The two lock up as the opening bell is still ringing, each struggling for the upper hand. Istvan breaks the hold with a face rake to Corban. Otto reels back holding his face for a few moments, but comes back with a roundhouse kick. Bathory uses the ropes for some extra momentum behind a vicious axehandle. Corban hits the mat hard but is right back on his feet with a jaw breaker!
Istvan hits a forearm smash right to Otto’s face before grabbing both arms and locking him up for two consecutive headbutts! Corban looks dizzy, but uses the hold to his advantage and flips Bathory over to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex! Otto leans down and grabs Istvan’s right foot for an ankle lock. Bathory growls in pain, but manages to drag himself to the ropes.
Istvan holds his ankle in pain, giving Otto time to hop up on the top turnbuckle. Corban launches himself off in a moonsault, but Bathory pulls his legs up and Otto lands right on those knees! Istvan takes advantage, pressing his boot across the throat of his opponent and holding on until the last possible moment. Corban gets back to his feet and lunges in, locking up with Bathory once more. Gaining control, Otto pushes Bathory away and then follows up with two kicks to his knee, forcing him to drop down to both. and then finishes with the Holy Grail. Making the cover, the ref drops in for the count. One! Two! Three! Otto picks up the victory.


The cameras switch backstage, focusing on a dark green rental car as it pulls into the interior parking area reserved for 4CW staff and talent. As the shot widens a line of a dozen black-clad security personnel are shown waiting nearby. With the sedan parked between two others, the door opens and Liam O’Shea steps out from the driver’s seat. His eyes roam over the line as he pulls his bag from the back.

LIAM: “Yer about two weeks too late, don’t yeh think?”
The entire line of men looks more than a little uncomfortable as they glance between themselves. Finally the one that is in charge of the group steps forward.

SECURITY LEADER: “We’re just here to make sure—”
LIAM: “—that I don’t shorten the roster considerably tonight. I know why yer here.”
Several of the men look indignant, but the leader goes on, undeterred.

SECURITY LEADER: “We are here for the safety of all 4CW personnel, yourself included.”
Liam gives a wry laugh, the smirk that crosses his face not one of amusement.

LIAM: “I’ve seen just how much 4CW cares for the safety of its personnel. Believe me, I don’t need yeh t’ keep me safe.”
As he starts toward the locker rooms half of the small force moves ahead, blocking off intersections in the halls to keep anyone from crossing paths. The rest remain behind, moving along with Liam himself. The big Irishman just shakes his head at the futility, adjusting his bag on his shoulder.
The whispers of several backstage workers die down quickly as he passes where the security boys are holding them back. He ignores it, just clenching his jaw and his fist and moving on. The gesture is enough to make a few of the black-shirts behind him close in, but an annoyed glare over his shoulder sends them stepping back.
At the next junction interviewer Gabriel Hartman is trying to explain to the meatheads that he needs passed with impassioned pleas, but neither of the two men are convinced. Hartman looks past them, waving his skinny arm to try to garner attention.

HARTMAN: “Liam! Liam, a few words if—”
LIAM: “Not now, Hartman!”
Gabriel practically looks wounded as he is shot down, but he is left behind along with the rest as Liam finally arrives at his locker room. He pushes the door open and surveys the interior cautiously before stepping inside and turning back to face the gaggle of security that had been trailing him.

LIAM: “Satisfied? Everyone survived me arrival. Go have a beer. Take the rest of the night off.”
As the door slams shut everyone in the hallway is finally allowed to go about their business. Half of the men head back to their posts. The leader directs two of them to the locker room door.

SECURITY LEADER: “Stay here. We’ll be back when it’s time for the match.”

The official calls for the bell and for a few moments the two circle one another in the ring. Travis makes the first move, bouncing back off of the ropes and coming in for a clothesline but Winters leans over and flips him to the mat with a back body drop. As soon as Hall is back on his feet Scar hits him with a throat thrust. As Travis stumbles back Winters follows up with a corner clothesline.
After Hall recovers he launches himself at John with a dropkick, but Winters sidesteps! As Travis lands on the mat Scar blasts him in the face with not one, not two, but three knee drops! Winters grabs Hall’s arm, possibly going for an armbar, but Hall flips up to his feet before Winters can lock it on. Scar improvises effortlessly with a short am clothesline.
Travis rushes Winters again, and Winters uses his momentum against him for a perfectly executed scoop slam. Hall gets to his feet, doubled over from the onslaught, and John capitalizes with a hard knee lift. Scar goes for a kick, but Hall catches his leg. Scar reverses with an enziguri! As Travis reels Winters nails him with his arm trap neckbreaker and makes the cover, picking up the 1! 2!! 3!!!


The cameras are roaming around backstage, trying to pry on the big superstars in the building. It’s relatively quiet until the cameras move down an “L” shaped corridor, and someone is heard talking. Spanish seems to be the language of choice. The cameras keep closer and peak around the corner to see Maximus Dunn aka Money Max. Max is in his ring gear, ready for his match against Shadow. But instead of stretching and exercising, Max is looking at his reflection in a mirror and looking through a Spanish book. He tries out a few phrases.

MAX: “Mi nombre es Max.” (My name is Max)
Max puffs out his chest and grins, happy with his performance.

MAX: “Me gusta apostar.” (I like to gamble)
MAX: “Y los nuevos tag team champions, El Máximo y El Futuro!” (And new tag team champions, Money Max and The Future)
Max hears some noise outside of his locker room and notices the cameras. He slams his book shut and frowns up. He let’s the cameraman have it in his new found language as he storms out of the room.

MAX: “No hay privacidad! Perritos calientes no se debe permitir. Hagamos que sigan en contacto con nosotros! Buen juego!” (No privacy! Hotdogs should not be allowed. Let us keep in touch! Good game!)
Still struggling with his Spanish, his tag team with El Futuro should at the very least be entertaining.


As the bell rings Orton fires out of his corner first, meeting Liam two-thirds of the way across the ring with a European uppercut. The bigger man doesn’t even stagger, laughing at his opponent. O’Shea lunges in with a shoulder block that sends Jake into the ropes and flattens him with a clothesline on the rebound. Without giving Orton a moment to breathe Liam closes in and delivers several hard stomps to his midsection until the referee backs him off.
Jake runs in for an attempted lariat but Liam ducks down and lifts him up onto his shoulders, backing up several steps before running forward and driving Jake into the mat with a rolling senton. O’Shea transitions right into an armbar, locking in a body scissors as well to keep Orton in place. Liam cranks on Jake’s arm like he’s trying to snap it in half, which he very well might be after the last two weeks! Orton struggles wildly, finally managing to get a hand on the ropes and forcing the break.
Jake clutches his arm as he gets back to his feet, shouting something across the ring. Whatever it is he says infuriates Liam, who charges across the ring at him. Orton manages to reverse the incoming lariat with an Irish whip. As Liam closes in on the ropes he hops up, launching off of the middle one and twisting to nail Jake right in the face with the Redbush Special. Orton goes down like a ton of bricks, but O’Shea isn’t done, pulling him back up to throw several more punches into his face! The official is about to call for the disqualification when O’Shea finally drops Jake and goes for the pin, picking up the win.


As the bell rings both men stare at one another for a few moments, perhaps a measure of mutual respect passing between them. It is short-lived, however, as Max is the first to move. The entire ring shakes as he sends the much larger man crashing to the mat with a snap suplex that gets a deafening cheer from the crowd. Shadow is back on his feet with surprising speed, coming back with a belly to belly suplex of his own. He goes for a knee smash while Max is down, but Dunn rolls out of the way at the last moment. Max goes for a spinning heel kick while the big man is down on one knee, but Shadow ducks under it.
Max tries for an Irish whip to the corner, but Shadow brings him up short and lays him out with a big clothesline. Dunn pops back up quickly, driving Shadow into the corner with a running dropkick and following up with a corner splash! Shadow stumbles out of the corner, but doesn’t fall. He locks Max up and drives him into the canvas with a full nelson slam. Shadow goes for an early cover but only gets a one count. As Shadow stands Dunn wraps him up in an inside cradle! Shadow kicks out at just one as well.
Max is incensed, throwing several left hands into Shadow’s face, followed by his right elbow! He drives Shadow back a few steps with several hard chops to the chest, and then has to leap up to lock on for a double arm DDT! The crowd cheers wildly as Max bides his time while Shadow struggles back to his feet. Dunn launches off of the ropes and nails Shadow right in the face with Snake Eyes! Max hooks the leg and the official drops for the count. One! Two!! Thr—KICKOUT!!!
Somehow Shadow powers back, hitting Max with several big right hands and then a European Uppercut. As Dunn staggers out of the corner Shadow hops up on the second rope and blasts him with a diving clothesline! He pulls Max back to his feet, hooking his head and grabbing his cargo shorts for an impressive stalling vertical suplex! The ring rattles as Max is driven into the mat and Shadow goes straight for the cover. One! Two!! Thr—NO!!! Max kicks out of the pin!
Dunn capitalizes on Shadow’s shock, rolling right around and locking in a sleeper hold! Shadow grabs both of Max’s arms, holding on to them tightly as he begins to stand, lifting Max right up with him. He drives his body backwards into the corner and crushes Max against the turnbuckle, forcing him to break the hold. Max uses the second rope to leap up for a tornado DDT. Max goes for the corner again, going all the way to the third rope, looking for a leg drop. But Shadow stands and catches him by the throat! Shadow tosses Dunn into the corner, stepping back and running across the ring for The Big Boot. Max falls out of the corner and Shadow drops to hook his leg one more time. One! Two! Three!!!


Moments before Niobe Martin is set to defend her Underground Championship for the first time, she is seen backstage with the belt around her waist and Jason Cashe rubbing her shoulders as she sits in a chair in their shared Locker room.

NIOBE: “Jada is tough but I’ve got this, I’m ready.”
CASHE: “Damn right you are! You are the Underground Champion for a reason! Tonight is a big night and it starts with you! Drop that bitch, don’t let her take what you’ve worked so hard for.”
Words of support, Cashe wasn’t selfish in the sense that he was only concerned with his own matches or his own situations that the night would touch base with. The contract extension, the answer for Gold Standard, the match with Flipp, he had plenty on his plate but right now it was Niobe and only her that ran through his thoughts.

NIOBE: “Have you decided on what to do? With the contract and such? I know you have things to do tonight but I’m glad you’re here with me right now. Thanks Jason…”
CASHE: “It’s no thing chick! Who knew we’d click so well but we are and I put tremendous value in those who can carry their weight and look so good doing it! You have always looked good, just before you were…Ya know…”
NIOBE: “With Tommy? Yeah, it is a little weird. Have you two talked any? I don’t want to be the cause for a ruined friendship…”
CASHE: “Don’t you worry about that right now! If our friendship is ruined, it happened years ago. Just be focused on the match, the title defense. I’d offer a quickie but I don’t want to tire you out or anything before haha!”
They both let out a little laugh. Niobe pushes to her feet and adjusts her belt and bends over to fix her kneepads. Cashe from behind gives her a hard slap to the backside and she lets out a moan. She pops up and turns to him with a slight smile on her face.

NIOBE: “You’re gonna get yourself in trouble if you keep it up!”
CASHE: “Mmmm…I could get use to you threatening to punish me! Just feels right..”
Leaning over the chair she had been sitting on, Niobe kisses Cashe on the lips. As she pulls away, she asks about certain rumors that she has heard and wanted an answer too.

NIOBE: “So I heard you might be adding your name into the Tag Title Tournament….Is it true and if so, who will be your partner?”
Staring at her as her eyes stare back at him, Cashe doesn’t want to lie to her and doesn’t think twice before answering her without lying but not exactly giving her the full insight just yet.

CASHE: “I’ve got that all worked out. I need to talk with Gold Standard first and I need you to stay in the back regardless of what goes down out there. I’ve got this alright? Should go smoothly..Wait, did you want to be my partner for the Tournament?”
As if giving it a long thought, Niobe shakes her head no. Not because she wouldn’t be down to Tag but because she has other things going on inside the ring and didn’t want to give herself too much at once.

NIOBE: “Nope, I’m good with the Underground. I will be their Nightmare while you go out there and redefine the Tag Division…If that’s what you want to do..”
CASHE: “We’ll see…It’s about that time chick, time to go to work!”
NIOBE: “Yeah, I’ll see you after right?”
CASHE: “Sure will…Knock em dead..”
Rolling her shoulders to stretch out, Niobe Martin heads to the door, opens it and looks back to Cashe one last time before leaving. She heads to the ring for her title defense.


“Awwsome” reads across the big screen, the beat drops and Awwsome plays through the speakers, Jada makes her way from behind the curtain as purple pyro fall from the ceiling.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred thirty pounds and standing five feet, nine inches tall, Jada Montana!”
The crowd erupts into cheers as she makes her way down the ramp playing to the crowd, she stops before the ring and poses before sliding underneath the rope and into the ring.

As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is the 4CW Underground Champion and “The Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe appears on stage with the Underground Championship around her waist, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face as she removes the championship from her waist, waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”Two weeks after winning the championship, Niobe will be defending it right here on the Underground pre-show!”
JOHNSON: ”If my memory serves correct, I believe this championship will be defended at each and every event. I could be wrong.”
VASSA: ”If you’re wrong, it’s alright, I guess. We’re not live on television at the moment so you’re allowed to make mistakes.”
JOHNSON: ”Thank you, Vinny. I appreciate that. We all make mista–“
VASSA: ”You fucked up, Steve! Shaking my head right now.”
JOHNSON: ”My apologies. Lets get on with the match.”
After grabbing the championship from Niobe, the ref stands in the center of the ring and holds it above his head, displaying it for everyone in attendance. Walking to the ropes, he hands it to a member of the ringside crew and then looks to each corner for the nod while making his way back to the center of the ring. After getting both nods, he then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
With the crowd cheering in the background, both wrestlers look over the arena for a moment before locking eyes with one another. They then leave their corners and approach the center of the ring. After circling each other for a couple of revolutions, Jada lunges forward to lock up but Niobe quickly drops down to one knee and then flips her over to her back with a fireman’s carry takedown.
Grabbing onto the side of Jada’s head with one hand, Niobe then clinches her fist and swings down, landing a stiff punch to the forehead. Not satisfied with the one punch, Niobe then throws another and another until she stuns Jada for a moment from the back to back punches. Niobe then stands to both feet and then locks onto Jada’s head, pulling her up from the mat.
Locking onto Jada’s wrist, Niobe then throws her to the ropes behind her and after coming back from the rebound, Niobe lifts her up into the air and drives her into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster. After laying Jada out in the center of the ring, Niobe quickly pops up to her feet and rushes towards the corner. Climbing the turnbuckle. Niobe then stands at the top and looks over the arena for a brief moment before leaping from the top and coming down with a corkscrew elbow drop across Jada’s chest.

JOHNSON: ”I knew this match was going to get aerial and there’s Niobe with the first airstrike!”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago Niobe won the Underground Championship and with her first defense tonight, I doubt she’s looking to leave the ring with anything other than a win.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think any wrestler is looking to leave the ring after a match without the win.”
VASSA: ”My point exactly!”
After standing back to her feet, Niobe paces around the ring for a moment with her sights set on Jada. She then moves in slowly before transitioning into a slow jog and drops a rolling knee across the top of Jada’s head. Rolling to her feet in a fluid motion, Niobe gives Jada a few moments, allowing her to get to both feet. Once Jada stands, Niobe then runs towards the ropes and leaps into the air. Planting both feet onto the middle rope, Niobe then springboards off and flies through the air while spinning her body and connecting with a heel kick to the side of Jada’s head. After knocking her to the mat, Niobe then makes the quick cover as the red slides in for the count.

VASSA: ”Jada gets a shoulder up!”
Looking up at the ref with anger, Niobe pushes herself up with a closed fist pressed against Jada’s face. She then grabs a handful of hair and pulls Jada up to her feet but out of nowhere, Jada throws an elbow into her stomach and breaks the hold. Niobe then takes a swing for her head as she stands but misses as Jada ducks underneath and then lands another quick elbow to the stomach.
After forcing Niobe to lunge over from the gut shot, Jada then pulls her head in between her legs and wraps her arms around her waist. Lifting Niobe into the air upside down, Jada then drops to a sitting position and plants Niobe’s head into the mat with a piledriver. Rolling across the ring in pain, Niobe holds onto her head with both hands while Jada slowly gets back to her feet. Not wasting any time, Jada quickly moves in and pulls Niobe up to her feet once more.
Locking up with Niobe, Jada then swings her body and drops her to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker in the center of the ring. With Niobe in a daze, Jada stands back up and grabs ahold of her wrist and shoulder before pulling her up to both feet. With her hand already clinched on Niobe’s wrist, Jada then goes to throw Niobe to the ropes but before she can release, Niobe reverses the throw and sends Jada running to them instead. Quick on her feet, Jada then jumps into the air and springboards off the middle rope. After spinning her body around, Jada wraps her lets around Niobe’s head and flips her across the ring with a head scissors takedown.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe didn’t see that coming after the reversal!”
VASSA: ”Jada has improved in that ring drastically since she first signed with 4CW. As you can tell, she’s more comfortable and familiar with her surroundings.”
JOHNSON: ”Absolutely! After Niobe caught her off guard with the reversal she quickly countered with the springboard and turned the tables around.”
VASSA: ”Both of these ladies–“
JOHNSON: ”Jada is going for the pin!”
After making the cover, the ref quickly rushes in for the count as Jada has the leg hooked.

JOHNSON: ”That was close! I thought for a moment there we were about to have a new 4CW Underground Champion!”
Quickly pushing herself up from Niobe, Jada pulls her up as well and then slaps her across the chest with an open hand. Jada then kicks her in the stomach, knocking her back a few steps. Closing in, Jada then spins around and lays Niobe out with a wheel kick, knocking her to her back. Taking off towards the ropes, Jada bounces off and then drops an elbow across Niobe’s chest upon return.
Standing back to her feet, Jada grabs Niobe by the arm and pulls her up but to her surprise, Niobe greets her with an elbow to the chin. Before Jada can shake it off, Niobe kicks her in the side of the knee, forcing her to drop to it. Jada quickly gets back up but as she does, Niobe goes to kick her in the stomach. Reacting quickly, Jada catches Niobe’s foot and then spins her around. After making a full revolution, Niobe kicks her leg up and plants it into the side of Jada’s head, completing the dragon whip.
With Jada laid out in the center of the ring, Niobe races to her feet and then darts to the corner. Climbing to the top, Niobe turns back to face Jada who is still down in the center. Niobe then leapd up from the top with a backflip and comes down for the Shooting Star Press. Drawing near, Niobe’s eyes widen as Jada rolls out of the way and she crashes into the canvas with a thud.
Getting back to her feet, Jada looks at Niobe who is balled up in the center of the ring, holding her stomach from the hard landing. Jada then turns to the corner and ascends to the top. Waiting for the opportune moment, Jada looks on as Niobe finally rolls over to her back and as she does, she then leaps from the top rope and comes down with a swanton bomb.

JOHNSON: ”Jada landed her finisher! This could be it!”
VASSA: ”She’s going for the cover!”
Rolling back over to cover Niobe, Jada hooks the leg as the ref sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: ”Jada wins it! We have a new Underground champion!”
JOHNSON: ”After winning the belt two weeks ago, Niobe loses it in the blink of an eye right here in Baltimore!”
JVASSA: ”This is a huge upset as I believe Niobe was favored to win this match up.”
The music hits the speakers as Jada stands to her feet. Walking beside her with the championship, the ref hands it to her before raising her hand in victory.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner and new 4CW Underground Champion, JADA MMOONNTTAANNAA!!!”
VASSA: ”We have to see these two go at it again!”
JOHNSON: ”We just may sooner than later. With the limited roster size for Underground and no contender yet named, we could very well see these two in two weeks fir a rematch.”
VASSA: ”The only other person I see stepping up to challenge Jada would be Shadow after his impressive win over Max earlier tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”It could very well be him too! With Underground, there’s really no telling how thing will play out because everything is so fast paced.”

