The scene opens to an overhead shot of Bayfront Park, beside Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. The entire park is packed with bodies all coming together for tonight’s big event-party. Neon strobe lights flash in all directions from all over the park, smoke fills the air from smoke machines and other sources 4CW is well known for. Music blares throughout the entire park, bringing the fans together even more as they dance and sing in unison. If it wasn’t for the advertising of the event, one would think this was some sort of rave taking place but nonetheless, 4CW has come to town to tear this city apart.
Alongside the park, Biscayne Boulevard sits between tonight’s party and the tall buildings of Miami. The street has been closed for tonight’s event, sectioned off the entire stretch of the park where the party floods into the streets. Various vendors are stationed along the strip of asphalt, providing the substances to make this night even more enjoyable, if that is even possible.
On the far end of the park, the crowd is more dense as they gather around where the ring is located. Behind the ring, a stage towers the ground, where we find Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sitting at the booth. The camera makes its way towards the booth, over the crowd, and keying in on signs from the fans as it passes by.

R . I . P .

Behind the booth, Steve Johnson sits in a polo short and visor on his head. Beside him, Vassa wears an orange and black Hawaiian shirt, resembling the walls of the office of Frank Lopez in the movie Scarface. With a glass in hand, filled with a yellow liquid, Vassa takes a drag from his cigar before pointing to the camera.

JOHNSON: “Thanks, Vinny. You beat me to the introductions.”
VASSA: “Oops, my bad!”
JOHNSON: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to South Beach Brawl! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! We’re going to tear this city down and party until the sun comes up!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know about all that but we do have an exciting event lined up for you folks.”
VASSA: “We’re in Miami, Steve, I can guarantee that I will be up to see the sunrise tomorrow morning.”
JOHNSON: “Before you incriminate yourself, we’ll move along and jump into some tragic news that hit the internet Sunday.”
VASSA: “Come on Steve, don’t kill my buzz right now. It’s terrible what happened to Darryl Wallace but let’s try to push that aside just for tonight and enjoy the party, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy the madness that is about to be unleashed here tonight in Miami.”
JOHNSON: “As I’m sure, most of you are all aware of what happened to Darryl Wallace over the weekend. He was involved in an assault of sorts and has been hospitalized for serious, life threatening injuries. He was scheduled to compete tonight against Parker Van Peters but that match has been cleared from the card as he is unable to compete.”
VASSA: “All I’m going to say on the situation is that it’s fucked up. Someone out there is walking around without a care in the world, knowing what they did to Darryl and his career.”
JOHNSON: “No suspects have been named folks but it has been stated by authori–“
VASSA: “Let’s just move on with the card and not talk about this morbid shit, please? We have a big show lined up for everyone here and watching from home.”
JOHNSON: “Okay, Vinny. I hate to see you bothered like this.”
VASSA: “Thank you, Steve.”
Vassa then takes a big drink from his glass followed by a puff from his cigar. Looking to his left, he locks his eyes on a nearby woman dressed in nothing but a thong bikini. A smile comes to his face as his eyes remain locked on her.

JOHNSON: “So our first match of the night comes from a challenge laid down weeks ago at Adrenaline. Christy Chaos challenged Alexis Terry to a match and here we are. These two will open the show for us.”
A long silence fills the air as Johnson stops talking. Looking to his side, Johnson shakes his head at the sight of Vassa with his eyes still locked on the young beauty, stuck in a daze.

JOHNSON: “Really saddened I can tell… Anyway! Next up we have a parking lot brawl between Omerta and Unstable! Erron Wilder and CJ O’Donnell will meet in the parking lot and throw down. What are your thoughts on this match, Vinny?”
Again, silence fills the air. Johnson then slams his elbow into Vassa’s shoulder, grabbing his attention.

VASSA: “What the fuck?!”
JOHNSON: “I asked you a question. What are your thoughts on this parking lot brawl we have scheduled?”
VASSA: “Why didn’t you just say so? Damn… But if I’m being honest, I think this booking was a bad idea. We’re trying to keep talent, not bury them six feet under. This match is only going to end with one man out for the rest of his life. It’s a good thing they closed down that section of the boulevard because this match could find it’s way there and the last thing we need is for a car to run over one of these gentlemen.”
JOHNSON: “We have a fight on our hands and I guarantee it’s going to get bloody. Next up, we have the newly signed team of Ascended Supremacy, Jason P. Davidson and his wife Tara Davidson, taking on the team of Best of the Best, Scotty Addams and Drew Stevenson.”
VASSA: “I’m really excited about this match. JPD has began assembling a team to take on High Octane Wrestling at their Wargames event. I’m glad that 4CW has signed this dynamic duo but their debut match under contract isn’t going to be an easy one.”
JOHNSON: “It surely is not! Scotty Addams and Drew Stevenson bring a lethal combination of experience to 4CW. Drew was occupied with the tournament we just held but now that he is available, these two are able to compete side by side and if I were the Davidson’s, I would stay on my toes.”
VASSA: “Then we jump into a championship match, the XTV Championship to be exact.”
JOHNSON: “Jason Cashe defended that championship multiple times before Bryan Laughlin defeated him at Adrenaline. Tonight is the rematch between these two and it will be an extreme caged ladder match.”
VASSA: “From my understanding, they’re going to use the same ring for this match that is being used for the whole event. I don’t see a cage anywhere. How the hell are they going to pull this off.”
JOHNSON: “That is yet to be seen but I’m sure Mr. Wallace has paid good money to have it go accordingly.”
VASSA: “I saw we just locked these two in the back of a trailer attached to a semi but that’s just my opinion. This is going to be a messy match, all enclosed in a cage nonetheless. The championship will hang from the top and the only way to get it is to climb a ladder and grab it. This is going to be a pretty tall cage.”
JOHNSON: “Weapons will be hanging from the sides and top of the cage for use. Earlier in the week Laughlin was even asking for a drill and a cross wrapped in barbed wire.”
VASSA: “A drill? What the fuck? This is serious business!”
JOHNSON: “Our second title match of the evening will have Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood challenging for the Tag Team Championships, against the reigning champions, Rorie Steel and Cyrus Riddle”
VASSA: “The Order made the challenge three weeks ago and here we are. She may not be Omerta, but tonight she is if I’m mentioning her. Omerta has their hands full with the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in 4CW history.”
JOHNSON: “They really do. New Gen took the tag division by storm in twenty-fourteen and held the championship until January twenty-fifteen. “
Vassa finishes off his drink and then slams the glass onto the booth. After wiping the excess from the corner of his mouth, he yells into the camera with a smile on his face.

VASSA: “And later tonight we witness Jett Wilder take back what was his!”
JOHNSON: “That’s one way of putting it.”
VASSA: “It’s going to happen, bet!”
JOHNSON: “Our Pride Championship will be on the line in a fourway elimination match featuring three former Pride champions and the current.”
VASSA: “John Austin, Seamus O’Connor, and Jett Wilder all held the Pride Championship and want their rematch. Well… they’ll get it tonight against Chris Madison who has said he’ll take on each and every one of them.”
JOHNSON: “One pin isn’t going to win this thing. We’ll have three elimination take place via pinfall or submission until there is one person left in the ring, and that person will be the 4CW Pride Champion!”
VASSA: “Mark my words. Jett Wilder shocks the world tonight.”
JOHNSON: “If you say so, Vinny!”
VASSA: “So, with all of these action packed matches we have on the card, we’ll finish the night with a last man standing match for the 4CW Championship featuring Jair Hopkins and the champion, Dakota Smith.”
JOHNSON: “Following Winter Wasteland we started a tournament to determine who would challenge Dakota here tonight. Jair Hopkins lasted longer than anyone else, advancing round after round until finally earning his place here at South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “Dakota hasn’t made it easy for him by any means. For weeks now, Dakota has assaulted people in the tournament, Hopkins catching more attacks than anyone else.”
JOHNSON: “We could say that Dakota feels threatened but then again, this is Dakota Smith we’re talking about. This is what he does.”
VASSA: “This match won’t stop until one man is down for an entire ten seconds. It’s going to be damn near impossible to keep either of these two down for that long.”
JOHNSON: “We’ll be right here until someone is, even if we have to watch the sun rise in the morning.”
VASSA: “This is my kind of party! I just hope it doesn’t rain. The sky is a little overcast. I’d hate for some rain to ruin the evening.”
JOHNSON: “Rain or shine, the show must go on and it will. It’s going to take a hurricane to stop this event.”
VASSA: “Please don’t scare me like that, damn Steve.”
JOHNSON: “That’s our lineup for tonight folks. We’re going to cut away from ringside for a few moments as we prep for our first match of the evening. We’ll be right back!”
VASSA: “Sit down and don’t go anywhere!”

“Princes of the Universe” by Queen plays as the audience begins to boo at the theme of THE Parker Van Peters.

VASSA: “What the hell?!?! I thought we were cutting away from ringside?”
JOHNSON: “I thought so too but apparently Parker Van Peters wants to come out here.”
VASSA: “What for? His match was cancelled, he doesn’t even have a match!”
He comes down the ramp to the ring, surprisingly in his ring gear, also sporting a pink #Plexus t-shirt.

PETERS: “This wont take long…..Ladies and Gentlemen….THE Parker Van Peters was promised to you for some incredible in ring action…and THE parker Van Peters is here to deliver. Unfortuantly….my opponent decided that he would rather sit this match out. I don’t blame him….BUT that is no excuse for competitors on the level. Shoot….Ive been in many of match with injuries….but Darryl Wallace….he is a little hurt….”
PVP walks around holding his back as if it is in pain.

PETERS: “Little bitty Darryl Wallace has hurt his little bitty back and hurt little bitty neck….boo freaking hoo. It isn’t my fault he went and got himself hurt….and he should punish these fine…..well……these people….these mouth breathing, basement dwelling, cheeto eating, diabetic, porn addicted, virgins…..they deserve some sort of shining light in their miserable, pathetic, stupid lives. They need to see THE Parker Van Peters….and they need to see him win….
So….Mr. Referee….if you would please come out here…..and if we could get Darryl’s incredibly lame and ridiculous theme to play….maybe he is here?”

The referee climbs into the ring, unsure of what exactly to…as Daryl’s theme plays, its obvious he isn’t coming out. The crowd begins to boo as PVP raises his arms.

PETERS: “Feel free to start the ten count…..DO IT NOW!!!”
The ref shakes his head, and slowly starts a ten count. The crowd rumbles with boos and as the count reaches its end, PVP raises his hands in victory. Once the ten count is reached, PVP looks over to Mike Powers at the DJ booth.

The ring announcer raises the mic but is cut off from PVP.

PETERS: “SHUT UP….you will just do it wrong…..your winner…..via countout…due to the fact that Darryl Wallace is a coward, and weakling, and a pathetic excuse for a man…..your winner…..the man who technically….technically will go down as THE man who retired Darryl Wallace and rid 4 Corners Wrestling of his miserable existence…..YOUR WINNER…..THE one and only man who could come into a company and bring such a reputation that Darryl Wallace would rather lie broken and beaten in some cheap motel than have to face #THEMainMan and lie broken and beaten in this ring, MY RING…..YOUR WINNER is the man who was disrespected, and yet in the end is the victor…..YOUR WINNER over Darryl Wallace via count out….because the guy wasn’t man enough, strong enough, or even good enough to be in the same arena and THE Parker Van Peters…let alone the same ring, MY RING…..YOUR WINNER IS THE…..PARKER…..VAN…..PETERS.”
No… people better no boo me…..DO NOT BOO ME!!!! You people should be cheering me….on your knees in adoration, thanking me, PRAISING MY NAME as the only guy who gives a single crap about you….I came out here, DESPITE THE FACT my miserable excuse for an opponent and even worse excuse for a man wouldn’t. He choose to not be here, he decided you people weren’t good enough for him to try and make it out here…..Darryl, by his actions, showed each and everyone of you what you all knew but would never say aloud….that none of you, NONE OF YOU are good enough….none of those morons in the back think anything good about any of you….the LIE to you….fill your feeble pedestrian heads with hope that maybe, just maybe you will be able to enjoy yourselves and forget your crappy little lives long enough to enjoy some…lets be honest….less than stellar wrestling.
The highlight of your terrible lives is watching guys like me…..and thats just sad. But THE Parker Van Peters is a fair man…a good man….I speak nothing but the truth….the truth being that none of you deserve to see me…none of you deserve to be near me, even breathe the same air or share the same planet as THE Parker Van Peters….yet #THEMainMan is gracious and wonderful and glorious and descends from his lofty heights to grace…and its only by my grace that you miserable pathetic fat welfare check collecting leeches are able to enjoy your sorry lives for a mere moment. As soon as THE Parker Van Peters walks back to the back…you will forget the joy that I bring being in your presence, you will forget how you felt when I was near you….and be forced to remember your failing marriage, your overweight spouse, your terrible dead end jobs, your impotency, your debt.
Until next time I can come out and help you forget all about your terrible lives…like a drug….you morons will never, EVER get enough of THE Parker Van Peters….”

PVP walks around the ring, raising one hand in the air.

PETERS: “Feel free….feel free to project your terrible lives on me…..feel free to your hate for your lies…..your loathing for your family and jobs…..and for a brief moment…allow the glory that is THE Parker Van Peters to allow you to forget how sad, miserable, and pathetic you all truly are.”
PVP drops his mic and rolls out of the ring to a chorus of boos as “Princes of the universe” plays.

HARTMAN: ”I’m here with Jason Cashe, the man who soon will step into a Cage of Carnage with the XTV Champion, Bryan Laugh–”
Holding up a hand to cut Hartman off, Jason Cashe stands dressed in his wrestling gear. Prepared for the fight upcoming but in need of getting something off his chest. Cashe pulls the mic and Hartman’s hand towards himself so he can speak and Hartman can just stand there as the microphone holder.

CASHE: ”He can wait. His time expires tonight as the Champion he wants to be. The fact is that AS a man I have made mistakes. Many of them in fact and at various times throughout my career, I’ve taken L’s from those mistakes and Laughlin is another mistake that WILL be corrected here tonight.”
Pulling the mic in, Gabriel Hartman tries to make a comment but Cashe holds up his index finger and slightly shakes it from side to side. Gaining a free pause in his words before he continues.

CASHE: ”It’s not your time to talk Hartman. It’s mine so there won’t be any questions. That would be a mistake made on your end and you don’t want that do you? No, so listen. Listen to a man like me tell you about correcting mistakes….”
Giving his jaw a scratch, his fingers dig through his beard before he continues.

CASHE: ”Not very many people know this but it was me who suggested that Unstable should bring in Darryl Wallace. I made that decision, I asked for the members of Unstable to trust my judgement. That bringing in a Wallace kid was smart business, that it would give us an advantage and that was a mistake. A man that big, how could that fall through? How could that NOT work but alas it didn’t. So…”
This time Gabriel Hartman didn’t hesitate, he snatched the mic to his mouth and asks a question.

HARTMAN: ”What did you do Jason!?”
A long stare. Cashe had a sparkle in his eyes like he wanted to tell the story but then a smile broke across his face that grew big enough to show his mouth full of teeth. Grabbing the mic, Cashe makes a request.

CASHE: ”To the guys in the back working the digital replays and highlight reels… Play it… “

Hampton Inn sign comes into view as the video opens. The recording is shaky but the voices audio picks up perfectly as a lighter sparks up at the side of the recording. The inside of a vehicle with whoever was filiming sitting on the passenger side of the front seat. As the handheld camera records the entrance to the Hotel, the man behind the camera seems to be getting impatient.

”How much longer? I thought you said 7 AM?”
”Give it a bit, he keeps to his schedule. It’s only 6:45, it can be anytime now.”
The second voice was clearly that of Jason Cashe. The other voice no doubt, Tommy Knox who had been seen in Miami with his old friend. As if on call, from the double door entrance of the Hotel comes Darryl Wallace. The big man from Unstable who recently announced his retirement after the upcoming South Beach Brawl.

”There he is, I knew he’d be a little ahead of schedule! Predictable Darryl..”
Watching, recording from inside the vehicle, the recording is filmed having to see through the windshield. The recording follows Darryl as he gets into the back of a Taxi waiting out front for him. As it pulls away from the curb, the camera turns to show Jason Cashe for the first time sitting behind the steering wheel. He starts the car and begins to follow.

”Shut that off for now, save the battery life. We’ll need it..”
The camera goes off after a brief flickering.

Back again to a live feed backstage, Gabriel Hartman looks bothered as he stares at Jason Cashe. Thinking the video was over, Hartman goes to question Cashe.

HARTMAN: ”You didn’t? Tell me you didn’t do something stupid Jason…”
Putting the mic back so Cashe could speak, he doesn’t answer the question asked to him.

CASHE: ”I’m not sure why they stopped the tape. It picks right back up! Play the fucking tape… Don’t make me come back there and play it for you!”
Only a few seconds pass before the video starts up again. Cashe and Hartman turn to the screen as it fills the screen for everyone else watching.

A black screen suddenly opens with bright morning skies and the colors of the outside world. Still behind the windshield of a vehicle, the Taxi is right in front of them. Keeping some distance between them so it’s not obvious. Smoke clouds the car as a joint is passed between the two friends. Taking a right, the Cab pulls into a Denny’s Restaurant. Cashe can be heard laughing as he follows pulling in behind the Taxi.

”Look it’s pulling up to the side of the building!”
”Just be ready. When he gets out, you jump out and grab his attention.”
”Got it. Pull up right there!”
Parking awkwardly, Cashe flips the car into Park. With Knox still carrying the camera, he hurries out the door. You see the concrete and the rear ends of a few employee cars. Holding up the camera, it shows Darryl exiting from the Cab and shutting the door. Right away Knox is in the big man’s face recording. Darryl looks surprised, shocked and confused as he pulls away some.

”Whoa, what the fuck?”
”Hiya! You’re on candid camera!!”
Barely seen from behind Darryl comes Jason Cashe with a baseball bat. One huge swing and Darryl is walloped to the back of the neck. He flings forward as Knox moves out of the way keeping record on Darryl as he falls into the rear end of a parked car. Cashe cocks back and hits him again, dead to the back and Wallace cries out in pain.

”What’s up now motherfucker!? You want to retire? Nah ain’t going down like that you big bitch!!”
As Cashe holds the bat back looking for another swing, Darryl pushes off the car and collides into Cashe. Turning around, Darryl clobbers Cashe to the jaw with a huge right. Unable to move without pain rocketing up his spine, Darryl can’t move well as he drops to a knee in the parking lot of Denny’s. Cashe regains his composure as he lets the bat fall from the punch. He blasts Darryl with a huge right Elbow as Knox begins giving commentary on the “action”.

”Ohhhh!! The Mark Of JASON!! TIMBER! The Big man goes down!!”
Looking over at the camera, Cashe points at Knox with a face full of hate and anger in it’s expression.

”Don’t stop recording…”
As Darryl struggles to move without the burning pain through his back. An old injury. One that Cashe knew about during the brief time they were members of the same Stable. Cashe stomps and kicks into Darryl’s back as he jolts and rolls trying to get away.

”Ahhh stop! Stop! You motherfucker!!”
”I will stop when retirement is permanent!”
Bending over, Cashe picks the baseball bat up. He slaps the Wooden Louisville Slugger in the open palm of his other hand. Darryl using all he has, pushes off the ground. Cashe lets him get back to one knee and as he goes for another Bat shot, Darryl lunges another punch into Cashe’s gut. Pushing up slowly, Darryl tries to gain the upperhand but from behind, Tommy Knox uses the camera and smashes into the injured neck of Darryl. The recording is fuzzy now, the screen of the camera is slightly cracked but it’s still recording.
The attack from Knox gives Cashe enough time to keep control as he grips the bat tight with both hands. Darryl on his hands and knees, pushes up again only to be struck with an overhand, double handed strike to the top of his head with the baseball bat.

Darryl goes limp. He slaps down against the concrete as blood begins to pour out of his head like a faucet. Filling the small gaps of the concrete, Cashe stares down at him as Knox keeps the camera recording.

”Now for retirement…”
In a fit of rage, a rapid anger grows and Jason Cashe repeatedly slams down the baseball bat across the back and spine of Darryl Wallace. The big man laying unconscious hardly moves other than the jumping jolts of being hit with the bat. Cashe stops, bends down and lifts the back of Darryl’s shirt to expose his skin. Seeing the bulge of his spine sticking out. Knox zooms in on it as from off the camera Cashe makes one last statement.

”Consider this your pink slip from not just Unstable but Professional Wrestling… Goodbye Darryl…”
With only the back of Darryl really showing in the camera. The wait for what was coming was predicted but the anticipation grew. One crashing blow and the brunt of the bat connects down with full force right into the line of his spine. Knox jumps back, zooms out as Cashe swings the bat wildly out across the parking lot. Breathing heavy not from overworking but from the situation at hand. Cashe throws up a “U” with his hands as he stares down at the now former member of Unstable.

”Unstable… Remember that… Let’s go Knox, turn that shit off. We got enough footage..”
Cashe heads back to the car but Knox keeps filming as blood pools around the head of Darryl Wallace and his bare back is swollen and already discoloring.

As the cameras come back to a Live shot backstage at South Beach Brawl. You see Hartman almost drained of color in his face. A look of shock. Cashe on the other hand has a grin on his face. Grabbing the microphone from Hartman, Cashe leaves a lasting message.

CASHE: ”Mistakes have been made. Darryl was a mistake. And just like Darryl, I will correct my mistakes in South Beach. Throw that “U” up, it’s a VERY Unstable kind of night!”
Tossing the mic up, Hartman doesn’t even bother catching it as he blankly stares at Cashe as “The Troubled1” leaves the scene.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The light’s dim and a small blast of fog fills the ramp area. As the light’s within the area begin to flash various colors. The opening of “One Night In Bangkok” By Murray Head begins to play and the fans rise to their feet and boo loudly. The camera switches from the ring to the ramp and emerging through the black curtain is Alexis Terry, the hood of her ring jacket covering most of her face besides one loan smirk upon her face.

POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, from Newcastle, England! She is ‘England’s Most Glamorous Export’, ALEXIS TTEERRRRYY!!!”
Alexis ignores the fans as she makes her way to the ring. She enters the ring, climbs the turnbuckle to the top rope, and removes her hood and blows a kiss to the camera.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
“Bad Girl” cues over the sound system causing the crowd to boo as Christy walks through the curtains and out onto the stage. With her “Star Struck Productions” matching her ring attire, and the hood currently up she stops in the center of the stage as the fans continue to boo.

POWERS: “Making her way to the ring from Laughlin, Nevada… CHRISTY CCHHAAOOSS!!!”
Christy blows the fans off walking down the ramp and to the steps. As she climbs the steps she removes the hood and stops on the apron a moment, glanching at the fans with a cocky smirk before wiping her feet and stepping into the ring. Removing her hoodie she drops it to the floor and begins warming up.

JOHNSON: “Starting things for us in the ring, we have two ladies who met just a few weeks ago in the All Ladies Rumble at Adrenaline.”
VASSA: “In the weeks leading up to that rumble, Christy laid out a challenge for Alexis to meet at South Beach Brawl and here we are.”
JOHNSON: “Christy has a slight edge on her after eliminating her from the rumble, but neither woman went on to win the match.”
VASSA: “Either way, we have a nice little ladies match and a ring full of eye candy!”
JOHNSON: “You say that about every single woman who steps inside of those ropes.”
VASSA: “No I don’t! I didn’t say it about that alpha-baby!”
JOHNSON: “Well.. you were probably thinking it.”
VASSA: “Maybe I was, who knows. I always have the drunk goggles on here at ringside!”
With both ladies in the ring, the official first checks with Terry who quickly gives him the nod. Looking over to Chaos, it doesn’t take no time at all before the official gets the nod. Now that both are ready to get down to business, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.
The two quickly exit their corners and charge each other, colliding in the center of the ring. Christy connects with a stiff palm strike to Terry’s face, sending her head bouncing back. Firing in retaliation, Alexis swings with a forearm strike, missing Christy’s head as she quickly ducks underneath. Kicking Alexis in the gut, Chaos quickly wraps her arm around her head and then lifts her up and over to the mat with a snap suplex.
Popping back up to her feet, Chaos grabs ahold of Terry’s head and lifts her up from the mat. Driving a knee into Alexis’ side, Chaos forces her down to one knee and then turns to the ropes behind her. Coming back on the rebound, Chaos nearly takes off Alexis’ head with a shining wizard, laying her out across the mat.

JOHNSON: “Christy is off to a quick start here, laying out Alexis with the shining wizard.”
VASSA: “We saw just a small sample from these two in the all ladies rumble. Now we get the two one on one without anyone else sticking their noses in.”
Back on her feet, Chaos circles Alexis for a minute before reaching down and grabbing two handfuls of hair. Pulling Alexis to her feet, Christy then whips her to the corner across the ring. As Alexis crashes into the corner, Chaos is right there behind her, flying through the air and connecting with a body splash! Stepping out of the way, Chaos watches as Alexis stumbles forward but remains on her feet. Climbing to the top of the corner, Christy looks over the crowd for a moment before turning to face Alexis who has her back to her. Waiting patiently, Chaos watches as Alexis slowly begins to turn around. Once facing her, Chaos leaps from the top rope and wipes her out with a diving crossbody.

