Making his 4CW debut, Xan came to the building with one thing on mind and one thing only; making an impact and putting that first notch in his win column. Starting slow, the two went back and forth with grappling exchanges before Xan finally took charge and dropped Sullivan to the canvas with reverse neckbreaker. From that point on, Sullivan couldn’t defend himself as Xan beat him brutally while down and defenseless. Mid-way through the match, Sullivan showed a glimpse of hope as he reversed an Irish whip. Sloppy as usual, Sullivan’s window of opportunity closed as Xan caught him off guard with a running big boot, knocking him off his feet and planting him on the mat. Not giving Sullivan another chance for offense, Xan hit him with an inverted atomic drop followed up with a sidewalk slam, laying him out in the center of the ring. Growing tired of the lack of challenge Sullivan presented, Xan finally finished him off with his unique finisher, a double underhook falling powerbomb transitioned into a pin, The Port City Powerbomb, followed by the One, Two, Three!

The picture opens at the top of the entrance ramp in the Infinite Energy Arena. The crowd is electric as they await the start of the show, hardly any empty seats in the entire building. The crowd then erupts as the new 4CW Hot Shots strut out from the back one after the other. Lining the stage, the four ladies then play to the crowd, showing off their assets. The men in the crowd go wild with whistles and cat calls as the four ladies show their stuff and why they are the new and improved 4CW Hot Shot’s.
The camera then turns to a shot of the ring at the bottom of the entrance ramp. Focusing on the squared circle, the camera begins to make its way down the ramp. Turning to the left, a fan screams for the cameras attention as he holds a sign above his head.


Turning to the right, the camera focuses on another sign held in the distance.


Approaching the ring, the camera then makes its way around it until the announcers booth comes into focus. Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the booth, dressed for the occasion as they talk amongst themselves. As usual, Vassa has a glass of bourbon in his hand with an almost full bottle sitting on the booth in front of him. In front of Johnson sits a stack of papers and a pitcher of water. Behind them, a group of fans jump up and down as the camera moves in closer. In the middle of the pack, a fan holds up yet another sign.

? ? ? ? ?

Noticing the camera, Johnson quickly turns to it and points, signaling to Vassa that it’s time to get down to business

JOHNSON: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another night of 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! Thank you for joining us here in Duluth, Georgia!”
JOHNSON: “As always, we have an exciting lineup in store for you all watching from home. The biggest thing of the night we have is the match for the tournament fi–“
VASSA: “I hate to interrupt you but I need to address that sign behind us.”
JOHNSON: “Cyrus Riddle and Jason Parker Davidson, what about it?”
VASSA: “I’m a little confused on what it means. Did 4CW sign JPD to a contract? Are him and Riddle having a match?”
JOHNSON: “You don’t pay too much attention to other wrestling companies outside of 4CW do you?”
VASSA: “I used to follow one place but you can’t even mention their name now without being threatened with a lawsuit.”
JOHNSON: “Some people just take things too serious. The day someone gets sued will be the day I turn in my resignation and ride into the sunset.”
VASSA: “Or go to sleep and never wake up, you are old as fuck.”
JOHNSON: “Here I was about to fill you in on the details behind that sign but I don’t think I’m going to waste my breath now.”
JOHNSON: “Well since you ask so nicely, I guess I can explain before we head into our first match of the evening.”
VASSA: “Thank you!”
JOHNSON: “Now I’m pretty sure you are familiar with High Octane Wrestling. It has been announced that 4CW will be sending a team to compete with HOW in a wargames match.”
VASSA: “Wargames with High Octane? JPD is from HOW. I’m guessing that he will be competing against 4CW? Please, do tell.”
JOHNSON: “That’s how things were looking to begin with but out of nowhere, Jason Parker Davidson turned his back on HOW and declared himself as the team captain for 4CW in the wargames match against HOW.”
VASSA: “Wait a second, wait a damn second! Jason Parker Davidson is representing 4CW?”
JOHNSON: “That’s right!”
VASSA: “Holy shit, that’s crazy! He’s been an HOW guy for a long time now and is now representing 4CW in a battle against them. Where does Cyrus fit into the equation?”
JOHNSON: “Well this all happened last Friday night, March twenty-fifth, at their event Friday Night Chaos.. Before JPD announced himself as the 4CW team captain, Cyrus Riddle made an appearance and the two together, took out HOW owner, Lee Best!”
VASSA: “They took out Lee Best?! WHOA!”
JOHNSON: “It was a shocker to many people. How did you not know about this?”
VASSA: “Let’s just say that I was occupied with a few ladies and some of Columbia’s finest for the last week or so, following our last Adrenaline.”
JOHNSON: “Jesus Vinny! You couldn’t just keep that to yourself?!”
VASSA: “You asked and I gave you an honest answer. I’m not proud of my actions. But anyway, so Riddle made an appearance at HOW and teamed up with JPD to take out Lee Best, the owner of HOW.”
JOHNSON: “That is correct, sir.”
VASSA: “So it’s pretty safe to say that so far JPD has picked Riddle to be a member of the 4CW Wargames team.”
JOHNSON: “It appears so.”
VASSA: “Jesus. Wallace had it bad enough with having to deal with Unstable. Now he has to worry about HOW retaliating. I hope he beefed up that security detail of his.”
JOHNSON: “I’m pretty certain he made arrangements. After all, he is the one who made a deal with JPD and got this whole thing in motion.”
VASSA: “That sneaky son of a bitch.”
JOHNSON: “He’s a real snake in the grass as he’s shown us time and time again.”
VASSA: “So now we’re going to war with High Octane Wrestling. This should be fun, two bottom of the barrel wrestling promotions. No room in the big four for us guys!”
JOHNSON: “We’re just not worthy. But anyways, there’s the story behind that sign, Vinny. You follow?”
VASSA: “Where we going? We have a match about to take place.”
JOHNSON: “That we do! We have an exciting lineup for everyone at home tonight. We’ll kick the evening off with a falls count anywhere match between Jace Savage and Jason Cashe.”
VASSA: “I just hope it doesn’t get too far from ringside. Cashe just lost the XTV Championship and I want to see him in action as close as possible tonight. This is going to be insane!”
JOHNSON: “We also have quite a few new names to 4CW making their debuts tonight. This all ladies over the top rope elimination rumble will feature three.”
VASSA: “Our new XTV Champion, Bryan Laughlin, will be in action tonight against another new name, a big name in the wrestling world, Nirvana!”
JOHNSON: “This is a fantastic booking, one that I have been looking forward to all week.”
VASSA: “What about that headline match though? This is going to be pretty awesome as well.”
JOHNSON: “Unstable versus Omerta. CJ O’Donnell and Chris Madison will step in the ring with Erron Wilder and one half of the tag team champions, Cyrus Riddle.”
VASSA: “These two groups have been hard at it for months now and this could very well be the biggest match up to date between the two.”
JOHNSON: “This isn’t our main event but could very likely steal the entire show.”
VASSA: “That main event is solid as well. After a speedbump a few weeks ago, we have finally come to the end of the tournament. That’s right, tonight we will have the tournament finals and the winner will advance to face Dakota Smith at South Beach Brawl.”
JOHNSON: “Drew Stevenson and Jair Hopkins will collide in the center of that ring, fighting for that last spot to advance forward to South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “This tournament has been going on for quite some time now but it finally comes to an end tonight. In a way, I’m kind of sad because the level of talent has been phenomenal in this thing.”
JOHNSON: “Look on the bright side, the 4CW Championship match at South Beach Brawl will feature the best of the best competing for the top prize in the business.”
VASSA: “You mean the bottom prize, bottom four bay-bay!”
JOHNSON: “If you say so! Well that’s our lineup in a nutshell folks. We’re going to cut backstage for a few moments but when we return, we’ll have our opening match that will set the bar for the entire night.”
VASSA: “Don’t you go anywhere!”
Vassa then finishes off his drink in hand before turning to Johnson who looks back, shaking his head.

The cocky and Brash Cyrus Riddle walks through a glass door and onto a ramp heading down the garage, he has a sort of i’m better than you type of swag about him as steps carefully down the ramp. When he gets to the garage he surveys the area before directing his gaze over to a familiar white van. As he approaches the van the side door slides open and as a thick white wall of smoke escapes the interior. Through the smoke a face pops out and grabs Cyrus by the collar of his shirt, violently pulling him in. As the door closes the camera switches inside the van, showing that the man who had abducted Cyrus was none other than Dakota Smith. Cyrus looked a bit shocked and ready to attack but when he realized who had grabbed he calmed down.

RIDDLE: “What in the fuck mate?”
Dakota lets out a quick and loud laugh before sitting down with his back up against the wall of the van, in between his lips was a rather large joint. Dakota takes a few more puffs off it before handing it to Cyrus, who accepts it. Cyrus puts the joint up to his lips and takes in a deep drag before instantly regretting that decision as he starts to hack his lungs out.

RIDDLE: “The piss is in this?”
SMITH: “Nothin’ man, nothin. Just calm down bruh – We have to talk about a few things.“
Dakota was fidgety, he had a crazed look in his eyes as his glance jumped around the van, as if he was waint for someone to come after him. Cyrus takes another small puff off of the joint before handing it back to Dakota.

SMITH: “There’s fuckery at foot my friend, the maggots… They’re coming for what’s mine! I just know it! I can taste it in the back of my brain… You know what i’m saying? Why else would I not have a match tonight? I Mean look at what happen to Jair last week! He didn’t have a match, and I bashed his fucking head in! What… What if someone is planning my downfall right as we speak?….What are you thoughts on the current state of Omerta?“
Dakota puts the joint up to his lips and inhales a good amount of smoke. As he curiously stares at Cyrus he slowly raises up one eyebrow as smoke also starts to pour out from his nostrils. Cyrus returns his own look of curiosity.

RIDDLE: “Honestly, I feel we are fine… I suppose. Problem is, we are being seen as something we aren’t. I would never call us a stable, we are more of an idea in human form. We’ve been so preoccupied babysitting Unstable’s feeble war, that we’ve kind of lost focus on what we stand for.”
Dakota points at Riddle and nods his head in frantic fashion, agreeing with the man. He then lets his hand run up the side of his neck before violently scratching the back of his head.

SMITH: “Yes! This war that we’re in means fucking nothing! Omerta is a way of life, it’s the blood that flows within our veins. I think we have lost sight of what’s really important Cyrus, and that’s the fear and violence we create within others… But… I don’t think these little maggots are afraid of us anymore. I…I think they think that we are jokes! They see us win championships and then they scream out FLUKE! They have the fuckin’ balls to call me a fake champion…”
Dakota gets up on his knees and reaches over to the driver’s seat of the van, pulling his 4CW championship off of said seat. He quickly brings it close to his chest and sits back down across from Cyrus. There was a certain twitch about Dakota, his legs vibrating almost uncontrollably as he cradles the championship in his arms.

SMITH: “What happen to the fear Cyrus? WHAT HAPPEN TO MY RESPECT! He stole it… Madison stole it and the fucking masses rejoiced! They fucking sicken me… We should kill them all my friend, murder every single little bitch in this building… Maybe then they’d remember the boogeyman under their beds, maybe then i’d get the respect I fucking deserve!”
Cyrus stares blankly at the 4CW Championship and Dakota, seemingly in thought. After a few moments contemplation, he refocuses.

RIDDLE: “That’d be ideal, but we need people to spread the word, yeah? If you ask me, I say the real message stays in the ring. Madison is on borrowed time, you can’t let that eat at you. But, if it’s fear you’re looking to put back into people, I say the perfect opportunity is presenting itself. Your next title defense, request that match be stipulated in such a way that nobody could ever fathom questioning your validity as champion and as The Butcher.”
A devious grin grows upon the face of Dakota as he looked down at his championship, He takes it away from his chest and sets it down next to him, his head tweaks to the side before glaring at Cyrus.

SMITH: ”You just may be right my friend. SEE! This is why I asked you to come here, in a world full of maggots, you’re the least mushy….But yes, YES! I need to come up with something…. I don’t need to just leave my mark on this company, I need to carve it open like it was a god damn prostitute! Tearing open its flesh and sticking my dick in! I will make this company my fucking bloated little cum dumpster! Yeah…That’s what i’m gonna’ do, that’s what Dakota fuckin’ Smith is going to do!”
Dakota slams his head back up against the van with a loud bang as he seemingly goes off into his own little chaotic world, scratching his arm violently as he does so. Then the butcher goes still for a few moment, looking at Cyrus but lost in his own thought. Blood slowly starts to flow from his nostril, running down his lip and into his beard, which makes Cyrus raise an eyebrow.

RIDDLE: “Are you good mate?”
Dakota viciously shakes the cobwebs out of his head like a dog drying off, flinging blood around the van as he does so. He licks the blood off of his lips as the grin returns to his face.

SMITH: ”Never fucking better.”
With a concerned amusement, Cyrus looks on with a faint laugh escaping.

RIDDLE: “Good… just remember, we control what happens, nobody else does. Even if that means we must take trips into places we have yet to mentally visit, I say it’s all for the greater good.”
Just as Dakota was about to reply there was a loud and sudden crash on the side of the van, followed by the door be swung open. “ Boo!” Someone shouts as they try to enter the van, but are abruptly stopped by Dakota smacking the living piss out of them. As the unknown man falls back and out of the Van Dakota jumps out after him ready for a fight.

WILDER: “What in the fuck!“
Dakota’s face gets a oh shit look on it as he realizes that the man was none other than fellow Omerta member Erron WIlder. Cyrus begins to laugh his ass off as Dakota picks Erron up off of the ground.

WILDER: “The piss was that for?“
SMITH: ”You fuckin’ scared me!”
WILDER: “You hit me!“
SMITH: ”Shit, I’m sorry! I love you!”
Dakota’s attention quickly goes back to the van as he reaches in and grabs his 4CW championship.

SMITH: ”I gotta’ fluckin’ go.”
The butcher reaches into his pocket and pulls out another joint, he hands it to Erron and then pats him on the back before frantically exiting the scene leaving Cyrus and Erron both looking very confused. The pair look at each other for a moment before shrugging their shoulders. Erron puts the joint in between his lips and hops in the van, closing the door behind him.


Adrenaline cuts back to ringside where Johnson and Vassa are ready to break down the first match of the night.

JOHNSON: ”Can you feel the electricity in the air tonight Vinny?! It’s time for our opening match of the night and it’s going to be a brutal one!”
VASSA: ”I’ve been looking forward to this match all week and it’s not going to just be brutul, but it’s going to be PERSONAL!”
JOHNSON: ”Yea you definitely have a pretty valid point there, Vinny! It seems like Jace has wanted to get his hands on Cashe for awhile now and Cashe has thrown him into the mud at nearly every turn.”
VASSA: ”While I like Jace’s strong confidence, he’s never truly faced a more versatile opponent than Jason. This match could really be an eye opener for just not us, but for these two men tonight. Something has to give and it’s only a matter of figuring out what happens next.”
JOHNSON: ”You got a prediction tonight? I’m going with Jace for the biggest upset in potential 4CW history tonight! He’s got the fight, he’s got the will and I think Jace is going to take care of business tonight. Cashe may be in for a surprise!”
VASSA: ”Hope as you will, Stevie, I’m goin with my boy Cashe on this one. Like I said, Cashe is too fucking versatile for Jace to really match up against. That and with Cashe just losing his XTV Championship to Laughlin, Cashe is going to have a lot of channeled hate to dish out tonight. I think Jace is clearly out of his fucking mind tonight and Cashe is going to put the boyhood wonder into the ground tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Well there we have it folks! Let’s get this party started!”

POWERS: ”The following contest is a Falls County Anywhere match and it’s scheduled for one fall!”
The arena goes black as the opening thirty seconds to “Animal” by Disturbed plays over the speakers. As the guitar rifts and drum beats start to play a multitude of color lights starts flashing around the arena. Jace comes walking out from behind the curtain looking like he is ready for a fight as soon as he gets to the entrance ramp he points out to the fans and takes off in a sprint towards the ring slapping fans hands on the way down.

JOHNSON: ”And here comes Jace Savage! He looks pumped up and ready to…….WHAT THE HELL?!……WATCH OUT!!!!”
As Jace is coming down the ramp towards the ring, he is blindsided from behind as Cashe hammers him in the back of the head with a steel chair. Cashe immediately discards the steel chair to the side of the ramp as the only reason he apparently used it was to get a point across to Jace.

JOHNSON: ”What a cowardly assault by Cashe! What the hell was that for?!”
VASSA: ”That was a PERSONAL statement by Cashe! He didn’t have to do it, sure, but he wanted to make sure Jace knew exactly what the hell he was getting himself into! This is going to be a long match for Jace!”
Jace stirs a little as he slowly gets to his knees but he isn’t given any time to recover as Cashe is able to hit a kneeling DDT smashing Jace’s head into the steel on the ramp. Cashe grabs Jace and tosses him off the ramp to the side where some of the fans start to go wild as the action spills closer to their area. Cashe starts to stalk Jace as Jace gets back to his feet and Cashe mocks Jace and tells him to come get some anticipating Jace will charge at him. Cashe was right to suspect so as Jace comes running towards Cashe in a fit of anger as Cashe plants Jace with a pop up sitdown spinebuster.

JOHNSON: ”Good god, Cashe is just feeding off of Jace’s inconsistent anger! Jace is a mess right now!”
VASSA: ”This is Cashe at his finest! Jace needs to respect the fact that Cashe has been here several times and experience ALWAYS wins out at the end of the day!”
Cashe shakes his head with a devious smile reaching from one end to the other on his face as he reaches down to grab Jace, but Jace surprises him by sending a European uppercut into Cashe before Jace takes Cashe down to his back and mounts him. Jace starts to unleash wildly on Cashe with several punches to the face and the crowd have absolutely come unglued as they side behind Savage as Jace uses the energy of the crowd to channel his anger and hammers away with more controlled punches at Cashe. Jace dismounts off Cashe and gets to his feet in a fighting stance as Cashe slaps the concrete getting up in frustration. Cashe looks at Jace and Jace smiles who in turn starts to gesture and mock Cashe back in which he tells him to come get him some. This doesn’t sit well with Cashe as Cashe rushes towards Jace and Jace is able to send a kick to the midsection of Cashe before hitting his own version of a sitdown spinebuster. Jace plants Cashe on the concrete and transitions into a pinning move, covering Cashe.

JOHNSON: ”Jace now playing some mind games of his own on Cashe!”
VASSA: ”Yea, don’t celebrate just yet Stevie! One segment of moves by Jace is not going to affect how this match with Cashe is going to end!”
As the confidence in Jace grows, he grabs Cashe and whips him back firs into the side of the steel ramp. Jace follows these strikes up with some forearms to the face before stepping back a few feet and charging at Cashe. Jace goes for a dropkick, but Cashe moves out of the way and Jace crashes into the ramp. Cashe pulls himself together as he goes for a running senton which connects perfectly with Jace. Cashe then mounts him and starts to send some gorilla styled fist attacks wildly into the face of Jace as he has troubles defending himself against Cashe’s fast moving assault. Cashe then grabs Jace and turns his attention to the corner of the set and sends Jace’s head into the set following with coordinated head strikes violently into the set. As Jace begins to recover from the strikes, this allows Cashe to get into a stance where he charges at Jace and spears him in half beyond the set where they find themselves in the backstage area. Cashe, wanting to test Jace’s spirit, moves in to cover him as the referee is right there to make the count.

JOHNSON: ”It looks like this fight is spilling into the backstage area now where we might have thought it would at some point!”
VASSA: ”This is Cashe’s backyard, and Jace is NOT in a good place right now!! Things are about to get ugly!”
Cashe grabs Jace and lauches him over the side of a sitting table and some spectators, who weren’t expecting a fight to spill in their area, quickly abandon the area as Jace slowly gets back to his feet. Jace finds the separation to his advantage as he grabs Cashe’s head and bashes it into the table repeatedly. Jace lunges forward and sends a forearm into the side of Cashe’s head knocking him down to the ground. Jace stomps away at the face of Cashe a few times before turning around and looking at the table.

JOHNSON: ”Uh oh, I’ve seen that look before! Whatever is going through Jace’s mind isn’t good for Cashe!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know about that. Cashe has had some sick thoughts of his own and I would be surprised if Jace is thinking about anything worse in this particular situation.”
Jace drags Cashe and actually places him underneath the table. Cashe tries to get up, but Jace sends a swift kick to the side of Cashe’s head that sends Cashe lurking to hugging the ground as Jace sees a production set lying off to the side as he starts to stand on top of it, he looks back and launches himself from the set with a diving elbow thus crashing the table in half right on top of Cashe. Jace rolls off to the side as he grabs his elbow from the impact as Cashe remains lying in the rubble of the table. Jace stumbles over and goes for a cover on Cashe.

JOHNSON: ”Jace is trying to pull out all the stops on Cashe!”
VASSA: ”I will give Jace credit, but he’s going to have to do something much more than that to put away Cashe here tonight!”
Cashe starts to stir as Jace pulls him up from the rubble. Cashe immediately grabs Jace and sends some thrusting headbutts into Jace, thus hurting himself in the process. Cashe rests his foot against Jace’s midsection before using the leverage to push Jace backwards crashing into the pile of rubble from the table. Cashe turns around and starts to walk off down the hallway looking around as ideas start to pop into his head. Jace makes it out of the rubble and looks around before spotting Cashe someway down the hall before he starts to walk after Cashe, picking up his speed as he follows in pursuit. Cashe finds a nearby elevator and hits the button, waiting for it to open. As he looks like he is catching his breath, he looks off slowly to his right to see Jace running towards him and just as Jace gets close enough, Cashe surprises him by grabbing Jace and hitting a jumping reverse STO.
The elevator door opens as Cashe grabs Jace and tosses him inside. The referee looks awkwardly at Cashe and Cashe stops him from entering the elevator.

The referee looks on and just shrugs his shoulders as he doesn’t want to argue with the innovator of violence as the doors slowly close and Vassa and Johnson can be heard laughing at the reaction.

JOHNSON: ”What the hell was all about? Never an unturned, awkward moment with Cashe!”
VASSA: ”Even in the heatest moments of violence, Cashe knows how to transition everything else!”
Meanwhile, in the elevator, a moment of silence commences. Jace is on the ground stirring and Cashe is just waiting for the elevator to reach the top. Some pretty fancy awkward elevator music can be heard in the background and Cashe is tapping his foot impatiently as he shakes his head apparently dissatisfied with the music choice he is hearing. Cashe looks down at Jace and kicks him repeatedly as Jace winces in pain.

CASHE: ”Come on Jace, squeal, do SOMETHING! Hearing you grunt in pain is a lot more comforting on my ears than this cheap Arena’s choice of selection shit! There is NOTHING soothing about this shit!”
Finally, the door opens as Cashe feels a moment of relief come over him almost as if he had finished a grueling marathon. Cashe grabs Jace and tosses him out of the elevator. Cashe looks around and notices the referee doesn’t appear to be around and just shrugs his shoulders as he marches his way towards Jace. As he grabs Jace, Jace finds life in him as he stands up and starts to send some chops into Cashe’s chest. Like his life is depending on it, Jace is unloading an incredible amount of fight into Cashe as Cashe is reacting to every chop Jace is sending into him. Jace sends some closed fists into Cashe’s face before kicking him in the gut and planting him with a DDT. Cashe pops up as the adrenaline keeps pumping through his veins and Jace hits a desperation Savage Punch sending Cashe to the ground. Jace falls back to the ground and covers Cashe but after a short time, realizes there’s no referee!

SAVAGE: ”Oh come the fuck on! You’ve got to be kidding me!! Where the hell is the damn referee?!”
VASSA: ”Try out of shape and probably taking the fucking stairs! LOL!”
JOHNSON: ”Cashe may have caught a break with the referee not being here! NOT good news for Jace!”
Jace shakes his head in anger and frustration as he grabs Cashe and Irish whips him into a nearby wall. Cashe hits the wall still on his feet as the two of them make their way down the hallway coming up to a balcony which the fans in the arena spot the two of them. Cashe quickly rebounds and floats over and hits a snap suplex taking Jace to the ground. Cashe hits a leg drop on Jace before following it up with a jumping head to head headbutt. Jace starts to feel dizzy as a cut under Jace’s eye appears. Jace shakes his head as he slowly gets to his feet. Cashe sees opportunity and backs up as he prepares to launch himself towards Jace.

JOHNSON: ”Oh my god, please don’t do what I think you’re going to do!!”
VASSA: ”Things are about to heat up!!”
Cashe charges at Jace and goes for a spear on Jace but Jace, just in the niche of time, leap frog jumps as Cashe ends up falling from the balcony and hits the ground below.

