down and slaps the canvas.

VASSA: “THAT was close! Ohh Ohh Roxi almost turned Griffin’s mistake into her gain right there!”
JOHNSON: “You got it dude!”
VASSA: “It doesn’t surprise me you were a Full House fan..”
Both of them sluggish. Both rising from the canvas, using each other to get to their feet. Roxi fires a big right and connects. Griffin shoots back and cracks Roxi to the cheek. Roxi returns with a second wild right and Griffin stumbles but bounces back with an open hand slap across the face. The crowd begins trading chants, calling for both competitors.

Wobbling after a barrage of trading punches and slaps, they both are barely left standing. Griffin cocks back for one more big attack but Roxi jolts forward with a toe kick and Griffin curls over forward. Roxi snatches him up, pulls him in and sets up up before lifting him up with a quickly executed Snap Suplex. Her second burst comes and Roxi comes off the canvas and hits a quick Leg Drop.
Getting up, Roxi brings Griffin up as she stands but he has other plans as he breaks free and falls back to get away from Roxi. As she comes at him, he up kicks and catches her to the gut. Scrambling to his feet, Griffin Hawkins sprints towards the nearby corner, runs up the turnbuckles, launches off it twisting to face the ring and looks for his Diving European Uppercut but as he goes to execute midair, Roxi falls back, throws her feet up and catches Griffin’s arm as it goes for the uppercut. Griffin falls over Roxi but Ms. Johnson locks him in tightly with her “Justice Lock” and Griffin’s screams become grunts as he goes wild thrashing his legs and his free arm.

VASSA: “She has it tightly secured, Hawkins isn’t going anywhere..”
Reaching for the ropes with his legs and free arm, Griffin Hawkins just can’t reach it. He tries dragging her with him but the submission locks in deeper. As he presses to get leverage, he loses strength in his free arm and drops. The referee checks him and it’s clear Griffin is going out. Before he goes, he swallows his pride and taps the canvas repeatedly. The referee signals for the bell and Roxi releases the hold, not wanting to hurt but just win the match.

JOHNSON: “This is how many times we’ve seen Roxi secure this as someone was coming down over her? She is a master at that Triangle Choke. Griffin was left with nowhere to run and no choice but to tap or nap. What a match!”
VASSA: “Can’t argue there! Where I had doubt, these two proved their worth and value for having great matches. That is what 4CW is ALL about!”
POWERS: ”And the winner by submission, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”

Khris Young is walking backstage, just as he gets to his office door he is stopped by Judd Grunge.

Young stops and turns around as Grunge walks up to him. There is a bandage on his forehead but blood is soaking through it still, making it obvious he hasn’t gotten any real medical help since being busted open by Alex Zion earlier in the night.

YOUNG: “Judd I really don’t have time right now, I have to figure out how I am going to deal with Zion…”
GRUNGE: “That’s what I want to talk to you about. Thanks to him I now have to go get staples in my head to stop this bleeding. I know I can beat him, he just got the jump on me tonight. I want a rematch Young… I WANT TO MAKE ZION BLEED!”
YOUNG: “I’ll see what I can do Grunge, but no promises. Now go get that head of yours taken care of.”
With that Grunge walks off and Young turns back to his office. He opens the door and walks in to see Alex Zion sitting in his chair, behind his desk. Zion smirks as Young gets even more frustrated.

YOUNG: “Get the hell out of my office Zion!”
ZION: “I will, once you sign this that is…”
Zion picks up a piece of paper and holds it up for Young to see, who just shakes his head while Zion continue to smirk arrogantly at him.

YOUNG: “You already have a contract written up? How did you get that done so fast?”
ZION: “What can I say buddy? When things are meant to happen, the pieces just fall perfectly into place. So come on over here and let’s make history here in 4CW. Need a pen?
Young let’s out a long frustrated sigh as he slams the door.

Tonight was a big night for ‘The Dirty Devil’ Connor Gates, stepping into the ring with Jason Cashe was no easy task. This match was going to have some heavy championship implications. A loss for either man could throw them out of the championship picture completely for the time being. Connor Gates was sitting backstage and already in his wrestling gear and taping his fists up, something he normally didn’t do but he was preparing for one hell of a fight tonight. Everyone wanted to hear what The Dirty Devil had to say and it looks like Gabriel Hartman was attempting to get the big scoop. As Connor ripped the tape and tossed the roll of athletic tape to the side. Gabriel Hartman walked up as Connor Gates was doing a little bit of shadow boxing to warm up.

HARTMAN: ”Connor Gates! Can I get a quick word with you before your match with Jason Cashe tonight?”
DIRTY DEVIL: ”Make it quick Gabe, I’m a busy man..”
HARTMAN: ”Tonight you are going one on one with Jason Cashe.. Are you worried?”
DIRTY DEVIL: ”The only thing I’m worried about is when I am getting my shot at the 4CW Championship. Let’s make something clear, I pinned Jair Hopkins in the middle of that ring. You know who cannot claim that at the moment? Jason Cashe. Who lost at Winter Wasteland. It doesn’t matter how I got the pin fall because in this business all that matters is having that big ‘W’ next to your name at the end of the night.”
HARTMAN: ”Many people feel that your victory over the champion was tainted. Don’t you feel the same way?”
DIRTY DEVIL: ”Tainted? Ha, no. Did I go out and bribe Jason Cashe to help me out? Did I buy him a fat bag of weed and in return for sticking his nose in my business? What he did was completely out of my hands, I would have been a fool not to have taken advantage of the situation. Jair Hopkins was going to lose and it did not matter if Cashe got involved or not. Tonight, I eliminate Jason Cashe from the title picture. I beat the champ and now I’m going to take care of the so called number one contender. I am sick of people making excuses for these chumps! Week after week I have walked down to that ring and taken care of business and week after week people come up with excuses. Tonight, you all are going to be out of reasons as to why I shouldn’t get my shot at the 4CW Championship.”
HARTMAN: ”If you mange to win..”
The Dirty Devil held his hand up to cut off Gabriel Hartman. He shook his head and had a confused look on his face. How could this guy ask “If you manage to win..” did this guy not know who he was speaking with? Gabriel tried to continue but Connor Gates made the ‘zip it’ sign with his fingers.

DIRTY DEVIL: ”If? What the hell do you mean If? You think that goofy looking motherfucker has a shot at winning tonight? Everyone thinks Jason Cashe is some big road block and that couldn’t be further from the truth. He is more like a speed bump in the parking lot of McDonald’s, that is how concerned I am with Jason Cashe. Is it going to be a hell of a fight? You damn right it is. Tonight will be down and dirty, and that is right up my alley. So why should I be worried if he is playing right into my hand? Jason Cashe has had a good run, but his time is done. So long, pack your bags it’s been nice but it is time for this company to move in new direction. From the moment I have stepped foot into 4CW I have told everyone that this is the year of The Dirty Devil. Now all those fools are beginning to realize that unlike some people in this company that I’m not just blowing smoke. Every word that I have spoken has been backed up. Now Jason Cashe is their last hope and they are clinging onto the fantasy that he can stop me in my tracks. I promised that I was going to be 4CW Champion and no one is going to get in the way of that happening. Once I have dealt with Jason Cashe, the question from morons like you won’t be ‘If’ but WHEN will I get another shot at Jair Hopkins and settle this once and for all.. With that said, do you have any more questions or are we done here?”
He not only spoke with confidence but intensity. The Dirty Devil was hell bent on becoming 4CW Champion and he didn’t like the fact that someone was even questioning that he might not be able to defeat Jason Cashe tonight. The championship picture in 4CW could be summed up in one word right now… Dirty… You had Jason Cashe who wanted his rematch and you had Connor Gates who was on a hot streak AND had a victory over the champ.

HARTMAN: ”Those are some strong words Connor.. Any closing thoughts?.”
That signature smile spread along his lips and you could see his pearly white teeth. It was the kind of smile that was so charming and yet so devilish. You couldn’t tell if he was the kind of person you could trust or if he would stab you right between the shoulder blades as soon as your turned your back to him. Connor patted Gabriel Hartman on the shoulder with his taped fist before speaking.

DIRTY DEVIL: ”Stay Dirty..”


“ Dance With the Devil “ begins to blare over the sound system as Dakota Smith pokes his head out of the back. With a sinister smirk on his face he begins to make his way down to the ring. Laughing softly to himself at all of the fans who are booing him. Instead of getting in the ring he walks around it and over to where the commentators are sitting. He pulls up a metal chair and takes a seat next to the duo of announcers – who both just look simply horrified. Dakota gives them a little wink before pointing to the entrance ramp, telling them to get on with their job.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome, Dakota…”
VASSA: ”Loosen up, Stevie! He’s not going to bite.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t be too sure about that.”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Masked German Monster”, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin as Henry Losak stands at ringside.

VASSA: ”The German Monster is in the house!”
JOHNSON: ”He scored a win over… he scored an impressive win two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”You can say it, Steve. He doesn’t bite. I promise!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s being awful quiet over there. It’s making me nervous.”
“Unsettling Differences” hits the sound system of the theater, accompanied by a huge pop from the crowd. Yellow strobe lights flicker around the entire theater, as we anxiously await the arrival of Mr. 4CW himself.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred forty two pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “Mr. 4CW”, and the 4CW EXTREME CHAMPION, The Enforcer of Sorrow, NATHANIEL HHAAVVOOKK!!!”
Havok makes his way to the entrance ramp, walking slowly, observing the fans in attendance, with a smirk on his face from all the love and adulation of the fans. He slowly takes the Extreme Championship off of his waist, and lifts it into the air, as the yellow strobe lights continue to flicker throughout the entire theater. Nathaniel throws the title onto his shoulder, and begins walking down the ramp, still observing the fans that surround him. He looks cold, calculated, but most importantly, he looks ready for a fight. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully from the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd, Championship again held high above his head. He hops down and stands in the corner, as the referee comes over and takes his title, handing it to the time keeper, as his music fades out.

