JUNE 7TH, 2015

We’re Back.

A flare of the nostrils.
A cough.
“Why the fuck did they bring this back again?” questions the rough, deteriorated British voice of Harry Kane.
He stands outside the newly reconstructed Shitty Warehouse. It would probably be labelled “new and improved” but that’s a relative term when you are talking about the Shitty Warehouse and Underground, the show and arena that are both notorious for being the home to some of the worst human beings to enter the wrestling business.
Harry Kane continues to mumble to himself as finds the keys for the new locks that were installed. As if anyone would want to rob this place anyway.
Oh, and if you don’t know who Harry Kane is? He’s the technician specialist that your dad watched. He helped build the wrestling industry with his bare hands and any wrestler worth a damn will have studied his tapes meticulously. An icon of British wrestling and the gold standard of submission specialists.
But you are not an idiot. You know who Harry Kane is.
Harry Kane doesn’t know what he’s doing here though. The door creaks in and the old familiar feeling drifts back into his mind again. The piss soaked curtains and the cracked floorboards. The light that flickers every half a second unless you leave the plug in wrong. It’s the small details that you remember, and they definitely are hard to forget. 4CW has spent a considerable amount of money into getting Underground back onto it’s feet again and it’s become a widely known fact that 99% of that budget went into marketing.
The 1% went into the new locks.
Harry Kane sighs once more. It’s apparent from the defeated look in his body language that he isn’t happy to be here. His fans used to scream his name while he won championships. Now he’s nobody. He’s nothing.
And neither is the empty shell of an arena he is standing here. In just a few hours time, 200 fans will be crammed up against the walls screaming for their favourite wrestlers as said wrestlers try and rocket themselves to super stardom. It’s a fantastic journey to witness.
But Harry Kane knows that isn’t the truth. He knows that isn’t the way it works around these parts. Underground is where careers go to die. When Harry Kane last appeared on Underground he was concussed and taken out of action, he developed a split personality disorder and now Harry Kane will never be the same man that he once was. He’ll never be the man that held those championships.
Harry Kane redirects his glare to the ring. Flashbacks of his last encounter enter his mind. The pain as he cried out for help. The panic in the air as men and women came to collect him and had to manually remove him from the ring and drag him to the back. It’s a pain he will never forget.
And it’s Underground’s fault that it happened. It’s easy to see why Harry Kane is so hesitant to become involved with it all over again. Even though it has a brand new shine it has the same old stink and that’s exactly what worries Harry Kane.
Someone who has never smelt that old stink is Figgy, the newly announced GM of 4CW’s Underground. He walks into the arena shortly after Harry Kane. He begins looking around the place too, until he catches the eye of Harry Kane and they both give each other a soft smile.
He walks over to Harry and they shake hands. These two go way back. Harry Kane taught Figgy the basics of wrestling and set him onto his path into becoming a wrestling star. The foundation of knowledge that Figgy has built everything on comes from Harry Kane.
“I never thought I’d see your ugly mug again. Well, except when it’s plastered all over my TV.” quips Harry.
“Hey, I could say the same thing about you, ya old man. How’s the kid?”
“She’s still a little shit.”
They both share a chuckle. Jenny Kane is one of the many failed projects of Harry Kane and Figgy won’t let Harry forget it.
“So what’s going on with this place then? What do we need to do?” questions Figgy, eyeing up the Shitty Warehouse.
“The curtains stink of piss, the windows are smashed and the floorboards are cracked. We don’t have any screens, working microphones or even a speaker system. But the ring is… well, it’s functional.”
“So it’s perfect then? I was never one for any of the theatrics anyway.”
“Theatrics is one thing but this… this is another. Someone could die here with the amount of rat shit covering the canvas.”
“Well then shut up and help me scrub this place down. You forget that we have a show in a few hours.”
“And you forget that I’ve already tried scrubbing. But I guess you’re my boss now which makes a change of pace. The apprentice has become the master.”
“Yeah and the apprentice will kick your ass if you don’t go and grab a sponge.”
Shooting Dice

A few hours have passed and we see people gathering around the arena. It looks like it’ll be a full house tonight as people are excited to see what the 4CW version of Underground can offer. The more than broken camera takes us inside the arena and we can see that people are already packed to the walls. The 200 men and women that have crammed themselves into the arena are eagerly anticipating whatever comes next, and the highly anticipated show is finally coming to fruition. Finally.
We cut backstage before the big re-debut of Underground as people begin filling the arena. We see the back of Money Max and the back of another individual as they crack dice off of a concrete wall. The camera catches the front of them and it’s the official for Underground, Handy. Handy uses his only hand and slaps the dice off the wall. Max laughs and snatches the money off the floor as Handy hangs his head. Max goes to shoot dice when he hears his name, “Max.”
Max turns around and sees 4CW interviewer, Gabriel Hartman. Hartman looks at Handy with a little disappointment. Handy jumps up, covers his face and runs away. Max stands up and watches Handy as he runs down the hall. “Good guy, good guy.”
Max stands next to Hartman with his hands on his hips. “How’s it going, buddy? I’ve been waiting for this moment.”
Before Hartman can answer, Max chimes back in.
MAX: “I’m so rude! Would you like to shoot some dice? Come on!”
Hartman laughs and shakes his head.
HARTMAN: “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Max. I’m on the clock. What I wanted to ask is, how are you feeling tonight?”
MAX: “I’m feeling great Hartman! The adrenaline is rushing around inside of me. I’m really looking forward to stepping back into the ring with some talented individuals.”
HARTMAN: “Do you think you’re prepared for the other element in this match, the ladder?”
Max chuckles reaches out of camera view and pulls into the scene his ladder. The same ladder we saw on Adrenaline.
