As the bell rings Bathory dashes across the ring first. As he throws himself at his opponent Cuttah ducks down and lifts him up high above his head for a military press slam. DK gets in a few stomps before Istvan can roll away. Cuttah follows and leans in for a Boston crab, but Wolfsbane sends him staggering back with a mule kick. Bathory follows up quickly with a punch to the heart!
Istvan goes for a throat jab but DK catches his arm and shoves it away, countering with a snap powerbomb. With Bathory laid out Cuttah grabs both ankles and uses his impressive size to twirl the other man around with a big swing. The audience counts along as he completes ten full revolutions before releasing Bathory and sending him rolling across the ring. Istvan staggers slightly as he gets to his feet, but comes back with a leaping forearm smash!
The two lock up in the center of the ring. Wolfsbane can’t get his arms free, so he assaults DK with a series of vicious headbutts instead! Cuttah lets go for a moment to check his face for blood, then fires back with a discus clothesline! Bathory tumbles backward but rolls all the way through and lands in a crouch. He throws himself back across the ring and launches into a barrage of lefts and rights that drive DK back into the corner. Cuttah lashes out with one hand, grabbing Isvan the the throat and lifting him off of the mat, countering by choke tossing him into the turnbuckles! DK is about to unload with a huge right hand when Bathory counters himself, using the exact same method and tossing Cuttah back into the corner! Wolfsbane howls before hitting The Full Moon! DK falls forward onto the mat and Istvan makes the cover, picking up ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!


Lounging backstage, Jason Cashe is seen scratching his balls in his locker room. You can hear the shower in the background as it turns off. A few moments later, Niobe Martin comes into the locker room wrapped in a big towel. Cashe’s attention is grabbed as he swings his legs off a bench.

CASHE: “Well Hello my Lady!!”
NIOBE: “Don’t even think about it Mister, I need to get ready for my match.”
CASHE: “Awww you make Jason very upset…Haha!”
Grabbing her gear, Niobe returns to the bathroom but sticks her head out to ask Cashe a few questions as she gets dressed.

NIOBE: “ worried any about tonight? I think I have a little bit of nerves…That’s normal though right?”
CASHE: “Typically, yeah. I mean a Title rematch is a big deal. You’ve got a lot to have nerves over. How will you celebrate the 2nd reign? Will you smile bigger this time around, have more celebration from the fans when you hold up the Title for a second time? Makes sense to worry about that stuff..”
Laughing, she appreciates his sureness.

NIOBE: “You just assume I will win! Jada is no joke but I made mistakes and have corrected them. I hope tonight goes as planned..”
CASHE: “Tonight is a night FULL of excitement! I get to slap around some Galveston boys, you get to take back your Title and who knows what else will happen!”
NIOBE: “You’re not worried about Johnny and Duff? At all?”
Letting the thought sink in, he leans back in his chair and takes a long sigh before answering her. Niobe comes out from the bathroom dressed in her ring gear, Cashe pops up from his chair and steps over to her. He pulls her in, not for a kiss or anything perverted but hugs her instead.

CASHE: “Worried? No, not at all.”
Pulling away from the embrace, he holds her at arms length and stares into her eyes.

CASHE: “Johnny doesn’t know what’s going on. He actually thinks Ganja quit 4CW when the cunt was fired. Duff called me a racist when his own partner drops N Bombs at every turn. They haven’t done their homework, they don’t know the men that they are stepping in the ring with tonight. They reached and have already made excuses for their loss.”
Using his best mocking voice of Duff Briggs, Cashe repeats what was said as their excuse.

CASHE: “4CW Management fixes fights and want to beat up outside teams to look good and feel good about themselves…Pssh…”
NIOBE: “Haha! Does he really sound like that? You’re silly!”
CASHE: “Bitches like that always have an excuse. The fact is they think Galveston is big business and it barely holds a thousand people at their shows. They name drop their top guys like I’m suppose to know some Chris Callum clown? Then the funniest thing said was that Galveston is known to have the best of the best and questioned if 4CW could say the same…Like HOMIE, you do know it’s ya’ll who came to 4CW to compete…
Ain’t nobody coming there to compete unless they’ve been denied access to both 4CW and the rest of the BIG FOUR which GIW is NOT apart of…Hell even Bronx has GRADUATED from Galveston and risen UP to now being apart of the 4CW roster. Jokes, petty little fucks who are about as unstable as rivals teaming together. So no, I’m not worried, I have no concern over them or this tournament. Shit will go down the way it should. New Champions at the end and I guess we’ll see if those names end up being Jason Cashe and Shadow.”

This time, Niobe pulls Cashe in and she plants a kiss against his lips. Holding him with a tight hug, he loves the perfume she was wearing so he had his nose on full sniff.

NIOBE: “Then tonight…after the show…we will have something to celebrate!”
CASHE: “Tonight I am the “Duffalo” Soldier, the man who will hunt down and slay the chance and opportunity for Galveston to survive the Hurricane I will bring to the City of Brotherly Love but there will be NO LOVE tonight…Well, heh until after the show right? Haha!”
He squeezes Niobe and goes in to kiss at her neck. She laughs and the two play fight some as the scene fades.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP!”
The arena grows dark and the cheers in the crowd grew louder, “THE CHAMP IS HERE” flashes across the screen and all you can hear in the background is “JADA’s THE BIGGEST BOSS AROUND HERE” the sound of her voice echoes through the arena as “Awesome” by Shy Glizzy blasts through the speakers. Jada makes her way out from behind the curtain holding the title high in the air, she pulls the mic out from her pocket and the music dies down.

MONTANA: ”The CHAMP is here, y’all ready to see me face Niobe and retain my title?”
The crowd cheers.

MONTANA: ”This match is so important to me right now, it’s always a great feeling when you win a match but actually retaining and holding onto the championship is what makes you a great Champ, sorry Niobe you couldn’t hang with the big dogs but tonight you’ll get another opportunity to regain this title, not saying the end result will be in your favor but hell it doesn’t hurt to try.”
Jada slowly makes her way down the ramp, still talking shit on the mic, she slides the title underneath the ropes and follows behind it. She picks the title up and again holds it high in the air listening to the cheers from the crowd.

MONTANA: ”I love my fans so much because y’all stuck by me even through my worst moments, its been a journey here in 4CW and even though I’m still new to this shit, y’all can see all the hard work I’m putting in is paying off. I’m Underground Champion and I plan on staying that way until it’s time for me to move onto bigger and better things, I heard the board is still trying to get me to switch to Adrenaline full time so you’ll never know what the future holds.”.
Jada walks around the ring for a couple seconds before speaking again.

MONTANA: ”I respect every wrestler in this business, whether I like you or not we all bring something different to the table, I may not like Niobe but I respect her and the hustle she brought to win the title, but babygirl my hustle was stronger, this title isn’t going anywhere and Niobe tonight after I beat you I suggest you go home, think about where you messed up and try again baby girl because this night is about me and about me only.”
Jada smiles.

MONTANA: ”This title isn’t going anywhere.”
Jada drops the mic as she waits for Niobe to come out.

JOHNSON: ”Some strong words from Miss Montana there, Vin.”
VASSA: ”Confidence is key in this business, Johnson. And Jada seems to have a lot of that. “
Jada hands her championship to the referee as she patiently waits for Niobe to come out.

POWERS: ”And her opponent… “
As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall. She is “The Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
Niobe appears on stage, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

JOHNSON: ”Niobe looks ready and determined to take back the championship that she believes is hers.”
VASSA: ”Girl always looks intense, Johnson. Here’s to hoping we see a good match.”
JOHNSON: ”Well if their previous contest is anything to go by then we’re certainly in for a treat.”
The referee holds the Underground Championship high in the air and then hands it over to the timekeeper at ringside. He checks with both champion and challenger before he calls for the bell!
The opening bell sounds and the Underground Championship match gets underway! Jada charges across the ring at Niobe, but Niobe instinctively takes Jada down with a drop toe hold. Niobe moves herself over to Jada’s head and begins driving her knee straight into her skull before Niobe pulls Jada up to her feet.
Niobe sends Jada hard into the corner and then charges forward for a running corner clothesline attempt, but Jada sidesteps out of the way! Niobe knocks the wind out of herself once she hits the corner, allowing Jada roll Niobe up from behind in a school boy as the referee gets into position to make the count!
Niobe pushes Jada off right at the count of two, both ladies now scrambling up to their feet. They meet in the center of the ring, and Jada blasts Niobe with a huge right hand that echoes throughout the arena. Niobe stumbles back, but then pushes herself forward and connects with a kick to the midsection. Niobe wraps her arm around Jada’s head as if she were going to attempt a DDT, but Jada wraps her arms around Niobe’s waist and turns it into a bridging Northern Lights suplex! The referee slides into position and starts the count.

JOHNSON: ”Wow! Jada was so close to picking up the win and successfully defending the Underground Championship right there.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think Niobe was expecting that suplex at all. She felt like she had control of the pace to the match until Jada came out of nowhere with that suplex.”
Jada makes it up to her feet, and immediately soccer kicks Niobe in the the stomach as she was pushing herself up. With Niobe down, Jada bounces back against the ropes, and charges forward to connect with a low dropkick right to Niobe’s head. Jada doesn’t stop there, lifting Niobe up to a vertical base, only to hit the challenger with a beautiful twist of fate and goes right for the pin!
Niobe kicks out once again, frustrating the current Underground Champion some. Instead of going right back on the attack, Jada exits the ring and starts perching up to the top turnbuckles. Once she reaches the top, Jada tries to catch her balance but Niobe was back up to her feet! Niobe dashes towards the topes and shakes them, causing Jada to land awkwardly on the top turnbuckle.

JOHNSON: ”Ouch! Even for a lady that’s gotta hurt!”
VASSA: ”I have something that could make her feel better… “
JOHNSON: ”Calm yourself, Vinny. “
VASSA: ”What? I was talking about a cup! Damn, you’re a pervert, Stevie boy.”
With Jada ‘sitting’ atop the turnbuckles, Niobe begins to climb up them with evil intentions in mind. Niobe makes her way all the way to the top rope, jumps up in the air, wraps her legs around Jada’s head, and sends her down to the mat with a beautiful frankensteiner! Niobe crawls toward Jada, hooks the leg, and makes the cover after the high impact move…
Jada just gets her shoulder up as the referee’s hand was coming down for the three. Niobe looks over at the ref while raising three fingers, but the referee emphatically shows two. Not wanting to waste any more time, Niobe grabs a hold of Jada by the hair and pulls her up to her feet. Niobe pushes Jada into the corner and starts driving her knee directly into her midsection. Niobe grabs Jada’s arm and tries to pull her out for a short-arm clothesline, but Jada ducks underneath it, pulls Niobe’s head back, and hits a reverse DDT!
Feeling like the momentum was now on her side, Jada rises up to her feet and calls her for patent turnbuckle DDT. Once Niobe gets up, Jada lifts her just enough to sit her on the corner and tries to set her up for her finishing maneuver, but Niobe fires away with a kick to Jada’s face. Jada stumbles back and then turns back around into a diving thesz press from Niobe!
Niobe starts pummeling away at Jada’s face with right hands until she pushes herself up to her feet, runs the ropes, and lands a running senton on Jada!

JOHNSON: ”Niobe might be closing in on becoming a two time Underground Champion!”
VASSA: ”I just hope she didn’t mess up Jada’s face! That’s a crime in twenty-six states, Johnson!”
Jada was gasping for air as Niobe pushes herself up to her feet and sees the hurt Jada Montana. Niobe steps back toward the nearest corner and looks to be setting up for the “True Nightmare” shining enzuigiri! While clutching at her ribs, Jada gets up to one knee…

JOHNSON: ”Niobe hit it! She hit the True Nightmare!”
VASSA: ”We got a two time Underground Champion on the way!”
Jada falls flat on her back as Niobe crawls in her direction and hooks the leg for the pin!
Jada Montana just barely kicks out, surprising Niobe and much of the Philadelphia crowd. Niobe looks over at the referee with a sadistic look in her eyes before she grabs Jada by the hair and lifts her up to her feet.
With Jada now standing, Niobe sticks Jada’s head in between her legs, setting up for the “Hallucination” Gory Neckbreaker. Niobe goes to lift Jada up, but Jada presses all of her weight down to make it harder for Niobe. Finally, after a bit of a struggle, Niobe lifts Jada over her head…
… but Jada slides down Niobe’s back, locks her arms around her waist, and hits a bridging German suplex! The referee slides into position to make the count…

Niobe just gets her shoulder up before the referee’s hand comes down for the three

JOHNSON: ”Another close call!”
VASSA: ”That might be the last one, Johnson. Sooner or later, one of these lovely ladies is gonna have to stay down.”
Jada looks around the ring, wondering what she should do next. She pulls Niobe up to her feet and blasts her with a stiff forearm shiver, then proceeds to lift Niobe up in the air and drop her down to the mat with a spinebuster. Jada hooks the legs and tries to lock in her trademark sharpshooter, but Niobe fights and fights some more until she pushes Jsda away! Jada stumbles back into the ropes while Niobe scrambles to her feet.
Once Niobe gets up, Jada charges forward but Niobe blasts her with a huge big boot as she was coming towards her! Niobe makes a cut-throat gesture and pulls Jada up by her hair. Niobe goes for the ‘hallucination’ one more time, but Jada drops to her knees, crawls underneath Niobe’s legs, and blasts her with a big dropkick to the back of the head! Niobe falls into the corner as Jada pushes herself up to her feet, and charges toward the corner to blast Niobe in the back of the head with a corner Yakuza kick! Niobe drops down to the canvas, Jada laying down on top of her, hooking both legs as the referee gets in position to make the cover.
Niobe gets her foot on the rope to break the pin, Jada running her hands down her face in disbelief.

JOHNSON: ”These girls are taking everything the other throws at them and still pushing through it all!”
VASSA: ”I have something to throw at them that they can take…”
JOHNSON: ”My lord…”
Jada stomps down on Niobe’s head before she exits the ring and begins climbing up to the top rope. Once Jada catches her balance, she looks down at the still downed and begins waving her up to her feet. Slowly, Niobe begins to rise up, stumbling around once she was vertical. Niobe turns around, and Jada dives off the top rope with a diving hurricanrana attempt…
… but Niobe catches her! Niobe holds her up in position and then sends her into the corner with a monstrous turnbuckle powerbomb!

JOHNSON: ”Wow! What an amazing show of strength by Niobe!”
VASSA: ”We might be closing in on seeing a new Underground Champion, Johnson!”
Niobe falls down to the mat after the big impact move to Jada, but then pushes herself up to her feet. She grabs Jada by her hair and gingerly pulls her up to her feet. One last time, Niobe sets Jada’s head between her legs, lifts her up…
Niobe hits her patent gory neckbreaker, but she wasn’t done just yet! Instead of going for the cover, Niobe slips out of the ring and begins climbing up to the rope while Jada lays in the ring motionless. Once Jada gets up to the top, she looks down at the lifeless Jada, makes the title belt motion around her waist, and then soars off the top rope to connect with her “Phantasm Horror” shooting star splash! Niobe hooks both of Jada’s legs back and the referee slides into position to make the count…

“Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold fills the arena speakers as the referee hands Niobe the Underground Championship and she pulls to toward her chest.

JOHNSON: ”She did it, Vinny! Niobe is a two time Underground Champion!”
VASSA: ”But not after one hell of a fight with Jada. I have a feeling these two are not done with each other just yet.”
Niobe celebrates her championship win, holding the Underground title high in the air as she watches the former champion roll out of the ring. Niobe climbs up to the second turnbuckle and holds the championship high in the air. She then hops down from the corner and walks to the one across the ring before climbing to the top. After raising the championship for a brief moment, she then climbs down from the corner. Out from the crowd and into the ring, slides in someone wearing all black, covering their face with a hoodie, and carrying a steel folding chair.

JOHNSON: “Who the heck?”
VASSA: “What the hell?”
From behind, the mystery person connects the steel folding chair, into the back, neck, and head of the champion, sending her down to the mat below.

VASSA: “What in the hell is going on!?”
The entire crowd, as shocked as they are, goes into silence, awaiting the reveal of this mystery character. The mystery figure bends down, grabbing the Underground Championship. As they stand over the unconscious body of the champion, they lift the 4CW Underground Championship into the air, placing their other hand on the hood of their sweatshirt, ready to reveal their identity. Much to the shock and delight of the capacity crowd, the hood is pulled away, and the mystery person is finally revealed.

“Unsettling Differences” begins to play, as Havok smirks at the crowd, still standing over Martin, and still holding her Underground Championship. Havok places the championship onto the chest of the title owner, before exiting the ring, still smirking, and walking up the ramp as the scene fades out.


Sitting at a desk, Perry Wallace leans forward with his hand propped underneath his chin, looking down at two pieces of paper in front of him. Thinking to himself, he then scratches the side of his head with his other hand before grabbing a half empty glass of scotch resting at the edge of the desk. He then leans back in his chair and takes a drink as a look of concern comes over his face.

WALLACE: ”What am I going to do?”
Wallace then takes a drink and places the empty glass back onto the desk before turning his attention back to the two pieces of paper in front of him.

WALLACE: ”Where the fuck is Brody when I need his opinion?”
After a short pause, his attention is taken away from the papers on his desk as his eyes shoot to the door.

WALLACE: ”Yeah?!”
Looking on as the door opens, Wallace grins from ear to ear as Tommy Knox enters the office with a cigarette hanging from his lips.

WALLACE: ”Just the man I’ve been waiting to see!”
KNOX: ”What’s goin’ on, Perry?”
WALLACE: ”Nothing much, just trying to make a decision on something that has me stumped.”
KNOX: ”Well, if you need something that’s goin’ to make you think quite a bit, then I have what you need. Just don’t get too comfy in that chair you’re sittin’ in. I’ve heard how you just pass out after getting put in couch lock mode.”
WALLACE: ”That only happened once!”
KNOX: ”I heard twice, but that doesn’t matter. I heard your drunk ass on that radio show a few days ago. Next time you need something to keep you up, give me a ring. This shit I have with me now though, it will put you out if you’re not careful.”
WALLACE: ”I hear you, I hear you. So what you got for me?”
The room goes silent for a moment before Knox looks over to the camera and shakes his head back and forth. He then leans against the wall with his hands in his pockets.

KNOX: ”I’ll get you after the cameras stop rollin’. So, what are you worryin’ yourself with there?”
WALLACE: ”Just a couple of contracts that are up for renewal. I’ve been debating whether or not it’s in 4CW’s best interest to even resign these two, regardless of whether or not they’re currently champions.”
KNOX: ”Ahh… business. Seems like you have a tough decision on your hands. You just gotta do what’s best for the company.”
With his head down towards the contracts, Wallace’s eyes look up at Knox with a look irritation in them.

WALLACE: ”That’s why this is a tough decision to make.”
Knox shrugs his shoulders before walking to the desk and grabbing the chair in front of it. Spinning it around, Knox sits in it backwards while crossing his arms and resting them on top of the backrest.

KNOX: ”Look it, here’s the thing, you have a deep roster with or without two individuals. No matter what decision you make, you’re going to be fine in the talent department. You just need to make the decision that is going to please the roster above all else. And if that proves to be a difficult choice, just do what I do.”
WALLACE: ”What exactly is it that you do?”
KNOX: ”That’s easy. Just spark up a fat doob and flip a coin.”
Wallace then leans back in his chair and rubs his chin for a moment, thinking over what Knox had just said to him.

WALLACE: ”Seriously?”
KNOX: ”Why the fuck not? Worst case scenario, you end up not renewin’ those contracts. So what? Four Corners will move on. Look, I’d love to sit here and discuss business pertainin’ to your company but I have shit to do. So let’s get on with this so I can get to it.”
Knox then removes the bandana from around his wrist and tosses it onto the camera, covering the lens.

KNOX: ”You’re going to love this shit.”
WALLACE: ”I can already tell. Damn, this room stinks.”
As the two handle their business, the scene then cuts away, leaving them in seclusion.


With the camera panning over the arena, the scene opens up to an electric crowd. “Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch plays in the background but barely heard due to the drowning cheers of the fans. Zooming onto the entrance stage, the 4CW Hot Shots dance and play to the crowd who patiently await for the action in the lineup.
Changing views to a shot of the crowd, various signs are seen being held by fans, some sticking out more than others.

At ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the announcers booth. With both men talking amongst themselves, Johnson quickly takes notice and turns to the camera with a nod. With a smile on his face, Vassa waves to the camera before setting his hands onto the booth. With the song slowly fading out, both men place their headsets on their heads.

VASSA: ”And we’re live!”
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another night of 4CW Adrenaline! We’re coming to you live from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and this man beside me is the one and only Vinny Vassa!”
VASSA: ”Thank you for the introduction, Steve. Hello to everyone watching. I know this man beside me isn’t the best thing to look at so hopefully I can keep you ladies entertained. We have a stacked show tonight as we’ll be hosting rounds one and two of the 4CW Tag Team Tournament, Bad Company!”
JOHNSON: ”You said it, Vinny! With the Tag Team Championships and twenty five grand on the line, this tournament is guaranteed to set the mark in this profession. We have nine tag matches total with a couple of singles matches in the mix so we’ll make this short.”
VASSA: ”You sound as if you’ve used that line before, multiple times.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what you mean, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”With the ladies and your se–“
JOHNSON: ”I’m just going to go ahead and cut you off right there as we have a big lineup for the evening and must remain on schedule. So with this tournament, we have twelve teams competing for a chance at the top prize. Some would call it the 4CW Tag Team Championships and others would call that top prize the twenty five grand. Either way, the winner will walk away with both at Fright Night next month.”
VASSA: ”Twelve teams and four promotions outside of 4CW all competing to prove who is the best of the best.”
JOHNSON: ”Four outside promotions indeed! We have Galveston Island Wrestling, Fight One, High Octane Wrestling and Boardwalk Wrestling all making their presence felt as they mix it up with some of the best that 4CW has to offer.”
VASSA: ”I think I’ve been doing pretty good with doing my homework before shows so let me take the lead here and please correct me if I’m wrong. We have three brackets for this tournament and those being A, B and C. Within each bracket we have four teams. Round one will consist of two matches per bracket and round two will consist of one, the winners being from round one.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s correct, Vinny. At the end of the night we’ll have three teams left standing who will then compete at Fright Night for the grand prizes.”
VASSA: ”Sounds good to me! So, let’s get right down to business and jump right into bracket A. In this bracket we have a team from Galveston who will be climbing into the ring with a 4CW team. Both Johnny Violence and Duff Briggs, Taco Supreme, will square off with Shadow and Jason Cashe.”
JOHNSON: ”Then in the second match of bracket A’s round one, we have #TeamWilder climbing into the ring with Aidan Carlisle and Bryan Williams who is in fact from Boardwalk Wrestling.”
VASSA: ”I find this pairing to be somewhat odd. Aidan represents 4CW and Bryan represents Boardwalk. This pairing just seems to stick out to me more than the others.”
JOHNSON: ”Although it is odd, this isn’t the first time these two have teamed together. This isn’t the first time that 4CW and Boardwalk have teamed together. Just a few weeks ago Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith teamed together in a match at High Octane.”
VASSA: ”I’m very interested to see how these do together here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s it for bracket A, now let’s move on to bracket B. From Fight One, we have Surayya Karim and Alexxa Keena facing off against the team of Cyrus Riddle and CJ O’Donnell from Boardwalk. I’m familiar with team Boardwalk but I don’t even know where to begin with this team from Fight One.”
VASSA: ”I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves.”
JOHNSON: ”We also have a 4CW match up between Dos Naciones consisting of El Futuro and Max Dunn going head to head with The Monstimals, the team or Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson.”
VASSA: ”I’m really excited to see this match. Dos Naciones come to Adrenaline tonight from Underground and they’ll be meeting Lord Raab and his debuting partner, Samuel. On one team we have raw power and on the other team we have a aerial and mystery to be honest. I could see this match going either way.”
JOHNSON: ”You and me both, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Last but not least we have bracket C. This could very well be considered the toughest bracket out of the three. We have two tag team champions from different promotions in this bracket. We have two newly formed tag teams in 4CW looking to make a name for themselves in this bracket. It’s fucking stacked!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s no doubt about that! In the first match we have the High Octane Wrestling tag team champions, Jason and Tara Davidson climbing inside of the ropes to go up against the newly formed team of Lo’Renzo Porter and Jair Hopkins.”
VASSA: ”Both Jair and Flipp have held singles gold in 4CW. This will be their first match together as a team so it’s going to be interesting to see how they work together. For a first match together as a team, they don’t have it easy as they will go head to head with HOW’s tag team champions.”
JOHNSON: ”Jason and Tara have recently held tag team gold in Boardwalk Wrestling. They defended the championships recently in a match that had Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith partnered together. This team alone has the most experience together as a team.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of tag team champions, we have ours in the last match of round one. I also understand that the 4CW Tag Team Championships will be on the line each and every round?”
JOHNSON: ”That is correct, Vinny. The 4CW Tag Team Championships will be on the line each round and could very well change hands up to three times before this thing is all said and done.”
VASSA: ”It looks like Dakota Smith will be in Ramona’s corner tonight as they defend the championships against Gold Standard, the team consisting of Francis Dart and Drew Stevenson.”
JOHNSON: ”This match is going to be HUGE. With this match and the one between HOW and Flipp-Hop, there’s no denying that this bracket is a beast.”
VASSA: ”There’s even the possibility that we could have 4CW Tag Team Champions competing with HOW Tag Team Champions in the main event tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”This whole tournament is huge from start to finish. There isn’t an easy button in 4CW and this tournament alone proves just that.”
VASSA: ”So after these six tag matches we will have three for round two. What else do we have in the lineup for tonight, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m glad you ask, Vinny. We have a new signee debuting tonight. Nova Wonder will make her 4CW in ring debut tonight against The Red Pioneer.”
VASSA: ”So we have an extreme match in the card? NICE!”
JOHNSON: ”Actually we do not. This will be a standard rules match but an exciting one to say the least. We also have a triple threat lumberjack match with the Pride Championship on the line.”
VASSA: ”I like the sound of that! Who is challenging Devlin for the strap?”
JOHNSON: ”Two weeks ago we watched a match between John Austin and Seamus O’Connor fall apart due to outside antics. Tonight these two will get the opportunity to settle their unfinished business while also dancing with the Pride Champion.”
VASSA: ”So the Deadly Sins seem to have their work cut out for them tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”They do, Vinny. Together they hold three championships in 4CW, the Extreme, the Pride and the Tag Team. They could leave tonight two championships short. Luckily for Dakota, he doesn’t have to defend the Extreme since he is tournament with Ramona.”
VASSA: ”Aside from Dakota, the Sins seem to think they’re hot shit around 4CW. It’s time for them to prove their worth tonight as we jump right into The Battle of Killadelphia!”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s our lineup for tonight folks. We’re going to go backstage momentarily but will be right back here at ringside with our opening match of the evening.”

“Come on! Rock, paper, scissors for who gets the big one.”
As the scene opens up backstage, the cameras find the newly minted team of Bryan Williams and Aidan Carlisle, standing outside their locker room with Liam O’Shea—who is just shaking his head—looking on.

AIDAN: “Bryan, seriously…”
BRYAN: “Come on, you know you don’t want to be known as the person who beat up Jett Wilder either.”
Aidan makes a little face at the thought, finally bringing up both hands for the game.

AIDAN: “You’re right, I don’t.”
BRYAN: “See! Come on big guy, count us in.”
LIAM: “Are yeh serious?”
AIDAN: “Yes. He’ll cheat.”
BRYAN: “Will not!”
AIDAN: “Yes you will. Liam, count us in.”
The big Ginger sighs at the pair and pushes off of the wall where he was leaning on his shoulder.

LIAM: “Alright, keep it clean, yeh two. No arguing with the official. 1… 2… 3.”
The two partners try to stare holes in one another during the count, neither watching the other’s hands. Both look down after they throw out their choice and Bryan stamps his foot as Aidan’s “rock” beats his “scissors.”

AIDAN: “HAH! The big guy is mine.”
Before Bryan can begin to argue, 4CW interviewer Gabriel Hartman approaches, microphone in hand.

HARTMAN: “Aidan, Mr. Willimas—err, Bryan, can I catch a word?”
BRYAN: “Well Howdy, Hartman! I was wondering when you were going to show up. I needed to have my first official backstage interview, you’re just the man for the job!”
AIDAN: “Don’t encourage him. It’s like feeding an Ewok, you’ll never get rid of him.”
HARTMAN: “Tonight is your first time working together as partners, do you think that puts you at a disadvantage heading into your match, or matches?”
AIDAN: “It’s actually not our first time working together, Gabe. Bryan and I competed in the tag tournament over at Fight One and we almost brought home their titles. Quite obviously he and I work very well in the ring together. Anyone who assumes otherwise is making a big mistake.”
BRYAN: “That’s correct, just a few days ago we were in Lowell for the Fight-1 United title tournament. Granted, it was rough going at first, but we got the essential experience we both needed together. I know how Aidan works now, and Aidan knows how I roll. We are going to do great things here in 4CW, I’m very much looking forward to our match tonight.”
HARTMAN: “In the tournament as a whole, who do you think your toughest competition is going to be?”
Aidan and Bryan look at each other for a few moments, and then back to Hartmen. They both answer at the same moment.

AIDAN & BRYAN: “Porddle and Hopnnell.”
The two stop and look at one another again, both making their own skeptical face.

AIDAN: “You think so?”
BRYAN: “Totally! Hopkins is a former 4CW Champion and Porter is a former Pride Champ. Cyrus Riddle and CJ O’Donnell don’t even like each other.”
AIDAN: “Cyrus is the Atlantic City Champion and CJ is the Internet Champion in Boardwalk, though.”
BRYAN: “Jair and Lo’Renzo have home turf advantage.”
AIDAN: “You’ve gone up against Riddle, you know how tough he is, and have you seen that little Irish shit fight?”
BRYAN: “O’Donnell is like a dwarf; very dangerous over short distances, but wasted on cross country.”
AIDAN: “Size doesn’t matter, we’re about to go slaughter a hobbit!”
BRYAN: “And the dwarf can be next.”
AIDAN: “Hopkins and Porter are great, but I think you’re underestimating your fellow Walkers there.”
BRYAN: “I think you’re overestimating them just because you li—”
Aidan shoots Bryan such a pointed glare that he changes course mid-sentence and reconsiders what he was about to say.

BRYAN: “—ke Irish guys…”
Hartman forges ahead, oblivious to the exchange.

HARTMAN: “And what about your potential second set of opponents tonight?”
AIDAN: “Personally, I think we’re going to end up across from Shadow and Cashe for the second round. That will be another big challenge, pun intended. Shadow may very well exceed the size limitations for your standard wrestling ring. The dude has to take the exits to go around low-clearance bridges on the freeway.”
BRYAN: “I can take him.”
Aidan rolls her eyes, but smirks at her partner’s confidence.

BRYAN: “Taco Supreme—”
AIDAN: “Fish Taco.”
BRYAN: “—could pull it out though.”
HARTMAN: “Thank you for your time. Good luck in your match, or matches, whoever you end up against.”
Hartman turns and slinks off down the hall with his crew in tow. Aidan is about to push the door to the locker room open when Bryan lifts both hands for another round of rock, paper, scissors.

BRYAN: “Best two out of three.”
AIDAN: “No way. I won, I get the big guy.”
BRYAN: “Come on!”

Pacing back and forth in the back office we find Perry Wallace. With both sleeves rolled up on his shirt and top few buttons undone, he appears to be sweating heavily as if worried about something.

WALLACE: ”Shit… shit, what am I going to do?”
Walking over to the desk, he grabs the empty glass and pours himself some Scotch. Holding the glass at eye level, he stares into it for a moment while gently shaking it back and forth, causing the Scotch to flow in a circle. He then takes a drink before setting it back onto the desk and wiping away the little bit that ran down the side of his chin.

WALLACE: ”I got it. If they retain tonight then I’ll renew their contracts. If they lo–“

WALLACE: ”The fuck?”
Startling him and grabbing his attention, Wallace quickly directs his sight to the door. Hesitant at first, he then slowly walks towards it, cautious with each step. Placing his hand on the handle softly, he thinks to himself for a moment before turning the knob and pulling the door open with one eye closed, unsuspecting of what may be on the other side.

After seeing who stands on the other side, Wallace quickly backs away from the door before stumbling backwards and falling to the floor.

WALLACE: ”I don’t want any trouble!”
Laughter then fills the room before Dakota Smith pops his head into the picture, leaning forward through the doorway.

SMITH: ”Boo!”
Perry quickly flinches and closes his eyes before freezing in place, expecting things to get messy. Dakota then leans back, removing his head from the picture. After a few moments of silence pass, Dakota then walks into the office, pushing a cart with a large cake on top of it. Flinching each time the wheels squeak, Wallace begins to drag himself backwards before being stopped with his back to the wall. He then slowly opens one eye before both open wide with a look of confusion on his face.

WALLACE: ”What’s with the cake?”
Not answering the question, Dakota just stares at Wallace who slowly begins to push himself up from the floor. After a long stare between the two, Wallace then breaks the silence.

WALLACE: ”So… what’s with the cake, Dakota? I’m pretty certain that it isn’t my birthday and I know for a fact no one wants to celebrate anything with you after recent events. What gives?”
SMITH: ”You’ll find use for it soon.”
Dakota then backs away from the cake, making his way to the door. Stopping in the doorway, he clears his throat before speaking once more.

SMITH: ”Everything dies…”
Dakota then back steps into the hall before vanishing, leaving Perry in confusion, scratching his head while also in somewhat relief that things didn’t turn out as expected. Perry then rushes past the cake and pops his head out of the doorway before yelling.

