JUNE 24TH, 2015

JOHNSON: ”Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another night of 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good evening folks!”
JOHNSON: ”We have one hell of a lineup in store for you all tonight as we get closer to the big show in Vegas.”
VASSA: ”Ante Up! I’m so ready for this event I can hardly sleep at night just thinking about it!”
JOHNSON: ”To open up the night we have a parking lot brawl taking place out back between RPG and the Extreme champion, Dakota Smith.”
VASSA: ”These two got into a fight before the last Adrenaline and things were left unfinished. Tonight we get to see the rematch. Things are getting started tonight on Adrenaline with a bang!”
JOHNSON: ”After the big noise of signing Drew Stevenson a few weeks ago, we finally get to see him in action tonight.”
VASSA: ”He doesn’t have an easy match either. He’ll be debuting against the first qualifier for the 4CW Championship match at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: ”The lovely Felicity Banks. This will be a highlight of the night, I can promise you that.”
VASSA: ”Then we have another qualifying match for the Pride Championship match at Ante Up. Two weeks ago we watched as RPG beat Connor Gates in the ring and earned his spot in the match. Tonight, we’ll watch as Brennan Devlin and Roxi Johnson go toe to toe for that second spot in the match.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m really looking forward to this one tonight. Both of these wrestlers are primed to make this match HUGE and bring another tough piece to this Pride Championship match.”
VASSA: ”You and me both, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Then we have our main event for the night with the third and last qualifying match for the 4CW Championship Sixty Minute Fatal Fourway Iron Man match at Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”This is going to be a BIG one at that. We already have two challengers in this match. Felicity Banks qualified first just four weeks ago and then Ramona Lee Epps qualified two weeks ago.”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight we’ll watch as Seamus O’Connor, Shane Borderland, Aidan Carlisle and Jair Hopkins fight it out for that last spot in the big match.”
VASSA: ”Our Pride Champion, Aidan, is competing for a spot in this match. I was surprised to hear that. With a win tonight, she could have two big matches at Ante Up with a title on the line.”
JOHNSON: ”She could, that’s the key. She’ll be in the ring with three men who are all hungry for a shot at the strap. Hell, we even have the former 4CW Champion in this match.”
VASSA: ”Hopkins is still upset with himself for letting Cashe win the belt back. I don’t want to spoil anything but look out for him bringing the heat tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”I expect everyone to bring the heat. It’s going to come down to who wants it more.”
VASSA: ”We don’t even have the third qualifier and this match is already STACKED from top to bottom. I hope Cashe is ready because this match is going to be a true test and would be hell on anyone, any champion, whoever.”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s the lineup folks. We’re going to go backstage for a moment before getting things started with the parking lot brawl. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.”

A video feed begins showing the former Pride Chamipon Lo’Renzo Porter walking toward a Four Corner Wrestling ring for the very first time. That robust smile plastered on his face as a voice over begins to play.

V/O: “October eighth, two thousand and fourteen was the beginning.”
A shot of Lo’Renzo hitting Khris Young with the Flippbow before fading into a staredown between Jason Sanity and Flipp, followed by Lo’Renzo hitting Jason Sanity with the ‘Juice’.

V/O: “This was the birth.”
A shot of Lo’Renzo versus Jair Hopkins one, a shot of Porter backstage chatting with Tommy Knox. A shot of Lo’Renzo and Nick Watson trading blows. A shot of Lo’Renzo and Frankie Morrison talking backstage. The print of Perry Wallace and Lo’Renzo in High Times magazine followed by the very beginning of E15’s Fatal Four Way Pride Championship match, but the match goes blank as the voice over continues.

V/O: “But this was the rise.”
Lo’Renzo holds the Pride Championship belt high in the air as the crowd in attendance cheers to the top of the roof, before showing a clip of Lo’renzo hitting former Extreme Champion Nathaniel Havok with the Juice, followed by Lo’Renzo versus Jair two, followed by a shot of Flipp hitting Ramona Lea Epps with the Juice and winning right at the end. The feed continues into South Beach Brawl where Aiden Carlisle holds the Pride Championship, Lo’Renzo shaking his head as he walks up the aisle.

V/O: “But this wasn’t the end.”
A image of Lo’Renzo dressed in a cotton candy tie-dye t-shirt with smoke blowing from his mouth is seen before the cameras fade into Brian Hartman standing backstage.

HARTMAN: ”Join me tonight when I sit down with former Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter. You wouldn’t want to miss it.”
With a nod the cameras begin their slow fade as Brian walks off and the transmission cuts to the ring.



Horns blaring, headlights flickering as the sounds of a noisy parking lot come into view. Cars outlining a large circle fitted for a fight have people in them, fans who have signed on to have their vehicles take part in the upcoming contest are of different models and sizes. A mini van, a Ford Explorer, a Jeep among a few of the vehicles circled around where the two competitors will start this fight.

VASSA: “This reminds me of that movie “Lion Heart” with Jean Claude Van Damme. You ready to see this go down?”
JOHNSON: “Parking Lot Brawl in an Iron Circle style setup, I’m glad it’s taking place out there instead of in here. Logan Whitby is now center stage back there, let’s hear the introductions!”
A referee steps to the center of the circle as the head lights from every car puts on their high beams to really light up the area. Without a PA system or Mike Powers around, the referee is wearing a hands free microphone and makes the official introductions as his raise to quiet down the horns blaring and people cheering from outside the circle of cars.

LWHITBY: “This match is a no rules competition. Parking Lot Brawl. Non Title match, let’s get this going. First coming out of the all black Mercedes Benz, he is a former 4CW Tag Team Champion! ROYCE PAXTON…GRIFFIN!”
The back door of the Mercedes opens and “Think We Have A Problem” is blasting from the car’s sound system. Standing out from the car is RPG as he looks around with a smile on his face to the echoes of horns blaring and the fans cheering for his introduction. He shuts the door and moves into the circle looking around, not sure which care his opponent might be sitting in.

LOGAN WHITBY: “And his opponent! The CURRENT 4CW Extreme Champion! A member of the Dea–“
The small crowd riles up as Dakota Smith comes out from between two vehicles and crashes into RPG from behind with his Extreme Title gripped in hands and used as a foreign object. The referee hurries to side step the action and cuts his mic off as the action begins prematurely. Horns sound off as Dakota raises his Extreme Title to all those in the area. Royce scrambles and gets to his feet and the two men begin throwing verbal jabs as they come in close to one another.

JOHNSON: “These two have had a lot of fuel added to the fire over Twitter since this match was announced. They truly dislike each other!”
VASSA: “It’s amazing how the people here in the Arena are all rubber necking to see the big screen! Shows the hype for this match, let’s go, ATTACK!! Split heads!”
Face to face, the two spray verbal attacks onto one another. RPG shoves Dakota back and “The Butcher” drops the Extreme Title and rushes in and the fight starts with rapidly trading blows to the face and body by both men. 1,2,3 quick taps to RPG’s body but then Royce crashes a big forearm blow to the side of Dakota’s head. The blow rocks Dakota as he stumbles sideways but bounces back, ducking another wide swinging shot from Royce and Dakota comes up with a wildly thrown Uppercut that stretches RPG up straight like a “Rock Em, Sock Em” Robot. Dakota begins driving forearm shots to Royce’s chest to knock him back more, Royce fights through it and lifts a knee, rising Dakota as the knee connects to his midsection.
As Dakota stands from the gut check, Royce spins around looking for a quick Spinning Back Elbow but Dakota blasts forward, hitting RPG like a Football Pad and driving him back until the grill of a parked vehicle stops their movement and Royce hits hard against his back. Dakota low, throws some short but heavy shots to Royce’s side, Royce comes down with an Ax Handle but Dakota grabs around his waist and lifts him off his feet, slamming him down on the hood of an old Station Wagon. Instantly Dakota begins to choke Royce with a hand gripped across his neck and pushing down his weight on the choke hold as the Referee looks in for a tap out or unconscious results that could occur in a match like this.
Briefly RPG struggles and tries pulling the grip from his throat but changes plan and twists at the body and throws a knee up and catches Dakota to the cheek. The choke doesn’t release but the connection hurt as Dakota’s face begins to swell from the stiff knee. Again RPG throws a knee and hits Dakota for a second time, this time breaking the choke and stumbling the Extreme Champion back a few steps away. Royce slides his feet off the front of the hood, props himself up on the grill of the vehicle and springs from the car as Dakota comes at him, RPG hits a Diving Clothesline and both men hit the concrete to a round of horns blaring!

JOHNSON: “He came off that car with force! Clothesline almost folded Dakota up, this is great!”
VASSA: “And it hasn’t even really started yet, these two have a LOT they want to do to one another!”
JOHNSON: “That’s true!”
Both men return to their feet and both cock back and throw big punches that connect. Royce goes to throw another heavy handed shot but Dakota blocks it, pulling RPG in with a bear hug before lifting, twisting and slamming RPG onto the hood of the Station Wagon behind them with a Side Belly To Belly. Royce arches at the back in pain from the slam as Dakota scoots him half way off the car. Stepping back, Dakota slaps his knee and rushes back in, lifting a knee and cracking the back of RPG’s head with a Lifting Knee. Royce curls up grabbing his head as he slides off the car and lands on the concrete at the feet of Dakota Smith. Horns blare loudly in turns as the headlights flash between normal and high beam, the occupants showing their approval for the brutality thus far.

VASSA: “Shit! I could feel that knee in here! That gave the live audience a headache just having to watch it!”
Standing over Royce, Dakota Smith knows he’s in control as RPG begins to climb up using Dakota to rise. As Royce pushes off his knee, he quickly lifts Dakota and drops him with an Atomic Drop. Dakota goes bo-legged as Royce grabs him in a Muay Thai grapple, pulling his head forward and drilling it with Knee after Knee after Knee, all placed to the bridge of Dakota’s nose. Blood begins to drip from the nostrils and the bridge itself has a gash across what looks to be a broken nose. Dazed, Dakota stands wobbling as Royce releases him and hurries to step back from the Extreme Champion. Taking a deep breath, Royce rushes forward, leaps off his feet and looks for his Flying Knee but Dakota side steps the otherwise well attempted Finisher of the former Tag Champion. From behind, Dakota drops to his knees and uppercuts Royce in the family jewels with a Low Blow. RPG tilts and falls over as he grabs at his private parts.

JOHNSON: “Royce connected with his “The Dentist” Muay Thai Knees but he missed big going after the quick finish.”
VASSA: “Yeah but if he hit the “RG-Knee” this might be over! I’m glad he missed…What? I want to see more, let’s go! Kick the volume up!”
JOHNSON: “We might need EMTs on hand after this…”
On his side still holding his manly parts, RPG looks up to see Dakota come in and soccer kicks him to the chest. Another massive kick comes and it lands to the mouth of Royce and his head snaps back. Blood trickles out from his mouth as Royce forgets his ball pain and touches the numb but throbbing pain coming from his mouth as Dakota turns and steps away putting distance between them. Turning back to Royce still on the ground, Dakota breaks into a spring back towards his opposite and flips off his feet looking for a Running Senton but Royce rolls under the attempt. Dakota crashes hard back first into the cold concrete. He arches in pain but pops up as if he will walk off the pain.
Royce up on a knee, spits out a mouthful of blood and his teeth are stained with a wet crimson flowing from inside his mouth. As Dakota gets to his feet, Royce pushes up to his and now both men have blood drawn as they stand a few arms length from each other, their eyes lock onto one another as the horns roar and the headlights flash.

JOHNSON: “Busted noses, fat lips, we’ve now seen the first sight of blood from both men. Will there be more?!”
VASSA: “I hope so! I want brain matter, I want an eye ball removed! Dakota makes these claims and I want to see it happen!!”
JOHNSON: “That’s…that’s kind of messed up…”
Dakota feels his nose, looks down to see a handful of his own blood and licks it up with his eyes stuck on RPG. Royce in return builds up a mouthful and spits blood and saliva at the feet of Dakota. The two take 2-3 lunges forward and clash once again. Royce gets the upper hand after a few trade offs and scores back to back punches before grabbing the hand of Dakota and whipping him across the way. Dakota wildly runs at an SUV and slaps against the front grill of the vehicle. Spinning around, putting his back to the SUV, Dakota prepares himself quickly as RPG rushes in and dives at him trying to tackle him hard into the vehicle but Dakota dives out of the way. Royce plows head and shoulder first and drops down onto all fours after the miss.
Yanking Royce up, Dakota hooks him in for a standard Suplex, looking to put Royce’s back across the edge of the hood and does, the cry from Royce was legit as his body bends back over the edge and he slumps off the edge and falls again to the concrete floor. Dakota smiling with a trail of blood from his nose to his thick bearded chin looks around and nods when he lands his sights on a Ford Truck. Heading over, Dakota hops into the truck bed where a large tool box attachment is found. Horns honk out echoing throughout the parking lot as he digs through tools. He tosses a rope over the cab of the truck and into the circle area. Following that, a large wrench, a 12 inch screw driver, and a pair of pliers are thrown to the fighting Iron Circle. Before leaving the truck bed, Dakota grabs a tire iron and hops off the side, making his way back to the circle.
Royce using the SUV to pull himself up, has a hand reached behind him holding at his lower back. Dakota approaches, almost skips with the tire iron in hand and holds it up high ready to strike. RPG connects with a toe kick followed by a side leaping leg kick to the outside of Dakota’s left leg. Taking a wide swing with the tire iron, Dakota misses as Royce dodges what would otherwise be great pain.

VASSA: “Ohhhh he barely escaped that Tire Iron, if Dakota hits him, it could be lights out here and now! Who KNOWS what Dakota would do with an unconscious opponent in a setting like this!!”
Hands up, Royce watches the movements of Dakota who still holds the tire iron. He takes swipes at Royce, just playing with him as they circle each other some. Dakota calls out to him, taunting him, teasing him being fucked up after one shot. With one swift move, Dakota swings in overhand with the tire iron and comes down on the right hand of Royce as he goes to block the attack. The thud echos as Royce moans and pulls in and hugs his hand but has to act quickly as Dakota comes in with another swing, this time looking for that home run but RPG slides to the side and knocks the wind out of Dakota Smith with a well placed Middle Kick to the midsection. The tire iron drops from his grip as Dakota bends over, coughing and sucking in some air. Royce hooks him up from behind and whips Dakota back with a Russian Leg Sweep that slaps them both down hard against the concrete. Horns again sound off as both of them grunt and move around slowly.

JOHNSON: “This is living up to the twitter beef these two had during the build up! Jason Cashe and Aidan Carlise better take notice, we’ve got two new Openers showing their value here!!”
VASSA: “Is that really a thing? Openers? I thought that was just playful sexual tension between our Pride and 4CW Champions? Heh ok….”
Both on their backs, their breaths are coming heavy as their chests rise and fall. Dakota coughs and almost sits up, Royce reaches over and shoves Dakota back down, flipping onto his side and drilling Dakota with a downward elbow that bounces his head off the concrete. Scrambling up to his feet, RPG sees Dakota reach for something to grab, somewhere to help pull himself up. Royce swiftly swings a wide kick and catches Dakota to the chest that smacks him back on his back again. Holding his chest, Dakota rolls away as RPG looks over at the tire iron. Slowly he bends over, grunting as a shot of pain reminds him of his back pain but he picks up the tire iron and straightens up standing. Dakota sees the weapon in RPG’s hand and his eyes go wide open and begins scooting away.
Royce approaches slowly as Dakota scoots back still on his butt, he finds a vehicle behind him and has no more room to scoot away. Royce steps in, lifts the tire iron high, Dakota jolts forward, grabs the waistline of Royce’s shorts and pulls him, running Royce into the vehicle. Royce hugs the hood of the car as Dakota hurries and gets to his feet, he kicks away the tire iron after it hits the ground and it disappears under a nearby parked car. Grabbing the head of Royce, Dakota slams him down face first into the steel hood. Letting RPG slump down, the former Tag Champion falls to the ground as Dakota heads over and picks up the rope he had taken from the truck earlier. He pulls it tight out to show it’s strength and heads back over to Royce.
On all fours, RPG begins crawling as Dakota gets over him and loops the rope under his throat. Dropping down hard, Dakota sits down into Royce’s back and RPG falls flat to the ground. Smith tightens the rope and yanks back, pulling the rope and choking the throat of Royce Griffin. The referee moves in and begins asking for a submission but Royce is struggling, clawing at the rope and at Dakota trying to get free.

VASSA: “I believe Royce is turning a shade of Purple. Do NOT adjust your televisions, nothing is wrong with your picture! He’s just being choked out!!”
JOHNSON: “Dakota knows no boundries, he would hang Royce if given the chance and then he’d gut him and let him bleed dry. Like cattle. Dakota is a disturbed man..These are the facts!”
VASSA: “You can say that again..”
JOHNSON: “Dakota is a disturbed man…These are the facts! Like that?”
VASSA: “Smart ass.”
Pushing back to all fours, RPG crawls using one hand and dragging Dakota with him as he struggles to reach a nearby vehicle. Once there, Royce fights the choking and pulls himself up, Dakota adjusts and begins to ride his back like a back pack, he wraps the rope on his hands to keep the tightened choke hold. Making it to his feet, Royce pushes away from the car and flings forward, Dakota flies overhead and crashes down on the hood of the car. RPG coughs loud, gasping to fill his lungs with air. Dakota hurries, flipping on his stomach and getting to his feet on the hood but Royce reacts fast and sweeps Dakota’s legs out from under him and he plops down into the hood once more.
From his back, Dakota swat punches Royce but RPG open hand palm slaps Dakota to the bare chest and climbs up on the hood with him. The horns in the parking area go loud and long with the blares as Royce pulls Dakota up to his feet. Hand in Smith’s chest, RPG drops off the hood but in the same motion, he lifts Dakota and slams him down with a One Handed Spinebuster, denting the hood of the car deep with Dakota’s body.

VASSA: “Holy Hell! That was like a Slam Dunk Spinebuster!”
Breathing hard, RPG pulls Dakota down off the hood and his body piles down against the grill and bumper. Royce backs away before bursting with speed back at Dakota. Diving at Dakota, off his feet, RPG hits a Bicycle Driving Knee to the side of Dakota’s head laying against the car’s front. The bang echos like a thunder clap and the horns roar out with a long cry!

JOHNSON: “That knocked a few more screws loose!”
VASSA: “Look at his eyes, Dakota looks like he’s lost in another dimension! He’s GONE!!”
Dropping down, RPG shoves Dakota onto his back and covers him. The referee hurries up close and drops down to make the count.

JOHNSON: “That was close Vassa, too close! Royce is showing his violence side and Dakota is taking it and keeping himself in this fight, this BRAWL!!”
Blood begins to pool around the nose and eye sockets of Dakota’s face. He turns his head and blows his nose but it’s filled with blood. Seconds later a mouse forms under his eyes, along his sinus area. RPG shakes his head understanding what happened as he reaches down and begins to pull Dakota up off the cold ground.

VASSA: “Wait, how’d that form so quickly? He looks like he took a baseball bat to the face..”
JOHNSON: “He blew his nose. With his nose broken, you should never blow it. His sinus just filled with blood and that is uncomfortable from what I’ve been told. Dakota probably enjoys the feeling though..”
VASSA: “Well to those that said he couldn’t get uglier…LOOK at that face! Haha!”
Walking the drowsy, wobbly on his feet Extreme Champion, RPG takes him across the way to the Ford Truck and leans him up against the front. The hot engine growling low begins to rev up and build heat. Royce backs away a few feet and lines up his next move and it looks to be his “RG-Knee”. Rushing Dakota, RPG flies to connect the knee but Dakota falls out of the way and Royce crashes knee first into the unforgiving grill of the F-150 Big Boy Truck. The truck grill barely seems damaged but Royce drops to the ground clutching at his knee.
His face covered from eyes down, Dakota Smith limps over and drags RPG to his feet. He whips him over one vehicle, driving him head first into the big headlight of an older modeled Mini van. The glass shatters and Royce is gashed open up near his hair line. Blood drains, rolls down his face like a faucet had been turned on. Again Dakota pulls Royce up, not letting him have time to shake off any of his pains. He launches Royce up onto the short nosed front of the van and Royce doesn’t take much damage. Instead he climbs up and gets onto the roof of the van and Dakota is quick to follow.

