FATE E05 (062)

FATE E05 [062]
JANUARY 15TH, 2016

As the opening credits finish rolling the scene fades in on the office of GM Bethany Bailey who is busily working on some notes in front of her. The cameras manage to pick up the header “Winter Wasteland” at the top of the sheet of paper before she snaps her portfolio closed to prevent any further reading. The blonde looks up just as someone else enters the room, the camera panning back as she speaks, revealing none other than Aidan Carlisle.

BAILEY: “Aidan, you made it.”
CARLISLE: “Was there a reason you couldn’t just call? I had to come all the way across the country to answer a few questions regarding that business suggestion?”
BAILEY: “Well, you took the time to ‘come all the way across the country’ last show to deliver the message, so I thought you might want to be here in person for the decision.”
The two women share fake, strained, overly sweet smiles as they stare one another down for several long moments.

CARLISLE: “Listen, whatever you want to think of me, that’s fine, but I’ve been paying attention to the shit going on around here and eventually you’re going to need some extra security. You really should consider—”
Aidan suddenly pauses as she hears something behind her, or perhaps just feels a presence. She turns sideways so that she can keep her eyes on Bethany and the other body in the room, revealed to be former Underground wrestler and “colleague” of Aidan, Liam O’Shea! The two look each other over for a long time as Aidan takes in his new look, including a suit, a mohawk, braided beard, and septum piercing. She archs a brow for a moment and then shrugs.

CARLISLE: “You look good.”
O’SHEA: “I always look good.”
Attention turns back to Bethany as she clears her throat.

BAILEY: “As you can see, I did decide to take your suggestion. I’m not as new to this as you seem to think, Aidan. So you can head back to Adrenaline, preferably stay there, and me and my new head of security will handle things here on Fate.”
Aidan rolls her eyes at the rude dismissal but turns to leave the office with the business concluded. Liam opens the door for her, but she stops dead in her tracks as she comes face-to-face with a grinning, dreadlocked man in his street clothes. Turning her attention briefly to O’Shea she makes a gesture at the man blocking the doorway.

CARLISLE: “Oh look, it’s your first security concern. I’m sure you remember the stalker?”
Bethany pipes up from her desk, still offering a fake little smile.

BAILEY: “Actually, Zolton is the newest addition to the Fate roster. He’ll be making his debut at Winter Wasteland.”
CARLISLE: “You signed this creep?!”
ZOLTON: “She did sign me without hesitation. Have you missed me my one and only Goddess?”
Aidan makes a disgusted sound as she pushes abruptly past Zolton and disappears. Bethany gives a gesture to Liam from her desk and the door to the office swings shut, leaving Zolton alone with the cameras.

ZOLTON: “Don’t you worry folks, that is her telling me she misses me beyond words.”
The man known as Zolton is still gazing down the hallway in the direction Aidan Carlisle traveled for another moment or two before returning his attention to the camera.

ZOLTON: “She will turn around soon enough. I’m in this current place and time to introduce the worldwide audience of Four Corners Wrestling to me. I am Zolton, but all of you can refer to me as your God of all Gods. My goal here at 4CW is to become the only name that matters on the show Fate. Just my arrival will put the rest of the so-called wrestlers on the Fate roster on notice that they are no longer relevant.
“Ladies and gentlemen, my disciples, my worshipers that tune in and watch Fate. Your savior has arrived and there is no need to worry about the pathetic fools you have had to suffer through watching until now. I’m here. Zolton is here to become the absolute best Four Corners Wrestling has ever had. You’re welcome.”

The video screen begins to play something that Shadow usually displays in his promos. A black screen displays the words: The Road So Far… Then the crowd can hear the opening notes to Foreigner’s “Long Long Way from Home.” The scene opens on Shadow looks to be getting in of his car six months ago when Wolfsbane slams himself into the car door sending it crashing against Shadow’s forearm. The tempo begins to play throughout the visual of the attack. The big man’s head is pounded against the car almost in sync to the song. The clarinet is heard as the scene switches to Shadow strapped to a gurney bursting through the swinging doors of a hospital. He holds his left arm with his right hand, grimacing in pain. The vocals begin and fade to the background as Shadow is shown sitting in the doctor’s office looking at x-ray’s with his physician.

It was a Monday…
DOCTOR: “You’re just lucky that it was a clean break.”
SHADOW: ““How long are we looking at here Doc?”
DOCTOR: “What you mean how long it will take to heal; in my professional opinion, maybe six weeks.”
The big man’s face twists with anger as he leaps from the seat and begins to trash the hospital room. It’s unlike Shadow to explode like this. His one good arm hurls whatever he can, shattering the light board with his x-rays plastered across it. The doctor moves quickly running for a phone as orderlies come in to restrain him.

I was inside…
Shadow sits in another motel room, just staring at the television screen. The camera pans around to show his arm wrapped in a cast, the bright, white color of it shows that it is still fresh. Shadow is watching Istvan defeating Jordan Black on the premier of Fate. The viewer is given a flashback of Bathory nailing the Full Moon and Black stumbles out of the corner and Istvan goes for the pin. Seething with anger, the viewer can literally see Shadow’s blood boiling. In silent rage, Shadow heaves his bottle of Sarsaparilla at the television. It shatters the screen in an explosion of sparks and soda.

I’m looking out for the two of us…
The next montage cut shows Shadow standing in an empty apartment with someone who must be the manager. The big man hands him a stack of bills, obviously renting himself a place during his hiatus. The scene fades to Shadow moving his furniture in, having pizzas delivered and sitting in miserable solitude. His decent flat screen TV is always displaying a 4CW show.

Oh I was inside, looking outside…
This time we cut to Shadow opening the door when it suddenly flies open knocking him back. As Shadow tries to make sense of what is happening two men in ski masks come in swinging. Shadow fights back valiantly but after a few blocks and hits of his own, one grabs a lamp by the cord and slings it at Shadow, obliterating it against his cast. Shadow cries out in pain, seizing his arm and dropping his guard. The big man is quickly overtaken and driven to the floor. They rob him, running out with his TV and wallet. Shadow lays on the ground writing in paint and humiliation.

Another flash cut to the same doctor as before. His voice is muted as the song continues and we see Shadow shaking his head in visible anger. He is being told the attack slowed his healing. This time he does not destroy the room. (I’m a long way from home!)

Saxophone Solo
As Shadow walks through the empty wet streets that night, the sky lights up with a dazzling display of fireworks. He pauses and gazes up as the New Year comes round and Shadow is left standing on a desolate corner under the pale glow of a street lamp.

Guitar Solo
The screen displays the first thing from Shadow’s return promo, the cast being cut off. As the plaster CRACK is heard it cuts to Shadow wailing on a punching bag just as the final chorus begin. Now the scene is showing flash cuts of Shadow’s and Whispers return/debut promos.

Monday! Sad, sad Monday!
WHISPER: “I will be more than ready. So until then I will leave you with a question. How far are you willing to go?”
Oh she’s waiting for me…
SHADOW: “Come Friday night, I’m going to show you all about it.”
Monday! Sad, sad Monday!
WHISPER: “See you out there Shadow.”
Oh she’s waiting for me…
SHADOW: “Those who can, do… Those who can’t, teach.”
Monday! Sad, sad Monday. Oh she’s waiting for me…
Final cut to earlier today, at sunset when Shadow steps out of his car at the arena in Yakima…

But I’m a long, long way from ho-ome!
He slams the door shut and slings his bag over his shoulder as the crowd goes nuts seeing this. Looking at the entry doors, the song crescendos and he proceeds to make his return.

