“Survival” by Eminem plays over the packed Crisler Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The entire building rumbles as the electric crowd roars, waiting for the night to officially begin. Down at ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the announcers booth, talking amongst each other, unaware of the camera on them. Turning his head towards the ring, Steve Johnson’s eyes quickly widen as he spots the camera on them. After nudging Vassa in the arm, the two quickly grab their headsets and put them on.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and the man beside me is the one and only, Vinny Vassa!”
VASSA: ”Good evening, folks! You surprised us.”
JOHNSON: ”They sure did, Vinny. Well now that the show has officially started, we’re going to take a few moments to run over some recent events before we jump into the action here in Ann Arbor, Michigan!”
VASSA: ”We’re coming off of Fright Night and boy has the landscape changed in terms of who holds championships.”
JOHNSON: ”We saw four championships change hands two weeks ago and to be honest, I’m really liking the change.”
VASSA: ”I guess it’s alright. John Austin is the new 4CW Pride Champion. I’d be lying if I said I was happy about this. I placed my bet on Semaus retaining but unfortunately things just didn’t work out like that.”
JOHNSON: ”That was a very hard fought match but in the end John Austin took control and is now our Pride Champion.”
VASSA: ”I don’t see him in the lineup for this evening but Seamus will be in action later on as he steps into the ring with Drew Stevenson.”
JOHNSON: ”This could be a very big match for Drew. A win here tonight over the former Pride Champion could put him in the contender spotlight.”
VASSA: ”Don’t overlook Seamus though! He’s coming off a tough loss and a win here tonight over Drew is just the thing he needs to get back on track.”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of Drew, we also have new 4CW Tag Team Champions. Aidan Carlisle and Bryan Williams defeated the teams of Gold Standard and the Distinguished Archetypes.”
VASSA: ”Not only that but Gold Standard was completely diminished that night. Drew walked out on Freedumb and left the match without even doing anything. Drew was a big reason they were able to win the championships in the first place and he just gave it all away.”
JOHNSON: ”It happens, I guess. We could all tell there was tension between the two. Francis has a habit of making a fool of himself and there’s only so much a man can take. Drew just finally reached that point and decided to go into business for himself.”
VASSA: ”Aidan and Bryan were very impressive though. CJ O’Donnell and Cyrus Riddle aren’t easy opponents for anyone. It truly came down to these two teams and only one could walk out with the belts.”
JOHNSON: ”As for the other two championships in 4CW, people are still talking about the Warzone of Horrors. That match was unbelievable and deadly can’t even describe it.”
VASSA: ”Both the 4CW and Extreme Championships were on the line. Six people beat the living crap out of each other inside and outside of that cage. Hell, Cashe put Bronx through the announcers booth from the top of the cage. I thought we witnessed a murder within a few feet from where we stood.”
JOHNSON: ”The Extreme Championship changed hands multiple times but after that breath taking sight, Cashe pulled off the final pinfall to secure the Extreme Championship.”
VASSA: ”And not too much longer after that Dakota Smith grabbed ahold of the 4CW Championship to become the new 4CW Champion!”
JOHNSON: ”Lets not forget what he did before grabbing the championship.”
VASSA: ”How could we? Once again, I thought we were about to witness a murder!”
JOHNSON: ”It was a horrific sight when Dakota wrapped piano wire around Felicity’s throat and strangled her from the side of the ladder.”
VASSA: ”If it wasn’t for Flipp and Hopkins, Dakota would have held her until the job was finished. Luckily, Flipp-Hop was able to save her before something terrible happened.”
JOHNSON: ”With that, Dakota Smith is out new 4CW Champion and the king of 4CW.”
VASSA: ”I’m going to be straight up with you. The thought od him being at the top of the food chain here is scary. No lie!”
JOHNSON: ”He dominated as the Extreme Champion so now all we can do is wait and see what he does as the 4CW Champion. No one is safe, that much is true.”
VASSA: ”Is there anything the man won’t do? He’s kidnapped people. I’m pretty sure a few no names who have come through the door and disappeared saw his face last. And then he tries to strangle someone on top of the cage? The man is insane!”
JOHNSON: ”He isn’t on the lineup tonight but I wouldn’t doubt for one second that he’s somewhere around here, lurking in the shadows.”
VASSA: ”As long as he isn’t here at ringside with us I don’t care! So what’s on the lineup tonight, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”We have a nice card scheduled for tonight. Opening the show we have Tanya Black making her 4CW debut against Aidan Carlisle. Then for out headline event we have we have Drew Stevenson stepping into the ring with Seamus O’Connor, which we mentioned earlier. Our main event is what I’m really looking forward to.”
VASSA: ”You and me both!”
JOHNSON: ”In our main event this evening we have Chris Madison and Lo’Renzo Porter going head to head for your viewing pleasure!”
VASSA: ”Chris Madison has been hot since signing with 4CW. Tonight isn’t going to be easy for him though. If anyone can put a blemish on Madison’s 4CW record it’s Flipp!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll have his chance to later tonight. Well that’s it folks! We have more matches in the lineup that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seats. Lets go straight into our opening bout now!”


POWERS: ”Coming to the ring first, standing at five foot six and weighing one hundred fifty pounds. From Albuquerque, New Mexico by way of Boston, MA…the ‘Sinful Angel’ Taaaaanyaaaaa Blaaaaaaack!!!”
The video screen lights up with beautiful images of Angels though all their wings are black mixed with footage of Tanya Black wrestling as we hear the opening of “City Of Heroes” by Kiske & Somerville. After a moment out emerges Tanya Black causing a big pop from the audience. Waving to the fans and shaking a few hands she takes her time getting to the ring, all smiles and upon entering the ring does a dance for the fans before mounting each turnbuckle in turn and bowing in respect to the audience as the song winds down. Once the song ends Tanya Black faces the center of the ring and stretches out her neck and shoulders.
Two missile-like pink fireballs launch from above the ring toward the entrance, igniting the stage in a wall of pink flame. Aidan appears at the top of the ramp as the heavy metal chords of Disturbed’s “Immortalized” fill the theater. She stops to survey the crowd through the dimmed lights and hot pink strobes. She smirks like a predator from ear to ear as she soaks in the boos from the crowd, holding her arms out to either side, tilting her head back, letting the electric guitar get her revved up for the impending match.
“This is war time, this is our time
We won’t be denied, feed the fire that is raging inside
This is go time, this is showtime
We will fight ’til their wills are broken
This is game time, and insane time
Let the madness fly, show the strength that just can’t be defied
Find the power, to devour
Let the beast inside now be woken”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring, residing in Atlantic City, New Jersey, weighing in at one hundred forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall. She is the Queen of Extreme, and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions, AIDAN CAAARLIIISLEEE!!!”
“In this world only the strong will survive
Hear the roar and you will know you’re alive
Feel the energy build in your soul
Cause it’s time”

As she strides down the aisle, she extends a middle finger in either direction in answer to the on-going boos of the crowd. Her smirk is firmly fixed on her lips as she ascends the stairs and ducks between the ropes.

“Oh, In the calm before the storm
Another legend will be born
Another battle will be won
We will rise
Oh, So heed the call of confrontation
Today we feed on domination
Secure a legacy that will never die
Be immortalized”

Aidan turns in a slow circle, taunting the crowd, gesturing for them to give her more before she lifts the 4CW Tag Team Championship high over her head, slapping the faceplate.

Aidan hands her championship to the ringside attendant and begins to circle with Tanya around the ring. The two women go to lock up, but Aidan immediately dodges to the side and lands a stiff forearm to Tanya’s face, causing her to stumble before Aidan follows up with a clothesline, taking Tanya down to the mat.

JOHNSON: ”Quick offensive work by the Queen of Extreme.”
Aidan reaches down for Tanya’s hair, picking her up, but Tanya retaliates with hard punches to the stomach, breaking away from her aggressor. A few chest chops followed by a scoop slam puts Aidan on her back in the ring, but Tanya lifts her back up by the hair as the referee advises her to let go. Tanya shoots Aidan to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Aidan ducks before hitting the other side of the ring and countering with a thunderous spear that leaves Tanya on the mat holding her midsection.

VASSA: ”That spear almost tore Tanya in half!”
JOHNSON: ”Aidan is nothing short of ferocious in the ring. She knows what she is doing at all times.”
Aidan begins to taunt Tanya, telling her to get up. As Tanya makes it to her knees and turns around, she ducks from a flying clothesline attempt by Aidan, then rushes Aidan and nails a jumping enziguiri, leaving the 4CW Tag Team Champion face down on the mat. Tanya collects herself quickly, attempting a surfboard submission, but Aidan scurries out of it, turning onto her back and landing a solid foot to the face of Tanya.

JOHNSON: ”Oooh, she’s gonna feel that in the morning.”
Without hesitation, Aidan charges Tanya as she holds her face, nailing a codebreaker and going for the pin.

VASSA: ”It’s going to take more than that, Tanya is one tough broad.”
JOHNSON: ”That she is. Wallace knew what he was doing when booking this match.”
Grabbing Tanya’s hair, Aidan lifts her up off of the mat and lands three punches to the face, shooting her to the ropes, and hitting her with a jumping back elbow before going to the top rope as Tanya tries to collect herself enough to stand. Aidan dives from the top, landing a forearm to the head of Tanya, then she goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Still won’t be good enough.”
Aidan slaps the mat in frustration, but mounts Tanya and goes for a punch, missing by inches as Tanya moves her head sideways, causing Aidan’s fist to hit the mat. Tanya then rolls over onto to Aidan and brings a barrage of punches down on her before making it to her feet, nailing a Russian leg sweep before going for the pin.

VASSA: ”Quick kickout by Carlisle. Admirable attempt on the part of Tanya, but the Queen of Extreme has kicked out of more damage than that before.”
Tanya stands Aidan back up and kicks her multiple times in the stomach before jumping onto the middle rope and turning it into a DDT, going for another cover.

JOHNSON: ”Tanya is mounting some great offense thus far.”
VASSA: ”She really is. She knows what will happen if she beats Aidan here tonight. It could mean major changes for her in 4CW with a win over such an established talent.”
Tanya gathers herself for a moment to plan her next attack, but occupies her time with a succession of hip tosses to Aidan, followed by a reverse neckbreaker after ducking a clothesline attempt by the 4CW Tag Team Champion. She goes for a cover, but Aidan’s foot is underneath the ropes, causing the referee to wave off a pin attempt.

JOHNSON: ”Ring awareness is a bitch sometimes.”
Tanya grabs Aidan by the hair once again, but is met with a throat jab for her troubles as she starts to stumble backward. With her back to Carlisle, she falls perfectly into the Queen of Extreme’s backstabber. Aidan makes the cover.

VASSA: ”DAMN! So Close!”
With being so close to finishing the match, Aidan runs to the ropes as Tanya makes it on all fours, returning with a boot to the back of the head and slamming Tanya’s face down into the mat for a curb stomp.

JOHNSON: ”CURB STOMP TO THE MAT! I think she left makeup marks!”
VASSA: ”It’s a face of pain stained on that mat.”
Aidan crouches down in waiting as Tanya stirs, forcing herself to her feet. Her stance is short lived, however, as Aidan approaches and hits the Fire Inside, causing her opponents to roll forward and onto her feet before turning around and having Aidan nail the Queen’s Cross.


VASSA: ”AIDAN’S WON AGAIN! Excellent showing by the new 4CW Tag Team Champion.”
The referee raises a standing Aidan Carlisle’s hand after handing her the 4CW Tag Team Championship back.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, AIDAN CAAARLIIISLEEE!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Excellent win here for Aidan Carlisle. A Tag Title win and a singles win on consecutive shows. Now, let’s see what her partner, Bryan Williams does tonight when he squares off against Cyrus Riddle.”
VASSA: ”Carlisle and Williams outlasted some amazing teams in that tournament, the momentum is in their favor right now.”

