OCTANE E01 (102)



While fans were still busy finding their seats in preparation for the first edition of 4CW Octane, Niobe Martin and Dex Russey started the night out with a lightning fast match. It certainly drew peoples attention in to have a former Fate Champion in the match but it became evident very early on that the once talented Niobe Martin might, possibly have lost a step. Either that or the young Dex Russey is one heck of a superstar to watch. With Niobe unable to really get any offense going, Russey made quick work of her by picking her apart, setting up his attacks perfectly. As the match drew came to its conclusion, Niobe began to try to retaliate, irish whipping Dex into the corner. When she moved to the opposite corner and then sprinted across the ring to try and body splash him, Dex exploded out of the corner and connected with the Tiger Destruction Wave! Patiently, Dex waited for her to slowly get back to her feet and when she turned to him once more he finished her off with a pop up cutter he calls the Gadget Cutter, and picked up the win with a pinfall.
WINNER: Dex Russey via Pinfall (7:21)

The camera’s cut into the Cabarrus Arena to show a packed house as the sounds of “1000hp” by Godsmack continues to pulse throughout the arena. It’s the very first episode of 4CW Octane and its clear the fans have taken an interest in the new venture of Perry Wallace, Kaysie Sherell and the newly introduced 4CW Head of Operations, Jimmy Walker. As the fans continue to shout at the top of their lungs the camera’s begin to focus in on some of the signs the fans have brought with them to proudly display on this inaugural edition of 4CW programming.

Slowly the Octane logo flashes across the screen before the scene changes, bringing those watching at home face to face with three brand new commentators that had been hired on to handle the play by play and analysis of the Octane brand. A petite, pretty young woman sits with a fierce stare into the camera between two men as they introduce themselves.
TAYLOR: ”Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the very first episode of 4CW Octane. I’m Rachel Taylor and these are my colleagues Joe Lawson and Chris Campbell. And, boys, what an evening we have planned for those watching live here just outside of Charlotte North Carolina, and those watching at home.”
LAWSON: ”That’s right, Rachel. It’s going to be one he-“
CAMPBELL: ”Oh shut the hell up, Joe. Nobody cares what you have to say. The people want to get to the action, already. This is Octane, after all. This isn’t Adrenaline where Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell hold the show up for half an hour.”
TAYLOR: ”Well whether everyone agrees with your opinion or not, Chris, you’re right about one thing. We’ve got a packed card here tonight as we begin the sorting process around the newly minted Octane Championship.”
CAMPBELL: ”There’s no sorting that needs to be done. This is Bryan Laughlin’s tournament to lose. I’d recommend everyone else simply get out of his way.”
LAWSON: ”Don’t get ahead of yourself, Chris. Amirai Reilly, Vossler and the other thirteen competitors in this tournament are going to have something to say about it as well.”
CAMPBELL: ”They can have something to say about this dick, too.”
TAYLOR: ”In other words, from top to bottom we’re going to blow the doors off the Cabarrus Arena tonight. And kicking off the action will be none other than-“
Cutting off the commentary team is the opening guitar riff of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Gunslinger” with the screen above the entrance way flashing images of the Head of Operations, Jimmy Walker’s, face. He only makes his way out to the top of the short ramp before coming to a halt and raising the microphone to his lips.
TAYLOR: ”We’ve got company already, folks.”
LAWSON: ”So much for not holding the show up, eh Chris?”
CAMPBELL: ”Suck my dick.”
WALKER: ”The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Ladies and Gentlemen… I proudly present to you. FOUR. CORNERS. WRESTLING. OCCCTTTAAAANNNNEEEEE!!!!!”
He holds the microphone up for effect as the crowd explodes briefly with cheers.
WALKER: ”Tonight, as you well know, provides a unique opportunity for sixteen different superstars on the roster. Four men, or women, will leave the building tonight with a victory and an opportunity to claim the first of two spots in the Octane Championship match at our very first super show. But, unlike every other brand and every other company this industry has to offer, for the other twelve competitors who don’t find themselves on the winning side of things tonight, all hope is not lost. You’ll have the chance to keep on fighting next week for a place in our last chance qualifier, which will name our second finalist in the Octane Championship picture. Make no mistake about it. I’m about providing opportunities and the right environment for the men and women of Octane to thrive. We’re not going to follow the same old tired patterns of the past. We’re not going to sit here and bore you to death with backstage shots of Paul Knight trying to get his dick wet. The next generation of 4CW legends will be made in this very city, in this very arena, and in that very ring. I guarantee it.”
Applause erupts from the crowd as Walker takes a moment to let the fans savor what he had just revealed to them. Details of the tournament had been released but further clarity had been given to them. After a few moments, he brought the microphone back up to his lips and continued.
WALKER: ”That’s not all we have in store for you. As I’m sure you hear Perry announce on Adrenaline last week, the 4CW Tag Team Championships and the 4CW Fate Championship both have the potential to be defended on this show. But we’re not just going to rely on titles that have already been established. We’re going to give our stars the chance to make a name for themselves week in and week out. Soon enough, we’ll introduce you to ten minutes of mayhem and the Ignition Championship which will be defended on every single edition of 4CW Octane. While the Octane Champion will be able to sit back and rest a bit comfortably, knowing that his or her championship won’t be at risk on every episode, the Ignition Championship will be the trademark of this company. It is going to kickstart Octane every single week, no questions asked. To the men and women sitting in the back all you have to do now is ask yourselves if you’ve got what it takes to be the fire starter, the one to ignite Octane, every single week.”
TAYLOR: ”It absolutely is. I think we were all excited for the Octane Championship Tournament, but this Ignition Championship sounds like the perfect way to start off a show every two weeks.”
CAMPBELL: ”Just wish he wasn’t as vague about the ten minutes of mayhem. What is that? I hate cliffhangers damnit!”
WALKER: ”We’ve got all of this and so much more in store for you. Make no mistake about it, Octane is the place to be. We’re fielding calls from agents and wrestlers every single day and only the best are going to find themselves in this company, and as a part of this brand. This IS the new era all of us have been waiting for. Enjoy it, my friends.”
Once more “Gunslinger” by Avenged Sevenfold filled the arena as Jimmy lowered the microphone and dipped back through the curtain to the backstage area.
TAYLOR: ”Breaking news of the best kind from our fearless leader there, eh boys? Kicking off he action in just a few minutes will be none other John Gabriel and Ryan Kidd.”
CAMPBELL: ”Ugh, you really are an imbecile, Joe. Folks, we’ll be right back.”

The scene opens up with a stretch Range Rover pulling up in the parking garage. It slow rolls up the ramp and then stops. No doors open at first, giving no signs of who have may be inside the vehicle. After the anticipation builds, the door swings open and Jacky Jones steps out followed by Christian Jones. Closing the door to the Rover, Christian Jones slings his gym bag over his shoulder as he looks around the parking garage of the arena before taking it all in with a big breath. His time for self is short lived however, when he is bum rushed by a few fans who had snuck their way in…

As they rush up to Jones, they all have memorabilia of his extended outward in their hands with their markers ready. Giving off a grin and a nod he reaches out and grabs one of the fans items. An old DVD from No Limits Wrestling Federation. He takes the marker and scribbles his signature across it as the fan asks a question.

FAN #1: “Jones, So what made you come to 4CW, man?”

Jones looks around with a blank expression before smirking and nodding.

JONES: “Graps, ass-eating, and all that!”

He chuckles about it for a moment…

JONES: “Nah really though. I came cause I heard Wallace and Walker were negotiating five million dollar contracts on Skype like well conducted business men!!”

FAN #1: “Aren’t you worried about the Manifest Destiny scenario??”

Christian gives thought for a moment but gives no reply. He hands the fan back his autographed DVD and gives him a pat on the shoulder. From his strength, it almost buckles the fan as he lets out a painful yell.

FAN #1: “Shit, sorry man!”

The next fan who is a female takes a step forward approaching Christian and Jacky…

FAN #2: “Can you sign these??”

She lifts her shirt, letting those big ass tiddy’s out. Just when you thought Jacky would get mad, she doesn’t. She actually begins to examine them for a moment, checking their posture and positioning. Christian grabs the marker and pops the lid off and scribbles his John Handcock across them, almost causing the fan to faint.

FAN #2: “Ahhh My Gawwwwd. I’m never gonna’ wash these things again!”
JONES: “You better, that shit wouldn’t be sanitary at all!!”

As the fan pulls her shirt back down, the rest of the fans begin to get aggessive as a fanatic truly does, pushing forward and raging almost causing riot among each other to be the next one to green Christian and Jacky and welcome them to 4CW. Watching as the pushing between the fans continues, the scene cuts back to commentary.

LAWSON: ”Well, Christian Jones is here!!”

TAYLOR: ”Yeah, and he’s here for the GRAPS and THE ASS EATING!!”

CAMPBELL: ”I’m sure that was just a joke!!”


DRAKE: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
Lights go out as “Heathens” by Twenty-one Pilots plays throughout the arena. The crowd cheers as they pull out theirr phones and start waving them in a up and down motion rocking out like they are at a concert. At the forty-two second mark there is a loud explosion. The lights come back on as the crowd continues to rock out
DRAKE: ”Making his way to the ring. Standing at six-foot four inches, Two-hundred and forty-five pounds ‘The Average Man’ JOHN GGAABBRRIIEELL!!!”
John Walks out from behind the curtain rocking out with the crowd as his music plays. John makes his way to the ring walking back and forth between each side of the aisle the fans are sitting on. Leaning against the barricade with his back a group of fans and John start head banging. Making it down to the ring John slides under the bottom rope and gets to his feet. Stands up and continues to rock out with the crowd until his music stops.
CAMPBELL: ”What the… is this guy a fucking moron?”
LAWSON: ”Just because you don’t understand someone, or the fact that the fans enjoy them, doesn’t make them a moron, Chris. For god’s sake.”
TAYLOR: ”What we know for sure is that John Gabriel is looking to make an impact here right off the bat on Octane. He’s got to be feeling a little bit slighted not being included in the Octane Championship tournament.”
CAMPBELL: ”This idiot shouldn’t even be on the roster, let alone in a 4CW ring. I’m beginning to doubt the wrestling acumen of Jimmy Walker.”
The lights in the arena dies down as the crowd in the arena screams in anticipation. “Dark Horse” by The Ghost Inside suddenly explodes through the PA system in sync to the pulsation of red lights. We then suddenly see the entrance way being engulf with smoke. Amidst the smoke, we see a figure as the song blasts throughout the airwaves. After several seconds while the smoke starts to clear, the figure materializes and is revealed to be Ryan Kidd. He began hardcore dancing on the floor spinning around like there’s no tomorrow before raising his arms up in the air to the delight of the fans.
DRAKE: ”Making his way to the ring! Weighing in at two hundred seventeen pounds! From Chicago, Illinois! ‘Pro Wrestling’s Evil Knievel’… RYAN KKIIDDDD!!!”
As the red lights pulsation continues, he then strolls down to the ramp and slaps some hands of the fans ringside. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around the whole arena and raises his arm. He then continues walking making his way around the ring slapping some hands of the fans. He then stops in front of a steel steps and runs up to it stopping on the ring apron. He then climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms and roars to pump up the crowd. He somersaults down from the turnbuckle and runs to the opposite corner corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He roars and raises his arms in the air to the delight of the fans. He then somersaults down from the turnbuckle and walks to the opposite side of the ring. He then leans on the ropes puts his foot on the bottom rope as he raises his arm as the fans cheers him on. He then walks into his corner and does some warm up as he awaits the start of the match.
TAYLOR: ”Alright fella’s, break this match down for me. What should we be looking for?”
LAWSON: ”It’s your classic speed verses power matchup, Rachel. If Ryan Kidd wants to have a chance at staying in this match he’s going to have to avoid Gabriel’s power.”
CAMPBELL: ”Neither of these men are destined for greatness, frankly. Both of them suck. But Kidd does have the ability to wear out a bigger guy like John Gabriel simply by utilizing his speed and dictating the pace.”
TAYLOR: ”I think a lot of people would disagree with you about the talent these two have but we could debate that all night long. Let’s kick things off, shall we?”

