Before the cameras began to roll, we had a special pre-show match for the fans in attendance. Three men who have all been down on their luck, plagued with losses, will battle it out in the ring tonight where only one can walk away a winner, possibly even re-igniting their 4CW career. After back to back rough weeks in 4CW, Dirty South decided to put his anger and frustration to use as he rolled over the “competition” in the ring consisting of Parker Van Peters and Luke Jones. Starting the match with a bang, Dirty took the fight straight to PVP’s front doorstep, beating him silly before the man even knew what hit him. After leveling him with a ferocious powerbomb into the turnbuckle, Dirty South then turned his attention to Luke Jones who had been standing silently in his corner, scared to partake in the action. Annoyed at the lack of self respect with Jones, Dirty kicked things up a notch and and dragged him to the center of the ring by his ear, like a child. On his knees begging for mercy, Luke attempted to plead his case but they fell onto deaf ears. With Luke nearly in tears, Dirty South jerked him up to his feet and then laid him out in the center of the ring with a T-bone DDT. Making the cover on Luke, Dirty wiped the tears from Luke’s face in amusement, as the official made the count, thus giving Dirty South the victory tonight.

The picture opens to an overhead shot from inside of the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. “Dot Your Eyes” blasts over the speakers but slowly begins fading out as the roar from the crowd below grows louder and louder. Cutting to a view from the top of the entrance stage, the camera slowly begins to proceed down the ramp towards the center of attention, the Adrenaline ring. Scanning over the fans, the camera focuses in on various signs held high above the heads of many.

Sitting at the announcers booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa talk amongst themselves before turning their attention to the camera. With a glass of whiskey in hand, Vassa points to the camera with a smile on his face as Johnson takes lead.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another night of 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa, but you already knew that!”
JOHNSON: ”We have an exciting night planned for you folks watching at home as we’re live from the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah!”
VASSA: ”We always have an exciting night in store, unlike that trainwreck of a radio show last week.”
JOHNSON: ”Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we have a special appearance lined up to kick start the evening.”
VASSA: ”The king and queen of 4CW, Perry Wallace and his lovely companion, the 4CW Executive Assistant and Head of Perry Relations, Kaysie Sherell.”
”Raw” by Bad Meets Evil hits the speakers as the camera transitions to a shot of the entrance. Walking out side by side, Kaysie Sherell and Perry Wallace make their grand appearance hand in hand. Stopping at the top of the stage, Wallace stands in a black custom tailored suit with the jacket unbuttoned and a blue shirt underneath. Turning his attention to Kaysie and looking her over from head to toe, she is covered by a white floral garb that nearly touches her ankles. The rather covered ensemble is attributed by a large slit on her right leg that goes up to her pelvis. The two then proceed down the ramp and make their way towards the ring as Oswald Pinkman walks out from the back and stays behind at the top of the stage.
JOHNSON: ”Ms. Sherell isn’t a stranger to 4CW but only recently over the last couple of months has she made her presence more known by accompanying Perry in more open settings.”
VASSA: ”She has made quite an impact in such a short time too. We all know that Wallace has a tendency to mess things up but she’s showed her strengths and value to being by his side.”
JOHNSON: ”If there were one true power couple in wrestling it would have to go to these two. They have the everything at their disposal to make 4CW the best promotion out there today.”
VASSA: ”And I think there may even be a little love in the air!”
As they arrive at ringside, like the gentleman he is, Wallace holds her hand and assists her up the steps. He then follows behind and steps onto the bottom rope while pulling up the middle rope, opening a gap for her to enter the ring without slowing down one bit. Stepping through the ropes himself, he joins her in the center of the ring. Looking into one another’s, the two share a few words with each other before Wallace reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a microphone. With a supportive nod from Kaysie, Wallace smiles at her before turning to the crowd and slowly raising the mic to his mouth.
WALLACE: ”Boy, oh boy, does it feel good to be back on home soil for Adrenaline, right here in Salt Lake City, Utah!”
He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd by that statement. Shrugging it off, he slowly paces the ring.
WALLACE: ”The last week has been amazing. For those of you who may not know, the Queen and I have been living it up in Jamaica, just getting away from the business side of life and having some time to ourselves. I will admit, I miss it already. I would rather be lounging on a beautiful beach with a drink in my hand, wouldn’t you agree Kaysie?”
He turns his attention to Kaysie who gives him a nod of agreement. Turning back to the crowd, he breaks the short moment of silence as his voice fills the air.
WALLACE: ”But you see, we just can’t do that. Her and I just can’t do that. We have to do what’s in the best interest of 4CW and that requires our full attention. For weeks now, there has been an annoyance weighing down on me. I don’t know if it’s what this actual annoyance is doing or if it’s the fact that I allowed this to happen. Regardless of what it actually is, we’re going to get to the bottom of it. Ante Up is next month and we have a huge night planned for all of you watching from home and to those of you joining us here live tonight. Two weeks ago we witnessed the first official match announced with Erron Wilder challenging the reigning Pride Champion, Chris Madison. Then we received our first challenger for the 4CW Championship match, the sixty minute fourway iron man match, a 4CW exclusive. That first person to step into the ring with Dakota will be a certain individual who has seemed to be an annoyance himself but nonetheless, he earned his place in this match. That young man is none other than Jett Wilder.”
The crowd fires off with with boos as the name echoes throughout the arena. Shaking his head back and forth, he looks to Kaysie who looks back in return with a facial expression resembling the reaction from the crowd.
WALLACE: ”Whether you like the kid or not, he did earn his place in the big boy match at Ante Up. And the fun doesn’t stop there! We also have a concrete Tag Team Championship match. From Uprising, the Black Republicans will be challenging the champions, Jason and Tara Davidson… Ascended Supremacy! Two individuals who are a part of Team 4CW competing at Wargames in High Octane Wrestling, led by team captain, Jason P. Davidson!”
With the announcement of Wargames, the crowd then breaks into a chant.
”H.O.W. Sucks!!! … H.O.W. Sucks!!! … H.O.W. Sucks!!! … H.O.W. Sucks!!! … H.O.W. Sucks!!!”

Nodding in agreement with the chant of the crowd, Wallace seems to be a bit pleased. Raising the mic once again, he clears his throat before continuing.
WALLACE: ”While we have these matches confirmed for Ante Up, there is still a little pest that needs to be addressed. I know I’m not the only one who has been annoyed recently with it, and that there is no better time than now for the Queen of 4CW to speak her mind. So if you will excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I am going to open the floor to her and try my best to remain unbiased in this whole ordeal.”
He then turns to the camera and winks with a smile on his face before turning to Kaysie and slowly walking towards her. Standing face to face with her, he covers the mic with his palm as the two talk quietly for a moment in the ring. Leaning forward, he kisses her softly on the cheek before handing her the mic and walking to a corner, leaning back against it and making himself comfortable.
VASSA: ”About time he shut up and let Kaysie have the mic.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what they are addressing, whether it is something that happened or an individual, but i don’t think either are pleased with it.”
VASSA: ”I still can’t believe that Perry was able to land someone like Kaysie, but we talked about this last week.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m still surprised that you and Mike Powers are shocked to learn that he’s thirty-five.”
VASSA: ”That’s a fake I.D. and no one can convince me otherwise.”
With the mic in hand, he turns back to look at Perry briefly before cutting her eyes to the crowd and addressing them.
SHERELL: ”You know, I am a big fan of action. I am a fan of people who take action. That assertive nature is what is needed to separate the bourgeoisie from the proletariat. Those with the moxie to take action, become part of that bourgeoisie. Those that don’t, suffer the fate of being a member of the proletariat like all of you!”
The Utahian audience begins to boo as a smirk comes over Kaysie’s face. After a moment of letting the boos come down, she walks over to the ropes. She leans her forearm over it as she begins to speak.
SHERELL: ”I am so sorry that you people cannot handle the truth. Face it, if any of you would have taken the action needed to be part of the bourgeoisies, would you be stuck in a state like podunk Utah? Clearly, you people and the person who has been a thorn in my side for the last few weeks have a lot in common. You see, I’m tired of a member of the proletariat disguising himself as a member of the bourgeoisie. Jack Vaughn, you are nothing more than a waste of space, and a waste of a title. Now Jackie, I don’t want to just relieve you of your duties, I want you to come out here and explain yourself. Explain to the masses why you’ve masqueraded as a figure of power for all this time, when all you’ve done is absolutely nothing to deserve it. ”
Walking out from the back, Jack Vaughn emerges to a light applaud from the fans. Standing at the top of the stage, he paces back and forth with his head down and hands on his hips, thinking to himself. Cutting his attention to the ring, he then proceeds down the ramp at an average pace. Stopping in front of the ring, he looks inside at Perry first who gives him back a blank stare before smirking and nodding towards Kaysie. The frustration becomes apparent by the look on Jack’s face as he cuts his eyes to Kaysie who stares down on him. Making his way up the ringside steps, Jack then enters the ring and walks to the other side. Leaning over the ropes, he waves for a microphone and a member of the ringside crew quickly run one over to him. With the mic in hand, he slowly turns around to face Kaysie who watches his every move, and right behind her stands Perry in support for his queen.
VAUGHN: ”You requested my services, Royal Highness?”
Jack says with with sarcasm accompanied by a grin on his face.
SHERELL: ”Wipe that smug look off of your face, Jackie. You make me sick! What kind of a lame excuse of a General Manager are you? Ever since you decided to show your face back here since South Beach Brawl, you’ve done absolutely nothing. I’ve done all of your work, including making big moves for Ante Up, that’s your job! ”
VAUGHN: ”Well look at you, I really appreciate the effort. It must be nice to actually have support from your boss… lover… your Perr-bear… whatever it is you two call yourselves while playing house each and every day when not trying to put on a front for the fans here. While you weasel your way into some power role around here, I’ve actually been overseas handling some business for Perry.”
Kaysie steps forwards towards Jack with a smirk.
SHERELL: ”And you see the horrible job that you’ve done at that right? What have you secured for 4 Corners Wrestling internationally? I mean last time I checked, we’re in Utah not Uraguay.”
Chuckling to himself, Jack stares straight ahead at Kaysie.
VAUGHN: ”To be quite honest with you, I haven’t done anything internationally. For weeks, even months, we have watched as certain talents rebel against a management system that wants to see them fade into nonexistence. You have some of 4CW’s most valuable assets ready to walk as soon as their contract is up all because Perry can’t leave emotions out of business. I’m sorry to say it, but you’re a prime example of that. But then we have someone like Chris Madison who has remained undefeated to this day, and Perry or yourself won’t even give him the time of day to renegotiate his contract. That’s why I said to hell with the wild goose chase and came back to where the talent is, to secure what we have and build for a future in 4CW. It’s unfortunate that you don’t see it like that. Instead, you have Perry making blind decisions and opening the door for top tier talent to walk with no remorse.”
Kaysie simply shakes her head as she looks over at Jack with a smirk.
SHERELL: ”Jack, you have no idea what you’re speaking of. Perry and I have tried our best to secure the best talent from around the world, and that is exactly what we do. As for the current talent, they know where to find us to discuss new deals. You’re reaching Jackie-boy!”
After shrugging his shoulders, Jack then rubs his his chin for a moment, thinking over his next words wisely. With his head down and eyes locked on the canvas, he then tilts his head back and looks across the ring to Kaysie.
VAUGHN: ”Am I reaching? Am I really reaching? Nah… I wouldn’t go that far. I was hired to turn a profit for Adrenaline. That was the reason I was hired and that is the reason I am still here. Reaching would be more your style, toots. We all know the real reason why you’re even with Perry, and I can guarantee it isn’t for his good company. Or maybe it is his company, this company, if you catch my drift.”
A look of shock comes over Kaysie’s face. She then turns and looks at Perry who seems to be equally shocked by his allegation. Kaysie then drops the microphone down to the mat and looks at Jack with serious contempt. Then, she fully cocks her right arm back and swings her hand back wildly slapping Jack across the face. His head whips to the side as the slap echoes throughout the arena. Rubbing his cheek, a smile then comes to his face as he slowly turns to look at Kaysie.
VAUGHN: ”Hmm… so it’s come to this now? Come on, just be upfront with the man. Be upfront with all of us, Queen 4CW. After all, that Queen title is the only reason you’re with the man. It’s okay, you can be honest with us all about it. Just tell everyone the truth.”
A look of anger continues to come over Kaysie’s face. She places her hands on her hips as Jack continues to speak.
VAUGHN: ”If it how you say it is, then prove it. You can say whatever you want about me not doing my job but while I’ve been here in the states looking out for the best interest of 4CW, you two decide to kick back in the sun and sand of Jamaica.”
Shaking her head, Kaysie drops her head, almost as if in defeat.
VAUGHN: ”Okay then, maybe you’ve convinced some folks out here tonight, but, you haven’t convinced me. Hey Perry…”
Turning his attention towards Perry, Jack cocks his head to the side before speaking into the microphone once again.
VAUGHN: ”What do you think? If you ask me, you seem to be a little blinded by beauty so to speak. When are you going to wake up and realize what’s going on here?”
Suddenly, Kaysie walks over towards Jack. As he is looking at Perry awaiting his answer, Kaysie quickly kicks Jack in the back of his right knee. As the fans immediately begin to boo, Jack falls down to his knees. Then, Kaysie walks in front of him looking him square in the face. As she lets out a primal shriek, she swings her right leg out catching Jack in the head with a vicious roundhouse kick!
VASSA: ”Down goes Frazier!”
JOHNSON: ”Whoa now! She can’t do that, can she? Kaysie just laid of Adrenaline General Manager, Jack Vaughn!”
Wobbling back and forth on his knees, Jack finally falls forward, face-first to the canvas. The boos from the crowd rain down to the ring as Kaysie circles Jack, looking down at the damage at her feet.
VASSA: ”I think she just did do that! What’s going to happen now? She’s with the owner of 4CW!”
JOHNSON: ”This just isn’t right and a blatant abuse of authority.”
VASSA: ”What are you going to do? When you’re backed by the boss you can pretty much do whatever you want.”
Perry’s jaw drops to the mat as his eyes open widely in shock from the vicious kick to Jack’s head. At a loss for words, he stares at Jack’s lifeless body on the canvas before slowly turning his attention to Kaysie who looks back at him in return. The two lock eyes for a moment before Perry steps away from the corner and slowly walks over to Jack’s body.
VASSA: ”I don’t even think Perry knows what to say at this point!”
JOHNSON: ”Knowing him and how he acts towards her, I’m willing to bet that he doesn’t say anything directed towards her actions tonight.”
VASSA: ”With an ass like that, can you blame him?”
JOHNSON: ”You are literally out of control, Vinny.”
Looking down at Jack lying face down at his feet, Perry shakes his head back and forth before slowly stepping over and joining Kaysie by her side. Looking down at his feet, he reaches down and picks up the microphone from the mat. Still in complete shock, he looks to Kaysie who appears to be rather satisfied with her actions. Slowly raising the mic to his mouth, Perry cuts his attention back to Jack who is still motionless.
WALLACE: ”You should really clean up your act, Jack. Let this be a lesson.”
Grabbing the microphone from Perry’s hand, Kaysie looks down at Jack and nudges him with her foot.
SHERELL: ”Don’t you EVER question my relationship with Perr-bear again!”
”She Bad Bad” by Eve hits the speakers as Kaysie drops the microphone to the canvas. Turning to Perry, she grabs ahold of his hand and then heads for the ropes as the boos continue to rain down from the surrounding crowd. As the two exit the ring, they then make their way up the ramp, Kaysie’s arm locked around Perry’s before the two finally disappear into the back.

Down in the bowels of the Vivint Smart Home Arena we come across the massive frame of none other than Iscariot XIII. The low level of light, mainly auxiliary and emergency lighting, cast most of his body and face in shadow. The parts of his face that are illuminated seem to glow eerily.
”The waiting is almost over. Soon I shall go out there and step into the ring with Sonny Lee. The man who thinks he understands what he says. He is obviously confused about what he considers stories. He believes that the tales from the Bible are just that, tales.
Yet I know, and have proof, that they are far more than that. They are a loose record of history. The story of how not only Earth and the animal life, but also humans, and their religion. They are the lineage of the faith and reasoning behind it.
He thinks I am some great omnipotent being because I call myself a prophet. But he is mistaken. I am just a messenger. That’s what a prophet it. Some are directly divine, others are just men. Myself? I am a bit of both. But make no mistake, Sonny, you have been judged and have been found wanting. Soon your time of judgment shall come. And it will come at the hands of…
The Mephistophelian Messiah!”

Iscariot starts to chuckle. It slowly builds into evil, maniacal, laughter. He then slowly starts to walk into the darkness, disappearing.


POWERS: “The following no holds barred contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights dim, and ‘Texas’ by the Charlie Daniels Band begins to erupt throughout the arena. As the fans cheer uncontrollably, a large shadow comes out onto the ramp wearing a cowboy hat, black leather duster, and holding a baseball bat in his hand. As a huge explosion of pyro goes off, the name, Harley Reigns can be seen on the big screen.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Brownsville, Texas, weighing in at three hundred twenty eight pounds and standing six feet, six inches tall! He is “The Texas Outlaw”, HARLEY RREEIIGGNNSS!!!”
Now, various scenes from Harley’s long career can be seen. Harley then holds his bat high in the air and begins to swagger down to the ring.
As he enters the ring, he goes to the center of the ring and again holds up his bat for all the fans to cheer him on. He then steps to his corner, removes his entrance attire and waits for the sound of the bell.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The venue’s lights cut out, causing the entire building to go dark. Static feedback screeches over the P.A. system, forcing the fans in the audience to cover their ears. The video screen near the entrance way lights up with a white snowy picture, barely illuminating the entrance ramp. A black handprint slowly fades into the picture with a red anarchy symbol carved into the palm of the handprint before the screen cuts to black with white lettering that spells out “Unstable”. The crowd jumps to their feet, a 50/50 split between cheers and boos, as the static feedback is replaced by the opening chorus to Bullet For My Valentine’s single You Want a Battle? (Here’s A War).
“We will not take this anymore
These words will never be ignored
You want a battle

A sole spotlight focuses on the curtain for the entranceway as Chris Madison steps out with the Pride Championship secured around his waist. His head is tucked down with a black towel draped over it, focusing on the ground beneath him. The mixed crowd erupts in anticipation as Madison stands as still as a statue. He finally brings his fists up towards his face and punches himself on the jaw with both hands before ripping the towel from his head and spiking it down to the ground.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Long Island, New York, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the 4CW Pride Champion, ‘Mayhem’, CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison charges to the ring while unfastening the Pride Championship and slides in under the bottom rope before hoping up to his feet. He walks towards the nearest ropes corner and climbs up to the second rope, surveying the live crowd before hoisting the Pride Championship proudly over his head.
JOHNSON: “Harley is coming off a tough loss two weeks ago against Bryan Laughlin as he was able to win the XTV Championship in a triple threat involving Jason Cashe.”
VASSA: “Tonight isn’t going to be any easier for him as he’ll now face off with the still undefeated Pride Champion, Chris Madison.”
JOHNSON: “Harley held his own in his last match, even shaking off a Mark of Jason from the former XTV Champion, Jason Cashe.”
VASSA: “You don’t see that often but he did it with a smile on his face.”
JOHNSON: “I think the last person we saw do that was Magnus Brutus if I’m not mistaken.”
VASSA: “He was a tough son of a bi–“
JOHNSON: “There goes Harley before Madison even has a chance to step down from the corner!”
VASSA: “Here we go!”
Charging in behind Madison, Harley delivers a solid punch to the lower half of Madison’s spine. The Pride Championship falls from his hands and crashes to the floor as his body drops down from the corner and his face slams onto the turnbuckle. Quickly throwing his hand into the air, the official then calls for the bell.

