FATE E01 (054)

FATE E01 [054]

“Light It Up” by Rev Theory fills Calihan Hall as one of the General Managers of Fate, Bethany Bailey steps through the curtain at the entrance. The blonde amazon looks to be all business as she makes her way to the ring, having brought her own microphone with her. She expertly navigates the steel stairs and ropes, even in her high heels and skirt-suit. While she makes a slow circle of the ring, the smile on her face indicates that she is quite pleased with herself.

BAILEY: “Good evening, Detroit!”
The crowd gives a quick pop, cheers echoing for several long moments.

BAILEY: “Welcome to the first episode of 4CW’s brand new show, Fate! While Four Corners remains on the front lines of wrestling today, and its flagship show, Adrenaline continues to soar to new heights, I am going to assure you that Fate will be in a league all its own. If you are here hoping for the same sort of pandering drivel you got with with that travesty Fistful of Friday or—worse yet—that show so pitiful that it was even mocking failure, Underground, then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.
“Fate is not here to play second fiddle to Adrenaline! Fate is not the ‘developmental’ brand of 4CW. Fate is not about spending as much money on pyrotechnics and set up as we possibly can. Fate is here to entertain you, the fans, with the up close and personal experience of two athletes squaring off practically within reach! Fate is less about the flash, and more about giving you what you want to see, keeping you coming back again and again and again.”
The audience breaks into cheers again as Bethany holds her arms out to either side to gauge their reaction.

BAILEY: “Now, I could go on all night telling you why Fate is going to be better than Fistful of Friday or Underground ever hoped to be. Instead, however, I think I’ll just show you. Without further adieu, let’s get this show under way!”
“Light it Up” plays once more as Bethany ducks back out of the ring and heads up the aisle to return to the backstage area.

GRIFFIN: “Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was Co-GM Bethany Bailey with a few words to start off the very first episode of 4CW’s new show, Fate. You might remember me as one half of the former tag team champions, Demi Griffin.”
MATTHEWS: “And I am Veronica Matthews.”
GRIFFIN: “Ronnie and I will be your commentary team here on Fate.”
MATTHEWS: “As we switch gears here and prepare to head into our first match, it looks like something is going on backstage…”

Screams are coming from inside of the backstage room, hidden just for now as there’s a woman screaming for mercy as it turned to silence as you hear little bits of screams, but with less noise as the lights came on and you see a green monster mask appear on the screen of The Green Disease German Monster Lord Raab. It was the same Mexican woman he had trapped up in a basement for a few weeks. Although he doesn’t wrestle on Fate, he wanted to show his face which he has a reason for and he speaks.

RAAB: “MEHAHAHA HAHAHA, this Green Disease German monster has returned. I bet you all are wondering why I’m here, don’t you? Of course I’m gonna tell you and of course this woman has a lot to do with it. So you see I was a monster who didn’t give a shit about wins or losses, but that’s where you are wrong you see because I took a bit of time out for a week on reforming myself.”
Raab’s clearly showing how sick in the head he is, not having the woman being able to move with the chair tied around her and speaks again.

RAAB: “This woman is one of my victims that’s directed straight towards a guy who brags so much about a win he had over me and Samuel, a man known as El Futuro. You don’t have a clue that you are my first target I want to beat in the ring. Now Samuel and Max aren’t here, there’s no one to help you. Your masked traditions means nothing to you.”
Raab grabs her by her neck a bit before he releases her due to him seeing the replica El Futuro mask and picks up to hold to the camera.

RAAB: “Oh, looks like I found this mask on the floor and this has to be the most boring looking mask I’ve ever seen. Just look at it being in blue colours barely having any signs of Mexican colours on there. You are nowhere near my level and in two weeks time right here on Fate, I’m challenging you El Futuro for a match because this woman will not be freed until you face me.”
Raab looks at the mask and then he dips it in green blood, letting the blood drip down on the woman that’s on the floor as he crouches down, sniffing on the woman again, laughing like a lunatic before speaking again.

RAAB: “I will make sure that you’ll shut the hell up and get you infected with green blood just like you’re mask is covered of the green disease to make you so weak that you’ll regret getting the upper hand on me ever again and I don’t care what Perry or Bethany say because I will keep appearing on Fate until I have this match against you one on one and we’ll see who was the better member of each team and most of all, who’s the better wrestler. Have some Mexican balls to face me in the ring. Accept my challenge or this woman will suffer worse fate than she’s endured already and I’ll beat you down every time backstage until you accept in you’re face to cure this sickness I have in me, MEHAHAHA HAHAHA.”
The laughing continues in the background as the lights went out in the room as you hear the woman being terrified of Raab after what he’s done to her over the last few weeks as the cameras go back inside of the ring for the first match of the night.

A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of heavy guitar begins to play. After a couple of moments the curtains part and a bright spotlight roars from behind giving the person standing there a nice silhouette. Then Pearl Jam’s “Do the Evolution” begins to get into the heavy parts as the light begins to dim down showing that the person standing there is none other Brody Lee Prince. Brody Lee wears his black stetson hat tipped forward and over his eyes which also covers his long curly brown hair, he seems to be growing a nice beard as well. He is wearing a pair of black trunks, a leather sleeveless jacket, and his right arm is heavily bandaged and covered in a black protective band. As he begins to walk towards the ring Starla and Max Von Grant walk behind him on his march towards the ring. Starla is wearing a tight red dress which has a good number of sparkles across the top, while her chubby brother is wearing a black shirt and a black jacket over that. Brody Lee stands on the outside of the ring, his eyes are locked onto those of his opponent Johnny Spades. Brody Lee climbs up onto the ring apron which then allows for Max and Starla to do the same, Brody Lee dips down opening the ropes for Starla and then steps in between himself which causes the middle rope to snap up into the face of Max. Brody Lee heads towards the middle of the ring and holds out his hand.

