MAY 8TH, 2015

The crowd in the Paramount Theater is packed full of wild and crazy Texans, luckily they checked them all at the door for weapons or there might be some of the crowd who would have fired off some celebration shots by now. The lights swirl around the arena as the theme to Fistful of Friday plays over the PA system, that of course being ZZ Top’s “LaGrange” which down here in Texas is just about well regarded as the national anthem itself. Don’t worry, they played that already. The clean canvas now has a giant “DOS EQUIS” logo right in the middle of the ring, and the normal ring ropes have been replaced with green, red and white, the colors of the Mexican flag. Walter ‘Bud’ Bristol in his light brown stetson hat and suit sits regally in his chair with his headset on, next to him is the lovely co-host Ellie-May West, she is looking elegant as always with a blue long dress covered by a soft white sweater. Her auburn hair probably took a half a day to style by the looks of it, matched only by her perfect make-up. She does not wear a headset, opting instead for the microphone to be from the table.
Tonight’s a little different, you can tell. In the quick pan around the crowd there are scores of members of the audience with Lucha masks, and others wearing large Mexican hats. However, both of these groups are celebrating with either a margarita or Dos Equis beer in hand. It’s a festive time here in the arena.

BRISTOL: “Hola y como estas? Welcome to a Fistful of Lucha! A very special edition of our normal show where we will be paying tribute to the great wrestling from the south of the border! There is no denying the influence here in Texas of the Lucha Libre style, and with Cinco de Mayo just a few days ago, it’s a great time to celebrate with some wrestling. As always, I am joined by the talented Ellie-May West, who probably had one heck of a celebration this week.”
WEST:”You can say that again, Bud. Cinco de Mayo is of course the time of year we still can remember what day it is even after a bottle or two of tequila!”
BRISTOL: “Want to talk about the card we have in front of us tonight?”
WEST: “I’d rather talk about the size of this margarita I have in front of me right now. This is a monster, Bud and I’m going to start in on as soon as possible.”
BRISTOL: “Our main event will see the staple of just about every lucha libre event I have ever witnessed, a six-person tag team match which will be under lucha libre rules. Basically, if someone leaves the ring, another member of that team can enter the match and we go until one person gets pinned.”
WEST: “That’s a tasty drink!”
BRISTOL: “Ok, it’ll be Petra Daniels, Robert Garrett and Niobe Martin up against Jada Montana, John Austin and Marisol Hawkes. I can’t wait to see what Niobe Martin is able to bring to this match, she’s the veteran, she’s the wildcard here tonight. Well, we’re getting word there’s something going on backstage now, we’ll take you there!”

Cameras go backstage as there’s Henry Losak who’s known for being Lord Raab’s anger shrink stands in front of the camera, while a large man who’s wearing a helmet and body armour. They are in a dark room with a bit of light on the table from a torch as the man wearing a helmet is known as Samuel McPherson. Henry begins to speak on camera with Samuel granting at the camera.

HENRY LOSAK: ”I know, I’m gonna hear why am I on this brand and not on Adrenaline, it’s because as you lot may not know, this guy here has been training for months on being a professional wrestler in this company. This guy is a machine to be reckoned with and he’s one scary son of a bitch.”
HENRY LOSAK: ”This man isn’t like Lord Raab at all. He’s dangerous for sure, but he’ll only go out to fight without talking because he can’t talk other than saying yaarrp or naarrp. Who knows when this big man is gonna get called up to the 4CW roster? Who knows what he can do to threaten all of his challengers in front of him?”
Henry looks at Samuel and pats him on his shoulder, feeling quite proud of himself and although it’s a little bit of a speech from Samuel, he’s agreeing with Henry as Henry speaks again.

HENRY LOSAK: ”This man from what I’ve seen from training with Lord Raab is a dangerous and a heavy wrestler to deal with. Raab isn’t gonna be attending any of Samuel’s matches because he’s got matches of his own to deal with, but you can feel how dangerous my wrestlers are going to be, especially this man here. He only fights to realise his anger just like Raab and is pretty violent himself. Not the extreme levels of violence like Raab, but violent enough to want to hurt someone, right Samuel?”
HENRY LOSAK: ”Whenever he gets the call up, I’ll make sure that Samuel’s prepared for his first match on this brand one day and let the animal inside of him out. Take a good close look at this future wrestler to be in 4CW because one of these days, he’s gonna destroy all of his opponents with violence and power Samuel processes. HAHAHAHA, see you all soon with Samuel McPherson’s debut on Fistful Of Friday.”
Henry laughs with Samuel granting with the cameramen focusing on Samuel on what he looks like and the kind of clothes he’s wearing as the cameras fade out of the dark room.

