“Dot Your Eyes” by Five Finger Death Punch continues to play over the speakers of the Pan American Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The house is packed as 4CW makes its tour through the original stomping grounds of the promotion, the southwestern United States. Down at ringside, the 4CW Hot Shots play to the crowd, pumping them up for the action packed night ahead. Scanning over the crowd, the camera zooms in to a few signs, bringing them into full picture.
MR. & MRS.

Sitting at the announcers booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa talk amongst themselves, patiently waiting for their signal to begin. With the camera zooming into the booth, Vassa nods to Johnson and then points in the direction of the camera. Turning themselves around to face the ring, Steve Johnson takes the lead.
JOHNSON: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another night of 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! I hope you folks are having a fine evening!”
JOHNSON: “We’re in our home territory for stop number two, right here at the Pan American Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico.”
VASSA: “I know I said this two weeks ago but I’ll say it again tonight, and probably two weeks from now, but I’m glad to be home!”
JOHNSON: “You and me both, Vinny, you and me both.”
VASSA: “We had one hell of a welcome home card two weeks ago and the lineup for tonight is just as good, if not better!”
JOHNSON: “There was some big news announced for our next pay-per-view, Ante Up!”
VASSA: “You damn right there was! Last year’s event was spectacular as we saw the first ever Fourway Sixty Minute Iron Man match for the 4CW Championship. This year, we’re going to see it again!”
JOHNSON: “That was really a great, one of a kind match which now may possibly become a yearly thing.”
VASSA “We have our first qualifying match tonight that will be a triple threat match.”
JOHNSON: “Last year we saw three qualifying matches take place that we all fatal fourway matches. I don’t know exactly what the plan is this year but the ball begins rolling tonight.”
VASSA: “By the time it’s all said and done, we will have our first challenger for Dakota Smith at Ante Up!”
Before Johnson can even respond, ”The World Belongs to Me” by My Darkest Days begins playing over the speakers. The crowd grows loud with a mixed reaction as Kaysie Sherell and Perry Wallace walk out from the back and stand at the top of the stage. Side by side, the two look over the crowd with confidence before turning to each other to share a few words.
JOHNSON: “Well look who it is, it’s 4CW Owner, Perry Wallace, and Executive Assistant, Kaysie Sherell.”
VASSA: “Also known as the Head of Perry Relations… that lucky son of a bitch.”
JOHNSON: “Whoa now, Vinny, calm down. Now I don’t know what these two are out here for, this is unexpected.”
The two then proceed down the entrance ramp, hand in hand, as the crowd rains down on them from both sides with mixed reactions. Following behind them, Oswald Pinkman walks onto the stage but stops at the ramp, standing back as the power couple make their way to the ring.
VASSA: “I guess these two have something to say to us tonight, since they’re coming out here first thing unannounced.”
JOHNSON: “When you’re in the position these two are, you don’t have to announce anything. They can practically do whatever they please.”
Wallace wears a custom tailored navy blue suit with silver pinstripes and a pink shirt underneath with the collar unbuttoned and cuffs extending past the sleeves of the jacket. The light glistens off his black shined shoes. With Kaysie by his side, he walks with confidence, proud of the woman entrusted to lead with him. Perry’s main squeeze was dressed rather conservatively. A simple black dress that covered all of her naughty bits, and a pair of black high heel shoes. A smirk was over her face as she and the big man in charge made their way down to ringside.
VASSA: “These two have been making headlines recently. There have been some big announcements and two weeks ago, these two became the talk of the town on social media.”
JOHNSON: “There were quite a few big announcements made at our last Adrenaline.”
VASSA: “I don’t get what all the fuss about these two being together is about anyway. These two have been seen together numerous times over the last few months and people decide to cry about it two weeks ago. Open your eyes people!”
As the approach the ring, Wallace holds Kaysie’s hand as she climbs the steps and stands on the apron. After climbing up himself, Wallace steps onto the bottom rope and pulls the middle one up, creating an easy opening for Kaysie to enter the ring. She slowly walks to the center of the ring and right behind her, Wallace enters through the ropes. With a smile on his face, Wallace looks her up and down from behind before stepping beside her to unite.
JOHNSON: “They certainly have everyone’s attention here tonight. Let’s see what they have to say.”
Pulling out a microphone from his coat pocket, Wallace holds it in his hand as the two continue speak privately. With the flip of a button, Wallace turns the mic on and then softly taps his finger against it.
Tap… Tap… Tap

He then hands the microphone to Kaysie, opening the floor for her to address the crowd.
SHERELL: ”Welcome to the greatest show in professional wrestling today, welcome to 4CW Adrenaline here in Las Cruces, New Mexico!!!”
The fans begin to cheer at the mention of the city in which the show is originating from. As Kaysie smiles with glee, she walks over towards the ropes. As she places her forearm over the rope, she begins to speak once again.
SHERELL: ”Tonight, we have a great night of action for you all that will be headlined by a match for the 4CW Tag Team Championship. However, before we get to the real action, we have some business to discuss. Four Corners Wrestling is making big moves towards the future. The first, is 4CW: The Video Game which will be released on June 21st. For the first time, you will be able to step into the ring as your favorite 4CW talents. Also, as announced earlier this week all 4CW programming will be moving to a brand new network starting on August tenth. You see, that is the fiftieth broadcast of Adrenaline, and boy do we have a big show planned!”
Scanning over the audience, Kaysie lets out a soft chuckle before she continues to speak.
SHERELL: ”The fiftieth edition of Adrenaline will mark the first time that 4CW will have a show in the beautiful state of Hawaii. I can see it now, the pineapples, the bikinis, all the suntan lotion, it’s going to be grand! Now, that’s not all I have to say young padawans.”
Kaysie backs away from the ropes and rejoins her love in the center of the ring. Placing her arm on his shoulder, she looks over at him with a smile. After a brief moment, she begins to speak once more.
SHERELL: ”Now onto some business that directly affects our next pay-per-view event, Ante Up. Earlier in the week, the contract negotiation of one Desiree Drake took place. During those proceedings, not only did Desiree walk out with a brand new lucrative contract, but she also did a favor for her client.”
Kaysie takes her arm off of Perry’s shoulder. Then, she places her free hand on her hip before she begins to speak once again.
SHERELL: ”With the aide of Desiree Drake and the altercation that transpired at the end of the last Adrenaline broadcast, we now have our first matchup set for Ante Up. Live in Las Vegas, Nevada at the T-Mobile Arena, Erron Wilder will face off with Chris Madison for the 4CW Pride Championship!”
The crowd erupts into cheers with the announcement of the Pride Championship match for Ante Up. As Kaysie looks on with a smirk, the crowd continues to cheer.
JOHNSON: “Wilder versus Madison for the Pride Championship? That’s going to be one helluva contest!”
VASSA: “They tore each other apart at the end of the last Adrenaline, just imagine what they’ll do to each other in July at Ante Up! I can hardly wait!”
Patiently standing by and enjoying every last word Kaysie has said, Perry extends his hand for the microphone. The two look at one another for a brief moment before she hands him the mic. Turning back to the crowd, Wallace slowly raises the mic to his lips.
WALLACE: ”Erron Wilder and Chris Madison going head to head, one on one, in a 4CW ring for the Pride Championship… it just doesn’t get much better than that. Sure, we have the big 4CW Championship match with Dakota defending against three challengers in a fourway sixty minute ironman match, but this match right here, between these two men, could be the sleeper to steal the entire event. Chris Madison has dominated 4CW I guess you could say, at least that’s what his record shows. There’s one thing he hasn’t done and that’s defeat Erron Wilder one on one in the ring. Now, Desiree drove a hard bargain last week when we sat down for contract negotiations. She made it a point to secure this match for her client. This goes beyond that, in my opinion. The war between Unstable and Omerta has been ongoing and some might even say that things are in Unstable’s favor. There’s no denying that Chris Madison is their biggest threat but I believe Erron can be the one, I repeat, THE ONE to put a blemish on Madison’s record. We saw what happened the last time Erron went one on one with a member of Unstable. There’s no doubt in my mind that the result won’t be the same when he steps into the ring with Madison.”
Stepping backwards beside Kaysie, Wallace hands her the microphone. As Kaysie stands up proudly in the center of the ring, she begins to speak.
SHERELL: ”Now, let’s see what Paul Knight and those folks up in Canada can do to top that! Matter of fact, what could Jack Vaughn do to top that? Hmmm, probably nothing, I guess that just shows that the King and Queen of 4CW should always reign supreme!”
”The World Belongs to Me” begins to play once again as Kaysie drops the microphone down to the mat. As Kaysie takes Perry’s hand, they head out of the ring.
JOHNSON: “We’re going to now roll the lineup for the evening ladies and gentlemen as we prep for our opening match!”


POWERS: “The following no holds barred contest is scheduled for one fall and will be for the 4CW XTV Championship!”
The lights dim, and ‘Texas’ by the Charlie Daniels Band begins to erupt throughout the arena. As the fans cheer uncontrollably, a large shadow comes out onto the ramp wearing a cowboy hat, black leather duster, and holding a baseball bat in his hand. As a huge explosion of pyro goes off, the name, Harley Reigns can be seen on the big screen.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring first, from Brownsville, Texas, weighing in at three hundred twenty eight pounds and standing six feet, six inches tall! He is “The Texas Outlaw”, HARLEY RREEIIGGNNSS!!!”
Now, various scenes from Harley’s long career can be seen. Harley then holds his bat high in the air and begins to swagger down to the ring.
As he enters the ring, he goes to the center of the ring and again holds up his bat for all the fans to cheer him on. He then steps to his corner, removes his entrance attire and waits for the sound of the bell.

POWERS: “And next!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly. His trademark “LAUGH-LIN” Run DMC Style shirt on he nods his head to the music and acknowledges the fans before dropping his head taking a deep breath and breaking out into a sprint towards the ring.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, “The Ripper”, BRYAN LAUGHLIN!!!”
Approaching the ring he slides in and gets to his knees throwing his head back and his arms out allowing the fans to acknowledge him back. He quickly hops to his feet mouthing the lyrics.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

He backs into the nearest corner taking off his shirt and throwing it behind him out of the ring as his music slowly fades.
POWERS: “And the champion!”
The arena goes into a brief silence before Jason Cashe comes out from the back with the 4CW XTV Championship around his waist and a smile on his face as he hears the place give him either jeers and cheers. Depending on the opponent more one than the other but he takes it all in, deeply inhaling the air with his head tilted back and his eyes closed at the edge of where the stage meets the entrance ramp.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Houston Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the 4CW XTV Champion, “The Troubled One”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Patting the championship around his waist, he takes two quick puffs from an “Air Joint”, Cashe rips the belt off and throws his arms up above his head holding his championship high. He shows it to those watching at home before slapping the camera away. He begins to head to the ring. A few fans holding out their own titles, Cashe “high fives” his belt to theirs as he makes his way down to ringside. He rounds the corner of the ring and jogs the steel stairs, getting up on the ring apron.
Dipping through the middle ropes, he enters the ring. Walking to the opposite side, he raises the XTV Championship, leaning against the ropes, he roars out, getting hyped up over the upcoming match.

Dropping down, he puts his back into a nearby corner and awaits the bell.
JOHNSON: “After some controversy following South Beach Brawl, Jason Cashe will defend the XTV Championship for the first time under this new reign.”
VASSA: “Things have been a little hectic since, claims of this or that, but no factual evidence.”
JOHNSON: “With everything following South Beach Brawl, we have a new movement in 4CW, led by Bryan Laughlin himself.”
VASSA: “Make 4CW Great Again has been buzzing on social media. I don’t know what there is to do to Make 4CW Great Again, it hasn’t stopped being great in the first place. But apparently Laughlin has a plan.”
JOHNSON: “We’ll see what his plan is tonight I suppose. He has a tough one against the XTV Champion, Cashe, and our other challenger, Harley Reigns.”
VASSA: “I really like Harley. He’s only been in 4CW for a short time but has made a big splash in this XTV division. He’s undefeated in 4CW and with a win here tonight, not only will he carry his streak on to three, but he will also walk out with that XTV Championship.”
JOHNSON: “If you folks paid attention two weeks ago, there have been some changes to the XTV Division. Before the majority of the matches fell under Extreme Rules. This championship has evolved quite a bit over time from the Extreme Television to the Extreme and now the XTV. As you all have noticed, we don’t have weapons placed here at ringside. The term extreme rules will no longer apply as these matches will no be referred to as no holds barred.”
VASSA: “We don’t have weapons placed at ringside but Harley brought a baseball bat with him down to the ring. And that’s legal?”
JOHNSON: “It is legal, Vinny. Anything is legal in these matches as there are literally no rules. You just won’t see the trashcans sitting at ringside stuffed to the rim with weapons. Wrestlers are more than welcome to bring their own stuff to the ring with them, but other than that this will be a more violent, more aggressive style of wrestling with literally no restraints.”
VASSA: “So what you’re telling me is that this will be what Cashe has been trying to rebirth this division into for a while now. Because two weeks ago it sounded like Wallace was taking credit for this and all along you and I know it has been Cashe talking about this.”
JOHNSON: “Something like that, yes. Expect to see the environment used as a weapon. Expect to see moves you wouldn’t typically see. Expect to see basically an all out fight with no rules whatsoever.”
VASSA: “That’s what I’m talking about, let’s get down to it!”
Walking over to Cashe, the official takes the XTV Championship and makes his way to the center of the ring with it. Holding it above his head, he displays it to the crowd on each side of the ring. After walking to the ropes, the official holds it over the ropes to hand to a member of the ringside crew.
JOHNSON: “In just a moment we wi–“
VASSA: “Cashe is going for the belt!”
Running over to the official, Cashe reaches over the ropes and rips the XTV Championship from the officials hands. The official quickly runs to the other side of the ring and calls for the bell.

Before Cashe can turn around, Harley delivers a nasty shot to the ribs with the baseball bat. Cashe buckles over to his side and as he does, Harley raises the bat over his head with both hands. As he begins to swing down, Laughlin rushes in from behind and rips the bat away from him. Turning his head in an instant, Harley’s eyes light up at the sight of Laughlin with the bat. He quickly grabs the XTV Championship and rips it away from Cashe’s hands, turning around and swinging for Laughlin’s head. Ducking underneath the belt aimed for his head, Laughlin counters with a quick jab to Harley’s stomach with the bat. Harley lunges over and as he does, Laughlin tosses the bat over the ropes and then drives down onto the back of his head with a vicious elbow, knocking Harley down face-first to the mat.
Leaping over Harley’s body, Cashe connects with a chop to Laughlin’s throat. Stumbling backwards, Laughlin quickly regains his footing only to realize that Cashe is running at him full speed. Drawing his right hand back, Cashe swings forward with a superman elbow.

VASSA: “Mark of Ja–“
JOHNSON: “Nnooo!!!”
Stepping out of the way, Laughlin avoids the devastating elbow and drops Cashe face-first into the canvas with a drop toe hold. Cashe quickly rolls over to his back, leaving himself open for Laughlin to jump straight into the air. As gravity takes hold, Laughlin comes down with a double foot stomp to Cashe’s face. Not stepping down, Laughlin then jumps up once more and this time comes down with a double foot stomp to Cashe’s chest. Stepping down to the mat, Laughlin quickly gets spun around as Harley grabs his shoulder from behind and jerks him away from Cashe.
Locking onto Laughlin’s head with both hands, Harley hits him right between the eyes with a hard hitting headbutt. Laughlin stumbles backwards a few steps and as he comes to a stop, Harley quickly moves in and lays a big right hand across his jaw, shipping his head to the side and sending him down to the mat. With both men down, Harley makes his way over to the corner and begins removing the padding from the top turnbuckle, exposing the bare metal underneath. After taking a few moments to do so, Harley takes a step back from the corner only to get hit in the back with both of Cashe’s feet as he flies into him, knocking him stomach-first into the corner.
Cashe falls straight to his back and hits the canvas with a thud as Harley sighs from the metal digging into his body. Quickly pushing himself up from the mat, Cashe grabs onto the back of Harley’s head with both hands and then begins slamming it forward, face-first into the exposed metal over and over. After three or four kisses from the corner, Harley’s face becomes red from the blood pouring out of a wide laceration across his forehead. Cashe then moves in beside him and drops him to the mat with a Russian leg sweep.

JOHNSON: “Harley’s plan backfired on him!”
VASSA: “He was looking to use that exposed metal in the corner to do some damage on someone but he ended up being the one to kiss it instead.”
JOHNSON: “This is a no holds barred match so that is perfectly legal, anything is legal pretty much.”
Cashe crawls on top of Harley and then sits over him. Holding Harley’s head up with one hand, Cashe begins laying into him with hard right hands, pounding away at his face. After half a dozen blows, Cashe drops his head to the canvas and transitions the attack into gorilla styled fist attacks, hammering down on Harley’s face and chest with thunderous clubs. With Harley in a daze, Cashe raises both hands above his head and grabs ahold of one fist with the other. After a loud battle cry, Cashe goes to swing down onto Harley’s face but before he can, Laughlin rushes in behind him and locks in a full nelson.
Pulling Cashe up from Harley, Laughlin drags him towards the center of the ring and in the blink of an eye, he lifts him off his feet and drives him backwards onto his head with a full nelson suplex. Cashe’s body flops over to his stomach on the mat. Laughlin rolls over and then rolls Cashe over to his back before making the cover as the official rushes in from across the ring to make the count.


VASSA: “Cashe kicks out with only a one count!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know how he managed to do that. After landing on his head from that full nelson suplex that Laughlin likes to call DUMP’D, it looked as if his body went completely limp.”
VASSA: “That sounds like a personal problem you have for yourself there old timer.”
Laughlin looks down at Cashe for a moment before pushing himself up. Going back on the attack, Laughlin begins stomping on Cashe’s midsection. Out of nowhere, Harley spins him around and follows up with a kick to the stomach. Lunging over from the boot to the gut, Laughlin gasps for air as Harley pulls his head in between his legs and wraps his waist up with both arms. Lifting Laughlin into the air, Harley then throws him down onto Cashe with a powerbomb. Cashe grunts from under the pile as Laughlin holds his stomach from the kick moments earlier. Turning to the ropes, Harley takes off towards them and comes back with speed on the rebound. Closing in, Harley jumps into the air and comes down on top of Laughlin with a big splash, sandwiching him between Cashe and crushing Cashe even more with over five hundred fifty pounds of flesh and bone.
VASSA: “They’re going to turn Cashe into a pancake!”
JOHNSON: “Oh my! Harley and Bryan combined weigh over five hundred fifty pounds and every bit of that is weighing down on Cashe.”
Pushing himself up from the pile, Harley circles the two men as he catches his breath. Grabbing onto Laughlin’s head, Harley pulls him up from Cashe and then drags him to the edge of the ring before slinging him forward into the ropes. The front of Laughlin’s body hits the ropes and he quickly raises up from his feet as he flips up and over them, falling hard onto the apron and then rolling down to the hard floor below. Turning around, Harley locks his eyes on Cashe and slowly makes his way over to him. Bending over and locking onto Cashe’s arm, Harley pulls him up from the mat and then goes to throw him to the ropes. Before he can release, Cashe reverses and whips the big man to the ropes instead. Cashe quickly takes off behind Harley and as the big man hits the ropes, Cashe is right there with a clothesline, flipping him over the top and sending him down to the floor.
JOHNSON: “There goes Harley!”
VASSA: “Just look at the trail of blood he left behind!”
JOHNSON: “His forehead is cut open pretty badly but it doesn’t seem to be slowing him down one bit.”
Cashe paces back and forth inside of the ring while both Harley and Laughlin slowly climb to their feet on the outside of the ring. Laughlin stands first, in front of Harley as he pushes himself up to one knee. Locking his sights on the two outside of the ring, Cashe quickly takes off from stand still and charges towards the ropes. Closing in on the ropes, Cashe grabs onto the top rope with both hands and then jumps into the air, pulling himself over the top rope and flipping tot he outside. Harley pushes himself up but as he does, Cashe crashes into Laughlin with a cannonball senton, knocking him backwards into Harley, causing the three men to crash hard to the floor, Cashe on top of the pile this time.
VASSA: “Holy shit, did you just see that?!”
JOHNSON: “I did, Vinny! That’s a newer move Cashe has added to his arsenal. He likes to call that cannonball senton the Trouble Cannon.”
VASSA: “It’s fitting because he shot out over those ropes as if being blasted straight out of a cannon.”
Cashe slowly climbs off of the pile and with Bryan the one on top now, he quickly pulls him up from Harley and then throws him into the steel barricade at ringside. Laughlin’s back crashes against the cold metal as his arms drape over the top, holding himself up. Cashe quickly moves in and kicks Laughlin in the stomach, knocking the air from his lungs. Turning Laughlin around, Cashe presses his face against the top of the barricade and then begins dragging him along it. The fans in the front row go nuts with the action only feet in front of them. Stopping midway along the barricade, Cashe pulls Laughlin’s head back and then slams it forward, face-first onto the top of the barricade. Laughlin pulls his head up and staggers backwards a bit, but Cashe quickly moves in behind him and wraps both arms around his waist, locking his hands. Lifting Laughlin up from his feet, Cashe drives him backwards, slamming Laughlin’s shoulders into the side of the ring, folding his body in half.
JOHNSON: “And this is what they were talking about when they said using the environment as a weapon.”
VASSA: “It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?”
Laughlin rolls over to his back and Cashe quickly climbs over top of him for the cover as the official drops in with the count.