GRIFFIN: “Brody Lee looking for a microphone?”
MATTHEWS: “Maybe he’s going to explain to the world exactly why he disappeared after Ante Up.”
GRIFFIN: “From the General Manager’s position to simply gone. It’s got to be some story coming…”
Max hands Brody Lee a microphone as the music begins to fade. Brody Lee holds up a hand towards his opponent standing across from him asking for just a moment of time. Brody Lee taps the microphone making sure that it is working, which it seems to be doing so. He looks around the arena until his eyes finally lock onto that with Johnny Spades.

BRODY LEE: “Feelin’ like I just need to get something off of my chest here, so if you don’t mind Johnny Spades I am gonna do just that. After all, I’m the one who requested this match against you here tonight and after I say what I gotta say we can get down to all that. If that’s okay with you?”
He runs his hand through the hair on his chin as he waits for Johnny to give him the nod. Johnny doesn’t seem to have any sort of problem with all of this.

BRODY LEE: “Let’s start with a little history, and then a little truth. January of this year two contracts were signed, two lives were forever changed, mine and yours. Johnny, you and I have been a part of this company for exactly the same amount of days… can you believe that? Looking back, seems a bit odd that after all of those days we find ourselves standing face to face. I mean, think about it. I was on a rocket up the ladder of Adrenaline on a course with the big time to having my name up there in the lights with everyone else. Hell, I was even named EWI’s Male Breakout Star of 2015 after only two matches. I even got a big old trophy, I think y’all remember that one. Given enough time, there was no question that my face would have been on a banner too. One of the cornerstones of Four Cee Duba!”
He pauses and looks around, seemingly a bit nervous but his eyes lock onto those with Starla’s and he gives himself a bit of a boost of confidence and strength.

BRODY LEE: “Then… that rocket turned a corner. A tought break during a match and the doctor looked at my elbow and said, ‘Kid yer gonna hafta take three or four months off’ and so I took a desk job with this place… started a side project called ‘Fistful of Friday’ and continued to collect a check. Was I proud? No, but bills need to get paid and a check is a check. Then they come to me and they say ‘Brody Lee’ we want you become the General Manager of Adrenaline.
“I thought about it for a long time. I was still two months away from getting back into the ring, but it was a chance to build a name for myself. So I took it…. I took it. And what did I take? A complete load of shit. What they really wanted, what they really should have asked me was ‘Brody Lee can you become the stooge of Perry Wallace? Can you become a walking goofball with wacky antics? Can you play the fool for the wrestlers of Adrenaline?”
A scowl forms on Brody Lee’s face. Any sort of smirk has disappeared from his face and all that is left is the look of a wronged man, an angry man, his face twists and he shows his teeth.

BRODY LEE: “That clown show lasted all of three weeks. From playing the love sick moron for Ramona Lee… sorry, the smell of herpes and vodka doesn’t do it for me and playing fool for Perry Wallace and Jason Cashe to play their little fake title switch bullshit game… I got sick of it all.
“I am nobody’s bitch!
“Nobody’s fucking fool!
“The truth is, this place is sick. If you were to walk into that back locker room you’d find nothing but a bunch of pill poppers, drug addicts, and various other incarnates of despair. And they are lead by the biggest pile of shit to ever grace the squared circle, my former boss Perry Wallace! Where’s the hard camera?”
Brody Lee looks dead into the camera and extends just about the biggest middle finger you’ve ever seen in your life for the camera to pan in on. Brody Lee leaves it up there.

BRODY LEE: “He’s the bitch and everyone backstage plays the role of fool. Not me! Not Brody Lee. So, you want to know why I left this place? Because of that. Because of all that.”
Brody Lee heads back over to where Johnny Spades has been standing. Brody Lee stands face to face with him one more time, his scowl slowly disappears from his face and a bit of smirk appears.

BRODY LEE: “So then, why the hell did I come back to this place? Why the hell would I dare show my face here again? Because… because of people like you Johnny Spades. Because people like Johnny Spades who show up to work every single day, who bust their ass on their craft, people who work their fingers to their bone and don’t expect everything to be handed to them. People like you who don’t wrap their lips around the mushroom tip of their boss and swallow the shit he pumps out just to get ahead or have more things handed to them. Johnny Spades, I asked for this match because of all the people who are in the backstage right now, I respect you the most.
And I’d like to simply shake your hand.”
Brody Lee extends his hand towards the center of the ring and at Johnny Spades. Spades looks around as the crowd urges him not to shake Brody Lee’s hand, Spades looks hesitant in the ring as Brody stands there and again tells him its okay he just wants to shake his hand. Slowly the right hand of Spades rises up and inches forward towards that of Brody Lee’s right hand. Eventually the two hands meet and Brody Lee and Johnny Spades shake hands right there in the center of the ring. The two break and Spades turns to leave.

