These two big men shake the ring as they clash. The referee dwarfs next to either of them as they throw thunder and lighting with every punk or slam connected. After putting Shadow into a corner, Cole wallops Shadow with multiple Corner Clotheslines. Shadow springs from the corner and tosses Cole into the same corner and hits him with a huge Throat Thrust that sends spit flying from Cole’s mouth. He slumps into the corner as Shadow back away before rushing back in with a heavy Knee to Cole’s midsection. With the wind knocked out of him, Cole Jackson stumbles from the corner. Shadow turns him around to face him and grabbing him tightly around the throat looking for a Chokeslam. Cole wacks down, breaking the grip on his throat and hammer fists into Shadow’s bare chest. The two men stand their ground, Shadow nods at Cole and Cole jogs, making his way across the ring, bouncing against the ropes and rushing back at Shadow with a Shoulder Charge that barely budges the man from Denton, TX.
Cole notions for Shadow to take his turn and he turns and runs at the opposite ropes. Coming off them, Shadow picks up speed and barrels into Cole Jackson and doesn’t move him but a few steps. After taking turns testing their strength in various ways, the two larger than life athletes seem tired. The fans enjoying the rare Big Man contest watch as these “Giants” shake the ring, testing it’s durability with each passing move and moment. Ducking a big clothesline, Cole Jackson spins around behind Shadow and drops down, clipping Shadow to a knee. The big man drops down on his other knee as Cole hurries back to his feet and hauls ass to the adjacent ropes. He comes blazing off the ropes and looks for his “Howling Knee” but Shadow pulls out of the line of connection. He stands up as Cole turns around and gets lifted up across Shadow’s shoulders. Shadow spins Cole, turning the Fireman’s Carry into a Snapping Alabama Slam! He drops down and lays across Cole Jackson for the one, two, three!.
TIME: 13:55
The video feed cuts back on as instead of a futuristic wasteland we are shown the inside of a church as the camera man gets in closer to the pulpit, a man can be shown on the cross bleeding out of his head as he was tied to it although the cross was were upside down, inverted as that should of been a clue as to who was about to talk as a man with a black bandanna shows his face again except this time his eyes can be seen but that was all that could be seen on his face along with the facial tattoos, as he says standing behind the pit yet although him and his victim are all that can be seen at this point.

VOICE: ”Last week my congregation, we were robbed of a great opportunity as John Winters beat Jake Orton.”
The sound of displeasure is shown as the man begins talking again.

VOICE: ”But never fear for tonight, we gather in my church of sin and decadence to declare that we are here to wage war on God’s creatures and that we are the way of the future, we are the chosen ones!”
The crowd cheers loudly as some clap and others said amen.

VOICE: ”For too long we have been held at a repression, we have been told that we were not meant to be the face of any company, that we were ugly, hateful, arrogant and remorseless and you know what, maybe my son is but let me let you in on a secret. You see we here in The Uprising love him that way. For spitting in the faces of you dickheads is exactly what we were chosen for. This glorious moment was meant for us and us alone but yet, we are still the outcasts. We are the zombies of the world!”
The congregation cheered as they were slowly but sure starting to feel the fire in their bellies as the priest then looked at the guy hanging from the cross as he speaks in German to a few guys standing on the side as he nods his head and they proceed to punch their victim on the inverted cross until he was unrecognizable as he then motioned for him to be let down as he looks at Jake and then the victim before he walks over to the guy and rips the buttoned up, tattered shirt open revealing peace symbols and nihilistic tattoos everywhere as the priest spit on him then Jake ran and kicked the guy as hard as he could in the skull before Priest talked again.

VOICE: ”The revolution has been coming for a long time, we will not be held down anymore and my student will show the 4CW world what it means to be truly saved. For it is written so it shall come to pass quote the original sins, we’re here!”

This one opened up with a bang as Canada faced off against Mexico in the United States! O’Rian started things off getting the advantage on the masked luchador with a couple of uppercuts which led to him hitting a leaping kick to the side of El Futuro’s head. O’Rian then took flight into the air and connected with a diving elbow drop right to El Futuro’s heart! However, this did not cause the end as El Futuro kicked out at two. O’Rian continued to throw move after move at the masked luchador, but El Futuro would not quit. Eventually, O’Rian set up his opponent for his Eradication DDT, but El Futuro countered with a well timed Northern Lights suplex. El Futuro then took over the match hitting a couple of impressive moves, including a moonsault from the top ropes which led to a two count of his own against O’Rian.
The finish saw O’Rian regain the advantage with a well placed low blow, but he could not connect a superplex attempt from the corner as El Futuro shoved him off and countered with the Mexican Salute head-butting O’Rian from the top rope! From there a dazed O’Rian could not offer any defense as El Futuro nailed his El Irresistible Conclusión super kick covering for the UNO… DOS… TRES! And the victory over O’Rian.
TIME: 11:52
The camera finds Judd Grunge walking down one of the hallways backstage. As he is right in front of the camera, he stops and shakes his head.

GRUNGE: “I am moments away from walking out to that ring and doing what I do best, but I feel like I should make the same offer to Jake Orton that I made to Max. Orton, you still have a few minutes before that bell rings and I humiliate you in front of this Houston crowd. You can walk away right now, just pack up your bad and leave the building. Spare yourself the beating that is about to be unleashed on you, nobody would blame you one bit. After all, who wants to get beat down and have their head driven into the mat so violently, they forget their own mother’s name?”
Grunge smirks.

GRUNGE: “Now I highly doubt you will take me up on that offer, and honestly that’s fine by me. I am in the mood to inflict some brutality inside that squared circle tonight, and I’ll gladly use you as my outlet to do just that. I am not worried about this match Orton, I do not see you as threat in the least bit. You will be just another name added to the growing list of names that have been put down by me. ”
Grunge goes to walk away but stops, looking back at the camera.

GRUNGE: “Before I go I need to once again remind management that I am waiting for their response to my request to be in the upcoming title match. Not even Mr. Wallace can deny that I belong in the title picture, and after what I did to Max the last time I was inside that ring… I proved that I should be number one contender. Make the right choice… don’t make me force your hands. Now if you don’t mind… Jake Orton, your demise is at hand!”
Grunge shoves past the camera and heads down the hallway.


Trashing talking even before the bell sounds off, these two get chest to chest. Grunge shoves Orton back and goes for a big right hook. Orton side steps it and pegs Grunge with one, two, three, and a fourth snap Jab. Jake Orton takes off across the ring, hitting the ropes and springing back at Grunge who meets Orton in the middle and drives a Headbutt into Orton’s face. Holding his forehead as he pushes off the canvas, Jake Orton takes a few body slams but pops right back to his feet and meets a driving Forearm from Judd Grunge. Lifting Orton for a Spike Spinebuster, Orton slides off to the side, the two face each other and Orton erupts with a European Uppercut. Grunge stumbles back but lunges forward and walks right into a brilliantly executed Dropkick. The two men trade blows, slams, counters and reversals as the crowd deeply gets into this pre show match up. Cheering for both men at different times of the match.
After missing a big 450 Splash, Jake Orton is pulled up off the canvas. Grunge lifts Orton up with a Powerbomb and launches him back first into the turnbuckles at the corner of the ring. Bouncing from the corner, Jake Orton is lifted across Judd Grunge’s shoulders in what appears to be his “KO Driver” Death Valley Driver. He takes two steps and spikes Orton’s head into the canvas with great force. Going limp, Jake Orton lays sprawled out on the canvas as Judd Grunge makes the cover for the win. One! Two! Three!
TIME: 12:40

Trouble started before this one even began, Hall and Storm had a lot to say as the duo of Polak and Derowitz made their way to the ring. The match began as a brawl as all four men stood in the ring jawing to each other to start the match, eventually order was restored but that was about it for Andrew Storm and Travis Deacon Hall. Raymond Polak and Damien Derowitz took turns laying out a massive beat down on the duo, switching quickly to remain fresh throughout. Storm was the first to be picked apart by the duo, then they let him crawl over to the corner and tag in Hall who did not fare much better, the two strike like wolves, taking turns delivering punishment until Derowitz connected with the Final Strike. Storm tried to make the save, but he was met by Polak’s Technically Legal combination as the crowd enjoyed a dominate finish.
Derowitz pinned Hall 1…2..3 in the middle of the ring to end things at around six minutes.
WINNER: Raymond Polak & Damien Derowitz
TIME: 6:12

The match starts as Blake Buckley rushes across the ring after hearing the bell. Winters side steps, turns and short arm Clotheslines Blake to the outside. Blake rounds the ring before climbing the steps and reentering the ring. Winters rushes in for another Clothesline but Buckley ducks and rolls to Winters back, hooking both arms and hitting a beautiful Tiger Suplex. After a two count attempt, Blake pulls John Winters to his feet and headbutts him to the face. Winters drops to one knee but blocks Blake as he steps in with a Lifting Knee. Winters hooks him from behind after whipping his knee away and rolls Blake up with a tight School Boy. The pin attempt only gets a 1 count. Both men rush back to their feet, Winters hits a Throat Thrust and Blake Buckley returns with a Low Dropkick that takes John Winter’s leg out from under him. On his feet, Blake hits a Hurricanrana. Missing an elbow drop, Blake rises back to his feet as John Winters hits a Scoop Powerslam. He raises Blake into a sitting position and grabs down onto his shoulder with a “Nerve Hold”. Blake shakes and fights back, slowly getting to his feet while John Winters keeps the “Nerve Hold” locked in. Blake bursts free and throws a wide hook but it misses, John Winters grabs Blake, locking the arm, rolling to the back and hits his Arm Trap Neckbreaker before covering for the pin.
WINNER: John Winters
TIME: 9:42
Tonight is a big night for 4CW. It’s their first show after announcing they would be moving to bigger venues as well as their first time testing out having the Underground roster do their matches on Adrenaline as openers. Basically there was the chance that a lot that could go wrong tonight is what the company was really looking at. That was for other people to worry about though. Some people had themselves that they were more concerned with.
Case in point, Ramona. The camera opens on her as she’s walking into the backstage area, towing a rolling suitcase behind her with one hand and scrolling through her phone with the other. Her lips keep pursing, sneering and frowning as she reads over whatever is on her new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge all while trying to figure out the layout and controls of the recently purchased phone. Eventually she tops messing with it to look up and see where she is going. Something down the hall catches her eye, causing her face to light up with a smile and her pace quickens, high heeled shoes click-click-clicking over the tile as she walks.
The camera turns to show Maximus Dunn aka Money Max aka Mad Max ahead of her, not realizing she was there. Mona slides up next to the man, almost startling him. Of course the wide smile she places on her face seems to be enough to make this into a far more pleasant exchange already.

RAMONA: “Max! Max, Max, Max! Our number one contender for the Underground Championship? Ain’t that right?”
She nudges him with her elbow, seeming to be suddenly in a great mood.

MAX: “That’s right! Save for that snafu with … you know what, don’t worry about him. I’m not.”
Scoffing, she puts a friendly hand on his shoulder, urging Max to start walking with her as she continues down the hallway. It has gotten to the point Ramona prefers the quiet and sanctity of her private dressing room these days, so she doesn’t have to deal with the average riff raff. So she’s dragging the man along with her.

RAMONA: “Oh trust, I hardly concern myself with the likes of Underground talent. Except for you of course, I actually think you’re quite the diamond in the rough and that’s why I’m glad to have snagged you for a moment here. Tell me, do you know why they call you ‘Money’ Max?”
MAX: “Well I would imagine it has a fair bit to do with the fact that I love a stack of presidents. Money, the power of having it, holding it, and in my case … sometimes owing it.”
She nodded, still seeming as pleased as punch with their exchange.

RAMONA: “I agree. They say money doesn’t buy happiness but I certainly think it affords us the opportunities to find such a thing much easier. The self-righteous and pious among us have an ugly little name for feeling like that about money and other material possessions, Max.”
Stopping she turned to the man and put a finger against his chest softly, to make a point.

RAMONA: “They call it Greed. That’s just a word they use to shun people though Max, while they line their own pockets and call it ‘capitalism.’ Well I for one love greed, among with other things. It’s one of the basic tenants that make the world go round and if I hadn’t indulged in my own greed I wouldn’t be pulling in a pretty penny for wrestling for this company. A penny that I am inclined to share with those who I find helpful. Just ask Dakota.
Or don’t!”

Patting his shoulder she started to pull him along again.

MAX: “Ramona I appreciate the kind words and the face they’re coming from and all -”
RAMONA: “Ah ah ah!”
She presses a finger to Max’s lips, silencing him. She smiles back and keeps walking keeping a perfect even gait in those heels.

RAMONA: “I don’t want an answer right now Max. I want you to think about this. The offer I’m extending to you, whether you realize it or not, is a very big one. I like what you do on Underground and I want to see more of it. I just want to know that while you’re doing it you’re doing it for all the right reasons, okay?”
The pair have finally reached the private dressing room reserved for Ramona and Brennan Devlin, and after she stops she pulls a small card out of the pocket of her jean shorts to hand to Maximus. After holding his hand for a moment longer than necessary she lets it go, smiling at him.

RAMONA: “Just think about it….and know that I want to reward you for your greed.”
Ramona opens her dressing room door finally and steps inside. Max is left by himself staring at the card she slipped into his palm. He bites on his lip, looking over it and contemplating the offer and everything it entails.

MAX: “Well shit!!”
He shoves the card into his pocket before storming off. He doesn’t get too far because when he rounds the corner, he comes toe to toe with the 4CW Extreme Champion, Dakota Smith. Dakota has an eery aurora and Max feels it. Max tries not to make eye contact, looking down.

MAX: “ Hey, Dakota.”
Not a word from Dakota. Max anxiously looks at his wrist as if there’s a watch there.

MAX: “ Welp, it has been a pleasure, but the time has gotten away from me. I gotta go get ready for — something…”
Max takes a few steps forward in the opposite direction before looking over his shoulder at Dakota, who doesn’t move. Not much more time is wasted as Max starts power walking down the hall as the cameras fade.


The two women start things off with separate Dropkick attempts, neither connect. They lock up and Taylor rakes the face of Martin to gain control, putting Niobe in a side headlock. Niobe lifts Taylor up and drops her with a back body drop. Scrambling on the ground, Niobe locks in a Crucifix and begins drilling Taylor with elbows to the side of her face. The referee almost calls for the bell but Niobe decides to release the hold and go for a pin. After a long two count, Niobe continues controlling her opponent by laying down repeated stomps to Veronica’s upper body. Catching a foot, Taylor sweeps Niobe and locks in a Leg Lock but Niobe grabs hold of the ropes with ease to get the submission broken. The ladies get to their feet and exchange a few moves, Niobe left with a trickle of blood coming off her bottom lip and she is flung by her hair across the ring. Taylor lifts Niobe with a handful of hair and snaps her backward, bending Niobe in half with a Hair Pull Backbreaker.
Going for her “Facelift” Impact DDT, Veronica Taylor gets cocky and taunts the crowd. Niobe drops to her knees and delivers a low blow that stuns Taylor. Niobe pops up to her feet, runs away from Taylor, hits the far ropes and runs up the stunned and standing Veronica Taylor, kicking her to the back of the head with an Enzuigiri she calls “True Nightmare”. Crawling to the ropes, Niobe pulls herself up and begins to climb up the ropes. Niobe prepares to hit her “Phantasm Horror” Shooting Star Press and takes flight! Cameras flash as she moves almost in slow motion before hitting Fast Forward and landing with impact across Veronica Taylor, covering her upon impact.
WINNER: Niobe Martin
TIME: 6:59

They start off fully circling each other before locking up, Garrett taking an early advantage with size. The two displayed a technical skill set. Going suplex for suplex, punch for punch. “Money” Max connects with a duo of lefts to the jaw before knocking Robert Garrett back with a well placed Right Elbow. Wanting to show up his opponent, Max tries hitting a Spear but Garrett lifts a knee that pops Max up, his jaw stiffening before he drops to the canvas. Garrett himself sets up for a Spear of his own, a move he calls “Arcane Arrow”, he hits it as Max gets to his feet but upon execution, Max falls back and through the ropes to the outside. After an 8 count, Max props up on the ring apron and trades a few punches with Robert before gaining the upper hand and dazing Garrett with a wild flurry. Stumbling back, Garrett stands dazed and wobbly as “Money” Max leaps up, Springboards on the ropes and soars across the ring, hitting his trademark Front Dropkick to the face called “Snake Eyes”.
After a close pinfall attempt, Max looks to finish the job as he climbs through the ropes, out on the apron. He climbs the turnbuckles and faces in ring at the downed Robert Garrett. Max flies off the top going for his Diving Headbutt called “Eye In The Sky” Garrett rolls out of the ring before he can execute. Robert takes his time circling the ring before grabbing the briefcase and walking away. He gets counted out.
WINNER: Maximus Dunn
TIME: 9:48
Max then grabs the mic and tells him he’ll put the briefcase on the line right then and there.
Brody walks out and says he’s going to put an end to the bickering. At ante Up, it’ll be a triple threat for the championship.
Garrett leaves as Niobe comes out at the entrance. Now in the middle of Niobe and Max, Garrett looks back and forth at each with the briefcase in hand.

JULY 8TH, 2015

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another night of Adrenaline, brought to you by 4 Corners Wrestling! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa!”
JOHNSON: ”We hope you enjoyed the little pre-show folks. Be sure to tune in early before each Adrenaline to see the future stars of 4CW in work.”
VASSA: ”I like it. I’m glad they pulled the plug on that shitty warehouse and brought everyone to the same night. Now it’s like one big ass party.”
JOHNSON: ”4CW already puts on one of the biggest and best shows in the market today. Things just got a little bit better!”
VASSA: ”This gives us one of the biggest time slots on television today for our event. In fact, it’s so big that we had to break it up into two separate shows.”
JOHNSON: ”Be sure to catch the future stars of 4CW in action before each and every Adrenaline. You never know what you’re going to see and who may be the next big thing coming through!”
VASSA: ”And once the future stars have left it all in the ring, you can sit back and watch as the present stars do what they do best.”
JOHNSON: ”We have an exciting night in store for you all as we get closer to the big show, Ante Up!”
VASSA: ”Things are shaping up to make this one hell of a night, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”They sure are, Vinny! Two weeks the last piece to the Sixty Minute Ironman puzzle was found as Jair Hopkins pulled off the big win to close the show.”
VASSA: ”He’s getting his rematch!”
JOHNSON: ”It wasn’t easy for him but after scoring the win over Seamus O’Connor, Aidan Carlisle and Shane Borderland, it’s finally a reality.”
VASSA: ”This big match at Ante Up could very well be the biggest match in 4CW history, even bigger than the Fright Night Warzone!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to have sixty minutes of complete and total carnage unleashed in that ring. Felicity Banks, Ramona Lee Epps and Jair Hopkins will be challenging the 4CW Champ, Jason Cashe, for the title!”
VASSA: ”Cashe has been through a little bit of withdrawal it seems but this match is guaranteed to give him the fix he’s looking for.”
JOHNSON: ”So with the 4CW Championship qualifiers out of the way, we have one more qualifying match left before Ante Up and it’s for the Pride Championship Gauntlet match.”
VASSA: ”So far we have RPG and Brennan Devlin penciled in to challenge Aidan Carlisle for the strap. Later tonight, we’ll watch as Seamus O’Connor climbs in the ring with the former Pride Champion, Lo’Renzo Porter!”
JOHNSON: ”I was a little surprised when I heard Flipp’s name called for this match. After losing the championship to Aidan at South Beach Brawl, the man has been a ghost. This announcement was a huge shocker to say the least.”
VASSA: ”I’m a little disappointed with the way some people are taking this match. Flipp has defended that championship successfully in the past. The man deserves a rematch. I don’t care what you say about it. And he’s not even getting an outright rematch! He has to win this match to get his rematch and Seamus is one tough son of a bitch!”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be one heck of a match, that’s for sure. Only one spot left and only one person can advance to Ante Up to challenge for the pride Championship. Who will it be?”
VASSA: ”If I only knew, I’d be throwing some cash down on this match!”
JOHNSON: ”Then to close the night we have a champion versus champion match. We saw this same type of match before South Beach Brawl but with different wrestlers. Tonight, we get to watch another battle of Extreme Champion versus Pride Champion!”
VASSA: ”The last time we saw this, Flipp took the score for the Pride with a win over the former Extreme Champion, Nathaniel Havok.”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight it’s going to the Dakota Smith taking on Aidan Carlisle in this battle of champions. Will Dakota even the score between the two belts and take on home for the Extreme?”
VASSA: ”These two are going to tear the building down! Aidan isn’t a stranger to extreme matches. This is primed to be a big one.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, Vinny. Folks, get nice and comfortable because you’re in for one heck of a night. We’re going to go backstage for a moment as we get ready for our opening match between Brandon Young and the 4CW Champion himself, Jason Cashe.”
VASSA: ”He’s back from New Zealand! I hope he brought me a souvenir!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll see you back here at ringside momentarily folks!”

Outside of the building in the loading area, Perry Wallace and Brody Lee Prince stand across from each other carrying on a conversation. Leaning against the building, Wallace holds a joint in his hand and holds it up to his mouth, taking a slow drag as the cherry glows bright ref, illuminating his face. After inhaling and holding it in for a moment, Wallace looks directly into the sky and exhales. Dropping his head down and looking at Brody with squinted eyes, a smile comes across his face as the smoke rolls up from his hand and over his body.

WALLACE: ”So Brody, you seem to be falling right into place and getting the hang of things with ease. I’m glad to have you on board.”
BRODY LEE: ”Thanks for having me back here, you know after that whole Texas thing went South.”
WALLACE: ”Don’t worry about it. You did a good job for what it was. It isn’t your fault the market for a low production wrestling show is shit. It’s all good though. After Ante Up we’re moving to larger venues and I want all hands on deck to make Adrenaline even better. We’re already putting on one of the best wrestling shows in the business. This is just the beginning for us.”
BRODY LEE: ”Indeed, boss. Just doing my part to get the name out there.”
WALLACE: ”So I wanted to talk with you for a quick moment. I know we have a show going on so I won’t take long. I needed to come out here and get my fix for the time being. So, as you know, Frankie has stepped down from his position with 4CW. Frankie has been a huge help from the beginning to where we are today. He’s going to be truly missed around these parts.”
“Then we have you, when I first met you I saw something in you. You started as a wrestler here but with your knowledge of the Texas market I saw the potential for you to do big things for us down here. Things didn’t quite work out the way we had planned but that’s not your fault. I wanted you up here on Adrenaline with me. You connect with the roster. They don’t just see you as a suit. I would say most respect you more than they do me. You’re the general manager of 4CW now, you’ve been given the keys to run these shows as you see fit.”
“I just wanted to let you know that you have my full support.”

Brody Lee reaches out and begins to shake the hand of Perry Wallace for a really really long and uncomfortable amount of time. As he continues to shake Wallace’s hand he continues to speak as well.

BRODY LEE: ”I can’t thank you enough Mr. Wallace, I can’t wait to show you exactly how this guy runs a show. Law and order, law and order! We’re going to make sure that this the best show on television!”
“Best damn show in the whole wide world, I tell ya!”

Brody Lee’s handshake finally stops and Perry Wallace pulls back a bit creeped out by it. But that doesn’t seem to concern Brody Lee much, as he continues to babble a bit and finally stops.

BRODY LEE:”Wait… do I have to wear a suit?”
Bursting into laughter, Wallace looks at Brody while taking another drag from the joint. Exhaling through his nose, Wallace wipes a few ashes away from his pants leg.

WALLACE: ”A suit? You don’t have to wear a suit if you don’t want to. It was an expression, heh… It’s me and you, Brody, you’re my right hand man. 4CW is a big beast of an animal. I can’t do it alone and you’ve been rising up the corporate ladder like a weed in the grass. Just don’t let some of these wrestlers try and push you around. We don’t exactly have the friendliest roster in the business but our shit is gold. If we wanted nice we wouldn’t be signed with an uncensored television network.”
“But anyway, I just wanted to talk in your ear for a moment. I hate coming out here by myself during the shows to toke up. I need the company I guess you could say.”

Wallace then extends his hand out with the joint pinches between his fingers.

