APRIL 17TH, 2015

The crowd in the Paramount Theater is packed full of wild and crazy Texans, luckily they checked them all at the door for weapons or there might be some of the crowd who would have fired off some celebration shots by now. The lights swirl around the arena as the theme to Fistful of Friday plays over the PA system, that of course being ZZ Top’s “LaGrange” which down here in Texas is just about well regarded as the national anthem itself. Don’t worry, they played that already. The clean canvas, the red, white and blue ring ropes with the “4CW” logo in the ring apron all of which are shown to the television audience as the camera then switches to the two sitting at ringside calling the action here tonight. Walter ‘Bud’ Bristol in his light brown stetson hat and suit sits regally in his chair with his headset on, next to him is the lovely co-host Ellie-May West, she is looking elegant as always with a blue long dress covered by a soft white sweater. Her auburn hair probably took a half a day to style by the looks of it, matched only by her perfect make-up. She does not wear a headset, opting instead for the microphone to be from the table.

BRISTOL: “We are live! We are loud! And we are from deep in the heart of Texas!! Welcome everyone to another edition of Fistful of Friday, I am Bud Bristol with your play-by-play here tonight and joining me as always is the ever lovely, the always talented and voice of an angel, Ellie-May West. Ellie-May, take it away.”
WEST: “You, as always, are one hundred percent correct! This place is rocking louder than I have ever heard it, and I so honored to just be sitting here next to you, a legend here in Texas and a dear personal friend. Bud, we’ve got a great line-up here tonight as we are going to cram three hours of show into a single exciting hour.”
BRISTOL: “Well, since you brought it up. Let’s talk shop. Opening up the action tonight is going to be our very first triple threat match-up, Petra Daniels, Rylie James, and John Austin will step into that ring in a first pinfall style match. What do you think about that one?”
WEST: “Triple threats are always a pain in the butt, you’ve got to watch your back at all times and sometimes just when you think you’ve got the match won, the third person just pulls the rug out from under you. Three’s a crowd. But, I like John Austin in this one, he’s got the size advantage for sure.”
BRISTOL: “And then we get to our regular match-ups, Jason Richards and Andrew Storm. Both men came up short last time, so each is looking to score their first victory here tonight. Sometimes it’s not that you get knocked down, but how quickly you can stand back up is what defines you as a wrestler. I’m interested to see how these two rebound.”
WEST: “When you’re right, you’re right. When my husband lost, he didn’t let that stop him from getting back up… grabbing a chair and smacking the ever loving crap out of the person who knocked him down.”
BRISTOL: “I remember him doing that a lot. Then we’ll see Robert Garrett going up against Desmond Knight, Robert Garrett has already stated that he is the best wrestler here in Texas, so I will be interested to see what he brings to the table here tonight. We will then see Travis Deacon Hall going up against Jada Montana, and you’ve got some thoughts on that, don’t you?”
WEST: “Yes, but my thoughts go towards Jada Montana. That dress? Ugh. Really? You thought that was classy? I hope you get some fashion sense knocked into you tonight, you looked like street-walker Barbie.”
BRISTOL: “Was it that green and blue one going around the internet?”
WEST: “No, it was much much worse. Trust me!”
BRISTOL: “I’ll take your word for it. But then, we’ve got our main event. Marisol Hawkes will be a sizable disadvantage against the near seven footer Cole Jackson. Both picked up wins on the last show, so this should be a really good main event. Can Hawkes knock off the biker? Or will size just dominate? We will out all this and also what exactly is Brody Lee’s big announcement here tonight!”

