Following Wednesday’s Adrenaline, Jason Cashe was taken into police custody after a violent outrage which forced the events airing on Showtime to be abruptly ended. The events main event featured him alongside Cyrus Riddle, Shane Clemmens, and 4CW Hall of Fame talent, Dakota Smith.
Once the match had officially come to an end, Cashe continued to take matters into his own hands with an onslaught that involved not only part-time talent, Clemmens, but also 4CW event staff, and even a fan attending the event.
Following a promotional segment for the upcoming match, Cashe drew a tremendous amount of negative attention to himself after shooting the segment live from an underground dog fighting ring. The fan Cashe assaulted, happened to be an animal rights activist protesting his recent actions.
The charges in which Cashe are being held for have not yet been released and the Atlanta Police Department have yet to release a statement. Shane Clemmens remains in critical condition with no current updates on the status of his health.