WALLACE: ”Where are my manners. Care for a smoke?”
Brody Lee looks petrified as he is handed the illegal weed. Brody Lee looks around and waits for Perry Wallace to leave the area as he does not want to disappoint his boss just yet, he looks at the joint and then looks at the ground and just as he’s about to toss it down red and blue lights flash and there’s a siren from an approaching cop car. We fade.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing to the ring first from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at one hundred sixty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is the “Young Prince”, BRANDON YOUNG!!!”
The theater grows dark and “I NEED SOME COMPANY” blares through the speakers, the lights begin to flicker and finally “Company” by Drake plays through the speakers. Brandon makes his way from behind the curtain tossing his hands up in the air, he slowly makes his way down the ramp playing to the crowd, fist balled with a determined look on his face, he slides under the apron and into the ring bouncing off each apron.
The first few notes of “Cashin Out” plays and the fans rise and cheers roar out. A few deep boos are heard but are also faded out by the rips of cheering as Jason Cashe steps out onto the stage with a long platinum chain swinging around from his neck and the 4CW Championship around his waist. As the chorus plays, Cashe taunts at the crowd, riling them up and showing that he’s hyped up and ready to go. He slaps the championship a few times and stands at the edge of the stage.

“Coming from that H-Town
Deep rollin’ with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a Broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)
Keep a little bit of
That leaf chopped up with keef (keef keef keef)
I got everything you need what you receive (What you receiv-ah)
Got Platinum round my neck so
Y’all I’m Cashin’ Out
I got TITLES sittin around my waist and
Dog I’m Cashin’ Out
I Got KRAYZIE banging in the deck
While I’m rolling with my heater (Heat-ah)
Rolling with a broad named Sheeba
Blowing on Cheeba (Cheeba)”

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is the 4CW Champion and “The Choice of Influence”, The “Troubled” JASON CAASSHHEE!!!”
As his introduction is over, the flow of Krayzie Bone begins and the smoke begins to pour out from the stage around him. He rapidly pounds his chest like Tarzan, hurries to remove his championship and roars out to the crowd ferociously. The roaring of the crowd only rivaling his own roar as he heads down the ramp. At ringside, he leaps up at the side of the steel stairs, grabbing the ring post, lays the championship over the turnbuckle and walks alongside the ring apron outside the ropes.
He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd. He dips into the ring through the middle ropes and takes two huge hits off an “Air Joint” before throwing his arms up for another round of roaring cheers from the crowd.
Removing his platinum chain with the “JC” diamond pendant he hands that and his Championship both over to the Referee. He then drags his feet like a bull to get some traction as his music stops playing and he awaits the sound of the bell.

VASSA: ”It’s always a pleasure to see the 4CW Champion open the shows, no matter who is standing across from him.”
JOHNSON: ”Brandon Young is looking to turn things around and make an impact tonight. All he has to do is score a win over the 4CW Champion and he can turn things around in an instant.”
VASSA: ”That’s a lot easier said than done, Steve. We’re talking about the 4CW Champion here, Jason Cashe! This isn’t going to be an easy match for Young, not for anyone!”
JOHNSON: ”This is one of the matches I have been looking forward to for the past week. Young has gotten everything thrown his way because of his lifestyle. Cashe on the other hand, Cashe has looked past all of that and see’s the man for that he is, a wrestler.”
VASSA: ”You say that as if it’s a good thing. I mean, yea, it is good that Cashe isn’t falling into the school yard game here but if I were Young, I wouldn’t want to be viewed as a wrestler. He’s standing across the ring from Cashe. These two could be best friends but when they’re across from each other in a match, all of that goes out of the window.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t necessarily call them frie–“
VASSA: ”I’ll go ahead and stop you there. I didn’t call them friends. I said they could be and it wouldn’t matter to Cashe.”
JOHNSON: ”Young may be able to take advantage of Cashe and his recent travels. I’m sure that flight from New Zealand wasn’t comfortable. He has to be feeling some after effects.”
VASSA: ”The weed wasn’t doing the trick while he was in New Zealand. I would hate to be on an airplane with the man in that situation.”
JOHNSON: ”You and me both, Vinny. Well… it looks like the ref is ready to get own to business and officially kick off the evening.”
VASSA: ”About damn time…”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with each corner and receives the nod. He then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
Before the bell silences, Cashe takes off from his corner and charges towards Young across the ring. Closing in on Young, Cashe takes an overhead swing for his head. Quickly moving out of the way, Young avoids the direct hit as Cashe slams his hand down on top of the turnbuckle. Before Cashe can pull his hand away from the corner, Young kicks him in the ribs, knocking the breath out of him. Young then grabs Cashe by the back of the head with both hands and then slams his face down onto the turnbuckle. Briefly stunning Cashe, Young then slams it forward again and again until he knocks Cashe into a daze. Quickly wrapping his arms around Cashe’s waist, Young lifts him up and drives him into the mat with a German suplex.
Back on his feet, Young wastes no time and moves in on Cashe before he can shake it off. Kicking Cashe while he’s down, Young goes crazy with stinging blows to the chest and side. He then grabs Cashe by the head with one hand and beard with the other, pulling him up to his feet. Wrapping his arm around Cashe’s head, Young gets him in a side headlock and holds him tightly against his body. Young then pulls him along as he walks towards the corner. Getting close, Young then takes bigger steps, gaining some speed and then steps onto the middle rope. Turning his body, Young jumps away from the corner and goes for a bulldog.
Instead of going down with the bulldog attempt, Cashe wraps his arms around Young’s waist and holds him up in the air before dropping him down across his knee with an atomic drop. Young’s body quickly straightens as he remains on his feet and feels the pain shooting up his spine. Pushing himself up from one knee, Cashe then rushes behind him and hits him in the back of the head with a forearm smash, sending him stumbling across the ring to the ropes. Catching himself on the ropes, Young shakes off the head shot but as soon as he turns around, Cashe is right there to hit him in the mouth with another forearm shot, sending him up and over the top rope and to the outside.

JOHNSON: ”Watch out!”
VASSA: ”Looks like we’re taking things to the outside of the ring and I couldn’t think of a better spot than right here in front of the booth!”
JOHNSON: ”We always have the best seat in the house but things just got that much better. We couldn’t be any closer without being right in between the two.”
VASSA: ”I’m sure you would like that Steve but I’m good right here.”
Climbing through the ropes, Cashe exits the ring and drops down from the apron. With Young at his feet, Cashe grabs him by the head as the ref begins the ten count on the inside.
With Young up to both feet, Cashe holds him with one hand and draws back with the other, clinching his fist. Cashe then swings forward and connects with a power punch Young’s forehead, knocking him back a few steps but not down.
Before Young can shake off the after effects of that punch, Cashe moves in with his arms spread apart. Closing in, Cashe then swings his hands in together and slaps both of Young’s ears, one with each hand.
Cashe then grabs Young by the wrist and pulls him in close but to his side.
Wrapping his arms around Young, Cashe lifts him up and throws him to the floor with a side belly to belly suplex.
With Young laying by his feet, Cashe then leaps straight into the air and comes down, connecting with a head to head headbutt.
Taking a bit of damage himself, Cashe rolls over to his back beside Young and looks up at the ceiling as the ref continues the count with both men down.
“Seven! … Eight!”
Forcing himself up, Cashe grabs Young and pulls him up as well. He then rolls him into the ring and follows behind just as the ref yells with the “nine” count.

VASSA: ”About damn time! A double count out here would have been a huge upset for an opening match.”
JOHNSON: ”A count out in general would have been a disappointment.”
VASSA: ”Well both men are back in the ring now so there’s no need to worry about that, at least for now.”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe looks to still be feeling some aftermath from that vicious headbutt he delivered on the outside of the ring.”
VASSA: ”Hopefully he didn’t give himself a concussion but he’s slow to get up. Young is actually getting up before him!”
Up to his feet first, Young looks around the ring and then down at Cashe with a surprised look on his face as the champ is still down in a daze. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Young goes on the attack and kicks Cashe over and over while he’s still down. Grabbing him by the wrist, Young pulls him up to his feet and then hits him with a backhand chop across the chest, sending a loud slapping sound piercing through the cheers of the crowd. With Cashe still up on his feet, Young draws back and then swings forward again, hitting Cashe with another backhand chop across the chest. He then grabs ahold of Cashe wrist again and then pulls him in close but spins him around to face the opposite way. Getting Cashe in a pump handle position, Young then lifts him up from the mat and onto his shoulders before throwing him down to his back with a pump handle slam.
With Cashe down and on his back, Young then looks to the corner and quickly rushes over. Climbing the turnbuckle, Young makes his way to the top and once there, he looks over his shoulder at Cashe who is still down in the ring. Looking over the crowd for a brief moment, Young then leaps away from the corner and does a back flip before landing the perfectly executed moonsault across Cashe’s body. Quickly noticing the opportunity, Young hooks Cashe’s leg and goes for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: ”This isn’t horse shoes or hand grenades, close isn’t going to cut it!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right about that, Vinny!”
Young pushes himself up from Cashe and once to his feet, he slams his foot down across Cashe’s chest. He then grabs Cashe by the arm and shoulder and pulls him up to his feet. Locking onto Cashe’s wrist, Young goes to throw him to the ropes across the ring but before he can release, Cashe reverses and sends him towards the ropes instead. Quick on his feet, Young leaps into the air and plants his feet on the middle rope and springboards off. Turning in the air, Young then wraps his legs around Cashe’s head and flips him up from his feet and sends him flying across the ring with a hurricanrana. Hitting his back on the mat, Cashe continues to roll up to his feet just as Young pushes himself up. Before he can turn around, Young is right there and grabs him by the shoulder, spinning him around.
Catching Cashe by surprise, Young kicks him in the stomach and as he lunges over, Young picks him up and throws him down to his back with a scoop slam. Refusing to stay down, Cashe quickly rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up. Before he can get up from all fours, Young grabs him by the back of the head and then pulls it in close while lifting his knee upward and smashing it against his face, knocking Cashe over to his back. Cashe quickly rolls over and pushes himself up once more. This time, Young grabs him by the back of the head with both hands and helps him up. Once to his feet, Cashe punches both fists forward and hits Young in the chest, knocking him back a few steps. Young then lunges forward with a haymaker but misses as Cashe ducks underneath. Popping back up, Cashe then wraps Young up and lifts him up and throws him up and over his head with a release T-bone suplex.
Rolling over to his stomach, Young then pushes himself up but before he can get up, Cashe moves in with a fury of wild arms, slamming forearms across the top of his back. Knocking Young to all fours, Cashe continues with the assault like a wild man. He then pulls Young up to both feet and positions himself behind him before locking in a cobra clutch. Young quickly tries to squirm his way out of the maneuver but can’t get free as Cashe keeps the hold locked in. Cashe then lifts him up and drops him to the mat with a cobra clutch slam that shakes the entire ring. With Young feeling the effects of the move, Cashe walks over to his feet and grabs both of his feet, one with each hand and holds them up but spread apart. Cashe then drops forward and plants his knee into Young’s crotch. The ref quickly rushes over and yells at Cashe, backing him away from Young and giving him a warning for the illegal low blow.

VASSA: ”The ref can warn him all he wants but in the streets that’s a legal move.”
JOHNSON: ”It may be Vinny but unfortunately for Cashe, this isn’t the streets.”
VASSA: ”I didn’t say it was. If you would have let me finish I would have explained where I was going with that remark.”
JOHNSON: ”Please do, Vinny. Explain for us all what you were getting to.”
VASSA: ”I got nothing!”
With the ref holding Cashe back across the ring, Young slowly gets back to his feet but holding his crotch from the low blow. Cashe watches closely as he winds his arm in a circle. Once up, the ref steps out of the way and like a mad man, Cashe darts past him and rushes towards Young full speed. Like a deer stuck in the headlights, Young looks on as Cashe comes at him with a running stiff striking elbow.

JOHNSON: ”Here comes the Mark of Jason!”
As Cashe comes at him with the elbow strike, Young quickly side steps him and drops him face first to the canvas with a drop toe hold.

VASSA: ”Not tonight!”
Holding his face in pain, Cashe rolls over to his back. Young then looks to the corner and quickly rushes over and climbs to the top. Once there, he turns back to face Cashe in the ring and then leaps straight into the air and goes for a frog splash. As he comes down, Cashe rolls out of the way just before the two collide, leaving Young to crash into the canvas. Pushing himself up, Cashe stands to his feet, looking down at Young who is down on his back with the breath knocked out of him. Cashe then runs to the ropes across the ring and after hitting them and coming back with speed, he rolls onto the mat and once back up to his feet, he jumps into the air, flips and comes down on top of Young, crushing him with his back.

JOHNSON: ”There’s the C-Note!”
VASSA: ”We don’t typically see Cashe do flips in the ring but he makes this look easy.”
Rolling off of Young, Cashe comes up to his feet in a fluid motion. He then walks around the ring as Young slowly begins to get up. Setting himself up in the corner, Cashe looks on, stalking as Young finally stands to both feet with his back turned to him. Cashe then rushes in behind Young and once close, he jumps into the air, grabs him by the head and drops him to the canvas with a jumping back to back cutter.

JOHNSON: ”U.T.I.!!!”
VASSA: ”This might be it! Not too many people bounce back from Under The Influence!”
With Young laid out on his back, Cashe rolls over and covers him for the pin as the ref drops in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”This one is in the books folks!”
VASSA: ”From New Zealand back to ‘Murica, Jason Cashe has opened the show up with a bang!”
“Cashin’ Out” hits the speakers as the crowd erupts into cheers for the 4CW Champion in his homecoming to Houston. Pushing himself up to both feet, Cashe stands in the center of the ring, looking over the electric crowd as the ref walks over to him and hands him the 4CW Championship. Raising the belt in the air with one hand, the ref raises his other into the air for the win as the bell sounds.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall, the 4CW Champion, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Dropping his arms to his side, Cashe walks over to the corner and slowly climbs to the middle ropes. Looking over the crowd, he then raises the championship above his head with one hand as the crowd floods the entire building with cheers.

VASSA: ”That’s our opening match for the night folks and we wouldn’t have it any other way for the Houston crowd in attendance.”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe has been a busy man as of late with representing 4CW overseas. I thought the jet lag may have played a factor as he showed signs of fatigue in the ring but that wasn’t going to stop him.”
VASSA: ”He’s back in the states and now with this match behind him, he can focus on defending that 4CW Championship at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: ”He has a tough match ahead of him at Ante Up but this win tonight will give him a little momentum going into it.”
VASSA: ”I can’t wait for this huge match up!”
JOHNSON: ”Me either, Vinny. We’re going to go backstage for a moment folks while we clear the ring and get ready for our next match.”

Stepping through the curtain, Jason Cashe is dripping with sweat. Deep breaths as he drags along his 4CW Championship and looks over to see Gabriel Hartman standing with a smile on his face and a microphone in hand. As the 4CW Interviewer steps up, Cashe has to fight back the urge to tell him to fuck off. Old friends, Cashe can’t do that so he fakes a smiling grin and nods as Hartman approaches.

HARTMAN: “After touring different Promotions, representing this Company you come home and pick up a very good victory against Brandon Young, how are you feeling Champ?”
Before he answers, Cashe looks up and sees Brandon Young guzzling down a bottle of water. Holding up a finger, Cashe side steps Hartman and makes his way over to his opponent tonight. Young’s eyes open not sure what to expect from Cashe but nods as he steps up in front of him.

CASHE: “Good match out there man. You showed people just what you can do in this company and I for one applaud the man you are, fuck all those hating. You put in work and are about more than yourself. Respect.”
Extending a hand, Cashe stares across to Brandon Young and Young doesn’t hesitate, he reaches out and shakes Cashe’s hand as the two lean in for a “Bro Hug”. Young nodding, appreciating the words from the Champion as Cashe turns away and heads back to Gabriel Hartman.

CASHE: “I’m sorry Hartman, where were we?”
Pulling his 4CW Replica up, he slaps it over his shoulder and stands more attentive to what Hartman is saying.

HARTMAN: “How are you feeling after the traveling you’ve done to represent and spread the name of 4 Corners Wrestling? Do you feel confident heading into Ante Up to defend against three others in a 60 Minute Ironman Match?”
CASHE: “I feel fine. I fought a good fight out there as did my opponent. What more could I ask for? Now I move on to the buffet I’m booked to take on. I’ve got a line of names to chop up and consume. Heh, sounding like Dakota a bit there didn’t I? I’d eat on Banks, that’s for sure! The rest…ugh, I’ll leave it to Hopkins to nibble on some nipples. As long as he stays away from my remaining one…”
The camera zooms in on Cashe’s chest where his left nipple use to be. The scar that remains seems to itch just mentioning it as Cashe swipes it with a quick scratch. Hartman laughs some and moves on to his next question.

HARTMAN: “So Tidus Howe revealed that your Title has been a replica since South Beach Brawl. Is that the real one or is it still the replica and where did the real one disappear to?”
CASHE: “Not sure where the real one went but we got it back. This is the replica. I’m heading to get the real one now so if you’ll excuse me…I need a quick shower before I get back the real trophy I worked hard to keep and will retain at Ante Up. This is my fucking show, my sweat and blood has build this promotion and people can claim this or that but the proof is in the work put in. Nobody can compare with that…”
HARTMAN: “Thank You my friend, and I wish you luck for Ante Up!”
Cashe pats Hartman to the outside shoulder before turning and heading down the hallway.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for ONE Fall! Introducing first, he hails from Raleigh, North CAROLINA!! “The Magic Man” JOHHHN AUUUSTIIINNN!!!”
The various infamous beat to “Straight On” by Heart begins to play in the theater. Fans get to their feet as Austin makes his way through the entrance. Austin stops center stage and surveys his surroundings, taking in the moment. He comes through and starts greeting the fans being the people person, the people’s champion if you will.

JOHNSON: “A fantastic competitor who is always making competition for every opponent he’s faced. An established name outside of 4CW as well, he’s making a name for himself in 4 Corners Wrestling! This should be a great contest!”
He makes his way to the ring and does a running dive through the second rope “superman” style. He goes to pose on all four corners of the ring as the opponent’s music begins to start up.

“Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC hits the speakers and Francis walks out with a mic in hand to a booing audience with Kate and Trojan following behind. Francis looks around at the audience and then at John in the ring. He paces at the top of the ramp for a bit before screaming, “Announce me already!”

POWERS: “And his opponent from Chicago, Illinois–“
FREEDOM: ”No! No! Cut the music!”
The audience launches into a tirade of boos as the music fades. Francis shakes his head at the audience while Cali-Kate gives her man a round of applause trying to encourage it from the audience

FREEDOM: ”You don’t announce me in my debut match like I’m just any one of the other jackasses in this company! I’m definitely nothing like the one in the ring right now! No, I’m way better and I deserve a better announcement!”

FREEDOM: ”Yea, yea, you moronic peons, guess what? There isn’t anyone on this stage who gives a shit! Babe, would you please do the announcer’s job for him?”
The audience has a mixed reaction, grateful that Francis is off the mic, but uncertain if they want to hear the laudings from Cali-Kate either. Francis hands his mic over to her and she beams brightly at everyone.

CALI-KATE: ”Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Identity Theft Inc, it gives me great pleasure to present the next competitor. A man of true greatness and many… more great endowments.”
The response from the audience is one of disgust as John Austin paces in the ring, impatiently.

CALI-KATE: ”This man represents all that every red-blooded American should aspire to. At 6’5 and 245 pounds, hailing from the great city of Chicago, he is the best thing that ever happened in my life, he’s my man, he’s your American hero, FRANCIS “FREEDOM” DART!”
Kate hands the mic back to her man, who now basks in the continued boos from the audience with a huge smile on his face. After a moment he brings the mic back to his mouth as he starts down the ramp.

FREEDOM: ”Thank you babe. That was much better. But now for business. You morons didn’t think we came to this fed by ourselves did you?”
The fans continue to boo. Francis mocks them.

FREEDOM: ”Oh that’s cute..Speaking of cute Geezus Christ you are smokin’ hot babe. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.”
Kate twirls around for Freedom. His eyes wander her entire body until she snaps her fingers in front of his eyes.

FREEDOM: ”Anyway, where was I before my hormones got to kicking in?”
Kate shakes her head smiling before whispering in his ear as they reach ringside.

FREEDOM: ”That’s right, you people didn’t think just what you’ve seen so far from us was it for Identity Theft Inc. did you? Hell no. We will be bigger, better and badder than the rip off the peanut gallery over at the other guys is trying to stuff down your throat.”
Kate whispers in his ear again. He nods before he climbs into the ring.

FREEDOM: ”Yeah I know babe I was the architect of that group too wasn’t I? Just keep your eyes glued to your little television set for now on because Identity Theft Inc. will be stealing anything not tied down here in 4CW. Referee ring that bell and let’s get this party started! John Austin is about to go down!”
He hands the mic back to Kate as both competitors go to their corners.

VASSA: “This is a man who has roots in the business. Steve Dart was a house hold name back in the early 2000s. Francis has a nice little entourage with him, his talents have proven to be just as nice since debuting in 4CW. I like him!”
JOHNSON: “I have a feeling these two are going to put on a clinic! Fans might want to hit Record on the DVR!”
VASSA: “Ring the bell already, let’s get this going!”
The sound of the bell signals the start of the match and the two men begin circling the other. As they move in to lock up, Francis side steps the grapple and goes to fix his hair. John Austin calls out to Francis to fight and “Freedom” holds up a finger to get a minute.

VASSA: “Rude as hell!”
JOHNSON: “Francis is mocking the tradition of this business and John Austin doesn’t seem happy, he wants to wrestle!”
VASSA: “What? John Austin is the rude one! Let the man fix his hair for Pete’s Sake!”
Hair in place, Francis nods ready to start the match. The two men half circle, looking for that gun slinger moment to draw and lock up. They both skip forward and lock up in a tight grapple. Austin walks Francis back but Francis whips his opponent and puts Austin back first into the corner. Breaking the grapple, Francis cocks back and snaps John Austin across the chest with a Knife Edge Chop. Austin springs from the corner, blasting Francis to the face with a elbow knocking him back. Grabbing Francis, John Austin tosses Dart into the same corner where he was and cracks “Freedom” with a Knife Edge Chop. Francis hugs himself in pain as Austin unleashes an flurry of punches and chops. Francis has no defense for it as he wildly tries to escape.
Ducking under the top rope half way, Francis calls for a clean break and the referee has no choice but to acknowledge it as he pulls John Austin back away. Francis gets back in the ring full body and has a smile on his face and he pokes fun, mocks John Austin. Austin enraged, swims past the referee and rushes in at Francis who quickly lifts a driving knee into the approaching Austin. Grabbing “Magic Man” by the head, Francis hooks his arm and turns around, putting his back to the center of the ring before snapping John Austin up and over with a Snap Suplex. The crowd boos at the shady tactics by “Freedom” as he rises from the canvas with a shit eating grin on his face and begins to fix his hair.

JOHNSON: “I bet he learned to be cheap like that in the last Promotion he worked for…”
VASSA: “Well it is a classic “bad guy” tactic but Francis Dart is just playing mind games tonight. He’s working the very rules in his favor to get ahead, what’s wrong with that?”
As John Austin pushes to his feet, Dart grabs him and pulls his head in looking to score a quick DDT but Austin wallops Francis to the side with a short hook. Another connection and Francis releases the hold on Austin’s head. John pulls away, thrusts up and hits Francis to the fact with a thrusting throat jab. Grabbing hold of Francis, John Austin bends Dart’s arm behind his back, scoops him up and slams him with a Hammerlock Bodyslam. Francis pops right back up, his face crunched up with some pain as he stands up right into Austin grabbing, twisting and slamming him down with a Spinning “Double A” Spinebuster and the fans are loving it as they clap and hoot.
Sliding down the body of Francis, John Austin applies a side headlock before trying to get into a Full Mount. Francis kicks and bucks from his back, swinging up at Austin but the technically sound “Magic Man” gets side control and goes to lock in an Arm Triangle but Francis slips free. Both men rush to their feet, the first is Francis and he hits a big Toe Kick to Austin’s midsection. Without hesitation, Francis Dart grabs Austin by the head and waistline of his tights before launching him through the ropes to the outside floors.
The fans boo as the referee begins the count. Francis climbs out onto the ring apron as John Austin rises to his feet. Francis kicks out and hits Austin to the side of his face and he drops down onto one knee from the blow. The referee restarts his count as Francis drops down off the apron onto the floor mats. Pulling Austin up by the head, Francis whips him back hard, slamming Austin’s back into the guard railing. Very nonchalantly, Francis approaches Austin as he cringes in pain.
As Dart grabs Austin, he gets lifted up and the look on Dart’s face as he is raised up at the waist and dropped over the guard railing is priceless. A few fans can be heard laughing at his expression and cry as he rose and fell. Austin drops to the floor but pushes to his feet as Francis holds his chest and falls to the ground off the ring barrier. Both men look to the ring as the referee reaches 6 on his count. Austin climbs up onto the ring apron knee first as Francis Dart uses the ring apron to pull himself up. Austin goes to hit a low dropkick but Francis moves and the attack misses as Austin falls hard on his back but remains on the ring apron. Francis hurries to dive into the ring.

