This match went quicker than most expected. Terry McGuire and Mya Denton-King made their 4CW pre-show debuts, both looked to impress. Unfortunately only one was able to do so, as Terry McGuire quickly lost control of the contest very early. He started strong, with a Standing Enziguri and a Cravate Neckbreaker. Mya was able to hang on, picking her spots. An opening quickly presented itself, when she took Terry down with a Tornado DDT! She didn’t stop, continuing the assault until she was able to connect with a Shining Wizard, that she calls “Demented”. The knee was enough, giving her the victory and her first pre-show win!
WINNER: Mya Denton-King via Pinfall (5:34)

Fans got a bit more than they bargained for in this next match, as Jan Van der Roost and Ronnie Harris locked up. It was a technical showcase right from the beginning, Jan Van der Roost using his in-ring experience to take control very early on. A showcase of armdrags, dropkicks, and european uppercuts battered the youngster. Jan was even able to lock in a series of holds, and a series of stomps he calls the “Rooster Stomp”. Ronnie Harris hung in though, taking his shots when he could. A Tequila Sunrise, aptly named “London Pride”, almost got him the victory but Jan held in there. Jan Van der Roost almost took the match after a Triple Chop, and a Double Arm DDT. Ronnie couldn’t be held down though, and eventually the match swung back in his favor. After battering Jan Van der Roost with a Richardson Special #1, it was inevitable that the 2nd Special would come soon after.
WINNER: Ronnie Harris via Submission (13:11)

Max Cavanaugh had some hype leading into his showcase pre-show match against Trace Lando, and he did not disappoint. The 4CW fans were treated to a brilliant display of brawling, and dirty ring work. There was hardly a moment that Trace could breathe, or fight back. He was able to catch Max with a Running Knee Lift, combining that with a Superkick. The pinfall was easily escaped by Max, and only seemed to aggravate him even more. He battered Trace with a Backstabber, a German Suplex, and a Belly to Back Wheelbarrow Facebuster! With his opponent down Max scaled the top rope, connecting with the Most American Moonsault Ever!
WINNER: Max Cavanaugh via Pinfall (4:23)

The thunderous rumbles from the Pepsi Center fill the air as the picture opens to a shot from main entrance stage inside of the Pepsi Center. “Bulls On Parade” continues blaring throughout the arena as the opening video package comes to an end. As far as the eye can see, fans are packed and the entire scene is full of electricity as we’re just moments from starting the show. Scanning over the crowd, the camera picks up on various signs held high in the sea of fans.

Changing position, the camera cuts to a clear shot of the announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit, awaiting their signal to kick off the show.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another heart racing night of Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson.”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good evening folks!”
JOHNSON: ”We come to you live tonight from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado and boy it feels good to be back!”
VASSA: ”I love when we come to Colorado. Action in the ring and smoke in the air. It doesn’t get any better than that.”
JOHNSON: ”With the way our last event ended two weeks ago, literally anything is better than the shit that went down.”
VASSA: ”Up until the end the show was spectacular. 4CW reached the century mark but all the celebration came to an end the moment Cashe literally shit the bed.”
JOHNSON: ”More like his pants! Despite what happened, he was still able to pull off the win and is the first of three challengers named to face Bronx Valescence at Ante Up for the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: ”The champ is starting his reign off big tonight with a non-title bout against the Pride Champion, and friend, Bryan Williams.”
JOHNSON: ”After some of the things said over the last couple of weeks, I think you might be able to scratch that friend part.”
VASSA: ”You may be right, but then again it may just all be another bit between the two.”
JOHNSON: ”Whatever it is things seem to ha–“
Cutting Steve off in mid-sentence, the crowd begins to stir around the entrance stage as Perry Wallace walks out with Kaysie Sherell at his side.
VASSA: ”Looks like we have company already.”
JOHNSON: ”Not just any company, we have the owner, Perry Wallace, and his fiancé, Kaysie Sherell.”
Stopping at the top of the entrance ramp, Perry and Kaysie look over the crowd for a few brief moments before The Queen hands Perry a microphone. With a pleasant smile, he grabs the microphone from her hands as she kisses him on the cheek.
WALLACE: ”Denver, oh how we’ve missed you.”
The crowd pops after those few short words. Looking over the arena with a smile on his face, Perry takes a moment to let it sink in before raising the microphone back to his lips.
WALLACE: ”Now, we have a pretty big card lined up for the evening so I won’t keep you waiting long. There are just a few things I’d like to discuss real quick before we officially kick the evening off.”
Turning his attention to the nearest camera, Perry winks at it before speaking once more.
WALLACE: ”Calm down Jett, I’ll only take a few minutes of you precious time.”
Stepping forward and directly into the bright lights from above, he addresses the Denver crowd and those watching around the world.
WALLACE: ”One oh one. One hundred and one shows to this date and goddamn doesn’t it feel great?! We see companies opening and folding on a daily basis. We see shit shows trying to mimic the level that 4CW operates at like a well oiled machine. But we don’t see many companies reaching the milestone that 4CW achieved just two weeks ago. And for that, I would like to thank you all. Each and every single one of you.”
The crowd then applauds as Perry stops for a short moment.
WALLACE: ”Now let’s get down to business! Ante Up is just around the corner. We all know what that means. Ante Up is arguably 4CW’s biggest pay-per-view of the year. It’s a time when the stakes are raised and you literally have to put it all on the line to grab what’s in front of you. Take Jason Cashe for example. Just two weeks ago the man shit himself in the ring and continued on through the discomfort and humiliation to win his spot, the first spot, in the Sixty Minute Iron Man Fatal Four Way at Ante Up for the 4CW Championship!”
Shaking his head, Perry looks down to the floor momentarily before slowly raising his head.
WALLACE: ”At the end of the night, Jason Cashe earned his place in the big match, despite the awful stench it left afterwards. Tonight we have the second qualifier and in two weeks we’ll have the third. There’s still an opportunity for eight individuals to step up and punch their ticket. What are they willing to do or go through to see their name on the marquee at Ante Up?”
Walking along the edge of the stage, he looks out into the crowd.
WALLACE: ”Then we have Bryan Williams and Alexis Morrison who have yet to have a challenger rise amongst the ranks to face them at Ante Up. The Pride Champion and the Fate Champion without challengers. I can promise you this, after tonight, that all changes. I’m going to be watching each and every match very closely to see who deserves to be given the opportunity. I’m going to be taking notes on who I feel wants it more than their coworkers. Taking the qualifiers for the 4CW Championship out of the picture, there are still plenty of opportunities for each and every one of you backstage. It just all comes down to who wants it more.”
Turning a complete one-eighty, Perry walks towards Kaysie as she looks on. Stopping beside her, she whispers in his ear, bringing a huge smile to his face.
WALLACE: ”The fun doesn’t stop there. I don’t know how many people remember last years chaotic Extreme Roulette but for those of you who do, it makes its return this year! It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Adrenaline or our brand new shows roster, Octane. The Extreme Championship will be on the line for the entire night leading up to the main event at Ante Up. I know Octane has yet to have a show, although it’s debut will be next week, but this is a huge opportunity for someone to make a huge impact straight out of the gate.”
Kaysie then steps forward as he hands the microphone to her.
SHERELL: ”Not only will the Extreme Championship be up for grabs to anyone on Octane, but as of this moment tonight, the Tag Team Championships are available to both Adrenaline AND Octane! It’s about time we shake things up in the tag division. We all knows it’s well overdue. The open challenge policy is still in place and at any given moment, anyone can step up to the plate and lay down a challenge. With two shows and two rosters still united under one roof, a little competition between the two won’t hurt.”
Handing the microphone back to Perry, she takes her place at his side.
WALLACE: ”And that’s it folks. There’s a lot on the table going forward and it’s time to see who wants it most and who works harder than the person beside them. Just because we have two separate rosters doesn’t mean you can’t work with one another. Mix those teams up and step to the challenge. I’m sure Evil and Tanner welcome the challenge.”
Lowering the microphone from his lips, he looks to Kaysie briefly before the two look out over the crowd. After a few moments pass, Perry raises the microphone once more before the two head to the back.
WALLACE: ”Hope you all enjoy the show. Thanks for coming out.”

Cameras cut to the Pepsi Center Parking Lot as a blue car pulls into the arena. Sound of some music blast through the vehicle’s speakers. It parks in a remaining spots available. The engine turns off. Soon, Alexis Morrison comes out of the blue rental car with the 4CW Fate Championship around her shoulder dragging a suitcase luggage behind her. She stops for a moment to take something out of her pocket. It’s her cellphone.Cameras get an over the shoulder view of Alexis staring at her phone with an image of Anastasia. The Fate Champion looks at the entrance to the arena knowing what needs to be done.

MORRISON: “No more excuses, Anastasia. No more excuses.”

Alexis says. She slides her cellphone back inside her pockets and starts walking toward the doorway of the Pepsi Center. Her hand pushes the door open. We hear the sound as the metal doors closing behind the Anti-Starlet. Our cameras switch to ringside for our first match.


POWERS: ”The following no holds barred fatal fourway is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights dim in the arena as the intro to “Shut Your Mouth” by Pain begins to play. When the guitar kicks, pyro blasts from the stage as Johnny steps out from behind the curtain wearing 4CW Tag Team Championship slung over his shoulder. He slaps the faceplate on the title a couple times with a smug arrogant smirk across his face, nodding his head slowly in approval as the audience boos in a rage he paces for a moment…
“…The only thing I ever wanted
The only thing I ever needed
Is my own way, I gotta have it all…”

Johnny steps around on the stage for a moment looking from side to side around the arena, mocking the audience before taking a few steps down the ramp.
“…I don’t want your opinion, I don’t need your ideas
Stay the fuck out of my face, stay away from me
I am my own God, I do as I please…
Just wipe your own ass and shut your mouth”

Johnny Evil stops halfway down the entrance ramp ans walks over toward the barricade, beginning to trash talk an audience member. After a moment of trash talk, Evil spits at them before continuing to walk down the rest of the ramp and slide into the ring.
POWERS: ”From Detroit Michigan, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-five pounds, JOHNNY EEVVIILL!!!”
Johnny stands to his feet and paces around as the audience boos louder. Johnny pulls the championship from his shoulder and hoists it into the air before slowly back peddling to the corner where he drops to the canvas and takes a seat relaxing his arms on the bottom ropes as if the ring mat is his personal recliner.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring next!”
“These voices in my head are telling me you have to die
I obeyed their every wish
I’ll fuck your body infront of your kids
Cannibalism, I serve you up to the cult
You’re my latest dish
Picking human meat out of my teeth like Albert Fish
I’m a sick fuck pissed at the fact that I still exist”

“Welcome to Hell” starts to vibe over the speaker system, the lights go dark for a few moments before strobe lights begin to flash light throughout the arena. Dakota Smith pushes his way out of the curtain, a look of disgust, and anger on his scarred face. He doesn’t take anytime to stop at the top of the stage instead just marching down the ramp like a man on a mission. His face twitches in an annoyed fashion as he mumbles to himself under his breath. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he comes to a complete halt, standing motionless with his face turned to the ground. The butcher breaths start becoming heavy, and erratic – his whole body moving with each and every breath. Then right when he seemingly gets to his breaking point he lets out a blood curdling roar, slamming his fist across his chest and walking closer to the ring. He slams his fist down on the mat and distorts his head to the side, looking out over the audience like a psychopath waiting to see who stares him in the eyes.
POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred thirty one pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Butcher”, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
Rolling in under the bottom rope Dakota plants his fists into the mat and pushes himself, the deranged almost animalistic snarl still firmly on his face. The butcher stalks back and forth in the ring, peering out into the audience once again until it sickens him. He jerks his face away from the audience and stares down the ref for a few moments, a devilish smile forming on his lips as he intimidates the official. A few soft chuckles slip out of Dakota as he slowly slinks back into his corner, his tongue slipping out of from behind his lips as he takes a seat in said corner.
POWERS: ”Our next competitor!”
The arena goes into a brief silence before Jason Cashe comes out from the back, almost sliding out with a smile on his face and a dip in his step as he hears the place give him both jeers and cheers. Depending on the opponent more one than the other but he takes it all in, deeply inhaling the air with his head tilted back and his eyes closed at the edge of where the stage meets the entrance ramp.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the former three time 4CW Champion, ‘The Troubled One”, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Taking two quick puffs from an “Air Joint”, Cashe throws his arms up above his head briefly, slaps the camera zoomed in on his face and then takes his first real steps towards the ring. Giving a few fans fist bumps, those who have their hands out wanting some love he makes his way down to ringside. He rounds the corner of the ring and jogs the steel stairs, getting up on the ring apron.
Dipping through the middle ropes, he enters the ring. Walking to the opposite side, he balances on the middle rope, leaning against the top rope and once again hits the “Air Joint” before getting hyped up over the upcoming match.
Dropping down, he puts his back into a nearby corner and awaits the bell.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring last!”
“March Into the Sea” hits and the arena goes completely black. As the lyrics begin four different fire explosions keep firing in the air on each side. Viduus walks out slowly on pace with the music holding the Extreme Championship down at waist level. The music picks up pace and Viduus echoes his signature laugh almost matching the song that is playing while throwing his hands in the air.
POWERS: ”Here is your 4CW Extreme Champion… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
Viduus makes his way to the ring almost floating in the way he walks and moves his shoulders in stride. Viduus slides into the ring and crawls to the middle of the ring the championship slithering across the ring with him. Before he can rise to his feet, Evil rushes in on him, meeting him in the center of the ring with a solid boot to the face. With that, the official runs to safety as he calls for the bell.

Keeping Viduus down, Evil continues kicking down onto his head until Cashe races in from behind and clocks him in the back of the head with a forearm shot. Stumbling forward, Evil trips over Viduus and crashes face first to the canvas. At that time, Dakota grabs onto him and drags him to the edge of the ring before lifting his head up and placing his throat across the bottom rope. Stepping onto the back of Evil’s head, Dakota uses his weight to choke Evil as the rope cuts off his air intake.
With his back turned to the ring, Dakota madly strangles Evil until Cashe grabs him from behind and rips him away from the ropes. Spinning around, Dakota throws a blind elbow but gets nothing but air as Cashe ducks underneath and follows up with a stiff elbow to the midsection. Falling backwards, Dakota hits the ropes but catches himself as he stretches both arms to his sides and wraps them around the top rope. Cashe’s eyes light up as if a light turns on in his head. Running forward, he then leaps into Dakota. Colliding into Dakota, Cashe takes him over the top rope and the two flip over, crashing down to the floor below.
Using the ropes to pull himself up, Evil looks onto the outside where Dakota is on top of Cashe from the fall moments before. As both men push away from each other Evil looks on with a smirk until his facial expression changes completely when Viduus grabs onto his shoulder and whips him around. Throwing a right hand, Viduus connects with Evil’s jaw, whipping his head to the side. He then follows up with the kick to the gut, forcing Evil to buckle over from the impact. Wrapping his arm around Evil’s head, Viduus then lifts him upside down into the air as if going for a suplex. Turning his body, Viduus then drops Evil crotch down onto the top rope.
Grabbing onto the top rope, Evil holds himself up, balancing himself as his face begins turning bright red. Viduus then runs past him and leaps up to the second ropes of the corner before bouncing off and spinning in mid-air. Clearing the ropes traveling to the other side, Viduus wraps his arm around Evil’s head, pulling him off the top rope and face first onto the apron with a bulldog. As Evil’s body comes to a complete stop, Viduus continues to fall until landing on top of Dakota who has no gotten up to all fours.
JOHNSON: ”These four are off to a hot start here tonight to open the show.”
VASSA: ”Goddamn Evil wouldn’t even give Viduus the courtesy of entering the ring untouched like he and the other two were able to.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a no holds barred contest. What did you expect?”
VASSA: ”To be honest, I figured a brawl would begin as soon as the second body came out.”
As Viduus pushes himself away from Dakota and touches his feet down to the floor, Cashe runs in with both arms extended. As he closes the gap between the two, Cashe swings his hands together, hitting Viduus across both ears with a bell clap. Viduus quickly grabs onto his ears as the ringing inside of his head begins. Grabbing Viduus, Cashe rips him away from Dakota and throws him into the barricade at ringside. He then turns his attention back to Dakota only to be surprised as Dakota pops back to his feet and lunges towards him, connecting with a vicious right hand.
Grabbing ahold of Cashe, Dakota slings him into the side of the ring sideways, crushing his ribs against it. With Cashe’s entire side exposed, Dakota then swings down towards his mid-section, driving his fist into Cashe’s kidney. Above, Evil locks both hands together underneath Cashe’s chin, pulling his head upward and trying to rip it off. As Cashe fights to break away from Evil, Dakota unloads on his mid-section with lefts and rights. Seeing Cashe’s arms extended upwards, Dakota then grabs a handful of hair attached to Cashe’s armpit. With a quick jerk, Dakota rips a good bit from Cashe’s armpit, leaving a bloody mess in its place.
From behind, Viduus grabs onto Dakota but before he can get a good grip on The Butcher, Dakota turns around and drives both fists into Viduus’ chest, knocking him backwards into the barricade once more. Bouncing off the barricade, Viduus drops his shoulder and leaps forward, planting it into Dakota’s stomach. On his hands and knees, Viduus then grabs Dakota behind the ankles and pulls his legs out from under him, dropping him to his back. Viduus then climbs on top of Dakota and begins raining down on his with rapid punches.
Meanwhile, Evil still has a firm grip on Cashe from above. Lowering himself, Cashe pulls Evil down with him as Evil refuses to let up on his hold. Cashe then springs back up and reaches up, grabbing Evil before he can rise. Pulling Evil down from the apron, Cashe flips him over his head and down to his back onto the floor. With Evil’s head underneath him, Cashe begins punching down into his face. After connecting with two back to back punches, Cashe’s momentum comes to a stop as Evil reaches up and grabs onto him, holding him in place. Rolling his body back, Evil pops his leg up and kicks Cashe directly in the face, knocking him against the apron.
VASSA: ”We have a brawl on our hands Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”With the four involved and the match stipulation, did you expect anything less?”
VASSA: ”Can’t say that I did to be honest.”
Pulling Dakota up to his feet, Viduus then drags him around to the adjacent side of the ring. The two approach a few members of the ringside crew sitting in position. As they get closer, the crew members jump up from their seats and just in the niche of time. Throwing Dakota forward, Viduus sends him crashing into two empty chairs. Rolling over to his back, Dakota grabs one of the chairs and quickly folds it before launching it in Viduus’ direction. On point, Viduus catches the chair in mid-air and as he does, he then rushes in towards Dakota. Raising the chair high above his head, Viduus gives Dakota enough time to grab the other chair and quickly fold it. Swinging down, Viduus aims for Dakota’s head.

Viduus’ chair slams against the chair in Dakota’s hands held up over his head for protection. Viduus then takes another swing for The Butcher.

Connecting with the other chair once again, Viduus fails to hit Dakota. He then raises the chair high above his head with both hands one more time. Leaning upward to a seated position, Dakota jabs the chair into Viduus stomach, stopping his motion and knocking him back a few steps. This gives him enough time to pop back to his feet before Viduus has a chance to swing once more.
Rounding the corner, Cashe stumbles in their direction blindly as he holds his hands over his eyes. Not far behind, Evil has a bottle of disinfectant in his hand brought to the show by a fan after seeing how Adrenaline Sixty-Five ended. As Dakota and Morta stare each other down with chairs in hand, Cashe manages to walk in the middle of them before coming to a stop. Standing back, Evil looks on with a smile on his face as both Dakota and Morta lock their eyes on Cashe. After a few short moments pass of rubbing his eyes, Cashe stands straight up and slowly opens them. Looking to his left, he sees Dakota staring back at him with a sinister look on his face and chair in hand. Cashe then slowly turns his head to his right and spots Viduus locked in on him with a chair as well. After a slow swallowing gulp, Cashe roars loudly jerking his head from left to right, shouting at both of them.

Swinging together in unison, Dakota and Viduus both slam their chairs against Cashe’s head, sandwiching it. As the two pull their chairs away, both bent and shaped to mold Cashe’s head, Cashe slowly drops to his knees before falling face first into the floor.
VASSA: ”Jesus-fucking-Christ!”
JOHNSON: ”I think it’s safe to say that Cashe has suffered from a concussion here tonight folks.”
VASSA: ”A concussion? He’s going to literally be brain dead after that double chair shot to the head.”
With Cashe down, Viduus charges towards Dakota and takes a swing for his head, catching him off guard. In desperation, Dakota raises the chair in front of him to shield himself. Connecting with the chair, Viduus knocks it from Dakota’s hands and sends it sliding across the floor. Viduus quickly follows up with a quick jab of the chair to Dakota’s stomach, forcing him to lunge over from the blow. With Dakota’s head exposed, Viduus raises the chair to level him with it but before he can swing down, Evil sneaks in from behind and snatches the chair from his hands. Quickly turning to Evil, Viduus throws a punch at his face but his hand crashes into the chair as Evil holds it up for protection. Pulling his hand back and shaking it, Viduus grunts as the pain begins to settle. Evil then steps in beside him and wraps one arm around Viduus’ shoulders. With the chair in his other hand, Evil presses it against Viduus’ jaw before slamming his body forward and down. As the legs of the chair hit the floor and come to a stop, Viduus’ jaw slams against the top of the chair. Popping up off his feet, Viduus crashes to his back as blood pours from his mouth.
Evil then turns to Dakota with the chair in both hands and raises it up before taking a swing for The Butcher. Noticing a redneck family at ringside in the front row, Dakota reaches over the barricade and grabs a young child. Snatching him into the air, Dakota holds the kid up as the chair Evil swings smacks the kid over the top of the head.

JOHNSON: ”That was more Dakota’s fault than anyone else’s but Johnny was the one wielding the chair.”
VASSA: ”I can’t wait to see social media popping tomorrow after this fucking mess.”
Evil stands in shock after witnessing the act. Laughing, Dakota tosses the kid back over the barricade into his large sized fathers hands who happens to be wearing a hideous bowling shirt. Dakota then lunges forward and grabs onto the chair. Evil refuses to let go and the two begin struggling over possession of the chair. As Evil pulls back on the chair, Dakota then gives it a good push, smacking Evil in the face with it. He then rips it from Evil’s hands and tosses it into the ring. Grabbing onto to Evil, Dakota pulls him close to the ring and rolls him back into it.
Grabbing onto the middle rope, Dakota pulls himself up to the apron before looking to his right and noticing Viduus getting back to his feet. He then drops back down and walks over to Viduus. Grabbing onto the voodoo man, Dakota stands him straight up before pulling him in just inches away from his face and staring into his eyes. With a quick knee to Dakota’s crotch, Viduus catches him by surprise. He then lifts Dakota into the air and drops him across his knee with a backbreaker. Not letting Dakota drop to the floor, Viduus stands him up as he rises to his feet as well. Dragging Dakota to the barricade, Viduus turns him around and wraps both arms around his waist. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Viduus throws Dakota into the barricade with a German suplex.
JOHNSON: ”This match has turned into one big mess from the very start.”
VASSA: ”That’s what these matches are. It’s anything goes!”
Viduus then slides back into the ring only to get attacked instantly as Evil goes in to assault before he can get to his feet. Stomping on Viduus back wildly, Evil keeps the Extreme Champion down. He then leaps into the air and comes down onto Viduus back with a double foot stomp. Pulling Viduus to his feet, Evil locks onto his head with both hands before dropping him with a double knee face breaker. Viduus stands straight up but stumbles back into the ropes before coming to a complete stop and dropping forward to his knee. Evil pops back to his feet and turns to the ropes behind him. Coming back on the rebound, Evil hits Viduus in the face with an Enzuiguri. Spinning around, half of Viduus’ body goes through the ropes, hanging on top of the middle rope. Evil then climbs back to his feet before racing to the corner and ascending to the top. Leaping into the air, Evil comes down with a leg drop to the back of Viduus’ head before bouncing off the apron and falling down to the floor.
Pushing himself up, he spots Dakota in the corner of his eye charging straight towards him. Side stepping Dakota, Evil trips him up with a drop toe hold, bringing him down face first onto the apron. Pulling himself up, Dakota climbs into the ring before Evil can attack again. Meanwhile, Viduus slowly slips through the ropes and drops down to the floor on his head. Climbing up onto the apron, Evil can’t quite climb into the ring as Dakota charges at him like a bull. Ducking down and pulling his upper body through the ropes, Evil drives his shoulder into Dakota’s stomach. He then pops back up and wraps his arm around Dakota’s head before grabbing onto the back of his pants. Lifting Dakota into the air, Evil drops him onto the apron with a suplex.
With Dakota down on his back, Evil then climbs the nearby corner. As Evil’s back is turned, Dakota quickly pops up from his back and races over to the corner, pushing Evil in the back and launching him off of it. While in flight, Cashe then pops up from the floor below and rushes towards Evil, hitting him with a stiff striking elbow before his feet can even touch the floor.
JOHNSON: ”It’s the Mark of Jason!”
VASSA: ”That’s the last thing Evil wanted to see on his flight back to Earth.”
Somehow Evil manages to land on his feet and remain on them as he stumbles forward and catches himself on the barricade at ringside. Running to the ringside steps, Cashe picks up a piece of them and turns back to Evil before launching it in his direction. Noticing the fans react just a few feet in front of him, Evil then drops to the floor as the steps pass by over his head. Holding his unconscious kid in his arms, the man in the bowling shirt from earlier looks up just as the steps crash into his face and wipe him out at in the front row. The entire arena goes silent for a few seconds before bursting into an eruption of cheers. Cashe then charges towards Evil and tackles him up and over the barricade, into the front row. The fans in the surrounding area quickly spread apart, leaving a clear spot for the two to roll across the floor beating each other with lefts and rights.
Across from them, Dakota pulls Viduus up from the floor. From behind, Viduus’ speaker appears with a gas can in hand. Smelling the aroma in the air, Dakota pushes Viduus back to the floor before slowly turning around. Snatching the gas can from the speakers hands, Dakota then pours some onto the floor, backing the speaker against the ring. Pulling out a zippo, the speaker quickly ignites a flame to scare Dakota with as he holds the gas can. Not backing down, Dakota then draws back with the metal gas can in hand and swings forward, connecting to the speakers head and knocking him unconscious. Looking down at the speaker, Dakota shakes his head at his lifeless body and the zippo still burning just inches from where he fell.
Turning back to Viduus, Dakota marches towards him as he pulls himself up from the floor. Now angrier than before, Dakota picks up chair from the floor and smacks it across Viduus’ back. Viduus refuses to stay down as he pulls himself back up using the side of the ring. Taking another swing, Dakota smacks him across the back a second time, knocking him back down to his knees. Still not out, Viduus pulls himself back up. Dakota then swings again but this time, Viduus drives an elbow into Dakota’s stomach, stopping his swing. Snatching the chair from Dakota’s hands, Viduus then takes a swing but even he misses as Dakota ducks underneath and bursts forward, driving his head into Viduus’ stomach. Viduus then raises the chair but before he can clear his head, Dakota slams his elbow into it, knocking it back into his face. The chair then hits the floor and quickly Dakota grabs onto Viduus and drags him away from the ring.
Wrapping up Viduus’ head, Dakota then hooks his leg and lifts him into the air. In a fluid motion, he transitions the fisherman’s suplex into a sit-out spinebuster.
JOHNSON: ”Deadman Wonderland!”
VASSA: ”That gas is starting to stink up the entire ringside area.”
Evil and Cashe flip back over the barricade as they continue beating the hell out of one another. In the corner of his eye, Cashe spots Dakota with Viduus laid out. Pointing to them, he catches Evil’s attention and then the two turn to Dakota covering Viduus for the pin. Laying over Viduus, Dakota hooks the leg as the official steps in beside them for the count.