Beginning of the Match: Ryan Kidd opened things up off quickly, connecting on strikes to the limbs of the bigger John Gabriel in an effort to weaken his power base. An early hurricanarana would take the big man fully down to the mat and result in a quick one count before John managed to kick out. With the big man grounded, however, Kidd continued to use his speed to keep the early momentum in his favor. A front dropkick to the face just as Gabriel was about to get back up to his feet sent him sprawling back down to the mat and resulted in a second pinfall attempt that was thwarted by Gabriel getting his shoulder up a hair after the two count hit. Both men would get back to their feet in decent time, with Ryan Kidd once again racing around the ring making it difficult for John to keep up. Strikes continued from Kidd until he had backed John Gabriel up into the corner. Once he had done so he ascended to the middle rope and began to lay into him with punches that the crowd counted along with. Before the count of strikes could get to ten, however, Gabriel managed to use his strength to hoist Kidd up onto his shoulders and then, from there, ran and drove Kidd down into the mat with a running power bomb. On impact both Gabriel and Kidd collapsed to the mat as the crowd broke into a flurry of cheers.
TAYLOR: ”It looks like both of your keys to the match seem to be coming to fruition early on. Kidd has utilized his speed but as we just saw, one massive maneuver from John Gabriel and all of that momentum has disappeared.”
LAWSON: ”Now we’ll figure out who has the stronger will to win and the bigger heart. Both of these men seemed to be well liked by the crowd, however.”
CAMPBELL: ”And we all know that the fans don’t really have any impact on the matches. This comes down to stamina above everything else and Ryan Kidd has it in truckloads.”
Middle of the Match: The two men worked their way back to their feet slowly, both trying to recover from the opening exchanges in the match. When they made it back to their feet Kidd ducked under a hard right hook from Gabriel but missed the boot that he followed up with which connected with Ryan’s abdomen. Wasting little time, Gabriel lifted Kidd up into the air and moved at a quick pace across a portion of the ring before laying his opponent out with a running power slam. On impact Kidd rolled over bounced and flipped over from his back onto his stomach, pushing himself up slowly to his hands and knees. Sensing that he had control of the match finally, Gabriel stood and moved to the ropes and then ran at his opponent, driving a brutal kick into Kidd’s ribs. Immediately he dropped to the mat and covered but only managed to get a two count before Kidd squirmed out of the pinning predicament. Smiling, Gabriel shook his head having thought he had put the match away. He then stood and moved to the corner, propping himself up to a seated position on the top rope where he slapped his chest with his left hand and raised right arm in the air, receiving a mixture of boo’s and cheers from the crowd. As Kidd worked his way slowly back up to his feet he stood and turned right into a diving elbow from the middle rope that connected with his temple, dropping him to the mat. Again, Gabriel covered but only managed to get a long two count out of it.
TAYLOR: ”Speed on display early in the match. Power on display throughout the most recent portion. Which style is going to break through..”
LAWSON: ”I don’t think any of us expected to see John Gabriel break out an arial maneuver like the one he just executed flawlessly.”
CAMPBELL: ”Flawless? He looked like a beached whale being tossed at Kidd. Stop being so damned biased, Joe.”
End of the Match: Using the momentum he had from the diving elbow, John Gabriel pulled his opponent back up to his feet after he had kicked out from the pinfall attempt and whipped him into the nearby corner. Charging at full speed, Gabriel collided with Ryan Kidd with a brutal body splash, grabbing him by the hair and tossing him down to the mat after the impact. Kidd, somehow, managed to roll through being tossed to the mat however and as Gabriel turned to look in his direction, Kidd had found his way back to his feet and thrust his foot into his opponents direction. WHITE LIGHT SUPERKICK! The crack resonates throughout the arena but it only dazes Gabriel who managed to move at the last second and not catch the kick flush to the jaw. Still, with a sudden second wind, Kidd charged across the ring and bounced off the ropes, rocketing in Gabriels direction and catching him around the throat with an arm. SPIRIT BREAKER! The sling blade maneuver smacks Gabriel down to the mat and the big man found himself in trouble. With all the momentum suddenly in his favor, Kidd quickly ascended to the top rope and wasted no time in leaping, flipping over to land a swanton bomb. Only to find that at the last second John Gabriel rolled out of the way leaving Kidd to collide with the mat. In a daze, Kidd stood at the same time as John did and before anyone knew what was happening, Gabriel hit THERE AND BACK AGAIN! And covered for the ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

TAYLOR: ”Incredible opening match if I do say so myself. Ryan Kidd started off with momentum early but in the end he just couldn’t avoid the full power of John Gabriel.”
LAWSON: ”Quite a statement to make on the very first episode of Octane. The question hs to be asked. What does Octane hold for John Gabriel next? And Ryan Kidd for that matter.”
CAMPBELL: ”What does it hold? Who knows. What it should hold is a quick trip to the unemployment line.”
Standing, Gabriel has his armed raised in the air as Alyxandra Drake announces the victory.
DRAKE: ”Here is your winner by pinfall… JOHN GGAABBRRIIEELL!!!”
As his win is announced, Gabriel pulls his hand away from the referee and moves to the nearby corner, standing on the middle rope and raising his arms in the air as his music blares over the speakers, with the audience going wild and rocking right along with the big man whose hair was flailing everywhere.
TAYLOR: ”Celebrate your win big guy. You’ve earned it.”

Backstage we see infamous 4CW interviewer Gabriel ‘Homeless’ Hartman standing in front of some Octane graphics with Daniel Corvin.
HARTMAN: ”I’m here with one of the hottest new stars on Octane, ‘The Prince of Darkness’ Daniel Corvin. Some of you know him as the HPW Champion. Some might recognize the name from former 4CW Star Ashe Corvin. Glad to have you here regardless of where people know you from.”
CORVIN: ”Yeah.”
Daniel looks around obviously bored and not wanting to be talking to anyone.
HARTMAN: ”Later tonight you make your debut in the first round of this tournament for the Octane Championship. Do you have anything you want to say to your opponents?”
Daniel turns his attention to Hartman for a moment.
CORVIN: ”As a matter of fact I do.”
Corvin looks into the camera, grabbing both the mic and Hartman’s hand.
CORVIN: ”Out of the four people in my match tonight, I’m the only one currently holding a title. A title that is recognized by 4CW. I’m the only one of the roster deserving enough to be the first ever Octane Champion. I assume that this half retarded ‘tournament’ this Perry threw together was to let the others on the roster feel like they actually matter.”
Hartman struggles against Corvin to bring the mic closer to himself. He winds up moving it slightly and leans in to be heard.
HARTMAN: ”Well, that’s a bold statement there Dani…”
Daniel looks at Hartman causing him to trail off and shrink away.
CORVIN: ”I don’t think I was finished, Hartman. In fact, what the hell are you doing still doing here? Get lost!”
Daniel pulls the mic out of Hartman’s hand and then quickly flexes towards Hartman. Hartman yelps and takes off.
CORVIN: ”I don’t care who you are or who you THINK you are. You can be some wanna be trend setter, a basic bimbo, or some self proclaimed unhinged fuckwad. I ain’t impressed or intimidated. Tonight starts my path to my rightful place as Champion. You could say that this is my Crusade.”
Daniel drops the mic and stares into the camera intensely. The scene then fades out.


DRAKE: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Fear Nothing” by Tupac featuring Ice Cube plays throughout the arena as Christian Jones is already in the ring, preparing in his corner.
DRAKE: ”Already in the ring at this time, weighing in at two hundred seventy-six pounds and standing six feet, six inches tall! He is ‘The Maestro’ CHRISTIAN JJOONNEESS!!!”
Standing in his corner, Jones comes to a sudden stop as he stares up the ramp and at the entrance.
The hard rockin’ guitar and drum riff of Halestorm’s cover of “Out ta Get Me” kicks off through the speakers as the stage lights start to strobe green and white in tune with the music. A four-leaf clover begins to appear on the video screens, like someone burning it into the video with a torch.
“Been hidin’ out
And layin’ low
It’s nothing new ta me!
Well you can always find a place to go
If you can keep your sanity!”

The clover etching finishes and the screen burns white, replaced by the words

The sound of shattering glass is heard through the arena as Grace Kerr rushes onto the stage like a mad dog, headbanging to the music and bouncing around like a crazy person
“They break down the doors
And they rape my rights but
They won’t touch meeeee!
They scream and yell
And fight all night
You can tell meeeeee!
I lose my head
I close my eyes
They won’t touch meeee!”

Grace makes her way over to one side of the stage throwing her arm up high into the air, pumping it along with the music and the cheers to hype the crowd up.
“‘Cause I got somethin’
I been buildin’ up inside
For so fuckin’ looooooong!”

She does the same on the other side of the stage, throwing up the ‘devil horns’ every once in awhile getting more and more into the music.
“They’re out ta get meeeee!
They won’t catch meeeee!
I’m fuckin’ innocent
They won’t break me”

DRAKE: ”Coming to the ring, she hails from Cape Clear, Ireland! She is the ‘Irish Devil’ GRACE KKEERRRR!!!”
She makes her way back to the center of the stage where she does a spastic spin around and around before coming to a stop facing the stage she throws her arms up in one fluid motion and green and white pyro explodes from the top the stage. Then she turns and bolts down the ramp to the ring, sliding in and throwing off her jacket before she impatiently waits in her corner for the ring bell.
The Loud and Melodic guitar chords of “Lake of Fire” by Nirvana strum out throughout the arena. After a few moments Jeb Fisher pushes his way out through the black curtains, a shark like smile on his face – he violently shakes his head. Slapping himself in the side of the skull a few times before turning his attention to Bob Fisher who was hobbling his way out of the back. Bob was shouting off random shit talking and hyping up his boy Jeb. Jeb’s tongue flicks out of his mouth before he sets his sights on the arena pointing to it and marching down the ramp.
As Jeb makes it down to the ring he stops, waiting for Bob to walk up the steels steps and enter through the middle rope. Bob then does the unthinkable and snatches the microphone away from Drake. He stands in the middle of the ring and gets a sickening grin on his face before putting the microphone up to his lips.
Bob throws down the microphone and Jeb jumps up onto the ring apron before quickly going in through the middle rope. He bounces around the ring a few times stretching out his muscles and punching himself in the face with what seem to be vicious blows. Jeb then lets out a manacle, yet full of himself laugh followed by him beating on his chest. Bob smirks to himself as Jeb gets comfortable in his corner.
“When The Going Gets Tough” by Billy Ocean BOOMS over the speaker system as out from the back, with a ten mile grin, bounds Cecilworth Farthington. Not long behind Farthington is the manager of the aristocratic, Dirk Dickwood. As Farthington stands atop the entranceway, The Manager of Champions, Dirk Dickwood presents his client to a crowd not exactly pleased to see either man.
DICKWOOD: ”Let me show you how to introduce a talent in the PROPER WAY. Introducing first, hailing from Buckinghamshire, England, and standing at SIX FOOT THREE INCHES and weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds… HE IS ‘GOD’S GIFT TO THE PROFESSION’… ‘THE FANCY MAN’, ‘MAH BOY’, ‘MAH MAN’, HE IS CECILWORTH FFAARRTTHHIINNGGTTOONN!!!”
The crowd reacts in some manner, WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY DO, as Cecilworth leans up against the turnbuckle, giving the crowd a big ole V for Victory, which is very Churchillian.
TAYLOR: ”Up next we have our first fatal four way qualifiers in the Octane Championship tournament.”
LAWSON: ”This is a pretty in depth tournament which includes multiple rounds of matches featuring more than two competitors in the ring at once.”
CAMPBELL: ”It’s not all that in depth. Aside from the various four ways and what not, it’s a double elimination tournament to crown our first Octane Champion.”
LAWSON: ”It can be a little tough to read on paper at first glance.”
CAMPBELL: ”It’s not that difficult to follow.”
TAYLOR: ”It really isn’t. Just keep on winning each round and there’s nothing to worry about. Plain and simple.”
CAMPBELL: ”Fair enough. Not let’s get this thing underway!”

Beginning of the Match: With his father yelling words of encouragement over the entire crowd on the outside of the ring, Jeb Fisher quickly rushes Cecilworth , trapping him in his corner with nowhere to go. With rapid lefts and rights, Jeb pounds away at Cecil’s body as Jones and Kerr lock up in the center of the ring. Using his size to his advantage, Jones quickly overpowers Grace with a series of forearm shots to the back as he keeps her head pressed down with his other hand. After dragging her to a free corner not occupied by Jeb still pounding away on Cecil, Jones slams Grace against the top turnbuckle with a T-bone suplex.
Finding a small opportunity for attack, Cecil dodges a punch aimed right for his face and quickly follows up by slamming Jeb face first onto the top turnbuckle. His head bounces off the corner and Jeb stumbles backwards in a daze, giving Cecil just the right amount of time to ascend to the top of the corner before wiping him out with a double axe-handle in mid-air. Back on his feet, Cecil quickly strikes again before Jeb can get back to his feet, clipping him head on with a running knee to the face as he gets to all fours. With Jones busy working on Grace across the ring, Cecil goes for a quick attempt at ending the match with hopes of no distractions from the other two booked in the match.