VASSA: “It’s Harley!”
Grabbing onto Cashe’s foot, Harley pulls Cashe off of Laughlin, breaking up the pin. Cashe quickly rolls over to his back as Harley keeps hold on his foot. Pulling his other knee close to his chest, Cashe kicks his leg straight, aiming for Harley’s chest.
JOHNSON: “Hold up!”
Harley catches Cashe’s other foot and now has both of Cashe’s feet tightly in his grips. Spreading Cashe’s legs apart, Harley then steps in while raising his foot as high as he can before slamming it down, stomping on Cashe’s family jewels.
VASSA: “Ooohhhhhh, that dirty son of a bitch!”
JOHNSON: “Any other time you could say that but in this type of match, that isn’t a dirty move whatsoever!”
Harley then pulls Cashe up from the floor and holds onto his head, keeping it pressed down. Walking Cashe alongside the ring, Harley picks up his speed and then rolls Cashe forward into the ringside steps, knocking them over as Cashe crashes into them. The camera zooms in to Cashe’s back, revealing a nasty cut along the top of his right shoulder. Laughing at the site, Harley wipes the blood from his eyes and then moves in towards Cashe. Grabbing a handful of beard, Harley pulls Cashe up to his feet and then hits him with a series of snap jabs. After landing quite a few, Harley follows up with a bionic elbow that knocks Cashe backwards. Tripping over the steps, Cashe falls back and slams his head against the floor, stunning him from the impact. Harley kicks the steps out of the way and then closes in on Cashe before dropping down to his knees and making the cover.

VASSA: “Where the hell did he come from?!”
Flying through the air, Laughlin lands a hard elbow to the back of Harley’s head, breaking up the count. Back on his feet, Laughlin spots a nearby camera man filming the action. He quickly pursues the man and rips the camera out of his hands. Turning around, Laughlin holds the camera with both hands and the lens facing Cashe and Harley, still filming. As Harley pushes himself up with both hands planted on the floor, he pops his head up and looks forward, only to get greeted with a close up as Laughlin slams the camera into his face. Harley rolls over to his back, off of Cashe.
Laughlin then wraps the cord around his hand and rips it from the back of the camera. Throwing the camera to the floor, Laughlin holds the cord tightly in his grip and his eyes locked on Cashe. He then swings his arm, whipping Cashe across the chest with the cord. Cashe releases a howling moan as the cord bites away at his flesh. Laughlin then whips him again and again, showing no restraint as Cashe rolls around defenseless. Laughlin then rolls Cashe over to his stomach and wraps the cord around his throat, pulling it tightly and cutting off his flow of oxygen. Cashe quickly tries to pry his fingers in between the cord and his throat but struggles as Laughlin leaves him no slack to do so. With his face growing red, Cashe’s fight slowly begins to die down as the lack of oxygen sets in.
A few moments pass but Cashe is still conscious and showing signs of life. In a last ditch effort, Cashe begins pushing himself up from the floor with Laughlin on his back, still choking the life out of him with the cord. Up to all fours, Cashe gets to a point where he just can’t push forward anymore. Dropping to his stomach, it seems as if Cashe is out of it but out of nowhere, Harley runs into the picture with a chair in hand and rams it into Laughlin’s chest, knocking him off of Cashe and loosening the cord. Laughlin falls back-first to the floor as Harley stands over the two with the chair in both hands.

VASSA: “That’s what I love about these triple threat matches! When you have two people going at it and you think one is about to put the other away, BAM!!! The third person comes in out of nowhere and changes the entire landscape.”
JOHNSON: “It seems to be how this match has been for the most part. It’s been a violent contest from the sound of the bell and all three of these men refuse to stay down.”
VASSA: “These matches are dangerous enough with rules, this has just been brutal to say the least.”
JOHNSON: “Things have evolved with the XTV Championship and it’s all thanks to the vision of one man.”
VASSA: “Perry Wallace.”
JOHNSON: “Are you kidding me? We both know it’s Jason Cas–“
With the chair in both hands, Harley quickly swings overhead and comes down aimed for Cashe’s skull.

Rolling out of the way, Cashe avoids the hit from the chair as the metal slams against the floor. Spinning his body around, Cashe kicks both of Harley’s legs out from under him, knocking him to his back with a sweep. The chair escapes his hands and slides across the floor to the opposite side of the apron. All three men then begin to race to their feet, Laughlin standing tall first. With Cashe looking to be the second one standing, Laughlin charges in towards him and drives his knee into his face. He then pulls Cashe up to both feet and then throws him back first into the side of the ring.
Turning to Harley, Laughlin grabs his head as he gets to one knee and then hits him with an overhead right, knocking the big man senseless, but not down. Pulling Harley up to his feet, Laughlin gets caught by surprise as the big man jabs him in the eye with a thumb. Locking onto Laughlin’s wrist, Harley then whips him into Cashe, squashing him against the side of the ring. Laughlin stumbles forward into a discus punch from Harley, knocking him off his feet and flat on his back.
Cashe then leaps over Laughlin and hits Harley with a thrusting headbutt, knocking him back a few steps and off balance. Charging in, Cashe then hits Harley with a running European uppercut that drops the big man to the floor. With both Harley and Laughlin down, Cashe quickly turns back to the ring and races to it. Digging underneath the ring, Cashe pulls out a table. Standing tall, he walks over to the corner and leans it up against the ring post.

VASSA: “Whoever decided to put a table underneath the ring tonight just made me a very happy man.”
JOHNSON: “You never know when a table is going to be needed. We could see a contract signing. We could see the Hot Shots doing table dances. But in this case, I think we’re going to see someone crashing right through it.”
Cashe turns to Harley and walks over to him before pulling him up to his feet. Holding the big man up with one hand, Cashe draws back and lays a hard right across the side of his face. Harley then fires back with a hard right of his own, sending Cashe’s head whipping to the side. Without coming to a stop whatsoever, Cashe then turns his body and connects with a punch to Harley’s temple, putting all of his weight into it. From behind, Laughlin locks in a full nelson on Harley. As he holds Harley in place, Cashe then unloads with a vicious combination of lefts and rights to the stomach followed stiff striking elbow to the laceration on his forehead, opening it up even more.
JOHNSON: “The Mark of Jason!”
VASSA: “And Harley is laughing at it!”
Cashe seems a little surprised at the sight as Harley laughs with a face full of blood. He’s still conscious somewhat, but doesn’t seem to really be all there. In a burst of energy, Laughlin then lifts Harley up from his feet and as he does, Harley kicks both legs forward, planting them into Cashe’s chest before Laughlin drops him back down to his feet. Cashe stumbles backwards and crashes into the table, breaking completely through it and smacking the back of his head against the ring post.

Cashe slides down to a seated position with his back against the corner of the ring. Laughlin then lifts Harley up once more and this time drives him onto his head with a full nelson suplex.
VASSA: “There it is again and this time onto the concrete floor.”
Rolling Harley over to his back, Laughlin looks over to Cashe against the corner of the ring, out cold. He then covers Harley’s bloody body for the pin as the official races over for the count.

JOHNSON: “Laughlin wins it! He’s won the XTV Championship for the second time!”
VASSA: “We have a new XTV Champion ladies and gentlemen!”
Laughlin slowly climbs to his feet as the official calls for the bell.

A member of the ringside crew races over with the XTV Championship and hands it to the official. “Out of My Mind” hits the speakers as the official steps in beside Laughlin, handing him the XTV Championship and then raising his arm into the air.
POWERS: “Here is your winner and new XTV Champion… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
Clutching the championship tightly against his chest, Laughlin drops down to both knees, surveying the wreckage at ringside as the fans begin to chant.
“Great A-gain!!! Great A-gain!!! Great A-gain!!! Great A-gain!!! Great A-gain!!!”

VASSA: “There you have it folks. Bryan Laughlin has been preaching for weeks now about making 4CW great again and with this win here tonight, this should do wonders for his campaign, whatever that may be.”
JOHNSON: “I still don’t understand exactly what it is that he wants to change in 4CW, but tonight will do wonders for him and his plans for a ‘better’ 4CW.”
VASSA: “All we’ve been hearing about lately is politics and this whole make 4CW great again thing to me seems like nothing but one big political campaign.”
JOHNSON: “He’s a man of his word. Earlier in the week he said he wanted to defeat Harley for the championship, not the former champ Cashe and he did exactly that.”
VASSA: “We’ve seen these two together in one on one competition twice and each man has a win. I wouldn’t mind seeing a tie breaker if I’m being honest.”
JOHNSON: “Who knows what the future holds. This division is so rapid, anything is bound to happen and from the announcement made two weeks ago by Mr. Wallace, the championship could even be defended for so than it was before.”
VASSA: “I definitely love the sound of that.”
JOHNSON: “You and me both, Vinny.”

We head backstage to see 4CW Hot Shots Trishelle Jordan, and newest edition to the crew Stassi Malone walking towards the camera. Both of the young women laugh and smile at each other as they continue their leisurely stroll down the hallway. Suddenly, they are stopped in their tracks by one Desiree Drake. Desiree looks at both Trishelle and Stassi one at a time, up and down. Then, she speaks.
DRAKE: “Well, if it isn’t the 4CW Hot Shots. You know, I thought the only purpose that you girls served was to shake your asses and show a little bit of tits to entertain the fans during commercial breaks, but you girls have certainly tried to make yourselves known lately, haven’t you?”
Trishelle places her hands onto her hips as she looks at Desiree. After a moment, she turns to Stassi for a moment before beginning to speak.
JORDAN: “I’m going to assume that you’re talking about all the malarkey that Taryn and Raquel have been doing? That’s all completely ridiculous and I have no part in it at all. Now, I do take offense to your little comment about being tits and ass, because you’re not much better.”
Slightly offended, Desiree places her hands on her hips as she looks over at Stassi, then slowly turns her attention to Trishelle.
DRAKE: “How funny Trishelle. I mean really, that was really nice. Yes, I show my body, but at least I actually serve some purpose around here. I am the premiere manager here in 4 Corners Wrestling. I am at ringside regularly with the number one contender to the Pride Championship, Erron Wilder. Now, the rest of you really don’t serve much of a purpose. I mean you have to think about it from my perspective ladies. I was furloughed for contractual obligations while Perry Wallace made sure that all of you broads were taken care of. Now, am I the only person that thinks that is a tad ridiculous?”
Suddenly, Stassi steps forward as she sticks her hand up showing that she had something to say.
MALONE: “I know that this is my first night and all, but that is a tad bit ridiculous Desiree. I’ll be honest, what Mr. Wallace did you wasn’t the best, but I don’t think the Hot Shots deserve universal blame for that wrongdoing. He had his reasons, and I’m sure it wasn’t the Hot Shots. However, if it was, I guarantee it wasn’t over Trishelle.”
Desiree looks down at the floor for a moment before she responds once more.
DRAKE: “I’m sure you’re right, but I’m not exactly the biggest fan of you 4CW Hot Shots. I hope that you all realize that, because I can do what you all do on my own with my eyes closed. ”
Suddenly, both Taryn Robinson and Raquel Santiago arrive on the scene. Taryn looks at Desiree with a smirk before she places her hand on Raquel’s shoulder.
ROBINSON: “Oh, come on Desiree, don’t blame your misfortunes on you. In fact, you shouldn’t even look at us like that. We are giving women an opportunity in this company. In fact, the opportunities will continue to come… oh Logan!!!!!”
Suddenly, Logan Bianchi walks over to the women. She has the 4CW microphone in hand and she looks into the camera.
BIANCHI: “Ladies and gentleman, I am Logan Bianchi here with the 4CW Hot Shots. I understand that Taryn Robinson has a major announcement to make here.”
Logan pushes the microphone towards Taryn who has a smile on her face.
ROBINSON: “I am pleased to announce that at our next Adrenaline, the 4CW Hot Shots will be hosting the first ever 4CW Hot Shots invitational bikini contest. So Desiree, if you really think you can do it better than the Hot Shots, let’s go ahead and prove it. Now if you’ll excuse Raquel and I, we have some business to attend to.”
As Taryn waves goodbye to the women standing near her, she then walks away. As Raquel stands by as she flicks her hair over her shoulder, she speaks herself.
SANTIAGO: “I’ll see you girls next Adrenaline… and follow me on Twitter at TheRaquelS!!!”
Then, Raquel walks away as Logan, Desiree, Trishelle, and Stassi stand by clearly bewildered.


The cameras dart back and forth around the audience trying to find him. The camera zooms in on a few folks who react positively as seeing themselves on the big screen. Finally, the cameras find Sonny Lee sitting a few rows back amongst the fans. Once the spotlights hit him, he stands up and places the local newspaper he was reading on the seat and begins his walk down to the ring.
POWERS: “And now, fighting out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by way of Heyuan, Guangdong, China. Weighing in at one hundred seventy pounds, SONNY LLEEEE!!!”
As he goes, fans pat him on the back and take pictures with their smart phones. His eyes are fixed on the ring. Once he’s to the guard rail, he leaps over it and lands on his feet. He takes off his hoodie and proceeds to fold it and hands it off to a ring hand. He then slowly climbs the ring steps and enters the ring.
Once in the ring, Sonny Lee stretches and gets warmed up for the upcoming contest.

POWERS: ”And his opponent…”
The first three bass tones of 8Ball and MJG’s “You Don’t Want Drama” play over the sound system. The big screen plays images of big Dirty South doing really cool, dangerous things like smoking and hitting people, throwing people and jumping off high places. Shaking out (cheap) champagne bottles. As the track intro plays a teenage asian girl in coveralls and a backward baseball cap backs out of the curtain with a GoPro/iPad setup focused on the curtain. As 8Ball begins to rap Dirty South emerges from the back in all his glory.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Mackramento, California, weighing in at three hundred pounds and standing five feet, ten inches tall… “Big D”… DIRTY SSOOUUTTHH!!!”
The crowd begins to boo as he marches down to the ring, preceded by his personal camera girl. Dirty South clear his nostrils and spits, talks trash to fans and yells his social media handles at the cameras. He cracks his neck and rolls under the bottom ropes then double checks his shoe laces and the tape on his wrists while the ref checks him for hidden weapons.

As the bell sounds the two men slowly beginning to circle one another. Dirty South raises his right and Lee matches it, but before the two men can lock up Dirty South quickly lowers his arm and shakes his head.
JOHNSON: “Dirty South being cautious here in the early moments of this match.”
Once again Dirty South and Sonny Lee begin to circle one another and again Dirty South raises his arm only to pull it back down. Lee shakes his head in frustration as Dirty South leans over the top rope and begins to jaw jack with a fan in the front row.
VASSA: “This is trademark Dirty South right here. He’s trying to play with Lee’s head right now, acting like Lee isn’t important enough to worry about.”
The crowd cheers loudly as Lee charges forward connecting with a forearm to the back of Dirty South’s head. The forearm sends Dirty South up against the ropes which allows Lee to spin him around.
JOHNSON: “Lee has Dirty South in the ropes and there’s a knife edge chop and a second one! There’s a third and these fans are quickly getting behind Sonny.”
Lee grabs the right arm of Dirty South and shoots him against the ring with an Irish whip. Dirty South hits the ropes and rebounds off. Lee charges forward with a clothesline but Dirty South ducks it. Dirty South continues with a head of steam towards the ropes. Dirty South rebounds off of the rope as Sonny Lee turns around. Dirty South quickly closes in upon Lee who drops his head.
JOHNSON: ” And a big back body drop elevates Dirty South!”
Dirty South sits up, pain etched on his face, and quickly rolls to his feet and charges Lee but newcomer to 4CW catches him and sends him crashing onto his back once again with a hip toss. Dirty South rolls away from Lee creating some distance between them. Dirty South wastes no time getting back to his feet and he charges but Sonny Lee with the leap frog. Dirty South off the ropes once again and Lee with a spinning heel kick to Dirty South’s jaw. Dirty South grabs his jaw as Sonny Lee reaches down to pull him to his feet, but Dirty South once again wisely creates distance between Lee and himself. Dirty South pushes himself up, and is caught by a charging forearm right as he reaches his feet. The crowd cheers for Lee as he goes for an early cover.

JOHNSON: “Dirty South easily kicks out at one.”
Lee drops a knee into the chest of Dirty South and grabs him by the back of head. Sonny now hoisting Dirty South to his feet, and there’s an Irish … no, Dirty South reverses the whip and this time Lee is taken over with a hip toss. With a cocky sneer upon his face, Dirty South yanks Lee to his and tries for a short arm clothesline but Lee ducks it. As Sonny ducks the clothesline he grabs the waist of his opponent and slips behind Dirty South.
JOHNSON: “Lee has the waist lock and it looks like he’s going for a German suplex.”
VASSA: ” But Dirty South is fighting it as he wraps his leg around Lee’s.”
JOHNSON: ” Great counter there as Dirty South now is struggling to break the grip of Lee.”
Sonny Lee realizes he isn’t going to be able to power Dirty South over, so he fights his leg free from Dirty South’s and rushes towards the ropes, shoving Dirty South forward as he does so.
JOHNSON: ” Dirty South into the ropes and Lee rolling him back into a quick cover!”

JOHNSON: “And Dirty South powers out of the roll-up.”
Both men back to their feet and Sonny grabs Dirty South by the head and pulls him close for a knee to the mid-section. Dirty South is doubled over and Lee hooks him with a front chancery. Lee quickly snaps Dirty South over with a snap suplex. Sonny Lee kips up and points to the corner and the fans cheer as he begins to ascend to the top turnbuckle. Once there he grabs the top rope with his left hand, bracing himself.
JOHNSON: “Lee is perched on the top rope like a hawk and he’s motioning for Dirty South to get to his feet.”
With the fan’s cheers behind him, Sonny leaps off the top rope with a flying clothesline, but Dirty South lunges to the side narrowly avoiding the aerial maneuver.
JOHNSON: ” Dirty South avoids the flying clothesline, but more impressive is that Lee is able to roll through the dive and is back to his feet!”
Dirty South grabs the head of Sonny Lee and begins to twist so that Lee and he is back to back.
JOHNSON: “Dirty South twisting Lee around for what I assume will be the hangman neckbreaker… but no! Lee reversing into a backslide and Dirty South’s shoulders are down!”

