MAY 22ND, 2015


As the match starts off all three men head to the center of the ring without wasting a second. Lucifer and Dante Albright meet first and the two lock up. Gabriel Cross seizes the opportunity and nails both men with a dropkick that sends them flying! Lucifer lands closest and Cross sends a knee drop right into his chest. Albright is on his feet and comes at Gabriel with a clothesline who ducks just in time and reverses into a sit-out jawbreaker! Lucifer attempts to use the distraction to create some separation but Cross turns quickly and takes him down with a double knee backbreaker.
Dante manages to hit cross with a double axe handle from behind. Cross stumbles forward but doesn’t fall, turning on Albright with two consecutive European uppercuts that drive him into the turnbuckle. With Dante trapped in the corner Gabriel unleashes a flurry of body punches that drive Albright down into the mat. Cross gives Dante a few stomps to the chest before leaving him where he lays as he sees Lucifer getting back to his feet.
Lucifer ducks under a lariat from Gabriel and tries to set him up for a DDT, but Cross throws and elbow into his midsection. Lucifer staggers back against the ropes from the impact even as Cross delivers several more. Cross pulls Lucifer away from the ropes and locks him up, lifting him up with impressive strength into a fireman’s carry! The entire mat shakes as Lucifer hits the canvas after Gabriel nails the Cross Rhodes! Cross hooks the leg and the referee drops for the count. One! Two!! Three!!!


The Canadian Lunatic flies across the ring almost before the bell has finished ringning to get the match underway. Bleach is cool as a cucumber, dodging aside and letting O’Rian fly shoulder first into the ring post. As O’Rian falls out of the corner and onto the mat Jack sails through the air to hit him with a back flip senton! As the Canadian starts to get up Bleach locks on a cross arm breaker. O’Rian flails in pain and just barely manages to get a hand on the ropes to break the hold.
O’Rian is still holding his arm as both men get to their feet. The Canadian rushes in for a running clothesline but Jack counters into a German suplex. While O’Rian is still lying on the groung Bleach leans down and hooks both of his arms, pulling him up to his feet by them. After a moment working the crowd he slams the Canadian Lunatic down with a tiger driver! With O’Rian down Bleach locks on a stretch muffler. Once again he is just too close to the ropes and the Canadian manages to get a hand on.
Jack leaves O’Rian laying on the mat in pain as he hops up onto the turnbuckle. The Canadian seems so disoriented that he doesn’t even notice! Bleach flies of the top rope and lands a picture perfect front flip leg drop! O’Rian rolls right out of the ring onto the floor after the thunderous impact. The referee reaches the 5 count by the time the Canadian gets back to his feet, but Bleach comes sailing between the ropes with a diving hurricanrana! The Ref is at 9 and 9/10ths as both men barely make it to the ring in time. Jack is on his feet first and O’Rian finds himself on the receiving end of the Jack of All Trades! Bleach rolls over onto his opponent and hooks both legs. One! Two!! Three!!!


The bell rings and the two circle each other slowly for a few moments. Carmine lunges in but Niobe turns it into a stunner, laying her opponent out. She drops down and immediately locks on a crossface, trying to put Tony away early. For a moment or two it almost looks like Carmine is going to tap out, but he finally manages to break the hold and roll across the ring to create some distance. Martin stalks across the ring, trying to send a kick into his midsection, but Tony catches her by the leg. Niobe reverses with a dragon whip that connects right with his face!
While Carmine is prone on the mat Niobe climbs the turnbuckle and nails him in the chest with a corkscrew elbow drop! Martin is on fire, bouncing right back onto her feet and up to the turnbuckle again for a high angle senton bomb! Niobe tries for a pin but Carmine kicks out after two. Somehow both are on their feet again at the same time. Tony ducks in to try to set up a suplex but Niobe drops and takes him down with a fireman carry takeover.
By the time Tony is getting back on his feet Martin as hopped up the turnbuckle and launches herself off for a flying spinning heel kick! Carmine tumbles half way across the ring from the impact. Tony tries to stand again but is met with a springboard hurricanrana as Niobe refuses to let him gain any momentum! Tony is completely prone as she climbs up to the top rope. Martin hits the Hallucination and hooks the leg! One! Two!! Three!!!