AUGUST 26TH, 2015

With “Survivor” playing over the packed arena, the scene opens up with a view from the entrance stage looking down the aisle towards the ring. Slowly making its way down, the view cuts back and forth to the fans on each side of the aisle, all on their feet and ready for the show to begin. At ringside, the new 4CW Hot Shots entertain the crowd with their assets and free drinks for those of age.
On the other side of the ring, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the booth talking amongst each other. Cutting to a close up shot, Vinny looks into the camera with a smile on his face. Behind them, the fans scream, leaning over the barricade fighting to get into the picture. As the song comes to an end and slowly fades out, the 4CW Hot Shots then make their way up the aisle and towards the back.
With the focus back on the booth, Johnson and Vassa both put on their headsets. Taking a sip from his glass of water, Johnson adjusts his tie before looking into the camera. Leaning back in his seat, Vassa makes himself comfortable as the two take lead and officially kick things off with the camera rolling.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another night of 4CW Adrenaline, live from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Welcome to the show!”
JOHNSON: ”We have a wonderful evening planned ahead for our first appearance in Baltimore. Before we go down the lineup, lets touch on the events that unfolded two weeks ago in Fairfax, Virginia.”
VASSA: ”Why? Everyone has already seen it. There’s no need for us to recycle anything.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re not recycling anything, we’re just going to talk about some of the matches two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”Let me just go ahead and stop you there. No one is interested in hearing about that recycled shit. Just save everyone the time and lets get on with the show. I have a hot date tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh really?”
VASSA: ”Sort of, after I make the rounds of the nearby corners. I hear your mom is back in the circuit.”
JOHNSON: ”Hey no–“
VASSA: ”I’m just kidding! Hit it and quit it, no need to recycle that shit either! OOHHH!!!”
Shaking his head back and forth in disgust, Johnson then takes another drink from his glass of water and clears his throat before looking back into the camera.

JOHNSON: ”Lets move on then. Can we at least talk about the lineup tonight?”
VASSA: ”Absolutely, tonight is fresh material. You won’t find any recycling here unless you’re paying attention to the Pride champions reasons for losing two weeks ago against Jair Hopkins! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”
JOHNSON: ”Okay?”
VASSA: ”Don’t worry about it, Steve, reasons. So, what’s on the menu tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”As always, we have a packed card for everyone watching. No matter how the booking goes, the cards are always stacked and tonight is no different. Starting things off, we have former Pride Champion, Lo’Renzo Porter climbing in the ring with the former 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe!”
VASSA: ”Dayum! We’ve seen some great opening bouts but this could very well top the charts in that category. Ever since a little crybaby decided to complain about Main Events, Cashe has been one to turn things around and make this something special. Him and Aidan–“
JOHNSON: ”Sorry to cut you off, Vinny, but I couldn’t help it. Whether you want to talk about the last show or not, we need to address the situation and disappearance of Aidan Carlisle.”
VASSA: ”You’re right. It’s a tragedy. Dakota Smith decided to take matters into his own hands.”
JOHNSON: ”The front office has been working tirelessly trying to pinpoint her whereabouts but haven’t had any luck. Mr. Wallace has been busy over these last two weeks knocking on doors himself trying to get answers but no one is having any luck.”
VASSA: ”Dakota is one psychotic individual. Me personally, I wouldn’t want to be the one to confront him but someone has to. You just can’t go around kidnapping people as you please.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s not in the lineup tonight so unfortunately we can’t question him. I just hope she’s safe and in one piece.”
VASSA: ”You and me both. It just isn’t right.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re running short on time so lets carry on and just cross our fingers that some questions will be answered tonight.”
VASSA: ”Alright… As I said last week, now that we’re on a bigger stage I need to start taking this job more seriously.”
JOHNSON: ”You said that?”
VASSA: ”Maybe? I think I did. Then again, I was shitfaced by the end of the night. But, if I did say it, I meant it. I’ve even taken the time to look at the lineup myself and I’m really looking forward to this headline match we have for the evening.”
JOHNSON: ”You and me both.”
VASSA: ”Later tonight we have Francis Dart, otherwise known as Freedom, stepping in the ring with RPG. These two could very well steal the show and that says a lot considering the main event we have to top off the night.”
JOHNSON: ”4CW pursued signing Freedom heavily. You could even go as far to say that he was signed right out from under his former promotion.”
VASSA: ”We all know money talks and that joke of a promotion just couldn’t afford it. It’s the business. You’re either going to sink or swim and as of late Wallace has been offering life rafts to a select few signed with them. But that is a discussion for another night.”
JOHNSON: ”Freedom has been really impressive since coming to 4CW. Although he took his first loss two weeks ago, I could see him bouncing back and gaining momentum with a huge win over RPG.”
VASSA: ”Don’t underestimate RPG. The man is hungry and will do what needs to be done to win in that ring. The heart these two possess could make this match one to remember for many years down the road.”
As those words roll off his tongue, Vassa then turns over his empty glass and places it in front of him on the booth. Reaching down to his side, he grabs a bottle of whiskey and then breaks the seal before pouring himself a drink.

JOHNSON: ”I’m surprised you haven’t started yet.”
VASSA: ”Me too but I’m going to pace myself tonight and hopefully be in the state of mind to remember this AWESOME main event we have scheduled.”
JOHNSON: ”Awesome would be an understatement. It isn’t often that we have a falls count anywhere match on Adrenaline but tonight we do.”
VASSA: ”We have two people who have held the 4CW Championship going head to head tonight, one of which is the current 4CW Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right! Jair Hopkins and Felicity Banks will meet in the ring later tonight in a match that could make its way over the entire arena. I just hope it doesn’t get too far from the ring because I love having the best seat in the house.”
VASSA: ”Me too! If those two can hear me in the back, listen up! Keep the action close to the ring. Don’t make me hunt you two down!”
JOHNSON: ”Hopkins is coming off a big win over the current Pride Champ, Brennan Devlin, two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”Figures, laugh out loud!”
JOHNSON: ”With the Warzone just around the corner, I don’t think any official plans have been made for who will step into it with Felicity Banks. If Hopkins has any desire to walk into the chaos, he can make it known tonight with a victory over the 4CW Champion.”
VASSA: ”This will be Felicity’s first official match as the new 4CW Champion. I love Hopkins, don’t get me wrong, but he’s going to have his work but out for him if he plans to upset the champ. He does have the momentum behind him with defeating champions but so does Banks and her last win put the strap around her waist.”
JOHNSON: ”This match alone could main event a super-card. Lucky for you people out there watching, it happens tonight on Adrenaline!”
VASSA: ”I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s all the time we have folks. It’s time to get on with the show and for us to stop holding things up. I hope you all are ready for an exciting night and it’s going to be fun calling the action live right here at the booth.”
VASSA: ”You damn straight!”
JOHNSON: ”Instead of going backstage, we’re going to go ahead and jump right into our opening match! Take it away Mike Powers!”


“Glory” by Lil Wayne begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in ty-die knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey DC wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling, raising his left hand to his face.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from St. Matthews, South Carolina, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, LO’RENZO PPOORRTTEERR!!!
He begins making his way down the ramp, pausing to sign a few autographs before continuing his way to the ring, slapping hands as he does. He steps inside the ring where he spins in a circle before coming to a knee in the center of the ring. He crosses his chest before looking up and looking out at the crowd to his right.
He jumps up to his feet, jumping up and down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters once more. He runs up a turnbuckle before faking the back flip he normally does, instead he points out to the crowd before saluting them, taking his bandanna from around his dreads and throwing it into the crowd. Setting up in his corner he closes his eyes for a few seconds before letting out a deep breathe, waiting for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”Flipp is coming off an impressive win two weeks ago over Drew Stevenson.”
VASSA: ”He sure is and tonight he has an even tougher match up against the three time 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t believe we’ve seen these two in action against each other. I’m excited to see this match.”
VASSA: ”I think everyone in the building tonight is excited for this match. I think everyone watching is excited for this match. I KNOW WE’RE ALL EXCITED!”
JOHNSON: ”Well let’s get Cashe out here then and end the wait for everyone!”
The Country beat rolls into the Theater as Jason Cashe comes almost sliding out from the back with a smile on his face and a dip in his step as he hears the place give him both Jeers and Cheers. Depending on the opponent more one than the other but he takes it all in, deeply inhaling the air with his head tilted back and his eyes closed at the edge of where the stage meets the entrance ramp.

POWERS: “From Houston, Texas! He is the Former 3 time 4CW Champion….”THE TROUBLED” JAAASSOOON CAAAAASSSHE!!!”
“Another day on the grind for a couple cents.
I kiss goodbye to my relevance.
Work throws stone while I ride the fence,
I’m old and old enough to bring up something that makes sense.
It’s like I’m livin in a war zone.
And they can write it on my tombstone.
Here lies a man who don’t cry,
With ash on the feet in front pillars held high!
I’ve been up
And I’ve been down.
But my place ain’t on the ground.
I’d rather me death on my feet,
Life on my knees.
Trouble ain’t nothin’
But another damn thing to me.”
Taking two quick puffs from an “Air Joint”, Cashe throws his arms up above his head briefly, slaps the camera zoomed in on his face and then takes his first real steps towards the ring. Giving a few fans fist bumps, those who have their hands out wanting some love he makes his way down to ringside. He rounds the corner of the ring and jogs the steel stairs, getting up on the ring apron.
“I’ve been up
And I’ve been down.
And I’ve been beat
And pushed around
I’ll pick myself up off the ground,
Just wait and see.
Cause it’s just another thing to me.
Just another bridge I’ll have to burn.
Just another lesson I’m bound to learn.
Buddy ain’t damn thing changin’ me.
So watch and see,
Cause it’s just another thing to me.”
Dipping through the middle ropes, he enters the ring. Walking to the opposite side, he balances on the middle rope, leaning against the top rope and raises a single arm roaring out the crowd once more.
Dropping down, he puts his back into a nearby corner and awaits the bell.

JOHNSON: ”And there’s our other wrestler for this epic opening match!”
VASSA: ”We’re seen a lot of good opening bouts but this will be talked about for many months to come.”
JOHNSON: ”There two know how to set the ring on fire and in the ring together, I can’t even imagine what we’re in store for.”
VASSA: ”No need to imagine because it’s about to go down in front of us right now!”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with Flipp and receives the nod. He then turns to Cashe who quickly nods without hesitation. The ref then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
Pushing himself away from the corner, Cashe jogs to the center of the ring, Already on his way, Flipp walks at a slower pace with his eyes locked on Cashe. Once standing face to face, the two stare at each for a moment before exchanging a few words and then showing respect with a fist bump that ignites the crowd in attendance. The two then take a step back from each other and begin to circle for a moment before locking up and again, igniting the crowd as the action finally begins.
Testing each others strength, the two go back and forth, fighting for leverage until Cashe takes lead and pulls Flipp’s head down and against his body tightly with a side headlock. With Flipp’s head in position, Cashe holds up his hand while balling it into a fist and going for his patented noogie. Just as his knuckles touch the top of Flipp’s head, he then gets lifted off of his feet as Flipp picks him up and drops him to the canvas with a side suplex. Rolling away from Cashe, Flipp pushes himself up to both feet before Cashe can over shake it off.
Grabbing Cashe by the head, Flipp pulls him up to his feet but as he does, Cashe drives his elbow into Flipp’s thigh. Breaking Flipp’s hold, Cashe then pops up and connects with a European uppercut. Knocking Flipp back a step, Cashe then extends both of his arms out and then swings them inward for a double ear slap.
Smacking his hands together, Cashe comes up short as Flipp ducks out of the way. Before Cashe can pull his hands apart, Flipp then kicks him in the stomach and forces him to lunge over. With Cashe’s head down in front of him, Flipp then lifts his knee upward and drives it into Cashe’s face, lifting him off his feet and down to his back. With Cashe stunned on the mat, Flipp then turns to the ropes to his right and takes off for a short distance before leaping into the air and planting his feet on the middle ropes. Bouncing off, Flipp does a back flip in mid air and comes down, landing the springboard moonsault.

VASSA: ”We’re off to a quick start!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re just getting into this match and it’s been nonstop since the sound of the bell.”
VASSA: ”Flipp seems to have taken the lead after that moonsault but it’s going to take a lot more than that to keep Cashe down.”
Back on his feet, Flipp grabs ahold of Cashe’s arm and shoulder to pull him up. After standing Cashe up, Flipp holds him secure with one hand then then draws his other back before clinching his fist and swinging forward, connecting with a stiff right hand to the chops. Flipp then swings with another hard right and knocks Cashe back a step with the impact and then follows up with a left to the side of the ribs. Grabbing Cashe by the arm, Flipp then pulls him in close to wrap him up. He then lifts Cashe up and slams him down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.
With Cashe underneath him, Flipp quickly presses his shoulders to the canvas as the ref rushes over for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Cashe got the shoulder up!”
VASSA: ”That count didn’t last no time. Come on Flipp, you’re going to have to do more than that!”
Pushing himself back to his feet, Flipp wastes no time and pulls Cashe up as well. Flipp then lifts Cashe up onto his shoulders and then goes for a Samoan Driver but Cashe manages to wiggle free. Landing on his feet with Flipp’s back to him, Cashe thrusts his head forward and plants it right into the back of Flipp’s, connecting with a brutal headbutt. Stumbling forward, Flipp grabs onto the top rope to catch himself and regain his balance.
With Flipp’s back still facing him, Cashe quickly moves in and grabs him by the shoulder to spin him around. Catching Flipp off guard, Cashe kicks him in the stomach and then pulls him in close before lifting him up and tossing him over his head with a T-bone suplex. Rolling backwards, Cashe mounts himself on top of Flipp and then goes berserk with guerilla styled fist attacks, swinging downward and crushing Flipp with each landing blow. After landing a few to the head and shoulders, Cashe then pushes himself up and stands over Flipp with him in between his legs.
Reaching down and grabbing Flipp by the arm, Cashe then pulls him up to his feet but keeps his grip firm on his wrist. Pulling him in and stepping out of the way, Cashe throws Flipp to the corner with force as he almost loses his footing after releasing. After crashing into the corner back first, Flipp’s feet lift up from the mat and just as they touch down, Cashe is flying towards him. With nowhere to go, Flipp braces himself as Cashe drives both knees into his chest, knocking the breath out of him. Cashe then falls to the mat with a thud while Flipp hangs onto the top ropes, holding himself up.

VASSA: ”Flipp might need to get checked after that. Cashe may have caved his chest in.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think it’s that bad, he’s still managing to hold himself up with the ropes.”
VASSA: ”Barely!”
After rolling over and pushing himself up, Cashe turns to Flipp who is still propped up in the corner and gasping for air. Cashe then lunges forward and locks up with him. Using the corner to his advantage, Cashe then begins to slam Flipp into the corner over and over before finally driving his knee upward and planting it into Flipp’s crotch. Quickly after noticing, the ref rushes in and forces himself between the two, breaking them up. The ref then yells for Cashe to go to the other side of the ring and then gives him a warning for the illegal move. With his toothless grin, Cashe happily backs away while the ref then turns to check on Flipp.

JOHNSON: ”That dirty move reminded me of Drew Stevenson.”
VASSA: ”Well as we’ve seen, Stevenson has no problems using dirty tactics to get over on the opponent. I believe Gold Standard is still waiting to hear Cashe’s answer on aligning with them.”
JOHNSON: ”They are. As far as I know Cashe has yet to give them an answer.”
After a few moments pass and Flipp recovers from the low blow, the ref backs away from him and out of the direct line of sight with Cashe. Flipp then looks across the ring and locks eyes with Cashe who stares back with that toothless grin still on his face. Making the first move, Flipp steps away from the corner and makes his way towards the center of the ring as Cashe then does the same. The two then exchange some not so pleasant words and before you know it, the two begin to brawl.
First to attack, Flipp lands a stinging right hand across the side of Cashe’s head but then receives one himself as Cashe fires back without hesitation. The two then go back and forth, exchanging lefts and rights for a few moments until Cashe swings for the fences with a haymaker locked on Flipp’s head. As the fist closes in, Flipp side steps it and then grabs ahold of Cashe’s arm. Pulling Cashe down to the canvas and slamming his body against it, Flipp locks the arm between his legs and then goes to apply a crossface but before he can get his hands locked, Cashe pulls his arm away and breaks free from the attempt.

JOHNSON: ”That was close! Flipp almost had The Verdict locked in but Cashe just wasn’t having it!”
VASSA: ”Flipp saw an opportunity to go for it and took it. Luckily for Cashe he just couldn’t get his hands locked together or this one could very well be over right now.”
The two then scramble to get to their feet, Flipp making it up first. With Cashe on one knee beside him, he then swings his body around and clocks Cashe in the forehead with his forearm. Flipp then grabs him by the head with both hands and pulls him up from one knee. Grabbing onto Cashe’s wrist, Frlipp then throws him to the ropes but before he can release, Cashe reverses and throws him to the ropes instead. Quickly approaching the ropes, Flipp extends both arms out and wraps them around the top rope, stopping himself in his tracks. He then turns around only to see Cashe charging towards him with an elbow strike.

JOHNSON: ”The Mark of Jason!”
VASSA: ”No!”
As Cashe lunges forward with the strike, Flipp then ducks down and avoids the blow. He then stands back up and as he does, he lifts Cashe up from the mat and flips him over the top rope and crashing down to the floor below.

JOHNSON: ”Flipp dodged the bullet right there!”
VASSA: ”He pulled a fast one on Cashe who I’m sure saw a moment to end this thing once and for all.”
With Cashe on the outside, the ref then begins to count him out.
Flipp looks down on the outside where Cashe rolls around, feeling the after effects from that fall.
“Two! … Three!”
On the outside, Cashe finally begins to push himself up but in no hurry.
“Four! … Five!”
With Cashe almost up to both feet, Flipp then turns to the ropes on the other side of the ring and takes off towards them.
After rebounding off and coming back with momentum, Flipp then leaps over the top rope.
Once standing, Cashe looks up only to see Flipp just before he crashes into him with a flying crossbody. Falling backwards, Cashe hits the floor hard as Flipp rolls off of him and crashes into the steel barricade.

JOHNSON: ”What is Flipp doing? He could have just stayed in the ring and waited for Cashe to either come back or be counted out.”
VASSA: ”Cashe was already standing at seven. I’m sure he could have easily gotten back into the ring before ten.”
With both men now on the outside, the ref then restarts the count.
Although Flipp landed the crossbody on Cashe, he appears to have taken some damage himself from the crash afterwards.
“Two! … Three!”
The two then begin to roll around and start forcing themselves up, fighting through the pain.
“Four! … Five!”
Using the barricade, Flipp pulls himself up first and pauses for a brief moment before turning to the ring.
Walking right by Cashe who is on one knee, Flipp makes his way to the ring, racing against the count out.
Placing both hands on the apron, Flipp then ducks his head underneath the top rope…

VASSA: ”Watch out Flipp!”
From behind, Cashe grabs Flipp by the shoulder and quickly spins him around.
Cashe then grabs him by the arm and throws him into the barricade.

With only a second left, Cashe then rolls underneath the bottom rope and enters the ring before the ref can officially make the ten count.

VASSA: ”Cashe has done it! Cashe entered the ring before the ten!”
JOHNSON: ”He completely caught Flipp off guard just as he was going to enter the ring and turned things around quickly.”
VASSA: ”This isn’t how I pictured this match going and I’m sure it won’t be the last time we see these two in the ring. There’s going to be some unfinished business here after tonight.”
The ref then signals for the bell as Cashe rolls over to his back and looks directly up at the ceiling.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by way of count out… JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
“Just Another Thing” hits the speakers as the crowd gives mixed reactions to the ending of this match. Slowly pushing himself up to his feet, Cashe wobbles back and forth before the ref steps in beside him and raises his arm into the air.
One the outside, Flipp leans against the barricade, looking into the ring with his sights set on Cashe and displeased with the outcome.