Petra Daniels Vs. John Austin Vs. Rylie James

After the last of the trio, Rylie James, entered the ring the bell rang and the three began a stand-off of sorts, waiting for the first person to make their move and in what direction they were about to go off in. Austin charged towards James, James charged towards Daniels and Daniels going after Austin! Daniels being the fastest was able to tag Austin with a couple of back handed chops, which then lead to James getting the second round of chops across the chest of Daniels! Austin got the last shot in, which happened to be the most powerful as he nailed both Daniels and James with a double clothesline dropping both women to the mat. James was up first and got dropped with a scoop slam, as Austin turned around to find Daniels, she was already leaping up onto the ropes and spring boarded connecting with a dropkick to Austin’s chest! Austin stumbled backwards but did not go down, Daniels charged in a clothesline of her own sending the big man through the top and middle ropes.
Daniels, however, took too long in turning around and by the time she did Rylie James hit her with a clothesline of her own sending Daniels up and over to the outside floor!! Feeling the crowd’s excitement for the move, Rylie charged the far side ropes and rebounded at full speed running as fast as possible to where Daniels was on the outside. It looked like she was about to take flight when out from nowhere John Austin flung himself using the ropes over the top connecting with a massive shoulder block!! Austin rolled the legs up of James and went for the quick victory ONE…TWO…THRE– but James was able to get a shoulder up in time.
Austin, however, wasn’t about to waste time and quickly pulled James back up to her feet into a rear waist-lock hold in an incredible show of strength and with what he calls the Tres Diablos, Austin nailed three consecutive German suplexes tossing James up and over with the third one causing her to fold in half from the impact. Austin again went for the cover ONE…TWO… THRE– but had it broke up by a leaping forearm smash by Petra Daniels!! Daniels dazed Austin long enough that when he got back up she was able to again use the middle ropes and connect with a leaping facebuster!! Austin’s face bounced up and off the mat from the impact! Daniels rolls over the top of Austin as he flips over and goes for a quick pin ONE… TWO… T… but Austin isn’t done just about yet!
Daniels thought she had him as she slapped the mat, but didn’t waste anytime as she eyed Rylie James who had managed to pull herself back up to her feet by use of the ring ropes. Petra ran full speed at her and didn’t wait for Rylie to turn around before nailing her with a reverse frankensteiner she dubbed the Unhinged Bow! Rylie’s head bouncing off of the mat in the process. Petra hooked the leg and looked for the easy pin here ONE… TWO… THREE?! NOPE! Making the save was John Austin who was able to break the pin with an axe handle smash. Austin played it smart and tossed the fresher Daniels off to the side and quickly went to work on Rylie James who was still pretty much out of it after the Unhinged Bow. Austin scooped up James into a torture rack position and began to spin around in the ring eventually flinging Rylie James to the mat with a heavy thud. He calls this his Total Eclipse of the Heart, however, spinning around Austin is caught off guard by a spring boarding Petra Daniels who corkscrewed a 450 knocking both herself and John Austin down onto the mat in the process!! The crowd went nuts for this sequence, and the incredible moves shown off here.
Daniels and Austin recovered at about the exact same time and both dove onto Rylie James!! The referee began a count ONE… TWO… THREE!!! However, confusion soon took over as both Daniels and Austin began to argue with the referee over who exactly got the pinfall victory. Austin raised his head in victory, then Daniels did, finally after a bit talking with the timekeeper the referee held up both hands and they were BOTH determined to have scored the pinfall victory!! Neither really seemed to like this and left the ring still thinking they were each the victory.

