Making his 4CW debut, Ty Lukas ended Alex Kincaid’s 4CW career before it even started. From the sound of the bell, Lukas was one step ahead of Kincaid, assaulting him with vicious kung fu strikes and kicks before ringing his bell with a DDT into the middle turnbuckle. After a series of German suplexes. Lukas decided to toss Kincaid to the outside with a belly to belly suplex over the top rope. Hanging back in the ring, Lukas patiently waited as Kincaid rolled back into the ring before turning to the corner and making his way to the top. Leaping into the heavens, Lukas decapitated Kincaid with a shining wizard from the top rope. Growing bored with the fight Kincaid simply did not possess, Lukas ended his night once and for all with a high impact standing side kick, leveling him with the move he likes to call ‘Sexier Results’. With Kincaid out cold and on his back, Lukas simply placed a foot on his chest as the official slapped his hand across the mat three times for the count.

Opening to a shot of the entrance stage, “Bulls On Parade” plays over the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. The entire arena is packed as the fans impatiently await the start of Adrenaline. As the camera slowly rotates, the ring comes into focus at the bottom of the ramp. Moving towards the ring, the camera looks over the crowd, zooming in to various signs brought by the fans.

Down at ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the booth, ready to kick things off.
JOHNSON: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another night of Adrenaline! I’m you host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: “And I’m Vinny Vassa! Thank you Upris– hello everyone!”
JOHNSON: “That was a close one! You almost killed our ratings right from the jump, Vinny.”
VASSA: “I apologize for that. I’ve been drinking all week with Bryan Williams. Getting turnt baby!”
JOHNSON: “We’re just three weeks away from Fright Night folks and we have one heck of an Adrenaline in store for you all tonight.”
VASSA: “Little Rock doesn’t know what’s about to hit ’em.”
JOHNSON: “Our main event tonight will feature eight people confirmed to be participating in this year’s Warzone.”
VASSA: “That’s only half of it! The other eight people will be named after tonight based on performances.”
JOHNSON: “Sixteen people total. I can’t wait to see how this madness plays out.”
VASSA: “It’s going to be wild, that’s for sure! Speaking of wild, I can’t stop thinking of what all went down in our last main event at Adrenaline Fifty-Three.”
JOHNSON: “I’m surprised that we’re live on the air tonight after what we witnessed take place in that ring.”
VASSA: “Persephone and Tara made sure to leave this match in the back of everyone’s minds for many years to come.”
JOHNSON: “I finally understand what you mean about the term eating groceries.”
VASSA: “After I explained it to you eighteen times. It was beautiful!”
JOHNSON: “Let’s just hope that tonight’s main event has a little more decency.”
VASSA: “I just hope that Jair doesn’t get peed on in our headline match of the evening.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t even know what to say to that.”
VASSA: “Good! Let’s go backstage then and get on with the show.”
JOHNSON: “You said it!”

The scene cuts backstage where we find Perry Wallace sitting in an office behind the desk, talking on his phone.
WALLACE: “Everything is okay, don’t worry about it. You just worry about planning the big day.”
Listening to the other end, Perry grabs a nearby ink pen and begins tapping it against the desk.
WALLACE: “I did see that. I don’t know where he was getting his information from. Hell, I hadn’t even came up with a plan yet. I was just going to wing it tonight.”
Leaning back in the chair, Perry relaxes as he now begins tapping the pen against his stomach.
WALLACE: “Well… what he supposedly spoiled earlier today doesn’t sound that bad to be honest. That’s what he wanted, that’s what I’m going to go with. At Fright Night the Pride Championship will be on the line against Cashe and Williams. I’ll let the three of them rip each other apart. And if Madison wants to sit this one out, then that’s fine too. He’ll just lose the belt and take a hit on that win-loss column.”
Leaning forward, he grabs his glass of Scotch from the top of the desk before taking a drink.
WALLACE: “Fuck it, why not? He wanted to make a scene, well now he has a choice. If he can get past his pride maybe he’ll just sit this one out and finally be done with this place since that’s all he ever talks about. He’s already ducked a match with Cashe before. This won’t be any different.”
Placing the glass back to the desk, Perry then stands from his chair.
WALLACE: “Enough with this pain in the ass. You just keep your eyes on what we have going and I will see you tomorrow, okay. … I’ll call you when the show is over. Love you.”
After a short delay, Perry then pulls the phone away from his ear and places it in his pocket. Grabbing the glass of Scotch, he then downs the rest of the contents before slamming the empty glass back onto the table.
WALLACE: “Let’s see how much you’re worried about that record now!”


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the PA as the lights in the arena start to dim. A few flashes of light and the sound of thunder can be heard in the background as Brian Hollywood makes his way from the back. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction at his arrival. Hollywood is in his black attire and is wearing his black trench coat as he centers himself on the stage.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall… ‘Mr. Executive’, BRIAN HHOOLLLLYYWWOOOODD!!!”
Hollywood tugs on his trench coat as he walks down the ramp. As he does, a breeze is released blowing his trench coat back and forth as he arrives to the apron near the ring. Hollywood looks about the crowd and squints his eyes as if he’s looking carefully through out the crowd. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Hollywood makes his way up the steel steps and enters the ring. Hollywood looks about the ring before heading to the top rope and looking about the crowd. Hollywood closes his eyes and slowly raises his hands on both sides as if to praise himself or being in a false sense of delusion that he is being praised by the crowd which gives off another mixed reaction. Hollywood finally makes his way down as he takes off the trench coat and rests in the corner, awaiting for the sound of the bell.
JOHNSON: “Weeks ago Hollywood pulled an upset win over the 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins.”
VASSA: “It shocked us all and in return, he was awarded an opportunity to challenge Chris Madison for the Pride Championship.”
JOHNSON: “His momentum then came to a screeching halt as Madison successfully defended the championship, keeping his undefeated streak alive.”
VASSA: “Speaking of Chris Madison… aren’t we supposed to gear some news about who will be facing him at Fright Night for the Pride Championship?”
JOHNSON: “We are as a matter of fact. I’ve been dying to know what Perry has up his sleeve.”
VASSA: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Warzone was cancelled and he booked the entire roster against Madison.”
JOHNSON: “Now that would be something to see!”
The arena goes into a brief silence before Jason Cashe comes out from the back, almost sliding out with a smile on his face and a dip in his step as he hears the place give him both jeers and cheers. Depending on the opponent more one than the other but he takes it all in, deeply inhaling the air with his head tilted back and his eyes closed at the edge of where the stage meets the entrance ramp.
POWERS: “And the opponent! Coming to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the former three time 4CW Champion, ‘The Troubled One”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Taking two quick puffs from an “Air Joint”, Cashe throws his arms up above his head briefly, slaps the camera zoomed in on his face and then takes his first real steps towards the ring. Giving a few fans fist bumps, those who have their hands out wanting some love he makes his way down to ringside. He rounds the corner of the ring and jogs the steel stairs, getting up on the ring apron.
Dipping through the middle ropes, he enters the ring. Walking to the opposite side, he balances on the middle rope, leaning against the top rope and once again hits the “Air Joint” before getting hyped up over the upcoming match.

Dropping down, he puts his back into a nearby corner and awaits the bell.
VASSA: “No alpha shit for me, thank you very much!”
JOHNSON: “Cashe has been on a hot streak as of late and things aren’t getting any easier for him with Hollywood lined up across the ring from him.”
VASSA: “We’ve seen quite a few people disappear from the ranks after stepping into the ring with this man.”
JOHNSON: “Some of those people were even close friends!”
VASSA: “Are you kidding me? Very few can call themselves close friends of Cashe’s. CJ was definitely not one of those few.”
JOHNSON: “He’s been quiet on social media ever since they met in the ring. I wonder if he’s still alive.”
VASSA: “Who cares, really?”
In the center of the ring, the official checks with both corners and gets the okay from Hollywood and Cashe. Throwing his hand into the air, he calls for the bell.

Howling at the top of his lungs, Cashe then points to Hollywood with a smile on his face. Nodding back in return, Hollywood pushes himself away from the corner, making his way towards the center of the ring. Getting antsy, Cashe bounces back and forth before his attention is drawn to the entrance as the crowd erupts with cheers.
JOHNSON: “Wait a second… what’s that?!”
VASSA: “Oh Jesus Christ! What’s he doing out here?”
Walking out from the back, Bryan Williams makes his way down the ramp.
VASSA: “I guess he’s tired of waiting to sleep forever.”
With a smile on his face, Cashe begins jumping up and down in excitement as Bryan gets closer and closer to the ring.
JOHNSON: “I don’t remember ever seeing Cashe this excited.”
VASSA: “Just like a kid on Christmas morning.”
Ducking under the top rope, Cashe leans his body halfway to the outside, waving for Bryan to come closer. Stopping at the end of the ramp, Bryan shakes his head back and forth, looking at Cashe with a smile on his face and his hands on his hips. Meanwhile, Hollywood looks on, annoyed by the interference but standing back and watching as it takes place.
JOHNSON: “I think it’s probably a good idea to stay on the outside, Bryan.”
VASSA: “Where’s the fun in that?!”
JOHNSON: “It isn’t like Cashe is giving him room to get into the ring without being attacked before he can get through the ropes.”
VASSA: “You spoke too soon.”
Pulling himself back through the ropes, Cashe holds his hands up and takes a few steps back away from the ropes. Shrugging his shoulders, Bryan then steps closer to the ring and grabs onto the ropes in front of him, pulling himself up to the apron. Anxiously awaiting, Cashe begins licking his lips as his hands quickly shake back and forth.
JOHNSON: “He’s had enough!”
Racing in behind Cashe, Hollywood hits him with a running forearm shot to the back of the head, knocking him towards the ropes. Reaching over the top, Bryan grabs ahold of Cashe with both hands and holds his head down. Rushing in, Hollywood then slams a forearm across Cashe’s back and delivers a striking knee to the ribs.
VASSA: “Oh, this isn’t even fair!”
JOHNSON: “Since when does Cashe fight fairly?”
VASSA: “You watch your mouth!”
Pulling his head away from Bryan’s clutches, Cashe quickly spins around and connects with an elbow shot to Hollywood’s mouth, knocking him backwards and into the official.
VASSA: “Down goes LaRoy!”
As the official hits the canvas, Hollywood trips over him and lands flat on his back. Quickly pushing himself up, Hollywood holds onto the side of his jaw as he looks to Cashe while on one knee. Turning around instantly, Cashe takes a swing for Bryan’s head but comes up short as he ducks underneath and pops through the top and middle ropes, driving his shoulder into Cashe’s stomach. As Bryan pulls his body back through the ropes, he stands straight up only to get caught by surprise with a slap across the face.

VASSA: “Holy shit, Cashe just slapped him like a bitch!”
JOHNSON: “Watch out Bryan!”
Reaching over the ropes, Cashe grabs ahold of Bryan and pulls him over the top and into the ring. Holding onto the top rope, Bryan manages to land on his feet as Cashe assaults him violently with left and right clubs to the back of the head. Grabbing Bryan’s head, Cashe stands him straight up before yelling into his face. Locking onto both of Cashe’s shoulders, Bryan then kicks his foot up, planting it directly underneath Cashe’s crotch.
JOHNSON: “Light that stuff up!”
Lunging over, Cashe quickly grabs onto himself with both hands as his face begins turning bright red. Taking baby steps backwards, he comes to an abrupt stop as he bumps into Hollywood standing behind him. Grabbing onto Cashe, Hollywood quickly spins him around only to get caught by surprise as Cashe throws a jab directly in front of his face, crushing Hollywood’s family jewels.
JOHNSON: “There’s another low blow!”
VASSA: “What is wrong with you people?!”
Dropping down to his knees, Hollywood grows red in the face as Cashe slowly stands straight up. With tears in his eyes, Cashe then draws back and steps forward, swinging with all of his strength and hitting Hollywood right between the eyes with a striking elbow.
JOHNSON: “It’s the Mark of Jason!”
Falling backwards, Hollywood slams against the canvas as Cashe drops down to both knees. Still red in the face, Cashe crawls over Hollywood’s body and yells to the official inches away from them. After finally coming to his senses, the official spots Cashe with the pin over Hollywood and begins making the count.

Rolling off of Hollywood, Cashe rests on his back as the official crawls closer to him. Grabbing Cashe’s arm, the official then raises it into the air.

POWERS: “Here is your winner, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Looking on in amazement, Bryan shakes his head as he begins laughing to himself.
JOHNSON: “Something tells me that this isn’t exactly what Bryan had planned.”
VASSA: “What made you think that? Anyone would expect the person on the receiving end of a dick slap to turn around and win the match.”
JOHNSON: “Thanks for the sarcasm, Vinny.”
VASSA: “No problem at all!”
Still looking on, Bryan then cautiously walks closer to Cashe. Looking up at Bryan, Cashe begins yelling at him furiously, but unable to force himself up from the mat. Holding up his hands, Bryan begins pleading an apology with Cashe before extending his hand. Looking to it for a short moment, Cashe then grabs ahold of it as Bryan pulls him to his feet.
JOHNSON: “Well, that’s a bit odd.”
VASSA: “Maybe Bryan feels bad?”
Just as Cashe stands to his feet, Bryan then pulls him in close and lifts his knee up, driving it into Cashe’s crotch as he closes in.
Falling backwards, Cashe crashes to the canvas before rolling over to his side and curling up.
JOHNSON: “This is just crazy.”
Laughing hysterically, Bryan points to Cashe, mocking him. After a few moments pass and the laughter dies down, Bryan then climbs out of the ring and makes his way to the back with a smile on his face.
VASSA: “He wanted to sleep forever, right? Well, that may have been the ticket to his final destination.”
JOHNSON: “You can’t say that Cashe didn’t have it coming.”
Stopping at the top of the ramp, Bryan looks over his shoulder one last time at the sight of fallen bodies in the ring. Still laughing, he then turns to the back and disappears through the curtain.
VASSA: “Someone get an ambulance out here!”
JOHNSON: “Now you’re overreacting.”
VASSA: “The fuck I am!”
JOHNSON: “Folks, we’re going to go backstage momentarily while things get cleared up in the ring.”

The camera opens up in a dark room. A few posters dot the walls around the room, each featuring a heavily tattooed giant of a man, physically dominating his opponent in one fashion or another. A hip-hop rap instrumental beat plays as the camera swivels around the room, before zooming into the first poster – an image of an African-American placing his foot over the beaten and bloody body of an unfortunate Asian wrestler. A voiceover is heard.
VOICEOVER: ”Standing at six feet and eleven inches…”
The camera then pans to a second poster. This one is an equally gruesome one to witness – that same black wrestler strangling a petite Caucasian woman, who is perhaps half the height he is, with both of his bare hands. Her eyes are rolling back into her head, and even from the picture, she looks to be convulsing in agony.
VOICEOVER: ”Weighing at three hundred and fifteen pounds…”
The camera continues to a third poster. Yet again, the viewers see a disturbing show of violence. The man is throwing a masked luchador from the turnbuckle straight down to the unforgiving concrete floor. The unconscious wrestler has visible bruises all over his body, and his arms seem to be broken at an awkward angle.
VOICEOVER: ”Hailing from Greenville, Mississippi…”
A fourth poster. This time however, the camera zooms into an old Greenville High School photo. The familiar beast from the previous three posters is easily identifiable; he stands almost two heads higher than the rest of his peers, and even in his younger years he wears that same angry scowl on his face.
VOICEOVER: ”He is the Scourge…”
The camera suddenly jerks to the side, and the viewers are confronted with an absolute MONSTER of a man. Shirtless and positively growling into the camera, he looks even more intimidating up-close than in the posters. He snarls, and stares for a moment, before SMASHING the camera onto the ground. Obviously damaged, the feed fizzles for a moment, before eventually fading out to black.
NON-STAFF: ”Tobias Morgan. Coming next Adrenaline.”

Pressing through the back halls Jason Cashe is limping. Clearly affected by the swift kick to the nuts from Bryan Williams. With each step comes a grimace filling his face as two trainers, one on each side of him try to give assistance.
TRAINER: “We need to check Jason! You might have ruptured something! Please stop..”
CASHE: “Ain’t no way, no how you getting all up in my Man Goods buddy! Uggh… I’ll be fine.”
Approaching a locker room door. Apparently his own Cashe turns back to the side by side Trainers and holds up a hand to keep them from anymore forward progress.
CASHE: “Who you should worry about is Bryan Williams. I’ve got something for his punk ass tonight!”
Entering his locker room he closes the door behind him. Lifting a leg off the ground he shakes some to try and drop his balls. They feel like they were forcefully put back in his body. Stomping down on the floor nothing is happening. The pain though would have to be put aside. He smiled looking down at his dufflebag sitting on the floor. Just as he reaches down, Marquis steps into the room behind him.
QUEEF: “Hey! These guys are wanting to check on you. Bryan didn’t damage anything did he? Kill em!”
CASHE: “Oh I’m going to give him something in return. A few things in fact…”
Letting the bag fall back to the floor Cashe turns around with a nice box in his hands. Showing it to Queef as if it was being presented to her but it wasn’t. This was a purchase he made just for right occasion and now seemed like a good one.
QUEEF: “Did you buy Williams a gift? Where is MY gift?! Hello?”
Instead of explaining Cashe lifts the lid of the box ever so gently. Like the contents were fragile but there being stared at by both Cashe and Queef were 20 steel tip Darts. Professional Grade. Cashe almost didn’t feel his pains but did no sooner than him adjusting slightly to pull a dart free of its resting place.
CASHE: “Tonight… I go hunting! Care to join me?”
Rolling her eyes she starts to step passed him. Sometimes she acted like a complete twat but in the moments when she showed that she cared? That’s what was worth everything else she had to offer. Bad or Good.
QUEEF: “No I think I’ll pass..”
Turning towards him expecting to have more explaining to do. Queef is surprised when Cashe leans in, kisses her and proceeds to leave the room. No explanation needed.
CASHE: “I’ll be back before your match. Be Good!”
With that he was gone. Queef standing there almost lost for words but just shrugs it off and continues with her own preparations for her upcoming match.

