MAY 27TH, 2015

With the 4CW Title draped over his shoulder, Jason Cashe comes into view around the corner heading to the Stage Curtain with a grin on his face and a pep in his step. His grin brightens up as he comes to a stop and stares over at Aidan Carlisle who has her shiny Pride Championship on her own shoulder. Upon seeing Cashe, Aidan pushes off the table she is leaning against and the two approach one another.

CASHE: “Aww you’re here to wish me luck? Do I get a kiss too I mean, it’s only right!”
AIDAN: “How about a kiss with a fist? It’s better than none, right? I just wanted to make sure I had the best view in the house when you go out there and embarrass yourself. You’re going to head out to the ring to compete but nothing you do out there is going to stack up to what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. Maybe when it’s all done and over you’ll see that your continued efforts are pointless and leave Openers to those who can really nail them.”
He looks like he is putting some thought to what she said but then he looks into her eyes with his own idea.

CASHE: “I’ll give up Openers if you go out on a date with me? Huh? That’s a fair trade right? I promise no roofies!”
AIDAN: “Did you just go full retard on live television? You are seriously actually a step below a drooling mental patient. I would let the human species die out before I’d even sit down and have a grilled cheese with you.”
CASHE: “Oh come on! You don’t know what you’re missing! You know how they say Once you go Black you never go back?”
AIDAN: “Cashe, how many times have you been hit in the head today? You know you’re not black right? I don’t think that applies here.”
CASHE: “Nah, nah! Haha but once you go Cashe you are ruined for other men! Sexual…Grrrr!”
AIDAN: “That’s disgusting, and I don’t think all your exes turning into lesbians after you means what you think it does.”
She gives him a short stiff-arm to the chest and he stumbles back a few steps. He felt it was flirtatious between them, but clearly she was really just trying to add some distance between them. Interpretation.

CASHE: “Hard to get huh? I like that, SHH-EXY!! Let me get out here and put Mannie under, wanna hang out later though?”
Her hand lashes out, giving him a hard titty twister where he once had a nipple, now gone courtesy of Jair Hopkins.

AIDAN: “Don’t buckle under the pressure, Cashe. Remember, you’ve got a big match coming up at Ante Up. With three other people in it, it might even be worth watching.”
Not wasting anytime, Aidan scoffs and steps past Cashe leaving the scene. Cashe shrugs, turns to watch her leave and his head tilts as he focuses on the finer things in life. He shakes like he has shivers before heading up to the curtain ready to get into a scuffle.


JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another 4CW Adrenaline! I’m you host, Steve Johnson and the man beside me is no one other than Vinny Vassa!”
VASSA: ”Thank you, Steve. It’s a pleasure to be here tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”We had a slight change in the production layout of the show so we’ll be skipping the long introduction and getting right down to business.”
VASSA: ”I wouldn’t have it any other way because lets be honest, sometimes you can get a little long winded and the fans just want to see some good old wrestling!”
JOHNSON: ”Just doing my job/”
VASSA: ”And you do a fine job to say the least. I’m juts saying, sometimes you go on and on and on. It’s nice to change things up every once in a while.”
JOHNSON: ”It is, Vinny. Well lets get down to business and enjoy the show.”
The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the sound system, building anticipation.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from The Commonwealth of Virginia, weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. Accompanied to the ring by Jacinta Perez and Alec Quartermain, he is “The Main Attraction”, “Young” MANNIE RROOMMEERROO!!!”
As Mannie and his Posse emerge to a wave of boos, Mannie and Jacinta are lead to the ring by Alec Quartermain, while being inside of an Old-School Electric Motorized Cart. Next the stage lights die down, as Mannie who is wearing his glow in the dark ADIDAS sweatsuit, begins to soak in the hate. Right before a custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. Mannie and Jacinta step out the cart, as he then strides up the steps, while the cameraman sits on the middle rope before he enters the ring. Mannie proceeds to remove his sweatsuit, awaiting for the start of the match.

JOHNSON: ”We’re just moments away from kicking the night off officially as Mannie Romero is now in the ring, awaiting for his opponent, the 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe.”
VASSA: ”What’s this?!”
Walking to the edge of the ring, the ref yells at Jacinta and Alec for them to leave ringside. After a long stare down, the ref continues to order them to leave the ringside area. Jacinta then gets an attitude and begins to yell back. After a few moments of arguing, Alex grabs Jacinta by the arm and the two head up the ramp and to the back.

JOHNSON: ”I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that Mr. Wallace spoke with the official before this match and leaned on him to send Alec and Jacinta to the back.”
VASSA: ”I’ve been told that this match was booked as sort of a put up or shut up for Mannie. We all know that Wallace and Mannie don’t get along. Wallace hates him from what I can tell. So why wouldn’t he make sure Mannie has no one at ringside to help him when things get tough?”
JOHNSON: ”If I’m correct, this is the first time there two have competed in singles against each other. They’ve been in the same circuit for years now but this is a first for 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Mannie’s had a long line of bad luck in 4CW but he can turn things around right here, right now with a win over the 4CW Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a long shot but anything is possible once the bell rings.”
The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck and the 4CW Championship around his waist. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps the championship a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.
“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my waist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is the 4CW Champion and “The Choice of Influence”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan, hurries to remove his championship and roars out to the crowd ferociously. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp. At ringside, he leaps up at the side of the steel stairs, grabbing the ring post, lays the championship over the turnbuckle and walks alongside the ring apron outside the ropes.
He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd. He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd.
Removing his platinum chain with the “JC” diamond pendant he hands that and his Championship both over to the Referee. He then drags his feet like a bull to get some traction as his music stops playing and he awaits the sound of the bell.

VASSA: ”We haven’t seen Cashe in action since South Beach Brawl. I wonder how that nipple is feeling?”
JOHNSON: ”You mean the place where his nipple used to be?”
VASSA: ”Call it what you want, I bet that mother fucker hurts!”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe Mannie can use it to his advantage. I know if I were him, I would target that area for the entire match.”
VASSA: ”I’d jab my thumb right into it and dig like I’m trying to pick a booger from my nose.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s disgusting!”
VASSA: ”It is what it is, but lets get down to business. Mannie better have something up his sleeve now that his help is no where to be found.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with Cashe and gets the nod almost instantly. He then looks over to Mannie. After a short delay, Mannie timidly gives him a thumbs up. The ref then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell as he backs towards the ropes.
Cashe hops out of the corner and bounces to the middle of the ring, energetic and ready to throw down. He waves for Mannie to step away from the corner and meet him face to face, even yelling across the ring, taunting him. Mannie looks around the theater for a moment and then nods his head and pushes himself away from the corner. The two stand toe to toe in the center of the ring, looking into each others eyes as the sounds of the crowd flood the entire theater and drown out everything else. The two then exchange a few words before Mannie makes the first move and connects with a powerful palm strike to the center of Cashe’s chest. Knocking him back a step, Mannie wastes no time and lunges forward with another, striking him across the chest again but harder than the first.
Cashe then comes back with a right hook but gets put in his place as Mannie fends it off and counters with a powerful European uppercut, knocking Cashe’s head back and sending spit flying from his mouth. Mannie then goes on the attack with a series of MMA strikes, backing Cashe across the ring with knee and elbow strikes. With his back against the ropes, Cashe bounces off and lunges forward, connecting with a thrusting headbutt, knocking Mannie back a step. He then throws a hard right and connects with the side of Mannie’s head. Following up with a left, Cashe slams his fist across the side of Mannie’s jaw. He then kicks him in the stomach and quickly wraps his arms around his waist as Mannie lunges over. Cashe then begins to lift his knee up, driving it into Mannie’s face over and over before throwing him to the mat.
Mannie quickly rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up. Before he can get to both feet, Cashe quickly charges him and slams a forearm across the top of his back. He then grabs Mannie by the head and pulls him up to both feet but before he knows it, Mannie pushes him away, creating a small distance between the two. Cashe lunges at him to lock up but Mannie side steps him and as he passes by, Mannie then hits him across the back of the head with a lariat that sends him falling forward to the mat. Mannie quickly moves in on Cashe, kicking him a few times in the ribs, refusing to let him get back up on his own. He then punches him in the back of the head before grabbing onto one arm and pulling him up to his feet. Lifting Cashe off of his feet, Mannie slams him to the canvas with a scoop slam and then runs to the ropes full speed, coming back with a delayed fist drop right across the forehead.

VASSA: ”Mannie is off to a good start against the 4CW champ!”
JOHNSON: ”To be honest, I’m caught off guard with how Mannie came right out of the gate full throttle tonight!”
VASSA: ”He’s been up and down during his time with 4CW, more so down over the last few matches. A win here tonight can certainly turn things around and get him back on tack. After all, he is the main attraction here in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”I think you and I have a different concept of what that term truly means.”
Pulling Cashe up to his feet, Mannie drags him across the ring and slams his back into the corner. He then unloads with body punches to Cashe and caps off the combination with a quick jab to the mouth. Grabbing Cashe by the arm, he pulls him away from the corner and goes to throw him to the one across the ring. Just as Mannie goes to release, Cashe clinches down onto his wrist and counters, spinning around and throws Mannie there instead. Slamming against the corner, Mannie’s feet lift up from the mat and just as they drop back down, Cashe is right there to greet him with a running clothesline that nearly takes his head off. Stepping out of the way, Mannie stumbles forward, barely able to keep his balance but before he can get too far, Cashe runs up from behind him and grabs him by the head. Jumping into the air, Cashe pulls Mannie along for the ride as he slams his face into the canvas with a bulldog.
Pushing himself up, Cashe walks around to the Mannie’s head where his arms are stretched out on front of him. He then steps onto his fingers and begins to twist his foot, pressing them into the mat as it he were putting a small fire out. Listening to Mannie as he releases a loud yell, a smile comes to Cashe’s face just before he jumps into the air and comes down, stomping cross those same fingers with all of his weight on top of them. Cashe then reaches down and grabs Mannie by the head with both hands. Pressing his face into the mat, he then drags it back and forth, rubbing it harder and harder as he changes directions. Cashe then drags him across the mat, still with his face pressed into it, giving him one hell of a carpet burn as each inch passes.
Finally pulling Mannie up to his feet, Cashe drives his knee in to his stomach and then pulls him in close, wrapping him up and then lifting him up from the mat. Falling backwards, Cashe throws him over his head with a release T-bone suplex that sends him crashing to the canvas and rolling across the ring. After getting back up, Cashe doesn’t let up for one second as he quickly rushes over to Mannie and stomps on his ankles over and over. He then grabs him by the foot and drags him away from the ropes to the center of the ring. Rolling him over to his back, Cashe then grabs his other ankle and holds both up, one in each hand. Looking around the theater, Cashe then cracks a smile before going to town with multiple stomps to Mannie’s crotch. He then moves his attack to Mannie’s left knee with even more kicks before jumping into the air and coming down with a double leg drop to the crotch.

VASSA: ”Cashe just doesn’t care! I figured he would ease up some after losing that nipple but boy was I wrong.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s back at the top of the food chain. After losing that belt for the short time he’s going to do whatever it takes to hold onto it. No matter who stands in front of him, he’s going to be ruthless to make sure he doesn’t lose it again.”
VASSA: ”Too bad Wallace upped the ante and made that sixty minute fatal four way Iron man match. The competition is going to be stiff.”
JOHNSON: ”And I’m sure Cashe would have it no other way.”
Cashe rolls backwards, away from Mannie and pushes himself up. After brushing off his pants as if they were covered in filth, he then turns to the ropes and hits them hard. Coming back with speed, Cashe jumps into the air and comes down with a leg drop right across Mannie’s throat, pinning his head to the mat and shooting his feet upward into the air. Cashe then stands back up, looking down at Mannie with amusement in his eyes. He then reaches down, grabs him by the head and arm and pulls him up to both feet. Standing him straight up, Cashe then slaps him across the cheek as the sound pierces through the cheers from the crowd. Shaking it off, Mannie then fires back and slaps Cashe across the cheek, making an even louder sound as his hand makes contact.
The two stare at each other for a moment and then Cashe draws back and swings full force, open handed and slaps Mannie across the mouth, sending his head shooting to the side as the sound echoes over the crowd. Turning his head back to Cashe and rubbing his face, Mannie stares at him, as the tension builds between the two. Not doing anything, Mannie continues to rub his face as Cashe grows angry and begins to yell at him to do something. Dropping his hand to his side, Mannie then turns to walk away and just as Cashe begins to laugh, Mannie quickly turns around and punches him right in the chest, digging his fist into the wound where his nipple used to be. Cashe then releases a loud scream in pain as he stumbles backwards, holding his battle wound.
Before Cashe can even retaliate, Mannie then reaches towards the other side of his chest and pinches the nipple still there, clamping down on it and twisting as if it were a key in an ignition. With the nipple still between the fingers of one hand, Mannie swings with his other and cracks Cashe right across the jaw with a power punch. Falling back, Cashe goes to the canvas as his nipple gets pulled in the opposite direction with Mannie’s fingers still clamped down on it. After finally letting go, Mannie gives Cashe that last push to finally fall to the mat on his own. Once on the mat, Mannie quickly moves in and begins to unload with a fury of punches and kicks to Cashe, keeping him down as he continues to hold both pecs in a world of pain.

JOHNSON: ”Cashe has been nursing that injury for a few weeks now and although he may act like it’s nothing, the damage still shows and he’s feeling every bit of it right now.”
VASSA: ”I can’t even imagine how painful that must be. It’s bad enough to have one nipple missing but Mannie just tried to pull that other one off like it was a tick attached to his chest.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a rather odd choice of words, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I’m not even going to lie. The night is still young and I’m already half lit.”
Mannie then pulls Cashe up from the mat and connects with a couple of right hands while holding him up with his left. He then throws an elbow and drives it into Cashe’s face, stunning him with the vicious blow. Leaving Cashe wobbling in place, Mannie then turns to the ropes and takes off. Hitting them and coming back with some speed, Mannie does a handspring and shoots himself up into the air. Wrapping his legs around Cashe’s head, he goes to flip back for a frankensteiner but gets help up as Cashe wraps his arms around his waist and pulls his body back up. Holding Mannie in the air on his shoulders, Cashe stumbles back and forth to keep his balance. Mannie then unloads with a series of right hands to the top of Cashe’s head. One after the other, Mannie slowly wears him down until all of a sudden, Cashe falls forward, powerbombing Mannie to the canvas and headbutting him in the crotch upon impact.

VASSA: ”Talk about busting a nut!”
The two then rolls away from each other, both feeling the pain from the others attack. With Mannie appearing to be more on the receiving end of the pain dished out, Cashe slowly pushes himself up, showing signs of fatigue as he pauses on one knee. He then stands straight up and slowly walks to Mannie who is still holding himself in a world of pain. Grabbing him by the arm, Cashe pulls him up but with his body blocking the refs view, he opens himself up for Mannie to catch him off guard with a low blow. The two back away from each other, bent over and holding themselves as the feeling hits them in the stomach.
Mannie then fights through it and charges Cashe full speed, knocking him flat on his back with a shoulder block. Quickly rolling over, Cashe pushes himself up and once up to both feet, Mannie charges him again and puts him back down with another shoulder block. Seeing Cashe worn down and on his back, Mannie quickly grabs him by the arm and pulls him up. Hooking his arm around his head, Mannie then places Cashe’s over his and grabs the waistband of his pant.

JOHNSON: ”I think this could be it, Vinny. Mannie might be going for the D.B.M. right here.”
Lifting Cashe into the air, Mannie holds him up for a moment in the vertical position. After a slight delay, the then goes to drop Cashe with a belly to belly piledriver but out of nowhere, Cashe slips out of his hold and comes down to his feet behind Mannie.

VASSA: ”Cashe slipped out!”
Cashe then jumps up and grabs Mannie by the back of the head and hits him with a jumping back to back cutter.

JOHNSON: ”This might be it!”
Cashe then rolls over and covers Mannie as the ref sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: ”He’s done it, Cashe has won it!”
JOHNSON: ”This match wasn’t an easy one by any means as we expected but at the end of the day, Cashe takes home the win.”
“Cashin Out” hits the speakers as Cashe slowly pulls himself away from Mannie and stands to his feet. Grabbing his arm, the ref then raises it in the air as Cashe lets out a loud roar following a hard fought victory.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, the 4CW Champion, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Pulling his arm away from the ref, Cashe walks to the ropes and reaches to the outside, grabbing the championship from a member of the ringside crew. he then raises it in the air above his head and the fans go crazy with cheers, rocking the entire theater.

VASSA: ”Mannie surprised me, Steve. I totally didn’t expect him to come out here and give Cashe the type of fight he did.”
JOHNSON: ”Even thought Cashe will leave this match with the win, Mannie can keep his head held high because this match right here could be the one to put him back on track.”
VASSA: ”Lets not forget about my boy, Cashe! He needs to get that titty attended to because Mannie sure put a hurting on it.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure he will, Vinny.”

