Opening up to an overhead shot of Arena Mexico, Adrenaline Sixty-Nine has finally arrived! “Bulls On Parade” plays throughout the arena as fans are packed as far as the eye can see. It’s a sold out house as 4CW begins it’s worldwide tour heading into Bad Company. Scanning the crowd, the camera focuses on various signs held throughout the fans in attendance.
4 C W

The camera angle then changes to a shot from ringside and pictured center of the screen is none other than the Adrenaline duo at the commentary booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa! With a wild crowd behind them, the two talk amongst themselves, sharing a laugh or two while playing to the fans close by. Turning to the camera, Steve makes eye contact and right on queue, he slicks his hair back with his hand before giving Vinny a soft nudge with his elbow. The camera then inches in closer and closer before Steve Johnson takes lead.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Adrenaline, live from Arena Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m your host, Steve Johnson and we live here for the sixty-ninth episode of Adrenaline!”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Thanks for joining us amigos!”
JOHNSON: ”This is just one of four international stops as 4CW heads into it’s Tag-Team battle known as Bad Company. First stop, Mexico!”
VASSA: ”It’s one huge siesta folks!”
JOHNSON: ”I think you meant fiesta, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Don’t correct me! I’m fluent in Spanish, Steve. This is definitely a siesta.”
JOHNSON: ”If you say so. So ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard about the hype for months now. The 4 Corners Frenzy is finally here and will happen later on in the evening.”
VASSA: ”We have thirty people all fighting for the same prize – a shot at the 4CW Championship at Bad Company… or the Adrenaline to follow!”
JOHNSON: ”With Bad Company being Tag-Team specific, there is a possibility that the winner here tonight could be occupied with the tag-team tournament. If that we the case, the 4CW Championship match awarded to the winner here tonight would take place on the following Adrenaline.”
VASSA: ”This is a huge match! Not only is it for a 4CW title shot, it’s also for a shit load of bragging rights. How many other people can say they defeated twenty-nine of 4CW’s top talents?”
JOHNSON: ”Not many at all. We also have some returning names making their first appearance in this big event.”
VASSA: ”That’s right we do. We have Persephone returning to action after being away doing only God knows what. We have Jair climbing back in a 4CW ring. We also have a personal favorite of mine returning tonight and that’s the lovely, Roxi Johnson!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m excited to see her back in action inside of 4CW as well.”
VASSA: ”Not only do we have the Frenzy folks, but we also have three matches leading up to the main event.”
JOHNSON: ”That we do! With a match like this, it’s going to be an all nighter so let’s cut things short here at the booth and get things underway!”
VASSA: ”Sounds like a plan.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to cut backstage for a moment folks before we return with our opening match of the evening.”
VASSA: ”Sit tight amigos, we’ll be right back!”

The camera cuts to backstage as the back entrance door to the parking lot opens. Johnny Evil and Adrian Tanner Jr. come through the door with the 4CW Tag Team Championships over one shoulder and their gym bags over the other as a echo of boos filtering the inside of the arena can be picked up on the audio. Evil and Tanner both look around for a moment smirking before the door to the parking lot bursts open once more, and Evil’s ‘masked lunatics’ come walking in behind them all wearing Donald Trump masks. This just causes an even heavier array of boos throughout the arena…
VASSA: “Well, there we have it. Evil said his masked lunatics would be with him tonight, and sure enough… there they are!”
JOHNSON: “What does this mean for the 4 Corner’s Frenzy Match tonight, though?”
VASSA: “It’s quite obvious, you idiot! Johnny’s got the strength in numbers tonight!”
JOHNSON: “I wouldn’t really say that, Vassa. If these guys piss off twenty-nine other wrestlers in 4CW, it could be a bad night for each and every one of them!”
Gabriel Hartman comes running up to catch a word with the Asshole Antagonist’s.
HARTMAN: “Tanner, There’s a question these 4CW viewers want answered. The question is why did you turn your back on all your fans at Ante Up?”
Tanner just looks at Hartman for a moment. He gives a smirk and shakes his head in frustration before looking over and Johnny and giving him a nod. He just pushes past Hartman and continues to walk through the backstage area with his gym bag slung over his shoulder. Hartman giving off a look as if he had taken offense, shrugs it off. He directs his attention back to Johnny Evil.

HARTMAN: “Johnny, what are you thoughts about tonight’s 4 Corner’s Frenzy Match?”
Johnny looks back at the masked gang of lunatics for a moment as they gather around him. Slowly he looks back at Hartman.
EVIL: “So I guess this is Mexico City, huh??”
Evil gives off a vomiting expression…
EVIL: “It smells like immigrant and stagnant piss!”

Pulling his hair back from his face he continues…
EVIL: “Fuck it though!! You want my thoughts, I already gave ‘em. I came here to let the lunatics take this empire down with me and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, Hartman. Fuck a Dakota Smith! Fuck a Jair Hopkins!! Fuck a Marquis!!! I’m Johnny Evil…”
EVIL: “… And I’m here…”
Johnny doesn’t say another word as he pushes Hartman out of the way almost knocking him down. He and the rest of his band of lunatics continue to walk as the scene fades back to the ringside area.

The scene takes place inside the 4cw arena. People have heard that Chris Matthews is in the arena but where to be exact? Now everyone knows that Chris joined the bad Company tag team tournament and the only question is who is his partner? Everyone on social media knows the bad history between WWH and 4CW and none of it is good – but that’s not the worse part, the worst part is Chris being in enemy territory.
The crowd in the arena was cheering and yelling in the 4CW arena.
“4CW!!! … 4CW!!! … 4CW!!! … 4CW!!! … 4CW!!!”

Just then it quiets down as “Scathing” by Nightrage hits the PA system.
The fans looks around as they’re wondering who that is. Just then all of a sudden the lights points to the crowd and standing on the steps is none other than the man himself Chris Matthews. The fans boo as Chris looks around at the fans.

Chris is wearing a black t-shirt, loose fitting jeans, black sneakers, and a black fitted beanie on his head. Chris continues to stand there and smirk at the crowd. He then starts to walk down the steps and passing by the fans as they continue to boo him and WWH. Chris stops as a fan shows him the WWH logo and rips it up right in front of him. Chris looks at him as he grabs him by the shirt and throws him down on the ground as he backs away. He then moves again as he continues to walk down the steps and gets on the ground level as passes by more fans. He then hops over the crowd barricade, walks along side of the ring, climbs the steel steps, and throws his hands up in the air.
JOHNSON: ”Chris has a lot of nerve showing up here in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”That man is going to get himself killed. Shouldn’t he be in the shithole known as WWH?”
JOHNSON: ”You think? But he’s here for a reason, so let’s take a listen at what he has to say.”
VASSA: ”Perry really should get better security.”
Chris lowers his arms as he yells at the 4CW fans. He then drops down as his music fades and he grabs the 4CW mic.
MATTHEWS: ”You know, I was asking myself why I was here in this shithole of a country, talking to a bunch of you ingrates in the fans, and the ingrates in the back watching me now? But then I thought – I do what I want, and Perry can try to kick me out, and send me packing. But he won’t do shit to me and he can’t stop me from speaking my mind.”
He chuckles as he walks side to side and then looks at the camera.
MATTHEWS: ”You’re all probably thinking that WWH sent me here to make trouble for you? Well, that isn’t the case honestly, I came here on my own free will…”

MATTHEWS: ”You people really think I care what you think? You think I care what the idiots superstars or management thinks? No for both. I care about one thing and one thing only and that is the Bad company tournament being held by this company. You see, I’ve signed up for this tournament and I’m bringing a partner with me and we’re gonna run rapid through this tournament and there is nothing you can do about it.”
He gets a half-hearted grin on his face as he continues to look at the camera.
MATTHEWS: ”You’re all thinking that I’m in the belly of the beast of 4CW and that I stand no chance. But that is where you’re wrong again friend. But there is one person I want to address and I know he’s in the back watching this right now and that is my old friend Jason Cashe. Cashe, how are you doing pal? I know you’re in the tournament and who knows if we’ll face in this bad company tournament and who knows what’ll happen. But what I do know is like you, I’m here to make a statement and I’m here to show you, Queef, Eli, Genie, and the rest of the so-called greats of 4CW a thing or two.”
He then gets a serious look on his face.
MATTHEWS: ”Jason, I’m going to drag you down to the devil show. The hatred I have for you will never subside and you know better then anyone that we will fight – when and where will determined later. As for the rest of the sheep’s in this tournament, you’re going to get buried six feet under and WWH will, now, and forever be better then 4CW.”
He drops the mic as Scathing hits the PA system as Chris looks at the camera and smirks. He backs up from the ropes as he holds his arms out and telling Cashe to bring it. He lowers his arms as he gets out of the ring, hops over the crowd barricade, gets into the crowd and walks up the steps as the fans continues to boo.
JOHNSON: ”Did he just call out Jason Cashe?”
VASSA: ”I think so! He also just made a joke right there at the end about WWH being better than 4CW.”
Just then the camera fades backstage.

The screens flicker on as the words “Earlier this week” show up on screen.
We find ourselves in Concord, North Carolina’s Sportscenter. The gym seems rather empty today, but the biggest piece filling up the main floor is once again the wrestling ring. Last time the events occurring around the ring ended in disaster. Now? Probably again. We see Mariano Fernandez and Vossler at ringside, Vossler checking a clock.
VOSSLER: “Man, it’s been forever. Did she get caught in traffic or something? It doesn’t even take YOU that long to get here.”

He stuffs his watch back into a bag at ringside, quickly following up the statement.
VOSSLER: “No offense, ‘course. You just… you’re slow sometimes. Training is training.”
FERNANDEZ: “The HELL you talkin’ about, mang? What do you think I’m doing all day? Playing Skyrim?“ (beat) “Wait, don’t answer that.”
Just then, the door swings open. Amber Ryan, with duffel bag strap slung over her shoulder, cruises in with sunglasses on for a little longer than is likely necessary and a knowing wry smile that would no doubt irritate anyone in sight.
RYAN: ”You didn’t start without me? Pity.”
Vossler sighs while looking over to Manny, then shakes his head. He responds with an almost annoyed tone.
VOSSLER: “Wouldn’t want to start with our mighty… I use that term somewhat loosely, guest of honor. What took you so long?”
Mariano, for his part, gives Amber a nod.
FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo. How you doing, mang.”
Amber cocks her head slightly, mocking without words.
RYAN: “Mighty, huh. If I knew I was thought of so highly I might have not stopped for coffee along the way. A gal can’t do a lot under-caffeinated and such.
FERNANDEZ: “I mean, I DO feel the same way towards mead, chica.”
Vossler looks a little disappointed in the both of them.
VOSSLER: “No alcohol while training, Manny. And it’s not like we don’t serve coffee here either, Amber. The clock keeps ticking, y’know. But is that all you went to do? Pretty late regardless. Even if you went for coffee.”
RYAN: “I also have standards when it comes to coffee, I mean I could have just not showed up at all… Suppose you’d have preferred that though.”
Manny rolls his eyes.
FERNANDEZ: “God DAMNIT chico! I keep saying – that’s just for the videogames. In here, all my vices are devices. Anyway…”
He backs up a few steps, standing ready.
FERNANDEZ: “I don’t even know why I agreed to this, mang, but I said I’m gonna do something, and I’ll be damned if someone says I didn’t live up to my word.” (Looking in both Vossler and Amber’s direction, he takes a deep breath). “Y’all go for broke, chicos.”
VOSSLER: “What are you even getting out of this?”
FERNANDEZ: “I dunno, mang, but Amber asked and you went along with it.” (Mumbling) “Still don’t even know why I do these things.”
Amber simply shrugs, dropping her bag rather casually.
RYAN: “Nice change of pace? Something a little different in the schedule? Sadomasochistic tendencies? … Not that I’d judge by the way.”
FERNANDEZ: (Eyes almost bulging) “WHAT!?” (Shaking his head wildly) “NONONONONONONO! I ain’t into that BDSM thing, mang. NEVER AGAIN!” (gritting his teeth) “Long story, chicos. You don’t wanna know.”
Vossler scratches his head, rummaging through his bag for something he can’t find.
VOSSLER: “Never… again? And sadomasochistic? Big words coming from the… uh… champion now, right?”
RYAN: ”I never said anything about BDSM but hey, it’s on your conscience clearly… and yeah, champion… Sorry I didn’t bring the belt, didn’t figure you for wanting a picture and autograph.”
VOSSLER: “I wouldn’t want to have myself on a photograph with something that stained…”
Vossler mumbles, clearly frustrated over something that’s missing.
VOSSLER: “Bahh… must’ve left the tape in the locker room. Hold on.”
He leaves the two in the center of the gym whilst heading to the aforementioned locker room himself. Feigning a lack of annoyance, Amber smiles sweetly at least until Vossler is out of sight.
RYAN: “Fucking stained… Only thing that’s gonna be stained by the time I’m done is this floor when I break his damn nose.”
Manny lifts his hands up as if to say he means no harm.
FERNANDEZ: “Don’t look at me, mang – I ain’t the one making stain jokes.”
Another shrug from the redhead.
RYAN: “Probably a good thing seeing as you’re the one getting kicked. Should have used that intelligence about the time this deal was made though… Hindsight and all that.”
Manny gives Amber a puppy face.
FERNANDEZ: “Why you do this, chica?” (He sighs, and gives a small chuckle.) “But seriously, I don’t mind. S’not like I had anything more important to do.”
Growing impatient, Amber scuffs her converse on the gym floor.
RYAN: “You know your life must be getting pretty sad then, when the highlight of your day is being the crash test dummy of a kicking contest.”
FERNANDEZ: “Could be worse, mang. Like eating pineapple pizza.” (He gives her a trollface) “PROBLEM?”
Vossler returns from the locker rooms as he appears to be finishing a short conversation on the phone.
VOSSLER: “–tty good news. Keep me updated, I think Manny wants to hear the result of that investigation as well.”
Without saying goodbye, the conversation is hung up as Vossler sighs and shakes his head.
VOSSLER: “I come back to you still moaning about pineapple pizza, Manny? Y’know stuff like peanut butter and jelly wasn’t meant to go together from the start as well, right? In any case, they’ve picked up some hooligan who’s being interrogated over that attack a while back. Apparently I’m still advised to not return to this gym specifically as we’d just be ‘easy’ targets. Easiest target here is still…”
Vossler looks over to Amber. Then changes what he wants to say.
VOSSLER: “… no one here.”
Manny gives a thumbs up, sighing in relief.
FERNANDEZ: “Good, chico. Hope they catch whoever did this and put an axe to their neck. It’s what I’d do.” (He takes his hand to his chin in a thinking gesture) “Well not really, but you get my point.”
RYAN: “Yeah, that’s what I thought you were going to say. In any case- yawn. I get my ass kicked for showing up late and you wanna take personal calls… Geez, at least I did something constructive instead of getting lied to.”
VOSSLER: “Timing, Amber. And that call was a bit more important. I got the tape I wanted anyway.”
He shakes the tape in his other hand as a way of saying ‘See?’
RYAN: “And being properly caffeinated isn’t important. Priorities kiddies, now are we actually going to get on with this? Feels like I’ve already wasted the best part of my coffee…”
Another deep breath by DA #TROLL GUY.
FERNANDEZ: “Been ready for a while now, chicos.”
Vossler smirks.
VOSSLER: “Let’s do this properly and fairly. You get your shots at me, Manny. And I’ll just retaliate. Seems to be the best way to do it for me, personally.”
RYAN: “Or we just go one and done… You know, so you guys don’t end up in a pillow fight later on.”
FERNANDEZ: (Shaking his head again) “Wait a second, mang – I DON’T do that shit. What is this, a god damned chick flick?”
VOSSLER: “I think you’re forgetting that YOU are joining US, Amber.”
Vos ignores what Manny had to say for the most part and slides into the ring. He takes the stance he taught Manny last time and beckons to him.
FERNANDEZ: “Okay, mang – ready or not, here I come!”
Taking off running, Manny leaps forward and hits a dropkick on Vossler’s chest, landing on his knees. As per last time, Vos nudges back but remains in the stance as he challenges Manny to go again. Manny does so, this time turning on his side for a Shining Wizard. Vossler recoils for a moment, shaking his head but maintaining his balance not to fall over. He seems to be getting in the zone as he actively challenges Manny to take another shot.
VOSSLER: “Let’s go, Manny!”
One more time sprinting, Manny goes for a jumping knee strike. Vossler takes the full hit of the knee, bouncing off the ropes from the momentum against his body while Manny quickly rises to his feet only to be kicked by down by one of the hardest kicks Vossler has delivered in his career. ‘tis true when they say you hurt your friends more than your enemies. Manny goes down like a sack of potatoes, clutching his temple.
RYAN: “Not bad, but here’s the thing… “
Casually Amber finally moves towards the ring, sliding beneath the bottom rope with a serpent-esque fluidity before finding her feet. Her attention planted firmly on Manny who still seems to be trying to regroup.
RYAN: “It’s not necessarily how hard you deliver a strike, although it helps… It’s the how and the where…”
With a fearsome quickness, Amber barely finishes speaking before she’s already partially pivoted and changed stance to where she could deliver a straight kick between where Vossler stood in brief triumph. Vossler crumbles down to his knees, before dropping on to his face right next to where Manny is laid out due to Vos’ kick. Vos groans from the underhanded kick, regretting even challenging Amber at this point.
RYAN: “You know what? That was fun. We really should do this again sometime…”
With a flash of mischievous smile, Amber slips back out beneath the bottom rope and wanders back to retrieve her duffel bag in order to make a swift exit. At that point, Manny hits his temples with his palms, trying to come to, barely able to lift his head after the force of Vossler’s hit. Not even able to sit up, it is all he can do to tilt his head around, looking to see Vossler down and Amber Ryan gone.
FERNANDEZ: “Wait, who wher- what the hell happened here, mang?”
VOSSLER: “The girl… she kicked me in the nuts. Then ran off like the brat she is… ”
Vossler groans with a sigh.
FERNANDEZ: (Clutching his forehead, not quite certain if from a headache, or for a facepalm). “For the love of Talos, mang. Always goes that way with the ladies, doesn’t it?”
He lets out a sigh, then turns his gaze to the ceiling.
FERNANDEZ: “… And this, chico, is yet ANOTHER reason why I say. Them chick flicks, they’re NOT… for DA-”
VOSSLER: “Shut the fuck up, Manny…”
The two lay there, defeated by the smarts of Amber, who’s just left the building.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The strumming banjo of The Dead South’s “Delirium” brings the fans to their feet as the lights in the arena dim. From the back, Kincaid steps out from behind the curtain. The Bullet King pauses at the top of the ramp and lowers to his knees, closing his eyes and soaking in the atmosphere around him. From behind him, Alyssa Kincaid emerges and rests a hand on his shoulder.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 230 pounds…from Bearing, Alberta….he is ‘The Bullet King’… ALEX KKIINNCCAAIIDD!!!”
Kincaid’s eyes snap open and he hops up to his feet, storming down the aisleway. His focus is locked on the ring, he seems oblivious to the cheering fans around him. Alyssa slaps hands with a few and plays to the crowd as he stalks around the ring. After he completes a full lap, he suddenly darts forward and slides under the rope. Alyssa takes her place in his corner as he squats in the corner, stretching against the ropes while waiting for the bell.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”

“Anti-Everything” by DED hits as an huge anarchy symbol appears on the video screen followed by dripping blood behind it as we see The Hardcore Artist step out onto the stage. Dressed in his New York Rangers jersey and with his barbed wire hockey stick in hand, he starts to make his way down towards the ring slowly but with purpose.
POWERS: ”Now making his way to the ring from New York City and weighting in at two hundred sixty-six point six pounds… ‘The Hardcore Artist’… SSCCOOTTTTYYWWOOOODD!!!”
Ignoring the mix of boos, Scotty reaches the ring and raises the hockey stick in the air before he starts to climb the steel steps and enter the ring. He then quickly scales the turnbuckles and again raises the hockey stick in the air as he soaks in the boos and just smiles before descending the turnbuckles and leans his back up against them as he prepares for the match to start.
JOHNSON: ”Making his return to 4CW, we have Alex Kincaid kicking things off tonight against a new signee who made waves just weeks ago, Scottywood.”
VASSA: ”If I remember correctly, Alex didn’t have the best debut but with his second chance tonight, he can start things off on a positive note with a win over the former HOW star.”
JOHNSON: ”You only get one first impression, but let’s see if Alex can change that old saying here tonight.”
VASSA: ”He has a tough one ahead of him. Scottywood has yet to have an official match in 4CW but two weeks ago at Ante Up, he was able to capture the Extreme Championship off the former champion, Viduus, in the Extreme Roulette.”
JOHNSON: ”Although his time with championship was short, Scottywood made a big splash by taking down the former champion who had won 4CW’s first ever Taipei Deathmatch to become champion.”
VASSA: ”That night was just a complete mess of chaos and carnage from start to finish. I hear that Perry’s been meeting with city officials after some hefty fines were given to him resulting from the aftermath.”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight we have a standard rules match between these two talents. So there won’t be any worry for explosions like we saw at Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”Counting this as Alex’s second in-ring debut, both men have a chance to make a big impression here tonight. Who wants it more?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s the big question…”
With both men ready in their corners, the official slowly makes his way to the center of the ring. Looking to Alex, the official quickly gets the nod. He then turns to Scottywood who stares back with an evil grin across his face. Nodding to the official, Scottywood signals that he’s also ready to get things underway. With both men ready, the official then throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

After locking up in the center of the ring, Scottywood quickly slams his knee upwards into Alex’s stomach before following up with two back to back right hands across the top of his head. Ducking down and lifting Alex’s off his feet, Scottywood places him on top of his shoulders before dropping him in the center of the ring with a Samoan drop. Rolling Alex over to his stomach, quickly applies a front facelock before ramming his knee into Alex’s shoulder over and over. Back on his feet, he pulls Alex up as well before whipping him to the ropes. Coming back on the rebound, Alex runs into Scottywood who lifts him high into the air before planting him into the canvas with a spinebuster!
Alex quickly gets back up from the mat, reaching behind him and holding his lower back. On his feet again, Scottywood then turns to the ropes himself and as he comes back, he levels Alex with a running shoulder block. Pushing himself back up in an instant, Alex then throws both hands forward, pushing Scottywood against the chest. Scottywood then turns to the ropes once more and comes back with another running shoulder block, only to get tripped up as Alex takes him face first down to the canvas with a drop toe hold! Scottywood’s head bounces up from the mat but in a non-stop motion, he pushes himself back to his feet.
Taking a swing at Alex’s head, Scottywood misses as he ducks underneath. Reaching up, Alex locks onto Scottywood’s head before turning around and flipping him off his feet and onto his back with a snapmare. As Scottywood sits upright, Alex then hits him directly between the shoulders with a dropkick to the back. Pushing himself up, Alex then runs past Scottywood and to the ropes in front of him. Hitting the ropes and coming back with more speed, Alex levels him head on with a shotgun dropkick. With Scottywood laid out on his back, Alex then crawls over him, hooking the leg.