The camera opens up backstage here in the Verizon Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Things can be seen to be normal backstage and quiet for a change. With Kat Jones gone there is no one to harass the people in catering. With Chris Madison gone there isn’t Frankie Morrison to man the glory hole in the bathroom. Just a nice non-toxic scene and we focus on the 4CW World Tag Team Champions Jason and Tara Davidson. The members of Ascended Supremacy can be seen making their way around the backstage area with a very special guest. That being the starting Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Big Ben Roethlisberger.
J.DAVIDSON: ”I’m so glad that you decided to accept my offer to be my very special personal guest this week at Adrenaline Mr. Roethlisberger. I know you’re a very busy man.”
ROETHLISBERGER: ”Well when you offered me free tickets to the show how could I refuse really? Wrestling might not be my sport but I’ve always been a big fan.”
T.DAVIDSON: ”We know you’ve had some less than pleasurable encounters with some of the people here in 4CW. We’ve had a reputation of being a toxic environment but we wanted to bring you in and let you see for yourself that 4CW is a great place to be. And that we appreciate Pro Bowl worthy Quarterbacks that throw five TD passes in last Sunday’s game.”
J.DAVIDSON: ”Right? I have you as my starting Quarterback on my Fantasy team and because of you and that big 44 point game I was able to mop the floor with Keith Daniels’ team this week. So come on let me in on some inside info. What kind stats are you and Bell going to put up this week against the Jets? I also got Rodgers and Lacy on my team but I feel like I should keep them on my bench.”
ROETHLISBERGER: ”The Jets are a good team with a solid defense but you seen how Revis Island has been getting burnt all year. We pride ourselves as the top offense in the entire league so you know we’re going to try and put up big numbers against them especially at home. I don’t know if we’re talking five TD’s again but I’m definitely going to give Bell a chance or two at getting in the endzone for the first time this year.
Jason nods his head up and down approvingly as he faces Cashe this week in Fantasy Football. Suddenly Jason’s cell phone begins to ring. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone and answers it. After a moment he pulls his phone away from his ear and looks over towards his wife and Mr. Roethlisberger.
J.DAVIDSON: ”I’m sorry I need to take this. Do you mind continuing giving Ben the tour of the backstage area?”
T.DAVIDSON: ”Not at all. You go take care of business because Mr. Roethlisberger is in good hands”
Jason smiles and then raises the phone back up to his ear and heads off in the other direction. Tara turns around and smiles up at Big Ben as she traces her finger down the side of his arm.
T.DAVIDSON: ”So what do you want to see next?”
ROETHLISBERGER: ”I’m willing to look at anything you want to show me.”
T.DAVIDSON: ”Oh Mr. Roethlisberger don’t you just know how to make a girl feel special? Follow me I have a few places in mind that I can show you.”
Tara wraps her arms around Big Ben’s right arm and leads him down the hallway of the backstage area. After a few moments Tara clears her throat as she looks up at the Quarterback.
T.DAVIDSON: ”You know that whole thing about the girl and the bathroom stall a little while back? That must have been crazy huh?”
ROETHLISBERGER: ”Crazy because that didn’t really happen. I know rumors are what they are but I wouldn’t take any woman to a bathroom stall of places especially against her will.”
T.DAVIDSON: ”Really? That’s such a shame.”
Tara says with a pout as she begins to run her hands up and down Big Ben’s chest slowly.
T.DAVIDSON: ”I bet you could make a girl really feel like a woman with those big strong hands all over her body. Just taking what you want from her in a fit of passion that she’d never forget for the rest of her life.
Big Ben laughs nervously and looks around before he reaches down and grabs a hold of Tara by the hips and pulls her close to him.
ROETHLISBERGER: ”Just because it didn’t happen with that girl in that club doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to make an exception given the opportunity.
As sly smile creeps across Tara’s face as she presses her chest against Big Ben’s body. She takes him by the arm and then leads him to the nearest rest room in the backstage area. Tara pulls Ben instead and then closes the door behind her. Tara struts her way over towards the stall as the very end as she turns and looks over at Ben.
T.DAVIDSON: ”Do you want me Mr. Roethlisberger? Do you want to take me into this bathroom stall and treat me like your own personal whore? Just rape me inside inside of this bathroom stall while my husband has no idea whatsoever what you’re doing to me?”
ROETHLISBERGER: ”I’ve had a lot of beauty women in my time but you take the cake Tara. I’m about to do things to you that your husband could only dream about doing.”
T.DAVIDSON: ”God that makes me so wet. Hurry up Ben, take me! I can’t stand it any longer!
Ben steps forward and grabs a hold of Tara by the arm and then goes to open the bathroom stall but suddenly Perry Wallace bursts out of the stall and socks Ben right in the jaw with a right hand that floors him. Wallace begins kicking and stomping at Ben as he’s down on the bathroom floor.
WALLACE: ”You think you could block me and get away with it?! I’m Perry Wallace motherfucker! This is 4CW bitch, I run this motherfucker and I make little bitches like you eat my fuck!”
Perry continues to kick at Big Ben until Jason comes into the bathroom and pulls Wallace of Big Ben who is curled up in the fetal position.
J.DAVIDSON: ”Alright man that’s enough you got him! He’s still my Fantasy Football Quarterback!”
Jason continues to hold Wallace back and forces him out of the bathroom. Tara stands over Ben before pulling down her pants and squatting over him. She grits her teeth and lets out a loud fart right in the man’s face to add insult to injury. Tara pulls up her pants and exits the bathroom as we head back to the ring for more action.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The 4CW arena goes dark, and the screens come up with different men and women all dressed in native regalia are dancing as we hear vocalizing and drums being played. About ten seconds of this goes on and then “Hall of Fame” by The Script is heard over the PA system. The song goes on for about twenty seconds and then Alexander Hayes comes from behind the curtain beating on his chest like he is King Kong and scream. Both arms fly out to full extension and he makes his way down the aisle.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring first, from Black Hills, South Dakota… ALEXANDER HHAAYYEESS!!!”
Once he is inside the ring, he bounces off the ropes, and then jumps on the second turnbuckle towards the stage as he raises his arm high in the air for five seconds. He then jumps down as the music fades while he waits for his opponent.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
A black and white video vignette begins rolling on the screens, showing Lyza Reyes dressed as Charlie Chaplin on the moon. There is no dialogue, but simply piano music playing with the pace of the footage. She’s caught in the middle of a tug of war match between a U.S. Spaceman, and a small group of miniature aliens. Before determining which side pulls Lyza once and for all, the venue goes pitch black, and “In Distress” by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein begins to play.
“I’m something out this world, nothing like the rest
Nigga, win the fair game, fuck with the best
Just a kid with the grown men, rep to protect
Since it’s so rare so there’s a whole land left in distress.”

POWERS: “Originating from the coordinates of 40.7500° North, and 73.8667° West, it is none other than LYZA RREEYYEESS!!!”
Lyza Reyes walks down the aisle in her gear consisting of a black and gold sequined hoodie, black shorts, and black lace up boots. She tags a few hands of spectators along the way, before entering the ring. The music fades as she does a last second warm up.
VASSA: “Stunning as ever, Lyza Reyes!”
JOHNSON: “She has one last stop before Fright Night and she has to go through Alexander Hayes.”
VASSA: “I know we shouldn’t look too far ahead but her next match is going to be her biggest yet in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “You’re absolutely right, Vinny. In three weeks she’ll step into the ring with the defending Fate Champion, Persephone Marquis.”
VASSA: “Tonight is a big one for both ladies if they wish to go into Fright Night with any momentum.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the official checks with both corners before throwing his hand into the air and signaling for the bell.

Leaving their corners, both wrestlers meet in the center of the ring before stopping face to face, looking into one another’s eyes.
JOHNSON: “These two have a bit of history I believe, coming from the same previous promotion.”
VASSA: “You believe? I thought you knew it all.”
JOHNSON: “With my age things start getting harder and harder to remember.”
The two then tie up in the center of the ring, Alexander taking lead and using his size advantage to overpower Lyza and pull her head down into a side headlock. Planting her hand onto Hayes’ lower back, Lyza steps forward and pushes Hayes forward, ripping her head out from his arm and sending him towards the ropes. As Hayes comes back on the rebound, Lyza plants her foot into his stomach with a quick kick, forcing him to lunge over. Locking onto his head with both hands, Lyza then drops down to a seated position, pulling Hayes down and driving him face first into the canvas with a sit-out facebuster.
VASSA: “Tell me how that mat tastes, Alex!”
JOHNSON: “He got a full serving with that sit-out facebuster.”
Quickly popping back to his feet, Hayes holds both hands over his face. Rising to her feet, Lyza keys in on the opportunity to strike Hayes as his view is obstructed. Popping her foot up from the mat, she hits him across the shin with a solid right kick and then follows up with a kick to his other shin with her left. Turning to the ropes behind her, she darts towards them and as she comes back on the rebound, Lyza leaps into the air flipping upside down, wrapping her legs around Hayes’ head and flipping him across the ring with a headscissors takedown.
Hitting the mat hard on his back, Hayes rolls up to his feet, barely able to keep his balance. Turning around to face the inside of the ring, his eyes light up as Lyza is right there with a spin kick, driving her foot into his chest and knocking him backwards into the nearby corner. Trapping Hayes in the corner, Lyza locks onto his head, pulling it down, and then begins hitting him in the face with rapid knee. Lifting his head back up, she then drops down to both knees, pulling his head down and slamming his jaw onto the top of her head with a jawbreaker.

VASSA: “Lyza is on fire tonight!”
JOHNSON: “I think Alexander forgot what he’s supposed to do in the ring.”
VASSA: “Consider this a warm up for Lyza as she prepares for Persephone at Fright Night.”
Back on her feet, Lyza pulls Hayes away from the corner, pushing him closer to the center of the ring. Climbing to the top of the corner, she waits patiently as Hayes slowly turns to face her. Leaping from the corner, Lyza closes in on Hayes with a clothesline but misses as he ducks out of the way. Rolling to the mat, she pops back up to her feet and continues her momentum towards the ropes. Coming back on the rebound, Lyza runs into Alex as he lifts her off her feet and spins her. Wrapping her arm around his head, Lyza then pulls him down and plants his head into the canvas with a tilt-a-whirl DDT.
JOHNSON: “The Space Age!”
VASSA: “Alex is going to be seeing stars after that!”
Climbing over Hayes for the cover, Lyza hooks the leg as the official sweeps in with the count.

JOHNSON: “There you have it! Ultra!”
VASSA: “Lyza made this look easy! I hope Persephone was watching.”
JOHNSON: “I’m sure she was. She may act like she doesn’t care, but every champion in 4CW is always looking over their shoulder.”
“In Distress” hits the speakers as Lyza confidently rises to her feet. Stepping in beside her, the official grabs onto her arm and raises it high above her head.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… ‘The Universally Dope’… LYZA RREEYYEESS!!!”
With a smile on her face, Lyza pulls her arm away from the official before slowly pacing the ring and surveying the damage done.

The camera cuts backstage, showing “The Trigger Queen” Lauryn Wolfe making her way to the locker room, walking with determined intent.
JOHNSON: “And here is Lauryn Wolfe in preparation for her match tonight!”
VASSA: “She really has been very impressive and is one of the most underrated competitors here in 4CW, and she had a huge win last Adrenaline at a Triple Threat match.”
JOHNSON: “But so has her current opponent, “DA #TROLL GUY” Mariano Fernandez! Both of them are on even terms and any of these could be getting the win.”
VASSA: “Trigger Queen vs. Troll Guy. The Internet is gonna blow up!”
Lauryn reaches her locker room, and once she opens it, her eyes go wild and she appears dumbfounded.
JOHNSON: “It looks like there’s something wrong in the locker room!”
VASSA: “What’s going on?”
The camera follows Lauryn into the locker room, to find a giant-sized cake inside, coated in pink and white.
JOHNSON: “Jesus! Can you believe the size of that thing?”
VASSA: “Is Lauryn Wolfe THAT hungry?”
JOHNSON: “It’s obvious she didn’t order it, Vinny.”
Still confused at what’s going on, Lauryn approaches the cake, to find an envelope with a note.
“To “The Trigger Queen” Lauryn Wolfe:
Good luck tonight! As a token of good will, here’s a sweetie for the sweetie!”

One more time, the note has the Trollface as its only signature.
JOHNSON: “DA #TROLL GUY, one more time, doing his antics backstage.”
VASSA: “Mariano Fernandez, one more time, behaving like an idiot.”
JOHNSON: “He played a nice mind game here though. Lauryn Wolfe is anything but sweet.”
VASSA: “Well I must admit I just got hungry now…”
Lauryn Wolfe, rolling her eyes and sighing in annoyance, slams the locker room door shut.

“Heya dere! I’ms a Bubba Hog! SaaaaaWEeeeeee!”
The man was disturbingly gross. Overweight, hairy, sweaty and wearing nothing but a pair of dirty overalls and some boots. His bottom lip was lumped up with chewing tobacco. A grin on his face like someone should be welcoming of him being there. Across from him far closer than anyone wants to be was Jack Vaughn. The Adrenaline General Manager.
VAUGHN: “Bubba Hog is it? Uhh nice to meet you?”
HOGG: “Dats Hog with 2 Gs. Haaawgah-gah. Herr dat G sound? Saaaaaweeeee!”
His sniveling snort laughter was both drooling and foul smelling as spit flew from his mouth. Jack Vaughn steps back some to give the beefy acquisition some space.
VAUGHN: So… Ummm… What is it that I can do for you Mr. Hogg with two Gs?”
HOGG: “I wunt ta be a rassler! I done been trained!”
VAUGHN: “By who? Who trained you?”
HOGG: “Jack Carter! He done owned lots of people! World famous!”
The name leaves Jack Vaughn perplexed.
VAUGHN: “Jack Carter? THE Jack Carter? Trained you? Heh… heh… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”
HOGG: “Wuts so funny Mister?”
Having to hold back tears as he laughs Jack Vaughn reaches out and grabs Bubba Hogg’s shoulder. Wanting not to laugh at the “slow” kind of people he forces his laugh to fade.
VAUGHN: “Son… Who’s your favorite Wrestler in 4CW right now?”
HOGG: “Shoot dats easy Mister! Bryan Williams! Yessireee! He Guuud! Yeeeeeek!”
Slapping himself to the side of his neck like he got bit by a spider or bee. Bubba Hogg stumbles sideways. Vaughn’s eyes are wide as he looks at a dart sticking out of the fat man’s neck. Snapping his head to the side Vaughn makes eye contact with Jason Cashe who already has a second dart out and aiming. Bubba Hogg squeals louder than a tiny cat getting fucked by a black cat. If the stereotypes passed into feline world. This was loud is my point.
Approaching sideways in a slouch like a Hunter carrying a Spear. Cashe ignores the question from Jack Vaughn. His eyes locked on Bubba Hogg as the big and wide man in overalls turns towards Cashe. Enraged now Bubba Hogg pulls the dart from his neck and a small squirt of blood shoots out.
HOGG: “Wut you done did!? Now Hogg angry!”
Pop. Pop. With a quickness Cashe launches not one but two more darts at the “as wide as he was tall” man named Bubba Hogg. The second one stuck tub tub in the chest. His man boobs no doubt softened the pain. The third one though caught Hogg deep in the open palm as Bubba Hogg held out a hand to block the attack. Each of the darts caused a squeal that filled the hallways.
CASHE: “Say it again big boy! Say his name! Where is he? You know don’t you?”
HOGG: “HOGG knows nothing!! Saaaaaaweeeee!!”
The Hogg man waddles and shakes the ground at their feet as he turns and hurries from the scene. Vaughn lost and confused. Unsure of what the hell just happened as Jason Cashe pulls three more darts from a fanny pack he had on. He bought the fanny pack to fuck with Queef but it had found a use after all.
VAUGHN: “What the hell was that about? He was a potential signing!”
CASHE: “Yeah that’d show Wallace you know how to pick em!”
Shaking his head as he picks up two of the darts that had struck Bubba Hogg. Not even wiping them clean Cashe returns them to the fanny pack.
VAUGHN: “Why are you wearing a Fanny Pack full of Darts? No.. No, forget I asked.”
CASHE: “Yeah it’s probably for the best you mind your business right now Vaughn. Have you seen Williams? That fat fuck said his name as I was coming around the corner so I attacked.”
VAUGHN” “Earlier. He was heading to the ring but that was during your match…”
CASHE: “Oh I seent him then but I’m trying to see that fool again. Thanks Vaughn. Try to duck if you see Darts being thrown, yeah? Take care.”
Patting Vaughn on the back shoulder as he passes him in a hurry. Jason Cashe disappears down the hallway passing by some Bathrooms.