As the video feed begin to play, we come to see the word “CORRUPTION” written across the screen. As the video continues on a voice be heard speaking.

”What is the meaning of Corruption? The meaning of Corruption means to be Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery of some sort.”
The voice says before continuing.

”You see the 4 Corners Wrestling is full of that very thing, from those using drugs, to those drinking to rid their inner demons, or of those who’ve come to cheat their way to the top or cheat period….”
The voice says as it continues on.

”You see their used to be a just thing as Pride, Honor and Respect for one another in this world of ours which has become so corrupted god himself wouldn’t know what to do…”
The voice says as that person that voice belongs to walks on out from behind the darkness it stood within, revealing the voice to be that of a hooded male figure. The male figure can be seen having his face covered up underneath a half-face mask. The mask can be seen having that of a skeleton face imprinted across it.
The unidentified man can be seen dressed in what looks to be all black military style swat gear, from a black military vest, and black baggy cameo colored pants.

UNKNOWN: “You see folks it is because of that, I have come forth to write the wrongs of those who have brought injustice to this very vessel that be the promotion of 4 Corners Wrestling, a promotion owned and operated by a man very well respected in this business, that man being Perry Wallace”
“You see Mr. Wallace had a dream, a dream like many before him and that dream was to have a successful promotion and indeed his promotion the 4CW has become, having nearly spread its wings from the South-West territories it once only travelled through to the various other states its come to pick up among its travels.”
“It is because of the corruption, the injustice, and various other flaws that has come to haunt the promotion that be 4 Corners Wrestling, the very promotion like I said run and operated by a very respected man within this industry, that man as we all know is Perry Wallace.”
“I have chosen to come to the 4CW… Soon… soon there shall be justice for I am no renegade. I am not a mercenary of God and nor am I for the greater of mankind. I am not a hero for your children to look up at nor should they for I am here to restore what is no longer, and what is no longer are the very things 4 Corners Wrestling once had.”
“You see I am a man about principles. Principles for which are no more. I am a man about honor. Where honor no longer exists, for I am going to step in and bring the very values that were once taught to us by our parents…. the very values that were conducted among one another in competition back and back they shall come…”
“For I am, “The Scarred Sentinel”, GABRIEL CROSS, and I have come to 4CW!!!”

Gabriel says before dropping his handheld camera onto the ground before him. As he does the video feed cuts out to show static.


POWERS: ”Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at one hundred sixty pounds, Brandooon Yooouuung!”
The arena grows dark and I NEED SOME COMPANY blares through the arena speakers, the lights begin to flicker and finally Company by Drake plays through the speakers. Brandon makes his way from behind the curtain tossing his hands up in the air, he slowly makes his way down the ramp playing to the crowd, fist balled with a determined look on his face, he slides under the apron and into the ring bouncing off each apron.

POWERS: ”And his opponent, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, weighing two hundred forty-seven pounds, Deacooon Kiiing!”
Smoke begins to billow at the entrance and “King Shit” hits the speakers as lights flicker within the grey cloud now formed. Deacon King makes his way onto the stage, standing within the smoke with his head down, raising his arms to the side before crossing them across his chest in an X mark, finally heading down the ramp toward the ring where he slides in and heads straight to his corner whilst shooting daggers via his gaze through his opponent.

JOHNSON: ”These two are impressive new additions to the 4CW roster. Last Adrenaline Deacon King had a debut win over fellow newcomer Justin Davis. Tonight is Brandon Young’s first night in the ring for Four Corners, but he came out swinging, so to speak, when he spoke about his match.”
VASSA: ”A lot of new talent has signed on in the last few weeks, both here on Adrenaline and in 4CW’s developmental show in Texas, the newly named Underground. It’s an exciting time and I’m glad to be here to witness it first hand.”
After checking with both corners the referee calls for the bell and the match gets under way.
The larger Deacon rushes across the ring, driving Brandon into the corner with a shoulder thrust. As he goes for a second Young reverses with a quick springboard bulldog. While King is still down Brandon follows up with a standing moonsault.
As Deacon gets to his feet Young is there to meet him with a high knee. King doesn’t quite go down from the impact, so Brandon drives him to the mat with a German suplex. Deacon gets up quickly and races at Young, but Young uses the momentum for a scoop slam. King gets up slightly more slowly, but goes in again. Brandon takes him down with a drop toe hold. Young then hits a leg drop before Deacon can roll away.

JOHNSON: ”Deacon King is the bigger man here, weight wise, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed Brandon Young down any so far.”
VASSA: ”I’ve always told you size doesn’t matter, Steve!”
With both men back on their feet they circle the ring for a moment. Deacon is the first to make a move once again, feinting a lunge before nailing Brandon with a spinning heel kick. Young clutches his stomach for just a moment before launching off the middle rope and connecting with a springboard hurricanrana. As Deacon gets back to his feet Brandon drives him to the corner with a series of chops. When his opponent is against the turnbuckle Young hops up onto the middle rope and launches into a flurry of punches which the crowd counts with delight.
“One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!!!”
Leaping up from the rope Brandon flips King out of the corner with a frankensteiner!

JOHNSON: ”The crowd is really behind Brandon Young as he makes his debut here tonight.”
VASSA: ”It has got to feel good for this young man to see the whole theatre on it’s feet!”
With the crowd still cheering him on he delivers a series of stomps and then an elbow drop. After a moment of making sure that Deacon isn’t getting back up, Young climbs the turnbuckle again. He balances on the top rope, waiting for just the right moment, and then leaps off for a 5 star frog splash!
Young hooks the leg and the referee drops for the count.
Somehow at the last second Deacon manages to keep it alive!

VASSA: ”I don’t know how Deacon King managed to kick out there. He just has not been able to build any momentum tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Agreed, Vinny. King has kept himself in the match. Here’s hoping he can get himself in the game.”
Young gives the mat a slap in frustration but doesn’t lose his cool. Backing up, he waits as King starts to rise, blasting him with an elbow smash the moment he is on his feet! Brandon goes for a super kick but King grabs his leg before it can connect. Young immediately reverses with an enziguri!
Deacon gets to his feet and charges for a clothesline, but Brandon evades, dropping for a Russian leg sweep! King flies forward into the ropes, his throat landing across the second where he hangs up! Young drops back across the ring and then runs forward, arching through the top and middle ropes to lay Deacon out with a 619!
The crowd explodes again as Brandon climbs the ropes at the corner! He raises his arms and soaks in the cheers for a few moments before flipping off backwards, arching high for a Swanton bomb! He hooks the leg again and tries using all of his weight to hold King down.
The ref signals the count is no good as King gets his other leg on the bottom rope!

VASSA: ”He did it again! Deacon King managed to save himself from the three count again!”
JOHNSON: ”How on earth he had the presence of mind to get his foot on that rope I’ll never know. Brandon Young is throwing everything he has at King, and twice now he’s come up short!”
Brandon starts to drag Deacon toward the center of the ring, away from the ropes, but King draws back his other foot and kicks Young away! Snagging his opponent by the head, Deacon nails him with a sitout jawbreaker! Brandon falls back into the corner. He’s out of it for just a moment before he hops straight up onto the top rope, holding himself there until King turns around. Young catches Deacon right in the jaw with a flying thrust kick!
King gets back up quickly, holding his jaw. He goes for a lariat but Brandon ducks round behind him and takes him down with a reverse DDT! All fired up now, Young waits and waits for the perfect moment, holding himself back until Deacon gets to his feet one more time. Brandon flies in with the Fatal Love!

JOHNSON: ”Could this finally be it?!”
Deacon’s arms and legs are slack as he hits the mat and Young goes once more for the pin.

VASSA: ”It is! Brandon Young put the final nail in Deacon King’s coffin and picked up a debut win here tonight on Adrenaline!”
POWERS: ”I think it is safe to say that Brandon Young can look forward to an impressive career here in Four Corners Wrestling!”
The ref can barely get his hand on Brandon’s wrist to raise his hand as Young leaps up excitedly.

POWERS: ”And here is your winner, Brandon YYOOUUNNGG!!!

Backstage in the dressing area, we find Murgatroid standing side by side with Gabriel Hartman.

HARTMAN: ”This is your first singles match with 4CW, Murgatroid. We’ve seen you in tag team action but tonight you will step inside of the ring with The Masked German Monster himself, Lord Raab. I’ve heard that he doesn’t think you’re tough enough–“
MURGATROID: ”One problem with that sunshine. Sayin’ how violent you are… That’s one thing, son. Actual Violence… that’s quite another. I’ve seen nothing from you to indicate that you are anywhere near the level I’m capable of. Bugs don’t ram a fist the size of a hand grenade down your throat. Small animals? I’d say to pick on someone your own size, but you’re not much bigger than the bugs you eat. And besides, looks like 4CW’s matchmakers already forced you to meet someone closer to your own size.”
“Know what I think? I think you’re afraid of a larger opponent. You think all this talk about weapons and blood and that truck stop bathroom you live in means crap to me? You best think about that, pal. Yeah, You have one loss… until we meet in Phoenix. Then you’ll have two, because I’m gonna do to you what the allies did to your country in world war two, cut your stupid bug eating masked ass in half. Face it, Fritz… Your stupid carnival sideshow act doesn’t scare me… your stupid mask doesn’t scare me, and your big talk about what ya gonna do doesn’t scare me.”
“What have I done lately? The question should be, is what have YOU done lately, besides eat bugs like some kind of short bus special and tell everyone how scary you are. If you’re scary for real, little man, you don’t gotta do nothing. You’re clamorin’ for a hammerin’, ya goofy Kraut gimp, and I’m the guy that’s gonna give it to you. Savvy, Fritz… I’m about to cram your own words right back down your stupid face!”

Cracking his knuckles, Murg then pulls out a letter opener as a demented smile comes across his face.

MURGATROID: ”Gonna carve you up like a Christmas Goose, moron! As for my tag teaming, I like to team. Twice the destruction! But I’m no stranger to singles wrestling. I did both when working in Tennessee and Indiana, Kentucky, the mid South. And this is a side project. The Promoters signed me up, I got no problem with that- There’s a little kraut loudmouth that needs to shut up good and proper! I don’t care what you think, Doofus. Ain’t gonna change the fact that I’m gonna break every bone in your body!”
HARTMAN: ”Strong words from Murgatroid, half of the team Crea–“
Murg then draws his hand back as if he were about to backhand Hartman across the side of the head. Quick on his feet, Hartman rushes away and leaves Murg alone in the dressing room.

Outside the office of Perry Wallace, a conversation can be heard on the other side of the door. The sound of Wallace’s voice is mainly heard, in an unpleasant tone, but not clear enough to fully understand. Peeking into the office, Wallace paces back and forth behind his desk as Havok sits across on the other side. After a long winded rant, Wallace takes a seat behind the desk and leans back in his chair.

HAVOK: ”That’s about it, you summed it up.”
WALLACE: ”Are you serious? I understand the want, the desire to do this and take the next step, but you have this opportunity right in front of you that is rightfully yours.”
HAVOK: ”I’m sure, boss. I’ve been carrying it on my shoulders for almost an entire year. I’m ready to get back to the basics and what brought me to this business in the first place.”
WALLACE: ”Although I respect this decision, I don’t fully agree with it. Like you said, you carried the weight of that division on your shoulders and you’re entitled a shot at it, regardless of who wants to jump in front of you and take it.”
HAVOK: ”I’ve done everything I feel that I needed to while involved. There’s nothing really left for me to accomplish.”
WALLACE: ”There’s plenty! Don’t walk out now!”
HAVOK: ”I’m not walking out, I’m just doing what I feel is in my best interests.”
WALLACE: ”Call it what you want but I see it completely different! Now I have to shuffle the card around some because of this haste decision.”
HAVOK: ”Haste? I thought I hinted at this two weeks ago in Phoenix?”
WALLACE: ”That’s what you call that?”
HAVOK: ”Plain and simple…”
WALLACE: ”It was good while it lasted I suppose. At the end of the day, you need to do what’s best you for and I can respect that, I guess. I still thin you’re making a rushed decision that you’ll regret sooner than later.”
HAVOK: ”If I do regret it, that will land on me. I just need to do this. I respect everything you’ve done for me. I know we’ve had our issues in the past but respect is there. I just have to step away.”
WALLACE: ”If you say so… We could have done this without you needing to but it is what it is.”
Wallace then reaches underneath the desk and pulls out a glass. Placing it on top of the table, he looks over to his left at the bottle of scotch resting beside him. Giving Havok the stink eye, Wallace hints for him to leave without saying it. Havok then stands up and walks towards the door. Pulling it open, he pushes the camera out of the way and makes his way down the hall as the scene fades out.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is set for one fall!”
The words “The Loud Mouth” is shown on the screen as “One For the Money” by Escape the Fate begins to play throughout the theater. Justin Davis slowly makes his way out to a cheering crowd. He soaks up the cheers for a few moments with a nice big smile on his face as he mouths the words “Let’s do this” as he starts to slowly make his way down the entrance way.

POWERS: ”Introducing first… from Cambridge, Massachusetts… Weighing in at two-hundred and forty-five pounds… THE LOUDMOUTH, JUUUUSSSTTTTINNNN DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVIS!”
Justin approaches the ring and quickly slides into the ring and chooses a random corner to climb and throws up his arms to get the crowd hyped up.

POWERS: ”And his opponent…”
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

JOHNSON: ”Nothing but bragging rights on the line here, but I could imagine both of these talents want to win here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Woooooooow. A wrestler wants to win! Expect analysis there, Johnson! Proud of you.”
The referee checks both competitors for illegal objects before making his way to the ring, asking competitors if they’re ready. Once he gets the nod from both Johnson and Davis, the referee looks over at the timekeeper and calls for the opening bell.
The opening bell tolls and the match gets going with Davis shooting down right at Roxi’s legs, but 4CW’s resident superhero side steps out of the way and catches David with a boot square in the face! The sound echoes throughout the KIMO Theatre as Davis remains on his knees and Roxi moves forward, wraps her arm around Davis’ head, and executes a short-snap DDT! The crowd cheers Roxi along as she turns Davis on his back and makes the fast first cover…
Davis forcefully kicks out before the two count, sending Roxi a good distance away with the force from the kickout. Roxi waits patiently for Davis to get up, and when he does, she hits him with a dropkick to the head before he could make it to his feet! The shot sends Davis through the ropes and onto the ring apron, a grin forming on Roxi’s features.

JOHNSON: ”Look at that smile on Roxi’s face! She’s gotta be thinking up something good here.”
VASSA: ”Yeah… she’s thinking about me.”
Roxi waits for Davis to stand to his feet, and when he does, Roxi leaps onto the middle turnbuckles and springs herself over to Davis to execute the picture perfect triangle dropkick! Davis falls off the apron and onto the thin mat below, Roxi not wasting any time and making her way out onto the apron. The 4CW fan favorite takes a moment to play to the crowd, allowing Davis to get up to his feet and rip Roxi’s foot off the apron, her back smacking against the apron as she came down! Davis doesn’t waste any time and quickly starts putting the boots to a downed Roxi, the referee starting the ten count.
“One… Two…”
It was as if Davis didn’t care about the referee’s ten count, continuing with his boots to the still down Roxi.
“Three… Four…”
Davis finally stops with the boots, only to lift Roxi up to her feet and drive her spine first. After that, he pulls Roxi forward and takes her right back down with a decapitating short-arm clothesline!
“Five… Six…”
Hearing how deep they were into the referee’s ten count, Davis lifts up after the big clothesline and slides her into the ring. He follows in right after his opponent, locks his hands around her waist, and brings her up to a vertical base. Davis spins Roxi around, kicks her in the midsection, and follows the attack with a vertical suplex that lands Roxi in the middle of the ring! Davis bounces right up to his feet, measures Roxi up, and drives a leaping knee flush in Roxi’s face! He hooks the leg and makes the cover…
Roxi kicks out at two with force, not really surprising Davis much, if at all. Davis gets right back up to his feet and starts putting the boots to the down Roxi Johnson, spinning around her body as he does so.