VASSA: “HAHA! That’s what he gets for trying to be flashy! Haha!”
JOHNSON: “You have to credit Francis Dart with fantastic reaction time because John Austin shot that dropkick like a laser beam.”
VASSA: “I have a fast reaction time but I do–“
JOHNSON: “The only thing fast on you is how quickly you run your mouth and wiggle that jelly. Don’t compare yourself to these athletes, it’s embarrassing.”
VASSA: “Jealous?”
Turning onto his stomach, John Austin uses the ropes to pull himself up. As he rises, Francis Dart hurries to exit the ring once again, getting onto the apron in front of Austin. As he stands up, John Austin is yanked in by Francis, lifted up and throw overhead with a Belly to Belly as both men fly off the ring apron. Austin crashes onto his back hard and slides some across the ringside floor and Francis takes a bump too as he hits the ground as well. The fans erupt with “Ohhhh” as the high risk move was executed and the referee takes a moment before he even starts his count on both men.

VASSA: “Oh My DAMN! That was so badass!! Francis Dart just made Move Of The Night with that one! Holy Smokes!!”
JOHNSON: “One hell of an Overhead Belly to Belly by the man called “Freedom” that is no lie! Can John Austin survive that, can either of them make it back to the ring before the 10 count?”
Grunting in pain, John Austin manages to roll onto his stomach as does Francis. Both men crawl, Francis turns to the ring as Austin claws and slowly military like crawls directly at Francis Dart. The space between them closes, still on the bellies, Austin slaps Francis across the face. Francis returns the favor and slaps Austin back. They both push up onto their knees. Rocking as they keep balance. Austin slaps Francis and Francis wobbles before slapping Austin yet again.
Austin slaps Francis harder than the last time as the Referee gets to 5 on his count.
Francis comes from a leaning tilt to slap Austin with everything he’s got and John Austin has to stiff arm the ground to stop himself from falling over. As the referee reaches 7 on the count, Austin pops up in a swift leap from his knees to his feet and swiftly whips a kick to the side of Francis Dart’s face and “Freedom” goes stiff before collapsing over onto his side. Austin rolls under the bottom rope as the referee gets to 8.

JOHNSON: “What a kick to Freedom’s head, that was a KO kick of kick, Dart might be done here!”
Cali Kate does rush around the ring to help her man rise back to his feet. He is slumped as she helps him to the ring, he crawls under the ropes just as the referee goes from 9 and almost reaches the final count. The crowd boos at Cali-Kate but she waves them off and slaps on the canvas to cheer on her man.

JOHNSON: “If she didn’t help this match would be over, he should thank his lucky stars she is down here!”
VASSA: “What does it say about a man who wants to win by Count Out? Shame on you John Austin!”
JOHNSON: “He was trying to beat the count himself, did you expect him to make sure his opponent was in the ring first? Give me a break! He did what anyone in that situation would do.”
Groggy himself, John Austin steps over to a downed Francis Dart and pulls the man up slowly off the canvas. Francis bursts up full of a daze and swings wildly but John Austin ducks and slides behind Francis, wrapping his arms around his waist and lifts Francis hitting a perfectly executed German Suplex. Austin doesn’t let go, he rolls up with Francis and has him still hooked as he lifts and hits a second German Suplex. Austin one more time rolls up, slowly getting himself and Francis to their feet again and his voice is heard roaring as he goes to dead lift Francis for a third time.
Francis has other plans and throws back a stiff elbow that catches Austin to the mouth. He release his grip on Dart and that gives Francis just enough time to jump in place, reach back and snatch Austin by the head, dropping down in a jumping Ace Crusher. The fans boo instantly as it connects, Austin slaps against the canvas and flips onto his back, looking like a snow angel on the canvas.

VASSA: “TTF, Together They Fall! That’s what he calls it and that’s what he just dropped Austin with out of nowhere!!”
JOHNSON: “As common as the move is, it’s always a pretty move to see executed. Austin almost had it, he was one German Suplex away from completing his “Tres Diablos” and then possibly finishing this match himself and now…Oh, Francis is making the cover, is this it?!”
Throwing an arm over Austin, Francis Dart makes the cover as the referee drops down and makes the count.

POWERS: “And the winner by pinfall, FRANCIS “FREEDOM” DDAARRTT!!!”
“Dirty Deeds” plays as Cali-Kate hurries into the ring and celebrates the victory by plopping on Francis and kissing her drained boyfriend. Probably the only person in the theater cheering, she is overjoyed as she kisses on him. The referee checks on John Austin as the Identity Theft couple celebrate with kissing.

VASSA: “Haha! I love it! Great match, epic finish by Francis!”
JOHNSON: “What a finish, what a match! I knew these two would put in work and put on a great show!”

The cameras switch from ringside all the way out to the parking lot where interviewer Gabriel Hartman is waiting with a microphone ready. A gray sedan with Budget Car Rental plates soon arrives and parks a the curb where the 4CW valet is waiting. The towering, muscular, and rather well-dressed figure that viewers are coming to know at Liam O’Shea climbs out of the driver’s seat, leaving the door open and keys in the ignition for the backstage worker to move it.
Liam quickly walks around to the opposite side of the vehicle and opens the door, offering a hand to his passenger. With the unnecessary but appreciated assistance, Pride Champion Aidan Carlisle steps out of the car as well. Reaching past her to where it rests on the floor, Liam takes her bag and slings it over his shoulder before closing the door.
As the two step up onto the walkway and the valet pulls the rental away, Hartman pushes his over-sized glasses back up the bridge of his nose and swoops in with the microphone.

HARTMAN: “Miss Car—Aidan, Aidan. Can I get a few words?”
Liam reaches out, planting one large hand in the center of Gabriel’s chest to slowly push him back a foot or two.

LIAM: “Give the lady some space, Hartman.”
HARTMAN: “Of course, of course. My apologies. Aidan, can we expect to see you ringside for guest commentary on this evening’s Headline match?”
AIDAN: “You can expect it if you really want to, but you’ll be disappointed. That is Perry Wallace’s match, let him do guest commentary.”
HARTMAN: “Do you suspect there is any legitimacy to the rumors circulating around Mr. Wallace’s picks for this match, that he’s trying to field a position in the upcoming Pride Gauntlet at Ante Up for—”
Aidan gives a very noticeable roll of her eyes at the inquiry.

AIDAN: “Gabe, that match is like throwing an injured baby seal in front of a Great White and claiming you think the seal has a sporting chance. Even you can’t be that blind. Everything about the man is illegitimate, just like his children with that geriatric porn star.”
Hartman blinks a few times, taken aback by the retort. Perhaps wisely, he tries a different line of questions.

HARTMAN: “According to my research your, uh, very large friend here has a license to work as security. I understand that he is… well, you two are… you know, but is he also acting as security?”
Liam laughs at the question, but he doesn’t yet comment.

AIDAN: “I don’t need security, Hartman. However, since I can’t get him to turn that off no matter how hard I try, I suppose he is whether I like it or not.”
The big Irishman grins as he reaches over and pulls her against his side with his arm around her waist. Her head just clears his shoulder as they stand side by side.

LIAM: “Well, she’s right about that. Aidan can take care of herself, I’m well aware. I keep an eye out because it’s what I do, needed or not.”
HARTMAN: “Is that going to complicate things in the ring?”
AIDAN: “Unlike a few others around here, Gabriel, I’ve never needed someone else to help me win my battles.”
HARTMAN: “Speaking of battles, tonight your match against Dakota Smith in the Main Event is an Extreme Rules match. The word from the grapevine is that it’s been more than a year since you’ve officially been in an Extreme division. Do you think that puts you at a disadvantage going in? Are you worried about the consequences this may have at Ante Up?”
AIDAN: “I’m not at any disadvantage going into this match, Gabriel. I’m as prepared for this as I have been for any other. When the bell rings, it is just him and me. I may be stepping into the ring with The Butcher, yes, but he’s also stepping into the ring with me, and I’ve got plenty in store for him.
“Whatever happens here tonight, nothing changes at Ante Up. The Gauntlet match will happen. I will be there to defend my title, and I’ll prove that no amount of cashed in favors will be enough to buy someone a win over me.
“The Bossman might be able to force his Chosen One into the match. He can try to see to it that I get injured tonight at the hands of Dakota Smith. He can even make sure that Christopher Salieri is the official, but he can’t stop me from doing what I do. At the end of the night in Las Vegas, the Pride Championship is still leaving around my waist.”

Liam squeezes her gently into him with the arm around her, as if to keep her from stopping and rounding on the interviewer to continue giving him a piece of her mind as he trails after the two of them.

LIAM: “Take a breath, álainn.”
Hartman pauses in the middle of the hall, seemingly at a loss as to what he might ask next. The camera remains focused on the pair as they continue on and leave the crew behind.

The sounds of “The Touch” by Stan Bush blare throughout the arena, and the fans cheer for one of their heroes as Roxi Johnson soon parts the curtain, deviating from her usual from the crowd entrance.

POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, Roxi Johnson!”
Roxi waves as her name is announced. She wears a bit of a smile as she casually walks down to the ring, clad in a Venom T-shirt and matching black cargo pants and shoes. She makes it up the steps and into the ring. She takes the microphone and waits for the music to die down as the crowd begins chanting her name.
“”Ro-xi! Ro-xi! Ro-xi!”

ROXI: “Thanks you guys. It… it means a lot to me that you’re still with me after all this time.”
Roxi composes herself after a slight cheer for her statement.

ROXI: ”By now, everybody knows that, I have been considering leaving 4 corners wrestling…”

ROXI: “And I really don’t like it anymore, than all of you. I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy, or for this to be seen as attention seeking, But I felt the need to come out here and talk to all of you, because honestly, this could be the last Adrenaline, that I appear on.”

ROXI: ”Trust me guys, it breaks my heart to even think about leaving all of you wonderful fans who have been with me since day, and not given up on me. I have not been the hero that I should be. I have been letting you down left and right by not coming through in the clutch. I haven’t been myself, and it sucks. So, what I want to do, no matter if this is the last time I appear on Adrenaline or not, is just to say: Thank you.”

ROXI: “I want to thank you all, and yet, it doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I love you guys for forever and a day, and that doesn’t seem like enough. I need to thank you for coming to these shows, for supporting not only me, but everyone else here in 4CW.”

ROXI: “I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. Through thick and thin, you’ve been there cheering. You’ve sent me cards, letters, e-mails, tweets, all kinds of stuff to show me how much you care. I mean, you guys… even had a petition. With over 25,000 signatures for me not to go. And that… that is incredible.”
“Please don’t go! Please don’t go! Please don’t go!”

JOHNSON: “This crowd has made it clear what they want Roxi to do!”
ROXI: “I… I haven’t quite got there yet, I still have some unfinished business in 4CW!”

ROXI: “Tonight, last Adrenaline, or not, I’m going to come back to this ring a little later, and I’m going to give you all that I have, just like always. That, I will promise you, and my opponent Andrew Morrison. “
Cheers turn to boos at the mention of Andrew Morrison’s name.

ROXI: “So, I’m not here to take up all your time, because there’s a lot of great stuff coming your way. I just wanted to take this time to say, thank you, for everything. Please enjoy the show, and I will see you all very soon. I love you guys!”
Roxi hands the microphone back to Mike Powers as her music hits. She waves to the fans and actually has to wipe away a tear as she exits the ring.

JOHNSON: ”That was from the heart, no doubt about that!”
VASSA: ”I’m gonna miss that smoking hot body if she leaves…”
JOHNSON: “I’m sure she’d just love to hear that.”
VASSA: ”You think so?”
JOHNSON: “No. Not at all. Stay tuned for more folks!”

Backstage, Freedom walks with a big smile on his face, a towel wrapped around his neck, holding hands with Cali-Kate who skips along beside him also with a huge smile on her face. Trojan walks behind them.

FREEDOM: ”And I am telling you babe, that fool never had a chance. Magic Man just pulled the best vanishing act with the disappearance of his win streak.”
CALI-KATE: ”Psh, ask any FPS player, they’ll tell you a streak doesn’t start until 5 anyway.”
FREEDOM: ”Well I do like Call of Duty.”
Freedom stops and gives Kate a little twirl.

FREEDOM: ”And there’s another duty I need to perform later. Wanna keep that smile going after all.”
CALI-KATE: ”Oh you mean this?”
Kate does indeed smile as the two kiss passionately. When they break, Francis grabs around her waist and pulls her in with a devious look in his eye, but before they can go any further Trojan moves to block someone approaching from off camera. Both Francis and Kate notice and watch as a skinny and well-dressed young man walks up.

RANDOM SUIT: ”Mr. Francis Dart?”
Francis and Kate exchange a quick look.

CALI-KATE: ”Who is asking?”
RANDOM SUIT: ”I’m here looking for Mr. Francis Dart.”
CALI-KATE: ”You are going to need-“
FREEDOM: ”Yea you have found 4CW’s biggest attraction. You’ve found the man who will be the next 4CW champion and the best thing to grace that ring since ever. The guy who takes all comers and sends them back with their damn tails tucked between their legs. And you know something else I hope I get someone else claiming to be on a hot streak so I can end that as well. I’ll be the… the…”
CALI-KATE: ”Streak killer. Streak breaker. Shit’s kinda interchangeable.”
FREEDOM: ”The Streak Killer. I’m already an American hero so why not add another accolade. And with this lovely picture of feminine perfection in my corner, there’s no one and nothing that’s gonna stop me.”
RANDOM SUIT: ”I need to know that I am addressing Mr. Francis Dart.”
Kate’s eyes suddenly go wide but before she can stop him, Francis has pushed past Trojan and now stands right up to the guy in the suit. Trojan puts an arm between the two, but the guy is not fazed by Francis’ aggression.

FREEDOM: ”Yea, you damned moronic shit stain. I’m Francis Dart. So what the fuck do you want already?”
The suit pulls out a folded paper from his suit and slaps it against Francis’ chest. Francis grabs it, confusion washing over his face.

RANDOM SUIT: ”You’ve been served.”
The guy in the suit walks away, leaving Francis dumbfounded. Kate snatches the paper and opens it reading over the note.

CALI-KATE: ”Paternity suit? You’re being ordered to take a fucking paternity test.”
FREEDOM: ”What?”
CALI-KATE: ”Babe, who the fuck would want you to take a paternity test?”
FREEDOM: ”Some damn broad trying to get money with a bogus suit obviously. Seriously, we’ve been over this babe. I don’t need that kind of commitment in my life. I’ve got a career to focus on and assholes to kick.”
CALI-KATE: ”Okay babe, I’ll go over this with Bill, but this isn’t one of those things that goes away.”
FREEDOM: ”Don’t worry about it. This thing is so damn bogus it’d be like me asking you to never cosplay again.”
Kate grins and pats Francis’ cheeks.

CALI-KATE: ”Oh sweetie, you mean so much to me, but you would go six feet under if you ever tried to pull that shit.”
Kate takes Francis’ hand and they walk off with Trojan following behind as the scene cuts to ringside.

Back in the office, Perry Wallace sits behind a desk, leaned back in his chair with a glass in his hand. Across from him on the desk, a half empty bottle of scotch sits. Looking across the room, Wallace locks his eyes on a large flat screen hanging on the wall with the inside of the Bayou Music Center displayed. Every seat inside of the building is filled as the fans sit and wait for the next upcoming match.
A knock on the door is heard as Wallace quickly directs his eyes over and leans up in his seat. Finishing off the glass of scotch, he places the glass on the desk and then stands to his feet. Adjusting his suit and brushing off the front, Wallace walks around the desk and makes his way to the door. Grabbing the handle with one hand, Wallace places his foot a few inches away from the door and slowly opens it, using his foot as a stop after cracking it.

WALLACE: ”Tidus! Come on in sir!”
Opening the door, Wallace steps out of the way as Tidus Howe walks into the room. The two shake hands before Wallace walks back over to the desk and grabs a clean glass. Placing it on the table, Wallace grabs the bottle of scotch and looks up at Howe.

WALLACE: ”Care for a drink?”
HOWE: “Scotch? Why not!”
Sitting down in the chair, Tidus Howe watches as Wallace pours the alcohol into the empty glass before sliding it over. Tidus grabs the glass, tilts his head back and shot guzzles the whole glass. He lets out a burning sigh as he puts the once again empty glass back on the desk and sits back in his chair staring across at Wallace.

HOWE: “So you wanted to see me?”
WALLACE: ”I did, Tidus. I wanted to talk to you about your client, the 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe. He’s been doing big things overseas and the website has actually been getting a lot of traffic from New Zealand and surrounding areas. The execs at the network have even said that the viewers there have been inquiring about 4CW being available for their viewing. We’ve been getting a lot of international exposure because of Jason and I wanted to sit down with you and talk about it. We appreciate everything he has done for this company. He’s been with us since damn near the beginning and at times I feel that I don’t express my appreciation. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”
Sitting there listening to Perry Wallace, Tidus wasn’t surprised at the news. Jason Cashe had traveled to a few places as the 4CW Champion to not just compete but represent the company that he’s called Home for more than a year now.

HOWE: “Listen I appreciate the appreciation you have now for what my client has been doing. Truth be told, I’ve tried keeping him from traveling too much but you know as well as I do to tell him anything, you might as well be pushing him to do it more. The thing is…HE doesn’t care about your appreciation! Can I have another drink?”
A bit stunned at the words from Tidus Howe, Perry Wallace leans forward grabbing the bottle of Scotch and then the glass Tidus had used. He begins to pour as Tidus continues to a point.

HOWE: “Can you blame him though? Since the start you have tried stacking the deck. He’s competed in every “First” Match type 4CW has put on almost. From War Games to Last Man Standing to 3 Stages Of Hell. Now what he has appreciated is the competition but he doesn’t believe you’ve given him these challenges to play to your appreciation but wanting to see his destruction. All the while you’ve sat and pampered the females and men who look good on magazines. Not what has carried this promotion or at least carried more than his own weight longer than a few months at a time..”
After Wallace finishes the pour, Tidus reaches out and grabs the glass half full of Scotch. He downs that in one gulp. Again he lets out a burning sigh.

WALLACE: ”Damn, slow down old timer! You need to pace yourself. Now look it, I know Cashe and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. But there’s no denying that he has carried this company from nothing to what it is today. I know I’ve been an asshole or a douche as he would say, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Some would even take it up a notch and call me a misogynistic douchebag for not letting them hand select their opponents and think just because a challenge is presented that I’m out to get them or fix a match. Jason has stepped to the plate with every challenge thrown his way. He never once complained about it after putting on a front that he wanted one. He’s a franchise player in 4CW and I want to make an effort to show him how much he truly is appreciated, whether he wants to believe it or not. How are things with the champ? Everything good? Is there anything that I can help out with? Just tell me, it’s because of him that we’re getting this international exposure and I don’t want it to go unnoticed.”
After a moment of silence, Tidus lets out a laugh. Wiping his mouth, he slowly gets up from his chair.

HOWE: “Let me say this slowly so my “pace” isn’t too fast for you. Jason has assured me many times that he doesn’t want any favors. He isn’t doing what he does for YOUR benefit. With all the different people on this roster taking credit for being the reason for this or that, highest paid or best selling merchandise, Jason Cashe has been the reason you still have a company. As long as you remember that and those standing across from him remembers that I’m sure he’s just fine with whatever. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to return the real 4CW Championship to my client…Thank for the drink!”
Moving towards the door to leave, Tidus Howe realizes the two glasses of Scotch has hit him more than he’d have thought it would. As he grabs the doorknob to leave, Perry Wallace calls out to him.

WALLACE: ”Hold on a minute, Tidus! I want to show my gratitude for everything he has done in the past and as of late. You’re exactly right. He is one of, if not the biggest reasons that 4CW has come this far and grown into the promotion that it is today. Let’s talk numbers. Everyone as of late wants to claim that they make this and that, when only a rumor surfaced with no truth to back it up. Let me officially make Cashe the one thing everyone claims be be but isn’t. We’re moving to a bigger stage and the ticket sales have already sky rocketed. I want to invest in Jason. I want to show the world that he introduced us to that his accomplishments in 4CW are not unnoticed. I’m talking about paying the man!”
With his attention drawn, Howe turns back to Wallace who is standing across the desk from him, leaning forward with both hands placed on top. With a smile on his face, Wallace then stands straight up and holds his arms out to his side, looking Howe in the eye. Howe then turns around and slowly walks towards the desk as the scene slowly fades out.


VASSA: ”We have so good old tag team action next up for you folks.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a while since we’ve watched a good tag team match on Adrenaline. With people being fired and the tag division basically falling off, we had to pull some folks from the former Underground roster to throw this match together.”
VASSA: ”I never thought I’d say this but I’ve missed seeing John Blade in the ring and here he is with his tag team partner, Latoya Hixx.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have already made their way down to the ring and are waiting for their return to Adrenaline to kick off. We haven’t seen them in quite some time.”
VASSA: ”Winter Wasteland I think was the last we saw of these two. Please correct me if I’m wrong, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”I think you’re right, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”And here they are now, waiting to go head to head with the insane duo of Murgatroid and Monster Mash.”
JOHNSON: ”Creature Feature will be challenging the lonesome Ramona at Ante Up for the 4CW Tag Team Championships. It’s been a good while since these two have competed in tag. We’ve seen them competing in singles lately but tonight the team is back together as they prepare to step onto that big stage in Vegas and challenge for the straps.”
“Marching Off To Bedlam” by Napoleon XIV hits the sound system as Murgatroid walks out onto the stage wearing a straight jacket. Following behind, Dr. Formalda Hyde comes out pushing a large animal shipping crate.

POWERS: “And their opponents, accompanied by Dr. Formalda Hyde… Murgatroid and Monster Mash, at an astonishing eight hundred and one pounds, CREATURE FEATURE!!!”
Murgatroid leads the way as Hyde follows behind, pushing the crate down the entrance ramp on wheels. Once at ringside, Hyde unlocks the crate and opens the door. Monster Mash then crawls out from inside and stands straight up, releasing a scream. Murgatroid and Mash then enter the ring and walk around for a moment, taunting the referee before going to their corner and impatiently waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”There they are! These two are completely nuts and when they’re in the ring, anything is bound to happen.”
VASSA: ”I’m just glad the officiating crew has smartened up and makes sure to wear black pullovers to the ring because if Monster Mash saw that striped shirt, that’s all she wrote!”
JOHNSON: ”Some of these guys play it risky. If I was an official, I wouldn’t even wear the officials shirt underneath. Anything can happen in that ring and if the slightest piece is even seen, there’s going to be hell to pay. I wouldn’t risk it.”
VASSA: ”I know what you mean, Steve. If they decided to rip the refs pullover off and revealed the stripes, I can only imagine what would happen next. It’s not worth it. I highly doubt 4CW is paying that insurance bill. Refs are a dime a dozen!”
JOHNSON: ”Hey now! We recruit and hire only the best in the business.”
VASSA: ”Tell that to Christopher Salieri and his uncle who got him the gig here. Better yet, keep that to yourself.”
The ref checks with the corner of Blade and Hixx as the two talk amongst themselves. After a few moments pass, Hixx exits onto the apron, leaving Blade to start things off. The ref then looks to the corner of Creature Feature where the two are arguing with one another as to who will start the match. Murg then smacks Mash across the back of the head and then yells for him to leave the ring and climb onto the apron. After a short stare down, Mash climbs over the ropes and leans against the corner, leaving Murg to start the match. The ref then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell
Taking off from a stand still, Murg rushes across the ring, pushing the ref aside and closes in on Blade in the corner, catching him off guard with a brutal right hand to the chest, knocking him into the corner. Murg then punches him again and again with powerful rights, knocking him down to a sitting position in the corner. He then looks up at Hixx and yells at the top of his lungs, sending her running along the apron to the other corner. Murg then grabs the ropes with both hands and then begins to stomp on Blade over and over as the ref starts a five count.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”
Murg then reaches down and lifts Blade up from a sitting position and places him across his shoulder. Walking to the center of the ring, Murg then throws him to the canvas with force, shaking the entire ring upon impact. Murg then stomps on Blade even more while he’s down, not giving him a chance to get away. He then jumps up into the air and comes down with a leg drop, crushing Blade’s throat with his massive leg. Rolling over to his side, Murg pushes himself up and then grabs Blade by the head, pulling him up from the mat as if he were weightless. Lifting him up into the air with both hands, Murg holds him up above his head and then turns to his corner where Mash impatiently waits to get in on the action. Murg then throws Blade to the corner and as he comes down, his chin crashes on top of the turnbuckle. Before Blade can even fall backwards, Murg rushes in behind him and hits him with a clothesline to the back of the head, knocking him back into the corner.
Murg then slaps hands with Mash and pins Blade’s arms behind his back. After climbing into the ring, Mash then winds up and delivers a huge punch to Blade’s stomach, forcing the air out from his lungs. Murg then lets go of him and watches as Blade falls to his knees just before he climbs out of the ring and leaves Mash to take care of business. Mash then grabs Blade by the ears and pulls him up to his feet. Positioning himself in front of the ref to block the view, Mash then gouges Blade’s eyes for a moment and then hits him with a big headbutt, knocking him down to the mat. With Blade at his feet, Mash then kicks him in the head over and over, rolling him across the ring with each skull crushing blow. He then grabs Blade by the arm and pulls him up to his feet and then throws him to his corner where Hixx waits with raw strength. After crashing into the corner, Blade’s arm flies over the top rope and contacts Latoya’s shoulder and the ref quickly recognizes it as a tag.