Before the official can even begin to slam his hand down for a third time, Jones grabs ahold of Cecil and lifts him off of Jeb and placing him in a reverse fireman’s carry on his shoulders. Spinning Cecil in mid-air, Jones drops him down to the canvas with a reverse neckbreaker from high above. On his feet, Jones kicks and stomps down on Cecil, ignoring the others in the ring until it bites him in the ass and Jeb is right behind him to surprise him with a elbow shot driven into the back of his head. Spinning Jones around, Jeb whips him to the ropes and on the return, Jeb lifts him off his feet and plants him into the canvas with a powerslam! With plenty of fight still in him, Jones begins landing wild lefts and rights into Jeb’s ribs as Jeb fires back with elbow shots of his own to Jones’ face. Meanwhile, Grace silenty moves in for the attack on Cecil, hitting him with a running bulldog just as he rises up to both knees.
CAMPBELL: ”Non-stop action from the sound of the bell! I freaking love it!”
TAYLOR: ”These four aren’t holding anything back and have the pedal slammed down to the metal.”
LAWSON: ”The show is called Octane and these four are running wide open with a full tank of gas!”
Middle of the Match: Hitting ropes opposite from one another, both Jeb and Cones collide in the center of the ring, hitting each other with a clothesline and wiping one another out. Cecil quickly makes the cover on Jeb as Grace covers Jones at the exact same time.

Kicking out at exactly the same time, both Jeb and Jones break the officials count. Bench pressing Grace, Jones lifts her into the air before launching her nearly three feet away from him. Quickly climbing back to his feet faster than Jeb, Jones gets to his feet only to get his bell rung as Cecil hits him with a sneaky European uppercut! Stumbling backwards, Jones falls into a dropkick from Grace, knocking him forward and into Cecil’s arms. Lifting Jones into the air and holding him there momentarily, Cecil drops the big man with a stalling vertical suplex, putting his disguised strength on display for those with their eyes glued on the action.
Climbing to his feet, Cecil is quickly blindsided by Grace as she sweeps in and hits him with a shoulder block in the side, knocking him into the nearby corner. With nowhere to go, Cecil braces himself as Grace charges in, going berserk with a fury of kicks and punches that he’s unable to defend himself against. Breaking Cecil down into a seated position, Grace spins around to finish him off with a kick only to have her foot caught in mid-air by Jeb standing just a few feet away. Pulling Grave in, Jeb slams his forearm into her face before hitting her with a cradle DDT. Making the cover, Jeb tries to seal the deal with no one in sight to break up the attempt.

TAYLOR: ”Jeb almost put Grace away right there but she still has some gas left in the tank.”
CAMPBELL: ”I’ve started to notice that things have slowed down quite a bit since the sound of the bell. These four way been at it heavy and full speed without no breaks in between.”
LAWSON: ”They can always take a break after the match!”
End of the Match: On one side of the ring, Grace and Cecil go back and forth as Jeb and Jones brawl on the other side. Ducking a right hand from Cecil, Grace steps in behind him and applies a full Nelson before lifting him into the air and transitioning it into a suplex. She attempts to bridge for the pin but Cecil quickly escapes. Back on her feet instantly, Grace pulls Cecil up to his feet before driving her knee into his stomach and forcing him to buckle over. Locking her arm around his head, she quickly grabs the waistband of his pants and lifts him up and over, dropping him onto his back with a snap suplex.
Hitting Jeb in the face with multiple forearm shots, Jones then spins around and knocks him off his feet with a discus elbow. Jeb scrambles to get to his feet but Jones keeps him down on his back with a jumping double foot stomp to the stomach. Standing on top of Jeb, Jones begins stomping onto his chest over and over before stepping down back to the canvas and pulling the big man up from the mat. Picking Jeb up from his feet, Jones lifts him up onto his shoulders before dropping him back to the canvas with a Samoan drop.
With Cecil backed against the ropes, Grace cuts into his flesh with rapid chops to the chest. She then locks onto his arm and goes to whip him to the ropes but Cecil reverses the maneuver and sends her racing to them instead. As Grace comes back on the rebound, Cecil takes off and charges at her head on. Meeting in the center of the ring, Cecil hits her with a running knee to the stomach, flipping her off her feet and onto her back. As Cecil looks down to Grace on the canvas, Jeb plows into him backwards as Jones unloads on him with a series of lefts and rights. Stumbling forward, Cecil trips over Grace and hits the ropes head on, flipping over the top and crashing down to the outside.
Still backing Jeb up across the ring, the two finally come to a stop as Jeb’s back hits the ropes. With a powerful left, Jones drives his fist into Jeb’s ribs, causing Jeb’s father on the outside to cringe at the sight. Drawing back with his right, Jones then swings for Jeb’s face. Inching in, Jones’ fist comes within an inch of Jeb’s face before he misses as Jeb ducks underneath. Wrapping his arms around Jones’ waist, Jeb lifts him into the air and falls backwards against the ropes, tossing Jones over his shoulders and over the top rope. Crashing against the apron, Jones’ bounces off before slamming against the floor on the outside with a thud.
Laughing at the sight, Jeb looks over the ropes and to the outside at Jones and Grace down within a few feet of each other. As he turns around, his eyes quickly light up as Grace is right there to greet him with a stinging right to the ear. Jeb quickly covers his ear , leaving his ribs exposed as Grace targets them with back to back punches, a left and a right. Grace then pulls the big man away from the ropes before delivering a solid knee to his stomach, forcing him to lunge over. Wrapping her arm around his head, Grace goes for a DDT but as she falls back, her momentum comes to an abrupt stop as Jeb wraps his arm around the top rope. Grace’s hold slips from around Jeb’s head, forcing her to crash to the canvas empty handed. Pushing herself up to a crab walk position, Grace looks like a deer in the headlights as Jeb pushes off the ropes and kicks his foot forward, stomping her across the face. With his foot against her face, Jeb pushes her head all the way down until it slams against the mat, knocking her into a daze.
With both Grace and Jones on the outside, Jeb acts quickly as he peels Grace up from the canvas. Pulling her head between his legs, Jeb holds her in place, bent over, before reaching over her back and slapping her across her backside. He then wraps both arms around her waist before lifting her up into the air and holding her upside down. With no one in sight to stop him, Jeb finishes her off with a jumping piledriver!
TAYLOR: ”Jeb lifted her with ease before spiking her into the canvas with that jumping piledriver.”
CAMPBELL: ”That just might be it! He’s making the cover and both Grace and Jones are still down on the outside.”

CAMPBELL: ”There you have it! Jeb Fisher advances tonight in his first match right here on the inaugural episode of Octane!”
LAWSON: ”With this being the first our four round one four way qualifiers for the Octane Championship, these four have really set the bar high for those to follow.”
TAYLOR: ”All four brought their ‘A’ game here tonight but in the end, it was Jeb Fisher who will walk away the winner here tonight and advance into the winners bracket at the next Octane in two weeks.”
“Lake of Fire” hits the speakers as Jeb rises to his feet, greeted face to face with his father, Bob. The official comes over to raises Jeb’s arm but Bob yells in his direction, scaring him off. Proud of his son, Bob then raises his son’s arm into the air, declaring him the winner.
DRAKE: ”Here is your winner, JEB FFIISSHHEERR!!!”

We cut backstage to see Christian Cain on a cellphone. He stands in his locker room with his back is to the camera and we can hear his words but not the words coming from the other end of the phone.
CAIN: “Yeah I know I’m two months behind on the alimony payments.”


CAIN: “What do you expect from me Cat?”

CAIN: “I know, I know, I keep forgetting I’m not supposed to call you that anymore.”

CAIN: “Catrina, I don’t have any money how am I supposed to pay you?”

CAIN: “I don’t know Catrina maybe you could you know…GET A JOB!”

CAIN: “Look you can’t get blood from a turnip so feel free to call your lawyer that I pay for.”

CAIN: “I have a match tonight; I’ll be able to start making payments again next month.”

CAIN: “No it’s not at a flea market or a community center.”

CAIN: “Not at a high school either.”


CAIN: “Yeah you’ll get your money…for what it’s worth there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about what I did.”

CAIN: “Hello?”

CAIN: “Catrina don’t cry.”

CAIN: “I’m…I’m…I’m sorry.”

CAIN: “Yeah I deserve that.”

CAIN: “Goodbye.”
Cain hangs up the phone and looks at the screen for a moment while letting out a heavy sigh. He then lets’ out a scream of range and throws his phone against the wall. He turns around and kicks a folding chair sending it flying against the wall.
CAIN: “Get the fuck out of my way.”
Outcast grabs the camera and the cameraman and throws them to the ground. The impact cuts the signal out as we go black.

The cameras return back to the ring. Everyone is getting ready to see the next match in the tournament to crown the first champion here on Octane. There is a buzz of anticipation in the Cabarrus Arena.
That buzz turns into a slowly building roar of shock. The cameras cut in on a member of the audience. His face is covered as the hood of a “Inactive Genie” hoodie is drawn over his head. He quickly makes his way to the barricade and hops over it.
A big behemoth of a security guard rushes over to him, but the fans go crazy as the fan pounces on the guard and stakes him down. He starts raining down punches at the guards head to the rabid cheers of the fans here in North Carolina.
With the guard laid out on the floor outside the ring, the fan quickly slides into the ring. He snatches the microphone out of the ring announcers hand before shooing the man away and out of the ring.
? ? ?: ”CONCORD…. Daddy is back…”
The man pulls back the hoodie to reveal himself as Dex Russey! The crowd goes crazy as Dex paces wildly around the ring. He soaks in the cheers for a few moments before bringing the microphone back up to his lips.
RUSSEY: ”Fucking right North Carolina! Welcome to the Dex Russey show!”
He stops for a moment and turns to see the guard on the outside starting to stir a bit. The fans cheers get even louder as Dex drops the microphone and slides out the ring. He runs over and kicks the guard square in the jaw laying him out! He beats his chest for the front row before sliding back into the ring, picking up the microphone again.
RUSSEY: ”Now this one is for everyone watching at home… My name is Dex Russey… And I know you didn’t get a chance to see it… BUT I BEAT THE FUCK OUTTA A FORMER FOUR-CEE-DUB FATE CHAMPION!… I fucked Niobe up and I shoulda dropped my sack on her because I made her my biiiiiiiiitch…
But let’s talk about the important thing… Let’s talk about why you didn’t get a chance to see Dexcellence… You’d think that on a show filled with guys that’s never even seen a Four-Cee-Dub ring… Guys who have, but couldn’t hack it on Adrenaline… You’d think with that mix… The guy who had a match against a multiple time champion on Adrenaline would at least make it to live television… Guess Octane isn’t out here for ratings huh? Guess Octane isn’t out to try and beat the big dawgs on Adrenaline huh?
Well… Allow me to fix that… Octane is a chance for all of us to build up a new standard in this company… A lot of us here don’t have that same popularity of a Bronxy Vee… A lot of us here don’t have the international success of a Bryan Williams… A lot of us didn’t bring a company in England down to its knees like an Ana Hayden… We don’t have a lot of things in Octane… But you people wanna know what we do have?… We have a chance… Some of you may know my name and know my story… I’m the guy that had to turn to pro wrestling because he fucked up his chance at playing big league ball… But the truth is…
I’m not that guy anymore… I’m not that guy that pisses away chances and opportunities anymore… I’m not that guy who only worries about his own shit. When I put my big… juicy… girthy… Johnny Hancock on the Octane contract… I did it with the purpose and intention of being a part of something bigger than myself! I want to turn Octane into something great… I want to turn Octane into the show the big dawgs have to worry about following up and topping… I want us to be the fucking best… Because we deserve it… And Four-Cee-Dub deserves that shot in the fucking arm! So it irks me… it vexes me… IT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF!!! When I see people getting handed quality television time who simply don’t give a fuck!
We’re not even two matches into this GLORIOUS first Octane show… And I can already sniff out the people who won’t be here long… I can already see the weak links in the chain… If I can smell the blood in the water then I know these Dexcellent people ere in Concord can smell it too! And i fucking grinds me that the one motherfucker who wants this more than ANYONE gets immediately alienated and put out of sight and out of fucking mind!”
The crowd roars get louder as a small detail of security members pour out from the back. They line up on top of the entrance ramp before slowly making their way down the ramp.
RUSSEY: ”And now they’re coming to shut me up! That’s fine that’s fine… You can keep me off of t.v., you can keep me outta your tournament… But you’re not gonna stop me from putting the fucking octane in OCTANE! So to all these other pricks in the locker room… Step your fucking game up! Cause I’m ‘ere to check every fucking one of you until we get that-“
The microphone is cut as Dex un-amplified words are drowned out by the sea of cheers and chants from the Concord crowd. Dex taps on the head of the microphone before cucking it over his shoulders. As the security team makes it to the apron of the ring, Russey runs at the ropes and launches himself over it. He crashes down on the security guards and wildly swings trying to fight him all at once. He has the upper hand for a split second before the numbers catch up to him. The guards eventually restrain him and start to drag him up the ramp as the building seems to shake from the raucous crowd. The camera then slowly fade away as we cut to the back.

