Making his 4CW debut, Malik Jones made an example out of Mac Mercer from the sound of the opening bell. Putting on a display, Malik impressed everyone in attendance when performing a combination of boxing strikes, kicks, and topping it off with a Samoan drop. Towards the end of the match as Mercer was simply out of gas, Malik finished him off with a flipping DDT, otherwise known as the 5150 and putting him away for the one, two, and the three!


In our second pre-show match of the evening, another new face to 4CW made his debut against one who had failed ever since signing the dotted line. Seth Daniels wasted no time at all after hearing the initial bell to kick off the match. Using his experience in the ring, he quickly wore down Tobias with multiple variations of suplexes ranging from: belly to belly, northern lights, and even a German suplex into the turnbuckle. After getting the crowd involved with counting after a ten punch combo in the corner, Seth put Tobias away with a superkick, connecting the Light’s Out and putting him down for the one, two, three!


He’s no lonesome loser, but another former HOW star made their 4CW debut tonight. Max Kael showed the 4CW crowd what he’s made of loud and clear by obliterating David Sanchez from start to finish in a one sided beat down. After vicious European uppercut followed up by a neck breaker, Max put a hurting on Sanchez with a double underhook suplex. Growing board with the one sided effort, Max kicked it into overdrive and put Sanchez away with a Tiger Driver 91, also known as The Weapon of Max Destruction. With Sanchez out cold, obtaining the three count was a walk in the park.

Our picture opens to a shot from inside of the ring, overlooking the massive crowd gathered in the Freedom Hall. “Bulls On Parade” plays in the background, just loud enough to drown the sounds from the anxious crowd in attendance. Scanning the crowd, the camera focuses in on various signs brought in by the local fans.

Down at ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the booth. Talking amongst themselves, the camera moves in closer, just inches away from the booth. In the corner of his eye, Johnson notices the camera and gives Vinny a nod before turning around with a smile on his face.
JOHNSON: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the fifty-fifth episode of Adrenaline!”
VASSA: “We come to you live from Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky!”
JOHNSON: “Coming off of Fright Night just two weeks ago, we have an exciting one in store for you all tonight.”
VASSA: “Before we jump into the action, I think we need to discuss a little Fright Night business.”
JOHNSON: “What exactly did you have on your mind, Vinny?”
VASSA: “Well… let’s start with the most shocking event of the entire night.”
JOHNSON: “And that is? To be fair, the entire night was full of twists and turns.”
VASSA: “I’m upset that we didn’t get the main event that was planned for the evening.”
JOHNSON: “What do you want me to say, Vin? It’s kind of hard to have a main event when the challenger has been burned alive in a casket earlier in the evening.”
VASSA: “Jair fucking Hopkins! He’s always full or surprises but this tops them all!”
JOHNSON: “You know what? I still have not heard much about the aftermath of the fire. Dakota Smith was burnt to a crisp but to this day, so statement has been released on the condition of the body once the flames were put out.”
VASSA: “I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the condition of the body was well done, probably a little over cooked if you catch my drift.”
JOHNSON: “It takes a lot to put the Butcher down and Jair may have finally found the right way of going about it.”
VASSA: “So with Dakota out of the way, Jair didn’t have to break a sweat afterwards to leave the building with the 4CW Championship still around his waist.”
JOHNSON: “We did name a challenger for Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: “We did!”
JOHNSON: “Sixteen people entered Fright Night with the opportunity to either win the XTV Championship or a contract guaranteeing a 4CW Championship match at Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: “Adrian Tanner Jr. walked away from Fright Night with the XTV Championship but the big news is that Eli Carlson won the contract in the Warzone and will face Jair for the 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: “That was one heck of a math and Winter Wasteland is already shaping up to be one wild night.”
VASSA: “As for our other champions, Bryan Williams was able to defeat Jason Cashe for the Pride Championship. You heard it right folks. Chris Madison didn’t even both to show his face in this thing. Talk about having pride as a champion.”
JOHNSON: “And Persephone Marquis successfully defended the Fate Championship against the lovely, Lyza Reyes.”
VASSA: “From top to bottom that event was stacked and I can’t wait to see how things play out with how things ended for the roster.”
JOHNSON: “The events of Fright Night leave a lot untold but with three Adrenaline’s before Winter Wasteland, we should have plenty of time to see what develops.”
VASSA: “Well enough small talk. Let’s get on to our opening bout!”
JOHNSON: “I can agree with that! Folks, we’re going to go backstage momentarily. Stay put as we’ll be right back!”

The cameras go live backstage as Hopkins is seen, headphones on, eyes partially closed, the 4CW Title around his waist as he mumbles words out of his mouth, pretending to rap lyrics as his arms flailed up and down, theatrics that imitated the ‘Milly Rock’ as he made his way down the hall. From out of the corner, one that never sleeps or sits it seems, 4CW’s Interviewer, Gabriel Hartman popped up from behind as he trailed Hopkins stealthily. Just before Hopkins made it to the end of the hall, Hartman tapped him on the shoulder, which led to a swift spin around, his elbow cocked, ready to unload. Hartman held his hands up, almost dropping the mic, not knowing his face was almost about to be a squashed one. Hopkins laughed it off as he slid his headphones down.
HOPKINS: “Bro, you should know better than to be sneakin up on someone like me. It’s nothing good that comes out of it fam. What’s up? Let me guess, you wanna know if I’m going to set Tanner’s ass on fire tonight too huh?”
Gabe shook his head, his arms were still up before noticing and bringing them back down.
HARTMAN: “No, no … Nothing like that at all. I wanted to ask you about your matchup tonight ALSO about the Number One Contender to your … 4CW Championship there, Eli Carlson. I wanted your thoughts. You always give pretty good thoughts.”
Hopkins shot a smile towards Hartman, even taking a moment to bow in thanking him for the kind words.
HOPKINS: “Well thank you G for the kind words. Uhm, as far as tonight, Adrian Tanner and I are going to go out there and deliver a stellar match. It’s Champion versus Champion. Best of the best of our respective divisions. We looking to not only put on for the fans, but we lookin to raise each other’s game a few notches. You know, everyone lately has been wondering how much longer I’m going to HOLD on to this title. It’s a debate these days. Nothing like showing those folks just how much “juice” I got in the tank, right?”
Gabe thought about it for a couple of seconds before nodding his head.
HARTMAN: “Yeah, sure, definitely.”
HOPKINS: “Right, so for the likes of Eli, JPD, and anyone else who got them crazy thoughts of taking what I have away from me with ease has another thing coming to em’. I may have slacked a few times but don’t focus too hard on that, youngin’. Slips occur, its apart of being human. Shit happens, it’s apart of life. Look, Eli is a great talent, he’s blooming here in 4CW, it’s no doubt. I can’t lie on that. He been making moves. Can’t knock his hustle, but the difference between him and me, I hustle harder than him. I have my screw-ups but I always find a way to bounce back on top, regardless. He’s going to fin–“
Cutting Jair off partway through his answer, Elijah Carlson, 2016 Warzone of Horrors winner and new number one contender to the 4CW title enters the seen, an arrogant smirk on his face as he snags the microphone from Hartman’s hands and shoves him out of the way. Chuckling to himself softly for a moment, Eli shakes his head and then makes direct eye contact with Jair, his expression suddenly going dead serious. The two men stare each other down for a few long moments before Eli cracks a wide grin and slaps Jair on the shoulder a bit sarcastically.
CARLSON: Boy it’s been a great two weeks since Fright Night, hasn’t it Jair? In the snap of one’s fingers the entire landscape of 4CW changed. Sure, part of that was your doing and I have to give credit where credit is due. You managed to rid the company of an aging man who had not only lost a step, but had lost his mind. So, congrats to you for that Jair. You’ve managed to hold onto my title for a little while longer without ever truly defending it.”
Jair’s face shows no expression, though he does make a move to respond only to have Eli raise his index finger directly into his face and shake his head. Slowly, Eli brought his finger to his lips and shushed the champion.
CARLSON: ”No no no. You don’t speak unless I give you permission to. For too long this company has allowed the likes of you to run roughshod over it without anyone to check you and without anyone to question whether or not you actually deserve to be anywhere near that title. That all ended at Fright Night. You’ve been coddled, Jair. Do you think I haven’t looked back and seen the kind of competition you’ve faced? Hell, do you think I haven’t seen the kind of competition you’ve lost to? And you think you’re going to leave Winter Wasteland with that title? Please.”
Hopkins just stood there, his eyes blinking slowly as he looked the Number One Contender up and down. Hopkins looked down at the title around his waist, admiring it for a couple seconds as Hartman stood a couple inches back, but still right in between the two. Hopkins looked back up into the eyes of Eli, he began forming a smile on his face.
HOPKINS: “Man, I find it incredibly funny that for someone who’s only glorious moment was snatching down a piece of paper from atop of a ladder, got alot of shit to say. For someone who hasn’t held a damn thing yet in this company got all of this smart shit to say to someone who has climbed the proverbial ladder TWICE. Don’t shush me like I’m your chick.”
Hopkins delivered a short chuckle as he pointed his finger at Eli.
HOPKINS: “Look at you standing there, your chest all out, eyes all squinted, trying to instill some kind of reminder that you taking this away from me. It’s not going anywhere, that’s one thing. Enjoy this short, brief journey man. I want you to get all you can get out of this opportunity before I send you home to cry into your wife’s tits. I want you take this as a life lesson for the future man. You barking up a tree that you not truly ready to take down. Yes, you are going to give me a solid challenge unlike my past opponents BUT that’s all. There won’t be no change of hands with the 4CW Title at Winter Wasteland.”
All business now, Eli put his hand in Hartmans chest and forcefully moved him out of the way as he took a step towards Jair, his right hand swatting Jair’s pointed finger out of his face.
CARLSON: ”You talk and you talk and you talk. And you make promises that your ass can’t keep. You go ahead and think that that title won’t be mine in a matter of weeks. Sit back on your laurels and tell people that because you took Dakota out that surely you can handle an upstart like me. Do it. I beg of you. Lie to yourself from now until Winter Wasteland. All you will do is make everything that much sweeter for me.”
Eli’s eyes fell to the championship belt that Jair had in his possession, focusing on it for a minute before cracking a smirk as his eyes drifted back to Jair’s.
CARLSON: ”Of course you can stop it all right this very moment if you just hand that title over to me. Save yourself the embarrassment. It’s over for you, Jair. Don’t be like Dakota, clueless as to when time has caught up with you. Make the right decision and spare yourself the agony that you’re going to face from now until Winter Wasteland. Why let yourself go through the hell that’s waiting for you? Because I’m generous, because I’m benevolent and because I respect the accomplishments of the past I’m offering you a way out. Take it, Jair. Spare yourself. Or don’t, and watch your world unravel before your very eyes starting tonight.”
Hopkins couldn’t even hold a straight face, listening to Carlson. He raised his index finger, as if an idea had come to mind but all of sudden it seemed all went blank. He did it again but the same end-result.
HOPKINS: “I give no one anything. You want this? Come take it from me. The same thing I told JPD that I’ll tell you. EARN it. Yeah you got the paper, but what’s next? Are you going to just continue throwing your chest out there at me, shooting me a cold stare and these bold words explaining my end of days as the 4CW Champion or … are you going to just shut the hell up and fight me for this?”
Jair took half a step closer to Eli, closing the distance between them completely.
HOPKINS: “I truly appreciate your generosity but I don’t take the easy way out on anything. I rather go through hell. Alot more adventurous. The world is already unraveling, kid. Didn’t you watch the TV screen last night? The world is already coming to a halt. There’s nothing that is going to stop me. Definitely not the ‘Benevolent’ Eli Carlson. Try me all you want but that’s all it will be. Failed “attempts”. Watch the main event tonight, I’ll give you something to salivate on!”
Hopkins held both his hands down to his side as he gave one final stare into the eyes of Eli Carlson. He locked onto his eyes for a few seconds as you could feel the intensity between the two. Breaking sight, he gave a quick glare and a nod to Hartman before walking off down the hallway. Hartman brought the mic over to Eli, to which he shook his head at Hartman before turning around and exiting. The cameras switch to ringside.


POWERS: “The following Opener is scheduled for One Fall! Introducing first…”
Lights out.
The four screens that make up the entrance set for 4CW click on one at a time to static. After a couple of seconds a human hand appears within the static of each of the four screens. Then one by one, with a heavy crashing sound each of the screens appears to be smashed by an unseen force, when the fourth one is smashed the lights of the arena flash back on and standing in a spotlight in the middle stage is none other than Eddie Valentine. Just then the opening of “Renegades of Funk” by Rage Against the Machine begins to play out over the arena. Valentine has a smirk on his face, a cocky and confident look on his face and walks with a strut that matches that. He is wearing a t-shirt which reads ‘Grab’em by the Fupa’ in 1980’s style neon font — the GRAB’EM and FUPA are enlarged so you can read them. Closely behind is none other than his entertainment lawyer, Chris Wrigley. Wrigley makes sure to stay a few steps behind at all times clutching his briefcase tightly and looking around threatening to serve anyone who gets to close to him with a lawsuit.

POWERS: “From the Entertainment Capital of the World, Atlantic City! Standing in at five foot ten inches, and a slim trim one hundred ninenty seven pounds, he is the two thousand and fifteen Pie Eating champion of the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrld! Here is Eddie Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalentine!”
Just as Valentine hits the ring with Barnes, Valentine heads to the ring ropes and removes his t-shirt which he tosses into the crowd for some lucky kid to have. At the same time Barnes tries to make sure that the referee is on the up and up, even trying to get him to sign a wavier or something. Slowly Valentine takes off his sunglasses and soaks in the spotlight one last time before his music begins to fade and the house lights return to normal.
VASSA: “I’m excited for this! Eddie Valentine’s debut shouldn’t be handled as a walkthrough by any means!”
JOHNSON: “This isn’t a Camp Talent show. On this stage you face competition and Eddie Valentine is stepping in there for his debut against the Pride Champion!”
“Unsung” immediately begins to play, the heavy guitar riff and drums backing the intense sound ripping out towards the audience. The main riff starts, playing over and over as the lights turn down. Strobes going along to the beat of the song. Bryan walks out from the back, head held down low and the 4CW Pride Championship slung over his shoulder. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his title for all to see. He holds it up momentarily, eventually beginning to walk down to the ring as the song continues.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is the 4CW Pride Champion, “Leviathan”, BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”
Bryan makes his way to the ring, walking at a brisk pace towards the ring. He doesn’t waste much time getting into the ring, walking up the steel steps and climbing in through the top and middle rope. Bryan turns to the nearest turnbuckle, climbing up onto the middle rope and once again holding his title for all to see.
JOHNSON: “Now I’m getting excited! We have a new Pride Champion! Bryan Williams didn’t just beat anyone to get it, he defeated the most decorated Champion 4CW has had in Jason Cashe!”
VASSA: “It was a solid match and both men were worthy of the Title after our last Champion all but gave up. Ran from the company as Competition got better, tougher and became a challenge to his “Streak”.
JOHNSON: “Heh… Pretty sure he just lost to a girl over in FGA…”
VASSA: “Wow…”
Referee Landry Jones takes the Pride Championship from Bryan Williams before handing it off to an official outside the ring.

As the sound of the bell is heard, the match has officially come to a start. Valentine bounces and slides in the direction of Bryan Williams as the Champion meets him half way. The two lock up with no hesitation. A test of strength in grapple that the Champion pushes through and takes control over. Walking Valentine back, he is pressed against the ropes. Referee comes in to break them up but Williams releases his end and backs away.
VASSA: “Is it weird having an Opener without Jason Cashe being the name in it competing? Feels off somehow. This is 4CW right?”
Both competitors move to the center of the ring. Again they lock up but Valentine drives a quick knee to the Pride Champion’s midsection. Slapping on a standing side headlock, the new comer has a smile on his face as he thinks he has gotten an early advantage. His smile turns to an open mouthed expression as Bryan Williams lifts Valentine from behind and drops him with a back bodydrop. Scrambling both men rush to their feet and Bryan Williams slaps on his own headlock. This one a front face Headlock. Valentine wraps his arms around Williams waist and lifts the Champion up trying to break the hole. Williams drives down a clubbing fist into Eddie’s back to keep him in place.
As soon as his clinched fist lands against his back, Eddie Valentine acts. Flipping Williams up and over with a Northern Lights Suplex. He goes for a super early pin attempt and the crowd bought into it with ohhhs and ahhhs as the referee drops and quick slaps the canvas.


Again the scramble, the race to reach their feet first returns. They both throw hands and a trade off begins. Each taking a hard strike to the face. Valentine goes low and cracks Williams to the ribs with a right hook. Williams cringes but throws a solid elbow to Valentine’s jaw that causes him to stumble sideways. Valentine snaps back and blasts Williams with his own lunging elbow. The fans are growing in noise and getting involved in this opener quickly.
Spinning around Eddie Valentine goes for a Wheel Kick. Williams jumps back and the heel misses his face. Valentine wobbles to regain his balance as Williams slaps a Leg Kick to the outside of Valentine’s leg. Another one and Eddie hops up from the stinging pain as Williams switches sides. Valentine pushes Williams back and charges him, catching him with a brutal clothesline that fumbles him through the ropes and to the outside.

JOHNSON: “They are trading like it’s a title fight and these fans are getting pumped!”
As the referee begins the count on Williams outside the ring. Eddie Valentine claps his hands approving of his performance thus far. Williams wasn’t taking his time as he gets up at ringside. Rolling under the bottom rope to reenter the ring, Eddie Valentine wasn’t going to give him any space as he comes in with stomps. Not letting Williams get to his feet, he big boots and throws knees at Williams on his rise. With the ropes behind him, Williams has nowhere to go and can’t even leave the ring again because of the rapid strikes keep coming.
VASSA: “This shows that a man can have all the tools one can wish to have and can’t use them if you’re being stomped the fuck out! I’m going to like this Valentine guy!”
Getting desperate, Bryan Williams reaches at Valentine and grabs the front of his trunks. Pulling him in, Valentine falls through the ropes and he takes his turn being on the outside. A small pop of cheers as Williams is able to get to his feet but he has taken some lumps. A little dizzy on his rise he grabs the referee to help keep his balance. On the outside Eddie Valentine looks amped up as he slaps his hands down on the apron again on his feet. Moving around the ring some he stares in the ring at the Pride Champion.
Shaking off his daze, Williams waves for Valentine to return to their fight. Nodding back in response Eddie Valentine climbs up a set of steel stairs at the far corner of the ring as far from Williams as he can enter. The referee gets to the count of 7 as Eddie finally begins to duck down through the ropes. Rushing across the ring, Bryan Williams snatches Valentine by the head, yanking him into the ring. Lifting him up across his shoulders, Williams gets Valentine in a Standing Fireman’s Carry. Turning around in the ring, the crowd gets hyped up as their cheers rise in volume. Flipping Valentine over, Williams converts the Fireman’s Carry into a Neckbreaker. Laying over the downed Eddie Valentine, Williams hooks the leg.


