FATE E03 (058)

FATE E03 [058]

MATTHEWS: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the third episode of 4CW’s Fate. This show promises to be stacked from top to bottom.”
GRIFFIN: “We’ll be starting off the night with a pair of Fate newcomers and finishing up with a triple threat main event that will determine the first person to enter the contendership race for the Fate Championship.”
MATTHEWS: “You can bet that Niobe Martin will be paying attention to that match. She’s got no idea yet who will be the next person to get a chance to take that title from her.”
GRIFFIN: “Our Fate GM Bethany Bailey seems like she’ll be giving plenty of people a chance to get in the running, but she’s give no word how many people will be in the contendership match, what the match will be, or when the title shot will even happen!”
MATTHEWS: “That just might be a sound strategy on the part of Bethany, keeping everyone wondering and performing at their peak!”
GRIFFIN: “Now, let’s get into the action with our opening match.”

POWERS: “Introducing first, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, weighing one hundred fifty pounds… Tanyaaa Blaaack!!!”
The video screen lights up with beautiful images of Angels though all their wings are black mixed with footage of Tanya Black wrestling as we hear the opening of “City Of Heroes” by Kiske & Somerville. After a moment out emerges Tanya Black causing a big pop from the audience. Waving to the fans and shaking a few hands she takes her time getting to the ring, all smiles and upon entering the ring does a dance for the fans before mounting each turnbuckle in turn and bowing in respect to the audience as the song winds down. Once the song ends Tanya Black faces the center of the ring and stretches out her neck and shoulders.

POWERS: “And her opponent, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds… Kristaaa Meeeth!!!”
Smoke fills the stage as “Violet” by Hole begins to play throughout the arena. As the song picks up, a female figure in a straight jacket, broken chain collar, and restraint mask seductively crawls with a barbed wire baseball bat in her arms. She sets it down next to her as she continues to slither along the stage. As the song continues, she moves herself into a spider crawl position. She takes a few steps in that position before flipping herself upright. She is quickly back on her knees next to her barbed wire bat as her handler and manager, “Handsome” Harry Hanson, comes out from behind the curtain. He removes the mask for her and throws it down to the ground. He grabs the baseball bat and leads her to the ring by the chain. Her posture is a combination of erratic and a very sexy saunter. Halfway down the walkway, she stops and his back on her back squirming around. There is a look of extreme euphoria on her face. Her tugs on her chain to pull her back up to her feet and finish their journey to the ringside area.
Once at ringside, Harry begins to undo the straps of the straight and pulls it off her …revealing that she isn’t wearing much of anything. While her in her see through sheer one piece that doesn’t hide very much, she begins to caress herself. Harry hands her the barbed wire baseball and she holds onto it as if it were a treasured possession. Before entering the ring, she saunters up the steel steps but then drops to her hands and knees lays out along the apron, copping a feel on herself. She then hangs herself upside down from the top rope before pulling herself up and over and into the ring. Licking her lips she crawls into the ring on all fours, waiting for the match to begin.

MATTHEWS: “Well, Tanya Black doesn’t seem to be impressed by Krista Meth, if the look on her face is any indication.”
GRIFFIN: “Neither do you, Ronnie, if we’re going off of expressions.”
MATTHEWS: “Well if we’re being honest here… I’m not! I prefer talent over shock value any day.”
GRIFFIN: “Let’s see if Krista has the chance to change your mind tonight.”
The bell rings as the official gives the signal once both corners indicate that they are ready. Krista lunges out of her corner like a woman possessed. Tanya keeps her focus and waits for the right moment, catching the other woman at the last moment and drilling her into the mat with a scoop slam! She is quick to follow up with several stomps to Meth’s midsection as well, pressing the advantage until the referee backs her off.

MATTHEWS: “Tanya bringing it to Krista right out of the gate, looking for a win in her Fate debut.”
GRIFFIN: “She may have her work cut out for her if Krista gets going like she did at the last show.”
As Krista gets to her feet Tanya grabs the wrist and whips her toward the corner. Meth reverses and sends Black into the turnbuckles instead. As Krista charges in, she runs straight into an elbow from Tanya before she can go for the corner splash! Tanya ducks behind Krista and delivers chop after chop across the chest until Meth is trapped in the corner. With a huge knee to the stomach, Krista goes down! Black backs up several paces and then flies in with a double diving knee to the chest!

GRIFFIN: “Krista better see the medics after the match, with two big shots to the body, she might have some broken ribs!”
MATTHEWS: “After that elbow to the face, she might want to get her nose looked at too.”
GRIFFIN: “I don’t think Perry Wallace or our Fate GM, Bethany Bailey offer reconstructive surgery as part of the medical coverage in 4CW contracts.”
Meth pulls herself up slowly using the ropes, but as soon as she hits her feet Black whips her back to the mat with a hip toss and locks in a Japanese stranglehold! Krista shrieks like a banshee and kicks her feet as she tries to break free. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t get Tanya’s arms to budge! Changing tactics Krista goes for an eye rake! Tanya holds her face and shakes her head as she steps back several feet, the referee checking to be sure she’s okay before giving Krista a warning.

MATTHEWS: “Well, it wasn’t pretty, but it worked. Krista got herself out of that hold by Tanya Black.”
GRIFFIN: “Can she capitalize now and change the momentum of the match?”
MATTHEWS: “Tanya has been dominant so far, but we’ve seen that change at the drop of a hat time and time again.”
GRIFFIN: “Of course, if she keeps that up, Krista Meth could get herself disqualified too.”
With Meth distracted momentarily by the ref, Tanya runs at the ropes and launches off of the second one, catching Krista with a springboard DDT! With Krista down Tanya makes a gesture to the crowd before hitting a standing leg drop! Springing back to the feet she hits another one from the bottom rope, the middle rope, and finally the top rope!

GRIFFIN: “Tanya calls those the Heavenly Descents.”
MATTHEWS: “Because if there’s one thing the wrestling world needs, it’s someone else calling themselves ‘The Something Something Angel.’”
GRIFFIN: “Don’t be so sour.”
Krista isn’t showing any signs of getting up, but instead of going for the pin, Tanya drags her back to her feet and locks up both arms! Black whips her hair over her should before delivering a vicious headbutt! Meth sways on her feet, but Tanya keeps her standing for a second headbutt, and a third! As Black lets go Krista can barely keep herself up. Tanya dashes toward the side of the ring once more and launches off the ropes back toward Krista with a springboard sit out facebuster!