Blake Buckley vs. Jason Richards

The Ref calls for the bell as soon as both opponents are in the ring. For the special Fistful of Lucha edition Blake is in a green and gold mask while Richards is in purple and white. Buckley and Richards circle one another for a few moments, each looking for an opening. Richard dives in first and whips Buckley over to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Richards tries to follow up with a cloverleaf but Buckley kicks him away and gets back to his feet for a spear. Buckley takes a page from his opponent’s book and immediately attempts a camel clutch only to be thrown into the nearby ringpost!
Richards capitalizes with several knee strikes to the trapped Buckley until the official demands he take the fight out of the corner. Buckley uses the distraction and nails Richards with a spinning heel kick. As soon as Richards is up Buckley knocks him back down with a lariat and then flattens him out with a low drop kick. Buckley makes the first attempted pin of the match but Richards somehow kicks out at the last moment!
Richards powers back with a flying crossbody that leaves Buckley lying on the mat with his head under the ropes. Richards gestures to pump up the crowd before executing a picture perfect slingshot leg drop. Buckley flails from the impact and clutches his neck as he rolls toward the center of the ring. Richards locks on a high angle Boston crab that looks to put his opponent away for sure, but somehow Buckley manages to claw his way forward and get a hand on the ropes!
Despite limping slightly from the submission maneuver, Buckley launches himself off of the ropes for a springboard moonsault and goes straight for another pin. Richards kicks out after just one. Buckley sets Richards up for a DDT but Richards powers out and goes for a kick to the midsection on Buckley. Buckley grabs Richards’ leg before the kick can connect but Richards reverses again with an enziguri!
Richards charges in but Buckley takes him down with a thunderous scoop slam that shakes the ring. As the two get to their feet they trade several punches back and forth. Buckley finally gets the advantage when he lands a huge European uppercut. He spins Richards around and locks up his arms for a tiger suplex, but Richards throws his headback for a reverse headbutt! Richards throws a hand in the air before viciously assaulting Buckley with a kick to the stomach. He then lands a few overhead punches before following up with a lariat. Buckley ducked and then went to end the match once and for all, dropping Richards to the canvas with his For The Record.
Buckley hooks the leg and the Ref makes the count! UNO! …DOS!! …TRES!!!

Andrew Storm vs. Tony Carmine

At the sound of the bell, both me slowly walk to the center of the ring and circle each other. Locking up, Storm quickly takes control and gets Carmine in a side headlock. Cranking down on him, he slowly wears him down. Before doing too much damage, he begins to lose leverage as Carmine finds a second wind. Wrapping his arms around Storm’s waist, he lifts him up and slams him to the mat with a side suplex. Back to their feet Carmine has Storm against the ropes, unloading on him with a combo of body punches. He then kicks him in the stomach and grabs him by the arm, throwing him to the ropes across the ring. After coming back, Carmine jumps into the air and lays him out with a spinning heel kick. Going for the quick pin, he gets the two count before Storm kicks out.
Standing back in the center of the ring, Carmine goes to lift Storm up for a snap suplex but gets stopped as he hooks the leg and keeps his footing. Storm then crushes his ribs with a body blow. Knocking Carmine back a few steps, Storm stands straight up. Carmine then rushes him but gets stopped and dropped to his back as Storm stands his ground and hits him with a shoulder block. Carmine quickly gets back to his feet and then charges him again. Still standing his ground, Storm drives his shoulder forward and knocks him to his back with another. Growing angry, Carmine quickly pushes himself back up and shakes it off. He then lunges at Storm but misses as he sidesteps and dodges the attack. Storm then locks in a full nelson from behind and lifts him up, slamming him to the canvas with force.
A few moments pass as Storm continues to do a number on Carmine with devastating power moves. Throwing Carmine to the ropes hard, he waits as he hits and comes back full speed. Jumping into the air, Carmine slips and wraps his legs around Storm’s head. Instead of flipping him over with a head scissors takedown, Storm wraps his arms around his waist and lifts him up above his head. Holding him up for a moment, Storm then takes a few steps across the ring and drops him to the mat with a powerbomb that shakes the entire ring. Popping up to his feet with excitement, Storm looks over the small crowd as the intensity builds inside of the ring. He then looks over to Carmine who is on his back in a world of pain. Grabbing him by the head, Storm lifts him up to his feet and then connects with a power punch to the chops.
Unloading with punches, Storm backs Carmine across the ring, barely able to stand on his own. Storm then hits him with a brutal European uppercut that sends his head flying back and spit shooting into the air. In a desperation attempt, Carmine lunges forward but misses as Storm steps out of the way and pushes him to the ropes. Hitting them and coming back, Storm lays him out with a spear, nearly breaking him in half. Standing back to his feet, Storm paces around the ring, giving Carmine the opportunity to get up. After a few moments pass, he starts to move and pushes himself up to all fours. Storm the looks over with a smile on his face before backing up to the far end of the ring. Taking off from stand still, Storm builds up speed and kicks him in the side of the head with a vicious punt. After flipping him over to his back with the Killer Punt, Storm covers for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count. UNO… DOS… TRES!!!