VASSA: “And down goes Alexis!”
JOHNSON: “Christy got some serious hang time right there, almost as if she were floating through the air.”
VASSA: “She was, until she crashed into Ale–“
JOHNSON: “She’s going for the pin!”
Hooking the leg, Chaos goes for the pin as the official rushes over, sliding in for the count.

Alexis kicks out of the pin attempt before the officials hand can slap the mat for the full two count. Pushing herself up, Chaos unloads with a series of kicks to Alexis’ head and then spins around. Jumping into the air, Chaos does a backflip and comes down, connecting with the standing moonsault across Alexis’ body.

JOHNSON: “Christy is taking the heat to Alexis, not giving her a split second to turn things around.”
VASSA: “Why would she? We’re not here to be friends and hold hands!”
JOHNSON: “So far in Christy’s first singles match in 4CW, she is really impressing me with her constant attack to Alexis.”
On her feet, Chaos walks along the ropes, covering all four sides of the ring, allowing Alexis time to push herself up from the mat. Rushing in, Chaos kicks her in the stomach with a swift right boot and then locks her arm around her head as she lunges over. Clinching her head tightly, Chaos then falls back, pulling Alexis down and driving her head into the canvas with a DDT.

VASSA: “And a DDT to ring her bell!”
JOHNSON: “Alexis didn’t even see it coming.”
VASSA: “And now Christy is going up top!”
Climbing the corner, Chaos looks over the ring, more so in the direction of Alexis laid out on her back. Standing tall, she then leaps forward, flipping backwards in mid-air, and coming down across Alexis’ body with a shooting star press.

JOHNSON: “She likes to call that little move the Star Struck!”
VASSA: “If she jumped any higher she might have actually touched a star in the sky.”
Hooking the leg, Christy goes for the pin as the official slides in with the count.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pinfall, CHRISTY CCHHAAOOSS!!!”

We head backstage and zoom right into a close up of the very round and shapely ass of one Tara Davidson. Already dressed in her ring gear Tara can be seen leaned over stretching for her tag team match later tonight. The camera watches every twist, turn, and movement of her hips until the locker room door opens and in walks her husband and tag team partner Jason P. Davidson. Tara straightens up and turns her attention over towards her partner looking pretty annoyed at the moment.

TARA: ”Just where in the hell have you been?”
Jason goes to reply but before he can even get the words out of his mouth Tara groans out loud.

TARA: ”I mean seriously? You do realize this is our first match as official members of the 4CW, correct?”
JPD: ”Of course I know that.”
TARA: ”Then explain to me what has been so important that you’ve been gone for almost 45 minutes?”
Jason grins and holds up a box of nerds that he’s got gripped in his hand. He raises the box into the air and pours a couple of them into his mouth before trying to talk with his mouth full.

JPD: ”Have you been to catering? They got nerds! In all my years doing this I’ve never seen candy placed out in catering before an event. I think I’m going to enjoy working for Wallace.”
TARA: ”You’re kidding me, right?”
JPD: ”What? Did you want a box too?”
JPD: ”Calm down I’m willing to share…”
Tara marches over towards her husband and snatched the box of Nerds out of his head. She takes her free hand and presses her index finger against Jason’s chest.

TARA: ”I need you to focus on the task at hand. It’s bad enough that we lost to Drew Stevenson the last time we were here and failed to win the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts.”
JPD: ”Heh… remember that time I found one of the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts Shitiva left at War Games and Ramona lost her shit about it?”
Tara says in a stern tone as she reaches and slaps Jason across the back of his head.

TARA: ”This isn’t about Ramona, Sativa, or the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts right now. This is one match against both Scotty Adams and Drew Stevenson.”
JPD: ”F.A.G.”
TARA: ”Excuse me?”
JPD: ”F.A.G. Filthy Ass Goblin…you’re talking about Drew Stevenson, are you not?”
TARA: ”That’s not the point!”
JPD: ”Well if you’re going to call him by his name at least get it right!”
TARA: ”I swear to God if you don’t pull your head out of your ass…”
Jason reaches out and places his hands on Tara’s arms in a reassuring manner as he looks down at his frustrated wife.

JPD: ”Stop worrying, we got this. I didn’t come here and sign a contract with 4CW, to wrestle our first match in our hometown to go out there and lose to a couple of assholes like Scotty Adams and Drew Stevenson. They can call themselves the Best of the Best but we are the most dominant fucking force in tag team wrestling. Tonight we show the world and put everyone on notice. Including the two teams that are competing later tonight for those 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts.”
TARA: ”Good because if you mess up out there and we’re forced to lose to Drew Stevenson for a second time…”
JPD: ”What? You’re gonna be really angry?”
TARA: ”Angry? How about no sex for an entire week smart ass?”
JPD: ”For who? Me or Jett Wilder?”
Tara reaches out and punches her husband in the gut as hard as she possibly can.

TARA: ”I just can’t even with you right now…”
JPD: ”It was a legitimate question!”
Tara flips Jason the bird before turning around and walking out of the locker room. Jason shakes his head and grabs a hold his box of Nerds that Tara took away from him earlier. He raises the box up to his mouth but sees that it’s empty.

JPD: ”What the…? I could have sworn this thing was full just a second ago.”
Jason’s eyes widen slowly as he turns his head towards the locker room door.

JPD: ”Wait a damn minute… what did you do with my Nerds woman?!”
Jason drops the empty box and heads out of the locker room after his wife as we shift back to ringside ready for our next matchup.


VASSA: “We have the best seat in the house, no doubt about that. This stage we’re on, it’s top notch and gives us not only the best view of the action in the ring, but we can see over the entire park for the most part.”
JOHNSON: “This is one huge party going on tonight. Not only are these people here to see these great matches we have in store for them, they’re enjoying themselves. We have music blasting throughout the entire park, lights, bubbles, fog machines, beautiful women everywhere! It’s like spring break here!”
VASSA: “Things are a bit smoky here tonight and I’m not so sure the fog machines can take all of the blame. Here’s my point though. We have the best seat in the house but for this next match, I’d say we have the worst seat. Luckily we have this television monitor here so we can see the action in the parking lot.”
JOHNSON: “These types of matches are the only downsides for us. In the ring, we always have the best view but when things head away from ringside, we’re stuck here at the booth missing out on all of the action in person.”
VASSA: “It’s a shame because this parking lot brawl with Erron Wilder and CJ O’Donnell is going to be wild!”
JOHNSON: “The war between Unstable and Omerta has been going on for months. Erron represents Omerta and CJ represents Unstable. This is the only stable-war match we have on the card tonight. Whoever wins this fight will make a big impact moving forward with these two groups.”
VASSA: “I highly doubt this parking lot is going to contain these two. Hell, the damn boulevard is shut down and I wouldn’t be surprised if the fight made it to the street.”
JOHNSON: “We could even see this thing end up in Biscayne Bay. The possibilities are endless.”
VASSA: “One thing is for sure, we’re in for a treat, even if we have to sit back and watch this thing on a monitor instead of in person.”

The scene changes to the parking lot where our next match will take place. A large circle of cars sit in the middle of the parking lot with fans on the outside, cheering on at the two gladiators within. Erron Wilder stands across from CJ O’Donnell, both staring at one another. In between the two, the official stands, keeping the way separated until the match official begins.

POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be a parking lot brawl. In one corner we have Erron Wilder, representing Omerta and in the other, we have CJ O’Donnell, representing Unstable.”
The crowd cheers at the announcement, realizing we’re only moments away from a fight breaking out that will not stop until a winner is declared.

JOHNSON: “There’s the announcement from Mike Powers! It’s about that time.”
VASSA: “All we need now is the signal from the official and this match will be underway.”
JOHNSON: “The hatred these two groups have between them, the key word in this whole match is brawl. This is a parking lot brawl at South Beach Brawl, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from these two men.”
VASSA: “There are basically no rules either in this thing so anything can go down. They can use what foreign objects they get their hands on. They can use the environment itself as a weapon. I hope those cars have insurance.”
Our official checks with both men, looking to Erron first and getting a slow nod in return. He then turns to CJ who bounces back and forth in place, twisting his neck from left to right, before raising his hand and pointing to the official. With both men ready, the official throws his hand into the air and screams…
In the parking lot but in seclusion at the far end, a huge explosion goes off, simulating a bell.

VASSA: “Here we go!”
JOHNSON: “Let’s get it on!”
Taking off from stand still, CJ charges towards Erron with his arms spread. Leaping forward, CJ goes to tackle Erron but misses as Erron jumps out of the way. Crashing into the side of a car, CJ takes most of the impact to the shoulder. Whipping around in an instant, CJ opens himself up to a stiff punch to the jaw from Erron. Grabbing onto CJ’s shoulder, Erron turns him around and then locks onto the back of his head with both hands. Slamming CJ’s head forward, Erron drives his face into the hood of the car, leaving a head sized dent in the metal.
In a daze but still aware of his surroundings, CJ throws an elbow back, planting it into Erron’s mid-section and knocking his breath away. Pushing himself away from the car, CJ pops up, knocking Erron off of him and sending him stumbling backwards. CJ then jumps backwards, spins around and connects to the side of Erron’s head with a nasty elbow strike. Dropping to one knee and holding the side of his head, Erron gasps for air. CJ then charges in full speed and leaps into the air, closing in with a version of his running high knee.

VASSA: “Irish Knowledge this soon?!”
Dropping to his side, Erron hits the pavement as CJ flies right by him, barely avoiding the potential match ending attack. CJ lands hard on the pavement, rolling a few times before coming to a stop. Pushing himself up, he rushes towards Erron and leaps into the air once more, this time coming down over Erron with his feet touching down on each side of his body and a fist closing in on Erron’s face. Holding up both arms, Erron deflects the punch and then kicks his leg up, driving his foot right between CJ’s legs.

JOHNSON: “There’s our first low blow of the night folks!”
VASSA: “That hurt me just watching it!”
CJ holds his stomach as the pain begins to settle and his face turns red. Taking baby steps backwards, he remains lunged over but on his feet, giving Erron plenty of room to push himself up. Rushing in towards CJ, Erron grabs him by both shoulders and drives him backwards before pushing him away and slamming him back first into the side of a car. CJ moans from the impact but before he can react, Erron lunges forward and clocks him with a hard right to the eye, knocking his head backwards against the car door window. Grabbing CJ by the head, Erron turns him around and then slams him face-first into the window, completely shattering it as his head breaks through the glass.

VASSA: “Feels like we’re watching a bonus stage from Street Fighter.”
JOHNSON: “I wouldn’t know what that is.”
VASSA: “Of course you wouldn’t, you’re almost one hundred years old.”
Pulling CJ back through the opening where the window should be, Erron holds his head up and turns it to the side, leaning over his shoulder and looking him dead in the eyes. Blood trickles from CJ’s forehead and Erron leans even further, resting his forehead against CJ’s. Out of nowhere, CJ bites down on the bridge of Erron’s nose, bringing tears to his eyes. Ripping his nose out of CJ’s bite, Erron pulls his head back, revealing bite marks that have drawn blood.
CJ then puts all of his weight behind a right punch and drives his first into Erron’s jaw, whipping his head to the side. Firing back, Erron connects with forearm shot to CJ’s face, knocking him back a step. Erron then lunges forward to lock up but CJ side steps him, sticks his foot out to trip him, and then pushes him face-first into the side mirror of the care, breaking it off if force.
Falling to the ground, Erron rolls over to his back and as soon as he opens his eyes, CJ’s foot comes crashing down into his face. Kneeling down over Erron, CJ then grabs him by the back of the head with one hand and begins laying rapid punches into Erron’s face with the other. The punches then transition into elbow strikes, crashing into Erron’s skull over and over. With Erron almost out of it, CJ then slams his head to the pavement and lays over him for the cover.

JOHNSON: “There’s still life in Erron!”
VASSA: “These two have thrown wrestling out of the window for this brawl.”
Pushing himself up, CJ then grabs Erron by the head and pulls him up as well. Turning Erron’s body, CJ then locks his arm around his head and grabs the back of his pants. Exploding in a burst of energy, CJ lifts Erron up and over, dropping him across the hood of the car with a suplex. The side of the car presses against CJ’s back, keeping him upright and standing. Erron then begins to roll down the hood to the front of the car, falling down onto the front bumper before crashing to the ground on the other side.
Turning around, CJ looks over the damages of the hood, caved in from the impact of Erron’s body. With a smile on his bloody face, he then climbs onto the hood of the car. With his arms held out to his sides, CJ walks to the edge of the hood and looks down at Erron, lying on his back and holding his midsection. Waiting patiently, CJ keeps his eyes locked on Erron as he slowly begins pulling himself up using the car. Once standing, he looks up in surprise as CJ leaps off the hood of the car and flies towards him.

VASSA: “Look out Erron!”
JOHNSON: “CJ is airborne!”
Closing in, CJ plants both feet into Erron’s chest and sends him rolling backwards with a flying dropkick from the hood of the car. CJ then crashes hard to the pavement, landing on his side and squashing his arm. Both men slowly begin to climb to their feet at the same pace. Standing first, Erron turns his back to CJ and begins limping towards Biscayne Boulevard not too far in the distance. Not far behind, CJ follows, holding his arm closely to his body with his other hand.

JOHNSON: “It looks like the circle of cars wasn’t enough to contain there two!”
VASSA: “They’re headed to the boulevard baby!”
JOHNSON: “And this is probably the main reason this section of the boulevard was closed for this event.”
The street is filled with life, fans everywhere watching as the two men approach the boulevard. They part, leaving a path for Erron to walk until finally stopping in the middle of the street. Coming up from behind, CJ throws a stiff punch to the back of Erron’s head, knocking him forward a few steps but not down. Rubbing his head with a painful look on his face, Erron slowly turns around. Shaking his head at the sight of CJ, Erron lowers his hand from behind his head and then lunges forward, locking up with CJ. In a flash, CJ pulls down Erron’s body and then begins delivering rapid knees to his chest and then finishing off a small combination with one jumping knee to the face. Erron flies through the air and crashes hard to the pavement.
Leaning up to a seated positon in a daze, Erron holds his face in a world of pain. Standing beside him, CJ grabs Erron by the head and slowly pulls him up to his feet but bent forward. In a burst of energy, Erron wraps CJ up and begins driving him backwards. The fans jump out of the way, creating a path that leads straight to a hotdog stand.
Erron drives CJ’s back into the side of the hotdog stand, nearly tipping it over with the impact. As the hotdog stand comes back down, the side slams into the back of CJ, knocking him forward and onto Erron who falls to his back. Reaching up with both hands, Erron locks them around the back of CJ’s head and pulls it forward while popping his up, hitting CJ right between the eyes with a vicious headbutt.

VASSA: “Erron just rung CJ’s bell with that headbutt!”
JOHNSON: “I think it knocked CJ senseless because he doesn’t look to be all there at the moment, like he’s staring off into space.”
VASSA: “Did you just see that headbutt? I wouldn’t be surprised if both men have a concussion after that!”
Wobbling back and forth, CJ finally begins to fall over to his side but Erron gives him the final push, sending him crashing to the pavement and smacking his head against it. Pushing himself away from CJ, Erron stands tall, rubbing his forehead from the damage taken himself. Stepping in beside CJ, Erron looks down at his blood covered body for a moment before reaching down and grabbing a handful of hair. Pulling CJ up to his feet, Erron holds his head in place and draws back. Swinging forward with all of his strength, Erron plants his first into CJ’s temple, sending him stumbling backwards and crashing into the hotdog stand again. Bounding off the hotdog stand, CJ stumbles forward into Erron who charges at him and wraps him up with both hands, lifting him into the air and slamming him onto the serving table of the hotdog stand.

JOHNSON: “I think Erron is about to turn CJ into a buffet!”
VASSA: “CJ better hope there aren’t any knives within his reach because I don’t doubt for one second that Erron would cut him open if given the chance.”
JOHNSON: “That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?”
VASSA: “HELL NO!!! This is a street fight!”
Reaching over CJ with both hands, Erron picks up the pot of chili and with a evil grin on his face, he begins pouring the hot contents all over CJ’s chest and stomach.

VASSA: “Jesus-fucking-Christ!”
JOHNSON: “Oh my…”
Yelling in pain, CJ begins wiping the chili from his body. Laughing hysterically, Erron then plants both hands onto the hotdog stand and begins rocking it back and forth. With each push, the stand begins to leans over more and more and with one final push, Erron tips it over, sending it to its side crashing with everything inside dumping out and pouring all over CJ.

VASSA: “Damn that’s going to be one hell of a mess!”
JOHNSON: “CJ is covered from head to toe!”
VASSA: “That’s a waste of a good hotdog stands if I’m being honest.”
From the mess, CJ slowly begins pulling himself up using the stand for leverage. Shaking his head at the sight, Erron stands back for a moment and watches, amazed at CJ getting back up so quickly. Walking around the stand, Erron approaches CJ. Moving up, Erron gets caught off guard as CJ swings forward with a right haymaker, clocking him upside the head with a stinging punch. Before Erron can react, CJ connects with another punch to his ribs and then swings for the fences with a power punch. Ducking under the punch, Erron steps behind CJ and hooks his arms into CJ’s, pressing their backs together.

JOHNSON: “Things are looking bad for CJ right now because Erron has him set up for his finisher!”
VASSA: “This doesn’t lo–“
JOHNSON: “Here he goes!”
With all of his strength, Erron leans forward and lifts CJ off his feet and over his back, dropping him onto his head on the side of the hotdog stand with a backslide driver.

VASSA: “Onto the hotdog stand head first!”
CJ rolls over to his stomach and then off the stand, falling to the pavement, covering in toppings from head to toe. Pushing himself up, Erron peaks over the stand and slowly rises to his feet, laughing for a moment at the sight. Climbing over the stand, Erron places his foot onto the side of CJ’s head and pushes him over to his back. Dropping to his knees, Erron covers CJ for the pin as the official races over for the count.

JOHNSON: “Erron Wilder wins it ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: “Holy shit these two beat the hell out of each other.”
JOHNSON: “This was literally a fight from start to finish and left a trail of wreckage behind them.”
VASSA: “Well that’s one for Omerta tonight! The only one in a match featuring both Omerta and Unstable.”
JOHNSON: “We’ll see Omerta taking on The Order later on tonight.”
Standing to his feet, Erron looks over CJ and the huge mess as the official steps in beside him and raises his arm into the air. Mike Powers’ voice then fills the entire park as “Blood, Milk, and Sky” hit the speakers.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pin fall… ERRON WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
VASSA: “That was one hell of a fight!”
JOHNSON: “What did you expect? This is South Beach Brawl!”
VASSA: “I didn’t expect anything less with this match. I knew it was going to be a fight and that’s exactly what this was.”
JOHNSON: “Alright folks, we’re going to take a short break and cut backstage for a mome–“
VASSA: “Backstage? What backstage?”
JOHNSON: “It’s a habit, be quiet! We’ll be right back folks!”

Heading to one of the many tent’s outside of the event where the wrestler’s are camped out in preparation before their huge matches. Generally a time for reflection, meditation for some, and other pre-match rituals. We find ourselves seeing the back of the head of Jett Wilder expecting the worst. At Winter Wasteland before his match with Chris Madison we found him dealing with dating sites pre-match. Expecting the worst…

JETT: ”Fifty six, fifty seven!”
Perhaps counting the amount of peanut M&M’s he is putting down. Or perhaps how many zombies he is taking out on a video game. Until we pan out farther to see Jett actually kicking a heavy bag set up in his tent, one after another each landing with a lot of force.

JETT: ”Sixty, sixty one, sixty two. John Austin’s fat stomach. Seamus and his stupid…looking…beard!”
Kicking the bag each time between words, clearly focused for what might be the first time ever before a 4CW match.

Jett lands a barrage of kicks to the bag clearly imagining it being the face of Chris Madison as he delivers several big kicks than one big punch before falling back into a chair. He grabs a towel, drying himself off as he gets himself loose for the first time before a big match.

JETT: “I am going to take that Pride title tonight there is no way I am leaving without it. It belongs to me. Seamus is going to finally show me respect. John Austin is going to finally give up trying to beat me. And Chris Madison…Chris Madison…!”
Jett clearly a hundred percent focused and motivated, looking ready to go to war right now.

JETT: “His undefeated streak is done!”
Jett gets up taking a long drink of his water, than standing in front of the mirror that he has set up. A little vain but expected from Jett as he closes his head seeming to imagine that belt being put back around his waist. Than turning back to the bag and continuing, going all in tonight for gold.


JOHNSON: ”We’re back here at ringside and what a match we’re about to see that is going to light up South Beach Brawl and all of Miami!”
VASSA: ”The debut of Ascended Supremacy, Jason P and Tara Davidson! This is going to be electric!”
JOHNSON: ”You nailed the head right on that one, Vinny! But let’s not forget how electric Drew Stevenson and Scotty Addams, the Best of the Best, are going to be as well. These two elements clashing in the ring is going to be freaking explosive!”
VASSA: ”You’re damn right it’s going to be explosive! This could very well have match of the night ingredients!”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s waste no more time then! Take it away, Mike!”

POWERS: ”The following tag team contest of the evening is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights in the arena go completely black as the crowd begins to stand on their feet. Spotlights shine and circle throughout the crowd as the beginning of “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown begins to blast throughout the arena.
“(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom, follow me)
(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom) Cut it!”

Fireworks explode on stage as the lights in the arena come back on. A loud chorus of boo’s begin to echo throughout the crowd.

POWERS: “From Miami, Florida standing at six feet, three inches and five feet, four inches respectively. Weighing in at a combined three hundred sixty two pounds…”
“(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom, follow me)
(Freedom, la la la la)

The husband and wife duo of Jason P. Davidson and Tara Davidson make their way out on stage slowly. They stand tall on stage soaking in the boo’s and hatred from the crowd while holding their arms high into the air triumphantly.
“Let me tell you, I’m vicious
Not pass-aggressive
I got my finger on my pulse, staring straight into a hole and I get it
And I’m a savage
It’s automatic
I got a way of making noise, the power to destroy with no static”

POWERS: “They are Wrestling’s only true Royalty… Jason P. and Tara Davidsonnnnn… they are… ASCENDED SUPREMACY!!!”
Jason and Tara lower their arms and slowly make their way down the ramp towards the ring. Tara slaps away the hands of people that each over and try and touch her as Jason argues with a couple of fans along the way.
“Cause victory is all you need
So cultivate and plant the seed
Hold your breath and count to ten, just count to ten”

Tara makes her way up the steel ring steps as Jason hops up to the ring apron. Tara strides along the ring apron as Jason leans down and holds the ropes open. The camera pans around and watches closely as Tara bends over as she steps through the ropes and enters the ring.
“I’m gonna make it rain, so ring the bell
I know it all too well
Switchblade on the edge of your wrist
Can I get a witness? (Witness)
Cause agony brings no reward
For one more hit and one last score
Don’t be a casualty, cut the cord”

Jason and Tara go to opposite corners and climb the turnbuckle to pose for the crowd as flashbulbs go off all over the arena. Both husband and wife hop down off the turnbuckle and go to their respective corner as their music dies down.

JOHNSON: ”And here they are! Jason and Tara may be a hot commodity by the crowd in Miami tonight, but they are definitely showing no love to these fans!”
VASSA: ”It’s Ascended Supremacy we’re talking about here! They don’t give two shits about these people and rightfully so as they should keep their focus on their opponents! I’ll tell you one thing, I would not want to be standing across the ring from those two!”
JOHNSON: ”I will give you that, in which case they do take care of their business. If they showed more respect towards these fans, they would be even hotter than they are right now! However, I will not deny their legacies and the careers they have made for themselves. Quite, quite, impressive!”
“The Vengeful One” by Disturbed hits and the instantly the crowd begins to boo as Scotty Addams and Drew Stevenson, collectively known as the self-proclaimed “Best of the Best” make their way down to the ring. On the ramp, Drew kneels down to one knee putting his arms out in wingspan while Scotty puts his arms up in the air crossing at the wrists to make his “A.” Drew gets up and the two fist bump before headed down to the ring.

POWERS: ”And introducing their opponents, they weigh collectively together at an impressive four hundred and seventy pounds, SCOTTY ADDAMMMS and DDREW STEVENSONNN, the BEST OF THE BEST!”
Scotty slides in under the middle rope and Drew kneels on the edge of the apron and puts his arms out with Scotty putting his “A” up behind Drew again. Drew gets into the ring and they wait.