JOHNSON: ”Not even a two!”
VASSA: ”Alex is rolling full speed and trying to end this thing quickly.”
JOHNSON: ”He started off slow with Scottywood getting the upperhand but Alex has changed that around completely and almost put him down for the three count.”
VASSA: ”Just a moment ago you said not even a two and now you’re saying it was almost a three count. SO! Which one is it?!”
JOHNSON: ”You know what it is. You’re literally watching the same thing I am right now.”
VASSA: ”But I’m not the one saying two completely different things about a near pinfall.”
Back on his feet, Alex wastes no time and slowly pulls Scottywood up to his. With a tight hold on his wrist, Alex pulls him into two knees to the stomach before pushing him back and pulling him in once more, this time putting him flat on his back with a short-arm clothesline. Reaching down and grabbing Scottywood’s foot, Alex lifts it into the air, elevating Scottywood’s knee before kicking him directly behind it multiple times. He then locks in a figure four leglock. Yelling in pain, Scottywood begins to fight, trying his best to break free but unable to escape Alex’s figure four. Slamming his fists against the canvas, Scottywood yells louder and louder. At first, the official mistakes him slamming his fist to the canvas as a submission. As the official goes to stand tall and make the call, Scottywood reaches up and grabs onto his collar, jerking him back down to his knees. Looking the official dead in the eye, Scottywood continues to fight through the pain while ordering the official to step down and let the match continue.
After pushing the official aside, Scottywood begins to reach back and pull himself, dragging both him and Alex attached to him closer and closer to the ropes. The official continues to check with Scottywood who still refuses to submit but continues his hard fought journey across the ring. Seeing that Scottywood is now within reach of the ropes, Alex begins cranking down even harder with the figure four. Grunting and moaning through the pain, Scottywood lays over on his side and reaches for the ropes. His fingers dangle within inches of the ropes as his arm is fully extended. Seeing this, Alex cranks down harder and harder, fighting to make Scottywood submit from the tremendous pain levels increasing. A few moments pass as Scottywood’s face glows bright red from the struggles he’s enduring. With one last ditch attempt, Scottywood extends his arm fully and stretches his body. At first, his fingers graze the rope but in the blink of an eye, he gives it one last go, reaching out as far as he can and grabbing onto the bottom rope.
VASSA: ”That was a close call!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how he did it but Scottywood somehow managed to escape that figure four locked in by Alex.”
VASSA: ”He has him locked in for what, three, four… maybe five minutes?”
JOHNSON: ”It was a good while, that’s for sure! We all knew that Scottywood was one tough son of a gun and he just proved that even more so just now.”
VASSA: ”I don’t care how tough you are. If you’ve been locked in a figure four like that for that long, there’s definitely going to be some lingering effects. For Scottywood’s sake, let’s hope he doesn’t have any torn ligaments.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll see here momentarily if there was any serious damage subdued.”
On his feet and pacing back and forth across the ring, Alex looks on as Scottywood slowly pulls himself back to his feet using the ropes beside him. Once he stands, it becomes obvious that his leg is bothering him as he’s unable to apply his full weight onto it. Talking to himself for a moment, cursing more like it, Scottywood cuts his attention across the ring, locking eyes with Alex. Waving at him with his right, Scottywood calls for him to bring it on as he approaches the middle of the ring, slowly with a slight limp.
Light on his feet, Alex circles Scottywood, keeping a safe distance between the two as he fully analyzes Scottywood’s condition. After a full rotations, Alex then moves in swiftly, locking up with Scottywood. From the jump, Alex overpowers Scottywood, pressing him back and applying all of Scottywood’s weight onto his battered knee. Shuffling his feet, Scottywood shifts his weight from one leg to the other before powering back and backing Alex up across the ring. Approaching the ropes, Alex’s back rests up against them, bringing their movement to a halt. With his body blocking the officials view from behind, Scottywood digs his thumb into Alex’s eye before pulling his head down and ramming his knee upward into his face.
VASSA: ”Holy shit, did you see that?!”
JOHNSON: ”I did Vinny, but I think the better question is if the official saw that dirty thumb to the eye.”
VASSA: ”Given his non-existent reaction, I would say the official has no clue what we just witnessed!”
Pulling Alex away from the ropes, Scottywood spins him around and then wraps him up from behind, locking in a full nelson. Using his size advantage and power, Scottywood then lifts Alex high into the air before driving him down to the canvas with a full nelson slam! Mounting himself on top of Alex, Scottywood then wraps both hands around Alex’s throat and begins choking him, blatantly in direct sight of the nearby official. Racing over, the official commands for Scottywood to release the hold but gets ignored. The official then tries to pull Scottywood away but gets knocked backwards and down as Scottywood swats him away. Wrapping his second hand back around Alex’s throat, Scottywood continues choking the life out of him as Alex’s face begins transitioning to a bright red shade. Back beside them, the official yells once more at Scottywood before beginning his five count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–“

Releasing his hold at the last possible split second, Scottywood laughs as he turns to the official and stares him in the eyes. The official then begins warning Scottywood for the blatant illegal choke. Backing up as the official scolds him, Scottywood throws his hand up, giving the official the middle finger. Appalled, the official begins arguing even louder at Scottywood, bringing an even wider smile to the man’s face. Looking over the officials shoulder, Scottywood spots Alex slowly pushing himself up to his knees. Forcing himself past the official, Scottywood pushes him aside with his shoulder before charging across the ring at Alex. As Scottywood closes in, Alex looks up like a deer in the headlights and at that moment, everything goes into slow motion as Scottywood demolishes him with a running big boot to the face!
VASSA: ”Holy fuck!”
JOHNSON: ”Scottywood is fighting dirty now as we’ve seen with his last few cheap shots on Alex.”
VASSA: ”The man came into 4CW swinging a hockey stick wrapped in barbed wire! Did we really expect anything less?”
JOHNSON: ”He calls himself the Hardcore Artist. I had a feeling rules would be bent going into this.”
Circling Alex, Scottywood paces the ring momentarily. Rushing over to Alex, Scottywood begins stomping down onto his chest over and over before stepping onto his throat and choking him once again. Racing over, the official yells again for Scottywood to ease up and unlike before, this time he does without argument. Pulling Alex up from the mat, Scottywood then lifts him into the air and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.
JOHNSON: ”This could be it folks! Scottywood has him in place for his Game Misconduct.”
VASSA: ”What’s that?”
JOHNSON: ”Pay attention, Vinny. You’re about to find out firsthand!”
Just as Scottywood attempts to transition the fireman’s carry into a DDT to execute his finisher, Alex slips out of his grasp and drops down to his feet behind him. Instantly, Scottywood spins around and throws a wild elbow for Alex’s head. Ducking out of the way, Alex then counters with a European uppercut that rings Scottywood’s bell. With Scottywood stunned, Alex then rushes over to the nearby ropes and quickly climbs to the top. Turning around in the blink of an eye, he then leaps forward just as Scottywood comes to and lays him flat on his back with a flying forearm. Popping back to his feet, Alex then goes to the ropes as Scottywood climbs back to his feet. Coming back on the return, Alex hits Scottywood with a drop kick just as he stands, knocking him back down to his back. Pushing himself up in handstand fashion, Alex drops back to his feet before backing up into the ropes again. Using the ropes to slingshot off, he then runs across the ring and leaps through the air, coming down onto Scottywood’s chest with a flying stomp!
VASSA: ”Alex Kincaid has a second wind folks!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s managed to slip out just moments before his demise at the hands of Scottywood. The momentum has now shifted in his favor!”
VASSA: ”He just put an ass whooping on Scottywood!”
Pulling Scottywood up to his feet, Alex then lifts him into the air and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry of his own. Not wasting any time, he then transitions the move into a Michinoku Driver!
JOHNSON: ”The Red River Crossing!”
VASSA: ”Got ’em!”
Crawling over Scottywood, Alex hooks the leg for the pin as the official slides in beside them with the count.

“Delirium” hits the speakers as Alex quickly pops up to his feet, excited and full of a new found energy after getting the three count in his return. Stepping in beside him, the official grabs him by the arm before lifting it into the air victoriously.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, ALEX KKIINNCCAAIIDD!!!”

Backstage, 4CW’s Lead Interviewer, Gabriel Hartman is standing by with Jason Cashe. Fresh off the Ante Up Main Event where he like three others failed to dethrone the current Champion. Cashe has a lost stare in his glance as Hartman opens up introductions.

HARTMAN: ”Jason Cashe, I first have to ask why. Why have you decided to pull out of the Frenzy Match here tonight?”

CASHE: ”Usually I enjoy me a Rumble! I love the odds being so low for everyone involved because it doesn’t take much to get someone dumped out over the ropes. However I realized something as I sat in the back after Ante Up. I said to myself: Self, you have too much on your plate.”

HARTMAN: ”Do you feel that is directly the reason you’ve taken a few L’s as of late? People, fans as Jett Wilder would put it seem to believe your time is coming to an end. That you cannot compete at the highest level anymore. Do you care to comment on those claims?”

Pausing as he stares into the eyes of Gabriel Hartman. Jason Cashe licks his mouth and with a single hand, slides his open palm over the bottom half of his face.

CASHE: ”Let people talk. Looking around as of late, it’s becoming clear that an “outsider” generation is taking over this company. Wallace has spent GOOD money to bring in all of these failed company names. So now we share the pool with every big name from past rival Promotions. To me that means the competition has come to it’s brightest point. Do I care that people have their opinions and maybe those opinions have some solid evidence to show it maybe is true? I guess only time will tell that tale but right now, I have been forced to reevaluate my process. My point, my goals and my approach.”

HARTMAN: ”What does that have to do with the Frenzy match? What does that mean overall for Jason Cashe?”

CASHE: ”It means that I got greedy. I got it in my head that it was MY duty to prove to these new faces filling the roster that I belonged. I wanted them to see that I could be in there with the very best and still get the job done. But I wanted that too much, too fast. I wanted it like it was due to me. Nothing in this business is going to be handed to you. So this Frenzy is me trying to jump to the front of the line again. Where did I deserve a Qualifier for Ante Up? I cut in line and it wasn’t something truly earned. I won a match because I shit the ring and took advantage. I didn’t OUT Wrestle someone. I didn’t out compete anyone. So to change that, to begin doing JUST that? I will take the idea of wanting the whole world in the palm of my hand and I will share that goal.”

HARTMAN: ”Wait! Are you going to announce your partner for Bad Company?”

Nodding with a grin on his face, Jason Cashe knows it won’t be a surprise but it will be a threat. The best kind of team is one that knows their partner and this was that in every way.

CASHE: ”My partner.. For Bad Company is…”

Before he can finish his sentence someone from behind comes crashing into Cashe. The “tRoUbLeD1” flies forward and slides across the floor. As he spins around to get up, his eyes lock onto his attacker. Scott Stevens.

STEVENS: ”MY Partner for Bad Company…”

As Cashe pushes to his feet, he steps towards Stevens. The much bigger man was ready for a fight as he knew Cashe would be quick to attack.

STEVENS: ”Well he’s right behind you Cashe!”

Trying to whip around fast enough to not get caught twice, Cashe wasn’t fast enough. The loud crack of a steel chair blasting Cashe down over his forehead and Cashe was laid out. Stepping over him, coming into the scene was Scottywood. Him and Stevens, the two former members of HOW stand next to each other. Stevens leans over to speak down to the barely conscious Jason Cashe.

STEVENS: ”You talk about your points, your goals, and your approach, but we would rather let our actions do that for us.”

Stevens says as he leans in closer and grabs Cashe by the cheeks so he’s looking at him.

STEVENS: ”Our goals are so simple that even a simpleton like yourself should’ve figured it out when that chair split your head in two and that is championship gold. Our approach is we are going to do what we want when we want and there isn’t a fucking thing you or anyone else can do about it. Understand?”

Stevens asks as he grabs the face of Cashe even tighter.

STEVENS: ”And the point to all this is that you should be scared of outsiders but not ones claiming to be Kings and Queens or one with an oversized ego that calls himself Best, no. You should be scared of me and him because this is only a small sample of what the two of us are capable off.”

Stevens says as he pushes his hand into Cashe’s face and uses the momentum to propel himself upwards before he and Scottywood leave the scene.

The lights along the big screen pulsate while the arena is engulfed in darkness. Each time the bass hits the lights flash on around the entrance tunnel. The beat starts to pick up pace as the crowd begins to stir in their seats and a level of excitement begins to reach its peak. Continuing to thump, the music starts to form a melody.
POWERS: ”Hailing from Los Angeles California, weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds, he is ‘The Antivist’… DEAN JJUUDDAASS!!!”
Just as Judas is announced for the match the first verse of the song is nearing its end. Anticipation is at an all-time high as the crowd can barely sit on the edge of their seats anymore. Everyone knows what’s coming but it doesn’t change the hype. The song hammers with every pulse being felt throughout the arena, a series of bright blinding white lights flash in time. Wind and smoke chaotically collect, swirl and clash on the entrance stage until it engulfs the entire stage whole. The chorus kicks in heavy with 808s bangin.
”Oh my God, oh my God
If I die, I’m a legend
When they lay me down to rest, I know I was always reppin
Oh my God, my whole life, my words been my greatest weapon
I know I. I know I, been the coast greatest blessin.”

Out walks Dean Judas with a grin on his face and cocky swagger about him. Strolling down the ramp as the music continues to overpower the crowd’s attempts to boo Dean into submission. Like a man possessed Dean continues his slow walk towards the ring. Bypassing all the fans with a focused look he hops into the ring. Marching towards the turnbuckle he ascends upwards. Judas stands atop the turnbuckle looking out onto the crowd with confidence as they continue to shower him with boos. Pounding his chest like a beast, Judas cracks his trademark crooked smile flashing his pearly whites. Hopping down off of the turnbuckle Judas appears primed and ready for the match.
With a microphone in his right hand, Judas tightens his jaw and flicks his hair back waiting for the crowd to silence their boos.
JUDAS: “Mexico City, I can’t wait to leave this dump and get back home to the U.S of A!”
Crowd boos loudly at Judas as he paces around the ring pausing at the hard camera pointing directly at it.
JUDAS: “Believe me, the feeling is mutual amigos. So much so, I’ve decided against accepting the invitation to compete in the Frenzy match. While I do give props to Wilder for coming up with a match. Needless to say, I’m sure it’s been done before and has ZERO originality to it. Now some might say, but Dean…Jett didn’t come up with the match idea, Mathias Kiwanuka did! To those that say that, I say…what the FUCK would a New York Giants defensive end have to do with the creation of a professional wrestling match that more than likely BORROWS from various matches?”
Judas chuckles as the crowd lightly boos him.
JUDAS: “Now while you spend time tonight cheering for your favorites and trying desperately to understand what it is we’re all saying…”
Cracking a grin, Judas lets out a few more chuckles and then his pace quickens along with his speech.
JUDAS: “Don’t let the boredom of this cluster fuck main event send you into the deepest siesta you’ve ever experienced. Don’t let the simple fact that you got to see Dean Judas do what he does best, beat the fuck outta people…don’t let it ruin your night because everything you see after me…it’s all gonna be one big fuckin’ disappointment. I don’t care that it’s the main event of the night. I mostly don’t care to pander to any of you by lowering myself to such pathetic standards that I feel the need to join in the stupidity that is the Frenzy match. I REALLY don’t care if you’ve got the so called who’s who of 4CW in the match.”
JUDAS: “Make no mistake that I’ve watched the promos and I’ve seen every bit of hype surrounding this match. Just because I wouldn’t subject myself to being a cookie cutter that follows the trend instead of setting it…doesn’t mean I don’t have invested interest. I can’t wait to see how some of these fucks perform. I can’t wait to see the lackluster performances put on by some of the main eventers in 4CW. Some of these highly touted legends. I’ve heard stories and I’ve seen clips. Now I get a chance to see the reality of this mediocre shit show up close. I’m gonna soak that shit in…Shamwow.”
Generating a few laughs Judas cuts his smile off and raises his lip in disgust.
JUDAS: “While 4CW has proven to be a well-oiled machine, it’s most certainly been touted as the company with the best corporate structure and management team. With all of these accolades being proof positive that 4CW is the place to be…the talent is really the keyword that’s lacking here.”
Shrugging his shoulders Judas stops his pacing around the ring and leans against the right corner turnbuckle as the cameras zoom in to get a profile shot.
JUDAS: “I tried to watch that Jason Cashe promo last night to help me get sleepy and I ended up gettin’ some error that said I needed to upgrade my account or some shit. I dunno, I turned that garbage off real quick.”
The crowd boos breaking out into a huge Jason Cashe chant. Judas stops leaning against the turnbuckle and rushes the ropes lashing out at the crowd, mainly the front row of fans.
JUDAS: “Shut up, his name is pronounced Jason not Yayson!”
The crowd boos loudly even more and rips into Judas with a Culero chant. Kicking the bottom rope Judas snarls and spits like a wild animal. Taking a deep breath he refocuses himself and continues on.
JUDAS: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yayson Cashe still isn’t gonna come out here and fight me. That toothless fuckhead, I’d bury him if he stepped foot onto that ramp during MY time. He wouldn’t even try to Cashe me outside with a blindside.”
Clinching his left fist Judas points to the ramp and then shrugs off Cashe with a joke, it was pretty on par with how he viewed Cashe despite the wrestler’s accolades and previous accomplishments.
JUDAS: “So for all you opiate heads out there, Cashe is in the Frenzy match and you’ll get the pleasure of being put into a catatonic state once he comes out later, don’t worry. He’s not the only former 4CW champion in the match though. The whole enchilada is bein’ represented.”
The crowd claps and Judas tucks the microphone into his armpit clapping along with the crowd. Judas quickly turns his joined clapping into a giant mockery by making faces at the crowd and clapping limp-wristed.
JUDAS: “Duuurrr huuurrrr! Fuckin’ morons. Do as I say. ANYWAAAAYS!”
Judas stops his retard clapping and wipes his mouth with his left hand.
JUDAS: “You got Dakota Smith, takin’ a break from finger paintin’ with feces to grace us with his presence”
Pulling a mixed reaction from the crowd Dakota Smith’s name drop generates both cheers and boos from the hyped-up Mexico City crowd.
JUDAS: “The problem with Dakota is that he’s been exposed. There’s nothin’ to fear with the Wario version of Jason Cashe. Sure, he had a run that has yet to be matched and he’s the ONLY 4CW hall of famer. Too bad it’s all come to an end. The admiration he receives for bein’ a fuckin’ retard is ludicrous. His reign ended when everyone found out he could be defeated. There’s somethin’ about a streak that causes doubt in your opponent, Dakota benefited from it and ever since then he hasn’t been shit. He just plays with shit.”
JUDAS: “Eli Carlson gets to sit on the sidelines and watches me step onto the field like fuckin’ Von Miller changing the game with brute force. Enjoy the show Eli. Take notice as to what a REAL alpha male looks like. I doubt he ever comes back, like Icarus he flew too close to the sun and burnt out. Holdin’ the main belt is a burden most people aren’t built to handle; most people aren’t built to withstand that kinda pressure.”
Pounding his chest Judas looks right into the hard camera as it closes in on his piercing eyes.
JUDAS: “I’m that motherfucker. I’m the one that’s built to hold this shit down. I’ve fallen but it’s only made me stronger. I take an L and turn it into a multitude of dubs. Nobody in this company is on my level. Nobody in this business is on my level. Soon enough, you’ll all get to experience my prowess.”
Taking in a deep breath Judas exhales into the microphone soaking in the boos from the hostile crowd who have grown to absolutely HATE Judas at this point.
JUDAS: “Jair Hopkins…”
The crowd pops loudly almost not even allowing Judas to finish saying Hop’s name. Chuckling a bit Judas runs his hand over his mouth before lightly rubbing his chin.
JUDAS: ”Yes. We all know, he’s the biggest offender when it comes to crowd pandering. I quite expected that very robotic reaction. Even out here in Mexico Shitty…”
As if the boos couldn’t become even more deafening, they do. Rushing up the turnbuckle Judas stands atop the second rope looking out at the crowd daring them to do something. He continues to egg them on for a minute before hopping down to continue his rant.
JUDAS: “Noooope! I got the mic. I scheduled this time and you’re gonna fuckin’ listen to EVERY word I’ve got to say.”
Crowd chants Culero.
JUDAS: “Hopkins isn’t gonna come out here and fight me either. Get it outta your heads. See, while the former champions and so-called contenders are all lining up, clamoring for a spot in the Frenzy match…me…I didn’t jump the gun. I will never do anything on anyone’s terms other than my own. When I want that fuckin’ shot I’ll take that fuckin’ shot. For now, I’ll take my time dismantling my opponents. I’m about to become the man, the MVP, 4CW is about to become the ball that gets carried.”
Nodding his head, Judas looks primed as usual. Holding his right arm up and looking out at the ramp Judas continues on.
JUDAS: “I got my shovel right here, so Saint and Crowe come out and get buried.”
Tossing the microphone to the side Judas’ music hits again as he paces around the ring like a madman waiting for his opponents to arrive and the match to begin. With Judas looking possessed we take time to cut backstage.