MATTHEWS: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the fifth episode of 4CW’s Fate. Things are already off to an interesting start as we just learned that Bethany Bailey has hired Liam O’Shea, a former wrestler on Underground and one time squeeze of Aidan Carlisle to be her head of security. As for precisely what that means… well, we don’t know yet!”
GRIFFIN: “And we heard from Zolton Bathory, who is the latest to sign on the dotted line with 4CW’s second show here. His opponent hasn’t been decided, but he will be making his debut at Winter Wasteland in about two week’s time.”
MATTHEWS: “All of that and we haven’t even had our first match! In tonight’s Main Event we will see who comes out victorious and gets to challenge Niobe Martin for the Fate Championship at Winter Wasteland.”
GRIFFIN: “Apparently Bethany also has an announcement regarding the rest of the lineup for Winter Wasteland as well!”
MATTHEWS: “All of that will come later, however, because—as we just saw in that video package—first we see the return of Shadow after a long absence caused by Istvan ‘Wolfsbane’ Bathory! He squares off against newcomer Whisper in our opening match next!”

The building goes quiet at first while the lights dim. Everyone trembles with excitement as they know what is coming up next.
Brilliant lighting dances as Shadow emerges from backstage to the flashing black and white lighting scheme. His long leather duster flaps behind him as the fog machine blows the billowing smoke back. White flames burn from the ring posts like torches as Shadow strolls down the ramp. The fans cheer for him wildly as “Trip the Darkness” continues.

POWERS: “Making his way to the ring first, from Denton, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and ninety-nine pounds, Shaaadooow!!!”
Shadow slides under the bottom rope and pushes himself up to his feet. He raises one arm high over head the already burning flames burst up from the ring posts in an explosion. The color scheme returns to normal as Shadow paces around the ring, removing his duster. He stops pacing as he removes his sunglasses. The fans screaming loudly while he does.
The lights flicker as “Angels Holocaust” by Iced Earth starts to play and Whisper appears, walking out of the curtain.. She stands motionless on the stage looking over the booing crowd.

POWERS: “And his opponent, hailing from Tampa, Florida, weighing one hundred thirty-eight pounds… Whiiispeeer!!!”
She taunts the crowd before slowly and methodically making her way down the ramp and towards the ring ignoring the boos from the crowd.. She slides into the ring looking at all sides before standing up. Inside the ring she waits for the match to begin.
After checking with both corners the official calls for the bell.
Both impressive competitors stalk toward the center of the ring, glaring at one another with every step. As they collide Shadow immediately wraps Whisper up for a belly-to-belly suplex, flipping the amazonian woman clean over his own body, but Whisper lands on her feet! As Shadow turns to face her, she catches him with a spinning heel kick! The big man stumbles back a few steps, but is ready with a big left-handed clothesline when Whisper tries to press the advantage!

GRIFFIN: “Well for the moment it looks like Shadow has fully recovered in his time away. That shot with his previously injured arm looked perfect.”
MATTHEWS: “It did, Demi, but the match is just getting started. Will it hold up?”
Whisper is back on her feet, whipping Shadow toward the ropes, but he reverses and catches her with a powerslam on the rebound! With impressive resilience Whisper gets right back up and fires off a resounding chop across the chest! She hits another, and another, driving the big man back before she catches his arm and whips him into the closest corner! Flipping forward onto her hands and pivoting backward as she lands, she catches him right on the jaw with a handspring back elbow! Before she can start sending kicks into his gut, Shadow powers out of the corner and hooks her up for a brainbuster!!! As they hit the canvas he goes for the pin!

MATTHEWS: “Whisper gets the shoulder up after just two!”
GRIFFIN: “And the big man doesn’t look too happy about it either! He thinks it was a slow count!”
Shadow argues with the ref about the count, giving Whisper time to get to her feet. Shadow turns right into snap suplex that shakes the ring! Whisper sends a stomp at his left shoulder, hoping to wear it down, but he rolls out of the way just in time! As he stands she lunges in for a flying forearm, but he catches her and lifts her high overhead for a gorilla press slam! Somehow even after the huge move, Whisper gets to her feet, albeit just a little bit slowly. Shadow hits the ropes for some extra momentum and comes flying back but Whisper manages to catch him at the last second and reverses into a side effect!!! She hooks the leg!

GRIFFIN: “Now Shadow kicks out before the three! And with authority, at that!”
MATTHEWS: “I’m sure he’s been itching to get back in the ring while he’s been out, and now he wants to show everyone that he hasn’t lost a step.”
GRIFFIN: “So far, I believe it!”
The two are on their feet at the same time and lunge at one another, but Shadow comes away with the upper hand, hitting a big German suplex! He waits for Whisper to start getting to her feet before flying in again, but she’s ready with an inverted atomic drop! The pain from the impact is written across Shadow’s face and Whisper gives him no time to recover before hitting an armbar takedown! Whisper locks the armbar in hard cranking on his left shoulder, but Shadow is able to use his superior weight and strength to drag himself forward and get a hand on the ropes! The big man is somehow on his feet first after the hold breaks, grabbing one of Whisper’s legs and driving her foot into the canvas with a DDT motion!

MATTHEWS: “Ouch! That move may not always look like much, but all the force behind the impact just goes right to your knee.”
GRIFFIN: “You can see on Whisper’s face that she’s feeling it, too.”
MATTHEWS: “What I see is a woman who’s about to make her opponent pay!”
The two are back on their feet in a flash, the official barely having time to get out of the way as they hit each other like a pair of freight trains. Whisper goes down from another huge left-handed clothesline, but flips right back to her feet. Shadow comes in for another, and runs right into a bitch slap that spins him half way around! The big man looks furious as he hits the ropes, coming back at Whisper for a running big boot!

GRIFFIN: “The Big Boot to Whis—no! She ducked out of the way! Shadow is hung up on the top rope!”
Whisper slides and pulls Shadow down off of the ropes as though she’s going for a small package pin, but she rolls through and transitions into a triangle choke!!!

MATTHEWS: “Devastation! Whisper as locked in Devastation using Shadow’s left arm for leverage!”
Shadow struggles against the hold, trying to get a foot under himself and use his strength to lift her right up, but he can’t get the right angle. After several long moments of struggling, he’s forced to tap out!
The referee raises the tall woman’s hand in victory as she releases the hold and stands.

POWERS: “And here is your winner by submission… Whiiispeeer!!!”
MATTHEWS: “What a huge debut win for Whisper here tonight! She’s proven that she is going to be a major contender here on Fate and put the rest of the locker room on notice.”
GRIFFIN: “And Shadow may not have picked up the victory, but he showed that he isn’t missing a step after that three month absence. He is fully recovered and ready to go. Istvan Bathory might want to grow eyes in the back of his head, because you can bet Shadow is going to be gunning for him with a little extra frustration now.”

Standing around in the backstage area and not even realizing that the cameras are rolling live, Drew Stevenson, already dressed in his wrestling gear, is talking to a referee as the cameraman slowly approaches them, almost as if on a stealth mission.