WALLACE: ”Dakota! Where’s Brody?!”
A few moments pass with no answer before Wallace pulls his head back into the office and steps away from the door. He then turns to look at the cake, wondering its purpose before the scene slowly fades out.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and forty seven pounds, representing Galveston Island Wrestling, they are Duff Briggs and Johnny Violence…TAAACCOOOOOO SUUUPREEMEEEEEEEE!”
“Bat Country” begins to play as Duff Briggs and Johnny Violence emerge from the curtain, stepping out onto the rampway. There is no hiding of emotions from the 4CW crowd, they immediately lay into the outsiders with a chorus of boos. Duff looks around, unsure of the hostile environment he’s gotten himself into. A look of rage streaks across his face, but Johnny actually becomes the voice of reason and keeps him focused on the ring. The duo walk together, all business as they slide under the bottom rope and wait for their opponents.

VASSA: “Johnny Violence and Duff Briggs, boy I thought I’d never see the day.”
JOHNSON: “There’s no denying their talent, they’re two of GIW’s top talent and they’ve come over to our company to give themselves a challenge. Boy do they ever have one, they’re about to take on Jason Cashe and Shadow!”
The crowd cheers in excitement as “Trip the Darkness” begins to play, brilliant lighting dances across the stage as two explosions rip across it. Shadow emerges from the back, flashing black and white lights all around him. His long leather duster flaps behind him as the fog machine blows the billowing smoke back. White flames burn from the ring posts like torches as Shadow strolls down the ramp, Duff and Violence look on as they wait patiently. Shadow stands at the base of the ramp, waiting for his partner to arrive.

VASSA: “Shadow looks ready for this, he looks like he wants to tear both of their heads off right now!”
JOHNSON: “Well he won’t be alone, here comes the former 4CW Champ!”
The Country beat rolls into the Theater as Jason Cashe comes almost sliding out from the back with a smile on his face and a dip in his step as he hears the place give him both Jeers and Cheers. Depending on the opponent more one than the other but he takes it all in, deeply inhaling the air with his head tilted back and his eyes closed at the edge of where the stage meets the entrance ramp.

POWERS: ”And their opponents, weighting in at a combined five hundred and twenty nine pounds, representing 4CW…SHADOW AND JAAAAAAAAASON CASHEEEEEE!!!”
Cashe looks over at his partner, they give each other a quick nod and quickly slide into the ring.
The bell rings, and this match is underway! Johnny and Duff waste no time attacking their opponents, kicking and stomping at them as they both try to get themselves up. Cashe is up first, he goes after Johnny Violence with an european uppercut that staggers him backwards. Shadow is slugging it out with the big man, both of them are going blow for blow. Duff attempts a clothesline, but Shadow ducks and clotheslines him out of the ring! Johnny hits Cashe with a leaping forearm shot, and tries for a clothesline of his own but gets dumped to the outside. Taco Supreme collects themselves, as Shadow and Cashe wait on.

VASSA: “Team 4CW getting the early advantage here, in the first minute!”
JOHNSON: “Is that what we’re calling them now? Team 4CW?”
VASSA: “It sounded good when I said it, focus on the match.”
Violence talks to Duff, working out a plan as Shadow goes to his corner. Duff gets on the apron, going to his corner. Johnny slides in under the ring, Cashe circles around him trying for the tie up. He rushes in, but Violence slips behind him and lands a few clubbing blows to the back. He goes in for the waist lock, and brings Cashe down to the mat with a german suplex. Cashe springs back up, he goes for a clothesline but Johnny springboards off of the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Cashe stumbles backwards, tagging in his partner. The big man steps over the top rope, smiling.

JOHNSON: “Business is about to pick up, yes it is!”
VASSA: “Ew, and you were making fun of me earlier?”
Johnny tries to use his speed as an advantage against Shadow, he goes for a low kick but Shadow swats it away. Johnny charges at Shadow, ducking under a clothesline attempt. He bounces off of the ropes, hoping to catch him off guard but ends up running into a big powerslam. Johnny rolls towards his corner, he tags in Duff Briggs who hops over the top rope. The two big men square off in the middle of the ring, Shadow strikes first with a stiff right hand. Duff doesn’t move an inch, Shadow catches him with a knee lift and throws him to the ropes. Shadow bends down for a backdrop, but Duff catches him with a kick straight to the chest. Shadow shoots up, and Duff takes him down with a clothesline. Shadow springs back up to his feet, Duff lunges in to grab Shadow. The two men wrestle, finding themselves in the corner. Duff presses Shadow against the turnbuckle, the referee calling for them to break. Duff does, slowly backing up from his opponent. He suddenly strikes, a quick shoulder to Shadow’s stomach doubles him over. Duff grabs the ropes, over and over he drives his massive shoulder into the stomach of Shadow.
Shadow is in pain, but he’s not trying to give up now. He grabs at the head of Duff Briggs, pushing him backwards. Duff charges at him, and eats a boot that stumbles him backwards. Shadow rushes at Duff, but catches a spinebuster for his troubles. He quickly covers him for the pin.
Shadow kicks out, Duff grabs him by his hair and brings him to his feet. He grabs him, throwing him over his body with an exploder suplex. Shadow hits the mat hard, Jason Cashe calls for him to tag in but Duff Briggs is in control now. Shadow tries to crawl to his corner, Duff pulls him back into the middle of the ring and picks him up. Amazingly, Duff Briggs lifts Shadow up and over his head with a gorilla press, he drops the big man behind him and Shadow crashes to the mat!

VASSA: “Wow, Duff’s got some power.”
JOHNSON: “Well he’s the one controlling this match right now, Shadow is no pushover either. It looks like GIW didn’t just come to play, they came here to take those titles.”
Shadow is in pain, but Duff Briggs isn’t letting up anytime soon. He picks Shadow up, lifting him into a bearhug. Duff wraps his arms around Shadow, squeezing the life out of him. Shadow tries to fight out of the hold, he hits Duff with a few headbutts that seems to loosen the hold. Duff Briggs staggers back, and Shadow connects with a massive big boot. Both men fall to the mat, their partners calling for each of them to hurry over. Shadow inches closer to Jason Cashe, but the crowd turns sour when Duff is able to tag in Johnny Violence first. He swarms over Shadow, stomping and kicking at his ribs. Shadow winces, and Johnny is able to get him back over into his corner.
Johnny pushes him into the corner, tagging Duff back in. Duff throws in a few shoulder charges into Shadow’s midsection, over and over he hammers his shoulders home. Duff tags Johnny back in, and Johnny quickly goes to work with stomps of his own. Every stomp sends Shadow lower and lower to the mat, soon Johnny Violence is using his foot to choke the life out of Shadow as he presses it against his throat.

VASSA: “Shadow is in big trouble right now, Cashe needs to get in there and help him.”
JOHNSON: “They hurt his ribs early, and have gone right after them. GIW is finding themselves in a good position right now to move on, if they can keep Shadow away from Cashe this match will be over very soon.”
Cashe tries to get the crowd to rally behind his partner, they start clapping and stomping their feet together. Shadow grabs the foot of Johnny, he starts to rise as Johnny looks around helplessly. He reaches out for Duff, who is able to smack his hand and jump into the ring. Duff attacks Shadow, who drops his partner. The crowd boos, as Duff lifts Shadow up onto his shoulders. Johnny quickly ascends the top rope, dropping a knee to the back of Shadow’s head. Duff finishes the move, slamming Shadow onto his back. The double team seems to have worked, Shadow lays motionless as Duff covers him for the pinfall.
The crowd comes to life when Shadow kicks out, Duff huffs and puffs and picks Shadow back up. He puts him into another bearhug, hoping to squeeze him until he taps. Shadow doesn’t give in though, with the crowd entirely behind him he comes back to life and smashes his palms against the side of Duff’s head. Duff doesn’t let go, and so Shadow does this again a second time. And then a third, finally Duff breaks the hold and Shadow is back on his feet. Duff charges at him, but Shadow ducks the clothesline and lifts Duff into the air in a gorilla press position! He can’t hold him up long, and quickly lets Duff go as they both fall to the mat!

JOHNSON: “WOW! Shadow just lifted Duff Briggs into the air!”
VASSA: “That should be enough to get the tag, come on Shadow show what 4CW can do!”
The crowd is excited, Shadow inches along towards his partner. There’s a buzz in the air as he gets closer and closer. Johnny Violence gets tagged in, he races towards Shadow to stop the tag. Shadow lunges out, and tag Jason Cashe in and the place explodes. The crowd goes crazy as Cashe slips into the ring, he takes Johnny V down with a side belly to belly suplex. Duff rushes back into the ring, and gets caught with a thrusting headbutt. Jason stumbles back, the headbutt doing some damage to himself. Duff shakes the attack off, and charges towards Cashe but eats a BIG BOOT outta nowhere!

VASSA: “Shadow just saved his partner!”
Duff rolls out of the ring, and Shadow drops to the mat. Jason and Johnny square off, Cashe tries to shove Johnny into the corner but JV is having none of that, He shakes Cashe off, spinning him around and connecting with a big full nelson suplex. Cashe staggers back up to his feet, and immediately eats a spear from Johnny Violence. Violence calls for the end, he picks Cashe up and sets him in an almost electric chair position. Violence allows Cashe to fall backwards, holding onto his legs as Cashe is back to back, upside down, with Johnny. Johnny throws him forward, the inverted Alabama Slam causing Jason Cashe to fall face first into the mat. Cashe hits hard, Johnny Violence quickly moves in for the pin!

VASSA: “Shadow with another save!”
JOHNSON: “Jason Cashe has picked well tonight, Shadow has saved his butt twice now.”
Johnny Violence is understandably upset, he calls out to Duff Briggs who is still feeling the effects of the big boot. He yells at him to get back up on the apron, unfortunately when he turns around Jason Cashe is recovered and back on his feet. Cashe wastes no time, connecting with the Mark of Jason. The stiff elbow shot sends Johnny Violence crumbling to the mat, but Cashe isn’t done yet. He picks Johnny Violence up and immediately hits the U.T.I! Cashe covers Johnny, as Shadow looks to keep Duff from getting back into the ring.

POWERS: “Here are your winners, the team of Jason Cashe and Shadow!”

4CW cameras are backstage, inside the locker room of CJ O’Donnell. He is already geared up and ready to compete for the night. As he takes a seat, rearranging the items in his gym bag, Cyrus Riddle walks in, also in full ring gear. CJ grabs his Boardwalk Wrestling Internet Championship and places it over his right shoulder as he stands up immediately, ready for anything that Cyrus may try.

RIDDLE: ”Hold on, mate, not here for any of that. We can fight each other tomorrow night. I’m just here to make sure you are ready to win this shit tonight.”
O’DONNELL: ”Of course I am ready to win this fucking tournament with or without your help. Do you not realize who you are teaming with? I am the longest reigning champion in Boardwalk Wrestling!”
CJ smirks in the direction of “The Archetype” who really doesn’t look impressed.

RIDDLE: ”That’s all well and good, but let’s remind ourselves that I’m the fastest ascending wrestler, taking the prize more prestigious than yours. So you, mate. need to recognize who the captain of this ensemble is. “
O’DONNELL: ”Did you just call yourself the fucking captain?”
”The Distinguished” shakes his head and pokes Cyrus directly in the chest.

O’DONNELL: ”If anyone is the captain it is ME! At All In, The Unstable proved we were superior to The Damned! We defeated them in that Atlantic City Beach Brawl and Ian Bishop walked out the Boardwalk Rumble winner. So why don’t you fall in line Cy and listened to a true leader…”
RIDDLE: ”Haha, nice try, but you didn’t capture the most important prize. Remember, CJ? I pinned your bird to retain my championship. “
O’Donnell sucks his teeth at that remark.

O’DONNELL: ”Listen here mate and listen really fucking closely you got lucky. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. So this is how this is going to fucking happening. I am going to start this match and just dominant. Keep your English arse on the ring apron and just smile pretty for the camera.”
Cyrus laughed off CJ’s words.

RIDDLE: ”The way she was going, I might have actually gotten a nut. The fight in her is less intense and more sensual. Despite that, I’ll let you wear yourself out if you want. I’m getting the victory both times tonight before I beat you tomorrow. So, it’s your call. You can do all the work and let me win like I always do. “
O’DONNELL: ”I am glad you are in a joking mood because after tomorrow night at Xtra I prove to not only Atlantic City, New Jersey but also the entire world that I am the top tier champion in Boardwalk Wrestling. I know why you didn’t put up the title it is because you were scared to lose it to a superior wrestler. “
Riddle shook his head.

RIDDLE: ”Anywhere, anytime, O’Donnell. I’ll even consider it more if you prove to me that you can actually assist in my tag title quests tonight. You haven’t shown me any fight personally, so you have to earn it first. “
O’DONNELL: ”Any fight? You must not be familiar with the saying never pick a fight with an Irishman because you will fucking lose. And Riddle this is my quest as Michael Pettis came to me first as he saw that I was getting bored with the talent in Boardwalk Wrestling. He only asked you because Ian Bishop, Julliet Brooks and Amp had previous engagements that they could not get out of.”
Riddle scoffed at CJ’s attempt to demean him.

RIDDLE: ”Prior engagements? Like what? Snorting, hooking, and shocking some bollocks? You know bloody well the reason I was sent here is because I am the measuring stick of the company…you’re just the supporting help.
O’DONNELL: ”I think you have a case of the Jared Black syndrome. You are just upset that you weren’t offered a spot in the greatest stable that has ever been created. So you had to settle to the next best thing and that was the Damned. And we all know they are a bunch of face painting, pot smoking, over achievers. So I can see exactly why you fit in with them. “
CJ smirks at Cyrus and gives him a wink.

RIDDLE: ”Personally, I see nothing wrong with overachieving. Also, be careful what you say about pot in 4CW, it’s rather prevalent. And although face painting isn’t my thing, I’ll be more than happy to decorate the canvas with your skin if you continue this rant. Why don’t you focus on tonight, get your head out of Atlantic City, and watch as I show people why they name this cesspool ‘Killadelphia.”
O’DONNELL: ”You know you sure do talk a lot of shit for an English wanker. You put yourself so high on this pedestal it is going to be my fucking pleasure to bring you back down to reality. I am focused for the match tonight you are the one who has his mind on other things. By the way, how does Victoria feel about you talking to other women? I heard Vicky can get a little jealous at times…”
Cyrus’ demeanor changed completely, now showing signs of agitation.

RIDDLE: ”How about we not go there right now? If you want a clear headed partner, you need to stop provoking me, or I’ll let you fend for yourself while I paint the town red. You know, for a man that’s so driven to succeed here, he sure isn’t trying to get along for the good of the team that we are supposed to be.”
O’DONNELL: ”I am sorry Cy did I strike a nerve? Making false threats will not make you sound like a badass. You know as well as I that you will not walk out of a match because you a competitor. You live to wrestle. It runs through your veins. It is what you dream about. And you talk about being a team yet what exactly are you doing to make this team work? “
O’Donnell leans up against the locker refusing to take his eyes off of the Atlantic City Champion.

RIDDLE: ”Yeah, you’re right, I do live this shit. This is all I’ve known. Sometimes there are things more important than rivalry. I’ll tell you what then…if you want me to contribute properly, then you do your part to make this work from bell to bell. Before and after, call me a bastard all you want, because I frankly don’t care. Unlike these other teams, we have something capitalize on. In the spirit of competition, let’s see what you got, and I’ll show you what I am made of first hand. You try to one up me, and I will one up you. “
O’DONNELL: ”I’ll do my part. You can count on me. I am not The Damned. Fine let’s call a truce for tonight and show Four Corners Wrestling what Boardwalk Wrestling brings to the fucking table. I can see it now “The Distinguished Archetypes” walking out as the 4CW Tag Champs at Fright Night. Can you imagine the look on Perry Wallace face when another federation holds his precious little tag team titles? It would be fucking PRICELESS! However, tomorrow night at Xtra we are enemies. “
CJ extends his hand and waits for Riddle to shake it. Riddle hesitates momentarily as he stares at CJ’s face, checking to see what his intentions are. He connects his hand with CJ’s, shaking it while nodding.

RIDDLE: ”I can do that…and trust me, I’m sure all this getting along will make me want to kick your ass tomorrow anyway. But, for now, we have some slags two Halloween characters to introduce to the real world. “
O’DONNELL: ”That we do. Man who would have thought an Irishman and Englishman getting along. We are breaking barriers here tonight. Man it is gonna feel great to be a champion in two federations!”
Riddle laughs and nods his head in approval as he walks away, leaving CJ to finish his pre-match rituals before stepping into the ring tonight. The camera fades into commercial.

Walking out to a wave of boos, Perry Wallace stands at the top of the stage with his hands on his hips. After looking over the crowd for a moment with a grin on his face, he then proceeds to walk down the aisle with nothing but negative things yelled at him from the fans on both sides.

JOHNSON: ”This wasn’t planned but it appears that the owner of 4CW, Perry Wallace, has something to say here tonight in Philadelphia.”
VASSA: ”I still don’t understand why Wallace is so hated by the fans. I think he’s a stand up guy!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s done some things to earn their disliking in the past. Love him or hate him, the man has built a strong wrestling promotion.”
VASSA: ”You sure about that? I’m pretty positive that we did this, you and me.”
After making it down to ringside, Wallace slowly ascends the steps and stands at the top only to look over the crowd once more before climbing through the ropes to enter the ring. Slowly making his way to the center, Wallace chuckles to himself as the boos continue to pour in. He then pulls a microphone out from his coat pocket only to ignite the hatred in the fans even more. After waiting a few moments, the boos slowly die down as he raises the mic to his lips.

WALLACE: ”Helllllllooo Killadelphia!”

WALLACE: ”It’s nice to see you all as well. I know how much you all just love to see my face here at ringside. Don’t worry though, I won’t hold up the show too long. We still have a stacked card ahead and I know how the network is all about keeping to a schedule.”
“I just wanted to come out here for a moment and discuss the upcoming super-card, Fright Night, and then 4CW Championship match that will be on the line in the Warzone.”

Unexpectedly, the crowd pops with cheers, catching Wallace off guard.
With a smile on his face, Wallace looks over the arena, nodding his head in pleasure by the reaction of the fans.

WALLACE: ”As you all know, the Warzone is one of, if not the biggest matches that 4CW holds. We have eight people trying to kill each other for the top prize of the company, the 4CW Championship. Now we all know who will be defending the championship and that person is no one other than Felicity Banks.”

WALLACE: ”What we don’t know is who will be the remaining seven to step inside of the two rings surrounded by the cage. Last year we held qualifying matches to determine the seven. I don’t know about you all, but I’m a little tired of qualifying matches myself. We just went through two separate sets leading up to Ante Up.”
“So I’ve been thinking. I don’t know if you all have noticed but my general manager has been absent. Speaking of which, does anyone have any information on the whereabouts of Brody Lee?”

Lowering the mic from his mouth, Wallace looks over the dead silent arena. After a few moments pass, he then raises it to his lips to break the silence.

WALLACE: ”Nothing. If you hear anything, please, please get in touch with me. So as you all know, I’ve been left to handle the day to day duties by myself. A certain someone decided to step down from management to get back into overlooking his clients career. Yes Frankie, I’m talking about you.”
“I’m not going to lie to you all. I have no clue on who will step inside of the Warzone to challenge Felicity at Fright Night. I don’t even know who to name right now with this tournament for the Tag Team Championships going on. After tonight, things should be easier with selecting people for this HUGE match. Right now, I just don’t know where to begin.”
“This is why I wanted to come out here tonight and keep you all in the loop as to what’s happening. 4CW is at a point now where the roster is deep with talent, the deepest it’s ever been. Although I don’t have any names to throw into the hat tonight, just know that this match will not disappoint. I’m sure our 4CW Champion is expecting a big challenge and I plan on delivering.”
“I would even go as far as saying that there may be a special press conference held a few days after tonight’s show where a few names will be announced. It’s all going to depend on tonight’s tournament and who makes it to the big triple threat tag match at Fright Night for the grand prize. Right now, the possibilities are end–“

The beginning of “Another Way” airs through the sound system, building anticipation as all eyes are on the Entrance Curtains while awaiting “Young” Mannie Romero’s arrival but oddly after a Minute there isn’t a Peek of Mannie; which of course brings a Big smile on Perry’s face.

WALLACE: ”Now as I was saying before I was rudly interuppted by that Nobody… The possiblili- OH SHIT!”
Perry is snatched by the ankles from Under the Bottom ropes as “Young” Mannie Romero who was actually standing there as a Faux Cameraman, immediately Decks him with a Palm Strike to the chest that sends him crashing into the barricade; Meanwhile the 4CDubbins who were just stuck in shock are now Electric…
Mannie proceeds to Lucha-Roll into the ring before grabbing the Microphone. Slow to his feet, Wallace mouths off a bit to Mannie while drowning in boos from the crowd behind him. Realizing that he has lost his microphone, Perry watches on from the outside of the ring

VASSA: ”I’m not sure what is more Alarming about Mannie’s appearance here tonight Steve…”
JOHNSON: ”Do you mean the Fact that he hasn’t been Arrested for Assaulting our C.E.O or How lazy the Security has gotten lately around here?”
Mannie begins to motion for the Crowd’s slumber as he looks to be Serious.

MANNIE: ”Let’s make One thing about Me perfectly clear People… I don’t duck Fights! So whoever You are that’s out there trying to play Mind-Games with Me, well Iet’s DO THIS SHIT then BITCH because it’s Wednesday, there’s Adrenaline Rushing, and I ain’t got no Matches anyways…Now FUCK WITH ME!”
Mannie looks around throughout the crowd, waiting for an answer to his challenge. A smirk slowly begins to crawl across his face, as if he believes that no one will answer his question, or his proposal. He raises the microphone to his lips and begins to speak, but no sound is coming out. He taps the microphone a few times, and then asks for another one. One of the crew members extends one to him, but as soon as Mannie physically touches the microphone, all of the lights in the arena cut out.

VASSA: ”What the hell? First there’s a microphone malfunction, and now the lights are out? Someone needs to tell me just what the hell is going on around here, and fast.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not sure what’s going on Vinny. Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that I got a bad feeling about this.”
VASSA: ”You can say that again Stevie.”
Suddenly, the lights cut back on, and we can see Max Newman standing behind Mannie. His mask is off, but he is dressed to compete. The crowd instantly ignites into a deafening roar of cheers, and when Mannie turns around his eyes become the size of small saucers. He charges at Max in a rage, but Newman is more than prepared and plants a front kick square into his gut. Before Mannie has a chance to react, Max locks him tight into a ball and then drives him headfirst into the mat with a thunderous hammerlock cradle DDT!

VASSA: ”Holy shit! Where the hell did Newman come from? And why the hell is he even out here right now?”
JOHNSON: ”We all know that The Red Pioneer has quite a history with one Mannie Romero. I think we can all see that the slate has not been wiped clean. That was made painfully evident with that brutal unmasking that he just drove Mannie into the canvas with Vinny!”
Mannie begins to stir on the mat, and as soon as he begins to rise up to his knees, Max runs over and plants a running shin kick into the side of his head that causes him to fall limp onto the canvas. A devious smile crawls across the face of the former 4CW Extreme Champion as the crowd continues to roar their approval. He walks over to Romero’s downed body, picks up the microphone laying next to him, and begins to speak.

NEWMAN: ”Now, you didn’t really believe that you were going to walk away from this untested, did you Mannie? You took a year of my life away from me, you drug the name of this company through the mud, and now you assault the one man who provided me with a true outlet for my rage. What exactly did you think was going to happen? Did you think that I was just going to forgive and forget? Let bygones be bygones?”
“Not a fuckin’ chance.”
“In case you haven’t figured it out yet: I’m the one that bailed you out of jail Mannie. See, I need you in front of me just long enough to show you what happens when you try to take something away from me. You took a year from me, and now I’m going to take your career from you. I told you that everyone here would be tested, and I meant it. EVERYONE! No one walks into this fire and gets away unscathed Mannie, least of all you.”

The crowd begins to cheer once again, and Max simply waits for them to quiet back down before continuing.

NEWMAN: ”You haven’t changed one bit Mannie, and it honestly disgusts me. All you care about is what you have to gain; but you never consider exactly how much you have to lose. I don’t care about the straps of leather with little plates of metal on them. I don’t care about what you think you deserve. I don’t care about what you’ve done in my absence. The only thing that matters now is whether or not you will pass your test; and right now it looks like you’re going to fail miserably.”
“Consider this the warning shot that goes over the bridge of your nose before the shit really hits the fan. If you’re smart, you’ll realize the error of your ways and walk away while you still have the chance. If you decline this offer, I will send you to whatever hospital you wish by means of an ambulance. The time for games is over Mannie, and your time of reckoning begins right now. Take hold of my hand Mannie. Join me and my children, and take this journey with us. Know that you are no longer alone. Know that you are not the first to be tested, and you will not be the last. Walk with us through hell, and pay your atonement. It doesn’t matter what currency you try to use, it will ultimately be your flesh and blood that you pay with. So consider your next move very carefully Mannie. Regardless of what choice you make, I will see to it personally that it will ultimately lead to your end with this company.”

Max drops the microphone next to Mannie’s still motionless body before rolling out of the ring. He heads over to Perry Wallace who’s standing there, a look of shock and fear come over him, and he takes a step back; not sure of what is going to happen next. Max mouths the words, “You owe me one.” before leaping into the crowd and disappearing among the mass of fans that he calls his children.

VASSA: ”What in the hell did we just witness Stevie?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m still not sure Vinny. We know that Max Newman bailed Mannie Romero out of jail just so that he could torment him; however you want to interpret those actions. I think it’s safe to say that at this point, no one knows exactly what the hell is going through his head, Perry Wallace included. I would never normally say this to you Vinny, but I think this moment calls for a drink.”
Vinny pulls a flask out of his vest pocket and takes a swig before offering it to Steve Johnson, who respectfully holds his hand up in denial.

JOHNSON: ”Jesus Vinny, I was just joking. You really need to think about going to an AA meeting or something.”
VASSA: ”AA is for quitters Stevie! Besides, after that, I think we could all use a stiff drink.”

CASHE: “Oh man, I don’t know who I want to suffer more..”
With Shadow, Jason Cashe is standing backstage staring at the end of a promotion for the upcoming Tag Match between Gold Standard and Deadly Sins. Cashe invested some with both teams for one reason or another, he seemed undecided on which team he wanted to lose.

SHADOW: “Doesn’t matter to me. You paid me to lock onto a target and destroy it.”
CASHE: “That’s true and we will have plenty of targets! Tonight is still young, we took care of business and there is still more to be handled..”
Into the scene comes Niobe Martin with the Underground Championship. Cashe turns to her and gives her a smiling grin.

CASHE: “We’ve got something here. Something more real than a Gold Standard, more deadly than any Sin. Soon…very soon, we will let people see the things we will do in 4CW. Soon people will understand that this is OUR house! Outsiders are welcome but they come in on notice. It’s time to shed some dead weight..”
Some random Production guys stroll by having a conversation among themselves. The only thing Cashe catches in their conversation is that “Ramona might be on fire later tonight”. He assumes they meant during her match so his eyes and attention were stuck to the television. He wanted to see this match and wanted to make sure he could have a chance to pick off the pieces to which ever team survives.


The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder followed not far by the imposing Luiz Cavalcante and the beautiful Carmella Wilder. Though generally the young and small Wilder alone would not be imposing with his atrocious dance moves we get a close up of the imposing Luiz walking to the ring to really strike some form of fear. Clapping her son on is Carmella with her glasses on looking professional as she usually does, as Wilder bounces up the steps stopping.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at a combined weight of three hundred eighty five pounds accompanied to the ring by Carmella Wilder…TEAM WILDER!!!”
Waiting for Luiz who as usual doesn’t look pleased to have to stop and lower the top rope down so that Wilder can jump over it to show off. Shaking his head as he follows him into the ring as Jett jumps up to the top rope pounding his chest as the crowd boos him. Carmella walks around the ring ignoring the cat calls and the boos to continue to cheer her son on as Jett bounces off the ropes and heads to the other side with Luiz standing behind him arms crossed. Finally bouncing back down taking off the hoodie he came out with to hand to Luiz who walks to the ropes to hand it out to Carmella as Jett readies himself.

The beginning bass notes of “Animal I Have Become” begin to play, lights strobing along to the song. The guitars and drums kick in, and Bryan Williams springs out from the back curtain. Aidan Carlisle is not very far behind him. She stands there as Bryan drops to one knee in front of her, and flexes. He gets back to his feet, Aidan piggy backs on him as he carries them both towards the ring.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring, weighing in at a combined three hundred and eighty pounds, they are the team of BRYAN WILLIAMS AND AIDAN CARLISLEEEEE!!”
Aidan hops off of Bryan’s back, as the two of them get closer to the ring. Bryan slides up onto the apron, laying down in a very relaxed fashion. Aidan wastes no time, she hops into the ring and begins to stretch. As she gets ready for her upcoming match, Bryan rolls under the bottom rope and joins her.

VASSA: ”We’ve already seen one team advance. It’ll be interesting to see who advances in this match.”
JOHNSON: ”For sure partner. The returning Jett Wilder and his new partner Luiz are looking to return here tonight with a win.”
VASSA ”That’s going to be tough with Boardwalk’s Bryan Williams and Four Corners Aidan Carlisle teaming up.”
JOHNSON: ”Whoever wins will have a tough matchup in the next round.”
VASSA: ”Looks like we’re ready to get this match started.”
Bryan was already in the ring knowing he was starting the match off for his team, but Team Wilder on the other hand was still making their decision. Williams shouts out from across the ring, Luiz sneering at him before telling Jett he got this and stepping into the ring. As soon as he steps in Williams darts from out his corner and wraps up around Luiz. Luiz peeling back and hitting Williams with an elbow. Williams let’s go off the hold, Luiz turning around and hitting Williams with a Big Boot.
Williams stumbles back into the ropes before rolling off of them and into his corner. He steps out from the corner and into the center of the ring where Luiz looks to wrap around Williams but Bryan catches Luiz with a stiff kick to the thigh, Luiz hobbling before Bryan levels him with a leaping Enzugiri kick.

VASSA: ”Ew, that move always looks good no matter who’s doing it.”
JOHNSON: ”Eh, I think I’ve seen better.”
Williams goes to place Luiz in a Leg Lock but Luiz uses his free leg and pushes him away before getting to his feet. He sneers once more at Williams before charging across the ring and looking for a flying elbow that Williams easily dodges out of the way of. Williams grabs Luiz by the arm before twisting it, bringing Luiz into his body and bringing him down for the DDT.
Williams jumps to his feet to a cheering crowd, clapping his hands before making his way to his corner and tapping in Aidan Carlisle. Luiz was pulling himself up with the ropes as Aidan struts across the ring and delivers a kick to Luiz’s chest. Luiz rolls to the mat before Aidan grabs him by the arm and brings him to his feet. As she does Luiz catches her with a quick Uppercut causing Aidan to stumble backwards. As she does Luiz looks for a Roundhouse Kick but Aidan ducks and looks for a Dropkick, Luiz catching the foot, spinning Aidan around and hitting her with a Clothesline.

JOHNSON: ”That had allot of impact.”
Luiz smirks before making his way to his corner and tagging in Jett Wilder as the crowd boos. The cocky Jett steps into the ring and holds his arms out to the jeers before pulling Aidan back to her feet. He lashes out with a few Backchops before whipping Aidan into the ropes. She bounces off and Jett looks for a Flying Knee but no connection as Aidan rolls under it. She gets to her feet and her and Jett lock up. Jett looking for a leg sweep but Aidan sweeps him over her back and places him in a quick Headlock.
Jett begins to strengthen his way to his feet as Aidan still holds onto the lock. Jett hitting her with a few elbows to the chest causing her to let go off the lock as he bounces off a rope and looks for a shoulder thrust but Aidan trips him causing Jett to land awkwardly on his face.
Jett waste no time to aid to his face as Aidan bounces off a rope and deviates Jett with a knee to the face. Jett flattening backwards as Luiz steps in the ring but is stopped in his tracks by the referee. Aidan begins dragging Jett to the middle of the ring but Jett shows some saviness and rolls Aidan up for a School Boy Pin, Luiz turning the ref around to start the count.

VASSA: ”Close but no cigars as they say.”
JOHNSON: ”Is it me or isn’t Jett Wilder extremely small?”
Jett was the first one to his feet as Aidan was right behind him. Jett goes for this haymaker of a swing but Aidan blocks it before hitting Jett with a straight jab to the nose following that up with a Shuffle Side kick. Jett falls backwards into Aidan’s and Williams corner, Aidan making the tag. As William’s steps in Aidan connects with a Dropkick and Williams finishes it off with a Suplex.

VASSA: ”Jett looks out of sort in his return tonight.”
Williams brings Jett to his feet and slaps him across the chest before wrapping up around his head but Wilder bites him on the inside of his shoulder. Williams letting go of Jett’s head as he dives out to tag Luiz in but his arms aren’t long enough. As he stretches out Williams grabs him by the boot and drags him back to the middle of the ring. Jett kicking William’s hand off his boot. He jumps to his feey and William’s looks to start up the raging demon, but Jett catches him with a European Uppercut and follows that up with the GOTCHA.