MATTHEWS: “Divine Kiss!”
GRIFFIN: “She’s going for the pin!”
The referee signals for the bell.

POWERS: “And here is your winner, Tanyaaa Blaaack!!!”
MATTHEWS: “And there we have it. After a disappointing Adrenaline debut against one half of the Tag Team Champions, Aidan Carlisle, Tanya Black picked up a victory with her debut here on 4CW’s Fate.”
GRIFFIN: “A decisive and dominant victory at that.”

Cut to the back of the Joseph J. Gentile Arena, Brody Lee Prince is standing by doing his regular stretch routine before each and every match, he is using a doorway to loosen up his arms as he inhales and exhales. He is focused as his eyes are locked with one of the Loyola Ramblers logos across the white hallway. There is a shadow which appears over his shoulder, but again he doesn’t notice until he finishes stretching out his arms, gripping and pulling his elbows across his chest and turns around to see…
…boobs?! Nope, not like last time. This time he is standing face to face with his opponent for this evening, the masked Luchador El Futuro. At first Brody Lee backs off thinking that an attack is coming, however Brody Lee drops his arm and the two stand there for a moment in an awkward silence until Brody Lee speaks up.

PRINCE: “Well hola. Wasn’t expecting you… yet. Feeling loose? Feeling ready? I may have said that I respected the hell out of everything you do, but don’t think that I am not prepared to go out there and put a whoopin’ on you.”
Just then Brody Lee’s manager, Starla, yes boobs, shows up with a bottle of water for Brody Lee. She too is a bit taken back by the two of them having a staredown.

PRINCE: “And I’m sure you’re prepared to do the same, ain’t you?”
The Masked Mexican Warrior takes notice of Starla and then looks back at Brody.

EL FUTURO: “I’m alway ready for the challenge no matter the person standing on the other side of me in that ring. You will have my A game for sure.”
Brody Lee nods and extends his hand towards his opponent.

PRINCE: “I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you, and I want you to know I am going to bring everything I have as well. You ready for this?”
El Futuro looks down at Brody’s extended hand then back at Brody. He extends his hand to Brody’s.

EL FUTURO: “Ready to rock and roll.”
With that the two lock hands and shake slowly and without breaking eye contact from each other. Brody Lee and El Futuro go in opposite directions as they get ready for their upcoming match, we fade to black.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring first, from Acapulco, Mexico, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds, El Futuuuro!!!”
“Smoke Every Day” by Brown Shady hits as Red, White and Green lights begin flashing, El Futuro flies from behind the curtain and sprints down to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, goes to each corner and giving a salute to the crowd.

POWERS: “And his opponent, from Fort Worth, Texas, weighing two hundred and forty-five pounds, Brooody Leee Priiince!!!”
A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard.
“You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down”
After a couple of moments the curtains part and a bright spotlight roars from behind giving the person standing there a nice silhouette. Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” continues as the light begins to dim down showing that the person standing there is none other Brody Lee Prince. Brody Lee wears his black stetson hat tipped forward and over his eyes which also covers his long curly brown hair, he seems to be growing a nice beard as well. He is wearing a pair of black trunks, a leather sleeveless jacket, and his right arm is heavily bandaged and covered in a black protective band. As he begins to walk towards the ring Starla and Max Von Grant walk behind him on his march towards the ring. Starla is wearing a tight red dress which has a good number of sparkles across the top, while her chubby brother is wearing a black shirt and a black jacket over that. Brody Lee stands on the outside of the ring, takes out the lump of chew tucked into his cheek and places it into the hands of Max. He then removes his black hat and hands that to Starla before he finally slides into the ring.

GRIFFIN: “Now this is certain to be an interesting match. Both El Futuro and Brody Lee Prince have left their mark on the Fistful of Friday, Underground, and now Fate brands, both in different ways.”
MATTHEWS: “Don’t forget Adrenaline. El Futuro was part of the Tag Team Tournament there and Just this past week Brody Lee went a little bit crazy on Perry Wallace!”
GRIFFIN: “Since then Brody has expressed his regret, but I’m not sure whether he regrets not going through with the assault on Mr. Wallace or not going back to help him when Unstable attacked.”
MATTHEWS: “I’m not quite sure myself.”
The bell sounds the beginning of the match and both men step confidently out of their respective corners. As they meet in the middle of the ring, they stare at one another for several long moments. Finally, Brody Lee extends his hand. El Futuro regards it for several long moments, obviously weighing whether or not the gesture is a trick. Finally he takes Prince’s hand and gives it a firm shake. Brody nods, and then suddenly knocks Futuro to the mat with a shoulder tackle!

MATTHEWS: “Well, that’s about what we’ve come to expect from the new and… improved(?) Brody Lee Prince.”
GRIFFIN: “El Futuro is an honorable competitor, Brody said it himself. Naturally he would have been willing to shake Brody’s hand.”
El Futuro fires back, hitting Brody with a huge snap DDT that gets the crowd cheering. Prince thinks quickly and takes Futuro down with a drop toe hold before the smaller man can get away. The man in blue falls face first across the top rope! Brody used the the opportunity to get to his feet and then spins El Futuro around, slapping him right across the face! For a moment the masked man seems stunned and confused, but he retaliates with a swinging neckbreaker!

GRIFFIN: “Brody Lee playing a dirty game here tonight, but El Futuro is resilient as ever.”
MATTHEWS: “Prince is going to be feeling that neckbreaker all the way to the next episode of Fate.”
GRIFFIN: “I certainly hope so after those cheap shots!”
With Prince now down on the mat El Futuro hits and elbow drop right to the chest, followed by a second! He goes for the third, but Brody rolls out of the way, not yet getting up from the mat. Futuro wastes no time, hopping up onto the top turnbuckle while Prince is still down. With another pop from the crowd he flies off with a moonsault! El Futuro stands and acknowledges the roaring crowd, giving Brody Lee the chance to sneak up with a quick roll up pin!

