JUNE 25TH, 2015


From the get go, this wasn’t a competitive or dragged out match at all. As soon as the bell silenced, Rambo went straight to work, tearing down Kryptops with everything he had in his arsenal. Even at his old age, he showed no signs of it with his fast paced attacks, one after the other, not letting up for anything, as if running on diesel, literally. After planting Kryptops in the center of the ring with a spinebuster, he sort of went off the deep end and lost it in the ring. With the easy pin right there for the taking, Rambo decided it was too easy and wanted to do a little more damage. Pulling the opponent back up to his feet, he then lifting him into the air and dropped him back down with a vertical suplex that shook the entire ring upon impact. Still not satisfied, Rambo pulled him back up to his feet and began yelling at him uncontrollably. After smacking him across the mouth, he then clinched his fist and began beating him senseless with hard right hands, one after the other, backing him across the ring. Once he had Kryptops backed against the ropes, Rambo then grabbed his wrist and sent him running across the ring after throwing him towards the ropes. He then charged towards him on his return and nearly decapitated him with a running big boot to the face. Wiping his nose, Rambo then lifting him back up to his feet and then placed his head between his legs. Grabbing Kryptops by the back of the pants, Rambo then pulled on them and planted his head into the canvas with his Tough Driver. Making the cover, the ref quickly swept in for the count. 1! 2!! 3!!!
TIME: 5:55

The scene opens up to the boiler room of the underground warehouse where Maximus Dunn and Blake Buckley sit across from each other at a medium size round table playing a game of Texas Holdem. Blake Buckley has the larger pile of the winning while Maximus has just put the last on his cash into the pot. Four of the cards on the table are two kings, three of hearts, and a seven of spades. Blake Buckley deals out the river card that’s a queen of diamonds.
Buckley: What do you have Mr. Dunn?
Max: A flush!
Max goes to take all of his winnings.
Buckley: That’s a shame because I got a full house.
Blake Buckley tosses his cards on the table on the table that shows his hand of a king of diamonds, queen of hearts, four of hearts, seven of diamonds, and a nine of spades. Blake Buckley takes both his hands and rakes in the rest of Maximus Dunn cash.
Buckley: That looks to be about it for your campaign money. How about playing for those shoes your wearing?
Max: I don’t know If I sh–
Buckley:You’re either in or you’re out.
The boiler room door opens. Both Perry Wallace and Brody Lee Prince peak into the boiler room.
Wallace: Got room for two more?
Wallace pulls his shades down to the brim of his nose and flashes a wad of cash.
Buckley: Absolutely. Max was just leaving.
Blake gives Max the “look” waiting for him to put his shoes in the pile. And so he does. Max unties them one at a time and puts them in the middle. Brody and Wallace share a laugh as they look over at Max tossing his shoes in.
Wallace: Brody, I hope you’re ready to hand over some of that big raise I just gave you. I’ll try not to bleed– wait! Max, don’t tell me you blew that advance I spotted you?
With a big grin on his face, Brody pulls out a stack of money, most likely the raise for becoming GM. Max responds to Wallace’s question.
Max: Of course not.
Max turns his head to the right and scratches his head, suspiciously. He most likely blew it all. We cut back to the action as the gang continues to play cards.

The match begins with Hammerfist trying to use his slight size advantage on El Futuro, however the lucha fighter is able to hold his own fending off several blows as his opponent attempts to land them on his neck and head. The angrier the big man gets, the better Futuro seems to fight though and he hits his opponent with several chops to the chest and then a few kicks as well. The counters and attacks of El Futuro only further anger Hammerfist who lumbers forward trying to take the masked man down with a discus lariat. Futuro leans completely back, avoiding the move with a matrix evasion and when the two fighters come at each other again Futuro takes down Hammerfist with a swinging neckbreaker. They both get back to their feet and, Hammer throws Futuro into the ropes looking to catch him with a double leg spinebuster but Futuro evades and hits Hammer with a hurricanrana instead. Futuro recovers from the move and is waiting or Hammer when he starts to get up. Futuro grabs him hoists him onto his shoulders and takes him out with the “Vete A dormir” followed by a pin. 1, 2, 3!!!