Swinging backstage the camera picks up on Brent Berstin; the manager of Chanson Webster. He’s leaving the locker room which Chanson sits going over some tape. Seeing the camera crew chiming in on him Brent smiles, straightens his tie and clears his throat.
BERSTIN: “Please please just the little crew I wanted to see.”
He places another smile on his face but he really wasn’t happy at all. He let out a deep breath before the look on his face becomes serious.
BERSTIN: ”As much as I’ve enjoyed my time at the show tonight, I’m afraid that there is no way that I’m letting my patron Chanson Webster go out there and compete.”
Brent shook his head.
BERSTIN: “I haven’t seen any paperwork, and Wally knows that he’s under contract with me for the rest of the year. If I didn’t sign my name on the dotted line….I’m sorry, he just can’t compete. What do y’all think this is? I OWN him.”
Brent had a little saliva drip down to his bottom lip that he uses the napkin in his back pocket to wipe away.
BERSTIN: “I don’t care how many Wallyheadz want to see him out there tonight. I really don’t give a fuck. Unless I see some paperwork before he’s set to go out there I…”
The doors behind Brent swing open and out steps Chanson Webster who quickly cuts his eyes at Brent.
WEBSTER: ”Brent what are you doing brah? You know I dropped you how long ago brah. I don’t care about that contract shiz. You not even listed as my manager on that joint. Ion even know who allow you back here brah. Why you tryna fudge up a opportunity for me?”
Brent waves his fingers and pulls out the contract he’s been holding over Chanson’s head for months.
BERSTIN: “This is why I’m here.”
He shoves the contract into Chanson’s chest.
BERSTIN: ”Trust me, I wanna see you go out there and win tonight. I honestly do. Those guys don’t have nothing on you, but you can’t make decisions without me. Especially career moves. Who got you this far already? ME, Nobody’s been there like me and I refuse to have you go out there without my consent.”
WEBSTER: ”Brah, you really fudgin up the vibe right now. I can’t turn my back on them. You know how many people showed up just to see me wrassle tonight? Stop fudgin with what I’m tryna do and accomplish. I already let you pull strings for me…”
Brent cuts Chanson off.
BERSTIN: “And since you stop what happen. You lost the ITV strap, you’ve been concussed, and you haven’t looked like the sixth pick in the HKW draft that I made you become.”
WEBSTER: “You and all this made shiz, man as matter of fact.”
There were some security guards standing nearby. With a snap of his fingers Chanson gets the security guards attention.
WEBSTER: “Can y’all please escort this niddah off the premises.”
Brent looks at Chanson confused as the security guard’s grab him by an arm each.
BERSTIN: “Remember this. REMEMBER.”
Those words resonate with Chanson as he watches the security walk Brent away. The camera fading to Chanson shaking his head.



DRAKE: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The camera pans over to the ring where Christian Cain has already begun pacing back and forth. “Broken” by Pantera blasts through the speaker system.
DRAKE: ”Introducing first, already in the ring! Hailing from Waco, Texas! Weighing in tonight at two hundred twenty-seven pounds! ‘The Outcast’, CHRISTIAN CCAAIINN!!!”
Cain squats and continues to pace around the ring as the camera pans over to the entrance ramp.

As the second verse was said the lights came on and Keegan Ryan is standing on the entrance ramp which gave the crowds a real heated reaction as Keegan just shrugged his shoulder and walked down the ramp.
“You can cut me, knife me, shoot me, jab me carve me up and stab me but you’ll never defeat me,
You can shoot me, blast me, gun me down, try to put me underground you’ll never defeat me,
I’ve got an army on my back and if we’re under attack you better be fucking ready,
Undeniable unity in the metal community and we’re coming to bury”

DRAKE: ”Introducing the second competitor in this match, from Santa Fa New Mexico. Weighing at two-hundred and twenty-five pounds, ‘The New Mexico Madman’ KEEGAN RRYYAANN!!!”
He continued on down the ramp as he stopped to look at the fan who is giving him hell. He flipped that fan off as he gave a big smirk as he walked off from that fan.
“Fuck peace and quiet, let’s start a riot
Psycho or psychotic, let’s start a riot
Fuck peace be violent, let’s start a riot
Psycho or psychotic, get nuts and start a riot”

He walked up the steel stairs he went through the second rope. He walked over to the left turnbuckle as he stands there soaking in all the booing the crowds are giving him as he waits on.
The two competitors in the ring give each other a glare, but quickly focus their attention on the ramp again as the next theme song hits.
Lights in blue bathe the crowd, interspersed with white flashes as chanting fills the air and feminine silhouettes dance gracefully, ominously in the flashes of light to the opening strains of “Silence” by Delirium featuring Sarah McLachlan.
“Give me release… Witness me…
I am outside… Give me peace…”

More musical interlude as the crowd murmurs in cobalt immersed anticipation.
“Heaven holds a sense of wonder… and I wanted to believe
That I’d get caught up… when the rage in me subsides”

Amid the dancing shadows and flashes of light, a petite figure stands in the entranceway drawing mixed reaction from those still unsure what to make of her.
DRAKE: ”Introducing the third competitor in this bout! She hails from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Weighing in at one hundred twenty-two pounds, she is… AMIRAI ‘SOLITAIRE’ REILLEY!!!”
Amirai sweeps her full length jacket to one side theatrically as she finally makes her way towards the ring staying central to the ramp and out of range of waving hands.
“In this white wave
I am sinking… in this silence
In this white wave… in this silence
I believe”

Straining vocals prelude Amirai sliding beneath the bottom rope and her casual saunter leads her across the canvas and to the furthest corner where she scales up to the second turnbuckle, gazing out across the crowd without much further flourish than another sweeping motion of the bottom of her jacket.
As she takes it off and hands it to a staff member at ringside, Christian Cain is closely eyeing Reilley from head to toe much to her dismay.
The sudden heavy electronic song playing over the audio system catches all people in the ring off guard.
The heavy pounding electronical sounds of “Tears” by HEALTH sound over the PA system as Vossler wastes little time to march down to the ring, his head covered by the hood of his jacket.
DRAKE: ”And hailing from London, England. Weighing in at two hundred nine pounds… VVOOSSSSLLEERR!!!”
Vossler climbs into the ring and with a spin, takes off his jacket, sits down in the center as it falls to the ground and stares dead-pan into the camera with a smirk. His neatly calm composure is almost intimidating.
The song fades out, his jacket is also handed to a staff member as Vos takes the last open corner. Reilley and Vossler nod to each other in a sense of acknowledgement while both Cain and Ryan eye everyone with a look of disdain.
The referee moves to the center of the ring and checks with every participant momentarily before gesturing for the match to start.

LAWSON: ”And we are underway with another one of the many fatal four-way’s for tonight!”
CAMPBELL: ”I have to tell you, if one’s going to seem almost shoot-based, it’s this one. This is going to be a tough one!”
Beginning of the Match: As the echoes of the bell fade out, Ryan dashes to Reilley and begins raining down with swinging punches on her, as Reilley is looking for a leg! Vos and Cain look on from the sides, but Cain quickly joins in on the brawl and begins targeting Ryan who is quickly downed by the numbers advantage. Cain begins stomping down on Ryan and swiftly pushes him out of the ring while holding the ropes for leverage. As Ryan is out, Cain quickly turns to Reilley to corner her. He smirks as Reilley quickly acts by kicking Cain to the kidney, but Cain catches the leg! Vossler appears to have seen enough and dashes to Christian Cain with his boot lifted as now Cain is kicked over the top rope with such force from the Big Boot! Cain lands on his feet outside the ring and is quickly caught by Keegan Ryan who throws a mean european uppercut stunning Cain! In the ring Vossler has taken to a sprint and dives through the bottom ropes aiming for both as Ryan steps aside and throws Cain into the dive! Suicide Dive from Vossler taking out Christian Cane momentarily! Vossler attempts to rise to his feet but Keegan cuts him off on his knees and pulls him into a Snap DDT on the outside of the ring! Ryan feels the affects as he writhes on the floor while Reilley has decided to use the opportunity to climb to the top turnbuckle. She hops to turn one hundred and eighty degrees, and moonsaults onto Ryan whilst partially hitting Vossler!
The crowd goes mental over the action as Reilley rises to her feet quickly, grabbing Ryan by the hair and throwing him into the ring. As he rises, Reilley bounces off the ropes and throws a jumping knee to the face that drops Ryan in the corner. Cain slides back in and dodges the same knee from Amirai Reilley, bouncing off the ropes behind her as Vossler now slides back in and hits him with the jumping knee instead! Both Reilley and Vossler waste little time bouncing off the ropes themselves as they dash to each other and both leap into the air to knee each other! But they bump knees, landing on their feet. Vossler attempts to throw a kick to the ribs of Amirai who moves with the motion of the kick, twists around it and spins Vossler out for a Dragon Screw! But Vossler lands with his hand to turn out and turn back onto his feet before the two face off in the ring! Keegan Ryan rises out of the corner, so does Christian Cain! Ryan drops Amirai with a nasty dropkick to the side of her head while Vossler is caught off-guard by Christian Cain who steps on any body part his foot with leverage on and throws a devastating knee that turns Vossler inside out! Dangerous shining wizard! All four competitors are down, and the crowd goes nuts!
TAYLOR: ”We’re five minutes into this match, and this place is going crazy! The sheer brutality from Cain’s knee! The recklessness of Ryan! Both dropping the favorites in this match!”
CAMPBELL: ”This is incredible so far! I’m amazed with how unintentionally well each combatant in this match can adapt to anyone’s style.”
Ryan and Vossler rise to their feet first, Vossler violently shaking off the cobwebs as Keegan Ryan clobbers Vossler with a European Uppercut. Vossler returns the strike with a slapping kick to Ryan’s back who was still turning from the uppercut. Ryan dashes and bounces off the ropes to hit Vossler with a clothesline, but Vossler endures! He absorbs the clothesline and challenges Ryan to do it again! Ryan bounces off the ropes once more to hit Vossler who once again eats the clothesline! Keegan Ryan doesn’t even have to be told to repeat the action but as he hits Vossler for a third time with the clothesline, Vossler attempts to backhand chop Keegan who ducks under the arm and grapples Vossler for a quick German Suplex! Amirai gets up and lifts her legs up from under Keegan Ryan’s arm whilst locking her feet around his head before spinning around! She goes for the headscissor takedown but Ryan throws her legs away, lefts her up on her feet by her hair and drops her with a German Suplex as well!
CAMPBELL: ”Keegan with a nice counter there, shifting the momentum in his favor.”
LAWSON: ”These four are giving it their all with one similar end in mind – advancing to the winners bracket in two weeks!”
Middle of the Match: The crowd roars with boo’s as Ryan poses, while Cain gets to his feet and spins around to clobber Keegan Ryan in the back of his head with the roaring elbow! Now Cain is posing. The crowd can see Vossler rise to his feet behind the man. Vos prepares and strikes Cain in the back with a kick! “FUCK!” Cain groans out audibly as he turns around to be greeted by a forearm from Vossler! And another! Cain slaps his arm away as he goes for the hat-trick and instead locks Vos in a clinch, throwing knees to the body! One hits! The second hits his chest, and now the third is blocked by Vossler who grabs the leg and sweeps Cain off his feet, dropping him in a seated position and throwing a soccerball kick that echoes through the arena!
Cain arches his back, but Vossler challenges him with a smirk! He sits down, waiting for Cain to return the soccerball kick. Christain Cain seems puzzled by this at first, but then obliges with a soccerball kick to the back of his own! Vossler pretends like nothing has happened and rises to his feet again. Cain is visually pissed as Vossler points to the mat for him to sit down again. With a moment of hesitation, Cain sits down only to be hit by another kick to the back. Without even waiting for Cain to rise, Vos sits down as Cain decides not to kick, but this time throw a dirty, cringe inducing slap to the back of Vos that leaves a filthy handprint. Vossler bends forward before hopping to his feet. Cain has an evil smile on his face, despite the pain ringing in his back. As Vossler stomps the mat for his turn, his kick is instead thrown to the side of Cain’s head! Cain is out! He’s draped over the bottom rope! Vossler sits down regardless to taunt Cain! But Amirai needs no other invite to take advantage! She locks her legs around Vossler’s neck and chokes him! The Pentagram choke! Vossler is fading! Almost thirty seconds have gone by already! The referee is checking Vossler! Is he out!? The referee is debating as Keegan Ryan breaks up the hold by elbowing Amirai Reilley! He breaks up the hold just before the referee could reach a decision!
LAWSON: ”No way! The match was over! Or was it just that close!? It looked like the referee was going to call this one!”
TAYLOR: ”Mere milliseconds! Absolute milliseconds! I can’t tell you how close that was, but that’s the measurement I’d give you! Crazy!”
CAMPBELL: ”Cain is draped over the ropes, Vossler is recovering from a choke, it looks like it’s down to Amirai and Keegan!”
Keegan wastes little time and pulls Reilley to her feet, moves behind her and plants both his knees into her back as they fall to the mat! Rearranged! Keegan Ryan hits his signature Backstabber! Ryan hooks both legs!

