From the sound of the bell, Bedlam went straight to work. Getting an early start, he quickly broke down Blaze with a Russian Leg Sweep from the second rope in the corner, sizing him up for what would lead to diving headbutt from the top rope. Putting up a bit of a struggle, Blaze was able to kick out of two pin attempts only to meet his ending when Bedlam dropped him throat first across the top rope with a drop toe hold. Blaze, brain rattled and all, failed to put up even an ounce of defense from this point, leading to a knock out after Bedlam laid him out with his Bethlem Royal Hospital. After nearly eight minutes of one sided offense, Bedlam sealed the deal with the three count.

Off to an early start, Dante was able to clear the ring after putting Anna down with German suplex into the corner and then leveling Adrian with a devastating kick to the temple. Going for the early pin, Dante tried to score one over Anna but came up short as Adrian broke it up just as the officials hand was merely inches away from slapping the mat for the three count.
Midway though the match, Anna gained the upperhand on both men by using her size and speed to her advantage. Catching Dante off guard, she was able to blind him temporarily with an eye rake that led to a shining wizard. Ducking a flying forearm smash by Adrian, Anna turned it into an opportunity after he crashes empty handed to the mat. After connecting with a forward Russian leg sweep, Aidan was then robbed of the win as Dante broke up the officials count with a kick to the back of her head.
Gaining momentum late in the match, Adrian put on a show for the very few fans in attendance. After connecting with a single-knee facebreaker to Dante, Adrian then launched him up and over the top rope, throwing him to the outside. Alone in the ring with Anna, Adrian just about ended himself after coming up short on a springboard hurricanrana. As Anna brought him back to his feet, he was able to counter her Sadistic Mind attack and put her away with his match ending move, The Revolver. With Dante still on the outside, Adrian was able to score the three count over Anna to secure the win.

The cameras open to the sight of fireworks at the top of the newly redesigned entrance stage for Adrenaline, built underneath the rebranding and new Adrenaline logo to kick off the fiftieth episode! The camera then turns to the crowd, displaying the sold out venue. Leaving the fireworks behind, the camera begins its descent along the ramp and towards the ring. Scanning the crowd, the camera focuses on various signs held by the electric fans in attendance.

As we approach the ring, the camera focuses on Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sitting at the announcers booth for the occasion in suits. Patting Steve on the back, Vinny then turns to the camera before realizing it’s time to start the show. After nodding the Steve, the two then turn to the camera as we kick off tonight’s special event.
JOHNSON: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the fiftieth episode of Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson!”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! Boy, do we have a great show in store for you folks tonight!”
JOHNSON: “We sure do, Vinny! Before we get into tonight’s lineup, let’s take a few moments to go over the recent happenings that transpired at Ante Up just two weeks ago.”
VASSA: “I think the biggest story of all is that we now have a new 4CW Champion.”
JOHNSON: “You’re jumping straight to the biggest match of the night, okay. We do in fact have a new 4CW Champion and that man is no one other than the newest member of Unstable, Jair Hopkins.”
VASSA: “I think Jair joining Unstable is just as big of a surprise as Jair taking the 4CW Championship away from Dakota.”
JOHNSON: “Ante Up was full of surprises and I’m sure they will all be addressed tonight.”
VASSA: “I’m interested to see what Perry has to say to Cyrus after abducting his sister, Sabrina.”
JOHNSON: “You aren’t the only one! Speaking of Cyrus, he’ll be in our main event facing off against the other members of Omerta, Erron and Dakota.”
VASSA: “I can’t help but think that this is a move by Perry to punish everyone in Omerta. Cyrus acted alone, at least from what we all saw.”
JOHNSON: “The other two were occupied with their own matches at Ante Up after Cyrus learned the truth. He could have done this on his own for all we know. That is how we saw it.”
VASSA: “Kidnapping is Dakota’s game. I just know The Butcher had to of known about it. Or at least be involved after the fact.”
JOHNSON: “This is one complete mess and just like Perry did with Cashe and Madison, he’s not trying to turn Omerta against each other.”
VASSA: “We saw how that turned out. Madison was still undefeated and is to this day after Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: “There may be some contract disputes between Perry and Frankie Morrison, but the fact remains. Chris Madison is still the 4CW Pride Champion and going on tour for himself until an agreement can be made.”
VASSA: “It was stupid for Perry to let things go on for this long and now he’s having to pay for it by watching Madison compete on his personal tour.”
JOHNSON: “Speaking of going off on your own, Uprising is no longer underneath the 4CW banner.”
VASSA: “I heard about that. Rest is peace for the one’s who decided to not stay with 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “We have a few names from the Uprising brand that will now be competing on Adrenaline, the biggest names the brand had to offer.”
VASSA: “That’s why Adrenaline is the best goddamn wrestling show on TV!”
JOHNSON: “And with this fiftieth episode of Adrenaline, we now have a new home with Showtime.”
VASSA: “Business is business and apparently Showtime offered more to 4CW than our previous network.”
JOHNSON: “Tonight marks the night of a new era in 4CW as Perry and Kaysie have been promising for weeks.”
VASSA: “Things are on the rise here, if that was even possible because 4CW has been the pinnacle in professional wrestling for quite a while now.”
JOHNSON: “It really is, but we’re getting off topic. Let’s go back to Ante Up.”
VASSA: “That Xtreme Roulette was exciting from start to finish. With that and the Tag Team Championship match, we now have a double champion!”
JOHNSON: “Ascended Supremacy brought it home for Adrenaline after demolishing the team from Uprising.”
VASSA: “What team was that? I honestly don’t even remember their names.”
JOHNSON: “They didn’t cross over to Adrenaline so honestly, who cares. But after retaining the Tag Team Championships, Jason P. Davidson went on to win the XTV Championship later in the night to conclude the Xtreme Roulette.”
VASSA: “With the current stipulations for defenses, JPD has a busy schedule ahead of him. He’ll be required to defend the championship on our next show. Then after that, he and Tara will be defending the Tag Team Championships at Bad Company Two. And if that wasn’t enough, JPD could possibly defend the XTV Championship the following show if he were to retain in his first defense.”
JOHNSON: “He has a busy schedule ahead of him but–“

”Notorious” by Notorious B.I.G.begins to play over the arena as the fans burst into boos. Out from the back, Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell walk into the open and make their way onto the entrance stage. Dressed to the nines, the King and Queen stand hand in hand, overlooking the crowd with smiles on their faces despite the negative reaction given upon their arrival. Releasing their hands, the two take a step backwards, away from each other, before turning to the new logo for Adrenaline displayed on the big screen above the entrance. Pointing towards it with a grin from ear to ear, Perry turns back to Kaysie who gives him a slow nod in return.
VASSA: “I wasn’t expecting to see these two so early, especially without some security.”
JOHNSON: “Just two weeks ago these two admitted to being behind the attack on Cyrus Riddle at Adrenaline forty-five.”
VASSA: “That’s what I mean! These two have painted a target on their backs and have the full attention of ‘The Archetype’.”
JOHNSON: “Cyrus has already taken Perry’s sister, Sabrina. I highly dou–”
VASSA: “Taken? More like he kidnapped that poor girl right in front of big brother Perry!”
JOHNSON: “With Sabrina, wherever she is, Cyrus has some leverage moving forward against the self proclaimed King and Queen of 4CW.”
VASSA: “I don’t know about self proclaimed. With Uprising now gone, these two are the only two management figures in 4CW, the owner himself and his significant other. They run the joint!”
JOHNSON: “They were running 4CW with Uprising still under the 4CW banner. Now they’re the only two management figures in the entire company.”
VASSA: “Let’s not forget about the Adrenaline General Manager, Jack Vaughn.”
JOHNSON: “He hasn’t has any real power in months. I’m surprised to see him still under 4CW contract.”
VASSA: “He has enough power to sign talent. Just take Sativa Nevaeh for example.”
Looking to one another and joining hands once again, Perry and Kaysie then head down the entrance ramp and make their way towards the ring. Once at ringside, Perry holds Kaysie’s hand as she climbs the ringside steps and climbs to the apron. Following behind her, Perry climbs to the apron and then walks towards the center where Kaysie awaits. Stepping onto the bottom rope and pulling the middle one up, Perry spreads them apart for Kaysie to duck under and enter the ring. With his eyes locked on Kaysie as she walks towards the center of the ring, Perry enters through the ropes and then unites with her.
JOHNSON: “These two have some nerve coming out here all by themselves considering everything that has transpired over the last two weeks.”
VASSA: “I’m sure they have security on standby. Perry can act tough all he wants to but he knows better than to stick his head out unprotected after things go down the way they did.”
The camera then focuses on the entrance where a team of security led by Oswald Pinkman walk out onto the stage. Standing back, Oswald looks on as the security team makes their way to ringside and surrounds the ring.
JOHNSON: “We spoke too soon, Vinny. There’s security and they’re thick.”
VASSA: “Can you please use a different term? Let’s just go with their rolling deep. Thick just sounds dirty.”
JOHNSON: “Call it whatever you want to but they’re in full force tonight.”
The crowd continues to flood the arena with boos as Perry and Kaysie stand side by side, talking amongst one another. Perry then unbuttons his jacket before pulling out a microphone from the inner pocket. Looking to Kaysie, he extends the microphone before she pushes it back in his direction. Extending it towards her once more, the two look to one another, discussing who should address the crowd first in a playful manner. Pushing the microphone in Perry’s direction, Kaysie then places her hand across his chest before giving him the nod. Shrugging his shoulders, Perry turns to the crowd, amused at the boos still drowning out the entire arena. Slowly raising the microphone to his lips, Perry smiles as the boos grow louder and louder.
JOHNSON: “The crowd is vicious tonight.”
VASSA: “What?”
JOHNSON: “The crowd is vi–”
JOHNSON: “I said the crowd is vicious tonight!”
VASSA: “You’re looking awfully suspicious tonight!”
With a grin still stretched across his face, Perry waits patiently as the boos slowly begin to silence. Stepping in beside him, Kaysie places her hand on his shoulder as he looks to her with confidence. Cutting his attention back to the crowd, he continues to wait until the crowd finally settles before clearing his throat in the microphone and then proceeding.
WALLACE: “Fifty shows… the big five-zero. I guess you could say that Adrenaline is over the hill now.”
Turning his attention back to Kaysie and lowering the microphone from his mouth, the two nod in agreement. Slowly looking back to the crowd, Perry raises the microphone once again.
WALLACE: “Now 4CW has had more shows all together but for Adrenaline, 4CW’s flagship and the wrestling world’s premiere show, this is a huge milestone to say the least. Wouldn’t you agree, Kaysie?”
Turning his entire body to Kaysie, Perry cocks his head to the side as he extends the microphone and places it into her hands.
SHERELL: “Fifty shows, fifty unique memories. Adrenaline has become the staple in wrestling television, and I am proud that Adrenaline has been brought here to Showtime! In this new era of Adrenaline, we couldn’t be happier to bring the excitement of 4CW here. Speaking of excitement, we definitely had quite the night at Ante Up, didn’t we?”
Taking the microphone from Kaysie, Perry slowly nods his head in agreement with a smile on his face.
WALLACE: “Oh, yes we did! Ante Up was full of excitement and surprises from start to finish, as well as something a little more serious which will be addressed later on. Since this is a celebration of Adrenaline, we’ll stay on course for a bit. At Ante Up we saw why Adrenaline is the leading force in professional wrestling. Hell, things were so hot for Adrenaline that the other show which is no longer a part of 4CW – Uprising, decided to buy back its name and operate on its own. Hate to be the one to break it to you, but, good luck with that. Parting ways didn’t seem to go as planned when the biggest names on the roster decide to compete on the best goddamn wrestling show on television!”
With a smirk, Kaysie steps forward. She scans over the crowd before she speaks once again.
SHERELL: “Even though parting can be hard, this is not the case. Many of Uprising’s former talents have decided to come to compete with the A-team. In fact, many of them will be competing here tonight, talk about a new era, right baby?”
Stepping forward and standing in front of Kaysie, Perry gently pulls the microphone from her hand. Slowly nodding with his eyes locked on her, he raises the microphone.
WALLACE: “Baby, baby, baby… as a matter of fact you’re right!”
Cutting his head to the right and fixating on the crowd below, he takes a couple more steps forward before stopping in front of the ropes and placing his free hand across the top one.
WALLACE: “For weeks now, even months, we have promised you all a new era for Adrenaline–scratch that, a new era in 4CW. We weren’t just making empty promises, telling you all what we think you wanted to hear. We have in fact delivered. As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. As we watch Uprising venture off on its own, we welcome new talent to Adrenaline. There is a reason why a lot of people were competing on Uprising and the fact of the matter is 4CW is that reason alone. Although these individuals find themselves in uncharted waters, 4CW is still their home and their loyalty will not go unnoticed.”
Turning back to Kaysie, Perry extends his hand in her direction before motioning for her to join him at his side.
WALLACE: “Just like the loyalty the two of us have for one another and this company, your loyalty will not be overlooked. Wouldn’t you agree, Kaysie?”
Kaysie places her left hand onto her hip as she scans over the crowd once again. Then, she looks over at Perry and steps forward before reaching out and taking his hand. Standing side by side with him, she smirks before speaking again.
SHERELL: “Those that stand with us, will reap the benefits of their loyalty. However, those that stand against us… too bad. You see, for the last forty-nine episodes of Adrenaline, things haven’t been as pristine as I’d like. Now, that’s going to change. Hmm, but before I get too ahead of myself, we have a little celebration to get to.”
Rubbing his chin, Perry looks to Kaysie with a slightly puzzled look on his face. Stepping in even closer, he then leans forward with his eyes locked on hers and speaks into the microphone as she holds it.
WALLACE: “A celebration? Whatever do you mean?”
SHERELL: “A celebration… of the new era of Four Corners Wrestling. With that being said, I think we should invite out our guests of honor, darling.”
WALLACE: “Whatever you say, baby.”
Grabbing the microphone from her hand, Perry then directs his attention to the top of the ramp where Mike Powers sits at the booth to the right of the stage.
WALLACE: “Hit it!”
”Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days hits the speakers and plays throughout the entire arena as the fans turn their attention to the entrance stage. Genevie walks out on the stage with a smirk on her face as she takes in the boos from the crowd. She slides her hands down her slim frame and along the Fate Championship that’s wrapped around her waist as she dances along to the music before she began walking down the ramp.
VASSA: “With Uprising taking its ball and going home, they lost out on Genie as she decided to stay with 4CW, keeping the Fate Championship right where it belongs.”
JOHNSON: “The move has really impacted Uprising in a negative way. I don’t see how they can last with their key names now officially with 4CW and competing here on Adrenaline.”
VASSA: “Time heals all wounds so we’ll see if that’s the case for Paul Knight and his litter. As for Adrenaline, this show only gets better with each passing week!”
She waves into the ring at Perry and Kaysie as she climbs the steps next to the ring before sliding between the middle ropes and posing in the ring to more boos before she bites her lip as her music fades and she looks up the ramp, as she extends her hand out towards the entrance area the beat of a bass drum and snare blares over the speakers.
”I don’t drink brass monkey, like the beat funky
Nickname Eazy E yo’ 8-ball junkie.
Bass drum kickin to show my shit
Rappin holdin’ my dick, boy I don’t quit”

“8-ball” by N.W.A. continues to blare over the speakers as Elijah Carlson emerges from the backstage area to new entrance music while wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt with Eazy E’s face printed on the front of it. Draped over his shoulder is the Primetime Championship that once belonged to the Uprising brand of Four Corners Wrestling. True to his word, Eli had not relinquished it but was instead making a point to carry it with him everywhere he went. His walk to the ring didn’t include the usual fanfare or acknowledgement of any fans who were holding up signs in support of him. At the bottom of the ramp Eli moved to the steel steps and ascended them to the ring apron and then gingerly stepped through the ropes and into the ring.
”See a big ass and I say word
I took a look at the face and the bitch was to the curb
Bitch on the tip for the title i’m holdin’
Eazy E’s fucked up and got the 8 ball rollin’”

Calmly Eli circles the ring and everyone in it, his eyes never once leaving Perry or Kaysie, before finally coming to a stop standing beside his fiancé.
JOHNSON: “Here we have another championship that was exclusive to the Uprising brand.”
VASSA: “While I’ve heard the Fate Championship will be active on Adrenaline, I haven’t heard the same for the Primetime.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t believe it will be an active championship in 4CW anymore, but Eli is going to make sure it’s known that he still has the original championship.”
VASSA: “I can only imagine how high Paul’s blood pressure is right now seeing that belt in the ring here on Adrenaline tonight!”
With smiles on their faces, Kaysie and Perry look at the couple across from them in the ring. Turning to one another, the heartwarming moment can be sensed by the expression on their faces. Raising the microphone to his lips, Perry grabs Kaysie by the hand before speaking.
WALLACE: “Just look at these two little lovebirds. It kind of reminds me of us, well, except for their shenanigans on social media. Soon to be husband and wife, and the new couple here on Adrenaline. Looking at these two makes me ask myself why I haven’t made the move yet in asking for your hand.”
SHERELL: “Well, our love knows no bounds. A ring isn’t necessary for that to be known, no shade though. However, that is only a question that you can answer, my darling.”
WALLACE: “That’s for another time and place though. Well, at least another time. Honolulu is a magical place so who knows what the upcoming days hold for us.”
SHERELL: “I can barely contain my excitement, but that also has to do with the two beauties in this ring with us.”
The two then turn their attention to Genie and Eli standing by across the ring.
WALLACE: “I can’t express how happy the two of you have made us by making the right decision and staying here in 4CW where you belong. You two are only in the beginning stages of a journey side by side for the rest of your lives. You two need stability. You two need a solid foundation to build upon. Most importantly, you two need company such as 4CW that you can depend on day in and day out. Unfortunately for our now foes in the north–or south… who really knows what’s exactly going on there, but unfortunately for them, they couldn’t offer you two a promising future. However…”
Perry looks to Kaysie for a brief moment before turning back to Genie and Eli.
WALLACE: “… we can give you guys the future you deserve.”
SHERELL: “The future that was made for you. The future that takes Elijah Carlson and Genevie to the cream of the 4CW crop. Trust me, I would never put my stake in anyone that I didn’t believe in. I… we, believe in you.”
WALLACE: “That we do. We didn’t just bring you here because we wanted to piss little Paul off. We brought you two to Adrenaline, the premiere wrestling show, because as we have been saying for months now, tonight is the beginning of a new era in 4CW. You two should have been put on display with Adrenaline long before now, but you had your reasons for going to the B-Show. Now though, welcome to the big leagues and welcome to the new era in 4CW led by the Queen and myself.”
SHERELL: “This is going to be a glorious era indeed. We are proud to have you two here with us tonight as we embark on this new adventure. If anything, we should be sorry for allowing talents such as yourselves to waste their time on a show that was doomed for failure from the start under the supervision of our dearly departed friend. Not really a friend, but you can sense the hint of sarcasm with that statement. Regardless of recent events, it is our pleasure to have you standing side by side with my king and I.”
Genevie bends down on the side of the ring and grabs her and Eli their own mics before handing one to Eli. She waits for the boos to die down before rolling her eyes and putting the mic up to her lips to speak.
GENEVIE: “Thank you Daddy, and Momma Kaysie. You guys are truly the best thing going for 4CW right now. I’m glad to be here on Adrenaline and no longer wasting my time trying to make the D minus programing of Uprising worth tuning into each and every week with my wonderful fiance here, Eli. The important thing is that the Fate Championship didn’t get dragged down to Mexico for donkey shows and jokes like Zolton or Nevaeh to further smear and destroy the legacy this title SHOULD have and WILL have now that I am the Champion.”
Gen unstrapped the Belt from around her waist as she held it up for everyone to see. Posing with it for a moment. Before resting it on her shoulder.
GENEVIE: “I can tell you that not only did we make the best decision but you guys made the best decision in signing us to Adrenaline. Me and Eli are going to be on top and continue to rise among the ranks. Make no mistake, just because we were on Uprising doesn’t mean we deserved to be lumped in with the bottom feeders that were on that garbage programming. We left them as UNDEFEATED CHAMPIONS. A streak that I don’t intend on ending ANY time soon. How about you, babe?”
Eli raised his microphone to speak but was immediately greeted by a chorus of boo’s. Apparently the fans of Adrenaline still had not gotten over the fact that, at Ante Up, he had essentially called out the entire Adrenaline roster. Patiently, Eli smirked and shook his head waiting them out before raising his microphone a second time.
CARLSON: “Standing before you all are the last vestiges of the brand that was supposed to be leading the wrestling world into the future. At the center of that programming was me. Let’s be honest. I was a gift from God dropped in the lap of Paul Knight and he never had any idea what to do with it. Why? Because Paul Knight was a man who had no vision. He had no understanding of what is necessary to obtain greatness. I knew that from the beginning and I worked around it. I made Uprising a show worth watching IN SPITE OF Paul and his inability to manage his roster properly. I’ve already heard the cries of outrage that I have refused to return this title to Paul Knight and his new, fledgling piece of crap company. Why should I? I won this. I earned this. There isn’t a single person on his roster that is worthy of holding this title. Not one.”
He paused for a moment and looked across the ring to the two people who were now truly his bosses. Sure, there was Jack Vaughn who is the general manager but Eli saw him more as a paper pusher than a person with any authority worth acknowledging.
CARLSON: “That’s why I’m thankful for people like Perry and Kaysie, here. Because they could have left me to fend for myself. They could have put me in the position of having to sign with Uprising. But they didn’t. They extended an olive branch and offered me a contract. They didn’t have to do that but do you know why they did it? Because they know what I bring to the table. They know that I am exactly who I’ve been telling all of Canada that I am. The single greatest talent to set foot inside of a wrestling ring in the last fifty years. Period. I don’t, and won’t, take back a single thing I said at Ante Up. I called every single member of the Adrenaline roster out for a reason. I’m not going to back down from that now. I don’t care who it is that ends up being my opponent in the weeks and months following this evening, they’ll meet the same end that Maddox Lucien is going to face tonight. My boot will meet their skull and they’ll drop. There’s simply no getting around it. I don’t give a damn if you throw the U, or if you’re a card carrying member of Omerta. Stand in this ring opposite of me and I’m going to break you.”
Genie was smirking at her man and even clapped for him after his speech was done. She put her mic back up to her lips again
GENEVIE: “Standing in this ring right now you have the King and Queen of 4CW in Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell. Who are just way too good to you people. Because standing across from them is The Crown Prince in Eli Carlson and Princess Thundercunt herself, Genevie. You’ve already gotten your money’s worth and we haven’t even made examples out of Lucien and Reyes yet. You all should be bowing down to all the Prestige standing in this ring. You aren’t now. But I promise you that in the end you will have no choice but to give us your respect. Now give The King and Queen the respect they deserve. Which is your SILENCE.”
The boos rang out loudly as Genevie shook her head and held up a finger to her lips, giving a slight bow towards Kaysie and Perry to take the floor. The look of satisfaction on the King and Queen’s face radiates as they stand side by side, Perry’s arm wrapped around her body against his. Pulling his arm away from around her back, Perry then turns to the crowd before stepping towards the ropes and placing his free hand along the top once again.
WALLACE: “There you have it, folks. Wrestling Royalty in this ring right now as we speak. We promised you all a new era in 4CW and goddamnit, we aren’t done yet!”
Turning back to Kaysie, Perry tilts his head slightly to the side.
WALLACE: “Baby, I think some people may have forgotten what it is that we have promised to deliver. Would you mind refreshing their memories before we introduce our next guests?”
Extending the microphone in her direction, Kaysie then steps forward and grabs it from his hands. Standing beside Perry, she places her free hand on her hip before looking out to the crowd.
SHERELL: “For months now the two of us, together, have been promising you all a new era in 4CW that begins tonight, right here in this ring. Come on people, did you really think that we were going to let you all down? When we say we’re going to do something, we do exactly what it is that we promise. Not only did I make a commitment to this man standing beside me, I also made a commitment to make 4CW into something far beyond than what it has been in the past. I’m not standing here and saying that the product was below my quality standards. What I’m saying is that Perry and I just want so much more for you all.”
Taking the microphone from Kaysie’s hand, Perry begins walking slowly along the edge of the ropes as his hand drags across the top. Stopping in front of the corner, he then turns around completely and walks towards the other side, dragging his opposite hand along the top. With his head head low, he begins speaking into the microphone.
WALLACE: “Times are surely changing. In fact, times have already changed from the moment we came into this ring here tonight.”
Stopping midway, Perry pops his head up and looks out into the crowd.
WALLACE: “Tonight marks the fiftieth Adrenaline to date. Tonight is also the eighty-first event that has taken place in 4CW. We’ve been going strong for nearly three years non-stop. There aren’t many promotions out there who can say the same. Sure, we have those who claim to celebrate their anniversaries of nearly a decade, but the consistency just isn’t there without lapses in time of complete nothingness. We see these flash in the pan promotions open left and right but the overhyped magnitude in which they achieve ends up smothering the flame before the fire can even begin to truly burn. Needless to say, that isn’t the case here in 4CW. There is a reason why 4CW is unmatched in this business and fact of the matter remains, the foundation in which 4CW was built on is more solid than the next ten new promotions that open put together. Yes, I’m that goddamn cocky when I stand here in this ring and promote my product!”
Running his free hand through his hair, Perry begins shaking wildly as the electricity flows throughout his entire body.
WALLACE: “4CW wasn’t built on one person. As much as the locker room may hate myself or those who I associate with, this was a team effort from EVERYONE involved. I’m man enough to say that it wasn’t my doing. Teamwork was essential from day one and without it, we would have faded just as quickly as the next upstart without the solid foundation this place was built upon. This new era in 4CW isn’t going to be led by just myself. It isn’t going to be led by just Kaysie.”
Turning around to face Genie and Eli across the ring, Perry shrugs his shoulders before continuing.
WALLACE: “And it isn’t going to be led by just these two standing across the ring from myself.”
Walking along the ropes, Perry cuts across the ring and stops at the adjacent ropes, standing directly in front of the entrance ramp.
WALLACE: “This new era in 4CW isn’t going to be led by just the next two people we introduce to the celebration in this ring right now. It’s going to be led by each and every one of us, both in this ring and watching back in the locker room. Sure, there are probably going to be some pissed off folks after we leave the ring in just a few moments, but that fire that burns inside of you will be what leads 4CW into this new era. I’ve been pissing people off in 4CW since day one and I guess you could say that the hate towards me fuels everyone to give it all in the ring each and every goddamn night we put on the best goddamn show in the wrestling world. We may not all see eye to eye but we did this together and will step into the future of 4CW together, friend or foe! So without further ado, allow me to introduce another piece to this puzzle guaranteed to light a fire under each and every single one of your asses!”
The lights dim on stage as the sound of “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown blares throughout the arena. The fans stand on their feet and begin booing loudly once again as the current 4CW World Tag Team Champions make their way out on stage.
”Let me tell you, I’m vicious
Not pass-aggressive
I got my finger on my pulse, staring straight into a hole and I get it
And I’m a savage
It’s automatic
I got a way of making noise, the power to destroy with no static”

Jason and Tara Davidson both stride their way out on stage hand in hand with the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts around their waists. Jason has the 4CW XTV Championship over his right shoulder. The two of them stare out at the less than approving crowd before smiling down towards the ring as Perry and company.
”Cause victory is all you need
So cultivate and plant the seed
Hold your breath and count to ten, just count to ten”

Slowly Jason and Tara bend down before leaning back and raising their arms high into the air. This just brings forth louder boos from the crowd. The two of them lower their arms and then stroll down the ramp towards the ring. Letting go of each other hands Tara makes her way over towards the steel ring steps Jason holds his XTV title into the air to rub it into the face of a few Sonny Lee fans at ringside.
JOHNSON: “When you talk about new era of 4CW you can’t leave out both Jason and Tara Davidson who have taken 4CW by storm since they joined back at South Beach Brawl.”
VASSA: ”Wallace knows how to pick talent. Just look at all the 4CW Championship belts that are going to be displayed here in the ring with the King and Queen.”
”I’m gonna make it rain, so ring the bell
I know it all too well
Switchblade on the edge of your wrist
Can I get a witness? (Witness)
Cause agony brings no reward
For one more hit and one last score
Don’t be a casualty, cut the cord”

