APRIL 3RD, 2015

The crowd in the Paramount Theater is packed full of wild and crazy Texans, luckily they checked them all at the door for weapons or there might be some of the crowd who would have fired off some celebration shots by now. The lights swirl around the arena as the theme to Fistful of Friday plays over the PA system, that of course being ZZ Top’s “LaGrange” which down here in Texas is just about well regarded as the national anthem itself. Don’t worry, they played that already. The clean canvas, the red, white and blue ring ropes with the “4CW” logo in the ring apron all of which are shown to the television audience as the camera then switches to the two sitting at ringside calling the action here tonight. Walter ‘Bud’ Bristol in his light brown stetson hat and suit sits regally in his chair with his headset on, next to him is the lovely co-host Ellie-May West, she is looking elegant as always with a blue long dress covered by a soft white sweater. Her auburn hair probably took a half a day to style by the looks of it, matched only by her perfect make-up. She does not wear a headset, opting instead for the microphone to be from the table.

BRISTOL: “Welcome to the first ever edition of Fistful of Friday! We are live and loud from our home at the grant Paramount Theater here in Austin, Texas! I am Bud Bristol, joined as always by the Southern Belle herself, Ellie-May West. Ellie-May, you are looking lovely as ever.”
WEST: “Well thank you Bud, as always it was a pleasure to have you call my matches, it is even more of a pleasure to be sitting next to the legendary voice tonight!”
BRISTOL: “So what do you think of the card tonight?”
WEST:”Well, my husband would destroy them all within thirty seconds. But, it’s a decent card and we should be getting a good taste of what to expect here in Texas.”
BRISTOL: “Your husband of course being the infamous Abdominable Giant. How’s he been doing?”
WEST:”Oh, he’s good. Retired and has given up biting people.”
BRISTOL:”Always good to hear. I personally cannot wait for this main event, Marisol Hawkes a long time mainstay of the 4CW roster will take on the debuting Jorge Gante. That’s going to be a good one, but let’s slow down on the yapping, let’s get this show on the road!”
Just then the lights dim in the Paramount Theatre and the opening notes of Ennio Morricone’s great western classic “The Ecstacy of Gold” begins to play over the PA system. As the song begins to kick into high gear a couple of spotlights slowly fade on towards the entrance and walking through the curtain is none other than Brody Lee Prince. There is a decent reaction for him as he holds his arms wide out and begins to make his way towards the ring, he gives a few of the fans seated near ringside highfives but he’s walking with a purpose and that’s to get to the ring. Behind Brody Lee there are two large security guards, tall and mean looking they are dressed in navy blue and attempt to blend into the background as best as possible.
Brody Lee walks up the staircase to the ring and steps into his ring, he continues to soak in the response from the crowd and even has his very own microphone. The two security guards also make their way into the ring as the music begins to fade away. With a big ol’ smile on his face, Brody Lee adjusts his black Stetson hat and taps the microphone before speaking.

BRODY LEE:”Texas!”
There are cheers for that, because we are certainly in Texas and these people enjoy hearing that.

BRODY LEE: “Welcome to Fistful of Friday! Welcome to the only show that is going to bring you live action from this here theater on HBO. So, we’re going to do this our way, the right way, and we’re going to show you what Texas wrestling is really about! You can forget the invaders, the national circuts that just show up in Texas once or twice a year and think they’re doing it right. You can forget ’bout them other Texas federations, because I reckon their announcers don’t even know how to make a decent chili, or hell known how to deep fry. Bud Bristol, great to see you back!”
Brody Lee points to towards Bud sitting at ringside, the fans in attendance cheer for the legendary voice as he gives a little wave back towards the crowd. Brody Lee’s smile fades from his face, the smirk is gone and a serious face has taken over now as he turns away from where Bud is sitting. Brody Lee makes sure his security is in place in the ring before he turns around again with a scowl.

BRODY LEE: “But remember one thing, this is my show. This is the ‘Prince of Texas’ Brody Lee’s show, and you never show up here unless I invite you. I’ve heard the rumors, that somewhere in the back is an uninvited guest to my show. Seems as if Seamus O’Connor cannot get over the fact that I dominated him in our last match, can’t take the loss, huh?”
Brody Lee turns towards the entrance way, and points to the curtian. Of course, between him and the entrance way he positions the larger two security guards in front of him.