VASSA: ”Havok came up a little short two weeks ago against the 4CW Pride Champion, Flipp.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m more concerned with what happened after the match was over. Do you have anything you’d like to add, Dakota?”
VASSA: ”Whoa now! I think he just bit my arm. Lets get this match underway.”
JOHNSON: ”I couldn’t have said it better myself.”
The two men glare down at Dakota Smith, who is sitting back in his seat. Dakota just gives the two a smirk. They then turn their attention back to one another and begin to circle each other. They lock up in the middle but Raab easily pushes Havok back. Havok rolls backwards and uses the ropes to help himself up before rushing at Raab going for a bicycle kick. Raab catches his legs and pulls the champion in close, trapping the leg and suplexing him over his head. Raab quickly gets back up this feet and makes his way over to Havok, laying in a few stomps before grabbing a handful of hair and bringing him back up to his feet. Raab tosses Havok into the corner and starts to viciously head-butt the man. Havok falls to his ass and Raab takes a few steps back before running at him with big-boot, Havok at the last second ducks under Raab’s boot, causing it to smack against the ring post. Havok crawls away from Raab and gets up to his feet. By the time Raab turns around he is met with a sick spinning wheel kick. For the first time in the match the monster is down in the ring. Havok waste’s little time and tries to go for the pin
Raab kicks out at one, throwing Havok off of him in the process. As Raab gets up to one knee Havok is on top of him, raining down blows on the back of the monster. Havok then wraps puts Raab’s head underneath his arm and hits with a quick snap suplex. Havok quickly wraps his legs around the neck of Raab and starts to choke him out, tightening his thighs muscles to add pressure. When Raab shows no sign of tapping out Havok begins to rain down elbows to the top of Raab’s skull, one after another, over and over again. He finally lets go of the lock and stands up to his feet. Havok looks around the arena with a cocky smirk on his face before exiting the ring. He searches underneath the ring for a few seconds and pulls out a steel chair. He slides it into the ring and then slides in himself. Raab is just now getting up to one knee as Havok lines him up, bashing the steel chair against the ground. When Raab gets up to his feet, he turns around right into a vicious chair shot by Havok. Raab doesn’t go down however. He stands his ground, Havok swings the weapon again, wrapping the chair around the Monsters head. Raab only seems to get pissed by the strike and grabs Havok by his throat, Raab lifts him up and sends him down to the mat with a wicked choke slam.
Havok holds his back in pain as Raab grabs the chair off the ground. He tries to fix it but fails and tosses it aside, Raab then goes outside the ring and looks underneath it as Havok did. He seems rather pleased as he pulls out a black bag filled with something, and another chair. As he throws the chair into the ring his attention turns to Dakota Smith. The monster begins to make his way over to the man. Dakota stands up from his seat and gives Raab a glare as if he was daring him to come at him. Raab slowly shakes his head as he turns his back on Dakota and faces the ring. Just in time to be smacked right in the face by Nathaniel Havok’s spring boarded boot. As Raab hits the mat Dakota and Havok stare at each other for a few seconds. But Dakota sits down and Nathan turns his attention back to Raab. Havok starts to violent soccer kick the Monsters ribcage, before bringing him up to his feet.
Havok then Irish whips Raab into the ring, Raab’s back smacking against it. Havok looks underneath the ring and pulls out an yet another chair, He grabs Raab my his hair and rolls him into the ring. Before Havok gets in the ring himself he looks down at the ground and picks up the bag that Raab had previously gotten. Now with both men in the ring Havok starts to smash the chair across the back of the downed monster. Havok strikes him about three times before throwing the chair down to the mat. He then drives his knee into raabs back and pulls up on his chin. He wrenches back on the hold as the referee asks if the man would like to tap out. Raab shakes his head no, but Havok continues to put on the pressure screaming for the referee to ask him again. Raab again shakes his head no, leading Havok to release the hold, pushing Raab’s face into the mat as he does so.
Havok looks around the ring at the sprawled out weapons but instead chooses to climb up to the top rope. When he gets to the top rope Dakota Smith stands up from his chair and begins to yell at Havok. Havok flips Smith off, but by the time he looks back in the ring Raab is up to his feet. Havok leaps off the top rope going for some sort of spear, but Raab catches him mid-air with a cutter!

JOHNSON: ”Havok needs to pay attention to Raab and forget about Dakota here at ringside.”
VASSA: ”That may be easier said than done. By the way, the look he’s giving you now, I don’t think he liked that too much.”
Raab quickly hooks the leg for the pin
At the last second Havok gets his shoulder up, Raab rolls off of him and takes a few moments to catch his breath before getting up to his feet. Raab grabs a steel chair and brings it over to where Havok is laying. He then picks up the man and places the chair on his back. Raab lifts Havok up in the air and slams him to the ground with a scoop slam. Havok scrunches up in pain as Raab picks him up again, this time without the chair. He scoops him up in the air, and once again slams him right down on the chair. Raab goes for the pin once again.
Again Havok gets his shoulder up, Raab gets a little infuriated as he stomps back up to his feet. He glances over at the bag and walks over it, He picks it up and then goes to the middle of the ring. As he unties the top of the bag, Shards of broken glass and thumbtacks start to pour down onto the mat. Raab laughs to himself for a moment before turning back to Havok, who has gotten up to his feet and from out of nowhere hits a superkick! Raab falls backwards right onto the tacks and glass. He lets out a roar of pain as Havok bolts towards and jumps un in the air, landing right on top of Raab with a sickening Senton. Raab’s back pressed into the tacks and glass, as Raab rolls onto his stomach you can see his vest is torn and blood is flowing from the backs of his arms.

VASSA:”Sorrow Enforced, right into a running senton! That was incredible!
JOHNSON: ”This is starting to get a little messy.”
VASSA: ”We wouldn’t want it any other way. I think all this blood is making Dakota thirsty.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t give him any thoughts. He’s already tried to taste you earlier.”
VASSA: ”Who can blame him? Butter my big ass up and throw me on the smoker. I’m delicious!”
Havok is using the ring ropes to help keep him up as he stares at the downed Monster. He takes in a few deep breaths before picking up a steel chair and walking over to Raab – who is now up to one knee. Havok lifts the chair high above is head and swings down but Raab reaches up and catches it with one hand. Raab brings other hand up and the two have a test of strength. The masked monster is able take the chair away from Havok, who stumbles backwards. But before Raab utilize said object Havok is back on him, violent kicking the chair into Raab’s. The man falls backwards with a thud as Havok jumps on him for the pin
Raab kicks out, and Havok grabs a handful of hair and picks the man up to his feet. Havok Irish whips Raab into the ropes, on the rebound Havok goes for a clothesline but Raab ducks it and almost instinctually turns around and grabs ahold of Havok’s waist. Raab then lifts the man up and over his head with a brutal German suplex right on top of the glass and tacks. Havok bounces up and down in pain before slumping into the ground. Raab takes a few moments to get up to his feet, catching his breath and figuring out a game plan. When he finally gets up he reaches down and picks up a piece of glass – then he walks over to Havok and brings him up to his knees. Raab extends Havok’s arm and gouges the piece of glass into his bicep. He grinds it deep into his arm all the while Havok screaming out in pain. He then takes the glass and puts it in between his fingers – making a fist the monster begins to rain down punches directly to Havok’s forehead. Like a savage one after another, so much so that Raab throws the piece of glass to the ground and starts to viciously headbutt the man. Havok’s body goes limp and drops to the ground as Raab lets go of him.
Raab looks down at the broken, bloodied champion. He laughs to himself as he cocks his head to the side. The masked German monster looks around the theater before reaching down and picking Havok up by the throat. Raab lifts him high up in the air and brings him down with a ring shaking Chokeslam Powerbomb.

JOHNSON:”THE RAABINATOR! Our champion is dead!
VASSA:”He’s hooking the leg.

POWERS: ”The winner by pinfall LOOOOOORD RAAAAB!”
Raab stands victorious over the broken Nathaniel Havok. He raises his arm up in the air, but his celebration is cut off short – as Dakota Smith slips in the ring, and coldcocks him right in the back of the head with the extreme championship.

VASSA: ”You’re a little late, Steve. The damage has already been done.”
He then begins to stomp on Raab’s chest and face! Like an animal gone ballistic just stomping Raab’s face into the mat. He looks over at Nathaniel and spits on him before Dragging Raab’s limp carcass over and placing him on top of the champion. Dakota looks around the theater and gets a sinister grin as he tosses the belt on top of the men and digs his hands deep into his pockets. He pulls out a yellow bottle of lighter fluid and starts to pour the liquid on top of the two men. He pours most of the bottle before tossing it on top of Raab.

JOHNSON: ”OH NO!!! What is he doing?”
VASSA: ”I think he’s about to fire up the grill and get this cookout underway!”
JOHNSON: ”This can’t be happening right now! He can’t do this! Someone get out here and stop this madness!”
As Dakota reaches in his pocket and pulls out matches, the fans pop with cheers.

VASSA: ”It’s Griffin Hawkins!”
Before Dakota can strike the match, Griffin slides into the ring and pops up to his feet. Dakota drops the matches to the mat and the two go toe to toe, exchanging punches beside the fallen bodies.

JOHNSON: ”That was so close! This could have ended horribly.”
VASSA: ”It’s like the Fourth of July, Steve. Everyone wants to see a good fireworks show.”
JOHNSON: ”But not like this.”
Griffin connects with a hard right to Dakota’s jaw, knocking him back a step. Dakota then charges at him, wrapping his arms around his waist, and tackling him up and over the ropes. The two fall to the floor below and roll around, taking their shots at each other one after the other. Griffin then slams Dakota’s head against the floor, breaking free and standing to his feet. Dakota rolls around in a daze but quickly shakes it off. Before he can make a move to get up, Griffin pulls him up from the floor and throws him into the ringside steps.
Before Griffin can make his next move, staff from the back rush down the ramp. Splitting in pairs, two pull Griffin away from the mess as the other two cover Dakota from taking any more harm. After talking some sense into Griffin, one leads him up the entrance ramp as the other goes to assist with helping Dakota.

JOHNSON: ”This is crazy! These guys aren’t even in the match and they’re putting on a show for the fans.”
As the staff helps Dakota to his feet, he breaks out into a rage and shrugs them off. Dakota then lays out one of the staff members with a haymaker.

JOHNSON: ”He just assaulted a member of the event staff!”
The other two staff members quickly rush Dakota, each grabbing an arm and pinning him against the ring apron. A member from the ringside crew quickly rushes over and helps subdue him. Going berserk, Dakota tries to throw them off but can’t. After finally restraining him, they drag him up the ramp. Dakota looks back at the ring as blood pours from his devilish grin.

VASSA: ”HOLY HELL!!! I knew he was up to no good!”
JOHNSON: ”Hopefully they can get him in the back or even out of the building. He’s going to burn the theater down.”
VASSA: ”Oh shit, I didn’t even notice. Raab is finally up but looks lost.”
JOHNSON: ”I think it’s a good think that he has out for this fight because if he wasn’t, we’d still be watching. They’d tear this place down!”
After finally becoming aware of his surroundings, Raab bends over and helps Havok up to his feet. Once up, Havok stumbles across the ring, unaware and appearing to be lost. After finally settling his feet, he looks at Raab and then surprises him with a superkick to the chin.

As Raab falls to the mat, Havok drops down to his knees right after. Leaning over in confusion, Havok rests his head on the canvas as the ref quickly checks in with him.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think Havok knew the match was even over. He laid Raab out with the Sorrow Enforced but went right to the mat himself.”
VASSA: ”The fumes might be messing with his head. Not that I would know about huffing gas or anything.”
JOHNSON: ”I think the madness has finally died down though.”
VASSA: ”Regardless of what just happened, Raab has scored another impressive win this week and this time over the 4CW Extreme Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago it was Dakota and not it’s the champ himself. This Extreme title picture is getting a little crazy if you ask me.”
VASSA: ”That’s what it’s all about.”
JOHNSON: ”We have a show to continue and a mess to clean up in the ring. We’re going to cut backstage for a moment folks.”
VASSA: ”These are the type of events that make me realize how much I love 4CW.”

The door of the 4CW Trainer’s room is shown as the cameras cut backstage. The door opens and the ominous Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling steps out with a tigerish expression on his face behind long black strands of hair. A predominately favorable pop from the fans is heard. The 4CW trainer follows Xandor Kalel out.

TRAINER: ”The Emory University Orthopedic Team in Atlanta did an incredible job on that knee. It’s better than new! I know you caught Marisol by surprise. Just remember to ice it for 20 minutes before leaving the theater.”
Xandor simply glares at the trainer. After nearly six months of intense rehabilitation, he knows the drill. He doesn’t need the trainer to remind him of how to care for his surgically repaired knee. So he simply acknowledges the advice with a nod and heads down the hallway towards his locker room.
As Xandor walks the backstage area, his eyes are feverishly surveying the landscape. Production boxes are everywhere. 4CW superstars are carrying on conversations while others stretch out for their matches. A few backstage assistants wave and smile at him but he keeps walking towards his destination without saying a word. He is not here to make friends. He has a purpose for being in 4CW and nothing he sees around him seems beneficial to his cause. This present stint in 4CW will be different.
Xandor reaches his shared locker room, slowly opens the door, and walks in.

Xandor takes a step back and balls up his hands. Inside the locker room, Alexis Calloway and her brother, Ryan, are standing in the middle of the room with huge grins on their faces. Alexis holds a chocolate cupcake with a lit sparkler on top. Ryan is holding a wrapped gift. Xandor looks around, ensuring no one else is the room, his facial expression cold. He closes the door behind him and walks past Alexis and Ryan as he enters the shower room.