Tara makes her way up the steel ring steps then struts across the ring apron. Tara bend over seductively as she steps through the ropes and enters the ring. Jason turns away from the fans then slides under the bottom rope to join his wife inside of the ring. Jason gets to his feet and makes his way to the corner climbing the turnbuckle. Jason raises the XTV Championship high into the air as Tara grabs two microphones for the both of them. Jason hops down off the turnbuckle as their music dies down and Perry raises the microphone up to his lips.
WALLACE: “Well if it isn’t my Wargames captain himself, Jason P. Davidson and his lovely wife, Tara Davidson! We shocked the entire locker room when you were named captain at Wargames, despite the outcome due to that disloyal shit stain that I won’t even waste another breath on here tonight during this celebration. But you know… we just happen to be full or surprises. Just two weeks ago we all witnessed that piece of shit, Cyrus, abduct my sister before driving off into the sunset. Now I know he isn’t going to be stupid enough to bring her here tonight, he has to keep some sort of leverage if he’s going to keep himself out of harms way. Although for the time being he may be untouchable by myself, his time will come sooner or later. Speaking of putting himself in harms way, it reminds me of a funny story as a matter of fact. Now we all know why Cyrus did what he did. We all know that I was the big bad man that called the hit on him for showing nothing but weakness in a time when that was the last thing needed. What we don’t know is this.”
Directing his attention to Jason, a smile comes to Perry’s face as the entire arena awaits in silence.
WALLACE: “We don’t know who exactly the two people were that attacked Cyrus. Well surprise, surprise mother fuckers! I stand here in this ring right now to tell the entire world that one of the hitmen involved in the attack on Cyrus was no one other than–”
Jason raises his hand into the air and interrupts Perry as he raises his own microphone up to his lips.
J. DAVIDSON: “I know you’re upset about Sabrina but please after everything he’s done to you and to Kaysie. Allow me to do this.”
Perry turns and looks at Kaysie who wraps her arms around his and nods her head approvingly before Wallace steps back giving the floor to Davidson.
J. DAVIDSON: “Hey Cy, how are you feeling? Are you okay? A little hot under the collar maybe? A little too hot to trot?”
T. DAVIDSON: “What he’s asking is if you’re feeling extra crispy or original recipe tonight?”
J. DAVIDSON: “I hope you’re feeling good because I know you’ve been wondering just who was it? Who was it that viciously attacked you back at Adrenaline forty-five. And because I’m your friend Cyrus and I’m concerned I’m going to tell you….. IT WAS ME!”
The crowd just about blows the roof off of the building with the news that was just dropped on them. Perry nods his head up and down as he claps his hands together.
J. DAVIDSON: “I was one of two people that tried to take you out.”
T. DAVIDSON: “But why would you do something like that to poor Cyrus Riddle?!”
J. DAVIDSON: “I could give you a laundry list full of reasons but most important of them all was that it was the right thing to do. Consider it a wake up call, a necessary evil because you Cyrus had lost your way. It didn’t matter if it was being the weak link of Team 4CW at War Games or being a disgrace to these 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts that are around our lovely waists.”
Tara leans forward and rubs her hand slowly and seductively over the gold plate of the Tag Team Championship belt around her husband’s waist.
J. DAVIDSON: “Unstable should have been a thing of the past because under the leadership of Perry Omerta should have mopped the floor with them. But you didn’t, you couldn’t because you decided you wanted to slack off. You decided you were more concerned with whose legs you were part like the red sea than you were the task at hand.”
T. DAVIDSON: “But Perry needed someone to fix things so that’s when we all came up with the plan to blame your attack on Jason Cashe and Unstable. We helped you, guided you once you were ready to return back to the ring to the path you needed to be on. And at first Cyrus you showed so much promise breaking up Cashe and Psyche. Burning his shitty little bus to the ground. We were so proud of you!”
J. DAVIDSON: “But in true Cyrus Riddle fashion you dropped the ball at Ante Up. You couldn’t get the job done and put Cashe out of his misery. And now because you’ve decided to put your hands on the King and Queen of 4CW it’s time I finish what I started Cyrus. You better pray tonight that Erron or Dakota snaps your neck and puts you in a retirement home for good because when I get my hands on you Cy? I’m going to beat you down until kneel before the authority of Kaysie Sherell and Perry Wallace or I will break you. I will break you just like I shattered Sonny Lee’s knee into a thousand little pieces.”
T. DAVIDSON: “We do this not because we want to but because we need to. We do this for each and every single one of you because you deserve better. This new era is all about evolving from what worked this last forty-nine Adrenalines into what will carry 4CW into the next fifty Adrenalines and beyond. The collection of talent you see here in the ring? We are the cream of the crop here in 4CW because we have ascended to a level no one else on this roster thought possible. We are the face of this new era. The perfect vision of 4CW’s future and Cyrus? You get the honor of being the first relic of the past to be put to rest by those simply better than you.”
J. DAVIDSON: “We stand with THEM…and that means the rest of you you will fall.”
Walking to the center of the ring, Perry and Kaysie stand side by side, surrounded by Ascended Supremacy, Genie, and Eli. Raising the microphone to his lips, Perry slowly scans his eyes across the entire ring before speaking.
WALLACE: “Look at all of these championships in the ring right now, champions united in this new era of 4CW. It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it Kaysie?”
SHERELL: “A beautiful sight matched by none other. There is a reason why you all were hand selected and your hard work will not go unnoticed. You will make my king and I very happy, without a single doubt in my mind. We believe in you. All we ask in return is for you to believe in us. This man makes me happy and I make him happy. Now it is time for you to make us happy and lead us into the new era of 4CW.”
WALLACE: “We promised each and every single one of you that tonight would be a celebration, the beginning of a new day in 4CW and quite honestly, I think we’ve fulfilled our promises more than enough. Everything changes tonight, here at Adrenaline Fifty. For those of you in the back who think that I may have forgotten about you all just because I stand in the ring here tonight with new alliances, fear not, I haven’t forgotten about any of you. There should be one other piece of championship gold standing in the ring with us right now but his time will come once again. So with that, we leave you all for the time being, as we head into the beginning of a new era.”
Embracing one another, Perry and Kaysie stand united as Ascended Supremacy, Genie, and Eli stand united as well. The fans give a mixture of reactions, more boos than cheers, but it only brings smiles to everyone’s faces as we slowly fade out..

Backstage in the halls a few of the workers are milling about. Most are gathered around the catering table. Among the throng of people in 4CW’s infamous interviewer, Gabriel Hartman. The gathered crowd has their attention drawn to an empty hallway. Echoing down the hall is the sound of someone making rocket noises. After a few moments Sativa comes running down the hall. Strapped to her back is a backpack made to look like a jet pack.
Most of the gathered people hastily make their way anywhere but here. Practically alone Gabriel Hartman sets his bottle of water down. Sativa looks up and see him and smiles. She makes her way over to him, jumping the last few feet and nails the superhero landing. She stands up and smiles brightly at Hartman. She throws an arm around his shoulders and playfully bumps into him.

NEVAEH: ”Hiya Gabe! How ya doin?”
HARTMAN: ”Hello, Sativa. I’m doing alright, how are you?”
NEVAEH: ”I’m doin great! You enjoying the special show tonight?”
HARTMAN: ”Yeah, it’s gonna be a great show. So, are you ready for your match tonight?”
Sativa takes a few steps back and looks over the catering table.
NEVAEH: ”Of course I am! That dirty bitch seems salty as fuck. Think the docs need to get her on a low sodium diet.”
HARTMAN: ”I can’t really place it, but since you have been back you have seemed a bit, different. What does this new Sativa want in 4CW?”
NEVAEH: ”Well, I want it all Gabe. I want to shove my bat up Perry’s ass and out of his mouth. I want to add that insult to injury by being the top dog. Get my hands on that 4CW title and make this place my bitch!”
She picks up a cookie while speaking. She crushes it in anger as she stares blankly out ahead of her. She shakes her head and then smiles at Hartman.
NEVAEH: ”Sorry Gabe, kinda zoned out there for a moment. Look buddy, I gotta get going. Gotta get changed into my ring gear. Gotta go find Eric, he seems to have wandered off.”
HARTMAN: ”Uh, alright? Good luck tonight Sativa.”
NEVAEH: ”Yeah, thanks.”
She grabs the backpack straps in her hands and looks around. She suddenly starts making the rocket sounds and leaps away from Hartman. She runs down a hall and turns the first corner out of sight.


VASSA: “Are you excited? Ohhh boy! This is tension as thick as it comes with these two!”
JOHNSON: “Has to be! Cashe a former member of Unstable and CJ self proclaimed “Mastermind” of Unstable. Nobody can deny that Cashe leaving left a hole even with Hopkins becoming a member as 4CW Champion! These two will not play nice here…”
“When the sun rises
I wake up and chase my dreams
I won’t regret when the sun sets
Cause I live my life like I’m a beast
I’m a mothafucking beast”
“Ayo back to make you run around the game like its a fire
I spit acid bitch like I got cyanide in my saliva
Watch me wet and heat shit up like I’m a washer and a dryer
While I beat you in your head until you tire”
“I’m a motherfucking beast”

As the beginning notes of “Beast” begins to play, the arena goes to darkness. With the beats kicking in, “The Distinguished” slowly walks out with a huge smirk on his face as the fans welcome him with a chorus of boos throughout the arena.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, weighing in at two hundred pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, representing “The Unstable”! He is “THE DISTINGUISHED” CALEB JAMES OOOOOO… DDOONNNNEELLLL!!!”
As O’Donnell slowly makes his way down to the ring he can not help but take in all the insults and jeers from the crowd.
“I’ma motherfucking beast
I’ma, I’ma fuckin’ beast
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”
“I’m a motherfucking beast right
Homie welcome to the east side, where the killers reside
We playing war games, please hide
Ain’t no signs of peace, so fuck a peace sign, we ride
Bust shots from a car seat
Or maybe hang you ’til your neck is broke
Choke with you with a Stethoscope
That’s how I kill a motherfucker in a heartbeat on a dark street”

Caleb has reached the end of the entrance way and is making his way up the ring steps. Once CJ gets on the top steps he raises his arms up in the air which only receives more boos from the audience tonight.
“I’ma I’ma fuckin’ beast!
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”

CJ has entered the ring now and he takes off his black Unstable t-shirt. He rolls it into a ball and acts like he is about to toss it into the crowd but instead he drops it over the top ropes and it lands on the outside on the floor. CJ begins to stretch in the corner as he awaits for the bell to ring.
I’m a motherfucking beast!”

JOHNSON: “CJ has been quiet. That tells me that he is either all business or else where right now. Either way it makes him kind of dangerous!”
VASSA: “He just started being more “Unstable” in mindset. Cashe was born that way…”
JOHNSON: “Did you just reference a Lady Gaga song? Help us all!”
“Blackened is the end
Winter it will send
Throwing all you see
Into obscurity
Death of mother earth
Never a rebirth
Evolutions end
Never will it mend

There comes a quiet silence over the entire arena. Everyone freezes as their eyes cut to the entrance. CJ, the Referee and each and every fan were eyes wide open, mouths slightly dropped.
VASSA: “Hahahahaha!! This is Unstable’s Theme!”
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Color our world blackened
Blistering of earth
Terminate its worth
Deadly nicotine
Kills what might have been
Callous frigid chill
Nothing left to kill
Never seen before
Breathing nevermore

JOHNSON: “CJ is raging in the ring! He is three shades of mad right now watching, WAITING for Cashe to show his face!”
VASSA: “Where is he? Where is Cashe?”
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Color our world blackened
Agitation…violation…mutilation…planet dies
Darkest color
Blistered earth
True death of life
Termination….expiration…cancellation…human race
Expectation…liberation…population…lay to waste
See our mother
Put to death
See our mother die
Smouldering decay
Take her breath away
Millions of our years
In minutes disappears
Darkening in vain
Decadence remains
All is said and done
Never is the sun

Getting restless the Live Audience begins chanting “Let’s Go Cashe” and “FUCK Unstable” wanting to see the former member.
JOHNSON: “Is this a ploy? Is Cashe letting the full song play to MESS with CJ?!”
VASSA: “And I imagine a handful of others who don’t want to hear a whole damn song! We want a MATCH! A FIGHT!”
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Is the outcome of hypocrisy
Darkest potency
In the exit of humanity
Color our world blackened”

The lights go dark. Pitch black as if “blackened” like the song calls for. A single spotlight appears on stage as Jason Cashe comes into it’s center, almost sliding out with a smile on his face and a dip in his step as he hears the place give him a round of cheers. Usually taking in the reaction from the crowd, Cashe was standing staring in the ring as he kept on the stage.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the former three time 4CW Champion, ‘The Troubled One”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Cameras closing in to him, Cashe turns to the one closest and roars out!
Exiting the ring, CJ O’Donnell wasn’t waiting for the bell. This fight would start much sooner as he lands to the ring side floor. The crowd riots in cheers as the rush of CJ seems to excite Cashe. The two men tear through the empty space between them like a slow motion hug scene gone wrong.
JOHNSON: “It’s On! They’re not waiting for an official bell!”
Moving up the ramp with as fast of a pace as they can take him, CJ reaches Cashe and both men throw a punch. CJ throws a second and follows it with a swift middle kick to Cashe’s ribs. Grappling Cashe at the back of the head, CJ yanks him forward and drills the “Troubled1” with a stiff knee to the face. Whipping Cashe to the side of the ramp, he flies into the Guard railing back first. Arching as he lays on his side, Jason Cashe had slapped hard against the metal barricade.
VASSA: “Uh oh! CJ O’Donnell might be set to execute Cashe!”
Pushing up ready for another round, Cashe is big booted in the face as CJ steps into another attack. Reaching down, CJ pulls Cashe up and hooks in looking for a quick DDT. Cashe grabs CJ at the waist and lifts him up shoving him back. CJ flings backwards, lands on his feet but the down angle of the ramp causes him to fall and lose his footing. Cashe burst at him as CJ hurries to his feet but Cashe blasts him with a haymaker like Clothesline. As CJ hits back against the steel entrance ramp, Cashe roars out to the crowd!
The fans return the loud roar back to him as they clap in cheers to follow it. Turning back to CJ, Cashe bends down and slaps him to the head as he pushes to his knees. Snickering with laugh Cashe nods and positions himself to throw a kick and swings it at CJ, hitting him to the chest. The fans instantly recognize that Cashe was mimicking CJ’s “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” Signature Move. Another kick connects to CJ’s chest but each kick comes awkwardly thrown. As the third one rips through the air, CJ snatches it up. Now Cashe was hopping on one foot. Without hesitation O’Donnell strikes up and punches Cashe to the dick!”
JOHNSON: “That’s not right…”
VASSA: “There are no rules BEFORE the bell rings! Both men have to be in the ring to start this thing! Anything goes right now!”
JOHNSON: “That is a debatable rule that the Referee has to make the call on. I don’t think he much minds because this match DESERVES a winner!”
Holding his man parts Cashe was in pain as CJ rose from his knees laughing and pointing. Scooting from where CJ was standing, Cashe does his best to put some distance between them. Maybe even deciding he wanted to get in the ring now. Wanting to make this an official contest but CJ just stalked him. Continuing to point and laugh as Cashe cusses with one hand still massaging his own groin.
Putting his back to the ring finally. Cashe reaches up and starts to rise using the apron. Grabbing over to the ring post, Cashe slides closer to it as he turns back to CJ who is now mocking Cashe.
O’DONNELL: “RAAAAAAH Light That Shit Up! Is that how it goes you pathetic FUCK!”
Spitting as he speaks violently at Cashe and the only response is Cashe throwing up the “U” and turning it around into 2 Middle Fingers. Sending CJ into a massive rage increase, “The Distinguished” charges at Cashe, leaps off his feet and sharply tears through the air with a Flying Knee he calls “Irish Knowledge” but Cashe dives out of the way. CJ takes the steel post directly to his striking knee and the thud echoed. The audience groaned feeling the pain as CJ crashes to the floor grabbing at his leg.
Trying to ignore the pain CJ pushes up but can’t hold any weight on the leg as Cashe front kicks CJ’s healthy leg at the knee cap. It jolts and CJ drops to the ground yet again. Pulling him to his feet, Cashe fakes rolling CJ into the ring and launches him to the corner of ring side. Rolling, CJ lays on his stomach and pushes up onto his hands and knees. Cashe rushes in and Field Goal kicks CJ to the ribs and it flips him over against the ring barrier at ringside.
Again Cashe begins to lift CJ off the ground as the Referee finally has exited the ring to try and get this in order. Cashe shrugs off the referee and continues handling CJ. Leaning him up against the guard railing, Cashe low kicks CJ to the outside of his banged up knee. He stomps down into it and CJ grabs and shoves at Cashe trying to move away from him. The referee again tries to intervene. Cashe turns and puts focus on the referee and CJ plows into his back. Running Cashe shoulder first into the side of the ring, he falls too unable to keep his weight held up with that knee.

JOHNSON: “His knee isn’t right. It has to be swelling up because he can’t put any weight down on it. Something might be wrong with CJ O’Donnell!”
VASSA: “Yeah he’s on one leg and Cashe is only down momentarily. That’s what’s wrong!”
Both men, Cashe using the ring and CJ near the guard railing are pulling themselves up. Cashe springs across at CJ and plugs him to the face with a powerful punch to the jaw. Slumping against the railing, CJ doesn’t get the chance to really crumble as Cashe snatches him at the back of his head. Reaching back, Cashe grabs the waistline of CJ’s pants and runs him over and head first into the steel stairs. The two levels of stairs pop apart but CJ’s arms flop over the top and hold them together as he drapes up and over the top stair. Cashe lifts his head and smashes it face first into the stairs for added affect.
VASSA: “Ohhhh Cashe doesn’t look happy or playful. He’s in control and he doesn’t look like he’s having fun in this fight. That’s a BAD sign for things to come!”
Hopping up on the ring apron with one knee. Cashe pulls himself up with the ropes and backs down the one side away from where CJ laid. Down off the apron, CJ was laid over the top of the steel stairs. Arms extended across the surface, face laying on it’s side facing the crowd. CJ had no idea where Cashe was.
JOHNSON: “What’s he doing? Whaaaat’s he dooooing!!?”
The live audience, the announcers all grow in their excitement and surprise as Cashe sprints along the ring apron. Three long strides before he jumps up and soars over CJ, most thinking he’d have gone for a Foot stomp or Triple Moonsault but Cashe was a Special breed so he landed Ass down on CJ’s head with a Flying Butt Drop. The crowd roars in laughter as Cashe pops up some sore as he grabs at his backside. CJ crushed below Cashe’s weight just slides down off the stairs and into a pile of rubble. Unconscious from the assault.
VASSA: “Heh… Heh… HAHAHAHA!! He just fucked CJ up with a Butt Drop! Who does that!?”
JOHNSON: “Apparently Jason Cashe!”
Finally after the time has passed and CJ O’Donnell is already laid out asleep. Cashe decides it was time to get inside the ring. Pulling up a man unconscious gave more of that dead weight feel as he struggled some with CJ. Getting his leg up on the apron, Cashe rolls his opponent into the ring. The referee hops up on the apron after to get in but he slips and cracks his chin on the ring apron. Now both CJ and the Referee was left out of it. Cashe shrugs as the crowd laughs more.
JOHNSON: “And we need a new referee now!”
VASSA: “Hey? Hey! Who is he talking too?”
At ringside Cashe is waved in by a fan. A short person hidden in a beanie and big sunglasses. Covered in a trench coat but Cashe heads closer. Suddenly the fan presents Cashe with a Shillelagh. The fans erupt! Cashe gets big eyed and bigger smiles as he looks out over the audience. Giving the fan a harder look, Cashe’s head tilts to the side as he reaches and removes the glasses covering her face. Fans close by rile up as the cheer for the fan grows.
VASSA: “And they say these hoes ain’t loyal! That’s Marquis!”
JOHNSON: “Ask Cashe and he’d say her name 100 different ways. He seems happy to see her and happier to have that shillelagh!”
Marquis and Cashe hold up a single finger each, touching them like ET before he hurries and slides in the ring under the bottom ropes. The referee on the outside was dazed but trying to find himself. Inside the ring CJ is groggily but pushing up from hands and knees to just his knees. Cashe cocks back and baseball swings the shillelagh.

CJ catches it to the outside eye socket. Right in the same area as his right temple is located. His head twirls to the side and his body follows as CJ crashes down back to the canvas. The referee pulling up causes Cashe to hurry and toss the weapon. As the referee slides half way into the ring, Cashe drops down to his knees. Rolling CJ onto his back he covers CJ and hooks the leg.

VASSA: “What a victory! What a performance by Jason Cashe! CJ tried and had his licks but Jason Cashe was out here trying to wreck this dude and the EMTs should come with a body bag.”
JOHNSON: “That shot from the shillelagh was just added effect. This was over after the Flying Butt Drop!”

As the bell sounds and the Unstable theme song once again plays. Jason Cashe gets to his feet as Persephone Marquis salutes Cashe and leaves ringside through the crowd. Cashe stares down at CJ biting his bottom lip. Turning from CJ, Cashe motions like he has a Shovel and begins “burying” CJ metaphorically. Mike Powers makes the official announcement.
As “Blackened” plays, Cashe again facing a down and unconscious CJ O’Donnell leans over and throws up the “U” at CJ. Cashe spits at him before slapping himself to the chest and throwing up his hands. Audience roaring with cheers showing their support of the Special Made “Troubled1”.
VASSA: “Where are CJ’s Unstable buddies when he needs them?!”
JOHNSON: “It’s pretty known that Chris Madison isn’t attending any 4CW events until his contract situation is resolved. As For Jair, it’s my understanding that Cashe brought him into Unstable to begin with.”
VASSA: “These are some troubling times for Unstable as it seems things are beginning to fall apart even with the addition of Jair Hopkins at Ante Up.”

The backstage scene at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena is a chaotic one, workers frantically getting to their positions. The cameras roll on Gabe Hartman, standing around backstage. He looks to be a bit annoyed, checking his watch several times in the span of a few seconds. Annoyed, he lets out a loud sigh while looking into the camera.
HARTMAN: “Guy said he was going to be here, and doesn’t show up. Can you believe that?”
Still facing the camera, rather annoyed, he doesn’t see Bryan Williams walking towards him in the background. Bryan looks to be ready for his upcoming match, donning black trunks and a matching black MLC t-shirt, the Leviathan casually makes his way over towards the lead backstage reporter.
WILLIAMS: “Well look at what we have here!”
Bryan’s right hand smacks down onto the shoulder of Gabriel, startling him for the moment. Gabe looks to be relieved that Bryan is here, straightening his tie as he turns to face him.
HARTMAN: “Bryan …welcome back to 4CW.”
Bryan nods, with a smile. Bryan looks to be relaxed, with his gear ready and his hair tied in a manbun it’s only a waiting game at this point. His in-ring return would arrive very soon.
HARTMAN: “Lot of people expecting a hard return for you here tonight, as you face the debuting Solomon Shea. Any thoughts to those concerns?”
Bryan smiles, as he continues to look at Gabe.
WILLIAMS: “It’s been what, six months since I was in a 4CW ring? All that time away, all of the things that have happened and the first question you have for me is that?”
HARTMAN: “It’s a legitimate question, there is no doubt you have kept yourself busy. Atlantic City is one thing, this is 4CW Bryan …the people want to know if you’re ready.”
Bryan nods, taking the question a bit more seriously.
WILLIAMS: “Fair enough, I did leave the company on an upswing. Things change slightly and maybe I’m standing here as your 4CW champion. Maybe I don’t find out about the shady shit Perry Wallace did, I’d still be with the company. Fact is I did, I found out exactly who he was and I had to go. Now I’m back, ready to put all of that behind me and focus on re-starting what I had going here. Solomon Shea is a nice challenge, a good way to test me in my return. I know I have the skill to compete here, just have to see if I’m in the right mindset.”
Gabe looks down towards Bryan’s t-shirt.
HARTMAN: “Do you feel like you may be stretching yourself too thin? There are some people out there who think you should focus on one thing, instead of being in three different companies.”
Bryan smiles, almost like he was expecting that kind of question to come his way.
WILLIAMS: “The first time I came here I was in Boardwalk Wrestling, it didn’t change anything for me back then. I train everyday, and then I show up here to wrestle. The only thing that changes is now I fight once a month somewhere else. Let’s face it Hartman, I’m a competitor. No matter what I do I always bring all of me, whether it’s the squared circle or a cage. It doesn’t matter who gets put in front of me, I will show up and deliver the best to my ability.”
HARTMAN: “So you’re looking to make an impact here as well?”
WILLIAMS: “Exactly, which I why I signed up for that tournament. I can make a statement, and make some good money while doing it. If I can make it back to back wins, people will know that I’m not just all talk. I’ll be a contender, just have to take it one step at a time.”
HARTMAN: “Is there anybody that you had in mind? Partner wise…”
Bryan looks towards Gabriel, smiling.
WILLIAMS: “Not exactly, but that is okay! I have some time to think on this, obviously my first pick would be Aidan Carlisle. Obviously she’s not in this company anymore, I doubt she ever will be. Sativa and I tagged in Japan, so that is a possibility. I have to think over some things, and talk to Wallace later on tonight to get it all sorted.”
HARTMAN: “Fair enough, I won’t take up anymore of your time. Thanks for showing up.”
WILLIAMS: “Everybody pay attention, because the Leviathan is back.”
With a wink and a smile, the interview is over. Bryan pats Gabe once again, for good measure, and quickly leaves the scene.

The audience was fired up with cheers as well as a tiny amount of boos as the camera cuts to Jair Hawkins walking in the parking lot headed towards the arena. He has his boys, boogie, and Darron at each of his sides. As well as his 4CW championship across his shoulder. The three seem to having a good time, lost in their own conversation. That all comes to an abrupt ends as Dakota SMITH takes a few steps out from behind a parked van. Jair and his crew quickly get into defense position but Dakota doesn’t take his eyes off the 4CW Championship. He slowly creeps his way over to the trio, his head twitching to his left as he does so. Dakota stops a few feet away from Jair and just stands there for a few moments, every moment the scene grows a little bit more awkward before Jair slices through the silence.
HOPKINS: ”The hell are you doin’ here bruh? Come to get your ass kicked again. ”
Dakota quickly, almost erratically laughs at Jair’s joke – his eyes still not leaving the championship.
SMITH: ”Funny… Funny… FUNNY! You’re just a fuckin’ riot aren’t you jair. All intoxicated by the glorious drug that is my heart… Do you think she likes you Jair? Or do you still feel the cold lingering ache that she has for me… My championship… ”
Jair looked at his title that sat perched on his left shoulder as he matched Dakota’s eyes, giving it the death stare. His eyes remained only on that as Jair was forced to look back at the title before choosing to softly caress it.
HOPKINS: ”She’s happy to be back home. Had a good home-cooked meal, drinked some fancy wine and rested well. Even got a deep cleansing so it smells good. You treated her like dirt. She has no feelings for you.”
Jair laughed as Boogie and Darron stood with their deuces up, on guard as their eyes never left Dakota, waiting for him to do something.
HOPKINS: ”What do you want?”
Dakota’s head jerked to the side as his eyes left the championship for the first time, he glared at Jair for a few good moments before giving Darron and Boogie two half assed glances. Dakota’s head then tilts a bit as his eyes lock back up with the championship. The Butcher lets out a soft laugh, barely a whisper. But with every “HA” The laugh grows louder, more abrasive. Jair looks at both of his boys as Dakota’s laughter continues to grow louder, with a sinister if not downright murderous tone. Then in a split second Dakota stops laughing.
SMITH: ”What…. What do I want? What… Do I…. Want?….WHAT!…DO I!….WANT?”
Dakota jerks his head and takes a step towards Jair, looking him in the eyes once again. A sickening, vile smile grows across his chapped, torn, and filthy lips.
SMITH: ”I want… What is rightfully mine, Jair…. I want… What you stole from me….I WANT MY FUCKING HEART BACK!”
As Dakota stops talking a low growl can still be heard coming from the man. His glance drifts back towards the 4CW championship on Jair’s shoulder, The butcher starts to grind his teeth as he gets almost entranced by the belt, he starts to speak but it’s as if he was talking to the belt.
SMITH: ”You.. .You miss me don’t you? I miss you… I’m aching baby…Burning inside…”
Dakota softly raises his hand up and tries to pet the championship as if it was scared animal. Just as Dakota’s fingers are about to touch the metallic surface of the belt Jair quickly pulls his shoulder away, A snarl grows on the face of the butcher as his eyes slowly go back to Jair.
SMITH: ”AND IT’S ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT! You filthy fluckin’ maggot….I’m going to kill you Jair…. I’m going to end your goddamn life…”
Dakota takes another step towards Jair, so that there faces are only inches away from each other.
SMITH: ”And that’s a promise…”
The two men have a standoff, neither one of them wanting to budge an inch. But then Jair gets a cocky grin on his face as he laughs a bit. Dakota’s eyes narrow as his tongue flicks out from his lips. The butcher then slowly starts to back away, a morbid smirk on his face as he does so.