STEVENSON: “Look Jerry, nobody is going to find out. All you have to do is count the three a bit faster than you normally would.”
Lowering his head and looking down at the floor, the referee, Jerry, doesn’t seem to like this idea very much because after all, he could lose his job.

JERRY: “Look Drew, it’s not that I’m not on board with the idea, I really could use the money but if somebody finds out? Then I’m going to be unemployed and have no way to feed my family.”
With a genuine concern expressed on his face, Jerry is actually worried about this. Looking around and not seeing the camera, Stevenson reaches out with his right hand and places it on Jerry’s shoulder to comfort him.

STEVENSON: “I understand but like I said, nobody is going to find out and when all of this is said and done? You will be one million dollars richer and that is more than you will make in a lifetime with the position that you are in. Think about it Jerry, your little girl could attend college and easily at that. That vacation that your wife has wanted to go on? Go on it, you will have the money to do so.”
Nodding his head and knowing that Stevenson is right, he looks up into Drew’s eyes and with a very confident look on his face, he speaks out in agreement with the legend.

JERRY: “Okay, Drew, I’ll do it.”
With a very large smile running along the face of Stevenson, he nods his head slowly while patting Jerry on the back.

STEVENSON: “You made the right choice Jerry, I promise you that you won’t regret this. Just do like we talked about and Bethany won’t have any idea what we planned, sound good?”
Nodding his head while looking at Stevenson, both men smile and with that being heard and seen by everybody; Stevenson looks around yet again not seeing the camera as he parts ways with Jerry before anybody can see what is going on, or so he thinks.

As the cameras switch to the small interior parking area, the car belonging to Jace Savage is seen pulling up to the arena, indicating that he has arrived. The car comes to a stop and Jace gets out of the back seat. The car trunk pops open and Jace grabs his bags. The driver comes around and shuts the trunk as Jace makes his way into the arena. Jace stops for a moment and looks at the bottom of his shoe.

SAVAGE: “Son of a bitch. Mr. Bathory must already be here. I can’t believe I stepped in a pile of his shit. I mean really can’t he use the bathroom like a normal human? Now I am going to have to get my shoes cleaned.”
Jace continues trying to wipe the shit from his shoe as he walks into the building. He looks around to find some crew working on the production of the show. Shadow and Whisper just had their match and Jace is heading toward his locker room. He walks inside to find Tidus Howe waiting for him.

SAVAGE: “Hey man! What do I owe to this rare occurrence?”
Tidus and Jace shake hands as Tidus stands up to greet Jace.

HOWE: “I figured while I was here I would come to wish you luck on your match. It’s going to be tough. Look some time soon my contract is up with Cashe and I would lilke to come to work for you. Don’t get me wrong Cashe and I are still cool it’s just I want to manage again and it isn’t happening with him at the moment but may again in the future.”
Jace nods at Tidus.

SAVAGE: “I understand man. Look I got to get ready it was nice talking to you and we will chat later. Thanks for coming by I appreciate it.”
HOWE: “No problem man, I’ll see you later.”
Tidus leaves the locker room as the camera fades out.

The cameras switch to once again find Bethany Bailey in her office. She is still busily working on the documents in front of her, the contracts of various Fate wrestlers strewn across her heavy desk. Though her new head of security is still in the room, she is mostly talking out loud to herself as she jots down a few notes.

BAILEY: “I get the feeling there aren’t going to be many happy faces in the locker rooms when they hear what is in store for them at Winter Wasteland…”
Suddenly the door is thrown open. Katrina Von Reich, wife of Istvan Bathory, rushes in looking frantic. Liam puts an arm in front of her before she can close in on Bethany’s desk. The Fate GM quickly gathers her papers and stuffs them into the portfolio, taking no chances that anyone sees her plans before they are finalized.

BAILEY: “Can I help you?”
VON REICH: “Istvan! Er ist nirgends! Ich kann ihn nicht finden und—”
Bethany holds up a hand to stop her.

BAILEY: “English, if you will? This had better be important, Miss… Von Reich, is it? I have a very busy night.”
VON REICH: “But you do not unterstandt! Looken at ze moon, Frau Manager General. It ist a full moon. He has gone into vun of his episodes, I know it!”
Several uncomfortable seconds pass as Bethany just stares back at the woman. She can’t seem to decide whether to laugh or roll her eyes, but she goes back to her work.

BAILEY: “I’m sure he’s fine. My only concern is that he shows up for his match when the time comes.”
VON REICH: “Perhaps I did not make meinself clear. Ven he hass vun of his episodes, people—ze people in zis arena, wrestlers, you—are in grave danger!”
BAILEY: “Let me put it this way; If he assaults any of my crew or anyone else outside of a ring, he’s going to find himself without a job to pay for his cabbage rolls.”
VON REICH: “Zat vould do no goot. He has no memory of vat happens when zis occurs. Ve must find him. If ve can find him, I can bring him to his senses. I haff ze tool.”
Bethany’s brows raise higher yet as Katrina produces a silver pentagram necklace and holds it up. The GM rubs at her forehead tiredly, clearly trying to think of a polite way to get rid of Von Reich. Before she can respond a scream and a great deal of commotion, punctuated with an unearthly howl, interrupts their conversation.

VON REICH: “It ist him! Istvan!”
Without another word Katrina turns on her heel and races from the office. Giving it a few moments of thought, Bethany gestures to Liam.

BAILEY: “Go find out what is going on.”

GRIFFIN: “I wonder what that means for our Main Event? Will Istvan show up, or will our Fatal Fourway get rearranged to a Triple Threat match?”
MATTHEWS: “I’m sure that some of the competitors might like that, but I’m not going to count Bathory out just yet. I’m not going to get into the supernatural or what may or may not be true, but I do know that Istvan wants his chance at the Fate Championship. I doubt that will be squandered.”
GRIFFIN: “I hope you are right, Ronnie. For now, we move on to our next match for the night!”

A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard.
“You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down”
After a couple of moments the curtains part and a bright spotlight roars from behind giving the person standing there a nice silhouette. Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” continues as the light begins to dim down showing that the person standing there is none other Brody Lee Prince. Brody Lee wears his black stetson hat tipped forward and over his eyes which also covers his long curly brown hair, he seems to be growing a nice beard as well. He is wearing a pair of black trunks, a leather sleeveless jacket, and his right arm is heavily bandaged and covered in a black protective band.

POWERS: “Introducing first, from Forth Worth, Texas, weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Starla and Max Von Grant… He is the ‘Prince of Texas,’ Brooody Lee Priiince!!!”
As he begins to walk towards the ring Starla and Max Von Grant walk behind him on his march towards the ring. Starla is wearing a tight red dress which has a good number of sparkles across the top, while her chubby brother is wearing a black shirt and a black jacket over that. Brody Lee stands on the outside of the ring, takes out the lump of chew tucked into his cheek and places it into the hands of Max, He then removes his black hat and hands that to Starla before he finally slides into the ring.
The arena lights suddenly just shut off consuming the arena into complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light. After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the arena lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans boo him heavily.