JOHNSON: “That was close! Closer than Valentine wanted it to be but this one continues!”
VASSA: “Do you smell that? Ehhh did you fart? Something stinks…”
JOHNSON: “Wasn’t me! Oh I smell it! We’re way up here now so you can’t blame it on the fans! You did that! Nasty ass…”
Coming up short with the pin count. Bryan Williams gets up and begins stomping down on Valentine’s knee. Trying to roll out of the way from the stomping, Valentine can’t escape as Williams swiftly swings a kick to Valentine’s back as he tries to sit up. Arched forward Eddie Valentine grunts in pain as he slowly pushes up to a knee. Williams bursts forward like someone hit the run button as he steps up Valentine and slaps him to the back of the head with a Shinning Wizard. As Eddie twists and collapses into the canvas, Williams goes for another pin.

As Valentine rolls onto his stomach, Bryan Williams reaches down and pulls him up from the waist. Wrapped tightly he looks to be looking for a Deadlift German Suplex as he has used before. Valentine’s feet come off the canvas but he throws back an elbow that catches Williams where it needs to connect. His grapple is released and Eddie lands on his own two feet. Leaping forward he lands on the middle ropes. Springing from the ropes his body twists in mid air as Williams’ eyes go big and he takes a Springboard Kick to the mouth by Eddie Valentine. Both hit the ring and the crowd explodes from the game changing move.
VASSA: “How awesome is a potential upset? Debut match and you find a means to defeat the NEW Pride Champion! I LOVE my job!”
Valentine using the ropes he had sprung off of now uses them reaching up and pulling himself to his feet. Looking down he sees Bryan Williams still laid out in a frozen snow angel position on the canvas. Getting a rush of energy Eddie holds onto the top rope as he uses it to lead himself to the nearby corner. Climbing up the turnbuckle, he reaches the top and instantly snaps back into a Moonsault. Williams pops up and rolls towards the same corner to dodge the move. Belly flopping into the canvas, Eddie jolts up to his feet hugging his chest. Williams rips at the turnbuckles and ropes to get up. He turns from the corner and rushes at Valentine. Shooting himself forward Williams throws a HUGE Roaring Elbow but Valentine pulls the referee in as if he called for a Crash test dummy. Referee Landry Jones takes the elbow solid to his open mouthed jaw.
Williams standing in shock not having meant to hit the referee is grabbed from behind. Valentine holding the back of Williams trunks runs him and launches him through the ropes to the outside. The fans were booing but Eddie Valentine seemed rather pleased with himself.

JOHNSON: “Being new coming into a Company you never can tell what someone might be willing to do to get a head. I can’t BLAME Eddie Valentine but one could argue his tactic was spot on!”
VASSA: “Not only that but possibly a moment to take a breath. This has been back and forth. Nothing fancy but still hard hitting and these are what you would call a Dog Fight.”
Grabbing at the steel stairs on the corner of the ring. Bryan Williams begins to get to his feet and with no count from the downed referee he had a bit longer. Both men probably needed the time out and we’re getting one. Suddenly the crowd grows loud nearby.
VASSA: “Wh– That’s Cashe! JASON CASHE IS HERE!!”
Coming over the barrier he wasn’t coming from behind. Bryan Williams set his eyes on him as Cashe side jumps the wall. Pushing off the steel stairs, Williams had his hands up ready to fight. Cashe rushes at him with only the steel stairs between them and Cashe leaps up onto the stairs. Flipping forward off he hits his Diving Cannonball Senton he calls “Trouble Cannon”. The crowd goes NUTS! Cheers, Boos, and a little boy decked out in Aidan Carlisle gear in the front row crying.
Eddie Valentine in the ring backs off as he watches Cashe roar out to the crowd! Ripping Bryan Williams to his feet, Cashe twirls around and launches Williams like he was throwing a midget head first into the side of the steel stairs. Williams goes limp and crashes into the ringside floor. Face down, mouth against the floors. The thunk of his head bouncing against it echoed throughout the arena. Cashe gives Williams a deep wedgie as he gets his dead weight off the ground and rolls him back into the ring. Nodding to Valentine, Cashe backs up into the railing and salutes before getting back onto the fan side of the barrier.
Seeing the referee start to move around. Valentine foot pushes Williams over onto his back. His forehead was matted with some smeared blood that formed from a small gash above his right eyebrow. Not wanting to waste time, Valentine shoves the referee at his shoulder as he drops and covers Bryan Williams. Landry Jones groggy drops down and makes the slow count.


As soon as his hands slaps the canvas, Landry Jones drops to the canvas but he made the count. Valentine looks around holding his arms up as he sits on his knees. Was it official? Did the referee get the count in? The bell sounds off and he gets up celebrating as Mike Powers makes the call.
POWERS: “I’ve been informed from the back that Winner via Pinfall…. EDDDIEEEEE VAAAAALENTIIIIINE!!!”
Music plays. Eddie Valentine gets all excited as he throws his arms in the air! He didn’t seem to care how it happened because in the record books it will say that on his FIRST match in 4CW. He beat a Champion.
JOHNSON: “I agree that the referee finished the count. But when the back has to make a decision how do they not take into account the CAUSE of Williams being laid out waiting for a loss?”
VASSA: “Think of it in Football means. The “Booth” which is in the back had to review a play. A call made on the “Field” which in OUR case is the ring right? Keep up. So like when there is a review it is not of what had happened 2-3 plays BEFORE. They review the very moment in question. Outside of that the referee hadn’t SEEN the “penalty” involving Cashe so therefore no review, no need for the “Booth” to get involved was called for.”
JOHNSON: “I…. I’ve got nothing….”
Referee Landry Jones slowly rolls from the ring as Valentine continues celebrating. Hitting corners and standing with his arms above his head. The fans were mixed on him due to the circumstance but he wasn’t giving them any mind. He was cheering for himself plenty as he felt accomplished. Williams coughs a few times as he places a hand to his head.


POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
‘The Failsafe’ by Misery Signals hits the PA system. The lights in the arena slowly dim down. As the beat picks up Caleb steps through the curtains. Wearing a black hoodie, and a pair of black and gold fight shorts. His head is bowed and focused on the ring in front of him. His arms are hanging down to his sides his hands shaking as he slowly makes his way down to the ring. His stare breaking.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two hundred seventeen pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall… CALEB HHOOUUSSTTOONN!!!”
As he makes the turn at the bottom of the ramp he removes the hood from his head and slowly unzips the sweat shirt. Tossing it out into the crowd before climbing up the steps. Walking to the center of the apron he grabs the top rope and springs himself into the ring. Once he is in the ring the lights slowly being to turn up. His head is still slightly bent his eyes focused on the crowd as he makes his way around the ring testing the ropes. Making his way to the corner he crouches down and places his right hand on the mat awaiting the beginning of the match.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
Everyone in the crowd goes quiet as “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy blares on the PA System and the lighting dims to a bare white lighting. Darin Matthews comes out walking slowly in a sport coat in his tights on with sun glasses on. Matthews makes it slowly towards the entrance ramp and stops until the chorus hits.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from San Diego, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall… DARIN MMAATTTTHHEEWWSS!!!”
Matthews takes the sun glasses off quickly and clips them to his coat and the lights dim to where a spotlight hits him and the video cuts out. As Zion walks down towards the entrance ramp, fans try grabbing at him to high five him and Matthews screams at them, “Don’t Touch Me, Worthless Sheep.” Standing front row, a fan holds a sign, grabbing his attention as he walks by.

As Matthews makes it towards the ring, Matthews stops for a moment and rushes up towards the steps, wiping his feet before entering the ring. Matthews jumps into the ring and immediately climbs up towards the top rope before the lights turn to gold. Matthews looks towards the sky and smirks sadistically as the fans immediately start booing. The music cuts off and the crowd immediately erupts into a “Man to Man” chant before changing it to “Zion sucks.” Matthews screams out “Don’t say that name” before he nods for a moment, stopping taking it this scene in and the immense hatred the crowd has for him being in 4 Corners Wrestling. Matthews smiles for a moment just letting the audience get it all out of their system.
VASSA: “Well look who it is… Caleb Houston. I guess Paul finally let him off his leash.”
JOHNSON: “We haven’t seen Caleb compete in a 4CW ring since the side show held up in Canada.”
VASSA: “Apparently Perry has him tied to matches and appearances with contractual obligations.”
JOHNSON: “His first match back and he has Darin Zi–“
VASSA: “Matthews!”
JOHNSON: “Thank you, Vinny. Both men can be considered new to 4CW right now. This match is big for both of them if they want to get on the right track.”
VASSA: “Darin is coming off a tough loss to the ‘Lonesome Loser’ Scott Stevens. He needs to turn it around tonight to avoid getting caught in a losing streak.”
JOHNSON: “Our official appears to be ready folks. Let’s take it back to the ring!”
Standing in the corner, Houston leans against the corner, looking around as if he were bored. Checking out a few ladies in the front row, ignores the official as he calls to him to see if he is ready. Yelling at Houston, the official grabs his attention. Turning to face the official, Houston appears irritated before nodding his head to the official. Looking to the opposite corner, the official quickly gets the okay from Darin. With both men ready to go, the official then throws his hands into the air and signals for the bell.

Bursting out of his corner, Darin charges full speed towards Caleb, who is now distracted once again by the ladies at ringside. Dropping his shoulder, Darin drives it into Caleb’s chest, slamming him into the corner. Darin then unloads with multiple right hands to Caleb’s head before switching things up and planting his foot into his chest with a spinning heel kick.
Stepping out of the way, Darin creates a path for Caleb to stumble forward. Climbing the corner, Darin makes his way to the top before turning to face Caleb who is slowly beginning to turn around himself. Leaping forward with both hands above his head, Darin goes for a double axe-handle from the top but Caleb quickly counters with a powerful right to his stomach.

JOHNSON: “The last thing Darin expected coming off the top rope!”
Landing on his feet, Darin lunges over, cradling his stomach with both hands as he catches his breath. Caleb then grabs onto his head and drags him to the nearby corner before throwing him chest first into it. Grabbing onto the back of Darin’s head, Caleb then pulls it away from the corner but before he can slam it down, Darin throws an elbow back and plants it into Caleb’s mouth.
Turning around in an instant, Darin then hits Caleb with a right to the face, followed with a left kick to the stomach. Wrapping Caleb up around the torso, Darin then lifts him off his feet and throws him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Flipping upside down, Caleb crashes into the corner. As his body begins to fall to the mat, he stretches his arms and grabs onto the bottom ropes, using them to roll his body around and come down to his feet.
As Zion pushes himself up to all fours, Caleb quickly turns around and then takes a step forward while drawing his other leg back. Stepping into it, Caleb then pretends Darin’s head is a football at kickoff and plants his foot into his face, flipping Darin over to his back.

VASSA: “With skills like that he could play for the Eagles trash squad!”
Leaping through the air, Caleb lands over Darin and squats down before leveling him with lefts and rights to the face. The speed of the punches grows faster and faster as Caleb connects with rapid lefts and rights. Pulling Darin up from the mat, Caleb then locks onto his arm and whips him to the ropes. As Darin comes back on the rebound, Caleb charges straight at him, ducking his head and driving his shoulder into his stomach, wiping him out with a spear in the center of the ring.
JOHNSON: “He can kick and play defense!”
VASSA: “They wouldn’t be any worse with him on the roster.”
JOHNSON: “You’re right about that, Vinny. The Eagles are horrible.”
Rolling Darin over to his stomach, Caleb then crawls over his back and grabs onto his foot. Lifting it into the air, he then applies an ankle lock!
VASSA: “What do we have here!”
JOHNSON: “That would be an ankle lock, Vinny.”
VASSA: “Oh really? You don’t say?”
Almost instantly, Darin’s hand begins slapping the canvas in submission. Releasing the ankle lock. Caleb stands tall and before be steps away, he drops all of his weight onto that same ankle, using it as a step. “The Failsafe” hits the speakers as Caleb stands in the center of the ring with an intense look across his face. Stepping in beside him, the official then raises his arm into the air.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… CALEB HHOOUUSSTTOONN!!!”
Snatching his arm away from the official, Caleb looks back to Darin still on the mat in serious pain. He then shakes his head with disgust before turning away and heading towards the ropes. After climbing through them and dropping down to the floor, he then proceeds up the ramp, not wasting a single second to celebrate the return victory.
VASSA: “Look out!”
As Darin slowly gets to his feet, he turns around to the sight of a steel chair crashing down onto his face.

JOHNSON: “That must be the Evil Clown that’s been sighted!”
VASSA: “I’ve heard reports of a clown that has been sighted, and it looks like he’s here at Adrenaline!”
The clown then positions the chair on the canvas before hauling Darin to his feet and driving him face first into it with a crushing DDT!
JOHNSON: “The DDT onto the chair from this clown, and I believe Darin has been busted open!”
VASSA: “Somebody get that clown out of here!”
Several security guards run down and into the ring, but the clown makes his escape into the crowd and out of reach as Darin sits up and the blood trickles down the bridge of his nose.
VASSA: “Get him! Get that clown!”
JOHNSON: “The clown making his exit and I don’t know if we’ve seen the last of him.”
VASSA: “I hope it is! That rainbow-haired freak is going to ruin the whole show!”

Cut to the backstage area, where we see Bryan Williams walking backstage after his match. The Pride champion holds his title in one hand, his other running through his hair as he just stands there. He looks to be upset, especially with the events that have unfolded tonight at Adrenaline.
WILLIAMS: “I knew it, I just knew this shit would happen…”
Almost on cue, right out of the corner of the frame, comes Gabriel Hartman as he tries to sneak into the picture. He casually walks up, acting like nothing is wrong at this moment. He looks around, side-stepping right next to Bryan.
HARTMAN: “Boy, tough break there Bryan. Mind if I get a few words with you, if you have a moment?”
Bryan, now aware of Gabriel’s presence, stops and turns around to face him. Bryan’s normally calm demeanor is completely gone, instead he looks towards Hartman with contempt.
WILLIAMS: “Gabe, not right now. This is the worst possible time to do this shit.”
Bryan tries to leave, but Gabriel reaches out and grabs his arm.
HARTMAN: “Come on Bryan! Just for old times sake! I’m still living on the streets man, I need this interview!”
WILLIAMS: “I’m going to tell you this right now…”
Bryan leans in, as Gabe’s grip relaxes.
WILLIAMS: “You touch me again, and I’m putting your face right through that wall.
Soon enough we hear a commotion behind the cameraman, catching Bryan and Gabriel’s attention. It only takes a few seconds, but soon enough we see Bryan’s new tag team partner walk into the frame, “DA #TROLL GUY” Mariano Fernandez, carrying in his hand a plastic container.
FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo. What’s going on, mang?”
WILLIAMS: “Well, Manny, you missed the opening match. It was going great, I was doing really well out there. Winning that Pride title was nice, I was all set to show off for this crowd as their new champion …And then of course Jason Cashe had to get involved. He can’t let things go, I don’t know what to do now.”
HARTMAN: “Bryan is very clearly distressed here!”
Bryan rolls his eyes, bringing the Pride title up to his shoulder. Mariano nods, and gives a small shrug.
FERNANDEZ: “Listen mang. You see World Champ Jair Hopkins been on a bit of his losing streak, and yet still manages to keep that belt with him, despite Dakota Smith interfering in his match with Queef, and every other time the dude was going great only to coming up losing in the end. My advice, don’t sweat it, and stand strong. Just make sure you win when it actually matters – and about Cashe, if you need any help – you know where to ask. In the meantime, however, have one of these.”
Mariano hands the plastic container to Bryan, who opens it to reveal a burger.
WILLIAMS: “Thanks man…”
Bryan tries to show his appreciation, but his frustration is clearly still there. Hanging around him like a dark cloud above his head.
WILLIAMS: “He’s not going to stop though, I need to cut this out right now. I just don’t know what to do, do I go and bitch at Wallace about this? I feel like I need to go talk to Wallace.”
Gabriel looks over Manny’s shoulder, at the burger that Bryan holds in his hand.
HARTMAN: “Hey uh, not to interject but …are you going to eat that?”
FERNANDEZ: “My guess, chico, you’ll talk to Wallace and he’ll tell you to settle it in the ring – and perhaps he’s right, but you know…”The trademark trollface smirk appears on his face“… two can play the game he plays.”He then turns towards Hartman“What, you think it’s a health hazard? It’s just one of my homemade burgers, mang. You see, the whole talking with Eli about wanting me to cook tacos for him and Genie made me hungry, and I decided, why not make them something they’ll definitely enjoy? And there it dawned on me, mang. I make some hell of barbecues and burgers, and I brought these just for them. I like to call this one… the Babe Bacon Special.”
HARTMAN: “I don’t give a shit what it’s called, I’m really hungry.”
Bryan thinks for a moment, and nods his head.
WILLIAMS: “I think I will go talk with him, it’s about time he owns up to the bullshit he creates. Thanks dude, and thanks for the burger. Good luck out there tonight.”
Mariano smiles and gives Bryan a thumbs up. The two fist bump, as Bryan turns and walks away from the scene.
FERNANDEZ: “Thanks, mang – and remember. You need help, give a Shout, and I’ll be there. Talos guide you.”
Then he turns towards Hartman.
FERNANDEZ: “And Hartman, don’t worry, chico. Just stick around and I’ll have one for you as well.”
HARTMAN: “Thank Sweet Christ, it’s been so long since I last ate…”
FERNANDEZ: “S’alright, mang. Just do your job until next break.”
He turns around and walks away, as Hartman looks at him hopefully.