JOHNSON: ” Only a one count but as Lee for some reason slips out of the hold … he grabs the legs of Dirty South…”
Sonny grabs his legs and slingshot him back into the turnbuckles. Dirty South sails chest first into the turnbuckles, and his head glances off top of the ring post the fans cheer the sudden reversal!
JOHNSON: “INTO THE POST! Dirty South is stunned! And lucky that his head only grazed the post instead of smashed into it!”
Sonny stalking Dirty South as he grabs the bottom rope and tries to pull himself to his feet. Getting impatient Sonny Lee grabs Dirty South by the back of the head and pulls him to his feet.
JOHNSON: “Sonny has Dirty South against the ropes and there’s a stiff forearm to the side of the head. He grabs the right arm and an Irish whip, Lee waits for Dirty South to hit the ropes and he charges forward.”
Lee leaps and a flying forearm connects.
VASSA: “Flying forearm to the mush! Dirty South hits the mat and he’s trying to get back to his feet but Lee seems poised to take advantage.”
Riding the wave of energy from the crowd, Sonny gets up and motions to Dirty South to bring it on, working up the crowd.
JOHNSON: “Dirty South has pushed himself to his knees and Dirty South rushes Sonny Lee.”
Sonny sees Dirty South rushing him and leaps up spinning his body 540 degrees before connecting with a Gyro Cresent Kick to the side of Dirty South’s head who immediately falls to the mat…
VASSA: ”And look at Sonny Lee hooking the leg of Dirty South.”

POWERS: ”The winner of this match … SONNNNYYY LEEEEE!!!”

Fresh off the commercial break, the cameras cut to the backstage area where we find Sonny Lee making his way through the entrance to the backstage area. He is immediately greeted by a backstage hand who provides him with his robe. Sonny puts it on and takes an offered towel to dab his forehead. He continues down the hallway with the towel over his shoulder when he’s confronted by a strange woman and an even stranger little Asian man.
WOMAN: “Oh my god, you are just as incredible in person as I imagined.”
The woman flashes Sonny Lee some solid “totes avail” eyes which he doesn’t respond to. This woman is something to look at, she’s tall and her eyes are cold water blue which would likely slice right through anyone, but Sonny Lee. Her smile is wicked and as she shows her teeth, she takes on a wolf-like appearance.
LEE: “Excuse me?”
She steps closer to Sonny and instinctively puts her hands together in a mock prayer.
WOMAN: “I would make excuses for you, all day long.”
LEE: “And you are?”
WOMAN: “Look, I’m not fond of the smell back here, but I braved it because I wanted to meet you. You’re welcome. So at long last… I’m Envy Keenan.”
Now she throws a kind of look that spells out: unconditional love. The little Asian man beside her tugs on her shirt. She pulls away from him and silences him with a finger to her lips.
LEE: “Your significance to me, would be?”
KEENAN: “I run your Twitter account, of course. I spread your message to the world wide web. You know, the internet, intarweb, etcetera. There’s a web service called etcetera. I promise. Or, it’s the search engine I will create to finally put Google to shame.”
Again the little man tugs on her shirt.
LEE: “Twitter?”
KEENAN: “Alright! This little weasel here is Tony Chu. He may have thought he was talking to you on Twitter when he was actually talking to me. Subsequently, he may have also thought I was you when I agreed to let him be your Agent if he’s able to win this match over in Wallace’s Slum Wrestling Club. It’s completely legit.”
She cringes. Tony, the aforementioned little Asian man, also throws those “totes avail” eyes. Sonny averts his eyes with a quick head shake.
KEENAN: “You’re not allowed to be mad at me.”
CHU: “Not only are you not allowed to be mad at Envy, you have no choice, but to go along with our little deal. It is legally binding–everything said on Twitter. Internet bylaw number four hundred twenty. Look it up on your smartphone.”
Sonny’s eyes follow a path between these two bizarre people much like you’d expect to see out of a spectator at a tennis match, but in reality he’s considering his exit strategy.
LEE: “Twitter?”
KEENAN: “You are such a beautiful man.”
CHU: “Also, if you agree to allow me the opportunity to be your manager without having to be murdered by troglodytes in that battle royale over at that whatever place, I would seriously offer free foot massages.”
Sonny just blinks his eyes, processing what he has seen and heard. Envy turns and gets right into Tony’s face–she’s forced to bend over a little bit to get to the man who is a solid six inches shorter than her.
KEENAN: “You’ll touch his feet over my dead body.”
CHU: “Kinky, damsel. Let him decide who will be handling his feet.”
The two turn to find that Sonny Lee has vanished, leaving behind only the towel he dabbed his forehead with. Envy shoves Tony away and grabs the towel. She holds it with both hands and her eyes are alive with vital thoughts.
KEENAN: “He’s just as elusive as I imagined, too. Magnificent.”
The scene cuts away with Tony and Envy arguing over who will go home with the towel–Envy, obvs.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights go completely dark in the arena except for one orb of light that shoots across the aisles until it finally forms a spotlight directly in front of the ramp. “Hollywood Swining” by Kool and the Gang starts playing through the arena. When the horns drop, Xan Xavier Xander exits the ramp wearing a business suit. As he walks, slowly toward the ring, he takes off his jacket, loosens his tie, and begins to de-robe to his wrestling attire underneath.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Wilmington, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and thirty two pounds, and standing six feet, four inches tall! He is “The Port City Powerhouse”, XAN XAVIER XXAANNDDEERR!!!”
The letters “XXX” appear on the screen. The silhouette of Xan Xavier Xander appears behind it from a distance. As he walks closer, he begins to become visible. When he gets in front of the letters, the screen goes white and fireworks explode by the ramp area of the arena.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The lights fade out. A deep red light fills the arena as DINOSAUR!’s Toccata and Fuege (Dubstep Remix) hauntingly kicks up. Fog fills then entrance way as Iscariot XIII slowly walks out from the back.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, Standing a massive six feet eleven inches tall and weighing it at two hundred and eighty wight pounds. Hailing from Gehenna, he is The Unholy Traitor, ISCARIOT XIII!!!!!!”
He slowly and methodically walks towards the ring. He climbs onto the ring Apron and then over the top rope. He walks to his corner and stares menacingly towards the crowd and announcers.
JOHNSON: “These two had a close, controversial contest two weeks ago where for a second there, we didn’t know exactly who had won the match.”
VASSA: “Two pins at once but only one counted, giving the win to Iscariot XIII in his 4CW debut.”
JOHNSON: “That match could have literally went either way, but luckily Iscariot was able to make the cover a split second earlier, thus giving him the nod when it was all said and done.”
VASSA: “Tonight they’ll have their chance to settle the score as only one man will leave here the victor.”
JOHNSON: “Let’s just hope that they both don’t pin each other at the same time.”
In the center of the ring, the official stands with each man in their corners. Looking to Xan first, the official quickly gets a middle finger as a signal that he is ready. Shaking his head, the official then looks to Iscariot who stares back emotionless, towering over the turnbuckle beside him. After a slow nod, Iscariot signals that he is ready and with that, the official calls for the bell.

Both men slowly approach each other until standing toe to toe in the center of the ring. Iscariot clearly has the height advantage as Xan holds his head back, looking up at the giant.
VASSA: “Xan is a big boy, he stands six feet, four inches but damn if he doesn’t look small standing side by side with Iscariot who stands six feet, eleven inches.”
JOHNSON: “Xan isn’t a small man by any means but that just goes to show you how big Iscariot truly is.”
In the blink of an eye, Xan throws a punch for Iscariot’s head, erupting upwards as his legs drive him up from the mat. Throwing both arms up, Iscariot blocks the punch, catching Xan’s arm and pulling him in closely. Spinning Xan around, Iscariot then pushes Xan forward, sending him to the ropes. Grabbing onto the top rope, Xan stops his momentum and then turns around with an angry grin on his face. Charging towards Iscariot, Xan fakes for an overhead punch and as Iscariot holds up his hands to block it, Xan drives his shoulder into his stomach, forcing him to lunge over from the breath taking collision. With Iscariot’s head at a lower level, Xan then hits him with a straight right punch and then follows up with a right body uppercut to complete the two hit combo.
Picking the big man up from his feet, Xan then throws him down to his back with a body slam. Turning to the ropes on his right, Xan takes off towards them and comes back with even more speed on the rebound. Hopping up from the mat, Xan comes down across Iscariot’s throat with a leg drop. Quickly popping up to his feet, Xan then taunts Iscariot for a moment before going back on the attack with kicks to the face. After pounding his foot into Iscariot’s face a few times, Xan then hits him across the bridge of his nose with a standing elbow drop.
Pushing himself up, Xan goes back on the attack with more kicks to Iscariot’s face but on the third, Iscariot grabs ahold of his foot and quickly twists it, rolling Xan’s ankle and pulling him down to the mat. Climbing over top of Xan, Iscariot mounts himself in an upright position and then begins hammering down with brutal lefts and rights, connecting with each blow as he trades off between hands. After beating Xan senseless, Iscariot locks both hands around his throat and then lifts his head up from the mat before slamming it back down, driving the back of his head into the canvas. With Xan in a daze, Iscariot stands tall but keeps his firm grip around Xan’s throat. He then pulls Xan up from the mat, lifting the two hundred forty pound man as if he were weightless.

JOHNSON: “Well… he made that look quite easy.”
VASSA: “There ain’t nothing light about two forty plus but damn if he didn’t make it look like he was picking up a pillow.”
Iscariot then raises Xan into the air, holding him as high as he can while choking the life out of him. He then drops down to a sit-out position, slamming Xan to the mat with a chokebomb.
JOHNSON: “Akeldama!”
JOHNSON: “Iscariot’s going for the pin!”
With Xan laid out, Iscariot quickly covers for the pin as the official drops in beside them for the count.

VASSA: “Not even a two count!”
Pushing himself up, Iscariot stares down at Xan lying on his back and holding his side. He then reaches down and grabs ahold of Xan’s wrist, pulling him up to his feet. Lifting Xan into the air, Iscariot places him on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Walking around the ring, he then goes to drop him with a death valley driver but Xan manages to slip out of the hold and drops down to his feet behind Iscariot. Grabbing Iscariot’s head, Xan drops him to the canvas with a reverse neckbreaker. Hitting the mat hard, Iscariot bounces up and begins climbing back to his feet, but at a slow pace. Making it up first, Xan moves in as Iscariot gets to one knee and then grabs his head with his left hand and begins pounding away at it with his right, landing a series a powerful punches.
Xan then pulls Iscariot up to his feet. Wrapping the big man up, Xan lifts him into the air and then drops him down with an inverted atomic drop, standing him straight up as the pain shoots up his spine. With a cocky grin on his face, Xan begins taunting Iscariot for a moment and then the grin disappears as he kicks Iscariot in the stomach. Iscariot lunges over and as he does, Xan gives him a nasty eye rake, temporarily blinding him. Dropping down to one knee, Xan delivers a dirty arm to Iscariot’s groin that the official doesn’t see. He then pops back to his feet and slaps Iscariot across the face. Wrapping his arm around Iscariot’s head, Xan pulls it against the side of his body and then takes a few steps forward, Driving Iscariot’s face into the canvas with a bulldog.

VASSA: “That quick groin attack and slap combo seems to do quite a bit of damage.”
JOHNSON: “He likes to call that Blackbeard’s Delight!”
VASSA: “Whatever he likes to call it, it did wonders and set up that head crushing bulldog that Xan’s now following up with a pin.”
Covering Iscariot, Xan hooks the leg for the pin as the official races over for the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Iscariot breaks the pin attempt at the two count. Looking up at the official in frustration, Xan then stands to his feet and begins mouthing off a bit. He then waves the official off and turns back to Iscariot and grabs him by the arm with both hands before pulling him up to his feet. Pulling Iscariot in, Xan drives his shoulder into Iscariot’s. He then moves his grip to Iscariot’s wrist and goes to throw him to the ropes. Just as Xan goes to release, Iscariot reverses the throw and whips Xan to the ropes instead. As Xan rounds off the ropes, Iscariot takes off and charges towards him, meeting him in the center of the ring and driving through him with a spear.
JOHNSON: “The Spear of Destiny!”
VASSA: “Someone get this big son of a bitch a football contract!”
Bursting up to his feet, Iscariot surveys the damage as Xan is laid out at his feet. Grabbing ahold of Xan’s arm, Iscariot pulls him up to his feet and then turns him around to face his back. Ducking down, Iscariot then lifts Xan onto his shoulders in a seated position. Iscariot then reaches up with one hand and grabs Xan’s head before slamming him down with a one-handed electric chair driver.
JOHNSON: “Damned In Any Language!”
VASSA: “Well I’ll be damned! This one might be over!”
JOHNSON: “You might be right!”
Climbing over Xan, Iscariot makes the covers as the official drops down with the count.

“Toccata and Fugue (Dubstep Remix)” hits the speakers as Iscariot slowly rises to his feet. The official grabs him by the arm and goes to raises it but Iscariot rips it away from him and slowly turns his back to Xan laid out in the center of the ring.

The camera fades in and you see “The Distinguished” Caleb James O’Donnell already in his ring attire ready for battle against “The Archetype” Cyrus Riddle later on tonight. As Caleb is sitting on the bench the door swings open and in walks Reese Spencer with a huge smile on her face. CJ looks up as a smirk begins to appear across his own face.
O’DONNELL: “I was worried I scared you off with those stories about me growing up.”
Letting out a small chuckle, Reese looks at CJ with a smile. She places her hands on her hips before she speaks.
SPENCER:”It takes more than a little story to scare me Caleb. I mean, you growing up wasn’t exactly glamorous, but definitely nothing to scare little ole me.”
CJ nods his head looking impressed that his younger sister is not afraid of her own shadow.
O’DONNELL: “Glad to hear that. So I take it you came here tonight to watch me end the career of one Cyrus Riddle tonight?”
Reese slowly moves her hands off of her hips and crosses her arms over her chest.
SPENCER:”II wouldn’t hope to end anyone’s career. Cyrus has had a good run, but let’s be honest, you’ll destroy him tonight. You just have to leave a little sliver of whatever career he’s had so far.”
Caleb laughs at what his Reese just said and just shakes his head in a back and forth motion like she doesn’t understand the history these two men have against one another.
O’DONNELL: “That is where we differ than because Cyrus deserves what he has coming tonight. He has let me down in tag matches on two separate occasions. He denied me the opportunity to be a champion here in 4CW. He held me back. He turned his back on Unstable to join Perry Wallace and Omerta. The time has come tonight to prove that he, Cyrus Riddle, is a has been. Time to hang it up and move aside because Unstable is going to the top of this 4CW empire.”
SPENCER:”Well, I’m sure that the 4CW Empire will bow down to your power. Who knows, maybe tonight will be the start to the search for your crowning achievement. ”
A smirk appears across the face of The Distinguished at what Reese has just said to him.
O’DONNELL: “Maybe. I can not predict the future but I will say expect Unstable to raise the bar by the end of Ante Up. So I have to know how are we going to tell our parents that we found each other? The baby sister of the O’Donnell clan is no longer lost.”
Reese takes a deep breath as she looks over at CJ. She then takes her hands and places them down at her sides.
SPENCER:”Well, I don’t exactly know how to tell our parents that. They obviously did got rid of me for a reason, and honestly, what in the world are they going to expect from me? ”
O’DONNELL: “They did get rid of you but I am sure they had a reason for it. I am sure you have a bunch of questions you want to ask them. I am sure they want to know what happened to their baby girl Reese. How about this Memorial Day is coming up and I usually have a family BBQ up in Boston with the family why don’t you show up?”
Reese takes another deep breath. As she places her hands on her vivacious hips, she looks at CJ with worry.
SPENCER:”I really don’t know how that’ll go over. I’d love to, but I’m honestly scared as hell. ”
O’DONNELL: “No reason to be scared. You weren’t scared when you approached me two weeks ago? I’ll be right there ready to defend my little sister honor if anyone messes or questions your motives.”
SPENCER:”Well, then I guess you’ve got it. Now, don’t you have an opponent to eviscerate? ”
O’DONNELL: “I do but I have to make sure you are fine before I go out to the ring and do what I do best.”
Reese smiles at CJ giving him a look of reassurance.
SPENCER:”We’re great, I’m perfectly fine with that. Now go out there and give the O’Donnell family another win!”
The Distinguished nods and moves his head quickly from left to right so it cracks for the viewing audience.
O’DONNELL: “Oh they have no idea what is going to be happening by the time July 27th rolls around…”
With those words the last image you see is the determination in the eyes of CJ and Reese standing there with a smile on her face.

Issac Solo enters the ring, to not the BIGGEST of pops, but there are enough more-than-casual wrestling fans who are well aware of Issac Solo here… from EXODUS, Western Wrestling Alliance, Portland Pro, White Lion Wrestling, REDEFINE… and elsewhere. Issac stands there for a minute, taking it all in. His massive frame is wearing a black tank top, black basketball shorts, Jordans, and aviator sunglasses. Finally, he takes the mic…
SOLO: “Well hey hey hey… what’s happenin’ Las Cruces?”
Cheers from the crowd
SOLO: “If you know me, great. If you DON’T, you’re gonna. Because my NAME is ISSAC SOLO… an’ *I* am a PROFESSIONAL. WRESTLER.”
Brief pause.
SOLO: “An’ I been all over the USA… OK, mostly the West Coast, let’s be real… but one thing I heard, all over the place, what that if you wanted the best WRESTLERS, an’ a whole damn lot of them… then you came, to FOUR CORNERS WRESTLING.”
Cheap pop.
SOLO: “An’ so Issac Solo, bein’ one of the best WRESTLERS… has COME…. to 4CW!”
And another cheap pop.
SOLO: “Now I ain’t gonna take up too much of your time, an’ stand here, an’ talk about how I’ma hold every damn title in this company. Because let’s get real here. I KNOW what it’s like to hold a title, an’ I KNOW it ain’t a cakewalk. But then again, I ain’t in it cuz it’s easy! I ain’t in it cuz I like ta cut corners… I’m in it because this is the best sport in the damn world, an’ I am one of the BEST there is in it! An’ now… I’ma aim ta be one of the BEST in 4CW!”
Crowd cheers.
SOLO: ”So if there’s one thing everyone in 4CW better be prepared to do… ONE. THING. That everyone from the curtain jerkers to the top champions best be ready for… 4CW, y’all on notice, to COME! CORRECT! Thank you!”
The crowd goes wild as Issac Solo hits all four corners of the ring, while “Nate” by Vince Staples plays over the PA….