The crowd definitely don’t hesitate to start a huge HOLY SHIT chant as Jace turns around and looks down to see Cashe collapsed on the ground. Jace turns around and how convenient, the referee finally shows up! The referee looks around before realizing that Cashe is down on the ground below and shrugs his shoulders in frustration. The referee decided to take the stairs apparently. These referees, always trying to stay in shape they are! Another referee from below happens to check on Cashe’s condition and Jace looks down again and back at the referee as he appears to be getting some insane ideas in his own head. The referee shortly catches on and he shakes his head and advises Jace not to do what he thinks he’s going to do.
Now take a moment and realize why this referee isn’t wanting Jace to do what he’s about to do. Look at it from his standpoint. You have to think about the kind of shit they go through around here and I feel for the referee, but he did sign up for this….eh, maybe he didn’t. He probably drew straws with the other referees. Maybe he was expecting what kind of a match this would be. I can only imagine what perils the referee faced when he was taking his ascent up here with each climbing stair.
Jace doesn’t care, however, and decides to channel his inner “I shouldn’t fucking do this, but I’m going to do it anyway” type of process and doesn’t think any further before jumping off the balcony and hitting a moonsault on Cashe below. Poor referee. Enjoy those stairs. Better yet, just take the fucking elevator this time! Meanwhile, Jace and Cashe are both hurting badly after those two sequences and Jace at least musters up enough strength where he is able to pin Cashe. This time, there is a referee there to count for him!

VASSA: ”CASHE NEVER SEIZES TO AMAZE ME!!! I was starting to wonder how he survived that fall, but then I remember some of the other fucked up things he’s been through and immediately stopped wondering!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t believe it! Both Jace and Cashe have put each other through hell here tonight! These guys are pushing on through some unbelievable things!”
VASSA: ”I have to give Jace credit, I would have thought he would have caved awhile ago! But he’s proven to be a tough man through this match!”
Jace is the first one to move as he slowly makes it to his feet. Cashe starts to show some movement, and he actually begins to crawl away and back towards the backstage area again as they were close enough to the set enough as it is. Jace turns around and sees that Cashe has moved away and once again, Jace is in pursuit. He makes it back over to Cashe as he stomps him in the back. Cashe grabs his back as it appears Cashe had cut his lip from the fall from the balcony. Blood starts to trail down his beard and to his chest as Jace grabs Cashe and pulls him to his feet but Cashe was playing posse and lifts his knee and strikes Jace in the face. Cashe turns Jace around and begins hammering away at Jace with multiple clotheslines to the back of his head as Cashe starts to wear down. Jace is out on the ground and Cashe rolls him over and goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”WHAT?! Jace kicks out!!! Where is Jace finding this energy to kick out?!”
VASSA: ”Give the fuck up Jace!! Just give in to Cashe! You’ve fought an impressive fight already, but it’s time to just give up!”
Cashe can’t believe it as he looks around him before he grabs Jace and tosses him into a closed door nearby as the door crashes open and it’s revealed to be the bathroom. Yes, that’s where this match has gone now and if you want an even bigger shocker, it was the woman’s bathroom! Cashe realizes where they are as a sickly familiar smile crosses his face. Cashe grabs Jace and sends his head into the sink a few times as Jace’s head rebounds off the sink and he falls down towards one of the stall doors. Curious, Cashe was actually wondering if there was anyone in the bathroom as he kicks the stall doors open one by one to see there isn’t anyone in there. Cashe actually looked a bit disappointed and because he was so disappointed, took his mind off Jace briefly as he turns around and gets an uppercut from Jace on his knees as Cashe hits the toilet behind him. Cashe brings himself back to the reality of the moment and starts to release some closed fists into the aggravated eye of Jace. Cashe grabs Jace by the throat with one hand and actually reaches back behind him with the other as he puts his hand straight into the toilet. His eyes goes back and forth as his hand swims around as he curiously wonders what he will find. An interesting smile crosses his face as he brings it out of the toilet and back towards Jace’s face and it soon becomes known what Cashe hit Jace in the face with. It was a wadded up toilet paper as it slapped Jace square in the face.

JOHNSON: ”Oh my god, that’s absolutely disgusting!!”
VASSA: ”Who would have known some women don’t flush!”
Cashe grabs Jace as they make their way out of the bathroom and down the hallway to another set of doors. Curious in that avenue, Cashe spears Jace through that door to reveal a stairwell and as fate would have it, nearly takes out the same referee who climbed those same stairs earlier. I guess the elevator malfunctioned. Tough break. The referee looks on as Jace starts to show more life and fights back at Cashe but Cashe soon stops his momentum and hits a side belly to belly near the steps as Cashe grabs Jace and tosses him swiftly down a flight of stairs as Jace hits the bottom and is out cold.

JOHNSON: ”God damn!!! Jace could have broken his neck during that fall! When will this madness end?!”
VASSA: ”Cashe wants to make sure Jace gets a good tour from his perspective of the entire arena and what a tour it’s been thus far!”
Cashe takes a few steps down the stairs as Jace gets back to his feet. Cashe then dismounts from the stairs and descends down on Jace as he attempts the Mark of Jason, but Jace moves out of the way!! Jace tries to go for a clothesline, but Cashe moves out of the way and grabs Jace from behind and hits the U.T.I, Under The Influence, on Jace taking him down to the ground. Cashe looks on for a moment before finally covering Jace as the referee makes the count.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner……..JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
JOHNSON: ”My god what a violent match that was!! I thought this match was going to go on forever, but Cashe is able to pick up the victory over Jace!”
VASSA: ”Cashe gets the job done! My perspective of Jace has completely changed, though! What a tough bout that was!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re telling me! Great effort by Jace and we learned that he can go the distance and take a pretty brutal beating, but he was impressive here tonight! This fight had a personal feeling to it the entire time, and though some very questionable areas of this match, this was surely a match for the ages!”
VASSA: ”That it was Stevie! What a great opening match to open Adrenaline and one has to wonder, will any match truly top the spectacle we saw tonight?!”
Cashe kneels down and pats Jace on the face and smiles feeling pretty satisfied at his work. Medical personnel immediately attend to Jace as Adrenaline cuts elsewhere.

Walking the halls backstage, Perry Wallace and Oswald Pinkman talk amongst each other.

PINKMAN: ”You wanted to speak with me in private?”
WALLACE: ”Yes, that’s why I asked you to go for a walk with me. I need to go outside and have a smoke.”
PINKMAN: ”This isn’t really private, or outside for that matter.”
WALLACE: ”Just walk with me, talk with me. The management people of this fine facility were hard on me about smoking inside. They would probably shit themselves if I sparked up a doob in the office. Plus, Kaysie is in the office and I don’t want you creeping her out old man.”
PINKMAN: ”Why didn’t you just say that you wanted me to escort you outside then? I’m here for your protection.”
WALLACE: ”Because then I’d look like a bitch and I don’t want people think I’m scared to walk the halls of my own show without you tagging along.”
PINKMAN: ”You’re a very important man. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for you to have security detail escorting you.”
WALLACE: ”Right… I’m just like the goddamn president I guess. You’re a funny dude Oswald.”
PINKMAN: ”I’ll take that as a compli–”
WALLACE: ”What the fuck are you doing here!”
Turning the corner, Wallace cuts Pinkman off in mid-sentence at the sight of the man standing in front of them. Shaking his head back and forth, Wallace grows red in the face as he begins to adjust his shirt collar.

WALLACE: ”Well, well, well… How delightful it is to run into you, Frankie. I actually expected to hear from you sooner.”
Frankie Morrison stood tall before the two men with a smirk on his face. He looked over Perry’s new security guard from head to toe and nodded his head before unfastening the buttons to his suit jacket and turning his attention to Perry Wallace.

MORRISON: ”This is your big upgrade in security?”
WALLACE: ”He’s my personal security consultant! I have more bodies in the building, you know that. Hey, Oswald, show him that piece under your jacket.”
Pinkman holds his hand up and just shakes his head back and forth.

PINKMAN: ”That won’t be necessary Mr. Wallace.”
WALLACE: ”Whatevs, but yea Frankie, I have new security detail. What of it?”
MORRISON: ”It’s okay Mr. Pinkman, you can keep your piece where it is. Perry, you forget that I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn in a time when the mafia was running rampant, wouldn’t be the first time I saw a gun. You’re standing on thin ice. After last Adrenaline it has taken every ounce of effort to persuade Chris from storming into your office and beating the ever loving hell out of you.”
WALLACE: ”Now just why in the hell would he do that? I set the table for him to win the match! If I hadn’t walked out there and threw a chair in the ring, Dakota would have ended that streak with ease!”
MORRISON: ”Oh please. We both know why you were out there. Believe me or not, I’m coming to you because I’m looking out for your well-being; I’m the middle man in all of this.”
WALLACE: ”The middle man? Are you fucking kidding me? You’re the one who orchestrated this entire plot against me! Don’t think for one second you have me fooled! I’m Perry Wallace! No one makes an ass out of me!”
MORRISON: ”No… You’re right. You do a well enough job of that all by yourself. If you want to deal with Madison’s wrath, have at it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you…”
Morrison held his hands about chest high and rubbed his palms together as if he were wiping his hands clean. He sighed and shook his head, frustrated by Perry’s stubbornness and turned to walk away.

WALLACE: ”So what are you trying to say, Frankie?”
Holding his arms out to his side, Wallace stares at the back of Morrison’s head, hoping he stops to answer.

MORRISON: ”What I’ve been saying all along. You have to stop intervening in everything. You have one of the premier wrestling promotions out there today and you tarnish the product by sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. I know you have a soft spot for the guys in Omerta but if you get involved in tonight’s tag match there is no amount of damage control that I can do to keep Madison from getting his hands on you. You don’t know him like I do.”
WALLACE: ”I wasn’t even planning on intervening, as you would say, in the tag match later tonight. The guys in Omerta are big boys. They can handle themselves. Hell, every time I try to step in shit always backfires anyway. It’s probably best that I sit this one out, coach.”
MORRISON: ”For your sake, I hope you’re being serious.”
WALLACE: ”I’m always serious, dawg. Stop being so rude all the time. Omerta doesn’t need me to win tonight anyway.”
MORRISON: ”No, they need a miracle. But I’m not here to get into a pissing match over who’s better; Omerta or The Unstable. I’m coming to you because as hard as it may be to believe, I’ve always enjoyed my time working with you. The last thing I want is for Madison to flip and take it out on you. It was hard enough to talk him down before coming into the arena tonight after that stunt you pulled in his match against Dakota. Don’t make the same mistake twice… I can’t save you next time.”
Wallace lowers his head and stares at the floor for a moment as the three stand in silence. After a short pause, Wallace looks back up to Morrison with a look of seriousness on his face.

WALLACE: ”You do realize that he doesn’t appreciate you like I did… in a non homo way of course.”
MORRISON: ”You’re right… He appreciates me more.”
WALLACE: ”Cut the shit! I open my heart for one goddamn second and you shit all over it. BYE FRANKIE!!!”
Perry nods his head to the side, signaling for his security to lead the way. The two continue down the corridor, walking away from Frankie as he remains cemented where he stood. Frankie cups his hands around his mouth and shouts down the hall to Perry as he continues to walk away.

MORRISON: ”Just remember what I said! If not… It’s your funeral!”

Backstage, the camera shows a busy hallway in the Infinite Energy arena. Multiple members of the 4CW production crew are going about their hustle and bustle when suddenly a curvaceous brunette appears with bag in toe. The beautiful young woman in rather form fitting attire can be seen with a smirk on her face as many crew members’ eyes dart towards her. As she continues to meander down the hallway, she stops at a door labelled “female talent”. She then opens the door and walks into the locker room. Walking in, she surveys the landscape of the room. Finding an empty space to place her bag, she puts it down. Suddenly, she is abruptly stopped in her tracks by a hand on her shoulder. The young woman’s facial expression changes to one of bewilderment as she turns around. In her face now stands 4CW manager, Charity Skye.

SKYE: “Oh, my gosh! I’m soooooooooooooo excited to finally have some other females around here. You’re one of the new Hotshots right? It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name’s Charity Skye.”
The young ingénue stares blankly at Charity for a moment.

RAQUEL: “Ummm… are you the locker room help? First off, hi… but that is not how you approach THE Raquel Santiago”
Taken aback by Raquel’s snappy nature, Charity looks at her for a moment.

SKYE: “I’m sorry, but I’m no help.”
RAQUEL: “Oh… well, you can still help me.”

Slightly confused at this point, Charity scratches her head.

RAQUEL: “Well… don’t just stand there and look at me. You can go get the rest of my bags out of my car. I have very valuable shit, that costs more than anything you own. I can buy you if I want, got that Charity Case?”
A look of anger now befalls Charity’s face. She steps forward and is now eye to eye with Raquel.

SKYE: “I will say this again, I AM NOT the help. I am Charity Skye, I am a manager here in 4CW.”
Raquel then flips her hair in Charity’s face.

RAQUEL: “Well, once again Charity Case, I need help. So, supply the help. You can get fetch me a bottle of Chardonnay. You could easily get me some strawberries. Comeyou’re your name is Charity, do it. Live up to your hype, and help the head Hotshot in charge.”
Charity lets out a small chuckle.

SKYE: “Last time I checked, you’re far from the head person in charge of anything, bitch.”
Letting out a small chuckle, Raquel steps ever closer to Charity.

RAQUEL: “First of all bitch, don’t you ever call THE Raquel Santiago out of her name Charity Case. That is the first and last mistake you’ll ever make.”
Raquel then storms off, aggressive brushing her shoulder against Charity. In the distance, Raquel’s voice can be heard.

RAQUEL: “God, good help is so hard to find around here!”
Charity shakes her head in disbelief before putting her hands on her hips as the scene fades out.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Here We are…. Born to be Kings, we’re the Princes of the Universe!”
PVP enters from the back. He is wearing a black pull over long sleeved shirt. He has his head lowered, but you can see him snicker to himself as the crowd boos. He slowly raises his head and walks toward the ring.
“Here we belong, fighting to survive , in a world with the darkest power!”

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Nashville, Tennessee, weighing in at two hundred twenty-two and three-quarter pounds, standing six feet, two inches tall! He is “The Main Man”, PARKER VAN PPEETTEERRSS!!!”
PVP walks down the ramp, showing off his title and laughing as the boos from the crowd seemingly empower him. He climbs up the ring steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron. PVP then climbs into the ring, and opens with arms wide. PVP then heads over to a turnbuckle and starts to climb it.
“I am Immortal. I have inside me blood of kings.”
PVP Climbs onto a turnbuckle and lifts one fist in the air as the music fills the air and the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. He begins to scream back at the crowd. He hops down. He then walks over to the opposite corner and does the same motion. The music plays and he continues to yell back at the crowd, pointing out their inadequacies and such.
“We were Born to be Princes of the Universe.”
PVP takes off his shirt and throws it at the referee, telling him not to get it dirty or lose it.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The arena flashes between green, white and orange lights, as “The Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphy plays. Seamus comes with a shillelah in one hand while looking over the crowd.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall! He is “The Irish Bastard”, SEAMUS OOOOOO… CCOONNNNOORR!!!”
He runs out on stage and does a heel click, before walking to the ring amped up trying to get the crowd involved. He steps into the ring and runs up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

JOHNSON: “Parker Van Peters made his 4CW debut two weeks ago but tonight he’ll make his in-ring debut against Seamus O’Connor!”
VASSA: “I was excited to see him finally in 4CW after wasting his time in small time places that couldn’t afford to keep the lights on.”
JOHNSON: “Mr. Wallace is always on the look out for talent and I feel he made a wise choice with signing PVP.”
VASSA: “We’ll see how he does as he’s up against a man who will be challenging Chris Madison for the Pride Championship in three weeks at South Beach Brawl.”
JOHNSON: “Seamus has had some ups and downs in his career but after coming back from an injury that put him on the shelf, he seems to be back better than ever.”
VASSA: “He’s a former Pride Champion and hungry to hold that belt once more. a win here tonight will give him some momentum heading into South Beach Brawl and boy will he need it with the streak Chris Madison is on.”
JOHNSON: “If PVP can pull off the win here, it would make his in-ring debut huge. This match means a lot for both men and the only thing left to do is get right down to business.”
VASSA: “That sounds like a good idea to me!”
Checking with PVP, the official receives the okay and then turns to Seamus who cracks his neck and nods. With both men ready to go, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.
With the crowd screaming behind them, both men exit their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. Standing toe to toe, the two look into one another’s eyes. After a short exchange of words, the two then get into stance and lock up. Using his slight weight advantage, Seamus begins driving PVP backwards a few steps. Planting his back foot, PVP then bursts forward, driving Seamus backwards. The movement stops back in the center of the ring as the two really begin to struggle with one another for control. In the blink of an eye, PVP pulls Seamus’ head down to his side and applies a side headlock.
Planting his hand in PVP’s back, Seamus then pushes him away and sends him running to the ropes. After coming back on the rebound, Seamus stands his ground but PVP knocks him down to the mat with a shoulder block. Seamus quickly gets back to his feet and slaps both hands across PVP’s chest, pushing him backwards a few feet. PVP then lunges forward and pushes Seamus backwards. Firing back, Seamus swings for PVP’s head with a powerful right, connecting with force. In return, PVP then fires a pulverizing punch that collides to the side of Seamus’ head.
The two then go at it in a fury of punches, exchanging lefts and rights with each other until PVP breaks things up and knocks Seamus to the ropes with a European uppercut. Seamus hits the ropes and bounces back into PVP who then lifts him up from the mat and hits him with an inverted atomic drop. Standing straight up, Seamus takes baby steps backwards as the pain shoots up his spine. PVP then spins around and lunges forward, knocking Seamus off his feet with a discus clothesline. Dropping down to his knees, PVP then makes the cover as the official sweeps in with the count.

JOHNSON: “Seamus kicks out right before the two count!”
VASSA: “I’m surprised Seamus’ head is still attached after that clothesline.”
JOHNSON: “It is still attached but some crews might be loose after the impact.”
PVP pops his head up and looks to the ref in anger. Standing to his feet, PVP approaches the official and begins complaining about the count. He then turns back to Seamus and grabs him by the head, pulling him up to his feet. PVP then connects with a stiff right, knocking the spit right out of Seamus’ mouth. Jumping up, PVP plants both feet into the side of Seamus’ knee with a dropkick, forcing it out from under him and bringing him down to that knee. Back on his feet, PVP then runs to the ropes and comes back with an enziguri, knocking Seamus flat on his back.

VASSA: “Jesus! He’s definitely trying to decapitate Seamus.”
JOHNSON: “Seamus is a big man and it’s going to take some big moves to put him away for the three count.”
PVP crawls over top of Seamus and hooks his legs as the official drops in with the count.

Popping his shoulder up, Seamus breaks the count. PVP looks to the ref and complains again, this time louder than before. Pushing himself up, PVP puts all of his weight on the fist pressed against Seamus’ face. Grabbing a handful of hair, PVP then pulls him up and locks onto his wrist, whipping him to the nearby corner. Seamus crashes into the corner and right behind him, PVP charges with a clothesline. In a flash, Seamus ducks underneath PVP’s arm as it closes in, leaving him nothing but the corner to crash into. Hitting the corner chest first, PVP stumbles backwards and Seamus quickly moves in behind him. Lifting PVP up from the mat, Seamus then drops him across his knee with a backbreaker.
Standing tall, Seamus steps beside PVP’s head and then drops down, driving his knee into the side of his head. He then rises back up and focus his attention on PVP’s ribs, delivering stinging kicks repeatedly until finally rolling him over to his stomach. Reaching down, Seamus grabs PVP’s head with both hands and presses his face against the canvas. He then begins dragging it back and forth, giving him a nasty face to mat burn. Sitting on PVP’s back, Seamus then unloads with a series of forearm shots to the back of PVP’s head, pounding his face into the canvas with each landing blow.

JOHNSON: “Seamus appears to be letting out some frustration on PVP’s head.”
VASSA: “He’s going HAM! PVP talked about his family and heritage over the weeks leading up to this match. It’s payback time for Seamus!”
JOHNSON: “Things did get a little disrespectful on PVP’s end and it’s coming back to bite him in the behind right now.”
Seamus then pushes himself up but grabs ahold of PVP in the process and pulls him up as well. Spinning him around, Seamus lays into the side of his head with a powerful right and as he stumbles backwards, Seamus reaches forward and grabs ahold of his wrist, stopping him in his tracks. Using all of his strength, Seamus sends PVP to the ropes and as he returns, Seamus lifts him into the air and drives him straight back down into the canvas with a spinebuster. Climbing over PVP, Seamus goes for the pin as the official comes in for the count.

Kicking out after the two count, PVP breaks up the pin. Seamus then delivers a nasty elbow strike to his chin, knocking the back of his head against the mat. Standing back up, Seamus turns to the corner and quickly rushes over to it, climbing up to the top. Turning back around to face PVP, Seamus leaps from the top and comes down with an elbow drop.

VASSA: “This is going to hurt!”
Rolling out of the way, PVP avoids the elbow drop as Seamus crashes hard to the mat. Popping back to his feet, PVP takes a few moments to walk around the ring, catching his breath and getting his head back in the game. Turning to Seamus, he then takes off running towards him and hits him with a running knee drop to the head. Back on his feet, PVP pulls Seamus up to both knees and then locks his arm around his head. Falling backwards, he pulls Seamus’ head along for the ride and drives it into the mat with a DDT. Seamus’ body shoots straight up as it is upside down and then tips over. On his back, Seamus lies motionless as PVP crawls over him and goes for the pin.

JOHNSON: “Man that was close! PVP almost secured the victory over Seamus after laying him out with the DDT.”
VASSA: “PVP keeps trying to put Seamus away but the man just won’t stay down.”
Looking to the ref in frustration, PVP argues while still hovering over Seamus’ body. He then pushes himself up to his knees and then begins slapping his hands together quickly, making it clear be believes the count was slow. Out of nowhere, Seamus’ arm shoots into the air and his fist lands directly under PVP’s chin,. knocking him backwards and down to his back. The two then being slowly climbing to their feet. Standing up first, PVP staggers back and forth and as Seamus stands, PVP lunges forward with a forearm shot. Ducking out of the way, Seamus counters with a bone crushing punch to the ribs, forcing PVP to buckle to that side.
Grabbing PVP’s head with both hands, Seamus then pulls it in while slamming his forward, nearly cracking his skull with a brutal headbutt. As Seamus release his head, PVP stumbles backwards in a daze. Seamus then moves in with a body punch that knocks the wind out of PVP. Lifting PVP into the air, Seamus then turns around and takes off running before driving PVP into the mat with a powerslam. Seamus pushes himself up as PVP leans up in an upright seated position.
Circling PVP, Seamus keeps his eyes locked on him until finally moving in and lifting him up from the mat. Holding PVP’s head with one hand, Seamus draws back with the other and then connects with a power punch that knocks PVP a few yards backwards. After regaining his footing, PVP runs forward and lunges towards Seamus with a clothesline but misses as Seamus moves out of the way. Continuing in motion, PVP hits the ropes and as he returns, Seamus jumps up and grabs the back of his head before falling backwards, pulling PVP’s head down. Seamus’ back hits the mat and as it does, he pulls PVP’s face directly down into the knees curled against his chest.

VASSA: “The Irish Kiss!”
PVP’s head shoots backwards and his feet lift from the mat. Flying backwards through the air, PVP crashes hard to the mat unconscious.

JOHNSON: “Seamus just laid PVP out with the double knees to the face and this could be it.”
VASSA: “Seamus is crawling over to PVP who still hasn’t moved since landing back first to the mat.”
JOHNSON: “There’s the cover!”
Crawling over PVP, Seamus hooks the leg and rolls over with his back against PVP’s body as the official drops in with the count.

JOHNSON: “Seamus wins it!”
VASSA: “That he does! He’s got some momentum now heading into South Beach Brawl!”
VASSA: “PVP didn’t even see it coming.”
“The Spicy McHaggis Jig” hits the speakers as Seamus stands to his feet, looking down at PVP still down and out cold. The official then steps in beside him, grabs his arm and raises it into the air.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin fall, SEAMUS OOOOOO … CCOONNNNOORR!!!”
Seamus then rips his arm away from the official and makes his way to the corner, ascending to the top. Looking over the crowd, he then raises both arms into the air as the fans flood the entire building with cheers.

VASSA: “Even though things didn’t go in his favor, I’m still very impressed with the debut Parker made here tonight.”
JOHNSON: “It was a hard fought match between the two and unfortunately, only one person can win these things. Tonight just wasn’t PVP’s night.”
VASSA: “Keep your head up Parker because with the attitude you brought to the ring tonight, you’re going to go places. Tonight was just a little speed bump. We’ll chalk it up to adjusting to the big leagues.”
JOHNSON: “Seamus really showed us something tonight. PVP tried to put him away three times but couldn’t. I hope Madison was paying attention in the back because Seamus brings a serious threat to this elimination match at South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “Only three more weeks and we’ll see the final showdown for the Pride Championship. I can’t wait!”

Voices muffled can be heard as the cameras switch backstage. Coming from behind a closed door, you can’t determine who the voices belong too. Suddenly from around the corner nearby comes 4CW Pride Champion, Chris Madison. His Championship held securely over his shoulder as he approaches the door. Turning back to see the surrounding area, the voices inside the room go quiet. Madison knocks again.