POWERS: “The Following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights in the arena drop. Solaris by Celldweller begins to play over the speakers and the lights pulse and fade with the music. On the third pulse, instead of completely fading, the lights stay on low and Aamon is seen standing at the top of the ramp, with his hands in his pockets.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, weighing in at two hundred twenty two pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall… AAAAMMOONN!!!”
As the music picks up, the lights start to pulse between normal and low with the music as Aamon slowly makes his way down to the arena, completely ignoring fans in the stadium. As he gets to the edge of the ring, Aamon stops for a moment and the lights go out again. When they come back on he is seen standing in the middle of the ring. He walks to the far side of the ring and then waits for his opponent.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The lights fade through the arena and begin to flicker as “Little Monster” by Royal Blood plays through the speakers. Johnny steps out onto the stage. He looks around for a moment, before stepping over to one side of the stage and pointing outward with his finger into the audience. Johnny makes his way to the other side of the stage and does the same thing. He then paces and begins to hop around a bit and hype up the crowd.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Detroit, Michigan,. Weighing in at two hundred twenty-three pounds and standing six feet, one in! he is ‘The Mouthpiece of Mayhem’, JOHNNY EEVVIILL!!!”
After a moment, Johnny begins a somewhat fast jog down the ramp to the rhythm of the music all while spr eading his arms out like a plane and spinning around a bit. Once he makes his way to the ringside area, he slides through the bottom rope and then hops to his feet. He begins a pace around the ring before ascending the ropes. Johnny begins talking and hyping up the audience as he lifts his arms into the air and sways them up and down. As his music dies down and the lights return to their normal state, he hops off the ropes and gets ready for his match.
VASSA: “Here we go ladies and gentlemen! We have our third match of the evening!”
JOHNSON: “Up next we have Aamon and Johnny Evil.”
VASSA: “Both of these men have something to prove here tonight after the result in their last matches. Aamon fell short to Niobe and Johnny ate a fireball to the face!”
JOHNSON: “Courtesy of Sativa Nevaeh.”
VASSA: “We’ve seen some crazy shit over the last few weeks, haven’t we?”
With both men in their corners and ready to throw down, the official throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.

As if possessed, Evil erupts from his corner! Quickly taking notice, Aamon does the same and the two collide in the center of the ring, exchanging blows. Taking a left to the chin, Aamon fires back with a right hook, barely missing Evil as he ducks underneath. As Aamon’s body rotates, Evil quickly pops up and grabs onto him, lifting him up into the air and dropping him back to the canvas with a side suplex.
As the two crash to the mat, they race to get to their feet, Evil standing first. Just as Aamon pushes himself up to one knee, Evil steps in and lays him out with a knee underneath the chin. Reaching down and pulling Aamon up from the mat, Evil locks onto his wrist and then whips him to the ropes.

JOHNSON: “Aamon with the reversal!”
Before Evil can release, Aamon reverses the throw and whips Evil to the ropes instead. As Evil comes back on the rebound, Aamon ducks down, bending over to flip Evil over his back.

Stopping in his tracks, Evil kicks his foot straight up, driving it into Aamon’s face and launching him into the air. Crashing to the mat on his back, Aamon looks up at the ceiling. Leaping into the air, Evil comes down on Aamon’s chest with a double foot stomp.
With Aamon in the corner holding himself up by his arms stretched across the top ropes, Evil unloads with a fury of body punches, pounding away at Aamon like a slab of meat. Evil then grabs onto the top rope with both hands and pulls himself in, lifting his knee and driving it into Aamon’s stomach. Taking a step back, Evil then rips Aamon away from the corner and pulls his head down, placing it between his lets. Wrapping Aamon up around the waist, Evil then lifts him into the air and throws him into the turnbuckle with a powerbomb.
VASSA: “Goddamn! Johnny has been dominant this entire match up!”
JOHNSON: “We’ve seen little to no offense from Aamon whatsoever.”
VASSA: “I don’t know if it’s Evil just in the zone after recent events or Aamon who just forgot that this is an actual wrestling match, but this has been completely one sided.”
JOHNSON: “Johnny did say in his promotional videos that he was going to tear 4CW apart.”
VASSA: “One by one and it all starts tonight and won’t end until him and Sativa finally clash head to head.”
Pulling Aamon up from the mat, Evil drags him to the center of the ring. Lifting him into the air and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Evil slowly turns a circle before going for a death valley driver.
JOHNSON: “There’s still some life in Aamon!”
Before Evil can drop Aamon to the mat, Aamon slips out of his hold and comes down to his feet behind Johnny. Wrapping Evil up around the waist, Aamon lifts him off his feet for a German suplex but Evil rolls out of the hold in mid air and lands to his feet as Aamon hits the mat empty handed.
VASSA: “There’s another reversal!”
As Aamon pushes himself up from the mat, Evil then turns to the ropes and takes off towards them. Coming back on the rebound, Evil then jumps up and sticks his feet forward, hitting Aamon in the side of the head with a dropkick as he gets to one knee. Hitting the mat on his shoulder, Aamon somehow manages to roll backwards but up to his feet.
Moving in as Johnny rises, Aamon takes a swing for his head but comes up short as Johnny rolls out of the way. Back on his feet, Johnny turns to Aamon just as he begins turning around to face him. Catching Aamon off guard, Evil kicks him in the gut, forcing him to lunge over. Pulling Aamon’s head between his legs, Evil then wraps him around the waist with both arms before taking a short moment to catch his breath.

JOHNSON: “I think Johnny has him right where he wants him after this fast paced stretch we just witnessed.”
VASSA: “If this is what I think it is, Aamon better think of how to escape before it’s too late.”
Lifting Aamon into the air as if going for a powerbomb, he then drops Aamon onto his knees with a double knee backbreaker.
JOHNSON: “The Fall From Shangri’ La!”
VASSA: “Damn that hurt me just watching it!”
Covering Aamon and hooking the leg, Evil goes for the pin as the official slides in with the count.

JOHNSON: “There you have it ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: “Johnny is back!”
“Little Monster” hits the speakers as Evil rises to his feet. Stepping in beside him, the official then raises his arm into the air for the victory.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… JOHNNY EEVVIILL!!!”

We cut backstage to see none other Sativa Nevaeh pacing around the halls. She is puffing on her vape pen and appears to be getting mentally ready for her match later tonight. She is broken out of her semi-trance by the sounds of someone angrily hitting and knocking over road cases. She expects to see someone along the lines of JPD or even Johnny Evil. But to her complete shock it is Bryan Williams. Bryan is still carrying the burger he received from Manny just a short while ago. He takes a half hearted bite, while nodding at Sative.
NEVAEH: ”Hey Bry, you alright man?”
WILLIAMS: ”Upset, Cashe fucked me again. Trying to figure out if I should bust his head, or see if Perry had anything to do with it.”
Sativa chuckles and nods her head.
NEVAEH: ”Yeah, we have all been there at sometime. You look like you could use a puff on this.”
Sativa holds out her vape pen, offering him a hit.
WILLIAMS: ”Thanks, but I need to keep a clear head for the time being. This burger kinda doing the trick, but I’ll figure it out.”
NEVAEH: ”Fair enough, I can understand that. Maybe later then? After I whip the shit outta Niobe you could come by and help me celebrate. Even help yourself take that edge off.”
This causes Bryan to pause and take a look at Sativa.
WILLIAMS: ”You know what, that sounds like a good idea. I just saw Manny a little while ago, makes me think that we should all get together sometime and talk. Got an idea that’s been brewing around in my head.”
NEVAEH: ”Oh yeah? Well, you know where my locker room is at and you got my number. Hell you’ve had it since that debacle in Japan.”
WILLIAMS: ”Don’t remind me, Japan was hell. We made it though. I’ll get a hold of you sometime after your match. I gotta go deal with this shit but, good luck tonight. Not like you’ll need it.”
NEVAEH: ”Yeah but you never know, right? Thanks for the well wishes. Hope you work everything out. Talk to you later.”
Sativa gives Bryan a fist bump and takes a drag off her pen, letting the vapor slowly seep out of her nostrils. Bryan nods and then heads off on his previous path.

The house lights dim to black and a video begins to play on the screen.

Philip J. Fry and Bender “Bending” Rodriquez stand at the front of an Earth Army recruitment line. They can’t stop giggling to themselves as the step up to talk the recruiter.
BENDER: ”Hello… We’re here because we, uh, love our planet.”
RECRUITER:”Sign here on the dotted line, Patriots, and I’ll give you your discount cards.”
FRY: “Just outta curiosity, we can use our discount cards to buy gum, then immediately quit the army, right?”
BENDER: “You know? Playing you all for chumps?”
RECRUITER: “Correct, there’s no obligation.”
Fry and Bender continue giggling to themselves as they sign the paper.
RECRUITER: “Unless of course, war were declared.”
The recruiter nods ominously. Suddenly, the red lighted alarm goes off behind them. A close caption underneath the alarm light reads “Asshole Alarm.” Fry and Bender look around in confusion.
FRY: “What’s that!?”
The Recruiter locks his hands in a sinister fashion.
RECRUITER: “War were declared.”
The sixth time, the gun fires and the screen shatters into a million pieces as “Tom Sawyer” by Deadsy booms through the speakers.
“A modern day warrior
mean, mean stride
Today’s Tom Sawyer
mean, mean pride”

As the song kicks in, Adrian Tanner Jr stands in the middle of the stage, head covered by the hood of his ring jacket, the XTV Championship strapped around his waist. Red and white spotlights illuminate the stage as plays through the PA.
“Though his mind is not for rent
Don’t put him down as arrogant
His reserve, a quiet defense
Riding out the day’s events”

He raises both arms high above his head, before holding them out directly in front of him hands pointed like guns at the ring.

“The River!”

He ‘fires’ the guns and loud pyros explode all around him. He grins, unstrapping the XTV title and raising it high into the air soaking in the cheers, the red spotlights make a circle through the crowd while the white spotlights pulse in tune with the music for a very dizzying effect as he power walks down towards the ring, slapping hands with fans along the way. He slides into the ring and mounts the nearest turnbuckle, again holding the title high above his head to the cheers of the crowd.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NEEEEEEEEW XTV Champion- Adrian Tanner Juuuuuunioooorrrrrrr!”
He hops down off the turnbuckle, taking the mic from Mike (hah) and stands in silence for a moment, basking in the sounds and sights of the fans. Finally, he holds up a hand for everyone to quiet down.
TANNER: ”Jason Cashe. Dakota Smith. Jason Patrick Davidson.
…Bryan Laughlin.”

He takes a little extra joy in saying that last name.
TANNER: ”These names all have something in common, something that binds them together. And now… I have something in common with them too.”
He readjusts the XTV title on his shoulder as the fans cheer again.
TANNER: ”Two former 4CW Champions, a probable future 4CW Champion… and Bryan Laughlin. All of these men have held this belt, all of them considered to be top guys in this company. And now, it’s my turn to step up to the plate.
And I’ve picked the perfect first shot, all lined up and ready to go.”

He makes another quick gun motion with his hand as some folks in the audience call out Jair Hopkins’ name.
TANNER: ”Later tonight, in the middle of this ring, I am going to step into the ring with THE 4CW Champion in the MAIN EVENT, and we are going to kick the shit out of each other. It’s going to be glorious. and if I have my way I am going to once more jumpstart my way into a position a lot of people didn’t think I had any business being in yet.
And I do so love shutting those people down.
But I feel like, in the lead up to that match, I might’ve… neglected MY title a little bit. I was so focused on Jair Hopkins I didn’t get to outline my plan for the title I already hold. And that needs to be fixed.”

He smirks, looking out at the audience again.
TANNER: ”So, here’s the thing.
I am not a hardcore wrestler. Diving off ladders, crash through tables? Sure, I’ll do that stuff in my sleep. But steel chairs, kendo sticks, brass knucks, all that stuff? Not my jam. Put me in a match with something important on the line like at Fright Night and sure, my jam can change slightly, but everyday random Adrenaline Title defense? It just ain’t me.”

Small pockets of the crowd start to boo, to which our Hero holds his hand up at.
TANNER: ”Hold on, hear me out.
I am not a hardcore wrestler. I am a WRESTLER. My goal every single night is to come out here and out WRESTLE my opponents. So me having this Championship out of all of them is kind of ironic.”

He lets out a slight chuckle, brushing a hand through his hair.
TANNER: ”Now I admit, after I won this title I almost went to Perry and asked it be changed to from the XTV into the TV title.
BUT before you start booing again- I’m not gonna do that. Because I am a man of the people! I fight for all of YOU, and you’re used to seeing this belt be defended in violent situations so who am I to take that away from you?
But like I said- I’m a wrestler, not a barbarian. So here’s what’s gonna happen: I’m setting myself a personal goal. You -and in this case ‘you’ stands for anyone who wants to come for MY Championship- You, you can do whatever you want, face me in whatever type of match you want or whatever type of match Perry Wallace puts us in. Hit me with chairs, kendo sticks, bats, barbed wire, fire, glass I don’t care. Go nuts.
But while you’re doing you, I’m gonna do me.
While you’re trying to brutalize me, I’m just going to out-WRESTLE you. Because once upon a time I was touted as the BEST fuckin’ Light Heavyweight In. This. Business! And it’s about damn time I become that again.
Unless a match stip specifies that I HAVE to use a certain thing to beat you, I’m just going to run circles around you with only my own speed, agility and reflexes alone. Because these-

He points to his hands and feet
TANNER: ”And this-
He points to his head.
TANNER: ”Are all I need to beat you.”
A wide grin crosses his lips as the crowd cheers this idea.
TANNER: ”The one caveat I’m giving myself in this challenge are ladders and tables. Because, I mean come on, what high flyer doesn’t love diving off ladders and what better place to dive off a ladder into than a table?
But other than that, I will be weapon-free since ’83!
…Okay maybe not that long, but still.”

He laughs lightly again.
TANNER: ”So there you have it. It’s a new era for the XTV Championship, and I am going to take this ball and run with it!
Right through Jair Hopkins’ doorstep.”

He winks at the camera.
TANNER: ”Go time is soon, Jair. I hope you’re ready. I hope you’re not underestimating me.
…Or maybe I hope you are just a little. Because that’s when it gets real fun. When you take eyes off the prize for one lone second and I drop you on the cold, hard ground like your name was Taylor Swift.
One shot, one opportunity. I’m taking mine. My Golden Gun is locked and loaded, my aim is true, and my Revolver
Miss. “

He makes a gun with his fist, points it square into the camera lens and ‘fires,’ then drops the mic as “Tom Sawyer” hits again. He hoists the XTV Title into the air one more time before ducking out through the middle ropes and heading back up the ramp to the back and we cut elsewhere.

The camera cuts outside of the Freedom Hall’s entrance, where a huge amount of people are gathered in line. Gabriel Hartman is standing there, microphone in hand.
HARTMAN: “Steve, Vinny, we are right outside the Freedom Center, it’s completely crowded and fully packed, but there’s this line of people here not entering the arena, and I’m going to find out what’s going on here.”
He follows the line to the top, where everybody’s watching at a food stand, reading “DA #TROLL GUY’S BABE BACON SPECIAL – GET YOURS TODAY!”. At the stand there’s Mariano Fernandez, wearing a chef’s apron with the trollface and the “PROBLEM?” tagline, flipping burgers in an impromptu-set grill, next to a table with bread, bacon and assorted ingredients.
JOHNSON: “There’s DA #TROLL GUY, and what the hell is he doing?”
VASSA: “I don’t know, but that’s just made me hungry as fuck. Hang on a sec, I’ll be right-”
JOHNSON: “You’re not going anywhere, Vinny!”
Outside, Mariano puts a burger with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce inside two halves of sesame bread, and serves it to the first fan in line.
MARIANO: “Okay mang. Babe Bacon Special coming right up!”
He hands the burger to the fan, who takes a bite and gives an “Excellent!” sign, as Hartman approaches him with the mic.
FAN: “This is really good stuff guys, make sure you come and get one!”
At the stand, Mariano gives a thumbs up sign, looking happy. Hartman moves next to him, making his way through the crowd.
HARTMAN: “Well Steve and Vinny, I don’t know what this is all about, but here we are with DA #TROLL GUY, Mariano Fernandez, and I’m going to ask what everybody wants to know – what are you doing out here?”
MARIANO: “How you doing, chico? I’m just giving everybody here a sample of one of my favorite recipes, homemade burgers using the very special Babe Bacon! I hope Eli and Genie get over here, I’m sure they’ll love it!” – As he finishes talking, he gives his trademark trollface. – “Tell you what, mang. Want a burger? Extra bacon for you!”
HARTMAN: “Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt…”
Wasting no time, Mariano prepares another burger and serves it to Hartman, whose face lights up with delight after tasting it.
HARTMAN: “Holy fuck, this thing is delicious!”
MARIANO: “Remember, chicos – get yours today!”
VASSA: “Fuck this shit, I’m getting one right now!”


POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall.”
This is where the pyros should fire, but they don’t. Apparently whoever is running the pyrotechnics in back is asleep at the wheel. There’s also supposed to be some really high tech and high defined imagery up on the big screen, but there isn’t. Apparently the guy called “Keeper of the VHS tapes” didn’t slap the right tape in at the right time.
Fuck it, the music hits.

“Résultats sexuelles
Les résultats sont super sexuelles”

“Sexy Results” by DFA 1979 pounds its way out the speakers like Ty himself pounds all the pretty ladies. Uh huh.
Ty appears at the entrance, seeming a bit annoyed at the crowd, but once he sees the ladies screaming and the men questioning their sexuality, he steps out with a smirk on his face.

“Sexy girl meet me in the bathroom.
Sexy girl call me on the phone
Woman friend take me to your bedroom.
Let me show how I’m full grown”

Ty knocks the bitches out with his pelvic thrusts. Like he’s shooting from the hip with a loaded Colt Peacemaker. Yeah. The boys want a little too, they just won’t admit it.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Acadia Parish, Louisiana, weighing in at two hundred five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is ‘Your Fucking Role Model’… TY LLUUKKAASS!!!”
By the time he’s to the ring, he’s even got the color commentator tugging at his collar.
This Tyler Lukas, he’s a sexy Devil. This Tyler Lukas, he’s nothing but Trouble. Yeah.

“This Ty Lukas, he’s your Sinister URGE
So Sexy”

At this point, all the grandstanding ends while Ty knocks it out of the park with some warm ups that looks like they ought to be censored. OW!
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly. His trademark “LAUGH-LIN” Run DMC Style shirt on he nods his head to the music and acknowledges the fans before extending his right hand out to his side as his valet, Sadie walks with swaying hips and locks hands with Bryan. They exchange a brief glance towards each other before continuing down the ramp.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from accompanied by Sadie Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, This IS, BRYAN LAUGHLIN!!!”
Approaching the ring he turns to Sadie, who grabs his face with her hands making sure to dig her nails into his cheeks before he turns and slides in and gets to his knees throwing his head back and his arms out allowing the fans to acknowledge him back. He quickly hops to his feet mouthing the lyrics.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

He backs into the nearest corner taking off his shirt and throwing it behind him out of the ring as his music slowly fades.
JOHNSON: “Ty Lukas is still somewhat new to 4CW and has a tough one on his plate with Bryan Laughlin.”
VASSA: “Two more who had a chance to enter the Warzone at Fright Night but came up short.”
JOHNSON: “There were a lot of people who had a chance to enter the Warzone. Sixteen people to be exact.”
VASSA: “But only one was able to enter and win it all.”
JOHNSON: “We haven’t seen much of Ty in the ring before Fright Night. I’m intrigued to see what he brings to the table.”
VASSA: “Knowing who his manager is, he should be a fun one to follow.”
As the official stands in the center of the ring with both men ready to begin, he throws his hand into the air and quickly signals for the bell.