POWERS: “And his opponent, from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds… He is ‘The Emerald,’ Dreeew Steveeensooon!!!”
Drew begins walking down the aisle until he gets down to the ring, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet just pacing the ring simply awaiting for the bell to ring thus getting this match under way.
The official makes a quick check and signals to the timekeeper.
Stevenson looks supremely confident as he steps out of his corner while Prince looks like he is ready for a fight. As they close in on one another Drew lunges forward and throws all of his weight behind a flying clothesline. Brody sidesteps at the last second and reverses with a pendulum backbreaker! Stevenson is back on his feet in a flash, prepared as Prince is now the one to charge in. Drew catches his opponent and throws him up onto the back of his shoulders for a Samoan drop! In spite of the impact Prince swoops around on the mat and catches Stevenson off guard with a barrage of mounted punches to the face!

MATTHEWS: “And this match starts off at break-neck speed as Stevenson and Prince trade off blow for blow.”
GRIFFIN: “I don’t really know where Brody’s allegiances lie right now, but I think we can at least safely say that he doesn’t like Drew Stevenson!”
MATTHEWS: “Does anybody?”
Stevenson manages to throw Prince off long enough to get to his feet. Brody dives in, but Drew heaves a kick right into his gut, leaving him doubled over! Stevenson sneers before taking Prince down with a float over DDT! Drew capitalizes, tangling up one of Brody’s legs and falling to the mat to put him in an STF! But Brody is close enough to get a hand on the ropes! The referee calls for the break, but Stevenson ignores it and holds on, prompting a count!
Drew finally lets go before he can be disqualified. He ignores another fiery warning from the ref as he pulls Brody up by his hair, blasting Prince in the face with a series of knee strikes! With Brody softened up, Drew hefts him straight up into the air with a stalling vertical suplex! As soon as they hit the mat, Stevenson goes for the pin!

GRIFFIN: “Brody Lee got his shoulder up!”
MATTHEWS: “Is it just me, or did that count seem a little fast, too?”
GRIFFIN: “It’s not just you.”
Drew looks momentarily shocked as Brody manages to kick out, giving Prince just enough time to catch him with a European uppercut as he stands! The force knocks Stevenson all the way backward and Brody is right there to follow up with a leg drop! Prince unexpectedly heads to the corner, hoping up backward on the second rope to keep an eye on Stevenson. As Drew gets to his feet and turns, Brody flies off for a double axe handle! Stevenson stumbles back into the ropes, but uses the rebound for extra momentum as he looks for a flying elbow. Brody ducks and they hit the opposite sides of the ring, bouncing back again. Prince snatches Stevenson up for a huge Alabama slam! Brody goes for the pin himself!

MATTHEWS: “And Stevenson kicks out before the three!”
GRIFFIN: “Something fishy is going on here, Ronnie, that count was definitely at a different speed than before.”
MATTHEWS: “I agree, but so far it hasn’t made a difference! They’re getting up!”
Both men drag themselves to their feet, beginning to look a little worn down. Stevenson makes the first move, lunging forward for a clothesline. Prince ducks, but Drew pivots around and hits a chop block to the back of his leg. Brody goes down on one knee! Stevenson dashes across the mat, using Prince’s knee as a step for a shining wizard kick! Brody goes down on his hands and knees, but as Drew tries for a kick to the ribs, Prince catches his leg! Stevenson is whipped down to the canvas with a dragon screw! Brody stands up, still holding on to Drew’s leg, and delivers a massive elbow drop right to the inside of his knee!

GRIFFIN: “Look at the pain on Stevenson’s face! You know that hurt!”
MATTHEWS: “Forget Stevenson, look at the determination on Brody Lee’s face! I think he’d rip Drew’s leg right off and beat him with it if he could!”
Stevenson holds his leg as both men once again stand up, shaking it out once to make sure he can still stand on it. Brody Lee gives a big woop as he lunges in, looking for the lariat he’s known for, but Drew whips his leg up with a superkick that echoes throughout the arena!!! Prince stumbles backward and into the ropes, hanging over the top, dazed from the impact.

MATTHEWS: “The Emperor’s Rise from Drew Stevenson. …Now he’s going for the Final Conflict!!!”
Drew pulls Brody off of the ropes and spins him around, grabbing his arm and whipping him across the ring. Prince rebounds off of the ropes on the other side, suddenly spinning a full three-sixty and hammering the inside of his elbow into Stevenson’s jaw!!!

GRIFFIN: “Tooth-Loosener from Brody Lee Prince! Stevenson is down! Brody is going for the pin!!!”
The official swoops in as Brody hooks the leg, the audience counting along.

MATTHEWS: “Oh my god! Brody Lee just defeated Drew Stevenson!!!”
Prince leaps to his feet, making it hard for the referee to get a grip on his wrist to raise his hand.

POWERS: “And here is your winner… Brooody Leee Priiince!!!”
GRIFFIN: “I can hardly believe it, but Brody did it!”
MATTHEWS: “Just one show after defeating the Fate Champion, Drew Stevenson has fallen to Brody Lee Prince. What does that mean for these two men’s future opportunities?”
GRIFFIN: “Well, the only person who could answer that is our GM, and she hasn’t said a word about her plans for Winter Wasteland.”

Backstage we go and as the camera heads down a hallway it finds Tanya Black heading for the ring as her match is up next. Already in her ring gear she stretches out her arms and neck, stopping when she sees the camera.

BLACK: “Well this is a good opportunity. I kept my promo talk focused on Niobe Martin but I have somebody else I want to address. Drew Stevenson, listen up spanky. I don’t care if you win a match. I don’t care if you hit hard. What I do care about is foot grabbing outside men. What I do care about is disrespecting the fans and the rest of the roster. Fate does not belong to you! As long as Tanya Black is here you will never claim anything you haven’t earned.
“Tonight I take care of Niobe Martin. Winter Wasteland you got some old problems coming back for you. After that, you are in my sights and when I am done I will make you wish I am just coming for your manhood, Drew. Assuming you have enough to fight me.”
Sensing something out of the corner of her eye Tanya turns and relaxes as she sees who it is, revealing her new friend Jace Savage. Jace greets Tanya with a hello and a smile.

SAVAGE: “How’s it going? You warmed up to take on Niobe?”
Tanya nods and looks over at Jace, giving him a friendly pat on the arm.

BLACK: “Hell Yeah. I’m not letting her championship intimidate me. Glad we are still cool after our match. You ready for that Four-Way? Those things are a beast.”
Jace looks around thoughtfully for a moment before returning a smile toward Tanya.

SAVAGE: “Yeah, I’m ready. It’s going to be one hell of a match I can guarantee that. Always is with four people involved. As to our match by the way… You did good. I might have discounted slightly in your ability but that is just one of my character flaws and you caught me on it. With that said congratulations on the win.”
BLACK: “Hey you gave me a hard fight. It all came down to that one missed move. Don’t worry about that now. Win that four-way and get your title match. Me? Well as you just heard I’m on the hunt to teach someone special some respect.”
SAVAGE: “I have faced Niobe many different times in the past. She isn’t the same person she was when I faced her, the one thing I do know is that when it counts she chokes. Don’t take her to lightly though take the pin when you can get it.”
Tanya nods and looks over at the cameraman with a big smile.