THE COUNT IS BROKEN! Reilley grabs the lowered rope! Cain’s body pulling down the rope saved her there! Ryan is livid! He takes a step back to watch Amirai rise as he goes for the Lights Out! He leaps into the air! But Amirai Reilley pulls his boot and Ryan falls to the mat, landing into a kneebar submission! Reilley’s back is turned to the ropes, Keegan Ryan has nowhere to go except forward! He begins his crawl! It’s taking him almost a minute to get to the other side while Reilley’s grip is slowly fading! It’s loosening up! But we’re on the other side of the ring and Keegan grabs a hold of the ropes to get himself out of the punishing hold. Amirai releases and takes a moment to catch her breath.
TAYLOR: ”Good awareness from Keegan!”
LAWSON: ”Amirai had him right where she wanted him but Keegan was able to buy some time with the ropes nearby.”
End of the Match: Cain has fallen off the rope and recovered outside the ring. He sprints over to the opposite side of the ring unnoticed by the opponents, quickly hopping onto the apron. He jumps over the ropes, springboarding in the corner off the ropes next to him and moonsaulting onto Amirai Reilley! He hooks the leg!

No more than a two count! The crowd breathes a slow breath of air as the pace of the match quiets down a little. Applause from the crowd. Cain gets back on his feet as Vossler slides into the ring. Vos runs to Cain but Cain leaps for a hurricanrana. Vos is having absolutely none of it, and pulls him back into a powerbomb position. He pushes the leg away and transitions into holding Cain ready for a Samoan Drop. He pushes Cain’s legs overhead as Cain kicks his legs downward to land on his feet, avoiding the Ushigoroshi! Cain lands on his feet and runs to the turnbuckle, climb up and quickly spinning around and leaping off with his legs held together as he lands on Vossler’s shoulders, driving him into the mat! Cain rolls through, bouncing off the ropes again as Vossler rises! Cain aims for a Shining Wizard to the head like before, but Vossler pulls his legs so Cain lands on his back! Vossler rolls onto his feet, and bounces off the ropes! He charges for a PK Kick! Cain avoids by rolling backwards in motion with the kick! Agility shown from Cain! Vossler prepares to strike Cain but Cain is quicker! Four slaps to the face! Followed by Four leg kicks! Vossler is dazed! A spinning back fist! He spins around one more time, trying to finish the Death Blow combo! Vossler is spun out, but leaps into the air and strikes Cain in the face with a Pele Kick! Vossler stays down while Cain is on spaghetti legs! Amirai Reilley gets up on her feet and takes advantage to hit Christian Cain with the Snapmare Driver! Keegan Ryan rushes to his feet and as Reilley turns over Cain for a pin, he lifts her off her feet for a German Suplex but she struggles! She’s delaying it as much as possible! Vossler gets back to his feet and locks his arms around Keegan Ryan! He powers both of them overhead with his own German Suplex! Reilley is sent tumbling into the corner as Keegan Ryan is turned inside out!
TAYLOR: ”What a four way! What an amazing match!”
LAWSON: ”People expected Vossler and Amirai Reilley to be the favorites, but everyone is showing their guts tonight. Incredible.”
Standing to his feet, Vossler is attacked from behind as Cain hits him over the back with a lariat, knocking him down to his knees. Pulling Vossler back to his feet, Cain then spins him around before locking onto his wrist and whipping him to the far corner. Charging not far behind, Cain follows Vossler as he heads straight for the corner. Quick on his feet, Vossler leaps into the air and lands on the middle ropes of the corner. Springboarding off, Vossler flies at Cain as he closes in, hitting him with a clothesline as Cain hits him with a clothesline of his own. Both men wipe each other out across the ring as Amirai and Keegan slowly climb to their feet.
Rushing in on Amirai, Keegan catches her off guard with a shoulder block that sends her crashing into the corner head on. Bouncing off the corner, Amirai falls into Keegan’s arms as he wraps both around her waist, locking his hands. Before be can even attempt to lift her for a German suplex, she drags him along as she steps closer and closer to the corner. Stepping up onto the middle ropes, Amirai pushes herself off as she rolls over Keegan’s head and slips out of his hold. Dropping down to her feet behind him, Amirai positions herself as Keegan spins around with a blind elbow shot for her head. Side stepping out of the way, she then steps in with a kick to his gut that forces him to buckle over. Wrapping her arm around his head, Amirai then plants Keegan’s face into the canvas with a facebreaker DDT!
TAYLOR: ”Sangeriu Diamant!”
Rolling Keegan over to his back with Vossler and Cain still down on the other side of the ring, she makes the cover as the official slides in with the count.

DRAKE: ”Here is your winner, AMIRAI RREEIILLLLEEYY!!!”
“Silence hits the speakers as Amirai stands to her feet victorious. Stepping in beside her, the official raises her arm, declaring her the winner here tonight.
TAYLOR: ”We have our second winner here tonight that will advance to the winners bracket in two weeks.”
LAWSON: ”Amirai came out swinging like a bat out of hell. She’s definitely proven herself as one to keep a close eye on for Octane.”
CAMPBELL: ”Great performance by everyone involved. Everyone here tonight is a winner but unfortunately for the other three, only Amirai will be able to make that claim according to the record books.”

Cutting to the backstage area, we find ourselves in the presence of Caroline O’Hara Burchill, one of the primer signees for the Octane brand. She’s rolling her head around and psyching herself up, clearly preparing herself for her main event match later on in the night. Of course, Caroline is always one to go out of her way for the extra pageantry as she has a long, gold robe with diamond details draped over her shoulders. However, the Immaculate One isn’t all by herself as right in front of her would be a woman leaning against the wall. For whatever reason, the female has a concerned look on her face as she has her phone in hand, mumbling to herself.
WOMAN: ”Octane Championship for tonight, then we have to fly all the way to Toronto for WrestleForce and then head straight to Texas afterwards… not to mention that we have to go back to Vegas for that Elite Cup and then the All Female Invite tournament will be starting after that…”
Any fan would recognize that the woman would be none other than Amy Scottsfiern – Caroline’s agent. She lets out a huff, seemingly stressed out by the busy schedule that Burchill has placed onto herself. However, Caroline isn’t so worked up and simply laughs, stretching her arms up above her as she continues her warm up session.
BURCHILL: ”Gosh, you’re so insufferable. I don’t know why you’re getting yourself so stressed out about all of those things. Just relax, will ya?”
Amy doesn’t relax and rolls her eyes, groaning.
SCOTTSFIERN: ”It’s kind of hard for me to relax when my client is too caught up in trying to win every accolade there is and overworking herself. You must have forgotten about how weak you became back in Japan all because you were fixated on winning a title. I mean, starving yourself and working out constantly just so that you can get a gold belt-“
BURCHILL: ”-Aaaaand all of those things helped me out in the end.”
With a grin, Burchill moves a piece of her robe to her side to reveal the New Gen Championship belt that was on her waist.
BURCHILL: ”Besides, it’s not like I’m about to drop dead or anything like that. I’m in perfect condition! And I feel just well enough to make a complete mockery out of Houston, Tommy and Laughlin tonight and move on to claim yet another title.”
SCOTTSFIERN: ”All I’m saying is that you need to be careful. You need to be on your A-game constantly, and now that you’re officially a part of 4CW by being on Octane? It means that you can’t let all of these other things cloud your mind. There’s some stiff ass competition here. I just want to make sure that you don’t burn yourself out all for the sake of trying to prove a point.”
BURCHILL: ”Ugh, you’re so ridiculous.”
Caroline rolls her eyes and laughs, flipping her hand dismissively towards her agent. This garners the ire of Amy who frowns at the heedless Aussie.
BURCHILL: ”Trust me, nothing is going to stand in my way between me and winning gold. After all, I’ve always had my eyes on this place, and now that I’m here I can assure you that I’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Besides…”
Caroline looks down at her belt and gives a few pats before looking up at Amy with a sly grin.
BURCHILL: ”Being a dual champion would be pretty damn nice. And if you still think that I can’t get the job done, then just watch me, Amy. Observe carefully like the rest of these fans and the people in the back and watch as I make everyone in the main event look like my bitches.”
The thought of completely desecrating her opposition greatly amuses Burchill as she bites her bottom lip in delight and chuckles. Still, Amy gives a nonchalant shrug before looking back at her phone.
SCOTTSFIERN: ”Whatever you say, Caroline. Whatever you say…”
BURCHILL: ”Honestly? This is going to be a lot of fun.”
SCOTTSFIERN: ”What will?”
BURCHILL: ”Making Octane my promotion. Oh, and it’s going to be even more fun seeing all of the salty faces from these fans and wrestlers when they watch me advance in this tournament and go on to become the inaugural Octane Champion.”
Burchill lets a pleased sigh as that thought comes to mind. She nods her head approvingly and smirks, though she continues on with her pre-match preparation. Amy briefly arches a brow at her client before rolling her eyes once more, shaking her head as the cameras take us away from the two and back to the rest of the show.


Immediately the lights cut off in the arena and static hits over “Supposed to Be” by Icon For Hire’s intro before the song opens up. Smoke fills the arena as a bright yellow light hits a bed that raises with Zion strapped to it. As the first verse of the song opens up, Zion breaks the straps off and begins twirling around with a mask on his face. He slowly walks down the ramp looking psychotic to the fans in the arena.
DRAKE: ”Making his way to the ring…..ZZIIOONNN!!!”
As he makes it up to the ring, he slides in and crawls around before removing the mask with a sadistic smile on his face, laughing hysterically. He leaps up before grabbing his face and shaking the ropes as he awaits his opponents.
CAMPBELL: ”Ugh, fuck this guy. Seriously he is the worst.”
TAYLOR: ”No doubt about that, Darin Zion is one of the most mocked and reviled competitors the wrestling industry has ever seen and yet he won’t go away.”
LAWSON: ”I’d say you have to give him credit, but that would be like giving credit to gonorrhea for not going away.”
The lights go out in the arena as “Insanity Syndrome” by The Enigma TNG starts to play. The entrance area is filled with fog and lit with purple lights. As the guitars kick in Daniel Corvin walks through the fog. He stands at the entrance looking down to the ring.
DRAKE: ”Coming to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles California, weighing in at Two Hundred and Thirty Seven pounds. He is The Prince of Darkness, DANIEL CCOORRVVIINN!!!”
He throws his arms out in a release the doves pose as the crowd starts to boo him. He smirks and the heads to the ring. He ignores the crowd and heads right to the ring. He climbs the steps and enters the ring. He goes to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs onto the second one and once again throws his arms out accepting the crowds negative reaction. He jumps down to the mat spinning to face the ref and awaits the start of the match.
LAWSON: ”In Daniel Corvin we have another established superstar on the Octane roster. Currently the Hollywood Pro Champion under the CWC brand, you have to expect he thinks he’s got a shot at becoming the Octane champion as well.”
CAMPBELL: ”Of course he thinks he has a shot you fucking fuck. He’s in the Octane Championship tournament. The very fact that he’s a part of it implies he has a shot.”
TAYLOR: ”But will he take advantage of the opportunity here the way he has in Hollywood Pro?”
The lights cut to complete darkness except for two red lights shining on either side of the entrance way…
“Just lay your head in daddy’s lap, you’re a bad girl.”