VASSA: ”This guy is really stomping the lights out of Roxi right here.”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, and I think you mean that literally. Still, I think we’ve learned over time that it’s going to take more than a few stomps to keep Roxi down.”
VASSA: ”Sure, but it’s a good start! Stomp away, Davis! Stomp away!”
Davis finally stops stomps to the down Roxi and lifts her to a vertical base. Her Irish whips her into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Roxi kicks Davis flush in the face just as he tucks his head! Davis staggers back, allowing Roxi to come forward, leap into the air, and hit a standing hurricanrana on Davis! Davis scrambles right back up to his feet, but Roxi was right there to meet him with a running slingblade, keeping the much larger Davis grounded!
Roxi points at the sky as she exits the ring and begins perching up to the top rope. She gingerly climbs her way up, and looks out at the slowly rising Davis as she catches and tries to keep her balance. Roxi patiently waits for Davis to turn to her, and when he does, she soars off the top turnbuckles and connects with a missile dropkick! The impact causes Davis to fly across the ring, Roxi crawling forward and making the cover shortly after the move!
Davis kicks out after the big dropkick from Roxi, Roxi turning her head to double check the count with the referee. Instead of arguing, Roxi pushes herself up to her feet and waits for Davis to do the same. When he does, Roxi sneaks up behind him and kicks him in the back of the knee. She bends Davis’ head back and looks ready to deliver the eye of the hurricane, but Davis spins himself around, locks his arms hands in around Roxi, and hits her with a big release northern lights suplex!

JOHNSON: ”Big move by Davis right here! Just when it looked like Roxi had him right where she wanted, he comes out with a big move like that.”
VASSA: ”Is that more than just some stomps for ya?”
JOHNSON: ”You’re going to hold that against me? I was mainly trying to remind how everyone how tough Roxi was! That’s it.”
VASSA: ”Yeah? Well what about how tough Justin Davis is?! This dude just suplexed a superhero! A SUPER HERO!”
Davis is first to make it to his feet, the crowd vocal and cheering on both Davis and Johnson. Davis lifts his opponent up to a vertical base, and drives Roxi directly into one of the free corners. He unleashes with a fury of punches to the midsection, and proceeds to sit Roxi up atop the top turnbuckle. With Roxi sitting atop the turnbuckle, Davis rears back and blasts Johnson with a huge right hand! Roxi, now dazed and confused, bobbles around atop the turnbuckles as Davis climbs up to the second rope with her.

JOHNSON: ”Uh oh! Looks like Davis has something big planned for Roxi here!”
Davis throws Roxi’s arm over his head and shoulders, lifts her up, and delivers a huge superplex from the turnbuckles! The crowd explodes after the impact from the move, Davis contorting his body over to make the cover on Roxi…
Roxi kicks out after the big superplex from Davis, this time surprising Davis and much of the crowd. The Roxi Johnson fans in attendance start up a “Roxi! Roxi!” chant, but the Justin Davis fans make themselves vocal with a “Go Davis Go!” chant to drown it out. Davis makes it back to his feet and brings Roxi up him with, flinging the 4CW mainstay up and around his shoulder. He walks near the corners, looking for snake eyes, but Roxi slides down Davis’ shoulder and hits a big dropkick to Davis’ head and back! Davis falls forward into the corner and Roxi runs off the ropes, and comes back with the double knee attack straight to Davis’ back, crushing him in the corner! Davis falls straight to the mat, Roxi immediately going onto the apron and climbing to the rope.
This time, she doesn’t waste any time playing with the fans and just measures Davis position. Not a split second later, Roxi soars off the top rope and connects with a beautiful guillotine leg drop, spinning herself around in the air to hit Davis right! The fans explode as Roxi sits on top of Davis, grabs his legs, and makes the modified cover…
Davis kicks out of the big move! Roxi can’t believe it, holding up three fingers at the referee, but the referee holding two back at her. Roxi slaps the mat out of frustration, but goes right back to the attack on Davis. She mounts over her much bigger opponent and starts hammering with right and left hands before bringing herself back up to her feet. Roxi moves herself toward the ropes and waits patiently for Davis to get to his feet, a big move idea in her mind.

JOHNSON: ”Might be time for Roxi to put Davis away here.”
VASSA: ”Still can’t believe he kicked out of that leg drop, man. Both of these cats are showing us something here.”
Davis makes it up to his feet, turns around, and gets hit with another standing hurricanrana from Johnson! This time, she holds the position and starts pummeling away on Davis’ face with right hands. She finally lets up, and sees Davis in perfect position for her trademark “Realty Bites” moonsault. Roxi smiles at the audience ovation and runes toward the toward, springing onto them and back for the moonsault, but Davis gets his knees up! Roxi lands hard and immediately grabs at her gut, but Davis gets right up to his feet, pulls Roxi in and hits her with the implant DDT! Davis spins Roxi on her back and makes the cover…
Roxi kicked out just before the referee’s hand came down for the three, much to the delight and shock of the crowd. Davis on the other hand didn’t care for Roxi’s kickout, immediately getting up his feet and lifting Roxi with him. He execute a quick snap suplex, but kept the form locked in as he spun his hips and made it back up with Roxi again, finishing the sequence with a stalling suplex!

JOHNSON: ”Nice combo of suplex by Davis there!”
VASSA: ”Guy just needs to find a way to keep Roxi down. Every time momentum swings his way, Roxi comes right back at him with something twice as hard. He has to finish this now!”
JOHNSON: ”You might be right, Vinny.”
It was almost like Davis heard the advice given by Vinny Vassa as her stormed up to his feet, and called for his patent “Fall Out” maneuver. Davis patiently waits for Roxi to get back up to her feet, watching as she uses the ropes to pull herself back up. Once she’s up, Roxi hobbles around in place, before she turns around and gets planted to the mat by the running STO from Davis!

JOHNSON: ”Fall Out! This might be it!”
After hitting his trademark maneuver, Davis gets up to his feet and taunts the crowd, screaming out “Lip Sealer” calling for the end of the match. He picks the lifeless Roxi Johnson up to her feet and calls his for his finishing maneuver as he throws her arm over his head. He lifts her up for the suplex, but Roxi flips herself down, kicks Davis in the back of the knee, and hits him with the eye of the hurricane! The crowd pops huge as Roxi pulls herself back to her feet and sees the lifeless Davis down, and quite possibly out.
Roxi shifts her focus to the free corner next to her and begins perching up to the top, the crowd on the edge of their seat as the beloved superstar got higher and higher. Once Roxi got to the top rope, Justin Davis sprung up to his feet and went after Johnson! But Johnson jumps off the top turnbuckle, and lands safely inside the ring. Davis turns around and chases after Johnson again, but Roxi ducks underneath his arms, runs past him and spring onto the second, coming back with her patent “Ray of Hope” springboard roundhouse kick! The shots echoes throughout the theatre as Roxi crawls forward and makes the cover on Davis…

“The Touch” blares over the sound system as the referee walks over to Roxi Johnson and lifts the tired superstars hand high in the air. The crowd gives Roxi a very warm reaction as the wrestling world’s superhero climbs up to one of the corners and applauds the crowd.

JOHNSON: ”Big win here tonight for Roxi!”
VASSA: ”Nice win, but not a big one if you ask me. You think she could keep this momentum up? I mean… she COULD be in one of the fatal fourways to determine who’s in the fatal fourway at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: ”Guess we’ll wait and see, Vinny.”
Roxi continues playing with the crowd, leaving the ring and slapping the hands of some of the lucky fans at ringside. She looks back in the ring at the downed Davis, but pays almost no mind to him as she continues to mingle with her fans.

We opened up next backstage with a shot of a limo pulling up into the private parking area out back of the theater, a spot reserved for the trucks carrying 4CW equipment and the vehicles of the performers who were here performing tonight. The black limo pulls across three handicap spaces, and parks before the driver gets out of his seat and opens the back door for his passenger.
Jace Davidson, HOW’s current World Title Champion steps out of the back of the limo with the HOW title over one shoulder and a grin on his face. Before he can get very far he stops after taking several steps to look at something or someone and the camera pans to the side to showing none other than Ramona standing there, arms crossed under her chest. Jace looks down at the belt on his shoulder then back at her again.

DAVIDSON: “I guess you’re here looking for something your partner, excuse me, former partner lost? Well Ramona, maybe we can make a deal. How about you come down and meet me in the ring tonight whenever I feel like it and we can negotiate the details of how you can try and get that belt back.”
As the larger man takes a moment to laugh to himself at the idea Ramona offers no reaction. She doesn’t bother uncrossing her arms but simply gives Jace a once over and then an unimpressed look. As it appears he is about to say something else to her a sudden blur of a human being comes charging into the frame. Dakota Smith connects a hard meat hook of a punch to the back of Jace’s head, sending the man tumbling towards the pavement.
The HOW champion is able to find his balance in time before he hits the ground fully and starts to stand back up from the one hand he’s caught himself with. From the left of the frame now Brennan Devlin comes in, hitting a running knee lift right into the man’s face. Again Jace topples over, this time to the other side where Dakota is still waiting. He takes his turn this time greeting the downed man with a punt kick.
The driver whom had been in charge of getting the HOW champion to the theater in a timely manner was standing a bit dumbfounded off to the side. It seems as though he unde the impression if he makes any sudden moves he might become the next target. While in the background Brennan and Dakota take turns delivering punches and kicks to Davidson, Ramona moves around to the back end of the limo. She knocks several times on the trunk with her knuckles and tilts her head towards the driver.

RAMONA: “Pop it … Now!”
Wasting no further time the man fumbles over himself and the door handle to reach in to the vehicle and hit the trunk release button. The release clicks, the lid pops open an inch or so and Ramona pushes it the rest of the way up. Inside there are several bags worth of personal belongings which she begins to unzip and rifled through until on inspection of the third one she finds what she has come here for. Ramona slowly pulls out the second matching half of the 4CW Tag Team Championship belts that had temporarily been absconded with, now returning it safe to its home and new rightful owner.
Looking back over to the three men in the midst of the beat down that was going on she lets Brennan finish with his series of forearm smashes to Jace before letting out a sharp whistle as an easy way to get all of their attention.

RAMONA: “Bring him over here. Put his hands right on up here! I mean, please… and thank you.”
She lightly pats the bumper of the vehicle with the palm of her hand and Dakota Smith who currently has the man in a full nelson hold drags his nearly limp body over to where Mona had requested. Though Jace tries to resist both men are able to over power and position his hands up on the rear of the limo. The woman reaches back up to hold onto the trunk lid with one hand, the tag championship belt in the other.

RAMONA: “You know, I didn’t want to have to do this but …. the more things continue to happen the more it feels like I have no choice. If I don’t start taking action and making moves now people are going to think they can keep walking all over me. You understand, it’s just business.”
With as much strength as she can muster she slams the trunk lid down onto Jace’s fingers that are pinned in the way. There’s an audible wet crackling sound before Jace screams out in unimaginable pain. Lifting the lid back up Mona looks at her handiwork and cant help but grimace. The men thankfully keep his arms pinned still.

RAMONA: “Ugh, never did particularly care for the sight of blood and gore myself but…”

DAVIDSON: “Aaaaaaah!”

Three times was certainly enough she felt to make her point known and after the last violent strike of the trunk door down onto Jace’s fingers and hands she lets go of it, seemingly at least a bit satisfied with the prior actions. It’s a bit hard to look at what are now the man’s mangled digits but Ramona forces herself to, accepting the consequences and implications of her own actions. Strangely enough, she seems to feel just fine about it all now that it’s said and done. A bit relieved actually and she lets out a little laugh.

RAMONA: “That was very cathartic if I do say so myself!”
The two men who had been all too helpful for her are still standing by and she puts a hand on each of them. Brennan she affectionately touches his upper arm and Dakota she very carefully reaches over to give him a cautious pat on the shoulder.

RAMONA: “If you don’t mind, you think you could lift him up for me? Just for a second pretty please?”
DEVLIN: “Sure thing babe.”
The lumbering brute who calls himself the Butcher, the current Extreme Champion, Dakota Smith grunts, shooting a dirty look to Brennan and then Ramona.

SMITH: “Yeah, whatever you say, babe.
Each man hoists Jace up by the arms so that he’s almost, but not quite back on his feet. With the championship belt she had come to successfully reclaim held with both of her hands Ramona swings it like a major league hitter looking for a home run and doles out her last bit of revenge for the night, laying the HOW champion out with it. Knocking the life out of him Brennan and Dakota let his limp body fall to the pavement now that the job has been well done both men chuckling a little bit over it.

RAMONA: “Thanks boys, I owe you one.”
Devlin steps over the man’s fallen body and wraps an arm around Ramona’s waist as walks by her, before squeezing her up against him. Dakota just gives the two an indifferent grunt and half a nod before turning back to face the limo’s trunk. The Butcher steps up to it, unzips his pants and begins to relieve himself onto the belongings in the back of the vehicle, laughing softly to himself about it. The camera eventually cuts away from the image, bringing the viewer back to the ringside action …


POWERS: ”Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, weighing one hundred thirty-five pounds, Ciara RROOSSEE!”
The lights go out and Ciara’s video comes up on the screen as smoke come up from the top of the ramp as her theme song “I am Machine” Three Days Grace plays on P.A system as Ciara walks out… She walks through the smoke as she flings her hair back and stands on top of the ramp looking into the crowd. She holds up both of her hands in the air as she forms them into the rock and roll sign and the fans stand on their feet for her. The fans cheer their heads off as Ciara walks down the ramp with a smile on her face. She slides into the ring and jumps up on to the turnbuckle and looks into the crowd. She jumps down and pulls her hair out of her face as her music dies down the fans were still going nuts with chants of her name, she stands in the middle of the ring and smiles as she held on to the ropes taking all the cheers in as she looked around.
“Take a good look at agony
Force fed pass down
Time release… ”
Aidan appears at the top of the ramp as the heavy metal chords of her theme song fill the theater, holding the 4CW Pride Championship high in the air as she stops to survey the crowd through the dimmed lights. She smiles from ear to ear as the cheers from the crowd get her revved up for the impending match.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Rochester, New York, weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. She is “The Hardcore Queen” and the 4CW Pride Champion, AIDAN CCAARRLLIISSLLEE!!!”
“I never noticed, until I focused
On everything you did, you said,
You lit the fuse inside my head ”
She races down the aisle and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Her own excitement is palpable as she hops up onto the middle rope, subtly bouncing it in the rhythm of the music.
“Thank you for reminding me
Of why I’m sick inside
Thank you for the venom, did
You think it would paralyze?
These scars I scratch, I tear
Are there under my skin
Where you’ve always been
Thank you for reminding me,
To sin with a grin ”
The cheers turn near-deafening as she kisses her middle and index fingers, thrusting them into the air in her trademark salute to her fans.

JOHNSON: ”It’s hard to tell where things stand between these two. Carlisle seemed congratulatory when she spoke about the match, but after seeing what Ciara had to say, is she still feeling as complimentary?”
VASSA: ”Saying you are going to put your opponent in a body bag is one way to turn the mood sour in a flash.”
JOHNSON: ”Rose has since apologized on social media, saying that her excitement for the match got the better of her, but how is that statement going to affect what we see tonight?”
VASSA: ”All I know is that with these two in the ring, I expect to see some heavenly bodies get aerial!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re so crass, Vinny. Be respectful!”
As the bell signals the start of the match Ciara races in to try to take control early. Aidan expertly whips her across the ring with an arm drag, using her own momentum against her. Ciara leaps to her feet and charges back at her opponent, running right into a shuffle side kick that connects with a loud smack and knocks Ciara back to the mat. Rose clutches her face as she starts to sit up. Meanwhile Aidan bounces off of the ropes and nails her with a powerful sliding clothesline.

JOHNSON: ”Not a good start here for Ciara Rose. In her efforts to get out to an early lead she’s making some rookie mistakes.”
VASSA: ”Well Aidan did tell her that experience counts in this business! I guess Ciara didn’t want to listen!”
Rose seems to be reconsidering her strategy as she gets back to her feet. Both women slowly circle the ring, assessing one another for weaknesses. Aidan lunges in first, driving Ciara back with an elbow smash to her face. The two lock up against the turnbuckle, Rose finally gaining the upper hand with a bulldog.
Ciara tries to wrap Aidan up in a figure four leg lock but Carlisle kicks her back and uses the time to get to her feet. Ciara grabs the other woman again and launches her toward the ropes with an Irish whip. Aidan flips forward on her hands, uses the rebound off the ropes for momentum, and flies back at Rose with a handspring back elbow!
Ciara stumbles back but doesn’t quite go down, bouncing off the ropes herself and coming back with a Thesz press! Aidan brings up her arms to defend as Ciara starts throwing punches left and right! Carlisle shows off her strength and athleticism by kicking her legs up and hooking her ankles around Rose’s neck, using the leverage to throw her off. After scrambling to their feet, the women collide in the middle of the ring, battling back and forth. For a few moments it looks like Aidan is overpowering Ciara, but Rose breaks it up with a quick snapmare.