JOHNSON: ”These two went at it from the sound of the bell until the very last second. Aside from the controversial ending, these two should be proud of this match to open the show.”
VASSA: ”Knowing Cashe, I’m sure he’s happy either way. This business is ruthless and you have to take a win any way you can get it.”
JOHNSON: ”Neither man was pinned so I’m sure this match will be talked about for weeks to come. Flipp doesn’t look happy though.”
VASSA: ”He shouldn’t be happy. He was just about to enter the ring and then had the match taken out from under him by Cashe. I can already see social media blowing up over this.”
Pulling his arm away from the ref, Cashe then walks towards the ropes and looks down to Flipp on the outside. With their eyes locked, the two stare at one another as the crowd begins to chant in the background.
“We Want More! … We Want More! … We Want More! … We Want More! … We Want More!”
Cashe then turns away from Flipp and walks to the other side of the ring to look over the crowd as the tension dies down.

VASSA: ”Well that was one hell of a way to officially start the show!”
JOHNSON: ”It was, Vinny. I’m sure that was something that no one expected but fun to watch none the less.”
VASSA: ”While things settle down here at ringside, we’re going to go backstage for a few moments folks.”

The 4CW cameras cut to what appears to be a hidden camera feed in the backstage area. We see 4CW road agent Tommy Knox leaning up against the wall talking to Cole Jackson.

KNOX: ”So, brother, what you thinkin’ about all this bullshit going on with Aidan Carlisle and Dakota?
Cole stares at Knox for a few seconds, before beginning to crack up laughing.

JACKSON: ”You really want to know what I think, Tommy Boy?”
KNOX: ”That’s why I’m askin’.. what’s so funny about it, man?”
JACKSON: ”I think it is fuckin’ hilarious how it is such big news, and how management is supposedly so up at arms to the point that they are calling us all “cowards” about a situation that the dumb bitch put herself in in the first place! I mean, I am supposed to feel sorry for her ass!?”
Tommy Knox raises an eyebrow at Cole Jackson.

KNOX: ”Whoa, bro, don’t you think you are being a little out of line?”
JACKSON: ”Get the fuck out of here with that shit man, like you don’t get what I am saying! Want me to elaborate? Aidan Carlisle was doing just fine in the Pride division. She was champ there, and she was impressive against those saps they got in that division. SHE is the one who decided to put herself in harm’s way when she came into the Extreme Division. SHE should have known that when she entered the world where the REAL men play, and where you are going to get the holy shit beaten out of you by any and everything imaginable that she shoulda been prepared for ANYTHING! SHE is the one who went out to the parking lot by herself! SHE is the one who has been walking around acting like she has a fucking pair, and talking like she is even in the same ballpark as Dakota Smith or even me. Now the whole locker room is supposed to feel sorry for her? Fuck that shit, man! She is probably gettin’ the lesson in pain that she deserves!
KNOX: ”So you are saying that what Dakota Smith is doing is right, man? Really!?
JACKSON: ”Hey, yall are the ones who basically created this monster. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I honestly expected better out of Dakota than him basically pulling a page of that Andrew Morrison clown’s book, with abducting her and all of that shit, but it’s working! He has this company’s attention, but then this company wants to turn around and act like WE are the ones responsible for Aidan’s well-being, and that WE should get our hands dirty!? Perry Wallace is the one who has let the inmates run the asylum for so long, and NOW he has a problem with how shit gets done under HIS watch!? What the fuck has HE even done to reprimand Dakota?”
Knox runs a hand through his beard, and nods as he listens to Cole make his points.

JACKSON: ”I’ve seen two 4CW employees get arrested yet they never got fined or even as much as a suspension! A man with any real balls or integrity would have stripped Dakota of the Extreme Title the second he pulled out of the arena with Aidan, but controversy creates cash, huh? Perry is showing he cares more about the extra hits on social media and all the bumps in ratings over the integrity of the company’s championships and Aidan Carlisle’s health. If I were her? As soon as I broke out, I would be suing this company for every penny and then we would be Aidan’s Championship Wrestling, and it would be just what Perry’s ass would deserve!”
KNOX: ”You really think it’s smart for you to be saying these kind of things about the guy who signs your paychecks, man!?
JACKSON: ”If he gets off his ass, and actually does something about it towards me, then it will only prove that I’m right! That I am telling the truth, and he just doesn’t have the balls to take it and hear it from somebody like me! He can’t handle the truth, brother! I already know he will be pissed when I end another one of his wrestler’s careers, after I get done destroying Red Pioneer’s sorry ass. He is just going to have to deal with me, man. Show his true colors, if you will. He wants to call me a coward, he can come and say it to my fuckin’ face! I am doing MY job, it’s time he either does his or shuts the fuck up! This company will be better off when he either wakes up and puts his foot down and starts actually running the show, instead of letting ALL the nutjobs run the place ragged, or if he gets what’s coming to him and that’s either a lawsuit or a heart attack!….”
The camera feed abruptly cuts to static, before the conversation can go any further.

As “Bitter End” by The Veer Union begins to play out steps Boardwalk Wrestling’s Internet Champion “The Distinguished” CJ O’Donnell. CJ has on a black “Unstable” t-shirt with blue jeans on with white sneakers. O’Donnell has a smile from ear to ear on his face as he walking down the entrance ramp with the Internet Title over his right shoulder. As the fans continue to boo him he does nothing but mocks them. CJ has a microphone in his hands…

CJ: “Did you miss me?”
A loud chorus of boos happen as CJ just continues to smirk and continue about his business as he walks up the steel steps and steps through the second and top rope. O’Donnell stands in the center of the ring waiting for the boos to die down…

CJ: “Four Corners Wrestling … Man I would never have guessed I would have stepped foot inside this ring again but Michael Pettis said I have to. You see Michael signed me up to be apart of this 4CW Tag Team Title Tournament thing you have happening soon.”
CJ walks over to the ropes and leans up against them as he continues to speak.

CJ: “Now I would have preferred my partner to be one of my Unstable mates but unfortunately Pettis decided to team me with the Atlantic City Champion of Boardwalk Wrestling, “The Archetype” Cyrus Riddle.”
CJ just shakes his head at the mention of his name as “Anarchy in the U.K.” by the Sex Pistols begins to play. Cyrus walks out from behind the curtain dressed in an all black suit, with his Atlantic City Championship held close to his body with his right hand. He faces downward slightly and peers out at the crowd over the rim of his sunglasses before smiling arrogantly and strutting to the ring. Fans try to heckle him unsuccessfully as he makes his way up the steps and into the ring, grabbing a microphone from the hand of the ring crew member.

RIDDLE: “Well, well…it seems as if 4CW has a hard on for exceptional talent, and the evidence of that can be seen with yours truly. Now, Mr. O’Donnell and I are in quite the predicament. We’ve been made partners on behalf of Boardwalk Wrestling, yet I’m set to face his bird at All In to defend my championship. So, as it looks, we have a very interesting venture here in 4CW.”
Cyrus faces CJ.

RIDDLE: “However…in the spirit of competition, and for the sake of unspoken matters, I am willing to set our differences aside, respect one another, and use the wankers in this tournament as our cathartic means to deal with the issues between us in Atlantic City.”
CJ: “You are right Cyrus we are in quite the predicament. But you see Riddle it isn’t the Tag Team tournament I am worried about. I can even forgive the fact that you have busted me open with the Atlantic City Championship. I can forgive the fact that you have made Julliet Brooks life a living hell in the spirit of competition but what I can not forgive is your actions outside of the ring. You know what I am talking about?”
Cyrus looks away momentarily, scratching his cheek with his index finger before turning his attention back to CJ.

RIDDLE: “First, let me remind you that the hell Julliet has been going through pales in comparison to what she has done to me and Victoria. Now, in bringing up my actions outside of the ring, are you sure you want to go there?”
CJ: “Oh I am positive I want to go there Cy! So do you want to let your little secret out of the bag or shall I?”
Cyrus steps away for a moment to ponder, but then takes his place in the corner of the ring, leaning against the turnbuckles.

RIDDLE: “Quite frankly, enough of my personal life is known to these tossers, courtesy of you and your minger, so I don’t feel inclined to share anything more.”
Cyrus smirks at CJ as if he has won a small battle.

CJ: “That’s a shame that you don’t but for some odd reason I feel the need to speak some more. That won’t bother you will it Cyrus? Nevermind don’t answer that question. So let’s get on the topic of the first day we ever meet …”
A smirk comes across the face of CJ as Cyrus stands up straight in the corner and walks to CJ slowly.

RIDDLE: “I said that it wouldn’t be necessary didn’t I?”
Cyrus looks slightly peeved at CJ’s blatant disregard.

CJ: “What’s wrong Cyrus did I strike a nerve? Did I find your breaking point? Oh my God you are not invincible like you say you are. You are not a machine guess you just don’t like to show emotion.”
Cyrus adjusts his suit slightly and moves his head side to side for a second.

RIDDLE: “My ring presence is invincible, yes. However, I do have certain lines that are drawn, and overstepping them is not advised. I’ll show temporary emotion, but it’s when I stop that you will know that you’ve fucked up.”
CJ: “Do you need me to remind you of that one time you talked a big game and …”
In a matter of milliseconds Cyrus is nose to nose with CJ. O’Donnell and Riddle have both dropped their respective microphones as the two start to jaw back and forth with one another. The camera pans back to the entrance way as two men make their way out on the aisle way.

???: “Gentlemen no need to fight. My name is Mace Stevenson.”
Mace hands the mic over to his partner.

???: “And I am Rocky Fuller! We are here in four cee dubya to prove we are the best tag team in the wrestling world!”
Rocky drops his mic and him and Mace walk toward the ring. In anticipation, Cyrus hangs his championship and jacket on the ring post, unbuttoning his dress shirt’s cuffs and rolling his sleeves up. CJ takes off his Unstable t-shirt and throws it to the mat. As Mace and Rocky slide underneath the bottom ropes. CJ and Cyrus charge the team of Rocky and Mace. O’Donnell catches Stevenson with a dropkick to the face and begins to pound away at the face of Mace. While Cyrus waits for Stevenson to get up before nailing him with a hard lariat to the back of the head.

VASSA: “It looks like the team of Riddle and O’Donnell are going to put away their differences here tonight.”
JOHNSON: “They are going to have to if they want to make a statement in 4CW! There is no I in TEAM!!”
CJ gets off the top of Stevenson before he gives him a final kick to the chest area. Riddle grabs Rocky by his hair and pulls him up to his feet as he drives a knee into the midsection area of Fuller. Cyrus whips Rocky into the corner and follows in with a hard lariat into the corner. CJ isn’t far behind and hitting a running dropkick to the face of Rocky. Cyrus gives CJ a look and CJ shrugs his shoulders. Mace is getting to his feet and charges toward Cyrus who sees him out of the corner of his eye and he jumps over him. Mace runs into a superkick from CJ which puts him into the clutches of Riddle who delivers a German Suplex to him. Now it is CJ who gives Cyrus the look and Riddle just brushes his shoulders off.

VASSA: ”It looks like Cyrus and CJ are trying to one up each other.”
JOHNSON: ”Obviously these two have some history we do not know about.”
VASSA: ”I am sure we will find out about it when the time is right.”
JOHNSON: ”What better time than the present?”
VASSA: ”Very true.”
Rocky has made it back to his feet as CJ goes running towards him. Riddle though sees O’Donnell coming towards him and he delivers a hard lariat to the back of Rocky’s head as CJ connects with a running single leg high knee.

JOHNSON: ”Holy shi—that is going to leave a serious migraine.”
VASSA: ”Yes it will.”
Stevenson is pulling himself up with the ropes as CJ sneaks behind him and delivers a german suplex. Mace folds like an accordion but Cyrus doesn’t let him breathe and picks Stevenson up and hits a german suplex of his own that sends Mace to the outside of the ring. Cyrus and CJ look around at the destruction they caused in and outside of the ring. CJ picks up a microphone.

CJ: “Are you kidding me? That is the best that 4CW has to offer.”
CJ just shakes his head in disappointment.

CJ: “This is fucking pathetic.”
Cyrus picks up another mic from the corner.

RIDDLE: “If you want my professional opinion, I would advise Mr. Wallace to invest in some better talent. I want a match that will mean something when we take your titles. If I wanted a warm up title victory, I’d request a match with JPD!”
CJ: “Fuck JPD. Fuck Tara. Fuck every single member of the High Octane Wrestling Organization. They are all a bunch of pussies and whiny bitches! Go ahead and come out here claiming to be the best organization in the world. We all know it’s a fucking lie. Boardwalk Wrestling will prove that we are not only the BEST but the MOST DOMINANT!!”
CJ looks directly at Cyrus.

CJ: “Riddle we may not see eye to eye but it is time to show the world just why BW is superior to ALL!!”
After chuckling at CJ’s up front words, Cyrus nods in agreement with him.

RIDDLE: “After such an astute observation of truth as it pertains to the rest of the business, the only thing I can really add is that I am personally inviting you cunts to prove us wrong, and when you step into the ring with us, be prepared to shut the fuck up and watch the excellence before you! We came here for championships, to cement our names, and just like my mate, Dakota, I don’t care if I have to spill blood to prove a point.”
CJ: “You’re right Cyrus blood will be spilled. Just fucking remember what team you are on. Dakota, is not your fucking partner I am. So I swear to God if you fuck this up I am not going to take that precious title from you because Julliet will do that at All In. Oh no I will make this shit personal and you know exactly what I mean.”
Cyrus smiles and pats CJ on the back.

RIDDLE: “Just like your girl at All In, I will show you that I’m a man of my word.”
Cyrus reaches his hand out for CJ to shake. CJ looks down at Riddle’s hand and then back up at Cyrus. O’Donnell rubs his goatee before he decides to shake the hand of the Atlantic City Champion.

CJ: “We are The Distinguished…”
Cyrus cuts off the Internet Champion.

RIDDLE: “Archetypes!”
Cyrus holds up his middle and index fingers to the crowd. The two men grab their championships and leave the ring, making their way to the back.

VASSA: ”Impressive showing here by the Distinguished Archetypes!”
The camera then cuts backstage while CJ and Cyrus leave the ring.

In his office, Wallace sits behind his desk with his phone laying on top of it and on speaker. With sweat beading up on his forehead, Wallace appears worried with the recent events that have happened as of late. The speaker rings before going straight to a beep for voicemail.

WALLACE: ”Bordy! Pick up! I haven’t seen or heard from you in almost a month! I need to know where you’re at and that you’re okay. We’ve already had one wrestler go missing. I need to know that you haven’t been abducted as well. CALL ME BACK!”
Grabbing the bottle of Scotch from the desk, Wallace then pours himself a glass. Not wasting any time, he then grabs the glass and downs it, not wasting a single drop. He then messes with his phone again before another ring tone is heard. After a few rings pass and no one answers, the same beep is heard.

WALLACE: ”Brody! Where are you, man?! I’m supposed to be announcing some news tonight in regards to the upcoming Warzone at Fright Night but I left you in charge. I don’t want to step on your toes man, I’m not that much of an asshole. I need to know what we have in store. If I don’t hear back from you, I’m going to have to postpone the announcement and do it myself when we head to Philly. CALL ME BACK!!!!”
Wallace then presses end on his phone before leaning back in his chair and biting on his finger nail.

WALLACE: ”What the fuck?! Why is it so god damned hard to find some fucking help around here without them either resigning or vanishing into thin air? GOD DAMNIT FRANKIE!!!”
Wallace then grabs an envelope on his desk and opens it, revealing two checks inside, one written to Aidan Carlisle and the other to Stefan Raab.

WALLACE: ”Stefan Raab… I haven’t heard that name in a long time. Deal with it. No bank is taking a check with lord Raab written on the check. Match of the night… they did it and now I don’t have a single clue where either of them are to pay the prize. What the fuck is happening?!”
Wallace then tosses the envelope on the table and picks up his phone from the desk. After looking at it for a moment, he then shakes his head back and forth in disgust to what is on the screen.

WALLACE: ”Some fucking Pride champ we have, mother fucker can’t even take a loss without acting like a little bitch. Where is that piece of shit, I have some news for that guy! Next week it’s time to act like a man or either get dealt with like a child.”
Wallace then stands up from the chair and places his phone in his pocket. Walking around the desk, he grabs his jacket from the chair beside it and throws it on. After straightening everything out, he then walks to the door and grabs ahold of the handle firmly before pulling it open.

WALLACE: ”This is too much shit gone wrong all at once. I need to go see Holly…”
Wallace then proceeds down the hall as the scene slowly fades out.


A motorcycle engine revs up as “The Day That Never Comes” by Metallica begins to play over the arena.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma, weighing in at two hundred seventy six pounds and standing six feet, ten inches tall. He is the “Alpha Wolf”, Cole JJAACCKKSSOONN!!!”
Cole Jackson then walks to the ring slowly with a chain wrapped around his fist, occasionally stopping to look at the crowd. He then enters the ring and stands by the turnbuckle and crouches down, staring straight ahead.

JOHNSON: ”Up next we have an extreme match and it looks like Cole Jackson is prepared as he’s come down to the ring with a chain in hand.”
VASSA: ”He had a very impressive win two weeks ago against Xander Showtime and hopefully tonight he can build off of that.”
JOHNSON: ”It isn’t going to be an easy task by any means.”
VASSA: ”It really isn’t. We have a table at ringside. We have a couple of chairs and of course, we have a trash can full of goodies just waiting to be broken across someone’s face.”
“22 Faces” by Periphery blasts out through the arena as the lights all dim. The camera pans around the ramp and the arena, searching for The Red Pioneer. From out of nowhere the spotlight shines into the crowd, and we see him sitting next to a couple of fans that didn’t see him move there while the lights were out. Once he has been spotted, the crowd breaks into a roar of cheers, and Red makes his way through the masses toward the ring.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Prospect, Connecticut, weighing in at two hundred seven pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches tall/ He is “The Harbinger of Serenity”, THE RED PPIIOOOOOOOOONNEEEERR!!!”
Once he leaps the barricade, he wastes no time sliding into the ring under the bottom ropes before running over to the far corner. Once there, he leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who continues to roar their near deafening approval for him. After a long pause, making sure the fans have had their opportunity to flash a few photos, he finally drops back to the mat and begins stretching before the match starts.