The cameras cut to the backstage area where Sloane Atreyu and Zelda Orion where walking down the hallway in preparation for the upcoming match. Clad in their ring gear, both seem extremely focused on the matter at hand. Zelda is apparently talking strategy to her partner as they are interrupted by Gabriel Hartman. Before he can ask a question, Sloane acknowledges his presence.

ATREYU: “Hey, we might remember this guy from such Interviews as Fight Night with Tanya Black or the Underground pre-show with Jason Cashe and Niobe Martin.”
HARTMAN: “Um …what?”
ATREYU: “Never mind, I am just doing a bit.”
Gabriel Hartman seems very confused as he gathers his thoughts and addresses the members of Bitch TV again.

HARTMAN: “Sloane, Zelda …you made quite the debut at Fright Night and have had many questioning if you were worth all of that hype.”
He holds the mic up to Zelda who seems very eager to answer as she smacks her lower lip ring with her upper lip.

ORION: “I don’t know the answer to that, but what I do know is that we do not come into a company and not work our way up to the top. Not just that, we like to get into the ring and put on a show; entertain the masses, y’know? If we are going to be here, we are going to be HERE, ready to take on whatever challenge may come our way. If that is worth hype, then that is cool.”
HARTMAN: “So, you are confident that you are going to beat #Teamwilder tonight in your debut match here at 4CW?”
Sloane directed the microphone toward her with a sly smile on her face. While her partner seemed to be scowling and totally serious, Sloane seemed more excited and ready to take on the world.

ATREYU: “While Jett is everything that a man should be, and more; while he is the pinnacle of awesomeness and YES, while I admit that he was snubbed for the sexiest man alive this year, tonight just isn’t his night. You know, like every night he has had, except for Fright Night. You only have one chance to come into a company right and he blew his. We know what we have to do to get to where we want here in 4CW and that does not involve floundering around, being unsure if we want to be in the tag team division at all.”
HARTMAN: “You seem to be oddly enamored with Jett Wilder, do you care to comment on that?”
Sloane nods her head and smiles at this accusation.

ATREYU: “He is the Sharknado of people, how can you NOT like him? Unfortunately the reasons I like him are for the same reasons that he is a terrible in ring competitor. What I really want to do is kick his ass, pin him 1 …2 …3 and then take him out to dinner to listen to him tell me how that didn’t happen at all.”
Hartman listens to her thoughtfully before turning his attention back to Zelda Orion.

HARTMAN: “Okay, looking beyond tonight, the tag team division has been heating up. We have brand new champions, who should be looking for challengers and a new tag team looking to make their debut at the next Adrenaline in the Frost Brothers.”
ORION: “As we said at Fright Night, the tag team titles are definitely something we want to earn. More so, when we face them, we want to face a team with some momentum behind them. We don’t want another Gold Standard of coming in hot and then imploding among themselves before they have been proven as champions. The match will happen once we deserve the shot and when their power levels are over 9000. And hey, newer tag teams than us is always welcome. I just hope that if we ever meet or if we are their first opponents, that they give us a good fight.”
Zelda walks of with a very zealous glare towards Gabriel. Atreyu then breaks off and the two head toward their destination. Gabriel Hartman looks at the screen.

HARTMAN: “Well, there you have it…”


“The Devil In I” by Slipknot starts to blast through the arena as the fans give her mix reactions as cameras pan to the back as Taryn comes out of her locker room and makes her way up the ramp. She comes through the curtain as she launches her head back screaming in the air and as she brings her head back up and smirks.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at one hundred forty-five pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall… Taryn Willow!”
She makes her way to the ring as she slides in and right away sits in the middle of the ring with her legs crossed as she rocks herself waiting for her opponent to arrive.

POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
From Whom The Bell Tolls blares over the PA system. The screens above the entrance ramp flash in bright orange and red with “RABID” emblazoned across the four screens in black. Rob Hewitt makes his way down to the ring to lukewarm and polite applause, grinning at the crowd and pointing to random fans wearing a “Rabid” shirt.

POWERS: ”Hailing from Bristol, England, weighing in at two hundred thirty six pounds and standing six feet, three inches tall, “Rabid” Rob Hewitt!”
He makes a quick jogging circuit around the ring, slapping hands with anyone who bothers to extend one, then rolls stiffly into the ring and raises an arm to the crowd, fingers extended like claws.

JOHNSON: ”Taryn Willow is making her debut tonight here in 4CW!”
VASSA: ”Another beautiful young lady might I add. Perry sure does know how to pick them.”
JOHNSON: ”If only that were the reason. 4CW is stacked with talent from top to bottom. I’m sure there’s more to Taryn than just her looks that seem to be the only thing you’re interested in.”
VASSA: ”It’s not just that, but Rob Hewitt on the other hand, too bad no one can say the same about his looks.”
JOHNSON: ”I’d be willing to be that’s the least of his worries. Rob is coming off a tough loss in his debut at Fright Night. He can turn things around and get on the right start with a win here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Him and Boston had one hell of a match at Fright Night. Both men made their debuts but only one man could walk away the victor and it just happened to go to the other man.”
Throwing his hand into the air, the ref signals for the bell as the match officially begins.
Shooting from his corner, Rob charges towards Taryn like a bull. Drawing near, Rob swings with an overhead club but smacks the top padding of the corner as Taryn rolls out of the way and avoids contact. Coming to her feet in a fluid motion, Taryn whips around and clocks Rob in the back of the head with a spinning elbow. She then reaches up, wraps her arms around his head and then drops to the mat, bringing Rob down with a nasty neckbreaker.
With Rob down on his back, Taryn then climbs the corner and patiently waits at the top for him to get back to his feet. Slowly pulling himself up with help from the ropes, Taryn catches his attention as she leaps from the top and flies towards him with a crossbody. Catching Taryn in mid-air, Rob walks towards the center of the ring before dropping her across his knee with a backbreaker.
With Taryn down at his feet, Rob then backsteps towards the ropes and after rebounding, he comes back with some momentum only to jump into the air and come down across her throat with a leg drop, pinning her head to the canvas as her legs shoot into the air. Rolling over to all fours, Rob then crawls over Taryn’s upper body and delivers two back to back knee strikes to her shoulders. He then presses her shoulders to the mat as the ref sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: ”Not just yet!”
JOHNSON: ”Rob comes up short with the quick pin attempt!”
VASSA: ”After catching her in mid-air with that crossbody attempt, he appears to have taken quite a bit out of her with that backbreaker across the knee.”
JOHNSON: ”Rob clearly has the size advantage in this one and he put that on display when he caught her body as if it were weightless.”
Back on his feet, Rob slowly walks around Taryn, stalking her as she slowly begins to climb back her way back up. He then grabs ahold of her head to pull her up, giving a little bit of assistance. With her back to her feet, he then pulls her head down and applies a headlock. With her head held tightly in his clutches, Rob cranks down on the pressure before taking a few steps forward, jumping forward and planting her face into the canvas with a bulldog.
With Taryn face down to the mat, Rob looks to the corner and quickly makes his way over. After ascending to the top, Rob looks over the crowd for a brief moment before turning around and resting a bit. Taryn then rolls over to her back and as she does, Rob leaps from the top rope and comes down, aiming for her head with a leg drop.

JOHNSON: ”He misses! Taryn rolls out of the way at the last split second!”
With the pain shooting up his spine, Rob rolls over and curls his body, reaching behind him and holding his bottom. With Rob down, Taryn quickly races to her feet and once up, she quickly turns her attention to his lower back as she takes a couple of fast paced steps forward and delivers a kick that echoes over the cheers from the crowd. Releasing a loud grunt, Rob rolls over to his stomach. Taryn then delivers another kick to his mid-section, lifting him up from the canvas slightly upon impact. She then turns her attention to his lower back and stomps on it repeatedly until flattening his body.
With Rob down, she then grabs ahold of his foot and slowly rolls him over to his back. With his foot still in tact, she then goes to apply a figure four leglock but before she can hook the leg, Rob draws back his free leg and slams it forward, kicking her square in the mouth and knocking her to the mat. With both wrestlers down, the ref then begins the ten count.

“One! … Two! … Three!”
Both wrestlers then begin to climbs back to their feet.
“Four! … Five!”
Standing up first, Rob breaks the refs ten count and turns his attention to Taryn who is only up to one knee. Placing one hand on top of her head, Rob then slams his free arm downward, hitting her over the back with a forearm and knocking her face first to the canvas.

JOHNSON: ”Taryn is back down after a nasty forearm shot to the top of the back.”
VASSA: ”The fatigue appears to be setting in for both wrestlers as well. If any one of them is going to make a move and go for the win, the time to do so is right now!”
Grabbing Taryn by the back of the head and clinching down with a handful of hair, Rob pulls her up to her feet. Locking onto her wrist, Rob then pulls her inward with one hand and steps forward with his other arm, hitting her with a clothesline as the two collide. Taryn falls to one knee but with her wrist still in Rob’s clutches, she quickly gets jerked back to her feet. Rob then lifts her up into the air, turns her upside down and holds her closely with both hands wrapped around her waist.

VASSA: ”This doesn’t look good for Taryn!”
JOHNSON: ”I think Rob might be looking to end this right now!”
Rob then hops in the air and as he comes down, he drops to his knees, driving Taryn’s head into the mat with a tombstone piledriver.

JOHNSON: ”There’s the Rabies Shot!”
VASSA: ”It might be lights out for Taryn!”
As Taryn’s back crashes against the mat, Rob then crawls over her and makes the pin as the ref slides in for the count.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall, “Rabid” ROB HHEEWWIITTTT!!!”


POWERS: “The following contest is Scheduled for One Fall! Introducing the first Competitor, from Dewey Beach, Delaware! Standing at Six Foot Tall, weighing Three Hundred and Thirty One Pounds…BAAAWWSTONN!!!”
*Click-click* *BACKEWWWWWWWWW*
The sound of a handgun being cocked and fired sparks the crowd into a frenzy of excitement. Immediately after the gunshot, the lights darken in the arena, and flashes of white light coincide with the repetitive, striking signature element of the song. Nas’ “Made You Look,” has just hit the P.A. system, and the scene resembles a fishbowl being shaken about, as the crowd rocks back and forth to the music, as they voice their approval for the man who just made his way through the curtain.
(Braaaaavehearts, Braaaaavehearts)
(Braaaaavehearts, Braaaaavehearts)
(Braaaaavehearts, Braaaaavehearts)
Boston walks from the curtain at an almost purposely sluggish pace, as he takes his time checking out the crowd, its energy, and the atmosphere it creates. Evident that his fan base is growing, Boston stands at the top of the ramp, wearing his typical all-black ensemble, including a simple, unzipped, hooded sweatshirt. The hood rests atop his head, with his dirty blonde hair falling down around his face, all the way to his divinely sculpted chest. As the camera locks in on his icy blue eyes, while they peer out at the 4CW faithful, they become the most identifiable detail in the arena.
Now let’s get it all in perspective
For all y’all enjoyment, a song y’all can step wit’
Y’all appointed me to bring rap justice
But I ain’t five-O, y’all know it’s Nas yo
Boston flips his hood backward, emphatically, as he charges forward a few steps before stopping on a dime, in a crouching position, arms out as if imitating an airplane, his head and upper body swaying along with rhythm, as the lights slowly return to normal in the arena. His smirk grows to a smile, as he finds his upright stance and begins his trek to the ring, exchanging fist bumps periodically with the younger kids that shouldn’t be in this 4CW audience.
We can drive thru the city no doubt, but don’t say my car’s topless
Say the titties is out, newness here’s the anthem
Put your hand up that you shoot with, count your loot wit’
Push the pool stick in your new crib, same hand that you hoop with
Swing around like you stupid
Turning his attention to the camera, as he continues sauntering toward the ring, he even mouths to the camera, “there’s babies here. What the fuck’s a six year old doing here? This is HBO, right?” After that, or a similar observation of humor, he looks into the camera and says, confidently, “let’s get it!” With that, he takes off toward the ring, jumping up to the apron with ease, before jumping up to the first rope, then second rope, ultimately landing inside the ring, after a twisting flip that lands him facing the very ropes he just used, which he grabs as he pulls himself up to the bottom rope and shouts toward the energized, raucous crowd!
They shootin’! — Aw made you look
You a slave to a page in my rhyme book
Gettin’ Big/”big” money, playboy your time’s up
Where them gangstas? Where them dimes at?
After paying a brief amount of attention to each corner of the ring, Boston removes his hooded sweatshirt and tosses it beneath the nearest turnbuckle. Next off came the signature black wife beater, which he balls up and throws out into the crowd. However, his levitous mood dissipates almost immediately, as he begins to focus on his opponent and ring strategy, while loosening up in his designated corner.
This ain’t rappin, this is Street-Hop
Now get up off your ass like your seat’s hot
The music fades from the P.A. system, as Boston takes a moment to tie his hair up in his patented “man-bun.”