MAX:”What does this tell you, Gabe? I am so ready. I’ve been up and down this ladder more times than I can count. I take risks when I gamble and tonight, I’m gonna take risks inside the squared circle. Five superstars will step into the ring tonight, but only one will come out victorious. Having said that, there’s only one thing left to say… ”
Max tilts his head backwards with his mouth towards the ceiling and shouts, “place your bets!”
Max pats Hartman on the back before heading off down the corridor with the ladder hauled atop his shoulder.
Andrew Storm Vs. Travis Deacon Hall

The scene opens inside the PubCrawler of Austin where the camera catches up with Travis Deacon Hall as he’s there with his wife Sage Melissa Hall on a double date with their friends Andrew Storm and his wife Elizabeth Storm.
Travis Deacon Hall: It seems that management has decided that the two of us should be facing off against each other but that’s not going to be happening because Andrew and I are a tag team so in other words we’re not going to be facing each other in the middle of that ring on this week’s Underground.
Andrew Storm: There is no way we are going to face off. You and I have already fought once since we arrived in 4CW. Then we weren’t a tag team, it has just recently been formed between us, but now we are refusing to wrestle each other.
The waiter returns with their drinks and their appetizers.
Travis Deacon Hall: It doesn’t matter who wins this tournament because they’re just holding the championship warm for one of us to beat them for the championship. You might think that it makes no sense what we’re saying right now but in the end it really does because why should we waste all our talents and energy in this tournament when we already know that neither Andrew or I are going to win it so we’ll be focusing our time and energy in training for the new Underground Champion whoever that may be will be our victim because we’re coming for the championship whether management or the champion whoever it be at that time has to say about it.
Andrew Storm: Yes we are on record as of now, stating that we are putting the future Underground Champion on notice. That the championship is going to be coming home with one of us, in the near future.
The waiter returns to take everyone’s orders and then goes to give in the order to the chef.
Travis Deacon Hall: We don’t really care who wins this tournament because that’s the least of our problem seeing as that person will be looking for anywhere to hide but there won’t be anywhere for them to get away from us.
Andrew Storm: They can run but they can’t hide. There is nowhere in this building that will be big enough for you to hide, we are coming for you.
The waiter returns with everyone’s meal and then they get refills on their drinks.
The Halls and the Storms continue their dinner as the scene fades to black.
O’Rian vs. Dante Albright

O’Rian begins to make his entrance down to the ring as My Enemy by Six Side Die blasts througout the ancient Underground speaker system. Seriously, the lack of bass is almost disturbing. He looks around with a wide eyed gaze and starts frantically slapping his head. He’s pumped up but he’s also a psycho, so he’s got that going for him.
Harry Kane: “The Canadian Lunatic is a four time hardcore champion. Seems to be a perfect fit in a place like this.”
He gets in the ring and his eyes instantly lock on to those of Dante Albright who is already in the ring. The Canadian Lunatic O’Rian is certainly an odd fellow and that could mean bad things for Dante Albright.
Spoiler: It does indeed mean bad things.
O’Rian charges at Dante Albright the second the bell rings and jumps on him wailing at him with fist after fist after fist after fist. Each shot landing square into the jaw, cheek or temple of Dante Albright until he scrambles underneath the ropes to the outside of the ring to regain his thoughts.
Harry Kane: “O’Rian is ruthless in his assault against Dante Albright.”
Charlie Cooper: “Like you mentioned before, his previous experience as a hardcore champion is certainly going to help him here. You can tell that he’s ready to bring it.”
He doesn’t get a second as O’Rian immediately follows up his offensive by doing a suicide dive straight into Dante Albright. A sickening thud is heard as O’Rian’s momentum throws Dante straight down to the floor. The first holy shit chant erupts in the Shitty Warehouse and it was guaranteed to not be the last.
Harry Kane: “And these fans are going bloody bonkers for that!”
Charlie Cooper: “Can you blame them? It seems that every time we’ve been in the Shitty Warehouse someone defies gravity at least once.”
O’Rian picks up Dante Albright and throws him back under the ropes and looks around as the fans cheer for this madness. The crazy fans of Underground like the people who manage to take everything up a notch.
O’Rian picks Dante Albright up and throws him into the corner and begins to stomp a mudhole and walk it dry. Kick after kick after kick after kick after kick after kick. The fans get tired just watching O’Rian’s infinite amount of shots to the sternum and even the one armed ref doesn’t bother counting to five.
Harry Kane: “I’m a big fan of refs like this. They just want to see a fight!”
O’Rian picks up Dante Albright out of the corner and hits him with his finishing move, Eradication. He drives Dante Albright’s head straight into the canvas and immediately begins to cover Dante Albright as the referee counts the 3.
Winner: O’Rian by Pinfall in 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
Harry Kane: “Now I have to admit that O’Rian certainly brung it tonight. It was crazy how fast he was with his physical dissection of Dante Albright.”
Charlie Cooper: “Dante Albright just had no way to prepare for that onslaught.”
We Are Here

As the video feed begins, it shows what seems to be a futuristic look at the world as it was all glitzy and glammer as a voice is heard
Voice: Earth, all her beauty, the people roam the streets, live their lives, enjoy the freedom that is the basic rights of all human beings. But there is a harsher truth to this. One that people make seem so beautiful and yet it is a harsh reality.
The feed then shows images of soldiers being carried with missing limbs, organs and the dead as the voice returns to speak, but this time even softer
Voice: You people think that all you have to do is elect a president and pay your taxes and show support for your government and you’ll have freedom but your wrong! These young men and women go over and fight for your freedom. The rich wage war while its the poor who pay for it. I mean really? Are you people such mindless fools that you don’t realize the shit that’s going on? You know their sitting in the back of their jets laughing while you can’t afford to keep gas in your tank, or food in your stomach or a roof over your little ones heads. Well we can help you.