’Yonkers’ by Tyler The Creator begins lingering through the venue, as white strobe lighting penetrates the stage and ringside area – a nightmare scene for epileptic fans within the audience or watching at home.
The heavy bass beats through the arena, as all three members of The Sorority emerge from backstage, occupying the top of the ramp. Solomon takes centre stage, flanked by Serena on his right and Silvana on his left. The girls motion towards each other in front of him, licking their lips and staring seductively at each other. Solomon grabs both girls by the back of the hair and tugs viciously at them, prizing them apart before they can share a kiss.
”Introducing first, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, standing six foot three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifty six pounds, he is ‘Daddy Bear’ SOLOMON SHEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA”
The trio march down the ramp, all three of them glaring intensely at the ring; a place they’ve dubbed their “playroom”. They arrive at the apron and all three hop onto it, one knee at a time, before crawling between the top and middle ropes. Solomon stands to his feet, while the girls crawl to each of his legs, gazing up towards him, symbolising their worship for him.
JOHNSON: “I’ve gotta tell ya, Vinny. I’ve been doing this for over twenty years and I’ve never seen someone quite as strange as this Solomon Shea and the two women with him are.”
VASSA: “Rumor has it he dresses like a woman from time to time. Do you think he tucks his junk, or just lets it flop around freely?”
JOHNSON: “I’m not sure how to answer tha-”
“Unsung” immediately begins to play, cutting the two commentators off with the heavy guitar riff and drums backing the intense sound ripping out towards the audience. The main riff starts, playing over and over as the lights turn down. Strobes going along to the beat of the song. Bryan walks out from the back, head held down low. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his right hand and extends his pointer finger. He holds it up momentarily, eventually beginning to walk down to the ring as the song continues.
“And his opponent, coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is “Leviathan”, BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”
Bryan makes his way to the ring, walking at a brisk pace towards the ring. He doesn’t waste much time getting into the ring, walking up the steel steps and climbing in through the top and middle rope. With a serious look on his face, Bryan stares directly across the ring at his debuting opponent Solomon Shea.
JOHNSON: “I’m still not sure I can believe what I’m seeing. Bryan Williams live, on Adrenaline.”
VASSA: “That new medication is making you hallucinate huh? Well I can tell you that is, in fact, Bryan Williams standing in a 4CW ring.”
Indeed it is Bryan Williams standing in the ring and opposite him, a man with an obvious size advantage in Solomon Shea. Without wasting any more time the referee signaled for the bell to start the match and immediately the two men move towards each other cautiously.

Solomon extends his right hand forward and upward, daring Bryan to begin their showdown with a test of strength. Bryan, being fully aware that an all out brawl was not going to be the best way for him to secure a victory, extended his own hand briefly in return but before Solomon could latch onto it, Bryan met him with a stiff kick to the sternum.
Immediately, with his opponent stunned, Bryan took off towards the ropes and rebounded, executing a picture perfect low drop kick to the larger mans knee, causing Solomon to drop to a kneeling position. Again, Bryan uses the ropes to add momentum to his movement, rebounding toward Solomon at a full sprint. Before he could manage to take Solomon down to the mat fully, however, the heftier man nearly takes his head off with an explosive clothesline.

JOHNSON: “That’s what you’ve got to watch out for if you’re Bryan Williams in this match. There’s not much difference in height but Solomon is going to have the clear power advantage in this match.”
VASSA: “I’m sure Bryan knows that, Steve. Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. That time Bryan was the bug.”
JOHNSON: “Indeed, and Solomon is using the sudden swing in momentum to his advantage.”
VASSA: “That’s a wise move. Slowing things down and using his power to his advantage is where Shea is going to be the most effective..”
With Williams down, Solomon seems to take great pleasure in methodically stomping on the various limbs and extremities of his opponent. At ringside, Serena and Silvana take great pleasure in the early dominance shown by their daddy bear, clapping and cheering with glee as he mounts Williams and delivers a series of vicious blows to the face and brutal head slams into the canvas. Eventually Shea relents and stands up, extending his arms outward as his two cohorts continue to praise him before he turns and lands a kick to the ribs of his opponent.
Seamlessly, Shea drops to the ground and puts Williams in a picture perfect headlock. Solomon moves himself strategically to block the referee’s view from what was about to happen and then sinks his teeth into the forehead of Bryan Williams, causing the man to let out a sharp yell in pain. When the referee moves to see what was happening to cause such a sudden reaction, Shea has of course stopped and looks at the referee innocently while torquing the headlock he was applying just a bit harder. The brief distraction gives the bitten man the half of a moment he needs to begin working his way out of the headlock being applied to him. It’s a slow process that begins with him getting his knees under him then moving to a kneeling position before fully standing half bent over with Solomon applying as much pressure as he could to his hold.
Williams lands two successive blows to Shea’s abdomen, causing the man to release the hold and giving Bryan the separation he needed. Shea again went for a massive clothesline but this time Williams scouted it and managed to duck under, turning and countering with a jumping enziguri kick that dropped Shea to the mat.

JOHNSON: “Perfectly executed jumping enziguri kick by Bryan Williams right there, buying him the time he needs to catch his breath.”
VASSA: “Maybe but that’s not what he’s doing, Stevie! He’s not going to give Shea a chance to get back to his feet.”
JOHNSON: “Standing elbow drop by Williams and now he’s looking to inflict even more damage.”
VASSA: “What the hell else is he going to do? Williams pulls Solomon Shea back to his feet and deposits him into the far corner.”
Williams lands a quick shot to the jaw of his opponent, following up with ten consecutive chops cheered on and counted by the crowd. He then lowers his shoulder and grabs a hold of the middle rope on either side of Solomon and rams it into Shea’s abdomen ten consecutive times with the crowd once more counting along joyfully with the assault they’re witnessing. Standing upright once again, Williams connects with a shot to the jaw, backing off immediately as Shea stumbles in a daze out of the corner.
VASSA: “SUPERKICK BY WILLIAMS! He’s going for what he calls CTE.”
With Shea doubled over and holding his jaw from the kick that Vinny Vassa had just described, Williams hooks his arm around his opponents head and looks to finish the match off with a brainbuster to the knee but Solomon stops the maneuver and shoves Williams backwards and off of him. Touching his jaw, Shea stared coldly at his opponent who had dared even bother trying to fight back. Their was a bone chilling intensity in the gaze but Bryan Williams, ever the fearless competitor, simply stared back unfazed by it. Each man gathered himself before both men began circling the ring at the same time. Williams again makes the first move, dashing in and looking to take Shea down by taking out one of his legs but the bigger man is having none of it, swinging wildly but missing. All the same the attempted strike did it’s job and kept Williams from taking him down to the ground.
Again, the two continued to circle the ring, keeping even distance from one another. A single look from Solomon in the direction of his followers and his message was understood. She managed to distract the referee by blowing him kisses and licking her lips in a seductive manner, giving Solomon the opportunity to allow Williams to try and close the distance between them again. Unaware of the distraction, Williams did just as Shea had wanted him to do and is greeted with a nasty rake of the eyes from Solomon Shea. With no further distraction needed, Serena winked at the referee and then turned away from the man who realized he still had a job to do just in time to look and see Solomon nearly put Williams through the mat pump handle slam.

JOHNSON: “Solomon Shea now in full control after one of his sorority girls distracted the referee.”
VASSA: “She does have nice lips doesn’t she. Think of what she could do with them..”
JOHNSON: “Focus, Vinny.”
JOHNSON: “I’m just saying with lips like that she could probably give Genevie a run for her money.”
Instinctively, Bryan rolls out of the ring to put some distance between he and his opponent in an effort to buy time and gather himself. From inside the ring Solomon simply shakes his head at the man and smirks arrogantly before turning and bullying the referee back into the corner, blocking his view of Williams and everything that was about to happen to him.
Recognizing that it was now her turn, Silvana skips gleefully over to the still dazed and recovering Bryan Williams and plants a stiff kick to his ribs before pulling him to his feet. Serena, looking to join in the fun, saunters over and plants a kiss on Williams cheek and pats him on the top of his head before Silvana uses all of her strength to send him into the steel ring steps. Both women immediately move towards him and then roll him into the ring where Solomon finally allows the ref to get out of the corner and apologizes profusely while the referee scolds him. Having taken the ultimatum in stride, Shea drops down to the mat and covers his opponent who seemed to be quite out of it.


Williams still has plenty of life left in him but Solomon and his two ladies seem to be stunned by the kickout. Again, Solomon shoves Williams shoulders down to the mat and this time he bellows at the referee to count the pin. He, of course, is happy to oblige.

Shea roars in anger as Williams kicked out even faster the second time. Screaming at him to stay down, Shea stands and delivers stiff kicks to his sides. Williams rolls to try and escape the blows and manages to work his way back to his feet. Determined to claim victory in his first match, Shea changes from kicks to forearm smashes to the face of Bryan Williams as the man stood up but it only seemed to fuel the building momentum in Bryan Williams. The fans, delighted by the sudden change of events, began chanting “YOU CAN’T BEAT HIM” at Solomon and the Sorority.
Following another forearm smash, Bryan grins at Solomon sarcastically, sending the big man into an even further rage as he swings wildly with a haymaker that, if it had connected, would surely have torn Bryan Williams head straight from his shoulders. Thankfully it didn’t land, as Williams ducked under and countered with a flawless DDT, rolling over immediately and hooking the leg for his first pinfall attempt.


Williams smiles at the kickout and pats Solomon on the cheek, mocking him, before grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling him up as he stood. Williams lands two more solid strikes to the head of his opponent before whipping him into the ropes and following with a stiff elbow to the sternum, dropping Shea to the mat once more.
VASSA: ”Look! There goes Serena, distracting the referee again!”
JOHNSON: “And Williams doesn’t notice. LOOKOUT BRYAN!.”
Williams never heard the warning as he closed on Solomon Shea who had pushed himself back up to his knees. Once he was near enough, Solomon delivered a low blow that probably made Bryan Williams grandfathers “family jewels” hurt. Roaring, Shea stood and grabbed Bryan by the head and delivered a massive headbutt to him, stunning the man even more. Sensing the match was a moment away from being fully his, Shea backs up to the ropes and then runs full speed at Bryan, looking to take his head off with a running lariat. Again, Williams somehow manages to avoid the blow and upon Solomon’s rebound off the ropes catches him with a spinning backfist followed by a bicycle knee.
JOHNSON: “Daddy bear is reeling now and look at the faces on his girls. They don’t know what to do.”
Bryan moves smoothly, having forgotten for the moment the pain between his legs, and hooks his arms around delivers a picture perfect Solar Flare Homicide! Knowing he truly has Shea on the ropes now he backs off to the near corner and pushes himself up to the middle turnbuckle, sitting on the top turnbuckle while waiting for Shea to get back to his feet.
VASSA: “It’s coming. I can feel it. Solomon Shea is in big trouble.”
Shea crawls back to his hands and knees and then pushes himself upward but he doesn’t realize the position he has put himself into. Before the realization can hit him as to what’s about to happen, Williams has already leapt from the top rope.
“BROKENDATE! That’s got to be it, doesn’t it? Williams covers for the win.”

As soon as the three is counted the two women who had accompanied Solomon Shea to the ring slid in with bad intentions but Bryan Williams, as he seemingly had done the entire evening, scouted it perfectly and slid from the ring. He was a sweaty and sore mess but he had walked away victorious in his return to 4CW. Slowly he backed up the entrance ramp, one arm holding his side and the other raised in victory as he heard his name called over the loud speakers.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall…….. ‘LEVIATHAN’ BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”
With a smirk on his face, Williams backed the rest of the way up the ramp before disappearing backstage with the Sorority staring at him angrily as the camera’s faded backstage.

“I’ma motherfucking beast
I’ma, I’ma fuckin’ beast
I’ma mothafuckin’ beast
Fucking mothafucking beast
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems)
I’ma motherfuckin’ beast (you don’t want problems with me)”

Jason Cashe. Still hyped up, wildin out off the aftermath of his match with CJ O’Donnell. He pounds himself to the chest as he roars out the lyrics, his flow picking up to keep up with the speed.
CASHE: “”I’m a motherfucking beast right
Homie welcome to the east side, where the killers reside
We playing war games, please hide
Ain’t no signs of peace, so fuck a peace sign, we ride
Bust shots from a car seat
Or maybe hang you ’til your neck is broke
Choke with you with a Stethoscope
That’s how I kill a motherfucker in a heartbeat on a dark street!

Breathing after going as hard as he could with the words to CJ O’Donnell’s own theme song. Cashe stands in the bathroom somewhere backstage. His chest rising and falling from letting himself rage with the volume of the song playing in his headphones.
CASHE: “I’m a Motherfucking Beast and CJ ended up a small Feast! RRRAAAAAH!!”
In a rush the bathroom door slaps open. Jack Vaughn with a look of anxiousness and concern in his eyes steps in. Cashe and him lock eyes as Cashe nods to the General Manager of the ONLY fucking show in 4CW. The FLAGSHIP. Only one not sinking or sunk in it’s history.
CASHE: “What’s up Vaughn?”
VAUGHN: “You’re loud as hell! Thought a fight was breaking out in the bathroom…”
Changing from an expression of concern, Vaughn looks at Cashe with curiosity in his stare.
VAUGHN: “Why are you in here? Are you hiding out from someone? Multiple people knowing all who probably dislike you…”
Shaking his head at Vaughn. Cashe wasn’t hiding, he had needed to use the bathroom. He also liked the echo the place gave him singing. Unsure of the proper term for it he secretly liked to slides around on the floors. Like Tom Cruise in Strictly Business but in a bathroom setting where he could see himself doing so in the mirrors. Don’t judge.
CASHE: “I ain’t scared of no-motherfucking-body! Let Pale Skins, Pretty Bitch ass dudes or dysfunctional Family and former crews come see me! Who’s hiding?”
With a security in his confidence of NOT being scared of anyone or needing to hide. Jason Cashe marches to Jack Vaughn and pulls the door open. Stepping out into the hallway, Jack Vaughn follows Cashe. Looking around at the edges of where his eyes can see. Nothing and nobody of concern, Cashe turns back to Vaughn holding his arms out at the sides of him.
CASHE: “The fuck there to be scared bout? This ain’t an Alpha walk but the Felon, Criminal Minded is breaking out the cell block. Come see me! Let’s put in work!”
Letting out a laugh Vaugh shakes his head.
VAUGHN: “Don’t change who you are Jason. Ever. Do you… Crazy son of a gun!”
A faint sound of song picks up in Cashe’s radar. Squinting he looks around and moves away from Vaughn to find the source.
VAUGHN: “Wha–“
CASHE: “Shhhh do you hear that? It’s glorious!”
Finding the source. It was a vent leading into the Air Ducts of the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena. Shrugging Cashe passes off his MP3 Player and headphones to Vaughn. Pulling the grate off, Cashe climbs up on a table underneath the opening.
VAUGH: “What are you doing?”
CASHE: “Going to find that elegant voice… It’s calling me! Catch you later Vaughn.”
Up in the vent. It was filled with dust and spider webs. Cashe hating a spider had the second thought about moving forward. The voice echoed more up here as her words faintly could be made out.
“We were as one babe
For a moment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mine
Now you wanna be free
So I’ll let you fly
‘Cause I know in my heart babe
Our love will never die”

Such a sweet voice. Cashe listening as hard as he could concentrate recognized the song but not the person singing the Mariah Carey song.
CASHE: “If we fuck she will sing to me during… Mmmm…”
Military crawling, he moves down the metal Air Duct. Pushing through the webbing and dust. He was set on finding the soothing voice singing out and he believed it was calling to him. Again he hears it but now as it’s gotten closer, the voice sounds different. Not as elegant as it did before.
You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Boy don’t you know you can’t escape me
Ooh darling ’cause you’ll always be my baby
And we’ll linger on and on
Time can’t erase a feeling this strong
No way you’re never gonna shake me
Ooh darling ’cause you’ll always be my baby
I ain’t gonna cry no
And I won’t beg you to stay
If you’re determined to leave boy
I will not stand in your way
But inevitably
You’ll be back again
‘Cause you know in your heart babe
Our love will never end”

CASHE: “Still not too bad. Let’s see who this is… Getting close.”
Peeking through the vents leading into various rooms. Catering has a nice spread setup. Cashe gives himself a “note to self” to hit that up before he leaves the building. Right now his crave was for a singing bird. He just KNEW this voice had some good oral training and her Hum game was probably Hercules.
CASHE: “This it right here… I can hear her humming now! Please be hot!”
Eyes closed, fingers crossed. Cashe sat bracing himself to look. Not that he was bored with what he KIND of had on his plate. He just wasn’t sure his plate wasn’t a temporary meal. Her voice for a third time sings out. This time he knew the voice and it was no longer singing with a beauty to it. Distance REALLY helped and he had eyes open in shock as he stares into the locker room. The words of her voice piercing with agony.
“I know that you’ll be back boy
When your days and your nights get a little bit colder
I know that you’ll be right back baby
Oh baby believe me it’s only a matter of time”

It was Genevie. The 4CW Fate Champion and she was twirling around with headphones on singing and having a good old time. Cashe was stuck slowly shaking his head from side to side. Disappointed and partially disturbed by the sound of her voice. He couldn’t believe it had sounded so beautiful from far away. Just as he was about to find an exit, Cashe cut his stare to the back shower in the room. Eli Carlson barges into the locker room.
ELI: “GENIE! Hey!”
Pulling the chord, her ear buds pop out of each side of her head. Her head snaps towards him.
GENiE: “Huh? What?”
ELI: “Shut up! You sound like a Dying Cat!”
GENIE: “Ugh! Well you can forget me serenading you when we get Married!”
ELI: “Promise?”
The two of them fight like cats and dogs. As Eli turns from Genie, Cashe laughs and figures to let them fight it out without an audience. Unable to turn around, he was left only with a forward progress. Into the unknown, who knew what else he would see.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights dim and Under And Over It (Kill The Noise Remix) hits, getting the crowd amped up for who’s to come out. Lights come on right behind the curtains, making it hard to see. As the music picks up and goes into the lyrics, Psyche slowly makes her way out of the curtains.
POWERS: “Introducing to the ring first, from London, England, weighing in at one hundred twenty-four pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall… PSYCHE DDEEVVYYNNEE!!!”
The fans get a bit louder, seeing her silhouette. When the music picks up for the second time, she throws her hands up, the lights switching to the front of her. She makes her way to the ring, focused on what is ahead. She jumps in the ring and goes to each corner, raising her hands into devil horns. Once she’s done with that, she’s down on the mat again, waiting for her opponent.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The lights start to strobe between blue and red as ”Karate” by Babymetal kicks up. Sativa walks out from the back with her handy baseball bat draped across her shoulders. She side steps across the stage playing to the fans and having them boo her in return.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, Standing five feet seven inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and twenty five pounds, the Deranged Duchess of Wrestling, SAAAAATIIIIVVVVAAAAA NEEEEEVAAAAAEEEEEEHHHH!!!!”
Sativa is followed by Eric Lee. The pair make their way to the ring amid the boos and jeers from the crowd. Sativa skips carefree, smiling the entire way. One fan, leaning over the guardrail, starts jeering at her, trying to get in her face. She pauses for a moment and tilts her head to the side, starring at the fan. She then bursts into laughter in their face and continues to the ring.
She climbs up onto the apron, kneeling in front of the ropes, the bat resting on her outer shoulder. She looks out around the crowd before seductively laying down and rolling into the ring. She pops up to her feet and skips around the ring, pointing out into the crowd and laughing occasionally.

JOHNSON: “Psyche makes her Adrenaline in-ring debut here tonight in Honolulu!”
VASSA: “It isn’t going to be an easy one by any means standing across the ring from Sativa.”
JOHNSON: “The same could be said about Sativa as well in regards to Psyche. This was the makings to be a show stealer.”
With both ladies ready to get down to business, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

Not wasting any time, the two ladies burst from their corners and collide in the center of the ring. Spinning around, Psyche connects with a backfist, knocking Sativa down to one knee. Grabbing onto her head and pulling her back to her feet, Psyche lifts her into the air before spinning around and dropping her with a sidewalk slam.
Jumping on top of Sativa, Psyche then begins landing rapid elbows to Sativa’s head, also know as Psycho Elbows. Reaching up with both hands, Sativa locks onto the sides of Psyche’s head and digs her thumbs into Psyche’s eyes. As Psyche reaches up to pry Sativa’s hands from her head, Sativa then rolls her body and pushes Psyche over to the side.
On her feet, Sativa looks to Psyche as she covers her eyes with both hands, feeling the aftermath of the thumbs to the eyes. Walking around to Psyche’s legs, Sativa grabs ahold of her ankle and then rolls her over to her stomach before applying an ankle lock.

VASSA: “That has to suck not being able to see anything and having your feet messed with.”
JOHNSON: “We could see things end here quickly if Psyche doesn’t pull her foot away from Sativa’s hands.”
Finally able to open her eyes, Psyche begins to drag herself across the ring, pulling Sativa along with her as she maintains the ankle lock. Noticing Psyche getting closer and closer to the ropes, Sativa then stands straight up and raises Psyche’s entire leg into the air before slamming it down and driving her knee into the canvas. Rolling Psyche over to her back, Sativa then pulls her up and wraps her around the waist before lifting her off the mat and flipping her over to her back with a northern lights suplex. Bridging the suplex, Sativa goes for the pin as the official sweeps in for the count.

JOHNSON: “psyche kicks out right before the two!”
VASSA: “Sativa is trying to end this one quickly here tonight.”
Back on her feet, Sativa grabs onto Psyche and pulls her up but as she does, Psyche slams her forearm into Sativa’s stomach, forcing her to lunge over as her breath is knocked completely away from her. Spinning Sativa around, Psyche wraps her arm over her face and around Sativa’s head before falling backwards and dropping her with an inverted DDT.
Standing back up, Psyche begins stomping on Sativa’s stomach over and over before jumping forward with a backflip and coming down with a standing shooting star press. Hooking the leg, Psyche goes to end it as the official drops in with the count.


Popping her shoulder up from the mat, Sativa stops the officials count right before the two. Shaking her head in disgust, Psyche pushes herself up while pressing her hand into Sativa’s face for support. Locking onto Sativa’s arm, Psyche then pulls her up to her feet and whips her to the ropes behind her. As Sativa comes back on the rebound, Psyche rushes towards her, wraps her up, and spears her in the center of the ring.
VASSA: “I think Psyche’s played a little football judging by that tackle.”
JOHNSON: “I highly doubt that but it’s a good observation nonetheless.”
Standing over Sativa, Psyche pulls her up to her feet and then places her head between her legs. Wrapping her up around the waist, Psyche goes to lift her into the air but Sativa quickly locks her leg with Psyche’s, preventing her from picking her up. Standing straight up, Sativa lifts Psyche off the mat and flips her over her head, dropping her flat on her back. Rolling up to a seated position, Psyche reaches behind her and holds her lower back as the pain reveals itself by the look on her face.
Looking over her shoulder at Psyche, Sativa then turns to the ropes in front of her and takes off towards them. Hitting them hard and coming back on the rebound, Sativa runs right by Psyche and hits the ropes in front of her. As she comes back with even more speed, Sativa slides feet first, but nearly takes off Psyche’s head with a clothesline. Hitting the mat with great force, Psyche’s head bounces off before falling back to it once more.

JOHNSON: “That’s guaranteed to rattle her brain!”
VASSA: “Don’t forget about the whiplash!”
Rising to her feet, Sativa slowly walks around Psyche, taunting her as the crowd responds negatively. Sativa then pulls her up and whips her to the nearly corner. As Psyche collides into the corner, she bounces and stumbles forward as Sativa zips right by her, leaping onto the middle ropes. Springboarding off, Sativa turns her body in mid-air as Psyche turns to face her. Coming down, Sativa wraps her arm around Psyche head and uses her momentum to spin both of their bodies, going for a tornado DDT.
VASSA: “Look out Psyche!”
Keeping her body upright, Psyche refuses to let Sativa take her down with the tornado DDT. Instead, she wraps Sativa’s waist and brings her down to her feet before unloading with rights and lefts to Sativa’s sides. Spinning Sativa around, Psyche then locks in a half nelson and begins choking Sativa.
JOHNSON: “This is quite the predicament that Sativa has found herself in.”
VASSA: “She better do something quickly befo–“
Slamming her elbow back as hard as she can, Sativa plants it into Psyche’s stomach, forcing her to release the half nelson choke. Reaching up with both hands, Sativa grabs onto Psyche’s head and applies a three-quarter facelock. Falling backwards, Sativa pulls Psyche down and drives her face into the canvas with a three-quarter facelock front face bulldog.
JOHNSON: “Sativa with the desperation move!”
VASSA: “Desperate or not, that shit laid her out!”
Rolling Psyche over to her back, Sativa makes the cover as the official rushes in for the count.

POWERS: “Here is your winner, by pin fall… SATIVA NNEEVVAAEEHH!!!”

The world already knew that Eli was in the building and that meant they would expect him to make it to the ring for his match. Of course, there was the little problem of getting someone to clear him to compete. It had been a week since the last time he had gone and seen a doctor and had his injured ribs looked at but in truth he was feeling better every day. Yes, it still hurt when he breathed and no, he couldn’t yet bring himself to go for the early morning runs that so often pissed Genie off. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t capable of getting into the ring and destroying Maddox Lucien who simply wasn’t talented enough to sniff his match worn wrestling tights. Nothing was going to keep him out of that ring. It didn’t matter if he needed to knock the doctor out and forge the signature on the papers that would clear him.
DOCTOR: “Well, Eli. I’ve compared all of the x-rays that you’ve had taken and I have to admit, your recovery is remarkable. Within a matter of a few days you’ve managed to fully heal from broken ribs.”
Side by side, the doctor placed all of the images on the light up board in the room they were in. As if to emphasize his point he placed his finger to indicate the fractures in his ribs on the x-rays that had actually caught his injury after Ante Up. He then pointed at the next set of images which were, of course, x-rays of the homeless man whom Eli had bribed with two hundred dollars to go get x-rays taken and bring copies of the images to him. Even he could tell by looking at the two pictures that there was a distinct difference. The images were clearly from two different people.
DOCTOR: “In fact, I’ve never seen anything like it in all of my years as a doctor. It’s almost as though the set of x-rays that show your fractured ribs clearly are from a completely different person than the one’s that show you being completely healed.”
Eli, knowing he was busted, took a deep breath in, wincing as he did so, and let out a heavy sigh.
CARLSON: “Alright you caught me. I’m sorry, Doc. Gangsta rap made me do it.”
The doctor was not at all amused with his antics.
DOCTOR: “I can’t clear you, Eli. You’re going to have to forfeit your match. I’m sorry. My hands are tied. You should have taken this week off like I’m sure you were advised to do.”
He needed to think quickly as the doctor was on the verge of leaving the room. His hand slipped into his pocket and grazed his cell phone. As he did so he was immediately struck with an idea.
CARLSON: “Wait, wait. Doc. I’m sure we can come to some kind of agreement right? You know I’m engaged to Genevie? Tight little ass that Jason Cashe loves to tell the world he hates but can’t get enough of staring at? Let me show you something.”
He moves and places his arm around the shoulders of the physician, and then shows him something that the doctor clearly enjoys.
CARLSON: “Clear me, and i’ll let you see the entire video of what Genie does when she’s bored and alone on an airplane.”
For a moment the doctor ponders this and then nods his head in agreement.
DOCTOR: “Fine. But not a word of this to anyone. This stays between you and me, understood? The last thing I want is Erron Wilder bringing in videos of any of the disgusting skanks he bangs on a weekly basis.”
Eli breathes a sigh of relief and smiles, pressing play to allow the video to continue as the doctor signed off on the form clearing him to compete.
CARLSON: “Of course. It absolutely stays between you and me. My fiance is a classy woman. I wouldn’t want something like this to get out and ruin her reputation. Someone should go and tell Maddox Lucien to meet me in the ring. I’m coming.”
A loud, pleasurable sigh echoes from the phone as whatever it is that Genie is doing in the video that the doctor is watching certainly seems to be something she is enjoying.
DOCTOR: “So is she. That quickly? Damn.”
Eli smirks and pats the doctor on the back.
CARLSON: “That’s only the beginning, doc. There’s so much more where that came from.”

“Little Monster” by Royal Blood hits the speakers around the 4CW Adrenaline arena. The lights dim and begin to flicker. You can tell due to a reaction of silence, that noone in the audience knows who’s going to step out onto the stage.
JOHNSON: ”Well, I can certainly say we’ve never heard this song come through our speakers before.”
Johnny Evil steps out onto the stage wearing street clothes, with a microphone in hand. He’s wearing his #HEROLIKEDETROIT t shirt with a pair of army fatigues. Johnny looks around the arena, nodding his head for a moment.
VASSA: ”Who?.. What??”
Johnny swings his arm with his fist clenched in an uppercut motion with massive energy, this gets a decent reaction from the crowd. He hops around for a while before he smirks and begins making his way down the ramp.
VASSA: ”Haha, it’s Johnny Evil, Steve! I’ve heard of Johnny Evil before!!”
JOHNSON: ”Wait, but what is Johnny Evil doing here?”
VASSA: ”Don’t you get it, stupid Steve Johnson? Johnny Evil must have inked a deal with the biggest promotion in wrestling today!”
Johnny makes his way to the ringside area and begins to bang his head up and down as if he’s at a rock concert, vibing the music. It isn’t long after, he pulls himself up onto the ring apron. Johnny begins to look around the arena, the smirk never leaving his face. After a moment, he enters the ring through the middle rope.
Johnny Evil paces around as his music fades and the lighting throughout the arena returns to it’s original state. Johnny paces a moment longer and then uses his free hand to scratch his head with wonder. He begins to address the 4CW audience.