Rushing over, Cashe and Evil ignore each other as they race over to break the pin.

The gas from the can continues to slowly trickle onto the floor, creating a puddle that slowly but surely reaches the zippo that still has a flame. As the gas catches fire, a trail of blaze ignites just in front of Evil and Cashe, stopping them in their tracks as they approach the barrier.

VASSA: ”Dakota wins it!”
JOHNSON: ”Thanks to a wall of fire that prevented Evil and Cashe from breaking up that pin.”
“Welcome To Hell” hits the speakers as Dakota slowly rises to his feet. Looking through the flames, he locks eyes with both Cashe and Evil on the other side, bickering with each other over what just happened. From the back, a team of event staff rush down to ringside with fire extinguishers and quickly begin attending to the fire before it gets out of hand.

POWERS: ”Umm… uhhh… and the winner is… DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!! Now can someone please get this fire put out before the Pepsi Center turns into Denver’s biggest barbeque!”
The fire is quickly extinguished, luckily it didn’t spread to the ring or the fans sitting nearby. With no time for celebrating or aftermath, the entire ringside area is overtaken by event personnel as they clean up the mess. Walking away from it all with a smile on his face, Dakota heads up the ramp as Evil and Cashe look around, wondering just how the fire started in the first place.
VASSA: ”We’ve damn near seen it all haven’t we?”
JOHNSON: ”We have. Viduus’ Speakers plan backfired, costing him the match by creating a barrier between Dakota, Cashe, and Evil.”
VASSA: ”He was literally going to cover Dakota in gas and set him on fire. Come on man! We all know that ain’t going to kill The Butcher!”
JOHNSON: ”Folks, we have a big mess to clean up here at ringside before we can get to our next match. Just sit tight, we’re going to go backstage for a few moments until things are considered safe to continue here tonight.”

Cutting to the backstage area following the incredible fatal fourway opener, Gabriel Hartman would be standing by with his microphone in hand to greet the audience.

HARTMAN: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and thank you for tuning in. I am here standing alongside a special guest–“

? ? ?: “Me, a special guest? That’s way too generous of you.”

With the sudden call out of the voice, the camera would then pan over to capture Lauryn Wolfe with a slight smirk on her face. Wolfe is clearly in a better shape than how she was the last time she was seen on 4CW programming. Gabriel chuckles slightly at her comment, proceeding to go on with the interview.

HARTMAN: ”Well, it is good to see that you’ve returned after sustaining the kind of injury that you did. People in your position would’ve been gone for a longer period of time. So, with you suddenly being here, is it safe to assume that you will be returning to active competition here in 4CW?”

WOLFE: “Oh, yes. That injury.”

Lauryn would rub her hands together and chuckle to herself, recalling the concussion that put her out of action for the past few shows.

WOLFE: “Well, the simple answer to that would be yes. Doctors checked me out last week and gave me the official green light, so I will be having a match at the next Adrenaline event.”

HARTMAN: “That’s obviously great to hear, but moving from the good news and all, fans are actually curious about what you think about the comments made by a few of the wrestlers and those a part of the 4CW faithful thinking that you’ve become, well… ‘soft’, so to say.”

Upon hearing that comment, Lauryn arched a brow at Hartman and, admittedly, she was caught off guard.

WOLFE: “I’m…sorry…?”

HARTMAN: “Not to, you know, offend you or anything like that, but some people feel like you’re vastly different from the woman that came here one year ago. There’s a good amount of people who claim that you’ve fallen out of touch with yourself and they view your loss to Amber Ryan and the eventual assault as a lowpoint in your career.”


An awkward silence falls over the two as Lauryn blinks quite stupidly at Hartman, who was sweating bullets and thought to himself that he probably pissed her off. He gulps nervously and he stands there, waiting to see how Lauryn would react. After a moment though, Lauryn lets out a sigh and rolls her eyes, not really wanting to delve back into how unsuccessful her career has been for the better part of the year.

WOLFE: “Is that so, huh? Well, I think that–”

? ? ?: “All of those things are actually rather valid.”

Before Lauryn could finish what she had to say, she was suddenly interrupted by a woman who would step into the scene. She was a blonde woman with shoulder-length hair, donning a pristine white blazer and trouser ensemble while bestowing a championship belt on her shoulder. She chuckles to herself, looking at both Wolfe and Hartman. Upon seeing the blonde, Lauryn’s demeanor quickly shifts as her jaw tenses up and her fists would clench by her side.

The woman in question? Why, she would be none other than Caroline O’Hara Burchill: The current Redemption Wrestling New Gen champion and the latest signee to the blossoming Octane brand of 4CW.

Yes, folks. The Australian Cunt is actually here.

WOLFE: “…”

HARTMAN: “I’m sorry, but who exactly are yo-”

Quickly interrupting Hartman as well, Caroline stepped in and stretched her hand out towards him for a handshake.

BURCHILL: “Oh, my bad. I never meant to barge in on this shitfest of an interview that no one honestly cares about, but I’m Caroline O’Hara Burchill and I can assure you that I am not a complete loser like Miss Wolfe here. Perhaps I’ve been a bit too crass in my introduction here, but then again… I just don’t care!”

HARTMAN: “Well… okay then.”

Hartman shakes Burchill’s hand, but Lauryn would also interrupt that little moment as she steps in between the two of them and directs her full attention towards the Australian.

WOLFE: “What the hell are you doing here?”

BURCHILL: “Haha. So cute! Aren’t you a hostile little thing. Well, if you really want to know, I am now officially signed with 4CW and I simply wanted to come here and see what all the rave was about. Just getting a feel for what this place is.”

WOLFE: “Right, and so your idea of ‘getting a feel for this place’ includes you coming here and interrupting my interview?”

BURCHILL: “Well, he asked a rather interesting question there. I’m just curious to hear how you would answer that.”

Lauryn sighs, letting her irritation well known. However, Caroline doesn’t let up and she becomes actually amused by the budding anger that was being displayed by Wolfe.

BURCHILL: “Uh oh. Did I upset you? Aww…”

This prompts Burchill to laugh and, in a move that is probably not the brightest to do, she gives Lauryn’s cheek a pinch. It was as though she was teasing and treating Lauryn like a little child. As if Lauryn couldn’t be any madder, her cheeks became red with fire as she glared at the woman that dared to taunt her.

BURCHILL: “It’s okay to be upset. Then again, anyone in your position would be upset. Being in the state that you’re in with all of the constant losses and the pathetic displays of trying to maintain a hard front is honestly pitiful to watch. It’s amazing to think that despite all of that you’re still here! I mean, gosh. If I was such a lowlife like you, I would’ve gone mad by now!”

WOLFE: “Yeah? Well, you’re no stranger to being a cunt wallowing away in your own despair…”

Just then, Burchill’s cocky demeanor settles down as her smirk fades off into a grimace. She then takes a few steps closer to Lauryn and her tone becomes much more serious as her eyes pierced at Lauryn’s.

BURCHILL: “…Funny thing though is that I’m not the one who’s stuck in my own despair. I’m no longer in that position. I have found my purpose and I am at the greatest point in my career. Three tournaments, all within the next few months, and all while being a champion. Speaking of being a champion though, I hope that you and the rest of these pathetic wrestlers pay attention to what’s happening next week. I’m in the main event of Octane, and chances have it that I will win that match…”

Caroline smiles arrogantly and raises the New Gen championship above her head so that Lauryn can get a good look at it.

BURCHILL: “…And continue to do the one thing that you will never be able to do.”

With that, Burchill laughs as she steps back and walks off. Hartman, a bit taken aback by the confrontation, tries to understand what just happened while Lauryn’s eyes are still fixated in the direction that Caroline headed off to.

HARTMAN: “Well, u-um… any comment on that, if you don’t mind?”

Lauryn’s eyes darts over to Hartman and the microphone. She didn’t say anything though as she shakes her head and bolts to the opposite direction, leaving the backstage area. Hartman just stands there stupidly, still trying to piece together what went on as the scene then cuts back to the ring.

As the cameras cut back on stage, the arena goes dark, and the big screen shows the Trollface, and “Now’s My Time” by DJIG hits the PA system as Mariano Fernandez comes out on stage, to a warm reception of the crowd.

JOHNSON: ”Say hello to DA #TROLL GUY!”
VASSA: ”Oh, HERE we go.
Not wasting too much time, Mariano begins walking down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans along the way. Climbing the apron, he enters the ring between the ropes, asking for the microphone.
JOHNSON: ”And here comes Manny. First time we’re ever see him talk on stage.”
VASSA: ”And I wish he’d shut his trap for once.”
JOHNSON: ”So do the majority of his followers on Twitter.”
VASSA: ”Our 4CW Champion himself unfollowed him. You should do the same!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not on Twitter though.”
Mariano, mic in hand, lifts a hand up for the crowd to let him talk. The warm reception dies down for a bit as Mariano puts the mic to his lips.
FERNANDEZ: ”Hey yo.”
The fans come back to life with a vibrant pop, but Mariano raises his hands again.
FERNANDEZ: ”You know, chicos, DESPITE what you see about me and what I do most of the time, I keep saying that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to get serious when I need to. I ain’t here to waste your time, and therefore I’m gonna cut right to the chase. I wanna talk about a certain elderly man who KEEPS running his mouth about how he had me beat at the Atari Challenge, whom you may know as the Midnight King, Nirvana. Well, at least those of you Baby Boomers anyway.”
Mariano gives his Trollface, as the crowd goes into a mixed reaction, chants of “PA-PA NUR-VY!” and “LET’S GO TROLL GUY!” erupting from all sides of the arena.
FERNANDEZ: ”And as y’all know, that Salsa Bear-De HAD to go on a rampage and break the whole thing JUST when my ball was about to move to HIS goal, so of course we STILL don’t know who buys dinner for a week. So what I’m gonna propose right n-”
At that point, “Orgasmatron” by Sepulture hits as the crowd goes again into a huge pop.
JOHNSON: ”And there’s Nirvana coming down to answer DA #TROLL GUY!”
VASSA: ”Here comes the Midnight King! Can’t wait to see Manny get respect beaten into him by his elder.”
But something is off place as it’s not Nirvana that comes out on stage…
JOHNSON: ”Wait, what’s that!?”
And indeed, once the massive U-Haul vehicle has rolled its way into the stage and park, its doors open and the Midnight King himself, Nirvana, emerges from the driver’s side, grinning triumphantly, while his wife Mya Denton-King does so from shotgun. Salsa Bear-De comes tumbling out after Mya. Lord only knows how she fit in there. Nirvana gets in the ring eye to eye with Mariano, who unflinchingly stares at him square in the eyes.
NIRVANA: ”You REALLY don’t know when to shut up, do you? Goddamned kids these days, gonna put you in a muzzle.”
FERNANDEZ: ”A muzzle didn’t stop Ulfric Stormcloak, mang, and it won’t stop me either.”
The Midnight King smirks, as Mariano shrugs and mouths a “Problem?” to the fans’ cheers.
NIRVANA: ”Anyway – the reason I came here tonight in this bad boy is because I have a VERY nice idea for our little unfinished business. Which was CLEARLY in my favor.”
Mariano rolls his eyes.
FERNANDEZ: ”No the goddamned HELL it wasn’t, mang. Tied up 10-10, final ball going to YOUR side.”
NIRVANA: ”That’s not how I remember it, “mAnG”.
FERNANDEZ: ”You’re the one with memory issues, remember?”
NIRVANA: “Motherfuck… anyway. I was saying, I have an idea for something I can kick your ass in, something a LOT better than a videogame. Mya, if you would do the honors, please.”
Salsa lets out a RAWR! Mya Denton-King goes promptly to the back of the truck, lifting up its doors…
VASSA: ”WHOA! What’s THAT!?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a Donkey Kong barrel!”
And indeed, Mya holds in her arms a huge barrel painted with the words “DK” in red.
NIRVANA: ”Wonder if you would fit in one of those when I stuff you in there, how about that?”
Mariano looks at the barrel, grinning, and shrugs.
FERNANDEZ: ”I like the way YOU think, chico.”
NIRVANA: ”But that’s not ALL we’ve got here. Honey, again, if you please.”
This time, Mya produces a sword and a shield.
VASSA: ”Johnson, any ideas?”
JOHNSON: ”You never played Legend of Zelda? That’s the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield!”
VASSA: ”You know I don’t do that videogame shit Steve, you want me to end up like DA #TROLL GUY?”
This time Mariano takes the word.
FERNANDEZ: ”WHOA! If we’re bringing swords to the mix, mang, there’s NO way I’m missing my battleaxe!”

NIRVANA: ”It’s not gonna help you either way. I’ma Lawn Dart. I’ma Lawn Dart you multiple times.”
FERNANDEZ: ”We shall see, mang. Come the dawn, we shall see. By the way – WHEN do you want this to happen, mang?”
Nirvana gives him a grin.
NIRVANA: ”You know where this is going, amigo. Since thanks to Cashe you don’t have that 4CW Title shot, and MY own schedule looks pretty free, how about we make this at Four Corners Wrestling’s GRANDEST stage of them all?”
Mariano takes a pause, smiling back, and nods.
FERNANDEZ: ”Doesn’t look like I’m having anything to do there either. YOU’RE ON, CHICO!”
Nirvana catches Mariano’s hand and the deal is sealed, to the crowd’s huge delight.
NIRVANA: ”There we go then. You and me, Ante-Up, VIDEOGAME DEATHMATCH, and I PROMISE you, Manny – I’m gonna beat you in EVERY game known to man.”
FERNANDEZ: ”You know how I respond to that, mang. Don’t sing it – JUST BRING IT! Oh, and remember- Winner buys lunch for a week!”
The two men stand there mouthing off at each other as the fans blow the roof off the arena, chanting for both.
JOHNSON: ”And that’s another match confirmed for Ante-Up! DA #TROLL GUY! THE MIDNIGHT KING! VIDEOGAME DEATHMATCH! These fans can’t wait in anticipation, and neither can I!”
VASSA: ”More like can’t wait for DA #TROLL GUY to hit Game Over. MAnG.”

In the backstage of the Pepsi Center, the camera finds Anastasia Hayden sitting on top of a production box, applying black wrist tape over her hands. She focuses on wrapping up her wrists before looking up and catching a sight that causes her to sigh. The camera steps back to a wider shot, revealing the 4CW Champion Bronx Valescence as the source behind Ana’s displeasure.

VALESCENCE: “I was hoping I’d find you before your match.”

Her head drops and she lets out another sigh before looking back up at Bronx, who is sporting a look of concern across his face.

HAYDEN: “What do you want, Bronx?”

VALESCENCE: “To talk.”

HAYDEN: “Oh, I think you’ve already said everything you needed to say, wouldn’t you? Takes balls, Bronx, to go out there and air everything for the public.”

VALESCENCE: “Look, I know, but I had to say it. It seems like you’re the only person who doesn’t realize that you’ve changed. Bryan didn’t care as long as he got a MCM out of it…but I know the Anastasia Hayden I met in Monarchy is different than the one I’m looking at right now.”

Ana’s eyes narrowed as she glared at Bronx; a look of utter contempt for him as each word left his mouth. The negative vibe she was sending toward him didn’t faze Bronx, who kept the worried tone in his voice

VALESCENCE: “And I’m saying this as a friend…you don’t look well. Before you say anything, I know it’s not the jet lag…or the lack of sleep or whatever. When it’s time to wrestle, you somehow convince everyone out there you’re healthy and fine, but I see it, Ana. Unlike everyone else, I see it.”

HAYDEN: “Is that so? What are you? Some fucking doctor?”

VALESCENCE: “No…but I do think you should get checked up by one of the trainers here or someth-”

Before Bronx is able to get out another word, Ana hops down from the production box and gets right in the face of the 4CW Champion; as much as she can despite the obvious height difference between the two.

HAYDEN: “I don’t need any help, Bronx. Nor do I need your pity. I’m not the one who’s changed…’champ’. Ever since winning the 4CW Championship, you’ve gotta prove to everyone that you’re not a bad guy after all…that you want to help and defend everyone. Pathetic.”

VALESCENCE: “No need start attacking me here, Ana, I’m just trying to help. I’m concerned about you, I’m glad you’re here in 4CW, and I want you to stay here and be healthy.”

HAYDEN: “You want to help me, Bronx? Fine, you can help me. Help me out by staying the fuck out of my personal life, ‘friend’.”

On her way out, Ana made sure to pat the face plate of the 4CW Championship and give Bronx a fake smile; an effort to mock him before she left the scene leaving behind the 4CW Champion unsure of how to process the event.

NARRATOR: “It’s incredible how one person can inspire so much hostility into others.”
As the narrator’s voice blares out, the scene would come to life, capturing a still footage of a throne with its back towards the camera. It is situated in front of an open balcony at night with the moon glimmering up in the sky, radiating its light down upon the throne. For a few, fleeting seconds, silence would take over the scene until the sound of harmonious classical music plays softly in the background. As the narrator continues to speak, the camera begins to slowly zoom in on the throne, capturing every little bit of detail that is etched onto the throne.

NARRATOR: “It’s quite fascinating when one truly thinks about it. Traveling from country to country, city to city. No matter where they go, their infamy will resonate with millions of people.”
Suddenly, various flashing images would appear on the screen, alternating with the shot of the throne. These images would come across as rough and gritty – a complete contrast to the pristine shots of the throne being presented. Glimpses of what appears to be fans in attendance of shows could be seen, though one striking thing to take note of is the anger that is being shown.

NARRATOR: “To be infamous is to be well known, but not in a positive light. Instead, an individual that is given the title of being infamous is regarded as someone who is known for having some form of bad quality or being associated with a bad deed – in essence, this person’s reputation can be considered as being tainted.”
The shot gradually changes from behind the throne to the side of it. With this viewpoint, a hand can be seen on the armrest. The nails of the person seated within the throne are painted in a deep wine color, and those same nails tap against the armrest as the narrator continues.

NARRATOR: “In professional wrestling, that word could never be any more prominent. There have been countless wrestlers who were infamous in one way or another, and some of them may proudly hold claim to that label as being someone who is truly hated. They thrive off of the persistent hate they receive as they prefer to be known as someone who dominated to the top as opposed to being content with their bottom-dwelling ways. After all, Machiavelli said it best: It is better to be feared than loved.”
A brief image of Niccoli Machiavelli is shown before the scene cuts right back to the person seated on the throne. This time, however, the figure rises up and walks out onto the balcony, placing their hands on the railing. The shot now has the figure being seen from behind, although their faces has yet to be revealed. The figure in question is a woman dressed in a long, black laced dress. Her hair flows delicaltely as the wind gently blows by.

NARRATOR: “Wrestlers do not have time to waste their time thinking about pandering to the fans and ensuring that they are well-liked. To amount to anything, one must remain vigilant and aggressive; showing no mercy to anyone that stands in their way. If one’s sole purpose was to worry about being nice and respectful, then they would have to be a fool to think in such an unenlightened way. That is nothing more than willful ignorance, and willful ignorance is a hindrance to one’s rise to the throne known as Glory.”
Shots of fans booing and spewing venomous hate are seen, all while various phrases such as “She is an absolute psychopath” and “Never have I seen a wrestler with this much hatred for them” are heard. The scene then cuts haphazardly back to the woman; this time her deep, cherry-red lips are seen and the figure is actually giggling and laughing in pure amusement. It’s almost as if she is hearing the fans booing and the commentator’s remarks about her. The narrator’s voice would become impassioned as the scene alternates between the woman and the angered fans, all while the music increases in its volume and tempo.

NARRATOR: “So, let them hate! Let them all scream and shout, jeer and let their anger seethe out! Their hatred will be fuel. Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil. No deed is a bad deed if that deed is to help an individual reach their goal quicker and more efficiently. There are no morals in professional wrestling. It is an anything-goes, blood shedding contest to see who is the best, and with that, there can be no respect. There can be none of it!”
While the narrator is speaking, the shot alternates to various angle’s of the figure’s lips moving and the throne, which now had a crown taking residence in it. With the shots that capture’s the woman’s speaking, she is following along to the words of the narrator.

NARRATOR: “There is no shame in being selfish and putting your best interests in front of everything else. Things like respect and honor are futile if they are getting in the way of you being the best that you can possibly be! The adoration and fanfare are pointless if you keep on getting your asses kicked week in and week out. The fact will always remain the same: Professional wrestling is a competition filled with nothing pure, unadulterated aggression, and if you can’t handle that, then you shouldn’t be here.”
A dramatic pause takes into effect as the figure lets out a sigh, hanging her head low. The shot was behind the woman, but it now makes its way to capture the woman from the front. Her face isn’t revealed yet, capturing her at around her torso area, but slowly the camera shifts upwards, gradually leading up to her face…

FIGURE: “…So, if I am to be loathed and hated for what I do, then so be it. I will not relegate myself to being just. Like. you. I am above all of you. I transcend the competition. I am not just another wrestler. I am more than that. I am simply…”
… And once her face is revealed, Caroline O’Hara Burchill can be seen looking directly back at the camera.

BURCHILL: “…Immaculate.”
Upon the revelation of her face, the music would suddenly shift from the violins and cellos to that of hip-hop. In particular, “Changed It” by Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne now plays as a footage montage shows Burchill in action. From placing her opponents in various uncomfortable-looking submissions that would make anyone squeal in discomfort to vicious knee strikes, kicks, and other devastating maneuvers. The montage also shows the fans’ uproarious hatred towards Burchill in various entrances that she made, ranging from trash being thrown at her to some of the fans actually reaching out toward her in an attempt to undoubtedly harm her. However, the finals bits of the montage has Caroline’s laugh playing over the music as shots of her grinning, smirking, teasing the opponents and acting haughty are seen. The montage finally ends with Caroline inside a ring and flashing a devilish wink toward the camera as the fades to black.
When we come back, the camera is now positioned in front of the throne, which is empty. After a while, Caroline comes into view once more as she positions herself in front of the camera and sits down, hands clasped together as she stares back with her signature smirk on full display for everyone to see. The camera then gets closer and, once close enough, Caroline leans forward and says the following words:

BURCHILL: “My name is Caroline O’Hara Burchill, and I have a pretty damn good feeling that I am going to be hated around here. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine because all of the hate will stem from the fact that I am just simply better than each and every single last one of you.”
Caroline smirks and leans back as “Changed It” nears its end.

“You can’t say nothin’, you can’t say nothin’
You end up everywhere you say you wasn’t
Is that your boyfriend? Why you say that’s your cousin?
I don’t do handshakes, that shit disgusts me”

And as the song does, so does the scene.


The first bars of Shy Glizzy’s “Awwsome” is queued up on the sound system amidst a slight roar of the audience.

”Young Jefe holmes!
Swish, I’m ballin’. I’m so awesome.
Oh bitch keep callin’, she think I’m awesome.
Choppers wanna rob me, I’m so awesome.
Out here like a possum, I’m so awesome.”

POWERS: ”Now introducing from Atlanta, Georgia…”

”I’m so fuckin’ awesome, I’m so awesome.
I’m so fuckin’ awesome, I’m so awesome.
I’m so fuckin’ awesome, I’m so awesome.
I’m so fuckin’ awesome, I’m so awesome.”

As the cymbal taps begin to speed up the beat, Lil’ Boeing emerges from behind the curtain with Snoopy medallion in hand, faux-flying it around while simultaneously shoulder-shrugging to the music.

POWERS: ”Weighing in at one-hundred seventy-five pounds and powered by propulsion engine, he is Dat Plane Doe…ladies and gentlemen, here is LIL’ BBOOEEIINNGG!!!”

”Oh my fucking God, pull up in that, oh my gosh
You niggas so soft, get that arrow out yo heart.
You can be a boss or you can get a job.
You do not go hard, you a mothafuckin’ fraud.”

Making his way down the aisle, Lil’ Boeing spreads his arms out airplane-style, swerving to and fro to slap hands with the audience members.