BLACK: “See? This is how good people behave. Maybe Unstable can learn a lesson.”
SAVAGE: “I didn’t always use to be so nice, and Jason Cashe use to be a friend of mine. How things change and people take different paths in life.”
BLACK: “I agree. I used to be a nasty piece of work myself but people make their decisions. Every morning folks have a chance to choose who they are. Until Cashe, Niobe, or even Drew Stevenson admit their sins and act better we will oppose them. Now Jace I believe it’s time for me to get to work. Let’s see if I can make Unstable bleed a little bit.”
Tanya grins and offers a handshake to Jace. Jace takes Tanya’s hand with his own and shakes it bidding her a farewell before departing.

The scene switches outside where a handful of paramedics are trying to calm a backstage worker who is mild hysterics.

WOMAN: “Those eyes! That howl. He pounced from nowhere! I didn’t see where he came from.”
Looking incredibly exasperated at another interruption, Bethany arrives, looking to the worker wordlessly for an explanation.

WOMAN: “Just like I said, Ma’am. I was heading down to collect some of the entrance gear that had been left behind and this big… thing was suddenly in front of me. I know how it sounds, but… I could swear he had black eyes and… fangs. I screamed, and the next thing I remember is being here.”
GUARD: “We got some of it on one of the security cameras.”
The guard hands Bethany a small tablet to show her the footage, which is hidden from the cameras. As she watches, her face remains smooth, not betraying anything she is seeing. Finally she looks up and points a finger at Katrina, who has been standing nervously nearby.

BAILEY: “You, find him now. If another one of my employees so much as stubs a toe as a result of this nonsense, Bathory is done on Fate.”
Bethany turns away without giving room for argument. As she heads quickly back toward the arena, she directs Liam to keep the rest of the security team on the look out.

GRIFFIN: “It looks like security is still on the hunt for Istvan Bathory, leaving us all wondering if he will be making his appearance later tonight in that contendership match.”
MATTHEWS: “Whatever Katrina Von Reich thinks she can do, she’d better do it fast, because we are about to see our headline match, and after that Bathory needs to be in the ring!”
GRIFFIN: “For now, it’s time to see our current Fate Champion in action.”

The video screen lights up with beautiful images of Angels though all their wings are black mixed with footage of Tanya Black wrestling as we hear the opening of “City Of Heroes” by Kiske & Somerville. After a moment out emerges Tanya Black causing a big pop from the audience.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring first, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, weighing in at one hundred fifty pounds… She is “The Sinful Angel,” Tanyaaa Blaaack!!!”
Waving to the fans and shaking a few hands she takes her time getting to the ring, all smiles and upon entering the ring does a dance for the fans before mounting each turnbuckle in turn and bowing in respect to the audience as the song winds down. Once the song ends Tanya Black faces the center of the ring and stretches out her neck and shoulders.
As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play through the arena, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.

POWERS: “And her opponent, from Anaheim, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds… She is “The Nightmare” and the 4CW Fate Champion, Niooobe Maaartin!!!”
The video on the screen then switches to a video package of Niobe in the ring, flashing and moving in time with the drum beat.
Now your nightmare comes to life..”
Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to hold up the 4CW Fate Championship as a blast of pyro goes off on either side of her.
“Dragged you down below…
Down to the devils show…
To be his guest forever…
Peace of mind is less than never..”
As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she slings the Fate Championship over her shoulder and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face, holding up the Fate Championship for everyone to see.
Both women look at one another with grim determination, all but ignoring the referee as he checks with them, prompting him to quickly call for the bell.
Niobe charges out of her corner first, determined to show the relative newcomer that she hasn’t grown complacent in her reign as Fate Champion, but Tanya sidesteps at the last moment and drills her into the canvas with a scoop slam! Martin is back on her feet in an instant, rushing Black a second time. Tanya keeps her cool and flips Niobe to the mat again with a hip toss. Frustration beginning to show on her face, Martin stands again, just in time to get a foot to the gut from Black! But Niobe catches her leg! Thinking quick, Tanya breaks free with an enziguri that catches Martin right on the side of the head!

MATTHEWS: “It almost looks like Tanya Black is toying with Niobe Martin right now. I’m not sure if it’s a sound strategy or a bad one. An angry Niobe might make mistakes… but an angry Niobe is still an angry Niobe.”
GRIFFIN: “And she hasn’t been the Underground-turned-Fate Champion this long by not playing it smart in the ring.”
Tanya is already flying at Niobe as Martin gets to her feet, but she runs right into a discus back elbow! Just as Black recovers Martin throws a kick into her stomach. Tanya is quick to grab her leg and shove it away, but Niobe spins all the way through and catches her on the temple with a dragon whip!

GRIFFIN: “Looks like turnabout is fair play.”
Martin sends Black to the ropes with an Irish whip. Tanya rebounds, ducking under an incoming clothesline, and hits the ropes on the other side. As Black comes flying back, Martin leans over and sends her sailing through the air in a high arch with a back body drop!

MATTHEWS: “Tanya made some early progress, but Niobe has bounced right back. No one here is going to pick up an easy victory.”
As Tanya slowly gets to her feet, Niobe closes the gap between them. As soon as she’s within reach, however, Black comes out with a resounding western lariat! Martin holds her jaw for a few seconds, then retaliates with a flying clothesline! Tanya uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet as Niobe gets up on the other side of the ring. Martin springs in, but Black is ready with a springboard DDT!
Before Tanya can even attempt a pin, Niobe is already rolling away. Both competitors are vertical at the same time, making a slow circle around each other. Black lunges in with a feint and catches a forearm to the face for the attempt! Martin uses the momentary distraction to her advantage, leaping up on the nearest turnbuckle and launching off for a flying spinning heel kick!

GRIFFIN: “An even battle so far, neither Tanya nor Niobe has stayed in control for long. Both ladies obviously want this win.”
MATTHEWS: “A victory over the current champion might bode well for the future of Tanya Black, meanwhile Niobe Martin wants to head into her title defense at Winter Wasteland on a high note.”
Niobe presses the advantage as Tanya is slow to get to her feet, stalking in as though she’s going to go for a grappling maneuver. Before she can lock anything in Black sends her staggering back with a chop to the chest that echoes through the rafters! Tanya delivers a second! And a third! Martin is driven all the way back to the turnbuckles where Black crushes her with a huge corner splash! Niobe sags down to the mat and Tanya backs across the ring before sprinting in for a bronco buster.
But Niobe rolls out of the way at the last second and Black hits nothing but ring post! Martin throws a stiff elbow right into Tanya’s spine before grabbing her by the hair and flipping her backward so that she’s hanging down from the second rope. Niobe wastes no time before sending stomp after stomp into the midsection of Tanya, holding on to the top rope for leverage for a punishing series of blows! Finally the official waves Niobe back out of the corner.

MATTHEWS: “For a moment there I thought that Tanya was about to tip the scales in her favor, but Niobe countered at a crucial moment and now she seems to be in control.”
GRIFFIN: “Every wrestler with experience knows that the tables can turn in a match in the blink of an eye. We’ve all been there.”
Tanya is left holding her midsection as she untangles herself from the ropes and gets to her feet. Barely giving the official time to get out of the way, Niobe charges back across the ring at Black. Using her proximity to the corner to her advantage, Tanya leaps up onto the top turnbuckle and immediately flies off for a missile dropkick that catches Niobe right in the chest! Black grabs one foot and starts to go for a Boston crab, but Martin is quick to roll over and shove her off with both legs. Tanya catches herself on the ropes and circles around behind Niobe, biding her time.