“What’s the password?”
MADISON: “Open the door Cashe… That’s the password.”
The door opens in a hurry and out pops Jason Cashe. His face red with swollen sections and his lips still busted and wet with blood from his Opening fight with Jace Savage.

CASHE: “Nope! That’s NOT the password! The password is “Wet Vagina” I texted you this!”
MADISON: “I’m not saying that. Come on, move..”
Shoving by Cashe, Chris Madison enters the room. Cashe looking both ways, rounds the corner to check down the other hall Madison had come down from. Returning to the room, Cashe shuts the door and locks it behind him. Inside was CJ O’Donnell and a Laptop Computer with Skype up on the screen.

O’DONNELL: “What’s up Madison? Where’s Frankie?”
MADISON: “He said he would be right behin–“
Another tap on the door comes as if on call. Cashe twirls around and unlocks the door. He peeks through it, only having it opened to a crack. Nodding, he steps back and in walks Frankie Morrison.

CASHE: “Entering the room at… How much do you weigh? Doesn’t matter! Entering the room at however much he weighs… FRANKIE “Make Em Go MIA” MOORRISON!!”
Patting Cashe to the shoulder as he stepped past him, Frankie Morrison was suited up. The members of Unstable gather around the table with the laptop setup. They were missing a few members.

MORRISON: “Amber on the line?”
O’DONNELL: “Just got a text from her, she is signing on now. I hope the reception is good being in the United Kingdom and all.”
CASHE: “I feel bad for her! Being in the UK suuuucks!”
Morrison staying on his feet as Madison takes a seat at the table. Cashe is in the background fingering the swollen, split lips on his face. CJ working the laptop clicks to video chat with Amber Ryan. Her voice breaks through loudly and fills the room with smiles as the rest of Unstable huddle in closer.

MORRISON: “Ms. Ryan, lovely as ever!”
O’DONNELL: “How are you, how’s the UK?”
RYAN: “I’m doing great guys! Sorry I couldn’t be there with you, I know we have a lot to discuss right? What’s on the agend–“
Popping up from behind Morrison comes Jason Cashe full of smiles and bright face as he waves to the laptop camera so he can be seen.

RYAN: “Haha Hello Cashe! Looks like you got into a fight huh?”
CASHE: “You should see the other guy!”
MORRISON: “So what IS on the agenda? I know of this Darryl retiring thing but Chris said there was something more?”
O’DONNELL: “Yeah actually a few things… Cashe get that fucking camera out of here, this is Unstable business.”
Grabbing the camera, Cashe shoves it towards the door. He opens it for the camera guy and points out for him to leave. As the camera passes, it tries picking up anything it can from inside the room. Cashe sticks his face into the view.

CASHE: “Is this still recording? Yeah? Hi Psyche! Grrrrr! Okay now bye camera guy..”
Slamming the door shut, the camera is recording the closed door once again.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
An instrumental sped up version of Busta Rhyme’s “Break Ya Neck” plays over the P.A. System. Richard cartwheels out into a basic martial arts stance, he then makes his way down the aisle highfiving fans on both sides, as many as he can.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from New Jersey, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall! He is the “New Jersey Ninja”, ROBERT DWECK!!!”
He makes his way around the outside of the ring in a circle highfiving as many fans as possible, even the outside ring crew such as the bell keeper and play by play commentators. He highfives fans on the other side, then jogs up the steel steps and climbs into the ring, cartwheels to the center of the ring and poses in crane kick stance.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder followed not far by the imposing Luiz Cavalcante and the beautiful Carmella Wilder. Though generally the young and small Wilder alone would not be imposing with his atrocious dance moves we get a close up of the imposing Luiz walking to the ring to really strike some form of fear. Clapping her son on is Carmella with her glasses on looking professional as she usually does, as Wilder bounces up the steps stopping.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California accompanied to the ring by Carmella Wilder and Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Waiting for Luiz who as usual doesn’t look pleased to have to stop and lower the top rope down so that Wilder can jump over it to show off. Shaking his head as he follows him into the ring as Jett jumps up to the top rope pounding his chest as the crowd boos him. Carmella walks around the ring ignoring the cat calls and the boos to continue to cheer her son on as Jett bounces off the ropes and heads to the other side with Luiz standing behind him arms crossed. Finally bouncing back down taking off the hoodie he came out with to hand to Luiz who walks to the ropes to hand it out to Carmella as Jett readies himself.

JOHNSON: “Richard Dweck makes his 4CW debut tonight ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: “I don’t know anything about the kid but it’s always good to see a new face in 4CW. His 4CW career starts tonight and with a win he can get things off to a smooth start.”
JOHNSON: “He has a bit of a challenge as he’ll be facing off against the former 4CW Pride Champion, Jett Wilder.”
VASSA: “Jett needs a win here to get some momentum going before heading into South Beach Brawl to challenge for the Pride Championship.”
JOHNSON: “Things have been a little bumpy for Jett ever since he lost the championship to Chris Madison at Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: “They have been but who else in 4CW can say that they pinned Madison? Not a single person can say that other than Jett. Keep your head up kid!”
Looking to the corner of Dweck, the official quickly gets the nod as he is ready to get down to business. The official then looks to Jett who stares back, showing a slight hesitation before finally giving the thumbs up. With both men ready, the official then throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.
As the sound of the bell echoes throughout the arena, both men step away from their corners and approach each other. Meeting in the center of the ring face to face, the two stare into each others eyes for a moment before Dweck breaks the silence and takes a swing for Jett’s head. Throwing his hand up in defense, Jett deflects the punch and then counters with a kick to the stomach. Locking onto Dweck’s wrist, Jett whips him to the rope across the ring and as he comes back, Jett lifts him off his feet and drops him across his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
Jett then turns to the nearby ropes to his left and takes off towards them. Leaping into the air, Jett plants both feet on the middle rope and springboards off, launching himself into the air. After doing a backflip, Jett comes down with the moonsault but eats canvas as Dweck rolls out of the way. Pushing himself to his feet, Dweck then goes on the attack with repeated stomps to Jett’s back. He then kicks Jett in the ribs, rolling him over to his back. Jumping into the air, Dweck comes down with both knees, driving them into Jett’s stomach.
Keeping his knees planted in Jett’s stomach, Dweck then unloads with a series of vicious punches, pounding lefts and rights into the side of his head. Dweck then stands tall and lifts Jett’s legs up, holding one on each side of his body. Rolling backwards, Dweck hits the mat and pulls Jett up from the canvas, slingshotting him across the ring and head first into the corner. Jett stumbles backwards in a daze as Dweck pops back up to his feet. Grabbing Jett by the shoulder, Dweck spins him around and then lifts him into the air, bringing him back down with an inverted atomic drop. Jett’s body straightens as the pain shoots up his spine. Dweck then runs to the ropes beside him and comes back on the rebound, leaping into the air, Dweck wipes out Jett with a crossbody, taking him to the mat. Hooking the leg, Dweck then goes for the pin as the official slides in for the count.

VASSA: “And the kickout!”
JOHNSON: “Richard is trying to put him away quickly here to make his debut that much more impressive.”
VASSA: “I’m just going to call him Dick, Dick Dweck.”
JOHNSON: “You sound ridiculous!”
Not wasting a single second, Dweck pushes himself up from Jett and then goes back on the attack with stomps to the stomach. He then drops down and drives his elbow into Jett’s hamstring. After getting back to his feet, he then drives another elbow and a third into the same hamstring. Dweck then grabs ahold of Jett’s arm and pulls him up to a seated position. Turning to the ropes behind him, Dweck takes off towards them and after coming back on the rebound, he plants both feet into Jett’s face with a running dropkick, sending his head flying backwards to crash against the mat. Crawling over Jett’s body, Dweck makes the cover as the official drops in for the count.

JOHNSON: “Jett gets a shoulder up!”
VASSA: “Only a two count that time but Jett is going to need to do something before this match gets out of hand.”
Dweck looks to the official as frustration begins to show by the expression on his face. He then stands tall and grabs ahold of Jett’s wrist, pulling him up to his feet. Dweck then goes to whip him to the ropes but before he releases, Jett reverses and sends him to them instead. Hitting the ropes hard, Dweck comes back full speed only to get put on his back as Jett takes him out with a dropkick to the chest. The two then race to their feet, Jett standing first but caught by surprise as Dweck bursts towards him with a right hook. Ducking underneath the punch, Jett drives his elbow into Dweck’s stomach, forcing him to lunge over from the impact.
Jett then takes off behind Dweck and races to the ropes. Coming back on the rebound with momentum, Jett leaps into the air and drives Dweck’s face into the canvas with a bulldog. Looking to the corner, Jett nods before standing up and quickly making his way towards it. After ascending to the top, Jett turns to face Dweck who is slowly pushing himself up. As soon as Dweck stands, Jett then leaps from the top and drives both feet into Dweck’s face with a missile dropkick that sends him to the mat and rolling to the other side of the ring. On his feet, Jett then races over to Dweck and plants his foot into the back of his head as he pushes himself up from the mat.

JOHNSON: “Jett has turned things around here and seems to be in full control.”
VASSA: “You just have to have a little faith and I believe in Jett!”
JOHNSON: “Say what you want about the kid but there’s a reason he was the Pride Champion, no one can take that away from him.”
VASSA: “Well… Madison did.”
Jett then paces around the ring, taunting Dweck and playing tot he fans in attendance. On the outside of the ring, Jett’s mother, Carmella, begins smacking her hand against the canvas, yelling for him to quit the shenanigans. She then screams at the top of her lungs, grabbing his attention in an instant as his face begins to slowly turn red in embarrassment. Jett then refocuses his attention back on Dweck who has started to pull himself up with assistance from the ropes. As he gets to one knee, Jett charges towards him and drives his knee into his back, pressing his body against the ropes.
Grabbing Dweck by the head with both hands, Jett slowly pulls him up to his feet, struggling with the dead weight. He turns Dweck around and then unloads with a series of overhead punches, keeping Dweck’s back against the ropes. Jett then locks onto his arm with both hands and whips him across the ring to the ropes. As Dweck hits them and rebounds, Jett takes off towards him and meets him in the center of the ring with a bicycle kick, knocking him flat on his back.

Jett then stands tall and looks down at Dweck laid out and barely moving. He then turns to the corner and rushes over to it, climbing to the top. Looking over the crowd, Jett shows off a bit before turning around to face Dweck. He then taunts Jett from the top until his mother grabs his attention from the outside, screaming for him to stay focused. Jett shakes his head and mumbles to himself only drawing a reaction from his mother that he’s in trouble as she points to him and moves her finger back and forth. Jett then looks back to Dweck for a moment before leaping straight into the air and coming down with a frog splash.

JOHNSON: “There’s the Swag Splash!”
VASSA: “I think this one is in the books folks!”
Jett then hooks Dweck’s leg for the pin as the official sweeps in with the count.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin fall, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
“Blessings” hits the speakers as Jett pops up to his feet to celebrate. The official grabs his arm to raise it but Jett snatches it away and runs around the ring, yelling as loud as he can. His mother then enters and joins him in the center of the ring as the crowd looks on in amusement. Having just won his match Jett Wilder stands in the ring celebrating as his mother has joined him in the ring. Handing over a microphone to him, looking nervous as she does knowing full well how often things go awry when Jett is left to speak on his own behalf. Jett looking to have had a pretty easy go of it today steps forward not really even breathing hard.

JETT: “I told you all that I would defeat this loser! I made it look easy as well, cause I am the real Pride Champion and you all know it. I beat this man and I sincerely hope that Austin, Seamus, and Madison were all watching because this same fate is coming for them to. I am not playing around any more and you guys will not treat me like some afterthought in this match because I am the favorite, I am the one that everyone should be scared of. John Austin? I have beaten him so many times, I’ve lost count. Seamus, you don’t scare me at all you are the weak link in this match. And Chris? CHRIS! You most of all know that there is only man that has pinned you in 4CW, and that’s me. And I can do it again.”
Stomping around clearly annoyed with the disrespect having been dished out by his opponents the past few weeks. Wanting to be heard loud and clear by each of them.

JETT: “So Chris even though you make fun of me, I want to be the ONE. The one that ends your streak and makes you try to sleep at night knowing it. John Austin? When I took your belt I told you that I wanted your kids to be ashamed and clearly the fact your back means I haven’t completely took the fight out of you. So I will! And Seamus, I want the same for you I want your girlfriend to have to—“
Before he can say what he wants to it’s clear that one man won’t let him talk down to his lady as “The Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphys hits causing the crowd into a loud stir as coming out to the ring is Seamus.

O’CONNOR: “Weak link? I’m not the one out here making myself look like a bloody arse, crying like a little kid who had his last cookie stolen. If I recall in that Number One contenders match we had, it was me who had your punkass beaten before Chris stuck his nose if our business. Before you run your mouth at me get your facts straight fella. I don’t have a girlfriend, she is more than that. She is my wife but regardless if that fact you have no reason whatsoever, to bring her into this. Unless you want me to drop you where you stand right now.”
Seamus drops the mic and starts staring down.

JOHNSON: “You could cut the tension with a knife!”
VASSA: “You don’t bring a man’s wife into it; big mistake Jett!”
The two stand men are standing nose to nose in the middle of the ring, mouthing off to one another, when all of a sudden “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)” by Bullet For My Valentine begins blaring over the arena’s PA system. Chris Madison storms out from behind the curtain, dressed in his full ring gear for his match later on with the 4CW Pride Championship in hand. Frankie Morrison runs out behind Chris, trying to keep pace with the champion as he marches towards the ring. Morrison tries pleading with the champ, back peddling in front of him with the ambition of slowing him down. Madison makes it to the ring steps and stops, eyeing up two of his three opponents at South Beach Brawl. One of the crew members hands Frankie Morrison a microphone before Madison could climb into the ring.

Madison stops as he stands on the ring apron. He keeps his eyes on both Jett Wilder and Seamus O’Connor but gives Frankie a chance to speak.

MORRISON: “Not like this Chris. You’ve got to be smart about this. You have a tag match later against Riddle and Erron; two actual competitors. The last thing you need is to get hurt rolling around with these two and putting your undefeated streak in jeopardy. Step down and let these two tear each other apart; the scraps will be there for you at South Beach Brawl.”
Madison looks at Morrison and nods his head. He drops down to one knee on the apron and climbs back down to the arena floor, drawing deafening boos from the riled up audience. Madison keeps his eyes locked on O’Connor and Wilder and slowly begins to back up. He rests his back against the security railing and waves on Seamus and Jett, telling them to have at it. All of a sudden an arm reaches over the railing and grabs Madison from behind. Madison turns around and is punched right in the face by a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. Madison staggers backwards and the person hops the barrier. Without hesitation the mysterious fan pulls back his hood, revealing himself to be John Austin! Austin begins hammering away at Madison with hard right hands. Inside the ring Seamus grabs Jett by the wrist and pulls him in for a short arm clothesline. Seamus drops down and mounts Jett before pounding away with a series of right hands. Austin grabs Madison by the wrist and violently whips him into the the steel steps.

JOHNSON: “This is completely out of control!”
VASSA: “Where the hell did John Austin come from? No one has heard or seen him since the number one contender’s match two weeks ago. Now he’s posing as a fan and attacking the champion!”
JOHNSON: “He’s got Madison reeling!”
Austin watches Madison as he pushes himself up to his feet. Madison steps forward and walks into a sleeper hold from John Austin. Austin keeps the submission locked in momentarily before turning it into a suplex variation that he calls Gimme Three Steps! Austin picks up the 4CW Pride Championship and slides into the ring. He winds up and swings it wildly at Seamus O’Connor as he continued to hammer away at Jett Wilder. O’Connor tucks his head down and ducks underneath Austin’s attempt to strike him with the championship. O’Connor pushes up to his feet and quickly lifts John Austin with a fireman’s carry. O’Connor begins to spin around before finishing him off with The Drunk Landing!

JOHNSON: “And just like that, there were two!”
O’Connor turns back towards Jett as he pulls himself up to his feet. O’Connor waits for Jett to turn towards him and then lifts him up with a fireman’s carry. Jett quickly drives his elbow repeatedly into the side of O’Connor’s face to break free. Jett slips down O’Connor’s back and takes a few steps away. O’Connor spins around just in time to see Jett charging and attempting a bicycle kick. O’Connor steps aside to avoid Jett’s signature, Gitcha’. O’Connor tries to take Jett’s head off with a clothesline but he ducks underneath. Jett runs passed O’Connor and leaps up onto the middle rope. He springboards backwards and locks on a front facelock before whipping his body around for a tornado DDT. O’Connor puts his hands on Jett’s waist while spinning around and is able to power out before Jett could finish off the DDT. Jett lands on his feet and the two square off with another in a standstill; the 4CW Pride Championship laying on the canvass in between the two.

JOHNSON: “Just like this fight the last man standing will be the victor come South Beach Brawl. Four will enter and only one will end the night with the belt”
With his mother calling for him to leave Jett looks at Seamus than at the belt before deciding to fight another day running out of the ring before Seamus can get his hands on him. First we see Austin sitting up on the outside of the ring checking his lip as he sits against the railings. We get a panning shot of Morrison helping up Madison who doesn’t look pleased by what happened, even more so annoyed by his belt sitting in the ring. Jett quickly tucks tails with his mom, waiting to fight another day. This leaves Seamus in the ring with the belt which he stands over the crowd seeming fully behind this being the way South Beach Brawl ends. They cheer in approval as we head to the back.

We return to the backstage area. Nirvana is standing in front of a 4CW backdrop. At one side is Boris the Bear, complete with Billy riding upon his back. At his left side is the reanimated Walt Disney who is totally not a zombie. Nirvana says a few words to Walt under his breath and then turns to face the camera.

NIRVANA: “Tonight we make war against the typical so that 4CW can rise above that which is ordinary and boring. Tonight, I stand in the middle of the ring with the current XTV champion. And tonight, I defeat that man and solidify myself as the most important signing in the history of 4CW.”
Nirvana smirks. Walt takes a puff from his cigarette. Billy lets out a sadistic laugh.

NIRVANA: “What will be revealed is the truth. Watch closely. I’m going to powerbomb that fool until he’s mincemeat. I’m going to cut him open and let his blood flow out for the masses to see. Most of all, I’m going to wreck his shit and leave him mangled. Then…”
Nirvana points to the camera.

NIRVANA: “I’m coming for you, Madman!”

The camera cuts back out to the arena as “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits the PA as Brian Hollywood is seen coming from the back. Hollywood is back in his all black attire, and back in his new signature black trench coat as he stands at the top of the ramp looking coldly at the fans as he gets a mixed reaction. Hollywood slowly makes his way down the ramp and down to ringside as he climbs up the ring steps and into the ring. Hollywood pushes his trench coat to the side as he takes center stage in the middle of the ring. He grabs a mic from the stagehand as his music slowly fades out. Hollywood doesn’t say anything at first as he spends a little time concentrating on some of the things the crowd is saying.

JOHNSON: ”There’s something different about Hollywood tonight, yet, there is a familiar surround to him that we’ve seen recently.”
VASSA: ”Hollywood lost in the 4CW Championship Tournament and I’m curious to hear what he has to say and where he goes from here.”
Hollywood slowly raises the mic up to his mouth as he seems ready to speak.

HOLLYWOOD: ”You know, there comes a time where things become so cloudy, so hazy, that some things are brought into question. That’s exactly how I feel regarding how my last match with Drew Stevenson went. Do you want to hear me say it, Drew? Will it finally help you sleep better at night knowing you heard the words from my own mouth? You beat me. There it is! You outright beat me but the method of how you beat me is nothing but a generic cliché and one that gets tiring to see week after week. I could stand out here and lecture you on the many things I PERSONALLY believe you should change about yourself, but what good would that really do me? The reality of the situation is that some people just won’t change and sooner or later, things that simply stay too cliché, they are going to be nothing but predictable after awhile! That’s what I see happening later tonight for you, Drew. You’re going to keep on your same song and dance and while it has worked for you for awhile, it won’t work for you against Jair Hopkins. No, I foresee a bitter end for you, Drew, and your hopes of fighting for the 4CW Championship will become my own hopes and how they were snuffed from me! It will all end for you tonight and then you’re going to wonder what will be next for you.”
The crowd start to cheer slightly but not too much at Hollywood’s ominous words. Hollywood starts to move around in the ring and while this is all going on, the expression on Hollywood’s face doesn’t even change. Something was different about him. His aura started to look a bit familiar but he seemed to be more in tune to looking ahead, something that has made Hollywood so successful.

HOLLYWOOD: ”I’m not going to stand in this ring and pull the what’s next for Hollywood, shit! You want to know why? It’s because its cliché and something you’ve come to know about me is that I’m as far from cliché as you’re going to get! No, I kept my focus on the 4CW Championship Tournament and was barreling through opponent after opponent. However, there was something different about how I was doing things, that I started to forget everything that I stood for. I stood for change in 4CW and I stood for a different purpose about dragging 4CW out of the shit covered bullshit that it has become so intertwined in! The smell alone got so bad, it smelled worse than shit! I have wanted to cleanse it from its muddle look and bring it back to a state of restoration. Then I remembered that that’s why I formed The Order. Everything we stand for, everything we fight for is to RESTORE ORDER in a badly offed 4CW! It’s gotten so bad, that show runners, Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison have let the corruption and the hype get to them so bad, that they have let this company get to not only a low point, but where it stands today. Making deals are we? That’s not leadership! That’s being allowed to be walked all over on and when you get to the point when your TALENT are dictating everything that is happening here, is when the ship truly sinks. I’m tired of seeing the corrosion pile up while I’m here with nothing happening.
I let myself allow that to continue while I kept my focus on the 4CW Championship Tournament. I was so busy worrying about establishing my own agenda that I failed to attend to the immediate problems around me. My entire career it has ALWAYS been about myself. I won’t even lie about that. However, there comes a time where you need to halt your own personal agenda and start to layer other parts together in order to brand success. THAT’S what I’ve always been about! When it comes to branding success, no one is better qualified on the subject than ME! That is why, from this point forward, I’m not going to get distracted from seeing my goals get established! Luckily, I found a familiar solace in that recently and because of a former realization of a part of me that I have found comfort in, I was quickly reminded how important it is to reconnect with that loss part about me…”

Hollywood pauses briefly as he closes his eyes and becomes momentarily caught in some kind of parallel moment within himself that makes everyone else start to question what is happening with Hollywood.

JOHNSON: ”Is Hollywood feeling alright? He seems…..out there.”
VASSA: ”I’m actually not sure but it’s making me feel uncomfortable. All of a sudden, it’s like a bone chilling mist has fallen over me and this entire arena. Can you feel it, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”You know, come to think of it, I can feel something and it has an eerie feel to it.”
Hollywood stands completely still in the middle of the ring like something is happening to him. His body starts to slowly sway from side to side until he suddenly stops. Hollywood starts to let his arms rise up slowly as a comforting smile crosses his face. His arms go back down to his side before he nods his head as if he’s talking to someone, but there’s no one there. After a few more moments, Hollywood all of a sudden opens his eyes widely and his tone, and his posture immediately shifts and a look crosses his face as he all of a sudden seems like he’s been met with a purpose. Hollywood looks around the arena briefly before setting his eyes on the entrance ramp. As the moments pass, a look of determination and definitive familiarity comes over him like a once lost purpose comes back to his attention. Hollywood slowly lifts the mic back up to his mouth as it becomes clear what it is he’s going to say.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Yes….yes……that’s what I was thinking! You’re right! It’s time that I address those claims once and for all!”
Hollywood shifts back and forth in the ring as he whips his trench coat to the side.

JOHNSON: ”What the hell? Is Hollywood delusional? There’s no one else out here right now!”
VASSA: ”How the fuck am I supposed to know? Maybe he’s talking with angels…no…that just sounds fucking stupid!”
HOLLYWOOD: ”For those of you who are unsure, let me put those uneasy minds to rest. The Order is about to rise once again! The clouds have resurfaced and the cards have been reshuffled. Everything is aligning once again! Heed these words because from this moment forward, The Order is back to put things BACK to where they once was! It’s time that the movement start and it’s going to start where the domination began in the first place. Yes…yes….that’s where I should have started since I returned and that’s truly the only place to start by wiping away all of the corrosion that has masked 4CW.
I realized that ever since my departure the first time from 4CW, that things have been shaky everywhere. There has been one place, in particular, that things have been so chaotic and so out of place, that prestige has truly been lost. Since I am done speaking in code, I’m referring to the tag team division!”

The crowd slightly start to pop as they start to figure out where Hollywood is going with this statement.