The sharply upbeat drum beat kicks in, revving up the 4CW fans as they scramble to their feet. A generous mix of cheers and boo’s erupt from the crowd, her cult following screaming out. Felix Hartley energetically pops out onto the ramp, a confident smile stretching ear to ear as she extends her arms out to her sides.
“Hey, hey
I’ll let you walk all over me, me
You know that I’m a little tease, tease
But I want it pretty please, please
You know, you know, you know I’m crazy
I just want to be your baby
You can fuck me, you can play me
You can love me, you can hate me”

Felix, making her way, loose and comfortable with that cocky grin, mouths the sultry lyrics with a lick of her lips right into the camera as she walks down the ramp, approaching ringside.
DRAKE: ”Making her way to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada . . . ASS . . .CLASS . . . AND SASS. . . FELIX HHAARRTTLLEEYY!!!”
“Choke me because I said so
Stroke me and feed my ego
I’ve been a bad girl, don’t you know”

Right at the start of the chorus, Felix hops up to the apron on her knees, viciously swinging her hair back before sliding forward, back arched, and sliding under the bottom rope of the ring
“Come get it now or never
I’ll let you do whatever
I’ll be your bad girl, here we go”

Felix walks over to the middle of the ropes, leaning over them slightly to wink into the camera. She backs up into her corner, relaxed with her arms hanging limp over both sides of the ropes.
CAMPBELL: ”There is no more beautiful woman on this planet than Felix Hartley. I don’t care what you say. You and say Genevie Carlson. You can say Brylee Brawler. You can say Phe or Marquis or Tara Davidson. I don’t care. This woman is a goddess.”
TAYLOR: ”Uhhh… could someone get a janitor out here. I think Chris is going to need to be cleaned up.”
LAWSON: ”I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s the kind of guy to cum in his boxers and walk around in it all day long.”
Rock Box(The Instrumental) by Run DMC begins to play as the crowd begins to cheer. At the top of the stage Chanson Webster stands holding his name initials with his hands before changing it into nine fingers. He walks back and forth with his skateboard in hand getting the crowd hyped before he holds his skateboard up and taps his chest three times.
Dropping the skateboard Chanson steps on top while taking his hood from over his head. He stands there for a moment looking around at the crowd before a smile creeps up to his lips. Nodding his head he begins to slowly skate down the ramp while holding his hand out to the crowd.
DRAKE: ”Making his way to the ring at this time….Chanson WEBSTER”
The crowd continues to cheer as Chanson gets closer to the ring. He stops and signs a few autographs before bending backwards over the guardrail and taking one big selfie with the crowd. Hitting send on the phone he passes it back and salutes toward the crowd. He kicks his skateboard from under his feet before making his way to the steel steps where he takes his hoodie off showing his championship belt around his waist, tapping it and throwing his hoodie into the crowd. He steps up the steel steps and takes a bow before he steps in the ring.
Chanson taps his chest once more before pointing towards the sky. He begins to jog around the ring clapping his hands before stepping up on the turnbuckle where he continues to clap his hand. He steps down from the turnbuckle and sets up in a turnbuckle where he stretches a bit awaiting the bell.
CAMPBELL: ”I resent that last comment, Lawson. Just because you spend your days reminiscing of when Miles Blake used to hold your seven year old self in his arms.”
TAYLOR: ”Woowwwwww. Okay. Enough of that. How about Chanson Webster.”
LAWSON: ”Fuck you for that, Chris. I was a child. A vulnerable, innocent child.”

Beginning of the Match: The match began at a lightning quick pace with all hell breaking loose from the very get go. Zion was first with the earliest offense, blasting Corvin with a discus clothesline and sending him tumbling over the top rope and down to the outside of the ring. Felix Hartley and Chanson Webster, on the other hand, put on a clinic of technical chain wrestling with neither able to gain an advantage over the other until Zion charged at both of them while they weren’t looking and bulldogged them down to the mat, much to the surprise of the audience. He was too quick to take in the adoration of the fans, however, as the match continued it’s back and forth pace with all four stars getting in their fair share of offense after recovering from the early momentum that had swung in Darin Zion’s favor. Daniel Corvin, as the match neared its midway point, took the flow of the match into his own hands, blasting Chanson with a super kick before double DDTing both Zion and Hartley down to the mat, rolling Zion over for the pinfall attempt and getting a two before Darin managed to kick out.
TAYLOR: ”So much for Darin Zion being the joke of the group, what an early showing from him.”
CAMPBELL: ”That’s more than he ever accomplished on Adrenaline, Rach. But he’s still not going to win.”
LAWSON: ”Listen to the boo’s for Corvin though. The guy is legitimately hated.”
Middle of the match: As the match progressed the competitors seemed to split off into pairings of two’s, with Chanson and Corvin tussling in the corner and Felix and Zion rumbling against the ropes and on the ring apron, trying to send one or the other tumbling down to the outside. Corvin maintained the moment he had seized earlier in the match, driving boots into the abdomen of the RISE wrestling phenom. A quick turn of events would see Chanson reverse their positions and lower his shoulder, driving it into Corvins abdomen repeatedly in a battering ram motion. Meanwhile, Felix went to work methodically on Darin Zion. In the midst of her assault she took numerous occasions to slowly bend over, reaching down to pull Zion back up to his feet after having knocked him down with one more over another, much to the delight of the male fans in the front row. Finally, she would connect on a LOCK JAW shoulder jaw breaker that sent Zion seeing stars, standing upright and falling back against the ropes where he would rest. In the meantime, Webster sent Corvin running in their direction and, instinctively the Hollywood Pro champion would proceed to clothesline Zion and Felix over the top rope to the outside, only to turn around and be met by a spear that would send both of them tumbling through the ropes and down to the outside as well.
TAYLOR: ”And that right there is the kind of objective, unbiased commentary you can find here on 4CW Octane.”
LAWSON: ”Funny, Rachel.”
End of the match: As soon as all four competitors hit the mat outside of the ring the referee began to count upwards in the direction of ten. Hartley and Corvin would recover first from their falls, leading to them brawling outside of the ring. A clothesline from Corvin sent Hartley over the barricade and out into the crowd, to which he followed suit. Trying to give herself some room, Felix pulled fans in her way to block the assault from Corvin who showed no care at all when it came to the potential of injuring fans. Still down at ringside, as the referee’s count reached the midway point, Chanson and Zion began to exchange blows. Zion quickly spiked Chansons head off of the ring apron, dazing him briefly only to have him grab on to Zion’s leg before he could get back into the ring. As the referee reached an eight count, Zion swung trying to take Chanson’s head off but Webster instinctively ducked under it and stepped through, turning and throwing himself at Zion at full force, lowering his shoulder and spearing him into the steel turnbuckle post. A loud thud reverberated around the arena as THE TRENDMAKER nearly broke Zion in half and smacked the back of his head off the steel post. Pushing himself back up to his feet, Webster heard the referee’s nine count and recognized he had no choice but to throw himself towards the ring apron, rolling in just before the referee reached the count of ten. Half a second after Chanson got back into the ring, the ref reached ten and signaled for the end of the match, awarding the victory to Webster via count out.
TAYLOR: ”Chanson Webster is moving on but you have to think he wanted to get this win in a different way.”
CAMPBELL: ”A win is a win. I guarantee you he’d take that over losing any day of the week.”
LAWSON: ”Still, you’d like to see any match end because of something the competitors have done and not because the referee managed to pass first grade math.”
An unsatisfied look on his face, Chanson allows the referee to raise his hand in victory as Alyxandra Drake announces the win.
DRAKE: ”Here is your winner… by count out… CHANSON WWEEBBSSTTEERR!!!”
Shrugging his shoulder away from the referee, Chanson simply slides himself out of the ring and begins to head back up the ramp. Meanwhile, Hartley and Corvin are nowhere to be seen, having taken their fight to the depths of the Cabarrus Arena while Darin Zion recovers slowly, holding the back of his head while sitting at ringside.
TAYLOR: ”We’re going to send you backstage for just a moment, folks. More action here live, on Octane, in just a minute.”

American Tommy is seen pushing a Porta Potty on a trolley towards the entrance of the stage. There is a note plastered on the face of the Porta Potty that reads “News for Muggles.” He is ignoring all the stage hands and backstage help as he continues to skip along with no care in the world. Before the curtain to the stage there is a row of three security members. This doesn’t bother American Tommy as he continues heading right for them. Instead of them moving they stop Tommy right in his tracks and he doesn’t like it. Tommy’s face turns a shade of red and he tries to push even harder, but he isn’t breaking through.
TOMMY: “What the fuck, mate? Get the fuck out of the way! I have news to deliver!”
The security guard in the middle shakes his head at American Tommy.
SECURITY #2: “Sorry, Harry. We can’t allow you to take this onto the stage.”
American Tommy pushes the trolley ahead even more and it comes to a fast stop, sloshing some of the contents in the Porta Potty onto the shoes and pants of the guards.
TOMMY: “You can take that as blessing from the Porcelain God and shove it straight up your ass! Have you guys ever head of the Trailer Park Boys? I now give you there the title, Shit Pants Boys! Now, get the fuck out of my way. I’m supposed to go out there!”
SECURITY #1: “We have been told to not allow you to take any sort of toilet from backstage to front stage.”
American Tommy looks bewildered and flustered. He can’t believe that this is happening right now!
TOMMY: “Afraid of a toilet on the main stage? You tell that person I’m three seconds away from walking out there and taking a shit right on the ramp! Who told you that I can’t?!”
Just as American Tommy finishes his sentence he feels a tap on the back of his soldier. He spins around and none other than Jimmy Walker is standing behind him. American Tommy shakes his head an points to the Porta Potty.
TOMMY: “You guys treated me like day old leftovers and refused to give me a desk. So, I improvised and stole a Porta Potty that I’m using as my podium. Ingenuity at its finest. Just think, we can all benefit from this. I get my podium and if someone needs to use the restroom during a match it’s out there. I’m thinking of EVERYBODY here. Tell these goons to move!”
Patiently, Jimmy gives American Tommy a moment to calm down as he moved the two security guards out of the way so that he might converse face to face with one of his potential superstars.
WALKER: ”Listen, son. I understand you’re trying to stand out from the rest of the crowd and do something unique. I even appreciate what you’re trying to do but you can’t take a damned shitter out into the arena. You’ll have plenty of chances to separate yourself from the herd but you’re not going to do it this way. We’re not going to have any… accidents… like the one Cashe had in the main event of Adrenaline a few weeks back. Understood?”
American Tommy scratches his chin and shakes his head.
TOMMY: “Fine! The muggles can wait a show if you can promise that I get that podium next show.”
American Tommy and Jimmy shake hands. American Tommy looks at the pants legs of the security guards and the floor covered in poo water. He smirks and looks up at Guard #2.
TOMMY: “Don’t just stand there! Clean this shit up!”
American Tommy walks past the guards who just stand there looking at each other. American Tommy runs back and slaps one in the back of the head before taking off again. He yells something out as he is running down the hall, but the only word you can hear is ball sack.

The lights of the Cabarrus Arena go dark, spawning thousands of cell phones to be brought out for lighting.
“Behold the King”

A guitar riff and Lemmy’s voice plays over the P.A. system.
“That King of Kings.”

A golden spotlight shines down on the empty entrance ramp.
“On your knees, dog.”

The riffs continue as a man in a black suit with a brilliant red tie enters the spotlight.
“All Hail.”

Dexter Severin stands in the golden spotlight. There is no expression on his bearded face he stands here, looking out over the crowd. As Motorhead’s “King of Kings” kicks off in earnest, Dex makes his way down the aisle, the golden spotlight keeping pace. Upon getting to ringside, he pushes a random ring attendant out of their chair and takes it, along with the ring announcer’s microphone. He climbs into the ring, opens the chair and places it in the middle of the ring, and then sits backwards in it. “King of Kings” ends but the houselights stay off, the golden spotlight illuminating him. He brings the mic up to his face to speak but stops, a small chant breaking out.

Dex smirks and shakes his head before he brings the mic to his lips again.
SEVERIN: “Yeah, you know who I am.”
A small pop from the crowd as several more chants spontaneously start in different sections of the crowd, each dueling with one another.




This last one makes him laugh.
SEVERIN: “Yeah, she does, alright. But that’s not why I am here. No…no…”

He shakes his head.

SEVERIN: “No one knows why I am here. People think they do, but not really.”

He pauses, looking left and right at the crowd.
SEVERIN: “Everyone knows that I fell into the Abyss chasing after my White Whale. And after I crawled out? After I saw how the business had changed and how companies had come and gone? How some places propped up hawt chicks to be undefeated champions while padding their records and then wondering why they fold? I felt like I should just crawl back into the Abyss. After all, I gave up everything that mattered to me for the Whale, right? I gave up-”
He pauses as a small chant breaks that he cannot ignore.


Dex’s bearded face grows dark. He closes his blue eyes and sets his jaw, shaking his head slightly.