BRODY LEE: “Face it, O’Connor. The better man won that night, the better man would win every other night, and I’ll just save you the trouble of coming out here, the better man would win tonight as well! You just don’t have what it takes to get into this ring and hang with the ‘Prince of Texas’, amigo. So, whatever you’re doing here finish up quickly and head on to Atlanta and wait for the next Adrenaline!”
Brody lowers the mic and is about add something to that when “Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphy plays over the PA system. Seamus walks out with a mic in hand and he starts speaking first as he kind of walks to the ring.

SEAMUS: “You know fella, you talk quiet the big talk and one would see that you taken one to many bloody shots to the head because from what I recall and the footage doesn’t lie. That the night you beat me the only think you dominated was that cowpie on that bloody farm. The truth is Brody it took three people to take me down and at Adrenaline fella, I’m turning you as into the princess of bloody Texas but you know what Brody? I’m not waiting until we get to Atlanta. I think I’ll get your ass back to reality right now.”
Seamus drops the mic as the two security stands in his way Seamus nails one with a right and kicks the other one and throws him hard into the safety rail. The other one tries to step Seamus again but Seamus starts hammering away on him and throws him head first into the Steps. He looks up at Brody and quick goes after him in the ring chasing Brody out of it and Brody goes running up the aisle he looks at Seamus who waving him to get back in the ring. Brody points at his head jestering he out smarted him.

BRISTOL:”I have just received word that Cole Jackson is about to arrive at the Paramount Theatre!”
WEST:”Let’s see if we can get someone out there to get a word or two with him before his match tonight against Jason Richards!”
We cut to a cameraman who has braved the weather to keep an eye on the parking lot for arriving wrestlers. We also see Fistful Of Friday’s backstage reporter, Starla Von Grant, mic in hand. We hear the engine and rev of a motorcycle, and moments later, see Cole Jackson drive past the two of them and pull over and park his bike. The cameraman walks up behind Cole.

VON GRANT:”COLE? Cole? Could I get a few words with you, please?”
Cole does not even acknowledge Starla, who has moved to in front of him. He gets off his bike, and puts the kickstand down. He begins walking toward to the entrance.

VON GRANT:”Cole Jackson? What is the deal? Tell us all how you are feeling about your match tonight against Jason Richards!”
Cole stops and pauses for a moment and turns to look back at the camera and then to Starla.

JACKSON:”I’m not here to talk. I’m here to handle my business. To answer your question, my business tonight is to kick Jason Richards’ ass all over the Paramount Theater! Now, if you’ll excuse me.”
Cole looks back in front of him, and opens the door to the Paramount Theater.

WEST: ”Well, Cole Jackson is here! Not in a big talking mood, is he?”
BRISTOL:”He’s getting ready for the task at hand tonight. The time for talk is almost over.”