MATTHEWS: “El Futuro gets the shoulder up! Brody Lee almost got away with a quick win as El Futuro paid credit to the fans, but this match isn’t over yet.”
GRIFFIN: “You can’t let anything distract you when you’re in the ring, not even the crowd!”
Brody slaps the mat in frustration, shouting at the ref and demanding that he count faster next time. He snags El Futuro by the wrist and whips him toward the ropes, but Futuro reverses and sends Prince rebounding instead! As Brody comes back the man in blue uses the extra momentum behind a backbreaker! Prince rolls on the mat, hollering in pain from the impact. As El Futuro leans down to pull him up, he pokes him right in the eye and sends him reeling back!

GRIFFIN: “An impressive backbreaker from El Futuro. Because he’s not as bulky as some of the other talent here people tend to think he is small, but he is by no means weak. He has pulled off a lot of feats against very tough opponents.”
MATTHEWS: “El Futuro is a sensation, there’s no denying it.”
GRIFFIN: “But he’s got to keep an eye on Brody Lee at all times and start to suspect moves like that attack to the eyes.”
Brody Lee races across the ring for a running knee strike that leaves El Futuro doubled over. Prince grabs Futuro by the mask to set him up for what looks like an incoming piledriver! The masked one senses the trouble he’s in and flips Brody clean over him with a back body drop! Prince lands on his feet!!! El Futuro turns as Brody starts to charge forward, arm cocked for the Tooth-Loosener!!! At the last second El Futuro whips his foot up for a huge superkick right to the jaw of Brody Lee Prince!!!

MATTHEWS: “El Futuro just evaded both Brody’s Piledriver and the Tooth-Loosener to hit the el irresistible conclusión!!!”
GRIFFIN: “He’s got the leg! Is this it?!”
The official raises El Futuro’s hand high as the man gets to his feet.

POWERS: “Your winner, El Futuuuro!!!”
GRIFFIN: “He did it! El Futuro defeated Brody Lee Prince!”
MATTHEWS: “This match was not for contendership for the Fate Championship like our Main Event later this evening, but you have to wonder if this will bring El Futuro closer to his goal of facing Niobe Martin once again.”
GRIFFIN: “I certainly hope so, he’s worked so hard! I’m confident that he can earn that shot if GM Bethany Bailey gives him the chance.”

Freshly showered after her match, Tanya Black sits in the catering section in her jeans and 4CW t-shirt and munches on some fruit and a couple of pepperoni slices. Sitting on top of a table with her legs crossed she ignores the occasional odd look from staff members until she notices someone walking up to her.
Jace in his grey suit and black tie walks up to Tanya with a smirk on his face. He knows what he is about to say could get him slapped.

SAVAGE: “You know that pepperoni will go straight to your thighs.”
Tanya looks at the man and seems to be considering her response. She recognizes he isn’t a boss which means he is most likely a wrestler.

BLACK: “Probably but I also know how to tone up my thighs. It’s an amazing thing that happens, you spend your entire adult life competing on a professional level and you learn…. How To Exercise! Besides there wasn’t enough fruit left over and those little ham squares didn’t look too fresh to me.”
Tanya grins and pops another strawberry in her mouth and chews it thoroughly before swallowing.

BLACK: “Sorry I’m horrible with names. I’m sure I’ve seen you wrestle.”
SAVAGE: “Oh excuse me Miss. I am Jace Savage… and you would be?”
Jace offers his hand palms up like a gentleman to greet this young lady.

BLACK: “Tanya Black. Big fancy guest talent. I even have my own championship from my other promotion which is on hiatus, but I left the title back in my locker room. No offense but you got some crazy champions around here and I don’t want to antagonize them.”
Tanya Black reaches over and shakes Jace’s hand.

BLACK: “You aren’t one of those Unstable guys are you? Or one of Perry Wallace’s kids? I heard they are popping up all over the place. Maybe I should loan the boss one of my condoms.”
Jace lets out a slight chuckle at the last comment Tanya made. He softly shakes Her hand and then lets it go.

SAVAGE: “Fortunately…… No, I am neither a member of the Unstable, nor a member of Perry Wallace’s family. You know something, you are the first person I have met since returning to Four Corners that makes me think we can be friends. Going to need some of those. As for antagonizing the people in Unstable I have history with more than half of their roster. It’s good with some folks and bad with most. Niobe the current Fate champion, it’s all bad with her.”
Tanya thinks about that as she sits on the table. For a moment she doesn’t speak and then nods her head in agreement.

BLACK: “Yeah I prefer having people not want to tear me limb from limb when I wrestle. we wrestle because we like wrestling. I mean I do. Alas I’ve been in this business long enough though to know some people are just going to hate. Well I’m not sure how much use I can be to you as a friend but I’ll try not to ruin it.
Rest assured of one thing though, I don’t want to start fights but if someone starts with me I will finish them. I have been known to antagonize with the best of them once I get into a mood.”
Jace nods his head in agreement.

SAVAGE: “I think things are about to heat up around here. It’s better to just have friends at the moment. You do not need to do anything for me now but in the near future I am sure having friends is going to come in handy.”
BLACK: “I can see that. If I keep getting booked against random opponents eventually I’ll probably be matched up against someone with friends who wants to get cute with me. It would be nice to know there is someone in the back who would run out to even the odds. Oh if you bring weapons, I like the lead pipe. Makes a nice sound when it hits the rib-cage.”
Jace nods in agreement.

SAVAGE: “That it does. I like a crowbar personally. Let’s walk and talk about our friendship shall we?”
Tanya nods and slides down off the table. Gathering up her trash she tosses it away before grabbing her phone off the table.

BLACK: “Just remember. Friends. Business Allies. That’s it. I may be a cock-tease in my promos but I am in a very happy, committed relationship.”

SAVAGE: “Of course as just friends, and allies. Now let’s go.”
The camera fades as the two walk off.