As soon as the bell rings the two waste no time. Storm tries for a belly to belly suplex but Buckley ducks behind him for a reverse DDT. Blake follows up with a scoop slam and a low drop kick to Andrew’s back as soon as the other man starts to sit up. Storm can barely get to his feet but as soon as he does Buckley is there to continue the onslaught with a running spear.
Buckley delivers several hard stomps, each one bounces Andrew closer and closer to the edge of the ring. When Blake is satisfied he has his opponent in the right position, he vaults over the ropes for a slingshot leg drop! From outside of the ring Buckley grabs Storm and pulls him to the edge of the apron, setting him up for an implant buster to the floor outside!
Blake hauls storm back into the ring as the Ref gets to the count of seven. Buckley catches his breath for a moment and Storm shows no sign of getting up any time soon. Once on his feet Blake climbs the ropes and leaps off with an impressive frog splash heard throughout the theater! The impact flips Storm onto his belly on the canvas and Buckley locks on the Big Dirty! After several seconds of struggling, Andrew Storm is forced to tap out!!!


The match gets under way as the bell rings, Travis making the first move by feinting a clothesline only to deliver a dropkick! Robert goes down hard but is back on his feet in no time. As Hall charges in Garrett nails him right in the jaw with a superkick that echoes through the theatre. He follows it up with a hair pull backbreaker that sends Travis flying into the corner. As Robert runs in to capitalize, Hall gets a foot up for a big boot!
Travis shoves out of the corner and takes Garrett down with a Thesz press. As Robert hits the mat, Hall starts throwing punch after punch into his face and chest. Garrett finally breaks free by knocking Hall backward with a headbutt! Robert takes Travis down with a leg sweep and then twists him up in a Boston crab! Garrett holds on tight, cranking back. Hall struggles, straining to pull himself toward the ropes. The referee stands by, watching for the tap out. Travis gets a hand on the ropes and the ref calls for the break!
Robert steps back but as Hall gets to his feet, Garrett clobbers him with a short arm elbow smash! Hall stumbles backwards. As Robert rushes in Travis takes him down with a drop to hold. Hall tries to build some momentum, going for a leaping knee drop but Garrett rolls out of the way and he crashes into the mat! Robert pulls Hall up and takes him right back down with Natural Selection! The official swoops in for the count as Garrett hooks the leg One! Two!! Three!!!


The shrieks are audible through the theatre as the two rush one another the moment the bell rings. Robina hits Veronica with an open handed slap that spins her half way around, then follows up with a back elbow as Taylor turns back! Veronica tries to storm in again, but Hood nails her right in the gut with a spinning heel kick and drags her across the ring by the head for a bulldog! Adding insult to injury, Robina wipes her feet off on Veronica!
Hood circles the ring, taunting Taylor as she waits for the woman to get up. Veronica is finally on her feet. She manages to snatch Robina by the hair this time, preparing to toss her across the ring with a hairmare, but Robina throws an elbow into her midsection and then whips her to the mat with a snap scoop powerslam! While Veronica is down once more Robina resumes circling her opponent, stomping at her elbow, a knee, her stomach, and finally her head!
Hood vaults up onto the top turnbuckle as Taylor clutches her head and stomach with opposite hands. Shouting a very obvious expletive down at Veronica, Robina leaps off the turnbuckle at just the right moment and hits her with a huge diving leg drop! Veronica’s scream of pain is audible even over the crowd. Hood leaves Taylor laying there are the referee starts to count. Taylor barely makes it to her feet by 8 as Robina taunts her continuously. Veronica tries to get away but Hood races up behind her and hits the Grand Finale! Hood doesn’t drop for the cover, instead just putting her foot on Veronica’s chest for the pin! One! Two!! Three!!!