SEVERIN: “But I got bored. And I was pissed. Bored of doing nothin’ but my dumb radio show and pissed that random hawt chicks were given rocket pushes across the entire business. So I went DARC. I went to San Fran with a chip on my shoulder a point to prove. And I whipped 16 people’s asses and made everyone else look like a fuckin’ amateur fool on the way to becoming the greatest tag champ that city has ever seen. But now? Now? I’m bored again. And I heard that THIS was the place to go for excitement. THIS was the place to go if you want to get your rocks off. But what did I find?”
Dexter shakes his head in disgust.
SEVERIN: “It’s fuckin’ amateur hour here.”
There is a small boo from the crowd as they turn on him after the unexpected comment. But Dex doesn’t let them get away with it.
SEVERIN: “Oh, don’t give me that shit. I’m Wrestling FUCKING Royalty! The only King that matters. And I came here because everyone in the business is always talking about what shitheads ‘those 4-C-Dub guys’ are. Seriously, the way I hear it, every time someone from around here says anything truthful about anyone AT ALL, half of the business loses their shit! Pearls are clutched! Panties are bunched! But when I got here? When I actually walked into the building? Man, there is nothing but little kids who think that they are edgy and cool because their big brother taught them what snowballing means.”
Dex shakes his head and shrugs.
SEVERIN: “I mean, Bronx is funny. And that Genie chick seems kinda coolio. But that’s about it, man. I really don’t know what all the fuss is about! And that’s reality. But it’s okay. Really, it’s okay. Because from now on?”
He points at the crowd.
SEVERIN: “From now on, you all have something worth watching. You all have something worth cheering for. You all have something worth going to your dead-end, minimum wage jobs at Zaxby’s, or Culver’s, or whatever else you backwater Carolina hicks thinks is fine dining, and take that money and plopping your double-wide asses in those seats. You FINALLY have something worth obsessing over and worshiping. You FINALLY have a hero and a King. And…man…it’s good to be the King.”
Dexter takes a long look over the crowd before settling on the hard camera a smiling.
SEVERIN: “I just saved your company, Wallace. You’re welcome.”
Dex gently places the mic on the mat, stands up from his chair, and takes a smooth bow for the audience.

The cameras cut to the backstage area of the Cabarrus Arena. The area is in disarray as 4CW’s Octane’s security detail is having a hard time ushering Dex out of the venue. He’s fighting against him, doing the best he can being held off by multiple men in black shirts. The whole time he’s thrashing, he’s kicking things around culminating with kicking some cables and equipment off of the tech bench. He’s runs his mouth the entire time he resists against the security team, throwing profanity after profanity at them while they get him close to the connecting door to the back exit of the arena.
RUSSEY: ”GET THE FUCK OFFA ME!… Can’t stop me from telling the FUCKING TRUTH HUH!!?!?”
The team says nothing they haven’t ,uttered under their breath already. Three of them hold Dex in place the best they can while one of them swings open the door. They’re seconds away from pushing the wild-eyed man out into the back parking lot. Until the sound of feet running quickly can be heard preceding a familiar voice.
? ? ?: ”WHOA What the fuck are you goons doing!”
The face comes next to fit the voice as Lauryn Wolfe comes into the camera’s shot starting to peel the security guards’ grasp off of Dex.
? ? ?: ”Hey let him go, he belongs here!”
The security guards try to argue that he needs to be escorted off of the premises. Lauryn tries to convince them to calm down. However, Dex isn’t doing anyone any favors as he quickly pulls himself free of the security guards and gets in the face of the taller, big, bald one. The same one he decked earlier in the night when he decided to hijack the show.
RUSSEY: ”Keep eye-balling me like that you piece of shit and I’ll fucking drop you again!”
WOLFE: ”Chill the fuck out Dex… I got this.”
Lauryn grab Dex by the arm and pulls him away from the guards. The cameras follow them as they start walking away from the security detail.
WOLFE: ”What the hell did I say about causing trouble?”
RUSSEY: ”Shit L… I didn’t do anything but tell the damn truth. I ain’t been here a minute and they’re already trying to fuck me…”
WOLFE: ”I get why you’re pissed… I really do… But these things take a little time.”
RUSSEY: ”You’re the one who told me I need to kick the doors down and own this place… I’m doing it L… I don’t care if these assholes were ready for me or not, but I’m here!”
WOLFE: ”You weren’t listening all the way then Dex… I said you have to kick the doors down when everyone was home. This is the first Octane… The first night… You have to pick your spot… And you have to pick it at the right time.”
RUSSEY: ”… I’m just trying to make a good first impression you know…”
The camera stands still as Lauryn and Dex keep walking. They walk away from the focus of the camera as Lauryn pulls Dex in with a playful headlock.
WOLFE: ”C’mon little goon… I still got more to teach you…”
As they walk, Dex flails his arms a bit trying to break away from his friend as the camera pan away and then cuts back to the action tonight inside the ring.


‘The Failsafe’ by Misery Signals hits the PA system. The lights in the arena slowly dim down. As the beat picks up Caleb steps through the curtains. Wearing a black hoodie, and a pair of black and gold fight shorts. His head is bowed and focused on the ring in front of him. His arms are hanging down to his sides his hands shaking as he slowly makes his way down to the ring. His stare breaking.
DRAKE: ”Coming to the ring from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two hundred seventeen pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall… CALEB HHOOUUSSTTOONN!!!”
As he makes the turn at the bottom of the ramp he removes the hood from his head and slowly unzips the sweat shirt. Tossing it out into the crowd before climbing up the steps. Walking to the center of the apron he grabs the top rope and springs himself into the ring. Once he is in the ring the lights slowly being to turn up. His head is still slightly bent his eyes focused on the crowd as he makes his way around the ring testing the ropes. Making his way to the corner he crouches down and places his right hand on the mat awaiting the beginning of the match.
TAYLOR: ”Let’s dig in to the enigma that is Caleb Houston, shall we?”
LAWSON: ”He’s a kid who has all the talent in the world but just can’t seemingly piece the motivation to be consistently successful together.”
CAMPBELL: ”For once I’m going to agree with Joe, and he was awfully quiet in the build up to what could, possibly, be the biggest opportunity of his career. Maybe he’ll surprise us tonight, but I wouldn’t bet on it.”
The red and white colors of the lighting flash to the heavy hip-hop beats of Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne’s single ‘Changed It’, signaling the arrival of the infamous Immaculate One. As if on cue, the fans roar with boos and jeers, although their attempts at provoking the woman would be futile. Soon, a lone red light shines down on the center of the stage and Caroline O’Hara Burchill would walk out to stand within it. Like hail relentlessly raping against a window, the volume of the booing would reach an intense peak. The signature smug smile of Caroline would be present and she’d slowly spin around, almost as if taking pleasure in the immense hatred being presented for her. She laughs and makes her way down the ramp, hardly acknowledging any of the insolent fans.
DRAKE: ”Hailing from Sydney, Australia, she is ‘The Immaculate One’… CAROLINE O’HARA BBUURRCCHHIILLLL!!!”
As she reaches the ring, she looks at her surrounding. The hostile environment was nothing to her and she simply continued on with her egotistical swagger, climbing up onto the apron and entering the ring through the middle ropes. She scales the turnbuckle, looking around as she sees the fans showing great disdain towards her. She then smiles as the fans boo, climbing down and resting in the corner as she waits for the match to get underway.
LAWSON: ”Caroline O’Hara Burchill is a woman with the kind of pedigree and the mean streak you look for in a champion. We could be looking at our first ever Octane Champion right now.”
TAYLOR: ”Some would say that 4CW has had its fair share of Queens and that we aren’t in need of another one.”
CAMPBELL: ”Calling yourself a queen doesn’t make you one. Yeah, she’s got the look, the attitude and the talent. But she doesn’t have the desire. She’s embroiled in a never ending personal feud with Lauryn Wolfe and if you ask me she’s more focused on that than anything else.”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he pops the collar on his black denim vest allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

DRAKE: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed he then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
TAYLOR: ”Chris, it’s no secret that you think the main event is Bryan Laughlin’s to lose. What makes you think a man who failed to make 4CW great once could be on the path to success here on Octane.”
CAMPBELL: ”This isn’t the Bryan Laughlin that teamed with Jett Wilder. This isn’t the Bryan Laughlin that struggled on Adrenaline as a singles competitor. He’s not even the broken version of himself. This is a Bryan Laughlin who is pissed off and determined to make an example out of anyone and everyone who gets in his way.”
LAWSON: ”Some say his travel schedule could cause problems for him in the long haul, though. But we’re certainly happy to have him here on Octane and maybe, for once in his life, Chris will end up being right about something.”
“Best Song Ever” by One Direction blares from the arena speakers as the crowd jumps to their feet in excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and Golden Snitches drop from the ceiling. American Tommy makes his way through the curtain and stands in the middle of the ramp smiling. He waves to the crowd. As he makes his way down to the ring he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it.
DRAKE: ”Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, IL! AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Alyxandra he begins pointing and yelling. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again.
TOMMY: “Damn it, Drake! Say it right or I’ll curse you, muggle!”
Alyxandra Drake stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head. American Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at her who sighs and starts speaking again.
DRAKE: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for the grand wizard of them all. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Hogwarts, USA! HARRY PPOOTTTTEERR!!!”
American Tommy jumps up in glee, clapping his hands. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the wring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises his wand to the crowd as they do the same to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle and places his trusty wand underneath it.
TAYLOR: ”I won’t pick favorites but if I was a betting woman I think I’d put my money on American Tommy.”
CAMPBELL: ”Ugh, of course you would.”
LAWSON: ”Women with their damned Hogwarts fantasies.”

The match started off quickly with Caroline going directly after Caleb Houston, while Laughlin and Tommy squared off. Caroline was able to quickly get the advantage over Caleb, driving her boot into his knee and then slapping him across the face viciously, driving him back into the corner with her shoulder. Meanwhile, in the center of the ring, Laughlin and Tommy quickly traded right hands back and forth before Tommy managed to block a strike from Bryan and then drive a stiff boot into his abdomen, tying him up with a side headlock, wrenching on the hold.
In the corner, Caroline continued her assault on Caleb, kicking him in the stomach and then chopping him in the chest, to stand him back up straight, repeating the process over and over again until finally he fell to a seated position in the corner. Once there, Burchill placed her boot against his throat and pressed down violently, causing the referee to come in and begin a five count as Houston’s face began to turn red. On the opposite side of the ring, Laughlin backed up into the ropes and then used them as momentum to shove Tommy off of him and send him into a sprint across the ring. Laughlin followed suit and as Tommy returned on the rebound, Laughlin leapfrogged over him and continued into the ropes. Tommy also rebounded off the opposite ropes and as the two collided in the middle of the ring once more, Tommy managed to avoid a running knee and sweep around behind Laughlin, wrapping his arm around Bryan’s neck and driving him down into the mat with a quick ddt.
Meanwhile the referee forced a breakup of the illegal choke that Caroline was applying to Caleb, reaching a four count before pulling Caroline off. As she took a step back she bumped into Tommy, the two quickly spinning around to face each other. For half a second Tommy hesitated and received a stiff forearm as payment for his hesitation. Avoiding the second forearm, Tommy grabbed onto Carolines arm and whipped her into the corner where Caleb was seated. Spinning to allow her back to absorb the blow against the padding, Carolines ass smashed into Caleb’s face before she fired out of the corner in Tommy’s direction. Expecting the retaliation, Tommy ducked at the right time and elevated Caroline overhead, leaving her to tumble to the mat a victim of a well executed back body drop.
TAYLOR: ”The action is hot and heavy early on with Caroline O’Hara Burchill and American Tommy with the early advantage.”
LAWSON: ”Tommy was quick on his feet to deal with Laughlin and then to stake claim to full control of the match with that perfect back body drop.”
CAMPBELL: ”I’d imagine Lauryn Wolfe is not going to be happy about Caroline offering Caleb a whiff of her groceries, though.”
Laughlin and Burchill begin to get back to their feet at the same time, with Tommy electing to go after the woman who had found some momentum for herself early on in the match. Quickly, he pulls her the rest of the way up to her feet by her hair and grabs hold of her wrist, twisting her up into a wrist lock and torquing the hold. Laughlin, meanwhile, continues his battle back to his feet while shaking off the effects of the ddt that Tommy had hit him with. Looking at the other two as he did so, he waved his hands at them as Caroline tried to work her way out of the wrist lock. At the same time Laughlin moved to the corner where Caleb was seated and drug him out by his feet, dropping down to cover him for a pinfall attempt.