Cutting from the ring to the back, 4CW’s resident interviewer Gabriel Hartman. A faint smile is on his face as he adjusts his tie real quick before holding up his microphone and addressing the 4CW audience.
HARTMAN: “Evening, ladies and gentleman. Gabriel Hartman here with one of the competitors in tonight’s 4 Corners Frenzy match and she’s also the current 4CW Fate Champion, allow me to introduce Anastasia Hayden.”
Panning over to the Fate Champion herself, Anastasia Hayden gives a simple nod at the camera before rolling her eyes over toward Hartman. A fake smile broadcasted all over her face.
HAYDEN: ”It’s a joy to be here.”
She drops the smile and Hartman continues his best to keep up his.
HARTMAN: “I’m sure it is…tonight’s host to one of the biggest matches 4CW has seen. Thirty competitors all fighting for the chance at the 4CW Champion. And there’s twenty-nine who have made their claims that they’ll be the next challenger for the 4CW Championship. What makes you different from everyone else in this match, Ana?”
HAYDEN: ”’Making their claims’…yeah, talking a lot of stupid shit like Max Cavanaugh. Rigged clocks and rigged matches. See, a lot of people say a lot of things here in 4CW, Gabriel, I’m sure you know that…but I’m one of the few that backs everything I say up. I don’t run my mouth just because I like to hear myself speak…I run my mouth because I’m trying to warn everyone about the aura of ignorance they live in and how dangerous that is. They want to overlook that, overlook me…that’s fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn them.”
She glances back at the camera, a small shrug of her shoulders.
HARTMAN: “And while we’re on the topic of overlooking, at Ante Up, you became the Fate Champion in just four matches in a hard fought match against Alexis Morrison that…well, as we know, saw the return of Genevie Carlson. I’m sure you remember it all very well, but I can’t help to notice, if you don’t mind me asking, where’s the Fate Championship right now?”
The camera pans up and down, as if it was searching the 4CW Fate Championship as well, but there was nothing to be found. The question clearly annoys Ana as her eyes narrow and she making a half-hearted snarling face at Hartman.
HAYDEN: ”Why does it matter, Hartman? Tonight’s not about the Fate Championship…it’s about me. It’s about me winning the 4 Corners Frenzy. Just because I’m the champion, it doesn’t mean anything. Alexis was the champion heading into her match and then I destroyed her. Bronx, while still champion, let’s not forget he was down nearly six total falls before he even made a mark in the match. I’m not gonna be like these other idiots, bragging about being the Fate Champion like that’s going to help me tonight.”
Crossing her arms, she continues to glare at Hartman.
HARTMAN: “But as the Fate Champion, shouldn’t you alwa-”
As Gabriel tries to finish his question, Ana puts her hand over his microphone and lowers it, practically getting in his face. Her voice lowers, but still audible enough to pick up on the mic.
HAYDEN: ”Hartman, if you ask me one more question about something that doesn’t matter…I will strangle you with that ratty tie of yours.”
HARTMAN: “It’s not that bad…”
HAYDEN: ”What was that?”
HARTMAN: “Uh, nothing…”
Content with the hole she stared into Gabriel, Ana removed her hand from the microphone and backed up from Hartman. She shines a brief smile, acting like everything was back to normal.
HAYDEN: ”So, what’s your next question?”
Nervously, Gabriel adjusts his tie in silence before he clears his throat and tries to finish up the interview.
HARTMAN: “Right…well, let’s say that you go ahead and win tonight’s 4 Corners Frenzy, as we all know, the winner of that match sees Bronx Valescence. There’s no doubt he’ll be watching everything tonight with a close eye, with that in mind, is there anything you’d like to say? If you were to win, of course.”
HAYDEN: ”I like to think Bronx gets a pretty clear image of who I am now. Maybe before, when he thought we were friends, he didn’t…but now? I imagine he does. Kind of like everyone else here, he can be a bit slow to pick up on that, but that’s alright. I’m not usually patient, but for the 4CW Championship golden boy…I’ll make an exception. I’m not going to say anything new and Bronx can brush it off, act like it doesn’t bother him. That’s fine. Everyone hides from the truth.”
Anastasia snatches the microphone from Gabriel and looks right into the camera, addressing the other twenty-nine competitors and just about everyone else in 4CW.
HAYDEN: ”And that truth is that Bronx Valescence is a hypocrite. A coward. A man who has to break down others that he calls his ‘friends’ in order to make fighting them worth his time. He’s done it to Bryan and he’s done it to Luke. Bronx is the kind of guy to smile and tell you everything’s gonna be alright as he drives that knife into your back. I’m just the only one to realize it…and I’ll expose him for it. When…I win the 4 Corners Frenzy tonight, I’ll go on and expose Bronx Valescence for the fraud that he is.”
Ana looks into the camera for a few seconds before turning back to Hartman, shoving the microphone into his chest.
HAYDEN: ”You’re welcome for my time, Hartman.”
Getting the final word, Anastasia walks off the scene leaving behind a disheveled Gabriel Hartman as the camera cuts elsewhere.


JOHNSON: “Dean Judas with some strong words there, but he’s got to face not one, but two opponents here tonight in a three-way dance.”
VASSA: “Well Keaton Saint is similar in size and strength to Dean Judas, but nerd boy is just a pale sad man from his parent’s basement. I think I know where I’m putting my money, Stevie.”
“In the end you’ll know my name.”

The arena lights begin to flash in tune with the drumbeat of “King” by Saint PHNX, signifying the arrival of Keaton Saint who makes his presence felt at the top of the ramp. Saint looks out to the arena crowd, taking in the atmosphere before concentrating on the ring.
“I just want to scream
That nothing’s what it seems
I’ll just keep believing
One day I’ll be king
Say it loud enough
I ain’t going nowhere
You can’t break me down
One day I’ll be king”

Saint progresses to the ring, taking time to acknowledge his supporters and exchange high-fives and respect.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring from London, England and weighing in at two hundred and fourty eight pounds. He is known as the Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling, he is KEATON SSAAIINNTT!!!”
Saint enters the ring and stretches himself, testing the tautness of the ropes before going to a corner and preparing himself for the upcoming match.
JOHNSON: “Keaton Saint an accomplished wrestler in his own right, been around for about ten years. Even holding the APW World Championship title at one point.”
VASSA: “Give credit where credit is due, this guy has made a name both here in the states and internationally with his technical ability. Cold and calculating, but fans love him for that style of his.”
JOHNSON: “He is machine in that ring, no doubt Vinny.”
The lights throughout the entire 4 Corners Wrestling arena dim simultaneously on out throughout the entire arena as it plunges into darkness as “Assault of the Silver Dragons” – by Nobuo Uematsu begins to blare on out of the sound system across the arena. As it does a ice blue lighting covers the arena in a red/grey hue, as if on cue, out of nowhere “The Textbook” Phinehas Crowe appears in the entrance aisle wearing a customized cape, underneath his cape Crowe can be seen being bare except for his lower torso which is that of his wrestling tights and boots. Crowe wears an NES Power Glove on his left hand, a devilish Cheshire cat like grin can be seen on Crowe’s face serving as the perfect statement.
Phinehas walks the entrance aisle, left to right as he does, the fans of the 4CW can be heard giving him a chorus of cheers from the cult following of fans he’s come to garnish, slapping the hands of those nearest to him, though with the cheers, comes various chants of “Crowe Rules” and “Glitch Crowe Glitch” which can be heard echoing throughout the arena before he finally re-takes the center stage in the entrance aisle as Crowe does, he pretends to change his outstretched left arm that can be seen having the NES Power glove that he can be seen wearing into that of Mega Man’s Mega Buster, then acts as if he’s pumping his arm smashing his fist into the ground below him.
POWERS: “Weighing in tonight at One hundred and Eighty-One pounds, he stands approximately Five foot Eleven inches in height. He hails from Blackpool, England he is… ‘THE TEXTBOOK… he is… PHINEHAS CCRROOWWEE!!!”
Crowe slowly raises up from his down position and slowly walks on down the entrance aisle, as he does he stops in the center of the aisle, a white piercing light comes shining down upon him and illuminating his figure under the light as he stands in the entrance aisle looking out into the darkness that surrounds him for a few seconds. As he does he soaks in the various chants that can be heard echoing throughout the arena, his eyes burn with intensity, as he mentally prepares himself for the war he’s about to take part in, his body pounding with adrenaline as he makes his way down to the ring. As Crowe can be seen slowly getting closer to the ring the chants continue to linger on, eventually drowning out his theme music.

Once Phinehas is at ringside he slaps a few fans on the hands, before turning his attention to the steel steps, where he leaves his NES Power Glove that he could be seen wearing behind, he methodically, he walks on up them as the cheers and chants continue to be heard as he slowly slithers on up the side of the nearest ring post like a snake, as he does he throws out one of his arm as he continues to soak in the cheers and chants from the nearby fans and those around the arena cheering him on as the music fades.
VASSA: “And then there’s this guy. I don’t know what to make of him.”
JOHNSON: “Phinehas Crowe with a style of his own, but the kid is intelligent and bright, learns from his mistakes and pretty much shows a bright future here in 4CW.”
VASSA: “As bright as his pale ass skin.”


JOHNSON: “And there’s the bell. The rules are simple here, first to a pinfall or submission and you’ll win the match.”
VASSA: “Yeah, but you’ve got to find three seconds or enough time to make someone tap out to get that victory and with the extra body running around, that’s never easy.”
The three have a standoff there in the ring, Phinehas looking at Dean Judas, while Judas eyes down Keaton Saint. Saint gives glances back and forth between his two opponents. Slowly the trio begin to circle each other in the ring, Dean Judas makes the first move connecting with a vicious boot to a distracted Phinehas Crowe’s chest shoving the undersized Brit into the corner turnbuckle. But Judas is unable to follow that up as Saint uses this chance and strikes with a back elbow strike catching Judas in the jaw with that shot. Saint follows that up by locking in a rear waist lock and sending Judas up and over….

…slamming him onto the mat with a release German Suplex!! Jadas folds in half, but Saint can’t follow that up as Crowe charges out of the corner towards Saint, however Saint turns in time to duck under the clothesline attempt…

…flipping over the Blackpool native onto the ground with a release Aztec Suplex!! Saint gets back up to his feet as the crowd enjoys that display.
JOHNSON: “Great technical skill there by Keaton Saint, he’s always aware in that ring and knows how to counter just about everything thrown at him.”
VASSA: “How about a chair? If someone threw a chair at him would he know what to do with it?”
JOHNSON: “I have no idea, Vinny. Why don’t you try.”
VASSA: “No, I’m good.”
Crowe pulls himself back up using the ropes which distracts Keaton from Judas for a brief moment and in that moment Judas is able to charge in and connect with a double axehandle to the back of his head. Judas then charges towards Crowe looking to take him out to the floor below…

…but instead it’s Judas who takes the tumble as Phinehas pulls down the top ropes which gets the crowd cheering. Phinehas then gets up charging towards Keaton and ducks Keaton’s clothesline attempt, before Phinehas hits the ropes he leaps up and springboards connecting with a dropkick to Keaton Saint’s chest!! Phinehas leaps back up to his feet giving Saint a look over, but instead charges towards the ropes again and runs right past him as he leaps into the air over the top ropes…

JOHNSON: “Crowe with the plancha sending Dean Judas and himself into the guard railing!! What an incredible move!”
VASSA: “Geek boy showing some jumping ability. Maybe should have stuck to track or something else like that, a sport without contact would be good for him.”
JOHNSON: “How about esports?”
VASSA: “Yeah, he’d fit in perfectly into that den of virgins.”
Keaton Saint rolls to the outside of the ring and just as his two opponents get back up to their feet he charges in and connects with a double clothesline sending them both onto the concrete once again!! Saint picks up Judas and rolls him into the ring and then grabs Phinehas but instead of sending him into the ring as well, he tosses the smaller Crowe over the guard railing and into the crowd. Saint slides back into the ring as Judas gets back up to his feet. From behind Saint scoops up Judas and spins him around looking for a sidewalk slam…

…but instead drops Dean Judas back first across his knee with an echoing thud!! Saint hooks the leg and the referee slides in for the count!

JOHNSON: “So close, but Judas powers out at the last second.”
VASSA: “Saint’s showing the goods right now.”
JOHNSON: “Keaton Saint hitting that Paragon Backbreaker of his nearly getting the three count on Dean Judas!”
VASSA: “Where’d that nerd boy go, anyways? Home? Probably home.”
Saint doesn’t allow for Judas to get a chance to recover from that vicious backbreaker and pulls Judas’ arms around his throat as Saint sits down and begins to pull back causing Judas to strangle himself with his own arms!! The referee checks to see if Dean Judas is ready to tap out, but Judas shakes his head no.
JOHNSON: “The Keaton Clutch! Keaton’s got that locked in and Dean Judas has nowhere to go in that ring!”
VASSA: “How do you even tap out? His arms are being used to choke himself out!”
Judas’ face begins to turn bright red and slowly purple, but he does not call out to the referee and as it looks like he’s about to pass out from the pain Phinehas Crowe charges up from behind pulling back on Keaton Saint’s arms and falls backwards connecting with a lung blower!! Judas rolls to the ropes for safety as he sucks air back into his lungs. Saint struggles to get back up, but as he does there’s Phinehas Crowe waiting and the smallest man in the match wraps his arms around Keaton Saint and sends him for a ride…

…connecting with a German Suplex!! But Crowe doesn’t stop with just one suplex, nope. Instead the two roll back into position and Crowe lifts up again sending Saint up and over once again towards the mat…

…connecting with a second German Suplex!! But Crowe still doesn’t stop, the two roll again back into position and this time Crowe double clutches as he lifts the bigger Keaton Saint up and over…

…folding his opponent in half with a release German Suplex! Crowe stands up and pumps his arm as if he were changing it into Mega Man’s Mega Blaster. Somewhere in the back locker room area Da Troll Guy smiles.
JOHNSON: “Beta Release by the Blackpool native, Phinehas Crowe and he’s feeling this one.”
VASSA: “That was the most nerdy thing I have ever seen. And I sat through a videogame deathmatch.”
Crowe, however, doesn’t follow the attack up Keaton Saint, instead he charges towards the ropes once again leaping up into a springboard and coming off…

…connecting with a springboard hurricanrana right onto a recovering Dean Judas!!
JOHNSON: “Artificial Intelligence by Phinehas Crowe! Dean Judas still hadn’t recovered from nearly being choked out and now is flipped onto his neck and shoulders from that incredible move by Crowe. Here’s the cover by Crowe!!”

JOHNSON: “So close but Dean Judas gets that shoulder up at the last possible moment!”
VASSA: “Nerds around the world nearly exploded with that one. And by that, I mean in their pants.”
JOHNSON: “Whoa Vinny, slow down there.”
VASSA: “What? Now I’ll be hated on the Twitterverse or something? Get in line.”
Crowe gets back up to his feet quickly, sensing the end is near he points his Mega Man Mega Blaster, or to everyone else his arm, in Judas’ direction calling for the end of the match. As Judas gets back up to his feet, Crowe leaps onto his back with a rear naked choke!! Slowly, the smaller Crowe forces the larger Dean Judas to his knees, but then Crowe shows off his strength as he flips Judas up and over…

…slamming him into the mat with a suplex!! He breaks the choke hold off and flips over looking for the quick cover here.
JOHNSON: “Phinehas Crowe nails the Otaku’s Revenge! He’s going to pull this one off!”

JOHNSON: “Keaton Saint breaking up the pin attempt with a vicious boot to the side of Phinehas Crowe’s head!! Nasty move there by Saint.”
VASSA: “But that’s what we know of Keaton Saint, a guy who is no non-sense in that ring and every move is vicious and backed with a lot of anger.”
Saint pulls Crowe right back up to his feet and hooks the leg, he gives Crowe a couple of rib punches to make sure that Crowe doesn’t move around a lot or attempt a reversal as he lifts him up into the middle of the ring and holds the suplex in place for a moment. For a second moment just to show off his strength to the crowd. And then finally…

…slams Crowe into the mat with a Fisherman’s suplex!!
JOHNSON: “Stalling Fisherman Suplex there! What strength shown by Keaton Saint!”
But before Saint can take advantage of the move he turns around and is met with a big boot the gut by Dean Judas! Judas looks pissed off as he then hooks on a standing headscissors hold doubling over Saint in the process. Using all of his strength he lifts Saint up into the air…

…connecting with a powerbomb!! But, just to show off his own strength, pulls Keaton Saint from the mat back up into the air only to drop him back down onto the mat…

…with another powerbomb!! And just to the beat the message home, Dean Judas lifts up Keaton Saint for a third time, spins around a couple of times and then attempts to drive Saint through the mat…

…with another powerbomb!!!!
JOHNSON: “An incredible show of strength there as Dean Judas hits three consecutive powerbombs on Keaton Saint!!”
VASSA: “He’s calls that Liftviticus S.S! And you can see how much raw power Dean Judas has there.”
Judas gets back up to his feet and turns in time as Phinehas Crowe leaps off of the middle ropes looking for a springboard cross body block, but instead Dean Judas catches him in mid air and holds there in the ring for second. Judas wrenches back and flips backwards…

…connecting with a moonsault fallaway slam!! Judas rolls back up to his feet holding onto Phinehas Crowe in the process, Judas then lifts Crowe up into a fireman’s carry position.

…slamming him onto the mat about as hard as a human being can! Crowe bouncing from the impact of that throw. A crowd sits in stunned silence at the power displayed by Dean Judas.
VASSA: “He calls that one the Ballad of Nino Brown, but I’ll call that one hell of a display of strength.”
JOHNSON: “Incredible power there. Incredible.”
Dean Judas stands up and shows the crowd his bicep. But before Judas can follow it up, Keaton Saint connects with a running knee strike which backs Judas up against the ropes. Saint unloads with a couple of stiff strikes and then sends Judas into the far side ropes with a whip, Saint charges in, but Judas pulls the top ropes down as Saint goes up and over to the outside of the ring. Judas then eyes Phinehas Crowe, who is slowly getting back up to his feet, Judas runs full bore into the ring ropes coming off and connecting with a vicious running shoulder which flips Crowe in the ring!!!
JOHNSON: “Money Train!”
VASSA: “Geek boy shouldn’t have come out of the basement and played on the tracks. He got destroyed!”
JOHNSON: “Here’s the cover…

Keaton Saint dives back into the ring…

…but doesn’t make it in time.

JOHNSON: “Dean Judas picks up the victory here tonight!”
VASSA: “Wow, great paced action there. All of Phinehas’ fans are going to be mad on the internet tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Dean Judas picks up a hard fought victory here tonight.”
As Dean Judas has his arm raised in victory he and Keaton Saint have a bit of a staredown. Saint disappointed that he was only a few feet short of breaking up that final pin attempt, Judas gives him a sinister smirk as he begins to make his way out of the ring as “Legend (Wynn Remix)” by Drake plays him off.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, DEAN JJUUDDAASS!!!”

The cameras revert to backstage hallway of the Arena Mexico in Mexico City. Workers, staff and other talents are seen interacting with each other or working hard on production. Andre Holmes, covered in his usual black sponsored Reebok gear, walks down the hallway dragging his carry on luggage holding all his belongings and match attire for his debut main event tonight. He removes the hoodie over his head then asks a young female makeup artists a question pulling her aside.
HOLMES: “Excuse me, do you know where the men’s locker room is?”
MAKE-UP ARTIST: “Yes, it’s down the hall and on your left. It should be marked.”
HOLMES: “Okay, thank you.”
He nods his head after the gratitude then continues his way down the hall. Following the directions she gave politely, Andre stops before the men’s locker room wooden door reading the label. He smiles, finally happy to be back in the professional wrestling business, then takes the doorknob before opening the door. Andre steps into the locker room, the camera following behind him then moving around to show his face as he looks annoyed when he sees a man sitting in front of his locker.
HOLMES: “Oh, you have got to be kidding me…”
The camera turns around and there it shows American Tommy seated on the bench before his locker with his last name on it. It already looks packed with his stuff and belongings. Tommy stops reading his book, looks up to Andre then smiles sarcastically. Wearing his Kimitsu Zombie Snith shirt and a pair of slacks, because this mother fucker don’t put the nut huggers on till show time steps forward a little but Tommy is already on his feet.
HOLMES: “I told you I was gonna’ deal with your ass before the main event so thank you for obliging but first, you mind getting your stuff outta’ MY locker!”
TOMMY: “Well, Jesus Christ. He actually showed up. Andre Holmes in the flesh backstage at a 4CW show. I figured you were a stupid muggle that was all bark and no bite. Like the Taco Bell dog or something.”
American Tommy turns around and looks at the name above the locker it does indeed say Andre Holmes on it, but Tommy is a resourceful lad. He reaches into his bag and grabs out a marker and scribbles out Andre’s name while Andre watches him. After he is done writing Harry Potter he turns and throws the marker at Andre, bouncing it off his chest. American Tommy sits down and brings his book, which looks to be Cat in the Hat, and sits back down on the chair.
TOMMY: “Don’t worry about it, mate. They fucked up the name tag.”
American Tommy points down the hall on the other side of the room where another locker clear as day reads, “American Tommy.”
TOMMY: “That one’s mine too, muggle. Don’t you be getting any grand ideas or anything. What’s yours is mine, because I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to drop you on your head when I toss you out tonight.”
Tommy laughs and brings the book up to his face, which happens to be upside down.
TOMMY: “I hope you didn’t bring your family, because I don’t want your children’s first interaction with their future father him dropping their biological daddy on his head.”
After hearing those cockily said from the mouth of his antagonizer, Andre’s hazel eyes flared with fire, his hands clenched in boiling rage. He whispered under his breath.
HOLMES: “…You son of a bitch.”
In a leap for the honor of his children, American Tommy is tackled off the chair with both men flipping over onto the carpeted flooring. They engaged in a brawl rolling on top of each other firing forearms, elbows, punches, brawling like there is no tomorrow. Luckily, security and other staff heard the commotion in the hallways so they rush in and manage to separate the two. Pulling each other back at each ends of the the locker room.
Andre manages to slip from their grasps and tackle Tommy again into his own locker thus the two reset the battleground to brawl again. More security and staff rush into the locker room aiding the others separating them again.
TOMMY: “Fucking muggle lucky I didn’t have my wand out!”
The camera fades out to ringside after it shows both men getting pulled out.