POWERS: “The following is a no disqualifications match, and pinfalls will count anywhere. Introducing first, weighing three hundred and ten pounds, from Budapest, Hungary, Istvaaan Bathooory!!!”
A full moon pops on the big screen, with clouds moving in front of it, and a wolf howls in the distance. Then the Violin solo begins… Slow at first as Wolfsbane comes to ringside, playing the violin, moving in slow circles as he half walks, half dances, engrossed in his own playing. Noticeably, he has a bull whip coiled at one hip this time. He’s in no hurry, and he ignores the crowd, staying just out of reach until he gets to the ringside area, whereupon he sets down the violin for an usher to carry his beloved instrument back to the dressing room. He removes his earring, his vest, shirt, belt and sash, almost oblivious to his opponent-Or so it would seem. When he is ready for the ring, he twirls one side of his handlebar, and takes a few shadow boxing punches to get himself warmed up.

POWERS: “And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred thirty-six pounds, from Bristol, England, ‘Rabid’ Rooob Hewiiitt!”
For whom the bell tolls belts out across the PA system. The lights on the stage oscillate red and orange. The four screens flash up with pictures of flames, and the word “RABID” emblazoned in black across each one. Rob Hewitt emerges onto the stage, clad not in his usual ring gear, but this time in just a pair of ripped jeans and boots. His hands are wrapped heavily in tape and he looks ready for the street fight of his life. In his right hand he holds his tire iron, which he raises in salute to the crowd. No smiles, no pandering to the crowd with stupid gestures.
Rob walks slowly down to the ring, grim faced, eyes focused on the ring. He extends his right arm, holding out the tire iron for the fans to reach out and touch. He makes it to ringside, then continues around the ring, letting the fans with ringside seats have a feel of the weapon, letting them know it’s the real bloody thing. Finally he rolls into the ring and backs into a corner, stern face pointed directly across the ring. He idly slaps the tire iron in his free hand, waiting for the bell.

GRIFFIN: “Well, it seems as soon as both of these men heard that Bethany had made this a no DQ match, they eagerly selected their personal favorite weapons to bring.”
MATTHEWS: “Both men want this win badly. Bathory sees it as his birthright to win the Fate Championship. On the other hand Rob Hewitt sees an opponent trying to take away his livelihood and the means he needs to eventually retire.”
GRIFFIN: “Hewitt is one—if not the oldest member on the active roster, but he showed that it doesn’t mean he’s done for when he defeated Krista Meth at our last show.”
The Ref checks with both corners before signaling for the bell and quickly getting out of the way.
Hewitt and Bathory both lunge out of their corners like the animals that their nicknames suggest. Istvan goes for a big lariat but Rob ducks under his arm. Hewitt tries to wrap Bathory up for a belly-to-back suplex but Bathory counters with an elbow to the face. Rob comes back immediately with a rapid series of knife edge chops that drive Istvan toward the ropes. With a final, huge clothesline, both men tumble over the top rope and to the floor below!

GRIFFIN: “Well that certainly didn’t take long!”
MATTHEWS: “It certainly did not, but I fully expected to see these two use the rules of the match to their advantage.”
As they stand Hewitt comes up with his tire iron in hand and Istvan uncoils his bull whip! With an enraged howl Bathory draws back and cracks the whip. Rob raises his tire iron to block the blow and as the whip coils around it, he yanks forward, pulling Bathory right into a big European uppercut! Keeping his whip handle in hand, Istvan staggers and then flies back with a double axe handle, immediately followed by a headbutt! The two separate and Bathory draws the whip back again.

MATTHEWS: “The weapons are flying now!”
GRIFFIN: “I don’t want these two right in front of us with that whip swinging around!”
MATTHEWS: “Half the front row seems to agree, Demi, look at them duck!”
The action moves around the ring as Rob backs away to try to avoid the reach of the eight foot whip. Istvan gives it another good crack, laying open a big bleeding welt right across one of Hewitt’s biceps! Bathory charges in and nails a throat jab, then a spear tackle onto the floor of the aisle! With the whip still in hand, he starts to wrap it around Hewitt’s neck, pulling it tight! Rob swings the tire iron up into the side of Istvan’s head and Wolfsbane goes down!

GRIFFIN: “Ouch! That shot has to have Istvan seeing stars. You could hear it from here!”
MATTHEWS: “Rob’s arm is still bleeding pretty good there from the whip. I don’t know if the fans are cheering for either of these two, but they’re certainly enjoying the match.”
Hewitt pulls the whip off of his neck and throws it aside as he stands, delivering stomp after stomp to Istvan’s arms, trying to soften them up for a possible submission hold later. He gives up the stomps only to go for an elbow drop right to the heart. He stands again, perhaps looking for a leg drop, but Bathory reaches up and punches him right in the groin! Getting a grip on the tire iron, Istvan uses it to smash Rob in the face, splitting him open!

MATTHEWS: “Oh, look at him gush! That’s going to need stitches!”
GRIFFIN: “Ugh, I hate the sight of blood. I feel nauseated.”
MATTHEWS: “Make sure you aim for the trash can, these are new boots.”
The blood continues to flow as the two men exchange blow after blow. Hewitt with another European uppercut. Bathory with a hook and jab combo. Rob with a stiff right. Istvan with a wild haymaker that sends Rob reeling back down the aisle! Bathory charges in but Hewitt hits a drop toe hold that trips Wolfsbane right into the barrier, splitting his face open as well! They tumble across the ground, bleeding an exchanging punches. Rob comes out on top and uses the tire iron for leverage across Istvan’s throat!

GRIFFIN: “Both men are bleeding now, and ‘Rabid’ Rob is trying to choke Isvtan out with his tire iron!”
MATTHEWS: “Bathory is still struggling, but you can see that the hold is having its effect!”
Bathory goes for an eyepoke, but Hewitt doesn’t release the hold! A face rake from Istvan leaves even more blood running down Rob’s face, but he still doesn’t budge! Finally a scissors throat jab sends Hewitt stumbling backward and gives Bathory the chance to get to his feet. He launches into a boxing combo that drives Rob further and further up the aisle, away from the ring. As he goes for a final huge shot, Hewitt catches his arm! Rob twists him into position and hits a spike tombstone piledriver on the concrete floor!!!