A. CALLOWAY: ”Babe, what’s wrong?”
Xandor turns back around and faces his unexpected guests. Alexis has a confused look on her while Ryan, dressed in his active Army fatigues, has his solider face on.

R. CALLOWAY: ”Everything clear, Xandor?”
Xandor responds by brushing his long black hair back, letting the Calloway siblings to see his less intense face.

KALEL: ”Yes, we’re good.”
The softening of Xandor’s demeanor lowers the tension in the room as he approaches them.

KALEL: ”Sorry about that. Whenever I’m assigned a shared locker room I stay on ‘duty.’ You know it is, Ryan.”
Ryan puts the wrapped gift on the bench next him and the lockers and give Xandor a brotherly embrace.

R. CALLOWAY: ”Happy birthday, bro.”
They let go of each other and Ryan turns to retrieve the wrapped gift. Alexis steps up to Xandor with a feigned anger look.

A. CALLOWAY: ”I hate when you do that. It’s bad enough with Ryan being deployed but now my fiancé is goes into this operative mode? I really don’t…”
Xandor lowers his head and places a sweet kiss on her lips to shut the former Playmate up. Alexis’ annoyed demeanor melts with the kiss.

KALEL: ”Better now?”
Alexis blushes as Xandor turns to Ryan.

KALEL: ”What are you two doing here?”
Alexis holds up the birthday cupcake.

A. CALLOWAY: ”One… it’s your birthday! And two, Ryan was on leave here in Charlotte, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.”
R. CALLOWAY: ”Plus, Lex wouldn’t shut up about how awesome of a wrestler her fiancé is, so I had to see it for myself. I must say…very impressive. You’ll have to teach some of those moves.”
KALEL: ”Thank you. So…how long are you on leave?”
Alexis scoots in between the two men, nestling into Xandor signaling for him to wrap his arms around her. Before Ryan can answer, there is a knock at the door. The door opens and a male backstage worker pokes his head in.

Xandor’s cold demeanor returns.

KALEL: ”Yes?”
The worker pushes the door open with his foot and steps in. He’s carrying a big arrangement of red long stem roses with a birthday balloon floating above. Xandor points at the bench.

KALEL: ”Leave it there.”
The backstage worker does as he’s told and quickly exits the locker room, closing the door behind him. Xandor looks down at Alexis.

KALEL: ”Wow, Beautiful. You really are going all out. Cupcake, presents, Ryan, now long stem red roses?”
Alexis steps out of their embrace and looks at Xandor with a confused and annoyed look.

A. CALLOWAY: ”I didn’t send you any roses, Xandor.”
Ryan, who is closest to the roses, notices a card.

R. CALLOWAY: ”There’s a card here. Want me to check it out?”
Xandor nods, giving Ryan permission. Ryan opens the small envelope with Xandor’s name on it and takes out the card.

R. CALLOWAY: ”Happy 27th Birthday, Chris. Always in my heart and soon in my life again. Love, Dani.”
Ryan looks up at Xandor with a suspicious expression. Alexis turns around as well but she isn’t angry. If anything, she looks scared.

R. CALLOWAY: ”Chris?”
A. CALLOWAY: ”It’s a long story, Ry.”
Xandor turns ice cold and angry. He glares at the vase of roses as if willing them to combust.

KALEL: ”This is getting out of hand!”
The Patron Saint walks over to the vase of roses and picks it up. With a roar, he hurls it across the room, causing a small raucous and mess. He looks back at Ryan and Alexis, seething, as the cameras slowly fade out.

There was a monitor near by playing the end of the Nathaniel Havok and Lord Raab match as the camera feed switched backstage. Ramona watched the monitor for just a moment longer then she put one of her feet up on a near by equipment box and leaned forward against that leg, stretching out her muscles. All she was interested in tonight was warming up for her match and getting her head in the game. That was precisely why when she saw a middle age man in a brown ill tailored suit walking towards her she knew something stupid was about to happen.

MAN: ”Miss Ramona? Ramona Lea Epps? My name is Seymour Smith and I’m with 4CW’s Human Resource department. I’ve been asked to give you this letter and instruct that you follow its orders from those further above me in the company.”
Out of a jacket pocket he produced an enveolpe which she handed over to Ramona. She lowered her leg down off the equipment box and then took the envelope she was being offered. Slipping a finger nail under the flap and ripping it open with ease a moment later she was unfolding the paper inside to read over it. Judging by the crease forming in her forehead and the scowling of her eyebrows whatever it was wasn’t something she liked. The representative that delivered it to her had been trying to slowly slink away but she wasn’t about to have that shit and dashed over to cut him off from walking any further.

RAMONA: ”Excuse me but what the FUCK is this? Mandatory anger management? Did someone in H.R. put their retarded pants on today because this makes absolutely no god damn sense.”
The man sighed, knowing this was going to happen but somehow hoping he would have been able to avoid it.

SEYMOUR: ”Recently several complaints have been lobbied with us that you have been personally attacking and bullying a lesser 4CW talent creating a hostile work environment. Rather than face a potential law suit we decided that having you attend several anger management classes could be an even middle ground for all parties involved.”
RAMONA: ”Are you shitting me? Did Royce and Demi really get so upset over what Sativa and I said they tried to go and tattle on us? This is wrestling! No one watches to see us all hug and encourage each other, we’re supposed to insult each other. That’s what the people want!”
SEYMOUR: ”No ma’am, I can assure you it wasn’t the Griffin siblings. I feel that telling you where these complaints came from may just result in more trouble if-“
RAMONA: ”I swear to God if you don’t tell me I’m going to crumple this letter up and make you eat it for my own amusement. Just who in the hell have I been bullying?”
Pushing the document into his face it seemed highly likely she might make good on that threat. He sighed and gave in to her badgering.

SEYMOUR: ”Athena …”
RAMONA: ”…Who?!”
SEYMOUR: ”Athena, she’s a lower card talent. She says that you have been taking shots at her on social media, making cruel remarks towards her family and have generally been trying to run her out of 4CW. Also I believe Johnny Spades was overheard making fun of Athena the other day but she is somehow under the impression that you are also at fault for that.”
The expression completely drained from the face of the woman who made up one half of The Black Dahlias. For a few seconds Ramona just stared at Seymour in an incredulous manner while she tried to make sense of all this mess. When she couldn’t she went to the next logical solution.

RAMONA: ”This is a joke right? Did Perry Wallace put you up to this? I stopped pickin’ on the dude for the whole last two weeks. He can’t still be salty with me. I’m ‘Mona, the girl everyone loves and wants to be!”
SEYMOUR: ”This is one-hundred percent real Miss Epps, you are required to attend those anger management classes or face being fined by 4CW. We here take bullying very seriously and if a high-class woman like Athena is feeling unwelcome steps need to be made to right the wrongs that have happened.”
RAMONA: ”Okay I had literally completely forgotten that bitch existed until you reminded me she was still around. Also why isn’t Johnny Spades being punished if he was the one who insulted her? And have you guys even gone and investigated any of Athena’s claims? I mean I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone with a brain she’s lying out of her ass so that someone will pay attention to her.”
SEYMOUR: I’m sorry but fact checking really isn’t part of H.R.’s job. All we do is take the complaints and respond to them in a way that will best represent the company’s interests. If you would like to submit your own complaint against Athena you can come down-“
RAMONA: ”No I don’t want to issue a complaint against her, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Right after you telling me that if someone cries loud enough about something they get there way, even if it’s a completely fabricated story that is! If I go to HQ and cry and say Kyra McKnight has been saying mean things about me on her livejournal are you going to send her to anger management too?”
SEYMOUR: ”Well we tend to act on a case by case basis. If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ let me assure you that Miss Athena was indeed very squeaky.”
Balling up her fists in frustration Ramona went on to try to calm herself with several deep breaths afterwords. As much as she wanted to grab this little doofus by the front of his suit jacket and shake him until he pissed himself it wouldn’t change the situation. Bureaucracy was a beast and she’d have to cut off the beasts head if she planned on defeating. This guy here? He was just a foot soldier, a drone ant. She took several steps back from Seymour so that he could feel free to move and leave here in just a moment.

RAMONA: ”Go tell your boss I got his stupid little letter but you need to know that this isn’t over just yet. You people want a bully then I might just end up giving you one here sooner than later…”
And indeed Seymour took up the offer she gave him to get going because he seemed quite eager to trot off when she put some space between them. Another glance at that paper ordering her to anger management sessions got Ramona’s head shaking again. She couldn’t begin to fathom this crap. Deciding she needed a quick walk around the building to clear her head she turned around and started off down the hallway. A backstage worker, oblivious to what was going on stepped out of an adjacent doorway with a clipboard in hand. He almost bumped into Ramona having not seen her approach.

RAMONA: ”Watch where you’re going twerp! UGH!”

The lights drop as the drums to Slipknots “My Plague” hit the speakers, the lights dimming as a spotlight passes over the crowd.
The music continues as the light passes over until the chorus hits and the spotlight finds two people in the crowd, a tall, heavily tattooed bearded male, and an almost as tall woman, paler than death with ebony hair. Both had stoic looks on their faces as they made their way down the steps through the crowd
Reaching the ring barrier, the woman was the first one over, stepping over the barrier as though it weren’t there, the male on the other hand chooses to vault across the barrier, showing off some surprising agility. Both then slid under the bottom rope as the male produced a microphone from his pocket as he then began pacing the ring in a circle

MALE: ”Ladies and Gentlemen… For the benefit of those who weren’t around about twelve months ago when there was a short term merger between 4CW and 220 Wrestling… Circumstances dependent, allow me to introduce or reintroduce myself as is appropriate. My name is James MOTHERFUCKIN’ Donovan, and you bet your sweet ass that I’m back!”
Some cheers, a fair amount of quiet from the fans.

JXD: ”Most people however know me by the initials of JXD, or by the Red Baron, The Definition of Technician! Doesn’t matter which because in this ring right now is a formation of a new alliance. An alliance that seeks to reinvigorate two careers at the same time in a way we know best. The Omega Way through beating the fuck out of anyone and anybody who wants a fight! But I’m forgetting my manners.”
He gestured across to the woman, who had taken the time to lean back against the turnbuckles, one arm draped across the ropes as the other rubbed at her bicep.

JXD: ”This here is Valkyrie, and as a quick rundown, I found a Danish powerlifter in her hometown when I was there for a music festival. I’d heard talk of this girl aged seventeen at the time, heard tell of her records that were closing in on World Records who had severe anger management issues with an explosive temper, and made her an offer. She came to the US, trained with me and is the original Omega Gauntlet Survivor.”
And with a flick of the wrist, the microphone was thrown towards Valkyrie, who simply snatched it out of the air

VALKYRIE: ”Couldn’t have put it better myself, I have been here nearly six years and still find myself fighting the urge to not rant in my native Danish. But at Omega, we speak the universal language of Kicking The Fuck Out Of Anyone Who Wants A Piece of Us!”
Those words got a cheap pop, the Dane continued on.

VALKYRIE: ”And though we have the reputation… and its a well deserved one of doing whatever we want… literally… whenever we want to do it… literally… we do have a respect for tradition! Omega is Old School Training, and we are set to start from the bottom and go charging through the Tag Team Roster until we are at the cliff at the side of the mountain, where we find out if we can fly or simply fall! We will admit, we want those belts like everyone else does.”
And Valkyrie threw the mic back to JXD, who caught it.