A man steps forward in a mask as random images are shown of bankers and politicians as the man was wearing a black bandanna over his mouth with red contacts in his eyes, but hidden with black sunglasses as his face was also painted and he spoke again
Voice: 4 Corners, I am here to set you free. I am here to show you the way, the path to the real world, to the future where there is no pain, no torment, no worries, only paradise. Trust me when I say that the end of the world is a bad thing but together, we can change it for we are The Uprising and together, everyone one of us can show the world we care. But do remember that if your not with us then your just dead. Thank you for your time.
But as the man started to walk away, there is a man in a cell in the background that can be heard as he screams for help.
Man: Help me! he’s gonna kill me.
As the transmission ends, you hear the man screaming in agony as a graffiti’d inverted cross is shown on the screen with the words “We Are Here” shown on the screen as the feed goes to static and the next segment or match is under away.
Latoya Hixx vs. Jacob Franco

Latoya Hixx made her way down to the ring with a look of determination on her face as ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem blasted out on the shitty P.A system. The crowd didn’t seem to think too much of Latoya, refusing to slap her hand as she walked down the rickety entrance ramp.
Harry Kane: “The fans just want nothing to do with Latoya right now.”
Charlie Cooper: “It’s quite sad to be honest. This girl is here to prove she is the best like every other competitor of Underground. ”
Harry Kane: “But sometimes you gotta prove you are able to survive hostile conditions. Did I ever tell you about the time I-”
Charlie Cooper: “Yes. Many times. Please refrain from telling me again.”
Jacob Franco was already in the ring as Latoya Hixx made her entrance and “The Mad Man” also had a look of determination on his face. It was clear that he wanted to put away with his unique arsenal of MMA influenced attacks.
The bell rang and Jacob Franco tried exactly that. Within seconds Jacob Franco sprinted at Latoya and tried to throw a huge jumping high kick but Latoya ducked and rolled out of the way! Jacob turns around and is surprised as he’s hit with a kick to the gut and Latoya plants his face straight into the mat with a sitout facebuster!
Harry Kane: “NO WAY!”
She turns him over and goes for the pin!
Charlie Cooper: “Latoya could make it out of here with an early pin!”
Winner: Latoya Hixx by Pinfall in 25 seconds.
Harry Kane: “Oh my god!”
Latoya Hixx stands up and looks as surprised as the fans, she rolls out of the ring and walks away, unable to even react to what she just did. Jacob Franco sits up and looks around, confused about what just happened.
Charlie Cooper: “Adversity she faced and adversity she conquered!”
Harry Kane: “I don’t even think Jacob Franco knows what just happened! What an incredible victory for Latoya Hixx!”
Warpath vs. Jack Bleach

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana starts blasting from the speakers. Everyone’s attention turns to the entrance stage as the lights start flickering. The fans can’t tell if it’s an effect or if they are actually just broken. Warpath finally steps out from the back, dressed in his ring attire. He stops for a moment at the top of the ramp, before running down the ramp at top speed. He slows down as he nears the steps, taking the opportunity to slap the hands of a few hands located near him. He pulls off his hoody and throws it to the crowd.
Jack Bleach stands in the corner eyeing down Warpath but Warpath doesn’t think anything of it. Handy rings the bell and the match gets underway.
it doesn’t take long for Warpath to gain control. A collar and elbow tie up soon goes in his favour as he gets the neck of Jack Bleach in a headlock. He holds on tight and takes him over with a trip and makes sure to keep a lock of the neck.
Harry Kane: “Warpath has some nice technical game behind him. I like this kid”
Charlie Cooper: “It’s interesting to see how he keeps control of Jack Bleach with such a simple hold. He has obviously learnt the fundamentals very well.”
Jack Bleach begins to stand up until Warpath spins him over down to the ground again and still keeps a hold of the neck. Jack Bleach attempts to get up one more time and bounces Warpath off the ropes after he elbows him in the gut twice.
Harry Kane: “This is just traditional wrestling at it’s finest. HAHA I LOVE IT.”
Warpath rebounds of the opposite set of ropes and reverses whatever Jack Bleach was trying to do by hitting him with a stiff lariat. The crowd popped a little and he made sure to capitalize on his early opportunity. Warpath ran and hit Jack Bleach with a jumping knee drop square between the eyes and then took a moment to pose in front of the crowd.
Charlie Cooper: “Warpath, forever the showman.”
Harry Kane: “Kid is on fire in this match right now, who wouldn’t?”
Jack Bleach rolled up Warpath while he was busy celebrating!
Harry Kane: “That was a close fall. Always gotta make sure to check your opponent while your distracting the crowd.”
Warpath pops up to his feet before Jack Bleach and hits him with a roundhouse kick as Jack Bleach is in a kneeling position! It almost took his head off!
Harry Kane: “Jack Bleach doesn’t want to be put away though. It will be interesting to see if Warpath can keep his composure and not get frustrated.”
Warpath picked up Jack Bleach while he was still dazed and hit him with a european uppercut that almost took his head off! Jack Bleach stumbles into the corner still dazed. Warpath soon follows by running into him with a clothesline into the corner and follows it up with a DDT, leaving Jack Bleach in the middle of the ring.
Harry Kane: “Momentum swinging even further in Warpath’s favour now. Jack Bleach has GOT to find a way to get out of this or he’ll find himself in quite a predicament.”