EVIL: ”4CW, it looks to me like you guys need a hero?”
The audience gives off a huge pop…
EVIL: ”Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not exactly what a hero stands for. I’m politically incorrect. I’m foul-mouthed and I talk more shit then Perry Wallace after eating at a taco-joint! There is one thing that I can tell you, though. I’m not just some fresh face coming out of a developmental program. Shit, you could kinda’ look at me like Soloman Shea’s two bimbos. I’ve been around the block. I’ve been all over the world doing this wrestling thing. I don’t really come into a new company and talk about what I’ve did in previous places often. That’s not Johnny Evil’s style. There is one thing that I do when I step into a new company though. I feel that it is only common law to come out here and let the rest of the roster know that I ain’t no punk bitch, so never try to treat me like one. I mean, I’m sure there’s gonna’ be that person in the back that wants to test just exactly how durable I am. I ain’t never been one to back down, so I’m just letting it be known I’m ready to break a mother fucker’s face if he tries to look at me as a stepping stone. After all, I’m the one with the advantage. I haven’t even begun my climb up the ladder in the grand marquee that is 4 Corners Wrestling.”
Johnny extends his free arm and spins around the ring, while holding his hand out as almost an action of showing off the area and the crowd that packs the seats inside it.
EVIL: ”In fact, I can really only say that I know one person here. Back in the day Jason Cashe was my great equalizer. I see he has some issues he has to work out amongst himself, but I fuckin’ love that dude and if he ever needs a hand at least he can feel safe knowing that I’m here. If shit ever hits the fan and he needs a helping hand, I don’t mind acting as his great equalizer. After all, that is how a friendship works. If you ain’t loyal, you ain’t shit.”
Evil nods his head in an up and down motion as if to agree with his own statement…
EVIL: ”Now, I didn’t come here to make any friends, but I damn sure didn’t come here to lose any love either. That basically means if someone’s in my way I have no problem brutally tossing them to the side. If there’s anyone in the audience that has followed my career and is a part of Johnny Nation feeling some type of way because I may have to do your favorite 4CW superstar dirty, don’t hate on me. After all, I wasn’t the one that told whoever that dumb mother-fucker was to get in my way!”
This gives the 4CW audience an unsettling feeling, causing them to give off a bit of a mixed reaction that filters through the arena.
EVIL: ”I can see the path to the top is gonna’ be a difficult one. It’s fine by me, I’ve always been one to take the road less traveled. I don’t expect shit to be handed in my direction without earning it. My career so far has been good to me because I busted my ass to get the recognition that I got. I didn’t have powers that be or a higher authority backing me. I did what I did on my own and for that I can say that I am a man. A person who will stand on his own two feet and handle his business as he needs to. In the end I will be a name that 4CW will remember for decades to come.
If there is anyone that thinks me wrong. I invite you to test me. In the end, I will set an example and turn you into a believer!”

Johnny pauses and extends his arms out as if to say “I’m right here”. After a moment, he finishes giving clarity to his statement.
EVIL: “Just thought I’d get that off my chest…”
Johnny tosses the microphone to the side of him and gives a shrug as his music hits the speakers once more. He makes his way to the ring ropes and exits the ring, making his way up the ramp toward the backstage area.
VASSA: “This is awesome Steve! 4CW has Johnny Evil!”
JOHNSON: “Yea, but why talk about what Perry Wallace may or may not do in the bathroom after eating tacos? What did Perry ever do to him?”
VASSA: “Relax, it’s good comedy Steve.”

Backstage in the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena, we cut to the makeshift office for Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell. Wallace is preparing to leave his officer, Kaysie nowhere in sight. Before he can exit a knock raps on his door.
WALLACE: “What the–who the fuck is that?”
Perry looks on, as Bryan Williams steps in from the hallway. Bryan looks a bit tired, still recovering from his match earlier in the night. Bryan smiles as he enters the room, much to the dismay of Perry Wallace.
WALLACE: “Now what the fuck do you want?”
WILLIAMS: “Come on Wallace, I told you I needed to speak with you. We’re here to parlay, don’t worry. I won’t crack you over the head like Sativa, I’m past all that bullshit.”
Wallace stays quiet, reserved and cautious by Bryan’s appearance. A loud knock in the ceiling catches their attention for a moment, Bryan adjusting his manbun as he looks on. He shakes his head, as the conversation returns back to normal.
WALLACE: “…Well? Speak your peace.”
Bryan smiles, rubbing his hands together as he takes a seat. Flippantly, Bryan reclines in the chair as he kicks his feet up onto the desk. Perry rolls his eyes, as he walks to the mini-bar and pours himself a drink.
WILLIAMS: “It’s like this, Wallace, I came back here to prove myself. I step into the ring, collect some paychecks, and right the wrongs I made by leaving this place. I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to put my name into the hat for Bad Company Two. Hundred grand is a lot of money, the only problem is…”
Perry looks on, waiting for Bryan to continue. It seems that Bryan was looking for Wallace to finish his sentence, Bryan sighing and rolling his eyes for the moment. Another loud thud catches their attention.
WILLIAMS: “I don’t really have a partner. That’s where you come in, Wallace. You’re the man in charge around here still, I presume? Unless Kaysie keeps your balls in her purse during the shows.”
WALLACE: “What the fuck?! She keeps a grip on them but not in that sense, if you catch my drift.”
Bryan laughs, another thud distracts them from the conversation. It seems to be growing louder and louder, closer than before.
WILLIAMS: “Easy there, just busting your balls. I wanted to see if you had somebody in mind, maybe somebody who’s interested in the tournament as well. Didn’t have a partner?”
WALLACE: “Why should I help you anyway? I’m assuming Vaughn was the one who got your contract done?”
Bryan nods, another thud can be heard in the ceiling again.
WALLACE: “Goddamnit-”
WILLIAMS: “I would think you’d want last years winner involved in this somehow, I’m looking to make it two years in a row. Don’t act like Aidan and I weren’t credible champs, you’re the one who fucked that up …remember?”
WALLACE: “Not my fault you got your feelings hurt. Why don’t you do us all a favor, and deactivate yourself from life.”
Bryan stands up, a bit annoyed with how the meeting is playing out. Before he can do anything else, another loud thud can be heard. This one is much closer than before, sounding like it’s right above them.
WALLACE: “Son of a bitch, what the fuck is th-”
Something was moving above them. Both Williams and Wallace stare up at the ceiling as whatever it is begins to move again. Another clunk and grunting, moaning can be heard. Suddenly the ceiling pulsed like a stomach exhaling. Bryan Williams was the only one who stepped out of the way.
WALLACE: ”What the fuuuck!?”
The ceiling breaks open like an explosion had went off. Dust and debris land everywhere and Perry Wallace had bits of ceiling all on his clothes and curly fro like hair. There on the floor covered in big pieces of ceiling was Jason Cashe. His beard and face powdered from crawling around in the air ducts. Coughing, Cashe rises to his feet. Williams laughing but Perry Wallace had a different expression on his face.
WALLACE: ”Cashe? Cashe? CAAAASHE! What the hell?!”
CASHE: ”Hey I’m just as confused as you! I figured those things could support my weight. BOY was I wrong!”
Brushing himself off Cashe turns and notices Williams, smiling he greets the returning Star.
CASHE: ”Heeeey Williams! How’s it hanging? How is Tate?”
Bryan, still watching the scene unfold before him, looks on as Cashe enjoys the situation that has unfolded. Perry Wallace looks to say something, but Bryan cuts him off before he can.
WILLIAMS: “Cashe. Hanging to the left today, Tate’s doing just fine. Enjoying the beach, that sort of thing. I see you still like to make an entrance.”
Bryan is a bit cold in his response, looking on as Cashe chuckles. Wallace, still very much frustrated, cuts into the conversation after placing his glass filled with debris on the bar.
WALLACE: ”Now wait a goddamn minute here, what the FUCK are you doing in the ceiling? You know how much it’s going to cost to replace that shit?! Better yet, you ruined a perfectly good glass of Scotch, fucking dick!”
Perry stands there, still picking bits of ceiling tile out of his hair. Bryan looks over, amused.
WILLIAMS: “I will say that was pretty fucking funny, watching you fall down like that. This ain’t Die Hard, man.”
WALLACE: ”Keep laughing, Bryan, I’m glad that y’all are here anyway. Got some goddamn business to take care of.”
With a sigh of relief, Bryan sits back down in the chair.
WILLIAMS: “Finally! We can get on with it. Go ahead Perry, you can deal with my business first. You know, since I didn’t rudely interrupt the conversation like SOMEONE here did.”
CASHE: ”I really don’t have any business. To be honest I was trying to find where the girls Locker rooms were. I think I took a wrong turn somewhere…”
Looking all kinds of confused on his end which WASN’T out of the ordinary. Cashe almost took himself out of the conversation as he didn’t really care for either of these guys.
WALLACE: ”Oh no Cashe this business includes you as well! In fact I do believe I can kill two birds with one stone so you both can leave my office THAT much quicker!”
WILLIAMS: “I guess you’re better off getting Cashe out of here, before he starts breaking anything else. Go ahead, I’ll wait.”
Williams leans back in the chair, unaware that Perry was talking to him as well.
WALLACE: ”Jason after tonight what are your plans? You pushed off chasing Championships because you claimed you didn’t NEED them but it has to hurt a little right? Seeing everyone winning, defending this title or that title. Let me ask you. How does it FEEL knowing that Dakota is the longest reigning 4CW Champion now?”
CASHE: ”I’d say he’s lucky I pushed away opportunities to chase Titles. The same I’d say if you asked how I felt about Genie the new common hooker holding a Title instead of me. What’s your point Wallass?”
Wallace was smiling. Like he heard a secret and couldn’t wait to tell someone so as his eyes make contact with Bryan Williams and then back to Cashe. He laid it out for them both.
WALLACE: ”Let’s make it interesting! Williams you need a partner right? You want to fight Cashe though correct? Cashe you need something to do other than sitting on twitter all the goddamn time so you will be partners! Bad Company Two! Bryan Williams and Jason Cashe! Eskim–”
WILLIAMS: “WHOA! Hold on a second there.”
Bryan, standing up, tries to plead his case with Wallace. Cashe seems to join in, the two of them yelling and arguing about why the other shouldn’t be their partner. Perry stands there, smiling as the situation unfolds before him. Knowing exactly what he’s doing, he gives them both a minute to continue the racket before interjecting.
WALLACE: ”Alright, goddamnit, both of y’all need to shut the fuck up!”
WILLIAMS: “Perry, think about this for a second. This isn’t going to work out well. Cashe and I, we have fun on Twitter, but you put us in the ring together and we’re both going to stab each other probably.”
CASHE: ”Oh no that’s exactly what he wants!”
Pointing at Wallace it was without question true.
CASHE: ”This is the same dude that had Riddle attacked. Had AIDAN kidnapped for fucksake! This is the same douche bag that let some big butt and a rack walk into power and now we have a King and Queen.”
WILLIAMS: ”Or known in some circles as the “Two Queens”..”
Both share a laugh. Probably something that would be rare as there were a hundred reasons for Williams and Cashe to dislike one another. Wallace wasn’t laughing but he kept that creepy uncle like smile on his face as he cuts into their jokes.
WALLACE: ”Laugh it up! Get your punch lines in now because like you said Cashe I WANT this to crash! I want you both to let your lack of charisma together be what breaks you. Keeps you from winning any tournament. I ALWAYS get the last chuckle boys!”
Bryan, looking over towards Cashe, takes a deep sigh.
WILLIAMS: ”Alright then.”
WALLACE: ”What, just like that? You’re just gonna say okay, and that’s it?”
WILLIAMS: ”You’re obviously setting us both up for failure. That’s your problem, Wallace, you keep fucking over the wrong people. Just watch, in a couple of weeks you’re going to be handing both of us fat stacks of cash. We’re going to be the ones laughing, not you. Remember, YOU wanted this.”
With that, Bryan turns towards Cashe who has been watching the conversation.
WILLIAMS: ”Think you can not fuck up long enough to get us both paid? You come up on your end, and I’ll make sure we’re covered on mine. We get this money, and then we can go about beating the shit out of each other. Sound fair?”
CASHE: ”Can we by chance hire Aidan back, my Thunder Buddy? I like my chances better with her… Haha! Joking. Chill out Williams I got you. I will carry you to the promise land! For we will strike FEAR in the competition! They will forever remember the name of…”
Getting all chummy with Williams, Cashe stands next to him side by side. Waving a hand out in front of them as if showing off an invisible marquee.
CASHE: ”Troubled In The Moonlight! Huh? Huh? Like that shit right? Poetic!”
WILLIAMS: ”No. No. That doesn’t work for me.”
CASHE: ”We’ll work on it! Wallace you’ve been a Shit as usual. Fuck you, die slow. I’ve got to… Go explore some more!”
The two then leave the office and step into the hall, bickering with one another as they then make their turn to the left and disappear from the cameras view within the office. Still brushing his hand through his hair and knocking out the pieces of drywall and dust from the demolition job, Perry surveys the damage before turning his attention to the mini-bar. Walking to it, he grabs an empty glass and then wipes the inside with a napkin before placing it onto the surface and pouring himself another drink.
WALLACE: “This is why we don’t have nice shit around here.”
Placing the top back onto the bottle, Perry then lifts the glass and throws it back, downing the entire brown liquid contents. He then wipes a little excess from the corner of his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket before grabbing the bottle and opening it once more.
SHERELL: “What the hell happened here?”
Kaysie exclaims as she pops her head into the doorway from the right before walking into the office with a look of confusion upon her face. Cutting her eyes to Perry, she begins shaking her head as he stares back with a dumbfounded look on his face and the bottle of Scotch in hand.
WALLACE: “I didn’t do it.”
SHERELL: “Really? Then tell me who did.”
Pouring himself another drink, Perry shakes his head back and forth before explaining.
WALLACE: “Well… it’s a funny story actually.”
Topping off his glass, he then puts the top back onto the bottle before placing it onto the bar. Turning to Kaysie, Perry then heads for the door where she stands, interlocking his arm with hers as the two exit into the hall and turn back to the right.
WALLACE: “While you were in the ladies room, a couple of visitors decided to pop in unannounced.”
SHERELL: “Did they not know how to use the door?”


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Bullet With A Name” by Nonpoint begins to play as the lights in the arena dim. A red hue fills the arena as Maddox Lucien walks out onto the ring entrance stage and stares at the ring.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring at this time, residing in Budapest, Hungary. Standing at an even six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds. He is the man known as Violence! He is MADDOX LLUUCCIIEENN!!!”
Maddox starts walking down the ramp paying no attention to any fans until he reaches the bottom of the ramp. He makes like he’s going to backhand a fan and gives a smile as the fan gets riled up over it. He turns his attention back to the ring and hops up onto the apron with a single knee. He stands up and then pulls back on the top rope before he springs over and lands inside the ring.
JOHNSON: “Ante Up was a wild night for Maddox.”
VASSA: “You’re telling me! This guy was all over the place. First we saw him in the opening XTV Championship match. Although he came up short, he was able to later win the championship in the Xtreme Roulette after attacking Sonny Lee in his locker room.”
JOHNSON: “He was on top of the world until Cashe came along and stole the belt before he even realized it.”
VASSA: “That didn’t last long though. He caught up with Cashe in the bathroom but Issac Solo decided to put him in his place and end his short tenure as XTV Champion.”
JOHNSON: “Things didn’t stop there. Later in the evening he was attacked by Issac Solo and Destroyer in the parking lot.”
VASSA: “It was a rough night for Maddox to say the least.”
JOHNSON: “He has an opportunity to get back on his feet here tonight against the former Primetime Champion of Uprising.”
VASSA: “Rest in peace, Uprising.”
The beat of a bass drum and snare blare over the speakers.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
”I don’t drink brass monkey, like the beat funky
Nickname Eazy E yo’ 8-ball junkie.
Bass drum kickin to show my shit
Rappin holdin’ my dick, boy I don’t quit”

“8-ball” by N.W.A. continues to blare over the speakers as Elijah Carlson emerges from the backstage area.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from New York, New York, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall! He is ‘The Crown Prince’… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
At the top of the ramp Eli pauses with the former 4CW Primetime Championship around his waist and points at the crowd, jawing at a few of the fans before finding a fan seated beside the ramp holding up a sign in support of him. From inside his wrestling boot he pulls out a sharpie and walks to over to the fan, autographing the sign before giving them a fist bump. Turning his attention from his fan, Eli sprints the rest of the way down the ramp, sliding into the ring where he makes his way to the far turnbuckle. Having climbed the turnbuckle, Eli points out a few more random fans in his view before spreading his arms out wide, smirking as though the outcome of the upcoming match is undeniably in his favor. Dropping down from the corner, he removes the championship from his waist before laying it down along the top of the apron.
VASSA: “There he is ladies and gentlemen, your Primetime Champion!”
JOHNSON: “He may still have the actual championship but that belt is no longer recognized in 4CW.”
VASSA: “Who cares, Steve? Let the man have some fun tonight! It’s a celebration after all.”
JOHNSON: “Fun should be the last thing on his mind with this being his Adrenaline debut and also suffering from broken ribs following his match at Ante Up.”
VASSA: “That did look a tad bit nasty when Lauryn cracked his ribs.”
JOHNSON: “Just a tad?”
VASSA: “Well, it looked painful as shit but the man was able to fight through it and retain his championship, even though it was all for nothing at this point.”
JOHNSON: “I wouldn’t say it was all for nothing. He was able to grab Perry and Kaysie’s attention. That seems to be working in his favor now.”
VASSA: “Backed by the King and Queen, he’s on top of the world at this point you would think.”
JOHNSON: “You would, but he has still yet to prove himself on Adrenaline. This is the big leagues and you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.”
VASSA: “Good luck to him, he’s going to need it with the mindset that Maddox is in.”
In the center of the ring, the official checks in with both corners. Without hesitation, Maddox nods his head while pointing directly across the ring in Eli’s direction. The official then turns to Eli who looks back with a cocky grin on his face before holding his hand up and imitating a gun, pointing it in Maddox’s direction and firing a shot. Shrugging his shoulders, the official then points to both men with his arms stretched out before lifting one into the air and calling for the bell.

At the sound of the bell, both men quickly shoot from their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. Circling one another, they carefully watch the others moves, waiting for the opportunity to strike first. Lifting his hand into the air, Eli calls for Maddox to lock hands with him. After a slight pause, Maddox slowly lifts his hand and just as the two are about to touch, Eli kicks him in the stomach, forcing Maddox to lunge over from the impact. Throwing his arm over his head and swinging downward, Eli hits Maddox across the top of his back with a forearm smash, knocking him down to all fours.
Grabbing onto Maddox’s head, Eli pulls him up to both knees before holding it in place with one hand and firing away with rights to the face. Pulling Maddox up from the mat, Eli then locks onto his wrist before whipping him to the ropes across the ring. As Maddox comes back on the rebound, Eli sidesteps him and brings him face first to the canvas with a drop toe hold. Popping up from the mat, Maddox holds both hands over his face and turns his back to Eli. Seeing an opportunity, Eli steps in behind him and lifts him into the air, dropping him to the mat with a belly to back suplex.

JOHNSON: “Elijah is off to a quick start in his Adrenaline debut!”
VASSA: “He’ll find out soon enough that Adrenaline is an entirely different breed of animal and if he’s going to make an impact, he better do it right from the start.”
Back on his feet, Eli turns to the nearest corner and makes his way towards it. Ascending to the top, he overlooks the crowd with his back turned to the ring, leaving Maddox just enough time to push himself up from the mat. Turning around, Eli sets his sights on Maddox standing to his feet and leaps into the air, straight for Maddox with a double axe-handle from the top. As Eli flies in his direction, Maddox rushes in and connects with a shoulder block to Eli’s ribs as he comes down. Dropping to his back, Eli moans loudly as he quickly holds onto his side with both hands.
VASSA: “We were just talking about Eli’s rib injury moments ago and it appears that Maddox has aggravated it.”
JOHNSON: “I’d bet that shoulder block from Maddox furthered the damage already done at Ante Up.”
VASSA: “He can kiss whatever progress he’s made in healing bye-bye after that!”
With Eli down on his back in tremendous pain, Maddox begins kicking him repeatedly in the ribs. Using his hands to block the attack, Eli is able to avoid some kicks but the ones that do connect nearly bring tears to his eyes. Turning his back to Eli, Maddox walks in the opposite direction in a fit of rage. Stopping at the ropes on the other side of the ring, Maddox begins mouthing off to the fans in the front row. Rolling over to his stomach, Eli pushes himself up to all fours and then begins crawling to the nearby corner. Turning around, a smile comes to Maddox’s face at the sight. Taking off from stand still, Maddox charges towards Eli and levels him with a running knee smash to the head, flipping Eli over and onto his back.
JOHNSON: “A rib injury is no joke, no matter what the sport is.”
VASSA: “It was bound to happen sooner or later. He couldn’t have expected Maddox to not key in on the one part of his body that is suffering from previous injuries.”
Reaching down and grabbing onto Eli’s arm, Maddox slowly pulls him up to his feet before driving him backwards and slamming him into the nearby corner. Focusing on Eli’s midsection, Maddox begins laying into him with lefts and rights to the ribs. Wincing in pain after each landing blow, Eli remains on his feet, using the ropes for support. Taking a few steps backwards, Maddox then charges in and hits Eli in the chops with a running European uppercut.
VASSA: “POW, right in the kisser!”
Stepping back, Maddox leaves a path for Eli as he stumbles forward in a daze. Running up behind Eli, Maddox locks onto the back of his head and drags him towards the opposite corner. As the two close in, Maddox then slams Eli face first into the turnbuckle. Wrapping his arms around Eli’s waist, Maddox locks onto Eli’s wrist and then lifts him into the air, driving him backwards into the canvas with a straight jacket German suplex. With Eli’s wrists still locked, Maddox bridges for the pin as the official sweeps in for the count.

JOHNSON: “Eli kicks out at the two count!”
VASSA: “I don’t know how he was able to fight through the impact his ribs just took but he did!”
JOHNSON: “He shouldn’t even be out here competing tonight.”
VASSA: “What did you expect him to do? He couldn’t sit on the sidelines during his first Adrenaline, the fiftieth episode at that!”
On his feet, Maddox circles Eli as he’s still down on the mat. Pulling him up to his feet, Maddox then whips him to the far corner and as Eli crashes into it, Maddox takes off in his direction. Leaping into the air, Maddox closes in with a crossbody.
JOHNSON: “This is going to be ug–“
Rolling out of the way, Eli ducks the aerial attack, leaving nothing but an empty corner for Maddox to collide into. Draped over the top rope, Maddox manages to stay on his feet as Eli slowly begins to climb to his feet. Holding his side, Eli limps towards the corner before unloading with an attack of punches and kicks to Maddox’s ribs, fighting through the pain with each strike given.
VASSA: “Just look at the determination on Eli’s face as he ignores the obvious pain coming from those broken ribs.”
JOHNSON: “The kid has heart, that’s for sure.”
VASSA: “Sometimes that’s all you need.”
Pulling Maddox away from the corner, Eli positions himself beside him only to then drop Maddox to his back with a Russian leg sweep. Crawling over top of Maddox, Eli mounts himself on top and then goes to town with a ground and pounds, tearing away at Maddox’s head with vicious rights and lefts. As he draws back for a final blow, Maddox slightly lifts his head up from the mat but as he does, Eli slams his fist down into Maddox’s face, driving the back of his head into the mat.
JOHNSON: “I’d bet money that Maddox is seeing stars right now as we speak.”
VASSA: “You got knocked the fuck out!”
Pushing himself to his feet, Eli turns to the corner and quickly races over to it. Ascending to the top in a hurry, Eli quickly turns around to face Maddox still down on his back. Leaping straight into the air, Eli comes down with double footstomp for Maddox’s head.
JOHNSON: “Maddox is back up!”
Rolling out of the way, Maddox avoids the double foot stomp as Eli comes down and lands to his feet. In an instant, Maddox quickly pops up and as Eli turns to face him, Maddox kicks him square in the face with a right boot, turning Eli in the opposite direction.
VASSA: “Damn! Eli tasted boot right there.”
Moving in behind Eli, Maddox then gets taken by surprise as Eli jumps up and kicks his foot back, planting it into Maddox’s face with a Pele Kick.
JOHNSON: “Your Coronation!”
Wobbling back and forth, Maddox then drops straight to the mat. Rolling over from his back, Eli looks to Maddox and slowly crawls over to him with the pain still evident on his face. Making the cover, Eli hooks Maddox’s leg as the official drops in beside them with the count.

VASSA: “Eli wins it! He’s won it in his Adrenaline debut!”
JOHNSON: “In a quick turn of events right there at the end, Eli was able to capitalize and put Maddox down for the count.”
“8-ball” hits the speakers as Eli slowly climbs to his feet, favoring his ribs as he does. Stepping in beside him, the official grabs his arm and slowly raises it into the air.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
Ripping his arm away from the official, Eli limps over to his corner before reaching through the ropes and grabbing the former 4CW Primetime Championship. Standing to his feet, he then falls back against the corner before lifting it into the air with one arm.
VASSA: “That championship may not be active in 4CW any longer but that man right there is a fighting champion.”
JOHNSON: “Considering the injuries, this was an impressive win in his first match on the big stage.”
VASSA: “Now that it’s finally over, he can take some time off and relax. You’re not invincible Eli!”
JOHNSON: “Kids these days seem to think they are.”

As cameras went into the backstage area, Candy was all smiles as she skipped her way down the hallway. She was on her way to the ring for her match with Persephone Marquis. But before she could get there, Candy is stopped by Isaac Solo.
“What do you want?”
She seemed to be a bit taken back by his presence, but tried to sound as pleasant as possible as she put the question out there.
“Thought I should apologize.”
CANDY: “For putting me in a box?”
SOLO: “For damaging your car.”
CANDY: “Oh…”
She thought about what he said for a brief moment, then shrugged.
“No biggie. Already got it fixed up.”
SOLO: “That’s good.”
Isaac stated while nodding his head as Candy went on to speak after a moment’s hesitation.
“Well, I should probably be going. Got a match coming up.”
SOLO: “Right.”
Just as Candy started to walk away, Isaac spoke up again.
“Wait a minute.”
Once Candy turned back around to face him, Isaac went on with what he was about to say.
“Just so you know, Maddox isn’t a very nice guy.”
CANDY: “Maddy seems okay to me.”
Isaac frowned at the name she had for Luicen.
“Just be careful around him, okay?”
CANDY: “Okay, I will. Thank you for the concern.”
Candy said with a genuine smile as she looked at him.
? ? ?:
“What’s going on here?”
At the sound of the voice, both Isaac and Candy look over to see Maddox Lucien coming back from his match with Eli Carlson and he doesn’t look at all happy. She could tell that he was just asking for a fight.
“C’mon Maddy, lets get out of here.”
Candy said as she approached him and took him by the arm.
“Where are we going?”
CANDY: “Away from here.”
As Candy started to lead Maddox away, Isaac called out to her.
“Don’t forget about what I said.”
Maddox gave him a dirty look.
“This isn’t over. Not by a long shot.”
He continued to stare at Isaac as Candy pulled him down the hall with her.