Before the three could be counted Tommy relinquished the hold on Caroline and dove across the back of Laughlin, breaking up the pinfall attempt. Pulling Laughlin up, Tommy gets caught from behind by Burchill who hooked her arm around his neck and pulled him backwards, dropping a forearm across his chest and driving him down to the mat. Quickly back to her feet, Caroline is met by Bryan Laughlin who drives his knee into her stomach and then ties her up into an abdominal stretch, placing his elbow against the side of her face and pushing down to add greater discomfort to the maneuver.
With Bryan Laughlin having Caroline tied up, Tommy and Caleb take the time to recover, with Caleb being the one on the verge of getting to his feet a bit more quickly. He manages to get back to a vertical base before Tommy can and drives an elbow to the top of Tommy’s head. Reeling back from the strike, Tommy returns fire with a spinning heel kick that knocks Caleb through the top and middle ropes, only catching himself at the last second to stop his momentum from sending him all the way down to the outside. At the same time Laughlin lifted Caroline up into the air from the abdominal stretch position and slammed her down flat across her back.
TAYLOR: ”Action all over the main event tonight. It’s tough to tell who wants this more but what a way to close out the show.”
CAMPBELL: ”This. Match. Is. Bryan. Laughlin’s.”
LAWSON: ”I would have sworn you’d be a Queen Caroline goon, Chris.”
Again, Laughlin is quick to go for the pinfall but before the referee could even slide in for the count, Tommy was diving in his direction. Instead of absorbing the blow, however, Laughlin rolled out of the way instinctively and allowed Tommy’s elbow to come crashing down across the chest of Caroline O’Hara Burchill. As Tommy climbed back to his feet Laughlin caught him from behind in a full nelson position and duplexed him over head into the nearest corner. DUMP’D! Popping up to his feet and looking around the ring and seeing the carnage, Laughlin’s eyes light up knowing that he could put the match away quickly. Dashing across the ring to the opposite corner that Tommy found himself seated in, Laughlin crashed into the corner and turned around, lining up his fallen opponent before charging across the ring.
SLAM! Diving back through the ropes and spearing Laughlin down to the mat is Caleb Houston, who quickly mounts him and explodes into him with a flurry of punches that Bryan can do nothing but cover up and absorb. Having had a moment to recover, Caroline gets back to her feet and sees Caleb unloading on Bryan and levels him with a left kick directly to his jaw. On impact, Caleb’s whole body goes limp as he falls to the mat. Taking her time, Caroline draws near to Laughlin, seeking revenge only to suddenly be pulled off of her feet into a small package pinfall attempt by Laughlin.

Pushing himself up quickly and diving out of the corner, Tommy bowls into the ball of humans and puts a quick end to the pinfall attempt. All three get back to their feet quickly and in an exchange that draws the delight of the crowd, begin exchanging strikes back and forth between the three of them. A chop to Laughlin’s chest from Caroline is responded with a forearms to Caroline’s jaw by Tommy, which is responded to by a left jab to the temple from Laughlin. Back and forth the blows were traded until finally Caroline took a vicious forearm to the head that sent her stumbling back into the corner. Meanwhile, Tommy leapt up into the air and blasted Laughlin with a step up enziguri and then caught him as he was falling, taking him down with a hip toss. YOYO TOSS SALAD! A bit bafflingly, Tommy dropped after the hip toss and covered for the pinfall attempt.
LAWSON: ”Whoa, Chris. You’re getting a bit close to casting an unforgivable curse.”
CAMPBELL: ”Fuck you Joe, I’ll Avada Kedavra your ass right off of Octane.”
TAYLOR: ”Settle down boys or I’ll send you both to Azkaban.”
Unsurprisingly, Laughlin kicked out before the referee could even drop to count the pinfall attempt. With both men back to their feet they trade blows in the ring back and forth yet again, this time with Bryan driving his knee into the stomach of American Tommy, causing the Harry Potter enthusiast to double over in pain. Before Bryan could progress any further though he spotted a revived Caleb Houston moving in his direction. With lighting quick speed, CRAAAAACCCCKKKKKK! SUPERKEK! Tommy hit the mat like a sack of potatoes and Laughlin quickly dodged the attempted attack by Caleb Houston.
The need to dodge Caleb’s attack, however, gives Caroline all the opportunity she needs to dash forward and grab Laughlin from behind, snapping his head back and down onto her knee. CONQUEROR! As she shoves Laughlin’s body to the ground she immediately took off toward the ropes and rebounded, catching Caleb as he began to turn his attention in her direction. Hooking her arm around his neck, she spun the two of them and drove him down to the mat with a tornado DDT.
In one fluid motion the tornado DDT was transitioned into a crossface chickenwing. The crowd exploded as Caroline executed the KILLER QUEEN to perfection. And with everyone else down and out, and Caleb trapped in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go, the fans can sense the end is near. After a few moments of suspense with Caleb trying to work his way out of the submission hold, and then a few more moments of him trying to work his way to the ropes only to be denied, finally he gives in and taps out to the submission hold.

TAYLOR: ”Caroline O’Hara Burchill has done it! What a fight! What a night!”
CAMPBELL: ”This is some bullshit. She cheated Laughlin out of that victory.”
LAWSON: ”She certainly did not. But this match could have gone to anyone right up until the very end. You know as well as anyone else, Chris, that sometimes it’s not about who’s better. Sometimes it’s about who is in the right place at the right time.”
TAYLOR: ”And tonight that person happened to be the Queen herself, Caroline O’Hara Burchill.”
Shoving Caleb away from her, Caroline rolled to her feet and raised her arms in the air victoriously. As Alyxandra Drake announced her victory she jerked her arm away from the referee who had reached out to “help” her hold her arm up in the air.
DRAKE: ”Here is your winner by submission… CAROLINE O’HARA BBUURRCCHHIILLLL!!!”
As the camera’s pan around the ring a shot of Caleb Houston clutching his arm in pain, of Laughlin sitting in the corner looking on in frustration, and of American Tommy who had slid himself out of the ring with his hands resting on his knees, looking up at Caroline who has taken to the ropes is shown.
TAYLOR: ”We’ve got our four competitors lined up to compete in two weeks here on Octane for the first spot in the Octane Championship match.”
CAMPBELL: ”Since Laughlin got screwed this week I guess I’ll have to cheer for Chanson Webster from here on out.”
LAWSON: ”Or you could pick Jeb Fisher or Amirai Reilly if you’re so determined to NOT cheer for the Queen herself.”
TAYLOR: ”That’s certainly going to be one hell of a match in two weeks. And don’t forget, even those who lost in the fatal fourway matches this week will have another chance to stay alive next week.”
CAMPBELL: ”I don’t understand this whole Octane tournament and it’s rules but whatever. I’ll trust that Jimmy hired a Jew to do the math for him.”
LAWSON: ”For Christ’s sake, Chris, you can’t say that!”
TAYLOR: ”Focus, boys. We’ll see another flurry of fatal four way matchups in two weeks. But what about the newcomers like Dexter Severin?”
CAMPBELL: ”The one man who might be able to save this company yet! He’s our only hope.”
LAWSON: ”If you ask the fans, Chris, I think you’d find that neither Octane or Adrenaline needs saving.”
TAYLOR: ”Maybe, but we’ll find out what kind of impact he can make here in just two short weeks. Will any other superstars show up as a part of Octane? And what about ten minutes of mayhem and the Ignition championship?”
CAMPBELL: ”Stop talking for God’s sake, Rachel. I want to go home.”
LAWSON: ”Don’t be rude, Chris.”
CAMPBELL: ”Fuck yourself, Joey.”
TAYLOR: ”That’s it for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for tuning in. I’m Rachel Taylor and this is 4CW Octane, signing off.”
Before the show comes to an official end, the fans begin to stir as the noise level inside of the Cabarrus Arena rises. Walking out from the back is no one other than the 4CW owner himself, Perry Wallace. At his side, Jimmy Walker stands with a giant grin stretched across his face from ear to ear. Surveying the crowd in attendance, Perry slowly nods at the success tonight’s first Octane has been from start to finish. Proceeding down the ramp, the two approach the ring.
Once making it to ringside, the two ascend the steps and enter the ring where Perry Wallace calls for two microphones from the ringside crew members standing by. Tossing one to Jimmy, Perry then walks along the ropes, circling the entire ring as he looks over the crowd from all angles within the ring. Stopping in his tracks, he then slowly raises the microphone to his lips before addressing the North Carolina crowd.
WALLACE: ”Concord, North Carolina… I have just one question that I would like to ask you all before we finally end the show tonight. Tonight has been one HELL of a night and start of something great in 4CW. You all here tonight are a part of history and I want to thank each and every one of you for joining us for the very first ever 4CW Octane! Now my question to you, it’s rather simple in fact. DID WE LEAVE YOU WANTING MORE?”
Standing to their feet, the crowd screams and applauds in reaction to Perry’s question. With a smile on his face, Perry slowly turns in place, looking across the ring at Jimmy before addressing him.
WALLACE: ”What do you think Jimmy? Is it safe to say that tonight was officially a success?”
With a serious look on his face, Jimmy considers the question before breaking out into a smile and nodding his head in the affirmative.
WALKER: ”When we first talked about the potential for starting a second show under the 4CW banner, this is exactly what we envisioned. No Paul Knights. No Alpha Bitches. Nothing more than all the action we could pack into one evening of television. From the sounds of things here tonight I’d say we did just that, wouldn’t you? I mean, we’ve got four competitors next week that will be vying to become the face of Octane over the next two months, and possibly even longer than that if they go on to become the Octane Champion. You’re not going to find the quality that we displayed here tonight anywhere that isn’t named Four Corners Wrestling.”
Chuckling, Perry raises the mic as he looks over the crowd.
WALLACE: ”That is until someone else copies it!”
Looking to the nearest camera, Perry gives those watching from home a wink before turning away and looking back to Jimmy.
WALLACE: ”On a serious note, I can’t say that tonight didn’t go as planned. I mean let’s be real. We all knew that it was going to be a success. And I know we’ve been down this road a few times with airing other shows alongside Adrenaline that outright turned into failures. I can say with confidence here tonight that this will not be one of those. One dream, one team, 4CW united under one roof. I want to thank you Jimmy. Thank you for running with this vision and helping 4CW make it a reality.”
With a nod of his head, Jimmy extended his right hand to Perry to shake.
WALKER: ”I promised you success, Perry. And I don’t have any intention of stopping here tonight and I don’t think you do either. As far as I’m concerned, this was just the spark that gets the fire going. Octane is going to be LIT!”
WALLACE: ”You promised success and I promised the funds and together, we achieved just as we had envisioned. And you’re right! Lit by the flames that will make Octane shine brighter with 4CW over any dull knockoff or basic promotion out there wishing that they could achieve this level of success that 4CW has been capable of.”
Turning back to the crowd, Perry extends his arm and points to the fans as he turns his body, pointing from one side to the other until making a full revolution.
WALLACE: ”You all are what brought us to this point and level that 4CW has reached. Now, we just have to make sure the folks on Adrenaline don’t drop the ball and keep this momentum going as he push into the summer. No pressure though.”
Looking back to the nearest camera at ringside again, he gives it another wink.
WALLACE: ”I’m sure you will all do fine. Just do me one favor, Jimmy.”
He cocked his eyebrow and waited patiently for Wallace to speak
WALKER: ”What’s that, Perry?”
WALLACE: ”As tempting as it may be, don’t fall into the shoes of the failures before you and force these beautiful young ladies on Octane to sit in your lap at each and every show. We all remember how that turned out for a certain brand that was a mistake on my end. For Christ sake, we can drive thirty minutes up the road and hit a gentleman’s club in Charlotte if the urge to be like a former knight overtakes you.”
Nodding his head, that was an easy enough rule to follow.
WALKER: ”Of course not. Besides, I’m pretty sure Genevie is inactive right now isn’t she? Who else would do that kind of nonsense on camera anyway?”
Walking over to Jimmy, Perry places his hand on his shoulder as he holds the microphone up with his other.
WALLACE: ”I think I’m going to like you, Jimmy. Although I’m sure I’m going to be the one she fusses at with that comment but you aren’t wrong. Not wrong at all.”
Stepping forward, Perry gives the crowd one last look before bidding them farewell for the evening.
WALLACE: ”That’s a wrap, folks. Thank you all for coming out tonight and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of you back here in two weeks because the Cabarrus Arena, right here in Concord, is the home of 4CW’s Octane! Queue the music!”
“1000hp” by Godsmack hits the speakers as both Perry and Jimmy lower their mics and begin talking amongst themselves. The camera pans over the Cabarrus Arena one last time before the show officially comes to a close, fading to black.