Bouncing out of his corner full of energy, Ty makes his way towards the center of the ring, pointing to Laughlin and calling for him to step up. Shrugging his shoulders, Laughlin then pushes himself away from the corner and slowly approaches Ty in the center who is now bouncing back and forth. Once in range, Ty suddenly goes berserk with a fury of kung fu kicks and strikes, backing Laughlin across the ring and trapping him against the ropes.
Grabbing onto the top rope with both hands, Ty pulls himself in while lifting his knee and driving it into Laughlin’s stomach. He then locks onto Laughlin’s wrist and whips him to the opposite ropes. Taking off to the adjacent ropes, Ty hits them as Laughlin comes back on the rebound. Closing in, Ty leaps into the air, grabbing Laughlin’s head and dropping him to the canvas with a running neck breaker.

VASSA: “Ty Lukas is off to a quick start here tonight!”
JOHNSON: “He definitely possesses quite a bit of speed and used it to his advantage to get an early jump on Laughlin.”
Pulling Laughlin up from the canvas, Ty ducks his head and wraps up Laughlin, lifting him into the air and flipping him over to his back with a Northern Lights suplex. Bridging the move, Ty goes for an early pin as the official races over with the count.

Kicking out at the one count, Laughlin pushes Ty off of him before quickly rolling over and pushing himself up. Rising to his feet first, Ty quickly moves in and connects with a kung fu kick to the back of Laughlin’s head as he gets to one knee, knocking him into a daze but not down. With a smile on his face, Ty then begins dancing like a male stripper in the center of the ring, drawing a huge pop from the females in attendance.
VASSA: “Oh what the hell is this crap?!”
JOHNSON: “You love it when the ladies do things like this.”
VASSA: “But he isn’t a lady and I’m not limp in the wrist!”
Abruptly stopping the dancing, Ty quickly moves in and connects with a strike to Laughlin’s forehead. He then wraps Laughlin’s head with his arm and falls backwards, driving Laughlin’s head into the canvas with a lightning fast DDT! Back on his feet, Ty then looks to the nearby corner and races over, climbing straight to the top. Once at the top and overlooking the entire ring, he waits patiently as Laughlin slowly begins climbing to his feet. As he rises up from one knee, Ty then leaps from the top and hits Laughlin in the back of the head with a flying lariat, planting him face first into the canvas.
JOHNSON: “Bryan needs to get his head in the game or this one is as good as over!”
VASSA: “His head hasn’t been in the game for some time now. Can’t you tell?”
JOHNSON: “I find that hard to believe.”
VASSA: “Believe what you want! I’m just calling it like I see it.”
On his feet, Ty slowly walks to the nearest corner and locks his eyes on Laughlin, waiting impatiently as he slowly begins climbing to his feet. Standing tall, Laughlin appears to be lost with his back turned to Ty. As he slowly turns around, Ty takes off from the corner and charges at him full speed. Once Laughlin is completely facing him, Ty wipes him out with a high impact gore spear.
JOHNSON: “The Sext Results!”
VASSA: “There wasn’t anything sexy about that!”
Covering Laughlin for the pin, Ty hooks the leg as the official slides in beside them for the count.

VASSA: “Holy hell Ty Lukas just obliterated Bryan Laughlin!”
JOHNSON: “I guess Bryan didn’t get the memo in regards to having to actually wrestle in the ring tonight.”
“Sexy Results” hits the speakers as Ty rises to his feet and begins dancing over Laughlin’s fallen body. Stepping in beside him, the official grabs his arm and raises it into the air as Ty continues dancing without missing a single beat.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… TY LLUUKKAASS!!!”

Cut to the backstage area, where we see a fired up Bryan Williams storming through the hallways. He appears to have cleaned up from his match, the incident from earlier still clearly playing in his mind. He races down the hallway, almost knocking the cameraman over as he finally arrives at his destination. Bryan stops in front of a door, not bothering with knocking. He pushes through, the camera swooping in to catch an alarmed Perry Wallace being taken by surprise.
WILLIAMS: “We need to talk.”
The Pride champion is crass, taking a seat in front of Perry’s desk. Perry looks around the room, having almost fallen out of his chair. He looks to get up, but instead thinks otherwise.
WALLACE: “You almost gave me a fucking heart attack, you can’t just bust into people’s rooms without knocking. It’s impolite, I coulda been beating my dick off in here.”
WILLIAMS: “You seem to be alright, we need to talk.”
Williams again gets straight to the point, which seems to annoy Perry much more. He tries to calm himself down, but he appears to be distracted by something. His eyes keep shifting around the room, avoiding Bryan as much as possible.
WILLIAMS: “You gonna just sit there, or are you going to explain what the fuck Cashe was doing out there tonight? I thought he was taking this show off?!”
WALLACE: “Hey man, I’m not his fucking keeper. Cashe is a big boy, he’s allowed to do whatever he wants. You’re the champ now, maybe you need to do a better job of putting eyes in the back of your head. Of course people are going to be coming after you, that’s the nature of this business.”
WILLIAMS: “I want to know what kind of games you’re playing here, Wallace.”
Perry looks on, again distracted by something. Bryan snaps his fingers, getting Perry’s attention finally.
WALLACE: “What? Shit man, Call of Duty …Madden, what the fuck do you want?”
Bryan smacks the desk, causing Perry to jump in his seat slightly. Bryan stands up, pointing a finger in Perry’s face.
WILLIAMS: “Come on Wallace, out with it. I need to know if you’re trying to fuck me here, don’t make me go and get Sativa. I know she’d love to come in here and wail on your ass.”
WALLACE: “Fuck you, Bryan! I didn’t do shit, didn’t know shit! Go on, quit fuckin’ with me. Go back home to your husband, just leave me the fuck alone.”
WILLIAMS: “You’re real close to catching a beating, you know that?”
Wallace throws his arms up in the air, already exhausted by the situation.
WALLACE: “What the fuck you want me to do?! He gives me just as much grief as he does you.”
WILLIAMS: “Figure it out. You’re going to make this right, Wallace. I didn’t bust my ass to start off like this. You already fucked it up with several Pride champions, how about you don’t add another to that list…”
Bryan, finished with what he has to say, turns around and leaves the office. Perry sits there, exasperated with the whole scene that has played out before him. The office remains quiet, Perry slowly shaking his head.
WALLACE: “Son of a bitch…”
Suddenly, we see Kaysie poke her head up from out under the desk. She wipes her mouth, while looking at Perry.
SHERELL: “You want me to go handle it? I can put him in his fucking place.”
Wallace sighs, shaking his head.
WALLACE: “He’s mad, he’ll get over it. Besides, I’m about to get blue balls here. I thought you were going to help me with that thing…”
Giving Kaysie a look, he grins as she smiles seductively. Her hand races down his chest, moving lower and lower. The view of the desk blocks almost everything, until her hand comes back up with a pen in hand. Wallace looks ecstatic at the sight of his lost pen.
WALLACE: “Oh shit! You got it!”
SHERELL: “Yeah, I found it stuck in this really weird corner. Need me to do anything else for you?”
WALLACE: “Shit, you could give me head while you’re down there.”
Kaysie stands up, giving Wallace a shove.
SHERELL: “Don’t be lewd, the cameraman is still here.”
Wallace turns his attention to the cameraman still in the room, recording. He gets up out of his chair, almost ready to chase the camera away as we cut back to the ring.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
As the opening of “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play over the arena, a video flashes on the big screen of a camera shot panning up a grassy hill at night, slowly until it gets to the top. Panning from left to right, lighting flashing in the sky as the opening guitar riff begins to sound.
POWERS: “Introducing to the ring from Anaheim, California, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds and standing five feet, seven inches tall! She is the “Nightmare”, NIOBE MMAARRTTIINN!!!”
The video on the screen then switches to a video package of Niobe in the ring, flashing and moving in time with the drum beat.
Now your nightmare comes to life..”

Niobe comes running out from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp briefly to extend her arms out to the sides as a blast of pyro goes off on either side of her.
“Dragged you down below…
Down to the devils show…
To be his guest forever…
Peace of mind is less than never..”

As the lyrics of the song continue to play, she drops her arms and walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face as she sneers at the crowd as she passes before sliding under the bottom rope of the ring. She stands up and throws off the hood of her jacket, glaring at the crowd with a smirk on her face.
POWERS: “And the opponent!”
The lights start to strobe between blue and red as ”Fucking in the Bushes” by Oasis kicks up. Sativa walks out from the back with her handy baseball bat draped across her shoulders. She sidesteps across the stage playing to the fans and having them boo her in return.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, Standing five feet seven inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds, the Deranged Duchess of Wrestling, SAAAAATIIIIVVVVAAAAA NEEEEEVAAAAAEEEEEEHHHH!!!!”
Sativa is followed by Eric Lee. The pair makes their way to the ring amid the boos and jeers from the crowd. Sativa skips carefree, smiling the entire way. One fan, leaning over the guardrail, starts jeering at her, trying to get in her face. She pauses for a moment and tilts her head to the side, staring at the fan. She then bursts into laughter in their face and continues to the ring.
She climbs up onto the apron, kneeling in front of the ropes, the bat resting on her outer shoulder. She looks out around the crowd before seductively laying down and rolling into the ring. She pops up to her feet and skips around the ring, pointing out into the crowd and laughing occasionally.

JOHNSON: “Up next we have a ladies match between Niobe Martin, who is coming off a win her last match, and Sativa Nevaeh, who came up short in her last match due to Johnny Evil.”
VASSA: “Sativa has been causing problems ever since returning to 4CW. First she started with attacking Perry. Now she’ has an all out beef with Johnny Evil, spitting fire in the mans face and costing him matches.”
JOHNSON: “It goes a lot deeper than that. I mean, she is the reason Johnny is in the situation he’s in right now.”
VASSA: “With everything going on, she’s going to have to keep one eye looking in front and the other watching her back.”
JOHNSON: “That’s a little hard to do when in the ring with someone like Niobe. She’s coming off a big win to get things back on track and I’m sure she aims to continue building that momentum here tonight.”
VASSA: “The question is… who wants it more?”
JOHNSON: “That’s literally the question for every match, isn’t it?”
VASSA: “Shut up.”
JOHNSON: “I’m just tr–“
VASSA: “Forget about waiting for the bell!”
Before the official can even check with both corners, Sativa closes in on Niobe and greets her with running shoulder block, slamming her against the turnbuckle. Grabbing onto Niobe’s hair, Sativa then rips her away from the corner and then swings them around before throwing her by the hair to the center of the ring. Slamming against the mat, Niobe rolls up to a seated position and before she can begin to rise, Sativa rushes in and delivers a solid kick straight to the spine.
VASSA: “Damn Sativa, chill!”
JOHNSON: “Niobe is going to need a back alignment after that.”
The official then quickly calls for the bell.

Pulling Niobe up from the mat, Sativa then whips her to the corner with all of her strength. Just as Niobe crashes against the corner, Sativa is right there to hit her with a running elbow drop to the chops. Stepping out of the way, Sativa lets Niobe stumble away from the corner. She then dips through the ropes and exits to the apron. Patiently waiting, Sativa looks on as Niobe slowly begins turning around. Holding onto the top rope with both hands, Sativa then jumps up, pulling herself up to the top rope. Bouncing off the rope, Sativa springboards in Niobe’s directions just as she turns around, wrapping her arm around her head and driving it into the canvas with a tornado DDT.
VASSA: “Sativa is going HAM in the ring right now.”
VASSA: “Damn right she is!”
Sativa then covers Niobe for the pin as the official quickly races over for the count.

Popping her shoulder up from the mat, Niobe breaks up the pin before the official can complete the two count. Wasting no time, Sativa, pushes herself up to her feet and quickly jerks Niobe up to hers. Locking onto Niobe’s head with both hands, Sativa then drops down to her knees, pulling Niobe’s head down, slamming her chin across the top of her head with a jawbreaker.
Staggering backwards, Niobe hits the ropes and bounces back just as Sativa stands tall. Squatting down, Sativa then lifts Niobe and launches her into the air with a flapjack. Coming down, Niobe’s face crashes against the canvas as the entire crowd gasps at the sight.

VASSA: “Niobe could have kissed the sky with the amount of air she just had.”
JOHNSON: “Sativa made sure to send her to the stars with that flapjack.”
Pushing herself up to all fours, Niobe then rises to both knees before stopping and regaining herself. Looking on from behind, Sativa then takes off and zips right past her. Hitting the ropes in front of Niobe, Sativa comes back on the rebound and slides feet first, extending her arm and nearly taking Niobe’s head off with a clothesline.
JOHNSON: “Sativa has been relentless from the sound of the bell… well even before it!”
VASSA: “The ref didn’t start the match, Sativa did and by the looks of it, she’s going to end it on her terms as well.”
Pacing the ring in anger, Sativa holds back, giving Niobe time to recover and push herself back up. Just as Niobe stands, Sativa races in and jumps towards her from behind. As she flies in beside Niobe, Sativa grabs onto her head and pulls her down with a three-quarter facelock bulldog.
VASSA: “Deez nuts!”
JOHNSON: “Wait, what?”
VASSA: “Got em!”
Rolling Niobe over to her back, Sativa makes the cover as the official slides in with the count.

JOHNSON: “There it is! This one is in the books folks!”
VASSA: “Damn, Niobe didn’t even have a chance.”
“Fucking in the Bushes” hits the speakers as Sativa slowly rises to her feet, surveying the damage. The official then raises her arm into the air as Sativa stands tall and victorious.

POWERS: “Here is your winner… SATIVA NNEEVVAAEEHH!!!”

One more time the camera goes backstage, as Mariano Fernandez is pushing a cart carrying the Babe Bacon Special burgers he was making before, through the arena hallways.
JOHNSON: “Here’s DA #TROLL GUY, Mariano Fernandez, taking his burgers backstage.”
VASSA: “Those burgers really are great, but if he runs into number one contender Elijah Carlson, there’s not gonna be a match here tonight!”
As Mariano walks around absent-mindedly, a voice calls out to him.
VOICE: “Hey, Troll Guy!”
Mariano turns in the direction of the voice, to find the Deranged Duchess Sativa Nevaeh sitting on a nearby bench, looking at him with her usual mocking expression – and holding her trusted baseball bat.
FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo, mang. How you doing? Nice makeover, by the way.”
Sativa approaches him, still with uncertain intentions, but Mariano doesn’t flinch.
NEVAEH: “Thanks a lot. Say, what’s that you’re carrying?”
FERNANDEZ: “What, these? These are the exclusive Babe Bacon Specials, a special treat I made with Eli and Genie in mind. I hope I find them before my match with Eli, they’ll love it I’m sure.” – He chuckles, and takes one out. – “Want one?”
NEVAEH: “Well, why not? I got a bad case of the munchies.”
She grabs the burger and starts munching, first intently, then quicker and more voraciously as her eyes light up.
FERNANDEZ: “So, how was it mang?”
NEVAEH: “This shit is awesome!”
Mariano nods at her and throws his hands up.
FERNANDEZ: “Hey – you said it, not me.” – He points at the cart. – “Listen mang, nice to stay and talk, but I gotta get going – see if I find Eli and Genie. See you around, chica, and good luck tonight.”
NEVAEH: “Thanks man!”
FERNANDEZ: “No problem, mang. Talos guide you.”
As he goes back to pushing the cart, Sativa looks at him go, tapping her baseball bat on the ground.

Backstage, Jason P. Davidson is seen in his locker room getting ready for his match later on. As he finishes tying the laces on his boots, a knock comes at the door.
J. DAVIDSON: “Come in.”
The person outside doesn’t come in, but instead knocks again.
J. DAVIDSON: “It’s open.”
When the person knocks again, Jason stands up to answer it, and on the other side is a clown…only about half the size of the one that has been sighted. He honks a bike horn a few times before punching Jason right in the nuts and running away! Jason recovers quickly and gives chase, slipping on a bunch of marbles that had been dropped on the floor! That’s when the larger Clown pounces and starts hammering down on JPD with right hands to the face! Jason pushes the clown off and gets to his feet, only to eat a superkick from the Clown which cuts open his lip. As JPD falls back, the two clowns honk their bike horns before running away.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The arena lights go dark and the Trollface appears in the big screen, but something seems off as there seems to be no audio, being replaced instead by the sound of plane turbines…
JOHNSON: “Wait, shouldn’t that Skyrim music thing be hitting up now?”
VASSA: “Technical difficulties maybe?”
POWERS: And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds! From somewhere in Skyrim… “THE GADFLY”… MARIANO FERNANDEZ!”
At that point, the music hits, but it seems to be the riff of the flagship theme of one of the most famous movies of all time…
“Revvin’ up your engine
Listen to her howlin’ roar
Metal under tension
Beggin’ you to touch and go”

The lights come back on, and the fans go haywire as Mariano Fernandez stands in the entrance, completely decked out in a green aviator G-suit and wearing green aviator RayBans!