Locking both hands onto the back of Madison’s head, Harley lifts it up from the turnbuckle before slamming his face down onto it once more. Spinning Madison around, Harley then unloads with a combination of body blows, pounding his rib cage from both sides. He then gives Madison a Bionic Elbow that rocks his head, knocking it back as spit flies from his mouth and straight into the air. Grabbing onto Madison’s head, Harley pulls him away from the corner and holds it down while grabbing onto the back of his tights. Taking a few steps back with Madison, Harley then rotates and throws Madison forward through the top and middle ropes, slamming his shoulder into the ring post.
JOHNSON: “Harley just used Madison’s shoulder as a battering ram to try and knock down the ring post.”
VASSA: “That hurt me just watching it, I can’t even imagine how Chris is feeling right about now.”
With Madison’s body hanging over the middle ropes, Harley climbs to the apron and then drops down to the floor. Walking to the corner, he grabs Madison’s head, pushing his body back into the ring before stopping with the rope against Madison’s throat. Pulling down with all of his weight in it, Harley begins choking Madison with the middle rope. With the use of the ropes perfectly legal in this match, the official checks in with Madison for a submission, only to get nothing in return from the red-faced man. Not letting up, Harley looks into Madison’s eyes as his face turns a darker shade of red by the second. Madison then locks his hands around Harley’s wrist and begins trying to pry his hands away from his head.
VASSA: “Harley has Madison in a tough spot right now. If Chris can’t manage to break away from this it may be lights out for him.”
JOHNSON: “It’s been almost a year that Madison has come to 4CW and remained undefeated. This would be one heck of a way for him to receive his first loss.”
As if a new burst of energy had taken over him, Madison manages to rips Harley’s hands away from his head, relieving the pressure of the rope against his throat. With Madison’s hands locked around Harley’s wrist, Harley then begins taking steps backwards, pulling Madison through the ropes and to the outside. Crashing to the floor, Madison lands on the same shoulder that took the damage from the ring post. Not giving Madison a chance to rest and catch his breath, Harley pulls him up to his feet and then throws him back-first into the steel barricade at ringside.
JOHNSON: “Harley isn’t letting up one bit!”
VASSA: “Why would he? Has Madison let up since signing with 4CW?”
JOHNSON: “Not one bit and I doubt tonight will be the first time he does.”
VASSA: “Man, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wallace himself booked this match to wear down Chris before the title defense at Ante Up.”
His arms stretched across the top of the barricade, Madison holds himself up, leaving his body exposed for attack. Charging like a bull, Harley goes to take Madison’s head off with a clothesline but crashes into the barricade and flips over to the other side as Madison rolls out of the way. The fans in the front quickly move out of the way, leaving an open spot for Harley to land flat on his back. On one knee, Madison looks through the bars of the barricade at Harley while taking a moment to regain himself and catch his breath.
Pushing himself up to his feet, Madison slowly walks over to the barricade and leans over it, reaching down and grabbing Harley’s head. Rolling him over to his stomach, Madison then pulls him up to his feet and quickly locked his arm around Harley’s head. Grabbing the back of Harley’s pants, Madison drives his feet into the floor as he then lifts Harley up and over the barricade, dropping him onto his back with a vertical suplex. Pushing himself up, Madison looks down at Harley as he reaches his arm behind him and holds his back.
Pulling Harley up from the floor, Madison then drags him a few steps before throwing him forward, head first into the ringside steps.


Upon impact, the steps don’t budge as Harley’s body drops to the floor. Looking at the steps, a smirk comes over Madison’s face at the side of a rather large dent in the side of the steps from where Harley’s head crashed into them. Stepping onto the steps, Madison goes to the apron and walks directly in front of where Harley’s body lies. Jumping into the air, Madison then lands on Harley’s back with a double foot stomp, sandwiching him between the his feet and the floor.
VASSA: “Did he just use Harley as a trampoline?”
JOHNSON: “I wouldn’t quite say that.”
Stepping down from Harley, Madison pulls him up from the floor and then turns him around to slam him back-first into the side of the ring. Drawing back with his right hand, Madison goes to clock Harley upside the head but before he can swing forward, Harley wraps him up and begins driving him backwards.

Harley drives Madison’s back into the barricade, knocking the air out from his lungs. Standing straight up, Harley then unloads with a series of body punches, pounding on Madison’s ribs once more. He then turns Madison around and lifts him into the air, up over his head, and then drops him face-first onto the top of the barricade.
JOHNSON: “That is sure to ring a bell!”
VASSA: “I bet Madison can taste the metal after that.”
Grabbing onto Madison and not letting him fall to the floor, Harley lifts him into the air and then drops him across his knee with a backbreaker. Bouncing off Harley’s knee, Madison flips over and falls to the floor, smacking his face against it as he comes to an abrupt stop. Pushing Madison and rolling him over to his back, Harley then lays over him for the pin as the official races over with the count.

VASSA: “Madison gets a shoulder up!”
JOHNSON: “His head is probably ringing from that close encounter with the barricade but he still has some life!”
Stunned, Harley looks down at Madison in disbelief for a short moment before pushing himself up top his feet. With Madison in a daze, Harley then begins kicking him wildly in the side, over and over with letting up for a second. The kicks then transition into stomps as Harley moves the attack to focus on Madison’s shoulder that was used as a battering ram earlier. Pulling him up from the floor, Harley locks onto his wrist and then goes to throw him to the corner of the ring. Reversing the throw, Madison whips Harley to the corner instead.

Harley’s face collides into the ring post, sending a loud echo piercing through the roars from the crowd. Wobbling back and forth, Harley remains on his feet but completely out of it. Rushing in behind him, Madison grabs his head with both hands and then pushes it forward.

Eating ring post for a second time, Harley’s head bounces off the ring post, revealing a laceration across his forehead. The blood quickly covers his face and still, the big man remains on his feet but not all there. Seeing an opportunity, Madison quickly wraps his arm around Harley’s throat and locks in a standing sleeper hold. Harley’s arms begin flying around wildly before he locks his hands onto Madison’s arm. Pulling and pulling, Harley tries to pry Madison’s arm away from his throat but doesn’t as Madison locks the sleeper in even tighter.
JOHNSON: “Madison has him secured in a sleeper hold and this could be good night for Harley.”
VASSA: “He’s a big boy, let’s see how much fight he really has in him.”
The official races over and checks with Harley for a submission. Refusing to give up, Harley continues to fight, struggling to break out of Madison’s clutches. The fight then begins to slowly die down as Harley’s arms drop to his side. In a burst of energy, Madison then lifts Haley up and drops backwards, throwing him over and onto his head with a sleeper suplex combination.
VASSA: “Holy hell!”
JOHNSON: “This is a newly added move that Chris like to call the Sleeper Suplex.”
VASSA: “Whatever it is, that was a lot of weight on top of Harley’s head.”
Harley’s body flops over to the floor. Rolling over to his knees, Madison then crawls over to him and rolls him over to his back. He then makes the cover and hooks the leg as the official slides in with the count.

JOHNSON: “After a straight up brawl between these two, Chris Madison was able to secure the victory and keep his undefeated streak alive!”
VASSA: “I have lost count the number has gotten so high.”
“You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)” hits the speakers as Madison slowly stands to his feet. Grabbing his hand, the official then raises Madison’s arm into the air as the music blasts throughout the entire arena.
POWERS: “Here is your winner… CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison then lifts up Harley from the floor and rolls him into the ring.
JOHNSON: “What’s he doing now?”
Rolling underneath the bottom rope, Madison then rises to his feet and paces the ring, keeping his eyes locked on Harley’s motionless body.
VASSA: “I don’t know what’s going on here but Harley is finally showing signs of life.”
JOHNSON: “Wait a second…”
VASSA: “It’s… It’s Jason Cashe! Coming to celebrate with Chris Madison, a stand up guy for sure!”
Almost skipping out from the back, there was no music but Cashe had his bottom lip sucked into his mouth and skipped to a beat playing in his head. Reaching the edge of the stage, he breaks off from the skip and sprints to the ring. Leaping up onto the ring apron, the fans going wild with mixed reactions. Madison staring at Cashe from inside the ring.
JOHNSON: “Now we have Cashe here, another member of Unstable. I don’t even know what to think is about to happen next.”
VASSA: “There’s blood in the water and the sharks are circling the boat.”
Nodding at Madison, Cashe walks the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle from the outside ropes. Harley Reigns slowly pushes up from a knee, accepting defeat as he gets to his feet. Turning to possibly pay respect to Madison, Reigns eyes catch Cashe up high and his big body turns to the corner. Cashe takes off, flipping overhead and throwing his body into a Standing Senton he calls “Trouble Cannon”.
JOHNSON: “Ohhhh Jason Cashe threw everything, his entire body of weight into that and Harley Reigns just stumbled back!”
VASSA: “First the “Mark of JASON” and now the “Trouble Cannon”? No way! Cashe must have slipped…”
Cashe having piled down into the canvas on his shoulders tries getting up but Harley Reigns snatches him with a clubbing blow to the back as he rises. Chris Madison rushes in flying at Reigns with a forearm to the face. Harley stumbles back against the ropes as Chris Madison lays into the bigger man with rapid combination attacks. Cashe from a sprinters position springs up and FIELD GOALS Harley Reigns between the legs, right into the Noodle and Doodles! A collective gasp silences the crowd.

The two members of Unstable crash into Harley with kicks, stomps and elbow drops as he lays to the canvas, both hands reached down holding his royal ‘family’. Holding an arm out, Cashe holds Madison off. The two exchange a few words as Frankie Morrison comes out from the back. Both agreeing with the plan, they reach down and together get Harley Reigns back to his feet.
Reigns, shoving Cashe away blasts into Chris Madison knocking the Pride Champion back. Turning to Cashe, Reigns looks enraged and toe kicks Cashe to the gut. Yanking him in, the crowd gets turnt up as Harley Reigns goes for his “Brownsville Bomber”!
Spoiling the moment comes Chris Madison plowing into the back of Reigns. Feeling full of his fighting spirit, Harley Reigns whips back in a spin trying to knock Madison with a back Hammer fist but Madison ducks it and Reigns goes into a full spin. Madison once again behind Reigns cracks him to the back of the head with a huge Elbow. Cashe leaping off the canvas comes in at the exact moment, hitting a Flying Elbow landing to the jaw of Harley! The Crowd EXPLODES!!

VASSA: “WOW! Madison’s “Comatose” just merged with Cashe’s “Mark Of JASON” like two Power Ranger MegaZords!”
As the two Unstable members step away, Harley Reigns wobbles before taking a tumble. The fans being funny, burst out with a long drawn…

Cashe jumps with excitement! Up on the ring apron, Morrison claps approving of both men. As Madison and Cashe start to leave the ring, Harley Reigns again begins to rise. Grunting, heavy breathing but the big man from Texas wasn’t showing signs of being out of the fight. The excitement in Cashe’s expression goes from one joy to the thought of another as he gets back in the ring. Madison unsure of what Cashe has going on in his head watches as the “Troubled1” walks across the ring and exits the other side.
JOHNSON: “What is Cashe up too?”
VASSA: “This almost feels like being on the Serengeti watching a wild animal go about their natural ways… It’s a form of natural aggression at it’s best!”
Both Frankie Morrison and Chris Madison give each a look, Morrison shrugging at his shoulders sharing the same unsure glare Madison has. Reigns gets to one knee as Cashe comes back out from under the ring and tosses in a Steel Chair. Up over the ropes, it bounces in the ring. Sliding in with a second chair, Cashe calls out to Madison that the first chair was his. Taking no hesitation, Cashe steps into a huge wide swing that clips Harley Reigns to the back of the head.
VASSA: “Ohh Boy! This could get VERY interesting!!”
Again Cashe signals to Madison but this wasn’t entirely Chris Madison’s “thing” but taking up the chair didn’t come from command but when Harley Reigns ONCE again with the help of the ropes, pulls up to a knee. Cashe not taking this one steps back and Madison takes his shot. Right over the dome but Reigns doesn’t drop. Instead his eyes go wide and it was like a car turning on its brights. Standing to his feet, Harley turns to the two members of Unstable. Cashe almost sliding across the ring cracks Harley with an echoing shot from the steel chair. Harley drops to a knee but bounces back to standing.
Madison comes in next and slaps Harley like he was swinging a baseball bat. It twists Harley around but he falls into the ropes. Cashe cracks him across the back with another chair shot. Madison follows it up. They began taking turns with shots to the back of Harley Reigns. The camera gets a close up shot of Reigns face as each clanking blow from the chairs land to his back.

JOHNSON: “He doesn’t deserve this! Come on!”
VASSA: “What!? Do you know how many people look at a guy like Harley Reigns and just off his image, they want to put him out to pasture?”
JOHNSON: “I also know that this looks A LOT like the Darryl Wallace scene! When does this crap stop?”
VASSA: “When someone stops them…”
Stomping down into the back of Reigns knee, the big man drops down. Madison moves in front of him as Cashe takes the back side. The two men look to each other, nod and step into a thundering “Conchairto” and that’s all she wrote. Harley Reigns eyes fade as he crumbles into the canvas. Blood oozing from various places instantly begins pooling under his head. Madison tosses his chair out over the ropes and Cashe slaps his chair, raising it high as the fans actually cheer for their actions.
VASSA: “The Fat Lady Sings… It’s over!”
Grabbing his Pride Championship, Chris Madison and Frankie Morrison stand at the entrance ramp. Cashe drops and rolls out of the ring and joins them. The three members of Unstable leave as “Blackened” by Metallica plays.

The backstage is eerily quiet as the cameras reveal a focus on Sonny Lee and Envy Keenan. They’re in the middle of a conversation.
LEE: “Now we’re banned from the Salt Lake City temple and likely this means, banned from the city itself.”
Envy’s expression quickly shifts from interest to indifference.
KEENAN: “There isn’t a drop of booze in this whole city. Is it really that bad? I…Kinda…Can’t wait to get out of here. Not gonna lie.”
Sonny lets out a soft chuckle as the cameras zoom out just far enough to show that the two are standing right outside the locker room door marked “Lyza Reyes.” Envy unzips her chic jacket to reveal a “Lyzanite” t-shirt which features an arrow pointing upwards. Envy checks her hair.
KEENAN: “How amazing do I look right now, on a scale from nine to ten?”
Sonny’s no fool. As he knocks on the door, he answers Envy…
LEE: “Definitely a ten.”
KEENAN: “Aww, the right answer was fifteen, but I’ll let it slide.”
Seconds later, the door opens slowly, with Lyza cautiously peeking her head out. At the sight of Sonny and Envy, she shakes her head, smiling in relief.
REYES:”Hey guys! This is a pleasant surprise. What’s going on?”
She stands back, opening the door wider, gesturing for them to enter her locker room. The two enter while Lyza holds the door. The camera follows. Envy looks around the locker room.
KEENAN: “Ultra modern arena, but the interior decorator could use some knowledge.”
Sonny rolls his eyes subtly before returning his attention to Lyza.
LEE: “It does me well to see you doing so well for yourself, Lyza, regardless which banner you represent. I have come to you, humbly, to ask you to consider the unfinished business we share, held in the stars up above.”
Envy’s eyes pop, in her terminology, “like wow” as she adds,
KEENAN: “He wants to get the band back together, Lyza.”
She cocks her head to the side as the words escape her mouth. She then makes sure her sweet ‘Lyzanite’ t-shirt is visible. Lyza takes note of the shirt, winking at Envy. The words of Sonny and Envy’s brings a glimmer in her eyes. She doesn’t take long to respond.
REYES:”That would be amazing. One of the better moments I’ve had in my career was alongside this guy, and even the other one.”
A sly smirk escapes her lips. This could be grand for all parties involved.
LEE: “While contact is not severed with, ‘the other one’ as you call him, I believe he is lost in the stars for the time being, at least. As for us, I believe it is our duty to rebuild what once was. Perhaps, in a new image.”
KEENAN: “Can I say it?”
LEE: “Not yet. I have a few ideas for potential fellow warriors… Lyza, perhaps we consider potential allies over the coming weeks and compare notes at the upcoming Adrenaline?”
Lyza nods in agreement. They have been selective in their associations with others, this time not being an exception.
REYES:”I mean, the doors aren’t closed for him. But yeah, I’m totally down for some scouting. Should be fun!”
Envy squeals in delight at hearing Lyza agree with Sonny’s proposition.
KEENAN: “Can I say it, now?”
Sonny Lee holds up one finger, in effect, shushing Envy.
LEE: “In a moment. I very much look forward to working with you again, Miss Reyes.”
Sonny bows, not taking his eyes off of Lyza. Meanwhile, Envy looks like she’s about to burst. Lyza flashes a sly smirk.
REYES:”Hit it, Envy.”
Envy wells up as if she’s about to yell, but at the last moment she stops and softly says…
KEENAN: “Ultra.”
The scene fades…

The camera fades backstage and you see “The Distinguished” Caleb James O’Donnell walking into the arena. He has a backpack over his left shoulder with sunglasses on his face. He is also wearing a white Unstable t-shirt with a pair of beige khaki shorts and a smile grinning from ear to ear.
O’DONNELL: “I bet everyone is wondering why I am so happy tonight. It is because tonight I cement myself in 4 Corners Wrestling history. I do the impossible and start to make Perry Wallace life a nightmare. You see Perry you fucked up by giving me this opportunity. Sure you put me in the ring with two talented athletes but they are not the ones on a hot streak. Within the last month I am taking out Omertà one by one. First I pinned the 4CW Champion and then I sent The Archetype walking. What is next for an encore?”
As Caleb’s smile turns to an evil smirk.
O’DONNELL: “Let’s just say that this backpack has a lot of surprises inside of it. So stay tuned and expect the unexpected. It is time for me to embrace the word UNSTABLE!”
O’Donnell pushes himself past the camera as he continues to walk down the long corridor without a worry in the world.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The song “Sweet Child O’Mine” plays and the crowd reacts. Then through a cloud of smoke Rock N’ Roll God appears. He just smiling and posing for the crowd.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Hollywood, California, weighing in at two hundred thirty-five pounds and standing six feet tall! He is ‘The One and The Only’… ROCK N’ ROLL GOD!!!”
After that he walks down the ramp ignoring the crowd hands and makes his way to the ring. He cockily walks up the steps onto the apron. He goes through the middle and top rope to enter the ring. He goes to the nearby corner and gets onto the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd again. He gets down and waits.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
A sample from the late, lamented TV show LAST RESORT sounds out… the voice of Andre Braugher asking… “Do you WANT a war?” Immediately, an edit of “Nate” by Vince Staples kicks in.
“As a kid all I wanted was a hundred grand
Uncle counting money while my daddy cut him grams
Made me promise that this shit would never touch my hands
And it never did said it’d make me be a better man
Smoking in the crib, hiding dip inside of soda cans
Black bandana on his arm, needle in his hand
Momma trying to wake him up, young so I ain’t understand
Why she wouldn’t let my daddy sleep, used to see him stand
Out in the alley through my window
Drinking Hen’ with his homies blowing cig’ smoke
Lights flashing now he running from the Winslows
Hear him screaming from my momma at the backdoor
Sometimes she wouldn’t open it, sitting on the couch
Face emotionless, I don’t think they ever noticed that I noticed it
As a kid all I wanted a hundred grand”

Out into the arena steps Issac Solo, dressed only in his ring gear, with a white towel draped over the back of his neck. The crowd gives him his due applause…
POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Long Beach, California, weighing in at two hundred ninety pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is the ‘Samoan Steamroller’… ISSAC SSOOLLOO!!!”
“Cause my daddy did it, eyes bloodshot
With the caddy tinted, fuck handouts
Fuck the county building, never seen that
Catch him riding round the city with the seat back
With the seat back, with the seat back
Catch him ride round the city with the seat back
With the seat back, with the seat back
Catch him ride round the city with the seat back”

He clutches to the towel with both hands, as he makes his way in, tossing the towel into an appreciative crowd as he prepares to fight…
JOHNSON: “Up next we have two new signees and they are both making their 4CW in-ring debuts here tonight!”
VASSA: “We have Rock N’ Roll God, who honestly, I have probably never heard any music from. Kind of hard to call yourself a god but whatever makes him happy, I guess.”
JOHNSON: “The name doesn’t ring doesn’t ring any bells. Maybe he will surprise us all with a strong debut tonight.”
VASSA: “His opponent is another new face, at least to my knowledge. He’s a big boy though.”
JOHNSON: “Issac Solo definitely has the size advantage here tonight. Let’s see if he can use it to his favor.”
VASSA: “The only thing left to do now is get right to it.”
JOHNSON: “I can’t think of anything better right now.”
With both men ready in their corners, the official calls for the bell to start the match.