”Young Jefe, I got boats you can sail away.
Dope boy, you are not my friend, you need to get away.
Call up my driver tell him scoop me in his Escalade.
Night Sunday, bet a thousand bucks on Tampa Bay.
Got a lot of spots like a motherfucking cheetah…
All we do is trap, my OGs still got beepers.
Bad little kitty momma took my ass to jeepers…
Tryna get a ticket like no money in the meter.”

Transitioning his plane movements into a Bankhead Bounce as he approaches the ring, Lil’ Boeing climbs the apron and scales the top turnbuckle, perching himself up and once again flying the Snoopy chain to the tune of the music.

”Swish, I’m ballin
I’m so awesome.
Old bitch keep callin
She think I’m awesome.
Jackboys wanna rob me
I’m so awesome.
Out here like a possum
I’m so, I’m so awesome.”

JOHNSON: ”I really wish I knew what the whole dat plane doe thing was about.”

VASSA: ”They didn’t pass that information out at the assisted living facility you stay in?”

Luke makes his way out onto the ramp and looks out at the crowd as “Break You” by Lamb of God plays. He walks down the ramp and plays up to the crowd before sliding into the ring.

POWERS: ”Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. He is LUKE JJOONNEESS!!!”

Luke climbs the top turnbuckle and poses for the crowd before climbing back down and preparing himself for his opponent.

JOHNSON: ”Shut the hell up, Vinny. If you’re so smart you tell me what dat plane doe means.”

VASSA: ”I could… but then I’d have to kill you.”

JOHNSON: ”The only way your fat ass could kill me is if you fell on me.”

VASSA: ”Wow, going with the second grade playground jokes there Steve. Didn’t know they had those back when Jesus was walking around.”


Having had the rules explained to them and having been checked over for foreign objects, the referee signalled for the bell and the match was immediately underway. Both men met in the middle of the ring to start things off, jawing back and forth at each other before Boeing reached out and grabbed both of Luke’s cheeks and pulled them apart, laughing loudly as Luke pulled away from him in annoyance. In response, Luke took his hand and ran it along his wrestling trunks from ass to balls and then slapped Boeing across the face with an open right hand.

JOHNSON: ”That’s disgusting.”

VASSA: ”That’s what you get when you pull someone’s cheeks like that. Total dick move.”

Taking off towards the far ropes, Boeing leapt into the air and bounced feet first off the middle rope, flying back in Luke’s direction, crashing into him with a flying foream smash. Immediately Boeing got back to his feet and dropped a senton across the chest of Luke Jones. He then stood and took a step, dropping another senton Luke again. Once more the process was repeated with Boeing standing and then leaping and dropping a third senton across Luke’s chest before turning and covering him for a pinfall attempt.


At two Luke fired out of the pinfall attempt and scrambled back up to his feet, dodging a quick punch from the swiftly standing Boeing. Quickly, Luke dodged another one before stepping in and driving his knee into Boeings stomach. He then grabbed Boe on either side of his head and drove his own forehead into his opponents on three consecutive occasions before allowing Lil Boeing to drop down to the mat. Relentless, Luke stood over him and dropped a quick elbow across his chest. Mimicking the rapid fire succession of moves that Boeing had executed on him earlier, Luke stood and dropped a second elbow and then stood and dropped a third elbow across Boeings chest.

Getting a bit cocky, Luke stood and went for a fourth but at the last second Boeing managed to roll out of the way and let Jones drive his elbow into the empty mat. Pushing himself up to his feet, Boeing waved his arms around in the air like he was Liu Kang preparing to fight Scorpion to the death in a Mortal Kombat game. Slowly, Luke got back to his feet and as he did so he was greeted with a bicycle kick that would have made Liu Kang proud, snapping his head to the right and dropping him back down to the mat quickly. Again, Boeing scrambled and covered for the pinfall attempt.


JOHNSON: ”Luke Jones showing some fight here. Maybe he’s got a chance to survive in 4CW after all.”

VASSA: ”He’s got all of the physical talent in the world, Steve. The guy just is a lazy son of a bitch. No sympathy at all for him on my end.”

Both men scrambled back to their feet with Boe getting there a bit quicker. Swinging a right hand at Luke, Jones managed to block the attack and then return fire with a strike of his own before delivering a kick to Boeing’s stomach, doubling the man over. Quickly Luke pulled his head down between his legs and then flipped Boeing up onto his shoulders. Taking off at a sprint, or at least a fast jog, Luke tossed Boeing off of his shoulders and sent him flying wickedly into the nearby turnbuckle with a brutal powerbomb into the corner. KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES’

Stumbling out of the corner in a daze, Boeing never saw the yakuza kick that Luke calls the FOLLOW BACK, which crushed into his jaw and sent him spinning down to the mat in a heap. Sensing the momentum in his favor, Luke quickly moved to Boeing and wrapped him up around his waist. Showing zero effort to try and resist the maneuver, Luke smirked and then deadlifted Lil Boeing, tossing him over his head with a bridging deadlift german suplex. As he did so the referee slid in to count yet another pinfall attempt.


Boeings foot just barely hung across the middle rope, leaving the referee no option but to stop the count and tap Luke on his shoulder, explaining what had happened to him. Frustration evident on his face, Luke pulled at his hair in shock before slamming his hands down onto the mat. Back up to his feet he pulled Boeing back up to his feet and sent him running into the ropes with an irish whip. On Boeings return, Luke telegraphed and atomic drop.

Instinctively Boeing countered with a hurricanrana, flipping Luke down to the mat. With a sudden second wind, Boeing popped up to his feet much to the delight of the fans as he quickly moved to the corner nearby and ascended to the top rope. Steadying himself on the ropes he wasted no time leaping off, flipping in a beautiful moonsault, and driving both of his knees down across the chest of Luke Jones.



Dropping across Luke, Boeing hooked the leg and the referee dropped to the mat to count.



JOHNSON: ”Kid showed fight tonight and Luke Jones held his own. Not a bad way to pick up after the chaos of our opening match.”

VASSA: ”Big win for dat plane doe and somehow, someway, Luke Jones has survived to fight another day.”

As the scene faded backstage, Boeings hand was raised in victory as Luke Jones began to recover, visible disappointment etched into his expression.

After the match we cut to the back in a special set with two chairs and a monitor between them. In the two chairs are Max Cavanaugh and Alexis Terry, dressed in a tuxedo and ball gown respectively. Clearly they brought in very expensive stylists after the pre-show to make sure they looked amazing for their first appearance on 4CW television. The monitor between them reads “#MaxMailbag”.
CAVANAUGH: “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Max Cavanaugh. Earlier tonight, I beat the shit out of Trace Lando on the pre-show. In two weeks, I make my real debut on Adrenaline. This is my manager, Alexis Terry, but you already know her because she is a living legend. If 4CW knew anything about business, they would induct her into the Hall of Fame.”
TERRY: “The current 4CW Champion is a product of my masterful teaching, so I agree with you Max. Bronx Valescence and 4CW owe me so much money.”
CAVANAUGH: “But that is a story for another time. Tonight, we wanted to hold a special question and answer session with the billions of fans who make up the Max Fan Nation. Tweet your questions with the hashtag ‘MaxMailbag’ and we will try to get to them, but remember I am very popular so the odds aren’t in your favor. Alexis, do you have the first question?”
TERRY: “I sure do Max. The first one reads: ‘Hello Max. You are sexy. Very sexy. Like – the sexiest man I have ever seen. Will you sex me?’ I think this is a great question.”
Max smiles and nods politely.
CAVANAUGH: “Thank you, Max Fan. Yes, I am very sexy. If you want to have sex with me you can contact my people and they will add you to the Sex List, which is a list of women who I may have sex with. If I decide you are suitably clean and attractive, then I will invite you to have sex with me. But not right now, because I have a girlfriend. Next question.”
TERRY: “’What are your goals in 4CW?’ Oh God…”
He is clearly frustrated by the dumb question.
CAVANAUGH: “My goals? I want to win, you idiot. Next question.”
TERRY: “I’m sorry about that one Max. These horrible producers gave me a bad one because they are bad at their jobs. Here is a better one. ‘President Putin recently put on a piano recital in China. Your thoughts, Max?’”
Leaning back in his chair, Max strokes his beard in silent contemplation for a few moments.
CAVANAUGH: “If you abstract from the current material situation of international geopolitics, the idea of a Russian president holding a piano recital in China is actually pretty cool. Next question.”
TERRY: “Ohh. ‘How do you feel about love?’ How sweet.’”
CAVANAUGH: “Across the centuries the moral systems from medieval chivalry to Bruce Springsteen love anthems have worked the same basic way. They take immediate selfish interests and enmesh them within transcendent, spiritual meanings. Love becomes a holy cause, an act of self-sacrifice and selfless commitment.”
TERRY: “Max, your intelligence always impresses me.’”
A big cheeky smile.
CAVANAUGH: “Thank you. I’m actually a very intelligent, introspective, and humble person. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. There are a lot of dumb people in 4CW but I am not afraid to show them how stupid they are.”
TERRY: “Wow. Inspirational. Thank you so much for doing this, Max.’”
CAVANAUGH: “No. I want to think the Max Fan Nation. They work tirelessly to make sure I am the most popular and rich wrestler in the entire world. Max out.”
He throws up a peace sign and we fade to black.

Heading backstage we find ourselves with Carmella Wilder sitting in a chair, in Perry Wallace’s office for the weekend. Not having to hide any drug paraphernalia this week as it’s legal here in Denver. Though doubtful any that he has bought is anything but legal. The two seeming in the middle of a meeting regarding what else, but Carmella’s noticeably absent son.
C. WILDER: ”I mean he ended that Truth Clemmens career. He beat Marquis at South Beach Brawl in a match you have to admit was one of, if not the biggest on the show. And I mean other than tag team matches and battle royal’s he has been dominant of late. I think he deserves a big opportunity…”
Perry takes a moment, looking around like he must have just taken a few hits prior to this meeting to get through it.
WALLACE: ”Well, maybe it’s this Denver weed talking. But I have already got him booked in a huge match next show. He’ll be in a fatal four way qualifier for Ante Up.”
Carmella smiles seeming very content with this decision, despite Perry not being completely done with his thought.
WALLACE: ”He’ll be facing Johnny Evil, Dakota Smith, and —“
Even though he does finish the fourth name it is not heard, as the door opens. And Carmella does not seem to notice at all, instead looking frightened by the inclusion of a man she has long feared in Dakota Smith. But coming through the door is Jett Wilder himself not dressed to compete with the night off, but still showing up. Though it doesn’t seem like it is for the meeting at all.
J. WILDER: ”Oh hey mom, hey Perry. Have you guys seen Marquis?”
Jett says this, looking around the room for her. Either needing to talk, or more likely in a heated hide and seek game on their night off.
WALLACE: ”Just told your mom the good news about your match next show.”
Carmella still seems to not have let it sink in yet, that she yet again has to deal with the impending threat of Dakota Smith hurting her son. Jett smirks seeming happy but more interested in this hide and seek game.
J. WILDER: ”Oh sweet boss, that is great news. So no Marquis, maybe under your desk…Oh wait, with Kaysie down there she would have no room.”
Perry too high to notice the subtle remark from Jett as Carmella gets up walking with him out of the office. Forgetting to say goodbye to Perry in her fear, though he is too busy hoisting his bong unto the table to care.
C. WILDER: ”Jett, Jett whatever you do. Do not say anything to Dakota on social media this week. Ok? Let’s keep it cordial.”
Jett dismisses her for the most part with a simple nod, as she leaves him to go get some fresh air. Jett continues down the hallway scoping out for Marquis. When from down the hall a woman and a man’s voice can be heard arguing as Jett perks up.
J. WILDER: ”Oh sweet Eli and Gene made it!”
Excited he runs around the corner only to be upset when it’s just a few stage hands in a heated argument on where something should go. Shrugging it off, he continues his search yelling out.
J. WILDER: ”Marquis! Where are you?”
Jett walks around peaking under a few objects, along the way. Struggling to locate Marquis, as he is really taking his week off seriously as he now looks prepped to head into a four way qualifier for Ante Up.


The show pans back to ringside as we are set for our next match up of the night.
POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“In the end you’ll know my name”

The arena lights begin to flash in tune with the drumbeat of “King” by Saint PHNX, signifying the arrival of Keaton Saint who makes his presence felt at the top of the ramp. Saint looks out to the arena crowd, taking in the atmosphere before concentrating on the ring.
“I just want to scream
That nothing’s what it seems
I’ll just keep believing
One day I’ll be king
Say it loud enough
I ain’t going nowhere
You can’t break me down
One day I’ll be king”

Saint progresses to the ring, taking time to acknowledge his supporters and exchange high-fives and respect.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from London, England and weighing in at two hundred and fourty eight pounds. He is known as the Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling, he is KEATON SSAAIINNTT!!!”
Saint enters the ring and stretches himself, testing the tautness of the ropes before going to a corner and preparing himself for the upcoming match.
JOHNSON: ”And here is Keaton Saint, a man who has had some ups and downs in his career, but a man you still don’t want to discount.”
VASSA:”Oh absolutely not. Saint is a veteran in the ring and all it takes is one mistake from his opponent and it’s game over for them.”
”Orgasmatron” by Sepulture hits as Nirvana makes his way from the back. Around his shoulder, is his barbed wire covered weapon as he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring.
POWERS: ”And making his way to the ring, from parts unknown, he weighs in at three hundred twenty-eight pounds…..NNIIRRVVAANNAA!!!”
JOHNSON: ”And here comes a man who is very dangerous in that ring. Nirvana has been known for his power and extreme nature in the ring. Saint is going to have his hands full tonight.”
VASSA: ”Yea, I like Saint but he’s going to have to be very careful against Nirvana tonight if he’s going to want to walk out of here with a win tonight.”

The referee calls for the bell as Saint and Nirvana circle each other in the center of the ring. Both men grapple each other as a test of strength prevails the scene as Nirvana tries to go for some boxing punches but Saints grapple on him is preventing him from doing so and as a result, Saint takes Nirvana down with an armbar. Nirvana is quick to respond, however, and gets back to his feet quickly but Saint stays ahead of him and takes him down with a hip toss. Nirvana once again gets back to his feet as his met with another hip toss from Saint. Saint grabs him and hits a fisherman suplex taking Nirvana down to the mat. Saint drops down and covers Nirvana.

JOHNSON: ”Saint strikes first as he uses his veteran knowledge to take Nirvana down in this opening segment.”
VASSA: ”Yea, Saint is going to be tough and Nirvana not being able to move around quickly in that ring is going to be a disadvantage, especially against Keaton Saint. That’s going to play a major fact in this match.”
Nirvana gets back to his feet but is taken down by another hip toss from Saint. As Nirvana gets back to his feet once more, Saint rushes off the ropes and takes him down with a running bulldog. Saint once again drops down and covers Nirvana.

JOHNSON: ”Keaton continues to show an impressive offensive display against Nirvana. Nirvana just can’t seem to catch pace with Saint and that is looking like a bigger problem for him already.”
VASSA: ”Nirvana’s disadvantage isn’t his quickness in that ring. He’s going to have to do something big to turn this match around if he’s going to want to keep up with Keaton.”
Saint continues to stay on the offense as he grabs Nirvana and goes for a german suplex, but Nirvana lands on his feet right behind Saint, much to Saint’s surprise. Nirvana takes this opportunity to surprise Saint by blasting him with a clothesline from behind, taking Saint down hard to the mat. Nirvana picks Saint back up and proceeds to grab him and slam him back down into the mat hard with the old man slam. Nirvana pins the shoulders of Saint into the mat as he goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”Close two count there by Nirvana as his power is being displayed with that takedown. Nirvana looks as if he’s finally gotten himself back into this matchup.”
VASSA: ”Yea, and that could be a problem for Saint. Nirvana may be slow in that ring, but his power is where he makes up for that. Saint could be in trouble if that happens.”
Nirvana continues his offensive power display by stomping away at Saint into the mat. Nirvana starts to choke out Saint before locking in a sleeper hold on him. Saint struggles to reach out towards the ropes but after a few moments, is able to get himself closer to the bottom rope. Nirvana sees this and immediately brings Saint to his feet quickly before lifting him up in the air for a brief moment and dropping him with the old man drop. Nirvana once again goes for the cover on Saint.

JOHNSON: ”Man that was a close two count by Nirvana, but Saint just barely was able to stay in this match up! The power from Nirvana is starting to catch up with Saint, and that’s not good for Saint!”
VASSA: ”What did I say earlier Stevie? I knew if Nirvana got his power executed against Keaton, this was going to be a completely different match and that’s exactly what is happening here right now.”
Nirvana strikes away at Saint again with some more stomps to the back of the head. Nirvana finally brings Saint back to his feet and lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Saint is able to reverse it and turn it into a DDT that sends Nirvana crashing hard head first into the mat. Nirvana is dazed, but gets back to his feet slowly before Saint runs at him and takes him down with a crossbody. Saint heads to the top rope as Nirvana is back up and Saint is able to hit him with a drop kick. Saint heads up top one more time and dives off and is able to connect with an elbow drop before covering Nirvana in the center of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Oh my god that was very close!! Saint nearly had that match right there but Nirvana just is able to kick out in the nick of time!”
VASSA: ”Holy balls that was closer than I think a lot of people imagine because it literally looked like Nirvana wasn’t going to kick out of that, but he did. Saint almost had him and I expect Saint to try and look for a closing here soon.”
And that’s exactly what Saint is going to do as he reaches down and attempts to lock Nirvana in the Keaton Clutch. Nirvana struggles, however, but is barely able to keep Saint from locking in the hold on him. Nirvana is able to find a crack in Saint’s strength and picks him up and is able to hit a devastating airplane spin on him taking him down into the canvas. As Saint is still dazed from that move, Nirvana makes his move and picks Saint up before connecting with the Nervous Wreck completely leveling Saint into the mat as he goes for the cover.


POWERS: ”Here is your winner…NNIIRRVVAANNAA!!!”
JOHNSON: ”It was close, but Nirvana finding a way at the last moment to pick up the win here tonight!”
VASSA: ”A wins a win, Stevie. Great effort by Saint, but the power of Nirvana was just too much in the end for Keaton.”
JOHNSON: ”Good, classic work from Keaton as always, but Nirvana’s power scores him the victory in tonight’s bout. Good effort by both men, though.”
Nirvana celebrates as he gets back to his feet in the middle of the ring as Adrenaline pans backstage.

Cameras make the jump to somewhere deep into the Pepsi Center. It looks like the boiler room where a bunch of crates and other things are found. The lens searches inside the area until they find Alexis Morrison sitting down in a chair. She looks at her cellphone.

MORRISON: “Ever since I was a little girl. I have always had people surrounding me, telling me, just how tougher they were. It didn’t matter if it was at the playground, outside of Pier Burger, or a few miles from home they’d all question me. They would all look down at me for who they thought was a weak little girl to project their criticisms toward.”

She said softly.

MORRISON: “You see Anastasia. I have heard the same questions from your own mouth as you talked the last couple of days. You questioned me. You doubt my ability to beat you inside that ring tonight despite the fact I could at anytime.”

Her blonde locks bounced as Alexis looked up. Her emerald eyes were locked onto the camera lens before looking at the ground. She sighs.

MORRISON: “Like tonight.”

Alexis gets up. She starts to walk through the back while cameras follow her gentle footsteps across the hard surface. Alexis Morrison stops. Rests her arm against the arena wall looking at things. Her lifts herself off the wall and walks toward where she came. She picks up the steel chair and looks at the object closely in the limited lighting in the room.

MORRISON: “Do you remember this, Anastasia? The stopper of your dreams and the maker of your first lost? Like I said before, I don’t need this to get the job done. I don’t need the assistance of a weapon to beat you, or to get the cheap escape. You’re a tough bitch in and out of the ring, you’ve dealt with a lot of punishment. You’d had to spend countless times having medical attention look at your battle wounds after matches.”

Alexis could feel her breath move her chest slowly. She looks back at the steel chair on the ground, then looks at the camera lens.

MORRISON: “Soon. You’ll find out I’m just as tough, Ana.”

Cameras fade into blackness while Alexis is left standing there.

The scene cuts to the parking lot, where we see Gabriel Hartman moving with haste in direction of a black Chevy Suburban that has just been parked. A couple of seconds later, four ski-masked men step out of the vehicle – one of them is DeAndre Johnson Jr. Hartman gathers himself, adjusting his tie as he stands close to Johnson Jr, whom simply ignores the staff member’s presence.
HARTMAN: “Hello, Johnson, how are you doing tonight? I’d like to ask you a couple of questions before you get to the ring, if you don’t mind.”
No response from Johnson’s entourage. Hartman just stands there in an awkward silence as the men shut their doors and begin their walk toward the entry way. The camera follows them, alongside with Hartman.
HARTMAN: “It won’t take too long, DeAndre, I promise. First of all, would you like to say anything to the fans watching you at home?”
Again, no response. This time; however, DeAndre looks to the tallest individual in the group – much taller than the man himself. He then, signals with his head as if he is allowing him to take action.
HARTMAN: “Anything to…”
Hartman is interrupted by that tall man, whom stands between Johnson and him.
? ? ?: “No more questions.”
The size and body language of the man is rather intimidating; however, Hartman persists.
HARTMAN: “But, Johnson… Mariano called you a gangbanger wannabe. Don’t you have anything to say about that?”
Johnson whispers a couple of words to the other individual walking by his side, and they laugh.
HARTMAN: “Are you actually related to gangs, Johnson?”
That specific question caught Johnson’s attention – unfortunately, not in a positive way. He signals to the tallest man once again, and this time, the man brutally pushes Hartman away, dropping the staff member flat on his back.
? ? ?: “I said. No. More. Questions. Nigga!”
The camera backs away a little. Johnson lets out a chuckle as the entourage begins to walk away, leaving the staff members behind.
JOHNSON JR.: “Damn, fool! You shouldn’t have done that. Perry’s gon’ fine me ‘cause of yo dumb ass.”
? ? ?: “Man, fuck Perry, cuz’! Let’s get this paper. We gon’ catch a body tonight, and then we going to the strip club.”
Johnson and the men trade fist bumps.
JOHNSON JR.: “Now that’s how gangbanger wannabes roll, booooy. We livin’ the stereotype! But yo, let’s move, man, I’m a lil bit late.”
The men can be heard laughing as the camera shows Hartman being helped up to his feet. The staff member shakes his head and pats the dirt off his slacks as the scene fades.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The majority of the fans turn their attention to the entrance once a generic elevator music is played on the sound system. The following question pops up on the big screen:

Are you fed up with the obscenity in 4CW?

The question fades as the TV-PG sign slowly expands until it reaches the edges of the screen. Suddenly, the elevator music is cut off, and “Pause 4 Porno” by Dr. Dre promptly begins to play.

“Y’all ready to get nasty?”

The TV-PG logo cracks in multiple pieces, revealing a Parental Advisory — EXPLICIT CONTENT sign. The loud moaning echoes throughout the arena as Taboo emerges from behind the curtains. He adjusts his balaclava mask and stands motionless at the center of the entrance stage. After that, he tilts his head down a bit while his black eyes focus on the ring.

POWERS: ”Standing six feet, four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds. He is the self-entitled Exxxplicit, proudly representing the three-two-three Los Angeles, California… TTAABBOOOO!!!”

Without further ado, Taboo begins to make his way to the ring. Once he approaches the ringside, he quickly rolls into the ring and gets up to his feet. Next, the man slowly paces toward his corner just to lower his head and grab the top ropes, patiently waiting for the bell to ring.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.

VASSA: ”Now this man right here, he looks like promising young talent!!”

JOHNSON: ”Well, if he wants to be noticed, beating Manny will help him along the way, I’m sure of it!!


“Many folks they never heard of me
So i’ma introduce myself by using some hyperboles
I am that voice that talks a ton but no one chatters back
They rather act like blatters act and spaz on rappers, matter fact”

POWERS: “And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred and eioghty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida… “THE GADFLY”… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”

“… Waiting for the day I’ll get the silence I deserve
So I ain’t talking oxen when I say, I just want to be heard!”

The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring.

“It seems like everywhere I gooooooooo
Everybody, they’re trying to steal the shoooooooow
(AHA!) So I’m here with my plan
I got to let’em hear who I am!”

Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!

“I wanna show that NOW’S MY TIME, TODAY’S MY DAY!

As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone.


JOHNSON: “What a great match Mariano was in last Adrenaline, and he almost won it!”

VASSA: ”Please, Johnson… don’t! I gag every fucking time I think about the ending of that match!


The match starts and Deandre comes out firing a right hand and Mariano. Manny ducks it and runs toward the ropes. He springs off the ropes and comes back in DJ’s direction, but Johnson drops to the mat, causing Manny to hop over him and charge into the ring ropes on the other side of the ring. As Manny returns, Deandre locks his forearm under Manny’s underarm and sends him over with a hip toss. Somehow from the momentum, Manny does a quick kip-up as he lands upon the mat and rises to his feet facing away from DJ. DJ rushes up behind him and locks his arms around Mariano’s waist, but Manny fires a right elbow back into Deandre’s chin. Firing a second elbow, Deandre releases the hold and stumbles back, gripping his chin. Manny spins around and rushes forward, hoping into the air with a dropkick causing Deandre to fall back into the corner, Mariano runs forward and does a shoulder tackle on Deandre in the corner before back hand springing back and rushing forward again and hoping up, planting both feet on DJ’s chest while gripping at his arms with both hands and sending him flying backward with a monkey flip.

JOHNSON: ”Boy, Mariano coming out with some speed and intensity here tonight!”

VASSA: ”Of course he did… That’s Mariano Fernandez, he’s got blood in his veins folks!”