Andrew Storm towered over Jada Montana, she is easily a foot shorter than he his, but she didn’t seem all that scared. Storm charged over with the bell trying to hunt down the smaller Montana, but she wisely backed out of the way as Storm charged into the corner. Montana used the ring ropes to her advantage and flung herself into the air connecting her feet into the face of Storm stunning the big man in the process. Montana then used the middle ropes as a springboard and connected with a spinning heel kick right to the jaw of Andrew Storm!! Storm still wasn’t off of his feet, so Montana charged once again towards the stunned Storm leaping up wrapping her legs around his head and flipping him over with an impressive hurricanrana!!
Montana went for the quick pin attempt, but Storm powered out before even the referee could slide into position. Montana being nearly tossed over the referee in the process, got up a little bit dazed and waited for the big man to get back up to his feet, as he did she looked for another try at the head-scissors, but this time Storm caught her with a two-handed chokelift. After a couple of seconds in the air Storm drove her down SLLLLLLLAMMING hard into the mat!! Storm scoops up Montana and hits her with an uppercut which sends Montana stumbling back against the farside ropes, Storm springs himself off the opposite side ropes and the two meet in the middle of the ring as Storm hits Montana and folds her in half with a spear!! Storm hooks the leg and goes for the cover, the referee slides in and counts 1….2….THRE–KICKOUT!! Montana somehow got the shoulder up, maybe it was a twitch?
Storm pulled the much smaller Jada Montana back to her feet rather easily, he boots her in the gut and gives the sign to the crowd that this one is over as he lifts her up into the air going for a powerbomb. However, just as she gets up there Montana counters with a couple of quick right hands and then a bite across the bridge of the nose of Andrew Storm!! Storm lets go of the powerbomb attempt and holds his nose in pain as Montana leaps up and connects with a quick DDT!!! Storm’s head bounces off the mat from the impact. Montana quickly heads to the ring ropes where she climbs to the top ropes and flips backwards off of the top ropes connecting with a moonsault across the chest of Andrew Storm!! Montana now is the one who goes for the pin attempt, the referee slides in and counts 1…2…TH–KICKOUT!! Storm again powers out of the pin attempt by Montana.
Montana waits for the big man to get back up to his feet as she goes to lift him up looking to connect with a powerslam or scoop slam, the big man puts the breaks on that one and counters with a scoop slam of his own!! Montana rolls to her feet quickly as Storm rebounds off of the ropes lifting the boot and connecting with an incredible boot shot right to her face!! Montana flips from the impact and almost falls through the middle and bottom ropes. Storm drags her by the arm towards the center of the ring and goes for a pin, the referee slides in 1….2….THREE!? NO! Jada is able to get the shoulder up in the last moment. Storm pulls her up to feet again, but Jada counters with a shot to the kiwis!! Storm doubles over in pain and that allows Jada to hit a swinging neckbreaker!! Both seem to be down in the ring, Montana unable to make a pin taking advantage of the turn.
Montana is the first of the two to pull herself back up to her feet. Storm is using the ropes himself to pull himself back up, he’s still feeling that shot to the little Storms a few moments earlier. Montana waits for the big man to turn around as she charges in hooking her arms around his head and then using the ring ropes as a spring and spins him around connecting with a tornado DDT!! The Texas crowd loves that one as she plants the big man’s head into the mat with that impressive move. Montana pulls herself to the ropes and climbs up on the outside of the ring and to the top ropes. After extending her arms out to each side she leaps high into the air flipping foward and connecting with a swanton bomb!! She quickly rolls through the legs of Andrew Storm and goes for the pin, the referee dives in and the Texas crowd counts along 1…2….3!!!!

As the scene cuts in there is a man standing near the locker room. He turns towards the camera and smirks. He is very well dressed wearing a suit, with his hair slicked back. He leans back against the wall and opens his mouth preparing to talk.

GARRETT: “So this is 4 Corners Wrestling huh? Well I guess I can see why I hadn’t heard of this place until recently. The amount of no name wrestlers on this roster makes me the happiest man around. The front office may as well just hand me the title now and get it over with now. I mean, its not like anybody has a chance to actually beat someone as Natural as me.”
The guy smiles as he points towards himself not missing a beat to show off his pretty boy smile. He starts to walk towards the exit door motioning to be followed. The camera stays focused on him as he walks through backstage. He seems to be scanning the scene as they walk through the halls twisting and turning.

GARRETT: “Now let me quickly apologize for my rudeness and not introducing myself. My name is Robert Garrett, and I am the newest signee of 4CW and very soon to be a champion. A little bit about myself, is that I am a natural at anything and everything I do and that will come to show when I get into that ring here soon. I feel bad for whoever gets in my path when I step into that ring and pave my legacy in this federation.”
Rob turns towards the exit door and stops for a second before turning towards the camera and looking at it. Suddenly he has a very serious look on his face and looks up at the camera man. He shakes his head before pushing the camera away. There’s a blur as the camera turns away quickly and you can hear the door swing open.

GARRETT: “Ill see you all very soon, and you better be ready for me 4CW. Now get the hell out of here.”