We catch glimpses of Maximus Dunn as he races through the hallways at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, clearly in search of something.
Max murmurs to himself, “I’m gonna be late! I’m gonna be late!”
He finally swallows his pride and asks a bystander for some directions.
“Can you tell me where I can find a –,” Max pulls out a piece of paper from his back pocket and continues, “Brody Lee Prince?”
The lady first gives him a look up and down, taking in his unique look, and then provides him with the information needed.
All while motioning with her hands, she explains, “go down this hall until you reach a dead end, make a right, walk past the storage closet, make a left, and it will be the last door at the end of the corridor.”
Max scoops her hand up in his and graciously shakes it, “thanks so much!”
He leaves her behind and follows her instructions, step by step. He mumbles to himself along the way.
Walking down the first hall, “dead end…make a right…storage closet…left.”
Around the final turn, his eyes light up, as he sees his destination. He races down the narrow hallway and stops at the last door.
“AHA! Last door at the end of the hallway.”
The door reads, Brody Lee Prince.
Without knocking, Max twists the knob, and shoots open the door. A smile is spread across his face until he sees what’s before him.
Max screams, “OH GOD!”
Max slams the door shut realizing that he just saw Brody in his birthday suit, in the midst of changing. Some grunts are heard inside the room and a few moments later the door swings open.
Max begins explaining. “I’m so sorry! I was just happy to be here. I wanted to get started. I walked in and –”
Brody puts a hand up and stops him.
“No problem, this isn’t the first time someone has seen me naked. But, you wanted to get started? On what?” Brody questions.
“Well, I was just recently signed by you all. I was booked in a ladder match.” Max finishes explaining, standing there in his wrestling gear.
A hint of confusion brushes over the face of Brody, but a light finally comes on. “Oh! I’m most certain that you got signed up to be apart of the Underground roster which we’ll be merging with. But that match won’t be for weeks.”
“So, I’m not even competing tonight?”
Brody shakes his head, “nope!”
Max places his hands on his hips as if he’s going to get mad at Brody, but then begins hitting himself in the head with his palm.
“Stupid! Stupid!”
Max turns and begins walking away, still shouting at himself as Brody smirks.
“I have no money for gas! I have no clothes! I’m wearing my lucky underwear! Damn it!”


The various infamous beat to “Straight On” by Heart begins to play in the theater. Fans get to their feet as Austin makes his way through the entrance. Austin stops center stage and surveys his surroundings, taking in the moment. He comes through and starts greeting the fans being the people person, the people’s champion if you will.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall. He is “The Magic Man”, John AAUUSSTTIINN!!!”
He makes his way to the ring and does a running dive through the second rope “superman” style. He goes to pose on all four corners of the ring as the opponent’s music begins to start up.
“Awwsome” reads across the big screen, the beat drops and Awwsome plays through the speakers, Jada makes her way from behind the curtain as purple pyro fall from the ceiling.

POWERS: ”And the opponent, making her way down to the ring from Tamp, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty pounds and standing five feet, nine inches tall, Jada MMOONNTTAANNAA!!!”
The crowd erupts into cheers as she makes her way down the ramp playing to the crowd, she stops before the ring and poses before sliding underneath the rope and into the ring.