Manny rolls to his feet, and ascends to the middle rope. As Deandre comes to a stand, Manny hops into the air and wraps his legs around DJ’s neck. Mariano attempts a hurricanrana but Deandre keeps him held and plants him down onto the mat with a huge sit-out powerbomb counter. Deandre climbs to his feet and springs off the ropes, coming back toward Manny as he lays on the canvas, hopping into the air, Deandre sits out and lands on Mariano’s stomach with a senton splash. Quickly coming back to his feet, Deandre aims to keep the pressure on, reaching down and lifting Mariano from the canvas by his soccer mom hairstyle. He grips Manny’s forearm and sends him into the ropes. As Manny comes forward, Deandre spins and extends his arm out looking for a Discus clothesline. Manny ducks under it and as Deandre turns back toward him, Mariano lifts into the air and jolts backward, connecting to DJ’s chin with a pele kick.

VASSA: ”Oh boy… If Deandre Johnson would have connected with that discus clothesline, he would have taken Mariano Fernandez’s head off of his shoulders!”

JOHNSON: ”You may be right, but Manny scouted it and what a great Pele Kick to follow it up!”

Mariano reaches down and pulls DJ to his feet. He delivers a knife edge chop to Deandre’s chest that echo’s the arena. As Deandre falls back into the corner, Manny delivers another one. He lifts Deandre up and sits him upon the top turnbuckle, before ascending over him. Deandre begins to fight it off by firing several shots into Mariano’s ribs causing him to fall off of the ropes. Deandre shakes off the grogginess and hops from the ropes, shooting both feet outward and planting them into Manny’s face, laying him to the mat with a missile dropkick. Crawling over toward Mariano as he rolls onto his back he reaches out and makes the pin.


JOHNSON: ”Hell no! It’s going to take a lot more than that to keep Mariano Fernandez down, he almost punched his ticket to Ante Up two weeks ago, he’s no slouch!”

VASSA: ”Yuck, what a shit show that was!”

Following the kick out, Deandre climbs to his feet and reaches down, pulling Mariano to standing position. He fires a kick into Manny’s thigh and then delivers an elbow to his ribs, causing him to buckle forward. Locking Mariano’s head under his arms, DJ goes to lock him up for a fisherman’s suplex, but Manny quickly turns out of the suplex set-up so that Deandre’s back is facing him. He locks his arms around Deandre’s waist and goes to send him sailing backward with a German suplex, but DJ scrambles forward wrapping his arms around the top rope. After regaining his balance, Deandre releases the ropes and fires an elbow backward, only to have it caught and locked up by Mariano. Manny lifts and flings him back with a half nelson suplex, causing Deandre to crash to the canvas. Awaiting DJ to scramble to his feet, Mariano rushes forward and hops up, placing his leg across Deandre’s neck looking for a fameassour. Deandre scouts his and holds the leg, turning him in midair as he stands so that Manny is now on his shoulders. DJ drops backward, causing Mariano to hit the mat back first with an electric chair drop.

VASSA: ”Nobody in GTA can do that… Take that, Troll Guy!”

JOHNSON: ”Excellent awareness and great counter from Deandre Johnson!”

Deandre climbs to his feet and reaches down, lifting Manny to all fours. He begins to hit a bit of trash talk before locking Mariano’s head between his arm and hitting a snap DDT. Feeling like he’s weakened Manny enough, he reaches down and pulls him to his feet. DJ spins Manny around and grips both arms, pulling him up upon his back and hoisting him up. Bending forward he locks Mariano up in his ‘Issa’ Wrap’ submission. As Mariano let’s out a grunt of pain, the official checks on him to see if he wants to give up. Manny shakes his head ‘no’ as he grunts and yells in pain. DJ starts cranking on him a bit more, applying more pressure to the hold as the referee continues to look on.

JOHNSON: ”Issa Wrap!!! Manny may have no choice but to tap-out!”

VASSA: ”Mariano is too prideful for that… dumb, but prideful none the less!”

Mariano continues to yell as the official checks on him closely. Beginning to shake and twist, Manny fights with all he can. Getting just enough leverage that he needs to unlatch his legs, Manny pulls back and drops to his knees, sliding Deandre over his back. As DJ’s shoulders hit the mat, Mariano tries to hold him there for the pin, but Deandre kicks back and rolls out of it as both men scramble to their feet, Manny stands first and darts forward, extending his leg out and clipping DJ directly in the jaw with a superkick. Deandre stumbles back into the ropes and they send him rebounding forward. Manny reaches out and locks him up in a roll up pin.


Deandre kicks out and scrambles to his feet as Manny hops up. Mariano goes for a spinning leg lariat, but DJ ducks under it. As Mariano plants his leg back down, Deandre knees him in the ribs and then tosses him toward the ropes. Manny hits the ropes and rolls over them, landing in standing position on the ring apron. He vaults himself to the top rope as Deandre turns around and springboards forward connecting with a springboard DDT, planting Deandre head first into the mat. DJ rolls around on the mat, clutching his head in pain as Mariano digs into the mat and rises to his feet. Manny makes it to the corner of the ring and ascends to the top turnbuckle. As Deandre rolls onto his back, Mariano hops into the air and flips out into a four fifty splash, but as he connects, DJ pulls both knees up, causing Mariano to land stomach first on top of them. Rolling around, howling in pain, both men lay hurt on the canvas.

JOHNSON: ”Mariano Fernandez went for the four-fifty splash and took knees to the stomach, both men are down!!!

VASSA: ”Deandre is showing signs of life!”

Deandre crawls over to Manny exhausted and hurt and drapes an arm over his shoulder for a pin…


Manny rolls a shoulder up, causing Deandre to roll off of him and sit up from the canvas. Deandre digs into the mat and pulls himself to his feet. He reaches down and lifts Mariano to his feet. Gripping at his wrist, he sends Manny into the corner with an Irish whip. Mariano bounces out and comes stumbling toward Deandre. Deandre lifts Manny into the air with a scoop slam, but fighting it off, Mariano kicks behind Deandre. He lands behind him and locks his head up, jolting forward and driving DJ down face first with a running bulldog. In a tired state, Mariano rolls onto his stomach and makes a climb for the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Using the ropes as a crutch Manny rises to his feet and looks at Deandre positioned in the middle of the ring.

VASSA: ”It looks like Mariano’s about to pick up a victory for the Nords!”

JOHNSON: ”I sense a Stormcloak Elbow coming!”

Manny sets up over top of Deandre. Springing into the ropes he comes back and hops over DJ’s chest. He springs off the other ropes and rebounds back toward Deandre. Yelling his infamous phrase, “For The Nords”, Mariano drops back and drives an elbow directly into Deandre’s chest. Wasting no time standing to his feet, he signals that the end is near. As a beaten and winded DJ climbs to his feet, Manny lifts him up setting up for a Dovahkiin Driver.Sensing trouble, Deandre kicks around wildly and falls behind Mariano, headbutting Manny in the back of the head as he lands. Mariano stumbles forward and lands across the second rope. Still woozy from the headbutt himself, Deandre wobbles around for a moment before darting forward and diving through the second rope legs first upon Manny’s back and neck connecting Yo Death. As Mariano falls back to the canvas, Deandre shakes off his grogginess and slowly slides into the ring, hooking the leg as he does.





As the bell sounds, Deandre pulls himself to a knee, still trying to shake off his grogginess.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… DEANDRE JOHNSON JJUUNNIIOORR!!!”

Deandre looks around as the official helps him to his feet. He stumbles forward and hooks his arms over the ropes to stop himself from falling. Looking around the arena, DJ gives a confident nod…

VASSA: ”YO DEATH!!! Deandre picks up a big win here!”

JOHNSON: ”Yeah, but how close was Mariano Fernandez to pulling the win!! You gotta’ think, that headbutt was desperate!”

VASSA: ”That headbutt wasn’t desperate, it was smart on Deandre Johnson’s part!”

JOHNSON: ”No matter how you look at it, that was a big win for Taboo tonight!”

The camera cuts backstage to show Perry Wallace walking down the hall. He turns the corner into his office to find someone sitting behind his desk with his back to the 4CW Owner.
WALLACE: “What are you doing in my office?”
The chair spins around to show the man sitting in it.
BARROWS: “Waiting for you. We need to talk. Now as you might have heard, I plan to throw a little party at Adrenaline Sixty-Nine.”
WALLACE: “Are you referring to your little “4 Corners Frenzy” match that I didn’t sanction?”
BARROWS: “There’s nothing “little” about it. I plan to have thirty people in that match. But yes, that is what I’m referring to. Now I’m having this match with OR without your approval, but in order to reach that magic number of thirty, I need to give them something to fight for. That’s where you come in.”
WALLACE: “Why should I entertain this idea?”
BARROWS: “Number one, it’ll be history-making AND money-making for your company. Two, you’re the only one that has the power to make this the must-see match it deserves to be by giving the winner of the match something special. And three, I’m not going to leave you alone until I get what I want.”
WALLACE: “Is that a threat?
BARROWS: “Do you know how annoying I was when I was trying to get you to learn how to pronounce my name? Imagine that on steroids.”
Wallace awkwardly looks at Barrows, who is grinning like an idiot, as the camera cuts away.

As the scene returns to ringside, Jimmy Walker is stationed in the ring in a grey suit with his cowboy hat on his head and a microphone in hand. Two weeks prior he had been a bit of an unknown figure, the agreement to start up a second show under the 4CW Banner once more finally having come to fruition. While the fans cheered, not having any reason yet to hate the man, he cleared his throat and then raised the microphone to his lips.

WALKER: ”Two weeks ago I proclaimed the message that the landscape of 4CW was going to change, and that things were never going to be the same again. Judging by the events of tonight, I’d say that I already nailed that one on the head. Right here, on Adrenaline, the world is getting to witness some of the greatest wrestling talent ever seen before. Just look to the opening match and how desperately each one of those men fought. We’re talking about a Hall of Famer in Dakota Smith, a future Hall of Famer in Jason Cashe, a man who was a whisper away from facing Elijah Carlson at South Beach Brawl for the 4CW Championship, and a man who has truly redefined extreme in the last few months. All of them, in one ring at the very same time. You can’t find that on any other channel, under the banner of any other company. Period. 4CW is the pinnacle of the professional wrestling industry.”

A cheer from the fans in attendance erupted loudly, proud to be bearing witness to what they seemed to agree was the peak of wrestling entertainment.

WALKER: ”And as great as the product is here on Adrenaline, in a week and a half, a new creation springs forth. Fresh talent, hungry to prove themselves worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as people like Bronx Valescence, Bryan Williams, Amber Ryan, Sativa Neveah and so many others, look to take the first step in staking their claim as THE face of Octane. Four separate fatal fourway matches will provide four contenders for the a spot in the match that will determine who the very first 4CW Octane Champion will be.”

Once more the crowd responds positively, although this time a little less enthusiastically.

WALKER: ”And this isn’t going to be one of those tournaments where you lose once and you’re out. I think we all witnessed how outside interference can effect the outcome of a tournament. One bad night, one particularly annoying rival, isn’t going to eliminate anyone from having a shot at the Octane Championship when our first supershow rolls around. One loss will make the mountain a little bit more difficult to climb, but on Octane we’re going to allow our talent to truly establish themselves and the identity of our brand. Undoubtedly the men and women of the Octane roster respect the accomplishments and the talent that Adrenaline holds. It’s undeniable. We’re not going to take away from anything that Adrenaline does. We’re simply going to offer an alternative. Something that, potentially, could be even better than 4CW’s flagship show. But only if they earn it. Only if they prove themselves.”

Smiling, Jimmy pauses for half a second and then continued to speak before the fans in attendance could react to his assertion.

WALKER: ”I believe that competition brings out excellence, and competition is what we’re going to have over at Octane. And, eventually, competition is what we’re going to have between the two brands under the 4CW banner. I guarantee it. Tune in next friday as we start the fire that is going to take the world by storm.”

Without another word, Walker lowered the microphone from his lips, tossing it over the top rope to the timekeeper before ducking through the middle and top ropes and hopping down to the outside of the ring. As he made his way back up the entrance ramp the scene changed once more.

We cut backstage to see Sativa Nevaeh walking the halls. She is stopped by some random fans for selfies. She is also handing out joints to whoever wants them. She finally is able to turn a hallway and leave the people behind. She pulls out a lighter and lights up one of the many joints she has with her. She takes a few puffs on it before heading down the hallway. At the next intersection she looks around and sees Nirvana, his wife Mya, and the infamous Salsa Bear-De.
The group stops as Sativa hurries to catch up to them, stopping a little short because of the intimidating site of Salsa Bear-De up close.
NIRVANA: ”Hey Sativa, don’t worry she won’t bite.”
Sativa still gives the bear a weary eye before relaxing slightly. She takes a puff on her joint before offering it to Nirvana and Mya.
NEVAEH: ”So, can I like, pet her or something?”
NIRVANA: ”Sure, just give her this first.”
Nirvana hands Sativa a dead fish. Salsa Bear-De watches the fish get handed over, then focuses on it in Sativa’s hand. Sativa in turn lifts it up, watching the bear follow her movement, before tossing it up and letting her catch it and start eating it. Sativa then slowly steps up next to Nirvana and gently pats the huge bear on it’s shoulder. She then starts to get more comfortable and pets the bear normally. She eventually starts to scratch behind the bear’s ears speaking in that high pitched voice people reserve for pets and babies.
NEVAEH: ”Who is the best bear in the entire world! That’s right, you are! You are the best bear in the world!”
She gets brave enough to bury her face into the bear’s fur and throws her arms around it in a hug. Salsa Bear-De plops down into a sitting position and playfully throws an arm around Sativa, returning the hug. Sativa starts to laugh as she untangles herself from the mountain of fur.
NIRVANA: ”See told you she was an alright bear.”
NEVAEH: ”Oh I believed you. Still, a bear is an intimidating sight. One of those primal, unconscious fears. By the way, you looked good out there tonight.”
NIRVANA: ”Thank you. Good luck to you later tonight.”
NEVAEH: ”Thanks. I’m so glad I got to see and met Salsa, but I gotta go Nurvy. Got some stuff to do before that big match. I’ll check ya in two weeks at the next show.”
NIRVANA: ”Alright Sativa, see ya then.”
They part ways, exchanging waves and smiles. Sativa eventually finds her way back to her locker room at the same time that her former Gen Now stable-mate Lauryn Wolfe. They have a typical girl moment in greeting before entering the locker room. The two plop down into the nice chairs and Sativa tosses Lauryn a joint. They both light up taking a few puffs and relaxing a bit.
NEVAEH: ”So, when you plannin’ on coming back to the 4CW ring? I know you are cleared to wrestle, I seent you in that ring in Kentucky.”
WOLFE: ”Gave Hartman an interview about that not too long ago. Luckily Kennedy never dropped me too hard on my head and concussed me again. I’ll be back for the next show.”
Lauryn is still a bit on edge after the whole altercation during her interview with Hartman, but she does a good job of masking her irritation in front of Sativa. Either that or the kush was already getting to her and doing its job.
NEVAEH: ”Sweet! Gonna be like old times. The entire gang back on the show. Even though we ain’t an official crew anymore.”
Lauryn simply shakes her head and chuckles, recalling all the times Gen Now had when they were together.
WOLFE: ”Yeah, I guess. Still feels weird how it just ended suddenly like that, you know? I mean, I still wonder sometimes what happened to warrant everything that’s happened. At least the gang isn’t completely dead though. Could’ve been a lot worse.”
NEVAEH: ”True, true.”
Both women take puffs off of their respective joints. The smoke slowly starting to fill up the room.
WOLFE: ”So, you ready for this big match later?”
NEVAEH: ”As much as I can be. Been smokin like a chimney tryin’ to calm these nerves.”
WOLFE: ”Is it working?”
NEVAEH: ”The answer should be yes. But in reality, nope.”
WOLFE: ”You’ll be fine. You got this. In all honesty, the biggest threat in that match is Amber. The other two are uber fuckboys who don’t fucking matter.”
NEVAEH: ”You right, still doesn’t keep the worst case runnin’ through my head.”
The women once again fall into silence, smoking away at their joints. They finish them and Lauryn sighs before standing up.
WOLFE: ”Well, I’ll let you be so you can finish prepping for the match. Good luck Sativa, you got this.”
NEVAEH: ”Thanks. I’ll see you Sunday in Tennessee. “
WOLFE: “Heh. Thanks, Sati. Hopefully I don’t choke this time around.”
Despite the playful deprecation at herself, it would only serve to remind Wolfe of what happened earlier. As she was about to reach out to the door and leave, Lauryn stops. With a sudden sigh, Lauryn’s head hangs low as she asks Sativa a question.
WOLFE: “Do you… Think that I’ve gotten soft lately? Like, do you feel as though I’m not taking any of this seriously anymore?”
Sativa pauses for a moment, thinking.
NEVAEH: ”Not at all! Everyone does things differently and we have all had slumps and low points. Just keep ya head up and you good.”
She tosses Lauryn a wink and a grin. Then starts to chuckle. Lauryn turns her head and gives Sativa a smile, albeit a faint one.
WOLFE: “Aight. Thanks.”
Not wanting to waste any more of Sativa’s time, she opens the door and promptly leaves. Sativa is just going to light up her third, as far as we have seen, joint when there is a knock on the door.
NEVAEH: ”Come on in!”
The door opens and in walks none other than 4CW’s original stoner, Jason Cashe. Sativa greets him with a smile and a wave. She then motions for him to have a seat and tosses him a joint. He catches it and the two light up.
NEVAEH: ”Well, if it ain’t the OG 4CW stoner, Jason Cashe. How ya doin buddy?”
CASHE: ”Did I win? Match is over, time to get too high to remember either way..”
NEVAEH: ”Nice, nice. Congrats, by the way, on getting into yet another Ante Up Main Event.”
CASHE: ”Thanks! And tonight you get your chance to get in as well, could be a Stoners Paradise come Ante Up!
NEVAEH: ”Ha ha, it totally could! Gonna try my hardest, that’s for sure.”
The two sit in silence for a moment, both smoking on their joints.
CASHE: ”It’s about time you step into the bigger spotlight. Gotta come back after those big losses like at South Beach Brawl.”
NEVAEH: ”Yeah. It gave me the chance to reevaluate where I was going and what I was doing. I couldn’t keep up that match style for a long time. I did what I wanted to do with the title. Now it’s time to move on to the big time, as it were.”
Cashe was smokin on his joint while she spoke. He actually coughs a little bit, eyes going wide. He looks from the joint to Sativa and back.
CASHE: ”Damn girl, I knew you had the diggity dank but this shit is legit as fuck!”
NEVAEH: ”How’s that line go from that one B.o,B, song? ‘We on them greenest greens so call us vegatarians. They on that minor league, we smoke professionally.’ Or something like that?“
Cashe starts to laugh and is followed by Sativa.
CASHE: ”This that shit that put a hump on a camel’s back. Why’d I stop buying from you again? Oh yeah, alignments with manbuns. I need to get at this shit again though, woo wee!”
NEVAEH: ”You know where to find me and how to get a hold of me. No need to be a stranger.“
They sit in silence just chillin and smoking. Cashe finishes his joint and gives Sativa a five and handshake before standing.
CASHE: ”Well, I gotta run. Post match dook is calling my name and breaking plains. Good luck tonight!”
NEVAEH: ”For sure man, thanks. Here take a couple for the road and Marquis.“
Sativa hands Cashe a handful of joints. He grins as he heads out of the room. Sativa sits back, enjoying the silence. She finishes her own joint and lays her head back, mentally preparing herself for later on.


JOHNSON: ”Interesting segment there, looks like Sativa is trying to get ready for the main event tonight!”
VASSA: ”Indeed, but we got ourselves a good match coming up here!”
JOHNSON: ”Yep! Anastasia Hayden goes one on one with the 4CW Fate Champion Alexis Morrison!”
VASSA: ”Solid matchup, and these two have certainly had their history before coming here. All of that comes to ahead tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”Any predictions for this match?”
VASSA: ”Well, I’m sure Alexis would like to have a good showing here. Ana brutalized Sydney Riddle in record time though. We’ll see how this goes…”
“Word up, son, word, yeah
To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real, niggas who ain’t got no feelings
Check it out now”

The lighting in the building darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing and the crowd begins to boo. As soon as the intro of the song finishes, Anastasia Hayden steps out from the curtains with her mouth guard hanging out. The negative reception doesn’t bother her as she stands at the top of the entrance, surveying the ring and the crowd before she pops the mouth guard back in and starts making her way down to the ring.
”I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got ‘nough shots to share”

POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, hailing from Steele, North Dakota…weighing in at one hundred twenty-eight pounds…she is the ‘GRAND DUCHESS’…ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”
”Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin’
And keep them shook crews runnin’, like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to”

The announcement of her name only draws out more boos toward Ana. She brushes them off as she leaps up to the apron and climbs through the ropes into the ring. Ana finds a free corner in the ring and walks toward it, perching herself on the top turnbuckle, and popping her mouth guard out again as she waits for the match to begin.
JOHNSON: ”Ana looking confident out here tonight, she had a good showing in the NJFC Global Championship tournament.”
VASSA: ”She did, I’m sure that sting of second place is lingering though.”
JOHNSON: ”Alexis may be in for some trouble here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, you’re probably right about that. Alexis, please watch out for your face.”
“Stronger” by Through Fire plays over the sound system while crane cameras get glimpses of the upper-level seats as the crowd pops. Moments into this transitions to ‘The Anti-Starlet’ Alexis Morrison’s entrance video. After a few seconds, Alexis appears in the audience holding the (championship here) walking down the first set of arena stairs as fans are there to greet her while security make room for her walking path.
POWERS: “From Salem, New York, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds, she is the 4CW Fate Champion… This is the ‘Anti-Starlet’, ALEXIS MMOORRRRIISSOONN!!!”
Reaching the bottom level. Alexis Morrison stops to take the energy from the crowd. She surveys everything in front of her then with a swift motion hops over the barricade. Alexis circles ringside halfway before pulling herself onto the apron entering the ring and hands the championship to the referee and heads to her respected corner taking off her leather jacket and grabbing both sides of the corner ropes leaning forward, as she stares at Ana.
JOHNSON: ”Alexis will not be intimidated! She has no fear here tonight!”
VASSA: ”This is going to get violent, isn’t it?”

Morrison and Hayden circle the ring for a moment, as the bell rings. The match begins as Ana shoots out for a tie up. Alexis Morrison circles around Ana, keeping her distance as she pushes Ana away. Ana takes a fighting stance, Alexis looks to shoot in for a tie-up but decides against it. Suddenly, Ana moves towards Alexis and tries to push her up into the corner. Alexis ducks away from the corner, spinning Ana into the corner instead. Alexis lashes out, a few forearm strikes connect as Alexis attempts to change levels with a shoulder block. She follows up that up with a Knife Edge chop, but Ana responds with a stiff Forearm that sends Alexis to the mat!
Alexis grabs the back of her head, having hit the mat hard. She tries to get back to her feet, but Ana lands a stiff kick to the side of her ribs. Alexis scrambles to her feet, rushing towards the ropes. She charges at Ana on the rebound, but Ana ducks and runs the ropes as well. Both competitors meet in the middle of the ring, Ana catching Alexis with a Headscissors Takedown! Alexis rolls through, landing on her feet as she heads towards the corner. Ana follows up, connecting with a Running European Uppercut that catches her fully!
JOHNSON: ”Ana hurrying out of the gate! She’s trying to set a good pace here!”
VASSA: ”She might even beat her record from last time!”
Alexis stumbles out of the corner, leaning against the ropes. Ana grabs her, trying for a Northern Lights Suplex but Alexis fights out of it. She knocks Ana backwards, connecting with a Short Arm Clothesline that sends Ana to the mat! Ana gets back up, and Alexis knocks her down again with another Clothesline! Ana gets back up, and finally ducks a third Clothesline attempt from Alexis. Alexis stops though, catching Ana with a Pele Kick from out of nowhere! Ana crumbles to the mat, as the Fate champion looks to take over.
She picks Ana back up to her feet, another chop landing flush. Ana stumbles backwards, allowing Alexis to charge at her opponent. Ana tries for a front kick, but Alexis slides right under the attempt. She takes a waist lock, but Ana frees herself with an Elbow to the side of Alexis’ head! Alexis stumbles backwards, as Ana kicks at her knee. Alexis drops to the mat, allowing Ana to connect with a Switchblade Kick! Alexis crumbles to the mat, as Ana covers her for the first pinfall of the match!

JOHNSON: ”Oh, the champ was able to kick out in time! No record here, unfortunately.”
VASSA: ”I think she woke Alexis up with that kick. Did you hear the sound of that?”
Ana grabs Alexis, pulling her into a clinch as she tries to tie her up. Alexis breaks free of the hold, pushing Ana away and connecting with a side kick to her stomach. With her opponent doubled over, Alexis attempts a Cradle Piledriver but Ana blocks it. Ana tries lifting Alexis up and over, but Alexis rolls through and turns it into a pinning attempt! Logan Whitby drops down to make the pin!

JOHNSON: ”Quick attempt by the Fate champion!”
VASSA: ”Nice roll through! Alexis may just take this one with her skill, I’m liking it!”
Ana was able to kickout in time, but Alexis catches her with a Snap DDT as Ana gets to her knee! With Ana down, Alexis looks to capitalize on her downed opponent. Alexis lands a brutal knee into her spine, following that up by wrapping her up in an Abdominal Stretch! Ana tries to push herself over, but Alexis keeps the hold locked in tight. She moves with Ana, continuing to stretch her out. A bit of discomfort comes over Ana’s face, but she keeps her calm, her foot reaching out for the nearby bottom rope!
Alexis notices this, and pushes herself backwards with Ana stuck in the hold. The two roll through, and Ana is able to escape from the stretch! Ana rolls backwards, standing up and catching Alexis with a quick kick to the face! Ana quickly covers Alexis, taking advantage of the situation!
JOHNSON: ”What a kick!”
VASSA: ”Kick out, Alexis!”