JOHNSON: ”Uh oh! I think I’m starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together where Hollywood is going with this!”
VASSA: ”If Hollywood is going where I think he’s going, then everyone in that 4CW Tag Team Division is in a lot of trouble!”
HOLLYWOOD: ”If you remember right, before my departure, me and Jace Savage had the tag division by the fucking throat and we reigned supreme and had brought an order of prestige to the 4CW Tag Team Championships! Well, I noticed that ever since then, NOBODY, and I mean fucking NOBODY has been able to beat our half year reign and not one single team has been able to clearly dominate here in 4CW! If there is any place to start, it will be to restore ORDER in the tag division by taking what is RIGHTFULLY OURS! That’s why I’m going to say it right here and it will NOT be debated! Cyrus Riddle, Rori Steele, the two of you hold two crown jewels that DON’T belong to you! You have NO right to hold those tag team titles! That’s why I’m formally announcing that at South Beach Brawl, the two of you are going to give those 4CW Tag Team Championships back to myself and Jace Savage! At South Beach Brawl, we are challenging you two to a 4CW Tag Team Championship match! Mark my words, order shall be restored and the balance shall begin there as we take OUR championships……BACK! It is the word that has been made and it shall and WILL be carried out! This isn’t up for debate and at South Beach Brawl, the two of you are going to be conquered just like it was always written to be! Let the rebranding of success……………..BEGIN!”
Hollywood drops the mic as “Perfect Insanity” reprises on the PA as the crowd react in shock as Hollywood smiles and rolls out of the ring and proceeds back up the ramp slowly before disappearing to the back.

JOHNSON: ”Oh my god!! Hollywood just set his sights back on the 4CW Tag Team Championships! One has to wonder if this is going to be set in motion by Perry Wallace!”
VASSA: ”Why not? Hollywood was speaking as if everything he says will be carried out one way or another! I don’t think Perry has much chance BUT to make this match happen! Hollywood has always had a certain way of not only getting what he wants, but making it happen! If this does indeed happen, will we truly start to see the beginning of 4CW going back to its former glory as Hollywood has foretold?”
As Johnson and Vassa continue to debate the words Hollywood has spoken to the masses, Adrenaline cuts backstage.

The scene cuts backstage where Perry Wallace and his personal security consultant, Oswald Pinkman, make their way through the halls.

WALLACE: ”That shit two weeks ago wasn’t supposed to go down like that.”
PINKMAN: ”You should consider yourself lucky that you weren’t attacked by Unstable. You put yourself at risk by walking out there alone.”
WALLACE: ”I put myself at risk? I made it clear that if anyone, Unstable or Omerta, showed their faces that their representing member inside of the ring would lose their championship. I’m tired of hiding from these guys. This is my goddamn show!”
PINKMAN: ”You’re absolutely right. You have to understand that you have a target on your back. You painted it there the moment you aligned yourself with Omerta in January.”
WALLACE: ”January? Unstable has been a pain in my ass long before Winter Wasteland. Hell, I was aligned with the guys in Omerta way before January. It all started when I made the arrangement with Dakota and Cyrus.”
PINKMAN: ”What arrangement would that be?”
WALLACE: ”Boosting ratings by having that cunt kidnapped.”
PINKMAN: ”It doesn’t matter. What’s done is done. You just need to focus on moving forward and keeping yourself out of harm’s way.”
The two then come to a stop as they approach three large men dressed in suits standing outside of an office door. The men part, leaving an opening for Wallace as he proceeds and grabs the door handle. Looking back at Pinkman, Wallace rubs his chin for a moment before breaking the silence.

WALLACE: ”I know, I understand what you’re saying, I really do. I can’t stand down now. If I stand down now then they’ll do whatever they want to and I can’t let that happen. I must maintain control of my company. I can handle myself, believe that. I need you to keep a close eye on the beauty waiting for me on the other side of this door. That’s my main concern with all of this nonsense going on. You just worry about her, okay?”
Pinkman thinks to himself for a moment before responding.

PINKMAN: ”You have my word.”
WALLACE: ”I hope I have more than just that. Don’t forget about that piece you carry underneath your jacket. I have to get inside, I’ve kept her waiting too long. These three are posted up outside of the office. Get yourself a drink and relax. I will be in touch later on.”
Pinkman looks down at his watch for a few moments in silence. His eyes then cut back up to Wallace who is eager to enter the office.

PINKMAN: ”I don’t drink on the job. I will be close by. Don’t hesitate to call for me if you need anything. Enjoy your time with your special lady.”
WALLACE: ”You can bet on that. The First Lady of 4CW gets all of my attention.”
Wallace then turns to the door and turns the handle, slowly opening it up and stepping through to the other side. Pinkman stands back, watching as the door closes and then exchanges a few silent words with the three security guards before turning away and heading in the opposite direction.
Inside, Wallace unbuttons his jacket as a smile comes to his face at the sight of his queen, Kaysie Sherell. With a smile on her face, Kaysie is seated on the couch in Perry’s office. Slowly, she stands up from the couch and walks over to him. As she hugs Perry, she slowly releases him keeping a smile on her face.

WALLACE: ”Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. I apologize for the slight delay. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”
SHERELL: ”Don’t worry about it, I’ve kept myself entertained. You know that you have some serious business that you have to tend to, I get it. You have that damn Unstable trying to knock your block off.”
WALLACE: ”It’s no excuse, you should be right there by my side. But unfortunately, I have to keep you hidden behind a door with three security guards on the other side.”
SHERELL: ”I love that you want to protect me, but I don’t get it. I really don’t understand why you think I need protection… I’m pretty sure that I can handle myself. Look, I really don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to try to use me to get to you, that’s absolute suicide.”
WALLACE: ”That right there is why I like having you around. There really isn’t anything that scares you and that’s what draws me to you. But, things are pretty hectic around here. I wouldn’t put it past them to go after you to get to me. That’s just a risk that I don’t think I’m willing to take with your well being.”
SHERELL: ”I hate to tell you, but I’m far from Rapunzel. I’m not all about being locked away all the time. I can assure you, there are ways to make sure that they don’t touch me without witness protection.”
Looking towards the far corner, Wallace sets his eyes on the bar. After walking over and grabbing a glass, he turns back to Kaysie with a smile on his face.

WALLACE: ”Care for a drink? I want to run something by you.”
SHERELL: ”I’m fine, but what do you want to run by me?”
Wallace then pours himself a drink and takes a seat on the nearby sofa.

WALLACE: ”Check it out. I understand how being closed up in this office may make you feel. I get it. I’m tired of laying low and ducking my head as well. Here’s where I’m at. 4CW is my home, my kingdom. It’s about time that we take a stand. Yes, I said we. We’ve been together for a little bit now, not too long, but a bit. Every king needs a queen. I need a strong woman by my side to maintain order and balance here.”
With the entire room in silence, he then takes a drink, thinking to himself. Clearing his throat, he then looks across the room to Kaysie.

WALLACE: ”Was that a bit too much?”
Kaysie smiles at Perry as she stands up and walks over to him. She sits down on his lap as she looks down at him.

SHERELL: ”Not at all, but what exactly is this proposal of yours?”
WALLACE: ”Whoa now, I’m not proposing. What I’m saying is this. How would you like to have some power within 4CW?”
SHERELL: ”… That’s what I meant, what is this arrangement that you’re coming up with?”
WALLACE: ”No arrangement. You’re with me and I don’t want you locked away in the back. I want you out in the open, standing side by side with me, ruling 4CW I guess you could. You certainly have the attitude, and I don’t even need to mention the beauty. I guess what I’m saying is stand with me.”
SHERELL: ”Aww Perr Bear, of course I would love that!”
A surprised look comes to his face by her reaction. He takes another drink and places his glass on the end table before looking up at her.

WALLACE: ”Really? That wasn’t too straight forward?”
SHERELL: ”No more than getting pink eye on the first date!”
WALLACE: ”Turned out that I was just really, really stoned. So… that’s it then. Rule 4CW with me.”
SHERELL: ”Like a true queen should!”
WALLACE: ”So what now, 4CW First Lady?”
SHERELL: ”Hmmm, shall we get me a few pantsuits a la Hillary Clinton?”
WALLACE: ”That won’t be necessary. You’re too fine for that.”
SHERELL: ”Good, I don’t like feeling constricted anyway.”
WALLACE: ”The view is better without the pantsuits, trust me.”
Pulling her in closer, the two look at one another as the scene faces out.


As the camera returns inside of the Infinite Energy arena, the jam-packed crowd is already raucous.

POWERS: “Ladies and gentleman, please welcome your special guest commentator for the forthcoming contest, 4CW Hotshot… Taryn Robinson!”
As the sounds of “Nexus” by Niykee Heaton fill the arena, the fans have a rather lukewarm reception for the individual whom is about to make their way down to ringside. When the camera switches over to the entrance way, Taryn Robinson has already made her way out into the arena. The fans reaction takes a slightly more negative tone as the vivacious Taryn throws her arms into the air and a cocky smirk on her face.

VASSA: “Oh my god, isn’t she a sight to behold?”
JOHNSON: “I sincerely hope you behave yourself. This Taryn Robinson is going to be joining us for the all-important all ladies battle royal. This is truly 4CW history in the making, Vassa.”
VASSA: “Yeah, but can we make sure that Taryn has a seat right on… I mean next to me?”
As Taryn continues to make her way down to ringside, she doesn’t engage with the fans whom have their arms reached out for her. Instead, she keeps her eyes laser focused on the ringside area. Making her way down towards the ring, she quickly walks around the ring and heads towards the announce position. When she makes it to the booth, she quickly greets the two men who are already seated, and sits next to Vinny Vassa. Slowly, she crosses her legs and takes hold of her headset.

VASSA: “Taryn, I for one am so glad to have someone the caliber of you joining us here tonight!”
ROBINSON: “Well Vinny, I’m elated to be here. You know, this Hotshot isn’t exactly just satisfied with minute roles. So, I think it’s only fair that I come out here and lend my expertise to you men here tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Well Ms. Robinson, I don’t think your expertise can be showed on television.”
ROBINSON: “Excuse me?”
JOHNSON: “Well, let’s go ahead and head back up to the ring.”

Mike Powers is clearly ready to speak and does so.

POWERS: “Ladies and gentleman, this contest is the first ever 4CW all-ladies battle royal! Elimination from this match up will only occur when a competitor is thrown from the ring with both of her feet hitting the floor!”
“Bad Girl” cues over the sound system causing the crowd to boo as Christy walks through the curtains and out onto the stage. With her “Star Struck Productions” matching her ring attire, and the hood currently up she stops in the center of the stage as the fans continue to boo.

POWERS: “Making her way to the ring from Laughlin, Nevada… CHRISTY CCHHAAOOSS!!!”
Christy blows the fans off walking down the ramp and to the steps. As she climbs the steps she removes the hood and stops on the apron a moment, glanching at the fans with a cocky smirk before wiping her feet and stepping into the ring. Removing her hoodie she drops it to the floor and begins warming up.

A black and white video vignette begins rolling on the screens, showing Lyza Reyes dressed as Charlie Chaplin on the moon. There is no dialogue, but simply piano music playing with the pace of the footage. She’s caught in the middle of a tug of war match between a U.S. Spaceman, and a small group of miniature aliens. Before determining which side pulls Lyza once and for all, the venue goes pitch black, and “In Distress” by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein begins to play.
“I’m something out this world, nothing like the rest
Nigga, win the fair game, fuck with the best
Just a kid with the grown men, rep to protect
Since it’s so rare so there’s a whole land left in distress.”

POWERS: “Originating from the coordinates of 40.7500° North, and 73.8667° West, it is none other than LYZA RREEYYEESS!!!”
Lyza Reyes walks down the aisle in her gear consisting of a black and gold sequined hoodie, black shorts, and black lace up boots. She tags a few hands of spectators along the way, before entering the ring. The music fades as she does a last second warm up.

The light’s dim and a small blast of fog fills the ramp area. As the light’s within the area begin to flash various colors. The opening of “One Night In Bangkok” By Murray Head begins to play and the fans rise to their feet and boo loudly. The camera switches from the ring to the ramp and emerging through the black curtain is Alexis Terry, the hood of her ring jacket covering most of her face besides one loan smirk upon her face.

POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, from Newcastle, England! She is ‘England’s Most Glamorous Export’, ALEXIS TTEERRRRYY!!!”
Alexis ignores the fans as she makes her way to the ring. She enters the ring, climbs the turnbuckle to the top rope, and removes her hood and blows a kiss to the camera.

“Release me”
The two words from the Public Address system in the arena cause the fans in attendance, already on their feet, to react with disdain and unappreciative shouts. Kat Jones, 4CW’s resident, badass Cincinnati native of ill repute methodically makes her way to the top of the ramp from the gorilla position. Her black shorts and knee high boots are more characterizing of her facial expression and attitude toward the scathing crowd, than her highly decorative top full of self expression.
“No remnants were ever found of it
Feeling the hot bile
With every fake smile
Though no evidence was ever found
It never went away completely”

Kat walks toward the ring, methodically and without much concern at all, regarding the insults and jeers thrown in her direction.

POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, standing five feet, eight inches tall and weighing in at one hundred twenty four pounds, she is the “WildKat”… KAT JJOONNEESS!!!”
“I try to hide from the unholy sound of it
Another day gone
Another night’s dawn”

Standing before the ring apron, Kat removes her black leather jacket, whips it behind her, releasing it and allowing it to sail toward the ramp, ultimately letting out a bloodcurdling scream, before she enters the ring and awaits ………. arrival.

The lights dim, as “Sex Metal Barbie” by In This Moment starts to play. As the music starts to pick up, lights flash with the stammering sounds. A female figure comes out, hands in the air. Lights stream up behind her, her front still dark. As the first verse is sang, she turns her back to the crowd, arms still up. She spins around through the lyrics in a seductive dance, her silhouette showing off every asset.
“You know I heard I don’t belong in this game
Still you hold your hands in the air screaming my name
Let’s go!”

The lights flash forward, showing Rorie in all of her glory. She smirks at the crowd, walking down to the ring.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Vancouver, British Columbia, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall! She is “The Original Sex Kitten” and “Sweetest Ass in the Game”, RORIE SSTTEEEELLEE!!!”
She teases a few fans of her choosing as she goes. She walks to the steps, climbing up. She slowly bends her body forward to get into the ring. When finally inside, she goes to each post, getting up on the turnbuckle to blow kisses to the crowd.

With all five ladies in the ring, suddenly, the bell rings and chaos ensues.
Almost immediately, Christy and Alexis square off firing fierce blows. Rorie and Kat also begin to trade off shots, and Lyza follows as well. Christy Chaos quickly takes advantage of Alexis as she backs her into the nearby turnbuckle. Christy quickly begins to hit Alexis in the gut with kicks. Kat has also been backed into a corner across the ring. As Rorie attempts to land some blows to her defensive opponent, Kat quickly fires off an elbow that hits Steele in the face. With Rorie reeling, Lyza quickly jumps into the fray as well attempting to attack Kat. Before she is able to fire off, Kat quickly sends an elbow Lyza’s way. As Jones works her way out of the corner, she quickly fires off a clothesline taking down Lyza. Rorie quickly fires off a breast-edge chop that echoes throughout the arena to Kat.

VASSA: “Well, these women are going at it in the early goings here!”
JOHNSON: “4CW has some of the best female competitors in the world of wrestling, this should be an amazing showcase of that.”
ROBINSON: “This match has been going on like a minute, I don’t think anything great has been showcased by these women just yet.”
Across the ring, Christy and Alexis are still fighting hot and heavy. Terry ahs fought her way out of the corner with a swift kick to the gut for Chaos. Alexis quickly grabs hold of Christy’s hair pulling her back, causing her to slam her head against the mat. Christy holds onto her head as Alexis quickly goes down to the mat and straddles Chaos. Alexis becomes aggressive as she begins to rain down punches to the face of Christy Chaos. Suddenly, Alexis is brought down to the ground from a quick dropkick from Lyza Reyes. Rorie Steele has taken quick advantage of Kat Jones whom is back against the turnbuckle. Rorie has taken Kat Jones legs and brings them up in the air and onto the top rope. As Kat begins to fight back from the compromising position in which she is in. As the two begin the proverbial tug of war, Lyza and Christy have begin to work on Alexis Terry. With Terry backed into the ropes, Lyza and Christy each take a hand and pull her across the ring with an Irish Whip. When Alexis rebounds the ropes across the ring, she rebounds back towards both women who have joined hands. When both women attempt to clothesline Alexis, she quickly ducks under their arms. Alexis runs back towards the ropes and hits both Lyza and Christy with a very innovative dropkick.

JOHNSON: “What an incredible dropkick!”
ROBINSON: “I give it a six. I mean, that’s one way to get two bitches off your back, right?”
VASSA: “I like you, wanna join us out here all night?”
With Christy and Lyza both on the mat, Alexis quickly goes over to the corner where Rorie has pushed Kat over the ropes and onto the apron. As Rorie swings wildly in an attempt to hit Kat, Jones ducks under the shot. Instead, Steele is rocked with a shot from her opponent that sends her rocking back. Before Kat is able to attempt to get back into the ring, Alexis quickly runs over and lifts her knee hitting Kat’s gut. Kat is sent down from the apron to the floor. The attending referee quickly rushes over and declares that Kat has been eliminated.

POWERS: “Kat Jones has been eliminated!”
JOHNSON: “What a shocker, Kat Jones is out of here!”
VASSA: “I have to say, that is a rather shocking early elimination. A lot of people would have wagered that Kat could have easily won this match.”
ROBINSON: “If wishes were fishes, the world would be an ocean. Too bad for Kat.”
Back in the ring, Lyza and Christy’s short lived partnership has ended. Lyza quickly lands a swift kick to Chaos’ shin. Before she’s given time to react, Reyes lands another shin kick to the opposite leg. Before she is able to continue her onslaught, Rorie interrupts. Steele takes Lyza down to the mat with a Lou Thesz press. Rorie starts to land fierce shots to Lyza while Alexis quickly takes Christy down to the mat with a leg lariat. With Chaos down on the mat, Alexis quickly stands up to her feet. Rorie has stood back up from the mat and has pulled Lyza up to her feet as well. Alexis and Rorie look at each other for a moment before Rorie kicks Lyza in the gut. With Reyes bent over, Rorie places her arm over Lyza’s head. Alexis quickly does the same as both women fall back forcing Reyes down to the mat hitting her head from a vicious double DDT!

JOHNSON: “And that’s the smartest way to do in this type of match. Working together is going to be of paramount importance.”
ROBINSON: “I wouldn’t trust any of those bitches.”
As both Alexis and Rorie stand back up from the mat, they both begin to work on the downed Reyes. As both women are landing harsh kicks to the back of Lyza, Christy quickly runs over and pulls Alexis away. When Alexis turns around, she is rocked by a hard kick to the stomach. Chaos quickly wraps around Alexis and wraps her leg around her shin. She then grabs onto Terry’s head before falling back taking her down with a Russian leg sweep! Lyza has made her way back up to her feet as Rorie continues to stay on the offensive. She pulls Lyza into a headlock positon. Then, she takes Lyza down backwards causing her to land on her awaiting knee. The headlock backbreaker takes Lyza down to the mat once more as Rorie then begins to choke her. Alexis has made her way back up to her feet and has finally gotten an advantage over on Christy. She has backed Chaos into the corner. Terry quickly backs away before she runs back over to the corner where Chaos is located. As she makes it over to her, Chaos quickly drops her shoulder enabling her to being able to lift Alexis up and send her over the top rope and right down to the floor below!

POWERS: “Alexis Terry has been eliminated!”
ROBINSON: “Well, another one bites the dust. I guess she just couldn’t cut the mustard.”
VASSA: “Did you really just ay cut the mustard?”

ROBINSON: “Shut up Vassa, I’m pretty sure that I just did.”
As all three women that are remaining in the match stand up and stare at each other, Rorie quickly runs towards Christy, taking her down with a clothesline! As Christy lands on the mat, Lyza takes advantage she runs over to Rorie and takes her down with a running headscissors takedown. When Steele falls down to the mat, Reyes quickly stands back up to her feet. Christy has made her way back to her feet and is met by a harsh shot to the jaw from Lyza. In retaliation, Christy fires back with a shot to Lyza as well. Suddenly, both women begin to trade blow for blow. Suddenly, Lyza lands a harsh kick to Christy that backs her into the corner. Lyza lands a few more kicks to the stomach of Christy Chaos before she stoops down and grabs the legs of her opponent. She then lifts Christy up and sits her down atop the turnbuckle. With Christy sitting on the turnbuckle, Lyza stands up on the second rung of the turnbuckle. Lyza quickly begins to rain down sharp punches to the face of Christy. Then, she places Christy’s arm over her head setting up a superplex! Fighting back, Christy begins to hit Lyz in the sides with clubbing blows. As the two women continue to fight on the top rope, Rorie gingerly makes her way over to them. Both Christy and Lyza continue to fight on the top rope, Rorie quickly backs away, then runs towards them pushing Lyza in the back. The force from the push sends Lyza forward causing both she and Christy to fall off the turnbuckle. Both women spill onto the ring apron, but Christy falls from the apron to the floor, eliminating her from the contest!

POWERS: “Christy Chaos has been eliminated!”
VASSA: “And then there were two.”
JOHNSON: “Lyza Reyes has shown some incredible fortitude in this match, it’s definitely been a fantastic debut for her.”
ROBINSON: “Well, this match has been something… but let’s be honest, what can Reyes really do against Rorie Steele?”
As Lyza stands up on the ring apron, Rorie runs towards her. As Rorie swings at her, Lyza ducks under. She then grabs hold to Steele’s head and falls down to the apron causing Rorie to wrench her neck down on the top rope. Rorie then falls down to the mat as Lyza makes her way up to her feet. Lyza looks into the ring where Rorie is beginning to stir. Lyza quickly enters the ring as Rorie begins to stand up from the mat. Suddenly, Lyza runs over and lands a vicious shinning wizard to Rorie Steele’s face. As Rorie falls back down to the mat, Lyza quickly pops back up. When Rorie starts to get back to her feet, Lyza quickly takes her back down with a clothesline. Rorie quickly pops back up and is taken down once again with another clothesline! Suddenly, Rorie is back to her feet and is rocked by a vicious elbow that sends her reeling.

ROBINSON: “And that’s how you turn a match in your favor… too bad Rorie is still going to stomp her.”
VASSA: “You sound so confident about that.”
As Rorie rests her back against the ropes, Lyza sense an opportunity. She runs towards Rorie and extends out her arms. Before she is able to do anything, Rorie picks up her foot and kicks Lyza in the chest, sending her down to the mat. As Rorie steps away from the ropes, Lyza is beginning to make her way back up to her feet. Rorie then grabs her by the hair, and pulls her with force. She takes hold of Reyes’ bottoms and begins to run towards the ropes. As she goes over to throw her over the rope, Lyza turns the momentum and swings Rorie over the top rope and onto the apron. As Rorie stands up on the apron, Lyza backs away and then runs towards her in an attempts to take her down. Rorie grabs hold of Lyza and pulls her over the top rope and onto the ring apron.

JOHNSON: “Both of these women are in precarious positions!”
ROBINSON: “… He really does like to state the obvious, doesn’t he?”
VASSA: “I deal with this every week!”
As both women stand up on the apron, they begin to trade blows. Each one hitting a shot that is harsher than the one before it. Suddenly, Rorie ducks under one of Lyza’s shots and quickly lands a vicious kick to the knee of Lyza. The kick takes Rorie down to the apron where she hits hard. Rorie backs away from Rorie and stands near the turnbuckle as Lyza begins to get up from the apron. Rorie runs over and holds onto the top rope as she jumps into the air bringing both of her feet on the back of Lyza with a double foot stomp! The stomp sends Lyza back down to the apron before she slips off the apron to the ground.

VASSA: “And this bitch is over!”
As the sounds of “Sex Metal Barbie” fill the arena, Rorie stands on the apron triumphantly.

POWERS: “Here is your winner, RORIE SSTTEEEELLEE!!!”
JOHNSON: “That was a defining win for Ms. Steele.”

VASSA: “You’re not kidding, and that was a great matchup. I have to say, thank you for Taryn Robinson for joining us, you should stay with us the rest of the night.”
ROBINSON: “I don’t think so.”
As Rorie continues to stand on the apron, the scene cuts backstage.

As the camera goes backstage you see Caleb James O’Donnell inside of the locker room sitting on the bench. His head down and he is rocking back and forth. He is already in his ring gear but as the camera grows closer you can hear him talking to himself.

O’DONNELL: “They tell me you want to know where I’ve been for the last few weeks. Was I in hiding? Did I lose my smile? Well, my fucking question to you is why the fuck should I tell you? Who are you? Are you writing some kind of book? I don’t owe anybody any explanations. Do you know who I fucking am?”
His voice goes silent for a moment, leaving only the inky blackness of the darkened pit.

O’DONNELL: “But I’ll be the nice guy and answer your stupid question. 4CW I did not sign my line on that dotted line to make friends. Sure I have a family and we are known as Unstable but I need to make a statement and it starts tonight. I came to 4CW to simply hurt people. I want to hear bones crack … I wanna see blood dripping down my opponents faces … I wanna make someone cry and beg to take another breathe of fresh air. So if you have a problem with any of that then I am not a hard man to find and if you don’t well I am sure I will find you anyway…”
You may not see it but you know a smile is going across O’Donnell’s face.