Walking to the center of the ring, Solo stands tall with his eyes locked on Rock N’ Roll standing in his corner. Holding his hand up, he waves for him to leave his corner and approach him in the center. Rock N’ Roll God appears a bit intimidated. Looking side to side at the crowd urging him to step to Solo face to face, he finally pushes himself away and slowly approaches him with baby steps. Standing toe to toe with Issac, Rock N’ Roll god decides to throw a random punch, only for it to get blocked. Issac fires back with multiple chops across his chest, backing him across the ring. Kicking Rock N’ Roll in the stomach, Issac then lifts him up and plants him to the canvas with a Samoan drop.
Popping back up to his feet, Issac looks down at Rock N’ Roll’s body rolling around the canvas. Grabbing ahold of his arm, he jerks him up to his feet and then whips him to the ropes across the ring. As Rock N’ Roll hits the ropes and comes back on the rebound, Issac takes off from stand still and meets him in the center of the ring, nearly taking his head off with a running big boot, dropping him to his back.

JOHNSON: “This match has only started and Issac is destroying him!”
VASSA: “He’s built like a brick house. I see why they call him the Samoan Steamroller.”
Surveying the wreckage, Issac then grabs Rock N’ Roll and lifts him up. Wrapping him up, he lifts Rock N’ Roll up from his feet and flips him over to the mat with a northern lights suplex, bridging it for the pin attempt. Rushing from the other side of the ring, the official slides ion for the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat at the last possible split second, Rock N’ Roll breaks up the pin. Shaking his head in disbelief, Solo rises to his feet but then begins stomping onto Rock N’ Roll’s chest. After nearly caving his chest in, Issac reaches down with both hands in anger and rips Rock N’ Roll up from the canvas. Holding him in place, Issac levels him with a couple of back to back punches and then finishes things off with a sit-out side powerslam.
VASSA: “That’s one way to wake us up!”
JOHNSON: “I believe he likes to refer to that powerful move there as the Samoan Squash.”
VASSA: “Well he’s certainly flattened Rock N’ Roll God across the canvas. Now let’s see if he can put him away.”
Hooking the leg, Issac makes the pin as the official rushes in for the count.

Erupting to his feet, Issac slowly paces the ring as Rock N’ Roll rolls out underneath the ropes and drops to the canvas in a daze. The official then grabs ahold of Issac’s arm and raises it into the air as “Nate” hits the speakers.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… ISSAC SSOOLLOO!!!”
Behind Rock N’ Roll God, there’s a commotion in the crowd. Fans turn their heads in annoyance as someone pushes his way to the barricade and – before security can stop him – hops the barricade, holding a rusty tyre iron.
JOHNSON: “What the hell?! Some fan has just jumped the fence and he’s fucking armed!”
VASSA: “SECURITY! Tan his ass!”
Without breaking stride the man runs at Rock N’ Roll God, catching him in the act of turning around and swinging the tyre iron into his stomach with a sickening thud. The crowd give a collective “OOF!” on impact as RNR codoubles over, clutching his stomach and dropping to his knees.
JOHNSON: “Wait a minute Vinny, that’s not just a random fan! LOOK! That’s Rob fucking Hewitt! That’s the former Fate Champion!”
It is. No longer wearing the goofy orange tights but instead in a plain vest and dirty jeans, Rob stands bug-eyed in fury, roaring at the crowd. They’re not sure what to make of this, but hey – it’s violence, so they like it.
JOHNSON: “We haven’t seen Hewitt since he dropped the Fate Championship to Niobe Martin!”
VASSA: “So what’s his geriatric ass doing here?!”
JOHNSON: “And what’s his beef with Rock N’ Roll God?!”
Rob snaps his head back to RNR, then takes off, running full pelt at his back, smashing the back of his head with a Shining Wizard. RNR is sent face first into the floor, out for the count. Rob gets to his feet, tense and adrenaline high, still clutching his tyre iron witha death grip.
VASSA: “Fuck me that must have hurt!”
JOHNSON: “Yeah which hurt more, the tyre iron or the knee?”
VASSA:“But what’s he DOING here Steve?! The hell is this about?!”
As quick as he appeared, Rob is gone again. As security close in, he hops the barricade and flees through the massed fans, the crowd slapping him on the back in appreciation. For a while you can track him by the stream of security following him through the crowd, then he’s gone.
JOHNSON: “I… I have no Idea Vinnie. We haven’t seen Rob in MONTHS, and rumours said he was finally done with wrestling! Folks, we’ll be sending out the crew to try and grab a word with Rob to try and get some answers.”

The response in the active arena is stilled as soon as the sight of interviewer, Gabriel Hartman, appears at the foreground of some backstage scene. Clad in his customary suit for presentation value, he smiles right at the viewer. His typical wooden look a quality to starve anyone of any doubt that he is afraid for his life with the amount of maniacs running wild in the arena and is as poised as can be.
HARTMAN: “Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this moment is none other than one of two men announced in the official first match of Ante Up, and the number one contender for the Pride Championship. . .”
Words delayed in dramatic pause, camera scrolling to the side attentively as Erron Wilder treks slowly inside the focused frame along with manager, Desiree Drake, trailing from behind.
HARTMAN: “Erron Wilder!”
Erron nods silently at his introduction, a crumpled little smirk forming on one side of his face just slightly underneath the curtaining of straggly, dirty blonde hair. He crushes both of his tape-wrapped hands together whilst rubbing its fingers restlessly at their tips. ‘Tis the properties of someone that is often fidgety for his next fight.
HARTMAN: “So, Erron, you’ve been with the 4CW since your unsuspected arrival at Winter Wasteland when you brought the Butcher back from the imprisonment Unstable put him in, and ever since then most can say you’ve been on a ground-shaking rampage. You’ve turned heads; you’ve left a noticeable trail of bodies in your wake; you’ve gone against all expectations. But it wasn’t until recently that after scuffling back-to-back with Unstable for months that you had finally vaulted into an opportunity for a title. How do you feel about that?”
His right fist folded inside the roughened palm of its left companion, Erron shifts his steely eyes from the sultry and captivating blonde beside him, and back to the attentive Hartman that pushed his held microphone at his way.
WILDER: “Well, cracker, I’ve been called a great many things during my stay here. Some have called me a cannibal because I like to sink my serrated teeth and untrimmed nails into my opponents. Others prefer a stark-raving madman, someone unscrupulous enough to step out of line and do the dirty, despicable things no ordinary man should do. While the rest either go with a wild dog because of how I personify the real savagery of this sport, and/or even as my opponents for tonight do: Dakota Smith’s lackey. Maybe my introverted lifestyle coupled with a few eccentricities in my personality offer that impression, but I like to think that underneath all of the grim and dangerous mystique wreathing around my name – what I really am, is a prize-fighter.”
As his Kiwi accent drawls to a pause, he shrugs nonchalantly as if all the complex qualities of his character were really simple after all.
WILDER: “I’ve always made it patent and clear that if the price is right, ‘tis worth the fight. I don’t work for free, Hartman, and that every effort poured into whatever I do ultimately is for something. You see, I’m animated by a sulfurous brew of deprivation and rage; I feel a need for something and that need makes me feel something. It’s a constant itch that I have to scratch because in its essence is an ache to prove myself worthy. Now it just happened that all of my interests have finally interweaved together – from fighting with Unstable to my personal MO – and my manager here sought the opportunity to make it one big package for Ante Up. And it feels fuckin’ good.”
Desiree could be seen grinning abroad, haughty and both egotistical at establishing the first match in the Ante Up pay-per-view. It takes Gabriel Hartman only a brief moment to bring his microphone back and sling the next question.
HARTMAN: “Do you think that, finally, after eighteen and possibly more tallies of wins to come within the next shows before your scheduled bout with Pride Champion, Chris Madison, that you are as Perry Wallace said – The One?”
Desiree looks at Hartman with a laugh as she interjects herself into the conversation.
DRAKE: “That isn’t a serious question, right? Erron Wilder will be the one to vanquish Chris Madison, once and for all.”
Suddenly, Chris Madison walks into sight, slowly clapping his hands together with sarcasm thundering in each drawn out slap to draw all of the attention his way.
MADISON: “Good for you, Erron. You’ve come a long way, sure, but I think Gabriel here is a bit of a fanboy and is losing himself in the excitement of this nostalgia act to ask you what everyone wants to know.”
With Hartman stepping back, Erron twitches with an angst and steps right into the Pride Champion’s face with an etched scowl.
WILDER: “And what is that?”
MADISON: “What exactly have you done to deserve a shot at my title?”
Erron’s lips slightly twitched with movement, but before any word could escape him in an automatic response, Madison puts his left hand up in the air as if to command authority.
MADISON: “Actually, wait up. You obviously didn’t do anything, I’ll redirect this at your manager who seems to have accomplished something you couldn’t do.”
He turns the trajectory of his venomous eyes down at the curvy blonde that just barely crept over Wilder’s shoulder, his smile just as poisonous as a snake’s.
MADISON: “What special favor did you give Wallace to get this chump a title match?”
Desiree is clearly offended by his statement.
DRAKE: “Used my brain, something you’d obviously know nothing about.”
Madison and Wilder inch closer together, nearly getting nose to nose as they stare at one another. Neither man seemingly willing to back down. Frankie Morrison moves from off camera and leans in towards Desiree.
MORRISON: “Listen, I know that look. We should find ourselves somewhere else to stand.”
Madison extends his arm, handing his 4CW Pride championship off to Frankie Morrison. Madison turned back to Erron and the two instantly began exchanging right hands at a rapid pace. Neither man backs off an inch, each taking the others blows on the chin. Knowing how explosive of a situation it has been for these two, security had been close enough to swarm and separate the two, pulling them away from each other. Madison and Wilder each turn and begin swinging at security, dropping them one by one. More security swarms the area, splitting between the two fighters, finally starting to pry them into separate directions.

We take you backstage following Isaac Solo and Rock n’ Roll God’s match. The viewers are getting a first glimpse of Lyza Reyes as she is seen walking down the hall already in her ring gear. She is carrying a brown paper bag in her hand, looking around in both directions.
REYES: “C’mon, where are youuu…”
Lyza says this to herself in a cartoony kind of way. When she makes it to the catering section, she raises a finger, pointing at backstage interviewer, Delaney Simon.
REYES: “There she is! Delaney, may I bother you for something real quick?”
The young woman sets her coffee down, and picks up her microphone in anticipation of doing what she’s paid to do. She walks on over to where Lyza is, and raises the mic towards herself to respond.
SIMON: “It’s no bother at all, Lyza. Welcome back, and what’s up?”
REYES: “Thank you much. I won’t take up too much of your time, but I have something you may want. Now, I don’t want you to get hooked or anything, but I’m the type of person that likes sharing the wealth.”
SIMON: “Oh, you really don’t have to…I don’t have a prescription.”
Lyza lets out a sigh, and shakes her head.
REYES: “Don’t be such a goody goody. You think they do random drug screenings here? Here, just take it!”
Before Delaney can even respond, Lyza takes the interviewer’s hand, quickly transfering the bag to her as though they were playing an intense game of hot potato. Lyza then spins on her heels, fleeing the scene. Curious, Delaney opens the bag, sticking one hand inside. She pulls out a piece of paper, followed by a CD. She rushes over to the wardrobe and makeup section at the other side of the corridor. A CD player sits on a table for the stylists to use as they doll up the talent. Delaney presses the “open” button, and pops the unmarked CD inside. She then presses the “play” button, turning up the volume.

“It’s Envy and Mister Ch…Ch…Ch…CHU
We have an exclusive for YOU!
Prepping for a Space Age Trip
Universally dope, no nip slip
Tony Chu likes girl on girl action
Gimme long time satisfaction
Lolita, Lolita, she’s a baddie
And she know it
She’s a baddie and she know it
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
She’s a baddie and she know it.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…

Delaney bobs her head to the catchy beat of the track (most likely produced via Fruity Loops.) The scene fades to the next scheduled event.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The cameras dart back and forth around the audience trying to find him. The camera zooms in on a few folks who react positively as seeing themselves on the big screen. Finally, the cameras find Sonny Lee sitting a few rows back amongst the fans. Once the spotlights hit him, he stands up and places the local newspaper he was reading on the seat and begins his walk down to the ring.
POWERS: “And now, fighting out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by way of Heyuan, Guangdong, China. Weighing in at one hundred seventy pounds, SONNY LLEEEE!!!”
As he goes, fans pat him on the back and take pictures with their smart phones. His eyes are fixed on the ring. Once he’s to the guard rail, he leaps over it and lands on his feet. He takes off his hoodie and proceeds to fold it and hands it off to a ring hand. He then slowly climbs the ring steps and enters the ring.
Once in the ring, Sonny Lee stretches and gets warmed up for the upcoming contest.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The lights fade out. A deep red light fills the arena as DINOSAUR!’s Toccata and Fuege (Dubstep Remix) hauntingly kicks up. Fog fills then entrance way as Iscariot XIII slowly walks out from the back.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, Standing a massive six feet eleven inches tall and weighing it at two hundred and eighty eight pounds. Hailing from Gehenna, he is The Unholy Traitor, ISCARIOT XIII!!!!!!”
He slowly and methodically walks towards the ring. He climbs onto the ring Apron and then over the top rope. He walks to his corner and stares menacingly towards the crowd and announcers.
VASSA: “We have a good one on our hands folks!”
JOHNSON: “Sonny Lee is coming off a win in his debut two weeks ago and Iscariot Thirteen is rolling off a win as well.”
VASSA: “I was really impressed watching Sonny in the ring with his 4CW debut.”
JOHNSON: “He brings an exciting level of energy to the ring, something I look forward to see for many matches to come.”
VASSA: “Iscariot has some momentum rolling into tonight’s match, coming off two straight wins since his debut in 4CW a month ago.”
JOHNSON: “This looks to be a promising match between these two but unfortunately for them, only one person can walk out of here a winner tonight.”
The official stands in the center of the ring. He first checks in with Sonny who bounces back and forth in his corner. Coming to a stop, he slowly raises his hand and points to the official, giving him the okay. The official then turns to the giant, Iscariot, who stares back in return. After a few short moments pass, Iscariot slowly nods his head. With both men ready, the official then throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

Before the bell silences, Iscariot steps away from his corner and slowly makes his way to the center of the ring. Staring down at the corner in front of him, he locks his eyes on Sonny who gives him a look back, sizing the big man up. After cracking his neck, Sonny bounces out of his corner and approaches Iscariot. It doesn’t take long before the action ignites as Iscariot lunges towards Sonny to lock up. Spinning out of the way, Sonny avoids the big mans arms and then kicks him in the back of the knee, forcing it to buckle. With Iscariot down on one knee, Sonny circles around the big man, hitting him with stinging strikes until standing in front of him. Spinning in the air, Sonny then knocks him to his back with a roundhouse kick.
JOHNSON: “Iscariot may be the bigger man but Sonny’s quickness is certainly in his favor tonight.”
VASSA: “The height gap between the two is stupid big. Iscariot stands over a foot taller than Sonny.”
JOHNSON: “If Sonny can keep a good distance between the two he could slowly work down the big man.”
VASSA: “But Iscariot gets his hands on the little man, it could be the end in the blink of an eye.”
Keeping his distance, Sonny stays loose on his feet as Iscariot slowly begins pushing himself to his feet. Once standing, Sonny moves in and begins pounding away at Iscariot’s stomach with lightning fast strikes. Leaping into the air, Sonny plants his fist underneath Iscariot’s chin, rocking his head backwards with an uppercut. Stumbling backwards, Iscariot hits the ropes and then rebounds off of them, charging towards Sonny. Catching Sonny off guard, Iscariot throws an overhead club, running into Sonny with it and knocking him to the mat. Crashing against the canvas, Sonny rolls across the ring before coming to a stop in front of the ropes.
VASSA: “And just like that, the big monster turns things around, even catching someone as quick as Sonny off guard.”
JOHNSON: “After hitting Iscariot with the combination that he did, I don’t think anyone expected Iscariot to fire back like that.”
Rolling over to his stomach, Sonny pushes himself up to all fours and shakes off the blow to the head. He then pops up to his feet, only to look ahead where Iscariot is charging at him full speed. Hitting Sonny with a running knee to the stomach, Iscariot lifts him off of the mat and sends him flying into the corner, crashing hard against it with his back. Holding himself up with the ropes, Sonny remains on his feet but leaves an opening for Iscariot to take a few giant steps towards him and nearly take his head off with a big boot. Lifting Sonny into the air, Iscariot sits him on top of the corner and then climbs up to the second ropes. Iscariot then lifts Sonny up and holds him horizontally before turning his body around and jumping from the second rope, demolishing Sonny with a sidewalk slam from the corner.
JOHNSON: “The entire ring is rattling after that monstrous move!”
VASSA: “A regular sidewalk slam would be enough from someone as big as Iscariot, but one from the ropes? I don’t even want to imagine how much pain Sonny is in right now.”
Hooking Sonny’s leg, Iscariot goes for the pin as the official drops down beside them with the count.

Looking down at Sonny in disbelief, Iscariot pushes himself up and stands to his feet. Grabbing ahold of Sonny’s head, he pulls him up to his feet with one hand. With his hand gripped tightly on Sonny’s face, Iscariot begins squeezing it as if trying to crush it in the palm of his hand. Drawing back with his free hand, Iscariot swings with every ounce of energy he has, moving his hand holding Sonny’s face, and leveling him with a vicious punch. Sorry quickly drops to his back, hitting the mat with great impact. Not giving the smaller man time to recover, Iscariot then lifts him back up and drags him to the center of the ring. Bending Sonny over, Iscariot wraps him up around the waist and then lifts him high into the air for a powerbomb.
VASSA: “Iscariot make it appear as if Sonny is weightless.”
JOHNSON: “There’s no doubt that Iscariot posses a tremendous amount of strength, and he’s putting it on display for us right now.”
Just as Iscariot moves to slam Sonny down to the mat, Sonny begins hammering down onto his head with lefts and rights. Stopping Iscariot from proceeding, Sonny briefly stuns him with strikes to the temple. Locking his legs around Iscariot’s head, Sonny then flips backwards, lifting Iscariot off of his feet and throwing him across the ring with a hurricanrana.
JOHNSON: “After seeing that, I think it’s safe to say that you can’t ever count Sonny Lee out of a fight.”
VASSA: “I don’t know why anyone would. As quick as he is, I think he would dissect anyone standing across from with his fingers.”
Coming to an abrupt stop and rolling up to a seated position, Iscariot begins to push himself up. Already on his feet, Sonny charges towards the big man and stomps him as he rises to one knee with a spinning kick to the back of the head. As if he didn’t even feel the kick, Iscariot continues to rise. Whipping around, Iscariot locks his sights on Sonny and begins backing him across the ring with a fury of punches. Ducking and dodging, Sonny avoids being crushed by the big mans massive hands. Iscariot then fakes a punch, forcing Sonny to side step, but Iscariot then lunges forward and grabs ahold of him.
VASSA: “That big son of a bitch finally got his hands back on Sonny!”
JOHNSON: “Just looking at the two side by side like that amazes me!”
VASSA: “These two are on complete ends of the spectrum in terms of height.”
After hitting Sonny in the body with a combination of knee strikes, Iscariot locks onto his arm and then whips Sonny to the far corner. Taking off behind the little man, Iscariot follows behind. As the two approach the corner, Iscariot draws back and then swings forward just as Sonny is about to crash into the corner.
JOHNSON: “Oh, look at that!”
Jumping into the air and planting both feet on the top ropes, Sonny does a backflip, clearing Iscariot in mid-air.