Jason Richards vs. Andrew Storm

The match began with both Jason Richards and Andrew Storm pacing around each other in the center of the ring. Each man watched the other, waiting for opening to strike, when finally their standstill broke. Andrew Storm made the first move, charging at the smaller Jason Richards in an attempt to land a running lariat. Richards, being almost a foot shorter, was able to duck the lariat and deliver a dropkick to the back of Storm, sending “God’s Gift to Wrestling” flying into the ropes and careening over them. Storm hit the mat outside the ring hard, causing the fans to roar in approval. Richards wastes no time, quickly following down to the ringside with him, getting ready to heave him back into the ring, when Storm comes up and delivers a hard European Uppercut, knocking Richards onto his back. With the momentum swinging his way, Storm grabbed Richards by the hair and whipped him into the steel steps at ringside, causing a chorus of boos to rain down on him. Before the referee could get to a ten count, thus counting both men out, Storm tossed Richards back underneath the bottom rope and into the ring.
There, Storm delivered a few hard kicks into the chest of Richards, before dropping onto him with an elbow drop. Hooking the leg, he went for a quick pin but only got a two count from the referee before Richards threw up his shoulder. Storm, angry at the referees two count, placed both of his giant hands around Richards’ throat, lifting him up into the air with a double-handed choke lift. The referee informed Storm that he could only hold a choke for a count of five, but Storm had other plans anyways. He hoisted the smaller “American Wolf” higher into the air, and dropped him hard in a Destroyer Bomb, even though it was just a few minutes into the match. He hooked the legs of Richards from the seated position, but only got another two count before Richards was able to get his shoulder up.
Storm, furious at this point, stood up over Richards, watching him. He lined up his foot perfectly, getting ready to bring down the Killer Punt onto Richards’ head. As Richards’ started to rise, Storm ran towards him, getting ready to swing his leg back, but Richards’ rolled forward, coming to his feet in a natural rise from his front roll. Quickly, he swept his leg around, tripping Storm to the ground. The bigger Storm wasn’t able to counter the quickness of the smaller Richards, and instead, hit the mat on his face. Richards immediately took the chance to duck underneath the top rope, get to the apron, and springboard over for a leg drop on the back of Storm’s neck! He reached back and rolled his opponent over, going for a pin on the stunned Storm, but only got a two and a half! The crowd groaned in frustration with Richards, who was beginning to show obvious signs of exhaustion. Slowly, he used the ropes to climb back up to his feet. But, during the same time, Storm was beginning to rise to his feet as well.
Richards bounced back off the ropes he was using for leverage, running at Storm for a diving crossbody block, but Storm seen it coming. He positioned himself to his left slight, and ran his big boot forward, connecting straight into the face of Richards as he was flying, turning him inside out inside of the ring. Richards hit the mat hard, blood coming from his busted face. Storm pointed at the downed Richards, mocking him in front of the fans to a rain of boos. Richards this time seemed down for the count, so Storm made his way over to the downed “American Wolf”, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him once more in the air. Richards started to struggle, flailing his legs back and forth to try and make it hard to get a good grip around his neck, before finally being dropped to his feet in front of Storm. There, both men stood off, Richards staring Storm in the eyes. Storm dropped a right hand into the jaw of Richards. “The American Wolf” responded with his own right fist to the jaw of “God’s Gift to Wrestling”. Both men exchanged several punches, before Richards finally caught the right hand of Storm with his left, delivered a right, then another! Then another! Then one more! The crowd stood to their feet, roaring in ovation. Richards faked a stiff right hand, then delivered a brutal calf kick to Storm. Then another! Then a knife-edged chop! Storm fell back into the turnbuckle, trying to block the onslaught, but Richards kept coming.
Storm tried to block the onslaught, beginning to catch onto the pattern. He deflected a right hand from Richards, then another, then he wrapped his hands back around Richards’ throat! Richards quickly delivered an elbow strike to the side of Storm’s head, knocking him off, then went back to the onslaught. After another combo, Richards bounced off the ropes behind him and landed “The Wolf’s Blood”! Richards hooked the leg for the pin. 1…! 2…! 3…!