POWERS: “And the next Competitor in this Match…Coming to us LIVE from Eastport, Maine! He also stands at Six Foot and weighs in at Two Hundred and Two pounds…The man they call “Bronxy V” BRRROOONX VAALLLESSCENNNCE!!!”
“What You Know About That” by TI hits over the house system as smoke fills the top of the entrance ramp. Bronx with his head down walks out to the top of the ramp to stand in the smoke for a moment before he pulls his hands up slowly pointing two finger guns at the ring. He pulls the trigger before he twirls the said “guns” and places them back into his “holsters” on either side before he starts his business like walk to the ring.

JOHNSON: “I’d argue that these two men can be the Poster Boys for any promotion in the world! Yet here they are in 4 Corners Wrestling and we get to see them clash! I’m thrilled for this contest!”
VASSA: “Yeah anytime you can get two fan favorites slapping each other around, it adds a level of interest. Who will the fans back more? Who will come out the better man on this night?”
He slides with one knee up on the apron, wipes his feet and then flips over the top rope into the ring. Bronx then walks over to the middle rope and stands on it, surveying the crowd through his sunglasses before he hops off and walks over to his corner where he kicks up, using the top turnbuckle like a hammock as he waits for the bell.

VASSA: “If they shake hands, I might puke…Let’s get it on!!”
As the referee calls for the start of the match, both Bronx and Boston begin to circle one another. They lock up, Boston walks Bronx back against the ropes. Holding him there, the referee starts to make the count to before breaking them up but Boston backs up and the two nod at each other. They circle once again and again lock up with a tight grapple. Boston again begins to walk Bronx backwards but Bronx rejects it with a lifting knee to the midsection.
Pulling Boston by the arm, Bronx whips his opponent short range to the ropes. Boston quick in reaction leaps up, springs off the ropes, shooting himself backwards back at Bronx and hits a Springboard Stunner. The fans erupt with cheers for the flashy counter.

JOHNSON: “Wow! Very crisp and agile Stunner right there, props to Boston with that one!”
Up to his feet, Boston backs away as Bronx rises with a slight daze. He shakes it off as he pushes from a knee as Boston rushes in, leaps up and looks to execute a FameAsser but Bronx slips out of the way leaving Boston to slap down hard on the canvas. As Boston turns to push up from the mat, Bronx dives at him, rolls through a School Boy putting Boston back on his knees. Bronx on his feet snaps a Superkick to Boston’s face, he twists and goes stiff before hitting the canvas almost face planting.

VASSA: “Holy Hell that was disgustingly sick! School Boy roll up into a Superkick! Boston didn’t know what happened!!”
JOHNSON: “That foot to face clapping sound was loud! The nose bleed heard that!”
His cheek against the canvas, Boston doesn’t see as Bronx jumps in place, twists and hits a very well placed Twisting Leg Drop across the side of Boston’s head. He rolls the man from Delaware over onto his back and hooks a leg as the referee drops to make the count.

JOHNSON: “That was close, that was too close for this early in the match. I believe Boston got his bell rung with that Superkick followed by the Leg Drop.”
VASSA: “It didn’t tickle..”
Pulling Boston up on his feet, Bronx shoves him back into the turnbuckles. His arms resting up over the ropes at each side of the corner, Boston looks dazed and confused. Bronx rushes in with a Clothesline but Boston ducks it, exploding out from the corner. Bronx spins around but Boston is on him with heavy hands to the face and sides. One big up thrusting uppercut and Bronx looks like a beaten Rock Em, Sock Em Robot before he slumps down into the corner.

VASSA: “Big bombs from Boston! You thought he was out, next to finished! The man was CLEARLY playing Possum!”
JOHNSON: “One would have to think Bronx still has some lingering pains from Fright Night. He can’t be 100% tonight.”
VASSA: “Is anyone ever REALLY 100%?”
Ripping Bronx from the corner, he flops to the canvas and rolls on his back. Boston in one fast leap, jumps up, hits the second ropes and snaps back into a Moonsault. He lands squarely across Bronx and hooks the leg, the referee hurries to slide down and slap for the count.

JOHNSON: “Another close call! This is brilliant execution from both men.”
VASSA: “I might deny this later but these two are Next in 4CW’s top class of talent. They are knocking on the door, stepping through right as we watch this bout!”
Back to the corner where he came off the second rope, Boston heads back to it. Putting his back to the turnbuckle pads, he props himself up to the second ropes this time facing the ring. Bronx slowly begins to rise, he seems groggy as he turns around searching for his opponent. Boston jumps off the ropes, snatches Bronx by the head and looks for a Flying DDT but Bronx counters it with a Northern Lights Suplex. He keeps the bridging Pin as the referee finds the canvas.
Boston kicks out and both men lay on the canvas taking a well deserved breather. Bronx turns and gets up on his hands and knees, Boston grabs the nearby ropes and begins his rise. The two on their feet get their balance and turn to face one another. A long stand off as the fans show their love and respect for the two and rain down vibrating cheers.

VASSA: “What a bunch of ass kissers…”
JOHNSON: “They are showing the admiration, the respect that they have for these two performers. These are athletes, not actors and 4CW is showcasing their skill! You can’t help but appreciate this!”
A lightly red brush forming on Boston’s face from the superkick earlier and Bronx limping some as they meet in the middle of the ring. They nod at each other and extend hands, shaking.

JOHNSON: “Fantastic sportsmanship by these two men!”
VASSA: “RALPH!!! I need a bucket…”
After the brief show of respect, they circle for the third time this match. Locking up, Bronx gets the upper hand and hooks behind Boston with an arm wrench. Boston whips back an Elbow and catches Bronx to the mouth, he releases the arm wrench. As Boston turns around, Bronx widely swing s a right hand but Boston ducks under it, hitting Bronx with a two combination punch to the stomach. He shoves Bronx from behind, Bronx stumbles towards the ropes and catches them to stop his forward progress.
Twirling around in a hurry, Bronx almost walks right into a big right Haymaker by Boston but Bronx moves, missing the punch by inches. He slides in close, snatches Boston, lifts him and hits his Modified Reverse STO.

VASSA: “Valescence’s Victory! This might be over!”
JOHNSON: “After barely missing Bostons’ “Back Pocket” Haymaker, Bronx V connected with a beautifully executed Modified Reverse STO, a fantastic Move by Bronx Valescence!”
Both men faded, Bronx puts everything left into rolling Boston over and throwing an arm over his chest. The referee already down, ready to start the count.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pinfall, BRONX VVAALLEESSCCEENNCCEE!!!”
The fans cheering for the competition they had as the referee begins to help Bronx to his feet. Bronx nods as he stares down at Boston, a clear respect for the fight in his opponent before the referee raises Bronx’s hand and the fans pop louder as he celebrates his win.

The cameras switch backstage to the small area where the medical staff is giving Aidan Carlisle a glance over after the few high-risk maneuvers she pulled off against Tanya Black earlier in the evening. Despite the contemplative looks on the faces of the EMTs, Aidan is subtly smiling. That is, until she spots interviewer Gabriel Hartman closing in.

HARTMAN: “Miss Carlisle, Aidan! Could I get a few words?”
CARLISLE: “Well, you’ve managed to trap me here, Gabe, so why not?”
HARTMAN: “How are you feeling after your match?”
CARLISLE: “Like a million bucks, Hartman, how else would I feel? There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing some haggard cunt with a tree trunk up her ass fall like the mighty sequoia she’s playing a sock puppet for. Despite the fact that I’m the most dominant female force on this roster, people still like to doubt met. And that is just fine, because I still like to shut them up.”
HARTMAN: “Rumor has it that perhaps you’ve had some sort of falling out with Ian Bishop?”
CARLISLE: “You shouldn’t listen to rumors, Gabe. They’re like hookers; you play with too many of them and you’ll end up catching something.”
Hartman blinks in confusion, making Aidan roll her eyes. She makes a little gesture to dismiss the comment, in no mood to have to explain the joke. Diligent as ever, Gabriel forges on.

HARTMAN: “Well, given what happened at Ring Royalty II over in Boardwalk, I was hoping to get your reaction?”
CARLISLE: “I’m not sure what you want me to say, Hartman. The Lethal Lottery happened. Matt Meyhu won, Ian didn’t.”
HARTMAN: “Actually, I was referring to something else…”
CARLISLE: “Well then just spit it out.”
HARTMAN: “How do you feel about Jason Cashe being made a member of the Unstable?”
A dark look crosses Aidan’s face for several long moments at the news. Her eyes shift from the weaselly interviewer to the one of the medical staff as they prod a slightly sore spot, then back up to Hartman and the camera crew. Putting her impassive expression back on, she finally replies.

CARLISLE: “Good for him. I’m sure he’ll be just as popular there as he is everywhere else.”
HARTMAN: “Well, as a member yourself, were you not—”
CARLISLE: “Stop right there, Gabe. I’m not a member of the Unstable. I never have been, and I really don’t think it’s on the table for the near future, either. I don’t know why people can’t seem to get that through their heads, but hopefully I just set the record straight.”
Without waiting for the EMT to finish up, Aidan abruptly hops down from the table. Shaking her way out of his grasp, she squeezes past Hartman and the camera crew. As Gabriel starts to follow after her, she turns back and holds up her hand to stop him in his tracks.

CARLISLE: “That’s quite enough out of you Hartman. I’m a Champion and I have things to do. I’ve had more than my fill of dealing with useless flesh backs sporting less brain power than a single-celled organism. The fast I get back to my hotel room the faster I can get out of Bumfuck, Michigan and back to somewhere with decent Wi-Fi.”
The cameras fade out on the image of Aidan striding purposefully down the hall.


The lights in the arena go down as kazoos can be heard humming the intro theme to The Final Countdown, originally sung by Europe. Static fills the big screen as this is happening, but once the song picks up, the screen flashes in bright early 1990’s colors such as neon pink, neon blue, and a gaudy bright orange. In those same tacky colors, the name “Bitch TV” flashes on the big screen as a pillar of smoke goes off on the rampway and fog rises up from the entryway. As the same tacky pastel colors flash on the ramp, two figures emerge from behind the curtain. The first one out is the always fired up Zelda Orion who sprints to the rampway in a rush. Zelda jumps up and down, rolling her right fist in her left palm, in anticipation for getting into the ring. She is soon followed by an equally as energized (but not as jumpy) Sloane Atreyu, who comes out to the ring with a confident stomp. Sloane is wearing steampunk esque goggles with silver hood as she stomps at the foot of the rampway.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first, Zelda Orion and Sloane Atreyu, Bitch TV!”
The two stand side by side, as Zelda pumps her fist in the air few times and Sloane removes her goggles and then hood. Another pillar of smoke goes off behind them as they do this. Sloane holds up her hand and Zelda jumps up to give it a five. The two friends make their way down the walkway. On the way to the ring, Zelda leans against the barricade with her back to the fans. She gives a smirk as they pat her on the back. Zelda rolls along the barricade slapping hands with fans as Sloane acknowledges the camera and talks to it. She mostly rattles on about breaking the fourth or starts talking about the latest episode of The Walking Dead.
Once at ringside, the two back away from the ring and charge at it at the same time. Zelda slides in under the botom rope as Sloane jumps up to the aprong and leaps over the top rope, showing great agility. Zelda gets to the top turnbuckle with her right leg outstretched over the top turnbuckle and proceeds to pump her fist into the air multiple times before stripping off her jacket and tossing it to the side. Meanhwhile, Sloane leaps up on the bottom rope and leans over it with an excited smile on her face. She takes off her jacket and tosses it to the side as well. The two meet in the middle of the ring before shaking hands and going in for a quick hug of ultimate friendship.

POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder followed not far by the imposing Luiz Cavalcante and the beautiful Carmella Wilder. Though generally the young and small Wilder alone would not be imposing with his atrocious dance moves we get a close up of the imposing Luiz walking to the ring to really strike some form of fear. Clapping her son on is Carmella with her glasses on looking professional as she usually does, as Wilder bounces up the steps stopping.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at a combined weight of three hundred eighty four pounds, accompanied by Carmella Wilder… Luiz Cavalcante and Jett Wilder, Team Wilder!”
Waiting for Luiz who as usual doesn’t look pleased to have to stop and lower the top rope down so that Wilder can jump over it to show off. Shaking his head as he follows him into the ring as Jett jumps up to the top rope pounding his chest as the crowd boos him. Carmella walks around the ring ignoring the cat calls and the boos to continue to cheer her son on as Jett bounces off the ropes and heads to the other side with Luiz standing behind him arms crossed. Finally bouncing back down taking off the hoodie he came out with to hand to Luiz who walks to the ropes to hand it out to Carmella as Jett readies himself.

JOHNSON: ”The tag team of Sloane Atreyu and Zelda Orion, Bitch TV, will be making their debut tonight!”
VASSA: ”Another new team to the 4CW arsenal, I love it! Do I even have to say it, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”Say what?”
VASSA: ”The things I would do to th–“
JOHNSON: ”I’m going to stop you right there before you get us into trouble. Think, Vinny, think!”
VASSA: ”I was just going to say that it’s a pleasure to be able to sit here at ringside and call these matches full of beauty.”
JOHNSON: ”Sure you were.”
VASSA: ”I wish I could see more of the lovely Carmella Wilder though.”
JOHNSON: ”You see her each and every time Jett wrestles. She accompanies him to every match. He’s even earned quite the reputation for it.”
VASSA: ”Some folks call him a mamas boy for having her out here with him but I see it a little differently. She’s smoking hot! If anything, she distracts the opponents in the ring with her beauty.”
JOHNSON: ”I guess that’s one way of looking at it.”
VASSA: ”I’m not lying. I’m going to have a hard time paying attention to this match and calling it with her here at ringside.”
JOHNSON: ”That shouldn’t be a problem as I’m used to being the one taking lead here at the booth.”
In their corner, Sloane and Orion talk amongst themselves quietly. Orion then exits onto the apron, leaving Sloane to start things off for the evening. Across the ring, Jett argues with Luiz. Luiz then turns to exit the ring but Jett grabs ahold oh his shoulder and stops him in his tracks. With Luiz focused on him, Jett points for him to stay in the ring while he climbs through the ropes and onto the apron. The two bicker with one another for a few moments before Carmella screams at them from below, ordering them to act accordingly and focus on the task at hand. Luiz then turns his back to Jett as he mumbles a few words of displeasure.
In the center of the ring, the official checks with Sloane as she gives him the nod that she is ready for the sound of the bell. The official then turns to Luiz who gives no reaction, just a blank stare. Luiz then turns to Jett who bursts into yelling at him. Luiz then turns back to the ref and nods with no emotion. With both teams ready to get things underway, the official then slowly raises his arm into the air, only to dwing it downward and signal for the bell.
Standing in the corner, Luiz looks around the arena as the sound of the bell dies down, searching for where it sounded from. Not paying attention, Luiz then gets caught off guard as Sloane rushes in and fires away with an elbow shot to the stomach. Falling backwards into the corner and crashing against it, his arm flies over the top rope and connects with the side of Jett’s head. Before Jett can mouth off, Sloane grabs Luiz by the wrist and pulls him away from the corner.
Locking her arm around his head, Sloane then grabs the back of his pants and quickly flips him over to his back with a snap suplex. Luiz quickly rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up to all fours. Sloane then drops a double axe-handle across the top of his back, knocking him down to his stomach. She then kicks Luiz in the ribs over and over until finally rolling him to his back. With Luiz looking up at the ceiling, Sloane then hops over his and takes off towards the ropes. After hitting them hard and coming back with speed, she leaps into the air, does a backflip while flying forward and lands a running 450 splash.

VASSA: ”Bitch TV is off to a fast start over the big man!”
JOHNSON: ”Luiz needs to keep his head in the game and pay attention from start to finish. I don’t know what he was even doing, it’s like he was looking for where the sound of the bell came from.”
Standing back to her feet, Sloane grabs Luiz by the head and slowly pulls him up to his feet. Once up, Luiz thrusts both hands forward and pounds them into her chest, knocking her away. He then lunges forward with an right hook but comes up short as Sloane ducks out of the way and counters with a swift palm strike to the stomach. She then grabs onto his arm and goes to whip him to the corner but before she can release, Luiz overpowers her and pulls her in closely. Wrapping his arms around her body, he then lifts her up into the air and plants her into the canvas with a spinebuster.

JOHNSON: ”Look at the raw strength Luiz possesses!”
VASSA: ”To be fair, she almost half his size.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that to you with ease and you’re not small by any means.”
Standing tall, Luiz walks around Sloane momentarily before reaching down and grabbing a handful of hair. he then jerks her up to her feet before whipping her into his corner with force. Just as she crashes into the corner, he takes off from stand still and connects with a running clothesline, lifting her feet up from the canvas as he nearly takes her head off. Jett then screams at him from the apron, demanding a tag. Luiz stares at him for a moment in confusion before Jett reaches across the top rope and slaps him across the side of the shoulder. Recognizing it as a tag, the official orders Luiz to exit the ring. With a blank look on his face, Luiz stares at Jett while he enters the ring and the ref begins the five count.
“One! … Two!”
Jett points to the apron and demands for Luiz to exit the ring.
Still stuck in a blank stare, Luiz looks on in confusion before Jett slaps him on the shoulder again, yelling even louder for him to exit the ring.
Snapping out of it, Luiz then climbs through the ropes, breaking the refs count as he stands on the apron.

VASSA: ”I don’t know what’s up with this guy. Is it the language barrier?”
JOHNSON: ”What more would you expect? Jett treats him like dirt constantly. The language may have something to do with it but overall, I just don’t think he’s happy being teamed up with Jett.”
VASSA: ”Carmella has been asking to get in the ring and be his new partner. I would love to see her in action with everything just bouncing in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure you wo–“
VASSA: ”Oh snap!”
With Jett distracted, Sloane lunges out of the corner and connects with a hard right hand to the side of his head, knocking him over to his side and down to the mat. She then closes in on him with repeated kicks and stomps to the body before lifting him up from the mat. Clenching her fist, she then delivers a breath taking punch to his stomach, forcing him to lunge over as the air escapes his lungs. With Jett bent over, Sloane then gets him in a double underhook, lifts him up into the air, flips him over and drops him across her knee with a backbreaker.
Hearing her partner cheering her on from across the ring, Sloane pops up from one knee and then pulls Jett up from the mat. She then drags him across the ring before slamming him into the corner and making the tag with Orion.

JOHNSON: ”There’s the tag and we now get to see Zelda Orion in action for the first time since signing with 4CW! “
VASSA: ”This chick is a little… different.”
JOHNSON: ”She has a unique look to her, doesn’t she?”
As Sloane exits the ring, Orion catapults herself over the top rope and enters. With Jett backed to the corner, she then unloads with a nasty combination of kicks and punches to his mid-section. After wearing him down, she then takes a few steps back before rushing forward and leaping into the air. Flying towards Jett, she then drives both knees into his chest, knocking him down into a seated position. After pushing herself back up, she then grabs ahold of the top ropes on each side of the corner and uses them for leverage as she begins to stop on Jett over and over.
She then pulls Jett back to his feet before slamming him into the corner and keeping him contained. Swinging with a hard left, she connects with the side of his jaw before turning a full revolution and busting him in the chops with a rolling elbow. Stepping out of the way, Orion looks on as Jett stumbles forward, barely able to keep his balance. As he makes his way towards the center of the ring, she then takes off and races past him, headed for the ropes ahead. After coming back on the rebound, she goes for a quick clothesline but comes away empty handed as Jett ducks underneath. Hitting the ropes across the ring, she then comes back with even more speed only to get lifted off her feet, spun around and dropped across his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

VASSA: ”Will you look at that! Jett finally swept a girl off her feet!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s a first time for everything as they say.”
VASSA: ”Savor the moment Jett because I’ve seen you fail time and time again on social media trying to pick up chicks.”
JOHNSON: ”Things might be turning around after that tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Jett needs to act quickly to maintain control of this match if him and Luiz want to walk away the victors tonight.”
Standing back to his feet, Jett takes a few steps back to catch his breath as Orion slowly begins to get back up. As she gets to one knee, Jett then takes off towards the ropes behind him. With Orion just standing to both feet, Jett leaps into the air, plants both feet onto the middle ropes and slingshots himself off. Turning around in mid-air, Jett wraps his arm around Orion’s head and spins her around, planting it into the canvas with a tornado DDT. He then covers her for the pin as the ref slides in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Sloane isn’t going to let that happen!”
Breaking up the pin, Sloane plants her foot into the back of Jett’s head, kicking him off of Orion. Looking on from the apron, Luiz just stands there, possibly amused by the sight. The ref then orders Sloane to exit the ring and she does so. Both Orion and Jett then slowly begin to climb to their feet. Making it up first, Jett races across the ring and dives into his corner, reaching over the ropes and slapping Luiz in the side of the arm, not giving him the chance to make a his own decision on tagging.
Looking on with confusion, Luiz stares at Jett. Jett then screams for him to enter the ring and as he does, the ref begins the five count for Jett to exit.

“One! … Two!”
Not putting up any resistance, Luiz then enters the ring but stands toe to toe with Jett, staring down at him.
“Three! … Four!”
Jett then exits the ring and stands on the apron as the ref stops his count. With Orion still not quite up to her feet yet, Luiz then charges towards her and plants a running knee into her side, knocking her back to the canvas. He then lifts her back up from the canvas and places her head between his legs. Wrapping his arms around her waist, Luiz then lifts her up into the air to go for his finishing powerbomb but before he can slam her down, Orion begins to punch him over and over in the head. She then pushes off his head with both hands, breaks his hold and then comes down to her feet. With her feet hitting the mat, they then slide outward as she drops into a split and delivers a nasty punch to the family jewels.

JOHNSON: ”Close but I believe she likes that little number Netherrealm!”
Luiz then falls over to his side and onto his back. Orion then pops back up to her feet and races to her corner to make the tag with Sloane. As the two slap hands, Sloane then climbs the corner and once at the top, she leaps into the air and comes down hard with a corkscrew 630 splash!

JOHNSON: ”Jumping the Shark!”
VASSA: ”Jumping the what?”
Sloane then covers Luiz for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.
Orion then races across the ring and takes a swing for Jett on the apron but misses as he drops down to the floor.
Jett then shakes his head as he looks on at Luiz, pointing to him while complaining to Carmella.
“The Final Countdown” hits the speakers as Sloane pops up to her feet.

JOHNSON: ”There you have it folks! With an impressive debut here tonight, Bitch TV has done it!”
Orion quickly approaches Sloane to celebrate as the two enjoy the taste of victory in their 4CW debut. The official then raises both of their arms into the air as the crowd pops with cheers.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, Sloane Atreyu and Zelda Orion… BITCH TV!!!”


The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines upon the entrance curtain as the guitars of “Anarchy in the U.K.” begin to play.
“Right Now (laughing)”
Cyrus Riddle smoothly emerges from behind the curtain with his sunglasses affixed to his face, as well as donning a snarky grin as he raises his middle and index fingers to the crowd. He begins to walk to the ring with a swagger in his step and a cocky expression of confidence.
“I am an anti-Christ
I am an anarchist,
Don’t know what I want
But I know how to get it
I want to destroy the passerby
‘Cause I want to be anarchy!”