We cut to the backstage area to see Gabriel Hartman standing around, per usual it means that an interview is about to take place! Gabriel smirks at the camera, as he runs his hand through his hair in an attempt to make it perfect.
HARTMAN: “How are we looking, Josh? Nod the camera for me if I look like I’m ready to go!”
The camera moves up and down, giving Gabriel the satisfaction he’s looking for as he gets ready to start the interview.
HARTMAN: “Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you … Bryan Williams!”
Bryan, who seems to be pulled on camera by Gabriel, is texting away on his phone. He looks ready for his match tonight, but unfortunately isn’t wearing a special t-shirt this evening. Bryan looks a bit distracted, much to the dismay of Gabriel Hartman.
HARTMAN: “Bryan…Bryan!”
Bryan finally looks up.
WILLIAMS: “Eh? …Oh, hello Gabe!”
HARTMAN: “Hello Bryan, I know you’re a busy man as you get ready for your match here tonight. Just wanted a few words with you, especially after that incident earlier in the evening.”
WILLIAMS: “You mean the thing with…”
Gabe nods, the crowd laughs as Bryan pretends to tense up. He “nervously” looks around the backstage area, over exaggerating his every movement.
WILLIAMS: “You don’t think he’s after me, do ya?!”
HARTMAN: “Who, Cashe?”
Bryan drops the shtick, giving Gabriel a look of disappointment.
WILLIAMS: “Of course, dummy, who the hell else would I be talking about? Did I attempt to kick anyone else in the nuts tonight or something?”
HARTMAN: “I mean, maybe? I don’t know!”
WILLIAMS: “No, Gabriel, no I didn’t. Where is he at anyway? He stomping around here all mad or something?”
Gabriel shakes his head.
HARTMAN: “Nah, I saw him walking by earlier headed into a women’s bathroom, he was mumbling something about smells.”
Bryan stands there for a moment, nodding as it seems pretty appropriate.
HARTMAN: “So Bryan, let’s get right into that. You and Cashe, it’s been building and boiling over for weeks now! On Twitter you two can’t seem to stop going at each other. Finally you both are paired for Bad Company, and Jason waits until the FINALS to catch you with a Mark of Jason … thoughts?”
Bryan looks over at Gabriel, almost a bit annoyed for a moment. He wipes his mouth, thinking for a moment.
WILLIAMS: “Thoughts? I think I’ve been pretty vocal on how I feel about that whole situation. It’s shit, really, because we definitely had a chance. Dumbass let his petty feelings get in front of him, and now we’re out some money. That’s fine though, cause I have a feeling we’ll be squaring off in that ring pretty soon. You don’t just go at somebody like that, Cashe. They never forget, I’ll never forget … But I’ll wait, I got another opponent to focus on tonight.”
HARTMAN: “Indeed you do, you’ll be facing Scott Stevens very soon actually.”
WILLIAMS: “Yeah, and?”
Gabe shrugs his shoulders, not seeming like he had much to follow up with on that one. Bryan sighs, continuing to talk as Gabe watches on.
WILLIAMS: “Look, I’ve had it a bit rough lately but I can feel the change coming. I can feel the tide turning back in my favor, Scott Stevens just happens to be a prime candidate to…”
Bryan pauses, seeming to stop talking as he notices somebody off camera. He looks over towards Gabriel, giving him a smile.
WILLIAMS: “Well, look who it is… You know something Gabriel, this guy likes to think he’s stirring the pot backstage. Even left me something last Adrenaline, but it certainly didn’t get me mad…”
Bryan motions over to the person, who seems like they don’t really want to be on camera at the moment. It takes a while, but after enough hand waving, we finally see who it is. Mariano Fernandez steps into frame, looking like he was caught getting ready for his upcoming match!
FERNANDEZ: “Hey mang! Sorry – I was just getting ready, got my match coming in a few minutes. How you doing?”
He looks at Bryan Williams, giving him a trollface. Bryan, looking over at Gabriel, gives him a smile.
FERNANDEZ: “Well! You enjoy that tape last show? I tell you, chico, was hell to find.”
WILLIAMS: “Of course I enjoyed it! While I have my favorite stations in Vice City, the entire soundtrack is enjoyable. I might have left that bit of information out before…”
Gabriel watches the interaction between the two, a bit confused as to where this interview is going currently.
FERNANDEZ: “Always glad to find a fellow Vice City fan – even if Flash FM is for milkdrinkers. But anyway – need anything special before I gotta go out there?”
HARTMAN: “Excuse me, but Vice City? … Milkdrinkers?”
Bryan, looking over towards Mariano, can’t help but laugh.
WILLIAMS: “Sounds like somebody needs a quick lesson, what do you think Manny?”
Mariano doesn’t seem to appreciate the sudden nickname, but goes with it. Gabriel continues to stand there, dumbfounded. Mariano looks at the confused Gabriel and raises a palm.
FERNANDEZ: “You don’t play videogames often, do you? Okay – quick things. Grand Theft Auto Vice City is one of the best games of all time – you run errands for various mobsters and you become the king in Vice City town. It’s set in the ‘80s so it’s got a killer sountrack that the big mang here -” pointing to Bryan Williams – can appreciate. Now, as for milkdrinkers, that comes from Skyrim. Basically, if I call you milkdrinker, it means I’m calling you soft. A true Nord like myself drinks only mead.
Bryan stands there quiet for a moment, but begins to nod his head.
WILLIAMS: “What he said.”
HARTMAN: “…Well, alright then! Gentlemen, always a pleasure. I think what you said might help me, I’m not entirely too sure…”
WILLIAMS: “Well, I don’t care either way … Manny, good luck on your match out there.”
FERNANDEZ: “Thanks mang! You as well. Talos guide you.”
He extends a hand, without malice. Bryan accepts, the two parting ways for the moment as Gabriel looks on.
HARTMAN: “…What the hell is Talos?”
Overhearing, Mariano gives a little shout as he walks towards the stage.
FERNANDEZ: “Skyrim’s god! Despite what those pointy-eared witch-elf milkdrinkers say.”

Hands taped and ready to go, Eli stands backstage patiently waiting for Gabriel Hartman to begin his series of questions. In just a short while he and Genie will be competing against their friends and cohorts, Jason and Tara Davidson, as well as Adrian Tanner Jr. and Johnny Evil and the team of Sativa Nevaeh and Keith Daniels. It would be a good chance for him to bounce back from a depressing loss to Jason Cashe and get back on the winning path. Clearing his throat, Hartman rolls his neck and raises his microphone to his lips.
”Eli, you’ve had a rough go of things lately. Tell me, how are you and Genie feeling heading into tonight’s matchup given the tumultuous nature of your marriage this week?”
CARLSON: ”Well, Gabe, let me begin by sayi–”
Before he could even get his first answer out, Hartman is shoved out of the way and a figure launches himself at Eli, who was caught unaware, knocking him down to the ground. The camera quickly focuses and reveals that figure to be none other than Keith Daniels, source of the marital problems between Genie and Eli earlier in the week. With Eli down on the ground, Daniels plants boot after boot to Eli’s ribs which, quite publicly, had been injured for nearly two months. It’s all that Eli can do to cover up and try to protect himself from the assault but, with Hartman scrambling to get out of harms way, there’s no one nearby to help put a quick end to Daniels attack.
Recognizing that he has all the time in the world, Daniels slows his attack to make them more precise, circling Eli and dropping a knee directly onto his ribs before mounting him and landing punch after punch after punch on a seemingly endless loop. After what seems like an eternity passes, Daniels stands up and drags Eli to his feet by his hair only to toss him through production area that had been set up for interviews throughout the evening. Curtains, steel rods and other objects collapse around the former primetime champion, his body falling limp in the mess of objects.
Out of camera shot, Daniels has gone in search of something to do more damage with and, having found a steel chair, comes back a few moments later. With chair in one hand, his uses his other to pull Eli out of the destroyed set just as he was beginning to roll over and find his way back to his hands and knees. With an arrogant smirk, Daniels drives the chair down into the back of Carlson, flattening him onto his stomach before following it up with boots to his sides which landed with sickening thuds and elicited cries of pain every time they came into contact with the previously injured ribs. Groaning and holding his arms tightly to his chest, Eli is clearly incapacitated but Daniels still is not done, deliver further blows to his ribs with the steel chair before opening it and sitting it down on its four legs near the fallen man.
To put the finishing touches on his assault, Daniels drags Eli, who has no fight left in him, back to his feet and drapes him stomach first across the back of the chair. Daniels then moves out of camera shot once again but the sounds of a table being dragged across a floor echo loudly. A few moments of silence pass before the body of Keith Daniels flashes onto the screen, his feet landing squarely on the back of Eli Carlson, driving him rib first into the back of the steel chair with a double foot stop. Both men collapse to the ground, the chair bending under the weight of both men and being left twisted and contorted under the body of Eli. A moment later a crew of staff and referee’s burst onto the scene, surrounding Eli and warning Keith Daniels away.
Daniels hesistates a moment longer, just enough time for Genevie to appear on scene with a look of horror on her face at the state of her husband and tag team partner. It seems to have been the moment that Daniels was waiting for as he blows Genie a kiss and winks at her before drawing his hand up to his ear in a telephone gesture, mouthing for her to call him before disappearing off camera. To her credit a look of disgust crosses Genie’s face as she kneels down beside her fallen husband, who is cradling his chest and abdomen with both arms, a trickle of blood coming from the corner of his mouth while the medics tend to him.
Ever the opportunist, Hartman appears back on scene at the perfect time to ask Genie a question.
”Genie, with your partner for tonight’s match clearly unable to compete, what do you think your chances of victory tonight are?”
GENEVIE: ”Chances… CHANCES?! My husband was just unjustly attacked and will likely have to go to the hospital and you’re asking about my chances? Fuck you Gabe. I won’t be there and if anyone has a problem with that you can tell them to kiss my ass.
As the scene begins to fade a stretcher can be seen being brought over to have Eli be loaded onto it. It would seem that both he and Genie would be missing their scheduled match against the other three tag teams.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface, Mariano’s calling card, appears on the big screen. Then, a sound of drums fills the arena.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from somewhere in Skyrim, weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds and standing six feet tall. He is ‘The Gadfly’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”
The sound is later accompanied with guttural, barbarian chanting in a strange language, as the “Song of the Dragonborn” from The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim begins its triumphant rhythm. Growing slowly in intensity matching the song, the arena lights come back…

Once the lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring. Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he calls for a microphone from a member of the ringside crew.
“Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles
Just what you’d expect inside her new Balenciaga
Vile romance, turned dreams into an empire
Self-made success now she rolls with Rockefellers”

With the lights dimmed downed, a lone spotlight shines down at the center of the stage as the mid-tempo alternative pop sound of Halsley’s “New Americana” plays throughout the venue. As the song’s pace picks up a bit and nears the chorus, a figure can be seen slowly making its way onto the stage. The lone figure then makes its way to where the spotlight was shinning at. As the person stands there, the lights all around come back on just as the chorus blares out:
“We are the new Americana
High on legal marijuana
Raised on Biggie and Nirvana
We are the new Americana”

With the lights bright, everyone can now see Lauryn Wolfe with her arm raised and her back towards them.
POWERS: “And the opponent, coming to the ring from Seattle, Washington! Weighing in at one hundred twenty-seven pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall! She is ‘The Triggering Queen’… LAURYN WWOOLLFFEE!!!”
Lauryn turns around and slowly surveys the crowd with a sly smirk across her face before making her way down to the ring. She completely ignores everyone, as she only has the ring in her main line of sight. As Lauryn reaches the ring, she slides in and scales the nearest turnbuckle once she gets up. Cupping her hands by her mouth, Lauryn howls out and then raises her hand up once more. With a more serious expression on her face, Lauryn looks around the venue once more before coming back down and leaning up against the turnbuckle, waiting for the match to get underway.
VASSA: “Up next we have the troll guy making his debut on the big screen in his first regular card match with 4CW.”
JOHNSON: “His first match with 4CW was two weeks ago in a pre-show bout where he walked away victorious over Adrian Humble and David Sanchez.”
VASSA: “It was impressive to say the least. Now he gets the opportunity to display his in-ring skills in 4CW for the entire world to see.”
JOHNSON: “He has a tough one in his on-screen debut.”
VASSA: “You ain’t lying! Just two weeks ago Lauryn Wolfe knocked off Niobe Martin and Lyza Reyes in a triple threat match.”
JOHNSON: “Lauryn has been on a roll as of late, establishing herself as a true talent within 4CW.”
VASSA: “Both of these wrestlers are hungry to make an impact here in 4CW. Now we get to see who wants it more tonight.”
As both wrestlers stand in their corner ready for combat, the official quickly calls for the bell.

Grinning from ear to ear, Mariano struts towards the center of the ring, pointing to Lauryn in her corner. Stopping in the center, he then shrugs his shoulders as the camera zooms in to read his lips as he says “problem?” Not amused, Lauryn brushes her hair from her face with her hand before slapping it against her other hand. Stepping away from her corner, she slowly approaches Mariano. Stopping just feet in front of him, a puzzled look comes across Lauryn’s face as she looks down at a hand extended in her direction by Mariano.
JOHNSON: “Sportsmanship, something we haven’t seen inside of a 4CW ring in a very long time.”
VASSA: “You expect everyone to just hold hands and play nice?”
Cautiously, Lauryn extends her hand to shake Mariano’s but before the two make contact, Mariano pulls his hand back and takes a step backwards, smiling as he looks to Lauryn.
VASSA: “I knew he was tricking her! That’s the oldest in the book.”
Slightly irritated, Lauryn takes a swing and slaps her hand across Mariano’s face. Shocked, Mariano slowly turns his sights back to her only to get caught off guard with a swift kick to the stomach. As Mariano bends over from the breath taking blow, Lauryn then swings upwards and hits him in the chops with a European uppercut. Staggering backwards, Mariano leaves himself open as Lauryn closes in with a running knee strike to the chest.
Falling backwards, Mariano hits the corner and bounces off, lunging forward and nearly taking Lauryn’s head off with a flying forearm. Hitting the mat, Lauryn quickly bounces off and pops back to her feet, only to get hit from the side with an elbow shot to the ribs. Grabbing onto Lauryn’s shoulder, Mariano spins her around to face him before wrapping his arm around her head and grabbing the back of her pants. Lifting her off her feet, he takes her up and over to her back to the mat with a snap suplex.

JOHNSON: “Lauryn was off to a quick start but in the blink of an eye Mariano turned things around and took total control of the match up.”
VASSA: “She didn’t even see it coming!”
Pulling Lauryn up from the mat, Mariano locks onto her wrist and then whips her to the ropes across the ring. As Lauryn comes back on the rebound, Mariano steps into her, driving his shoulder into her and laying her out with a shoulder block. Rolling over and slapping the mat in anger, Lauryn pushes herself up and then slams both hands into Mariano’s chest, barely knocking him back a step. She then turns to the ropes and takes off towards them. As she comes back on the rebound once again, she leads with her shoulder as Mariano steps into her with his, knocking her flat on her back with another shoulder block.
Releasing a loud grunt, Lauryn rolls back over to her stomach and pushes herself up to one knee. In anger, she slams her fist against the mat before standing up and mouthing off at Mariano as he smiles back in return. Zooming in, the camera reads his lips as they say “problem?” Turning her back to Mariano, Lauryn races across the ring to the ropes for a third time. Coming back on the rebound, she lowers her shoulder and leads with it as Mariano steps in with his.

VASSA: “Hopefully there isn’t an unnecessary roughness pen–“
JOHNSON: “Change of plan!”
Spinning just before contact, Lauryn rolls around Mariano’s body and continues to the ropes behind him. Leaping into the air, she plants both feet onto the middle rope and springboards off. Rotating her body in mid-air, she flies towards Mariano. Just as he turns around to face her, Lauryn hits him in the face with a forearm smash, knocking him down to the mat.
VASSA: “Oh man, Lauryn looked like Le’Veon Bell with that spin move!”
JOHNSON: “That was a pretty smooth move on her part.”
VASSA: “You damn right it was!”
Back on her feet, Lauryn moves in on Mariano before he can begin to get up. Stomping on his shoulder, Lauryn doesn’t hold anything back. Turning to the nearby ropes, she quickly rushes to them and comes back on the rebound, flipping forward and landing across Mariano’s body with a running senton. Rolling up to her feet in a fluid motion, Lauryn continues her stride towards the opposite ropes across the ring. Hitting them hard, she comes back with even more speed and as Mariano leans upward, she leaps into the air and drives both feet into the side of his shoulder with a basement dropkick.
JOHNSON: “Not only does the girl have run skills, she also has some air!”
VASSA: “Ever since Lauryn came to Adrenaline she’s done nothing but impress us week in and week out in that ring.”
Climbing on top of Mariano, Lauryn begins hitting him over and over with mounted punches to the head. After landing nearly a dozen, she pushes herself up and then locks onto his wrist, pulling him up as well. In the blink of an eye, she slaps him across the chest with multiple backhand chops. Locking onto his head with both hands, Lauryn drops down to both knees, pulling Mariano’s head down and slamming it across her head with a sit-out jawbreaker. Mariano’s body straightens but he manages to stay on his feet, giving Lauryn plenty of time to get back to hers. Swinging with her right, Lauryn hits Mariano with a solid punch and then follows up with a left. She then spins around completely and levels him with a discus clothesline.
VASSA: “This girl can do it all!”
JOHNSON: “She’s proven that each and every time she steps foot in the ring.”
Dropping down to both knees, Lauryn then makes the cover on Mariano as the official slides in with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Mariano breaks up the pin before the two count. Disagreeing with the count, Lauryn scolds the official before standing to her feet. Not wasting any more time, she then pulls Mariano up from the mat. With all of her strength, she then whips Mariano to the far corner. Staying back, she watches as Mariano crashes into the corner, his feet lifting up from the mat as his body makes contact with the turnbuckles. With his arms stretched across the top ropes, Mariano holds himself up as Lauryn makes her next move.
Taking off from stand still, Lauryn charges across the ring towards Mariano. As she closes in, she leaps into the air with her legs curled and knees aimed right for Mariano’s chest.