JOHNSON: “And there’s DA #TROLL GUY himself! Wait, what the hell?”
VASSA: “He’s wearing one of those TOP GUN flight suits!”
The crowd gives Mariano an ovation as he races down to the ring, arms stretched out like an airplane, then slides on his belly under the ropes.
“They’ll never say hello to you
Until you get it on the red line overload
You’ll never know what you can do

JOHNSON: “I guess this is DA #TROLL GUY’s idea of mind games, first the backstage antics and now this kind of nonsense.”
VASSA: “I’ve said it already, the dude is a goddamn moron. Makes good burgers though, I’ll give him that.”
After removing his RayBans and the flight suit, Mariano grabs a mic from a member of the ringside crew.
The fans shout with him and give him a final round of applause amidst chants of “PRO-BLEM? PRO-BLEM? PRO-BLEM?” as he waits for Elijah Carlson’s introduction.
JOHNSON: “Say what you want Vinny, but the fans have spoken!”
The lights around the arena go dark aside from one singular spotlight pointed directly at the top of the entrance ramp. After a few seconds of silence a man dressed to the nine’s in a tuxedo comes out with a scroll in his hands, stopping in the middle of the spotlight as another worker runs out a microphone and a stand and sets it before the unnamed man. Slowly the man unravels the scroll and clears his throat.
HERALD: ”HEAR YE! HEAR YE! By royal decree, the Prince and Princess of Four Corners Wrestling COMMAND YOU to rise from your seats and show some well deserved respect as Prince Eli makes his way to the ring. ALL RISE!”
Boo’s reign down upon the man loudly as he rolls the scroll back up and moves off to the side, standing with his arms at his side respectfully as the spotlight shuts off, plunging the entire arena into darkness. On the big screen, images of Elijah Carlson highlights flicker. A coronation kick to the temple of Chris Mosh, an Ascension leaping, twisting splash from the top rope onto Keith Daniels, and an image of Eli and Genie standing on top of the Warzone of Horrors cage scanning the crowd and the carnage around them are among the short bursts of images that are mixed in before once again the arena plunges into darkness. After a long moment of silence the sound of a fierce wind fills the arena before the opening beats of “Motivation” by T.I. ring forth over the speakers, the lights coming back on full blare as the big screen begins playing highlights of Eli’s career in 4CW again.
“Better get on yo job, tell’em, haters get on yo job, nigga (Motivation)
Nigga, get on yo job, tell’em, haters get on yo job, nigga (Motivation)
Haters better get on yo job, tell’em, haters get on yo job, nigga (It’s motivation)
Sucka nigga, get on yo job, if ya, hatin’ get on yo job, nigga”

Finally emerging from the backstage area with his arms extended outward and a wide, arrogant grin on his face, Eli walks to the top of the entrance ramp and pauses, his arms slowly coming back down to grip the edges of the unzipped leather jacket. His eyes scan the crowd as the man in the tuxedo, who had been standing so respectfully still only moments earlier, bows low to the self proclaimed Prince of 4CW. As he bows, a group of other people come out from the backstage area and maneuver themselves around Eli. At his feet they begin to roll a red carpet down the entrance ramp for him to walk on. Instead of moving immediately down the ramp, however, Eli holds out his arm and waits patiently.
“You can look me in my eyes, see I’m ready for whatever
Anythang don’t kill me, make me better
I ain’t dead nigga, you can take the fame and the chedda
And the game, and the deal, I’m still a go-getter
Take my freedom for the moment but it ain’t fo-ever
I got the spirit of a god, heart of a dope dealer
I’m a king, seen hangin’ with some cold killas
I ain’t never back down or ran from no nigga”

A moment later Genevie steps out onto the stage and walks with a sarcastic smile on her face, gliding directly to Eli and linking her arm with his. Again, the man in the tuxedo bows to both of them, going so far as to allow his knee to touch the ground and rest there as he lowers his head. Without another moment passing, Eli and Genie begin their walk down the ramp toward the ring. Behind them the kneeling man stands and begins to roll the red carpet up behind them. Once at the bottom of the entrance ramp Genie frees her arm from Eli’s, taking his face into her tends and kissing him tenderly on the lips before he holds his arms out for her to remove his jacket for him. After she had done so the man in the tuxedo retrieves it from her while Eli rolls himself into the ring and makes his way over to the far turnbuckle, climbing it and raising his arms in the air sarcastically as the boo’s reign down even louder than before.
“I ain’t sat down yet, pimp, standin’ gorilla
Even if I’m all alone or standin’ with four niggaz
Tell’em jump, pimpin’ it don’t get no realer
5’9″ with the soul of a 6’4″ nigga
I separated the fakes, paralized from the waist down
From the real stand up guys of the A-Town
Can’t even look me in my eyes, put yo face down
I’m outta jail nigga, whachu gotta say now?”

As the music fades, Powers moves to introduce him but the man in the tuxedo dismisses him with a wave of his hand, taking the microphone from the man first.

HERALD: Four Corners Wrestling is proud to present to you, accompanied by Genevie, the Princess of 4CW, standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, he is the 2016 Warzone of Horrors winner, the Number One Contender to the 4CW Championship AND… The Prince of Four Corners Wrestling… ELIIIIIIIIIIJAAAAAHHHH CARRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLSSSSSSSOOOOONNNNNN”
Eli hops down from the turnbuckle amidst a chorus of boo’s as Genie claps and cheers for him at ringside, sneering at the fans for daring to boo her husband. Nodding his head, Eli bounces on the balls of his feet as he silently goes through his pre-match warm up.

At the sound of the bell the two men circle the ring, sizing each other up for a few moments before Manny stops in the middle of the ring, stands up straight and extends his hand for Eli to shake in a show of sportsmanship. Unable to help himself, Eli cracks a smile and moves towards his opponent. Finally obliging, Eli reaches out and takes Manny’s hand and shakes it and everything seems fine until it’s time for Eli to let go and he doesn’t, instead jerking Manny towards him roughly and meeting him with a kick to the stomach. Carlson is quick to follow up the boot by pushing Manny back upright with his hand and then delivering a knife edge chop to the chest of Fernandez.
Eli goes to land another chop, which Manny absorbs and then responds with a chop to Eli’s chest himself. At ringside Genie, who had been perfectly content with the way the match had started, shouts at Manny for daring to touch her husband. The Troll waves his hand dismissively at her, grins mischieviously, and then drives another chop to Eli’s chest again before sending him into the ropes. When Eli rebounds and comes running back, Manny ducks under an attempted clothesline, wrapping his arms around Eli’s waist and launching him over his head with a release german suplex. On impact, Eli grabs at the injured ribs that have never fully been given time to heal.

JOHNSON: ”At some point Eli is going to have to take some time off and get those ribs healthy. I don’t know how he’s made it this far without anyone really focusing on them.”
VASSA: ”Well you’re not wrong, Steve. But let’s not take anything away from Eli or his skill in the ring. He’s run off a number of victories, only losing in singles competition to Jason Cashe in a contender for the match of the year.”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight may be the night all of that comes crashing down, though. Truth be told it might before the best.”
Clutching his side, Eli rolls out of the ring to create separation and give himself some time to catch his breath. Smartly, Manny follows him to the outside not being willing to allow him any room. With Fernandez closing the distance between the two of them, Eli pulls Genie in the way and swings himself around the corner as Genie holds her hands up and Manny moves to get around her. In the meantime Eli takes a step back and then takes off at a full sprint, leaping and sliding under the bottom rope, past the steel turnbuckle post, his feet connecting squarely with Manny’s chest, knocking him backwards into the padded barrier. With a smirk, Eli slides himself the rest of the way through and stops to receive a quick kiss on the lips from his wife before rolling himself back into the ring.
Being taunted by Genie outside the ring, Manny shakes the cobwebs from his head and pushes himself back up right before rolling back into the ring himself. As he does so he receives a stiff boot to the side from Eli. Fernandez takes it and swings his right hand to deliver a nasty right hand to the ribs but Eli deflects it. Doing so leaves him open to have Manny wrap his arms around both of Eli’s legs and drive him down to the mat with a double leg takedown. Though at a disadvantage, Eli seems perfectly comfortable working from that position and eventually both men stand back upright

VASSA: ”Mariano Fernandez is holding his own in the early going against the number one contender Elijah Carlson. Something that I don’t think either Eli or Genevie expected.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t understand all of this Skyward Sword stuff that he’s into but he fights like a warrior, unafraid of any battle he goes into. You’ve got to give him credit for that, don’t you?”
As the match continues onward, Manny continues to hold his own as the two go back and forth exchanging strikes and kicks. When one shows off some technical ability the other is quick to respond. It isn’t until Manny manages to catch Eli by surprise with a spinning wheel kick that the momentum finally swings in someones favor. He’s quick to pull Eli back up to his feet only to hook his arm around Eli’s neck and snap him back down to the mat with a perfect snap suplex. Manny is quick to roll through and turn it into a pinfall attempt.
JOHNSON: ”Carlson is reeling. Fernandez with the pin as the referee slides in. One…. TWO….”
VASSA: ”NOPE! Eli kicks out just barely after the two count. It’s going to be tough for Manny to put him away after a relatively standard move like a snap suplex..”
While that might have been true you certainly couldn’t blame the guy for trying, it probably was a bit ambitious to make that attempt at that moment in the match. Fighting back to a vertical base, Eli swings at Manny trying to take his head off with one punch. Manny ducks under and immediately comes to a dead stop. He leaps and flips backwards but Eli scouts the move and slips out of the way leaving Manny to fall to the mat awkwardly.
VASSA: ”Did Manny just try and use Eli’s own finishing maneuver against him?”
JOHNSON: ”Problem? The pele kick is a standard move in many wrestlers arsenal these days. Few in the world manage to hit it with the sort of ferocity that Eli does, though.”
While Manny fights his way back to a stable vertical base, Eli bounces of the ropes and comes flying back just in time to hook Fernandez around the neck and take him down to the mat with The Prince’s Edict, his own special version of the sling blade. Feeling the momentum on his side, Eli bounces back up to his feet and heads to the near turbuckle, pulling himself up to the top rope. He wastes no time jumping once, spinning and landing and then jumping up and flipping over in a double jump moonsault that Manny manages to roll out of the way of, leaving Eli to land hard face down on the mat. Immediately his hands go to his abdomen again, clutching at his injured ribs.
Sensing another shift in momentum, Manny immediately grabs hold of Eli and wraps him up, lifting him up into the air in an effort to put the match away. DOVAHKIIN DRIVER!!! But Elijah manages to wiggle free at the last second and flip down behind him. As Manny is turning around, Eli prepares himself to leap and deliver a modified version of his ANOINTED shining wizard kick, buckling Manny to one knee. As Eli cuts the distance between them again, somehow Manny manages to leap into the air and connect with his GADFLY step up enziguri, knocking Eli fully down to the mat. A half second before he moves to cover he notices Genie climbing up onto the ring apron. She shouts at him and he, instead of going for the pinfall, takes a step in her direction.

VASSA: ”Genie doing what every wife should do for her husband, buying him more time to make it to the finish line.”
JOHNSON: ”I think we’re starting to see a pattern with these down”
Shaking his head, Manny waves both of his hands at her and turns his attention back to Eli but by then it’s too late. He’s given Eli the moment he needed to recover and, back on his feet, he slips under an attempted grapple by the Troll and comes to the same dead stop that Manny had minutes earlier in their match. The only difference is, for Mariano Fernandez, he doesn’t react in time to get out of it.”

A visable sigh of relief escapes Eli’s lips as he drops to his knees and covers his opponent, hooking the leg as the referee slides in to count the pinfall.

The moment the referee’s hand hit the mat the third time, Genie was already sliding into the ring to celebrate with her husband. As was the usual for the two of them, Genie wrapped her legs around Eli’s waist the moment he was standing and pressed her lips to his, hooking her arms around his neck happily. After a few long, awkward moments of them making out in the ring, Eli set his wife back down and motioned for his own personal spokesperson to make the announcement of his victory as the referee raised his arm in the air.
JOHNSON: ”You can say a lot of things about Mariano Fernandez and his antics, but when it came down to it he was willing to bring the fight directly to Elijah Carlson tonight.”
VASSA: ”Absolutely, Steve. But in the end a win is a win and from the looks of it I’d say that the Carlson’s are going to be enjoying the rest of this evening if I do say so myself.”


The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The crowd reaction is mixed, but there are more cheers than boos, as the opening guitar riffs and “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play throughout the PA system.
JOHNSON: ”This should be one hell of a fight between Scott Stevens and Jason P. Davidson coming up.”
VASSA: ”I think Stevens is going to be in for a world of hurt when JPD gets his hands on him. Scott Stevens is solely responsible for JPD not being there at the very end of the Warzone. I can’t imagine that has sat well with him at all these past two weeks.”
The cheers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas.
POWERS: ”This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing at this time, coming to us from the Great State of Texas, by way of Houston, Texas.”
Walking down the aisle, he fists bumps some of his fans while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers.
POWERS: Standing at six feet, six inches, and weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six pounds”
As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms to the fans.
An icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the mat.
JOHNSON: ”At least he seems like he’s ready to go tonight, Vinny. Stevens has the look in his eye that says he’s all business..”
VASSA: ”He’s a hell of a fighter indeed but JPD is one of the top five talents in this company today, in the opinion of myself and former 4CW competitor Jett Wilder, and I think he’s just going to be a bit too much to handle.”
The lights in the arena go completely black as the sound of the opening guitar riffs of “Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold begin to play. A single spotlight shines on the stage.
POWERS: “From Miami, Florida weighing in tonight at two hundred and forty-two pounds.. standing at six foot three inches tall…”
Smoke fills the stage as a medieval throne rises to the center of the stage. Seated on the throne is Jason P. Davidson in a fur cape and crown upon his head. The Tag Team Championship proudly displayed on his lap and shining in the spotlight. A loud chorus of boo’s is heard before the lights in the arena go completely black again.
“Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head
Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid
Children roam the streets, now orphans of war
Bodies hanging in the streets to adore”

The lights in the arena come back on and flames explode from either side of the stage as Jason rises from the throne with a mighty roar. He tosses off the cape and locks his eyes down towards the ring as he makes his way down the ramp with the Tag Team Championship slung over his right shoulder.
“Royal flames will carve a path in chaos,
Bringing daylight to the night
Death is riding into town with armor,
They’ve come to take all your rights”

POWERS: “He is the Conqueror… Wrestling’s one true Royalty… the King of Everything… And One Half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions! Here is JASON P. DDAAVVIIDDSSOONN!!!”
Jason makes his way up the steel ring steps and along the ring apron. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises the Tag Team Championship high into the air as flashbulbs go off all over the arena.
“Hail to the king, hail to the one
Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun
Hail to the king
The King…”

Jason hops down into the ring before walking to the center pushing Powers out of the way as he places the Tag Team Championship back over his right shoulder. He raises his arms into the air letting out another mighty roar as the referee comes over and removes the crown from the top of his head, taking his half of the tag team belt as well. As the music fades both men stare each other down across the ring, neither of them flinching but merely waiting for the bell to be sounded and the fight to truly begin.

As soon as the bell sounds there’s no delay in the action. The two men move toward each other in the center of the ring. If one paid close enough attention they would have seen JPD smirk one half second before the entire arena went dead silent.

JOHNSON: ”JPD with the quick cover. There’s no way this can be over already, can it? Just like that? It might set a new 4CW record for quickest pinfall.”

Without a doubt JPD could have had the pinfall had he wanted it but he wasn’t going to let Stevens off the hook that easily, instead pulling the man’s shoulders off the mat just before the referee’s hand could come down and slap the mat a third time. Now things were going to get fun. Stevens, whose expression on his face looks like he had been hit in the head with a sledgehammer, is pulled back to his feet by JPD and whipped into the corner. With ease, Jason strolls over to the corner and raises his right boot, pressing it to the throat of his opponent as the referee comes over and begins to count to five. He gets all the way to four before JPD breaks the hold and turns to shove the referee away, pointing a finger at the zebra striped official warningly.
Turning back to Stevens, JPD climbs to the middle turnbuckle and begins unloading strike after strike to the side of Scott Stevens head relentlessly. Again, the referee steps in and begins counting to five. At four he wraps his arms around JPD’s waist and physically pulls him down from the middle turnbuckle. Irritated, Jason turns to the official and gets a finger directly in his face and a stern warning that any further infractions would result in his disqualification. Unphased by the warning, JPD smirks in the officials face and then turns back to Stevens. This time JPD places both hands on the middle rope on either side of Stevens body and began ramming his shoulder into his opponents abdomen time after time after time. When Davidson finally lets up, Stevens stumbles out of the corner in an even greater daze than he had been in moments earlier, collapsing to his knees.

VASSA: ”Man oh man we’re seeing that mean streak we spoke about before this match and Stevens just doesn’t seem to have any answer for it.”
JOHNSON: ”So long as things don’t change anytime soon it sure looks like JPD is going to make short work out of Scott Stevens tonight. So much for a grudge match.”
With Stevens on his knees, JPD backs up and takes a moment to size up his opponent before running full speed at him and catching him in the side of the head with a running knee that topples Stevens over onto his back. Immediately back to his feet, JPD bounces off the ropes and comes back full speed at Stevens, leaping and landing a running senton splash across the abdomen of Scott Stevens. Clutching his stomach, Stevens rolls over onto his side as JPD stands up and extends his arms out wide, screaming to the crowd that he is, indeed, the king of everything.
He then takes to the turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air to a chorus of boos, which does nothing but make him happy and egg him into taunting them more. Out of the corner of his eye a moment later he catches Scott Stevens moving, having found his way back to his hands and knees. For half a second JPD shook his head in dismay, hopping down from the turnbuckle and returning to his opponent. After a brief moments hesitation, or lining Stevens up, JPD took off towards him and connected with a wicked punt kick to the side of Stevens head.

JOHNSON: ”At some point soon the referee needs to step in and put an end to this match. Stevens isn’t defending himself.”
VASSA: ”Well I can promise you that JPD doesn’t look like he has any intention of stopping before that point. You may be right Steve.”
Davidson makes his way over towards Stevens at a relaxed pace as Stevens again pushes himself up to his hands and knees, though it seems clear he has no idea where he’s at or likely even who he is. JPD stands beside him, shaking his head in disappointment as Stevens instinctively grabs hold of JPD’s leg and begins to pull himself up. With one hand JPD leans down and grabs a handful of hair and then, in the blink of an eye, the entire match changed. A sudden burst of clarity struck Stevens and he rolled JPD up into a small package. Almost shocked by the sudden turn of events, the referee slides in as Davidsons feet and legs buck wildly, trying to escape the pinfall.