O’DONNELL: “Well, this is it. No more hype, no more talk…the war is about to begind. Omertà versus Unstable. Madison and O’Donnell versus Riddle and Wilder. It’s time to put up or shut up. All the battles, blood shed, sweat, spit and grit have all been leading to this battle. One of many that will take probably years off of our lives but I welcome it.”
As Caleb lifts his head up and tilts his head to the left perhaps eyeing something off in the distance or just daydreaming. As the silence beckons a response but you get nothing. He tilts it back and continues.

O’DONNELL: “You see … what it will come down to is something rather simple idea dating back to the beginning of civilized times. It’ll come down to the theory of want and need.”
As O’Donnell rests his hands on his knees.

O’DONNELL: “Some of the guys and girls in the back might have you believe that they _want_ to be the alpha male so that they can embrace the kudos that go along with it. The money, the fame, the fortune, the entourage, and the jealousy that breeds from success. They would have you believing that they _want_ this more than any other wrestler in this company. More than any other man on this planet.”
As Caleb stands up from the bench he was sitting on he stares into the camera.

O’DONNELL: “Well I call bullshit … bullshit … and more fucking bullshit. What makes you think you want it more than me? What makes you think you want it more than Jason Cashe? Or Chris Madison? Or Amber Ryan? Who are you to judge us if you haven’t walked in our shoes? Haven’t lived our lives? 4CW is starting to change. The writing is on the walls. Perry Wallace knows it. Omertà fears Unstable. The proof was last Adrenaline when Madison pinned Dakota for the one two three. Omertà is gonna die a very slow fucking death …”
O’Donnell bends over and pulls out a shillelagh from his green duffel bag. As Caleb shows it to the camera a smirk comes across his face. He begins to slam it against his left hand over and over again.

O’DONNELL: “But what happens after that. Where does that leave Unstable? Where does that leave one Caleb James O’Donnell? It leaves me as a very fucking dangerous man with a family that I would do anything. Go ahead and try to fuck with my family. I swear on my child it will be the last thing you ever fucking do. Unstable is not a lifestyle it is a way of life…”
With those words Caleb takes the shillelagh and acts like he is about to smash the camera in. He stops inches short of hitting the camera as he let’s out a sinister laugh as you are left wondering what is going on inside the head of CJ O’Donnell.


“Insurrection” by Lamb of God blasts throughout the arena as Luke Jones steps onto the ramp. The hood from his jacket covers his head as he bobs it with the beat of the music. As the drums kick in Luke throws back his hood and yells loudly pounding his chest. He stands at the top of the ramp for a few seconds before taking off towards the ring.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Lexington, Kentucky, weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds and standing six feet, six inches tall! He is “The Annihilator”, LUKE JJOONNEESS!!!”
Luke slides into the ring and begins bouncing off the ropes, before climbing the turnbuckle and lift his arm above his head.

POWERS: “And his opponent…”
“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the PA as the lights in the arena start to dim. A few flashes of light and the sound of thunder can be heard in the background as Brian Hollywood makes his way from the back. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction at his arrival. Hollywood is in his black attire and is wearing his black trench coat as he centers himself on the stage.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall… ‘Mr. Executive’, BRIAN HHOOLLLLYYWWOOOODD!!!”
Hollywood tugs on his trench coat as he walks down the ramp. As he does, a breeze is released blowing his trench coat back and forth as he arrives to the apron near the ring. Hollywood looks about the crowd and squints his eyes as if he’s looking carefully through out the crowd. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Hollywood makes his way up the steel steps and enters the ring. Hollywood looks about the ring before heading to the top rope and looking about the crowd. Hollywood closes his eyes and slowly raises his hands on both sides as if to praise himself or being in a false sense of delusion that he is being praised by the crowd which gives off another mixed reaction. Hollywood finally makes his way down as he takes off the trench coat and rests in the corner, awaiting for the sound of the bell.

Before the bell can sound, Luke Jones rushes in at Hollywood and begins to unload on him in the corner with a furry of punches.
The crowd is going wild as Jones is wearing Hollywood out with the heavy fists. Finally, Jones revs back for a last punch but Hollywood ducks the punch, goes behind Hollywood, and kicks Jones right in the back of the leg…sending Hollywood crashing to the mat.

With Jones down, Hollywood takes a second to think before picking his opponent up and whipping him into the ropes. On the comeback, Hollywood rocks his opponent with a vicious dropkick to his already damaged knee. As Jones is on the mat in pain, Hollywood locks in a stiff looking arm-bar to stretch out Jones injured wing….

JOHNSON: “Great thinking by Brian Hollywood here in the early moments as he is already exploiting Jones as a wrestler while keeping The Annihilator on the mat and in one place.”
VASSA: “Would you expect anything less from Mr. Executive?”
Jones, still clinched in the arm-bar, finds the strength to get to the ropes in order for Hollywood to break the hold. Once Hollywood breaks the hold, he meets the oncoming Jones with a dropkick right to the face and follows it up with a vicious looking jawbreaker that really sends The Annihilator into a wall of agony.

VASSA: “Hollywood has gotten the jaw, the arm, and the knee already! Jones is as good as beat!”
In total control, Hollywood looks quite confident at his situation as he picks The Annihilator up and whips him back into the ropes. On the comeback this time, Jones ducks a clothesline from Hollywood and bounces back off the ropes where he meets his opponent with a nice little shoulder block. With Hollywood down, Jones bounces off the ropes again and drops an elbow onto Hollywood but, Brian rolls out of the way and Jones hits nothing but mat…

JOHNSON: “I got to say it…Jones doesn’t look like he prepared too much for this match because Hollywood is smoking him.”
VASSA: “Jones could have spent a year in training and Hollywood still would have smoked him!”
As Jones falls to the mat, Hollywood stomps away at his head before picking him up and placing him back on his feet. With Jones on his feet and groggy, Hollywood bounces off the ropes and decks Jones with a spinning heel kick that sends Jones flying over the top rope and onto the floor…

Since referee Salieri has been given the match, he hasn’t started the count as Jones lays on the mat and Hollywood is still on the attack. Suddenly, with the crowd booing him like crazy, Hollywood bounces off the rope and flies to the outside with a breathtaking springboard lionsault to the outside of the ring onto Jones that sends the crowd into a frenzy.

Wasting no time, Hollywood picks Jones up and attempts to ram his head in the security barrier but Jones somehow blocks the hold. Within a split second of the block, Jones jams his good elbow into Hollywood’s midsection and follows it up with a DDT to the concrete floor. The crowd is going crazy as Jones has now gotten back into the match…

JOHNSON: “Listen to the fans get behind The Annihilator as he has finally taken control of the match!”
Jones scrapes Hollywood up off the concrete and rolls him into the ring before Luke himself limps in as well. Now back in the ring, Jones picks Hollywood up and bodyslams him to the mat. With Hollywood down, Jones bounces off the ropes and drops a powerful elbow into the sternum of Brian Hollywood but….

VASSA: “THAT FOOL! He just dropped his injured elbow down on Hollywood! Can Jones get any denser!”
As Jones agonizes over his elbow, Hollywood regains his composure, takes his opponent, and slaps in another armbar which severely extends the already tender elbow of Luke Jones. Hollywood cinches the hold in as tight as he can but, like before, Jones reaches the ropes and Hollywood breaks the hold. However, as soon as Jones gets up, he is met with a stiff chop to the chest by Brian Hollywood and it is followed up by a textbook gut-wrench suplex.

JOHNSON: “I will say it now…anyone who has doubted Brian Hollywood’s skill needs to watch the display he’s putting on now!”
With Jones down and hurt, Hollywood takes the opportunity to exit the ring and climb to the top rope. As you hear a mixed reaction from the Georgia crowd, Mr. Executive flies off the top rope and onto Hollywood with a vicious top rope elbow drop which is followed up by a pin attempt…

JOHNSON: “NO! Jones kicked out but he did it at the absolute last second.”
Wasting no time, Hollywood scrapes his opponent up and decks him in the face with a forearm for good measure. With the match in his hands and the intensity on his face, Hollywood catches Jones, runs to the turnbuckles and rocks the Luke Jones with a beautiful Tornado DDT that spikes Jones’s skull to the mat in the process.

JOHNSON: ”The members of The Order must be real happy that Hollywood is having such an easy time with The Annihilator here tonight.”
VASSA: “Wouldn’t you be?”
As Jones is down on the mat, Hollywood sees his opportunity and moves towards the turnbuckle corner. Suddenly, Jones gets back to his feet and Hollywood charges in at him with his superkick but….

JOHNSON: “OH! Jones saw it coming and he’s got Hollywood in a very bad situation now!”
The crowd is now really buzzing as Hollywood is still taking it to Luke Jones. Hollywood sees that Jones is not moving and he now takes the opportunity to climb to the top rope again. This time, Hollywood flies through the air with a breath-taking frog splash that hits Jones moves out of the way at the last possible second and Mr. Executive hits nothing but mat.

VASSA: “But can Jones capitalize?”
As Jones gets up to his feet he grabs Hollywood by his hair and shoves it in-between his legs and lifts Mr. Executive up in the air and gets a running start and throws Hollywood into the corner with a powerbomb. As Hollywood neck and back area hit the top turnbuckle he slumps in the corner.

JOHNSON: ”Keeping Up With the Jones.”
VASSA: ”Where the hell is Luke finding this burst of energy from?”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe he has been training harder and watching footage of his opponents.”
The Annihilator gets another running start as he clothesline Hollywood in the corner before he grabs his hair and throws him into the mat. Jones then gets on the second rope and is measuring Mr. Executive up for something as he is just staring at his opponent.

JOHNSON: ”This is not a smart move by Jones. He had Hollywood in a bad situation and now he is giving him time to catch his breath and this may backfire.”
As Hollywood begins to stir on the mat and is getting back up to his feet. Jones leaps off the second ropes and Hollywood sees it coming and …

JOHNSON: ”I did. Jones has got to be out cold.”
As Hollywood is crawls over to Jones and referee Salieri gets in position to count…

Jones places his foot on the bottom ropes and Hollywood can not believe it. As Brian argues with Salieri he holds up two fingers and Mr. Executive shouts thats bullshit. Hollywood is winding up the band again looking to connect with another Executive Promise as The Annihilator is using the ropes to get back on his feet. Jones turns around and as Hollywood goes for another super kick Jones ducks underneath it. Luke dropkicks Hollywood into the corner sternum first. As Brian turns around Jones gets a running start towards him looking to drive his shoulder into the midsection of Jones but Mr Executive grabs Jones by his hair and tights as he throws him into the ringpost.

JOHNSON: ”OH MY GOD – I think Jones hit part of his cranium on the ringpost.”
VASSA: ”Maybe it will knock some sense into him.”
As Jones stumbles out of the corner holding his head he is met with a kick to the gut before Hollywood grabs his head and delivers The Lay-Off. Hollywood immediately covers Jones and Salieri starts his count…

As Hollywood gets up he raises his hands in the air and just stares down at The Annihilator before he walks over to the corner and stands on the second ropes. As Mr Executive gets a mixed reaction from the crowd you go back to Vassa and Johnson at ringside.

JOHNSON: “And Hollywood gets back on his winning ways.”
VASSA: ”I think Luke Jones is dead!”
POWERS: “You winner of this match … BRIAN HHOOLLLLYYWWOOOODD!!!”


POWERS: “The following contest will fall under extreme rules and is scheduled for one fall!”
“Chick Habit” by April March hits the speakers as Nirvana walks out from the back with an Atari in hand, covered in barbed wire.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Parts Unknown, weighing in at three hundred twenty eight pounds and standing six feet, nine inches tall! He is ‘The Midnight King’, NNIIRRVVAANNAA!!!”
He makes his way to the ring and proceeds to climbs onto the apron. After climbing over the ropes, he walks over to a nearby trash can and kicks it over, spilling an assortment of weaponry onto the mat.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly with his thumbs tucked into the 4CW XTV Championship fastened around his waist. His trademark “LAUGH-LIN” Run DMC Style shirt on he nods his head to the music and acknowledges the fans before dropping his head taking a deep breath and breaking out into a sprint towards the ring.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is the 4CW XTV Champion, “The Ripper”, BRYAN LAUGHLIN!!!”
Approaching the ring he slides in and gets to his knees throwing his head back and his arms out allowing the fans to acknowledge him back. He quickly hops to his feet mouthing the lyrics.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

He backs into the nearest corner taking off his shirt and throwing it behind him out of the ring as his music slowly fades.

JOHNSON: “And here we go!”
Before the official can even check with each man to see if they’re ready, Nirvana storms out of his corner with the barbed wire wrapped Atari in hand. Closing in on Bryan who is caught by surprise, Nirvana lunges forward with the Atari and slams it into his shoulder, ripping his flesh over with the very first hit of the match.
Nirvana then swings overhead with the Atari, coming down at Bryan’s head with it.
Rolling out of the way, Bryan avoids the fatal headshot as the Atari crashes onto the top of the corner. Scanning the floor for something to use, Bryan spots a nearby tennis racket and picks it up. Popping up to his feet, he swings around and hits Nirvana in the side of the head with it, knocking him into the corner. Gripping the racket with both hands, Bryan then jumps into the air and swings down, hitting Niirvana over the head with it and ripping the inside of the racket completely out.
Nirvana whips around as the racket hands from his neck like a necklace and cracks Bryan in the face with a monstrous elbow. Stumbling backwards, Bryan trips over the trash can and falls to his back onto a bag of thumbtacks, busting the bag wide open and spilling them across the mat. Grabbing the trash can, Nirvana raises it above his head with both hands and then slams it down.
Kicking both of his feet up, Bryan plants them into the trash can and drives it into Nirvana’s face. Crashing into the corner, Nirvana drops the trash can at his feet as Bryan races to his feet. On his way up, he snatches a nearby flower vase and clutches it in both hands. Charging towards Nirvana, Bryan takes a swing with it and shatters it over his forehead.

VASSA: “Good god, this match is only getting started and these two are trying to kill each other without even breaking a sweat!”
JOHNSON: “The XTV division is a different type of division. Sometimes matches are drawn out and other times the competitors try to end things quickly. It looks like they’re going with the quick route tonight.”
VASSA: “I’ve been wanting to see Nirvana live in action. I just hope it doesn’t end in the blink of an eye. I’d hate to miss this.”
With shards of glass in his hands, Bryan then explodes with a series of knife edge shops across Nirvana’s chest, slicing him open with each landing strike. Out of nowhere, Nirvana then reaches out with both hands and wraps them around Bryan’s throat. Stepping out of the corner, Nirvana turns around and slams Bryan into it with force. Pushing Bryan’s face with one hand, Nirvana draws back his other and hits him with a powerful knife edge chop of his own, lifting Bryan off his feet with the impact.
He then lifts Bryan up and turns around, dropping him with an inverted atomic drop. Bryan’s body shoots straight up and then with both hands, Nirvana slaps the ears on each side of Bryan’s head. Bryan buckles over holding his ears as the ringing begins to set in. Lifting Bryan up, Nirvana carries him over to the trash can and body slams him on top of it, crushing it in the process. Looking on the ground, Nirvana grabs his barbed wire wrapped Atari and then begins hitting Bryan with it relentlessly. After connecting with half a dozen hits, Nirvana slams it down once more, completely breaking it into pieces as it connects with Bryan’s head.

JOHNSON: “We say this every time we have one of these matches but this right here is another weapon that I have never seen used before in the ring.”
VASSA: “Nirvana is an old school cat and he liked using old school items, that includes old school video game systems!”
Lifting Bryan up from the mat, Nirvana then whips him to the corner across the ring. Hitting the corner hard, Bryan releases a mouthful of spit and as his head drops down, Nirvana is right there charging towards him full speed. With one arm held up, Nirvana goes for a clothesline but hits nothing but empty corner as Bryan spins out of the way, barely avoiding the collision from the big man.
Spotting a chain nearby, Bryan quickly picks it up and then wraps the end around his hand. With Nirvana leaning over the top of the corner, Bryan rushes in and whips him across the back with the chain. He then does it again and again, forcing out howling groans from Nirvana as the chain slaps him across the back. Bryan wraps the chain around his hand even more, doing away with all of the excess. Turning Nirvana around, Laughlin swings with all of his might, punching him directly between the eyes.
He then goes ballistic with repeated punches, turning Nirvana mask crimson red as the blood begins to soak through.

JOHNSON: “This looks like something straight out of a movie!”
VASSA: “What kind of shit are you watching, Steve?”
JOHNSON: “That isn’t the point.”
The crowd then erupts as a certain someone walks out from the back and onto the stage.

VASSA: “It’s Cashe! Jason Cashe is back for more folks!”
JOHNSON: “Just two weeks ago Bryan defeated him for the XTV Championship. I think he’s come for his revenge.”
VASSA: “How the hell is he still walking around? Him and Jace went through hell and back earlier. Cashe should be laid up right now having himself checked out by medical staff.”
Walking to the ring at a normal pace, Cashe keeps his eyes locked on the ring but manages to catch Bryan’s attention. Bryan then draws back once more and slams his chain wrapped fist into Nirvana’s face.
Nirvana’s head drops as blood begins dripping from the openings of his mask. Laughlin then steps away from him and walks to the side of the ring that Cashe approaches.

VASSA: “Nirvana appears to be out of commission for the moment. Now it’s time for Cashe and Laughlin to throw down!”
Turning the corner, Cashe circles the ring and makes his way to the corner where the XTV Championship rests on the apron. Grabbing ahold of it, Cashe stares at it for a moment as Bryan looks on from inside of the ring. Cashe then lifts it into the air as if it were his, taunting Bryan. In anger, Bryan begins pointing to Cashe and demanding he put it down. A few moments pass as the two exchange words and then Bryan ducks his head and goes to exit through the ropes.

JOHNSON: “That’s it! Cashe has pissed off Bryan and he’s going to get his XTV Championship.”
VASSA: “Cashe seems bitter about los–“
JOHNSON: “Wait just a second!”
Before Bryan can exit through the ropes, Nirvana pops up behind him and grabs the back of his pants, pulling him back into the ring. Bryan grabs onto the ropes and tries to pull himself away but Nirvana uses his strength advantage to rip him away. On the outside, Cashe begins to laugh as the sight.
Turning Laughlin around, Nirvana then lifts him up and presses him above his head. Taking a couple of steps away from the ropes, the then launches Bryan into the air and face first into a small old school tube style television.
The screen to the television shatters as Bryan’s face crashes against it. Covered in blood, Nirvana slowly walks over to him, leaving a trail behind him as is drips off of his chin. A chair then crashes to the mat beside Nirvana, thrown in by Cashe on the outside. Picking up the chair, Nirvana walks over to the corner with it and props it against the turnbuckle. After slowly walking back to Bryan, Nirvana lifts him up from the mat and over his head once more. Turning to the corner, Nirvana takes a few steps towards it before launching Bryan once more. Flying through the air, Bryan slams into the chair head first.

JOHNSON: “That’s two Lawn Dart’s as Nirvana calls them!”
VASSA: “That’s a good name for that move because that’s exactly what Bryan was for a moment.”
JOHNSON: “The XTV Champ is down and it’s all because of Cashe distracting him.”
Rolling Bryan over to his back, Nirvana drops down and covers him with all of his weight. The official then races over with the count.

JOHNSON: “That’s it, this one is over folks!”
VASSA: “After a long fought match two weeks ago, Cashe made sure to turn this match into a quick one by showing his face here tonight.”
“Chick Habit” hits the speakers as Nirvana stands tall, raising his arms into the air where the official can’t even reach.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin fall… NNIIRRVVAANNAA!!!”
With the XTV Championship in hand, Cashe walks to the corner where Bryan is laid out. Reaching through the ropes, he lays the championship across Bryan’s body.

CASHE: “Your loaned time is just about it.”
Cashe then leaves ringside as Nirvana continues to pace the ring, celebrating his first 4CW victory.

With the 4CW Logo plastered on the back wall, Gabriel Hartman smiles at the cameras with a microphone in hand.

HARTMAN: “I’m here wit–“
Into the scene walks Jason Cashe. Lip red, swollen with blood still caked to his beard from his opening match with Jace Savage. Snatching the mic from Hartman, Cashe shoves him out of scene and points over in another direction as if someone else had been on standby for interview time.

CASHE: “Both of you can fuck off right now. I’m taking this time, sound good? Good glad you are both understanding because I don’t have to be done tonight! No, no, see that with Jace was just a kickstarter. It did it’s gosh dang job though because while everyone is whispering that my mind is elsewhere, let me employ you all of how wrong that is.”
Hartman slowly moves in with a wet towel as Cashe’s lips opens up again, his slur from the swelling spits blood as he talks. As Hartman goes to help, Cashe assaults him with the mic. Hartman falls to the ground and Cashe kicks the 4CW Interviewer in the gut. Old friends, Hartman’s eyes fill with tears as he curls up in a fetal position on the ground.

CASHE: “I said fuck off didn’t I? Now since I have the mic and ALL you motherfuckers have to hear me… Nah… Nah, you know what? I’ma do this in the ring. Folks want to question me? Judge me? Fine, that’s a bet so now it’s my turn.”
Dropping the mic, Cashe gives Hartman a long stare as he walks from the scene promising that later he would be once again making an appearance in the ring.

JOHNSON: “The talent here in 4CW is crazy! It’s truly a great time to be apart of Four Corners Wrestling!”
VASSA: “Bottom Four BABY!!”
JOHNSON: “You’re retarded… Ohhh shit, he’s keeping that promise! Look!”
Coming out from the back to no music, no warning is Jason Cashe. The crowd gets wild with cheers for the man born in Decatur, Georgia. Not stopping as usual, he continues to the ring with a look on his face like he is ALL business right now. Leaping up on the top of the stairs, grabbing the ring post, he walks the ring apron before dipping through the ropes. Mike Powers reaches up at ringside, giving him a microphone even before he could request one.

VASSA: “He’s ‘Trouble1’ and we are getting that rare moment when he’s out here to talk!”
JOHNSON: “Technically, this is Home to Cashe! He’s a Georgia boy and Decatur isn’t far from here! I mean listen to these people! They love him and he’s a huge DICK!”
Head down, he begins to pace before licking between both his busted lips. The crowd wasn’t letting up with the ovation. On another day in another moment, he might have appreciated the love but today was not that day.

CASHE: “If you could all just be quiet for a minute…”
They wouldn’t. They cheered, clapped and screamed. Various chants go through the motions from “JA-SON CASHE” to “WELCOME HOME” but as Cashe stood there in the ring. He didn’t seem to do anything but stare out at the people live in the audience. Having enough, he pulls the mic to his mouth.

CASHE: “Stop… SHUT UP!!”
The cheering gasps and turns to a hail of boos as the former 4CW and XTV Champion stands with anger in his eyes. The thundering Boos are almost as loud as the cheers were and new chants of “WE WON’T SHUT UP” begin and Cashe gets ignited.

JOHNSON: “Just rude, they were cheering for him and he turns on even a home crowd?”
VASSA: “They wouldn’t shut up! The man didn’t come out here to be cheered, he has something to say! They should Shut up and so should you!”
That became a challenge to the fans as they grew louder. Cashe gave them a grin as he stared out into the ocean of moving bodies in the crowd.

CASHE: “Ok folks, let’s be quiet now…”
Even that egged them on to keep the volume high and continuously booing.

CASHE: “I’ve lost my mind!”
Four words and the crowd becomes intrigued with what he might say next. The noise doesn’t disappear completely but to a low range level. Nodding slowly, Cashe takes a step to the right closer to the ropes.

CASHE: “Yeah I said it. It’s not the first time I’ve made it clear I’m a little MENTAL at times but that’s not something I picked up watching others compete over the years. See throw a rock backstage or with any roster in this business now and you’ll find a few “crazies” and weirdos but check it I’m not your typical head case. I’m just a Lost Boy from the streets of motherfucking Decatur!”
Cheap Pop. He wasn’t meaning to have one but it was his own truth and the people had cheered him knowing his roots as so many others have known throughout his career.

CASHE: “I’ve had the up and downs of a career but I’m hearing that the word off the grapevine is that I’m losing focus. That my mind is elsewhere. What? Because Psyche is around? Because I lost the XTV Championship? Heh… I don’t get it at all!”
Shaking his head, he is quick to raise a hand. Not to try and sway any of the accusations but to add to them.

CASHE: “I’ve also lost the 4CW Championship three times! Add that to how I’ve suddenly landed on this downward spiral in my career! Add in ALL 39 Championship Reigns I’ve had throughout my career while we’re at it. Now add in every female that has slap uglies with ya boy! From Niobe Martin to Kaylyn James Evans, Hayley Hitch, and fuck it even my ex WIFE!
But talk about Psyche Devyne for a minute… The same Lady up in Canada KILLING it since the day she arrived! Now I don’t know about any of ya’ll out there tonight but my Momma said ‘Behind Every Man is a Strong Woman’ heh… I’m not up for experimenting with her being “behind me” but I’m also not an idiot! A woman like that doesn’t stick around if someone turns soft or else she’d have made it work with her ex… Trust I’m strong willed, ERECTED for this shit day and night!”