As we come back to ringside, the remix to “Starboy” hits as the crowd gets to its feet as Bronx Valescence makes his way through the entrance tunnel and through the curtains. He looks a little more casual than he usually does, sporting a pair of tap out shorts and a Tara Davidson t-shirt. The 4CW Championship is slung over his shoulder as he poses with it at the top of the ramp before headed down to the ring. He pulls a microphone out of the waistband of his shorts and taps it a few times to make sure its live as the music fades. The crowd pops as the music dims, showing their appreciation for the champion.
VALESCENCE: “I know tonight is a big night, some would say it’s one of the biggest nights in 4CW history. Thirty people are vying for a chance to face me in the Four Corners Frenzy. More importantly than that though, it is ADRENALINE SIXTY-NINE BAYBAY!”
The crowd yells “NICE” all in unison as Bronx nods, he shifts the 4CW Championship on his shoulder as he walks about the ring.
VALESCENCE: “A lot of people and I mean A LOT took pop shots at me in their promos for the Frenzy. I should be mad, I should have a little note pad and be taking notes, but I’m not. Used to? I would be pretty mad about it, but now? I’m happy. I’m happy that I am a such an enigma in 4CW now that people feel the need to go out of there way to say things about me. I have the title on my shoulder now, I have the target on my back. There’s a difference between me and the other champions that have come through 4CW. They’ve cared about the title. They’ve cared about what other people think of them. What if they lose their title defense the first time? What if they’re considered a paper champion?”
Bronx paused for a moment as he looked up.
VALESCENCE: “I’m not concerned with how people look at me as a champion. It doesn’t matter if I defended my damn title in that Four Corner Frenzy—which I would have done by the way. I’m concerned with how I elevate this champion to be the most coveted title in the company again. Sometimes wrestlers fail to realize that there are bigger things than themselves. You got guys coming in right now who want to be a big deal, you got some guys who want all of this segment time to hype up they’re coming to 4CW. Where do you think they’ll be in a few months?”
He shook his head.
VALESCENCE: “You got guys who come in and do a segment of them just laughing, like that means shit? Where are those dudes now? I don’t see them in a 4CW ring. The point is if you want to be a big deal, you gotta act the part. You gotta look the part. Winning the Four Corners Frenzy doesn’t mean SHIT if you can’t back it up against the champion just like winning the South Beach Brawl Cup is an empty win if you can’t win the big one, which I DID!”
Bronx held up the title with one hand as he put his knee on the middle ropes as he faced the hard camera.
VALESCENCE: “That’s my message to all thirty of you in the back that is going to be stepping into this ring. This is for all of you who took pop shots thinking I wouldn’t notice, this is for every single one of you who want a shot at this championship. You come at the king? YOU BEST NOT MISS. Because I am waiting…”
Facing the entrance ramp, he laid the belt down in a line as if to be crossed and put his hand out in his infamous finger gun and then pulled the trigger. The Stranger Things remix of Starboy hit as Bronx flipped the microphone back to ringside and headed backstage.

Backstage in the 4CW interview lounge, we cut to Alexis Terry and Max Cavanaugh, who is dressed for action later in the night. Terry stands up straight and introduces her client.
TERRY: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the man who, very soon, will win the Four Corners Frenzy match and become the new number one contender for the 4CW Championship, Max Cavanaugh.”
Max claps several times before tossing his arms out wide and beginning to speak.
CAVANAUGH: “You heard it here first. I will win the Four Corners Frenzy match, and it will be a victory discussed by 4CW fans and talent alike for years to come. If you don’t believe me, believe my friend, the wrestling legend, and America’s Most Glamorous Import, Alexis Terry.”
CAVANAUGH: “It’s no secret that when I came to 4CW, I came to accomplish one thing – to prove to all of the wrestlers here that they aren’t as untouchable as they think they are. There’s a stink of arrogance about this place, and it reeks far worse than the stench of marijuana or body odor. 4CW wrestlers truly believe that they are the outlaws of this sport; the ones no one else will take for fear that their companies will be embarrassed. But at the end of the day, all of you are cowards hiding behind a cloak… a cloak that I am not afraid to pull down and rip to shreds. One by one over the last two months, I have exposed you. Trace Lando. Ronnie Harris. Sativa Nevaeh. Now, in one match, I’ll expose twenty nine of you, all for the purpose of reaching the only one of you who matters.”
CAVANAUGH: “Bronx came to 4CW as an outlaw. A disgraced one, at that. Months of failure in a promotion that Alexis Terry, my dear friend, built… and a promotion that, here, is scoffed at. I’ve always found that funny, how Bronx can be considered a conquering hero for leaving a place that most of you would say he’s too good for. But he really has made a name for himself, hasn’t he? Failed once, spectacularly, and took time off. Now he’s the 4CW Champion. Untouchable. Three of the best in the company tried and failed to keep him down. But, forgive me, I have to say that this speaks more on the quality here in 4CW than the talent of Bronx Valescence.”
CAVANAUGH: “The aura of Bronx Valescence is hysterical. The idea that he’s the best, the idea that he can’t be matched. After years of being the middling challenger, he’s the top guy. A 4CW exclusive. The edgy, outspoken hero of the people. Sound familiar, I think. Maybe he’s more like Aidan Collins than he’d like to admit. But like Aidan, Bronx is going to fall from grace the second the 4CW administration sees him for what he really is – just another guy, not worth their time.”
CAVANAUGH: “I’m the hero of the people now, Bronx. I’m an American hero. A true warrior both in and out of the ring. I overcame an assassination attempt this week, and yet, here I am, ready to claw my way up to your throne and send you back down the mountain where you belong.”
CAVANAUGH: “You’re soft now, Bronx. In bed with Perry Wallace until the very end. I see it, even when the others don’t. A while ago you may have had something to prove, but now that you’re champion, it’s all about protecting the gains you’ve made. Tell everyone about the steroids, Bronx. Tell everyone about the manipulated clock. Tell everyone about your weeks off, and your 4CW exclusive contract. You’re a lazy, cheating, piece of shit. That’s what you’ve become now. So bite the bullet and accept that when I win this match, and I will, your days are numbered. I have God and America on my side, and more talent than you could ever dream of.”
Alexis Terry reached to Max’s shoulder and spoke quietly.
TERRY: “Max, if I may…”
He gestured towards the camera and stepped back as Alexis cleared her throat. The history between Alexis and Bronx goes back for quite some time, and now she has the chance to address him tonight.
TERRY: “I know what you’re thinking, Bronx. Just another person talking themselves up at your expense. You think that’s what being a champion is all about – taking the words and tossing it back in people’s faces. But that isn’t what I taught you, and God knows I made you into the wrestler you are today. Under my guidance you went from a complete joke to a semi-presentable wrestler. I only wish I had something… better to work with.”
TERRY: “No, Bronx. Being a champion is about creating a legacy that stands the test of time. There is a lot of talk about which wrestlers are and are not immortal, or eternal, and I’m sure you know, but at the end of the day, when you step back and look at what you accomplished when the day finally comes that you’re no longer champion, what are you going to see? What did you do?”
TERRY: “You played to the lowest common denominator. You lost matches that you shouldn’t have. You inflated your worth with your words far beyond the reach of your wrestling ability. I am a legend. Everyone knows my name because when I win championships, the company is never the same. I am a gamechanger, Bronx. I’m immortal. You? Well, what do you think, kid?”
TERRY: “I’ve watched the man beside me become one of the best wrestlers who has ever lived. I watched him take the entire weight of a nation on his back and steamroll through the competition. I know that, as Champion, he will change 4CW for the better. No more disgusting excuses for wrestlers. Only Max Cavanaugh, a true American icon.”
TERRY: “You don’t run shit. You never have. Flex your fragile masculinity, act like you call the shots. At the end of the day, you’re just another pitiful little man. When Max is done with you, you’ll tuck your baby dick between your legs and run off into the sunset once again… just long enough for everyone to forget what a failure you are, and return just soon enough before the world forgets that you were ever a thing.”
TERRY: “The fix may be on tonight. Max could draw number one, and Perry may well prevail. But no matter what, Bronxy, your days are numbered.”
Max leaned forward with a smile.
CAVANAUGH: “See you soon, Champ.”
Max and Alexis wink at the camera and then we slowly fade to black.

The cameras switch backstage to the temporary office belonging to no one other than the man himself, Perry Wallace. Standing behind his desk for the evening, he paces back and forth with a glass of Scotch in hand, sipping frequently while talking to himself it appears.
WALLACE: ”Shit happens, it’s nothing to get all bent out of shape about. Plenty of people go through these troubles from time to time. Don’t get down on yourself if things seem to have gone a little ‘limp’ as of late.”
Taking a drink from his glass, he stops in place and adjusts his crotch momentarily.
WALLACE: ”The best thing anyone can do in a situation like this is to keep fighting. Keep that blood pumping!”
The camera pans around to show a Unhinged Dakota Smith sitting on the opposite side , his feet kicked up on top of the desk. As the camera turned to the butcher he just so happen to be chugging down a bottle of whiskey. The brown liquor waterfalling down onto his leaned back head. As the last drop of whiskey hits the back of Dakota’s throat, he smashes the bottle down onto the floor. He stomps his feet down off of the desk and onto the ground, before reaching and grabbing ahold of the desk – startling the portly man behind it.
SMITH: ”Shut your piggly wiggly puddin’-n-pie ass up Wallace. All of this could of have been avoided if you just did your fucking job and gave me my rematch. But no, the one time you had to be useful – you went and blew it out your ass…Why the fuck am I even here?”
Surveying the mess Dakota’s created upon the floor, Perry stands in silence for a brief moment before slowly raising his head and cutting his eyes towards Dakota.
WALLACE: ”You tell me why you’re here. I can’t exactly go handing out rematches when there have been other championship matches since it was scheduled to take place. Shit, I thought you were dead! Since then you’ve come back and won the Extreme Championship. You fought and earned your place in the big match at Ante Up. Things may not have gone your way there but the odds weren’t exactly in anyone’s favor being four people in the ring all against each other. Plus it’s a little hard for me to just give you the green light on taking out the champion considering who it is – my son. Nonetheless, you have another opportunity later tonight to get a one on one match!”
The Butcher rolls his eyes before sitting back in his chair, half-assed laughing to himself as he runs his hand through his beard.
SMITH: ”Now you’re just letting so called family getting in the way of business Perry. But speaking of family, I have a special surprise for you. Someone from your past, who has just been chomping at the bit to say hello.”
Pausing for a moment, Perry thinks to himself as a look of confusion becomes apparent on his face.
WALLACE: ”A surprise… hold up! No family is getting in the way of anything. You want your heart back you’re going to have to fight for it like he did. Remember what’s at stake later tonight with this Frenzy. Now, what’s this surprise you’re talking about? Please be an alpha tied up in the van outside. I remember how you loved kidnapping her!”
Suddenly the lights go out in the room, Perry Wallace giving a girl like squeal as the scene is lost in darkness.
? ? ?: ”I don’t know about ‘alphas’ being tied up in vans or pretentious cunts being kidnapped, but I will tell you this… some folks gonn’a turn up missing soon.”
WALLACE: ”What the…”
The lights in the room then come back to life and standing directly behind Perry is a familiar face. Slowly, he turns around and once he does, he looks as if he’s just seen a ghost.
WALLACE: ”Wha–how–Erron? The fuck you doing here?!”
Erron Wilder stood there, chuckling in ghastly sounds that roamed the silence both the Butcher and Wallace left. His icy blue eyes staring dead at his former boss with a cheeky monkey’s grin that tempted the words, ‘Surprised to see me?’ He didn’t see it coming – then again, probably no one did. His entire posture and well-groomed look had a new level of poise to it, more than the apprehensive style he’s carried himself before – before, in a time where he distinguished himself as an unruly and unkempt member of Omerta.
WILDER: ”Well, what do you think Wallace? That I took my sweet time in retirement only to come back now to suck my goddamn thumb? Nah. I’m done watching, waiting and waiving my own rights as an American citizen to do whatever the fuck I want and be whatever the fuck I want to be. And right now, I’m in a mood for some war.”
A smile comes to Perry’s face as he listens to the words of patriotism Erron speaks proudly. Taking a drink from his glass, he them slams it onto the desk as a newfound excitement overtakes him.
WALLACE: ”That’s what I’m goddamn talking about! FUCKING ‘MURICA! Land of the free, fireworks, football, and fucking titties! You know something though, Erron. A simple phone call would have sufficed. Wish I would have known you were coming down to America’s toilet for the evening. We could have had ourselves a good ol’ time! So, what’s the special occasion?
WILDER: ”You know me, Perry, I’m all for the American way: ‘strive to thrive’ and to be about the ‘deeds, not creeds.’ Basically, I don’t just want to talk about being one of the best – I want to be the best. I want to smash competition till I feel like I’m fucking God Almighty, and fill my pockets with so much money till it looks like I’m Mother Nature shitting green over the land. And if there is a metropolis around here, a “mother city” so to say where all of my wishes and desires can be answered, it’s here in 4CW.”
Erron pulls a thick cigar from his blazer’s front pocket and lights it up with a zippo lighter he hovered over with his other hand. His smile stretched to the side with a hint of cockiness as he takes a brief puff.
WILDER: ”And right now, it seems like I’m just in time to gather with the best in the world for your version of the Olympics – Bad Company.”
Full of joy, Perry rubs his hands together as he slowly turns around to Dakota who is now standing up from the chair he was sitting in moments ago.
WALLACE: ”This mean what I think it means?”
Hacking up a mouthful of spit, Dakota launches a loogie onto the floor before slowly nodding his head. Clapping his hands together, Perry then walks to the desk and grabs his glass from the top. Carrying it over to the mini bar across the room, he pours himself another glass of Scotch while whistling the tune to Lamb of God’s “Omerta”. Once he tops off the glass, he takes a big gulp before turning around to his guests.
WALLACE: ”Guys, this is goi–“
Stopping in mid-sentence, a look of confusion comes to his face. Looking from side to side, he scans the entire office before the camera angle changes to reveal no one in the room other than Perry all by himself. The door to the office slowly creaks as it opens to the hall. Cautiously, Perry approaches the doorway before popping his head out into the hall. Looking to the left and then the right, no one is to be found.
WALLACE: ”Well, that was awful rude.”
Pulling his head back into the office, he slowly walks over to his temporary desk and drops down in the leather seat. Taking another drink from the glass, he leans back before kicking his feet up onto the desk and leaning his head against the back of the chair. With a smile on his face, he closes his eyes as the scene slowly begins to fade out.


We pan from backstage to in the ring where we are ready for our next match.
POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!”
The crowd echoes. With the opening instruments of the French Montana and Kodak Black song “Lockjaw” blaring out through the arena, the lights go off and there is a momentary darkness that fills the place. As the hard hip-hop beats come in with full force and the hook plays, a lone light shines down on the center of the stage. It won’t be soon before Lauryn Wolfe emerges and stands in the light, having most of her face covered up with a handkerchief. Bouncing lightly in place, only her eyes are seen and the camera zooms in on them, capturing the hardened look of her brown eyes as she looks on.
POWERS: ”From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at a hundred and twenty-seven pounds, she is “The Reckless One”, LAURYN WWOOLLFFEE!!!”
With the announcement of her name, Lauryn breaks out of her intense gaze and gets hyped up, slamming the palms of her hands down to the ground and jumps as all of the lights now come back on, flashing accordingly to the beat of the song.
“It be hard to watch the cash when the bands keep droppin’
Got the big 40 on me so my pants keep fallin’
It be hard to understand me ’cause my jaw keep lockin'”

The brazen brawler has her arms outstretched and she shouts as she walks briskly down the ramp, coming close to the ring. As she draws near, Lauryn’s pace then switches as she runs and leaps, sliding underneath the bottom rope before she gets to one knee. She takes the time to look at the entire arena from that position before she gets up, scales the closest turnbuckle near her, and rips the handkerchief off of her face. A sly grin is seen on her face before she throws her head back and lets out her signature howl; with the crowd, proceeding to do so as well.
“Bite down, bite down
It be hard to understand me ’cause my jaw keep lockin'”

Lauryn hops down and crouches down in her corner and smirks, looking like a predator ready to hunt for some prey as she waits for the match to get underway.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
Number Girl’s Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.

Kimitsu Zombie darts out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu.
POWERS: ”Now, weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds and hailing from Kimitsu, Japan it’s the Little Yokai, KIMITSU ZZOOMMBBIIEE!!!”
Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowds reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and where she climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.

She takes a long chug of shochu and screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring to wait while sipping from her shochu bottle.

Lauryn Wolfe bounces around in the corner and moves her head from side to side as Zombie leans down into her corner and moves her fingertips around on the mat until the bell sounds. Neither wrestler is down for just hanging around and chain wrestling, instead they meet in the middle of the ring and begin exchanging forearms blows. Hair flies as neither get an upper-hand. Instead they both stumble back. Wolfe is already sporting a busted lip as she licks her lips and tastes the blood and then gives a wicked grin.
JOHNSON: “Both of these 4CW Stars aren’t about waiting around to get to the action. Don’t expect this one to be a ballet, folks.”
VASSA: “Everyone is on edge here tonight. The Four Corner Frenzy is tonight, everyone is trying to make their big move as we head into the summer. Zombie and Wolfe are no different!”
Wolfe tears back into Zombie, this time going low with a knee and causes Zombie to double over into the ropes with her backside against the middle ropes. Lauryn rushes forward but Zombie is able to duck and send Wolfe out onto the edge. Wolfe goes for a punch but Zombie blocks it and head butts Lauryn which staggers her. Zombie grabs the head of Wolfe and rushes towards the ring post and smashes Lauryn’s face against the ring post. The referee tries to get Zombie to break but Zombie looks around and lets out a yell to the crowd as Lauryn stumbles to her feet. Zombie runs up to the turnbuckle and then leaps onto the top rope, spring boarding herself out with a body splash on a standing Wolfe and sends her down and into the barricade. The referee starts his ten count as Zombie picks Wolfe up onto the barricade and gives her a hard chop.
JOHNSON: “Zombie has to be careful here not to get both her and Wolfe counted out.”
VASSA: “Shut up and let them fight! The referee needs to be a little more lax on these two, let them take out their aggression on each other.”
JOHNSON: “You sound way too excited.”
Zombie grips Wolfe’s arm and looks to whip her into the ring post. Lauryn runs, uses the post to swing around and comes back with a drop kick right into the chest of Zombie sending her onto the ground. Wolfe stays on the apron and motions for Zombie to get up, when she does, Wolfe hits a diving double knee attack on Zombie and then gets up and pumps her fist and puts one foot up on the barricade as she yells out. The referees count is up to three. Zombie stumbles to her feet. Wolfe follows and grabs her by the hair and slams her head into the ring steps. Zombie tries to fight Wolfe off as Wolfe places Zombie against the ring post. Lauryn backs up and goes for a boot to the head but Zombie dodges. The recoil causes Lauryn to stumble back as the referees count is up to five. Zombie rushes forward for a clothesline but Wolfe hits her with her own and they both go down.
JOHNSON: “We could be looking at a double count out!”
VASSA: “wE CoUlD Be LoOkInG At A dOUbLe cOuNt ouT.”
The referee gets to six and both Wolfe and Zombie are rolling over to their stomachs. At seven they are to their knees. At eight they both get—wobbly- to their feet and at nine they both make a move towards the apron. The referee goes for ten but they both dive into the ring at the same time and the crowd bursts into applause as the referee motions they are both securely in the ring. Wolfe pulls herself up on one side as Zombie does the other. As they get to their feet, Zombie comes running in and Wolfe hits her with a side kick to the stomach doubling Zombie over. Wolfe then hooks Zombie and hits her with the Urunage Backbreaker! Zombie winces in pain but Wolfe puts a forearm right to the face of Zombie and hooks one leg

Zombie gets a shoulder up.
JOHNSON: “What a brutal backbreaker there by Wolfe from the urunage. Zombie was almost broken in half.”
VASSA: “With that pin-fall, you could tell Wolfe meant business, an authoritative cover on the fallen Zom.”
Wolfe isn’t frustrated, she knew that it would take more than that to take down Zombie. Lauryn gets Zombie to her feet and leans her into the turnbuckle, she gives her a hard chop which sends a “woo” throughout the crowd. Wolfe follows it up with another, and then another. On the third one, Zombie stares at Lauryn and yells “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT” before she grabs Lauryn and tosses her in the corner. She doesn’t back hand chop, she gives Lauryn straight chops to the face and the side of the neck. Lauryn covers up but slowly begins to be beaten down into the corner. Zombie then viciously uses the top rope and stomps down at Lauryn. The referee tries to pull Zombie off and then starts the count, he gets to four and Zombie breaks it and drags Wolfe to the middle of the ring and makes the cover.

Lauryn gets a shoulder up. Zombie picks Lauryn up by the air and tosses her into the ropes. She lifts her up onto her shoulders but Lauryn uses the momentum to roll back over using Zombies arms as leverage for a pin fall.

Zombie rolls backwards and hits a double drop kick on Wolfe which smacks all around the arena. Lauryn rolls over and Zombie makes another cover.

Wolfe gets another shoulder up as the back and forth match continues.
JOHNSON: “This match has been absolutely bonkers so far. So much back and forth action between these two. So much to prove both ways.”
VASSA: “You aren’t kidding. Around seven minutes into this match and there has been no feeling out. They’ve just been throwing bombs at one another all match long!”
Zombie turns her head to the side and locks in a front face lock on Wolfe. Wolfe begins kicking her leg to try and get herself going. Zombie locks in the face lock harder and tightens her grip, Lauryn gets up to her knees and tries to bridge out, she finally drapes a foot on the bottom rope and Zombie is forced to let go. As Zombie is getting up, she rushes at Lauryn who drop toe holds her across the middle rope. As Zombie is getting up, Wolfe hits a SICK knee into the back of the head of Zombie and staggers her. Wolfe runs to go for another but Zombie pops up and hits a STANDING FRANKENSTEINER! Lauryn looks to be done and Zombie hooks one leg as she holds Lauryn between her own legs!

Lauryn kicks out! Zombie slaps the mat and pulls Lauryn up and hooks her for a suplex, she lifts Lauryn up but Lauryn hits a knee right to the top of the head of Zombie. Zombie drops Lauryn and goes again but this time Lauryn slips behind Zombie and hits a german suplex! Wolfe makes a “that’s it” motion but Zombie stands STRAIGHT up from the German and runs and hooks Lauryn for a German of her own. This time Lauryn stands straight up and when Zombie turns around, Lauryn straight up headbutts her and they both collapse in the middle of the ring!
JOHNSON: “HOLY SHIT! Wolfe just threw a head butt and you could hear it throughout the whole arena Don’t want another Bryan Williams situation on our hands here!”
VASSA: “What? Pretend you’re hurt for a week and then decide that you’re back?”
Zombie and Wolfe get up on opposite sides of the ring again and they use each other to pull themselves back up. Both are sporting bloody lips and bruises at this point. They start throwing forearms at one another again, and while Wolfe got the better of Zombie with the head butt, it seems Lauryn is worse off for it. Zombie gets a few forearms to the chin and then hits a european uppercut that rocks Lauryn into the ropes and she uses the top rope to hold on. Zombie runs and jumps looking for a DDT, but Lauryn catches her and throws her into the center of the ring, Zombie lands and Lauryn hits a SPINNING HEEL KICK! Zombie is flopped over with her legs over her hand as Wolfe dives for the pin!