JXD: ”And as far as management and everyone else is concerned, the combination of The Definition of Technician and The Great Dane Bitch is officially categorized as a Class 1 Biohazard! The risk we pose to anyone is dangerous and we ain’t afraid to fight dirty either, because that’s what we fucking do! We’re here, and we ain’t going anywhere anytime soon!”
And dropping the mic to the mat, both members of the team dropped to the outside as Slipknot’s “My Plague” blasted out again, with the two departing through the crowd.

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the theater sits a bloodied figure. The road map of scar tissue on his back reveals that it’s none other than The Ultraviolent God. His hands are folded over his chest and he is rocking back and forth. The hair that isn’t matted to his head swaying hypnotically.

LEE:The Psychopath fell.
He giggles.

LEE: It’s not surprising to be honest. He never stood a chance to begin with. But it’s alright. I gave him what he needed. And I have my first. That initial taste of those prayers for salvation. Those bargaining for the pain and torment to end. They will offer anything. Dustin was the first, who shall be the next to worship me?
Again with the giggles. But this time, it continued. It built, it grew, and soon Eric was in full blown maniacal laughter. Fade.


The opening chords of “Love Me Electric” cut through the theater as the lights dim and a spotlight hits the curtain as The Dirty Devil walks out from behind it.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first from Dirtyville, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty nine pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Dirty Devil”, Connor GATES!!!”
He raises his hands up from his sides as the crowd cheers him on. He may not be the most popular guy in the world but the crowd connects with him as Connor slides under the bottom rope and rests his forearm on his knee as he looks out over the crowd.
They are already singing along with the music as he stands to his feet and gets to his feet. Walking over and resting one foot on the second rope and the other on the bottom rope as he leans forward and yells at the crowd to get them all fired up for the ass kicking he is about to deliver to his opponent.

The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps himself a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.
“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my waist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Choice of Influence”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan and roars out to the crowd ferociously. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp. At ringside, he leaps up at the side of the steel stairs, grabbing the ring post and walking alongside the ring apron outside the ropes.
He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd. He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd.
Removing his platinum chain with the “JC” diamond pendant he drops it out to the Ring Announcer as he drags his feet like a bull to get some traction as his music stops playing and he awaits the sound of the bell.

JOHNSON: ”Gates upset the 4CW Champion two weeks ago, something that Cashe would have rather done first.”
VASSA: ”His time will come, soon enough.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I don’t see management jumping through any hoops to book a rematch.”
VASSA: ”He’s guaranteed one, I would think after a reign like his.”
The ref checks with each corner and gets the nod before throwing his hand in the air and signaling for the bell.
The official points to the middle of the ring and withdraws as the two wrestlers slowly begin to circle each other, trying to find the right opportunity to strike. Neither one being able to come up with advantage, they charge at each other and lock horns. With the fans getting into the match early, a power struggle ensues for a short while but finally Connor Gates musters to gain the upper hand as he puts Jason Cashe into a headlock and wringing his neck a few times, goes into the ropes. Bouncing off the ropes, Gates lets go of Cashe in the middle of the ring andswings himself into the ropes on the other side.
He comes back towards Cashe who manages to acrobatically leapfrog his opponent, as Gates bounces into ropes yet again and comes back charging once more. Cashe quickly reacts by hooking arms with Gates and taking down his foe with a nicely executed Japanese arm drag, as both men come crashing down to the mat. BOOM! However, before much else can happen, both superstars quickly spring back to their feet and begin to measure each other once again as the fans nag them on.

JOHNSON: “Nice move by Jason Cashe but Connor Gates just springs back up.”
VASSA: “Cashe is just testing the waters. He’s not stupid.”
JOHNSON: “I think that Gates is a formidable opponent, don’t you?”
VASSA: “He’s just been on a lucky win streak… Cashe is his first real test.”
With neither man able to establish superiority again, Jason Cashe simply launches a strike by locking up with Connor Gates. This time Cashe manages to overpower his opponent and sends Gates into the ropes. As Gates bounces off the ropes and comes back full speed, Cashe tries for a clothesline but Gates ducks and instead pulls off a beautifully timed running neckbreaker as the fans explode with cheers. But before Gates can dish out more pain, Jason Cashe springboards back to his feet brushing it all off.
Connor Gates smirks cockily and motions for Jason Cashe to give him his best, to which he obliges by delivering a thundering kick to Gates’ midsection. With his opponent gasping for air from the unexpected kick, Cashe takes his turn bouncing into the ropes now and coming back takes Gates down with a swift bulldog. BAM! The two wrestlers hit the canvas hard, and as Cashe pops back up to his feet, Gates rolls away into the corner trying to shake off the cobwebs. Seeing a slight edge, Cashe charges into the corner but playing possum, Gates side steps him and Cashe crashes into the turnbuckle face and chest first. As Jason Cashe stutters back, Connor Gates quickly rolls him up into a small package for a pin…

JOHNSON: “That was somewhat of a quick count.”
VASSA: “Meh… Even a quicker kickout by Cashe. Gates will have to do better than that.”
JOHNSON: “He just might.”
VASSA: “I really doubt it.”
Gates gets back to his feet and grabbing Cashe’s right arm he puts it through an arm wrench while bringing his opponent back to his feet. However, Cashe is able to twist his body around and out of the hold and pulling Gates towards him executes a huge side belly-to-belly suplex that rattles the ring. BAM! Gates bucks up in pain as Cashe delivers a few stomps to his foe’s left ankle before bringing the limping Gates back up to a standing position. Feeling a little pressure, Gates reverts to an eye gouge followed by a head-butt that sends both men massaging their domes.
As they both come stumbling towards each other, Jason Cashe begins to unleash a fury of punches but Connor Gates counters back with fists of his own, as an epic back and forth slug fest ensues with full backing of the fans. Suddenly Jason Cashe changes the tactics and delivers a big European uppercut, quickly followed by a bounce into ropes and… BAM! Cashe connects with a thundering left handed clothesline that sends Gates crashing down to the mat. Cashe goes down to the canvas as well but only to attempt a quick cover of his own by hooking Gates’ leg…

JOHNSON: “Looks like neither man wants to stay down.”
VASSA: “What would you know? Cashe is just getting started.”
JOHNSON: “I think it has been pretty even so far.”
VASSA: “You need to get some glasses.”
Jason Cashe drags himself up to his feet and delivers a few quick stomps to Gates’ left knee while holding onto the ropes for some extra leverage, before slowly bringing Gates up to his feet. OH! Out of nowhere Gates delivers an elbow to Cashe’s gut… and another… and another! Cashe takes a step back as Gates unleashes a flying knee that sends his opponent stuttering into the corner again. Gates seems to catch some wind as he continues the onslaught by connecting with a barrage of elbows and knees to Cashe’s body before launching him out of the corner and across the ring with a judo throw. BAM! Cashe lands hard; Gates tries to deliver some stomps, but his opponent wisely rolls out of the ring. Leaning over the ropes, Connor Gates gesticulates for Cashe to get back in the ring as the official starts the ten count…

JOHNSON: “I hope Jason Cashe is not trying to be a coward.”
VASSA: “Are you watching the same thing? He’s just being smart.”
JOHNSON: “Either that, or he’s starting to feel the pressure from Connor Gates.”
VASSA: “Are you done with your stupid remarks?”
With Connor Gates still leaning over the ropes, Jason Cashe regains his composure and in one swift motion hops onto the apron and grabbing onto Gates’ head, he brings his throat down onto the top rope to some boos from the crowd. As Gates goes down clutching his throat and gasping for air, Cashe quickly rolls inside the ring and then back out to reset the ten count. He then grabs a hold onto Gates legs and tries to pull him out of the ring. BAM! Gates fights back as he kicks away with his legs, landing a couple hits that give him just enough time to collect himself and roll out of the ring as well.
He grabs Jason Cashe by his head and tries to ram it into the guardrail, but Cashe reverses it by throwing up his left foot on onto the barricade and then delivers a quick punch to his opponent’s face. Not wasting any time, Cashe now grabs Gates’ head and drives it into the guardrail instead. BAM! BAM! BAM! Gates’ eyes roll back in his head as Cashe grabs him by the arm and whips him into the steel steps with animalistic force. CRASH! Gates topples over the steps as he goes into them at full speed; the scene looks worse than a car crash as the official continues the new ten count with some help from the fans.

JOHNSON: “That was a dirty play by Jason Cashe.”
VASSA: “Stop your crying. It’s not like Connor Gates is a saint.”
JOHNSON: “Maybe, but…”
VASSA: “Just watch the damn match…”
Jason Cashe mouths off something to the nearby fans who try to hassle him, before lifting Connor Gates up and rolling him back inside the ring. Sliding back inside himself, he tries to deliver a few more stomps to Gates’ left knee, but he’s able to recover and catch Cashe’s foot. He brings Cashe down to the mat with a variant of the corkscrew takedown and without letting go of his opponent’s leg, Gates makes a few quick maneuvers and tries to get Cashe into an Indian deathlock, with the fans fully behind him. After a short struggle he locks in the hold, but Jason Cashe’s in-ring experience shows as he hastily grabs a hold onto the bottom rope before any real damage can be done, and the official orders for Gates to break the hold.
Connor Gates follows the directions and releasing the hold, grabs Cashe by the head to stand him up but is met by a vicious punch to the face. Gates quickly counters with a punch of his own as another slug fest breaks out in the middle of the ring with the fans out of their seats and whiffling back and forth between cheers and boos with each punch. With both men looking exhausted from the ferocity of the fist exchange, Gates slows down to catch a breath what gives Jason Cashe the opening to back down and charge his opponent with a spear. SPLAT! The two wrestlers go flying between the ropes and crash hard to the floor on the outside of the ring with a sickening splat as the fans gasp. They roll around in pain trying to recoup.

JOHNSON: “Holy cow! What a spear by Jason Cashe!”
VASSA: “Conner Gates better pray he’s still in once piece.”
JOHNSON: “Both superstars may be hurt after that one.”
VASSA: “Jason Cashe is too tough to let that fall be his undoing.”
Suddenly the fans explode with more cheers as from the back comes out the 4CW Champion himself, Jair Hopkins, with the belt loosely thrown on his left shoulder. He slowly begins to trek down the ramp as both, Connor Gates and Jason Cashe, are oblivious to what’s going. Cashe lifts Gates up and shoves him back in the ring, as now Hopkins arrives at the edge of the ring and Cashe finally notices him.

JOHNSON: “Jair Hopkins shouldn’t even be down here. He’s just a distraction.”
VASSA: “Things are about to get really interesting.”
JOHNSON: “At whose expense?”
VASSA: “Who gives a damn? The fans just want to see a good show… and so do I!”
Jair Hopkins takes his time to walk around the ring as Jason Cashe doesn’t let him out of his sight and instead is staring at him coldly and intently. Hopkins stops within a few feet of Cashe and taking the title off his shoulder he holds it out in front of him. He points at the title and then at himself, as if to let Cashe know that he’s the champion now. Irritated, Cashe comes closer and exchanges some heated words, before turning his shoulder to act as if he’s going to walk away. BAM! Cashe drops Hopkins down to the floor with a huge right hand, but he quickly pops back up and motions for Cashe to bring it.

JOHNSON: “Now the match is all ruined.”
VASSA: “No. It’s just about to get started. Ha ha ha!”
JOHNSON: “We were having a great contest.”
VASSA: “You just like the plain old boring stuff, eh?”
Connor Gates is back to his feet inside the ring and he does not like that his match is being interfered in. He slides out of the ring and together with Cashe gets in Jair Hopkins’ face, but Hopkins reacts quickly by launching fireworks of punches that send Cashe and Gates stammering back. The fans roar with excitement as the match official tries to restore some order but to no avail as the three wrestlers now get embroiled in a full out brawl. The referee motions for the time keeper to ring the bell signaling the end of match, as now more officials can be seen streaming from the back.