JOHNSON: ”Whether it was intentional or not, there’s the tag!”
VASSA: ”By the look on Latoya’s face I don’t think she wants to get in the ring with that lunatic.”
JOHNSON: ”Whether she wants to or not, the ref is starting the ten count.”
“One! … Two!”
Latoya stands on the apron, hesitant to climb into the ring where Mash awaits with his eyes locked on her.
“Three! … Four!”
Mash stands in the center of the ring with a smile on his face. He then takes a few steps back, giving Latoya even more space to cleaning climb into the ring.
“Five! … Six!”
Latoya then climbs into the ring freely as Mash watches from across the ring. She then checks on Blade but before she knows it, Mash charges towards her like a freight train. Going for a shoulder block to crush her into the corner, Mash closes in but before he connects, Latoya moves out of the way and pulls Blade, leaving Mash to crash into the turnbuckle. Blade falls to the mat and then rolls underneath the bottom rope and falls off the apron to the hard floor below. With Mash’s back facing her, Latoya then runs in behind him and hits him over the top of the back with a double axe handle. She then hits him with another double axe and then another, keeping him in the corner. Mash then swings around with his arm coming straight for Latoya’s head. At the last possible moment, Latoya ducks underneath and then delivers a quick elbow to his mid-section. She then jumps onto the middle ropes behind him and comes back, wrapping her arm around his head and dropping him face first to the mat with a springboard bulldog.

VASSA: ”Latoya is using that quickness of hers against Monster Mash!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s a huge size difference between the two but the quickness is unmatchable.”
VASSA: ”Now she just needs to capitalize and keep the big man down.”
With Mash down on the mat, Latoya turns to the corner and climbs up to the top. Once there, she patiently waits as Mash slowly begins to climb to his feet. One up, Mash slowly turns around only to see Latoya flying through the air towards him. Hitting Mash with a cross body, Latoya knocks him to the canvas and falls on top of him. She then goes for the quick pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.
Out of nowhere, Mash lifts Latoya up into the air and throws her off to break up the pin. He then rolls over to get to his feet but being the slower one, Latoya makes it up first and quickly moves in with an attack of punches and elbows across his back. On the outside, Blade finally gets up and climbs onto the apron and cheers Latoya on. Latoya then grabs Mash by the head and helps him up and then pulls him over to the corner to make the tag with Blade while keeping his head locked against her body. Once the tag is made, Mash pulls his head away and then lifts Latoya into the air with both hands before Blade can enter the ring. With her up as high as he can hold her, Mash then throws her over the top rope and to the outside, crashing to the floor below and rolling into the steel barricade with force.
Before Blade can fully step in, Mash goes berserk and grabs him by the head, pulling him the rest of the way through the ropes and slinging him across the ring. He then rushes to Blade and kicks him in the head before he can even move, flipping him over to his back. Mash then walks over to the corner where Murg reaches over the ropes screaming for the tag. The two slaps hands as the ref recognizes the tag. Murg then enters the ring and wastes no time. Going straight for Blade, Murg pulls him up from the mat and then locks onto his head with both hands. Dragging him to the ropes, Murg presses his face against the top one and then drags it from one end to the other. He then turns Blade around and throws him to the corner where Mash waits with everything in the tank.
After hitting the corner, Murg quickly grabs ahold of the ref and distracts him. Mash then grabs his head from the outside and begins to slam it onto the top turnbuckle over and over. he then presses his face against it and as he does, Murg shoves the ref out of the way and takes off running. Getting within range, Murg leaps into the air and plants both feet into the back of Blade’s head with a dropkick., smashing his face against the turnbuckle even more.

JOHNSON: ”The Frontal Lobotomy!”
VASSA: ”I thought Blade’s head was going to pop like a grape!”
Blade then falls backwards to the mat with a thud, Rolling over, Murg makes the cover as the ref drops in for the count.

VASSA: ”That’s all she wrote!”
JOHNSON: ”Creature Feature pulls off the impressive win here tonight and will go into Ante Up with a little momentum as they challenge Ramona for the 4CW tag Team Championships.”
“Marching off to Bedlam” hits the speakers as Mash enters the ring with Murg just now standing to his feet. The two stand side by side and as the ref walks over to raise their arms, Mash jumps at him. The ref quickly runs the opposite way and slides out of the ring as Murg and Mash laugh it off in the ring.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, Murgatroid and Monster Mash, CREATURE FFEEAATTUURREE!!!”

There she is, the trophy of all trophies, the one known as Marla. It sits up front and center stage in the office of the General Manager, while Brody Lee Prince sits in the background with his feet up on his desk looking at a ‘Maxim’ magazine. Off to the side and sitting on a rather uncomfortable looking brown couch is none other than Max Von Grant who is hammering out at laptop computer with piles and piles of paper here and there. Brody Lee just continues to sit there looking at his magazine, doing nothing more than breathing.
There was a soft knocking at his door before it opened up afterwards. Standing in the frame was miss Ramona with a smile on her face and a medium size box in her hands. The package is wrapped quite nicely with a big bow on top and after she lets herself into his office she places it on his desk. Taking a seat across from him she crosses one of her legs over the other and leans forward.

RAMONA: “Hey there mister fancy new GM! Look at you bringing a touch of that southern class back to Adrenaline. Well I just wanted to formally welcome you back in my own little way, so I got you a little something. Go on, open it!”
Brody Lee does a double take, make that a triple take and probably a sprained neck as Ramona leans forward and reaches for the box. Being a gentleman he shakes it a couple of times and then tears into the box in light speed, which results in him nearly fumbling but making the save on the plaque which was inside.

MAX: ”What does it say, Brody Lee?”
BRODY LEE: ”Greatest General Manager award, Brody Lee Prince.”
Brody Lee’s face lights up as he reads the plaque in front of him, even a little swells up in his eyes as if he was finally picked first to play football during gym class. Ramona shrugs her shoulders a bit with a smile, and pulls her chair up close to Brody’s desk so that she can put her elbows on it. Also so that she can lean forward and if that view so happens to offer a generous glance down her very low cut top than so be it.

RAMONA: “Have I mentioned how nice it is to have you back? Makes this whole dog and pony show feel more stable, like there’s actually some brains behind the whole thing. Ya know? And speaking of brains, do you mind if I pick yours for a moment? I could use your help.”
She doesn’t bother waiting for him answer either way but just keeps on talking.

RAMONA: “You see I’m in kind of a predicament. As you know I’m the sole holder of the 4CW Tag Titles which I think I’m doing a great job with. Now I want to be a defending champ, believe you me! Hell I wanted to defend those titles tonight on this very show and get that messy business done with but because of how the rules are set up I would just have to defend them again at Ante Up anyway which makes no sense. I’m fighting a match for the 4CW Title that night ya know? Why should I be punished because I’m talented?!
So what do you say Brodester? You’re the GM, I’m sure you can help me out … Let’s just bump my Tag Title defense to the show after Ante Up and maybe a few more of those nice looking plaques keep showing up for you. How’s that sound?”

In Ramona’s mind it sounded like a deal that Brody Lee Prince should have been in no way been able to refuse. Shooting him a little wink across the table, she leans back in the chair after. Brody Lee looks at the plaque, looks at Ramona’s face, looks at the plaque, looks at Ramona but not her face, and then makes a decision.

BRODY LEE: “I agree! To make you fight for your tag team titles at Ante Up is unfair and therefore, I am canceling the match. It is decided!”
Ramona seems a bit shocked by this, but Brody Lee has made a decision, but just then Max leaps up out of his couch seat and runs over to where Brody Lee is sitting and smiling and begins to whisper something into his ear. Brody Lee’s smile slowly disappears and confusion seems to be setting in instead.

BRODY LEE: “What? You sure he said that? Like he specifically said what you just told me?”
Max nods his head to every one of the questions Brody Lee fires out. When he’s done asking questions, he slowly turns back to where Ramona is sitting and has a very sheepish look on his face.

BRODY LEE: “Well, I’ve got some bad news for you. It seems as if, and I’m not one hundred percent sure on this, that Perry Wallace has stated that I… for some reason… am not able to change matches or adjust matches as I see fit. I’m really sorry.”
The look on Ramona’s face had gone through several emotions over the last several moments from, worried, to elated and now to shock and disgust. She leans forward again placing her hands on the desk and speaking in a lower much more serious voice.

RAMONA: “What do you mean you can’t change or adjust matches Brody? You’re the god damn General Manager. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do, that’s why Perry gave you the power.! Hell I’m sure he’s waiting for you to do something like this. It’ll show you have some initiative! You really going to let the MAN tell you how to GM? Or Max over here for that matter? Come on!”
She slaps her hands onto the desk, hoping this pep talk will get him to do what she wants. And get him to think he’s doing it for himself all the while. Brody Lee is more or less has the deer trapped in headlights look to him as Ramona continues to talk to him.

BRODY LEE: ”I um… I um… can’t. It’s not that I don’t want to, I would love to be able to give you exactly what you want right here right now, but I was told that after what I did down in Texas with the second show that this was more or less a…”
MAX: “Punishment job.”
BRODY LEE: “Exactly!”
MAX: “Total yes man.”
BRODY LEE: “Right.”
MAX: “Desk filler.”
BRODY LEE: “Yes, Max.”
MAX: “Glorified janitor.”
BRODY LEE: “We get it now, Max. So, you see darling I would love to give you your job but I simply can’t do it. You’re not mad, are you?”
For what feels like forever Ramona doesn’t answer Brody. She presses her lips tightly together, nodding several times to herself as her eyes flick vacantly back and forth looking at his desk. Finally she pushes herself up out of the chair to her feet.

RAMONA: “Mad? … Why would I be mad? I mean I just came to you and poured my heart out here. I looked up to you Brody, I really did. You were smart, handsome and I thought you were powerful but I guess I was wrong about everything.”
How much of that was truth and how much was hyperbole was certainly up for debate. After all it wasn’t unlike Mona to bend the truth if she felt that it would serve her own purposes. Leaning over she picks up the plaque that she’d given Brody as his ‘welcome back’ gift/bribe and laughs as she gives it a once over.

RAMONA: “I mean, I guess this thing doesn’t even really apply to you, does it? And since that’s the case…”
She swings it hard against the corner of his desk, cracking the plaque in half to release some of her frustration and anger at the situation. After she drops the remaining piece of it in her hands onto Brody’s desk and turns her attention to his prize statue Marla. Placing a hand on it she looks over to Brody, gauging his reaction.

RAMONA: “Believe me, I REALLY wanted this to be a pleasant working relationship between us Brody. And maybe in the future it can be, but just know that today you’ve let me down and I won’t forget that.”
Her hand drops from Marla, leaving the trophy safe and whole for now. Giving the new Adrenaline General Manager one last long glance Mona turns and heads out towards the door, not even bothering to close it behind her on the way out.


The lights suddenly just shut off consuming the entire theater in complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light. After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the theater lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans boo him heavily.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall. He is “Public Enemy Number One”, DREW SSTTEEVVEENNSSOONN!!!”
He just begins walking down the aisle sporting his usual attire which consists of dark green wrestling pants, dark green knee pads, boots and his hands taped up in dark green tape as well. Once at ringside, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet just pacing the ring simply awaiting for the bell to ring thus getting this match underway.

JOHNSON: ”Drew Stevenson made his debut two weeks ago in a dirty match against Felicity Banks which ended in a disqualification and giving him a loss.”
VASSA: ”I have to admit, I actually enjoyed that match. Things were heated between the two before the bell even sounded. Drew took a lot of heat for that match with his blatant disrespect for the rules.”
JOHNSON: ”In his defense, there is a five second window to release any illegal moves and he used every bit of it to his advantage.”
VASSA: ”I would think the ref would be on the look out for that tonight but with a five second count, there really isn’t much he can do, is it?”
The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the sound system, building anticipation.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from The Commonwealth of Virginia, weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is “The Main Attraction”, “Young” MANNIE RROOMMEERROO!!!”
Mannie emerges to a wave of cheers levitating in an “Magneto like Manner” using a Hoverboard. Next the stage lights die down, as Mannie who is wearing his glow in the dark sweatsuit, begins to soak in the admiration. Yet right before he reaches the ring; A custom Dark-Orchid colored stairwell, which reads ‘The-Main-Attraction’ is placed in front of the middle apron. So that’s when Mannie pauses to get off on the Hoverboard as he then strides up the steps before he enters the ring. Afterwards Mannie proceeds to remove his sweatsuit, awaiting for the start of the match.

VASSA: ”Mannie is coming off two tough back to back losses against Jason Cashe and Jair Hopkins but I have to admit, I’ve seen something in him that we haven’t seen for a long time.”
JOHNSON: ”Even though the two matches didn’t quite go in his favor, Mannie showed a presence in that ring. He’s proven that he still has what it takes to go toe to toe with the best in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”It may be too early to consider Stevenson one of the bests in 4CW but he definitely knows his way around a ring and has accomplished a lot in his time. This is sure to be another great test for Mannie in his quest to get back to the top.”
Slowly walking to the center of the ring, the ref checks with Drew who nods back at him with a cocky grin on his face. The ref then turns to Mannie who nods back while rubbing his hands together. Stepping out of the way, the ref then throws his hand up and signals for the bell.
Walking to the center of the ring with a little pep in his step, Mannie waves both arms in the air trying to work over the crowd. He then points to Drew and yells for him to come to the center of the ring. With a cocky grin on his face, Drew walks out of the corner and towards Mannie. The two then stand toe to toe in the center of the ring as the crowd grows louder as they wait in anticipation. Breaking the stare down, Mannie takes a swing and connects with a hard right hand to Drew’s jaw. Mannie then swings with another hard right but Drew quickly throws his arm up and blocks the punch. Kicking Mannie in the stomach, Drew then slaps him across the back of the head as he lunges over with his breath taken away.
Quickly backing away, Mannie leans up while rubbing the back of his head and mouths off a bit at Drew who looks at him with a smile on his face. Mannie then charges at him with another right but quick on his feet, Drew side steps him and kicks him in the ass as he passes by. Catching himself on the ropes, Mannie begins to look frustrated as he turns back to face Drew. Mannie then pushes himself away from the ropes and then slowly walks towards Drew. The two then circle each other in the center of the ring for a short moment until Mannie lunges forward to lock up with him. Leaving his mid-section open, Mannie takes a swift kick to the stomach from Drew before getting lifted off of his feet and thrown down to the canvas with a scoop slam.
Quickly rolling over to his stomach, Mannie pushes himself up and begins to mouth off a bit more as Drew just keeps quiet. Letting his actions speak for him, Drew then swings forward with an overhead right and clocks Mannie in the forehead, knocking him back a few steps. Before Mannie can even shake it off, Drew swings forward with another overhead right hand and connects with his forehead once again. Falling backwards to the ropes, Mannie catches himself on the top one with both arms spread out. Quick as lightning, Drew then slides in and kicks Mannie in the stomach again and this time when he lunges over, Drew swings upward and connects with a European uppercut.
Drew then turns Mannie around and presses his head over the top rop, resting his throat across the top of it. Reaching underneath the top rope, and up, Drew grabs the back of Mannie’s head with both hands and pulls hit down, choking him with the rope. The ref quickly rushes over and yells for Drew to release the hold and shortly follows up with the five count.

One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”
Drew then releases the hold and steps away with both hands in the air acting as if he were innocent as the ref warns him of the illegal use of the ropes.

VASSA: ”Here we go again, I love it!”
JOHNSON: ”We saw a lot of dirty moves two weeks ago when Stevenson faced off with Banks. He even managed to get himself disqualified in the process.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think he cared one bit and that’s what I loved about it!”
JOHNSON: ”I guess we’ll see how much he gets away with tonight against Mannie.”
VASSA: ”Nothing against Mannie but I hope Drew gets away with A LOT!”
After catching his breath, Mannie turns around to face Drew who stares across at him from the other side of the ring. Stepping out of the way, the ref moves out of Drew’s direct path to Mannie. Drew then arrogantly walks to the center of the ring and finally speaks, demanding Mannie meet him in the center of the ring. Hesitant at first, Mannie stays against the ropes still holding his throat from the rope use earlier. He then lowers his hand and steps away from the rope, coming to meet Drew in the center of the ring. Drew then holds his hand up in the air, daring Mannie to lock hands with him for a test of strength. Looking around the crowd for a moment, Mannie takes a hard swallow and then slowly but hesitantly raises his. With only a few inches in between both of their hands, Drew then catches him off guard and kicks him in the stomach, forcing Mannie to lunge over.
Drew then steps in to the side of Mannie and wraps his arms around his stomach. Lifting Mannie into the air, Drew then slams him to the canvas with a gut-wrench powerbomb. Back to his feet, Drew grabs Mannie by the ankle of one leg and drags him towards the ropes. Propping his foot on the bottom rope, Drew then turns to the corner close by and climbs to the second rope. Turning back to face Mannie, Drew jumps from the second rope and comes down across his propped up leg with an elbow drop. Drew then stands to his feet and looks down at Mannie with a grin on his face as he hears the moans of pain. Grabbing Mannie by the back of the head, Drew pulls him up to his feet and then throws him to the corner on the other side of the ring.
After slamming against the corner with impact, Mannie’s feet raises off the mat and just as they drop back down, Drew is right there to nearly take his head off with a running clothesline. With his body now blocking the refs view, Drew then pokes Mannie in the eye with his thumb. He then pulls Mannie away from the corner and sets him up for a northern lights suplex beside the ropes. Rolling Mannie over to his stomach, Drew climbs onto his back and grabs ahold of his leg. Locking his arm around it, Drew then pulls back with the single leg crab and tries to break Mannie in half. The ref quickly checks with Mannie for the submission but gets nothing as he ignores him and fights through the pain. After a few moments pass, Mannie realizes where he is and reaches as far as he can, just barely able to grab the bottom rope. After noticing, the ref then moves over to Drew to break the hold but gets ignored as Drew continues to pull on that leg with all of his strength. The ref then starts the five count as Drew keeps at it.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”
Drew then releases the hold and stands back to his feet. Getting in his face, the ref fusses at him with a warning as he backs him across the ring. Meanwhile, Drew holds both hands in the air, acting innocent despite the refs argument.

VASSA: ”It just amuses me that Drew acts innocent when he really knows what the ref is warning him about.”
JOHNSON: ”He has a five second window before he’s going to get disqualified and damn if he doesn’t make sure to use every last bit of it.”
VASSA: ”Just imagine if he saw this guy in a no disqualification match. He’d put someone in the hospital!”
JOHNSON: ”It looks like Mannie isn’t hurt too bad from that as he’s starting to pull himself up with help from the ropes.”
VASSA: ”His homie , Alec, is in the hospital so there’s really no one out here that can help Mannie. Boy does he need it!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right about that, Vinny. The last two times we saw Mannie in the ring he looked like a different man despite losing to both Jair Hopkins and Jason Cashe. Tonight though, he just doesn’t look like he’s in this mentally at all, not the least.”
VASSA: ”His friend is in the hospital so obviously his mind is elsewhere. You have to forget the outside world when you’re in that ring or it will come back to bite you in the ass!”
Once up to his feet, Mannie looks over at Drew while reaching around and holding his lower back in pain. The ref then moves out of Drew’s way, leaving him to go back at it and that he does. With Mannie still against the ropes, Drew catches him on the side of the head with a brutal right hand, knocking him down to one knee. Grabbing him by the head, Drew drags him to the center of the ring. After pulling him up to his feet, Drew then gets pushes back as Mannie finds a burst of energy. With a few feet in between them, Mannie lunges as Drew with an elbow strike but misses as Drew ducks underneath and steps him behind him. Before Mannie can even turn around, Drew then dives downward at his knee and drives his shoulder into it, knocking Mannie off of his feet with a chop block.

JOHNSON: ”He could seriously injure someone with that move!”
VASSA: ”Lucky for Drew this isn’t the NFL and he won’t get flagged!”
Grabbing Mannie by the foot, Drew then rolls him over to his back. Grabbing the other, Drew then raises both legs into the air and bends one leg behind the knee of the other. Hooking his hands through Mannie’s legs with one foot underneath his armpit, Drew then rolls him over and sits on his back while pulling back on his legs with a Cloverleaf engaged.

JOHNSON: ”The Career Killer!”
VASSA: ”Mannie’s in trouble now! The ropes are too far away to save him from this one!”
With the move locked in, it doesn’t take long before Mannie slaps the mat wildly and submits.

JOHNSON: ”There it is! Mannie’s tapping!”
Despite Mannie tapping, Drew continues to crank down with the hold, ignoring his screams of pain. The ref then rushes over and yells for him to release the hold.
After a few short moments pass, Drew then releases the hold and stands up to his feet. He then kicks Mannie’s legs out of his way as he walks to the center of the ring where the ref then raises his arm in the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by way of submission, DREW SSTTEEVVEENNSSOONN!!!”
“I’m The Man” hits the speakers as Drew jerks his arm away from the ref and walks around the ring, looking down at Mannie with amusement.

JOHNSON: ”This one didn’t end in DQ but Drew Stevenson is your winner ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know where Mannie left his head tonight but he didn’t bring it with him to the ring tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Drew may be the new kid on the block in 4CW but he is no stranger to the ring and he showed just that tonight as he made this win look easy.”
VASSA: ”Whether you love him or hate him and most people hate the guy, you can’t deny that he’s one hell of a competitor.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a few moment folks while we clear the ring for our next match in the lineup.”

Having walked to the backstage area after his impressive victory against Mannie Romero, Drew Stevenson who was still dressed in his wrestling gear and had sweat running down his body was accompanied by his manager, Mark Robertson and it did not take very long at all for Robertson to begin speaking as he knew that the cameras were rolling live.

ROBERTSON: “What did we try telling all of you? Mr. Romero, my client was incredibly generous as he wanted nothing more than to see your career flourish and live on. But instead? You turned down the biggest opportunity of your young career; one that quite frankly will NEVER come around again, so congratulations — you now understand what it’s like to be defeated by the best that this industry has ever seen and that is my client, Mr. Drew Stevenson!”
Bending down and placing the black briefcase on the floor right next to him, he gives Mr. Stevenson a round of applause, a standing ovation if you will before stopping and continuing to speak.

ROBERTSON: “Mr. Romero, I want you to really think about the opportunity that you pissed away. You had the opportunity to stand alongside the best in this business, you had the opportunity to be richer and to help a good friend in need in Mr. Quartermaine who is in the hospital and instead? You decided to try and defy my client, and look where that got you — it got you beat right in the center of that ring, just as we told you it would happen but you refused to listen.”
Bending down once again, Robertson picks up the briefcase filled with the money.

ROBERTSON: “So, with that being said — I want for every single person to say hello to the REAL main attraction and that man is none other than my client, my best friend and soon to be, the 4CW Champion of the World; Mr. Drew Stevenson — a man who is so perfect that every single person in this company is jealous and let me be the first person to tell all of you, envy green really isn’t your color.”
As both Stevenson and Robertson laugh very arrogantly, they know that there’s not a soul in this company who can touch Stevenson right now.

ROBERTSON: “So from here on out? I want for every single person in this business to do the right thing and that is get down on your knees, start bowing and praising my client because if it wasn’t for him? None of you would ever see what it’s like to hit bigger venues and that is the honest to God, gospel truth.”
With the briefcase in hand, both Stevenson and Robertson grin as they turn around and walk off heading to their dressing room so that Stevenson can get cleaned up.