Zombie rolls forward and uses her momentum to lock Wolfe in a CROSS FACE! Wolfe is struggling to get out as Zombie breaks out a moves doesn’t really break out. Wolfe is trying to find the ropes as Zombie digs in deep and pulls back.
JOHNSON: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zombie break out that move but in a match like this you’ve gotta do what you gotta do! Wolfe looks like she’s going to tap!”
VASSA: “She’s crawling towards the ropes!”
Wolfe reaches out for the ropes but Zombie pushes against them and tries to roll back and this allows Lauryn to put another pinning combination against Zombie. Zombie struggles to get free.

Zombie is able to get a shoulder up. Lauryn looks over to the referee and tries to argue that it was a three count but he holds up two fingers and motions that Zombie got a shoulder up. Zombie is pulling herself to her feet using the middle ropes. Wolfe walks over and takes her in a cravate, controlling the head. Wolfe spins Zombie around and tries to go for the cutter! Zombie shoves her away and Lauryn bounces off the ropes and comes stumbling backwards toward Zombie and Zombie hits a BALLSPLEX?!
JOHNSON: “The ballsplex! Lauryn Wolfe doesn’t have balls though!”
VASSA: “Bigger balls than you.”
The suplex does the job as Zombie goes back to make the cover!

Wolfe gets another shoulder up! Zombie holds the top of her head in anguish as she is unable to put Wolfe away. Lauryn gets pulled to her feet by Zombie and sent into the ropes. As Lauryn comes back, Zombie hooks Lauryn for the “Trip to the Grave” a swinging neck breaker but on the swing, Lauryn swings back out, she goes for the Fiery Impulse but Zombie shoves her back away in the back over more. Zombie kicks the rebounding Lauryn in the stomach and then bounces off of the ropes and goes for a double axe kick to Lauryn but Lauryn pulls her head back just in time and Zombie stumbles away. Lauryn locks Zombie into a wrist lock and looks to pull her into the rolling Kappo kick but Zombie dodges. Lauryn rolls through and this time Zombie tries to go with the cutter, the crowd gasps and it’s Lauryn’s turn to reverse.
VASSA: “That may be what it takes to win this match, what an insane sequence!”
Lauryn goes for the swinging neck breaker but Zombie verses in the same way as Lauryn did before and then hits Lauryn with a sick open hand slap that causes Lauryn to fall against the ropes but she comes back with a rolling elbow that sends Zombie into the ropes. They both spin and hit one another with rolling elbows with more sick slaps that makes the whole arena groan. Zombie thinks she has the upper hand and goes for her “Trip to the Grave” again but this time Lauryn spins through and hits the “FIERY IMPULSE!” the cutter bounces Zombie off the mat and to her back. Lauryn holding the back of her neck crawls over and puts her back on Zombie and hooks her leg.

POWERS: “The winner of this match… LAURYN WWOOLLFFEE!!!”
Wolfe rolls to the middle of the ring as she gets up on her knees and her hand is raised as she holds the back of her neck.
JOHNSON: “One hell of a match here, hopefully that is a sign of things to come for later on in the night.”
VASSA: “You’re not kidding. If anything this proves we are in one hell of a night coming up!”
We fade with Lauryn getting her hand raised, Zombie is on the outside looking distraught as Lauryn gives her a slight nod.

The resident Retard was doing his best to be heard and seen as he stood on the hood of a car. His preacher voice at max volume as a small crowd of people.
FREEDUMB: ”Denying people the RIGHT to bring their loved ones to the show! Denying my beautiful fiance entry to the building! It’s just criminal!”
There wasn’t another person on the roster listening to this. It was Freedumb and a handful of dumb, inbred looking fans. Probably relatives. Then from the building comes the recently returning, Jair Hopkins. Freedumb spots him and points.
FREEDUMB: ”YOU! A former 4CW Champion! Come here!”
Leaping from the hood of the vehicle he stood on, Freedumb rushed over. Through the crowd of people and comes face to face with Jair Hopkins.
HOPKINS: ”Oh lucky me.. What in the hell do you want, FREEDUMB?”
FREEDUMB: ”Join my cause! We will MARCH on 4CW Headquarters and demand our rights to be heard!”
HOPKINS: ”Bruh, what crack you smokin? What rights are not being heard?”
FREEDUMB: ”I was denied my given RIGHT to bring my lady friend backstage! I have seen PLENTY of people with their girlfriends or boyfriends backstage. Yet I cannot? BIAS I tell you!”
Looking around, Hopkins doesn’t even see a woman. Not one that HE would pass or label as such. There was a questionable person in the small crowd that had boobs but also had a beard so it was either or.
HOPKINS: ”Where she at? I will help you out. I got you!”
Turning to lead Freedumb and his lady into the building, Hopkins pauses as he watches Freedumb smile. Thankful for the assist. Then Freedumb whistles and from the backseat of a vehicle comes a German Shepard. She trots, her nipples heavy and hanging low. Freedumb looks back at Hopkins and lifts his eyebrows as if expecting Hopkins to be impressed.
FREEDUMB: ”She’s sexy as fuck isn’t she?! Tight. Look at those things jiggle and bounce..”
HOPKINS: ”Eww! Whaaaaat the fuck!?”
FREEDUMB: ”What’s wrong?”
HOPKINS: ”That’s sooo fucked up man! Worst than what Vick did! On too many levels to even talk about. Someone needs to call PETA and report your ass!”
Enraged at his comments, Freedumb comes to understand that Hopkins didn’t approve of his relationship of choice. Aggressively Freedumb steps towards Hopkins, holding a hand at his dog girlfriend to stop her progress. She sees the hand sign and stops before sitting down like a good girl.
FREEDUMB: ”Are you dissing my baby? I will fucking WRECK you where you stand!”
There was no response to Freedumb’s threat other than laughter. Hopkins busted out with a lot of laughter and that only angered Freedumb more. He turns and snaps his fingers, creating the signal for his small gathering of “fans” to rush in and surround Hopkins. Even his girlfriend dog started snarling. Still Hopkins stood laughing, wobbling as he has a hard time keeping balance with as hard as he was bursting with giggles.
FREEDUMB: ”You fuck! You non accepting motherfucker! What gives you people the RIGHT to judge us!”
Hidden away having been watching this whole thing unfold, Jason Cashe steps out from a shadow covered corner of the parking garage. A joint partially smoked being pulled from his mouth. A look of shock on his face as the last bit of smoke rolls out from his mouth. Approaching the crowd, Cashe pushes through and stands center with Jair Hopkins.
FREEDUMB: ”Oh I fucking HATE you!”
CASHE: ”You have.. SEX with dogs. The FUUUUCK I care about your hate for?”
Turning to check on Hopkins as if he was hurt by Freedumb’s obvious racism. Cashe cuts back to Freedumb.
CASHE: ”I’ma need you to apologize to Hops here..”
FREEDUMB: ”Apologize? For what? He disrespected my baby! He disrespected ME! What do I have to apologize for?”
CASHE: ”Ummm.. ‘You People’? Yeah that’s blatant racism!”
Freedumb stumped, confused even as he couldn’t put something together. Looking from Cashe to Hopkins he tried to compare insults.
FREEDUMB: ”You are prejudice towards my relationship. That’s the same as racism. Same struggles..”
Cashe’s mouth dropped open in utter disbelief as Hopkins jumped to pick his comparison apart.
HOPKINS: ”The fuck you just say? It’s the same? You know homie, say that shit one more time for me.”
Rushing forward to remove the space between them. Hopkins was stopped by Cashe who pleaded with his former rival.
CASHE: ”Please! Please hold up! Chill for a minute!”
HOPKINS: ”Nah, fuck that! Fuck him!”
CASHE: ”Just wait a second!”
Letting back, Hopkins threw up his hands. Shoving Cashe some only to question what the hold up was. Freedumb wasn’t trying to fight and none of his people or his bitch had any forward progress in their step either. It was as if everyone wanted to hear why Cashe was keeping Hopkins back.
HOPKINS: ”What man? What is it?”
CASHE: ”You gotta say it first..”
HOPKINS: ”Say what? What are you talking about Cashe?”
Pushing off Hopkins, Jason Cashe spins back and rocks Freedumb with a lunging hook to the jawline. The resident Retard got knocked the FUCK out by the resident Short Bus President! Hopkins jumps in place, gasping and cheering as he lands. Excitement as the parking garage lights up with a one sided fight. Freedumb on his back, mouth open as his girlfriend dog licks deep beyond his teeth. His little gathering of fans scramble around, one of them throw a punch but Cashe’s beard was enough to barely feel the attack. Hopkins lays dude out from behind and swiftly kicks another to the mouth. After the two drop all of them, the only one left is the suspect he/she. Again it could go either way and Cashe once again stands stunned as he stares at him/her.
CASHE: ”Place your fucking bets! Haha! Geezus, is it a He or a Her? What do you think Hops?”
HOPKINS: ”I’d have to say Female. Those boobs can’t belong to a guy.”
CASHE: ”Well? What is it? Male or Female? Fuck it.. Either way, same result. BOO!!”
Falling back, the Suspect Gender flinched. Cashe turns to Hopkins and the two laugh, knocking fists in a dap.
HOPKINS: ”You something else man! Why do I feel like I’m going to regret this?”
CASHE: ”Oh come on! You know World$tar reuniting for Bad Company is going to OWN! We are gonna have so much fun!”
The two slap hands, shaking as the camera cuts from the backstage garage.

Coming back to the ring we find the ring covered now with a red carpet in the middle. Around the corners are pink balloons. Set up for the brand new Extreme Champion, Carmella Wilder. “Blessings” by Big Sean now hits the speakers, the theme of her son Jett. One that was picked now for her given she’s yet to even have a real in ring match despite being champion. Out from the back first comes two security guards. They survey the area than on their walkie talkies say a few words.
VASSA: ”Here comes our lovely Extreme champion! Who fought hard to win the Extreme title!”
JOHNSON: ”Fought hard? She laid on Johnny Evil for three seconds.”
VASSA: ”That’s all I’d need…”
After that comes the Extreme Champion as she walks out flanked by two more Security staff including faithful Luiz. Her son not there, instead busy getting ready for the Four Corners Frenzy later in the night. Walking out with a long flowing purple dress, matching with the Extreme belt she has over her shoulder. Looking gigantic on her shoulder as she walks confidently while flanked by four security guards. Heading up the ring she waits as one of the front guards holds the ropes, as she walks into the ring waiting for him to than deliver a mic to her lips. The crowd is either whistling for her, or booing not exactly sure how to respond to Jett’s mom holding championship gold.
CARMELLA: ”I am the Extreme Champion!”
Stopping to throw up the belt high into the air, bringing some boos most fans not exactly feeling she earned the title. One security guard in each corner of the ring as Carmella flashes her gold and her pearly white smile.
CARMELLA: ”Now I get some of you being upset about this. I mean this belt, has always meant carnage. It has always meant blood, it has always meant a horror show in the ring. Dakota Smith and Sativa hung each other over this belt. Viduus was willing to start fires in an arena. Weapons are used to defend it or to pry it out of the former champion’s blood palms. We have watched as Jason Cashe came out here and proclaimed a new era of Extreme in the past. Champions like Sativa claimed the same. All of them more crazy than the next…But that’s all over now! Does extreme have to mean blood? Does extreme have to mean weapons? Does extreme have to mean crazy?”
Walking around the ring, feeling pretty confident with her belt over her shoulder. And her four security guards manned up in each corner of the ring. The fans booing as to them, that is exactly what they expect when seeing the Extreme championship defended.
CARMELLA: ”I say no. I say that this belt can be so much more, this belt can mean extreme intelligence. Extreme beauty. Extreme fun! Why do we need hangman matches? We don’t. Why do we need extreme roulette matches where people end up in a parking lot unconscious? We don’t. This belt can take a turn. No longer does it need to be the beacon for crazy lunatics like Viduus. This belt can be fun! Instead of a ring filled with fire, why not fill it with mud. Instead of trying to rip each other apart, why not have an evening gown match? Instead of fighting with weapons, why don’t we fight with pillows? This belt can be about Extreme fun!”
Looking around at the crowd, looking for their support. And while Vassa and a few others seem supportive of the idea, most continue to boo.
CARMELLA: “So I am not just here because I am Jett’s mom that stepped in on short notice. I took this belt because I as a mother have seen this belt be a home for the crazies. Home for the freaks of the world. And that is not what the world needs to see, that s not what the kids at home need to see. They need to know that in the real world people that start fires? People that handle issues with weapons instead of words? They don’t win in the end. Dexter, Eric, Evil, Stevens, Scottywood, Viduus, they all took the crazy way. They tried to handle things with, violence. But this is the new classy era of the Extreme Championship. One where this belt is not won with violence, weapons, or blood. It’s won with smarts. The days of crazy is over!”
Stopping to toss up the title, finishing her address to the crowd one that is not exactly well received. Given her plan to take away the violence that they have all grown to love.
VASSA: ”That is wonderful. A class act of a champion.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh stop Vassa, any other person comes out and says this you would be calling them a punk.”
VASSA: ”She’s a mom, thinking about the kids.”
Walking around the ring waving to her fans as the security team prepares to exit until the lights drop in the arena. Coming back almost immediately as the fans are excited to see what will happen as Viduus’s speaker stands at the top of the ramp. Two of the security guards quickly exit the ring to stop any attacks, the others heading in front of Carmella who is screaming and pointing at the ramp to make sure no attacks happen.
JOHNSON: ”Had to guess the former champion and more importantly Viduus’s Speaker would have a few words for our new champion.”
Looking ready to lift the mic to his lips Speaker seems ready to talk, but as a loud murmur creeps into the arena, the Speaker laughs and lowers the mic instead as we turn to watch as Viduus Morta himself has entered the ring and is now standing inches behind Carmella. Now realizing her fate Carmella closes her eyes in fear, seeming to be hoping to open them and all this be over. Instead Viduus lowers his head right next to her closed eyes and sticks out his tongue slowly licking up her cheek as she seems on the verge of tears. Viduus mouths the word “mine” in her ear.
JOHNSON: ”This guy is crazy.”
Gripping her title tight, mostly because she is frozen in fear. Viduus seems to eye it up before she lets out a horror movie scream, alerting the two security guards in front of her to turn around after a moment of deliberation deciding to charge only for the lights to again go off. Finally when they are back our Extreme Champion left in the ring gripping her belt falling to a seated position still eyes closed with Viduus now gone.
VASSA: ”Should I go check on her?”
JOHNSON: ”I think she’s starting to realize that the crazies as she called them aren’t just going to go away. And it looks like our former champion has his eyes on getting HIS belt back.”
Getting helped up by Luiz she uses his shirt to wipe off her cheek, wanting to get out of there quickly. Probably not even bothering to stay in the arena as we march on towards the Four Corners Frenzy match.

The camera suddenly cuts backstage to show Matthias Barrows and his new protégé, Kodiak Winters, beating the hell out of a fan wearing a Bronx Valescence shirt with matching hair, and wearing a replica 4CW Championship!
JOHNSON: “Wait a minute! This is happening backstage.”
VASSA: “Barrows and Winters have found Bronx!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s not Bronx, it’s a fan!”
The fan is fighting back with all his might, throwing rights and lefts at his attackers, but the combined effort is too much, especially when Winters gets him in a headlock, allowing Barrows to strike him hard across the back with Black Betty!
BARROWS: “Beast Mode! Do it!”
Almost effortlessly, Winters hoists the champion into a firemans carry, then flings him through the air, causing his body to spin as he is driven face first into the concrete with an audible smack!
BARROWS: “Get him up!”
WINTERS: “Time to put this piece of shit where he belongs!”
The two of them then drag the fan into the restroom, where a toilet full of bong water awaits. In his dazed state, the fan is unable to fight back, and Winters quickly dunks his head in while Matthias flushes.
WINTERS: “Don’t worry; they cleaned it last month!”
As the bong water swirlie comes to an end, Winters hauls him up again and pins him to the wall by his throat while Matthias picks up the 4CW Championship replica and looks at his reflection in the center plate.
WINTERS: “That’s gonna look good on you.”
BARROWS: “All I know is that if I’m not on Bronx’s top five list of people he wants to win this match, I think I just shot up to number one. Finish this.”
Kodiak complies and lifts the fan onto his shoulders again, delivering a second dose of his “Beast Mode” finisher. After the helpless fan smacks face first into the floor again, Matthias drops the replica championship and the two of them leave.
JOHNSON: “Someone get back there! This guy looks to be hurt!”
VASSA: “You’re not kidding. Ridiculous attacking a fan like that!”
The fan lies on the floor for a few seconds before someone finally comes in to give him some medical attention.


The camera pans out over the capacity crowd in the arena before settling on the ring. Soon, the voice of ring announcer Mike Powers can be heard over the sound system.
POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the 4 CORNERS FRENZY MATCH!!!”
The crowd cheers in anticipation as Powers continues.
POWERS: “In this match, the two participants who drew Numbers One and Two will start. Every ninety seconds, another competitor will enter the ring until all thirty have entered. Elimination occurs when a competitor is thrown over the top rope, and BOTH feet touch the floor. The last competitor in the ring will be declared the winner, and will become the Number One Contender for the 4CW Championship!”
The crowd cheers some more, ready for the match to begin.
JOHNSON: “Those are the rules, ladies and gentlemen, and I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a 4CW Match.”
VASSA: You’re excited? Feel these nipples! Let’s go! Who drew Number One?”
“These voices in my head are telling me you have to die
I obeyed their every wish
I’ll fuck your body infront of your kids
Cannibalism, I serve you up to the cult
You’re my latest dish
Picking human meat out of my teeth like Albert Fish
I’m a sick fuck pissed at the fact that I still exist”

“Welcome to Hell” starts to vibe over the speaker system, the lights go dark for a few moments before strobe lights begin to flash light throughout the arena. Dakota Smith pushes his way out of the curtain, a look of disgust, and anger on his scarred face. He doesn’t take anytime to stop at the top of the stage instead just marching down the ramp like a man on a mission. His face twitches in an annoyed fashion as he mumbles to himself under his breath. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he comes to a complete halt, standing motionless with his face turned to the ground. The butcher breaths start becoming heavy, and erratic – his whole body moving with each and every breath. Then right when he seemingly gets to his breaking point he lets out a blood curdling roar, slamming his fist across his chest and walking closer to the ring. He slams his fist down on the mat and distorts his head to the side, looking out over the audience like a psychopath waiting to see who stares him in the eyes.
POWERS: ”Introducing first: from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Butcher”, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”

JOHNSON: “Can you believe this, ladies and gentlemen!? The Butcher has drawn Number One!”
VASSA: “What a shocker! The Number One spot has the lowest chance of winning, but I believe it may work in Dakota Smith’s favor.”
JOHNSON: “How do you figure?”
VASSA: “Dakota can just toss them out one-by-one as they enter. This could be very advantageous for him.”
Rolling in under the bottom rope Dakota plants his fists into the mat and pushes himself, the deranged almost animalistic snarl still firmly on his face. The butcher stalks back and forth in the ring, peering out into the audience once again until it sickens him. He jerks his face away from the audience and stares down the ref for a few moments, a devilish smile forming on his lips as he intimidates the officials on the outside. A few soft chuckles slip out of Dakota as he slowly slinks back into his corner, his tongue slipping out of from behind his lips as he takes a seat in said corner.
POWERS: “And now, introducing the individual who drew Number Two…”
JOHNSON: “I do not envy this person one bit.”
VASSA: “Whoever it is, they’d better be ready to fight right out of the gate.”
Viddus Morta’s music hits and the arena goes completely black. AS the lyrics begin four different fire explosions keep firing in the air on each side. Viduus walks out slowly on pace with the music holding insert here down at waist level.
POWERS: “From Parts Unknown, weighing in at one hundred ninety-five pounds – VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”

JOHNSON: “What do you make of this!? Viduus Morta entering at Number Two!”
VASSA: “This is the kind of guy you need to be Number Two if Dakota is Number One. That Taipei Deathmatch he had back at South Beach Brawl was just amazing!”
JOHNSON: “Morta has been without the Extreme Championship for two weeks now, and he’s got a big climb ahead of him if he wants to get back on the horse.”
VASSA: “He wins this, he’ll get back on that horse in a BIG way.”
The music picks up pace and Viduus echoes his signature laugh almost matching the song that is playing while throwing his hands in the air. Viduus makes his way to the ring almost floating in the way he walks and moves his shoulders in stride. Viduus slides into the ring and crawls to the middle of the ring the insert here slithering across the ring with him. As soon as he slides in, Dakota pounces on him and begins stomping away!

JOHNSON: “Here we go now, and the 4 Corners Frenzy match is underway!”
Dakota picks Viduus up to his feet, backs him into the corner, and begins letting loose with knife-edge chops to Morta’s chest, garnering a “WHOO” from the crowd with every connection! After three of them, Dakota gives Viduus an irish whip into the opposite corner. He follows him in for a running attack, but Viduus gets his boot up, catching the Butcher in the face and forcing him to stagger backwards.
JOHNSON: “Now remember, there are no pinfalls in this match.”
VASSA: “No submissions, count-outs, or disqualifications either.”
JOHNSON: “The object is to throw your opponents over the top rope so that both feet hit the floor.”
Viduus comes running out of the corner and connects with a clothesline, but Smith remains on his feet. Morta runs, bounces off the ropes, and connects again, staggering Dakota back against the ropes. He tries one more time, but as he runs in, Smith reaches out with his right hand and grabs Viduus by the throat!
VASSA: “Uh-oh!”
Dakota shifts his body, turns, and with one hand, tosses Morta over the top rope and to the floor!
VASSA: “Whoa!”
JOHNSON: “And that’s how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen! Viduus Morta has been eliminated!”
VASSA: “That didn’t take long.”
JOHNSON: “Dakota has the ring all to himself, and gets a little breather.”
Viduus sits up in disappointment and shock as the referee’s inform him that he must return to the locker room. Meanwhile, Dakota adjusts his jaw, and begins laughing maniacally as he slides under the bottom rope to the outside.
VASSA: “What is he doing?”
JOHNSON: “Dakota went under the bottom rope mind you, he is not eliminated.”
Smith lifts the ring skirt, grabs a trash can, and throws it into the ring! He then begins sliding in chairs, kendo sticks, and other various objects as the crowd can be heard counting down.

VASSA: “There’s your reminder that we’re just getting started here.”

Dakota slides back into the ring, picks up a chair, and turns his attention to the stage as the clock ticks down.