MATTHEWS: “Rabies Shot!!!”
GRIFFIN: “Istvan Bathory had Rob on the defensive, but he countered into a huge move, will it be enough?!”
MATTHEWS: “The referee finally seems to think it’s safe to get closer! All he has to do is follow the trail of blood!”
Hewitt drops and hooks the leg. The official slides in there in the aisle for the count.

GRIFFIN: “He did it! Rob Hewitt picks up a second win on Fate!”
MATTHEWS: “An incredible performance here from both Wolfsbane and the Rabid one. Will Bethany Bailey take notice? Has this cemented either of them a chance at contendership soon? The Fate GM certainly isn’t telling!”
POWERS: “Here is your winner, ‘Rabid’ Rooob Hewiiitt!!!”

Jace is seen walking around the backstage checking things out. He stops to talk to some of the ring crew.

SAVAGE: “How are you guys doing? It’s tough being away from your family so close to Christmas huh?”
The ring crew a little shocked at First because most of the wrestlers if any stop to talk to them.

MAN #1: “Yeah, my wife and new born daughter are at home waiting for me. It’s okay though, tomorrow morning I take a flight home for the week before I am back out on the road.”
MAN #2: “Other then mom and pops I don’t have anyone to go home to. So much of my time is spent on the road that I didn’t want to engage in a relationship, just make my money and have a family later.”
Jace takes a moment and understands what each of them has said. he hands each person an envelope.

SAVAGE: “Merry Christmas, there is a thousand dollars in each of those envelopes. I hope it helps in whatever way you need it to. I’ll talk with you guys later.”
As each man begins to open the envelope there eyes widen a little bit as they see the money in cash. Jace smiles and turns to walk away leaving the two men speechless. Jace continues to walk down the hallway when he sees some kids asking their mom to by them some wrestling merchandise. The mom ashamed a little bit quietly explains to them that she doesn’t have the money and that he should only afford the tickets to come here tonight. Jace taps the young mother on the shoulder and sly hands her an envelope.

SAVAGE: “Here Merry Christmas, I hope it helps. Get them a few things and use the rest to help yourself in anyway you can.”
The young mother takes a closer look at Jace and recognizes him. She is in disbelief that this gy Jace Savage is handing her an envelope and she had no idea what was inside. Jace whispers to her that there is a thousand dollars in cash in that envelop and her eyes widen. She tears up a little bit and gives Jace a big hug. She then takes her kids to go stand in the merchandise line thankful of Jaces gift.
Jace smiles and continues to walk around he eventually makes his way to the backsage are once again. Jace sees all kinds of people walking around from members of he ring crew to fans with backstage passes. Jace walks over to the locker rooms and walks inside.
The camera fades.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring first, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, weighing two hundred forty pounds, Daviiid Daviiis!!!”
Me like hockey by Arrogant worms plays, and David comes out. He’s wearing a Maple leafs jersey and red colored pants with a maple leaf adorned on the butt. He has blue and white hockey gloves on as he runs to the ring with a scowl on and climbs in puffing his chest out ready to fight. He goes to his corner and glares at his opponent gnawing on a colored mouth guard.

GRIFFIN: “Big and mean, that’s David Davis for you. He was able to pick up a victory over Istvan Bathory last time out and he’s building up a bit of reputation here in 4CW as someone not to be messed with.”
MATTHEWS:”And if he manages to somehow pick up a victory tonight? That’s going to put his name at the top of the list of well… of a list. I guess we don’t know how the next shot at the Fate championship is going to be decided.”
As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the arena, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds. She is the 4CW Fate Champion, Niooobe Martiiin!!!”
Niobe appears on stage with the Fate Championship around her waist, standing with her legs shoulder width apart, arms down at her sides as she slowly makes her way down the hill before breaking into a run just as the beginning lyrics play…
“Now you nightmare comes to life…”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides.
“Dragged you down below”
“Down to the devils show”
“To be his guest forever”
“Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face as she removes the Fate Championship from her waist, waiting for the match to begin.

GRIFFIN: “That belt has been around the waist of Niobe Martin for a long time, for the majority of 2015 in some form or fashion. Her winning streak was snapped by Brody Lee Prince last time out, but Niobe is still a force here and she is still the champ.”
MATTHEWS: “And that’s all that matters really. Sure, Brody Lee got a win over Niobe, but the title wasn’t on the line. I imagine that if it was Niobe would have rising to the occasion there and come out on top. She’s a winner, that’s why she’s a member of Unstable, Demi.”
GRIFFIN: “Yes, we can’t forget that. She’s a member of Unstable. However, since the title isn’t on the line again are you saying that she won’t be bringing her A game tonight?”
MATTHEWS: “You’re putting words in my mouth now. Niobe is going to take of business tonight. She’s going to recover from her loss.”
GRIFFIN: ” There’s the bell, and this one’s underway.”
As soon as the bell dings David Davis charges across the ring right at the Fate champion, Martin who is much smaller than Davis ducks between the top and middle ropes forcing the referee to back Davis up and stopping his aggression for the moment. Martin points to her head for all the front row fans to see, that is until Davis pushes aside the referee and pulls her back the back of her blonde hair back into the ring. Martin’s face goes white in shock as Davis drops a big old elbow across her back! Followed by a second! Martin would be stumbling forward but Davis restrains her with his other arm in a hammerlock. Davis pulls the Fate champion close and lifts her up with little effort dumping her onto her shoulders and neck with a belly to back!!!

GRIFFIN: “What strength there by David Davis. He’s got the size and strength advantage here tonight that’s for sure.”
MATTHEWS: “Yeah, but can he use that to outsmart the champion?”
GRIFFIN: “That’ll be the key, then. Can Niobe out think her opponent?”
Martin pulls herself back up quickly, Davis doesn’t waste much time and as soon as Niobe stands up she is dropped back down to the mat with a shoulder tackle from the former hockey player!

GRIFFIN: “Rough shot there! Martin’s got keep her feet moving.”
MATTHEWS: “Does this guy know this is a wrestling match? Or does he think he’s wearing skates?”
Martin wisely rolls herself towards the outside of the ring for safety, but Davis prevents her from sliding to the floor by grabbing the Fate champion by the leg. Showing off his strength he slides her back into the ring picking her up by the one leg and slamming it right back down onto the mat viciously! Davis goes to work on that knee with a couple of well placed stomps which causes the champion to curl up in a defensive manner.