VASSA: “Let them at it!”
JOHNSON: “We have to protect our superstars!”
With the officials now by ringside, they try to separate the three wrestlers but all three ferociously fight back the referees as some even get knocked down to the ground. Jair Hopkins, Jason Cashe and Connor Gates then continue to battle it out between themselves as the officials once again get between the men, this time with a lot more success as they slowly pull each one away from each other.

VASSA: ”I didn’t think the champ was going to let Cashe’s actions two weeks ago go unanswered. “
JOHNSON: ”This is the second event in a row that Gates has been caught in the middle of this mess. Last time, he scored a win over Hopkins due to it.”
VASSA: ”I have a feeling that this war between the two is going to end badly.”
JOHNSON: ”I think you may be right, Vinny. But anywho, we’re going to go backstage for a moment as we wait for the next match to kick off.”

Static hits the airwaves as our TVs are infiltrated by a live broadcast. The same two masked men that were seen at the beginning of last Adrenaline’s show can be seen looking at each other, each man adjusting the black ski mask that is wore upon their head. One of them reaches for the handle of a door and the camera quickly focuses on the name on it which reads: Perry Wallace. A quick jiggle of the knob and we are now inside the office of Mr. Perry Wallace who is on the phone but motions nonchalantly for the pair to sit down. Both men shrug and do as they are bid.

WALLACE: “Well I’m Perry Wallace and don’t give a dirt shit about what you’re saying! You just sit tight and shut the fuck up, I got some business to handle… we’ll talk later.”
Perry hangs up the phone and turns his attention to the two men sitting in front of him. He pushes a metallic briefcase spilling over with dollars bills towards the two masked men. Wallace looks at both men again and shakes his head.

WALLACE: “Let’s make this short and sweet… I got shit to do… the payment you requested… although I don’t know why you requested ten thousand dollars in all singles…
One of the masked men snickers as the other shakes his head in disbelief at the stupidity of his counterpart.

MASKED MAN 1: “What the hell were you thinking? What the hell am I going to do with all these singles? Who the hell has the time for counting all that?”
MASKED MAN 2: “I wanted it to look like a lot of money…”
MASKED MAN 1: “Let’s just get the cash and go.”
We can barely hear Mr. Perry Wallace letting out a slur of curses as the scene begins to fade. The last thing the camera focuses on before blacking out is that of the one of the masked men trying to repeatedly elbow drop the briefcase full of dollar bills to a close.

JOHNSON: “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”
VASSA: “Two masked men getting paid by 4CW’s owner, for a job well done last week? Yeah…”
JOHNSON: “No, I mean is that even legal?”
VASSA: “Who cares, Steve? I want to know who those two are… and what are they up to?”
JOHNSON: “I’m not liking any of this…”



Ramona steps out before a cloud of smoke. She turns and faces to the right hand side of the theater. As the first few notes and lyrics of “Me and Mary Jane” by Black Stone Cherry kicks up.
“Me and Mary Jane got a thing goin’ on, goin’ on
Creepin’ up slow, hangin’ ’round my back door, my back door!”
As the song plays Sativa creeps up behind Ramona and slinks up Ramona’s back and stands back to back with her. They smile and turn and head towards the ring. Both trash talking and messing with the crowd. They get into the ring and head to opposite corners and stand on the second rope. They both hold their arms out to pose for the crowd before jumping down to the mat and standing in their corner.

JOHNSON:” These two ladies have certainly made a bit of a name for themselves in the wrestling world. They are something else, many people out there are rooting against these two due to their antics on Twitter, but they are both hell of competitiors and should not be taken lightly.”
VASSA:” They are also probably banned from most hotels from this point on.”
JOHNSON:” Very, very true. This is a tornado tag match, folks. Everyone’s in, everyone’s legal, no tags needed. Just pure chaos.”
The lights start to switch to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B hits as the familiar beats draw cheers from the crowd. Out from the back first comes the bubbly and fun Demi Griffin with a big smile on her face as she stops to shake her booty to the beat a few times before making her way to the ring. Not far behind her coming through the curtain as his sister has already made it half down the ramp is the imposing RPG, Royce Griffin standing looking out at the crowd. The two wearing matching red and black themed outfits though, differing in types of gear. They still have matching arm bands and focused looks as Demi finishes high fiving the fans around the ring before hopping up the steps and stepping through the bottom two ropes. As she does this Royce slides into the ring,
Once in the ring Royce does two big jumps into the air to show off his athleticism and get stretched out as his sister walks around the ring hands held high. RPG throws a few practice punches before letting out a primal scream for the crowd getting them going as Demi now sits atop one of the corner posts jiving to the beat. Royce walks around the ring screaming out “Let’s Go”… that’s when Ramona and Sativa strike first!

JOHNSON:” …and the Daliahs attack before the bell! “
VASSA:” Tornado tag match. Just sit back and wait for the carnage to pass you by!”
The bell rings just as Ramona clocks Royce from behind causing him to tumble out between the middle ring ropes and to the floor below! Sativa hammers away with rights of her own as she backs Demi Griffin into the ring corner. Sativa sends Demi with a whip right into Ramona who folds Demi in half with a shoulder tackle causing Demi’s head to bounce off of the mat with heavy thud in the process. Demi bounces back up quickly and stumbles towards the corner where Ramona gets on her hands and knees as Sativa charges from the corner flying into the air as she springs off of her partner’s back and connects with a flying leg lariat!!

VASSA:” Flying high by the Daliahs and they are taking it to the tag team champions!”
JOHNSON:” They certainly haven’t been challenged like this for a while.”
Demi stumbles out of the corner right into where Ramona is waiting for her, Ramona leaps up into the air and drives Demi into both knees with a double kneed facebreaker!! Sativa is right there and rolls up the leg of Demi Griffin for a quick pin! The referee slides in and goes for the count…

JOHNSON:” Royce breaking up the pinfall attempt there at two and a half!! And now Royce goes to work against Sativa with a some wicked elbow shots across the back of her head.”
VASSA:” He’s going to have to fight this two on one for a bit, Demi took a beating early on here. She’s really out of it right now.”
JOHNSON:” He’s going to have to do that, for sure here.”
Royce tosses Sativa to the side and is able to duck under a Ramona side kick, he spins here around and drops her quickly to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker, no cover though as he springs back up to his feet and catches a missile dropkick from Sativa from the ropes!! Both feet nail him in the chest causing him to stumble backwards in the ring. This gives the Black Daliahs the opening they need as they both charge in going for a double clothesline…
Huge pop as Royce ducks under the clothesline and pulls the top rope in the process as both Sativa and Ramona go tumbling over the top ropes and to the oustide floor!!

JOHNSON:” Up and over to the outside!!”
VASSA:” The old rope-a-dope there by Royce.”
JOHNSON:” Watch out!”
Just as the Black Daliahs stand up on the outside of the ring, Demi Griffin charges from the inside of the ring front flipping over the top ropes and crashes down legs first across that of Sativa and Ramona!! The crowd pops huge for that move as Demi wipes out the Black Daliahs on the outside of the ring!! Ramona hits the guardrailing, Nevaeh is laid out with Demi laying across her.

JOHNSON:” Incredible move there by Demi Griffin, she just wiped out the Black Dahlias!”
VASSA:” This one’s off to an incredible start, I don’t know how to keep up with what’s going on.”
JOHNSON:” Both teams looking to send a message here, and neither one is going to back down. This might be the speed of the rest of that match.”
Royce makes his way to the outside of the ring to where Ramona has recovered a bit after taking that shot by his younger sister. Royce hits Ramona with an uppercut and then quickly scoops her up and slams her up against the ring apron. He then makes his way over towards where Sativa is still laying and pulls her up to feet and rolls her back into the ring. Royce stops for a moment to make sure that Demi is okay and then rolls back into the ring to go back to the attack. As he rolls back in, Sativa connects with a boot to the side of his head! Sativa then uses the bottom rope to push Royce’s head down causing him to choke, the referee tells her to break the hold, but she waits until he gets to four on his count to remove her boot from the back of his head.

JOHNSON:” Sativa Nevaeh with a mean streak here. Using that balant choke on Royce Griffin there, they’re really doing what they can to take it to the tag team champions like never before.
VASSA:” Sorry, not sorry.

JOHNSON:” Really?
VASSA:” That’s the saying, right?
Back on the outside of the ring, Demi Griffin has taken it to Ramona with a series of double axehandle smashes across her back. Demi then looks for a whip, but Ramona is able to put on the breaks and send one half of the tag team champions right into the guardrailing!! Ramona charges in, not letting up on the champion, and nails her with a running knee to the midsection. Back in the ring, it’s Sativa who has Royce in an ankle lock. She really twists down on the ankle causing Royce to scramble for the ropes in an attempt to break the hold, but he’s too far away. Royce reaches for a second time and he’s able to grip the bottom rope long enough for the referee to force the rope break. Sativa looks pissed at that one and stomps away at the ankle a couple more times just to drive home the point.

JOHNSON:” The champions are in trouble here as the Daliahs’ aggression has really paid off here tonight. They just haven’t shown the let up against the champions yet.
VASSA:” It’s like you said, they’re here to prove a point. Even though this is a non-title match, they’re treating it like the titles are on the line. Imagine if they win? Boy, that’ll make for an interesting situation here.
JOHNSON:” I’d imagine they’d be next in line for the tag title shots.
VASSA:” No, I mean how more out of control would the Daliah’s get around here? How much more hell could these two possibly raise?
Back on the outside of the ring, Ramona continues to stalk down Demi Griffin. Everytime D has gotten back up to her feet, Ramona has been there with a kick or a stomp pushing her back down to the ground or into the guardrailing. Ramona now takes D by the arm and with a big whip…
…sends her shoudler first into the steel stairs!! Ramona soaks up the hatred from the crowd, and then makes her way back into the ring where her partner continues to hammer away at that ankle. The duo pull the much larger Royce back up to his feet and using both of their strength are able to lift him up and suplex him over to the mat!!

JOHNSON:” They’ve got Royce isolated in that ring, I don’t know if Demi is aware of it, but her brother is in serious trouble right now.
VASSA:” She’s still holding that shoulder in some serious pain, she might be out of this match. This might be a two on one now!
Ramona quickly heads up to the corner turnbuckle as Sativa pulls up the legs of Royce and wishbones them outwards. Ramona leaps from the top ropes at the same time that Sativa leaps up from the ground and almost in stereo…
…Ramona connects with leg drop from the top while Sativa connects with a double legdrop across Royce’s groin!! Ramona and Sativa both scramble for the pin as the referee slides in to make the three count…

JOHNSON:” No! Royce powers out!!
VASSA:” Incredible move there by the Daliah’s, but Royce powers out of a double stack of women! You normally pay double for that.
JOHNSON:” So very close there, and I don’t think either of the Black Daliah’s can belive that he was able to push his way out of that… wait a minute, what did you say Vinny?
Back in the ring the Daliah’s shake their heads as Royce begins to pull himself back to his feet. Royce is hardly able to stand on his ankle, not to mention that his right arm his holding onto his groin in pain. Sativa is there and is able to flip Royce over and onto his rear with a rolling chin flip move. That’s when the other half of the Daliahs, Ramona charges across the ropes, spinging off the ropes and connects with a massive sliding forearm smash! That’s when Sativa follows it up by charging to the ropes and connecting with a springboard moonsault!! She hooks the leg as Ramona also piles on top again as the referee slides over and makes another count…

VASSA:” How did he ever!?
JOHNSON:” I don’t know, but that resolve you’re seeing is why he’s half of the tag team champions. He took Ramona’s Blitzkrieg Bop and a moonsault and still got the shoulder up with both of the Black Daliahs on top of him.
VASSA:” They are getting really pissed now, frustration galore. And that means someone’s getting abused on Twitter soon!
The Daliahs do a quick little regroup session in the ring for a moment and that’s when Ramona heads over to where ROyce is laying a flips him over onto his stomach as she stands over his back. With a sign to the crowd she pulls back up on the arms of Royce and rocks back on the chin with a camel clutch hold!! That’s when Sativa takes the other side and pulls up on the legs of Royce into a Boston crab!! The Daliahs lock in their Delight as Royce yells out in pain. The referee checks to see if he’s going to tap out but he doesn’t back down, just yelling out in pain instead.