Cole Jackson had at least a foot on Jason Richards, and probably more than a hundred pounds. The size difference was incredible, but then the bell rang and Richards did not back down from the monstrous Jackson. Richards charged right across the ring connecting with chops, backhanded chops and fore handed chops each one echoed across the arena and got an “OOOH!” from the crowd! However, Cole Jackson didn’t really seem have the wind taken out from his sails in the process, instead as soon as he got an opening Jackson connected with a massive chop of his own which sent Richards tumbling head over feet in the ring. Richards sprang up to his feet quickly and went to charge right back in at the near seven footer, but Jackson lifted up Richards as if he were nothing and connected with an incredible one handed spinebuster slam!! Jackson went for the cover, but didn’t put much effort into holding Richards down as the referee slid in for the count of 1…2…KICKOUT!
Jackson rolled off of Richards and quickly pulled the shorter man right back up to his feet. Jackson flung Richards right into the corner turnbuckle causing Richards to slam his head up against the back ringpost in the process. Jackson charged in, but Richards out of self-preservation was able to duck out of the corner and turned quickly connecting with a series of swift kicks to the calf of Cole Jackson. The big man stumbled, using the ropes to keep himself up on his feet in the process, as Richards went for a major league kick Jackson was able to catch his leg. Richards, however, impressed the Texas crowd as he used the ring ropes to spring up and connect to the side of the big man’s head with an enziguri! This caused the big man to stumble some more, Richards sensing a chance to knock the big man down used the ring ropes again and leapt off connecting with a double dropkick right to the side of Jackson’s knee!! Jackson crumbled to the ground and Richards took advantage by locking the big man’s legs in a cloverleaf. Here in Texas, it’s a Texas cloverleaf and the crowd loved it!!
The big man struggled against the pull in his joints from the submission move, but using his leverage Jackson was able to power out of the hold causing Richards to be sent shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Cole pulled himself back up to his feet, a bit wobbly from the attack from the smaller but quick Richards, Cole was unable to turn around in time as Richards locked on a rear-waist lock. The crowd couldn’t believe it as he tried to lift the big man up and over, but Cole seemed too strong at first, after a second attempt Jackson began to swing his elbows wildly trying to break the hold, but Richards held on and lifted him up the third time up and over into the bridging German suplex!! The crowd popped for the incredible show of strength and the referee dove in counting 1…2…KICKOUT!! Jackson powered up his shoulder at the last possible second.
Jackson pulls himself back up to his feet, Richards charges in again, but this time Jackson is able to get the big boot up as Richards nearly beheads himself in the process. Jackson stumbles a bit showing some damage to that knee, but that doesn’t stop him as he pulls Richards back up to his feet and locks in a full nelson hold!! Jackson squeezes the much smaller Richards around, but then picks him up and SLLLLLAMMMS! him down onto the mat with a reverse suplex!! Jackson again goes for a very carefree pin attempt, the referee slides in and counts 1…2…THREE!? No! Richards got the boot onto the bottom ropes.
Jackson, no aware that the match is still going on doesn’t see that Richards is able to pull himself to his feet pretty quickly. Richards spins the big man around catching him by surprise and begins to unload with a series of punches and kicks to the shins that cause Jackson to stand there and just absorb the punishment. Richards finishes off by backing up into the ring ropes and charging with a flying knee strike, but Jackson is able to move out of the way as Richards hits the mat hard! Richards rolls back up to his feet, but unfortunatley for him Jackson is waiting there for him hitting a knee lift to the gut and then hooking on a front face lock. Jackson lifts Richards into a vertical suplex holding it in the air long enough for all the blood to rush to the head of Jason Richards. Just then the crowd cheers for the show of strength, but Jackson drops Richards into a sit-out piledriver from the hold!!! Richards’ head hits the mat with a SLLLLLLLLLLAMM! and this time Jackson holds down for the pin attempt as the referee slides in for a 1…2…3!!!