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from London, England and weighing in at two hundred twenty eight pounds, he is “The Archetype”, “The Epitome of Excellence”… Cyrus Riddle!”
Riddle gets to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, standing to his feet with impressive quickness, then goes to the corner turnbuckle, standing on the middle and mouthing off to the crowd and holding his arms out to be embraced.
“Anarchy for the U.K.
It’s coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line.
Your future dream is a shopping scheme
‘Cause I want to be anarchy”
After jumping down off of the middle turnbuckle, Cyrus removes his sunglasses and jacket, sitting them on the ring post as he leans against the ring ropes, preparing himself for the match to begin.

POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The drums for “Nemesis” start up, kicking into the guitar and the beat. The main riff starts, playing over and over as the lights turn down. Strobes going along to the beat of the song.
“No I don’t care anymore
I’ll never be what you want me to be”
Bryan walks out from the back, head held down low and his 4CW Tag Team Championship slung over his shoulder. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his title for all to see. He holds it up momentarily, eventually beginning to walk down to the ring as the song continues.

POWERS: ”Walking down the aisle, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, Bryan Williams!”
Bryan makes his way to the ring, walking at a brisk pace towards the ring. He doesn’t waste much time getting into the ring, walking up the steel steps and climbing in through the top and middle rope. Bryan turns to the nearest turnbuckle, climbing up onto the middle rope and once again holding his title for all to see.

VASSA: ”There’s one half of the new 4CW Tag Team Champions!”
JOHNSON: ”Bryan has quickly made a name for himself within 4CW by capturing gold as fast as he did.”
VASSA: ”It wasn’t an easy task for him. There were twelve teams in the tournament and the final match consisted of three. Bryan and his partner, Aidan Carlisle, worked hard and it paid off.”
JOHNSON: ”Bryan will be facing off against another somewhat new wrestler with 4CW, one Mr. Cyrus Riddle.”
VASSA: ”Everything we just said about Bryan, we could have said about Cyrus as well. Although Cyrus and his partner, CJ O’Donnell, didn’t leave Fright Night with the Tag Team Championships, they made it to the championship match.”
JOHNSON: ”Only one team could walk away with the championships that night and it just happened to be Bryan and Aidan.”
VASSA: ”Cyrus is fairly new to 4CW himself. Him and Bryan have been here about the same amount of time. Cyrus has made a name for himself already since being signed with the company.”
JOHNSON: ”They truly both have and have proven to be great assets to 4CW. This should be an exciting match up. The two have a bit of history but unfortunately, only one can walk away a winner tonight.”
Reaching over the top rope, Bryan drops the 4CW Tag Team Championship onto the apron. Turning back to the ring, he looks across the ring at Cyrus who stares right back at him. In the middle of the ring, the official stands, ready to get things underway. Looking to Cyrus, the official gets the nod. He then turns to Bryan who nods back as well. After raising his arm into the air, the ref then signals for the bell.
As the chime slowly dies down, both men exit their corners and slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. With their eyes locked on one another, the two then take their stance as they begin to slowly circle each other. Making the first move, Bryan shoots in and wraps up Cyrus’ leg with both arms. He then lifts him up into the air before slamming him back first tot he canvas. Bryan then mounts himself on top of Riddle but before he can do anything, Riddle clocks him upside the head with a right hand, knocking Bryan off of him and over to his side. The two then scramble to get to their feet, both popping up at the same time.
Locking eyes once more, the two circle again. Taking charge, Riddle then lunges forward and the two lock up. Wasting no time, Riddle hooks his arm into Bryan’s and then delivers a stiff knee to the gut. Riddle then locks Bryan’s arm behind his back but before be can do anything further, Bryan throws an elbow back with his free arm and hits him right in the chops, breaking the hold. Quickly turning around, Bryan goes on the attack while Riddle shakes off the blow to the mouth. Kicking Riddle in the side of the thigh, Bryan then follows up with a punch to the chest, knocking Riddle back a step. Still on the attack, Bryan continues the combination with a left to the side of the shoulder and finishes up with a powerful kick to the stomach.
With Riddle lunged over from the kick, Bryan takes a few steps to the side and then runs forward, jumps into the air and hit Riddle in the side of the head with a single leg dropkick, knocking him down to the canvas. Pushing himself up instantly, Bryan doesn’t let up as he draws his attention to Riddle’s nearby leg. Taking a step forward, Bryan raises his foot up from the mat as high as he can before slamming it down and stomping on Riddle’s ankle. Riddle rolls over to his side and quickly grabs his ankle, feeling the aftereffects with no delay. Bryan then squats down, rolls Riddle over to his stomach, and wraps his arms around his waist. Using all of his strength, Bryan lifts Riddle up from the mat, over his head and drives him into the ring with a deadlift German suplex.

JOHNSON: ”Bryan may not look like a powerhouse but he just put his strength on display with that German suplex.”
VASSA: ”Lifting Cyrus up from the mat like that and turning it into a German suplex is quite impressive. That isn’t an easy task for anyone and Bryan just executed it perfectly.”
Back on his feet, Bryan doesn’t let up as he jumps into the air and comes down with a stomp across Riddle’s shin. He then grabs ahold of him by the arm and pulls him up from the mat. Pulling Riddle in closely, Bryan wraps his arms around him and then lifts him up from his feet with ease before throwing him over his head with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

VASSA: ””There’s another display of strength with that belly to belly suplex. He just tossed him over his head as if he were weightless.
JOHNSON: ”He might have to do more than that to keep Cyrus down because he’s getting back up.”
On his feet, Bryan looks on a few feet away as Riddle pushes himself up from the mat. Bryan then moves in quickly and grabs him by the head with both hands. Once up, Bryan slaps him across the chest with a stinging open hand that draws a howling reaction from the fans. He then locks onto Riddle’s wrist and whips him to the corner. Just as Riddle collides into the corner, Bryan rushes in right behind him and nearly takes his head off with a running clothesline, lifting his feet up from the canvas.
As his feet touch down, Riddle explodes forward and grabs Bryan underneath the arms with both hands and drives him backwards across the ring. Unable to stop, Bryan grabs onto Riddle and braces himself for the ride. With Bryan on skates, Riddle backs him to the opposite side of the ring and then drives his back into the corner with impact. Bryan releases a loud moan as the pain shoots up his spine. Riddle then unloads with a flurry of lefts and rights, clocking Bryan from every angle.
After landing nearly a dozen punches to the head and body, Riddle then locks both hands onto the middle ropes on each side of Bryan. He then uses them for leverage as he pulls himself forward and drives his shoulder into Bryan’s stomach. Pulling away, Riddle looks down at Bryan who has lunged over, holding his abdomen. Riddle then drops his arm slightly and fires upward, connecting with a European uppercut that stands Bryan straight up. Riddle then hits him with a second European uppercut, sending his head flying backwards. Once his head reaches it’s destination and comes back forward, Riddle hits him with a third European uppercut, knocking him into a daze.

VASSA: ”They say three is a charm!”
JOHNSON: ”Cyrus just literally rung Bryan’s bell with that combination of European uppercuts.”
VASSA: ”I’m pretty sure Bryan is going to be feeling the whiplash effects in the morning.”
Riddle then lifts Bryan up and sits him on top of the corner. Placing his foot on the middle rope, Riddle then pulls himself up but before he can get his second foot planted, Bryan grabs onto his head with both hands and then leaps forward. Pushing Cyrus backwards, Bryan flies forward with him underneath and as they come down, Bryan slams the back of Riddle’s head into the canvas. With Riddle’s head still in his clutches, Bryan then lifts it up from the mat and slams it back down, banging it against the mat. He then pushes himself away from Riddle and stands to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think Cyrus was expecting that.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think Bryan was expecting that. It was just one of those in the moment things.”
With Riddle down on his back, Bryan then back steps to the ropes and after bouncing off with a little momentum, Bryan raises his arm into the air before coming down and hitting him in the chest with an elbow drop. Rolling over to his stomach, Bryan then pushes himself up as Riddle holds his chest after the blunt elbow drop. Being one to take pain with ease, Riddle quickly shakes it off and rolls over to his stomach. Balling both fists, Riddle then slams them into the canvas, planting them and pushing himself back up. Looking on, Bryan takes a few steps back and patiently waits for the opportune moment to strike. Once up to his feet, Riddle slowly turns around to face Bryan and as he does, Bryan rushes in quickly with a superkick aimed to the head.

As Bryan’s foot closes in on his face, Riddle quickly throws both hands up and catches it before contact can be made. With Bryan’s foot in his grasp, Riddle then pulls him in close before dropping his leg and wrapping him up. Riddle then lifts Bryan up from his feet and throws him over his head with a T-bone suplex.

JOHNSON: ”Cyrus countered the superkick with a T-bone suplex!”
VASSA: ”Did that just happen?!”
JOHNSON: ”Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, Vinny. Yes! That just happened!”
Slow to his feet, Cyrus gives Bryan enough time to get to his as well before the pain has a chance to settle in. Turning his head to look at Bryan, Riddle’s eyes quickly widen as he notices the man headed straight towards him. Bryan lunges forward with a forearm shot locked in for Riddle’s head. Ducking out of the way, Riddle side steps Bryan and quickly locks his arm underneath his extended one while positioning himself behind him, applying a half nelson. Riddle then wraps his other arm across Bryan’s neck and locks his hands together, applying a Katahajime.

JOHNSON: ”Silent Night!”
VASSA: ”Come on, Steve, it isn’t Christmas yet. Let’s get through Thanksgiving first!”
JOHNSON: ”No, Vinny, Cyrus likes to call that move Silent Night!”
Fighting to break free, Bryan quickly begins to turn red as Riddle chokes the life out of him. After a few moments pass, Riddle then falls backwards, pulling Bryan down with him. Riddle then locks his legs around Bryan’s body, applying bodyscissors with the kajahijime still in tact. With the pressure locked on with both the arms and legs, Bryan continues to struggle, fighting to break free. Unable to take the pain anymore and avoid being choked out, Bryan quickly reaches up and taps Riddle’s forearm over and over.

VASSA: ”He’s tapping! That’s it folks!”
JOHNSON: ”This one is in the books!”
The official quickly recognizes the submission and signals for the bell as Riddle releases his holds and pushes Bryan off of him.
Riddle then stands to his feet as “Anarchy in the U.K.” hits the speakers. Grabbing ahold of Riddle’s arm, the ref raises it into the air as the fans stand and applaud the two contestants in the ring.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by submission, he is “The Archetype”, CYRUS RRIIDDDDLLEE!!!”

The cameras go live backstage where 4CW’s main man, Gabriel Hartman has the mic in his hand with a steady smirk on his face. Alongside him, someone no one thought would be near an arena or in sight completely, that was Jair Hopkins, who was holding onto the support of the crutches as his right leg was in a bulky cast. Still looking fly as always, Hopkins flashed a smile with Hartman ready to fire off with some questions.

HARTMAN: “Wow man, was not expecting to see you this quickly. You look like crap, haha … just kidding, man. Good to see you, but why the hell are you here and not at home?”
Hopkins shook his head, steady smiling.

HOPKINS: “Man, you know I can’t just be layin low and out of sight. Never expected to leave Barclay’s Center on a stretcher and straight to the hospital, but this industry is so unexpected, you never know what happens. I wasn’t going to come tonight, but I had to come support my boy Flipp as he goes one on one against Chris Madison.”
The burst of cheers grow loud for the “Yung Blue Marvel” as Hopkins nodded hearing the approval from the hot crowd in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

HOPKINS: “Yeah, they know what’s up tonight. Tonight is gonna be a good, good night. As much as it pains me to sit tight with this thing on, a few more weeks, I should be back to normal and back to flying like an Eagle ‘round that ring, man. I definitely want to say thanks to all who sent me “Get Well” cards and so forth, definitely made me feel right. But tonight ain’t about me Hartman, so all can be brought to a halt … Let’s enjoy the show!”
Hopkins daps up Hartman before turning slowly on the crutches and slowly taking off down the hallway as Hartman looked back at Hopkins and back towards the camera before pointing at the camera.