VASSA: ”Oh my God, Stevens almost snatched that one out of thin air. That would have been the most stunning victory of the year, I think.”
JOHNSON: ”The point is he only almost snatched it out of thin air. He went for the Hail Mary, nearly had it, and dropped the ball in the end zone.”
Instantly JPD is back to his feet. Stevens gets back to his feet quickly as well but he’s obviously still feeling the effects of the non stop onslaught by Jason P. Davidson. Both men move towards each other. Stevens gets caught with a boot to the stomach. JPD quickly wraps him up, lifts him up, and drops him on his head with a cradle piledriver. He wastes no time repositioning himself in the in ring, moving alongside of Stevens and wrapping him up in an Anaconda Vice. Stevens fights against it as the crowd tries to encourage him to break out of the hold but eventually the pain is too much for him to bear, leaving Stevens no option but to tap the mat in submission.
VASSA: ”ASCENDED SLUMBER! Holy Shit JPD just made Scott Stevens tap out. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth.”
JOHNSON: ”From start to finish what a complete victory by JPD tonight. Scott Stevens is a talented individual but tonight he was just flat out overmatched.”
In the ring, JPD still has the hold locked in. Beside him the referee is imploring him to release it, slapping him on the arm and shouting at him to let it go but Davidson is having none of it. From the backstage area, officials and security rush to the ring and slide in. It takes five men to finally get JPD to release the submission hold he had applied to Stevens for a victory. When the hold was finally broken the referee helped him up to his feet and raised his hand in the air while Stevens rolled himself out of the ring and was left to be tended to by medical personel.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner by submission… JASON P. DDAAVVIIDDSSOONN!!!”
As JPD celebrates in the ring the scene switches backstage…

Yet again the camera cuts backstage, to Lauryn Wolfe’s locker room door, as she is getting warmed up for her tag match with Persephone Marquis against Genevie and Tara Davidson. As she does her exercise routine, there is a knock on her door.
VOICE: “Lauryn!”
VOICE: “Lauryn!”
VOICE: “Lauryn!”
In complete annoyance, Lauryn storms to the door and yanks it open violently.
WOLFE: “What the hell is wrong with… !?”
She falls silent and her expression goes from anger to confusion, as Mariano Fernandez is at her door, still wearing his chef hat and apron, carrying a tray of the burgers he was making earlier. He throws his arms in a shrug, yet again smirking his trollface.
FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo. How you doing, mang?”
WOLFE: “What are YOU doing here?”
FERNANDEZ: “I’m letting people have a taste of my delicious Babe Bacon Specials! They’re a great hit outside! Here.”He hands her a burger from the tray in a plastic container“Want one?”
Doubtfully, Lauryn takes it, and gives it a taste – her face showing the faintest hint of a smile.
WOLFE: “Hey – this is actually pretty good.”
Mariano, looking happy, gives her a thumbs up.
FERNANDEZ: “Thanks mang! Gotta keep the deliveries going. See you around and good luck tonight.”
WOLFE: “Thanks.”
FERNANDEZ: “No problem, chica. Talos guide you.”
Mariano waves good bye and carries on with the burger tray, whistling to himself as Lauryn looks at him go.

VASSA: “Whoa, what’s going on here now?”
JOHNSON: “Seems to be a power outage…at least I HOPE it’s a power outage. Folks at home, I don’t know if you can hear us, just bear with us if you can.
As the lights come back on, standing in the ring is the Evil Clown with a three-foot lead pipe in his hand while his smaller clown friend stands with him.
VASSA: “Not him again!”
JOHNSON: ”The Evil Clown is back, and he’s right here in the center of the ring!”
Tthe main Clown removes his mask and reveals his identity, shocking the crowd!
VASSA: “I never would have guessed!”
JOHNSON: “That’s worse than TEN evil clowns! That’s Matthias Barrows!
The smaller clown removes his mask to reveal himself as Barrows’ partner in crime; Gary the Assassin. Once the two of them stand up, Matthias’ entrance theme plays throughout the arena.
JOHNSON: “Boy you talk about coming in from left field and making a statement! I don’t think anybody could have seen Matthias Barrows under that clown mask!
Matthias and Gary make their exit by walking up the ramp. With the camera focused on them as they make their way through the backstage area and past the trainer’s room, where the door opens and out steps Matthias’ manager and wife, Stacy Barrows.
S. BARROWS: “Not a single one of them recognized me.”
M. BARROWS: “You’re amazing, you know that.”
As the three off them enter the parking lot, Gary gets in the waiting limousine first, followed by Stacy, but before Matthias can get in, Perry Wallace appears. He doesn’t say anything, but Matthias simply shrugs.
M. BARROWS: “Here’s blood in your eye, Perry. See you next week.”
With that, Matthias gets into the limo and shuts the door as it departs from the arena.

Backstage Jason Cashe can quickly be seen standing at one of the tables in Catering. There was a little bit of everything from veggie plates to rib sandwiches. Even Subway in random variety had it’s place on one of the tables. Cashe was picking at shit. A joint in hand he takes a pull and then plucks more food into his mouth. Getting some cheese sauce drizzled down on his beard, a voice calls out to him grabbing his attention.
“Yeeeoooooo Cashe!”
Chewing with his mouth open as he turns around towards the voice. Cashe sees Christopher Salieri approaching with that shit eating Italian grin on his face. Cashe has known the Salieri Family for years. He worked on a few things with Christopher’s Uncle. The “Boss” if you will, Tony Salieri. Someone who Cashe had respected before and still to this day had nothing but good things to say about him. Even if most of the Family Business wasn’t always on the up and up. Still Cashe nodded to greet Christopher.
CASHE: “Chrissy Salieri! What’s good man? How’s your Uncle?”
Christopher’s extended hand looks to shake in greeting as well. Cashe grabs it and grips tight in his shake. He only gripped tight when he didn’t much care for the person. Christopher was a douche.
CHRISTOPHER: “He’s good you should call him. He’s asked about you last time we talked. Listen though, I wanted to find you because I want to talk. You have a minute?”
Shrugging Cashe had the night off as it was. He wasn’t hiding because he hoped to find more trouble if it should present itself. Williams or otherwise so he had plenty of minutes. Queef wasn’t due to compete until the Main Event and he was going to stick around and wait for her.
CASHE: “Sure. Here you wanna hit this a few times? I’ma grab a plate real quick..”
Passing the joint to Christopher. He wasn’t much for Marijuana but he held onto it regardless. You could see by how he held it that he hadn’t done it too often before now and he seemed a bit put off by having it so close to his breathing air. Cashe grabs a paper plate and begins piling food on it.
CASHE: “Talk! What’s up man?”
CHRISTOPHER: “I’d rather do it more… Privately. I want to talk to you about the Pride Championship.”
It wasn’t just a Championship that he wanted anymore. It was something he wanted to remove from Bryan Williams. Something he wanted to wear because it proved he was good enough as an athlete and not just the brawling competitor most see him as being. His life was changing for the better and it was time he took some Pride out of it and he wanted the Title to showcase it all. Sucking some sauce off his thumb, Cashe turns to Christopher Salieri. The referee who has been with 4CW since day one.
CASHE: “What about it? You see what I did to Bryan Williams? This is MY fucking hood and he’s about to see the Pride in my territory.”
Reaching to hand Cashe his joint. Salieri turns his nose to it even as he passes it back. Cashe puts it in his mouth and takes a pull.
CHRISTOPHER: “I’ve put in a request to Officiate the Pride Championship match at Winter Wasteland. Usually it’s not a problem to get a match when it’s requested but ummm…”
Looking around at their surroundings. There had been a few lowly production members in there but they had vanished. Christopher and Cashe were alone at the Catering Tables.
CHRISTOPHER: “For a price… I can do for you what I did for Frankie Morrison. I’ll even give you a discou–“
CASHE: “Wait! Hold up! What exactly did you do for Frankie Morrison?”
Slight confusion on Christopher’s part fills his face.
CHRISTOPHER: “He didn’t tell you either huh? I had thought he told Madison but when I spoke to him about it he got mad. That was right before he refused to re-sign with the company and vacated the Title.”
CASHE: “Oh please tell me Jett Wilder wasn’t right?”
CHRISTOPHER: “He couldn’t prove anything! Perry believed me so it didn’t matter but yes. Frankie paid me to make sure Madison retained his Title against Jett Wilder… I am offering YOU that same offer if you are to have a rematch with Bryan Williams. What do you say?”
A piercing stare at Christopher Salieri and Cashe takes a long pull from the joint. Held to his mouth with his index finger and thumb, he soon after buries the joint into the breading of a sandwich on his plate. He seemed to have lost his appetite.
WALLACE: “What the FUCK is going on in here?”
His voice surprised them both but Cashe didn’t flinch. Christopher on the other hand cringed at the sound of Perry Wallace’s voice. Turning quickly the referee stares at the Owner of 4CW standing in the doorway to the room. Visibly shaking Christopher turns his head to look back towards Cashe and meets a plate full of food stiff armed into his face. Cashe rips and throws Christopher in a hip toss type move and the referee slams against the floor. Cashe turns and approaches Perry Wallace and gives the Boss a warning.
CASHE: “Don’t you say or do a GOD Damn thing… You just watch!”
Turning back to Christopher Salieri. Cashe watches the man beg from the ground. Still in part unsure why Cashe was so upset with anger.
CHRISTOPHER: “Come on Cashe! You’re friends with my Uncle! Don’t do this man! We go way back!! What’d I do wrong? I did it for Unstable! For MadisoN!”
There was no words. Cashe was mad for so many reasons and this man caused it. Slapped to the face, Salieri cries out like a bitch in a bitch slapping contest. Like a hoe who got pimped handed. A high pitch cry that puts him on his side like an abused spouse on the kitchen floor. There was food scattered here and there hence the reference. Scooting away, Christopher Salieri wasn’t begging anymore he was just trying to get away. Finding the corner of the catering area, Salieri sits up with his back in the corner and shoulder touching each adjacent wall.
CASHE: “Get up…”
Slowly with a look of fear in his eyes. Salieri slides up the wall and gets to his feet. As soon as he is at his tallest, Cashe smashes him with a Thundering Elbow to the face. His “Mark Of JASON” and it rattled Salieri’s jaw as he slumps back down onto his ass in the corner. Crashing into the seated referee, Cashe drills him with a knee and his head bounces off the wall. Stepping back some, Cashe lunges forward with a boot to Christopher’s face. With no give behind his head he takes all the damage from the boot. Blood begins to pour from his nose, his mouth. Cashe kicks and kicks with repeated boots to the face as Christopher Salieri drools out a tooth caked in blood. Sucking in air, gasping, Salieri’s eyes are swelling. He has a gash under his left eye and his lips are busted all up. The man was barely conscious.
WALLACE: “Cashe. CASHE! Stop now… You’ve made your point.”
CASHE: “Did you know?”
WALLACE: “What? Of course not! I’ve done a lot of shit to gain an advantage. You tell me ONE time I’ve gone out of my way to assist ANYONE even closely affiliated with you or Unstable? I knew nothing about this shit…”
Hearing his words. Cashe didn’t really care if Wallace knew or not. What mattered was that there was a shade in THIS referee and Cashe didn’t want any excuses. Rushing in one last time, Cashe delivers a straight knee to Salieri’s face. Blood actually squirts out from the sides of where Cashe’s knee connects as he holds himself against the man’s face. Breathing slowly gets under control, Cashe pulls away and 4 or 5 more teeth sit outside of Christopher Salieri’s mouth as he sits slumped unconscious.
Turning to leave. Cashe grabs a 6 inch Sub sandwich from the table undisturbed from the assault. Taking a big chunk of it into his mouth, Cashe smacks as he chews. It was a lot of bread but he wasn’t even really tasting it right now. It was a symbol of a hunter killing and eating his prey.

WALLACE: “Look I swear I had nothing to do with it! Goddamnit don’t hit me–“
Tensing up Perry Wallace closes his eyes expecting to be attacked by Jason Cashe. Yet a few moments pass and nothing happened. As Wallace opens his eyes Jason Cashe was gone. Staring over at the scene of attack it looked like a murder scene. Like someone blew their brains out. Shaking his head he was still disappointed some.
WALLACE: “I guess we’ll need to hire a new Referee… Ugh…”
Pulling out a walkie talkie from his belt. Wallace pushes and holds the side button as he turns and leaves the Catering area.
WALLACE: “Gonna need EMTs over in Catering…”


POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following headline tag team match is scheduled for one fall!”
The beginning beat of “Killing You Hoes” by Trina begins to play as the lights dim, only white and pink lights shine move out over the crowd.
“Ah ah ah yep yep yep
The baddest bitch is back,
I’m back part 2, part 2
I’m reloaded and I’m killin you hoes”

Genevie appears from behind the curtain with a smirk on her face as she looks around the crowd, drinking in the boos as she does her signature stripper dance, twirling around as she shakes her ass. She completes a rotation as she bites her lip and winks at the crowd making her way down the ramp.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 136lbs, she is THE BOSTON GENIE…GEEENNNEEEEVVVVVIIIEEE”
“I don’t care what a bitch think or how a hoe feel
Cause ain’t nann one of you hoes payin my bills
And ain’t nann one of you hoes fina buy me a crib
And ain’t nann one of you hoes fina get me a whip
I know I must make a lot of ya’ll hoes sick
And all I can tell you hoes, get used to it bitch!”

Genevie carries her head high as she walks down the ramp with confidence, with slow and steady steps. As the song plays she walks around to the side of the ring, hopping up on the apron. She adjusts her SnapBack as she blows the fans a kiss, listening to the boos get louder. This only makes her smirk grow wider as she climbs through the middle ropes, and standing up in the ring as she runs her hands down her body.
“And don’t you cross that line cause I get hot quick
And if you do it’s gonna be me & u up in this bitch
And I’m gonna show you why they call me the baddest bitch”

She does one final twirl to show off her ASSETS, rolling her eyes at the jealous fans as she goes over to the ropes and leans against them, checking her nails as the referee comes over and she dismisses him to get away from her because he is a peasant and she is The Princess. He backs off and she just continues to smirk as the music dies down.
POWERS: “And her partner!”
“Blood, blood, blood
Pump mud through my veins
Shut your dirty, dirty mouth
I’m not that easy”

As the sound of “Blood” by In This Moment fills the inside of the arena, the lights are dimmed down, leaving only a bright spotlight which shines upon the curtains as a lone female figure pushes them open stepping out to the jeers and catcalls of the crowd. Tara Davidson places her hands upon her hips as a smirk tugs at the corners of her mouth while she soaks in the reaction of the crowd. She tosses her hair back behind her shoulders before she begins to walk towards the ring with the crowd still clammoring to be heard above the pounding music.
POWERS: “”Hailing from Miami, Florida, weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds and standing five feet, four inches tall. She is ‘The Red Queen’… TARA DDAAVVIIDDSSOONN!!!”
“Blood, blood, blood
Pump mud through my veins
I’m a dirty, dirty girl
I want it filthy”

Tara approaches closer towards the ring and swiftly jumps up onto the apron as she kneels down upon one knee. She keeps one hand upon the middle rope as she looks out towards the crowd blowing them some kisses before slipping in between of the ropes with ease. Once inside of the ring, she walks towards the middle and flips her hair back one more time as the lights come back on before the music fades out leaving just the jeers of the crowd to fill the inside of the arena.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring next we have the opponents!”
“Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles
Just what you’d expect inside her new Balenciaga
Vile romance, turned dreams into an empire
Self-made success now she rolls with Rockefellers”

With the lights dimmed downed, a lone spotlight shines down at the center of the stage as the mid-tempo alternative pop sound of Halsley’s “New Americana” plays throughout the venue. As the song’s pace picks up a bit and nears the chorus, a figure can be seen slowly making its way onto the stage. The lone figure then makes its way to where the spotlight was shinning at. As the person stands there, the lights all around come back on just as the chorus blares out:
“We are the new Americana
High on legal marijuana
Raised on Biggie and Nirvana
We are the new Americana”

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at one hundred twenty-six pounds and standing five feet, six inches tall, she is the “Unabashedly Unrefined”… LAURYN WOOOOLLFFEEE!!!”
With the lights bright, everyone can now see Lauryn Wolfe with her arm raised and her back towards them. Lauryn turns around and slowly surveys the crowd with a sly smirk across her face before making her way down to the ring. She completely ignores everyone, as she only has the ring in her main line of sight. As Lauryn reaches the ring, she slides in and scales the nearest turnbuckle once she gets up. Cupping her hands by her mouth, Lauryn howls out and then raises her hand up once more. With a more serious expression on her face, Lauryn looks around the venue once more before coming back down and leaning up against the turnbuckle, waiting for the match to get underway.
POWERS: “And her partner!”
With the intro of the song out of the way, Persephone makes her way onto the stage; a large and almost condescending smile on her face as she heads down the ramp with the Fate Championship around her waist.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Manhattan, New York! She is the 4CW Fate Champion… PERSEPHONE MMAARRQQUUIISS!!!”
Some men in the audience extend money toward her in an attempt to get her attention, while others even go as far as yelling their impressive occupations and positions at her. However, she pays no mind to either of them; patting her hands on her belt; showing that she doesn’t need anything else.
“These hoes ain’t loyal!”

She enters the ring and regards her opponent with a smile and a friendly greeting, before turning to her corner with an eye roll and an almost disgusted expression as she takes the championship off her hips. She waits in her corner for the match to start, sitting on the turnbuckle with her legs crossed; back to her patronizing smirk as she drapes the belt on her shoulder, petting it lovingly and giving it a kiss before she passes it to the referee.
JOHNSON: “Here we are folks, our headline match of the evening!”
VASSA: “This has to be one of, if not the highest anticipated match of the evening.”
JOHNSON: “Just two weeks ago we witnessed Lauryn and Genie going at it on top of the cage as Eli climbed the ladder to grab the contract. Things didn’t turn out too good for Lauryn either.”
VASSA: “Enter Persephone Marqueef! Word on the street is that Lauryn is her mom or whatever. I want to see what she thinks about the damage done to Lauryn at Fright Night.”
JOHNSON: “Let’s not forget about Tara Davidson, still one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions.”
VASSA: “If there’s one thing I want to see in this match more than anything is a replay of the last time these two met in the ring. And yes! Pee pee play included!”
JOHNSON: “Now that’s just gross, Vinny.”
VASSA: “The fuck it ain’t! Pissing and ass eating in the middle of the ring. That shit was fucking hot!”
JOHNSON: “Genie and Persephone are no stranger to one another either. These two have been in the ring against each other on multiple occasions and it was the complete opposite of that smut you’re talking about.”
VASSA: “We have four of 4CW’s baddest bitches in the ring tonight. This is going to get wild.”
JOHNSON: “I want to see what comes from this match. As of right now, we do not have a contender for the Fate Championship. This match alone could set things in motion for Persephone’s next defense at Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: “With the way people are always turning on each other in 4CW when gold is on the line, Queef might want to watch her back with Lauryn in her corner.”
JOHNSON: “Not everyone is ruthless like that, Vinny.”
VASSA: “But Lauryn is a savage… the triggering queen!”
JOHNSON: “With these four in the ring anything is possible. I say we just let the official do his thing and get this match underway.”
VASSA: “He is looking over here like he’d wish you would shut up so he can get on with things.”
JOHNSON: “Whatever!”
With the official in the center of the ring, both corners of ladies talk amongst themselves. Coming to an agreement, Tara exits the ring, leaving Genie to start things off for their team. Across the ring, Persephone exits the ring, giving the nod to Lauryn to kick things off for them. With both teams ready for action, the official quickly signals for the bell before racing to the ropes to get out of their path.