Robert Garrett vs. Desmond Knight

Both Desmond Knight and Robert Garrett stood toe to toe in the ring, with the fans not sure who to pull for. Both men with their arrogant personalities were disliked by the fans for various reasons, even though the Cult of Knight stood behind Desmond no matter what. Both men sized each other up, standing almost the same height. Knight smirked in the face of Garrett, then threw his arms out to either side. Garrett, in response, raised one arm into the air, while the fans booed. After Garrett lowered his arms, both men made their first moves, locking up.
Neither man had a distinct advantage as they squared off with a elbow-and-collar tie-up to begin the match. Even though Desmond Knight had a few pounds on Garrett, he was immediately put into a side headlock by “The Natural”. That didn’t last long, however, as Garrett was immediately pushed into the ropes, by the lower back, by Knight. As Garrett came rebounding back, he tried to shoulder-block Knight to the ground, but instead, just ran into him and bounced off. Knight smirked, holding his arms out to either side… Then all hell broke loose. Both men went from starting in a very generic wrestling match beginning to having an all-out brawl in the middle of the ring. Punches were exchanged from both sides, with Garrett eventually coming up on the losing end, getting knocked back into the turnbuckle. Knight wasted no time, gripping the middle rope and delivering hard shoulder blocks into Garrett’s abdomen. After four or five shots, Knight grabbed Garrett by the back of the head and threw him to the ground, standing over him in a mocking fashion. The fans jeered at the top of the of their lungs, but Knight soaked it all in.
During his posturing, however, Knight wasn’t paying attention to Garrett slowly recovering from the brutal exchange the two just shared. He slowly rose to his feet, behind Knight (who still stood mocking the fans), grabbed Knight be the hair, and dropped him from a hair pull backbreaker across the knees. He rolled over, going for a quick attempt at a pin, but was only able to muster a short two count. Garrett, somehow gaining some traction with the fans for not celebrating as much, began arguing with the referee about the count. But, as Knight did before him, Garrett stopped paying attention long enough to Knight to regain his composure and rise back to his feet. He grabbed Garrett by the shoulders, spun him around, delivered a boot to the stomach, then a swinging snap DDT. Quick to rise, Knight delivered another swinging snap DDT, this one leaving Garrett almost completely out on the canvas. Knight then lifted Garrett up onto his shoulders, in a fireman’s carry position, and dropped down for the “Atonement”. Garrett’s back twisted at an odd angle before he flopped to the mat. Knight dropped for a pin.
1…! 2…! No! Only a two count! The referee’s hand was almost on the mat for a three count, but not quite there. Knight slapped the mat in frustration, but got ready to deliver his primary finisher, “The Rapture”. He went to pick Garrett up for the scoop, but Garrett hooked his leg around Knight’s, not allowing Desmond to pick him up off the mat. Knight tried to lift him up again, but Garrett’s leg was locked in. As Desmond tried for the third time, Robert twisted the leg back with a jerking motion, rolled through, and somehow ended up with Desmond in a single-leg Boston Crab. The referee dropped immediately to see if Desmond would tap, but “The Messiah” shook his head instantaneously. He struggled to get to the ropes closest to him, on the announcer’s side of the floor, while fighting through the pain. The referee asked if he would tap! No! Closer to the rope! The referee asked again… No! Closer to the rope! The referee asked a third time… Y-No! Desmond’s hand landed on the rope, causing the referee to break up the submission. “The Natural” was reluctant to let up his hold, but the referee gave him until a five count to do so. Garrett released the single-leg once the referee hit five. Desmond favored his right leg, then slowly stood to his feet. Garrett took the opportunity to charge Desmond, but Knight was ready for it. He grabbed the top rope, dropping it low, where Garrett would fly over the top. Robert took a tumble, but caught himself on the apron without Knight seeing it. Desmond began walking back towards the center of the ring, limping on the leg which Garrett had been wrenching at, only to turn around and caught with a springboard diving DDT…
Wait! Knight wrapped his arms around Garrett mid-air, his head hooked underneath Garrett’s arm, then exploded through with a belly-to-belly release suplex. Garrett somehow flipped through the air, landing on his feet, delivering a lariat to Knight as he stood up, knocking him flat. He grabbed Knight by the hair, spun him around, and landed the “Natural Selection”. He hooked the leg! 1…! 2…! 3…!

Cut to the backstage area, just past the door that says “The Boss” sits in his desk none other than Brody Lee Prince. Brody Lee seems to be satisfied with the show so far, or at least he’s satisifed with something, because there’s a huge smile on his face as he has his black Stetson hat tipped back for the whole to see those pearly whites. With his feet up on the desk, and golden “Mr. F’N Texas” plate faced perfectly at the camera Brody Lee begins to speak to the camera as if it were a person.
BRODY LEE:” You! I was hoping you were going to make it tonight. I have the biggest announcement to make here tonight and so wanted you to be here. I know you’re busy, and you’ve got a lot on your plate, so I won’t take up too much of your time.
Here, cigar?”