BRISTOL: ”We have another exciting main event lined up folks as we get closer and closer to the last Fistful of Friday finally coming to an end.”
WEST: ”I’m looking forward to it, Bud. It’s unfortunate that this will be our last night together calling matches for 4CW but lets go out with a bang!”
BRISTOL: ”I don’t know what this Underground is that Perry Wallace has purchased. I just know that we’re going to be out of a job after tonight so we might as well make the best of it.”
WEST: ”That we will do. We have the two hottest stars in Fistful of Friday squaring off in what has the makings to be one of, if not the best matches we’ve called.”
BRISTOL: ”Well lets get down to business. The official looks like he’s ready to get this thing underway.”
After checking with both corners and getting the nod from both Jada and John, the ref throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
As the bell chime slowly fades away, both wrestler walk out of their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. After circling each other for a moment, John shoots in for Jada’s leg but comes up short as she jumps back. Quickly standing back up, John cracks a smile as he nods his head, looking across the ring at Jada. The two then slowly circle each other again, this time John shoots in again but comes up short as Jada jumps back to avoid him. Standing up on both knees, John shakes his head back and forth and then pushes himself up to his feet. He then takes a few steps backwards to the center of the ring and waves for Jada to come away from the ropes.
With their eyes locked on one another, the two circle each other again. After a few moments pass, John jumps forward as if going for another single leg takedown. Instead of shooting in towards her, he plants his feet into the mat. Getting caught off guard, Jada jumps back but then leaves herself open as John then lunges forward and locks his arms around her head. Pulling her to the center of the ring, he applies a side headlock. Before he can even begin to apply the pressure, Jada wiggles herself free and pushes him away. After quickly turning around, John then rushes towards her but gets caught off guard as Jada stands her ground and flips him over to the mat with a hip toss.
Rolling in a fluid motion to his feet, John shakes it off and then locks his eyes on her once more. In an act of frustration, he lunges forward at her but gets surprised as she side steps him and takes him down to the mat with a drop toe hold, planting his face into the canvas. Jada then climbs onto his back and applies a chin lock, pulling his head back while driving her knee into the lower part of his back. With the move in place, the ref quickly sweeps in and checks for a submission but gets nothing as John fights to break free, yelling for the ref to go away. After a few moments pass, John finally manages to get both hands locked around her wrist. After fighting for a brief moment, he manages to break the hold before grabbing one arm with both hands and rolling her off of his back.
Rushing to their feet, the two stand up but before Jada can make a move, John charges her and drops her flat on her back with a shoulder block. Rolling over and pushing herself up, Jada turns back to face John who looks on patiently. He then lunges forward with a lariat but comes up short as Jada ducks underneath and steps in behind him. Turning around without a care in the world, John faces an oncoming roundhouse kick. Just before contact, he steps back as her foot barely passes by his face. With her back turned to him, John grabs her by the shoulder and spins her around. He then lands two back to back punches to the top of her head and then grabs her arm, throwing her to the ropes across the ring. After hitting the ropes hard and coming back, Jada gets lifted into the air and planted into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster.

BRISTOL: ”That looked like it really hurt Jada!”
WEST: ”It was a perfectly executed spinebuster by the hands of John Austin. he couldn’t have made it look any better to be honest.”
BRISTOL: ”It was a pretty move, I’ll give him that.”
Grabbing Jada by the head, John lifts her up to her feet. He then unloads with multiple punches to the head, backing her across the ring. With Jada against the corner, he then hits her across the chest with a couple of knife edge chops, sending a loud smacking sound piercing over the sounds of the crowd. He then grabs the ropes with both hands and drives her knee upward, planting it in Jada’s stomach. Lifting Jada up, he sits her op the top of the turnbuckle. Climbing the corner, John stands on the middle ropes. He then hooks his arm around Jada’s head and looks over the electric crowd in attendance. Taking a few seconds longer than he should have, he gives Jada just enough time and punch him in the ribcage over and over, knocking the breath away from him. Jada then plants both of her hands into his chest and pushes him away, sending him off the middle ropes and falling to the mat on his back.
Jada then readjusts and looks on as John slowly rolls over and pushes himself up. Once up, John slowly turns around only to see Jada flying at him through the air. Wrapping her arm around his head, Jada continues to spins around and plants John’s head into the canvas with a tornado DDT. She quickly covers for the pin but before the ref can even get down to count, John lifts her up and tosses her to the side, breaking the pin fall. Jada rushes to get to her feet before John can even begin to push himself up. She quickly rushes in and stomps on him while he’s down, keeping him on the mat. After landing a few kicks, Jada then jumps straight up and comes down with an elbow drop across the chest. She then pushes herself away and gets back up, taking notice of John on the mat holding his chest in pain.
Jada then moves in and drives a knee downward into the side of his chest. She then grabs him by the head and slowly pulls him up, struggling slightly with his size and weight. Once up, John throws an elbow into her stomach, forcing her to lunge over from the blow. He then spins her around and wraps his arms around her waist. Lifting her up with all of his strength, the drives her back into the mat with a German suplex that shakes the entire ring.
Back to his feet, John runs to the ropes and hits them hard. Coming back with speed, he leaps into the air and comes down with a body splash on top of Jada. He then hooks the leg as the ref sweeps in for the count.