Travis Deacon Hall and Desmond Knight had a bit of a face-off in the middle of the ring before finally going for a test of strength in the ring, Hall was able to get to the advantage and sent Knight into the ropes causing a both men to bounce into each other. The test of strength repeated, this time with Knight getting the advantage and sending Hall into the ropes, again the two slammed into each other without the other one backing down from the contact. The two then laid into each other with a series of right hands in a total flurry that brought the Texas crowd to their feet. Hall was forced up against the ropes, and Knight connected with a clothesline that sent both men through the middle ropes and spilling out onto the floor!
The brawl on the outside was on, as the two began to exchange punches around the entire ring, really getting into the front row and got close to a double countout three times. Finally, Hall was able to get to the advantage and brought Knight back into the ring. Hall took over the match, nailing a couple of crisp sounding suplexes and swinging backbreaker, but his pinfall attempt only netted him a two count. Hall started to hammer away with boots and was able to work Knight into the corner, and connected with an impressive inverted tornado DDT!! Again, he was only able to get a two count, this time he started to get a little heated about the speed of the count.
Hall brought Knight up to his feet and connected with a couple of stinging European uppercut shots which rocked Knight up against the ring ropes, Knight, seemingly out of it at one point was able to put on the breaks and reverse an Irish whip attempt. On the rebound, Knight connected with a belly to belly over the head suplex!! Hall got right back up and charged in at his opponent, but Knight dropped him face first into the middle turnbuckle with an STO looking move. Hall rolled to the outside of the ring, avoiding the pinfall attempt by Knight. However, he did not count on Knight diving through the middle ropes and connecting with a suicide dive which got the place rocking again!! Eventually, Knight is able to get Hall back up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring, the effects from the suicide dive can be seen on both men. Hall uses the ropes to get back up to his feet, but from behind Knight connects with a backbreaker holding on and racking him across his knee! Knight’s ‘Atonement’ move seems to be just about to get Hall to tap, but Hall is able to sneak a hand onto the ropes forcing the break.
The damage done, Knight goes to scoop up Hall but Hall smacks his arms off and connects with an elbow shot to the skull of Knight. He needs a second and a third to rock the big man backwards in the ring. Hall slings himself off of the ropes and charges towards Kinght who ducks under the clothesline attempt of Hall, Knight on the rebound scoops up Hall looking for a quick body slam, but Hall is able to push himself out from Knight’s grasp. Hall out of nowhere goes for a Superkick, but Knight is able to duck to the side and counters with a big boot to the midsection, he quickly cradles Hall’s arms under him lifts up and drops Hall right down onto his head with a cross-legged sitout scoop slam piledriver!! Knight rolls up the legs of Hall as the referee slides in and counts the 1…2…3 for the victory!!

We cut to the backstage area of the arena. Standing outside a door which is clearly marked with a sign is written “Prince of Texas”, obviously this is the office of Brody Lee Prince. The door to the office is closed, but standing outside of the door is none other than Brody Lee’s main squeeze Starla Von Grant. She has disappointed look on her face as she knocks on the door.

STARLA:”Brody Lee? Brody Lee, are you in there?”
There is no answer to the knocking by Starla. So, she knocks again, this time with more force and she yells a bit louder.

STARLA:” Brody Lee? It’s me, Starla.”
There is a pause, then a muffled voice from inside the door. It’s Brody’s voice, Starla has to place her head right up to the door to hear what he’s saying.

BRODY LEE:” How do I know it’s you?”
STARLA:” Who else would it be?”
BRODY LEE:” Umm, how about Seamus O’Connor? Didn’t you see what he did earlier? He crashed my opening. He ruined my moment on my show and now he’s somewhere in the building looking to find me.”
There’s a pause, Starla is suddenly joined by two other men in security uniforms and she again yells through the door.

STARLA:” That’s why I’m here, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Good news is that security has done a sweep of the whole building and parking lot and Seamus is nowhere to be found.”
She pauses.

BRODY LEE:” What’s the bad news?”
STARLA:” Well, the only place they haven’t been able to search is… your office.”
Just then there’s a crash of something on the outside of the door. The sound of Brody Lee screaming at the top of his lungs can be heard as something loud crashes down on him and more things bounce around in there. After a couple of moments the crashes stops, as does the screaming.


Jorge Gante Vs. Marisol Hawkes

“You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” by Halestorm hits the speakers as Marisol Hawkes walks out in her black and pink leather attire.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at one hundred twenty six pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, MARISOL HHAAWWKKEESS!!!”
She smirks as she glares around the theater at the fans. She then proceeds down the ramp and quickly up to the ring steps. She smiles at the crowd again as she gets in the ring and then looks back up the ramp. Marisol stretches and paces the ring as she waits for the match to begin.