Judd Grunge sits on a steel chair in his locker room, well what is intended to be a locker room at least. He has black athletic tape, and is wrapping it around his right fist. He begins to talk without looking up.
Grunge: Max, Max, Max… there’s still time to back out kid. You do not have to go through with this match, you can walk away right now. Focus on Garrett and trying to reclaim the briefcase that was stolen from you. I am offering this kind gesture because I know despite what you may say, you are not ready to step into that squared circle against me.
Judd uses his teeth to rip the tape. He begins to wrap his left fist now as he continues.
Grunge: You said it yourself Max, I’m a violent, and dangerous man who has already spilled your blood before. If you step through those ropes and face off against me tonight, I promise the Warehouse will be stained crimson from your blood once more. I won’t need a chair to do it either. You claimed you are willing to risk it all tonight, well that is exactly what you’ll be doing because you need to realize one very important thing.. I’m going to hurt you Max, I’m going to hurt you bad. Hopefully as you’re laying on your back realizing you lost and your body is surging with pain… not walking away was worth it to ya.
Grunge stands up and slams his right fist into the palm of his left hand.
Grunge: It’s your choice Max… run away like a scolded dog, or face me and get hurt. Either way, I’m going to have some fun.
With that Judd walks off.

The tag match begins with Warpath and Andrew Storm in the ring, the bell sounds and they lock up. Warpath hits Storm, Storm hits back harder. They trade punches and then at the same time the two competitors sling shot each other into the opposing ring side ropes, bouncing off and back towards each other. Storm is faster, knocking Warpath down with a dropkick. He picks the masked man up over his shoulders and hits an Olympic Slam that shakes the ring. Storm circles Warpath landing several kicks on his body before he walks off to tag in his partner Travis Deacon Hall. Hall makes a quick entrance and attempts to grab Warpath before he can get to his own partner. It’s too late, the tag is made and O’Rian enters the ring by climbing onto the top turn buckle and leaping onto Travis with a diving elbow drop. O’Rian continues the assault dropping a knee to Travis’ face and then an elbow drop to the face. He goes for a leg drop and Travis is able to roll out of the way finally. While O’Rian is sitting down, holding is back Travis gets up and hits a running punt kick right to his opponents head! He picks O’Rian up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex! These two continue to go at it hard, as soon as one is in the lead with a series of moves the other will find a counter. For several minutes it goes on like this until Travis tosses O’Rian into the ropes where Warpath tags O’Rian’s back to get back in the action. O’Rian hits Travis with a gut kick on the rebound, and then a DDT when Travis bends over in pain. O’Rian is starting to hook Travis into a package powerbomb when the ref breaks it up, telling him he has to get out of the ring and that Warpath is the legal man. The ref forces O’Rian out of the ring as Warpath stands in the corner watching. When the masked man returns his attention to the match he gets hit right by a super kick, Travis Hall’s “Last Call!” Travis pins the man. 1, 2 … O’Rian looks on in horror. 3!