JOHNSON: ”Drew and Scotty definitely have their hands full tonight, but they are very capable of giving the Davidson’s a run for their money tonight. There are only a few, select tag teams that can really give the Davidson’s trouble and this is one of those teams. They aren’t called the Best of the Best for nothing!”
VASSA: ”Are you fucked up or something, Stevie? The Davidson’s are THE tag team and there isn’t anyone in this industry who can take them down! While I can argue Drew and Scotty are a great team, they have no idea how out of their league they really are!”
JOHNSON: ”While I can normally agree with you, I think Drew and Scotty surprise Jace and Tara here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Fine since it’s pointless to get anything worthwhile through your skull, we’ll agree to disagree!”
The bell rings as both teams take a few moments to discuss strategy as it looks like Jace and Scotty are going to kick off this match. As Tara and Drew exit the ring, Jace and Scotty start to merge in the middle as they circle each other a few times as both try to find a gauge to start this match. Jace and Scotty then lock up in the middle of the ring as a struggle for control ensues. The two grapple for a few moments before they break away and regroup as they stay locked in on each other.

JOHNSON: ”I figured this was how this match was going to start. A lot of psychology being played out between both these guys.”
VASSA: ”They are just feeling each other out. That is to be expected when you have two great teams facing off against each other.”
Jace and Scotty lock up again and another ensuing struggle follows. This time, the battle for control really heats up as both of them release the other and start to throw rights and lefts at each other as this match up literally turns into an opening brawl. Scotty is able to grab a hold of Jace by locking in a side headlock. Scotty grapples with Jace’s head and twists it, applying pressure, but Jace grabs Scotty by the waist and pushes off releasing Scotty’s hold on him. Scotty bounces off the ropes and comes back at Jace but runs into a shoulder block that knocks Scotty down to the mat. Jace takes this window of opportunity by rushing off the ropes as Scotty gets back to his feet and Jace grabs him and takes him down with a running bulldog. Jace follows this up by running off the ropes again and delivers a running leg drop into Scotty. Jace hooks the leg for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Look how careful and calculated both these men are displaying here. Jace with the early advantage in this match.”
VASSA: ”Slow and steady wins the race, Steve, and that’s exactly what both these teams are doing right now and that has allowed Jace to get going out of the gates of this match.”
Jace runs towards Scotty who falls forward on the mat as Jace hops over him. Jace comes back at Scotty as Scotty grabs him and connects with a belly to belly suplex that rocks Jace towards the corner turnbuckle. Jace gets back to his feet rather quickly as Scotty hits a standing hurricanarona which buzzes Jace. Scotty turns up the intensity as he feels vamped up and starts to stomp away at Jace before dropping down and locks in a single Boston crab on Jace. As the submission move is locked in, Jace immediately starts to crawl to the ropes and he is able to get to the bottom rope with no problem. However, what Jace wasn’t expecting, was how quick Scotty was to move in sequence as he turns around quickly and hits Jace with a side kick as Jace falls sideways to the canvas. Scotty moves over and covers Jace.

JOHNSON: ”Man did you hear that kick?! None the less, Scotty has a quickness to him that makes him so effective.”
VASSA: ”If Scotty and Drew can keep their pace up like they are known for, then there’s a chance that they could actually knock off the Davidson’s here tonight and that’s something that I’ve even said earlier probably wouldn’t happen. The Davidson’s are so fierce and their reputation precedes them. It doesn’t matter where they go, they are always going to be a threat and they’ve taken care of business before.”
Drew gets Scotty’s attention as he wants into the match and Scotty happily tags him in as Drew enters the ring. Scotty doesn’t immediately leave the ring, however, as Drew grabs Jace planting him with a german suplex right into Scotty, who hits a back cracker on Jace. Scotty rolls out of the ring as Drew goes for the cover on Jace.

JOHNSON: ”What a great double team by Drew and Scotty and that move can always be devastating on their opponents.”
VASSA: ”They are definitely pulling out all the stops here tonight and rightfully so. Great moment there for Drew and Scotty.”
Drew grabs Jace and brings him back to his feet as he whips him into the ropes. Drew tries to hit a clothesline, but Jace ducks. Jace bounces off the ropes and grabs Drew and plants him into the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Drew lies on the mat as Jace looks over towards Tara who is anxious to get into the match. Jace dives over and makes the tag to Tara who comes into the ring as Drew gets back to his feet. Tara takes Drew down with a clothesline as Drew gets back to his feet quickly. Tara hits another clothesline as she is fired up. Drew gets up once more and Tara grabs Drew and shoots him into the turnbuckle. As Drew’s back is impacted into the corner, Tara grabs him and hits a corner springboard bulldog taking Drew into the canvas. Tara rushes over towards Scotty and sends him flying off the outside apron with a reverse roundhouse kick. Tara turns her attention back to Drew as she kicks Drew in the midsection and plants him into the mat with a snap DDT. Tara covers Drew.

JOHNSON: ”Tara is on fire right now!”
VASSA: ”The fierceness of the Davidson’s! I’ll tell you this much, Steve, I don’t want to piss off Tara!”
Scotty emerges back from the outside and he isn’t too happy as he gets into the ring with the intent on blasting Tara but the referee is quick to stand in his way. As the referee’s back is turned, Jace sees an opportunity and immediately gets in the ring and starts striking away at Drew. Jace picks up Drew and slams him into the corner with a turnbuckle powerbomb as Tara strikes Drew with Enziguri kick completing what they call the Ascended Melee. Jace quickly rolls out of the ring before the referee is able to access what happened as the referee turns around as Tara drops down and covers Drew.

JOHNSON: ”No! Drew is barely able to get the shoulder up in time!”
VASSA: ”Good, sneaky teamwork there by Jace and Tara. Drew is a fighter and while that was a devastating tag team move, Drew is going to be hard to put down.”
Tara grabs Drew by the neck and literally starts to drag him over as she moves towards Jace to tag him in. However, before she can get there, Drew surprises Tara by laying her out with a sidewalk backbreaker. Before Jace can act, Drew hits a flying clothesline that launches Jace from the apron and down to the floor. Drew turns his attention to a vulnerable Tara as he rushes her to her feet and promptly plants her with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Tara is slow to get to her feet and as she does, Drew Irish whips her towards the ropes and sends her crashing into the mat with a spinebuster. Drew drops down and covers Tara.

JOHNSON: ”What a close call that was! I thought Drew had her there!”
VASSA: ”Close but no cigar, Stevie. That was a devastating assault there by Drew, though. This match has been intense from the start!”

As Tara lies on the mat, Drew looks down at her and then let’s out a roar indicating that he may be calling for the one move that has made him so dangerous. Drew turns Tara over and stomps into her before he attempts to lock in the Missouri Cloverleaf. Tara, understanding the danger she’s in, tries to fight Drew but Drew stomps her again and swiftly is able to lock in the Missouri Cloverleaf as the pain becomes definitive on Tara’s face.

JOHNSON: ”There it is! Drew’s got Tara locked in his deadly submission maneuver! Tara is in BIG trouble!!”
VASSA: ”What’s worse, is that she has nowhere to go! She’s flat out right in the middle of the ring! This is over!”
Tara is in absolute pain and it’s written all over her face as she waves her hand around as she teters between tapping out and fighting through the pain. The decision is definitely back and forth as she looks to be reaching her breaking point. As the match looks like it may be imminently over, Jace comes flying out of nowhere from the top rope and crashes down onto Drew all the while breaking the hold and keeping the match alive!

JOHNSON: ”Jace with the save! Things were definitely looking like they might have been over but this match continues!”
VASSA: ”Unbelievable. Jace came in the nick of time!”
Meanwhile, Scotty has had enough as he enters the ring and blasts Jace from behind. Scotty and Drew team up and start to unleash wild rights into the face of Jace as he goes for a clothesline, Scotty steps around him and hits Jace with a standing, high ankle drop kick that sends Jace towards the corner. As the referee tries to restore order in the match, Drew charges at Jace only for Jace to quickly grab him and launch him over the top rope and to the outside. Scotty charges at Jace, now, and Scotty is able to connect with a stinger splash in the corner. Tara is back to her feet as she comes limping slowly towards Scotty as she brings him down with a hangman’s neckbreaker. Jace is able to climb back out to the apron where Tara tags him in as she rolls to the outside still feeling the effects of the cloverleaf. Realizing that Drew is the legal man, Jace measures Drew and bounces off the ropes as he dives between the ropes with a suicide dive taking Drew down on the outside.

JOHNSON: ”This match has turned into absolute chaos!”
VASSA: ”What did you expect to come out of this match?! I knew this was going to be explosive and that’s exactly what it has lived up to!”
Scotty has finally returned to his side of the ring waiting on the apron as Jace rolls Drew back into the ring. As Jace climbs back up to the apron, Drew gets back to his feet and charges at Jace but Jace moves out of the way as he runs off the opposite side of the ropes before coming back at Drew only to be caught by surprise with a samoan drop from Drew. Drew is now staring off in the distance towards Scotty who is absolutely ready to get back into this match as he holds his hand out as far as he can towards Drew. Jace starts to recover and as Jace gets back to his feet and targets Drew again, Scotty is able to get the tag from Drew as Drew rolls out of the ring. Scotty explodes into the ring as he grabs Jace and pops behind him to deliver a german suplex. Scotty starts to send some explosive stomps into Jace as the adrenaline in Scotty is off the charts. Scotty grabs Jace and plants him into the canvas with a double arm DDT. Scotty heads to the top rope and looks down at Jace before diving off and connecting soundly on Jace with a moonsault. Scotty goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Jace with the shoulder up! Unbelievable! The toughness from all four of these competitors are insane!”
VASSA: ”I gotta give it up for these guys. Everyone is fighting with a high caliber of competition right now!”
Scotty tosses Jace into the corner and attempts a tornado DDT but Jace counters and takes Scotty into the canvas with a ring apron brainbuster. Jace quickly grabs Scotty and Irish whips him into the ropes before grabbing him with authority and smashing him into the mat with a thunderous spinebuster. Jace goes for the cover on Scotty.

JOHNSON: ”What a spine cringing move by Jace! Scotty stays alive in the match!”
VASSA: ”Yes but how much more can either of these teams endure? There’s going to be a breaking point sooner rather than later.”
Jace has had enough as he looks to end Scotty right here and now as he sets up for the Bow to the King. Drew has a thing to say about it as he enters the ring to try and distract Jace only for Jace to grab Drew. He whips Drew towards Tara as Tara hits him with a high kick to the head as Jace grabs him and launches him out of the ring. Jace turns his attention back towards Scotty and instead of going for the Bow to the King, Jace ends up rushing him and punts him in the head. He turns back towards Tara who gestures a cutthroat with her thumb crossing her throat as Jace nods and tags in Tara back into the match. Tara heads to the top rope as Jace grabs Scotty and sends him down with a powerbomb right as Tara launches from the top rope and crashing both of her knees into the face of Scotty as their Off With His Head tag team finisher is successful. Tara covers Scotty and hooks the leg as the count is initiated.

JOHNSON: ”That’s it!”
JOHNSON: ”And the Davidson’s win it! What a good damn match that was!”
VASSA: ”It was indeed a very good match and hats off to Drew and Scotty, but the Davidson’s are just too powerful to stop!”
JOHNSON: ”Agreed. Great effort from Drew and Scotty, but Jace and Tara were just too much for them tonight and…hey WATCH OUT!!!!”
Jace and Tara’s celebration is cut short as Scott Stevens shows up in the ring and blasters Tara Davidson in the back with a steel chair. Jace sees his wife falling to the mat and he quickly turns his attention towards Stevens, but Stevens is on high awareness tonight as he drops the steel chair and grabs Jace and plants Jace into the chair with a DDT. Stevens turns his attention back towards Tara as he lifts her to her feet and hits the Toxic Sting sending her back into the mat. Stevens then turns around and grabs Jace and does the same thing as he brings Jace to his feet and hitting another Toxic Sting taking Jace into the canvas. Stevens surveys the damage he’s caused and spits in the face of Jace as he rolls out of the ring feeling satisfied with his blindside attack on the Davidson’s.

JOHNSON: ”Well it’s no secret there’s bad blood between the Davdson’s and Stevens but Stevens has put a damper on the Davidson’s debut win here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Doesn’t that dumb piece of shit ever learn?! Every time I’ve seen Stevens do something stupid, he pays for it and then does it again acting like he’s learned nothing from his past. Dick move by Stevens and one that he will pay for.”
JOHNSON: ”Yea, Stevens isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s going to have his hands full next week looking ahead to the match with Jace Parker Davidson on Mayhem.”
VASSA: ”Bottom Four baby!!”
Jace and Tara are checked on as South Beach Brawl briefly cuts away.

Following the match, the camera cuts backstage to a very isolated area of the Bay Park park. This particular spot was away from all media, backstage talent and officials and was in an area of very little light. The only remote activity was from the camera as it zooms in on a very concentrated and not mentally there, Brian Hollywood. Hollywood had his eyes closed and it wasn’t immediately apparent that Hollywood knew there was someone standing in front of him as he remained completely still. There was something regarding the place he was that made an eerie feeling fall on the scene. Without even opening up his eyes, Hollywood felt another presence in front of him.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Just what do you think you’re doing back here?! Can’t you see I’m fucking busy right now! You should know better not to interrupt a man and his thoughts!”
The camera stays focused on Hollywood and the guy behind the camera, who we obviously can’t see, hasn’t said a word in response to Hollywood’s statement. In fact, the guy just continues to keep the camera focused on him. Whatever it was that caught Hollywood’s attention right now, it was intense and because of that, this causes Hollywood to open his eyes and glare towards the camera as his eyes looked dark and lifeless like he had been in some type of deep trans. What Hollywood said next deeply concerned, even frightened the camera man.

HOLLYWOOD: ” LEAVE US ALONE!! If you haven’t figured it out by now, there’s a reason why no one has been able to locate me tonight. I have nothing to say to you people right now and the longer you continue to stand there increases your chances of not walking away on both of your feet!”
Hollywood’s weird and out there behavior was very odd and off and it sent a chilling feeling down the spine of the cameraman as you can start to see the camera shaking. As if Hollywood could feel another presence at work, a smile, a comforting smile, crosses his face as he tilts his head to the side.

HOLLYWOOD: ”What’s the matter? You look….pale. I warned you…the longer you stick around here the more susceptible to become to being attacked. I must warn you, sometimes I lose my control over myself and I’m not going to be responsible for what happens to you next!”
As the cameraman stands there, trembling at this point, Hollywood slowly rises to his feet as he walks closer and closer to the cameraman. However, just before he can do anything, his entire concentration, what he was feeling in that moment, was all of a sudden snapped by the sound of a yelling voice down the hallway and it was soon discovered that it was coming from Jace Savage.

SAVAGE: ”THERE YOU ARE! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for you! What are you doing back here?!”
Hollywood blinks a few times before shaking his head like he was snapped out of some spell. Coincidentally at the same time, the eeriness lifts from the scene and the cameraman all of a sudden stops trembling. It’s like the entire background changed and Hollywood’s behavior along with it. Hollywood looks around and looks back at Jace puzzled as he tries to figure out why he’s in the area that he’s in.

HOLLYWOOD: ”What in the world am I doing back here? There’s nothing exciting about this area whatsoever. Must have taken a wrong turn somewhere..”
Savage, confused, looks at Hollywood before totally ignoring Hollywood’s strange behavior.

SAVAGE: ”At any rate…tonight’s the big night. Are you ready for us to take back OUR 4CW Tag Team Championships?”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Yes. We’re not just going to take back OUR tag team titles, but we are going to do it with authority. Rori Steele and Cyrus Riddle are poisons of the system, poisons to 4CW. They are going to be met with swift action and they will be punished for the way they have desecrated our 4CW Tag Team Championships! They will not be the only ones held accountable either. This bullshit, the corruption that was allowed to move in in the first place will be met with order. This fault, this discrepancy that was enacted, it goes all the way to the top in the 4CW hierarchy and their deception and action will be dealt with as well.”
SAVAGE: ”I’m guessing you have a plan of action for that?”
Hollywood smiles slightly and nods his head.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Oh I’ve got a few different ideas to put our plan into motion. One thing I will absolutely not stand for is to be dictated by others, especially in the hierarchy of 4CW management. This new….puppet…of Perry’s, or maybe it’s the other way around depending on how deep your fucked up process of thinking is, thinks that she can control fate and thinks she can control what happens around here. I have NEVER been a man to be given orders, especially from a higher power. I AM THE POWER! I’ve always been and in time, that will be revealed at the right time. It makes me laugh because they think they can control what happens around here and that…THAT is what gives the corruption its stained look on 4CW.
As far as tonight is concerned, the main priority right now is getting back control of our 4CW Tag Team Championships. NewGen’s resurrection will soon be complete and with while we take back what’s rightfully ours, I don’t want the mistake made that the corrupted, pieces of shit here will probably assume. This goes for talent as well and it’s my duty to make sure that The Order isn’t misunderstood. Our hold on the tag team division, and the tag team titles will not limit us this time. There will be NO restrictions and after we capture those tag titles and restore order in them, The Order shall look to restructure 4CW and restructure it all the way to the fucking top! The corruption WILL fall and when it does, ALL control will belong to The Order!”

Hollywood begins to laugh methodically and Jace stands there wondering just what Hollywood is talking about and what has come over him. He knows the mission of The Order, but what he doesn’t seem to understand is Hollywood’s erratic behavior. Jace understands that Order must be restored, but the way it’s being interpreted, promoted by Hollywood’s dark intentions, is what is confusing Jace. Nevertheless, Jace ignores everything else and remains solely focused on helping Hollywood taking back what they never lost.

SAVAGE: ”The time is almost upon us, brother. Let’s go win our titles back and then we can move forward with the vision you have entrusted us. I may not know some things, but I trust you, I always have. Despite the mission and my understanding of everything, you have never given me a reason not to follow you into battle and that’s why I’m always going to no matter what we face ahead!”
Hollywood smiles lightly at the comforting words of his best friend. Jace was absolutely right. He didn’t know what was happening with Hollywood or what his dark intentions were, but the fact that Hollywood knew he had Savage fighting in his crusade, Hollywood knew it wouldn’t be that hard to get Jace to see the whole picture the way he has seen it. There was still a lot of unknown elements surrounding Hollywood’s intentions and as this mysterious presence within Hollywood grows stronger, so does the urge to consume Hollywood’s soul with the hunger he absolutely had to have to satisfy his darker presence within him.

HOLLYWOOD: ”Come my friend, we have a lot of work to do. Let’s go. The corruption that must be dispelled starts with the filth of Rori Steele and Cyrus Riddle. They are merely the opening pawns in a complicated game, a dangerous game, that shall be enacted throughout all of 4CW!”
Hollywood pats Jace on the shoulder and starts to walk off leaving Jace to contemplate for another second the ominous words his ever slipping away into the darkness friend has omitted. Hollywood was getting hungry again, but this time, he was targeting something bigger in his rise and restoration back to the top as Jace finally starts to follow Hollywood down the darkened hallway as the camera cuts back to ringside.

His match was next. Jason Cashe stands huffing, puffing, head down near the entrance waiting for his name to be called. He seemed anxious, focused. His opponent could have been nearby and Cashe wouldn’t have noticed. He was putting his nice guy back, in this match would be no place for anything “nice” and he wanted to keep that about who he was not who he was portraying to be.

“Jason! You left without saying anything!”
Psyche Devyne steps in front of him, not concerned that he has a match but that it was a dangerous match. One he potentially might not wake up from until later in the night. Shit happens as Psyche knew firsthand after losing her Chivalry Championship at the Panic at Capital City show for the Uprising Show. Using her hand, she lifts Cashe’s face up so his eyes meet hers.

PSYCHE: “You in there love?”
CASHE: “Yeah…”
A long sigh follows his response as he smiles big, staring into her big beautiful eyes. He recently called her his “girlfriend” for the first time earlier today and meant it. It was long overdue showing people that they were “official” and so the claim of it came easy for him.

CASHE: “I’m lucky to have you, do you know that?”
PSYCHE: “I do! Heh!”
CASHE: “Tonight isn’t about luck though. Tonight is about adapting to survive. THE Evolution begins tonight…”
Grabbing the waistline of his trunks, Psyche pulls him closer and the two kiss.

“You two get a room!”
Seeing her first, Psyche pulls away from Cashe and smiles at the sight of Amber Ryan approaching. Cashe turns knowing the voice and greets his Unstable Label Mate.

CASHE: “Well look at what we have here! Come to feed my ego before I go out there and get bloody?”
The two come in and give the other a hug. Amber being from Boardwalk Wrestling, it was nice to get to see her as often as possible. Cashe really liked Amber Ryan, along with Psyche Devyne, she was one of his favorite people since they first met.

AMBER: “I’m glad I caught up with you! Hello Psy, how have you been? I see getting a little “unstable” in life huh? Heh!”
PSYCHE: “Only in affiliation! I’ve grown fond of at least one of you!”
CASHE: “I know huh? Amber Ryan is awesome!”
AMBER: “I think she means you darl!”
PSYCHE: “Ahhh my special, special man!”
CASHE: “I am pretty special, hopefully that transitions well into the next XTV Champion! Speaking of which… It’s about that time!”
Nodding, the two women knew he was about to go and compete. Psyche pressed against him, he has an arm around her neck and shoulders. Amber Ryan got to her point of approach other than just saying hello.

AMBER: “I’m sure you’ll knock em dead! I talked with CJ and the “plans” we had are now slightly adjusted. Instead of tonight, they will happen next Adrenaline.”
Biting his lip, Cashe knew what she was referring too. He glances over at Psyche and couldn’t remember if he informed her. It was Unstable business and that had up until now been the line drawn in the sand in their relationship. Nodding back to Amber, Cashe was good to keep his response short to not hint at anything.

CASHE: “That’s fine, we can hop on it when ever. The world won’t be ready for it. Handling this will be even harder soon. Let me get going, you should stick around though Amber! I’ll be back with some weight and blood loss but let’s celebrate before I fly out to Japan in the AM.”
AMBER: “Oh you won’t see the last of me! Psyche, do you want to head to the locker room and watch the match together?”
PSYCHE: “That would be great!”
Looking back and forth between Amber and Psyche, Cashe had some wild visions in his head in that moment. Would they go all Lesbian? Would there be nude parts pressed against each other? Shaking his head, he removes the thoughts before they notice him thinking too hard.

CASHE: “Sounds like a plan then! Go now, go watch me kick some ass while you two become breast friends… Best! Best friends!”
Psyche rolls her eyes, Amber just shakes her head. Both having known Cashe long enough to know his mind had been in naughty places. Psyche kisses him to the cheek before the two Ladies head off down the hallway. Luckily for Cashe he had grown and smoked himself into having a short term memory. As the ladies got out of sight, his mindset changed as quickly as it had jumped before. He was ready. He was tired of waiting…
CASHE: “Let’s go make a Moment Laughlin… My Moment!”


JOHNSON: “Welcome back folks! We had to take a longer break than normal to get ready for our next match but the wait is now over!”
VASSA: “It’s been a fun night so far but the volume is about to get cranked up even further! Look at that cage!”
JOHNSON: “I’m actually surprised that the crew was able to get it up so quickly. Over the break the sides we put up into place and then we had a helicopter fly in with the room and lower it onto the top for it to be secured.”
VASSA: “Being outside, we couldn’t exactly lower a cell from the roof. There were talks about using a crane but with the limited space we already have here, that was out of the question.”
JOHNSON: “All week long the crew has been practicing putting the cage together, preparing for tonight and it worked flawlessly. The enclosed cage now stands before us!”
VASSA: “Everything is in place. Weapons hang from the sides and top of the of the metal fence. We have chains, kendo sticks wrapped in barbed wire, light tubes, rolls of barbed wire, bags of thumbtacks, a stop sign, staple gun, a crowbar, and even a crown of barbed wire!”
JOHNSON: “A crown of barbed wire?!”
VASSA: “Yes! I guess in case anyone decides to start feeling a little alpha.”
JOHNSON: “There all kinds of things hanging from that cage, the list goes on and on. There were even a few requests made over the week.”
VASSA: “Ask and you shall receive! Bryan Laughlin requested a power drill which I see, and even a full size cross wrapped in barbed wire!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know what he plans to do with that but the crew has secured it to one side of the cage, upside-down in fact.”
VASSA: “On the mat, he have a couple of tables, a pane of glass, trash cans stacked in one corner, and even a bed of nails!”
JOHNSON: “Are you serious?! How am I not seeing this?”
VASSA: “Sorry, I got carried away! There is no bed of nails folks but everything else is there and ready for use!”
JOHNSON: “You forgot about the most important piece of all.”
VASSA: “Did I?”
JOHNSON: “Yes you did! You forgot about the ladder standing tall in the center of the ring.”
VASSA: “Well it is a cage LADDER match and we can’t have one without an actual ladder. Leave it to me to forget the obvious things!”
JOHNSON: “Above that ladder, the XTC Championship will hang. That’s a pretty tall ladder too. This enclosed cage isn’t short by any means. They made sure to make this thing as tall as possible. It’s going to be a climb to grab that championship, and an even further fall if knocked down from the top.”
VASSA: “With everything in the ring that we’ve mentioned, and things that we haven’t, this thing is primed to produce massive amounts of blood in the ring. Once this thing is over, they’re going to need to hose down the canvas for out matches to follow.”
JOHNSON: “So, we have the makings for one heck of a match. The only thing missing is the XTV Championship but the official will secure that above the ring as soon as Bryan Laughlin brings it to out.”
VASSA: “We’ve kept everyone waiting long enough! Let’s not hold up the show any longer!”
JOHNSON: “That sounds like a plan to me!”
The Massive Cell for the Extreme Caged Ladder Match stands over the ring as Mike Powers stands up from his position to introduce a special guest.