JOHNSON:” They’re going to break him in half!!
VASSA:” I’ll tell ya this, that’s how I want to go.
Just then, Demi Griffin leaps up onto the ropes from the outside and connects with a double footed blast right to the face of Ramona Lea Epps!! Epps’ head bounces back and hits Sativa backwards which sends her tumbling through the middle and bottom ropes onto the ring apron. The crowd pops as Demi spring back up to her feet as Ramona gets up as well. Demi charges in and connects with a front flip clothesline which knocks Ramona off of her feet for a moment, when she gets back up she is again greeted by Demi only this time with a spinning heel kick which catches her right in the teeth!!

JOHNSON:” Nasty looking kick there by Demi Griffin.
VASSA:” You can see she’s still favoring that shoulder, though. She used the other arm on that clothesline, as it’s really looking like it’s hanging down now.
With her one good arm, Demi charges towards the ring ropes and connects with flying knee strike right to Sativa sending her off of the apron and to the floor below. Demi spins around just as Ramona charges in with a elbow strike, and is able to duck under it. Ramona rebounds off of the ropes, but instead of meeting up with Demi, it’s Royce who is there and connects with a spinebuster slam!! Royce holds onto the pin and the ref slides in…

JOHNSON:” And Ramona is able to get the shoulder up!! But the tag team champions have been able to turn the tide here in this match back to their favor.
VASSA:” What a woman! I can’t believe she kicked out of that one.
Royce seems a little disappointed with the two and a half count, but he pulls himself back up to his feet and pulls Ramona back to hers. Ramona fires a snap kick at the ankle of Royce which sends him stumbling backwards, but Demi nails Ramona from behind with a forearm shot of her own. She spins Ramona around, but Ramona fires another kick this time Demi is able to catch it in mid air!! Ramona hops around a bit, but then spins and connects with a standing spin kick right across the jaw of Demi Griffin!! Demi crumbles to the mat from the impact of that kick!

JOHNSON:” Ramona hitting that dragon whip kick in the dead middle of the ring!! But there’s Royce!!
Just as Ramona turns around to go for the pin on Demi, Royce is there and hits not one, not two, but three consective Muay Thai knees catching Ramona in the mouth each time!! Ramona stumbles backwards and through the middle and top ropes from the impact!! The crowd pops for that one, and also they begin to buzz as unannounced to Royce Griffin, Sativa Nevaeh has climbed to the top ropes from the outside. With little hesitation she leaps backwards from the top and flips high into the air…
…coming down with an amazing shooting star press onto Demi Griffin!! The referee slides into position as Nevaeh hooks the leg…

JOHNSON:” Royce broke it up!! Royce Griffin saved the match there for his team, as the Black Daliahs nearly stole a win right then and there!! Incredible action there, just incredible.
VASSA:” These two are throwing everything they got at each other now. This is like as if the US and Russia decided to just start unloading the nukes on each other now.
Royce pulls Sativa back up and tosses her into the corner with all of his strength causing her to bump hard up against the buckle. Royce charges in at her, but she is able to the leg up catching Royce square in the jaw!! She then slides out of the corner leaps up onto his back and in an amazing display she flips him up and over with a Leg Trap Sunset Powerbomb!!

VASSA:” Royce just got blitzed!!
JOHNSON:” Here’s the cover…

VASSA:” She just saved big brother from that one.
JOHNSON:” This one’s going back and forth now.
Demi takes to the boots on Sativa. However, she doesn’t notice that Ramona has lept up onto the turnbuckle near her and is able to flip over her connecting with an amazing looking sunset flip with a pinning attempt!! The referee slides in again…

JOHNSON:” She got the shoulder up!
VASSA:” Ramona really catching her off guard there from the outside of the ring.
JOHNSON:” And once again the Black Daliahs are able to take it back right at the tag team champions. This team hasn’t been challenged like this since stepping foot into that ring here in 4CW! They’re in for the fight of their lives right now.
VASSA:” The Black Daliahs certainly looking like they are deserving of a shot at the title belts now.
Sativa begins to motion for Ramona to head to the farside ring ropes as she pulls up the legs of Demi Griffin in a wishbone. Ramona nods her head and sits perched on the middle turnbuckle. From nearly the farside of the ring Sativa rocks backwards with Demi’s legs sending her flying into the air with a catapult like move, just about then Ramona leaps from the turnbuckle…
…there is an actually ‘HOLY SHIT!’ yelled by the crowd as Royce Griffin just spears Ramona out of mid air and dumps her to the outside of the ring in almost one big collision!! Demi Griffin lands on the mat, but is saved from taking the missile drop kick part of the Daliahs’ Glasgow Smile. Sativa stands back up almost unaware of what just happened to her tag team partner!

VASSA:” I think she might be broken in half, I think Royce went right through her there.
JOHNSON:” Royce Griffin just sent Ramona to the outside in one the most impactful slams I have ever seen. I don’t know what else to say there.
Sativa turns around only to have Royce Griffin lift her up into the air as if to go for a spinebuster. Just then Demi Griffin leaps up and lands a kick to her head as Royce brings her down…
…slamming her to the mat with about as much force as possible. Royce hooks the leg as the crowd counts along.
There’s a massive pop as Black Listed is able to pull off the victory here tonight!!

JOHNSON:” Incredible tag team action here tonight, Vinny. These two teams just unloaded everything they had against each other and somehow Black Listed was able to outlast the Black Daliahs and score the pinfall victory. I don’t think this is going to be the end of war between these two teams, this might have been only the first battle.”
VASSA:” I think Sativa has been knocked out.”

POWERS:”Your winners by pinfall, BLACK LLIISSTTEEDD!!!”
Royce and Demi Griffin are handed their tag team title as their hands are raised in victory as the crowd cheers them on. Once again “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B begins to play out over the arena as the duo slowly make their way out of the ring, both of them continue to limp a bit and show signs that they have been through a car accident. The referee checks on Sativa, who is still unresponsive, on the outside of the ring Ramona has been able to pull herself back up to her feet clutching onto the ring apron for dear life, though.

A couple of Production Crew members are grouped together backstage working on taking down some props used earlier in the show. Breaking down some of the logos on the walls as the show is approaching the finish.

Busting through two of them comes Jason Cashe who is clearly in a rush as he hurries down the hallway. The cameras follow him and from behind you can see he has an open hand pressed to his butt as he runs. Clinching he searches for a bathroom, and he didn’t care if it was Men’s or Women’s. He had a load coming fast and he knew exactly where to place the blame as he comes to a four way in the hallway and stops to look down each direction.

CASHE: “Oh man, oh man…I’m gonna explode, we’re gonna need the Custodians. Ooh Ooh there we go!”
To the right wing of the four way, Cashe darts to the door still holding his backside, hoping it’s enough to prevent things from blowing out. He shoulders the door and enters the bright white and blue trimmed bathroom. His shoes squeak as he moves across the floor and comes to the first stall, kneeing it and it pops open. He hurries inside and hips the door shut but doesn’t bother locking it. He rips down his pants and plops on the toilet, what follows can be compared to shuffling a deck of cards but the cards are somehow wet. It wasn’t his proudest moment.

CASHE: “Ahhhhhh my good damn that’s lovely…Fucking tacos! No more Green Sauce! Ughh.”
As another round of “shuffling” comes, the door to the bathroom again opens and closes. Cashe doesn’t acknowledge the new occupant as he lets the feel good continue. His guard was surely down as the stall door is pushed open. His eyes open, ready to tell someone the stall was occupied but the person standing in the opening of the stall holding a long leather strap in his hand was none other than 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins.

HOPKINS: “How great is it that I catch your ass in here?”
CASHE: “Oh come on man, this is like fighting on Church Grounds. It’s just not right!”
Cocking back, Jair lunges into the stall coming down with the leather strap and all the cameras pick up is the snap of the strap hitting Cashe’s body. Still in his ring gear, Cashe has no shirt on. Hopkins cracks the strap again and again and the grunts from Cashe turn into short cries as Hopkins lays into the Former Champion. Stepping back, Jair Hopkins waves the smell out from under his nose.

HOPKINS: “You stink!”
CASHE: “That hurts man, stop…Whipping me like I stole something!”
HOPKINS: “All you’ve done to me, all you’ve done to my people…Taking the Title wasn’t enough, you need this ass whipping!”
Trying to defend himself as Hopkins again lunges into the stall, Jason Cashe falls from the toilet, tripping on his shorts around his ankles and hitting the tiled bathroom floor. He farts wet on contact with the cold floor and Hopkins hesitates but begins tailing him with the leather strap. Repeatedly Cashe cries out as he moves around half naked on the floor. He pushes to get up but Hopkins drives a big downward right into his temple.
As Cashe falls face first into the floor, he farts again but this time the flatulence is followed by a thick layer of uneatable “chocolate” flow. Hopkins falls back to get away as his face cringes from the sight and smell.

HOPKINS: “Oh that’s nasty!”
He plugs his nose and scrambles back to his feet, in a new hurry to leave the scene as Jason Cashe lays on the ground full of humiliation.

We open up after the previous contest with a weird scene of just a mirror. It was a nice mirror, fancy enough. But – nothing much in the reflection other than the shadow of the camera crew that had been watching it.. The fans remained silent as they waited for something, anything to happen. Then slowly but surely a man sauntered over into the front of the camera, and we received a brief glimpse of blonde hair. The camera centered for a moment, scanning him up and down to see he was wearing a black pair of jeans and a vest which read across the back “The Face of ACE” with ‘WRESTLING’ seemingly placed over the logo on his vest.

VOICE: “Ya’ know, when I was offered the opportunity to come to 4CW, it didn’t require a whole heck of a lot of thought on my part.”
The man attached to the voice said as the camera kept trying to zoom up to see whom it was, but they couldn’t get a good angle. Other than the long blonde hair attached to the individual. Some fans, the ‘smart’ ones were picking up already on just who it was, as there was a mixed amount of cheers coming in.

VOICE: “Then I thought.. I’ve got nothing better to do. I thought, one person from the company I originated in already came here and failed. And it was time, it was time for someone, oh, I don’t know who to show this company the true Face of Professional Wrestling..”
The camera zoomed out, revealing Brennan Devlin, the current ACE Dream Team Champion and romantic attachment of Ramona. He continued messing with his hair as he let out a laugh.

DEVLIN: “And along the way, become the Cornerstone of 4 Corners Wrestling.. I’m coming, folks. And guess what?”
He paused briefly as he peeked over his sunglasses back into the camera, a big, wide smile across his lips as he turned in it’s direction. The camera getting a good view at the man as he, well, what was he here to do? Hype himself? Join 4CW? It certainly seemed that way.

DEVLIN: “You’re gonna love it.. Wait for it, wait for it.”
A long pause now, much longer than the last as he counted down with his fingers. Giving it just the right amount of time to sink in.

DEVLIN: “Whether you like it or not. See you real soon.”
The scene came to a close with him turning back to admire himself in the mirror as his ACE theme music of ‘You’re Gonna Love It’ by Powerman 5000 blared to bring the scene to a close.

We cut to the back where we see Gabriel Hartman standing near the back exit of the Knight Theater. He has a big, cheesy grin on his face as he brings the microphone closer to his lips and begins to speak.