POWERS: ”This following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at two hundred and forty six pounds, hailing from Houston, Texas…he is Andrew Morrison!!!”
“Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort! Suffocation, no breathing, don’t give a f**k if I cut my arm bleeding!”
The theatre fades to black. A single spotlight appears with Morrison underneath it. He slowly walks to the ring, staring straight ahead with a wild look on his face. He then enters the ring and sits in the far corner.
The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, ROXI JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!”
The cameras pan around the theatre, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as she moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the theatre floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

VASSA: ”The superhero versus the hometown vigilante. This one should be a good one.
JOHNSON: ”Listen to Andrew’s own hometown boo him.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think he cares about that, but looks like we’re about to get this match underway.”
Andrew taunts the crowd before slowing walking to the center of the ring where he taunts Roxi. Roxi darting out of her corner and looking for a quick Flying Elbow, Morrison grabbing the arm and slanging Roxi to the mat. Roxi is back to her feet quickly, Morrison looking for a Big Boot but Roxi ducks and pushes Morrison into the ropes. He bounces off and is tripped by Roxi who places Morrison in a headlock. Morrison beginning to the strength his way out of it as he maneuvers his body to a knee.
Roxi tries applying the lock tighter but Morrison makes his way out of it. Pushing Roxi who rolls to her feet. Morrison charges toward Roxi, looking to corner her in a turnbuckle, but Roxi rolls out of the way and back to the center of the ring where she looks for an elbow to the chin, but once again Morrison catches the arm, wrapping up around Roxi and leveling her with a Suplex as the crowd jeers.

VASSA: ”He just deviated Roxi with that Suplex.”
Morrison grabs Roxi by the hair and lifts her back to her feet, whipping her into the turnbuckle. She bounces off and into the hands of Morrison who looks for another Suplex, but this time Roxi lands on her feet. She wraps her arms Morrison’s neck and jumps backwards leaving her knees in the lower back of Morrison as the crowd cheers on the superhero. Roxi sets up in a turnbuckle awaiting for Morrison to get to his feet. As he does Roxi darts from out of the corner and looks for a Flying knee that barely grazes Morrison. Morrison drops to a knee and Roxi bounces off a rope looking to connect with another knee but Morrison rolls out of the way.

JOHNSON: “That was a close one.”
VASSA: ”That would have surely did some damage to Andrew.”
Both competitors begin to circle the ring before wrapping up with each other. Morrison grabs Roxi by the hair and yanks her to the mat where he places her in a Headlock of his own, but the ropes were right there and Roxi gets a leg on them. The ref steps in to break up the hold but Morrison pushes him away and curses at him. When Morrison turns around and see’s Roxi’s not there, he turns around and is caught with a Superkick that sends him falling back into the turnbuckle. Roxi charging toward him looking for a Spear, but Morrison moves out of the way sending Roxi shoulder first into the turnbuckle.
Morrison grabs Roxi by her boot and drags her to the middle of the ring. He lifts her up and slaps her across the chest, followed by another and another. Roxi drops to a knee, Morrison bouncing off a rope and delivering a Punt Kick to Roxi’s skull. Roxi drops to the mat as Morrison drops down for the pin.
Morrison slaps the mat in anger, getting to his feet and bringing Roxi with him. He whips Roxi into the ropes, looking for a Clothesline, but Roxi ducks, spins around and looks for a Roundhouse Kick that Morrison ducks under. Morrison wraps up around Roxi but Roxi hits him with a couple of elbows. Morrison letting Roxi go. Roxi connects with a kick to Morrison’s gut, before she bounces off a ropes and looks for a boot of her own, but Morrison blocks the leg with his brute strength over Roxi, pushing Roxi into the turnbuckle and hitting her with a Clothesline.

VASSA: ”Look like Morrison broke Roxi’s back in that corner.”
JOHNSON: ”Look at him just mocking the crowd.”
Morrison taunts the crowd once more, grabbing Roxi by the hair and pulling her to her feet. He places her in a clinch and starts to deliver some blows and knees to Roxi’s midsection as the crowd begins to jeer. Morrison winding up for one big European Uppercut that he connects with, sending Roxi back into the ropes. Morrison looks to Big Boot Roxi over the ropes, but Roxi dodges. Turns around and pushes Morrison over the ropes. She climbs up a turnbuckle and the crowd and begins to cheer as Roxi points out to them.

JOHNSON: ”Looks like the superhero is about to take flight.”
Morrison stumbles his way to his feet, Roxi leaping off for a Missle Dropkick but Morrison catches the lighter Roxi and pummels her on the edge of the ring before sneering down at her and sliding back in the ring. The ref begins to count out.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six!”
Roxi slides back in the ring still feeling the affects of Morrison throwing her on the edge of the ring. Morrison grinning as he pulls Roxi to her feet. He wraps his hands around Roxi’s neck and lifts her up, Roxi’s feet dangling, before Morrison throws her to the ground. Looking out at the crowd with a smirk before he drops down and chokes Roxi before letting her go and bringing her back to her feet.
Morrison wraps his hand around Roxi’s neck once more, this time lifting her up for a chokeslam but Roxi manages to slip out of his hold and sweeps Morrison off of his feet. She hops on the second rope and leaps off for a Lionsault that connects so beautifully. The crowd once again getting back into the match as Roxi hops to her feet and climbs up a turnbuckle again.

VASSA: ”Not again. Last time she went up, she didn’t come down too good.”
JOHNSON: ”Look like she’s going for a Frogsplash.”
Roxi leaps off and this time connects with her high flying maneuver. The crowd going haywire as Roxi goes for the pin, but as soon as the ref is about to come down with the first hand Morrison gets his boot out over the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”Smart thinking by Morrison.”
VASSA: ”That could’ve ended the match.”
Roxi pulls Morrison back to his feet, only for him to shove her across the ring. Roxi jumps back to her feet to a charging Morrison who wraps up around Roxi head and levels her with a DDT. Morrison feeling a little surge lifts Roxi back to her feet and fakes the whip across the ring and levels Roxi with a Spinebuster. Morrison clamors as he feels a full swing of momentum. He grabs Roxi by the arm and drags her to the middle of the ring where he connects with an elbow drop followed by another. He sets up in a turnbuckle awaiting Roxi to get to her feet as he she does Morrison charges and looks for a Spear but Roxi rolls out of the way. Morrison staying on the attack and grabbing Roxi who whips around and catches Morrison with an elbow. Morrison aids to his face and is caught with a Superkick by Roxi. Morrison falling into the ropes.
Roxi charges across the ring looking for a Crossbody but Morrison catches her and deviates her with an Alabama Slam. Morrison getting to his feet and bringing Roxi with him. Taunting Roxi as he whispers into her ears.

JOHNSON: ”That Alabama Slam took a toll on Roxi.”
VASSA: ”What’s Morrison doing here?”
Andrew grabs Roxi by the neck and lifts her up onto the turnbuckle, looking to finish her off with the move he calls Guillotine Buster, but Roxi punches away and catches Morrison with a few blows before she drops down to her feet. Morrison not wanting her to leave the corner grabs her by the wrist and slangs her back into the turnbuckle. Morrison checks for blood on his lips before grabbing Roxi by the hair and slanging her to the middle of the ring. He slowly walks up to her and sneers before lifting Roxi back to her feet. Roxi catching Morrison with a knee to the gut before she sprinboards and hits Morrison with the Ray Of Hope. The crowd begins going ballistic and Morrison drops to the mat. Roxi dropping down for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”This could be it.”

VASSA: ”Roxi Johnson has rebound here tonight to get back to her winning ways.”
JOHNSON: ”She sure did have a tough one in there tonight. Morrison could’ve easily found a way to win here tonight.”
POWERS: ”Here is your winner…Roxi Johnson.”
As The Touch plays over the system Roxi climbs up a turnbuckle and takes in all of her cheers from the crowd as Morrison makes his way up the ramp disgruntled with himself. Turning around and looking back at before Roxi continuing his way backstage.

As the cameras enter the Dressing Room of 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe. You see Tidus Howe with a box sitting on a small table in front of him. He turns from the table and moves over to the locker and rustles through the property of his client. The faint sound of the shower is heard shutting off as Tidus reaches down and picks up the 4CW Championship. He stares down at it and a smile grows on his face.

HOWE: “This company has risen because of this Belt. Risen because the man carrying this belt has consistently been Jason Cashe. Not the face of a culture or the mug you want to see on magazines and in movies. The competitor, the desire, the work he has given, delivered on every card, every show that he’s been on even outside of 4CW as a representative. Flavors of the month have come and gone but that one taste, that ONE distinct ingredient has remained and that’s Influence.”
Wrapped in a towel and nothing more, Jason Cashe comes out from the personal Bathroom dripping with water. You can see he has put time in working out some, his physical form is tightened up a bit. Still he stands covered with hair from head to chin. Like a cave man with tattoos. Using another towel, he scratch dries his facial hair and the mop on his head and steps out into the locker room.

CASHE: “I thought I locked that door, how’d you get in here?”
Ignoring the question, Tidus carries the replica Championship that Cashe has been carrying around since South Beach Brawl and returns to the table where the cardboard box sits. Tossing the replica next to the box, Tidus looks over to Cashe with a look of satisfaction spread across his face.

HOWE: “I come bearing gifts..”
CASHE: “What’s in the box? Heh…WHAT’S IN THE BOX!?! Haha Seven…”
HOWE: “Stick to your Max Cady. I told you I’d bring you the real one, you can throw that replica away now! Have a look.”
Cashe’s eyes get wide, he almost forgot and it wasn’t the first time. He loved being the Champion but replica or real thing, it was the symbol of being the Champion that mattered. Being real of not wasn’t a big difference to him as long as everyone else knew who the Champion was. Still he found himself excited to see it like somehow it’d look different than the belt he has spent more than a year being involved with.

CASHE: “Let’s see then, is it heavier? I can’t honestly remember.”
Walking up to the box, Cashe in a towel around his waist rips the packing tape off the box. His excitement shows as he claws and tears into the box like it’s Christmas morning come early. Tossing aside the bits of mailing popcorn, he finds the shiny silver and platinum Championship. Pulling it free, he holds it out before him, the lights of the room give it a glistening shine.

CASHE: “Hmmm…It’s nice.”
HOWE: “Nice? Just nice? It’s real. It’s valuable BECAUSE of not just it’s materials but the man, the select few who have held it. You defended that in a War Games involving how many others wanting to take it? You’ve defended it against the who’s who of the evolution in 4CW’s History! Now you have the real thing back as you go and defend it in a Fatal Four way 60 Minute Ironman Match! We can just throw this thing in the trash where it belongs..”
Reaching to grab the Replica Title, Tidus Howe starts to carry it to the garbage can. Cashe still staring at the real thing, breaks free of his spaced out stare and stops Tidus from tossing the Replica.

CASHE: “Wait, don’t throw that away. I have an idea for it, give it here. No, let me get dressed first. Don’t mix the two…Nevermind I’ll keep this with me.”
Rambling his words, not making much sense at all, Jason Cashe hurries back into the bathroom to fetch his change of clothes. With him the real 4CW Championship. Tidus Howe holding the replica like it’s dirty and unworthy of the comparison as the scene fades back to ring side.


POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall!”
Before Powers can introduce either competitor for the match, “Fate” by Ces Cru plays over the theater loudspeakers, signifying the arrival of the former 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins.

JOHNSON: “Well isn’t this a nice surprise!”
VASSA: “I don’t want Hopkins out here! Where are the ladies?!”
Hopkins appears from the back as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.

VASSA: “No, seriously. What is he doing out here?! He’s not scheduled for this match.”
JOHNSON: “By the looks of it, I think he’s about to come and join us!”
Hopkins walks around the ring and makes his way toward the commentary table, slapping the hands of a few fans behind the commentators. Jair nods at Johnson and does the same to Vassa, then proceeds to take his seat and put his headset on.

HOPKINS: “What’s good ya’ll?”
VASSA: “I hope you know you delayed the ladies entrances! Who do you think you are?!”
HOPKINS: “Possibly your future replacement. [Hopkins pauses] I’m just kidding! My bad on the hold-up!”
JOHNSON: “Ignore him, Jair. I’m happy to see you out here, and I’m sure the fans are too.”
HOPKINS: “Always a pleasure to be out here with the fans, even on an off-night!”
JOHNSON: “I hear ya there. Anyway, lets send it back in the ring so you could see one of your Ante Up opponents in action!”
HOPKINS: “Most definitely! Things are about to turn up a few notches!”
“Can you feel that…?”
“Scream” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays over sound system, the crowd erupting with cheers and jeers as the lights dimmer down and a gold sparklers fall down onto the entrance ramp. There’s still no sign of Felicity as the pyro continues going off, the theater lights dimming down until they’re off. The sparklers are still visible as a spotlight illuminates the top of ramp.
“Can you feel that…?”
The soft voice of Felicity Banks echos throughout the theater as the “Sullen Angel” comes out of the curtain with a smug smile on her face. She makes her way through the gold sparklers, her arms extended to her sides and a blowpop in her mouth. She looks disinterested as she pulls the blowpop out of her and mouth, slowly pacing down the ramp, turning her back to show the camera the “Queen” writing on the back of her sleeveless sweatshirt. Once halfway down the ramp, Felicity glances at the fans at ringside and stares them down before she glances around the entire theater. She walks up the steps and into the ring.

POWERS: “Introducing first… From Jersey City, New Jersey… She is the queen of professional wrestling… The Sullen Angel… FELIIIIIIIICITY… BAAAAAAAAANKSS!”
Once in the ring, Felicity spins around in circles until the lights in the theater begin getting brighter, not stopping until the arena was fully lit. Felicity unzips her sweatshirt and glances at crowd, finally climbing up to the middle rope. She stares out into the crowd and motions for the crowd to bow down to her to which some oblige and others don’t.
Instead of hopping back down into the ring like she usually does, Felicity looks in the direction of the commentators table. She sees Jair Hopkins sitting there and shoots him a sarcastic grin while waving at him with her right hand.

JOHNSON: “Looks like Felicity is saying hi to you, Jair.”
VASSA: “No! She’s waving at me! She’s looking right at me, Johnson!”
HOPKINS: [ Hopkins waves back ] “It’s all good. Rooting for her here tonight. I got a front row seat.”
She hops off the ropes and turns around, sliding her back down against the turnbuckle pads until she was fully seated on the mat. She stretches out her neck and waits patiently for her opponent.

POWERS: “And her opponent…”
‘Puritania’ by Dimmu Borgir hit the theatre speakers as Lauryn Faith creeps through the curtain with her guide Draven Rook behind her then falls to her knees on the stage. With her arms spread wide, Lauryn looks to silent gods who refuse to answer her so she shrieks as loud as she can.

POWERS: ”From Fort Dodge, Iowa… She is the Envoy of Pain… LAUUUUURYN FAIIIIIIIIIITH!!!”
Draven rubs her shoulder and mutters a prayer, then takes her hand and leads her to the ring. Lauryn grins at the audience members.

JOHNSON: ”And there’s Lauryn Faith. The woman who defeated a former boxing champion right in that ring last Adrenaline.”
VASSA: ”She did look impressive last week, but Robinson was not a wrestler. Felicity Banks is. I guess we’ll see how she fares here.”
HOPKINS: “Lauryn has been doing her thing the past couple shows since her debut. Great strides. Right here tonight stands a great test.”
JOHNSON: “Gotta admit… Lauryn Faith is a bit intimidating to say the least.”
VASSA: “Yeah she is, but it doesn’t look like Felicity is intimidated one bit. She’s just sitting in the corner, waiting for the opening bell.”
HOPKINS: “Felicity is a different beast, Vassa. Not much can intimidate her.”
Lauryn slides into the ring and patiently waits for the match to begin. Felicity looks at her opponent and rolls her eyes before she uses the ropes to bring herself up to her feet, and motions for the referee to ring the bell.
The opening bell tolls and Felicity immediately bursts out of her corner and drives a knee into Lauryn’s midsection. Felicity pushes Lauryn back into the turnbuckles and slaps her with a left, following it up with a right, and then finishing off the combination with a spinning backfist. Lauryn slides down the turnbuckles some and Felicity starts unleashing a number of stomps to Lauryn’s midsection, the referee having to get in between her to rip Felicity away. The Ante Up 4CW Championship contender yells for the referee to move out of her way as she steps toward Lauryn, but Lauryn picks herself up and drives her fingers into Felicity’s eyes!
Banks was temporarily blinded, allowing Faith get behind Felicity and leap onto her back. Faith locks in a choke hold and goes to bite Felicity’s head, but Felicity grabs a hold of Faith’s hair and flips her off her back and onto the mat! Felicity was still blinded a bit, she could see enough to leap into the air and hit Faith with a high arcing knee to the face. Felicity makes the quick cover…
Lauryn kicks out almost immediately, Felicity going right back on the attack. She mounts over top of Lauryn and grabs her by the sides of her head, but Lauryn reaches up and scratches Felicity’s face! Felicity falls back, allowing Lauryn to push herself up to her feet and hit a low dropkick right to Felicity’s face! With Felicity down, Lauryn steps toward her and begins stomping away at her midsection. Lauryn then drops to her knees, grabs the sides of Felicity’s head and starts smashing the back of her head against the mat.
Once she was done, Lauryn holds onto Felicity’s hair and rips her up to her feet. She hits her with a headbutt, and follows it up with a hair-pull facebuster! Now it was Lauryn’s turn to make a cover…
This time Felicity kicks out at one, Lauryn clawing at Felicity’s face directly after the kickout. Before Lauryn could do any damage, Felicity reaches her arm, pulls Lauryn’s head back, and knees her in the back of the skull! Lauryn looks dazed after the first blow, but Felicity continues with knee after knee after knee until Lauryn falls face first to mat!

VASSA: “Girl really knows how to use her knees in her offense.”
JOHNSON: “That’s her number one weapon, Vassa. Some people kick, some people punch, some people suplex, and some people use their knees.”
HOPKINS: “At one point, looked like Lauryn was getting a lead but those shots to the skull with those knees from Fel is brain damage. Ref might want to go and check on Lauryn.”
Felicity pops up to her feet and rubs her eyes, still feeling the effects from Lauryn clawing at them earlier. Lauryn starts getting back up to her feet, and Felicity immediately takes her back down with a single leg dropkick. She remains on the mat and rolls out to the apron, looking for a springboard attack on Lauryn. Felicity patiently waits for Lauryn to get up, and when she does, Felicity springs onto the ropes and leaps into the ring for a “QueeKNEE” attempt, but Lauryn sidesteps out of the way! Felicity rolls through and gets back up to her feet, but Lauryn charges forward and hits Felicity with a huge lariat!

VASSA: “Holy shit! Lauryn turned Felicity inside out with that lariat!”
JOHNSON: “Lauryn Faith is a vicious woman, and I think she may have just turned the tide of this match completely.”
HOPKINS: “Damn. Damn. DAMN! That was vicious!”
Lauryn stumbles around the ring for a moment, still reeling from the knees to her head from Felicity. Once she catches her balance, Lauryn steps over toward Felicity and brings her up to her feet. Lauryn knees Felicity in the midsection, and follows it up with a quick DDT! Lauryn crawls on top of Felicity and makes the cover…
Felicity gets her shoulder up at two, Lauryn pressing her hands against her throat and choking the life out of her. The referee counts to five and Lauryn breaks the choke, then crawls away from Felicity. and waits for her to get up. A few seconds pass by until Felicity gets herself up, but when she does, Lauryn charges forward for another lariat attempt, but Felicity tucks her shoulder and sends Lauryn flying over the top rope and to the outside!
With Lauryn on the outside, Felicity pops up to her feet, runs off the ropes, and connects with a low rope suicide dive! The crowd pops big as Felicity pushes herself up to her feet and flails her arms in the air, getting the Houston audience even more hyped up. She grabs Lauryn by her head, looks directly at Jair Hopkins at the commentary table, and rolls Lauryn into the ring.

JOHNSON: “Looks like she’s trying to send you a message, Jair.”
HOPKINS: “Real talk, I respect Fel but, shooting looks over at me to send a message won’t do her any good.”
VASSA: “I don’t think Felicity should be paying any attention to you at all. Lauryn has already shown that she could take back control of the match at any second.”
Felicity hops onto the apron, and once again waits for Lauryn to get up. Once she does, Felicity spring onto the ropes and dives into the ring, this time connecting with her patent QueeKNEE! Lauryn was down and seemingly out, Felicity pulling down her kneepad, signaling for the “Off With Your Head” modified shining wizard. She waits for Lauryn to get up and then bounces off the ropes…
No! Lauryn ducks her head at the last possible second! Felicity tries to slow herself down, and turns around, only to get blasted by a big elbow to the face by Lauryn! Felicity stumbles back against the ropes, but when she bounces back off them, she connects with a huge Bank Shot superkick right to Lauryn’s chin! Both ladies fall to the mat, but Felicity manages to crawl over toward Lauryn and drapes her arm across her chest to make a weak cover.
Lauryn gets her shoulder up at the last possible second, stunning Felicity and much of the crowd. Felicity turns to the referee and double checks the count, the referee emphatically throwing up two fingers at her face. Felicity looks down at Lauryn and runs her fingers through her hair and crawls back a bit. She patiently waits for Lauryn to get up, and when she does, Felicity connects with a spin kick to the midsection, and goes for a sitout facebuster, but Lauryn pushes Felicity back and lands on her with a Lou Thesz press!
Lauryn bends her head down and starts biting Felicity’s forehead, but Banks pushes Lauryn off of her just before she could break skin. The two stagger up to their feet with their backs turned to one another, but slowly turn around to face one another. They both charge forward and Lauryn goes for another lariat, but Felicity manages to get herself onto Lauryn’s back, wraps her arms around Lauryn’s and executes the Felony II crucifix driver!!

JOHNSON: “Felony II! This one’s over!”
HOPKINS: “Lauryn had a chance early on but once Fel gets you into position for that, it’s game over. Faith no more!”
Felicity doesn’t waste any time and crawls over toward Lauryn, lays on top of her, and hooks the leg as the referee slides into position to make the count.

“Scream” by Thousand Foot Krutch comes through the theater loudspeakers, the referee raising Felicity’s arm high in the air.

JOHNSON: “And yet another win for Felicity Banks. This girl has to have the most momentum going into the Iron Man match at Ante Up.”
VASSA: “I agree with you there, partner. Got anything to say, Hopkins?”
HOPKINS: “It’s going to be the greatest battle ever known come the 29th. May the best Man or Woman win.”
Felicity pulls her arm away from the referee and turns her attention to one of her Ante Up opponents. She wipes the sweat from her forehead and proceeds to roll out of the ring in the direction of the commentary table.

JOHNSON: “What is she doing?”
HOPKINS: “No idea…”
She looks in the direction of Hopkins before she turns her heel and walks toward the timekeepers table. She grabs a microphone and rolls back into the ring, sitting Indian style as she looks directly at Hopkins.

BANKS: ”So… what exactly are you doing out here right now? And don’t give me the cliche ‘I’m scouting the competition’ bullcrap because I’m not new to this company. You could’ve easily scouted the seven previous matches that I’ve had and won.”
Felicity pauses, but only to catch her breath.

BANKS: ”I know you’re not an idiot, Jair. I know you’re not one of those types that just pay attention to the things that deal with them and only them. But, what I don’t know is why you decided to come out here during MY match, sit on commentary, and watch me beat this wannabe psychos ass just like I said I would.”
She shrugs her shoulders.

BANKS: ”Were you planning a sneak attack, Jair? I know that’s not really your thing, but I wouldn’t put it passed you. Especially when it comes to me… the only undefeated person in our match at Ante Up. Wouldn’t be surprised if you came out here to try and jump me so you could give yourself and the other two some breathing room because all three of you know that a healthy Felicity Banks equals the new 4CW Champion.”
She finally stands up and walks toward the ropes, staring a hole through the former 4CW Champion.

BANKS: ”Sooo, if that’s what you wanna do… step right into this ring and TRY to do whatever it is that you planned on doing. I’ll even do you a solid.”
She spins around and turns her back to Hopkins.

BANKS: ”Sneak attack away! But I promise you… I won’t be the one who leaves this ring going into Ante Up not at a hundred percent.”
“Cashin Out” plays and the crowd goes wild as the 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe comes out from the back with the Championship wrapped around his waist and a trash bag heavy with weight. Felicity and Hopkins both turn their attention to the stage as Cashe nods slowly in their direction and heads down the ramp, lifting the bag, he flops it over his shoulder as he makes his way to ringside.

VASSA: ”Awwww shit! Cashe is coming down, Felicity opened the doors for a fight and Cashe might be the exact person to take her up on the offer!
JOHNSON: ”Cashe just wants to get his hands on her..”
VASSA: ”Can you blame him?”
Passing the steel stairs, Cashe rounds the ring and steps over close to the Announcer’s table where Jair Hopkins is standing. Removing the headset, Jair keeps a close eye on Cashe as the Champion plops the garbage bag up on the Announcer’s table. He signals for a mic and quickly he is given one. Keeping an eye on Hopkins, Cashe puts the mic to his mouth.