As the camera fades in you see Jada and Robert both dressed nicely stepping out of Robert’s car. The sun is just starting to go down, but there is still a few hours before Underground is supposed to kick off. The two of them walk next to each other towards a nice steak house in town. Approaching the door Robert steps forward and opens it, allowing Jada to walk in first. The two come up to the counter and the waiter looks at them, a mix of awe and excitement coming to his face.
Waiter: Do you have reservations?
Robert: Yeah, there should be a table for two somewhere. If there isn’t I want to make it clear that one better be made.
The waiter nods and leads the two to their table and steps away to help some other customers out. Robert and Jada both take a seat at the table and start to have conversation.
Robert: So, are you ready for your match later tonight?
Jada smiles as she reaches for the menu on the table.
Jada: I’m always ready, I have to bounce back especially after my last match, losing doesn’t sit well with me.
Jada starts flipping through the pages checking out some of appetizers.
Jada: But I appreciate the kind words, I like the fact that you are a champion but you don’t put yourself on a higher pedestal, I mean everyone looks at me like I’m just this model that can’t wrestle but yet I’ve been winning since recently, I wish people showed me more respect but it’s whatever.
Jada pauses.
Jada: I said I was going to make this dinner about 4CW, so we can talk about something else.
Jada looks back down at the menu.
Robert: Of course we can, this is supposed to just be a time to hang out and get to know each other. Also, I kind of know about the whole model thing. I had a small run in it right before I got into wrestling.
Robert laughs a little bit before looking down at the menu. The waiter comes back with a bottle of wine, which gets poured into two glasses.
Robert: I’m not gonna lie though, I am super happy that you accepted this offer for dinner. With my brother being gone and all I’m kind of alone, and you seem like a super awesome girl.
Robert glances up from the menu quickly and looks at Jada for a second. He quickly looks back down though as though he thought he was being sneaky looking at her.
Jada: I was kind of hesitant coming here, I really didn’t know what your intentions were.
Jada flips her hair back.
Jada: But I knew if you tried anything crazy then I would just beat your ass in this restaurant and still have you pay for my meal.
Jada giggles.
Jada: But on a serious note, I mean you’re an attractive dude, you seem like you have a good personality and I don’t mind free food and a little company. I’m kind of happy you asked me to join you.
Robert: I figured I’d ask, I just wasn’t sure of the answer since I’ve heard about some other dudes. But I didn’t really stop to think that they aren’t me
Robert laughs a little bit before taking a drink of the wine sitting on the table.
Robert: But my intentions aren’t to get into your pants, beyond everybody’s beliefs. I may be an ass from time to time, but I’m not at all one of those guys. I’m more as a come as it goes and what happens happens guy. Nowadays, guys are just fuckholes that are only focused on sex.
Robert sets down his menu and leans on the table.
Jada: Nothing wrong with sex, when you’re single and just having fun, it’s bound to happen. But trust me I’ve heard these lines before, I don’t mind the companionship of a dude, just hanging and doing whatever, but once it’s time to get serious then so be it I’m down for that.
Jada takes a sip of her strawberry margarita that she ordered.
Jada: It really sucks though I can’t beat you for that title, hopefully one day we can square up and have us a good ole’ battle between friends, no hard feelings though when I win.
The two laugh, the waiter walks up with both their plates and the two continue their conversation as the scene fades back to the arena.

The bell rings and the match begins. Both opponents circle the ring, eyeballing and sizing each other up, looking for any weaknesses. Winters makes the first move charging at Julius and knocking him back into the turnbuckle. He hits him afterwards with a corner clothesline that seems to know something loose in Julius’ head, leaving him in a “daze.” John starts landing some knife edge chops on the chest of Dayz, bringing him right back to reality though. Julius eventually returns one of his own, catching his opponent off guard momentarily. He uses the surprise to his advantage and grabs John up for a snap-suplex onto the canvas. Winters is shook up, but not off his game and sits up from the attack. Julius comes in and hits him again with a running front drop kick. That seems to knock Winters off guard though. The self proclaimed Emperor King gets up and turns to look at the audience, raising his hands above his head in celebration to a very mixed response. Afterwards he turns and pulls John up off the mat. He starts to set the man up for an STO but Winters frees himself from it and begins raining down offensive strikes all over Julius. Hits to the midsection, kicks to the legs, everything he can do to confuse and briefly injure his opponent to his advantage. Dayz tries to get in an offense here and there but it seems the tide has turned in this match now. John stuffs Julius’ head under his arm and brings him down hard with a DDT. This sets it all in motion so that Winters can take hold of his opponent’s arm hooking them across and round the man’s own head as they’re in a back to back position. John falls backwards to the ground, forcing the Julius’ own arm to drag him to the mat. John hooks the leg. 1 .. 2… 3!
TIME: 8:51