JOHNSON: “One fall from that high on the concrete and this will be end game!”
Royce staggers as he rises, the lumping sound of the roof bending as they both stand to their feet echos some but they keep their balance. Royce swings and hits Dakota, making him wobble some. Dakota snaps a thumb to the eye as blood drips down from their faces making the roof slippery. Royce swings again, Dakota ducks the incoming attack and shoulder charges into Royce, lifting him up across his shoulders. Almost slipping with the extra weight, Dakota keeps balance and has RPG laid out in position for his “Dovah Death Drop” and takes two steps before leaping, twisting in the air, horns rip loudly as they crash down into the truck bed of the Ford F-150.

The truck rocks, bounces like it has hydraulics as RPG is disassembled with the twisting Samoan Drop. The horns don’t stop as both men lay seemingly unconscious in the back of the pick up truck.

JOHNSON: “We need help back there stat! This is unbelievable! Show the replay, let’s see that again…”
Royce swings again, Dakota ducks the incoming attack and shoulder charges into Royce, lifting him up across his shoulders. Almost slipping with the extra weight, Dakota keeps balance and has RPG laid out in position for his "Dovah Death Drop" and takes two steps before leaping, twisting in the air, horns rip loudly as they crash down into the truck bed of the Ford F-150.

JOHNSON: “I don’t think Dakota knew what would happen, he didn’t hit that and go unharmed, that hurt him too! What Carnage!!”
The referee pulls up and gets into the truck bed with the two competitors, he calls out to them, checks for signs of life. He waves in some EMTs but as they open the tail gate, Dakota kicks one of them to the face as they try climbing into the truck. He flops over onto his side and reaches up to grab the side of the truck, using it to get himself up enough to crawl over and drape an arm over RPG’s chest. The referee stunned, drops to his knees and slaps the truck bed for the count.
The referee’s eyes bulge open wide. Shocked he moves out of the way as Dakota groggily drags himself over RPG and waves the referee to count again.

VASSA: “This is AMAZING!! This isn’t even for the Championship! Imagine if it was, how much higher would the level of violence be then?”
JOHNSON: “Who knows! These two are giving it their all and nothing in this match has been forgiving, they’ve felt every bump and blow they’ve given and taken. How will this end? Who will end it, who CAN end it?!”
Letting out a deep exhale of breath, Dakota Smith gets to his knees and stares at RPG. Shaking his head, the Champion pulls on Royce by the arm to sit him up. Then he grabs him at the shorts and drags him to the side, dumping him over the side of the truck. RPG hits the concrete and it almost bumps him awake. He begins to crawl back to the circle from between the van and truck, making his way to the big wrench laying a little in front of the truck. Dakota sees what Royce is going for and begins to climb up onto the cab of the truck. A higher point than the van was, he slowly rises to his feet and as RPG on all fours is inches from grabbing the wrench, Dakota Smith leaps off the cab of the truck, soars over the hood and comes down with a giant Curb Stomp but RPG senses it coming and rolls out of the way.
Dakota slips and flops back, busting his head against the grill of the truck now behind him. He grunts in pain but pushes forward, trying to get to his feet as Royce gets to his. In a hurry, Dakota reaches and grabs the wrench but as he looks up, Royce is rushing in…
A flying Knee that connects to the center of Dakota’s face crumbles the Extreme Champion. They both fall to the concrete as the referee is standing holding his head unbelieving what had happened but as RPG throws an arm over Dakota’s chest, he drops and makes the count.

JOHNSON: “RG-Knee!! That’s all she wrote, this one is over…I cannot believe what we’ve just witnessed! That was brutal, that was bloody, that was…”
VASSA: “FANTASTIC!! Did you SEE THAT!!?! Ohhh man!! Royce beat our Extreme Champion in his Environment!”
EMTs rush into the scene and tend to both men sprawled out. Royce and Dakota both out of energy, drained of all their fight as the parking garage gets loud with horn blows and flashes of the headlights.

Two backstage crew members are huddled around something, which isn’t visible due to their bodies being in the way of the object.

TALL CREW GUY: “Where the hell did this thing come from?”
FAT CREW GUY: “I don’t know. I came around the corner and it was just sitting here.”
TALL CREW GUY: “Well… what should we do with it?”
They back away for a moment and we now see what appears to be an old small television, probably from the 80’s. The rather large crew member looks at an old fashion VHS tape that is sticking out of an even older looking VCR. The label on the front of the tape in big letters reads “PLAY ME!!!”. The guy shrugs his shoulders.

FAT CREW GUY: “I guess we see what’s on this tape.”
He pushes the tape into the VCR and the old yet familiar sounds come forth from the old machine. Suddenly the television screen comes to life with nothing but white and black static.

TALL CREW GUY: “This is probably just someone trying to play a practical joke, just shut it of…”
The crew guy stops talking as an eerie voice comes through the static.

VOICE: “Darkness blankets the Earth as the silence rushes over the oceans. The mountains crumble and the forests burn. What was living now hides in death… destruction overtakes the damned. Streets filled with dirt, graves emptied of their dead. Tortured screams… chilling eyes watch over the flames. Hell on Earth or just the nightmares of a twisted soul? Songs of silence, insanities riddles… what shall come to pass? Find your shelter… cling to your sanity… pray for peace… fall into the pit, consumed by mortality’s cold fingers. Breathe… Breathe your last breath… for the hands go tick-tock… tick-tock… tick-tock… soon all will be made known… soon… soon… very very soon!”
The voice now is just a chilling laugh as the static fades into an image…

TALL CREW GUY: “Dude shut that off!”
FAT CREW GUY: “Creepy man, really creepy!”
They shut the tape off and walk away, leaving the television there.

As the advertisement begins to fade out, the screen flickers momentarily before words start appearing on the screen.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall!”
The theater goes dark, as the sound of an ambulance siren can be heard over the music. As the ambulance backs its way towards an empty area of the stage the lights come on. Two security guards get out the front of the ambulance and slowly make their way to the back..
The two security guards open both doors in the back of the ambulance and pull a gurney out of the back. As the camera zooms in, Tommy “The Hammer” Robinson is struggles against the restraints that are holding him to the gurney. His face is covered with a restraint mask.As one of the security guards starts to unstrap him from the gurney, the other reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette. He lights it at the moment that Tommy is released. Then the other other guard takes off Tommy’s mask.

POWERS: ”Introducing first… From Cleveland, Ohio… He is THE HAMMER… TOMMY ROBIIIIIIIINSON!!!”
As Tommy’s mouth is freed the security guard with the cigarette places it into Tommy’s mouth as he looks into his cold eyes. The two security guards make their way back to the ambulance as Tommy calmly walks down the aisle smoking the cigarette. He slowly climbs up the stairs focused completely on the task at hand.
As Tommy enters the ring through the middle rope, he takes the cigarette from his mouth, and then puts it out on his tongue before flicking it to the outside of the ring. He walks over to the corner and places his head on the top turnbuckle waiting for the bell.

POWERS: ”And his opponent… “
‘Puritania’ by Dimmu Borgir hit the theatre speakers as Lauryn Faith creeps through the curtain with her guide Draven Rook behind her then falls to her knees on the stage. With her arms spread wide, Lauryn looks to silent gods who refuse to answer her so she shrieks as loud as she can.

POWERS: ”From Fort Dodge, Iowa… She is the Envoy of Pain… LAUUUUURYN FAIIIIIIIIIITH!!!”
Draven rubs her shoulder and mutters a prayer, then takes her hand and leads her to the ring. Lauryn grins at the audience members.

JOHNSON: ”This is kind of creepy… “
VASSA: ”Creepy?! I think it’s hot!”
Lauryn slides into the ring and patiently waits for the match to begin. Robinson looks at his opposition and literally starts drooling from his mouth as he waits for the opening bell.
The match gets underway with Robinson storming out of his corner in a boxing stance. He swings at Faith with a wild right hand, but Faith ducks underneath it and claws her fingernails into the big man’s eyes. The temporarily blinded Robinson rubs his eyes as Faith bounces off the ropes and connects with a low dropkick right to Robinson’s knee! Robinson falls right down to one knee, Faith grabbing a hold of his head and starts biting him directly in his forehead!

JOHNSON: ”What the hell?! She’s biting him!”
VASSA: ”Kinky. I kinda like it.”
Robinson manages to push Faith off him, and gets right up to his feet. Robinson charges toward Faith and goes for a clothesline, but Faith ducks underneath that attack too, leaping onto Robinson’s back only to bite him again, this time in the ear! Robinson reaches back, grabs a hold of Faith’s hair, and flips her over his back causing to land hard in the center of the ring. Robinson shakes the cobwebs out and checks to make sure his ear was intact before he lifts Faith up to her feet and irish whips her into the corner. Robinson lets out a grunt and then charges toward the corner, but Faith falls to her back, and slides out of the ring. Once Robinson reaches the corner, Faith reaches into the ring and grabs a hold of Robinson’s foot, and proceeds to bite at his ankle!

JOHNSON: ”What is this girl?! A chihuahua?! “
VASSA: ”There’s nothing wrong with a little biting, Johnson! It’s unique offense!”
JOHNSON: ”Unique offense?! She’s trying to eat a man on national TV!”
Robinson yells out in pain and lifts his free leg up, stomping down on the back of Faith’s head. The attack hurts the 4CW newcomer just enough for Robinson to bend down, and pull Faith into the ring by her hair. Instead of lifting her up, Robinson starts stomping away at Faith’s downed body, and then mounts overtop of her. He starts clubbing away at her face with right hands, but Faith reaches her hands up and drives her nails directly into Robinson’s eyes! The former boxer falls back and Faith stands right up to her feet, bounces off the ropes, and connects with a running boot to the face! Faith goes for the cover…
Robinson forcefully kicks out, Faith popping right back up to her feet. She waits for Robinson to get on his knees and hits him with a headbutt! The attack had little effect on Robinson as he pushes himself back to his feet and lunges toward her, but Faith kicks him in the midsection and stops the attack. She wraps her arm around his head and looks for a DDT, but ‘The Hammer’ shoves her away and connects with a huge uppercut to her chin! Faith falls flat on her back, the relentless Robinson grabbing her by her hair and lifting her up to her feet. He knees her in the midsection, lifts her up, and drops her to the mat with a sidewalk slam!
Robinson didn’t stop his attack there and immediately mounts overtop of Faith once again, wailing away with punches to her face. After his attack, Robinson pops up to his feet and yells out ‘WHO’S THE MAN’ to jeers from the crowd.

JOHNSON: ”Looks like the Hammer has finally took control of this match.”
VASSA: ”Took a little bit, but he’s definitely in the driver’s seat right now.”
Robinson patiently waits for Faith to get back up to a vertical base, and when she does, he charges forward and takes her down with a big clothesline! Robinson grabs a handful of her hair, lifts her up to her feet, and hits a big time spinebuster right in the middle of the ring! He lays on top of her and makes the cover…
Faith gets her shoulder up off the canvas just before the referee’s hand came down for the three, Robinson simply smirking down at his opponent. He grabs her by the hair and lifts her to her feet, picking him her up and driving her directly into the corner! He sets Faith down and begins to unleash with right and left hooks to the body, then proceeds to pull her out of the corner and nearly takes her head off with a short-arm clothesline!
Robinson picks Faith up again and lifts her up for another spinebuster, but Faith wraps her arm around his head and spikes his head to the mat with a big DDT!

JOHNSON: ”Huge DDT from Faith right there! “
VASSA: ”Pretty sure Robinson has a concussion after that. No, he definitely has a concussion after that. “
Faith pushes herself up to her feet and tugs on her hair before she steps over to the downed Robinson and starts stomping away at his body! She uses the referee’s entire five count before she stops and bounces off the ropes, jumps in the air, and connects with a high-arcing knee to the face! Faith didn’t stop there, mounting overtop of Robinson and clawing at his face, once again using the referee’s entire five count before she stops.
Faith crawls away from Robinson, a sinister smirk on her face as she waits for her opponent to get up to his feet. Robinson gingerly gets up to his feet, but Faith was right there to meet him with a spin kick to the midsection, following it up with a huge superkick to the chin!

JOHNSON: ”That’s the combination that she calls Twin Blades!”
VASSA: ”If he wasn’t concussed before, he has to be after that superkick! “
Faith tilts her head to the side and makes a cut throat gesture before she crawls away from her opponent once again. It takes a little bit, but Robinson finally makes it up to his feet. Faith manages to stay behind Robinson, kicking him in the back of the knee before she crosses his arms around his throat…
Faith hits the straight-jacket lungblower on the bigger Robinson and immediately makes the cover!

‘Puritania’ by Dimmu Borgir blares over the theatre loudspeakers as Lauryn pushes herself up from the mat and stares down at Tommy Robinson’s lifeless body. The referee goes to raise her arm up in the air, but Lauryn stares at him with a look that says ‘don’t touch me.’

JOHNSON: ”You know, Lauryn Faith pretty much dominated that entire match! “
VASSA: ”I’m a fan, Johnson. I’m definitely a fan!”
Lauryn exits the ring, paying no mind to the crowd around her as they boo her until she makes her way back to the back.

The National Anthem for New Zealand plays and the crowd goes to a dead silence not knowing who this is as a Video Package showing the beautiful landscape shows on the big screen. Moments pass and Mount Tongariro better known to nerds as Mordor from LOTR Series is shown. At the foot of the mountain is a person standing, looking up at the height of it’s peak. The sun catches a reflection off something laid over their shoulder and as the camera comes in closer, you can see it is the 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe. Shaking his head, he looks disappointed.

CASHE: “I expected more honestly…I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. most folks know how well Colorado and me have gotten along over the years!”
From his side, his hand raises and he sucks in a deep lung full from a joint. The live audience roars with cheers, most of them remembering the first time 4CW came to Colorado. One of the highlights of his career in 4CW. Upon a full exhale, Cashe spits out a few crumbs from the joint that got left behind after pulling the joint from his mouth.

CASHE: “I would have liked to be there in person to congratulate last show’s Qualifier but well, I’m lazy so I decided to do something more important and that was come here and do what nobody else is doing. Spreading the word, the reputation of 4 Corners Wrestling. Now don’t worry, I will be back before Ante Up! I mean I asked for this challenge and heh…so far I’ve found the Ladies of 4 Corners Wrestling have more to offer than the men. Some of the men have taken residence in the Shadow of some of the women! It’s crazy!”
As he begins t take another puff of his joint, a gust of wind rolls past him. His beard shakes some and he pulls in the fresh air of New Zealand. Holding it in like a bong hit, he finds a smile breaking across his face as his eyes close and he takes in the moment.

CASHE: “I don’t know who will Qualify tonight and I wish all of them well but to those that have, to the one remaining who will, I say this: Be prepared. Be ready for not just a Fatal Four 60 Minute Iron PERSON match because that’s not what this will only be about. I want you all to be prepared because this will be a fight like none of you have seen before but think you’re ready to handle and find victory in. See this might surprise some people but I’m not exactly considered handsome…I know, HUGE shocker!”
The live crowd laughs, some give a round of applause to the joke. Cashe scoffs and inhales another puff off the joint, his words come out with bits of smoke that disappear in the wind upon exhale.

CASHE: “So if you think about it and know the bits and pieces I’ve lost already then you have to realize I’ve got little to lose, little that I care about losing. Felicity, Ramona, you’ve both done good but you both have found yourself outside of what has BEEN your comfort zone. To the person who qualifies tonight…You will celebrate your win, smile and find joy in your heart but rest assure this isn’t a Golden Ticket to see the Chocolate Factory or winning the Lotto, this is a ticket to a world of being fucked up. Three people will see themselves as winners going into Ante Up but this is a Contest and ya’ll just became the next contestants on “To Catch a Beatdown” and I’m your fucking host…See you soon, cheerio! Do they say that here?”
Shrugging, not caring if the term is used in New Zealand. Cashe puffs on his joint and walks off the screen just as it turns black.

” wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah
I wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah”
“I wanna raise pulses”
If anyone was looking at the card line up they would be aware that Ramona’s match was not til much later in the night, but her music was playing by no mistake. Not long after her theme starts she appears from behind the curtain and begins to head towards the ring waving and blowing kisses at the fans who don’t seem all that receptive towards her.
“La chica with the most-est
Not in the mood for the average Josephs
Coming unglued, baby this is explosive
I wanna raise pulses”
She’s careful climbing into the ring, not dressed for any activity at the moment in a pair of beige high heels and a tight white mini dress. For once she’s not even carrying around both of the 4CW Tag Team Titles. She dips between the ropes as gracefully as she can and one of the ringside workers hands her a microphone before she takes a spot in the center of the ring. Staring out into the crowd she waits as her music fades out. It’s obvious they have no intentions of quieting down so that the woman can talk so she just begins to speak over them.

RAMONA: “Oooh Denver, Colorado it’s been too long!”
There is the cheapest of pops from the crowd, but most of them don’t seem to be buying it. Save for one fan in the audience that waits for the quietest moment he can find to scream out “I LOVE YOU MONA!”. In the ring Ramona continues to smile, unwavered by all of this as usual.

RAMONA: “And I love you too random person. Getting back to what I was saying, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here in this city but I haven’t forgotten the last time I was. Maybe even some of you were in attendance last November when I fought my second match ever in 4CW. Even back then it was obvious I was on fire. I’d debuted in and won a ten person over the top elimination rumble the show before and I guess you could kind of say that I’ve been on a roll ever since. And now that I’ve got this big match ahead of me I’ve been doing some reflection on myself.
No I’m not talking about the tag match that’s coming up that I’m contractually obligated to have the belts defended in if you’re wondering. That’s something I’ll address later and no one out there really needs to worry about it. After all you all know that the belts are in the best possible hands they could be right now. I’m talking about the 4CW Title match I’m going to be competing in at Ante Up against several other opponents. So far we know that there will be Felicia Banks, myself and Jason Cashe with the other contender yet to be chosen tonight. And no matter who wins tonight our match at the Super Card will be a good one, I have no problem admitting that. I think it’s safe to say that it will be the biggest match of a lot of our careers.
That’s the sort of thing that has gotten me thinking that maybe it’s time I do something I don’t normally do. Maybe it’s time that I thank the people in my life that made it possible for me to be here. Because I couldn’t have done this on my own.”

There is a rumble in the crowd. Folks are murmuring and discussing with one another these very ‘un-Mona like’ words the woman is saying. Still she seems to have a look of almost heartfelt honesty on her face and she takes to holding the microphone with both hands in front of her chest.

RAMONA: “And of course you know there are people like my father Saul and my very first wrestling coach Reggie Monroe who deserve recognition. My former tag team partner Sativah that I still miss every day, and my incredibly talented and handsome significant other Brennan too. They all deserve my gratitude of course but there are other people that need to be thanked.
People like Katrina Nova and Tara Blackhart. People like Biohazard and Black Listed. I’m here to thank all the people that I’ve beaten to get where I am today. I want to stand on this very public platform and say ‘thank you’ to the folks who in their defeat propelled me even further into super stardom.”

Of course there was something backhanded in all of this. Did anyone really believe Ramona was going to go out there and really just be nice for several minutes? The sweet smile on her face turns a little more sinister.

RAMONA: “So thank you Roxi Johnson for failing to rise to the occasion both times we met face to face in this ring. Through both of our battles we know without a doubt who the better and more talented woman is. And though I didn’t pin you the second time we fought I would still like to say I appreciate your help getting me this title shot. That goes for you too Havok! If you weren’t a black hole of sucktitude Dakota might have had some trouble getting the Extreme Championship and I would have probably had to pin Raab to get my shot at Ante Up. You’re doing things here in 4CW for sure Havok, just not winning your matches.
Then there is Jair. Thank you Jair. After a hard fought victory at Boardwalk I came back to a harder fought one against you. And if I could beat you I knew there was nothing in my way I couldn’t overcome on the way to the top. You also proved to me that the goodie two shoes like you in this company are just liars. You’re all as mean and snarky as me underneath, you just wear masks of pretend politeness because you fear what you’d see if you looked at your reflection without it.
Thank you to all the losers out there. Thank you for being so sub-par so that a true star like me could step forward and kick you all back to the irrelevancy you so deserve! Thank you, thank you!”

The chorus of boos returns and it just serves to make Ramona laugh now. She pauses long enough to brush some imaginary dirt off her shoulder, a favorite taunt of hers. When she returns to speaking she’s forced to raise the volume of her voice over the fans in attendance. She sounds almost authoritative now.