BRODY LEE: “Oh, one more thing Johnny… don’t ever trust me.”
Brody Lee slams the microphone hard off of the head of a shocked Johnny Spades, Spades stumbles into the ring ropes and as he rebounds off of the ropes Brody Lee hits his Tooth-Loosening spinning lariat which causes Spades to do a half flip into the air until he hits the mat extremely hard and at an awkward angle. The referee in the ring calls for the bell. Brody Lee continues with stomps and then drops to all fours as he continues on with the assault of Johnny Spades some more, the referee tries to pull Brody off of his opponent, but Brody doesn’t seem to care all that much about the match itself. Brody pulls Johnny Spades up to his feet one more time and again connects with his spinning lariat which this time sends Spades to the outside and to the floor below. After a couple of moments, Brody Lee is handed his hat from Max Von Grant who is still in the ring along with his sister, the both of which have ear to ear smiles. Brody Lee’s face remains stoic as he looks out over the body of Johnny Spades. The referee seems content with throwing this match out, none of which seems to matter Brody Lee as the three of them make their way out of the ring and back up the entrance ramp.

Once again your favorite interviewer and ours Gabriel Hartman has managed to not be backstage. Wandering through the halls of the Calihan Hall he sees a large crowd of fans gathered around a concession stand. Walking over Gabriel sighs in relief as it turns out what caused the crowd is also the person he’s been looking for all day. Forcing his way to the front of the crowd Gabriel sees his prey sitting on the counter and snacking. Wearing blue jeans and a brand-new exclusively available at live events but soon available online 4CW Friday Night Fate T-Shirt is Tanya Black.

FAN 1: “Hey Tanya, where’s your Elite Championship?”
BLACK: “It’s back in my locker room. I wouldn’t leave home without it but if I carry it around all the time folks might think I’m some kind of invader who has no respect for the awesome champions here in 4CW.”
FAN 2: “Psh. Represent proud girl! You are The Alpha Female!”
BLACK: “Haha oh I quit using that a while ago. I mean it’s true that I am still the Alpha Female of Wrestling but it is a title of arrogance so I don’t throw it around these days.”
HARTMAN: “So Miss Black does that mean that you were humbled by 4CW Tag Team Champion Aidan Carlisle?”
Tanya looks over as she chews a mouthful of nachos. Waiting until she finishes eating Tanya smiles and grabs Gabriel’s tie to pull him in closer so she doesn’t have to abandon her perch to speak into the microphone.

BLACK: “I was humble when I got to Orion Promotions. I have been humble here. I came here because 4CW has the best in-ring talent and I never doubted Aidan is more than capable of beating people fair and square. Though a throat jab is dirty if technically legal. It’s my fault for not being ready for it.
“I just questioned Aidan’s attitude and honestly I question her life choices. Look who she associates with personally. I hear backstage gossip and I keep an eye on Twitter. I don’t think she’d recognize a good man or woman for that matter if one bumped into her. Aidan is going to have a professional and personal crash and burn one of these days. When that happens, when Aidan Carlisle loses everything she defined herself by and everything she believes about herself is shattered like glass.
“That is when she understands the kind of journey folks like me have been on and why I can sit here right after losing with a smile on my face. Laughing with the fans, enjoying some awesome nachos, and watching other wrestlers fight in the spotlight. Because I do lose. Everyone loses.
“I am still here 4CW Roster. I am still volunteering to fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. Name the rules, name the stakes. I may lose the fight but as long as I stay true to these people, as long as I believe in the principles that make me get up every day and look for a new fight to bring salvation and damnation to the world. I Win The War.”
The fans cheer and Tanya claps along before drinking down some of her soda. Gabriel waits for the noise to die down before he speaks again.

HARTMAN: “So you are done with Aidan Carlisle for now? You have no desire to fight her again?
BLACK: “Oh of course I want to fight her again. But I want to fight a whole lot of other men and women here too. There are other champions, the contenders, the newly signed talent like myself. Honestly I don’t really have time for her right now so she can take her negativity somewhere else.”
HARTMAN: “You don’t have time for one half of the Tag Team Champions? Seriously?
BLACK: “Ah Yeah. Do you see a tag partner? Did you introduce me as “One Half Of Awesome Possum”? Me Singles. Her Tag. I only have so many matches on my contract. I can’t go burning through them all on one person just because they pinned me. I gave up that petty shit years ago. If I am going to draw out the devil inside it needs to be for a war worth waging. That’s why I am sticking to my Open Challenge. 4CW has a responsibility to entertain these fans. I owe these fans the match of the night. So I’m searching for the wrestler who can match up with me perfectly. Mind, Body, and Soul.
“Then Gabriel. I will devote all of my waking moments to obsessively dominating someone or end my career trying. I have a feeling that person is in 4CW. I’ll find him or her eventually. Or S/he.
“I try to be nice and polite but I have problems keeping track of the most up-to-date terminology. I apologize for anyone who felt I might have been leaving them out. All Homo Sapiens are fair game regardless of how you identify. Now let’s party! We got a lot of Fate left to watch! Everyone back to your seats! With Munchies!”
At that Tanya Black tosses a dozen corn dogs into the crowd and a few wrapped up burgers. Pulling a Sharpie out from her pocket Tanya signs her Fate shirt before taking it off and tossing it into the crowd. A moment later the crowd disperses and Gabriel stands there looking at Tanya Black sipping her coke in her camouflage sports bra.

