FATE E02 (056)

FATE E02 [056]

GRIFFIN: “Good evening and welcome to the second episode of 4CW Fate! We’ve got debuts and familiar faces here tonight and it promises to be an action-packed show.”
MATTHEWS: “In a quick recap of last week, we saw the return of Brody Lee Prince. Not only did he seriously injure Johnny Spades, but he took Perry Wallace and a few members of the Adrenaline roster to task.”
GRIFFIN: “Jason Cashe and Lord Raab both made appearances, with the Masked German Monster calling out El Futuro. Speaking of El Futuro, David Davis had a phenomenal debut, but he just couldn’t quite get past the masked luchador. Istvan Bathory annihilated Jordan Black and Niobe Martin had a decisive victory over Khris Young.”
MATTHEWS: “Let’s not mince anymore words, because it’s time for our opening match.”
GRIFFIN: “I’m not sure if Bethany Bailey is keeping with Adrenaline tradition of having an explosive opener, but she chose one hell of a match to start us off tonight.”

POWERS: “Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing two hundred twenty-five pounds, Bryaaan Laaaughliiin!!!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly. His trademark “LAUGH-LIN” Run DMC Style shirt on he nods his head to the music and acknowledges the fans before dropping his head taking a deep breath and breaking out into a sprint towards the ring. Approaching the ring he slides in and gets to his knees throwing his head back and his arms out allowing the fans to acknowledge him back. He quickly hops to his feet mouthing the lyrics.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”
He backs into the nearest corner taking off his shirt and throwing it behind him out of the ring as his music slowly fades.

POWERS: “And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, from Auckland, New Zealand, Eddieee Ngaaataaa!!!”
Eddie Ngata slowly strides out onto the stage with the hood of his jacket pulled up covering his face. He confidently marches his way down the ramp until reaching the end. Eddie pulls his hood back and whips his wet locks of hair back. Immediately following he turns to face the audience and paces around. He shouts at the crowd while pointing out into the crowd and inside the ring in a repetitive manner. Ngata get a heavy mixed reaction from the people in attendance for his actions. He climbs up the steps and onto the ring apron where he briefly looks back at the audience before entering the ring. Eddie Ngata walks over to his respective corner where he removes his jacket. Ngata tosses it to the outside before pacing back and forth again briefly. Eddie then leans himself up against the corner before taking a seat. There he waits eagerly for the contest to begin.

GRIFFIN: “Almost as soon as the match was announced these two started trading words over social media. Things have since quieted down, however.”
MATTHEWS: “It definitely looked like it would be a promising fight. The crowd is still looking forward to it, if the volume is any indication.”
The official checks with both men before calling for the bell to signal the beginning of the match.
Ngata comes out of his corner slightly faster than Laughlin looking for a hard forearm smash, but Bryan ducks the incoming blow and reverses with a swinging neckbreaker. While Eddie is still down Laughlin leaps into the air for a double foot stomp right to the chest! Clutching his sternum, Ngata rolls away before Bryan can capitalize further.

MATTHEWS: “That looked brutal Eddie Ngata is going to have a hard time breathing after that, and if you can’t breathe, you can’t fight.”
GRIFFIN: “Are you speaking from personal experience, Ronnie?”
MATTHEWS: “I’m not a wrestler and I never have been, but there may have been a few bar fights in my past.”
As soon as Eddie is back on his feet Laughlin goes for a boot to the gut, but Ngata catches his foot. Thinking fast, Bryan nails him in the face with a dragon whip! The two men lock up once more in the middle of the ring, battling back and forth for the upper hand. For several moments it seems like Eddie is coming out ahead. With a kick to the midsection Laughlin forces him to double over. Bryan then grabs Ngata by the hair and holds him in place for a jumping double knee!

GRIFFIN: “Bryan Laughlin is on fire so far. That laser focus is preventing Ngata from mounting any sort of offense.”
MATTHEWS: “If he can keep Eddie on the ropes, so to speak, he might just walk out of here with a debut win.”
As Eddie stands he is driven back to the ropes with a series of knife edge chops. Ngata uses the ropes to try to gain some momentum for what looks like an incoming double leg take down but Laughlin ducks behind him and executes a sleeper slam! With Eddie laid out on the mat, Bryan flips onto his hands, ‘walking’ across the canvas in a handstand before delivering a knee drop into Ngata’s face! Laughlin transitions expertly into a head-to-rib cradle and drives his knee into Eddie’s face again and again!

MATTHEWS: “Now that I have done.”
GRIFFIN: “Why is it so easy for me to picture?”
MATTHEWS: “I’m not a hard woman to figure out.”
The blows keep coming until at last the referee has to warn Bryan off. Leaving Ngata where he’s laying, Laughlin heads for the corner, climbing up onto the top rope. As Eddie starts to get to his feet the crowd tries to warn him of the impending attack. Ngata can’t understand the roar of the audience and turns around only to be caught with a missile dropkick! Not waiting for his opponent to stand, Laughlin pulls Eddie to his feet by the hair instead, only do duck around behind him and lock him up in the full nelson position instead!