JOHNSON: ”After a few stalled attempts, Ciara is getting on pace now. I think she realizes the challenge she is in for going up against the Pride Champion!”
VASSA: ”She’s starting to get her focus now. If she can keep it and stay on her toes, she might earn her second 4CW win tonight.”
The match quickly gets more and heated as the two trade blows back and forth at break-neck speed. Aidan nails a running high knee so perfect it could have been in a magazine. Ciara holds her face for a moment but answers with a hip toss that sends her opponent clear across the ring from one corner to the other as Aidan runs in for another shot.
Both are back on their feet in the blink of an eye, crossing the canvas at top speed. The two collide mid-ring in a double clothesline that lays them both out! When a few moments pass and neither of them shows signs of immediately getting back up, the referee starts the count-out.
Aidan and Ciara both roll over at almost the same exact moment, starting to get their arms beneath themselves.
Both get back to their feet before the count goes any further, stalking in circles around the ring. Ciara lunges in but Aidan dodges to the side. Carlisle throws a right hook but Rose ducks back. The crowd is cheering wildly throughout the theatre and it’s impossible to tell if either woman’s name is heard more. Rose finally charges in with a discus clothesline!
Carlisle retaliates with a spear that drives Ciara into the turnbuckle and a monkey flip to get her back out of the corner. Rose is slightly dazed but comes back with a crossbody that shakes the ring. Aidan follows with a standing dropkick right to the chest. Ciara goes for a super kick that’s just inches from connecting when Aidan catches her leg gives it a shove, spinning her around and following up with a backstabber!

JOHNSON: ”These two ladies have been going toe-to-toe but I think Aidan may have changed the momentum with that!”
VASSA: ”I think you’re right. Ciara is going to have to dig deep to recover, you know that hurt!”
Ciara is in obvious pain as she gets to her feet holding her back. She pushes through, however, diving forward into a Russian legsweep that takes Aidan down. She grabs both of the other woman’s ankles but before she can get her into position for the figure four leg lock, Aidan already has a hand on the ropes and the Ref cuts her short. Ciara slaps the mat in frustration. Rose pulls the other woman to her feet and flips her over with a lightning quick snap suplex.
Ciara goes for an elbow drop, but Aidan rolls out of the way and Ciara crashes down on the canvas! Aidan leaps to her feet and up to the top turnbuckle, flying at Rose just as she gets to her feet, driving her head into the mat with a flying swinging DDT. Ciara’s feet pound against the mat as she holds her head in pain. Carlisle pulls her to her feet by her red hair and then hits her with a neckbreaker to keep working her head and neck.
Aidan turns and crosses the ring to climb the ropes, but Ciara gets up faster than expected! As Aidan stands on the top rope, Ciara climbs up after her! The two struggle precariously on the ropes for several long seconds before Ciara grabs Aidan by the belt and both come crashing down to the mat in a huge superplex!
Ciara pulls herself over and throws an arm over Aidan to pin her. The referee drops for the count.
Aidan gets the shoulder up after just two and throws the slightly smaller woman off of her. Shaking out the cobwebs, Carlisle assaults Ciara with three knee drops into the midsection. Before she can pull off a fourth Rose rolls out of the way and gets to her feet. She steps in with an unexpected slap that turns Aidan half way around! Ciara bounces off the ropes and hits The Vogue just as Aidan is turning back!
With Carlisle down Ciara goes for the pin again, this time hooking her leg.
Ciara’s scream of annoyance can be heard throughout the theatre.

JOHNSON: ”Ciara Rose has come close twice now but she hasn’t been able to keep Aidan down. She can’t lose her cool and focus now if she wants to win!”
VASSA: ”Don’t count Aidan out either, no one has been able to keep her down yet.”
JOHNSON: ”What an accomplishment that would be for Ciara if she could be the first!”
Aidan and Ciara get to their feet at the same time, glaring daggers at one another across the ring. They throw themselves at one another simultaneously, but Ciara gets the better hold and whips Aidan toward the ropes! But Aidan doesn’t let go, reversing and whipping Ciara into the ropes instead! Ciara rebounds off and is met with an incoming clothesline. But Ciara grabs Aidan’s arm!!! Ciara whips Aidan toward the side of the ring once more. This time Aidan bounces off of the ropes and back toward Rose, who scoops her up and flips her over with a tilt-a-whirl slam!
While Aidan is still on the mat Ciara rolls over on top of her, locking her up in a rear naked choke! The referee kneels close by, waiting to see if Aidan wants to tap out. Even with Ciara’s legs holding tight in a body scissors, Aidan pulls herself several inches across the mat with one arm. She stretches her other arm out and pulls herself forward even more. Rose can hardly believe it and locks on even tighter! Aidan pauses, obviously feeling the pressure, but she stretches her arm out again. Impossibly, she pulls herself forward even more and gets her hand on the bottom rope! Ciara is forced to break the hold!
Just as Aidan gets to her feet Ciara charges her with a shoulder tackle! Aidan hits the canvas and bounces right back up! Rose reverses a European uppercut into a short arm lariat, but Aidan gets back up again! Ciara sends a spinning heel kick at her midsection, but Aidan catches her foot! Rose tries to counter with an enziguri and Aidan ducks underneath! Letting Ciara’s foot go, Carlisle grabs her arm instead and launches her toward the ropes.
As Ciara bounces off of the ropes Aidan leans over, looking for a back body drop. Instead Rose comes up short and kicks her in the midsection! Ciara bounces back into the ropes on her own and leaps in, looking for a curb stomp! But no!!! Aidan stands up just as Ciara’s foot hits her shoulder, launching Ciara impossibly high up into the air!!! As Rose falls out of the sky Aidan connects with a superkick!!!

JOHNSON: ”Oh my God! Did you see that?!?!”
VASSA: ”I did, but I don’t know what I saw!!! Aidan’s never done that before!”
Aidan drops to the mat and hooks both of Ciara’s legs as the referee slides in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”The Pride Champion has done it again! Another victory goes down in the record books for Aidan Carlisle, but Ciara Rose has no reason to be ashamed of what she did here tonight.”
As Aidan gets to her feet the Referee hands her the Pride Championship belt and then takes her hand, raising it into the air.

POWERS: ”And here is your winner, Aidaaan CCAARRLLIISSLLEE!!!”

”Tidus, be ready with that wet rag man. I’m not joking, this is gross!”
The voice belonged to 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe and he was quickly seen as the cameras turn backstage. He’s laying on a massage table facing up with Tidus Howe and Royce Griffin nearby. Royce has tears in his eyes as he can’t seem to stop laughing.

CASHE: “It’s not funny! Luckily I’m a man of my word and pay off my bets…Let’s just get this over with..”
ROYCE: “Come on out! Wallace where you at?”
Reluctantly the Owner of 4 Corners steps out from a nearby Bathroom. The look on his face can be described as uncomfortable. On the table, Cashe pops his head up with his eyes wide.

CASHE: “Oh come ON!! Wallace? That’s cold man, ice cold..”
ROYCE: “Shouldn’t have lost that bet, this is your punishment. Wallace you been taking that Gas Medicine right? I want wet and ripping for this dude.!”
WALLACE: “Holding Gas like this can’t be good. My cheeks are tired of clinching, let’s get this over with…Ughh…”
Dragging himself over to the head of the table, Wallace reaches behind him and grabs at his backside. Royce and Tidus both snickering as this seems to really be going down. Cashe has his eyes pressed tightly shut along with his mouth but he opens his lips slightly to call out an order.

CASHE: “Better not go ass to mouth…That ain’t sound right…Hurry up! This is foul even for me..”
ROYCE: “Ready? Get em’!”
His body cringes in preparation of the ass blast but Cashe doesn’t hear or feel anything. Slowly he sniffs but no odor is present. Wallace pushing, his face struggling and turning red as Royce bounces in place awaiting the eventual force of gas. Slowly Cashe opens his eyes and jolts as inches above him hangs the hairy and round ass of Perry Wallace. Cashe blurts out a shocked plea.

CASHE: “He has toilet pieces in his cra–“
Royce jumps back, lifts am arm as if blocking an incoming assault. Tidus Howe turns away like an explosion had went off close by. Perry Wallace falls forward, hits the floors and is ass up, face down breathing deeply after holding his breath to push that beefy fart out. Cashe, the one who took it, took it mid talk. He flops up off the table, lands on the floor and looks like a fish out of water as Royce fills the hallways, echos with laughter.

ROYCE: “How’d that taste homie? What’d he have for lunch? HAHAHAHAHA!! Ohhh man! That’s good shit!”
TIDUS: “Here! Here’s the wet towel…I’ll go get you mouthwash, we should have thought of mouthwash!! Haha!”
Snatching the towel from his Manager’s hands, Cashe smashes it to his face and scrubs as Tidus turns and hurries off. His Mouth open, Cashe scrubs his tongue. Squeezing the water out of the hand towel, it’s not enough as he shoves up to his feet. Wallace on his side looks back at Cashe and even locking eyes feels weird now. Cashe looks away as he drops to a knee and leans against the table spitting, coughing, gagging. All the while Royce continues laughing and poking fun.

ROYCE: “Ehhh smell that? Did it taste that funky? Damn dude…Last time you bet with me.!”
CASHE: “Fuck you. Wallace you should leave man…”
Scurrying on the floor, Perry Wallace yanks up his pants and heads out of sight as Cashe gets up and Royce pats him to the back shoulder. Shrugging off the pat like he was mad, Cashe shakes his head, spits once more before commenting again.

CASHE: “I need a shower and a toothbrush…I’m gonna get you back, prepare for that.”
Leaving the scene, Cashe disappears leaving Royce watching the direction Cashe went.

ROYCE: “Keep that Title safe, I’ll be qualifying to come and get it soon…Haha fuck that was gross.”

Backstage, Gabriel Hartman is standing by as he’s looking for his next interview. Pushing up the glasses on his face from off of his nose, he spots the former 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins turn around the corner as he is in his all-white gear, ready for his upcoming match against none other than the 4CW Tag Champion, Ramona. Hartman motions for Hopkins to make his way towards him for a moment. Hopkins holds a smirk on his face as he makes his way over to Hartman.

HARTMAN: ”Hopkins … My homie … My –“
Hopkins quickly waved his hand.

HOPKINS: ”Err…Not your homie! We cool but we ain’t that cool!”
HARTMAN: ”Well at least we “cool”. How are you feeling tonight, man? Ready for your big match against the now “complete package” in the 4CW Tag Champion, Ramona Lee Epps?”
Jair rubbed both his hands together as he lowered his head a bit, gathering his thoughts as he nodded.

HOPKINS: ”Always ready, Gabe! Yeah, I heard the news … I think everyone heard about the news, the bomb dropped this week about the whole Tag Team Champions, what was once plural is now singular. Champion. I just hope she ain’t spend all her cold hard cash on champagne after being named the highest-paid wrestler in 4CW. I guess … another congrats to her.”
Hopkins looked at Gabriel as he requested for the microphone. Gabriel gave him that microphone as Hopkins now was seen fully in the camera shot. He asked for Gabriel to stand to the side for a moment.

HOPKINS: ”Tonight, I plan on delivering the Tag Champ, a statement that she’ll never forget. I’m going to say this now before I do what I do. I apologize beforehand because what I’m about to do is beyond the line but something has to be done and I have to be the one to do it!”
Hopkins whistles, and then with his right hand as a group of tall Sombreros come off from the other side of the wall, Hopkins signals for them to come this way. Gabriel Hartman looking a bit lost, confused to the reason for Hopkins and a Mariachi Band as they are all synchronized and their uniforms were very colorful and neat as most the times they are. Hopkins clears his throat as the band lines up behind him.

HOPKINS: ”Ya’ll know what to do!”
The band begins playing their instruments as Hopkins nods his head, working his own beat in his head. As the sounds fully sync up and all is sounding great, the sound grows familiar as it is “99 Problems” by Jay Z as the band was kicking it.

HOPKINS: ”So this is how it is, Ramona. You have to put or shut up, you’re the single target for tag teams as they look to stalk you down being you now hold possession of both 4CW Tag Titles. Your Partner-In-Crime isn’t here to have your back, as most see being they think you’ve lost a step in the Singles department. You been stationary in the tag division for too long and now you have to come back out here and prove em’ wrong. I just hope you are fully rested, because it’s going to be a ‘dogfight’ in that ring between me and you.”
HOPKINS: ”I’m usually calm, not hyped up, my shoulders never sit up in this position. It’s because of your careless antics, your troublesome mouth. You want to talk all this crap on Twitter about me and who I’m with and in your definition, describe who she is. You didn’t even bother to look to see if sharks were swimming stealthy in the water … Nah, you jumped your ass right in, Cannonball-style. Loud and proud. It’s not your problem to insert yourself into my personal life. I never said one bad thing about you and your dirty, blonde mophead of a boyfriend … or so-called boyfriend. He probably hates you or he only cares about what he’s doing and less about you. He probably doesn’t give a damn about the future of you two. It’s all him, no one else.”
Hopkins smiled as he waved his finger to the camera.

HOPKINS: ”But that all could be untrue, Ramona. He could be the guy of your dreams, I’m just an outsider judging the book by it’s cover rather than reading the content and going from there with my conclusion. It’s what you did to me and my girl. You not only poked your nose into business that didn’t concern you but you also judged someone you don’t even know. Word on the street is unofficial, unvalidated. Tonight, I’m going to teach you some valuable lessons that will hopefully help you in the long-run if you want to be even more successful. I’ve given you praise … You’ve given me crap. I’ve given you respect, you’ve given me nothing in return. That’s cool and all, Ramona. I’m going to have the last laugh tonight!”
HOPKINS: ”Tonight, even though this isn’t a qualifier match for those three spots in the Fatal-Four Way match that is going down at “Ante Up” but I’m going to prove to those who began again to doubt me because of one miscounter. I’ve created a moment that will never be forgotten, it’ll probably win some damn awards come end of the year for 4CW. If you given up on me, guess what? That’s the biggest mistake you could ever make because I’m coming back strong, starting tonight, starting in a few minutes. Last show it was a tough match with Connor Gates … This go-round, it’s the 4CW Tag Champ. As I put out on Twitter, the tune-up is real! Enjoy the show folks…”
Hopkins dishes the microphone back to Gabriel, right to his chest as he walked on off, the band continued to play as Gabriel snuck back into line of sight with the camera, as he looked back at the band that was steadily playing.

HARTMAN: ”Back to you guys!”



“Marching off to Bedlam” plays over the speakers as Murg comes out in his straight jacket with his Manager Dr. Formalda Hyde. Standing at the top of the ramp, she unlocks his straight jacket and lets him loose.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first from Fort Smith, Arkansas, he is the “Maniac”, MMURRGGAATTRROOIIDD!!!”
Once at ringside, Murg kicks over a trashcan full of weapons, spilling them out onto the floor. Digging through the mess, he picks up a shovel and throws it over the top ropes into the ring. He then proceeds to the ring but in the corner of his eye, a shiny frying pan catches his attention. Turning back towards it, he reaches down and grabs it. Looking down at it with a smile across his face, he then rolls underneath the bottom rope and enters the ring.

VASSA: ”Who thinks of these things to put in the trashcans for the extreme matches? A frying pan?”
JOHNSON: ”Every week it’s something different. Sure we have the usual chairs, kendo sticks and barbed wire, but every so often there will be something out of place.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know if you would consider it out of place considering these matches. I don’t think there’s anything that cannot be used in an extreme bout.”
JOHNSON: ”I think a pillow would be a little useless.”
VASSA: ”That’s what you think! Murgatroid would find a way to use it, more than likely smothering whoever is in the ring with him.”
JOHNSON: ”At least things won’t be as hectic tonight with Monster Mash out of the picture.”
VASSA: ”The ref can rest easy, that’s for sure!”
JOHNSON: ”As a safety precaution, I see the ref still decided to wear a black pullover to cover up that striped shirt that sets Mash off.”
VASSA: ”Smart man!”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Masked German Monster”, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. Leaving Losak behind, Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Stopping at the bottom of the ramp, Raab looks over the pile of weapons and pulls a chair out of the mix. He then tosses it over the top rope into the ring and reaches down again, grabbing a bag of thumbtacks. Ripping the top open, he then throws it over the top rope. Crashing to the mat, the thumbtacks spread across the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”That is going to be painful for someone, maybe even both! There are thumbtacks covering the entire canvas.”
JOHNSON: ”Someone is going to be used as a pin cushion tonight, the question is who.”
VASSA: ”Ever since stepping into the extreme division, Raab has been a monster to deal with. There’s no wonder why they call him the German Masked Monster.”
JOHNSON: ”After an upsetting loss at South Beach Brawl for the Extreme Championship, look for Raab to fight his way back into the picture.”
VASSA: ”With what I heard earlier tonight, that might just be a little easier than any of us originally thought.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right, Vinny, that was some shocki–“
Before the ref can even signal for the bell, Murg takes off from his corner and rushes Raab who is still kneeling in the corner. Catching him off guard, Murg closes in before Raab can stand up. Taking a swing for the fences, Murg slams the frying pan into Raab’s shouder, knocking him back against the corner. Standing clear of the action, the ref quickly signals for the bell.
Murg then goes on a stomping frenzy with Raab down at his feet. After knocking him down to a seated position, Murg then draws the frying pan back with it clinched tightly in his fist. Before he can swing forward with it, Raab pops up and wraps his arms around him, tackling him to the canvas. With Murg’s back pressed against the thumbtack covered canvas, Raab begins to punch violently at his head. Over and over, Raab connects with lefts and rights slowly putting him in a daze. After connecting with a stunning left to the temple, Raab then draws back and swings down with a powerful right.
Raab’s hand crashes into the frying pan as Murg holds it up in defense. Pulling his hand back, Raab yells in pain as he shakes it off. Murg then clinches the frying pan with both hands and jabs it forward, hitting Raab directly in the face with it.
Before Raab can shake it off and refocus, Murg grabs him by the shoulders and then rolls him over to the side, pushing him off. Murg then quickly gets to his feet, revealing a pin cushion like back with blood trickling from various spot.