It’s time to have the cameras shown backstage where for the first time since Fate, a man who’s allowed cameras to go inside of his locker room as you can see some sort of flag hanging up above the green masked man known as Lord Raab. He’s got a few words to say before his match against Randall Kash tonight.
RAAB: “Wow, how far 4CW has come to make this become one of the most top companies. I remember the first Adrenaline show I was apart of so proudly I might add, considering how ridiculous I acted then where I couldn’t care about 4CW or it’s history. Now back then, I was stupid for not caring about anything other than trying to wreck people’s careers in 4CW since I was all about myself back on the first show.”
Raab shook his head again on how disgusted he was with the lack of care in the world for anything other than himself and speaks again.
RAAB: “Now we are on the fiftieth episode of Adrenaline and I would be proud to be in the ring with Perry and Kaysie to celebrate with them because if it wasn’t for Perry, none of us would be here. I respect the hell out of Perry for busting his ass to promote 4CW as best as he could and he’s come such a long way of doing so and if anyone tries to interrupt the celebrations, I would kick your fucking ass first chance I get no matter who it is, let Perry have his moment cos he deserves it and I respect the fuck out of him for it.”
He knew it wouldn’t be right if he wouldn’t even attempt to appear tonight and he scratches his chin and speaks again.
RAAB: “I remember also where a lot of people questioned if 4CW would fail to last this long back on the first Adrenaline show cos 4CW was in serious doubts of continuing, but it was the support of Cashe, Niobe and myself that made 4CW what it is today. I’m glad to be apart of both shows and wrestling on them and also as from yesterday, I’ve officially signed a 4CW Adrenaline contract to stay right here where I belong.”
Shaking his head violently on the offer he had been given after the PPV and speaks again.
RAAB: “I was really insulted when I was given an Uprising contract because I will forever be a 4CW wrestler. I would even die inside of a 4CW ring because this company means the whole fucking world to me and it will stay that way because if there’s one place I’d rather win a title, it would be in 4CW without a question. My career started in 4CW, it’s gonna end in 4CW which is why I’ve made this special banner here. Take a look at it camera crew.”
The camera crew pointed the camera at the banner Raab made for 4CW Adrenaline’s 50th show by Lord Raab on it with the 4CW and Adrenaline logos being the same, but with 50th in 4CW logo colours and speaks again.
RAAB: “That’s what it’s about is you fans and the 4CW locker room and for the first time ever, I will be staying right here in the locker room after the event is over because I want to enjoy time celebrating this occasion with you all, after I’ve kicked Randall Kash’s ass that is. He deserves a violent beating on him for the things he said about 4CW and myself in general.”
Raab wanted to say his last few thoughts on the match tonight and speaks again.
RAAB: “I’ll take care of 4CW’s annoyance, don’t worry cos nobody will notice who he is after I’ve beaten him, but I will promise you fans that the match between us is going to be remembered on this episode and I want to thank Perry for placing me in a match with this idiot because he’s in for a violent wakening. If you excuse me, I need to prepare for my match tonight, but thank you for coming in today cos this show means a lot to my heart cos of the love, passion and pride I have for 4CW.”
Usually, Raab would push the camera crew out of his way, but he respectfully leaves them alone as they do so on leaving Raab’s locker room as the camera appears in another place inside of the arena.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
Just as “I Want Candy” by Aaron Carter starts to play throughout the arena, fans immediately start to cheer as Candy emerges from the back all smiles as she does a little dance at the top of the stage.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring from Candyland, please welcome, ‘The Sweet Treat’… CCAANNDDYY!!!”
After her name is announced, Candy begins skipping her way down the aisle as she tags the outstretched hands along the way. She circles half the ring before climbing up on the apron. As she takes a seat on it, Candy blows a kiss into the crowd. She then lays back and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Once she’s on her feet again, Candy taunts the crowd until her music subsides.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
With the intro of the song out of the way, Persephone makes her way onto the stage; a large and almost condescending smile on her face as she heads down the ramp.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Manhattan, New York, weighing in at one hundred twenty-one pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall… PERSEPHONE MMAARRQQUUIISS!!!”
Some men in the audience extend money toward her in an attempt to get her attention, while others even go as far as yelling their impressive occupations and positions to her. At some points she pretends to be interested before continuing on; snatching some man’s waving money and not giving him the time of the day.
Folding the cash and stuffing it into her wrestling top-

“These hoes ain’t loyal!”

-she enters the ring and regards her opponent with a smile and a friendly greeting, before turning to her corner with an eye roll and an almost disgusted expression. She waits in her corner for the match to start, sitting on the turnbuckle with her legs crossed; back to her patronizing smirk.
VASSA: “There she is, the girl that could single handedly be blamed for the departure of Uprising.”
JOHNSON: “Her switching over to Adrenaline did create quite the uproar, didn’t it?”
VASSA: “It really did. I just want to see what all the queefing is about.”
JOHNSON: “Excuse me…”
VASSA: “Haven’t you heard? That’s Persephone Marqueef!”
JOHNSON: “You’re an idiot. Hopefully we don’t see any of that here tonight, especially for Candy’s sake.”
VASSA: “We have quite a few Adrenaline debuts tonight on the big Fifty and these two ladies add to that pool.”
In the center of the ring, the official checks with both ladies in their corners, receiving the nod from both as they’re are ready to get down to it. Throwing his hand into the air, the official calls for the bell.

Before the bell silences, Marquis rushes out of her corner and charges towards Candy across the ring. As Marquis closes in, Candy steps out of her corner, ducking a clothesline attempt as Marquis passes by. Grabbing onto the rope, Marquis stops herself from colliding into the corner. As Marquis turns around, Candy catches her by surprise with a forearm smash to the face, knocking her back into the corner. Following up on the attack, Candy hits her with two more forearm smashes before kicking her in the gut. Climbing the corner behind Marquis, Candy stands on the middle rope and wraps her arm around Marquis’ head. Pushing herself away from the corner, Candy pulls Marquis along for the ride and plants her face into the canvas with a bulldog.
VASSA: “Come on Candy, lay off the pretty face! You’re supposed to be a good girl”
JOHNSON: “You realize that they can’t hear you, right?”
VASSA: “Just like every other female I try to holla at.”
Pushing herself up from one knee, Candy locks onto marquis and pulls her up to her feet. Out of nowhere, Marquis pushes Candy back, breaking her hold, and then reaches forward, locking onto her wrist. Marquis then goes to whip Candy to the ropes but before she releases, Candy reverses and whips her towards them instead. With Marquis coming back on the rebound, Candy takes a few steps forward before side stepping her and taking her face first to the mat with a drop toe hold.
JOHNSON: “Candy has a strategy here with face to the mat attacks.”
VASSA: “At this rate Marquis is going to look like Cashe by the time this match is over with.”
On one knee, Candy looks up to the nearby corner and quickly pushes herself up before rushing towards it. Ascending to the top, Candy turns to face marquis as she slowly begins rising to her feet. Just as Marquis stands, Candy leaps from the top with both feet aimed for Marquis’ head. Rolling out of the way, Marquis avoids the missile dropkick, leaving nothing but canvas to break Candy’s fall.
As the two get up, Candy darts towards Marquis but gets lifted off her feet and flipped over to her back with a hip toss. Rolling to a seated position, Candy quickly pops back up only to catch a striking combination of lefts and rights from Marquis. Backing Candy across the ring, Marquis forces her to the corner with nowhere to go. After another handful of strikes to Candy’s body, Marquis finishes off the combination with a solid shot right between Candy’s eyes.
Back-stepping to the center of the ring, Marquis then runs towards Candy and leaps into the air, hitting her with a drop kick in the corner as she drives both feet into Candy’s chest. Falling to her back, Marquis quickly pushes herself up as Candy stumbles forward away from the corner. Just as Candy reaches the center of the ring, Marquis takes off and rushes in behind her, wrapping her arm around her head and taking her face first to the canvas with a running bulldog.

VASSA: “Now Marqueef is trying to ruin Candy’s face!”
JOHNSON: “This is wrestling Vinny! It’s the name of the game.”
VASSA: “Well this is a game that I don’t like! I’d rather watch these two mud wrestle or at least make out.”
JOHNSON: “Of course you would. Makes me wonder how it would be to call matches with Adrian at the booth with me.”
VASSA: “Fuck you!”
On her feet, Marquis turns to the corner and jogs her way towards it. Leaping up onto the middle ropes, Marquis bounces twice before shooting herself into the air with a backflip and coming down to connect with the double springboard moonsault press. Hooking Candy’s leg, Marquis goes to end the night as the official slides in with the count.

Kicking out, Candy brings the officials count to an abrupt stop before his hand can slap the mat for a second time. Looking up to the official, Marquis begins to mouth off, resembling that of a nine year old taunting her older sister. Standing tall, Marquis then pulls Candy up to her feet and locks onto her head. Rocking back and forth, she goes for a swinging neckbreaker but Candy manages to slip out of her grip as she spins around only to fall empty handed on her back.
Turning to the ropes, Candy takes off towards them and as she comes back, Marquis has now gotten to one knee. Closing in, Candy levels her with a running knee lift, laying Marquis flat on her back and seeing stars. Pulling Marquis up from the mat, Candy fires away with rapid rights, backing her across the ring. Locking onto her wrist, Candy then whips her to the ropes and as Marquis comes back, Candy lifts her off her feet, spins her entire body around, and drops her across her knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

VASSA: “These lightweight girls make this stuff look easy.”
JOHNSON: “They’re professionals. What did you expect?”
VASSA: “A little respect from you would be great!”
Candy then makes the cover as the official drops down beside them with the count.

Popping her shoulder up from the mat, Marquis breaks the pin attempt. Not wasting a single second to argue or complain, Candy quickly gets back to her feet. Pulling Marquis up from the mat, Candy clocks her with a stuff right hand, knocking her back a step. Grabbing onto Marquis’ head with both hands,, Candy then drops down to a seated position, going for a sit-out jawbreaker, but Marquis lifts her knee up and plants it right underneath her chin.
JOHNSON: “Marquis just wasn’t having any part of that Candy Cavity Removal!”
VASSA: “I’d welcome a cavity from eating her candy any day of the week.”
VASSA: “I’m just saying, I bet she has good Candy.”
In a daze, Candy stumbles across the ring but manages to stay on her feet, but seeing stars. Popping up to her feet, Marquis then races towards the ropes in front of Candy and leaps into the air. Planting both feet onto the middle rope, Marquis springboards backwards and turns her body in mid-air. Wrapping her arm around Candy’s head, Marquis then turns both of their bodies and plants her head into the mat with a springboard tornado DDT.
VASSA: “For the money!”
JOHNSON: “There’s the Petty Cash!”
VASSA: “Candy is laid out and Marqueef is going for the pin!”
Hooking the leg, Marquis goes for the pin as the official slides in with the count.



JOHNSON: “Welcome back to ringside ladies and gentleman and now we’re about to witness a match that won’t be for the faint of heart.”
VASSA: “That means if you have children you might as well go and put them to bed right now because you are going to want them to see what is about to transpire out here in the ring.”
JOHNSON: “What we’re about to see is a No Holds Barred match between two of the more violent individuals here on the Adrenaline roster.”
VASSA: “I’ve been waiting for this match for two weeks now. I have a feeling we’re going to see something special here tonight from these two men.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know if special is the right word to describe what is about to go down here.”
VASSA: “There is nothing more special than watching two men make each other bleed and try to sacrifice each other in the name of moving up the ranks here on Adrenaline.”
JOHNSON: “Let’s toss it down to Mike Powers who is ready to make the introductions for this next match.”
The camera pans down to the ring where Mike Powers can be seen standing in the center of the ring with his microphone in hand. The crowd quiets down as Powers raises the microphone up to his lips.
POWERS: ”The following match is a No Holds Barred match scheduled for one fall to a finish!”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak.
POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall! He is “The Green Disease German Monster”, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring, ignoring the fans in attendance. Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. Still ignoring the fans, he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin as Henry Losak stands at ringside.
JOHNSON: “Raab looks ready here tonight and seeing as how this is the 50th edition of Adrenaline I know it’s something that fills him with pride.”
VASSA: “Nothing would make Raab happier than walking away here with his hand raised in victory on this history making night in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “Love him or hate him Lord Raab has 4CW literally following through his veins. But is that will and determination going to be enough here tonight?”
VASSA: “Raab once said he just might die in a 4CW ring. THAT…could possibly happen here tonight. I’m so goddamn happy we’re on SHOWTIME!”
As the opening guitar shred of Motley Crue’s “MF OF The Year” start to play, Randall Kash walks out in his black hooded robe and mask, his arms outstretched as both a mockery of Christ and a gloat to the fans that he has arrived. He walks to the ring with a confident swagger, still with his arms outstretched, avoiding interaction with the fans.
POWERS: “And his opponent from The Darkest Recesses Of Your Mind, weighing in tonight at 317 lbs. Here is The Dark Messiah Randall Kasssssssssssh!!!!!”
Once reaching the ring apron, he stands with his back to the ring, and removes the robe and mask, handing it to a ring crew member. As he turns to face the ring, he instructs the referee to have his opponent step back so he can step into the ring.
JOHNSON: “Randall Kash is just a monstrous human being standing almost a foot taller than his opponent Lord Raab who is no small individual in his own right.”
VASSA: “In a normal match that size difference would be scary but this is no holds barred. That means Raab can use anything that isn’t nailed down to chop this big redwood down to size.”
JOHNSON: “Usually I’m all for the art of professional wrestling and a good clean fight.”
VASSA: “If you wanna see someone slap on a wrist lock forty-seven different ways and bore you to death then tune into Uprising. If you want blood and guts then this is the place to be!”
Kash steps over the top rope and enters the ring as Mike Powers exits through the ropes. The referee reminds the two men of the conditions of the match before calling for the bell to get things started.

Both Kash and Raab walk to the center of the ring and stand toe to toe with each other exchanging heated words. It doesn’t take long before both men explode with repeated right hands to the face to each other. Neither man gives an inch but Kash rears back and hits Raab with a big open handed slap to the chest that echoes throughout the arena. Raab staggers backwards holding his chest in pain as a smirk begins to form across Kash’s face. Kash gets a running start then leaps into the air and hits Raab with a big splash that crushes him against the turnbuckle in the corner. Kash backs away from the corner slowly leaving Raab to lie limp against the turnbuckle. Kash raises his hand high into the air and hits Raab with a second open handed slap to the chest that echoes off the walls of the building.
JOHNSON: “Those open palmed slaps to the chest sound like claps of Thunder here inside of the arena as Kash literally trying to beat the flesh off of Lord Raab.”
VASSA: “Raab is being lit up here tonight like a Christmas tree. A few more of those slaps and he’s going to be vomiting a lung in the middle of the ring.”
Kash grabs a hold of Raab and whips him out of the corner and into the far turnbuckle. Kash gets another running start and charges towards the corner but Raab explodes out of the corner and hits Kash with a running clothesline. The big man is staggered but still on his feet on as Raab races towards the ropes. Raab leaps into the air and hits Kash with a second running clothesline. Kash staggers even farther backwards but still remains on his feet as Raab decides to hits the ropes one more time. Raab goes for a third clothesline but this time Kash catches him and hoists him high above his head in a military press. Kash turns around and walks towards the ropes before literally dumping Raab from high above his head all the way down to the arena floor below. The crowd gasps in horror as Raab hits the arena floor chest first with a sickening thud.
JOHNSON: “Jesus Christ! That had to be over a fifteen foot fall for Lord Raab! Randall Kash literally just tried to break his opponent into a million pieces!”
VASSA: “There is no way Raab didn’t just break a couple of ribs there or collapsed his entire sternum! Raab didn’t even stand a chance here against this monster!”
Raab rolls around the arena floor holding his chest in pain as Kash steps over the top rope and exits the ring. Kash grabs a hold of Raab off of the arena floor and drags him back up to a vertical base. Kash gets Raab into a headlock then hoist him high up into the air before dropping him mid-section first across the steel barricade. Kash lifts his leg high into the air and kicks Raab in the back of the head knocking him from the steel barricade and down to the arena floor. Kash grabs a hold of Raab off of the arena floor rolls him back into the ring. Kash reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, a kendo stick, and a ladder all of which he slides into the ring. Kash climbs back up to the ring apron then steps over the rope to enter the ring. Raab staggers back up to his feet grabbing a hold of the steel chair. Raab jabs Kash in the mid-section with the steel chair bending him over in pain. Raab raises the steel chair high into the air and levels Kash with a shot to the spine with the chair. Kash arches his back and screams in pain as Raab drops the chair. Raab races towards the ropes then rebounds off and his Kash with a low dropkick to the leg that finally bring Kash down to one knee.
JOHNSON: “With the assistance of a steel chair and a low dropkick Lord Raab has finally brought Randall Kash down to one knee in this match!”
VASSA: “A few moments ago I thought we were going to be rushing Raab to the emergency room but now he’s got The Dark Messiah right where he wants him.”
Raab reaches down and grabs a hold of kendo stick off of the canvas. Raab raises it high into the air and levels Kash with the shot to the head with the stick busting him open while shattering the end of the stick. Raab uses what is left of the stick to wrap around Kash’s neck and hit him with a side Russian leg sweep down to the canvas. Raab gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of the steel chair again as Kash begins to stagger his way back up to a vertical base. Raab races towards the ropes then rebounds off and leaps into the air with the steel chair but Kash catches him with a huge big boot to the face that sends the steel chair crashing into the face of Raab in mid-air. Kash hooks the leg and makes the cover on Raab as the referee slides in for the count.

JOHNSON: “Just a two count for Kash there right after he used his boot to try and merge that steel chair with Lord Raab’s face.”
VASSA: “That was just straight up nasty by Randall Kash but even so it wasn’t enough to keep Raab’s shoulders down to the mat for a three count. Us 4CW originals are built tougher than that.”
Kash gets back up to his feet and wipes the blood from his face as he argues with the referee over a slow count. The referee stands his ground on it over being a two count as Kash focuses his attention on the ladder lying on the canvas. Kash kicks the ladder to the center of the ring then leans down and grabs a hold of Raab by the mask. Kash pulls Raab back up and then shoves his head between his legs. Kash looks out at the crowd with a sadistic look on his face. Kash grips Raab by the waist then hoist him up into the air and hits Raab with a powerbomb down onto the ladder. Raab is folded up like an accordion and screams bloody murder on the canvas. Instead of going for the cover Kash decides to step over the top rope so that he can inflict more punishment to his opponent. Kash makes his way over to the corner and then begins climbing the turnbuckle.
JOHNSON: “What in the world?! This man is seven foot three inches tall and he’s climbing to the top rope?!”
VASSA: “Raab get the hell out of the ring! Get as far away as you possible can before this guy turns you into roadkill!”
Slowly but surely Kash makes it to the top rope as Lord Raab fights and claws his way back up to a vertical base. As Raab turns around Kash leaps off the top rope and goes for a missile dropkick but Raab moves out of the way and Kash crashes and burns down onto the ladder bending it beyond repair. Kash tries to pull himself off of the canvas but Raab gives him a boot to the mid-section then spikes him down to the canvas with a DDT. Raab gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of the steel chair and sets it up in the corner. Kash gets back up to his feet on unsteady legs and charges towards the corner but Raab hits him with a drop toe hold that sends him crash face first into the seat of the steel chair. Raab gets up to his feet then stalks around Kash as he uses the ropes pull himself back up to his feet. Raab charges and hits Kash with a superkick to the face that knocks him over the top rope and down to the arena floor below.
JOHNSON: “Big time superkick to the face by Raab but unfortunately for him Kash fell to the outside of the ring where he cannot be pinned.”
VASSA: “True but now Raab has some room to breath and come up with his next plan of attack against this behemoth he’s up against.”
Kash crawls around on the arena floor as Raab exits the ring. Raab reaches under the ring and pulls out a table that he begins to set up on the arena floor. Once the table is step up Raab turns his attention back up Kash who is using the ring apron to try and pull himself back up to his feet. Raab gives Kash a boot to the mid-section then slams him down head first onto the steel ring steps. Raab grabs a hold of Kash and then leads him around the ringside area before rolling him onto the table. Raab fires off a couple of right hands to the head of Kash before reaching under the ring to pull out a small bag. Raab opens up the bag and then begins pour thousands of thumbtacks all over the table and the body of Randall Kash.
VASSA: “Oh boy! I knew Lord Raab was going to go all out for the 50th edition of Adrenaline!”
JOHNSON: “Hawaii is supposed to be an island paradise but these two men are turning it into their own personal hell!”
Raab tosses the empty bag aside and then slides under the bottom rope back into the ring. Raab grabs what is left of the ladder off of the canvas and sets it up in the corner. Raab climbs to the very top of the mangled ladder as the crowd stands on their feet. Raab gathers his balance then leaps off the top of the ladder and connects with an elbow drop that puts Kash through the table and impales both men with thousands of thumbtacks.

The crowd goes absolutely ape shit as Raab rolls around the arena floor holding his elbow in pain as Kash looks like a human pin cushion. Eventually Raab pulls himself back up to his feet then drags Kash away from the mess of thumbtacks and broken pieces of the table. Raab rolls Kash back into the ring then slides into the ring behind him. Raab goes right into the cover hooking the leg as the referee slides in for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Kash kicked out before the three count! This match isn’t over!”
VASSA: “Raab hit that big elbow on the outside of the ring and it took way too long to get Kash back into the ring to make the cover!”
Raab rolls out of the ring and then searches under the ring for another weapon. Raab pulls out a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat and slides back into the ring with it. Raab gets to his feet and raises the bat into the air as Kash staggers up to a vertical base. Raab swings the bat but Kash catches it barbed wire and all with the palm of his massive hand. Kash snatches the bat away from Raab and snaps it in half across his knee. Kash grabs a hold of Raab by the back of the neck and hits him with a jumping double knee strike to the face. Kash hoists Raab up over his shoulder and then plants him with a running powerslam down to the canvas. Kash gets back up to his feet pulling thumbtacks from his body before grabbing a hold of Raab. Kash hoists Raab high into the air once again and then…
JOHNSON: ”Kash just spiked Raab with The Amen down onto the barbed wire wrapped portion of the baseball bat! That was just vile and sickening move that could have snapped Raab’s neck!”
Even the crowd cringes in horror at the sight of Kash planting Raab with his finishing move down onto the barbed wire baseball bat. Kash hooks the leg and makes the cover on Raab even though it’s academic at this point.

VASSA: “NO! RAAB kicked out! RAAB kicked out! It’s Adrenaline 50 and Raab refuses to die here!!!”
Randall Kash is in utter shock and amazement that somehow Lord Raab managed to kick out of that move. Kash gets to his feet and goes after the referee who bails out of the ring trying to get away from a furious Kash as quickly as he can. Kash turns back around then grabs a hold of Raab and pulls him up to a vertical base. Kash hoists Raab back up into air to go for The Amen for a second time but Raab counters and lands on his feet behind Kash. As Kash turns around he’s met with green mist to the face from Lord Raab that blinds him. Raab gives Kash a boot to the mid-section before he hooks both of his arms.
VASSA: ”No way… no way that he’s going to go for it against this guy.”
Raab musters all the strength that he can to try and lift Kash into the air. Raab gets Kash midway up and then spikes him down onto the canvas with The Killerbuster down into the barbed wire wrapped portion of the baseball bat. Raab hooks the leg and makes the cover on Kash as the referee slides back into the ring for the count.

JOHNSON: ”Wait…what the hell?!?!”
The crowd gasps as someone reaches in and pulls Lord Raab out of the ring right before the referee’s hand slaps the canvas for a third time.
VASSA: ”That’s Jason P. Davidson! The XTV Champion just prevented Raab from getting a victory here tonight!”
Raab swings a right hand at Jason but Davidson kicks his leg hitting Raab with a low blow that sends him crumbling down to the arena floor. Davidson reaches into his pocket and pulls out something as Raab begins struggling his way back up to one knee. Spark fly from Davidson’s hand as he rubs them together before throwing a fireball into the face of Lord Raab. Screams of pain are heard as Raab rolls around on the arena floor with parts of his mask that are literally burnt off. Davidson grabs a hold of Raab and rolls back back into the ring towards Kash. Davidson yells something at Kash who grabs a hold of Raab and pulls him back up to his feet. Kash lifts Raab high into the air and nails for a second time with The Amen down onto the barbed wire baseball. Kash hook the leg and makes the cover on Raab as the referee slides in for the count.

POWERS: “Here is your winner…RANDALL KKAASSHH!!!”
The bell sounds as Kash gets back up his feet. The referee raises Kash hand high into the air but Davidson slides into the ring behind Kash and hits him with a low blow that sends him crashing down the canvas. Kash tries pulling himself back up but Davidson charges and nails Kash with Bow To The King down to the canvas knocking him out cold.
JOHNSON: ”This is uncalled for! He’s already cost Lord Raab a win here tonight and now he’s attacking Randall Kash!”
VASSA: ”And I don’t think he’s done either!”
Davidson unstraps the XTV Championship from around his waist and drops it on the canvas. Davidson reaches down and grabs a hold of Raab by both arms and places his boot on the back of Raab’s head. Davidson rears back and then levels Raab with a curb stomp down onto the XTV Championship belt. The crowd boos loudly as Davidson is handed a microphone as he picks his XTV Championship belt off of the canvas.
J. DAVIDSON: ”What you just witnessed here tonight is a small taste of what everyone else here has in store for them. This isn’t play time, this isn’t a joke anymore. This is a new day…OUR new era here not just for 4CW but for Xtreme and I just happen to be the king, baby. Like I said earlier tonight…I stand with them…and that means the rest of you shall fall.”
Davidson drops the mic and raises the XTV Championship belt high into the air. The sound of “Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold fills the arena as we take one last look at the carnage in the ring before heading backstage.


POWERS: “The following Triple Threat contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Absolute Zero” hits over the loudspeakers, and the lights begin to strobe in the rhythm of the song, drawing a raucous response from the crowd. Soon after that, the ‘Dead Man Walking’ himself, Carter Laughlin makes his way out onto the stage with a slight limp. He pauses at the entryway, running a hand through his hair before he makes his way down towards the ring, pausing along the way, clearly suffering from the attack earlier in the show.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred twenty-seven pounds and standing six feet tall… CARTER LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
He finally arrives at ringside, sliding into the ring where he sits on his knees before he rises to his feet, mounting the middle rope with one foot while the other rests on the bottom strand to look out at the crowd one last time, before he twists back off the ropes and makes his way over to the corner. Leaning back against the buckles and letting himself relax as he waits for the start of the match.
VASSA: “Earlier in the night Carter was attacked backstage by Hollywood and the effects appear to be lingering.”
JOHNSON: “He’s made it clear that he’s out to fix the wrongs that Perry and Kaysie have brought to 4CW. It just so turns out that Carter was a hopeful new signee unable to live up to the expectations set before him.”
VASSA: “Clearly Hollywood was unable to take him out for good since he’s standing in the ring right now.”
JOHNSON: “He may be in the ring but we can clearly see that the attack took its toll on him.”
VASSA: “A win from Carter after that would be a huge upset and boost to his value in 4CW.”
“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the PA as the lights in the arena start to dim. A few flashes of light and the sound of thunder can be heard in the background as Brian Hollywood makes his way from the back. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction at his arrival. Hollywood is in his black attire and is wearing his black trench coat as he centers himself on the stage.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall… ‘Mr. Executive’, BRIAN HHOOLLLLYYWWOOOODD!!!”
Hollywood tugs on his trench coat as he walks down the ramp. As he does, a breeze is released blowing his trench coat back and forth as he arrives to the apron near the ring. Hollywood looks about the crowd and squints his eyes as if he’s looking carefully through out the crowd. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Hollywood makes his way up the steel steps and enters the ring. Hollywood looks about the ring before heading to the top rope and looking about the crowd. Hollywood closes his eyes and slowly raises his hands on both sides as if to praise himself or being in a false sense of delusion that he is being praised by the crowd which gives off another mixed reaction. Hollywood finally makes his way down as he takes off the trench coat and rests in the corner, awaiting for the sound of the bell with his eyes locked on Carter across the ring.
VASSA: “Look at that cocky grin on his face!”
JOHNSON: “He made it a point to attack Carter earlier in the night. Of course he’s going to act cocky in the ring with the man.”
VASSA: “Hell, we don’t even need Kaiden! These two alone will be one hell of a match!”
JOHNSON: “Add Kaiden into the mix and it gets that much better!”
A blast of sound hits the PA all at once, pounding into the eardrums of anyone who would listen. “New Blood” by Zayde Wolf’s rhythmic lyrics soon follow, the vocals piercing through the air. The anthem continued to croon, a haunting melody catching everyone’s attention. Once Kaiden Hawke slowly made his way onto the stage with a stone-faced expression across his stoic features, a mighty roar of jeers and boos rained down on him like hail, watching as he made his way down the ramp. With a cold disposition, he remained indifferent to their behavior, blue eyes steadily glaring at the ring ahead.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at two hundred fifty-three pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall… KAIDEN HHAAWWKKEE!!!”
Stopping in his tracks once he got to the apron, he tilted his head to the side, an inaudible crack leaving his neck as he prepared himself to enter the ring. The walking vessel’s eyes swung to and fro across the arena landscape, examining every sight and every sound he could until a hint of emotion finally penetrated the armor. A small devious smirk crossed his lips while he approached the steps, listening to the crowd chastising him like it was music to his ears. The music still followed him, urging him forward. Climbing the steel steps, expression solid again, he walked along the apron with a certain unspoken poise about him, steadily gripping the second rope, climbing into the ring in the midst of the reprimanding crowd. Keeping his attention towards his corner, he wasted no time at all resting his elbows overtop the two perpendicular adjacent top ropes, arching his back slightly to relax with a measure of patience adorn his face. While the music died down, just another day at the office, Kaiden lazily rested in his corner while his eyes swung back and forth between the stage and the referee, ready for a fight.
JOHNSON: “There’s our third piece to this equation and boy has he been impressive.”
VASSA: “He had a short stint as XTV Champion at Ante Up in the Xtreme Roulette and before that, he’s proven to be a threat in 4CW with his actions in the ring.”
JOHNSON: “Well he has a tough challenge ahead of him with Carter and Hollywood in the ring tonight, despite one man already at a disadvantage.”
VASSA: “Is it a disadvantage though? Carter could use it to his advantage and strike when people least expect it.”
JOHNSON: “He could but Hollywood and Kaiden have both proven themselves in the ring. Kaiden is a bit new to 4CW but hasn’t given me any reason to doubt him thus far.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

In the blink of an eye, Hollywood bursts out of his corner and charges towards Carter in the corner. Blindsiding him, Kaiden knocks Hollywood down to the mat with a running shoulder block. With a satisfied look on his face, Kaiden turns his attention to Carter in the corner and as he steps in his direction, Hollywood grabs onto his foot, stopping his movement. Running out of his corner, Carter leaps into the air and hits Kaiden in the head with a forearm strike. Falling to his back, Kaiden hits the mat hard as Hollywood releases his foot.
Pushing himself up instantly, Hollywood rises to his feet but as he does, Carter throws a right hand towards his head. Blocking the punch, Hollywood fires back with a right to the jaw and then follows up with a left to the side of the neck. Kicking his right leg up, Hollywood plants his foot into the side of Carter’s thigh and then finishes off the combination with a left foot to the stomach. Hollywood then drops Carter to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker.