GRIFFIN: “Dominate her early, Davis keeping Niobe from getting away. Smart strategy there.”
MATTHEWS: “I have to admit he is doing what he can to keep taking the fight to the champion.”
GRIFFIN: “This could mean two losses in a row for the champ if it keeps up like this.”
Davis pulls Martin up to her feet, but suddenly she slips the arm around his back and hooks the leg rolling up the hockey player up into a small cradle package!! The referee slides to the mat…

GRIFFIN: “Great counter by the champion!”
MATTHEWS: “Showing that strength can be used against the person wielding it, Niobe is a ring general.”
GRIFFIN: “I can’t aruge with you on that, she knows every inch of that squared cicrle.”
Martin pops right back up to her feet, but so does Davis. Davis charges in looking to take the champ’s head off with a clothesline, but Martin ducks the attempt slinging herself into the ring ropes spinning and nailing a discus back elbow to Davis’ jaw! Davis doesn’t even take a step back, but is stunned long enough for Martin to back up and bounce off the ropes a second time nailing him with a second discus back elbow!! One step back only!! The Fate champion looks confused and worried as she backs up a third time off the ropes.

GRIFFIN: “Davis ducks down, but Niobe Martin leaps over the top… sunset flip! Davis resists falling back and instead kneels down onto Martin’s chest! The cover…”


GRIFFIN: “The Fate champion somehow getting a shoulder up pushing nearly three hundred pounds off of her in the last possible second.”
MATTHEWS: “A counter move from Davis? Who would have thought? Great skill shown by the champion, though, slipping the shoulder up at two and a half. The size of Davis might be a little too much here for Niobe to handle.”
GRIFFIN: “Maybe she’ll just call in her Unstable buddies to help.”
MATTHEWS: “When you’ve got friends in high places, you use them.”
Davis gets back up to his feet quickly as does Niobe, the Fate champ tries to catch her breath quickly as possible but soon is struck from behind with a thundering right hand which forces her to stumble into the corner turnbuckle chest first. Davis charges, but Niobe spins out of the way and Davis connects nothing but turnbuckle!! Martin leaps up and hooks her long legs around Davis’ head and flings him to the mat with an impressive looking standing hurricanrana!! Martin springs up to her feet quickly and charges at the corner turnbuckle.

GRIFFIN: “The Fate champion leaping up… ”

GRIFFIN: “…Split-Legged Moonsault!!”
MATTHEWS: “There’s Torment! A great move for the champion.”
GRIFFIN: “She hooks David Davis’ legs for the cover…”


GRIFFIN: “What power shown by the former hockey player as he just flings off the Fate champion at the last possible second.”
MATTHEWS: “He’s getting angry, but he’s going to have to keep an eye on the champion here.”
Martin is right back up to her feet, hell she nearly landed on her feet as she was thrown off the pin attempt. Davis is still feeling the moonsault’s effect as he’s a bit slower to get back up from a kneeling position. Martin charges in looking for a shining enzuigiri, but Davis is nimble enough to duck his head under and Martin swings and misses with her boot. Davis rolls to the outside to the ring apron, before quickly pulling himself back up. The Fate champion doesn’t seem to notice where he went as she stands back up to her feet as well.

GRIFFIN: “Niobe turning around…”

GRIFFIN: “…just in time to catch a flying shoulder tackle by Davis!!”
MATTHEWS: “In hockey that would have gotten you a two minute minor, here it might get him the win.”
GRIFFIN: “Davis might have broken Niobe in half with that Cross Check of his, and he flings his arm across her chest as the referee slides in.”


GRIFFIN: “NO! The Fate champion is able to kick out at the last possible second.”
MATTHEWS: “Wow, just wow. You can’t cut it any closer than that.”
GRIFFIN: “The force of impact from David Davis, you could see why he was drafted for the NHL. That’s the type of checking you’d want.”
MATTHEWS: “Their loss is our gain.”
Davis seems a little miffed by the close count, he gives a bit of a sneer in the direction of the referee but quickly turns his attention back towards his opponent. Niobe has managed to roll to her side by this point, but Davis gives her a stomp for good measure. He scoops up Niobe with ease and hooks in a rear waist-lock, with almost a dead lift he pulls Niobe high into the air as he falls backwards…

GRIFFIN: “RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! That bent the champion in half!!”
MATTHEWS: “Now that would probably have been a five minute major, possibly a game misconduct.”
GRIFFIN: “You’re really sticking with the hockey talk here tonight.”
Davis opts not to go for the pin attempt, rather he stands near the ropes giving a singal towards his opponent to stand up, he even squats down a little bit making sure the people know that something bad is about to happen to Niobe. Slowly she begins to pull herself back up to her feet still a bit dazed from the German suplex. As she turns around David Davis charges as hard as possible towards her…

GRIFFIN: “Davis went for the body check but Niobe Martin countered with The Nightmare!! Shining enzuigiri out of nowhere!!”
MATTHEWS: “How did she ever manage to counter that? David Davis running full speed for his pounce move and somehow the Fate champion connects with a step-up kick to the side of his head.”
GRIFFIN: “Davis just collapsing from the impact of that kick, she might have just knocked him out. No pin from the champ, what could she be thinking here?”
MATTHEWS: “This could be the start of a new winning streak by Niobe Martin, that’s what she’s thinking here. Time to go for the win.”
Niobe quickly moves to the outside of the ring and begins her climb towards the top ropes. As the Fate champion climbs the crowd begins to stir to their feet, she stands perched and waiting as she extends her arms upwards and leaps, spinning backwards into the air and falling fast towards the mat…

GRIFFIN: “Shooting star press from the Fate champion!!!”
MATTHEWS: “Phantasm Horror from the sky!”
GRIFFIN: “Niobe hooks the leg of Davis, here’s the count…”

Niobe springs to her feet as the referee raises her hand.