VASSA: ”This match hasn’t even been going on for a minute and we’ve already seen out first bloodshed!”
JOHNSON: ”Things are only getting started!”
Grabbing Raab by the head, Murg pulls him up to his feet and then slams the frying pan into his stomach. As Raab lunges over from the breath taking blow, Murg then grabs the frying pan with both hands and slams it right in between both shoulder blades. He then drops the frying pan to his side and grabs Raab with both hands. Pulling him to the center of the ring, Murg then jams his thumb into Raab’s eye. With Raab half blind, Murg then Grabs his head and squeezes tightly with both hands. Bending over, Murg then bites the back of his head furiously, trying to rip the flesh from his skull. Murg the pulls his head back, ripping a few strands of hair from Raab’s scalp. Spitting them out of his mouth, Murg then stands him straight up and winds up. Swinging forward with a powerful punch, Murg cracks Raab across the side of the head. Swinging with a left, Murg then connects with another power punch that knocks Raab back a couple of steps.
Murg then turns and takes off to the ropes behind him. After hitting them hard and coming back full speed, he jumps into the air and hits Raab with a flying shoulder block. Getting knocked back a few steps, Raab manages to stay on his feet. Growing angry, Murg then turns to the ropes again. After hitting them and coming back with even more speed, Murg leaps into the air and connects with another shoulder block that sends Raab stumbling backwards. Still on his feet, Raab regains his balance and shakes it off. The two then lock eyes for a moment as the tension builds between the two. Throwing a fit, Murg yells at the top of his lungs before turning to the ropes behind him once again. This time as he comes back and jumps into the air towards Raab, he gets caught off guard as Raab drops down while pulling down on the top rope behind him. As his eyes widen, Murg hits the ropes and flips up and over them, crashing to the hard floor below.

JOHNSON: ”Murgatroid didn’t see that coming!”
VASSA: ”Well aren’t you very observant, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”That looked like a nasty fall too. Raab better get to the outside and make his move before he has time to shake it off and get back up.”
VASSA: ”There he goes!”
Letting go of the top rope, Raab drops to his back. He then rolls underneath the bottom rope and exits the ring. Once to his feet, Raab slowly walks towards Murgatroid who is still down but slowly regaining himself. Grabbing him by the head with his left hand, Raab holds it up and then swings down with his right, hitting him in the mouth with a vicious punch. Not satisfied with just one, Raab then begins to punch him over and over. He then pulls him up to his feet and throws him back first into the steel barricade. Holding himself up with his arms spread across the top of the barricade, Murg shakes his head. He then rubs his mouth with one hand before readjusting his jaw with a sudden snap. After a short moment of no action, Murg looks up to a chair swinging towards his head full speed.
Raab then tosses the chair aside as Murg still remains in somewhat of a seated position, holding himself up with his arms over the top of the barricade. Raab then grabs him by the head and one shoulder, pulling him away from the barricade and lifting him up to his feet. Grabbing his head with his other hand, now holding it with both, Raab then slams his head forward, connecting with a hard head butt right between Murg’s eyes. Raab then slams his head forward again and again, hitting Murg with more headbutts. Letting go, Raab takes a step back before turning to walk away, leaving Murg in a daze of confusion as he wobbles in place. Finally regaining focus, Murg looks over as Raab stands by the corner of the ring. His eyes then fill with rage as he takes off from stand still. Grabbing Raab by the back of the head with both hands, Murg then slams it forward into the ring post, sending an echo throughout the theater.

JOHNSON: ”These two are going to give each other some serious brain damage by the time this match is done and over with.”
VASSA: ”Are you kidding me?! Murgatroid already has a screw or two loose in that noggin of his!”
JOHNSON: ”At this rate we’re going to have to treat both of these guys for concussions after the match.”
VASSA: ”We? You have a turd in your pocket? I’m not getting anywhere near these two. No thanks! I appreciate life.”
Murg then rolls Raab into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Walking to the adjacent side of the ring, Murg picks up the trashcan lying on its side. Holding it upside down with both hands, he then shakes it violently, emptying whatever remains are left inside. Murg then throws the trashcan up into the air and over the ropes. As it comes down, it lands directly onto Raab who is lying on his back, catching his breath. Murg then slides into the ring and quickly pushes himself up to both feet.
Moving in on Raab, Murg grans him by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Slamming him into the corner, Murg then drives his knee upward into Raab’s stomach. He then turns Raab around and begins to slam his head over and over onto the turnbuckle as the fans in the crowd count with each skull crushing blow.

“One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six…”
Slamming his head down for a seventh time, Raab grabs onto the top ropes with each hand, pushing himself away and preventing his head from slamming down again. Murg then goes to slam it down once more but Raab pushes away, keeping his head away from the turnbuckle. Throwing an elbow back, Raab hits Murg in the nose and breaks his hold, knocking him back a couple of steps. Raab then quickly turns around and swings at Murg with a lariat. Ducking at the last possible moment, Murg avoids the attack as Raab steps by him in a blur. Grabbing the trashcan with both hands before he stands straight up, Murg quickly turns around while swinging the trashcan and hits Raab in the back of the head.
Raab stumbles forward and then falls to both knees. Holding his head in pain with both hands, Raab leaves himself open for attack as Murg moves in. With the trashcan still in both hands, Murg then slams it across the top of Raab’s back, knocking him down to all fours. He then throws the trashcan out of the ring and into the crowd.

JOHNSON: ”Raab is going to feel that in the morning!”
VASSA: ”Both of these men are going to be in a world of pain come sunrise.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s no doubt about that. This division is no joke. There’s no wonder why the pickings are slim.”
VASSA: ”I wouldn’t necessarily say that they’re slim. The extreme division is always back and forth. One minute we’ll have a loaded bunch and the next, we’ll have only a handful. There aren’t many people who can endure these matches week in and week out.”
JOHNSON: ”This is a division for true gladiators, that’s for sure!”
Murg then slowly walks across the ring as he spots his eye on the shovel. Reaching down slowly and grabbing it, he stands back up and clinches it with both hands. As he turns back, he takes notice as Raab slowly pushes himself up to his feet, fighting through the pain. With the anger boiling inside, Murg then raises the shovel with both hands above his hand and swings down, smacking the head against the canvas, grabbing Raab’s attention. Slowly turning around to see what the noise is, Raab stands in place looking across the ring directly at Murg.
Murg then takes off and rushes towards Raab full speed. Raising the shovel above his head, Murg then swings down with it. As the shovel approaches Raab’s head, it suddenly stops as Raab reaches up with both hands, grabbing it. The two then get into a violent tug of war as they try to rip it away from the other ones hands. After struggling for a few moments, Raab kicks Murg in the stomach and then snatches it away from him. Quick to react, Murg then lunges towards Raab but takes a shot to the stomach with the handle as Raab jabs it forward.
Repositioning the shovel in his hands, Raab clinches onto the handle and then draws back. Just as Murg looks back up at him, Raab then takes a swing and cracks the shovel over the side of his face, breaking the head and sending it flying out of the ring.
Spinning around, Murg stumbles forward with his back turned to Raab but still on his feet. Raab then throws the handle to the ground and quickly moves in on Murg, wrapping his arms around his waist. With the chair behind Raab, he then lifts Murg up and slams him on top of it with a German suplex and bridges it for the pin.

The ref then sweeps in for the count as Raab keeps the bridge in tact.

VASSA: ”Raab has won it!”
JOHNSON: ”I didn’t think these two were ever going to wear the other one down but he’s done it. Raab pins Murgatroid!”
VASSA: ”I told you, Raab is a force to be reckoned with in the extreme division!”
Releasing the hold, Raab rolls over and pushes himself up to his feet. After looking down at Murg flat on his back for a few moments, he then takes a step back as the ref steps in beside him.
The ref then grabs Raab’s arm and raises it into the air as “Monster” hits the speakers.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, by pinfall, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
VASSA: ”This was a violent match up between the two but in the end, Raab is leaving here tonight with the win.”
JOHNSON: ”Although it was violent and messy, I have to admit, it was pretty damn impressive seeing the damage these two could take and still keep at it.”
VASSA: ”These men are warriors! These men are gladiators! I can’t think of any other place that has wrestlers as violent as these.”
JOHNSON: ”You said it! Well folks, we’re going to cut backstage for a moment as we get this mess cleaned up here at ringside.”

The scene cuts backstage where Gabriel Hartman stands with Havok, who is holding his luggage in one hand by his side.

HARTMAN: ”I’ve heard the news, Havok. Is it true that you are officially stepping away?”
HAVOK: ”News travels quick around here, doesn’t it?”
HARTMAN: ”News like this surely does! You didn’t think the dropping of the original booked main event would be kept quiet, did you?”
HAVOK: ”I knew that it would break when the time came for Dakota and myself to step inside of that ring tonight. I just didn’t think you would be tracking me down this soon to ask me about it. I figured I’d creep out of here tonight unnoticed.”
HARTMAN: ”I have to admit, losing you will be a huge impact moving forward.”
HAVOK: ”I agree, it will make a huge impact. Like I told Perry earlier, I’ve done all that I needed to do in the time I was a part of this. I just feel that it’s time for me to move on.”
HARTMAN: ”With you stepping away from it all, what are your plans moving forward?”
HAVOK: ”My plans are simple. I’m taking a step to a bigger platform. It’s not like I’m walking away from 4CW. I’m just simply leaving the extreme division and getting back to my roots so to speak. I’ve carried that division for almost an entire year. I’m ready to get back to what wrestling is all about and prove that I can be the best in all categories. I’ve already proven that with the extreme.”
HARTMAN: ”What about your rematch clause for the Extreme Championship? You can’t just walk away from that and leave it lying on the table.”
HAVOK: ”As a matter of fact I can. There’s no contract saying that I have to pursue it. I’ve done all that I wanted to in the extreme division. It’s now time for me to step up to the big stage and take a shot at the 4CW Championship.”
HARTMAN: ”The 4CW Championship?”
HAVOK: ”That’s right! After all, I am Mr. 4CW. After talking with Perry for a little bit I ended up trading in my rematch for a spot in one of these qualifying matches to determine who will challenge my good old buddy, Jason Cashe, at Ante Up.”
HARTMAN: ”You did?”
HAVOK: ”You bet your ass I did! I know with the rematch it’s a guaranteed shot at the Extreme Championship. But with Ante Up just around the corner, I figured I would take a gamble and put it on the line for a chance to get into this sixty minute Iron Man match at Ante Up. Believe me, I understand that I would walk away from the qualifying match a loser and still not have that rematch to fall on. I don’t care. I’m willing to take a shot and prove that I’m more than just an extreme wrestler.”
HARTMAN: ”As shocked as I am to hear the news, I respect the sacrifice you’re willing to make in order to chase this dream of yours.”
HAVOK: ”Dream? Not hardly. I know I have what it takes to be at the top of the food chain and I’m going to prove just that.”
HARTMAN: ”Good luck to you, Havok. It has been a pleasure watching you in the–“
A wooden chair then crashes against the wall beside them and shatters into pieces. The camera then quickly turns to the other side of the room where Dakota stands with the Extreme Championship around his neck. Breathing heavily, he keeps his eyes focused on Havok as he slowly walks towards him, kicking anything over that stands in his way.

DAKOTA: ”So you’re telling me that after taking your belt at South Beach Brawl, you’re just going to walk away from the extreme division all together?”
HAVOK: ”You heard right.”
Dakota then reaches down and grabs another wooden chair and throws it. Quickly moving out of the way, Havok and Hartman both avoid impact as the chair crashes into the wall and explodes into pieces.

DAKOTA: ”I took this championship, MY BELT, away from you in Miami. The least you can do is meet me in the ring one last time so I can beat you down and put you in your place once and for all, send you out of the division in a body bag. You can’t just walk away from this shit! Blood in, BLOOD OUT!!!”
Dakota then grabs another chair and throws it at Havok, barely missing him.

HAVOK: ”Look man, I’m done with extreme matches. I thought I made that clear two weeks ago when I refused to use any weapons against Raab. You even laid me out then!”
DAKOTA: ”I’m the one who puts you our of the extreme division, on a fucking stretcher! What, did you actually think I wouldn’t be pissed when I heard the word that our match tonight had been cancelled?”
HAVOK: ”You beat me fair and square at South Beach Brawl. You ended my reign at the top of the division for almost an entire year.”
DAKOTA: ”I beat Raab! I didn’t put you away in that match to win this belt! That’s why I want to get my hands on you once more in that ring, just me and you!”
HARTMAN: ”Come on, Havok, what do you say?”
HAVOK: ”Dakota, if you want to climb in the ring with me then it’s going to be in a standard rules match. I’m done with the extreme division, end of story.”
Dakota then removes the Extreme Championship from around his neck and then charges towards Havok with it in both hands. Taking a swing for the fences, Dakota tries to take his head off but misses as Havok quickly moves out of the way. Backing up to the other side of the room, Havok makes some distance between the two as Hartman quickly runs over there as well.

Dakota then grabs another chair and launches it across the room. Quickly ducking out of the way, Havok and Hartman avoid being taken out with it. Out of nowhere, Raab walks into the room after his match up moments earlier and takes the blunt end of that flying chair to shoulder.

HARTMAN: ”Uh oh, this is going to get ugly!”
HAVOK: ”Come on, Gabriel. I think it would be best if we get out of here.”
DAKOTA: ”You’re not going anywhere! FIGHT ME!!! Fuck Raab and fuck Hartman. This is between you and me!”
Raab stands in place, looking down at the chair that landed as his feet. Havok and Hartman then slowly begin to back away towards the door across the room from both Raab and Dakota.

HAVOK: ”Have fun, Raab. After everything that happened two weeks ago and leading up to the match at South Beach Brawl, I never wanted it to come between our friendship.”
DAKOTA: ”Shut up and be a man! FIGHT ME!!!”
Raab then slowly bends over and grabs the chair by his feet. Holding it with both hands, he slowly looks up at Dakota, eyes full of hatred and locked on him. Havok and Hartman finally make it to the door. Opening it, Havok holds it for Hartman to make an escape as he follows behind and slams it shut, leaving just Dakota and Raab in the room.

DAKOTA: ”Oh, you want a fucking piece now? Come and get it, I’ll eat you alive!”
Raab then throws the chair across the room with all of his strength, Ducking underneath, the chair crashes above Dakota’s head into the wall as he throws the championship to the floor. The two then charge on another full speed.

As the two approach, Dakota kicks his leg up and connects with a foot to Raab’s groin. As Raab leans over from the blow, Dakota then grabs him by the head with both hands and pulls him across the room before throwing him into a row of chairs. Crashing into the chair, Raab falls to the floor making a mess. Dakota then runs over and begins to punch and kick him while he’s down. Ignoring the attack, Raab pushes himself up and then hits Dakota in the mouth with a stiff elbow shot.
The two then duke it out with back and forth punches, literally beating each other senseless as each hard fists lands across the others head. Raab then kicks Dakota in the chest, sending him to the floor and rolling across the room. Quick to his feet, Dakota grabs the Extreme Championship by his feet and lunges forward with it as Raab runs towards him.
Dakota slams the championship across Raab’s head, knocking him backwards but not down. Lunging forward again, Dakota goes for another head shot with the title but gets stopped in his tracks as Raab kicks him in the stomach. Knocking the breath out of Dakota, Raab then grabs him by the throat with one hand and the wrist holding the championship with the other. He then drives him backwards across the room like a freight train. As the two approach the other side of the room, they head straight for a drink machine. Once close, Raab then lifts Dakota up into the air by his throat and then throws him through the air and into the drink machine.
Smashing through the front of the drink machine, Dakota falls to a seated position as the pieces cover his body. Raab then stands over him and begins to throw punch after punch, beating his face to a bloody mess. After about a dozen punches or so, Raab finally stops and takes a step back to look at Dakota who is covered in blood and barely conscious. he then grabs the Extreme Championship and holds it up while looking at it for a brief moment. After a long silence, Raab then throws the championship to the floor and turns away, heading towards the exit.
As he gets to the other side of the room, Dakota finally comes to and forces himself up. Brushing the pieces of the drink machine off of him, he wipes the blood from his face and then spit a mouthful onto the floor.