Alexis kicks out now allowing Ana control of the match, Ana snatches her into a side headlock. The choke applied perfectly, Ana squeezes tightly as Alexis tries to keep her posture on the ground. She moves in closer towards Ana, hoping to relieve some of the pressure around her neck. Ana transitions, turning the hold into a Dragon Sleeper! Ana looks to stretch Alexis out, but because of the damage done to her midsection recently, the hold looks very loose. Alexis is able to hold on, as the choke hold doesn’t seem to be damaging her too much. She begins to drag herself towards the ropes, as Ana is able to hold onto the chokehold.
Alexis drags herself a little closer, suddenly Ana breaks the hold and grabs her legs. She pulls Alexis towards the middle of the ring, but Alexis rolls to her back. She kicks away one hand from her legs, and then pushes Ana away with her free leg! Alexis gets back to her feet, as Ana charges at her. Alexis ducks, slipping behind Ana for a Russian Leg Sweep. Ana blocks the attempt, turning it into a Dragon Suplex instead! Alexis is dumped to the mat, as Ana holds onto the bridge for a pin!

JOHNSON: ”These two are just trading back and forth, with no regard for themselves!”
VASSA: ”Alexis looks pissed now!”
Alexis is able to kick out, a fiery passion running through her now. Alexis gets up, Ana gets up, Ana shoots behind Alexis and lifts her up onto her shoulders. With Alexis stuck in the reverse fireman’s carry position, Ana tries to bend her opponent. Alexis fights out of the hold, multiple elbow shots land flush. Alexis drops behind Ana, quickly lifting her up into the Electric Chair position. She easily transitions the hold, drilling Ana into the mat with a Death Valley Driver! The crowd reacts loudly, seeing the “Violent Disregard” land flush! Alexis quickly covers Ana, as she tries to take this match!

Anastasia Hayden kicks out, but Alexis Morrison does not relent. She smells blood in the water, as she waits for her opponent to get back up. Ana gets to one knee, as Alexis charges towards her! Ana catches a running knee to the face, but does not fall to the mat! Alexis backs up, connecting with a Running Bicycle Kick! Ana’s eyes roll into the back of her head as she slumps to the mat. Alexis quickly covers her again!

JOHNSON: ”Wow! I thought she had it right there!”
VASSA: ”Keep pouring it on, Alexis!”
Anastasia Hayden kicks out at the last moment! Shocked, but not out, Alexis Morrison looks on as her opponent tries to get back up. Alexis tries to calm herself down, a bit of temper starting to show on her face. Alexis gets to her feet, motioning for Ana to get up herself. She’s setting her opponent up, waiting to strike. Ana gets to a knee, but Alexis continues to wait. Suddenly, Ana is finally standing on two wobbly legs. Alexis strikes out, running to the other side of the ring to gain some momentum!
Alexis rebounds, trying for another 20 Eyes but Ana catches Alexis! Holding onto the foot of Alexis, Ana quickly spins her around and connects with a Reverse Frankensteiner! The crowd can’t believe it, as Alexis quickly pops up onto wobbily legs. Ana doesn’t relent, drilling her into the mat with a SECOND BLACK STAR!

JOHNSON: ”What is going on here?! These two will not quit!”
VASSA: ”It’s that fighting spirit! They both have it here tonight!”
Ana and Alexis continue to lay there, as Logan Whitby looks on. He goes to start his count, but Ana starts to stir. Shortly after, Alexis Morrison begins to move as well. Ana gets to one knee, as Alexis tries getting up as well. She springs to her feet, much to the surprise of the crowd! Alexis runs to the ropes, looking to get some momentum to use against her opponent, but Ana catches her with another Running Yakuza Kick! Alexis looks to collapse backwards, almost falling through the top and middle rope! Alexis catches herself, rebounding back with a lariat! She catches Ana flush, as the two crumble to the mat!
Ana and Alexis are slow get back up, but the Denver crowd is in the palm of their hands. The two competitors stand up, and Alexis stuns Ana with a stiff open hand slap! The sound echoes throughout the area, as Ana’s eyes roll back into her head. With Ana staggered, Alexis tries again for the Forever Night! She lifts Ana up into the Argentine Backbreaker position. Suddenly, Ana comes back to life again! Elbows land flush, over and over, into Alexis’ face until she drops Ana! Ana doesn’t stop there, drilling Alexis into the mat with a Hurricanrana Driver!
JOHNSON: ”Oh no!”
VASSA: ”Alexis is in trouble!”
To Ana’s surprise, Alexis is back up to her feet but still out of it, Ana grabs Alexis into a waist lock. She drives her towards the corner, pushing Alexis with all of her might. The two slam into the turnbuckle post, Ana using the momentum to roll backwards into the Chaos Theory! SHEER lands flush, as Ana holds on for the bridging pinfall!

VASSA: ”How did she kick out of that?!”
Ana’s grip became loose enough for Alexis to fall, slipping out of the pinfall. It doesn’t matter to Ana, because she’s on her feet. She yells for Morrison to stand up, she’s ready to finish this! Alexis is barely able to stand, but she does have enough energy to give Ana the finger! Alexis smirks, as Ana roars. A kick lands to the side of Alexis’ head, allowing Ana to hit the ropes and connect with the She Was Only Seventeen! The Running Single Leg Dropkick lands home, as Alexis falls to the mat! Ana quickly scurries over to her opponent, hooking the leg for the pin!

JOHNSON: ”Oh WOW! What a contest here! Anastasia Hayden with the victory, but you have to give credit to Alexis Morrison there!”
VASSA: ”Indeed! She took everything but the kitchen sink from Ana. What a match here tonight!”
“Shook Ones” begins to play, as Ana celebrates a well deserved win in the ring. The Denver crowd seems to appreciate her effort, but cheer both women who did a fantastic job in the ring. Ana looks tired, the fatigue of the match finally catching up with her.
POWERS: “You winner of this match … ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”
JOHNSON: ”These two are going to be feeling it tomorrow, for sure!”
VASSA: ”What a night we’ve had already. Alexis and Ana can be proud with this outcome.”

We cut backstage to find… a countdown clock. A countdown clock with “Main Event” written underneath it. It’s big enough at the moment to fill the entirety of the screen but you can clearly tell it belongs to a cell phone. The camera watches the clock countdown for a long, long moment, before slowly pulling back to reveal the NEXTWAVE/AA locker room. We pan back even farther to see a hand holding the phone the countdown is attached to, and even further still to reveal your Hero and mine, Adrian Tanner Junior, holding the phone in the palm of his hand as he sits on a bench.
He is wearing his ring gear and a black t-shirt with an image of a planet exploding and “ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES!” written around the explosion.
TANNER: ”Can you feel that? That tension in the air. That spark… that’s what I love about this business. There’s nothing like it, the feeling of impending doom mixed with being right on the edge of greatness. You just KNOW you’re gonna go out there and do great things but you also know you gotta be ready for everyone else.
It’s the best.”

He glances up into the camera with a wide grin, then stares back down at the clock.
TANNER: ”Clock’s ticking ladies and That Other Guy. At the end of the night one of us will be guaranteed a shot at greatness. The only question left to answer is ‘who.’ Which of us wants it the most?
Will it be the rookie Russian who’s NOT A WRESTLER competing in his first real Actual Wrestling Match (because let’s be honest Trace Lando and Cliff White weren’t competition)?
”Or will it be the Angelic Dark Horse, come to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat while the two obvious choices are busy killing each other?
”Or could it be, perhaps, the ridiculous stoner bitch who thinks she deserves a shot at “redemption” despite doing absolutely nothing to deserve said shot outside of getting punched to death with glass.”
He stares into the camera for a long moment before slooooowly shaking his head.
TANNER: ”Or, is it possible, it’s the man destined to one day be 4CW Champion?
”The only person in this match who’s managed to hold onto their championship longer than a month at a time before losing it to the first guy to come along. The only person in this match who knows what it’s like to BE Champion of an entire company, to hold the power of an entire federation in their grasp!
”The one person, out of the four of us, who actually belongs in that Ante Up 4CW Championship match.”
He smirks. You hate that smirk, because it’s usually right.
TANNER: ”That’d be me. Just so we’re clear.”
He climbs to his feet, setting the phone down momentarily so he can grab his ring jacket and slowly slide it through and up his arms. Then he picks up his half of the 4CW Tag Team Championships, and the phone once more.
TANNER: ”Time’s almost up, ladies and That Other Guy. Are you ready? Cause I sure as shit am.”
He swipes his finger a few times across the phone, then glances back up at the camera.
TANNER: ”Good luck, and may the best Arizona Assassin win.”
He smirks again, then holds the phone up again at the camera which pans in on the image of the countdown clock. Underneath it now reads “GO TIME!” The clock continues to countdown as we


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”

With Joseph Sullivan already in the ring the lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area as the angelic voice of Lauryn Hill serenades the live crowd.

“Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide
Gonna find you and take it slowly
Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide
Gonna find you and make you want me”

The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The crowd reaction is mixed, but there are more cheers than boos, as “Ready or Not” by Fugees plays throughout the PA system. As the chorus begins to fade there is one final image that is displayed across the screen and that message reads in bold, capitalized letters… SCOTT STEVENS as “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play.

“Hellraiser, in the thunder and heat
Hellraiser, rock you back in your seat
Hellraiser, and I’ll make it come true
Hellraiser, I’ll put a spell on you”

The cheers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas.

POWERS: ”Introducing at this time, coming to us from the Great State of Texas, by way of Houston!”

Walking down the aisle, he fists bumps some of his fans while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers.

POWERS: ”Standing at six feet, six inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six pounds.”

As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares down at his opponent.


An icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the mat.

VASSA: ”Well folks this match was originally scheduled to be a contest between Scott Stevens and Keegan Ryan but after Ryan signed on with the Octane brand someone had to take his place. And so facing Scott Stevens tonight is Denver’s own Joseph Sullivan!”

JOHNSON: ”It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for Scott Stevens over the past few months. Let’s see if he can get his career back on track tonight or if Sullivan will steal one and shock the world tonight.”


As soon as the bell rang Stevens was moving across the ring. Sullivan, surprised at how quickly things got underway, moved to his left but was cut off instantly by the big Texan. Before Stevens could get his hands on him, though, Sullivan dove between the big man’s legs and scrambled across to the opposite side of the ring, much to the delight of the crowd. When Stevens turned around, Sullivan came back at him and cracked him across the jaw with a single right hand that did absolutely nothing but piss Scott Stevens off.

Shaking his head, Stevens reached out and grabbed Sullivan by the shoulders, lifted him up high into the air, and then slammed him down to the mat nearly snapping the man in half. For a brief moment Stevens takes his time to drag the man back up to his feet. As Sullivan stands on uneasy legs, Stevens simply smirks and then snaps a diamond cutter off and rolls Sullivan up into a pinning position as the referee slides in, making the count



POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall… SCOTTTTTTT SSTTEEVVEENNSS!!!”

VASSA: ”No upsets tonight, folks. Although Joseph Sullivan will probably need to see a doctor after that Toxic Sting.”

JOHNSON: ”Good to see Stevens get his name back in the win column even if this wasn’t a match against the likes of Dakota Smith or Elijah Carlson. You have to wonder what the future holds in store for the big man.”

Stevens, standing victorious in the ring with his arms raised, grins at the short night he had as the scene fades.

The camera cuts back to Perry Wallace’s office, where Matthias Barrows shows him a polaroid.
BARROWS: “This is Gary’s third bout with crabs. You can actually see them near the base of the scrotum here.”
WALLACE: “OKAY! Enough! I’ll make you a deal, Matthias. If you can get those thirty participants to sign up for your “4 Corners Fury” match, I’ll give them all something to fight for.”
BARROWS: “Something to fight for is the bait I need to get those thirty participants. That’s why I came here in the first place. I’ll give you twelve.”
WALLACE: “That’s baby shit considering you already have ten! Get twenty-five and we’ll talk.”
BARROWS: “I need a guaranteed prize just to get that many! Fifteen!”
WALLACE: “Twenty-three”
BARROWS: “Seventeen. With a little prodding, I can deliver.”
WALLACE: “Twenty. That’s my final offer and you have two weeks to do it.”
BARROWS: “Done!”
With that, the two shake on it.
BARROWS: “Matter of fact, I think I know where to get the first ones. Now what’s the prize?”
WALLACE: “Get up to twenty and I’ll tell you.”
BARROWS: “What?!”
WALLACE: “Revelation of the prize was never part of our negotiations and we already shook. Now if I’m not mistaken, you have a match that’s about to start.”
BARROWS: “Fine, I’ll see you in two weeks with twenty names.”
Matthias leaves the office and heads for the ring.

The camera finds Bronx Valescence backstage. Already dressed in his ring gear, it seems he had found a dark, quiet spot to reflect as he looks down at his 4CW Championship before him. Running his gloved fingertips over the title he slowly looks up.
VALESCENCE: “I told myself when I won this championship that it wouldn’t change who I am. I told myself that it wouldn’t go to my head, that I wouldn’t become like Eli and put this title above every thing else. I told myself…No matter what…Title around your shoulder or not, you’re the same. You’re the same man who made jokes about Kevin Ward and Tony Stewart. You’re the same man who forged a mask and called yourself El Bizchoco to combat Jason Cashe…You’re the same man who won the South Beach Brawl Cup…To become 4CW Champion.”
He paused for a moment.
VALESCENCE: “People…Peers. They may challenge that because of what I said about Bryan Williams this week, and what is about to happen in this match. Because I’m stepping across the ring from a man I’ve called a brother for the last two years. A man I’ve taken every major step in this business with, and a man who I’ve followed and rooted for every step of the way. I’m here to tell him…You…Whoever. This isn’t about the Pride Championship or the 4CW Championship and who is better.”
Bronx brought his hand to his hair and brushed it back over his head.
VALESCENCE: “This isn’t about the rest of the roster and what they think about the outcome of what is about to happen. This is about two brothers with something to prove. This is about a first time match up that we only dreamed about as we sat around nameless bars in forgotten towns and shot the bullshit about. This is about proving myself. This is about making sure I am what I say I am, because I came with a lot of claims this week…But make no mistake about it. Once it’s settled? It’s settled.”
Pursing his lips, Bronx looked back down at his championship belt as he picked it up and tossed it over his shoulder.
VALESCENCE: “Tonight…Iron sharpens iron. Tonight. We go to war with one another, because I need to know…I need to know what I’m made of, but more importantly I need to know what Bryan Williams is made out of. I need to know if my claims are true that I should have been out in front and in the lead of Generation Now. And I need to know who is the better man, once and for all.”
Nodding slowly, Bronx looked down to his title and then back up as he scowled.
VALESCENCE: “Before this, you’re my brother. After this? You’re my brother. But during that match. I’m going to do everything in my power to put you away, and if I don’t? I’ll accept the result regardless, because I know this won’t be the last time we meet…”
Almost as if he was having second thoughts about what he said earlier in the week, Bronx shook his head and stared forward through his aviator sunglasses.
VALESCENCE: ”I’m…I know our friendship will survive it. I know our brotherhood will survive it…I got what I needed to get off my chest. I’ll see you on the other side of the war.”
Bronx walked off and his footsteps died away.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the PA as the lights in the arena start to dim. A few flashes of light and the sound of thunder can be heard in the background as Brian Hollywood makes his way from the back. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction at his arrival. Hollywood is in his black attire and is wearing his black trench coat as he centers himself on the stage.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall… ‘Mr. Executive’, BRIAN HHOOLLLLYYWWOOOODD!!!”
Hollywood tugs on his trench coat as he walks down the ramp. As he does, a breeze is released blowing his trench coat back and forth as he arrives to the apron near the ring. Hollywood looks about the crowd and squints his eyes as if he’s looking carefully through out the crowd. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Hollywood makes his way up the steel steps and enters the ring. Hollywood looks about the ring before heading to the top rope and looking about the crowd. Hollywood closes his eyes and slowly raises his hands on both sides as if to praise himself or being in a false sense of delusion that he is being praised by the crowd which gives off another mixed reaction. Hollywood finally makes his way down as he takes off the trench coat and rests in the corner, awaiting for the sound of the bell.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The sound of a pipe organ begins to fill the arena as the crowd rises to its feet in a hail of boos. Every few seconds, the pipe organ increases up the musical scale by one note. Suddenly, as the pipe organ hits it’s dramatic note, the lights go out. Pyro then begins to envelop the stage for 10 seconds. When it subsides, the final tier of Dancing Mad is playing throughout the arena. Nine seconds in, the lights shoot back on and Matthias Barrows is standing on the stage with his arms straight back and his fists at the side of his ribs. Stacy Barrows and Gary the Assassin appear from behind the curtain a few seconds later, and the three of them slowly start to walk towards the ring.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Stacy Barrows and Gary the Assassin; from Reno, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred forty-one pounds, ‘The King of Greens’, MATTHIAS BBAARRRROOWWSS!!!”
When they get to the bottom of the ramp, Stacy and Gary walk over to the steps. As Matthias hops up onto the ring apron, he throws his head back while hanging on the top rope and fireworks erupt above the ring as the song hits it’s somber half. Matthias then enters the ring and hopes onto the second turnbuckle. He hangs his right hand with a curled elbow and thrusts his left arm, palm-out, straight down before extending both arms out to the side, flexing his muscles.

Eager to make his return official, Hollywood erupts from his corner like a bat out of Hell. Not waiting himself, Barrows shoots from his as well and the two collide in the center of the ring with an exchange of lefts and rights. Connecting with solid right to the jaw, Hollywood quickly follows up with a swift kick to Barrow’s gut, forcing him to buckle over. Grabbing onto his head, Hollywood then drops him to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker.
As Hollywood rises to his feet, Barrows doesn’t stay down for long and begins to push himself up as well. Grabbing onto Barrow as he rises to one knee, Hollywood holds his head in place before delivering a vicious knee to the face. He then pulls Barrows back to his feet before locking onto his wrist and whipping him to the ropes. Just as Barrows rebounds off the ropes, Hollywood takes off in his direction and meets him head on with a running big boot that wipes him out completely.
VASSA: ”Brian’s just full of energy in his return to the ring tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s off to a quick and powerful start here tonight on Adrenaline.”
Standing over Barrows upper body, Hollywood begins kicking and stomping onto his head. He then hops over his body and races to the nearby ropes and as he comes back on the return, he plants both feet into the side of Barrows head with a running drop kick. Pushing himself back to his feet, Hollywood takes a short moment to look over the electric crowd and savor his return. In the blink of an eye, it’s back to business as he delivers one more solid kick to the side of Barrows temple. Spinning around to face the opposite direction, he then leaps into the air with a backflip and lands across Barrows with a moonsault. Hooking the leg, Hollywood goes for the pin as the official slides in beside them with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the canvas, Barrows brings the count to an abrupt stop just before the two. Not wasting any time, Hollywood pushes himself up and locks onto Barrows head, pulling him up as well. Spinning Barrows around, Hollywood wraps him up from behind with both arms. Before he can lock his hands, Barrows fires back with an elbow directly into the side of Hollywood’s head. With his hold still intact, Hollywood locks his hands and attempts to lift Barrows off his feet. Throwing another elbow back, Barrows connects with Hollywood’s temple, forcing him to release his hands and ease up just a bit. With a small window of opportunity, Barrows locks onto Hollywood’s wrist and then spins out of his arms. Pulling Hollywood in as soon as he faces him, Barrows nearly takes his head off with a short-arm clothesline.
With his hand still wrapped around Hollywood’s wrist, Barrows pulls him up to his feet and then lifts him into the air onto his shoulders. Holding him in a fireman’s carry, Barrows then drops him to the mat with a Samoan drop in the center of the ring. Popping back to his feet, Barrows takes off for the ropes and as he comes back on the rebound, he hit Hollywood square in the chest with a jumping elbow drop. As Barrows rolls away and rises to his feet, Hollywood pushes himself up to a seated position, holding his chest where Barrows’ elbow collided. Turning to the ropes once more, Barrows bounces off and races back in with even more speed. Closing in on Hollywood, he hits him with a running knee to the jaw, dropping him flat on his back.
JOHNSON: ”Matthias has turned things around, bringing Hollywood’s triumphant return to a halt.”
VASSA: ”Hollywood came out swinging but there’s no doubt that he has some ring rust to work off. Barrows has been at it steady in 4CW for almost a year now.”
JOHNSON: ”The landscape has changed quite a bit since we last saw Brian in action. Since then Matthias has held the Pride Championship, something not many folks who have been in 4CW can say.”
VASSA: ”Don’t forget that Brian is a two time 4CW Tag Team Champion. Not many folks can say that either, if any.”
Walking over to the side of Hollywood’s head, Matthias quickly hits him across the throat with a leg drop. He then rolls over Brian and makes the cover as the official races in with the count.

Kicking out just before the full two count, Hollywood breaks up the officials count as Barrows looks up to the official in disbelief. Shaking his head in frustration, Barrows pushes himself back to his feet before pulling Hollywood up from the mat. With his left, Barrows punches Brian in the gut, forcing him to lunge over as the air escapes his lungs. Swinging upward with his right, Matthias connects with an uppercut that stands Brian straight back up. Shooting in, Matthias wraps Brian up around the waist before lifting him into the air and driving him back down into the canvas with a spinebuster.
Bursting back to his feet, Matthias circles Brian while extending both arms to his sides and playing to the crowd. He then goes back to work and rushes in, stomping down onto Brian’s face. Grabbing ahold of Brian, Matthias lifts him up from the mat before backing him up across the ring and into the corner. With Hollywood’s back against the corner, Matthias begins pounding away with lefts and rights to his midsection. Hollywood holds himself up with both arms extended across the top ropes. Taking a step back, Barrows then draws back before swinging at Brian’s head with a haymaker. As his fist closes in, Hollywood quickly ducks it and steps out of the way, leaving Barrows to falls chest first into the corner.
Grabbing onto the back of Matthias’ head before he can turn around, Hollywood slams it down, driving his face onto the top turnbuckle. Pulling his head back up, Barrows then slams it down again and again, rattling Matthias’ brain. Spinning Matthias around, Hollywood then lifts him into the air and sits him on top of the corner. Climbing up to the second rope, Brian wraps his arm around Barrows’ head and then grabs the back of his pants. Lifting Matthias up and into the air, Brian then falls back, dropping Barrows to the canvas with a suplex from the top.
VASSA: ”Holy shit Matthias is going to feel that for the next week or two!”
JOHNSON: ”That was quite the distance to fall from only to land flat on your back. That might be it for Matthias.”
VASSA: ”We’ll see because Hollywood wants to put him away right now!”
Rolling over Barrows, Hollywood hooks his leg as the official slides in with the count.

With a look of shock on his face, Hollywood stares down at Barrows before slowly lifting his head and locking eyes with the official. He then complains to the official about the count as he slowly rises to his feet. Not getting anywhere with the official, Brian grows angry and then turns his attention to Matthias to let out his frustrations. Yelling down at him, Brian kicks him in the ribs over and over before dropping down and hitting him with rapid mounted strikes to the face. He then stands to his feet and pulls Matthias up. Locking onto his wrist, Hollywood whips Barrows to the ropes and as he comes back on the return, Hollywood bursts forward and rips through him with a spear.
On top of Matthias, Brian unloads with a second series of mounted punches, pounding away at his head. Pressing his hand against Barrows’ face, Hollywood pushes himself up, putting all of his weight down onto it. He then pulls Matthias up to his feet before unloading with a combination of kicks and punches, backing him up to the center of the ring. Spinning around, Hollywood connects with a stiff kick to Barrows’ stomach, dropping him down to both knees. Turning to the ropes, Hollywood takes off and as he comes back on the rebound, he leaps forward, wrapping his arm around Barrows’ head and planting his face into the mat with a bulldog.
Rolling Barrows over to his back, Hollywood quickly makes the cover.

VASSA: ”Matthias with another close call kick out!”
JOHNSON: ”How much more can he take? That’s two back to back near three counts. I don’t see him kicking out for a third if it gets to that point.”
Popping his head up in anger, Hollywood yells as loudly as he can before pushing himself back up to his feet. After kicking Matthias a few times, Hollywood hops over him and races to the ropes. Rebounding off and coming back even faster, Hollywood slides feet first to the mat, planting both into the side of Barrows’ head, forcing him to roll over to his stomach. As Barrows slowly begins to come to his senses, Hollywood stands tall and slowly walks to the corner. Turning back to face Barrows, he stands in position waiting for him to get back to his feet.
JOHNSON: ”Barrows just refuses to go down.”
VASSA: ”I think we all know what’s coming up next. We’ve seen this time and time again.”
JOHNSON: ”Hollywood is in position to deliver The Executive Promise to Matthias. If that doesn’t finish him off I don’t know what will.”
Slowly pushing himself up, Matthias rises to his feet with his head down. Just as he finally stands, Hollywood then moves in for the kill. Just as Barrows looks up, Hollywood closes in and is right there with a superkick to the head.
VASSA: ”Say goodnight Matthi–”
With Hollywood’s foot just inches away from his face, Barrows locks onto it with both hands, bringing it to a complete stop before the superkick can be executed. Matthias then begins to push Hollywood backwards, forcing him to hop on one foot as his other is still extended in the air. Once the two approach the corner, Barrows pushes him away with all of his strength, sending him crashing against the corner. Before Hollywood can settle his feet, Barrows then rushes in and nearly decapitates him with a running clothesline.
Turning Hollywood around, Barrows leans him chest first against the corner before dipping through the ropes and stepping onto the apron. He then climbs the outside of the corner before finally reaching the top. Grabbing ahold of Hollywood’s head, Barrows pulls him up until Hollywood’s feet rest on the middle ropes. Pulling his head between his legs, Barrows then wraps him up around the waist before displaying his strength and lifting Hollywood into the air upside down. Jumping away from the corner, Barrows drops Hollywood to the mat with a sit-out powerbomb from the top!
VASSA: ”Holy-fucking-shit!”
VASSA: ”He’s in position for the pin too!”
With Hollywood’s shoulders down to the mat and Barrows in position to pin him, the official slides in beside them as the entire arena surrounding them roars.