HARTMAN: “What a night we’ve had so far ladies and gentlemen, and lets not forget that we have our blockbuster champion versus champion main event still to come!”
Just as he was going to continue speaking, something to his left catches his attention.

HARTMAN: “Hold on, hold on! I was actually looking for this young lady earlier in the night! Lets see if I can get a word with her.”
He waves the cameraman along with follow him and as they turn their focus to whoever Gabriel noticed, we see none other than one of 4CW’s newest signings, Felicity Banks, signing an autograph for one of the fans who managed to sneak backstage.

BANKS: “Now what was that thing I taught you? I gotta make sure you were listening.”
She hands the 4×8 photo back to the young fan who appears to be starstruck.

FAN: “Never ever ever talk to peasants. They’re beneath me and they don’t deserve to hear the sound of my voice.”
Felicity smiles and scratches the fans head.

BANKS:“Bingo. Now run along and find your mom. She’s probably worried sick about you.”
The fan smiles and stares at his signed 4×8 photograph of Felicity as he walks away. Felicity bends down and picks her Jordan knapsack off of the ground. She straps it around her shoulders and looks ready to leave the theater until she notices Hartman and a camera crew standing directly behind her.

BANKS: “I managed to avoid you people all night long, and juuuuuuuust as I’m ready to leave…you find me.”
She smirks, turning her head to look directly at Hartman and the camera crew.

BANKS: “Whatev. I’ll do this little interview thing quick, but if you ask me any boring questions at all, I’m turning back around and leaving. Capice?”
Hartman didn’t know how to react seeing as this was the first time he had met Felicity Banks.

HARTMAN: “Boring questions?! From me?! Oh, never! I’m the best interviewer in the game! I don’t ask the boring questions! I ask the ones everyone wants answers to!”
Felicity rolls her eyes and stares down at the time on her wristwatch.

BANKS: “Everyone’s the best interviewer in the game, huh? Every wrestlers the best wrestler in the world, and every company is the best company out there.”
She sighs.

BANKS: “And yet; I have not seen a single fact that supports any of these peasants claims. But that’s neither here nor there. ”
She looks down at her watch again.

BANKS: “I’m giving you exactly one minute of my time to ask me whatever you please. After that time has elapsed, I’m ignoring you and walking out of this theater.”
She glances back up with her cocked just a little to the side.

BANKS: “Speak…”
Hartman chuckles and brings the microphone back toward himself.

HARTMAN: “Well, Felicity… You certainly impressed officials tonight with your debut match against Veronica Taylor. Can I get your thoughts on that?”
She rolls her eyes once again.

BANKS: “Meh is probably the most fitting word to describe my thoughts. I told everyone what it was, and I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I made a statement. I made this little 4CW world here know exactly who Felicity Banks was, and exactly what she’s all about. Veronica was just the beginning of a long, looooooong journey ahead of me. ”
She smiles, showing off her pearly whites.

BANKS: “I’m on a mission, Gabey. And you can ask anyone who knows me; when I’m on a mission — I cannot and will not be stopped. Soooooooooo… ”
She glances at her watch once more to see how much time was left.

BANKS: “Three….two….one…..DING! Look at that! Your minute is up! ”
She pats Gabriel on the back and smiles.

BANKS: “We’ll finish this next time, yah? Toodles! ”
She waves goodbye and spins around, heading toward the exit of the theater as Gabriel shrugs his shoulders and we go back to ringside.


VASSA: ”I’ve been looking forward to this match all night long!”
JOHNSON: ”Champion versus champion, this is going to set the theater on fire!”
VASSA: ”I’m glad I decided to run to the bathroom real quick while we cut away from the ring. This match isn’t going to be over quickly.”
JOHNSON: ”It could be. Hopkins decided to pop his head out during Cashe’s match. I wouldn’t expect Cashe not to retaliate.”
VASSA: ”Especially after that brawl that broke out earlier. Connor is just caught up in the middle of this war.”
“Believe Me” by Ace Hood begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in ty-die knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey DC wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling, raising his left hand to his face while he raises his 4CW Pride Championship in the air with his right.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from St. Matthews, South Carolina, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is the 4CW Pride Champion, LO’RENZO PPOORRTTEERR!!!
He begins making his way down the ramp, pausing to sign a few autographs before continuing his way to the ring, slapping hands as he does. He steps inside the ring where he spins in a circle before coming to a knee in the center of the ring. He crosses his chest before looking up and looking out at the crowd to his right.
He jumps up to his feet, jumping up and down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters once more, this time the Pride Championship high in the air. He runs up a turnbuckle before faking the back flip he normally does, instead he points out to the crowd before saluting them, taking his bandanna from around his dreads and throwing it into the crowd, wrapping his Pride Championship before kissing it and jumping down from the turnbuckle before passing it to the ref. Setting up in his corner he closes his eyes for a few seconds before letting out a deep breathe, waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”Week in and week out, Flipp has proven why he is the 4CW Pride champion. Maybe tonight he’ll prove that he deserves to have his name thrown in the 4CW Championship picture.”
VASSA: ”A win here would certainly put his name in the hat. Then again, he has a roster full of wrestlers hungry for what’s his.”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds…
“How many start a journey, but never see the end
I never ask how, conceive it then speak in whens
A man will work his whole life to see his ego shed
I sew it up needle head all I need is thread
A team can only take it as far as its strongest leader
The streets are red, runnin with the blood of non-believers”
As “Fate” by Ces Cru came in, Hopkins appeared from the back, the only thing shining was the new and shiny 4CW Championship belt around his waist as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.

POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred eight pounds. He is the 4CW Champion, JJAAIIRR …. HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I’m out for action what the fuck are y’all about relaxin’?
They can doubt my sanity but never doubt my passion
And I don’t know why they deceive us, feed us lies mislead us
He who denies what he has seen is worse than blind believers
I just play the cards the way they’re dealt”
The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Unwrapping the title from around his waist, he holds it up high in the air, showing it off as the camera flashes catches every frame of movement. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”There he is, the king of 4CW!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s already made his presence felt earlier. Now we get to see him in action. I’m excited!”
VASSA: ”You should be. This is what main events are made for! He got a little warm up action earlier but this is the action that matters tonight!”
The ref walks to the center of the ring and checks in with Flipp who nods back at him, He then looks over at Hopkins who stares back, slowly nodding without emotion. With the fans all standing to their feet, the ref throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
As the chime dies down, the two push off of their corners and approach each other. Meeting in the center of the ring, they stare at each other for a moment. Showing respect for the other, they play to the crowd as the theater begins to shake from the fans. After soaking up the cheers for a brief moment, both look back at each other and position themselves for action. They then circle each other for a moment before finally locking up. As both men struggle, neither gains leverage from the start. Suddenly, Flipp pulls Hopkins head down and locks in a side headlock. Cranking down on it, he holds Hopkins close and tight. Hopkins then plants his hands on Flipp’s back and pushes him forward, breaking the headlock and sending him to the ropes. Flipp hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline backed with a lot of speed. Hopkins drops to his stomach as Flipp steps over and goes to the ropes on the other side of the ring. Hopkins quickly pushes himself up to his feet and as he does, Flipp is right there to knock him to his back with a shoulder block.
Hopkins quickly rolls over and pushes himself up as Flipp stands back, in stance, keeping a close eye on him. Hopkins shakes it off and looks across the ring a Flipp, locking eyes. The two then approach each other and lock up again. From the get go, Flipp pushes Hopkins back towards the corner. As they draw near, Hopkins plants his foot into the canvas and stops the momentum as he slowly begins to over power Flipp. He then drives him backwards, step by step, picking up speed as they go along. Approaching the opposite corner, Hopkins drives Flipp into the turnbuckle with force. Flipp releases from the lock up and holds his arms in the air. Hopkins then lets up and takes a step back but before taking another, he lunges forward and connects with a hard right to the side of Flipp’s head.
Hopkins then grabs him by the arm and pulls him in while stepping forward and driving his knee into his stomach. Flipp slams against the turnbuckle once more while Hopkins keeps his grip on his arm. Hopkins then grabs him with his other hand and pulls him away from the corner, throwing him to the one opposite. With force, Flipp collides with the turnbuckle as his back slams against it. Before his feet can even get settled, Hopkins runs towards him and leaps into the air. Planting his feet into Flipp’s stomach and grabbing him by the head, Hopkins falls backwards. Pulling Flipp along for the ride, Hopkins hits the canvas and rolls Flipp over and then shoots him into the air with a monkey flip. Flipp crashes to the mat with a thud as Hopkins slowly rolls over and pushes himself up.

VASSA: ”Damn, Hopkins sent him for a ride! Did you see that air?”
JOHNSON: ”Yes I did, Vinny. I’m sitting right here beside you.”
VASSA: ”Porter likes to be called Flipp but I don’t think he intended for others to flip him across the ring like that.”
JOHNSON: ”You think?”
Before Flipp can get up, Hopkins quickly moves in and jumps in the air, coming down with a brutal elbow drop across his forehead. Hopkins then rolls Flipp over and climbs onto his back, grabbing his arm. He then locks in a fujiwara armbar and cranks down on the pressure as Flipp grunts in pain and tries to pull his arm away. The ref quickly drops down to check with Flipp for a submission but gets nothing as he shakes his head back and forth, fighting to break free. After a few moments pass, Hopkins eases up only to have Flipp pull his arm away. Flipp then rolls over to his back, holding his arm in pain. Hopkins slowly gets to his feet and turns to Flipp, locking eyes on him. He then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet, standing him in the center of the ring.
Hopkins then unloads with a backhand chop across Flipp’s chest, sending a sharp sound piercing through the sounds of the crowd. Standing his ground, Flipp maintains his footing but Hopkins fires away with another right across the chest. Knocking him back a step, Hopkins then kicks forward for his stomach but Flipp catches him off guard as he catches his foot. Holding his leg up, Flipp pulls Hopkins in close and wraps his arms around his waist. He then lifts Hopkins up and throws him down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Before Hopkins can even roll over, Flipp stomps on his legs a few times before jumping up and coming down with a hard kick to the ankle. Flipp then rolls him over to his stomach and climbs over his back, reaching down for his ankle.
Flipp grabs Hopkins by the ankle and goes for a lock but Hopkins kicks his leg away and then rolls over to his back. he then plants his other foot into the back of Flipp and kicks him off, sending him to the ropes. Flipp grabs onto the top rope and stops himself before quickly turning backto Hopkins who is just starting to push himself up. Just as Hopkins gets to one knee, Flipp comes at him and connects with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head, knocking him back to the canvas. Flipp pops up to his feet as the crowd goes electric. He then walks over to Hopkins and grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Flipp then lifts him up in a fireman’s carry position and then drops him to the canvas with a Samoan driver.