HARTMAN: “Well you heard the man, back to you guys!”
The cameras go back live to ringside.

”Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC blares throughout the Crisler Center! The fans instantly go into deafening boos.

JOHNSON: ”Ohh no! Please! I thought Francis Dart signed somewhere else?! Damn you Wallace!!”
VASSA: ”If he resigned Freedumb, I’m done. This guy was one of the most annoying talents we’ve had in 4CW and that includes John Blade, Kandi Washington and the ever so Lovely, Ramona Lee Epps!”
JOHNSON: ”Damn, that’s a laundry list of the bad apples in 4CW. Minus a few I’d assume but why would he be bac–”
Out from the back comes a man who’s face is hidden behind an “Unstable” T-Shirt. The Extreme Championship is wrapped around his waist and the audience erupts in cheers knowing it’s not Francis Dart but Jason Cashe coming out. The shirt falls to reveal his big, two toothed missing smile.

VASSA: ”Hahaha! It’s Cashe! It’s our NEW Extreme Champion! Thank the many Gods of the world!”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t forget he’s also the newest member to Boardwalk Wrestling’s Faction, “The Unstable” as well, there are a handful of questions still unanswered surrounding what happened at Boardwalk’s “Ring Royalty II” Event. Hopefully we’ll get some of those things answered here tonight!”
Slinging the Unstable Shirt over his right shoulder, he removes his new Championship from around his waist. With one hand he lifts it up high in front of him and the crowd converts back to their mixed reaction normally given to Cashe. He heads down to the ring, casually climbing the steel stairs, big strides as he walks along the ring apron outside the ropes. Then he dips down through the middle rope and enters the ring.

JOHNSON: ”With CJ O’Donnell coming around, one has to wonder what help Unstable will even be for Cashe here in 4CW?”
VASSA: ”If you’d shut up, the man is grabbing a microphone. Let’s hear what he has to say…”
JOHNSON: ”As rare as Cashe stands in a ring and talks, we should mark this day down on the calendar…That’s for sure!”
Draping the Unstable Shirt over the top ropes near a corner, Cashe shoulders his Extreme Title and grabs a mic being handed to him by Mike Powers. Shuffling his feet as he makes his way back to the center, Cashe lifts the mic to rest against his thick beard. The audience quiets down as he speaks.

CASHE: ”To be or not to be…That was the question. You see when Unstable first came to be, I was mentioned in the conversation as who to approach for that first formation. I was signed to 4CW and there wasn’t any talent sharing going on. So it wasn’t looking like it was meant to be. Then CJ came around, he came to 4CW for many reasons I’m sure but the FIRST time he came and competed for 4CW he met me backstage, anyone remember that? Coincidence?”
VASSA: ”Don’t forget to Recycle…”
He lets the mic drop slightly before turning and moving over to where the Unstable shirt was laying over the ropes. He snatches the shirt up and opens it to see the front logo.

CASHE: ”There is no Coincidence. Unstable IS the be all, end all of Groups and I am now a member!”
The fans didn’t like that one, their boos were loud but it only grew the smile on Cashe’s face.

CASHE: ”But since I’m not one to sit out here and ramble on, let me introduce the man who made this all possible…An Original to Unstable. YOUR Boardwalk Internet Champion…”The Distinguished” CJ O’Donnell…”
”Bitter End” comes through the audio system and out from the back comes CJ O’Donnell with the BW Internet Title firmly resting and held on his left shoulder. He points to the ring at Cashe and the two laugh. CJ heads to the ring, nodding as if greeting the fans but the building is booing loudly for the Boardwalk Import. Like Cashe, CJ also uses the steel steps and enters the ring much the same way. The two Champions shake hands, Cashe hands CJ the mic and steps back some to give the BW Internet Champion the spotlight.

O’DONNELL: ”Man this guy Cashe could sell ice to an eskimo. He gets me pumped up just listening to him. Anyway so this is the great Four Corners Wrestling. Man last time I was in the center of this ring I was so fucking close to walking out as one half of the Tag Team Champions. I let an opportunity slip through my hands but you see that night is when this master plan came together. I saw Jason in the hallway and we started talking.”
O’Donnell walks up to the ropes as he leans against them as you hear the boos fill the arena.

O’DONNELL: ”That night is when we realized that The Unstable could be unstoppable but we just needed to expand. Then this crazy son of a bitch right here said what about branching out into 4CW. Why should Unstable limit themselves in only one fed why not conquer the entire wrestling scene. Why not grow into an unstoppable fucking stable. So I will give credit to where credit is due and say you can all thank Cashe for this happening…Let’s proceed!“
As a smirk comes across the face of CJ he tosses the microphone back to Cashe as The Distinguished leans up against the ropes. The Extreme Title now locked around his waist, Cashe has put the Unstable shirt on before taking the mic back from CJ.

CASHE: ”Consider me the hype man, the guy that gets things going because I’ve got a DOOZY for you all! PLEASE, allow me to introduce to you the MAN who will steer this Charter. The man who will drive the vessel in making sure the 4CW Unstable is on POINT at all times! Welcome…THE HEAD, THE MIND Behind 4CW….Frankie Morrison!”
The gasp from the crowd was loud as was the reaction from Vassa and Johnson at the Commentary table.

VASSA: ”Morrison!?! Are you KIDDING ME!?!”
JOHNSON: ”What? Why would he align himself with Unstable for?! What the hell is going on?”
VASSA: ”The Co-Founder, the former General Manager of 4CW! He was a major part of why 4CW took off so soundly! He was the experience that helped build the foundation! He’s aligned with Unstable? This is…AWESOME!!”
Johnson snaps a crazy glare at Vassa as “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)” blares out to the crowd’s continuing silence. Nobody can believe this as it adds more questions than answers and reason. Frankie Morrison, dressed in a suit steps out from the back with a sinister grin on his face as the silence of the audience quickly turns to thundering boos. He moves to the edge of the stage and takes in the reigning sounds of boos.

JOHNSON: ”Morrison must be the guy Cashe was talking about when he told Wallace and Tidus Howe that he had someone else to look over his new contract. But what…What about Chris Madison?”
VASSA: ”That’s true, Chris Madison and Frankie Morrison are connected. Morrison has had a hand in Madison’s career since it started about fifteen years ago, where does Madison stand in this new alignment with Unstable?”
Even the fans begin chanting, wanting Chris Madison to come out and save the day somehow.
Morrison motions to quiet the chanting fans down before turning back to the entrance and pointing. Out comes Chris “Mayhem” Madison. The chanting turns to boos as it’s clear Chris Madison wasn’t coming out to fight against this new alliance but be apart of it. Chris pats Morrison on the back and the two head down to the ring together. Madison stops at the ring apron and stares at both Cashe and O’Donnell. He hops up on the ring apron and dips through the ropes. Cashe immediately greets Madison with a bear hug, excited about him being there. Frankie Morrison gets on the apron after ascending the steel stairs, O’Donnell sits down on the middle rope to hold it open for Morrison as he enters the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Unstable has been an open wound for Boardwalk, a thorn in everyone’s side and now it’s come, it’s SPREAD to 4CW? This is disgusting! Judas bastards, every one of them!”
After the greetings between Morrison and the rest of the men in the ring, Cashe moves with the mic in hand, he starts scratching his head. A confused look on his face.

CASHE: ”Guys…Guys! Are we missing something? I feel like we’re missing something out here…”
“Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold plays and in a hurry comes the Fate Champion, Niobe Martin comes storming out from the back. A few fans laugh knowing it’s a bit played by Cashe but she heads down to the ring cursing Cashe, pointing at him and he reacts playfully acting scared and sorry for his mistake. She rolls into the ring and is up in a hurry, she slaps him to his arm and slams into him as he wraps an arm around her. Using his free hand, he lifts the mic again to his mouth.

CASHE: ”Ok now we’re good! Here’s Morrison or Madison! UNSTABLE MOTHERFUCKERS!!”
The fans respond to his screaming affection of Unstable as he offers the Mic to Madison but he waves off the need to speak. Frankie Morrison accepts the microphone and as he looks over the athletes in the ring, the man who will head this Charter of Unstable in 4CW. One that apparently includes CJ O’Donnell, Jason Cashe, Niobe Martin AND Chris Madison. A dangerous squad. The head had to have a game plan and purpose. His voice brings a voice of wisdom, even to the fans as they quickly go quiet and sit and listen to the Co-Founder of 4CW.

MORRISON: ”You know when Perry Wallace created 4CW and hired me to help him run the day to day operations of 4CW I saw it as an opportunity to mold this promotion into what wrestling was supposed to be. A no nonsense company which rewarded the wrestlers for their hard work in the ring and strayed away from the politics that tend to corrupt locker rooms in this industry. At first, it started off great. On the back of Jason Cashe, this company skyrocketed from a small regional promotion to the force in the wrestling world that it is today. But somewhere along the road, perhaps at some fault of my own, this place has become a three ring circus. Perry has lost full control of that locker room. He’s more concerned about adopting grown men than pushing this company towards excellence. He lets guys run a muck and do whatever they want without consequences. This locker room desperately needs a figure of authority to right the ship and get back on course.”
A pocket of fans cheer as Frankie speaks, apparently agreeing that things have gotten out of control.

MORRISON: ”I respect Perry Wallace. I appreciate everything he has done to make this place successful. But for some time now the credibility of 4CW has been slowly diminishing and it’s because the head of this company has become a running joke! The only reason this place has stayed afloat is because of cornerstone talent like Jason Cashe and Niobe Martin. They’ve stuck with this promotion through thick and thin, consistently churning out quality performance despite receiving the recognition they deserved! Well those days are done. What you’re looking at is a force that could change the face of professional wrestling. Cashe, Madison, Martin, and O’Donnell are going to force everyone in that locker room understand that change is happening, and it’s happening now! These four going to take this company by storm and bring some credibility back to 4CW. If you don’t like it…Feel free to step up to the plate and try your hand against the Unstable. These four have a never say die attitude and aren’t willing to share the limelight with any one! It’s US versus ALL!”
No music, just a brief moment of silence before Morrison drops the microphone. As it hits the canvas of the ring, the fans begin booing. A few pieces of garbage is thrown into the ring as the 4CW Charter of “The Unstable” stand in the ring. Gold around 3 of their waists begin a new journey in 4CW, adding more depth to an already powerful Inter-Promotional Faction.

JOHNSON: ”God I hope this doesn’t create a wave of new factions forming…”

We cut to the backstage area after what you just witnessed and we find John Austin just hanging around with the Pride title draped over his shoulder. He is dressed in only the best fashion that money can buy er… the John’s wife could pick out for him. He seems to be on his cell phone as the cameras rush in.

AUSTIN: ”Can I call you back, I got cameras all up in my face?”
John hangs up his phone in disgust and puts it in his pocket of the slacks he is wearing. Fans in the arena begin to boo as John looks up with his award winning smile

AUSTIN: ”Look at what I have on my shoulder. I told all of you marks out there that I..John Austin would become the Pride champion. I told you all that I didn’t need the help of that faction I was apart of and I didn’t. I did this all on my own. Dakota may be the king of this company but the pecking order starts with me. You see, I am looking for all challengers. Who has what it takes to become the number one contender to the Pride title? is it you Jett Wilder? or can you climb back up to the top again, Seamus?
Whoever it is, I am awaiting you and all I have to say, if you want this title, you have to come pry it out of my hands because the magic man doesn’t go down without a fight.
Next Monday I will be back in action and the Magic Man will sure not disappoint.”

John holds up the Pride title in the air as you can hear the fans in the arena boo like crazy.