VASSA: ”I’m glad to see The Red Pioneer back in 4CW. He had an impressive return two weeks ago with the win over some nobody.”
JOHNSON: ”He was the face of the Extreme Division last year when the championship had the television stipulation.”
VASSA: ”Week in and week out he put his body on the line and defended that championship with honor. It was unfortunate to see him suffer to injury but now he’s back and looks to be in top shape.”
JOHNSON: ”He didn’t bring any weapons down to the ring with him but lucky for him, we have plenty of the outside.”
VASSA: ”We sure do.”
JOHNSON: ”It looks like the official is ready so we’re going to let him take it away!”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with Cole who has the chair gripped tightly with both hands and receives the nod. He then turns to Pioneer who is just now standing back to both feet. After a short stare, Pioneer nods. The ref then waves his hand in the air and signals for the bell…

VASSA: ”And we’re off!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m interested to see how The Red Pioneer goes about this match being that there is a huge size difference between the two, almost a foot.”
At the sound, Cole darts out of his corner and charges towards Pioneer with the chain clinched in one hand. As he draws near, Cole whips the chair towards Pioneer but misses as he rolls out of the way. As the chain bounces off the top padding of the turnbuckle, Cole whips it around and takes another swing at Pioneer who hasn’t gotten to his feet yet. Rolling out of the way once more, Pioneer dodges another attack with the chair. Cole then pulls the chain back but as he does, Pioneer grabs onto the end with both hands. After a brief tug of war, Cole then pulls back on the chain with all of his strength and lifts Pioneer up from the mat and to his feet. With Pioneer’s balance slightly off, Cole then pulls tugs on the chain once more and pulls Pioneer into a clothesline with his free arm.
Grabbing onto the chain with his other hand, Cole then reaches down and wraps it around Pioneer’s neck and then lifts him up from the mat. Lifting him as high as he can, Cole then turns his body quickly and throws Pioneer across the ring as it he were being fired from a sling shot. After falling down to the mat, Pioneer rolls into the corner and crashes against, stopped in a seated position. Cole then drops the chain to his side and takes off from stand still and after gaining momentum, he drives his knee into Pioneer’s face, slamming his head against the corner. With Pioneer at his feet, Cole then grabs onto his neck with both hands and then lifts him up before slamming him against the corner.
Pulling Pioneer away from the corner, Cole then drags him to the center of the ring before clocking him over the top of the head with an overhead fist. With pioneer briefly stunned, Cole then throws him to the ropes with all of his strength. After coming back on the rebound, Pioneer quickly slides to the mat and avoids a big boot to the face from Cole. With the chain beside him, Pioneer then grabs it and pops up to his feet with Coles back turned to him. Holding tightly onto it with both hands, Pioneer then jumps into the air, wraps the chain around his neck and then falls backwards, pulling Cole down with him. With his knees pointing upwards, Pioneer hits the mat as Cole falls on top of him, taking two knees into his lower back.

VASSA: ”Now that’s one way to take the big man down!”
JOHNSON: ”I’ve seen quite a few back stabbers but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one with assistance from a chain.”
VASSA: ”With these extreme matches, if it’s in the ring then it’s going to be used.”
Quickly getting to his feet, Pioneer focuses on Cole’s legs with a fury of kicks and stomps to them. Turning his attention to the left leg, Pioneer then stomps on the knee a few times before reaching down and grabbing him by the ankle. After rolling Cole over to his stomach, Pioneer then lifts his ankle up into the air, lifting his knee up from the mat and then slams it down, driving his knee into the canvas. As the pain sinks in, Cole rolls over to his back and then leans upward into a sitting position, holding his knee. Pioneer then takes off towards the ropes in front of him and after rebounding, he plants both feet into Cole’s face with a running dropkick.

JOHNSON: ”After working on the legs for a bit, Pioneer caught him off guard with a dropkick to the face.”
VASSA: ”I don’t even think Cole saw it coming. His full attention was on that knee that Pioneer slammed against the mat.”
With Cole on his back, Pioneer then turns to the corner and ascends to the top. He then keys in on his target and leaps into the air with a flip and as he comes down, he goes for a leg drop across both legs of Cole’s. Just as he is about to complete the assault, Cole quickly rolls out of the way and leave’s Pioneer with nothing to break his fall as he crashes to the mat.

JOHNSON: ”And he misses!”
Laid out on the canvas, Pioneer holds his bottom and feels the after effects of the missed opportunity. Pushing himself up to his feet slowly, Cole finally makes it up but with a slight limp in the left leg. Walking through the pain, Cole reaches down and grabs Pioneer by the head and rolls him up to his feet. Keeping his hand on the back of Pioneer’s head, Cole then walks him across the ring and once they approach the roles, Cole throws him into them, forcing him to flip up and over the top before falling to the outside floor.

VASSA: ”Now that the formalities are out of the way, we can get down to business outside of the ring where all the fun takes placed during these extreme matches!”
JOHNSON: ”Lucky for us, Cole chose the ropes directly in front of us to toss Cole over.”
VASSA: ”And looks! The weapons and props have been conveniently placed to the right of our booth. Lucky us…”
JOHNSON: ”Why do I get the sense that you had something to do with that?”
VASSA: ”Because I slipped the ringside crew member a twenty to put them there to make sure that we got to see this all unfold within a few feet from the booth.”
Climbing to the outside, Cole drops down to the floor just inches away from Pioneer who is still down from the nasty fall. Looking around the outside for a moment, Cole ignores the weapons already placed out here and keys in on a small cooler sitting beside Vinny at the booth. Cole then walks over towards it and reaches down, removing the top and pulling out two beer bottles.

VASSA: ”Those are mine!”
Popping the tops off of both, Cole then hands one to Vinny and the two touch glasses.

VASSA: ”Cheers!”
Cole and Vinny then turn the bottles up and begin to drink. After taking a big swig from the bottle, Cole then turns around to see Pioneer just getting up to his feet with help from pulling on the apron. Cole then takes another big drink as he walks towards Pioneer. After finally standing, Pioneer turns to look at Cole only to get blinded as he spits a mouthful of beer into his face. With Pioneer blinded, Cole then draws the bottle back in his hand and breaks it over the top of his head, sending shards of glass all over the place. Pioneer then stumbles backwards before tripping over his own feet and crashing into the trashcan full of goodies.
Pulling a kendo stick out of the mess of weapons, Cole then holds it over his head with one hand while looking over the crowd. He then turns his attention back to Pioneer who is crawling on all fours away from the mess. Slowly stalking him, Cole follows behind him and after gripping the stick with both hands, he swings it downward across Pioneer’s back.
Falling to his stomach, Pioneer pushes himself back up only to get hit across the back again with the kendo stick.
Cole then unloads with multiple swings of the stick across his back until finally breaking the stick in half. Grabbing onto Pioneer’s head, Cole then pulls him up to one knee. Getting caught up in the moment by the insane cheers of the crowd, Cole looks over them once more as they beg for more violence. Taking advantage of the time given, Pioneer spots a chair within reach and grabs it. He then hits Cole in the stomach with the top of it, breaking the hold he has on his head. Pioneer then jabs it into the side of Cole’s left knee, forcing it to buckle and him drop to it. Pioneer then drops the chair to the floor and unloads with back to back chops across Cole’s chest.
Refusing to go down, Cole stays up on one knee. After picking the chair back up, Pioneer then circles Cole with it held above his head with one hand. Standing behind him, Pioneer then takes a swing and hits him across the top of the back with it.
Still not going down, Cole remains on one knee. Pioneer then draws the chair back once more and slams it across his back again.
Pioneer then shakes his head back and forth, shocked to see that Cole still hasn’t gone down.

JOHNSON: ”I’m just as surprised as he is! How can Cole still be up after those two shots to the back?”
VASSA: ”Cole is a big boy and one tough son of a bitch.”
JOHNSON: ”I get that after seeing him take those two chair shots like they were nothing.”
Pioneer then turns to the ring and quickly makes his way over to hit. Climbing onto the apron, Pioneer backs up towards the far corner. He then runs along it and leaps into the air, holding the chair up and dropkicking it into Cole’s head, finally sending the big man to the floor.

VASSA: ”Tough or not, it doesn’t matter who you are. No one is shaking that off!”
JOHNSON: ”I think Pioneer may have landed awkwardly.”
VASSA: ”it appears he’s favoring that knee of his. he must have banged it up with the rough landing.”
With both men down and suffering from that last attack, surprisingly, Cole begins to climb to his feet first, shortly followed by Pioneer. As if watching in slow motion, both men struggle to get up, but Cole stands to his feet first. He then grabs Pioneer, who is on one knee, by the head with both hands and then slams his face down into the floor. With Pioneer back down, Cole then looks over to his right where a table sits on its side, resting against the steel barricade. After pulling the legs out, Cole then sets the table up half way between the barricade and the ring.
He then turns his attention back to Pioneer and makes his way over to him. Grabbing him by the head, Cole pulls him up to his feet and walks him over to the table. He then rolls Pioneer onto the table but before he does anything else, he looks back to the mess of weapons and notices a roll of barbed wire sticking out from the pile. After walking over to it, he pulls the barbed wire out from the mess and then begins to unroll it while turning back to Pioneer who is still on the table. Cole then stops in his tracks and grabs the chair by his feet. He then wraps the barbed wire around the chair.

JOHNSON: ”Now if a chair by itself wasn’t enough to do damage alone, this barbed wire will make things a little more interesting.”
VASSA: ”It took three chair shots with no barbed wire to put Cole down. How many will it take with barbed wire to put Pioneer down?”
Once beside the table, Cole raises the chair above his head with both hands and then swings down with it.
The sound of the chair smacking the table echoes throughout the arena as Pioneer rolls out of the way and avoids a possible near finish. Back with his feet on the floor, Pioneer pushes the table forward and slams it into Cole’s stomach, knocking the breath out of him and forcing him to drop the chair onto the table. Pioneer then reaches across the table and grabs Cole by the head with both hands and goes to slam his face onto the chair. Coming within inches of tasting steel and barbed wire, Cole plants both hands onto the table and pushes himself up, stopping his face from eating metal. He then reaches up with one hand and jabs a thumb into Pioneer eye, breaking his grip on his head. Cole then pops up and grabs Pioneer by the head and slams his face down onto the barbed wire covered chair instead.
Cole then drags Pioneers face back and forth on the chair, ripping away at his mask as the barbs tear it. Cole then raises his head up to reveal his bloody face through the torn mask. Pioneer then spits blood into Cole’s eyes, blinding him for a brief moment. Pioneer then reaches across the table and grabs Cole by the back of the head with both hands and then slams his face down onto the chair.

VASSA: ”These two are going to be left bloody and ugly by the time this is all said and done.”
Leaning up, Cole smiles at Pioneer as the blood trickles down his face. Pioneer then hops up onto the table and swings downward with a series of punches to the top of the head. After landing half a dozen punches, Pioneer stands straight up but before he can make his next move, Cole takes a swing for his feet. Just before having his legs taken out from under him, Pioneer leaps into the air and over Cole’s head, landing on the apron. With Cole slowly turning around to face him, Pioneer then jumps up and springboards off the middle rope and straight into the air with a backflip. As he comes down, Cole finally faces him but it’s too late as Pioneer hits him with the moonsault and the two crash through the table, on top of the chair wrapped in barbed wire.

JOHNSON: ”Did we just see that?!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know how he managed to pull that off but that was amazing!”
JOHNSON: ”Wait a second! Pioneer has him covered!”
With Cole’s shoulders to the floor in the debris, the ref rushes over from the other side of the ring and sweeps in for the count as the crowd counts along.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

VASSA: ”This one is over!”
JOHNSON: ”These two literally beat the life out of each other but like everything else, all good things must come to an end.”
VASSA: ”This was fucking awesome! If his return two weeks ago wasn’t proof, Pioneer is back ladies and gentlemen!”
“22 Faces” hits the speakers as the crowd erupts with cheers and the ref helps Pioneer to his feet.
The ref then raises his hand into the air, while holding him up with his other as he is barely able to stand.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall, THE RED PPIIOONNEEEERR!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Someone should get a couple of stretchers down here because I don’t think either man is going to be walking out of here anytime soon.”
VASSA: ”What the hell?”
Pioneer stumbles backwards into the barricade but as he does, the fans lift him up from his feet and raises him into the air. Pioneer then crowd surfs towards the back of the arena as the ref looks on.

JOHNSON: ”The people love him!”
VASSA: ”You don’t think?”
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, we’re going to go backstage for a moment while things get cleaned up here at ringside and we get some assistance down here for Cole.”
The camera keeps its focus on Pioneer as he gets further and further away until it finally loses him in the masses of the crowd. With Pioneer nowhere to be seen, the scene then cuts backstage.

We cut backstage and immediately see Tommy Knox rapidly navigating the halls of the Royal Farms Arena. He makes it to the security exit and shoves the door open. Six security guards are standing huddled around one another and quickly point Tommy in a certain direction. Knox could only make it a few steps before being approached by Frankie Morrison, Chris Madison’s manager.

MORRISON: ”Hey Tommy… I can’t seem to get through to him. He’s on a warpath. Maybe you can get through to him.”
Knox looked passed Morrison and saw Chris Madison standing against his motorcycle in street clothes. Madison had a wooden baseball bat that laid parallel with his shoulders, each hand securing one end of the bat as he watched everyone who entered the building for tonight’s production.

KNOX: ”I’ll see what I can do. But you know him as well as I do… If he’s in one of his moods there’s no swaying him.”
Morrison nodded his head and stepped aside. Knox strolled up towards Madison with a smile on his face while shaking his head.

KNOX: ”What’cha plan on doin’ with that?”
MADISON: ”Destroy a monster…”
Knox sighed as the smile quickly disappeared from his face.

MADISON: ”I hope Perry doesn’t think those rent-a-cops are going to be able to stop me…”
Knox looked back at the crew of security that was by the door.

KNOX: ”Nah… Just some extra precautions after what happened last week. So what’s the plan? Stay out here waiting for Raab and then beat the hell out of each other?”
MADISON: ”Yeah, pretty much sums it up.”
KNOX: ”And what about your match with Brandon Young?”
MADISON: ”It doesn’t take me long to get ready. You know me, I’m all business. I’ll go in there, beat some respect into Brandon Young, and then when I’m through I’ll scour every corner of this place until I find Raab.”
KNOX: ”He’s not scheduled to be here man. He’s got some side gig set up… Doin’ some mixed martial arts fights or something. You got that guy on edge…”
MADISON: ”If he wants to get locked up in a cage and fight, he doesn’t have to look any further then right here. I’ll gladly go a few rounds with him.”
KNOX: ”I know you would. But listen man… You’re makin’ people nervous. Come inside, get yourself ready for your match. Hell I’ll help ya look for the guy when you’re through. Just come inside and leave the bat with Frankie. I’m sure he’s used that a few times in his hay day. We’ll leave him on watch!”
Knox broke the tension, forcing a smile to crack from Madison statuesque demeanor. Madison looked over at Morrison and pointed the handle of the bat in his direction. Frankie walked over with a pep in his step and grabbed the bat from Madison as the scene cuts away.

“Here Comes The Money” by Naughty By Nature followed by “Back in Black” by AC/DC pops over the surround sound system as out comes Bill E. Narrator to a chorus of boos. Bill is ecstatic the crowd hates him as he smirks and power struts to the ring wearing a Grey custom made power suit with a mic in his hand.

NARRATOR: ”I know what you are all thinking..this must be pretty important if good ol’ Bill E. is here isn’t it?” (The crowd boos a deafening roar) ”It is a very important night. You see tonight is the night when we add to the family, when we become a stronger unit. Gold Standard becomes larger than life itself. So without further adieu!”
“Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC blares over the Arena rocking the it to it’s core. The fans break into a tirade of boos as out walks Francis “Freedom” Dart and Drew “Public Enemy #1” Stevenson. Both wearing a expesnive suits and are followed by Trojan Mangum, the Security for Gold Standard. He too has a mic in his hand as he berates a fan dressed like a black version of Elvis before he gets into the ring followed by Trojan.

FREEDOM: ”You can definitely tell we are in Baltimore, Maryland can’t you? (Bill claps) ”I mean a “black” Elvis? Give me a fuckin’ break..what do you have some kind of Foote fetish too?” (Bill cracks up laughing, egging him on) ”Sorry ass mutha’ fucker. Look at the ridiculous pick sticking out of your fro dude..only in Maryland. Anyway, back to business..”
The crowd cheering for once as the new Potential member was seen last Adrenaline when Jason Cashe was offered a spot. Fans have been wondering if he was going to join. Their wait was over as Drew Stevenson took the mix to make introductions.

STEVENSON: “Tonight history will be made, tonight we are getting a new member of Gold Standard and tonight the NEW level of standard rises to Gold! This man I’m about to introduce is an icon in 4 Corners Wrestling, multiple Champion across the business and we couldn’t be more thrilled having him on our side in this fight against to Dominate 4 Corners Wrestling! Ladies and gentlemen I give you..The man..The Influence..The Troubled…JASSSSSSON CAAAAAASHE!!
“Just Another Thing” rolls through the PA System as the crowd gets rowdy. Jason Cashe comes out from the back and a roar of cheers and boos mix into the air. His eyes scan the arena but come to rest on the ring at the members of “Gold Standard” as he makes his way down the entrance ramp. At ringside, he rounds the corner and slowly makes his way up the steel stairs before getting on the apron and dipping through the ropes to enter the ring.

CASHE: ”So the time has come to make a decision! I’ve sat on this egg for a bit now, wondering what the right choice was. Not just for myself but for you guys as well. I knew your Father Francis, and Drew we’ve been called Best Friends already because I welcomed you to the company right away.
STEVENSON: “That you did and it’s why you’re standing here tonight! You have ties to us, you are the original Standard in 4CW and we want to make you Gold alongside us!”
The crowd not approving of Drew’s comments only boo some because of Cashe having competed with Flipp earlier, he was still seen in a dimmer light.

CASHE: “Be it a surprise or obvious to some but my decision on this was simple. No…No, I will NOT join Gold Standard..”
The arena wildly goes into cheers as Cashe shakes his head no to the wide eyes of both Drew and Dart. Even Bill E seems shocked as the members of Gold Standard look to the former Champion with a new level of disgust.

FREEDOM: ”What do you mean you aren’t joining us? I promised these people a new member here tonight..what the hell are you trying to pull?”
CASHE: “To be honest? I’ve already got a partn–“
STEVENSON: “Screw this! You messed up real bad Cashe and now you will be buried by the Standard…The GOLD Standard! Get em Trojan!!”
Before Trojan charges at Jason Cashe, Drew Stevenson and Freedom snap their heads to the entrance as “Straight On” by Heart rumbles the arena and out runs John “The Magic Man” Austin with a chair in his hand. Bill E hurries to exit the ring, Drew Stevenson follows as John Austin raises the chair high before getting to ringside. Freedom is shocked as he watches Austin slide into the ring, none of this was expected. Trojan gets disposed of by way of a sharp “Mark Of JASON” Elbow by Cashe and Austin swings the chair wildly at Freedom barely missing him as he falls through the ropes to the outside. The fans go nuts as Austin and Cashe stand side by side fending off Gold Standard!

VASSA: “What the crap is this!? Is John Austin the new Partner Cashe tried to mention? Are they aligned!?!”
JOHNSON: “I’m not sure but Francis Dart is picking up another mic, Gold Standard looks PISSED!! Drew Stevenson is irate.”
The packed arena is on their feet cheering, roaring at the top of their lungs at the potential alliance between John Austin and Jason Cashe. As Francis puts the mic to his mouth, his eyes burn a look of hatred into Cashe.

FREEDOM: “You want to screw us? Deny our offer? Just who the hell do you think you are!?!”
From the side, Drew Stevenson comes over and snatches the microphone from Dart. His anger seems to settle as a shady smile stretches across his face and he speaks out into the mic.

STEVENSON: “Thank you…Thank you Jason for falling right into our plans..”
Nodding into the ring, Cashe shrugs his shoulders not sure what Drew had meant.

JOHNSON: “Ohhhh!! John Austin just leveled Cashe to the back of the head with that Steel Chair!!”
Flopping forward, Cashe draped into the ropes. Austin cocks the chair back and lays into Cashe’s back with another shot and another until the chair bends up from each attack. Finally Cashe falls and drops to the canvas as the members of Gold Standard slowly make their way back into the ring, clapping for the actions of John Austin.

FREEDOM: “Bravo! Fucking fantastic!”
Austin lets the chair drop from his grip as he smiles and welcomes the members of Gold Standard back into the ring. Jason Cashe groaning in pain rolls and reaches up at Austin but Drew Stevenson kicks down at him to keep the former Champion down.

STEVENSON: “And NOW please let us introduce the newest member of Gold Standard….”THE MAGIC MAN” JOHN AUUUSTIN!!”
Every member of Gold Standard stand side by side and their arms raise up as they pose for the booing audience. Jason Cashe lays at their feet in pain as Gold Standard shines in their spotlight.