DAKOTA: ”Is… Is that the best you got, pus… pussy?”
Stopping in his tracks, Raab slowly turns around only to see Dakota barely able to stand across the room from him but ready to continue fighting. The two stare each other down for a few moments in silence as the scene cuts back to ringside.


JOHNSON: ”And it’s time for our headline!”
VASSA: ”I’ve been waiting for this match all night! It’s always a pleasure to watch Ramona in the ring. Everything bounces so well!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re going to get us slapped with a lawsuit one of these day, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Maybe you. It’s in my contract, I can say whatever the hell I want to. You didn’t think I’d sign on if I couldn’t, did you?”
JOHNSON: ”I have always wondered how you’ve managed to stick around for as long as you have.”
VASSA: ”That’s because you and me make a perfect team. Not like The Black Dahlias who have been severed in half recently. Yea, they were tag team champs but some folks just can’t get away with saying whatever they want to management like I can.”
JOHNSON: ”There was a lot more to it than that. After all, one half of the Tag Team championships was held captive at one moment for a short period of time.”
VASSA: ”Well both belts are in Ramona’s possession now! I don’t think that clown from HOW will be showing his face around here anymore.”
JOHNSON: ”At least not for a long while. Ramona did quite a number on those fingers of his.”
VASSA: ”She was just warming up for this match coming up with the former 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins.”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of which, lets get right to it!”
” wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah
I wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah”
“I wanna raise pulses”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. She is the sole holder of the 4CW Tag Team Championships, RAMONA LEE EEPPPPSS!!!”
Appearing from behind the curtains Ramona stepped out with a cocksure wink and grin, throwing one hand in the air above her head, holding up one of the 4CW Tag Team Championships. Around her waist, the other championship belt rests on her hips. Even though her reception from the crowd wasn’t the warmest she seemed to be unaware of the fact as she started in towards the ring. Upon reaching it she stopped again, looking left then right, and brushing some imaginary dirt off her shoulders in each direction before rolling under the bottom rope.
“La chica with the most-est
Not in the mood for the average Josephs
Coming unglued, baby this is explosive
I wanna raise pulses”
“I’m coming for your rhythm, I’m here to wake you up
I wanna be your hero, I wanna shake the fluff
I be on that beating in your chest
Check a stethoscope run a few tests
Something you can measure doesn’t make it better
Feeling weighed down did you lose your girl, get her”
Even with some jeers trying to compete with her music she was unaffected, stepping on the middle of the bottom rope while holding onto the top one so that she could lean forward and out towards the spectators. Amongst haters were a few fans who took the opportunity to snap a few pictures before she hopped back down and into the center of the ring. She then placed the one of the 4CW Tag Team Championships on the apron before standing in her corner. Slowly removing the other championship from her waist, she then places it on top of the matching belt. She flipped her hair back over her shoulder, ready to go to work as her music began to fade out.
“You got a heart that’s born with a beat
What’s that now, you forget how to breathe?
I wanna get that thing runnin’…”

VASSA: ”Damn she makes those belts look good!”
JOHNSON: ”For a first time in 4CW history, Ramona is the only holder of both the 4CW Tag Team Championships.”
VASSA: ”It’s really amazing to say the least. I may catch some heat when I say this but losing her partner could very well be the best thing for her and skyrocket her to the top of the food chain.”
JOHNSON: ”How’s that?”
VASSA: ”She’s one person holding both of the tag team belts. How often do you see that?”
JOHNSON: ”It’s not often that I agree with you but this is one of those rare times.”
VASSA: ”She has a tough match ahead of her though because Hopkins is hungry and willing to do whatever it takes to get that 4CW Championship back around his waist.”
JOHNSON: ”He wasn’t selected to compete in the first qualifying match that will take place later in the evening but there are still two more. I’m sure he will get his opportunity to get into the game just like everyone else.”
VASSA: ”Until then, he’ll just have to take advantage of a rare opportunity to touch Ramona from head to toe.”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds…
“How many start a journey, but never see the end
I never ask how, conceive it then speak in whens
A man will work his whole life to see his ego shed
I sew it up needle head all I need is thread
A team can only take it as far as its strongest leader
The streets are red, runnin with the blood of non-believers”
As “Fate” by Ces Cru came in, Hopkins appeared from the back as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.

POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred eight pounds, JAIR …. HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I’m out for action what the fuck are y’all about relaxin’?
They can doubt my sanity but never doubt my passion
And I don’t know why they deceive us, feed us lies mislead us
He who denies what he has seen is worse than blind believers
I just play the cards the way they’re dealt”
The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”And there he is, Jair Hopkins!”
JOHNSON: ”Coming off a huge win over Connor Gates just two weeks ago, Hopkins will be looking to get a win streak going of some sorts.”
VASSA: ”It’s not going to be an easy match to say the least. Although Ramona has been in tag team competition for a while now, she’s still five and one in 4CW singles competition.”
JOHNSON: ”You and I both know that records don’t really mean much when the bell has sounded and there’s an opponent standing across the ring from you.”
VASSA: ”But you don’t get those wins unless you’re good in the ring. Going by her singles rate, she have a five to one chance of walking out of here a winner tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”You can’t look at it like that! Hopkins is a former 4CW Champion. You can’t compare the level he performs at to the level of talent of others who have not held such a prestigious championship.”
VASSA: ”Don’t correct me, Steve! It sounded good in my head and that’s all that matters!”
JOHNSON: ”ell I’m pleased that you could make yourself happy but just hold onto those thoughts for a little bit, we have a match to get on with.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref looks to Ramona in the corner and quickly gets the nod. He then looks to Hopkins in his corner across the ring and receives the nod. With the crowd growing impatient, he then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell…
Both wrestlers leave their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. Circling one another for a moment, Hopkins shoots in for a single leg takedown but gets knocked to the floor as Ramona drops an elbow right across his back. Pushing himself backwards, Hopkins quickly moves away from Ramona, but before he can get up, she’s right there to deliver a knee right to the chops. Flipping over to his back, Ramona then goes on the attack with relentless stomps to his stomach and chest. After wearing him down a bit, Ramona then jumps into the air, lifting her feet as high as they can go and then comes down, stomping onto his chest, driving them with all of her weight. She then steps off of him and takes off to the ropes. Hitting them hard and coming back with momentum, she quickly drops down and plants her knee right between both of Hopkins eyes.

JOHNSON: ”Ramona is off to a quick start with the offense tonight!”
VASSA: ”Seeing these two in the ring together, I’m a little shocked. Either Hopkins is a small dude, or Ramona is a big lady. Maybe I should slow down on the drinking tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”That might be a good idea, Vinny. We still have one more match in the lineup and it’s a pretty big one at that.”
Lifting Hopkins up from the mat, Ramona stands him up. With one hand holding him in position, she draws back with the other and lands a stiff punch to the chin. Stumbling backwards, Hopkins hits the ropes but as he bounces back, he slaps Mona across the chest with a backhand chop. Catching her off guard, he then surprises her with a kick to the gut, forcing her to lunge over from the impact. He then drops down to one knee and swings upward, hitting Ramona underneath the chin with an uppercut.
Falling backwards, Ramona hits the canvas hard. Before she can even begin to get up, Hopkins leaps through the air and lands on top of her, swinging down with fists of fury. Punch after punch after punch, Hopkins lands quick but lethal blows to Mona’s head and upper body. He then draws back for a powerful right hand but as he does, Ramona reaches up with both hands and rakes his eyes. Rolling over to his side, Hopkins rubs his eyes after being temporarily blinded. Ramona then drags herself away before pushing herself up and getting to her feet.
Making her way towards Hopkins, Ramona closes in just as he stands to his feet. Before he can even take notice, Ramona turns her body quickly and connects to the side of his head with a spinning wheel kick. Stumbling backwards, Hopkins crashes into the corner. She then takes off from stand still and rushes towards him full throttle. Once in range, she then swings overhead with a closed fist club but as she comes down, Hopkins rolls out of the corner, just barely dodging the receiving end of the attack. With Hopkins out of the way, Ramona’s fist slams on top of the turnbuckle, inflicting a bit of damage in the process.
Pulling her hand back, she holds it close to her body as she rubs it with her other. Before she even has a chance to turn around, Hopkins pops back up to his feet and quickly moves in behind her. Throwing a forearm into her lower back, he sends her forward, slamming into the corner. With her back to him, Hopkins then wraps his arms around her waist and locks his hands. Taking a few steps back, he pulls her away from the corner and then lifts her up from her feet and falls back, throwing her over his head across the ring with a release German suplex.

VASSA: ”And when I say everything bounces, I mean everything! I’m not just talking about her body bouncing off the canvas either.”
JOHNSON: ”Come on, Vinny! You’re supposed to be somewhat professional!”
VASSA: ”I’m sorry, Steve. I just can’t seem to find a single fuck to give.”
JOHNSON: ”Enough about you, lets get back to this match. The momentum is now in Hopkins favor. Now he just has to maintain it and work towards getting that win.”
VASSA: ”It isn’t going to be easy. With everything that has happened recently, Ramona is pissed! I don’t think she’s going to go down without putting up one hell of a fight.”
Pulling Ramona back to her feet, Hopkins backs her into the corner with a combination of kicks and punches. Just as her back touches the corner, he then tops it off with stinging backhand chop that sends a sharp skin to skin sound piercing through the roars of the crowd. Grabbing her by the wrist with one hand, Hopkins then lands two hard hitting punches to the side of the head. He then pulls her away from the corner and plants his free hand in the back of her shoulder, sending her running to the opposite corner across the ring. Taking off behind her, Hopkins trails and as she crashes back first into the corner, he leaps into the air and plants his feet into her stomach while grabbing onto each of her shoulders. Falling back, Hopkins pulls Ramona down with him and as he rolls in a fluid motion onto the canvas, he shoots his legs upward, vaulting Ramona into the air and across the ring with a monkey flip.

VASSA: ”I don’t know what it is about that move but I love it!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s kind of become a signature of his and he makes it look great.”
VASSA: ”By the looks of things, Ramona’s back is going to be feeling that in the morning.”
JOHNSON: ”That was a hard landing.”
VASSA: ”It shouldn’t bother her too badly. I’m sure her back is always in some sort of pain carrying around those two big…”
Rolling to his feet in a fluid motion, Hopkins stands up and shakes the braids from out of his face. He then moves in on Mona to has just rolled over to her stomach. Before she can even push herself up, Hopkins stomps on her back, crushing her against the canvas. he then jumps into the air with serious air and comes down with an elbow aimed directly at the back of her head. Just before making contact, Ramona rolls out of the way, leaving Hopkins with nothing to land on as his elbow slams against the mat. She then pushes herself up and takes a step forward, dragging the other behind, she kicks Hopkins in the side of the head as if she were kicking a fieldgoal to win the game as the clock runs down to zero.
She then grabs him by the arm and pulls him up to his feet. with his head right there at waist level, Mona applies a side headlock and squeezes with all of her strength. After a few moments of cranking down on his head, Ramona’s face begins to slowly turn red as she exerts so much energy. She then draws back her other hand and swings down, cracking him over the top of the head with a quick punch. With his head still locked within her arm, she then takes a few steps forward, bringing him along and leaps into the air, driving his face into the canvas with a bulldog.
Popping up to her feet in a burst of energy, Ramona quickly goes on the attack with swift kicks to the ribs. Reaching down, she then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to both feet. She then throws Hopkins to the corner with all of her strength. Just as he collides into the corner, he she comes to greet him with a running elbow shot to the chops. Moving out of the way, Ramona watches as Hopkins stumbles forward but manages to stay on his feet. She then climbs the corner to the top rope. Once there, she turns back to the ring and just as Hopkins turns to face her, she leaps into the air and flies directly towards him. Unable to react in time, Hopkins just braces himself as Ramona plants her feet into his chest and sends him rolling across the ring with a drop kick.

JOHNSON: ”Not only can she hold her own while on the ground but Ramona is just as lethal in the air.”
VASSA: ”Once Hopkins saw it coming it was already too late. All he could do then was prepare himself because he wasn’t getting out of the way from that drop kick.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have been back and forth at it all week on Twitter. I’m actually surprised this hasn’t turned into a street brawl yet.”
VASSA: ”Hell, lets take the fight to the street. I would pay money to see these two go at it without the rules and boundaries set forth here in the ring.”
With Hopkins laid out across the ring, Ramona quickly pushes herself up and rushes over to him. Dropping down to both knees, she then covers him for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count…

VASSA: ”Not even a full one count!”
JOHNSON: ”Apparently there’s still a lot of fight left in the tank and Hopkins is making it known with that quick kickout.”
Shaking her head in frustration, Ramona then grabs Hopkins by the head with both hands and begins to slam it into the canvas repeatedly. She then pushes herself up, pressing her hands into his chest. Once up, she then stomps on the inner part of his arm, right beneath the armpit. After inflicting a small amount of damage, Ramona the grabs him by the same arm and pulls him up to his feet. With both of her hands clinched on his wrist, she pulls him in and drives her knee upward into his stomach. After knocking the breath out of him, Ramona then throws him to the ropes behind her. After hitting them and coming back with some speed, Ramona hooks her arm with Hopkins, lifts him up from the mat and flips him over to his back with a hip toss.
Quickly rolling over to his stomach, Hopkins pushes himself up but before he can fully stand, Ramona lunges towards him and smashes her forearm right across the bridge of his nose. Knocking Hopkins back a couple of steps, Ramona then lunges forward again but this time going for a lariat. As she closed in with the attack, Hopkins quickly ducks out of the way and side steps her. Hopkins then steps in behind her and locks in a full nelson. With both of his hand locked behind the back of Ramona’s head, he then lifts her up from her feet. Holding her up for a moment, Hopkins then jumps up as well and falls to a sitting position as he drives Ramona’s face towards the canvas, hitting her with a front face slam that shakes the entire ring.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like the ball is back in Jair’s court now after that perfectly executed front face slam.”
VASSA: ”I know Hopkins is a good dude and all but someone needs to teach this man some manners. You don’t try and ruin a woman’s beautiful looks like that. I don’t care what she’s said or done on Twitter.”
JOHNSON: ”This is wrestling, Vinny. We have the toughest ladies in the business and Ramona is no exception.”
VASSA: ”I don’t care!”
Back to his feet, Hopkins stands over Ramona, looking down at her as she fights through the pain. He then grabs her by the arm and pulls her up to her feet. With his hands on her wrist, he then pulls her in and down to the canvas, falling on top of her arm and locking in a fujiwara armbar. With her arm pinned underneath his body, Hopkins cranks down on the pressure, trying to break it in half. The ref then sweeps in and checks with Ramona for the submission. After a few moments and getting no response, he slaps the mat to grab her attention. He then checks with her again for the submission but as he does, she yells in his face as the words can easily be read from the movement of her lips. “Get the fuck out of my face!”

VASSA: ”Feisty, isn’t she?”
JOHNSON: ”I would say more so annoyed and by the reaction she gave the ref, I don’t think she’s going to give up just yet.”
Ramona continues to fight through the pain and begins to push herself up with her free arm. Although Hopkins is still laying on the other, she slowly begins to push herself up, lifting him up from the mat with the hold still in tact. With concern on his face, Hopkins tries to keep her down but doesn’t as she continues pushing up. Finally making it up to her feet. Ramona manages to pull her arm away from Hopkins. She then pushes him in the back and sends him running to the ropes in front of him. Jumping into the air, Hopkins plants his feet onto the middle rope and springboards off. Flying backwards, he then turns his body in mid-air and once close enough, he wraps his arm around Ramona’s head. With her head in position, he then leans back, letting gravity take over and goes for a DDT. Pulling her head down, Hopkins then loses his hold and gets thrown to the canvas as Ramona slams him down with all of her might.

VASSA: ”Well that didn’t go quite as planned!”
JOHNSON: ”Hopkins saw an opportunity to go for a game changing move but Ramona just wasn’t having it, not tonight!”
Stumbling backwards, Ramona holds onto her arm as it still feels the after effects of that armbar. Giving Hopkins the space and time, she looks on as he pushes himself up and climbs to his feet. Once up, Hopkins shakes it off and then looks up at Ramona, locking eyes with her. With her appearing to be in some pain, he wastes no time and quickly charges towards her. Swinging for the fences, Hopkins connects with a right hook, sending Ramona backwards against the ropes. Not letting up, he then delivers a body crushing blow as he plants his fists into her stomach. Quickly drawing his fist back, Hopkins then swings for her head again but comes up short as Ramona ducks out of the way and steps behind him.
Quickly turning around, Hopkins catches Ramona with an elbow to the jaw, knocking her back couple of feet. He then shoots in for her leg like earlier but just as before, Ramona hops back and slams her forearms across his back with a double axe handle. Taking a bit of damage herself, she quickly pulls her arm in close to her side while cradling it with the other. Without an attack coming down on him, Hopkins quickly pushes himself up to his feet but as he stands, Ramona kicks her foot up and goes for a body blow. Quick on his feet, Hopkins catches her foot in mid-air and holds it for a moment while looking back at Ramona, with hunger in his eyes. He then swings her foot to the side and spins her around but as she makes a full revolution, Ramona jumps into the air and plants her foot into the side of his head, sending him falling flat on his back.