JOHNSON: “Here comes the Heartbre–“
At the very last split second, Mariano rolls out of the way.
With no one in front of her, Lauryn crashes into the corner before falling flat on her back and slamming her head against the canvas.
JOHNSON: “Lauryn almost connected with the Heartbreaker but just couldn’t see it through.”
VASSA: “That’s a big break for Mariano.”
Looking down to Lauryn on her back, a smile comes to Mariano’s face as he pushes himself away from the ropes. Reaching down and grabbing her by the head, Mariano pulls Lauryn up to her feet and then locks his arm around her head before tossing her arm over his. Lifting Lauryn upside down into the air, Mariano holds her up for a short moment before dropping her head first onto the mat with a vertical suplex piledriver.
JOHNSON: “That’s the Dovahkiin Driver!”
VASSA: “The what?”
JOHNSON: “The Dovahkiin Driver!”
Crawling over Lauryn’s body, Mariano goes for the pin as the official races over with the count.

VASSA: “This one is over folks!”
JOHNSON: “Both competitors came into this match with a bit of momentum but only one will carry it into Fright Night.”
“Song of the Dragonborn” hits the speakers as Mariano slowly rises to his feet. Looking down to Lauryn, he shrugs his shoulders before saying “problem?”

Stepping in beside Mariano, the official raises his arm into the air as the crowd begins chanting.
“Pro-blem? … Pro-blem? … Pro-blem? … Pro-blem? … Pro-blem?”

POWERS: “Here is your winner… ‘Da Troll Guy’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”

The screen flips to backstage where Adrian Tanner Jr. and Johnny Evil are sitting in their locker room, discussing strategy. Not much is heard about what they’re discussing, but the talking stops where their locker room pops open and Ty Lukas pops in, walking nonchalantly to the other bench in which he takes a seat, placing his hands onto his thighs and straightening his body posture up as if to be on his best behavior.
For a moment, Evil and Tanner look at Ty Lukas before shrugging it off and continuing to have their conversation about the main event. Lukas continues to watch as they speak looking around the locker room confused. He then focuses his attention on his button-up t shirt, looking down upon it and brushing some lint from it. It takes him a moment but after a minute he leans outward and whispers toward Tanner and Evil.

LUKAS: ”Psst… Is this where the meeting is??”
Johnny and Tanner stop talking and look over at Ty Lukas confused as all hell. Not even thinking about it, Johnny whispers back.
EVIL: ”What meeting… wait, why are we whispering”
At this point, Lukas breaks out of his whisper talking in a regular tone.
LUKAS: ”I don’t know why we’re whispering. I thought this was an A.A meeting, it says A.A on the door.”
EVIL: ”Oh, you’re confused homie. It doesn’t mean Alcoholic’s Anonymous.”
LUKAS: ”Damn, I was hoping it was… Never know when you’re going to find a diamond in the rough…”
By ‘diamond in the rough’, Ty Lukas means a woman who’s ready to worship his cock like it’s a bottle of her favorite brand. A delightful way to ease the pain of having to be in Little Rock.
Ty cracks a smirk.
EVIL: ”So, you’re looking for some strange wool? We can respect that.”
Johnny and Adrian share a laugh quietly at the reality of the situation.
LUKAS: ”Ok then, what’s your AA stand for?”
EVIL: ”Oh, that? Well, we’re the Asshole Antagonists.”
Ty nods, recognizing the name. He lets out a chuckle, joining in on the laughter as he clues in on the humor of the situation. He stands up and nods at the two of them.
LUKAS: ”Antagonists, huh? That’s something I can get behind. Tell you what, how about once I get a matchup worth watching, you two fellas pay attention. Then, we’ll have another chat. Only this time, I’ll know what A.A. stands for.”
With that said, Ty gives the two men a nod and heads ducks out the door. After he leaves, Adrian Tanner Jr looks at Johnny with an awkard yet confused expression.
TANNER: ”Was he actually looking for some pun-tang in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting?
EVIL: ”Of course, I can dig that. You never tried to find some fresh tail by crashing AA meetings or funerals? It’s actually quite easy. A lot of the women are vulnerable and wide open. It’s understandable if you haven’t, but don’t knock it til’ you try it brotha!”
EVIL: ”I dunno’, dude seems pretty cool in my book.”
Tanner just shakes his head back and forth in disbelief as he buries his face into his hands.
TANNER: ”Sometimes I just don’t know about you, Evil. I just don’t know…”

The scene opens up with Persephone as she walks down the hall a mocha iced coffee in her hands complete with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. The cameras, which she doesn’t pay much attention to, follow her as she makes her way to her locker room.

Persephone opens the door and is immediately hit in the face by something that snaps from the top of the door, making her drop her coffee on her shirt.

MARQUIS:“What the fuck?!”

She wipes at her shirt and continues to curse until she officially looks at what hit her. It’s a planet decorated ball hanging from a thin strong, with the words, “you’ve been everywhere, except here,” written upon it. Marquis has a face of confusion as she enters her darkened room, her eyes widening at the state of it.

Universal decorations are littered throughout her room; popping in the darkness. The glow in the dark stars of youth stick to the wall, with UFO night lamps hanging from the ceiling. Amongst the slightly lightened room, shadows cast upon the faces of alien balloons that are touching the ceiling. Marquis walks into her locker room, floor is scattered with glow sticks. On a surface near the mirror, a box.

She goes to the box and looks in the mirror for a moment, right where her head is looks to be outlined by an astronaut helmet drawn upon the mirror. Marquis looks down at the box and opens it – it’s her recent order from Lyza Reyes’ Etsy shop. Bath bombs. Universally Bomb.

The cameras close up on Persephone’s face in the mirror, as she stares at herself. She is, visibly, getting anxious before, suddenly, she becomes angry, taking the box and flinging it at a UFO before it falls and shatters upon the floor. She marches out of her room, but not before taking the planet near the door into her hands.

MARQUIS: “Lyza! LYZA!! Where the fuck is she?”
As Persephone checks out her surroundings, the camera mic picks up on the sound of footsteps gradually becoming louder as someone approaches the scene. A pair of black combat boots are captured by the cameraman as he pans up to reveal none other than Lyza Reyes. She walks on over where Persephone is standing, not looking pleased by the impromptu room makeover.
REYES: “That wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for. What’s wrong, Persephone?”
MARQUIS: “Do you think you’re funny?”
Marquis, very dramatically, shakes the ball, or planet, whatever, in her hands as she speaks. As if Lyza needs any explanation as to what this situation is about. Marquis, rather irrational in her thinking, finds the makeover to be more of a condescending gesture of Lyza’s part. Reason being? The universe is a terrifying subject for Marquis.
MARQUIS: “Because this isn’t fucking funny, asshole face.”
Taken back by Persephone’s words, Lyza gasps all doe eyed like an actress from a black and white silent film.
REYES: “Asshole face? Coming from you, I’m not offended, since that seems to be what you’re into. I thought you’d find this funny, maybe corny as heck. You getting nervous? You feel something warm running down your legs right now? Talk to me, dear.”
Persephone scowls at Lyza. Damn, bitch could really talk and Marquis isn’t one for on the spot comebacks, usually. She needs a day or two, a shower, and hell, she’d say some cool shit right back. Marquis looks down at the planet in her hands, looking over the words once again.
Fuck this.
Suddenly, Marquis takes a few steps back before launching the planet from her hands, aiming for Reyes. Lyza, being a fucking alien ninja, dodges the ball; looking back as it bounces uselessly down the hall. There’s a moment of silence between them as the only sound that could be heard is the ball bouncing away while they both watch. The cameraman coughs.
It breaks them from the trance of a bouncing ball, bringing their eyes back to each other as Lyza looks at Marquis incredulously.

REYES: “That wasn’t cool, Persephone. You seriously need to check yourself. I thought you would top Genie as the Fate Champion, and this is what you do? This is more reason for me to beat you at Fright Night.”
Persephone folds her arms across her chest, scoffing and obviously thinking of something to say back. She purses her lips for a moment and then rolls her eyes before glaring at Lyza.
MARQUIS: “Only thing you’re going to be beating at Fight Night is, uh, this dick?”
Marquis says it as if she’s offering it up for judging and criticism. Lyza, catching the tone, shakes her head. Persephone frowns and shrugs, though she’s obviously bothered. Lyza has her caught the fuck up and she’s just going to blame it on the decorations back in her locker room leaving her stuck, rather than Lyza’s cutting words.
MARQUIS: “You know what? All of this talking means shit, anyway. Why wait until Fight Night when you can step the fuck up right now?”
Marquis stretches out her arms in invitation. For a fight, not a hug.
REYES: “Again, you’re letting–“
Before Lyza could continue, Persephone takes a swing at her. Lyza holds her shoulder, grimacing. She blocks the next right hand, making the Fate Champion even angrier by her defense. Lyza screams to Persephone, so that the woman can get a hold of herself, but she doesn’t listen as she goes for a swing at Lyza’s face. Lyza ducks the punch and grabs Persephone’s wrists before bringing her to a swift knee, it colliding with her body harshly and knocking the breath out of her.
Lyza has a good grip on Marquis’ wrist, and hits her with another knee, earning a groan of pain from the champion. Persephone growls in frustration as she tries to pull away, but when that doesn’t work a move of complete aggression comes to her. She drives her shoulder into the midsection and uses the momentum to push Lyza harshly against the wall.
Lyza lets go from the impact and yelps out, but moves out of the way just in time to avoid another punch by Persephone. Marquis’ hand collides with the wall with all of her might, splitting a knuckle and instantly releasing blood as she hold her hand in pain and curses loudly. She turns to Lyza, who answers Persephone’s behavior with a punch of her own to the woman’s cheek.
After that, they just start exchanging punches. A full out brawl that gathers the attention of some people as they look on. None seems surprised. It was only a matter of time before these two came to a disagreement. Finally, security shows up and pull the women apart from each other. Lyza chills immediately, but Persephone is still screaming.

MARQUIS: “I can’t wait to get you in the ring, you shit!”
REYES: “The feeling’s mutual, toots!”
She responds to Persephone, her expression becoming serious. They have a fierce stare down with security maintaining control of the situation as the scene fades.


POWERS: “The following no holds barred contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly. His trademark “LAUGH-LIN” Run DMC Style shirt on he nods his head to the music and acknowledges the fans before extending his right hand out to his side as his valet, Sadie walks with swaying hips and locks hands with Bryan. They exchange a brief glance towards each other before continuing down the ramp.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from accompanied by Sadie Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, This IS, BRYAN LAUGHLIN!!!”
Approaching the ring he turns to Sadie, who grabs his face with her hands making sure to dig her nails into his cheeks before he turns and slides in and gets to his knees throwing his head back and his arms out allowing the fans to acknowledge him back. He quickly hops to his feet mouthing the lyrics.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

He backs into the nearest corner taking off his shirt and throwing it behind him out of the ring as his music slowly fades.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
“Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak.
POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds and standing six feet, four inches tall! He is “4CW’s Green Disease Monster”, LORD RRAAAABB!!!”
Raab and Losak stand at the top of the entrance ramp, looking towards the ring. Raab then slowly proceeds towards the ring. He then high fives the fans before he walks up the ringside steps before entering the ring underneath the top rope. He crouches down in the corner, moving back and forth, rubbing his hands together in excitement and rolling his neck around. He remains focused with anger in his eyes as he waits for the match to begin as Henry Losak stands at ringside.
JOHNSON: “Up next we have some no holds barred action ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: “These matches are always a joy to watch.”
JOHNSON: “I’m very interested to see how this turns out after the result of Bryan’s match two weeks ago.”
VASSA: “We almost had to deaths at the last Adrenaline. He destroyed Kash.”
JOHNSON: “He easily had that match won but left it all behind and Kash in a pool of his own blood.”
VASSA: “Whether or not there’s a win added to his record after that match, Bryan won it in my book.”
JOHNSON: “He’ll get more of a challenge tonight with the Green Disease, Lord Raab.”
VASSA: “Have I told you how happy I am that Raab is back on Adrenaline?”
JOHNSON: “Yes, you have multiple times. You tell me just about every time we see him in an Adrenaline ring.”
VASSA: “Well I am and you all better keep an eye on him. Raab has been busting his ass in 4CW since the beginning. It’s a damn shame the man hasn’t held a 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: “All good things come to those who wait and I strongly believe that Raab will be a 4CW champion someday.”
Looking to both corners, the official nods as both men are ready to throw down. Slowly raising his hand into the air, the crowd watches in anticipation as all hell breaks loose.
VASSA: “Here we go!”
Racing across the ring, Raab zips on by the official before he can even call for the bell. Closing in on Laughlin, Raab takes a powerful overhead swing aimed for Laughlin’s head.

Stepping out of the way, Bryan dodges Raab as his hand crashes down onto the top turnbuckle. Before Raab can even face him, Laughlin hits him in the shoulder with a knife edge chop. Grabbing onto Raab, Laughlin turns him around and then jumps as high as he can, raising both knees and planting them underneath Raab’s chin. Hitting the ropes, Raab flips over the top and crashes hard to the floor below.
JOHNSON: “The match has only just begun and Raab is already on the outside.”
VASSA: “That didn’t take long at all.”
Looking over the ropes to Raab down below, Laughlin smirks before turning to the corner beside him and ascending to the top. Once standing above everything else, Laughlin waits patiently as Raab slowly climbs to his feet. Just as Raab stands, Laughlin jumps down from the top of the corner and comes down on Raab, hitting him directly in the forehead with a diving headbutt. As Laughlin crashes to the floor, Raab stumbles backwards before tripping over his own feet and falling into the barricade at ringside.
VASSA: “Holy shit!”
JOHNSON: “I think Bryan did just as much damage to himself as he did to Raab.”
Dazed, Laughlin slowly pushes himself up from the floor, obviously feeling the aftermath from that flying headbutt from the top of the corner. Looking ahead, he locks his eyes on Raab holding himself up with both arms stretched across the top of the barricade. Laughlin then charges towards Raab but as he closes in, Raab lifts his foot up from the floor and stops Laughlin in his tracks as he plows it into his face, knocking him back a step. Pushing himself off the barricade, Raab then grabs ahold of Laughlin and lifts him above his head with both hands before dropping him. Falling down, Bryan’s throat slams across the top of the barricade.
Quickly grabbing onto Bryan’s head with both hands, Raab then begins pushing down, choking him with the barricade. After nearly half a minute passes, Raab then pulls Laughlin’s head away from the barricade and stands him straight up. Dragging Bryan with him as he backs up, Raab then wraps both hands around his waist and lifts him into the air, squeezing him tightly with a bear hug. Trying to break free, Laughlin hits Raab from all angles with punches but fails to do so. Raab then falls backwards, throwing Laughlin over his head with an overhead belly to belly suplex onto the nearby ringside steps.


JOHNSON: “Raab just threw him up and over his head like a ragdoll.”
VASSA: “His back is going to feel those steps in the morning.”
Laying on the steps, Laughlin’s head and feet hang over the sides. Back on his feet, Raab turns to Laughlin as his head hangs upside down, looking to him. Taking two giant steps forward, Raab then lifts his leg into the air and drives his foot into Laughlin’s face with a big boot. Rolling to his left, Laughlin falls down the steps until coming to a stop on the floor. Reaching down with both hands, Raab wraps them around Laughlin’s head and pulls him up to his feet. Looking to his left, Raab spots a nearby cameraman. he then whips Bryan towards the camera man but before he can let go, Bryan reverses and sends Raab running face first into the lens and tumbling over the cameraman.
VASSA: “That’s going to be some good up close and personal footage right there!”
JOHNSON: “It’s going to make the highlight reel, that’s for sure.”
Limping towards the pile of bodies, Laughlin then grabs the cameras cord and slowly begins wrapping it around both of his hands, leaving a bit of slack in between. Squatting down beside Raab, Laughlin then wraps the cord around Raab’s throat and begins choking him with it.
VASSA: “Anything in sight can and will be used as a weapon in these types of matches.”
JOHNSON: “Wait a second! What is Raab doing?”
Pulling the cord from around his throat, Raab allows himself to breath for a short moment before opening wide and biting down onto the cord. As Laughlin pulls on the cord with all of his strength, Raab grinds his teeth back and forth, slowly biting through the cord little by little.
JOHNSON: “Raab’s biting through the camera power cord.”
VASSA: “He’s going to get a kickstart of juice here in a bit if he isn’t careful.”
Before Raab can completely bite through the cord, Laughlin pulls back as hard as he can, bending Raab’s neck and pulling his head back. With one last chomp, Raab snaps the cord with his teeth but the force of him pulling his head in the opposite direction leaves him slamming his face forward into the camera underneath. Grabbing onto Raab’s head, Laughlin then lifts it up and slams it forward, driving Raab’s face into the camera before continuing the process and doing it over and over.
Pushing Raab off of the cameraman below, Laughlin rolls him over to his back. He then grabs the camera and stands straight up, lifting it high above his head. After releasing a howling battle cry, Laughlin then slams the camera down onto Raab’s midsection. Not satisfied, Laughlin then stands straight up once more and raises the camera over his head again. With anger in his eyes, Laughlin then swings the camera downward but this time Raab pops his foot up, kicking the camera back into Laughlin’s face.

