Last year (2016) 4CW featured a sixteen person tournament to declare a contender to challenge for the 4CW Championship at South Beach Brawl in Miami, Florida. Pleased with the success of the tournament, 4CW has decided to host another one this year and years to follow, officially naming it the South Beach Brawl Cup. Just like last years tournament, the winner of the SBBC will be awarded a 4CW Championship match at South Beach Brawl.
In 2016, Jair Hopkins won the tournament, earning himself a 4CW Championship match against the reigning champion, Dakota Smith.
Unlike last years tournament of sixteen, this years will feature eight wrestlers in 4CW including; Adrian Tanner Jr., Alexis Morrison, Bronx Valescence, Dare Clemmens, Genevie Carlson, Johnny Evil, Mariano Fernandez, and Scott Stevens.
With three events leading up to South Beach Brawl in April, who will win the SBBC and not only earn themselves a 4CW Championship match, but also add their name to the short list of SBBC winners with Jair Hopkins – a two time 4CW Champion?
The first round will take place March 15th, officially kicking off the tournament live from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

  • R O U N D . 1
    Adrenaline E62

  • R O U N D . 2
    Adrenaline E63

  • R O U N D . 3
    Adrenaline E64