JOHNSON: ”PUNKED!!! Ramona just laid out Hopkins!”
VASSA: ”Holy shit, I didn’t even see that coming!”
JOHNSON: ”Neither did Hopkins! This could be it!”
VASSA: ”I think you’re right, Steve! Ramona’s going for the pin!”
Dropping to her knees, Ramona then falls forward over Hopkins body and makes the cover as the ref drops down to make the count.

VASSA: ”She did it! Ramona beat Hopkins!”
JOHNSON: ”Talk about an upset! I don’t think anyone was expecting to see the match end like this!”
VASSA: ”I did! Ramona is a bad bitch. She’s coming off a huge win at the Boardwalk Wrestling ladies rumble and then her partner gets canned. I don’t think King Kong stood a chance tonight in the ring with her.”
Standing to her feet, Ramona looks down at Hopkins with a little bit of surprise on her face. The ref the stands beside her and raises her arm into the air as “Pulses” hits the speakers.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall, RAMONA LEE EEPPPPSS!!!”
Snatching her arm away from the official, Ramona walks to the corner of the ring and reaches to the outside, snatching both of the 4CW Tag Team Championships from the ringside crew. She then walks around the ring as the fans give her mixed reactions, mostly boos. Raising the belts above her head, Ramona soaks it in for a moment while catching her breath after a hard fought match.

JOHNSON: ”After seeing this tonight, I think the entire locker room has been put on notice.”
VASSA: ”She’s the sole holder of the 4CW Tag Team Championships. She just came off a huge win over in Jersey at Boardwalk. And tonight, she scores a HUGE win over the former 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins.”
JOHNSON: ”This is big for her! if the 4CW Championship picture wasn’t chaotic before this match, it sure as hell could be now!”
VASSA: ”We do have two more qualifying matches for Ante Up following the first tonight. She made a statement tonight and could very well land herself in singles competition for the top belt.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll be right back folks! We’re going to cut backstage for a moment as we get the ring cleared for our main event coming up next.”

The scene opens up to KIMO Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The newly signed Underground superstar, Maximus Dunn is cruising down the corridor, but he’s not empty handed. Money Max is all decked out in his ring gear, just like his appearance at the final Fistful of Friday show. Everything is identical to that appearance except for the fact that he is carrying a ladder with him. It is slightly smaller than the average ladder. He continues down the corridor with his head held up high. He walks by a member of the 4CW personnel department and as soon as he gets by them, the man shouts at Money Max.

STAFF: ”Hey!”
Without hesitation, Max swings around with a smile on his face and accidentally smacks the guy in the head with a piece of the ladder. His eyes get wide as he drops the ladder and crouches down to the check on the fallen individual. Max checks his pulse and the guy is clearly alive as he moves around on the floor. Max hears someone coming as he picks up his ladder and scurries off down the corridor.
Max turns the corner and places his back up against the hallway, breathing heavy. He turns to peak around the corner and sees the man being checked on. Max turns around to continue walking down a new leg of the building and runs right into Perry Wallace. Max nearly jumps out of his skin as he gets startled. The ladder bangs against the ground as it falls.

MAX: “Hey — uh — Mr. Wallace. Ho–how’s it going?”
Wallace looks at him with confusion, the same confusion that Brody possessed.

WALLACE: ”Can I help you with something? I’m not feeling very well at the moment.”
Max picks up his ladder, and a smile spreads across his face once again as he holds his right hand up to his forehead, saluting Wallace.

MAX: “Reporting for duty, sir!”
Perry Wallace looks his ladder up and down.

WALLACE: ”I’m assuming you’re involved in the Ladder Invitational for Underground Wrestling? And if that’s the case, you’re at the wrong show.”
Max palms his forehead.

MAX: “Are you kidding me?! Again! When is this match taking place?!”
With a chuckle, Wallace answers,

WALLACE: ”June fifth.”
Max turns around and begins back the way he came, shouting things at himself.

MAX: “How can I be so stupid?! I need more gas money! Damn it!”
WALLACE: ”Speaking of gas, I need to get to my office.”
Max comes upon the scene where he hit the man with the ladder.

STAFF: ”That’s him!”
The man points towards Dunn’s away and Dunn immediately turns around and takes off running as the scene fades.

The cameras switch from backstage to the ring, which is currently empty. After a few moments “Sin with a Grin” hits the sound system but the lights don’t drop down. Aidan Carlisle appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in her street clothes with the Pride Championship belt over one shoulder.

JOHNSON: “Aidan has already had her match here tonight, I wonder what this is about.”
VASSA: “For a few weeks now she has been saying that she had big plans. Maybe it is time for them to be revealed?”
JOHNSON: “That could be, Vinny. No one can deny that right now she is one of the top names in 4CW. No one else on the roster can claim the same collection of accolades she has amassed since arriving here. She is the Pride Champion, the first female singles champion in 4CW history, and is currently undefeated on a six win streak. It’s got to be getting harder and harder to top herself as the weeks go by.”
It takes few moments for Aidan to make it down the ramp while she pauses to shake several hands, sign an autograph or two, and lean in for a selfie with one lucky fan. As she finally climbs the steel steps and ducks between the ropes, ring announcer Mike Powers hands her a microphone. She smiles brightly as she waits for the cheers filling the theatre to die down so she can be heard.

AIDAN: “Hey there Albuquerque, I hope you all have been enjoying Adrenaline so far—”
She pauses for the quick pop as the fans show their appreciation for the show.

AIDAN: “Now that my match is done and out of the way, I can focus on something else that has been on my mind. See, ever since last Adrenaline, I’ve been doing some brainstorming. I wouldn’t say that it’s gotten under my skin, but it has made me think…
“Perry Wallace and Jason Cashe must be pretty proud of themselves, coming up with the idea to turn the 4CW Title match at Ante Up into a 60 Minute Iron Man Fatal Four Way match and holding these qualifiers to determine Cashe’s three competitors. Not a bad idea, I suppose. It’ll make for some intense competition on the way to Las Vegas.
“However, if anyone thinks for a second that I’m going to let this Pride Championship get left in the dust behind that stampede, they are dead wrong. So, starting with two competitors squaring off at the next show, I will be narrowing down the competition to see who will stand against me at Ante Up. And it’s not going to be some match slapped together at the last moment by Perry when he’s stoned and throwing darts and the roster, oh no, you all deserve more than that!”

Aidan lowers the mic for a few moments as the theatre erupts into cheers once again. She turns in a slow circle, taking in the crowd on all sides of her.

AIDAN: “The winners of the matches over the next three shows will become part of a Gauntlet Match for the Pride Championship!”
Predictably, she had to pause again as the cheers became deafening.

AIDAN: “Now, before anyone back there gets the silly idea in their head that I’m going to sit back and let the other three eliminate one another and come down to face the last one standing, let me put that to rest. I am announcing right here and now that I will be one of the first two out there to start the match. That’s right, if I want to retain my Pride Championship at Ante Up, I’ll have to go through all three of my opponents! How’s that for raising the stakes?”
JOHNSON: “That is one giant risk! Aidan could potentially lose against the first opponent in the gauntlet, but even if she pins or makes that first person submit, she still has two more to go!”
VASSA: “Well, Steve, you were wondering how she was going to top herself. I think you have your answer.”
JOHNSON: “The upcoming super show Ante Up couldn’t be more aptly named. Already we know there will be a 60 Minute Iron Man Fatal Four Way match for the 4CW Championship and a gauntlet match for the Pride Championship. It is going to be one hell of a night in Las Vegas!”
“Sin with a Grin” comes on once again as Aidan hands the microphone back to Powers and hops out of the ring to head back up the ramp.



JOHNSON: ”Up next we have the first of three qualifying matches to determine who will challenge Jason Cashe for the 4CW Championship at Ante Up in a sixty minute ironman match.”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago Cashe came out and made it clear that he wanted Jair Hopkins to have his rematch for the championship in an ironman match. Raising the stakes, Wallace laid down the law and said that the title would be on the line with not one challenger but three.”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be one crazy match at Ante Up and to get there, we have three of these stacked fourways to determine who will advance.”
VASSA: ”Starting tonight, we’re going to see one of these matches over the next few weeks. I can only imagine what the final match is going to look like with the level of talent that 4CW has signed.”
JOHNSON: ”This is a big matchup tonight as we’ll watch Brennan Devlin, Felicity Banks, RPG and Connor Gates throw down in front of us all right here on Adrenaline.”
VASSA: ”It’s no secret that Devlin and Banks have unsettled business as she scored a win over him just a few weeks back. Then we add in Gates who was in the championship match at South Beach Brawl, we just know he’s hungry to get another shot at the strap.”
JOHNSON: ”With Demi Griffin sidelined right now we’ll see RPG step out of tag competition and get a dose of some singles action.”
VASSA: ”This match is going to be a nail biter, there’s no doubt about that!”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, Vinny. So lets just pause for a brief moment and let the wrestlers make their way down here to the ring and kick things off.”
“You’re Gonna Love It If You Like It or Not” by Powerman 5000 blared throughout the theater as Brennan Devlin strolled out onto the stage to a reaction of pure hate from the audience.

POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring from Devil’s Den, California, weighing in at two hundred eighteen pounds and standing six feet, one inch. He is “The Spotlight Saint”, “The Handsome Devil”, Brennan DDEEVVLLIINN!!!”
The fans loudly chanted negative things in his direction as he strutted down the ramp, taunting members of the crowd rather profusely, just trying to get a rise out of them. He stopped to make fun, even laugh at a few of them as he arrived into the ringside area. Once there, he hopped up onto the apron and stood there for a moment, turning to peer at the crowd. He gave them a confident, toothy grin before sliding his vest off, and entering the ring. Once inside, he walked over to the turnbuckle and leisurely laid back against it, waiting for his opponent as his music faded and he continued to laze around.

“Can you feel that…?”
“Scream” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays over sound system, the crowd erupting in a mixed reaction as the lights dim down on the entrance ramp. There’s still no sign of Felicity as the theatre lights dim down until they’re off. A spotlight illuminates the top of ramp.
“Can you feel that…?”
The soft voice of Felicity Banks echos throughout the theater as the “True Queen B of Pro Wrestling” comes out of the curtain with a smug smile on her face, her arms extended to her sides and a blowpop in her mouth. She looks disinterested as she pulls the blowpop out of her and mouth, slowly pacing down the ramp, turning her back to show the camera the “Queen B” writing on the back of her sleeveless sweatshirt. Once halfway down the ramp, Felicity glances at the fans at ringside and stares them down before she glances around the entire theatre. She walks up the steps and into the ring.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Jersey City, New Jersey, weighing in at one hundred fifteen pounds and standing five feet, two inches tall. She is “The Sullen Angel”, Felicity BBAANNKKSS!!!”
Once in the ring, Felicity spins around in circles until the lights in the theater begin getting brighter, not stopping until the theater was fully lit. Felicity unzips her sweatshirt and glances at crowd, finally climbing up to the middle rope. She stares out into the crowd and motions for the crowd to bow down to her to which some oblige and others don’t.
She hops off the ropes and turns around, sliding her back down against the turnbuckle pads until she was fully seated on the mat, seeming disinterested as she patiently waits for the match to begin.

The lights dim to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B plays as out from the back comes RPG himself Royce Paxton Griffin. Looking out at the crowd with a grin and a menacing look a smirk forms on his face as he clenches his fist while staring out at the crowd. Wearing a pair of red and black boxing shorts with RPG written on them in black font and wearing a sleek arm band on both arms, mixed between black and red he makes his way towards the ring. Looking down at his sneakers he walks beside the crowd giving them a knowing nod, as he points to the ring and stops to hold up both arms for the crowd.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Niagara Falls, New York, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, ROYCE PAXTON GGRRIIFFFFIINN!!!”
Pumping his arm forward before charging into the ring sliding to his feet, as the crowd gives him their approval. Doing two big jumps once in the ring to show his freaky athleticism he throws a few practice swings before letting out a loud primal scream to the crowd. Walking around the ring he yells out “Lets do this!” while pumping up the crowd before turning to the center of the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

The opening chords of “Love Me Electric” cut through the theater as the lights dim and a spotlight hits the curtain as The Dirty Devil walks out from behind it. He raises his hands up from his sides as the crowd cheers him on. He may not be the most popular guy in the world but the crowd connects with him as Connor slides under the bottom rope and rests his forearm on his knee as he looks out over the crowd.

POWERS: “From the “Dirtyville” in California, he stands at six feet, two inches and weighs in at two hundred and twenty eight point five pounds,” THE DIRTY DEVIL!” CONNNNOR GATES!!!!”
They are already singing along with the music as he stands to his feet and gets to his feet. Walking over and resting one foot on the second rope and the other on the bottom rope as he leans forward and yells at the crowd to get them all fired up for the ass kicking he is about to deliver.

VASSA: ”That’s it! We have four wrestlers in the ring ready to earn their shot at the 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be an excellent match and arguably the main event compared to what’s to follow.”
VASSA: ”I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been giddy just thinking about this match all week.”
JOHNSON: ”You should be. This first qualifying match is stacked and only one person can leave tonight a winner with their rightful place in the match at Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”As much as I like to sit here and shoot the shit, I’m ready to take a time out and let the ref get this match underway.”
JOHNSON: ”You and me both and with that said, the ref appears ready to call for the bell.”
Checking with each of the four corners, the ref gets the nod from each wrestler. He then backs into the center of the ring and looks over everyone once more before throwing his hand in the air and signaling for the bell.
Taking off from their corners, RPG and Devlin collide in the center of the ring and exchange punches. After going back and forth with rights and lefts, Gates runs into the picture and slams his forearm across Devlin’s shoulders. Knocking him to one knee, Gates then throws another across his shoulders and then follows up with a double axe handle, knocking him down to all fours. Before Gates can take another shot at Devlin, RPG throws a hard right and connects to the side of his chin, briefly stunning him. From behind, Banks grabs RPG by the shoulder and spins him around. She then kicks him in the stomach, forcing him to lunge over after having the breath taken away from him. She then grabs him by the head with both hands and pushes him away. Going backwards, RPG trips over Devlin and falls to the canvas flat on his back.
Lunging forward, Gates locks up with Banks and drives her backwards across the ring. Slamming her into the corner, he keeps both arms locked up with her and takes a couple of steps back, pulling her away. He then drives her backwards once more and slams her into the corner again, this time harder than the first. Gates then slams his head forward, connecting with a big headbutt. He then pulls her head down and applies a side headlock. Pulling her away from the corner with the move in tact, he then twists his body and flips her over his hip and slams her to her back on the mat. With the headlock still place, he then cranks down on the pressure and tries to pop her head like a grape.
Across the ring, RPG and Devlin are locked up, fighting each other in a test of strength. RPG takes lead and begins to break Devlin down to one knee, out-powering him. After getting him down, RPG hesitates for a brief moment and then gets caught off guard as Devlin pops back up to both feet and then pulls his arm away and connects with a brutal European uppercut that breaks the two up. RPG shakes it off and then lunges forward at him but misses as Devlin side steps and takes him down to the mat with a drop toe hold. Smacking his face against the canvas, RPG quickly rolls over to his back, holding his nose in pain as it was on the receiving end of most of the contact. Devlin then stomps on his open stomach over and over. he then grabs one of RPG’s legs and holds it up for a moment before dropping down with an elbow drop across the side of the knee.