Warpath picks up Jack Bleach and signals for the end. He grabs Jack Bleach and plants his face straight down to the ground, executing his finishing move, Homecoming! Warpath rolls over Jack Bleach.
Winner: Warpath by Pinfall in 7 minutes.
Harry Kane: “Now that was interesting. Warpath certainly has a lot going for him after that match.”

We cut to a cameraman backstage in the communal locker room. We also see 4CW’s resident backstage reporter Gabriel Hartman with a microphone in hand. Standing besides him is none other than Warpath, who is still dressed in his ring attire and is slowly towelling off the perspiration from his match earlier in the night. In his trademark journalistic manner, Hartman starts speaking.
Hartman: Ladies and gentlemen, with me at this time is one of Underground’s latest talent acquisitions. Please welcome from Portland, Oregon… the masked wrestler, Warpath!
Now, Warpath, the Underground faithful are definitely intrigued by you – with your showing tonight playing no small part in their curiosity. What are your thoughts on your performance against Jack Bleach earlier?
He hands the microphone over to Warpath, who takes it before acknowledging the camera with a rather cheerful wave.
Warpath: Good evening Underground!
Cheers from the fans in the seats watching this live broadcast. Even behind the mask, it is apparent that Warpath is contented.
Warpath: In hindsight, I feel that tonight was a good matchup between Jack Bleach and myself. Bleach is a fighter through and through, and I can respect that fact. My first match here, and both of us gave it all we got for the fans in Texas to watch. Incredible.
Hartman takes the microphone back and asks another question, before handing it back to the masked wrestler.
Hartman: Truly an excellent match indeed. Now, what are you looking to accomplish here in Underground?
Warpath pauses for several seconds, obviously thinking his answer through.
Warpath: This is my debut match, and as pleasant as it may be, this also serves as a message to the rest of the Underground locker room. Tonight, everyone saw me defeat another professional wrestler and claim victory. Next time, it could be for the Underground Championship. And perhaps, who knows? One day it might even be for the Holy Grail. And of course I’m talking about…
He pauses ominously, before speaking in a poor imitation of a soprano.
Warpath: Underground Groupiesssssss!
Warpath chuckles at his little joke, before sobering up and turning back to the camera.
Warpath: Gabriel, I’m a professional, and I definitely want to strive to be the very best in my business. What do I want to accomplish here? Well, it’s simple. I’m not going to be a perpetual card-opening act. I’m not even aiming for the middle of the card. I am someone who is here to succeed.
I’m not talking about hoping to one day headline the main event of Underground. I’ve got bigger dreams than that. I am a man who will never settle for something less than what I am capable of, and guess what Gabriel?
Warpath turns back to Hartman, looking him in the eye for a couple of seconds
Warpath: I am here to show the world what I am capable of. And I believe I am capable of being the 4CW Underground Champion.
He nods approvingly, before passing the microphone back to Hartman and walking off. The camera fades to black as Underground heads for a commercial break.
John Blade Vs. Julius Dayz

John Blade comes out from the curtain and looks around at the 200 in attendance. Eminem’s Legacy is blasting over the shit speaker system and it’s clear that the crowd are clearly not enjoying the shrieks that the speakers produce.
The lights go out with smoke (a very small amount of it, at least) filling up the entrance area. ‘You Can Hate Me Now’ by Nas hits the shitty P.A. system as Julius Dayz makes his way out from the back. Julius pauses on the stage before walking directly down the ramp way towards the ring. Julius walks around the ring taking in the crowds cheers and jeers.
The bell rings and both competitors lock up after a semi long stand off. They battle for control in a collar and elbow tie up until Julius simply throws John Blade onto his back by propelling him half way across the ring.
Harry Kane: “Holy shit. John Blade is a big dude but the power of Julius Dayz is actually quite scary.”
Charlie Cooper: “It definitely has been well documented. It will be interesting to see how John Blade reacts to Julius Dayz who is in arguably the best shape of his life.”
Julius Dayz has a small smirk on his face. John Blade removes that smile by popping up to his feet and hitting a double leg take down on Julius Dayz and begins laying shots into his sternum on the ground until the ref has to try and break them up.
Harry Kane: “Now Blade obviously didn’t like the fact that The Empire King overpowered him there.”
After being broken up, both men stand up and another stare down occurs. Both men lock eyes and it’s clear that these two didn’t like each other. Julius Dayz still has a shit eating grin on his face and decides it’s time to stop wrestling and start fighting.
Julius Dayz throws out a huge right hand, landing squarely in the jaw of John Blade and throwing him completely off balance. He lands in the corner and Julius Dayz continues to throw rights straight into John Blade’s face and stomach.
Harry Kane: “Julius Dayz is firing up here!”
Charlie Cooper: “You can say that again.”
He then grabs John by the head and throws him over the top rope down to the concrete on the outside! Julius Dayz follows him to the outside but his face meets railing as John Blade drop toe holds him straight into the metal barrier!
Charlie Cooper: “He could have lost a tooth from that!”
Harry Kane: “He could have lost his whole jaw, never mind his tooth!”
John Blade picks up Julius Dayz and throws him into the railing once to the adoration of Underground’s fans. He throws Julius in the ring and follows him in. Picking Julius Dayz up by the hair, he whips him into the ropes and hits a power slam on him! The smack of the canvas echoes throughout the shitty warehouse and he goes for a pin but only gets a close 2!
Harry Kane: “Julius can take punishment too. I’m beginning to like this kid.”
Charlie Cooper: “But let’s not discount the fact that John Blade is clearly in control of the match right now. If he keeps this up, he can dictate the pace and make sure that Julius Dayz will never have a chance to get back into this match.”