GRIFFIN: “Uh oh!”
MATTHEWS: “I think Eddie Ngata is about to get Dump’d!”
With his arms still locked in Bryan delivers a thunderous suplex that leaves Ngata laying face down on the mat! Laughlin immediately turns back to the corner, hoping onto the middle rope and shouting at the booing crowd. As he steps up onto the top rope the jeers only get louder!

MATTHEWS: “He’s not finished yet!”
GRIFFIN: “Why not just go for the pin?!”
MATTHEWS: “I think he’s looking to make a statement!”
Bryan sails off of the top rope in a high, graceful arch, flipping at the last second to bring his leg crashing down right across the back of Eddie Ngata!

GRIFFIN: “1945!”
MATTHEWS: “Is that going to be it for Eddie?!”
Laughlin hooks the leg and even pushes his feet into the canvas for a bridge, just to be sure. The referee drops and makes the count.
As Bryan gets to his feet the official signals for the bell, raising his hand in victory. “Out of My Mind” blares over the PA system once again.

POWERS: “Here is your winner, Bryaaan Laaaughliiin!!!”
MATTHEWS: “Laughlin did it!”
GRIFFIN: “He’s got to be feeling pretty good about himself right now.”
MATTHEWS: “He made quite the impact in his debut match, the opener here at our second episode of Friday Night Fate.”

CASHE: “I hope she’s ready for this, this is a big step for us moving forward…”
KNOX: “You’re crazy, this is dumb man! You are not that guy!! Come on!!”
CASHE: “Shut up, here she comes…Hide!”
Tommy Knox scrambles, trips over his own foot as he scurries to find a place to hide. Cashe brushes himself off and slowly lowers down to one knee as the locker room door opens and in walks Niobe Martin carrying her new Fate Championship. Her eyes widen and her head feints back staring at Cashe in questioning confusion. She moves into the room and swings the door closed behind her.

MARTIN: “No, no, no…What the hell is this Jason!?”
Walking on his knees, he moves closer to her and the smile on his face is all kinds of creepy, even for Cashe. She pulls her hand away as he grabs it, still shaking her head no.

CASHE: “Lady Girl…we’ve been together for a bit now and I cherish you, you know that right? I…I…have a question to ask and it’s a big one but the time couldn’t be more perfect!”
MARTIN: “Oh boy!”
Reaching back, Jason digs into the back pocket of his baggy jeans and as he pulls out what he sought to find, Niobe backs up towards the door.

CASHE: “Are you gonna run? Please don’t run!”
MARTIN: “I might throw up…”
Pulling his hand forward, clutched hiding what was in his hand in a tight fist. He opens it revealing to her a piece of paper. On it is a 7 digit number. She stands looking puzzled.

MARTIN: “What the hell?”
CASHE: “I was wondering if we could have a threesome? This is the number to a VERY nice girl, she is clean… I just thought that was our next step in the relationship? What you think?”
Roaring forward in a swift move, Niobe Martin big boots Cashe to the chest and he is sent backwards, bending at the knees and falling to the locker room floor. Out from hiding comes Tommy Knox who is full of laughter but Niobe isn’t laughing as she scoffs and moves to the locker to get ready for her match.

CASHE: “Wait, wait, what’d I do?”
KNOX: “Hahahaha! I told him he shouldn’t do that, I told him!”
CASHE: “She didn’t say no!”
MARTIN: “Both of you are retarded. I almost kneed you to the mouth if you had asked… God can you imagine!? No to both.”
Pushing up from the ground, Cashe gives Niobe a look.

CASHE: “I’d be an awesome Husband! I can make eggs and leggos…A MEAN Cheese and Chip sandwich!”
KNOX: “Just don’t let him eat chili when traveling the roads, you will regret it!”
Snarling a look back at them both, Niobe Martin seems to be in the mindset of competition. Cashe turns to Knox and Knox back to Cashe.

KNOX: “Dude she has that look, we better leave her alone..”
CASHE: “Yeah, yeah I think you’re right. Lady Girl, I will be back before you head out to ringside. Gimmie kiss!”
She cocks back to punch him as he approaches. He waves off the idea of kissing her as him and Knox leave the locker room so the Fate Champion can get ready alone.

POWERS: “Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-six pounds, from Bristol, England, ‘Rabid’ Rooob Heeewiiitt!!!”
“From Whom The Bell Tolls” blares over the PA system. The screens above the entrance ramp flash in bright orange and red with “RABID” emblazoned across the four screens in black. Rob Hewitt makes his way down to the ring to lukewarm and polite applause, grinning at the crowd and pointing to random fans wearing a “Rabid” shirt. He makes a quick jogging circuit around the ring, slapping hands with anyone who bothers to extend one, then rolls stiffly into the ring and raises an arm to the crowd, fingers extended like claws.