RAMONA: “And because I’m so god damn nice I’m even going to thank the future losers. We’ll start with Brandon ‘Enhancement Talent’ Young who can cry “discrimination!” after I beat him tonight. He can cry on twitter and call everyone a tranny and his twitter friends will pat him on the back and tell him how oppressed he’s been but he’ll still be just what he is. A loser. So thank you Brandon.
Jason Cashe, our champion whom for whatever reason couldn’t be bothered to be here tonight in his bread and butter company, thank you for the opportunity to do what every person who’s ever met you wants to do. Hit you. Thank you for the beating I’m going to give you. Maybe I’ll snatch your other nipple and give it to Dakota as a good luck charm. Really I think it’s just going to be what feels right at the time.
And thank you Felicia Banks for looking at 4CW, seeing me and saying ‘Gosh I want to imitate that!’ I mean, you failed but that is kind of what I’m thanking people for. Thank you for getting to this match at Ante Up just so you can lose it. Watching people fall is always fun, but watching them fall from great heights is even more pleasurable.
And to whomever wins this battle tonight, whether it’s Seamus, Borderland, Aidan or Jair a hearty thank you as well. All of you have an important role to play, a movie just wouldn’t look as good if there weren’t extras milling around in the background after all. I’m sure you all will feel that tonight your efforts are valiant, and they will be of course, but realize that the role of the anti-hero has already been cast. The story is filming as we speak and your destinies are predetermined.
That goes for everyone of my opponents at Ante Up. I haven’t faced a single one of you before, save Jair if he wins, but that hasn’t mattered for the majority of the people I beat either. There’s a reason that I’m infamous and it’s because whether you’re part of the educated minority and love me, or you’re part of the ignorant majority and hate me, I’ve got that undeniable je ne sais quoi. That indescribable quality is why you all can’t stop talking about me, it’s why you tweet about me. It’s why I piss you off. Because you can’t be me. Everyone who saw me the last time I set foot in the state saw that pure talent and showmanship in me when I was just a quite unassuming young woman. They saw the start of a career that’s going to be talked about for years and that career is still just getting going. Well that quite woman may be gone but in her place is a loud, unapologetic champion who’s looking to get her hands on some more gold. And frankly I like the new woman better. There’s a blockbuster hitting theaters July 29th and you’re looking at the break out star. Sit back, grab some popcorn folks, because Jurassic World don’t have shit on me.”

With that timely reference Ramona drops the mic, effectively ending this little in-ring session of gratitude and self congratulations. Her music cues back up from where it trailed off earlier as she slips out over the middle rope and carefully makes her way down the ring steps. Pushing her dark hair back over her shoulders she returns to the backstage area, seeming pretty happy with herself now.

Heading to the backstage area, we are standing by with Drew Stevenson, who is wearing emerald green wrestling trunks, kneepads, boots and has his hands taped up in black tape and standing next to him of course is his manager, Mark Robertson who is dressed in a very expensive Armani suit. Looking very arrogant, Stevenson stands there with his hands placed on his hips as Robertson does all of the speaking.

ROBERTSON: “Rumors, there have been a lot of rumors going on around here as of late but the one rumor that I can personally tell you that is true is that the 4CW is in fact moving on up as the Jefferson’s used to say.”
Both Stevenson and Robertson look at each other. As both men are grinning from ear to ear, Robertson reaches out and pats his man on the back while continuing to speak.

ROBERTSON: “Now I know, many of you mouth breathers will never admit it but let’s face reality, and that reality is that none of this was possible until Mr. Wallace signed none other than yours truly, Mr. Drew Stevenson!”
Motioning at the man himself, Robertson begins to clap — giving Stevenson a standing ovation as Stevenson brings his arms outwards to embrace all of the love that Robertson gives him.

ROBERTSON: “Now we know what many of you are thinking, and that is that it was simply a coincidence but let me be the first person to tell you; that isn’t the case at all. You see, when Mr. Stevenson first signed on with the company? There were a lot of very unhappy people in the backstage area, a lot of men and women who weren’t happy to see him and that’s not because they don’t like what he does on Twitter — no, it’s because they are jealous of my client. When Mr. Stevenson came to me about signing for Mr. Wallace? I knew just how much money that they would bring in together, I knew that the company would move on up to bigger venues the very moment that Mr. Stevenson was seen on 4CW programming and look where we are…”
Bringing his arms out to his sides, he was making a very bold statement — one that nobody can deny.

ROBERTSON: “… Moving on up to bigger venues. So to all of you inferior mouth breathers in the back? I do believe that you should come out to that ring after Mr. Stevenson beats Felicity and show your gratitude and appreciation for what he has done for all of you.”
With a very loud chorus of boos, it was pretty evident that these people were not a big fan of what Robertson had to say.

ROBERTSON: “Now Felicity, let me say a few things to you…”
Extending his pointy finger out on his right hand, he points it directly at the camera as if pointing at Felicity personally. While continuing to speak, his voice raises as he shows much more passion, maybe even a little bit of anger in his voice.

ROBERTSON: “… For the past two weeks, I have heard every single thing that you had to say about my client. I have heard you try to run his name through the mud, I have heard you try to bury him six feet under but let me ask you a question — how does it feel to be eating a nice piece of humble pie? You see, it wasn’t you who brought this company to that next level. Sure, you helped in keeping it at the level that it was before my client came in but once Mr. Stevenson signed his name on the dotted line? Man, he came in and tore the roof off of this place like a tornado — he showed Mr. Wallace and the entire world that it was time for this company to move on up and so because of MY client; you and the rest of the mouth breathers in the back are going to experience what Madison Square Garden is all about.”
Continuing to show so much passion in every word that he speaks, everybody in attendance and watching at home is on the edge of their seats, hanging on to his every word.

ROBERTSON: “Oh I know, you and every single person in the back or fuming right now, right? You HATE the fact that a man who you thought would NEVER be allowed to step foot into this company not only stepped foot into it, but in two weeks time managed to turn this entire company around. Mr. Stevenson, my client has already taken this company to new heights — he has already proven to be the measuring stick around here and the man has not even had his first match yet and deep down felicity? That eats away at you because my client has managed to do something in two weeks time that you were never able to achieve.”
Shaking his pointy finger from side to side, he was making a very bold statement and yeah, it definitely could come back to bite him in the butt sooner rather than later but that was a risk that they were always willing to take.

ROBERTSON: “So later on tonight? Myself and Mr. Stevenson, we can’t wait to see you go to Twitter the very moment that you hit the backstage area after realizing that my client pinned your shoulders to that canvas for the…”
Holding up his first finger, he is on fire tonight.

Bringing up his second finger now, you know exactly where this is going.

While holding up his front two fingers, he now brings up the third which finishes off his point.

ROBERTSON: “… Three…”
With all three fingers held up now, both Stevenson and Robertson simply look at each other — nothing but pure arrogance stretched along their faces.

ROBERTSON: “… And just like Mr. Stevenson told you earlier on this week? Your little spotless record that you have in this company? Gone! You are not going to be heading into Ante Up with all of this momentum that you thought you would have because my client, Mr. Stevenson; well, he is about to chop it in half and put you down to size — exactly where you belong!”
Lowering two of his fingers, he was once again pointing at the camera. After a brief moment, he lowers his hand and slaps his client on the shoulder.

ROBERTSON: “Let’s go champ, we have work to get done!”
With that being said, both Stevenson and Robertson turn away from the camera and walk off getting ready for their match up against Felicity Banks tonight on Adrenaline.


Those five words of “Ignite” by Noisestorm, None Like Joshua & Veela immediately caused an incredibly loud, and mixed, response from the tonight’s audience as the purple-haired lady came through the black curtains, black jacket proudly draped over her shoulders. The crowd instantly knew that she was Robina Hood and began to become even louder with their cheers and jeers.

POWERS: ”The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…from Sherwood Forest…weighing in at one hundred thirty-two pounds……ROBINA HOOD!”
Once introduced the forest-dweller threw her arms up high in the air, her forefingers pointing out towards the sky. This caused the jacket to fly off her shoulder and onto the stage floor, revealing her military-styled red dress – with a translucent portion in the front of the skirt – to the cameras and generated alot of wolf whistles from the men in attendance, before confidently beginning to walk down the ramp, keeping her distance from the people in attendance while doing so. She didn’t waste much time in getting to ringside, up the ring steps and onto the ring apron. But instead of immediately entering the ring Miss Hood partly sat down on the middle rope and glanced towards the crowd, giving him a happy looking smile before finally entering the ring. Shortly after entering the ring Robina did a 270 degrees spin and punched the air at the moment “watch me ignite” escaped the P.A. System, electing an even louder response from the people in attendance tonight.

POWERS: ”And her opponent, hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds, he is “The Magic Man” JOHN AUSSSSTTTTIIIINN!!!”
The various infamous beat to “Straight On” by Heart begins to play in the theater. Fans get to their feet as Austin makes his way through the entrance. Austin stops center stage and surveys his surroundings, taking in the moment. He comes through and starts greeting the fans being the people person, the people’s champion if you will.
He makes his way to the ring and does a running dive through the second rope “superman” style. He goes to pose on all four corners of the ring as the opponent’s music begins to start up.

VASSA: I really don’t know what to say about this match up here.”
JOHNSON: ”All is know is that Austin was impressive in his win against Ciara Rose last Adrenaline. He’s looking to start up a little streak here tonight.”
VASSA: ”I think Robina may be able to capture the win here tonight.”
With the sound of the bell both competitors rush from their corners into the center of the ring where Austin quickly sweeps Robina off of her feet. Robina tries kicking up from the mat but Austin hops on top of her and places her in a Headlock. Robina breaks ahold of the lock and gets back to her feet. She looks for a Clothesline, but Austin ducks and catches Robina with a flying Superman Punch. Robina drops to the mat before rolling back to her feet where Austin immediately catches her with a Flying Knee. Robina stumbles backwards into the ropes, bounces off and once again is tripped by Austin who gets a little reception from the crowd.

VASSA: ”Austin has come out hot tonight.”
Austin lifts Robina back to her feet and whips here into the turnbuckle. Austin trails behind her lookin for a Spear but Robina runs up the turnbuckle and flips off it, pushing Austin in the back making him go shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Robina wraps around Austin’s neck but Austin pushes her off and connects with a European Uppercut. Robina’s leg wobble before Austin catches her with a hook that sends her to the mat. Austin climbs up the ropes and leaps off with an Elbow drop that connects. He jumps to his feet trying to get the crowd into the match as they cheer for a second.
With Robina down Austin sets up in a corner awaiting Robina to get back to her feet. As she does Austin charges, looking for that Spear again and this time it connects as Austin explodes into Robina and drives her to the mat. He jumps up to his feet, really feel the adrenaline rushing through his body as he has full momentum of this match. He grabs Robina by the shoulder and pulls her to her feet where he slaps her across the chest and into the turnbuckles.

JOHNSON: ”Hood looks lost out there.”
VASSA: ”Still think she’s going to win this match partner?”
Austin hits Robina with a few blows before wrapping up around her and lifting her for one suplex, followed by another suplex, and followed by the last one that he throws most of his strength into. He wastes no time bringing Robina back to her feet, but Robina catches him with an eye rake. Austin aids to his face while Robina looks for a Superkick, but Austin ducks, spins Robina around and wraps around her once more. He lifts her up and annihilates her with Total Eclipse Of The Heart. He immediately hops on top for the pin, nodding his head while the ref starts the count.
Austin jumps to his feet and runs up a turnbuckle basking in his victory as Robina lays in the middle of the ring still feeling the effect of the powerful move from Austin.

VASSA: ”And there we have it, Austin continues to make his way up the ranks of Four Corner Wrestling.”
JOHNSON: ”Eh, I’m not too sure. That is Robina’s second loss back to back, but whatever.”
VASSA: ”Well it looks like were going to be heading backstage folks. Let’s see what’s going on.”

A camera crew made it backstage to see Felicity Banks stretching her leg out against her locker room door. Felicity saw the camera crew, but paid them no mind as she pulled her leg off from the door and began stretching out her other leg.

CAMERA MAN: Felicity?
The female Banks ignored the cameraman and pulled her leg off the wall. She then grabbed her sleeveless “I’m better than you” sweatshirt from the equipment crate near her locker room door and slung it over her shoulder.

CAMERA MAN: Ms. Banks?
Still no reply. Felicity pulled her hair back in a ponytail and whispered some words underneath her breath that the cameraman or the audience couldn’t hear. She swung at the air with a left and a right hook, and followed it up with a spinning roundhouse kick.

CAMERA MAN: Felicity Banks!
She finally turned her attention to the cameraman, a frustrated look on her features. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and flailed her arms out to her sides.

BANKS: You’re messing me up all up, camera dude. I’m trying to get ready for my match here! Can’t you go bother someone else?
Felicity rolled her eyes and slipped on her sleeveless sweatshirt over her head. Once that was on, she grabbed her bottle of Poland Spring water off the equipment crate and took a swig.

CAMERA MAN: Just wanted to get your thoughts on your match coming up, and if possible, I wanted to ask how you felt about Ramona qualifying for the fatal fourway at Ante Up. Oh, and lastly, who do you see qualifying tonight?
Felicity blinked her eyes heavily and breathed out a sigh. She bit down on the inside of her cheek and tilted her head just a little to the side.

BANKS: That’s a lot of questions, and I really don’t feel like answering any one of them. Buuuuuuuuut…
She tossed the hood to her sweatshirt over her head, placed the Poland Spring bottle back on the equipment crate, and crossed her arms.

BANKS: I guess I can answer them. Question one, how do I feel about my match coming up? I feel like I’m gonna win! Question two; how do I feel about Ramona advancing into the fatal fourway at Ante Up? Hm…
She paused, tapping her finger off her chin.

BANKS: I feel like I’m gonna win! And question three; who do I think is gonna advance later tonight? Hrm… this one’s a bit of a toughie.
She looked up at the ceiling and placed her hands firmly on her hips. She pondered, and pondered, and pondered some more.

BANKS: Oh, I know! I feel like no matter who it is… I’m gonna win! Does that answer all of your questions for you, camera dude?
CAMERA MAN: Well, sure. I gue–
BANKS: Good!
She reached forward and pat the cameraman on the shoulder.

BANKS: Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get going to the gorilla position. Hasta luego.
She shined off a bright smile and walked past the cameraman, the cameraman focusing on her backside as she walked away.


The lights suddenly just shut off consuming the entire theater in complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light. After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the theater lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans boo him heavily.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “Public Enemy Number One”, DREW SSTTEEVVEENNSSOONN!!!”
He just begins walking down the aisle sporting his usual attire which consists of dark green wrestling pants, dark green knee pads, boots and his hands taped up in dark green tape as well. Once at ringside, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet just pacing the ring simply awaiting for the bell to ring thus getting this match underway.

VASSA: ”This man has gotten so much heat since signing with 4CW and I’ve loved every moment of it. If it wasn’t already known then let it be known now, 4CW isn’t exactly the nicest promotion in the business. This is the place for the people who like to push boundaries and Drew Stevenson fits the bill.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed he does, Vinny. The man has a reputation and has been referred to as literally public enemy number one in the business. I don’t know what Mr. Wallace was thinking but he obviously sees something in Stevenson’s heat that others are afraid to associate with.”
VASSA: ”Wallace is a business man. He knows that the more people hate the man, the more that people will tune in to watch. It’s pretty simple actually.”
“Can you feel that…?”
“Scream” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays over sound system, the crowd erupting in a mixed reaction as the lights dimmer down and a gold sparklers fall down onto the entrance ramp. There’s still no sign of Felicity as the pyro continues going off, the theater lights dimming down until they’re off. The sparklers are still visible as a spotlight illuminates the top of ramp.
“Can you feel that…?”
The soft voice of Felicity Banks echoes throughout the theater as the “True Queen B of Pro Wrestling” comes out of the curtain with a smug smile on her face. She makes her way through the golden sparklers, her arms extended to her sides and a blowpop in her mouth.

POWERS: ”Now coming to the ring from Jersey City, New Jersey, weighing in at one hundred fifteen pounds and standing five feet, two inches tall. She is “The Sullen Angel”, FELICITY BBAANNKKSS!!!”
She looks disinterested as she pulls the blowpop out of her and mouth, slowly pacing down the ramp, turning her back to show the camera the “Queen B” writing on the back of her sleeveless sweatshirt. Once halfway down the ramp, Felicity glances at the fans at ringside and stares them down before she glances around the entire theater. She walks up the steps and into the ring.
Once in the ring, Felicity spins around in circles until the lights in the theater begin getting brighter, not stopping until the theater was fully lit. Felicity unzips her sweatshirt and glances at crowd, finally climbing up to the middle rope. She stares out into the crowd and motions for the crowd to bow down to her to which some oblige and others don’t.
She hops off the ropes and turns around, sliding her back down against the turnbuckle pads until she was fully seated on the mat, seeming disinterested as she patiently waits for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”I don’t know what it is about this chick but I can’t take my eye off of her, each and every time she steps into that ring.”
JOHNSON: ”Of course you can’t. You can’t keep your eyes off any female wrestler we have. You’re a pig and you show it each and every show with your tasteless comments.”
VASSA: ”I just call it how I see it! If you would have let me finish I was going to say that not only is she a beauty but she is also very talented in the ring. She has already proven that and will be stepping into the ring with the 4CW Champion at the big show with the belt on the line.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right she will. She’s been on fire since she signed with 4CW and has yet to lose in the ring. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Drew Stevenson in action but with a win here tonight she can carry on that streak and hopefully hold onto it leading into Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”That’s easier said than done because unlike you, I have seen Drew in the ring and this match could very well steal the entire show.”
JOHNSON: ”I guess we’ll just have to sit here and witness it first hand.”
VASSA: ”I guess we will!”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with Drew and receives the nod. He then turns to Banks who nods almost instantly. Slowly raising his hand into the air, the ref then signals for the bell.
Standing in his corner, Drew stares across the ring at Banks with a cocky look across his face. With his elbows up and hands on the top ropes, Drew then pushes himself away from the corner and makes his way to the center of the ring. Waving at Banks, Drew motions for her to leave her corner and meet him in the center. Without hesitation, Banks points at him with her index finger and shakes it back and forth while stepping away from the corner and coming towards him.
The two then circle each other in the center of the ring for a moment. First on attack, Drew lunges forward and swings with a right hook but comes up short as Banks ducks underneath to avoid contact. The two circle each other for a little bit more before Drew takes another swing for the fences. With Drew’s hand closing in on her face, Banks leans back and barely avoids the punch as his fist races by her face. After missing, Drew quickly fires another punch with his left but as he does, Banks hits him with a spin kick to the stomach.
Going back a step, Drew holds his side for a short moment. He then looks up at Banks with a cocky grin and then waves her to bring it but as he does, Banks kicks him in the stomach again, this time from directly in front of him. She then jumps into the air, spins and comes around with a roundhouse kick to the chops. Drew stumbles backwards before losing his balance and tripping over his own feet. Drew then pushes himself up to his knees but before he can get completely up, Banks runs towards him and hits him in the face with a drop kick, sending him slamming against the canvas.

JOHNSON: ”Felicity is getting things started nicely here with a few quick attacks to take the veteran off his feet.”
VASSA: ”There’s a big size difference between the two. She needs to keep up this attack if she’s going to keep the bigger man down.”
Before Drew can roll off of his back, Banks leaps into the air and comes down with a double foot stomp into his chest. She then wipes her feet as if his chest were a rug. Stepping off of him, Banks makes it a point to step on one of his hands lying open to his side. Putting all over her weight on that one foot, she tries to break his fingers as she twists her foot as if stepping on a cigarette. Obviously in a world of pain, Drew quickly pulls his hand away and before Banks can pull her second foot away from his chest, Drew grabs onto it with both hands and then twists her ankle, pulling her down to the canvas.
The two scramble to get to their feet, Banks standing up first. Just as Drew gets to his, Banks rushes in towards him but as she draws near, Drew bends over and then pops straight back up, flipping Banks over his head and down to the mat with a backdrop. Rolling over to her stomach, Banks pushes herself up with her back turned to Drew. Seeing an opportunity, Drew quickly moves behind her and dives shoulder first into the back of her knee, knocking her off her feet with a chop block. He then stands up and lifts her up as well. Drew then positions himself behind her and locks her in an abdominal stretch.
Banks squirms and tries to break free but doesn’t as Drew keeps the move locked in tightly, trying to rip her in half. Noticing the ropes not far away, Banks then turns her attention to them and reaches for the top one. Coming up about a foot short, Banks continues to reach but doesn’t get anywhere as Drew keeps trying to rip her torso from her lower body, Checking in with Banks, the ref sees if she’s going to submit but gets nothing as she ignores him and continues reaching for the ropes, fighting through the pain. After a few moments pass, Banks exerts one last burst of energy and reaches for the ropes, this time dragging Drew with her and grabbing ahold of the top one.
The ref then yells for Drew to release the hold but he doesn’t. Blatantly ignoring the ref, Drew keeps pulling away at Banks even though she has a hold on the top rope. The ref then begins the five count, yelling into Drew’s face

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! …”
Before the ref can even say five, Drew quickly released his hold on Banks and takes a step away. The ref backs him away, fussing at him for ignoring his demand to break the hold. Drew just holds his hands up, acting innocent with a smile on his face as the ref scolds him.