GRIFFIN: “Tanya has something planned, but Niobe is still recovering from that dropkick!”
MATTHEWS: “Niobe is about to walk into a trap, and it could spell disaster!”
Tanya leaps up onto Niobe’s shoulders from behind and wraps her legs around Martin’s neck! Black hangs down backward, about to start throwing elbows when suddenly Niobe grabs her legs and flips her all the way forward face first into the top turnbuckle! Martin turns around quickly while Black is still stunned, putting the two women back to back, and hefting her partway up onto her shoulders, grabbing onto Tanya’s head and dropping to her knees for a gory neckbreaker!!!

MATTHEWS: “Hallucination from Niobe Martin!!! Tanya is down!”
GRIFFIN: “Niobe is going for the pin!”
The official hits the mat just as Niobe hooks Tanya’s leg.
The ref calls for the bell as Niobe leaps to her feet and “Nightmare” hits the sound system once more.

POWERS: “And here is your winner… Niooobe Maaartiiin!!!”
GRIFFIN: “Niobe heads in to Winter Wasteland coming off of a victory! Say what you will, but that can really help put you in the right mindset for a big title defense.”
MATTHEWS: “I don’t doubt it for a second, and I think that Niobe used her anger over her defeat at the hands of Drew Stevenson at the last Fate to fuel her for this match.”
GRIFFIN: “Whatever she used to motivate herself, it did the trick.”

Outside one of the men’s rooms in the back a small group of referees is having a quiet conversation when suddenly water flows out from under the door. They enter just in time to hear something large in the air vents, shaking the drop ceiling like it’s about to fall in. The flood of water is coming from a shattered toilet.

REFEREE: “Someone call security, and call Miss Bailey. The Gypsy woman too! I think I found him. He’s in the vents.”
The other two refs head off to find Katrina and Bethany Bailey. From inside the air vent, that haunting howl echoes through the arena.

The cameras go backstage to find a screaming Lord Raab, shouting down the whole arena down, wondering why this had happened which Henry was of course there to calm Raab down. Even Henry didn’t know what was going on either as Raab screams until he finally spoke his words.

LOSAK: “Raab, I don’t know why you have to be here either, but think of this as a new challenge for you. Think of the new competition you have to face when you start wrestling for Fate at the Winter Wasteland.”
Raab had been throwing things all over the arena ever since Henry told him to attend Fate tonight, but he crouched down to have a think for a moment about what it’ll do for his career in wrestling wise. There was another problem he couldn’t overcome as he shakes his head before he speaks

RAAB: “Henry, you know I fucking hate women with a passion and yet, I’m on a show that’s run by a female? Fuck this, I’m heading back home. I’m not letting some slag boss me around because you know damn well I’d beat the living shit out of her.”
LOSAK: “I know you do, but you aren’t getting the point here. I know you can’t stand women of any sort, but I’ll deal with her with any meetings me and Bethany have, you just wrestle. Come to me if you don’t agree with her decisions and we’ll go from there. I promise that you’ll never see her as long as you are on this brand. I mean after all, you want to win a 4CW title someday, right?”
Raab just wanted to go home, but Henry pulls his arm, knowing he just wasn’t happy to be on Fate because of a female general manager that he had to put up with, but Raab realises that would be a better option to wrestle with Henry sorting things out with Bethany, along with the potential of Raab being champion which he nodded at as he speaks.

RAAB: “Yes I do want to be a 4CW champion.”
LOSAK: “This will provide you with a lot of competition and a place where you can go towards the title better. I know, it’s not a good title, but I feel if you win the 4CW title, you can stop making yourself sick psychically and mentally all the time. I think that’s the problem is you vomit all over the place, being this green disease German Monster that you are consuming to let that extra amount of anger out because you’ve not been champion for two years. Come on, we have more names than just El Futuro here like Shadow, Jace Savage, Niobe Martin, Brody Lee Prince, Drew Stevenson and many more possibilities you couldn’t get on Adrenaline.”
RAAB: “Fine, as long as I’m not ever gonna see Bethany Bailey, that’s good enough for me. Wait, how do you know I’m wrestling on the PPV?”
LOSAK: “That’s what I want to talk about because you see, we had a meeting earlier today and she said she’ll find you an opponent. She didn’t tell me a reason why you have to be on this brand, but she wanted you to come tonight to see the competition you’ll be facing on the PPV and in the future. I’ll leave you be and I’ll talk to her about you not ever wanting to lay you’re eyes on her to deal with things.”
Henry walks away from Raab to leave him backstage all alone as he thinks of the most evil things he can do to an opponent while he’s on the Fate brand as the show goes into a commercial break.

The cameras fade in right outside the door of Istvan Bathory’s locker room, which is tightly shut. The sounds of an ongoing commotion are easily audible within. Growling! Snarling! And a then a familiar woman’s voice…

VON REICH: “Aber als der regen den boden betritt, der fluss erreicht das meer, also zu einem vorbestimmten ende tränen laufen. Dein leiden ist vorbei, jetzt sie frieden finden.”
Suddenly all falls silent.

MATTHEWS: “Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event, and we’re still not quite sure if we’re going to see all four competitors in the ring.”
GRIFFIN: “I’m not sure if we’re about to see a Fatal Fourway or a Triple Threat, but either way, tonight a number one contender for the Fate Championship will be decided. After a hard-fought victory against Tanya Black just a few minutes ago, you know Niobe will be keeping a close watch on this match from the back.”
MATTHEWS: “I’m sure that she is eager to find out who she will be facing at Winter Wasteland, just like the rest of us.”
GRIFFIN: “Without further adieu, let’s find out!”

The arena goes dark as green and gold lights flash across the arena. “My Time” by Fabulous begins to play on the PA system and the crowd starts cheering. The lights come back on and Jace is standing at the top of the entrance ramp. He starts to point at himself with his two thumbs then switches it and starts pointing hiss index fingers at the crowd.
POWERS: “Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds… Jaaace Saaavage!!!”
Jace makes his way to the ring and shakes a few hands before finally reaching the steps. Jace jogs up the stairs and wipes his feet on the apron before entering the ring. Once in the ring Jace walks over to a turn buckle and repeats the motion with his thumbs pointing at himself then his index fingers pointing at the crowd.
“Smoke Every Day” by Brown Shady plays over the speakers as red, white, and green lights begin flashing in sync.

POWERS: “Next, from Acapulco, Mexico, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds… El Fuuutuuuro!!!”
El Futuro runs out from behind the curtain and sprints down to the ring. Sliding underneath the bottom rope, he then goes to each corner and stands at the top, saluting the crowd.

A full moon pops on the big screen, with clouds moving in front of it, and a wolf howls in the distance. Strangely, the usual violin solo does not begin…

POWERS: “Coming to the ring third, from Budapest, Hungary, weighing in at three hundred ten pounds… He is the “Wolfsbane,” Istvaaan Baaathory!!!”
With no violin, no music, and no dancing, Bathory stalks towards the ring with a predator’s gait. His eyes are wild and red, a thick shag of stubble covers his face around his handlebar moustache. Absent his usual vest and sash, his white puffy shirt is badly shredded, one sleeve missing entirely. As he reaches the end of the aisle he grabs the bottom rope and leaps into the ring with a single bound! His reddened eyes flick between the two other men in the ring as he retreats to his corner, licking his chops and curling his fingers up like claws.