Tanya Black: Jaime bought it for me. So I could have him close to me when he can’t make it to the shows. It’s Romantic.
Gabriel opens his mouth to say something but Tanya feeds him a corn dog and kisses him on the cheek before skipping off and singing.

BLACK: “Yeah, sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me, just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away
“Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream until your dream comes true
Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream until your dream comes through
Dream On Dream On Dream On”
Gabriel pulls the corndog out of his mouth and watches the retreating Tanya Black before looking back at the camera.

HARTMAN: “Well ah there you have it folks. Tanya Black is ready for her next match here in 4 Corners Wrestling and she’s not worrying about a stumble in her debut. Stay tuned as we try to um figure this tough lady out.”

POWERS: “Introducing first, from Acapulco, Mexico, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds, Eeel Futuuurooo!”
“Smoke Every Day” by Brown Shady hits as red, white and green lights begin flashing. El Futuro flies from behind the curtain and sprints down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, goes to each corner and giving a salute to the crowd.

POWERS: “And his opponent, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, weighing two hundred and forty pounds, Daaaviiid Daaaviiis!”
“Me Like Hockey” by Arrogant Worms plays, and David comes out. He’s wearing a Maple leafs jersey and red colored pants with a maple leaf adorned on the butt. He has blue and white hockey gloves on as he runs to the ring with a scowl on and climbs in puffing his chest out ready to fight. He goes to his corner and glares at his opponent gnawing on a colored mouth guard.
As the bell rings Davis charges out of his corner, rushing across the ring toward El Futuro and looking for a spear. El Futuro waits until the last moment before he flips right over Davis, narrowly evading the incoming move! Davis managed to catch himself on the ropes, avoiding crashing into the ring post and turnbuckles. Davis turns around and finds himself on the receiving end of a snap DDT from El Futuro. The Man in Blue closes in to capitalize but Davis comes up with a rising shoulder tackle that sends El Futuro back into the ropes.

MATTHEWS: “David Davis and El Futuro both determined to pick up the win here tonight on the inaugural episode of Fate.”
GRIFFIN: “I’ve always liked El Futuro, but David Davis is impressive so far as well.”
As El Futuro rebounds, Davis nails a kick to the midsection. As El Futuro doubles over from the impact, Davis flips him to the mat with a snapmare. Davis pops back to his feet and goes for a knee drop right to El Futuro’s chest, but the masked one rolls out of the way at the last moment and Davis’ knee hits nothing but canvas. El Futuro takes advantage and blasts Davis in the face with a shining wizard! With Davis laid out, El Futuro hits a picture perfect standing moonsault and hooks the leg!

GRIFFIN: “An early pin by El Futuro, but it’s not quite enough.”
MATTHEWS: “Good. Judging by the sound of the crowd, they want to see more.”
Davis gets the shoulder up and shoves El Futuro off of him all in the same motion. Both men get back to their feet quickly. Davis sends a jab into El Futuro’s face. El Futuro comes back with a chop to the chest. Davis hits a left hook. El Futuro with a throat thrust. Davis with a hook. El Futuro goes for a kick to the side but Davis catches his leg. El Futuro tries to counter with an Enziguri but Davis ducks! Davis takes down the Man in Blue with a dragon screw!

MATTHEWS: “Both of these two are moving so quickly you can hardly keep up. I really can’t say I think either one has the advantage over the other right now.”
GRIFFIN: “I would have to agree. For everything Davis has, El Futuro has an answer, and vice versa.”
Both men scramble to their feet once again, but Davis gets there just a touch sooner, drilling El Futuro into the mat with a powerslam. He unloads a flurry of stomps, forcing El Futuro to roll under the ropes to escape the barrage. The official tries to back Davis away from the ropes as El Futuro hops back onto the apron. Davis charges the other man, but El Futuro nails a kick to the head! Davis falls backward and El Futuro launches himself over the ropes for a flying elbow drop!

GRIFFIN: “Ouch, that looked like it hurt.”
MATTHEWS: “Which part, the kick or the elbow drop?”
GRIFFIN: “Both, actually.”
Davis is far from done, getting back to his feet even as he holds his chest. El Futuro delivers two devastating kicks to Davis’ left leg, charging across the ring and rebounding off of the ropes for a third hellacious kick!

Davis doesn’t go down! Instead he catches himself on the turnbuckles. Thinking fast, he hops up onto the top rope and turns to face his opponent, leaping off for a flying shoulder tackle!

GRIFFIN: “Cross Check!”
The two struggle to their feet, each man obviously feel the effects of the match. Davis and El Futuro stare one another down for several long seconds, slowly circling the ring. Davis makes the first move, throwing himself toward El Futuro for a huge clothesline, but El Futuro ducks! Davis turns around and catches El Futuro’s foot right to the jaw!

MATTHEWS: “El Irresistible Conclusión!”
El Futuro makes the cover and the referee slides in for the count.

GRIFFIN: “El Futuro did it!”
MATTHEWS: “I thought for sure Davis had him after the Cross Check. David made one hell of a debut here tonight.”
The referee raises El Futuro’s hand in the air as “Smoke Every Day” hits the sound system once more.

POWERS: “And here is your winner, Eeel Futuuurooo!”