POWERS: “And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing one hundred twenty-five pounds, Kristaaa Meeeth!”
Smoke fills the stage as “Violet” by Hole begins to play throughout the arena. As the song picks up, a female figure in a straight jacket, broken chain collar, and restraint mask seductively crawls with a barbed wire baseball bat in her arms. She sets it down next to her as she continues to slither along the stage. As the song continues, she moves herself into a spider crawl position. She takes a few steps in that position before flipping herself upright. She is quickly back on her knees next to her barbed wire bat as her handler and manager, “Handsome” Harry Hanson, comes out from behind the curtain. He removes the mask for her and throws it down to the ground. He grabs the baseball bat and leads her to the ring by the chain. Her posture is a combination of erratic and a very sexy saunter. Halfway down the walkway, she stops and his back on her back squirming around. There is a look of extreme euphoria on her face. Her tugs on her chain to pull her back up to her feet and finish their journey to the ringside area.
Once at ringside, Harry begins to undo the straps of the straight and pulls it off her …revealing that she isn’t wearing much of anything. While her in her see through sheer one piece that doesn’t hide very much, she begins to caress herself. Harry hands her the barbed wire baseball and she holds onto it as if it were a treasured possession. Before entering the ring, she saunters up the steel steps but then drops to her hands and knees lays out along the apron, copping a feel on herself. She then hangs herself upside down from the top rope before pulling herself up and over and into the ring. Licking her lips she crawls into the ring on all fours, waiting for her victim to arrive.

MATTHEWS: “Well, this match should be interesting, to say… something.”
GRIFFIN: “I’m not sure these two could be any more different. Bethany Bailey was certainly looking to give both opponents a challenge when she booked this match.”
As each competitor comes out of their corner, they circle the ring slowly, Krista looking practically hungry and Rob looking analytical, if a little put off. Meth makes the first move leaping at Hewitt for an attempted Thesz press, but Rob uses his superior size and strength, simply catching her! After a moment he flips her to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex that rattles the ring.

GRIFFIN: “Rob is playing it smart, using his advantages against a younger and rather unorthodox opponent.”
MATTHEWS: “Meanwhile, I’m not entirely sure that Krista has a strategy beyond simply inflicting pain.”
Krista gets to her feet with her eyes glued to Hewitt. She feigns a lunge and then dashes across the ring for a running dropkick. Rob hits the mat but pops back to his feet in a flash. Meth leaps again, this time hooking his neck and scaling the ropes and turnbuckle with her feet for a bulldog. She hauls back with one foot for a punt to the ribs but Hewitt rolls out of the way quickly.

MATTHEWS: “Hewitt keeps his focus and avoids what could have been a costly move.”
GRIFFIN: “Krista is also proving that she knows how to work against larger opponents.”
MATTHEWS: “…I was going to comment, but I don’t think I want to get fined before I even get my second paycheck.”
The relentless Krista charges in again but is met with a European uppercut that stops her in her tracks. Rob delivers a second, and a third, driving her back towards the corner! Meth ducks under a forearm shot and tries for a swinging neckbreaker but Hewitt pivots and hits a drop toe hold that sends her face first into the top turnbuckle! She catches herself and turns as Rob is coming in for a corner clothesline, grabbing the ropes for a double boot to the face!

GRIFFIN: “Ouch! You could hear the impact here as Rob Hewitt just ran full tilt into that kick.”
MATTHEWS: “I say this as nicely as possible, but I doubt that’s the first kick to the head he’s taken.”
Hewitt stumbles back, leaning over and holding his face. Krista shakes off the cobwebs and runs in for a knee lift that knocks Rob to the mat! She takes advantage with a snap elbow drop that catches him right in the ribs! As Hewitt is getting to his feet she hops up onto the top rope and turns, leaping off to catch him with a diving double axe handle!

MATTHEWS: “Krista Meth is building some steam here. She’s got Hewitt on the defensive.”
GRIFFIN: “If she can keep it going, she might be the second competitor tonight to pick up a debut win.”
MATTHEWS: “She’s got her work cut out for her though, as Rob Hewitt has seen victory already in 4CW when he was on Adrenaline.”
GRIFFIN: “I’m glad we’re not in Vegas, because I wouldn’t know who to put my money on.”
Krista is practically foaming at the mouth as she circles Rob, waiting for him to get back up. The moment he does she flies in for a tornado DDT! She throws an arm—and a leg—over him for the pin!

GRIFFIN: “Only two!”
MATTHEWS: “The Rabit one still has some bite left in him!”
Hewitt heaves her off with authority and gets to his feet. He catches her wrist as she charges again, throwing her into the corner with an Irish whip. Hopping up onto the second rope, he then grabs her shoulders, plants his knees in her chest, and falls backward for a lungblower! But he doesn’t stop there!!!
Rob rolls all the way through into a step-over head-hold armbar! Meth shrieks as she hauls back on her arm.

MATTHEWS: “And just like that, the tables have turned! Rob Hewitt has Krista in the Beartrap!!!”
GRIFFIN: “That looks absolutely brutal, I can’t watch.”
MATTHEWS: “Krista is doing everything she can to try to break the hold.”
Hewitt locks the hold in tighter as the referee watches closely. Krista struggles hard, flailing and screaming. At last she is forced to tap out when she can’t get free!