Without hesitation, Lauryn walks with confidence to the center of the ring, keeping her eyes locked on Genie the entire time. Holding her arms out to her sides, Lauryn then begins calling for Genie to come and step to her. Looking back at Tara, the two exchange a few silent words before Genie turns her attention back to Lauryn and approaches her.
Standing face to face in the center of the ring, the two then slowly begin circling one another, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. They then lunge forward, locking up with one another. Grabbing a handful of hair, Genie forces Lauryn’s head down as she pops her knee up from the mat and slams it into her face. Holding her head tightly, Genie applies a side headlock.
A few moments pass as Genie cranks down the pressure on the headlock. Struggling, Lauryn tries to break free but Genie keeps her head down, not letting up one bit with the headlock. Lauryn then plants her hand into Genie’s lower back before giving her a push, attempting to send her to the ropes but Genie doesn’t budge. With the headlock still in tact, Genie then takes a few steps forward on her own, dragging Lauryn, before jumping into the air and driving her head into the mat with a bulldog.

JOHNSON: “Right from the start, Genie is showing her dominance over Lauryn.”
VASSA: “These two tried to rip each other apart on top of the cage. For a moment there, I though Lauryn was going to strangle her.”
JOHNSON: “She tried and if it wasn’t for Eli up high on that ladder, Lauryn may have actually finished the deed.”
Pulling Lauryn up from the mat, Genie hits her in the mouth with a series of stiff punches, backing her across the ring. Coming to a stop, Lauryn’s back touches the ropes, leaving her with nowhere to go. Spinning around instantly, Genie connects with a roundhouse kick to Lauryn’s head. As her arms wrap over the top rope, Lauryn manages to stay on her feet after the stiff kick to the head. Genie then reaches in with both hands and gives her a nasty eye rake!
VASSA: “That’s what I want to see! Use those claws!”
JOHNSON: “They’re called fingernails Vinny.”
VASSA: “They’re claws and I want to see a cat fight damnit!”
Pulling Lauryn away from the ropes, Genie then locks onto her wrist and whips her to the corner where Tara awaits on the outside apron. Crashing into the corner, Lauryn wraps her arms around the top ropes, keeping herself on her feet. Racing in, Genie hits her in the gut with a running kick before slapping hands with Tara and initiating the tag. As Tara enters the ring, Genie repeatedly kicks Lauryn in the stomach before Tara taps her on the shoulder. With Tara in the ring and ready, Genie then exits to the apron.
Lifting Lauryn into the air, Tara sits her on top of the corner before climbing up to the middle ropes. Holding Lauryn’s head in place with one hand, Tara then begins hitting her with punches from the other as the crowd counts along with each landing blow.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–“

Before Tara can connect with the fifth punch, Lauryn slams her forearm into her stomach, knocking her off balance. Drawing both hands back, Lauryn then slams them across Tara’s chest, knocking her from the corner and sending her flying downward to the mat.

JOHNSON: “Oh no!”
VASSA: “Lauryn literally made her drop that ass like it was hot!”
JOHNSON: “That doesn’t even make sense.”
VASSA: “You don’t make sense! Did you not just see her ass smack the mat?!”
Stepping up to the top of the corner, Lauryn then leaps into mid-air, flying towards Tara and coming down with a double knee drop to Tara’s stomach. In a fluid motion, Lauryn rolls off of Tara and up to her feet before continuing her momentum and rushing towards the ropes. Hitting the ropes and coming back on the rebound, Lauryn hits Tara across the forehead with a rolling knee drop.
Pulling Tara up from the mat, Lauryn smacks her across the chest with backhand chops. After landing nearly half a dozen, she then transitions the attack to back to back European uppercuts. Grabbing onto Tara’s head with both hands, Lauryn then drops her with a sit-out jawbreaker, sending Tara’s head whipping back after the impact, launching her into the air and down to her back.

VASSA: “Lauryn is on a roll right now!”
JOHNSON: “Once this girl gets going it’s hard to slow her down.”
Pulling Tara back to her feet, Lauryn then whips her to the far corner where Marquis stands on the outside apron. Taking off behind her, Lauryn follows behind but as Tara approaches the corner, she leaps forward, planting both hands on the top ropes and pressing herself upward. Thinking quickly on the outside, Marquis knocks her arm out from under her, forcing Tara to drop down in the corner and as Lauryn closes in, she squashes her against the turnbuckle.
Stepping back, Lauryn watches as Tara slides down the corner, crashing down to her head. She then looks to Marquis on the outside, eager to get in, and slaps her hand for the tag.

VASSA: “Here we go! Marqueef and Tara in the ring at the same time!”
JOHNSON: “Vinny, calm down! Get control of yourself.”
VASSA: “I can’t! I’m sorry but I’ve been waiting for this moment the entire two weeks following Fright Night when this match was announced. Think of the possibilities!”
JOHNSON: “Get your mind out of the gutter!”
VASSA: “Get yours in the gutter!”
Stepping over Tara’s body, Marquis squats down, hovering over her body.
JOHNSON: “I can’t bel–“
Standing back up, Marquis shakes her head as she laughs, stepping over Tara as she waves her finger from side to side at the crowd. She then pulls Tara up from the mat and drags her to the center of the ring. With Tara off balance, Marquis hits her with a striking punch combination before locking onto her wrist and whipping her to the ropes. As Tara comes back on the rebound, Marquis lifts her off her feet and slams her to her back with a hip toss.
Turning to the adjacent set of ropes, Marquis takes off towards them and hits them with all of her weight. Bouncing off and coming back with even more speed, Marquis baseball slides and drives her feet into the side of Tara’s head. Covering Tara for the pin, Marquis goes to end the match as the official rushes over with the count.


Planting her foot into the back of Marquis’ head, Genie breaks up the pin. Blindsiding her, Lauryn hits Genie with a bicycle kick, knocking her over the pile of bodies at her feet and down to the mat. Marquis then crawls over Genie and grabs two handfuls of hair, lifting her head up from the mat and slamming it into the canvas over and over. Joining in on the attack, Lauryn kicks Genie repeatedly in the ribs as the official yells for them to break it up.
Crawling away from the chaos, Tara makes it over to the ropes and slowly pulls herself up to her feet. With both Genie and Lauryn illegally in the ring, the official holds off on his count due to Genie being trapped under Marquis. Instead, the official grabs onto Marquis and pulls her off of Genie and drags her to the other side of the ring, separating her from the two illegal ladies. The official then yells for them to exit the ring and begins his five count.

“One! … Two! … Three!”

As Genie rises to her feet, both her and Lauryn turn in opposite directions and exit the ring. Out of nowhere, Tara rushes in and pushes the official out of the way before landing a solid punch to Marquis’ jaw. She then grabs onto Marquis and throws her to the ropes across the ring. As Marquis hits the ropes and comes back, Tara takes off towards her and goes for a clothesline, missing as Marquis ducks underneath and stops in her tracks. Still in stride, Tara hits the ropes and as she comes back, Marquis lifts her off her feet and spins her in the air. Locking her legs around Marquis’ head, Tara throws her across the ring with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown.
JOHNSON: “Here we go, Tara is back in it!”
VASSA: “Oh scissor me timbers!”
Hitting the mat, Marquis slowly pushes herself up, but not before Tara. Quickly moving in as Marquis gets to one knee, Tara hits her over the back of the head with a scissors kick!
VASSA: “Oh my god this is hot scissoring!”
JOHNSON: “The Goodnight Kiss!”
Before Tara can even think about making the cover, Lauryn enters the ring and rushes in behind her unnoticed. Hitting Tara in the back of the head with a running forearm smash, Lauryn sends her stumbling forward and crashing into the corner. As Tara hits the corner, her arm flies over the top ropes and contacts Genie, initiating a tag in the officials eyes. Lauryn then closes in on Tara and takes another swing for her head but as she does, Genie lunges over the top rope and connects with a right to the face.
Genie then grabs onto the top rope and vaults herself up and over. Flying through the air, Genie connects with a mid-air haymaker, knocking Lauryn to the canvas and rolling to the center of the ring. Looking down to Marquis, Genie then steps over her body and rolls her to her stomach. Reaching down and grabbing onto both arms, Genie pulls her upper body up from the canvas and places her foot onto the back of her head. In the blink of an eye, Genie slams Marquis’ face into the canvas with a curb stomp.

VASSA: “Goddamn she just ate canvas!”
JOHNSON: “The Stiletto Kiss!”
Rolling Persephone to her back, Genie then drops down to her knees and makes the cover. As the official races over and slides in for the count, Lauryn climbs to her feet.

On her feet, Lauryn quickly spots the pin and darts in their direction.

Leaping forward, Lauryn goes to break up the pin but gets her head nearly taken off as Tara slides in and connects with a superkick!

JOHNSON: “Genie did it! She pinned the Fate Champion!”
VASSA: “Oh shit this is going to be fun.”
JOHNSON: “What is?”
VASSA: “The aftermath. I can’t wait to see social media blow up after tonight.”
Rising to her feet with a smirk on her face, Genie looks down to Marquis before turning to Tara and uniting with her in the center of the ring. “Killing You Hoes” hits the speakers as Genie and Tara stand united and victorious in the center of the ring, overlooking the crowd. The official then steps in between them, grabbing both of their arms and raising them high into the air.

POWERS: “Here are your winners by pinfall…. TARA DDAAVVIIDDSSOONN and GENEVIE CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
The two ladies then split, walking to opposite corners. Reaching through the ropes, Tara grabs the Tag Team Championship from a member of the ringside crew. The two then climbs the corners and overlook the crowd.
JOHNSON: “Talk about surprised. Marquis has been on a hot streak ever since coming over to Adrenaline but tonight it all comes to an end.”
VASSA: “It isn’t all that bad. She is still the Fate Champion after all.”
JOHNSON: “The so called ‘Royal Family’ has made a statement here tonight on Adrenaline.”
VASSA: “Like them or not, there’s no denying that they’re a force to be reckoned with. I’m just left here wondering how Perry and Kaysie fit in because we hardly see those two with the bunch.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know, Vinny. We’ll leave that discussion for another night. Until then, we’re going to go backstage momentarily as we clear the ring and prepare for our main event.”


VASSA: ”We’ve had a lot of really incredible matchups and our next one should be no different.”
JOHNSON: ”Adrian Tanner Junior has been on a real roll lately and showed just how talented he truly is in the Warzone of Horrors match.”
VASSA: ”He did but tonight he faces possibly the stiffest test a man or woman can face in 4CW, that of the 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins.”
JOHNSON: ”You have to wonder if Jair has his head completely in this match, though. He’s had a few spats with members of the Royal Family in recent days and a rather heated conversation with Eli earlier this evening.”
VASSA: ”He’s the champ for a reason. Eli is good, yes, but Jair has done this before. He knows how to minimize the distra-”
“Better get on yo job, tell’em, haters get on yo job, nigga (Motivation)
Nigga, get on yo job, tell’em, haters get on yo job, nigga (Motivation)
Haters better get on yo job, tell’em, haters get on yo job, nigga (It’s motivation)
Sucka nigga, get on yo job, if ya, hatin’ get on yo job, nigga”

Emerging from the backstage area, Elijah Carlson steps out onto the entrance ramp. There’s not nearly as much pomp and circumstance to his entrance as there had been prior to the beginning of his match earlier in the evening. Instead his look is quite serious as he walks down the ramp, having changed out of his ring gear and into a pair of dark jeans, a white button up shirt and a matching sport coat. At the bottom of the entrance ramp he pauses momentarily before stepping up the steel steps and into the ring. Not wasting any time, Eli moved across the ring and fetched a microphone from the timekeeper. Once it was in his hands he made a slashing motion across his throat to kill the music, at which point the boo’s from the crowd truly began to reign down upon him.
JOHNSON: ”What do you think he wants, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”I think we’re about to find out”
Eli’s explosion at the audience only causes them to get louder, reaching a nearly deafening level that made it hard for anyone in the arena to think. Through their outcries, a chant began to ring throughout the arena.

The look of disgust on Eli’s face was priceless as he kept the microphone at his side, jawing at the fans in the first few rows before finally getting fed up and raising the microphone back to his lips.
CARLSON: ”Yeah I bet you do. I bet you want your little dark chocolate hero to come racing out to the ring and teach me a lesson or two, don’t you? But guess what. IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN! Things have changed in this company since Fright Night. We don’t do things because the fans want them. We don’t do things because Jair Hopkins wants them. No. Things happen in this company now because I want them to. They happen when I say they’re going to happen and that’s the end of it. This is MY time now. It’s my time to say what I need to get off my chest and then, when I’m done, I’ll tell Hopkins and Tanner that they can come out to MY ring. Do you understand me?!”
The crowd responds to him in the way that you would expect them too, continuing to boo loudly.
CARLSON: ”Go ahead. Boo me! Chant your stupid chants. It doesn’t make a difference to me. Ever since Fright Night is over do you know what I’ve heard from all of you and from most of the idiots backstage? That I don’t deserve to be facing Jair Hopkins at Winter Wasteland. That I don’t deserve the contract that I rightfully won. You think I don’t see the real reason you’re all mad? It’s the same reason so many of my peers and coworkers are fuming. It’s the same reason Lauryn Wolfe has been crying for the last two weeks that she was so close to turning 4CW upside down on it’s head. It’s because you’re all jealous! Yeah. Each and every one of you fat, worthless, disgusting disgraces for human beings wishes that you could be me just like Lauryn Wolfe wishes she had it in her to beat me. Guess what? She doesn’t because she’s not a winner. She’s a loser just like each and every one of you are. A loser who can’t get the cold taste of the steel steps of a ladder out of her mouth. That’s right, at the end of the night Lauryn Wolfe was a loser who had gotten her ass kicked. Funny thing, that’s exactly what happened to her tonight too.. Just a few minutes ago really..”
Pacing back and forth in the ring, Eli ran a hand over the short hairs of his head and smirked as the crowd booed him once again, not being fond of the fact that Genevie and Tara had beaten Lauryn and Persephone Marquis in tag team action.
CARLSON: ”Yeah. That’s right. At the end of the day there’s nothing you can do to stop any of us. There’s nothing that Jair can do to stop me from taking that title from him at Winter Wasteland. There’s nothing Marquis can do to keep from having her Fate title fall into one of our hands. There’s nothing that Bryan Williams can do to keep from losing the Pride Championship. Hell, Tanners got a nice hold on that XTV Title but I’m sure Jace is going to be looking to take back what rightfully belongs to him soon enough. Hate us if you want. Boo us if it makes you feel better. We are exactly what this company need. We are going to provide 4CW with what it needs to be great again. I’m not talking about some cheap slogans spewed by Bryan Laughlin here and there. I’m talking about the stability that can only be provided to a kingdom by royalty taking their rightful places.”
Eli lowers the microphone to his side and rolls himself out of the far side of the ring, moving toward the timekeeper only to shove the man out of his chair, picking the steel object up and moving it to provide him with a place to sit for the upcoming match.
CARLSON: ”From here on out what happens on Adrenaline happens because I choose to let it or I choose to put an end to it. Simple as that. If I want Hopkins and Tanner to come to this ring and kick the crap out of each other, then that’s exactly what they’re going to do. If I don’t want that to happen, then you can bet your asses it happens. The dawning of a new day is here, peasants. I have ascended to my rightful throne and at Winter Wasteland, when I put Jair Hopkins on his back for the three count and take that title as my own, each and every one of you will bear witness to my very own coronation.”
Adjusting the seat briefly, Eli plops down lackadaisically across chair.
CARLSON: Now, lets get this main event under way, shall we. I’ve got a little surprise waiting for your little hero’s. Hit Tanners music.”
For a moment Eli waited patiently, but when nothing happened his expression turned sour and he brought the microphone back up to his lips.
Another moment passed before the synth-pop chiptune opening of The Protomen’s “Due Vendetta” begins to play as a variant of the Mega Man 2 Character Select screen appears on the video screen, showing 8 of the possible participants in the Warzone. A cursor lights up each participant as the guitars kick in and Raul Panter’s robotic-sounding voice echoes out through the PA system, spinning faster and faster through each different verse.
“Cut, Guts, Fire, Wood
Air, Quick, Bubble, Metal
Crash, Flash, Heat, Bomb
Ice, Fire, Wily, Rock
Cutman, Gutsman, Fireman, Wily
Iceman, Bombman, Elecman, ROCKMAN
Airman, Quickman, Woodman, Bubbleman
Crashman, Flashman, Heatman, Metalman”

POWERS: ”The following contest is a non title match and is scheduled for one fall….”
Though the voice continues, the cursor stops at ‘Crashman’, stopping on the image of Bryan Laughlin. The camera pans out and we see the stage is set up like a real-life version of the Crashman stage from Mega Man 2, with a large silhoutte screen in the middle of the entrance ramp. A strobe light blares at the entrance showing a figure behind the screen.
“Cutman, Gutsman, Fireman, Iceman
Sniper Joe, Rush Jet, Dr. Light, MEGAMAN!”

At the last word an explosion of pyro rocks the ‘level’ and the screen drops- revealing Adrian Tanner Junior, dressed in his usual wrestling tights and boots with a blue color scheme, blue skin-tight shirt (think Rollins/Reigns shirt things they wear while wrestling), a blue amateur wrestling headpiece made to look like a helmet, and blue elbow pads, with a strange blue gun-like contraption on his left arm. Mike Powers does his best Reggie Fils-Aimé impression.
POWERS: “Introducing first- from the Year 20AA, built for one, well, two purposes! To bring destruction to all the evil Assholes plaguing the world, and to help bring Just the Tip to Perry Wallace’s nightmares- HE IS THE SUPAH FIGHTING ASSASSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! THE XTV CHAMPION!!!!