JOHNSON: ”OHHHHHH…Out of nowhere with that one.”
VASSA: ”I guess that’s why he calls it the Gotcha.”
The crowd goes crazy with the boos as Jett slowly makes his way to tag Luiz in. Luiz steps in and see’s Williams getting to his feet he grabs Jett by the arm and sends him crashing into Willams he tumbles through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Aidan hops down from the ring to check on Williams not noticing Jett climbing up the turnbuckle. He taunts the crowd before leaping off for a Frogsplash and landing on both Aidan and Williams. Luiz cleaning up the mess and tossing Williams back in the ring under the ropes.
With Jett and Aidan both down on the outside of the ring Luiz lifts Williams back to his feet and tosses him between his legs before hoisting him up. Williams begins leveling Luiz with some punches before leaning backwards and flipping Luiz over as the crowd begins to get back in the match.

VASSA: ”Luiz should’ve went for the pin after Jett connected with the Wildin Out.”
Aidan got back to her feet and made her way back to the corner where Williams sees her and tags her in. Williams lifts Luiz to his feet and places him in Powerbomb position he runs toward his corner where Aidan stood atop the turnbuckle. Aidan leaps off for an Enzugiri and deviates Luiz before she drops down and go for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”Jett’s about to break it up.”

VASSA: ”Too late my friend.”
Jett rolls over and frustratingly punches the mat as Aidan springs to her feet. Williams jumping in the ring and the duo beginning to enjoy their victory as the crowd cheers.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, the team of Bryan Williams and Aidan Carlisle.”
JOHNSON: ”Boy was Jett close to breaking that up. Just a split second.”
VASSA: ”Indeed man. This was a close match. Allot of back and forth but Bryan Williams and Aidan Carlisle are the victors.”
JOHNSON: ”This tournament is beginning to heat up.”

The scene opens on the inside of Perry Wallace’s office, and we see him storm in through the door, obviously pissed off. His right hand is on his forehead, where Mannie Romero had just busted him earlier in the night. He takes a seat at his desk and presses a button on his phone. We hear a phone ring half a dozen times before an answering machine picks up.

WALLACE: “Goddammit Brody, where the hell are you? We have some serious fucking issues around here that need to be taken care of in the worst way. If you don’t get back to me by the end of the night, I’m sending the fucking army out looking for you! Shit is getting deep here bitch, and you forgot to leave me a pair of waders before you decided to just up and disappear.”
Wallace lifts the receiver off of the phone and quickly slams it back into place. He pours himself a glass of scotch and opens his top desk drawer, where he removes a pre-rolled joint. He lights it and takes a few drags before taking a sip off of his drink.

WALLACE: “Jesus Christ, do I have to take care of everything myself around here?”
As if he was waiting for him to ask the question, Max Newman walks out of a shadow in the corner behind Wallace and answers him.

NEWMAN: “Not by yourself Perry. Not anymore.”
The response nearly causes Wallace to leap out of his chair, and he spills his scotch all over the top of his desk. He spins to face Newman with a look of shock on his face.

WALLACE: “Jesus Christ! What are you trying to do motherfucker, give me a heart attack?”
Max simply smiles at him, but remains silent. He walks around to the front of Perry’s desk and takes a seat before extending his hand for the joint. Perry hands it over an begins to pour both of them a drink.

NEWMAN: “Relax Perry. If you keep on at this rate, you won’t have to worry about anyone giving you a heart attack, because you’re going to give yourself one. How are you holding up?”
Wallace hands Max a glass, and then drains his own before pouring himself another.

WALLACE: “How do you think I’m holding up? I was just sucker punched like a bitch by one of my own employees, and now I feel like I’m stuck in a real life version of fucking Ninja Gaiden. How the hell did you get in here anyways? I’m positive that I locked the door before I left.”
Max hands the joint back to Wallace and smiles.

NEWMAN: “C’mon now boss, you don’t really think something as trivial as a door lock could keep me out of your office do you? But that’s not what’s important right now. We both seem to have a mutual problem here that needs to be dealt with.”
Wallace takes a long drag off of the joint and French inhales the smoke through his nose, contemplating how to respond to Max. He leans back in his chair and takes another long drag before passing the joint back.

WALLACE: “A mutual problem huh? Why does it seem like every time I’ve had a problem that needed to be dealt with lately, it’s been directly related to you? If you would’ve just let that simp rot in a cell, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now, now would we?”
Max smirks and blows a smoke ring at Perry that perfectly rings around the size of his head.

NEWMAN: “I didn’t plan on you getting smoked in the face Perry, that much is certain. If I did, I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here right now checking up on you now would I?”
Wallace eyes Max curiously.

NEWMAN: “But regardless of how it came to be, we both have a problem that needs a resolution. The sooner the better.”
Max hands the joint back to Wallace, who is now leaning forward in his chair with intent in his posture.

WALLACE: “So what exactly is it that you want Max?”
Max grins once more and allows the words to simply roll off of his tongue.

NEWMAN: “You know exactly what I want Perry. I want to be your personal weed whacker again. I’m good for this business, and you’re good for my business.”
Wallace roaches out the joint with a cough and waves the smoke out of his eyes.

WALLACE: “I can’t believe that I’m about to ask someone in your mental state this question right now, but I’ll go ahead and humor the thought. So tell me you beautiful bitch, what exactly is your business here?”
Max stands up and straightens out the front of his pea coat before responding.

NEWMAN: “The same business that it’s always been boss man: Pain. I want Mannie, and you need him taken care of. So hand him over, and we’ll consider this conversation over.”
Wallace allows a grin to crawl across his face for the first time since he came into his office.

WALLACE: “You want him? You got him. Go do what you do best, and show everyone why I keep your crazy ass employed.”
Newman exchanges a nod with Wallace before turning around and exiting the office. As soon as he closes the door behind him Perry pours himself another drink and shakes his head softly. He drains the drink before sharply setting the glass back down onto his desk.

WALLACE: “What the hell have I gotten myself into?”



JOHNSON: ”With round one of bracket A out of the way, we now have a triple threat Pride Championship title defense!”
VASSA: ”We’ve had two great matches so far in the tournament but now we’ll go in a different route and catch a little singles action.”
JOHNSON: ”There really isn’t anything little about this match we have up next. We have John Austin and Seamus O’Connor challenging the Pride champion, Brennan Devlin for the strap!”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget about the lumberjacks for this match. They’ve already made their way down to the ring. Joining us for the action tonight we have Jason Cashe and Shadow. They put up one hell of a fight in the tournament earlier for bracket A but just couldn’t advance. I’m sure they’ll take out some of their frustrations here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Across the ring from them we have two members of Gold Standard, Drew Stevenson and Francis Dart. They have their bracket match taking place later tonight but are here in support for fellow Gold Standard member, John Austin.”
VASSA: ”Standing in front of us we have The Butcher himself, the Extreme Champion, Dakota Smith. Why does he have to be on our side of the ring? That scares me.”
JOHNSON: ”Anything is bound to happen. Across the ring from him we have Cyrus Riddle from Boardwalk Wrestling.”
VASSA: ”Why isn’t he over here with Dakota being that these two are Omerta?”
JOHNSON: ”My guess would be the tag tournament? Both are in it but on separate teams. We all know each person isn’t going to stick only to their side of the ring though. This is going to be a feeding frenzy for whoever gets thrown to the outside.”
VASSA: ”Where is Ramona?!?!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a good question, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”This Pride Championship match doesn’t revolve around her so it is what it is I guess.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what that means but let’s move on. It looks like the official is ready to get things underway. Take it away Mike Powers!”
POWERS: “The following is a contest is scheduled for one fall and will be for the 4CW Pride Championship. Introducing first from Raleigh, North Carolina, “The Magic Man”, JOHN AAUUSSTTIINN!!!”
The various infamous beat to “Straight On” by Heart begins to play in the theater. Fans get to their feet as Austin makes his way through the entrance. Austin stops center stage and surveys his surroundings, taking in the moment. He comes through and starts greeting the fans being the people person, the people’s champion if you will. He makes his way to the ring and does a running dive through the second rope “superman” style. He goes to pose on all four corners of the ring as the opponent’s music begins to start up.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring hailing from Dublin, Ireland!, “The Irish Bastard”, SEAMUS OOOOOO’CCOONNNNOORR”
The arena flashes between green, white and orange lights. As The Spicy McHaggis Jig by Dropkick Murphy plays. He comes with a shillelah in one hand. He runs out on stage does a heel click. Before walking to the ring amp up trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and run up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

VASSA: ”We have our two challengers for the Pride Championship. They’re already getting heat from the outside too.”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe and Shadow seem to be exchanging words with John Austin on one side of the ring while Drew and Francis taunt Seamus on the other side. These two have known enemies on the outside due to recent alliances being formed.”
VASSA: ”It’s good to see these rivalries here in 4CW. We need more of it.”
JOHNSON: ”With recent happenings, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that everyone is going to throw heat to the Pride Champ who is about to come out next.”
“You’re Gonna Love It If You Like It or Not” by Powerman 5000 blared throughout the arena as Brennan Devlin strolled out onto the stage to a reaction of pure hate from the audience. The fans loudly chanted negative things in his direction as he pauses to hold the 4CW Pride Championship up above his head. He puts it back around his waist strutted down the ramp after, taunting members of the crowd rather profusely while pointing to his title.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Devil’s Den, California, weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds and standing six feet, one inches tall. He is the 4CW Pride Champion, BRENNAN DDEEVVLLIINN!!!”
Just trying to get a rise out of them.. He stopped to make fun, even laugh at a few of them as he arrived into the ringside area. Once there – he hopped up onto the apron and stood there for a moment, turning to peer at the crowd. He gave them a confident, toothy grin and points again to the 4CW Pride Championship around his waist before sliding his vest he usually wore during entrances off, and entering the ring. Once inside, he walked over to the turnbuckle and leisurely laid back against it, waiting for his opponent as his music faded and he continued to laze around.

JOHNSON: ”Wow… everyone on the outside has turned their attention to Devlin.”
VASSA: ”I’m surprised he wasn’t attacked before climbing into the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”You and me both, Vinny, you and me both.”
VASSA: ”Well here we are, three men in the ring with the Pride Championship on the line.”
JOHNSON: ”This is our queue to sit back for a moment and let the ref do his thing.”
Taking the Pride championship away from Devlin, the ref walks back to the center of the ring and holds it above his head, turning to each side of the ring to show it off to the crowd. He then walks to the edge of the ring and hands it to a member of the ringside crew on the outside. After walking back to the center, he checks with Austin who quickly gives him the nod. Turning to Seamus, the ref receives the nod from him before looking over to Devlin. After a slight pause, Devlin then nods. With everyone ready for the match to begin, the ref throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.
Before the bell silences, both Seamus and John race from their corners and close in on Devlin, leaving him no escape route and trapping him in the corner with nowhere to go. Taking the first swing, John plants his fist into the side of Devlin’s jaw, sending his head whipping around to the side. Seamus then delivers a breath taking blow to the stomach, forcing him to lunge over after impact. Austin then takes a few steps back before running towards Devlin and hitting him in the face with a running knee lift, knocking him back against the corner and down to a seated position.
John and Seamus then looks at each other for a brief moment before turning their attention back to Devlin and unloading with multiple kicks and stomps to his chest. Growing tired of the easy attack, Seamus grabs Devlin by the back of the head and drags him up to both feet. Pulling Devlin to the center of the ring, Seamus holds his head down and then begins to drive his knee upward into Devlin’s stomach over and over. He then grabs ahold of Devlin’s arm and throws him to the ropes across the ring with all of his strength.
After Seamus steps out of the way, John moves into position and as Devlin comes back on the rebound, he lifts him up from his feet and drives him into the canvas with a powerslam. After hearing the impact of Devlin’s body crashing into the mat, Seamus then takes a few steps back to bounce off the ropes and comes back with momentum, dropping a knee across Devlin’s face. Rolling to his feet in a fluid motion, Seamus then takes off to the ropes in front of him and just before his back rests against them, Freedom reaches up from the outside and pulls the top rope down, forcing Seamus to flip up and over it before falling to the floor below.

VASSA: ”This is going to be trouble for Seamus!”
JOHNSON: ”I think this match has more to do with Seamus and Austin and their unfinished business from two weeks ago. With Austin being the third member of Gold Standard, they’re going to do whatever they can to help give him the edge.”
Drew and Freedom then go to town kicking and stomping on Seamus who is down on the floor.
Back in the ring, Austin gets to his feet and looks over to the outside as a smile comes to his face with the sight of his brothers doing a number on Seamus. Austin then turns his attention back to Devlin and grabs a handful of hair and pulls him up to his feet. Holding his head and not letting go of his hair, Austin draws back with his free hand and swings forward, connecting with a brutal right hand to the mouth. Stumbling backwards, Devlin trips over his feet and falls flat on his back.
Not wasting any time, Austin rushes in on him and drives his foot into Devlin’s ribs, forcing him to roll over to his stomach. Austin then stomps on the back of his head, knocking Devlin’s face into the canvas over and over. He then grabs Devlin by the shoulder and arm before pulling the dead weight up to his feet. With Devlin’s back to him, Austin wraps his arms around his waist and then lifts him up and over, planting him into the canvas with a German suplex.
After doing a number on Seamus, Freedom lifts him up from the floor and then rolls him underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring.
Up to his feet, Austin looks behind him only to see the easy target and moves in on Seamus. With Seamus only a few steps away, Austin is then distracted as Cashe hops onto the apron across the ring and yells, grabbing his attention. Austin then turns to face Cashe as the two exchange words with each other for a moment. Meanwhile, Seamus slowly begins to push himself up. After getting to one knee, Austin turns around and quickly takes notice. Helping Seamus up the rest of the way, Austin locks onto his wrist and then goes to throw him to the ropes across the ring.
Before Austin can release his grip, Seamus reverses the move and sends Austin running to the ropes instead. As Austin approaches the ropes, Cashe quickly rushes down the apron and sticks his knee through the ropes and plants it into Austin’s back just as he hits them. Dropping to both knees instantly, Austin is barely able to hold himself up and before he knows it, Seamus rushes over and puts him on his back with a running big boot to the face.

VASSA: ”Like a freight train!”
JOHNSON: ”John Austin is going to feel that in his neck tomorrow.”
VASSA: ”I’m just waiting for this match to end in one huge brawl.”
Standing over Austin, Seamus looks down at him for a moment before turning his attention to Devlin who has just begun to get to his feet. Without hesitation, Seamus takes off towards him and once close, he drives his shoulder into Devlin’s chest and knocks him back down to the mat. Reaching down and grabbing ahold of his wrist, Seamus then jerks him up to his feet. Wrapping his arms around Devlin and squeezing him tightly, Seamus then lifts him up into the air before slamming him onto his back with a belly to belly suplex.
Popping back to his feet with a burst of energy, Seamus grabs Devlin by the head and pulls him up to his feet once more. Keeping a tight grip on his head, Seamus walks Devlin to the ropes and then slings him towards them, sending him up and over to the outside where Cashe and Shadow both await.
Like blood in the water, Cashe and Shadow quickly rush in on Devlin and stomp him while he’s down after the hard fall. Cashe then yells for Shadow to pick him up. Lifting Devlin up from the floor, Shadow then raises him above his head and as he does, Cashe points to the steel barricade separating the fans from the ringside action. With Devlin raised above his head, Shadow extends his arms even more and holds him in the military press position. Shadow then tosses Devlin towards the barricade, dropping him on top of it and nearly taking his head off as his neck slams against it.

JOHNSON: ”These guys are supposed to be lumberjacks! They’re not supposed to try and put someone out of their misery.”
VASSA: ”The way I understand it, anything goes on the outside. Devlin is just lucky that his head is still attached after that brutal landing.”
With Devlin draped over the top of the barricade, Cashe then applies a side headlock and gives him a noogie. After a few minutes of torture, Cashe then sticks his finger in his mouth and then into Devlin’s ear, giving him a wet Willy. Both Shadow and Cashe then taunt Devlin and pick at him while Seamus on the inside turns his attention back to Austin.
Slowly climbing to his feet, Austin is stopped as Seamus rushes in and hits him over the top of the back with a vicious forearm. After knocking Austin to his stomach, Seamus then grabs onto his head with both hands and presses his face into the canvas. With a tight grip locked in, Seamus then drags Austin across the ring while keeping his face pressed into the mat giving him a nasty burn.
Back on the outside, Cashe and Shadow continue to taunt Devlin as Dakota slowly walks towards them and grabs their attention. Standing in place, Dakota just looks on, not offering a helping hand to his fellow Deadly Sins partner. After a long stare between him and Cashe, Dakota continues to look on while taking a step back and leaning against the barricade. Not seeing Dakota as a threat Cashe then turns his attention back to Devlin and delivers a stiff elbow shot to the back of the head. After falling to the floor, Davlin rolls over to his back and as he does, Dakota walks over towards him. Standing over Devlin and looking down at him, Dakota just laughs to himself before spitting on Devlin and walking away, splitting right between Cashe and Shadow.

VASSA: ”What the Hell?”
JOHNSON: ”Dakota just spit on fellow Deadly Sins member. What’s going on here?!”
Racing past Dakota and then Cashe and Shadow, Riddle plants his foot across Devlin’s face. he then climbs on top of Devlin and unloads with a fierce combination of lefts and rights, beating him senseless. As the assault continues, Cashe and Shadow look on in amusement while Dakota slowly steps in beside them and watches as well. Drawing back and clinching his fist, Riddle then swings downward and connects with a knockout punch, that forces Devlin’s head to bounce off the floor after the impact. With Devlin unconscious, Riddle draws back for one more but before he can swing, Dakota grabs ahold of his arm and pulls him off of Devlin.

JOHNSON: ”Riddle is going to kill him!”
VASSA: ”Maybe Dakota is going to finally do something for the Sins.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s just dragging Cyrus away!”
Trying to break free, Riddle tries to shrug Dakota off but can’t seem to break his hold. After finally calming down, Dakota releases Riddle and then two stare each other in the eyes for a moment in dead silence. Placing his hand on Riddle’s shoulder, Dakota then nods at him before the two turn their backs to the action and make their way towards the ramp. Coming to a stop, the two look back once more before Dakota breaks the silence and yells at the top of his lungs.

The two then turn back to the ramp and proceed towards the back, leaving Cashe and Shadow in shock and pleasure with what just happened right before their eyes.

VASSA: ”Where are they going?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know Vinny but I think Dakota just chose his fellow Omerta brother over Devlin and the Sins.”
VASSA: ”But Dakota has a tag team championship match later tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe it’s just Devlin who he’s turning his back to?”
Back in the ring, Seamus slowly pulls Austin up to his feet. Catching him by surprise, Austin drives his head forward and plants it into Seamus’ stomach. Austin then follows up with multiple chops across the chest, backing Seamus up in his tracks. Austin then kicks Seamus in the stomach and after he lunges over, he moves into place and lifts him up into the air and drops him with a vertical suplex.
On the outside, Cashe and Shadow drag Devlin to the edge of the ring and then roll him underneath the bottom rope to the inside.
Standing back to his feet, Austin looks over and sees Devlin on his back by the ropes, out cold. He quickly makes his way over to him and drags him to the center of the ring, placing him side by side with Seamus. Turning to the corner, Austin quickly rushes over and ascends to the top. Once there, he stands straight up and looks over the arena and across the ring at his Gold Standard brothers cheering him on. Not paying attention to what’s going on behind him, Cashe quickly climbs onto the apron.

JOHNSON: ”Watch your back John!”
VASSA: ”John chose the wrong side of the ring to do whatever it is he’s about to do.”
Cashe then grabs onto the top rope and drops down from the apron, pulling the rope down before releasing it and landing on his feet. Losing his balance, Austin then drops down on top of the ropes, with a leg on each side and taking a hit to the family jewels. Holding himself up and expressing his pain with his facial reaction, Austin then falls over to his side and crashes against the canvas with a thud.

VASSA: ”Cashe just castrated Austin! HOLY SHIT!!!”
JOHNSON: ”What’s this! Seamus is crawling on top of Devlin!”
After slowly making the cover on Devlin, Seamus goes for the pin with Austin down across the ring. Rushing in from the other side of the ring, the ref sweeps in for the count as Gold Standard goes nuts on the outside of the ring with Cashe and Shadow laughing at their reactions.

VASSA: ”What a turn of events! I thought John was about to seal the deal with both Seamus and Devlin but Cashe just wasn’t going to let that happen!”
JOHNSON: ”This rivalry with Cashe is and Gold Standard is growing hotter by the moment.”
VASSA: ”It isn’t just Cashe! He’s backed by the big man, Shadow, and the 4CW Underground Champion, Niobe Martin!”
Drew and Freedom then run around the ring towards Cashe and Shadow but before they can make the second turn, members of the ringside crew quickly stop them in their path and hold them back. Cashe and Shadow then slowly walk behind the ringside crew members and taunt Gold Standard as the four exchange heated words.
Helping Seamus stand to his feet, the ref then hands him the Pride Championship before raising his arm in the air. Seamus then raises the championship with his free hand as the ref declares the winner and new champion.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner and new 4CW Pride Champion, SEAMUS OOOOOO’CCOONNNNOORR!!!”
“The Spicy McHaggins Jig” hits the speakers as Seamus pulls his arm away from the ref and holds the championship with both hands, looking down at it in this glorious moment.
On the outside, The ringside crew struggle to keep Cashe and Shadow separated from Drew and Freedom. From the back, members of security rush down to ringside and assist with the situation, pulling Cashe and Shadow away from the conflict. With smiles on their faces, Cashe and Shadow then wave goodbye before turning away and walking around the ring and towards the ramp. Meanwhile, Drew and Freedom fight to break free but don’t get anywhere as there are just too many people standing between them Cashe and Shadow.

VASSA: ”Well isn’t this just a pleasure to watch!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what to think. Shots were fire two weeks ago but tonight, a war has been declared. This is going to get messy before things finally settle down.”
VASSA: ”If anything, Gold Standard will be fired up for their tag team match later tonight in the tournament.”
JOHNSON: ”While that’s true, it’s hard for anyone to sit by and watch as a brother in arms is blindsided like John Austin was.”
VASSA: ”It’s all in the game baby!”
JOHNSON: ”It may very well indeed! Well folks, we’re going to go backstage for a few moments while things settle down here at ringside and we prep for the next match in the lineup.”

We come back to ringside on Vassa and Johnson sitting at their commentator’s desk. The fans are electric this evening and are already hyped about the rest of the evening and Johnson take advantage of that to hype things up more.

JOHNSON: ”So far tonight has been an interesting evening for 4CW and the night has only just began! We have so many more matches to look forward to.”
VASSA: ”And it isn’t just singles matches we are talking about folks, we are talking about several nail biting tag team matches, including a match to decide who is going to be the 4CW tag team champions!”
JOHNSON: ”Will the tag team champions retain their belts? Or will the Gold Standard finally claim their name sake and become the new champs.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know about you Steve, but I’m going to enjoy watching both teams duke it out for the titles.”
Vassa looks at his empty glass and fills it up with some unknown liquid. More than likely an alcoholic beverage to wet his whistle.

VASSA: ”Time to reward myself.”
As Vinny fills up his glass, Johnson just shakes his head in disapproval, but none the less continues the show.

JOHNSON: ”But lets not forget the tag tournament as well. So many promising teams looking for a chance to get their opportunity at the belts as well…”
VASSA: ”Bleh! What the hell is this?! What happened to my scotch?”
JOHNSON: ”I switched it out?”
VASSA: ”Why? Me drinking doesn’t effect the show, in fact it makes me infinitely funnier. The fans love me! Especially when I’m hammered out of my mind!”
JOHNSON: ”Because you snore worse than Wallace does and I have to listen to it on every flight after you pass out after every show to the next venue.”
Vinny glares at Johnson and then growls at him.

VASSA: ”No one snores worse than Perry. You take that back this instant!”
As Johnson is about to reply the lights in the Liacouras Center go out as those in attendance begin to murmur in confusion as to what has just occurred.

VASSA: ”Did some one forget to pay the bill?”
JOHNSON: ”I guess not because the people in the arena can still hear you. Maybe this is just a glitch with the lights, I’m sure they will be back on…”
The lights do not come back on and instead the screen hanging on the entrance ramp begins to play a video package of some sorts. It is a random meshing of people running in terror.

VASSA: ” The hell is this crap?”
As if to answer a voice begins to talk over the speakers in the arena and the fans go quiet, listening to every single word.

VOICE: “Fear. It is an overpowering emotion that leads to hopelessness…”
The scenes on the screen change from people running to people sitting in a shanty town. They look poor, destitute, and above all else in despair. Even the children, yes there are children in this image, are not acting like children, they are instead moping around, and why wouldn’t they? Their life is horrible! The scene jumps to dirty water, rotting food, and displays unmarked graves. The fans are unsettled, but they can’t take their eyes away.

VOICE: “There are those that pray on fear. Take advantage of those that are downtrodden. Choosing to make a quick buck off their fear instead of trying to help solve the problem.”
The scene changes once again to images of random politicians. Most of them revealed to be two faced liars as they preach one thing and then go through with another, the most notable is the infamous “Change” sign, used by Barrack Obama, but then swiftly the scene changes back to the town from before. A broken poster hangs on a wall of a dilapidated building, the very same poster that preached “change” now stands forgotten in the wake of what looks like absolute rock bottom.

VOICE: “They promise one thing, but never come through with what they promise. It is up to the people, yes, the people to fight against fear. To eradicate fear so that they can truly be free…so that they can truly be happy.”
The scene changes one last time, this time to a man sitting on a box in the town. He looks rather out of place in this shanty town. He is clean, his clothes are new, and he doesn’t look to be very poor. Yet the man looks unhappy, as if feeling for the people, and instead of being afraid of what he is looking at in this town, he smiles. A kid walks up to him, evidently scared of the man , but yet intrigued by his appearance. The man looks over to him, his face disappointed, but he nods, and reaches in his pocket. The kid jumps afraid that he may pull a gun, but instead of a gun he pulls out a chocolate bar. The kid eyes the man and the man hands it to him. There are no questions or fear in the kid’s eyes as he grabs the candy bar. The man doesn’t ask for anything in return, but he stands up, and then turns to the camera. For this whole time the man has been obscured in shadows, but now he is looking at the camera revealing who he is.

WATSON: ”This won’t be our future. I will promise you that.”
The fans burst into cheers as the screen bursts to static and pyros begin to explode around the entrance ramp.

JOHNSON: ”It’s him! It is Nick Watson!”
“You Want a Battle?” by Bullet for My Valentine begins to play as the lights in the arena come back on a lone figure standing on the entrance ramp, looking around the arena. The lone figure, Nick Watson is nodding his head to the music, and limbering up with a microphone in his hand as the fans are absolutely losing it.

VASSA: ”All this ovation for a man who hasn’t even won a title?”
JOHNSON: ”Watson is a unique man. He believes in the people and has always been a fan favorite. Unlike you, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I’m pretty popular too…hey! Don’t you ignore me!”
Johnson is applauding Watson’s return as well, ignoring his fellow commentator. Watson is slapping hands on his way to the ring and is looking rather spry for a guy returning from a leg injury. He stops in front of the ring he has missed so much and turn to face the fans behind him, raising a hand in personal victory, and the fans let him have more adoration. Watson turns back around and jumps on to the apron without using the steps, going through the middles rope, as he begins to pace the ring, an a thousand watt grin on his face. His theme continues to play for a bit longer as Watson goes to each turnbuckle of the four cornered ring, to pose for the cameras, taking his time to soak it all in, and enjoying every moment of it.
Watson finally stops and finds himself standing in the middle of the ring listening to the “Watson” chants as he nods his head in pleasure at hearing the sound of his name off the people’s lips once more. He waits a few more seconds before bringing his microphone to his lips, the fans let out one more cheer before dying down, allowing the “Sensational One” to speak.

WATSON: ”For seven months, I have waited for this moment…”
As Watson utters that, the fans erupt again, and Watson pauses. His smile gets even wider, almost inhumanly wide, as he brings his lips to the microphone again.

WATSON: ”Seven grueling months of therapy, physically and spiritually, to get to his point. To get back in this ring and put things right once and for all!”
Watson begins to pace the ring as the fans let out a few cheers. Watson continues, like a child on Christmas morning with a new toy under the tree, the excitement in his body is extremely evident to not only the fans in the arena, but the fans watching at home as well.

WATSON: ”And now here I am and all of the words that I had planned…well they just don’t match the moment anymore.”
Another pause for Watson as the fans erupt into another “Watson” chant. Vassa groans as if his stomach has just turned.

WATSON: ”You see, I came here tonight with a message in mind. And that message sounded appropriate when I rehearsed it in the mirror and when I discussed it with my team, but now…standing in the beautiful Liacouras Center…”
People cheer for the center as Watson claps his hands too before continuing.

WATSON: ”The words just don’t seem worthy of it at all. So instead…we are going off-script, I am going to do what I have done for most of my career…I am going to speak my mind. And I believed that…hopefully…you all will listen.”
The fans cheer, letting Watson know he has their attention, he nods his head, and the mutters “Fair enough” under his breath as he begins to speak again.

WATSON: ”Seven months ago, I was defeated by a 5’3 sack of crap at Winter’s Wasteland, but more importantly, I was injured. I broke a pretty serious combination of bones in my leg that forced me out of the game for some time. It was a horrible experience, let me tell you. Taking drugs to numb the pain and working hard through therapy just so I could walk again. Doctors kept telling me that I was done, there was no recovery from this, and that I should just get used to hobbling around for the rest of my life. It was a dark time during my life, I lost faith, and my confidence was shattered. Every day, I would wake up in a cold sweat, with nightmares of what Sativa did to me. Of how she…broke…me.”
The crowd is silent as they watch Nick look down at the mat. He keeps speaking, his words are coming steadily, but there is a shakiness to them, an air of uncertainty.

WATSON: ”Not just physically, but internally. I felt… pathetic. I felt…despair. But most most importantly, I felt fear. My weakness had turned me into some kind of shell of a human being long before I had learned of my injury. Words like venom had attacked what made me who I was, they had plunged me into a world of gray for which there was no escape. Days bled into each other and each day seemed to lose meaning. I was broken. And for a while…it remained like that. For a month to be exact, until one day, I looked at myself in the mirror. Unshaven, unkempt, dirty, and weakened, are just a few words that I would use to describe myself at that moment, but at that very second… something woke up.
Something deep inside began to tell me I could rise above this and make a come back, that I could come home to 4CW, and not just walk, but run down that entrance ramp, and compete once more.”

Watson looks up from the mat back to the fans, there is a fire in his eyes now, and it is very reminiscent to the first time he stepped into the ring at 4cw. The fire of a competitor looking for his next challenge.

WATSON: “So, I shaved. *chuckle* And got back on the horse I had fell off of and I just kept on trying. Every day, I would get up, struggling to walk, but every day I forced myself to walk. I was not going to be beaten by some bitch from Jamiaca, I was going to get up, and I was going to come back. At first it was for spite, I won’t lie to you, but eventually it became something more. It became about beating my weakness, about becoming better, about becoming something people could say they were proud to cheer for, and that is why I’m here now. Because of you all.”
The fans cheer for Watson and he wipes a tear from his eye as he begins to speak once again.

WATSON: ”But as my return date neared, I looked around, and I saw dread. I saw kidnappings, and I saw corruption. This place, which had been so vibrant had become a shadow of what it once was. It had became a place of hopelessness. Well…that changes today…”
More cheers as Watson stops in the middle of the ring. His face showing a resolve that he has been lacking for some time.

WATSON: ”This return has been a long time coming and it is long over-due, but from this point onward I am making it my duty to make things right. I am making it my purpose to bring some real fucking respect back to this company. I am here to change the course of where we are heading. And I will not fail in my mission to liberate us from darkness that has crept up and has taken the bright light of the sun away. All I ask is that you all remember a simple saying…”
One last pause as Watson receives some cheers. Nick listens for a bit and looks stone faced toward the camera as he begins to speak his final words.

WATSON: ”The night is always darkest before the dawn. Remember that saying as your Dawn, the Sensational One, goes to battle with those that use the darkness of night to cause harm, and finally brings you the glory of beautiful sunlight in the form of entertainment back into your life. So come one and come all, because I am back and the Sensational One is ready to see that beautiful sunny horizon.”
The fans go nuts at “You want a battle?” by Bullet for My Valentine plays again as the scene cuts backstage.

The camera pans to the locker room of Gold Standard where standing around chatting is Francis “Freedom” Dart, “Public Enemy #1” Drew Stevenson and “The Magic Man” John Austin. Trojan Magnum is manning the door when as usual there is a knock we are now all getting familiar with.

STEVENSON: ”Hahaha..What is it this time Freedom, she sending you more laundry to sniff? Perhaps a pair of socks or maybe the lining of her shoes?”
AUSTIN: ”Maybe it’s one of your crazy twitter fans, I mean I see how you operate on there man. Pretty smooth but it’s probably opens you up to all kinds of trouble.”
FREEDOM: “I’ve heard that all before fellas so don’t worry I’ve dealt with this my whole career, it comes with the territory. My FreeTweets as I call them comes with a price, and well boys it’s a price your boy Freedom is willing to pay. Let’s just say my dance card could be filled every day of the week if I wasn’t a one or two women kind of guy. Nah, I’m just kidding you both know how I really feel. I’m trying to work things out with Erika but things don’t look so good.”
STEVENSON: ”And don’t forget the crush you have on Aidan Carlisle. You better be careful with her.
AUSTIN: ”He’s right Free that Liam is one tough son of a bitch!”
STEVENSON: ”I was referring to the Queen of Extreme herself. She may kick your teeth down your throat and you can bet she’d have a smile on her face doing it.”
FREEDOM: ”Relax guys I got my Aidan all figured out. She has that nice little smile-“
STEVENSON: ”Clearly you are delusional.”
FREEDOM: ”What you don’t think her smile is nice?”
STEVENSON: ”Not that, she doesn’t even know you exist.”
FREEDOM: ”That’s where you become Public Enemy #2 because she digs me bro. I can see it in her gorgeous eyes.”
AUSTIN: ”He’s right Free she’s as dangerous as you get, you are better off leaving that one a lone.”
FREEDOM: ”I bet she’s my stalker!”
STEVENSON: ”Aidan is too classy to send you her panties.”
FREEDOM: ”You’re right that rules her out. She would have send me her mma glove to smell.”
They both look at Freedom.