WEST: ”Jada isn’t going down without a fight!”
BRISTOL: ”She’s been impressive ever since stepping foot in a 4CW ring. I didn’t think for one moment that she was going down for the count after that!”
John looks up at the ref and shakes his head as he pushes himself up. He then grabs Jada by the arm and pulls her up before throwing her to the corner. Taking off behind her, John follows. Once close enough, Jada grabs onto the top ropes and jumps, lifting herself into the air and raising her legs. John crashes into the corner with impact as Jada drops down behind him and drives an elbow into his lower back. She then spins him around and kicks him in the stomach. Wrapping her arm around his head, she then lifts him up and falls back, dropping him to the mat with a vertical suplex.
After getting up, Jada stands back as John pushes himself up, showing signs of fatigue. He then rushes towards her but gets caught off guard as she lifts him up and plants him into the mat with a powerslam. The two then begin to get back up, Jada standing to both feet first. Before John can get to his, she grabs him by the head and pulls it down before throwing a forearm across his back. John then pushes her away and quickly raises his head, shaking off the forearm attack. He then lunges forward to lock up but comes up short as Jada side steps him and moves behind him. She then grabs him by the back of the head and pulls it backwards, wrapping her arm over his face. Before John can even begin to break away, Jada falls back to the mat and drops him with a reverse DDT.
With John in a daze on his back, Jada quickly gets up and runs to the corner. Climbing the turnbuckle, she stands at the top and turns around to face John in the ring still laid out on his back. She then leaps from the top rope, flipping in the air and landing a swanton bomb across his body. Crawling back and covering his body, Jada hooks the leg as the ref drops in for the count.

WEST: ”Jada has won it! She wins it over Austin!”
BRISTOL: ”After some big moves, Jada turned it around at the end and capitalized with the huge swanton bomb to end the night for John.”
“Awesome” hits the speakers as Jada stands to her feet. grabbing her arm, the ref raises it in the air as the fans go wild.

POWERS: ”And the winner by pinfall, JADA MMOONNNNNNNTTAANNAA!!!”
BRISTOL: ”Well that’s it for tonight folks. Jada remains undefeated in 4CW with a big win over John Austin tonight.”
WEST: ”Even thought things didn’t go in John’s favor tonight, he should keep his head held high after this impressive match tonight that could have been anyones for the taking.”
BRISTOL: ”That’s it for us, folks. This was the last 4CW Fistful of Friday. Even thought we won’t be seeing you in the future with 4CW, I can’t wait to see what’s in store with Underground and this acquisition made by Perry Wallace.”
WEST: ”It was fun while it lasted but but the powers that be have other plans in mind.”
BRISTOL: ”Be sure to tune in two weeks from now when Underground kicks off. The stars from Fistful will still be in action, we just won’t be there to call the matches.”
WEST: ”I’ve seen a lot of recent signings lately for this new project and I wish them all the best in 4CW.”
BRISTOL: ”Who knows, we may even see a few of the current Fistful talent get called up to Adrenaline.”
WEST: ”The talent is here. We just needed to give them the spotlight. It was fun, guys. I’m going to miss this.”
BRISTOL: ”You and me both… That’s it. For Ellie-May West and myself, Bud Bristol, we’re signing off.”
The camera then pans over the theater as the fans cheer for Jada in the ring. Walking around the ring with a smile on her face, Jada soaks in the win. The picture then fades to black as a logo appears briefly before the program ends.