Backstage at the Calihan Hall and Brody Lee Prince is still foaming at the mouth from earlier, he is still flanked by his agent Max and his girlfirend/personal trainer Starla these two are simply known as the Von Grants. Brody Lee approaches the camera on his own, angry and yelling loudly towards it.

BRODY LEE: “Lemme guess… lemme guess! You’re here waitin’ for some other Adrenaline star to show up think they’re doin’ us a favor by being here in Detroit tonight. Am I right? I mean I already saw Tanya Black blabbin’ about her loss on Adrenaline. Speakin’ of wastin’ time, I saw Lord Raab was here earlier too… remember when that guy was feared? Yeah, we saw it. You lost. Shut up ’bout it already, nobody cares. Move on and stop takin’ air time away from the Fate locker room.”
He pauses and takes a deep breath.

BRODY LEE: “Oh and let’s not forget that later on Jason Cashe, the crown prince of down syndrome himself is gonna grace us with his smell. In an effort to save you all the time of sittin’ through that let’s just spoil it now for ya!”
Doing his best Jason Cashe impersonation voice here.

BRODY LEE: “Blah blah bark bark, drug reference drug reference. What’s that smell? Oh right, that’s me I forgot to bathe for the past month. Blah blah bark bark, drug reference. Somethin’ ’bout Unstable or something like that, somewhat mildly hidden drug reference to Unstable. Bark bark. Grunt. You sure I really smell like that? That’s horrible. Bark.”
Brody Lee stops with the voice.

BRODY LEE: “I’m sure I forgot something in there, maybe a couple of extra barks here and there. It’s time to understand, Fate doesn’t need the Adrenaline roster. We don’t want you here, I know ya think jus’ because Perry Wallace is eternally clueless gives ya the ability to come down here and take our time away from us.
No more. There’s a line in the sand… I put it there, and I dare any of you to cross it. You’ll have a war on your hands that you cannot possibly win. Stay home, don’t come here no more. Got it?”
Brody Lee shoves the camera backwards which causes the feed to break and go to static.

The cameras cut to a dark room where a tall, handsome, middle aged man in a very expensive suit stands. He is very Seacrest esque. This man has a cocky grin as speaks to the viewing audience of Fate.

???: “Good evening, my name is Harry Hanson. Some of you may remember from my time making waves in CRW, but I would hazard a guess that most of you have no clue who I am. In a nut shell, I am a marketer. I know what sells and I find clients who fit the needs of whatever industry I happen to be in. There are a lot things that can make money: shared universes, super heroes, zombies, a coked out billionaire running for President …and the list goes on. But, from my experience, two things will NEVER go out of season.”
This man pauses for effect.

HANSON: “Sex and violence. Why? Because they create controversy and controversy creates what?”
He speaks as if those watching are children and he is their teacher. He raises an eyebrow before continuing.

HANSON: “Cash. Very good. Controversy cash. It is a tree of money that keeps on giving. Obviously, I want some of that sweet, sweet, scratch, but wasn’t going to commit to just anybody. I searched high and low for the client that would meet both qualifications. It took me forever, but I found her. She was PERFECT. By perfect, I mean absolutely dangerous to anybody on the FATE roster …and maybe one day to those on Adrenaline. Yes, Underground has been re-christened, but the real paradigm shift begins in two weeks from tonight for that will be the night that I unleash this …this … human representation of Hedonism and Carnage onto the world. But …”
The lights turn on to reveal Hanson standing in the middle of a padded room. In the corner is a dark haired figure wearing a restraint mask, rocking back in forth. She mumbles non-sense to herself.

HANSON: “…until then she waits.”
We fade out on this man smiling gleefully at the camera.

POWERS: “The following contest is our Headline Match for the evening. Introducing first, from Budapest, Hungary, weighing three hundred ten pounds, he is “Wolfsbane,” Istvaaan Bathooory!”
A full moon pops on the big screen, with clouds moving in front of it, and a wolf howls in the distance. Then the Violin solo begins….. Slow at first as Wolfsbane comes to ringside, playing the violin, moving in slow circles as he half walks, half dances, engrossed in his own playing- He’s in no hurry, and he ignores the crowd, staying just out of reach until he gets to the ringside area, whereupon he sets down the violin for an usher to carry his beloved instrument back to the dressing room. He removes his earring, his vest, shirt, belt and sash, almost oblivious to his opponent-Or so it would seem. When he is ready for the ring, he twirls one side of his handlebar, and takes a few shadow boxing punches to get himself warmed up.
The lights in the arena dies down as the crowd in the arena screams in anticipation. “Light Up The Sky“ by Thousand Foot Krutch suddenly explodes through the PA system in sync to the pulsation of red lights. We then suddenly see the entrance way being engulf with smoke. Amidst the smoke, we see a figure as the song blasts throughout the airwaves. After several seconds while the smoke starts to clear, the figure materializes and is revealed to be Jordan Black. He roars and pumps up the crowd.

POWERS: “And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, he is the Human Highlight Reel, Jordaaan Blaaack!”
As the gold lights pulsation continues, he then strolls down to the ramp and slaps some hands of the fans ringside. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around the whole arena and raises his arm. He then continues walking making his way around the ring slapping some hands of the fans. He then stops in front of a steel steps and runs up to it stopping on the ring apron. He then climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms and roars to pump up the crowd. He somersaults down from the turnbuckle and runs to the opposite corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He roars and raises his arms in the air to the delight of the fans. He then somersaults down from the turnbuckle and walks to the opposite side of the ring. He then leans on the ropes puts his foot on the bottom rope as he raises his arm as the fans cheer him on.