FREEDOM: ”What? I have a fetish for smelling stuff so sue me. Anyway it wasn’t Cashe at the door last time and it won’t be him this time. Trojan open the door.”
Trojan opens the door and peaks out expecting to be blasted by Jason Cashe. Instead he see’s Freedom’s little sister Emma Luxor who is being escorted by none other than Mariano Fernandez. Emma has a small yellow envelope in her hand that says “Freedom” on it. She is wearing a Gold Standard t-shirt. She hands it to her big brother.

FREEDOM: ”What’s up sis? Mariano my brother! Glad you two could make it..”
FERNANDEZ: ”Don’t worry big mang. The Troll Guy wouldn’t miss his big buddies historical day for nothing Chico.
EMMA: Yeah big brother. What he said.” (She flashes a brilliant and beautiful smile.)
FREEDOM: ”Well well well..what’s this? A good luck message from Aidan for our big Main Event?”
STEVENSON: ”Who’s this hottie bro?”
AUSTIN: ”Yeah she’s cute..”
FREEDOM: ”Calm down boys. She’s my sister! Get your hormones in check. Plus she has a little cute crush on Cy Riddle..she’s got #RiddleFever (Cute little Emma blushes.) Let’s see what’s inside this envelope.”
He opens the envelope and it contains a DVD. Freedom takes it out and begins to play it on the big screen in the Gold Standard luxury lockeroom. It starts off with creepy music and the camera following a path to Freedom’s house in Chicago, Illinois. The camera focuses on the keypad to the security system to get in the front door. A little finger pushes the code to get in and the camera follows what looks like a woman from behind to his house. She pets Freedom’s blue nose Pitbull and the security dog rolls over like he recognizes the stranger. She gives him a treat and the dog runs off. (Everybody in the lockeroom hazes your boy Freedom.)

FERNANDEZ: ”Some security dog you got there big man!” (Everybody laughs at the expensive of Freedom.)
The camera continues to follow the unknown assailant from behind and into Freedom’s bedroom. The stranger goes to his closet and picks out a Gold Standard t-shirt and puts it on still not revealing their face. The stranger leaps up and starts jumping on Free’s bed, too quick to get a good look at their face. They turn around for a minute then return wearing the old Freedom style, red, white and blue mask he made famous. She tears off her shirt and exposes her nice ample sized beasts. She lays down and rubs them all over Freedom’s red, white and blue pillow. Freedom quickly covers little Emma’s eyes as he senses what comes next. The ample breasted vixen tears off her thong and smell them to mock Freedom. She suddenly starts going to town and starts finger banging herself and Freedom quickly runs over and presses the stop button.

EVERYBODY AT ONCE: ”HEY! It was just starting to get good.”
FREEDOM: We’ve seen enough bro! Geezus that girl is crazy!”
STEVENSON: ”Freedom has a girlfriend!”
EMMA: ”A stalker is more like it. She was kind of cute from what I saw.”
FREEDOM: ”Oh God no. You are about to give me an ulcer talking like that. You are my sister! I don’t want to hear that.”
FERNANDEZ: ”I have to say mang that was better than any Chick Flick I’ve ever seen.”
STEVENSON: ”Too bad I’m married to Becca because that woman looked legit!”
AUSTIN: ”Yeah man if I wasn’t married I’d probably take a “stab” at her too..”
EMMA: ”She was pretty fuckin’ hot!”
FREEDOM: ”Emma Luxor Dart! Have you been drinking?”
EMMA: ”Yes. I forgot my ID and I don’t look old enough to buy my own but Uncle Mari here has been taking care of me.”
FERNANDEZ: ”You don’t have to thank me big chico. What are best friends for?”
FREEDOM: Oh no. I think I’m going to throw up!”
The scene fades to everyone laughing as Freedom runs to find a toilet to puke in.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team tournament match! Introducing first, at a combined weight of five hundred and ten pounds… Being accompanied to the ring by Henry Losak… Lord Raab… Samuel McPherson… THE MONSTIMALS!!!”
Monster and Animal I Have Become (mash up) by Skillet and Three Days Grace play over the sound system as Samuel McPherson and Lord Raab come through the curtain with Henry Losak behind them as they walk side by side together, ignoring the fans as they step over the top rope together while Henry goes through the middle rope. Raab and Samuel raise their arms above their heads while standing in the center of the ring while the raucous Philly fans boo them. Henry walks towards the ropes and signals for a couple of microphones from the timekeeper. He hands them off and waits for the crowd to simmer down before addressing them.

HENRY LOSAK: ”Last week, we saw an animal beast jump through the crowd to attack the enemy Raab’s had a lot to deal with over the last few days, Chris Madison. Now from what we heard, Chris Madison is taking time out of wrestling to recover from a broken rib from the vicious attack Samuel gave to him, isn’t that right Raab?”
LORD RAAB: ”Of course because it was a day that Samuel made a better impact as an animal than any of you freaks in the back that form tag teams just for the tournament, but Samuel put Chris Madison on the shelf so we congratulate Samuel for doing the business in the ring.”
Samuel holds his hands up to the crowd on the damage he caused to Chris Madison and Raab continues to speak again with Samuel still celebrating with what he did two weeks ago.

LORD RAAB: ”So you see when I said you’ll prepare yourself for a beating of a lifetime, we didn’t mean Samuel kicking and destroying you’re ass to break you into pieces, I meant about me doing so and Samuel just got a step ahead of me.”
HENRY LOSAK: ”Yes and you know what the best thing about it is? The fact me or Raab didn’t even tell him to do what he did. He did it because he had to make an massive impact for a warning of what will happen to everyone in the tag team tournament to pay attention to Samuel. The beatings this monster and this animal can do is gonna be very brutal, don’t you agree Samuel?”
Samuel continues celebrating along with Raab and Henry in the ring with them. Suddenly “You Want a Battle? (Here’s A War)” by Bullet For My Valentine begins to echo throughout the Liacouras Center. The crowd erupts, much to the dismay of Lord Raab and crew. They jump to their feet and watch towards the entranceway as Chris Madison pops out from behind the curtain with a smirk on his face in street clothes. Madison shakes his head and begins marching towards the ring, only to be cut off by a swarm of security guards that flanked him, stopping him halfway down the aisle. Madison paces side to side like a caged animal, never taking his eyes off of Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson. Security pleads with Madison as they maintain a buffer between the heated rivals. Madison reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a microphone of his own.

JOHNSON: ”I think Madison is about to give these three an earful!”
VASSA: ”I’m sure that’s the last thing Perry Wallace wants. The eyes of the wrestling world are focused on 4CW and this tag tournament tonight. Last thing he needs is for it to be ruined because Madison doesn’t know how to control himself. And why is he even here? He’s not cleared by medical to participate tonight…”
JOHNSON: ”Why don’t you go ask him…”
VASSA: ”Eh… I’m sure he’ll tell us in a second.”
Madison lifts his free hand and begins pointing at each individual security guard as he mouths to himself.

MADISON: ”Fifteen… Perry Wallace thinks it’s going to take at least fifteen security guards to stop me from getting into that ring and smacking the ever loving shit out of the both of you!”
The crowd roars with anticipation, hoping that Madison can fight through the beefed up security team and get his hands on Lord Raab.

MADISON: ”Two weeks ago I came to that ring and disposed of Brandon Young. However after my match, Samuel McPherson felt the need to make an impact by ambushing me. Anyone else in the back would be pissed. Me… I appreciate that fact that your idea of a grand entrance was to try and put me out of action. Try… You failed Samuel… You failed miserably… You see I’m standing here before you today, ready and willing to show you first hand how big of a mistake you made!”
Samuel pushes down on the top rope and leans over, incoherently yelling at Madison. Henry Losak reaches around him and places his hands on his chest, pulling him from the ring ropes.

MADISON: ”That’s right… Stand down like the little lap dog that you are!”
McPherson gets visibly irritated by Madison and tries to climb through the ropes. This time Lord Raab gives a helping hand to Henry Losak and pulls McPherson back into the ring.

MADISON: ”This obviously is on the verge of boiling over. At Ante Up, I made sure that you, Stefan, knew that we had some unfinished business that needed to be worked out…man to man. Then you stuck your nose in my debut match against Francis Dart and had that big oaf jump me the following show after defeating Brandon Young. So instead of us going tit for tat show after show, I say we settle it once and for all.”
The crowd erupts with hopes that Madison was planning on ending this feud tonight.

MADISON: ”Tonight you two have your hands full with El Futuro and ‘Money’ Maximus Dunn. As much as I’d love to come down there and whoop the both of you all across Philly tonight, there may just be more satisfaction in watching two young bucks from the Underground roster put you both in your places. So in two weeks… Big guy… You want to be a professional wrestler? You want to make a name for yourself by taking me out? I say in Cleveland, Ohio…Chris Madison and Samuel McPherson go one on one!”
Samuel shakes his head yes before Henry Losak could confer with him. The crowd cheers at the thought of Madison getting payback for the hellacious assault on him at the previous Adrenaline.

MADISON: ”As for you Raab… I’ve got something special in mind for you. Fright Night isn’t too far down the road and I’d be damned if this kid from Long Island, New York wasn’t going to tear the roof off of the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. You think you have a passion for mixed martial arts? Mixed martial arts completely revitalized my career and helped make me strive in Japan for nearly six years. I say you and I compete in a match that is rarely showcased in the professional wrestling world. I say… Chris Madison versus Lord Raab in a Lion’s Den match! Let’s lock ourselves in a cage, no wrestling ring, no ring ropes… Just two men who want to tear each others hearts out; win only by knockout or submission.”
LORD RAAB: ”You’re on!”
Madison smiles as he begins back peddling down the aisle.

MADISON: ”That’s the biggest mistake of your career!”
Madison drops his mic and puts his hands up as security begins to forcefully remove him from the entranceway. Madison pulls his arms from the grip of the security team and walks back on his own as the crowd continues to buzz about the two matches that were just made before them.

JOHNSON: ”I guess in two weeks we’re going to see Chris Madison and Samuel McPherson go one on one. And at Fright Night… a Lion’s Den match!”
VASSA: ”A lion’s den match isn’t a match… It’s human cock fighting. Raab should have at least mulled it over before jumping the gun.”
Henry Losak climbs out of the ring and hops down the arena floor. Lord Raab climbs out onto the apron as Samuel McPherson awaits their opponents in the first round tag team tournament matchup.

POWERS: ”Uh… Introducing their opponents. Maximus Dunn and El Futuro… DOS NACIONES!!!”
“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers blares through the venues PA system as El Futuro and Maximus Dunn walk through the curtain and sift passed the mob of security that’s escorting Chris Madison backstage. They make it halfway down the aisle before sprinting towards the ring and sliding under the ropes. The two pop up to their feet and quickly lock eyes with Samuel McPherson. El Futuro concedes to his partner and begins climbing through the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”Looks like Samuel McPherson and Money Max are going to start things off. Max and El Futuro seem to be mulling over some last minute strategy.”
VASSA: ”That’s if they understand each other. I don’t think Max really speaks a lick of Spanish.”
Before the official could ring the bell, McPherson charges across the ring and crushes Max into the corner with a clothesline from behind.
Max crumbles in the corner, the turnbuckles barely able to hold him up. McPherson spins Max around and grabs the middle rope before dropping down and repeatedly driving his shoulder into Max’s midsection. McPherson lets go and takes a step back, allowing for Max to stagger out of the corner and right into a strong powerslam! McPherson hooks a leg and attempts a quick cover.
Max kicks out! McPherson pauses for a moment, on his knees, looking back at his corner where Lord Raab is shouting some instructions.

JOHNSON: ”We saw the power that Samuel McPherson possess two weeks ago when he ran through Chris Madison like a runaway locomotive.”
VASSA: ”He did toss Madison around like a rag doll; but it was after a match with Brandon Young.”
JOHNSON: ”Still… The strength of this man is scary!”
Lord Raab extends his arm out, calling for a tag. McPherson rises to his feet and begins to make his way towards his partner. Money Max pushes to his feet and charges McPherson, hitting him with a running forearm smash to the back. McPherson stops in his tracks and turns around towards Max, nearly unphased by the strike. Max bounces himself off of the ropes and charges towards McPherson and tries for a running clothesline. He hits McPherson but can’t budge him. Max then hits McPherson with a series of left jabs followed by a stiff right forearm, finally knocking the big monster back a few steps. Max once again tries his hand at a clothesline, bouncing himself off of the ropes. McPherson ducks under the clothesline and both spin towards one another simultaneously. Max tries for a kick to the gut but McPherson catches it and pulls him in for a short clothesline that turns Money Max inside out! McPherson steps over Max, straddling over his body. He reaches down and grabs him by the throat with both hands. In one quick movement he lifts Max up into the air and holds him above his head as Max’s feet dangle about a foot off of the canvass. The referee comes in and begins to use his five count as McPherson continues to choke Money Max.
McPherson releases the hold and tosses Money Max aside like yesterday’s trash.

VASSA: ”This is a scary man in the ring. I hope the Adrenaline and Underground rosters are taking notice!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s as if he’s been chiseled out of concrete. You can barely budge this monster.”
VASSA: ”Lord Raab may have secured himself the 4CW Tag Team Championships with his choice in a partner.”
McPherson drops down to one knee and scoops up Max by his head. Using his free hand he pounds away at Max with a flurry of hammer fists before pulling him up to his feet. He tosses Max towards the ropes. El Futuro reaches out and slaps a blind tag to the back of Money Max without McPherson realizing. Max rebounds towards McPherson and gets scooped up and slammed to the mat by a spinning spinebuster! McPherson jumps to his feet and turns into a springboard missile drop kick from El Futuro! McPherson stumbles backwards but the ring ropes keep him from falling. He marches towards El Futuro who begins to tee off with low leg kicks to the outside of McPherson’s knee. McPherson drops down to one knee and El Futuro launches himself off of the ropes. As McPherson stands up El Futuro hits him with a running drop kick to the knee he targeted with the leg kicks. McPherson drops down to the canvass and reaches down for his knee. El Futuro takes advantage of the big man being down and runs at the nearby ropes, springboarding off of the second rope and hitting a lionsault. El Futuro hooks the leg and tries for the pinball.
McPherson powers out, throwing El Futuro off of him and through the ropes, onto the ring apron.

JOHNSON: ”They finally got the big man off of his feet. We’ll see if they can sustain this offense.”
VASSA: ”I highly doubt it…”
JOHNSON: ”At some point the inexperience of Samuel McPherson could play a critical role.”
El Futuro pulls himself up to his feet and grabs ahold of the top rope. McPherson pushes off of the canvass and rises to his feet. He tries to approach El Futuro but gets caught off guard with a head kick. McPherson stumbles backwards and shakes out the cobwebs. El Futuro springboards off of the top rope and hits a hurricanrana! El Futuro pops up to his feet and moves to his corner, tagging in Money Max. Together they lift McPherson up and send him running towards the ropes. On the rebound each lift McPherson by a leg and drive him down to the canvass with a double flapjack. El Futuro makes his way out of the ring as Max tries for cover.
McPherson powers out, sending Max rolling across the ring.

VASSA: ”Another strong kick out from Samuel McPherson. He may want to find his way to his partner before he gases out!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think he cares…”
McPherson and Max push up to their feet and converge in the center. Max begins hammering McPherson, backing him towards the corner. Max grabs McPherson by the wrist and tries to whip him across the ring to the opposing corner but McPherson holds onto the top rope making it impossible. McPherson pulls Max in and drives his knee into Max’s gut, doubling him over. McPherson reaches down and lifts Max up for a powerbomb. While in the air Max catches McPherson off guard with a few more stiff right hands. McPherson tosses Max backward and like a cat, he lands on his feet on the second rope. Max turns himself around and waits for McPherson to spin. He leaps off of the second rope, hooks McPherson with a front face lock, and spins him head first into the canvass with a tornado DDT! Max quickly hops on top of McPherson and hooks a leg.
Raab charges into the ring and breaks up the pin attempt by hitting Max in the back with an axe handle smash. Max rolls off of McPherson and Raab quickly secures a rear waist lock. He lifts him up to his feet before slamming him back down with a German suplex! The ref intervenes and herds Raab back to his corner.

JOHNSON: ”I think Max may have had McPherson there!”
VASSA: ”I think you’re right. But Lord Raab had other plans.”
JOHNSON: ”And just like that the next tag is an important one, both guys are out and in desperate need of a breather!”
Both Max and McPherson begin to army crawl towards the respective corners. McPherson gains the edge and slaps his partner’s extended hand while Max remained a bit aways from his corner. Lord Raab climbs through the ropes and sprints across the ring. He passes Max and spears El Futuro, diving through the middle and top ropes, driving him back first into the security railing that surrounds the ring! Lord Raab pops up to his feet as the 4CW faithful in attendance watch in awe. Raab rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope and hops up to his feet. Max pulls himself up with the use of the ropes but gets tugged away as Raab secures a rear waist lock. Raab pulls Max to the center of the ring and motions to McPherson by nodding his head. McPherson stands up and charges the two men in the center of the ring. He hits Max with a wicked clothesline as Raab lifts him up for a release German suplex! McPherson slides out of the ring as Raab rolls onto Max for the cover.
Miraculously Max finds the strength to shoot his shoulder off of the mat before the three count.

JOHNSON: ”El Futuro just got speared through the ropes to the outside and Maximus Dunn got destroyed by a Clothesline/German Suplex combo!”
VASSA: ”Raab is fresh… And McPherson making that tag before Max could be the nail in the coffin for the two boys from the Underground roster.”
Raab shakes his head as he lifts Money Max back up to his feet. He hits Max with a European uppercut that knocks Max against the ropes. Max rebounds off of the ropes with a forearm shot to the head of Lord Raab. Raab stumbles backwards before following up with another European uppercut. Once again Max is knocked backwards and rebounds off of the ropes, dazed. He counters with another stiff forearm shot, this time knocking Raab down to one knee. Raab stands up and hits a third European uppercut. Max again stumbles backwards and instead of falling, rebounds off of the ropes. Max counters the third uppercut with a clothesline that drops Raab down to the mat. Max falls within arms reach of his corner and extends his arm, looking for a tag. El Futuro can be seen pulling himself up to his feet with the help of the ring apron. Raab gets up and grabs Dunn by his ankle. He pulls Max away from his corner as he scratches and claws at the canvass. Max flips over onto his back and kicks Raab in the face, breaking his grip on his other leg. Max stands up and begins to stagger towards his corner but Raab grabs him from behind with a crossface chicken wing submission hold! Max flails he free arm around in the air before connecting with a series of back elbows that loosen the hold. He stomps down on the top of Raab’s foot to fully free himself and then bounces himself off of the ropes. He charges Raab and connects with a running crossbody. Max sticks the landing and tries for the cover.
Raab shoves Max off of him before the three count.

JOHNSON: ”Max almost stole the win there.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think Raab was expecting those back elbows to find the mark.”
Raab climbs up to his feet and storms Max as he uses the ropes to pull himself up. Raab locks up Max in a Muay Thai clinch and forces his back against the ropes. He pulls down on Max’s head and hits him with some stiff knees to the sternum followed by a short forearm shot to the face. Max staggers along the ropes and falls into the corner. Raab follows along and quickly grabs Max by his head, hitting him with multiple headbutts. Raab then lifts Max and sits him up onto the top turnbuckle. Raab wraps his arms around Max’s upperbody and the spins him into the canvass from the second rope with a belly to belly suplex. Lord Raab then mounts Money Max and rains down with some stiff right hands before transitioning into an arm bar!

VASSA: ”That’s it! Max is going to tap!”
Max squirms around, trying to break free from the hold as Lord Raab viciously cranks back on his arm. The referee continues to ask Max if he’s looking to give up. Max reaches his arm out towards the rope but is too far away to make it. As Max’s willingness to fight the hold seems to fade El Futuro slides into the ring and hits Raab with a running leg drop causing him to break the hold.

JOHNSON: ”El Futuro to the rescue!”
VASSA: ”I’m telling you… Max was on the verge of tapping out!”
JOHNSON: ”No argument here. A couple more seconds and it would have been a submission victory for Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson.
Max and Raab begin crawling towards their respective corners. Raab recognizes that his opponent has a leg up on him and diverts towards him. He grabs Max by his leg despite the fact that Max pulls himself up to his feet. Max turns towards Raab and hits him with an enziguri to break free! Max pops up quickly and dives to his corner, tagging in El Futuro. El Futuro hops over the top rope and quickly hits Raab with a clothesline as he gets to his feet. Raab bounces off of the canvass and gets back up only to be hit with a second clothesline. Raab gets up a bit slower and this time is sent across the ring with an irish whip. On the rebound El Futuro catches Raab with a inverted atomic drop that stuns him. El Futuro follows that up with a swinging neck breaker that nearly drives Raab through the mat. El Futuro stands beside Raab as he lays on the canvass. He salutes the crowd, bounces himself off of the ropes, and drops down onto Raab with a headbutt. El Futuro makes the cover and hooks the leg.
Raab kicks out, getting his shoulder off of the mat.

JOHNSON: ”The Mexican Salute almost did Lord Raab in.”
VASSA: ”Almost doesn’t count. Raab needs to find a way to get McPherson back into this match.”
El Futuro argues the count with the ref as Raab crawls towards his corner. El Futuro catches Raab out of the corner of his eye and charges towards him as he presses up to his feet. He hits Raab with a dropkick to the back that knocks him through the ropes to the ring floor. Before he fell through the ropes McPherson slapped a tag on his partner which the ref saw. El Futuro bounces himself off of the ropes and Max slaps a blind tag on his partner as he charges across the ring, diving through the ropes and hitting Lord Raab with a suicide dive! McPherson hops off of the ring apron and quickly scoops up El Futuro, holding him parallel to the floor. McPherson rushes forward and drives El Futuro’s back into the steel ring post before tossing him aside carelessly. McPherson climbs back into the ring and grabs the referee by the shirt, pointing at El Futuro, trying to get the referee to count. The referee tries to explain that El Futuro isn’t the legal man as the crowd begins to roar.

JOHNSON: ”Look Vinny! Look who’s rushing through the crowd!”
Chris Madison hops the security railing and locks eyes with Samuel McPherson. He climbs up onto the ring apron and the two stand face to face for a moment. McPherson throws a wild right hook that Madison avoids by dropping back down to the arena floor. In the meantime Max sneaks up behind McPherson and rolls him up in a schoolboy rollup. The ref drops down and counts.
Maximus Dunn quickly slides out of the ring as McPherson jumps to his feet in a rage. Madison hops back over the railing and escapes through the crowd as Dunn tends to his partner. The ref joins the two underdogs on the outside and raises their arms as the official announcement is made.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, Maximus Dunn… El Futuro… DOS NACIONES!”
McPherson kicks at the bottom rope as Henry Losak and Lord Raab climb into their ring. They hover over the ropes and plead their case to the official as he makes is way away from the ringside area.

VASSA: ”This is highway robbery! Madison had no business being ringside. He has tarnished this tournament!”
JOHNSON: ”He never put a hand on McPherson. He did nothing that would warrant this match to end on disqualification or as a no contest. McPherson simply let his lack of experience show at the end.”
VASSA: ”And now El Futuro and Maximus Dunn are going on to the second round of this tournament! This is only going to add fuel to the fire that is Lord Raab’s hatred for Chris Madison.”

The camera slowly fades in to Lo’Renzo Porter with his head bobbing back and forth inside his locker room as he jams to the tunes blasting in his custom ty-die colored Beats headphone.

FLIPP: ”Jumped off the porch when I was fourteen *bleep*”
He looked up and saw the camera crew that had stepped in.

FLIPP: ”I ain’t even see y’all right there.”
He laughs before pulling his headphones from around his ears.

FLIPP: ”In here gettin ready for this match man. Some good music a get you in the mood.”
Porter began digging inside his duffel bag, continuing to speak as he does so.

FLIPP: ”The show has been bananas so far mannnnn. I’ve really been enjoyin myself so far wit so much more to go.”
His locs fell down to his face as he uses his hands to glide them back up.

FLIPP: ”I’m extra excited though Framo…tonight will be the first time I’ll take apart in some tag team action. Not to mention I’m teamin up wit a major player in the game Jair Hopkins. I don’t know too much bout our opponent the Davidson’s but one thing is fashow.”
Flipp held up one finger.

FLIPP: ”Tonight is the beginning of somethin big. Not jus for me and Hopks but Four C Dub in all. We got like three other promotions comin down to step in a Four C Dub ring. Huge deal brah brah.”
All of a sudden, a knock is heard on the door as the cameras turn to see Jair Hopkins standing at the door with a rectangular black box in hand. Three gold stripes with the word “Adidas” on the side of it. Flipp welcomed Hopkins into the room.

HOPKINS: ”Yo bro, I ain’t mean to interfere in your moment here but I got a lil’ something for you and lil dude Reno.”
Hopkins walks over and it revealed to be two boxes instead of what was seen as one in his arms. Standing in front, he laid one box down that was slightly smaller than the one currently in his possession. Lo’Renzo’s eyes had widened a bit as Hopkins slowly opened the box and positioning it to be seen as the cameras definitely got a sight of it.

HOPKINS: ”Time to let loose and fly homie!”
It was a pair of Gold Adidas “Winged” specials as they shined with the light beaming down onto them.

FLIPP: ”Goddamn man I always wanted a pair of these.”
Lo’Renzo waste no time placing them on his feet. Getting to a stand and jumping up and down to see how they fit.

FLIPP: ”Yeah…perfect. Big ups for these homie.”

HOPKINS: ”Sweet! Thought when we go out there tonight, we come out in major swag appeal, blind some folks!”

Hopkins laughed as he clapped as well, loving the reaction from his homie.

HOPKINS: ”Those in the other box is for lil homie. He can shine and blind too!”
FLIPP: ”He gone love em mannnn. He got some lil taste already.”
Lo’Renzo sat back down and began stringing up the gold Adidas.

FLIPP: ”Aye the Davidson’s gone be seein gold everywhere. They ain’t gone know what hit them.”
HOPKINS: ”Nah, they ain’t seeing a damn thing but the canvas. Got respect for em’ but only dogs survive in this battle. We’re hungry-ass hounds, Flipp. We got a hell of a mountain to climb but we will achieve it.”
Hopkins smirks..

HOPKINS: ”If we win that gold, fam. It’s going to be a crazy after-party.”
Lo’Renzo emphatically nods his head.

FLIPP: ”Hellz Yeah brah brah. It’s gone be lit. I can already see it. Know I’m single so imma have a lil fun wit bein single on the night…but aye I know what I been meanin to ask you. Yo girl got some bhad ass friends?”
Hopkins looked at Lo’Renzo with a sly smirk as he shrugged his shouders a bit, playing it off.

HOPKINS: ”Mannnn, to be honest, I haven’t met any of her friends yet. Only the fam. I’ll see what’s up and let you know homie. You a cool, fun-loving dude. I’ll definitely let you know. I got you!”
Hopkins steps back for a hot second as he holds his hands up, acting as if he got a camera as he pans it down to Lo’Renzo’s new kicks, motioning his fingers as if hitting the button, taking captures. Lo’Renzo moves em’ side to side for several angles before the two meet up with a handshake.

HOPKINS: ”Simply going to be b-a-n-a-n-a-s out there. Philly I only been to once. Lovely experience. Going to yet be another one.”
Lo’Renzo smiled from ear to ear as a thought came to mind.

FLIPP: ”I jus thought of DJ Khaled on that another one. But ish…”
LP’s phone begins ringing before he and Jair dap each other up.

FLIPP: ”Aye I’m fitna take this call though. Catch up wit you in a few brodie.”
They salute toward each other before the scene begins fading on Lo’Renzo answering his phone.


“Flawless” By Beyonce ft Nikki Minaj begins to play as the lights go out. Red, pink, and green strobes flash throughout the arena as Surayya Karim walks to the stage, her head is bowed.

POWERS: “Introducing first, from Fight One, ladies and Gentlemen, she hails from Manhattan by way of Cairo, Egypt, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 140 pounds… she is Suuuraaayyaaa Kaaariiim!!”
When Powers finishes and the beat drops, Surayya’s head snaps up and she struts, purposefully, to the ring. Surayya slides into the ring and lifts her head, staring at the crowd before she stands and hits a corner.
The lights in the arena dim when and moments pass before you hear Lana Del Rey’s voice. She begins to sing,

“Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Mr. President
Happy Birthday to you”
A sometimes uncomfortable hush overtakes the crowd.
“Thanks, Mr. President
For all the things you’ve done
The battles that you’ve won
The way you deal with US Steel and our problems by the ton
We thank you so much
The applause booms through the PA system as footage of the Kennedy Assassination can be seen for only a moment before the lights go out completely. The pop of fireworks can be heard as the big screen lights up with images of fireworks. “National Anthem” begins.
“Money is the anthem
Of success
So before we go out
What’s your address?”
Alexxa emerges from the entrance. She wears a scowl on her face and a glint in her eye as she heads down to the ring.

POWERS: “And her partner, coming from Barnstable, Massachusetts, weighing in at 135lbs. Aaaleeexxaaa Keeenaaan!”
“Money is the reason
We exist
Everybody knows it, it’s a fact
Kiss, kiss”
Once inside the ring she looks out towards the fans with a look of mock pleasure on her face before returning to the same scowl she wore out to the ring.

POWERS: “Now introducing their opponents from Boardwalk Wrestling… Being accompanied by Julliet Brooks, one half of The Distinguished Archetypes, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing one hundred and sixty pounds, CJ Ooo’Dooonneeell!”
As “Bitter End” by The Veer Union begins to play the black curtains begin to move. Out steps Julliet Brooks and Boardwalk Wrestling Internet Champion, “The Distinguished” CJ O’Donnell to a chorus off boos. CJ and Julliet stand on the top of the entrance ramp embracing the boos. As O’Donnell and Brooks walk arm in arm down the aisle CJ starts to yell at the fans in attendance tonight. O’Donnell hands Brooks the Internet Title as he climbs up the ring step. He wipes his feet on the top of the steps before entering the ring. As CJ hops over the top rope and raises his hands in the air as he gets another chorus of jeers from the fans. O’Donnell lifts up the middle rope as Julliet enters and she raises the Internet Title over her head. CJ begins to stretch in the corner with a smirk on his face as he awaits his partner.
The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines upon the entrance curtain as the guitars of “Anarchy in the U.K.” begin to play.

“Right Now (laughing)”
Cyrus Riddle smoothly emerges from behind the curtain with his sunglasses affixed to his face and his Atlantic City Championship over his shoulder, as well as donning a snarky grin as he raises his middle and index fingers to the crowd. He begins to walk to the ring with a swagger in his step and a cocky expression of confidence.
“I am an anti-Christ
I am an anarchist,
Don’t know what I want
But I know how to get it
I want to destroy the passerby
‘Cause I want to be anarchy!”

POWERS: “And his partner, hailing from London, England and weighing in at two hundred twenty eight pounds, he is ‘The Archetype,’ ‘The Epitome of Excellence…’ Cyruuus Riiiddleee!”
Riddle gets to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, standing to his feet with impressive quickness, then goes to the corner turnbuckle, standing on the middle and mouthing off to the crowd and holding his arms out to be embraced.
“Anarchy for the U.K.
It’s coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line.
Your future dream is a shopping scheme
‘Cause I want to be anarchy”
After jumping down off of the middle turnbuckle, Cyrus removes the title, sunglasses, and jacket, setting them on the ring post as he leans against the ring ropes, preparing himself for the match that was about to begin.

JOHNSON: “We are three rounds down in what is shaping up to be an exciting tournament for 4CW’s Tag Team Titles. This next match pits guest teams from two other companies against one another, including the unlikely duo of Boardwalk rivals Cyrus Riddle and CJ O’Donnell.”
VASSA: “What are they called again?”
JOHNSON: “The Distinguished Archetypes, because Michael Pettis cares enough to send his very best.”
VASSA: “Shouldn’t he have sent Ian Bishop then?”
As the opening bell sounds the match starts off with Alexxa and Cyrus in the ring. Riddle methodically stares down his opponent, sizing her up. Keenan, on the other hand, wastes no time and nails him with a European uppercut. She goes for a second but Cyrus locks up her arm and blasts her with a headbutt! Alexxa stumbles back a few paces but retaliates with a dropkick to the chest.
Cyrus falls back from the impact, but catches himself on the ropes. For a moment he looks down, blood running down his chest where the force of the kick has opened up previous injury. Keenan capitalizes on the distraction and takes him down with a Thesz press as soon as he steps back from the ropes. She throws punch after punch down into his face until the referee warns her off.
As soon as Riddle is on his feet again Alexxa lunges back in. This time Cyrus catches her with a pendulum backbreaker that leaves her writhing in pain. Riddle follows up with knee drop, then a second, and a third! Keenan rolls out of the way before he can catch her again. She ducks under a clothesline and hooks his neck from behind for a reverse DDT!