Bursts of laughter tickle throughout the live audience as Cashe continues.

CASHE: “Now I’ve been fortunate enough to not have had too many injuries. I feel springy as fucking ever! But since people want to slap on labels and pose questions about someone’s fucking focus? Let’s have ourselves a State of Comparisons shall we?”
Roaring, the crowd was about to get Cashe working out his randomness at anyone and possibly everyone he could find something to say something about. They were hyped for it as they once again cheered loudly for the “Troubled1”

VASSA: “Sometimes he speaks in tongues, sheer jibberish but good gracious I enjoy hearing him go at it!”
Slapping himself to the head a few times, it was like he was arguing with himself. Deep in his own thoughts which to some was like walking around in an empty cave with bats and insects inside.

CASHE: “Now I’m not a smart thinker. Most of these “crazies” walking around are Educated Loners who grew up Goth until it became cool to go without their ADD medication. I never got the opportunity for meds other than that TOKE SMOKE!”
Another Cheap Pop, the majority of people either smoked Marijuana or knew 50 others who did these days. It was always a 20% margin of who Jason Cashe was even if that number was exaggerated by many, MANY opponents in the past.

CASHE: “Now let me get this started with Omerta. More importantly, Cyrus Riddle’s double traitor, twice a judas punk ass! Let’s not even mention you being in Unstable, that by all accounts was a mistake. We’ve taken a few L’s but we have still accomplished so much! Now we aren’t holding hands, singing nursery rhymes but what the FUCK is Omerta about since you question US? Because the name has some meaning to it, it is something MORE? Heh…
When you see Unstable in Tag Matches, who are we partnered with? OTHER members of UN-Fucking-Stable! Now turn to you. Omerta Brotherhood! But it’s only now, tonight that any of you have partnered up IN 4CW right? You’re holding the Tag Titles with Whorie who ISN’T Omerta and were more recently holding cocks with Bryan Williams, Mr “Walk Out” but maybe we should all view you much the same since you did more or less that VERY thing with Boardwalk…. Oops, I don’t think I am suppose to say that!”

Laughing comes from the crowd. Cashe smiles, turning his head away as he moves across the ring.

CASHE: “Or how Dakota Smith even holding the 4CW Championship is almost on his own island in Omerta! I’ve been CLOSER to Erron Wilder on Twitter than anyone has seen between the other members of that little group of crazies. He asked ME to be his Tag Partner for another Promotion! Can you believe that? And they say I’m losing it!”
Again the crowd laughs joined it with their clapping approval. They either liked his “off the wall” approach or they see the shit he was saying as having truths to them. He wasn’t debating which it was, he just rolled with it.

CASHE: “YES, Unstable has had some troubles but that’s the fucking point of ANY grouping of talent. Does that mean our problems are any different from the other people grouped together? The Order is so dysfunctional that Jace Savage is almost to where he HATES Brian Hollywood and like anytime before, neither of them push or promote The Order itself. Not like they do themselves because end of the day both men are selfish, rich FUCKS!
If not for the small rise of Aamon and Tanya being Boss Hogg’s new bitch up North then The Order would be the most troubled in 4CW, hell THEY ARE and it’s not the good kind of trouble! Is there ANYONE coming out trashing you or is it the usual brief mention? My losses have been for Championships and fucking Classics while you guys lose more to the “Almost mattered” level of competition. You never quite REACH the matches that matter. Which is why the only REAL success that can be mentioned in The Order is that in which Hollywood created.”

Approaching the side of the ring near the Entrance, Cashe speaks directing his words to the stage.

CASHE: “Jace… When you want another round, another chance to prove yourself? Find me Boy Blunder…”
Cutting away from the entrance, Cashe begins to dance in his shoulders some. A smile stretches across his face, he was showing that his mood is lighting up some.

VASSA: “He’s having fun! Hahaha! I love these moments!”
JOHNSON: “He does seem to be releasing some of the built up tension he had when he came out here. A lot of things sit heavy on his mind as of late.”
VASSA: “With as many thoughts as he has, he has an enemy to match. He is not a well liked individual.”
Accidentally biting his bottom busted lip, Cashe drops the mic. As he reaches down to pick it up, blood drips from his lip. He swirls around and spits outside the ring a mouthful of saliva and blood. It trickles down his chin some as he gets back on the microphone.

CASHE: “I’ll fight anyone! Win or lose, I stand in front of someone and fight! Doesn’t matter the name you’ve made in this business or the training you’ve had. There are so many out there who would claim the same thing. So many of the same personalities going around but in this era of “Hipsters” in EVERY style and form mixed with social media, it’s hard to have something original for too long right? Rappers using your name, other wrestlers even! It’s not a surprise when something becomes a trend, it becomes part of these unoriginal fucks costumes as well!
Still, I will fight anyone! The difference between me saying that and others is that I don’t change with the band wagon riders who switch with every new trend shaping who they are. And I don’t need my Label in the ring with me to showcase who I am. Unstable is what is represented but I scrap up be it in ring or on twitter alone! If Wallace wanted to be a little bitch and pull strings, I’d not cry and stomp my feet having to fight my own label mates. Put me in here with Chris Madison, tells us we have to fight and that shit would be OFF THE HOOK!
After we’d go to the back, the loser would have some heat to let vent out but I’d regardless of the outcome LOVE that dude!
The same can be said about CJ, Meyhu, or Amber Ryan! That’s my Crew, I’m their crew. Fuck which one of us is shining brightest because we all have our paths. Yet when an ally was needed, who showed up behind enemy lines to have Meyhu and Amber’s back? ME! Unstable! So fuck all you out there who doubt and or fucking QUESTION what we’re about. Look in a fucking mirror and ask yourself what you’re about homie! Cause if it ain’t Unstable then it ain’t much more than SHEEEET BITCH!”

Being a hometown boy, the crowd backs him up with cheers and a chant of “Unstable” as Cashe lets the mic lower in his hand and listens to the people.

JOHNSON: “These people love him! Right or Wrong, Making sense or saying nothing comprehended, there is something to appreciate with Jason Cashe!”
VASSA: “He’s like the Wrestling Snoop Dogg! He might not always make the best music or have the hottest track but when he’s on, it’s hard to compete!”
JOHNSON: “I’m sure that’s not all they have in common…”
Patting his shorts, he was still in his wrestling gear but had a White Tee on that now bore blood stains from his spitting slur from the busted lips.

CASHE: “I should have brought a joint out here, fuck the law!”
That got the crowd united for a “FUCK THE POLICE” chant and Cashe smiled big. Interrupting them, he speaks loud to make sure they hear him.

CASHE: “Careful now, there are scared bitches tweeting people to the FBI or threatening to sue you out there! Heh… Now let’s talk about the New Blood! The fresh meat in 4CW! Be it Uprising or anyone coming through Adrenaline, some of ya’ll looking REAL good! Top competition filling in space and sooner or later some of you might think to try and get some attention. You want some? No… scratch that!”
Moving again to the side of the ring near the entrance, Cashe sits on the middle rope, holding the top rope up as if inviting someone.

CASHE: “If you’re looking for the big dawg, he’s in the ring right now! Come on down! I don’t care if you’re not new, Jetthro!”
The crowd rises hearing the name as Cashe springs from the ropes but keeps himself facing the entrance as he spit talks more.

CASHE: “You ready for Round Two F.A.G boy? Future Amazing Great my ASS! More like the Forgetful And Grounded? Go clean your room little boy before this “old man” knocks your Jaw loose again! But let’s not let him have all the opportunities! What about Brutus Magnus? Hell my Cousin Da–“
Cheering turns to riot level noises and Cashe turns to see their approval even before he can get the name out of his mouth. He grins knowing it’s a match most want to see but he knew that in time, they would have their match. The one people WANTED!

CASHE: “I know Dakota is off tonight but if he wants to give these people another small preview… I’m all fucking for it Cuz! Where you at? See these dudes want to talk about being ready to fight here and now but the paycheck, the spotlight is in high demand. I’ll fight a motherfucker in the dark, no lights, no sights, no payday!
I haven’t lost a GOD DAMN thing! I stepped into a cocoon but out from it didn’t come a Butterfly! Oh no, I’m ALL Honey Badger. I’m not the biggest, I don’t have the longest claws or have the hardest bite but I will fight with Lions, Tigers, and fucking Bears! I adapt and fight because the fight is IN me! That hasn’t changed. I’m still the Short Bus Riding, Foul Playing Troubled1 and Unstable Certified Looney Toon!
So how can I lose focus when the focus is STILL to do what so many are copying me to find. An Addiction to the shit that happens inside this fucking ring! That’s MY original and it hasn’t changed.
As far as my mind being elsewhere? When wasn’t it? I’m random as fuck! I screw up and act out. I try to keep up with that part of my brain that decides choices but sometimes one is just winning the race and the other has to catch up!”

Shrugging, it was as good of an explanation as he could give.

CASHE: “Now when I remove yet another “Devil” in 4CW’s history who ALSO beat me before I buried him… Bryan Laughl–“
“Out Of My Mind” by Mushroomhead plays and the crowd erupts knowing exactly who was coming out. Cashe’s eyes are wide but they wore a status of excitement as the smile on his face injected him with pain from the split lips.

JOHNSON: “OHHHH MAN!! Laughlin is coming out! The Current XTV Champion is about to interrupt Cashe!”
VASSA: “This could get ugly QUICK!!”
The noise in the Infinite Energy Arena rose as Bryan Laughlin steps out from the back. The XTV Title was strapped around his waist as the two men lock eyes even with distance between them.

VASSA: “I don’t think he came to talk, he has no microphone! Ohh boy I’m getting hard right now!!”
JOHNSON: “Gross, get away from me!”
It was thumping in the building as the two men continue staring, Cashe paces side to side with his eyes never leaving Laughlin. With the mic in hand, Cashe lifts it to say something.

CASHE: “What the fuck you waiting on? Come on down!”
Shaking his head, Laughlin reaches behind him and unbuckles the Championship. Lifting it high with one hand, Laughlin smiles back at Cashe who’s smile drops. Casually tossing the mic over his shoulder, Cashe hurries through the ropes to the outside. The volume with the fans were becoming bombs going off as Cashe sprints up the ramp at Laughlin.

Ready for Cashe, Bryan Laughlin digs his heels in holding his Title ready to strike. The two collide like an explosion! Hitting the ground, Laughlin gets top and throws rapid fists down into Cashe. Flipping him over, Cashe scrambles to his feet as does Laughlin. Cashe front kicks into Laughlin’s stomach and comes down with a sharp elbow to the back of his head. Laughlin taking the elbow charges forward, shouldering Cashe and driving him back as Security rushes out from the back. The crowd deafens with boos!


The crowd chants and vibrates the building at the foundation as Security pulls both men off one another. Cashe throws back an elbow catching one of the guard and pulls free. Rushing at Laughlin and the security holding him, Cashe leaps into the pile and the security buckles at the knees and everyone falls to the stage floor. Laughlin kick shoves Cashe off and kicks his knee out as the “Troubled1” comes in again. Security gathers themselves and gets the two apart again. Pulling Laughlin to the back, the other team jerks Cashe off the side of the stage. The crowd still roaring with their chants to see them continuing fighting.

JOHNSON: “I think we know what to expect at South Beach Brawl! Anything and everything by these two! It will be a Sequel that tops the Original because win or lose, they will bleed out and only take a lose in unconsciousness.”
VASSA: “If Cashe is evolving, I can only imagine what that means. Is it for the better or worse and worst for who? Him or everyone else? A devil will fight a man not the same as he fought a few weeks back but in a world full of Sin… Can the Devil reign? I wish we could hit fast forward to South Beach Brawl right now!”

The live camera shifts backstage, centering inside the near ‘ghost town’ lonely ambiance of the public locker room. Far along the silence ranging the sight of embedded stucco walls that stretch over to a private shower, Erron Wilder can be seen working his final preparation before his match.
Standing by the door in a typical hunched posture, wrapping a roll of black athletic tape around his left wrist with the diligence of man looking to fight teeth and nail till his last breath is drawn. His humid hair disheveled as usual to veil some extent of his eyes, whilst clad in his casual-turned-wrestling gear drapes and a leather jacket for that rebel flair. Erron works his tape around his hand for that boxing style look, until Cyrus Riddle bursts right into view with subtle steps. He stands there a few feet away, briefly looking over his partner for their upcoming tag team match and also Omerta brother-in-arm.

RIDDLE: ”You ready, mate?”
As he pitches in a soft note, Erron automatically tips his attention at him with a piercing glare. He lifts his arm up to neck length for his teeth to reach in and gnaw the loose line of tape, spitting it out from his wrist.

WILDER: ”Yeah. I’m ready.”
He sniffs, more as a hint of aggression than having caught a cold.

WILDER: ”What about you?”
The Archetype nods with a blank look of composure written over his mug.

RIDDLE: ”Ready as I could ever be to take down these Unstable fucks.”
WILDER: ”Sweetness.”
Erron then quietly turns his head behind him, letting his gaze roam over the door as his hand presses into the brass knob.

WILDER: ”Hey Des,”
He says, obviously calling out to his manager, Desiree Drake.

WILDER: “Are you rea–“
And it was at that moment of curiosity, as his hand turned the knob entirely to push the door open that the cameras caught a quick glimpse of Desiree stepping out of the shower. The camera quickly shifts back to focus on Erron and Cyrus. In the distance, Desiree’s voice can be heard.

DRAKE: “Hey, I thought I told you that I was going to be in the shower…”
WILDER: “… Uhh, I thought you were done by now.”
The camera then shifts back over to reveal Desiree Drake standing there wet from the shoulders up. She looks over at Erron and Cyrus with a smirk.

DRAKE: “Sorry, I didn’t have time to grab a towel.”
Erron beamed up mischievously, lifting his shoulders up in casual shrug as he looks at Cyrus who was still staring agape.

WILDER: “Why don’t you give us—I mean her, a few more minutes to get ready?”
Cyrus scrunched his face suspiciously at Erron.

RIDDLE: “Well, don’t take too long. Our match is next.”
WILDER: “No worries. We’ve got this. If anything I’ll be extra motivated to win.”
He turned his sights over to Desiree, lecherously licking his lips.

Following the in-ring segment, the cameras head backstage to where reporter, Delaney Simon is standing outside of the training room. She patiently waits outside, listening in on the sounds of tape being ripped.

SIMON: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am currently outside of the training room, waiting to get a few words from Lyza Reyes.”
Seconds later, the door slowly opens. Lyza steps out of the training room with a large ice pack draped over her shoulders. She looks at the camera for a second, making the kind of facial expression associated with recalling something from earlier.

SIMON: “Lyza, thank you so much for accepting this interview. This is your debut. How are you feeling right now?”
REYES: ”I’m feeling fine. I know my trainer back in New York face-palmed himself a few times (he always has something to critique me on.) But uh, me being here right now, showing my face after having a match in unfamiliar territory…I mean, it counts for something. I’m not going anywhere. Despite the punishment Rorie wants to give me, and has accomplished in doing so tonight (along with the other ladies,) I’m going to come back for more. The best part is, I’m getting paid, unlike her kinky clients. Thanks for the freebie, sugar.”
Lyza winks with a smirk plastered on her face.

SIMON: “Are there any other thoughts you’d like to share at this time?”
REYES: ”Tonight was simply a sample on what I bring to the table. I didn’t get hired to make the egomaniacs look great. I’m not the fat chick that the mean-spirited hot chicks hang out with, because they’re convenient to have around as the designated driver and photographer. Feel threatened, get uptight at my presence…but don’t sleep on me.”
And with that, Lyza adjusts the ice pack, holding to both ends as she walks away, no longer in the camera’s shot. The cameraman adjusts the zoom to center the shot on Delaney Simon.

SIMON: “There you have it, guys. Words from Lyza Reyes.”


VASSA: “Hold on to your dicks everyone because things are about to get rowdy!”
JOHNSON: “We have a war on our hands and tonight will be another battle between Unstable and Omerta.”
VASSA: “In Unstable’s corner we have CJ O’Donnell and the undefeated, Pride Champion, Chris Madison representing the U.”
JOHNSON: “That is a solid team right there if I do say so myself. And their opponents are just as solid. We have Erron Wilder and one half of the Tag Team Champions, Cyrus Riddle, both representing Omerta.”
VASSA: “These two groups have been battling each other for a while now and it’s a back and forth one to say the least.”
JOHNSON: “We had a tag match not too long ago with both groups but different members. Erron and Dakota Smith pulled off the win after Darryl Wallace got himself and CJ disqualified. We have different members in the battle and this could really go down one of three ways.”
VASSA: “Three?”
JOHNSON: “Yes, Vinny, three. One being Unstable wins. Two being Omerta wins. Three being the match is thrown out as these two teams destroy each other without regard for rules and regulations.”
VASSA: “I think you forgot another option.”
JOHNSON: “I’m pretty sure I didn’t.”
VASSA: “Oh but you did. This battle could carry on for three weeks until we find ourselves in Miami for South Beach Brawl.”
JOHNSON: “Well there you go, I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that.”
VASSA: “Who knows honestly. There are a million different ways this thing could go down. The possibilities are literally endless.”
JOHNSON: “Well let’s get on to it then shall we?”
VASSA: “It’s kill time!”
“When the sun rises
I wake up and chase my dreams
I won’t regret when the sun sets
Cause I live my life like I’m a beast
I’m a mothafucking beast”
“Ayo back to make you run around the game like its a fire
I spit acid bitch like I got cyanide in my saliva
Watch me wet and heat shit up like I’m a washer and a dryer
While I beat you in your head until you tire”
“I’m a motherfucking beast”

As the beginning notes of “Beast” begins to play, the arena goes to darkness.

POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
With the beats kicking in, “The Distinguished” slowly walks out with a huge smirk on his face as the fans welcome him with a chorus of boos throughout the arena.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, representing “The Unstable”! He is “THE DISTINGUISHED” CEE JAY OOOOOO… DDOONNNNEELLLL!!!”
As O’Donnell slowly makes his way down to the ring he can not help but take in all the insults and jeers from the crowd.
“I’ma motherfucking beast
I’ma, I’ma fuckin’ beast
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”
“I’m a motherfucking beast right
Homie welcome to the east side, where the killers reside
We playing war games, please hide
Ain’t no signs of peace, so fuck a peace sign, we ride
Bust shots from a car seat
Or maybe hang you ’til your neck is broke
Choke with you with a Stethoscope
That’s how I kill a motherfucker in a heartbeat on a dark street”

Caleb has reached the end of the entrance way and is making his way up the ring steps. Once CJ gets on the top steps he raises his arms up in the air which only receives more boos from the audience tonight.
“I’ma I’ma fuckin’ beast!
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”

CJ has entered the ring now and he takes off his black Unstable t-shirt. He rolls it into a ball and acts like he is about to toss it into the crowd but instead he drops it over the top ropes and it lands on the outside on the floor. CJ begins to stretch in the corner as he awaits for the bell to ring.
I’m a motherfucking beast!”

The venue’s lights cut out, causing the entire building to go dark. Static feedback screeches over the P.A. system, forcing the fans in the audience to cover their ears. The video screen near the entrance way lights up with a white snowy picture, barely illuminating the entrance ramp. A black handprint slowly fades into the picture with a red anarchy symbol carved into the palm of the handprint before the screen cuts to black with white lettering that spells out “Unstable”. The crowd jumps to their feet, a 50/50 split between cheers and boos, as the static feedback is replaced by the opening chorus to Bullet For My Valentine’s single You Want a Battle? (Here’s A War).
“We will not take this anymore
These words will never be ignored
You want a battle

A sole spotlight focuses on the curtain for the entranceway as Chris Madison steps out with the 4CW Pride Championship secured around his waist. His head is tucked down with a black towel draped over it, focusing on the ground beneath him. The mixed crowd erupts in anticipation as Madison stands as still as a statue. He finally brings his fists up towards his face and punches himself on the jaw with both hands before ripping the towel from his head and spiking it down to the ground.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Long Island, New York, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the 4CW Pride Champion, “Mayhem”, CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison charges to the ring while unfastening the Pride Championship and slides in under the bottom rope before hoping up to his feet. He walks towards the nearest ropes corner and climbs up to the second rope, surveying the live crowd before hoisting the Pride Championship proudly over his head.

POWERS: “And the opponents!”
“Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool
Or a coward
Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both
For a wounded man will shall say to his assailant
If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven
Such is the rule of honor”

The guitars begin blaring over the arena as the drums beat in the background. “Omerta” by Lamb of God begins playing as the fans erupt to the sounds of chords and the lights transition to a crimson red. Almost half a minute passes before a scream is heard howling over the sounds of the crowd.
“Broken the paradigm an example must be set
Invoke the Siren’s song and sign the death warrant.
This what has been wrought for 30 pieces if silver
The tongues of men and angels bought by a beloved betrayer”

Cyrus Riddle then emerges from the back with one half of the 4CW Tag Team Championships around his waist.
“Words meant to dwell in darkness shall never see the light of day”
Following behind, Erron Wilder steps out from the back, accompanied by the lovely Desiree Drake.
“Words can be broken, so can bones
Execute the mandate
Mouth full of dirt.
Your name removed from the registry
St. Peter greets with empty eyes then turns and locks the gate.”

The three then begin walking towards the ring, Riddle at the front with Erron and Desiree only a few steps behind.
“I am the result what’s better left unspoken
Violence begins to mend what was broken
You’ve been talking, I’ve been all ears

POWERS: “Coming to the ring at a combined weight of four hundred fifty seven pounds, accompanied by Desiree Drake, ‘The Stuntman’ ERRON WWIILLDDEERR and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions, ‘The Archetype’ CYRUS RRIIDDDDLLEE!!!”
Approaching the ring Riddle rolls underneath the bottom rope as Erron walks Desiree up the steps. Holding the ropes for her, Desiree then enters the ring and Erron follows behind where the two are met side by side with Cyrus.
“Free speech for the living, dead men tell no tales
Your laughing finger will never point again.”

Riddle unstraps the championship from his waist before hoisting it above it head, looking out over the crowd.
Stepping away from the corner, Erron stands still, staring across the ring at Unstable as Desiree stands beside him, confident in her client.
Dropping the belt to the apron, Riddle turns around and stands beside Erron, his brother in arms.
“Sing for me now”

VASSA: “It’s that time and I can feel the tension in the ring right now and the bell hasn’t even sounded.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like Erron has a new manager as the beautiful Desiree Drake has escorted him to ringside.”
VASSA: “She is one fine piec–“
VASSA: “What?! I’m just saying, she’s hot as hell! I guess things with Victor Cassius didn’t work out well for her.”
JOHNSON: “You would be right, Vinny, as he is no longer signed with 4CW.”
VASSA: “His loss, our gain. If she were to leave then I would throw a fit.”
JOHNSON: “Standing across from them we have a powerhouse team in CJ O’Donnell and Chris Madison.”
VASSA: “CJ and Erron have exchanged quite a few words as of late. I’m eager to see how this plays out tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Chris Madison and Cyrus Riddle are no stranger to each other but both men hold championship gold in this match tonight.”
VASSA: “Things didn’t quite go in Riddle’s favor the last time there two met but Madison’s streak is bound to end sooner or later. I have a feeling we just may see that happen tonight.. as long as Wallace doesn’t ruin things.”
JOHNSON: “If Cyrus wasn’t tied down in the tag division being a champion, I think he would make a perfect challenger for Chris Madison, or whoever walks out of South Beach Brawl with the Pride Championship.”
VASSA: “Let’s not forget that CJ and Cyrus have some unsettled business as Cyrus turned his back on Unstable, betraying the trust between the two.”
JOHNSON: “I wouldn’t necessarily call it betrayal. Cyrus aligned with Unstable with a purpose, he never left Omerta. It was only a show to seek the whereabouts of Dakota.”
VASSA: “Try telling Unstable that.”
Erron walks Desiree to the corner and holds the ropes for her as she exits the ring and slowly proceeds down the steps. Huddling in the corner, Erron and Riddle talk amongst themselves as Madison and CJ do the same. After a few moments pass, Cyrus steps through the ropes, leaving Erron to start the match. Shortly after, CJ’s eyes light up with excitement at the sight of Erron starting the match. Madison then exits the ring, leaving CJ to start things off.
In the center of the ring, the official looks over to CJ for the okay and without the slightest hesitation, CJ pounds his fists together and roars before slapping his face over and over. Looking on in amusement, Erron cracks a smile before looking back to Riddle in laughter. He then cuts his head back to face the ring, staring dead eyed at the official, slowly nodding his head, signaling that he’s ready to get down to business. With both corners ready for the match to begins, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.
As the sound of the bell echoes throughout the arena, Erron shoots out of his corner and charges across the ring towards CJ who also erupts from his corner. The two collide in the center of the ring, Erron taking charge by delivering a stiff jab to CJ’s mouth. CJ fires back with elbow aimed for Erron’s head but misses as Erron ducks the blow and counters with a solid punch to the body. Erron then pops up and a jab to CJ’s throat, choking him up. Locking onto CJ’s wrist, Erron then pulls him in and delivers a lariat with his other arm, knocking CJ flat on his back.
Jumping straight up into the air, Erron comes down with both knees aimed for CJ’s head but lands on nothing but canvas as CJ rolls out of the way. The two race to their feet and just as Erron stands, CJ is right there with an elbow shot to the nose. Shaking off the blow, Erron rubs his hand underneath his nose, revealing traces of blood from the blunt force of the elbow CJ gave him. A smile then comes to Erron’s face as blood trickles down into his mouth, covering his teeth. Erron then spits a mouthful of blood into CJ’s face, blinding him.
With CJ unable to see anything, Erron draws back and fires away, connecting with a punch that rattles CJ’s head. He then kicks CJ in the stomach, forcing him to lunge over from the impact. Wrapping his arm around CJ’s head, Erron then grabs the back of his pants and then goes to lift him up for a brainbuster. Hooking his leg into Erron’s, CJ keeps his weight down, stopping Erron from lifting him any higher than the could of inches he did. CJ then begins pounding his fist into Erron’s ribs, over and over until finally breaking his hold around his head. Popping up, CJ then lunges forward and headbutt’s Erron in the nose, sending him stumbling backwards and falling to the mat.