JOHNSON: ”There it is folks! Matthias Barrows takes the win and ruins Hollywood’s 4CW in-ring return!”
VASSA: ”Matthias has been on quite a losing streak since All Or Nothing but that all changes tonight with a win over Hollywood, a two time 4CW Tag Team Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”Now if he can just keep this going for him it may not seem like he bit off more than he can chew with this 4CW Frenzy.”
“Dancing Mad” hits the speakers as Matthias slowly rises to his feet with a smirk on his face. Walking to the center of the ring, he stands beside the official who then raises his arm into the air as the music continues to play throughout the building.

Pulling his arm away from the official, Barrows circles the ring with his eyes locked on Hollywood and a smile across his face. Breaking the losing streak appears to have changed his morale completely as he walks with more confidence than he did coming into this match. Dipping through the ropes, he then heads up the ramp without looking back.

We cut to the backstage area, where we see Bryan Williams standing by. His back is to the camera, he appears dressed for his upcoming match tonight. His leather jacket hides his frame, as he keeps faced away from the camera.

WILLIAMS: ”It’s almost time. It’s been a rough couple of shows, for yours truly. I’ve been looking to be tested ever since I came back to this company, and I think this run has finally done that…”

Bryan’s manbun bobs as he speaks, he slowly turns around to face the camera. The serious tone in the room is matched by his facial expression. Bryan is made of stone, at this moment. Nothing gets in, or out, as he stares into the camera.

WILLIAMS: ”I’ve been proud of the work that I have put on here, recently. It’s a testament to the kind of champion I have, and the wrestler I have worked to become. Sure, I do get knocked around a lot. I’ve had my moments of failure, but it’s what you do after those moments that really define you. People can say what they want about me, but they cannot say that I give up. Time and time again, when my back is pressed against the wall, I come back swinging. I can lose to Felicity Banks, and follow that up with winning a tournament in Japan…”

Bryan pauses for a moment, as he places the NJFC Global championship onto his left shoulder.

WILLIAMS: ”I can lose my Pride title to Matthias Barrows, and come back just a month later to recapture it…”

Again, Bryan pauses. He picks up the Pride title, placing it on his right shoulder.

WILLIAMS: ”I can do all of these things, because I know that’s who I am. I know what I’m capable of, and what I still have yet to do. In this company you’re only as good as your last win, so I know I need to step it up. I know that I have to keep pushing, keep striving to become better. Tonight is my chance, tonight is the ultimate test for Bryan Williams. Friendship and history aside, Bryan Williams faces the 4CW champion. A man who has proven himself in this company time and time again. A man who is no longer considered a joke, but a prime challenge to overcome.”

Bryan pauses again, as he looks down at his two titles.

WILLIAMS: ”I will prove myself, tonight. I will show that I am worthy, capable of being in that top spot. I will exceed all of your expectations, and continue to excel at what I do. Just know that because of this, it doesn’t mean I’m not looking over my shoulder. It doesn’t mean that I’m not worried about being the Pride champion. I know you’re out there, whoever it is. Whichever one of you wants to step up, and try to pry this title away from my hands. Somebody is waiting, lurking in the shadows to catch me slipping.”

Finally, a smirk breaks through his cold gaze.

WILLIAMS: ”You won’t. I know you’re around, and it’s inevitable that we’ll be meeting in that ring soon enough. I patiently await our destination, our time spent in that ring. We’ll meet soon enough, doing battle for this most prized possession. Just know that your chances don’t increase because you get the drop on me. I have eyes everywhere, I am all seeing. I know what’s coming, and now I know how this plays out. Step up, do your thing, but just know this ends in heartache for you. Whoever you are, just know that I’m walking out of Ante Up as the Pride champion…”

His smirk is gone, his cold gaze returning as he looks into the camera.

WILLIAMS: ”Bronx …champ …I’ll see you out in that ring.”

With that, there’s nothing more to be said. Bryan turns, leaving the scene as we cut away.

We cut from the backstage piece featuring Bryan Williams to the ringside area. The lights dim and we are greeted with a moment of silence until the sound of a light space-like musical twinkle and the accompaniment of Andre 3000 from Outkast can be faintly heard.
One two three

Blue and red lights begin to strobe along the entrance aisle and out come Hubert Smalls and Lil’ Boeing, both emulating circling planes just after coming from behind the curtain. Conspicuous by his absence is Tail Earnhardt, who must be taking a nap in a corner somewhere — but the cat carrier usually seen is nowhere to be found.
“In-slum-national, underground
Thunder pounds when I stomp the ground (Woo!)
Like a million elephants and silverback orangutans
You can’t stop a train
Who want some? Don’t come unprepared
I’ll be there, but when I leave there
Better be a household name
Weather man tellin’ us it ain’t gon’ rain
So now we sittin’ in a drop-top, soaking wet
In a silk suit, tryin’ not to sweat
Hits somersaults without the net
But this’ll be the year that we won’t forget”

The two stop and lock hands to face the ring area, raising their arms in a show of unity. With Boeing’s free hand, he proudly displays his ice: a Red Baron Snoopy that drapes around his neck. After a couple of moments of posing, they break off and Boeing makes his way down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans. Hubert follows closely behind , extending his free arm to also receive the adulation from the audience.
“One-Nine-Nine-Nine, Anno Domini
Anything goes, be whatchu wanna be
Long as you know consequences, to give and for livin’
The fence is too high to jump in jail
Too low to dig, I might just touch hell
Get a life, now they on sale
Then I might cast you a spell, look at what came in the mail
A scale and some Arm and Hammer, soul gold grill and some baby mamma
Black Cadillac and a pack of pampers”

The Friendly Skies enter the ring and scale the opposite turnbuckles with pride, peering up to the ceiling and throwing slow-motion roof punches to the tune of “B.O.B.”
“Stack of question with no answers
Cure for cancer, cure for AIDS
Make a nigga wanna stay on tour for days
Get back home, things are wrong
Well not really it was bad all along
before he left adds up, to a ball of power
Thoughts at a thousands miles per hour
Hello, ghetto, let your brain breathe,
believe there’s always more, ahhhhh!”

As the song hits the chorus, the two hop down and meet in the middle of the ring to embrace in a hug, ready to address their fans, with Boeing first retrieving a microphone from the mat.
“Don’t pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang
Yeah! Ha ha yeah!
Don’t even bang unless you plan to hit some thang
Yeah! Uhh-huh…”

And with this, the song cuts and the cheers quell down to let Dat Plane Doe speak.
BOEING: “Aight aight! Denva lit ah hell doe! Look at dat, Hube!”
Dat Plane Doe guides Hubert’s arm to point to a sign that reads in big bold lettering “TAIL EARNHARDT FOR PRESIDENT” along with a crude drawing of a cat wearing a suit in the audience. Boeing smiles and Hubert grins from ear to ear, although not quite getting the humor in the message.
BOEING: “Speakin’ of, Hube, where T.E. be tonight?”
Hubert politely leans into the microphone to answer that very question.
SMALLS: “He done backstage gettin’ petted by Suh-tiva and La’ran an’ them. I reckon he was likin’ gettin’ spoilt so I left him on back there.”
BOEING: “Aight den. Well, dat what happen I guess when ya be workin’ wid cat lovas. But y’all know he in good hands. Reason I be askin’ doe is kinda why I be wantin’ ta get us bowf out heah fo a minute ta talk in front of dese woke ass Colorado fans. Ya see, me and you, we ain’t come out wid da win last Adrenaline as tha Friendly Skies got beat by tha Bearhuggas.”
Hubert shrugged his shoulders, nodding in agreement.
SMALLS: “That bar was mad!”

BOEING: “You dang skrait he was! But man, you done gave me a gift in dat talk befo tha match dat be stickin’ widcha boy ever since. You told me, ‘Boe, ain’t nothin’ wrong wid losin’, jus’ as long as we friends.’ And while I definitely be wantin’ ta win, ya put tha real meanin’ in puh-spective on our handle doe. FRIEND-ly Skies.”
Boe extends a fist out to Hubert, who (this time) ends up giving it a righteous bump before he continues.
BOEING: “Thang is, doe, I ain’t want us ta be jus friends. Naw, cuz: I want us ta be brothas. I want us ta be ride or got damb die. ‘Cause you done teachin’ me thangs about life, and I’mma be teachin’ you thangs about life, and if we EVA gon’ shake up tha tag game in Fo Cee Dub, we gotsta have dat bond dat…well…dat you got wid Tail Earnhardt.”
Hubert seems to understand this as he nods his head and smiles. The crowd gives a raucous cheer for the heart-to-heart that Boeing is displaying: a nice change of pace from the usual animosity that the 4CW audience is accustomed to seeing take place inside the ring they both currently stood in.
BOEING: “And dat bond also gon’ include tha BOTH of us lookin’ straight fly ah hell, Hubert. Now, I know you done told me you be likin’ my chain heah, right?”
SMALLS: “I shore do. It shiny and done got Snoopy on it!”
BOEING: “Well…ain’t make no sense dat you like dis ice so much dat you ain’t got one neitha. Hubert, bruh…”
Boeing, reaching into the inside of his zip-up Falcons track jacket, pulls out a white box: the same white box that was featured in his interview from this week. He holds it out to Hubert as he finishes his sentence.
BOEING: “Dis ain’t Snoopy, doe. I wantcha ta have sumptin dat represent YO flow. And, I wantcha ta have sumptin dat even doe he might be in tha backstage…you always gon’ have Tail near yo heart.”
Hubert, somewhat puzzled, opens the box, and is IMMEDIATELY overcome with joy and emotion. He holds up the diamond-encrusted chain and the camera zooms in to get a closer look. It is an iced-out likeness of the tabby Tail Earnhardt. The crowd seems to be equally as overcome with excitement as they blow up over the (somewhat tacky) arrangement. Hubert, who as standard cannot control his emotions, tries to fight back tears of happiness as he BOWLS over the smaller Boeing with a hug, almost knocking them both to the mat. Laughing, we can audibly make out Dat Plane Doe saying “glad ya like it” as he embraces back.
The sounds of “B.O.B.” then begin to queue up as the embrace is broken and Smalls puts the chain around his neck. The two then raise each other’s’ arms in triumph as they do a little more playing to the crowd before cutting backstage to Dakota Smith.

A beat up and bruised Dakota Smith has his back up against a familiar white van. He was holding onto his ribs and from the scowl on his face he wasn’t to pleased with, well pretty much anything. With one foot stationed on van, Dakota reaches into his pockets going to pull out his pack of smokes.Wide eyed, Dakota’s face grows frustrated as the pack only has a half of a cut left in it. Creeping around the side of the van, Johnny Evil comes into focus, unknowing to Dakota’s eye. A smirk raises across Evil’s face, before he quickly straightens it out along with his posture. Putting a fat rolled up Philly into his mouth, he flicks open his Zippo as he takes a couple paces forward and flicks it open. Evil wears almost the same external image as Dakota, his body beaten and bruised. As he leans upon the van he looks over at Dakota who is now eyeing him down suspiciously as if he’s ready to go another round

EVIL: ”Hell of a fucking night, ain’t it??”

The scowl on The Butcher’s face did not lessen at the sight of Johnny Evil, if anything it intensified.

SMITH: ”What in the bloody fuck do you want prag?”

For a split second the scowl turned into the slyest of smirks, but then dissipated back away. Evil seemed to be taken back by the look that Dakota had given him, but still showed no type of fear or budge as he pulled the Philly from his mouth and gazed at it, twirling it ever so swiftly in between his fingers he looked back over at Dakota…

EVIL: ”Relax, man. You know, that’s your fucking problem… You act as if you don’t fucking know how this company runs. You act as if you don’t know what Perry Wallace’s true motives are…

Dakota let out the slightest of laughs, before slowly shaking his head in a disappointed manor.

SMITH: ”Do I look like I give even the smallest amount of a shit about Wallace’s motives. Fuck what he wants, what he stands for… I paid my dues, had his back when this entire company would of rather see him get fucked and dumped like some coked out whore! I don’t give a fuck about motives… And you know what Evil? I don’t give a fuck about you!

Johnny goes to place the Philly back into his mouth, but suddenly stops himself. He extends the unlit blunt out toward Dakota, who glares at him for a few moments before snatching the blunt and pressing it in between his lips, and lighting it up. Taking in a long and deep drag.

EVIL:: ”Fair point… Not that I give a fuck about you either, but tonight was a fucking match that none of us can be ashamed of. Figured this would help ease those racing thoughts a bit!”

Dakota goes to pass it to Evil but then shakes his head, having a change of heart. Instead he bogard’s the blunt. Taking long, drawn out hits off of the Philly – almost blowing it right in Johnny’s face, as if to mock the man.

SMITH: ”Eat shit and die Johnny… Now, get the fuck out of my face. ”

With a smirk growing from ear to ear, Johnny reaches out and pats Dakota on the back, already seeing him enraged to piss him off even more.

EVIL: ”Cool your fucking nerves… Anyway, smoke up…”

Evil begins shaking his head.

EVIL: ”You deserve each and every hit you take!!”

Dakota looks at Johnny funny for a moment. As he exhales he begins to cough as his eyes widen. As the long ash Dakota hadn’t ashed falls to his chest he removes it from his mouth and looks at it suspiciously for a moment. Trying to speak through his coughs, his words come out broken up in a weakened tone.

SMITH: ”Fuckin Pus–”

EVIL: ”WHOA!! Taste tainted, don’t it buddy? Didn’t think it would act that fast, but then again I did put enough in it to take down Salsa Bear-de!”

Choking and spitting saliva from his mouth, Dakota drops the blunt and lunges forward with a bit of a stumble. Reaching his arms out, he wraps his hands around Evil’s neck, trying to choke him, but due to feeling woozy, it doesn’t really make a difference. Johnny ducks away and gives a bit of a laugh. Knowing it’s only a matter of time before The Butcher goes down, he starts back peddling, taunting Dakota to chase him. Dakota starts to rush forward but drops to a knee, having a shortage of breath.

Johnny slowly takes a pace toward a groggy Dakota Smith watching him closely. As Johnny gets closer Dakota pulls all his remaining strength to grab at the man, but his hands and arms were almost limp. The butcher continued to cough bodily fluid as he uses what last ditch energy he has left to look up at Johnny, even though the drugs you could see the rage deep inside Smith’s eyes. All Evil can do is laugh at the butcher was in a rather pathetic position. Dakota drops to the ground as the scene cuts to the commentators.

JOHNSON: ”I sure don’t know what the hell was in that, but Dakota needs medical attention as soon as possible!!”

VASSA: ”Are you serious, Dakota just took a bad hit and he’s being a pussy about it?”

JOHNSON: ”Come on, you know that’s not the case!!”

VASSA: ”Whatever you say? Maybe if he wasn’t trying to be a dick that wouldn’t have happened!!”

JOHNSON: ”All I know is Dakota Smith better get medical attention soon and I hope when he does he beats the life out of that jerk!”


JOHNSON: ”If you haven’t been paying attention to these two men lately, I don’t think you’re a fan of wrestling.”
VASSA: ”Indeed, somehow these two have just turned on the jets lately. I don’t know how, but they’re having the best year of their lives. Now they’re on a collision course here tonight!”

JOHNSON: ”The 4CW Pride champion goes one on one with the 4CW champion! Somehow this ISN’T the main event!”
VASSA: ”I tell you what, we’ve already had a hell of a night. It’s about to get even better.”

JOHNSON: ”Don’t be surprised if Bryan Williams shocks you here tonight, Bryan has had one of the better runs in the span of a month. We’ve seen him go through some ups and downs, but he’s walking in here as the NJFC Global champion along that Pride title he wears so proudly.”
VASSA: ”Indeed, but there’s a reason why Bronx Valescence is the champ. He ran through that South Beach Brawl tournament like it was nobody’s business!”

JOHNSON: ”Indeed, weeks of tough tasks all come down to this …his biggest task yet.”
VASSA: ”We’ll see who can live up to the pressure here.”

The strong backing sound of the drums fills the arena, as “Lions Below” begins to play. With the song beginning it’s melodic tune, the crowd cheers for the arrival of Bryan Williams. The song quickly kicks in, the backing sample playing over and over as the lights turn down. Strobes going along to the beat of the song, the crowd quickly gets into the song as they wait for Bryan’s arrival. The song continues to play for a few more moments, the beat settling out into a flat section.

“Glad you’re gone
You’ll never hear me say
That I’ll need you here to watch me
Watch me walk away…”

The song quickly picks up again, as Bryan walks out from the back, head held down low and his right hand holding one finger up. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. He looks up at the crowd, raising both of his hands into the air. The crowd cheers, as Bryan opens up his jacket to show off the NJFC Global Championship, and the 4CW Pride Championship to the camera. Bryan pats them both, holding up two fingers.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred ten pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is the 4CW Pride Champion, BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”

Bryan makes his way to the ring, walking at a brisk pace towards the ring. He doesn’t waste much time getting up onto the apron, as the song continues to play.

“Open your eyes and peek through holes
Jump the fence and run with the wolves
How would it feel on the other side?
How would it feel with nowhere to hide?”

Bryan again readies himself, his head held low for a moment. He raises his arms high again, two fingers on each hand pointed to the sky. Bryan enters the ring, heading towards the nearest turnbuckle. He climbs up onto the middle rope, holding both of his titles up for everyone to see.

JOHNSON: ”Bryan adding another title to his waist, getting mighty crowded there now.”
VASSA: ”Wouldn’t count on it for long, especially with everyone breathing now his neck now.”

JOHNSON: ”What do you mean by that, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Think about it! After Bronx runs through him tonight, he’s going to be left a broken man! He already ruined another relationship, now he lost his best friend. Dude is ripe for the picking!”

JOHNSON: ”Can’t argue with that logic, but something tells me Bryan won’t stay down for long.”
VASSA: ”Something tells me you need to shut up.”

The “Stranger Things” intro starts to kick over the house speakers as the fans give their initial pop when smoke begins to fill the stage. As the remix to “Starboy” kicks in, Bronx slowly makes his way out on stage. Pausing in the middle of the stage, he turns sideways and points a finger gun towards the ring before he pulls the trigger and gives a loud, audible laugh before he pulls his ring jacket back to reveal the title belt around his waist, he continues down the ramp, a smug grin on his face as he slaps hands with hands on either side of the ramp, occasionally pointing at the belt and talking trash.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at two hundred five pounds…He is the 4CW champion… BRONX VVAALLEESSCCEENNCCEE!!!”

When Bronx gets down to the end of the ramp, he uses one leap onto the ring apron, and then spins around, holding onto the ropes before rising his feet on the apron and walking over to his corner and using the ropes to vault into the ring. Pulling his title belt off with one hand, he opens his arms out to either side he spins until he bounces into the ropes and poses one time for the fans before smirking and removing his ring jacket and sunglasses, neatly placing them underneath his corner turnbuckle before leaping onto the top turnbuckle to sit, waiting for the referee to come over and take his title.

JOHNSON: ”Bronx looks pretty calm about this whole thing.”
VASSA: ”Why should he even be worried? Bryan Williams is not in his class!”

There is a buzz, as both men stand in the ring staring at each other. The crowd is murmuring, anticipating the match that’s about the happen. The spotlights quickly go back to Mike Powers in his booth, everyone looks on in confusion.

POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been given a special announcement. Due to the nature of this contest, Perry Wallace knows how far both of these men are willing to go to win. Therefore, for the sake of the show, he has implemented a THIRTY minute time limit!”

The crowd, understandably, is in shock as Bryan and Bronx stare a hole into each other. Neither man budges from their corner, as Laroy Jones calls for the bell!

JOHNSON: ”Here we go! Listen to this crowd!”
VASSA: ”Pizza dude had thirty seconds, these two have thirty minutes to beat the hell out of each other.”

Both men stand their ground, neither one moving a muscle. The crowd is anticipating the blow up, as they start dueling chants for both men! Laroy Jones calls for them to get the match started, and finally Bronx and Bryan charge at each other.


They meet in the center of the ring, each man laying into the other with a right hand! Fist after fist slams into their skulls, neither man backing down from this exchange! The Denver crowd gets on their feet, as Laroy Jones tries to get control of the match! He tries to break them up, but they just shove him out of the way! Bryan lands a hard right hand, stumbling Bronx backwards.

Bryan charges at Bronx, and immediately they rush each other again! Again, they grab each other and pummel away! Bryan lands a clean blow on Bronx’s jaw that staggers his backwards, Bryan charges Bronx but Bronx side-steps his. Bronx sends Bryan to the ropes, catching him with a vicious running Forearm on the rebound. Bryan pops back up, and clobbers Bronx with a European Uppercut in response. The two men trade another series of hands, as Bronx gets the better of Bryan with a stiff open hand chop to his chest! Bryan stumbles backwards, but responds with a leaping Forearm that catches Bronx off guard!

JOHNSON: ”Slick forearm by Bryan there!”
VASSA: ”Come on ref, call these illegal strikes already! Can’t believe Bryan is already cheating here!”

Again, Bryan charges at Bronx who sends his running to the ropes, Bryan tries for a Spinning Roundhouse Kick but Bronx catches his leg! Bronx lifts Bryan up, into a Powerbomb, but Bryan is able to roll forward into a Sunset Flip position. Bronx rolls backwards, getting to his feet and catching Bryan with a dropkick! With Bryan down for the moment, Bronx goes to pick his back up, but Bryan catches his with a leaping enziguri kick! Bronx staggers backwards, as Bryan knocks him down with a clothesline! Bronx pops back up, but is taken down by another running Clothesline!

Bryan grabs the head of Bronx Valescence, picking him up to his feet, He throws Bronx to the ropes with an Irish Whip. Bronx rebounds, catching Bryan in a wheelbarrow position. Bryan lifts Bronx up, as Bronx tosses him across the ring with an Arm Drag! Bryan pops back up to his feet, taking another Arm Drag from Bronx! Bronx races to the ropes, hopping over Bryan as he flattens himself to the canvas. Bronx makes his way to the other side of the ring, but it’s Bryan who surprises him with an Arm Drag! Bryan holds onto his arm, turning it into a wristlock. The hold is tight, but Bronx spins around. He moves to his back, and kips up to his feet. With a quick turn, he reverses the hold on Bryan! Bryan doesn’t stay in the hold for long, as he drills Bronx into the mat with a Backdrop Driver!

JOHNSON: ”Bryan tosses the champ! He looks to be in control early!”
VASSA: ”Lucky start, I’ll say!”

The crowd applauds, as both men are at a stand still so far in this match. Bronx looks more annoyed by the backdrop, than anything. Both men get to a knee, as the crowd cheers for them both!

Bryan and Bronx stare at each other, as they get back up to their feet. Moving slowly, they soon meet in the middle of the ring. It’s a collar and elbow tie up, as they lock up in the middle of the ring. The collar and elbow tie up seems to be in advantage for neither person, as they are almost equal in size and weight. Bryan pushes forward, but Bronx stands his ground. Bronx attempts to push Bryan backwards, but Bryan stands his ground! The two break the hold, neither getting an advantage over the othis. The crowd begins to chime in, Bryan Williams looking on as they chant.


Bryan smirks, as Bronx tells motions for him to try it. Bronx extends one hand, a coy smile on his face as Bryan looks on. He slowly raises his hand, matching it with Bronx’s. Bronx outstretches his other hand, Bryan being careful not to be tricked into anything. He slowly reaches out, but Bronx snatches his hand and begins to push his down towards the mat! Bryan tries to fight back, lowering his posture to gain leverage over his opponent. Bronx starts to be pushed backwards, as Bryan begins to tower over his. Bryan pushes further and further, pressing Bronx backwards into a bridge towards the mat. Soon, Bronx is in a full bridge as the top of his head touches the mat! Bryan continues to press down, but Bronx places his feet on Bryan’s thighs! Bryan swings back, bringing Bronx up off of the mat. In one quick motion, Bronx twists and ducks as He rolls forward. Grabbing onto Bryan’s legs, He pulls him into a quick rolling pin!


JOHNSON: ”Smooth move there by the champ, but Bryan kicks out in time!”
VASSA: ”Bronx is going to do that all night, outsmart Bryan until he gets the win.”

JOHNSON: ”Bryan started off strong, but it looks like Bronx is back in control now.”
VASSA: ”As he should!”

Bryan is able to kick out in time, Bronx smirks as he quickly ties Bryan up in a headlock. Bryan struggles for a bit, as Bronx keeps him seated on the mat. He wrenches away, squeezing away at Bryan’s neck. After a few moments, Bryan is able to break free as the two seperate from each other. Bronx calls for Bryan to try again, Bryan looking a bit passive at the gesture. Bryan gets up to his feet, as Bronx sticks out his hand again. Bryan looks around, the crowd not wanting him to do it. Bronx has other ideas, as a lightning fast kick strikes the midsection of Bryan Williams. Bryan doubles over, allowing Bronx to connect with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Bronx whips Bryan fast, back first, into the mat. Bronx tries to quickly cover Bryan, but Bryan wisely decides to roll out of the ring instead!

Bronx looks as Bryan tries to collect himself on the outside, He uses the opportunity to rush to the other side of the ring. As Bronx heads towards the side Bryan is on, Bryan rushes under the ropes. The two cross each other, as Bryan heads for the ropes. Bronx rebounds on the other side, as Bryan catches him clean with a Discus Lariat! The crowd cheers, as Bryan stomps away at Bronx. He grabs him, picking him up and into a standing Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker! Bronx floats over, the back of his head landing across Bryan’s knee! He hits hard, as Bryan quickly covers him for the pin!


JOHNSON: ”What a neckbreaker there, not enough to get the pin though!”
VASSA: ”Going to take a lot more than that from the Pride champ, if he wants to beat Bronx!”

Bronx gets his right shoulder up, which allows Bryan to quickly wrap his up in an Armbar! Bronx wants no part of that hold, thrashing and kicking on the mat as he tries to break free. Somehow, Bronx is able to escape out of the hold, as he rolls to the outside. Clutching his right arm, he looks on as Bryan smirks. Bronx says something to Laroy Jones, as he makes Bryan step away from the ropes. The crowd seems to have swung fully behind Bryan now, as they start a chant!