John Blade picks up Julius Dayz and yells smack at him. “You are NOT better than me! Your empire will fall!”. Julius Dayz replies with a slap on the cheek and John Blade’s face begins to pulsate red.
John Blade simply shakes his head and grabs Julius by the hair once more and throws him into the corner. John Blade runs at Julius Dayz but The “Empire King” manages to get a boot up, smacking John Blade right on the button! He then gets John Blade up into a powerbomb position using his brute strength and throws him into the corner he was just in!
Charlie Cooper: “Julius Dayz calls that the Fall of the Empire.”
Harry Kane: “Have you ever been powerbombed in a corner? I once was back in the 80’s and I couldn’t walk for a week.”
Julius Dayz gets John Blade up by his neck and just yells at him. We can’t make out what he’s saying but it’s safe to assume it’s nothing pleasant.
Harry Kane: “Julius Dayz must be laughing to himself right now. John Blade did this exact tactic and got caught out.”
Julius Dayz bounces off the ropes while John Blade is still stood on wobbly legs. Dayz makes sure that he’s no longer standing after hitting a BRUTAL clothesline. John Blade lands square on the mat and his neck may have been broken from the sheer power of that move.
Harry Kane: “Oh fuck. Breaking necks, getting checks.”
Dayz then keeps his momentum going by climbing to the top rope. He jumps off and hits John Blade with his finishing top rope leg drop! He quickly goes for a cover.
Winner: Julius Dayz by Pinfall in 12 minutes 30 seconds.
Julius Dayz gets his arm raised by the one armed ref and notices a trickle of blood on his forehead. He was busted open by the metal railing earlier but never noticed because of the adrenaline. He nods his head, approving his own victory and promptly leaves the ring.
John Blade eventually begins to get to his feet (even though he’s groggy) and the fans give him a standing ovation for his effort.
Jake Orton vs. John Winters

We come back from an advertisement break to see Jake Orton and John Winters already getting ready to start their match as they are both preparing themselves in the ring. They both are getting a good amount of cheers as Underground is very fond of the characters they portray.
The bell rings and John Winters simply stares at Jake Orton. He doesn’t move and Jake Orton looks at Handy asking if Scar is for serious.
Harry Kane: “Obviously some mind games are being played here.”
Charlie Cooper: “It takes more than mind games to win a wrestling contest.”
John Winters out of nowhere suddenly charges at Jake Orton, hitting him with a throat thrust that could have easily sent lesser men to the hospital. Jake Orton falls to his knee and Scar takes advantage by hitting him with a Kesagiri chop downwards into his neck. Orton flops over and Scar simply walks back to his corner and never let’s his eyes off the target.
Harry Kane: “This psychological stuff is really scaring me.”
Charlie Cooper: “Well he has the mind games and he has the wrestling. Let’s hope that Jake Orton has perseverance.”
Orton stands back up and shakes his head at John Winters as his eyebrows straight to lower to create an almost frustrated expression. Jake Orton runs at Scar who manages to dodge out of the way and Jake Orton finds himself in the corner. Scar lands ANOTHER throat thrust straight on the mark but this one seems to damage Jake Orton less than the first.
Harry Kane: “Jake Orton is either getting used to those or his adrenaline is kicking in.”
Charlie Cooper: “Sometimes that’s all you need to win a match. Motivation and that adrenaline rush.”
Jake Orton’s reaction to just getting hit in the throat? One of his own.
Scar collapses to the ground holding his throat after receiving some of his own medicine. Jake Orton laughs and shakes his head non nonchalantly and picks up John Winters again. He throws him off the ropes and jumps high, landing a dropkick straight on the jaw. He covers John Winters but only manages to get a quick 2.
Harry Kane: “Back in my day a dropkick meant you were done.”
Charlie Cooper: “Well I’m glad that wrestling has improved considerably since your day then.”
Wanting to keep his momentum going, Jake Orton picks up Scar and throws him into the corner, Jake Orton throws a few shots to the gut and then props him up on the second rope, looking for a superplex or some other move that can only be executed from the most dangerous part of the ring.
Harry Kane: “This is terrible territory to be in. ”
Jake Orton climbs up the ropes but is met with fist after fist by Scar until he finally drops down onto the mat. Scar looks around at the 200 fans going nuts for everything the two are doing together in the ring and stands up on the top rope!
Charlie Cooper: “This isn’t John Winters’ usual plan of attack but perhaps it could be what wins him the match!”
Jake Orton runs up to the top turnbuckle at lightning fast speed and hits Scar with an even quicker superplex! The two land with a hard smack and thud onto the mat.
Slowly going for a pin, Jake Orton puts one arm over Scar in hopes to get the win!
Somehow Scar manages to kick out by the skin of his teeth. They both eventually begin to clamber up to their feet, even after the brutal strikes that have been thrown all match. John Winters throws a right hand straight into Jake Orton’s jaw! They are both on wobbly legs.
Harry Kane: “This match has taken so much out of both competitors. It’s clear to see that they have both given it their all.”
Charlie Cooper: “The fans will love them for it.”
Scar follows that right hand up with a Kesagiri chop! And another! And ANOTHER! Jake Orton is on more than wobbly legs now but Scar seems to be gaining composure the more and more he hits Jake Orton with moves.
Jake Orton goes for an attack of his own but Scar grabs it and spins him around and lands his finishing Arm Trap Neckbreaker!
Harry Kane: “No way! As quick as a hiccup and as speedy as Gonzales this match could be over!”
Scar rolls over Jake Orton and lands on him for a pinfall.
Winner: John Winters by Pinfall in 16 minutes.
They both are a bit wobbly right now but both make it to their feet. John Winters extends his hand out for a shake and Jake Orton looks around the crowd to see what their reaction is.