VASSA: “We have a fight on our hands ladies and gents!”
JOHNSON: “There isn’t much wrestling going on so far as these two are literally trying to beat the other senseless.”
Erron rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up to all fours but before he can get up any further, CJ runs in and drives his knee into Erron’s ribs, knocking him over to his back. CJ jumps up and comes down with a leg drop across Erron’s throat, pinning his head to the mat as his feet shoot directly into the air. Crawling over Erron and sitting on his chest, CJ then unloads with elbow strikes, crashing down on his with lefts and rights to the head. After landing nearly a dozen, CJ draws back for the kill shot.

JOHNSON: “He’s going to kno–“
VASSA: “There’s still plenty of life in Erron!”
Reaching up with both hands, Erron grabs the sides of CJ’s head and digs his thumbs into CJ’s eyes. Throwing him over to the side, Erron frees himself and quickly pushes himself up as CJ holds his eyes, blinded again. Grabbing CJ’s head with one hand, Erron fires away with a right, clocking CJ in the ear. He then pulls him up to his feet and begins hitting him in the stomach with rapid knees. Locking onto CJ’s head, Erron flips him down to the mat with a snapmare and then sits him up in an upright position. Running to the ropes in front of CJ, Erron comes back on the rebound and lays him out with a running big boot. With CJ down on his back, Erron quickly makes the cover as the official drops down for the count.
Popping his shoulder up, CJ breaks the pin. Wasting no time at all, Erron stands to his feet and grabs ahold of CJ’s arm, pulling him up as well. He then whips CJ to the corner where Riddle stands. Crashing hard into the corner, CJ shakes his head back and forth to get rib of the cobwebs and out of nowhere, Riddle slaps him in the back of the head. CJ quickly turns around in anger and the two begin yelling at one another.

VASSA: “It was only a matter of time before these two went at it!”
JOHNSON: “I think this may be a distraction.”
As CJ keeps his attention focused on Riddle, Erron rushes in behind him and drives his shoulder into CJ’s back, knocking him into the corner. Erron and Riddle then slap hands as the official recognizes the tag. Entering the ring, Riddle nods at Erron as the two swap places. Grabbing CJ by the head, Riddle pulls it away from the corner and then slams it forward, face first into the top turnbuckle padding.
Turning CJ around, Riddle traps his arms and begins headbutting him over and over violently. With CJ in a daze, Riddle then bends him over and applies a double underhook. Lifting CJ into the air, he then drops him with a double underhook suplex away from the corner. Standng up, Riddle slowly walks to the corner and then climbs up to the top. After turning around to face CJ, he leaps from the corner and comes down frog splash.

JOHNSON: “He missed!”
VASSA: “Close but no cigar!”
At the last possible second, CJ rolls out of the way, leaving nothing but canvas for Riddle to eat as he doesn’t connect with the aerial move. Pushing himself up, CJ looks to Riddle curled on the mat and holding his abdomen from the impact. Running over to him, CJ does a front flip, coming down with his leg across Riddle’s face. Removing his leg from Riddle’s face, CJ laughs to himself for a moment before pushing himself up and going straight back to the attack. Kicking Riddle in the side over and over, CJ takes his breath away (no, not like that), and then follows up with a knee drop to Riddle’s shoulder.
Pulling Riddle up from the mat, CJ goes to whip him to the ropes but Riddle reverses the throw and sends him instead. As CJ comes back full speed, Riddle moves in quickly, delivering a nasty European uppercut that stops CJ in his tracks. Firing again, Riddle connects with another European uppercut but CJ remains on his feet. With a bit of space between the two, Riddle then moves in and throws all his weight into a third European uppercut, this time taking CJ off his feet and down to his back.

VASSA: “Cyrus sure does love those European uppercuts in triplets, doesn’t he?”
JOHNSON: “You can never have too many European uppercuts. Third time is always a charm.”
VASSA: “Damn if doesn’t make those things look good.”
Pulling CJ up to his feet, Riddle spins him around and applies a fill nelson. After cranking down on the pressure, Riddle goes to lift him up for a full nelson suplex, But CJ drops down to a seated position, pulling Riddle down and slamming his jaw down on top of his head. Riddle stumbles backwards until hitting the ropes and coming to a stop. Too busy holding his jaw from the impact, he gives CJ enough time to get back to his feet and rush in with a stinging right to the face. He then pulls Riddle away from the ropes and wraps him up before lifting him into the air and slamming him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.
Standing tall, CJ grabs Riddle’s foot and drags him to the corner where Madison awaits. Propping his leg up on the middle rope, CJ then slaps hands with Madison who uses the top rope to vault himself up and over, coming down with an elbow drop directly onto the knee. Cj then exits the ring as Madison gets back to his feet. Grabbing Riddle by the head, Madison rolls him over and up to his feet. Wrapping him up tightly, Madison then lifts him up and throws him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

JOHNSON: “The Machine has entered the ring folks. Things are about to get turned up a notch.”
VASSA: “I’ve been waiting to see Madison and Riddle square off once more, too bad this isn’t a singles match.”
JOHNSON: “Maybe one day, Vinny, just not tonight.”
On the outside, Desiree grabs Erron’s attention and then nods towards Madison standing in the ring. A smile then comes across his face as he shoots through the ropes and charges head on towards Madison. With his attention focused on Riddle, Madison doesn’t see Erron coming until it’s too late. Wrapping Madison up around the waist, Erron spears him to the mat. The two then begins hitting each other with furious punches, rolling around the ring as the official begins the five count.
Erron gets the control and sits on top of Madison, firing away with a face crushing punch.
Dipping through the ropes, CJ rushes over to help as Erron draws back for another brutal punch.
CJ bumps into the official, knocking him down to the mat and breaking up the count by accident. He then catches Erron’s arm before he swings down into Madison. Looking back, Erron yells for him to let go but CJ answers with an elbow shot to the eye. Cj then drags Erron off of Madison and to the ropes before picking him up and throwing him through them and to the outside. Following behind, CJ exits the ring and turns his attention to Erron.

VASSA: “We’re about to have double the action folks! A fight both inside and outside of the ring!”
JOHNSON: “I knew this match was going to eventually become chaos and it looks like that time has come.”
CJ and Erron then brawl on the outside as Madison and Riddle slowly begin to climb to their feet. Standing first, Riddle slams a double axe handle across Madison’s back, keeping him down on one knee. He then pulls Madison up to his feet and whips him into the corner. As Madison collides into the corner, Riddle is right there to greet him with a running clothesline. With his arms draped over the top ropes, Madison holds himself up. Taking a few steps back, Riddle then jumps up and connects with a dropkick to Madison’s chop. Madison drops down to a seated position and when Riddle gets back up, he closes in with stomps to Madison’s mid-section.
After wearing Madison down, Riddle pulls him up to his feet and then drags him away from the corner. Stepping in beside Madison, Riddle then goes for a Russian leg sweep but only he goes down to the mat, crashing hard, as Madison remains up on his feet. Jumping onto Riddle, Madison holds onto him tightly and begins driving repeated knee strikes into his ribs. Standing back up, Madison then drags Riddle to his feet. Locking onto his wrist, Madison whips him to the ropes. Running towards the ropes, Riddle spots CJ and Erron exchanging punches on the outside. Leaping through the top and middle ropes, Riddle hits them both with a suicide dive, delivering most of the impact to CJ.

VASSA: “Holy shit!”
JOHNSON: “Just when Madison thought he had Riddle, he loses him in an instant as he jumps through the ropes to the outside taking out both Erron and CJ.”
VASSA: “Erron didn’t get hit as hard as CJ but either way, all three men are down on the floor.”
With the legal man outside of the ring, the official begins the ten count as Madison stands alone in the center of the ring.
On top of CJ, Riddle begins firing away with punches to his body, pounding him like a slab of meat.
CJ retaliates with a headbutt to Riddle’s mouth, busting his lip wide open upon impact.
Pushing Riddle aside, CJ then stands to his feet but it then met with a clobbering right to the side of the head.
Falling backwards, CJ’s back crashes into the barricade as the fans ignite with cheers from the up close live action.
Riddle slowly climbs to his feet, still feeling the effects of the headbutt received.
Erron unloads on CJ’s body with a fury of punches and out of nowhere, Riddle rushes past rim and delivers a fist to the mouth, sending CJ’s head swinging to the right.
Hearing the officials count, Riddle then turns back to the ring, leaving the madness behind and sliding in underneath the bottom rope.

JOHNSON: “Riddle is back in the ring but I think he wanted to stay on the outside and fight side by side with Erron if you ask me.”
VASSA: “Of course he does! That is what Omerta does!”
JOHNSON: “Unfortunately for him, he’s the legal man in the match and was on the verge of being counted out.”
Before Riddle can get to his feet, Madison rushes in and drives a knee to the back of his head. Locking onto his head with both hands, Madison then pulls him up but keeps his head held low to deliver a deadly combination of knee strikes to Riddle’s face and body, lifting his feet off the mat with each landing one. He then stands Riddle straight up and ducks underneath his arm, wrapping him up. Lifting Riddle into the air, Madison then drops him to the mat with a northern lights suplex and bridges for the pin.

Kicking out before the full two count, Riddle stops the count. Rolling over to his stomach, Madison pushes himself up. Not even bothering to question the count, Madison grabs Riddle and pulls him back up. Stepping in behind Riddle, Madison then sets him up with a pump-handle and lifts him into the air. Before Madison can slam Riddle back to the mat, Riddle manages to break free and falls to his feet behind Madison. Turning around in an instant, Madison leaves his mid-section and Riddle takes advantage, kicking him with full force. Madison lunges over and as he does, Riddle wraps him up and lifts him into the air, upside down, and then drops him shoulder first across his knee.

JOHNSON: “Just when you think Madison is going to put Cyrus down with a pump-handle slam, Cyrus manages to break free and retaliate with a shoulder breaker.”
On the outside, Erron and CJ continue beating the crap out of each other. Grabbing Erron by the head, CJ drags him close to the ring steps and then throws him into them, head first. Erron knocks the steps over as he crashes into them. Rushing over, Desiree begins yelling at CJ. Chuckling to himself, CJ gives her some attention ,pretending as if he is listening. He then snaps his head back in Erron’s direction and goes on the attack with kicks and punches to the down warrior.
Inside of the ring, Riddle goes to town on Madison’s fallen body, kicking and stomping on his legs, taking out his base. He then drops down and drives his knee into Madison’s three times in a row before grabbing ahold of his arm and pulling him up to his feet. Lifting Madison onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position, Riddle then drops him down with a neckbreaker across his knee. Dropping to the mat, Madison lies motionless and Riddle quickly covers for the pin.

VASSA: “Riddle thought he had it but Madison wasn’t giving him anything more than a two count.”
Back on his feet, Riddle walks around the ring for a moment, looking to the outside as Erron has taken control of the fight once again. He then turns back to Madison and makes his way over to him. Pulling Madison up from the mat, Riddle then walks him to the ropes and whistles, grabbing Erron’s attention. Erron leaves CJ on the floor and quickly hops onto the apron. Grabbing Madison’s head, Erron begins pulling down on it, using the top rope to choke him. Stepping away from the action, Riddle looks on at the sight until the official obstructs his view by stepping in to break up the illegal actions.
The official orders Erron to release Madison but he doesn’t. The official begins yelling loudly with the five count.

A loud commotion breaks out in the crowd as a masked man dressed in all black hops the barricade with a shovel in hand.
Hopping onto the apron, the masked man then lunges over the top rope, planting the head of the shovel directly into Riddle’s back.
Riddle quickly turns around and as he does…
The masked man drives the head of the shovel into his face.

Spotting the action, Erron releases Madison and turns his attention to what just happened. As he does, the official stops the count and checks on Madison, oblivious to what had just happened. Hopping down from the apron, Erron rushes to the scene but the masked man spots him and hops down as well. Closing in, Erron charges towards the man but he hops the barricade, escaping freely but drops the shovel, leaving it behind.

VASSA: “Who the fuck was that?!”
JOHNSON: “Idon’t know but the last time we saw people dressed in all black like that was the night Dakota was kidnapped.”
VASSA: “But that can’t be Unstable. Why would they hide their identity?”
Holding the shovel in his hands, Erron looks down on it as the camera zooms in. Dried blood covered the head of the shovel, nothing recent or fresh.

JOHNSON: “I’ve seen that shovel somewhere but I just can’t put my finger on it.”
VASSA: “What’s with all the dried blood on it? This clearly isn’t the first time it was used to attack someone, or something.”
JOHNSON: “No. It’s can’t be. Is it?”
Stumbling around in the ring, Riddle is still on his feet, refusing to go down but clearly not in the right state of mind. Finally back with his head in the action, Madison looks to Riddle and see’s an opportunity, unaware of what had just happened.
Out of nowhere, CJ charges in and slams into Erron on the outside, knocking his back into the announcers booth. The shovel drops to the floor and CJ unloads with wild punches to Erron’s head. Erron then fires back with a punch of his own, knocking Cj off balance and creating a little distance and time to get himself situated. The two then go at it ferociously and beat the ever loving shit out of each other, exchanging punches but remaining on their feet. As one lands a punch, they receive one as well.
Slowly making his way towards Riddle, Madison grabs ahold of his wrist and applies a rear waist lock while trapping his arm. Madison then jerks his wrist, forcing Riddle to spin a full rotation, while spinning around himself. With Riddle looking the opposite direction, Madison hits him in the back of the head with a rolling elbow strike.

JOHNSON: “Comatosed!”
VASSA: “Jesus-fucking-Christ!”
Riddle stumbles forward and wobbles back and forth a bit before dropping to the mat unconscious. Madison then drops down to his knees and crawls over him to make the cover as Erron notices on the outside. Pushing CJ away, Erron then turns to run towards the ring. Dropping down for the count, the official slaps his hand to the mat.
Before be begins to slide in the ring, CJ spins Erron around but to his surprise, Erron kicks him right between the legs, dropping him to both knees.
Picking the shovel up beside him, CJ then cracks it against the side of Erron’s head, knocking him back first into the apron.
CJ and Erron then both drop to the floor as “Blackened” hits the speakers.

VASSA: “Unstable wins it! Holy shit, Unstable wins it!”
JOHNSON: “They did Vinny but they didn’t do it alone.”
Standing to his feet, Madison looks over the wreckage both in and outside of the ring as the official raises his arm into the air.

POWERS: “Here are your winners by pin fall, CJ O’DONNELL and CHRIS MADISON… UUUNNNNNNSTABLE!!!”
Madison walks to the edge of the ropes and looks down to the outside where CJ and Erron are both down. He then turns his attention back to Riddle who is still unconscious in the center of the ring, face covered in blood. The camera then zooms in on the shovel, examining it, each dried blood stain covering the entire head.

JOHNSON: “I got it! I think I know who that shovel belongs to.”
VASSA: “A new member of Unstable?”
JOHNSON: “No. This is a message from High Octane Wrestling. Cyrus revealed himself as the first team member of the 4CW Wargames team led by Jason Parker Davidson. That shovel, if the one I’m thinking of, was used recently to finish off a mans career in HOW.”
VASSA: “Then who the hell was the assailant?”
JOHNSON: “Your guess is as good as mine.”
Members of the ringside crew quickly race onto the scene to helps the fallen men on the outside of the ring. Inside the ring, Madison paces back and forth, still pumped and appearing to be ready for more.

VASSA: “Whoever it was, they added to the streak! Madison is now at fifteen unanswered wins here in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “Not only that but this is a battle won for Unstable in the war against Omerta.”
VASSA: “Once again, the blame can be put on Wallace for sticking his nose in matters that it doesn’t belong, both in and out of 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “Folks, we have a lot to clean up here at ringside before we get to our main event. Sit tight for a bit, we’ll be right back after the wreckage is cleared up.”

Following the match, the show pans backstage where we see The Order, in particularly, Brian Hollywood and Aamon, talking backstage. They are talking about something, and it’s not known what it is that they are talking about, but they seem very focused and very straight forward with what it is they are putting into motion. As Hollywood and Aamon continue to talk amongst themselves, Gabriel Hartman is seen coming into the picture as he approaches The Order. He stands there, frozen, for a few moments as Hollywood and Aamon are still talking to each other. Suddenly, Hartman feels an eerie feeling come over him and it’s no coincidence that shortly after that, we see Aamon slowly shift his attention towards Hartman as it seems that Aamon can feel Hartman’s uneasiness that he just started to feel. As Aamon recognizes the feeling and stares at Hartman with an irritated look on his face, this causes Hollywood to shift his attention behind him as he realizes Aamon’s attention is focused elsewhere. Hollywood turns and sees Hartman and for the next few moments, both Hollywood and Aamon look at Hartman and they don’t appear to be happy. Finally, after Hartman’s uneasiness grows, Aamon is actually the first person to say something.

AAMON: ”Standing there won’t help. Either say your peace or leave!”
As Aamon’s chilling words start to sink in for Hartman, there is another moment of uneasiness and nervousness that sets in for Hartman. As Hartman still stands there appearing not to make things easier on himself, Hollywood rolls his eyes and finally gets Hartman to shift his attention to him.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Well? I don’t know about you, Hartman, but like Aamon has stated, it isn’t that difficult to comprehend. So what exactly do you want? As you can see, Aamon and I are having a very serious discussion about what it is that we are going to be putting into place in the coming week. We have some very important and pressing……internal….issues to take care of and as you may have noticed, time is a very precious commodity to us in enacting our business!”
HARTMAN: ”I’m sorry…I….well, I’m just trying to figure out what it is you were saying out there earlier tonight. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about it. You said that you were declaring for the 4CW Tag Team Championships. It seems that you’ve found solace in the fact that you have figured out what you are going to do next.”
Hollywood moves in closer towards Hartman and tilts his head to the side as he runs Hartman’s statement through his mind. It quickly becomes apparent to Hollywood that Hartman, and potentially everyone else in 4CW, may have not fully understood Hollywood’s plan.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Let me make one thing PERFECTLY clear to you, Hartman. The 4CW Tag Team Championships are something that Jace Savage and I will be seeking to take back. However, make no mistake about it, it will NOT disrupt anything else we have planned. I want to make something crystal fucking clear to you and everyone else so that I make sure NO ONE mistakes my intensions. I get this feeling that people are letting out a sigh of relief thinking that I’m going to remain all my focus SOLEY in the tag team division. While that might have been what I did do the last time, it is NOT what I plan on doing THIS time! Oh no, I assure you, The Order shall conduct the rest of the business as foretold. I don’t want everyone else thinking that they don’t have to worry about me not focusing my attention on the rest of this roster, because that is completely far from the truth! Jace and I will be holding the tag team titles WHILE The Order restores the rest of 4CW and that business as well! Things are going to change in 4CW, and The Order is going to make sure they are taken care of in a timely manner!”
Hartman nods his head accordingly as he keeps his entire focus on Hollywood and trying very hard not to look back over at Aamon.

HARTMAN: ”Very well. I couldn’t help but notice that you were having a very interesting interaction out in the ring and it looked like you were talking to someone or you just seemed very off. Care to elaborate on that?”
Hollywood squints his eyes towards Hartman in an odd way as if he didn’t know what the hell Hartman was talking about.

HOLLYWOOD: ”What the fuck are you talking about Hartman?! There was nothing “off” from what I was doing in the ring! I have no idea what you are referring to and there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I was talking to everyone out in the arena, so I don’t know what you mean by the way I was acting.”
This confused Hartman incredibly. Hartman was actually surprised that Hollywood didn’t know what he was talking about. Was it possible that Hollywood had a lapse in thought? Was it possible that Hollywood didn’t know what it was that actually happened to him out in the ring that EVERYONE saw right in front of their very eyes? Or was it possible that Hollywood knew exactly what Hartman was talking about but didn’t want to speak on the matter? Either way, Hollywood had gotten irritated and it was becoming clear that Hollywood had given Hartman enough time to chatter with him and instead, continued to dodge all of Hartman’s concern and allegations.

HOLLYWOOD: ”I’ve heard enough, Hartman, and I think we’ve been gracious enough in allowing you to spend more time with us than we should of. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a lot of things we need to get done!”
Hollywood and Aamon turn away from Hartman and head down the hallway before they finally disappear from the backstage area as Hartman’s uneasy, errie feeling, all of a sudden vanishes like it was never even there as the show heads elsewhere.

WALLACE: “There he is! If it isn’t my hard working general manager. How are you, Jack?”
On the phone, Wallace is kicked back behind the desk in his office. Across the room, Kaysie Sherell sits in comfort on the leather sofa.

WALLACE: “Go on, tell me about it. How are things looking for this overseas tour for the summer?”
Wallace listens to Jack, drink in hand but his eyes locked on the woman sitting across the room.

WALLACE: “So far things sound good then, right? … Okay, just shoot the details to my email. I’m a little occupied at the moment. It is show time here in Georgia. The Adrenaline is racing so to speak. … Sounds good. … I look forward to seeing the details in the morning. Do yourself a favor and have some fun, Jack. A lot of people have been asking about you here but I have things under control. I need you to handle this international affair. But I also want you to unwind a bit, okay? … Alrighty, I will be in touch. … No, thank you.”
Wallace then tosses his phone onto the desk and takes a drink before licking the excess from his lips and calling across the room.

WALLACE: “So, you up for a little vacation soon?”


JOHNSON: “Here we are ladies and gentlemen for our main event, the tournament finals!”
VASSA: “This tournament has been going on since the first Adrenaline following Winter Wasteland and it all comes to an end tonight as we will see who advances to South Beach Brawl to face Dakota Smith for the 4CW Championship!”
JOHNSON: “If things had went as planned, we would have determined the number one contender two weeks ago at Adrenaline but unfortunate circumstances delayed the tournament for an extra event.”
VASSA: “I wouldn’t necessarily say that it delayed the tournament. If anything,. it gave us an extra round of the adrenaline racing action!”
JOHNSON: “Two weeks ago we were supposed to see Bronx Valescence and Jair Hopkins compete for the spot at South Beach Brawl. Bronx defeated Drew Stevenson in the third round but suffered injuries in the process that made it impossible for him to compete any further.”
VASSA: “Hopkins went on to defeat Brian Hollywood that same night and since Bronx was unable to compete, management took it upon themselves to place Drew and Brian in a consolation round to determine who would face Hopkins in the finals.”
JOHNSON: “As far as we know, both men are healthy and there will be no more consolation rounds. The winner tonight will be the tournament champion and have their chance to compete for the 4CW Championship at South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “Did you hear about the surprise that will be awarded to the winner tonight?”
JOHNSON: “Yes, Vinny, I’m the one who told you. The winner tonight, the winner of the tournament, will not only receive a shot at the 4CW Championship but will also receive a cash prize of thirty thousand dollars!”
VASSA: “That’s a lot of money and a big payoff for whoever walks away here tonight with their hand raised after the bell.”
JOHNSON: “It sure is Vinny and there’s only one thing left to do now and that’s getting straight down to business!”
The arena lights suddenly just shut off consuming the arena into complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light.

POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the arena lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans boo him heavily.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is “The Emerald”, DREW SSTTEEVVEENNSSOONN!!!”
Drew begins walking down the aisle until he gets down to the ring, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet just pacing the ring simply awaiting for the bell to ring thus getting this match underway.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds with the intro leading in …
“I’m a bread winner, you wanna make a fortune?
Place all your money on the black and on the red, n—
This ain’t a gamble, it’s a promise, I’m a head splitter
Y’all been sleepin’ on me, now it’s time to shake the bed, n—“

As “Self-Preservation” by Kutt Calhoun starts up, Hopkins appeared from the back as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.
POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred two pounds, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I am the last of a dying breed
Live by one code that some gon’ heed
Get rich or die tryin’ so I don’t sleep
So cold in these streets I’m Kelvin”

The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

VASSA: “Both men are in the ring and I can already feel the intensity growing within the building.”
JOHNSON: “This has been a long journey for both men and tonight it’s time to put it all on the line and take this baby home!”
VASSA: “Let’s not forget, after tonight, the journey is far from over. This is just the beginning. The real journey begins as we head down to Miami where one of these individuals here tonight will face off against the 4CW Champion, The Butcher himself, DAKOTA SMITH!!!”
JOHNSON: “Dakota wasn’t in action tonight after coming off a stinging loss to the Pride Champion, Chris Madison two weeks ago.”
VASSA: “We can all blame that on Perry right now! Perry cost him that match. He should have never stuck his nose in their business. Now Dakota is coming off a loss and more than likely more pissed off than ever. Whoever advances tonight better be careful come South Beach Brawl.”
JOHNSON: “Dakota has already started playing mind games with both men in the ring.”
VASSA: “Mind games? Are you kidding me?! Dakota took them both out two weeks ago on Adrenaline. The Champion made his presence felt, despite suffering an unexpected loss to end the show.”
JOHNSON: “Both Hopkins and Drew fell by the hands of Dakota. Jair got it backstage and later on, Drew was attacked from behind after securing the win over Brian Hollywood.”
VASSA: “The clock is ticking and Dakota is itching to defend the championship in a real match, not some charade like we saw at Winter Wasteland where he defended against Perry.”
JOHNSON: “It’s going to be a brutal contest that’s for sure but we’ll get to that after this because both men are ready to get things underway and the official is eager to call for the bell.”
Drew and Jair stare at one another from opposite sides of the ring as the crowd grows louder and louder, awaiting the sound of the bell. The official, Larry Collins, stands in the center of the ring and ready to call the action. Looking to the left, the official checks with Drew who stares back with no emotion, slowly nodding and signaling to the official that he’s ready to go. The official then turns to the right where Hopkins bounces back and forth in his corner, keeping himself loose. Hopkins then slaps his hands together and points to the official, giving him the signal. With both men ready to begin the match, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.
Stepping out of his corner first, Drew makes his way towards the center of the ring and shortly after, Jair does as well. The two face each other in complete silence for a few moments before getting into stance and circling the ring. With a little pep in his step, Hopkins’ fakes as if he’s shooting in on Drew, forcing him to react and step back with his attention focused down at his legs. Hopkins then steps in and delivers a quick kick to Drew’s gut, forcing him to lunge over as the air is forced out of his lungs. Hopkins then places his hand underneath Drew’s chin and lifts, standing him straight up. With his other hand, Hopkins slaps him across the chest with a backhand chop that pierces through the sound of the crowd with the flesh on flesh contact. Hopkins then slaps him across the chest with another backhand chop, followed by another, backing Drew across the ring until his back touches the ropes.
Grabbing ahold of Drew’s arm, Hopkins pulls him in and lifts his knee up, driving it into Drew’s stomach. He then whips Drew to the ropes across the ring but before he can release, Drew reverses the throw and goes to whip him to them instead. As if they were dancing, Hopkins spins around and reverses the reverse, pulling Drew into another knee to the stomach. Spinning Drew around, Hopkins then lifts him into the air and drops him face first to the mat with a front face slam. Rolling backwards, Hopkins comes up to his feet in a fluid motion and then leaps straight into the air. After turning his body ninety degrees, Hopkins comes down with all of his weight, driving his elbow into Drew’s back.

JOHNSON: “Jair is using his quickness to his advantage right from the start!”
VASSA: “After some reversal tango, Jair finally put Drew down and starts the match off in his favor.”
Back on his feet, Hopkins grabs Drew by the head and slowly pulls him up as well. Holding him in place with one hand, Hopkins then fires with another stinging backhand chop that even makes the crowd cringe at the sight. He then whips Drew to the corner and as he collides into it, Hopkins is right behind him, flying through the air and connecting with a body splash. As he comes back down to his feet, Hopkins steps out of the way as Drew stumbles forward, but still staying on his feet. Waiting patiently, Hopkins watches until Drew gets to the center of the ring and then takes off, jumping into the air and driving Drew’s face into the mat with a bulldog.

VASSA: “Hopkins may not have the size advantage but that has never slowed him down one bit. He uses his skill set and does damage, despite who the opponent is or how big they are.”
JOHNSON: “He’s always been a quick one inside of the ring and it’s a pleasure to watch right here from the booth.”
Hopkins pops back to his feet and paces the ring for a short moment before turning his attention back to Drew and closing in. Pulling him up from the mat, Hopkins turns him around and quickly wraps his arms around his waist. Drew quickly grabs Hopkins’ hands and tries to pull them apart but can’t seem to break his grip. As Hopkins goes to lift him into the air for a German suplex, Drew throws an elbow backwards, slamming it into Hopkins’ face. Drew then pries Hopkins’ hands apart and quickly turns around, connecting with a stiff right to the side of the head. Hopkins stumbles backwards and just as he regains his footing, Drew charges towards him and nearly takes his head off with a clothesline than knocks him to his back.
Hopkins quickly rolls over and pushes himself up but before he can get off of all fours, Drew steps in and kicks him in the stomach, lifting Hopkins’ hands and feet off the mat and flipping him over to his back. Hopkins’ scrambles to get back up but Drew unloads with multiple stomps to the mid-section ,keeping him down on his back. He then reaches down and grabs Hopkins’ arm, pulling him up to his feet. With his grip still firm around Hopkins’ wrist with one hand, Drew pulls him into his other arm and knocks him flat on his back with a short-arm clothesline. Still holding onto Hopkins’ wrist, Drew pulls him up again and into another short-arm clothesline, sending him back to the mat as he releases his firm grip on his wrist.

JOHNSON: “After escaping a German suplex attempt, Drew has turned things around and now has control of the match ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: “You have to be on your toes at all times while in the ring with Drew because he will turn the tables in an instant when given the opportunity.”
Grabbing onto Hopkins’ head with both hands, Drew pulls him up from the mat and then holds him up underneath the arms. Drew then drives Hopkin’s backwards until slamming him back first into the corner with force. Hopkins releases a sigh from the impact and before he knows it, Drew begins driving his knee upward into his stomach over and over, forcing every bit of air out of his lungs. Lifting Hopkins up, Drew then sits him on top of the corner and climbs up to the middle ropes. Hooking his arm around Hopkins’ head, Drew then grabs the back of his pants before lifting him into the air upside down for a superplex. The two begin to descend and Hopkins’ rolls out of the maneuver, landing on his feet as Drew crashes to the mat in front of him.

VASSA: “Ho-ly shit! Hopkins managed to break out of that at just the right time!”
JOHNSON: “Drew could have done some serious damage with that superplex but Hopkins’ had other plans.”
With Drew on his back at Hopkins’ feet, Hopkins turns to the ropes beside him and jumps onto the middle rope. Springboarding off, Hopkins rotates his body and comes down across Drew’s throat with a leg drop, pinning his head to the mat as his feet shoot straight into the air. Rolling over to cover Drew, Hopkins goes for the pin as the official drops in with the count.

JOHNSON: “His foot is on the bottom rope!”
VASSA: “Talk about being in the right place at the right time.”
Hopkins looks to the ropes and shakes his head at the sight of Drew’s foot propped up on the bottom. Instead of arguing the call, he then pushes himself up but grabs Drew by the shoulder, dragging him away from the ropes. Rolling Drew over to his stomach, Hopkins then pulls him up and onto his shoulders before dropping him back to the mat with a Samoan drop. Staying down, Hopkins crawls over to Drew and sits him up in a seated position with his back to him. He then locks in a sleeper hold, squeezing with all of his strength as Drew panics and begins pulling at Hopkins arms. With the sleeper fully in tact, Hopkins’ cuts off his oxygen supply while putting all of his weight on Drew’s back. Drew begins growing red in the face as his movements also begin to slow down. The official checks in for a submission but Drew ignores and keeps fighting the hold, only making it worse on himself. His eyes then close and his arms drop to his sides. The official grabs his arm, slowly raising it into the air before releasing and watching as it drops back down to his side. He then raises it for a second time and releases, watching yet again as it drops to his side. Raising Drew’s arm for a third time, the official holds it up for a moment before releasing it to fall back to his side.

JOHNSON: “Drew still has some life in him!”
Drew’s arm shoots straight into the air as his eyes open back up. Hopkins’ continues to choke the life out of him but Drew begins moving, rolling over to his side where he can plants both hands onto the canvas. Hopkins’ doesn’t let up and keeps his weight on Drew’s back but doesn’t slow him down as Drew begins to push himself up. Fighting through the match ending move, Drew pushes himself up to all fours with all of Hopkins’ weight on his back. Aware of what’s happening, Hopkins doesn’t release the sleeper, but instead applies even more pressure. Drew continues to push himself up until finally on both feet, lunged over with Hopkins beside him, feet on the canvas as well. Drew then drives his elbow into Hopkins’ stomach. The pain is obvious in Hopkins’ facial expression but he keeps the sleeper in tact. Drew then fires away with another elbow and still, Hopkins’ keeps the sleeper in tact. Drawing back even further than the last, Drew then drives his elbow into Hopkins’ stomach for a third time, finally breaking the hold as Hopkins stumbles backwards before tripping over his own feet and falling to the mat.

JOHNSON: “Just when you think Drew Stevenson is down and out, he surprises you out of nowhere!”
VASSA: “I could have sworn he was asleep just now in the ring, looking like Perry on radio!”
JOHNSON: “Maybe he was, who knows. His arm didn’t fall completely for a third time and now he’s back on his feet and free from that sleeper hold.”
Drew gasps for air as he walks over to the ropes and holds onto them to keep his balance. Climbing back to his feet, Hopkins looks across the ring at Drew in disbelief but see’s an opportunity to strike while he’s out of breath and barely able to stand on his own. Hopkins charges towards him and swings with an overhead right. Ducking out of the way, Drew avoids the swing. As Hopkins’ mid-section crashes into him, Drew then stands straight up, lifting Hopkins off his feet and flipping him up and over the top rope. Grabbing onto the top rope, Hopkins keeps from flying to the floor but instead crashes hard onto the apron.
Drew then begins kicking his foot through the ropes, planting it into the side of Hopkins’ head. He then bends over and reaches through the ropes, Grabbing Hopkins by the head and dragging his head back inside of the ropes. Placing his foot on Hopkins’ throat, Drew puts all of his weight on it while using the ropes for leverage, choking him. The official races over and demands for Drew to release the illegal choke but gets ignored as a smile comes to Drew’s face as the site of Hopkin’s underneath his foot. Slapping Drew across the shoulder one final time, the official then begins the five count.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–“
Drew then removes his foot from Hopkins’ throat and steps away. The official quickly steps in between the two and begins backing Drew across the ring, firing off a warning for the illegal choke. Holding up his hands and acting innocent as usual, Drew pleads his case to the official even though we all know, him included, that he knew exactly what he was doing. While the Drew puts on his act with the official on the other side of the ring, Hopkins rolls underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring. On his back, he catches his breath for a moment before grabbing onto the ropes and pulling himself up.

VASSA: “We see this each and every time Drew steps foot in the ring. He’s going to do something illegal, it’s just a matter of when.”
JOHNSON: “He’s given at least one warning and as we’ve all come to learn, he takes advantage of it and uses it when the moment calls.”
VASSA: “If Drew would stop the act, the official would leave him alone but all this arguing and acting has done nothing but give Jair time to get back to his feet.”
Spotting Hopkins back on his feet across the ring, Drew steps past the official and charges towards him. Closing in, Drew drives his shoulder into Jair’s chest, pressing him against the ropes and pinning him in place. Drew then drags him to the corner and slams Jair’s back against it. Climbing to the middle rope and standing over Hopkins, Drew then begins unloading on his head with fists as the crowd counts along with each landing blow.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven! … Eight! … Nine!”
Drawing back for one final punch, Drew takes his time to look up at the crowd for a moment. Cutting his eyes back down to Hopkins, they light up with surprise as Hopkins wraps both arms around his waist. Before Drew can react, Hopkins then lifts him up, holding all of his weight and begins taking slow steps away from the corner before slamming Drew back first to the mat, driving his shoulder into his stomach. Rolling away from Drew, Hopkins looks up at the ceiling while on his back, out of breath and dizzy from the blows to the head. With both men down, the official then begins the ten count.
“One! … Two!”

JOHNSON: “That right there should be a lesson folks! Don’t take your eyes off the task at hand. Drew had Jair right where he wanted him in the corner and that small window he gave him, ended up biting him right in the rear!”
VASSA: “The crowd was behind him for once. After landing nine crushing blows to Hopkins’ head, Drew could have made it ten but got distracted.”
“Three! … Four! … Five!”
Both men roll in opposite directions to their stomachs and begins pushing themselves up.
“Six! … Seven!”
With the count still going, they both make it to all fours.
Hopkins goes to stand but loses his balance and falls back to the mat.
Pushing himself up, Drew finally stands tall, breaking the officials count.

VASSA: “Drew’s back on his feet and Jair, well, he tried.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t even know why the official would make a count. This match can’t end in a no contest. A winner must be decided to determine who will face Dakota at South Beach Brawl.”
On his feet, Drew turns his attention to Hopkins who is still on his back, out of breath. Walking over to him, Drew then lifts his foot into the air and slams it down onto Jair’s knee. Jair releases a howl at the point of impact. Drew then does it again and again before rolling Hopkin’s over to his stomach. Reaching down and grabbing his foot, Drew lifts Jair’s leg into the air before slamming it back down, driving that same knee into the canvas. Hopkins quickly rolls over to his back and curls his leg, holding the knee against his chest.
With a smile on his face, Drew then stands over Hopkins’. Grabbing him by the head with one hand and holding it in place, Drew then begins raining down punches, connecting with powerful rights to his forehead. Wrapping both hands around Hopkins throat, Drew lifts him up from the mat and stands him up. He then locks up with Hopkins, turning him around to where all the official can see is Hopkins’ back. Without hesitation or fear of getting caught, Drew then rams his thumb upward into Hopkins’ eye. He then jabs it into his other eye, blinding him in both. Wrapping Hopkins up, Drew lifts him up and throws him over his head with a T-bone suplex.

VASSA: “And another one!”
JOHNSON: “Come on ref! Get your head in the game! How do you miss that?!”
VASSA: “We can talk all the shit we want about Drew but he knows what he’s doing. He turned Hopkin’s body to obstruct the refs view.”
JOHNSON: “That still doesn’t make it ri–“
VASSA: “What the fuck?!”
The crowd erupts as Dakota Smith storms out from behind the curtain and onto the stage. Looking down at the ring with a look of mayhem in his eyes, he stands there, twitching all over with the 4CW Championship hanging from his hand. He then walks down the aisle, eyes locked on the ring and the championship just dragging along the floor with each step.

JOHNSON: “The Butcher is here and I think he’s ready to play!”
VASSA: “He didn’t have a match tonight so I’m sure he’s full of energy that needs to be exerted. But why the hell is he twitching so much?”
JOHNSON: “That is kind of odd, even for Dakota.”
Drew looks around as the commotion from the crowd grabs his attention. He then looks over Hopkins’ body and up the ramp only to spot Dakota coming towards the ring. Standing to his feet, Drew then walks to the ropes in front of the ramp where Dakota stops at the base, staring back into his eyes. Neither man says a word, just stares at the other in silence, Dakota twitching more and more as each second passes. Dakota then takes a step forward, causing Drew to react and quickly step back. Turning to the left, Dakota walks around to the adjacent side of the ring, still dragging the championship on the floor by his side.
Drew keeps his eyes locked on Dakota, following him as he walks along the outside edge of the ring. Turning the corner, Dakota then heads towards the announcers booth. Standing in front of a member of the ringside crew, Dakota stares down at him, twitching furiously, scaring the man. The crew member then jumps to his feet and darts in the opposite direction. Holding the championship up, Dakota then tosses it onto the announcers booth before taking a seat in the empty chair.

JOHNSON: “Whoa!”
VASSA: “Steady there fella, stay calm.”
JOHNSON: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are joined here at the booth with 4CW Champion, Dakota Smith.”
VASSA: “I don’t really know what to say here other than it is a pleasure. I hope you are having a fine evening Dakota.”
JOHNSON: “Uhh… let’s go with that. Do you have anything that you would like to say for the fans watching at home?”
Dakota stares into the ring, emotionless, ignoring Johnson’s questions and keeping his eyes locked on Drew. Realizing that Dakota isn’t a threat at the very moment, Drew turns his attention back to where Hopkins was only to be surprised that his body is now missing. Looking from left to right, Drew scans the floor but finds nothing. He then looks to Dakota in shock but before the thought of looking behind him sinks in, Hopkins is right there with a thunderous fist to the back of the head.
Drew Stumbles stomach first into the corner, crashing against it. Hopkins then grabs his head with both hands and pulls it back before slamming it forward, driving his face into the top turnbuckle padding. With Drew stunned, Hopkins then turns him around and grabs ahold of his wrist. Stepping backwards, Hopkins pulls Drew out of the corner and whips him to the one across the ring. Drew slams into the corner with force and before he can get settled, Hopkins is right then, flying in the air towards him. Planting both feet into Drew’s stomach, Hopkins grabs onto his head with one hand and begins slamming down onto his face with punches from the other. After landing half a dozen, Hopkins grips his head with both hands and rolls backwards, pulling Drew out of the corner and sending him flying to the center of the ring with a monkey flip.

VASSA: “Once again, Jair caught Drew not paying attention and used it to his advantage.”
JOHNSON: “Well in his defense, he had a reason to not pay attention. We have The Butcher here at ringside and this is a man you want to keep an eye on at all times.”
VASSA: “Speaking of which, Jair has finally laid eyes on the 4CW Champ. Say hello Dakota.”
On his feet, Hopkins mouths off a few words directed at Dakota and points at him in the process. Not wasting anymore time on Dakota, he turns back to Drew and grabs ahold of his head, rolling him over and pulling him up to his feet. Hopkins then scoops Drew up and slams him back down to the canvas. Turning around, Hopkins then jumps up and does a corkscrew moonsault, landing directing on Drew. Seeing Hopkins covering Drew, the official drops down for the count but before he can raise his hand, Hopkins pushes himself back up to his feet. He then turns to the corner and quickly rushes over to it. After climbing to the top, Hopkins turns around to face Drew but then a loud growl is heard from the booth.

JOHNSON: “What in the world?!”
Hopkins head quickly turns to the announcers booth where Dakota leans up in his chair, growling as loud as he can at Hopkins, but remaining seated. The two lock eyes and stare at one another before Hopkins snaps out of it and turns his attention back to Drew who is beginning to stand to his feet. Once standing, Hopkins then leaps from the top rope and lands on Drew’s shoulders with his legs wrapped around his head, going for a hurricanrana. Reacting quickly, Drew wraps his arms around Hopkin’s waist and then lunges forward, slamming Hopkins back first to the mat. He then grabs ahold of Hopkins’ legs and goes for his Missouri Cloverleaf. Before he can get Hopkins’ legs hooked, Hopkins kicks both feet straight forward, slamming them into Drew’s chest and knocking him backwards.
Drew stumbles backwards and before he can settle his feet, Hopkins gets back to his in an instant. Drew then charges forward and takes a swing for the fences at Hopkins’ head. Ducking out of the way, Hopkins fires back with a palm strike to the stomach and then an uppercut elbow to the bottom of the chin, knocking Drew back a couple of steps. Hopkins then steps in and fires with a backhand chop, causing the fans to pop as the flesh slapping sound echoes. Kicking Drew in the stomach and forcing him to lunge over, Hopkins then moves in and lifts him up onto his shoulders and falls backwards to the mat, slamming Drew to the canvas with a Samoan drop. With Drew laid out on his back, Hopkins quickly pops back to his feet and races to the corner, jumping up onto the top of the corner. Looking out over the crowd for a moment, Hopkins then turns his head to Dakota and points one more time before pushing himself away from the corner into the air with a springboard moonsault and coming down with a double foot stomp across Drew’s chest.

VASSA: “There it is!”
VASSA: “Oh my fucking god! Say it out loud Stevie!”
JOHNSON: “This might be it, Jair is going for the pin!”
Dropping down and covering Drew, Hopkins hooks the leg as the official races over and drops down beside them for the count.
Dakota then bursts up from the chair, snatching the championship from the booth.
Sliding underneath the bottom ropes, Dakota enters the ring with the championship in hand.

JOHNSON: “Jair wins it! He wins the match but his night doesn’t look to be over yet!”
Hopkins and the official stand up with their backs turned to Dakota, unaware that he has entered the ring. On both knees, Dakota looks on as the official raises Hopkins’ arm into the air.

POWERS: “Here is your winner and number one contender to the 4CW Championship, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
Rising up, Dakota continues to look on, twitching uncontrollably and gripping the strap of the championship tightly by his side.

JOHNSON: “The Butcher has his eyes on his next meal! Turn around Hopkins!”
VASSA: “Dakota had no problem taking Jair out two weeks ago but tonight he doesn’t seem to be as eager.”
JOHNSON: “You’re wrong there! He’s just waiting for the right moment to strike.”
VASSA: “Jair’s back is turned to him. Right now is the ri–“

JOHNSON: “Oh my god!”
VASSA: “Dakota just wiped him out!”
Falling forward, the official crashes face first to the canvas after taking a shot to the back of the head with the championship held firmly in Dakota’s hands. Jumping to the side, Hopkins is stunned at the sight and even more surprised when he looks up to see the Devil himself, Dakota standing there with a look of destruction and chaos in his eyes, still twitching madly.

JOHNSON: “Larry Collins is down and this doesn’t look good at all. We need some assistance down here at ringside for him right now.”
VASSA: “Jair looks as if he’s seen a ghost.”
Backing away from the madness, Jair preps himself for what looks like an impending brawl between the two. Slowly turning his head to the side with a sadistic smile on his face, Dakota stares at Hopkins while clutching the championship tightly against his chest. His lips then begin to move as the camera zooms in to read them. “You want this, boy?” Dakota then raises his arm, holding the championship high above his head.

JOHNSON: “This is it! These are the two men we will see battle for the 4CW Championship at South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “That’s if they make it to Miami. I have a feeling things are about to pop off here tonight!”
Dakota stares at Hopkins without saying a word, twitching with the championship above his head. Looking at the official laid out on the mat, Hopkins then cracks his knuckles and preps for a fight. Stepping towards Dakota, Hopkins doesn’t hesitate for even a split second. Stepping to The Butcher, Hopkins stands face to face with him, looking back into his eyes as his mouth begins to move. “You already know I do.”
Lowering the championship, Dakota holds it at eye level, showing it off for Jair to get an up close view. He then pulls it back in an instant, removing if from Hopkins’ sight and leans forward, touching foreheads with the man. “Come and get it, maggot.” Dakota then turns his back to Hopkins and walks to the ropes, climbing through them and dropping down to the floor below. Turning to look into the ring once more, Dakota then motions with his hand as it cutting his throat with his eyes fully focused on Jair and only Jair. He then twitches once more before cutting his head away and stomping away from the ring. Climbing over the barricade, Dakota then exits through the crowd, leaving Jair as the only man standing in the ring at a loss for words that things didn’t get ugly between the two.

JOHNSON: “That’s it?”
VASSA: “Dakota already put him down two weeks ago. He knows who he is facing. Jair knows what he’s up against. There’s really no point in getting an early start tonight.”
JOHNSON: “This is Dakota Smith we’re talking about here! He doesn’t need a reason to get his hands dirty, nor does he need to prove a point.”
VASSA: “Maybe you should go chase him down and ask him why he didn’t kill Jair yourself then.”
JOHNSON: “No thanks, I’m good right here. Plus we’re out of time and need to wrap things up.”
VASSA: “That’s what I thought!”
JOHNSON: “You go after him then and ask the important question.”
VASSA: “Fuck you! I want to make it to Miami alive.”
JOHNSON: “Well before we get down to Miami, we’ll have a special Adrenaline in two weeks at the CFE Arena in Orlando!”
VASSA: “I almost forgot! One more show before the big boy show!”
JOHNSON: “This won’t be a big show as usual but will have some high quality matches to enjoy before we head to South Beach for the party.”
VASSA: “This is awesome! Two weeks we’ll be in Orlando and then the next week we’ll be in Miami. I’m going to Disney World damnit!”
JOHNSON: “You and me both! But first we need to wrap things up here so we can begin our journey and get our spring officially started with a bang!”
VASSA: “It’s going to be one big party and I’m going to enjoy every single fucking moment.”
JOHNSON: “Good for you! Well folks.. it’s been a fun night but all good things must come to an end and unfortunately that goes for Adrenaline as well. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we get ready for the big one in Miami. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good night everyone!”
Back in the ring, Hopkins assists the official who is still down and out. On the way to the ring, medical staff rushes to the scene. Popping back to his feet, Hopkins scans the crowd once more as he lays his eyes on Dakota in the distance, making his way through the fans without a care in the world. And with that, the picture begins to slowly transition to a poster for South Beach Brawl with music playing in the background.