BRISTOL:” Well here we go, Ellie-May, the first main event and what a good one we’re going to have here.”
WEST:” I’m not so convinced, those boots that Marisol is wearing they’re just a tad tacky. Black? Come on, it’s spring time. Dig into that closet and get something that doesn’t make you look like a gothic tweenager.”
BRISTOL: “I honestly have no idea what you just said, but there’s the bell! And this is going to be a humdinger.”
The two circle each other a bit in the ring, Gante fakes a couple of quick shoots into the legs of Marisol causing her to back away each time in a defensive stance. Gante with his MMA background is certainly showing his approach early on, just as Marisol backs away for a second time Gante charges in and scoops the legs lifting Hawkes high into the air…
…slamming her backfirst down onto the mat with a great looking takedown. Gante attempts right away to cross the legs of Hawkes and going for a quick submission hold. Hawkes, being a ring veteran, is able to scramble quickly enough to the ring ropes forcing the breakage of the attempt. Gante steps away, allowing Hawkes to pull herself back up to her feet.

BRISTOL: “This Gante might be young, but he’s quick like a cat. You can really see that MMA background here, really going for the quick submission hold keeping the attack up on the savvy Marisol Hawkes.”
WEST:” Just too much nice-nice for me, Bud. In my day, Hawkes would be limping by now.”
BRISTOL: “Didn’t your husband used to bite people in the ring?”
WEST:” …and how!”
As soon as Hawkes gets back to her feet, Gante again tries to shoot in on her, this time however Marisol is too quick as she leaps over the top of Gante grabbing him by the shoulders and rolling him over with a sunset flip!! Gante continues the roll through to avoid the pin but as he stands up he is met with a well placed dropkick knocking him off of his feet! Gante rolls back up to his feet again, but this time Marisol leaps up into the air and flips him over with a hurricanrana!! Gante is flung underneath the bottom ropes onto the ring apron as a result.

BRISTOL: “Great technical ring skill by Hawkes, she’s going to have to keep that up against someone Of Gante’s style. Staying one-step ahead of him is going to be the key for her. Wait, what the heck was that?”
WEST:”Oh the growling? This is my mini-poodle La-La. Isn’t she adorable?”
BRISTOL: “Why’s she here?”
WEST:”I go everywhere with my La-La. Everywhere.”
BRISTOL:”Does she bite too?”
Gante pulls himself back up to his feet, but by the time he does Marisol nails him in the midsection with a shoulder block!! This stuns him long enough allowing Marisol to once again flip over the top to the outside of the ring and…
…driving him to the padded floor with a sunset flip powerbomb! The crowd pops for the move and even start a little “FIST-FUL!” chant. Marisol has a twisted grin on her face as she seems to enjoy the praise from this Texas crowd. Marisol walks closer to where the announce team is, and over the airwaves there is the sound of a dog growling.

WEST:” La-La must be detecting another bitch.”
BRISTOL: “Easy now, easy now you two.”
WEST:”She started it, she came to close to my La-La baby girl. And that’s girl with a ‘u’.”
Marisol gives another step towards the little dog, but then turns her attention back towards where Gante is starting to get back up to his feet. Marisol charges in and connects with a leaping knee to the side of his head, this causes him to stumble backwards and crash into the guardrailing. Marisol then leaps up onto the ring apron runs at full speed and…
…hits a flying crossbody block onto Gante who into turn falls up against the guardrailing causing it to fly back a couple of feet. The front row of fans scatter as the guardrailing nearly knocks over their chairs. The rest of the place, however, loves it!! Hawkes pulls up Gante and rolls him back into the ring much to the urging of the referee. She does not follow him into the ring, instead climbs to the top ropes from the outside. She stands up tall on the corner turnbuckle and then leaps…
…hitting the mat with a 450 splash!! Gante is able to move out of the way as Hawkes crashes down face first onto the mat. Gante rolls the legs and the referee slides in for the count…

BRISTOL: “High risk move backfires against Marisol Hawkes. So many times in my years I have seen the course of whole match change with a person going for such a death defying move like that.”
WEST:” But sometimes they pay off, high risk, high reward. My little La-La is happy it went the bad way, isn’t that right Snookums?”
BRISTOL: “You’re talking to the dog right?”
WEST:”Yes, you’re my Buddy Bear.”
BRISTOL: “Oh, great.”
Gante pulls himself up to his feet trying to shake the effects off from outside of the ring. He waits for Hawkes to pull herself up as well, then charges in at her. Hawkes is able to duck the wild lariat attempt by Gante and when he spins around she lifts him up into a fireman’s carry position. With a show of strength she lifts Gante into the air and…
…slams him down with a death valley driver!! She quickly hooks the leg and the referee slides into position as the crowd chants along.