CASHE: ”I’m not out here to fight as crazy as that might sound! I come with gifts!!”
JOHNSON: ”That doesn’t sound like Cashe at all..”
CASHE: ”Let’s see..”
Fumbling the bag to get it open, he reaches inside and feels around. His tongue sticks out turned sideways through the gap in his top teeth as he tries to find the right gift. Finding it, he pulls out a Mouth Guard. A few fans laugh as Cashe under hands it to Hopkins and the former 4CW Champion catches it.

CASHE: ”For Hopkins, I offer you a new kind of “Grill” one that will prevent you from any nipple biting in the near future. Seems fair right?”
Hopkins over the shoulder tosses the present, Cashe shakes his head disappointed his gift was not accepted. Fans again share a laugh as Jason Cashe turns and faces the ring where Felicity Banks is standing near the ropes.

CASHE: ”Felicity! I’ve got a good one for you!”
Again he reaches inside the bag and feels around, not taking as long as before, he removes his hand and comes out with something balled up. As he unfolds it, it turns out to be a pair of Booty Shorts, the wrestling attire kind that female athletes have been known to wear. The difference is these have the printed face of Jason Cashe with a tongue sticking out on the butt area. He shows them to Felicity and then to the audience. Laughter spreads throughout the theater.

CASHE: ”I wanted you to have something to remember me by after Ante Up. That ass and my face seem like a beautiful match! You’re Welcome!”
Felicity stares at the booty shorts for a second, scrunches her face, and just drops them on the mat.

BANKS: ”Unbelievable…”
CASHE: ”You both are rude, I come offering gifts and neither of you like them? Psh…I’ll just take my leave then.”
Turning back, Cashe grabs the garbage bag but he realizes there is something else in the bag. With a look of confusion, he reaches deep in the bag and pulls out a Rubber Booty. The thick kind. Fans erupt with laughter as Cashe looks around before sticking his nose down and taking a wiff of the rubber crack.

CASHE: ”Nope, it’s not scratch and sniff. Too bad! Why did I have three presents? Ohhh that’s right there is another person missing for our upcoming match. Gee, she sure could use this too! Fuck her, I’m keeping it. Experimental research… DON’T JUDGE! “
Dropping the mic, Cashe heads back around the ring and up on the aisle way. Banks and Hopkins both stand wondering the game plan Cashe has to be playing. Nothing he did made any sense but to most that was normal. Felicity turns her head to look over at Jair, mouthing “What is he doing?” away from the microphone while pointing at Cashe.

The sounds of the Texas crowd could still be heard backstage as the camera opened up in one of the theaters various nooks and crannies. A star who hadn’t been seen as much as she was before was standing there, talking with one of the workers about something light-hearted, seeing as they both had smiles on their faces. Demi Griffin, the smaller and some would consider better looking half of Black Listed was in attendance tonight to many peoples pleasant surprise. While she continued the small talk it was soon enough interrupted by someone else who while not wrestling tonight had still stopped by to make their presence felt.
Ramona, who had already had a few interesting encounters tonight comes walking up to Demi and company, all big smiles herself. She lets out a laugh, interrupting their conversation and then waves at the worker to get lost. The look on Demi’s face doesn’t appear to be as excited as the one on the other woman’s.

RAMONA: “Demi, it’s been too long! I forgot just how … cute you are in person.”
DEMI: “You don’t look so bad yourself? Like you lost 130 pounds of dead weight!”
Obviously their compliments are anything but as the two continue to stare daggers at each other for another moment.

RAMONA: “Hmph. It was unfortunate the little piggies in corporate were too afraid of the Black Dahlias to allow us to continue but I do what I always do, I turned the situation into an advantage for myself. And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention while you were away but 4CW absorbed this little shit company called Underground and they’re supposed to be making a belt for them and all that.
Anyway, I thought it would be perfect for you to go after once you’re cleared for ring action. Royce has obviously moved on, as he does with every woman in his life, and really if you want to be taken seriously I think you should branch out on your own too. I mean, it’s done wonders for me.”

She speaks like a veteran handing down some sage advice to an impressionable new comer, and in Ramona’s mind that’s exactly what she feels like she’s doing. With her own agenda hiding in the background of course. Miss Griffin wasn’t falling for it though.

DEMI: “Save the shit for someone else Ramona, in case you’ve forgotten you still owe me and my brother a rematch. And in case you’ve ALSO forgotten, Black Listed didn’t have a problem beating you the first time we fought in the ring.”
RAMONA: “Yes, and when it came down to crunch time and those belts were on the line well … you know how it ended. With you broken and title-less. Is that really what you want to happen again Demi? Just because you don’t like my advice doesn’t mean it’s not good, and besides I feel like with your brother no longer caring about you someone around here should.”
DEMI: “Do you hear yourself when you talk? You’re as fake as your tits. You’re not looking out for me, you’re looking out for yourself! And you’re not getting out of this rematch.”
The taller tattooed woman scoffs and rolls her eyes.

RAMONA: “Just like a Griffin, to come in and bitch about a shot at the title when they haven’t done anything to deserve it. Well guess what? While you were sitting around on that cellulite bubble you call an ass I was here fighting week in and week out, earning my spot at the biggest Championship Belt there is in 4CW.
I’m a god damn super star here now and I don’t answer to little girls who can’t wrestle a match without almost getting themselves killed. So yeah, you and your syphilitic sibling will get your rematch. When I’m damn good and ready to give you one!”

Her voice was getting increasingly louder as she spoke, coming dangerously close to shouting. Demi apparently had gotten a bit under her skin, but the feeling seems to be mutual. Fed up with the back and forth, Demi hauls off, slapping Ramona across the face.

DEMI: “Enough talk! You want to continue this conversation then you’re going to have to meet me in the ring, and bring those tag titles too because you won’t be going home with them. Other than that, we’re done here.”
Turning around on her heels Demi storms off down the hall before any more of her anger can get the best of her. Ramona is reaching a hand up to rub at her cheek, her face scowling as she does so. A moment later she herself turns and walks off in the opposite direction and the camera switches to another feed.

To the left and to the right stand a security team, in front of that security team is none other than the General Manager of 4CW Brody Lee Prince. Brody Lee has got a confident smile on his face as he stands there with his Stetson hat about to give out orders to someone unseen currently by the cameras.

BRODY LEE: “You need to tell your client to stay away from my main event tonight. I don’t care how you do it, I don’t care what you have to say to him, but in no way should I see him down there during the main event. Got it?”
The camera turns away from Brody Lee and his entourage to show standing there the much shorter and vastly outnumbered Henry Losak, the anger management guide for Lord Raab who then responds with this answer to Brody Lee.

LOSAK: “I got to tell you, he’s not happy with not being placed in a match tonight and all week long, he’s been out of control with his anger and he almost killed a few people in the streets lately, but I will tell him not to interrupt. What’s the damage if he interrupts?”
Henry didn’t know what the consequences will be if Lord Raab interrupts the match. Raab wasn’t around because he’s not in the mood to talk and Henry knew Raab only came tonight to find out what type of match he’s got at Ante Up. Henry waits for Brody’s response.

BRODY LEE: ”Almost killed a few… have you considered like a squeezy doll or something for Raab? Anyway, if Raab decides to show up during the main event then the consequences will be dire. You hear me? Dire.”
“Now, go back to him and tell him to relax, take the night off, he’s going to all of his strength and health to not only defeat Dakota Smith at Ante Up, but to survive what I have in store for the both of them. Tell him to tune into the main event, and he’ll find out exactly what I mean then.”

Henry knew his client is far from happy of being in the arena and not wrestling tonight, but in a way for Henry, it’s good because he’s always wanted Raab to rest himself and he looks towards Brody and speaks again.

LOSAK: ”OK that’s fine. I guess my client loves to fight way too much and I’ve always been telling him to rest all the time, but he doesn’t listen, but I’ll try my best to talk to him about it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you of what Raab might do outside of the theatre when he finds out about being banned to be here tonight. I don’t think Raab knows the meaning of resting and saving his health, considering he never ever sleeps, but yes I’ll get him away from here and get him to do something else. You have my word.”
Henry knows he’s gonna struggle to get Raab out, but Henry has always wanted to get Raab to rest after all from wrestling and it seemed like he got it as he walks away, knowing the business is done with Brody and goes in the locker room to find Raab as Brody has a smile on his face as the cameras go elsewhere in the Theatre.


The lights dim throughout the theatre, orange strobe lights start flickering everywhere as the sound of “My Time to Shine” by Saliva hits the sound system.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from San Diego, California, weighing in at two hundred forty three pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is the “Bad Boy”, SHANE BBOORRDDEERRLLAANNDD!!!
Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms, then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON: ”We saw Shane in action two weeks ago in the last qualifying match for the 4CW Championship dance at Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”That was a tough match for everyone involved. Unfortunately for Shane, he was unable to walk away with that ticket.”
JOHNSON: ”Things have been quite bumpy for him since returning to the ring after a short break. Tonight isn’t going to get any easier for him as he’ll be climbing in the ring with one half of the former 4CW Tag Team Champions and contender for the Pride Championship.”
VASSA: ”I know these two can throw down and that we’re in for one hell of a show.”
The lights dim to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B plays as out from the back comes RPG himself Royce Paxton Griffin. Looking out at the crowd with a grin and a menacing look a smirk forms on his face as he clenches his fist while staring out at the crowd. Wearing a pair of red and black boxing shorts with RPG written on them in black font and wearing a sleek arm band on both arms, mixed between black and red he makes his way towards the ring. Looking down at his sneakers he walks beside the crowd giving them a knowing nod, as he points to the ring and stops to hold up both arms for the crowd.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Niagara Falls, New York, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, ROYCE PAXTON GGRRIIFFFFIINN!!!”
Pumping his arm forward before charging into the ring sliding to his feet, as the crowd gives him their approval. Doing two big jumps once in the ring to show his freaky athleticism he throws a few practice swings before letting out a loud primal scream to the crowd. Walking around the ring he yells out “Lets do this!” while pumping up the crowd before turning to the center of the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”RPG looks locked and loaded tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”He has a big match coming up just around the corner and this will be a good warm up for him, regardless of whether he wins or loses.”
VASSA: ”Warm up? With this big gauntlet match he’s going to be in the man should be at home resting and preparing for it.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s a fighter and he proved that week in and week out while carrying the tag team division. He doesn’t take any short cuts in the ring and gives it everything he has. Tonight will be no different.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks in with each corner and gets the nod. Slowly raising his hand in the air, he signals for the bell before stepping out of the way.
Hearing the bell sound, RPG realizes it’s time to go to work and pushes himself away from the corner and makes his way towards the center of the ring. Across from him, Shane approaches as well with a look of determination on his face. Once face to face, the two circle each other in the center. Making the first move, Shane lunges forward to lock up but quick on his feet, RPG side steps him and wraps his arms around his waist. Lifting Shane up from his feet, RPG then slams him down, smacking his face into the canvas. Climbing onto his back, RPG then unloads with a combination of punches to the back of Shane’s head.
Pushing himself up to his feet, RPG steps away and gives Shane room to shake it off and push himself up as well. Looking across the ring at RPG, anger builds in Shane’s eyes as he gets in his stance and slowly edges towards RPG. With both men on their toes, they circle each other again this time slower than the first. RPG then smacks his palm across Shane’s forehead and then shoots in to wrap up his leg. Lifting Shane up into the air, RPG then slams him to the canvas on his back with a variation of a spinebuster. Mounting himself on top of Shane, RPG then fires away with hard right hands, over and over, beating Shane senseless.
After landing half a dozen punches, RPG pushes himself up and way from Shane and then backs up, leaving him again with enough time and room to get back up. After slowly getting back to his feet, Shane appears frustrated as he shakes his head in disgust. RPG then yells across the ring at him and comes at him full speed. Lunging forward, RPG connects with a hard right hand to Shane’s jaw, turning his head almost completely around. Shane then turns back and swings his arm wildly with a haymaker but misses as RPG ducks underneath and then pops back up, planting his fist underneath Shane’s chin and knocking him back a few steps.
Quickly shaking off the punch, Shane then lunges forward but as he does, RPG leaps up into the air and hits Shane in the side of the head with a flying knee, knocking him unconscious to the mat.

JOHNSON: ”There’s no way this is it. This match is only getting started.”
With Shane lying on his back, RPG walks around the ring in excitement as he plays to the crowd with his fist clinched in the air. After making his way around the entire ring, RPG stops and makes a championship around his waist motion with his hands and then looks back to Shane who is still out cold. Slowly making his way over, RPG steps onto Shane’s chest with one foot and then crosses his arms as the ref looks around confused for a moment before finally dropping down and making the count.
RPG then raises both arms into the air as a smile comes across his face, watching as the ref slaps his hand across the mat one final time.

VASSA: ”RPG taking no prisoners tonight! I hope you’re watching Aidan!”
Stepping away from Shane, RPG backs up as the ref steps in beside him and grabs his arm which is already up in the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall, ROYCE PAXTON GGRRIIFFFFIINN!!!”
“Think We Got A Problem” hits the speakers as RPG pulls his arm away from the ref and quickly makes his way over to the corner. Ascending to the top, he looks over the electric crowd before raising both hands in the air and pointing to a nearby Ante Up poster hanging.

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s it for this one folks. I expected a little more but RPG got right down to business and sealed the deal with a quick knockout and pin.”
VASSA: ”This is big for him leading into the gauntlet match at Ante Up for the Pride Championship. Talk about gaining momentum!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s already coming off a HUGE win over the Extreme Champion, Dakota, two weeks ago in a parking lot brawl. Now he scores a quick and flawless win over Shane Borderland here tonight. He’s damn near proving to be unstoppable!”
VASSA: ”It’s always a pleasure to watch RPG go to work in the ring and tonight he’s truly outdone himself with this victory. This has to be some kind of record in time right?”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t be so sure about that but it is up there as one of the quickest matches in 4CW history.”
VASSA: ”Somebody get this man another body to run through! I know he still has a lot of fight left in him. Hell, he didn’t even break a sweat!”
JOHNSON: ”All he can do now is focus on the Pride Championship match and carry this momentum with him to Ante Up. This is going to be one heck of a match!”
VASSA: ”Aidan’s worried about Wallace rigging the match but she needs to keep her eyes on this man right here or it’s going to bite her in that sweet ass of hers!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny! Time and place!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know what’s come over me. RPG makes this shit look easy and now I want to get in the ring and knock someone out! WHO WANTS SOME!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Hah… folks, we’ll be right back here at ringside shortly. We’re going to go backstage for a few moments and give Vinny time to calm down and a stretcher down here to roll Shane off to the back.”

Cameras make it backstage and see Felicity Banks standing the middle of the hallway with the booty shorts that she received from Jason Cashe in her hands. She just laughs after looking at them for a few seconds and tucks them into her gym bag that was lying on an equipment crate next to her. Was she ever going to wear them? Probably not, but she wasn’t the type to just throw away gifts even if she had no use for them.

BANKS: ”Funny guy that Cashe is. He should look into getting Jason Cashe booty shorts made by the merchandise department. Could be a big seller.”
She zips up her gym bag and pulls her hair back in a ponytail as she gets ready to leave the theater. Just as she slings the gym bag around her shoulder, Felicity notices the camera crew standing behind her and gives them a sarcastic wave.

BANKS: ”You guys don’t look like the camera crew that interviewed me on the last Adrenaline. Did the old guys get fired already?”
CAMERAMAN: ”Nope. Jerry’s on his honeymoon so I’m taking over this week with my pals!”
Felicity nods her head and starts walking toward the back exit of the theater.

BANKS: ”Well if you want to chat, hurry up and get to chatting. As soon as I walk out that door in front of me the office hours are over and business is closed. I won’t be talking about anything wrestling, but if you want to talk about Hemlock Grove we can do that!”
She turns her head and looks at the camera.

BANKS: ”I like to leave work at work whenever I can, you know? Too much wrestling in my life as it is. Not that it’s a problem or anything, but I DO have a life outside of wrestling. Well, at least I did. Not so much anymore, but whatev. When you’re the best, you don’t really have much time for anything else and I’ve learned to live with that. Still, I like to get as much peace and quiet as I can.”
The cameraman runs up to Felicity, now only standing a few inches behind her.

CAMERAMAN: ”That… confrontation between you, Cashe, and Jair seemed…interesting to say the least. Surprisingly it didn’t turn physical.”
Felicity shines of a half smirk.

BANKS: ”Yah, surprisingly. I gave Jair his chance though. Didn’t expect him to do anything because I know the dude isn’t the type of guy that tries to get an edge before a match, but I wanted to test him. I wanted to see if he was the type of person that throws away what he stands for when there’s gold on the line. We’ve already seen that some people are like that, haven’t we?”
The 4CW Championship contender shrugs her shoulders.

BANKS: ”So much for all that pride, but, anyways… Yah, Jair didn’t jump and I respect him even more now knowing that he isn’t someone who basically tosses all of his morals and his beliefs to the side for an early advantage. I respect Cashe even more now because I know he’s not the type of guy who comes out to the ring NOT to get physical. And for whatever reason, tonight he didn’t come out there for a fight. He brought presents!”
She stops her pace, biting down on her lip.

BANKS: ”It was an interesting confrontation. Felt like it was missing something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Probably isn’t important anyway.”
She starts walking forward again, inching closer and closer to the exit. Before she could make her leave, the cameraman fires out a question and gets Felicity’s attention.

CAMERAMAN: ”Any last words for your opponents before Ante Up?”
She stops again and only turns her head a tiny bit to look over her shoulder.

BANKS: ”Nope. Not tonight at least, but trust me. I will have A LOT more to say when we get closer to Ante Up. For now, I just wanna get out of here, get home, and watch some Netflix. Tell Gabriel I said hi, and everyone at home –”
She spins around fully and looks directly at the camera.

BANKS: ”Make sure you order Ante Up, because on that night… The new standard of 4CW will be crowned and I will rule this empire like I’ve ruled others before. My time. My moment. My 4CW Championship.”
She shoots the camera a wink.

BANKS: ”You know what comes next, right? Begins with a b, and ends with a down. Come on, say it with me! B-b-b-b-”
CAMERAMAN: ”B-b-bow down?”
She smiles brightly.

BANKS: ”There you go!”
She reaches forward, slaps the cameraman on the arm and makes her exit from the theater.

“Glory” by Lil Wayne blares through the PA speakers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps from behind the curtain to a roaring crowd. Tonight he’s wearing a Texas Longhorn Vince Young jersey and white jeans. On his way down the aisle he daps up some fans in the crowd, getting to the ring, walking up the steps and looking back at the crowd before stepping in the ring. He paces around the ring before adjusting the white bandanna tied around his locs. Smiling before getting his words out.

FLIPP: ”Man I really don’t know what to say right now.”
He smiles once more before walking around the ring.

FLIPP: ”But man am I excited to be here tonight. It’s felt like a long time coming.”
He leans up against the ropes, scratching his chin before continuing.

FLIPP: ”Tonight is real special to me you all know. I’m back in Texas where last year I won the Pride Championship belt. I hate that I couldn’t walk out here as the champion tonight.”
He paused.

FLIPP: ”But after tonight all of that could be changing. As y’all know I’m set to take on Seamus O’Conner in what is sure to be a duel to qualify for the Pride Championship match at Ante Up.”
He leaned up from the ropes and clears his throat.

FLIPP: ”Not to mention the very last spot too.”
He nodded his head as he continues to pace around the ring.

FLIPP: ”And if it’s anything that I wanna do is get that spot for you guys. The loyal framo who’ve been supporting me since day one.”
He’s grabs the towel from his back pocket and wipes his face.

FLIPP: ”That support is something that I never take lightly. I love you guys. Everything that you do for me. The fan mail, the love that I receive from you guys will always mean something to me. Being your Pride Champion really really really means something to me.”
He looked out at the crowd, scanning around looking at nothing in particular.

FLIPP: ”Tonight when I’m out there in the ring with Seamus I know y’all gone be out here cheering at the top of your lungs. Enjoying every minute of the brawl me and Seamus is sure to have.”
He leans up against a turnbuckle.

FLIPP: ”And when it’s all said and done and I qaulify for that spot juss know that I got you…Brennan Devlin, he don’t got you. He’ll never care bout the people who makes him relevant.”
He shakes his head.

FLIPP: ”Royce Griffin…he’ll never understand you guys either. All he does is talk and talk…I’m glad Demi didn’t pick up his traits, but the current Pride Champ…she’s a good person at heart. A competitor who I can’t wait to get back in the ring with.”
He nodded his head.

FLIPP: ”All three of those guys should know that after tonight and I qualify…I’m coming to Ante Up and I’m coming to get my belt back.”
There is a cheer from the crowd as Lo’Renzo begins to pace around the ring again.

FLIPP: ”I….”
“Think We Got A Problem” by Sheek Louch cuts him off now as there is a loud cheer at first but then mixed reactions when instead of Demi and Royce it’s simply just the ladder still looking fresh after what ended up a quick match not too long ago. He stops at the top of the ramp talking from there down at Flipp who stands in the ring.

RPG: ”Normally I’d have stayed in the back and let you run your mouth Flipp. But you know my match was pretty short, not sure if you caught it? Could have blinked and missed it. You see while you was sitting out for whatever reason. I was doing my thing and I am in this Pride title match that you WANT to be in. So let me give you a friendly warning, because I don’t like Brennan…And I don’t like Aidan. But you? You I don’t…hate.”
Royce paces as he talks, it’s clear that with these two the crowd is firmly on Flipp’s side.

RPG: ”That friendly warning is this man. If you win tonight, that’s a big if. That means that our paths are going to cross and even though I don’t hate you. I am still going to treat you as an enemy and my enemies don’t tend to come out looking too great just go ask Shane. So if I am you? I take the loss. And find a different path back man, don’t let your pride get the best of you.”
Lo’Renzo points toward Royce before cracking a smile.

FLIPP: ”Last time I checked I ain’t need nooooo warnings from you. I know though…it makes you nervous that I might juss be getting that spot tonight…that’s something you don’t want Royce.”
He shook his head while looking out at the crowd.

FLIPP: ”But the people out there…they do.”
There is a cheer from the crowd.

FLIPP: ”It’s ok to be worried brah brah. No matter how much you talk yourself up to be something you not it’s nothing you can do that’s gone stop me from qualifying. My path has already been chosen…I will be the Pride Champion once again.”
While the crowd cheers Flipp, Royce simply shakes his head laughing a bit.

RPG: ”You know I could come down there and make sure you ain’t in the match. But you know what man? I ain’t scared of you so I won’t. I just wanted to extend that final get out of jail free card, but if you going to talk a big game. Just know that it’ll come back around. I don’t like Seamus or you, but either way one of you is going down. And for you? It won’t be gently. So just keep that in mind for later, ok…buddy.”
Royce looks up at him having walked up the ramp a bit while talking as he waits for Flipp’s response.

FLIPP: ”You can learn something from me and O’Connor, but you’ll always be RPG who walks round like everything revolves round you…You can like me not like me all you want. When the time comes I’ll give you more reasons not to like me. For now live on this ride you been on and go find somebody else to hate on brah brah.”
Royce takes a few steps forward again seeming almost to want to head towards the ring but he shakes himself out of it instead smiling.

RPG: ”Just don’t say I didn’t give you an out Flipp, I wouldn’t do this for everybody. Don’t matter to me either way I am taking home that Pride title. Aidan ain’t stopping me, Brennan ain’t stopping me, Seamus wouldn’t. And you? You damn sure wouldn’t. So see you at Ante Up…Then again, maybe I won’t.”
Royce shrugs his shoulders, looking back at Flipp with a smirk on his face these two potential opponents having some strong words for one another. RPG walks to the back saving this potential fight for another day, letting Flipp head into his match full strength. Flipp watches him go not seeing phazed by his threats at all.

Coming around a corner backstage is 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe. He has both the Real Title and the Replica on each shoulder. You can see the differences in material as they sit over his shoulder on each side of his head. Tidus Howe at his side, having to keep up with the pace of his Client as Cashe hurries along down the hallway.

CASHE: “It’s not about Money, I don’t need to be paid the most.”
HOWE: “That’s crazy! Why would you turn down more money? Think of the weed? The women?”
Spotting Royce Griffin, Cashe gives him a nod and steps off his track to reach over and fist pound the former Tag Team Champion. RPG carrying a conversation with his sister Demi, Cashe doesn’t interrupt his process any so he gets back on his path and continues down the hall.