VASSA: ”Look at this guy, acting like he did nothing wrong. I like it!”
JOHNSON: ”At least you do because I don’t think the ref is too pleased with it.”
VASSA: ”I don’t see why not. He gets a five count to let go and he did so within that time. What’s the big deal?!”
Just as Banks gets situated, the ref steps out from in between them and Drew quickly goes back on the hunt. Moving in on her swiftly, he rushes in behind her. Hearing the reactions of the crowd, Banks quickly drops to the mat while pulling down the top rope as Drew closes in and flips up and over, falling to the outside. Hitting the floor hard, Drew rolls a few feet before coming to a stop. Pushing himself up, his face grows with anger as he looks back into the ring as Banks who looks right back at him with a smile on her face. Drew walks to the edge of the ring and goes to enter but Banks quickly moves towards him. Drew backs away from the apron and walks around for a moment before trying to enter from a different side. Just as he ducks his head underneath the bottom rope, Banks rushes over and goes to stomp on his head but misses as Drew quickly pulls his head back outside of the ring.
The two mouth off at one another for a moment before Drew walks to the other side of the ring with an angry look on his face. Meanwhile, the ref is at the five mark on the count out. Drew points at Banks and yells a few choice words. She then backs up to the other side of the ring and leans back against the ropes, giving him the chance to enter the ring. Drew then slides in underneath the bottom rope but before he can get up, Banks rushes in and stomps on his back with quick and painful kicks. She then grabs him by the head and slowly pulls him up to his feet. Once up, Drew plants both of his hands in Banks’ chest and then pushes her away with all of his might. With a few feet in between them, Drew then lunges forward at her to lock up but Banks counters and grabs him by the back of the head before dropping to a sitting position. Pulling Drew’s head down for the ride, Banks hits him with a sit-out jawbreaker that sends his head flying up and backwards.
Drew stumbles backwards towards the ropes and as he hits them, Banks pops up to both feet. As Drew bounces off the ropes and comes back, Banks runs at him and then slides to the mat in between his legs and pops up on behind him. She then jumps into the air and hits him in the back of the head with a drop kick that sends him falling forward and crashing to the mat. Shaking off the attack, Drew pushes himself up and just as he turns around, Banks rushes in and leaps into the air towards him. Wrapping her legs around his head, she falls back and twist her body, lifting Drew up from the canvas and flipping him across the ring with a headscissors takedown. Banks then pops back up to her feet and turns to the corner. Climbing the turnbuckle, she stands at the top while turning back to face Drew inside of the ring whole is just starting to get to his feet. Once up, Drew turns around to face Banks who is flying in the air at him. Landing on his shoulders, Banks goes for a hurricanrana but before she can execute, Drew wraps his arms around her waist and then drives her into the canvas with a powerbomb.

JOHNSON: ”That was a quick counter to that hurricanrana Felicity was going for.”
VASSA: ”He made that look easy, like no effort at all.”
JOHNSON: ”The man has been in this business for a very, very long time. After you do this for so long, it just becomes second nature.”
Drew then drags Banks to the edge of the ring and places her head underneath the bottom rope. He then steps onto her throat while holding onto the top rope for leverage and begins to choke the life out of her. The ref quickly rushes in and pats him on the shoulder roughly, yelling for him to release the hold and step away. Drew ignores the ref once again and continues to pull himself down with the top rope as leverage, choking Banks until she begins to turn red in the face. The ref then begins the five count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! …”
Once again before the ref can get to five, Drew steps away from Banks, leaving her to catch her breath. The ref backs Drew away to the other side of the ring, scolding him once again for blatantly ignoring his commands to break the illegal hold. Drew laughs it off while once again, holding both hands up and acting innocent.

JOHNSON: ”I can see the refs patience is rapidly diminishing with these illegal moves and disrespect for authority.”
VASSA: ”This isn’t some Mickey Mouse promotion. This is 4-C-FUCKING-W!!! We prove time and time again that this isn’t a safe haven for the weak. We get our hands dirty and don’t care who we piss off.”
JOHNSON: ”I understand that, Vinny. Rules are rules though and they must be upheld inside of that ring at all times, unless it’s an extreme rules match of course.”
VASSA: ”Once again, he followed the rules. Drew stepped away before the ref could get to the five count. There’s no rule that says you get punished for doing so before the final count.”
Back up to her feet, Banks leans on the ropes, catching her breath. Drew then pushes the ref out of his way and rushes in towards her. Getting close, Drew ducks down to tackle her and wraps his arms around her waist. Luckily for Banks, the ropes are behind her and keep her from going back. She then locks onto his head with both hands and begins to kick her knee up, smashing it into his face over and over. After hitting him with about five knees to the face, Banks then kicks up one last time, harder than the others and sends Drew flying to the mat, slamming onto his back. She then jumps on top of him and begins to unload with repeated elbows to the face. Hit after hit, Banks begins to wear him down as each one lands and rings his bell. She then stands to both feet with Drew in between her legs on his back. Looking down at him, she then jumps straight into the air and comes down with a knee to the jaw.
Rolling off of Drew, Banks comes up to her feet. She then looks to the corners and quickly runs over to it. Climbing to the top, Banks looks over the crowd for a moment before turning back to Drew who is still down inside of the ring. Not giving him the chance to get to his feet, Banks leaps from the top rope and comes down with a leg drop across his throat, pinning his head to the canvas as his feet shoot into the air. Banks then gets back to her feet and stomps on Drew a few times while he’s still down. Grabbing him by the head, she then pulls him up to his feet and locks onto his wrist with both hands. She then throws Drew to the ropes but as he hits them, he flips over the top. Holding onto the top rope, Drew lands on his feet on the apron. Banks then takes off from stand still and runs towards him. Once close, she jumps into the air and does a front flip over his head. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she then pulls him down from the apron and slams him onto the floor with a sunset flip powerbomb..

JOHNSON: ”That was amazing! But wait a second, I think she hurt herself as well with that awkward landing.”
Rolling away from Drew, Banks holds her lower back with signs of pain on her face. With both wrestlers on the outside, the ref begins the countout.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! …”
Both start to slowly get to their feet.
“Six! … Seven! …”
Both up to their feet, they turn to the ring, ignoring one another.
“Eight! … Nine! …”
Running side by side, the two slide into the ring at the same time, ending the refs countout.

JOHNSON: ”I thought we were about to have a double count out!”
VASSA: ”You ain’t the only one!”
Standing to their feet at the same time, the two then turn to each other. Banks fires away with a hard right to Drew’s jaw. Drew then comes back with a hard right of his own, hitting Banks in the side of the head and knocking her back a step. Before Banks can fire back with another punch, Drew lunges towards her with a haymaker. Ducking as the last second, Banks then steps in behind Drew and jumps into the air, grabbing his head and dropping him to the mat with a neckbreaker. She then stands back up and walks over to Drew’s feet. Grabbing ahold of both, she then drags him to the corner and places them underneath the bottom ropes. Without wasting anymore time, she then drops to her back and rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside of the ring. Reaching into the ring, she then grabs his feet and pulls him as close to the ring post as she can before the ref starts to count her out.
“One! …”
Banks then pulls his legs down to the side of the ring and locks them in with her, applying a figure four leg lock around the ring post.

VASSA: ”What the hell is she doing?!”
JOHNSON: ”I think she’s trying to take Drew out once and for all!”
The ref then stops counting her out and quickly exits the ring, leaving Drew on the inside in a world of pain. The ref begins to pat Banks on the shoulder over and over, yelling for her to release the hold. Returning the two favors from earlier, Banks ignores the refs plea and keeps applying the pressure, trying to snap Drew’s leg in half. The ref then begins to yell in her ear, loud and clear so she can hear the count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! …”
Before the ref can count to five, Banks releases the hold and rolls away from the corner. She then stands to her feet and before the ref can start the count out again, she slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope.

JOHNSON: ”These two are going to drive the official crazy with these blatant illegal moves.”
Back to her feet, Banks grabs Drew by the arm and drags him away from the corner. With the official back in the ring, Banks then pulls Drew up to his feet but as she does, he rakes her eyes with both hands. The ref then moves in and yells at Drew, backing him away from Banks who is temporarily blind at the moment. With Drew in the corner, the ref scolds him even more, this time looking more serious than ever. Drew then pushes him aside and limps back to Banks. Pulling her hand away from her face, Drew then jams his thumb into her eye. The ref quickly runs over to him to pull him away but Drew shrugs him off and then locks both hands on Banks.
Dragging her to the ropes, Drew then places her throat onto the top rope and reaches his hands underneath it and back up to grab her by the head. Pulling down on her head, Drew then begins to choke her with the top rope in plain sight. The ref then rushes over and slaps Drew across the back of the shoulder to get his attention before ordering him to release the hold. Drew ignores the ref and continuers to choke Banks until she begins to turn ref in the face. The ref then begins the five count, yelling into Drew’s ear as loud as he can.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five!”

JOHNSON: ”He isn’t letting up! He just threw the match away!”
VASSA: ”I don’t think eh cares! Look at his face. He seems to be enjoying this!”
The ref then signals for the bell.
Drew keeps choking Banks like a mad man. The ref then rushes in and tries to squeeze himself in between the two.
Fighting to get in between the two, the ref finally does and manages to pull Drew away from Banks. Backing away to the other side of the ring, Drew holds both hands up in the air, acting innocent yet again. Banks drops down to both knees, holding her throat as she regains her breath. Members of the ringside crew then enter the ring and assist the ref in removing Drew from the ring. The ref then walks over to Banks and helps her up to her feet before raising her hand into the air.

POWERS: ”And the winner by disqualification, FELICITY BBAANNKKSS!!!”
VASSA: ”I knew going into this match that it was going to get ugly between these two but I didn’t think it would be like this.”
JOHNSON: ”These two literally tried to hurt the other tonight. I have a feeling that this is far from over between these two.”
VASSA: ”Drew’s going to have to sit back and wait because Felicity has a ticket to the big dance at Ante Up next month.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed she does.”
Backing up the ramp with members of the ringside crew in front of him, Drew keeps his eyes locked on Banks inside of the ring. She then cuts her eyes to him and the two locks eyes in a stare down as Drew continues his way up the ramp.

JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a few moments folks while things get settled down. We’ll be right back!”

As the competitors of the previous match were clearing the ring the camera feed shifts its focus to the backstage. With her match having ended in defeat Robina Hood had no further reason to stick around for the rest of Adrenaline and so she’s seen getting ready to head out for the night. There’s one last stop she has to make before hitting the parking lot though and that’s the dressing room where she last saw Rafael and Andrew, the two members of her ‘supposed’ security. Pulling a rolling bag behind her she steps up to the to the dressing room door and knocks on it, only to immediately open it afterwards. Inside on the floor are the two fallen bodies of R.A.S, both Rafael and Andrew have been dispatched and are knocked out on the ground. Robina lets out a horrified gasp and turns around, intending to run to the nearest security personnel for help.
However before she’s able to get anywhere she discovers standing in between her and the path is her opponent from the prior show, Brennan Devlin. Even without saying a word it’s obvious he’s in some way responsible for the damage that has been done to her two companions just by looking at the grin on his face. Robina lets go of her bag and raises her fists in front of her, trying to ready herself for what’s to come.

DEVLIN: “Why so scared, Hood? What happened to all that big talk on twitter about wanting a rematch?”
Robina charges at Brennan, hoping if she’s quick enough she can get the upper hand. It’s of no use though as the man immediately greets her with a hard European uppercut to the jaw that sends her stumbling back several steps. He’s far from done with the woman though, grabbing her by the forearm before she can get too far away. Stepping forward he flings the woman inside of the dressing room, sending her tripping over the bodies of Andrew and Rafael. She falls onto her hands and knees only to receive a sharp kick to the ribs from Devlin who followed her into the room, closing the door behind him. He grabs her by the back of the neck and waist band, picking Robina back up only so that he can throw her against the wall which she bounces off of.

As she turns around in a daze, Brennan grabs and flips her forward over his shoulder with a snapmare take down right onto a small coffee table in the dressing room. The table withstands the blow, but the decorative glass candle holders on it shatter under the weight of Robina’s impact. The woman rolls onto her side slightly, clutching at her back in pain but the attack continues as the man comes in with an elbow drop, driving his elbow hard into her sternum. The strike is strong enough to knock the air out of Hood who rolls off the table and onto the floor below, gasping for breath. Devlin continues to not let up, pulling her up to her feet with him as he stands and punching her in the stomach not just once, but twice. Again he throws her across the room, this time into the vanity table causing her to knock off the items of make up and hair spray that were sitting on it. This time Robina is able to actually stay on her feet, but as she steadies herself her attacker grabs her from behind. With a tight grip on the back of her head Brennan forces her to look into the mirror of the vanity at her own reflection.

DEVLIN: “Look at yourself Robina! Take a good long look because that’s who’s responsible for this. YOU wanted a rematch! YOU couldn’t just take your loss and run away like all the other failures. So now I have to teach you a lesson!”
He slams her face into the mirror, cracking it and cutting open her forehead. After Brennan wraps an arm under hers and around the back of her neck in a half-nelson hold. He lifts her up before bringing her crashing down on his knee into a backbreaker. This time as Robina falls on the ground their seems to be a lot less life in her than the little there was before.
There’s clearly no fight left in her though as her attacker drags her back across the room to the table he’d thrown her on before and he’s forced to move her entire dead weight on his own. Brennan hefts the top half of Robina up so that she’s draped back over the coffee table which was starting to crack and sag in the middle. She tries to say something, coughing as she speaks.

DEVLIN: “What was that?”
He leans down to hear her better.

HOOD: “P-pl … please..”
DEVLIN: “Please what? Please don’t teach you a lesson? Maybe you should have listened to the ol’ saying … how’s it go? Oh yeah … ‘stop your bitchin and get back to the kitchen.’ ”
Devlin takes several long steps backwards, giving himself plenty of room to run forward and take a leap. He brings his foot down on the back of Robina’s head, driving it through the coffee table which breaks clean in half this time around. The woman is knocked unconscious and any chance of this ‘rematch’ continuing is over. Brennan gives her body one last look and then a scoff before he turns around, stepping over her incapacitated friends on the way out of the room.
Waiting outside for him are his own members of the FACE security team, Skinny Pete and Freight Train. It seems they had been watching the door after he went in there to keep anyone from stopping the beat down. Brennan closes the dressing room door behind himself and runs a hand back through his hair, smoothing it out.

FREIGHT TRAIN: “Everything okay in their boss?”
DEVLIN: “Oh just fine. Just had to tell Robina one final good bye is all.”
SKINNY PETE: “Aw boss, that’s so nice you said bye. I thought you two weren’t exactly on the best of terms after your match and everything…”
Brennan’s face drains into a deadpan expression as he looks at the smaller of the men.

DEVLIN: “You really don’t understand a lot of what goes on around you, huh? Nevermind, don’t worry about it.”
The two men of vastly opposing size fall in line behind Devlin as he walks away from the scene of the crime and the camera feed changes to another location.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing to the ring first from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at one hundred sixty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is the “Young Prince”, BRANDON YOUNG!!!”
The theater grows dark and “I NEED SOME COMPANY” blares through the speakers, the lights begin to flicker and finally “Company” by Drake plays through the speakers. Brandon makes his way from behind the curtain tossing his hands up in the air, he slowly makes his way down the ramp playing to the crowd, fist balled with a determined look on his face, he slides under the apron and into the ring bouncing off each apron.

” wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah
I wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah”
“I wanna raise pulses”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. She is the sole holder of the 4CW Tag Team Championships, RAMONA LEE EEPPPPSS!!!”
Appearing from behind the curtains Ramona stepped out with a cocksure wink and grin, throwing one hand in the air above her head, holding up one of the 4CW Tag Team Championships. Around her waist, the other championship belt rests on her hips. Even though her reception from the crowd wasn’t the warmest she seemed to be unaware of the fact as she started in towards the ring. Upon reaching it she stopped again, looking left then right, and brushing some imaginary dirt off her shoulders in each direction before rolling under the bottom rope.
“La chica with the most-est
Not in the mood for the average Josephs
Coming unglued, baby this is explosive
I wanna raise pulses”
“I’m coming for your rhythm, I’m here to wake you up
I wanna be your hero, I wanna shake the fluff
I be on that beating in your chest
Check a stethoscope run a few tests
Something you can measure doesn’t make it better
Feeling weighed down did you lose your girl, get her”
Even with some jeers trying to compete with her music she was unaffected, stepping on the middle of the bottom rope while holding onto the top one so that she could lean forward and out towards the spectators. Amongst haters were a few fans who took the opportunity to snap a few pictures before she hopped back down and into the center of the ring. She then placed the one of the 4CW Tag Team Championships on the apron before standing in her corner. Slowly removing the other championship from her waist, she then places it on top of the matching belt. She flipped her hair back over her shoulder, ready to go to work as her music began to fade out.
“You got a heart that’s born with a beat
What’s that now, you forget how to breathe?
I wanna get that thing runnin’…”

JOHNSON: ”We have both of our competitors in the ring now and it’s time to get down to business.”
VASSA: ”Ramona made waves two weeks ago when she claimed one of three spots to enter the Sixty Minute Ironman Match at Ante Up. You would think that would be the talk leading into tonight but Twitter has been an entirely different story.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have been back and forth at each other but tonight only one person will walk away with their hand raised.”
VASSA: ”Brandon Young is coming off a tough loss two weeks ago but can get on track with a win here tonight over the one and only 4CW Tag Team Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s time for these two to either put up or shut up. Lets get down to it!”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with both corners and receives the nod. He then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
Leaving their corners quickly, both wrestlers rush towards each other full speed. Colliding in the center of the ring, Young takes the first shot and delivers a hard right hand to Ramona’s mouth, stunning her briefly. He then wraps his arms around her waist and tackles her to the ground. Mounting himself on top of her, Young unloads with a quick combination of punches and elbows to Ramona who fends some off the best she can, still taking a bit of damage. Young then pops up to both feet with Ramona in between his legs. He then stomps on her stomach repeatedly. Reaching down, Young grabs a handful of hair with each hand and then pulls Ramona up to her feet. Holding her by the back of the head with one hand, he then draws his other hand back and smacks her across the cheek.
He then grabs another handful of hair with his free hand and throws Ramona down to the canvas with force. Quickly rolling over to her stomach, Ramona pushes herself up to all fours but as she does, Young kicks her in the stomach, flipping her over to her back. He then jumps into the air and comes down with a knee to her forehead. Standing back up, Young reaches down and grabs her by the arm and pulls her up to both feet. Once up to her feet, Ramona hits Young with a throat thrust, knocking him away and creating a little distance between the two. She then charges at him and kicks him in the stomach. As Young bends over from the kick, Ramona then grabs him by the back of the head with both hands and then jumps up. Coming down to a sit-out position, Ramona pulls Young’s head down and flams his face into the canvas with a facebuster.
Back to her feet, Ramona then jumps into the air and comes down on the top of his back, right between the shoulders with a double foot stomp. She then grabs his head with both hands and lifts it up from the canvas before slamming it back down into the canvas. Taking a few steps back, Ramona paces around the ring as Young shakes it off and begins to push himself up. Before he can get to his knees, Ramona then runs in and hits him right in the face with a football kick. Knocking Young over to his back, Ramona then climbs on top of him and unloads with a series of punches of her own. After landing a handful of lefts and rights, Ramona then draws back for the knockout punch. Before she can even swing down, Young reaches up and wraps both hands around her throat and then rolls her off of him.