VASSA: “Lights, camera, action!”
JOHNSON: “He wasn’t expecting that!”
Dropping the camera to the floor, Laughlin falls backwards, crashing against the floor. Like the monster he is, Raab refuses to stay down and slowly pushes himself up from the floor. Stepping over the cameraman, Raab then kicks then camera out of his way as he makes his way over to Bryan. Closing in, Raab jumps up and comes down with an elbow drop across Laughlin’s chest. He then forces himself back up and grabs onto Laughlin before completely standing. Pulling Laughlin up to his feet, Raab traps both of his arms and then begins hitting him with rapids headbutts right between the eyes.
After knocking Laughlin into a daze and splitting his forehead wide open, Raab forces Laughlin’s head between his legs and wraps him up around the waist. Lifting Laughlin up, Raab raises him above his head and holds him in place in a crucifix position. He then takes a few steps forward before throwing Bryan back first into the barricade with a crucifix powerbomb.

JOHNSON: “These two are going to tear down that barricade by the end of the night.”
VASSA: “I’d pay good money to see that.”
JOHNSON: “But you’re always asking to borrow money from me.”
VASSA: “So this will be no different.”
Grabbing Laughlin’s foot, Raab drags him away from the barricade but before they get too far away from it, Laughlin grabs ahold of it, stopping their movement. Raising his other foot, Laughlin then kicks it dorward, driving it into Raab’s face and breaking his hold. Stumbling backwards, Raab slams against the side of the ring just before releasing a painful grunt. Pushing himself up, Laughlin wobbles back and forth, feeling the effects of the powerbomb into the barricade sinking in.
Limping towards Raab, Laughlin gets within range for Raab to take an unexpected swing. Raab connects with the right punch but catches one to the jaw himself as Laughlin fires back with one of his own. Raab then retaliates with another punch, this time a right hook, but misses as Laughlin ducks underneath. As Raab passes by, Laughlin wraps an arm around Raab’s throat and locks in a sleep hold. Lifting Raab into the air, Laughlin then slams him to the floor with ease.

VASSA: “These two are going to beat the shit out of each other.”
JOHNSON: “That is the objective!”
With Raab laid out on the floor, Laughlin uses the side of the ring to pull himself up to his feet. He then reaches up and grabs onto the ropes, pulling himself onto the apron. Once standing, Laughlin takes a few back steps, creating a bit of distance between him and Raab. Yelling loudly, Laughlin then runs along the apron before leaping off with a swanton bomb dive. At the last second, he then rotates into a leg drop across the back of Raab’s head, pressing his face into the floor even harder.
VASSA: “Oh damn!”
JOHNSON: “Nineteen forty-five!”
VASSA: “Hey, isn’t that a song by Smashing Pumpkins?”
Rolling Raab over to his back, Laughlin then makes the cover as the official drops in beside them with the count.

JOHNSON: “That’s it ladies and gentlemen, Bryan Laughlin wins it!”
“Out Of My Mind” hits the speakers as Laughlin slowly rises to his feet. The official then steps in beside him and raises his arm into the air for the victory.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
Ripping his arm away from the official, Laughlin looks down to the mess at his feet before giving Raab a smirk. He then turns around to face the crowd, overlook each and every one of them with no emotion whatsoever in his face. Turning his back to them, Laughlin then leaves the ringside area and makes his way up the ramp, ignoring the fans with his eyes locked on the entrance at the top of the ramp.

The scene fades to darkness as the sounds of explosions and gunfire fill the speakers. Screams echo and then the eerie sounds of the swamp take over as the chaos fades out. Our picture then opens to the murky waters of a swamp. Ahead in the distance, the 4CW Championship sits upon a log, illuminated from the moonlight above piercing through the moss covered trees. The voice of Perry Wallace then begins to speak as the camera inches closer and closer to the championship.
WALLACE: “In three weeks we will all witness the collision of two individuals destined to rip each other apart for the sake of being at the top of the 4CW mountain.”
Stepping into the picture from both sides, Dakota Smith and Jair Hopkins slowly approach the championship, both bodies covered in the swamps filth.
WALLACE: “Two men who we have been pushing each other to the edge, flirting with death time and time again.”
Both men reach for the belt but before either can grab onto it, the 4CW Championship vanishes. Looking down at their empty hands, the two then slowly draw their attention upwards until locking eyes as the sounds of growls grow louder and louder.
WALLACE: “Only one will achieve greatness as the other may finally meet the reaper in person.”
Lunging towards one another, the two then turn into sand before falling to the waters edge.
WALLACE: “At Fright Night, a new challenger will come forth. A challenger who seeks the power both of these champions have held within the palm of their hands.”
Rising from the depths of the water, a large, rusted cage appears, covered in moss.
WALLACE: “Sixteen people will step into the WarZone, but only one will walk away with the opportunity of a lifetime. Only one will look over the carnage knowing that their time to rise to greatness awaits them at Winter Wasteland. Eight soldiers have already been enlisted while another eight will be chosen following tonight’s event.”
Zooming in to the cage, sixteen military dog tags hang, lined up side by side.
WALLACE: “Glory awaits those willing to climb to the top and take it. Destruction on the other hand, it screams to those trapped inside of the cell.”
Images of violence consume the inside of the cage, past clips of extreme matches in 4CW and last year’s Warzone.
WALLACE: “While the goal is to ascend to the top and grab the right to fight for 4CW’s top prize, the battle in the trenches will take place inside of this metal box. The XTV Championship brings out the beast within us all. It awakens our senses and natural instinct to survive. Two paths await you all.”
Smoke then engulfs the cage and as it dissipates, the cage is no longer there. Instead, two paths come into full focus, one going to the right and one to the left.
WALLACE: “Which path will you take?”
Looking up the paths, bodies cover the walkway. A thick fog then overtakes the swamp as darkness begins to slowly consume everything, leaving nothing but pitch black and the sounds of the swamp. Red letters then begin to appear which read ‘Fright Night’ before the promotional poster comes into focus.

We open up in the backstage area again, where we find Adrian Tanner, our Hero and Arizona Assassin Extraordinaire, stepping out of the AA locker room and heading towards catering for some water before the big match. He waves into the camera as he walks by out of shot-
then casually strolls back into said shot.

TANNER: “So I wasn’t going to do this but, since you’re here…
To the six idiots Johnny and I are about to face in this clusterfuck of a main event: we need to talk. “

Adrian stares directly into the camera like he’s on The Office.
TANNER: “Now, I know there’s at least four of you -Eli and Genie are more Professional Twitter Users than wrestlers- who are actual professional wrestlers in this group. So as an actual professional wrestler, again not counting Eli and Genie, one would have to understand that just like in every sport ever played around the world- accidents happen. Any time one of us steps through those ropes we are putting our bodies on the line. At any given point during a match we could break an arm, a leg, shatter a kneecap, break your back, or even… your neck. It’s just a part of the sport.
And that’s what last show was. An accident. A freak injury. “

He shrugs. What’s a guy to do?
TANNER: “Maddox Lucien’s dumb drugged out ass broke his neck taking a move Johnny and I have practiced five hundred times in training and never had a problem with. Do I feel bad about it? ….Slightly? I mean I feel bad people had to watch the dude shit himself in the middle of the ring but Maddox Lucien was a bag of dicks and while I don’t go out into that ring with the intent to hurt people on purpose if I ever did do that- it would be to a guy like him.”
At least they buried the bag of dicks with an actual bag of dicks.
TANNER: “So can we please stop with this “murderers” shit? It’s almost as sad as unfunny as the “lulz he makes gun motions so he thinks he wants to actually kill people” shit the Donaldsons couldn’t stop bringing up a few shows ago.
Or as sad and unfunny as the ‘President of Pretty,’ whatever that even means.”

Oooooh, segues! In the background Brandon Young drives by one-handed on a segway.
TANNER: “That’s right Humblebrag, I saw your little video last show. Danny Tanner. That’s original. Not!
Don’t look at him like that. You know full well Adrian’s going to answer bad pop culture references with his own equally bad pop culture reference, especially when it’s so fitting. It’s what a Tigger does best. No wait, that’s bouncing.

TANNER: “Y’know how many people have called me that, Humblebrag? The amount of people who jump right to ‘lookit me i’m so SMRT for calling a guy who’s last name is Tanner, Danny hyuk hyuk’?
Well, you probably don’t because we just met but lemme tell ya- it’s a LOT. And it was never funny then either.
You wanna know what I DID to those people?”

Points his hand in the form of a gun directly at the camera. Directly into your SOUL.
TANNER: “Meet me at Fright Night and find out!”
With the usual determined hard stare into the camera he ‘fires’ the gun and walks off to the Main Event.

Everyone in the crowd goes quiet as “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy blares on the PA System and the lighting dims to a bare white lighting. Darin Zion comes out walking slowly in a black suit in a black collared shirt with sun glasses on. Zion makes it slowly towards the entrance ramp and stops until the chorus hits. Zion takes the sun glasses off quickly and clips them to his collar and the lights dim to where a spotlight hits him and the video cuts out. As Zion walks down towards the entrance ramp, fans try grabbing at him to high five him and Zion screams at them, “Don’t Touch Me, Worthless Sheep.” As Zion makes it towards the ring, Zion stops for a moment and rushes up towards the steps, wiping his feet before entering the ring. Zion jumps into the ring and immediately climbs up towards the top rope before the lights turn to gold. Zion looks towards the sky and smirks sadistically as the fans immediately start booing. The music cuts off and the crowd immediately erupts into a “Man to Man” chant before changing it to “Zion sucks.” Zion nods for a moment, stopping taking it this scene in and the immense hatred the crowd has for him being in 4 Corners Wrestling. Zion smiles for a moment just letting the audience get it all out of their system.
ZION: “Go ahead! Go ahead! You fans bought these tickets. I’m sure every single one of you mindless sheep want to see me break my neck and die in the middle of this ring. Maybe I hit my head on one of these turn buckles, crack my skull and die. I’m sure you’d love that.”
The crowd immediately erupts towards the thought of Zion’s death. Zion shakes his head for a moment and then viciously points at the fans.
ZION: “That’s exactly why I didn’t come back for any of you. I didn’t come out here to play into your gratuitous fallacies. I spent three months in exile in some secluded Asian country to get away from all your sycophant tendencies. You play into the hands of these dishonest assholes who feed your bland, uncreative minds on Twitter with bullshit and lies. I saw all those posts and their effects. I watched those loving and supportive eyes turn into venomous orbs of death. You all became the plague to my existence. Here I am trying to honestly earn a living to grow my brand in professional wrestling playing some dumb character a bald, dick headed pirate and a homeless hobo who raped and pillaged Indiana and Chicago for many years because I wanted your respect. I wanted your blood money from merchandise sales and your “power” to send my straight into the main event scene of many different promotions. I thought you were all the “family I never had” but with “family like you guys” who needs enemies.”
“Zion sucks! Zion Sucks! Zion Sucks!”

ZION: “Yes, I’m the one who sucks for coming into this damn ring and earning more many than any of you fat, lazy assholes ever earned. I played a character that I stopped believing in once the fabled PWX died for all of your sins. People signed off bringing my dead fiancé “back to life.” Companies hired a man looking woman to “improve my story” to become just like one of you mindless puppets. And I fell into that trap. I got coerced with all your bullshit to play her on fucking Twitter insult MY life. And with all your expectations and criticism it’s no wonder why I fucked up and Tweeted from the wrong Twitter account. I wanted all of your attention. I blindly listened to the outcry and tried to work with that whore that I was paired with and then she got knocked up. So I had to play that it was “my kid.” I had to keep up the illusion true love and fairy tales existed because I wanted the glory with hanging of a bunch of heathens you worshipped. It got me the attention I desperately craved. But yet you fools bowed and worshipped these piece of shit heathens. Heathens and Sycophants made me into this man.”
The feed cuts to a video package where Scott Stevens continually got distracted during his match with the “Lonesome Loser” line and Zion finally jumping the guard rail where he lays Scott Stevens out with the Kinshasa Kick he renamed “The Eradication.” As Zion stands in the ring looking angry as the crowd chants for Scott Stevens to come in and kill Zion. Zion clinches his fists together turning red before taking a few breathes not letting his once fabled temper get the best of him. Zion runs his fingers through his long hair then strokes his beard for a moment before turning serious.
ZION: “You wanted this epic Cinderella story where people just laid waste to all the credibility to my career. Now grant it, I once respected Scott Stevens. Stevens busted his ass in many promotions around the world. He’s won multiple championships and has quite the reputation out there. Hell in our books, he’s still the Internet Champion and he’s an unsung hero. But to me, he’s nothing but a pandering puppet to all the bullshit people put him through. He blindly accepts what’s given to him just to get ahead and earn a name for himself. He’ll start at the bottom of the totem pole sucking ass without fighting with passion and I’ll be the first one to tell you this man turns shit into gold. And I refuse people compare me to…to…that recycled piece of bullshit from Texas.”
The crowd idly boos. As Zion’s eyes turn dark and sadistic, almost like Zion’s lost his mind. Zion stands still in the ring looking down for a moment and just laughs manically. Zion rubs his hands together and looks back towards the crowd vacantly.
ZION: “Stevens, you knew I’d come to eradicate you. I don’t want anything to compare me to…to…the man you want…the man you blindly want to crucify….ZION. I’m better than that. When I went away, I eradicated that man. I left his legacy to sit in the pile of shit that sits and occupies all these chairs here at Adrenaline.”

ZION: “From now on…I’m done playing a character. I’m done letting you control my destiny. Zion rests in piss with all you fans to me. From now on I’m going back to my roots. I’m Darin Matthews and you better get used to chanting that name. Chant Zion all you want, but that’s never who I was that’s never who I’ll be again. Clara, Man to Man, and the name Zion all lay at the bottom of this dump known as Little Rock, Arkansas. You can have all that shit just like your incestuous relationships and your shitty football team known as the Razorbacks. They all go down hand in hand.”
“Zion Sucks! … Zion Sucks! … Zi–“

MATTHEWS: “SHUT UP! DON’T USE THAT NAME! Now as I was saying before you hicks rudely interrupted greatness…they all go hand in hand because they’ll all join Scott Stevens when I’m finished with them. They’ll all meet their eradication. And Stevens…I hope you’re watching because when I’m done with you; you too just like these sycophant puppets will want the good ole’ loveable Zion to return. When I’m done with you Stevens, you’ll wish you’d have never met Darin Matthews or hand anyone try to transfer YOUR nickname to me. I am not a loser…you are…and you know what they sing when I’m done with you…”
Matthews lifts the microphone to face…
MATTHEWS: “Have you heard about the Lonesome Loser…eradicated by Matthews every time…”
Darin laughs and tosses the microphone down as “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy blares on the PA System and Matthews leaves the ring. As the crowd boos him Matthews sticks his arms out just basking in his own delusional glory as the scene fades to black.