POWERS: “And your winner, by submission, ‘Rabid’ Rooob Heeewiiitt!!!”
“For Whom the Bell Tolls” fills the Hilliard Gates Sports Center as the crowd errupts with cheers Hewitt stands and the official raises his arm in the air.

GRIFFIN: “A valiant effort by Krista Meth, but Rob Hewitt kept a level head and used his experience to his advantage.”
MATTHEWS: “I’m not sure you can call anything that Krista does ‘valiant,’ precisely, but you’re right about Hewitt. He proved that he’s still got what it takes to step into the ring, and the rest of the locker room had better take notice.”

POWERS: “Coming to the ring first, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and weighing two hundred and forty pounds, Daaavid Daaaviiis!!!”
“Me Like Hockey” by Arrogant worms plays, and David comes out. He’s wearing a Maple leafs jersey and blue colored pants with a maple leaf adorned on the butt. He has blue and white hockey gloves on as he runs to the ring with a scowl on and climbs in puffing his chest out ready to fight. He goes to his corner and glares at his opponent gnawing on a colored mouth guard.

POWERS: “And his opponent, weighing in at three hundred and ten pounds, from Budapest, Hungary, Istvaaan Baaathooory!!!”
A full moon pops on the big screen, with clouds moving in front of it, and a wolf howls in the distance. Then the violin solo begins….. Slow at first as Wolfsbane comes to ringside, playing the violin, moving in slow circles as he half walks, half dances, engrossed in his own playing- He’s in no hurry, and he ignores the crowd, staying just out of reach until he gets to the ringside area, whereupon he sets down the violin for an usher to carry his beloved instrument back to the dressing room. He removes his earring, his vest, shirt, belt and sash, almost oblivious to his opponent-Or so it would seem. When he is ready for the ring, he twirls one side of his handlebar, and takes a few shadow boxing punches to get himself warmed up.

MATTHEWS: “Istvan Bathory absolutely dominated Jordan Black at our first episode of Fate. He’s still riding the waves of victory and looking to pick up another.”
GRIFFIN: “David Davis, on the other hand, put up a hell of a showing, but came just short of winning his debut. No doubt tonight he’s looking for a different outcome.”
MATTHEWS: “Both men want the win, but only one will have their hand raised in the end. The official is checking with both sides, and we’re about to find out who that will be.”
The two are out of their corners almost before the bell can ring, the referee having to step back to avoid the mid-canvas collision between them. They hit simultaneously, Bathory with a heart punch and Davis with a clothesline, the impact sends them both reeling back! As they come together again Istvan mauls David with a brutal face rake. The official steps in and gives a stern warning to Bathory about the dirty move. Davis takes advantage of the distraction for a powerslam!

GRIFFIN: “Bathory has always had an unorthodox style, but if there’s one member of the roster who won’t be rattled by that, it might be David Davis!”
MATTHEWS: “He’s certainly no stranger to a good brawl. Those hockey fights might well have prepared him for this.”
Both men stand and close the gap. Istvan is able to strike first with a double punch. Davis stumbles but doesn’t go down, retaliating with a shoulder tackle. With Bathory on the mat David throws a series of wild overhand punches. Istvan reverses the position for a few mounted punches of his own before a headbutt right to the chest! Davis clutches his heart for a moment before coming back with a jab that knocks Bathory off of him.

MATTHEWS: “What we’ve got here is closer to a brawl than a wrestling match, not that I’m complaining.”
GRIFFIN: “Neither Istvan nor David quite seems to have the upper hand. Whatever each of them throws, the other has an answer for.”
MATTHEWS: “Not to downplay either man’s skill, because they’ve both demonstrated their ability in 4CW.”
GRIFFIN: “Without a doubt.”
As they get to their feet Istvan attempts an elbow smash. David ducks his wild swing and wraps him up from behind for a German suplex. But Davis doesn’t let go! He stands and hauls Bathory up for a second… and a third!!! He finally releases Istvan, only to drop a vicious knee into his face! Bathory narrowly misses a second and David’s knee collides with the canvas, leaving him momentarily rolling in pain.

GRIFFIN: “What an incredible display of strength by Davis! Bathory is a huge man, and he just threw him like a rag doll, not once, but three times!”
MATTHEWS: “Hopefully that missed hit doesn’t cost him now.”
Istvan capitalizes, stomping at Davis’ chest several times. David rolls away, but Wolfsbane stalks after him. As Davis stops beneath the ropes he finds a boot across his throat and Bathory bearing down, using the ropes as leverage for extra pressure! The referee warns Istvan once, but the Hungarian ignores it. After a second warning, the official starts the count!
Istvan releases the choke at the last possible second to avoid disqualification.

MATTHEWS: “Wolfsbane always cuts it close. One of these days he’s going to get himself disqualified.”
GRIFFIN: “If he does he’ll have no one to blame but himself.”
Davis is in a rage as he gets to his feet, throwing a jab, an uppercut, a hook! Istvan snarls and comes back with a boxing combo of his own! The barrage drives David back toward the corner! Bathory raises his head and howls towards the rafters, drawing his arm back as he prepares for the Full Moon!