Bronx doesn’t look very happy, he slides back into the ring to square up with Bryan once again. Bronx looks to tie up again, as Bryan looks game. Bryan comes in, Bronx sneaks in an eye poke! Laroy Jones is unable to see the action, as Bryan stumbles backwards. Holding his eye, He tries to complain to Laroy, but Bronx capitalizes! He grabs Bryan, pulling him into a Northern Lights Suplex! Showing off his strength, Bronx holds on and transitions it into another Suplex! Bryan crashes hard, taking two Northern Light Suplexes in a row! Bronx gets back up to his feet, mounting Bryan Williams as He rains down punches! The crowd boos, the eye poke giving Bronx Valescence the advantage. Bronx gets to his feet, taunting the crowd with a silly display. With an obscene gesture to the crowd, he turns his attention back on his opponent.

JOHNSON: ”Good thing we’re on Showtime.”
VASSA: ”These fans are already circlejerking over Bryan, they need to be cheering for Bronx!”

JOHNSON: ”Normally he’d appreciate their sentiment, but Bronx has been focused on one thing all week. He wants to beat Bryan Williams, and he doesn’t care how he comes across.”
VASSA: ”That’s a champion mindset, do whatever it takes to stay on top!”

Bronx picks Bryan up, a stiff forearm staggers him again, Bryan tries to fight back but is tossed into the corner. Bronx quickly follows up, rushing Bryan as he hits the turnbuckle. There is a split second between Bryan colliding with the turnbuckle, and Bronx clobbering him with a Clothesline! Bryan’s head snaps backwards, as he falls to the canvas. Bronx doesn’t let up, as he deadlifts Bryan off of the canvas and into a Gutwrench Suplex! The crowd boos Bronx, who mocks Bryan as he lays on the mat.

Bronx seems to enjoy their taunts, but his focus is back onto Bryan Williams. Bryan tries to get back up to his feet, but Bronx push kicks his back down. With Bryan down on the mat, Bronx grabs his opponent and locks his into a rather uncomfortable leg lock! It’s the right leg the hold is applied to, as Bronx desperately wrenches away at it. He punches it with his free hand, but Bryan seems to be holding on. Bronx lets go of the hold, opting instead to drop an Elbow on it! It slams into Bryan’s knee, allowing Bronx to lock in a Single Leg Boston Crab!

JOHNSON: ”Bronx working on that leg of Bryan there, smart move.”
VASSA: ”That’s the gameplan, keep Bryan grounded. Don’t let him keep coming at you.”

Bryan looks to be in pain now, but the hold is loose enough for Bryan to escape through. He slips out, as Bronx turns around. Bronx tries for a right hand, but Bryan catches his arm with a Superkick! Bronx’s arm snaps backwards in an odd way, causing him to yell out in pain. Bronx recovers, and turns around into another Superkick! Bronx’s eyes roll back into his head, as he falls to the mat. Bryan takes the opportunity to work his leg out, making sure there wasn’t severe damage done. The crowd cheers, trying to keep him in this match!

Bryan gets to a knee, but Bronx is now up on his feet! He charges at Bryan, who is able to duck and toss Bronx over the top rope! Bronx spills to the outside, the crowd cheering as he does. Bryan looks to have recovered, as he looks to the crowd. They build up in anticipation, as Bryan sprints for the ropes! He rebounds, moving back towards his original position. Bryan shoots through the ropes, connecting with a Suicide Dive onto Bronx! Both men take a spill, falling to the mats on the outside!

JOHNSON: ”Big dive to the outside!”
VASSA: ”Somebody check on Bronx, make sure he’s okay!”

Laroy Jones calls for both men to enter the ring, as they try to collect themselves. It takes a moment, but soon enough both men are back on their feet again! Bryan hammers Bronx with a forearm, causing him to stumble backwards into the barricade. Bronx connects with a forearm of his own, staggering Bryan for the moment. Bronx charges at Bryan, who looks like he’s going to toss him face first onto the mat, but Bronx turns it into a Tornado DDT ONTO THE APRON! Bryan slams hard, face first into the apron as he falls to the floor! Laroy Jones starts his count, as Bronx takes a breather.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Bronx rolls in and out of the ring quickly, promptly breaking the count. He looks to continue his attack, as Bryan is getting back to his feet. He grabs Bryan, who quickly slips out. Bryan grabs Bronx’s right wrist, bending it at an awkward angle! Bronx looks to be in pain, as Bryan smashes his arm against the ring post!

“One! … Two! … Three!”

The count has started again, Bryan looks to take control as Bronx cradles his arm. He picks the 4CW champ up to his feet, whipping him into the nearby barricade. Bronx lands hard, and eats a running Yakuza kick from Bryan! The move causes him to slump to the floor, as the fans cheer Bryan on!

“Four! … Five! … Six!”

Bryan makes his way back into the ring, again breaking the count. Bronx stirs, climbing up onto the apron as Bryan makes his way onto it as well. The two trade right hands, but a punch seems to hurt Bronx’s hand even worse. Bryan takes the moment, picking Bronx up onto his shoulders! Bronx quickly fights out of it, slipping down and dropping to the floor. Bryan sees this, and looks to connect with a Superkick. Bronx attempts to block, causing Bryan to wait. When Bronx looks up, he eats one fully!

VASSA: ”Bronx has gotta watch out for those, sleazy move there Bryan!”

Bronx falls to the mat, as Bryan slips back into the ring. The two men take a breather, both starting to look tired as the match goes on.

Bronx gets back up, after a few moments, and slowly gets back into the ring. Bryan gets back up, he slams a forearm into the back of Bronx. Bronx winces, as Bryan gets him up to his feet. With the champ in front of him, Bryan’s face turns to stone. He bites down on his mouthguard, and levels him with another Uppercut! Bronx falls to the canvas, as Bryan looks to go to the top rope! The crowd cheers him on, as he slowly makes his climb. Bryan gets to the outside, but Bronx quickly shoots up! He rushes to the ropes, grabbing Bryan! He starts to pull Bryan up, trying to set him up for a Superplex! Bryan slips through his legs, getting back into the ring! He grabs Bronx’s head, trapping it against the turnbuckle! With nowhere to go Bryan connects with a Superkick, the smack echoing throughout the arena! Bronx falls to the canvas, as Bryan covers him for the pin!


JOHNSON: ”Bryan connects with the Tate, but it’s not enough to put Bronx away!”
VASSA: ”That’s hilarious, kudos there.”

The crowd cheers, as Bryan Williams transitions the kickout back into another armbar! Bronx looks pissed, but calms himself down to focus on getting out of the hold. Bryan keeps the hold on tight, but Bronx is able to get his foot on the bottom rope! Bryan lets go of the hold, as the two men get up at the same time. Bronx charges in, driving Bryan backwards into the corner. A stiff punch wobbles Bryan for the moment, allowing Bronx the chance to pick Bryan up and set him up onto the top turnbuckle. Placing Bryan in a front chancery, Bronx starts to climb up the turnbuckle as well. The crowd grows restless, as Bronx attempts to climb up to the top turnbuckle. Bryan stands, but both are on unstable ground as they teeter on the top rope. Bronx quickly grabs Bryan’s leg, delivering FISHERMAN’S BUSTER FROM THE TOP ROPE. BOTH MEN SMASH INTO THE MAT BELOW!


The crowd is on their feet, as both Bryan and Bronx land very hard! Laroy Jones rushes to the middle of the ring, checking on the condition of both Bronx and Bryan! Bryan and Bronx don’t move, having taken a beating in this match. Laroy calls for them to get up, as he starts his ten count!

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five!”

Finally, Bryan and Bronx both start to move, Bronx looking the better of the two. Bronx begins to drag himself up to his feet. Bryan tries getting back up, but Bronx catches him with a knee! He falls back down to the mat, as Laroy continues his count!

“Six! … Seven!”

Bryan tries getting back up, the knee catching him clean on the side of the head. He’s barely able to get to one knee. Bronx looks on, smiling.


Bryan is doing everything in his power to stand!


With his last bit of energy, Bryan gets himself up onto a knee and then onto his feet! The breath is taken away from the crowd, as they expected this match to be called! Bryan uses the ropes to hold himself up, as Bronx looks on with a sour face. He yells something at Bryan, who still seems to be out of it. Bronx calls for Laroy to check on Bryan, but Laroy tells him to fight instead! Bronx sighs, as he walks over towards Bryan. Bronx tries to grab Bryan, but Bryan ducks and lands a hard Roundhouse Kick to the right arm of Bronx Valescence! Bronx grabs his arm, as Bryan stumbles backwards. He charges towards Bryan, backed up in a corner. Bryan is able to get a foot up, catching Bronx under the jaw! Bronx stumbles backwards, and Bryan sprints out of the corner with a BICYCLE KNEE! It lands flush, causing Bronx to slump to the mat. With his opponent down, Bryan quickly transitions back into the Armbar! The crowd cheers again, as Bronx is trapped in the middle of the ring!

JOHNSON: ”Bronx looks in trouble here!”
VASSA: ”Just wait, he’ll get out of this one!”

JOHNSON: ”Bryan trying to work over that arm, he’s doing everything he can to keep Bronx away from the ropes.”
VASSA: ”Come on champ, hang in there!”

Bronx cries out, as Bryan has the hold locked in tightly. Bronx thrashes around again, trying to swing his body over to relieve the pressure. Bronx tries to get up to his knees, but the hold is just locked in too tight! He bites his lower lip, not wanting to tap out just yet! The crowd has other ideas though, as they chant for him to give up!


The crowd stays behind Bryan, but Bronx is not out of this just yet! Bronx pulls himself, as Bryan tries to keep him away from the ropes. Bronx is unstoppable, using all of his strength to pull himself and Bryan towards the ropes! Bryan can only watch as Bronx gets closer and closer, finally reaching out and grabbing the bottom rope! Laroy Jones instructs Bryan to break the hold, but a look comes over his eyes. Laroy yells at Bryan to break the hold, as Bronx cries out in pain.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Bryan finally breaks the hold, the crowd cheering on as Bronx tucks his right arm into his body. Bryan calmly explains to Laroy Jones that he “has until five” to break the hold. A grin over his face as he does. Bronx tries to shake some feeling back into his arm, but Bryan Williams is all over him. He picks him up, tossing him with a Sleeperhold Suplex! Bronx pops back up from the move, rushing towards Bryan. Bryan ducks, and slams him to the mat with a Blue Thunder Bomb instead!

JOHNSON: ”Bryan is back in control! Blue Thunder Bomb connects, and Bronx looks to be in trouble!”
VASSA: ”Enough with the ass kissing, alright? Geez.”

Bronx is drilled into the mat, but Bryan Williams isn’t finished yet. With his opponent down, Bryan walks over towards him. He turns Bronx onto his stomach, wrapping his arms around his waist. Bryan, slowly lifting Bronx up, is able to get him off of the mat! He holds onto Bronx, who desperately reaches for something to grab onto! Bryan continues lifting him, bending backwards as he completes the Deadlift German Suplex! Bronx is drilled into the mat, and with his shoulders down Laroy Jones starts the count!


The crowd sounds a bit disappointed, as Bronx is able to power out of the pinfall! There’s some fight left in him, as he looks towards Bryan. A look of passion fills into his eyes, as he stares at Bryan Williams. Bryan Williams stares right back, the two of them slowly getting up to their feet. They move closer and closer, touching foreheads as the crowd gets super hyped! They both say something we can’t hear, because of the crowd. It starts to grow in intensity, as the crowd chimes in!


Bronx strikes first, using his left forearm to rock Bryan backwards! Bryan turns around, delivering a high roundhouse kick to the right arm of Bronx Valescence! Bronx grits his teeth, delivering another left forearm shot to Bryan Williams! Bryan responds with an elbow, catching Bronx in the jaw! The pain flows through Bronx’s body, he steps backwards. Bryan steps in to strike again, but eats a clean Rolling Elbow from Bronx! Bryan’s eyes roll into the back of his head, as Bronx tries to take his down with a running Lariat. Bryan Williams ducks the attack, as Bronx keeps running to the ropes.

Bryan rushes to the opposite side, both running the ropes as they meet in the middle of the ring. Bronx ducks under a clothesline, as Bryan continues to run. Bronx stops in his tracks, pivoting to chase his opponent. Bryan hits the opposite side, turning to see his opponent charging at his! A Blue Thunder Bomb of his own connects, Bryan crashing into the mat at high speed!

JOHNSON: ”Both of these men won’t stay down!”
VASSA: ”Bronx connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb of his own. Looks much better too, might I add.”

JOHNSON: ”You’re being so petty, right now.”
VASSA: ”I’m just saying, it has a better spin on it. Looks nicer…”
Bronx looks on, catching his breath, as Bryan stays down on the mat. The crowd continues to rally behind Bryan Williams, trying to will his back up to his feet. Bronx winces, as he looks to work on his damaged right arm. Bryan grabs the middle rope, pulling himself back up to his feet. Bronx sees a chance, charging towards his opponent as he connects with a running knee that sends Bryan tumbling to the outside! With his opponent down, another smile comes over the face of Bronx Valescence.

JOHNSON: ”What does Bronx have in mind right here?”
VASSA: ”Probably not something good for Bryan, if I could guess.”

Bronx readies himself, running towards the opposite side of the ring as He bounces back towards his opponent. He shoots through the top and middle rope, shooting out like an arrow towards Bryan Williams. Bronx crashes into Bryan, the Suicide Dive leveling Bryan and Bronx as they crash into the barricade on the outside! The crowd watches on, as Bronx and Bryan lay on the outside. Laroy Jones shakes his head, having no choice but to start his count yet again!

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five!”

Bronx and Bryan begin to stir again, as they both try to get up to their feet. Both men are tired, and unable to find the energy to get back up. The crowd begins to buzz, as the count gets closer and closer to ten!

“Six! … Seven!”

The crowd is on their feet, as Bronx and Bryan finally get to a knee. Bronx, having taken less damage on the dive, pops up and slides under the ropes. Bryan struggles with getting back to his feet.

“Eight! … Nine!”

Bryan finally gets to his feet, almost looking like he’s on Bambi legs. Before Laroy can count to ten, Bryan uses the last bit of his strength and slides under the bottom rope! The crowd goes nuts, as Bronx looks on in shock! This match continues! The crowd is fully behind the Pride champion, as they cheer him on!

“Bryan! Bryan! Bryan! Bryan! Bryan!”

Bryan doesn’t move as he stays on his back, Bronx trying to get some energy back himself. He clutches his arm, struggling to get back up to his feet. Bryan, struggling as well, finally gets back up to a knee. Bryan tries to get back up, but Bronx is ready and waiting. A Rolling Elbow catches Bryan Williams, clean on the side of his temple! Bryan slumps to the mat, still holding onto the middle rope. Bronx, full of adrenaline and fury, picks his opponent up. Bryan tries to break away, but Bronx pulls him into a Crossface Chicken Wing!

JOHNSON: ”For Terry! Bronx has got it locked in!”
VASSA: ”Spoke too soon!”

The two fall backwards to the mat, but Bryan is able to roll through! He breaks out of the hold, and rushes to the ropes! Bronx kips back up, and catches Bryan with a Leg Lariat on the rebound! With one good arm, Bronx tries to crawl over to his downed opponent. He drags, pulling himself along as He is finally able to cover Bryan. With one arm draped over his opponent, Laroy Jones begins to count!


The crowd erupts, Bronx Valescence complete in shock as his opponent’s inability to stay down. Bronx slams his left fist into the mat, as Bryan stares up at the ceiling. Bronx pushes himself to get back up to his feet, grabbing a handful of Bryan Williams’s hair. Bronx, with one good arm, pulls Bryan Williams back up. Bryan stands there, as Bronx kicks his in the stomach. Doubled over, Bronx tries to drive him into the mat with a DDT. Bryan, coming to life, grabs Bronx’s arm and twists his around. He grabs the other arm of Bronx, and takes him down with a Straight Jacket Suplex! Bronx crashes hard, but Bryan isn’t done yet. He picks his opponent up, tossing him with a Rolling Release Suplex!

JOHNSON: ”Bronx crashes hard to the mat! Can Bryan capitalize on this?!”
VASSA: ”He’s moving too slowly, I don’t think he’s got it!”

Bryan, dragging himself, tries to cover Bronx as fast as He can. He struggles, slowly pulling himself near his opponent. Bryan drags himself, finally covering Bronx! Laroy quickly makes the count!


The crowd stays in shock, as Bronx barely gets his shoulder up at the last second! his right arm flails upwards, Bryan catches it and pulls his back into the Globalist Special!! The Denver crowd un-glues, as Bryan traps Bronx in the Triangle Choke! Bryan grabs the bad right arm of Bronx, bending it backwards as he tightens the choke!

Bronx screams out, as Laroy Jones asks him if he gives up. Bronx shakes his head no, Bryan pulls the arm back farther and farther! Bryan pushes his hips up, the choke becoming even tighter now! Bryan let’s go of Bronx’s arm, focusing on choking the 4CW champion out instead. Bronx looks like he’s going to fade, as Laroy Jones keeps a close eye on everything. Bronx suddenly begins to stop moving, the crowd cheering as Laroy calls for the hold to be broken! They begin to boo as they finally see why!

JOHNSON: ”How in the hell? Bryan Williams had Bronx trapped in that Triangle Choke!”
VASSA: ”That’s why he’s the champ, I’m telling you!”

JOHNSON: ”What a display here tonight, both of these men putting everything on the line right now! Bryan was seconds away from stopping this match!”
VASSA: ”It was his best chance, and he blew it! There’s no way Bronx stays down after this.”

JOHNSON: ”You could be right, he knows how close he came there.”
VASSA: ”Close enough to put the fire back in him, you watch!”

Bronx Valescence was able to get his foot to the rope, breaking the hold! Devastated, Bryan looks on as Bronx clutches his arm. Bryan, gathering up all of the energy He can muster, slaps the mat to pump himself back up. Bronx looks out of it, as Bryan gets his back up to his feet. Bryan tosses Bronx to the ropes, but Bronx reverses it and sends Bryan instead. He quickly rushes at Bryan, connecting with a Forearm that sends Bryan to the apron! Wasting no time, Bronx quickly stands on the second rope, grabbing at Bryan. With only one good arm, Bronx lifts Bryan into the ring as he connects with the TWEET DELETE!

The crowd can’t believe it! Bryan crashes hard, slamming into the mat as Bronx tries to cover him. Bronx can barely move at this point, as he slowly crawls over towards Bryan. Using every bit of energy he can muster, Bronx finally drapes an arm over Bryan for the pin!


JOHNSON: ”BRYAN KICKS OUT! I cannot believe it!”
VASSA: ”I can’t believe Bronx was able to pick up Bryan like that! With one arm!”

Bronx and Bryan lay on the mat, the crowd going absolutely bananas for the events that have transpired just now. They stomp their feet, slapping the barricade as they are absolutely hyped for this match. Both men lay in the ring, motionless. With the pause in the match, the crowd begins to chant.


Bronx, grabbing the nearby middle rope, begins to pull himself back up. Bryan stirs as well, trying to get up to his feet. Bryan and Bronx use the ropes as support, but suddenly Bryan charges Bronx! Bronx catches his with a kick to the stomach, staggering Bryan for a moment. Bryan regroups, charging again at Bronx. Bronx sidesteps Bryan, as Bryan goes crashing into the nearby turnbuckle. In one fluid motion Bronx rushes up, wrapping Bryan up in a German Suplex. He rolls backwards, keeping Bryan locked up. As Bronx gets up to his feet he uses the momentum to deadlift Bryan up, AND INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX! THE CHAOS THEORY CONNECTS!


The crowd can’t believe it, as Bronx quickly moves to cover Bryan for the pinfall!


VASSA: ”Woooow, this is unreal.”

Bronx cannot believe it, the crowd cannot believe it! Bryan looks out of it, as he was barely to kick out in time! Bryan tries to get up off of the mat, as Bronx gets to his feet. Clutching his damaged arm still, Bronx uses his foot to push Bryan back down. Bronx yells at Bryan to stay down, grabbing another fistfull of hair. Bronx drags Bryan back up to his feet, but Bryan responds with a huge open hand slap!


The slap sends Bronx reeling backwards, as Bryan lands an open hand slap, forearm combination that sends his opponent reeling backwards. Bronx tries to fight back, but Bryan shoots under and takes Bronx down with a German Suplex! Bronx is dumped backwards, right on top of his head! He quickly pops back up though, much to the surprise of everyone! Bronx looks fired up, as he grabs Bryan. He takes Bryan down with a German as welll BUT BRYAN IS BACK UP TO HIS FEET TOO! Bronx turns around and eats a Superkick! The crowd is intense, they feel the end coming as Bryan Williams is fired up once again!

JOHNSON: ”He’s got the champ right where he wants him!”
VASSA: ”Come on Bronx, snap out of it!”

Bryan looks out at the crowd, full of their passion and energy as they cheer for him. He picks Bronx up, getting him up to his feet. Bryan is looking for the CTE, as he puts Bronx into the front chancery. Bronx falls to a knee though, tired and beaten from the match! Bryan bends down to pick him back up, but Bronx rolls him up into a Small Package Pin! Bryan rolls through, getting back to his feet but Bronx is waiting for him! He staggers him with an Enziguri kick, quickly following that up with the She Was Only Seventeen! The Running Single Leg Dropkick connects out of nowhere, turning Bryan inside-out!


VASSA: ”An emphatic statement from Bronx here tonight! That’s got to be it!”

Bronx is slow to cover, as Bryan is a good ways away from him. He rolls over crawling over to Bryan. With his left arm extended outwards, he places it over Bryan’s chest. Laroy Jones drops down, making the pinfall count! The crowd chanting along!



The crowd is on their feet now, Bryan doesn’t seem to move an inch as Bronx is barely able to pull himself back up. He gets up to his feet, grasping Bryan’s hair. There is a look on Bronx’s face, one we’ve never seen before. His scowl is terrifying, as we can hear him from the ring speaking to Bryan.


Bronx spits in Bryan’s face, and rears back for a Superkick, but Bryan catches his foot! Bryan wipes his face, spitting in Bronx’s face in retaliation! Bryan lets go on Bronx’s foot, and CLOBBERS HIM WITH A ROARING ELBOW! Bronx looks like he’s about to fall down, but he fires up and responds with an ELBOW OF HIS OWN! Bryan staggers backwards, BUT CATCHES BRONX WITH A SPINNING BACKFIST! HE FOLLOWS IT UP WITH THE BICYCLE KNEE, AS BRONX SLUMPS TO THE MAT!





Almost like he was expecting it, Bryan transitions from the pinfall back into the GLOBALIST SPECIAL! Bronx, and everyone, are taken by surprise! The crowd cheers loudly, hoping for the 4CW champion to tap! Bryan wrenches back, putting everything he can into the choke hold!

JOHNSON: ”HE’S GOT HIM! Bronx is trapped in that Triangle Choke!”



The crowd cheers, as Bryan celebrates in the ring! He holds up his hand in victory, celebrating as this match is over! Bronx stays down on the mat, not moving much after what has just transpired. Bryan tries getting up, but is just too tired to do so. He grabs onto the nearby ropes, pulling himself up as he hold up an arm in victory.

VASSA: ”Unbelievable, I can’t express what I’m feeling right now…”

The crowd continues cheering, celebrating with Bryan but Laroy Jones quickly rushes over to him. He shakes his head, waving off what Bryan thinks is his victory! Laroy points to the timekeeper, explaining that the match has reached it’s time limit! Bryan looks on in confusion, as the crowd begins to understand what has happened. They too grow quiet, as we hear Mike Powers from his booth.

POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the thirty minute time limit being reached this match is a DRAW!”

JOHNSON: ”Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this! Bryan Williams and Bronx Valescence have wrestled to a draw!”
VASSA: ”Wow … That was just … Wow.”

There is a lull in the crowd, for a moment. They don’t seem too disappointed, clapping and cheering away for both men as they lay in the ring. Bryan collapses back down to the mat. He doesn’t move an inch, as Bronx pulls himself up into a nearby corner. The crowd continues to chant away, as Bronx finally notices.


JOHNSON: ”I can’t agree more, that was everything I had hope for it to be.”
VASSA: ”That ending though, Bryan was so close! I don’t think Bronx was ready to give up yet!”

JOHNSON: ”Just imagine what these two could do with just a bit more time! It is unfortunate, but Showtime won’t let us run over again.”
VASSA: ”Just imagine if we had some shorter segments, these two could have gone on longer! Hats off to both of them, way to fucking go!”

Upset with the result, Bronx tosses his elbow pad in frustration. Having not been able to put Bryan away. Bryan slowly gets up, finally, taking his time to get to his feet. He stares at Bronx, who is still looking away. Bronx curses under his breath, as Bryan is finally standing. The crowd cheers, as Bryan reaches out to extend a hand to Bronx! There is quiet, as the two don’t say anything. Suddenly, Bronx turns away and walks towards the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”Bronx stated he wanted nothing more to do with Bryan, after this match.”
VASSA: ”Bryan said the same thing, yet here he is offering a handshake that went nowhere.”

The crowd boos, having just watched these two men go through hell and back. Bryan looks on disappointed, his fatigue getting the better of him as he has to take a knee. Bronx goes through the ropes, standing on the outside for a moment. The crowd chants for him to go back, he stands there for a moment.

JOHNSON: ”It is unfortunate for two former friends to end up like this.”
VASSA: ”Don’t speak so soon, Steve.”

Suddenly, Bronx turns back, heading back into the ring. Bryan can only look up, as Bronx takes a knee beside him. He nods his head, grabbing Bryan and putting his arm around him. The crowd cheers, the two friends reuniting in the ring once again. Both men are slow back up to their feet, as they raise each other’s hand in victory.