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the arena where we find 4CW interviewer Gabriel Hartman walking down along the corridor with a microphone in his hand. He seems to be in search of someone as he looks around the various backstage workers who are going back and forth in the corridor all involved with their own activities. Further down along the way, the camera notices Tara Davidson who is standing besides someone wearing a full hazmat suit complete with a mask covering their face. Now curious, Hartman steps closer towards them, as he speaks into the microphone making sure the camera is fully taking in the current scene.
HARTMAN: “Tara! Is that Jason with you?”
Tara barely turns her attention over towards Hartman as she crosses her arms in front of her chest.
TARA: “Who else would it be?”
HARTMAN: “Don’t tell me that he’s going to wrestle in that thing tonight!”
TARA: “He’s wearing this for his own protection.”
Hartman appears to be confused by this answer as he moves the microphone closer over towards Jason whose face cannot even be seen thanks to the protection of the hazmat suit.
HARTMAN: “Aren’t you hot in that thing?”
Jason seems to be ignoring the microphone that Hartman is practically shoving into the mask of the hazmat suit. However it is hard to tell when we cannot even see his face. Tara simply shakes her head as she steps forward placing herself in between of Jason and Hartman.
TARA: “I think maybe you should ask questions that actually matter instead of simply stating the obvious. Of course he’s hot in that thing.”
HARTMAN: “Well maybe you can tell us why he’s wearing it in the first place.”
Tara begins to prepare herself to answer as she places one hand on her hip, but Jason decides to step forward and with one hand, he pushes Tara back so that she finds herself standing right behind him almost hidden from view.
JPD: “I’m wearing this because of Perry Wallace. I was told long before either one of us ever came here to 4CW that this was a toxic environment. I thought that was a joke, I thought that was just a hater being a hater, but now? That guy that runs that shithole up in Atlantic City was absolutely right about this place.”
HARTMAN: “So…. you bought a hazmat suit?”
JPD: “Let me spell it out for you Gabby. Rorie Steele, she’s on tonight’s card, is she not?”
The veteran interviewer nods his head up and down affirming this obvious known fact.
JPD: “Okay that’s Pinkeye already infesting every single nook and cranny of this building. And yet Perry Wallace, in his infinite wisdom, decided to allow that trash ass Julliet Brooks to come here and sit in the front row. It’s chemical warfare out there. You’re mixing Pinkeye with whatever it is prostitutes from Atlantic City have. It’s not safe to breathe the air around ringside!”
TARA: “We do have an extremely important match tonight after all. We’re in the main event and we’re competing for the chance to become the brand new 4CW tag team champions. So I think that you can completely understand why Jason would go to such measures to insure that he keeps himself in perfect health. We can’t afford for anything to go wrong.”
Hartman appears to still be attempting to process the entire situation as he blinks a couple of times while slowly bringing the microphone back towards his own face. He clears his throat as he attempts to figure out what he can say in response to this when he is interrupted by Jett Wilder. He doesn’t seem to even give a second thought to Jason being in a hazmat suit instead strolling over to Tara.
JETT: “Hey babe, have I ever asked you? Where do you hide your wings?”
The expression on Tara’s face seems surprised before she appears to be pleased with the attention she is getting from Jett. She pushes her hair past her shoulder and begins to smile as she parts her lips ready to respond to his pick up line. However just as she is about to speak, the sound of a loud fart rips through the corridor and is almost bouncing right off the walls. The offensive sound seemingly coming right from where Tara is standing.
HARTMAN: “Oh my God…”
JPD: “Damn, Tara! I think it’s time you cut back on the Taco Bell!”
Jason says as he waves his hand back and forth in front of the mask of the hazmat suit as if he could actually smell something at this point. Tara’s mouth drops open in clear shock as the look of sheer horror on Jett’s face makes you wonder if he’s going to run off screaming or not.
TARA: “That was NOT me… I was just going to say…”
Once again Tara is interrupted this time by an even louder fart that rips through the entire backstage area. Even people around the corner hear it and look around the corner wondering just what the fuck is going on as Tara turns just about every shade of red there possibly is and looking very much like she wants to melt right into the floor below.
JPD: “Careful she’s gonna blow! Don’t pull her finger Jett… we’re all gonna die!!!”
HARTMAN: “Let me into that hazmat suit. It’s not safe out here!”
TARA: “….HEY!”
Tara turns and looks at both Jason and Hartman who literally begin fighting over the hazmat suit like their very lives depended upon on it.
JPD: “NO! It’s mine! Let go!”
HARTMAN: “The air out here is polluted!”
JPD: “NO! NOOOO! Danger! Danger Will Robinson!!!”
Jason and Hartman continue fighting as Jett claps his hands together getting Tara’s attention as he fakes a smile on his face.
JETT: “You know what? You seem kind of busy here and I got a match to prepare for sooo… I’ll call you…. maybe.”
TARA: “Wait a minute. I’m telling you that it WASN’T me!”
Tara begins to plead her case, but for a third time a loud fart rips through the hallways of the arena to the point people down the corridor can be seen holding their hands over their mouths trying not to vomit. Tara’s head snaps around as she finds Jason crouched down behind Hartman holding a whoopie cushion that he must have pulled out of his hazmat suit while she had been distracted by Jett. Even with the hazmat suit, it’s easy to tell that Jason is busting a gut with laughter.
Tara charges and spears Jason down to the floor before climbing on top of him and using both of her hands to try and strangle him to death even in his hazmat suit. Jett reaches down and grabs the whoopie cushion off of the floor as nothing but massive amounts of relief washes over his face when he realizes those ham blasts didn’t come from Tara. Jett squeezes the whoopie cushion making a farting sound before laughing out loud.
JETT: “This thing is AMAZING!”
Tara snaps her head around and then grabs a hold of the whoopie cushion. She rips it right out of Jett’s hand before she uses it to try to beat Jason to death with before stomping away from him heading in the direction of their locker room as the camera cuts back to the ringside area.


As the show returns to ringside, the camera is fixed on an empty announcers booth. Suddenly, the sounds of Niykee Heaton’s “Nexus” fill the arena. As the fans boo, the camera moves over to the stage where Hot Shots Raquel Santiago and Taryn Robinson are standing. Both women quickly begin to walk down the ramp as Mike Powers voice can be heard.
POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, please your special guest commentators for this contest, the 4CW Hot Shots, Taryn Robinson and Raquel Santiago!!!!!!
As both women make their way to ringside, they quickly wrap around the ring and sit down at the ringside area. They then place their headsets over their heads.
ROBINSON: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the Hot Shots Takeover! This is sure to be a barn burner as Rorie Steele takes on Kitty-Kat Jones! I’m Taryn Robinson!”
SANTIAGO: “And it’s me, it’s me, the woman of your dreams… thee Raquel Santiago!”
The lights dim, as “Sex Metal Barbie” by In This Moment starts to play. As the music starts to pick up, lights flash with the stammering sounds. A female figure comes out, hands in the air. Lights stream up behind her, her front still dark. As the first verse is sang, she turns her back to the crowd, arms still up. She spins around through the lyrics in a seductive dance, her silhouette showing off every asset.
“You know I heard I don’t belong in this game
Still you hold your hands in the air screaming my name
Let’s go!”

The lights flash forward, showing Rorie in all of her glory. She smirks at the crowd, walking down to the ring.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Vancouver, British Columbia, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall! She is “The Original Sex Kitten” and “Sweetest Ass in the Game”, RORIE SSTTEEEELLEE!!!”
She teases a few fans of her choosing as she goes. She walks to the steps, climbing up. She slowly bends her body forward to get into the ring. When finally inside, she goes to each post, getting up on the turnbuckle to blow kisses to the crowd.
“Release me”

The two words from the Public Address system in the arena cause the fans in attendance, already on their feet, to react with disdain and unappreciative shouts. Kat Jones, 4CW’s resident, badass Cincinnati native of ill repute methodically makes her way to the top of the ramp from the gorilla position. Her black shorts and knee high boots are more characterizing of her facial expression and attitude toward the scathing crowd, than her highly decorative top full of self expression.
“No remnants were ever found of it
Feeling the hot bile
With every fake smile
Though no evidence was ever found
It never went away completely”

Kat walks toward the ring, methodically and without much concern at all, regarding the insults and jeers thrown in her direction.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, standing five feet, eight inches tall and weighing in at one hundred twenty four pounds, she is the “WildKat”… KAT JJOONNEESS!!!”
“I try to hide from the unholy sound of it
Another day gone
Another night’s dawn”

Standing before the ring apron, Kat removes her black leather jacket, whips it behind her, releasing it and allowing it to sail toward the ramp, ultimately letting out a bloodcurdling scream, before she enters the ring and awaits ………. arrival.

At the sound of the bell, Kat and Rorie both lunge towards each other. With both women aggressively locked up, they are stalemated in the middle of the ring. After a moment, Rorie takes a quick advantage. Placing Kat’s head underneath her arm in a headlock, she begins to wrench on Jones’ neck. After a few moments of holding onto her head, Kay begins to elbow the side of Rorie. After a few shots, Kat is able to loosen Rorie’s grip on her head, and send her flying into the ropes across the ring. When Steele fires back, Kat takes her down with a powerful shoulder block. As Rorie crashes down to the mat, Kat looks over at the announce booth where Taryn and Raquel are seated.
ROBINSON: “If I were freaking Kat, I wouldn’t worry about looking at the hottest women on 4CW television. Seriously, she’s facing Rorie Steele, she doesn’t have time to go ahead and just look at us out of her sheer jealousy.”
SANTIAGO: “Jealousy is an ugly thing Taryn, you should know that. Kat just can’t stand the fact that there are actual women in this company who are allowed to be feminine. I’d be jealous of the Hot Shots, and thee Raquel Santiago if I were her too.”
With Steele on the ground, Kat quickly runs towards the ropes as she rebounds, Rorie quickly stands up from the mat. Rorie then takes Kat down with a sharp clothesline that sends Kat down to the mat on her back. When Kat makes her way back up to the mat, Rorie takes her down once again with a clothesline. Jones quickly comes back up to her vertical base, before Rorie is able to take her down with a third clothesline, Kat quickly kicks Rorie in the gut. With Steele bent over, Kat reaches down and cocks her right hand back. She then sends it back full swing landing a harsh slap to the face of Rorie. The impact of the slap sends Rorie down to the mat. When Rorie quickly gets back up, Kat lands a swift chop to her chest. As the chop sends Rorie back, Kat lands another chop. After a third chop, Rorie’s back is now against the ropes. Kat takes a step back before she runs towards the her opponent. Before she is able to extend her offense, Kat is taken over the rope by Rorie who has lifted her up over her shoulder. Kat lands on her feet on the ring apron and Rorie quickly turns around and lands a hard shot to Kat’s face. The wild forearm sends Kat down to the arena floor. As Kat lays on the floor, Rorie quickly slides under the bottom rope before the referee is able to start the ring out count. Kat starts to make her way back up to her feet, but when she does she is speared into the steel fan barricades at ringside. The impact of the impalement sends the barricade back a few inches as the referee tries to begin his count. Before he can, Rorie slides part of her body into the ring, and then quickly back out before the referee can start the count again.
ROBINSON: “That was some great ringside psychology displayed by Rorie. You have to use everything at ringside to your advantage! I don’t think Kitty-Kat is going to last long here!”
SANTIAGO: ”Taryn, you know no one cares about this match! They care about ME!!!! So, make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram at The Raquel S, yes that is capital letter T on the, capital R on Raquel, and capital S on all social media!”
Rorie quickly grabs Kat by the hair and pulls her up to her feet. She then sends Kat flying back into the ring. Then, Rorie quickly makes her way back up to her feet as she grabs Kat by the hair once again. Pulling her up to her feet, Rorie takes Kat by her black hair and places her head underneath her arm. Then, she runs forward before jumping into the air and taking Kat down to the mat with a bulldog! The move leaves Kat face first on the mat. Rorie then rolls her onto her back and covers her for the first pinfall attempt of the match.

Kat powers her right shoulder off of the mat. Rorie does not waste time to argue with the official as she is quickly back up to her feet. Rorie then awaits the return of Kat who has started making her way up to her feet as well. Rorie attempts to deliver a clothesline, but the attempt misses as Kat ducks under her arm. When Rorie turns back around, she is rocked by a standing dropkick that sends her down to the mat. Kat quickly stands up from the mat as the momentum of the match has turned in her favor. As Rorie makes her way up to her feet, Kat quickly wraps her arms around Rorie’s waist. Then, she lifts her up and over taking her down to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex! As Rorie’s back hits the mat, Kat is once again quickly back up to her feet. As Rorie slowly follows suit, Kat quickly fires off a beautiful superkick onto her kneeling opponent. The impact of the boot sends Rorie down to the mat once again.
ROBINSON: “Oh, come on Rorie! You’re not going to let this pigment challenged bitch beat you!!”
SANTIAGO: “She just may, but at least you can all still follow ME on all social media platforms at TheRaquelS!!!!”
As Rorie lays on the mat, Kat walks over towards the ropes facing the announcer’s booth. She looks over and stares daggars into the two women seated at ringside. As she look on with a chuckle, she releases both of her middle fingers at the guest commentators.
ROBINSON: “She did not just do that!!! Tell me, she didn’t just do that!”
SANTIAGO: “Did she just stick the bird at thee Raquel? I know that bitch did not! ”
As Kat continues to chuckle, she turns around and starts to walk towards Rorie, but is taken down by a vicious spear by Rorie Steele. The spear sends Kat down to the mat with authority. Rorie quickly stands up and runs towards the ropes, she then does a handstand and lets her legs rebound off of the top rope. Then after her feet hit the mat, Rorie does a moonsault landing onto Kat completing the move known as the Frankensteele! Rorie then drags Kat’s body to the center of the ring, and covers her.

POWERS: ”The winner of the match, Rorie Steele!”
As Sex Metal Barbie hits the PA system, Rorie quickly rolls out of the ring. The referee follows her as he raises her right arm high into the air as they begin to walk up towards the entrance way. Then, Taryn and Raquel stand up from the booth and take off their headsets. As both women walk around the ring, they look inside where Kat has started to make her way up to her feet. As Taryn and Raquel make their way towards the entrance way they walk backwards laughing at Kat Jones as the scene fades out.

The production cuts backstage and we find Frankie Morrison perusing the spread near the catering area. Just as he began to reach forward towards the food, Jack Vaughn greeted him by unexpectedly slapping him in the back, nearly knocking forward onto the table. Frankie regained his balance and rolled his eyes as Vaughn began to chuckle.
VAUGHN: “Almost made ourselves quite the mess…”
MORRISON: “Yeah… A few shows in a row now, Perry must be giving you a little more slack on that leash.”
Morrison turned around towards the Adrenaline General Manager and smirked. Vaughn didn’t seem to be as amused by the remark. Frankie turned back around towards the table and began to pile food onto a plate in his hands. Vaughn moved next to him and followed suit.
VAUGHN: “It seems like you’re not the only one concerned with my whereabouts, if there is a concern at all. Truth be told, I’ve been handling some other business for Perry, both in and out of the country. 4CW is growing, it has been for some time now, even you know that. You were a major player in the growth of 4CW. Expect to see some big things on the horizon.”
Vaughn piles a mountain of food onto his plate, picking a few pieces away and placing them into his mouth.
VAUGHN: “Look, I know you don’t care for me in particular, I get that. Just know that the hard work you’ve put in before your departure from management hasn’t gone unnoticed. You left some pretty big shoes to fill.”
MORRISON: “I’m not quite sure what your play is here, but you’re not getting over on me Jack. You’re right, I don’t particularly care for you. Two weeks ago you were buttering up Cashe; pandering to possible legal issues. Now you and I are just gonna chum it up on the catering line? I don’t think so Jack!”
Vaughn stood with his mouth wide open, taken back by Frankie Morrison’s foul mood.
MORRISON: “Here’s what I think. I think Perry is starting to realize that the Unstable runs that ring out there. They completely outmatch anyone that steps to them. Omertà once again came up short and now Perry’s starting to see that he backed the wrong horse. Now he has sent you to start smoothing things over; try your best to get in our good graces.”
Disagreeing with that last remark, Vaughn shakes his head back and forth slowly. Looking down at the plate of food, he grabs a small piece with his fingers and places it into his mouth. After chewing for a short moment, he looks back up to Morrison.
VAUGHN: “You got it all wrong, Frankie. I’m not here on Perry’s behalf. I didn’t speak with Cashe two weeks ago on Perry’s behalf. Yes, Perry is my employer but my position as General Manager of Adrenaline is to oversee things and make sure it turns a profit. I couldn’t care less about the back and forth bickering between you guys and Perry. What I care about is the wellbeing of this show. I’m not backing any horses, I’m here for the entire roster.”
MORRISON: “That’s a very political answer. How long have you rehearsed that bullshit?”
VAUGHN: “I have been out of the picture here for a while now, haven’t I? Who’s to say that I haven’t rehearsed this time and time again. Cut the bullshit, I’m trying to be serious here.”
MORRISON: “Well let me save you the trouble. You and I, we don’t need to be speaking with another. My position, as Chris Madison’s manager, is to make sure he gets what he deserves. Right now, we’re two months away from him walking out those doors with the 4CW Pride Championship all because your employer would rather waste his damn time at Chuck E. Cheese throwing money at some whiney punk who threw a temper tantrum. You have no authority over me pal.”
Taking a moment to let those words settle, Vaughn looks Morrison in the eyes before responding.
VAUGHN: “Two months, right? You do realize that Erron Wilder, backed by Perry, has been announced as the challenger for Madison and his Pride Championship at Ante Up, right?”
MORRISON: “Ha… Like you said Jackie boy, you’ve been away handling things elsewhere. For ten months Chris Madison has dominated that ring unlike anyone before him. He’s even defeated the 4CW Champion, Dakota Smith, after Perry stuck his nose into the match and tried to sway things in their favor. Why should I believe that Erron Wilder is suddenly the answer? Twice they’ve faced, albeit in tag matches, and twice Chris has been on the winning side.”
VAUGHN: “The man is hungry, even I can see that and like you said, I’ve been out of the loop so to speak. Perry will probably try to do anything he can to cost Madison his match and that belt, especially with this talk about walking after two months. You seriously think he’s going to stand by and do nothing with the possibility of Madison leaving with gold lingering over his head?”
MORRISON: “I know Chris better than any of you… He’s not going to just let Perry take the title from him. Perry wants a solution? Pay the man what he deserves! I can promise you, as long as 4CW exists, there will never be another talent to walk through those doors that commands the ring like Chris does.”
Nodding in agreement, Vaughn walks to the end of the table and grabs a napkin. After wiping his fingertips, he turns back to Morrison.
VAUGHN: “You and I both know this qualifying match bullshit for Ante Up and the 4CW Championship is bogus. It should rightfully be Madison challenging Dakota. His record proves that without a doubt, but other arrangements have been made. Madison has a match coming up with Erron for the Pride Championship. And here I am, General Manager of Adrenaline. If Perry isn’t going to pay the man what he deserves, I’ll put my neck on the line and make sure he gets paid myself. There are quite a few fucked up things in this company but if I can do one thing that’s right, then I’ll risk myself and my career to do so.”
MORRISON: “I get the feeling that contract negotiations aren’t apart of your job description. I’m not as gullible as some of the members of this roster that runs around back here. You’re not going to win me over with empty promises.”
VAUGHN: “If Paul Knight can undermine Perry up in Canada when it comes to contract negotiations, then what’s stopping me? I may get myself in trouble doing so, but it is what it is. Once the contract is signed and official there’s no going back on it. I’ll deal with any consequences. I just want to see him, and anyone else on the roster for that matter, get what they deserve. And you know as well as I do that he’s a little occupied with a certain lady friend, so what’s to say that he even notices?”
MORRISON: “Then he’ll notice when he sees the Pride Championship pop up on other broadcasts.”
VAUGHN: “We definitely don’t need that happening. What I meant was what’s to say that he even notices that Madison has been compensated handsomely. Just think about it. I’m not here as an enemy. I’m here to work together with you, Chris, Unstable, and everyone on Adrenaline. That’s what I was hired to do and if my boss doesn’t like it, then maybe he should re-evaluate his business model because letting guys like Chris walk is bad for business. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that.”
Frankie shovels a fork full of food into his mouth while shaking his head from side to side. His mouth was sealed by a smirk as he satisfyingly chewed. He pointed his fork at Jack before pulling his hand back and covering his mouth with a closed fist.
MORRISON: “This shtick may work on most but you’re not fooling me. Do me a favor, stop wasting my time and go tell your employer to get his head out of his ass before it’s too late.”
Frankie Morrison walked passed Jack Vaughn without even shooting him a glance. He continued to walk while chowing down on the food on his plate. Watching as Frankie walked away, Vaughn looks on in silence. After a few moments pass, he turns to the plate and picks it up from the table before walking away in the opposite direction.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines upon the entrance curtain as the opening chords of “I’m Not Jesus” by Apocalyptica begin to play.
“Dirty little secret
Dirty little lies
Say your prayers and comb your hair
Save your soul tonight.”