VASSA: “What a crowning moment for the new standard of 4CW, the Gold Standard!!”
JOHNSON: “I thought you and Cashe were old friends?”
VASSA: “We are but this was just a brilliant setup and I have to respect that more than any friendship.”
The combination of music plays as Gold Standard gather around Cashe, enjoying their work as they begin to leave the ring and EMTs rush the ring to help the former Champion.


POWERS: ”This following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at one hundred and sixty pounds, fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada, he is Young Prince BRANDON YOUUUUUNNNNGGG!”
The arena grows dark and “I Need Some Company” blares through the arena speakers, the lights begin to flicker and finally Company by Drake plays through the speakers. Brandon makes his way from behind the curtain tossing his hands up in the air, he slowly makes his way down the ramp playing to the crowd, fist balled with a determined look on his face, he slides under the apron and into the ring bouncing off each apron.

VASSA: ”The Young Prince is looking to capitlize here tonight on what would be his biggest victory.”
JOHNSON: ”No doubt. If he can beat Chris Madison that would instantly put Brandon in title implications.”
The venue’s lights cut out, causing the entire building to go dark. Static feedback screeches over the P.A. system, forcing the fans in the audience to cover their ears. The video screen near the entrance way lights up with a white snowy picture, barely illuminating the entrance ramp. A black handprint slowly fades into the picture with a red anarchy symbol carved into the palm of the handprint. The crowd jumps to their feet as the static feedback is replaced by the opening chorus to Bullet For My Valentine’s single You Want a Battle? (Here’s A War).

POWERS: ”And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, hailing from Long Island, New York, he is Mayhem CHRIS MADISOOOOONNNNN!”
“We will not take this anymore
These words will never be ignored
You want a battle
A sole spotlight focuses on the curtain for the entranceway as Chris Madison steps out. His head is tucked down and covered by a black towel, focusing on the ground beneath him. The crowd roars in anticipation as Madison stands as still as a statue. He finally brings his fists up towards his face and punches himself on the jaw with both hands before ripping the towel from his head and spiking it down to the ground. Madison charges to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope before hoping up to his feet. He walks towards the nearest ropes corner and climbs up to the second rope, surveying the live crowd before holding his arms out horizontally.

VASSA: ”That man returned to the ring last week against the rising Francis Dart. Rabb had something to do with it but boy did Chris look impressive.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed partner. I don’t think he’s lost any pep in his step.”
VASSA: ”Tonight he has a good challenge in Brandon Young who’s looking to take a step up the Four Corner ranks.”
VASSA: ”But let’s get to the action folks.”
With that the action begins. Both men circling the ring before wrapping up with one another. Young flips Madison over his back but he’s quick to get back to his feet. Both men wrapping up once again. This time Young sweeps the feet of Madison, hopping on top of him and looking to place Madison in a headlock, but Madison reverses and gets to his feet. Both men charging toward one another but Young catches Madison with a Crossbody.
Madison pushes Young from off top of him, he gets to his feet and as he does he ducks a Superkick from Young, wrapping him up and lifting him for a Suplex but Young lands on his feet before executing a Backbreaker. Young grabs Madison by the arm and pulls him back to his feet. Madison catching Young with a quick punch to the face followed by a knee to the gut. He wraps around Young’s head before bringing him down with a DDT. Young rolling across the ring before pulling himself back to his feet.

VASSA: ”Both men starting out slow here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Guess they’re going through the feeling out process.”
Madison darts across the ring looking for a Flying Knee strike but Young easily ducks out of the way. Madison stay’s offensive looking to connect with a kick to the thigh of Young’s but Young grabs Madison’s leg, yanks him in and hits Madison with a Standing Clothesline. Young waste no time bringing Madison back to his feet where he delivers a European Uppercut. Madison stumbling backwards into the ropes. Young tries Clotheslining Madison over the ropes but Madison holds on. Instead Madison gets his legs up around Young’s neck, but once again Young yanks Madison, this time Madison dropping hard to the mat.

JOHNSON: ”Smart thinking by Brandon right there.”
Young claps his hands feeling all the momentum on his side. He grabs Madison by the neck and pulls him back to his feet before whipping him into a turnbuckle. Young darting across the ring and looking for a Flying Thurst Kick but Madison rolls out of the way. Young’s knee landing on the turnbuckle as he winces out in pain.
Madison takes a quick breather before dragging Young to the middle of the ring and bringing him back to his feet. Madison kicks away at the knee of Young’s before wrapping up around him and connecting with a Half Nelson Suplex. Madison immediately mounts Young, placing him in a Ompalata. Young reaching out for the ropes, and he gets there. The veteran Madison letting go of the lock before the ref steps in.

VASSA: ”He had that locked in tight but the ropes were right there.”
Madison pulls Young back to his feet and looks to capitalize with an elbow to the chin, but Young weaves and catches Madison with a chop across the chest followed by another before dropping Madison with a Hard Scoopslam. Young jumps to his feet and taps his chest. Reaching down pulling Madison back to his feet. Young whips Madison into the ropes, Madison bouncing off and into a Flying Superman Punch from Young. Young goes for the pin.
Madison kicks out. Young pulling him back to his feet, but the savy Madison catches Young with a quick knee to the gut and follows that up with a Colt Forty Five Backbreaker. Young grabs for his back before Madison pulls him back to his feet and wraps up around Young, Young reversing and wrapping up around Madison, but Madison reverses and does the same thing. He goes to lift Young up, but Young swings back with his elbow and connects with another as Madison lets go off the hold. Young hits Madison with a blow to the gut before taking a few steps back before running and connecting with an Enzugiri. He goes for the pin once more.

JOHNSON: ”Beautiful. Just Beautiful.”
Madison gets his leg over the ropes. Young slapping the mat before bringing himself back to his feet. Madison slowly bringing himself back to his. Young darts across the ring looking for that Flying Thrust kick again but Madison ducks under it. As Young lands on his feet Madison wraps up around him from the back. Young turning around and forcing himself backwards as he forces Madison onto a turnbuckle. Madison letting the hold go.
Young turns around and begins swinging for the fences. A couple blows connecting but others being blocked by Madison. Young throws his final blow that Madison weaves, turns out of the turnbuckle grabs ahold of the ropes and leg sweeps Young off of his feet. He clinches Young in a front face lock as the crowd jumps up knowing what’s coming. He forces Young down to the canvas before throwing a leg over Young’s back.

VASSA: ”The Peruvian Necktie. He’s got it locked in.”
The ref steps in as Young tries and wiggle himself out of the maneuver. Chris trying to apply it tighter. Young keeps holding on trying his best to get out, but with it locked in to the fullest he’s forced to tap out before he catches a serious neck injury.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner…Chris Madison.”
“You Want A Battle?” begins playing as Chris gets to his feet. He grabs Brandon by the hand and pulls him back to his feet aswell before whispering some encouraging words in his ear. The ref steps in and raises Chris’s hand to a cheerful crowd.

VASSA: ”Brandon showcased that he’s going to be a kid on the rise here in Four C W. Even though Chris is the victor he shouldn’t hang his head low about this loss.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh yeah Vinny. I like what I saw from Brandon tonight. He should rebound next Adrenaline, but tonight it was just Madison’s night.”
VASSA: ”Chris continuing on with his winning ways. I can’t wait to see him back in action next Adrenaline.”
Madison stood in the ring after his match was through. He leaned against the turnbuckle with his forearms rested on the top rope facing out towards the crowd. Suddenly a video appears on the screen. The sound of a live audience cheering streams over the audio. Lord Raab sat in a steel chair inside a locker room of an amateur MMA event.

LORD RAAB: ”Looks like some punk didn’t pay any attention to me. You knew I wasn’t supposed to be in the building tonight. Yet you wasted your time looking for me. How pathetic, then again, it’s pathetic when a man knocks me down after my title match against Dakota. It’s really pathetic when a man comes for revenge all because of The Black Hand team was meant to be more than a wrestling faction and be almost like brothers together in a team.”
Raab smirks as he sees Madison looking very pissed off in the ring as Raab speaks again.

LORD RAAB: ”You ever heard that people move on from the past? I guess not, considering you and Tommy went to companies I wasn’t allowed to compete in. You never asked me to reunite with you guys and it was better off Black Hand would be dead because sometimes, the past is better off dead and how did you do with Tommy? Oops, no titles won as a team while I went on to win many titles in other companies after both the Black Hand team and APW died.”
Raab also heard Madison talking about that name, the name that was a curse to Lord Raab as he speaks.

LORD RAAB: ”How typical of Madison being stupid and getting me confused with the other Raab around which I wish is dead. But nope, this is the real Lord Raab here and you’d better get used to calling me it because that name is the curse of my twin brother. Everyone calls me Lord Raab now because I’m a lord of Violence and pain and you want revenge?”
Raab smirks as he’s at the Amateur MMA event for a reason and it’s more than just because of Raab being invited to take part in them for months and speaks again.

LORD RAAB: ”September 9th, you better be careful for what you wish for because you will get it, especially as I’m sitting in this locker room in an Amateur MMA event, something I wanted to do way before you came along and rejoined 4CW to beat you at you’re own game. You’ll see what I mean when The Black Hand faction is better off left in the past because this Raab guy is much dangerous and brutal than ever before because he’s a monster and a very violent monster who uses weapons to his advantage. If you excuse me, I got other fights to do tonight. I’ll see you soon and prepare yourself for a beating of a lifetime, HAHAHAHAHA.”
Madison stared at the video screens that flanked the entranceway, confused by Lord Raab’s incoherent ramblings. Before Madison could turn around a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt over his head hops the security railing and slides into the ring. The man charges Madison and hits him square between the shoulder blades with an axe handle smash. Madison collapses chest first into the corner as the attack continues. The man clubs Madison in the back of the head with a few stiff short arm clotheslines.

JOHNSON: ”I have no idea who this massive man is but he is teeing off on Chris Madison right now!”
VASSA: ”So much for the beefed up security crew tonight.”
The man plucks the hood from atop of his head, revealing his identity to the live audience. A black mask partially covers his face but the man is familiar to the crowd.

JOHNSON: ”That’s Lord Raab’s training buddy… Samuel McPherson”
McPherson reaches down and grabs Madison by the head. He lifts him up to his feet and places both hands firmly around Madison’s throat. Madison begins to fade as the massive man chokes him violently. Out of desperation, Madison kicks McPherson down low, breaking from his grasp. Madison sends himself rebounding off of the ropes right at McPherson. McPherson counters with a powerslam that nearly drives Madison through the canvass. McPherson lifts Madison up by grabbing him with both hands around the throat. McPherson then lifts Madison in the air and drives him back down to the mat with a chokeslam.
Security swarms the ring and slide in to try and break up the attack. McPherson quickly clotheslines the first security guard the charges, turning him inside out. The second security guard grabs ahold of McPherson’s arm but can’t move the big man. He drives a knee into the security guards gut and then disposes of him by launching him clear over the top rope to the arena floor. The third and final guard hesitates but finally makes a move towards McPherson and gets his head nearly kicked off with a big boot. McPherson turns back towards Madison as he pulls himself up to his feet. Madison turns and is instantly folded in half by a spear!

VASSA: ”My God!”
JOHNSON: ”That was one hell of a spear. This guy is a monster and he is destroying anyone in his path.”
McPherson follows Madison as he rolls outside. He grabs Madison and shoves his head between his legs. He lifts him up and power bombs Madison down to the arena floor. The fans shower McPherson with boos as he soaks in the damage he caused. McPherson reaches under the ring and pulls out a large metal chain. He wraps the chain around Madison’s neck and then tosses the other end over the top rope. McPherson slides into the ring and begins tugging on the chain, pulling Madison along with it. Madison gets his fingers between the chain and his throat, trying to prevent it from restricting his breathing. McPherson continues to pull until he’s finally lifted Madison off the ground. Madison struggles for air as he kicks his feet. Finally more security swarms the ring and they grab ahold of McPherson. They pull him from the chain and Madison drops back down to the arena floor. Security forcefully escorts McPherson backstage as medical personnel rush to aide Chris Madison.

Knowing that turning down Gold Standard would come with troubles, Jason Cashe wasn’t expecting John Austin. He should have expected it because never before had him and Austin talked or shown any interest in watching Cashe’s back. It was a spur of the moment thing but Cashe was handling the attack better than one would think. He sits squatted down with his back against a wall in his locker room. An ice pack on the back of his neck where he took the chair shots. His stare was to the ground and in deep thought as Tidus Howe enters the locker room.

HOWE: “Hey! Are you alright!? That was some serious stuff out there, I tried finding someone to help but…Well…you don’t really have too many friends!”
Pushing slowly from a squat to a standing, Cashe squeezes the ice pack and it’s lost it’s chill so he throws it across the room. Twisting his neck some, his eyes move to Tidus.

CASHE: “You want some of that money right? From the contract extension?”
HOWE: “Fuck yeah!! Did you sign it?”
CASHE: “No, but I used it to buy a friend…To buy a partner. Someone to watch our backs when I can’t do it alone.”
Nodding past Howe, Jason Cashe looks across the room and Tidus Howe is quick to spin around and look himself. That’s when Shadow steps into view. Sudden;y everything became perfectly clear to Tidus. Everything, the hints, them passing each other at Ante Up, they had been on the same page since day one.

HOWE: “Wait! All this time you’ve been playing Mystery Man with Shadow. You bail him out of jail, kick him down 10 Gs to pay off his debts and NOW you give him the contract extension? Wait a second? Does this me Shadow is the highest paid Talent in 4CW?”
Shrugging, Cashe follows it with a nod agreeing to the things Tidus has said.

CASHE: “Talent gets paid for and his talent is quality. Shadow is paid in full for his new loyalty to us. This just makes sense does it now?”
SHADOW: “Think of it like the good ole days when I ran with the A.K.A. We were muscle for hire. That’s never changed for me. you gotto pay your bills somehow, Cashe scouted me to come to 4CW, no he doesn’t make my decisions for me, but he has been a valuable asset since I signed a contract. And offering me the contract extension was his idea, not mine. To quote my old partner, Jason is just giving it to the fans, ‘the way they like it.’ And if it affords me the opportunity to stomp the living shit out of a boat load of more people, how could I pass up such a chance?
CASHE: “Exactly! So it will be Shadow joining me for that Tag Team Tournament. Line em up but I am looking most forward to meeting Gold Standard now, even things up a bit from earlier.”
SHADOW: Gold Standard, huh?
The big man flashes his classic ‘Diamond Standard Grin.’ asNiobe Martin comes Into the locker room. She stops, looks around, sees Shadow and then glances over to Cashe.

NIOBE: “Now it makes sense! I thought you were just prank calling someone all those times…This makes things interesting!”
CASHE: “It’s only just begun…”
Tidus Howe can’t stop staring at the talent in the room with him. The arena can be heard roaring with approval even wit Niobe Martin. People that sometimes get overlooked but talent that can put down and live up to the top level of competition. This was becoming something nicely put together as Jason Cashe and Shadow reach across to each other and shake hands.

CASHE: “To the highest paid!”
SHADOW: Let anarchy reign.

The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the sound system, building anticipation.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from The Commonwealth of Virginia, weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall… 4CDubbins would you please show your love for the One/Only… “Young” MANNIE RROOMMEERROO!!!”
Mannie emerges to an overwhelming amount of cheers while strolling down the middle isle, he’s wearing a Vintage Prison Jumpsuit but his demeanor goes from slightly chilled to super amp’d as he makes a b-line towards the ring just before snatching a microphone..

MANNIE: ”Damn it feels Good to be Home!”
Welcome Back
Welcome Back
Welcome Back

VASSA: ”We’ve haven’t seen Mannie Romero near an 4CW Event since Ante Up and that was too say the least a Unforgettable Night in all of minds because his “Altercation” with Uncle Charles.”
JOHNSON: ”I thought his Uncle name was Charlie?”
VASSA: ”Well does it really matter Steve? Because whoever the Bastard is to Mannie, he somehow tried to Bite my Fingers off Once…”
JOHNSON: ”You know they should really cancel your Youtube account Vinny!”
Mannie allows the cheers to die down before continuing with his Speech.

MANNIE: ”Y’all’s love is too much for Me; I’m just a Asshole who happened to somehow fall into your Favor, so please don’t think too highly of Me as I have much Evil that is still within my Soul!”
The Crowd is dead silent as Mannie is handed another Microphone.

MANNIE: ”I’m not sure if Y’all knows what it Feels like to have your Liberty violated by the System or Better yet the Front Office? Although what I do know is that I am Back because Somebody out there Believed in the Kid and they knew that I was more than another State-Issued Number. So before anybody else in this damn Company tries to write me off like Perry Wallace did last Month, then allow me reinsert Myself into the Forty because it’s going to be good time for Me but it’s already too bad for Y’all; Why? I ain’t going Nowhere!”
From out of nowhere, the TitanTron begins to flicker. Mannie notices it, but shrugs it off and begins to move on.


MANNIE: ”Now there have been many things that I have learned about myself while being incarcerated, yet the most important thing I’ve learnt over the past few months is to cherish th-.”
The Titontron begins to flicker once again, only this time a few gutteral sounds and clips of voices can be heard. Mannie turns to face the screen, and the eerie sound of children giggling faintly in the background can be heard. Mannie raises the mic back up to his lips to speak once again, but a deep, distorted voice comes through the PA system.

VOICE: ”Now, you didn’t just believe that one of your agents anonymously got you out of jail on bond, did you Mannie? I know that may be what you would like people to believe, but the truth is that you’ve burnt almost every bridge that you have left in this industry. No, I’m the one who got you out of that cage Mannie. You may be wondering why, but that’s not important yet. You may be wondering who I am, but once again, that’s not important yet. You’ll find out everything that you need to know when the time is right Mannie.
Let’s just say that you and I have a little unfinished business.”

The voice begins to chuckle lightly, and then suddenly the Titontron cuts to black and all of the lights come back up to full brightness. Mannie looks around at the crowd in fear, as if someone was already on their way down to the ring to attempt some kind of ambush. After glancing around for a few moments, Mannie decides that the best course of action is to get the hell out of dodge, and he casually but quickly heads up the ramp and into the backstage area as the camera fades to black.

The scene shifts to backstage where Gold Standard is hanging out and celebrating the demise of Jason Cashe. Drew Stevenson, John Austin and Freedom are all wearing Gold Standard t-shirts shooting the shit, laughing and having a good old time. Bill Narrator and Mark Robertson are discussing strategy on the other side of the room when there is a knock at the lockeroom door. The room suddenly gets quiet in a hurry.

NARRATOR: ” couldn’t be? Trojan get the door big man!”
Trojan hesitates.

ROBERTSON: ”Geezus, what kinda’ ‘protection’ is he?”
Everybody tenses up.

FREEDOM: ”Guys..guys..relax. Jason Cashe isn’t going to just knock on the door! I’ll get it..”
Freedom goes to the door expecting the worst. He opens it and finds a stage hand with a wrapped gift. Freedom sighs in relief but not showing the others he was skeptical.

FREEDOM: ”What do you want kid?”
KID: ”Dellllliiiver-“
FREEDOM: ”Out with it kid, I don’t have all day!”
The kid stutters but then gets it together.

KID: ”Delivery for Mr. Freedom!?”
Freedom snatches it out of the kids hand and shoes him away like a fly. The kid quickly runs off as Freedom hesitantly looks around before closing the door.

AUSTIN: ”What is that a bomb!?”
Everybody dives for cover accept Freedom.

FREEDOM: ”’s not a bomb bro!”
Freedom shakes the package and puts it up to his ear to make sure. Everybody bravely jumps up playing it off like they knew the whole time. Freedom opens up the package.

FREEDOM: ”What the hell is this?”
Freedom pulls out a used pair of panties and a stack of photos. He thumbs through the photos noticing they are of the inside of his house! There are some of his guard dog rolling over and playing fetch. There are some of a woman with her face blacked out playing with herself on his couch wearing the exact same panties he has in his hand and she is wearing a “I ¢½ Sasha” t-shirt. He brings the panties to his nose and sniffs..