POWERS: “The following contest will be for the 4CW XTV Championship, in an Extreme Caged Ladder Match! Please put your hands together for our Special Guest tonight! Performing LIVE! Welcome… The Weeknd!”
The stage had the band holding guitars as they started playing. Most would have assumed “Can’t Feel My Face” would be the song choice but that wasn’t the case as The Weeknd steps out holding a mic. His voice singing to the live crowd!
“It won’t be in vain
To swallow all your pain
And learn to love what burns
And gather courage to return
Faces in the crowd
Faces in the crowd will smile again
And the devil may cry
The devil may cry at the end of the night”

The camera scans over closely to the ‘Faces in the crowd’ as the music plays loud in the outside beach setting. Women in bikinis, men shirtless with swim trunks on. Children filled with excitement for the night’s activities.

VASSA: “Ohh I hope he does his Cocaine song next!!”
“Faces in the crowd
Faces in the crowd will smile again
And the devil may cry
The devil may cry at the end of the night”

A small smoke machine under the stage releases thick clouds blown up through the floors. The band members become hard to see as the smoke fills the stage. Suddenly from the thickness comes Jason Cashe and the live audience erupts! With a smile on his face, Cashe slaps into a handshake with The Weeknd, comes in for a quick hug. The singing continues as Cashe heads to the ring.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the former three time 4CW Champion and one time XTV Champion… ‘The Troubled One’, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
“The light will shine through the rain
And heaven will hear them call your name
And home will feel like home again
Corruption will fill your brain
Faces in the crowd
Faces in the crowd will smile again
And the devil may cry
The devil may cry at the end of the night”

At ringside, grabs the Cell and shakes it as the hype in him boils over. Excited he roars out to the crowd and they roar back. Rounding the cell, Cashe gets to the open door and uses the stairs the climb up. Before entering the ring and cell, he turns back to the crowd and stares out at them.

JOHNSON: “This song is called ‘Devil May Cry’ and knowing that Cashe doesn’t have theme music on a normal night, this HAS to be a direct jab at his opponent tonight!”
“Faces in the crowd
Faces in the crowd will smile again
And the devil may cry
The devil may cry at the end of the night
They will parade upon your victory
They will parade upon your victory
You’ll put a smile upon their faces
The world will be yours for the taking
The story you birth will be ageless
Just learn to love pain and be patient
Faces in the crowd
Faces in the crowd will smile again
And the devil may cry
The devil may cry at the end of the night”

Stomping his feet on the stairs, Cashe hits his ‘air joint’ twice before throwing his arms up to the crowd’s cheers.

JOHNSON: “The crowd loves him tonight! This is going to be a dangerously violent match!”
Entering the ring, Cashe stares up at the ceiling where the XTV Championship will be hanging from the roof of the cell. Nodding he turns and faces the entrance knowing that’s where his opponent, the current Champion was coming from with the one thing he wants back around his waist.

VASSA: “Cashe is already getting a feel for the setting here. Right where he was looking is where the championship will hang. All he has to do is put Laughlin down long enough to make the climb and grab the belt.”
JOHNSON: “Let me also mention for those of you watching at home. There is no outside ring area within this cell. You have ropes, apron, and then the cage walls erecting against the side of the ring. All of the action for this match will take place in the ring… or above it!”
VASSA: “Cashe is no stranger to this type of match. He competed in the first ever in 4CW for the 4CW Championship, then known as the South-West Heavyweight Championship.”
JOHNSON: “Things are a little different than that specific match. There is now a roof on the cage unlike before, and a cell full of weapons!”
VASSA: “This has turned into one work shop full of tools for destruction and now we get to watch and see what these two men craft with their own two hands.”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly with his thumbs tucked into the 4CW XTV Championship fastened around his waist.

POWERS: “And the champion!”
His trademark “LAUGH-LIN” Run DMC Style shirt on he nods his head to the music and acknowledges the fans before dropping his head taking a deep breath and breaking out into a sprint towards the ring.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is the 4CW XTV Champion, ‘The Ripper’, BRYAN LAUGHLIN!!!”
Approaching the ring he, he looks up the sides of the cage, examining the massive structure. Walking around to the entrance, he steps into the enclosed death trap and proceeds up the ring steps. Entering through the ropes, Laughlin throws his arms out, allowing the fans to acknowledge him back.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

He backs into the nearest corner taking off his shirt and throwing it behind him out of the ring as his music slowly fades.

VASSA: “The champion is in the house!”
JOHNSON: “A month ago, Bryan Laughlin defeated Cashe for the XTV Championship on Adrenaline. Tonight, he defends against the man who wants the belt back, the man who has defended that championship many times over.”
VASSA: “This will be Laughlin’s first defense of the XTV Championship and damn it doesn’t get any tougher than this.”
JOHNSON: “The Extreme division isn’t an easy one by any means. A lot of people walk in here talking the talk, but only a few can actually walk the walk.”
JOHNSON: “Unlike the many before him making empty claims, Bryan has proven that he belongs in this division. A successful defense over Cashe here tonight will cement that to any non-believers still out there.”
Removing the championship from his waist, Laughlin hands it to the official who then proceeds towards the ladder standing in the center of the ring. Climbing to the top of the ladder, the official has all eyes on him as he then holds the championship above his head, putting it on display for everyone in attendance. Cashe and Laughlin then look to each other, eyes locked, tension building between the two. Securing the championship to the top of the cage, the official then slowly steps back down until finally touching his feet back to the mat. Grabbing ahold of the ladder, the official pushes it over to it’s side, propping it up against the ropes. Grabbing the bottom end, he then lifts it up and turns it, sliding it over the ropes and dropping it down to the apron. Laughlin begins scanning the walls of the cage, looking at the various weapons as his eyes then light up to the sights of the cross wrapped in barbed wire, hanging upside down, secured to the fence. Rubbing his hands together, he then spots the power drill which brings a smile to his face.
Standing in the center of the ring, the official first checks with Cashe who stares right through him, eyes still locked on Laughlin. After a few short moments, Cashe then tilts his head back and roars into the air…

With Cashe ready, the official then turns to Laughlin to looks back to him, cocky grin on his face, almost piercing into the officials soul. Slowly raising his arm, Laughlin then gives the official a thumbs up. With both men ready for the start of the match, the official slowly raises his arm into the air, and then swings it down, signaling for the bell.
Immediately, Laughlin turns to the cage walls behind him and climbs to the middle ropes of the corner. Reaching above his head, he grabs ahold of a steel chair, wrapping his hands tightly around the legs. Before he can manage to pull it down, Cashe is right there behind him, thrusting his head forward and driving it into Laughlin’s lower back. Laughlin loses his balance and removed one hand from the chair, reaching behind himself and holding his lower back. Cashe then wraps him up around the waist and pulls him down to the mat. As Laughlin falls to his feet, he pulls down the chair in one hand, while his face slams onto the top of the corner.
Cashe then rips the chair out of his head and holds it up with both hands, jabbing it forward and hitting Laughlin in the back of the neck with the top of the backrest. Laughlin falls into the corner, arms draped over the top ropes. Cashe then drops the chair behind him and steps in close to Laughlin. Grabbing ahold of him, Cashe then pulls Laughlin away from the corner, lifts him up and falls backwards, driving Laughlin head first onto the chair with a belly to back suplex. Holding the back of his head, Laughlin rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up to both knees and elbows.
Picking the chair up from the mat, Cashe then turns to the corner and slowly climbs to the top, using the cage to help balance himself. Turning around to look at Laughlin, Cashe waits patiently with the chair in both hands, waiting for the opportune time to strike. Pushing himself up, Laughlin is on all fours, both hands and feet. Cashe then leaps from the corner with the chair raises above his head in both hands. As Cashe comes down swinging the chair, Laughlin pops up onto both hands and then kicks his legs straight, extending them and driving his feet into the chair as Cashe comes down, knocking it back into Cashe’s face.

Using the chair pressed against Cashe face, Laughlin pushes himself away and rolls over to his back and up to his feet as Cashe falls backwards to the mat. Pulling the dented chair from over his face, Cashe then pushes it away. A red lump begins forming on his forehead from the blunt blow with the chair. Turning to face Cashe, Laughlin doesn’t waste any time and quickly rushes over to him, jumping into the air and coming down onto Cashe’s chest with a double foot stomp. Stepping down from Cashe, Laughlin then grabs ahold of his head and pulls him back to his feet.

JOHNSON: “Bryan quickly turned things around after surprising Cashe with that handstand kick into the chair.”
VASSA: “That was a smart, split second decision on Laughlin’s part and it appears to have paid off.”
Locking onto Cashe’s wrist, Laughlin then whips him to the corner across the ring. Following behind, Laughlin takes off into sprint as well. Crashing chest first into the corner, Cashe quickly whips around and raises his elbow, hitting Laughin right between the eyes with it as he closes in from behind. Laughlin quickly holds up both hands over his face, definitely feeling the after effects of that elbow shot. With Laughlin’s midsection exposed, Cashe then kicks him with a powerful foot to the gut, forcing him to buckle over from the impact. Grabbing onto the back of Laughlin’s head and squeezing a handful of hair, Cashe then swings upward with his other hand, popping Laughlin’s head and body straight up with a European uppercut. Laughlin wobbles back and forth but before he can react, Cashe extends both arms and steps in, swinging them together and slamming his hands against Laughlin’s ears with a double ear slap.

VASSA: “That bell clap gets them every time!”
JOHNSON: “One of these days he’s going to end up popping someone’s ear drum.”
VASSA: “This is Cashe we’re talking about! We all know that is the intention!”
Locking onto Laughlin’s wrist, Cashe then goes to whip him to the ropes with the cross wrapped in barbed wire hanging on the other side. Just before Cashe releases, Laughlin reverses and puts all of his weight behind him, throwing Cashe to the ropes instead. Cashe charges the ropes uncontrollably and hits them head on. The top half of his body leans over the top rope as his face crashes into the cross, barbed wire digging into his face. Cashe quickly pulls his head away from the dangerous mess of wire but right behind him, Laughlin grabs onto his head and slams it forward, face-first into the barbed wire again.
Cashe hangs, draped over the top rope. Stepping in beside Cashe, Laughlin reaches up the cage wall and pulls away a meat hook. He then begins wrapping the handle of it in the barbed wire, securing it against the cross. Squatting down, Laughlin then grabs Cashe by the legs and lifts him up, flipping him upside down over the top rope. Before Cashe can drop to the apron, Laughlin places his foot into the curve of the meat hook, holding him upside-down in place. With Cashe hanging and nowhere to go, Laughlin then turns to the opposite ropes and takes off towards them. Coming back on the rebound with speed, Laughlin hops up from the mat, legs in front, and goes through the ropes, driving his feet into Cashe’s face. Cashe’s body presses against the barbed wire as grunt and moans quickly escape his mouth. His foot then breaks free from the hook and he slides down the cross, barbed wire digging into his flesh, before crashing onto the apron head first and folding over.

JOHNSON: “That was brutal!”
VASSA: “That isn’t how I saw this cross coming into play. I’ll be honest with you. I was hoping to see someone actually nailed to it.”
JOHNSON: “That’s just sick, Vinny!”
VASSA: “The Extreme division isn’t for those with a weak stomach.”
Laughlin then pulls his legs back through the ropes and pushes himself up to his feet. Looking to the outside of the ropes, Cashe remains folded over as a small puddle of blood begins forming around his body. Laughlin then reaches over the ropes and begins unfastening the cross from the side of the cage. After removing the last fastener, he then drops the cross down onto Cashe, forcing the barbed wire to dig into him even more. Turning his back to the bloody mess, Laughlin then marches to the opposite side of the ring. Reaching through the ropes, he slides the ladder underneath them and then grabs onto it, picking it up from the mat. Walking to the center of the ring, Laughlin sets the ladder up and then begins making his climb to the top.

VASSA: “He’s on that stairway to heaven!”
JOHNSON: “He has a long climb to make…”
VASSA: “I wouldn’t be able to do it, I’m afraid of heights.”
Reaching the half way point, Laughlin continues pulling himself up the steps, one by one. As he nears the top, the crowd erupts.

JOHNSON: “Uh-oh! Cashe is back in the ring!”
VASSA: “Goddamn! It looks like someone went to town on his back with a whip!”
JOHNSON: “Those would be lacerations from the barbs cutting into his flesh.”
VASSA: “Oh shit, what’s he doing?!”
Grabbing onto the ladder, Cashe begins rocking it back and forth, grabbing Laughlin’s attention from up top.

JOHNSON: “He’s going to tip the ladder over!”
VASSA: “Bryan better do something quick before Cashe takes this opportunity away from him.”
With only a few more steps to go to reach the top, Laughlin begins climbing, ignoring Cashe as he continues rocking the ladder back and forth. Stepping onto the second step from the top, Laughlin reaches up as far as he can with both hands, coming up short by only a few inches of the belt. In a last ditch effort, Cashe puts all of his weight behind him as he pushes the ladder. The legs closest to him lift up from the mat and rises higher and higher. The ladder then begins to tip over, pulling Laughlin away from the belt. He reaches one last time but misses as the ladder then falls to its side. Laughlin flies off the top and crashes into a curtain on light tubes hanging on the side of the cage wall.
The tubes explode upon impact in a cloud of glass. Laughlin then drops down to the apron, falling onto his side as glass rains on him from above. His entire side begins spotting with blood from the small cuts up and down his body.

JOHNSON: “I was thinking we’d see those light tubes used individually but Laughlin just destroyed them all in one big swoop!”
VASSA: “That was a nasty fall and now he and that whole side of the ring are covered in broken bits of glass.”
Looking at the wreckage in disbelief, Cashe rubs his eyes before looking once more. A smile then comes to his face at the sight of Laughlin covered in blood on a sea of broken glass. He then turns to the adjacent side and slowly limps over to it. One object in particular catches his eye. Reaching above his head, he removes a crown made entire out of barbed wire. Holding it up, he laughs to himself before dropping it to the mat and stomping it over and over, flattening it. Turning to his left, he locks his sights on a trash can and kicks it over. A bag of thumbtacks slides out of the opening and his eyes light up like a kids on Christmas morning.
Picking the bag of thumbtacks up from the floor, Cashe walks over to the sea of glass covering the side of the ring. Ripping the bag apart, Cashe then begins pouring the thumbtacks onto the glass, spreading them out evenly and covering the entire area. The mixture of thumbtacks and broken glass silence the crowd at the sight. Cashe then turns to Laughlin and walks over to him, leaning over the top rope and grabbing him by the head. Locking his arm around Laughlin’s head, Cashe grabs the back of his pants and then lifts him up and over the top rope, falling backwards to the mat and dropping him with a suplex onto the glass and tacks.

JOHNSON: “This is getting ugly!”
The two yell in pain as their backs hit the mat. Lying still, Laughlin’s face cringes from the sharp pains stacking into his back. Rolling over to his side, Cashe pushes himself up, revealing a horrific sight as his back is covered in blood, broken glass, and tacks piercing through his skin. He leans his head back, yelling into the air. Looking to Laughlin, Cashe slowly limps over to him and grabs him by the head. Pulling him up to his feet, the camera then zooms into Laughlin’s back that looks nearly identical covered in glass and tacks piercing the skin, forcing blood to trickle from the wounds.
Cashe then steps in beside Laughlin and goes to set him up for a Russian leg sweep. Before drop Laughlin to his back, Laughlin lands an elbow to his chops. With Cashe in a slight daze, Laughlin then pulls Cashe down forward, face-first into the glass and tack covered mat. Rolling over to his side, Laughlin’s body becomes a pincushion for the sharp objects. Lifting his head up from the mat, Cashe’s face is covered in glass and tacks as blood begins to drip down from it onto the mat, mixing to create a crimson see of wreckage. The two then slowly begin pushing themselves up from the bloody mess they lay in.
Standing first, Laughlin moves into Cashe and hits him over the back with a double axe handle before be can stand. He then grabs Cashe by the head and lifts him to his feet. Firing away, Laughlin lays a nasty knife edge chop across Cashe’s chest, drawing a pop from the crowd as the flesh on flesh sound ignites them. Wrapping his arms around Cashe, Laughlin then lifts him up from the mat and slams him onto the mess with a belly to belly suplex.

VASSA: “These two have completely destroyed the ring!”
JOHNSON: “It looks as if a bomb exploded within those ropes.”
VASSA: “It did! It was a bomb of XTV carnage!”
With Cashe down and rolling back and forth on top of the sharp objects scatted across the ring, Laughlin gets back to his feet and turns to the corner across the ring where two tables lay side by side. Picking the first one up, he leans it against the corner. Grabbing the second table, he then leans that against the first table. Still not satisfied, Laughlin scans the area until spotting a nearby pane of glass. After picking that up, he leans it against the outside table in the corner, creating a layered sandwich of destruction. Turning around, he looks to Cashe across the ring, just now starting to push himself up while still covered from head to toe in debris.
Laughlin slowly stalks Cashe, moving in inch by inch, unnoticed as if hunting his prey. He then moves in for the attack and grabs Cashe by the back of the head while lifting his knee and driving it into Cashe’s face. Pulling him to his feet, Laughlin then whips him to the corner with all of his might. Cashe crashes into the pane of glass but it doesn’t shatter and the table do not give. Taking off from stand still, Laughlin charges towards Cashe and leaps into the air, crashing into him with a body splash.
Upon impact, the glass shatters as Cashe’s body pressed into it, and then the first table snaps in half. The two men drop to the mat onto a pile of broken glass and shattered wood pieces. The first table leaning against the corner manages to stay in tact. Both men rolls in opposite directions on the mat covered in even more wreckage.

JOHNSON: “There’s broken glass everywhere now!”
VASSA: “These two are going to need a refill on blood after this thing is all said and done. They’re bleeding all over the place!”
JOHNSON: “They promised blood from the start. I just didn’t realize that it was going to be this bad.”
VASSA: “Laughlin sandwiched Cashe into that pane of glass. Hopefully that was enough to keep him down because Bryan’s getting back to his feet now.”
Slowly pushing himself up from the mat, Laughlin stands over Cashe’s bloody body. He then turns away and goes for the ladder lying on the other side of the ring. Picking it up from the mat, Laughlin carries it to the center and stands it up. Placing both hands onto the steps, he looks over to Cashe who is still down in a bloody mess. Laughlin then brushes off pieces of glass and wood from his body, leaving the thumbtacks in place that have pierced into him. Wiping his bloodied hands clean on his pants, Laughlin then begins climbing to the top, slowly as the tolls of this match are weighing down on him.

VASSA: “Bryan is making the climb again!”
JOHNSON: “Cashe looks really banged up and bloody from that body splash, and everything that happened before leading up to it. Now might be the only opportunity he’s going to get.”
VASSA: “No fucking way!”
JOHNSON: “How is that even possible?!”
Cashe begins pushing himself up slowly, ignoring the sharp objects under his hands cutting into his skin. On all fours, he looks up to the ladder at Laughlin who hasn’t made it very far at all in his climb. Fighting through the pain, Cashe forces himself up, standing barely and a bloody mess. He then limps to the ladder and grabs onto the other side that Laughlin isn’t climbing. Looking up, Cashe then begins to pull himself up, taking his first step.

JOHNSON: “Instead of tipping the ladder over this time, Cashe is climbing to the top as well!”
VASSA: “He better hurry up! Even though Laughlin got a head start, he isn’t that far ahead of Cashe.”
Laughlin then reaches up and grabs the top of the ladder and pulls himself up. As he places his foot on the next step, the blood on the bottom forces him to slip, dropping down a step and slamming his face onto the ladder. Seeing an opportunity, Cashe begins climbing faster until reaching the same level as Laughlin. Reaching through the opening between the steps, Cashe grabs Laughlin by the head and pulls it in, slamming his face into the ladder again.

VASSA: “I don’t care who you are, this is not a position you want to be in fighting.”
JOHNSON: “Bryan retaliates!”
Grabbing Cashe’s hand while holding onto the ladder, Laughlin slams it down, smashing his wrist onto a step. Cashe quickly pulls his arm back through the opening. Looking up, Laughlin pulls himself up and takes a step up the ladder. Reaching up to grab the ladder, Cashe tries to pull himself up with that same wrist but can’t as the pain is intolerable. With Laughlin ascending the last few steps, Cashe wraps his arm around the next step, using it as a hook to pull himself up, but now trailing behind Laughlin.

JOHNSON: “It doesn’t look like Cashe can use that wrist at the moment.”
VASSA: “That’s unfortunate for him because he could climb a lot easier with two hands.”
Reaching the top of the ladder, Laughlin steps onto the second to last step and reaches above his head. Grabbing the championship with both hands, he begins trying to pull it down.

Cashe then reaches the top and as he does, he slams his forearm into Laughlin’s stomach, forcing him to drop down a step as the title leaves his hands. Grabbing onto the ladder, Laughlin catches himself but doesn’t have any way of defense as Cashe throws another forearm shot, this one connecting to the side of Laughlin’s face. Holding onto the ladder with one hand, Laughlin then throws a punch with the other, driving his fist into Cashe’s cheek bone.

VASSA: “Oh my, I can’t watch! This is going to end terribly!”
Firing back, Cashe connects with a right hand to the side of the dome, and Laughlin retaliates with one of his own, knocking Cashe down a step. With the vertical advantage on Cashe, Laughlin begins laying rapid punches to the back of Cashe’s head., slowly wearing him down with each crushing blow. Cashe leans against the ladder, holding himself up but almost out of it. Moving a step upward, Laughlin then reaches up once more, going for the belt.

JOHNSON: “If he can just pull the belt away from the top of the cage Laughlin can finish this.”
VASSA: “I don’t know what the official did but he secured it tightly. I guess he wanted to make sure it didn’t fall throughout the match.”
Pulling his head away from the ladder, Cashe then throws a vicious hook, driving his fist into the side of Laughlin’s knee. Laughlin’s leg almost give out from under him as he drops down a step, moving out of reach of the belt once again. Cashe then reaches over the top of the ladder with both hands and wraps them around the back of Laughlin’s head. Pulling his head downward, Cashe slams him face-first to the top step of the ladder.

VASSA: “This is never going to end, is it?!”
Lifting Laughlin’s face up from the top step, Cashe then slams it back down into the ladder a second time.
Cashe then pulls Laughlin’s head up from the top step and then pushes it away from him, throwing Laughlin backwards away from the ladder.

Reaching in a last ditch effort, Laughlin grabs a handful of Cashe’s beard, stopping his fall, but pulling Cashe down face-first onto the top step of the ladder.
Regaining his balance, Laughlin repositions his feet on the ladder but before he can release Cashe’s beard, Cashe grabs onto his arm with both hands and lifts his face up from the step.

JOHNSON: “Oh no, what’s he doi–“
VASSA: “Cashe has gone full blown cannibal!”
Opening wide, Cashe pulls Laughlin’s arm close to his face before biting down onto it.

JOHNSON: “That’s disgusting!”
Ripping his arm away from Cashe, Laughlin then loses his balance and begins wobbling back and forth. Drawing back, Cashe then swings his arm forward, hitting Laughlin in the face with a stiff striking elbow.

Laughlin launches into the air backwards as Cashe’s body lays over the top of the ladder.

Laughlin flies towards the corner and then onto the last remaining table leaning against it, back-first and crashing through it. he demolishes the table before dropping to the glass covered mat.

VASSA: “Cashe just put him through a table from the top of the ladder after hitting him with the Mark of Jason!”
JOHNSON: “That was insane!”
VASSA: “HOLD UP!!! Cashe is going for the belt!”
Pushing himself up, Cashe then climbs to the very top of the ladder. Reaching up with both hands, he begins pulling at the belt, unable to remove it from it’s place.

JOHNSON: “And now Cashe is having a hard time removing the championship!”
Growing frustrated, Cashe then pulls down on it with all of his strength.
With all of his weight behind that pull, Cashe rips the championship from it’s harness but doesn’t stop moving forward. With momentum behind him, Cashe falls from the top of the ladder with the championship in his hand, flipping over and crashing onto his back.

The crowd gasps at the sight of the nasty fall.