GRIFFIN: “I think Davis might be in trouble!”
MATTHEWS: “Has anyone come back after Bathory hits the Full Moon?! I don’t think so!”
BUT NO!!! David leaps up onto the turn buckle and flies off with a flying shoulder tackle!

MATTHEWS: “Cross Check!!! Davis turned the tables!”
GRIFFIN: “Can he do it?!”
Bathory stumbles back but doesn’t quite go down! Davis is on his feet, closing in and going for another punch! ISTVAN CATCHES HIS ARM! Wolfsbane throws a punch of his own, driving David back. Bathory goes for another. NO!!!

GRIFFIN: “Body Check!!!”
MATTHEWS: “This might be it!”
Davis hooks the leg!

MATTHEWS: “David Davis has picked up his first 4CW win!”
GRIFFIN: “It was a hell of a fight, but he edged Istvan Bathory out.”
David leaps to his feet and throws his arms in the air before the referee can even raise his hand.

POWERS: “Here is your winner, Daaavid Daaaviiis!!!”

Cut to the back of the Hillard Gates Sports Center where Brody Lee Prince is seen marching back and forth, pacing over and over again over the same amount of ground talking to himself while wearing his gear. A calm nervousness on his face he holds his taped hand up to his mouth in deep thought, that thought is broken up by boobs. Glorious boobs. Boobs that are half uncovered by a perfectly designed t-shirt, if this backstage were a poorly lit Chicago suburb neighborhood these melons would have brightened up the place like Clark W. Griswold’s Christmas lights. Speaking of which, Brody Lee has an extremely similar look on his face and nearly tear rolling down his cheek as he stares at them in front of his face.
They belong to Starla Von Grant, and four billion years of evolution.

STARLA: “Up here.”
Brody Lee snaps out of his daze and even wipes away at his tear from seeing something as magical as those. Slowly, he raises his head and locks eyes with her. There is a sudden hint of weakness upon his face as she stares into his eyes.

STARLA: “You feeling okay?”
PRINCE: “Yeah.”
STARLA: “You sure?”
PRINCE: “Yeah.”
STARLA: “Everything’s going to be okay.”
PRINCE: “Yeah.”
STARLA: “They repaired the knee, they did a really good job on it. It’s going to hold up, Brody Lee. You don’t have to worry like before.”
PRINCE: “Yeah?”
STARLA: “Yeah.”
PRINCE: “You sure?”
STARLA: “Yeah.”
PRINCE: “Everything’s going to be okay?”
STARLA: “Yeah.”
PRINCE: “Now I’m feeling okay.”
Brody Lee’s eyes slowly break that with those of Starla’s and head back towards her chest, and those plump melons.

STARLA: “Still… up here.”
Brody Lee looks back up and gives her the nod. The hint of weakness in his eyes disappears and a look of confidence washes over his face as he then gives Starla a big old wet kiss and quick squeeze of the boobs for good luck and then marches off ready to go.

“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds. He is ‘The Green Disease German Monster,’ Looord Raaab!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin as Henry Losak stands at ringside.

POWERS: “And his opponent, weighing two hundred and ten pounds, hailing from Acapulco, Mexico, El Fuuutuuurooo!!!”
“Smoke Every Day” by Brown Shady hits the sound system as red, white and green lights begin flashing. El Futuro flies from behind the curtain and sprints down to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, and goes to each corner giving a salute to the crowd.

GRIFFIN: “El Futuro is coming off a narrow win at the first Episode of Fate over newcomer David Davis. After a short slump, the resident luchador is looking to keep his string of victories going.”
MATTHEWS: “And looking to stop him is Adrenaline staple Lord Raab, who showed up in Detroit to call El Futuro out.”
GRIFFIN: “It seems that ever since the Tag Team Tournament where El Futuro and his partner Max Dunn defeated the Monstimals—Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson—that Lord Raab has been seething.”
MATTHEWS: “It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good old fashioned grudge match. I’m looking forward to what these two bring here tonight.”
Lord Raab can hardly be contained in his corner, so without further adieu, the official calls for the bell.
The strangely transformed Raab bull rushes from his corner first, colliding with El Futuro almost before the smaller man can get away from the turnbuckles, sending him to the mat with a burning lariat. El Futuro rolls all the way through and onto his feet, though he looks just a little bit rattled. Raab closes in for a second takedown but El Futuro hooks him up and counters with a tilt-a-whirl armdrag that uses the big Green Monster’s weight against him!

MATTHEWS: “I never get tired of seeing what El Futuro can do.”
GRIFFIN: “Me either. He’s brought down some incredible large, challenging opponents with his fast-paced style.”
As the two meet in the center of the ring once again Lord Raab gets the upperhand and fires off a release German suplex. No sooner does El Futuro go down than Raab is there for a knee drop to the head! The Masked Monster hits a second, a third, a forth! El Futuro narrowly escapes a fifth and sends Raab careening face first into the center turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. With his trademark speed Futuro is back on his feet, dashing across the ring to bounce Raab’s head off the ring post with a bronco buster!
Lord Raab is trying to shake out the cobwebs as he gets back to his feet, giving El Futuro the opportunity to hop up onto the top rope. Just as Raab turns, the man in blue flies through the air for a diving swinging DDT! The Green Disease German Monster goes down hard and Futuro tries for the pin, but the ref doesn’t even drop to the mat before Raab shoves him off.