JOHNSON: ”I knew this was going to be a fight but these two are really throwing down in the ring tonight.”
VASSA: ”I sort of expected this to happen. Wrestling pretty much goes out of the window when the heat gets too intense. We should have just had this match out in the parking lot like the opener and let these two rip each other apart.”
JOHNSON: ”I would prefer the action be right here in the ring. After all, we do have the best seat in the house.”
VASSA: ”We do, Steve and this is becoming one hell of a cat fight!”
Up to his feet before Ramona, Young quickly rushes over to her and drops a quick elbow across her back, knocking her back to her stomach. he then pops back up and grabs her by the back of the head, pulling her up. Just as Ramona stands, she swats Young’s hands away and then kicks him in the stomach. With his head down at waist level, Ramona then applies a side headlock and cranks down on the pressure. Dragging Young across the ring, Ramona makes her way towards the corner. Once within a few steps, Ramona then puts a little pep in her step and then steps onto the middle rope, turns around with Young still in her clinches and then vaults herself away from the corner. Bringing Young along for the ride, she plants his face into the canvas with a bulldog.
Back to her feet, Ramona grabs ahold of Young’s arm and pulls him back up. She then locks onto his wrist and throws him to the ropes across the ring. Quick on his feet, Young leaps into the air and springboards off the middle rope. Turning in the air, Young lands on her shoulders and locks his legs around her head. he then flips back and lifts Ramona up from the mat and slips her over as well with a hurricanrana. After executing the move, he then hooks her leg for the pin as the ref rushes in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Not yet!”
VASSA: ”That was some handy thinking there by Young with that counter, made that shit look easy!”
On his feet, Young pulls Ramona up to hers and then delivers a hard punch to the stomach, knocking the breath out of her. With her bent over in front of him, Young then raises his elbow into the air and then slams it down into the back of her head, knocking her down to all fours. He then raises her back up and then picks her up with both hands and throws her back to the canvas with a hard scoop slam. Turning to the ropes behind him, Young takes off towards them. Hitting them and coming back with speed, Young then flips in the air and comes down across Mona’s stomach with a swanton bomb. Rolling off of her in a fluid motion, Young comes back up to his feet and then takes off to the ropes on the other side of the ring. After hitting them and coming back with even more speed, he does another front flip but this time comes down with a leg drop across her throat.

VASSA: ”Brandon is all over the place tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s been getting a lot of heat about his experience but he’s showing us tonight that he knows what he’s doing in the ring with these flawless, fluid moves.”
Standing back to his feet, Young doesn’t let up and goes right to the attack. Kicking Ramona in the side over and over, he rolls her to her stomach and then stomps directly in the center of her back. Bending over and grabbing her by the head with both hands, he slowly pulls her up to her feet and then hooks his arm around her head. Young then goes to lift her into the air for a suplex but Ramona quickly locks her leg with his and keeps herself down on the mat. Young then goes to lift her up again but doesn’t as Ramona keeps that leg locked, maintaining her footing. Ramona then punches him in the side of the ribs a couple of times before squeezing down on his head and lifting him up into the air and dropping him with a vertical suplex in the center of the ring.
Ramona rolls backwards on top of Young and then connects with a vicious right hand to the side of the head. Digging her fists into his chest, she then pushes herself up to both feet. Grabbing both of Young’s legs, she holds on in each arm on the sides of her body. She then drags him across the mat while rotating and after half a revolution, she gains enough momentum to lift him up from the canvas while continuing to spin in a circle. After making two full revolutions, she then releases his legs and sends him flying across the ring. After getting thrown across the ring with the giant swing, Young hits the mat and rolls, crashing into the corner.
Ramona then rushes in on him and stomps on him in the corner. She then pulls him up to both feet and drags him away from the ropes before stepping in behind him and tries to lock in an abdominal stretch. Before she can get the move fully locked in, Young wraps his arm around her head and then flips her over his shoulder and onto her back with a snapmare. With Ramona in front of him in a sitting position, Young then applies a chin lock while driving his knee into her back.

VASSA: ”Damn the match is moving back in Brandon’s favor now.”
JOHNSON: ”This has been a fast paced back and forth match from the start. One minute Young is in control and then the next Ramona is. Then it’s back to Brandon and then back to Ramona. I’m loving the back and forth.”
VASSA: ”This has been very entertaining!”
With the ref in Ramona’s face checking for the submission, he gets nothing from her as she fights through the pain and tries to escape. Grabbing onto Young’s hands with both of hers, Ramona then begins to peel his hands away from her chin. After a few moments pass, she finally manages to rip them away and frees herself from the chin lock. Young then punches her in the back of the head before locking onto it with both hands and pulling her up to her feet.
With her back towards him, he then pulls her arm in between her legs and gets her in a pump handle position. Lifting her up into the air and turning her body onto his shoulder, he then goes to slam her down but before he can, Ramona manages to wiggles herself free and comes to her feet behind him. Quickly turning around, Young catches Ramona’s foot as she goes for a kick to the stomach. He then spins her around with it but as she comes back, Ramona jumps into the air and hits him in the side of the head with a kick to the head.

VASSA: ”He got Punked with that Dragon Whip to the side of the head, that’s for sure!”
JOHNSON: ”This might be it!”
As Brandon falls to his back, Ramona quickly goes for the cover as the ref sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: ”Ramona wins it!”
JOHNSON: ”And out of no where! After escaping from that pump handle slam, she turned it into an opportunity to take the match and she capitalized on it!”
“Pulses” hits the speakers as Ramona stands to her feet. The ref then steps in beside her and raises her arm into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall, RAMONA LEE EEPPPPSS!!!”

The cameras cut backstage once more, to a loading bay where a car has just pulled in, more specifically. The crew moves in to see who has just arrived. As the passenger door opens, Pride Champion Aidan Carlisle pops out in a hurry.

CARLISLE: “Sorry! Sorry. No time to talk, Gabe, I’m a little late here.”
Hartman hounds her anyway, practically having to run as she speedwalks through the area and into the halls.

HARTMAN: “Not even a quick word? What kept you from getting here on time?”
CARLISLE: “Promotional work for the company, of course. We ran later than expected. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get ready for commentary on the Gauntlet contender match.”
Taking off even more quickly, just shy of running, Aidan disappears down the hall.



“Marching off to Bedlam” Plays and Murg comes out in his straight jacket with his Manager Dr. Formalda Hyde who unlocks his straight jacket and lets him loose.

JOHNSON: “What we’re about to witness folks? I cannot possibly describe. What we saw in Albuquerque was probably just the tip of the iceberg and here in Denver we might as well say that the National Guard might need to be scrambled.”
VASSA: “Yeah, this is going to be something. These two are just insane individuals ready and willing to do whatever it takes to win, and on top of that? We took away the rules.”
JOHNSON: “This is an extreme rules match, so let’s hope we have a ring when it’s said and done tonight.”
VASSA: “And alert the hospitals nearby.”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Masked German Monster”, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin as Henry Losak stands at ringside.

VASSA: “Monster’s Brawl part two, here we go!”
JOHNSON: “And there’s the bell as these two monsters begin… nope, nothing slow here they’re both charging out of their corners.”
The two meet in the middle of the ring exchanging right hands and lefts, and just about everything else possible at each other! Big right after big right are exchanged for a couple of moments before Murgatroid is able to get an extra shot in on Lord Raab which sends the masked German monster backwards and breaks the back and forth. Murgatroid follows that up by charging in and connecting with a shoulder slam which rocks Raab up against the ring ropes, Murgatroid charges in a second time with his arm extended…
…and both men topple over the top ropes to the floor below!! Massive thud as both monsters slam onto the ground hard, Raab taking the weight of Murgatroid in the process.

JOHNSON: “And that might have been the wrestling portion of this match, Vinny.”
VASSA: “Yeah, they wrapped that up quickly, it’s war time now.”
True to form, Murgatroid pulls Raab up to his feet and in an quick sling shot sends the masked German monster towards the steel ring steps…
…Raab hits the top portion hard with his shoulder causing it to break away from the bottom section and nail the guardrailing nearby. Murgatroid isn’t happy with that, as he heads over towards the crowd and pulls up a folding steel chair. He slams it to the ground to test it and then charges towards where Raab is laying out across the steel steps…
…the chair rebounds off of the steps as Raab moves out of the way quickly.

JOHNSON: “Lord Raab lucky to get out the way of that swinging chair shot!”
VASSA: “That was batter up, and Murgatroid nearly knocked it out of the park. Think Lord Raab gets the baseball reference?”
JOHNSON: “Eh, probably not. Go with soccer.”

VASSA: “I’m American, I don’t know soccer.”
JOHNSON: “True.”

Murgatroid again swings the chair as Lord Raab stands up near the ringpost…
…and again is able to move out of the way as Murgatroid connects with the ringpost! Raab follows that up with a big right hand to the face of Murgatroid, but since that has little effect Raab follows that up with a headbutt! That stuns the monster long enough for the masked monster to rip the chair from his hands, Raab lifts it up and…
…brings down the boom!! But Murgatroid doesn’t go down! The monster just stands there and asks for Raab to do it again. Yes, he asks the masked German monster to smack him with another fucking chair shot. Lord Raab doesn’t seem to care, because he was going to do that anyway…
…a second chair shot!! Denting the chair causing the people of Denver to get up to their feet and begin to scream like mad. Murgatroid stumbles backwards, but remains on his feet. Raab tosses the chair to the side and scoops nearly all four hundred pounds of the monster and brings him down…
…onto the steel steps with a spinebuster!! OMG! Does the place go nuts!!

JOHNSON: “Spinebuster slam onto the damn steel steps!!”
VASSA: “I think they crunched under the weight.”
JOHNSON: “Between the two of these monsters that’s nearly eight hundred pounds coming down on solid steel. Is Murgatroid going to ever be able to walk again?”
VASSA: “Oh, I’m sure he’ll pop right back up in on time.”
JOHNSON: “Why do you say that?”
VASSA: “The man’s like straight out of a horror flick and the crazy dude always pops up.”
Lord Raab isn’t waiting for the big man do pop up, instead he heads over towards where the top part of the steel stairs, picking them up quickly and in one motion lifts them up and slams them down onto Murgatroid making a sandwich of sorts with one half of Creature Feature. Murgatroid squirms from the pain of being trapped between two metal staircases. Raab heads back over towards where he tossed the chair, which is dented beyond all hell, he lifts up the chair…
…and brings it down ontop of the metal staircase sandwich three times! The chair breaks apart from the impact or there probably would have been a fourth or even fifth time. The masked German monster just tosses the broken chair to the side and pulls the top layer off as he grabs a hold of the other monster and begins to drag him off. As the feet go, the crowd can see that yes, the spinebuster left a dent in those chairs.

JOHNSON: “Raab now trying to pull the heavier Murgatroid towards the ring, I guesS?”
VASSA: “That’s a lot of dead weight, might not be a good thing and besides, horror movie rules.”
JOHNSON: “You’re really on it.”
VASSA: “That’s how I make this make sense to me.”
JOHNSON: “Oh, I See what you’re saying there.”
The masked German monster goes to pull Murgatroid back up to his feet, but Murgatroid’s hand locks around the throat of Lord Raab and begins to choke him from the ground as he begins to get back up to his feet. Raab fires back with a couple of right hands, but Murgatroid has a furious look on his face and continues to get to his feet. Lord Raab grabs the arm of Murgatroid and begins to try and rip it away from his throat, Murgatroid goes low with a boot and then lifts up the masked German monster again by the throat and slams him up against the ring apron a couple of times. With a furious look on ihs face, Murgatroid tosses Raab into the ring.

VASSA: “This is like when Jason went up against Freddy.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know who you are talking about.”
VASSA: “Really? Freddy vs. Jason. Big movie.”
JOHNSON: “Oh, I thought you were talking about Jason Cashe and someone named Freddy.”
VASSA:”Relax with the wrestling, try some pop culture.”
Murgatroid doesn’t follow Raab back into the ring, instead he flips up the ring apron and begins to toss some objects into the ring. Including, a steel chair which nearly hits the referee, a couple of kendo sticks, and the final item a short six foot ladder which the Denver crowd goes crazy for as he lifts it up and over the top ropes crashing down onto the legs of Raab. Murgatroid then pulls out the crowds favorite object, a nice wooden table which he slides under the bottom of the ring before he pulls himself up into the ring.

JOHNSON: “Things are about to get turned up here in Denver tonight.”
VASSA: “It’s about to go to level insane now.”
Looks as if Murgatroid is going to skip the table for now and instead opts for one of the kendo sticks laying nearest to where he enters the ring, Lord Raab pulls himself back up to his feet as Murgatroid begins to wiggle the stick around as if he were waiting for a fastball right down the middle. Raab turns around and is able to side step the uppercut swing from Murgatroid, Raab quickly grabs him as his momentum spins him around in the ring and hooks on his head driving Murgatroid down to the mat with a snapping DDT!! Lord Raab pulls himself back up to his feet picking up a kendo stick of his own in the process. Murgatroid gets back up to his own feet as he tightens his grip on his own kendo stick. As Murgatroid spins around Raab swings his kendo stick…
…connecting across the top of Murgatroid’s head! But the monster doesn’t go down, instead he swings back…
…but the masked German monster doesn’t fall either! The begin to exchange shots!
Lord Raab snaps the kendo stick in half across the forehead of Murgatroid! The crowd explodes from the carnage inside of the ring as Murgatroid stumbles around in the ring, he wobbles, he stumbles, just as it looks like he’s about to fall down he instead falls into the arms of Lord Raab who wraps his arms around the monster’s waist and lifts…

JOHNSON: “Release German Suplex by Lord Raab onto Murgatroid after an amazing exchange of shots from those kendo sticks, both men are going to have some knots across their skulls tomorrow after that one! This one is breaking down into pure anarchy.”
VASSA: “Looks like those shots have taken their toll too, Lord Raab unable to follow up that German suplex with any sort of pinfall attempt, instead he’s dropped to one knee in the ring. Might be a little dizzy himself now as well.”
JOHNSON: “You take shots like that from anyone and you’re in trouble, taking shots like that from a monster like Murgatroid? He’s lucky if he knows what state he’s in right now.”
VASSA: “Let’s be honest, the voices in Raab’s head will let him know where he’s at. They’re good at that for some reason.”
Lord Raab pulls himself back up to his feet, but not before he gets leveled from a flying clothesline from Murgatroid!! That’s nearly four hundred pounds of beef connecting and Raab gets knocked to the mat again. Murgatroid, however, seems to be also unable to take advantage as he hardly pulls himself back up, there are small lumps forming on his skull already. However, that does not prevent the monster from picking up the ladder he tossed into the ring earlier and placing it into the corner turnbuckle of the ring. Nothing but bad intentions as he moves over to where Raab is and pulls the masked German back up to his feet before tossing him into the corner with the ladder!! Raab stretches out form the pain from hitting the steel, but that doesn’t last long as Murgatroid charges in…
…connecting with an avalanch splash into the corner!! Raab hits the ladder hard and is sandwiched between it and the near four hundred pound monster.

VASSA: “Good God, talk about a rock and a hard place.”
JOHNSON: “We’ve seen both of these men take some serious punishment so far in this match, and yet not a single pin attempt has been made.”
VASSA: “Why ruin a good thing like this with wrestling?”
Raab stumbles and falls out of the corner of the ring which allows Murgatroid to grab the ladder by both hands and slams it down with all of his might down across the back of the masked German monster!! He picks up the ladder and for a second and then a third time repeats the attack with the ladder, each time crashing the rungs down across Raab’s back! And then, he does the most insane thing possible after that. Murgatroid heads to the outside of the ring and begins to climb to the ropes on the outside of the ring.

JOHNSON: “Oh my, oh my. That’s nearly four hundred pounds of humanity getting to the top ropes right now, if he hits this… it could honestly end the career of Lord Raab. This isn’t good.”
VASSA: “You’re right, this isn’t good… this is awesome!!”
The big monster stands up on the top ropes looking extremely uncomfortable as well, with that he goes for a suicide superleap from the top ropes. The crowd buzzes as the big man falls through the sky like a lead balloon…
…missing Lord Raab completely!! Raab moved out of the way and the big man managed to hit the mat like a ton of bricks instead! Raab gets back up to his feet and picks up the ladder, now it’s his turn for some damage. Raab literally throws the ladder down as hard as possible across the back. He picks it up and for a second time slams it down across the back of his opponent. Murgatroid screams out in pain from the ladder crashing down across his lower back, but slowly begins to get back up to his feet. Lord Raab waits for him to get fully back up to his feet and charges in with the ladder in hand…
…drilling the top of the ladder right into the chin of Murgatroid! Murgatroid falls onto his rear end holding his chin in some serious pain, that doesn’t stop Raab who backs up and charges in once again…
…connecting again to the chin of Murgatroid with the ladder! Murgatroid’s chin is busted open as he falls backwards onto his back, the blood begins to trickle down each side of his face as a result. Lord Raab drops down the ladder and hooks the leg of his opponent as the referee slides in for the cover.

JOHNSON:”No! Murgatroid kicks out!!”
VASSA:”Why? Seriously, why?”
JOHNSON:”Must have been a reflex or something.”
VASSA:”It’s crazy to keep going on here, but you know what? It’s not me!”
JOHNSON: “That makes it fun then, right?”
VASSA: “Of course!”
Lord Raab gets up to his feet and turns his attention over towards the table which was brought into the ring earlier as well. Raab flips the table up, unfolding the legs and sets it up near the ring ropes. From there he turns his attention back towards his bloody opponent who is still a bit dazed but is still getting back up to his feet. Raab grabs the big man by the arm and swings him into the farside ring rope, as Raab backs up Murgatroid charges in, Raab ducks down looking to backdrop his opponent over the top and through the table…
…no! At the last moment, Murgatroid turns the backdrop attempt into a DDT of his own!! Raab’s masked face is driven into the canvas!! Murgatroid gets back up and wipes the gushing blood away from his chin as he takes the table and sets it up into the corner. He turns his attention back towards Raab and pulls the masked German monster up to his feet and tosses him into the table! The table doesn’t give so Murgatroid charges into the corner flinging himself into the air…
…driving the masked German monster through the table with a crazy looking dive from Murgatroid!! They both lie in a pile of a broken table neither man moving, but this Denver still loves it anyway!

JOHNSON: “The four hundred pound monster just throwing himself into the air and crashing through the table, I don’t think he’s aware that he actually connected with that move on Lord Raab.”
VASSA: “Even if he was aware, I doubt he could go for a pin right now.”
Slowly the monsters begin to move about, Murgatroid pulls himself out first blood pouring from his chin and he crawls over towards the center of the ring. Lord Raab pulls himself out secondly and barely moves around near the ring ropes and grips his hands on the steel chair tossed into the ring earlier. Murgatroid pulls himself back up to his feet as does Raab, Murgatroid rears back his head and shows his teeth looking for the Megabyte attack on Raab and moves in…
…and is met by a chair shot instead!! Raab connects with a wicked chair shot across the skull of Murgatroid, the big monster stumbles backwards right into the arms of Lord Raab. Raab wraps his arms around the big man’s waist and lifts the monster up and over…
…connecting with a German Suplex! Raab holds the bridge and the referee slides in for the cover.

JOHNSON: “Lord Raab is able to pull off the win here tonight in an absolute hellacious match against one half of the Creature Feature.”
VASSA: “I don’t know how much this match took out of the German monster, but this was an impressive win for him tonight.”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as the referee raises Raab’s hand into the air. With Raab still standing in the ring the light suddenly go off, sounds of women screaming and pigs squealing blare throughout the arena for what seems like forever but in reality was only a few seconds as the lights come back on. Standing in the middle of the ring, blood smeared all over his body from his earlier match was Dakota Smith. The cut on his forehead had been re-opened was flowing the crimson liquid down his face. Raab had apparently been taken out as he now lays under Dakota’s boot. The butcher has his extreme championship in one hand and a microphone in the other. He devilishly smiles as he looks down at Raab’s broken body. Then his bloodshot eyes glaze back up the camera as he brings the microphone up to his lips.

SMITH: “ This is my ring… I don’t give a FUCK! About what happen earlier in the night, just like I don’t give a fuck about what happens later. When I am talking, time just stops…Now if you would look down to my feet you will see a maggot, a common fluckin’ swine! You will see the man that I pinned at South Beach Brawl, you will see Lord Raab. You see Raab thinks that he deserves this championship here. He thinks that this is his time to shine and show the world that he is truly the most extreme. But ya’ see the thing is my little Raabies is…You will NEVER hold this extreme championship. Not while I hold it, and let’s face the facts…. There isn’t a man on this roster who could beat me when I decide to put this on the line. So with that being said, I would like this to be recognized as the official moment! When I put the final nail in Raab’s Coffin. “
Just as Dakota mutters off those last words Raab sits up, pushing Dakota’s foot off him. Dakota looks a little bit shocked as he backs up into the ropes. His body was still pretty banged up from his earlier match. The butcher just stares at the masked monster as he rises up to his feet. Shaking his head Dakota snaps back into and takes a mad dash at Lord Raab – trying to take his head off with the extreme championship. But Raab Ducks! As Dakota turns around he is met with a big boot straight to the face sending him toppling to the ground. Raab isn’t finished though as Dakota scrambles up to his feet Raab grabs him in a double underhook, lifting him up in the air and delivering a sickening KILLERBUSTER! Dakota is laid out on the mat, bleeding heavily and generally looking like a dead body. Raab turns his attention to the Extreme Championship, walking over to it and grasping it in his hand. He walks over to Dakota’s body and places his boot on the man’s chest, lifting the belt up into the air as he does so. He glares out into the audience for a few moments as the audience goes nuts! Just then, however, much to the displeasure of the crowd out comes out the General Manager of Adrenaline none other than Brody Lee Prince. Brody Lee has himself a microphone.