VASSA: “That’s it! Cashe has won it! He’s reclaimed the XTV Championship!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think he’s going to be in any condition to celebrate this victory in the ring.”
The official quickly races over to Cashe and checks with him. Lying motionless, Cashe still has the XTV Championship held tightly against his chest. The official grabs his arm, peeling his hand from the championship and then raises it into the air as the fans erupt.

POWERS: “Here is your winner and new 4CW XTV Champion… JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Medical staff then race onto the scene as the official slowly lowers Cashe’s arm, placing it across the championship. Once in the ring, they quickly attend to Cashe and Laughlin both, who are still out.

JOHNSON: “Well that was an exciting match!”
VASSA: “It really was and one win for Unstable here tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Cashe and Laughlin are now tied up, one and one, with two title changes in the mix. I see a HUGE third match in the future to break the tie.”
VASSA: “That’s if either man is able to compete after tonight. These two literally tried to kill each other right here in the beautiful city of Miami!”
JOHNSON: “If I know these two like I think I do, they will welcome the chance for a third match to determine who wins this little series they have going on now.”
VASSA: “Jesus fucking Christ, this is crazy!”
JOHNSON: “Alright folks, we don’t have much time to spare so we are going to cut away from ringside for a bit as medical staff attends to these two and the ringside crew disassemble this massive cage.”
VASSA: “You hear that?”
JOHNSON: “I do, that’s the sound of a helicopter in the distance.”
VASSA: “I don’t even know why there was a top to this cage to begin with. The weapons hanging from it were never even touched. Leave it to Wallace to botch something up.”
JOHNSON: “It would have been a lot cheaper than having to rent a helicopter to remove the roof.”
VASSA: “No shit, right? Give that money to us instead for a bonus! DAMN!”
JOHNSON: “Sit tight folks, we’ll be right back here at ringside!”

The production cuts backstage and we immediately see the 4CW Pride Champion, Chris Madison, pacing back and forth near the production trucks. His manager, Frankie Morrison is standing with him, doing his best to talk his client down from his apparent agitated state. Madison grits his teeth, snarling at every word that comes out of Morrison’s mouth.

MORRISON: “Why bother? Why waste the energy with your match still to come? There will be plenty of time to get your hands on John Austin in the ring…”
MADISON: “That mother fucker needs to learn that when you jump me from behind, there’s consequences that you have to deal with. This could have been avoidable. All he had to do is sit back and let me get my hands on Jett and Seamus. But he couldn’t help himself…”
MORRISON: “So you see him backstage… Then what?”
MADISON: “Do you even really need to ask me that?”
MORRISON: “No… But what I’m trying to get you to understand is that this seemingly unavoidable confrontation may not be worth it. Before you know it will be match time; I would hate to see you have to defend that championship wounded, all because you couldn’t put your ego aside and just wait.”
MADISON: “When he reached over that security railing, grabbing me from behind, he made it perfectly clear that all bets were off. John Austin is a coward! A coward that doesn’t even belong in this title match tonight.”
Madison placed his left hand over his right fist and pressed down with the heel of his palm, forcing his knuckles to crack. Madison then switched hands, resulting in the same skin crawling sound.

MORRISON: “I’m sorry… I just don’t get–”
Morrison cut himself off, noticing his client staring off into the distance. He turned to see what had drawn Madison’s attention and instantly there was a sinking feeling in his stomach. John Austin began stretching, loosening up for his title match later on in the show. Madison slammed his pride championship into Morrison’s sternum and began marching towards John Austin. Frankie clutched the title against his chest and was back peddling, remaining a step in front of his client while trying to change his mind.

MORRISON: “Come on Chris… Don’t do this…”
Madison continued forward, showing no signs of slowing, despite Morrison’s pleas.

MORRISON: “Seriously… It doesn’t have to play out like this!”
Madison reached out, placing a hand on Frankie’s shoulder before pushing him aside.

John Austin spun around and was immediately met with a closed fist right between the eyes. John Austin staggers backwards and Madison quickly locks in a Muay Thai clinch. He forces Austin’s head down while driving his knees upwards. After four knee strikes he releases and then follows up with a spinning elbow strike that knocks John Austin down onto his ass. Madison looks to his side and grabs a thick black cable that runs from one of the production trucks. He wraps the cable around John Austin’s neck and pulls back, slowly choking the life out of John Austin. Austin struggles for air but manages to force his fingers between his throat and the cable. Madison releases the cable and watches as Austin rolls to all fours, gasping for air. Madison runs up and crushes his ribs with a soccer kick, flipping him onto his back in the process. Austin crawls towards one of the production trucks and pulls himself up to a seated position with his back against the backside of the trailer.

MORRISON: “There…Are you happy now Chris?”
Chris turns his eyes to a large case that is used to transport production equipment. Madison stands behind the case and begins to roll it towards Austin, picking up steam and crushing John Austin with the opposite end. Austin slumps forward and Madison, like a shark smelling blood in the water, jumps onto him in a full mount. Chris begins hammering straight down with elbow strikes, busting Austin’s forehead wide open! Blood begins to squirt with each repetitive strike until finally security personnel intervene and pry Madison off of one of his challengers. Madison backs away, unable to take his eyes off of the damage he caused. He smirked as medical personnel was being called for by the agents checking on Austin’s condition.

Just as the match ends and the crowd starts to settle down, ‘Texas’, by Charlie Daniels hits the PA, and the fans jump to their feet. As they do, Harley Reigns walks out onto the ramp with a beer in one hand and a microphone in another.

JOHNSON: “Well, here he comes, the man who many didn’t think had a shot when he returned.”
VASSA: “Yeah, but he only beat a guy that was older than him! Shit, I hear if you hit Nirvana hard enough, dust comes out.”
As the fans continue to chant, “HARLEY, HARLEY, HARLEY”, he holds up a hand to quiet them down. He then looks out and gives the a quick smile.

REIGNS: “Well, it’s good to be right down here in MIAMI, FLORIDA!”
The fans explode as this is said.

VASSA: “What a damn cheap pop! These people act like they have never heard the name of their city before.”
REIGNS: “Now, I know that the Texas Outlaw wasn’t on the card for South Beach Brawl. In ways, that makes me sad, because if there is anything Ole Harley likes better than anything else, it’s a good old fashioned brawl.”
He then chugs the rest of his beer and throws the can into the crowd. As he does, the fans rush to try and catch it.

REIGNS: “Still, the Texas Outlaw had to be here to show all of you fine people out there that I am here and this is for real! Now, I picked up a big win over Nirvana on Adrenaline. From my understanding, there were plenty of people who counted me out. They said I was too old, too fat or just not talented enough. Well, I think I showed them!”
JOHNSON: “That he did.”
REIGNS: “Now, I know the road for Harley ain’t gonna be easy. Then again, it never has been. Still, I have never given up. I have never backed down, and most of all, I have always put up a fight. There may be times when I come up on the short end of the stick, but a promise one thing, the person I’m fighting will know they were in the ring with me.”
He then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pack of Red Man chewing tobacco. He then packs his mouth full as he continues to speak.

VASSA: “Eww, that’s gross!”
REIGNS: “I know there are a few champions running around this company who are still counting out the Texas Outlaw. All I can say is keep doin’ that. Keep saying I am too old. Keep on thinking I can’t take you out, because that’s the exact same mistake that so many others have made. I may not be in the championship picture yet, but I promise you friends, it’s coming!”
The fans explode with this statement, as Harley spits a huge wad of spit onto the ramp.

REIGNS: “As all of you may remember, there are many truths in this business, but the one you had better remember is Harley Reigns!”
As this is said, Texas hits the PA again, and Harley holds one fist in the air. He then turns back and exits through the curtain.

JOHNSON: “I think Harley just sent a message to the champions of the company tonight.”
JVASSA: “Like they care! This guy will probably break a fucking hip if he gets in the ring with one of them.”
JOHNSON: “He didn’t look like that was a danger in his last match. I guess we will just have to wait and see.”


JOHNSON: “I’m starting to feel like a child standing outside of a candy store Vinny.”
VASSA: “Can’t say that I know the feeling. Terms of my probation disallow me from those types of places.”
JOHNSON: “New Gen Rising has been one of the, if not the absolute, best tag teams we’ve ever had in 4CW. Tonight they get a shot to take back the tag titles which they feel properly belong to them.”
VASSA: “It’s been about fifteen months since the last time Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage teamed together in a 4CW ring. Think rust could play a factor?”
JOHNSON: “When you’re that good of a tag team there is no such thing as ring rust. I don’t want to take anything away from the tag champs. Cyrus Riddle and Rorie Steele are very talented competitors, but are they as good of a team as New Gen Rising?”
VASSA: “That’s what we’re going to figure out tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Let’s go to Mike Powers so he can announce these teams and we can get things underway!”
The feed cuts over to Mike Powers as he raises a microphone up to his lips.

POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the 4CW Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, the challengers, representing The Order, at a combined weight of four hundred and forty pounds, JACE SAVAGE, BRIAN HOLLYWOOD, NEW GEN RISING!!”
“I Play, You Lose” by The Gruesomes hits the speakers as New Gen Rising, Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage walk out on to the ramp. The make their way to the ring yelling insults at the crowd. Upon reaching the ring they split up and head to different corners to walk up the steps. Jace and Brian wipe their feet off on the apron at the same time before climbing through the ropes. They walk to opposite corners and climb to the second turnbuckle. They yell more insults at the crowd before hopping off the turnbuckle ready to face their opponents.

POWERS: “And their opponents…”
The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines upon the entrance curtain as the opening chords of “I’m Not Jesus” by Apocalyptica begin to play.
“Dirty little secret
Dirty little lies
Say your prayers and comb your hair
Save your soul tonight.”

As the chords play once again, Rorie Steele walks out from behind the curtain wearing an English flag corset with matching boy shorts, one of the 4CW Tag Team Championships secured around her waist as she looked over her shoulder toward the back.
”Drift among the faithful
Bury your desires
Aberrations fill your head
You need a place to hide
And I am.”

Cyrus Riddle smoothly emerges from behind the curtain with his sunglasses affixed to his face, as well as donning a snarky grin as he raises his middle and index fingers to the crowd, his black and grey trenchcoat settling as he grabs the hand of a reluctant Rorie. Cyrus clutches onto the other 4CW Tag Team Championship with his free hand.
“Do you remember me?
The kid I used to be?
Do you remember me?”

The pair begins to walk to the ring with a swagger in his step and a cocky expression of confidence, with her scowling at the crowd.
“When you world comes crashing down
I want to be there
If God is looking down on me!
I’m not Jesus
Jesus wasn’t there!
“You confess it all away
But it don’t mean shit to me
If God is looking down on me!
I’m not Jesus
I will not forgive!”

POWERS: “Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of three hundred and fifty-three pounds, “The King of Clunge” and “The Queen of Cock”… The 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… CYRUS RRIIDDDDLLEE and RORIE SSTTEEEELLEE!!!”
Riddle gets to the ring steps and allows Rorie to walk up before he does, maintaining his hold on her hand as he follows and they both make their way to the middle of the ring apron. He releases her hand and holds his arms outward, his index and middle fingers sticking up on both hands as his head tilts back.
“When your whole world comes undone
Let me be the one to say
I’m not Jesus
You can’t run away!”

Cyrus’ arms lower and his sights focus on Rorie as he motions for her to hold the ropes open for him. She sits on the middle rope and pushes the top up as much as she can, allowing him to enter the ring. He walks to the middle and waits for her as she enters between the bottom and middle ropes, standing behind him. She reaches around him and grabs the front of his trenchcoat, taking it off of him before walking to the front to remove his sunglasses.
He winks at her as she holds the items in her hand and arms, then walks to the corner with him while he mouths off toward the crowd. He presses the bottom rope down with his foot and lifts the middle rope up for her to reach through and place the items on the apron, enjoying the view from above. As Rorie steps back and stands tall, her and Cyrus share a brief moment looking into each other’s eyes before she turns around, resting against his body.

JOHNSON: “The titles are being handed over to the ref… We are about to get underway!”
VASSA: “Looks like we’re going to get a rematch from the 4CW Championship tournament to start things off. Hollywood and Riddle are ready to go!”
Hollywood turns his back to Cyrus and confers with his partner, much to the ire of the champions. Cyrus lectures the ref as he points across the ring. The official starts to make his way over to New Gen Rising’s corner but Hollywood quickly spins and nods his head.

JOHNSON: “Already, New Gen Rising is trying their best to get in the heads of the tag champs…”
The official signals to the timekeeper to ring the opening bell.
Hollywood and Riddle meet in the center of the ring and circle one another, looking for an opening. The two seasoned veterans lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up, jockeying for leverage until finally Riddle works Hollywood into a side headlock. Hollywood strikes Riddle in the gut twice before backing him against the ropes. Hollywood shoves Riddle off and pushes him across the ring. Riddle bounces off of the ropes and returns towards Hollywood. Hollywood leap frogs Cyrus and waits for him to rebound back. As he does, Hollywood flips Riddle across the ring with an arm drag takedown. Riddle pops back up to his feet and stumbles into a second straight arm drag takedown. Riddle makes it to his knees and finds himself having to roll under an attempted superkick. Riddle pushes to his feet and quickly takes him down with a short-arm lariat.

JOHNSON: “The early moments of big time matches like this always seem to be a bit of a chess match.”
VASSA: “Definitely should expect some back and forth before we finally can get an idea of which team has the upperhand in this matchup.”
Riddle pulls Hollywood to his feet and backs him against the ropes. Riddle tucks Hollywood’s arms over the ropes, fully exposing his bare chest before slicing him apart with a series of knife-edged chops. Riddle steps back and lets Hollywood stagger away from the ropes. He gets Hollywood’s back and secures a rear waist lock. Riddle lifts Hollywood looking for a German Suplex but Hollywood counters after being lifted off of the canvass. He throws his weight forward and manages to roll Riddle up with a victory roll.

Riddle quickly kicks out. Both men jump up to their feet and quickly Riddle drops his shoulder into Hollywood’s midsection, lifting him up and slamming him down to the canvass with a spinebuster. Riddle grabs Hollywood by the ankle and drags him towards the champions corner, reaching out for a tag. Rorie Steele tags into the match and climbs through the ropes. She climbs up onto the middle rope as Riddle lifts Hollywood up off of the mat. Riddle drops Hollywood down across his knee with a pendulum backbreaker as Steele jumps off of the middle rope and hits an elbow drop across Hollywood’s chest. Steele sticks to Hollywood, looking for the pinfall as Riddle steps through the ropes to the ring apron.

Hollywood powers out of the cover, easily pushing the much smaller Rorie Steele off to the side.

JOHNSON: “If Rorie and Cyrus could cut the ring in half, stick to just one of the members of New Gen Rising, they could make quick work of this match.”
VASSA: “That elbow drop, pendulum backbreaker is a classic tag team move that was executed flawlessly!”
JOHNSON: “But it’s still too early to keep anyone down in this match.”
Rorie jumps back onto Hollywood, dropping into a full mount. She reaches down and grabs Hollywood by the side of the head before repeatedly slamming it down against the canvass. She releases Hollywood and pushes up to her feet, allowing for Hollywood to drag himself across the ring. Hollywood rises up and explodes towards Rorie looking for a clothesline, she ducks underneath and turns around as he returns off of the ropes. Rorie leaps up and nearly decapitates Brian Hollywood with a jumping calf kick. Unbeknownst to her, Jace Savage had made a blind tag as Hollywood hit the ropes. As Rorie stands up, Jace grabs her from behind and slams her backwards with a Russian leg sweep.
Riddle begins to climb through the ropes but is cut off by the referee who begins to explain that he saw the tag. Hollywood staggers to his feet as Jace lifts Rorie back up to her feet. Hollywood lifts Rorie into the air and releases her for a flapjack. On the way back down to the canvass Jace lands an European Uppercut, forcing Rorie to crash hard into the canvass. Jace rolls her over and makes the cover, hooking the leg. Jace looks over his shoulder and shouts out to the ref to get his attention. After sliding into position, the official begins to make the count.

Rorie manages to get her shoulder off of the mat before the three count.

JOHNSON: “That was a brutal European Uppercut.”
VASSA: “I was always told you shouldn’t lay a hand on a woman… Luckily for Jace Savage I don’t think Rorie Steele constitutes as a woman.”
Jace lifts Steele up to her feet and whips her into the corner. Jace follows her as she rests against the turnbuckles, running in for a clothesline. Rorie gets her foot up and plants the sole of her boot into Jace’s face, creating a bit of space. Rorie runs out of the corner and quickly flips Jace over with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown. Rorie pops up to her feet and runs back towards Jace, flipping over and crashing down on him with a somersault senton. Rorie leans towards her corner and slaps the extended hand of Cyrus Riddle. He climbs into the ring and the tandem begins to stomp away at Jace Savage. Rorie lifts Savage to his feet and then pushes him down into the corner. Cyrus grabs ahold of the ropes as he forces his boot down across Jace Savages throat. Rorie moves to the center of the ring and then charges the corner. As Riddle pulls his foot out of the way, Rorie crashes down onto Savage’s chest with a bronco buster!

VASSA: “Well it’s official… Jace Savage now has pinkeye!”
JOHNSON: “Oh come on…”
Rorie climbs through the ropes and takes her spot on the ring apron. Riddle pulls Jace out of the corner and quickly lifts him up with a fireman’s carry. Riddle moves to the center of the ring and locks eyes with Brian Hollywood before flipping Jace over and dropping him down neck first across his knee! Riddle drops down and hooks a leg, keeping an eye on Hollywood as the ref drops down to count.

Jace powers out, shooting his arm up into the air to force his shoulder off of the canvass. Riddle looks down at Savage and begins to hammer away with a few short forearm shots to the mouth out of frustration. Riddle backs off for a moment and lets Jace climb to his feet. Jace throws a wild right hand that Riddle catches. He traps Jace’s arm between his bicep and his ribs. Jace tries with the left hand but gets the same result. Riddle smiles as he pulls Jace to the middle of the ring and unloads with a series of vicious headbutts, drawing blood from Jace’s nose. Riddle releases and runs passed Jace towards the ropes. Riddle bounces off of the ropes and connects with a running Yakuza kick!

JOHNSON: “Riddle may have just broken Jace Savage’s nose! Blood is gushing from one half of New Gen Rising.”
VASSA: “Nice… First he gets pinkeye and now a broken nose. Jace Savage has got shit luck tonight!”
Riddle drags Jace back over to his corner and throws him against the turnbuckles. Riddle tags Rorie back into the match. Rorie climbs up to the top rope as Riddle lifts Jace up for a powerbomb with his back to his corner. Rorie leaps from the top rope and hits Jace Savage with a crossbody, forcing Riddle to finish off the powerbomb! Rorie sticks the landing and hooks a leg for the cover.

Hollywood dives across the ring and crashes down on Rorie with an axehandle smash to the back, breaking up the pin before Riddle could stop him. Riddle backs Hollywood against the ropes with a series of right hands. He whips Hollywood across the ring as Rories tries to collect herself. Hollywood catches Riddle by surprise and cuts him in half with a spear. Riddle rolls under the ropes to the outside of the ring as Hollywood turns his attention towards Rorie. Hollywood lifts her up with a rear waist lock and calls out to his partner. Savage pulls himself up to his feet as Hollywood lifts Rorie off of the canvass. Hollywood holds Rorie still as Jace jumps high into the air and hits a dropkick, pushing Hollywood back into a German Suplex!

JOHNSON: “Folks you are being treated to some top notch tag team action. We are seeing some phenomenal combinations from these two teams.”
VASSA: “All bets are off with the straps on the line. You do what ever has to be done to win…”
The official escorts Hollywood back to the ring apron. Savage grabs ahold of Rorie by the hair and begins to drag her across the ring to their corner.

VASSA: “Jace better pay attention, yanking Rorie Steele by her hair is just a form of foreplay for her.”
Savage tags in Brian Hollywood as Rorie tries to fight out of his grasp. She gets a few punches into the gut but gets nowhere. Savage drives his knee into Rorie’s midsection, doubling her over. Hollywood grabs Rorie and pulls her in close, holding her by the back of the head. Savage runs passed Hollywood and Rorie, bouncing off of the ropes. He jumps and hits a running sick kick to Rorie’s face as Hollywood slams her down with an STO! Hollywood hooks Rorie’s leg as Savage climbs out of the ring.

Hollywood is pulled from the ring to the outside by Cyrus Riddle. Riddle begins unloading on Hollywood with a trio of European Uppercuts. Cyrus grabs Hollywood by the back of the head and then throws him face first into the steel ring post. Jace turns the corner and jumps up into the air, hitting forearm smash to Cyrus Riddle. Savage and Riddle begin exchanging right hands until finally Riddle gets separation by driving his knee into Jace’s gut. Jace turns away from Cyrus and is instantly taken out by Riddle’s Daydreamer lariat! The ref climbs out of the ring and begins to order Riddle to go back to his corner and stand on the apron.

JOHNSON: “This match is on the verge of breaking down and getting completely out of control.”
VASSA: “I don’t envy the refs during these tag matches. Too many people involved. You have to have your head on swivel.”
Hollywood rolls himself back into the ring and quickly gets pounced on by Rorie Steele. She hits him with a series of right hands but Hollywood covers up, deflecting the blow from making any meaningful impact. Hollywood pushes up to his feet and quickly grabs Rorie around the neck. Hollywood lifts her up and slams her down onto her back with a Side Effect slam. Hollywood rolls over onto all fours and watches Rorie as she grimaces in pain. She crawls over to the ropes and begins to pull herself up to her feet. Hollywood stands and as soon as Rorie turns towards him he snaps her back down to the canvas, face first, with The Paper Cut! Hollywood rolls Rorie over and hooks a leg.

The official adamantly waves off the count after noticing Rorie got her leg on the bottom rope. Hollywood shakes his head as he sits on his knees with his hands on his waist.

VASSA: “Nows not the time for pouting. Time to finish her Hollywood.”
JOHNSON: “Any moment given to any of these four competitors to recoup is a chance to toss the match away!”
Hollywood slowly drags Rorie up to her feet by her hair. She catches him off guard and rolls Hollywood up with a small package.

Hollywood kicks out and is quick to his feet. He charges Rorie and tries for a soccer kick to her chest as she was sitting upright. Rorie catches Hollywood’s foot and stands up. She steps over his leg and catches him on the jaw with a spinning heel kick! Rorie doesn’t let up and pulls Hollywood back up to his feet before slamming him back down with her Lady Killer fisherman’s suplex! Rorie bridges for the cover…

Hollywood kicks out again!

JOHNSON: “So many near falls in this match. It could really go any way at this point.”
VASSA: “Close isn’t good enough.”
Riddle reaches into the ring and calls for the tag. Rorie obliges, tagging her partner in. He runs across the ring as Hollywood squirms towards his corner. Riddle grabs Hollywood by the foot but he rolls over and quickly kicks Riddle in the face to get separation. Hollywood dives the rest of the way to make the tag to Jace Savage. Savage grabs the top rope and springboards himself into the ring, catching Riddle with a flying knee strike. Savage turns towards Riddle and quickly locks onto him with the Savage lock, a modified version of the dragon sleeper! Riddle struggles but quickly seems to be fading. He bridges his body in an attempt to alleviate the pressure but Savage counters by dropping his weight back and locking in a body scissor with his legs. The official slides in and begins to check on Riddle. He raises his arm and drops it.

The ref raises Riddle’s arm a second time and drops it again.

Riddle’s lifeless arm is raised for a third time but before the official could release it, Rorie breaks up the submission with a boot to the head of Jace Savage.

JOHNSON: “And Rorie Steele may have just saved the match…”
VASSA: “They still have to find a way to turn it around.”
Rorie lifts Jace up to his feet and hits him with a few stiff forearms as she backs him against the ropes. She tries to whip him across the ring but Jace counters. As Rorie runs towards the ropes Brian Hollywood pulls down on the top rope, sending her crashing over the top rope and down to the arena floor. Jace waves Hollywood into the ring. Hollywood steps through the ropes and the two stand on opposite side of Cyrus Riddle. Riddle rises to his feet and instantly is hit with a superkick from Hollywood and a superman punch from Jace Savage! Riddle hits the mat hard, out before his body touched the canvas and Jace lays across him for the cover

The ref drops down to count.

The ref motions for the bell from the timekeeper as Jace Savage hops up to his feet.

POWERS: “Here are your winners, and NEEEEEEEW 4CW Tag Team Champions, Brian Hollywood, Jace Savage, NEW GEN RISING!”
JOHNSON: “I can’t believe they’ve done it… New Gen Rising are now the 4CW Tag Team Champions for a second time.”
VASSA: “Last time they held on to the belts for six and a half months before being upset by Black Listed. I’m sure they’ll be looking to surpass that reign.”
“I Play, You Lose” by The Gruesomes blare over the PA system as the official hands over the tag titles to the new champs.