The cameras cut backstage to the ongoing Texas Holdem game and we get a glimpse of everyone. Perry is sitting pretty with a blunt to the face. Brody is cheesing with a nice stack of chips. Blake seems to have the most and is showing off his poker face. Then we come to a shirtless Maximus Dunn. In fact, Max is almost nude, the only thing he has left on are his boxer briefs.
Buckley: This is it guys. Final hand, what do we all have.
The middle of the table is covered in chips and clothes. The men begin to throw down their cards.
Brody: A straight for me!
Wallace nudges Brody with his elbow and let’s out a laugh.
Wallace: Full house!
Max gets overwhelmed with excitement and shouts his hand out.
Max: Four of a kind!
A look of disappointment comes across the face of Buckley.
Buckley: Wow Max, great hand.
Max cheeses and goes to rake in his winnings when Blake stops him.
Buckley: But mine is better.
Blake throws down a straight flush. Buckley let’s out a howling laughter as they all look at Blake and shake their heads. Blake begins cashing out his chips for cash.
Buckley: Well, ladies, it has been a blast, but I gotta run!
Blake gets up from the table and several cards fall out of his sleeve. Max’s eyes get real wide as he snatches the flat metal sheet holding the chips and smacks Buckley in the side of the head with it. Buckley staggers back against the wall as Max picks up the metal folding chair he was sitting in and smacks him right in the forehead. Buckley hits the ground and the money hits the floor. Brody and Wallace are just left staring as Money Max crouches down over Buckley and takes his money back.
Max: I gotta say, I’m disappointed in you, Blake.
Max stands back up, grabs his clothes, and walks out of the room in his boxer briefs with Perry and Brody still staring. Wallace and Prince bust out in laughter as they take what’s left of their winnings. Before leaving, Perry hovers over Blake and smacks his face gently, trying to wake him.
Wallace: He’s out.
Wallace moves out of the way as Brody reaches into Blake’s pocket and pulls out a peppermint candy.
Brody: I thought I smelled peppermint.
Brody pops the candy into his mouth as they exit the room. Light chatter can be heard as they get further and further away.
Wallace: Did you take some of my money?
Brody: What?
The talking fades away.

After coming up short just two weeks ago with the briefcase on the line, these two had a lot to prove coming into this match up. Unfortunately for Adrian Jobs, it was his night to job as Jada went straight to work in the ring, making it appear as if she was a seasoned veteran with years under her belt. No matter what Jobs did, Jada was just not going to have it. After trying to hit her with a sucker punch, Jada countered with a quick elbow shot to the mid-section and then followed up with a spinning wheel kick that sent him twisting in the air as he flew across the ring. Back on his feet, Jobs charges at Jada and as he lunged towards her, she side stepped him and sent him face first to the canvas with a drop toe hold. Popping back up to his feet in a world of pain, Jobs walks around the ring while holding his face, ignoring his surroundings. Making her move, Jada rushes in beside him and kicked her leg across the front of his body, planting her foot into his stomach, knocking the breath out of him. Grabbing onto his head before he could lunge over, she then dropped him to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker. Seeing that this match wasn’t going to get any more difficult, Jada then took to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle. Standing at the top of the world, she looked over the small crowd before leaping from the top rope and hitting him with a swanton bomb in the center of the ring. Rolling back over him with ease, she rests her back across his body for the pin. 1! 2!! 3!!!
TIME: 4:20