MATTHEWS: “Is it just me, or does Wolfsbane look a little more fierce than usual tonight?”
GRIFFIN: “How can you tell?”
MATTHEWS: “Fair point.”
The official checks with both corners before calling for the bell. The instant the first ring starts Istvan flies across the ring and nails Black with a vicious headbutt that leaves him hung up on the ropes to keep from falling completely to the mat. Bathory doesn’t slow down, delivering chop after chop after chop across Jordan’s chest, each one adding to the growing red mark. Black falls to the mat as Bathory hits a devastating heart punch.

GRIFFIN: “Bathory is wasting no time laying into Jordan Black.”
MATTHEWS: “The Second City Superman better learn to fly if he hopes to get away from those hellacious strikes.”
The Ref backs Wolfsbane off, giving Jordan a few moments to get to his feet. Black charges Bathory, looking for a clothesline, but Istvan ducks and comes back with an axehandle of his down. Jordan stumbles but doesn’t go down. As he turns he’s met with a running knee lift from Bathory that snaps his head back! Istvan follows up with a spear!

MATTHEWS: “Down goes Jordan Black. That is not where he wants to be.”
GRIFFIN: “Istvan never takes to the air, but he can be almost unstoppable on the ground.”
With Jordan laid out on the canvas, Bathory drops a fist right into his face! Wolfsbane roars as he stands again, this time hitting an elbow drop on his downed opponent. The ring shakes as Istvan stands and drives a series of brutal stomps into Black’s chest until the official backs him off. The moment Jordan is back on his feet Bathory clobbers him with a forearm smash that sends him into the ropes.
As Black rebounds he flies right into a scissored throat jab! Jordan stumbles, clutching his throat. As he doubles over in pain, he’s caught with an immediate mule kick that leaves him grasping the ropes and struggling to stay standing. Bathory grabs Black by the hair and drags his face back and forth across the ropes! Just before the official intervenes Istvan lets go, only to assault Black with a back rake that leaves bright red welts!

GRIFFIN: “Ouch! Jordan is going to be feeling that for days to come.”
MATTHEWS: “Oh, I think his pains are just getting started.”
Bathory hits a leaping clothesline that sends both men to the ground, capitalizing with some mounted punches. The audience counts them off as fists fly!
Instead of a tenth punch, Wolfsbane hits a massive headbutt right to Black’s chest!

MATTHEWS: “Listen to the crowd! Wolfsbane isn’t always a favorite, but they are sure behind him tonight!”
GRIFFIN: “The audience is electric, they are loving this.”
Adding insult to injury, as Bathory stands and howls at the crowd, he delivers a fist drop to Jordan’s groin! The official warns him about the illegal move, but Istvan practically ignores him and graps the ropes for leverage as he uses his boot to choke Black. He holds on for the full count before finally letting go before he can get disqualified.
Wolfsbane drags Black up by the hair and whips him to the ropes. As Jordan bounces off Istvan hits a clothesline so hard that it flips him completely over! Black just barely manages to roll out of the way of an incoming throat stomp, only to find himself on the receiving end of another vicious elbow drop. Jordan clutches his chest and struggles to his feet.

GRIFFIN: “Black can barely stand right now, but he’s not giving up.”
MATTHEWS: “He’s really going to need that second wind if he hopes to make a comeback.”
Bathory is there to meet him with a series of lefts and rights employing a boxing combo to drive his opponent back into the corner. With Black trapped, Istvan goes for an eye rake! Before the official can even warn him, Bathory sends Jordan flying into the opposite corner so hard the impact against the turnbuckles shakes the ring. Wolfsbane prowls across the mat, letting out a bloody-curdling howl before laying a savage chop right across Black’s windpipe!

MATTHEWS: “Full Moon!”
GRIFFIN: “Is this going to be the end for Jordan Black?”
Jordan falls out of the corner and Istvan goes for the pin.

POWERS: “And here is your winner, Istvaaan Bathooory!!!”

CASHE: “Listen my Lady Girl, Unstable here too! Trust that we can be on the spot in moments if need be. Fate, Adrenaline, we in 4CW now period. Folks gonna have to juss’ deal with it.”
The Extreme Champion was giving a pep talk to Niobe Martin. Tonight wasn’t about defending her Fate Championship, it was about debuting a new show for 4CW. Being the Main Event, the name that gets a now purple and green target painted on her back. Everyone gets butterflies and Niobe was managing to keep hers back, she seemed strong.

NIOBE: “You seem more nervous than I do…What’s wrong?”
CASHE: “Nothing.”
As he paced back and forth in front of her as she sits on a folding chair, Cashe had stopped to make his reply. Almost trying to give that lie to not just Niobe but himself as well. He takes two steps and comes clean, she knew he couldn’t keep his issue hidden.

CASHE: “You got to beat Havok for hopefully the last time anyone sees him. Now you get Khris Young before me too? I’m just a bit envious of you.”
NIOBE: “Haha! You’re serious aren’t you? Wow.”
CASHE: “See it’s nothing. Tonight is about you and this new show that will surround itself with you at it’s center. That is what tonight is all about and you look… Amazing! Time for a quickie?”
NIOBE: “Fate has decided against it. I’m already in my ring gear… Too bad for you! Ha!”
She tosses him a hand towel before getting to her feet and leaves the room. Ready to get on to the first Main Event in Fate’s new journey. Cashe stands with his arms crossed, a pout on his face.