Slamming stomach first into the corner, Iscariot gasps as the breath is knocked him his lungs and Sonny lands on his feet not far behind him. Stumbling backwards away from the corner, Iscariot manages to remain on his feet but very loose in the legs. Looking to his right, Sonny then leaps into the air and plants both feet onto the middle rope, springboarding off and spinning in the air. As his leg comes back around, he connects with a roundhouse kick to the side of Iscariot’s head, knocking the towering giant down to his back.
JOHNSON: “Sonny just laid Iscariot out with the Giant Killer!”
VASSA: “That’s a suiting name.”
With Iscariot laid out on his back, Sonny wastes no time as he slides in to make the pin. Rushing over from across the ring, the official drops to his knees and begins the count.

JOHNSON: “Sonny Lee wins it ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: “This was truly a David and Goliath battle and in the end, Dav– I mean Sonny, will leave here tonight with the W. “
Rising to his feet, Sonny slowly backs away from the fallen giant before the official raises his arm into the air.
POWERS: “Here is your winner, SONNY LLEEEE!!!”

You go backstage and obviously you are inside a locker room. As you see a backpack on the bench opened up. As CJ O’Donnell walks into the camera you see that he is very focused tonight for the shot to be in the Main Event for Ante Up.
O’DONNELL: “Hmmmm … now what should I bring to the ring for me to make sure I don’t suffer from pink eye like Chris Madison did a few weeks ago…”
CJ starts taking things out of the backpack like a whoopee cushion, a paddle, pepper spray. Caleb suddenly stops and pulls out a hazmat suit and he looks at it thinking about it for a moment.
O’DONNELL: “Nope, can’t use that as that would be recycling an old JPD thing and I am not one whom recycles.”
Caleb digs deeper into his back pack full of tricks and he flings a black thong at the camera that sits on the lens for a second. He then has a remote control in his hand and turns it on. You hear the vibrating coming from the thong but CJ looks puzzled.
O’DONNELL: “What the hell is this remote to?”
CJ keeps digging and finally pulls out a pair of googles and places them on. He turns around and notices the camera spying on him.
O’DONNELL: “And exactly how long have you been here?”
CJ notices the black thong on the camera lens and pulls it off quickly as he continues to speak.
O’DONNELL: “All set for Rorie now. Jace is not going to fall for these tricks. Maybe I can give Reese a call and let her use her assets to my advantage.”
As CJ reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone. He scrolls through the phone and presses the call button. He waits as the phone is ringing on the other end. No luck as Caleb is sent to voicemail.
O’DONNELL: “Hey Reese … just wondering if you are Salt Lake City, Utah tonight I could really use your help and support in this match tonight. Give me a call back as soon as you get this message.”
As O’Donnell shrugs his shoulders.
O’DONNELL: “Oh well I am glad I have a backup plan for Savage then. He will never see it coming.
Caleb leaves the locker room area and seems to have left his cell phone on top of the back pack as it is starting to vibrate. As the camera zooms in you notice it is his sister, Reese Spencer returning his phone call but Caleb is no where to be found.

We cut backstage where we find Perry Wallace walking the halls all by himself, something that hasn’t been seen often until the last few weeks. His eyes are set dead ahead as he takes each step forward with confidence. Stopping in front of a door at the end of the hall, he takes a deep breath before lightly knocking on it with his right hand.
WALLACE: ”Meh… fuck it.”
Taking a step back, he then kicks the door open and barges in creating a scene.
WALLACE: ”Open up mother fuckers, this is a raid!”
Inside, Erron Wilder and Dakota Smith stand on their feet, eyes wide open, and ready for a fight. After a few short moments pass and they finally realize it’s Wallace, the two relax, still somewhat annoyed with the unexpected interruption.
WALLACE: ”Thought you dirtbags were at the end of the line, huh?”
SMITH: ”The fuck did you just call me? I think you’re getting a bit too big for your fuckin’ britches. Perry… You remember just who in the fuck I am now.”
Erron’s cyan eyes seemingly bulge out of their sockets, a wooden stare looking right at Wallace with a clenched fist trembling to the side of his waist.
WILDER: ”What in the blazing hell is wrong with you, Wallace?! We ain’t got time for a fucking game of narcos!”
WALLACE: ”So I wanted to get with you two on what happened two weeks ago, before Dakota decided to give Cyrus the mark of his children.”
Erron stays put, crossing his arms in silence as he shifts his stare between Dakota and Wallace.
SMITH: ”Cyrus got what he deserved if you ask me, if you allow yourself to get taken out, then you have no one but yourself to blame… That being said… If I find out you had anything to do with this Perry… I will fucking end you.“
WALLACE: ”The fuck you looking at me for? Look guys, we all know who is behind this. It HAS to be Unstable. Who else would be that stupid and come after Omerta?”
WILDER: ”Don’t know about that, boss. You see Cyrus’ career is riddled with so many enemies that it’s difficult to narrow it all down to the usual suspect. I would need a little more proof to be convinced that Unstable is back at their antics.”
SMITH: ”Unstable? They’ve been nothing but a blade in my side ever since I came back… You’re the so called owner of this fuckin’ company, why don’t you do something about it?”
WALLACE: ”We’re going to get to the bottom of this. We might not be able to prove for a fact that it was them, but we wouldn’t be wrong in turning the blame to them. They kidnapped you, Dakota. How is an attack on another member out of the question? I know Cashe is still upset that Cyrus infiltrated Unstable and lead them on before turning his back to them.”
WILDER: ”Well, if it turns out that Unstable was actually behind it all, there ain’t going to be a hole to hide away in or any God damned sanctuary that will protect from the apocalypse I’m going to rive their lives with.”
SMITH: ”Fuck em!”
WALLACE: ”Either way, now is the time that we need to stand more united than ever. Cyrus’ attack will not go unanswered! Fuck Unstable!”


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
A black and white video vignette begins rolling on the screens, showing Lyza Reyes dressed as Charlie Chaplin on the moon. There is no dialogue, but simply piano music playing with the pace of the footage. She’s caught in the middle of a tug of war match between a U.S. Spaceman, and a small group of miniature aliens. Before determining which side pulls Lyza once and for all, the venue goes pitch black, and “In Distress” by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein begins to play.
“I’m something out this world, nothing like the rest
Nigga, win the fair game, fuck with the best
Just a kid with the grown men, rep to protect
Since it’s so rare so there’s a whole land left in distress.”

POWERS: “Originating from the coordinates of 40.7500° North, and 73.8667° West, it is none other than Lyza Reyes!”
Lyza Reyes walks down the aisle in her gear consisting of a black and gold sequined hoodie, black shorts, and black lace up boots. She tags a few hands of spectators along the way, before entering the ring. The music fades as she does a last second warm up.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
“This is not a game.”

The cameras switch to the head of the ramp where Lola J Perez stands at the top of the ramp with two Be A Jewel t-shirts in her hand as she looks out at the crowd. She throws the shirts into the crowd before a flare if pyros erupt behind her as she slowly begins to make her way to the ring.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Dade City, Florida, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall… LOLA J. PPEERREEZZ!!!”
She blows kisses out at the crowd before sliding under the ropes to enter the ring. She runs up the turnbuckle and throws up an heart before stepping down from the turnbuckle and bouncing around the ring. She holds up her hand with her fingers gesturing gun. She shoots it, kiss it and acts as if she’s putting it in an holster before walking around the ring.

At the sound of the bell, both women stare at each other from across the ring. Lola takes the first initiative of the match as she lunges forward. Then, both women tie up as Lola aggressively pushes Lyza back. Before Lyza is able to push back, Perez lands a sharp knee lift to the gut. The shot lands hard as Lyza falls down to her knees. Suddenly, Lola pulls Lyza back up to her feet. Then, she sweeps Lyza down with a STO that ends with Reyes’ back crashing down across Lola’s back! With the fans “ooh” Lola pulls her back up, then swings her out dropping her to the mat with a vicious neck breaker. With both women on the ground, Lola quickly crawls over to Lyza and goes for the early cover. Laroy Jones goes down to the mat quickly, and goes for the cover.


Reyes quickly fires her right shoulder off of the mat. Lola does not waste any time, and stands up from the mat bringing Lyza up to her feet. Before Lola is able to continue her offense, Lyza lands a sharp elbow to Lola’s stomach. She soon follows it up with another shot before Lola lets go of Reyes. Lyza quickly goes on the offensive as she quickly lands a sharp shin kick to Lola’s right leg. Lola reaches down and holds onto her right leg, then Lyza kicks Lola in her other shin. The shot sends Lola down to the ground as she holds onto her left leg. After a moment, Lola has started to come up from the mat as she Lyza takes her back down with a fierce clothesline. As Lola falls down to the mat, she quickly pops back up only to be knocked back down by another clothesline!
JOHNSON: “Lyza is really taking it to Lola in the early goings of this match. You can tell that she’s trying to make a statement in her return match here in 4CW!”
POWERS: “I love watching Lyza go to work, but she better be careful. Lola is one fierce competitor!”
As Lola comes back up from the mat, Lyza hops off her vertical base taking a dropkick to Lola’s face. Lola falls back down to the mat As Lyza braces her fall, she quickly pops back up from the mat. After a moment, Lola is quick to follow. Lyza attempts to run towards Lyza, but is unable to rally offense as Lyza quickly spins out and catches Lyza in the face with a spinning heel kick! The impact of the kick takes Lyza down to the mat with a sharp impact. As Lyza lays on the mat, Lola continues her offense. Lola then quickly mounts Lyza and begins to reign down sharp elbows and punches to the head of Reyes. As Laroy begins to admonish Lola. Lola turns her attention to Lyza to speak to Laroy, but Lyza is able to switch her position leaving Lola down on the ground. Lyza quickly mounts her opponent and begins to reign down her own shots to her opponent. Before Laroy is able to admonish Lola, Lyza loosens up and stands up from the mat.
VASSA: “This match up has been fairly competitive, and these two have bright futures here in 4CW!”
JOHNSON: “The truly do, Vinny. Both of these ladies off a lot to bring to the table here in 4CW and I look forward to calling many more of their matches.”
As she awaits Lola getting back to her feet, Lyza readies for a big move. As Lola makes her way up to her feet, Lyza rushes over to her. She places her hands onto Lola’s shoulder before jumping up and landing her legs onto her shoulders. Then, she falls back taking Lola down to the mat with a beautiful hurricanrana. After the impact of the move takes Lola down to the mat, she quickly pops back up from the mat as Lyza quickly lands a swift kick to the gut. As Lola has keeled over, Lyza backs away. She quickly runs back towards Lola and sets her up for the Space Age. Lyza spins herself out and places her arm around Lola’s head. Before she is able to drop down to the ground, Lola takes advantage. She throws Lyza down and drops her onto her stomach on the mat.
JOHNSON: “Lola has taken control here, this is about to get dire for Lyza!”
VASSA: “Welp, it was nice to see Lyza while it lasted! “
As Lola awaits for Lyza returning to her feet, ready for a big move. As Lyza gets up to her feet, Lola quickly picks Lyza up and places her body in reverse on her shoulder. As she begins to spin Lyza around, she is setting up for the Lo Cycle! As she continues to spin, Lyza fights her way down. Then Lyza quickly turns around and pushes Lola out of the way. When Lola turns around, she his hit in the face with a butt bump simply known as the “Gravitazz”. As Lola lays on the mat, Lyza falls on top of her and goes for the cover. Laroy quickly falls down to the mat, for the fall.

As “In Distress begins to play over the PA system, Lyza stands up from the mat triumphantly. Laroy quickly raises her hands as the fans begin to cheer for the victorious woman.
POWERS: “Here is your winner, Lyza Reyes!”

Heading backstage in this Vivint Smart Home Arena we find ourselves looking at a man looking poised and ready for his match later in the night. One show after having qualified for Ante Up we see Jett Wilder walking along and as we pan out further we see quite the crew with him. His mother Carmella as usual as well as Luiz their main bodyguard. However they are flanked by three other guys this time a rare site but given circumstances making a lot of sense.
JETT: “I still don’t get why these extra guys have to be here, I’m not scared of Dakota any more. I am facing him in the ring later mom, stop worrying about it.”
Shaking her head clearly having heard enough complaints about this from Jett as the duo makes their way through the halls. Everyone else but Jett with their eyes pealed.
CARMELLA: “Jett that guy is crazy, I know in the ring you can handle him. But who knows what he’ll do after the match? These guys will be at the ready in case anything happens. And that is final, Dakota has kidnapped people before. You won’t be his next victim.”
Carmella and the group stop at each hall way, like they are breaching a room in the military. Finally arriving at the locker room for the star tonight, they surround him and one poor soul has to be the one that goes in first.
Joe heads in first followed by Luiz than one other, followed by Jett and Carmella who are trailed in by the last guy. They confirm it’s all clear as the lights come on, everyone looking around half expecting Redrum to be written in blood on the mirror but luckily nothing to be found.
JETT: “See mom, he isn’t that crazy. Plus he fears me, I know this.”
Jett smirks as Carmella directs traffic pointing two guys to the door the other next to Jett at all times. As he walks over to his bag that was waiting for him on the bench. Ready to get his ring gear out he starts to dig into it, suddenly he pulls out a big chain link noose out of it confused as he holds it up to his mom.
JETT: “What is this?”
CARMELLA: “Put that thing away!”
Carmella quickly grabs it out of his hand tossing it to a security guard in a hurry, wasting little time she grabs his hands taking him to the sink to wash them. Not trusting anything that Dakota has touched, Jett not having any clue what a noose is clearly, nor seeming to realize who would have put it in there.
CARMELLA: “See I told you that lunatic is a problem. These guys are not leaving your side EVER. Soon as your match ends I’ll have them waiting, this is unbelievable.”
JETT: “So what? It’s just a necklace.”
Carmella shakes her head, angry and upset with the situation as Jett sits there not seeming to be nearly as worried by it all. Though he is surrounded by four security guys, so that may be helping. None the less it’s clear that Dakota has sent a big message of things to come as the show continues.