JOHNSON: “Our third entrant will be out here momentarily!”

VASSA: “Who’s it gonna be?”

Chris Brown’s “Loyal” hits as the third entrant walks out onto the stage with a large and almost condescending smile on her face, and with a chair of her own already in her hand!
JOHNSON: “Now here’s an interesting matchup! Persephone Marquis!”
VASSA: “We talk about Dakota being a killer, here comes the woman who took out 2-Pac and Biggie!”

Marquis marches down to the ring showing no fear, Dakota even backs up to allow her to get into the ring. She slides in, both swing their chairs and connect chair-on-chair several times, resulting in metallic clangs being heard throughout the arena. Dakota swings hard enough to knock Queef’s chair out of her hands, but that’s when she drops do her knees and connects with a low blow that causes him to drop his own chair!
VASSA: “Oh, that’s gonna make it hard for Dakota to survive!”
Queef then grabs a kendo stick and swings hard into Dakota’s ribs, causing him to cry out in pain as a loud crack is heard all around! She connects again to his thigh, dropping him to a knee! Finally where she wants him, she grabs the trash can, places it over his head, and begins hammering away with the kendo stick!
JOHNSON: “And Dakota Smith now is getting his brain rattled!”
VASSA: “My god, this IS a Frenzy! We’ve got chairs, trash cans, kendo sticks, and a LONG way to go!”
JOHNSON: “Queef has taken Dakota down, and this crowd is loving what they’re seeing!”
Persephone drops the kendo stick and pulls the trash can off of the woozy Dakota. She then begins to drag him to his feet by his shoulders and lean him against the ropes, where she tries to pick him up by the leg.
JOHNSON: “Marquis now, looking to get Dakota out of here, which would REALLY open the door for the rest of the field.”
Queef lifts a leg and begins pushing Dakota against the ropes. As she looks for more leverage, Dakota is able to get his bearings and push her away. She runs in again, but a spinning backfist puts her down to the mat!
VASSA: “Oh my! Did you hear the impact.”
Dakota takes a minute to gather himself and drags QMarquis back to her feet, and gives her five quick snapping headbutts, knocking her down to the canvas again.
JOHNSON: “Those headbutts do not feel good people, not for either individual.”
VASSA: “Tell that to Dakota. He likes it.”

Dakota keeps up the offense and gives a few stiff kicks while Marquis is down.

JOHNSON: “We’re counting down again!”

Dakota grabs one of Queef’s legs, and begins to turn her over!

JOHNSON: “Dakota locks in the single-leg crab.”
VASSA: “Number Four on the way!”

Rock Box(The Instrumental) by Run DMC begins to play as the crowd begins to cheer. At the top of the stage The fourth entrant stands holding his name initials with his hands before changing it into nine fingers.
JOHNSON: “It’s Chanson Webster! The first of our Octane talent in this 4 Corners Frenzy!”
VASSA: “The Trend God, here for a shot at greatness.”

Chanson skates down the entry ramp on his skateboard, and even brings it into the ring! He swings it at Dakota, who catches it with one hand and grabs Webster’s throat by the other, releasing his hold on Queef. Dakota stands up, and lifts Chanson off his feet, driving him down with a vicious chokeslam!
JOHNSON: “That was not pretty!”
VASSA: “Webster’s technically the freshest man in this match, but I think that just knocked the wind out of his sails.”
Dakota turns around to the turnbuckle where Queef is pulling herself to her feet. He positions her head over the middle rope, then begins driving his knee into her back! Queef flails her arms as she spends a few moments gasping for breath before Dakota releases.
JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith now regaining control of this match as he turns back to Webster.”
VASSA: “But this a totally out-of-control match, Steve. Can he outlast the rest of the locker room?”
Webster throws a few right hands at Dakota’s stomach as he pulls him up, but the butcher fights through it and knocks him to the corner with a European Uppercut. From there, he lifts Chanson up by his legs, positioning his back on top of the turnbuckle.
JOHNSON: “Dakota looking to eliminate Webster now.”
VASSA: “He’s in a bad spot on top of the turnbuckle!”
Chanson grips the rope, but Dakota keeps pushing. Webster is nearly upside down as he hooks his foot on the rope, and that’s when Queef comes in, landing a hard chair shot to Dakota’s back!
JOHNSON: “Sweet Lady Marmalade! You could’ve heard that one back in the States!”
Dakota doubles over, but remains on his feet. This allows Webster to slip back down onto the apron and roll back in under the bottom rope. Meanwhile, Dakota turns around to find Marquis springboard off the ropes and connect with a Tornado DDT into the strategically placed chair!
VASSA: “Petty Cash! Right into the steel chair! Queef got all of it!”

Marquis gets back to her feet and gives a stomp to Webster in the corner, but he quickly gets to his feet and delivers a Yakuza Kick.

JOHNSON: “Webster starting to come alive here, fighting his way out of the corner.”

Webster keeps it coming and follows up with another Yakuza kick that knocks her away.

Webster bounces off the ropes and takes Marquis down with a flying forearm, and quickly sinches in a side headlock.
VASSA: “Time is flying. Who’s Number Five?”

The beginning beat to “Hang me High” begins to play as the fifth entrant appears from behind the curtain with a cheer to meet the ones coming from the crowd.
JOHNSON: “Kaelan Quinn, another Octane talent!”
VASSA: “She’s come to take her shot at shooting to the top.”

Kaelan jogs down the ramp, getting a few high fives as she goes before she slides into the ring. Once in, she gives a stomp to Webster’s exposed ankle, causing him to release Queef. She then runs over and stomps at the downed Dakota Smith, and then gives a stomp to Queef as well.
JOHNSON: “It’s every man and woman for themselves, and Quinn taking the opportunity on every other entered participant thus far.”
After kicking out a few weapons. Kaelan zeros in on Chanson Webster, picking him back up to his feet and pushing him into the turnbuckle, where she tries to lift him up onto the ropes again. Soon, Marquis comes over and begins to lend an assist while Dakota begins to stir on the other side of the ring.
VASSA: “Queef and Quinn now working together to try to eliminate Webster. We may see some strange partnerships tonight.”
JOHNSON: “You’d better believe it, we’ve got twenty-five more participants back there, and you never know who’s going to be next.”
Webster fights back again to stay in it, and after raking Quinn in the eyes, he is able to kick Marquis away. After dropping back into the ring, he delivers a spinning heel kick that knocks Queef over the top rope! She lands on her side on the apron, and holds on to the bottom rope as Webster tries to pry her off with his foot!
JOHNSON: “Tables turned now, and now its Persephone fighting to stay alive here.”
VASSA: “Look out, Kaelan!”
Quinn is steamrolled by Dakota Smith as he runs right through her with a body block! Not through, Dakota quickly hoists her to her feet, turns her around, and nearly drives her body through the canvas with a full nelson suplex! Webster gives up on Marquis and turns right to Dakota and delivers a chin kick! Having staggered the butcher, he sets up for, and quickly connects with an Asia DDT!
JOHNSON: “Momentum shifting every which way here, and now it’s Chanson Webster with the upper hand.”

Marquis rolls back into the ring and lands a hard right hand to Webster’s head.

Webster responds with a right hand of his own, and Marquis throws another.

JOHNSON: “It’s degenerating to a fist fight here between Marquis and Webster.”

VASSA: “Next entrant about to arrive!”

“Best Song Ever” by One Direction blares from the arena speakers as the crowd jumps to their feet in excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena as the sixth entrant walks out onto the stage with a smile.
JOHNSON: “American Tommy at Number Six.”
VASSA: “No, Steve. That’s Harry Potter, and Octane is starting to take over the Adrenaline Ring.”

Tommy runs down the ramp, slides into the ring, and turns his attention to Kaelan. He drops an elbow across her back and immediately locks in an ankle lock. Marquis gets the upper hand in her slugfest with Webster. She rears back and comes in for a hard shot, but Webster reverses and slams he down hard with a hip toss!
VASSA: “Yo-yo Toss Salad!”
JOHNSON: “A simple but very effective hip toss, and Persephone Marquis hit the canvas hard!”
Dakota gets back to his feet and grabs Tommy right by the throat, picking him up and forcing him to release his hold on Quinn. Dakota shifts to the side, hooks his foot behind Tommy’s leg, and takes him down with a Russian Legsweep. He rolls over to get back to his feet, and it’s Chanson Webster who’s quickly back on the Butcher.
JOHNSON: “Webster now with a side headlock on Dakota Smith, trying to stifle the momentum.”
Webster sinches it in deep, but Dakota continues to fight and is soon back on his feet, with a mighty yell, Dakota lifts Webster up and drops him with a devastating sidewalk slam! Dakota sits up to catch his breath, but he gets a face-full of Kaelan Quinn’s boots as she delivers a dropkick!
VASSA: “That one might loosen a molar!”
JOHNSON: “Dakota has been in there the longest, and he’s scored the only elimination thus far.”
Quinn quickly gets up and takes down Marquis with a running clothesline, bounces off the ropes, and takes down Tommy with another! Quickly she turns, drives her boot into Webster’s gut, and drills him with a DDT!
VASSA: “Quinn is starting to roll here!”
JOHNSON: “She’s on Adrenaline tonight, and it’s showing in her veins.”
With a warrior cry, Kaelan locks onto Dakota as he once again rises. She turns, hooks his head, runs toward the turnbuckle, but Dakota reverses it as she turns, dropping her legs on either side of the top rope!
JOHNSON: “Kaelan Quinn went for her finisher, and she’s the one who payed the price!”

VASSA: “And now she’s hanging on for dear life on that top rope!”

Dakota continues to push, while Kaelan wraps her arms and legs around the top rope.

Dakota goes for the throat, but Kaelan hangs on as it’s American Tommy who connects with a big elbow to the Butcher’s jaw!

JOHNSON: “Entrant Number Seven due to arrive momentarily.”

The lights around the stage fade down and are replaced by shades of red, white, and blue as “Devil Inside Me” by Frank Carter and The Rattlesakes begins to play over the speakers. The fans rise and boo as the seventh entrant steps onto the ramp and plays to the crowd.
JOHNSON: “It’s Max Cavanaugh, and he hasn’t been shy about speaking his mind.”
VASSA: “Everything is rigged, according to him.”

Cavanaugh takes his time as he walks down the ramp while Kaelan rolls back in under the bottom rope. Tommy lays a few more right hands on Dakota before the Butcher floors him with a wicked clothesline as Cavanaugh slides in under the bottom rope.
JOHNSON: “Cavanaugh in the ring now, and he’s going to be met immediately by Persephone.”
Queef throws a right hand, but Cavanaugh blocks and lands one of his own hard enough to turn her around, allowing him to immediately capitalize with a German suplex. Dakota has picked Tommy up and has him in Fisherman’s suplex position, but Webster comes in again and floors the Butcher with a vertical clothesline from hell that echos throughout the arena.
VASSA: “The 843 right on time, and Dakota is down again.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know if it was his intention to bail out Tommy, because I think Smith had bad intentions.”
VASSA: “When does he not?”
JOHNSON: “Good point.”
Kaelan Quinn comes back in to take over, turning as she grabs Webster by the head, runs to the turnbuckle, and this time, flips over and successfully connects with her finisher!
JOHNSON: “Quinn connected that time! Price Paid to Chanson Webster!”
Cavanaugh whips Tommy into the ropes, takes him down with a shoulder block, then bounces into the ropes himself and follows up with an elbow drop. Marquis comes back at him with a high knee that staggers him backwards to the corner, and follows up with a running corner dropkick.
VASSA: “Six people in the ring right now, and the action is already all over the place.”
Cavanaugh is given no time to rest as Quinn hauls him up, leans him over the top rope, and begins to lift one of his legs. Queef comes over and begins to assist, and soon they have him off the canvas, pushing on the middle rope in an effort to stay alive. Dakota has Webster up again, and is trying to eliminate him in another corner while American Tommy takes a breather.

JOHNSON: “Tommy with a reprieve, and Number Eight on the way.”

VASSA: “Cavanaugh fighting to stay alive”

Cavanaugh is now upside down and has a hand on the apron!

Webster escapes from Kodiak with a thumb to the eye, but is met in the corner by Tommy, who engages with shoulder blocks as Cavanaugh is able to hook his leg!

“Orgasmatron” by Sepulcher hits and the crowd rises to their feet for the masked eighth entrant.
JOHNSON: “It’s Nirvana, the Midnight King, and this crowd is happy to see him.”
VASSA: “They love these masked wrestlers down here South of the border.”

Nirvana marches to the ring while Cavanaugh has found a position on the ropes from which he won’t budge. Nirvana rolls into the ring, and lands a right hand to the backs of both Queef and Quinn. They turn around and share a puzzled look as he flexes his muscles, then they both grab him by the back of the head and fling him over the top rope! He lands on the apron as Cavanaugh rolls back in, but Quinn drops to all fours, allowing Marquis some elevation as she comes in with a dropkick, knocking Nirvana to the floor!
VASSA: “There’s an elimination!”
JOHNSON: “In and out goes Nirvana, and he may need some tequila to swallow this one.”
Quinn and Queef share a high five, but Queef immediately turns on her with a kick to the gut and takes her down with a swinging neckbreaker! Cavanaugh and Webster are tied up in the middle of the ring, and it’s Cavanaugh who comes out the better with a snap suplex. Webster is quick to his feet however, and responds with a belly-to-belly suplex of his own and locks in a dragon sleeper.
JOHNSON: “We’ve got Cavanaugh and Webster over there, Marquis and Quinn are exchanging blows.”
VASSA: “Watch out! Dakota’s got American Tommy!”
Smith grabs Tommy in Fisherman’s suplex position, lifts him off the ground, and plants him with a sitout spinebuster!
JOHNSON: “Deadman Wonderland! The Butcher got it that time!”
Cavanaugh has fought out of the dragon sleeper and has a waist lock on Webster, who counters with an easy side headlock. With a shout, Cavanaugh pushes Webster right into Dakota, who lifts him up and connects with Deadman Wonderland again! Dakota keeps it going, bounces off the ropes, and floors Marquis and Quinn with a double clothesline!
VASSA: “This isn’t good. Dakota Smith is building up a head of steam!”
JOHNSON: “And Max Cavanaugh is the only other competitor standing!”
Max attempts to stifle Dakota’s rally with a stiff right hand!

Cavanaugh lands another hard right, before bouncing off the ropes.

Cavanaugh comes at the Butcher with a running forearm, but Dakota avoids it and catches him!

Dakota quickly hoists Cavanaugh up, and connects a third time with Deadman Wonderland!

JOHNSON: “Who’s gonna slow down Dakota Smith!?”

The crowd erupts as “Fade Away” by Logic hits! Out onto the stage jumps the ninth entrant, cupping his ears to the crowd as he uses his other hand to get the fans to raise the noise up even further.
VASSA: “Whoa! That guy might be able to do it!”
JOHNSON: “It’s the first action he’s seen in 4CW since Winter Wasteland! Jair Hopkins’ number has come up!”

Jair and Dakota lock eyes in anticipation, and soon Hopkins is sprinting towards the ring. He slides in, ducks the clothesline, bounces off the ropes, and takes Dakota to the mat with a flying headscissors! Keeping his speed, Hopkins quickly hops up to the top turnbuckle.
VASSA: “I don’t know if that’s wise in this match.”
JOHNSON: “But he’s in perfect position!”
Hopkins steadies himself, leaps into a backflip, and connects with a double stomp to Dakota’s chest!
JOHNSON: “OMFG! Jair Hopkins nailed it!”
VASSA: “And this crowd is electric tonight!”
Hopkins takes a moment to hype up the crowd before turning his attention to American Tommy and pushing him back into the corner. He quickly hoists one leg up and uses his shoulder for leverage as Tommy grabs the rope to hang on. Soon, Kaelan Quinn is up, and lifts up the other leg to lend an assist.
JOHNSON: “Tommy in trouble now, as Hopkins and Quinn try to get him over the top rope.”
Webster gets to his feet and immediately lands a kick to the gut on Persephone Marquis, keeping her down on her knees. He grabs her from behind by the waist, Queef gets to her feet and reverses it, releases, and begins unleashing kicks upon kicks on him, which she finishes off with a jumping back kick that puts him down on the mat.
VASSA: “Marquis now starting to get back in it.”
JOHNSON: “You gotta imagine that it’s so hard to build momentum with so many bodies in there.”
VASSA: “They’ve almost got Tommy out!”
Tommy is now over the top rope, on his back, on the apron. Max Cavanaugh comes over and hammers Quinn across the back, gaining her attention, as Jair continues to push with his leg while Tommy hangs onto the bottom rope for dear life. Cavanaugh whips Quinn into the ropes and prepares for a power slam, but she reverses and takes him down with a crossbody.

Marquis lands a stomp on Dakota before he can get back to his feet, while Quinn turns her attention to Webster with a forearm.

Tommy wraps himself around the bottom rope, but is saved when Dakota comes with a blow from behind on Hopkins.

Dakota lands a few heavy body blows on Hopkins, allowing Tommy to roll back in under the bottom rope.

JOHNSON: “We’re just about one-third of the way through the field here.”

On your knees, dog!

The guitar riffs of Motorhead’s “King of Kings” play throughout the arena as the tenth entrant walks out, shedding his golden robe along the way.
JOHNSON: “From Octane, it’s Dexter Severin!”
VASSA: “I’ve been watching him, and I really like this guy’s moxie.”

Severin marches down to the ring as Webster lands a kick to Quinn’s stomach. A knife-edge chop echos throught the arena as Dakota strikes Jair Hopkins’ chest. Severin rolls into the ring and meets Kaelan Quinn with a boot to the stomach. He backs her up into the corner and begins thrusting his knee into her misection.
JOHNSON: “Severin in now, but he looks a little conservative with those knees.”
VASSA: “It’s strategy Steve, he’s saving his energy.”
Severin thrusts another knee as Dakota begins trying to lift Hopkins out. Marquis comes in with a step up enziguri that causes Max Cavanaugh to do a flip before hitting the mat. Tommy connects with a thunderous clothesline on Webster just as Dakota gets Hopkins off his feet and onto his stomach on the top turnbuckle.
VASSA: “Looks like Dakota’s turned the tables on Hopkins!”
JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith was the first man in this thing, and he’s been a glutton for punishment.”
Jair hooks his leg around the top rope, and forces Dakota to back off with a few elbows to the temple. He drops down to duck a clothesline from Tommy, turns around, and drops him with an implant DDT. Quinn is able to kick Severin away, jump up onto the second rope, jump off, and take him down with her knees to his shoulders.
JOHNSON: “That’s one way to get out of trouble. Innovative offense by Kaelan Quinn.”
Quinn gets up only to be met by Dakota who wraps his hand around her throat, lifts her up, and delivers a chokeslam, causing her to bounce off the mat. Queef comes over and delivers a high knee that staggers Dakota backwards against the ropes, where she begins lifting at his leg. Severin gets back to his feet and locks up with Chanson Webster, who gets pushed back to a turnbuckle himself.
VASSA: “Queef’s got Dakota on the ropes, Severin now forcing Webster back into the corner.”

Hopkins lands a clubbing blow on Cavanaugh before he can get to his feet.

Hopkins whips Cavanaugh into the ropes and hiptosses him over the top on the rebound!

Cavanaugh grabs the rope at the last second, preventing his feet from hitting the floor as he lands on the apron.

JOHNSON: “Our eleventh entrant on the way.”

Skillet’s “Back From The Dead” plays over the sound system as the eleventh entrant parts the curtains, getting a pop from the fans.
JOHNSON: “It’s Christy Chaos!”
VASSA: “She’s not wasting any time either. Off comes that hoodie and here she comes!”

Christy sprints to the ring, slides in, and begins throwing right hands into the face of American Tommy. As he begins to block, she quickly takes advantage with an armdrag takedown. Hopkins turns and lands a pounding blow to Dexter Severin’s back, allowing Cavanaugh to step through the ropes and back into the ring, and also giving Quinn a reprieve.
VASSA: “Few eliminations thus far.”
JOHNSON: “Only two. There are nine in the ring, and eighteen still in the back.”
Dakota gets Marquis away from him with a big headbutt that staggers her backward, and she walks right into a spear from Chanson Webster!
JOHNSON: “There’s the Trendmaker, and he almost broke Persephone in half with it!”
Kaelan Quinn comes out of the corner and finds herself locked up with Max Cavanaugh. He gets the better of it, pushing her back into the corner again, but she turns the tables, hops up, and monkey flips him back to the center of the ring. He tries to land on his feet, but he also catches the Trendmaker from Webster! He goes for it on Kaelan, but she dodges at the last second!
VASSA: “Holy Moses!”
JOHNSON: “Chanson Webster just speared the ring post!”
VASSA: “Across the ring! Christy’s trying to eliminate American Tommy!”
Christy has her shoulder under Tommy’s hips, and his against the top rope. Marquis comes over to lend an assist, while Hopkins is down in another corner being double teamed as Dakota Smith and Dexter Severin put the boots to him. Tommy kicks Persephone away, then gives a right hand to Christy to survive, but they drill him with a Double DDT as he walks back in.
VASSA: “It’s pandemonium in there, Steve.”
JOHNSON: “You can say that again, it’s getting hard to keep track of everybody in the ring.”
Dakota suddenly turns, lifts Dexter Severin off his feet, and slams him down hard to the canvas. He then bounces off the ropes, and follows up with a huge leg drop!

VASSA: “What power by Dakota Smith.”
JOHNSON: “The Butcher’s been in there for almost fifteen minutes now.”

Chanson Webster begins to recover, only for Kaelan Quinn and Christy Chaos to come from behind, trying to get him over the top rope.

Cavanaugh pulls himself up with the help of the ropes, but is imediately floored again by a big boot from Dakota.

VASSA: “Here we go again!”

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the PA as the lights around the stage start to dim. A few flashes of light and the sound of thunder can be heard in the background as the twelfth entrant makes his way from the back.
JOHNSON: “Here comes Brian Hollywood.”
VASSA: “Mr. Executive.”