As Powers calls out his name, ‘Mega-Tan’ cocks the weird device on his fist into the air and fire, setting off a smaller explosion of pyro from the hand cannon. He power walks down the ramp, slapping hands with fans on the way down, before sliding into the ring. He mounts the nearest turnbuckle, aiming the cannon again up into the sky above the crowd and fires a second time, another smaller explosion of pyro shooting out from the gun as the crowd cheers. Then he drops down off the ropes with a grin, taking the hand cannon off before turning to look warily at Eli who is sitting at ringside clapping for him sarcastically. Tanner points a warning finger at him before removing the XTV Title from his waist, handing it to the referee and settling into his prematch warmup.
VASSA: ”Well this is certainly an unexpected twist to have Elijah Carlson sitting just outside the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”I can only imagine everything that Eli just announced is backed by Perry Wallace. It would certainly explain the assertiveness of the Royal Family here tonight picking up decisive victory after decisive victory.”
VASSA: ”You have to wonder whether Tanner is about to become collateral damage in a war that has been on the verge of breaking out since before Fright Night went live.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re not wrong, Vinny. Although I think we would both agree we expected the key player to be Jason P. Davidson with Eli playing the Robin to his Batman. That’s why we have these matches, though. Because the unexpected happens all the time.”
VASSA: ”Indeed it does but if Tanner and Hopkins are smart they’ll be looking at Elijah Carlson and they’ll recognize that look in his eye as one belonging to a man who is up to no good.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll find out if Eli is merely playing mindgames with Jair, or if there’s an actual purpose to him being out here soon enough, Vinny.”
The lights grow dim as there are now red and white lights blinking in mix speeds with the intro leading in…
“I’m a bread winner, you wanna make a fortune?
Place all your money on the black and on the red, n—
This ain’t a gamble, it’s a promise, I’m a head splitter
Y’all been sleepin’ on me, now it’s time to shake the bed, n—“

As “Self-Preservation” by Kutt Calhoun starts up, Hopkins appeared from the back, the only thing shining was the 4CW Championship belt around his waist as his appearance drew a large amount of cheers. Those who remained on the other side of the fence tried to wash out the sounds of the loud cheers but they remained strong. The soft-white spotlight followed Hopkins as he slowly made his way to the ramp and down it, arms out wide as he takes the moment all in.
POWERS: “From the “Concrete Jungle” in Brooklyn, New York, he stands at five feet, eight inches and weighs in at two hundred two pounds. He is the 4CW Champion, JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“I am the last of a dying breed
Live by one code that some gon’ heed
Get rich or die tryin’ so I don’t sleep
So cold in these streets I’m Kelvin”

The lights come back to normal as Hopkins continues on, he goes left, going down the ramp as he slaps all the hands that are reaching out. Looking to his right, he goes up and does the same on the right side, getting them all as well. He finally makes it all the way down and with a speed burst, he rolls underneath the bottom ring ropes as he gets to his feet and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Unwrapping the title from around his waist, he holds it up high in the air, showing it off as the camera flashes catches every frame of movement. Dropping down soon after, he moves around the ring to the far side where he begins to jaw at Eli. With a smirk, Eli stands up and claps for him as Hopkins holds the 4CW Championship belt high in the air, pointing at his own chest indicating that it would be staying with him for quite some time. Finally, turning his attention from Eli, Hopkins hands the belt off to the referee and moves to his own corner where he waits for the match to begin.
JOHNSON: ”Already Hopkins and Carlson have had words and Tanner gave Eli a warning glance to stay out of it.”
VASSA: ”Can you blame Tanner? Tonight could be a huge night for him if he manages to pull off the upset of Jair. Of course he wants the playing field to stay level.”
JOHNSON: ”Here we go folks, we’re finally about to get things under way with this main event.”

Both men move to the center of the ring at the sound of the bell and lock up, with Jair forcing Tanner back into the far corner and putting his weight into the tie up, holding Tanner in place until the referee came in and ordered separation. As soon as Jair allowed the space, Tanner fired out of the corner with a stiff forearm to the jaw that knocked the champion back a few steps. He’s quick to focus on the left knee of Hopkins, planting a precise dropkick which drops Hopkins to a knee. Tanner, seizing the opportunity, fires himself off the ropes and comes back, knocking Hopkins down to the mat with a knee lift. Immediately Tanner drops to his knees and covers the fallen champion, though its more to make Hopkins expend some energy than an actual attempt at a pinfall. The referee barely had a one count before hopkins kicked out with authority.
Tanner, not willing to relinquish momentum, stands and focuses his attack on the left knee of Jair Hopkins. His first order of business is to stomp on Hopkins knee with his right boot. Tanner then takes a step back and bounces off the rope, slowing just before reaching the downed body of Jair to leap into the air and drive his own knee down directly into the side of Hopkins knee. Before Hopkins can roll away, Tanner wraps both legs around the left leg of Hopkins and begins to torque at Jair’s leg violently with a knee bar. The referee slides in to check with Jair every now and again to see if he wants to submit, but Hopkins is unwilling to give in at this point.

JOHNSON: ”It’s an interesting mix of styles tonight. Both men are technically gifted and like to mix some aerial ability in with their mat wrestling skill. Hopkins is probably a bit more likely to take to the air, however.”
VASSA: ”And Tanner seems to have recognized that fact and has come into this match with a plan to keep Hopkins grounded. Smart move if you ask me.”
CARLSON: ”Come on Jair, you pussy. Don’t you even think of tapping out yet. What kind of champion are you?! FIGHT!”
Eli’s tones are laced with sarcasm, clearly mocking Hopkins as he stands at the side of the ring slapping his hand on the mat trying to get under the 4CW Champions skin. Hopkins, however, still has his mind fully focused on the match and manages to work his way to the ropes to force the referee to break the submission. The fact that Hopkins hand immediately goes to his left knee shows that Tanners strategy was working effectively. Tanner, back on his feet, moves to pull Hopkins back up to a vertical base and when he does he whips Hopkins into the opposite turnbuckle, following suit shortly after. Hopkins, at just the right moment, climbs the turnbuckle like a cat and does a backflip over the head of the pursuing Adrian Tanner Jr. The crowd “oooo’s” as he flips through the air but groans as his left knee buckles slightly under the weight of his landing.
Tanner, unable to stop his momentum, bounces of the turnbuckle and turns around, holding his chest, being met with a flying calf kick. Both men hit the mat and scramble back to their feet. Tanner lunges at Hopkins, trying to lock him in his grasp but Jair is to quick, sidestepping the attempt and rotating around the man quickly. In rapid succession, Hopkins wrapped his arm around the head of Tanner and then drove him down face first into the mat with a smooth as silk DDT. As Tanner rolls over from his stomach onto his back, Hopkins climbs back to his feet and takes off toward the ropes nearest to him. He leaps, his feet catching the middle rope, faulting himself up into the air and over, landing across the chest of Adrian Tanner with a beautiful moonsault. Hopkins goes for the cover quickly.


JOHNSON: ”Back and forth match here already with both men getting their offense in from time to time.”
VASSA: ”Hopkins has seized control now, though, after that beautiful springboard moonsault. Tanner managed to kick out at two, sure, but momentum has swung quickly in the 4CW Champion’s favor.”
Jair, back to his feet with a slight hobble in his left leg, pulls Tanner back up by his hair, delivering a few chops to the chest and straight shots to his face which Tanner tries to defend but doesn’t quite have his bearings about him again yet. When Hopkins tries to land another strike, Tanner ducks under it but when he turns back, Hopkins is just a half step too quick for him and he’s met with a stiff gut kick. Hopkins grabs Tanner by the arm and whips him into the far turnbuckle, following suit a moment later and launching himself into the air, coming down hard across the upper torso of Tanner with a stinger splash. Jair backs out of the corner and lets Tanner stumble out as well. When he’s close enough, Hopkins nails his opponent with a standing high knee which he then transitions into a bulldog. For half a second he thinks about about going for the pinfall but instead moves to the turnbuckle and pulls himself up with a leap to the top rope. After turning and straightening himself, he pauses and lines Tanner up for a moment. Just as he is about to leap, Eli climbs up onto the ring apron and shoves Hopkins, sending him toppling down to the mat as the crowd screams and boo’s the interference loudly.
Eli is back down outside the ring, sitting in his chair with a look of mock innocence that says “what happened” on his face. Tanner, clueless as to what has happened, has just gotten back to his feet and sees Jair struggling back to his own vertical base, having landed awkwardly after having been shoved unexpectedly. Seizing the opportunity, Tanner makes his way across the ring and once more begins his assault on Hopkins left knee. He focuses a number of stomps and knee drops on it, and with each blow the pain in Jair’s face is clear. Outside the ring, Eli claps and cheers Tanner on loudly. Grabbing a handful of Jair’s hair, Tanner drags Hopkins over to the rop and lays his left leg across the bottom rope. He then steps over the Jair’s leg, straddling it, and leaps into the air, bending his legs so that he lans flush across the left knee of his opponent. Hopkins cries out in agony, his body folding and his hands gripping his left knee as his facial expression betrays just how much pain he is in.

JOHNSON: ”Someone needs to get Eli out of her. Get him away from ringside. This match could be Jair’s right now if it wasn’t for him.”
VASSA: ”Oh come on. Eli just gave him a little bit of a love tap. No reason to ban him from ringside.”
JOHNSON: ”Love tap?! The entire pace of the match has changed since Elijah stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong!”
VASSA: ”Obviously the referee sees things differently than you do Steve. Deal with it.”
Tanner, in full control of the match, pulls Hopkins back up to his feet only to scoop him up and slam him back down to the mat. He then leaps and drops a leg across the sternum of Hopkins before covering. Hopkins gets a shoulder up before the referee can even get a count of one in, a fact that causes Tanner to look at the referee and wonder if he’s moving at full speed or not. Back to his feet, Tanner pulls Hopkins back up and whips him into the near corner. He approaches Hopkins slowly and ducks under a wild right hand from Jair. Quickly, Tanner executes a drop toe hold that leaves Hopkins upper body to collide awkwardly with the middle turnbuckle, resting there as Tanner kips up, grabs hold of the ropes and leaps, landing a double foot stomp across the back of the 4CW champion.
Again, Tanner pulls Hopkins out of the corner and pulls him to the middle of the ring, hooking the leg and glaring at the referee who slides in and begins to count the pinfall.


VASSA: ”OHHHH! I thought for sure Tanner had the match after that nasty double foot stomp.”
JOHNSON: ”So did I but Jair is the 4CW Champion for a reason. He’s got the heart of a lion. You’re not going to keep him down that easily.”
Tanner slams his hands off the mat in frustration before leaning back, placing his hands on his thighs and looking at the referee in disbelief. Hopkins rolls over onto his side and begins to work his way back to his feet. Shaking his head, Tanner stands back up and helps Jair the rest of the way back up to his feet as well. Out of nowhere, Tanner is caught off guard by a flurry of rights and lefts from the champion, who seems to have dug deep to find another reserve of energy and fight in him. Hopkins leaps in the air, wrapping his legs around the neck of Tanner and swinging backward, trying for a hurricanrana which Tanner manages to counter. Jair hangs with his head close to Tanners feet. Tanner quickly hooks his feet around the arms of Hopkins.
VASSA: ”I don’t know if what you just said was english but Jair somehow managed to squirm his way out of it before Tanner could land it.”
Showing off his agility, Jair somehow managed to escape sheer doom, finding a way to land on his feet nimbly. Immediately he took off towards the ropes nearest to Eli. Had he thought about it ahead of time he might have chosen to go a different way. Looking for opportunity, Carlson is back standing right at the ring apron and hooks his arms around Jairs legs, tripping him up just as he got near to the rope. The distraction is enough as Jair begins to shout at Eli, then looking to the referee and pointing, begging him to throw Eli out. When he turns back to look at Eli he’s met with a stiff forearm to the side of his head from Eli right in front of the referee. Immediately the referee signals for the bell.

Hopkins and Tanner both look at the referee in disbelief, neither wanting the match to end the way it had. At ringside, Eli has a wide grin on his face having cost the the fans and both men a clean match. Tanner, none to happy with the circumstances of his loss, leans over the top rope and points at Eli. Carlson simply shrugs and points to the referee who has moved to Jair’s side to raise his arm in victory.
Hopkins, pissed at the way the match had ended and the sudden turn of events, wastes no time getting back to his feet, charging across the ring to bounce off the ropes and sprint back across the ring, launching himself over the top rope across the body of Elijah Carlson, much to the delight of the crowd. Carlson and Hopkins brawl outside of the ring as Tanner decides it’s best for him to leave the two to their own business, despite the way the match had ended, and shakes his head in disappointment as his belt is returned to him. Dropping to the mat he rolls himself out of the ring and begins to make his way back up the entrance ramp.
At ringside, all hell is truly breaking lose between Eli and Jair. The two exchange blows back and forth before Jair gets a quick advantage and sends Eli running full speed into the steel turnbuckle post, knocking the number one contender loopy, the smirk that had been on his face minutes earlier gone. Still, he has enough ring sense to try and get away from Jair, rolling himself into the ring to try and keep some separation between the two of them. Jair follows him into the ring and against closes the distance between he and Eli, pulling the man back up to his feet and backing him into the ropes where he continues to blast Carlson in the face with hard right hands. There’s no question that Eli is feeling every single blow. It’s exactly what the crowd has been waiting to see.
Unfortunately it’s short lived. From the crowd, Genevie and Tara hop the barrier and are quick to get in the ring. Putting a stop to the madness, Genie drops a chop block to the back of Jairs knee, ending the assault on her husband immediately. Not quite up the ramp, Tanner sees what is happening and, after thinking on it for a moment, decides to get involved much to the delight of the crowd. In the ring, Tara catches Tanner charging down the ramp out of the corner of her eye as Genie has gone full batshit crazy on Jair for touching her husband. Eli, still recovering, shakes his head groggily. Tanner slides into the ring and Genie senses it, relenting in her attack briefly to turn her attention to Adrian Tanner Junior.

JOHNSON: ”This is bad. Jairs in trouble and now Tanner is essentially facing a three on one. Someone needs to step in and do something now.”
Genie and Tara smirk and take one step towards Adrian, who steadies himself and prepares to defend himself against poor odds. From the backstage area, Jason P. Davidson explodes and flies down the ramp at full speed, his eyes set directly on Eli. He slides into the ring and stands beside Tanner, who is surprised to find JPD standing at his side instead of attacking him from behind. Genie, Tara and Eli all stare at JPD incredulously as the odds have suddenly evened up.
VASSA: ”What… what is he doing? JASON WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? You don’t turn on your own wife and your friends!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s been rifts between the four of them since Fright Night. JPD thinks he is the one who belongs in the match at Winter Wasteland against Jair, not Eli. I don’t think any of us realized things had gotten this bad this quickly between them, though.”
In slow motion, Tanner takes a step towards the two women and Eli, with JPD moving a half step behind him. And then, in the blink of an eye, JPD turned and nearly took Tanners head off with a vicious lariat across the back of his neck, knocking the XTV Champion down to the mat face first. A moment earlier the crowd had been screaming with delight and joy at JPD turning on the Royal Family and a half second later they were left dumbfounded. Immediately, JPD rolled Tanner over onto his back and mounted him, delivering clubbing blow after clubbing blow across the mans face. Over the noise of the crowd JPD can be heard declaring his superiority to Adrian Tanner and making the statement that Tanner didn’t deserve to carry “his” title.
Wide smiles break across the faces of Eli, Genie and Tara, having known all along that this was going to happen. Shaking the cobwebs from his mind, Eli turned his attention to Jair who was fighting back to his feet. With the heart of a champion, Jair threw himself at Eli and delivered a blow straight to his jaw, bowling next into Genie and then Tara, knocking the three of them back. Like a pack of wolves hunting, the three regrouped as JPD continued his assault on Tanner, and set their sights on Jair. Tara closed in first and was backed off by a wild right hand by Jair. Genie attacked next from the opposite side with Jair swinging wildly back in her direction, barely missing catching her across the jaw. Off balance and outnumbered, however, Eli lowered he shoulder and drove Hopkins back into the corner where he began to deliver stomp after stomp to Jair’s abdomen in seeming unison with each strike that JPD delivered on Tanner.
Tara, seeing her husband’s all out assault on Tanner, moved to him and touched his shoulder, snapping JPD out of the daze that he was in. Eli, on the other hand, pulled Jair out of the corner only to grab him by the back of his shorts and his hair and send him hurling between the middle and top ropes, his shoulder slamming into the steel turnbuckle post viciously. Not letting him lay there and rest, Eli pulled Jair by his feet out of the corner once more and deposited him in the center of the ring, dropping to his back and rolling to the outside leaving Genie in the ring as Jair struggled back to his hands and knees. Seeing opportunity, she took a step back, lept into the air, and planted her foot right on the back of Jair’s skull driving him face first down into the mat.
Finally relenting on Tanner, JPD stands and pulls the title off of Tanner, raising it in the air and proclaiming it to be his before tossing it down onto Tanners body and spitting at him. Eli, then, having retrieved the 4CW Championship from the timekeepers table, along with a microphone, handed the title to his wife and instructed her to strap it around his waist. With a smile she took the championship as he raised one arm fully in the air and the other, with microphone in hand, to his mouth, and buckled it firmly.

CARLSON: ”What was that you said earlier, Jair? Tune into the main event? Watch closely. Well I’m watching Jair. I’m watching. And do you know what I see. I see your bitch ass laying in the middle of the ring next to the pathetic excuse for an XTV Champion who had the audacity to think he might have any business in MY match at Winter Wasteland. Look around you Jair. This is the reality of 4CW now. The Royal Family runs things and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it but crawl on your hands and knees before our feet and beg for our mercy.”
Eli delivered two more vicious kicks to Jair’s side before tossing the microphone outside of the ring. The four members of the royal family then took to the each corner, raising their arms in victorious celebration as the entirety of the 4CW fanbase in attendance bordered on being ready to riot.
VASSA: ”I can’t say that I agree with their methods but the Royal Family has certainly made a statement here this evening..”
JOHNSON: ”What exactly does this mean for 4CW? Are Perry and Kaysie really backing these four as we were lead to believe a few months back?”
VASSA: ”I don’t know, Steve, but what I do know is that there is going to be hell to pay. War has been declared. Battle lines have been drawn. It’s just a matter of seeing how it all plays out now..”
JOHNSON: ”It’s certainly going to be an interesting few weeks leading up to our next pay per view, Winter Wasteland..”
VASSA: ”If tonight is any indication, the rest of the 4CW roster is going to be in for a long long ride.”
VASSA: ”I know I wouldn’t be one to stand up to the four of them. Four of the biggest ego’s that the wrestling industry has ever seen, and they seemingly are all working together in perfect harmony.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s only four of them, though, and I can’t imagine the rest of the 4CW roster is going to simply lay down and die. As we saw tonight there is simply too much talent to sit idly by..”
VASSA: ”Indeed we had great showings by a number of competitors like Bryan Williams, Sativa Nevaeh and even Mariano Fernandez, though he succumbed to the number one contender in the end..”
JOHNSON: ”Whatever happens, you can bet your ass it’s going to be one hell of a ride. We’ll see you next time on 4CW Adrenaline. I’m Steve Johnson.”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa. So long everyone.”