As the chords play once again, Rorie Steele walks out from behind the curtain wearing an English flag corset with matching boy shorts, looking over her shoulder toward the back.
”Drift among the faithful
Bury your desires
Aberrations fill your head
You need a place to hide
And I am.”

Cyrus Riddle smoothly emerges from behind the curtain with his sunglasses affixed to his face, as well as donning a snarky grin as he raises his middle and index fingers to the crowd, his black and grey trenchcoat settling as he grabs the hand of a reluctant Rorie.
“Do you remember me?
The kid I used to be?
Do you remember me?”

The pair begins to walk to the ring with a swagger in his step and a cocky expression of confidence, with her scowling at the crowd.
“When you world comes crashing down
I want to be there
If God is looking down on me!
I’m not Jesus
Jesus wasn’t there!
“You confess it all away
But it don’t mean shit to me
If God is looking down on me!
I’m not Jesus
I will not forgive!”

POWERS: “Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Rorie Steele, hailing from London, England and weighing in at two hundred twenty eight pounds, he is “The Archetype,” “The Epitome of Excellence,” “The King of Clunge,” and the “Master of Steele”… CYRUUUUUS RRIIIIIIIDDLLE!!!”
Riddle gets to the ring steps and allows Rorie to walk up before he does, maintaining his hold on her hand as he follows and they both make their way to the middle of the ring apron. He releases her hand and holds his arms outward, his index and middle fingers sticking up on both hands as his head tilts back.
“When your whole world comes undone
Let me be the one to say
I’m not Jesus
You can’t run away!”

Cyrus’ arms lower and his sights focus on Rorie as he motions for her to hold the ropes open for him. She sits on the middle rope and pushes the top up as much as she can, allowing him to enter the ring. He walks to the middle and waits for her as she enters between the bottom and middle ropes, standing behind him. She reaches around him and grabs the front of his trenchcoat, taking it off of him before walking to the front to remove his sunglasses.
He winks at her as she holds the items in her hand and arms, then walks to the corner with him while he mouths off toward the crowd. He presses the bottom rope down with his foot and lifts the middle rope up for her to exit and descend the steps after she places his coat and glasses down by the post, watching her attentively before she takes her place right next to the apron while he comfortably props himself up in the corner.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
“When the sun rises
I wake up and chase my dreams
I won’t regret when the sun sets
Cause I live my life like I’m a beast
I’m a mothafucking beast”
“Ayo back to make you run around the game like its a fire
I spit acid bitch like I got cyanide in my saliva
Watch me wet and heat shit up like I’m a washer and a dryer
While I beat you in your head until you tire”
“I’m a motherfucking beast”

As the beginning notes of “Beast” begins to play, the arena goes to darkness. With the beats kicking in, “The Distinguished” slowly walks out with a huge smirk on his face as the fans welcome him with a chorus of boos throughout the arena.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, representing “The Unstable”! He is “THE DISTINGUISHED” CEE JAY OOOOOO… DDOONNNNEELLLL!!!”
As O’Donnell slowly makes his way down to the ring he can not help but take in all the insults and jeers from the crowd.
“I’ma motherfucking beast
I’ma, I’ma fuckin’ beast
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”
“I’m a motherfucking beast right
Homie welcome to the east side, where the killers reside
We playing war games, please hide
Ain’t no signs of peace, so fuck a peace sign, we ride
Bust shots from a car seat
Or maybe hang you ’til your neck is broke
Choke with you with a Stethoscope
That’s how I kill a motherfucker in a heartbeat on a dark street”

Caleb has reached the end of the entrance way and is making his way up the ring steps. Once CJ gets on the top steps he raises his arms up in the air which only receives more boos from the audience tonight.
“I’ma I’ma fuckin’ beast!
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”

CJ has entered the ring now and he takes off his black Unstable t-shirt. He rolls it into a ball and acts like he is about to toss it into the crowd but instead he drops it over the top ropes and it lands on the outside on the floor. CJ begins to stretch in the corner as he awaits for the bell to ring.
I’m a motherfucking beast!”

VASSA: “This should be a good one as these two are no stranger to one another.”
JOHNSON: “They’ve had matches against each other elsewhere, and they’ve had matches teamed with one another here in 4CW. They definitely aren’t unfamiliar with one another in the ring.”
VASSA: “This should be another good one for the Omerta versus Unstable rivalry.”
JOHNSON: “I would have loved it if Riddle were involved in the six person tag match two weeks ago.”
VASSA: “You mean six man tag match.”
JOHNSON: “No, I mean six per–“
VASSA: “Just go with it, Steve.”
JOHNSON: “Hush up!”
Standing in the center of the ring, the official checks in with Riddle first who quickly gives him the nod. He then turns to CJ who bounces back and forth in his corner. Pointing to the official with no hesitation, CJ gives him the signal that he’s ready to get things underway. With both men ready , the official then throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

VASSA: “And there’s the bell!”
Before the bell can even silence, both men step away from their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. The two stand face to face, both in silence as they stare into each others eyes. Neither man speaks a word, only a cold stare from both. After a few moments pass, CJ shrugs his shoulders and then slams both hands into Riddle’s chest, pushing him back a step. Shaking his head with a smirk on his face, Riddle then lunges forward and drives both hands into CJ’s chest, pushing him back a step. CJ fires back with a right hand out of nowhere, coming up short as Riddle throws an arm up and blocks the attack. Kicking CJ in the stomach, Riddle forces him to lunge over and as he does, he grabs the back of his head and slams it down onto a knee driving upward into CJ’s face.
CJ’s head pops up from Riddle’s knee as he stumbles backwards. As his feet settle, Riddle quickly moves in with a European uppercut, followed by another and then another, hitting him with three in a row. Grabbing onto CJ’s arm, Riddle pulls him in and drops him to his back with a short-arm clothesline. In an instant, CJ rolls over to his stomach and begins pushing himself up. As he does, Riddle turns and takes off for the ropes not too far away. Just as Riddle hits the ropes, CJ pops up to his feet and as Riddle closes in, he braces himself for a shoulder block that puts him back down to the mat. CJ refuses to stay down and rolls back over to his stomach to push himself up. Again, Riddle turns to the ropes and takes off towards them. This time, CJ takes a little longer than before, giving Riddle plenty of time to come back on the rebound. Riddle locks his sights on CJ’s head and goes to knock it clean from his neck with a running knee. As he lifts his knee, CJ pops up and wraps it up with both arms, lifting Riddle into the air and then slamming him down onto his back.

VASSA: “Cyrus thought he had a clean shot on CJ’s head but he didn’t see that coming!”
JOHNSON: “CJ played that one smart, taking his time to set Riddle up with the surprise counter.”
Climbing on top of Riddle, CJ unloads with a series of elbow strikes to Riddle’s head, hitting him from both sides with crushing blows. He then pushes himself up after landing nearly a dozen and knocking Riddle into a daze. Moving down to Riddle’s leg, CJ grabs ahold of it and then jumps up from the mat, only to come down and drive his knee into the side of Riddle’s. Riddle releases a loud grunt from the impact and like a shark with the scent of blood in the water, CJ goes in for the attack and drives into his knee once more. Standing straight up, CJ turns to the ropes and takes off towards them. Hitting the ropes and coming back on the rebound, CJ drives both feet into the side of Riddle’s knee with a dropkick.
JOHNSON: “CJ has his sights locked on Cyrus’ knee.”
VASSA: “Cyrus is a great wrestler on his feet, if CJ can take out his legs then he can surely put him at a disadvantage.”
Grabbing ahold of Cyrus’ head, CJ rolls him over to his stomach and then pulls him to his feet. Holding Cyrus in place, CJ hits him in the mouth with an elbow strike, knocking him back a step. In a flash, CJ then hits Riddle in the same knee with another dropkick, forcing his leg to give out from under him as he drops down to once knee. As CJ gets up, he turns to the ropes once more with Cyrus on one knee. Coming back on the rebound, CJ swings for the fences with a clothesline aimed for Riddle’s head.
JOHNSON: “He missed!”
Rolling out of the way, Riddle avoids the clothesline as CJ continues to charges to the opposite ropes. Climbing back to his feet, Cyrus favors his leg but readies himself as CJ comes back on the rebound. Going for another clothesline, CJ comes up short as Riddle ducks out of the way. Alert and on his feet, Riddle then follows behind CJ and as he hits the ropes and comes back, Riddle lifts him into the air and plants him onto the mat with a spinebuster. Pushing himself up, Riddle still favors his knee and bends over to adjust the kneepad. He then walks over to CJ’s head and drops down, driving his knee into the side of CJ’s face. Standing back up, Riddle drops another knee into the side of CJ’s head, and then another, hitting him with another three piece combo, this time with knee drops.
VASSA: “Cyrus seems to be a fan of doing things is sets of threes.”
JOHNSON: “That’s just his style and has proven to be effective for him throughout his career.”
Grabbing onto CJ’s head, Riddle pulls him up but as CJ gets to one knee, CJ fires with an elbow strike to the side of the knee targeted earlier. Riddle quickly releases his grip on him and takes a step back, relieving some of the weight from that leg. CJ bursts up with a fresh breath of air and lands a solid uppercut to the bottom of Riddle’s chin. With Riddle off balance, CJ then spins around and as he completes the revolution, he extends his legs and drives his foot into Riddle’s knee, taking his leg out from under him and dropping him to the mat.
VASSA: “CJ isn’t letting up on that knee, is he?”
JOHNSON: “It doesn’t appear so and why should he? He’s clearly done some damage as Cyrus just revealed by taking the weight off of that leg.”
With Riddle down on his back holding his knee against his chest with both hands, CJ jumps over him and runs to the nearby corner. Hopping up onto the middle ropes, he bounces off and turns his body in mid-air, coming down with a dropkick and driving both feet into Riddle’s knee held closely against his chest. Riddle grunts as the pain overtakes his body. Hitting the mat hard, CJ instantly pops up and paces the ring, keeping his eyes locked on Riddle but feeling the adrenaline racing throughout his entire body.
JOHNSON: “CJ is in the zone tonight and it’s showing with his body language in that ring.”
VASSA: “I have to admit, something about Cyrus just seems off as of late.”
JOHNSON: “What do you mean?”
VASSA: “Ever since winning the tag championships in March, it just seems like it’s been a slippery slope for him. I don’t know if it’s the new fiancé or what but something just seems off in his head.”
JOHNSON: “It does seem like things have been an uphill battle for Omerta in this fight with Unstable.”
VASSA: “I don’t even think it’s that. It’s just like his head isn’t in the game or something.”
Standing back, CJ gives Cyrus space to get up himself. On one knee, Cyrus pushes himself up but as he does, CJ quickly rushes in and kicks him in the back of that knee, taking his leg out from under him again and dropping him flat on his back. With a smirk on his face, CJ continues to pace the ring. Climbing to his feet again, Riddle pushes himself up to one knee and goes to stand. Charging in once more, CJ goes in for another kick to the knee but this time misses as Riddle jumps into the air and clears CJ’s leg as it passes underneath him. As Cyrus lands on both feet, the weight of his body applies pressure to his knee, forcing him to drop down to it. Looking down at Cyrus, CJ appears somewhat disappointed as he shakes his head.
JOHNSON: “This isn’t looking good.”
VASSA: “If I didn’t know any better I would say that CJ seems displeased with Cyrus’ performance tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Maybe he is, maybe he expected more.”
CJ then grabs Riddle and pulls him up to his feet. With no emotion in his facial expression, he pushes Cyrus back to create some distance before closing the gap and delivering a stiff kick to Riddle’s chest. Riddle falls back a step and CJ closes the gap again with another kick to the chest, followed by a third and then a forth that knocks Cyrus backwards.
JOHNSON: “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!”
VASSA: “More like knee don’t fail me now.”
Riddle stumbles backwards and hits the ropes with his back, bouncing forward as CJ charges in and lays him out with a running high knee.
JOHNSON: “Down goes Cyrus after a lesson of Irish Knowledge from CJ!”
Dropping to his back, Riddle lies unconscious as CJ towers over him, somewhat unsatisfied with the outcome. Dropping down to both knees in no particular rush, CJ then makes the cover as the official slides in with the count.

JOHNSON: “Well that’s it ladies and gentlemen, add another one in Unstable’s favor.”
VASSA: “This is a big thing for CJ here tonight. Two weeks ago it was Dakota he laid out with the Irish Knowledge and tonight it’s Cyrus. He could be turning things around for himself here.”
JOHNSON: “He really has. Two out of three Omerta members have fallen to CJ over the last three shows.”
VASSA: “I just hope things are alright with Cyrus because he just didn’t look like himself out there, he hasn’t looked like himself for quite a while now.”
“Beast” hits the speakers as CJ stands tall and the official raises his arm into the air.

Backstage, we are in the office of 4CW’s King and Queen Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell. In the office, Kaysie is seated on top of the desk while Perry sits behind in his chair. In front of Sherell, 4CW’s resident make-up lady, Toni.
SHERELL: ”Seriously, Toni I love the way you do makeup. You make me look like an even more gorgeous goddess. I mean, I wish I had you when I went to prom. Do you know that I had to do my own make up from prom? My dad was sooooooooooo against paying someone to do my makeup, but I was like dad!!!!!!”
As Kaysie continues to speak to Toni, Perry’s phone suddenly rings. He quickly picks it up, and places it up against his ear. After a moment, he speaks.
WALLACE: “Do it.”
Perry then puts the phone down onto his desk. Kaysie then turns around and looks at Perry.
SHERELL: ”What was that about, Perr-bear?”
WALLACE: “Oh nothing, just a little bit of business.”
SHERELL: ”Oh, okay!”
Kaysie then turns back and around and continues to speak to Toni as the scene fades out.


POWERS: “Our next contest is scheduled for one fall and will be the first qualifying match for the Ante Up Fourway Sixty Minute Ironman Match”
“Bad Girl” cues over the sound system causing the crowd to boo as Christy walks through the curtains and out onto the stage. With her “Star Struck Productions” matching her ring attire, and the hood currently up she stops in the center of the stage as the fans continue to boo.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring first, from Laughlin, Nevada… CHRISTY CCHHAAOOSS!!!”
Christy blows the fans off walking down the ramp and to the steps. As she climbs the steps she removes the hood and stops on the apron a moment, glanching at the fans with a cocky smirk before wiping her feet and stepping into the ring. Removing her hoodie she drops it to the floor and begins warming up.
POWERS: And next, our second wrestler!!”
The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder followed not far by the imposing Luiz Cavalcante and the beautiful Carmella Wilder. Though generally the young and small Wilder alone would not be imposing with his atrocious dance moves we get a close up of the imposing Luiz walking to the ring to really strike some form of fear. Clapping her son on is Carmella with her glasses on looking professional as she usually does, as Wilder bounces up the steps stopping.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California accompanied to the ring by Carmella Wilder and Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Waiting for Luiz who as usual doesn’t look pleased to have to stop and lower the top rope down so that Wilder can jump over it to show off. Shaking his head as he follows him into the ring as Jett jumps up to the top rope pounding his chest as the crowd boos him. Carmella walks around the ring ignoring the cat calls and the boos to continue to cheer her son on as Jett bounces off the ropes and heads to the other side with Luiz standing behind him arms crossed. Finally bouncing back down taking off the hoodie he came out with to hand to Luiz who walks to the ropes to hand it out to Carmella as Jett readies himself.
POWERS: “Wrestler number three!”
“Here We are…. Born to be Kings, we’re the Princes of the Universe!”

PVP enters from the back. He is wearing a black pull over long sleeved shirt. He has his head lowered, but you can see him snicker to himself as the crowd boos. He slowly raises his head and walks toward the ring.
“Here we belong, fighting to survive , in a world with the darkest power!”

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Nashville, Tennessee, sponsored and brought to you by Plexus Worldwide…weighing in at two hundred twenty-two and three-quarter pounds, standing six feet, two inches tall! He is “The Main Man”, PARKER VAN PPEETTEERRSS!!!”
PVP walks down the ramp, showing off his title and laughing as the boos from the crowd seemingly empower him. He climbs up the ring steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron. PVP then climbs into the ring, and opens with arms wide. PVP then heads over to a turnbuckle and starts to climb it.
“I am Immortal. I have inside me blood of kings.”

PVP Climbs onto a turnbuckle and lifts one fist in the air as the music fills the air and the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. He begins to scream back at the crowd. He hops down. He then walks over to the opposite corner and does the same motion. The music plays and he continues to yell back at the crowd, pointing out their inadequacies and such.
“We were Born to be Princes of the Universe.”

PVP takes off his shirt and throws it at the referee, telling him not to get it dirty or lose it.
JOHNSON: “Up next we have our first qualifying match for the sixty minute fatal fourway ironman match at Ante Up.”
VASSA: “Last year we saw fatal fourways throughout the entire qualifying process. Now we’ve been told that we may possibly see a variety of qualifying matches ranging from three people to even more.”
JOHNSON: “Last years match at Ante Up was big and I am sure this one will be even bigger.”
VASSA: “So first up we have Christy Chaos, Jett Wilder, and Parker Van Peters facing off in the ring in just a few moments.”
JOHNSON: “That’s the good thing about these qualifying matches. It gives a broad range of people the opportunity to earn a spot in the big match at Ante Up.”
VASSA: “Let’s just hope that we don’t see any interference from Dakota like we did during the tournament leading to South Beach Brawl.”
JOHNSON: “Dakota wasn’t booked tonight but there isn’t a doubt in my mind about him having his eye on this match. He proved to be a defending champion at South beach Brawl I expect him to have his mind set on doing the same at Ante Up.”
The official stands in the center of the ring with all three wrestlers in their corners awaiting the sound of the bell. Looking to Christy Chaos, she quickly gives the official the nod. He then turns to the corner where Jett patiently awaits, appearing to be more focused than he normally is. Without the slightest hesitation, Jett points to the official and nods. The official then looks to Parker who gives him a cocky look in return and mouths “let’s do it.” With all three wrestlers ready, the official signals for the bell.

Shooting out of his corner, PVP charges across the ring towards Chaos. Closing in on her, he leaves little room to escape as he swings forward with a right clothesline, aiming to take her head off. Chaos quickly rolls out of through the small opening and avoids the blunt impact, leaving PVP nothing but an empty corner to crash into. Turning around in an instant, PVP’s eyes light up as Jett flies through the air towards him, hitting him in the chest with a dropkick and knocking him into the corner. Just as Jett lands to the mat, Chaos pops up to her feet and unloads with a series of kicks and punches to PVP’s midsection before finishing off the nasty combo with a slap across the mouth.
The sound of the hand slapping his face echoes throughout the arena. PVP’s head whips to the side and Chaos quickly follows up with a kick to the stomach. Climbing over PVP, Chaos stands on the middle ropes and begins laying into him with closed fists to the head. After about five or six brain rattling blows, Chaos draws back for a power punch but before she can swing, Jett is back on his feet and closing in behind her. Grabbing the back of her pants, Jett pulls Chaos down from the corner and slams her back-first to the mat.
Looking up to PVP, Jett lunges forward and connects with a stiff right to the side of his head. Turning him around, Jett locks his arm around his head and then steps onto the middle rope. Stepping from one side of the corner to the other, Jett then jumps forward, driving PVP’s face into the canvas with a bulldog. With PVP down, Jett pushes himself up but before he can rise to his feet, Chaos is right behind him with a solid kick to the back of the head. Jett remains on one knee but quickly grabs the back of his head, leaving his ribs open for a swift kick from Chaos. She then grabs ahold of him and pulls him up to his feet before spinning him around and connecting with an elbow shot to the face. Locking her arm around Jett’s head, she grabs the back of his pants and then lifts him up and over, dropping him to the mat with a snap suplex.