As the scene opens back inside the raucous Vivint Smart Home Arena, the center of the ring is fixed with festive summer themed matting. In the center, Vinny Vassa stands with a microphone in his hand and a smile transfixed on his face.
VASSA: “It’s about that time ladies and gentlemen for the 4CW exclusive Hot Shots Open Invitational Bikini Contest! I’ve been waiting for this all night ever since it was announced, literally! I hope you are all as ready as I am because these ladies are smoking and to die for! Let’s get down to it and see some skin! Come on out and let’s introduce our lovely ladies!”
Vinny exits the ring and walks back to the announcers booth, clearing the ring for the ladies to make their grand appearance. As the camera transitions over to the stage, the sounds of the rather upbeat “Shake The World” by Melissa Molinaro comes over the PA system. Emerging from behind one of the large LED screens is 4CW Interviewer Logan Bianchi. Logan, who has covered herself with a black satin robe has a smile on her face as she waves out to the large crowd in Salt Lake City. As she walks down the ramp continue her waves, the voice of Mike Powers can be heard.
POWERS: ”Our first contestant in the 4CW Hot Shots Open Invitational Bikini Contest, we have a very special lady who is new to the 4CW Reporting Team, let’s give a warm welcome for the exotic… Logan Bianchi!”
VASSA: ”Why haven’t I been introduced to her yet?!”
JOHNSON: ”My guess would be that 4CW wants to keep her employed rather than having you run her off.”
VASSA: ”Run her off? Why would I go and do that? I could get lost in those eyes!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m pretty sure it’s not her eyes that you’re looking at.”
VASSA: ”She has a robe on, chill out.”
When Logan reaches the ringside area, “Shake the World” fades out and the sounds of “Looks Like Sex” by Mike Posner hit the PA system. At the top of the stage stands 4CW Hot Shot Stassi Malone. The buxom brunette has an effervescent smirk upon her beautiful face, and a body covered by a red towel. She then throws her arms into the air, the fans give her a fairly rousing reception. Then, throwing her arms down to her sides, Stassi begins to walk down the ramp with her right hand placed on her hip. Then, Mike Powers can be heard once again.
POWERS: ”Our second contestant is no stranger to the fans of 4CW, as she is a proud member of the 4CW Hot Shots. Making her way down to the ring, we have the dreamy yet ever so stunning… Stassi Malone!”
JOHNSON: ”So we have one fourth of the Hot Shot team making their way down to the ring.”
VASSA: ”That’s a nice towel she has too, by the way. The Hot Shots have been a fresh breath of air since breaking into the 4CW scene. It was bad having to look at your ugly mug the whole time, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Whatever you say, pal. I’m not quite sure who was responsible for choosing each and every Hot Shot but from what we’ve seen, the choices have been superb.”
VASSA: ”I really like that dreamcatcher tattoo she has. I wouldn’t mind having her caught in a dream of mine if you catch my drift.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re disgusting.”
Before Stassi is able to make her way down to ringside “Looks Like Sex” fades out and is replaced by “Roleplay” by Jessi Malay. As the camera transitions over to the stage area, Trishelle Jordan has already made her way out to the stage area. Trishelle, who has covered herself up with a black robe has a smile that radiates through the Vivint Smart Home Center across her face. As she immediately starts to walk down to ringside, Mike Powers can be heard once again.
POWERS: ”Our third contestant and next Hot shot making her way down to the ring, we have the voluptuous blonde bombshell… Trishelle Jordan!”
VASSA: ”Here we go! The one chick I have been waiting for all night, Trishelle Jordan!”
JOHNSON: ”Whoa now, Vinny, calm down.”
VASSA: ”I will not calm down! Trishelle is by far the sexiest one of the four and I don’t care who I make angry saying that! We’re known for being biased so I’m going to go ahead and say that she’s winning this thing tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh really? You’re going to make that call right now before the others even come out?”
VASSA: ”You’re damned right I am and hopefully she can take me home as her prize!”
Suddenly, “Roleplay” fades out and “Universal Love” hits the PA system. Suddenly, a sea of boos comes over the Utahian audience as the camera pans over to Raquel who has made her way to the stage. Her hands firmly on her hips over her white robe as she continues to walk down the ramp.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, we have our fourth contestant and third Hot Shot, she is seductive but oh so mysterious… Raquel Santiago!”
JOHNSON: “With Raquel now entering the bikini contest, that makes three Hot Shots participating for your viewing pleasure.”
VASSA: “It is a viewing pleasure, believe that! Hey let me ask you something, Steve.”
JOHNSON: “What’s on your mind, Vinny?”
VASSA: “Why didn’t the hotshots just all come out together? Leave the robes and towels in the back, just come out here flaunting what your mama gave you!”
JOHNSON: “This is a contest after all, so you would assume that they want to be looked at individually before the judging begins.”
VASSA: “I’m looking at each of them individually, no worries there. HEY!!! Raquel just winked at me!”
”Like Me” by Christina Milian comes over the PA system. As the camera pans over to the stage area, Desiree Drake has made her way out to the mass. As the fans give her a generally mixed reaction, Desiree throws her arms into the air. After a moment, she places her hands onto her robe and begins to walk down the ramp.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring as we speak, she is the talented but business oriented manager elite, give it up for… Desiree Drake!”
VASSA: “Here she comes, manager to the stars! You better keep an eye out Frankie!”
JOHNSON: “What’s he keeping an eye out for? He seems to be doing just fine by Chris Madison.”
VASSA: “But can he looks as good as her? Does he have a figure like her? I’m sorry, but Frankie is a little lacking in the chest area.”
JOHNSON: “That’s all it ever is with you and any female that steps into that ring.”
VASSA: “I’m just being very observant! Not only does she have the looks, but she also has the brains. She did just land Erron Wilder a Pride Championship match at Ante Up.”
Suddenly, “Nexus” by Niykee Heaton hits over the PA system as the Utahian audience begin to universally boo. At the top of the stage stands head Hot Shot, Taryn Robinson. Taryn has her hands up in the air and a smirk on her face as the fans boo the controversial figure.
POWERS: “And our final Hot Shot making her way to the ring, she is THE Head Hot Shot In Charge, booty so big you can see it from the front… Taryn Robinson!”
JOHNSON: “Well that was a little rude coming from Mike.”
VASSA: “He’s just calling it as he sees it. She has ass for days!”
JOHNSON: “With the heat between her and Kat, you would think that she would be a little more focused on that instead of this competition.”
VASSA: “Are you kidding me?! This is what she signed with 4CW to do! This is why the Hot Shots are back and better than ever! We get a mixture of everything, action in the ring and skin on the outside of it. You watch your mouth, Steve!”
JOHNSON: “I get why they are signed with 4CW. They offer something for the eyes while promoting the great product that 4CW presents.”
VASSA: “Then show some respect and give that ass the attention it deserves!”
As Taryn enters the ring under the middle rope, she walks over to the final spot in the center of the ring, right next to Desiree Drake. As all six women stand in line. Mike Powers then stands up next to them with his microphone ready to speak once again.
POWERS : “Alright ladies and gentlemen, here are the rules for this contest. Each of our lovely contestants will be given thirty seconds to model whatever summertime garment they are wearing under their robes. Then, it will be up to our esteemed panel of judges to decide which of these lovely ladies is the winner of the Hot Shots Invitational Bikini Challenge. Now without further ado, our esteemed judges! ”
The camera moves over to the outside of the ring where a table has been set up and three people sit. The first is Head of Security, Oswald Pinkman. Next to him, are two relatively unknown figures, Toni the makeup lady and Lou from catering.
POWERS : “Oswald Pinkman, Toni the makeup lady, and Lou from catering!”
JOHNSON: “Well, this is a rather odd selection of judges.”
VASSA: “I’m going to go ahead and say that Oswald’s judging is going to be off as the man is probably more accustomed to one piece bathing suits hardly showing any skin at all.”
JOHNSON: “We also have two unfamiliar faces accompanying him for this contest. I’m pretty sure you know Lou from catering really well, Vinny.”
VASSA: “Always dependable for a great conversation.”
POWERS : “Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Miss Logan Bianchi, would you please do us the honor of… ”
Suddenly, “Sexercise” by Kylie Minogue comes over the PA system, leaving everyone puzzled. Suddenly, the camera moves from the ring over to the stage where the beautiful blonde sister of Desiree Drake, Alyxandra is standing. Alyxandra has a large smile on her face and a white robe on, meaning that she will be entering the competition. Desiree is seemingly shocked by this, as she turns towards the stage and places her hands on hips.
VASSA: “Whoa… sisters?”
JOHNSON: “That’s what Mike just said, apparently Desiree is her older sister if I’m correct.”
VASSA: “Well fuck me silly…”
VASSA: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I was at a lost for words at the beauty radiating from her. Oh my god how I would love to be in the middle of a Drake sandwich.”
JOHNSON: “You’re out of control, and that isn’t the half of it!”
As Alyxandra makes her way up the stairs, she looks into the ring to a clearly upset sister. Desiree has taken the microphone away from Mike Powers, and has raised it up to speak as Alyxandra begins to enter the ring.
D. DRAKE: “Alyxandra Lynn Drake, what in the hell are you doing out here!?!?! You’re not under contract with 4 Corners Wrestling, you have no business being in this ring right now. Actually, you have no business being in a bikini contest to begin with. What are you thinking?”
Alyx walks over to her sister with a smile. She then reaches over and takes the microphone, taking it away from Desiree. Taking it up towards her face, Alyx begins to speak.
A. DRAKE: “Now Desiree, you can’t be the only Drake who has a little fun, now can you? Let’s be honest, I’ve been trying for months to get noticed enough to get myself some kind of contract here in 4CW, so what better way than entering this little bikini contest?”
As the fans erupt in cheers, Desiree walks closer to her sister giving her a rather sour reaction.
D. DRAKE: “There are better ways to go about getting a contract, and this isn’t your answer. For god sake, you don’t need to try to compete against me, we all know that I’m winning this contest!”
VASSA: “I wouldn’t be so certain about that, Des, your sister is pretty hot.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like we have a little sibling rivalry on our hands, folks.”
VASSA: “There’s only one way to settle this and that the two of them showing who their mother gave the goods to.”
As Alyx looks really surprised by Desiree’s statement, she walks closer to her sister. As the two begin to trade some sharp barbs at each other, Raquel walks forward. She reaches over and snatches the microphone from Alyxandra’s hand. Then, she walks in front of the two sisters, and raises the microphone to speak.
SANTIAGO: “Ladies, why are you two arguing about this? There is not a chance that either of you will win, because I will! That’s right, the Raquel Santiago will win this bikini contest. She will amaze everyone here, and the judges with her amazing bikini, and killer curves. Everyone here will be so starstruck that they will follow thee Raquel S on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, that’s right, follow me at theRaquelS! ”
With hefty boos beginning to fill the arena, Raquel throws her arms into the air. Suddenly, Trishelle steps up and grabs the microphone from Raquel. Clearly upset by this, Raquel looks at Trishelle.
JORDAN: “Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with you? I’m not here to argue about which one of us is going to impress those three judges. Frankly, I don’t care. The only reason I’m doing this is so I can, because I am all about entertaining these fans. You are over here worried about people following you on LinkedIn, who in the hell has one of those? Either way, the sooner you all shut up, the sooner we can all get to business.”
Raquel rolls her eyes at Trishelle as she walks back into the line, handing her microphone to Mike.. Trishelle then follows as well. Alyxandra soon follows as Desiree brings up the rear.
POWERS: ”Now, if that’s the end of the interruptions for the night, let’s get down to busine….”
Suddenly, another unknown sound comes over the PA system. With “She Bad” by Cameron Dallas playing over the PA system, the crowd and contestants are all once again perplexed by the interruption. As the camera moves to the top of the stage, the live audience is stunned to see the sister of 4CW Owner Perry Wallace, Sabrina Wallace standing there. Sabrina has a smile on her face and a black robe covering her body. In her right hand the microphone.
POWERS: “Oh my god, thank you Jesus.”
Mike Powers voice softly fills the arena as he whispers into the microphone.
POWERS: “Now for the moment that we all have been waiting for, me especially, please give a huge round of applause for the hidden treasure that was discovered only days ago. She is the Wallace with the good genes, and a cutie at that, give it up for Sabrina Wallace!”
JOHNSON: “Oh no I have a bad feeling about this.”
VASSA: “What’s there to feel bad about? I for one am EXCITED to see little Wallace making her way to the ring and entering this contest despite the efforts of big brother trying to hide her from the world.”
JOHNSON: “I do have to admit, she is a pretty young lady. I can understand why Mr. Wallace would want to keep her away from folks like you all with nothing but sex on your minds.”
VASSA: “I don’t know about sex, I just picture her running topless on a beautiful beach, much like the one her brother and Kaysie visited over the last week.”
JOHNSON: “I’d be careful if I were you. I’d hate to see you lose your job for saying something inappropriate about the bosses sister.”
VASSA: “Don’t even give me that! Before Kaysie came into his life he was just as bad as me and Mike, if not worse. Hell, he argues about his sister tweeting pictures of herself with hardly any clothes one but hardly a day goes by that he isn’t tweeting a picture of the queen’s ass.”
JOHNSON: “You do make a really good point, Vinny.”
VASSA: “Thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the picture’s Perry tweets of Kaysie, I look forward to them. I can’t say the same for her though, I don’t think I’ve once seen her comment on them, at least publicly on Twitter.”
Sabrina has made her way into the ring, keeping the smile on her face. As she brings the microphone up to her face, “She Bad” fades out.
WALLACE: “What’s up world? It’s me, Sabrina Wallace, and I’m here to compete in the Hot Shots Invitational Bikini Contest. Now, I am more than sure that my brother Perry is going to be completely up in arms about this, but I don’t care. You see, Perry and I have some philosophical differences. While Perry may think that I simply want to hide me from this business, I want to fully immerse myself. So, what better way than showing all of you what I’ve got? So, I know you’re supposed to go first Logan, but if you wouldn’t mind… I’d love to go first! ”
As the crowd erupts in cheers, Sabrina drops the microphone down to the mat. She then takes her hands and unties the belt to the black robe in which she is wearing. With a smile on her face, Sabrina pulls off the robe letting it hit the mat. As the world now sees Ms. Wallace in her skimpy blue bikini.
VASSA: “Holy shit!”
Before things get any further, the cameras cut to the entrance as Perry Wallace storms out from the back.
JOHNSON: “I think we all knew this was going to happen.”
VASSA: “Oh come on! Don’t ruin this for us, Perry!”
With his eyes locked on the ring, Perry makes his way down the ramp, pointing to his sister while mouthing off a few words. Stopping at the bottom of the ramp, he shakes his head for a brief moment before turning to the steps and ascending to the apron.
JOHNSON: “I don’t think Mr. Wallace is pleased about this one bit.”
VASSA: “Who cares if he’s pleased about this. The show must go on!”
Stepping through the ropes, Wallace storms across the ring and picks up the robe from the mat. Stretching his arms apart, he opens it as widely as he can before covering his sister and hiding her from the eyes all focused on the ring.
JOHNSON: “This went about as planned, at least how I saw it anyway.”
The two Wallace siblings then begin arguing back and forth in the ring as Sabrina tries to free herself from his arms holding the robe in place to cover her. Dragging her to the edge of the ropes, Wallace demands for her to step through them and head to the back. Ignoring his requests, she attempts to stand her ground as best as she can before the camera zooms in and picks up on Perry’s next comment.
WALLACE: “I’m telling mom!”
A few moments pass before Sabrina finally gives in, stepping through the ropes with the robe still wrapped around her. Following behind, Perry steps onto the apron and hops down to the floor below. Looking up at Sabrina, Perry stomps his feet, yelling for her to climb down as his face begins growing bright red. Refusing to listen, Sabrina then turns to step back through the ropes but before she gets too far, Perry locks onto her ankle. Sabrina quickly turns and kicks her brother away but before she can attempt to enter the ring once more, Perry reaches up and pulls her down from the apron, and holds her over his shoulder.
VASSA: “Way to ruin the party, Perry!”
JOHNSON: “He seems to be a bit embarrassed judging by the shade of red his face has turned.”
VASSA: “I don’t know why! I guarantee he tweets a picture of Kaysie’s ass tomorrow. Let the little sister have some fun!”
With Sabrina over his shoulder, Perry then turns to the ramp and begins storming up it towards the back. Boos then begin raining down from the crowd. Ignoring them, Perry continues up the ramp like a man on a mission before finally making it to the top and disappearing into the back.
JOHNSON: “Well, well, well… that was interesting.”
VASSA: “He just ruined my night, but not before I was able to snap a few quick pictures of young Wallace.”
JOHNSON: “You know he’s going to make you delete those, right?”
VASSA: “The hell he is!”
JOHNSON: “Anyways… let’s get back to our contest.”
As all of the women in the ring look over at the tomfoolery of Perry Wallace, Taryn takes the microphone away from Mike Powers. Looking at the crowd and shaking her head, she begins to speak.
ROBINSON: “This has been an absolute travesty of my damn contest. ! You girls have seriously wasted everyone’s time. Now, if there is anyone else who’d love to waltz out here and interrupt my contest, please do it now!”
Suddenly, “Asylum” by Disturbed begins to play, leaving the crowd in awe. A look of shock comes over Taryn’s face as the camera then pans over to the stage. On top of the stage, the person whom is standing there clearly isn’t who anyone thought it would be. Instead, the extremely pale specimen stands donning an all black garb, As she begins to make her way down to the ring, Taryn speaks.
ROBINSON: “Oh no, it’s Kit Jones ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!”
VASSA: “Kit Jones? Doesn’t she mean Kat Jones?”
JOHNSON: “No, you heard her right, she said Kit Jones. That isn’t Kat making her way down to the ring. This is ridiculous. I can only assume that Taryn is behind this.”
VASSA: “Those two ladies have been at each other’s throats for weeks. I don’t think this is exactly the way to go about fixing the situation.”
JOHNSON: “By the look on her face in the ring, I think smoothing things over with Kat is the last thing on her mind.”
VASSA: “Now you SHOULD have a bad feeling about this, Vinny.”
As Kit enters the ring, she cracks her neck back and forth staring at Taryn. Taryn then steps forward with a smirk on her face.
ROBINSON: “Now Kitty, didn’t you get the memo? You realize this s a bikini contest, right?”
Suddenly, Kit leans forward and whispers into Taryn’s ear. As Taryn nods her head, she begins to speak into the microphone.
ROBINSON: “Oh, so this is your bikini? You have to wear a full body swimsuit because your pale skin can’t handle any UV rays from the sun? I’m so sorry to hear that? Oh, and you wear black because it’s the only color you look flattering in? I mean, damn that must suck. I mean you’re not pretty, you can’t tan, what are you… Wednesday Addams? ”
As the fans begin to boo, Taryn lets out a laugh. Then, she walks away from Kit and looks out into the crowd to continue making her scathing comments.
ROBINSON: “You people act like you just can’t hear the truth. Well, I’m here to lead you to promise land when it comes to a little thing call the truth. You see, the truth is… Kat Jones is a damn joke. There isn’t a damn thing about Kat Jones that is legitimate. From her skin pigmentation, to that jet black hair, to wrestling talent. Kat Jones is an absolute fucking joke. She is the complete embodiment of exactly what is exactly what’s wrong with some of you women in this fucking world. You think being edgy will get you anywhere, it won’t. You think having jet black hair and a coke addiction will help? You’re all fucking wrong.”
Suddenly, as the fans begin to cheer, the camera moves over to Kat Jones walking down to the ramp with a laundry cart. Unknowing to this fact, Taryn continues to speak.
ROBINSON: “That’s right, cheer! Cheer because you know that I am absolutely right! Abso-freaking-lutely…”
Suddenly, Taryn turns around and gets a rough superkick to the face at the hands of Kat! As Taryn falls down to the mat, Kat lets out a yell directed at Taryn. Suddenly, Desiree and Alyxandra both exit the ring. Kat turns around to Raquel Santiago standing in front of her. As she begins to poke at Kat’s chest, she pushes Raquel out of the way. As Santiago steps back, she looks angered before she lunges towards Kat. Suddenly, Kat extends her boot and kicks Raquel square in the gut. As Raquel is bent over, Jones takes Raquel’s head under her arm, then hoisting up her leg, she picks her up and brings her down to the mat with a fierce fisherman suplex! As Kat quickly stands up from the mat, she looks over at the other women in the ring. Stassi and Logan quickly exit the ring, then they are followed by Desiree and Alyxandra. Trishelle stays in the ring and walks towards Kat.
JOHNSON: ”I knew this was going to end badly!”
VASSA: ”Get out of there, Trishelle! Save yourself! PLEASE!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Simmer down, Vinny, things seem to be calm for the moment.”
As both women look at each other, Trishelle cracks a smile. Then, she backs away and points at Taryn and Raquel who are both starting to get up from the mat. Trishelle then exits the ring as Taryn makes her way back up to her feet. As Taryn look at Kat in the eyes, she grabs Raquel by the arm, and pulls her up to the her feet. With Robinson using Raquel as a makeshift shield. Kat then walks forward, and reaches over Raquel and grabs Taryn by the hair. She then pulls both Taryn and Raquel’s heads under her arm. Then, she picks up both of the women in a cradle position. As the fans are awestruck, Kat falls down to the mat, taking both Raquel and Taryn down with the mat with the Kat-astrophe!
VASSA: ”Kat is going crazy!”
JOHNSON: ”She just took out both Taryn and Raquel with a double Kat-astrophe!”
VASSA: ”They should have never picked on Kat.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure they’ll learn their lesson after tonight.”
As “Asylum” begins to play, Kat stands up from the mat. As she surveys her damage, Kat bends over and begins to roll Raquel towards the ropes. Then, she turns around and does the same to Taryn. When she lines them both up near the apron, Kat falls to the mat and uses her feet to push Taryn into Raquel, then sending both women out of the ring into the laundry cart.
JOHNSON: ”Kat is taking out the dirty laundry ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: ”Hey you need to be nice, Steve. These girls are not dirty! Say you’re sorry!”
JOHNSON: ”They both got what was coming to them after bringing out a fake Kat Jones to enter the bikini contest.”
VASSA: ”I thought Kit had pretty good odds at winning this thing to be honest.”
JOHNSON: ”No you didn’t.”
VASSA: ”Damn right I didn’t! If it were up to me, Trishelle wins this thing hands down!”
As a smirk comes over Kat’s face, she begins to push the laundry cart up the ramp. As the other women from the contest look on in disbelief, Mike Powers takes hold of the microphone once again.
VASSA: “Ummm… do to some unforeseen circumstance, I guess the judges do not need to worry about judging any swimsuits. I mean, they only saw one. So, the winner of the Hot Shots Invitational Bikini Contest is… Sabrina Wallace!!!!”
As the remaining female competitors look on disbelief, Kat continues to roll the cart up the stage. The camera fixes onto the bodies of Raquel and Taryn in the card as the scene fades out.

Backstage, the cameras catch up with Sonny Lee. He’s now in his street clothes and is without his entourage. Likely the result of some fast thinking and potentially a smoke bomb. The crowd can be heard on the nearby arena floor, roaring as they’re greeted by the same image on the big screen. Despite his recent contest, Sonny Lee looks to be in a calm state. He comes around the corner and his path crosses none other than Issac Solo. Again, the crowd can be heard cheering as both men dominate the scene. The two have a momentary stare down, before Sonny Lee uncharacteristically, breaks the silence.
LEE: “Mr. Solo. Your reputation precedes you. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”
Sonny offers a handshake to Issac.
SOLO: ”Yeah hey, what’s goin’ on? Sonny right? Yeah heard about you too, holmes.”
Issac meets the handshake, and it’s pretty sincere between the two… Once the handshake is completed, Lee speaks.
LEE: “We have an interesting commonality between us. You faced a Rock and Roll “God” and I faced the very “Devil” himself. Perhaps we will make it a habit to defy those who claim to be higher powers.”
Issac lets out a soft chuckle and flashes a smirk.
SOLO: ”Hadn’t thought about it quite like that… I try not to mix religion an’ wrestlin’, but I like it. Could get use to seeing demigods fall before mortal men.”
Sonny nods.
LEE: “You may not be aware of my history with Miss Lyza Reyes, but I do intend on investigating the connection we once shared, beneath the stars. We were called NE Ultra and we stood in the face of these same demigods in their various sizes and shapes. We formed a line, a blockade, stopping those who wish to disrespect this sport. Proving, as the name says, there is Nothing Beyond. I mention this, simply because I see the same potential in you. Perhaps, one day, we could discuss this further.”
SOLO: ”Yeah. Yeah that’d be cool, homeboy. Let’s do that. Let’s see where that might take us here in 4CW, eh? Cuz I know, I’m down with gettin’ people’s heads straight, an’ Comin’ Correct in that ring, know what I’m sayin’?”
Issac raises his hand up for a fistbump…
LEE: “Absolutely, friend.”
The two fist bump as the scene fades away.