JOHNSON: “A good showing from both sides so far.”
VASSA: “Whichever team comes out on top here, they’ll still have a long way to go before they get the chance to walk away with the 4CW Tag Team Championships.”
Riddle is back on his feet. Keenan tries for a clothesline, but he ducks and hooks her arms from behind for a full nelson suplex! With his opponent on the ground Cyrus locks on a crossface! Alexxa’s cries of pain are audible as the referee closes in to watch for the submission. Keenan pulls at Riddle’s hands, but can’t break the hold. She strains forward, just barely able to get her fingers on the bottom rope and forcing the break.
As Cyrus lets go Alexxa rolls over, giving him double kick to the face that sends him tumbling backwards! As Riddle gets back to his feet she takes him down again with a side Russian legsweep. Before he can get up she nails him in chest with an elbow drop, driving her arm into the already bleeding wound. He rolls out of the way of a second elbow, but she quickly uses the opportunity to grab his leg for a Boston crab!
For a moment Riddle tries for the ropes, but they are too far away. Instead he uses his strength to flip her forward onto her face and break the hold. Alexxa rolls to her feet before he has the chance to lock in another submission. Cyrus knocks her back to the mat with a hellacious Yakuza kick! Riddle hooks his arms around her waist for a deadlift northern lights suplex, bridging for the pin!!!
Somehow Keenan gets her shoulders off the mat before the three, much to the surprise of the crowd, and her opponent. Wasting no time, Cyrus pulls her up and drives her back into the turnbuckle with a short arm clothesline. Alexxa ducks out of the corner and hits Riddle with a clothesline of her own, hooking his head for a running bulldog, but she doesn’t see CJ O’Donnell slap his partner on the back of the shoulder.

JOHNSON: “Alexxa Keenan just missed the tag from O’Donnell!!! Cyrus is no longer the legal man!”
CJ ducks between the ropes as Alexxa finishes taking down Riddle with the bulldog. Before she can turn around, O’Donnell nails her in the back of the head with an elbow strike! As Keenan stumbles forward she reaches out and tags in Surayya!

VASSA: “Both teams have now made the tag. Two fresh opponents means more action!”
Karim leaps up onto the turnbuckle and throws herself off in a diving moonsault. As she hits the mat on top of O’Donnell, she goes immediately for a pin!
CJ throws her off after barely more than one, looking practically offended that she would make the attempt so soon. As O’Donnell sits up, Karim is there to meet him with a dropkick to the back! The Distinguished gets to his feet and unloads his frustrations on the competitor from Fight One with three stiff clotheslines in a row, followed by a back body drop as Surayya comes off of the ropes looking for a clothesline of her own.
Despite the barrage Karim throws herself back to her feet with a kip up and catches CJ on the chin with a superkick! As O’Donnell hits the mat at the edge of the ring she grabs the ropes and launches herself into the air for a somersault leg drop! Both opponents are a little slow to get to their feet, but as soon as they do, CJ throws a kick at Surayya’s gut, however Karim catches his leg! O’Donnell breaks free with a flawless enziguri!
The two lunge at each other as they get back to their feet. Surayya connects with a swinging neckbreaker! She holds on as they hit the math, sliding around behind him for a chokehold! The tactic only works for a few moments before O’Donnell grabs her arms and flips her right over him onto the mat. Both wrestlers stand once again and in a flash CJ hits a standing hurricanrana!

VASSA: “Hah! Did you see that?! Never underestimate the little guy.”
JOHNSON: “It has certainly been an impressive back and forth between these two!”
VASSA: “The teams from Fight One and Boardwalk Wrestling are definitely here to deliver!”
While still on the mat Surayya transitions into a Russian legsweep to take O’Donnell back down. She throws herself on top of him, driving her fists down into his face over and over. CJ grabs one of her arms and throws her off, going right into an armbar submission!

VASSA: “Uh oh, did we speak too soon? Looks like Surayya Karim could be in trouble here.”
Surayya strains for the ropes, but it looks impossible for her to get there as O’Donnell cranks down harder on the armbar. For a moment it almost looks like Karim is going to tap, but Alexxa dives in and breaks up the hold!

JOHNSON: “I can’t say that I approve of the method, but Alexxa Keenan has kept Fight One in the tournament. A few more seconds and I think we may have seen a victory for The Distinguished Archetypes.”
As the referee directs Alexxa back to her corner, CJ assaults Surayya with one, two, three knee drops in a row! Karim narrowly avoids a fourth as she rolls out of harms way and gets to her feet. The fatigue is beginning to show for both opponents from their fast-paced back and forth. Surayya suddenly hits CJ with a slap so hard that it spins him around, then ducks down and lifts him up onto her shoulders in an impressive display of strength! She teeters for a moment under the weight, then falls to her knees with an argentine backbreaker rack drop!
O’Donnell archs his back in pain as he lays on the mat for a few seconds. Surayya takes a fistful of his hair and pulls him to his feet. She starts to hook up his arms when CJ shoves her off! He throws a boot into her chest, followed by a sidekick, and then takes her down with a roundhouse!

JOHNSON: “He calls that ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!’ Surayya has to be feeling it!”
Karim is clutching her chest with both hands after the barrage, barely able to get to her feet. O’Donnell has backed across the ring to the opposite corner, waiting for the perfect moment. As Surayya gets both feet under her, still doubled over in pain, he charges across the ring with a running high knee!

VASSA: “Irish Knowledge! Surayya Karim just got a little education!”
CJ drops and hooks the leg. The official swoops in for the count.
CJ jumps to his feet as Cyrus ducks under the rope. The referee raises both men’s arms.

POWERS: “And here are your winners, from Boardwalk Wrestling, the teaming of CJ O’Donnell and Cyrus Riddle, The Distinguished Archetypes!!!”
JOHNSON: “Alexxa and Surayya put up a good fight and did their home promotion proud, but it will be Cyrus and CJ that move on to round two of the 4CW Tag Team Title tournament.”
VASSA: “After a short rest these two will be facing the winners of the last match, Dos Naciones, in round two.”
Cyrus collects his shades, jacket, and most importantly the Atlantic City Title before making his way backstage. On the opposite side of the ring CJ O’Donnell celebrates his win with Julliet Brooks, who hands him the Internet Championship, which he holds high overhead.


POWERS: “The following Contest is Scheduled for One Fall. Introducing first, a debut in 4 Corners…From Seattle, Washington!! “The Deathbringer!” NOOOOOVAAA WOOOOONNNNNDEERRRRR!!!”
The lights in the arena go to complete darkness. The almost eery, lullaby-sounding entrance chimes to “Sex Metal Barbie” began to play over the PA system before the beat began to pick up and the heavy guitar riff accompanied the big screen video of Nova Wonder. A slight, sparkly slither could be seen on the stage, getting a clamor from the crowd. A pulsing silver light ominously begins to flicker in the arena, its pattern mimicking a heartbeat.
“Excuse me can you tell me what you’ve heard about my life?
Maybe a dirty little fairy tale, a girl of the night
I heard that I grew up filthy, a trailer park queen
Drop out pregnant statistical teen
I know you’ve heard about the bloody knife
About my daddy’s perfect virgin and my mother’s wife
You know I heard I don’t belong in this game
Still you hold your hands in the air screaming my name
Let’s go!”
At the sound of Maria Brink’s scream, a single, glowing, red eye emerges in the darkness. There’s just enough light to see Nova Wonder crouched on one knee, lifting her head and opening her eyes. One red glow in the dark contact is placed in, the other half of her face covered in a dystopian robot cybernetic half-mask. The spotlights all form into one at the turn of a dime, on the crouching Nova.
“Baby go ahead
I’ll be your hatred and your pain
This is killing us all
I don’t care if I fall
We’re the dying, we are the damned!”
Slowly – mechanically – she rose from one knee to two. Her head glancing at the ground, her feet shoulder width apart. Her long, blonde hair hides her already half-hidden face.

VASSA: “Ohhh my god…She is beautiful!”
“Baby go ahead
I’ll be the villain you can blame
I’ll be the belle of the brawl
Be the lust in us all
I’m the diva of the damned
I heard I don’t belong in this scene
Sex Metal Barbie, Homicidal Queen”
The guitar riff gets a little heavier, as she raised her head. The look on her face is one that is completely stoic, heavy black makeup on the contact-wearing eye. One hand raises, at a snail’s pace. Her fist unfurls, opening to reveal the tattoo on the inside of her right palm: the Illuminati pyramid, including its all-seeing eye. That hand furls back into a fist, then fingers pointed into a gun, pointed at the center of the ring.
“Excuse me can you tell me the worst thing you’ve heard about me?
Maybe that I’m a little harlot homicidal queen
You know I heard that I don’t belong in this scene
Sex, Metal, Barbie, Whore, attention fiend
You know I heard that I’m a hater’s dream
No class, White Trash – I’m so obscene
You know I heard that I should be ashamed
Still they hold their fists in the air screaming my name
Come on!”
Her pace down the ramp is slow and calculated, eyes focused on the ring in front of her. Everything seems methodical, from the slow pace of her breathing to each dragging step. At the foot of the ramp, there’s finally a break. A wicked grin curling her lips up to the sky.
“Baby go ahead
I’ll be the villain you can blame
I’ll be the belle of the brawl
Be the lust in us all
I’m the diva of the damned”
“The Deathbringer,” as she calls herself, gave a stern glance to the camera – allowing it to take in every intricate detail of her half-mask and the piercing glow of her single, red eye. A machine built for destruction is the best way to describe the robotic appearance of Nova Wonder. Climbing into the ring underneath the second rope, she retreats to one corner, resuming her crouching position with both arms outstretched and taking hold of the top rope, to pull herself up at the toll of the bell. “Sex Metal Barbie” faded off into the distance as the lights slowly returned to normal.

JOHNSON: “Are you ok?”
VASSA: “I found the woman I want to marry!! Look at her!”
JOHNSON: “I see and you’re looking at her like Homer Simpson looks at Donuts…It’s borderline scary…”
VASSA: “Newman better not hurt her!! I will dump super glue in one of his masks..”
“22 Faces” by Periphery blasts out through the arena as the lights all dim.

POWERS: “And her opponent..Residing in Prospect, Connecticut! The Former 4CW Extreme Television Champion! RRRED PIIIOOONNNEEERRR!!!”
The camera pans around the ramp and the arena, searching for The Red Pioneer. From out of nowhere the spotlight shines into the crowd, and we see him sitting next to a couple of fans that didn’t see him move there while the lights were out. Once he has been spotted, the crowd breaks into a roar of cheers, and Red makes his way through the masses toward the ring.

JOHNSON: “You sure you want to piss that guy off?”
VASSA: “Well…no, but he better not hurt her…All I’m saying!”
Once he leaps the barricade, he wastes no time sliding into the ring under the bottom ropes before running over to the far corner. Once there, he leaps up onto the second turnbuckle where he crosses his arms and nods at the crowd who continues to roar their near deafening approval for him. After a long pause, making sure the fans have had their opportunity to flash a few photos, he finally drops back to the mat and begins stretching before the match starts.

VASSA: “I might have to get involved here if things get ugly..”
JOHNSON: “Hahahaha! Yeah, I’d LOVE to see that! You go right on a head…I’ll call the action as Pioneer drains the Meat Sweats from your body as he whoops your ass!”
Nova stands across the ring staring at Pioneer. At the mask on his face as it stares back at her. The bell sounds and Nova bounces up and down before sliding to the right to begin the match. Pioneer walks as the two begin to circle up, line each other up for the opening grapple. They come in but Nova isn’t locking up, she drops to a knee and rounds Pioneer to his back. She grabs him from behind and transitions to a standing headlock. Pioneer grabbing her leg, lifts Nova up but the young lady flips back and lands on her feet. The crowd claps, giving their approval of her quick agility.

VASSA: “That’s just gorgeous!”
Max Newman tilts at his head, behind his mask he must be impressed because his hands slowly clap together at her ability to back flip. In a jolting moving, he bursts forward after her and grabs hold of her, walking her back against the ropes. With a handful of her hair, Newman takes two steps away from the ropes and flings her, flipping her forward with a Hair Whip. The crowd gives him an awkward mixture of celebration and boo. Ignoring them, he steps towards her and push kicks her to the head as she sits up on the canvas. She gives the referee a look for the hair pull but doesn’t have time to complain as the man known as Red Pioneer snatches her up. She fights back, throwing hooks into his sides in a wild flurry. As she gets to her feet, Newman cracks her with a headbutt and Nova drops down to one knee and pops back up. Pioneer scoops her up and slams her down with a Bodyslam.

JOHNSON: “He’s toying with her, showing her that debuting in 4CW is no walk in the park!”
VASSA: “That head butt was brutal…That poor face!”
Nova doesn’t stay down, she rolls out under the bottom ropes and snaps a glare back into the ring at Pioneer. As the referee approaches the ropes to begin her count, Nova Wonder pops up onto the ring apron. Pioneer doesn’t move, he stands back as she hurries back through the ropes trying to keep an eye on him. He walks to her calmly and with his arms down, she snaps up a Head kick that connects to the side of his head.
He wobbles and as if the eyes staring through the mask turn red, he rages and rushes at her. Clothesline attempt but Nova ducks under it, snatching up his arm and turning him around to face her. As he does, she jumps up, still holding his arm, throwing a foot up under the chin of his mask and connects with a “Come As Your Are” Eat Defeat. The crowd explodes, cheering for the new female on the roster!

VASSA: “You Go Girl! Get Him!!”
On his back, Pioneer shakes off the move. Pushing up Newman doesn’t have time to recollect himself as Nova runs in and hits a beautiful Shinning Wizard. She scrambles and covers Newman as the referee drops and makes the count.
She wasn’t surprised and springs into action as she gets to her feet. Rushing across the ring, hitting the ropes as Red Pioneer hurries to get up off the canvas. Nova comes off the ropes and flies into the air with Double Knees but Red Pioneer side steps the attack, Nova lands on her knees and rolls, springing up and grabbing hold of a corner. She spins around and Pioneer is at her, colliding into her with a Lifting Knee that connects to her midsection. Quickly he props her up so she is sitting on the top turnbuckle but he doesn’t leave her there, he pulls her off in a Suplex but snaps, hitting a Brainbuster. Nova’s neck bends as she plants into the canvas. He crawls, flips her onto her back and covers her, hooking a leg as the referee goes to it.

VASSA: “Oh thank ya Jesus!”
JOHNSON: “That was a close call for the debuting Nova Wonder! Pioneer seems to be educating Nova in this match though. How much more can she take?”
VASSA: “That’s NOT just a pretty face in there! She was a big deal in ECWF and we are LUCKY to have her! Heard nothing but good things!”
Pioneer pulls Nova up as he rises to his feet. He locks her arm behind her back in a Hammerlock and the fans go crazy knowing what he is setting up. He hooks in her head and slowly scans the audience. Nova pulls out of the headlock, twists back and slaps the dog shit out of the Masked Red Pioneer. He seems to be laughing as he turns his head back to her. She goes to slap him again, he grabs her hand and goes for a short arm clothesline but Nova bends back Matrix style. Pioneer spins around after the miss and Nova back springs, catching him by the head with a Head scissor Hurricanrana. The fans clap, cheering for the creative move from the new signing.

JOHNSON: “Wow! What a reverse Handstand Scissors into a–“
VASSA: “Who cares what it’s called, that was FANTASTIC!!”
JOHNSON: “Calm down! She is clearly harder to–“
VASSA: “I’m harder right now too!!”
JOHNSON: “………..”
Pioneer doesn’t seem impressed as he slaps the mat and pushes to his feet. Nova comes at him and swings a Middle Kick that hits him to his side. She swings out a second kick with the same leg, Pioneer catches it, reaching at her with his other hand and grabbing her at the throat. She knocks down his arm, pops up and catches him to the back of the head with an Enziguri. He stumbles forward as she falls and lands on all fours. She springs up, heading to the ring ropes. Coming off them with speed, Nova is met with a Shoulder Charge that slaps her hard down to the canvas. Pioneer drops with an Elbow but Nova rolls out of the way. They both scramble to get up. The fans cheer for their back and forth.
Quickly they both have the same idea and go for Dropkicks, touching feet but not doing any damage. They race once more to their feet and Pioneer claps her with a thrusting uppercut. She twists and stumbles a few steps, Pioneer comes in from behind, grabs her by the shoulder to turn her back to him, she breaks free of his hand and hits a Pele Kick that wobbles Red Pioneer before he belly flops into the canvas. She struggles to get him rolled over but makes the cover.

VASSA: “Oh that slow counting motherfucke–“
JOHNSON: “This is an Action Packed Contest!! With the Tag Tournament going on, this HAS to be the Singles Match of the Night! Might very well be the show stealer!!”
On her feet, Nova looks over at the turnbuckles and hurries through the ropes to the ring apron. She is quick to the top, standing over Red Pioneer’s seemingly lifeless body. She leaps off and comes down solid to the chest with a Double Foot Stomp. She bends at the knees and falls on her butt on him, turns over and hooks a leg to make another attempt at a pinfall. The referee goes in to slap the canvas…

VASSA: “GAWD Damnit!! That’s the same referee that officiated the CJ O’Donnell and Stevens match, he should have BEEN fired!!”
JOHNSON: “That was too close, the referee is not at fault for a kick out though. Stop being biased!”
She looks up at the referee before staring down at Pioneer while sitting on her knees next to him. He reaches up at her, she slaps away his hand and then rises to her feet. Turning away, she starts to break away in a speed but as she does, Red Pioneer pops up off the canvas and chases her. As she hits the ropes, he meets her and clotheslines her. Too short to go over the ropes, she just folds back and drops down against the ropes.
Pioneer goes into a kick mode with solid kicks to her chest and head. She sits wobbling on her knees with the ropes behind her as he cocks back one final kick, aiming it at her head. He takes his shot, from her knees she pops up to her feet and crashes an elbow into his masked covered face. It stuns him. Another and another sees Nova backing Pioneer up as his legs get shaky with each stumble back and each elbow smashed to his face. She spins and connects with a Jumping Clothesline that puts him to the canvas. A deep inhale as she flings over him and looks for the win.
Even the fans in attendance gasp at the kick out. Cheering follows at the battle being had between an established 4CW name and this newcomer.

JOHNSON: “I don’t expect Pioneer seen this fight coming! He knew of her past success but who could predict this fighting spirit? What a show!”
On her feet, Nova waves for Pioneer to get up. He moves slowly, standing at a tilt as he rises but the second he has his feet under him, he almost zombie like reaches out for her and she hits a Deep Arm Drag. He pops up, comes at her again and she hits a second Deep Arm Drag. Pioneer rolls out of the ring and falls under his own weight. The referee starts in on the count. Nova isn’t waiting as Pioneer pushes up on the apron, she rockets off the far ropes. Nova rushes back to the side of the ring where Pioneer is and she leaps and dives as he backs away from the ring. She comes down crashing into him with a Suicide Dive!

JOHNSON: “This is a Wrestling Clinic folks!!”
Both of them groggy on the outside as they slowly move around on the floors. The referee get to the count of 4 as Nova reaches up and pulls herself up using the ring apron skirt. Pioneer grabs her leg, she pulls free and Soccer kicks him right to the face of his mask and his head snaps back. She begins to crawl back into the ring and again Pioneer grabs her by the leg. He struggles but gets to his knee and then to his feet as Nova slides back out of the ring, restarting the count by the referee.
Max Newman throws a wide punch, Nova blocks it, grabs him at the back of his head and runs him head first into the steel ring post. He twirls and collapses onto the floor again and Nova hurries to enter the ring.

JOHNSON: “Nobody should want to win this way..”
VASSA: “I want her to win regardless of the means of victory. Oh…Look! Pioneer has blood! It’s seeping out from his mask!!!”
As he rises, he hugs the same ring post that he had been run in to. Dragging himself under the bottom rope, he reenters the ring but Nova Wonder is on him like stank on shit with stomping feet. Grabbing his right arm, the petite beauty begins to drag him more to the center of the ring. As she drops his arm, she breaks into a jog towards the ropes. Hits them with more bounce than spring and looks to hit a Cartwheel into a Split Legged Leg Drop but Pioneer moves out of the way and she lands in the splits. Arching as she grabs at her groin, Pioneer gets to a crawl position and throws a punch. Nova switching so she sits on her buttl, throws a punch back. The two trade a few blows while down on the canvas and the fans are loving it!
Newman slaps Nova so hard, his hand print is seen on her cheek. She rolls away from him and pushes up to her feet once again. He springs up from a Runner’s position and catches her, hitting a quick but vicious Exploder Suplex. Both of them lay on the canvas, breathing hard and Red Pioneer has blood pouring out from the holes and ends of his mask. The fans begin to chant, showing their support for the contest at hand.

(Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!!!)

VASSA: “Philly LOVES them some violence and this match is showcasing just that!”
Nova half out of it reaches out at Pioneer and he hooks her arm, sliding into position and applying an Armbar variation. She screams out in pain from the submission grapple, suddenly full of spirit as she bounces around, yanking to try and get her arm free as Pioneer arches back to tighten the hold. The referee checks her, asking her if she gives up and she screams NO!
Rolling over onto Pioneer, Nova tries to get a roll up pin but Newman kicks out before the pin can even be counted to 1. “The Deathbringer” scurries to get away and gets to her feet. Pioneer pushes off one knee as Nova leans on the far ropes. Newman huffs and puffs with deep inhales as the blood has trickled down onto his chest, it has stained the ring as he stares across at her.

JOHNSON: “They are both exhausted, both putting in more fight than either expected to have here tonight and both wanting, needing to find a victory here. WHO WILL WIN!? Anticipation is at an extremely high level!”
Roaring out like a wounded Lion, Red Pioneer breaks into a run directly at Nova Wonder. She uses the ropes, staying where she leans and lifts up a boot that catches Red Pioneer to the face. He twists in his upper body and collapses into the canvas as Nova keeps herself up with the ropes at her back. The loud crowd gets her excited, she climbs through the ropes, runs along the ring apron and climbs up to the top turnbuckle.

VASSA: “She’s going up!!”
Standing tall and high up on the turnbuckle, she has a hard time keeping her balance. This distracts her long enough for Red Pioneer to get up and bursts towards the corner. He runs up the corner going from right to left until he is up top with Nova. Hugging her, he shoves off and brings them both off the top ropes to the OUTSIDE with a HUGE Belly to Belly Suplex! The crowd goes bananas with celebration as the referee grabs his head not believing what just happened.

JOHNSON: “He…He just…Oh my gawd!!”
After giving them extra time before starting the count, the referee is still counting slowly. He reaches 7 before either of the competitors on the outside of the ring even move. Pioneer grabs his side as he rises, the blood filling his mask, he seems uncomfortable to the highest level. Bringing Nova up with him, she is almost a bag of bones, completely dead weight as he struggles to get her up before rolling her into the ring. He crawls under the ropes and again moves to his feet in a very turtle like speed.

VASSA: “Someone needs to get the EMTs down here pronto!”
JOHNSON: “Max Newman is losing a lot of blood and with that mask on, we’re not even sure how bad it really is!”
VASSA: “Pssh…I meant for her!”
Limping, holding one hand against his ribs, Red Pioneer moves to where Nova is laying. He stops at her side and signals for the end. Reaching down he goes to pull her up but Nova Wonder surprises him, grabs him, pulls him down to her and as he falls, she cradles him up, rolls him up with a Small Package and the referee rushes to slap the canvas.

The bell sounds and her music begins to play as Mike Powers gets on the microphone to make the official call.

POWERS: “Your Winner via Pinfall! IN her debut Match! NOVA WONNNNNDDEERRRR!!!”
Nobody inside the ring is celebrating. Both are left laying, breathing hard as the referee checks on them both. He signals for some help from the back as the fans lose their shit hooting and hollering at the finish, at the match itself.

JOHNSON: “Wow…just Wow!! What a match!”

Backstage, the cameras go live as Hopkins come strutting down the hallway full of theatrics to the music he was listening to as he was with his ring gear on and his ears covered with headphones as he stares down at his phone in hand. Hartman pops into his line of sight as Hopkins luckily goes to look up before walking into him. Pulling down his headphones, he places his phone into his pocket.

HARTMAN: ”Hops…Hops, quick word?”
HOPKINS: ”What’s good playa?”
Hartman shrugged his shoulders, nodding too all while holding a smile as he looked into the camera one time.

HARTMAN: ”Not much man, but I wanted to ask you how you’re feeling rolling into this gauntlet of tag team action tonight with your tag partner, Lo’Renzo Porter?”
Hopkins’s face lit up with a smile as he nodded his head, shaking his braids as he was up and ready for the night’s events, especially what was coming up real soon with he and Flipp’s tag match in the group against Jason and Tara Davidson.

HOPKINS: ”Fuu—Friggin psyched man. I’m hyped about it. Haven’t done much tag action in 4CW. Last tag action I believed I took part in was siding by the one and only Roxi Johnson, that was sick. It was wild and wonderful fam. But this, to be in this spot with a G’ like Flipp … It’s awesome and it’s going to be something no one ever expected. I have all but respect for our opponents tonight, but with the way we’re feeling about things … nobody gonna’ stop us from getting what we want. Call me cocky or whatever but I’m all in. Philly gonna love this!”
You can hear the raucous of fans cheer with Hopkins as he looks at Hartman.

HARTMAN: ”Everybody has their eyes on you, being you are one-half of the dynamic trio “The Dying Breed”. Being you were so successful in APW as Tag Team Champs and all, the experience, everyone wants to see you do it here.”
Rubbing his hands together, Hopkins pats both of his shoulders with each hand.

HOPKINS: ”Yeah…I pretty much expected there to be some heavy weight on my shoulders with the past success and all but this is 4CW. This isn’t the Dying Breed … This is “Flipp-Hop” and as funny as that ish’ may sound bruh … Flipp and I are looking to flip and hop all over the competition tonight. This is a new partnership and it’s going to be a fun one, trust me on that. The sky is truly the limit for us. I’m blessed. We’re blessed to be in this spot!”
Hopkins points upwards to the ceiling as he then pounds his chest.

HOPKINS: ”Things are going to be different and I like it. To quote a line from The Smashing Pumpkins … Yeah Gabriel, don’t look surprised, homie…”
Hartman did look at Hopkins a bit odd before quickly straightening his face, shaking his head with his hands up.

HOPKINS: ”Toooonnnnnnigggghttttttt …. TOOONNNIIGGHTTTTTTTTT!!! Tonight is the night man where a part of 4CW is going to change and Flipp and I will be the ones making that happen!”
The cameras swivel doing a slight three sixty as Lo’Renzo Porter is seen stepping up to Jair and Hartman.

FLIPP: ”What’s goody y’all?”
Lo’Renzo calls out before he and Hopkins daps each other up. Flipp reaching out and he and Hartman share a handshake.

FLIPP: ”You heard correct mannn….tonight is the night. It’s already been live so far so you know it’s only gone get better. I’m jus ready to get out there brah.”
HOPKINS: “The people are behind us, we know that. We just gotta go out there and go after it. Live this beautiful story. The Davidsons, Deadly Sins, and whoever else is left … They will find out just as everyone else will. We’re going to be a problem!”
HARTMAN: “Well said gentlemen. Much luck to you both out there tonight!”
FLIPP: ”Fashow G Hart it’s much appreciated. Flipp-Hop got you.”
HOPKINS: “Live and on-demand. We got you!”
Flipp and Hopkins walks on off, but daps up Hartman once more before taking off down the hall. Gabriel nods his head as he adjust his glasses. He sends it back to ringside after that!


The lights in the building dim as the crowd stands on its feet. Spotlights begin circling around in the crowd as the sound of “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown begins to blast.
“Freedom (La La La La)
Freedom (Follow Me)
Freedom (La La La La)
Cut it!”
The crowd explodes in a mixture of cheers and boo’s as Ascended Supremacy, Jason and Tara stand on opposite ends of the stage playing to the crowd before slowly making down the ramp towards the ring.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Miami, Florida, weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred fifty two pounds and representing High Octane Wrestling… Jason P. and Tara Davidson, ASCENDED SSUUPPRREEMMAACCYY!!!”
Jason sprints in front of Tara then slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring. Tara makes her way up the steel ring steps and walks along the ring apron. Tara blows a kiss out towards some of fans that are cat calling and whistling in her direction. Jason leans down on the middle rope as Tara seductively bends over and enters the ring. Each go to opposite corner and climb the turnbuckle. Jason and Tara pose for the crowd as their music slowly begins to die down.

VASSA: ”High Octane Wrestling in the house!”
JOHNSON: ”They sure are, Vinny. We have the HOW Tag Team Champions stepping into 4CW to represent. Jason P. Davidson is also the HOW World Heavyweight Champion. I want to say that these two are the highest decorated team in this whole tournament.”
VASSA: ”Are they really? Bryan Williams is a current Boardwalk Wrestling Tag Team Champion. Cyrus Riddle is the current Boardwalk Wrestling Atlantic City Champion. CJ O’Donnell is the current Boardwalk Wrestling Internet Champion. Ramona is one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions. Dakota Smith is the current 4CW Extreme Champion and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions.”
JOHNSON: ”This whole tournament is filled with champions from various wrestling promotions. So far we have Cyrus and CJ advancing to the second round later on tonight along with Bryan Williams and Aidan. That’s three of Boardwalk’s champions still in this thing with a chance to take home the grand prize. All they need to do is advance in their second round matches.”
VASSA: ”Ascended Supremacy has also held tag team gold in Boardwalk Wrestling. It’s safe to say that the majority of these people in this thing are familiar with each other.”
JOHNSON: ”You are correct, Vinny. Ascended Supremacy could make history in this thing and capture three of the “big four” tag team championships.”
VASSA: ”Well I’m excited to see how the rest of this tournament unfolds. I don’t know about you Steve, but this thing has really been exciting for me since the first match.”
JOHNSON: ”I’ve been excited as well. Let’s get our next team out here, representing 4CW we have Jair Hopkins and Lo’Renzo Porter.”
“Glory” by Lil Wayne begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in ty-die knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey DC wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling, raising his left hand to his face.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from St. Matthews, South Carolina, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, LO’RENZO PPOORRTTEERR!!!
He begins making his way down the ramp, pausing to sign a few autographs before continuing his way to the ring, slapping hands as he does. He steps inside the ring where he spins in a circle before coming to a knee in the center of the ring. He crosses his chest before looking up and looking out at the crowd to his right.
He jumps up to his feet, jumping up and down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters once more. He runs up a turnbuckle before faking the back flip he normally does, instead he points out to the crowd before saluting them, taking his bandanna from around his dreads and throwing it into the crowd. Setting up in his corner he closes his eyes for a few seconds before letting out a deep breathe, waiting for the match to begin.

The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds…
“How many start a journey, but never see the end
I never ask how, conceive it then speak in whens
A man will work his whole life to see his ego shed
I sew it up needle head all I need is thread
A team can only take it as far as its strongest leader
The streets are red, runnin with the blood of non-believers”
As “Fate” by Ces Cru came in, Hopkins appeared from the back as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.

POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred eight pounds, JAIR …. HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I’m out for action what the fuck are y’all about relaxin’?
They can doubt my sanity but never doubt my passion
And I don’t know why they deceive us, feed us lies mislead us
He who denies what he has seen is worse than blind believers
I just play the cards the way they’re dealt”
The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”Team 4CW, also know as Flipp-Hop is in the ring!”
VASSA: ”These two teaming up have really created a lot of hype. We didn’t get a chance to see these two in action together two weeks ago so tonight we’ll get to pop that cherry!”
JOHNSON: ”Since we were discussing championships earlier, I’d like to mention that Hopkins is a former 4CW Champion and Porter is a former 4CW Pride Champion. The depth in this tournament is unreal.”
VASSA: ”There are a lot of big name players still in this thing and I know at the end the team left standing will be well deserving of carrying the 4CW Tag Team Championships.”
After removing their respected championships, Jason and Tara hand them to members of the ringside crew on the outside. Talking amongst themselves, the two teams discuss game plans before both Jason and Flipp exit the ring and stand on the apron. With Tara and Flipp starting things off, the ref checks with each corner and receives the nod before throwing his hand in the air and signaling for the bell.
With the crowd waiting in anticipation, Hopkins and Tara slowly exit their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. Once standing only a few feet away from each other, the two then lock up in the center of the ring. Using his size to his advantage, Hopkins quickly overpowers Tara and backs her up across the ring. With her back resting against the ropes, he then delivers a swift knee to the stomach before locking onto her wrist and throwing her to the ropes across the ring. Waiting for Tara to hit the ropes, Hopkins then takes off from stand still and as the two meet in the center of the ring, Hopkins drops her to the mat with a dropkick to the chops.
Back on his feet, Hopkins wastes no time and pulls Tara up to hers. Lifting her up from her feet, he then throws her down to her back with a scoop slam. With Tara down on the mat, Hopkins then takes off for the ropes and leaps into the air. After planting his feet on the middle rope and springboarding off, Hopkins turns his body around and comes down with a leg drop.
At the last split second, Tara rolls out of the way, leaving Hopkins with nothing to break his fall as he crashes to the canvas. Up to her feet, Tara then goes on the attack and plants her foot into Hopkins’ lower back with a running kick. She then grabs him by the head with both hands and slowly pulls him up. After pulling him in closely, she then lifts him off his feet with a Northern Lights suplex and then bridges it for the pin as the ref slides in for the count.
After the quick kickout, Tara pushes herself up to her feet and then targets Hopkins’ legs with multiple stomps to them. Reaching down and locking onto his wrist, she then pulls him up to his feet before throwing him to her corner where Jason awaits. With Hopkins closing in on the corner, Jason sticks his knee through the ropes and plants it directly into Hopkins’ back as he crashes into the corner. Barely able to hold himself up, Tara then takes off from and runs towards him before leaping into the air and colliding into him with a flying elbow.
As Hopkins drops down to a seated position with his back against the corner, Tara and Jason slap hands to make the tag.