FREEDOM: ”These don’t smell familiar but that’s my dog and the inside of my house!”
STEVENSON: ”Freedom has a girlfriend! “
They all bust out in laughter.

FREEDOM: ”I already have one..Erika..remember?”
Gold Standard shakes their heads in unison.

GOLD STANDARD (in unison): ”Oh yeah!”
NARRATOR: ”Used of the inside of your house and your great guard dog..he’s the equivalent to big Trojan over there by the way..can only mean one thing!”
GOLD STANDARD (in unison): ”Freedom has a stalker!”
They all bust out laughing again.

FREEDOM: ”Ahhhh…shit!!”
The scene closes to Freedom smelling the used panties for good measure and everybody passing around the pictures..


POWERS: “The following is a Standard Contest and it is scheduled for One Fall. Introducing first from Raleigh, North Carolina! The Newest Member of The Gold Standard, “THE MAGIC MAN” JOOHNNN AUUUUSSTINNN!!!”
The various infamous beat to “Straight On” by Heart begins to play in the theater. Fans get to their feet as Austin makes his way through the entrance. Austin stops center stage and surveys his surroundings, taking in the moment. He comes through and starts greeting the fans being the people person, the people’s champion if you will.

JOHNSON: “Earlier tonight John Austin joined with Drew Stevenson and Francis Dart at the expense of former 4CW Champion, Jason Cashe and the crippling chair shot that put the former Champion down!”
VASSA: “It was really something!”
He makes his way to the ring and does a running dive through the second rope “superman” style. He goes to pose on all four corners of the ring as the opponent’s music begins to start up.

POWERS: “And his opponent hailing from Dublin, Ireland! “The Irish Bastard” SSSEEEAAAAMUSSS OHHHHH’COOONNNNORRR!!”
The arena flashes between green, white and orange lights. As The Spicy McHaggis Jig by Dropkick Murphy plays. He comes with a shillelah in one hand. He runs out on stage does a heel click. Before walking to the ring amp up trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and run up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

JOHNSON: “Seamus doesn’t seem impressed with John Austin but he better worry about where the rest of Gold Standard are, they could appear during this contest.”
VASSA: “I hope so!”
As Seamus drops down off the second rope, he is met from behind as John Austin plows into him with a pounding Axe Handle to the back. Seamus falls forward into the corner as Austin continues attacking him with various strikes as Seamus covers up to block the assault.
Getting Seamus leaned back, Austin gets a clear shot at his chest and opens fire with a sharp Knife Edge Chop. Seamus hugs himself but as if a reflex, Seamus clobbers Austin to the jaw with a well placed elbow. Austin stumbles back, Seamus launches from the corner and drops Austin with a Clothesline.
Austin moves back to his feet as Seamus grabs him with both hands to the head and clobbers Austin with a headbutt that takes “The Magic Man” off his feet, slapping back onto the canvas. The fans clapping, approving and cheering for Seamus O’Connor for taking care of business.

VASSA: “Come on Austin! He must be playing possum..Yeah that’s what he’s doing!”
Holding his head as he rises, John Austin is snatched up yet again by Seamus O’Connor. As he stands tall, Austin breaks from the grapple and stuns Seamus with a thrusting palm strike. Before Seamus can respond, John Austin swings a leg kick and causes Seamus to hop on one leg as it shoots pain at the side of his knee. Austin begins throwing these stiff leg kicks to the outside of Seamus’ legs and midsection and Seamus can’t block the right spot as he skips, hops, and flinches as each kick lands.

JOHNSON: “Austin is going to town with those kicks! Vicious!”
The redness of Seamus’ skin begins to shows as John Austin winds up and goes for a jumping Enziguri, clipping Seamus to the back of the head. He stumbles side ways and grabs hold of the ropes to keep himself from falling.

VASSA: “An enziguri will knock even the best men and women off their balance!”
As Austin approaches, Seamus springs from the ropes with a huge right hand that touches the jawline. Austin turns at the head but snaps back with his own clinched fist and connects with a big Left Hook. Seamus again falls back into the ropes but bounces from them and crashes a forearm into the bridge of Austin’s nose. Seamus yanks Austin’s head down and plows down a clubbing arm into his neck area. Austin takes the blow and goes into a quick combination into the sides of Seamus. Shoving “The Irish Bastard” back, Austin drives a knee into the belly button of Seamus, holding him against the ropes.

JOHNSON: “I couldn’t agree more Vassa! These two are going toe to toe and it has everyone on their feet and eyes locked on the ring! What a night so far!!”
Pulling Seamus from the ropes, John Austin whips his opponent across the ring after a heavy trade off of strikes. Seamus hits the far ropes, slingshots off it’s bounce and as he comes back across the ring, John Austin leaps up going for a Jumping Knee Lift but O’Connor side steps it and catches Austin from his side, lifting him with a Side Suplex.

JOHNSON: “Good GOD! Seamus caught Austin and launches him up and over with a beautiful Side Suplex!”
VASSA: “It was AIGHT…Seamus is a big dopey motherfuc–“
JOHNSON: “He’s been beaten in that ring but let’s not poke the Lion alright? I will NOT back you up..”
VASSA: “Oh that’s messed up! I’d help you…Haha okay..No, no I wouldn’t!”
As Austin lays on his back, O’Connor rushes adjacent to him and picks up speed bouncing off the ropes. He comes in hot and jumps up, landing with a Sitting Senton across the chest of John Austin. Quickly Seamus scrambles and makes the cover attempt as the referee drops down and slaps the mat.

VASSA: “Woooo I thought he might have had it there! That’s a big boy to be jump sitting on someone’s chest!”
JOHNSON: “Listen to you biggun! That could be YOUR finisher if you wrestled!”
Slapping the canvas as he rises, Seamus O’Connor looks out at the crowd and signals for a finisher. Bending down, he grabs Austin and rips him up off the canvas before lifting him over and across his shoulders. The fans on their feet, excited that they might see Seamus’ “Drunk Landing” but as he spins to execute, John Austin slides off the back and slaps on a Sleeper Hold, one of his Finishing Moves. The crowd roars with boos as Seamus begins to struggle wildly. Reaching out, grabbing onto Austin’s tight wrapped arm, he cannot break free of the tightening submission as John Austin stays glued to his back.

Almost simultaneously, Seamus dives forward, flinging Austin up and over, breaking free of the submission does “Just Another Thing” blare out throughout the arena and the crowd goes NUTS!!

Out from the back comes the former 4CW Champion as he sprints from the Entrance to the Ring. He slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring as John Austin scurries trying to get to his feet. As Austin stands, Cashe dives up from the canvas and Spears John Austin and begins pounding away at “The Magic Man” in a side position. The fans are loving it, screaming, cheering as Seamus O’Connor stands there just watching.

VASSA: “This is a travesty! Cashe doesn’t need to be out here, he should get a match book and fight like a real man. Face to Face!”
JOHNSON: “Ohh PLEASE!! Like Austin did earlier tonight with that Chair Shot from behind? Don’t give me that crap! This is deserved and John Austin is getting his!”
As the two brawl, Cashe begins drilling Austin to the side of the head with knees as he stands bent over. Austin blocks the fourth knee and shoves Cashe away, instantly dropping and rolling out of the ring to escape. The referee has no other choice as he signals for the bell.

POWERS: “By way of Interference, this match is officially being declared a No Contest!”
Cashe leans against the ropes, spitting as he threatens John Austin on the outside. Out from the back comes Drew Stevenson and Francis Dart as John Austin makes his way to the ramp and backs up towards his new Stablemates. Cashe in the ring waving for all of them to come down.
Still Seamus O’Connor stands looking insulted, disappointed in the finish of the match. He steps up and grabs Cashe by the shoulder, spinning “The Troubled” around but Cashe is antsy and turns around, throwing his “Mark Of JASON” Elbow right to the eye of Seamus.
“The Irish Bastard” falls back on the canvas as the fans gasp and Cashe shakes his head, not having meant to do it but what’s done is done as he turns back to the entrance ramp where Gold Standard is creeping closer to the ring as a full unit.

JOHNSON: “Cashe doesn’t want this! He might walk into it on purpose but he’s competed here tonight himself and taken multiple Chair Shots soon after that….”
VASSA: “Seamus might have helped him but Cashe has to have that quick tempered reaction. Now he’s asking for a three on one?! Ask and you shall receive Buddy because Gold Standard is moving towards the ring!!”
Out from the crowd, over the guard rails comes Shadow. He grabs a steel chair at ringside, folds it and tosses it inside the ring as the fans go ballistic! The big man from Denton enters the ring and makes the odds closer to even as Cashe picks up the steel chair and faces the trio outside the ring. Gold Standard stops and begins to back peddle slowly as the two sides shout disses and words to one another. Finally Gold Standard wave off the whole situation and head to the back like it was no longer important. Cashe looks up and nods to Shadow who towers over the former Champion. The crowd gives their support to the new alliance.

VASSA: “How lucky Jason Cashe is right now…This could have been a bad night for the Former Champion if not for Shadow.”
JOHNSON: “We’ve only just begun to see Shadow in 4CW and already he is making headlines with this new partnership with Jason Cashe. This could get more heated as we kick start this Tag Team Tournament, “Bad Company” on the next Adrenaline! I’m excited, I think I’ve got wood!”
JOHNSON: “You think? Tsk, Tsk…Shameful…”
As Seamus begins to move around, Cashe bends over and helps “The Irish Bastard” up, patting him to apologize for the misstep. Then both Shadow and Cashe leave the ring and head to the back.

The camera cuts on and by the way the camera is shaking, we can assume that the cameraman is running down the hallway in an attempt to catch up to someone. As the camera rounds the corner, we can see 4CW CEO Perry Wallace walking down the exact same hallway less than twenty feet in front of the camera. The cameraman continues to speed after Wallace, when suddenly, he jerks toward the wall out of fear, looking off to the side. As he stands with his back to the wall, we can see Max Newman walk out from behind a doorway on the opposite side of the hall. He’s still in his mangled and bloody jumpsuit from his match earlier in the night, but his mask is completely gone.

NEWMAN: ”Where you headed off to so quick Perry? ”
Wallace quickly composes himself and takes a step toward Newman.

WALLACE: ”I was just coming to look for you, you beautiful motherfucker. You don’t call, you don’t write; what’s a guy supposed to think?”
Wallace lets a smirk crawl across his face, but Max quickly takes a step toward him and it disappears.

NEWMAN: ”Cut the shit Wallace, we both know you’ve been ducking me. Don’t worry though, I appreciate a good suit and have no intention of ruining yours right now. So before you start running that cocksucker sitting above your shoulders, I want you to tell me exactly what the hell you’ve allowed to happen here.”
A look of understanding comes across Wallace’s face, and he immediately changes his tone and body posture.

WALLACE: ”What the hell are you looking for Max? Shit was bad enough when you were here before, but at least I knew that if there was a threat to this company that I could just throw them your way. I know that you’re one of the craziest son of a bitch’s to ever set foot in a ring, but I also know that you have no intention of burning this place to the fuckin’ ground. I can’t say the same about some of these new people. You may think that you started a revolution here, but all you really did was open Pandora’s Box motherfucker. I have been cleaning up mess after mess since you left, and what thanks do I get for that? I get to walk into my office and have a fuckin’ heart attack when I see one of your masks laying around for no reason.”
Max gives Wallace a confused and pondering glare, but allows him the opportunity to continue unhindered.

WALLACE: ”So if you want to point the finger at anyone for what’s happened here in the last year, point it at yourself you oblivious cunt. I’m not the one who fucked the wrestling world with no rubber before ditching out on the sadistic little fuckers that ended up being left behind as a result. This is your revolution Max! You want it? Well just take a look around, because this is all directly due to what you started. ”
Max gives Wallace a glare that makes him uneasy enough to back up to the wall for support. After a few long moments, Max softly nods and places his hands on his hips.

NEWMAN: ”So where do we go from here boss?”
Wallace looks at his watch and then takes a deep breath.

WALLACE: ”Well, I was on my way to my office to get fucked up on some fine ass Scotch and a nice batch of Girl Scout Cookies. Why don’t we move this conversation there? We can watch the last couple of matches together and discuss exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Which makes me wonder, exactly what the fuck are you looking for?”
For the first time in the conversation a smile emerges on Max’s face. He gives Wallace a stiff nod before holding out his hand, gesturing for him to lead the way.

NEWMAN: ”Oh, I got a lot on my plate right now. There are a few loose ends that I need to tie up in the immediate future, but let’s just say that I’m ready to start cutting the cancer out of this company. One way or another.”
Wallace starts walking down the hall with Max to his side. He pulls what appears to be a pack of blunt wraps out of his inner suit pocket and hands it to Newman.

WALLACE: ”No shit? And do you happen to have even the slightest fuckin’ clue with where you’re going to start?”
As the two men begin to round the corner, Max’s response is faint, but can still be heard.

NEWMAN: ”Yeah; with your current Extreme Champion.”
The two men continue to talk as they continue to walk away from the camera, inaudibly now. As they turn the corner at the end of the hallway, the scene cuts out and the camera feed returns to ringside.


“Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC begins to play, and the fans start immediately booing as out comes Francis ‘Freedom’ Dart, power strutting, wearing black trunks and custom made black Nike Air Jordan shoes made for ring use.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds and standing six feet, five inches tall, FRANCIS DART!!!”
Francis smirks as he walks by the fans, paying no real attention to them as he gets into the ring. Waiting for the match to begin, Francis stands in his corner, awaiting his opponent.

The lights dim to a dark red hue as “Think we got a Problem” by Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun B plays as out from the back comes RPG himself Royce Paxton Griffin. Looking out at the crowd with a grin and a menacing look a smirk forms on his face as he clenches his fist while staring out at the crowd. Wearing a pair of red and black boxing shorts with RPG written on them in black font and wearing a sleek arm band on both arms, mixed between black and red he makes his way towards the ring. Looking down at his sneakers he walks beside the crowd giving them a knowing nod, as he points to the ring and stops to hold up both arms for the crowd.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Niagara Falls, New York, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, ROYCE PAXTON GGRRIIFFFFIINN!!!”
Pumping his arm forward before charging into the ring sliding to his feet, as the crowd gives him their approval. Doing two big jumps once in the ring to show his freaky athleticism he throws a few practice swings before letting out a loud primal scream to the crowd. Walking around the ring he yells out “Lets do this!” while pumping up the crowd before turning to the center of the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

Checking with each corner, the ref gets the nod from both wrestlers and then quickly signals for the bell
As soon as the bell rings, Griffin charges in at Dart and catches him unaware with a huge clothesline that nearly turns Francis inside out. Wasting no time, Royce picks Dart off of the canvas and whips him into the ropes. Griffin lunges forward in an attempt to connect with a spinning wheel kick as Dart rebounds off of the ropes, but Francis holds onto the ropes for dear life when he reaches them and Griffin rolls past him and back to his feet. Both men lock eyes with one another and begin to circle the ring as the fans begin to break into a quick cheer for the early efforts of both men.

JOHNSON: ”And we’re off to a fast pace here in this match folks. Griffin certainly wasted no time attempting to get the early upper hand in this match.”
VASSA: ”I’m not entirely sure what you expected Steve. If I was in the ring against a Medal of Honor recipient, I would look for any advantage that I could get too. Shit, I’d use a weapon if it was allowed.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes Vinny, I believe we’re all aware that your level of cowardace and self-preservation knows no limits.”
VASSA: ”You’re damn right they don’t! I’ve sold your mother for a candy bar Stevie, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if it meant that I didn’t have to take a shot to the face.”
The two men inch closer to one another before finally locking up in the middle of the ring. Dart uses his slight size advantage to start pushing Griffin back into the corner, but Royce quickly reverses the momentum by connecting with a brutal European uppercut from out of nowhere to Dart’s jaw. Francis stumbles backward, and Griffin instantly charges in. He goes for what appears to be a modified spear, but Francis reacts quickly, locking his arms around RPG’s waist and tossing him across the ring with a modified suplex. Both men rise quickly to their feet, and Royce continues to attempt to push the pace by charging in and unleashing a fury of blows; elbows, knees, hammerfists, punches, and anything else that he can manage to throw. Dart retreats into the corner, but for the most part is able to cover himself up to block the majority of the damage being dealt out by his opponent.
As soon as Dart’s back touches the turnbuckle, Griffin takes a step back. He leaps off of his feet and attempts to connect with a leaping knee, but Francis catches him in mid-air and spins around before tossing him neck first into the top turnbuckle. Griffin hits the corner with a sickening thud and drops onto the mat limp and twitching. Dart shakes the cobwebs out and then immediately turns his focus back to the match. He lifts Griffin to his feet and pushes him back into the corner. Dart measures up his opponent and then begins to unleash a fury of blows of his own. He connects with hooks to the body, roundhouses to the head, and knees to the ribs; relentlessly beating Griffin into a pile of mush before the referee finally grabs Francis by the waist and pulls him out of the corner.

JOHNSON: ”Both men unleashed a flurry of blows on one another, but it would appear that Francis Dart got the best shot s in that exchange.”
VASSA: ”It’s almost mind-boggling Steve. I’m really glad that I decided not to put money on this match. I would have thought for sure that the boxer would be able to out brawl the technician.”
JOHNSON: ”It just goes to show that styles truly do make fights Vinny. Wait a minute… I thought you quit betting on the matches?”
VASSA: ”Right you are Stevie! Styles indeed! Now shut your trap; you’re missing one hell of a match over here.”
The ref moves in to check on RPG, but Dart pushes him aside and pulls Griffin to his feet in the middle of the ring. He smacks Griffin in the face a few times, and when Royce finally swings back blindly Dart ducks under the blow and takes him right back down to the mat with a picture perfect T-bone suplex. Dart stares down at his opponent with a sadistic grin on his face and then begins to stalk him. The crowd roars for RPG to get to his feet, and so does Dart. As Royce begins to rise to his feet, Francis quickly heads over to him and starts unleashing shin kick after shin kick to any exposed part of Griffin’s legs. After the seventh or eighth shot, RPG’s left leg buckles underneath of him and he falls to the mat with a loud whimper. Once again, the referee sweeps in to check on the competitor, and once again Dart pushes him out of the way.
Francis begins to pick Griffin up one more time, but this time Royce takes advantage of the referee not looking and he drives a stiff uppercut right into Francis’ groin. Dart doubles over and the crowd once again bursts into a deafening roar. Griffin grabs Dart from his knees and rises to his feet with Francis on his shoulder. He roars out at the crowd before taking a half spin and driving Dart into the mat with a spinebuster that carries so much force that it makes the ring shake. Griffin rolls onto his back, and with both men stirring, the crowd bursts out in an “RPG! RPG! RPG!” chant.