VASSA: “Just when Jett seems to take lead, Christy is right there to rain on his parade.”
JOHNSON: “We talking about this earlier with our opening match. These triple threats can be tricky because you can’t solely focus on one opponent. The moment you take your eyes off of one to look at the other, someone is right there to hit you with a blindsided attack.”
Back on her feet, Chaos leaves Jett on his back and makes her way over to PVP who has slowly begun getting back to his feet. Just as he stands, Chaos spins around and drives her foot into his chest, knocking him back a step. Sliding in beside him, she then goes to drop him with a Russian leg sweep but instead, she eats a mouthful of elbow as PVP hits her in the face. Freeing himself from her hold, PVP quickly turns to face her and takes her leg out from under her with a dropkick to the knee.
Climbing back to his feet, PVP then gets hit in the lower back with a running elbow from Jett. His back stiffens as he looks straight up and yells from the pain settling in his spine. Running past PVP, Jett takes off to the ropes in front of him and leaps into the air. Planting both feet onto the middle rope, Jett springboards off the rope and spins in the air to face PVP. Wrapping his arm around PVP’s head, Jett then spins once more with PVP and drives his head into the mat with a tornado DDT.

JOHNSON: “For a second there I thought PVP was going to turn things around but Jett was right there to put an end to that.”
VASSA: “He’s the Future Amazing Great Greatness Over Time and it’s about time he started showing it!”
On his feet, Jett looks across the ring at Christy who is just now standing to her feet. He takes off and races towards her and goes for a clothesline but being sloppy, he comes up short as she side steps out of the way and sticks her foot out, tripping for forcing him to fall forward, throat first onto the top rope. Jett’s head bounces off the top rope and he stumbles backwards into a sleeper hold from Christy. With her arms wrapped tightly around Jett’s head and throat, she squeezes with all of her might, cutting off Jett’s oxygen supply. Jett fights wildly for a few moments as his face begins turning bright red. The fighting slowly dies down and the official checks with Jett for a submission but Jett waves him off, refusing to give up. A few moments pass and Chaos still had the sleeper in tact. Checking with Jett again, the official gets waved away with Jett’s slow moving arm.
VASSA: “That sleeper appears to finally be doing some damage. Jett isn’t putting up anywhere near the fight he was at first.”
JOHNSON: “If he doesn’t do something quickly, Christy is going to put him down for the night. His face is now starting to turn purple!”
With both still on their feet, Chaos still in control and choking the life out of Jett, PVP has made it back to his feet. Looking across the ring at the two, PVP quickly makes his way over and steps in behind Chaos. PVP wraps his arms around Christy’s waist and using every ounce of his strength, he lifts her up from her feet, she lifts Jett with the sleeper, and PVP drives them both backwards into the mat with a German suplex.
JOHNSON: “Look at the raw power that PVP possesses!”
VASSA: “He just lifted them both up and slammed them to the mat like ragdolls.”
Jett and Chaos roll in opposite directions as PVP slowly pushes himself back up to his feet. Looking from side to side, he surveys the damage and then locks his sights on Christy. Pulling her up from the mat, he locks onto her wrist and then whips her to the far corner across the ring. PVP then grabs Jett by the arm and jerks him up to his feet before whipping him to the same corner. As Jett closes in on Chaos, she quickly moves out of the way, leaving nothing but an empty corner for Jett to crash into stomach-first. Right behind him, PVP closes in and hits him in the back of the head with a running lariat. As PVP takes a step back from the corner, Jett falls backwards and crashes to the mat.
Lunging over Jett, Chaos connects with a lightning fast jab to the ear, knocking PVP into the ropes. She then jumps into the corner, onto the middle rope and drops down on PVP while wrapping her arm around his head, pulling him down head-first into the mat with a DDT. PVP’s body flips over and lands on the other side of Jett. Looking at both men down, Christy decides to cover Jett since he’s closest and the official rushes over for the pin.


VASSA: “His foot is on the bottom rope!”
JOHNSON: “And when you think this thing may be all said and done, Jett manages to get a foot onto the rope and break up the pin.”
VASSA: “He almost lost it there. The official was going down for the three count but caught a glimpse of his foot on the rope in the corner of his eye.”
Looking to the ropes in disappointment, Chaos shakes her head back and forth as she pushes himself up and stands tall. Stepping over Jett, Chaos climbs the corner and stands at the top, overlooking the crowd as both men remain on their backs. Waiting patiently, she sits and watches as both begin to slowly come to and push themselves up. Standing up at the same time, PVP and Jett stare at each other only a few feet apart. Leaping from the top rope, Chaos catches both of their attention as the quickly turn their heads to the side. Extending her body, Chaos wipes them both out with a diving crossbody, taking them both down to the mat.
Standing back up, Chaos walks along the ropes, taking a moment to catch her breath as PVP and Jett are down from the aerial attack. The two men then begin showing signs of life and start to pull themselves up with the ropes. Once they both stand, Chaos takes off towards them, gaining more and more speed with each step. Closing in, she goes for a double clothesline but this time doesn’t connect with the double move as both men duck at the last split second. Hitting the ropes front-first, Chaos flips up and over the top rope before crashing hard to the floor below.

VASSA: “Christy decided to go big right there but it backfired in her face!”
JOHNSON: “She had the opportunity to level them both but sometimes going for too much can backfire.”
Both men stand straight up and look to the outside of the ring where Chaos lies on the floor barely moving or showing any signs of life. A smile comes across PVP’s lips as the camera zooms in to him saying, “another career ended.” Catching him off guard, Jett kicks him in the back of the knee and as PVP’s leg gives out from under him, Jett quickly grabs onto his wrist and pulls him back to his feet. Whipping him to the ropes across the ring, Jett waits until he rebounds before taking off towards him head on. Jumping into the air, Jett nearly takes PVP’s head off with a bicycle kick, knocking him flat on his back.
Turning to the corner, Jett races over and quickly ascends to the top. Looking over the crowd for a few moments, Jett shows off before turning his attention to Christy who is still down on the floor. He then begins taunting her a bit before turning around to face PVP laid out on the canvas. Holding both arms into the air, the camera zooms into Jett and reads his lips as he says “I am the F.A.G.” Jett then jumps straight into the air and comes down, landing a frog splash.

VASSA: “Money, money, money!”
JOHNSON: “There’s the Swag Splash ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: “That’s the reason he gets paid big money!”
JOHNSON: “If you say so. We all know there was a lot more to it, IF it’s even true.”
VASSA: “Who cares?! He’s going for the pin and Christy is still down on the outside.”
Hooking PVP’s leg, Jett makes the cover as the official slides in with the count.

VASSA: “And there it is, out first challenger for the sixty minute fourway ironman match at Ante Up!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know if it was just me but that count looked a little fast.”
VASSA: “Oh stop it you! First it’s slow, then it’s fast. Can’t you people make up your minds?!”
“Blessings” hits the speakers as Jett pops up to his feet in excitement. Running around the ring celebrating, Jett holds both arms in the air. Stopping in the center of the ring, the official then raises his arm into the air for the victory.
POWERS: “Here is your winner… JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”

The visual opens up outside the Pan American Center, the camera focusing on the large array of 4CW fans piling into the arena. An 8 Bit version of “Scream” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins playing over the background, a cursive lettering falling onto the screen and forming the words:
ft. Felicity “Suuuuupremaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” Banks and 4CW!
“The Game Rating Quest”

As the camera begins to pan around, the face of former 4CW Champion, Felicity Banks, comes into the picture showing her standing a few yards away from the arena, wearing an all black sweatsuit with thick, coke-bottle framed glasses on her face.
BANKS: “You people will never understand how hard it is to come to an arena unnoticed. I mean, yah, pretty sure it’s been rumored that I’d show up in New Mexico tonight, but I’m trying to pull some secret agent stuff here. Double O Fel basically…”
The raven-haired artist formerly known as the queeeeeenah (FORMERLY, KAYSIE) breathes out a sigh as she stares out at the crowd, wondering just how she could get past them without anyone seeing her.
BANKS: “Seriously though! All I came here to do was talk to boss dude about making sure that I’m AT LEAST a ninety overall in the 4CW game! But I can’t do that if I’m caught and bombarded by all these people! I’ll have to sign autographs and take pictures and… ugh. Just don’t wanna do any of it right now.”
Felicity flips her sweatshirt hood over her head, bites down on her lip and glares out at the distance.
BANKS: “I know what I have to do here, folks. And what I have to do is borderline illegal so I’m gonna have to turn this camera off for like… twenty minutes-ish.”
She shrugs nonchalantly, moving her shoulders around in a circular motion to get loose.
BANKS: “But don’t worry. Fel Tales will be back soon…”
A short pause from the former champion.
BANKS: “As long as I don’t go to jail…”
The picture immediately goes fuzzy, but not even a full two seconds later it comes back with a visual inside the building, the camera now focusing in on the ‘Perry Wallace’ nametag on a door..
BANKS: “Got inside without any interruptions and I didn’t get arrested! Yaaaaaaaaaas!!”
Felicity spins the camera back around to focus on her face and upper half of her body, the coke-bottle framed glasses now slid onto her sweatshirt, her hair pulled back in ponytail.
BANKS: “Alright, now the moment of truth. I don’t think anyone truly understands how important it is to me to be at least a ninety overall in that game. I mean, seriously… stat wise, the only thing I should be below average on is power! And even that’s debatable because it wasn’t too long ago that I suplexed Jair in that falls count anywhere match… that he won.”
The cheerful expression of Felicity’s turns into a slight scowl, showing that she still wasn’t over her first loss in 4CW.
BANKS: “Whatever. What was I talking about? Ohhhh, the 4CW game! Yah, totally here just to ask Perry to make sure I’m up there in the ratings. Definitely not here for any other reason like to talk comeback or new contract or anything…”
She winks with a smirk, her tone sarcastic.
BANKS: “I mean, honestly… is there even a reason for me to come back? It’s not like I have unfinished business with anyone, right? Not like I got hung by the current 4CW Champion who has either been unstoppable or had it real easy since I’ve been gone. It’s not like Cashe has come at me about our unfinished business directly after my appearance at South Beach Brawl. Nope! No unfinished business for me here at all…”
The smirk remains on the former champion’s face, her eyes closing more and more as she stares blankly at the wall ahead.
BANKS: “I’ve been waiting a long time for this. A long, long freaking time to come back to 4CW, show that I’m still theeee standard around here and recapture what I never should’ve lost. To reconstruct what Dakota Smith destroyed in one single night…”
Felicity’s neck ‘twitches’ after her last sentence, the former champion pausing for a bit to collect her thoughts.
BANKS: “And now I’m going to be able to do that — and so will you on June twenty-first when ‘4CW: The Game’ comes out on Playstation and Xbox!”
An advertisement for the video game scrolls across the bottom of the screen, showing the game’s cover and release date.
BANKS: “Don’t worry though, people. You’ll be seeing some more of me soon. Got some commercials to do for the game annnd….”
Felicity pauses, turning the camera toward Perry Wallace’s office door before she turns it back to herself.
BANKS: “There might just be some other stuff in the works. Gonna shut this camera off before I go in there though. You know, just in case boss dude is doing something in there with his lady. Toodles!”
She waves goodbye, the pictures closing with none other than:


JOHNSON: “There are certain matches that when you see them written down on the lineup, you can’t help but get excited. This next match is one of those matches!”
VASSA: “The fans are definitely not going to be disappointed.”
JOHNSON: “Jair Hopkins versus Erron Wilder is next folks!”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds with the intro leading in …
“I’m a bread winner, you wanna make a fortune?
Place all your money on the black and on the red, n—
This ain’t a gamble, it’s a promise, I’m a head splitter
Y’all been sleepin’ on me, now it’s time to shake the bed, n—“

As “Self-Preservation” by Kutt Calhoun starts up, Hopkins appeared from the back as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.
POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred two pounds, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I am the last of a dying breed
Live by one code that some gon’ heed
Get rich or die tryin’ so I don’t sleep
So cold in these streets I’m Kelvin”

The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.
JOHNSON: “You know Hopkins is looking for a little bit of redemption after coming up short in the main event of South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “He had Dakota damn near killed each other.”
JOHNSON: “Unfortunately for Hopkins, Dakota came out the victor and left a few scars to remember him by.”
VASSA: “Time to take your lumps and try and different route.”
JOHNSON: “That’s not Hopkins. You know he wants to be 4CW Champion once again.”
VASSA: “After a beating like that, I don’t know why…”
A Punjabi tremor rings around the arena, steadily building towards an explosive crescendo that gives way to “Blood, Milk and Sky” by White Zombie. The instant mixed reactions from the live viewers and their vulgar signs hoisted in the air acknowledge the man behind the thundering echoes—’Dead End Wilder’, ‘Come Claim Me’, and ‘You’re sh!t out of Luck.’ It was clear who they invited in, albeit everything around had dimmed to a thick black except for fluorescent strobes of light spiraling around clockwork, searching the inside of the arena. Heads continuing to turn in the dark at every available direction in the search for roguish twenty-five year-old, it’s then up in a particular staircase that the shadowed contour of Erron Wilder slowly trudges down the cold steps at his own leisure.
“The siren sings a lonely song
Of all the wants and hungers
The lust of love, a brute desire
The ledge of life goes under”

As the lyrics pursue, his surly pout emerging through the touch of light. He swings his arms loosely to their sides with a hint of cockiness in his movement. This is Wilder, soaked up with an aggressive form of confidence in the midst of a crowd reaching for him on his way down. Both of his shriveled up, glacial blue eyes remaining fixated with the ring, and never turning away to give care to those calling out to him. He quickly slides over the barricade upon contact, scoffing at everyone and everything with a saucy grunt before rolling his leather jacket-clad heap inside the ring.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring, by way of the Blind Alley and weighing in at two hundred and twenty nine pounds, he is… ERRON “STUNTMAN” WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Pacing around the mat in evident restlessness, Erron rolls his wrists and jerks his head sideways in last second preparation. A jittery smile ripping over his shady mug provided a closing gesture of how anxious he is to start swinging.
JOHNSON: “Of course Erron Wilder is taking on his own journey.”
VASSA: “An insurmountable one if you ask me.”
JOHNSON: “Earlier tonight it was announced that he’ll be challenging the undefeated 4CW Pride Champion, Chris Madison, at Ante Up! A match that he wanted and his manager made happen.”
VASSA: “He must have a death wish. I can’t believe there are guys willing to get in the ring with Madison at this point. Seventeen straight wins; this is the kind of streak that seems unimaginable.”
Wilder and Hopkins seem ready for the match to begin. Just as the official is about to signal for the opening bell, another wrestler’s entrance music cuts through the P.A. system.
JOHNSON: “Speak of the devil…”
The venue’s lights cut out, causing the entire building to go dark. Static feedback screeches over the P.A. system, forcing the fans in the audience to cover their ears. The video screen near the entranceway lights up with a white snowy picture, barely illuminating the entrance ramp. A black handprint slowly fades into the picture with a red anarchy symbol carved into the palm of the handprint before the screen cuts to black with white lettering that spells out “Unstable”. The crowd jumps to their feet, a 50/50 split between cheers and boos, as the static feedback is replaced by the opening chorus to Bullet For My Valentine’s single You Want a Battle? (Here’s A War).
“We will not take this anymore
These words will never be ignored
You want a battle

A sole spotlight focuses on the curtain for the entranceway as Chris Madison steps out with the 4CW Pride Championship secured around his waist. His head is tucked down with the brim of a black baseball cap cover his eyes, focusing on the ground beneath him. The mixed crowd erupts in anticipation as Madison stands as still as a statue. Wilder and Hopkins both turn their attention to Madison waiting to see what he’s going to do. He finally brings his fists up towards his face and punches himself on the jaw with both hands before lifting his head and marching down towards the ring. Frankie Morrison slides out from behind the curtain and follows closely behind the champion; strutting down the entranceway.
JOHNSON: “I guess we’re going to have a little company during this match.”
VASSA: “Can you blame him? Erron Wilder has essentially called him out. When has Madison ever backed down from a fight?”
JOHNSON: “But there’s a time and a place. Ante Up those two will get to settle it in the ring. Tonight, just let these two great 4CW competitor’s put on a show for the 4CW fans…”
Madison slows down as he circles around the ring, locking eyes with Erron Wilder. Neither man looks away as Chris Madison makes it to the announcer’s table. Frankie Morrison extends his arm and shakes both announcer’s hands as Madison stands tall with his eyes locked on his would-be challenger.
JOHNSON: “Frankie, welcome!”
MORRISON: “Thanks Steve.”
Madison finally takes a seat next to Frankie Morrison as the official taps on Erron’s shoulder, reminding him there is a match on the verge of taking place. Erron turns towards Jair Hopkins and the ref centers himself in the middle of the ring.
VASSA: “Champ…”
MADISON: “How’s it going Vinny?”
JOHNSON: “Obviously you’re out here to get a close look at Erron Wilder. How do you feel about your upcoming match against him at Ante Up?”
MADISON: “Believe it or not, I actually respect the hell out of Erron. He’s one of the few in this company that has the balls to stand up and fight; no matter the odds. Ante Up is going to be a war! It’s just going to be a treat to actually fight a Wilder that actually belongs inside that twenty by twenty ring.”
MORRISON: “I just hope Perry Wallace didn’t think he was throwing us a curveball by booking this match. Chris has made it perfectly clear that he wants only the biggest fights. Right now, there may not be anyone in 4CW that fits that billing more than Erron Wilder.”
The official points over towards Jair Hopkins, confirming that he’s read. Hopkins responds with a head nod. The official then turns towards Erron who’s bouncing in place before tapping on his jaw with his balled up fists. The ref waves them on as he signals for the opening bell.
JOHNSON: “Well let’s not lose sight of why we’re out here. Looks like we’re ready to get this match underway.”
VASSA: “Wilder is going to have to keep his head on straight and stay focused on Jair Hopkins. He can’t worry about our guests here at the announce table.”
MORRISON: “Are you insinuating that Chris is going to effect the outcome of this match?”

Hopkins moves to the center of the ring and is quickly met by Erron Wilder. Wilder and Hopkins lock up with a collar and elbow tie up. They jockey for position and Wilder utilizes his obvious size his advantage, pushing Hopkins back into the ropes. While against the ropes, Wilder drives a knee up into Hopkins gut before switching over to a side headlock. Hopkins manages to push his way out of the headlock, sending Wilder running across the ring. Wilder rebounds and drives his shoulder into the sternum of Jair Hopkins, knocking him down to the canvass. Wilder momentarily looks down at Hopkins before sprinting towards the ropes. As he bounces off of the ropes and runs towards Hopkins, Jair jumps up and leap frogs Erron. Jair lands on his feet and squares off with Erron as he rebounds off of the ropes. Jair quickly flips Erron over head with a Japanese Arm Drag. Erron hits the canvass hard but quickly rolls to his feet. He stumbles towards Jair and gets taken back down to the mat with a second Japanese Arm Drag. Wilder pushes up to his feet, this time he ducks underneath a spinning lariat from Jair. Jair turns around right into a running STO that plants him hard against the canvass.
JOHNSON: “Hopkins is no stranger to being the smaller man in the ring. He’ll have to catch Wilder with his speed if he’s going to be successful tonight.”
VASSA: “Wilder seems to be the kind of guy who can adapt to any style of combat.”
MORRISON: “He absolutely can. It’s one of the biggest reasons we’re thrilled about the title match at Ante Up.”
MADISON: “A fighter is a fighter. No matter what you can’t change that. Erron Wilder is a fighter. He’ll adapt to Jair’s speed and steer the match whichever way he wants to take it.”
Wilder drops down across Jair’s chest and hits him a flurry of right hands. Hopkins covers up and bucks his hips to escape before rolling under the bottom rope. Erron rolls to his feet and charges over towards Hopkins who shoots his shoulder through the ropes, hitting Wilder in the gut, completely stopping his momentum. Hopkins grabs the top rope and flips over Erron, trying to roll him back with a sunset flip. Wilder drops down onto his knees, sitting on Hopkins chest and hooking his legs for the quick pin attempt.