A video is shown of Jair Hopkins. a collection of highlights during his matches, including a portion of the part where he got injured and was in need of surgery. Multiple shots of photos taken post-surgery as the quick package wrapped up with Hopkins back to himself, as he partook in the 4CW Tournament. Highlights of that are shown through all his opponents before the last shots were of him taking out Drew Stevenson and getting his hand raised. All had faded and cut to inside a room where Jair Hopkins sat perched in a seat with a smile on his face as across from him was 4CW’s Gabriel Hartman with a mic in hand..

HARTMAN: “My man Hops, how it goes?”

Hopkins nods his head, keeping the smile up.

HOPKINS: “It goes well as you can see (points to skull) Those stitches are proof how good it is right now, man. I done took more shots from behind than enough.”

HARTMAN: “You never waste anytime, just gets right to the point. That’s what I want to know. South Beach Brawl, biggest Pay-Per-View for you as you once again have triumphed through it all for a shot at the might 4CW Championship, held by Dakota Smith. You think you got what it takes to change Dakota’s mindset?”

Hopkins goes silent for a moment, biting the nail of his index finger, deep in thought of a “professional” answer.

HOPKINS: “Hell yeah I got what it takes to change that bastard’s mind. Got enough to turn him a different color too! Any man who needs to prove a point by attacking you from behind on MULTIPLE occasions lets you know a lot about him. He’s scared of me. He know what I can do. He witnessed it before when I was clawing at the bit for the title.”

HARTMAN: “So as we’ve seen in past couple weeks, this is a sign of him knowing it’ll soon be over for him? Is that what you saying?”

Hopkins nodded.

HOPKINS: “His reign is coming to a close at South Beach Brawl. He might beat the holy hell out of me but I won’t give in. I will not surrender. I done made it this far. Put this much strain on a repaired MCL four weeks after surgery and I’m just gonna allow this bald-head ‘floosie’ take me down with ease? Nahhhh … I’m not going out like that! Gonna need to take me out on a stretcher, half-past dead to put me out.”

HARTMAN: “So you don’t even see an OUNCE of a chance in failing?”

Hopkins shook his head.

HOPKINS: “Nope!”

HARTMAN: “Bold words there, Jair. I wish you well in this battle. You’re by far the fan favorite. I just wish you luck against the Champ. The man is scary as hell!”

HOPKINS: “He ain’t all that, man. Just gotta have some balls and entertain the idea of getting bloodied. Once you break him down, corner him and beat him to his game, he’s done for. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Break em!”

Hopkins motioned his hands as if breaking an object in half with his hands. He got up from the chair as he dapped up Gabriel Hartman before exiting the scene. All had faded before quickly coming back, this time with some killer-ass Opera music that were used from dramatics and climax moments. Highlights of the 4CW Champ tearing through his opponents, leader of Omerta as highlights were shown with him and his stablemates before quickly back to a showcase of his most violent moments, shots that even included recent interactions with the Number One Contender, Jair Hopkins as his words were heard through the bit. A sadistic, bloodied smile was shown that led to a live shot of him inside what looked to be similar set-up as Gabriel Hartman wasn’t seated, but rather standing a good distance away from the 4CW Champ with the microphone pointed towards him.
Dakota adjusted his 4CW championship that was positioned on his shoulder before standing up from the seat he was in and calmly walks over to the cowering Hartman. Gabe had the look of pure terror on his face as he glances behind him, as if looking for an escape route if this turns south. Dakota stands about two feet away from Hartman now, his eyes never leaving the fragile frame of the interviewer.

HARTMAN: “He-…Hello there Mr. Smith, as…As you know my name is Gabriel Hartman, and I would like to ask for a few questions about South Beach Brawl!”
SMITH: ”…”
Dakota stands there in silence for what seems like an eternity to Hartman – who just continued to wait for a reply, not wanting to do anything to upset the butcher. After a few good moments Gabe nervously puts the microphone back up to his own lips.

HARTMAN: “Well…Your opponent Jair Hopkins has made some bold claims, saying that all these sneak attacks you’ve been doing is because there is a real sense of fear in you. Do you think you’re time as 4CW champion is almost over? Or are you prepared to take all that Jair has and still come out the victor?”

SMITH: ”…”

Still not words come out of Dakota’s lips, just a slight giggle at the last line of questioning from Gabe. Dakota slowly turns his head to the side, as if he was sizing up Hartman. Gabe sees this and gets very uncomfortable, the look of wanting to tear out of one’s own skin on his face. The butcher’s tongue slowly peeks out from behind his lips, he runs it in a circle motion around his mouth as if he was getting ready to devour. Gabe quickly jumps at this notion and tries his best to get the interview back on track.

HARTMAN: “There has been a good amount of talk in the back about your relationship with the boss Perry Wallace. Will this have any factors in your match against Jair? A few weeks back we seen Mr. Wallace come out and try to help you against Chris Madison, that plan ultimately failed… And with that being said what about Omerta and Unstable? Are you worried that, that war might cross over into your match at south beach brawl?”
SMITH: ”…”
Dakota just slowly shakes his head, getting a little bit of amusement out of Hartman’s questioning. He then looks up at Gabe and acts as if he about to say something but then stops short, an arrogant smirk creeping across his face. Gabe is letting a bit of frustration get the best of his as he starts to aggressively tap his foot against the ground. Dakota notices this and puts a stop to it quickly by taking a step closer to Gabe. Gabe puts a foot behind him but then decides to stand his ground.

HARTMAN: “Look! Obviously you don’t want to talk to me. But can you atleast just answer me one question?”
The butcher cockishly shrugs his shoulders before letting out another small chuckle.

HARTMAN: “Will you walk out of South Beach Brawl still the 4CW champion?”
Dakota ponders over the question for a few moments before snatching the microphone out of Hartman’s hands. Gabe jumps up in the air and covers himself, waiting to be attacked. But Dakota just slowly brings the mic up to his lips.

SMITH: ”…Yes.”
And with that one word Dakota drops the microphone , signaling that he was done with this interview. Gabe looks at him almost in shock that he hasn’t been mauled yet. Dakota then reaches his hand out and gives gave a few hard pats on the back before exiting the scene.

Cameras transition back to ringside and focus on the sea of the fans packed all around Bayfront Park. The production team takes a moment to focus on the signs the fans are holding, stopping specifically on a sign that reads “We miss Felicity.” The camera stays on that sign for a few seconds before it transitions back over to ringside and focuses on Steven Johnson and Vinny Vassa.

JOHNSON: “What a great night we’ve had already, folks! And we’re still not done yet! Coming up next, we have the triple threat elimination match for the Pride Championship, and boy… this one’s going TO BE GREAT!”
VASSA: “Was that your Tony the Tiger impression, Johnson? Sheesh. Of course it’s gonna be great! We got four former Pride champions in one ring! FUTURE AMAZING GREAT! THE IRISH WRECKING MACHINE! AND THE PRIDE CHAMPION HIMSELF… “MAYHEM” CHRIS MADISON!”
JOHNSON: “And that’s not all, folks. After that, we still have our main eve–”
Stopping in mid speech, Johnson hears a stir coming from the crowd that turns into a deafening reaction, jogging the curiosity of both commentators.

VASSA: “The hell are they cheering about?! Are some drunk broads flashing their titties?! Let me see!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know. I can’t se— WAIT A MINUTE!”
The camera finally sees just what brought on the reaction from the crowd as it focuses on none other than the former 4CW Champion, Felicity Banks, slowly making her way through the sea of fans.

VASSA: “Yesssssssss! My prayers have been answered! She’s back! She’s back, Johnson!”
JOHNSON: “Take it down a notch, Vassa. She’s sitting in the crowd, not coming out through the curtain. She’s probably just here as a fan since this is where she made her 4CW pay per view debut.”
VASSA: “I don’t care what she’s here as! I’m just happy to see her again in clear LIFE-definition instead of on the computer or TV!”
Felicity finally reaches her seat at in the front row and acknowledges the fans by giving them a wave. She listens to the deafening “welcome back” chants and just smiles before she takes a seat and pulls off her Dior sunglasses from the bridge of her nose. She looks over to the side and sees who she considered her best friend within the company, Gabriel Hartman, heading in her direction.

JOHNSON: “Looks like Gabriel’s about to find out just what the former 4CW Champion’s doing here tonight.”
VASSA: “Atta boy, Gabriel! Get the inside scoop! I want these spoilers! Where’s Bronxy at?!”
Felicity waves at Gabriel with a big grin on her face and watches as Hartman steps closer and closer to her with microphone in hand. She stands up out of her seat, and reaches over the protective guardrail to give Hartman a hug, getting the lead backstage reporter to blush just a bit.

HARTMAN: “Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise! The former 4CW Champion, Felicity Banks, is in the house!”
The Miami crowd goes in a frenzy, even surprising Felicity a bit. She lets them release all of their energy before she glances back over at Gabriel Hartman and talks into the microphone.

BANKS: “Wow. Glad to know you guys still remember me.”
She says with a laugh, the crowd going into a “Ayeeeeee want some Felly!” and “Peasant Killer!” chant.

BANKS: “That has to be the loudest reaction for a fan ever, right? Or at least close to it.”
Gabriel pulls the microphone back towards his chin, stuck on one thing Felicity had said.

HARTMAN: “Fan? You’re here as a fan?”
Felicity chuckles, brushing a strand of hair away from her eye.

BANKS: “Well, obviously. I mean, I am in the crowd, right? Trust me, if I was here as anything other than a fan, you would know. I wouldn’t be sitting out in the front row, Gabey. I’d either be in that ring right now running my mouth about something, or I’d be backstage letting Jair and Dakota both know that someone still has a rematch for that pretty little championship they’re fighting over tonight.”
The crowd pops, remembering back to Felicity’s championship reign and her different issues with both Jair and Dakota.

BANKS: “But I’m not doing that, am I? Nope. Not yet at least…”

She shoots Gabriel a conniving little grin, making it seem like there’s more to the situation than she was letting on.

BANKS: “For now, I’m just going to sit here and enjoy the rest of the show. What’s gonna happen in the future?”
She shrugs her shoulders, sliding her sunglasses back onto the bridge of her nose.

BANKS: “Guess we just have to wait and see.”
Without another word said, Felicity sits back down in her chair, the crowd chanting her name as South Beach Brawl transitions backstage.


JOHNSON: “So I’ve been informed ladies and gentlemen that since John Austin was attacked earlier by Chris Madison, he is no longer able to compete tonight and our Pride Championship Elimination Match will now be a Triple Threat Elimination.”
VASSA: “Damn, first Darryl and now Austin? Another one bites the dust!”
JOHNSON: “That’s one way of putting it, Vinny.”
VASSA: “It was very unfortunate what happened to Darryl, but now with Austin being out… when will these wrestlers learn a little self control?!”
JOHNSON: “I’m not one to endorse this type of activity but this is South Beach Brawl after all.”
VASSA: “You’re right about that and even without Austin in the mix, it’s going to be a brawl to the very end between Seamus O’Connor, Jett Wilder, and defending Pride Champion, Chris Madison!”
JOHNSON: “You can say that again, Vinny!”
VASSA: “It’s going to be a br–“
JOHNSON: “Seriously, Vinny? It’s a figure of speech. You literally don’t have to repeat yourself every time I say that phrase.”
VASSA: “I know, but it’s fun messing with you!”
JOHNSON: “So with one man out of the mix, our introductions will be a little shorter than planned which means we can get straight into the action even quicker.”
VASSA: “That’s what myself and every person in this park wants. Get on with the brawl!”
JOHNSON: “That sounds like a plan to me! Take it away Mike Powers!”
The arena flashes between green, white and orange lights, as “The Spicy McHaggis Jig” by Dropkick Murphy plays.

POWERS: “The following contest will be for the 4CW Pride Championship!”
Seamus comes with a shillelah in one hand while looking over the crowd.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall! He is “The Irish Bastard”, SEAMUS OOOOOO… CCOONNNNOORR!!!”
He runs out on stage and does a heel click, before walking to the ring amped up trying to get the crowd involved. He steps into the ring and runs up to the second rope and plays to the crowd with his arms out.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder followed not far by the imposing Luiz Cavalcante and the beautiful Carmella Wilder. Though generally the young and small Wilder alone would not be imposing with his atrocious dance moves we get a close up of the imposing Luiz walking to the ring to really strike some form of fear. Clapping her son on is Carmella with her glasses on looking professional as she usually does, as Wilder bounces up the steps stopping.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring second, from Los Angeles, California accompanied to the ring by Carmella Wilder and Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Waiting for Luiz who as usual doesn’t look pleased to have to stop and lower the top rope down so that Wilder can jump over it to show off. Shaking his head as he follows him into the ring as Jett jumps up to the top rope pounding his chest as the crowd boos him. Carmella walks around the ring ignoring the cat calls and the boos to continue to cheer her son on as Jett bounces off the ropes and heads to the other side with Luiz standing behind him arms crossed. Finally bouncing back down taking off the hoodie he came out with to hand to Luiz who walks to the ropes to hand it out to Carmella as Jett readies himself.

POWERS: “And the champion!”
The venue’s lights cut out, causing the entire building to go dark. Static feedback screeches over the P.A. system, forcing the fans in the audience to cover their ears. The video screen near the entrance way lights up with a white snowy picture, barely illuminating the entrance ramp. A black handprint slowly fades into the picture with a red anarchy symbol carved into the palm of the handprint before the screen cuts to black with white lettering that spells out “Unstable”. The crowd jumps to their feet, a 50/50 split between cheers and boos, as the static feedback is replaced by the opening chorus to Bullet For My Valentine’s single You Want a Battle? (Here’s A War).
“We will not take this anymore
These words will never be ignored
You want a battle

A sole spotlight focuses on the curtain for the entranceway as Chris Madison steps out with the 4CW Pride Championship secured around his waist. His head is tucked down with a black towel draped over it, focusing on the ground beneath him. The mixed crowd erupts in anticipation as Madison stands as still as a statue. He finally brings his fists up towards his face and punches himself on the jaw with both hands before ripping the towel from his head and spiking it down to the ground.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Long Island, New York, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the 4CW Pride Champion, “Mayhem”, CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison charges to the ring while unfastening the Pride Championship and slides in under the bottom rope before hoping up to his feet. He walks towards the nearest ropes corner and climbs up to the second rope, surveying the live crowd before hoisting the Pride Championship proudly over his head.

JOHNSON: “All three men are in the ring and they each want to leave here tonight with the Pride Championship!”
VASSA: “This match has been months in the making. First it started with Seamus and John Austin wanting to cash in on a rematch clause AFTER Jett lost the championship to Chris Madison at Winter Wasteland.”
JOHNSON: “In my opinion, it’s a little too late to cash in on a rematch clause after the person who defeated you for the championship has lost the belt themselves. Some magic was worked and Perry Wallace granted the two their rematch, or at least a chance to earn a rematch.”
VASSA: “Then we figure in Jett Wilder, who last held the championship before Madison, wanting to cash in as well. Even though he was rightfully first in line for a rematch, management decided to let these three compete for the number one contendership.”
JOHNSON: “Let’s not forget about Frankie Morrison. He played a huge part in setting this entire thing up, at least the three way match to determine the contender.”
VASSA: “But it was then Madison who made a move of his own, interfering in that contender match, turning it into a no contest. Afterwards, he went on to say that he wanted to climb into the ring with all three and here we are.”
JOHNSON: “We’re one man short, thanks to Chris, but a triple threat elimination match should be just as good, just not as long.”
VASSA: “There has been a lot of exchange between these three, more so revolving around Jett who won’t stop reminding the world that he’s the only person in 4CW to pin Madison.”
JOHNSON: “He did do that, you can’t take that away from him. It was a two out of three falls match though and the only fall scored in Jett’s favor.”
VASSA: “Some would say it was done for nothing, others would say at least he has bragging rights. Tonight there won’t be any two of three anything! Each person is given one life with no respawn! We’ll start with three people, then bump down to two. After the last person is eliminated and only one person is left in the ring, we will then have our 4CW Pride Champion!”
JOHNSON: “A good old fashioned elimination match folks!”
VASSA: “All three of these men have held the Pride Championship, one in fact still does. The other two are looking to add a second reign to their accomplishments.”
JOHNSON: “While they do that, Madison is looking for a successful title defense, something that hasn’t been done with the Pride Championship since Winter Wasteland in twenty-fifteen.”
VASSA: “He wants to bring prestige back to the championship and has the opportunity to do so tonight.”
JOHNSON: “That he does! Well folks, all three men are in the ring and our official appears to be ready to get things underway.”
VASSA: “Don’t let us hold up the show any longer. It’s time to get to business!”
The official walks to the corner of Madison and grabs the Pride Championship before turning back and heading to the center of the ring. With the championship in hand, he raises it above his head, turning to each set of ropes to display it for the crowd. Walking to the edge of the ropes, the official hands the championship to a member of the ringside crew on the outside. Back in the center of the ring, the official checks with Seamus and quickly gets a nod as he bounces back and forth in his corner. The official then turns to Jett who for one stands ready with his head in the game. Looking to the ref, Jett smacks his hands together and screams “I’m ready!” Checking in with the defending champion last, the official gets exactly what he wants with no hesitation as Madison nods in his direction. With all three men ready for the start of the match, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

VASSA: “Let the eliminations begin!”
JOHNSON: “Here we go folks, hang on because we’re in for a bumpy ride!”
The camera zooms into Jett as the bell silences. His head quickly turns from side to side, looking at both Madison and Seamus. He then turns to look at Madison and as he does, Seamus explodes out of his corner and charges towards Jett. Catching a glimpse in the corner of his eye, Jett quickly turns his attention to Seamus as he closes in, swinging for his head with an overhead forearm shot. Ducking out of the way, Jett avoids the massive collision and Seamus’ arm crashes down onto the top of the turnbuckle padding. With his eyes lit up, Jett turns to Seamus in relief but before he knows it, Madison is right there with a punch to the back of the head, knocking him forward and crashing into Seamus’ back.
Grabbing onto Jett’s shoulders from behind, Madison rips him away from Seamus and throws him backwards to the mat, sending him rolling across the ring. Madison then unloads with body blows to Seamus’ back. Crushing Seamus’ ribs, Madison swaps back and forth with lefts and rights, finding a groove for himself as the crowd cheers him on. Back on his feet, Jett charges towards Madison and leaps into the air, aiming his feet for Madison’s back. Planting both beet between Madison’s shoulders, Jett hits him with a drop kick, squashing him into Seamus. Just as Jett lands on the mat, Seamus locks onto the top ropes in the corner and pushes himself away, throwing Madison off his back and sending him backwards. Madison then trips over Jett and falls hard to his back, smacking the back of his head against the canvas.

JOHNSON: “This thing is off to a rough start as neither man has gained control from the get go.”
VASSA: “Seamus has an opportunity to lead the pack as he’s the only man standing.”
JOHNSON: “Madison just did a little number to his body before Jett broke it up with a dropkick.”
VASSA: “But did you see the raw power Seamus just put on display throwing Madison off of his back?”
Turning around to face Jett and Madison on the mat, Seamus pounds his fists together before stepping forward, lifting his foot high into the air, and slamming it down onto Jett’s, stomping it into the mat. Seamus then puts all of his weight on that foot as he uses Jett”s head as a step, to step over his body and move on to Madison. Jumping straight into the air, Seamus comes down with both knees, driving them into Madison’s mid-section. On top of Madison, Seamus then unloads with wild lefts and rights, pounding Madison’s head from both sides. After landing nearly half a dozen punches to Madison’s head, Seamus stands up and then rolls Madis0on over to his stomach. Grabbing onto Madison’s head with both hands, Seamus lifts it up from the mat and then slams it forward, driving him face-first into the canvas. Keeping Madison’s face pressed against the man, Seamus then begins dragging it back and forth, giving him a nasty face-to-mat burn. Dropping down to one knee with Madison in between his legs, Seamus then begins hitting him in the back of the head with forearm shots, ringing his bell as each one collides into the back of his skull.

VASSA: “Seamus is putting a hurting on Madison!”
JOHNSON: “Watch out, here comes Jett!”
Flying through the air, Jett lands on Seamus’ back and wraps his arms around his throat, cutting off his air supply. Pushing himself up, Seamus stands, lifting Jett with him while on his back. Jett squeezes as tight as he can, trying to choke the life out of Seamus, forcing his face to slowly begin turning red. Reaching over his head with both hands, Seamus grabs ahold of Jett and then quickly bends down, pulling Jett over his head and slamming him back-first onto Madison. Jett rolls to his side, coming down to his stomach on the mat and quickly pushes himself up as it appears Madison’s body broke the fall. As Jett stands, Seamus lunges forward, aiming straight for his head with a powerful right hook. Rolling out of the way, Jett dodges the fierce punch and pops back to his feet.
Spinning around in an instant, Jett then runs at Seamus and slides to the mat, ducking yet another punch thrown at his head. Popping up behind Seamus, Jett lands a stiff kick to his side, forcing him to buckle over to his right. Turning to the ropes behind him, Jett takes off towards them and after coming back on the rebound, he leaps into the air and wraps his arm around Seamus’ head, driving his face into the mat with a bulldog. Pushing himself up to all fours, Jett looks over to Madison who has began pushing himself up as well. Not giving him a chance to get back in the mix, Jett forces himself up and runs towards Madison, jumping into the air and slamming both feet forward into the side of Madison’s head, knocking him over to his side.

VASSA: “Jett was quick to put both men down and now the ball is in his court.”
JOHNSON: “First he hook down Seamus with a bulldog and then followed up with a dropkick to Madison’s head. He really is something, isn’t he?”
VASSA: “He’s the Future Amazing Great, Greatness Over Time!”
JOHNSON: “I thought it was just F.A.G.?”
VASSA: “You can discuss that with him after the show if you would like.”
On his feet, Jett stands between Seamus and Madison, both down after his handy work. Jett then looks to the corner and takes off towards it. Climbing to the top, he turns to face the ring and locks his sights on Madison who is down on his back. Leaping into the air, Jett comes down across Madison’s body with a frog splash.

JOHNSON: “He hit Madison with the Swag Splash!”
VASSA: “Holy shit he’s going for the cover!”
Jett then hooks Madison’s leg and goes for the pin as the official races from across the ring and slides in with the count.

VASSA: “Holy Hell Madison kicked out at the last split second!”
JOHNSON: “Talk about a close call!”
Popping his head up in complete shock, Jett begins screaming over Madison’s body at the official, arguing the count. Out of nowhere, Seamus rushes in and kicks him in the back of the head, rolling him off of Madison. Jett quickly pushes himself up to all fours but as he does, Seamus steps over Madison and runs in, kicking him in the ribs, lifting Jett up from the mat and flipping him over to his back. Grabbing Jett by the head, Seamus pulls him up and then latches onto his wrist, whipping him to the ropes. As Jett bounces off and comes back on the rebound, Seamus steps into him as he closes in, lifts Jett into the air and drops him flat on his back with a sit-out spinebuster.

VASSA: “Just when Jett thought he was in charge, Seamus changed it all in the blink of an eye.”
JOHNSON: “Jett looks to be in a world of pain after that sit-out spinebuster.”
With Jett laid out on his back, moaning in pain, Seamus pushes himself up and turns to Madison who is up to all fours. Walking over to him, Seamus grabs his head with both hands and helps him up the rest of the way. Holding Madison’s head with one hand, Seamus then draws back and clobbers him with the other. Wrapping Madison up, Seamus then lifts him into the air and throws him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Madison crashes onto the canvas and rolls to the ropes before stopping. Reaching up, he grabs onto the middle rope and then begins to pull himself up. With Jett still down and not looking to get up anytime soon, Seamus rushes over to Madison and kicks his hand away from the ropes, dropping him back to the mat.
Grabbing ahold of Madison’s arm, Seamus then drags him up to his feet but to his surprise, Madison delivers a stinging kick to his shin. Releasing his hold on Madison, Seamus quickly favors that leg and Madison then delivers another stinging kick, this time to the opposite shin. Switching feet, Madison then kicks Seamus in the side of the knee, almost taking it out from under him. Kicking with his left, Madison lays his foot across Seamus’ other knee, sending a loud thumping sound cutting over the roars from the crowd. Jumping into the air, Madison hits Seamus directly under the chin with a flying knee strike, taking him off his feet and sending him flying backwards through the air before crashing hard to the mat.