Fuck the reaction, he slaps John Winters around the face and exits the ring giving everyone the finger as he does it.
Harry Kane: “Back in my day we had sportsmanship.”
Charlie Cooper: “Back in your day we just learnt how to make fire.”
Niobe Martin vs. Robert Garrett

‘Nightmare’ by Avenged Sevenfold comes onto the shitty P.A system and Niobe Martin comes down to the ring with a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.
‘Born to Rise’ by Redlight King plays as Rob Garrett walks down the ramp ignoring the few fans asking for high-fives but stopping at any person he sees with their camera out, posing for them. Once he gets to the ring he slides in before getting up on one knee and immediately redirects his attention to Niobe Martin.
Both competitors lock up straight away as the bell dings and we are officially under way. Robert Garrett immediately gets an advantage here by shooting on the leg and grounding Niobe. He immediately begins to focus on her right leg by attacking it with his elbow over and over again.
Harry Kane: “If she loses her vertical base then she is fucked.”
Charlie Cooper: “Tell me about it.”
Harry Kane: “Well if sh-”
Charlie Cooper: “It was a figure of speech. Please don’t tell me about it.”
Niobe Martin eventually manages to scramble out and she starts to shake her leg off. It looks like even those elbows could have already done some initial damage. God knows what Robert Garrett would do if he could grab it for more than a few seconds.
Robert Garrett throws a right hand but Niobe Martin dodges out of the way and runs to the ropes. She bounces of the middle rope and flies towards Robert Garrett but he manages to dodge out of the way of any offence that she had planned to execute.
Harry Kane: “Niobe Martin is using her speed to her advantage here. It’s very hard for Robert to keep up.”
Garrett throws a superkick but Niobe Martin dodges out of the way and then spins by 180 degrees and hits him with an elbow straight to the jaw! Robert Garrett instantly drops to the floor and Niobe Martin looks to take advantage of her momentum instantly by leaping off the middle rope and go for a lionsault!
…and she lands it perfectly! She only manages to get a 2 after the cover though.
Charlie Cooper: “So close. It’s getting to matter of milliseconds.”
Niobe Martin picks up Robert Garrett but he throws a shot straight into her gut. He bounces off the ropes and runs towards her but Niobe catches him out with a frankensteiner! Robert Garrett lands straight onto his head and he looks completely out of it.
Harry Kane: “That is crazy. Robert Garnett got absolutely dropped there.”
Niobe instinctively runs up to the top rope and looks to land her finishing 450 splash, Hallucination! Robert manages to roll out of harm’s way. Niobe slowly makes it to her feet but gets hit by a huge superkick!
Charlie Cooper: “I… damn.”
Niobe is staggering on her feet and Robert throws a right hand but Niobe’s instinct catches in and he misses it, spinning 180 degrees! Niobe Martin rolls up Robert Garnett in a schoolboy!
Harry Kane: “Her quickness is yet again factor, watch out!!”
Winner: Niobe Martin by Pinfall in 10 minutes.
Robert immediately springs to his feet and smacks Niobe over the side of her head before she has time to react to her win. He shakes his head yelling out “NO!” as he makes his way out of the ring to the back and the 200 fans in the arena boo him out.
Veronica Taylor vs. Blake Buckley
Wrote by: Underground

‘Perfect’ by Mason vs. Princess Superstar plays and Veronica then stands at the end of the entrance ramp, doing some poses. Before, raising her arms in the air as the fans fill the air with more boos. Before, she mouths to the camera “So damn first class baby”, before blowing a kiss to the camera. She then moves to the ring apron, yelling at the referee to lower the ropes for her, which he refuses to do as Veronica enters under the bottom rope. She then stands in the center of the ring raising her arms in the air, before lowering them slowly. She grabs her perfume and sprays it all around attempting to kill the stench in the ring to the fans’ disapproval.
Blake Buckley’s entrance is much less contrived as he simply comes down the ramp with a cigarette in mouth as ‘Kill the Music’ by Every Time I Die is playing on the Shitty Warehouses’ speakers. He blows the smoke into the crowd as he walks down the ramp until he makes it into the ring, making sure to blow some in the way of Veronica Taylor too.
The bell rings and Blake Buckley comes at Veronica Taylor throwing bombs. He throws jabs and right hooks looking to try and get a lucky blow on “The First Class Model”. It doesn’t really succeed though as Veronica manages to evade most of his offence.
Harry Kane: “The wild hay makers work… when they land.”
Veronica hits Blake Buckley with her Facelift Implant DDT, immediately kicking this match into high gear. Blake Buckley already looks dazed as Veronica Taylor only manages to get a 2 count from her signature move.
Charlie Cooper: “This match is already getting tense.”
She picks Blake Buckley up who rolls her up!
Harry Kane: “Shit. I thought he got the win there.”
Blake Buckley then begins to scramble away hoping that his roll up bought him some time to get away but Veronica is still on the prowl. She picks up Blake Buckley and rakes her long fingernails down his back, making him squirm in pain.
Harry Kane: “I had a girl do that to me, once.”
Charlie Cooper: “Yeah, right.”
Harry Kane: “I meant in a match!”
She then grabs his hair and pulls him down straight into her knee, almost breaking his back!
Harry Kane: “Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch!”
Veronica poses and then picks up Blake Buckley by his hair and points to herself, exclaiming that she is the top model in Underground and that she will become the first ever champion.
Blake Buckley slaps her! Before she even has time to react he grabs her arm and puts her in The Big Dirty, his finishing arm trap crossface!
Veronica Taylor taps instantly before any damage is done. She was probably trying to save her face!