GRIFFIN: “El Futuro is going to have to take it to Raab a lot harder than that if he’s hoping to put the big man down. Not even one on an early pin attempt.”
MATTHEWS: “I think Futuro is just making sure that he takes every opportunity that presents itself. It’s a sound strategy against a man who… doesn’t usually have a strategy.”
GRIFFIN: “It makes you wonder if we’ll see more of Lord Raab here on Fate in the future.”
MATTHEWS: “Only time—and our GM, Bethany Bailey—will tell.”
El Futuro goes for a forearm smash, but Lord Raab catches his arm and locks it up. With Futuro trapped, Raab drives his masked face right into the other man’s! The crowd instantly starts to count along with each headbutt.
El Futuro drops to the mat in a heap as Raab finally releases his arm. The German Monster stomps once at his midsection, then at one leg, and his elbow! When El Futuro shows no signs of movement. Raab drops for the pin.
The audience goes wild as El Futuro gets the shoulder up at the last moment!

MATTHEWS: “He kicked out! I don’t know how he did it!”
GRIFFIN: “He wasn’t even moving after all of those headbutts, but somehow he got the shoulder up just in time.”
MATTHEWS: “I think that is a testament to the fighting spirit that El Futuro brings to each of his matches.”
El Futuro digs deep and gets back to his feet. Raab snatches his arm and whips him to the ropes. Futuro leaps before he can hit them and bounces off of the second, twisting midair to hook his legs around Raab’s head and take the big man down with a hurricanrana! Taking advantage, the man in blue locks in a dragon sleeper!
Try as he might, Raab can’t break El Futuro’s grasp! Changing tactics, the Green Disease German Monster gets a foot under himself and then the other! Lord Raab stands with El Futuro dangling from his neck, but the smaller man just won’t let go! After trying unsuccessfully to shake El Futuro off a few times, Raab stalks to the corner and turns, crushing Futuro back into the turnbuckles once. …Twice! …Three times! Finally the hold breaks and Lord Raab deposits El Futuro on top of the turnbuckle in a seated position.

GRIFFIN: “I think El Futuro is in trouble!”
MATTHEWS: “I think you’re right Demi, the luchador is about to go for a ride!”
Lord Raab steps up onto the second rope, grabbing El Futuro’s waist and standing him up. The big monster snarls something in German before flipping the man in blue to the mat with a hellacious superplex from the top rope! Raab grabs hold of El Futuro’s mask to pull him to his feet, for a second the mask starts to slip and we almost see El Futuro’s face!!! Futuro catches it just in time and yanks it back down. Lord Raab draws his hand back behind him before surging forward, grasping El Futuro by the throat!

MATTHEWS: “He’s going for the Raabinator!!!”
GRIFFIN: “This could be it!”
Raab lifts El Futuro into the air. Futuro’s feet flail wildly! Just as Raab is about to drive him into the canvas, the man in blue slips free! El Futuro nails a hard kick to the back of Lord Raab’s knee! He follows immediately with a second from the other foot! Lord Raab stumbles but doesn’t quite go down. Futuro bounces off of the ropes and blasts the German Monster with a double dropkick right to the same leg and Raab goes down on his knee!

GRIFFIN: “RWG! El Futuro has Raab partially down after the Red, White, and Green!”
MATTHEWS: “Will it be enough?!”
The crowd goes wild as El Futuro gives them a salute! He bounces off of the ropes again and throws the extra momentum behind a superkick that echoes throughout the Hilliard Gates Sports Center!!!

MATTHEWS: “El irresistible conclusión!”
GRIFFIN: “The impact was incredible!”
MATTHEWS: “Lord Raab is seeing stars!”
Lord Raab sways for several seconds, then falls forward down onto the mat! El Futuro dives in for the cover! The referee drops for the count!
“Smoke Every Day” fills the air as the Ref raises El Futuro’s hand.

POWERS: “Here is your winner, El Fuuutuuurooo!!!”
GRIFFIN: “After an incredible match, El Futuro took down the Green Disease German Monster.”
MATTHEWS: “Lord Raab attacked El Futuro on a cultural and personal level, and in the end he paid the price. El Futuro is looking to get back on the track toward title gold, and this match may have done that for him.”

Hilliard Gates Sports Center
Fort Wayne, IN
8:30 am
The security cameras at the Hilliard Gates Sports Center catch a limo pulling up to the talent entrance. Several crew members are unloading the 4CW trucks to get ready for the show. The driver hurries over the the passenger side of limo, opens the door. None other then one half of the longest reigning, former 4CW tag team champion Jace Savage gets out. Jace dressed in his black suit, red shirt, black tie all custom made by Armani and his Alligator shoes. Sporting his Rolex Yacht Master watch, he reaches into the limo and pulls out a black leather briefcase. The driver closes the door as Jace starts to head into the building.
By the time Jace gets into the locker room area of the arena 4CW camera crews have unpacked some of their equipment and begin to record Jace as he makes his way through the hallways. Jace stops for a moment and cracks a half smile as if almost in disbelief of what he is looking at.