JOHNSON: ”The Davidson’s are off to a quick start tonight!”
VASSA: ”I thought things were going to head in a different direction to be honest. Hopkins took the lead quickly but in the blink of an eye the momentum changed after missing that springboard legdrop.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s always the risk when going for these high flying moves. Once you’re in the air, there really isn’t anywhere you can go but down if the opponent moves out of the way.”
VASSA: ”Thank you for that useful knowledge Captain Obvious!”
Climbing into the ring, Jason grabs onto the top ropes with both hands and then begins to stomp on Hopkins’ chest like a wild man. He then grabs Hopkins by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Keeping Hopkins in the corner, Jason then ducks down and lunges forward, driving his shoulder into Hopkins’ stomach. Jason then drags Hopkins away from the corner and to the center of the ring.
After turning him around, he then wraps his arms around Hopkins’ waist and locks his hands together. Lifting Hopkins up from his feet, Jason plants him into the canvas with a German suplex. With his arms still locked around his waist, Jason gets back to his feet and pulls Hopkins’ up as well. Lifting him up again, Jason slams him to the mat with another German suplex.

VASSA: ”Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen! I hope you have twenty two bottles of water nearby because this could take a while!”
Rolling back to his feet again and pulling Hopkins’ along for the ride, Jason then lifts him up for yet another German suplex. Just as Hopkins’ goes over his head, he somehow manages to slip out of Jason’s grasp and continues to roll, landing on his feet as Jason hits the mat. With the momentum behind him, Hopkins stumbles backwards and falls to the mat but as he does, he extends his arm behind him where Flipp is reaching over the top ropes to make the tag.

JOHNSON: ”There’s the tag!”
VASSA: ”Talk about perfect timing!”
JOHNSON: ”Breaking out of that German suplex couldn’t have happened at a better time. Luckily it was in the direction of his corner where Flipp was.”
VASSA: ”Maybe he planned it? Could have taken the second one on purpose knowing that he’s eventually going to be thrown in the direction of Flipp?”
Quickly climbing into the ring, Flipp races towards Jason before giving him the opportunity to get to his feet. Kicking his leg up, Flipp plants his foot into the side of Jason’s head, knocking him down from one knee and back to the mat. With Jason in a daze, Flipp grabs ahold of his head and rolls him over to his stomach before pulling him up to his feet. Lifting Jason up horizontally, Flipp then drops him across his knee with a backbreaker. After bouncing off Flipp’s knee, Jason rolls over and crashes to the mat face first.
Pushing himself up from one knee, Flipp stands over Jason for a moment before grabbing onto him and pulling him back up. Locking onto his wrist, Flipp then throws Jason to the ropes behind him. After coming back from the rebound, Jason ducks a clothesline and continues to run to the ropes in front of him. Jumping into the air, Jason springboards off the middle rope, spins his body around lays Flipp out with a springboard clothesline.

VASSA: ”Flipp didn’t see that coming!”
JOHNSON: ”Jason is quick on his feet and quickly turned things back around in his favor with the counter.”
With both men down, the two slowly crawl their separate ways. Getting to his feet first, Jason quickly heads to his corner to tag Tara in. Vaulting herself over the top rope, Tara enters the ring and rushes Flipp before he gets too far away. Grabbing ahold of his foot, she then lifts it into the air before slamming it back down, driving his knee into the mat. Climbing onto his back, she then grabs his leg and locks in a single leg crab. With the move secured, she then pulls back on it but unaware of what’s happening behind her. Climbing the corner, Hopkins stands at the top with his sights set on Tara. Leaping from the top, Hopkins flies in from an angle and plants his feet into the side of Tara’s head, knocking her off of Flipp with a dropkick. After hitting the mat, Hopkins then rolls towards the ropes before exiting the ring underneath the bottom one.
With Tara down and holding her head from the surprise attack, Flipp begins to crawl towards the ropes. Grabbing onto them with one hand, he then pulls himself up slowly with their assistance. Once up to his feet, he then turns Flipp turns back to Tara and moves in on her, showing a slight limp in his walking. Grabbing Tara by the head with one hand, Flipp pulls her up to her feet before pulling her in closely. After wrapping her up with both arms, Flipp then goes to lift her up for a belly to belly suplex but Tara quickly hooks her leg with his, keeping herself from being lifted. Thrusting her head forward, Tara connects with a headbutt to Flipp’s chin, breaking his hold and sending him stumbling backwards towards the ropes.
Catching himself on the ropes, Flipp shakes off the headbutt but then his eyes open wide as Tara charges towards him. Swinging with a clothesline, Tara misses as Flipp ducks underneath and then raises up, lifting Tara over his head and over the ropes. After grabbing onto the top rope, Tara turns her body around and lands her feet upon the apron. With Flipp walking away from the ropes and rubbing his chin, Tara patiently waits for the right time to attack. With Flipp slowly turning around to face her, Tara then jumps and pulls herself onto the top rope before leaping off with a flying crossbody. Quick on his feet, Flipp takes a step back and as Tara approaches, he grabs ahold of her and slams her downward while driving his knee upward into her stomach.

JOHNSON: ”Flipp with the reversal and gutbuster!”
JOHNSON: ”With that move Flipp can easily take control of this match. Tara looks to be in a world of pain right now.”
VASSA: ”I guess you could say that Flipp took her breath away?”
With Tara down on the mat, Flipp turns to his corner and slowly walks over to make the tag with Hopkins who is fresh and eager to get back into the mix. After slapping hands, Hopkins climbs through the ropes with his sights set on Tara. Pulling her up to her feet, Hopkins then delivers a stinging backhand chop across her chest. Knocking her back a step, he then hits her with another and another, backing her across the ring with each landing strike. He then steps in beside her and goes for a front face slam but before he can execute the move, Tara drives her elbow into the side of his ribcage.
Breaking the hold, Tara then kicks him in the side of the knee, forcing it to almost give out from under him. Grabbing Hopkins by the head with both hands, Tara then goes for a face buster but falls to the canvas alone as Hopkins pulls his head away. Tripping over his own feet, Hopkins falls backwards to the mat and smacks it hard. Pushing herself up, Tara then races towards Hopkins and goes for a headshot with her boot. Rolling out of the way, Hopkins avoids the blunt kick and then spins his body around and sweeps Tara’s legs right out from under her.
Back on his feet, Hopkins then leaps into the air and comes down with a knee drop to her chest. He then picks her up from the mat and lifts her onto his shoulders before dropping her back down with a Samoan drop. Rolling over to his stomach, Hopkins then goes for the quick pin as the ref rushes over from the other side of the ring for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Tara still has a lot of fight left in her after that kickout from the two count.”
VASSA: ”This match has been back and forth. Everyone is showing signs of fatigue. Hopkins may have not hit her with a big move but he just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to end this match once and for all.”
Shaking his head in disappointment, Hopkins pushes himself up without wasting anymore time. After pulling Tara up from the canvas, he then throws her to the ropes. After watching her come back on the rebound, Hopkins then bends over to flip her over his body but as he does, Tara kicks her foot up and plants it into his face, sending him flying through the air and down to his back. With Hopkins down and her out of breath, Tara makes her way towards the corner to make the tag with Jason.
Once entering the ring, Jason runs towards Hopkins and then hits him with a Senton splash across the chest. After rolling up to his feet, Jason then grabs ahold of his head and lifts him to his feet. Stepping in beside Hopkins, Jason then goes for a Russian leg sweep but as he falls back, Hopkins pulls himself away and leaves Jason going down by himself. Rolling over and pushing himself up in a rage, Jason then throws a haymaker but misses as Hopkins ducks underneath and fires back with a punch to the arm pit.
Hopkins then grabs ahold of Jason’s wrist and throws him across the ring towards the corner. After watching Jason crash against the corner, Hopkins then takes off towards him and leaps into the air. Planting both feet into Jason’s stomach, Hopkins then hits him with an overhead right before grabbing onto him and falling backwards. Pulling Jason down with him, Hopkins then shoots him into the air as he extends his legs and sends him flying to the center of the ring with a monkey slip.
Up to his feet, Hopkins then turns to the corner and takes off towards it. Once at the top, Hopkins then jumps off with a backflip and comes down with his moonsault foot stomp.

Rolling out of the way at the last split second, Jason avoids the foot stomp. He then climbs to his feet quickly and before Hopkins can turn around to face him, Jason kicks him in the back and sends him falling forward to both knees. Jason then grabs him by the head with both hands and slams it down into the mat. Climbing over Hopkins, Jason then grabs both of his arms and raises his upper body from the mat. After placing his foot on the back of Hopkins’ head, Jason then raises him up a bit more before thrusting his foot down and planting Hopkins’ face into the canvas with a curb stomp.

JOHNSON: ”Bow to the King!”
VASSA: ”I ain’t bowing to shit unless it’s Queen Banks and that’s because she is fine!”
JOHNSON: ”No, Vinny, that’s what he calls that curb stomp.”
VASSA: ”Whatevs!”
Jason then rolls Hopkins over and drags him closer to his corner where Tara awaits. Dropping down to both knees, Jason then makes the cover as the ref drops down for the count.
Climbing through the ropes, Flipp enters the ring and rushes across to break up the pin.
Leaping from the top of the corner, Tara wipes Flipp out with a flying crossbody as the ref slaps his hand across the mat one final time.

JOHNSON: ”Ascended Supremacy wins it! High Octane advances in the tournament!”
JOHNSON: ”This was unbel–“
VASSA: ”That was a fast count! I demand the match continue!”
JOHNSON: ”Too late for that, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I don’t give a shit! Flipp-Hop should be advancing in the tournament, not these HOW misfits!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny!”
“Cut the Cord” hits the speakers as Jason slowly rises to his feet. After walking over to help Tara, the two then make their way to the center of the ring where the ref then raises their arms into the air.

POWERS: ”Here are you winners, Jason P. and Tara Davidson, ASCENDED SSUUPPRREEMMAACCYY!!!”
The two then pulls their hands away from the ref and make their way to the ropes. Stopping for a short moment, they look back at Hopkins and Flipp still down on the mat before exiting the ring and grabbing their HOW championships from the ringside crew.

JOHNSON: ”No time for celebrating? I guess they’ll celebrate later tonight if they advance in the second round.”
VASSA: ”This is complete bullshit! That count was fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if Drew Stevenson paid the ref to get back at Flipp for that win over him a few weeks back.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t you think you’re exaggerating just a little bit?”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a few moments folks and give Vinny some time to calm down. We’ll be right back!”

CASHE: “Round one was good, we did our thing. Let’s refocus and move to the nex—”
Still covered in sweat from their match, Jason Cashe and Shadow move through the hallway backstage discussing their game plan for moving forward. Cashe suddenly stops, his eyebrows rise and his tongue ever so slightly glides across his bottom lip as Aidan Carlisle and Bryan Williams come around the corner on the way to the ring for their own match. Behind the team is Aidan’s ginger bodyguard, Liam O’Shea, and he is the first to notice the other pair, as Bryan and Aidan are deep in conversation.

LIAM: “This should be interesting…”
AIDAN: “What should? Oh…”
As her eyes fall upon Cashe Aidan changes the angle of her path to ensure they come face to face in the middle of the hall. Being the smart ass he is, he cracks a smile as she approaches. Liam and Shadow both go into big man mode, standing with their chests puffed out a little more than normal. A clear clash of titans if they ever competed. Bryan, who hasn’t witnessed the escalating tensions between Aidan and Cashe merely watches.

CASHE: “Aidan! Boy were you missed! We almost sent out a searc—aaahhhhgg!”
Without letting him finish Aidan chops Cashe right in the throat. The way her leg twitches suggests she almost decided to throw a knee into his face when he doubled over, but held back. Shadow doesn’t react at all, his eyes on glued on Liam, and vise versa. Williams bursts into a laughter as Cashe stands up, face red, hand on his own throat as he extends another to plead for her to not attack again.

CASHE: “That… Accchh…That was fucking rude!”
AIDAN: “You deserve that and a hell of a lot more. You think I don’t know all the shit you were talking behind my back while I was gone?”
CASHE: “…AAAHHHEEMM!! Okay, that’s a bit better…That hurt! One day Aidan… One day I’m gonna spank that ass!”
Rolling her eyes at the play on words, Aidan knew he meant it in both ways the comment could be interpreted. She was never going to let either go down. She steps in closer to make sure he hears her as she lowers her voice to speak.

AIDAN: “You know… In the right light you kind of look like Dakota Smith. It would be just awful if you got mistaken for him while you were skulking around and ended up with another missing tooth, or spleen. Now… I suggest you run along.”
CASHE: “Well I suggest I was already moving along and you stopped me… Figures, I knew you always had a thing for me!”
Aidan hauls her fist back like she is going to hit him again, but Cashe throws his hands up. To him a woman—even if he thought she was kind of manly—shouldn’t be hit or hurt outside of the ring. One day he knew they might face off, and in a match he’d have no problems locking up. But here, in the backstage area? He would be her punching bag if that’s what she was going to do.

AIDAN: “You fucking disgust me…”
She throws her shoulder into his as she passes between him and Shadow. Shadow just steps out of her way but Cashe exaggerates the shoulder charge and falls back into the hallway wall. Liam steps up in front of Shadow, sizing him up for a few moments before moving around the man from Denton. Bryan is still having himself a good chuckle at the whole situation as he walks away with his partner. As they leave Cashe whistles through his gapped teeth as he steps away from the wall and looks over at the bigger man.

CASHE:“Dakota should have finished the job… My throat hurts… That bitch.”
Though the others have disappeared around the corner, the shout that follows is easily heard.

AIDAN: “I heard that!”
Back handing the chest of Shadow, Cashe continues—quickly—in the direction they had started in. They turn a corner and the scene comes to a close.



Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC rocks the house as out comes Francis “Freedom” Dart and “Public Enemy #1 Drew Stevenson to roar of thunderous boos shaking the arena to it’s core. Freedom and Drew are both wearing Gold Standard t-shirts and matching gold and black ring gear.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing to the ring, we have Francis “Freedom” Dart and “Public Enemy Number One” Drew Stevenson, GOLD SSTTAANNDDAARRDD!!!”
Dart stops and makes fun of the guy wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey while Drew just laughs pointing out how overweight the fat guy is. They both circle the ring like rapid dogs firing each other up before going to the ring. Drew gives the Gold Standard sign as Freedom flips the crowd the bird putting them into a booing frenzy.

JOHNSON: ”Well that isn’t nice.”
VASSA: ”I think it’s hilarious!”
JOHNSON: ”This is the first time we get to see the team of Gold Standard in tag team action and boy do they have a tough one ahead of them.”
The lights in the arena darken, turning a deep shade of red so that only the most vague outlines of objects can be made out. Towards the side entrance a single strobe light is going off. The opening lines of Tech N9ne’s “Straight Out The Gate” begins, sung by what sounds like a chorus of children.
“Together we are,
A powerful force,
As one, mind, body and soul.
Let no evil enter nor attempt to reduce us because of the beliefs we hold,
And with this love, combined with our strength,
We ward off pain and stress.
Sinner I am, wholeheartedly, in life and in death.”
The stage lights come up illuminating Ramona Epps. With the 4CW Tag Team Championship around her waist, she then proceeds down the ramp with a wave of boos crashing down upon her. Changing views to a shot over the crowd, various signs are seen within the mix.

Changing back to the entrance stage, Dakota Smith then walks out from the back with the 4CW Extreme Championship around his waist and 4CW Tag Team Championship dragging the floor from his hand hanging by his side.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring, they are the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Ramona Lee Epps and Dakota Smith, the DEADLY SSIINNSS!!!”
“…now your the beast awakener,
I don’t think the streets are safer!
My misery seepin’ through my delivery,
Bitter we givers and they keep my figures don’t try to nigga me.
The grave digger is hither he is no kidder see,
Consider the dark energy, sinner her be inner me!”
Smith enters the ring first, just rolling under the bottom rope and across the mat while Ramona hops onto the apron, climbing in after. They share a long glance between the two, Ramona showing signs of concern after recent events earlier in the night. Dakota then throws the Tag Team championship onto the canvas before turning to the corner and ascending to the top. Removing the Extreme Championship from his waist, he then raises it above his head before locking eyes on a sign close by and pointing towards it.
Hopping down from the corner, Dakota stares down Ramona, forcing her to take a few steps back unsure of what to expect. He then drops the Extreme Championship to the floor outside of the ring. The referee then walks over to them. After picking up one championship from the mat, he then puts his hand out as Ramona slowly removes the other from her waist. After handing the ref the championship, Ramona takes a few more steps away from Dakota, creating a little distance between the two. Back in the center of the ring, the ref then raises the championships above his head and displays them to the crowd on each side of the ring. He then walks to the edge of the ring and reaches over the ropes, handing them to a member of the ringside crew.

VASSA: ”Things are looking a little rough within the Sins.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know if you were paying attention earlier, Vinny, but Dakota pretty much turned his back to Brennan in his title defense.”
VASSA: ”He also saved Brennan from being beaten into a bloody pulp by the hands of Cyrus Riddle.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s one way to look at it. One thing is for certain, there is obviously a little distrust between the two right here and now.”
Talking amongst themselves, Drew and Freedom go over a game plan before Drew steps through the ropes and onto the apron. On the other side of the ring, Ramona and Dakota stare at each other before Dakota just points for her to stand on the apron. After a short pause, Ramona climbs through the ropes and stands away from Dakota who is in the corner leaning against it. Checking with Freedom, the ref quickly gets the nod. He then turns to Dakota who just stares back, licking his lips. After a long stare between the two, the ref just decides to go with the flow and then slowly raises his hand in the air. He then swings it downward to signal for the bell.

JOHNSON: ”Let’s get down to business. The 4CW Tag Team Championships are on the line!”
VASSA: ”There’s a lot of bad chemistry between Mona and Dakota right now. Hopefully they can work past this, they better if they plan to retain and advance.”
JOHNSON: ”I guess we’ll ju–“
VASSA: ”The Butcher has been unleashed!”
Racing across the ring in a blur, Dakota charges towards Freedom, catching him off guard. Swinging with an overhead right hand, Dakota barely misses Freedom’s head and slams it down on top of the turnbuckle padding. After setting his feet from the side step dodge, Freedom wraps Dakota up and then lifts him up from his feet and plants him into the canvas with a German suplex. Back up to his feet in a hurry, Freedom doesn’t give Dakota any time to recover as he then goes on the attack with kicks to the ribs.
Freedom then grabs Dakota by the head and rolls him over to his stomach before pulling him up to his feet. After pushing Dakota into the corner, Freedom looks on as Drew reaches across the ropes and wraps him up, trapping his arms. Freedom then clinches his fist into a ball and lunges forward, hitting Dakota across the jaw with power punch. Not letting go, Drew keeps his hold on Dakota as the ref rushes in and begins the five count for him to break the hold.

Freedom then swings again and cracks him across the jaw, this time harder than before.
Freedom then unloads with a series of punches to Dakota’s stomach, body crushing blows one after the other.
“Three! … Four! … FI–”
Drew releases his hold of Dakota, breaking the refs five count. Stumbling forward, Dakota falls into Freedom’s arms. Locking his hands behind Dakota’s back, Freedom then lifts Dakota up from the canvas and tosses him over his head with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

JOHNSON: ”Gold Standard is off to a quick start tonight as they’ve already managed to do a little number on the Extreme Champion, Dakota.”
VASSA: ”I’ve seen this guy take more of a beating and smile the entire time. This is nothing for him.”
Pushing himself up from the mat, Freedom looks at Dakota for a minute before turning his attention to Drew. The two then slap hands and initiate the tag. Quickly swapping places, Freedom moves to the apron as Drew enters the ring. Not wasting any time, Drew closes in on Dakota. Reaching down and grabbing ahold of his head with both hands, Drew lifts Dakota up from the mat and stands him up.
He then bends Dakota over and wraps his arms around his waist with his head to the side of his leg. Lifting Dakota up into the air, Drew goes for a gut-wrench powerbomb but before he can slam Dakota down, Dakota wraps his arm around Drew’s head and drives his face into the canvas with the reversal DDT. Rolling across the mat, Drew holds his head, feeling the after effects of the move. Meanwhile, Dakota looks up at the ceiling, still on his back but catching his breath.
Rolling over to his stomach, Dakota slowly pushes himself up. Noticing Drew to the side of him, Dakota takes a few quick steps towards him before leaping into the air and planting his feet into his lower back with a double foot stomp. Dakota then mounts himself on Drew’s back and unloads with multiple punches to the back of the head. He then grabs Drew’s head with both hands and begins to slam his face into the mat over and over until finally being satisfied.
Standing back to his feet. Dakota walks around the ring, stalking Drew as he slowly pushes himself up to all fours. Dakota then takes off running towards him and flips him over to his back after a knee lift to the face. Dakota then lifts Drew up from the mat and throws him to the corner where Mona patiently waits, watching the action but keeping her sights set mainly on Dakota. After slamming into the corner, Drew holds himself up with the top ropes but before he knows it, Dakota is right there charging at him and flying in the air, delivering a dropkick below the belt.

VASSA: ”Come on Dakota!”
JOHNSON: ”That was an obvious low blow and the ref doesn’t seem pleased.”
Quickly rushing over, the ref stands between Dakota as he gets back to his feet and Drew who is down on the canvas. Backing Dakota across the ring to the corner to Ramona’s left, the ref gives him a warning. After laughing it off, Dakota then shoves the ref out of the way and runs towards Drew. Leaping into the air, Dakota comes down with a drop kick to the back of Drew’s head, pressing his face into the mat.
Slowly climbing to his feet, Dakota turns to Ramona. Hesitant to offer her hand for the tag, Ramona stands on the apron, unsure of what to do. Dakota then extends his hand for the tag. Leaving him hanging for a moment, Ramona then extends hers but as she does, Dakota draws his hand back and then swings it forward, slapping hers and cutting over the crowd with the flesh stinging sound. Pulling her hand close to her body, Ramona holds it with the other while looking back at Dakota with a look of fear in her eyes.
Dakota then climbs through the ropes just feet away from her and as he does, she quickly enters the ring, keeping a distance between the two. Moving to the other side of Drew, Ramona keeps her eyes locked on Dakota as he stares back at her from the floor below. She then reaches down and grabs Drew by the arm and shoulder. Pulling him up slowly, she continues to look at Dakota on the outside. Once up to his feet, Drew takes advantage of the situation and pushes her away. After finally turning her attention to him, Ramona gets met with an eye rake. Stumbling backwards, Ramona feels her back hit the ropes and uses them to adjust her footing.
The ref then rushes in and gives Drew a warning for the eye rake while backing him in the corner across the ring. With his hands held up as usual, Drew acts as if he did nothing wrong. After listening to the ref for a few moments, he then nods his head and adjusts the waist band of his pants. With the ref finally stepping out of his way, Drew then moves in to Ramona who doesn’t have the slightest clue of him closing In. Catching her off guard, Drew grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her way from the ropes, running towards the corner across the ring. Once in range, Drew then throws her forward, sending her crashing stomach first into the corner.

JOHNSON: ”Ramona is still temporarily blinded by that eye rake moments ago.”
VASSA: ”Drew’s taking full advantage of the situation. He has her right where he wants her.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s in a bad spot with her back to him and trapped in the corner.”
Grabbing Ramona by the back of the head, Drew then slams it forward, face first into the top of the turnbuckle. Holding her up, he then turns her around and slams her back against the corner with force. Grabbing onto the top rope, Drew then lifts his leg up and places his foot onto her throat. Using the ropes as leverage, Drew then begins to choke Ramona with his foot as the ref quickly rushes over to start the five count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–”
Removing his boot from her throat, Drew breaks the five count before being pushed away and backed into the corner across from where Freedom looks on in amusement. Holding his hands up and acting innocent like always, Drew disagrees with the ref that an illegal move was being made. After hearing the refs warning, Drew then turns to Freedom with a smile on his face and the two slap hands, initiating the tag right in front of the ref.
Climbing into the ring, Freedom slowly walks towards Ramona with cockiness in his steps. He then grabs ahold of her arm and drags her away from the corner. Pulling her in closely, Freedom then sets her up for a T-bone suplex, throwing her over his head and down to the mat with a thud. After crashing into the canvas, Ramona rolls towards her corner where Dakota leans over the top rope, reaching for the tag. Fighting through the pain, Ramona drags herself across the mat, inching her way towards Dakota.
Taking notice, Freedom rushes towards her and grabs ahold of her foot. Pulling her away from the corner where Dakota reaches for the tag, Freedom opens himself up for a shot to the stomach from her free foot. After stumbling backwards with the air knocked out of him, Ramona then crawls even faster to the corner where Dakota still waits for the tag. Reaching as far as she can, she comes only inches short of Dakota’s hand. Finding a burst of energy, Ramona then lunges forward for the tag but just as her hand comes close to contact, Dakota quickly pulls his back, leaving her hanging and swatting only air for the tag.

VASSA: ”Dakota didn’t make the tag! He left Ramona hanging in the ring! What is he doing?!”
JOHNSON: ”The tag could have clearly been made but Dakota pulled his hand back! What is going on?!”
Looking at Dakota in disappointment and abandonment, Ramona drops her face to the canvas as the feelings start to sink in. Back in the picture, Freedom grabs Ramona by the hair with both hands and lifts her up from the mat. He then throws her across the ring, ripping strands of her hair out as her head detaches from his hands and she flies across the ring. Looking down at his fists full of hair, Freedom cracks a smile but is then interrupted as the ref catches him off guard and backs him into his corner across the ring.

VASSA: ”The ref doesn’t look too happy with the use of the hair right there.”
JOHNSON: ”Why would he be? It’s clearly illegal and even Francis knows that!”
Giving the ref a hard time, Freedom argues with him as Drew chimes in with words from the apron. With the ref distracted, Dakota then climbs through the ropes and sets his eyes on Ramona. Helping her up to her feet, Dakota walks her towards their corner, comforting her. Noticing that the ref is still occupied, Dakota then pulls her head down and wraps his arm around it. After hooking her leg, Dakota then lifts her up as if going for a Fisherman’s suplex and then slams her to her back with a sit-out spinebuster.

JOHNSON: ”Dakota just laid her out with the Deadman Wonderland!”
VASSA: ”It’s official, he’s turned on the Sins!”
JOHNSON: ”What is going on here!!!”
Rolling out of the ring underneath the bottom rope, Dakota leaves Ramona laid out unconscious in the ring. He then picks up his Extreme Championship from the floor and begins to make his way around the ring and towards the ramp.
Looking on in confusion, Drew and Freedom scratch their heads at the sight of what just happened. With the ref finally backing away from the warning, the two continue to watch Dakota as he makes his way up the ramp. Freedom then turns his attention back to Ramona and then looks over to Drew. The two then shrug shoulders as Freedom slowly makes his way to Ramona.

VASSA: ”Wait a second!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s Devlin! He’s coming out here after that horrific sight.”
VASSA: ”I think he’s going for Dakota!”
With the crowd erupting in cheers for the anticipated fight, Drew and Freedom turn to face the ramp where Devlin and Dakota approach each other. Holding his arms out to the side, Devlin acts surprised and questions Dakota’s motives. After standing there for a moment, Dakota then grabs the championship with his other hand, gripping it tightly with both and then lunges forward, clocking Devlin in the face with the belt.
Falling to the ramp, Devlin crashes onto the metal with a thud. Dakota looks down at him for a few brief second before spitting on him once more as the crowd erupts with cheers. Dakota then walks up the ramp towards the back as Drew begins laughing at the sight of Devlin laid out. After sharing a few laughs with Drew, Freedom then turns back to Ramona who is still out cold. He then places one foot on her chest with a cocky look on his face as the ref sweeps in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”The Deadly Sins have been eliminated!”
VASSA: ”Gold Standard advances!”
JOHNSON: ”Not only do they advance but they are now the new 4CW Tag Team Champions!”
VASSA: ”With the Sins dismantled, we have a new powerhouse faction in 4CW. Gold Standard is going to be a force to be reckoned with!”
“Dirty Deeds” hits the speakers as Drew enters the ring and walks over to congratulate Freedom. The two celebrate for a brief moment before the ref hands each a championship belt and then raises both of their arms in the air.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners and new 4CW Tag Team Champions, GOLD SSTTAANNDDAARRDD!!!”
Snatching their arms away from the ref, the two then walk to opposite sides of the ring and climb the corners. Looking over the crowd to a wave of boos with some cheers mixed in given who they defeated, the two raises the championships into the air, soaking in the moment.

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s it for the first round of the tag team tournament. These two will meet Ascended Supremacy in the main event and yes, the championships will be on the line.”
VASSA: ”I knew tonight was going to be big but I had no idea what was in store for us. Dakota has completely ripped apart the Sins and devoured them right before our eyes tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Now that Cyrus is in 4CW, what does that mean? He’s currently not under contract but him and Dakota have a history together. Could be foreshadowing things to come?”
VASSA: ”That’s an excellent question, Steve. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer.”
JOHNSON: ”We obviously have a mess here at ringside and in the ramp. We’re going to go backstage for a few moments while we get things cleaned up.”

The cameras switch backstage, finding none other than Dakota Smith, who had walked out on his match and (former?!) partner. Smith has an amused sort of smirk on his face, but viewers can only guess what he might be thinking, if they dare.
As Dakota comes to a T in the hallway, he suddenly doubles over. A glint of movement is seen, and then he goes down hard. A few moments later, Aidan Carlisle steps around the corner, a length of steel pipe in her hand. She twirls the pipe once before cracking Dakota in the side with it.

AIDAN: “I told you to grow a second set of eyes. Now stand the fuck up.”
Dakota rolls onto his back slowly, laughing the whole time.

DAKOTA: “Well hello there beautiful.”
AIDAN: “Shut up!”
She swings the pipe into his side again.

AIDAN: “Stand up and fight!”
DAKOTA: “Fuck you.”
AIDAN: “I said get up, you sick little fuck! You wanted a fight, now you have one!”
Dakota continues to laugh as a sickened look crosses Aidan’s face. She glares down at the Extreme Champion, throwing one booted foot right into his face.

AIDAN: “Well I’m right here.”
DAKOTA: “And it’s fucking glorious! Look at you… The anger flowing through your veins… You’re glowing my sick little rabbit… Simply glowing.”
AIDAN: “Shut up! Stop fucking talking and stand up, you bitch!”
Aidan screams as she swings the pipe into the side of Dakota’s knee, much like the shot with a wooden board that had left her limping for the past few weeks. He growls for a moment after the impact, but it turns right back into his deep, macabre laughter.

DAKOTA: “Come on babycakes, I know you can do better than that. I’m not even half hard yet. A little to the left next time.”
Without hesitation Aidan drives the weapon into the side of his leg again.

DAKOTA: “Mmm, yeah, just like that.”
The Butcher’s laughter only dulls slightly as Aidan plants her foot across his throat, holding him in place as she draws the pipe back above her head with the other hand. Just before she can bring the steel crashing down into Smith’s face, and arm wraps around Aidan from behind. The party in question turns out to be none other than Dakota’s other former(?) partner, Cyrus Riddle, who traps Aidan against the opposite wall with his larger body.

CYRUS: “That’s quite enough, don’t you think?”
AIDAN: “No! Get off of me!”
For a moment Aidan seems to consider swinging the pipe back at Riddle as well. Still lying on the ground, Dakota’s maniacal laughter continues at the new development.

CYRUS: “No! Not until you drop the pipe.”
AIDAN: “Get out of my way, Cyrus. This right here doesn’t concern you.”
CYRUS: “Oh, but it does, and I’m not moving, not for anything.”
LIAM: “I beg t’ differ.”
The previously absent Liam O’Shea grabs Cyrus by the back of the shoulder, pulling him off Aidan and drawing his other fist back in the same motion. He hesitates, however, and keeps his eyes on Aidan.

CYRUS: “What’s wrong, mate? Trouble with the follow through? Might want to give that swing some thought.”
Lowering the pipe with hesitation of her own, Aidan puts her other hand on Liam’s chest, pushing him back slowly.

AIDAN: “One thing at a time. Tonight is my night. Dakota first.”
As soon as Liam lowers his fist, Carlisle quickly steps out from between the two. Moving with the impressive speed she is known for she lunges at Smith with the intent of finishing what she had started. Dakota’s laughter is practically gleeful at the scene.

CYRUS: “Ah, fuckinell!”
Cyrus reaches out just as quickly, grabbing Aidan by the back of her ring gear and hauling her back so forcefully that he pulls her off of her feet and she lets go of the pipe. Liam throws himself into Riddle for touching his girl and Aidan flies at Dakota again as though she had never been interrupted. Straddling the Butcher at the waist she throws her fists into his already bleeding face over and over again, screaming with each shot.
The other two men get back to their feet. Cyrus looks to Aidan and Dakota. Liam capitalizes on the distraction, snatching him by the front of the shirt with his left hand, driving him back into the wall.

LIAM: “It’s about time yeh and I had a little talk.”
Liam gets inches away from Cyrus, but Riddle just smirks as Liam raises his fist, brings it back, and prepares to drive it into Cyrus’ face.

CYRUS: “Fuck off ya pale wanka, there’s nothing to discuss.”
As Liam gets ready to unload, Riddle sees Aidan staring at them out of the corner of his eye and points to his chest, which registers with Aidan immediately. The furious woman pales ever so slightly.

AIDAN: “Fucking A.”
Practically unable to believe she’s giving up her chance, she throws herself off of Dakota, giving him a parting kick to the ribs. In one fluid motion she moves from the crouched position, picks up the steel pipe—just in case—and puts herself between Liam and Cyrus again. Liam barely manages to stop his fist in time, but the fact doesn’t even phase her.