MATTHEWS: “He showed up after all! Whatever Katrina Von Reich did, I guess it worked.”
“Fom Whom The Bell Tolls” blares over the PA system. The screens above the entrance ramp flash in bright orange and red with “RABID” emblazoned across the four screens in black. Rob Hewitt makes his way down to the ring to lukewarm and polite applause, grinning at the crowd and pointing to random fans wearing a “Rabid” shirt.

POWERS: “And the final opponent, from Bristol, England, weighing in at two hundred thirty-six pounds… “Rabid” Rooob Heeewiiitt!!!”
He makes a quick jogging circuit around the ring, slapping hands with anyone who bothers to extend one, then rolls stiffly into the ring and raises an arm to the crowd, fingers extended like claws.

GRIFFIN: “It feels like such a long time ago that we found out just how Niobe’s next challenger would be chosen, and now we’re finally here.”
MATTHEWS: “I think it’s felt like an eternity for both the fans and the four men in the ring. The anticipation in the arena is electric right now, and I’m just as excited as they are.”
GRIFFIN: “Well settle in, because it’s about to start!”
The opening bell sounds at the behest of the official after a quick check with all four corners. The moment the first chime begins to echo through the SunDome Istvan Bathory makes a bee-line for El Futuro. Rob Hewitt and Jace Savage begin to circle one another on the other side of the ring.
Istvan lunges in like a man possessed, but El Futuro keeps his cool, learning from past mistakes against the big man, and hits a swinging neckbreaker at the last moment! Bathory gets to his feet practically as though he didn’t even feel it and drives Futuro back with a big forearm smash to the face. The man in the mask stumbles into the ropes as Wolfsbane nails him with a vicious headbutt! Istvan charges once more, but El Futuro hops up onto the second rope and bounces off for a springboard hurricanrana!
As Hewitt steps in for a clothesline, Savage uses his youth and speed to his advantage, stalling Rob with a standing dropkick! Hewitt is knocked into the corner, but quickly ducks out and grabs one of Jace’s legs, about to apply an ankle lock. Savage grabs the ropes as fast as he can to prevent the maneuver from being locked in and scrambles to his feet when the official calls for the break. Hewitt is still there to press the advantage, wrapping Jace up from behind for a belly-to-back suplex! Savage surges to his feet and catches Rob on the jaw with a European Uppercut!

MATTHEWS: “It’s controlled chaos so far in the ring with Savage and Hewitt duking it out and Bathory hunting El Futuro.”
GRIFFIN: “Hunting is a good word for it, too, because we know that Istvan sees El Futuro as a loose end, someone he needs to put away forever. Tonight would make a perfect platform for that if Bathory can capitalize.”
El Futuro takes Wolfsbane down with a snap DDT just a few feet away from where Rob Hewitt drills Jace Savage into the canvas with a big scoop slam. Futuro hits a stiff elbow drop to Bathory’s chest. Hewitt pins Jace’s arm against his side and drives his knee repeatedly into Savage’s shoulder! Istvan is back on his feet and clubs El Futuro with a running double axe handle. A chop to the throat from Jace finally sends Rob reeling and gives Savage the chance to get to his feet. He shakes out his shoulder before he catches an incoming Hewitt and hits him with a sit-out spinebuster! Bathory waits for Futuro to get to his feet, leaning over, before blasting him in the face with a running knee lift!

GRIFFIN: “Things are getting more and more intense in the ring. You can literally see the hits getting harder as the match goes on.”
MATTHEWS: “All four of these guys worked really hard to get here, and none of them wants to have come this far just to fail. Unfortunately, only one of them will be walking into Winter Wasteland as the number one contender. It’s going to be a hard night for the other three.”
With El Futuro down on the mat, Istvan puts a boot across his throat and begins to press, holding on to the ropes for extra leverage. The official is momentarily distracted watching Savage and Hewitt and doesn’t immediately notice! Jace closes in, looking to lay into Rob with some stomps, but Hewitt takes him down with a drop toe hold! The official finally turns and sees the illegal move by Bathory, giving him a blistering admonishment. It provides just enough distraction for El Futuro to break free and get to his feet! For a moment all four men are standing and Rob Hewitt locks eyes with Istvan Bathory. Hewitt lunges forward, but Istvan suddenly grabs El Futuro and pulls him right into Rob’s path! Savage is already at the ropes and catches Bathory on the side of the head with a springboard enziguri!
Rob whips El Futuro to the mat with a snapmare as they collide, wrapping him up in a headlock. The man in blue struggles wildly against the move, whipping a foot up all the way past his own body and connecting with Hewitt’s jaw to break free! Hewitt is stunned momentarily but on his feet with impressive speed, ready to meet Futuro as the luchador surges forward and into a gutwrench suplex! The man in the mask shakes off the impact and throws an elbow into Rob’s temple while they are both still down on the ground. Futuro leaps to his feet and then all the way up onto the top rope, sailing off backward with a moonsault. As he lands he hooks Rob’s leg and goes for a pin!
Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring Jace has been biding his time, waiting for Bathory to stand. Istvan turns and walks right into an impressive tornado DDT from Savage! Wolfsbane is momentarily shaken, physically, but his laser focus is still on Jace. As Savage leans over to begin to pull him up, Bathory rakes him across the eyes! Istvan drags Jace down to the mat and gives him a huge stomp to the chest after standing. Savage clutches his midsection after Bathory drives his huge foot into Jace’s chest a second time! Istvan leaps into the air as he goes for the third stomp, but Savage rolls out of the way just in time! Jace is ready with a half calf kick when Bathory spins around! The referee’s back is turned as he looks to Futuro and Hewitt, giving the Istvan the opportunity to hit Savage with a low blow from the ground!

MATTHEWS: “Ouch! Poor Jace.”
GRIFFIN: “In a match like this, unfortunately the referee can’t always keep an eye on all the participants, and Istvan took advantage of an opportunity for the illegal move to go unnoticed.”
MATTHEWS: “Not that Istvan cares if it gets noticed or not, as we have seen on multiple occasions.”
El Futuro races at Hewitt as Rob is starting to get to his feet. Hewitt is ready for the impact and instead puts the man in the mask on the mat with a fireman’s carry takedown. From a low crouch on the mat Bathory hits Savage with a spear tackle, laying into Jace with a barrage of mounted punches and forearms. Futuro uses his impressive speed and is on his feet first, using Hewitt’s upturned knee for a step for an shining wizard! Bathory goes for a hard lariat, but Savage catches his arm and hits a reverse Russian legsweep!