The scene opens up to the backstage area of the Verizon Center here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Veteran 4CW interviewer Gabriel Hartman can be seen standing holding his microphone in hand. Gabriel is looking dapper as a motherfucker for a homeless man. Once he receives the signal from the cameraman Gabriel raises the microphone up to his lips and begins speaking.
HARTMAN: ”Ladies and gentleman please welcome at this time one half of the 4CW World Tag Team Champions and the current 4CW XTV Champion Jason P. Davidson.
The camera pans out to show Jason P. Davidson standing besides Gabriel. Jason has his ring gear on with his half of the 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts around his waist and the 4CW XTV Championship belt proudly displayed over his right shoulder.
HARTMAN: ”It’s been an interesting night here on Adrenaline here tonight Jason. Let’s start with the fact that you and your wife Tara had a very special guest here tonight with you and things took an interesting turn.”
J.DAVIDSON: ”Oh you mean how I like Ben Roethlisberger alone with my wife for five minutes and he tried to rape her in a bathroom stall? I guess it’s lucky for me that we all know what kind of man Ben Roethlisberger is which made it easy to lure him here and get the drop on him like we did. You don’t block Perry Wallace on Twitter and you don’t fuck with 4CW and expect to get away with it.
HARTMAN: ”Speaking of 4CW can I get your comment on the recent news that many of the top stars are leaving the company to go other places and how it’s being said that the ratings for Adrenaline continue to drop?
J.DAVIDSON: ”Well let’s see who all has left Gab. Maddox Lucien? Dead and go and really who gives a fuck that guy couldn’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag. Randall Kash? Thought the he was way better than he really was and when it was proven that he wasn’t his ego couldn’t handle it or shit talk on Twitter. Kat Jones? Hot fucking garbage that left because the people in WWH thought it was cool to make her creepy ass aunt or inbred mother part of management and hand her a World Championship belt. Psyche Devyne and Erron Wilder? Bleached asshole and trash so good riddance to them too. Who else? I mean are we gonna lose Bryan Laughlin and Chris Madison too? Oh well buh bye nice knowing ya. Have fun over in WWH for fucking Honor Wrestling. We’ll still be here kicking ass when both those places are closed.”
Jason pats the World Tag Team Championship belt around his waist and then adjust the XTV Championship belt over his shoulder.
J.DAVIDSON: ”It doesn’t matter who fucking leaves Gabriel. Anyone that leaves 4CW obviously couldn’t hack it in 4CW which is why they go places like WWH or Boardwalk Wrestling where they are handed the keys to the castle and get to put themselves over. People like that need an easy button because they don’t have what it takes to earn anything. They can’t accept the reality that someone like Jason P. Davidson has come to 4CW and I’m collecting all of the Championship belts like they are baseball cards. That’s why they call me a cancer and say that I’m killing 4CW in their shitty little pipebomb promos. Cause not a single one of them have what it takes to step up and take either one of these belts away from me.
HARTMAN: ”Let’s talk about earlier tonight when one of your friends and members of tonight’s main event Elijah Carlson was brutally attacked by Keith Daniels. Eli was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with his wife Genie and now tonight’s match is a three way match instead of a four corners elimination match.”
J.DAVIDSON: ”Yeah what happened to Eli was unfortunate and I’m sure if myself or Tara had been around when that happened then it would be Keith Daniels that would be headed off to hospital. All I can do is wish Eli a speedy recovery. I don’t know it was because Keith really wants to bang Eli’s wife or because he thinks this helps his team’s odds of winning later tonight. But he seems to forget that Ascended Supremacy is still in this match. Ascended Supremacy put him and Sativa down at Bad Company II and know because he’s hurt my friend he’s made this personal. So I got a little extra motivation to get out tonight. Maybe it’s not a title match, maybe I got nothing to lose. But I can tell you this much. It’s going to feel fucking good driving my boot through Keith Daniels’ goddamn skull.”
HARTMAN: ”Fright Night is just around the corner and you’re set to defend the 4CW XTV Championship belt in the Warzone match. Where there is also a guaranteed shot at the 4CW Championship belt that will be one the line.”
J.DAVIDSON: ”That’s the big thing isn’t Gab? That’s what tonight is all about. A preview of things to come at Warzone where 15 other people will be fighting, scratching, and crawling to get their hands on me and my XTV Championship belt. This without a doubt will be the biggest match of the 4CW career to date but you better believe I will walk through hell and high water to keep what rightfully belongs to me. Now I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also want that shot at the 4CW Championship belt. That’s why I’m here, that’s why every single member of the roster is here. If you aren’t? Then maybe you need to go follow Kat Jones to WWH and have them make you a Championship belt of your very own. Now is it possible for me to hold onto this XTV Championship belt and walk out of that match with that guaranteed shot at the 4CW Championship belt? That’s the almighty question Gab and honestly I don’t know. If it came down to one or the other I can’t say what I’ll do. But if I was Dakota Smith or Jair Hopkins I’d be watching closely and sweating bullets. I’m a man that doesn’t just let opportunities slip through my fingers. I’m being given an opportunity to hold two titles and collect a third so you better before I’m walking into that Warzone match and I’m swinging for the goddamn fences. But if you’ll excuse me there are four asses out there that need kicked.”
Jason pushes past Gabriel and walks down the hallway leaving the veteran interviewer standing there with his microphone in hand still looking dapper as a motherfucker as we head back to ringside.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The crowd reaction is mixed, but there are more cheers than boos, as the opening guitar riffs and “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play throughout the PA system.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred fifty-six pounds and standing six feet, six inches tall! He is ‘The Scorpion’… SCOTT SSTTEEVVEENNSS!!!”
The cheers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas. Walking down the aisle, he fists bumps some of his fans while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers.
VASSA: “Have you heard…”
JOHNSON: “Don’t you do it!”
VASSA: “Have you heard about the lonesome loser!”
As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares over the crowd. As icy glare and a throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the mat.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
“Unsung” immediately begins to play, the heavy guitar riff and drums backing the intense sound ripping out towards the audience. The main riff starts, playing over and over as the lights turn down. Strobes going along to the beat of the song. Bryan walks out from the back, head held down low. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his right hand and extends his pointer finger. He holds it up momentarily, eventually beginning to walk down to the ring as the song continues.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is “Leviathan”, BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”
Bryan makes his way to the ring, walking at a brisk pace towards the ring. He doesn’t waste much time getting into the ring, walking up the steel steps and climbing in through the top and middle rope. With a serious look on his face, Bryan stands in the ring waiting for the start of the match.
JOHNSON: “We have the makings for a possible match of the night with this one folks!”
VASSA: “Both of these guy know how to handle themselves in the ring and pout put on damn good show.”
JOHNSON: “They’re both coming off tough losses from two weeks ago. You can bet that there will be a fire under each of their butts here tonight.”
VASSA: “Two very tough losses. Stevens was practically robbed by his lover getting involved, and Williams, well Hopkins isn’t an easy one to beat for anyone. I don’t care who you are!”
JOHNSON: “Williams has already gotten himself involved earlier in the night so I guess you could say he’s warmed up.”
VASSA: “He warmed his foot right up to Cashe’s balls! That rude piece of shirt!”
JOHNSON: “Shirt?”
VASSA: “Don’t question me! Every time you do it makes me wish to sleep forever just a bit more.”
With both men ready, the official quickly signals for the bell.

With their sights locked in on one another, both Bryan and Stevens slowly exit their corners and approach each other until standing face to face in the center of the ring. Stevens with the size advantage, looks down to Williams with a grin on his face before holding his hand up and extending his finger. Pushing his hand forward, Stevens pokes Williams in the chest, pushing him back a step. Williams then swats Stevens’ hand away and fires with a right hand across Stevens’ jaw.
VASSA: “Williams isn’t one to be easily intimidated.”
Firing back with a punch of his own, Stevens plants his fist into Williams mouth, knocking him down to one knee. Pushing himself up and lunging forward, but keeping low, Williams wraps Stevens leg up and takes him to the canvas with a single leg takedown. Quickly crawling on top of Stevens, Williams draws back and swings, connecting with a stiff right hand to the face. As Williams draws back once more, Stevens reaches up and locks onto his arm, rolling to the side and throwing Williams off of him.
JOHNSON: “We have a fight on our hands!”
VASSA: “It’s the battle of Texas!”
Both men quickly race to get to their feet, Stevens standing first. Moving in as Bryan gets to one knee, Stevens hits him with a knee lift to the face, knocking him flat on his back. Pulling Williams up from the mat, Stevens wraps him up before lifting him off the mat and slamming him down with a T-bone suplex. The entire ring rattles as Williams slams against the canvas. Standing tall, Stevens doesn’t give Bryan a single moment to recover before kicking him in the side of the head.
Pulling Williams up from the mat again, Stevens locks onto his wrist and then goes to whip him to the ropes. Reversing the throw, Williams sends Stevens racing towards them instead. Jumping forward, Stevens plants both feet onto the middle ropes and springboards off, rotating in mid-air and catching Bryan off guard with a springboard roundhouse.

JOHNSON: “Stevens with the Venomous Injection!”
With Bryan down, Stevens quickly drops down and makes the cover.

Before the official can even go for the two, Williams kicks out. Not wasting any time, Stevens pushes himself up while driving his fist downward into Williams’ jaw. Once up, he reaches down and grabs onto Bryan’s head, pulling him up to the mat. Not letting go of his head, Stevens then pulls it in as he lunges his forward, hitting Bryan with a nasty headbutt. Spinning Bryan around, Stevens then wraps him around the waist with both arms, locking his hands in front of Bryan. Lifting Bryan off his feet, Stevens drops him on his head with a German suplex. Keeping his hands locked together, Stevens then rolls over to his side before working his way back to his feet and dragging Bryan up as well. Lifting Williams up again, Stevens drives him into the mat with a second German suplex. With his hands still locked together, Stevens works his way back to his feet again, with Bryan as well. Using all of his strength, Stevens lifts Bryan up for a third time and drops him to the mat with another German suplex.
VASSA: “I think Stevens is trying to tear the ring down with Bryan, using him as a hammer!”
JOHNSON: “It takes quite a bit of strength to perform a triple German suplex and Stevens just did it with ease.”
Crawling over Williams body, Stevens hooks the leg and goes for the quick pin.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Williams escapes the pin just before the full two count. Looking back and forth from Williams to the official, Stevens then shakes his head in disbelief. Slowly pushing himself up from the mat, Stevens then turns to the ropes to his right. As he comes back on the rebound with a little speed, Stevens jumps up and comes down with a leg drop!

JOHNSON: “Bryan rolled out of the way!”
VASSA: “He’s not ready to go to sleep just yet!”
Releasing a loud grunt, Stevens reaches behind him and massages his lower back as the pain shoots up his spine. On all fours, Williams looks up to Stevens in the seated position. Standing tall, Williams swipes the hair from his face before stepping in and hitting Stevens in the chest with a superkick. Still up, Stevens quickly holds his chest leaving himself exposed as Williams then steps in and hits him with a superkick to the mouth, sending Stevens backwards and slamming his head against the canvas.
VASSA: “Williams has turned things around!”
Pushing himself up almost instantly, Stevens climbs to all fours. Turning to the ropes, Bryan takes off and as he comes back on the rebound with speed, he leaps forward and hits Stevens just as he pops his head up with an enziguri. Falling backwards yet again, Stevens head crashes against the mat for a second time. Just as before, Stevens quickly shakes it off and pushes himself up, showing slight signs of fatigue. Standing back and ready, Williams looks on, allowing Stevens to stand. As he does, Stevens lunges towards Williams but gets lifted off the mat as Williams ducks down rises with him on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Taking a step forward, Bryan then drops Stevens down from the fireman’s carry position with a neckbreaker.
JOHNSON: “Bryan is beating some sense into Stevens’ head.”
VASSA: “With the kicks and crashes against the mat, Stevens is going to end up with a concussion by the time this thing is all said and done.”
Rolling over top of Stevens, Williams makes the cover as the official races over with the count.

Kicking his legs with both hands underneath Williams, Stevens bench presses him before throwing him off and breaking the pin attempt.
VASSA: “Fucking mongoloid strength!”
Landing on all fours, Williams quickly pushes himself up before Stevens does. Rushing in, Williams hits Stevens in the face with a forearm shot, keeping him down on his knees. Locking onto him, Williams then pulls him up to his feet and lifts him into the air, dropping him back down with a swinging side slam backbreaker. The entire ring rattles at the impact of Steven’s body slamming against the canvas.
Back on his feet, Bryan backs up towards the corner and patiently waits as Stevens slowly begins pushing himself up. As Stevens rises to his feet, Williams then moves in quickly and plants his foot underneath his chin with a superkick. Stumbling backwards, Stevens crashes into the corner, holding himself up with both arms draped over the top ropes.

JOHNSON: “These superkicks are really doing a number on Scott.”
VASSA: “He just needs to seal the deal!”
A loud roar is heard at the top of the ramp as the fans begin screaming.
JOHNSON: “It’s Jason Cashe!”
VASSA: “He’s come for some payback after getting hit in the balls twice earlier!”
Hearing the fans erupt behind him, Williams slowly turns around slowly, expecting there to be someone in the ring behind him. Shocked that no one is there, he then looks up at the ramp at Cashe standing at the top of the entrance stage.
JOHNSON: “Bryan should have known that Cashe wouldn’t let what happened earlier slide.”
VASSA: “Can’t these two just wait till Fright Night. Perry has already confirmed that those two will be facing off with Madison for the Pride Championship, whether or not Madison decides to show up or not.”
JOHNSON: “Since when has Cashe been able to show restraint?”
Ignoring what’s now behind him, Williams walks to the ropes, placing both hands across the top. In the far corner across the ring, Stevens slowly comes to his senses, shaking off the superkick to the head.
VASSA: “Bryan better get his head back in the game!”
Looking ahead, Stevens takes notice to what’s going on, Williams distracted by what’s in front of him. Walking lightly, Stevens sneaks up behind Williams and stands there, looking on as Williams is oblivious.
JOHNSON: “Bryan doesn’t even have a clue that Stevens is behind him right now.”
Laughing, Cashe then raises his arm and points to the ring as if hinting to bryan that someone is behind him. Getting the hint, Williams then slowly turns around only to see the big man looking him dead in the eye.
VASSA: “There he is!”
Quick to react, Williams throws a punch for Stevens head, only to have it blocked. Stevens then kicks Williams in the gut, forcing him to lunge over. Grabbing onto Williams head, Stevens applies a three-quarter facelock and then takes him down to the mat face first with a front face bulldog.
JOHNSON: “Toxic Sting!”
VASSA: “Come on Bryan!”
Jumping up and down in excitement, Cashe erupts with laughter at the sight of what just happened. Rolling Williams over to his back, Stevens then hooks the leg and covers him for the pin.

VASSA: “Scott Stevens wins it all because Bryan couldn’t keep his head in the game.”
JOHNSON: “Regardless of how it happened, this is a big win for Scott Stevens as we head into Fright Night. He could find himself in the Warzone after tonight’s match.”
VASSA: “Poor Bryan, may he sleep forever in peace.”
“Hellraiser” hits the speakers as Stevens climbs to his feet. Looking up the ramp, he nods to Cashe only to get disrespected as Cashe gives him a middle finger in return before turning his back and exiting to the back. The official then grabs Stevens arm and raises it into the air as the bell sounds.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… ‘The Scorpion’… SCOTT SSTTEEVVEENNSS!!!”

Squatted down behind some Production crates. Jason Cashe has 5 Darts laying on the crates surface. Peeking over the top, his eyes on locked on the entrance curtains leading to the ring. You can hear the fans roaring with cheers as the Scott Stevens and Bryan Williams match was finally over. Cashe has been waiting ALL night to put his sights on Williams again and he was ready. The muffled music plays for the winner of the match but all other sounds were muted in his head. He couldn’t hear anything but the breathing he was doing himself. Like a sniper readying to take that long distance shot. He had ammunition but he wanted to make his first shot his best.
CASHE: “Come on you fuck… Show yourself!”
Finally he steps through the curtain. Covered in sweat, a slight limp from the match had. Bryan Williams might have lost the contest looking at him but Cashe wasn’t seeing a man who had just competed. For Cashe he was laying eyes on prey. Popping up, revealing himself out from hiding he throws a dart. It sticks deep into the thigh of Williams.
WILLIAMS: “Ahhhhhh! What the heck!?”
Plucking the dart from his leg a trickle of blood rolls out of the small wound. Just as Williams looks for the assailant another dart whistles by his face. That’s when his eyes spot Jason Cashe.
Pausing they both stare long and hard like an Old Western Showdown was taking place.
CASHE: “Williams…”
WILLIAMS: “You’re a butt!”
Not having anything more to say Cashe cocks back and launches another Dart. Williams side steps it and takes off running from the scene.
CASHE: “Ohhh noo ya don’t!”
The Chase had begun! Williams cut around a corner and Cashe while slower in speed still kept trying to hit his moving target. Three misses as Williams begins zig zagging down the hallway. People stopped and watched, some Production guy took a dart to his cheek but through it all it was still a game of hunter and his prey.
WILLIAMS: “Stop throwing darts you crazy bastard!!”
The fourth dart thrown almost catches Williams but he ducked as his feet continue keeping a distance between him and Jason Cashe. As he runs passed a stack of chairs, Williams yanks at some to knock them loose. It works and Cashe tries to leap over them but trips and slaps down into the hallway floor. Williams slowing down turns and laughs at Cashe.
CASHE: “You FUCK! I Hate you soooo much! DIE!!”
Trying to get back to his feet the steel folding chairs slide out from under him and again Cashe busts his ass. Williams shakes his head and waves off Cashe before leaving the area. Cashe fights with the chairs under him, kicking and shoving them away.
SALIERI: “Hey Cashe let me help you…”
Christopher Salieri. One of the referees employed to 4CW. Cashe knew the Salieri family from back in the day and hated the majority of them. As Chris grabs hold of Cashe’s arm the “Troubled1” gets to his feet and stabs a dart into the top of Christopher’s shoulder. The referee drops to his knees crying out in pain. His screams echoing through the halls.
CASHE: “Nobody asked for your help…”
Slipping once again but not losing his footing. Cashe follows the hallway where he seen Bryan Williams disappear too.


With the intro of the song out of the way, Persephone makes her way onto the stage; a large and almost condescending smile on her face as she heads down the ramp with the Fate Championship around her waist.
POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, from Manhatten, New York… The 4CW Fate Champion, Persephone MMAARRQQUUIISS!!!”
Some men in the audience extend money toward her in an attempt to get her attention, while others even go as far as yelling their impressive occupations and positions at her. However, she pays no mind to either of them; patting her hands on her belt; showing that she doesn’t need anything else.
“These hoes ain’t loyal!”