Petra Daniels and a large woman is seen walking through the Paramount Theatre again. The camera crew is very leary of her but the new backstage interview Phoebe Walters is the only brave soul to give her an interview.

WALTERS: ”Petra, later on tonight you will be competing in a 6 person tag match while wearing a mask. What are your thoughts on this match?”
Petra looks at Phoebe while snarling a little.

DANIELS: ”My thoughts Phoebe? Do you really want to know what I am thinking? I don’t think you do because if you do then I would probably have to rearrange that pretty face of yours. No, I will not divulge my thoughts about my match tonight. I will however divulge my thoughts on a certain someone walking out of 4CW without even telling me.”
WALTERS: ”Petra, I really don’t think he needed too. I mean you were a scrub compared to him.”
Petra turns her torso so she can look Phoebe in the eyes.

DANIELS: ”Was I talking to you? No, so please just stand there and let the real professionals do all the talking. How could he do this to me? That is why I attacked him. That is why I stuffed him in my locker room. That is why his wife is worried sick right now. You see, Inmate 31 was supposed to get me to the top but of course he couldn’t even do that. He was supposed to stay. Why can’t he fucking stay?”
WALTERS: ”Petra, what about your match? Aren’t you even focused on it?”
Petra puts her nose really close to Phoebe’s nose.

DANIELS: ”Didn’t I tell you to shut up. My match will be a bloody massacre. My opponents and tag partners are not even safe. I will unleash hell and fire will consume all of them. Why would I do this? Because I fucking can. Oxygen Hogs BEWARE.”
Petra steps back away from Phoebe before walking down the corridor.

Travis Deacon Hall vs. Robina Hood

Travis Deacon Hall came out like a house of fire as soon as the bell rang he charged across the ring and nailed a series of armdrags which got the crowd going with an early “OLE!” chant for each of them. Hall tried to follow that up with a superkick, but he was stopped as Robina countered with spinning backfist shot to the side of Hall’s head. Then it was Robina’s turn as she hit a couple of arm drags of her own onto Hall which got the crowd going with the “OLE!” chants once again. Robina charged in and connected with a flying knee to the chest of Hall which sent him through the middle and top ropes and tumbling onto the floor below.
Robina ran off of the ropes and lept high into the air connecting with a plancha!! The crowd loved that one as she crashed down onto Hall on the outside of the ring. Eventually, the two found their way back into the ring, Robina went for a running butt bump, but Hall was able to catch her mid-air and turn it into a wheelbarrow suplex!! As Robina got back up to her feet, Hall was right there and leveled her back down with a diving lariat move, he went for the quick cover… UNO! DOS! But Robina got the shoulder up in time.
Hall brought Hood back up to her feet and tried to set her up for a suplex, but she was able to wiggle out of it and nailed Hall in the side of the head with a spinning heel kick, Hood then lifted up the dazed Hall into a fireman’s carry position — impressive show of strength — spinning Hall around a few times and then dropping him across her knee with a gutbuster. That one impressed the crowd. Hood didn’t go for the pin, but instead twisted around the legs of Hall and dropped a couple of well placed boot strikes to the back of Hall’s knees.
She brought him back up to his feet, but Hall countered with an uppercut to her jaw and then followed that up with a jawbreaker! Hood stumbled back into the corner turnbuckle and Hall charged in connected with a big splash… as Hood stumbled out of the corner, Hall lifted her up into the air with fireman’s variation and dropped her to the mat with an Olympic slam.
Hall rolled up the legs of Hood, but Hood was able to get her boots onto the bottom rope before the three count and she saved herself in the match. Hall was a little ticked off by that one, and pulled Hood back up to her feet to extract some more punishment. A couple of backhand chops pushed her up against the ring ropes and then Hall went for a bit Irish whip, Hood was able to put on the breaks and send Hall into the ropes instead, however, the two had the same idea in their minds and connected with a double clothesline!!
Both were down from the impact for a couple of moments, but Hall started stirring first, Hood seemingly pulled something from her tights as she got back up to her feet. Hood’s manager Zelda Lavoie on the outside of the ring got invovled long enough to distract the referee, Hall turned around and was might with a cloud of red mist from the lips of Robina Hood!! Hall stumbled around, but right into a double backstabber by Hood!! Hood hooked the leg as the referee turned around and counted UNO!! DOS!!! TRES!!! for the victory!