HOWE: “If you don’t want money, what do you want? Merchandise? Posters and DVDs? Perry Wallace is serious about making your work noticed and rewarded. Take something from him!”
Stopping, Jason Cashe stares into the eyes of his long time Manager and shakes his head from side to side a bit before filling him in with a truth that some people cannot simply accept.

CASHE: “You want more money? Go accept his terms. You want a bigger spotlight? I have mine and it’s, THIS 4CW Championship.”
HOWE: “It’s the first one, that one…Do we need to mark it so you don’t get them confused?”
CASHE: “I’ve got it! The point is that I don’t want, need ANYTHING from Perry Wallace but the Title I’ve BEEN had. When someone can beat me for it this time, I will not ask for a rematch, I will not make excuses, I will shake their hand, raise it for them and place the belt around their waist myself. Until then people can take a number and get in line because I’ve EARNED my place, I don’t just make claims at being this or that. So if you want more out of this business deal we have then speak up, other wise tell Wallace to stick his offers up his ass…No, you know what? I will..”
Turning from Tidus Howe, Jason Cashe picks up his pace and now heads down a branching hallway. The sign on the wall shows a sign that reads “CEO Office” and he heads down it. Tidus tries to keep up but Cashe didn’t want his company at the moment.

HOWE: “Wait for me!”
CASHE: “No, I’ll handle this. You go and get the Bus. I’m leaving after this..”
Tidus stops following and looks concerned as Cashe cuts down the hallway. Before he can reach the office of Perry Wallace, he lands his eyes on the Adrenaline GM, Brody Lee Prince chatting it up with a circle of women around him. The Lone Star Ladies Man if there ever was one. Cashe changes gears and approaches him instead, breaking through the group of women surrounding the Cowboy Hat wearing General Manager.

CASHE: “Say, we need to talk..”
BRODY LEE: “Ladies if you’ll excuse us, seems our 4CW Champion has something he wants to say!”
The group of women slowly turn in various directions and leave the scene. Tipping his hat, Brody Lee looks at Jason Cashe awaiting to hear what he might want.

BRODY LEE: “How can I help you Cashe? Lady troubles?”
CASHE: “Hardly. Look…”
Pulling the Replica 4CW Title off his shoulder, Jason Cashe shoves it at Brody Lee. The GM takes it and looks at it and then the real one still on Cashe’s shoulder.

BRODY LEE: “What’s this?”
CASHE: “That is a replica of this Title. Now if I take that to Wallace, I am going to put my hands on him. I have ZERO problems going to jail tonight. But you tell him that next time he thinks what I do outside of this company is for HIM, I will drop off the real title, breach contract and find somewhere else to compete. I don’t want, need, or desire his friendship. That bridge was built with burnt wood to begin with. Keep his money because without people like you or Frank Morrison and Khris Young before you, Management would just be known as Botch City with deals like he made with HOW. Without people like me, he’d have run dry of funds a long time ago…Tell him to remember that…”
BRODY LEE: “I didn’t catch what you said in the middle…Joking, geez! Someone needs a nap!”
CASHE: “I need more than that but none of it can be found here right now..”
Walking away from the GM, Jason Cashe storms off around a corner and disappears. As Brody looks down at the Title in his hands, he notices something strange.

BRODY LEE: “Ha! I’m pretty sure this is the real one! Boy is he gonna feel dumb when he notices!”
Heading off in the opposite direction, Brody Lee Prince carries with him the REAL 4CW Championship. Cashe once again only having the Replica.


The theater flashes between green, white and orange lights as “The Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphy plays. Seamus O’Connor then comes with a shillelah in one hand.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Irish Bastard”, SEAMUS O’CCOONNNNOORR!!!”
He runs out on stage does a heel click before walking to the ring amped up, trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and runs up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

JOHNSON: ”Seamus had his hands full two weeks ago with Borderland, Aidan and Jair but couldn’t pull it off as the match and 4CW Championship shot slipped through his fingers.”
VASSA: ”The good thing about Ante Up and these qualifying matches is that a lot of the people involved are getting a second chance if they came up short in the 4CW Championship one. RPG and Brennan Devlin were both in the first 4CW Championship qualifying match and now they’re both locked in the Pride Championship match at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: ”Taking that into consideration, you almost have to put the odds in Seamus’ favor because his opponent hasn’t been in one of the 4CW Championship qualifying matches.”
VASSA: ”You would think but the man stepping in the ring with him tonight is the former 4CW Pride Champion!”
“Believe Me” by Ace Hood begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in ty-die knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey DC wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling, raising his left hand to his face.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from St. Matthews, South Carolina, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, LO’RENZO PPOORRTTEERR!!!
He begins making his way down the ramp, pausing to sign a few autographs before continuing his way to the ring, slapping hands as he does. He steps inside the ring where he spins in a circle before coming to a knee in the center of the ring. He crosses his chest before looking up and looking out at the crowd to his right.
He jumps up to his feet, jumping up and down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters once more. He runs up a turnbuckle before faking the back flip he normally does, instead he points out to the crowd before saluting them, taking his bandanna from around his dreads and throwing it into the crowd. Setting up in his corner he closes his eyes for a few seconds before letting out a deep breathe, waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”We haven’t seen this man in action since South Beach Brawl when he lost the Pride Championship to Aidan Carlisle. Speaking of her, she isn’t joining us for commentary tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”Unfortunately she isn’t, Vinny. She has a match directly following this one for our main event.”
VASSA: ”Whether she’s out here or not, I can guarantee you that she is watching this particular match closely.”
JOHNSON: ”If there’s one man who has more to prove than any of the others in the Pride Championship match it’s Flipp, and he hasn’t earned his spot just yet!”
VASSA: ”I’m getting butterflies in my stomach just waiting for the bell to sound. I hope Flipp has been at least training while he was away. Seamus is a big boy and will put him down at any moment if given the opportunity.”
JOHNSON: ”Lucky for you, the match is about to begin so put those butterflies away and get ready for the entire building to ignite!”
With every fan on their feet, the building rumbles from the cheers from the crowd. Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks in with Seamus who yells across the ring at him. Unable to hear him over the crowd, the ref makes his way over to Seamus only to get a nod in return before making it there. The ref then turns to Flipp who throws two fingers up with a smile on his face. Walking back to the center of the ring, the ref then slowly raises his hand in the air before swinging it downward and signaling for the bell.
Walking away from their corners, both men approach each other in the center of the ring with their eyes locked on one another. After an exchange of good luck wishes the two get in stance and circle each other for a moment. Locking up, the two collide in a test of strength. Using his size to his advantage, Seamus take control and shoves Flipp across the ring, sending him to the mat. Slowly standing back to his feet, Flipp shakes it off and nods at Seamus before walking back over to him. The two then lock up again and this time, Seamus pulls Flipp in closer and drives his knee upward, smashing it into Flipp’s stomach. Holding Flipp in his clinches, Seamus drives his knee upward again, knocking the last bit of air out from his lungs. Seamus then lifts Flipp up into the air with both hands and then drops him stomach down across his knee with a gut buster. Bouncing off Seamus’s knee, Flipp hits the canvas with a thud.
Seamus then reaches down and grabs Flipp by the head with both hands and presses his face into the canvas. He then drags it back and forth across the mat before sitting on his back and unloading with multiple forearm shots to the back of the shoulders and head. After knocking Flipp in a bit of a daze, Seamus stands back to his feet and then pulls him up from the mat. Locking onto Flipp’s wrist with one hand, Seamus then plants his other in Flipp’s back and throws him to the ropes across the ring. As Flipp bounces off the ropes and comes back, Seamus then scoops him up, spins his body and drives him into the mat with a powerslam.

JOHNSON: ”Seamus is showing his raw power with that powerslam!”
VASSA: ”He just picked Flipp up with ease! I’m surprised he didn’t break him in half with that move.”
JOHNSON: ”Seamus has quite a bit of muscle compared to Flipp. For Flipp’s sake, hopefully this match doesn’t come down to strength.”
Back to his feet, Seamus pulls Flipp up and locks his arms around his head. With Flipp in his grip, Seamus then draws his head back and slams it forward, crushing Flipp’s forehead with a headbutt. Not letting go of him, Seamus then hooks his arm around Flipp’s head before lifting him vertically into the air and dropping him to his back with a suplex. Rolling backwards in a fluid motion, Seamus then mounts himself on top of Flipp and then swings with a powerful right hand to the jaw. Seamus then draws back with his left and swings forward, slamming it into the other side of Flipp’s jaw, Planting both fists into Flipp’s chest, Seamus pushes himself up and then takes a few steps back away from Flipp, leaving him on his back. Seamus then turns to the corner and makes his way over. Climbing to the middle rope, he then turns around and sets his sights on Flipp who is still down on his back. Jumping from the middle rope, Seamus goes for an elbow drop but misses as Flipp rolls out of the way at the last split second.
Quick to his feet, Flipp moves in on Seamus before he can get up and unloads with a fury of kicks and stomps. He then grabs Seamus by the arm and shoulder, pulling him up as well. Holding onto Seamus’s head with his left hand, Flipp draws back with his right and then swings forward, connecting with a brutal punch to the side of the head. After knocking Seamus back a few steps, Flipp then jumps into the air, spins around and connects with a roundhouse kick to the chops, knocking Seamus off his feet and flat on his back. With the ropes just on the other side of Seamus’s body, Flipp takes off towards them, stepping over Seamus and then leaps into the air. Planting his feet on the middle rope, Flipp springboards off with a backflip and lands a perfect moonsault across Seamus’s body. While on top, Flipp goes for the quick pin as the ref drops in for the count.

VASSA: ”Seamus isn’t going down that easy!”
JOHNSON: ”Flip had him right there so he might as well give it a try. Seamus just wasn’t letting it happen!”
Not wasting anytime to question the count, Flipp pushes himself up. He then grabs ahold of Seamus and pulls him up to his feet slowly. Out of nowhere, Seamus wraps Flipp up with both arms but before he can do anything, Flipp slams his head forward and connects with a headbutt. After stunning Seamus momentarily, Flipp then locks his hands behind Seamus’s back with his arms clinches around him. Flipp then struggles for a moment before finally lifting Seamus up from his feet and slamming him over to the side with a belly to belly suplex. Rolling away from Seamus and popping up to his feet, Flipp looks around the theater as the cheers drown out everything else. Nodding his head, Flipp then turns back to Seamus and makes his way over to him.
Grabbing Seamus’s right ankle, Flipp lifts his leg into the air and holds it up with both hands. He then stomps on the back of Seamus’s thigh over and over before jumping over Seamus with a front flip, pulling his leg with him and bending him in half. Hitting the mat softly, Flipp continues to roll up to both feet as Seamus holds his leg in a bit of pain. Flipp then grabs him by the head with both hands and rolls him over to his stomach before pulling him up to his feet. Lifting Seamus into a horizontal position with both hands, Flipp then drops him across his knee with a backbreaker. Bounding off Flipp’s knee, Seamus flips over and smacks the mat face first with a thud.

VASSA: ”Seamus may be the larger man in size but don’t tell Flipp that. He’s picking him up just like Seamus would him.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a good while since we’ve seen Flipp in the ring. From the looks of it, he hasn’t skipped a day on training, preparing himself for this return after handling personal matters.”
VASSA: ”Despite what the current Pride champ may say about him, I’ve always thought Flipp showed more pride in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s debatable, both display a great amount of pride in what they do.”
VASSA: ”Pride goes out of the window when you have to look for excuses and cry wolf about a match being rigged.”
Turning to the corner, Flipp jobs over and ascends to the top while Seamus is still down. Once on the top ropes, Flipp turns around to face the ring, watching as Seamus slowly begins to push himself up to all fours. Patiently waiting, Flipp looks on as Seamus now finally stands to both feet, Seeing his opportunity, Flipp then leaps from the top rope and flies towards Seamus with a crossbody.

VASSA: ”Seamus caught him in mid air!”
After catching Flipp in the air, Seamus holds him up with both hands in a horizontal position. Walking around the ring, Seamus then lifts him up over his head and falls back, throwing him across the ring with a fallaway slam. Getting back to his feet quickly, Seamus lets out a war cry. He then turns back to Flipp who is just starting to recover from the unexpected move. Grabbing him by the head, Seamus pulls Flipp up to his feet and then throws him to the ropes across the ring. Just as Flipp hits the ropes to come back, Seamus takes off and rushes towards him. Once head to head in the center of the ring, Seamus nearly takes his head off with a running clothesline, lifting him off his feet and spinning him in a full revolution just before crashing to the canvas.
With his second wind and burst of energy, Seamus wastes no time and locks his sights on Flipp who is in a daze from that vicious clothesline. Pulling him up from the canvas, Seamus wraps his arms around him and lifts him up from his feet with a bearhug. After squeezing the life out of Flipp for a few moments, Seamus then drops him to the mat with a devastating spinebuster that rattles the entire ring. With Flipp motionless underneath, Seamus then goes for the cover as the ref sweeps in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how Flipp managed to kick out of that because it looked like Seamus broke him with that spinebuster.”
VASSA: ”It’s hard to break a mans pride and it’s both on the line so to speak with this match tonight.”
With a surprised look on his face, Seamus stares down at Flipp. He then pushes himself up to both feet but before he straightens his body, he then swings down and connects with a power punch right to the chops. Grabbing Flipp by the head with him in between his legs, Seamus lifts him up from the mat and onto his shoulder. Wrapping his arms around Flipp’s waist, Seamus then charges towards the corner, aiming Flipp’s back directly at it. As they close in on the corner, Flipp grabs ahold of the back Seamus pants and pulls himself down from his shoulder and rolls to the floor, leaving Seamus empty handed as he crashes into the corner with his shoulder. Taking quite a bit of damage, Seamus leans against the corner, holding his shoulder after the direct impact into the turnbuckle.
Quick to his feet, Flipp takes notice of Seamus hurt in the corner. He then lowers his shoulder and drives it into his lower back, sending a sharp pain up his spine and crushing him into the corner even more. Flipp then turns him around and slaps him across the chest with a backhand chop that shortly follows with a sharp flesh slapping sound that cuts through the sounds of the crowd. Flipp then grabs him by the wrist and pulls him away from the corner and sends him running to the one across the ring. After Seamus crashes into the corner, Flipp then takes off from stand still and runs at him full speed. Almost three quarters of the way there, Flipp then leaps into the air and collides into him with a body splash. After coming down to the mat, Flipp steps out of the way as Seamus stumbles forward in a daze.
Keying in on the opportunity, Flipp then steps in beside Seamus and grabs ahold of his arm with both hands and fully extends it. Slamming Seamus forward while tripping him with his foot, Flipp drives his face into the canvas. Pinning his arm down with his bottom leg, Flipp then locks his hands around Seamus’s head and locks in the arm-trap crossface.

VASSA: ”This doesn’t look good for Seamus!”
With the move locked in tight, the ref checks in with Seamus for the submission. Ignoring the ref, Seamus tries to fight trough the pain, refusing to give up. After moments pass, Flipp continues to crank down with the pressure as Seamus keeps fighting, growing tires and weaker with each passing second. Still not getting a submission, the ref stays in his face surprised in how long Seamus has endured the pain. Not being able to take anymore, Seamus finally taps the mat slowly, almost lifeless as the ref pops up and signals for the bell.
Flipp then releases the hold and rolls over to his back, looking up at the ceiling and catching his breath.

JOHNSON: ”I can’t believe it! Seamus just couldn’t take it any more. I thought he was going to pass out before slapping the mat.”
VASSA: ”There’s no shame in tapping out like that, especially after being trapped in a move like that for so long.”
“Believe Me” hits the speakers as Flipp slowly gets up to his feet. Walking over beside him, the ref then raises his arm into the air for the victory.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by submission, LO’RENZO PPOORRTTEERR!!!”
VASSA: ”There we have it, our third qualifier for the 4CW Pride Championship gauntlet match at Ante Up! FLIPP!!!”
JOHNSON: ”This wasn’t an easy contest by any means. These two pushed each other to the limits but only one could walk away with the win here tonight.”
Dropping his arm to his side, Flipp looks over to Seamus and walks to him. Kneeling down beside him, Flipp checks with him and then slowly helps him get to his feet. As both stand fully up, they share a long stare before Flipp grabs him by the wrist and raises his arm into the air. With that, the fans erupts into cheers for both men and the match they just put on here in Houston.

JOHNSON: ”Talk about respect. After a match like this, these two left it all behind with the bell. It doesn’t get any better than this.”
VASSA: ”Either man would be a great addition to this Pride Championship match at Ante Up. It sucks that only one could advance but that’s just the way it is. Seamus has nothing to get down on himself about the outcome of this match. His time will come.”
JOHNSON: ”You learn with each step along the way and Seamus is still fresh to the sport. He’s shown growth along the way and should learn a lot about himself from this match. Not many people would last as long as he did before finally having to submit to that killer move of Flipp’s.”
VASSA: ”It’s good to see that people can show respect for one another after a match like this. There are a few people in the back who should take notes.”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of the back, we’re going to cut away from ringside for a few moments folks as we get the ring cleared and ready for our main event!”

The video feed cuts away from the 4CW production to a hollowed out, poorly lit warehouse. The structure is nearly completely dark; only a few industrial dome lights dangle from the rafters, swaying slightly side by side, acting as spotlights on the concrete floor. From the shadows a silhouette of man emerges without revealing his identity. He steps through the beams of light with his head down, concealing his identity to the viewing audience. A distorted voice begins to speak over the clip being shown.

VOICE: ”I’ve traveled all over the world doing the only thing on this planet that brings me joy. For almost fifteen years I’ve competed in every country that I’ve ever stepped foot in, staking my claim at being one of the toughest sons of bitches in the wrestling world; leaving bodies broken and bruised along the way!”
The clip cuts and we see the back of the man standing in the shadows as he squats down and lifts up a Title grappling dummy heavy bag over his shoulder before slamming it hard down onto the canvass of a wrestling ring. The man repeats over and over again, grunting with each individual slam. Slamming the dummy heavy bag down harder time after time.

VOICE: ”It’s like a drug that I just can’t shake. I’m addicted to the pain, the anguish, the euphoria of being the baddest dude in the locker room. This business is a roller coaster of highs and lows. That constant up and down continuously draws me to the ring and leaves me wanting more. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself that ‘I’m done’, or ‘that was my last match’. I find my way back into the ring and destroy anyone standing in my way. My competitive drive is insatiable.”
The scene cuts again. This time the figure is in the ring with a second individual. He’s got him posted up against the turnbuckle and is pounding away with wicked body shots. Alternating between bone crushing rights and lefts before grabbing his opponent with a Muay Thai clinch and dragging him from the corner. He forces his opponents head down while driving vicious knees upwards until the person goes limp and collapses to the canvass. The unidentified figure stands over his opponent with both of his fist clenched up into fists.

VOICE: ”I am putting the entire 4CW roster on notice. Some of you know me. Some have been in the ring with me before. Some have even fought beside me. I have won championship gold in damn near every promotion I have ever competed in. It’s only a matter of time before I conquer yet another promotion…it’s only a matter of when I want to take my spot on top of the mountain.”
The scene cuts one more time and we see the man focused in the video applying a front face lock on his opponent. He drops his weight back and takes his opponent down while positioning one leg over the back his opponents head and swinging the other over his back, fully locking in the Peruvian Necktie submission hold. The opponent taps on the canvass relentlessly before seemingly passing out.

VOICE: ”Give up 4CW. At Ante Up… Mayhem is coming!”
The screen cuts to a full blown white out with a faint black handprint pulsating into the picture.

We open up in the backstage area outside of the locker room of Brennan Devlin, where security stands by his door. They seem to be protecting it for one reason or another, and we see resident interviewer, Gabriel Hartman approaching the door with a curious look on his face.

HARTMAN: ”Uh.. can I go in there? I was supposed to get a word with Brennan Devlin.”
The man questioned as the security guards looked at eachother. One was a large fellow whom had recently appeared in various videos from Devlin, going by the name ‘Freight Train’. He looked at his associate, then back to the man.

FREIGHT TRAIN: ”I’ll see if you’re on the list.”
Train said as he reach back over into the room and pulled out a clipboard, then began thumbing through the list. Looking at various things upon it, then looking at Gabriel. His look growing less and less impressed as each moment passed.

HARTMAN: ”The list? What list?”
Freight Train tapped the ‘list’ with his finger, pointing out that this was the list he was of course talking about. Since Gabriel had briefly been struck with some sort of stupid question syndrome.

SKINNY PETE: ”The words of a guy not on any list, clearly.”
Pete chuckled as he leaned against the wall, and we could hear Devlin’s voice in the background in the locker room, chatting with various people he’d invited backstage.

HARTMAN: ”Just get Brennan, please.”
Please? Did please have any effect on these people?

FREIGHT TRAIN: ”He did say please..”
Seemed it did, and just like that, Freight Train opened the door and motioned to Brennan. Not too long after, Devlin walked over to the door, after having sauntered through a crowd of people. He stepped outside and looked at Gabriel, then back to his security.

DEVLIN: ”What? I was busy, I’m having a party in my locker room. Everyone whose anyone is there, they’re gathering to watch my bestie, Aidan Carlisle face my good friend Dakota Smith!”
Bestie was clearly said in a rather sarcastic manner. The man wore pink boas and had sunglasses with lenses shaped like stars, because – well, that was how Brennan dressed sometimes. Couple that with his leather vest and jeans, and he looked a sight!

HARTMAN: ”… Party? What? Either way – everyone see’s what you’re doing, playing this whole thing off as a joke while you scout Aidan Carlisle due to your surprise win over Roxi..”
Just like that though.. Devlin turned his gaze to Gabriel with a ‘the hell did you just say?’ sort of look. Here he was, on Brennan’s doorstep, disrespecting the man. He removed his sunglasses and looked straight at Hartman, having had enough of that right where it was.

DEVLIN: ”I’m going to cut you off, right there, Gabrielle. First of all, the only person ‘surprised’ that I beat Roxi, was Roxi herself. But the delusion is strong with that one, right?! Of course I’m right.. But ya see, after I win at Ante Up. After I pin – whomever.. whether it’s Royce, Aidan, this guy, the other guy… People will tell me ‘oh, it was a surprise you won’. But.. it really isn’t, and it’s not going to be. So – no, it wasn’t a surprise. The only surprise is that the second highest paid individual on this roster, is not getting the respect he deserves..”
He said with a smirk, then he rethought it and decided to add more onto it from there.. Cutting Gabriel off before he could retort.

DEVLIN: ”Actually.. that’s not a surprise either. See – there’s jealousy going on here, Gabby. People want to be where Brennan Devlin is. I’m not a worthless tag team wrestler who got lucky, I’m not some chick who’d be better off in a kitchen.. I’m Brennan freakin’ Devlin. And there is no one better on this roster than the Cornerstone of 4 Corners Wrestling… Also.. uh..”
He looked off for a second when he saw Ramona walk up looking gorgeous as always. A smirk appeared across his face as he motioned for his security to make room.

DEVLIN: ”Hey there, gorgeous. Here to watch the show?”
Devlin smiled a bit cheesily as he looked over the resident Tag Team Champion and future 4CW Champion. Hoping she hadn’t heard his prior comment about women just in case.

RAMONA: ”No, I’m here to talk about my feelings and have a long chat about how to treat other people..”
Devlin paused for a moment as he looked to Train and Pete, both of whom looked flabberghasted at the notion.

DEVLIN: ”… Wait, for real?”
Just like that, Ramona let out a laugh and the two shared a quick kiss. Then she headed by him for the room, though she could be heard saying the following.

DEVLIN: ”Whew. I’ll be in, in a sec, babe! Back to you though, Gabriel Heartattack. I don’t care what you’re here for, you’ve insulted me. And as you can hear from the commotion in there? The Face of Wrestling is entertaining guests. So – make like Jair Hopkins and hippity hop your ass on up out of here. Fire ya later, Gabe! I mean see ya!”
Devlin turned and walked back into his locker room, as his security took their positions of blocking off the door once again to make sure no riff raff got in. Gabriel started to walk away, only for one of Brennan’s security to speak up.

FREIGHT TRAIN: ”Whoa.. where do you think you’re going?”
HARTMAN: ”He said.. leave?”
The interviewer questioned, turning in the direction of Devlin’s little crew he’d been placing together. The security guards let out a chuckle..

FREIGHT TRAIN: ”He said hop.. So get your ass to hoppin’.”
Then the scene came to a close with them apparently attempting to bully the guy into hopping away or something. A rather bizarre thing to do, but, they weren’t normal security guards either!