JOHNSON: “An early pin attempt.”
MADISON: “As he should be trying. Jair could tire out by just having to kick out from repeated pin attempts by a larger man. It’s a good strategy to wear down opponent.”
Hopkins countered by finally rolling Erron backwards, pinning his arms to the mat with his legs and forcing the ref to count again.

Wilder kicks out after hitting Hopkins in between the eyes with the heel of his foot. Wilder is to his feet first and quickly grabs ahold of Hopkins wrist as he began pushing himself up to his feet. Wilder twists Hopkins arm into a wristlock and then steps behind him while wrapping his arms around his waist. Wilder pulls on the wrist that he continued to hold and spins Hopkins around, flattening with a lariat! Wilder watches as Hopkins rolls towards the ropes. Wilder waits for Hopkins to pull himself up before flipping him back down with a snapmare. Wilder then runs and bounces off of the ropes before connecting with a big boot. Wilder drops down and hooks a leg for the cover.

JOHNSON: “A little back and forth early in the match.”
VASSA: “Do we expect anything else from 4CW?”
MORRISON: “Both of these guys are top tier talent; there’s no denying that. Either of them are worthy contenders to any 4CW championship.”
MADISON: “Hopkins is a beast. Wilder is a maniac without an off switch. Gonna take a lot to keep either man down for three.”
Hopkins kicks out before the three count. Wilder shoots a glance at the ref and grabs Hopkins by the hair, pulling him up to his feet. Wilder shoves Hopkins into the corner before grabbing ahold of the middle rope and repeatedly driving his shoulder into Jair’s midsection. After three straight shoulder thrusts, Hopkins manages to push himself up into the air, making Wilder miss and drive his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Hopkins comes down with a double foot stomp onto Wilder’s back and then rolls towards the center of the ring. Wilder pulls himself from the turnbuckle and spins around. Hopkins charges and hits him with a running high knee, pushing him back into the corner. As Hopkins’ feet hit the ground he transitions into a side headlock and drives Wilder’s head into the canvass with a running bulldog. Hopkins rolls Wilder over and hooks a leg.

JOHNSON: “You can’t help but wonder if Hopkins is at one hundred percent. We’re still only a few weeks removed from the last man standing match at South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: “There’s no way he’s one hundred percent.”
MADISON: “The best rarely are. Guys are always banged up by little nagging injuries. The upper echelon fight through it and still find ways to be successful.”
Wilder shoves Hopkins off of him before the ref’s three count. Hopkins rises to his feet and watches as Erron pulls himself up to his feet with the help of the ropes. Hopkins charges but Wilder manages to counter with a back body drop over the top rope. While in the air Hopkins grabs the top rope and holds on tight, landing on his feet on the ring apron. Wilder turns around to see the damage and is caught off guard as Hopkins springboards off of the top rope and connects with a hurricanrana that whips Erron across the ring and under the bottom rope to the ringside area!
Hopkins steps out onto the apron and lines Erron up. He runs across the apron and comes up short after trying for a diving crossbody as Erron rolls under Jair to avoid the collision. Jair bounces off of the padding around the ringside area and skids off into the security railing. Erron pushes up to his feet and begins stalking Jair as the official uses his ten count.

JOHNSON: “That’s why it’s called high risk folks! Hopkins crashed and burned with that failed diving crossbody from the apron.”
VASSA: “He bounced off of the padding like a basketball!”
“One! … Two!”

Erron pulls Hopkins up to his feet and shoves him back against the security railing before teeing off on him with a series of stiff boxing punches.
“Three! … Four!”

Erron rips Hopkins away from the security railing and quickly shoves him from behind, sending him head first into the steel ring post. Erron drags Hopkins over towards the announce table, never taking his eyes off of Chris Madison. The two begin to mouth off to one another before Erron bounces Hopkins’ head off the table. Madison stands to his feet and throws the headset aside.
MORRISON: “Easy Chris. Now’s not the time!”
JOHNSON: “We may not have to wait until Ante Up for these two to get their hands on one another again.”
VASSA: “Didn’t you see them two weeks ago? They couldn’t keep their hands off one another. I’m just surprised it’s taken this long!”
“Five! … Six! … Seven!”

Wilder grabs Hopkins and rolls him back into the ring. He climbs up onto the ring apron and looks back at Chris Madison. Hopkins takes advantage of the momentary distraction, hitting Erron Wilder with a dropkick that sends him off of the apron and face first against the edge of the announce table. Hopkins moves to the center of the ring and keeps an eye on Erron. As Wilder rises to his feet Hopkins bounces himself off of the opposite ropes. He charges towards Erron and does a handspring, pushing himself clear over the top rope and connecting with a moonsault that takes Erron out! The crowd erupts as Hopkins lands on his feet.
“That Was Awesome” (Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap) “That Was Awesome” (Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap) “That Was Awesome” (Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap)

JOHNSON: “Holy hell!”
VASSA: “Did you see that?”
MORRISON: “That’s what makes Hopkins one of the best!”
Hopkins pulls Wilder up and rolls him back into the ring. He climbs up onto the ring apron and grabs ahold of the top rope. Hopkins leaps over the top rope and comes down on the middle rope, using it as a springboard before landing a somersault leg drop across the chest of Erron Wilder! Hopkins rolls onto his his opponent and hooks a leg for the cover.

JOHNSON: “Wilder got his leg on the rope!”
VASSA: “The official saw it… The match continues!”
The official stops his count after noticing Erron’s leg on the bottom rope. Jair shakes his head as he scrapes Erron’s lifeless body off of the mat. He backs him against the ropes and whips him across the ring. With both competitors arms extended, Erron plants his feet and counters, whipping Jair across the ring. Hopkins rebounds off of the ropes and Wilder nearly decapitates him with a vicious back elbow. Hopkins crashes to the canvass hard and Erron quickly collapses down on him with a snap elbow drop. Erron makes his way to the corner and pushes himself up to the middle rope as Jair slowly rises to his feet. Wilder leaps off and connects with an axehandle smash from the middle rope. Erron drops down across Jair’s chest looking to pick up the win.

JOHNSON: “I have to think the longer this goes, the more it favors Erron Wilder.”
MORRISON: “Never count Hopkins out. If you make the mistake of letting up because you think that you have him down and out, you’ll find yourself on the losing end of the match.”
VASSA: “I don’t see Erron Wilder making that mistake.”
Not surprised by the kick out, Erron wastes no time transitioning from the failed pin attempt to a figure four headscissor. Erron squeezes Jair’s head between his thighs while he squirms, looking for an escape. Erron stills his opponent and quickly hammers down with a few stiff elbows that connect with the top of Jair’s head. Jair rolls onto his stomach, forcing Erron to do the same. He gets his hands on the back of Erron’s legs and manages to pull his head free. As he pops out he grabs Erron with a rear waist lock. Both competitors rise to their feet and Erron rushes forward towards the ropes. He hooks his arms as Jair pulls back, breaking free from his grasp. Jair does a backwards roll and pops back up to his feet and hits a jumping enziguri as Erron turns around. Jair drops down and tries for the pin attempt.

Erron bucks his hips and flips Hopkins off of him.
JOHNSON: “Wilder’s lights were out for a second. I thought that was it!”
MORRISON: “The lights may have been out but his instinct to fight never dies.”
VASSA: “That’s got to be Erron’s greatest attribute. Much like Chris, he has a motor that keeps him moving forward, no matter the punishment dished out.”
Hopkins drags Erron up to his feet and immediately backs him against the ropes. He whips him across the ring and moves to the center of the ring. Erron meets him after bouncing off of the ropes and hits him with a knee to the gut. Hopkins double over and Erron darts passed him, rebounding off of the ropes again, hitting him with a second straight knee, this time to the small of the back. Hopkins drops down to one knee in excruciating pain. Erron slingshots off of the ropes for a third time, hitting a third straight knee, this time targeting the face! Hopkins hits the canvass hard and Erron tries for the cover.
JOHNSON: “Running Errands!”
Wilder drops down and hooks a leg for the cover. As the ref drops down to count, Chris Madison begins to step away from the announce table.
JOHNSON: “Not like this! We knew the good guy act wasn’t going to last forever…”
MORRISON: “Chris just wants to get himself a closer look.”

Wilder notices Madison leaving the announce table and pushes off of Hopkins to get to his feet. He quickly cuts the Pride Champion off at the ropes. The tension between the two men quickly escalates as they begin jawing at each other. Hopkins crawls behind Erron and tries to catch him off guard, pulling him backwards with a school boy roll up.

Wilder emphatically kicks out just in the nick of time!
JOHNSON: “Chris Madison almost just cost Erron Wilder the damn match!”
MORRISON: “Now it’s his fault Erron can’t focus on the task at hand?”
VASSA: “Steve are you trying to piss Chris Madison off? I thought you enjoyed your life!”
Both Wilder and Hopkins jump to their feet. Wilder rocks Hopkins with a European Uppercut that sends him backwards a couple of steps. Hopkins shakes it off and then side steps a second strike attempt. Erron turns towards Hopkins and gets a boot in the midsection. Hopkins lifts Erron up for a vertical suplex but just as he gets him over his head he twists his body and drops Erron down to the canvass head first with a spinning reverse facebuster! Hopkins rolls him over and hooks a leg.
JOHNSON: “Bread N’ Butter, this could be it!”

Wilder desperately kicks out! Hopkins pushes up to his knees and looks down at Wilder, shaking his head. Hopkins rises and waits as Wilder pulls himself up to his feet with the help of the ropes. Hopkins mows forward and tries for a clothesline but Wilder ducks underneath. Wilder quickly hooks both of Hopkins’ arms and then snaps him backwards with a vicious backslide driver that folds Hopkins up on the base of his neck!
JOHNSON: “Just Deserts for the win!”

Erron rolls out of the pin attempt and quickly turns to see where Chris Madison is as “Blood, Milk and Sky” by White Zombie begins to play over the P.A. system. Madison stands at the ring apron looking into the ring and applauds while nodding his head, causing a bit of confusion from Erron Wilder.
POWERS: “Here is your winner, ERRON WILDERRRR!”

The camera comes backstage from ringside to find ourselves outside of the locker room designated for one Tara Davidson. All seems quiet outside of the locker room as the camera peeks inside to find Tara dressed in her ring gear and doing to last minute shadow boxing before her main event match later on tonight. The locker room door opens and in walks Jason P. Davidson this time without his hazmat suit that he had on earlier. Tara turns around and sees Jason while raising her eyebrow a little bit.
TARA: ”Wow. I’m surprised to see that you ditched the hazmat suit.”
Jason crosses his arms over his chest and pouts like a three year old as he mumbles under his breath.
JPD: ”I didn’t ditch the suit… Perry Wallace and his evil hag of a girlfriend Kaysie told me I couldn’t wear it out there in our match tonight.”
Tara simply shakes her head before she places her hands on her hips.
TARA: ”You better be careful, if you keep insulting her, he’ll make you publically apologize to her on Twitter.”
JPD: ”Honestly I’d rather go on another date with that psycho Penny Van Peters then apologize to her on Twitter. But I did want to come back here and talk to you about our match tonight.”
TARA: ”You mean you’re finally going to take it seriously?”
JPD: ”I’ve been taking it serious this entire time!”
TARA: ”Really? So all the whoopie cushions and all was you being serious, huh?”
JPD: ”It’s called me being relaxed because I know for a fact that we have this match in the bag.”
Tara rolls her eyes in response to the manner in which Jason is speaking before she narrows them making it seem like she is about to snap at him much like she did earlier in the night.
TARA: ”You don’t know that for a fact Jason. We can’t act like we’ve already won this match or we might end up losing another chance to become the Tag Team Champions tonight.”
JPD: ”Look I know you’ve been doubting yourself. I know you feel guilt over the fact that we’ve lost a couple matches here and there where you’ve been the one that’s gotten pinned. I get it but losses happen. As good as we are we can’t win them all. Yeah it was disappointing to lose to Cashe and Knox over in Japan but you’ve personally beaten some of the best out there.”
Jason reaches out and places his hands on Tara’s shoulders as he looks down at her.
JPD: ”Single handedly you’ve taken on the likes of Bronx Valescence and Lyza Reyes in the ring and beaten them both. That’s nothing to sneeze at Tara. You’re good, I pushed you this week not because you’re not worthy but to remind you of just how good you can be when you put your mind to it.”
TARA: ”I just don’t want to make any mistakes tonight. I would hate to be the reason that we lost to Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage of all people. I’m sure they’re already thinking that I’m going to be the weak link out there tonight, so that means I have even more to prove than you do.”
JPD: ”They can think whatever they want to think. When we’re leaving this shithole with those 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts in our possession the only thing that will matter is that not only did we win. But we will have punched our ticket for ANTE UP. Tonight we put 4CW on notice and there isn’t anything that’s going to stop Ascended Supremacy.”
Tara nods her head confidently before turning around and heading out of the locker room. Jason makes his way over towards a locker in the corner opening it up and searching for something inside. Suddenly the locker is slammed shut and Jason looks up to see a very familiar face standing there next to him.
STEVENS: ”Me and you? We need to talk.”
Jason narrows his eyes at the man, Scott Stevens, that attacked both him and Tara at the end of South Beach Brawl as the camera fades out to another section of the arena.

The scene flips backstage where Christy Chaos is seen in her locker room, about to change out of her ring gear when there’s a knock at the door. She looks over to the door before walking over and opening it. With a confused look on her face she raises her eyebrow at the blonde that enters the room.
CHAOS: “What are you doing here?”
The blonde chuckles and shrugs.
KELLY: “You asked me to be here, didn’t you?”
Christy nods slowly.
CHAOS: “Well ya, but I didn’t actually think you would show.”
KELLY: “Why wouldn’t I?”
Christy shrugs.
KELLY: “Regardless, tough break on the loss tonight, I’m sorry.”
Christy sighs and shakes her head.
CHAOS: “I didn’t lose, Parker did.”
Kelly nods.
KELLY: “True, but it’s still Jett who got into the Title match, not you.”
Christy rolls her eyes as she sits down.
CHAOS: “Ugh, don’t remind me. He’ll never shut up about it now. I can’t believe I let that sad annoying piece of trash win. I mean seriously, he doesn’t deserve it, he doesn’t know the first thing about actual success.”
KELLY: “I got the job done tonight, though.”
Kelly tries to reason as she sits down next to Christy on the bench.
CHAOS: “By fluke, I assure you. I mean seriously, he didn’t learn anything about either of us before going into this match. He called us Losers, that was the best he had, until he repeated my own promo back to me. It showed exactly my point, he doesn’t have what it takes to be a champion, because he lacks the traits of being a champion. To do your actual homework, to take no one for granted. He failed to do that, the fact he still managed to get past me by beating Parker, is just a pure fluke, Dakota is going to kill him, I gurantee it.”
KELLY: “Don’t sound too bitter.”
Christy rolls her eyes.
CHAOS: “It just annoys me I let that undeserving little Brat steal my spot. Whatever, I won’t let it get me down. The Untalented trash may be in the Main Event, but I’ll be there. There’s other Championships. I don’t care if it’s the Xtreme TeleVision… I don’t care if it’s the Pride… I don’t even are if I have to find a partner worthy enough to be my partner.”
Christy grabs her clothes as she stands up.
CHAOS: “They teased me with a chance to be in a Championship Match at Ante Up in Las Vegas, near my home. I will not rest, until that’s exactly what I get.”
She walks out into the bathroom as Kelly just shrugs.


JOHNSON: “Welcome back to ringside ladies and gentlemen and now it’s time for our main event of the evening.”
VASSA: “The 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts will be on the line as Ascended Supremacy takes on the champs in the New Gen Rising.”
JOHNSON: “It was a South Beach Brawl that New Gen Rising became the first ever team to ever become two time 4CW World Tag Team Champion by defeated the former Champions Cyrus Riddle and Rorie Steele.”
VASSA: “And neither man walked away from that match with Pinkeye which if you ask around is a miracle within itself.”
JOHNSON: “What my partner here is trying to say that winning those belts was no easy task at all but tonight is an all new challenge in for Jason and Tara Davidson.”
VASSA: “Both of them new to 4CW and both still undefeated but this is only their third match. They’ve faced some stiff competition but they haven’t faced the two time 4CW World Tag Team Champions especially when those titles have been on the line.”
JOHNSON: “And let’s not forget the Black Republicans from Uprising who became the #1 contenders to the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts at ANTE UP. You have to know that they will be watching this match closely to see just who they might be facing.”
VASSA: “I’m calling it right here. New Gen Rising walks in the 4CW World Tag Team Champions and they are walking out of here tonight the exact same way. The Champions retain and move onto ANTE UP to take on the Black Republicans to see who really rules the tag team division here in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “What about the fact that Brian Hollywood has never beaten either Jason or Tara Davidson in a singles or tag team match before?”
VASSA: “Doesn’t matter because neither of them have never faced Jace Savage. Together him and Hollywood have the experience not only against competition here in 4CW but also as the Champions. They know what it takes to win even when the odds are against him and that’s exactly what they are going to do tonight.”
JOHNSON: “There is only one way to find out if that happens so let’s take to the ring for tonight’s introductions.”
The camera pans up to the ring where Mike Powers is standing in the center with his microphone in hand and a smile on his face.
POWERS: ”The following match is scheduled for one fall… and it’s for the 4CW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!
The lights in the arena go completely black as the crowd begins to stand on their feet. Spotlights shine and circle throughout the crowd as the beginning of “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown begins to blast throughout the arena.
“(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom, follow me)
(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom) Cut it!”

Fireworks explode on stage as the lights in the arena come back on. A loud chorus of boo’s begin to echo throughout the crowd.
POWERS: “From Miami, Florida standing at six feet, three inches and five feet, four inches respectively. Weighing in at a combined three hundred sixty two pounds…”
“(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom, follow me)
(Freedom, la la la la)

The husband and wife duo of Jason P. Davidson and Tara Davidson make their way out on stage slowly. They stand tall on stage soaking in the boo’s and hatred from the crowd while holding their arms high into the air triumphantly. Tara wearing her ring gear and Jason much like earlier in the night in his hazmat suit.
“Let me tell you, I’m vicious
Not pass-aggressive
I got my finger on my pulse, staring straight into a hole and I get it
And I’m a savage
It’s automatic
I got a way of making noise, the power to destroy with no static”

POWERS: “They are Wrestling’s only true Royalty… Jason P. and Tara Davidsonnnnn… they are… ASCENDED SUPREMACY!!!”
Jason and Tara lower their arms and slowly make their way down the ramp towards the ring. Tara slaps away the hands of people that each over and try and touch her as Jason argues with a couple of fans along the way even though he can barely see them through the mask on the hazmat suit.
“Cause victory is all you need
So cultivate and plant the seed
Hold your breath and count to ten, just count to ten”

Tara makes her way up the steel ring steps as Jason hops up to the ring apron. Tara strides along the ring apron as Jason leans down and holds the ropes open. The camera pans around and watches closely as Tara bends over as she steps through the ropes and enters the ring.
“I’m gonna make it rain, so ring the bell
I know it all too well
Switchblade on the edge of your wrist
Can I get a witness? (Witness)
Cause agony brings no reward
For one more hit and one last score
Don’t be a casualty, cut the cord”

Jason and Tara go to opposite corners and climb the turnbuckle to pose for the crowd as flashbulbs go off all over the arena. Both husband and wife hop down off the turnbuckle and go to their respective corner as their music dies down.
JOHNSON: ”I thought he said earlier tonight that Wallace wouldn’t let him wear that out here to the ring tonight.”
VASSA: ”If you were scared that Rorie Steele and Julliet Brooks were going to each bust a grumpy into your both your eye sockets at the same time you’d want protection too.”
The camera pans around the ringside area looking for Julliet Brooks in the front row before settling back on Mike Powers in the center of the ring.
POWERS: ”And their opponents…”
“I Play, You Lose” by The Gruesomes hits the speakers as New Gen Rising, Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage walk out on to the ramp with their 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts around their waists. They make their way to the ring yelling insults at the crowd. Upon reaching the ring they split up and head to different corners to walk up the steps.
POWERS: ”Representing The Order, at a combined weight of four hundred and forty pounds, JACE SAVAGE, BRIAN HOLLYWOOD. They are the 4CW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSSSSSS!!!! NEW GEN RISING!!!!!”
Jace and Brian wipe their feet off on the apron at the same time before climbing through the ropes. They walk to opposite corners and climb to the second turnbuckle. They yell more insults at the crowd before hopping off the turnbuckle ready to face their opponents.
JOHNSON: ”The Champions look confident and ready for a fight here tonight while the challengers…”
VASSA: ”He’s more worried about Julliet Brooks cooties than he is winning the belts tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”In fairness… she does spend a lot of time up in Atlantic City.”
VASSA: ”I’m getting a little itchy just thinking about it.”
JOHNSON: ”Just calm down and focus on the match.”
VASSA: ”Just calm down? Are you kidding me? They don’t make Visine strong enough to kill this shit!”
JOHNSON: ”Before my partner starts rubbing his eyes as hard as a Canadian woman rubs to hentai let’s get this main event underway!”
The referee comes over and gathers the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts from Savage and Hollywood before displaying them high into the air. He hands them off to the timekeeper before calling for the bell to signal the start of this match.