BRODY LEE: “That’s enough of that garbage!”
The crowd boos the General Manager loudly.

BRODY LEE: “You want to go back and forth, back and forth and murder each other? That’s fine, but before you two decide to do anything crazy, let me remind you that the two of you will meet at Ante Up. So, I’m going to go ahead and have this stopped because I do not want to ruin the Extreme Championship match up here in Denver!”
Brody Lee pauses, from behind him a flood of 4CW security begins to walk out of the back and head towards the ring where the masked German wrestler is standing over Dakota Smith.

BRODY LEE: “These gentlemen here will be escorting the two of you out of the building for the rest of the evening just to make sure you two do not touch each other and save your strength. You’re going to need all of your strength too, the match I have in mind for Ante Up… well, it’s something that neither of you two are ever going to forget. Just pay attention, I will reveal it all on the next Adrenaline and you’re going to not want to miss that.”
With that the security gets between the two wrestlers who begin to get escorted out of the ring, they resist but there are nearly twenty of them and even these two cannot handle all of that muscle.

Heading to the back after what started as a long and grueling night for this man, we find ourselves with the site of a man with some fresh stitches sewn up. Still with some dried blood and bruises upon him we come across the big smirk of Royce Griffin as he walks through the back happening upon a camera as he stumbles over to it.

RPG: ”Dakota? Did I tell you or did I tell you?! Out in that parking lot, is my domain! I am the fighter around here and you know what, you made the right choice. You saved your belt for now, but it won’t be long. Just consider yourself lucky! But these wounds, they were well worth it to shut your ass up. Take that ass whooping and spread the word to your masters, on what will happen if they come at me next.”
Royce grins touching his fresh stitches, before pulling away as he shrugs his shoulders.

RPG: ”People been thinking I ain’t legit, that I am not as good as I say I am. Yet here I am having defeated the Extreme Champion! Having defeated a former 4CW Championship contender. I am running through people around here! And that brings me to you Aidan. You were ballsy putting yourself in a gauntlet match, now you got a chance to win a shot at the 4CW title…You are confident, I respect that. But you need to start realizing that the title you are wearing, is coming my way here soon enough. I don’t care if we start the match, or if we end the match together. I am going to take you down and I am going to take you out…Beat one champion tonight you’ll be next.”
Royce motions for the belt around his waist and is about to walk off, but stops himself when he thinks of one last thing to say.

RPG: ”Oh yeah! One more thing. Brennan, I hope you got the message loud and clear from Dakota earlier. Because I beat him and I think a whole lot more of him then I do you. So if you are fortunate enough to win tonight? Your time will be coming soon enough. But that’s no sure thing, because you are facing Roxi. And you know Roxi, I can’t pretend to dislike you. But I can tell you this, if you win tonight? You’ll just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I want gold, I want bodies laid out, and most of all I just want to fight. And NOBODY is going to stop me.”
Royce pushes past the camera now and while most would be on their way to rest and a ice pack. One has to think that Royce isn’t that kind of guy and that it was more likely a after party and some alcohol that would serve as his relaxation as the show goes on.

After fading to black, the screen flickers once again like before stopping with the following words across the screen.

“Dirty Deeds”, by AC/DC blasted over the PA speakers and the crowd began to boo as out came Bill E. Narrator with a microphone in his hand. He power walked to the ring wearing a black suit, black pants and a red tie. The fans started chanting “Bill E. Sucks” as he takes a bow then flips the crowd the dirty bird before he began to speak.

NARRATOR: “Boo all you want you big stinky pieces of dog shit because the feeling is mutual! Fortunately for all of you I don’t come down to ringside very often. (The fans cheer) Yeah you like the sound of that don’t you? I look in the crowd and I see nothing but Losers here in Denver, Colorado… you all look like you got a noodle arm like Peyton Manning gets after week ten every year for the Broncos but only it’s not your arm that goes limp is it?”

NARRATOR: “Look at that fat son of a bitch right there! (He points to a heavy set guy wearing a Denver Nuggets jersey.) I mean come on I don’t have the body of an adonis but geezus christ you look ridiculous wearing that thing you fat, out of shape asshole.”

NARRATOR: “Indeed I am aren’t I? Why, for calling fat boy over there out on being three hundred pounds plus and trying to stuff all that blubber into a large size jersey? Hey blimpy they make size XXXL for tub of lards like you. I know it usually costs a little more and I’m sure you blew your whole paycheck just getting in this dump of a building but there’s always next week pal.”

NARRATOR: “I am rather large. Large and in charge! Before fat Albert over there distracted me I was about to say you usually won’t see me at ringside because you will usually get the Vice President of Identity Theft and manager of my Advisee… CALI-KATE!!!”
“All About That Bass”, by Meghan Trainor blared over the PA system and out comes Katelyn Bos to a mixed reaction wearing her now trademark power suit with her hair tied back into a neat pony tail. She waves at everyone as she walks to the ring to a relatively mixed reaction. As she gets to the ring, Bill holds the ropes open for her as she climbs in. In the ring, Kate looks around at the audience and smiles. One fan is frantically waving a “Why Kate why?” sign near the front row which Kate takes notice of. As her music fades, Bill hands her the mic. She goes to the ropes and talks to the fan off mic. The conversation isn’t heard by the cameras above the ruckus but it’s clear some words are exchanged. Finally, Kate just shrugs and moves back to the middle of the ring. The audience’s din of reactions finally seems to unsettle her.

CALI-KATE: “Aye caramba people, you act like I just told you I was gonna Force lightning Jar Jar Binks.”
The other geeks in the audience roar their approval while everyone else gets a confused look. The chants soon begin, mimicking the fan’s sign “Why Cali Why? Why Cali Why?” She lets it continue for a little, completely unperturbed.

CALI-KATE: “Why? Because it was the right thing to do. Let me explain something to everyone here, you weren’t working for the most idiotic, perverted dumbfuck in the world and I won’t even bring up his name because that’s a part of my life that is best left way in the past. Like so far back that the Delorean couldn’t bring it back to the future.”
The audience gives an understanding applause but it doesn’t last.

CALI-KATE: “Why? Because you didn’t have a best friend, one of the coolest, most awesome guys you ever met, the first guy to befriend you in a new place, a guy who was so sweet you wanted to tell him everything you really felt but couldn’t for fear of losing everything you two had…”
The audience roars approval and a few begin to chant some name but it is drowned out by the rest of the audience. Cali gets a lite tear in her eye, but she blinks it away and turns back to the audience.

CALI-KATE: “You never had that friend betray everything you and your friendship stood for by allying with said dumbfuck and willingly do everything said dumbfuck asks with a smile. Not just willingly doing it, but enjoying doing it even as the person that friend claimed to care for and be doing it all for is being torn up and telling that friend to stop.”
Bill puts a hand on Kate’s shoulder and she nods at him. The audience boos the apparent casualness about the interaction.

CALI-KATE: “But we’re not out here to talk about all that. Why? Because through it all there was one man who, behind the scenes at least, did all he could to keep that miserable and betrayed person’s spirits up and her hope alive. You don’t understand him like I do. He’s an asshole, a douchebag sure, but if you knew him like I do, you wouldn’t care about all that”
Knowing what’s coming the audience launches into a tirade of jeers.

CALI-KATE: “Yes, just like that. You would give this man the biggest standing ovation ever if you knew. No, not just would, you should. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a man who is the pinnacle of everything awesome and right with America. A man who will come out here and show you all what it really means to be the best that the human gene pool can offer. The man who stole my heart because he saw injustice and sought freedom, 4 Corners Wrestling I present to you, FRANCIS “FREEDOM” DART!!!”
“Dirty Deeds”, by AC/DC rocked the building and the fans jeered the loudest of the night as out strutted Francis “Freedom” Dart wearing a grey suit, expensive tie, shiny black shoes and not one single strand of hair out of place. Behind him walked Trojan Magnum wearing a black suit, Oakley wrap around sunglasses and black motorcycle gloves. They both went to the ring as Bill E. clapped they stepped thru the ropes, Cali-Kate hugged her man then she handed him the mic.

FREEDOM: “Thank you babe. Have I told you how gorgeous you look tonight? Wow… is it hot in here or is it just Kate? (Kate blushed as Bill clapped).”

FREEDOM: “Hey guys..(He looks at Identity Theft Inc.) I think that’s the best reaction we are going to get from these douche bags!”

FREEDOM: “That’s better! We are heels, boo puppets boo.”

FREEDOM: “There we go… now we are in business. By now you all know who I am and most of you that are fortunate enough to be able to afford cable know why I am here. (Bill whispered in his ear and he laughed) Bill says the two of you that can afford cable know who I am. Anyway, what people have been asking and it seems to be the buzz in the back is what’s up with the Freedom part of my your name. It used to mean something entirely different than it does now.”
“Now it means no more needing a hall pass to go to the bathroom and ask Kate she knows how ‘big’ my bladder is. (Kate blushed) Now I have the Freedom to do basically whatever I want without having to check in with my ‘parole officer’ for every little thing. Freedom was in jail? Basically I was I just didn’t have to wear the neon orange jump suit but I’m sure that will change now that I’ve mentioned it and people hang on every word I say. Perry Wallace set me free! ”

FREEDOM: “Geezus you people don’t like anybody do you? Stuck up pricks. You won’t even cheer for my freedom you soulless bastards. Oh well like I said in my highly rated promo I’ve already moved on so it’s time to talk about the future and forget the past just like the past should forget me. Identity Theft Inc. is ready to start hitting on all cylinders now that my mind is completely invested into this company. Whoever Wallace has lined up for me will be going down mutha’ fuckers.”
“It’s time to walk the walk… so next Adrenaline it will be time to let Freedom reign! Why don’t we have the real star of the show finish things off. (He handed Trojan the mic. Right before he could say a word Freedom snatched it back out of his hands.) NOT!! (He laughed and gave the mic to Cali-Kate.)”
CALI-KATE: “Now, now Francis that was mean. Trojan did you have something to say?”
Trajan shook his head.

CALI-KATE: “You’re sure?”
Trojan nodded and the audience cheered. Cali-Kate gave the audience a disgusted look while Francis shrugged and sighed. Bill also started yelling at the audience to quiet down, inciting them to be louder.

CALI-KATE: “You people are sick you know. I’m trying to give all the people below me their time and you seem to think it’s some Rock Band shit? You know what, when my man…”
She walked up to him, wrapped an arm around him and laid her head against him. He returned the gesture pulling her into an embrace.

CALI-KATE: “And make no mistake he’s my man in all ways so don’t even think about looking at him girls, when he’s done blasting through his opponents like a fucking Terminator he’s going for that 4CW championship. And he will take it by any means necessary. That’s how Freedom reigns”
“Dirty Deeds” blares across the speakers and Francis takes Bill and Kate’s hands all of them raise their hands in the air. The audience’s boos add to the cacophony and all in the ring, except Trojan, smile and laugh. Bill exits the ring first, followed by Cali-Kate who is helped out by Francis. He soon hops to the ground and the three head up the ramp followed by Trojan, Kate and Francis hand-in-hand, discussing between themselves the impact they just made. At the top of the stage, the three pose one more time as we cut backstage.

As we cut backstage again, we go to the same office from earlier where Perry Wallace was last seen. Unlike before, he isn’t sitting alone with a bottle of scotch. Across the desk from him, Frankie Morrison sits. These two have not been seen together on camera for quite some time. With Frankie taking the position of Vice President, he could be found either at the office or working from home, handling the books and day to day operations.
The two carry on a conversation with one another, both with a glass of scotch in their hands. Still in a mess from earlier, Wallace has his shirt untucked and the top few buttons undone. The two appear to be enjoying the moment as they talk about past times.

WALLACE: ”It’s been one hell of a ride, Frankie. Before I had come to you with an offer, I never imagined that this vision would have grown into what it is today. We’ve come a long way.”
MORRISON: ”There were a lot of people who never thought 4CW would stick around this long.”
WALLACE: ”You and me both! Am I right? Look at us now. Here we are, one of the hottest wrestling promotions in the business.”
MORRISON: ”Yeah, it’s been one hell of a ride.”
Morrison lifts the glass tumbler filled with ice and scotch towards his lips and throws back a decent gulp.

WALLACE: ”Indeed it has.”
Wallace then takes a drink from his glass. Holding the glass in his hand, he twirls it around gently, watching as the scotch spins around the inside edge.

WALLACE: ”I remember our first show at the Reno Events Center. What did we have, not even two hundred people in attendance? Hell, now we’re touring nationally and televised anywhere that HBO can reach. It’s been one hell of a ride for sure. Now we’re stepping up to larger venues after Ante Up and getting out of the theaters and ballrooms. I’m kind of nervous.”
MORRISON: ”There is nothing to worry about. You have done a phenomenal job running this place over the last eighteen months. If you haven’t earned the respect you deserve as a promoter in this industry then I don’t know what will. 4CW will continue to grow and strive under your leadership. Those bigger venues will be sellouts just like every other venue 4CW has invaded before.”
WALLACE: ”You can’t give all of the credit to me. We have a solid roster and that’s what the fans come to see. You helped build the foundation too. I miss having you around the shows but I know the books are in good hands with you overlooking them.”
MORRISON: ”Well that’s why I came through tonight. I wanted to grab you in person and let you know that I’m going to have to pull myself from the company completely.”
A confused look comes over Wallace’s face as he stares across the desk at Morrison.

WALLACE: ”Heh… what? You’re joking, right?”
MORRISON: ”Afraid not pal…You’ve been at this long enough you should feel comfortable handling all aspects of running this promotion. I got a phone call, something came up that’s going to pull my attention elsewhere for the time being.”
WALLACE: ”Come on, Frankie, what are you doing? Is the money not good? Do you want to be back here at the shows getting your hands dirty? I thought you wanted to handle the business aspect of this whole operation? Are you fucking with me? Come on, I know you’re just pulling my leg.”
MORRISON: ”I’m not fucking around. A former client of mine has reached out to me and needs me to assume my previous role. Sorry Perry, there’s just too much history between me and him to turn him down.”
With a look of disappointment on his face, Wallace finishes off the rest of his glass before slamming it onto the desk and pouring another.

WALLACE: ”I hate that this day had to come, I truly do. You’ve been with me since day one. Does that mean your shares are for sale? I’m buying…”
MORRISON: ”It’s all yours bud.”
Morrison chuckled at the levity of Wallace’s offer.

MORRISON: ”Unfortunately we both knew going into this endeavor that the possibility of me being pulled away always hung over our heads.”
WALLACE: ”I guess you’re right. I just always thought that day would come way later down the road and here it is now. Check it out. Just hang tight for the rest of the night if you can. After the show we’ll go out for a few drinks and see if I can’t talk any sense into you. Sound good?”
MORRISON: ”Sounds great man. Don’t think you’re going to be able to change my mind but God knows if you’re buying drinks I’ll let you try.”
WALLACE: ”You know I’m buying! I won’t even count that as part of your severance package! Fuck it, lets take a walk around and enjoy the last show together with you still a part of the team.”
Wallace then holds his glass up, as does Morrison. The two then touch glasses for a toast before taking another drink as the scene cuts away.



POWERS: ”Introducing first from Devil’s Den, California, weighing in at two hundred eighteen pounds, Breeennaaan Deeevliiin!!!”
“You’re Gonna Love It If You Like It or Not” by Powerman 5000 blared throughout the arena as Brennan Devlin strolled out onto the stage to a reaction of pure hate from the audience. The fans loudly chanted negative things in his direction as he strutted down the ramp, taunting members of the crowd rather profusely. Just trying to get a rise out of them.. He stopped to make fun, even laugh at a few of them as he arrived into the ringside area. Once there – he hopped up onto the apron and stood there for a moment, turning to peer at the crowd. He gave them a confident, toothy grin before sliding his vest he usually wore during entrances off, and entering the ring. Once inside, he walked over to the turnbuckle and leisurely laid back against it, waiting for his opponent as his music faded and he continued to laze around.
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: ”And his opponent from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

JOHNSON: ”Once again we have Aidan Carlisle here with us on guest commentary as we are about to witness the second Pride Gauntlet contender match for Ante Up.”
VASSA: “Who’s your favorite to win this one?”
AIDAN: ”I don’t favor either one over the other. Roxi’s had a real fire under her lately and I know how much she wants this but Brennan has got talent and I know he’s feeling the burn after not making the cut in his 4CW Title qualifier match. This is going to be a good one, for sure.”
The referee checks with both corners before calling for the bell. The two fly at one another almost before the official can get out of the way. Devlin lunges forward for a clothesline but Roxi nails a dropkick instead. Both are back on their feet in a matter of moments. This time it’s Roxi who goes for the clothesline but Devlin catches her arm and reverses into an STO!
Though she holds her head for a moment Roxi is back on her feet at the same moment as Brennan. The two circle the ring several times, taking turns lunging and feinting back and forth. Both opponents are clearly focused. Each one has a hunger to go on to the Pride Gauntlet at Ante Up!
Roxi finally dives in for a forearm smash. Brennan stumbles backwards but doesn’t go down. As soon as he recovers he flies back with a European uppercut. Johnson staggers back into the turnbuckles but dives out just in time to avoid a body splash against the corner. Devlin shakes off the cobwebs and manages to avoid an incoming Thesz press from Roxi!

JOHNSON: “What a fantastic match so far. You can see just how much each of these two wants the victory. They’re going to fight it out until they’ve got nothing left, I can feel it.”
VASSA: “A bold prediction, but I think you might be right!”
Roxi races in once again but Brennan takes her down with a drop toe hold. As Devlin starts to twist her up into a submission maneuver, Johnson gets her hand on the ropes, forcing the break before it ever begins. Roxi twists onto her back and kicks Brennan away with both feet to create some space. Devlin is quick to run back in but Roxi is quicker with a hurricanrana!
Brennan seems a little slow to get to his feet as Johnson runs at him from across the ring. As soon as Roxi is within reach Devlin however snatches her up and uses her momentum against her for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! The crowd boos thunderously as he throws his arms in the air and gloats! Before Johnson can get up he drops to the mat and starts to attempt a submission once again. Roxi claws and scrabbles on the mat, managing to get the ropes just before he can apply the ankle lock!
Devlin stomps once in frustration and backs up for some room to run. Johnson is barely to her feet as Brennan charges her. At the last moment Roxi twists and uses the speed for a snap scoop slam that shakes the ring! The boos turn to cheers as 4CW’s resident Superhero leaps back to her feet and circles the downed Brennan.
As soon as Devlin is back on his feet Roxi leaps up and hooks his head, twisting gracefully for a tornado DDT! It’s Brennan’s turn to hold his head as he gets to his feet. Roxi runs in again but Devlin is ready, nailing her with a spinning heel kick! Johnson stumbles back into the ropes, disoriented for a moment. Brennan leans in for a back body drop as he sees Roxi bounce off the ropes, but she comes up short, kicking him first and then hitting a sit out jawbreaker as he stands!

VASSA: “I can’t tell if either of these two has the advantage here.”
JOHNSON: “It certainly seems to have been an even match up so far.”
AIDAN: “These are the best kinds of matches. I love the ones that leave you on the edge of your seat until the end.”
Roxi starts to lock in a sleeper hold from behind as Brennan sits back up, but Devlin has other plans and flips her over his shoulder with a modified snapmare. Wasting no time Brennan grabs both of her arms and shifts his knee into her spine, cranking backward with a surfboard stretch! Roxi’s cries of pain are audible as the ref stays close to see if she wants to tap out. Johnson shakes her head vehemently, refusing to give up!
Brennan seems to be threatening to pull her arms out of their sockets! Despite the pain Roxi struggles and gets one foot under herself. Devlin tightens his hold as Johnson moves her other leg. The two struggle for several long moments and Roxi gets her other foot under her on the canvas. With the hold still in place she starts to stand!
Brennan plants his feet, trying to use the leverage to keep her down. Roxi is on her feet, but Devlin still has his grip on her arms! The struggle continues as Johnson begins to turn, twisting oh so slowly as she fights to get her arms back in front of her and out of the painful hold. As Johnson finishes reversing the hold she’s twisted both of them around. Breaking her arms free she shoves Brennan into the ropes, taking him down with a snap suplex when he bounces back!
With renewed vigor the two leap back to their feet. They trade lefts and rights as the crowd chants all around them. Devlin whips Roxi into the corner, but she catches herself before the collision. With Johnson’s back turned Brennan dives in for an elbow to the spine, but Roxi uses hops up on the middle rope and leaps over him, twisting midair hooking her legs on his waist and flipping him down with a Yoshi-Tonic that puts his shoulders down!
The ref dives in for the count!
Brennan gets the shoulder up and flings Roxi away after just two.