JOHNSON: “And finally we have arrived here, to our main event of the evening. It’s going to one heck of way to finish up before Ante Up rolls around in two weeks, champion against champion. The Pride title holder, Aidan Carlisle up against the Extreme title holder, Dakota Smith.”
VASSA: “The Butcher against the Hardcore Queen. Not many people know that Aidan Carlisle is in fact an extreme wrestler by nature, she might have a pretty face but that’s never stopped her from putting someone through a table. Of course, Dakota has never had a problem with skinning a person’s face and wearing it like a mask before putting them through a table either.”
JOHNSON: “It should be a good one, so let’s take you to…”
The beautiful opening notes of Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold” begins to play out of the arena. The curtain parts open and out walks Brody Lee Prince, the General Manager of Adrenaline himself, followed by ten members of his secruity team which march behind him which gives him the confidence to stride down to the ring. Brody Lee is all smiles even though the boos rain down upon him.

JOHNSON: “Oh, what now?”
VASSA: “Our General Manager is here, perhaps you should be more welcoming!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know why I should, honestly.”
Brody Lee gives some last second instructions to the security guards as the ten of them began to fan out around the ring at strategic positions. Brody Lee doesn’t say much else and makes his way over towards the ring announcers where he sits down and puts on a headset of his own. Vinny seems welcoming, Johnson doesn’t give much thought to the arrival of the General Manager. His music finally stops as he sits down.

VASSA: “Brody Lee, how you doing amigo?”
BRODY LEE: “Oh just fine. Just came on down here to make sure that this main event goes off without any sort of outside shenanigans, and besides I’ve got my Extreme Title match stipulation to announce once this one is over. Big night! Big night!”
JOHNSON: “You don’t think Lord Raab is taking your threat seriously, Mr. General Manager?”
BRODY LEE: “I can only warn so many times, but we’re just going to make sure nobody comes on down tonight. Besides, I want to see this one up close and what better seat in the world than sitting next to you two, right?”
VASSA: “Exactly!”
JOHNSON: “Awesome.”
“Dance With the Devil” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the theater gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face and the 4CW Extreme Championship wrapped around his neck. He glares out over the arena, cracking his neck to the left and then to the right. Dakota then begins his march down to the ring.
“I eat M.C’s because I dont like to waste,
love to hear em’ screaming and the way the blood taste, all over my face
new race of cannibal, hell hath no fury like a half man animal.
Suck my dick, I got enough for all of yall,
Yall can jump on it, hang on it like its mardi gras
I’m rawer than all of yall, rot like gangrene.
Eco lion come up quiet and kill the whole scene
Yes, I guess you could say i’m poisonous
Not even the devil has more poise than this.
Yeah i’ll be that guy that even though i’m half your size
You dont want to look me in the eyes “

POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred thirty one pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Butcher” and 4CW Extreme Champion, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
Reaching the ring he takes the belt off of his neck and throws it into the ring before rolling in under the bottom rope. Planting his fist into the ground he pushes himself up off the mat and picks up his championship. He stalks the ring for a few seconds before going up the turnbuckle and raising his extreme championship up into the air – letting out a blood curdling roar as he does so. He drops down and takes a seat in the corner, putting the belt back around his neck and waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: “A sick and twisted individual, however this is his type of match, a match without any rules to govern him.”
VASSA: “So, what’s his Ante Up match going to be Brody Lee?”
BRODY LEE: “Like I said, you’ll find out at the end of the match just like he will, just like the world will.”
JOHNSON: “You’ve been holding onto that secret for a couple of weeks now, I’m sort of surprised you didn’t spoil it before hand.”
BRODY LEE: “It’s been tough, but well worth it.”
“Take a good look at agony
Force fed pass down
Time release… ”
Aidan appears at the top of the ramp as the heavy metal chords of her theme song fill the theater, holding the 4CW Pride Championship high in the air as she stops to survey the crowd through the dimmed lights. She smiles from ear to ear as the cheers from the crowd get her revved up for the impending match.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Rochester, New York, weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. She is “The Hardcore Queen” and the 4CW Pride Champion, AIDAN CCAARRLLIISSLLEE!!!”
“I never noticed, until I focused
On everything you did, you said,
You lit the fuse inside my head ”
She races down the aisle and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Her own excitement is palpable as she hops up onto the middle rope, subtly bouncing it in the rhythm of the music.
“Thank you for reminding me
Of why I’m sick inside
Thank you for the venom, did
You think it would paralyze?
These scars I scratch, I tear
Are there under my skin
Where you’ve always been
Thank you for reminding me,
To sin with a grin ”
The cheers turn near-deafening as she kisses her middle and index fingers, thrusting them into the air in her trademark salute to her fans. As she does this, Dakota Smith takes this opportunity to smash her across the back with a sledge hammering right hand which causes her to stumble forward into the ropes and this causes the bell to ring.

JOHNSON: “From behind! This match starts!”
VASSA: “Never turn your back on a psycho, I guess is the lesson there.”
JOHNSON: “Smith unloading on the Pride champion before this match starts and here we go!”
Smith continues the assault from behind, he shoves Aidan up against the corner turnbuckle and lifts a couple of hard knees into her midsection and then grabs her with both hands and hip tosses her towards the center of the ring with sheer brutality. Aidan lands on her rear and sits up as Smith charges in and slams his shin right in between her shoulder blades with incredible force! The wind rushes out of Aidan’s lungs as she screams in pain, but that’s not about to stop Smith who follows that up by leaping high into the air and dropping a knee right down onto her shoulder! Smith doesn’t go for the pin, rather he gets right back up and begins to unload with more kicks to that shoulder.

JOHNSON: “The Extreme Champion showing his pure hatred for everyone and everything. He gets in that ring and just releases his anger and rage.”
VASSA: “And it makes for great television, doesn’t it Brody Lee?”
BRODY LEE: “Oh yeah, I love it! And wait until Ante Up!”
JOHNSON: “A tip of the hand, Brody Lee?”
BRODY LEE: “Not until the time is right.”
Dakota Smith pulls Aidan up by that arm he has been attacking and rolls it through the ropes and pulls down causing more damage to the shoulder than before, Aidan yells out in pain as Dakota seems to be targeting that shoulder of hers. As Smith lets go, he follows that up with by grabbing her by that arm and whips her farside ring ropes, as she rebounds and Dakota lifts her up onto his shoulders, the momentum carries the both of them up and over…
…as Dakota connects with the Dovah Death Drop, a twisting Samoan drop! He crashing onto Aidan and specifically once again that shoulder of hers. He leaps over and hooks the leg as the referee dives in for the count.

JOHNSON: “Defiant kickout there by Aidan Carlisle! The Pride champion not about to go out that quickly, she has gotten almost no offense so far, but Dakota took advantage before the bell and has been after it ever since.”
VASSA: “She better not make him mad, he’s only having fun now.”
BRODY LEE: “He’s a great champion. She’s a great champion. It’s a match made in heaven, and I’m the general manager of it all.”
JOHNSON: “I thought you told Ramona earlier that you weren’t allowed to make matches, Brody Lee?”
BRODY LEE: “I uh… call then match.”
VASSA: “Yeah, call the match. Brody Lee is a man in demand, didn’t you see how busy he was tonight?”
Dakota Smith stands up and gives a sick little smile as Aidan rolls to her side, holding that arm in some serious pain as Smith has done a good job working it over. Of course, Smith is smelling blood and once again he charges in a gives almost a running kick to the back of that arm of hers! He then pulls her back up once again, charges in and nails her with a vicious looking clothesline right to that shoulder mostly! Aidan hits the mat like a ton of bricks, but Smith doesn’t go for a cover, instead he rolls to the outside of the ring looking for something to do some damage.

JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith just taking some anger here out now, and looks like he’s going to up it a bit more as he searches the outside for some weapons.”
VASSA: “Well yeah, he’s still fuming about being taken out by Lord Raab on the last Adrenaline and trust me, this is therapy for him right now.”
BRODY LEE: “You don’t think he blames me for that, right?”
VASSA: “Oh no, you’re not in the ring right now.”
Smith lifts up the ring apron and begins to pull out various things from under the ring. There’s a metal bucket, there’s a wrench, there’s a steel chair, there’s a ladder which the crowd loves, and the last object looks like it was placed there by him as he smiles pulling out a barbed wire wrapped kendo stick. Smith tosses the kendo stick into the ring, and then tosses the chair in as well. He slides in, and for good measure pulls a recovering Aidan back to her feet. He whips her into the ring ropes once again as she bounces off of it chest first she rolls through with her one good arm and hooks her feet around the head of Smith sending him flipping forward with an amazing headstand headscissors! The crowd pops for that one, but Aidan gets back up quickly as does Smith.

JOHNSON: “What a counter by the champ!”
VASSA: “How’d she do that?!”
JOHNSON: “One handed, no less! Amazing display!”
Dakota charges in as Aidan still is favoring that shoulder, she is able to duck under the clothesline attempt and counters that by lifting the Extreme champion up and crotching him onto the top ropes with an atomic drop variation. She pulls up on the top ropes to make sure that Dakota really feels that one. She turns, picks up the chair and…
…waffles the Extreme champion across the shoulder with a chairshot!! Dakota hits the ring apron and falls to the outside of the ring after that shot. The crowd goes nuts as Aidan tosses down the chair, her shoulder is still in some serious pain as she tries to straighten it out.

JOHNSON: “She just waffled the champion!”
VASSA: “She might have woke the giant, too in the process.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think she really cares. It’s time for her Ante Up opponents to pay attention to this, she doesn’t quit, ever.”
Aidan, with one arm tucked close to her stomach, leans up against the farside ring ropes. Dakota Smith rolls back up to his feet on the outside of the ring, Aidan charges from her side of the ring towards Dakota and leaps through the middle and top ropes connecting with a suicide dive which knocks both of them to the ground and brings the crowd to their feet!

JOHNSON: “Oh what a move by the Pride champion there, she risked a lot with that one and it pays off big time.”
VASSA: “Yeah, but she can’t win this match on the outside of the ring. Can she, Brody Lee?”
BRODY LEE: “According to my official 4CW Rule Book, no.”
JOHNSON: “We have one of those? I thought Wallace just made things up as he went along.”
VASSA: “Ouch.”
Aidan is up first on the outside, still holding that shoulder in some pain, but she stretches her arm out in pain as she waits for Dakota Smith to get back up to his feet. Dakota looks to be a bit dazed as he uses the guardrailing to get back up to his feet, Aidan charges in, but the Extreme champ ducks under sending her up and over into the crowd!! Aidan, however, was able to land on her feet and as Smith spins around he is met by a jawbreaker across the steel of the guardrailing! The Pride champion leaps up onto the guardrailing, showing off her balancing skills, and leaps at Smith…
…sending him face first into the mat on the outside of the ring with a falling DDT! Aidan gets back up to her feet with her arm still tucked to her side, but she cracks a little smile as the crowd chants for her.

JOHNSON: “You said it earlier, Vinny. Aidan Carlisle has history as a Extreme title contender and she’s showing us exactly why here tonight.”
VASSA: “It’s pretty amazing, honestly. I give her all the credit in the world for pulling that one off.”
JOHNSON: “I think she’s got something in mind on the oustide of the ring now!”
Aidan’s eyes turn to that of the ladder which Dakota took out from the ring earlier, she lifts it up for the crowd and they of course approve as she doesn’t slide into the ring, rather she bridges it between the ring apron and the guardrailing. Unfortunatley she has her back to Dakota Smith and doesn’t see the fact that he’s gotten back up to his feet, from behind he attacks with a camer cord which was laying around. He nearly strings her up with it as he begins to choke the life out of her right there.

JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith going serial killer here now, come on stop this! You’ve got an army out here Brody Lee, make them break that hold…”
BRODY LEE: “Hey, this is an extreme match. Anything goes. If you can’t stomach this? You won’t make it through Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: “Aidan gasping for air, we got one champion literally choking out another champion, you call this wrestling?”
VASSA: “Yeah, I don’t know if this is wrestling, Brody Lee.”
BRODY LEE: “This is entertainment, baby. This is what the fans want.”
JOHNSON: “It didn’t work out too well for Rome.”
Aidan’s face is turning a bit red, but she is able to wrap her hand around the cord with one hand and pull it away long enough to suck in some air. Dakota, on the other hand, is sort of in a trance as violence and anger is washed over his entire face, he doesn’t seem to notice that Carlisle has been able to get her other hand’s fingers onto that metal bucket.
Three shots with that bucket and Smith breaks the choke hold, his head making a dent onto the bucket as he stumbles backwards. Carlisle stumbles forward dropping the bucket and rolls herself back into the ring.

BRODY LEE: “See, she can handle it.”
JOHNSON: “That blatant choke taking its toll on the Pride champion, she’s really gasping for air now.”
VASSA: “Yeah, and Smith’s got a dent in his forehead for his troubles.”
JOHNSON: “We’re seeing a rising violence here now folks. This might not be for the faint of heart. And before you say it, I know Brody, wait until Ante Up.”
Dakota Smith, with a bit of a trickle of blood forming where he had his head smashed with a bucket, slides back into the ring. Aidan is still coughing from that choke with the camera cord, but he doesn’t seem to be all that interested in giving her a shot to recover. As she gets back up, Smith charges in and connects with a running Yakuza kick nearly taking the Pride champion’s head off in the process! Smith turns around and charges in leaping up and connecting with a double foot stomp right into her gut as a follow up! Carlisle folds in half clutching her stomach in some pain, Smith scoops her up with little effort high into the air and dumps her into the corner near the top ropes.

JOHNSON: “Looks like Dakota Smith has something in mind here as he dumps the Pride champion onto the top ropes with her back to the ring, what do you think this could be?”
VASSA: “Something painful!”
JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith to the oustide of the ring ropes as he climbs up into the turnbuckle as well… oh no, this is going to be bad, really bad…”
VASSA: “It’s going to be Dehumanizing!”
Indeed it looks like it, Smith hooks the bad arm and neck of Aidan and from the top ropes he swings her outwards towards the center of the ring with a neckbreaker…
…slamming her to the mat with the Dehumanizer! A super swinging neckbreaker from the top ropes! The two bounce high into the air from the impact and as they settle on the mat neither seem to have come out of that much better. Slowly, however, Datkoa Smith crawls over towards where Aidan is laying and drapes an arm over her chest. The referee slides back into and makes the cover…

VASSA: “Oh my! She somehow got that shoulder up at the last possible moment. If Dakota could have followed that up with anything but draping the arm over her, he would have had this match won.”
JOHNSON: “You are exactly right there, Vinny. Dakota Smith with an incredible move from the top ropes, but that took a lot out of him as well and couldn’t make the cover right away and when he did? Not much of a cover.”
BRODY LEE: “Sometimes you just got to try a pin. It was a real close call, if I were Datoka I’d ask the referee if he were a turtle or otherwise slow creature.”
JOHNSON: “We know you would.”
BRODY LEE: “I’d ask nicely, though.”
VASSA: “Dakota might rip his arm off.”
Dakota doesn’t seem to be complaining about the count to the referee, instead he does his best to get back up to his feet in the ring using the ring ropes to help him up as well. On the far side of the ring, Aidan does the same using her one good arm to get back up as well. Once Dakota is up to his feet, he charges in at Aidan, but Aidan ducks under sending him up and over to the outside…
…landing on the bridged ladder on the outside of the ring!! Carlisle sees exactly what happened, and heads towards the corner turnbuckle, the crowd begins to build knowing exactly what she has in mind. The Pride champion climbs the ropes and stands up top looking down at Dakota Smith laying across the ladder on the outside of the ring. She leaps…
…and gets the roof torn off the place as she connects with senton bomb across both Dakota Smith and the ladder!! The ladder bending in the process from the impact of the crash!

JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith might have been broken in half from that move! I don’t believe that one, I just don’t believe she just did that!”
VASSA: “I… I… I’m speechless.”
JOHNSON: “Whoa! That ladder has an indent of the Extreme champion forever now, and Vinny Vassa has nothing to add. What an amazing night, what an amazing match.”
BRODY LEE: “I’ll just start practicing my General Manager of the Year speech now.”
Both competitors lay in a heap on the outside of the ring. Aidan holding her back in some pain and Dakota Smith folded in half in some serious pain. Carlisle is the first to try and get back up to her feet, it takes a couple of attempts, but she is able to pull herself up with the guardrailing. Smith pulls at the ring apron trying to get back up to his feet on the outside of the ring as well. As Smith finally gets his chin up and over the ring, Carlisle is right there to give it a snap kick across the shoulder blades to make him feel some more pain, she follows that up with a couple more stiff shots to the ribs before finally pulling up the Extreme champion and rolling him back into the ring.

JOHNSON: “These two have been through hell and back so far, but how do you put the other one away? How far can this one go here tonight?”
VASSA: “Oh, I’m sure there are some evil intentions ready to play itself out.”
“I’m sure there are plenty.”

BRODY LEE: “Thankfully, I brought my security team. So, I’m set.”
Carlisle goes right to work on Dakota Smith, she’s not about to let the monster get back to his feet fully knocking him down with shots everytime he goes to get back up. Eventually, Smith is able to get back up to his feet, but by then Aidan charges into the ring ropes and springboards high into the air…
…connecting with hurricanrana!! Dakota Smith flips over onto his back as Carlisle scrambles over after hitting the Aerial Assault and hooks the leg of Dakota Smith looking for the cover! The referee slides and makes the count…

JOHNSON: “NO! Kickout out by Dakota Smith at the last possible moment and this match will continue after Aidan Carlisle hit an amazing springboard hurricanarana there, but Smith able to get the shoulder up at the last second.”
VASSA: “He’s got something left too, even after all he’s been through? I’m impressed by that.”
JOHNSON: “These two showing exactly why they are champions here in 4CW. Both are in for a fight of their lives at Ante Up, but they’re showing right now why if they retain that it shouldn’t be much of a surprise.”
VASSA: “What a great way to build! Shill! Shill!”
JOHNSON: “And still we await Brody Lee’s big announcement about the fate of Dakota Smith and Lord Raab. How will the Extreme title be defended at Ante Up?”
BRODY LEE: “Shhh… it’s a secret.”
The Pride champion, still holding that shoulder in some pain, looks a bit disappointed that she wasn’t able to get the victory right then and there wills herself back up to her feet waiting for Dakota Smith to do the same. Smith uses the ring ropes to pull himself back up to his feet and spins around just in time to catch a perfectl looking dropkick to the jaw. Smith tumbles and falls between the top and middle ropes hanging himself out to dry. The crowd gets to their feet as Aidan charges across the ring springing herself at full speed as she connects with a 619 and a boot to the face of Smith!! Smith falls backwards as Carlisle leaps up onto the ropes and springs towards Smith, Smith counters with a boot to her gut, he underhooks the arms…
…and connects with a Snapping Double Underhook Piledriver!! Manson Family Driver out of nowhere!! Both the Pride champion and the Extreme champion lay in the middle of the ring after that one. Carlisle might be completely out, while Smith continues to try and recover from the damage he’s taken in this match. Slowly the two begin to stir.

JOHNSON: “I don’t know how he pulled that move off, but it did the job. Manson Family Driver, but Smith unable to capitalize from the move here and this match continues to amaze this crowd tonight.”
VASSA: “Yeah, how is this one going to end? That’s the question now. What else can be done tonight?”
JOHNSON: “Oh no. I think Dakota Smith is having some visions of that now… he’s crawling towards that kendo stick wrapped in barbed-wire that he tossed into the ring a while ago now. This can’t be good.”
VASSA: “That’s probably the end of the Pride champion. That’s probably the end.”
Smith unspools the barbed-wire from the kendo stick as it rolls out of the ring. He doesn’t seem too concerned with it leaving the ring as his focus seems to be fully on the razor wire in his hands, slowly he wraps it around his fists causing some blood to drip in the process but his eyes never leave it’s target. Smith moves to the back of Carlisle’s legs and pulls them close, in a quick motion he pulls the Pride champion up into a vertical Muta lock, however, instead of it being Smith’s hands it is the barbed-wire around the neck of the Pride champ! The referee checks to see if she’s about to tap, but Aidan has her hands on the razor wire and is fighting it off the best she can.

JOHNSON: “The Torture Device! A vicious move added to that with that flesh ripping wire now around the throat of Aidan Carlisle!!”
VASSA: “Bad intentions coming out now.”
JOHNSON: “Will she tap? Will the Pride champion tap out to the Extreme champion? She’s fighting all she can, but the damage is being done and slowly the fight is leaving her body. And… what the hell is going on?!
Just then from the crowd a masked figure knocks through two of the security guards that Brody Lee brought down. It is of course, the Masked German Monster Lord Raab who has made an appearance here in this match!! His eyes from behind the mask lock with those of the champions, which causes Dakota Smith to break the hold in the ring. The two charge and meet in the middle of the ring as fists begin to fly wildly!!

BRODY LEE: “What the fu—“
There’s a slam of the headset down, the ring begins to flood with the remaining members of Brody Lee’s security team. They are able to break apart Lord Raab and Dakota Smith eventually, but the two continue to fight against the numbers as the team pushes them to opposite corners of the ring, a visually pissed off Brody Lee Prince slides into the ring with a microphone in hand. As the two continue to fight Brody Lee gets booed loudly by this crowd as he taps the microphone.

BRODY LEE: “No! No! Stop it! Stop it right there the both of you!! I told you Raab to stay out of this main event, I told you to take the night off and you didn’t listen. So, I want you to listen up right now. I want the both of you to hear this. You want each other’s blood? Well you got it.”
Brody Lee pauses and looks at both of the Extreme title competitors to make sure they are listening and the crowd is listening.

BRODY LEE: “At Ante Up, you are going to get the chance to spill each other’s blood! Because, for the first time ever in the history of 4CW the two of you are going to meet in a Seven Panes of Glass match!!!”
JOHNSON: “What did he say?!”
VASSA: “I think he said Seven Panes of Glass match!”
JOHNSON: “What the heck is that?!”
BRODY LEE: “It’s a simple match to understand, really. There are no pin-falls or count-outs, the only way to win the match is to be the first one of you to put their opponent through four of the seven panes of glass at ringside!! And when the fourth pane of glass shatters, we are going to know who exactly is the Extreme champion!!”
The crowd takes it in for a moment, both Lord Raab and Dakota Smith take it in and then begin to charge across the ring towards each other meeting just about where Brody Lee is standing with the security team. Lord Raab’s fist and Dakota Smith’s fist meet exactly where Brody Lee is standing, both connecting with the general manager and causing him to hit the deck and roll to the outside of the ring. The brawl continues as they fight each other and fight off the eight member security team out there trying to get to each other cleanly.

JOHNSON: “It has broken down here tonight… we, wait a minute!”
Just then Royce Patterson Griffin or RPG for short charges down the aisle and goes right after Aidan Carlisle on the outside, he quickly tosses her back into the ring and slides in following here. Then, from behind him come out the other competitors of the Pride championship gauntlet match at Ante Up, Lo’Renzo Porter slides in and goes right after Griffin landing some key shots on him!! A member of security walks right into a right hand by the Pride champion herself. Lord Raab and Dakota Smith continue to take out members of the security team as they are finally able to throw shots at each other.

VASSA: “This is a bad one! There’s going to be hell to pay here!”
JOHNSON: “We’re not done yet! Here comes Brennan Devlin!! He too is in that Pride Championship gauntlet match and he dives into the ring going after the Pride Champion as well!!”
VASSA: “Well, at least he brought Ramona with him!”
However, just as she’s about to hit the ring Felicity Banks, the Queen B, is able to catch up with her and she begins to unload on Ramona on the outside!! Fists are flying everywhere as just then the crowd eurpts because Jason Cashe, the 4CW champion himself charges down and goes after both Ramona and Banks! Never to miss out on a good brawl the trio spill into the ring where the others are all going at it still. Then, from there, Jair Hopkins charges out to a huge pop diving into the ring and unloading on hail of right hands onto Cashe!

JOHNSON: “Brody Lee wanted to restore order here tonight, but I think this is the biggest backfire in the history of 4CW!! We’ve gone from brawl to full on riot!!”
VASSA: “What the hell is going on?!”
Things go from bad to worse as the ring fills up with more and more of the members of the roster. On the outside of the ring a horrified Brody Lee Prince looks on, his jaw is on the ground in shock.

JOHNSON: “We’ve got to go! We’ll see you in three weeks at Ante Up!”
With that, a final shot of the chaos in the ring is show. Lord Raab and Dakota Smith are mauling each other on the ground, while Adian Carlisle is fighting Brennan Devilin, Lo’Renzo Porter and RPG!! In the center of the ring Felicity Banks and Ramona are brawling while Jair Hopkins continues to exchange rights and lefts with Jason Cashe. The picture then slowly fades out as the sounds of the crowd continue and then shift to “Ace of Spades” by Motörhead with the show coming to a close and the final Ante Up advertisement appearing.