Hollywood jogs down the ramp, slides into the ring, and immediately runs over to the recovering Jair Hopkins. He stomps once, twice, backs up, and runs to Jair’s lowered shoulder. Hopkins lifts with his legs, and Hollywood is sent sailing over the top rope and to the floor!
VASSA: “Hey, wait a minute!”
JOHNSON: “No waiting. No do-overs. Brian Hollywood is OUT!”
Hollywood slams his palms against the commentary table before turning to take his leave. Chanson Webster tries to take Kaelan Quinn over the top rope with him, forcing her to back off and allowing him to land on the apron, although Christy Chaos continues to push. Max Cavanaugh and American Tommy have tied up, Cavanaugh goes behind and connects with a backstabber!
JOHNSON: “Tommy’s down, but he’s been hanging tough in there.”
Cavanaugh gets back to his feet, and is met with a hard right hand from Jair Hopkins. He answers with one of his own, grabs Hopkins by the waist, and connects with a belly-to-back wheelbarrow facebuster! Dakota Smith has gotten hold of Marquis and is squeezing her in a bearhug as Dexter Severin blasts Christy Chaos from the side with a shoulder block, allowing Webster to roll back in and catch his breath.
JOHNSON: “The action is all over the place, but how much longer can these competitors last?”
By raking the eyes, Queef is able to escape the bearhug. As Dakota covers his eyes, he is floored by a standing dropkick from Max Cavanaugh. Severin delivers a right hand to Christy Chaos in the corner, followed by a second, but she counters by kicking him in the stomach and planting him with a facebuster! Hopkins gets to his feet and delivers a Samoan Drop to American Tommy, and immediately locks in a surfboard stretch, while Kaelan Quinn takes down Chanson Webster with a Belly to Belly suplex!
VASSA: “As difficult as it’s got to be in there, you know it’s only going to get worse.”

Queef takes down Cavanaugh with a running high knee while Christy pulls Severin up and leans him against the ropes.

Jair Hopkins turns right into a running double ax handle from Kaelan Quinn

JOHNSON: “Thirteen is considered to be unlucky. Who will our next entrant be?”

Tommy pops up to his feet and lands a haymaker of a clothesline on Webster!

The lights go out for a moment, save for one constant light on the action in the ring, before the stage is bathed in green light. Two blue Spotlights find the entrance as “Bulletproof” by La Roux kicks up. The thirteenth entrant walks out from the back with her arms thrown out wide, welcoming the cheers from the crowd.
VASSA: “The Ganja Goddess!”
JOHNSON: “Sativa Neveah is here, and she’s ready to get this crowd lifted!”

Sativa jogs down to the ring, slides in, and finds Dakota Smith resting in a corner, where she immediately begins strangling him with her boot. On the other side of the ring, Severin fights out of trouble, knocking her away. He goes for a clothesline, but she ducks it! Severin keeps running, bounces off the ropes, and comes at her again, but she drops down to avoid, pulling the top rope with her! Severin’s momentum carries him over the top rope and to the floor!
VASSA: “Severin’s out!”
JOHNSON: “He gave it his best shot, but it was not to be tonight. We’ll see him back on Octane next Friday.”
Christy turns her attention to Max Cavanaugh, who takes him down with a scoop slam, bounces off the ropes, and lands a dropkick right to the face! Dakota pushes Sativa off of him and and gets her in a sleeper hold! Hopkins ducks a right hand from Queef and counters by spinning her around and dropping her down with a crushing neckbreaker! American Tommy whips Kaelan into the ropes, sets up for his hiptoss, but NO! Kaelan reverses with a hiptoss of her own that sends him up, over, and out!
JOHNSON: “There goes American Tommy, who absorbed a lot of punishment in this match.”
VASSA: “You said it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs help to the back.”
JOHNSON: “But Sativa looks to be fading here!”
Sativa’s arms flail as Dakota sinches in his sleeper hold. It’s only when Chanson Webster comes in with a chop block that Dakota releases. Sativa drops to all fours as she catches her breath, while Webster hammers down with right hands while Dakota is on one knee. Quinn whips Cavanaugh into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Cavanaugh ducks it, runs up the turnbuckle, and connects with a moonsault as she turns around!
JOHNSON: “The Most American Moonsault Ever! That’s Cavanaugh’s point of view anyway, but very effective nonetheless!”
VASSA: “Another one of those risky moves from the top rope, Steve. I’m telling you it’s going to backfire terribly sooner or later.”

Hopkins lands a hard kick to Marquis’ midsection, jumps up to the middle rope, and connects with a jumping leg drop across the back of the neck!

Webster bounces off the ropes looking for a big boot, but Dakota catches him as he comes in, kicks him in the stomach, and connects with a gut wrench powerbomb!

Sativa pops to her feet, quckly and suddenly, and connects with a Diamond Cutter on Cavanaugh!

VASSA: “Sativa “Got ‘em” slipping on that one!

“10,000 Hours” plays throughout the venue’s sound system, and wasting little time, the fourteenth entrant emerges from the back with a snarl planted on his face.
VASSA: “Hey, it’s Ronnie Harris.”
JOHNSON: “All the way from across the pond, and that snarl says it all.

Harris walks down the ramp while Christy and Sativa begin pulling Cavanaugh to his feet. As they begin pushing him against the ropes, Harris comes in and ends up running throat-first right into the waiting hands of Dakota Smith! Dakota steps to the side, and hurls Harris up and over, nearly to the barricade!
VASSA: “That’s gotta be the worst luck I’ve ever seen.”
JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith has two eliminations now, and he’s been in there for over 18 minutes.”
VASSA: “Cavanaugh’s in trouble!”
Cavanaugh is on the outside hanging on the top rope, Sativa trying to pry his leg loose while Christy goes for his fingers. With his free leg, he kicks Sativa in the stomach to get her away. He then drops to the apron, stands up, and lays a smooch right on Christy’s lips!
VASSA: “Whoa!”
JOHNSON: “Talk about seizing the opportunity!”
Christy pushes away, spits the taste out of her mouth, then charges just as Cavanaugh lowers the rope on her, causing her to spill out to the floor.
VASSA: “That was brilliant!”
JOHNSON: “That was assault, but Christy Chaos has still been eliminated.”
Cavanaugh rolls back onto the ring and finds himself tied up with Chanson Webser, who takes him down with a headlock takedown. Hopkins takes Kaelan down with a drop toe hold, and follows up with a falling elbow drop to the back of the shoulder blades. Another knife-edge chop echos as Dakota makes contact with Marquis’ chest. Webster attempts a spear, but Sativa leap-frogs over. He stops, turns around, and gets a face full of knee as she thrusts it up into his chest!
VASSA: “What a vertical leap by Sativa!”
Sativa follows up with a right hand, stumbling Webster back into the corner. Waisting no time, she begins to lift at his legs in an attempt to eject him from the ring while Dakota flattens Marquis with a short arm clothesline.

Hopkins turns his attention to Max Cavanaugh, who quickly takes control with a DDT.

Kaelan Quinn gets to her feet and begins to lend an assist to Sativa, who has one of Webster’s legs up on the top rope.

Cavanaugh rolls over, and locks in a double underhook crossface on Hopkins.

JOHNSON: “Cuck Killer applied by Cavanaugh!”

“Relentless” by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing, and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena. The fifteenth entrant walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on.
JOHNSON: “We’ve reached the halfway point, and out comes the newcommer! Andre Holmes!”
VASSA: “He picked a hell of a match to make his debut.”

Holmes sheds the hoodie and starts jogging to the ring. He rolls in and immediately targets Sativa with a clubbing blow to the back. He turns her around, whips her into the ropes, and catches her on the rebound with a Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Hopkins desperately tries to escape Cavanaugh’s Cuck Killer, and is able to get a knee under himself and push himself vertical, dropping to his back with enough force to cause Cavanaugh to release!
JOHNSON: “Hopkins escapes that punishing hold, but how much did it take out of him?”
Webster knocks Kaelan away with an elbow to the temple and falls back into the ring. She rushes at him, but he catches her with another elbow. He connects with a right hand, then follows up by lowering his head, lifting her up, and giving her a hard Alabama Slam!
VASSA: “Kaelan Quinn down again. She’s been in there a while now too, hasn’t she?”
JOHNSON: “Just over fifteen minutes now.”
Marquis comes flying in from out of nowhere, tackling Webster down and laying into his face with right hands! She pulls herself up, and begins stomping away repeatedly as she holds on to the rope. Jair Hopkins gets back to his feet, but Dakota is right there to meet him and get him in Fishermans Suplex position!
JOHNSON: “Oh no!”
Dakota lifts him up, and drills him with a sitout spinebuster!
VASSA: “Deadman Wonderland again!”
JOHNSON: “Jair got him earlier, and now Dakota has repaid the favor!”
Cavanaugh gets to his feet, and takes down Quinn with a running knee before she can do the same. He backs her up into the turnbuckle and attempts to whip her to the corner opposite, but she reverses it and sends him to the corner instead, and follows him in with a running knee. She charges again and goes for a monkey flip, but he pushes her away and follows up with an elbow drop.

Queef dives on Dakota’s back, pounding and hammering away!

Cavanaugh gets to his feet, but is met by a boot to the face from Sativa.

Dakota gets Marquis off his back by slamming her down hard with a snap mare!

JOHNSON: “The field is dwindling. We’re entering the second half of the competitors.”

With a pyro blast and the kick of a guitar, “Shut Your Mouth” by Pain begins to play, and out walks the sixteenth entrant with a smug arrogant smirk across his face, nodding his head slowly in approval as the audience boos in a rage.
VASSA: “All right! It’s Johnny Evil!”
JOHNSON: “One half of the Tag Team Champions, and one of only two champions in this match.”

Evil runs down the ramp, slides in, and immediately starts throwing a flurry of right hands into Dakota Smith’s face. Dakota pushes him away, but he’s immediately back up, hammering away again.
JOHNSON: “Evil going right after Dakota Smith. No love lost between these two.”
Sativa takes Cavanaugh to one of the corners and begins stomping at his midsection. Holmes has Webster in the corner trying to lift him over the top rope and throwing a clubbing blow every so often to wear down his resistance. Marquis comes over to lend an assist, and together they’re able to get both legs up.
VASSA: “Webster in trouble again!”
Webster gives Queef a headbutt, and a stiff right hand to Holmes allowing him back into the ring. Jair Hopkins is up again and begins pulling Kaelan up as well. He takes her to the ropes, whips her across the ring, and connects with a powerslam, driving the wind out of her again. Johnny Evil rears back, bounces off the ropes, and knocks Dakota off his feet with a thunderous clothesline. He follows up by jumping onto the second rope and connecting with a lionsault!
JOHNSON: “Johnny Evil pulling out all the stops.”
VASSA: “From behind!”
Sativa kicks Evil right in the middle of the back before she pulls him to his feet. He hits her with a right hand, she responds in kind, but he gets the better of it, dropping her with a lifting single underhood DDT! Cavanaugh comes in with a stomp on Hopkins as he’s getting to his feet, then a right hand that staggers him backward into the corner.
JOHNSON: “Cavanaugh going up to the second rope.”
VASSA: “Again, going up like that is not smart in this kind of match. I’m telling you someone’s going to regret doing that.”
Cavanaugh starts reigning down right hands, landing six before Hopkins comes alive, stepping out of the corner with Cavanaugh on his shoulders.
VASSA: “What’d I tell you?”

With Cavanaugh on his shoulders, Jair Hopkins easilly powerbombs him to the canvas.

Queef delivers a snap suplex to Andre Holmes, but Webster comes in and gives her one of his own.

Quinn is back to her feet, and has Dakota down in the corner, pressing her knee into his throat!

JOHNSON: “They don’t stop coming folks. Here comes number 17.”

“Cold as Ice” by M.O.P plays over the sound system as the seventeeth entrant comes out through the curtain.
VASSA: “Hey! It’s Mr. One Night Only!”
JOHNSON: “Konrad Raab, The Iceman! Representing the Raab family, and his brother, our own Lord Raab!”

Konrad high fives a few fans as he jogs down to the ring and rolls in under the bottom rope. Once in, he locks onto Andre Holmes. He pulls him up to his feet, and levels him with a right hand that sends him staggering into the turnbuckle. Evil lands a clubbing blow from behind on Kaelan Quinn and then whips her into the ropes, but she explodes on the rebound, flattening Evil with a clothesline!
VASSA: “Boy, Kaelan Quinn has been impressive tonight, hasn’t she?”
JOHNSON: “She’s been in there now for around seventeen minutes.”
Quinn turns and catches Webster with a boot to the face as he comes in for a spear. He staggers backward right into Sativa, who grabs him by the back of the neck and launches him over the top rope to fall to the floor!
JOHNSON: “There goes Webster but what a showing he had tonight!”
VASSA: “He was in there for a long time too, wasn’t he?”
Andre Holmes fights out of his predicament with a rake to the eyes of Konrad Raab. He charges, but Raab quickly recovers and executes an armdrag takedown. Hopkins and Smith are at it again as Dakota whips Jair into the turnbuckle, then follows up by coming in with a big running splash into the turnbuckle.
VASSA: “What a collusion!”
JOHNSON: “That was a high speed crash, and Jair Hopkins crumples to the mat in a heap!”
Dakota has no time to capitalize as Marquis comes in again with a hard right hand to the Butcher. She pulls Dakota to the ropes for an irish whip, but he reverses it. Queef bounces off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, turns around, secures a headlock, and drives Dakota face first into the mat with a running bulldog. Andre Holmes fights to a knee and knocks Raab away with a few lefts. He gets to his feet, kicks Raab in the stomach, and connects with a crushing exploder suplex that sends Konrad to the other side of the ring.

VASSA: “What a throw!”
JOHNSON: “This Andre Holmes just might be a keeper!”

Kaelan Quinn takes Johnny Evil to the turnbuckle, but he reverses, placing her there instead as he lifts her onto the top rope.

Cavanaugh gets to his feet, surveys the ring, and floors Marquis with a powerful running famasser!

VASSA: “The Frenzy continues. Who’s number eighteen?”

“When The Going Gets Tough” by Billy Ocean BOOMS over the speaker system as out from the back comes Dirk Dickwood with a microphone.
JOHNSON: “What is this about?”
VASSA: “I think Dickwood is going to tell us.”
DICKWOOD: ”Let me show you how to introduce a talent in the PROPER WAY. Introducing the eighteenth entrant: THE FANCY MAN, MAH BOY, MAH MAN, HE IS CECILWORTH! FFAARRTTHHIINNGGTTOONN!!!”

Cecilworth Farthington bounds out from the back with a ten mile wide grin, high fiving Dickwood before jogging down to the ring. Cavanaugh takes Queef to a corner and begins thrusting his knee into her stomach as Farthington rolls into the ring, where he is immediately greeted with a big boot to the face from Dakota Smith!
VASSA: “Right in the mouth!”
Kaelan Quinn fights off Evil and slumps back into the ring, while Evil stumbles into a discus clothesline from Holmes! Holmes then turns and takes Sativa down as well with the same maneuver. He goes for a third, but Cavanaugh ducks it and connects with a vertical suplex that puts the newcommer down.
JOHNSON: “Did you see the power of that suplex? Welcome to 4CW, Mr. Holmes.”
Cavanaugh goes to Kaelan Quinn and pulls her to her feet. She reverses his Irish whip attempt, ducks his clothesline, then, as he turns around, she jumps up, wraps her legs around his waist, and puts a smooch on HIS lips!
VASSA: “How in the world does Max Cavanaugh get so lucky!?”
Surprised, Cavanaugh stumbles forward while Kaelan keeps the lip lock connected. He soon gets close enough to the ropes for Kaelan to lean back over the top rope and fling him out of the ring with her legs, saving herself at the last second as she grabs onto the middle rope and lands safely on the apron, allowing her back into the ring!
JOHNSON: “Call that the kiss of death! Cavanaugh is eliminated!”
VASSA: “She suckered him in!”
Dakota delivers a loud knife edge chop to Farthington that echos throughout the arena before Konrad Raab gets back into the fight, delivering a German suplex to the Butcher. Jair Hopkins picks up the downed Andre Holmes, hits him with a few right hands, whips him into the turnbuckle, and runs in behind him to crush him with a stinger splash. Farthington takes Marquis down with a drop toe hold, and follows up with an elbow drop across the small of the back.

Johnny Evil takes a right hand from Sativa, but ducks a second and drops her with an inverted DDT!

Farthington drags Marquis to the turnbuckle, where he begins stomping away!

Konrad Raab nearly has his head taken off as Kaelan Quinn runs through with a strong clothesline!

JOHNSON: “Our nineteeth entrant about to join us!”

The opening keyboard notes of “The Touch” begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song. The fans leap to their feet as the camera spots the nineteenth entrant coming down from the crowd.
VASSA: “She’s back!”
JOHNSON: “After two years, Roxi Johnson is returning to a 4CW ring!”

Marquis escapes with a straight low blow to Farthington, who drops to his knees allowing her to get her vertical base back. Hopkins kicks Evil right in the stomach before grabbing him by the back of the head and throwing it into the canvas with a front face slam just as Roxi hops over the barricade. She slides into the ring and lands a clubbing blow across the back of Konrad Raab before pushing him against the ropes, trying to get him out.
JOHNSON: “Roxi Johnson wasting little time here.”
Andre Holmes exchanges a few right hands with Dakota Smith before Dakota gives a kick to the gut and positions Homes head down, grabs him by the waist, lifts him up, and drills him with a powerbomb!
VASSA: “How does Dakota still have that kind of strength!? How long has he been in there?”
JOHNSON: “Over twenty-seven minutes now!”
Jair Hopkins eats a big boot from Dakota, and Cecilworth Farthington eats a standing dropkick from Kaelan Quinn!
VASSA: “Kaelan Quinn’s been in there a long time too.”
JOHNSON: “As has Persephone Marquis.”
Raab kicks Roxi away and floors her with a clothesline, quickly following up with a leg drop. Marquis takes Johnny Evil to the corner and delivers a few elbows to the jaw before whipping him to the opposite corner. She runs in, but he lowers his shoulder and elevates her up!
JOHNSON: “Marquis in danger! She lands on the apron, but she needs to get back in the ring!”
Marquis gives Evil a headbutt, stumbling him backwards, then quickly climbs the turnbuckle and connects with a high crossbody! Sativa comes out of nowhere with another Diamond Cutter, this one on Dakota Smith!
VASSA: “Got ‘em! Sativa hits it again!”
Roxi Johnson locks up with Jair Hopkins and gets him in a side headlock, but he holds his ground, preventing the bulldog, and bounces her off the ropes to get free. On the rebound, she drops him with a dropkick to the leg, followed by a DDT!

Kaelan Quinn has Andre Holmes against the ropes, and is trying to force him out.

Johnny Evil grabs hold of Farthington and sets up for a piledriver, but Farthington counters with a back body drop!

Hopkins delivers another samoan drop on Konrad Raab!

JOHNSON: “Two thirds of the way through! Who’s coming out next?”

Suddenly a thunderclap rips through the building as AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck starts to play and slowly, methodically, a mountain of man that is the twentieth entrant slowly makes his way down the ramp.
VASSA: “It just got stormy in here!”
JOHNSON: “The storm is the size of a hurricane at over four hundred pounds! It’s Redd Thunder!”

Andre is able to fight off Quinn with a few right hands and stay in the ring. Raab is battling with Sativa, whom he kicks in the stomach before lifting onto his shoulders. As Thunder climbs onto the apron and steps into the ring, Sativa slips out over the back, and delivers a clothesline to Raab that sends him over the top rope and to the floor!
JOHNSON: “That’s gotta be a heartbreaker for the Raab family.”
VASSA: “It was nice having you, Konrad.”
Farthington charges at Thunder, but he gets caught in a gorilla press! Thunder turns to the ropes, and tosses him out to the floor!
VASSA: “There goes Farthington!”
Thunder turns around an meets a right hand from Andre Holmes. He kicks Thunder in the stomach and sets up for a suplex, but he’s not strong enough. Jair Hopkins comes over to lend the assist, and the two of them get the massive Redd Thunder over for a double suplex!
JOHNSON: “You could feel the impact from that slam!”
VASSA: “No kidding. Felt like a five pointer from here.”
Johnny Evil jumps on the back of Dakota Smith and locks in a sleeper hold with all his might. Dakota shakes, spins, and turns, but Evil has it in tight! Queef delivers a kick to Jair Hopkins’ midsection, and throws him shoulder first into the ring post!
JOHNSON: “There is NO give in that post! No doubt Hopkins will need some ice for that one!”
Kaelan and Queef are lifting Thunder by the shoulders and soon get him to his feet. They whip him towards Roxi, who jumps onto his shoulders. He tosses her off, she lands behind, he bounces off the ropes and floors all THREE of them with a double clothesline, getting Marquis with the left, and Johnson and Quinn with the right!”
JOHNSON: “Sweet potato pie! Redd Thunder just turned those girls inside out!”
Thunder beats on his chest in a show of power, but the crowd is too busy counting down again.

Dakota Smith drops to one knee, still caught in Evil’s sleeper!

Andre Holmes pulls Marquis to her feet, pushes her to the corner, and begins to lift her out!

As Roxi and Kaelan find their way up to their knees, they both exchange right hands.

VASSA: “We’re getting to the nitty gritty here. Who’s number twenty-one?”

Lights Dim around the stage as ‘Rooster’ begins to play. A single orange spotlight fades in on the entrance. The twenty-first entrant slowly walks out, a pair of orange gloves in one hand, a towel around his neck.
JOHNSON: “Jan van der Roost, the veteran.”
VASSA: “He’s got someone new to fight for tonight, is it enough?”

Roost sheeds the towel and jogs down to the ring. He slides in and delivers a boot to Roxi, and a right hand to Kaelan. Dakota muscles his way back to his feet with Evil on his back, until Sativa climbs the turnbuckle behind them, leaps, and grabs Evil by the head as she flips over, slamming both of them face first into the canvas!
JOHNSON: “What a maneuver by Sativa Neveah!”
VASSA: “A two for one special, and Dakota Smith and Johnny Evil eat the mat!”
Marquis fights Holmes off, and uses the ropes for leverage as she uses both feet to kick him away. Roost lays a right hand on Roxi, whips her into the ropes, and flattens her on the rebound with a spinebuster. Redd Thunder picks up Johnny Evil, throws him into the ropes, pops him into the air, and slams him to the mat with a powerbomb!
JOHNSON: “Good lord what impact from the Final Flash! Johnny Evil may be broken in half after that one!”
Thunder get’s back to his feet as Jair Hopkins lands a right hand on him, but he knocks Hopkins down with a strong headbutt! Kaelan Quinn comes up to him, and she eats one as well. He then bounces off the ropes and takes down Roost and Holmes with a double shoulder block!
VASSA: “The Thunder clouds are booming in Mexico City tonight!”
Thunder continues rolling, taking out Queef with a clothesline! Roxi Johnson rushes him, only to get a powerslam for her efforts! Thunder lets out a monstrous roar for the crowd before turning around to find Dakota Smith staring him down, and the anticipation sets the crowd ablaze!”
JOHNSON: “Redd Thunder and Dakota Smith are the only ones standing!”
VASSA: “I think they may be locking horns soon!”
The two lock eyes, slowly approach each other, and it’s Dakota who strikes first with a hard right hand! Thunder staggers backward, and comes back with a hard right of his own!