Brody Lee drops his feet down and opens up a wooden box on his desk and pushes it forward towards the approaching camera. No hand reaches out, seemingly not taking Brody Lee up on his offer for a smoke.
BRODY LEE:” You sure? They’re the best you can get from the gas station around the corner. Anyways, the big announcement!! Are you ready for it?
Do you want to sit down first?
No, so you’re ready?
Friday. May 8th. Live from the Paramount Theater, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo as Fistful of Friday goes Fistful of Lucha! “

Just then Brody Lee pulls two masks, one in each hand, from behind his desk holding them up for the world to see exactly what he means by Lucha. Brody Lee shakes each of the mask as if this were the biggest earth shattering announcement in the history of the world. The camera slowly begins to pan around showing that Brody Lee wasn’t talking to the television audience, rather he was talking to the boss. Perry Wallace himself.
WALLACE:” Fistful of Lucha? I’ve always been one for a good luchador contest. Brody, I think you might just find yourself getting a bonus if you keep this up. What all do you have in mind?”
A wicked smile grows on the lips of Brody Lee as he removes his black Stetson hat and begins to put on one of the Lucha masks.
BRODY LEE:” For this very special night we honor the men and women behind the masks, half price margaritas for all the fans, lucha themed music and fun. The best part of this? The main event, a six-person lucha libre match the likes that will blow the roof off of this place!!
On one team, the tecnicos team. Jada Montana, John Austin and Marisol Hawkes! All in masks! They will be taking on team rudos, Petra Daniels, Robert Garrett and one of your longest running 4CW members… Niobe Martin.
Whatcha think, boss?”

Wallace thinks to himself for a moment before ginning and looking back at Brody.
WALLACE:” Half priced margaritas you say? Six person match? I fucking love it! Just let me know what you need Brody and we’ll get this thing up and rolling.”
Brody Lee seeing an opportunity to get some free stuff looks around his mostly empty desk, over towards the fake cactus plant in the corner of his room, the probably non-functional computer and then turns back towards the boss of bosses.
BRODY LEE:” Stationary. Lots of stationary with Fistful of Friday logos and some pens. I need to write down some more ideas!!”

Travis Deacon Hall vs. Jada Montana

One would think that Jada Montana, standing a full hundred pounds and a few inches smaller than her opponent, would back down from the challenge… However, that wasn’t the case at all. As soon as the referee signaled the bell, Jada charged her opponent, Travis Deacon Hall, and immediately begin to hit him with right elbows to the jaw, driving him back into the rope. Jada made sure not to stop there, landing a knee into the gut of Deacon Hall, doubling him over, and then spiking his head into the mat with a DDT. Jumping to her feet, she immediately started getting a chorus of cheers from the fans (especially the men in the crowd, who had taken to cat-calling her).
Her reign of terror was stopped short, however, when she came back to get Deacon Hall, but he dropped her to the mat with a hard right hand to the throat/chin area. As Jada tried to rise to her feet, she immediately met a dropkick from the big man, sending her flying back and onto the mat. TDH wasted no time, stomping his way across the mat towards the down Jada. As he reached down to grab her, Jada reached her legs up and around the neck of Deacon Hall, then twisted him down to the mat with her, applying a head scissors. Before she could apply the pressure, however, TDH was able to bridge his body up, then roll out of the submission. Jada rolled over and quickly rose to her feet, positioning both wrestlers in their original corners, reset for the rest of the match.
This time, however, it was Deacon Hall making his way the smaller Jada. Montana was having none of it, however, as she cartwheeled beside of him, out of his way, then handsprung to her feet. Bouncing off the ropes behind her, Jada landed a huge spinning heel kick onto Travis as he rebounded off the ropes back towards her. She quickly went for the pin, but wasn’t even able to get one before Travis bench-pressed her up into the air off of him, dropping her belly-first onto the canvas. Deacon Hall got to his feet and started stomping onto the chest of Jada Montana. As the fans began to jeer, he made a rude gesture to the fans thought it best to boo him. Grabbing Jada by the hair, he scooped her up and brought her back down hard with a scoop powerslam. He hooked the leg. 1…! 2…! Only a two count before Jada was somehow able to get her shoulder up in time.
Travis grabbed Montana up once more, slinging her hard into the turnbuckle opposite of him. As she hit the turnbuckle, chest first, Travis charged in behind her and splashed her harder into the corner. As Jada stumbled backwards after the impact, Travis grabbed her by the neck and dropped her down for a hard neckbreaker. He spun around for another pin. 1…! 2…! No! Jada got her leg onto the bottom rope that connects to the far turnbuckle. Travis Deacon Hall let the referee have it after that, not paying attention to Jada as she began to recover. Their argument last a good few seconds, while Jada waited for Travis to turn around. As Travis did, she spun up for another spinning heel kick, but Deacon Hall caught her leg this time. A grin broke across his face, but it was short lived as Jada Montana brought her other leg up and around, knocking Travis onto his ass with a stiff enziguri. He immediately pointed to the top turnbuckle, which caused the fans to erupt anew.
Jada ducked underneath the top rope, leapt onto the top turnbuckle, and flew off for her Swanton Bomb, but Deacon Hall was ready. He rolled out of the way just in time, causing Montana to smack into the mat. He rose to his feet, stomping on the ground right his foot, getting ready for the Last Call. As Jada groggily got to her feet, Deacon Hall went to hit the Last Call, but this time, it’s Jada who caught the leg of her opponent. She dropped to the ground, still holding the leg, and swept the other leg out from underneath TDH. Deacon Hall fall to the mat with a thud, quickly followed by a series of elbow drops from Jada Montana. Jada made sure that Deacon Hall wasn’t going to move, then signaled for the top rope once again. On cue, the fans erupted into another raucous round of cheers. She leapt up to the top turnbuckle, twisted through the air for the Swanton Bomb, and landed it perfectly onto the chest of Travis Deacon Hall! She reached back, hooking the leg of Deacon Hall while laying across his chest. 1…! 2…! 3…!