JOHNSON: “And what neither Jett or Seamus wanted… Madison is back up and the only one standing.”
VASSA: “They’ve managed to keep Madison down for the most part, making him almost a non-factor. I think that’s all about to change now.”
JOHNSON: “And Jett is still down, holding his back from that brutal sit-out spinebuster earlier.”
VASSA: “I’m actually surprised Carmella isn’t in the ring to kiss it and make it feel better.”
As Seamus rolls back and forth on the mat, Madison moves in on him, and slides down to the mat, driving his knee into his ribs. Clutching Seamus, Madison then begins driving knee shots into Seamus’ ribs rapidly. After landing nearly a dozen, he pushes himself up, driving his first down into Seamus’ face. Lifting Seamus up from the mat, Madison turns him around and locks in a half nelson, lifting him up into the air and driving him head first into the mat with a suplex. Standing up, Madison looks down to Seamus who refuses to stay down, pushing himself back up but slowly. Grabbing onto his head, Madison stands him up but keeps his body bent over. Roaring into the air, Madison then draws his leg back and swings it forward, planting his knee into Seamus’ chest and lifting him a few inches off the mat as he follows through. Standing him straight up, Madison then wraps Seamus up and slams him to the mat with a T-bone suplex.

VASSA: “I think it’s safe to say that Madison is locked in that zone now!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think there’s ever been a time inside of those ropes where he hasn’t been in that zone.”
Pushing himself back up, Madison looks across the ring at Seamus who still has life in him, slowly climbing to his feet. Standing up, Seamus wobbles back and forth but keeps his sights set on Madison who slowly approaches him. From across the ring, Jett suddenly appears okay as he looks over at the two standing a few feet from one another. He continues watching as Seamus swings for Madison’s head, connecting with a right hand. Madison then fires back with an elbow strike to the ear, knocking Seamus back a step. The two then begin exchanging blows, ignoring everything else around them. Jett then pops up to his feet, appearing to be fine and in no pain.

JOHNSON: “Now Jett is back up and doesn’t look to be hurt at all.”
VASSA: “That little shit, he was faking it this whole time!”
JOHNSON: “That’s one way to keep your head out of harms way when two others are in the ring trying to rip each other apart.”
Taking a stiff right to the chin, Seamus fires back with a right haymaker, clocking Madison upside the head and sending him down to the mat, but also dropping down to one knee from the momentum. Jett races to the corner behind Seamus and climbs to the top. The crowd then ignites as Jett shows off for a moment before turning to face Seamus. Hearing the sounds of the crowd, Seamus pushes himself up, favoring his ribs, and slowly turns around.

VASSA: “Move out of the way!”
JOHNSON: “Here comes Jett!”
Jett soars through the air towards Seamus, connecting with a bicycle kick from the top rope!

VASSA: “Jett just wiped him out with a bicycle kick!”
JOHNSON: “Gitcha’ from the top rope and Seamus is down!”
Jett then crawls over and covers Seamus as the official rushes in from across the ring. Popping his head up, Madison just watches as the official makes the count.


VASSA: “Seamus is out of it! Jett eliminates Seamus!”
JOHNSON: “There’s out first elimination of the match folks and it’s Seamus at the hands of Jett!”
VASSA: “He played it smart. He sat back and faked an injury, letting Madison and Seamus wear each other down.”
JOHNSON: “It wasn’t the most honorable thing to do but it worked nonetheless.”
VASSA: “Are you kidding me? That was the smartest thing the kids ever done!”
JOHNSON: “Maybe so, but let’s see if he can keep this momentum going because we’re down to two people left ladies and gentlemen!”
Jett quickly pushes himself up to his feet as Seamus slowly rolls to the ropes and exits the ring. Turning to Madison, Jett doesn’t waste any time and quickly goes on the attack, kicking and stomping on Madison with a vicious assault. Grabbing onto Madison’s arm, Jett pulls him up and then goes to whip him to the ropes but Madison reverses and whips Jett to the instead. As Jett hits the ropes and begins coming back, Madison takes off towards him and as they approach the center of the ring, Madison leaps into the air, going for a Lou Thesz.

JOHNSON: “Oh look at that!”
VASSA: “Madison came up empty handed on that!”
Dropping to the mat, Jett does a baseball slide as Madison flies over him. Madison hits the mat empty handed but pushes himself up as Jett stands as well. Turning to face Jett, Madison gets caught off guard as Jett leaps towards him, planting both feet in Madison’s stomach and grabbing the back of his head. Rolling backwards, Jett pulls Madison down and then kicks his legs straight, tossing Madison across the ring with a monkey flip.
Hitting the mat hard on his back, Madison rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up without delay. Jett then turns to the ropes beside him and takes off towards them. Jumping into the air, Jett plants both feet onto the middle rope and springboards off. Flying backwards through the air, Jett rotates his body and as Madison stands, he locks his arm around his head and takes him down to the mat head-first with a tornado DDT. Jett then quickly crawls over to Madison and makes the cover as the official sweeps in for the count.

VASSA: “Kickout by Madison!”
JOHNSON: “Not even a full two count this time and Madison is still in it!”
VASSA: “Jett has really stepped up here tonight. We’ve had a total of three pin attempts, one resulting in the elimination of Seamus, and every one of them has been by Jett.”
Shaking his head in disappointment, Jett doesn’t waste any time to argue with the ref. Instead, he gets up and takes a few steps back, calming himself down with his hands on his hips. He then walks back to Madison and pulls him up, locking onto his wrist and whipping him to the ropes again, this time successfully. Madison hits the ropes hard and comes back full speed into Jett who lifts him off his feet and spins him in the air, going for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Unable to control the weight of Madison, Jett spins him a tad too much, allowing him to plant both feet back onto the mat. Madison then hooks Jett’s arm and flips his body, slamming him to his back with a hip toss.

JOHNSON: “Jett made a small mistake right there and that’s all Madison needed to put him down.”
VASSA: “You can’t do that with guys like Madison. If you give them the slightest window of opportunity, they’re going to take advantage of it and use it against you.”
Keeping his eyes locked on Jett, Madison doesn’t give him a single second to recover before pulling him back to his feet. Locking in a Muay Thai clinch, Madison drives Jett backwards until pressing his back against the ropes. He then begins popping his knees it, hitting Jett in the face and body with knee strikes. Madison then locks his arm around Jett’s head and grabs the back of his pants. Lifting Jett into the air upside-down and vertically, he goes for what appears to be a brainbuster, but Jett manages to slip out of his grip and comes down to his feet behind Madison.
Pushing Madison in the back, Jett sends him chest first into the ropes and as he bounces off and stumbles backwards, Jett takes him down to the mat with a reverse drop toe hold, slamming the back of his head against the canvas. Back to his feet, Jett races to the nearest corner and ascends to the top. Turning around to face Madison, Jett waits patiently as he slowly climbs to his feet. Once standing, Madison slowly turns around and as he does, Jett leaps from the top rope with a flying crossbody.

JOHNSON: “This coul–“
VASSA: “Holy shit, Madison caught him in mid-air!”
Holding Jett horizontally, Madison turns his body and set him back down on his feet but then wraps both arms around him. Jett tries to break free but Madison doesn’t let up on his hold. In a burst of energy, Madison then lifts Jett up from the mat and throws him over his head with a belly to belly suplex.

Instead of crashing to the mat on his back, Jett continues to flip until landing on his feet. Madison rolls over to his stomach and pushes himself up but before he can stand, Jett is right there with a knee shot to the side of the head. Holding his ear, Madison remains on one knee and Jett grabs ahold of his wrist, ripping his hand away from the ear. Pulling Madison up to his feet, Jett quickly gets taken by surprise as Madison pulls him into a knee shot to the stomach, forcing him to lunge over. Madison then clinches in a front-face lock and forces Jett between his legs while dropping all of his weight down to the mat. As the two drop, Madison swings his right leg over Jett’s back, while keeping his left leg over the back of Jett’s head.

VASSA: “Oh no, that’s a bad spot for Jett to be in!”
JOHNSON: “Madison has him locked in the Peruvian Necktie!”
VASSA: “Oh man this thing turned around in an instant!”
With the Peruvian Necktie locked in, Madison begins cranking down on the pressure using all of his strength. Trying to break free, Jett squirms and waves his arms all over the place.

JOHNSON: “He has that moved locked in nice and tight!”
VASSA: “Jett can squirm all he wants to but there’s nowhere for him to go now! Madison has him right where he wants him.”
After a few moments pass, Jett begins slapping the mat uncontrollably, signaling to the official that he’s tapping out. The official then signals for the bell and pats Madison on the back of the shoulder, telling him to let up.

VASSA: “Jett gave it everything he had but it just wasn’t enough to put Madison down and end the streak.”
“You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)” hits the speakers throughout the park as the fans erupt with cheers. Releasing the hold, Madison remains in a seated position for a moment, looking at Jett as he holds his neck in pain, burying his face into the comfort of his arms.

JOHNSON: “There it is! This is the first time this belt has been successfully defended since January of twenty-fifteen at Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: “Win or lose, we saw a side of Jett that we’ve never seen before and to be honest, I’m impressed! The kid gave it his all and more importantly, gave the champ a run for his money.”
JOHNSON: “Jett eliminated Seamus O’Connor. He almost eliminated Madison early in the match, and then again a little later. The kid has really come along and it showed here tonight.”
Standing tall, Madison looks to the overcast sky before the official steps in beside him and hands him the Pride Championship. With one hand, Madison raises the belt into the air as the official raises his free hand.

POWERS: “Here is your winner, and still 4CW Pride Champion… CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison then rips his arm away from the official and bursts towards the corner, jumping into the air, he lands both feet on the middle ropes and hoists the championship high above his head.

JOHNSON: “That was one heck of a match and now we’re down to only one, the main event.”
VASSA: “This match could have easily been the main event at any show. It was that damn good.”
JOHNSON: “Alright folks, while we clear the ring, we’re going to cut away momentarily. We’ll be right back.”
VASSA: “Man, those cloud are getting heavier and heavier. I hope it doesn’t end up raining before the night is over with.”

Our scene transitions to a shot overlooking the calm waters of Biscayne Bay. As the camera view rotates, a roped off section by the edge of the water comes into view. At each corner of the area, security guards dressed in black stand guard as another one stands in the front of the entrance. Inside the ropes, we have two reclining beach chairs centered where the power couple of 4CW sit like royalty.
To the right, Perry Wallace sits with one leg crossed over the other, wearing a purple and white Hawaiian shirt with white shorts and flip flops. In one hand, he holds a pineapple with a straw sticking out of the side, and his other hand rests on Kaysie Sherell’s, who is sitting beside him. Kaysie wearing a shockingly sensible black two-piece bikini sits with her sunglasses on her head. She has her own pineapple drink in hand and a smile on her face.
A line of fans stand in front of the roped off section, waiting in line by the single security guard at the middle of the rope facing the park. Wallace and Kaysie talk amongst each other, enjoying the overall atmosphere and each others company. Moving in for a closer look, the camera view changes to a shot closer to the two. On the outside, the security guard unbuckles a section of the rope to allow Charity Skye to enter. She approaches Kaysie and Wallace who both turn their heads to her, giving her their undivided attention..

WALLACE: ”Hello Charity, I hope you are enjoying yourself this evening.”
SKYE: ”Mister Wallace, I’m absolutely enjoying everything tonight. Having South Beach Brawl here in Miami may have been the best decision ever! I just… I hate to bother you and Kaysie, but I need to ask a favor of you two… oh… great… ones.”
WALLACE: ”Thank you for the kind words, Charity. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a great one, but this one beside me could be called that. But anyway, the floor is all yours. What’s on your mind? How can we help you on this day, the day of my company’s party in Miami?”
SKYE: ”Well… you know I’ve loved working here for the past few months. In fact, this is the first time I truly felt at peace.. Ya know? Well, that was until a few weeks back on Adrenaline. I guess, what Raquel did to me really got to me. So, i guess what I’m asking is if it would be possible to get another locker room for female talent? I just really don’t want to deal with another…”
Suddenly, Kaysie throws her hands into the air in a successful effort to quiet Charity. After silencing the young brunette, Kaysie speaks.

SHERELL: ”You’re coming to thee power couple on this, the day of 4CW’s South Beach Brawl, with a request about adding a second locker room for the feminine talent? ”
Looking on with a grin on his face, Wallace slowly nods, somewhat amused with the response. Looking over to Kaysie, he shrugs his shoulders a bit.

WALLACE: ”What do you think, doll? We do want our employees to be happy after all.”
Kaysie nods as she looks at her “Perr-Bear”. After a moment, she turns her attention back to Charity.

SHERELL: ”I do believe that we do have a large number of female talent, so request granted. Just do me a favor Charity.”
A gleeful Charity has a smile on her face.

SKYE: ”Sure, anything!”
SHERELL: ”Don’t you ever request something of us, without bringing us something. How DARE YOU come to thee power couple on this, the day of 4CW’s South Beach Brawl, without a gift? I’m not a complicated person, I don’t want much. Seriously, I’d settle for a copy of Purple Rain. I’d take a mojito, hell, you could bring me an autographed mold of your plastic jugs, I don’t care. Just don’t ever request something without having something for us, you got it?”
Charity hangs her head down in shame.

SKYE: ”You got it, thank you both.”
Charity quickly scurries out of the VIP Lounge. Leaning back in his chair, Wallace watches in astonishment as Kaysie made her presence felt without skipping a beat. Taking a sip from his drink, he thinks to himself for a moment before the security guard allows another person to enter the private section.

WALLACE: ”I do have to say, I am very impressed with you right now. You’re falling right into this with ease. You could even say I’m a little jealous that this comes so easy to you. I’m going to have to step up my game, aren’t I?”
Kaysie lets out a soft laugh.

SHERELL: ”Hon, you can try.”
WALLACE: ”Game on.”
Waving his hand, Wallace motions for the security guard to let another person in. Walking through the rope, Uprising Talent Caleb Houston stumbles forward before coming to an abrupt stop in front of the two.

WALLACE: ”Look at this fucking guy… Caleb, what are you doing here this evening?”
HOUSTON: ”I’m here to fuck your bitch and eat chicken noodle soup, and we all out of chicken noodle soup.”
A look of shock comes over Wallace’s face as the words roll off of Caleb’s tongue without restraint.

WALLACE: ”What the fuck… no. There will be no big boy style shit tonight. You better have a goddamn gift. What do you want, tonight on this night that I have to take requests from the likes of you? Walking in here like this and disrespecting Kaysie…”
Reaching into his pocket, Caleb pulls out a pack of sunflower seeds and hands them to Wallace. Looking down at them and shaking his head from left to right, Wallace then tosses them aside and turns his attention back to Caleb.

WALLACE: ”Sunflower seeds? Are you kidding me?”
HOUSTON: ”No, it’s fr–”
WALLACE: ”I don’t want to know. What can I do for you this evening, Caleb?”
Wallace then looks over to Kaysie who appears to be somewhat annoyed by the situation.

WALLACE: ”My apologies.”
Looking back to Caleb, Wallace places his drink down and holds his arms up and out to the sides.

WALLACE: ”Talk to me, Caleb. What can I do for you, on the day of 4CW’s South Beach Brawl?”
HOUSTON: ”I know how you have contacts in the FBI and what not. Would it be possible to request that your contacts destroy the photos of Paul Knight?”
Looking down, Wallace places his forehead in the palm of his hand as a soft chuckle is then heard shortly after. Raising his head up and looking to Kaysie, Wallace tries his best to keep a straight face.

WALLACE: ”My queen, what do you… think?”
He then laughs a bit more before grabbing his pineapple and taking a big drink to calm himself down.

SHERELL: ”I think that we should grant this request on the condition that Mr. Knight never ends back up on my social media timelines again, understood?”
WALLACE: ”That’s a fair deal. What do you say, Caleb?”
HOUSTON: ”Shit. You know there ain’t no way I can promise something like that. Homie’s in love.”
WALLACE: ”Goddamnit…”
Looking to his side, Wallace checks with Kaysie who again, appears to be rather annoyed with the situation.

SHERELL: ”You shall do everything in thy power to make sure that it does not happen again. With that, Perr-Bear please use your contacts.”
Nodding in agreement, Wallace turns to Caleb.

WALLACE: ”There you have it. I will see what I can do and please, do me a favor, stay out of trouble, Caleb.”
Caleb then exits the area, leaving the power couple’s sight as the two await their next guest. Making her way through the opening, 4CW Hot Shot, Taryn Robinson approaches Kaysie and Wallace.

WALLACE: ”Why if it isn’t the lead 4CW Hot Shot herself, miss Taryn Robinson. How are you this evening?”
Taryn takes a deep breath, as she walks over to the two chairs. With her hands behind her back, she takes an entire hand of bananas and places them on Perry’s lap. With a smile on her face, she looks up at thee Power Couple.

ROBINSON: ”I come to you, thee power couple, on the day of 4CW’s South Beach Brawl with a simple request. I would like to request a spot as a special guest referee next week, at Adrenaline. ”
WALLACE: ”Any match in particular?”
ROBINSON: ”Hmmm, anything that’s involved with Kitty-Kat Jones.”
Thinking to himself for a moment, Wallace takes his time, going over the request in his head. After taking a sip from his drink, he clears his throat before leaning forward in his chair.

WALLACE: ”I just have to ask. Now Kat isn’t technically my daughter, but she is someone I have grown close to over recent months. What exactly is your beef with her?”
ROBINSON: ”There is no beef, none at all. I just would really love to grow the Hot Shots Platform. Frankly, there is no better match to do that than one involving a great talent like Kat Jones.”
WALLACE: ”Interrupting her match the other night was sort of rude, in my opinion.”
Leaning back in his chair, he turns to Kaysie for guidance.

WALLACE: ”What do you think of this whole situation, Kaysie?”
Kaysie lets out a scoff as she looks over at Taryn.

SHERELL: ”I totally believe in Taryn’s vision for the Hot Shots. If she would like to referee Kat Jones’ next match at Adrenaline, I shall grant that request. She’s the first person to come with an adequate gift at that. Taryn, request granted.”
Taryn smirks as she looks over at the couple.

ROBINSON: ”Thank you, you shall not be disappointed with the result.”
Taryn leaves the area with a satisfied look on her face. Kaysie then reaches onto Perry’s lap and pulls apart one of the bananas. She then peels it back, breaks off the top piece, and then takes a large piece of it into her mouth. With his eyes glued on her, Wallace watches every bit of it with a smirk on his face.

WALLACE: ”Well, well, well… I guess that is it for now. I could sit here and watch you eat that banana all night but would you care to take a little walk with me?”
Kaysie smiles as she stands up from her seat. She goes over and takes Perry’s hand. He then stands up from his seat with a smile on his face.

WALLACE: ”Since you’re in such a giving mood, I have a request myself for later on tonight.”
Kaysie smiles back at him with a wink.

SHERELL: ”I know exactly what you mean.”
Both of them walk out of the VIP area as the scene fades.


VASSA: “After a long, thrilling night of hard hitting action, we have finally arrived to our main event!”
JOHNSON: “Thrilling is the one word I would use to describe tonight as well. We saw two championships change hands and one stay with the person holding it.”
VASSA: “Our main event is for THE championship, the 4CW Championship! Will we see another change of champions tonight or will Dakota retain to prove he is the king of the mountain.”
JOHNSON: “A year ago at South Beach Brawl Dakota won the Extreme Championship and has held championship gold to this day in 4CW. He’s held the Extreme, one half of the Tag Team, and then lost the Extreme in the same night, the same match in fact, when he won the 4CW Championship at South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “He’s made quite a name for himself here in 4CW and has proven himself every step of the way. He has a record for holding 4CW Championship gold consistently without any breaks in between.”
JOHNSON: “Not the same exact championship but you’re absolutely right, Vinny.”
VASSA: “People seem to be doubting The Butcher as of late. I don’t know why. He’s been a fighting champion within 4CW for a year now and no one can say otherwise.”
JOHNSON: “Also a year ago at South Beach Brawl, Jair Hopkins lost the 4CW Championship to Jason Cashe in a triple threat cage match which also included Connor Gates.”
VASSA: “It all comes back to South Beach Brawl for both of these men.”
JOHNSON: “Reclaiming the 4CW Championship here at the same event he lost it last year would be huge for Jair in my opinion.”
VASSA: “Just winning it in general is huge for anyone, but I can see why this particular event could mean more to him.”
JOHNSON: “These two men have been at each other for weeks now, mostly Dakota on the attack.”
VASSA: “Everywhere Jair looks there he is. Dakota even attacked Jair at the small Adrenaline we had last week in Orlando. Neither man was booked! Something tells me that Dakota might be following Jair around.”
JOHNSON: “It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Dakota is a bit of a lunatic and there isn’t anything I would put past him.”
VASSA: “He’s a sick and crazy fuck, that’s for sure. Not many people want to dance with the devil. I can see why Perry aligns himself with him.”
JOHNSON: “I’ve noticed lately that Mr. Wallace hasn’t been around Omerta as much as he has been.”
VASSA: “Maybe Dakota is starting to frighten him.”
JOHNSON: “I think he’s always been frightened of Dakota.”
VASSA: “Then maybe it’s that pretty little thing, Kaysie Sherell by his side, the 4CW Executive Assistant and Head of Perry Relations.”
JOHNSON: “You could be right. But then again, maybe Perry realizes that is Dakota loses the championship then Omerta doesn’t seem as strong as it does now.”
VASSA: “Jair is one of, if not THE biggest face here in 4CW. The fans love him, most everyone in the back gets along with him. If he can knocked Dakota off his throne tonight, that would create a huge change in 4CW… a change for good.”
JOHNSON: “He has his work cut out for him. As a matter of fact, both men have their work cut out for them because this will be a last man standing match.”
VASSA: “Usually when something like that involves Dakota, the other person ends up being killed and eaten.”
JOHNSON: “No one is going to die tonight, at least I hope not. But in order to win here tonight, either man must put the other down for an entirety of ten seconds.”
VASSA: “So basically someone has to get knocked the fuck out tonight.”
JOHNSON: “That’s one way of putting it.”
VASSA: “Or killed?”
JOHNSON: “Don’t say that! If something like that happened it would be a terrible thing!”
VASSA: “What if it was Dakota? Jair would really be doing the world a favor.”
VASSA: “Fine then you big baby, let’s get to the match.”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds with the intro leading in …
“I’m a bread winner, you wanna make a fortune?
Place all your money on the black and on the red, n—
This ain’t a gamble, it’s a promise, I’m a head splitter
Y’all been sleepin’ on me, now it’s time to shake the bed, n—“

As “Self-Preservation” by Kutt Calhoun starts up, Hopkins appeared from the back as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers.