LIAM: “What the hell are yeh doing woman?!”
AIDAN: “Enough! Just… enough! We’re done here.”
CYRUS: “Yeah, Liam, listen to your master. There’s nothing here for you, mate.”
Cyrus straightens up his shirt and looks at Liam with a smug expression. Aidan grits her teeth at the taunting. She puts her hands on either end of the length of pipe and shoves it across Liam’s chest to push him backwards.

AIDAN: “Ignore it. Just ignore it.”
DAKOTA: “Yeah, ignore it like the cunt ignores you, bitch boy. Just follow her example.”
The backward progress down the hall is awkward and slow as Aidan tries to keep Liam from Riddle and O’Shea simultaneously tries to keep Aidan from Dakota.

CYRUS: “Oh, and Liam! Don’t let the fact that she’s backing you up cut too deep.”
Riddle and Dakota laugh tauntingly, which enrages the Irishman some more while Aidan keeps to her plan of separating them all. However, for a moment she obviously considers just setting him loose, or perhaps even joining him. She comes to a stop suddenly, though, as Dakota speaks again.

DAKOTA: “Hey, Aidan… …I love you.”
Aidan screams something profane as she turns on her heel, a white-knuckled grip on the steel pipe as she tries to throw herself at Dakota again. Liam snatches her back with both hands, lifting her off of the floor to make it harder for her break free. Despite the ample size difference, the feisty brunette is obviously giving the big man a challenge. Dakota’s cackling echoes through the hall as Cyrus pulls him away as well. The two members of Omerta disappear back around the corner, the sound slowly fading.

AIDAN: “Get back here you son of a bitch!”
LIAM: “Come on, come on. Another time. Let’s go find your partner.”
The former Pride Champion slowly begins to regain her composure as the cameras return to ringside.

JOHNSON: ”Fantastic event we have here at 4CW tonight, as our matches thus far have no doubt proved. We would now like to take this chance to play the following video. A promotional video that seems to have come from road agent Tommy Knox himself. We got ourselves… a certain wrestler named Emmanuel Clay debuting next week it seems!”
VASSA: ”Yet another young talent joining the company. Fascinating.”
JOHNSON: ”This merely proves the reputation of 4CW as one of the best professional wrestling promotions in the world. People from all over are starting to tune in, and it’s all thanks to the likes of Perry Wa— oh! The video is starting!”
The entire arena goes dark as the live crowd turns to face the main screens. Slight static appears before the video starts playing. The crowd starts to buzz with excitement. Nothing can be seen on screen at first, but gradually, a dark-skinned young man appears in the middle of an empty room, his back facing the camera.

JOHNSON: ”That must be our next superstar. I wonder what is in store for us here.”
A few seconds pass before he turns around. The live crowd gasps at the sight of the big man. His muscles bulge menacingly from the wrestling singlet he’s wearing. Easily weighing at least 300 pounds, Emmanuel Clay is built like a brick house. Clay looks directly at the camera before speaking.

CLAY: “I’ve spent most of my life toiling for a living. I’m not the son of a rich man, neither am I rich myself. I’m not a college graduate from some fancy college. What I am, however, is a man with a dream. A dream to make it big in the professional wrestling circuit. A dream to feed my family. A dream to make my loved ones proud. And it is here in the 4CW where I am going to kickstart that dream.”
The crowd claps loudly, Clay’s words striking a chord within their hearts. A soft ‘CLAY!’ cheer goes out from the fans – a positive sign is nothing else. The big man strides up towards the cameras, before stopping mere inches away from the screen.

CLAY: ”My name is Emmanuel Clay, and come next Underground, this man with a dream will be making his debut in 4CW. Get ready.”
The recording abruptly cuts to black, eliciting yet another round of cheers from the fans. A short and sweet video – enough said. A quick scan around the crowd reveals that the majority of them seem thrilled at the thought of Clay joining the promotion, with more than a few wondering about his in-ring capabilities.

JOHNSON: ”Strong words from an imposing figure. Well, I think I speak for 4CW when I say that I simply cannot wait to see what this man can do in the ring. I dare say the fans approve of his message, but will Clay and his dream withstand the rigours of 4CW?”
VASSA: ”Promising, but this could be a flash in the pan. We have had wrestlers who seemed like the next messiah join 4CW, only to flame out within a week or two. Only time will tell if Emmanuel Clay can make it big here. He’s a big boy though, I’ll give you that much.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed. We’ll just have to wait and see who he’ll be booked against in his debut. Expect to hear more from management in time to come. But until then, Adrenaline is swinging in with more action, so viewers, do stay tuned!”
The cameras start to fade to black before going to an advertisement.


JOHNSON: ”Up next we have round two of the tag team tournament!”
VASSA: ”This is primed to be a good one!”
JOHNSON: ”Jason Cashe and Shadow will team together against Aidan Carlisle and Bryan Williams.”
VASSA: ”I’ve been thrilled about this matchup since the second tag match was over. Too bad it can’t be an opener.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s one of our co-headline matches. Enough with us talking about it, let’s get down to business!”
The arena goes quiet at first while the lights dim. Everyone trembles with excitement as they know what is coming up next.
Brilliant lighting dances as two explosions rip across the stage as Shadow emerges from backstage to the flashing black and white lighting scheme. His long leather duster flaps behind him as the fogmachine blows the billowing smoke back. White flames burn from the ring posts like torches as Shadow strolls down the ramp. The fans cheer for him wildly as Trip the Darkness continues.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from Denton, Texas, standing fix feet, eleven inches tall and weighing in at two hundred ninety nine pounds… SHADOW!!!”
Shadow slides under the bottom rope and pushes himself up to his feet. He raises one arm high over head the already burning flames burst up from the ring posts in an explosion. The color scheme returns to normal as Shadow paces around the ring, removing his duster. He stops pacing as he removes his sunglasses. The fans screaming loudly while he does.

The Country beat rolls into the Theater as Jason Cashe comes almost sliding out from the back with a smile on his face and a dip in his step as he hears the place give him both Jeers and Cheers. Depending on the opponent more one than the other but he takes it all in, deeply inhaling the air with his head tilted back and his eyes closed at the edge of where the stage meets the entrance ramp.

POWERS: “From Houston, Texas! He is the Former three time 4CW Champion….”THE TROUBLED” JAAASSOOON CAAAAASSSHE!!!”
“Another day on the grind for a couple cents.
I kiss goodbye to my relevance.
Work throws stone while I ride the fence,
I’m old and old enough to bring up something that makes sense.
It’s like I’m livin in a war zone.
And they can write it on my tombstone.
Here lies a man who don’t cry,
With ash on the feet in front pillars held high!
I’ve been up
And I’ve been down.
But my place ain’t on the ground.
I’d rather me death on my feet,
Life on my knees.
Trouble ain’t nothin’
But another damn thing to me.”
Taking two quick puffs from an “Air Joint”, Cashe throws his arms up above his head briefly, slaps the camera zoomed in on his face and then takes his first real steps towards the ring. Giving a few fans fist bumps, those who have their hands out wanting some love he makes his way down to ringside. He rounds the corner of the ring and jogs the steel stairs, getting up on the ring apron.
“I’ve been up
And I’ve been down.
And I’ve been beat
And pushed around
I’ll pick myself up off the ground,
Just wait and see.
Cause it’s just another thing to me.
Just another bridge I’ll have to burn.
Just another lesson I’m bound to learn.
Buddy ain’t damn thing changin’ me.
So watch and see,
Cause it’s just another thing to me.”
Dipping through the middle ropes, he enters the ring. Walking to the opposite side, he balances on the middle rope, leaning against the top rope and raises a single arm roaring out the crowd once more.
Dropping down, he puts his back into a nearby corner and awaits the bell.

VASSA: ”These two make one hell of a team!”
JOHNSON: ”They’ve had quite a bit of action tonight. First they got to eliminate Taco Supreme from the tournament. Then they did a little number on Brennan Devlin earlier in the Pride match. Cashe even went as far as costing John Austin that match. If the two can capitalize here tonight and score the win this will be a huge event for them.”
VASSA: ”They better hope that Gold Standard doesn’t make their presence felt during this match in retaliation for what happened with John Austin earlier.”
The beginning bass notes of “Get Out Alive” begin to play, lights strobing along to the song. The guitars and drums kick in, and Bryan Williams springs out from the back curtain. Aidan Carlisle is not very far behind him. She stands there as Bryan drops to one knee in front of her, and flexes. He gets back to his feet, Aidan piggy backs on him as he carries them both towards the ring.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring, weighing in at a combined three hundred and eighty pounds, they are the team of BRYAN WILLIAMS AND AIDAN CARLISLEEEEE!!”
Aidan hops off of Bryan’s back, as the two of them get closer to the ring. Bryan slides up onto the apron, laying down in a very relaxed fashion. Aidan wastes no time, she hops into the ring and begins to stretch. As she gets ready for her upcoming match, Bryan rolls under the bottom rope and joins her.

JOHNSON: ”These two pulled together in an impress win over #TeamWilder.”
VASSA: ”I was a little concerned there may not be any chemistry between the two but that tune up in Fight One seems to have done them well.”
JOHNSON: ”It really has. Bryan Williams is a recent signing to 4CW. He isn’t exclusive but a great addition nonetheless.”
VASSA: ”This match should be a big welcoming one for him, stepping in the ring with the three time, three time, three time 4CW Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”He has the former Pride Champion in his corner so it can’t be that bad.”
After brief discussions, Shadow exits the ring shortly followed by Aidan. After seeing her exit the ring, Cashe begins to laugh as he taunts her. With Bryan looking back at her, Aidan thinks to herself for a moment before climbing back into the ring and signaling to Bryan that she’ll start the match. With a smile on his face, Cashe strokes his beard while leaning against the corner with his eyes locked on Aidan. Looking back at him with mean stare, Aidan shakes her head at him, not amused one bit. The ref then checks with each corner and after getting the nod from both, he throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.
Strutting to the center of the ring with excitement, Cashe points at Aidan with that toothless grin on his face. With the crowd going insane in the background, Aidan pushes herself away from the corner and approaches Cashe ready for battle. Circling each other slowly, Cashe then stops his movement and then slowly raises his hand in the air, calling for Aidan to lock hands with him. Hesitant at first, Aidan then slowly raises her hand into the air and just as they are inches apart, the swings forward with her other arm and hits Cashe in the mouth with an elbow smash.
After knocking him back a few steps, Aidan then shuffles forward and hits him with a side kick, knocking him down to one knee. Turning to the ropes behind her, Aidan takes off towards them and after coming back on the rebound, she lays Cashe out on his back with a running knee to the face. Climbing on top of him, Aidan then unloads with a fury of punches to his head. After landing almost a dozen, she then draws back for a power punch but as she does, Cashe reaches up with both hands and digs his thumbs into her eyes before rolling her off of him.
Rolling over to his stomach, Cashe shakes his head back and forth, regaining the focus in his sight. He then pushes himself up but just as he stands, the ref quickly steps in between him and Aidan to give him a warning for the thumbs to the eyes. After giving the ref a bit of lip, Cashe then pushes past the ref and grabs Aidan by the head with both hands. Holding her head with one hand, he then swings forward with his other arm and connects with a European uppercut that sends her falling backwards to the canvas.

VASSA: ”I’m sure Aidan is seeing stars after that hit to the chops.”
JOHNSON: ”She had a good start to the match with the relentless assault but as always, Cashe finds a way to get out of a tough situation.”
VASSA: ”Can’t you just feel the sexual tension between the two?”
Pulling Aidan back to her feet, Cashe locks onto her arm and drags her to the center of the ring. Stepping in beside her, he then wraps her up before lifting her up from the mat and slamming her back down with a side belly to belly suplex. Back to his feet, Cashe then leaps straight into the air and comes down with a head butt to Aidan’s dome. Taking a bit of damage himself, Cashe rolls away from Aidan before stopping on his back and looking up to the ceiling. In a daze himself, he then rolls back over to his stomach and pushes himself up from the mat. Rubbing the knot forming on his forehead, he slowly makes his way towards Aidan and reaches down with his free hand, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her up to her feet.
After shaking off the headbutt from moments before, Cashe then locks onto her wrist and throws her to the corner where Shadow awaits. Taking off behind her, Cashe follows and just as Aidan gets to the corner, she plants her hands on top of the ropes and then jumps into the air, pushing herself away from the corner as Cashe runs underneath and slams into it. Land on her feet, Aidan then grabs Cashe by the back of the head and slams it forward into the top padding of the turnbuckle. With his arms flying wildly in the air, Cashe actually makes contact with Shadow and the ref quickly acknowledges the tag.

JOHNSON: ”it looks like the big man has been tagged in!”
Realizing that the fresh giant has been tagged in, Aidan begins to back step across the ring with her eyes set on Shadow while he climbs over the top rope and enters the ring. After finally feeling the padding of her corner touch her back, Aidan turns around to Bryan who is eager for the tag. The two then slap hands and Bryan quickly enters the ring. With Shadow standing in the center taunting him, Bryan looks ok in awe at the size of the beast.
Walking towards him with caution, Bryan sizes up the big man before taking off into a run. Lunging at Shadow, Bryan quickly gets stopped in his tracks as Shadow’s hand wraps around his throat. Holding Bryan in place for a moment, Shadow then pulls him in closely before spinning him around and locking in a full nelson. With the pressure applied, Shadow then lifts Bryan up from his feet and begins to violently shake him back and forth before bursting with power and slamming him straight down to the canvas.

JOHNSON: ”Look at the raw power that Shadow possesses!”
VASSA: ”He just picked Bryan up with ease and then shook him like a ragdoll!”
Reaching down and grabbing Bryan by the throat with both hands, Shadow then lifts him up from the mat. He then locks onto Bryan’s wrist and goes to throw him to the corner but just as he goes to release, Bryan reverses instead and sends Shadow running to the corner. After slamming against the corner, Bryan takes off towards Shadow but as he draws near, Shadow raises his leg into the air and hits Bryan with a big boot to the face. Stumbling backwards, Bryan quickly turns his back to Shadow as he holds his mouth from the boot planted across his lips.
Stepping away from the corner, Shadow slowly stalks Bryan, waiting for him to turn around. Shaking off the feeling in his head, Bryan then turns around to face Shadow but as he does, Shadow reaches forward and grabs him by the throat once more, this time choking the life out of him with his grip. After tossing Bryan’s arm over his, Shadow then goes to lift Bryan up from his feet but before he does, Bryan throws an elbow and plants it into Shadow’s stomach. Unable to break Shadow’s grip, Bryan hesitates for a moment as Shadow goes to lift him up once more. Bryan then throws another elbow and then another into Shadow’s stomach, finally breaking his grip around his throat.
With Shadow gasping for air, Bryan then hits him in the knee with a dropkick, bringing the big man down to the mat. Quickly pushing himself up, Bryan then focuses on Shadow’s legs with repeated kicks and stomps to them, taking out the big man’s base. After doing a little number on Shadow, Bryan walks around to his upper body and then raises his arm into the air before dropping down and driving his elbow into Shadows chest. Climbing over Shadow, Bryan then goes for the pin as the ref sweeps in with the count.

VASSA: ”Not close enough!”
JOHNSON: ”Nice try by Bryan but he’s going to need to do more to the big man to take him out.”
VASSA: ”More like a couple chair shots to the back of the head.”
Quickly rolling off of Shadow, Bryan pushes himself up to both feet and goes straight back to attacking Shadow’s legs with stomps to the knees. He then grabs Shadow by the head and rolling him over to his stomach before lifting him up to one knee. Leaving Shadow upright on his own will, Bryan then takes off to the ropes behind him and after coming back with some speed, he connects with a powerful enziguri that sends Shadow dropping to the canvas like a tree. Turning to his corner, Bryan quickly rushes over and makes the tag with Aidan.
After climbing into the ring, Aida then runs to the closest corner to Shadow and quickly ascends to the top. With Shadow still on his back, she then leaps from the top and comes down with a knee drop to his chest. Making the cover shortly after, the ref slides in for the count.
Using all of his strength, Shadow lifts Aidan off of him and throws her to the side before the ref can even make the full one count. Pushing herself back up, she watches closely as Shadow begins to get to his feet. Once up to one knee, Aidan then takes off towards the ropes behind him and after coming back with speed, she leaps into the air and plants his face into the canvas with a bulldog.

VASSA: ”Shadow is really taking a beating but Aidan couldn’t even get the one count on him moments ago. The man is a beast!”
JOHNSON: ”If they can keep the momentum in their favor, sooner or later they’re going to wear Shadow down enough to finally put him down for the count.”
VASSA: ”Then they have to be on the lookout for Cashe because I know he isn’t going to let that happen with ease.”
Aidan then struggles to pull the big man up from the canvas. Once she does, out of nowhere, Shadow grabs ahold of her and pulls her in closely. He then lifts her into the air above his head before dropping her back to the canvas with a gorilla press slam that rattles the entire ring. Slowly climbing back to his feet, Shadow then pulls Aidan up and throws her to the corner where Cashe awaits.
After watching Aidan collide into the corner, Shadow then takes off and with full speed, he nearly sends her head flying into the crowd with a powerful running clothesline. With his body pressed against hers, Shadow keeps Aidan in the corner while he slaps hands with Cashe and makes the tag. Cashe then climbs the corner while Shadow lifts Aidan up and throws her back to the mat with a scoop slam. With Shadow stepping out of the way, Cashe then jumps from the top and comes down with a leg drop across Aidan’s throat.
With Aidan’s body limp, Cashe then makes the cover while Shadow climbs over the top rope and exits the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Bryan with a running kick to the back of Cashe’s head!”
VASSA: ”What are you doing Shadow?! You were supposed to stay in the ring to make sure Bryan couldn’t break up the pin!”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe he just forgot about Bryan on the other side of the ring. That would have been an easy pin after what the two just put Aidan through.”
Rolling Cashe off of Aidan, Bryan pulls her away and then helps her to her feet. Rushing over and grabbing his attention, the ref then orders Bryan to leave the ring before starting the count. Not giving him any trouble, Bryan backs away and then climbs back to the outside, leaving Aidan alone in the center of the ring and in a complete daze.
After pulling himself up with the ropes. Cashe then looks to Aidan only to be surprised when he realizes she has her back turned to him. Cashe then takes off towards her and nails her in the back of the head with a running left handed clothesline, sending her face first to the canvas. Taking his time to decide on what to do next, Cashe slowly circles Aidan before lifting his foot into the air and slamming it down onto her fingers.
Rolling to her back, Aidan holds her hand as the pain sinks in. Cashe then leaps up into the air and goes for another headbutt but as he comes down, Aidan rolls out of the way, leaving Cashe nothing but the canvas to kiss on his way down. Dragging herself across the mat, Aidan crawls towards her corner where Bryan leans over the top rope, cheering for her to make the tag. Once close enough, the two tag and Bryan enters the ring while Aidan rolls underneath the bottom rope and onto the apron.

VASSA: ”We have a fresh body!”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe could have ended this sooner if he could have just kept Aidan in the ring. Him and Shadow already did a lot of damage to her but now they get to start from scratch as Bryan is now the legal man.”
After checking with Aidan for a brief moment, Bryan then turns his attention to Cashe who is just now starting to push himself up. Grabbing him by the head and helping him the rest of the way, Bryan hooks his arm around Cashe’s head and then flips him over to his back with a snap suplex. With both men getting back to their feet, Bryan rises first and as he turns to face Cashe, he hits him over the top of the head with a closed fist. Pulling Cashe in close to his body, Bryan wraps his arms around him and then throws him over his head with a belly to belly suplex that sends him flying across the ring before crashing to the mat in front of his corner.
Slow to get up, Cashe grabs onto the ropes and begins to pull himself up until Shadow reaches in and pats him on the back, initiating the tag in front of the ref. Taking a few steps back and shaking his head, Bryan looks on as Shadow climbs over the top rope with ease and enters the ring. Looking the big man up and down, Bryan then shrugs his shoulders before charging towards him. With Bryan approaching, Shadow lunges forward with a powerful right hook but misses as Bryan ducks underneath. Bryan then pushes Shadow to the center of the ring and with his back facing him, Bryan then unloads with a punch and kick combination that slowly begins to wear the big man down. Bryan then turns to the ropes behind them and hits them hard before coming back and taking the big man off his feet with a running single leg dropkick.
Pulling Shadow back to his feet, Bryan then goes to throw him to the ropes but Shadow quickly reverses and sends him running towards them instead. With Cashe on the apron, Bryan leaps into the air and hits him in the face with a dropkick, that sends him flying off the apron and down to the floor, rolling into the steel barricade. As Bryan gets back to his feet, Shadow quickly moves in on him. After spinning Bryan around, Shadow gets surprised as Bryan wraps his hands around his head and drops to his knees, pulling Shadow down and hitting him with a chin buster.

JOHNSON: ”Bryan put the big man down!”
VASSA: ”That happened in the blink of an eye! For a second there I thought Shadow was about to go to work on Bryan but then BBAAMM!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Bryan is headed to the top rope! He’s climbing the turnbuckle!”
VASSA: ”Cashe is down and out on the floor as well! If Williams is going to try and end this now is the time to do it.”
Once at the top, Bryan looks over the crowd with his back turned to Shadow who is down on his back in the ring. Bryan then jumps from the top with a backflip and comes down, landing the perfectly executed moonsault across Shadow’s body. Hooking the leg, Bryan goes for the pin as the ref slides in for the count.

VASSA: ”Bryan Williams and Aidan Carlisle will advance to the big dance at Fright Night!”
JOHNSON: ”Talk about first impressions! Tonight is Bryan’s first night competing in 4CW and he’s already earned a match for the 4CW Tag Team Championship!”
VASSA: ”He didn’t do it alone, let’s not forget about Aidan. I had my doubts about these two but they’ve erased each and every one of them.”
“Get Out Alive” hits the speakers as Aidan climbs into the ring to congratulate her partner, Bryan Williams. Stepping in between them, the ref raises both of their hands into the air for the victory.

JOHNSON: ”After two tough matches tonight, Aidan and Bryan have made it to round three of the tag team tournament and will face off against the two winners left to be decided later tonight.”
VASSA: ”With who else we have left to fight for the round three spots, this Fright Night match is looking to be HUGE!”
JOHNSON: ”It is, Vinny! We’ll be right back folks!”

As the cameras flicker on backstage, we can hear someone screaming at the top of their lungs. We can see Gabriel Hartman racing through the hallway toward the commotion, and we can tell by the jerkiness of the camera as it races down the corridors after him that they are all in a hurry. The camera turns the corner, and we can see Harman frozen in fear as the sound of things being shattered in one of the dressing rooms can be heard right next to them. The cameraman nervously whispers a question to Harman.

CAMERAMAN: “What’s going on?”
Annoyed by the question, Hartman shoots the camera a look of discontent before answering.

HARTMAN: “If I knew what the hell was going on, do you think I’d be standing here? That could be anyone. For all we know, Dakota Smith could be carving up his next victim using nothing more than a dull spork!”
Hartman turns and begins to slowly creep in the direction of the commotion, when suddenly one of the doors comes completely off of its hinges and flies into the wall adjacent from it. Hartman quickly leaps backwards, and is barely missed by Max Newman, who comes flying shoulder first out of the room before crashing into the door that had preceded him. Hartman squeals in fear as Max hits the wall, and when he tries to approach him he thinks twice and instead decides to simply stand there.
Max rips his mask off of his face, which is pouring blood, and begins to laugh maniacally. The camera zooms in on him, and his eyes appear to be blank and glazed over. He stands back up to his feet and spins before sending an elbow into the wall, leaving a nice sized divot where it connected.

NEWMAN: “Fight all you want to Maxie, it’s not going to change a thing in the end. This is my world now, and not even you are able to keep it from me!”
Hartman looks back at the camera with a mixed expression of fear and confusion on his face. The camera pans from him back to Max, who now has both hands laced around the back of his head. He throws himself backwards into the wall and slides down it into a seated position where he begins to rock back and forth. Gabriel goes to approach him once again, but again decides against it. The camera creeps up to where Max is seated, and we can hear him whimpering under his breath.

NEWMAN: “Shadows suspended on dust. You’re just shadows suspended on dust. Shadows suspended on dust. Shadows suspended on dust. Suspended on dust.”
The camera turns and shows the inside of Newman’s locker room, which looks like it had just been used as the location of the latest Extreme Title defense at this point. Every piece of furniture in the room had been completely annihilated, and there were enough holes in the wall to make you believe that Max was trying to build his own whack-a-mole game.

VASSA: ”I don’t think that anyone ever denied this fact Stevie, but I think Max has finally lost his fucking mind.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think there’s any denying that Vinny. Max needs some help, and the real question here is whether or not anyone is going to be able to give it to him before it’s too late.”
Hartman motions to the cameraman to leave, and they both make a quick exit from the scene. As the scene begins to fade to black, we can hear one last parting comment from Hartman himself to the cameraman.

HARTMAN: “Jesus Christ, that crazy son-of-a-bitch has got some serious issues. Remind me to never interview that guy unless I’m specifically ordered to.”


POWERS: “Returning to the ring first, from Acapulco, Mexico, one half of Dos Naciones, weighing two hundred ten pounds, Eeel Fuuutuurooo!”
Music Hits as Red, White and Green lights begin flashing, El Futuro flies from behind the curtain and sprints down to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, goes to each corner and giving a salute to the crowd.

POWERS: “And weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds, his partner from Las Vegas, Nevada, “Mad” Maaaxiiimuuus Duuunn!”
The Gambler hits and as soon as it does, we see the appearance of Money Max emerge in the distance away from the ring. The fans begin to clap along to the song as Max begins to make his way to the ring. Max’s eyes are open wide, taking in the spectacle that surrounds him. He hops up onto the apron and turns to face the crowd one last time, with a smile on his face before hopping in and prepping himself for the start of another grueling match.

POWERS: “Once again introducing their opponents from Boardwalk Wrestling… Being accompanied by Julliet Brooks, one half of The Distinguished Archetypes, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing one hundred and sixty pounds, CJ Ooo’Dooonneeell!”
As “Bitter End” by The Veer Union begins to play the black curtains begin to move. Out steps Julliet Brooks and Boardwalk Wrestling Internet Champion, “The Distinguished” CJ O’Donnell to a chorus off boos. CJ and Julliet stand on the top of the entrance ramp embracing the boos. As O’Donnell and Brooks walk arm in arm down the aisle CJ starts to yell at the fans in attendance tonight. O’Donnell hands Brooks the Internet Title as he climbs up the ring step. He wipes his feet on the top of the steps before entering the ring. As CJ hops over the top rope and raises his hands in the air as he gets another chorus of jeers from the fans. O’Donnell lifts up the middle rope as Julliet enters and she raises the Internet Title over her head. CJ begins to stretch in the corner with a smirk on his face as he awaits this second round bracket.
The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines upon the entrance curtain as the guitars of “Anarchy in the U.K.” begin to play.

“Right Now (laughing)”
Cyrus Riddle smoothly emerges from behind the curtain with his sunglasses affixed to his face and his Atlantic City Championship over his shoulder, as well as donning a snarky grin as he raises his middle and index fingers to the crowd. He begins to walk to the ring with a swagger in his step and a cocky expression of confidence.
“I am an anti-Christ
I am an anarchist,
Don’t know what I want
But I know how to get it
I want to destroy the passerby
‘Cause I want to be anarchy!”

POWERS: “And his partner, hailing from London, England and weighing in at two hundred twenty eight pounds, he is ‘The Archetype,’ ‘The Epitome of Excellence…’ Cyruuus Riiiddleee!”
Riddle gets to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, standing to his feet with impressive quickness, then goes to the corner turnbuckle, standing on the middle and mouthing off to the crowd and holding his arms out to be embraced.
“Anarchy for the U.K.
It’s coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line.
Your future dream is a shopping scheme
‘Cause I want to be anarchy”
After jumping down off of the middle turnbuckle, Cyrus removes the title, sunglasses, and jacket, setting them on the ring post as he leans against the ring ropes, preparing himself for his second match of the night.

JOHNSON: “The second bracket of round two is about to get under way here in Philadelphia, and you know these two teams have got to be feeling it. Both have earned their place here with hard fought battles earlier in the night.”
VASSA: “And what night of wrestling doesn’t have a little controversy? This time it’s not even from CJ O’Donnell.”
JOHNSON: “The on-going trouble between Chris Madison and Lord Raab flared again as Madison’s arrival at ringside distracted Samuel McPherson, allowing Max Dunn to get the roll up pin and advance Dos Naciones to round two. I can’t help but wonder if that match would have turned out differently if it hadn’t been for Chris Madison.”
VASSA: “I think we both know the answer to that, Steve.”
As the bell rings CJ and Max start out the match. The two lock up in the center of the ring, battling back and forth in a contest of strength. Though the two are almost the same height, the more heavily built Max gets the upper hand and flips O’Donnell to the mat with a snap suplex. Thinking quickly, CJ takes Dunn down with a drop toe hold and tangles him up in a figure four leglock!
Max struggles for several seconds, but can’t break the hold. Using his impressive strength, the starts to pull himself, and CJ, across the mat toward the ropes. O’Donnell pulls back harder, Dunn grunts in pain. Fighting past it, Max drags himself closer, extending an arm but still coming up short. With one last heave he throws himself forward and closes his fingers around the rope. CJ, however, holds on until the last possible moment before breaking the hold. The official gives a stern warning, but O’Donnell brushes it off.
Max gets to his feet and launches himself at CJ, unloading several left hands into his face and knocking him back into the corner with a right elbow. Dunn backs up several paces and then runs forward, crushing O’Donnell into the turnbuckles with a corner splash. CJ stumbles out of the corner, but doesn’t fall, hooking Max for a vicious DDT. He follows up with an elbow drop, but Dunn rolls out of the way just in time and O’Donnell gets nothing but canvas.

JOHNSON: “Watching these two get started you almost wouldn’t know they had already had matches earlier tonight! Both Max and CJ still seem to be in top form!”
VASSA: “Maybe not quite, at least not for Max after that figure four leglock! You know he’s still feeling that.”
JOHNSON: “Solid strategy from Boardwalk’s Internet Champion, though; start wearing your opponent down early.”
The two stand and collide in the center of the ring once more. O’Donnell strikes first with a fisherman suplex, but the Distinguished doesn’t stop there. As soon as Max is back up CJ doubles him over with a kick to the gut and grabs his arms for an underhook suplex! The crowd is a chorus of boos as he hauls Dunn to his feet again, wrapping his arms around his middle for a belly to belly suplex!

VASSA: “CJ O’Donnell is a suplex machine!!! Get that man some water!”
JOHNSON: “There are like twenty-one bottles in a case under the ring.”
VASSA: “That’s not enough!”
O’Donnell throws his arms in the air and absorbs the boos as though they were the highest form of adulation. Max somehow has the strength to jump to his feet as CJ turns his back, hooking his arm around the other man’s head and driving him down onto an upturned knee with a reverse DDT! As O’Donnell hits the mat, Dunn doesn’t relent, giving the other man several hard stomps to the midsection, followed by a knee drop right to the face!
Gloating is quickly pushed aside as the two fire back and forth rapidly. Max strikes first with a forearm smash. CJ answers with a European uppercut. The knife edge chop from Dunn is so forceful it echoes. O’Donnell hauls back and puts extra heat on a haymaker. Max reels but lashes out with a throat thrust. CJ almost goes down, but throws all his weight behind a lariat.
As Max goes down he rolls to his corner and tags in his partner, El Futuro. The masked one launches himself over the top rope and catches O’Donnell with a flying swinging neckbreaker, getting a huge pop from the crowd. El Futuro dashes across the ring, leaping up to catch the top rope and flipping over backwards in a moonsault, but CJ rolls away at the last moment and the man in blue hits the mat hard. O’Donnell gets a little airborn himself as he bounces off of the second rope for a leg drop! As he stands up, Cyrus Riddle reaches out and tags himself in!

VASSA: “Is it me, or does CJ not look too happy with that tag?”
JOHNSON: “It’s not just you, Vinny. I think the Distinguished Archetypes are having a few choices words with each other right now.”
While O’Donnell is busy arguing with Riddle over the tag, El Futuro flies across the ring, looking for a double axehandle to the back of CJ, but Cyrus uses the top rope to throw himself into the ring with a battering ram, taking the Underground favorite down and saving his partner from the blow! As El Futuro gets back to his feet, Riddle is there to meet him. Cyrus holds up one finger and then fires off a European uppercut. He holds up two fingers and delivers another! He gives the three and delivers the final one so hard the ring shakes as El Futuro hits the mat!
The resilient masked man is back on his feet quickly, catching Riddle as he charges and dropping him across his knee for a backbreaker. Cyrus is slow to get up, giving El Futuro the chance to drop an elbow into his spine! The crowd cheers for more and El Futuro is happy to oblige, dropping a second elbow right between his shoulder blades. Before he can go for a third, Riddle takes him down with a drop toe hold and throws several elbow strikes into his head!
El Futuro manages to get in an open palm strike, knocking Cyrus away just long enough that he can get up. The two rush one another, Riddle grabbing the masked man for a spinebuster. Somehow still able to get back to his feet in a flash, El Futuro throws a foot into Riddle’s midsection. Cyrus catches his leg, however, and takes him down with a dragon screw!

JOHNSON: “You’ve got to hand it to El Futuro, he keeps bouncing back!”
VASSA: “He’s like a Mexican jumping bean!”
JOHNSON: “Vinny! You can’t say that!”
VASSA: “…Cyrus Riddle is certainly impressive, for a tea drinking Limey.”
JOHNSON: “You’re going to get us fined!”
Both men are up again, eyeing each other from across the ring. Riddle lunges, El Futuro drops to the mat, sliding between his opponent’s legs and popping up for a dropkick to the back! Riddle shouts something that sounds suspiciously like ‘FUCKINELL!’ as the impact splits open several the deep scratches in his back.