JOHNSON: ”What a great showcase by these two! Truly champions that this company can be proud of!”
VASSA: ”I certainly am. I mean, Bronx is still better, but Bryan is okay too I guess.”

JOHNSON: ”Well folks, we still have a main event for you here tonight. We’re going to take a quick break, and try to recover from this match!”
VASSA: ”I need to use the bathroom, like for real.”

The feed goes backstage to the noises of thuds and objects clanging amongst each other and dropping to the hallway floor. The camera zooms down the hall to catch Johnny Evil coming down the hall, dragging Dakota Smith by one leg. Dakota being the beast he is is still trying to fight of the effects of the drug that had previously entered his system. He lazily swings his arms out trying to grip onto whatever he can in efforts to escape Johnny’s grip. Knocking over an equipment cart in the process, causing it to spill across the floor.

SMITH: ”Just wa…wai…wait until this is over, I’ll fuck you like this is prison!”

As Evil continues to drag Dakota through the hall, the 4CW personnel that he passes scatter to the side and take cover. Evil begins muttering some indistinguishable words before looking back at Dakota who is trying to fight to keep his eyes open…

EVIL: “You fuckin’ Miles Blake on acid, wannabe, piece of shit!!”

SMITH: ”If you’re thinking about child rape… THATS ON YOU!”

Johnny turns around and reaches downward. Harshly gripping Dakota under the arm, pulling him to his feet. He slings Dakota toward the wall and holds him up against it. The camera zooms in as Johnny gets close enough to Dakota for him to hear what he’s saying.

EVIL: ”That’s right, remember… I did this to you!!”

SMITH: ”Ye…Yeah…Y..You Did this.. J..J..Jus like a jealous little slit! ”

Trying to fight back the only way he possibly can, Dakota vomits some stomach vile across Johnny’s chest. Releasing his grip, Dakota falls to the floor. Johnny looks at his chest filled with streams of light brown, vomit and saliva. Wiping his hands across it he laughs about it.

The camera pans around behind where Johnny is standing, bringing an old looking, pine-box casket into view. Johnny reaches out and flips the top open, growing a smirk across his face. He looks at Dakota as his grin grows wider. Reaching down, he lifts Dakota to both knees and positions him in front of the casket so that he can see what the future holds for him. As the camera zooms in on Dakota, his eyes widen about as wide as a groggy,drugged man’s eyes could.

EVIL: ”It’s time you get reacquainted, bitch!!”

Johnny pulls Dakota up to his feet a bit more and pushes him forward, causing him to hit the casket and fall inside. Johnny looks down upon Dakota as Dakota’s heavy breathing can be heard, using all his power to try and fight whatever is in his system.

SMITH: ”Johnny the faggot… H..H…Ha…Had a really W…Werid fetish!”

Dakota says that last time, while groggily trying to keep a rhythm. Grabbing the lid, Johnny slams it closed and then reaches into his pocket, pulling out a handful of six inch nails, spilling them atop the casket. A few hit the floor, pinging off the concrete as Evil reaches to the side on a cart where he had previously left a hammer, because obviously this was premeditated… obviously.

Johnny begins to grab nail by nail driving a few of them into where the casket lid meets it’s side lip. After getting several in there, 4CW backstage security begins to flood the hallway, attempting to reason with Evil as they get in between him and the casket. Angered by them intervening, Evil finally lets of a short laugh and tosses the hammer to the floor…

EVIL: ”Fuck it, I’m done… I made my point!”

Johnny starts to backstep, while his eyes never leave the casket. He goes to lunge forward only to have about four people from the security team rush him and take him down. During all the commotion and ruckus, Jett Wilder approaches from the other side looking around. He looks at the casket awkwardly before looking down at the floor and noticing the hammer laying there. Still appearing to be mid-hunt for Marquis in there hide and seek game, as he rolls his eyes.

WILDER: ”Hiding in the casket backstage Marquis, how cliche.!”

Jett with a shrug to his shoulders, picks up the hammer and decides to unnail the coffin. After a few moments of intense pushing action – the hammer finally snaps up the the lid to the casket. Jett using what strength he could pull the lid away and to his surprise finds Dakota Smith, who was drenched in sweat and looked like an animal waking up from tranquilization

The sheer surprise of Dakota’s face, seeing Jett as his saviour was enough to sell the whole scene. But it’s when Jett reached down and pulled Dakota out of the casket, that the butcher looked really confused.

SMITH: ”What…In…The…Fuck”

WILDER: ”Dakota, I got you!”

Dakota has nothing else to do but to use Jett as a stable foothold, the butcher holds onto Jett as he helps him drag his feet out of the coffin. With one arm around his neck, Dakota looks stupefied.


Dakota screams out the words and Jett, being a little bit afraid just drops the butcher. Almost like a rag-doll Dakota’s body hits the ground.

WILDER: ”Don’t scare me like that Dakota.”

As Jett goes to pick Dakota back up, The butcher pushes him away.

SMITH: ”You’re…You’re a fuckin needy bitch ain’t cha’”

WILDER: ”I just helped you out of that casket so be grateful, could have been like a show or two before we had our next Casket match.”

Jett points out that he did indeed save Dakota, though only because he is in search for Marquis in their hide and seek game. Dakota sluggishly drags himself up against one of the walls, pushing his back up against and catching his breath. His eyes circled around the room, seemingly not able to fixate on one thing.

SMITH: ”What can I say? Johnny just really wanted me all to himself.”

Dakota’s head violently jerks to one side as vomit projectiles out of his mouth and onto the floor, Jett quickly jumps up, trying to avoid getting any on his fresh kicks.


WILDER: ”I will not judge anything that you and Johnny were doing in this casket. But as locker room leader I do have to mention 4CW’s rules on PDA.”

Jett not understanding the situation fully as he moves farther away from the puke. Dakota looks up at Jett, his eyes now semi-beginning to focus. Slowly the butcher begins to push his back up the wall, until he is all the way up to his feet. He stumbles forward, stepping through his own vomit, almost tripping but he reaches out and grabs onto Jett’s shoulder.

SMITH: ”You’re a goddamn idiot Jett… But ya’ did good kid. ”

Dakota ruffles Jett’s hair, like a father would, but with more force. He then grabs ahold of Jett’s shirt and wipes his mouth off on it. Giving Jett another pat on the shoulder before stumbling his way down the hallway, leaving Jett with a disgusted and confused look on his face.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a qualifier for the 4CW Championship Match at Ante Up…”
As the music begins, a new entrant to the arena announced, Kasimir stepped onto the stage, eyes dead to the world, body a tourniquet of self-image. He stretched his shoulders as his manager approached from his side. He gave the man a glance and then continued on his way, no fan-fare, no desire to interact with the crowd. He meant business, and business was about to pick up.

POWERS: ”Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Alioth Starre, standing five feet ten inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and sixty pounds… he is… KASIMIR NNOOVVIIKKOOVV!!!”

VASSA: ”It’s been an up and down ride so far the prize protege of Alioth Starre, but tonight could change his fortunes in the blink of an eye.”

JOHNSON: ”Absolutely, Vinny. But it’s going to be a fight that’s for sure. It’s not often you don’t see a distinct height and size advantage from a male when he’s competing against women but there really isn’t much to distinguish him from Amber Ryan and Sativa Neveah. Except for his power and his tenacity. Man this kid can fight.”

The lights go out for a moment before the arena is bathed in green light. Two blue Spotlights find the entrance as “Bulletproof” by La Roux kicks up. Sativa walks out from the back with her arms thrown out wide, welcoming the cheers from the crowd.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, Standing five feet seven inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds, the Ganja Goddess, SATIVA NNEEVVAAEEHH!!!”

”Been there, done that, messed around
I’m having fun; don’t put me down
I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet ”

She makes her way down the ramp, towards the ring high fiving as many fans as she can. She circles the ring once giving fans high fives as she does. She then quick steps up the steps and faces out toward the crowd from the ring apron with her arms on the top rope. She bounces once before back flipping over the top rope. She parades around the inside of the ring, playing up for the fans.

”This time, baby, I’ll be
This time, baby, I’ll be
Bulletproof ”

She makes her way to a corner and climbs to the second rope and once again holds her arms out. The crowd continues to sheer her as she smiles and takes it all in. She jumps down and spins mid air to face the ref and wait for the match to start.

JOHNSON: ”If you ask me, this is Sativa’s match to lose. She wanted it, she got it and now she has to deliver on the goods.”

VASSA: ”She may very well be the most hit or miss competitor in 4CW today. At times she looks unbeatable and, at other times, she’s looked average at best. Which version will we get tonight?”

It’s the tinkling of the eerie music box that brings the lights down, the crowd murmuring with anticipation, as slowly and silently the big screens seems to crack one by one until Lzzy Hale’s vocals cue shadows to dance across the shattered surfaces.

“I pirouette in the dark, I see the stars through a mirror
Tired mechanical heart, beats till the song disappears”

Squealing violin cuts through the building tension, lights pulsing in red like an erratic heartbeat

“Somebody shine a light, I’m frozen by the fear in me
Somebody make me feel alive then shatter me!
So cut me from the line, dizzy spinning endlessly
Somebody make me feel alive then shatter me!”

As the bass drops, a female silhouette almost materializes atop the aisle drawing a mixed reaction from the crowd. Most cheer in appreciation of the show that they’re about to witness but many jeer due to her previous affiliations and general devil-just-doesn’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

POWERS: ”Introducing next.. From Atlantic City, New Jersey… standing five feet eight inches tall and weighing in and a delightfully thicccccc one hundred and forty two pounds… AMBER RRYYAANN!!!”

Dubstep violin leads Amber down the ramp, a few fans extend hands but receive little acknowledgement for their efforts. She circles the ring, messing with whichever ring crew and staff that happen to be within vicinity before methodically and deliberately sliding beneath the bottom rope and crossing to one of the far corners.
Climbing the turnbuckle left handed, she watches out over the crowd to gauge the reaction, returning the mixed reaction with an acknowledging nod of her own before somewhat turning awkwardly on the spot and taking a seat upon the top turnbuckle with hands clasped and elbows resting on her knees- that familiar Distorted Angel smirk ever present across her face.

JOHNSON: ”I’m not sure any of us ever thought we’d see the day. But there she is, Mother Unstable, with nothing to lose.”

VASSA: ”Nothing except a shot at the grandest prize of them all.”

The opening guitar riff to Black Veil Brides “Heart of Fire” kicks in as all the lights in the arena dim. The stage lights up, showing a giant stage-size Superman ‘S-Shield’ imprinted on the stage floor, the outline glowing blue and white as it pulses with the intro. Inside the shield is empty space, until a blood red human heart materializes in the middle, also pulsing with the music. On the video screens the same image (Shield with heart) appears but behind the heart are spliced together images of fans gasping in shock and awe at a certain someone doing the incredible things only he can.

“Driving through this world unknown,
I’ve built my life on broken bones.
Not living for this anymore,

You want a fight… I’ll bring a war!”

At ‘war’ the ‘heart’ burns away in the video footage as pyro explodes from the stage and the heart in the stage is replaced by the letters ATJ.

“I feel alive inside
I won’t be terrorized,
I’ll take all the blame.”

As the smoke from the pyro clears away the Arizona Assassin, Adrian Tanner Junior stands in the middle of the stage, where the heart was, head and face covered by the hood of his ring jacket. He is wearing his usual ring attire in blue and white tonight, with a matching blue and white ring jacket to go along with it.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Tucson, Arizona, weighing in at two hundred twenty-seven pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall! He is ONE-HALF of the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS of the WOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRLD, ‘The Arizona Assassin’… ADRIAN TANNER JJUUNNIIOORR!!!”

“This heart of fire, is burning proud
I am every dream you lost and never found
This heart of fire, is stronger now
Build your walls but you can’t keep me out”

He walks side to side on the stage, riling the fans up for support and love, holding up his half of the 4CW Tag Team Championships for each side of the crowd to cheer at. Then he stops again in the middle of the stage, 4CW Tag Team Championship on his shoulder as he points his right hand like a gun at the ring.

“I’ll burn them down.”

He ‘cocks’ and ‘fires’ the gun and another burst of pyro explodes from either side of him on the stage, then he runs down the ramp slapping hands with fans along the way before sliding into the ring itself. He hops up onto the nearest turnbuckle and makes the gun motion one more time, firing into the crowd before he jumps down and begins his warm up stretches.



VASSA: ”Lets get it.”

Kasimir is the first to rocket out of his corner, charging across the ring to catch Tanner with a spinning backfist that stuns the Arizona Assassin and sends him tumbling instantly to through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Amber Ryan is the next to take a turn at the brawling protege of Alioth Starre, ducking under a stiff right hand thrown in her direction but not being quick enough to catch the left hook that he swung around and clocked her with squarely in the jaw, knocking her down to the mat in shock at the force the punch had connected with.

Waiting back patiently, Sativa approaches cautiously and dodges to the right of one punch, to the left of another and then brings her knee up swiftly into his stomach. The move buckles him for half a second but he manages to hold onto her leg, wrapping it under his arm and using his other arm to hook around her waist before tossing her over his head with a modified suplex. As soon as Sativa hits the mat he pops back up to his feet, turning to side step a stiff right hand thrown his way by a recovered Amber Ryan. Quickly, he dashes off towards the ropes and rebounds. Amber turns just a half second to slowly to avoid the charging Novikov, who lowers his shoulder and nearly breaks her in half with a spear.

JOHNSON: ”Kasimir Novikov has exploded into this match. I don’t know what Alioth said to him this week but something lit a fire under this kids ass.”

VASSA: ”Pretty sure Amber Ryan’s ancestors felt that spear. Good lord.”

Popping back up to his feet with a roar, Kasimir flexed his muscles while scanning the ring for which one of his opponents was going to be the first to get back to their feet. Fully in control, he had all the time in the world to pick them apart one by one and make an example out of them. That is, until he turned to see Adrian Tanner standing on the ring apron. As he did so, Tanner leapt up to the top rope and springboarded off of it, flying towards Kasimir, just narrowly missing with a flying forearm. Having ducked under the maneuver, Novikov took off towards the ropes yet again. At the exact same time, Tanner rolled through the missed maneuver and popped back to his feet.

Two steps before Kasimir was close enough to spear Tanner as well his world suddenly was rocked as Tanner instinctively thrust his boot upward and CRRRAAACCCKKKK! Caught Kasimir with a superkick that hit him right on the button, dropping Novikov to the mat with stars spiraling in his eyes. Steadying himself after executing the superkick, Tanner turned to see a blur coming in his direction. By the time he realized what it was it was far too late for him to do anything about it.


VASSA: ”Literally out of nowhere. Two seconds ago it seemed like that suplex that Kasimir had hit her with had really sent her for a loop.”

Diving across the body of Adrian Tanner Junior, Sativa hooked his leg and went for the pin as the referee slid in to count.


Diving across and breaking up the pinfall attempt at the last second is Amber Ryan, driving an elbow viciously into the back of Sativa’s head. Snarling, Amber delivers too more blows to the back of the former extreme champions head before dragging her up to her feet by her hair. With Sativa dazed, Amber smirks and with lighting quickness cracks a jab off the chin of Sativa. Bouncing lightly on her feet, Ryan drives a quick kick to the outside of Ganja’s right knee.

Dropped down to a kneeling position, Sativa looks up at Amber and smiles, egging her on much to the crowds delight before another swift jab from Amber wiped the smile off her face. Tiring of showing off her striking ability, Ryan grabs Sativa by the arm and whips her into corner where Sativa slams into it and then drops down to a seated position. Dazed and surely not completely aware of her surroundings, Sativa raises both of her hands and motions for Amber to bring on even more punishment.

Naturally, the distorted angel obliged her, taking off at a sprint and driving a running knee directly into the face of her opponent. Again, the theatrics of Sativa are dashed away by a sharp attack from Amber Ryan. Quickly, Ryan returns to a standing position and bends down, grabbing Sativa by her legs, pulling her out of the corner. Immediately she drops an elbow to the sternum of Sativa and then hooks the leg for a pinfall attempt. Before the referee can begin to count, however, Sativa twists her shoulder off the mat and drives and elbow into the temple of Amber Ryan.

JOHNSON: ”Once again the women of 4CW are proving why they’re the best in the world.”

VASSA: ”Ryan with some vicious strikes in the last few moments but Sativa is showing why she’s so tough to hang with. Even after all of the abuse that Amber just inflicted upon her she keeps begging for me..”

As a brawl between the two women ensues, to the delight of the crowd, Kasimir and Tanner both begin to stir in the ring. Crawling towards the ropes, Kasimir reaches out and grabs onto the bottom rope, pulling himself over to it and then proceeding to use the middle rope to pull himself up to a knee. At the same time Tanner, on unsteady legs, works his way up to a vertical base but stumbles backwards into Sativa, who had just wrapped her arms around the waist of Amber Ryan and was looking to snap a quick german suplex off on the other woman. Instead, Tanner bumping into her sends the two women tumbling awkwardly into the ropes. Both turn around and shout at Adrian, who then turns to look at them

Smiling and shaking his head slightly to free himself of the cobwebs that still remained, he extended both arms in their direction and pointed double fingers guns at them, shouting bang a half second before they charged at him at the same time. Sensing it, Tanner ducked under and sprinted towards the ropes, rebounding just in time to see the two women continue on to double clothesline Kasimir down to the mat. Holding onto the ropes to halt his momentum, Tanner waited until the two women turned around and set their sights on him. With a shrug, Adrian waited for them to come charging in his direction and then once more leapt into the air, this time using the middle rope to springboard off of, flying towards both women and taking them down with a cross body across both of their chests.

JOHNSON: ”High impact move from Adrian Tanner right there.”

VASSA: ”I’m not sure if he’s any more talented than any of his opponents tonight, but he has that unique ability to be one step ahead of them.”

JOHNSON: ”You’ve gotta imagine he wants that rematch with Bronx, too, after a disappointing loss in the first round of the South Beach Brawl Cup.”

VASSA: ”You’ve got to imagine he wants to beat Sativa after emphasizing so many times that she never beat him for his title.”

Indeed, as he gets back up to his feet it’s Sativa that he sets his sights on, nudging Amber out of the way to the ring apron with his foot. Meanwhile, he’s quick to pull Sativa up to her feet and send her running into the ropes. As she rebounds he sweeps around her and drives her down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Once more, Tanner rolls back to his feet and brings Sativa up with him. Desperately, she throws a punch in his direction which he narrowly avoids and then rewards with a boot to the stomach.

With Sativa doubled over, Tanner hooks one arm around her neck and then throws the other over his shoulder and quickly snaps a suplex down to the mat. Instead of releasing the hold, though, he rolls through and pulls her back to her feet before executing another snap suplex. Again, Tanner repeats the process and pulls her back up and then snaps her back down to the mat with a third snap suplex. Again, Tanner rolls through and pulls Sativa up but this time he relinquishes the hold, leaving Sativa doubled over with her hands on her knees in a daze.

Immediately Tanner sprints towards the ropes and rebounds off of them, performing a cartwheel on his return and then grabs Sativa from behind, flipping over her and then bringing her flipping over with him and down to the mat quickly with a nasty power bomb.



Quickly, Tanner scrambles and covers for the pinfall attempt.


At the last second Sativa manages to get her shoulder off the mat as Tanner goes wide eyed, thinking for certain that he had the match in the bag. Pushing himself back to his feet, frustration evident on his face, he turns without seeing Amber Ryan sliding behind him out of his peripheral vision. Wiping the sweat from his eyes, Tanner turns and is caught with a kick to the stomach he never saw coming. In a flash, the distorted angel gets underhooks in and twists him around, lifting him up before driving Tanner down to the mat with a vertebreaker. SAWDUST IN THE BLOOD!

Just as she’s about to drop down for the cover a blur that is Kasimir Novikov moves towards her, driving her back into the nearby corner, the impact stunning her momentarily. Snarling, Kasimir turns and jogs to the opposite side of the ring and then takes off in a dash, leaping into the air and diving into the body of Amber Ryan in the corner with a STINGER SPLASH! For a moment he backs away, looking to line up his jab and two cross finisher, looking for a knockout blow. Before he can swing, though, a foot crashes into his jaw yet again and drops him to the mat. As he falls, Amber stumbles out of the corner.

JOHNSON: ”Sativa with a superkick to Kasimir!”

VASSA: ”I don’t know how he’s gotten up from the last one honestly.”

Another CRACK rattles the arena as a different foot crashes into Amber Ryans jaw, dropping her to the mat. Having fought back up to his feet, still dazed from the vertebreaker Ryan had hit on him moments earlier, Tanner managed to snap off a superkick to send Ryan crashing to the mat.


VASSA: ”Looklooklooklook! Tanner and Sativa are eyeing each other up!”

CRAAAAAACK CRAAAAAACK! At the same time Sativa and Tanner launched superkicks in each others directions, with both competitors connecting and both crumbling to the mat in a daze.

With all four opponents down and not moving the referee is left with no choice but to begin counting all four of them out. What kind of reprecussions that would have on the title opportunities at Ante Up? Who knows.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Amber Ryan is the first to begin to stir, slowly dragging herself towards the middle of the ring and trying to push herself up onto her hands and knees. Shortly afterward, Sativa Neveah and Kasimir Novikov begin to stir. Tanner remains motionless aside from the rise and fall of his chest.

JOHNSON: ”I’m not sure what will happen if all four get counted out. Will our main event at Ante Up become a triple threat?!”

VASSA: ”Maybe. Or maybe we’d just do it all again in two weeks time. Who knows, Steve. This is uncharted territory if it happens.”

“Five! … Six! … Seven! … Eight!”

Ryan manages to get fully back to her feet by the eight count. Kasimir finds his way to his hands and knees as Sativa has found a resting place against the bottom turnbuckle pad in the corner. Sensing opportunity, Amber Ryan locks onto Kasmir Novikov with her own personal submission hold. BURNING THE LOT!

Wrenching in the submission hold, Amber screams at Novikov to submit but the brawler refuses to give in. From her seated position, Sativa watches onward trying to summon the strength to pull herself up to her feet. Second by excruciating second passes with Kasimir’s face contorting in agony. Desperately Sativa’s arms pull her upward, trying to get back up to her feet before the man can tap out to the maneuver.

The crowd, buzzing with anticipation, looks onward in excitement sensing the match is near its end. Kasimir clinches his fist as his mind clearly considers tapping out to the hold. With a second wind, Sativa pulls herself fully upright and darts out of the corner just as Kasimir’s hand opened. Half a second later he would have tapped out but instead the bottom of Sativa’s boot connected with the side of Amber Ryan’s face, dropping her with a Yakuza kick.

Gasping for air, Kasimir pushes himself back up to his feet slowly as Sativa spins back to her feet, opportunity in the air. Quickly she moves towards him and stands up upright, stepping through and then slamming him down to the mat with an STO. Twisting her body immediately afterward, Sativa locks in the Koji Clutch.

JOHNSON: ”Oh man look at Kasimir’s face. How much more can he take. First a submission hold from Amber Ryan applied, and now one from Sativa. The man is at his breaking point.”


With very little fight left in him, Kasimir resigns himself to tapping out, raising his hand to tap Sativa’s shoulder and submit to the hold quickly. And then, out of nowhere, the hold is broken as a resounding thud echoes throughout the arena.

JOHNSON: ”Running Hesitation Dropkick from Adrian Tanner. WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM?!”

VASSA: ”Sativa just took the 37 hour flight to Denver and all she got was this lousy BOOT TO THE FACE! AND IT WASN’T EVEN IN THE CORNER.”

Standing back to his feet, Tanner looks around and there’s carnage everywhere. Amber Ryan is down. Sativa Neveah is down. Kasimir Novikov is down and looking like a broken man. For a moment Tanner steps towards Sativa, clearly wanting to earn a pinfall over her. And yet at the last moment he hesitates, waving his hands in her direction before pulling Kasimir up to his feet. It doesn’t take long for Adrian to lift the man up and flip him into a Styles Clash position. And then slowly but surely, Tanner falls backwards and into a pinning position, driving Novikov’s head down into the mat.


VASSA: ”That’s the best damn super rare finisher, period, Steve! Game over. Let’s take it home.”

Quickly the referee slides into position and begins to slam his hand down to the mat.




As the bell sounded, Tanner rolled away from his fallen opponent and remained laying in the middle of the ring, with his hands over his eyes, for a few long moments before slowly he raised his hands in the air. As he stood back to his feet the referee raised his arm in victory before he took to the ropes, pointing his finger guns out towards the crowd who were cheering wildly.

JOHNSON: ”What a main event, Vinny. I’m not quite sure it lived up to the Headline match before it. Because that match with Williams and Bronx was an instant classic. But goddamn these four put on one hell of a show.”

VASSA: ”Adrian Tanner Junior just punched his ticket to the biggest match of his career on the biggest night of the year. What a way to close things out, honestly.”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s two folks already locked in to face Bronx at Ante Up for the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: ”Who’s going to be the third?”
JOHNSON: ”So far we have Jett Wilder, Johnny Evil, and Dakota Smith announced to compete in the third and final qualifier. There’s still one more person to be added.”
VASSA: ”Who is it?!”
JOHNSON: ”Your guess is as good as mine. We’ll have to wait and see when the next card is released.”
VASSA: ”Either way, with those three already named to be in the last qualifier, that’s already a guarantee that the third person to get into the big match is definitely worthy.”
JOHNSON: ”One more match, one more person to entered into the big match. We’ll have to see who that person will be in two weeks as we head to Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.”
VASSA: ”HOUSTON?!?! I hate that place! I’m pretty sure that dude in the ugly shirt that got laid out by those steps was from Houston. I could tell by the way that bum looked.”
JOHNSON: ”They’re going to love you. Anyways! That’s all the time we have for tonight folks. We’ll see you in two weeks for Adrenaline Sixty-Seven!”
VASSA: ”And be sure to tune in to 4CW’s first ever Octane next Friday night right here on Showtime!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been our pleasure. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good Night!”