POWERS: “The following contest is our Main Event for the evening. Introducing first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds, Khriiis Youuung!”
A familiar sound can be heard as the lights go dim. A spotlight is focused at the entrance area as the crowd is buzzing in anticipation. The lyrics of “Built To Last” by Rise Against blares across the PA.
“Invest time, invest life
invest it all, reinvent yourself.
before you know it,
your essence is renewed with something fresh.”
With that, Khris Young steps out from the back with a huge smile on his face. He walks out rather slowly and enters the spotlight. Young looks out at the cheering fans. A few boos can be heard, but Young just looks out at the crowd to the left and starts clapping. He switches his focus to the right and claps for them. Young walks down the ramp singing Built To Last as he slaps the hands of some of the fans.
“Let’s not praise the past, just a fact
Built to last
old school or the new
doesn’t mean shit if your heart ain’t true.”
Young reaches the base of the ring, climbs the steps and looks out at the fans once more before wiping his feet on the apron and climbing into the ring. Young bounces off the ropes a couple times before stretching and swinging his arms back and forth.
As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: “And his opponent, hailing from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds, she is the 4CW Underground champion and ‘The Nightmare,’ Niooobe Martiiin!”
Niobe appears on stage with the Underground Championship around her waist, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face as she removes the Underground Championship from her waist and hands it off to the timekeeper, waiting for the match to begin.

MATTHEWS: “Niobe continues to hold on to the Underground Championship with a vice-like grip. Though tonight’s match isn’t for the title, I can’t help but wonder just how long her championship reign will be.”
GRIFFIN: “Well the competition on Fate is about to heat up if all the new signings are any indication.”
MATTHEWS: “That’s right. Several new names have been added to the roster in just the last week or so. We’ll be seeing several debuts at our next show.”
The referee calls for the bell and the match gets under way. Young and Martin both come out of their respective corners quickly. Khris goes for a lariat but Niobe ducks his arm and sends a back kick into his spine. Young stumbles forward but catches himself, turning on Martin for a snap suplex, but she lands on her feet! Niobe launches herself into Young with a flying clothesline that takes them both to the mat, but she rolls all the way through into a crouched position before rising.
Khris charges Niobe again. Martin sends a hard kick toward his midsection. Young catches Niobe’s foot but she quickly reverses with a dragon whip! Martin goes for an armbar, but Khris rolls out of the way before she can get it locked in. Both competitors are back on their feet in a flash. Young grabs Martin’s arm and sends her into the ropes. Niobe bounces off and comes sailing back with a spinning heel kick.

GRIFFIN: “Niobe is looking food so far this evening.”
MATTHEWS: “If you think anything that regularly spends any amount of time around Jason Cashe can look good.”
GRIFFIN: “Ronnie!
MATTHEWS: “What, I’m not always nice.”
Niobe checks to make sure that Young is staying down before she hops up onto the top turnbuckle and immediately flies off with a corkscrew elbow drop! Khris rolls out of the way at the last second and Martin drives her arm right into the canvas! As Niobe holds her arm in pain, Young pulls her to her feet, spins her around, and heaves her to the mat with a German suplex.

MATTHEWS: “Could that be the turning point that Khris needs?”
GRIFFIN: “It just might be. Young is a tough competitor.”
As Martin gets slowly to her feet, Young is waiting with a swinging neckbreaker. When Niobe is slow to get to her feet, Young pulls her up once again, sending her to the corner with an Irish whip. Khris charges across the ring with a dropkick to the rope-hung Niobe! Martin falls out of the corner and Young makes the cover quickly.

GRIFFIN: “He almost had it, but not quite.”
MATTHEWS: “The early pin is always risky. A veteran like Khris Young knows that.”
Young slaps the mat in frustration as Niobe gets the shoulder up. Martin is slow to get to her feet, giving Young time to plan his next move. As Niobe finally gets upright Khris bounces off the ropes and races toward her once again. Martin leans over and uses Khris’ momentum against him for a back body drop.
As Young rolls over onto his stomach Niobe locks in a crossface before he can get to his feet, cranking back as hard as she can. The official crouches, asking Young if he wants to tap, but Khris waves him off. Using his superior size and strength, he manages to pull himself toward the ropes. Niobe’s entire body is practically on top of him as she pulls back even harder on the submission hold.

MATTHEWS: “You know that has to hurt, but Khris Young is going to do everything he can to avoid giving up.”
GRIFFIN: “If he can’t get to the ropes, he might have to.”
The referee checks again, but Young still refuses to tap. With another heave, he pulls himself close enough to get a hand on the bottom rope. The referee calls for the break but Niobe continues to hold on. The official gives a warning before starting a five count. Martin holds on until the last possible second before finally releasing the hold.
While Young still down on the mat recovering, Niobe charges him from behind with a rolling snapmare. Checking to make sure he is still laid out, Niobe climbs the turnbuckle, facing out toward the crowd. With an extra bounce for height, she leaps off and flips backwards for a high-angle senton! Martin’s body collides directly with Khris’ ribs as she lands! Young holds his side in pain as he rolls away.
Niobe leaves him on the mat, stalking toward the nearest corner. With a rude gesture to the crowd, she climbs the ropes. Turning around, Martin stands up carefully on the top rope, waiting for just the right moment as Young spins to face her. Niobe flies through the air and hits Khris with a dragonrana, hooking both legs!