GRIFFIN: “The action is so quick in the ring I can barely keep track. One moment you think El Futuro is in control, then Hewitt switches the momentum.”
MATTHEWS: “And Istvan Bathory is taking it to Jace Savage, but Jace’s youthful resilience is paying off!”
Bathory and Hewitt stand, coming face-to-face with one another. As Rob lunges in, Bathory tries to push Jace in front of him, but Hewitt ducks around and locks his arms around Istvan’s waist for a release German suplex that rattles the ring under Wolfsbane’s weight. El Futuro changes his attention to Savage, hitting the ropes for a springboard crossbody. Jace catches him midair and heaves him overhead to the canvas with a fall-away slam! Rob closes in on Istvan, looking for a submission maneuver, but Wolfsbane catches him in the gut with a mule kick! Savage bounces off of the ropes for some extra momentum behind a kitchen sink. Futuro comes up short at the last moment and counters with a reverse atomic drop!
Hewitt hooks Bathory around the throat and twists him into a standing headlock. Istvan throws a wild series of punches into Rob’s stomach, trying to break free. Hewitt finally lets go as Bathory bites his arm! Wolfsbane uses the surprise and delivers a heart punch that sends Rob reeling back into the ropes! Hewitt uses it to his advantage and comes sailing back with a flying clothesline that practically folds Istvan in half! Bathory rolls back over his shoulder and into a crouch, shaking off the impact. He surges to his feet and lands a chop across Rob’s chest, following with a second, a third, a fourth! Istvan howls toward the ceiling before driving Hewitt into the corner with a final, huge chop!
Savage knocks Futuro to the mat with a shoulder tackle, laying into the masked man with a series of hard stomps. Futuro sees an opening and rolls away under the ropes, getting to his feet on the apron. Jace blasts him in the face with a forearm, but El Futuro hangs on to the ropes and doesn’t go down. Savage hauls back for another, but Futuro hops up and catches him on the temple with a kick! As Jace stumbles back Futuro launches himself over the ropes onto Savage’s shoulders and flips forward with a dragonrana!!! But Jace rolls all the way through and reverses the pin!!!

MATTHEWS: “Bathory has Hewitt trapped in the corner and Jace Savage got a two count against El Futuro!”
GRIFFIN: “The crowd just got deafening as Futuro got the shoulder up. They are really behind him tonight!”
MATTHEWS: “Jace looks frustrated, but he’s keeping his head. And there’s a back elbow from Hewitt to get out of the corner!”
Rob uses the gap he created with the elbow to pivot behind Istvan and twist one arm into a hammerlock! He yanks Bathory’s arm up hard between the shoulderblades, trying to wear it down. Wolfsbane snarls as he throws his other elbow back into Hewitt’s face! The goes for a second but Rob releases the hold and ducks out of the way. Savage lunges at El Futuro as soon as the man in blue stands, but Futuro quickly catches him and reverses into a backbreaker! Jace is left holding his spine as he uses the ropes to pull himself up. El Futuro looks to send him over the top with a clothesline, but Savage slips around behind him for a reverse DDT!

GRIFFIN: “For a moment it started to look like Hewitt and El Futuro were getting some momentum going, but that came to a stop quickly.”
MATTHEWS: “This match has been anybody’s game at the start, and it still looks that way now!”
Jace pulls El Futuro to his feet and whips him across the ring, right into Istvan Bathory! Wolfsbane’s attention instantly changes as he grabs Futuro by the throat! He twists the smaller man around drags his face across the ropes before taking him down to the canvas. In an instant Bathory delivers a headbutt right to the middle of El Futuro’s chest! Istvan gets to his feet and curls his massive hand into a fist, going for a drop to the groin. Futuro rolls away at the last second and Bathory connects with the mat! The man in blue capitalizes, leaping onto the top turnbuckle and flying off with an elbow drop across Istvan’s spine!
Across the ring Savage catches Hewitt with a kitchen sink! He hits a quick stomp to the stomach before climbing the corner, balancing his lanky frame on the top rope. After a moment he sails off with a leg drop across Rob’s chest! Jace reaches down to pull Rob up, but Hewitt knocks him back with a punch to the face. Savage bumps into El Futuro, turning momentary to look over his shoulder. Rob is on his feet in a flash and sends a hard kick into Jace’s stomach, doubling him over. Hewitt hooks up his arms and twists him into position for a piledriver!
Futuro is about to break up the move, but Bathory tackles him from the side and the two go tumbling across the mat exchanging punches. Savage struggles to break free, throwing a shot into Hewitt’s ribs. Rob ignores the shot and drives him into the mat with a spike tombstone piledriver!!!

MATTHEWS: “Rabies Shot! Hewitt just hit Jace Savage with the Rabies Shot!!!”
GRIFFIN: “He’s going for the pin!”
The referee slides in for the count as Rob hooks Jace’s leg.
El Futuro and Wolfsbane both collide with Hewitt in an attempt to break up the pin, but they are seconds too late! The official signals for the bell!

GRIFFIN: “Rob Hewitt did it! He’s the number one contender for the Fate Championship!”
“For Whom the Bell Tolls” fills the SunDome as Hewitt gets to his feet, the official raising his hand in victory.

POWERS: “And here is your winner, Rooob Heeewiiit!!!”
MATTHEWS: “After an a great series of qualifying bouts and and incredible match here tonight, we finally know that we will see Rob Hewitt versus Niobe Martin for the Fate Championship at Winter Wasteland. Impossible as it is not to be disappointed, none of the other three have any reason to feel bad about what they did here tonight.”
The brawling between El Futuro and Istvan Bathory spills out of the ring. The two continue trading blows all the way up the aisle, disappearing into the back. Left alone with the victor, Jace Savage finally extends a hand to Hewitt in a show of respect. As the handshake ends, “Light It Up” replaces “For Whom the Bell Tolls” on the speakers.

GRIFFIN: “Here comes Bethany Bailey! Maybe we’re about to find out the what will be happening at Winter Wasteland for the rest of the Fate roster!”
MATTHEWS: “Judging by the smile on her face, I think you might be right.”
The music dies down as the attention of the crowd, the two men in the ring, and the announcers switches to the GM.

BAILEY: “First of all, congratulations Mister Hewitt. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that it was an easy road for you to get here. You earned your title shot and, as promised, you will be facing Niobe Martin at Winter Wasteland.
“However, that does leave everyone else wondering what they will be up against, doesn’t it? Well, if you were hoping I would tell you, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. The fans in the audience here tonight, everyone watching at home, and all of the Fate talent in the back are going to have to keep wondering.
“In a little something I like to call the Wasteland Wildcard, no one will know who they are facing until the night of the event. Matches will not be decided until it is time for them to take place and I draw the names at random. Even I don’t know who will be facing whom.”
GRIFFIN: “What?!”
MATTHEWS: “How will anyone prepare? How do you train when you don’t know what you are up against?!”
The audience cheers wildly at the unusual stipulations. Hewitt gives a little smirk to himself, as he at least knows exactly who he will be facing. Jace looks a little put off. Bethany gives a smile before turning on her heel and disappearing backstage without further fanfare.

MATTHEWS: “Well, there you have it! While we know Rob Hewitt and Niobe Martin will square off, we have no idea what the other matches will be.”
GRIFFIN: “With Drew Stevenson facing Seamus O’Connor in a grudge match, we do know that at least one match will have to be a non-singles match in order to book the entire roster. But will it be a Triple Threat? A five man match?”
MATTHEWS: “What about the possibility of a tag team match? With randomly drawn names you could end up with a team like Jace Savage and Tanya Black, or one like El Futuro and his nemesis Istvan Bathory!”
GRIFFIN: “We have to leave you this evening with more questions than answers, I’m afraid. On behalf of myself, Ronnie, and the entire Fate staff, thank you for tuning in and we look forward to seeing you at Winter Wasteland!”