Tara decides to start out the match for her team by shoving Jason and his hazmat suit to the outside of the ring. Hollywood and Savage discuss things over before Savage confidently decides to start things out of their team. Tara and Savage circle each other in the center of the ring before locking up collar and elbow. Both struggle for position but Savage uses his obvious size advantage to shove Tara down to the canvas. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Savage poses in the center of the ring by flexing his arms. Tara pulls herself back to her feet and then the two lock up in the center of the ring once again. Tara fights for position but Savage powers her back against the turnbuckle in his own corner.
JOHNSON: ”Jace Savage is using his size and strength to literally overpower his opponent here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Tara needs to find a way to get out of the corner here or the Champions are going to systematically pick her apart.”
The referee comes over and calls for a clean break but Savage ducks down and begins lay in repeated stiff shoulder blocks to the midsection of Tara. Jace pulls himself away from the corner and makes the tag into Hollywood who comes into the ring and hits Tara with a boot to the midsection. Hollywood grabs a hold of Tara and whips her across the ring into the far corner. Hollywood follows Tara in and unloads a huge clothesline just as she hits the turnbuckle spine first. Tara staggers away from the corner but Hollywood rebounds off the ropes and runs right through her with a running big boot to the face that sends her crashing down to the canvas. Hollywood turns around then reaches down and grabs a hold of Tara by the leg and begins dragging her back towards his own corner. Hollywood reaches out and makes the tag back into Savage who comes into the ring and begins climbing the turnbuckle. Savage gets to the middle rope before leaping off and connecting with a big leg drop down across the throat of Tara. Savage hooks the leg and makes the cover on Tara as the referee slides in for the count.

Tara manages to kick out of the pin attempt before the three count can be made.
JOHNSON: ”Early pin attempt by Savage after that big leg drop but it only got him a two count before Tara was able to kick out.”
VASSA: ”It might be early but the Champs are imposing their will here. They’ve isolated one opponent, cut off the ring, and have gone to work on her making quick tags in and out.”
Savage gets back up to his feet then stalks around Tara as she slowly staggers back up to a vertical base. Savage grabs a hold of Tara and goes for a side Russian leg sweep but Tara counters with repeated elbow shots to the side of the head that cause Jace to lose his grip on her. Tara fires a roundhouse kick to the head of Savage but Jace ducks under it. Savage charges forward and goes for a clothesline but Tara sees him coming and ducks under it. Jace continues towards the ropes as Tara turns back around. Savage rebounds off the ropes but Tara leaps into the air and catches him flush with a flying leg lariat that sends him down to the mat. Tara gets back up to his feet then races towards the ropes as Savage scurries back up to a vertical base. Tara bounces off the ropes but Savage catches her but before he can even do anything Tara hits him with a tilt-to-whirl headscissors takedown that sends him sprawling down to the canvas. Tara gets back up to her feet then grabs a hold of Savage and pulls him back up to his feet. Tara gives Savage a boot to the midsection then whips him into the ropes but Savage reverses the whip and sends Tara into the ropes. Tara is able to leap into air and land on the middle rope. She looks to leap off and connect with the .24 Carat Kick but before she can Jason reaches into the ring and tags himself into the match. Tara hops down pissed off she was tagged out of the match as Jason steps into the ring and orders Tara to stand on the outside and let him handle things.
JOHNSON: ”It looked like Tara finally had a bit of offense and a huge momentum swing in this match but Jason seemed to cut that short by tagging himself into this contest.”
VASSA: ”You’d think he’d at least let her hit the move first before tagging into the match. Doesn’t seem like our challengers are on the same page here tonight.”
Tara and Jason continue to argue back and forth but this Savage time to recover. Savage leaps into the air and hits Jason with a dropkick to the back of the head. The impact causes Jason to stumble forward and hit Tara which sends her through the ropes and to the arena floor below. Jason gets back up to his feet in the hazmat suit but Savage is waiting for him. Savage wind up and then hits Jason with a European uppercut right to the mask that knocks him backwards towards the ropes. Jason rebounds off the ropes but Savage catches him and plants him in the center of the ring with a sitout spinebuster. Savage gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of Jason by the arm of the hazmat suit and begins to pull him back over towards his corner. Savage makes the tag into Hollywood who comes into the ring as Jason crawls towards the turnbuckle. Hollywood leans down and begins slapping Jason across the mask on the hazmat suit taunting him before grabbing a hold of the top rope as he begins stomping a mudhole right into the midsection of one half of Ascended Supremacy. Jason is helpless in the corner as Hollywood walks to the center of the ring and begins to taunt the crowd showing off his dominance.
JOHNSON: ”I wanted to believe this would be a close contest but this has been nothing but complete control from the Champions from the very opening bell. They wanted to show that Ascended Supremacy wasn’t even in their league and right now? I can’t say that they weren’t right.”
VASSA: ”Well we know that Ascended Supremacy suffered a loss to Jason Cashe and Tommy Knux over in Japan before they captured the GPC World Tag Team Championship belts in that one month… I mean one night tournament. But I didn’t think that one loss would have them falling apart as a team this much.”
Hollywood turns back around then grabs a hold of Jason and pulls him back up to his feet. Hollywood hoist Jason hazmat suit and all into the air and plants him down the canvas with a sidewalk slam. Hollywood gets back up to his feet and stalks around Jason who begins using the ropes to try and pull himself back up to his feet. Hollywood grabs a hold of Jason from behind but Jason quickly tries to counter with elbow shots to the side of the head of Hollywood. However Hollywood fires back with a couple of clubbing blows to the back of the head of Jason before muscling him up and over with a German suplex that sends him crashing down to the canvas. Hollywood gets back up to his feet then runs his thumb across his throat calling for the finish as Tara pulls herself back up to the ring apron. As Jason staggers back up this feet Hollywood gives him a boot to the midsection the plants him face first with the Lay-Off in the center of the ring. Hollywood hooks the leg and makes the cover on Jason as the referee slides in for the count.

Tara races into the ring and breaks up the count right before the three.
JOHNSON: ”I thought that one was over but Tara managed to save this match just in the nick of time for her team even after the Lay-Off from Hollywood.”
VASSA: ”She might have over prolonged the inevitable here. Her and Tara have to find a way to generate sustained offense and soon or else they’ll be going home empty handed.”
The referee forces Tara back towards her corner as Hollywood gets back up to his feet. Hollywood plants a couple of stomps to the head of Jason who remains motionless on the canvas. Hollywood makes his way over towards the corner and begins climbing the turnbuckle. Hollywood perches himself on the top rope then leaps off going for a moonsault but Jason manages to roll out of the way as the last possible second causing Hollywood to crash and burn down to the canvas hard. Both men are down in the center of the ring and in pain as the crowd is on their feet.
VASSA: ”Hollywood crashed and burned there. It’s now or never for Ascended Supremacy but Jason has to make the tag into Tara.”
The referee begins his ten count as both Hollywood and Jason begin crawling towards their corners knowing the first person that’s able to make the tag will probably have the advantage in this match. Hollywood pulls himself up to his feet holding his midsection but manages to make the tag into Savage.
JOHNSON: ”Hollywood is the first to make the tag and here comes Jace Savage!”
Savage storms into the ring as Tara stomps her feet on the ring apron pleading with Jason to tag her into the match. Jason reaches out trying to make the tag but Savage grabs a hold of his foot before he can reach Tara. However Jason makes one last ditch effort kicking Savage before leaping and making the tag into Tara.
VASSA: ”Jason made the tag to Tara and here comes an ass I wouldn’t mind getting Pinkeye from!”
Tara charges into the ring and then fires off a series of vicious forearm shots to the face of Savage that rock him backwards. Tara gives Savage a boot to the midsection then whips him off into the ropes but Savage reverses the whip and sends Tara into the ropes. Tara rebounds off the ropes then hits Savage with a flying forearm smash to the face that sends him crashing down to the canvas. Tara gets back up to her feet and grabs a hold of Savage but Savage rakes her in the eyes to stop her momentum. Savage grabs a hold of Tara and then whips her into the ropes. However this time Tara leaps off the middle rope and connects with the .24 Carat Kick to the face of Savage that just about knocks him out of his boots. Jace rolls to the corner to try and avoid the pin as Hollywood step through the ropes however Jason sees him coming and charges into the ring. Jason hits Hollywood with a running clothesline that sends both men over the top rope and down to the arena floor below.
JOHNSON: ”This match has broken down into absolute chaos here at ringside!
VASSA: ”You’re right but this is the opening that Ascended Supremacy needed. Tara has Savage in the ring one on one and has to use this opportunity to put him away!
Tara gets up to her feet then charges towards the corner as Savage uses the turnbuckle to pull himself back up to his feet. Tara leaps into the air and spins before smashing Savage into the corner with a flying splash using her very well endowed backside. Hollywood and Jason continue fighting on the outside of the ring but the referee’s attention is on the action in the ring as Tara climbs the turnbuckle and begins raining right hands down onto the forehead of Jace Savage. On the outside Hollywood has had enough of Jason and slams him head first onto the announcer’s table. As Jason staggers backwards Hollywood reaches out and pulls off the mask and top of the hazmat suit to find out it wasn’t Jason P. Davidson he’s been fighting with the entire time.
JOHNSON: ”What the hell?! You mean this entire time that wasn’t Jason P. Davidson in that hazmat suit?!
VASSA: ”That’s Scott Stevens! He’s been wrestling this match the whole time with Tara as his partner and Hollywood didn’t even know it!
Hollywood drops the mask and top of the hazmat suit in shock like he’s just seen a ghost but the HOW superstar has a gigantic smirk on his face having just pulled a fast one on the 4CW World Tag Team Champions. Pissed off Hollywood charges Stevens but Stevens catches him and plants him with a Toxic Sting on the outside of the ring.
JOHNSON: ”Stevens just assaulted Hollywood. That should be a disqualification!”
VASSA: ”Referee didn’t see it! He’s too busy with both Tara and Savage in the middle of the ring!
Stevens stands over the fallen Brian Hollywood and begins gesturing that he’s going to take his HOW World Heavyweight Championship belt away from him at War Games. 4CW security rushes down to the ring and begins to force Stevens away from the ringside area and out of the building.
JOHNSON: ”Scott Stevens had no business sticking his nose into this matchup regardless of the fact that War Games is right around the corner!
VASSA: ”That’s not the real issue here. What I want to know is where in the hell is the other Davidson?!
Inside of the ring Tara continues to rain down right hands to the head of Savage in the corner but Savage grabs a hold of her and tosses her off the turnbuckle. Tara gets back up to her feet and charges going for another ass splash in the corner but Savage moves out of the way causing Tara to hit the turnbuckle hard. As Tara staggers out of the corner Jace leaps into the air and connects with the Savage Punch right to the face of Tara laying her out. Suddenly the crowd pops loudly as Jason P. Davidson can be seen racing through the audience. Jason leaps over the barricade and slides into the ring behind Savage.
JOHNSON: ”He was hiding in the crowd the entire time! The hazmat suit was just a diversion!”
VASSA: ”That was one hell of a gamble and it’s about to pay off in a huge way!”
Jason crouches down in the far corner just poised to strike as Savage just stands over the fallen Tara. As Savage turns around Jason explodes out of the corner and levels him with a spear that sends him crashing down to the canvas. Jason gets back up to his feet then points towards the corner as Tara begins to pull herself back up to a vertical base. Jason grabs a hold of Savage and shoves his head between his legs as Tara steps through the ropes onto the ring apron. Jason hoist Savage into the air then launches himself the corner as Tara leaps into the air connecting with the Ascended Melee turnbuckle powerbomb and enziguri kick in the corner. Savage is out on his feet and staggers away from the corner. Jason gives Savage a boot to the midsection then shoves his head between his legs again as Tara leaps up to the top rope. Jason hoist Savage high into the air as Tara leaps off the top rope and they connect with Off With His Head down to the canvas. Tara hooks the leg and makes the cover on Savage as the referee slides in for the count.

NOOOO! Savage gets his shoulder up at the last possible second and both members of Ascended Supremacy can’t believe it!
JOHNSON; ”Good God! How tough? Just how tough is Jace Savage?! This match should be over but somehow he managed to get his shoulder up before the three!”
VASSA: ”WOW! They gambled it all on that one moment and even after everything Jace Savage kicked out. These guys just proved New Gen Rising are the champs for a reason!
Jason claps his head together repeatedly arguing with the referee over a slow count but the referee tells him it was only a two count. Jason heads to the ring apron as Tara gets back up to her feet and makes the tag into her partner. Jason grabs Savage off of the canvas and shoves his head between his legs as Tara grabs onto the top rope. Jason hoists Savage into the air as Tara leaps to the top rope but Hollywood leaps up behind her and pushes her off of the top rope and down to the canvas hard. Savage counters and hits Jason with a hurricanrana that snaps him down to the canvas. Savage gets to his feet then makes the tag into Hollywood who comes into the ring and tosses Tara to the arena floor below. Hollywood and Savage turn their attention to Jason who slowly staggers up to his feet in the center of the ring. Hollywood and Savage both lounge forward and unleash their finishers at the exact same time.
JOHNSON: ”The Connection! That’s the move that won them the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts for a second time!’
VASSA: ”This match is over! I told you the Champs would retain here tonight!
Jason crumbles down the canvas from the impact of the Superman punch and Superkick at the same time. Hollywood hooks the leg and makes the cover on Jason as the referee slides in for the count.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Tara pulls the referee out of the ring right before the three count can be made!
JOHNSON: ”You don’t get much closer than that! Desperate times call for desperate measures and Tara did the only thing she could do to prevent Ascended Supremacy from losing this match!
The referee argues with Tara on the outside of the ring over being interrupted while making the count however Savage races towards the ropes. Jace Savage leaps into the air going for a suicide dive but Tara sees him coming. Tara pushes the referee out of the way causing Savage to miss and go flying right into the steel barricade with a sickening thud. Inside of the ring Hollywood gets to his feet in the corner and begins pounding his foot on the canvas looking for another Executive Promise as Jason struggles to regain a vertical base. As Jason turns around Hollywood charges out of the corner and goes for the Executive Promise but Jason catches his boot. Hollywood hops around on one foot as Tara gets back up to the ring apron. Jason grabs a hold of Hollywood and lifts him over his shoulder as Tara leaps to the top rope. Jason hooks Hollywood in position as Tara leaps off the top rope.
VASSA: ”We’re going to have new Champs!!!
Hollywood is spiked in the center of the ring from the tag team finisher. Jason hooks the leg and makes the cover on Hollywood and Tara even sits down on top of Jason’s back as the referee slides back into the ring to make the count.

The referee motions to the timekeeper to ring the bell as the crowd stands on their feet.

POWERS: ”Here are you winners and NEWWWWWWWWW 4CW World Tag Team Championssssss… ASCENDED SUPREMACY!!!!!!”
JOHNSON: ”They went through hell and back. They pulled out every trick in the book but in the end they had enough to pull if off and we have crowned new Champions.”
VASSA: ”It was an outstanding match and what a valiant effort by New Gen Rising but tonight was all about Ascended Supremacy but now they have to worry about the Black Republicans.”
”Cut The Cord” by Shinedown fills arena as Jason and Tara Davidson are presented with the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts.

The long hall leading out to the parking lot was uncommonly empty, that is except for one man making his exit out of the building. That man was Cyrus Riddle, he looked a bit sore but still had his cocky stride about him. Dark black sunglasses hide his eyes as he pulls along his suitcase with wheels.
VASSA: “Oh look, it’s Cyrus.”
JOHNSON: “After his performance tonight I think he has no intentions of hanging around the building any longer tonight.”
Cyrus pushes open the doors and enters the parking area, stopping right outside the door as if to try and remember where exactly he parked. As the thought comes to him, he starts to walk out into the open.

And just like that Cyrus is laying face down against the concrete two men in black masks one wielding a steel pipe start to savagely stomp and beat the man. Cyrus lets out a groan of agony as the steel pipe connects directly the back of his knee cap. Stomps one after another to his spine leave the man looking something of a crime scene.
JOHNSON: “Who is that and why are they attacking Cyrus?!”
VASSA: “Someone help!”
As the two men stop their assault they look at one another before turning their attention to something out of the camera’s view. Then they straight dip out, running at full speed the fuck on out of there. A few moments later and you can see why as Dakota Smith walks into the scene.
VASSA: “It’s Dakota! He’s come to Riddle’s aid.”
JOHNSON: “About time but I think the damage has already been done.”
He is looking down on Cyrus with a mixed look of shock and sickness. That quickly turns to something a bit more disturbing as he crouches down and rolls over his fallen friend. The butcher’s head slowly cocks to the side in an odd manner as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small but sharp razor blade.
VASSA: “What the hell is he doing with that?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know Vinny…”
Dakota cradles Cyrus’s head with one of his hands, holding it against his own chest. He slices Riddle’s forehead open enough to draw blood and smear it on his hands as the paramedics arrive.
JOHNSON: “Someone stop this! What is he doing?!”
VASSA: “He just sliced Riddle’s head wide open.”
JOHNSON: “Is this how Omerta helps each other?”
Dakota then wipes Cyrus’ blood across his chest as he watches the E.M.T’s put Cyrus onto a stretcher.
JOHNSON: “Folks I don’t know what we just witnessed but Cyrus is laid out and Dakota has cut him after the fact.”
VASSA: “What is wrong with these people? And where is Erron?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know but we’re out of time folks. Tune in two weeks from now as we head to Salt Lake City, Utah!”
VASSA: “Coming to you live from the Vivint Smart Home Arena!”
JOHNSON: “While the paramedics assist Cyrus, We’re going to call it a night ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for tuning in and joining us. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa, good night!”
The camera then zooms in to Riddle’s bloodied head as the paramedics continue to assist him. Standing in the distance, Dakota looks on with no emotion in his face as he watches his fallen brother being attended to. Wiping the blood away from his blade onto his pants, Dakota then turns away and disappears into the darkness as the scene slowly begins to fade out to a shot of the poster for the upcoming pay-per-view, Ante Up.