GRIFFIN: “Niobe almost put Khris away!”
MATTHEWS: “Judging by the look on her face, she’s not happy that she didn’t. I think she’s trying to tell the ref to count faster.”
GRIFFIN: “Has that ever actually worked?”
MATTHEWS: “Not that I’ve ever seen.”
Young seems to find his second wind, leaping to his feet after kicking out of the attempted pin. Niobe throws herself at him with a powerful clothesline that flips him all the way over the ropes! Khris lands on his feet on the apron, however! He delivers a high kick right to the side of the head, knocking Niobe to the canvas. Launching himself clean over the ropes, Young hits and elbow drop right to the center of Martin’s chest!
Without hesitation Khris pulls Niobe back to her feet and tries sending her across the ring with an Irish whip, but she counters with one of her own! As Khris comes off the ropes Martin hooks his head for a stunner. Young pops back to his feet, breathing heavily. Khris whips Martin toward the corner, but at the last second she leaps up onto the top rope and comes sailing back at him with a corkscrew moonsault!
They are back on their feet at the same time. Niobe goes for the clothesline but Young ducks under her arm and starts to wrap her up for another German Suplex. Niobe reaches back and hooks Young’s head, using the ropes to climb up and flip over him entirely, driving him into the canvas with a Shiranui! Martin scrambles across the mat and goes for the pin again.

MATTHEWS: “Still a no for Niobe! She’s clearly getting frustrated now.”
GRIFFIN: “Getting angry might be her downfall. If she’s not careful, that temper might lead her to make mistakes.”
Niobe has her back to Young as she argues with the official again. Young gets to his feet and heads toward her, somehow she seems to feel him coming and Martin spins around with a hard discus back elbow that connects right with Khris’ jaw. Young holds his face for several seconds before driving her into the corner with a series of haymakers. Khris sets up Martin on the top turnbuckle, climbing up onto the second rope in preparation for a superplex. Niobe stands and leaps over him with a sunset flip!
Young is slow to get to his feet. Niobe circles the ring, her eyes never leaving her opponent. At just the right moment she charges in and blasts him with the True nightmare! Young goes down hard, showing no signs of movement. Martin doesn’t stop there! She heads to the corner once again, shouting obscenities at the crowd as she goes to the top rope. She pauses before launching herself backward with a shooting star press!

GRIFFIN: “Phantasm Horror! Could this be it?!”
Niobe lands hard, looking to be in pain herself, and doesn’t even hook the leg a she lays across Khris.
As Niobe stands the referee raises her hand.

MATTHEWS: “She did it! Niobe took down Khris Young!”
POWERS: “Your winner, Niooobe Maartiiin!!!”
As one of the ringside attendants hands Niobe Martin back the Underground title, suddenly “Light It Up” fills Calihan Hall once again.

MATTHEWS: “Bethany is returning to ringside?”
GRIFFIN: “Looks like it!”
Co-GM Bethany Bailey does indeed step through the curtain, this time carrying an attache case with her. A small smile is fixed on her face as she heads back to the ring, watching the surprised Niobe as she stares back at her curiously. As Bethany is handed a microphone she makes a small gesture in Martin’s direction.

BAILEY: “Don’t worry Niobe, I’m not here to put a damper on your celebration. There is just one small, but important, matter of business left to attend to before Fate wraps up for the evening.”
While she speaks, Bethany pulls on a pair of blue nitrile gloves for safety.

BAILEY: “After tonight I think we can safely say that we’ve officially put the nail in Underground’s coffin. With one, tiny exception. Niobe, I’ll be needing that, please.”
Bethany holds out her gloved hand, looking down toward the Underground Championship. For a few seconds Niobe looks reluctant, glancing from the referee to the announcers and then out to the crowd. Finally Martin steps forward, hesitantly holding out the title belt.
Bethany takes the belt quickly, stepping to the side of the ring and dropping it over the ropes into the mysterious steel trash can that has been sitting there the whole night. From the attache case she draws out a small container of lighter fluid, squeezing it into the trash can. At last she lights a match and drops it over the side, flames quickly consuming the old belt. Bethany then takes off the gloves and drops them over the side as well.

BAILEY: “There, much better. Precisely where that garbage was always destined to end up! Oh, relax Niobe. You look like someone just stole your lunch in the cafeteria.”
Reaching into the case once more, Bethany draws out… a brand new championship belt, the faceplate still gleaming and the leather stiff.

BAILEY: “You are not the Underground Champion anymore, Niobe, you’re the Fate Champion and you need the title that says so.”
As the Co-GM holds out the belt Niobe reaches out and takes it, looking it over for a few moments before holding it above her head for the crowd to see.

BAILEY: “Enjoy it while you have it, Niobe. You never know when someone will just… come along and take it from you.”
Bethany gives Khris Young a pointed look before exiting the ring.

MATTHEWS: “That is a fine looking new Fate title, isn’t it Demi?”
GRIFFIN: “Yes it is. Niobe is smiling from ear to ear right now.”
MATTHEWS: “We hope you have all enjoyed the first episode of Fate.”
GRIFFIN: “Until next time, good night from myself, Ronnie, the Fate staff, and all of 4CW.”