Cole Jackson vs. Marisol Hawkes

“Renegade” by Daughtry starts up and numerous spotlights flash down on the stage; then as the vocals begin, Cole Jackson begins a slow walk down to the ring, periodically stopping to look at the crowd. He then walks into the ring and stands by the turnbuckle and crouches down starring straight ahead.

BRISTOL:”This man is monster, nearly seven feet tall almost three hundred pounds. Just an intimidating individual if you ask me.”
WEST:”I’d like to say the bigger they are, the harder they fall but that’s just complete nonsense people tell themselves before being crushed by someone of this size. Ask my husband’s victims.”
“You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” by Halestorm hits the speakers as Marisol Hawkes walks out in her black and pink leather attire.

POWERS:”Introducing to the ring from Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at one hundred twenty six pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, MARISOL HHAAWWKKEESS!!!”
She smirks as she glares around the theater at the fans. She then proceeds down the ramp and quickly up to the ring steps. She smiles at the crowd again as she gets in the ring and then looks back up the ramp. Marisol stretches and paces the ring as she waits for the match to begin.

BRISTOL:”Well if there was anyone I’d pick to knock down the monster it would be her, the word quit is not in her vocabulary.”
WEST:”Ugh with the black again, seriously stop shopping at Hot Topic. It feels like I’m at a Linkin Park concert or something.”
BRISTOL:”Likin Park?”
BRISTOL:”Well, either way, there’s the bell and we are underway!”
Jackson charges across the ring as soon as the last ding from the bell echoes out over the arena, Hawkes is able to quickly duck under his attack and uses the momentum to carry her into the farside ring ropes, as she rebounds she off of the ropes and connects with a forearm shot across Jackson’s face! Jackson hardly moves, and Hawkes tries it again, rebounding off of the ropes and nailing him with a forearm shot across the face! And for a second time, Jackson hardly moves. Hawkes, a third time slingshots off of the ropes but this time she leaps up into the air for a cross body block! Jackson catches her like nothing and quickly turns it into a…


…wicked looking swinging front slam! Hawkes bounces off of the mat hard from the impact! Jackson gets right back up to his feet, as Hawkes too gets back up to her feet. Jackson grabs her by the back and hair and spins, tossing her shoulder first between the middle and top turnbuckle!