POWERS:”Here is your winner, the Fate Champion, Niooobe Martiiiin!!!”
GRIFFIN: “Niobe Martin showing once again why she’s the top competitor here on Fate as she picks up a hard fought victory over David Davis. Again, she some how hit the enzuigiri out of nowhere to prevent herself from losing and turned that into a win.”
MATTHEWS: “And so begins another long winning streak by the champ!”
GRIFFIN: “You think so?”
MATTHEWS: “There isn’t a doubt in my mind.”
“Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the theatre once again, a very tired and hurt looking Niobe Martin is handed her title belt as her arm is raised in victory by the referee. She is quick to leave the ring as David Davis’ and her eyes lock again, Martin heads up the aisle with a bit of smirk on her face.

POWERS: “The following is a triple threat match. Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing two hundred twenty-five pounds, Bryaaan Laughliiin!!!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly. His trademark “LAUGH-LIN” Run DMC Style shirt on he nods his head to the music and acknowledges the fans before dropping his head taking a deep breath and breaking out into a sprint towards the ring. Approaching the ring he slides in and gets to his knees throwing his head back and his arms out allowing the fans to acknowledge him back. He quickly hops to his feet mouthing the lyrics.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”
He backs into the nearest corner taking off his shirt and throwing it behind him out of the ring as his music slowly fades

POWERS: “Coming to the ring second, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds, Oween Youuung!”
Once jumping out from behind the curtain with an inflatable guitar in hand, the arena lights will flash a variety of different colors as his crude entrance theme plays at an unnecessarily loud volume. Owen will then play along with the music with his inflatable guitar as loud fireworks pop off all around him. He will then swing his prop around his head, before throwing it into the audience and running toward the ring at a moderate pace, waving his arms in the air as he does so. He will then slide into the ring, before scaling the second turn-buckle, raising his hands in the air and screaming loudly.

POWERS: “And finally, weighing two hundred and twenty pounds, from Los Angeles, California, Jaaace Savaaage!!!”
The Arena goes dark for a second. At the beginning of “My Time” by Fabulous Green lights flash across the arena. Jace Savage walks out from behind the curtain. He walks to the top of the ramp and looks over the crowd rubbing his fingers together making the universal sign for money with one hand and pointing to himself with the other. As the music plays Jace continues to the ring. Reaching the steps Jace jogs up the steps before wiping his feet on the apron before entering the ring. Jace proceeds to the far corner, stands on the middle turnbuckle and slaps himself in the chest a couple of times before climbing down and getting ready for his match.

MATTHEWS: “Now this is exciting. The winner of this match is going to get put into the running for a match against Niobe Martin for the Fate Championship. Bethany hasn’t revealed how many people will be in that match or if it will be a series of matches, but it is clear that more than one person will of the opportunity.”
GRIFFIN: “Niobe has had a firm grip on that championship so far. Whoever comes out on top is going to have an uphill battle in front of them to take it from her.”
MATTHEWS: “But whomever she faces is going to be the best of the best here on Fate.”
After a quick check with all three men, the official calls for the bell.
As the three meet in the middle of the ring they stare one another down, each trying to keep an eye on the other two to see who will make the first move. Suddenly, both Owen and Jace move at the same time, going after Bryan with a Russian leg sweep and a spinning heel kick respectively! Laughlin goes down and Young and Savage immediately turn on one another. Owen delivers two vicious back hand chops that push Savage backwards. Jace quickly fires back with a dropkick!
Bryan is back on his feet and aims a booted foot into the gut of Jace. However, Savage catches his foot! Laughlin quickly counters with a dragon whip that floors the other man. Bryan is there just as Owen gets to his feet, wrapping him up from behind for a release German suplex! As Young rolls over from the impact, Laughlin delivers a leaping double foot stomp to the chest!

MATTHEWS: “Young and Savage tried to take out Laughlin early, but he’s back on his feet and just went through them both!”
GRIFFIN: “The match has only just begun, though. In a triple threat the tables can turn in an instant.”
MATTHEWS: “Bethany certainly didn’t give any of these three an easy path to contendership. Seems like the Fate GM is going to make people earn their places in a big way!”
Savage takes Laughlin down with an unexpected reverse DDT as Bryan’s attention is still on Owen Young! Jace goes for a stomp by Bryan rolls out of the way and up to his feet. The two lock up in the middle of the ring, battling back and forth to gain the upper hand. Suddenly Laughlin breaks free and whips Savage toward the ropes. Jace rebounds off and as he comes back reverses into a tornado DDT!

GRIFFIN: “Two big DDTs in a row to Bryan Laughlin from Jace Savage. Jace is making sure to capitalize on every opportunity.”
MATTHEWS: “In a match like this, you have to.”
The official’s attention is on Bryan and he doesn’t see the low blow to Savage from Owen Young! Savage doubles over in pain and Young capitalizes, going for a quick school boy!
Before Owen can get away, Savage grabs his foot and stands, stepping over and folding him up with a single leg Boston crab! Young is dead center in the middle of the ring with no hope of reaching the ropes! Owen lifts his hand as though he’s getting ready to tap or try to break free! Laughlin flies in and breaks up the submission!
As Young starts to get up, Savage races across the ring and vaults off of his upturned knee for a running enziguri! Laughlin catches him by the hair as soon as he lands and holds him in place for a jumping double knee to the face! Jace goes down and Bryan folds him up with a head-to-rib cradle, striking at his head and face with one knee! Owen is back up and hits a leg drop across both of them!
Closest to Laughlin, Young grabs his foot and drills it down into the mat with a DDT motion! He stomps twice on that same leg before grabbing the ankle and applying a single leg Boston crab of his own! Bryan slaps the mat once in frustration as he stretches his arm toward the ropes.

MATTHEWS: “Laughlin is so close! If Young wants to force the tap he’s going to get Bryan away from the ropes.”
GRIFFIN: “And he needs eyes in the back of his head to watch his other opponent as well. There goes Laughlin, can he make it…”
Laughlin strains, just shy of being able to break the hold. Struggling to get some sort of purchase on the mat, he manages to drag himself forward just a enough and gets a hand on the bottom rope! Before the referee can tell Young to break the holds, Savage blasts him with a European uppercut!
Owen releases Bryan and turns his focus back to Jace, nailing an unexpected slap to the face! The force spins Savage half way around and Young hits a dropkick to the back! The impact drives Jace into the turnbuckles and he falls out of the corner to the mat. Owen wastes no time, hopping up onto the top rope and sailing off with a diving elbow drop before hooking the leg once again!