Winner: Blake Buckley by Submission in 12 minutes.
Adrian Jobs vs. Cosmic Starfish Esquire vs. Jada Montana vs. Maximus vs. Lars Bukowski

A rather large woman wearing a cowboy hat and a shirt which is a little too tight for comfort makes her way down to the ring. She has a microphone in hand and she has a little smile on her face. How naive she is. She struggles to bend over to get under the top rope, but she eventually manages to stumble into the ring.
“The next match… is the Underground Invitational Ladder Match and it is scheduled for one fall. The winner of the match must climb the ladder and unhook the briefcase which contains the contract to become the number 1 contender for the Underground Championship!” screeches the ring announcers’ native Texan voice, only further “assisted” by the cheap microphones and broken speakers that Underground uses.
Entering the ring first is Jada Montana. Awwsome by Shy Glizzy plays as she walks down the ramp. She turns around and notices that the pyro that usually falls from the ceiling just… doesn’t. Underground can barely even afford the electricity, never mind that fancy pyro stuff! Never the less, the crowd jump to the feet and shower Jada Montana in cheers.
Harry Kane: “Now, I wonder how much of the crowd are cheering for Jada Montana because of her good looks?”
Charlie Cooper: “The dedicated Underground fans couldn’t care less about people’s looks. They just want to see people kick ass!”
Maximus Dunn/Money Max begins to make his entrance down to the ring with “The Gambler” by Kenny Rodgers very loudly playing throughout the Shitty Warehouse, with a very distinctive ‘tinny’ quality affecting the song. He pops up to the ring apron and looks around at the 200 fans in attendance and acknowledges their refusal to clap along to the song.
Harry Kane: “This crowd has been brutal tonight.”
Charlie Cooper: “Like I said, they wanna see these people kick ass. Maybe less time should be dedicated to the entrances and more should be dedicated to… ya know, fighting!”
Adrian Jobs begins to make his way down to the ring as “Sorry, You’re Not A Winner” by Enter Shikari. The crowd actually jump to their feet for Adrian Jobs as they recognise the former WEW TV and WEW Titan champion. Nathan Kyle is following in Adrian Jobs’ footsteps as he walks down the rickety ramp, making sure that his abs are fully exposed for all of the audience to see.
Harry Kane: “I wonder if his manager will play any part in the match at all?”
Charlie Cooper: “That’s like asking a German man if he knows how to make a car. OF COURSE HE WILL!”
Harry Kane: “You don’t think that cheating is beneath him?”
Charlie Cooper: “You are a former wrestler and you know as well as I do that it isn’t cheating. There’s not really any “rules” to begin with. It’s a free for all, and whoever climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase wins!”
In next comes Cosmic Starfish Esquire. “Demon Painter” by Arcturus starts blasting through the shitty speaker system. As he walks down the ramp, he begins to realise that this isn’t the theatre at all. This is a wrestling event! He looks completely lost as he wanders down the aisle, confusing himself further with every step. The lanky bearded man finally manages to make it into the ring as everyone watches in bewilderment as to how this guy got signed.
Harry Kane: “This is… is this a joke?”
Charlie Cooper: “Some times the most clueless opponents are the deadliest.”
Harry Kane: “This man is more than clueless… he’s lost his freaking mind! This is one of the most dangerous match types in all of wrestling and he doesn’t even know what a bloody ring is!”
A loud high-shrieked battle cry is followed “Viking Death March” by Billy Talent over the P.A system as Lars Bukowski makes his way down to the ring. The 6’6” viking’s formidable form awes the crowd, as does the chicken leg he’s holding In one of his hands, taking a huge bite out of it intermittently.
Harry Kane: “Now that… that’s how you do things. My hands on favourite for tonight is Lars.”
Charlie Cooper: “And if you knew his history you would know that he has wrestling in his blood. It will be interesting to see if he’s picked up anything from his daddy.”
Lars is still ringside walking down to the ring but before he can even begin climbing into the ring Money Max, Jada Montana and Adrian Jobs all quickly rush out of the ring and begin beating the piss out of Lars The Great. His chicken leg goes flying into the audience as he’s met with kicks and punches.
Harry Kane: “This is a brilliant strategy! Take down the big man and further your chances!”
Charlie Cooper: “This may just piss off Lars a bit though. We’ll see how powerful a man can get when he loses his chicken.”
Back in the ring Starfish is just stood completely still, looking at all of the 200 in attendance.
Harry Kane: “Has… has Starfish got stage fright?”
Charlie Cooper: “You would think out of all the problems that Starfish has, that would be the least of them.”
It isn’t too long before we hear a roar from Lars The Great as he powers away from all of his attackers. He grabs Adrian Jobs by the hair and launches him into the ring post. He grabs Jada and throws her into the steel steps and picks up Money Max above his head and THROWS HIM INTO THE CROWD!
A section of the crowd erupts with “holy shit!” chants while the others try to frantically scurry away from the flying man who had a very short flight and a very hard landing.
Lars the Great looks around and sees that Starfish has actually begun to understand the concept of wrestling. He’s climbed the top rope! Starfish takes a bow for all of his adoring fans and jumps from the top rope, leaping with a massive elbow drop to the outside straight onto Lars the Great!
Starfish hops to his feet and yet again takes another bow before he gets clobbered around the back of the head by Jada. She picks him up by the neck and DDTs him onto the concrete!
Harry Kane: “Why don’t we have padding?!”
Charlie Cooper: “We can’t afford that.”
Jada sees that everyone is down except Adrian Jobs who is lost in the crowd. Her gaze is redirected to the briefcase containing the contract and we all know what she is thinking. She pulls out a ladder from under the ring and slides it under the bottom rope, following it in after. She learns that anything you bring can be used against you as soon her back is cracked against the ladder as Adrian Jobs finds his way back into the ring and slams her straight down onto the ladder! The crowd go crazy as Jada’s back surely must be broken!