AIDAN: “Roxi is impressive tonight. It is not easy to get out of that surfboard stretch and Brennan has the size advantage.”
JOHNSON: “It’s true, Roxi never fails to impress.”
VASSA: “This match isn’t yet. Devlin just kicked out of that with authority.”
AIDAN: “Always risky going for a pin early in the match.”
Both wrestlers get to their feet, circling to maintain the space between them. At the same time they bounce off of the ropes. Devlin goes for a clothesline but Roxi ducks beneath. They hit the ropes again and rebound. Johnson goes for a possible spear but Brennan leapfrogs over her. As they hit the ropes the third time they both leap onto and bounce off of the second, Roxi with a moonsault and Devlin with a crossbody, colliding in midair and tumbling to the mat in a tangled mess!
After a few moments neither has begun to move and the referee starts the count out.
Both begin to stir, Roxi shaking her head slightly, perhaps to clear her vision, and Devlin moving his arms to get some feeling back in them.
Brennan lifts his head and looks around, realizing that Roxi is completely in the opposite direction than he expected. Johnson starts to push up onto her hands and knees.
At seemingly the last possible second they are both on their feet! Roxi stumbles backward into a corner and Brennan supports himself on the ropes as the ref indicates both were up before the count out. Summoning the energy from somewhere Devlin races across the ring for a running double knee strike! Roxi drops down to a seated position on the mat as Brennan ducks back across the ring. He races in again, this time with a boot to the face!
Roxi rolls out of the corner holding her head, checking her nose for blood. Devlin stalks his prey, trailing her across the ring and leaning down to pull her up by the hair. Johnson gets to her knees and throws her elbow into Brennan’s gut to get him to let go. She throws another elbow into his face, spinning him half way around. Johnson powers to her feet and hooks an arm around his neck, taking him back to the mat with a spinning headlock elbow drop!

JOHNSON: “That hellacious midair collision has clearly taken a bit out of these two.”
AIDAN: “It has, but no one is throwing in the towel. They’ve both got plenty left.”
VASSA: “You just want the battle to continue.”
AIDAN: “Of course I do. I still loving watching wrestling almost as much as I enjoy stepping in the ring myself.”
As both opponents get back to their feet they glare daggers across the ring at one another. Both are obviously frustrated by their thwarted attempts so far. They meet in the middle of the ring as a kick to the gut stops Roxi’s charge short. Devlin grabs one of his doubled over opponent’s arms after the other and then flips her backward to the canvas with a butterfly suplex.
Brennan is on his feet quickly but Roxi is slow to sit up. Devlin leaps onto the middle rope and hits the seated Johnson with a low springboard dropkick to the chest! While Roxi is laid out Devlin hops right up onto the top turnbuckle. He throws his arms up for the adoring boos of the crowd before turning around and flying off the ropes with a leg drop that catches Johnson right across the stomach.
Brennan pulls Roxi to her feet, taunting her as she stumbles. He whips her into the ropes and leaps up for a dropkick on the rebound but she hooks her arms on the top rope and stops herself short. Johnson flies at Brennan for a lariat but he catches her arm before it connects and drops her spine first onto his knee with an STO backbreaker!

JOHNSON: “Ouch, I don’t know how many more shots to the spine like that Roxi can take.”
AIDAN: “They leave you hurting for days, I can confirm it, but Roxi Johnson has come back from worse.”
With precious few signs of movement from Roxi, Brennan drops to the mat and hooks her leg. The referee isn’t far behind for the count

VASSA: “Roxi got her shoulder up just in time! How did she do it?!”
Brennan pounds his fists repeatedly on the mat in anger. As he gets to his feet he argues with the official that is should have been three, but the ref is steadfast in his ruling. Devlin continues to hound the man, so busy that he doesn’t notice Roxi getting to her feet behind him. Johnson stares at the tantrum for several long moments before running at the ropes and launching herself from the middle one.
Just as Brennan turns Roxi’s foot catches him square in the jaw!

JOHNSON: “RAY OF HOPE! Roxi Johnson just about took Brennan’s head off with the Ray of Hope!”
Roxi throws her body over the prone Devlin.

AIDAN: “Holy shit. I thought she had it there.”
VASSA: “So did Roxi, look at the shock on her face.”
Roxi does indeed look shocked as Brennan somehow managed to get his shoulder up, but she wastes no time getting back to her feet. Looking dizzy, Devlin stands once again as well. Roxi launches herself at Brennan with full force in a clothesline that looks sure to take his head off. The force drives Devlin back to the ropes, but he holds onto her tightly!
As Brennan drives her back from the ropes, he keeps his arm across her chest and his hand on the back of her head, falling backward and driving her face into the mat as he rolls through!

VASSA: “That was the #FACEvasion!”
JOHNSON: “But look, Roxi is getting back up!”
Roxi pushes onto her hands and knees, teetering, on the brink of falling over. She gets one foot under herself and tries to stand, but falls back onto her knees. The crowd chants her name over and over, trying to pump her back up and will her to continue.
Johnson tries again, this time getting both feet under herself and carefully taking her hands off of the mat as she gets up, still bent over.
Meanwhile, Brennan has been biding his time against the corner. As Roxi is finally in position he runs across the ring, jumping into the air and driving her back down onto the mat with his foot!

JOHNSON: “Oh my god!”
VASSA: “Someone hand me my phone, it’s FACE TIME!!!”
AIDAN: “Here comes the pin!”
Brennan all but collapses on top of Roxi after flipping her over onto her back.

JOHNSON: “Brennan Devlin did it! Brennan is moving on to the Pride Gauntlet at Ante Up!”
It takes Brennan two tries to stand before the referee can raise his arm in victory.

POWERS: “Here is your winner, BRENNAN DDEEVVLLIINN!!!”

We open backstage where Gabriel Hartman sits on a comfortable red sofa behind a Four Corner Wrestling backdrop. He smiles, whilst getting the cue from the cameraman to begin.

HARTMAN: ”Good evening ladies and gentleman. I know you’re having a good time here in the Bellco Theatre for tonight’s edition of Adrenaline. As you know earlier in the show I said I would be sitting down with the former Pride Champion Lo’Renzo Porter, whose also two thousand and fourteens breakout star of the year. After a title lost at South Beach Brawl, Lo’Renzo stepped away from competiting. It’s been about two months since Flipp has stepped inside a Four Corner Wrestling ring. Now he has returned and will be making his in ring return next Adrenaline when we’re in the Paramount Theater in Texas. Without further ado let me be the first to say welcome back Lo’Renzo.”
The camera swivels to Lo’Renzo whose seated on a stool dressed in a black and white tailored suit. Joint to his lips as he smirks before saluting toward the camera.

FLIPP: “What’s goodie gzz, and thanks B Hart. Feel A one to be back round the environment. Know you was my brodie on The Session, the few we did.”
HARTMAN: ”Good to have you back man.”
FLIPP: “Already know brah. Feel like it’s been long overdue. I miss being out there with the loyals having a gooch time. Not being in the ring and enjoying suscess with my fans ain’t what I’m tryna do. A nizzah can’t wait to get back in the ring.”
The two exchange a handshake before Lo’Renzo lights up the joint hanging from his lips.

HARTMAN: ”What was the reason you stepped away after South Beach Brawl.”
FLIPP: “I wasn’t in the right place. My mind wasn’t on being the best fighter I can be. I couldn’t give the loyals that one hun-dun percent of me. I needed some time to reflect on things brah brah. I been reflecting long enough now though. It’s time I get back in there.”
Hartman nods his head before asking his next question.

HARTMAN: ”The pecking order in Four C W has changed. Where do you see yourself now that you’re returning?”
Lo’Renzo smiles before taking a tote from the joint.

FLIPP: “It’s not where I see myself, more as where imma put myself. I see all the new faces. I see the movement happening that I been envisioned, Four C Dub got the best talent in the world, but I’m still gone be one of the best here. I ain’t jus saying that either.”
HARTMAN: ”While you were away what were some of the things you reflected on?”
Flipp exhales some smoke before he answers.

FLIPP: “Life first and foremost. I don’t wanna have to live the life of many youngins I know. That’s why since I’ve been signed I put on a show out there. I wan’t all the people from my town to look at me and see the success, because they can have it too you know what I’m saying. The reason why I step into the ring will always be for the same reasons. My son, lil brodie, my rillas, my town, and the loyals.”
He pauses, holding up his pinky finger before he continues.

FLIPP: “I broke a promise to each and every one of the loyals out there, I’m sorry because I wasn’t loyal to you. I was suppose to be in the ring being a force for y’all. That voice. Don’t worry though, we still outchea. Nothing changed bout me, but the color of my hair brah brah.”
He goes to pass the joint to Hartman, but he declines it.

HARTMAN: ”I don’t smoke, but why return here in Denver? Any reason for that?
FLIPP: “There is. My first time being in Denver is really when the loyals really started to rock with the kid. Me and Jair put on a dope ass match. Even though I lost that match it was a major turning point. It openend more eyes to what I was capable of doing in the ring against A plus talent. After the show I went on a winning streak, and won myself the Pride title. So Denver will always be a special place to me. It’s when I really started to define myself.”
HARTMAN: ”The Pride Championship belt. Are you going to go after Aidan and the belt?”
Lo’Renzo smiles, straightening the bowtie on his kneck.

FLIPP: “Really I ain’t thought bout that. I juss wanna get back in the ring and compete at the level I was at. Gold will come. Right now it’s all bout getting back on the ride the loyals riding with me. I do wanna get in the ring with some peeps though, like Aiden, like me versus Jair three, Always wanted to see what I can do against the beast J Cashe. Felicity Banks is a beast too. I wouldn’t mind scrapping with her. Ramona again. Mannn i’m juss ready to get back in there.”
He nods his head, taking a swallow from the hemp juice before clearing his throat.

FLIPP: “Plus next Adrenaline in Texas is gone be another special day for me. That’s where I won the Pride Championship brah. What not a better place to get back in the ring? That Fatal Fourway was a top five match last year. We gone be lit at the Paramount Theatre when we touchdown.”
HARTMAN: ”Ah yes, that was one hell of a match man.”
FLIPP: “That’s what I strive to do. Give the loyals that match they can’t stop talking bout. Have the place goin nannas. That shit feel good when you can do that, and it’s a feeling I ain’t felt in a minute. I miss that shit. I miss the sessions with the boy Mannie. The after party’s. Juss seeing that Four C Dub backdrop juss make me feel back at home gzz.”
He pauses, lighting his joint back up.

FLIPP: “And it ain’t nothing like being at home. This were I belong. This what I’m best at besides being a father plus It’s still allot things that I gotta accomplish in Four C Dub.”
HARTMAN: ”I’m getting the signal that we need to wrap this up and head into tonight’s Main Event. Any last words?”
FLIPP: “Shout out to my son lil Reno, the sqaud, shout out to you for having this sit down with me. Goddamn shout out to all the loyals, and the framily back in the matt. My big dog Tommy for coming through with this diesel. Mannn, aye, we back at it. Peace love and happiness.”
He chunks up the dueces as Hartman waves. The cameras fading out and into tonight’s Main Event.



The theater flashes between green, white and orange lights as “The Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphy plays. Seamus O’Connor then comes with a shillelah in one hand.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Irish Bastard”, SEAMUS O’CCOONNNNOORR!!!”
He runs out on stage does a heel click before walking to the ring amped up, trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and runs up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

VASSA: ”After being on a brief leave of absence and getting married, Seamus made his return two weeks ago with an impressive win over Justin Davis.”
JOHNSON: ”Although he was away for a few weeks he didn’t appear to lose a step and came out swinging. Tonight he’ll get back into the mix with what could be considered his biggest match of his career.”
VASSA: ”This is a big match for anyone involved. The Irish Bastard looks ready too. I know he’s always looking for a good fight!”
The lights dim throughout the theatre, orange strobe lights start flickering everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva hits the sound system.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from San Diego, California, weighing in at two hundred forty three pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is the “Bad Boy”, SHANE BBOORRDDEERRLLAANNDD!!!
Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms, then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON: ”Shane has had his share of big matches here in 4CW so this isn’t anything new to him.”
VASSA: ”What people don’t realize is that Shane could take this match by surprise. He has what it takes to be a 4CW champion. Now he just needs to do it in the ring tonight.”
“Take a good look at agony
Force fed pass down
Time release… ”
Aidan appears at the top of the ramp as the heavy metal chords of her theme song fill the theater, holding the 4CW Pride Championship high in the air as she stops to survey the crowd through the dimmed lights. She smiles from ear to ear as the cheers from the crowd get her revved up for the impending match.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Rochester, New York, weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. She is “The Hardcore Queen” and the 4CW Pride Champion, AIDAN CCAARRLLIISSLLEE!!!”
“I never noticed, until I focused
On everything you did, you said,
You lit the fuse inside my head ”
She races down the aisle and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Her own excitement is palpable as she hops up onto the middle rope, subtly bouncing it in the rhythm of the music.
“Thank you for reminding me
Of why I’m sick inside
Thank you for the venom, did
You think it would paralyze?
These scars I scratch, I tear
Are there under my skin
Where you’ve always been
Thank you for reminding me,
To sin with a grin ”
The cheers turn near-deafening as she kisses her middle and index fingers, thrusting them into the air in her trademark salute to her fans.

JOHNSON: ”The 4CW Pride Champion is in the house folks. I know a lot of people were surprised to learn that she would be in this last qualifying match for the 4CW Championship match at Ante Up. I know I was.”
VASSA: ”You aren’t the only one! She had to of known that she was going to be in this match tonight. What was she thinking when she made the stipulation for the 4CW Pride Championship match. If she wins tonight, the 4CW Championship match is going to be hell after going through a gauntlet match, win or lose.”
JOHNSON: ”Here’s a fun fact. The last time these three had a match with more than two people in it they were all involved. It was the over the top rope rumble to determine who would challenge Flipp for the Pride Championship at South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: ”Well aren’t you just full of knowledge?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s what I’m here for.”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds…
“How many start a journey, but never see the end
I never ask how, conceive it then speak in whens
A man will work his whole life to see his ego shed
I sew it up needle head all I need is thread
A team can only take it as far as its strongest leader
The streets are red, runnin with the blood of non-believers”
As “Fate” by Ces Cru came in, Hopkins appeared from the back as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.

POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred eight pounds, JAIR …. HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I’m out for action what the fuck are y’all about relaxin’?
They can doubt my sanity but never doubt my passion
And I don’t know why they deceive us, feed us lies mislead us
He who denies what he has seen is worse than blind believers
I just play the cards the way they’re dealt”
The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”Here’s our last competitor for the match, the former 4CW Champion himself, Jair Hopkins!”
JOHNSON: ”I’ve been wondering when he was going to get his shot at a qualifying match. I was surprised when we didn’t see him in one of the first two.”
VASSA: ”You could say we were saving the best for last but who am I kidding, this entire roster is stacked!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right about that, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”You’re damned right I am!”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s it! Lets get on with the show!”
The ref slowly walks to the center of the ring and turns to each corner, getting the nod from each wrestler. After finishing up with a nod from Hopkins, the ref then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
At the sound, Shane takes off from his corner and runs straight for the Pride Champion, Aidan. Just as he gets close, Seamus runs in from the side and hits him with a shoulder block, knocking him down to the mat. Seamus then turns to the corner and kicks Aidan in the stomach with a quick right boot. He then pulls her away from the corner, holding her head down and then slams a forearm across the top of her back, knocking her down to both knees. Pulling Aidan back up to both feet, Seamus then lifts her up and turns to the center. He then lifts her up into the air above his head and as he does, he quickly notices Hopkins running at him from across the ring. Thinking quickly, Seamus throws Aidan towards Hopkins and wipes him out, sending them both to the mat.
With his back turned, Seamus takes a knee to the spine from Borderland who just gets up. Falling to one knee, Seamus holds himself up by planting his fist into the mat to keep his balance. Before he can push himself up, Borderland attacks him from behind with a series of punches to the back of the head. He then pulls Seamus up to both feet and spins him around. Kicking Seamus in the stomach, Borderland knocks the breath out of him before lifting him up and then dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker. As Seamus bounces off his knee and falls face first to the mat, Borderland then climbs onto his back and begins to unload with punches to the back of the head, shoulders and ribs.
Across the ring, Hopkins and Aidan just now get to their feet. Standing up first, Hopkins rushes in to Aidan and hits her with a backhand chop across the chest. He then unloads with another and another, backing her into the corner as each one cuts into her chest. After hitting her with one last chop, Hopkins then spins around and lunges at her, knocking her off her feet and to the mat with a spinning lariat takedown. Before Aidan can get up, Hopkins jumps into the air and comes down with a knee drop into her shoulder.

VASSA: ”Damn, we have everyone down on the mat right now!”
JOHNSON: ”We have four people in this match and not a single one on their feet right now. What are the odds?”
VASSA: ”Too high for me to bet on happening again!”
Back to his feet, Hopkins grabs Aidan by the wrist and pulls her up to her feet. He then slams her into the corner with impact and then follows up with multiple kicks to the stomach. After wearing her down, he then hits her with another backhand chop across the chest, this time taking her breath away. Grabbing onto the top rope with both hands, he then kicks his knee up while coming toward her and plants it into her stomach. Knocking the breath from her again, he then lifts her up and sits her on top of the turnbuckle. Climbing up as well, he stands on the middle rope and then holds his hand in the air above his head before swinging down and connecting with a hard right to Aidan’s forehead. Wrapping his arm around her head, the then tosses her over his before lifting her up from the turnbuckle and falling backwards to the mat, dropping her with a super-plex.
Meanwhile across the ring, Borderland has Seamus against the ropes, hitting him with a series of punches to the ribs. Borderland then grabs him by the wrist and pulls him away from the ropes and goes to throw him across the ring. Before Borderland can let go, Seamus reverses and then pulls Borderland around and throws him to the ropes instead. Hitting the ropes hard and coming back with speed, Borderland charges toward Seamus. Waiting for Borderland, Seamus bends over to flip him into the air but gets caught with a surprise as Borderland kicks him in the mouth and sends him flying backwards to the mat. Borderland then grabs both of Seamus’ feet and lifts them into the air. Spreading Seamus’ legs apart, Borderland then stomps on his groin and then follows up with an elbow drop to the inside of his thigh.