BRISTOL:”What show of a power there by Cole Jackson. Of course, Marisol is giving up close to a foot and a half and nearly two hundred pounds to the monster Jackson. She can’t go right at him like she did or this is going to be a quick match.”
WEST:”Oh good, we need a quick match. I totally have somewhere important to go tonight.”
BRISTOL:”This isn’t important?”
WEST:”This is kind of important, but there’s this party in Dallas and I totally have to make the scene. You know how it is, right?”
Jackson seems not to be all in a rush as he pulls Hawkes up from the ground, Marisol holds her shoulder in some serious pain from hitting it on the unforgiving steel. With a quick boot to the gut, Jackson doubles over Hawkes and sets her into a standing headscissors. Hawkes tries to fight it, but the big man just flips her up like a rag doll, there is little effort needed as Jackson holds her in a standing powerbomb before finally dropping her to the mat with a heavy thud!! Hawkes’ head bounces off the mat from the impact and Jackson quickly rolls to the ground hooking the leg with a bit of confidence as the referee slides in for the count…




BRISTOL:”NO! HAWKES KICKED OUT!! She got the shoulder up at two and a half and Ellie-May you can just go ahead and stop packing up your things out here, because this match continues!!”
WEST:”What? Oh come on, Cole. You got to put more of a body on her, use your strength.”
BRISTOL:”Kind of a half-hearted pin there, you’re right. But, Hawkes has got plenty of fight here left in here tonight.”
WEST:”Ugh. I hope not.”

Jackson doesn’t seem too ticked off by the kick out, instead he gets right back up to his feet and begins to lay into Marisol before she starts to get back up herself. After a couple of shots, Jackson backs up and nails her with a boot scrape across the face. Jackson gives a half smirk to that as the crowd doesn’t seem to be too kind to him for doing that. Jackson pulls her up to her feet with a couple of handfuls of hair, he hooks her arm over his shoulder and then shows off his pure strength as he lifts her up into a vertical standing suplex and begins to turn slowly in the ring.

BRISTOL:”Oh, look at that display of strength!! “
WEST:”Yes, this could do it. Just drop Marisol on her head and I’ll keep packing up here.”
BRISTOL:”Jackson showing just how long one could hold another human being vertically now, a bit of a show-off move, but it’s impressive!!”
WEST:”And what goes up…”
BRISTOL:”NO! Hawkes is able to shake out!! “
Hawkes lands behind where Cole Jackson is standing, she’s a bit dizzy from having all the blood rush to her head from being vertical which gives Jackson the chance to spin around and try to hit a big clothesline. Hawkes is able to duck under it and instead counters with a double footed dropkick right to the big man’s knee! Jackson wobbles towards the ropes in some pain as Hawkes gets up and connects with a second dropkick to the knee again. Jackson stumbles forward and hits the ropes, as he bounces back Hawkes leaps up and wraps on a rare naked choke!! Hawkes is nearly a foot off the ground as she squeezes on the throat.

WEST:”Come on, that’s illegal. DQ! DQ!”
BRISTOL:”Didn’t you husband win a bunch of matches with that move?”
WEST:”Yeah, but he doesn’t have to be somewhere important tonight.”
BRISTOL:”Marisol doing everything she can to bring the big man down to his knees. Jackson’s doing his best chance not to fall over here, but his face is bright red!”
Jackson tries wildly to throw elbows to knock off Marisol from his back, but she only squeezes harder ducking out of the way of the elbows. Jackson with his face turning bright red begins to stumble backwards and crashes into the turnbuckle jarring Marisol loose from the hold and saving himself from passing out. Jackson stumbles forward, but it looks like Marisol had the wind knocked out of her as well as she slumps down into the corner of the ring. Jackson holds his throat in some pain, but manages to pull himself back up to his feet, as he spins around he charges into the corner but is met with a stiff kick as Hawkes pulls herself up. Jackson takes it in the face, which stuns him long enough for Hawkes to grab a seat on the top turnbuckle, she leaps…


…and connects with a spinning tornado DDT! The crowd pops as the much smaller Marisol is finally able to bring the giant down in the middle of the ring.