VASSA: “That was a brutal combination at the hands of Hollywood!”
As Hollywood stands, Kaiden is right behind him to deliver a stiff elbow to the back of the head. Stumbling forward, Hollywood manages to stay on his feet but from behind, Kaiden takes his legs out from under him with a chop block. Back on his feet, Kaidan grabs ahold of Hollywood’s foot and then drags him to the center of the ring. Rolling Hollywood over to his back, Kaiden then grabs onto his arm and pulls Hollywood up to his feet. Wrapping Hollywood up, Kaiden goes to lift him for a belly to belly suplex but Hollywood quickly throws an elbow into his hear, breaking away from his clutches.
Landing a solid right to Kaiden’s mouth, Hollywood then fires with a left, connecting with force. Kaiden retaliates and throws a right hook, missing Hollywood as he ducks underneath and steps in behind him. Wrapping his arms around Kaiden’s waist, Hollywood lifts him off the mat and drives his head into the canvas with a German suplex. Pushing himself up, Hollywood looks over his shoulder to the sight of Carter slowly getting back to his feet. Rushing towards him, Hollywood grabs onto the back of his head and walks him to the corner before slamming him face first onto the turnbuckle.

JOHNSON: “I love these types of matches! The action is just back and forth and you never know what to expect.”
VASSA: “They can be quite the challenge though. You have to constantly look over your shoulder to make sure the third person isn’t going to attack you from behind.”
JOHNSON: “That always seems to be the biggest challenge in these matches.”
Spinning Carter around, Hollywood slams him into the corner before unloading with rapid punches to the stomach. Lifting Carter into the air, Hollywood sits him on top of the corner and then throws an upward punch, clocking Carter right between the eyes. Placing his foot onto the middle rope, Hollywood goes to climb the corner but suddenly from behind, Kaidan is right there with a running elbow smash to the back of the neck. Pulling Hollywood away from the corner, Kaidan spins him around and then locks his arm around his head and grabs onto the back of his pants. In an instant, Kaidan then lifts Hollywood up and over, dropping him to his back with a snap suplex.
JOHNSON: “The entire ring is rattling after that suplex!”
As Kaiden stands, so does Hollywood right after. Hitting Hollywood with a right to the temple, Kaiden then locks onto his wrist and whips him to the ropes across the ring. As Hollywood runs to the ropes, Kaiden rushes to the center of the ring and as he comes back on the rebound, Kaiden takes him face first to the canvas with a drop toe hold. Hollywood’s head bounces off the mat and he quickly pushes himself up to his feet, but not before Kaiden is back on his. Swinging his entire body around, Hollywood connects with a backhand to Kaiden’s mouth, knocking him down to one knee.
VASSA: “Talk to the hand bitch!”
In the corner of his eye, Hollywood catches a glimpse of Carter standing tall on top of the corner. As he turns to face him, Carter leaps from the corner. Lunging forward, Hollywood wraps him up around the waist, catching him in mid-air, and then slams his back into the corner. The air quickly escapes Carter’s lungs as the impact takes his breath away. Lowering Carter to his feet, Hollywood then pulls him away from the corner and turns his body and Carter’s before throwing him back into the corner from a short distance. Slamming his chest into the corner, Carter stumbles backwards as he bounces off and falls into Hollywood’s arms. Applying a half nelson, Hollywood then lifts him up and drives him into the mat with a half nelson suplex.
JOHNSON: “If Carter wasn’t already hurting before this match started, he has to be in tremendous pain after that!”
VASSA: “Hollywood just caught him in mid-air and made him his bitch!”
With Hollywood up to one knee, Kaiden attacks him from behind with a double axe-handle right between the shoulders. Pulling Hollywood up to his feet, Kaiden spins him around and then connects with a vicious right to his mouth. Hollywood throws a punch in return, slamming his first into Kaiden’s eye. The two then begin throwing wild punches at one another, beating each other senseless. Meanwhile, Carter slowly climbs to his feet. Grabbing onto Kaiden’s wrist, Hollywood then whips him to the far ropes across the ring and as he does, he turns to the ropes behind him. Staggering towards the center of the ring, Carter gets caught in the crossfire as both men come back on the rebound. Diving shoulder first for Carter’s knee, Hollywood drives his shoulder into his right knee as Kaiden leaps into the air and nearly takes his head off with a flying clothesline.
JOHNSON: “If having your knee battered wasn’t enough, Kaiden is out to decapitate people in the ring!”
VASSA: “Oh this is bad! Carter’s leg twisted all sorts of ways after that diving shoulder block. The expression on his face says it all.”
Pulling his knee close to his chest, Carter holds onto it with both hands as he yells loudly with the pain beginning to settle. Climbing to their feet on each side of Carter, Hollywood and Kaiden but stand. Leaping over Carter, Kaiden lunges at Hollywood and locks onto him, driving him backwards across the ring. As the two close in on the ropes, Hollywood pulls himself away from Kaiden and ducks down. Unable to stop with his momentum, Kaiden lays over Hollywood’s back and as he does, Hollywood stands straight up, lifting Kaiden into the air and flipping him over the top rope. Grabbing onto the top rope, Kaiden tries to catch himself but as he comes down, he slams his head against the apron before falling to the floor.
JOHNSON: “Kaiden’s down on the outside!”
VASSA: “That right there shows how experienced Hollywood is in the ring as he knew exactly where he was within those ropes.”
JOHNSON: “It was the perfect opportunity and he took advantage of it.”
Still down and in a world of pain, Carter begins to attempt pushing himself up. As he gets to one knee, his good knee, Hollywood steps in and plants his foot into Carter’s face with a superkick!
VASSA: “Lights out Carter!”
JOHNSON: “The Executive Promise!”
With Kaiden down on the outside, Hollywood quickly drops to his knees before making the cover and hooking Carter’s leg. Rushing in from across the ring, she official slides in beside them with the count.

VASSA: “Hollywood has done it! Hollywood wins it!”
JOHNSON: “After an attack earlier in the show and a gruesome match here tonight, Brian Hollywood is back baby! “
VASSA: “I didn’t realize he ever left.”
JOHNSON: “That’s not what I meant.”
“Perfect Insanity” hits the speakers as Hollywood slowly rises to his feet. Looking down to Carter, he locks his eyes at the sight of blood trickling from Carter’s nostrils. Bending at the knees, Hollywood squats down before rubbing his fingers in the blood and then writing an ‘M’ across Carter’s heart.
JOHNSON: “What is that supposed to mean?”
VASSA: “I don’t know what M stands for, but it looks like Carter is going to be sporting it for the rest of the night.”
JOHNSON: “I would expect an O maybe, but not an M. There isn’t even an M in the words The Order.”
Standing straight up, Hollywood continues looking down to Carter with a satisfied look on his face. Stepping in beside him, the official then raises his arm into the air as the official bell sounds.


Backstage cuts to Jason Cashe. Almost dragging himself down the hallway, he looks drained. Covered in dust and chalk like substance from not just crawling in the air ducts but falling through the ceiling in Perry Wallace’s office, his clothes were trashed and thrashed and he was going to need yet another shower. All he really wanted to do was sit back, get high and relax.
Turning the handle, Cashe shoulders the door to his locker room. Entering the room, it was dark. Hand to the wall he slides around until he catches the switch and flips it. Frozen in place Cashe stares across the room. In the corner was someone arms crossed and dressed in all blacked clothing.
Had they been standing there the whole time? Bit weird, honest serial killer behavior. A normal person would be fazed, but Cashe isn’t exactly normal. A grin breaks on his face knowing who it was by the height they had on the wall behind them. Letting the door shut he clears his throat.

CASHE: “A shillelagh? That was fucking brilliant!”
Hidden in the hood of the hoodie, as opposed to the hood of anything else, Persephone Marquis’ face appears. She sprints from the corner at Cashe who slides into a stance to either defend himself or catch her coming in hot. A small package but she had some strength behind her and she plows into him; making his back crash into the closed door. Jumping up, she wraps her legs around his waist, his hands grip tight on the fat parts of her backside. She bites him in the face as if she’s bath salted whore and it follows with him letting out a scream.
CASHE: “Ouch! Get off me! What’s wrong with you? And you NEED to stop trying to jack my shit! Biting is MY thing!”
MARQUIS: “I’ll do what I want and why in the hell are you dirty? What the fuck is that?”
Looking down at himself, he had forgot for a second what he had been through. It still gave him a laugh seeing that she had given herself a layer of his adventures. She tried brushing herself off, pulling off the hoodie as she spat a few toward the floor; bit of dust collected because of the bite. She was wearing a wife beater. She looks good but Cashe wouldn’t give her that. She knows it and why let her know she was becoming admired some?
CASHE: “I heard and spied on Genie singing… Crawled through some vents and then fell out the ceiling right down into Wallace’s office. I feel like I went through a war.”
Sitting down on the bench lining the front of the actual lockers, Cashe sighs as his aches from the night – relieved some. Next to him, Marquis is digging through a bag for another shit. From her bag she pulls a pill bottle and pops one into her mouth. Cashe nods being nosy.
CASHE: “What are those for? Estrogen?”
MARQUIS: ”Right, sure, Estrogen. Want some? I like those nipples swollen, boy.”
CASHE: ”Yeah, no thanks; I think you have enough swol nips for the both of us.”
Not even having to look over at him, she swings an open hand. Popping him upside the front of his forehead with a yell of something similar to “at least I have both nipples!” . He growls and snatches her up, pulling her over and holding her like a baby. She struggles but he pins her arms down.
MARQUIS: “Come on, ass. I need to get changed!”
CASHE: “What are the pills for?”
MARQUIS: “It’s just some Xanies to loosen that asshole for me. Here…”
Fumbling her hands free she sits up and grabs the bottle. Plucking two out and returning the bottle to the bag she falls back. Again cradled like kid. Shoving the pills into Cashe’s mouth, he was pretty willing and didn’t ask any further questions. He preferred the weed solo but he was up for some adventure. Had she shoved anything else in his mouth, he would probably be equally as willing anyway. Always ready. Getting the pills down his throat was tricky with dry mouth but as he accomplished it, he released her and rolled her onto the floor.
MARQUIS: “Rude Asshole!”
CASHE: “I think you’ve gained some weight… No more Banana Pudding for you.”
Scrambling up Marquis throws combinations at him as he threw up hands to try and block hands.
CASHE: “Alright! Truce! Fuck… I fell out of a CEILING! Give me a break.”
MARQUIS: “Ask me if I care? You could’ve fell into Hell and out of it in the span of three days and I wouldn’t give a shit.”
He was going to say something along the lines of, “that’s fucked up,” but her expression changes almost immediately as she begins talking sweetly.
MARQUIS: ”But anyways, did you find anything out about Genevie at all?”
Pushing to his feet, he was wanting that shower before this pill kicked in but he could see that Marquis was truly interested in the info or “goss” as she would call it.
CASHE: “Well she CAN’T Sing! Good DAAMN she can’t sing! And Eli told her! Haha! Let me get in the shower right quick though…”
Persephone frowns as Cashe laughs. Not exactly the information she wanted, but she’ll see if she could get anything out of him later besides the obvious.
MARQUIS: “Yeah, you better. I don’t want any of that shit on me later.”
Stepping around the corner to the shower area. Cashe grabs the wall and turns back to her with a smile on his face. Nodding he lets her know what’s up. Though, she’s not exactly sure what’s up. She pretends anyway, nodding back.
CASHE: “”Eat it and beat it, you gonna need an ice pack tonight chick. Be ready for that!”
Eat what? Beat what? Was he talking about his ass? They never talked about this. Should there be a conversation regarding this? Do they need a safe word? “Wafers” sounds like a good one, she thinks. She waves him off as she gets back to her bag to find a change of clothes, mumbling to herself the start of a future conversation regarding ass eating. Cashe disappears in the showers.

The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds with the intro leading in…
“I’m a bread winner, you wanna make a fortune?
Place all your money on the black and on the red, n—
This ain’t a gamble, it’s a promise, I’m a head splitter
Y’all been sleepin’ on me, now it’s time to shake the bed, n—“

As “Self-Preservation” by Kutt Calhoun starts up, Hopkins appeared from the back, the only thing shining was the 4CW Championship belt around his waist as his appearance drew a large amount of boos with maybe a few cheers mixed in. Those who held Hopkins still in good graces tried to wash out the sounds of the loud boos but they remained untouched. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it arrogantly nonetheless, as he flailed his arms out wide as he took his time to shine in the moment.
POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred two pounds. He is the 4CW Champion, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I am the last of a dying breed
Live by one code that some gon’ heed
Get rich or die tryin’ so I don’t sleep
So cold in these streets I’m Kelvin”

JOHNSON: “This new side of Jair Hopkins, never thought I’d see the day of him on the ‘Dark Side’. He lost a lot of respect from people. These raining of boos towards him are weird to hear.”
VASSA: “It’s like the wrestling version of the Warriors. They were already good without him. Having Madison, CJ and at one point, Jason Cashe. Now you add Jair to the mix, you just made a dominant force even more superior.”
JOHNSON: “What was the purpose of him joining them though?”
The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he acts as if looking to slap the fans who cheers him, yet he fakes them, keeping in groove and step with the beat. Sad faces all around, he shows no soul. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes, getting to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle, shouting loudly to the sea of folks who filled the arena as they clapped back with more boos. Loosening up the title from around his waist, he held it up high in the air, showing it off as the camera flashes catches every frame of movement. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he aggressively called for the microphone.
JOHNSON: “It’s deafening in here with these boos. There are a few … a few cheers but you really can’t tell. People are pissed with this move. He was the face of 4CW. People who wanted to be him are feeling very salty.”
VASSA: “Tough! Let the man do what he want to do.”
Jair is given a mic as he walks casually around the ring, post to post, taunting the crowd with the title up in the air, hoisting it up and down, smiling wide.
HOPKINS: “Call me whatever the hell you want because I’m at the point in life where I could care less. For years I played the “good guy”. For years, I did things the right way. For years, I came to the aide of everyone who needed help. What did I get in return? Disappointment.”
The fans merciless boo him continually as he hits them with a Yeezy-like shrug of the shoulders.
HOPKINS: “I kept quiet, kept moving. Got beat the hell up, but kept moving. Got hospitalized for my sacrifices and all I got was “He’ll be alright, he’ll recover fine!” I got tired quickly. I’m no Superhero. Never was. That role belonged to Roxi Johnson. I was just a good-hearted soldier that just kept it moving, no matter what. Now, hell with all that mess. I got no heart. No soul. I could care less about what you think. Like me or don’t.”
The fans continued to just pour it on Hopkins who continued to casually stroll around the ring, smiling, laughing at those in the crowd booing him loudly.
HOPKINS: “I was ya’ll ‘Good Boy’ for four years. I’m tired because I found out quickly that good guys always finish last. I’m tired of finishing last, ya heard? I’m about getting championships, titles, all the glory. Always was. I’m the typical ball-hogger who likes to always get off that last second shot to win the game. In this business, numbers are your best friend. Sure I succeeded for a while at zero but it was iffy at best. I’m in a good spot now. Everyone wants to give me the awkward eye now. Not my fault they been slow to the game. If they really knew me, they’d seen the signs way earlier before now. I rode that backseat and shotgun seat for the longest. It’s truly my time to shine!
Another thing that seems to be the issue with folks is that people seem to think I needed CJ O’Donnell to be an aide with winning this title. How? May I remind you, this was a four-way battle. Even as stablemates, we were enemies for that moment only although having each other’s backs in that match when needed. Dakota still had a clear opportunity to do some more perverted non-sense to try and get the winning score or atleast tie. Same for Jett. They whine because what happened and therefore they want to say “Oh, you couldn’t do it on your own!” I did it on my own the first time I held it, same goes for this time. Don’t hate … appreciate!”

Jair places the title up on his shoulder, patting it softly as he admires the shine on it.
HOPKINS: “I’m sorry some of you feel extra bitter because of my new alliance now. Sorry it couldn’t be a ‘Dying Breed’ reunion or maybe a new start-up of a group to rival Omerta and Unstable. Thing is, name alone, I fit that word in more ways than one. In the great words of Nas and P.Diddy … You can hate me now, but I won’t stop now. In this business, you have to do whatever it takes to stay on top. That’s what I’m doing. Unstable is my compadres now. CJ, Chris, even the departed Jason Cashe. I’m no “Cashe Replacement”. As funny as that sounds, that’s not me. I’m an ‘Enhancer’, not a replacement. Now look, I g–”
Pulling the brakes on Hopkin’s words, the lights went out, causing a huge gasp within the arena, it was pitch black as fear started to overcome folks.
JOHNSON: “I really hate when the lights go out!”
VASSA: “They really need to keep an eye on the electric bill!”
The lights didn’t stay out for long as the big screen brought some light into the arena. A scary, angered man with possessive eyes. Former 4CW Champion, Dakota Smith stared into the soul of everyone including that of Jair Hopkins himself, who’s attention was quickly grabbed to the sight of the face on the screen as that sickening smile grew on Dakota’s face. The arena was eerie silent. On the big screen the camera begins to pan out, first showing that Dakota was crouching. As the camera backs out more a shocking sight, tied to a knocked over chair was none other than Boogie, a look of total shock appears on the face of Jair as the camera zooms in on his beaten, and bloody friend.
Like a man who has truly lost his mind a revolting smile comes across the face of the butcher as he stands straight up. An erratic jerk runs through the man’s body as he rolls his head around his neck.
SMITH: “ Honestly… What did you think I would do? Did you think I would just let you take my heart and get away with it… Did you think there wouldn’t be consequences to your actions? I thought you would of knew better by now…”
Dakota’s grin turns into an arrogant smirk as he bends over and grabs Boogie by his face and pulls him as well as the chair back up to its normal position. Boogie was in a half conscious state, he was trying to keep his head but was failing miserably at the task. Dakota places on hand on the man’s shoulder before looking back at the camera, as if he was looking at Jair directly.
SMITH: “ Or wait… Did you know? Did you know that I would hurt you by any means necessary? Maybe you just didn’t care… Maybe you thought that my precious little 4CW championship would make up for any collateral damage. I mean you are at the top now…What could anyone do to possibly bring you down from that high? I know the feeling… I know it all to well… That’s why i’m going to show you just how hard you can fall when you are at the top of the world! You did it Jair! You’ve made history! But in these coming months you are going to be asking yourself was it really worth it? Was the prize worth all the suffering that comes with it? ”
As those words cockishly come out of Dakota’s lips Boogie starts to make some noise, he seemed confused, mumbling – asking where he was. Dakota violently clasps onto his face, squeezing it as his hands make their way down to his mouth. He grabs the roof of Boogie’s mouth as well as he jaw and starts to pull them apart, Boogie cries out in pathetic attempt for mercy. Blood slowly starts to flow at the corners of his mouth before Dakota lets go.
SMITH: “ You know… It’s funny. You say you’re not a hero, that you’re now the villain… But in this exact moment. If this man truly is someone you care about… A hero is exactly what you are going to have to be. I don’t think you’ve changed Jair – you’re just merely lying to yourself, trying to use this rage inside of you as a weapon… But it’s not the real you… How long can this ruse last my friend?… But then again maybe you’re not lying… Prove me wrong Jair… Prove that you’re not a hero. Let this fat fuckin’ pig rot… Let my heart guide you… But if I am correct… Then come get him….Champ…”
The cameras cut to Hopkins who was in the ring, beating himself up with a fist to his skull constantly, battling thoughts of everything right now. The folks were in complete awe, silence ruled over as they didn’t even know how to properly react. Jair screamed out to himself, loudly as the whole arena could hear him scream out “FUCKKKKK!!!” in anger.
JOHNSON: “This is truly a disgusting act from Dakota. That man seriously has no limits to cruelty.”
VASSA: “I…I simply don’t even know where to begin, Steve. Heart for a heart. Jair took Dakota’s heart, that 4CW Championship and Jair’s heart, his family, his best man. This is insane. I’m … I’m excited for what comes next!”
JOHNSON: “What???”
Jair slams down the microphone as it bounces violently against the canvas. Quickly evacuating the ring with the title on his shoulders, he runs to the back, out of sight quickly to what would be finding and rescuing his buddy. The cameras had cut away.

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the arena and focuses upon the current reigning 4CW Tag Team Champions, Jason and Tara Davidson, better known as Ascended Supremacy. They are both casually walking down along the hallway with their championship belts on full display for everyone to see who happens to cross their paths. Tara’s half of the Tag Team Championship belts rests easily upon one shoulder and Jason’s half is wrapped tightly around his waist because he keeps his XTV Championship belt draped across his right shoulder.
As they are walking, Jason is holding onto his wife’s hand, as she holds it up high into the air to admire the brand new diamond bracelet which adorns her wrist. There is a brilliant smile stretched across her face as she keeps her gaze focused upon the bracelet before looking up towards her husband who seems to be quite pleased with himself for having delivered on his promise to buy something shiny for his wife with his newly won money.
T. DAVIDSON: “You really outdid yourself this time. It’s even better than the last piece of jewelry you bought for me for our anniversary.”
J.DAVIDSON: “I never break a promise. You know that.”
Jason releases his hold on the hand of his wife before he places both of his hands on her hips in order to pull her closer towards his own body. A short burst of playful laughter escapes from between her lips as she wraps her hands around the back of his neck and pulls him down for a tender kiss while they stand alone in the hallway. The married couple remained locked together in their embrace before pulling apart and allowing for Jason to casually keep his arm around the shoulders of his wife as they once again continue their leisurely stroll down along the hallway with the championship belts. The smirk remains on Tara’s face as she interlocks her fingers in with her husband’s.
T. DAVIDSON: “I’ll have to remember to ask for presents more often if that’s the case.”
Jason chuckles to himself as he rubs over his chin with his free hand. He is about to respond to his wife’s comment when she comes to a sudden stop catching him by surprise. The confusion is clear on his face as he appears to be wondering what could have caused her to stop and he follows in the direction of where she is looking to find that they are no longer alone inside of the hallway. Standing in the opposite direction of where they are standing is another power couple of 4CW. Eli Carlson and Genevie.
Tara and Jason exchange a quick glance between each other as they rub their hands across the golden surface of their 4CW Tag Team championship belts. The silence which now fills the hallway hangs above everyone’s heads before Tara turns her attention over towards the couple who stands across from them with their eyes locked upon those golden championship belts. While an alliance might have been formed, there is no denying the desire to be able to take full claim of who stands tall as the true power couple of 4CW.
CARLSON: “Jason! Tara! It’s good to see you guys again. What a great way to kick off the night, huh? I don’t think I’ll ever forget what a great feeling that was, you know? This building as electric the moment Genie and I stepped into that ring and had Perry and Kaysie introduce the two of us as the new era of Adrenaline. And then, it was made even better when they invited two of our favorite people, two of our closest and dearest friends, out to the ring to celebrate with us.”
Eli smiles, allowing only a hint of the sarcasm his words were truly laced with to shine through in his facial expression. Genevie takes one step closer so that she’s standing directly beside Eli, interjecting herself into the conversation as well.
GENEVIE: “It’s been a really amazing ride for the two of us these past two weeks. One that is unmatched by anyone else in this company. Eli defended his Primetime Championship, I won the Fate Championship, and now here we are, pushed immediately to the front of the line here on Adrenaline because Daddy understands just how important we are. And it really was great that the two of you were able to come out and celebrate with us. Because really, you both deserve to bask in that glory too. You’ve both had pretty good weeks too, right? You managed to not lose your tag team titles to two people nobody has seen or heard from in what, a month? And Jason, what a fight you had winning the XTV title after everyone else who wanted it was basically dead.”
CARLSON: “Absolutely. It was a great night for all of us two weeks ago in Las Vegas. I mean, it’s lucky for you that you two didn’t have to face anyone with real talent or you probably wouldn’t be tag team champions anymore. But, I mean, that’s a discussion for another day right. We’re all friends here. We’re all pals. We’re all on the same page, yes?”
Not hidden in his tone of voice was a bit of mockery and more than a bit of a challenge to both of them. He had called out the entire Adrenaline roster. It didn’t matter if the couple standing across from him were his friends outside of the business. They had something that he knew would look better if it was wrapped around his waist, right above his Primetime Championship, and around Genie’s waist right above her Fate title.
J.DAVIDSON: “Eli! How right you are I mean…it’s so good to see you alive and well now that you’re not getting your ass beat by Genie on the regular at home. But all jokes aside it was so WONDERFUL that Perry and Kaysie brought in the new era bringing Tara and I out after you two. You know…save the best for last and all that. But you two? You two did some good things, right?”
T. DAVIDSON: “Of course they did I mean up there in Canada fighting the good fight against who….Chris Mosh? Jake Orton? I mean you guys did the best you could. But I can imagine even Undefeated Champions such as yourselves weren’t good enough to keep Uprising from all but dying. We actually thought about coming to Uprising for a couple of shows but then we remember we’re talented so that was out of the question.”
J.DAVIDSON: “But seeing as how you two are friends Tara and I will have no problem taking you both under our wings and showing you what it’s like to hold real Championship belts that matter against real competition here on Adrenaline. I mean if old Maddox Lucien didn’t rough you up too badly out there Eli.”
Jason steps forwards and hits Eli with a playful but not so playful right hook to the ribs. The four all burst out into laughter but the tension in the air was so thick it could be cut with a knife.
CARLSON: “Right. HA! That’s absolutely hilarious! Such a funny joke. I mean, I know you can’t actually be serious about all of this ‘showing you what it’s like to face real competition’ stuff. I mean, nobody would be silly enough to say something like that when they weren’t even added to the card. Right Jay? Right?”
GENEVIE: “No, babe. He’d never say something like that and actually mean it. That would be almost as crazy as Tara referring to the competition we faced on Uprising as though she’s ever accomplished anything on her own in 4CW. I mean, honestly, when was the last time you were in a match where you did anything more than cheer your husband on as he did all the work?”
CARLSON: “HAHA! Absolutely spot on princess. Our friends wouldn’t have the audacity to say something like that and be serious about it because they know that Bad Company II is right around the corner and that their tag team titles are going to be on the line and the last thing they would want to do is give us a reason to throw our names into the mix, right? Doing something that incredibly stupid would be terrible for the unity and morale of our freshly formed alliance, wouldn’t it? I’ll answer that for you. Yes, it would. Now, let’s think about this intelligently, something that I know some people here might have a little bit of trouble with. But if it comes down to it, babe, do you think your father, Perry, would choose two people who are comfortable with being… ehhh… average? Or would he be more likely to stick with his daughter and future son-in-law. ”
GENEVIE: “Daddy would definitely choose you and I, babe. But I don’t think we have to worry about that. Jason and Tara know what’s best for them and they know it’s better if we’re helping them keep their titles instead of entering that tournament and taking them from them. Right, guys?”
Eli and Genie both stepped towards Jason and Tara at the same time and laid their hands upon the tag team gold that was in the possession of the other couple, staring directly into their eyes as if to say that they could take those titles at any moment they decided that they really and truly wanted them.
J.DAVIDSON: “Would you just listen at these two Jokesters? Threatening us with entering the tag team tournament and taking these belts away from us? If we weren’t all friends and kidding here I would be afraid that you two were in serious need of being put in your place and shown exactly why Ascended Supremacy is the best tag team in the world today. But we know you both and we know you wouldn’t dare do something reckless that would considered career suicide no matter how high you’re riding on the wave Perry Wallace being your BIG DADDY instead of talent like the two of us.”
A smile tugs at the corners of Tara’s mouth as she gently and carefully pushes Genie’s hand away from her Tag Team Championship belt before she brushes off the front of the golden plate with her own hand. Tara takes the time to adjust the championship belt up higher on her shoulder before the smile on her face grows wider looking very much like it is sincere.
T.DAVIDSON: “It is very lucky that we’re all such great friends, the very best of friends actually, because I’d hate to have to embarrass the both of you out there in the ring if you even dared to come after OUR tag team championship belts. This isn’t like getting all of the attention on Twitter, being the most dominant couple in 4CW is much bigger than fake fights for the benefit of the public. As entertaining as those might be. I like the both of you way too much to crush all of those dreams you might have about becoming 4CW Tag Team champions. It’s really much better this way, with all of us being friends, and us being the dominant force we have always been both inside and outside of the ring.”
The smile hasn’t left her face as she exchanges a quick glance with her husband, a knowing glance, before she makes a simple and casual shrugging motion with her shoulders like she is brushing off this entire exchange of words.
GENEVIE: “You know, it’s funny you should mention getting into the ring. What’s that sound? Eli. Babe. Do you hear that?”
Eli moves his hand from Jasons title and cups it over his ear, as though he’s listening for the sound of something.
CARLSON: “Hey, you know what. I think I do hear something. It’s familiar too. Almost like the sound of..”
GENEVIE: “My entrance music. Oh that’s right, I’m going to go and do what a real champion does, compete. While you two sit back here and do nothing but walk around like you own the place when you’ve yet to beat anyone that matters.”
Genie starts to walk away but stops and turns to speak to the couple once more.
GENEVIE: “Only joking, of course.”
Genie waves bye to both Jason and Tara as her and Eli continue on their way. Jason adjusts the XTV Championship belt on his shoulder before he turns to look over at his wife.
J.DAVIDSON: “Think she stands a chance against Lyza?”
T.DAVIDSON: “Does it matter? This isn’t Atlantic City so her bitchy attitude isn’t going to magically win her any matches.”
J.DAVIDSON: “Either way if they want to be embarrassed come Bad Company ll then they’ll find out just who the real power couple in 4CW really is.”
Jason grabs a hold of Tara’s hand once again and the two continue on their way down the hall as we head back to ringside for our next match.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall.”
A black and white video vignette begins rolling on the screens, showing Lyza Reyes dressed as Charlie Chaplin on the moon. There is no dialogue, but simply piano music playing with the pace of the footage. She’s caught in the middle of a tug of war match between a U.S. Spaceman, and a small group of miniature aliens. Before determining which side pulls Lyza once and for all, the venue goes pitch black, and “In Distress” by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein begins to play.
“I’m something out this world, nothing like the rest
Nigga, win the fair game, fuck with the best
Just a kid with the grown men, rep to protect
Since it’s so rare so there’s a whole land left in distress.”