At the start of the match, these two hold nothing back and throw down without a care in the world, no concern for their health, just focused on beating the man standing across from them. Early on in the match, Grunge gets the upper hand and uses his size to his advantage. Throwing Max around the ring like a ragdoll, Grunge does a serious number on him with a few select powerful moves that wear down Max both physically and mentally. After a series of short-arm clotheslines, Grunge nearly puts Max down for the count with a brutal series of repeated headbutts, nearly knocking him unconscious. Going for the pin, Grunge comes up short as Max is able to kick out, saving the night for himself, at least for the time being. After lifting Max in the air and holding him vertically with a stalling suplex, things quickly turn around. Breaking away from Grunge’s clinches, Max lands on his feet behind Grunge and drops him across his knee with a reverse DDT. Going aerial, Max climbs to the top rope in the corner and sets the building on fire with a flip over neckbreaker, laying Grunge out in the center of the ring. Going for the quick pin, Max makes the cover but unfortunately only gets a 2 count as Grunge kicks out, saving his night for the time being as well. Not letting the kickout get to him, Max continues his attack with multiple elbow drops across Grunge’s chest before he can get up. After landing nearly a dozen, Max then crushes his face after jumping straight into the air and coming down with a brutal knee, ringing his bell. Moments pass and Max continues his assault on Grunge who is still down, unable to get to his feet. Turning to the corner, Max climbs the turnbuckle again but this time, stops on the second rope and turns back to face Grunge in the ring. Jumping from the middle rope and going for a leg drop, Max crashes into the canvas as Grunge rolls out of the way at the very last moment. Holding his back and bottom in pain from the botched move, Max gives Grunge just enough time to get back to his feet. Quickly taking notice, Max forces himself up and throws a wild punch towards his head. Knocking Grunge back a few steps and stunning him, Max then gets ready to up the ante. Before he does, the crowd pops catching his attention. On the outside of the ring, Robert Garrett stands on the floor looking up into the ring as Max. Garrett then climbs onto the apron and the two exchange words for a moment before Max decks him with a hard right, sending him flying off the apron. Max then turns back to face Grunge but as he does, Grunge kicks him in the stomach and then lifts Max onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry hold. Walking around the ring for a brief moment, Grunge then drops him to the mat with his KO Driver and quickly covers for the pin. 1! 2!!3!!!
TIME: 13:44


With the other contender spot on the line for the championship, Blake and Niobe both had a lot to prove as well as win tonight. From the sound of the bell, these two were at each others throats, hungry for the prize that was on the line, at least the ticket to get into the match for the big prize. Taking an early lead, Blake slowly worked on Niobe with a series of moves that picked away at her piece by piece. After hitting her with a Fisherman’s Suplex in the center of the ring, he then went to the ground attack with Niobe on the mat. Stomping on her knee, Blake tries to take her legs away from her, keeping her down. Pulling her back up to her feet, He then bends her over and hooks both of her arms, Lifting her up from her feet, he then plants her head into the canvas with a double underhook piledriver. Blake then goes for the cover as the ref sweeps in for the count. 1! 2!! KICKOUT!!! Not getting the three count, Blake quickly gets to his feet and kicks Niobe a few more times before pulling her up to her feet. After standing her up, Blake then runs to the ropes behind him and comes back with speed. Going for a spear, he misses as Niobe moves out of the way and trips him up, forcing him to crash and burn to the canvas. Popping back up to his feet, Blake then rushes at Niobe but before he can make a move, Niobe lifts him up and drops him across her knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. With Blake down on the mat, she then rushes over to the corner and quickly climbs the turnbuckle to the top rope. Once there, she leaps straight into the air and comes down, landing a perfectly executed high-angle senton bomb. Going for the cover, the ref drops down for the count as Niobe tries to get the pin fall. 1! 2!! KICKOUT!!! Standing back up, Niobe then grabs Blake by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Finding a burst of energy, Blake connects with a stiff uppercut, knocking her back a step. The two then go toe to toe in the center of the ring for a few moments, exchanging punches and kicks, beating the living hell out of each other. After catching a hard right to the jaw, Blake then charges Niobe but gets swept off his feet as she lifts him into the air, spins around and plants him into the canvas with a spinebuster. Looking to the corner, she quickly rushes to it and climbs to the top. Looking over the small crowd with a cocky look on her face, she then jumps into the air, slipping and comes down landing the Hallucination on top of him. Hooking the leg, Niobe goes for the pin. 1! 2!! 3!!!
TIME: 15:33