JOHNSON: ”What a spinebuster! That has to be one of the most singularly impacting moves that we’ve seen all evening!”
VASSA: ”I thought that this show was going to be all downhill after the match we had earlier this evening between The Red Pioneer and Cole Jackson, but Griffin may have just proved me wrong with that maneuver!”
The two men finally manage to crawl to opposite corners and they pull themselves to their feet at relatively the same time. They both stagger out of their corner, and when they meet in the middle of the ring they start exchanging roundhouses. Griffin fires the first one, and it almost sends Dart reeling back into his corner. Francis answers back with a lunging left hand of his own that sends Griffin reeling back into the ropes. Off of the rebound Royce takes to the air, looking for a leaping clothesline, but Dart spins and meets him with a spinning elbow right to the jaw that drops him flat on his back, simultaneously stealing all of the steam right out of the crowd. Francis quickly rolls on top of Griffin and geos for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”Dart attempts to end this match early after that elbow. It’s unbelievable that Griffin kicked out of that after falling to the canvas like a sack of bricks.”
VASSA: ”Well, I’ll tell you what Stevie. Why don’t you let anyone in the back hit you in the jaw like that and see if you kick out or not? You’re right to be amazed. It’s why we have the best seat in the house week in and week out. If anyone could do it, you and I would be in the ring right along with them.”
JOHNSON: ”Speak for yourself Vinny. If anyone was able to do this job, I seriously doubt that they’d have us doing it.”
VASSA: ”Maybe not you. I could easily see them replacing you with a young Carmen Electra or maybe even a Riley Reid.”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that Vinny.”
Dart shoots up into a seated position and immediately starts badgering the referee over the speed of his count. Begging and pleading his case, Dart frantically implores the referee to change his decision. When that fails, Dart grabs the ref by the collar of his shirt and begins pushing him back into the corner with a menacing look on his face. He draws back to strike the referee, but fails to see Griffin sneaking up behind him. As soon as Francis’ hand starts to shift into forward momentum, RPG catches him with a schoolboy from out of nowhere and attempts to steal a victory!

JOHNSON: ”And just like that, the tide has turned! Griffin almost did the unthinkable there by stealing a victory right out from underneath of Dart’s nose!”
VASSA: ”That’s a hell of a way to pick up a victory. Let your opponent beat your ass until they argue your toughness with the referee, and then sneak in from behind like a theif and steal the victory. Great strategy.”
JOHNSON: ”Call it what you will Vinny, you have to be on your toes at all times inside of that ring. If Dart was any less careful, he would’ve just been shocked and defeated after having what almost assuredly felt like complete control of this match.”
VASSA: ”Hey Steve, has anyone ever told you that you can suck the fun out of anything? Seriously, can we get the Hot Shots down here to relieve Steve of his duty please?”
JOHNSON: ”Now who’s missing the match because they’re focused on something else? Now pay attention before someone thinks about replacing both of us and calling it a day.”
Dart flies to his feet and drops Griffin with a falling clothesline as he attempts to stagger back onto his own feet. Once Griffin is on the mat, Dart grabs his legs and immediately flips him into a high angle sharpshooter! RPG cries out in pain and frantically begins reaching for the ropes. Dart leans back, applying more and more pressure, and laughs as he re-gathers his breath and composure. Griffin begins to crawl to the ropes, and is just able to touch them with his fingertips when Dart pulls him right back into the middle of the ring. Once again, Griffin begins to fight for his life. He crawls and manages to pull Dart back to the ropes, where he’s finally able to grab them and force the referee to break the hold.

JOHNSON: ”And after what seems like an eternity, Royce Griffin is finally able to grab the ropes!”
VASSA: ”Yeah, ok. He made it to the ropes. I have to say, I’m impressed. But how much energy did he waste in order to get there? Remember that he had to make that trip twice, and that’s got to be worse than being the only straight man at KY wrestling night.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m going to just pretend that you don’t actually have experience in that subject. How much energy indeed Vinny? He may have broken the hold, but you’re absolutely right to question: Just how much fuel does Royce Griffin have left in the tank?”
Dart bolts out of the hold and roars out at the crowd, who answers him back with a deafening chorus of boos that he seems to eat up. He turns back toward Griffin, who is now attempting to pull himself back up to his feet, and Dart charges in like a shark who smells blood. RPG sees him coming from across the ring and plants all of his weight on his good leg before leaping forward and catching his oncoming opponent with a NY’s Finest spinning elbow! Dart starts to stagger backwards, and Griffin finishes rising to his feet. He charges in at Dart, but Francis had seen enough and stops him dead in his tracks with a stiff toe kick to the groin. RPG doubles over in pain, nearly dropping to one knee, and starts to stagger over toward the ropes. He leans on them for support, but Dart wastes no time and rushes toward him. He hits the ropes right next to RPG and grabs him around the neck before using the ropes as leverage to leap into the air and drive RPG face first smack dab in the middle of the mat with an earth shattering Together They Fall RKO! Dart quickly hooks the leg and goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Griffin put up one hell of a fight, but in the end Francis Dart just brought more than he could handle.”
VASSA: ”Is that how you see it Steve? He just simply brought more than the man could handle? Out of all of the analogies in the world, you had to- You now what? No. That’s fine. Hell of a victory for Francis Dart here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”That it was Vinny, and it will be very interesting to see where each of these competitors head in the future.”

Cameras cut backstage where 4CW Champion Felicity Banks was shown standing next to a group of fans, signing autographs and taking pictures. After a couple of seconds, Felicity waves her arm up in the air, signaling that she was done with the fan interaction for the time being, then turns around and starts walking down the hallway with the 4CW Championship in her right hand. After making a sharp left turn, Felicity reaches the locker room area of the Royal Farms Arena and sees Gabriel Hartman standing in the middle of the hallway with a camera team right next to him.

BANKS: ”Shit…”
Not wanting to be bothered with an interview before her match, Felicity turns around and goes to run, but before she could get away, Gabriel turns his head and sees the 4CW Champion just a few feet away.

HARTMAN: ”Felicity!”
Felicity immediately stops, rolls her eyes, and turns around with the most insincere smile plastered on her face.

BANKS: ”Heeeeeeey, Gabester. I didn’t see you there! You look like you’re hard at work right now so I’m just gonna turn back around and get back to doing… something that doesn’t involve you or your camera team there. Have fun!”
The champ turns around and tries to make a getaway, but Gabriel rushes towards her and stops right in front of her with the camera team following his every move.

HARTMAN: ”We’re all actually pretty bored right now, and we were just hoping to conduct an interview with you before your main event match against Jair Hopkins.”
Felicity sighs, knowing full well she wasn’t escaping the 4CW backstage correspondent now.

BANKS: ”Fine… but make it quick because I still have to stretch and stuff. I’m not trying to pull a hammy or anything, you know?”
HARTMAN: ”Stretch?”
Gabriel asks inquiringly.

HARTMAN: ”Can we watch?”
Felicity narrows a brow and shoots Gabriel her ‘evil bitch face’ before she lets out a chuckle.

BANKS: ”No you can’t watch, Gabe! Just ask me your questions and lets get on with this! Go ahead, what’s first? What do I think about Cashe’s words over the last few weeks, right?”
Gabriel scratches at the back of his head.

HARTMAN: ”Actually… yeah, that was going to be my first question. How did you know?”
The champ smiles and leans her back against the hallway wall, sliding her fingers through her hair before she spoke up.

BANKS: ”Because I used to be an interviewer too, Gabe. I know the questions you guys wanna ask and things you guys wanna know. It’s not really rocket science, you know? Buuuuuuuut, to answer your question…”
Felicity hesitates, thinking over the things Jason Cashe has been saying over the past few weeks.

BANKS: ”I don’t really think much about Cashe’s words, honestly. Like… not at all. He already knows what it is. If he wants a rematch then he can have his rematch. I’m not ducking a challenge, and I’m certainly not running away from a confrontation either. I’m pretty sure I was the one who went to his locker room last Adrenaline and gave him that contract extension, wasn’t I? If he really, REALLY wanted a rematch he would’ve told me right then there and the match would’ve been made. At least, I think he would’ve told me?”
Breathing out another sigh, Felicity pushes herself up from the hallway wall and glares down at the 4CW Championship in her hand.

BANKS: ”Banks versus Cashe. It sells itself, doesn’t it? But I’m honestly not even sure if Cashe actually wants a rematch. One week he says he does, the next he doesn’t. Truth be told I think he’s just confused right now. He doesn’t know what’s next for him or what direction he should take because this…”
She holds up the 4CW Championship for the camera to see.

BANKS: ”Was all he knew since this companies inception. Now his mind is racing, going from thought to thought, and he himself doesn’t know what the hell he wants and that’s understandable. I’ve been in a situation like that before so I’m not holding it against him. I know how it feels to lose something that was yours for like…ever. I know how tough it is to find a new direction when the top prize was all you knew. My issue with Cashe’s words was one thing and one thing only.”
Draping the 4CW Championship around her shoulder, Felicity looks down at the other end of the hallway after hearing footsteps heading her way, but then turns right back around to look at Gabriel.

BANKS: ”That whole ‘I wasn’t pinned’ thing. It’s whatever, though. It’s damage control and I get that. I’m pretty positive that Cashe is so indecisive about all of this because he himself doesn’t think he can beat me…and I agree. He can’t beat me. Now just give me a time and a place and I’ll prove that just like I’ve proven every other claim I’ve made over the last five months. Whether it’s Warzone, or a match at Adrenaline… The QUEEEEEEEEENAH will reign supreme… Always.”
Gabriel nods his head and pulls the microphone back towards his lips.

HARTMAN: ”Interesting. Now, being champion, do you feel more pressure now than you did before?”
Felicity laughs, sliding her hand down her face.

BANKS: ”Pressure? What is pressure? I don’t feel pressure, Gabriel. Not in the same way as others at least. For instance, take a look at Ante Up. Ten seconds left to go and the scores were all tied up. Just about anyone else would’ve turned to dust under that pressure, but me? I’m a diamond, Gabriel. I didn’t cave, did I? Nope. I pulled out the victory because I thrive under pressure. You stick me in any situation where normal people would get all panicky and have all this anxiety rushing through their body, but me? I have ice water flowing through my veins. There’s no situation too tough, and no moment too big for me…and you’ll see that tonight in the main event when I defeat Jair Hopkins and put the final nail in the coffin to his dreams and aspirations of becoming a two time 4CW Champion.”
Felicity gives Gabriel a look that could be described as ‘are we done here?’ but Gabriel has one last question.

HARTMAN: ”And lastly… any final thoughts on your opponent tonight?”
Felicity shakes her head from side to side.

BANKS: ”Nope. I’ve already said everything that I wanted to say to and about Jair. I just hope he didn’t take my words the wrong way, but more than that? I hope he, like everyone else, doesn’t show his true colors after he gets beat by me tonight. Noooooooooow, Gabey Gabey banana fana fo Fabey, I gotta go to my locker room and stretch myself out. You take care of yourself and your camera friends here.”
Gabriel adjusts his glasses and stares at Felicity awkwardly.

HARTMAN: ”You sure we can’t watch?
Felicity laughs and shakes her head before turning her heel and making her way towards her locker room as the picture transitions to ringside.

The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the song alone enough to draw a few boos. Even more so when bursting out as the lights come back on is Jett Wilder. Though many fans most likely forgot him, many others never knew him, or some still remember and dislike him. The kid still draws hate even without saying a word wearing a wife beater, a hat titled to the left, and baggy pants. The only cool thing perhaps his sneakers but they are far over shadowed. Trailing him is an imposing beast of a man along side a very attractive older looking woman. The woman he used to walk to the ring with Daysi no whre to be seen as Wilder continues to dance his way to the ring, all the while talking about how great he is.

JOHNSON: ”I think I speak for near everyone when I say how excited we are to see Wilder back.”
VASSA: ”Enough with the sarcasm Steve the real question is where is Daysi. Though the girl he’s with may even be better looking…”
Wilder finishes his walk to the ring jumping up onto the ropes waiting while the imposing big man following him holds the ropes for both he and the female following him. The two enter the ring as Wilder walks up to the top rope jumping up and screaming ”I AM BACK!” At the top of his lungs. Most fans probably never even noticing he had left. As Jett jumps down walking over to get a handed mic by the big man who had grabbed it for him. Turning around getting the last bit of boos now as he smirks at the crowd.

JETT: ”Let me just say it feels good to be back in my ring! The 4CW ring where I became a star and a future champion in waiting. Now don’t get it twisted I know that a lot of you are probably asking yourselves where have you been Jett, it’s been a long time since we have seen you. Some of you may have seen me take a piledriver in my last match and wonder if I got hurt. The answer is no! I have been sitting and waiting for my opportunity to get back in here! You see you people all liked to act like I was some joke. That because my mom was around that I was a loser and that the fact that I lost a majority of my matches made me a loser…But I am not a loser! I am a FUTURE AMAZING GREAT! You see you don’t even realize I played you all from the start.”
Wilder walks around the ring with the mic seeming to think the fans even remember him. Instead you can see many of them turning to one another to question what he’s even talking about. But Jett points to his brain none the less.

JETT: ”Back over a year ago when I signed up to wrestle in this company I fooled you all! Even my own Boss. Made it out that I was of age to be in this ring when in reality my application was sent away the first time because of my age. I wasn’t even eighteen at the time! And Daysi Doll the girl you all used to make fun of me with? She wasn’t even my real mom. This woman behind me? That is my real mom! And she isn’t some random bimbo she is a LAWYER! And a rich one at that. Daysi was just my ticket in, Daysi was just the person that went into Perry’s office and did…grown up things with Perry to get me my job. She made it so that I got my job and even though I wasn’t even eighteen yet. I WAS WRESTLING IN 4CW! And I was nearly able to get sort of close to a title shot. I PULLED A FAST ONE OVER ALL OF YOU!”
Jett lets out a big laugh seeming really happy with himself while the fans in attendance could not care less. Instead chanting ”We don’t care.” At the top of their lungs while his apparent real mother attempts to calm them down.

JOHNSON: ”Want to jump in on this one Vassa?.”
VASSA: ”Won’t even give it a try. But I will say if Daysi wasn’t his real mom and this woman is? He’s not going to avoid those jokes anyways.”
JETT: ”Now I finished all of my online classes! I got my GED so I am back here in this ring because I have some unfinished business. All those people that used to pick on me? Like Borderland, Sanity, that hippie chick, and Mannie they are all gone now! So I am back to make some noise around here. And with me is my real mom an intelligent Lawyer who helped bring it to my attention that when I left I still had matches left on my contract! So even though you all probably want me gone this company is legally obligated to give me matches! So I am here with my mom Carmella and my Henchman, Luiz.”
Luiz the apparent big man looks a tad bit annoyed by the henchman line as Carmella steps forward to whisper something into Jett’s ear.

JETT: ”Bodyguard, whatever. We are here to make some noise and we are going to start by entering into the Tag Team Tournament next week! I demanded that Perry put me his future star in the tournament and he said that he actually needed someone to fill a spot. So I am here to enter in this thing with my…”
Jett turns as his mother seems ready to step forward looking like a very in shape lady, capable of holding her own. But instead Jett points to his imposing bodyguard.

JETT: ”Bodyguard, Luiz! And I am going to lead my TEAM. TEAM WILDER! To victory. So this is just a heads up to all the guys and girls in the back. Jett Wilder is back! And I am going to fly my way to the top. Like…a…jet. SEE YOU ALL AT THE TOURNEY!”
Jett drops the microphone as the fans give him what can only be considered a courtesy boo on his way out. Followed by his team, Team Wilder the former and now current star exits the ring holding his arms high.

JOHNSON: ”Well that sure was something Steve. Jett Wilder is back, to very little fanfare. And looks like he wants to enter the tag tourney if it’s anything like his first tenure I’m sure it’ll be….compelling.”
VASSA: ”Hey now say what you will about the kid but he’s young and we know he can take a beating well. Having his real mother by his side and that beast of a guy as well? Who knows maybe he’ll get farther this time.”
Wilder calls on for the people to get loud and by then most have already turned their attention to the next match up here tonight. Either way Jett and his team have arrived and while few will expect much they are hoping to make a splash.

As RPG returns to the back halls, several of the freshly hired security personnel nervously ask him to wait there. RPG however, pushes right past them.

RPG: “Man, get outta my way.”
As he heads down the hall, they all frantically try to use their radios at the same time, leaving no one able to understand what is being said. As RPG rounds the corner to head back to his locker room, he comes face to face with Liam O’Shea, who has is bag over his shoulder and is on his way to the parking area.
For several long moments the two men just stare at one another. The security personnel are dumbfounded at their colossal screw up and continue to just stare as well. The leader is the first to step forward.

SECURITY LEADER: “Gentleman, let’s just—”
Both RPG and Liam shoot a glare in his direction, and he goes silent. Royce grins as he looks back to O’Shea.

RPG: “So, how’s your girl? Find her yet? You know they say if they don’t find someone in the first 48 hours, they never will. But I hear some places still put missing photos on milk cartons. I could hook you up.”
In a flash Liam drops his bag and drives his fist right into RPG’s face, sending the other man staggering backwards. Liam follows immediately with a tackle, holding Royce down with his left hand while he throws punch after punch with his right.
The security finally swarm the two, four of them grabbing the big Irishman and pulling him off of Griffin, two of them pulling Royce to his feet, and the rest trying to keep everyone else back. RPG rips away from the two men helping him and dives at Liam, who breaks free just in time to brace as Royce spears him into a stack of equipment boxes.
Liam hooks RPG’s head and drives his other elbow down right between his shoulder blades. He lets Royce go, only to throw his knee up into the man’s face. Each time one of the security guys thinks about ducking in to try to grab one of the two men they quickly scramble back to avoid getting hit themselves.

LIAM: “Yeh still want t’ open yer fecking mouth now?!”
Griffin throws several punches of his own, both men now bleeding. Onlookers and security alike scatter backwards as RPG catches Liam with his own high knee. He grabs a fistful of O’Shea’s hair to hold him in place for another but Liam drives his huge fist into the other man’s ribs with an audible crack.
RPG takes a step back, using his huge reach to throw a huge right hook right at Liam’s jaw. Liam ducks the punch, wrapping his arm across Royce’s chest as he lifts him into the air and then drives him down spine first onto his knee with a backbreaker. Without a moment of hesitation, he pulls Griffin back to his feet and throws him head first into the arena wall. Ten of the twelve security personnel drive Liam back into the opposite side of the hall as RPG crumples to the floor.
The lead security officer looks miserable at the debacle that has unfolded, gesturing sharply toward the far end of the long hallway.

SECURITY LEADER: “Get him out of the arena, NOW!”
The men form a wall between O’Shea and RPG, allowing Liam to grab his bag before he turns on his heel and stalks away. The whole group of them trail him all the way through the arena and back to the parking area. For his part, Liam never looks back, not even caring bout the blood on his face.
When they reach the parking area, Liam begins to slow. Blocking the drive-in entrance for the reserved parking area is the now-familiar dark, windowless van that belongs to the Smith Family. He drops his bag behind his rental car before walking slowly toward the van.
As Liam gets within about twenty feet, the side door suddenly slides open. With a demented grin splitting his face, Dakota sits there with his back against the opposite side of the interior. Aidan Carlisle is leaning against his chest, sleeping or unconscious, and he has one arm thrown across her, holding her in place.

LIAM: “Get out of the van so I can fecking kill yeh.”
O’Shea takes several quick steps forward, eliciting a chiding sound from the Butcher. Dakota’s hand moves up to Aidan’s throat, beginning to squeeze until Liam stops moving.

DAKOTA: “Now now, I believe you lost this? See, I found it, and here I am being nice enough to bring it back. Really, I think you should be thanking me. I mean, I even cleaned it up for you… Very thoroughly.”
Smith continues to grin as he begins to idly stroke Aidan’s hair, just to continue to anger Liam.

DAKOTA: “Do you know how she got that cute little scar right next to her—”
LIAM: “Shut up!”
Liam clenches both fists so tightly that his knuckles turn white. Smith gives a deep, chilling laugh as he watches the other man tense. His gaze never leaving the Irishman, Dakota leans in slowly, taking a deep inhale as he breathes along Aidan’s neck, his eyes rolling back slightly.

DAKOTA: “Hearts and Daggers, Ed Hardy. Such an interesting choice for a pretty lady. Relevant, wouldn’t you say, given our little conundrum?”
Liam takes another few steps forward, having no patience for Smith’s games. Dakota reaches down with his other hand, giving Aidan’s right knee a hard squeeze that makes her cry out without fully waking.

DAKOTA: “Ah ah ah, Ginger bitch. Gonna be hard to stare at her ass while she walks away if she can’t walk at all.”
Smith just sneers as the threat works.