BRISTOL:”It’s a twister!! Marisol Hawkes driving Cole Jackson to the mat, and she lifts one of those massive tree trunks of a leg into the air for the cover…”




BRISTOL:”NO! Cole Jackson kicking out at the last moment there! “
BRISTOL:”Cole Jackson got the shoulder up, but he’s hurting. Between the rear naked choke and being slammed down onto his skull in the ring, he’s hurting. And now Marisol sensing it, she’s headed to the outside of the ring and climbing to the top turnbuckle! “

Marisol makes the climb to the top, she waits as Cole Jackson pulls himself back up to his feet holding his throat in some serious pain. Slowly, the big man turns around and Marisol leaps from the top ropes…
…connecting with a missile dropkick from the top ropes!! Jackson crashes like a tree in the forest. Hawkes scrambles over to where he went down and again pulls the leg up into the air going for a pin attempt, the referee slides in…




BRISTOL:”NO! Jackson got the shoulder up once again!! “

Hawkes seems a bit shocked by the result, she certainly thought she had him. Once again, she slowly pulls herself towards the corner of the ring and begins to climb again to the top turnbuckle. The crowd begins to buzz in anticipation as she heads to the top, Jackson lies nearly motionless near the corner of the ring. Marisol leaps forward in the air…


…missing the 450 splash!! Cole Jackson is able to pull himself out of the way at the last moment and Hawkes bounces off of the mat. Jackson begins to pull himself back up to his feet as Hawkes does so as well clutching her chest in some pain after missing that high risk move just now. Jackson is up to his feet first, but Hawkes is close behind and quickly takes off into the farside ropes, rebounding at full speed but before she can leap into the air Jackson charges forward and lifts his leg connecting with a high boot which causes Hawkes to flip in the mid air and land hard down onto the mat.

BRISTOL:”Oh my! He just nearly took her head off with that massive size sixteen boot!!”
WEST:”She’s going to have an imprint of a waffle on her face for at least the next couple of days. Thankfully, she’s a hermit and nobody has to look at her.”
BRISTOL:”You’ve got some sort of un-natural feelings towards Marisol, don’t you?”
WEST:”I call them like I see them.”
Jackson pulls Hawkes right back up to her feet, quickly nailing a boot to the midsection and stand headscissoring her in a flash. Jackson doesn’t hesitate this time, and lifts up Hawkes for a powerbomb high into the air. Hawkes, however, has other ideas as she bites the big man across the bridge of the nose and then quickly turns the powerbomb into a hurricanrana!!! Jackson tumbles into the ropes as the crowd pops for the counter move. Jackson gets right back up to his feet, but Hawkes is waiting for him and locks him into a front face lock, spins and drops the big man to the ground with an incredible looking cutter!!

BRISTOL:”Divine Intervention!! But Hawkes isn’t going for the pin, she’s headed to the top ropes again. Another high risk move here by the never-say-quit Marisol Hawkes.”
WEST:”Can’t she just fall or something?”
Hawkes stands perched at the top, the crowd stands to their feet as she raises her arms up and then leaps high into the air flipping forward and crashing down…


…into a poetic looking swanton bomb right across the chest of Cole Jackson!! Hawkes leaps up and rolls up the huge leg of Cole Jackson one more time as the referee slides into position and begins the count!




BRISTOL:”She did it!! Marisol Hawkes takes down the giant with her Divine Forgiveness and I honestly cannot believe she was able to pull off another main event victory here. Oh, you can start packing now Ellie-May we are almost all out of time here tonight.”
WEST:”Ah, it’s no big deal. Now I’m going to fashionably late!”
“You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” by Halestorm hits the speakers as Marisol Hawkes soaks in the crowd as the referee raises her arms in victory. Hawkes looks pretty tired with sweat dripping down from her hair, but she is still able to crack a smile in the applause from the crowd.

BRISTOL:”Just another amazing night here in Texas folks. I hope you all enjoyed another episode of Fistful of Friday, join us again May 8th as we are going to be celebrating Cinco de Mayo here in at the Paramount Theater”
WEST:”Yes, and half price margaritas! Si, senor!”
BRISTOL:”That’s it for us, good night everyone!”
The final scene is that of Marisol Hawkes getting some high fives from the loud and rowdy Texas crowd here toinght, with that we fade to black.