SAVAGE: “Damn, things have changed. Who would have ever thought? I’m impressed though. I never would have seen that coming. I guess our paths were always meant to cross over and over again. We have had some good matches you and I, and I guess we will again. For now enjoy. I am sure you earned it.”
Jace walks away as the camera pans to what he was looking at. The sign on the door reads Niobe Martin Fate Champion. The camera fades out and opens again with Jace in the backstage area and Jace is looking into the camera with a determination in which has never been seen with him before.

SAVAGE: “Ten months. It’s been ten months since I have last stepped into a ring. Up until then I along with my tag team partner, was on top of the tag team division. We held those titles for longer then anyone who has had them. Then we were beaten by team known as Black Listed. I was hurt, I was put out due to an injury. My partners contract with the company had expired and he went else where.
“In ten months a lot of things can happen. For instance my mother passed away due to health complications. I buried my mother, and turned all of my focus and energy into getting back into the ring. In ten months I have learned a lot about myself in ways that I have grown into a man and am no longer the kid I was ten months ago.
“Ten months who was Niobe Martin? She was no champion I can tell you that. You see me and Niobe go back a few years. In fact through out my whole career Niobe and I have never seen eye to eye. I don’t think there is another person who I have butted head more times with in my career. To see she is champion just put her in my path again. You see I haven’t always been a tag team wrestler it’s just were I have had the most success. Now with my partner gone, it’s time for me to hold a singles title. I will show everyone why I was one half of the greatest tag teams this company has known, and voted Tag Team of the year 2014. So to the Fate roster know this, I am going to fight my way to the top. So lets do this”
The camera fades.

As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the PA system, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds. She is ‘The Nightmare,’ Niooobe Maaartiiin!!!”
Niobe appears on stage, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.

POWERS: “And the opponent, weighing two hundred forty-five pounds, from Forth Worth, Texas, Brooody Leee Priiince!!!”
A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard.
“You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down”
After a couple of moments the curtains part and a bright spotlight roars from behind giving the person standing there a nice silhouette. Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” continues as the light begins to dim down showing that the person standing there is none other Brody Lee Prince. Brody Lee wears his black stetson hat tipped forward and over his eyes which also covers his long curly brown hair, he seems to be growing a nice beard as well. He is wearing a pair of black trunks, a leather sleeveless jacket, and his right arm is heavily bandaged and covered in a black protective band. As he begins to walk towards the ring Starla and Max Von Grant walk behind him on his martch towards the ring. Starla is wearing a tight red dress which has a good number of sparkles across the top, while her chubby brother is wearing a black shirt and a black jacket over that. Brody Lee stands on the outside of the ring, takes out the lump of chew tucked into his cheek and places it into the hands of Max, He then removes his black hat and hands that to Starla before he finally slides into the ring.

MATTHEWS: “Last week we saw the ‘new’ Brody Lee Prince when he took his frustrations out on Johnny Spades before a match could even begin.”
GRIFFIN: “But if anyone can stop him, it would be Niobe Martin, who has been practically untouchable since winning the Fate Championship, back when it was the Underground Championship.”
MATTHEWS: “Niobe was presented with the new Fate Championship after her match against Khris Young at our last show by GM Bethany Bailey.”
The Ref checks with each competitor before signaling for the bell and getting the Main Event under way.
The two storm out of their corners at top speed, Niobe coming out with a surprise discus back elbow that leaves Brody holding his nose and complaining to the referee. Martin brings it like a fury, hitting Brody with a stunner while he’s still feeling the pain from the first shot. Before Prince can get up Niobe is on top of him, locking in a cross face.

GRIFFIN: “And Niobe is off to a solid start. She’s already got Brody in a submission hold!”
MATTHEWS: “This might end up being the shortest Main Event I’ve ever seen…”
Brody reaches back with both hands, instead of trying to pry Niobe’s hands off of his face, he grabs her by the hair and pulls! Martin screams at him and the referee warns him about the movie, but he just pulls harder! Niobe is forced to let go of the crossface to get herself free. As Prince starts to sit up, Niobe is there to give him a stiff kick to the back, followed by a rolling snapmare!

MATTHEWS: “I would almost feel bad for Niobe after that, but she’s not exactly a by-the-book player herself.”
GRIFFIN: “Both of these two will do whatever it takes to win in the ring, legal or not.”
Brody Lee powers to his feet, coming up with a double axehandle that knocks Niobe to the mat. Martin pops back up and finds herself on the end of a lariat. She leaps up again and Prince comes at her with a hard clothesline. Niobe ducks and hooks Brody up for a swinging DDT that drives him headfirst into the canvas. He kicks his feet in pain as he holds the back of his head. Martin closes in while he’s down, but Prince was just baiting her and hits her with a double leg takedown as soon as she is close enough!
Brody Lee locks Niobe up in a blatant chokehold! Martin’s feet pound against the mat as she struggles to get free! The official drops to a knee beside the two, audibly warning Prince that he will get disqualified if he doesn’t let go. Brody continues to ignore him, leading the Ref to start the count.
Brody Lee releases Niobe just as the official is starting to turn to call for the bell, keeping the match going.