VASSA: ”Up next we have two men who were 4CW Champions going into Fright Night but now aren’t, stepping into the ring to go toe to toe.”
JOHNSON: ”Drew Stevenson and Seamus O’Connor are both missing something. Seamus was unfortunate to not retain the Pride Championship but Drew just left it on the table and walked away. I’m interested to see what he does tonight now that he has walked away from the tag team division.”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget that Seamus had trouble with Gold Standard before the split. Drew has the top dog in Gold Standard so I don’t think that heat between the two, what little there was, has settled down.”
JOHNSON: ”Seamus’ beef was mostly with John Austin though.”
VASSA: ”Who’s to say that Drew won’t use this match to get a shot at Austin since Gold Standard is no more?”
The lights suddenly just shut off consuming the entire arena in complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light. After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the theater lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans boo him heavily.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first, from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is “Public Enemy Number One”, Drew Stevenson!”
He just begins walking down the aisle sporting his usual attire which consists of dark green wrestling pants, dark green knee pads, boots and his hands taped up in dark green tape as well. Once at ringside, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet just pacing the ring simply awaiting for the bell to ring thus getting this match underway.

JOHNSON: ”Even without that 4CW Tag Team Championship around his waist, Drew sets the tone when he steps into that ring.”
VASSA: ”I just hope the ref is ready to keep an eye open for dirty tactics because that is something he has been known to use in the ring, especially since signing with 4CW.”
The arena flashes between green, white and orange lights, as “The Spicy McHaggis” Jig by Dropkick Murphy plays. Seamus O’Connor comes with a shillelah in one hand.

POWERS: ”And the opponent! Coming to the ring from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall! He is “The Irish Bastard”, Seamus O’Connor!”
He runs out on stage does a heel click. Before walking to the ring amp up trying to get the crowd to make noise. He steps into the ring and run up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

VASSA: ”Seamus looks fired up tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”He should be! He lost the Pride Championship two weeks ago and if he wants it back, it starts tonight with a win.”
VASSA: ”That’s easier said than done but Seamus is the type of man to step up when the time comes and take what he wants.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll see what happens as this is guaranteed to be one heck of a match!”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with Drew in his corner and quickly gets a cocky look back followed by a slow nod. Turning to the other side of the ring, the ref checks with Seamus who nods without hesitation. With both men ready to get things underway, the ref throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.
As the sound of the bell chimes over the commotion of the crowd, Drew pushes himself away from the corner and slowly walks towards the center of the ring with a cocky look on his face. Not one to back down from a fight, Seamus steps out of his corner as well and makes his way to the center. Once standing toe to toe, Drew and Seamus stare at one another in silence as the roars from the crowd consume the entire arena.
In an instant, Drew swings with a sucker punch but doesn’t connect as Seamus quickly throws his arm up and fends it off. Seamus then follows up with a power punch of his own, planting his fist into Drew’s jaw and knocking him back a step. Seamus then kicks Drew in the stomach, forcing him to lunge over and the air if knocked from his lungs. Seamus then locks his arm around Drew’s head and grabs ahold of the back of his pants before lifting him into the air and dropping him to the canvas with a suplex.
As Seamus quickly gets back to his feet, Drew rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up to his knees before holding his lower back in pain. Seeing an opportunity, Seamus quickly rushes in and delivers a series of kicks and punches to Drew’s body and head. After finishing a brutal combo, Seamus looks down at Drew, shocked at the sight of him still on both knees and not down on the canvas. Seamus then grabs Drew by the head with both hands before lunging forward and connecting with a crushing headbutt, putting him on his back.

JOHNSON: ”Seamus is off to a quick start here!”
VASSA: ”He sure is, Steve! Seamus is a strong young man and is using that strength to his advantage right here from the start.”
Walking to the side of Drew, Seamus then drops down to one knee, planting it into Drew’s shoulder and putting all of his weight onto it. Pushing himself up, Seamus then stands over Drew for a moment before reaching down and grabbing his head with both hands. Rolling Drew to his stomach, Seamus then slowly pulls him up to his feet. With Drew’s head held down and close to his body, Seamus quickly applies a side headlock and cranks down with force. Struggling to pull himself away, Drew plants his right hand into Seamus back and then drives his feet, pushing Seamus forward before breaking the headlock and sending him to the ropes.
Bouncing off the ropes and coming back with momentum, Seamus takes a swing for the fences as he closes in on Drew. Ducking underneath the clothesline, Drew avoids having his head taken off as Seamus continues racing to the opposite ropes. With Seamus rebounding off and coming back again, Drew bends over to flip him over his back but as he does, Seamus stops in his tracks and kicks Drew in the mouth, popping his head straight up as spit flies from his mouth. After shaking it off, Drew locks his sights onto Seamus and charges towards him. Quick on his feet, Seamus lifts Drew into the air and drives him into the canvas with a powerslam.

JOHNSON: ”Seamus isn’t letting up either!”
VASSA: ”This is a big match for him. He’s coming off a tough loss at Fright Night. He just lost the 4CW Pride Championship. He needs to win here tonight to get back on track.”
JOHNSON: ”Wait a second! Seamus is hooking the leg!”
With Drew’s leg hooked, Seamus goes for the pin as the ref sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: ”Drew kicks out!”
Popping his head up quickly, Seamus pushes himself up to his feet. He then grabs Drew by the shoulder and arm before slowly dragging him to his feet. Seamus then goes to whip Drew to the ropes but before he can release him, Drew reverses and whips Seamus to them instead. After coming back fast on the rebound, Seamus takes a swing for Drew’s head but misses as he ducks underneath. Stopping in his tracks, Seamus turns his head to look behind but before he can turn around, Drew chop blocks him in the back of the knee, taking his leg out from under him and bringing him down to the canvas.
In an instant, Seamus grabs his knee as he grunts from the pain. After pushing himself back to his feet, Drew grabs Seamus by the foot of the injured leg and raises it into the air. With his leg elevated, Drew then kicks Seamus in the back of the knee, forcing another grunt out of him, piercing through the sounds of the crowd. Drew then rolls Seamus over to his stomach with his foot still in hand. After raising Seamus’ foot into the air as high as he can, lifting his knee up from the canvas, Drew then slams it downward and drives the knee into the mat. The look on Seamus’ face paints the picture for the amount of pain shooting up his leg.
Still not satisfied, Drew lifts his foot up once more, this time a little higher than before as he stands on his tip toes. After looking around the crowd who give him nothing but boos, a smile comes across his face as Drew slams it down again, driving that same knee into the canvas harder than before. Drew then pushes Seamus’ foot away before taking a step back and looking over the damage he has done.

JOHNSON: ”Drew has quickly turned this thing around and turned his attention to that knee of Seamus’.”
VASSA: ”That’s one way to keep the big man down.”
JOHNSON: ”Seamus looks to be in a world of pain. I’d be worried if I was him because Drew knows what he’s doing and right now, he’s taking the foundation out from underneath Seamus.”
Moving back in on Seamus, Drew grabs him by the head and slowly pulls him up to his feet. Drew then drags Seamus across the ring and then slams him into the corner. Seamus quickly grabs onto the top ropes to hold himself up while taking the weight off of that knee. Drew then unloads with two powerful punches to the stomach, knocking the breath from Seamus’ lungs. Closing in on Seamus, Drew blocks the view from the ref and quickly jams a thumb into Seamus’ eye, drawing a huge boo from the crowd.
Drew then lifts Seamus up from his feet and sits him on top of the corner. Climbing to the middle rope, Drew then wraps his arm around Seamus’ head and lifts him up into the air and falls back, dropping him to the canvas with a super-plex. After hitting the mat with a thud, Seamus quickly grabs ahold of his knee as the aftereffects still linger from the previous attacks. Back on his feet, Drew looks down at Seamus still showing tremendous pain and chuckles to himself momentarily. He then grabs Seamus by that same foot and drags his body slightly over to the ropes.
Placing Seamus’ leg on the bottom rope, Drew then grabs onto the top rope with both hands. Drew then jumps up and springboards off the bottom rope, vaulting himself higher into the air while keeping his grip on the ropes. After reaching his peak, Drew then comes down with momentum and drops all of his weight into both legs as he stomps with both feet onto that knee propped into the air.

VASSA: ”I think we’re at a point now where Drew is making it pretty obvious that he’s trying to snap that leg in half.”
JOHNSON: ”The official doesn’t seem to like that last attack too much.”
VASSA: ”They’re always giving Drew a hard time in the ring. I don’t understand what gives!”
The ref quickly moves in between Drew and Seamus, focusing his attention on Drew. Backing Drew across the ring, the ref gives him a warning for the illegal use of the ropes. In a fit, Drew yells back at the ref, arguing that the use of the ropes was even illegal. The two then go back and forth with one another, leaving Seamus across the ring with nothing but time to try and get back to his feet.
Grabbing onto the ropes, Seamus slowly pulls himself up from the mat. Once to his feet, he quickly takes the weight off of that leg and holds onto the ropes to maintain his balance. Taking notice from the other side of the ring, Drew finally nods his head in agreement with the official before stepping around him and moving in on Seamus who has his back turned to the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Turn around Seamus!”
Grabbing onto Seamus’ shoulders with both hands, Drew rips him away from the ropes and throws him down to his back on the mat. After quickly reaching down, Drew then grabs ahold his leg and drags him to the center of the ring. Drew then lifts both of Seamus’ legs into the air before folding one and locking the foot behind the other knee. He then locks his hands around Seamus’ knee and slowly begins to roll him over to his stomach. Once rolled, Drew then sits on Seamus’ while pulling his legs backwards and executing a Texas Cloverleaf.

JOHNSON: ”The Career Killer!”
VASSA: ”This isn’t looking good for Seamus! Drew has been targeting that knee for quite a while now and this could seal the deal!”
Fighting through the pain, Seamus shakes his head back and forth, refusing to submit. After a few moments pass, Drew applies the pressure even harder. Growing red in the face, Seamus continues to struggle breaking free before he finally gives in and slaps the mat over and over.

JOHNSON: ”Seamus is tapping! That’s a wrap!”
VASSA: ”He lasted longer than I thought he would in that nasty hold.”
The ref then stands straight up and signals for the bell.

JOHNSON: ”Drew’s not letting up!”
Ignoring the bell, Drew continues to crank down on that leg as if he were trying to break it in half. The ref taps him on the shoulder over and over, yelling for Drew to release the hold. Ignoring the ref, Drew keeps at it with a smile on his face.
The official then begins the five count, yelling into Drew’s ear only inches away.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–“

VASSA: ”Holy shit Drew, enough already!”
JOHNSON: ”He almost cost himself the match by doing that.”
Drew then stands to his feet and steps over Seamus, looking down at him the whole time with that same smile painted on his face. The official quickly closes in on him, screaming at him with a warning but it’s too late. Shaking his head in disgust, the official then raises Drew’s arm into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by submission, “The Emerald” DREEEEW STEVENSOOOONNN!!!”
Drew then rips his arm away from the ref as “I’m The Man” hits the speakers. Pacing around the ring with cockiness, Drew looks over the crowd who give nothing but hatred back in return. Still on the mat, Seamus holds his leg as the ref checks with him. Popping up, the ref then signals towards the back, waving his hand.

VASSA: ”This can’t be good.”
JOHNSON: ”It doesn’t appear to be good at all, Vinny. I think the official just signaled for the medical staff to get down here to the ring.”
VASSA: ”Did we just witness Drew Stevenson end Seamus’ career?”
JOHNSON: ”It’s too early to tell but by the looks of it, Drew could have done some serious damage to that knee.”
VASSA: ”Perry is going to fine the shit out of him for this. I can see the headlines now.”
JOHNSON: ”Who cares about the headlines. Come on, Vinny, we have something serious right here in front of our eyes.”
VASSA: ”I’m just saying, Drew is going to pay for this mistake.”
Rushing from the back, the medical staff makes their way down the entrance aisle with a stretcher as the entire arena goes silent. Looking on from across the ring, Drew appears to be satisfied with the result of his unneeded assault. He then turns to face the crowd and holds both hands out to his side as the crowd erupts with boos.