GRIFFIN: “Two pin attempts so far by Owen Young but neither one successful. Having twice the opponents really can make it feel like ten times the work in the ring.”
MATTHEWS: “Everyone is back on their feet now. Time for some strategy on the part of all three men.”
Savage shakes off the impact from Young as he gets to his feet, only to be met with a sleeper slam from Laughlin! Both get to their feet at the same time and immediately lock up. Bryan makes the first move with a brutal headbutt. Jace answers with a knee to the gut, but neither lets go! Laughlin is about to go for another headbutt when he sees Owen coming and both he and Jace let go! Young is suddenly between them and gets hit with simultaneous dropkicks from the front and behind!
Neither Savage or Laughlin can captalize with the other there, so they fly at each other once again. Bryan takes the upper hand and drives Jace back with several knife edge chops until he’s trapped in the corner. Laughlin backs up and charges in for a big corner splash, but Savage throws an elbow into his face at the last moment! Bryan holds is face and turns away, right into a RockStar Kick from Owen Young!
Young starts to go for a pin, but Jace Savage stops him! With two big punches, Savage sends Young staggering backwards, away from the downed Laughlin. Young tries desperately for an eye gouge, but Jace catches his hand and shoves it aside, hitting a spinebuster! With Owen down, he puts on a dragon sleeper!

GRIFFIN: “Savage Lock!”
MATTHEWS: “Could this be it, is Jace Savage about to be the first man to make it to a the contendership match for a shot at the Fate Championship?!”
The referee barely makes it out of the way in time as Laughlin flies in from the side and breaks up the hold!

GRIFFIN: “No! Bryan Laughlin has kept the match alive!”
All three men are visibly exhausted as they stop to catch their breath. Young is down on the mat while Laughlin sags against one corner and Savage leans heavily on the ropes. As neither of the other two move to get him up and Owen shows no signs of movement, the referee starts the count out.
Young begins to stir, rolling from his back onto his belly and starting to drag his arms beneath himself. Savage continues to lean against the ropes, watching both Owen and Bryan. Laughlin does the same, never taking his attention away from the action in the ring.
Young gets to one knee, shaking his head to regain his focus. Finally, he pushes to his feet. In the same instant Jace Savage bounces off of the ropes and flies in to blast him with a huge shot to the face!

MATTHEWS: “Savage Punch from Jace!”
Young and Savage hit the mat, and Laughlin leaps up onto the top turnbuckle! He sails off with what looks to be a high angle Swanton Bomb, but rotates at the last second for a thunderous leg drop to the throat of Owen Young!

GRIFFIN: “And there’s the 1945 from Bryan!!!”
Jace and Bryan both pull themselves toward Owen, throwing an arm over him at the exact same time. The referee stares for a moment, but doesn’t know what else to do, so he drops for the count!

MATTHEWS: “There’s the bell, but who won?!”
GRIFFIN: “Jace Savage and Bryan Laughlin both pinned Owen Young. …Is this allowed to end in a draw? I don’t know!”
MATTHEWS: “Will both Bryan and Jace be going on to the contendership match? They both put forth a tremendous amount of effort tonight and I don’t know if I can say I think either deserves it more than the other…”
The speculation is cut short as “Light It Up” by Rev Theory hits the PA system and Fate GM Bethany Bailey appears at the top of the ramp with her portfolio of all the night’s details tucked under her arm.

GRIFFIN: “I think Bethany is about to clear all of this up, thankfully.”
As she makes her way to ringside, Bethany sets down her portfolio on the announcers’ table and waves the official over and begins to confer with him. The discussion is intense, but too quiet for the cameras to pick up. She looks to the time keeper’s area and waves for a mic when suddenly “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits fills the Joseph J. Gentile Arena!

MATTHEWS: “It’s 4CW’s owner, Perry Wallace!”
Wallace has a microphone in one hand and the other is raised in the air to hold up any further talk about the outcome of the match.

WALLACE: “Bethany, Bethany, I’m sorry to interrupt. I’m not here to try to tell you how to run your show. I just have something that might help make this decision easier.”
Perry joins the conversation between Bethany Bailey and the match official as they stand in front of the announcers’ table. Medical staff has come to the ring to assist Owen Young in getting backstage while both Jace Savage and Bryan Laughlin stare intently at the Owner, GM, and referee. The crowd has quieted to a low murmur as everyone waits to hear the decision.
After Wallace has finished speaking his mind, Bethany looks thoughtful. Finally, she nods and picks up her portfolio. She draws out a sheet of paper and hands it to Perry, who folds it carefully in half and tucks it into his jacket. Bethany then extends her hand toward the time keeper. As she is handed a mic, she steps toward the ring and looks back and forth between the two.

BAILEY: “It has been decided that the winner of this match is… Jace Savage!!!”
The audience goes wild with cheers. Jace looks elated while Bryan looks furious. Bethany, however, holds up one finger to indicate that she is not done speaking and everyone goes quiet.

BAILEY: “And you, Bryan Laughlin, will be leaving Fate.”
For a moment the whole arena goes into stunned silence.

GRIFFIN: “Did… did Bethany just fire Bryan Laughlin?!”
MATTHEWS: “Ssshhh, they aren’t done.”
WALLACE: “Bryan… You’re coming to Adrenaline!”
Bethany, Perry, and his security detail depart with a nod toward Mike Powers and “My Time” by Fabulous Green hits the sound system.

POWERS: “And your winner, Jaaace Savaaaage!!!”
GRIFFIN: “Bryan isn’t fired! That must have been his contract that Bethany gave to Perry Wallace!”
MATTHEWS: “There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Jace Savage is the first member of the Fate roster to earn a spot in whatever contendership match Bethany has planned. That is all for us for tonight, but tune in next week to see who just might be the next Fate Champion.”
GRIFFIN: “On behalf of all of us here at Fate and 4CW, good night!”