DAKOTA: “You’re fucking pathetic, you know that? So desperate to get back a woman that just keeps you around like a side piece. You think you mean as much to her as she does to you? She won’t even tell you! She didn’t cry for you in the dark.
“But I’ll tell you what; I’ve spent some good, quality time with your cunt here, gotten to know her… intimately, you might say. If you can tell me what she’s really afraid of, deep down inside, you can have what’s left of her back.”

LIAM: “She’s afraid of being a mother.”
Dakota laughs as he suddenly shoves Aidan’s limp body forward. He reaches up and grabs something on the roof to pull himself up. With both feet her pushes her hard to the pavement below. Before he even begins to throw the door shut, the van takes off, leaving the tense backstage workers and security stunned. Infuriated at the on-going lack of action, Liam shoves one of them hard as he moves to Aidan’s side.

LIAM: “Why don’t yeh all just keep standing there being fecking useless?!”
Awakened by the harsh impact with the ground, Aidan starts to move. She seems to have to stop and figure out which way is up before she tries to roll over onto her stomach to get to her feet. Liam’s big hands bring her up short as he pulls her against him.

LIAM: “No, no. Don’t try to move, I’m here.”
Aidan squints for a moment beneath the bright overhead lighting. She reaches up, running her bruised fingers carefully over his face.

AIDAN: “Why are you bleeding?”
Liam frowns as he takes her hand and tucks it back against her side before picking her up. He pulls open the passenger door of his rental one-handed, carefully setting her down in the seat and buckling her in before he reclines it.

LIAM: “Don’t worry about that right now. Let’s just get out of here.”
He shoots a glare to the remaining security boys as he rounds the back of the car, throwing his bag into the backseat. They wisely step back, giving the car plenty of room to back out of the spot. As the green sedan leaves, they all just kind of stand there.


JOHNSON: ”The wait can now come to an end. It’s time for our main event!”
VASSA: ”We’ve had one hell of a show so far and this is just the icing on the cake!”
JOHNSON: ”Up next we have Jair Hopkins climbing in the ring with the newly crowned 4CW Champion, Felicity Banks.”
VASSA: ”Hopkins already put the Pride Champion in his place two weeks ago and could make a huge statement tonight with a win over Felicity. Not only that, he could also be the first one to put a blemish on that perfect record of hers.”
JOHNSON: ”Many have tried lately but all have failed as Felicity has proven to be a machine in that ring,”
VASSA: ”Machine or not, Hopkins has the credentials to pull off the win and if he does that, then that’s two champions in back to back weeks he will have knocked off.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll just have to see if he can pull it off!”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds…
“How many start a journey, but never see the end
I never ask how, conceive it then speak in whens
A man will work his whole life to see his ego shed
I sew it up needle head all I need is thread
A team can only take it as far as its strongest leader
The streets are red, runnin with the blood of non-believers”
As “Fate” by Ces Cru came in, Hopkins appeared from the back as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.

POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred eight pounds, JAIR …. HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I’m out for action what the fuck are y’all about relaxin’?
They can doubt my sanity but never doubt my passion
And I don’t know why they deceive us, feed us lies mislead us
He who denies what he has seen is worse than blind believers
I just play the cards the way they’re dealt”
The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”There he is! He’s been promoting 4CW this past week on the local radio station. Title around his waist or not, Jair Hopkins is a face of 4CW and a huge part in its success.”
JOHNSON: ”He truly is. There are a few people in the back who could learn a thing or two from the example he sets here in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”I can think of two right off the top of my head without even thinking too much about it.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s dedicated. He’s loyal. He is someone that 4CW should be, IS proud to have signed to it’s roster.”
VASSA: ”We’ve seen a lot of great things from him in that ring and I’m sure tonight will be no different.”
“Can you feel that…?”
“Scream” by Thousand Foot Krutch fills the arena sound system, the crowd coming unglued with a mixture of cheers and jeers just as “Scream” pours out of the speakers. There’s still no sign of the 4CW Champion as little gold sparklers come raining down from the top of the stage, the crowd anxiously awaiting the arrival of Felicity Banks.
“Can you feel that…?”
The soft voice of Felicity Banks echos throughout the arena as the Queen comes out from behind the curtain to a monstrous ovation, the 4CW Championship wrapped around her right shoulder. She has a smug smirk on her face as she makes her way through the gold sparklers, her arms extended out to her sides and a blowpop in her mouth. She looks disinterested as she pulls the blowpop out of her and mouth, slowly pacing down the ramp, spinning around to show the camera the “Queen B” writing on the back of her sleeveless sweatshirt. Once halfway down the ramp, Felicity glances at the fans at ringside, pulls the 4CW Championship from her shoulder, and holds it high in the air as Mike Powers announces her name.

Felicity drapes the championship against her shoulder and saunters up the ringside steps. Once on the apron, Felicity walks dead center and turns to look at the crowd, feeding off of their cheers and jeers. She enters the ring and spins around in circles until the lights in the arena start getting brighter, not stopping until the arena was fully lit. Felicity unzips her sweatshirt and glances at crowd, finally climbing up to the middle rope. She stares out into the crowd and motions for the crowd to bow down to her to which some oblige, and raises the 4CW Championship high in the air as the audience bows down.
She hops off the ropes and turns around, sliding her back down against the turnbuckle pads until she was fully seated on the mat, setting the 4CW Champion on her lap as she waits for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”Our 4CW Champion is in the house!”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight will be her first match as 4CW Champion and she has her hands full with her opponent, Jair Hopkins.”
VASSA: ”I believe she has a little to prove out here tonight with Hopkins as he was the only person to not get pinned by her at Ante Up but also the only person to score a pinfall on her.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen the back and forth between the two and I don’t think Hopkins scoring a pinfall over her was ever mentioned.”
VASSA: ”I wouldn’t know, I was too busy looking at her–“
JOHNSON: ”Watch out now!”
VASSA: ”Championship, I was going to say championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Sure you were, Vinny. While you try to cover your tracks, we’re going to go ahead and get this match underway as the official is ready to get things started.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with Hopkins and quickly gets the nod, signaling that he is ready. The ref then looks over to Banks who is leaning over the top rope, handing the championship to a member of the ringside crew. After turning to face him, Banks gives him the nod. Slowly raising his hand in the air, the ref then swings it downward, signaling for the bell.

JOHNSON: ”This is a falls count anywhere match so there’s no telling where things may end up. So lets enjoy the best seat in the house while we can because these two could leave the ring and take the fight anywhere at any given time.”
VASSA: ”If they take the fight to the concessions, I might just follow behind but they’re going to have to stop by the bathroom for a quick pit stop.”
Walking towards each other, the two meet face to face in the center of the ring. After a brief stare down, the two lock up in a test of strength. Using his size to his advantage in this rare instance, Hopkins quickly overpowers Banks and backs her towards the corner. Hopkins then releases his mold and takes a step back but as he does, Banks grabs ahold of him and whips him around, slamming him into the corner. She then unloads with multiple punches to his head, landing more than he can block. Locking onto his head with both hands, she then pulls his head down and delivers a series of repeated knees to his face.
After wearing Hopkins down a bit, she lifts his head back up and stands him up straight before slamming him into the corner once more. Locking onto his wrist, she then pulls him away and goes to throw him to the corner on the opposite side of the ring. Before she can release, Hopkins locks onto her wrist and goes for the reverse but as he pulls Banks towards him, she swings with her free hand and connects with a stinging punch to the side of the head. Stunning Hopkins, Banks then moves in close to him and begins attacking with knee strikes to the side of his legs, slowly wearing them down.
Breaking him down to one knee, she then takes off to the ropes behind him full speed and rebounds off only to come back in the air, planting his face into the canvas with a bulldog. Banks then goes to end the night quickly as she rolls him over to his back and makes the cover.

VASSA: ”Damn, she’s trying to end the show early isn’t she?”
JOHNSON: ”This is a cut throat sport and the main objective is to win by any means necessary. Why not go for the quick pinfall?”
Not wasting any time, Banks gets back up to her feet and goes back on the attack with a fury of kicks to the ribcage. She then pulls Hopkins up from the mat and to his feet. Stepping behind him, she then goes for a jumping neckbreaker but just as her hands touch the back of his head, Hopkins leans over, causing her to miss and fall flat on her back. Quickly rolling over to her stomach, Banks pushes herself up to all fours but before she can get up, Hopkins then jumps straight into the air and comes down on her elevated back with an elbow drop, knocking her back to her stomach.
Looking over at Banks showing signs of pain, Hopkins pushes himself up from the seated position and stands back up. He then grabs ahold of her head with both hands and drags her to her feet. Standing her straight up, he then unloads with a backhand chop across the chest that sends a sharp flesh slapping sound piercing through the cheers of the crowd. He then draws back and hits her with another and another before finally dropping her to one knee.

VASSA: ”What I would give to be in his shoes right now. I’d aim a little lower and just say it was an accident.”
JOHNSON: ”And that’s why you’re here at the booth and not meeting face to face with the female talent.”
Hopkins then grabs onto her arm and shoulder before pulling her back to both feet. He then throws her to the ropes behind him and waits for her return. After bouncing off and coming back, Banks quickly ducks while running underneath Hopkins who leaps into the air with his legs spread. Continuing towards the opposite ropes, Banks quickly bounces off and comes back with even more speed. With Banks drawing near, Hopkins kicks his foot up but misses her head as she baseball slides underneath. Popping back up to her feet, Banks then hits him in the back of the head with a dropkick that sends him stumbling towards the ropes. After hitting the ropes uncontrollably, Hopkins flips up and over before crashing to the floor below.

VASSA: ”Now to take things to the outside of the ring!”
JOHNSON: ”We don’t have any count outs for this match.”
VASSA: ”I’m willing to bet that Flipp wishes his match had that stipulation after that controversial ending tonight.”
On the outside, Hopkins slowly begins to get up from the floor while Banks looks on from inside of the ring. Keeping a close eye on him, she paces around the ring, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Just as he goes to stand up, Banks then takes off towards the ropes in front of him. Once close, Banks then does another baseball slide but this time underneath the bottom rope. Catching Hopkins off guard, she wraps her legs around his head and as her body slides off the apron, she flips him over and tosses him across the side of the ring with a head scissors takedown.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t exactly know what to say about that head scissors variation right there other than that was beautiful.”
VASSA: ”She made it look so easy! The timing was perfect, a second too soon or late and that move could have been a disaster.”
Getting up from the floor, Banks hobbles with a slight limp from the landing. She makes her way over to Hopkins who is holding onto the ringside steps, slowly pulling himself up but still not to any knees yet. She then grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him up, giving some assistance before going on the attack with a chop to the side of the neck. She then pushes him away and as he stumbles backwards, Hopkins trips over the ringside steps and lands on top of them before rolling off and hitting his head against the floor.
After walking around the steps, Banks then drags him up to his feet and locks onto the back of his head with both hands. She then drags him up the entrance ramp, keeping his head low in a position where she can still control things before they get out of hand.

VASSA: ”Where do you think you’re going?!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think they like you, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”What do you mean? Everyone loves me! I could be good to you Felicity!”
Stopping half way up the ramp, Banks then locks her arm around Hopkins head and grabs onto the back of his pants with her free hand. She then lifts him up and drops him onto the ramp with a snap suplex, sending a sharp pain shooting up his spine. Banks then makes the cover as the ref trails behind and sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: ”She’s getting closer. Maybe one more attempt after a bit and she could pull it off?”
JOHNSON: ”There’s no telling what’s going to happen.”
Standing back up, Banks pulls Hopkins up from the ramp and locks onto his head once more. She then proceeds up the ramp, dragging him along as before. Once at the top of the entrance stage, Banks then stands him straight up and swings with a backhand chop of her own.

Catching her hand, Hopkins then kicks her in the gut with a swift right. he then lifts her up and throws her onto her back with a scoop slam. With Banks down at his feet, Hopkins then leaps into the air and comes down across her throat with a leg drop, pinning her head against the stage as her feet shoot up into the air, Rolling backwards, Hopkins comes up to his feet in a fluid motion. He then grabs Banks by the head and lifts her to a seated position. Locking his arm around her throat, Hopkins applies a sleeper hold and once the move is locked in place, he cranks down on the pressure as Banks fights for a breath of fresh air.

VASSA: ”Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch!”
JOHNSON: ”Who? What?”
VASSA: ”Come on Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”Hopkins is choking Felicity right now with a sleeper hold but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
VASSA: ”Never-Fucking-Mind!”
Still fighting, Banks gradually slows down in her efforts to escape from the hold. Hopkins then stands up and pulls her up as well with the sleeper still in tact. He then backsteps, dragging her with him as the two make their way towards the entrance curtain. Before the two go through it, Hopkins then releases the sleeper and then wraps his arms around her waist. Lifting Banks up from her feet, he throws her over his head with a release German suplex, sending her flying momentarily before hitting the stage and rolling through the curtain.

VASSA: ”And just like that, she’s vanished! My night is ruined!”
JOHNSON: ”No worries, Vinny. We have camera in the back on stand by in case this match were to find itself in the backstage area.”
Back to his feet, Hopkins looks over to the curtain, shaking his head as Banks is now out of his sight. He then walks through the curtain as the camera angle changes views with a shot from the back. After stepping through the curtain, Hopkins looks down at his feet, only to find Banks on her back and gasping for air. He then reaches down and grabs ahold of her head, pulling her up. Looking towards the back, Hopkins sets his sights on a nearby table with 4CW Hot Shots gear on it. He then walks Banks over to hit and then throws her with everything he has in the tank. Hitting the table with her stomach, Banks rolls onto the table and then off the other side, falling face first to the hard concrete.
Rolling away from the table, Banks stops just a few feet away from it, looking up at the ceiling. Hopkins then takes off and leaps into the air, jumping onto the table. he then spins around and jumps up once more, this time doing backflip in the air and landing a moonsault across her body. Looking around for the ref, Hopkins yells for him to rush over as he hooks the leg and goes for the pin. Racing over, the ref slides in beside them and begins the count.

JOHNSON: ”She gets a shoulder up!”
VASSA: ”These two are going to put each other through hell to get the win. The question is, who will get it?”
With a look of shock on his face, Hopkins shakes his head in disbelief before pushing himself up. He then grabs ahold of Banks’ arm and lifts her up from the floor. Looking at a nearby lounge area, Hopkins then throws Bank’s towards it. Crashing into a leather seat, Banks leans over the top of it, lucky to have the soft landing. Hopkins then takes off behind her and as he gets close, he leaps into the air and collides into her with a body splash. Upon impact, the chair falls backwards and the two crash to the floor, rolling in opposite directions.
Up to his feet first, Hopkins turns to Banks only to see her crawling away on all fours. Seizing the moment, Hopkins moves in on her and grabs her by the foot. he then drags her across the floor and makes his way to a larger open area that appears to be a lobby of some sorts with refreshment tables and a five start buffet. he then lifts her foot into the air and slams it back down, driving her knee into the concrete floor. Rolling her over to her back, Hopkins then grabs ahold of her head to pull her up to her feet.
Catching Hopkins off guard, Banks locks her hands behind his head while reaching upward and then drops to a seated position, stunning him with a sit-out jawbreaker.

JOHNSON: ”Didn’t see that coming! That move alone could very well change the pace of this match.”
VASSA: ”It could but then again, we could see the momentum change twenty times before a winner is finally decided. These two have the heart to keep this fight going all night.”
After stumbling backwards and falling to the floor, Hopkins holds his jaw with both hands, feeling the aftermath of that surprise jawbreaker. Back on her feet, Banks makes her way towards him, slightly limping from everything the two have been through so far up to this point. Standing him up, Banks then unloads with a series of punches, backing him up across the lobby and towards a flight of steps leading to an upper level. Banks then pushes Hopkins away and sends him crashing into a brick wall, which is the side of the steps. Dropping down to one knee, Hopkins then opens himself up to a not so subtle surprise as Banks then plants her foot into his mouth with a superkick.

JOHNSON: ”Bank Shot!”
VASSA: ”This doesn’t look good for Hopkins!”
JOHNSON: ”This might be it, she’s going for the cover!”
After dropping down to her knees, Banks then falls over and makes the cover as the ref rushes over for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Hopkins just refuses to go down!”
Looking up at the ref with agitation in her eyes, Banks shakes her head back and forth, frustrated with the third kickout of the evening. She then pushes herself up and paces around for a moment, catching her breath and shocked with the kickout. She then turns her attention back to Hopkins and grabs ahold of his shoulder, rolling him over to his knees and then up to his feet. After standing him up, Banks then takes a step back before coming forward and going for the haymaker.

At the last split second, Hopkins ducks underneath her fist as it soars over his head. He then lifts Banks up from her feet and onto his shoulder before falling back to the floor, smashing her against it with a Samoan drop.

VASSA: ”These two are going to feel the after effects of this match for the next week or two. Unlike the ring, that floor doesn’t have any padding whatsoever!”
JOHNSON: ”It makes you wonder what exactly was management thinking when they booked this match. These are two of 4CW’s top stars and they’re destroying each other in a non title bout.”
With Banks underneath him in a world of pain from being squashed between him and the hard floor, Hopkins leans forward in a seated position with his arms resting on his knees. He then pushes himself up, barely able to do so on his own. With the wall in front of him but the step railing within reach, Hopkins grabs ahold of it and pulls himself up. Climbing on top of the railing, Hopkins struggles to balance himself due to the sharp angle of it going upward to the second level.

VASSA: ”What in the hell is he doing?”
JOHNSON: ”He’s showing tremendous balance right now with the angle of that rail because one slip up and it could turn into a nasty fall for him.”
VASSA: ”No fucking way!”
Standing straight up while balancing himself on the uneven railing, Hopkins holds his arms out to the side and holds the position for a moment. He then does a backflip from the top of the railing and drops down about eight feet, driving both feet into Banks’ chest with a double foot stomp.

JOHNSON: ”I believe the correct term would be OMGF!”
Hopkins then drops down to the floor on both knees and falls forward on top of Banks making the cover. Still shocked at what he just saw, the ref quickly drops down for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Hopkins knocks off another champ in back to back shows!”
VASSA: ”Unlike the last one, this one is actually a champion worth beating.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think these two are going to be able to get up for a while after this crawl we just witnessed. We’re going to need some assistance in the back.”
The ref then crawls over to the two, checking on them both before grabbing Hopkins hand and raising it into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner… JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
JOHNSON: ”I knew this was going to be a wild match but I never expected this.”
VASSA: ”That’s the great thing about 4CW, you never know what to expect. Anything is possible and you can either go with the flow or you can do like some and bitch and moan whenever something doesn’t go your way.”
JOHNSON: ”What is with you tonight and talking about people bitching, moaning and recycling stuff?”
VASSA: ”If you don’t know, Steve, then you need to pay closer attention. It’s pretty obvious.”
JOHNSON: ”If you say so.. More importantly, we still don’t have any names announced for this Warzone at Fright Night. Mr. Wallace said earlier that a few names will be announced in two weeks when we travel to Philadelphia.”
VASSA: ”We’re stacked with talent from top to bottom but after this match, I would expect Hopkins to be thrown into the mix just based off the fact that he’s beaten two 4CW champions in back to back shows.”
JOHNSON: ”You would think but then again, we have the tag team tournament coming up and there’s a possibility that him and Flipp could win that to become the new 4CW Tag Team Champions. Heck, anyone could win that tournament it’s so deep in talent.”
VASSA: ”We’ll just have to wait and see. Right now, we’re short on time.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re absolutely right, Vinny. Well folks, it’s been a crazy night from start to finish. Be sure to tune in next time as we will have a card stacked with tag team matches from start to finish. It’s been a pleasure. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good Night!”
With both wrestlers still down and recovering from the long fought battle, the camera begins to slowly back away before fading to black and transitioning into the official Adrenaline theme.