Petra Daniels, Robert Garrett and Niobe Martin
Jada Montana, John Austin and Marisol Hawkes

BRISTOL:” “And now it is time for the main event… we’ve got five of the six competitors in the ring and we are just waiting for the last one.”
WEST:” “It’s been a fun night, and it’s about to get crazy. Lucha libre style here in Texas, and I think this crowd needs a cab called for themselves after this one is over.”
BRISTOL:” “They are having some fun, that’s for sure.”
The opening riff of “Fragile” sound as a stoic woman walks through the curtains. The cameras pan up toward the stage as Petra Daniels is standing there while looking back and forth. The live audience is giving her a mixed reaction as she starts walking down the ramp.

POWERS:” “Ladies and gentlemen, from the Forbidden Valley..please welcome “Patient Rainbow” Petra Daniels.”
Petra slides into the ring, walks to the center of the ring and slowly unzips her jacket. She tosses the jacket to the side while turning her attention toward whoever is in the ring with her.

BRISTOL:” “And now all six begin to face off here in their teams!”
WEST:” “I don’t know if any of these people could be trusted, how are they supposed to work together?”
BRISTOL:” “Looks like it’s going to be Petra Daniels in there to start off against Fistful of Friday mainstay and your favorite, Marisol Hawkes.”
WEST:” “She’s like a one woman Day of the Dead paradae. Enough with the black!”
There’s the bell and the two begin to circle each other in the ring, before they even lock up the crowd begins the “OLE!” chant over and over again which gives the two in the ring a little bit of a pause before they go for the lock-up. There’s a push back and forth as the two try to show the other one who is the stronger person, Hawkes gets the advantage first, but then Daniels goes rudo with a boot the the midsection!! She follows that up ducking her head under the arm pit of Hawkes and lifting her up and over into a backdrop suplex! Daniels charges to the farside ropes as Hawkes gets back up to her feet, she leaps towards Hawkes…


…but Hawkes pulls down the top ropes causing Daniels to fly over the top ropes and to the outside padding around the ring! Hawkes stands up, but doesn’t have much time as from behind Niobe Martin charges in and connects with a double axehandle smash across Hawkes’ back. She follows that up with a mugging against the ring ropes. The referee tries to back her up, but Martin doesn’t seem to care as she pulls Hawkes back up to feet and whips her hard into the corner turnbuckle. Martin charges in and nails her with a flying knee smash!

WEST:” “Let’s go on record saying that Niobe Martin might have attacked from behind, but because Petra Daniels left the ring, Martin was free to do that. Luch libre rules.”
BRISTOL:” “Exactly right, you’ve got to have your head on a swivel in a match like this. Martin looks like she’s got a plan her as she instructs Robert Garrett, the third member of this team to lift his boot up… OH! Hawkes eats his size fifteen shoe!”
Martin then tags out to her tag team partner as she seems to have done her damage quickly. Garrett gets right into the ring and nails Hawkes right in the gut with an uppercut punch!! Garrett seemingly has some words not for Hawkes, but rather for Jada Montana and instead of continuing to do some damage on Hawkes he instead tosses her into the corner and tells her to tag in to Montana. Jada does so and Garrett charges in, but Montana is waiting for it as she hits him in the stomach with a shoulder block from between the ropes, she then springs up onto the ring ropes and flips over Garrett with a sunset flip, there is no pin as Montana rolls through charges into the far ropes leaps up on the middle ring rope and…


…connects with a moonsault onto Garrett. The long sequence of moves doesn’t stop there as she then gets back up and charges to the other side of the ring, this time Garrett gets back up to his feet, but Jada ducks his clothesline attempt, she leaps to the middle ropes and springboards into a flying headscissors tossing Garrett out of the ring from the bottom and to the floor below! The crowd pops for that one!!