JOHNSON: ”Porter has turned it around against the 4CW champ. Now he just has to keep the momentum.”
VASSA: ”If he keeps dropping Hopkins on his head like that then it won’t be a hard thing to do. His scalp still doesn’t look healed after Cashe ripped that braid from it.”
JOHNSON: ”That was a horrific thing to witness but I don’t think it’s going to slow Hopkins down one bit. This is his time now.”
VASSA: ”I think Porter might think differently about that…”
Flipp stands to his feet, looking down at Hopkins holding his head in pain from the big move. Seeing an opportunity, Flipp runs to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle. Once at the top, he turns back to the ring to face Hopkins who is still down on his back. Flipp then leaps from the top rope with a flip and comes down with a frog splash. At the last split second before contact, Hopkins rolls out of the way, leaving Flipp to crash to the canvas. Flipp bounces off the canvas and over to his back, holding his stomach as the breath has been knocked out of him. Hopkins slowly pushes himself up, showing a little fatigue in the process. He then walks over to Flipp and stomps on his shoulder before grabbing him by the arm and pulling him up. Hopkins then lifts him up and throws him to his back with a scoop slam. With his head right there, Hopkins then jumps straight up and comes down with a leg drop across Hopkins throat.
Gasping for air, Flipp holds his throat as Hopkins pushes himself back to his feet. Looking over the theater and feeling the vibes of the crowd, Hopkins then takes off from stand still and runs towards the ropes. Hitting them with force, Hopkins bounces off and runs to the ones on the opposite side of the ring. After stepping over Flipp, Hopkins leaps into the air and plants his feet on the middle rope. he then springboards off and flips in the air, landing a perfectly executed springboard moonsault across Flipp’s body. Hopkins quickly hooks the leg as the ref sweeps in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Porter kicks out!”
VASSA: ”I give Hopkins props whenever I can but he should have known better than that. Flipp ain’t going out that easily!”
JOHNSON: ”It never hurts to try though.”
VASSA: ”Is that what you tell yourself every time you work up the courage to talk to a woman?”
Hopkins wastes no time and pushes himself up and off of Flipp. He then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet and applies a side headlock. Holding him in close and tight, Hopkins turns on the heat as he squeezes Flipp’s head. He then takes a few steps forward while dragging Flipp along and jumps into the air, planting Flipp’s face into the mat with a bulldog. Standing to his feet, Hopkins paces around the ring, soaking in the electricity given off from the crowd. He then turns back to Flipp and grabs him by the wrist, pulling him up to his feet. Before Hopkins can make his next move, Flipp wraps his arms around his waist and drives his shoulder into Hopkins stomach. Flipp then pumps his feet like pistons and drives Hopkins across the ring until his back slams against the turnbuckle. Hopkins releases a gasp upon impact as the air is forced out of his lungs.
Flipp then grabs onto the middle ropes and leans back before pulling himself forward and driving his shoulder into Hopkins stomach once more. He then lifts Hopkins up and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. Out of breath, Hopkins sits up top as Flipp slowly climbs the turnbuckle to the middle ropes. Flipp then looks over the crowd as the watch in anticipation. He then looks Hopkins in the eyes and draws his first back and takes a swing for the fences. After connecting with that first punch, Flipp then unloads with more as the crowd counts with each landed punch.

“Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!”
Flipp then wraps his arm around Hopkins head and tosses his arm over his. Setting his feet, Flipp then lifts Hopkins up and falls back, dropping him to the canvas with a superplex. As the two hit the mat, Flipp rolls over and covers Hopkins in a fluid motion as the ref drops in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how Hopkins managed to kick out after that superplex. I thought it was a wrap after that!”
VASSA: ”I wouldn’t be surprised if these two went at it all night. They’re just that competitive. The fans wouldn’t mind either.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure they wouldn’t. Heck, I’d love it if that happened.”
The crowd then pops with a huge cheer as the fans drawn their attention to the back of the theater seats.

JOHNSON: ”I knew that fight earlier wasn’t going to be the last we saw of Cashe.”
Cashe stands amongst the fans in the back of the seating area as the match continues.

VASSA: ”His hair is all wet. I’m hoping he got a shower after taking that lashing and crapping his pants.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen a lot of things in 4CW but that was a first.”
VASSA: ”The man straight up shit himself.”
JOHNSON: ”Accidents happen.”
VASSA: ”Yea, when you’re two. He should have known better than to mess with some tacos before show time.”
Flipp stands to his feet but keeps his eyes locked on Hopkins, not even aware that Cashe has walked out into the theater. He grabs Hopkins by the head and slowly pulls him up to his feet. Once standing, he unloads with a hard right across the top of Hopkins head, knocking him back a step. Flipp then swings with another overhead punch, knocking Hopkins in the forehead again. Hopkins goes down to one knee as Flipp draws back and swings with everything in the tank, connecting with a brutal punch to the side of the head. Hopkins falls over to his side and hits the mat with a thud. Flipp then looks to his right and runs to the ropes. Hitting them hard and coming back with speed, he runs right over Hopkins towards the ropes on the other side. He then leps into the air and plants his feet on the middle ropes. Springboarding off the ropes, Flipp does a backflip with some serious air and comes down with a devastating elbow across the forehead of Hopkins.
He then rolls backwards and comes up to his feet in one motion. Walking around the ring with excitement, he quickly moves in on Hopkins and kicks him in the side a few times, rolling him over to his stomach. Flipp then grabs him by the back of the head and pants and pulls him up to his feet. With both his hands still locked onto Hopkins, he spins around and throws Hopkins to the corner. Quick on his feet, Hopkins plants his hands on the middle rope and stops himself before going through the ropes and colliding with the ring post. Flipp quickly moves in on him but as he gets close, Hopkins pushes himself away from the corner and turns his body, connecting with a spinning elbow to Flipp’s jaw. Flipp stumbles back in a daze giving Hopkins the opportunity to jump up into the air and wrap his legs around his head. Hopkins then flips backwards and sends Flipp flying across the ring with a hurricanrana, crashing back first into the corner.
Flipp then hits the mat with a thud as Hopkins slowly pushes himself up. With Flipp laying in a world of pain, Hopkins grabs him by the arm and drags him away from the corner. He then looks to the corner and quickly climbs to the top. Once there, he looks over the crowd for a moment before looking back over his shoulder at Flipp who is still down. Hopkins then springboards off the top rope and leaps into the air before coming down with a moonsault double foot stomp.

JOHNSON: ”That’s another way of saying it. This might be it!”
Hopkins then covers Flipp for the pin as the ref drops in for the count.
Cashe then runs through the crowd towards the ring, pushing fans out of the way.

JOHNSON: ”This one’s in the books folks! Jair Hopkins has won it!”
VASSA: ”The 4CW Champion over the Pride Champion.”
“Fate” hits the speakers as Hopkins slowly rises to his feet. The ref grabs his arm and raises it in the air for the victory.

POWERS: ”The winner by pinfall, he is the 4CW Champion, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve had an exciting night and this caps it off with a bang!”
VASSA: ”I don’t think it’s over just quite yet.”
Still coming through the crowd, Cashe makes his way towards the ring, still unnoticed. Meanwhile, Hopkins walks towards the corner and leans over the ropes, grabbing the championship from a member of the ringside crew. With a chair in hand, Cashe hops over the barricade and slides into the ring. He gets up quietly as the fans erupt. Hopkins then leans up with the championship in hand and looks over the crowd, clueless to what stands behind him.

VASSA: ”He doesn’t even know Cashe is in the ring! What’s going to happen next?”
As Cashe waits patiently, Hopkins holds the championship up into the air, still with his back turned to the crowd.

VASSA: ”Where’s he going?”
The ref quickly pulls Flipp to the side of the ring. He then climbs to the outside and stands guard over him. Hearing the ref from across the ring, Hopkins turns around to see what’s up…
Just as he turns, Cashe slams the chair across the top of his head. Hopkins then falls backwards and crashes into the corner as the championship falls to the canvas.

VASSA: ”If these two are going to go at it like this show after show then I can get used to this.”
JOHNSON: ”I guess we better get used to it because I don’t think Cashe is going to stop until he gets his rematch.”
VASSA: ”He’s entitled to one! If management isn’t going to make it happen then he’s going to force their hand. He’s done things like this in the past.”
Pacing around the ring in a rage, Cashe then tosses the chair out of the ring towards the crowd. The chair then slams into the steel barricade with a loud chime echoing over the sounds of the crowd. Cashe then locks his eyes on Hopkins barely holding himself up in the corner. He then rushes towards him and greets him with a running elbow to the jaw.

Cashe then steps out of the way as Hopkins stumbles forward, barely able to stay on his feet. Once he passes, Cashe then jumps in from behind and drops him to the mat with a back to back cutter.

JOHNSON: ”UNDER THE INFLUENCE!!! He hit him with the U.T.I.!”
VASSA: ”Sooner or later Khris Young or Perry are going to have to give him his rematch or else he’s going to seriously injure the 4CW Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”I believe that’s his plan!”
Cashe then props up on one knee and bridges his other leg over Hopkins body. He looks over the theater as a toothless smile comes across his face. Digging in his pocket, Cashe then pulls out a pair of pliers and holds it above his head as the fans quickly turn to boos.

VASSA: ”What the hell is he going to do with that?”
JOHNSON: ”I hope he doesn’t pull out any more braids with that. That’s just unethical!”
VASSA: ”More like right up his alley!”
Cashe then grabs Hopkins by the head with his other hand and raises is up from the mat. He then takes the plier and shoves them in Hopkins mouth.

VASSA: ”That’s what I’m screaming!”
A few moments pass as Cashe jabs him in the mouth with the pliers. He then locks them in place and begins to pull back.

VASSA: ”Does he have his tongue attached to that?”
Cashe then rips the pliers away from Hopkins mouth. Pulling them in close to his face, Cashe looks down at a shiny gold and platinum grill with diamonds. That toothless smile comes across his face once more as he stands to his feet and tosses the pliers aside.

VASSA: ”HOLY HELL!!! Cashe just pulled out Hopkins grill!”
JOHNSON: ”Grill?”
VASSA: ”That’s what I said! His custom caps for his teeth…”
JOHNSON: ”That sick son of a bitch…”
Cashe then looks down with his mouth open and holding the grill in front of it. With blood smeared around his mouth, Hopkins continues to lay there barely awake but in too much pain to even move. As the fans erupt with boos, the mood quickly changes as Khris Young storms out from the back. Making his way down to the ring, he stops at the bottom of the ramp and yells…

Cashe’s attention quickly turns to the ramp as he see’s Young staring back at him. The smile disappears from his face as he slowly raises his hand, dangling the grill at Young as if he were taunting him.

You can see Young’s face go beet red as his blood pressure rises.

YOUNG: ”I’ve seen enough of this for one night! This ends now, Cashe. You came to me and you asked me for a rematch, and I declined. For good reason. This is how you take care of business?”
Young shakes his head.

YOUNG: ”At the end of the day, I make the decisions around here and not you. Which is why i have decided that you WILL get your rematch. Make no mistake about it — it’s not because of what you did here tonight. It’s because I saw the first title match when Jair ripped that piece of gold off of your shoulder and it was one hell of a match. I want to see part two.”
A mixed reaction amongst the fans in attendance.

YOUNG: ”I also want to see multiple contenders in this match like I mentioned before.”
Khris begins to rub his chin, pondering the incoming decision.

YOUNG: ”I’ve decided that in Myrtle Beach on March 25th, it will be Jair Hopkins defending his 4CW Championship against YOU, Jason Cashe, in a leather strap match!”
A smile stretches across the face of Jason Cashe. Young holds up his index finger.

YOUNG: ”With The Dirty Devil himself, Connor Gates as the special guest referee!”
The fans erupt in cheers as Cashe’s smiles fades slightly.

JOHNSON: ”WOW! Young has granted Cashe his rematch and it will be in two weeks when we take over South Carolina! HUGE!”
VASSA: ”Not only that, but Connor Gates will be the special guest referee! I can not wait!”
JOHNSON: ”And it’s going to be a strap match! Jair already whipped him earlier tonight with one!”
VASSA: ”This night has been awesome and this is the icing on the cake!”
JOHNSON: ”Unfortunately we’re out of time folks. It’s been a great night but the show must come to an end.”
JOHNSON: ”Be sure to tune in two weeks from now when we hit the Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Adrenaline! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and good night!”
The camera zooms in on Young who is backing up the ramp looking back at the ring, locked eyes with Cashe. As the angle changes, Cashe slowly climbs over the ropes and leaves Hopkins behind. He makes way towards the back as the scene slowly fades out.