GRIFFIN: “Is it just me, or does Fate have a locker room full of dirty players? How many times have we almost seen a DQ tonight?”
MATTHEWS: “I stopped counting. ”
As soon as she is back on her feet Martin sends a boot into the gut of Brody Lee. The kick hits hard, but he grabs her leg before she can pull it back! Prince looks to be winding up for an elbow drop to the knee, but Niobe reverses with a dragon whip! Brody goes down hard and Niobe runs to the corner, hopping straight to the top rope while he gets to his feet. Just as Prince turns to face her Martin flies off the turnbuckle for a spinning heel kick! Niobe goes for the cover, hooking one of Brody’s legs.

MATTHEWS: “Niobe Martin in control once again, but it’s not quite enough to put Brody Lee away.”
GRIFFIN: “He’s still feeling the effects of that heel kick, though, look at him shaking his head.”
MATTHEWS: “Neither one of these two is out just yet, they are both getting up.”
GRIFFIN: “Niobe’s a little slow though.”
Somehow Prince is on his feet first. When Niobe starts to get to her feet, he blasts her in the face with a running knee! The referee checks on Niobe and Brody uses the distraction to take the cover off of one of the turnbuckles! Martin waves the official off and gets to her feet, shaking her head out.
Brody Lee turns as Martin starts to close in, driving her back with a few knife edge chops. Niobe catches his arm the third time and swats it away, grabbing his shoulders and hopping up to go for a standing hurricanrana! But Brody Lee catches her and holds on! Prince turns toward the exposed turnbuckle and throws Niobe right into it!

GRIFFIN: “Oh my god, c’mon Ref!”
MATTHEWS: “The official didn’t see the missing turnbuckle pad, he was busy checking on Niobe.”
GRIFFIN: “We’ll he’d better check on her again after that.”
Martin rolls on the mat, holding her back in pain from the impact. Brody steps in to take advantage, but Niobe thinks fast with a drop toe hold and Prince crashes face first into the same exposed turnbuckle, splitting his forehead open! Brody screams and holds his face, shouting something about the ‘Beautiful Prince of Texas’ while the referee attempts to check on him. Brody shoves the official away, rolling out from under the bottom rope. Starla and Max block the ramp, Max pulling out a sweaty handkerchief and offering it to Brody to wipe his face.
Niobe is watching the scene from the ring, still holding her back. As the three come together she races across the canvas and sails between the ropes for a suicide dive that knocks Starla, Max, and Brody all to the floor! Martin come out on top of Prince and begins throwing mounted punches into his already bleeding face while the referee starts the count out.

MATTHEWS: “Looks like Martin wants some payback!”
GRIFFIN: “Can’t say that I blame her.”
Both Starla and Max crawl away from the scene as Niobe continues to lay into Brody Lee. He finally manages to send her tumbling off of him with a poke to the eyes! Getting to his feet. Prince scoops her up and drops her face first onto the apron! As he tries to stomp on her, Niobe swings into a Russian legsweep that sends him crashing into the steel stairs!
Niobe hops up onto the apron and is about to duck between the rope when she suddenly changes her mind. Seeing Brody laying there prone, she runs the length of the apron and flies off, hitting him with a moonsault!
Martin rolls under the bottom rope as Maxwell and Starla rush to Brody’s side!
The Von Grants manage to get Prince back in the ring just in time to avoid the count out! Niobe pulls her hair and screams in frustration as Brody gets to his feet! Prince winds up for the Tooth-Loosener! But Martin ducks under his arm and locks him up, going for the Hallucination!!!

GRIFFIN: “If Niobe can pull it off, that might be all she wrote!!!”
MATTHEWS: “Brody is trying to get free, he knows what she is going for!”
Niobe struggles, but she can’t lift him! Brody sends and elbow back into her face, breaking her hold. He wraps her up and flips her into an inverted position, belly to belly!!!

MATTHEWS: “A reversal by Prince! He has her in position!”
GRIFFIN: “I don’t think there’s anything Niobe can do!!!”
With an elated and perhaps stereotypical ‘YEE-HAW!’ Brody drives Niobe into the canvas with a Piledriver!!! He goes immediately for the pin!
Maxwell and Starla scramble into the ring, taking each of Brody’s hands and raising them in the air before the referee can do it.

POWERS: “Your winner, Brooody Leee Priiince!!!
GRIFFIN: “Brody just handed Niobe her first loss in a long, long time!”
MATTHEWS: “Will that catch the eye of our GM? Could Brody Lee Prince soon be in the running for a shot at the Fate Championship? So far Bethany hasn’t revealed anything about future plans for the belt.”
GRIFFIN: “Hopefully we will hear some news next week. That’s all for Fate. Goodnight!”