BRISTOL:” “What an incredible sequence of moves there!!”
WEST:” “Yeah, but Montana’s got to be careful there.”
Jada spins around looking for the next person to come at her, but Martin doesn’t move only distracts Montana long enough as Petra Daniels charges up from behind wrapping her arms around the waist of Jada and flipping her up and over with a release suplex!! Daniels stands there for a moment and then charges back at Montana who quickly tries to get back up to her feet, but is met with a running forearm smash which stands her up against the ring ropes. Daniels sends Montana into the ring ropes, Montana counters that by flipping into the ropes with a handspring which gets the crowd up to their feet, but Daniels is able to catch the elbow strike attack and turns into a front facebuster!! She goes for the quick cover…




BRISTOL:” “Great counter there by Petra Daniels, but Jada Montana still able to get her shoulder back up there.”
WEST:” “And Robert Garrett is just stomping like a bull to get back into this match. He and Jada tied in their match last week, both pinning their opponent for an odd double pin and neither were happy about that. They really want to prove who the better wrestler is in this one.”
BRISTOL:” “I don’t know if you would want to be screaming at Petra Daniels, but sure, yeah go for it.”

Petra seems a little ticked, but she flings Montana in Garrett’s direction and tags him into this match. Slowing the pace down to a crawl, Garrett keeps Montana in the corner which has Martin and Daniels standing there and begins to go to work with a couple of vicious chops. He follows that up with a malicious elbow to the face which he grinds for a couple of seconds more just to inflict more pain and to get the referee in there to pull him back which gives his two tag team partners the opportunity to take some free shots of their own on Montana. Garrett then charges into the corner and connects with a third attack, this time plunging his shoulder into her ribs about as hard as possible. Montana clutches her chest as she stumbles out of the corner. Garrett hits her with a boot to the midsection, underhooks both arms and drives Jada face first…


…right into the mat with a DDT!! No pin, though. He doesn’t look like he’s finished with Jada Montana right about yet. Garrett pulls her up by the hair and lifts her high up into the air with a fireman’s carry, he looks to go for a death valley driver, but Montana somehow manages to land on her feet as she more or less stumbles into the ring ropes. Garrett charges in, but Montana hits a drop toe hold dropping him throat first across the middle ropes. She leaps and tags the outstretched hand of John Austin!!

BRISTOL:” “Big tag to John Austin!”
WEST:” “Garrett got greedy, and that cost him.”
BRISTOL:” “It’s going to cost him here big!”
Garrett pulls himself off of the ropes, but there’s Austin who just lays into him with a kick of stiff looking kicks!! Garrett is still able to pull himself up to his feet, but Austin grabs his head and his arm and lifts him high up over head with a suplex!! Garrett bounces back up, but that’s not a good thing as Austin this time grabs him by the leg and arm and nails a capture suplex!! The crowd begins to get into it now, this time Austin goes behind with a rear waist lock and nails a German suplex which he holds onto and rolls through getting Garrett into the exact same position again…


…hitting a second German suplex! The crowd yells “DOS!” Austin rolls through again, and again gets Garrett up he lifts him up and…


…hits a third German suplex!! The crowd yells “TRES!” Austin lets go and Robert Garrett rolls to the outside of the ring. Niobe Martin tries sneaking up, but Austin ducks her big right hand and gets her into a rear waist lock hold, and sure enough he lifts…


…hitting a fourth German suplex!! The crowd “QUATRO!”

Then, you guessed it!






Again! After three more German suplexes onto Niobe Martin, Austin lets go of the hold and she rolls to the outside of the ring!! This brings Petra Daniels into the ring and she tries for a shot from behind, but John Austin catches her too!! Rear waistlock!! He lifts…

BRISTOL:” “NO! Daniels flips over and she lands on her feet, Austin doesn’t know what happened there?”
WEST:” “I don’t know if it’s this drink or did I just see six German suplexes in a row?

Austin gets up to his feet and Daniels connects with a double running knee strike to his back!! Austin falls through the middle and top ropes and to the ring apron, he manages to pull himself up to his feet as Daniels charges at the corner turnbuckle leaping up into the air and connecting a diving front flip…


…both hit the mat on the outside, the crowd erupts for the move as the ring clears. Marisol Hawkes and Jada Montana step into the ring and give each other a look before the charge at opposite turnbuckls of the ring and quickly climb up. Hawkes flips forward as down Montana to the outside of the ring…



…hitting their opponents on the outside of the ring!! The place nearly loses a roof as the crowd gets to their feet, all six competitors are on the outside of the ring now, all of the sprawled out on the padded mats as the lay both on top or near each other.