Charlie Cooper: “Now this is getting uncomfortable to watch. Jada has surely never been subjected to this type of punishment before.”
Harry Kane: “She’s getting a crash course in it.”
Adrian Jobs grabs the ladder that was on the floor and sets it up in the corner with a small grin on his face. He knows exactly what he wants to do with the ladder. He picks up Jada (broken back and all) and whips her straight into the propped up ladder in the corner!
Harry Kane: “Flesh meeting steel meeting steel! ”
Charlie Cooper: “Adrian Jobs looks like he has an agenda with Jada. Either that, or his desperation to become the Underground Champion is becoming apparent.”
The ladder crumples under the sheer force and Jada flops to the floor in agony as Adrian Jobs looks around the arena and nods his head. The Underground audience see him look at Lars and Starfish on the outside and they chant “YES!”, egging him on. He shrugs his shoulders and suicide dives underneath the top rope into both Starfish and Lars. We hear a thud as all 3 men fall over onto the unprotected concrete.
Harry Kane: “Adrian Jobs is going crazy. He’s gaining momentum and it’s going to help him in this match!”
Charlie Cooper: “But realistically Harry, how long does momentum last in a match like this?”
Harry Kane: “Not long. Adrian Jobs has to capitalize here but it looks like he’s down and out along with everyone else.”
Suddenly the P.A. system is overruled by heavy guitar and rums as ‘Pissed Off and Mad About It’ plays out of the speakers. Judd Grunge appears on the stage with a steel chair in hand and an evil smirk on his face.
Charlie Cooper: “Oh my god… oh my god. This could be very bad news for everybody in this match. It’s Judd Grunge! He’s looking pissed off and ready to fight.”
The Hardcore A-Hole begins to walk down the ramp and the first person to meet his wrath is Lars The Great who runs straight into a chair shot in the face as he tries to stop Judd Grunge. The next is Maximus as he gets smacked with a chair straight to the skull that is heard around the world.
Harry Kane: “Oh fuck. That’s the type of shot that ends careers.”
Charlie Cooper: “Tell me about it. Maximus will have a concussion after this match.”
Judd Grunge slides under the ropes and looks around at everyone down on the ground and shouts at the sound guy to pass him a microphone. The sound guy shakes his head so Judd Grunge gives him an evil stare and then proceeds to throw the chair at him which the sound guy manages to luckily dodge.
The fans boo Judd Grunge as he leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp. No words needed to be said; he’s here and the world knows it.
Maximus is somehow the first to get to his feet, busted open with blood spitting out of his skull all over the concrete floor after that sickening chair shot. This match has gotten completely out of control, even by Underground standards. Maximus sees a ladder and puts it underneath the bottom rope, struggling to roll in after it.
Maximus sets up the ladder after barely even managing to get to his feet BUT GETS HIT WITH A LEG KICK TO THE FACE BY JADA!
Harry Kane: “Oh fuck Jada is gonna steal this!”
Jada sprints up the ladder and manages to grab the briefcase until the ladder from under her is dropkicked over by Adrian Jobs. She plummets all the way down to the concrete which would have been fatal if not for Adrian Jobs’ gay best friend to catch her. The fans go absolutely insane as a 130 pound woman was almost killed in front of their very eyes.
Charlie Cooper: “This match is incredible.”
Harry Kane: “It’s lunacy. Look at what everyone is risking just to get that fucking briefcase. It isn’t even a championship!”
Adrian Jobs sets up the ladder he just kicked over and picks it up, setting it directly underneath the briefcase. That is, until Starfish pushes the ladder over and Adrian Jobs falls onto both Jada and Nathan Kyle. The fans cheer Cosmic Starfish Esquire and a single tear rolls down his cheek. He smiles and waves to his adoring fans until a bloodied Maximus stands up and they lock eyes.
Harry Kane: “This… could be interesting.”
Starfish smiles and nods at Maximus. He waves at him.
Charlie Cooper: “Oh, look at that! He just wants to make a friend.”
Maximus, showing his blood coloured teeth in anger grabs him by the head and plants him down with a double arm DDT! Starfish’s head is driven into the mat and he is then kicked out of the ring. Maximus sets up the ladder and ever so slowly climbs it until he makes it to the top and unhooks the briefcase.
Winner: Maximus by retrieving the briefcase in 25 minutes and 30 seconds.
A bloodied Maximus is now on the floor, gripping the briefcase like it’s his newly born child. He shakes his head, unable to even comprehend his accomplishment.
Harry Kane: “Now this is what he was fighting for. What a scary match that was.”
Charlie Cooper: “It turns out the wildcards do win some times. He didn’t have to be a dick to Starfish though.”
Money Max is holding up the briefcase until Robert Garrett comes out of nowhere and hits him round the back of the head with a forearm!
Harry Kane: “Oh shit.”
Robert Garrett picks up Maximus and locks him in with his finishing guillotine choke, Star Power! Money Max would have no choice but to tap but he is so fucked after that match that he can’t even do that! Handy and other officials come to the ringside to try and pry ‘The Natural’ away from Maximus’ neck.
He finally lets go after Maximus has been choked unconscious. He looks at the briefcase that contains the #1 Contendership Contract… and picks it up and runs away with it!
Charlie Cooper: “They can win some of the time but not all of the time I guess”
Harry Kane: “What a brutal message that was sent by Robert Garrett. Every competitor has had their lives changed after this match but unfortunately that is all we have time for. Good night, everybody.”