POWERS: “Introducing to the ring first! Originating from the coordinates of 40.7500° North, and 73.8667° West, it is none other than Lyza Reyes!”
Lyza Reyes walks down the aisle in her gear consisting of a black and gold sequined hoodie, black shorts, and black lace up boots. She tags a few hands of spectators along the way, before entering the ring. The music fades as she does a last second warm up.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The arena is abuzz as the fans wait in anticipation for what’s next for them. The lights brighten for the next star about to come out. The big screens come a light as the beginning guitar riffs to “Porn Star Dancing” hit the sound system. There’s a pause before Genevie makes her way out from behind the curtain just as the words of the song begin. She smiles brightly as the crowd boos her appearance and then rolls her eyes and shakes her head. She raises the 4CW Fate Championship high in the air, As she shakes her hips and body along to the lyrics of the song, disregarding everyone else. After a few moments she begins making her way to the ring with a sexy strut, the smirk never leaving her face.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall! She is the ‘The Boston Genie’ and 4CW Fate Champion… GGEENNEEVVIIEE!!!”
At this point Genevie has made her way to the ring apron. She’ll pose seductively against the ropes before puckering her lips and giving a wink to the crowd. This gets lots of boos but some of the males of the audience whistle and throw cheers her way. She places her belt on her shoulder and slides between the middle rope, letting the crowd admire her almost spilling out cleavage from one angle and her butt cheeks slipping out of her shorts from the other angle before smirking and climbing the rest of the way in the ring, taking the belt off her shoulder and holding it high in the air, taunting the crowd letting them know she’s the best and nobody will ever be better as her music slowly starts to fade out she holds a hand up to the booing crowd and looks away with disgust.
JOHNSON: “Lyza has competed on quite a few Adrenaline’s but Genie on the other hand has not. This is a new stage for her to compete on in which Lyza may very well have the advantage.”
VASSA: “Lyza has had some big matches in 4CW to date, right here on Adrenaline nonetheless. Genie on the other hand, she’s had some big matches, probably her biggest at Ante Up where she became the Fate Champion.”
JOHNSON: “Interestingly enough, the Fate Championship has now been introduced to Adrenaline. Although this match isn’t for the belt, I wouldn’t expect anything less than a championship quality match from these two.”
VASSA: “I’m looking in that ring and I see nothing but sexiness in both corners. This match couldn’t get any hotter!”
JOHNSON: “I’m sure these ladies appreciate you degrading them like that, Vinny.”
VASSA: “Who are we kidding?! I want to be number fifty-two!”
Standing in the center of the ring, the official gets the okay from both ladies before throwing his hand into the air and signaling for the bell.

As the bell sounds, Genie slowly walks towards the center of the ring with attitude in her body language. Rolling her eyes, Lyza then steps away from her former and proceeds towards Genie, meeting her in the center of the ring. As the two ladies stands face to face, Genie begins mouthing off to Lyza and then catches her by surprise with a slap across the cheek. The flesh on flesh slapping sound cuts through the high pitched cheers from the crowd. Slowly turning her head and looking back to Genie, Lyza then swings her arm around and slaps Genie across the mouth. The two ladies then lock up in the center of the ring.
Grabbing two handfuls of Lyza’s hair, Genie jerks her head back and slams Lyza down to the mat. Rolling over to her stomach, Lyza quickly pops up from the mat and lunges towards Genie once again to lock up. As she closes in, Genie claws away at Lyza’s eyes with both hands, giving her a nasty eye rake. Locking onto Lyza’s head with both hands, Genie then drops her down to the mat with a sit-out facebuster.

VASSA: “This thing has only started and we already have a cat fight on our hands.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know what it is but for some reason, a woman’s slap is always louder than a man’s.”
VASSA: “You know what, I’ve never actually noticed that but you’re absolutely right!”
Rolling backwards, Genie pushes himself up to a hand stand and comes down to her feet. Whipping her head to the side and clearing the hair from her face, Genie looks to Lyza who has already gotten back to one knee. Rushing towards her, Genie swings her right arm, aiming for Lyza’s head with a clothesline.
JOHNSON: “Close but no cigar!”
Dropping back down to her stomach, Lyza avoids the clothesline as Genie zips right past her. Popping to her feet, Lyza steps in behind Genie as she turns around and when the opportunity arises, Lyza kicks her right in the gut. Grabbing onto Genie’s head with both hands, Lyza then drops down to her knees, pulling Genie’s head down and slamming her jaw across the top of her head with a jawbreaker.
VASSA: “Great! If Lyza breaks her jaw that means she’s going to be on social media even more! YAY!!!”
JOHNSON: “I’m too old for that nonsense but I’ve heard she is quite the drama queen.”
Stumbling backwards, Genie quickly regains her footing but as she looks up, Lyza rushing towards her and leaps into the air, wrapping her legs around her head and flipping her across the ring with a hurricanarana. Hitting the mat hard on her back, Genie uses her momentum to roll up to her feet. As she turns around, Lyza is right there to greet her with a drop kick to the chest, sending her backwards and crashing into the nearby corner.
JOHNSON: “These girls are all over the ring tonight in the blink of an eye.”
VASSA: “Damnit Lyza! Watch where you plant those feet! We wouldn’t want you ruining Genie’s silicon.”
Holding herself up in the corner, Genie has both arms stretched and draped over the top ropes. Running at Genie full speed, Lyza lifts both arms into the air and as she closes in, swings downward with a running double axe-handle. Rolling out of the way, Genie avoids the collision as Lyza’s arms crash down onto the top turnbuckle. Spinning around to face Genie, Lyza is then met with a roundhouse kick to the chops, knocking her back into the corner.
VASSA: “These women just keep one step ahead of the other.”
JOHNSON: “It’s been a fast paced back and forth match so far but a big move by either one could really slow things down a bit.”
Grabbing onto the top ropes with both hands, Genie then begins kicking Lyza in the stomach over and over, slowly working her down into a seated position. The kicks then transition into stomps as Genie doesn’t let up, but stomps faster and faster. Grabbing a handful of hair, Genie then pulls Lyza up from the mat and locks onto her wrist. Using all of her weight, Genie then whips Lyza to the opposite corner across the ring and takes off right behind her. As Lyza collides into the corner, Genie leaps into the air and connects with a body splash.
VASSA: “Genie may very well be slowing things down as you just mentioned, Steve.”
JOHNSON: “Lyza was on the receiving end of that high impact body splash executed by Genie.”
Dragging Lyza away from the corner, Genie locks her arm around her head and then grabs onto the back of her pants. Lifting Lyza off the mat, Genie flips her over to her back and down to the canvas with a snap suplex. Back on her feet, Genie then looks down to Lyza before stepping onto to her and walking across her body. Pulling Lyza up from the mat, Genie then whips her to the ropes and as she comes back on the rebound, Genie rushes towards her with a clothesline.
JOHNSON: “That was close!”
VASSA: “Swing and a miss!”
Dropping to the mat, Lyza slides feet first, passing underneath Genie as she races right by her and continues towards the ropes. As Genie hits the ropes, Lyza pops back up to her feet and leaps towards Genie, wiping her out with a diving crossbody.
VASSA: “Uh-oh!”
JOHNSON: “There’s the DreamBodyCatcher from Lyza!”
VASSA: “That’s a position I know Eli is used to seeing her in.”
JOHNSON: “That’s just wrong.”
With Genie laid out on her back, Lyza quickly gets to her feet as the crowd grows louder and louder in the background. Turning to the corner, Lyza quickly rushes over and leaps to the second rope. Climbing to the very top, she turns back to face genie, taking a short moment to survey and plan her next move. Leaping forward into the air and away from the corner, Lyza doe a backflip and comes down, landing across Genie’s body with a shooting star press.
JOHNSON: “Pure Vida!”
VASSA: “Pure beauty is what that was!”
Hooking Genie’s leg, Lyza goes for the pin as the official slides in with the count.

“In Distress” hits the speakers as the bell sounds and the crowd erupts. Slowly rising to her feet, Lyza stands victorious as the official steps in beside her and raises her arm into the air.
POWERS: “Here is your winner… LYZA RREEYYEESS!!!”
Pulling her arm away from the official, Lyza paces the ring with confidence, pleased with the outcome of this match and her performance in the ring.
JOHNSON: “This wasn’t the Adrenaline debut Genie had hoped for, but that goes to show you that Adrenaline is a completely different animal.”
VASSA: “This was only her first match on the big show, but she’s still the Fate Champion.”
JOHNSON: “With that said, considering how we opened the show as well, this is a HUGE win for Lyza here tonight.”

Adrenaline pans backstage towards the office of Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell as we see Executive Security, Oswald Pinkman, literally standing right outside the door making sure no one else gets into the office after the carnage seen earlier on tonight. The backstage area is quiet….too quiet in fact, and we all know what happens when it’s “too quiet.” A few moments pass by before the lights all of a sudden start to flicker briefly. Oswald Pinkman looks up and notices the lights in the area appear to be out of whack and he chalks it up to just a small flicker. However, there is more than a flicker as the lights start to act up again, picking up in intensity as the lights start to flicker out of control at this point. Pinkman is now convinced that this is very abnormal and the lights shouldn’t be flickering out of control like that. However, Pinkman doesn’t get the chance to ponder too much about it as a small area of darkness starts to overtake the area and all but one light, which remains absolutely dimmed, goes out. The next thing we see is a figure jumping out of the shadows and blindsides Pinkman. The figure is dressed in all black and the crowd buzzes as they watch the attack take place on the video screen with a couple words from Johnson and Vassa as they watch the onslaught take place. Obviously, someone wanted EVERYONE to watch what was about to transpire here.
JOHNSON: ”Wait a minute, what in the hell is going on here?!”
VASSA: ”Beats me, but it looks like Pinkman is getting his ass fucking handed to him!”
As the figure in black attacks a fallen Pinkman relentlessly, another figure emerges from the shadows and proceeds to join in on the attack of Pinkman. The two men start to beat down Pinkman rapidly, showing no sign of letting up. Finally, after a few moments, the second figure turns around as if he wanted to be seen purposely and it is shortly revealed to everyone who it is as he stares coldly at the camera.
JOHNSON: ”Hold on a second! Oh my god, that’s AAMON!! What the hell is going on here?!”
VASSA: ”Well if that’s Aamon, then that means the other man must be…”
No more speculation was necessary as the figure harshly beating down Pinkman, grabs Pinkman and throws him face first into the closed door of Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell’s office. The figure violently turns around and reveals himself as his eyes are widened, staring into the camera as it’s revealed to be Brian Hollywood. Hollywood appears in a very fearful, agitated state of expression on his face as he addresses literally everyone as he wanted this attack to be made public.
HOLLYWOOD: ”I fucking told ALL of you that something like this was going to happen tonight and I ALWAYS deliver! You see this pathetic excuse for security?! This man represents EVERY SINGLE ONE of your safeties in this company and we’re tearing him down piece by piece, right before your very eyes!”
Hollywood turns back around and starts to violently continue his merciless attack on Pinkman as Aamon joins back in, both kicking a completely defenseless and helpless Oswald Pinkman. As Hollywood continues his assault on Pinkman, Aamon actually walks to the office door of Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell and opens it up. He takes a moment to peer inside at the carnage and is actually satisfied with the utter ruin of the office. He closes the door and gets Hollywood’s attention. Aamon points at the door and Hollywood smiles sadistically, nodding his head.
HOLLYWOOD: ”It’s time that I bring the walls down in this company!!”
Hollywood looks at Aamon and that’s all he had to do as Aamon nods accordingly and walks over and grabs Pinkman. Hollywood and Aamon grab a hold of Pinkman and line him up in front of the office door before charging at dangerous speeds and literally use Pinkman to break down the door to the office as Pinkman goes crashing through the door and into the office as the door snaps off of its foundation violently.
JOHNSON: ”OH MY GOD!! Hollywood and Aamon could have killed Pinkman right there! There’s no need for this senseless violence!”
VASSA: ”Well, Hollywood did warn us last week…he said that he was going to hash out an unwarranted attack this week and he’s following through on this promise. However, what I’m witnessing just looks sadistic and I am appalled by what I’m witnessing here!”
A deep and hysterical laugh is heard from Hollywood as the camera catches a close up of his face and catches the mysterious “M” symbol carved with blood on his forehead.
JOHNSON: ”There’s that mysterious symbol again! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but it appears as if Hollywood has an M carved on his forehead and I’m not even going to speculate who’s blood that is but we saw something like this earlier on in the night when that symbol was carved in blood on Carter Laughlin’s forehead.”
VASSA: ”I’m officially freaked the fuck out now! What is that, some kind of cult symbol? None of this is making any sense to me!”
Hollywood and Aamon trek into the completely ruined office of Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell as we can see damage to the ceiling and drywall completely smashed in. As if the office wasn’t being damaged enough, Hollywood apparently has sealed the completion and his mark on the office, by using Pinkman to break down the door. Hollywood and Aamon continue their merciless and aggressive attack on Pinkman as they execute a double powerbomb sending Pinkman through an already smashed glass table. Hollywood can be seen venting hysterically as his eyes are widened and he drops to one knee. Hollywood picks up a piece of glass and proceeds to cut himself on his forehead as a gash opens up and blood starts to drip from his forehead as Hollywood positions himself over Pinkman’s face as the blood is seen dripping down and landing on Pinkman. Pinkman can be heard muttering some kind of mercy plea as Hollywood and Aamon laugh devilishly to which Hollywood shakes his head and speaks in a deep and dark tone.
HOLLYWOOD: ”Oh no, Oswald, there will be NO fucking mercy shown tonight! You are staring into the eyes of the newly reformed Order, and you are our message to the world of 4CW AND Perry Wallace tonight! No one is going to come and save you, Pinkman! NO ONE!! HEH, how does it feel to know that you’re ALL alone and that you are going to be BEGGING for mercy that won’t be granted to you? HUH? FUCKING ANSWER ME PINKMAN! ANSWER ME!!!!”
Hollywood uncontrollably and without sanity begins to bash in the face of Oswald Pinkman repeatedly without a single sign of mercy or a soul as his eyes tell the story of enjoyment in this horrored situation. Pinkman can’t defend himself and he’s heard crying out in terror.
Hollywood’s eyes light up with joy as he is feeling good about himself after hearing Pinkman plead for mercy. Hollywood, of course though, doesn’t stop as he continues to bash in the now almost unrecognizable face of Pinkman until Pinkman can not only speak anymore, but he is showing no signs of consciousness.
JOHNSON: ”This is….absolutely unbearable to watch….what kind of sick fucking game is this?! Why would Hollywood want everyone to watch this?!”
VASSA: ”I’m pretty certain it’s safe to say that whatever this is, the Hollywood we are seeing here is….I don’t know…who is this guy?! Hollywood is going too far with this and I…I don’t even know what to say here. I’ve never seen anything like this before…”
Hollywood grabs Pinkman and throws him without thought into the other side of the office smashing the other side of the drywall actually leaving a noticeable mark in the wall. Where this insane source of strength is coming from is unknown but Hollywood seems very happy with his work. Hollywood looks over at Aamon and nods his head as Aamon goes over to retrieve Pinkman as Hollywood slowly turns back towards the camera and stares coldly into it with his dark, soulless eyes as he breathes heavily.
HOLLYWOOD: ”The message doesn’t end here for you, 4CW. This message doesn’t end here for you Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell. This message doesn’t end here with you either to the rest of the 4CW locker room! What you just witnessed here marks simply the beginning of my terror and my rampage here tonight. NONE of you are safe and this attack on a 4CW official is to show all of you that it doesn’t matter WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE…if I deem you to be corrected, if I deem you a problem to the system, I will not hesitate to bring the shroud of darkness down upon every last one of you! UNSTABLE IS DEAD! OMERTA IS DEAD! The Order is the ONLY force that stands unchecked here in 4CW. I’ve waited patiently to make my move in this campaign and my time….OUR time has come! The downfalls of Unstable and Omerta was no coincidence, either. The seed of darkness, the seed of corruption was easily planted into the irrelevant false forces of your unseemingly “unchecked forces.” The Darkness is HERE and it’s coming for you ALL! This message is for all of those who wish to stand with Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell for if you stand with them, you will meet a far more worse end than Oswald Pinkman has endured tonight! I gave you your ONLY warning, and you have chosen to idiotically continue to IGNORE my message and you all will PAY for your transactions!

Hollywood yells darkly as he signals for Aamon to bring Pinkman before him. Aamon drags Pinkman carelessly towards Hollywood as he plants him on his knees in front of Hollywood. Hollywood closes his eyes and holds his arms up in the air like he’s sending some kind of message outwards. It’s unclear if he’s worshipping someone, but he postures himself as if he’s ready to make a sacrifice. Hollywood takes his hand and covers it with Pinkman’s blood as he takes his hand and starts to mark Pinkman’s forehead.
HOLLYWOOD: ”I now offer this worthless being, a former identity who’s soul is now yours to take, to you…I offer him to YOU, Moldark! May his sacrifice serve you and grant power to the unlimited power you so desire!”
Hollywood marks the mysterious “M” symbol upon Pinkman’s forehead and closes his eyes once more holding his arms up like he’s feeling the power of Moldark granting Hollywood with the power of the sacrifice. Hollywood looks happy and content before slowly rising to his feet as Aamon lets Pinkman’s body drop before him. Hollywood turns towards the camera again as he slowly takes his hand and swipes it down his face as the blood is seen wiped down his face. Hollywood’s breathing is now under full control as he stares coldly into the camera, sending a final chilling message.
HOLLYWOOD: ”It is done. You are witnessing the resurrection of the TRUE ORDER and the will of the Darkness, the shroud of the shadows has begun its spread throughout 4CW. It has begun. I now warn the rest of you, cross me, stand in my way, and you will meet the same fate Pinkman has. I hope you’re listening to this Perry and Kaysie, build your armies, build your corrupt pawn soldiers, but it will all be for nothing. Your corruption, your souls and your hold on 4CW shall crumble at the hands of the Order and you all shall be sacrificed for the will of Moldark. NONE of you are safe! And to my fellow followers, my loyal dark subjects, you shall have a part to play in this uprising. To the unknown roster of 4CW, my followers shall arise from the shadows and you won’t see it coming. You won’t know who shares in the uprising and who follows me for the sake of freeing 4CW of all its discrepancies. There is no salvation for those who stand in my way. This is your one message. Heed it. Take note and if you’re smart enough, you’ll tuck your tails between your legs and run as far away as you can. But know this….there is NOWHERE to run! There is NOWHERE to HIDE for if it’s the will of the Darkness, you WILL meet your end and you will stare into the merciless face of the Order and there will be no mercy granted upon you. The ORDER HAS SPOKEN! THE NEW ORDER HAS ARISED! YOUR PRINCE OF DARKNESS IS HERE!”
Hollywood smiles sadistically as Aamon comes up from behind Hollywood and stares coldly into the camera as the lights in the office all of a sudden flicker out of control before total darkness overtakes the office and the cameraman, out of fear and terror, quickly cuts out before Adrenaline returns to ringside.


JOHNSON: ”We’re back here at ringside and we’re just about ready to get our next match started as Issac Solo and Destroyer are getting to take on the Untouchables of Shane Clemmens and Keith Daniels.”
VASSA: ”Nothing like some tag team action to get the blood pumpin!”
JOHNSON: ”You got that right Vinny! Let’s kick it out to Powers for the start of this match!”

POWERS: ”The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!”
A sample from the late, lamented TV show LAST RESORT sounds out… the voice of Andre Braugher asking… “Do you WANT a war?”
Immediately, an edit of “Nate” by Vince Staples kicks in.
As a kid all I wanted was a hundred grand
Uncle counting money while my daddy cut him grams
Made me promise that this shit would never touch my hands
And it never did said it’d make me be a better man
Smoking in the crib, hiding dip inside of soda cans
Black bandana on his arm, needle in his hand
Momma trying to wake him up, young so I ain’t understand
Why she wouldn’t let my daddy sleep, used to see him stand
Out in the alley through my window
Drinking Hen’ with his homies blowing cig’ smoke
Lights flashing now he running from the Winslows
Hear him screaming from my momma at the backdoor
Sometimes she wouldn’t open it, sitting on the couch
Face emotionless, I don’t think they ever noticed that I noticed it
As a kid all I wanted a hundred grand

Out into the arena steps Issac Solo, dressed only in his ring gear, with a white towel draped over the back of his neck. The crowd gives him his due applause…
Cause my daddy did it, eyes bloodshot
With the caddy tinted, **** handouts
**** the county building, never seen that
Catch him riding round the city with the seat back
With the seat back, with the seat back
Catch him ride round the city with the seat back
With the seat back, with the seat back
Catch him ride round the city with the seat back

POWERS: “Now entering the ring, he comes from Long Beach, California, weighing in at two hundred ninety pounds, he is, IS-SAAAAAC SOOOOOO-LOOOOOO…”
He clutches to the towel with both hands, as he makes his way in, tossing the towel into an appreciative crowd as he prepares to fight….
The lights cut out and pyro blows up at the entrance ramp as “Search and Destroy” by Iggy and the Stooges blares, Des storming down the aisle with his eyes focused on the ring.
POWERS: ”And his partner, from Skull Valley, Arizona, weighing in at precisely two hundred pounds, he is DESTROYER!”
He stops at the steps and leaps onto the canvas, tumbling over the top rope and rolling over to the opposite side of the squared circle. He darts up and ascends, stands on the top turnbuckle, and raises his arms in the air, gesturing with his hands for the crowd to bring the noise.
JOHNSON: ”These guys look ready to go here tonight. Taking on the Untouchables, these guys don’t look the least bit intimidated to fight these guys here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Both teams have had their fare share of successful in ring work so this should be an exciting one here tonight.”
The lights in the arena begin to fade as strobes fire up and crimson red spot lights fire up. A crimson red pot leaf appears spinning in the middle of the ring. Flash bulbs fire as lighters fire up. “Lap Dance” by N.E.R.D. begin to play. On the big screen you can see images of soldiers marching mixed in with strippers stripping. Finally, this culminates in a nuclear explosion creating white light. Soon these images are replaced by words:

Pyros fire as Shane appears from the entrance.
“Dirty Dog
I’m, I’m a dirty dog
I’m a dirty dog
I’m, I’m a dirty dog”

Shane heads to the ring with a brilliant smirk on his face. As he goes he raises the back of his hand towards the fans as if to smack them. His adoring fans scream, the fairweather fans boo. Shane keeps going.
“I’m an outlaw (I’m an outlaw)
Quick on the draw (Quick on the draw)
Somethin’ you’ve never seen before (Never Seen)?

POWERS: ”And introducing their opponents, first, from Missoula, Montana, he weighs in at two hundred five pounds, he is SHANE C-CLEMMENS!”
Shane rushes the ring, sliding in on his chest. Effortlessly he pops to his feet. He heads to to the corner and climbs to the second turn buckle, gazing out at the fans. He holds his fingers to his lips as if he’s smoking a joint, then extends it to the audience. The fans pop, but then suddenly Shane gives a violent rendition of the “fist yourself” hand gesture.
“It’s so real
It’s How I Feel
It’s this society
That makes a nigga wanna kill”

Shane, loving the roar of the crowd returns to the middle of the ring were he struts, bouncing as he warms up, stretching his neck. He finally pulls his tank top off and tosses it ringside.
“It’s a raw night (It’s a raw night)
Who wants to bar fight? (Who wants to bar fight?)
Well come on alright (Well come on)”

Shane returns to the corner, leaning against it as he awaits the start of the match. The music dies as the lighting returns to normal.
Suddenly, the arena goes dark.

The lights come up as “Blow It Out” by Ludacris blasts throughout the arena. The crowd showers down boos as Keith Daniels steps out onto the stage. He beckons the crowd to boo louder and grins. He smirks and proceeds down the ramp.
POWERS: Making his way to the ring, now residing in Orlando, FL, he stands six feet ten inches tall and weighs in at three-hundred and forty six pounds… He is ‘The Dangerous One’ Keith Daniels!
On his way, he sees a fan in the front row holding a sign that says “KEITH DANIELS IS BETTER THAN YOU” and grabs the sign from him. He holds it up and turns for everyone to see it, only provoking more boos. He then rips the sign in half and tosses it back to the fan before running to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope with surprising agility considering his size. He then stands and climbs a turnbuckle before putting his hand up inviting the crowd to admire him. He steps down and leans against the turnbuckle.
JOHNSON: ”And we’re mere moments away from the start of this match and both these teams look ready and hungry for a victory tonight!”
VASSA: ”Look at Keith Daniels, he looks like he’s ready to murder some fuckers tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”That he does and it appears as if Keith is going to kick start things for his team. It looks like Solo is going to jumpstart things for his team and things looked primed and ready to go!”

The match has officially begun as Solo and Keith start to circle each other in the ring. Solo stares into the bigger Daniels before locking up in the middle of the ring. There is a brief struggle, but Keith quickly takes over in the early goings of this match as he strikes Solo with a stiff left punch before catching Solo off guard by lifting him up high in the air before planting him straight on the back with a military press. Solo grabs his lower back but is able to get back to his feet long enough for him to turn around and straight into a big boot by Daniels that levels Solo flat in the ring. Keith drops down for the early cover.

JOHNSON: ”What a stiff set of moves in the early sequences of this match by Keith Daniels! Solo is going to have to come up with something quick if he wants to keep this match alive for himself and Destroyer.”
VASSA: ”Yea, Daniels surprised Solo with that sequence, but Solo is the type to adjust accordingly pretty quickly. Let’s see if he can execute that here tonight.”
Daniels brings Solo back to his feet but Solo immediately starts to go on the offensive by sending some chops into the chest of Daniels. Daniels tries to fight back instantly and goes for a swing, but Solo ducks and bounces off the ropes and plants Daniels with a dropkick. Daniels doesn’t go down immediately, however, so Solo grabs the dazed Daniels and sends him down into the mat with a running big boot of his own that sends Daniels down to the mat on his back. Solo drops down and goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Solo trying to play a similar game against Daniels and it looks like it paid off for him.”
VASSA: ”Yea, and that seems to be a pretty sound working strategy for Solo as he was able to execute it perfectly on Daniels but it’s going to take more than that to keep Daniels down.”
Solo remains on the offensive as he hammers away at Daniels face with some lefts and rights. Solo is able to bounce off the ropes again as rushes towards Daniels and hits him with an ensuguri as the sound of the impact rattles the crowd and sends Keith to one knee. Solo, knowing he’s got Daniels off balance, proceeds to rush at him again but Daniels is ready for him now as Daniels rattles him with a vicious spear to the gut breaking Solo in half. Daniels jumps and plants an elbow drop straight to the sternum of Solo as he covers him quickly.