BRISTOL:” “Now this is some damn good lucha libre!”
WEST:” “They’re flying all over the place, I don’t know where to even look. Is there a legal person? Or is that all thrown out of the window now?
BRISTOL:” “The first two back into the ring with be considered legal. There’s no need for tags in this case as the entire group flung themsevles from the ring! It might just be the damnest thing I have ever seen in my life.”
WEST:” “I’m going to have to agree with you there, Bud. I don’t know if I have ever seen this much carnage.”
With the crowd buzzing, both from the drinks and the match, a hand pulls itself up from the outside of the ring. Then a second hand from the outside of the ring. The first one back into the ring is John Austin, and the second hand is that from Robert Garrett. Slowly the two pull themselves back into the ring. Austin looking a little dazed from before is a bit slow to the attack so Garrett is able to get the advantage on him. Garrett charges in and connects with a spear nearly cutting Austin in half!! Garrett hooks the leg and goes for a pin on Austin, the referee slides in for the count…



Just then Marisol Hawkes leaps from the top ropes and connects with a swanton bomb breaking up the count!! She gets up to her feet looking to follow that up with a pin on Robert Garrett, but as she turns around…


…Petra Daniels nails her with about the most violent forearm smash you ever did see!! Hawkes nearly does a full flip from the impact and falls to the mat, Daniels goes for the pin on Hawkes after that, the referee turns his attention to that.




BRISTOL:” “No!! Marisol Hawkes got the shoulder up at the last possible second!!”
WEST:” “I think Petra is in absolute shock that she kicked out of that one right there.”
BRISTOL:” “She doesn’t see Jada Montana back up!”

Just then Jada Montana dives through the ring ropes and hooks her arm around the head of Petra Daniels spinning her around once and then driving her face first into the mat…


…with an incredible turnbuckle DDT!!! Montana rolls up the legs of Petra Daniels going for another cover, the referee spins around again in the ring trying to keep the track of the carnage in front of him.




BRISTOL:” “NO! Niobe Martin with the save as she breaks up the pin attempt there by pulling Montana off of the pinning attempt.”
WEST:” “Out of nowhere with the save!!”
BRISTOL:” “She’s been really sneaky in this match here tonight. Staying out of the line of fire as much as possible.”
WEST:” “That’s one way to survive this insanity.”
Martin has a look of satifaction on her face as she saves the match for the moment. However, from behind John Austin is there to lock on a sleeper hold, after a couple of seconds of Martin trying to break out of the sleeper hold, Austin flips Martin high into the air with a sleeper suplex, but Robert Garrett is right there to catch Niobe Martin preventing her from hitting the mat hard!! Austin has no idea and turns around right into a running forearm from Petra Daniels!! Daniels turns around and is hit by a superkick from Marisol Hawkes, Daniels falls to the outside of the ring in the process!! Garrett tosses Martin off of him, and nails Hawkes with a clothesline sending the both of them up and over the top ropes and to the floor below. Niobe Martin goes for an attack on John Austin, but Austin counters into a rear waist lock which makes the place go nuts as he lifts up Martin…


…nailing her with a German suplex!! But Austin is unable to go for a pin as Robert Garrett is able to pull him by the legs to the outside of the ring. Garrett is then hit by Hawkes as they begin to fight on the outside of the ring. However, Jada Montana now stands up on the turnbuckle and leaps off in the air…


….connecting with a swanton bomb of her own onto Niobe Martin!! Montana hooks the legs of Martin and holds on for dear life…



Petra Daniels goes for the save, but is cut off by John Austin!


The crowd pops as the bell rings and the referee holds Jada Montana’s hand high in the middle of the ring. “Awesome” by Shy Glizzy begins to play out over the arena as there are a couple of pinatas which are lowered and begin to shower the crowd with streamers, confetti and probably candy. The other two members of the winning team find their way into the ring and the trio gives each other reluctant handshakes as they seemingly put their differences aside here tonight for a little bit of a celebration.

BRISTOL:” “What an amazing ending to what has been an amazing night, an amazing celebration. I bet you the party here is only about the begin, but we are out of time folks for this edition of Fistful of Friday, for Ellie-May West who is swimming in a giant margarita right now, I am Bud Bristol wishing you all goodnight. Goodnight.”
The final shot is that of the trio raising their arms towards the crowd in victory as the party begins to play out, we fade to black.