JOHNSON: “Looks like Cyrus is still feeling the effects of that cage match on the beach in Atlantic City against his partner’s girl, Julliet Brooks! That’s gotta hurt.”
VASSA: “Those look like something else to me, Steve.”
JOHNSON: “Vinny, you’re so drunk the only reason you know the difference between the two men in the ring is because one is in blue.”
VASSA: “Fair point.”
With the pain adding fuel to the fire, Riddle gets back to his feet and drives El Futuro right into the turnbuckle with an STO. El Futuro goes down hard and rolls right out of the ring onto the floor below! As Max Dunn helps his partner to his feet, Cyrus comes flying through the ropes with a suicide dive and takes both men down!
Riddle grabs El Futuro and rolls him back into the ring, leaving Dunn in a heap on the floor. Cyrus ascends the steel stairs and then climbs up onto the top turnbuckle, flying off in a senton! He hooks El Futuro’s leg and goes for the pin!
El Futuro gets a shoulder up at the last moment, throwing an elbow into the side of Cyrus’ head! The two roll in opposite directions, creating some separation. Both are a little slower to get to their feet, but El Futuro is up first, hooking up Riddle for a snap DDT! As Riddle struggles to his feet, El Futuro races in again, but Cyrus catches him at the last moment and hits him with a shoulder breaker!
Both men are down, fighting to catch their breath. After several seconds the referee starts the count.

Cyrus rolls over onto his stomach, bloody marks left on the mat from his back.
El Futuro begins to drag himself up using the ropes.
As Riddle gets to his knees, El Futuro pushes off of the ropes. The masked one ducks behind the competitor from Boardwalk and locks in a dragon sleeper! Cyrus fights as not only are his neck and spine cranked backward painfully, but he can hardly breathe! The chants from the crowd seem to be split down the middle, half urging Riddle on and the other half looking for a 4CW win.
For a few moments it looks as though Riddle is starting to fade! Suddenly he reaches up with both hands and grabs the back of El Futuro’s ring gear! El Futuro struggles to keep the hold locked on! Cyrus throws all his strength into the desperation move and flips El Futuro over himself, down onto the mat, breaking the sleeper hold! Riddle draws an arm back, preparing for a crouched version of the Daydreamer, but El Futuro somersaults forward and tags in Max Dunn!

VASSA: “I think we almost had a winner there! If Cyrus had landed that it would have been all over.”
JOHNSON: “Great job on the part of El Futuro realizing the danger he was in and tagging in the fresh man.”
The reinvigorated Max ducks between the ropes and flies at Riddle, nailing him with a double axehandle. As Cyrus goes down, Dunn follows through with a knee drop to the face! Before Max can get up Riddle grabs him and puts him in a triangle choke! Realizing he’s close to the ropes, Dunn grabs on and breaks the submission before it can do much damage.
A frustrated Riddle gets to his feet, grabbing Max and taking him down with a short-arm clothesline. Cyrus doesn’t let go, however, and follows up with two more! Dunn breaks free just in time to avoid an elbow strike, countering with a standing dropkick that sends Riddle back into his own corner! CJ O’Donnell wastes no time and tags himself in!
As Max is standing back up, he gets nailed with a missile dropkick himself! Dunn rolls back to his feet and the two circle one another for a few moments, each taking a few test lunges at the other. CJ takes the risk first, darting in for a picture perfect DDT! O’Donnell pops back to his feet and goes for a leg drop, but no one is home, Max rolled out of the way just in time! Dunn locks CJ up as he gets to his feet, flipping him to the canvas with a northern lights suplex and bridging for the pin!

JOHNSON: “O’Donnell gets the shoulder up after just two. It is electric in the arena tonight. You can feel how much both teams want this win!”
VASSA: “It would mean just as much for Max and El Futuro, coming from Underground, to make it to the finals as it would for these two men from Boardwalk!”
CJ is on his feet first, and he pulls Max up by the beard! The official gives him a warning, but O’Donnell goes right into a back drop! CJ goes to pull Max up again, but Dunn hits him with a forearm to the face! With a burst of strength seemingly out of nowhere, Max snatches O’Donnell up and lays him out with a sit down Alabama slam!

JOHNSON: “Jackpot!!! Mad Max Dunn just hit the Jackpot!!!”
Dunn rolls CJ over and goes for the pin!

VASSA: “Oh my god! How did he do it?! CJ O’Donnell got the shoulder up again!”
Max can’t believe his eyes as CJ gets back to his feet! Though O’Donnell sways slightly on the first step, he charges at his opponent. Max counters and Irish whips CJ into the ropes. O’Donnell ducks under an attempted clothesline and wraps his arms around Dunn’s waist from behind! With a huge heave he drives Max into the mat with a Distinguished Plex that rocks the ring!!! Dunn lands in the corner, one arm hanging up on the second rope.
CJ is about to drag Dunn to the middle of the ring for the pin when El Futuro tags himself in on Max’s upturned arm! El Futuro throws himself over the ropes in a flying crossbody that flattens O’Donnell, but CJ uses the momentum and rolls through with an inside cradle! The referee dives in for the count!
El Futuro manages to break the pin at two. An exhausted O’Donnell slams his fists on the mat once in frustration, but gets back to his feet. Just as he does El Futuro kicks him not once, but twice in the right leg! The blue-clad man runs to the ropes, bounces off, and delivers a dropkick to that same leg!!! O’Donnell goes down hard!

JOHNSON: “Red, White, and Green from El Futuro!”
VASSA: “Can CJ O’Donnell even stand after that?!”
There is no time to find out as Riddle leans over and tags himself back in! But El Futuro’s back is turned as he climbs the turnbuckle and he doesn’t see it! He salutes the crowd and flies off of the turnbuckle with the Mexican Salute, nailing the downed CJ with a diving headbutt!
Max shouts wildly at his partner from his corner, trying to point out that Cyrus Riddle is the legal man! As El Futuro steps toward him, Riddle delivers an elbow from behind, knocking El Futuro into Max! The Referee calls it a tag! Max Dunn is the legal man for Dos Naciones!!!
Cyrus wastes no time and locks up Dunn’s arm and flips him over the ropes with an arm drag. He goes for a hard stomp to the midsection, but Max has the presence of mind to roll out of the way. He throws a foot into the back of Riddle’s leg and Riddle drops to his knee in pain. Max gets a wild look in his eye as he delivers a thunderous lariat to the back of Cyrus’ head!

VASSA: “Max Dunn just hit Cyrus with the Daydreamer! He stole the move!”
JOHNSON: “He calls the tactic, ‘Been there, Dunn that!’ It has a ring to it!”
Dazed, but even more infuriated, Riddle gets back to his feet, a slight limp in his step. Dunn goes for a forearm smash, but Cyrus catches it and shoves his arm aside. Riddle snatches Max up and flips him up onto his shoulders! Dunn struggles as hard as he can, but Cyrus drives him into the mat with Darkness Falls!!! Riddle falls forward and throws his arm over Max as the ref swoops in!

JOHNSON: “The two men from Boardwalk did it! The Distinguished Archetypes are advancing to the final round of the tournament at Fright Night!
O’Donnell and Riddle both have a hard time standing as the referee raises their arms in victory for the second time.

JPOWERS: “Here are your winners, CJ Ooo’Dooonneeell and Cyruus Riiiddleee!!!”

Backstage we find Perry Wallace standing amongst various 4CW talents such as Felicity Banks and Jair Hopkins. In front of them sits the cake from earlier that was delivered to Perry by Dakota Smith. Beside the cake are the usual party supplies such as plates, napkins, forks, soda and even a bowl full of punch. At the edge of the table where Perry stands rests a half empty bottle of Scotch.
With a knife in hand, Perry cuts the first slice of cake and places it onto a plate. He then turns to Felicity with a smile on his face and extends the plate forward. Hesitant to take possession, Felicity finally grabs ahold of it while scanning the piece for anything out of the ordinary considering who the cake was from.

WALLACE: “You look a little timid there, Felicity.”
Felicity continues scanning the cake, looking at it from every angle.

BANKS: “Yah… you know, this cake looks good and everything, but I’m on this strict diet that pretty much says no cake ever. Sooo…”
She turns to Jair, pulls his arm forward, and places the cake in his hand.

BANKS: “There you go. My gift to you. Pretty sure you could use some cake right now since I managed to lift you up for a suplex on the last show. Think you need to put on some weight there, Starvin’ Marvin.”
HOPKINS: “Well thanks Fel! Definitely appreciate the “gift” and as much as I would love to put on some weight, BUT I like to fly with no extra baggage.”
Hopkins looks to pass off the cake but decides to just sit it back on the Boss’s desk, stepping back as he too was a bit hesitant about the whole vibe in the room.

WALLACE: “Alright, I have to be upfront with you two. Dakota actually brought this cake to me earlier. I’m scared to eat it myself. He just popped up in my office with this thing on wheels. He didn’t say what it was for, only that I would find use for it later on. There’s a reason why I asked you two to meet with me here before our main event.”
“Since the beginning of the show I’ve been thinking over a tough decision. I have two contracts that are set to expire after tonight. I don’t normally have trouble with making these decisions but this is a little different. Both wrestlers were champions at the time. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to let them retaining decide whether or not they are resigned. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you should after the recent events tonight.”
“Dakota said I would find a reason for this cake and after seeing him kill the Deadly Sins, I think it’s pretty obvious that we have a reason to celebrate. Good talent or not, they’ve been a headache to me and troublesome to just about everyone in the back. I just wanted to see what you two thought about the whole situation given you are two big names here in 4CW.”

Wallace then pours himself a glass of Scotch and shakes it in his hand for a moment before looking back up at the two.

WALLACE: “I understand that a cake from Dakota should raise red flags. The man’s a psychopath. He foreshadowed what was going to happen tonight so a part of me wants to believe that his intentions are good.”
Fel glances over at the giant cake, then elbows Jair in the arm.

BANKS: “You have some first. I’m not trying to take a bite out of something and have human eyes in my mouth. I’m just… not.”
After making a gag noise, Fel moves around Jair and walks toward the table, grabbing a bottle of Poland Spring water.

BANKS: “As far as them being a headache goes…yah, I think that’s putting it lightly. There’s always those people out there who think they’re worth more than they actually are, and the not-so powerful power couple were exactly that. Truth be told, I wouldn’t give much of a damn whether they got re-signed or released. I already got to beat up on them a little bit so I’m happy. I will miss hearing about Christine Nash every week, though.”
She pauses momentarily and twists off the cap to the water.

BANKS: “Actually that’s a lie. I won’t miss that at all. I won’t miss them at all. I hope those peasants aren’t getting re-signed so now I don’t have to hear about their stupid highest paid contracts and their stupid relationship and their stupid friends. I got sick of that real quick, but I do find it hilarious that they were always so quick to tell someone they’d get fired or they would end up walking out, and now here they are… possibly jobless.”
She chuckles and takes a sip of the water before turning her attention back over to Jair.

BANKS: “I see you staring down that cake, Jair. Just have some already!”
Hopkins shivers a bit after what Felicity had said earlier. Hopkins pushed the attempt down as he shook his head.

HOPKINS: ”I’m good, don’t need no cake … especially after what you just said. I’m chill for the rest of the evening. My thoughts, Boss … If you having hard times with em’, do what you do. They can be a pain in the ass, but they are great talents to the roster. Is the talent worth the headache or is better to feel relieved and bring in some new faces to take their spots? Could save you a bit of change in the process as well.”
Hopkins glanced over at Fel for a hot second before looking back at Perry.

HOPKINS: ”I respect both of them despite their foolish ways. To say if I will miss them … That’s a bit iffy, but they will be fine either way I guess, right? They have each other. That’s cool, they can survive off love these days. Do what you do Boss! Keep em or Toss em!”
Bursting into the room comes Jason Cashe fiddling with the front of his pants. Everyone turns to him as he seems to be in a hurry. He stops and looks around, seeing all the faces in the room. Giving a special grin and nod to Jair Hopkins but then seeing a huge Cake. His confusion is clear on his face.

CASHE: “The fuck? Someone told me Ramona was on fire…”
HOPKINS: “Ummm…”
CASHE: “I came to piss on her…ya know, to put out the fire? Why is there a damn cake?! I’m confused now..”
BANKS: “No surprise there…”
CASHE: “Rude..So Mona isn’t on fire?”
Breaking through the small crowd of people gathered is Perry Wallace. He approaches Cashe with caution, the two have rarely had good experiences together.

WALLACE: “Ramona isn’t ON fire, she is being fired..”
The look on Cashe’s face is of sheer disappointment. He looks around at a few others nodding to agree with Wallace. His head drops like he lost his best friend or something.

CASHE: “I really wanted to pee on her…”
Turning, Cashe leaves the room. Disappointed. Wallace looks on, somewhat feeling sympathy for Cashe being let down. He then turns to Banks with a grin on his face.

WALLACE: “It’s funny how you mentioned the highest paid thing. Ramona being the highest paid wrestler on the 4CW roster was nothing but a rumor to pull her out of the pity pit she was thrown into after Sativa was shit canned. There was never any factual evidence to backup her claims. Then to throw Devlin’s name as the second highest paid… come on now. Do you not remember where he came from before signing with 4CW? Any talent from that defunct place comes at a cheap price. I may spend big when it comes to talent but I don’t overspend where it isn’t needed.”
In the hallway outside of the room, a loud commotion is heard. Popping his head out of the doorway, Wallace bursts into laughter at the sight of Ramona and Devlin being escorted by members of security. Quickly turning his attention to the table where the cake rests, Wallace rushes over and grabs two pieces of paper sitting underneath the bottle of Scotch. He then walks out into the hallway, stopping in front of the two while security keeps a firm grip on them, preventing anything from happening.

WALLACE: “You both knew that this was coming after recent events. Your contracts have been coming up on expiration and I haven’t even bothered to reach out to either of you. If it isn’t obvious by now, you two can rest easy knowing that you made my decision for me. No gold, no need to re–”
Out of nowhere, Dakota Smith runs in from behind them and hits Devlin in the back of the head with a forearm shot. Stumbling forward, the two members of security quickly subdue him before colliding into Wallace.

WALLACE: “Holy shit!”
With no one protecting Ramona, Dakota then grabs her by the back of the head with a handful of hair. Dragging her into the room, Dakota then looks into her eyes with a sinister look on his face.

SMITH: “Everything dies.”
Dakota then pulls her head backwards before slamming it forward, face first into the cake. After pulling it back, he licks the icing from her face and then lifts her up with both arms. Holding her up for a brief moment, Dakota then slams her onto the cake and through the table, breaking it in half upon impact.
Dakota then rubs his finger along the side of her face, covering the tip with icing. Licking his lips, he then places his fingertip in his mouth before pulling it out cleanly without any icing left. Turning to Wallace, Dakota winks at him before walking through the door and leaving them with his final words.

SMITH: “I told you that you’d find use for the cake. Now enjoy…”
Watching as Dakota walks down the hall, Wallace shakes his head, shocked at what just happened. He then looks to Devlin with a security guard on each arm, holding him in place.

WALLACE: “Get him out of here.”
Turning back to the room, Wallace walks over to the broken table with a disappointed look over his face. With his eyes locked on the broken bottle of Scotch, Wallace shakes his head once more, this time with sadness in his heart.

WALLACE: “Son of a bitch… Well, I guess that’s a wrap guys, I mean guy and gal. I’m going back to my office to get something to drink before this main event. I appreciate you two meeting with me tonight. I hope that it was entertaining for both of you.”
“Oh yea, I almost forgot. Ramona… best of luck to you in Boardwalk. Oh wait, never mind.”

Wallace then leaves the room as Banks and Hopkins look on, laughing amongst themselves at what just happened. Finally calming herself down, Banks looks around at the mess in the room and flails her arms out to the side.

BANKS: “Well, that was fun!”
Taking a step forward, Banks looks down at the lifeless Ramona covered in cake and everything else that was on the table. She steps forward, nudges Ramona’s shoulder with her shoe, and then pulls her leg right back.

BANKS: “I hope they don’t think we’re cleaning this up. Well, shit… at least I’m not cleaning this up.”
Banks waves her hand at Jair and begins strutting out of the room, whisper-yelling ‘bye Jair’ before she exits the room.
Hopkins looks at all the mayhem that ensued as he watched Felicity wave at him good-bye. Hopkins shook his head as he looked down at Ramona, smirking at all of it.

HOPKINS: ”Never a boring moment in this company, man … Never!”
Hopkins then exits the room, not being the one either to clean up the cake or the carcas.



JOHNSON: ”Here we are ladies and gentlemen, our main event! This will be the final match of round two for the tag team tournament and will also be for the 4CW Tag Team Championships!”
VASSA: ”We’ve already witnessed those championships change hands earlier tonight. Will we see them change hands for a second time?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s the million dollar question, Vinny!”
VASSA: ”Ascended Supremacy shocked the entire 4CW locker room earlier with an upset win over the home team, Flipp-Hop, Jair Hopkins and Lo’Renzo Porter!”
JOHNSON: ”That was an exciting match but I think the one following it topped the charts as we watched Dakota Smith single handedly dismantle the Deadly Sins.”
VASSA: ”It didn’t just stop there. Did you see him throw Ramona into the cake? CLASSIC!!!”
JOHNSON: ”For those of you who may have missed it, and shame on you, Ramona Epps and Brennan Devlin have been officially released from 4CW and Dakota Smith sent them out in style!”
VASSA: ”It was brutal! I would have loved to have a piece of that cake before it was running!”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight has been one heck of a night. How about after the show we go out and I’ll treat you to cake? Somewhere around here has to be serving some this late.”
VASSA: ”I know your mom is but she isn’t in town. Forget the cake, let’s go to the bar and get wasted! Great things happened here tonight and the future is bright for 4CW!”
JOHNSON: ”The future was already bright but I get what you’re saying.”
VASSA: ”Enough with this nonsense! The trash has been taken out and I’m ready to see this main event. Mike Powers… take it away!”
The lights in the building dim as the crowd stands on its feet. Spotlights begin circling around in the crowd as the sound of “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown begins to blast.
“Freedom (La La La La)
Freedom (Follow Me)
Freedom (La La La La)
Cut it!”
The crowd explodes in a mixture of cheers and boo’s as Ascended Supremacy, Jason and Tara stand on opposite ends of the stage playing to the crowd before slowly making down the ramp towards the ring.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Miami, Florida, weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred fifty two pounds and representing High Octane Wrestling… Jason P. and Tara Davidson, ASCENDED SSUUPPRREEMMAACCYY!!!”
Jason sprints in front of Tara then slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring. Tara makes her way up the steel ring steps and walks along the ring apron. Tara blows a kiss out towards some of fans that are cat calling and whistling in her direction. Jason leans down on the middle rope as Tara seductively bends over and enters the ring. Each go to opposite corner and climb the turnbuckle. Jason and Tara pose for the crowd as their music slowly begins to die down.

POWERS: ”And the opponents…”
Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC rocks the house as out comes Francis “Freedom” Dart and “Public Enemy #1 Drew Stevenson to roar of thunderous boos shaking the arena to it’s core. Freedom and Drew are both wearing Gold Standard t-shirts and matching gold and black ring gear with the 4CW Tag Team Championships around their waists.

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing to the ring, we have Francis “Freedom” Dart and “Public Enemy Number One” Drew Stevenson. The are the 4CW Tag Team Champions… GOLD SSTTAANNDDAARRDD!!!”
Dart stops and makes fun of the same guy wearing the Philadelphia Eagles jersey while Drew just laughs again, pointing out how overweight the guy is. They both circle the ring like rapid dogs firing each other up before going to the ring. Drew gives the Gold Standard sign as Freedom flips the crowd the bird putting them into a booing frenzy. The two then climbs corners opposite of each other and remove the championships from their waists and raise them above their heads.

VASSA: ”Behold, our new 4CW Tag Team Champions!”
JOHNSON: ”They won them earlier tonight but could also lose them here in the ring right now.”
VASSA: ”Well let’s hope not! I say we make this thing a little interesting. I want to see HOW put their tag team championships on the line in this match!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a little too late to be adding stipulations, Vinny, slow down.”
In their corner, Jason and Tara remove their championships and place them on the apron. They then talk amongst themselves for a few moments about the upcoming match. Across the ring, Drew and Freedom chat it while removing the 4CW Tag Team Championships from their waists. They then hand them to the official who walks to the center of the ring and raises them both above his head, displaying them to each side of the ring for everyone to see. After walking to the edge of the ring, the ref hands them to a member of the ringside crew on the outside and then back steps to the center of the ring. Exiting the ring, Tara climbs onto the apron, leaving Jason inside to start the match. Talking to each other in the corner, Freedom and Drew finally come to a decision as Freedom climbs through the ropes and onto the apron. The ref then checks with each corner and receives the nod before signaling for the bell.

Both Jason and Drew slowly approach each other in the center of the ring, both walking with cockiness. Standing toe to toe, the two look each other in the eyes for a few moments as the crowd grows silent. Out of no where, Drew takes the first swing but doesn’t connect as Jason blocks the punch and then fires back with a stiff punch to the jaw. Quickly firing back, Drew lands a hand on across Jason’s jaw only to get one back in return without delay. The two then duke it out in the center of the ring, exchanging lefts and rights, beating the life out of one another.
After blocking a right haymaker from Drew, Jason kicks him in the stomach, forcing him to lunge over after having the breath knocked out of him. He then steps in beside Drew and drops him to the canvas with a Russian leg sweep. Back to his feet, Jason stomps on Drew a few times before grabbing ahold of his arm and pulling him up to his feet. He then throws Drew to the ropes behind him and after he comes back from the rebound, Jason lifts him up into the air, rotates his body and then plants him into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster.
slamming his fists into Drew’s chest, Jason then pushes himself up while driving them downward. He then grabs Drew by the head and rolls him over to his stomach before pulling him up to his feet. He then lifts Drew up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. Walking around the ring with him held up, Jason then takes a few steps forward before making a move but slipping out of his grasp, Drew escapes the hold and lands on his feet behind him. Jason quickly turns around to face him but as he does, Drew kicks him in the stomach and then plants his head into the canvas with a DDT.

VASSA: ”Drew turns it around with the escape followed up with a DDT!”
JOHNSON: ”he made that look easy but we all know that’s anything but.”
VASSA: ”He’s going for the legs!”
With Jason on his stomach, Drew begins to stomp on the back of his knee, over and over like a wild man. He then grabs ahold of Jason’s foot and raises it into the air, lifting his entire leg up from the mat. With a smile on his face, Drew then slams it downward, driving Jason’s knee into the canvas. Rolling Jason over to his back, Drew then lifts up the same leg and holds it at waist level with one hand. He then turns his body and drops an elbow across the side of that same knee, banging it into the mat.
Back on his feet, Drew pulls Jason up as well and then lifts him into the air in a horizontal position. Taking a few steps forward, Drew then drops to one knee while slamming Jason down on the other with a vicious backbreaker. He then crawls on top of Jason and unloads with a series of punches to the head, one after the other without resistance. After landing ten or so, Drew then pushes himself up and then lifts Jason up as well. Grabbing him by the back of the head, Drew then walks him over to his corner and throws him into it where Freedom reaches over the top rope and hits him in the back of the head as he crashes against the turnbuckle.
With Jason in the corner barely holding himself up, Drew then tags Freedom in as the ref recognizes the tag. Climbing into the ring, Freedom unloads with a mini combo of punches to Jason’s stomach. he then lifts him up and sits him on top of the corner. Climbing to the second rope, Freedom hook Jason’s head and as he goes to lift him up for the suplex from the top, Jason pushes him away and sends Freedom falling to the canvas. Jason then kicks his foot behind him and plants it into the side of Drew’s head, knocking him down from the apron. Turning back to Freedom who races to get back to his feet, Jason leaps from the top rope and as Freedom finally stands, Jason wraps his arm around Freedom’s head. Using the momentum he’s gained through the air, Jason turns his body around while Freedom’s as well and then plants his face into the mat with a tornado DDT.

JOHNSON: ”I didn’t see that coming! Francis had him right where he wanted him but Jason Davidson just wasn’t having it!”
VASSA: ”he may have hit that tornado DDT but from the looks of things, he needs to make the tag with Tara because he looks a little worn out.”
JOHNSON: ”Well he has a little time to catch his breath because that tornado DDT did quite a number on Francis.”
VASSA: ”Oh no doubt! Francis is definitely going to feel that in the morning.”
First to his feet, Jason looks over to Freedom who is up to one knee. He then moves in on him and grabs him by the back of the head with one hand while unloading with repeated punches to the top of the head with his other. Jason then pulls Freedom up to both feet before locking onto his wrist and throwing him to his teams corner. After slamming against the corner, Freedom stumbles forward only to get wiped out with a spear as Jason catches him by surprise. With Freedom laid out, Jason then pushes himself up only to then make the tag with Tara.
Pointing for Tara to climb the corner, Jason remains in the ring as the ref orders him to exit. After ignoring the ref and watching Tara finally make it to the top, Jason then pushes the ref away. With his face growing red, the ref then begins the five count.

“One! … Two!”
Jason then pulls Freedom up to his feet and holds him in place as Tara leaps from the top at the three count. Planting both feet into Freedom’s chest, Tara sends him rolling across the ring with the missile drop kick. Jason then exits the ring just as the ref yells with the four count.
Back on her feet, Tara quickly makes her way towards Freedom before he can even begin to get to his feet. Grabbing him by the head, Tara pulls him up to his feet and then delivers a hard kick to the stomach. Locking onto Freedom’s head, Tara then jumps up and as she comes down, she pulls Freedom along for the ride and plants his face into the canvas with a facebuster.

JOHNSON: ”She likes to call that move The Face Lift!”
VASSA: ”Whatever she calls it she damn sure makes it look better than that version Ramona does.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s neither here or there. Stay on topic, Vinny!”
Tara then rolls Freedom over and goes for the pin as the ref drops in for the count.
Racing across the ring, Drew stomps on the back of Tara’s head, breaking up the pin. From the other side of the ring, Jason rushes in and connects with a forearm smash to the side of his head. The ref quickly gets in between them and focuses his attention on Jason, backing him into his corner with his back turned to the others. After taunting Tara for a moment, Drew grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her hair back, forcing her to look up at him. Drew then takes his free hand and jabs her in the eye with his thumb. Growing furious, Jason tries to push the ref away but doesn’t as the ref then goes to begin his five count directed at him.

After blinding Tara in one eye, Drew then jabs his thumb into her other eye.
Refusing to exit the ring, Jason yells across the ring at Drew who in return just points back at him with a grin on his face. he then backs towards the ropes and exits the ring.
Seeing that Drew has left the ring, Jason then exits as well but then complains to the ref for the illegal moves he missed due to having his back turned to the action.

JOHNSON: ”Drew Stevenson is relentless inside of the ring. Right or wrong, he will do whatever he feels needs to be done to get an advantage on his opponent.”
VASSA: ”Call him what you want but the man proves each and every time he’s out here just why he is a ring general.”
JOHNSON: ”You may be right Vinny but there’s no need for him to bend the rules each and every time he steps into that ring.”
VASSA: ”I don’t see you complaining when this type of stuff happens in extreme rules matches…”
JOHNSON: ”Apples and oranges, Vinny!”
Back on his feet, Freedom looks down at Tara still down and rubbing her eyes, blinded after the thumbs digging into them. Freedom then pulls Tara up to her feet and holds her in place. He then drags her to the center of the ring before pulling her in closely and wrapping her up. Lifting her from her feet, Freedom tosses her over his head with a T-bone suplex. Not wasting any time, he makes his way back over to her and jerks her up from the mat with both hands. He then throws her to the ropes connecting with the corner Jason is in and as she touches them, she wraps her arms around the top rope to keep herself from bouncing off for the rebound.
Still blinded, Tara uses her hearing as Jason yells from the corner to get her attention. Turning to her corner, she slowly makes her way towards it as Freedom quickly takes off from stand still. Closing in on her, Freedom plants his shoulder into her side but not soon enough as she reaches forward and slaps hands with Jason. Falling to the mat, Tara rolls underneath the bottom rope and onto the apron as Jason catapults himself over the top rope to enter the ring.
Charging towards Freedom, Jason lunges forward and drives his fist into Freedom’s jaw, sending him stumbling backwards and down to the mat. Not giving Freedom the chance to recover, Jason pulls him up to his feet and then throws him to the ropes across the ring. Racing to the middle before Freedom can rebound, Jason holds his ground and once Freedom does come back, Jason lifts him off his feet, spins him around and drops him across his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. With Freedom down at his feet, Jason then rushes to the corner and quickly ascends to the top. Looking back to the ring with Freedom still down, Jason leaps from the top rope and comes down landing the frog splash!

VASSA: ”Damn that white boy can jump!”
JOHNSON: ”I thought he was going to touch the rafters with that vertical leap of him.”
Jason then stands to his feet and stomps on Freedom a few times before grabbing his arm and pulling him up. he then turns Freedom around but as he does, Freedom reaches forward and grabs the ref to pull him in closely. With the refs view obstructed, Freedom then kicks his foot up backwards and drops Jason to his knees with the low blow. Pushing the ref aside, Freedom then limps to his corner and makes the tag with Drew.
After the two swap places in the ring, Drew quickly goes on the attack and charges towards Jason who is still on both knees. Once in range, Drew lifts his leg upward and plants his knee into Jason’s face, sending him to his back with a thud. Reaching down and grabbing onto Jason’s head, Drew pulls him up to his feet and then takes off to the ropes behind him. After hitting them and coming back with speed, Drew then takes Jason’s legs out from under him with a chop block to the knee.

JOHNSON: ”What is Francis doing?”
VASSA: ”Hey man, I’m looking at that!”
On the outside, Francis grabs one of the 4CW Tag Team Championships from the announcers booth where they rest. He then walks back to the ring and places it onto the apron before pulling himself up with the ropes.
Picking Jason up from the mat, Drew stands him up only to catch him in the side of the dome with a quick right hand. Swinging with an other, Jason throws his arm up and blocks the punch, countering with a kick to the stomach. Jason then unloads with a series of punches and kicks, backing Drew towards the corner. Standing in the path, the ref has nowhere to go as he is then squashed in between Drew’s back and the corner. Jason then swings with a right haymaker and connects to the side of Drew’s head, sending him spinning to the canvas.
From the outside, Freedom then grabs ahold of the ref and turns him around, holding him to keep his view away from the ring. Freedom then kicks the championship into the ring underneath the bottom rope by Drew’s head. Jason quickly rushes over to break up Freedom’s hold on the ref and as he does, Drew forces himself up and takes hold of the championship. He then taps on Jason’s shoulder and as he turns around…

Drew lays out Jason with a shot to the face with the championship. Struggling with the ref Freedom manages to keep him distracted while Drew then pulls Jason up to his feet with one hand and the championship in the other. Pulling Jason across the ring, Drew makes his way towards the corner where Tara is now entering the ring. Drew then throws Jason towards the ropes and sends him up and over the top, falling to the floor below.
Tara then charges towards him but after getting noticed,, Drew lunges forward with the championship…

JOHNSON: ”Drew has taken out both of the Davidson’s with the 4CW tag Team Championship.”
Drew then tosses the championship to the outside of the ring as Freedom releases his hold of the ref. Making the cover, Drew then goes for the pin as the ref quickly rushes in for the count after a slight hesitation.

JOHNSON: ”WHAT!!! Tara isn’t even the legal person in the match!”
VASSA: ”Holy Hell! Gold Standard just pulled a fast one on the official!”
JOHNSON: ”This just isn’t right!”
VASSA: ”For all the ref knows, Jason made the tag with Tara while Francis distracted him!”
“Dirty Deeds” hits the speakers as Freedom enters the ring and rushes over to congratulate his partner, Drew.
After a delay with the ringside crew gathering the championships, they then hand them to the ref inside of the ring. After walking to both Drew and Freedom, he hands them each a championship belt and then raise their arms into the air.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners and still 4CW Tag Team Champions… GOLD SSTTAANNDDAARRDD!!!”
With both Jason and Tara still out cold, Drew and Freedom raises the championships into the air as a wave of boos crash over them.

JOHNSON: ”I’ve seen some dirty stuff in my time and this is right there near the top of the list!”
VASSA: ”You win by any means necessary, Steve. Gold Standard took matters into their own hands and secured the victory here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”This is supposed to be a prestigious tournament! These two have sunk to an all new low to get what they want.”
VASSA: ”That’s the nature of the beast and Gold Standard is the new powerhouse group of 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, it’s been a long and eventful night. We’re seen some dirty stuff go down inside of that ring and this is the icing on the rotten cake!”
VASSA: ”Come on, Steve, get over yourself!”
JOHNSON: ”No, I will not! This is down right disgusting. We have two competing promotions going head to head in competition and we’re the one to stoop to this level? I’ve had enough for tonight!”
VASSA: ”What do you mean? Where are you going?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m out of here! It’s been somewhat of a pleasure ladies and gentlemen but I’m calling it a night. From all of us at 4CW, we’ll see you in two weeks at the next Adrenaline. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa?”
JOHNSON: ”Get the cameras away from the booth, I’m done for the evening!”
The camera then turn back to the ring where Drew and Freedom continue to celebrate their victory and first successful title defense of their new reign. Walking to separate corners, the two ascend to the top and hold the championships above their heads. With boos roaring throughout the arena, the scene slowly fades out as “Dirty Deeds” continues to play in the background.