VASSA: ”So, you wanted to talk about that main event last show between Marquis and Tara Davidson Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”I didn’t say that. That main event was something more along your lines of expertise. I’m more of the type to get pissed off not pissed on!!”
She enters the ring and regards her opponent with a smile and a friendly greeting, before turning to her corner with an eye roll and an almost disgusted expression as she takes the championship off her hips. She waits in her corner for the match to start, sitting on the turnbuckle with her legs crossed; back to her patronizing smirk as she drapes the belt on her shoulder, petting it lovingly and giving it a kiss before she passes it to the referee.
JOHNSON: ”Well, now that one champion has already made their way to the ring in one of this weeks highlighted matches…”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds with the intro leading in…
JOHNSON: ”Well, Vassa… What do you think is on Hopkin’s mind tonight?
VASSA: ”Well, besides all the shit that Marquis talked and Dakota Smith, I would have to go with a common answer and say winning?”
“I’m a bread winner, you wanna make a fortune?
Place all your money on the black and on the red, n—
This ain’t a gamble, it’s a promise, I’m a head splitter
Y’all been sleepin’ on me, now it’s time to shake the bed, n—“

As “Self-Preservation” by Kutt Calhoun starts up, Hopkins appeared from the back, the only thing shining was the 4CW Championship belt around his waist as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.
POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred two pounds. He is the 4CW Champion, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I am the last of a dying breed
Live by one code that some gon’ heed
Get rich or die tryin’ so I don’t sleep
So cold in these streets I’m Kelvin”

The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Unwrapping the title from around his waist, he holds it up high in the air, showing it off as the camera flashes catches every frame of movement. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

From the opening bell, Hopkins and Marquis step out and get into each others face. They begin trash talking, until Jair mushes her in the face, causing her to stumble back and hit the ring ropes. Marquis rebounds and comes back with an elbow to Jair’s chin, staggering him. Jair swings, hitting Marquis in the belly with a uppercut. This causes Marquis to buckle forward as Jair tries to lift his knee into her face. Marquis spins around and avoids it before regaining posture and raking Hopkins in the eyes. As he stumbles back holding his face, Marquis kicks him in the gut. He leans forward and she smirks for a second and looks like she’s plotting something.
VASSA: ”She’s going to queef on his face, I think!”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t be stupid Vassa, that’s a no fly zone for Jair Hopkins!!”
Before she can attempt anything Jair fires an elbow into her ribs and then locks her up in a suplex, lifting her and dropping her back first onto the ring mat. Hopkins climbs to his feet and shakes his head as if to say ‘you’re not even going to try that stupid shit on me’. Marquis rolls onto her stomach holding her back and tries to climb to her feet. Jair runs forward and jumps into the air, landing a double foot stomp on her back, flattening her to the mat again. He reaches down and lifts Marquis to her feet, whipping her against the ropes. She rebounds back in Hopkins direction and Hopkins tries a rolling elbow. Marquis ducks it, spins around and locks him in a sleeper hold. Hopkins rushes back and smashes her back first into the corner, causing her to release the lock. As they both stumble from the corner he tries to drop Marquis with a bulldog, but she pushes him forward, causing him to collide chest first into the opposite corner. As he bounces back, she runs forward, leaping into the air and connecting with a bulldog of her own.
JOHNSON: ”Neither person really wanting to give the edge in the opening of this match!”
VASSA: ”Stupid, stupid Johnson… of course not. That’s why they’re both champions!!”
Marquis reaches down and pulls Jair to his feet, tossing him into the corner, and measuring him up before delivering a chop to his chest. She looks around with confidence and takes a couple steps back, charging forward with a shoulder block into Jair’s ribs. As he stumbles from the corner, she locks Hopkins in a ddt set-up. Before Marquis can make any attempt though, Jair lifts back and sends her colliding face first with the top ropes. Upon Marquis springing off the ropes, Jair reaches back grabbing her neck and dropping her into a neckbreaker. Jair stands to his feet and slowly reaches down in a methodical state. He pulls Marquis to her feet and leans her against the ropes before delivering a knee to her ribs. Keeping her propped on the ropes he runs to the other side of the ring slingshotting off the ropes back in her direction with a clothesline, causing her to flip over the top rope and land flat outside on the arena floor.
VASSA: ”Oh no, Marquis sent outside the ring and she hit the floor pretty damn hard!!”
JOHNSON: ”Meanwhile in the ring, we got Hopkins climbing himself to the top rope! This could get ugly!!”
With Hopkins ascending the ropes, he waits for Marquis to come to a stand and dives out of the ring on top of him with an axe-handle smash across her forehead. As she stumbles back, she leans against the barricade. Jair steps forward and gives Marquis a knife edge chop between the eyes against the bridge of the nose before grabbing her wrist for an Irish whip. Marquis hangs on as Hopkins directs her toward the steel steps and spins it to whip him into the steps instead. Colliding head first into the steel, Jair rolls around on the ringside floor in pain. At this point, Marquis starts to lose her shit and drops down on Hopkins, wrapping her hands around her neck starting to choke him. After a warning from the official she gets up and laughs it off…
JOHNSON: ”Well, the official may have lost his focus but he is on three with the mandatory ten-count outside the ring.”
VASSA: Yeah, and I can assure you neither Marquis or Hopkin’s want a count-out tonight. This right here is a non title match between two great champions!!”
Marquis reaches down and places Jair against the steps. She walks over and points at his face. Marquis starts to back up trying to push her ass into Hopkins face, but as she backs up, Hopkins ducks between her legs and rolls out of the ring. Looking at Marquis, Hopkins ticks his pointer finger back and forth as if to say ‘not in my house’. This makes Marquis unfocused, causing her to rush forward and extend her arm out for a clothesline. Jair ducks it and as she spins his direction, he jumps into the air and dropkicks her in her chest. With Marquis down, Jair looks down at her hand which he notices is bandaged and stomps upon it.

“Four! … Five!”

VASSA: ”Oh no, poor Marquis. Jair stomping her hurt hand. It’s bandaged up Jair, don’t you have any consideration??”
JOHNSON: ”To be fair, I think Marquis threw the respect factor out the window when she just tried to queef on Jair’s head while it was up against the steel steps?!”
Jair give Marquis’s hand another stomp before lifting her by the hair and bringing her to the apron, smashing her against in head first before rolling her back into the ring. With Marquis hanging over the apron, Jair targets the hand once more and lifts it into the air, smashing it against the apron before rolling into the ring himself.Once he gets to his feet, Hopkins grabs Marquis’s injured hand and pulls her to her feet. He slaps the top of her hand a couple times to toy with her before tossing her into the corner. With Marquis now favoring her hand Jair rushes forward with a back elbow to her chin, before lifting her up and placing her on the turnbuckle. He wraps her legs up and drops her upside down in the tree of woe position.
JOHNSON: ”It looks like Hopkin’s is about to get creative!”
VASSA: ”Don’t do it Jair! Marquis is a classy bitch!!”
Hopkins lets a kick fly, directed toward Marquis’s stomach while she’s in the tree of woe, but Marquis catches his leg and pulls it toward her, trying to bite his ankle. Jair shakes his leg free and fires another kick, this time it connect to Marquis’s stomach leaving her winded. Looking around and hyping up the crowd, Jair starts to ascend the ropes, climbing over Marquis. Jair gets into position and looks around for a moment standing on the top rope looking over Marquis. After pointing down at her, Jair takes a moment and jumps down with a double foot stomp directly in between her legs. As Marquis falls from the tree of woe position, Hopkins reaches over and hooks the leg for a pin.

VASSA: ”What in the hell did we just see? A grown man just gave a woman a double foot stomp to the groin!! This is an outrage, what if she really wants to have a baby??”
JOHNSON: ”I believe that pertains more to men, Vassa. I guess the same could go for a woman too? I’m not a gynecologist!!”
Jair pulls himself to his feet and reaches down, lifting Marquis to her feet who’s in serious pain. He sets her up in a front headlock position and tries to lift and spin her for the Bread N’ Butter, but Marquis, drops down to her knees and hits Jair with a low blow, causing him to jump around in pain and giving Marquis a bit of time to recover. She runs forward and hits a clothesline, knocking Hopkins to the mat. While he’s down, Marquis drops an elbow directly into his heart before pulling herself to her feet and shaking her hand around to try and dilute the numbness. Jair rolls onto his stomach and come to all fours while Marquis stalks behind him, waiting for him to stand. As he stands, she reaches out and locks him up, planting him face first in the canvas with a forward Russian Leg-Sweep. Rolling Jair onto his stomach, she makes a cover.

JOHNSON: ”Marquis almost put the 4CW World Champion down for the three count!”
VASSA: ”Yes, come on Marquis… Do disturbing nasty things to him!!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re simple minded…”
Marquis frustrated stands up and argues with the official before looking over at Jair who is using the ropes to pull himself to a stand. She rushes forward and grips him, pulling him backward, driving both knees into his back with a backstabber. Taking a breather, Marquis rests on the mat while Hopkins rolls around gripping his back in pain. After Marquis stands, she reaches down and grabs Jair by his braids, lifting him to both knees. Marquis runs at the ropes and rebound back, landing a low drop-kick into Hopkin’s chest, knocking him back down. Feeling confident, she begins taunting Hopkins before reaching down and gripping him under his arm. As she stands Hopkins to his feet, he scouts her over confidence and hoists her onto his shoulders, locking her head up and charging forward dropping her to the mat with an air raid siren.
VASSA: ”I sense a second wind coming?”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, but never count Marquis out, we have seen her make a comeback out of nowhere!!”
Both Marquis and Hopkins are on the mat, but Hopkins is the first to attempt a stand. He pulls himself to his feet from the corner of the ring. Meanwhile, Marquis is digging her hands into the mat pulling herself slowly to standing position. Jair runs forward and jumps into the air with a hurricanranna flipping Marquis back and dropping her to the mat. In a groggy state, she tries to quickly climb to her feet as Hopkins throws a gut kick out. She scouts the kick and knocks Hopkins foot to the mat then hits an enziguri, causing him to fall. Marquis drops down and hooks the leg up for a pin-fall.

JOHNSON :”I’m sure Marquis is growing frustrated, what else can she do to keep Jair Hopkins down?”
VASSA :”Maybe she’s just waiting for the perfect opportunity to eat his ass??”
Marquis rolls to her stomach and climbs to her feet. She reaches down and lifts Jair to his feet before placing his head between her legs for a piledriver set-up. She tries lifting him into the air, but Jair plants his feet, holding his weight down causing Marquis to struggle.Jair lifts back and drops Marquis on the mat with a back body drop. He heads toward the ropes and springs off as Marquis scrambles to her feet. Coming back in Marquis’s direction Hopkins jumps in the air and lands a Superman punch across her chin as she gets to her feet, knocking her back down. Keeping momentum in his favor, Jair runs and springboards onto the ropes doing a moonsault in air and landing a double footstomp across Marquis’s chest, hitting the OMFG!
VASSA: ”Oh My Fucking God!!”
JOHNSON: ”I think that’s got to be it for Marquis!!”

”Slum God” plays on the through the speakers as the lights dim around the arena and Dakota Smith’s entrance video pops up on the big screen causing the official to lose focus and Jair to hop to his feet breaking the pinfall. Jair walks to the edge ropes and waves his hand taunting Dakota to bring it on in anger as the audience looks to the ramp with a build-up of anticipation.
JOHNSON: ”Well we know that’s Dakota Smith’s music, but where is he??”
VASSA: ”This is what makes Dakota Smith such a threat to that 4CW Championship, he’s in Jair Hopkins mind!!”
JOHNSON: ”Jair, look ou–, behind you!!”
Dakota’s music fades as the arena lighting returns to it’s original state. Hopkins spins around, but Marquis is already in standing position. She hits him with a knee to the gut before locking his head under her arm. She leaps forward and springs from the ropes, twisting in air and planting him head first with a face full of Petty Cash, almost instantly hooking the leg for a pin after execution.

VASSA: ”She did it!! The classy bitch just took down Jair Hopkins!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, but Hopkins may have had the match won? The mind games from Dakota Smith threw him off his game tonight!!”
VASSA: ”Are we really going to argue about that? This is a big win for Marquis, it should be celebrated not denied!!”
“Loyal” hits the speakers as Persephone stands to her feet. With confidence, she walks to the center of the ring where the official awaits to raise her arm.


CASHE: “Come out, come out where ever you are!”
Jumping out from around a corner. Jason Cashe has a dart in hand ready to strike. Having lost Williams he was starting to feel like Williams had left the building. Letting his guard down some the thought of disappointment sets it.
CASHE: “Some BOOOSHIT! Where the fuck is this dude? I’m GONNA find you!!”
His eyes scanning the area. Hitting every corner, every hiding spot. He opens every door he passes by. There was no where he wasn’t going to look but part of him just assumed Williams had high tailed it out of there. Then he hears a voice that grabs his attention.
“You should have seen it! Remember that movie “Superstar”? He was Mary Katherine Gallagher without question! Worse even! It was a sight to see for sure!”
Hiding so Williams doesn’t notice him. Cashe ducks into a closet and shuts the door to a crack. Bryan Williams walks by with his phone to his ear feeling very confident about the night. Watching from inside the closet through the cracked door, Cashe sees Williams enter a locker room. The door closes behind him and Cashe steps out of his hiding spot. Approaching the locker room that Williams had entered Cashe gets a smile of excitement.
CASHE: “Willllliaaaaams! Come out and PLAAAAAYAAAAAAY!”
Rushing into the room. Williams fumbles his phone as it bounces up from hand to hand. Cashe throws his dart and it catches the phone causing it to hit the ground. The back pops off and the battery drops out from the phone. Williams stuck with a look of shock as Cashe walks closer. Having left the door to the room wide open he wasn’t worried about Williams running any longer.
WILLIAMS: “Fight me like a man!”
CASHE: “Like you when you kicked me to the Oodles and Noodle? Nah nah I think you’re just due has arrived…”
WILLIAMS: “Whoa! What the heck is he doing here!?”
Swirling around just as the door to the locker room shuts. Cashe lays eyes on the current 4CW Pride Champion, Chris Madison. With the belt in hand, he stands there and he wasn’t there for a reunion with Cashe.
CASHE: “Well heelllllloooo Madison! Now it’s a party!!”
Casually reaching next to the door Chris Madison fingers the light switch down. The lights go out and the room becomes a pitch black of darkness. Bone hitting bone. Grunts of aggression. There was no doubt the sound being made came from three men fighting in the dark. Leaving everyone wondering and seeking more questions than they have answers too.


JOHNSON: ”It’s main event time here on Adrenaline ladies and gentlemen and next up we have a match that promises to be an absolute barn burner here this evening.”
VASSA: ”None of these teams in this match like each other at all and everything that went down at Bad Company II you can bet that there is bad blood boiling between all three of these teams.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes three teams because as we seen earlier tonight that Elijah Carlson was brutally attacked by Keith Daniels. Eli has been rushed to a local hospital and his wife Genie is by his side thus they will not be competing here tonight in our main event.”
VASSA: ”That’s got to be a huge disadvantage for the Champions here tonight. You have to know part of the strategy tonight was for the members of the Royal Family to team up and take out the opposition one by one. Now it’s two teams on one situation for Ascended Supremacy.”
JOHNSON: ”If any team out there can overcome the odds of a two on one situation it’s the 4CW World Tag Team Champions Ascended Supremacy. However the titles are not on the line and this is just a small taste of what we have to look forward to come the Warzone match at Fright Night.”
VASSA: ”That’s this an even more dangerous situation for Ascended Supremacy. Jason P. Davidson is the current 4CW XTV Champion so that means the target on his back is even bigger going into this thing. Eli Carlson has already fallen victim to a vicious assault tonight. Davidson could be next on the list.”
JOHNSON: ”There is only one way to find out so likes toss it down to the ring to Mike Powers who is ready to make the introductions for tonight’s match.”
With a nod of his head Johnson focuses on his notes in front of him.
POWERS: ”The next match is our main event of the evening and it’s a three way elimination tag team match!”
The lights start to strobe between blue and red as ”Karate” by Babymetal kicks up. Sativa walks out from the back with her handy baseball bat draped across her shoulders. She side steps across the stage playing to the fans and having them boo her in return.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, Standing five feet seven inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and twenty five pounds, the Deranged Duchess of Wrestling, SAAAAATIIIIVVVVAAAAA NEEEEEVAAAAAEEEEEEHHHH!!!!”
Sativa is followed by Eric Lee. The pair make their way to the ring amid the boos and jeers from the crowd. Sativa skips carefree, smiling the entire way. One fan, leaning over the guardrail, starts jeering at her, trying to get in her face. She pauses for a moment and tilts her head to the side, staring at the fan. She then bursts into laughter in their face and continues to the ring.
She climbs up onto the apron, kneeling in front of the ropes, the bat resting on her outer shoulder. She looks out around the crowd before seductively laying down and rolling into the ring. She pops up to her feet and skips around the ring, pointing out into the crowd and laughing occasionally.

POWERS: ”And her partner….”
Suddenly, the arena goes dark.


The lights come up as “Blow It Out” by Ludacris blasts throughout the arena. The crowd showers down boos as Keith Daniels steps out onto the stage. He beckons the crowd to boo louder and grins. He smirks and proceeds down the ramp.
POWERS: Making his way to the ring, now residing in Orlando, FL, he stands six feet ten inches tall and weighs in at three-hundred and forty six pounds… He is ‘The Dangerous One’ Keith Daniels!
On his way, he sees a fan in the front row holding a sign that says “KEITH DANIELS IS BETTER THAN YOU” and grabs the sign from him. He holds it up and turns for everyone to see it, only provoking more boos. He then rips the sign in half and tosses it back to the fan before running to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope with surprising agility considering his size. He then stands and climbs a turnbuckle before putting his hand up inviting the crowd to admire him. He steps down and leans against the turnbuckle.
JOHNSON: ”The team of High and Mighty had high hopes walking into Bad Company II as one of the favorites but maybe tonight is the night they turn it all around. In only their second match ever together as team we could see these two make a huge impact.”
VASSA: ”Keith Daniels has already taken matters in his own hands by thinning out the competition a little bit. Makes you wonder if the rumors of an affair between him and Genie are more than just rumors. Too bad no one is going to be seeing waterfalls once this match begins.”
POWERS: ”And their opponents…”
Cue the lights in the arena starting to fade and flicker out, while a spotlight appears on the stage.
“Woahh Wa-ohhh, Wa-ohhh-ohh-ohh,
Woahh Wa-ohhh, Wa-ohhh-ohh-ohh!”