POWERS: “The following tag-team match is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring first…”
The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder followed not far by the imposing Luiz Cavalcante and the beautiful Carmella Wilder. Though generally the young and small Wilder alone would not be imposing with his atrocious dance moves we get a close up of the imposing Luiz walking to the ring to really strike some form of fear. Clapping her son on is Carmella with her glasses on looking professional as she usually does, as Wilder bounces up the steps stopping.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California accompanied to the ring by Carmella Wilder and Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Waiting for Luiz who as usual doesn’t look pleased to have to stop and lower the top rope down so that Wilder can jump over it to show off. Shaking his head as he follows him into the ring as Jett jumps up to the top rope pounding his chest as the crowd boos him. Carmella walks around the ring ignoring the cat calls and the boos to continue to cheer her son on as Jett bounces off the ropes and heads to the other side with Luiz standing behind him arms crossed. Finally bouncing back down taking off the hoodie he came out with to hand to Luiz who walks to the ropes to hand it out to Carmella as Jett readies himself.
POWERS: “And his partner!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly with his thumbs tucked into the 4CW XTV Championship fastened around his waist. His trademark “LAUGH-LIN” Run DMC Style shirt on he nods his head to the music and acknowledges the fans before dropping his head taking a deep breath and breaking out into a sprint towards the ring.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is the 4CW XTV Champion, “The Ripper”, BRYAN LAUGHLIN!!!”
Approaching the ring he slides in and gets to his knees throwing his head back and his arms out allowing the fans to acknowledge him back. He quickly hops to his feet mouthing the lyrics.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

He backs into the nearest corner taking off his shirt and throwing it behind him out of the ring as his music slowly fades.
VASSA: “And here is the team of ‘WildLin’ as they like to call themselves.”
JOHNSON: “This is their first match in 4CW as a team but have recently traveled to Japan for a tag tournament, representing 4CW.”
VASSA: “These two really seem to get along and should make for a dynamic duo here in the ring.”
JOHNSON: “They have a tough challenge with Omerta, but could in fact pull off the upset tonight.”
A Punjabi tremor rings around the arena, steadily building towards an explosive crescendo that gives way to “Blood, Milk and Sky” by White Zombie. The instant mixed reactions from the live viewers and their vulgar signs hoisted in the air acknowledge the man behind the thundering echoes—’Dead End Wilder’, ‘Come Claim Me’, and ‘You’re sh!t out of Luck.’ It was clear who they invited in, albeit everything around had dimmed to a thick black except for fluorescent strobes of light spiraling around clockwork, searching the inside of the arena.
POWERS: “The opponents, coming to the ring first…”
Heads continuing to turn in the dark at every available direction in the search for roguish twenty-five year-old, it’s then up in a particular staircase that the shadowed contour of Erron Wilder slowly trudges down the cold steps at his own leisure.
“The siren sings a lonely song
Of all the wants and hungers
The lust of love, a brute desire
The ledge of life goes under”

As the lyrics pursue, his surly pout emerging through the touch of light. He swings his arms loosely to their sides with a hint of cockiness in his movement. This is Wilder, soaked up with an aggressive form of confidence in the midst of a crowd reaching for him on his way down. Both of his shriveled up, glacial blue eyes remaining fixated with the ring, and never turning away to give care to those calling out to him. He quickly slides over the barricade upon contact, scoffing at everyone and everything with a saucy grunt before rolling his leather jacket-clad heap inside the ring.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring, by way of the Blind Alley and weighing in at two hundred and twenty nine pounds, he is… ERRON “STUNTMAN” WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Pacing around the mat in evident restlessness, Erron rolls his wrists and jerks his head sideways in last second preparation. A jittery smile ripping over his shady mug provided a closing gesture of how anxious he is to start swinging.
POWERS: “And his partner!”
“Sludge God” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the arena gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face and the 4CW Championship wrapped around his neck. He glares out over the arena, cracking his neck to the left and then to the right. Dakota then begins his march down to the ring.
“I’m a sludge God
I’m rather odd
Take your head like Mr Ichabod
Hit em hard showing no regard
Drag em through hell then I leave em scarred
Pull your card
Put u in the morgue
That’s just the way the LOC settle scores
Put me in the booth and press record
I serve em sludge and they beg for more “

POWERS: “Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred thirty one pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Butcher” and the 4CW Champion, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
Reaching the ring he takes the belt off of his neck and throws it into the ring before rolling in under the bottom rope. Planting his fist into the ground he pushes himself up off the mat and picks up his championship. He stalks the ring for a few seconds before going up the turnbuckle and raising his extreme championship up into the air – letting out a blood curdling roar as he does so. He drops down and takes a seat in the corner, putting the belt back around his neck and waiting for the match to start.
VASSA: “Omerta hasn’t seemed to have much luck in terms of tag competition, but in singles their records and accomplishments speak for themselves.”
JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith is the 4CW Champion and at Ante Up, Erron Wilder could very well become the Pride Champion.”
VASSA: “Erron very well could, but then again, Dakota could leave Ante Up without the 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: “Ante Up is a big event for these two as they could lock down two pieces of 4CW gold in one night.”
VASSA: “Let’s not forget that the little guy standing across the ring from them will be getting himself a shot at Dakota’s 4CW Championship, along with two others.”
JOHNSON: “Jett Wilder won his qualifying match two weeks ago and has earned himself a ticket to get into the Sixty Minute Fourway Iron Man Match for the 4CW Championship at Ante Up.”
VASSA: “I’m going to be honest with you. I fear for Jett’s safety going into this match and at Ante Up. Dakota is a vicious monster and I wouldn’t put it past him to try and scare Jett out of the match before it even happens.”
JOHNSON: “Jett has some good backup in the ring tonight in Bryan Laughlin, who is the XTV Champion. He and Omerta, especially Erron, have had a few choice words over the recent weeks and I think it’s safe to say that there may be a little tension between them all.”
VASSA: “Don’t forget about Laughlin’s “Make 4CW Great Again” campaign aimed at Omerta and Unstable. He could easily have the target on his back with that alone.”
JOHNSON: “It’s a safe bet to say that these two teams don’t particularly care for one another and will have their chance to settle up tonight.”
The official waits patiently in the center of the ring as both champions drop their championships to the floor outside of the ring. Looking to the corner of Jett and Laughlin first, the two talk amongst themselves before Jett holds his hand up and begins nodding at Laughlin. After a few short moments, Laughlin then exits to the apron, leaving Jett to start the match. Watching from across the ring, Erron’s eyes light up at the sight. After a brief conversation with Dakota, Erron steps forward, leaving Dakota to exit onto the apron. Now that we have both Wilder’s in the ring, the official checks once more with each corner and with them both ready to go, he signals for the bell.

Pleased with who is standing across from him in the ring, Erron walks to the center of the ring with a cocky smirk across his face. With his eyes locked on Jett, Erron waves for him to step out of the corner. A little intimidated at first, Jett quickly shakes it off and then leaves his corner, as Bryan cheers him on with support. The two Wilder’s then finally meet face to face inside of the ropes with nowhere to run. Turning his head to the side, Erron points at his jawline and asks for Jett to hit him. Looking to his left and right for the crowds reaction, Jett then shrugs his shoulders before clocking Erron with all of his weight behind a stiff right. Clenching his teeth, Erron rubs the side of his face before he begins to softly chuckle. Cutting his attention back to Jett in an instant, Erron throws an elbow at his head, only to come up short as Jett ducks underneath and follows up with an elbow shot of his own to Erron’s midsection.
Popping back up, Jett then follows up with a right hand to Erron’s head, knocking him back a step. With only a small amount of distance between the two, Jett hops off his feet and drives both of them into the side of Erron’s knee with a dropkick. Erron’s leg gives out from under him as he crashes to the mat. Racing back to his feet, Jett then leaps over Erron and takes off towards the ropes behind him. Coming back on the rebound, Jett hops off the mat once more, this time hitting Erron in the back of the head with a running dropkick. With Erron face-down to the canvas, Jett gets back to his feet and turns to the ropes once more. Hitting them even harder than before, Jett comes back with great speed, extending his legs in front of him as he takes to the mat with a baseball slide, kicking Erron in the side of the head for a second time.

JOHNSON: “Erron is a great wrestler without a doubt, but cockiness can always be ones downfall.”
VASSA: “He thought he was being funny with Jett but after getting hit harder than he expected, he opened himself up to Jett getting the upperhand.”
On his feet, Jett circles Erron for a moment before locking onto his head and pulling him up. He then whips Erron to the ropes and upon his return, he lifts Erron in the air and spins him for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
JOHNSON: “Oh, we have a reversal!”
Wrapping his arm around Jett’s head, Erron uses his momentum to counter the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and turn it into a DDT, driving Jett’s head into the canvas. Jett’s head bounces off the canvas and flips over, landing hard on his back across the ring. Leaning upward to a seated position, Erron looks over his shoulder with a grin on his face at the sight of the damage. Pushing himself up, He slowly walks over to Jett, taunting him along the way. Pulling Jett to his feet, Erron then whips him to the corner where Dakota awaits on the apron. Slamming back-first into the corner, Jett’s feet lift up from the mat and as the touch back down, Dakota throws his arm over the top rope and hits him in the back of the head with a forearm shot. Stumbling forward, Jett appears to be off balance, leaving himself open as Erron charges in, leaps into the air and plants both feet into his chest, knocking Jett back into the corner with a dropkick.
Jett drops down to a seated position in the corner with his back leaning against it. Pushing himself up, Erron walks over to the corner and grabs onto the top ropes. Using them for leverage, he then begins stomping on Jett’s midsection before finally turning to Dakota and making our first tag of the night. The two quickly switch places in the ring, Dakota entering and Erron exiting to the apron. Pulling Jett up to his feet, Dakota slams him back into the corner and then begins unloading with rapid rights to the head. He then drags Jett away from the corner and wraps him up before lifting him off his feet and throwing him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. As Jett rolls a few times across the ring, Dakota slowly rises to his feet and cuts his eyes to Jett. Marching over to his fallen body, Dakota pulls Jett back up and then hits him in the chops with a European uppercut. Seeing stars, Jett wobbles back and forth, leaving his midsection open as Dakota drives his foot into it. With Jett bent over and out of breath, Dakota then grabs onto his head and drives his face into the mat with a sit-out facebuster.

VASSA: “In a little less than two months we’ll see these two in the ring with the 4CW Championship on the line!”
JOHNSON: “It won’t be just these two, there will be two others in the ring with them.”
VASSA: “Well right now those other two haven’t been announced and Jett is the only one with Dakota’s eyes on him.”
Pushing himself backwards and away from Jett, Dakota then gets back up and stands tall, looking down at Jett as he rolls over to his back. Leaping into the air, Dakota comes down for Jett’s head with a double foot stomp, but misses as Jett rolls out of the way. Turning his head to the right where Jett has rolled, Dakota then leaps into the air in his direction once more, going for yet another double foot stomp to the head.
JOHNSON: “Dakota misses again!”
VASSA: “It’s like a game of cat and mouse now.”
Spinning his entire body around, Jett takes out Dakota’s legs with a sweep, dropping him to his back. The two the race to get to their feet, Jett actually standing first. With Dakota pushing himself up from one knee, Jett quickly moves in and hits him with an overhead right, knocking him back down to his knee. Taking off to the ropes behind Dakota, Jett then comes back on the rebound and plants Dakota’s face into the canvas with a bulldog. Rolling Dakota over to his back, Jett then makes the quick cover.

VASSA: “Not even a two count!”
Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Dakota quickly breaks up the pin. Pushing himself away from The Butcher, Jett then goes back on the attack with solid stomps to Dakota’s midsection. After pounding the air from Dakota’s lungs, Jett pulls Dakota to his feet and then whips him to the far corner where Laughlin awaits on the apron. Crashing into the corner, Dakota drapes his arms over the top rope. Taking off from a stand still, Jett rushes towards him and leaps into the air, landing a huge body splash onto Dakota in the corner. Back on his feet, Jett steps out of the way and slaps hands with Laughlin as Dakota stumbles forward, remaining on his feet.
JOHNSON: “There’s the tag for WildLin!”
VASSA: “Jett wore down The Butcher a bit, now let’s see if Bryan can follow up strong.”
With the official tag made, Laughlin climbs the corner. Standing tall above everything below, Laughlin waits patiently as Dakota comes to a stop. Slowly turning to face the corner, Dakota is unaware of what awaits him and as he faces Laughlin, his eyes light up at the sight of him flying towards him. Spinning in the air, Laughlin rotates a complete three-sixty and levels The Butcher with a diving shoulder block.
VASSA: “Now that’s teamwork right there!”
JOHNSON: “WildLin did quite a number on Dakota with that body splash and diving shoulder block combination.”
Pushing himself up with his eyes locked on Dakota, Laughlin finally stands to his feet with the Butcher only a short distance away. Crawling towards the corner where Erron awaits, leaning over the top rope, Dakota refuses to stay down. Watching as Dakota gets further and further away, Laughlin then takes off towards him and leaps into the air, coming down on Dakota’s back with a jumping double foot stomp.
JOHNSON: “I think I heard Dakota’s back crack from here!”
VASSA: “Talk about a spinal adjustment!”
Stepping down from Dakota’s back, Laughlin then locks onto The Butcher’s head and pulls him up. In the blink of an eye, Dakota swats Laughlin’s hands away and then lunges his head forward, slamming it onto the bridge of Laughlin’s nose. Laughlin’s eyes begin to water upon impact and then Dakota grabs ahold of him and pulls him in to a knee shot between the legs.
JOHNSON: “And there’s a low blow from Dakota!”
Dakota then pushes Laughlin backwards, throwing him into the nearby corner with Erron. Looking on, the official doesn’t make a call as Dakota’s body obstructed his view.
JOHNSON: “And no call from the ref?”
VASSA: “I don’t think he saw it.”
JOHNSON: “How could he miss it?”
VASSA: “Maybe it’s another official allegedly in Frankie Morrison’s pocket.”
Dakota then charges towards Laughlin and hits him with a running elbow to the face. Looking to Erron, the two then quickly make the tag as Dakota begins kicking Laughlin in the midsection over and over. With both men in the ring and Dakota still going at it, the official then begins the five count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Pleased with himself, Dakota then dips through the ropes and exits to the apron, ending the officials count. Turning Laughlin around, Erron then locks onto his head with both hands and slams it down, driving his face into the top turnbuckle. Erron then rips Laughlin away from the corner and throws him backwards. Tripping over his own feet, Laughlin stumbles to the mat. Laughlin then quickly begins to push himself up but before he can rise, Erron charges in and greets him with a running knee to the face.
With Laughlin on his back and appearing to be out of it, Erron grabs ahold of him and drags him to his feet. Bending Laughlin over and pulling his head between his legs, Erron then goes for a package piledriver but before he can get everything in order, Laughlin stands straight up, lifting Erron off the mat and flipping him over his head and down to his back. Turning around, Laughlin quickly drops down and cradles Erron before going on the rampage with knee strikes to the body. After wearing Erron down, Laughlin stands tall and pulls Erron up.
As he stands, Erron pushes Laughlin, creating a bit of space between the two. Lunging forward, Laughlin connects with a stiff right hand. Firing back, Erron lands a solid punch to Laughlin’s face. The two then exchange blows in the center of the ring. Changing up a bit, Laughlin goes for a kick to Erron’s stomach but Erron catches his foot. With Laughlin’s foot in his hand, Erron then swings him around but as Laughlin fully rotates, he catches Erron off guard and knocks him don with a dragon whip to the face.

VASSA: “I thought for a moment there, these two were going to literally beat the life out of each other in the center of that ring.”
JOHNSON: “After a short exchange, Laughlin’s momentum almost came to an end as Erron was able to catch his foot after a kick to the midsection, only to then turn it around into a dragon whip.”
Back on his feet, Laughlin doesn’t waste a single second as he grabs onto Erron’s arm and pulls him up to his feet. Locking onto Erron’s wrist, Laughlin then goes to whip him to the nearby corner only a few feet away where Jett patiently awaits on the apron. Just before Laughlin can release Erron’s arm, Erron reverses the throw and sends Laughlin speeding to the corner after a throw that takes even Erron off his feet. Hitting the corner front-first, Laughlin flips up and over the top turnbuckle, slapping Jett across the chest with his arm by accident before falling hard to the outside.
VASSA: “There’s goes Laughlin to the outside!”
JOHNSON: “Did you just see that? That looked like contact made between Bryan and Jett right before that nasty fall.”
VASSA: “I don’t know about that. Are you sure?”
Looking to the corner and thinking to himself for a moment, the official then points to Jett to enter the ring as he is now the legal man after that accidental tag.
JOHNSON: “It was a tag!”
In shock, Jett can’t believe the call as he begins arguing with the official from the apron. Refusing to enter the ring and pleading his case, Jett ignores Erron as he slowly rises to his feet and the official begins the countout.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six!”

VASSA: “Erron is back up to his feet and Jett isn’t even paying attention.”
“Seven! … Eight!”

Coming from Jett’s blind side, Erron grabs ahold of Jett’s head with both hands and drags him into the ring over the top rope. Slamming Jett down to the canvas on top of his head, Erron begins violently stomping on him with rapid feet. Meanwhile on the outside, Laughlin slowly begins climbing to his feet, using the apron to pull himself up. Covering his face, Jett squirms around on the mat, taking brutal hits to the body. Grabbing two handfuls of hair, Erron drags Jett away from the corner and then pulls him up to his feet. He then locks onto Jett’s arm and whips him to the ropes. As Jett comes back on the rebound, Erron charges towards him and goes for a clothesline. Ducking underneath Erron’s arm, Jett avoids the impact and continues towards the opposite ropes. Hitting the ropes and bouncing off even harder, Jett comes back and as he closes in, Erron bends over to flip him over his back.

Stepping into it, Jett kicks his foot up and plants it directly into Erron’s face, lifting him up from the mat and knocking him to his back. Seeing an opportunity, Jett turns to the ropes to his left and takes off towards them. Leaping into the air, Jett plants both feet onto the middle rope and springboards off, doing a backflip in mid-air and landing a moonsault across Erron’s body. Hooking the leg, Jett goes for the pin as the official begins the count.

Jett’s head pops up and his eyes lock onto the official. Anger radiates from him as he stands to his feet and begins arguing with the official about the speed of the count.
VASSA: “Oh lord, here we go!”
Wasting valuable time, Jett continues arguing with the official as Erron slowly begins to move around and push himself up. Catching a glimpse in the corner of his eye, Jett cuts his attention to Erron on all fours and then charges towards him, kicking him with everything in the tank. Erron’s hands and knees lift off the mat as he flips over to his back. Turning to the corner, Jett then rushes over and ascends to the top. Unlike times in the past, Jett skips the taunting and looks down to Erron with his eye on the prize.
JOHNSON: “Well this is something different.”
VASSA: “No arguing. Maybe we’re seeing a new Jett?”
Leaping into the air as high as he can, Jett finally begins to come down as gravity takes over, going for a frog splash.
As Jett closes in to land the frog splash, Erron pops both knees up, using them to break Jett’s fall as he lands on top of them.
VASSA: “Erron with the crucial counter!”
Jett bounces off of Erron’s knees and flips over to his back. Slowly pushing himself up, Erron favors his midsection but remains focused on the task at hand. With Jett feeling the aftermath of the double knees to the stomach, Erron grabs onto his head and pulls him up to his feet. Still with some fight in him, Jett pushes Erron away and then swings for his head in desperation. Ducking underneath the punch and stepping in behind Jett, Erron hooks both of his arms with Jett’s to where they are now back to back. With a burst of energy, Erron lunges over, lifting Jett off his feet and dropping him on his head with a backslide driver.
JOHNSON: “The Just Deserts! The Just Deserts!”
VASSA: “This doesn’t look good for team WildLin!”
Crawling over Jett’s body, Erron makes the cover as the official drops down for the count and Laughlin begins dipping through the ropes.

Finally in the ring, Laughlin begins races over to break up the pin.