POWERS: “The following contest will be for the 4CW Championship and fall under Last Man Standing regulations!”
Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.
POWERS: “Introducing to the ring first, from the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred two pounds, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I am the last of a dying breed
Live by one code that some gon’ heed
Get rich or die tryin’ so I don’t sleep
So cold in these streets I’m Kelvin”

The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

POWERS: “And the champion!”
“Sludge God” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the park gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face and the 4CW Championship wrapped around his neck. He glares out over the arena, cracking his neck to the left and then to the right. Dakota then begins his march down to the ring.
“I’m a sludge God
I’m rather odd
Take your head like Mr Ichabod
Hit em hard showing no regard
Drag em through hell then I leave em scarred
Pull your card
Put u in the morgue
That’s just the way the LOC settle scores
Put me in the booth and press record
I serve em sludge and they beg for more”

POWERS: “Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred thirty one pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Butcher” and the 4CW Champion, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
Reaching the ring he takes the belt off of his neck and throws it into the ring before rolling in under the bottom rope. Planting his fist into the ground he pushes himself up off the mat and picks up his championship. He stalks the ring for a few seconds before going up the turnbuckle and raising his championship up into the air – letting out a blood curdling roar as he does so. He drops down and takes a seat in the corner, putting the belt back around his neck and waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: “There are our final two combatants tonight as we head into our main event to conclude South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “South Beach Brawl isn’t over until the sun comes up in the morning, match still going or not. It’s a party baby!”
JOHNSON: “Just to make a few things clear folks. As I said before, the only way to win here tonight is to put the other person down for a complete ten seconds. Also, there are no count outs. There are no disqualifications. Anything goes!”
VASSA: “Like really? So this is basically an extreme rules match?”
JOHNSON: “There are no disqualifications like an extreme rules match but there are no weapons placed around ringside like the are for extreme matches.”
VASSA: “I bet twenty bucks there’s a table underneath that ring? There’s always a table misplaced underneath for goddamn ring for some reason. It baffles me!”
JOHNSON: “We saw our parking lot brawl earlier end up in Biscayne Boulevard. This match could very well end up there. It would even reach the top of those skyscrapers across the street from us if both men entered the building and went to the top. Anything goes! You hear me? ANYTHING!!!”
VASSA: “So there two could end up on a boat and the match would continue?”
JOHNSON: “I said anything didn’t I?”
VASSA: “Yes you did!”
JOHNSON: “Alright! Now, let’s stop holding up the show and let these two men do what they came here to do tonight.”
VASSA: “Beat the living hell out of each other until one person gets knocked the fuck out!”
The official slowly makes his way over to Dakota, a little timid and showing hesitation with each step taken forward. Pulling himself up with the ropes, Dakota stands tall and leans forward, holding himself up with the ropes. The official then extends his hand for the belt and with an evil look on his face, Dakota swats his hand away. Reaching behind his neck, Dakota unbuckles the championship and then raises it into the air with one hand, roaring loudly and pointing across at Hopkins with his other hand. He then hands the championship to the official. Backing up slowly to the center of the ring, the official refuses to turn his back to Dakota. Holding the championship high above his head, the official shows it off to each side of the ring, steadily looking over his shoulder at Dakota the entire time.
Walking to the edge of the ropes, the official hands the championship to a member of the ringside crew and then back steps his way to the center of the ring. Looking over to Jair, the official quickly gets the nod as Hopkins realizes he’s worried about Dakota and doesn’t want to turn his back to him for a long time. Turning to the other side of the ring, the official yells for Dakota’s status and in an instant, Dakota roars as loud as he can, ripping his hands away from the ropes and slapping himself in the face over and over with both hands. Jumping up and down, Dakota rolls his neck and releases one last battle cry. With the sign from both men, the official then raises his arm into the air and signals for the bell.
As if the bell set something off within, Dakota bursts out of his corner and charges across the ring towards Hopkins. Moving in so fast, Dakota leaves Hopkins with no time to move out of his path. Closing in, Dakota lunges forward in an attempt to wrap Hopkins up but comes up empty handed. Seeing a small window of opportunity, Hopkins steps to an opening at his left and grabs Dakota as he closes in, throwing him head first through the ropes.
Dakota’s body dips between the top and middle ropes and his head collides into the ring post with force. Before he can shake it off, Hopkins grabs him by the back of the pants and pulls him out of and away from the ropes. Spinning Dakota around, Hopkins slaps him across the chest with a backhand chop, knocking him backwards into the corner. Hopkins then fires away with multiple backhand chops across Dakota’s chest, turning his skin bright red as each hand slap stings his flesh. Dakota then lunges forward with both hands and gouges Hopkins’ eyes. Kicking him in the stomach, Dakota forces Hopkins to lunge over and then follows up with a powerful European uppercut that lifts Hopkins off his feet and sends him flying to the center of the ring, crashing on his back.
Taking a couple of steps towards Hopkins, Dakota leaps straight into the air and over Hopkins’ body, coming down with a double foot stomp aimed for the head. as the last possible second, Hopkins rolls out of the way and Dakota lands onto the canvas. As Dakota goes to turn to Hopkins, Hopkins spins his body around and sweeps Dakota’s legs out from under him, knocking him straight down to his back. The two then race to get to their feet, Hopkins standing first. Waiting for the right moment, Hopkins moves in just as Dakota pushes himself up and stands straight, bending him over with a gut kick. Shooting in, Hopkins lifts Dakota onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and then falls backwards, planting Dakota into the mat with a Samoan drop

JOHNSON: “Dakota wasn’t showing any restraint at the start of the match, going at Jair ruthlessly.”
VASSA: “It didn’t do him any favors because Hopkins has him down on the mat and has some sort of control at the moment.”
Grabbing Dakota’s head, Hopkins pulls him up to his feet and then holds him up while drawing back with his right. Swinging forward, Hopkins clocks Dakota with a quick right to the forehead, knocking him back a few steps. Jumping into the air, Hopkins plants both feet into Dakota’s midsection and holds onto the back of his head with both hands. Rolling backwards, Hopkins pulls Dakota down with him and as his back hits the mat, Hopkins extends both legs, launching Dakota into the air with a monkey flip. Flipping in mid-air, Dakota crashes against the mat face up. Using his quickness, Hopkins gets back to his feet and then turns his back to Dakota. Springing himself up from the mat, Hopkins does a backflip and rotates in mid-air, landing across Dakota with a standing corkscrew moonsault.

VASSA: “There’s no doubt about it. Hopkins is a pure athlete.”
JOHNSON: “It’s fun watching him flip and fly around that ring. Using the aerial attack to wear Dakota down just may do the trick.”
Rolling off of Dakota, Hopkins bounces around the ring, feeling the electric vibes from the crowd as they all stand on their toes watching this bout. Turning his attention to the corner, Hopkins takes off towards it and leaps into the air, planting both feet and landing on the top rope. He then jumps straight up and as he touches back down to the ropes, he uses them to slingshot him into the air. Flying backwards, Hopkins complete a backflip and comes down on Dakota with another moonsault.

VASSA: “Oh no, Dakota moved out of the way!”
JOHNSON: “Just in the niche of time he avoided that moonsault from the top rope!”
Hopkins quickly holds his stomach as he rolls over to his back in a world of pain. Pushing himself up, Dakota wipes the sweat from his eyes before locking sights on Hopkins. He slowly walks over to him and lifts his foot into the air, nudging Hopkins upside the head with it. Raising his foot as high as he can, Dakota then slams it down, driving it into Hopkins face with a brutal stomp. Reaching down, Dakota grabs a handful of braids and pulls Hopkins up to his feet. Keeping Hopkins’ hair in his grip, Dakota drags him towards the ropes and then throws him forward as they get close. Hitting the ropes stomach first, Hopkins flips up and over the top rope, crashing down onto the apron and then bouncing off and down to the floor.

JOHNSON: “It was only a matter of time before someone made their way to the outside and that someone is Jair, although it was forceful on Dakota’s part.”
VASSA: “This is where the real fun begins and the environment becomes a weapon.”
JOHNSON: “Let’s just hope it doesn’t leave ringside because I want to see this match in person!”
On the outside, Hopkins begins pulling himself up using the side of the ring. Backing up to the center inside of the ropes, Dakota looks on, patiently waiting. After finally standing, Hopkins backs away from the ring, looking on the outside for The Butcher. On the inside, Dakota then takes off charging towards the ropes. Leaping through the top and middle ropes, Dakota dives to the outside, colliding into Hopkins with a suicide dive. The two hit the ground and roll a few feet before crashing into the side of the stage where Vassa and Johnson sit.

VASSA: “Dakota looks to have taken just as much of the impact as Hopkins did.”
JOHNSON: “He’s a gladiator with no concern for his own well being. Dakota will put himself in harms way just to defeat an enemy and that right there is a clear cut example of that.”
On top of Dakota, Hopkins grabs the side of the stage and begins pulling himself up. Looking down, Dakota’s head is turned as it is pinned up against the side of the stage, bending his neck in an awkward position. Once standing, Hopkins then grabs onto the stage and uses it as leverage to begin stomping wildly on Dakota’s fallen body. Aiming for his head, Dakota continues stomping on his defenseless face over and over as Dakota lies there motionless. Reaching down, Hopkins grabs him by the head with both hands and pulls him up to his feet. Slamming his head down, Hopkins drives Dakota’s face into the stage with force. He then keeps it pressed down and drags him across it, knocking down all sorts of promotional items until reaching the end. He then pulls Dakota’s head up but as he does, Dakota reaches out and grabs a nearby empty beer bottle, and swings upward with it, smashing it over Hopkins’ forehead.
Stumbling backwards, Hopkins holds his face and then crashes back-first into the side of the ring. Blood begins trickling from Hopkins’ forehead and running down his arms. Dakota then looks up and a devilish grin comes to his face. Searching the sides of the stage setup, Dakota finds a part to use as he climbs to the top. Once there, he walks to the edge, overlooking the entire crowd and roars as loudly as he can. Cutting his head down, he locks his sights on Dakota and then begins stomping his foot onto the top of the stage roof, over and over.

Hearing the noise, Hopkins removes his hands from his bloody face.

Searching for the origin of the loud stomp, Hopkins scans the entire ringside area.
Looking up, Hopkins’ eyes light up at the sight of Dakota standing tall overlooking the entire park.

VASSA: “What the hell is Dakota doing?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know but I think he was trying to get Jair’s attention.”
Dakota then points to Jair with an evil look on his eye before waving for him to climb to the top. Hopkins looks on for a moment, not sure of what to do and then Dakota yells over the entire crowd.

Shrugging his shoulders, Hopkins then walks around the stage and to the side where Dakota made his climb. Searching the area, Hopkins snatches a glow stick out of a fans hands and then turns to the ladder. Placing the stick in his mouth and biting onto it, Hopkins then reaches up and begins his climb. Walking around the edge of the roof, Dakota looks out over the crowd, ignoring Hopkins as he continues his way up.

SMITH: “Bow to you god of violence!”
Yelling to the crowd, Dakota extends his arm out and points, slowly turning his body and covering the entire crowd in his sight. Hearing a noise from the far corner, Dakota turns around to see Hopkins’ hands holding the top of the roof. Rushing over to him, Dakota jumps up and stomps Hopkins’ fingers, standing on them as Hopkins release a sign from the pain. With Dakota on his hands, Hopkins can’t do anything but hang there, helpless. Reaching down, Dakota wraps his hands around Hopkins’ throat and then steps off of his fingers before pulling him the rest of the way up and throwing him towards the center of the roof. Hopkins falls down and rolls across the top of the roof before coming to a stop on his back, looking up at the overcast sky.

VASSA: “Steve, we can only see so much with this limited view while they’re on the rooftop.”
JOHNSON: “Hold on let me switch camera angles.”
Slowly walking towards Hopkins, Dakota looks down on him with a smile on his face but evil in his eyes. Reaching down, Dakota grabs him by the shoulder and pulls Hopkins’ to his feet. He then turns Hopkins around and wraps him up around the waist. Lifting Hopkins off his feet, Dakota goes for a German suplex but before he can bring Hopkins down, Hopkins manages to slip out of his hold and rolls over, coming down to his feet as Dakota crashes to the rooftop empty handed. Dakota rushes to get back up but before he can, Hopkins begins unloading on his head with a fury of punches. Landing each punch throw, Hopkins begins wearing Dakota down and after landing nearly a dozen, he pulls Dakota up to one knee. Drawing back with his right, Hopkins then lays a power punch to Dakota’s dome but doesn’t tip him over. He then spins around and lunges forward, knocking Dakota to his back with a lariat.

JOHNSON: “That’s one way to keep Dakota down, beat the life out of him!”
VASSA: “We’ve seen Dakota dead and come back to life before, remember Wasteland?”
Pushing himself up, Hopkins grabs ahold of Dakota’s head and slowly rolls him over to his stomach and then pulls him up to his feet, Keeping his body bent over and his head down, Hopkins then grabs the back of Dakota’s pants. Moving forward, Hopkins begins walking Dakota towards the edge of the rooftop, gaining speed with each step. Once close to the edge, Hopkins throws Dakota forward, launching him from the rooftop.

VASSA: “Holy shit Hopkins just throw him off the roof!”
Flying through the air, gravity then begins to take over as it pulls Dakota down. Landing onto the top rope stomach-first, Dakota doesn’t flip over but instead hangs over the ropes like a lifeless animal waiting to be skinned.

JOHNSON: “He landed on the ropes!”
VASSA: “Talk about luck!”
JOHNSON: “Hold on, wait a second. What’s Jair doing up there?”
Backing away from the edge, Hopkins stops in the center of the rooftop and holds his head with both hands, thinking over his next move.

VASSA: “What the hell is he doing up there, praying?”
Dropping his hands to his side, Hopkins then begins shaking his hands while slowly raising his head and looking towards the end of the rooftop. After a few deep, long breaths, Hopkins then runs forward, gaining speed with each step getting him closer and closer to the edge.

JOHNSON: “No way! He isn’t…”
Once at the edge of the rooftop, Hopkins last step pushes him away from the rooftop as he leaps into the air.

Soaring through the air, Hopkins begins to descend as he approaches the ring. Flying over Dakota, Hopkins wraps his air around the back of his head and pulls him over the ropes completely, driving his face into the canvas with a bulldog from the rooftop of the stage.

Hopkins also crashes to the mat hard and rolls away from Dakota’s face-down lifeless body. The crowd erupts into near deafening cheers from the high risk move.
With both men down, the official then begins a ten count.

JOHNSON: “Both men are down after that high flying move.”

VASSA: “What would happen if both men happened to be down at the count of ten?”

JOHNSON: “After that point it would be whichever man stands first”
Hopkins begins to move around at the edge of the ropes on the far side of the ring. Grabbing onto them, he begins pulling himself up.
Standing up, Hopkins holds onto the ropes, favoring his leg that was landed on during the big move.
Showing signs of life, Dakota starts to move his head.
Raising his head, Dakota looks over to the ref, hearing the sound of the count over his ringing ears.
Pushing himself up, Dakota manages to get to all fours with his head hung low.
Watching is disbelief, Hopkins stands back as the unthinkable happens right before his eyes. Pushing himself up…
…Dakota stands on his own will, breaking the official’s ten count.

VASSA: “No fucking way! Dakota just rose from the dead once again!”
JOHNSON: “I’m just as shocked as you are, Vinny, but look at Jair!”
VASSA: “He looks as if he’s seen a ghost.”
JOHNSON: “Both men can hardly even stand on their own. That bulldog from the top of the roof beat them both up pretty badly.”
The official steps back as both men stare across the ring at one another. Holding onto the ropes, Hopkins doesn’t take his eyes off Dakota, still in shock that he was able to get up and break the ten count. Wobbling back and forth, Dakota is barely able to stand but with a smile on his face, he raises his arm and waves for Hopkins to come get some. Losing his balance, Dakota then stumbles backwards before tripping. His body drops just enough to go right through the top and middle ropes as he closes in on them. Falling through the ropes, Dakota’s legs stop his momentum as his back smacks down against the apron.

JOHNSON: “He can’t even keep his balance!”
VASSA: “What do you expect? He just had his head driven into the canvas from a man flying many feet above him through the air.”
Dakota pulls his legs up and through the ropes and then rolls off the apron, crashing down to the ground below. Across the ring, Hopkins steps away from the ropes and slowly approaches the edge of the ring. Once at the ropes, he leans over the top and again, his eyes light up at the sight of nothing on the floor below.

JOHNSON: “Oh no, he’s coming this way!”
VASSA: “Hold me, Steve!”
At the end of the ring, Dakota stands up and approaches the announcers booth. Climbing onto the stage, he the sweeps everything off the booth with one swipe of his arm. The sound of things crashing to the floor grabs Hopkins’ attention as he cuts his head to the action. Grabbing ahold of the 4CW Championship, Dakota then holds it up, looking at it’s beauty. Hopping down from the stage, Dakota then walks to its side, towards the open park area, dragging the belt along the ground.

VASSA: “Oh man, that was close. Thank you lord!”
JOHNSON: “Where is Dakota going?”
VASSA: “Away from here by the looks of it.”
Watching for a few moments, Hopkins realizes that he’s leaving the area. Stepping through the ropes, Hopkins pops his head up and yells…

HOPKINS: “I didn’t think the Devil ran from a fight!”
…Exiting the ring, Hopkins drops down to the floor and then follows behind Dakota, limping with every step. A path opens in the crowd as Dakota leads the way, walking to the area behind the stage, towards Biscayne Bay. Picking up his pace, Hopkins ignores the pain in his leg and begins shortening the distance between the two.

JOHNSON: “It looks like we’ll have to watch from the monitor now.”
VASSA: “That asshole knocked over every damn bit of liquor I had up here.”
Stopping in front of a tree, Dakota holds up on hand and leans against it, holding himself up and catching his breath. From behind, Hopkins grabs the back of his head with both hands and then slams it forward, planting his face into the side of the tree. Dakota drops the belt to the ground and Hopkins then spins him around. Just as Dakota faces him, he kicks his foot up, driving it upward right between Hopkins’ legs. Hopkins lunges over from the pain and Dakota grabs ahold of his body and steps out of the way before throwing him forward, head-first into the side of the tree. Hopkins drops down to all fours after the collision but doesn’t get a second to regain his strength as Dakota grabs him and pulls him back to his feet. Turning Hopkins around, Dakota wraps him around the waist. Lifting him up from his feet, Dakota goes for another German suplex, this time executing it as he falls backwards and slams Hopkins’ head into the side of the tree.

VASSA: “He’s going to kill him!”
JOHNSON: “Just earlier you were acting like this was what you wanted to see.”
VASSA: “I didn’t say that it wasn’t, did I?”
Hopkins body folds and then flops over to his side. Pushing himself up, Dakota looks down at his feet, laughing to himself at the sight of Hopkins motionless on the tree roots. The official then begins the ten count as Dakota steps away.
“One! … Two!”
Picking the 4CW Championship up from the ground, Dakota holds it in both hands, staring at the faceplate once again.

JOHNSON: “Hopkins is laid out in front of that tree and this could very well be it.”
“Four! … Five!”

VASSA: “Dakota surprised us earlier. Let’s see if Jair can do the same.”
JOHNSON: “There’s life!”
Hopkins begins to stir a bit, rolling over to his stomach and planting both hands onto the ground.
Hopkins then pushes himself up to all fours. Hearing the stir behind him, Dakota slowly turns around and locks his sights on Jair.
Pushing himself up, Hopkins breaks the ten count but in the blink of an eye, Dakota charges in and lays him out with the championship across the back of his head.

VASSA: “Dakota just laid him out with the 4CW Championship!”
JOHNSON: “He’s back down for another count!”
The official then goes to yell out the ‘one’ for the ten count but as he opens his mouth, Dakota grabs him by the shirt and pulls him in closely. Staring the official in the eye, Dakota slowly shakes his head from left to right and then pushes the official away. With the championship in one hand, Dakota then grabs Jair by the back of the head with his other hand. Pulling Jair to his feet, Dakota then turns to Biscayne Bay and begins walking towards it, dragging Jair along.

VASSA: “They’re headed towards the water! Someone might be going for a swim!”
JOHNSON: “Let’s just hope that’s all that ends up happening.”
The waters edge of Biscayne Bay comes into focus. A concrete walkway extends along the waters edge with a small drop off of rocks leading down to the water. Stepping onto the concrete first, Dakota slings jair forward, throwing him to the ground. He then walks over beside Jair and kneels down. Lifting Hopkins head up, he holds the championship in front of his face, taunting him. Tossing the championship aside, Dakota then stands up and pulls Hopkins to his feet. Wrapping his hands around Hopkins’ throat, Dakota then begins strangling him. Reaching up with both hands, Jair tries to pry Dakota’s hands away from his throat but the Butcher’s grip is just too tight. Gasping for air, Hopkins then grabs onto the sides of Dakota’s head, pressing his thumbs into Dakota’s eyes. Dakota continues to strangle Hopkins with his bare hands as his eyes are being dug into. With Dakota blinded, Hopkins then locks his hands behind Dakota’s head and pulls it forward while slamming his as far as he can, hitting Dakota in the mouth with a headbutt and busting it wide open.

VASSA: “The Butcher has the taste of his own blood in his mouth!”
JOHNSON: “That was just enough to break Dakota’s grip around his throat!”
Pulling his neck away from Dakota’s clutches, Hopkins pulls Dakota into him while lifting his knee and driving it into his stomach. Wrapping his arm around Dakota’s head, Hopkins then hooks his leg and lifts him up and over, dropping him to his back against the concrete. Dakota pops up to a seated position while reaching behind his body and holding his lower back. On his feet, Hopkins then takes a few steps backwards before running forward and hitting Dakota in the back of the head with a dropkick. Dakota’s body folds over and then rolls to the edge of the concrete. Stopping at the edge, his body rocks back and forth before finally taking the dive and rolling off the side onto the rocks and down to the water below.

JOHNSON: “It looks like Dakota is going for a little bit of a swim.”
Back on his feet, Hopkins limps his way over to the edge of the walkway and then begins slowly climbing down the slope of rocks. Grabbing Dakota’s head, Hopkins then begins laying quick, rapid punches into his face, beating him senseless and turning his face into a bloody mess. Growing tires, Hopkins holds that last punch back and looks down into Dakota’s helpless eyes. Showing mercy, Hopkins’ eases up but just as he does, Dakota spits a mouthful of blood into his face.

JOHNSON: “You better hurry up and wash that off of you Jair, there’s no telling what Dakota has.”
VASSA: “UGH, that’s even more gross as fuck!”
Anger then overcomes Hopkins as he draws back as far as he can before swinging downward with all of his weight behind a punch that crushes Dakota’s jaw. Hopkins then rolls him over and drags him into the shallows of the bay. With both hands, Hopkins then presses Dakota’s head underneath the surface of the water.

JOHNSON: “Oh no, I was afraid this might happen!”
Dakota tries to rise up from the waters but can’t as Hopkins has the leverage on him, keeping his head under the water and cutting off his oxygen supply. About twenty seconds pass and Hopkins lifts Dakota’s head up from the water, giving him a few short seconds to catch his breath before submerging his head into the waters once again.

VASSA: “Look at the water turning red from the blood covering these two men. I hope there aren’t any sharks around.”
JOHNSON: “Trust me, if there are, they have already picked up on the scent.”
Another twenty seconds pass and Hopkins pulls Dakota’s head up from the water. Gasping for air, Dakota breathes heavily but only for a few short seconds before Hopkins presses his head under the surface for a third time.

JOHNSON: “Hopkins could have easily finished off but hasn’t. He’s just using the water to wear Dakota down before finishing him off.”
VASSA: “They’ve been in the water for a while now. They need to get out before a real predator comes along and eats them both.”
After another twenty or thirty seconds, Hopkins pulls Dakota’s head out of the water but this time, Dakota had a rock in hand and slams it into Hopkins’ face.

VASSA: “He should have carried Dakota to deeper waters where he couldn’t feel along the bottom for something to use as a weapon.”
Hopkins releases his hold of Dakota and begins back stepping in the water before tripping and falling against the small incline of rocks leading up to the walkway. Dakota breathes heavily and very loudly, fighting for every bit of air he can fill his lungs with. Dropping the rock into the water, he slowly turns to Hopkins whose face is covered in blood as he sits upon the rocks. Crimson colored water covers Dakota’s body. Wiping it from his eyes, Dakota slowly drags through the waters and moves in on Hopkins.
Grabbing Hopkins by the head, Dakota pulls him up and steps out of the water to where the two are standing on the rocks. Holding Hopkins’ head down, Dakota wraps his arm around it tightly. He then grabs Jair’s leg, lifting it up and hooking it. With all of the strength left in his body, Dakota lifts Hopkins off his feet with a fisherman’s suplex lift and then drops down, transitioning the move into a sit-out spinebuster onto the rocks.

VASSA: “Onto the rocks! Did you see Jair’s head crash against them?!”
Dakota lifts Hopkins’ leg and slides it off of him before crawling backwards and pushing himself up. Laid out on the rocks, Hopkins doesn’t move as he’s stretched across them, feet down to the water. The official then begins the ten count…
“One! … Two!”
Climbing up the rocks, Dakota crawls onto the walkway and rests on all fours, forming a puddle of blood around him.
“Three! … Four!”

VASSA: “Hopkins hasn’t moved yet and I don’t think he’s going to get up after that.”
“Five! … Six!”

JOHNSON: “Never say never, Vinny.”
“Seven! … Eight!”
Dakota then pushes himself up, standing tall and overlook Hopkins’ lifeless body.

VASSA: “Well Dakota is now up but Jair is showing no signs of life whatsoever.”

JOHNSON: “Wait for it… wait for it…”

VASSA: “Holy shit, Dakota wins it! Jair is still out cold!”
JOHNSON: “After a hell of a fight, this was something new for us. I’ve never in my time seen a match ended like this.”
VASSA: “I just wish that we were down there at the water to see it in person!”
The official then races over and grabs the 4CW Championship, bringing it over to Dakota. After handing him the belt, the official then goes to raise his arm into the air but Dakota rips it away and drops to his knee, clutching the championship tightly against his body. The sound of the bell the echoes throughout the entire park.

POWERS: “Here is your winner and still 4CW Champion… DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
“Sludge God” then blares throughout the entire park as the camera zooms into Dakota with the championship, caring for it as if it were an infant.

JOHNSON: “People talked trash about Dakota’s defense against Perry Wallace at Winter Wasteland when he returned to the ring. After this match with Jair, the critics should be silenced.”
VASSA: “This was a wild ride from start to finish. As I said earlier, Dakota has been a champion in 4CW for a year straight now and after tonight, his reign will carry on even longer.”
JOHNSON: “It’s been one heck of a night folks but the show must come to an end. Clearly those two are in desperate need of medical attention.”
VASSA: “It’s time for the after party!”
JOHNSON: “Maybe for you it is, but I’m taking my tail to the hotel and going to bed. This entire event has worn me out.”
VASSA: “You big baby!”
JOHNSON: “Be sure to tune in for Adrenaline in two weeks as we head back to our home territory!”
VASSA: “We’re going home baby!”
JOHNSON: “First stop, we’ll be hitting the Tucson Conventional Center in Tucson, Arizona!”
VASSA: “It feels good to be heading back to our home turf!”
JOHNSON: “Indeed it does! Well for 4CW and us here at the booth, thank you all for tuning in. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! Let’s get this fucking party started!”
Still on his knees, Dakota continues to stare at the 4CW Championship, covered in blood from head to toe. Up above, the moon finally breaks through the clouds, illuminating the entire sky. The scene then slowly begins to face to black as the music dies off and we open to a promotion video for 4CW’s Ante Up.