BRISTOL: “NO! Gante got the shoulder up at the last second!! I don’t know how the heck he did that, but it was two and three-quarters at least.”
WEST:” Sometimes you just get that shoulder up out of instinct and sometimes it’s just a sloppy pin. I think it was the latter, what do you think La-La?”
BRISTOL:” We’re going to have to have a talk about that dog later.”
WEST:” Why’s that, Buddy Bear?”
BRISTOL: “It just made some sort of foul smell appear.”
Hawkes looks a little disappointed by the count, or perhaps she smells the fart too, either way she’s not too happy about the match continuing. She goes back to work pulling Gante back up to his feet again, this time however, Gante fights off her attempt and hits her in the midsection with a boot to the gut. He scoops Hawkes up by the head and shoulder and flips her over the top…
…with a head and arm suplex out of desperation! Gante falls to one knee in pain as Hawkes starts to stir quickly from that. Just as soon as Hawkes is able to get back up to her feet fully, Gante charges in and drops her to the mat with a running DDT!! Hawkes bounces face first off of the mat and Gante quickly rolls her over for a pin.

BRISTOL: “No! She got the foot on the ropes there. Savvy move by the ring veteran Marisol Hawkes, she waited for the last moment to get that foot there stopping the count and getting herself a chance to recover at the same time. And I swear that dog musta ate something awful.”
WEST:” My La-La? Never!”
BRISTOL: “Are you feeding that thing cheese?”
WEST:” Oh yeah, now that you mention it. That’s bad.”
Back in the ring Gante pulls himself back up to his feet once again, the momentum might be on his side by he’s feeling the effects of this match. Hawkes too is holding her nose in some pain after that DDT caused her to kiss the mat. Gante gets back up his feet first and is able to pull Hawkes into a standing headscissors, he lifts her up looking for a piledriver, but Hawkes is able to prevent it once. Gante tries for a second time lifting her into an almost upright position but Hawkes rattles her feet enough to prevent it a second time, Hawkes then is able to power up and flip Gante up and over with a backdrop!! Hawkes stands back up, but Gante then wraps his arms around her for a rear-waist lock, he lifts…
…connecting with a German suplex. Gante rolls through holding onto the lock and again lifts up Hawkes for another German suplex. This time, however, Hawkes blocks it and instead does a front roll through rolling up Gante into a small package attempt!

BRISTOL: “NO! Gante kicked out!! An amazing counter there by Hawkes after the first German suplex, she pulled that out of thin air. Like a stage magician.”
WEST:” I’ll give her credit for that one. That just reversed this whole match. Gante had a plan to hit multiple suplexes there and it was stopped cold.”
Gante gets back up to his feet again, this time Hawkes is right there, Gante goes for another rear-waist lock move but just as he lifts Hawkes up she is able to elbow out of it and charges towards the ropes where she leaps up and connects with a springboard knee strike to the face of Gante. Just then she locks on a front face and nails him with the Divine Intervention!! Hawkes heads to the ropes climbs up with her back facing the ring and flips backwards…
…connecting with her Divine Blackout moonsault!! She hooks the legs of Gante and goes for the pin attempt!!

BRISTOL: “She got him!! She got him!! Marisol Hawkes pulls off the victory here at the first ever Fistful of Friday and be proud there, that was a heck of a fight between these two. I am sure even La-La over there enjoyed this bout.”
WEST:” Yes she did, yes she did.”
BRISTOL:”That’s it for us, see you again soon!”
“You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” by Halestorm hits the speakers as Marisol Hawkes has her arm raised in victory by the referee, the crowd gives her a standing ovation as she gives back her trademark smirk. With that the scene ends and we go to black.