Leaping forward to break the pin, Laughlin then gets blindsided as Dakota slams into him with a shoulder block, knocking him completely off track.

JOHNSON: “There it is ladies and gentlemen! Erron Wilder has secured the victory for both him and his partner, Dakota.”
“Omerta” by Lamb of God begins roaring over the speakers as Erron slowly stands to his feet, united with his partner Dakota by his side. At the edge of the ring, Laughlin looks on in anger at the sight. Avoiding the two on one situation, he stands down and looks over, watching over his partner as the two Omerta brothers stand victorious in the center of the ring.

Erron and Dakota tower over Jett as the official steps in between them and raise both their arms into the air.
POWERS: “Here are you winners, Erron Wilder and Dakota Smith… OOOOOOO … MERTA!!!”

We open up to Rorie Steele walking into the building. She doesn’t have any bags with her, nor does she have anyone in tow holding them. She is wearing her street clothes; a black tight dress and heels. She has a look of determination on her face as she heads towards Perry’s office. She storms into the room, startling Perry, who is doing… something… at his desk.
WALLACE: ”What the fuck Rorie?!”
STEELE: “Put your cock back in your pants, Perry. We need to talk.”
WALLACE: ”My cock is in my pants Ms. Pinkeye Princess. You’re rude as fuck.”
STEELE: ”So are you, you massive fucking twatgobbler. And I don’t have fucking pinkeye. What are you, fucking retarded?”
Looking down at his desk, he rubs his forehead for a brief moment before looking back to her.
WALLACE: ”What can I do for you, Rorie?”
STEELE: ”I’m out.”
WALLACE: ”Out of what? You care for a drink or something?”
STEELE: ”No. I don’t want a fucking drink, Perry.”
She rolls her eyes and steps closer to the desk, now sure that he isn’t, in fact, rubbing one out under his desk.
STEELE: ”I’m out of this fucking match. I don’t want in this bullshit threeway crap.”
WALLACE: ”It was my understanding that threeways are your thing. Well I’m sorry, I’m OUT of fucks to give. The match is already booked. Just do your job, you’re a goddamn former champion for christ sake.”
STEELE: ”I’m a former champion because I was handed a fucking title. A title, as you know, that I wanted no fucking part in having. But here I am… now known as a former fucking champion of a bullshit tag title. I don’t want that shit.”
Perry then bursts into laughter as the words stop rolling off the tip of her tongue.
WALLACE: ”Aidan was the better champion, right?”
STEELE: ”Now that… That I could NEVER say. She’s a cunt. But you should have given the shot to one of your other playthings. Fucking Erron or whatever. Either way, it wasn’t what I wanted. None of this has been. Ever since I got here, everything has become this massive pile of shit that YOU fucking orchestrated. And now you have me going up against that tatted-up douchebag O’Donnell and that flighty fuck Jace? What the fuck is this? Throw Rorie in the ring with thirteen-thousand people at a time? I’m good, Perry… but I ain’t that fucking good.”
WALLACE: ”Come on now, think about this. Sit back and compare your record to theirs. You’re five and two in singles competition. Those other two can’t touch your record. Let’s think about this for a moment.”
STEELE: ”Yeah… IN SINGLES. When was the last time I had a fucking singles match, huh? Fucking forever. Because all you enjoy doing is putting me into shit with that pedophile-hillbilly rapist Dakota, fucking Erron, and throwing us up against those delusional idiots in Cuntstable. I’M NOT EVEN FUCKING IN OMERTA, PERRY!”
WALLACE: ”Well what do you want me to do? My hands are tied. The match is booked.”
STEELE: ”Re-book it. You own this fucking place, Perry. You run the show. Tell them I’m not showing up. I want the week off. One on one for them. How is that fucking hard?”
SHERELL: ”I’ve had just about enough of this.”
Walking out from the other side of the room, hidden behind the open door, Kaysie Sherell steps in beside Rorie and looks her dead in the eye.
WALLACE: ”Uh-oh, you done fucked up now.”
SHERELL: ”I’ve stood back in that corner long enough after you barged into here trying to throw around orders and demands. You have a match later tonight, sweetheart. I would suggest that you show up and fulfill your contractual obligations.”
Rorie raises a brow, looking the woman in front of her over.
STEELE: ”Sugar… It looks like the door hit your square in the face just as I walked in… Shoot. Sorry not sorry.”
She turns her head to Perry.
STEELE: ”Seriously, though. What the fuck is this, Perry? Can’t fight your own fucking battles? Gunna have your little cockpuppet fight them for you? Huh? Fucking pathetic little worm.”
She turns her eyes back to Kaysie.
STEELE: ”My contract isn’t like everyone else’s here, you massive thundercunt. I do what the fuck I want, when I want. You don’t come around here and stick that godawful nosejob into my fucking business and act like you own the place. And just a little FYI for you… You’ve got fucking NOTHING on me, bitch.”
SHERELL: ”Excuse me? First of all, you CAN and WILL address me about this situation. I AM the 4CW Executive Assistant and Head of Perry Relations, and you will not come in here barking out orders like this. It would be in your best interest to show up for your match later tonight. Maybe there is a reason your contract isn’t like other big contracts around here. Ever thought about that attitude?”
STEELE: ”Wait… what was it you said? Assistant? That’s right… YOU’RE A FUCKING ASSISTANT. Do you not realize how fucking sad that is? And you’re trying to tell me what I should and should not do? It’s in my best fucking interest? I don’t think so. My best fucking interest is ruining your nosejob, making you bleed all over that pretty little dress of yours, and not fucking saying ‘I’m sorry’ for ruining it. And then… saying a big ‘ol FUCK YOU to Perry. You fucking CUNTRAG.”
Her eyes shot over to Perry, who sat comfortably in his chair. If looks could burn, Perry would be up in flames. Rorie did not like being told what to do.
SHERELL: ”We obviously have a problem here. You are refusing to compete while under contract. How about we just settle this real quick and we suspend you without pay, but, still keep you under contract for the time being so you can’t compete elsewhere?”
STEELE: ”Excuse me?”
SHERELL: ”I’m pretty sure you heard me loud and clear, princess.”
Rorie’s teeth clenched together and her hands curled up beside her. She was using every ounce of power to not hit this woman right now.
STEELE: ”You know what? Fuck you. And you can go fuck yourself too, Perry. I’m not competing tonight. I’m done with this bullshit. Fuck this place.”
Rorie turns her heel, heading for the door.
STEELE: ”Oh… and for the record, Perry. Your cock was tiny!”
Rorie holds up a hand, extending her pinky finger towards Perry. She then storms out of the room.
WALLACE: ”MY COCK IS MAGNIFICENT!!! You’re just mad because any man with you is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!”
Perry bursts up from his chair, walks around the desk and then storms towards the door. Stepping out into the hall, he yells furiously in anger.
Backing into the office, Perry then slams the door shut. Turning to Kaysie, the anger quickly disappears as an innocent looks comes over his face.
WALLACE: ”I’m right, aren’t I? You seem pleased.”
SHERELL: ”I’m just fucking peachy Perry.”
Walking towards the minibar across the room, Perry grabs an empty glass and a bottle of Scotch. Breathing heavily from the heated encounter, Kaysie walks over to the sofa along the far side wall. Taking a seat, the breathing slowly dies down to a normal pace as it appears she has calmed down.
WALLACE: ”Who in the hell does she think she is?”
SHERELL: ”She’s one of the inmates who used to run the asylum around these parts. It’s not like that anymore, I run this bitch now. I’m far from Jackie Vaughn”
Downing the glass he had just poured, Perry thinks and collects himself for a moment before pouring another.
WALLACE: ”First Jack, and now Rorie. What is wrong with these people? Rorie will calm down and be back, she’s just a rude bitch. However, you really let Jack have it out there earlier tonight. That was actually pretty hot.”
SHERELL: ”He deserved it. I’m tired of members of the Proletariat disguising themselves at the bourgeois. ”
Grabbing a bottle of water, Wallace walks away from the bar and over to the couch, sitting down beside Kaysie. Handing her the bottle, he then takes a drink from his glass and leans back against the sofa. Sitting side by side, 4CW’s king and queen look to one another for comfort.
WALLACE: ”I guess he got what was coming to him. He has been rather annoying with going behind my back and trying to make nice with Cashe and Madison, knowing that there is tension between myself and Unstable.”
SHERELL: ”He deserved everything that I gave him, if not fucking more!”
WALLACE: ”It is what it is, he should have been up front and not put you in the predicament that he did questioning your relationship with me. He still is the acting General Manager of Adrenaline though.”
Looking to Kaysie, she stares back with a look of frustration.
SHERELL: ”I don’t know how. He’s practically been absent for weeks before resurfacing at Adrenaline following South Beach Brawl.”
Thinking to himself, Wallace chooses his next words wisely in an attempt to not further frustrate Kaysie.
WALLACE: ”I will say this, I had sent him out of the country to land some sort of international tour. He couldn’t even do that.”
SHERELL: ”And you see why I say you shouldn’t trust someone from the Proletariat?”
WALLACE: ”I have to be honest here. Eyes are going to be on me after that attack earlier. I’m not mad with you, the prick had it coming, same with Rorie I’m going to need you even more by my side. I back everything that you did tonight and will take all of the heat, my love.”
SHERELL: ”Well, I’m going to go ahead and make another bold move, right now. After the debacle that the Hot Shots bikini competition became, I’m making a match for Ante Up. At the pay-per-view, Kat Jones will face Taryn Robinson… in a high rollers match!”
WALLACE: ”That’s great and all, but I don’t need you stressing yourself over it anymore. In due time this will all be ta–”
Wallace’s phone then begins to ring from inside of his pants pocket. After digging it out, he swipes his finger across the screen and then holds it up to his ear.
WALLACE: ”Yes … I’ll be in touch tomorrow.”
Lowering his phone from his ear, he then places it in his lap before taking another drink and massaging his temple with his free hand.
SHERELL: ”Who was that? Everything okay?”
WALLACE: ”Yes, everything is okay. That was just some business with our personal friends.”
As Kaysie has made herself comfortable on the desk, Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. A smirk then falls onto the face of the Queen of 4CW. She jumps off of the desk and walks over to the door.
SHERELL: ”And you wonder why I’m not scared of ramifications?”
Kaysie opens the door as the smirk on her face grows even wider.
SHERELL: ”Well, just the person that I wanted to see!”
A matching cheshire grin crosses the man’s lips as he stood at the doorway, his hand clasping the frame. His chin was scruffy and his brown eyes carried a hint of mischief, powerful tattoo laden arms at both sides, visible despite that black 4CW T-shirt that covered his athletic form.
HAWKE: ”I trust you’re doing well, Kaysie? I saw the stunt you pulled. Nice work.”
The smirk continued to radiate from Kaysie’s face as she looked across the room from the man in which she patiently awaited.
SHERELL: ”Well, Mr. Hawke, I’m glad you approved. Now you know, I did kinda sorta overstep and there may be repercussions. Jack Vaughn is a well liked man among the Adrenaline roster. I don’t think they took too kindly to me kicking him in the head.”
The man could only scoff, crossing his arms over his broad chest.
HAWKE: ”He had it comin’. Business is business, no matter how ‘well liked’ you are. Wrestling’s not a popularity contest. It isn’t prom. I’m sure you of all people know you don’t make it to the top kissing babies and shaking hands, ain’t that right?”
Kaysie crosses her arms over her chest and simply shrugs her shoulders.
SHERELL: ”Well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore, now do I Mr. Hawke?”
Kaiden simply nodded.
HAWKE: ”I promise you, those hands of yours will stay clean. You need not worry about overstepping your boundaries anymore.”
With that, all three individuals looked at each other as the scene fades.

As the cameras come back to the ring, a man wearing a leather jacket, black t-shirt, a pair of black jeans and regular tennis shoes stands in the ring with a microphone in his hand. In his other hand is a pair of Oakley Sunglasses. As the cameras zoom in, the man begins to speak.
LUCIEN: “You might ask yourselves, ‘Who is this guy and what the hell is he doing out here?’ Well, let me be the first to tell you that ‘Violence’ has arrived as the ‘Cunning Intelligent Asshole’ known as Maddox Lucien. Get used it because that is a name you will all come to know soon enough.”
He turns to face the ring entrance stage.
LUCIEN: “Everyone in that locker room watching, know this. I’m not showing up claiming that I can beat each and every single one of you. I’m not here to tell you that I’m better. This isn’t the story of the new guy walking around the locker room, demanding respect.”
Maddox Lucien shakes his head. He gives a slight grin and then turns to the look at the camera.
LUCIEN: ”Nope. Not going to happen. Why? I don’t care about your respect. I’m not here to impress you and I really don’t care about shiny things around my waist. And, rather than make the claims of being superior or parade around like some bad ass acting like something they‘re not…I am the guy that is going to show you.”
He turns back to look at the ring entrance stage with another smile on his face.
LUCIEN: “So that said, line up. Bend over and take your ass beatings like good boys and girls. I’m not just a guy with a goofy nickname. I’m the guy that gives a new meaning to ‘Violence.’ If you want to prove me wrong, see me right here next Adrenaline and do something about it.”
Maddox’s smile disappears.
LUCIEN: “Pay close attention guys and gals, because when the lights go out…you’re definitely going to learn what ‘Violence’ is really about.”
Maddox Lucien drops the microphone as ‘Bullet With A Name’ by Nonpoint begins to play as he leaves the ring.

CASHE: “You got the money?”
As the scene opens up backstage, Jason Cashe is seen with an envelope in hand. Across from him comes Erron Wilder into the scene. He carries a wad of money tied together with a rubber band. Holding it up, he dangles it in front of Cashe.
ERRON: “Told you I wouldn’t disappoint. Now I hope you brought the rest I’ll be taking from your dirty paws.”
CASHE: “Nah, nah I’ma gain yours! My thumb wrestling is on POINT!”
ERRON: “I don’t want to fuckin’ know what you do with your thumbs Cashe…”
Logan Whitby, one of the Referees on the 4CW payroll is present, agreeing to officiate the match. Both Wilder and Cashe hand over their part of the 10 thousand that will be on the line for this historic bout.
WHITBY: “Now I want a nice and clean match! This will be a Best of 3 Series. There will be no outside finger interference, just thumbs competing. Each of you will get two warnings for breaking the grip. After that you will be Disqualified and the other man will be named victor. Are these guidelines both understood and accepted?”
Giving the referee a nod, Cashe doesn’t need a verbal recognition. He was ready as Erron Wilder stretches his hands, clinching them and stepping up ready himself. Both reach out and grip with their right hands. Thumbs erect as the referee checks their grappled hands.
WHITBY: “Everything seems set… Are you ready?”
Another nod, Cashe looks constipated with a serious expression on his face. Looking to Erron Wilder, the referee asks the same.
WHITBY: “Erron? You ready?”
ERRON: “Shut up and get to work, cracker.”
Erron’s crisp response was as intense as the adamant look on his face.
WHITBY: “Okay… Ready? Set? GO!”
The struggle begins! The two grunt, bite corners of their mouths as their thumbs slap, knock and shove at one another. A battle among ‘warriors’ if you had the right imagination and these two were into this having just that. With ten grand on the line, it was more than some kid game.
CASHE: “Ehhhh here comes the Boom!”
ERRON: “Not today monkey boy…”
Logan Whitby standing by keeps close eye on any movements made. The two are putting on a Thumb Wrestling Classic! Thumb over thumb, slip outs, neither can find the angle to pin the other thumb down for the 3 count. Cashe goes low, risking everything and jabs Erron in the middle of his thumb, as Erron brings his thumb down, Cashe rolls out and pounces on top of Erron’s thumb, pinning it.
WHITBY: “One! Two! THREE!!”
Releasing their grips, Cashe celebrates with pumping fists and bouncing. Erron Wilder scoffs with a sluggish eye roll, obviously didn’t like his taunting performance at all.
ERRON: “Tis best two out of three.You still ain’t won shit!”
CASHE: “I’ma take Psyche out and buy her some of those fruit loop underwears? Yeah gonna eat em off! Num num num num!”
ERRON: “It don’t hurt to wish, but it sure will to lose!”
Both the Referee and Wilder give Cashe an awkward stare. If there was ever a moment to share that kind of information, this wasn’t it.
ERRON: “Come on ‘Fruit Loop’ let’s go, round two!”
Slapping their hands together, you could almost feel a respect between them but as their eyes met, you could sense the tension, the competitive nature at high levels between the two.
WHITBY: “Let’s see, are we good? Yeah okay… Round Two. Ready? Set? G–“
CASHE: “WAIT! Wait…”
ERRON: “What? What is it?”
Their grip doesn’t break as Cashe breaths in deep. A squeak following by forced air shoots out from behind Cashe. His left leg lifts up slightly off the ground as he lets loose a fart. Erron breaks away from their aligned hand grapple and moves out of the area. Logan Whitby grabs at his face, plugging his nose just shaking his head at Cashe disturbed.
ERRON: “You rotten ass motherfucker!”
CASHE: “Better out than in as I’ve always said. Say, how’s Riddle?”
The mention of Cyrus Riddle got Erron Wilder from disturbed by a smell to incited by a name drop. His eyes shriveled inside their sockets with a razor-sharp glare, he charges in and the two grab hands but Wilder seems more tensed than before as he pulls Cashe in.
ERRON: “I don’t suppose ol’ Curious George here knows a thing or two about what happened to Riddle?”
CASHE: “Whaaa? Me? I’d never! Heh plus I have an alibi. Even Riddle said so on twitter. Psyche… Would she LIE!?”
ERRON: “All things considered, pal… Or you just tricked her into believing you didn’t do it. Playing hot potato with the truth seems to be your ‘thing’ as of late. Darryl, now tonight out there with Harley Reigns? Not your M.O. at all huh?”
WHITBY: “Gentlemen! Are we going to talk or Thumb Wrestle?”
Setting the two hands up himself, the referee ignores the two men’s rising temperatures.
WHITBY: “You’re ready. Let’s do this, round TWO! Ready. Set. GO!!”
Jerking Cashe, Erron is playing with much more roughness in his movements. His thumb crashes being thrown around in a wild manner but with strength behind it. Cashe ducks, dodges and once again tries his move from round one. It backfires. Erron collapses down over the ‘toe kick’ portion of the move and pins Cashe’s thumb down, grunting as he adds power on the hold.
WHITBY: “One! Two! THREEE!!!”
Throwing Cashe’s hand to the side, Erron didn’t celebrate. His eyes still locked on Cashe, seeing him now as someone who attacked Cyrus Riddle. Cashe seemed to care very little as he scoffs from his lose.
CASHE: “Tied. 1-1 just like Laughlin and me in Singles Competition. Like him, I will have the last laugh…”
ERRON: “Why play dumb again, Cashe? You had your motives, your vendettas just like you did with Darryl. Say it was, I don’t know? A fucking mistake corrected! Just give me a real good reason right now.”
Taking a step in towards Erron, Cashe gets face to face with him. Still letting his composure remain calmed Cashe sniffs in air through his nose.
CASHE: “If I did it? Who or what would prevent me from saying so? You? Heh… Omerta? Plea–“
Shoving Cashe back with the force to make him rock back on his ankles near collapsing, things are about to get out of hand. Logan Whitby steps between the two, holding them back as a referee would. It didn’t stop their trash talking from kicking up a notch.
CASHE: “Shove me again faggot! Come on, I’ll leave you’re ass laid out JUST like Riddle!”
ERRON: “Oh so you DID do it!?”
CASHE: “I didn’t say that did I? I said LIKE Riddle. No claims but if I did it… PROVE it!”
WHITBY: “We’ve got ONE round left! So before you tear into each other, how about one of you make some money, yeah?”
ERRON: “Yeah… whatever. But this is a ‘pending matter’ we’ll get back to afterwards.”
CASHE: “Fine by me, I haven’t competed tonight. Could use a work out…”
ERRON: ”Be careful on what you wish for, boy”.
Whitby steps back to where he had been before during the previous two rounds. Things were heated now. On both sides there had almost been fumes coming off Cashe and Wilder as they grabbed hands for what would be the last round. The referee checks the tight clinched hands.
WHITBY: “Everything looks good! Are you ready? This is it, final round!! Ready… Set… FIGHT!!”
Both of them tug, shove trying to gain the upper hand. Erron pulls their hands down, Cashe yanks it up as their thumbs clash like swords. Pressing against each other’s thumb print, they try to take control. Winning wasn’t about just the money but a bragging right that both wanted.
CASHE: “Can’t touch this!”
ERRON: “Fake ass MC Hammer!”
Laying his thumb out as bait, Cashe quickly looks up at Erron and then back down just in time for Erron to go after the bait. He slams his thumb down trying to pin but Cashe moves out of the way. Leaping up, Cashe’s thumb plants itself down on Erron’s thumb.
WHITBY: “One! Two! Thr– Ohh Kickout! Very nicely done!”
Like two giants performing a Power Struggle, a test of Strength, the two thumbs push against each other.
ERRON: “Ahhhhhhh!!!”
CASHE: “Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!”
Erron swings his thumb wide, Cashe’s thumb weaves back missing being hit. Jumping on the miss, Cashe plows into Erron’s thumb and pins it down awkwardly onto it’s side. Holding tight, he looks to the referee to make the count.
WHITBY: “One! Two! THREE!! Winner of the 10 Thousand Dollars, Jason Caas–“
Pulling Cashe in, Erron drops his shoulder and slams into Cashe. The two fly back as Cashe falls back over a table setup against the wall. They spill through the table. Knocking the back of his head, Cashe instantly grabs it in pain. Erron begins searching Cashe.
ERRON: “Fuck your ‘I don’t know’ pretense. Wallace must have pointed a finger at you for a reason!”
Finding nothing in his pockets but a rolled up bag of weed, Erron pockets it for himself and shoves Cashe to the face as he climbs up off him.
ERRON: “This isn’t over… All will soon be revealed, Cashe and you better PRAY with your brothers and sisters that it wasn’t you!”
A kick for good measure, Erron Wilder walks off. Logan Whitby checks on Cashe as “The Troubled1” grunts and slowly gets up. The referee helping him, he gives Cashe his earned winnings.
WHITBY: “I think he stole something from you…”
Checking his pocket, a smile broke across his face. One filled with some pain but it was pleasant.
CASHE: “Yeah, I figured he’d find a way to steal my weed again. I prepared this time…”
Holding his 10 thousand, Cashe slowly leaves the scene.