JOHNSON: ”Enough already, Drew! This is disgusting!”
VASSA: ”Drew may have just taken out the former Pride Champion. This should put him right in contention.”
JOHNSON: ”That should be the least of your concerns, Vinny. We’ll be right back folks! We’re going to cut backstage while Seamus gets checked out. This is just, just terrible.”


JOHNSON: ”We’re back here at ringside folks. Earlier we witnessed something that looked to be terrible.”
VASSA: ”Drew Stevenson may have just put Seamus O’Connor on the sidelines.”
JOHNSON: ”We still have no official word on the condition of Seamus and what appeared to be his leg that was injured. We will keep everyone up to date, whether we hear something by the end of the night or throughout the week.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think the medical team has even left the building with him so more than likely it will be after tonight before any news is heard.”
JOHNSON: ”That was a terrible sight but the show must go on. Thank you for being patient with us as we’re now heading into our main event for the evening.”
VASSA: ”I’ve been looking forward to this match since it was announced! Chris Madison has been on the warpath since signing with 4CW. Everyone who had been placed in front him was mowed down like an overgrown lawn.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s been very impressive since day one in 4CW. There’s no doubt that he’s earned himself in talks of title contention.”
VASSA: ”Tonight will be a tough challenge for him. Flipp can do some damage in the ring himself. He’s a former Pride Champion. He’s just coming off a tough loss at Fright Night in the Warzone of Horrors. He’s been in the spotlight quite a few times and has earned himself the reputation of being one of 4CW’s elite.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s no stranger to big matches here in 4CW. The exciting thing about this match is that a win from either person can catapult them into a title picture instantly.”
VASSA: ”Hell, him and Hopkins could probably cash in on a tag team title match with the win they scored over the former, then current, tag team champions, Gold Standard.”
JOHNSON: ”The possibilities are endless for these two. This match has the potential to be one of the highlights of the year. We’ve called some great matches here on Adrenaline but this has the ingredients to top the charts.”
The venue’s lights cut out, causing the entire building to go dark. Static feedback screeches over the P.A. system, forcing the fans in the audience to cover their ears. The video screen near the entrance way lights up with a white snowy picture, barely illuminating the entrance ramp. A black handprint slowly fades into the picture with a red anarchy symbol carved into the palm of the handprint. The crowd jumps to their feet as the static feedback is replaced by the opening chorus to Bullet For My Valentine’s single You Want a Battle? (Here’s A War).
We will not take this anymore
These words will never be ignored
You want a battle
A sole spotlight focuses on the curtain for the entranceway as Chris Madison steps out. His head is tucked down and covered by a black towel, focusing on the ground beneath him. The crowd roars in anticipation as Madison stands as still as a statue. He finally brings his fists up towards his face and punches himself on the jaw with both hands before ripping the towel from his head and spiking it down to the ground.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first from Long Island, New York, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall, Chris Madison!”
Madison charges to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope before hoping up to his feet. He walks towards the nearest ropes corner and climbs up to the second rope, surveying the live crowd before holding his arms out horizontally.

VASSA: ”Boy does he look ready to go to work tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”The man is a machine. He systematically breaks down whatever is placed in front of him. The locker room better be watching this match because this man could put everyone on notice in the blink of an eye.”
“Glory” by Lil Wayne begins playing causing a stir of cheers as Lo’Renzo Porter steps out onto the stage dressed in ty-die knee length trunks and custom made blue and grey DC wrestling kicks. He taps his chest a few times before smiling, raising his left hand to his face.

POWERS: ”And the opponent, making his way to the ring from St. Matthews, South Carolina, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall, Lo’Renzo Porter!”
He begins making his way down the ramp, pausing to sign a few autographs before continuing his way to the ring, slapping hands as he does. He steps inside the ring where he spins in a circle before coming to a knee in the center of the ring. He crosses his chest before looking up and looking out at the crowd to his right.
He jumps up to his feet, jumping up and down getting the crowd hype before he crosses his chest and points up to the rafters once more. He runs up a turnbuckle before faking the back flip he normally does, instead he points out to the crowd before saluting them, taking his bandanna from around his dreads and throwing it into the crowd. Setting up in his corner he closes his eyes for a few seconds before letting out a deep breathe, waiting for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”Flipp appears to be doing fine after that brutal Warzone of Horrors.”
JOHNSON: ”We had quite a few wrestlers given the night off following Fright Night but Lo’Renzo made it clear that he wanted to be scheduled here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Flipp has always been a hard worker and there’s no time for breaks when you’re hungry to get to the top.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the ref checks with Madison in his corner and quickly gets the nod. He then turns to Flipp who points back, giving his signal that he’s ready to get things underway. With the crowd waiting in anticipation, the ref slowly raises his arm into the air before swinging it downward and signaling for the bell.
As if the sound of the bell was programmed to turn him on like a machine, Madison takes off from his corner in an instant and races across the ring. Quickly taking notice, Flipp pushes himself away from the corner and charges the oncoming madman. Colliding in the center of the ring, Flipp connects with a stinging right hand to the side of Madison’s jaw. Firing back, Madison connects with a vicious right hook, sending Flipp’s head spinning on a swivel. Madison then delivers a lightning fast kick to the side of Flipp’s knee, followed by another and another, forcing Flipp’s leg to give out from under him as he drops down to one knee. Madison then takes a few steps back before charging forward, jumping into the air, and planting his knee underneath Flipp’s chin with a flying knee strike.

VASSA: ”Chris Madison is going straight to work!”
JOHNSON: ”Did you expect anything less?”
VASSA: ”Honestly, I can’t say that I did.”
With Flipp in a daze, Madison grabs ahold of his wrist and jerks him up to his feet. Before Madison can make his next move, Flipp swats his hands away and then pushes Madison backwards, creating a little distance between the two. Flipp then lunges forward with a haymaker but misses as Madison side steps the assault and avoids taking a nasty hit to the head. Positioning himself behind Flipp, Madison then wraps his arms around his waist before locking hands. He then lifts Flipp up from his feet and drives him into the canvas with German suplex that rattles the entire ring.

JOHNSON: ”The man may have a few years on him but you could easily be mislead by his quickness inside of the ring.”
VASSA: ”Don’t let the age fool you ladies and gentlemen! The man is a machine!”
With his arms still around Flipp’s waist and hands locked, Madison slowly begins to climb to his feet while dragging Flipp along for the ride. Once standing, Madison lifts Flipp again and drives him backwards into the mat with another German suplex.

JOHNSON: ”And there’s another German suplex!”
VASSA: ”We’ve seen this quite a few times from Chris. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a third one.”
JOHNSON: ”Here it comes!”
Climbing back to his feet, Madison drags Flipp up once more as he keeps his arms locked around his waist. Without hesitation, Madison then lifts Flipp up from his feet once more but as he falls backwards to execute the third German suplex, Flipp manages to escape his clutches. Rolling over Madison, Flipp comes down to the mat on his feet as Madison lands on his back empty handed. With Madison’s head right there at his feet, Flipp then stomps on it a couple of times before jumping into the air and coming down with an elbow drop across the forehead.

VASSA: ”And just like that, Flipp turns things around with that smooth escape!”
JOHNSON: ”I was almost certain that we were about to see a third German suplex but Flipp thought otherwise.”
VASSA: ”They don’t call him Flipp for no reason. He flipped right out of that move, made that shit look easy!”
Back on his feet, Flipp grabs ahold of Madison’s and rolls him over to his stomach before pulling him up to both feet. Holding him in place with one hand, Flipp then draws back with the other before swinging forward and connecting with a hard right to the forehead, knocking Madison back a step. Flipp then swings again, this time landing an even harder punch than the one before. He then locks onto Madison’s wrist and goes to throw him to the ropes behind him. Just as Flipp goes to release his firm grip of Madison’s wrist, Madison reverses and whips Flipp to the ropes instead.
With his eyes locked on Flipp, Madison patiently awaits as he rebounds off the ropes and comes back with momentum. Attempting to catch Madison off guard, Flipp goes for a running clothesline but misses as Madison drops to his stomach. With Flipp charging towards the opposite ropes, Madison quickly pushes himself back to his feet and just as he completely stands, Flipp rebounds off the ropes once more and charges directly towards him. As Flipp approaches, Madison plants both feet into the mat, standing his ground. Once Flipp draws near, Madison then lifts him into the air with both hands, tossing him upwards. As Flipp begins to come back down towards the mat, Madison then jumps into the air and grabs him by the back of the head with both hands. With Flipp’s head in his clutches, Madison falls backwards to the mat and before making contact, he positions both knees underneath Flipp’s chin. Hitting the mat with a thud, Madison’s body comes to a complete stop as his knees drive into Flipp’s chin.

JOHNSON: ”Chaos Theory! Madison hit Porter with the Chaos Theory!”
VASSA: ”Already? We’re just getting started here.”
JOHNSON: ”I guess Madison has other plans for the evening because that right there could end this match!”
Bouncing off of Madison’s knees, Flipp hits the canvas and rolls over to his back. Rolling backwards, Madison comes to his feet as the chaos from the crowd catches his attention. Looking over the crowd for a brief moment, Madison walks around the ring as the adrenaline races through his body. He then crawls on top of Flipp and hooks the leg as the ref sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: ”Ho-ly shit! This has to be one of, if not the shortest main events we’ve ever witnessed here on Adrenaline.”
JOHNSON: ”Madison takes the win! This has to be some sort of record! I’ll have to check the record books but I don’t recall us ever having a main event that ended abruptly as the one here tonight.”
VASSA: ”He just caught Flipp off guard with that and ended his night in an instant!”
“You Want A Battle” hits the speakers as the crowd bursts with cheers. Madison quickly climbs to his feet and paces around the ring, looking down at the aftermath of his destruction. Stopping in the center of the ring, Madison waits as the ref steps in beside him and raises his arm into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall, “Mayhem” CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison then rips his arm away from the ref before racing to the corner and climbing the turnbuckle. Standing on the middle rope, Madison looks over the crowd before beating his chest a couple of times. He then hops down and rushes across the ring to the opposite corner and does the same as the crowd goes crazy.

JOHNSON: ”This match didn’t turn out as I had thought it would. I believed this would be a tough matchup for either man involved but Madison proved me wrong with this surprise outcome and possibly one of the shortest main events in 4CW history.”
VASSA: ”We’ve been saying it time and time again. The man is a machine and he just proved that yet again right here tonight on Adrenaline!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s still undefeated in the ring and has been ripping apart anything placed in front of him. If management didn’t have any plans for him as far as title contentions go, I’m sure they do now! A win like this over someone like Lo’enzo is impressive.”
VASSA: ”I’m sure he’s caught the attention of Perry or whoever in the back keeping up with things. Something like this, a quick win over someone like Flipp, isn’t going to go unnoticed.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m honestly speechless right now. This outcome was the last thing I or anyone else could have imagined.”
VASSA: ”You speechless? Come on now! You don’t ever shut up!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m at a loss for words.”
VASSA: ”Well, it isn’t all that bad then! I’m getting tired of listening to you talk anyway. Thank you Chris Madison for finally shutting him up! I guess this is where we call it a night?”
JOHNSON: ”I guess it is, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Excellent! Lets get out of here and down to the bar! Before we do, I would just like to touch base of what we saw earlier. I haven’t received word on Seamus. As far as I know, he could still be in the back with medical staff. This match was over in an instant. I don’t even think they had enough time to leave.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right, Vinny. They have finally secured him in the ambulance but it has yet to leave the parking deck.”
VASSA: ”You heard it folks! Unfortunately we don’t have any news to release on the matter. Be sure to keep an eye out throughout the week as you’ll hear it from us first.”
JOHNSON: ”I guess we’ll call it a night. Thank you for joining us this evening ladies and gentlemen. As always, the pleasure was ours! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good Night!”
The camera shot cuts back to the ring where Madison makes his way to another corner. Climbing the top, he holds both arms into the air as the crowd roars before turning into a chant. With the scene slowly fading out, the chanting grows louder and louder until the screen is completely black with nothing but the 4CW logo displayed.
“4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W!”