VASSA: ”It didn’t take long for these four to get down to business in the ring tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”I expected this to be a slow, strategic match from all parties involved but they had other plans in mind.”
VASSA: ”With an even amount of people I guess it makes sense to split up into two groups. It’s not like three of them are going to team up and beat the ever loving crap out of one person.”
JOHNSON: ”That would be the game plan for an elimination match I guess but this isn’t an elimination match. Whoever can get the pin or submission first will talk out of here tonight the winner and first challenger in line for the big match at Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”Watch out gates!”
After throwing Banks to the ropes, Gates gets caught by surprise as Banks comes back, leaping into the air and wrapping her legs around his head. After spinning her body and lifting him up off his feet, she throws him across the ring with a head scissors takedown. The two quickly rush to get back to their feet as Banks makes it up first and attacks while the opportunity is there. Rushing Gates who just stood up, she goes down to the mat and slides right between his legs. Popping up to her feet, she then jumps up and hits him in the back of the head with a dropkick before he can even turn around. Stumbling forward, Gates finally loses his balance and crashes to the mat.
Pulling RPG back to his feet, Devlin holds him by the head and walks him to the corner. Once close, he then throws him towards it with power and stands back as his back crashes into the corner. Devlin then takes off and runs at him with a bit of speed and jumps up into the air, planting both knees underneath his chin. Catching himself with the top rope, Devlin lands on both feet as RPG falls to a seated position with his back against the corner. Holding onto the ropes, Devlin then unloads with fierce stomps to the chest, wearing him down even more. Devlin then takes a few steps back from the corner with a cocky grin on his face before running towards RPG and hitting him with a big boot, dragging the sole across his face as his head turns. Devlin then grabs him by the head with both hands and pulls him up to his feet and leans him against the corner.
Holding himself up with the top ropes, RPG leaves himself open as Devlin lands a hard elbow across the side of his head. He then lifts RPG up and sits him on the top of the corner. Before climbing up, Devlin swings up and connects with two hard punches to the forehead. He then goes to climb the corner but as he steps onto the middle rope, RPG pushes him away, sending him falling backwards and hitting the mat hard. RPG then stands up with his feet on the middle ropes and leaps from the corner. Flying through the air, he comes down on Devlin’s stomach with a double knee drop. Before he can get back up, Banks runs into the picture and wraps her arm around his throat, applying a rear naked choke. Holding onto her forearm with her other hand, she then begins to choke RPG with every bit of strength she has.
Refusing to go down, RPG forces himself up with Banks on his back, continuing to choke him. He stands in place, fighting to break free but still can’t shake Banks. After a few moments pass, he reaches back and finally grabs ahold of her arm and shoulder with both hands. Using his strength and size to his advantage, he quickly lunges over and flips her off of his back and slams her to the canvas. Before he can even stand straight up, Gates then runs towards him and hits him with a clothesline that sends him down to the mat as well.

JOHNSON: ”Gates is the only one up on his feet. You can’t ever count him out!”
VASSA: ”He’s the Dirty Devil and I think things are about to get a little dirty in that ring!”
Grabbing Banks by the hair, Gates pulls her up to her feet and then gouges her eyes, sneaking one by the ref as he was unable to notice. Gates then throws her to the ropes with force and waits patiently for her return. Hitting the ropes and coming back with speed, Banks runs right into Gates who hooks her arm and lifts her up and flips her over to her back with a hip toss. Just as her body crashes to the mat, RPG is up and rushes at him wildly. Swinging with a powerful clothesline, RPG comes up short as Gates ducks the attack and steps in behind him. Gates then unloads with a series of vicious knee and elbow strikes to the lower back of RPG. After landing a beautiful combination, Gates then kicks him in the rear and sends him rolling across the ring.
Quickly taking notice of Devlin getting to his feet, Gates rushes in but to his surprise, Devlin pops up and lays him out with a spinning heel kick out of nowhere. Gates quickly rolls over and pushes himself up but before he can get to his feet, Devlin is right there with a stinging elbow across the top of his back, forcing him to stay down on one knee. Devlin then takes a couple of steps back before running forward and hitting Gates with a running knee lift to the bottom of the jaw. Sending Gates to his back, Devlin then backs up to the ropes and bounces off of them. Keying in on Gates, Devlin goes for a running leg drop but at the last possible split second, Gates rolls out of the way as Devlin hits the mat hard.
Across the ring, Banks backs RPG into the corner with kicks and punches. Feeling the corner against his back, RPG then lunges forward and locks up with her before she can throw anymore attacks his way. He then spins around and slams Banks into the corner for force. With his arms still locked on her, RPG then drives his knee upward into her stomach as it lifts her up from her feet. He then pushes her away into the corner. RPG then swings at her with an overhead punch but connects with the turnbuckle as she quickly moves out of the way and avoids the devastating blow. Turning to face Banks, he throws a wild elbow at her head but misses again as she ducks underneath and counters with a quick jab to the stomach. Grabbing his head with both hands, Banks then falls to the mat, pulling his head down and hits him with a sit-out jawbreaker.

JOHNSON: ”Felicity was quick on her feet with that sit-out jawbreaker. After dodging two power attacks from RPG I expected a third to finally connect.”
VASSA: ”Felicity has been on fire since signing with 4CW. She’s undefeated and now has the opportunity right there in front of her to take the next step here and challenge Cashe for the 4CW Championship at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: ”This match is far from over and at this point, it’s anyone’s match. If she can stay on the offensive she could very well be the one to walk out of here tonight a winner.”
Back to their feet, Gates and Devlin slug it out on the other side of the ring. Going back and forth, beating each other senseless with lefts and rights, the two begin to show signs of fatigue. Connecting with a huge right to the side of the head, Devlin knocks Gates back a few steps and then follows up with a kick to the stomach. Sweeping in, he then flips Gates over to his back with an snapmare. Rolling Gates over to his stomach, Devlin crawls onto his back and applies a chin lock and begins to pull back on his head, trying to rip it clean off his shoulders. The ref drops in and checks with Gates for a submission but doesn’t get one as he fights through the pain and tries to break away from the hold.
From the other side of the ring, Banks runs over and hits Gates in the face with a running dropkick while still in the chin lock. With the move still in tact, Devlin continues to pull back with the chin lock while Gates struggles to get free. Popping back to her feet, Banks goes to move in but before she can, RPG spins her around and hits her with an elbow to the mouth. he then lifts Banks up from her feet and carries her to the center of the ring before dropping her across his knee with a backbreaker. Going for the quick pin, RPG quickly covers as the ref rushes over for the count.
Seeing the pin, Devlin pushes Gates head down to the mat and stands to his feet before rushing towards them to break it up.

VASSA: ”Not tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”For a second there I thought RPG was going to score the quick win but Brennan just wasn’t going to let that happen.”
Kicking RPG in the back of the head, Devlin breaks up the pin. He then goes to town with a series of stomps to the back of RPG who is still down on top of Banks. Grabbing RPG by the head, Devlin pulls him up to his feet. He then drives his knee into RPG’s stomach, forcing him to lunge over after impact. Wrapping his arms around his stomach, Devlin then lifts him up and flips him over, slamming him to the canvas with a gut wrench suplex.
Meanwhile, Banks and Gates slowly get to their feet. Both up at the same time, they lock eyes on each other and then charge one another. Banks throws a lariat but misses as Gates side steps out of the way and kicks her in the lower back, sending her to the corner. he then takes off and just as her back slams into the corner, he nearly takes her head off with a running clothesline. Pulling her away from the corner and close to his body, Gates then flips her over his hip onto her back with a judo throw. Climbing on top of her, Gates then unloads with a fury of mounted elbow strikes to the head. Fending off one for every one landed, Banks then grabs him by the head and rolls him off of her and quickly climbs on top of him. She then unloads with a series of mounted elbow strikes of her own.
After taking a few strikes to the side of the head, Gates manages to wrap his arms around hers. He then rolls her off and the two race to their feet. Getting up first, Banks rushes in and grabs Gates by the head with both hands. She then fires away with multiple knees to the face. After landing half a dozen, Gates manages to wrap his arms around her waist and lifts her up into the air. While up, Banks begins to throw lefts and rights, connecting one after the other. With Banks held up into the air, Gates backs towards the ropes. Before getting too close, Banks then connects with a stinging right hand that knocks him off balance. Falling back, Gates keeps his warms around Banks and brings her along for the ride. Clearing the ropes, Gates continues to fall to the mat while Banks comes down onto the top rope getting clotheslined across the throat.
The two then hit the mat one after the other and lay there catching their breaths, Banks taking more damage. On the other side of the ring, Devlin has RPG up on his feet. Wrapping his arm across his chest and hooking it around his shoulder, Devlin sweeps his leg out from under him and drives him backwards, across the top of his knee with an STO backbreaker. He then covers RPG for the pin as the ref rushes over and drops in for the count.

VASSA: ”RPG kicked out!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh boy does Brennan look angry!”
Looking up at the ref, Devlin shakes his head as me pushes himself off of RPG. He then grabs RPG by the wrist and shoulder, pulling him up. With RPG up to his feet, Devlin then throws him to the ropes behind him. Hitting the ropes and coming back hard, RPG gets swept off his feet as Devlin lifts him up, spins him around and drops him across his knee again but this time with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Standing back to both feet, he looks across the ring where Gates and Banks are slowly beginning to come to. Not giving them the chance to get up, he quickly rushes over to them and begins to kick them both, one after the other. After landing a handful of kicks to each of them, he then reaches down and grabs a handful of Banks hair before pulling her up. Before he can make his next move, Banks swats his hands away and pushes him back. She then swings forward with a stiff right but misses as Devlin side steps her. He then jumps into the air and as she turns to face him, he plants his feet into her chest with a drop kick that sends her rolling across the mat.
Once back up to his feet, Gates is right there with a hard right to the chops, knocking him off guard. Devlin then fires back with a punch but comes up short as Gates ducks and counters with a punch to the kidney. Bending over in pain from the illegal punch not noticed by the ref, Devlin gasps for air. Popping back up, Gates hooks one of Devlin’s arms with a single underhook and then falls backwards, pulling Devlin down with him and planting his head into the mat with a DDT. Gates then rolls away and slowly pushes himself up only to get hit from behind as RPG hits him with a double axe handle, knocking him down to both knees. RPG then grabs him by the head and walks around to the front of Gates. Pulling his head in, he then drives his knee upwards and plants it into his face, sending Gates falling to his back and hitting the mat with a thud.
Slowly backing away from Gates, RPG catches Banks in the corner of his eye making her way towards him. Just as she draws near, he quickly turns around and lifts her up with the momentum of her running and turns his entire body around, driving her into the mat with a powerslam. Popping back to his feet with a new found burst of energy, RPG begins to stomp on her ankles over and over. He then reaches down and pulls her up to her feet and lifts her onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position and paces around the ring for a moment before lifting her up quickly and slamming her to the mat face first. Back to his feet, Devlin then rushes in on him and swings with a haymaker. Throwing his arm up, RPG blocks the punch and then counters with a punch of his own. He then shoots in and wraps up Devlin’s leg with both arms before lifting him up and then slamming him to the mat while driving his shoulder into his stomach.
With the other three still down, RPG stands back to both feet and walks around the ring for a moment as the adrenaline flows through him. First back to their feet, Gates rushes him but gets stopped in his tracks as RPG lands a solid kick to the ribs. He then shoots in again and lifts Gates into the air. With him held up, RPG then goes to slam him down but before he can, Banks is back in the picture and hits him with a running shoulder block to the back. Dropping Gates to the side, RPG stumbles forward but catches himself with the ropes. With his back turned to Felicity, he opens himself up as she rushes in and jumps into the air. Grabbing his head with both hands, she then falls down and drops with a neckbreaker that rattles the entire ring.

VASSA: ”Just when I thought that RPG was about to take control of the match, Felicity decided that it was a bad idea.”
JOHNSON: ”He held his own for a brief moment, putting people down left and right as they got up. It’s just hard to fend off two people at once.”
VASSA: ”It is, Steve. He’s accustomed to tagging so it’s going to take a little to get used to not having someone in your corner. But there’s really nothing to prepare you for a match like this with three other wrestlers in the ring who are just as good.”
Back to her feet, Banks turns to the inside of the ring and as she does, Devlin it right there lunging towards her. The two lock up. Using his size to his advantage, Devlin drags Banks to the center of the ring before overpowering her and forcing her down to one knee. He then quickly turns it into a side headlock, holding her tightly by his side and cranking down on the pressure. Struggling to get free, Banks throws wild punches into the stomach and back of Devlin, but still unable to break the hold. Slowly wearing her down, Devlin continues to crank down. From behind, Gates drives his shoulder into his lower back, forcing him to release Banks. Ignoring the sharp pain shooting down his legs, Banks quickly turns around only to catch a closed fist to the jaw as Gates swings full power. The two then exchange punches, taking turns as they fire back at the other after taking the blows themselves. Gates then swings for a headshot but get stopped as Devlin kicks him in the stomach swiftly.
Grabbing Gates by the arm, Devlin then goes to throw him to the ropes across the ring but before he can release, Gates counters and sends him running towards them instead. Quickly following behind, Gates rushes towards Devlin and as he hits the ropes, Gates clotheslines him up and over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor below. From behind, RPG rushes towards Gates and goes for a clothesline. Turning around just in the knick of time, Gates ducks the assault and then raises up, lifting RPG’s body into the air with his back and flips him over the top rope. Landing on the apron, RPG quickly regains his balance but before he can do anything, Gates quickly spins around and catches him in the mouth with an elbow shot. The two then exchange punches of their own, over the top rope. RPG begins to emerge as he lands back to back punches to Gates, catching him off guard and slowly wearing him down.
Out of desperation, Gates lunges forward and grabs RPG by the head with both hands. Falling to a sitting position, Gates pulls RPG’s head down as well. As his throat comes down on the top rope, Gates releases RPG’s head which in turn bounces as the rope slingshots him backwards. Flying through the air, RPG collides with Devlin who is just now up to both feet. Both men crash to the floor hard leaving just Gates and Banks in the ring. After slowly standing back to his feet, Gates looks over the top rope to the outside at the two rolling around on the floor. From behind, Banks leaps into the air, turning sideways and landing on Gates shoulders. Hooking his arm with one of her and his other with her legs, she then jerks back and lifts Gates off his feet. Flipping him over, Banks drives Gates head into the canvas with a crucifix driver.

VASSA: ”Connor didn’t even see it coming!”
JOHNSON: ”If she’s going to walk away the winner tonight now’s the time to do it!”
VASSA: ”You called it! She’s going for the pin!”
With Devlin and RPG racing to get to their feet, Banks slowly crawls over Gates. Hooking the leg, she goes for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.
On the outside, Devlin goes to slide into the ring but gets stopped as RPG pulls him backwards and pushes him aside.
RPG then goes to slide into the ring but catches a fist to the back of the head as Devlin hits him out of anger.

JOHNSON: ”Banks win it! Banks win it!”
VASSA: ”We have our first challenger for the sixty minute Iron Man match at Ante Up!”
JOHNSON: ”This was insane!”
Devlin and RPG then get into a scuffle on the outside in frustration as members of the ringside crew quickly rush over to break them up. After giving and receiving multiple punches, RPG and Devlin beat each other senseless as the fans at ringside ignite with commotion.
On the inside, Banks slowly raises to her feet but quickly takes notice to the outside where the two continue to fight. Looking on, she watches with a grin on her face. RPG then swings and connects with a vicious right hand. In return, Devlin fires back with a right of his own, knocking RPG off balance. After getting his feet settled, RPG then goes foe a kick to the head but misses as Devlin leans back and avoids contact. Devlin then lunges forward and pushes RPG in the chest, sending him backwards.
Before the two can do anything else, ringside crew members quickly separate the two as an exchange of words then takes place.

VASSA: ”These two gentlemen are extremely pissed by the looks of things.”
JOHNSON: ”There was nothing that either could do on the outside of the ring. Felicity took full advantage of the situation and capitalized with the win over Gates.”
“Scream” then hits the speakers as the ref steps in beside Banks and raises her arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner… FELICITY BBAANNKKSS!!!”
Breaking away from the crew members holding him back, RPG races towards Devlin and throws a punch to his unprotected face. Landing the closed fist across the jaw, RPG then goes to throw another but gets stopped as his arm is quickly wrapped up me a crew member. Finding a burst of energy, Devlin manages to push the crew members holding him aside and then lunges forward, connecting with a devastating punch to the side of the head.
The crew members then grab ahold of both men and drag them away from each other. As they get further and further away from each other, the fighting then turns into trash talk as the two yell back and forth.

JOHNSON: ”If there wasn’t bad blood before, you can bet there surely is now!”
VASSA: ”Come on! Let these two go at it! I’m not ready to call it a night.”
JOHNSON: ”Unfortunately we’re out of time but I can almost guarantee that this won’t be the last time these two meet face to face.”
VASSA: ”We’re out of time already?!”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed we are, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”SON OF A BITCH!!! Things were just getting fired up for an encore!”
JOHNSON: ”Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we head to Salt Lake City, Utah! We’ll have another fourway qualifying match and who knows, maybe we’ll see RPG and Brennan go toe to toe once more!”
VASSA: ”I hope so! If not then, at least at Ante Up if these two don’t find themselves in any other title contentions.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a pleasure folks! We’ll see you in two weeks! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! We’re signing off! Good night!”
Getting further and further apart, Devlin and RPG continue to yell at one another as the frustrations grow even larger. Cutting back to the ring, Banks looks on with a smirk on her face as her music continues to play over the entire theater. Zooming in, she looks somewhat pleased with how things unfolded. Cutting away and panning over the theater, the fans continue to go insane as the sounds shake the entire building just before the scene slowly fades out and the Adrenaline logo appears.