JOHNSON: “So here we are at our main event of the evening, the Ante Up Qualifying Match, and things have slightly changed in the lineup.”
VASSA: “Originally this match was supposed to be between Jace Savage, Rorie Steele, and CJ O’Donnell. After a brief altercation earlier in the evening, Rorie Steele has been removed from the matchup following a suspension.”
JOHNSON: “You can’t say that she didn’t deserve it. She practically refused to compete tonight in a match that she had been booked in.”
VASSA: “The new Queen of 4CW, Perry Wallace’s main squeeze herself, Kaysie Sherell, has made quite an impact tonight.”
JOHNSON: “It’s obvious that the power couple are making moves to show their true power within 4CW and tonight has been a prime example of that as we’ve seen Adrenaline General Manager, Jack Vaughn, laid out at the start of the show. Then we witnessed as Rorie Steele was put in her place and suspended for failure to comply.”
VASSA: “The days of hiding behind security for Perry have been long gone. These two have truly had their managerial presence felt.”
JOHNSON: “It is what it is, that just leave us with a competitive one on one involving Jace Savage and CJ O’Donnell.”
VASSA: “We’ve been seeing quite a bit of Unstable versus Omerta lately but this matchup will feature The Order going head to head with Unstable.”
JOHNSON: “This match has huge implications for both men as the winner will advance and meet Jett Wilder in the ring as the second challenger for the 4CW Championship at Ante up, against the reigning champion, Dakota Smith.”
VASSA: “Whoever leaves tonight the winner will be a great addition to this matchup.”
The lights dim, as “Sex Metal Barbie” by In This Moment starts to play. As the music starts to pick up, lights flash with the stammering sounds.
VASSA: “What the hell? I thought Rorie was suspended and not competing tonight?”
The music then comes to an abrupt stop.
JOHNSON: “I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to compete. Maybe someone didn’t get the memo?”
VASSA: “Way to go Powers! You hardly ever make mistakes but you dropped the ball here!”
The arena goes black as the opening thirty seconds to “Animal” by Disturbed plays over the speakers.
POWERS: “The following Ante Up Qualifying Match is scheduled for one fall!”
As the guitar rifts and drum beats start to play a multitude of color lights starts flashing around the arena. Jace comes walking out from behind the curtain looking like he is ready for a fight. As soon as he gets to the entrance ramp he points out to the fans and takes off in a sprint towards the ring slapping fans hands on the way down.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall, JACE SSAAVVAAGGEE!!!”
Jace slides into the middle of the ring from under the ropes. He runs over and hopes on the nearest turn buckle, slaps his chest with his right hand as he points to the crowd with his left. He hops off the turn buckle to get ready for his match.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
“When the sun rises
I wake up and chase my dreams
I won’t regret when the sun sets
Cause I live my life like I’m a beast
I’m a mothafucking beast”
“Ayo back to make you run around the game like its a fire
I spit acid bitch like I got cyanide in my saliva
Watch me wet and heat shit up like I’m a washer and a dryer
While I beat you in your head until you tire”
“I’m a motherfucking beast”

As the beginning notes of “Beast” begins to play, the arena goes to darkness. With the beats kicking in, “The Distinguished” slowly walks out with a huge smirk on his face as the fans welcome him with a chorus of boos throughout the arena.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, representing “The Unstable”! He is “THE DISTINGUISHED” CEE JAY OOOOOO… DDOONNNNEELLLL!!!”
As O’Donnell slowly makes his way down to the ring he can not help but take in all the insults and jeers from the crowd.
“I’ma motherfucking beast
I’ma, I’ma fuckin’ beast
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”
“I’m a motherfucking beast right
Homie welcome to the east side, where the killers reside
We playing war games, please hide
Ain’t no signs of peace, so fuck a peace sign, we ride
Bust shots from a car seat
Or maybe hang you ’til your neck is broke
Choke with you with a Stethoscope
That’s how I kill a motherfucker in a heartbeat on a dark street”

Caleb has reached the end of the entrance way and is making his way up the ring steps. Once CJ gets on the top steps he raises his arms up in the air which only receives more boos from the audience tonight.
“I’ma I’ma fuckin’ beast!
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”

CJ has entered the ring now and he takes off his black Unstable t-shirt. He rolls it into a ball and acts like he is about to toss it into the crowd but instead he drops it over the top ropes and it lands on the outside on the floor. CJ begins to stretch in the corner as he awaits for the bell to ring.
“I’m a motherfucking beast!”

VASSA: “Now that our entrances are out of the way, we can finally get down to this main event!”
JOHNSON: “Both competitors are hungry for their chance at the 4CW Championship. Unfortunately only one will advance tonight and enter the big match at Ante Up.”
VASSA: “Jace Savage is coming off a tough loss of the Tag Team Championships to Ascended Supremacy, but a win here tonight can definitely turn things around for him in a positive way.”
JOHNSON: “Although the reign was short, it was his second time holding the 4CW Tag Team Championships, something no other wrestler besides Brian Hollywood can say.”
VASSA: “CJ has had some pretty bad luck in capturing that particular piece of 4CW gold. He has a golden opportunity right here to get a shot at finally etching his name in the 4CW record books.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the official checks in with Jace who quickly gives him the nod. Turning his attention to the opposite side of the ring, he looks at CJ, bouncing back and forth in his corner, awaiting the sound of the bell. Pointing to the official, CJ signals that he’s ready. With both men in position, the official then throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

Before the bell silences, both men erupt out of their corners and charge towards each other. They collide in the center of the ring, Jace firing first and connecting with a stiff right hand. Knocking CJ off balance, Jace quickly steps in and hits him in the chops with a European uppercut. Following up with a kick to the gut, Jace forces CJ to bend over upon the impact. Wrapping his arm around CJ’s head, Jace then falls backwards, driving CJ’s head into the canvas with a DDT.
JOHNSON: “We’re not even a full minute into the match and CJ’s eating canvas already!”
VASSA: “Jace was quick on the attack to catch CJ with that DDT so early in this match.”
Back on his feet, Jace climbs over CJ’s back and grabs ahold of his leg before sitting down and applying a single leg crab. Before he can lock in the move, CJ kicks his leg straight, throwing Jace off his back and sending him across the ring. Racing against one another, the two rise up to their feet, CJ standing first. Rushing in towards Jace, CJ leaps into the air and drives both feet into the side of Jace’s head, knocking him into the nearby corner.
VASSA: “Jace’s shoulder took the impact of that collision into the turnbuckle.”
JOHNSON: “And here’s CJ with the attack!”
With Jace hunched over in the corner favoring his shoulder, CJ closes in with a lethal combination of elbow strikes to Jace’s head. After landing nearly a dozen, CJ stands him straight up and then slaps him across the chest. Clutching tightly onto Jace’s head, CJ then wraps his arm around it and grabs the back of Jace’s pants. Lifting Jace into the air as if going for a vertical suplex, CJ instead drops Jace on top of the corner in a seated position. Ascending the corner, CJ unloads with a couple of closed fists to Jace’s head before jumping up, wrapping his legs around Jace’s head and flipping him up and over, throwing him across the ring with a hurricanrana.
JOHNSON: “The Distinguished One is showing off his agility for us tonight.”
VASSA: “We don’t really see him do many flips, if any at all, but that was flawless.”
On his stomach, CJ then does a few push-ups before rising to his feet and standing tall. With his back turned to the ring, he looks over his shoulder at Jace who is down on his back but somewhat in distance from the corner in front of him. Grabbing onto the top ropes, CJ steps onto the bottom turnbuckle and then ascends to the second rope. Overlooking the crowd for a short moment, he then turns around to face Jace who is still down on his back with his head pointed towards the corner. Leaping into the air and pushing himself away from the corner, CJ flies through the air and comes down with a leg drop.

VASSA: “CJ missed with the leg drop from the second rope!”
JOHNSON: “Just in the niche of time, Jace was able to roll out of the way!”
The pain shoots up CJ’s spine as he crashes to the canvas. Falling over to his side, he reaches behind him and holds his back, giving Jace plenty the opportunity to get back to his feet. After slowly rising, Jace takes a short moment to regain himself before moving in on CJ. Taking a few quick paced steps, Jace delivers a ferocious kick to CJ’s back as he closes in. Grabbing onto his head, Jace rolls him over to his stomach and then pulls him to his feet, only to the clock him with a hard right across the jaw. Locking onto CJ’s wrist, Jace then whips him to the far ropes across the ring. Upon CJ coming back on the rebound, Jace wraps him up, lifts him into the air and then plants him into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster.
JOHNSON: “All you need is a small window of opportunity to turn things around and Jace Savage did just that!”
VASSA: “After failing to connect with that leg drop from the second rope, CJ now finds himself in a bad predi–“
JOHNSON: “Jace is going for the cover!”
Hooking the leg, Jace goes for the pin on CJ as the official races from the other side of the ring, sliding in with the count.

VASSA: “Close with only a two count!”
JOHNSON: “Jace is going to have to try a little harder if he’s going to keep CJ down for a longer count.”
VASSA: “You gotta start somewhere.”
Not wasting anytime at all, Jace quickly pushes himself up, driving his fist downward into CJ’s torso. Grabbing ahold of CJ’s arm with both hands, Jace drags him up to his feet and then pulls him into a knee to the gut. CJ gasps for air and lunges over from the move, leaving an opening for Jace to then drive down on the back of his head with an elbow. CJ drops to all fours, looking down at the canvas. Seeing an opportunity, Jace then unloads with lefts and rights to CJ’s back, pounding down on him like a drum. Locking onto CJ’s head with both hands, he then pulls CJ back to his feet, standing him straight up. Reaching back with his right hand, Jace then swings forward, landing a huge open hand slap across CJ’s chest.
VASSA: “The sound of his hand slapping CJ’s chest just makes me shiver.”
JOHNSON: “That was a pretty loud pop. I wouldn’t be surprised if a welt shaped like Jace’s hand popped up.”
VASSA: “That’s one way of tagging your bitch.”
JOHNSON: “Are you being serious right now?”
VASSA: “Absolutely! That’s why you need to sprinkle some baby powder on that hand first.”
After hitting CJ with multiple slaps across the chest, Jace transitions the attack to punches to CJ’s face. Landing nearly half a dozen, Jace transitions his attack once more and begins pounding CJ’s face with vicious forearm shots. Stepping in beside CJ, Jace grabs ahold of him and then falls backwards, pulling CJ back and dropping him to the mat with a Russian leg sweep. Rolling over and crawling over top of CJ, Jace begins hitting him with lightning fast hands to the face, going back and forth with lefts and rights. Pushing himself to his feet, Jace grabs onto CJ and drags him to his feet, and then to the nearby corner before throwing him into it. CJ’s back slams against the corner as his arms drape over the top ropes. With his midsection open, Jace then kicks him in the stomach and follows up with a slap across the mouth.
Lifting CJ up and sitting him on top of the corner, Jace then reaches up with one hand and grabs onto his head, holding it in place and he begins landing hard rights to CJ’s face. With CJ briefly stunned, Jace then begins to ascend the corner, until standing on the second ropes. Still holding CJ’s head, Jace begins leveling him with rights again, this time the crowd counting along as each punch lands.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Sev–“

JOHNSON: “CJ’s alive!”
Wrapping his arms around Jace’s waist, CJ lifts Jace up from the middle ropes, stopping him before he can land the seventh punch. Stepping away from the corner, CJ carries Jace step after step towards the center of the ring, where he then slams Jace down into the canvas while driving his shoulder into Jace’s stomach.
VASSA: “Just when you think CJ is down and out of it, he turns it around in the blink of an eye!”
Rolling off of Jace, CJ lays on his back looking up at the ceiling. With both men down, the official then begins the double count out.
“One! … Two!”

JOHNSON: “He may have taken Jace out with that slam but the damage Jace has done is apparent.”
“Three! … Four!”

VASSA: “I don’t know if they’re both just catching their breaths or what but someone needs to hurry and get to their feet.”
“Five … Six!”

JOHNSON: “We’re just over the halfway point of the count folks.”

As the seven count rolls off the officials tongue, CJ and Jace both begin showing signs of life as they roll over to their stomachs and begin pushing themselves up.

Ahead of Jace, CJ makes it to one knee.

Rising to his feet, CJ stops the officials count and then moves in towards Jace who has just now gotten to one knee. Drawing back with his right, CJ lunges forward and connects with a powerful punch that whips Jace’s head to the side, but not knocking him down. CJ then locks onto Jace’s head with both hands and begins driving multiple knee shots into Jace’s face. Knocking Jace into a daze, CJ then pulls him up to his feet and quickly wraps him up. Lifting Jace up from the mat, CJ then slams him to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. Staying on top of Jace, CJ then unloads with elbow strikes to Jace’s head before pushing himself to his feet. Grabbing onto Jace’s head, CJ pulls him up to the mat and quickly spins him around, wrapping him around the waist with both arms. Using all of his strength, CJ then lifts him up and drives his Jace’s head into the mat with a German suplex.
JOHNSON: “The Distinguished Plex!”
VASSA: “Right onto Jace’s head too!”
Jace’s body rolls over to where he’s lying on his stomach. Rolling over to his knees, CJ then crawls over to Jace and pushing him over to his back and covers him for the pin. Racing over from the opposite side of the ring, the official drops in with the count.
JOHNSON: “There’s the cover!”

VASSA: “Jace gets a shoulder up at two!”
JOHNSON: “I’m surprised to see him kick out after being on the receiving end of that Distinguished Plex.”
Pushing himself up, CJ looks down at Jace on his back in a world of pain. Circling him for a few moments, CJ then delivers a swift kick to the side of Jace’s head. Grabbing onto his arm, CJ then pulls Jace up from the mat and steps in beside him. Wrapping him up, CJ then goes to pick him up for a side suplex but before Jace’s feet lift off the mat, Jace slams an elbow to the side of CJ’s head. CJ then goes to lift him once more but Jace does the same, delivering a hard elbow, this time knocking CJ off of him.
Jace steps away from CJ but before he can get his feet settled, CJ lunges forward with a right hook. Ducking out of the way, Jace side steps him and then fires back with a body blow of his own. Stepping in, Jace knocks CJ’s sights straight to the ceiling with a European uppercut and then lunges forward, locking up with him. The two go back and forth fighting for leverage. Driving CJ backwards, Jace pushes him across the ring until CJ’s back touches the ropes. Bouncing off the ropes, CJ then begins to drive Jace backwards. Dipping him head, Jace breaks out of the lock up and steps in behind CJ, wrapping him up. Reaching over his head and grabbing onto Jace’s, CJ then flips him over his back and to the mat with a snapmare.
After hitting the mat, Jace quickly begins to push himself up and as he does, CJ turns around and takes off towards the ropes. Coming back on the rebound just as Jace gets to one knee, CJ leaps into the air and connects with a running high knee.

VASSA: “There it is!”
JOHNSON: “CJ nearly took Jace’s head off with his Irish Knowledge!”
VASSA: “And down goes Jace Savage!”
JOHNSON: “CJ could end it right here and that’s what it looks like he’s doing!”
Dropping down to both knees, CJ then crawls over Jace and makes the cover. From across the ring, the official races over and drops down with the count.

JOHNSON: “There we have it! Our second person who will face off against Dakota at Ante Up for the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: “This was a back and forth battle but in the end CJ was able to secure the victory.”
“Beast” hits the speakers as CJ quickly pops up to his feet and surveys the damage below. Pacing the ring, CJ releases a loud battle cry before stopping in the center. Stepping in beside CJ, the official then raises his arm into the air.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pinfall… CJ OOOOOOOO…DDOONNNNEELLLL!!!”
Ripping his arm away from the official, CJ takes off towards the corner. Closing in, he leaps into the air and lands on the middle ropes before throwing both arms up above his head.
VASSA: “Well, CJ looks to be a tad bit excited.”
JOHNSON: “Of course he’s exciting! He’s going to be in the big match at Ante Up, the Sixty Minute Fourway Iron Man match for the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: “I can imagine the look on Perry’s face right now. I know he has to be pissed that a member of Unstable is challenging for the 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: “At this point there isn’t anything he can do about it. CJ came out here and won his qualifying match. Now we just have to sit back and watch to see if Dakota let’s him make it that far.”
VASSA: “So we have CJ, Jett, and Dakota set in stone for this match. I’m willing to bet that Dakota is foaming at the mouth for this matchup.”
JOHNSON: “Dakota has been a dominant force as a champion in 4CW for well over a year now. He’s successfully defended both championships he’s held, the XTV and the 4CW, without losing one. Although he gave up the XTV Championship at Fright Night, he was able to secure the 4CW.”
VASSA: “Although tonight’s card was a little smaller than normal, we had a pretty exciting night nonetheless.”
JOHNSON: “We sure did. I’m like to wish all the members of 4CW competing at HOW’s Wargames representing Team 4CW good luck. I’m sure you guys and gal will do us proud.”
VASSA: “Except for you Brian Hollywood, you’re representing the wrong team!”
JOHNSON: “Well that’s all the time we have for tonight folks. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as he head to the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas!”
VASSA: “We’re getting closer and closer to Ante Up by the day ladies and gents. This is going to be a fun ride.”
JOHNSON: “Well from myself and all of us here at 4CW, we would like to wish you all a safe night, and we look forward to seeing you at Adrenaline E47. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good night everyone!”