VASSA: ”OOHHH!!! That was a little too close for comfort right there!”
JOHNSON: ”Shane caught Seamus off guard with that boot to the mouth. Now he’s working on those legs, the best way to keep the big man down.”
VASSA: ”Big man? He isn’t that much bigger than Shane.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s still a big–“
VASSA: ”Look at Hopkins fly!”
With Aidan slowly getting back to her feet, Hopkins flies through the air coming towards her with a missile drop kick. Just before his feet get close enough to connect, Aidan quickly side steps out of the way and pushes down on Hopkins back, slamming him face first into the canvas. She then stomps on his back a few times before quickly spinning ninety degrees and coming down across the top of his back with an elbow drop. Quick to her feet, Aidan paces around Hopkins for a moment, giving him time to start pushing himself up. Once up to all fours, Aidan then runs to the ropes and comes back full speed, wiping him out with a sliding clothesline. Not wasting any time, Aidan quickly covers him for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.
Pulling Seamus back to his feet, Borderland steps in beside him and then drops him backwards to the mat with a Russian leg sweep. Quickly rolling him over to his stomach, Borderland then climbs onto his back and grabs both of his legs and hooks the feet underneath his arms. Pulling back with all of his strength, Borderland locks in a Boston Crab and tries to snap Seamus in half. With the move locked in tightly, Borderland pulls and pulls at Seamus, sitting on top of him putting even more pressure on his lower back. Noticing from across the ring, the ref quickly rushes over to check with Seamus for the submission but doesn’t get anything as Seamus fights through the pain. After a few moments pass, Seamus begins to push his upper body up from the mat. Quickly noticing, Borderland pulls back even harder and maintains his position. The two struggle with one another for a minute before Seamus finally manages to kick his legs straight, sending Borderland rolling off of him.
The two then race to get to their feet. Standing up first, Seamus turns around with Borderland right there in front of him, just pushing himself up from the mat. Grabbing him by the head, Seamus helps Borderland up and then pulls him to the edge of the ring. Lifting Borderland up into the air, Seamus drops him across the top rope. Bent in half, Borderland hangs on the top rope, fighting to keep his balance from falling to the outside of the ring. Seamus then grabs him by the back of the pants and pulls him up from the rope and back into the ring. Turning Borderland around, Seamus then plants his fist into his stomach with a power punch that forces him to lunge over from the impact. Seamus then lifts Borderland up into the air and holds him up with both arms. Turning to the center of the ring, Seamus then runs with Borderland and plants him into the canvas with a running powerslam.
While still on top of Borderland, Seamus then hooks the leg as the ref slides in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Not just yet!”
VASSA: ”Seamus was going for the quick win but Aidan wasn’t about to let that happen.”
JOHNSON: ”She doesn’t look too happy with Seamus either after that pin attempt.”
Stomping on Seamus’ back, Aidan then grabs him by the head and pulls him up to his feet. She then hits him in the lower back over and over with elbow smashes. After landing a half a dozen, she then grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around. Once facing Seamus, Aidan the kicks him in the gut and flips him over to the canvas with a snapmare. Just as she stands back up, Hopkins comes in from behind and spins her around. Quick on her feet, Aidan throws a jab to his throat and then kicks him in the stomach as well. She then wraps her arm around his head and applies a side headlock before twisting her body and flipping him over to his back as well. Still on her feet, Aidan then looks up at Borderland who is coming at her full speed. Lunging towards her to lock up, Aidan quickly side steps out of the way and brings him crashing face first to the canvas with a drop toe hold.

VASSA: Damn, she’s taking out everyone!””
JOHNSON: ”The momentum is definitely on her side as she’s put all three men on the canvas one after the other.”
VASSA: ”She may be the smallest in the ring but could very well be the quickest and she’s proving that right now.”
First up to his feet, Seamus stands across the ring from Aidan, situating himself and shaking off the cobwebs. The two then lock eyes and slowly approach each other before meeting in the center of the ring, only a few feet apart. Slowly circling one another, the two keep their eyes locked on one another, waiting for the opportune time to strike. Tired of dancing around and around, Seamus lunges forward and locks up with Aidan. With his size and strength advantage, he quickly takes control as he overpowers Aidan and breaks her down to one knee. Holding her down, he then slams his knee forward into her chest. Not letting go of her, Seamus keeps Aidan from falling to the mat. He then pulls her up to both feet and then lifts his knee once more, slamming it into her stomach. With Aidan still in his clinches, he then draws his head back and then slams it forward, planting it into hers with a big headbutt. Stunning Aidan, Seamus then takes a step back while pulling her with him and then turns quickly to throw her to the ropes with all of his strength. After hitting the ropes and coming back with speed, Aidan runs into Seamus who then lifts her up, turns his body with her in the air and then drives her back into the canvas with a spinebuster. With Aidan underneath him in a daze, Seamus then hooks her leg for the pin as the ref slides in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”OOHHH a quick kick out by Aidan!”
VASSA: ”I’m actually surprised to see her kick out from that. Seamus slammed her to the mat with a lot of force.”
JOHNSON: ”The ring is still shaking!”
Not wasting any time, Seamus pushes himself up from Aidan. Just as he stands up, Hopkins rushes in from behind and slams both arms over the top of his back with a double axe handle. Falling to one knee, Seamus pushes himself back up but as he does, Hopkins drops another double axe handle across his back, putting him down to his knee again. Hopkins then reaches to grab Seamus’ head but before he can grab ahold of it, Borderland sneaks in and slams his forearm into the back of his head. Grabbing Hopkins by the shoulder, Borderland quickly spins him around and catches him in the jaw with a hard right. Moving in fast, Borderland lifts Hopkins up from his feet and then turns to face the opposite side of the ring. With Hopkins still held up, Borderland then steps forward and throws him down to his back with a scoop slam.
Rolling over to his stomach, Hopkins begins to push himself up but before he can get anywhere, Borderland steps in and kicks him in the stomach, lifting him up from the canvas. On all fours, Hopkins holds himself up while catching his breath. Borderland then steps in again and kicks him in the stomach, this time lifting him up from the canvas and flipping him over to his back. With Hopkins out of breath, Borderland then reaches down and grabs him by the head and slowly pulls him up to his feet. Holding him up with one hand, Borderland then draws back and swings forward, connecting with a stuff punch to the jaw. He then draws back again and lands another and another, not letting Hopkins fall to the mat after each vicious blow. Shane then grabs him by the head with both hands and forces it down, bending Hopkins over. Pulling Hopkins’ head in between his legs, Borderland then wraps his arms around Hopkins’ waist and lifts him up into an upside down vertical position. After holding him up for a moment, Borderland then drops down and plants Hopkins head into the mat with a piledriver. Bouncing off the mat, Hopkins lands on his back and shortly after, Borderland covers for the pin.

VASSA: ”So close!”
JOHNSON: ”Eventually someone is going to get the win with all these pin attempts.”
VASSA: ”I hear you Captain Obvious! I thought this match would just go on forever and ever.”
JOHNSON: ”You know what I meant!”
VASSA: ”I also know what you said.”
Looking up at the ref with anger, Borderland then pushes himself up from Hopkins. Shaking his head in disgust, Borderland then kicks Hopkins in the ribs over and over in a fit of rage. Grabbing Hopkins by the arm, Borderland pulls him up to his feet. With hands wrapped tightly around Hopkins wrist, Borderland then pulls him in quickly and slams his shoulder into his. Falling away, Hopkins then gets pulled in again as his shoulder gets crushed one more. Borderland then takes a step back and goes to throw Hopkins to the corner but before he can release, Hopkins reverses and throws Shane to the corner. After crashing into the turnbuckle, Shane looks up only to see Hopkins flying in the air towards him. Planting his feet in Shane’s stomach, Hopkins grabs onto his head with both hands. Reaching up to the sky with one, Hopkins then swings down and connects with a devastating right hand to the top of the head. Grabbing onto Boderland’s head again with both hands, Hopkins then rolls back and pulls Shane down with him. As his back hits the canvas, Hopkins extends his legs and sends Borderland flipping into the air and crashing onto his back with a monkey flip.
Across the ring, Aidan and Seamus exchange punches. After landing a few back to back right hands, Seamus then draws back and swings for the knockout punch. With his fist flying at her head, Aidan ducks underneath at the last possible second and avoids contact. She then counters with a right hand to the side of Seamus followed with a left elbow to the jaw. Knocking Seamus backwards and off balance, Aidan then takes a few steps back before planting her back foot and coming back towards Seamus. After doing a quick handspring, Aidan turns back with her feet underneath her and connects with an elbow strike to the mouth. Seamus stumbles towards the ropes and catches himself on them after extending both arms. Leaving his midsection open, Seamus braces himself as Aidan runs towards him and plants her knee into his stomach.
Aidan then grabs Seamus by the arm and pulls back to get him off the ropes and send him to the other side of the ring. After leaning all the way back and fully extending her arm, Aidan gets stopped as Seamus stands his ground and uses his size to his advantage. Refusing to be pulled away from his position, Seamus then pulls Aidan back into him and then wraps his arms around her body and arms. Seamus then quickly spins with Aidan in his arms and after turning one hundred and eighty degrees, he then lifts her up from the mat and tosses her over his head with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Seamus then rushes in to Aidan before she can even begin to get up. Rolling her over to her stomach, he then presses her face into the canvas and drags it across the ring to the other side. Stopping in front of the ropes, he then climbs onto her back and begins to hit her in the back of the head with forearm shots. After landing a handful, Aidan realizes her position in the ring and then reaches forward, grabbing the bottom rope. Quickly noticing, the ref rushes in and orders Seamus to get off of her and step away.

JOHNSON: ”Aidan is lucky that those ropes were there to save her.”
VASSA: ”Things could have gotten ugly for her really quick.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s why it’s always important to know where you are in the ring and use it when necessary.”
VASSA: ”You’re right about that!”
After letting Aidan get back to her feet, Seamus then rushes in with an attack or body punches. Landing crushing blows from the left and right, Seamus slowly wears Aidan down as he backs her against the ropes. Grabbing her by the back of the head, he then pulls her away from the ropes and then scoops her up, lifting her into the air. After holding her up for a moment, he then drops her down onto his knee with a gut buster. Bouncing off his knee and flipping over to her stomach, Aidan smacks the mat with a thud. Seamus then stands straight up to his feet and quickly notices Hopkins and Borderland going back and forth with punches just a few feet away. With their attention on each other and not him, Seamus then turns to the ropes behind him and takes off towards them. Hitting them hard and coming back full speed, Seamus steps right over Aidan and then surprises both Hopkins and Borderland with a double clothesline, knocking them both to the canvas.

JOHNSON: ”Talk about being surprised…”
VASSA: ”Shane and Jair were so busy beating each other up that they didn’t even have the slightest hint that Seamus was on his way to wipe them out.”
JOHNSON: ”Seamus has the other three down on the mat. He’s the only one standing and things are in his control now. What’s he going to do?!”
VASSA: ”He’s locking his eyes on the Pride champ!”
After walking back over to Aidan, Seamus grabs ahold of her and pulls her up to her feet. Hooking his arm around her head, he then lifts her up into the air and falls back to the mat, dropping her with a suplex. Rolling over and pushing himself up, Seamus then turns to Borderland who is just now getting to his feet. Without hesitation, Seamus charges towards him and crashes into the side of him with a shoulder block, knocking him back to the canvas. Quickly turning to Hopkins who is just up to one knee, Seamus grabs him by the back of the head with one hand and then drives his other into Hopkins’ face with a jab. Lifting Hopkins to his feet, Seamus then locks onto his wrist with both hands and goes to throw him to the ropes across the ring. Running towards the ropes full speed, Hopkins leaps into the air and plants his feet on the middle rope. After springboarding off the middle rope, Hopkins turns his body in the air as he approaches Seamus. Wrapping his arm around Seamus’ head, Hopkins uses his momentum to keep turning as he pulls Seamus with him and plants his head into the canvas with a tornado DDT. He then covers Seamus for the pin as the ref rushes over to make the count.
Before the ref can even begin to go for the three count, Borderland moves in and plants his foot into the back of Hopkins’ head. After breaking the pin, Borderland then grabs him by the head with both hands and pulls him up to his feet. With his hands still locked on Hopkins’ head, Borderland then drops to his knees, pulling Hopkins head down with him. After hitting the mat and coming to a stop, Borderland braces himself as he continues to pulls Hopkins’ head down, smashing his chin onto the top of his head with a chin buster. Shooting straight up from the move, Hopkins then stumbles backwards. Back to his feet in an instant, Borderland then takes a step towards him but before he can take another, Aidan kicks him in the back of the knee. With his knee buckling, Borderland quickly drops to the mat on it but not completely down.
Aidan then digs her fingernails into Borderland’s back and gives him a backrake. Borderland then falls forward but catches himself before colliding with the mat. Now on all fours, he goes to push himself back up but before he can, Aidan turns to the nearest corner and quickly ascends to the top. Once there, she turns back to the ring only to see Borderland just now up to his feet but with his back turned to her. Waiting for him to turn around, she stands patient while the other two men in the match are out of the picture at the moment. Noticing Hopkins and Seamus down, Borderland looks around for Aidan but doesn’t see her. He then turns around to the other side of the ring but as he does, Aidan leaps into the air from the top rope and flies towards him with a crossbody. Quickly noticing Aidan flying towards him, Borderland braces himself for the collision. As Aidan crashes into him, Borderland maintains his footing and catches her instead of being wiped out.
With Aidan now helpless in his arms, Borderland lifts her up while holding her close and then drops to one knee while slamming her down across the top of the other with a backbreaker. Not letting go of Aidan, Borderland stands back to both feet with her still held horizontally in his arms. He then lifts her up again and drops back down to that same knee, slamming her onto his other again with another backbreaker. Aidan then bounces off of his knee and flips over to the canvas, crashing on her stomach. Standing back to his feet, Borderland looks down at Aidan and the damage he’s done. He then goes to reach down and grab her but gets stop as Hopkins runs in behind him and kicks him in the kidney. Borderland yells in pain but before he can do anything, Hopkins grabs him by the head and pulls it backwards. Wrapping his arm over Borderland’s face, Hopkins then drops to one knee, pulling him down and hitting him with a rear chancery backbreaker. In the blink of an eye, Hopkins then turns his body and makes it a combo as he drops Borderland to the mat with a neckbreaker.

VASSA: ”Damn Hopkins made that look good!”
JOHNSON: ”That was a perfectly executed combination of a rear chancery backbreaker into a neckbreaker.”
VASSA: ”We’ve never seen that move from him but by the looks of it, you would think it was one of his regular go to moves.”
JOHNSON: ”Look out! Seamus is moving in on the Pride champ!”
VASSA: ”Here we go!”
After pulling Aidan up to her feet, Seamus drags her to the edge of the ring, opposite of Hopkins and Borderland. He then grabs her by the arm and throws her to the ropes across the ring. Just as Aidan hits the ropes and starts to come back, Seamus hits the ropes behind him and bounces off to gain a little momentum as he charges towards Aidan. With both running full tilt towards each other, Seamus goes for a powerful running clothesline but misses as Aidan ducks underneath and continues to the ropes in front of her. Seamus quickly stops in his tracks and turns around but as he does, it’s already too late. After bouncing off the ropes, Aidan leaps into the air and plants her shoulder into his, knocking Seamus off his feet with a diving shoulder block. She then crawls on top of him and mounts herself before unloading with a fury of punches. Landing lefts and rights, Aidan hits Seamus from all angles with the attack. After briefly stunning him, she then pushes herself up and rolls him over to his stomach. Grabbing both of his arms, Aidan pulls them back, lifting Seamus’ upper body up from the canvas. Placing her foot on the back of his head, she pulls his arms back a little more.

JOHNSON: ”This is going to be bad for Seamus. I think she’s going for that curb stomp she likes.”
VASSA: ”She’s already sent one person away from 4CW with this move after doing it onto the ring steps.”
JOHNSON: ”Luckily for Seamus, there aren’t any steps inside of– WAIT A SECOND!!!”
Just as Aidan goes to kick her foot down, Hopkins catches her off guard with a flying kick to the chest. Dropping Seamus to the mat, Aidan stumbles backwards into the corner. He then rushes towards Aidan with both arms coming at her to lock up, leaving his stomach wide open. Quick on her feet, Aidan pushes herself away from the corner and then ducks underneath Hopkins as he gets close. As the two pass one another, Aidan hits him in the stomach with an elbow shot. Hopkins then crashes into the corner as Aidan brushes past him and moves towards Seamus who is just now pushing himself back up. She grabs him by the head and shoulder, helping him up to his feet but before she can make her next move, Borderland reaches over Seamus’ back and hits Aidan with a European uppercut that stuns her momentarily.
Borderland then slams his forearm down on Seamus’ back, knocking him to his stomach. Borderland then grabs Aidan by the arm and throws her to the corner behind him. Hitting the corner hard, Aidan’s feet come off the mat and just as they touch down, Borderland is right there nearly taking her head off with a running clothesline. Stepping aside, Borderland watches as Aidan stumbles forward but not down. He then takes a few steps behind her and closes the gap before wrapping his arm around the back of her head and dropping her to the mat with a bulldog.
Across the ring, Seamus just now stands to his feet but as he does, Hopkins steps out of the corner and moves in to him. The two lock up and battle it out in a test of strength. Using his size to his advantage, Seamus takes lead and quickly overpowers Hopkins. Lifting his knee upward, Seamus knocks the air from Hopkins as he slams it into his stomach. After Hopkins releases his hold, Seamus then turns him to the side but keeps his hands locked on Hopkins’ head. Seamus then drags him to the corner and pulls his head back before slamming it forward towards the top of the turnbuckle. As his face draws near the turnbuckle, Hopkins quickly grabs onto the top rope on each side and stops his head from colliding into it. He then throws his elbow back and catches Seamus in the stomach with it, breaking up his hold. Hopkins then grabs Seamus by the back of the head with both hands and slams his face into the top of the turnbuckle.
Seamus stumbles back away from the corner in a daze and Hopkins quickly climbs to the top.
Across the ring, Borderland has Aidan wrapped up from behind and then lifts her up and goes for a German suplex.
Hopkins then does a back flip from the top and as he comes back around, he wraps his arm around Seamus’ head and plants his head into the mat with a shooting star DDT.

JOHNSON: ”Look at that!”
Simultaneously, As Borderland goes for the German suplex, Aidan manages to break free from his hold. She continues to flip her body through the air and land on the top rope. She balances herself for a moment as Borderland quickly gets back up to his feet. As he does, Aidan springboards off the top rope and does a backflip in the air. Wrapping her legs around Borderland’s head, she then flips back and hits him with a dragonrana.

JOHNSON: ”Aidan got him with the Total Destruction!”
VASSA: ”She’s hooking the legs!”
JOHNSON: ”Hopkins is covering Seamus for the pin!”
At the same time, Hopkins covers Seamus for the pin and Aidan hooks both of Borderland legs. The ref then drops to the mat and looks both ways as he starts the count.

VASSA: ”He’s counting both?”

JOHNSON: ”What the hell?!”
Before the refs hand slaps the mat for the three count, Borderland kicks out of the pin. Meanwhile Hopkins still has Seamus covered.

VASSA: ”Hopkins wins it!”
JOHNSON: ”OOHHH!!! That pin fall was so close for Aidan!”
VASSA: ”Hopkins has secured the last spot in the Sixty Minute Iron Man match at Ante Up! We have our fourth!”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t help but think what may be going through Cashe’s head right now!”
Hopkins slowly stands to his feet as the ref walks over to him and raises his hand into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“Fate” hits the speakers as Hopkins slowly pulls his arm away from the ref. Across the ring, Aidan shakes her head as she stands to her feet, disappointed with the outcome. Borderland rolls underneath the bottom rope and exits the ring, leaving Seamus just now coming to his sense on the other side.

JOHNSON: ”Aidan couldn’t pull it off here tonight. Borderland took that away from her as he kicked out at the last possible split second.”
VASSA: ”This is a tough loss for Aidan. She still walks away from here the 4CW Pride Champion but now she has her first blemish on that perfect record.”
JOHNSON: ”She couldn’t control the outcome of this match. Jair pinned Seamus while she almost put Borderland away for the win.”
VASSA: ”What would have happened if Shane didn’t kick out? Would the match keep going since only one person could advance?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a good question, Vinny. I do not have an answer for you. It would be to the refs discretion but there was no possible way that both could win and advance to Ante Up.”
Aidan slowly walks towards Hopkins who stands there, catching his breath and soaking in the moment with the sounds of the fans in the background flooding the theater. Stopping in front of him, Aidan looks him up and down as Hopkins returns the favor, not taking his eyes off of her.

VASSA: ”Are we about to see round two?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know but both look ready for the other to make a move.”
VASSA: ”Listen to these people in the crowd!”

JOHNSON: ”The fans want to see more!”
After a long stare down between the two, Aidan then extends her hand out to Hopkins. Hesitating for a brief moment, Hopkins then extends his hand and the two shake in the center of the ring as the crowd bursts into even louder cheers.

JOHNSON: ”I can feel the entire building shaking!”
VASSA: ”They’re going to blow the roof off of this place!”
Aidan then steps in beside Hopkins and raises his arm into the air and congratulating him for the performance.

JOHNSON: ”Look at the sportsmanship! We don’t see this too often in todays generation but it’s on display here tonight.”
VASSA: ”That’s why she’s the Pride Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s all the time we have for tonight folks. It’s been one hell of a night and we’re one step closer to Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”I’m excited for this show. It’s our biggest one of the year and the stakes are high for everyone. It’s going to be one for the history books.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll see you in two weeks as we head down to Texas for the last Adrenaline before the big show. Take care folks. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Follow that shit up!”
The camera then zooms into Aidan still holding Hopkin’s arm in the air before it cuts to an overhead view of the theater. The fans are all on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs before the picture slowly fades out as the sounds of the crowd continue and then shift to “Ace of Spades” by Motörhead with the show coming to a close and the final Ante Up advertisement appearing.