POWERS: “Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of four-hundred and fifty pounds… Adrian Tanner Jr. and Johnny Evil… A.A The Asshoooole Antagooooonists!!”
After the chanting, the opening trumpets of “Everyone Else is an Asshole” by Reel Big Fish kick in, the arena lights still flickering while the spotlight begins to strobe around the stage. Adrian Tanner Junior and Johnny Evil appear on the stage: Adrian with his ring jacket hood up obscuring his face and Johnny with *insert attire here*. Johnny looks around for a moment, before stepping over to one side of the stage and pointing outward with his finger into the audience. Johnny makes his way to the other side of the stage and does the same thing. He then paces and begins to hop around a bit and hype up the crowd.
“I tried to be nice
I tried to live my life
But everyone else is an asshole”

At “Asshole” Adrian throws his arms out and fireworks explode from the stage. Both men grin before Johnny starts his jog down the entrance ramp. Adrian following behind him, slapping hands with some fans here and there.
“I tried to forgive
I tried to live and let live
But everyone else is an asshole”

Once Johnny makes his way to the ringside area, he slides through the bottom rope and then hops to his feet. He begins a pace around the ring before ascending the ropes. Adrian slides in from the other side of the ring, climbing the opposite side of the ropes of his partner. He makes a ‘gun’ motion with his hand and ‘fires,’ then jumps down. Johnny begins talking and hyping up the audience as he lifts his arms into the air and sways them up and down. As the music music dies down and the lights return to their normal state, they both hop off the ropes and get ready for his match.
JOHNSON: ”One of the newer tag teams on the block but boy did they ever make an impact at Bad Company II almost making it to the finals and now they are hot on the trail of those 4CW World Tag Team Championship belts held by Ascended Supremacy.”
VASSA: ”Are you kidding me? These two amateurs are cold blooded murderers. They ended the life of Maddox Lucien on the last Adrenaline and then had the nerve to come out and try to do a comedy skit about it. I hope that these two guys get their asses handed to him tonight!”
POWERS: ”And their opponents…”
The lights in the arena go completely black as the crowd begins to stand on their feet. Spotlights shine and circle throughout the crowd as the beginning of “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown begins to blast throughout the arena.
“(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom, follow me)
(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom) Cut it!”

Fireworks explode on stage as the lights in the arena come back on. A loud chorus of boo’s begin to echo throughout the crowd.
POWERS: “From Miami, Florida standing at six feet, three inches and five feet, four inches respectively. Weighing in at a combined three hundred sixty two pounds…”
“(Freedom, la la la la)
(Freedom, follow me)
(Freedom, la la la la)

The husband and wife duo of Jason P. Davidson and Tara Davidson make their way out on stage slowly. They stand tall on stage soaking in the boo’s and hatred from the crowd while holding their arms high into the air triumphantly with the 4CW World Tag Team Championships strapped proudly around their waists. While Jason has the 4CW XTV Championship belt over his right shoulder.
“Let me tell you, I’m vicious
Not pass-aggressive
I got my finger on my pulse, staring straight into a hole and I get it
And I’m a savage
It’s automatic
I got a way of making noise, the power to destroy with no static”

POWERS: “They are Wrestling’s only true Royalty… Jason P. and Tara Davidsonnnnn… they are… ASCENDED SUPREMACY!!!”
Jason and Tara lower their arms and slowly make their way down the ramp towards the ring. Tara slaps away the hands of people that each over and try and touch her as Jason argues with a couple of fans along the way.
“Cause victory is all you need
So cultivate and plant the seed
Hold your breath and count to ten, just count to ten”

Tara makes her way up the steel ring steps as Jason hops up to the ring apron. Tara strides along the ring apron as Jason leans down and holds the ropes open. The camera pans around and watches closely as Tara bends over as she steps through the ropes and enters the ring.
“I’m gonna make it rain, so ring the bell
I know it all too well
Switchblade on the edge of your wrist
Can I get a witness? (Witness)
Cause agony brings no reward
For one more hit and one last score
Don’t be a casualty, cut the cord”

Jason and Tara go to opposite corners and climb the turnbuckle while unstrapping the 4CW World Tag Team Championships from their waists as flashbulbs go off all over the arena. They raise the 4CW World Tag Team Championships high into the air and continue to mouth out to the crowd confidently. Both husband and wife hop down off the turnbuckle and go to their respective corner as their music dies down.
JOHNSON: ”The only members of the Royal Family left in this match but arguably the hottest tag team in 4CW history in Ascended Supremacy. We already know how well they work together as a team but how will that translate come the Warzone match at Fright Night?”
VASSA: ”Could you imagine is wife defeated husband to become the new XTV Champion? Or is husband prevented wife from capturing that guaranteed shot at the 4CW Championship? It’s going to be madness but I wonder how much Tara would charge to let me pee on her?”
The referee checks with all three teams and due to a coin flip earlier tonight the two teams starting this out will be Ascended Supremacy and High and Mighty. Tara decides to start things out for her team as Sativa gets the pleasure of starting things out for her team.

Tara and Sativa walk to the center of the ring then circle each other before locking up collar and elbow. Both ladies struggle for position but it’s Sativa that gets the advantage and backs Tara up against the turnbuckle in the corner. The referee comes over and starts a five count but Sativa lets go of Tara only to unleash a series of vicious chops to the chest of the Red Queen. Sativa grabs a hold of Tara by the wrist and whips her across the ring into the opposite corner. Sativa gets a running start towards the corner and goes for a handspring elbow but Tara moves out of the way causing Sativa to hit the turnbuckle hard. Tara leaps and hits a reverse roundhouse kick to the face that rocks Sativa against the turnbuckle. Tara gets up to his feet then pulls Sativa away from the corner. With her head gripped Tara races Sativa towards the corner before running up the turnbuckle pads hitting Sativa with a corner springboard bulldog that takes her down to the canvas hard. Tara gets back up to her feet but before she can do anything Adrian Tanner Jr. tags himself into the match much to her displeasure.
JOHNSON: ”It was early offense by Sativa that got stopped dead in it’s tracks by Tara who leveled her with a roundhouse kick followed by a springboard bulldog out of the corner. However before she could capitalize Adrian Tanner Jr. has tagged himself into the match for the Asshole Antagonists.”
VASSA: ”That’s the problem with a match like this there is always one team there lurking waiting to strike when you least expect it. Tara did all the dirty work taking down Sativa and now Adrian Tanner Jr. looks to pick up the picks and score an easy win for his team.
Tara argues with Tanner Jr. who enters the ring but the referee calls it a legal tag and forces Tara back to her corner. Tanner Jr. stalks around Sativa as she slowly staggers back up to a vertical base. Tanner Jr. grips Sativa from behind in a waist lock but before he can snap off the German suplex Sativa fires off elbow shots to the head that forces Tanner Jr. to break his grip. Sativa gets a running start and races towards the ropes but instead of rebounding off the ropes Sativa hits Johnny Evil with a forearm shiver that knocks him off the ring apron down to the arena floor below. Sativa smiles at her handy work but Tanner Jr rushes to the ropes then leaps into the air. Tanner Jr. springboards off the middle rope and backflips into a snap DDT that takes Sativa down to the canvas hard. Tanner Jr. gets up to his feet then steps through the ropes and stands out on the ring apron. As Sativa pulls herself back up to a vertical base Tanner Jr. springboards to the top rope. Sativa turns around and eats a springboard flying forearm to the face from Tanner Jr. Getting to his feet Tanner Jr stalks around Sativa as she struggles back up to a vertical base. Tanner Jr. grabs a hold of Sativa nails her with the Revolver down to the canvas hard.
JOHNSON: ”Revolver by Adrian Tanner Jr. and this one could be over for High and Mighty!”
VASSA: ”NO! Tara made the tag which means Tanner isn’t legal anymore!”
Tanner Jr. hooks the leg and makes the cover on Sativa but just as Vassa said the referee signals that Tara made the tag and now that she’s legal in the match. Tanner Jr. gets up to his feet and is furious but there is nothing he can do as the referee seen Tara make the tag at the last second. The referee forces Tanner Jr out of the ring and to his corner beside Johnny Evil who has made his way back to the ring apron. Tara enters the ring then races over to the ropes as Sativa tries to pull herself up to one knee. Tara rebounds off the ropes then leaps into the air and hits Sativa with the Goodnight Kiss to the back of the head. Tara hooks the leg and makes the cover on Sativa as the referee slides in for the count.

Keith Daniels comes in and break up the count before the three!
JOHNSON: ”Sativa took the Revolver from Adrian Tanner Jr. and then the Goodnight Kiss from Tara Davidson but thankfully Keith Daniels came into the ring and saved the match for his team. High and Mighty are still in this thing.”
VASSA: ”Yeah but Sativa has absolutely taken a beating in this match. She needs to make it to her corner and make the tag to Daniels or even make the tag into Tanner Jr. or Johnny Evil at this point. She takes another big move and there might be no saving her.”
Tara gets back up to her feet then a hold of Sativa and pulls her back up to a vertical base. But before Tara can capitalize Sativa rakes her across the eyes and then hits Tara with a side Russian leg sweep that takes her down to the canvas hard. Tara rolls to her corner and makes the tag into JPD as Sativa begins crawling her way towards her corner. JPD enters the ring and goes after Sativa but Sativa leaps into the air and makes the tag into Keith Daniels who enters the ring. Daniels charges and levels JPD with a big boot to the face that sends him down to the canvas. JPD scrambles up to his feet quickly but Daniels grabs a hold of him in a muay thai clutch and fires off repeated knees to JPD. Daniels grabs a hold of JPD and whips him off into the ropes. JPD rebounds off the ropes Daniels catches him and hits him with an overhead belly to belly suplex however JPD counters by landing on his feet. As Daniels staggers back up to his feet JPD charges and hits Daniels with a backstabber that sends him down to the canvas hard.
JOHNSON: ”What agility by the XTV Champion! Just when you thought Keith Daniels was rolling in this match Jason P. Davidson does something like that and after backstabber the tide in this match has completely turned back to Ascended Supremacy.”
VASSA: ”Jason and Tara are the Champions for a reason. They never panic no matter what the situation is. Most men would be intimidated by Daniels’ size alone but not JPD. He’s going to ground and pound this fool until he cries for his mommy.”
Daniels pulls himself back up to his feet slowly but JPD charges and hits Daniels with a swinging neckbreaker that takes him back down to the canvas. JPD gets back up to his feet then races towards the ropes JPD rebounds off the ropes then leaps into the air to come crashing down upon the fallen Daniels with a senton splash. JPD gets back up to his feet then steps through the ropes and waits on the ring apron as Daniels pulls himself back up to his feet. JPD leaps to the top rope then springboards off going for a hurricanrana but Daniels catches him and plants him with a sitout powerbomb right in the middle of the ring. Both men are down on their canvas but JPD begins using the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Johnny Evil reaches in and tags himself into the match. Evil charges into the ring measuring Daniels up as he gets to his feet. Evil charges Daniels going for a flying knee but Daniels catches him by the throat. Daniels lifts Evil into the air for a chokeslam but JPD comes in behind Daniels and clips the back of his knee. Daniels loses his balance as Evil spikes him down to the canvas with a DDT.
JOHNSON: ”Unintentional teamwork by Johnny Evil and Jason P. Davidson as taken Keith Daniels off of his feet and he’s in trouble here!”
VASSA: ”Daniels was about to slam dunk Evil but JPD was still in the ring and he’s taken out Daniels’ by the knee. Might be the first and last time you see JPD and Evil work together to accomplish anything.”
Evil gets back up to his feet and signals for the finish. But JPD is back on his feet and grabs a hold of Evil and spins him around. Both men began jawing away in the center of the ring before the fists start flying back and forth hot and heavy between the two men.
VASSA: ”Evil vs. JPD! Evil vs. JPD round two has been a long time coming and we’re getting it right here live on Adrenaline!”
Neither man gives an inch as they continue to trade right hands back and forth in the center of the ring. JPD gives Evil a knee to the mid-section and then whips him into the ropes. However Evil rebounds off the ropes and hits JPD with a superman punch to the face that sends him down to the canvas hard. Evil turns arounds to his corner and makes the tag into Tanner Jr. who enters the ring. Tanner Jr. goes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle as Evil turns and grabs a hold of Daniels off of the canvas.
JOHNSON: ”Could they be going for The Rapture on the man the size of Keith Daniels?! That’s the move that they used to end the life of Maddox Lucien!”
Evil and Tanner Jr. take their time getting Daniels in position but before they can Sativa has entered the ring behind Evil and she has her baseball bat in hand. Sativa rears back and cracks Evil across the back of the head with the baseball bat right in front of the referee who has no choice but to call for the bell.
POWERS: ”The team of High and Mighty have been eliminated via disqualification!”
Mike Powers makes the announcement of the referee’s decision but that doesn’t stop Sativa from laughing at her handy work. As Sativa turns around Tara explodes into the ring and cuts her in half with a spear that sends her down to the canvas hard and makes the bat go flying into the air. All six wrestlers enter the ring and all hell breaks loose inside of the ring. The referee tries to restore control but it’s no use as it’s divide and conquer on the members of Ascended Supremacy. Evil and Tanner Jr. begin doing a number on JPD in the corner as Sativa and Daniels begin working over Tara on the other end of the ring.
JOHNSON: ”It’s utter chaos in the middle of the ring as the members of Ascended Supremacy are being taken apart here! Without Eil and Genie even here in the arena there is no one to come and even out the odds!”
VASSA: ”I knew this would happen in this match once Daniels took out Eli! Ascended Supremacy might not even make it to Fright Night if someone doesn’t come out here and stop this beatdown being delivered by these two teams!”
Tanner Jr. slides out of the ring then grabs a hold of a table under under the ring and slides it in under the bottom rope. Tanner Jr. slides back into the ring and begins to set up the table as the members of the Asshole Antagonist prepare to give JPD the Maddox Lucien treatment. However Sativa turns her attention away from Tara and over towards Evil. Sativa jumps on Evil’s back and begins biting him on the head where she busted him over with the baseball bat earlier.
VASSA: ”She’s biting him!”
Evil screams out in pain as Sativa remains hung onto his back but Evil manages to counter and fall to the canvas hitting Sativa with a stunner that causes her to break her grip. Sativa rolls to the outside of the ring but Evil exits the ring and goes after her. Evil leans down and grabs a hold of Sativa’s baseball bat off of the arena floor as Sativa pulls herself up to her knees. Evil rears back with the baseball bat but Sativa just extends her arms towards her sides and begins laughing.
JOHNSON: ”Has she absolutely lost her mind? She’s just inviting Johnny Evil to hit her with that baseball bat.”
VASSA: ”Wait a minute? What is she pointing at?”
Sativa as seen pointing behind Evil at something. Evil turns around long enough to see a couple of men dressed in full riot gear race down the ramp and tackle him down to the floor. Evil begins to struggle but both men hold him down and begin to handcuff him as more men come down the ramp all wearing jackets that read FBI across the back. A couple of the FBI agents reach down and help Sativa up to her feet and shake hands with her as Johnny Evil begins to be read his rights.
JOHNSON: ”First Daniels takes out Eli Carlson and now Sativa as called Federal officials on Johnny Evil?! Things have gotten way out of hand here tonight on Adrenaline!”
VASSA: ”What the hell do you think this is?! This isn’t some Fisher Price company where you can just get away with killing another human being on national television and just get away with it!”
Inside of the ring JPD gets a running start then leaps through the ropes and hits Evil, Sativa, and the FBI agents with suicide dive that knock them all down to the arena floor. The crowd goes absolutely apeshit as more Feds begins charging down the ramp towards the ring. They slide into the ring and begin trying to take down and arrest all of the wrestlers. But this is fucking 4CW and our talent doesn’t go down without a fucking fight.
JOHNSON: ”I have no idea what is going on here! We have Federal officials versus FBI agents and the 4CW stars as fighting them! There are so many laws being broken right now that I’ve completely lost count!”
VASSA: ”This is Four Corners Wrestling. It’s us versus the world!”
Johnny Evil staggers back up to his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back but JPD charges and plants Evil with a huge Bow to the King to the arena floor. A couple of FBI agents grab a hold of JPD and try to arrest him but JPD pushes them away and levels one agent with a superkick to the face. Sativa jumps on the other agent and begins clawing at his eyes. The chaos continues until Perry Wallace makes his way out on stage and begins to make his way down to the ring.
JOHNSON: ”Here comes the Boss to try and sort this mess all out!”
VASSA: ”It’s too late for us! We had someone die on television! We broadcasted a match where someone got their ass eaten and then peed on! We’re all going to to the big house!”
A couple of FBI agents come up to the announcers table pull both Johnson and Vassa from the table and arrest them too. Perry makes it down to the FBI agent in charge and begins to explain that he’s an informant as they begin trying to drag JPD up the ramp. Wallace pleads his case for JPD and starts pointing down at Evil saying take him instead. Inside of the ring Tanner Jr. dives through the ropes taking out half of the FBI agents. Daniels grabs a hold of Tara and lifts her high over his head and throws her over the top rope to take out the other half ot the FBI agents. This causes Wallace to get bumped and slammed against the barricade. Pissed off Wallace gets up to his feet and waves his arm and then throughout the arena fans jump the barricade and take the fight to the FBI agents. Wallace through all the chaos tries to get as many of his wrestlers and employees to the back and out of the arena as quickly as possible as Adrenaline 54 goes off the air.