JOHNSON: ”Another close encounter, but Solo manages to get the shoulder up!”
VASSA: ”After that impact, they may want to check the ribs of Solo, because that sounded like a bone crushing move from Daniels!”
Daniels grabs Solo and proceeds to Irish whip him towards the ropes, but Solo counters and ends up sending Daniels into the corner turnbuckle. Solo leans up against Daniels as Destroyer tags himself into the match. Solo bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face of Daniels as Daniels falls forward allowing Destroyer to grab him in the process as Destroyer is able to bring Daniels down with a one handed bulldog. Destroyer goes for the cover on Daniels.

JOHNSON: ”Some nice displays of team work by Solo and Destroyer there as they continue to wear down Daniels.”
VASSA: ”Smart strategy there as Daniels is a beast to contend with in the ring. The key here is not to let Daniels get himself a break with a tag in to Clemmens.”
Destroyer grabs Daniels and attempts a running neckbreaker, but Daniels is able to clear himself from danger in that endeavor as he spins around quickly and introduces a brick wall in the form of a clothesline taking Destroyer down to the mat. Daniels rolls to his corner quickly as he’s able to tag in Clemmens into the match. Clemmens is hot and ready to enter this match up as he hops on the ropes and just as Destroyer reaches his feet, Clemmens hops from the ropes and hits a shining wizard which gets a nice reaction from the crowd as Destroyer goes down into the mat. Clemmens hooks the leg of Destroyer.

JOHNSON: ”Clemmens with a nice introduction into this match as he puts on an athletic show out of the gates!”
VASSA: ”Clemmens knows how to work this crowd and this match and he got a close one on Destroyer there!”
Clemmens starts to take down Destroyer with a series of shoulder blocks before finally settling with a Lou Thesz Press as he starts to dish out some punches into the face of Destroyer all the while keeping the fire going for him in this match. Destroyer is able to get back to his feet and as Clemmens goes for a flying punch, Destroyer quickly turns the tables by executing a running neckbreaker that sends Clemmens crashing down into the ring hard. Destroyer continues his advantaged strike by grabbing Clemmens and dealing him a belly to belly suplex that takes him down to the mat. Destroyer goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”And just like that, Destroyer gets the match tipped into himself and Solo’s favor once again.”
VASSA: ”That is how quick a match can change when you’re involved in a match with the Untouchables! Great ring awareness by Destroyer there.”
Destroyer grabs Clemmens and Irish whips him into the corner turnbuckle before charging at him and attempting a European uppercut which Clemmens is smart to move out of the way from. Clemmens quickly turns the tables and sends Destroyer into the corner turnbuckle as he proceeds to release some kung fu strikes and kicks keeping Destroyer guessing on his toes which isn’t exactly working in Destroyer’s favor at the moment. Solo sees this and gets the blind tag in as Clemmens grabs Destroyer and takes him for a ride by executing a huricanarona that spins Destroyer into the mat. However, what he doesn’t realize is that Solo was able to get the tag and Solo blindsides Clemmens by grabbing him and hitting a thunderous death valley driver that sends Clemmens hard into the canvas. Solo goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Solo almost stole one right there for himself and Destroyer!”
VASSA: ”Yea, luckily for Clemmens, he was able to get the shoulder up right before the three count right there!”
Solo slowly brings Clemmens back to his feet as he goes to Irish whip Clemmens, but Clemmens reverses it and uses an Irish whip of his own as he pulls Solo back towards him and levels him with an inverted atomic drop. Clemmens drops down and covers the stunned Solo.

JOHNSON: ”NO! Solo just barely is able to keep himself in this match! Man that was a very close call right there!”
VASSA: ”I don’t think it can get any closer than that! Clemmens could taste it and I really thought he could have had that right there but Solo finds a way to stay alive!”
Meanwhile, across the ring, Daniels is itching to get back into this matchup as he pounds the turnbuckle wanting the tag into the match. Clemmens drags Solo over to the corner and grants his partner’s wishes by tagging him in. As Keith gets back into the ring, Shane executes a swift superkick on Solo as Keith grabs Solo and hits him with a German suplex completing the Shoot to Kill trademark. Clemmens doesn’t stop there, though, and ends up turning around and planting a surprise superkick into the face of Destroyer launching him from the outside apron to the ground on the outside. Meanwhile, Solo looks like he might have been moderately hurt from that Shoot to Kill move as he legitimately looks like he is struggling to move in the ring.
JOHNSON: ”Oh my god, it looks like Solo might have been injured with that move. I don’t think the referee is picking up on that.”
VASSA: ”Yea, that landing looked pretty awkward from where I’m sitting. It could have definitely been cringe worthy with that look.”
The referee doesn’t have any time to notice, though, as Daniels grabs a now very apparent injured Solo as he picks him up and hits the Final Verdict on Solo without any struggle or fight from Solo as Solo is driven hard into the mat which is met with a very sickening reaction from the crowd as it becomes clearly evident that Solo has not only been injured, but that Final Verdict may have seriously further injured Solo as Daniels drops down and covers a fightless Solo.

JOHNSON: ”And that will definitely do it, folks. The Untouchables pick up a nice victory, but at what cost to Solo?”
VASSA: ”Yea, it doesn’t look good for Solo. He’s not even moving in that ring! The medics are already down here at ringside as the referee has called for medical finally realizing Solo could have been seriously injured here.”
The Untouchables briefly celebrate in the ring before rolling out as medical attend to Solo. A very concerned Destroyer is back in the ring as he attends to his partner looking on in worry as Solo is loaded up on a stretcher.
JOHNSON: ”Very concerning moment here, ladies and gentlemen as medical attends to Solo but it appears Solo is moving slightly so that’s a sigh of relief there. He’s moving at least, but medical are indicating that there is an injury here.”
VASSA: ”Just saw the replay on when that injury occurred and it’s definitely sickening to watch! I give out my best regards to Solo and hopefully he can recover fast and return to action swiftly and effectively!”
The crowd clap quietly out of respect for Solo as he is stretchered out of the ring and slowly handled towards the back as Adrenaline cuts backstage.

Maddox Lucien is seen watching the monitor as the cameras cut backstage. He watches with a frustrated look on his face as Issac Solo is being wheeled out on a stretcher. Gabriel Hartman approaches Maddox.
HARTMAN: “Maddox Lucien. We have all just witnessed what happened to Issac Solo. It looks like he’ll be out of action for a while. What does this mean in regard to your recent obsession with Issac Solo?”
Maddox tilts his head as he looks at Hartman. He sighs heavily, and takes a step closer to Hartman.
LUCIEN: “Did I hear you say ‘Obsession?’”
Maddox takes another step closer.
LUCIEN: “Is that what you think has been going on? That I’m obsessed with Mr. Stinky? Is that what you think?”
Maddox takes another step forward and puts his hand on Hartman’s shoulder. He chuckles and gives Hartman a nod.
LUCIEN: “I’m sorry that you feel that way. I’m sorry that you look at things that way, Gabe. I really am. There is just…so much more to it than what you see.”
Maddox keeps chuckling and looks at Hartman. He doesn’t say anything. Hartman decides to pry deeper.
HARTMAN: “Then would you mind elaborating about what has been going on with the two of you? And how what does it mean if Issac Solo ends up on the shelf for a while? At least in your point of view…”
Maddox puts his hand over Hartman’s on the microphone handle and squeezes tightly. You see the grimace in Hartman’s face. Maddox holds the microphone closer to himself as he begins to answer the question.
LUCIEN: “What has been happening is that I’ve been victimized by foul stench of athlete’s foot on the night of my debut here in 4CW. What has happened is that I offered Mr. Stinky a chance to come clean, and relieve us all from the odor enveloping our nostrils here in the 4CW locker room. What has happened is that Mr. Stinky Issac Solo and his buddy Destroyer threw me into the windshield of Candy’s car. And what does Issac have to say about that? Nothing!! He can play games. He can act like he’s sorry. But, the facts show otherwise.”
Maddox leans his face closer to Hartman’s.
LUCIEN: “What did I get for my troubles? What thanks did I get for my random acts of kindness? I had a basket bashed into my skull!! I almost went through a windshield!! Issac Solo and Destroyer are the reason why I am not holding the XTV Championship!! But now…all that changes.”
Maddox smiles big.
LUCIEN: “Now!! Now, Issac Solo will have to sit on his couch at home and watch me send him a message. He’ll have a chance to watch me destroy every single person in the ring. He’ll know that every action that I ever do from this moment on until he is ready to compete…is meant for him to see. And Issac Solo had better watch close. He better pay attention because when he returns, I intend to settle the score. He will be the one that ends up plastered on top of the hood of someone’s car. He will be the one that has a gift basket bashed against his skull. He will be the one…that will learn the true meaning…”
Maddox grabs Hartman by the collar. He lets go of the microphone and holds his fist against Hartman’s face.
LUCIEN: “Of Violence…”
Maddox lets go of Hartman’s collar and walks away. The cameras return to ringside.


VASSA: “We have one hell of a main event coming up folks!”
JOHNSON: “That we do! The members of Omerta will face off in the ring tonight… against each other!”
VASSA: “At Ante Up we saw Cyrus leave the parking lot after forcing Sabrina Wallace into the car with him. The man has kidnapped the bosses sister!”
JOHNSON: “You can’t help but wonder about the booking of this match given everything that happened before Ante Up, but it all makes sense now considering how events unfolded.”
VASSA: “It was a tragic night for Perry. I know he acts like she was nothing but an annoyance but he does care about his sister.”
JOHNSON: “Of course he does! That is exactly why he asked Cyrus to look after her in the first place.”
VASSA: “I think he was just more so covering his own ass after arranging the attack on Cyrus.”
JOHNSON: “It’s already been revealed that JPD was one of the attackers involved in the assault. The big question remains. Who was he second?”
VASSA: “Cyrus and the entire world are looking for answers.”
JOHNSON: “So is Perry in regards to the whereabouts of his sister.”
VASSA: “This match being booked is nothing but an attempt by Perry to make Omerta implode and turn on Cyrus.”
JOHNSON: “He already tried last week on social media but it doesn’t appear to have caused any internal problems.”
VASSA: “I’m anxious to see how this match unfolds.”
JOHNSON: “You and me both, and I just hope it isn’t anything like that terrible show that Jason Cashe and Chris Madison put on a few weeks back.”
A Punjabi tremor rings around the arena, steadily building towards an explosive crescendo that gives way to “Blood, Milk and Sky” by White Zombie. The instant mixed reactions from the live viewers and their vulgar signs hoisted in the air acknowledge the man behind the thundering echoes—’Dead End Wilder’, ‘Come Claim Me’, and ‘You’re sh!t out of Luck.’ It was clear who they invited in, albeit everything around had dimmed to a thick black except for fluorescent strobes of light spiraling around clockwork, searching the inside of the arena.
POWERS: “The following Triple Threat Match is scheduled for one fall!”
Heads continuing to turn in the dark at every available direction in the search for roguish twenty-five year-old, it’s then up in a particular staircase that the shadowed contour of Erron Wilder slowly trudges down the cold steps at his own leisure.
“The siren sings a lonely song
Of all the wants and hungers
The lust of love, a brute desire
The ledge of life goes under”

As the lyrics pursue, his surly pout emerging through the touch of light. He swings his arms loosely to their sides with a hint of cockiness in his movement. This is Wilder, soaked up with an aggressive form of confidence in the midst of a crowd reaching for him on his way down. Both of his shriveled up, glacial blue eyes remaining fixated with the ring, and never turning away to give care to those calling out to him. He quickly slides over the barricade upon contact, scoffing at everyone and everything with a saucy grunt before rolling his leather jacket-clad heap inside the ring.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring, by way of the Blind Alley and weighing in at two hundred and twenty nine pounds, he is… ERRON “STUNTMAN” WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Pacing around the mat in evident restlessness, Erron rolls his wrists and jerks his head sideways in last second preparation. A jittery smile ripping over his shady mug provided a closing gesture of how anxious he is to start swinging.
JOHNSON: “Things didn’t quite work out in Erron’s favor at Ante Up, did they?”
VASSA: “They really didn’t. For weeks leading up to that match I thought for sure that he was going to be the one to give Madison his first loss in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “He gave it everything he had but in the end he just couldn’t put the streak to rest.”
VASSA: “If this is going to be a legit match, I’d keep an eye on Erron after coming off that tough loss to Madison.”
JOHNSON: “I’d keep an eye out on all three of these men. They all lost at Ante Up, but Dakota went in with the most to lose over the other two.”
The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines upon the entrance curtain as the sound of guitars begin to play, followed by low screaming of the opening lyrics to “Bring the Rain” by Upon a Burning Body. Suddenly, the guitar riff breaks into the song chorus as Cyrus Riddle emerges from behind the curtain.
“We are setting the fires
that light the way
and as the flames burn
they blind us from the pain
but this path leads only
to our darkest days
so give me something to believe in
and I’ll bring the rain”

The scowl on Cyrus face, indicated by his mouth and what can be seen of his eyebrows behind his sunglasses, becomes coupled with a rais of both arms out to his side. With his famous two finger gesture seen, he straightens his posture and begins to confidently and methodically walk to the ring.
”I don’t need to escape from this maze
cause I’m about to set it all a blaze
it’s time to face my fears
the past is gone I’m still standing here!
I’m still standing here!”

The walk from the entryway to the ring is met by many fans trying to touch Riddle as he passes by, but to no avail. His attention remains focused on the ring.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring, hailing from London, England and weighing in at two hundred twenty eight pounds, he is “The Archetype,” “The Epitome of Excellence,” and “Cy the Impaler” … CYRUUUUUS RRIIIIIIIDDLLE!!!”
Riddle gets to the ring steps and acknowledges the crowd while he makes his way to the middle of the ring apron. He holds his arms outward, his index and middle fingers sticking up on both hands as his head tilts back while leaning against the ropes.
“I’m looking for a match if you couldn’t tell
I won’t shy away from RAISING HELL!
We are setting the fires
that light the way
and as the flames burn
they blind us from the pain
but this path leads only
to our darkest days
so give me something to believe in
and I’ll bring the rain”

Cyrus’ arms lower and his sights focus on the inside of the ring before he steps in between the top and middle ropes. He walks to the middle and surveys the crowd once more, then staring at the entryway. After a few moments he back steps into the corner, removing his sunglasses and trenchcoat while an unnerving smirk forms on his face.
VASSA: “After being attacked and having the blame placed on Cashe, Cyrus went on to burn down the man’s bus, which led to the flaming tables match at Ante Up between him and the ‘Troubled One’.”
JOHNSON: “Things became a little hectic between the two. Setting fire to someone’s personal belongings is one thing, but don’t ever mess with a man’s car.”
VASSA: “It surely caught Cashe’s attention but the result of which led to Cashe putting him through a flaming table at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: “After learning the truth of what really happened, a fire was then lit inside of Cyrus that very well resulted in this match being booked.”
VASSA: “I just want to know where Sabrina is. Cyrus came out here all alone.”
JOHNSON: “Not having her here is an insurance policy so to speak.”
VASSA: “I guess you’re right. If Perry goes at Cyrus then he has to worry about harm being brought to his sisters head.”
JOHNSON: “It puts Perry in a tough spot but should overall guarantee Cyrus’ safety from being attacked by Perry’s security.”
“Sludge GOd” begins to play over the sound system, the lights go dim as the theatre gets filled with a mix of boos and cheers. Out of the back comes Dakota Smith, a snarl on his face as he marches down to the ring.
“I’m a sludge God
I’m rather odd
Take your head like Mr Ichabod
Hit em hard showing no regard
Drag em through hell then I leave em scarred
Pull your card
Put u in the morgue
That’s just the way the LOC settle scores
Put me in the booth and press record
I serve em sludge and they beg for more”

POWERS: “Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred thirty one pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Butcher” and former 4CW Champion, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
He makes no time to stop for the audience, that is until he reaches the ring. He then bounces from one foot to the other, looking around the arena. A slight smirk grows on his lips before he bolts into the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He plants his fists down on the mat and pushes himself up. Then he circles the ring a few times before going to his corner and taking a seat, waiting for the match to begin.
JOHNSON: “Dakota looks a bit different without a championship after seeing him carry one in 4CW for over an entire year straight.”
VASSA: “He was the 4CW Champion for three-quarters of a year. Perry needs to stop playing around and announce the man’s rematch against Jair Hopkins.”
JOHNSON: “With Jair being Unstable, I’m surprised that wasn’t announced earlier in the week leading up to tonight’s event.”
VASSA: “I guess maybe Perry does in fact feel like Omerta could have had a hand in what happened at Ante Up, or at least in the aftermath of it all.”
JOHNSON: “I’m sure he has his eyes glued to this match, hoping to either find some answers or watch these three men rip each other to shreds.”
VASSA: “The Butcher lost his baby at Ante Up. I’d hate to be anyone in the ring standing across from him right now, even his own brothers!”
The three members of Omerta stand in their corners, looking back and forth between one another. Reaching up and grabbing onto the ropes, Dakota pulls himself up to his feet before cracking his neck to the side. Standing in the center of the ring, the official looks to each man in his corner, a bit intimidated by their presence and what could eventually happen when these three men go head to head. With all three men appearing to be ready to go, the official then slowly lifts his hand into the air before swinging it down and calling for the bell.

As the bell echoes throughout the entire arena, the official quickly escapes the center of the ring and hurries to the ropes. All three men stand still in their corners, looking to one another with no facial expression whatsoever as the fans grow louder and louder. The anticipation grows and grows until reaching a deafening pitch of wild screams and cheers. Suddenly, Dakota reaches back and pushes himself out of his corner, slowly making his way towards the center of the ring. Following suit, Cyrus steps out of his corner and walks towards the center. Last to make his move, Erron finally walks forward, leaving it all behind and facing the other two members of Unstable.
JOHNSON: “I can feel the electricity in the air tonight!”
VASSA: “Neither one of these men are in a hurry to throw down. It’s like the calm before the storm!”
JOHNSON: “That’s a very good way of putting things, Vinny.”
Standing face to face with each other, the three men look into each others eyes, only about a foot apart from each other. Still not making any sudden moves, the three stand still, their chests being the only parts of their bodies that move due to their breathing.
WALLACE: “Come on! Let’s get this show on the road!”
The fans then erupt with boos as Dakota’s eyes cut between both Cyrus and Erron, looking up the entrance ramp where Perry Wallace walks out onto the stage. Slowly turning around, both Erron and Cyrus look up to the stage where Perry is now standing with a microphone in hand.
VASSA: “Goddamnit! What is Perry doing out here?!”
JOHNSON: “I think he’s come here to see the bloodbath in person.”
VASSA: “If he knew any better he would stay out of it at this point.”
Shaking his head back and forth with a smirk on his face, Cyrus rubs his bald head before looking back to Dakota who in turn laughs at the sight in front of them.
WALLACE: “Come on you three! Let’s get this match underway! We don’t want to leave the fans waiting, do we?”
Taking a step forward, Erron then mouths off as the camera zooms in to read his lips; “Fuck You!” Extending his arm to his side, Cyrus holds it in front of Erron.
WALLACE: “You boys are Omerta, right? You three will fight each other if need be and laugh about it afterwards. Let’s see it. Don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk!”
Chuckling, Cyrus stares up the ramp at Perry making his demands as usual. Zooming into his face, the camera reads Cyrus’ lips as well as he mouths off; “Coming out here isn’t going to make your sister appear.” The three then turn to one another and share a laugh before being interrupted once more.
WALLACE: “Just like I thought! Cowards!”
In a fit of rage, Erron then turns to his side and rushes towards the official standing at the ropes to their left. Catching the official off guard, Erron lands a solid right to the officials temple, knocking him against the ropes but keeping him on his feet. Locking onto the official, Erron then drags him back to the pack of wolves standing in the center of the ring.
VASSA: “What did Larry Collins do to deserve this?!”
JOHNSON: “I think we have our answer of whether or not these three are going to have an actual match.”
Throwing the official forward, Erron sends him stumbling into Dakota who grabs ahold of him and shakes him violently while screaming into his face. He then shoves the official back towards Erron who then grabs onto him as well. With the officials back turned to Cyrus, Erron then shoves him in his direction and as he does, Cyrus lays him out with a hard lariat to the back of the head.
JOHNSON: “There’s the Daydreamer! This is ridiculous!”
Watching as the officials limp body falls to the canvas, Perry grows red in the face before yelling into the microphone.
WALLACE: “You three think this is a joke? Erron? Dakota? What the fuck guys! I did what I did to save Omerta! Cyrus was holding you two back and you know it just as well as I do. This is how you repay me? I had my reasons but it wasn’t for my own doing, it was for something greater than each and every single one of us. Now end him right here and now in the ring!”
Watching as Perry throws a fit at the top of the stage, the three look to one another and burst into laughter.
WALLACE: “I told you that I had information for you Dakota and I came through with my promise. There’s no way you can stand there in that ring and tell me that you’re okay with what was brought to light.”
Straightening his face, Dakota cuts his eyes to Perry, piercing through him from afar. Licking his lips, Dakota then spits onto the canvas in Perry’s direction.
WALLACE: “So it’s like that? Well… you can kiss that rematch for the 4CW Championship goodbye.”
Looking to both Erron and Cyrus, Dakota begins laughing hysterically at the last words spewed from Perry’s mouth.
WALLACE: “You made your choice.”
Throwing his hand into the air, Perry then swings it downward, signaling an army of security as they storm out from the back.
VASSA: “Perry has declared war against Omerta!”
JOHNSON: “How did things ever get this way?!”
Racing down the entrance ramp, the team of security finally arrive at ringside and surround the entire ring. Inside the ropes, the three stands with their backs to one another, ready for an all out assault from the outside. The tension builds as the three men stand, fists clenched, ready for whatever comes their way.
Climbing the apron, the security members on the outside make their move as the chaos begins. Rushing to the ropes, Cyrus clocks a member of security in the head, sending him flying backwards off the apron and crashing to the floor. As a member of security steps through the ropes, Erron quickly charges in and plants his knee into the security members face before shoving him back through the ropes and down to the floor. Swinging his arms violently, Dakota begins punching two separate members of security on the apron before grabbing their heads and slamming them together. The two members of security fall to the floor as the entire arena roars at the sight.
JOHNSON: “So far Omerta has the ring locked down but they’re seriously outnumbered in this fight.”
VASSA: “All they have to do it keep the security team out of the ring and they can hold down the fort.”
JOHNSON: “That’s easier said than done.”
By the ropes, two members of security have a hold on Erron, keeping him held in place as he fights them off with everything he has. Rushing over to help him, Cyrus lunges forward but gets hit in the side of the head by a punch thrown by a member of security reaching over the adjacent ropes. Both Erron and Cyrus then begin working together to clear the apron as Dakota finally turns around to see them in need of a helping hand.
VASSA: “The numbers appear to be catching up with them!”
JOHNSON: “That’s just one side of the ring. The other three sides are surrounded as well!”
Security finally pulls Erron in, holding him in place. Trying to pry Erron apart from the security team, Cyrus forces himself in the middle but quickly gets pulled aside by another security member. Throwing a haymaker, Cyrus knocks him down from the apron but then catches a right to the temple, knocking him towards the center of the ring.
JOHNSON: “This is turning for the worst.”
Pulling a ball pin hammer from his pocket, Dakota then charges across the ring before taking a swing.

JOHNSON: “This can’t be happening!”
Dropping to his knees, Cyrus remains upright but in a daze as Dakota stands behind him with the hammer in hand, looking down at him viciously.
VASSA: “Dakota hit Cyrus with the hammer!”
JOHNSON: “I don’t believe what I’m seeing right now!”
Turning to look back, Erron’s eyes light up at the sight of Dakota standing behind Cyrus with a hammer in hand. Reaching forward, Dakota runs his hand along the back of Cyrus head, pulling his hand up and then licking the blood from his fingertips. Erron rips himself away from the security members but before he can take another step forward, a swarm of security reach over the ropes and pull him back in, holding him in place.
VASSA: “Erron has nowhere to go now. There’s like five people holding him back. His arms are trapped and hell, even members of security on the floor have his legs wrapped up.”
JOHNSON: “Dakota has turned on Omerta folks!”
VASSA: “Shut up! It’s not true and I don’t believe it!”
Looking up to Erron subdued by security, Dakota licks the blood from the corner of his mouth before throwing the hammer to the floor. He then grabs onto Cyrus’ head and pulls him up to his feet. Holding Cyrus in place, Dakota then points to Erron before the camera zooms in on his lips. “Everything dies!” The security members hold Erron in place, forcing him to watch as Dakota turns his attention back to Cyrus.
JOHNSON: “They’re going to force Erron to watch this.”
VASSA: “Hopefully he isn’t next.”
Locking his arm around Cyrus’ head, Dakota then hooks his leg. With all of his might, Dakota then lifts Cyrus into the air in a fisherman suplex before transitioning it and dropping him to the canvas with a sit-out spinebuster.
VASSA: “Cyrus goes down for good!”
JOHNSON: “Deadman Wonderland!”
VASSA: “The Butcher has gone mad!”
JOHNSON: “You’re a little too late for that announcement.”
Crawling over Cyrus’ body, Dakota then lifts his head off the mat before leaning in and kissing him on the forehead. After laying Cyrus’ head back to the mat, Dakota pulls out his hands from underneath, covered in blood. Rubbing his hand across Cyrus’ face, Dakota smears the blood along the sides of his head before pressing his middle finger to his forehead and writing in blood.
VASSA: “What the hell is he doing now?!”
JOHNSON: “It appears that he’s writing something.”
VASSA: “I guess that’s better than carving something like last time.”
The camera then changes angles and zooms into Cyrus’ head as Dakota pulls his hand away.
JOHNSON: “Wait a second, is that?”
VASSA: “What is that?”
VASSA: “Dakota has left his mark once again!”
Pushing himself to his feet, Dakota then wipes the remaining blood from his hands across his own chest. Walking towards Erron, Dakota stops onto inches from his face as he stares into his angry eyes. Erron continues trying to pull himself away from security but is unable to as they have him held from every angle.
JOHNSON: “What’s Dakota going to do now?”
VASSA: “I don’t know but Erron should be a little worried.”
JOHNSON: “I think being worried is the last thing on his mind at this point.”
As the two stare into each others eyes, Dakota then places his hand on Erron’s forehead as if trying to calm him down. He then removes his hand, leaving smears of blood across his face. Turning his back to Erron, Dakota then cuts his head to the side, looking up the ramp at Perry as he watches along with a grin stretched from ear to ear.
VASSA: “Perry looks like a kid on Christmas morning right now.”
JOHNSON: “Let’s just hope that this doesn’t backfire on him, resulting in harm being done to Sabrina.”
VASSA: “After this, I think Cyrus would be more pissed off at Dakota than Perry.”
JOHNSON: “You can’t sit there and tell me that Perry isn’t the reason that this happened.”
VASSA: “Answer me this. Since when does Dakota listen to what anyone says?”
JOHNSON: “You do make a good point.”
The Butcher then begins motioning both hands around his waist as if pretending to have a championship there. He then turns away from Perry and dips through the ropes, dropping down to the floor. Hopping over the barricade, Dakota then forces himself through the crowd before finally disappearing into the cluster.
VASSA: “And just like that, The Butcher has left.”
JOHNSON: “I wonder what they’re going to do with Erron.”
VASSA: “I would think they would keep him subdued until Perry and Kaysie safely left the building.”
JOHNSON: “Those two are just painting an even bigger target on their back. Just because they leave the building safely doesn’t guarantee they’ll be safe outside of the arena.”
VASSA: “They promised a new era in 4CW and damnit, they delivered! We have new alliances being made and also old ones being buried right here in this ring.”
JOHNSON: “I feel bad that Erron had to watch as Dakota did what he did to Cyrus.”
VASSA: “We’ve seen worse, and I’m sure he has as well.”
JOHNSON: “It looks like the worst of tonight has come and gone and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. We’re out of time folks!”
VASSA: “Even if we weren’t, I don’t think we could top what we just witnessed in that ring moments ago.”
JOHNSON: “Needless to say, this welcoming of the new era in 4CW has been rather exciting. We witness quite a bit here tonight which will in turn lead to some wild things in the near future.”
VASSA: “With Dakota’s decision, I think he may have just solidified his rematch for the 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: “He very well may have. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in two weeks when we head to Saint Paul, Minnesota!”
VASSA: “Uncharted territory for 4CW and I’m looking forward to it.”
JOHNSON: “Well ladies and gentlemen, it has been a fun ride tonight but the show must come to an end. From everyone here at 4CW, we look forward to seeing you all again in two week at Adrenaline Fifty-One. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good Night!”
The camera then cuts to Perry standing alone at the top of the ramp with his eyes locked on the ring. Walking out from the back, Kaysie makes her appearance and stands beside him, wrapping her arms around him from behind and a smile on her face as well. Back in the ring, Erron continues his struggle to break free but is hopeless as he has too many hands holding him back. Looking over Cyrus from above, the camera then zooms into his face, eyes closed and the letters “D S” written in blood across his forehead. Fading to black, the roars from the crowd can still be head as the Showtime logo comes into full focus.