Former 4CW Champion, Jair Amir Hopkins was arrested Saturday, approximately 4:30 in the morning outside of an apartment complex in Brooklyn, New York. It was reported that Hopkins was booked on charges of marijuana possession. Now recently the state of New York had stopped arrests for minor possession of marijuana but in Hopkins case, it was reported he had over more than the minor amount, that being 25 grams. It is not noted how much he did have but this is his first offense.
Officer Trevinsky spoke and mentioned that Hopkins was completely out of it, mentally. Said that when he arrived, Hopkins was rolling back and forth on the ground, screaming out loud, and laughing. Also Officer Trevinsky said when he and his partner had gotten Hopkins off the ground and up on his feet to place in the vehicle after being arrested, Hopkins began “dry-humping” the side of the police cruiser, calling it his “bitch”.
His bail is set at 2,500 dollars. There is no info of when he will be released but that is the latest in a rather, unusual, slight disturbing breaking of news.