Dakota lands a kick to the gut, but then grabs him by the shoulder and the leg!

VASSA: “What is Dakota thinking here?”

With a roar, Dakota lifts Redd Thunder off the mat and body slams him to the canvas!

JOHNSON: “Dakota’s been in there for over thirty minutes! Where is he getting this strength!”

“Break You” by Lamb of God plays as the twenty-second entrant makes his way out onto the ramp and looks out at the crowd.
JOHNSON: “Luke Jones now, entrant number twenty-two.”
VASSA: “Entering this late, he’s got a chance.”

Jones jogs down to the ring, slides in, and begins throwing right hands into Dakota’s face. Smith staggers towards the ropes, falls back agains them, and Jones is quick to begin lifting at the leg. Johnny Evil is up and comes over to lend an assist, lifting at the other leg.
JOHNSON: “Jones and Evil now working together.”
VASSA: “The rest of the ring is beginning to stir.”
Hopins lands a stomp on Andre Holmes before pulling him up, whipping him into the ropes, and connecting with a Japanese armdrag on the rebound. Roost pulls Quinn to her feet, backs her into the turnbuckle, and starts trying to lift her out. Sativa pulls Marquis to her feet, whips her into the ropes, but pays for it when Marquis comes back with a high knee. With a headbutt to Evil and a thumb to the eye of Luke Jones, Dakota escapes his predicament.
JOHNSON: “We’ve got eleven in there right now, eight more still in the back.”
VASSA: “And one of them is the guy who set up this match!”
Dakota pushes Luke Jones away, and turns Evil to the ropes instead. He lands a hard knife-edge chop before stepping back and charging, landing a big boot!
VASSA: “Up and over goes Johnny Evil!”
JOHNSON: “Wait a damn minute! Those masked lunatics!”
Two men wearing masks hop the barricade and catch Johnny Evil on his way to the floor!
JOHNSON: “These men wearing Purge gear have stopped Evil’s descent! Evil never hit the floor!”
VASSA: “There’s a guy who came prepared!”
These two men walk around the ring carrying Evil as they go while the action continues. Quinn gives a mighty kick to knock Van Der Roost away and into a high knee from Marquis. Quinn charges out of the corner and knocks Hopkins down to the mat just as Evil’s men set him back on the apron on the other side of the ring.

One of Evil’s men hands him a kendo stick before he steps back into the ring

Roxi Johnson eats a clothesline from Andre Holmes!

Evil striks Redd Thunder hard across the back with the Kendo Stick before he can get to his feet.

JOHNSON: “Evil with that weapon, and number 23 on the way.”

The unmistakable 80s beat begins to ring cheerfully throughout the PA system, signaling the beginning of “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” by Deniece Williams as the twenty-third entrant steps out onto the stage.
JOHNSON: “Hubert Smalls coming in now, no sign of his cat tonight.”
VASSA: “Of course not, the 4 Corners Frenzy Match is no place for a pussy.”

Smalls jogs down to the ring, high fives the fans, and rolls into the ring. Holmes locks up with Roost, but gets kicked in the stomach and recieves a flip piledriver for his efforts!
JOHNSON: “There’s the Dutch Death Spike! I think Holmes may be out cold!”
Smalls comes in, stomps on Redd Thunder while he’s down, but get’s whacked on the head by Evil’s Kendo Stick! Dazing him, Evil grabs Smalls by the tights and launches him over the top rope and to the floor!
VASSA: “Let’s here it for the boy who just got eliminated.”
Marquis locks up with Roxi, who kicks her in the stomach and drops her to the mat with a rocker dropper. Kaelan Quinn runs out of the corner and hits Luke Jones with an elbow, stunning him long enough for her to turn, grip him by the head, run up the turnbuckle, and connect with her finisher again!
JOHNSON: “Price Paid, and Luke Jones hits the mat like a rag doll!”
Jair Hopkins stunns Redd Thunder with a hard right hand. He bounces off the ropes, and connects with another. He bounces off the ropes again, but this time, Thunder stands up with a mighty roar, and Hopkins runs right into an avalanche. Thunder turns, bounces off the ropes, jumps into the air, and flattens Hopkins with a splash!
VASSA: “Good grief, Hopkins just got pancaked!”
JOHNSON: “Perry Wallace declared there would be war over this Summer, and this 4 Corners Frenzy match has been nothing short of that.”
Thunder gets to his feet, turns around, and eats a springboard DDT from Marquis!
JOHNSON: “Petty Cash, and the big man is down!”
Dakota zeros in on the downed Andre Homes. He lifts him to his feet, backs him up into the corner, and throws him by his shoulders halfway across the ring and into Sativa Neveah, who smacks face first into the middle turnbuckle!

Roost whips Evil into the ropes, and slams him hard to the mat with a hip toss.

Marquis executes a double leg takedown on Kaelan Quinn, and begins throwing repeated right hands into her face!

Luke Jones gets to his feet, and begins stomping on the arms and legs of Redd Thunder.

VASSA: “Number twenty-four coming in.”

“Hellraiser” by Motorhead blares throughout the arena, drawing out the twenty-fourth entrant.
JOHNSON: “Scott Stevens, the big man out of Houston, Texas.”
VASSA: “It’s a Texas-sized brawl in there. This oughta be right up his alley.”

As Stevens walks to the ring, Evil finds his kendo stick and swings on Dakota again, but he catches it, takes it from him, and breaks it over his knee! Stevens climbs into the ring and floors Roxi Johnson with a vicious lariat! Dakota whips Evil towards the ropes, where Stevens gives him a lariat as well. Stevens turns and gives one to Roost as well, sending Roost over the top and to the floor!
JOHNSON: “The Dutchman gets dumped from the ring, and Jan Van Der Roost will be heading back to the locker room!”
Holmes gets to his feet, gets hold of Kaelan Quinn, and gives her a hard right hand. She retalliates with a boot to the stomach, and a standing dropkick to the face! Stevens locks up with Redd Thunder, and it’s Thunder who shoves him back into the turnbuckle. Stevens gives a kick to the knee, knocking him to one, and rams his face into the turnbuckle. Sativa whips Jair Hopkins into the ropes, attempts a hip toss, but Hopkins reverses and connects with a release German suplex!
VASSA: “Sativa is down again. These athletes have shown no mercy tonight.”
JOHNSON: “It’s all for the right to challenge for the 4CW Championship. There are eleven in the ring, six more in the back.”
VASSA: “And no sign of Barrows in this match yet!”
Out of nowhere, Dakota Smith comes in and steamrolls right over Kaelan Quinn!
JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith still a force in there, and he’s been in for over 33 minutes!”
Marquis pulls Johnny Evil to his feet, gives him a chop across the chest, whips him into the ropes, but misses the dropkick as he hangs on to the ropes. Luke Jones whips Roxi Johnson into a corner and follows her in, but she brings her leg up and her foot catches him in the jaw. She climbs up to the top and leaps onto his shoulders, but he counters the hurricanrana, pulls her up, and takes her towards the ropes!

Roxi takes Luke with her, and they both land outside over the apron!

They struggle to their feet, exchanging rights as they rise!

They reach their feet, still exchanging blows!

JOHNSON: “Johnson and Jones in a precarious spot here!”

The lighting around the stage darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing as the crowd begins to boo. The twenty-fifth entrant steps out from the curtains with her mouth guard hanging out.
VASSA: “Anastasia Hayden, our 4CW Fate Champion.”
JOHNSON: “A late entry here, and The Scavenger is coming to pick the bones!”

Hayden pops in her mouthguard and runs to the ring. Luke Jones lands a hard right hand and Johnson teeters! Hayden slides into the ring and meets Jair Hopkins with a stiff spinning wheel kick. Johnson lands a left, but Jones kicks her in the gut and DDT’s her to the floor as he lands on the apron!
JOHNSON: “And Roxi has been eliminated!”
VASSA: “It all started when she went to the top rope. I told you someone would pay for it.”
Hayden delivers a forearm to Andre Holmes, whips him into the ropes, and takes him down with a side slam backbreaker! Luke Jones rolls back into the ring, but is met with a kick to the gut from Scott Stevens. Stevens pulls him up and pushes him to the corner, trying to lift him back out. Thunder gets to his feet, turns, and lands a staggering right hand to the jaw of Dakota Smith. He comes out with a right hand, whips him into the ropes, and flattens the Butcher with a clothesline.
JOHNSON: “Redd Thunder has been a powerhouse since his entry. I think he might be the favorite to win at this point.”
Kaelan Quinn locks up with Johnny Evil. He whips her into the ropes, but she stops herself by grabbing onto them. She lures Evil in, he charges, and she drops the top rope on him! Evil spills out, but again, the two masked men from earlier stop him from hitting the floor!
VASSA: “That’s those masked lunatics again, here to help help Johnny Evil!”
JOHNSON: “That’s the second time these men have saved Evil from elimination. We need to get some security out here!”
The two men toss Johnny back onto the apron before a hoarde of security guards rush down the ramp, chasing off Evil’s friends as he rolls back into the ring just in time to eat a piece of Marquis’ boot!

Sativa locks up with Andre Holmes, and drills him with a neckbreaker!

Stevens fights off Luke Jones, and explodes out of the corner with a lariat!

Thunder pulls Dakota to his feet, and takes him towards the ropes!

VASSA: “We’re coming down to the wire. Who’s number twenty-six?”

With a pyro blast, a trollface appears on the screen as “Now’s My Time” by The DJIG hits. The crowd rises to their feet as the twenty-sixth entrant strides out onto the stage.
JOHNSON: “It’s the Troll Guy! Mariano Fernandez!”
VASSA: “The only guy in the world who would deny pulling more tail than a slow kid at a petting zoo.”

Mariano jogs down the ramp and slides into the ring, immediately taking down Marquis with a running clothesline, and Hayden with another. Dakota kicks Redd Thunder in his massive gut, and turns the tables, now trying to force HIM out, and Hopkins comes over to assist!
JOHNSON: “Who would’ve thought they’d ever see THIS! Jair Hopkins assisting Dakota Smith!”
VASSA: “They’re trying to get the big man out.”
Andre Holmes locks up with Luke Jones, and gets the better of it with a knee to the gut. He drops to one knee, and throws an uppercut into his jaw. He then takes him over to the ropes, and attempts to force him over. Hayden lands a kick to the midsection of Kaelan Quinn, throws her into the ropes, and connects with a Pele kick on the rebound!
VASSA: “Nerf This! by Sativa, she’s been hanging tough in there.”
JOHNSON: “Sativa entered at Number thirteen, Kaelan Quinn’s been in there over thirty-one minutes!”
Thunder knocks Hopkins away with a hard right hand into a belly to belly suplex from Scott Stevens that sees him hit the turnbuckle upside-down and crumple to the mat! Thunder gives a headbutt to Dakota Smith, allowing him to get off the ropes, but Dakota answers right back with a headbutt of his own!
VASSA: “Redd Thunder stays alive.”
JOHNSON: “But for how much longer? Only one person can win this thing. Who will it be?”
Johnny Evil lands a kick to the gut of Stevens and goes for a snap suplex. Stevens counters, pushes Evil into the ropes, and connects with a big boot to the face! He pulls Evil to his feet, but Evil responds with a right hand, and pushes Stevens to the ropes. He clotheslines Stevens over the top rope, but he lands on his knees on the apron. Evil charges, but Stevens dodges and catches him with a kick before reaching over the top rope and getting a headlock in.

Luke Jones hits Andre Holmes with a straight forearm shot, allowing him out of danger.

Hayden goes for a kick to Fernandez’s midsection, but he catches her foot, spins her away, and drops her with a Pele kick of his own!

Stevens has pulled Evil halfway over the top rope!

JOHNSON: “Stevens and Evil both in trouble, and Number twenty-seven is due up!”

The lights go dark around the stage as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is the twenty-seventh entrant followed not far by the imposing Luiz Cavalcante and the beautiful Extreme Champion, Carmella Wilder.
VASSA: “Sounds like Mexico City is Wett for Jett!”
JOHNSON: “These people are booing, Vinny.”

With a kiss on the cheek from his mother, Jett jogs his way down the ramp. He hops up onto the apron, and just happens to grab Stevens by the shoulder as both he and Evil fall to the floor!
JOHNSON: “Scott Stevens lost his balance, and both he and Johnny Evil are eliminated!”
VASSA: “Look at Jett! He’s jumping around out here like he eliminated BOTH of them!”
Jett hops down off the apron and walks around the ring, headed for the commentary table. In the ring, Sativa kicks Mariano in the gut, bounces off the ropes, and connects with a snap neckbreaker, dropping him to the mat as Wilder arrives at the commentary table and grabs a headset.
JOHNSON: “What are you doing? You’re supposed to be in the ring.”
WILDER: “Hey guys! How are you enjoying my match so far?”
VASSA: “Uh, Jett?”
Hopkins gets to his feet, turns, and takes down Sativa Neveah with a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Holmes walks into a right hand from Marquis, who whips him into the ropes, misses with a clothesline, but not with the drop toe hold, followed by a quick elbow drop to the back.
WILDER: “Amazing, isn’t it? Just look at all the action going on in that ring!”
JOHNSON: “Action you’re supposed to be a part of.”
VASSA: “Umm, Jett?”
Dakota levels Mariano with a fierce clothesline, and Redd Thunder does the same to Luke Jones. Marquis pulls Holmes to his feet, pushes him into the corner, and starts lifting at his leg. Anastasia Hayden ties up with Kaelan Quinn, whips her into the ropes, lowers her head, and goes for a back body drop, but Quinn reverses, turning it into a high elevation DDT instead!
WILDER: “Wow! Did you see that!? She’s been in there for a long time too!”
JOHNSON: “A lot longer than you.”
VASSA: “Jett!?”

Dakota and Thunder tie up again, and it’s Dakota with a stiff elbow, staggering Thunder backward.

Kaelan Quinn gives a stiff European Uppercut right to Sativa’s jaw!

Holmes kicks Marquis out of the corner, and Luke Jones floors her with a shining wizard!

JOHNSON: “Were up to Number twenty-eight.”

WILDER: “My match is nearing completion.”


WILDER: “What!?”

Jett nearly leaps out of his skin when he hears the pyro explode on the stage. The fourth tier of Dancing Mad plays throughout the arena and out marches the twenty-eighth entrant with a certain pipe in his hand.
VASSA: “That’s what I was trying to tell you, Jett! Matthias’ number hadn’t come up yet!”
JOHNSON: “It has now, and he’s eyeing you like a hungry dog eyeing a pork chop!”

Matthias picks up the pace, sprinting down the ramp, around the ring, and diving over the announce table onto Jett Wilder!
JOHNSON: “Barrows is all over Wilder out here with the rights and lefts! Vinny Vassa has lost his headset!”
Barrows gets to his feet, pulls Wilder up, and throws him shoulder first into the ringsteps hard enough to knock them clear to the barricade! Holmes ties up with Luke Jones, whips him into the ropes, and catches him in a sleeper hold. Jones quickly escapes by dropping to his rear, bouncing Holmes off of him as Barrows rolls Wilder into the ring.
JOHNSON: “Are you okay, Vinny?”
VASSA: “I’m just glad I wasn’t Matthias’ target!”
As Jett gets to his feet, he turns around and Barrows smacks him right in the face with Black Betty, immediately dropping him to the ground! A wound is seen on Wilders forehead as blood begins to trickle down his face! Barrows pulls him to his feet, hooks his arm with the pipe, and launches him over the top rope and to the floor!
JOHNSON: “Barrows was never happy that Wilder tried to claim credit for this match, and he just set Jett soaring!”
Gary the Assassin pops out from under the ring to collect Jett’s blood in a vial, while Barrows gets pounded across the back by the forearm of Mariano Fernandez, forcing him to drop his weapon. Black Betty rolls to the outside as Fernandez whips Barrows into the corner and follows him in with a stiff forearm.
JOHNSON: “Barrows is the one who arranged for this match, and he’s in the thick of it now. Does he have what it takes to win?”
Hayden gives a stiff kick to Redd Thunder’s left leg, followed by another that drops him to a knee, followed by a standing dropkick that knocks him to the ground! Andre Holmes catches Dakota charging with a kick to the leg that drops him to one knee, followed by a superkick right to the mouth!
JOHNSON: “I talked with Holmes a little backstage today, he calls that the Thrust Kick!”

Sativa gets to her feet and puts a boot right into Marquis’ stomach.

Kaelan Quinn gets flattened by Redd Thunder again as he splashes her in the corner!

Jair Hopins jumps out of the corner and takes down Ana Hayden with a shoulder block.

JOHNSON: “Only two remain backstage! Who’s coming out next?”

“Y’all ready to get nasty?”

A TV-PG logo on the screen cracks in multiple pieces, revealing a Parental Advisory — EXPLICIT CONTENT sign. The loud moaning echoes throughout the arena as the twenty-ninth entrant emerges from behind the curtains.
VASSA: “It’s DeAndre Johnson Jr.!”
JOHNSON: “Also known as Taboo at Number 29. What a draw he got!”

Johnson jogs down the ramp, slides into the ring, and runs right into a right hand from Andre Holmes! Johnson staggers backward against the ropes, and Holmes wastes no time grabbing him by the knees, lifting him up, and tossing him over and out!!
VASSA: “Hey, Johnson didn’t even get to mount an offense!”
JOHNSON: “It doesn’t matter! He went up, over, and down! He is eliminated!”
Holmes turns and gets clobbered by a hard right hand from Persephone Marquis! She whips him into the ropes, kicks him in the stomach, and takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Luke Jones gets a side headlock on Jair Hopkins, who bounces him into the ropes, but gets dropped by a dropkick that sends him onto his rear into the corner. Jones pops up, and delivers another one right to the jaw!
VASSA: “Look out, Redd Thunder has Kaelan Quinn!”
Thunder gorilla presses Quinn off the ground and holds her high above his head! He starts walking to the ropes, but she slips free, lands on her feet behind him, and drops him with a chop block! Sativa hammers Dakota with a clubbing forearm, whips him into the ropes, but he runs right through her on the rebound with an avalance!
VASSA: “Dakota Smith still going strong! How long has he been in there now?”
JOHNSON: “Over forty-two minutes!”
Ana Hayden locks up with Andre Holmes and thrusts a knee right into his gut! She whips him into the ropes, but he reverses her hip toss with a neckbreaker, dropping them both to the canvas. Mariano whips Matthias to another turnbuckle and follows him in, but he runs right into Matthias’ boot. Doubled over, Matthias grabs him by the head, spider-legs himself up the corner, lifts him up, and flies through the air to drill him with a sitout powerbomb!
JOHNSON: “Barrows with The Overdose! It feels like months since we’ve seen him hit that!”
VASSA: “It almost has been months.”

Queef takes down Kaelan with a running clothesline, then starts stomping away!

Luke Jones lands a clubbing blow to Barrows’ back while he gets to his feet.

Redd Thunder gets a DDT from Jair Hopkins, who begins to climb the turnbuckle!

JOHNSON: “Hopkins going up top as we await the final entrant!”

The heavy pounding electronical sounds of Tears by HEALTH sound over the PA system as the thirtieth entrant wastes little time to march down to the ring, his head covered by the hood of his jacket.
JOHNSON: “It’s Vossler! The final entrant in this 4 Corners Frenzy match!”
VASSA: “He’s got the best draw of the night. Let’s see what he can do with it.”

Vossler sheds the jacket as he runs down to the ring and slides in just as Hopkins leaps, backflipping through the air, and landing both feet to Thunder’s chest!
VASSA: “OMFG! Hopkins got it again!”
Vossler goes right after Barrows, stomping on him as he gets up, but Barrows counters with a kick, allowing him to lift Vossler up for a spinebuster, but Barrows turns to his left and tosses Vossler over and out!
VASSA: “Look at this! Vossler is out!”
JOHNSON: “He was the final entrant, ladies and gentlemen, there are no more competitors backstage!”
VASSA: “We’ve got about eleven left in the ring!”
JOHNSON: “And one of them will win an opportunity at the 4CW Championship!”
Barrows runs right into a right hand from Kaelan, which staggers him back into the corner. She begins kicking away at his ribs, causing him to drop down to his rear where she is able to choke him with her boot. Dakota THROWS Luke Jones into the corner before a loud knife-edge chop echo’s throughout the building!
VASSA: “We keep talking about how impressive Dakota has been. Keep in mind he was the first man in here!”
JOHNSON: “Nearly everybody has crossed paths with him at one time or another.”
Marquis pulls Andre Holmes up to his feet. She tries to Irish whip him, but he plants his feet and reverses, throwing her over the top rope! She lands on the apron and slaps him HARD across the face; enough to set Holmes off! He charges at her, but Queef lowers the top rope on him and he spills out to the floor!”
VASSA: “Whoa! That’s the loudest slap I ever heard in my LIFE!”
JOHNSON: “Andre Holmes is eliminated, but what a showing for his first time in a 4CW Ring. I can’t wait to see more of him, and what he’ll be up against in two weeks in Scotland.”
VASSA: “Who do we have left?”
JOHNSON: “Peresephone Marquis is still in there, as is Dakota Smith. Anastasia Hayden. Luke Jones still alive.”
VASSA: “I see Matthias still in there. Sativa’s hanging tough. Mariano Fernandez is in it.”
JOHNSON: “Redd Thunder still alive. Jair Hopkins, and how about Kaelan Quinn?”
Mariano Fernandez gets to his feet, and a boot from Luke Jones hits him square in the stomach! He pushes the Troll Guy to the corner and hits him in the face with a stiff headbutt. Mariano fires right back with a forarm strike. Jones stumbles away, and Mariano goes up to the second rope, jumping off to deliver a perfect ax handle smash.
VASSA: “Mariano fighting back in it now.”
Jair Hopkins throws a right hand into Marquis’ face and quickly takes her down with a snap suplex. Ana Hayden bounces off the ropes and scores a direct hit on Matthias with a running lariat, knocking him to the ground before Redd Thunder bulldozes his way through her with one of his own! Hopkins sees Barrows prone and begins climbing the turnbuckle. As he steadies himself, Barrows pops up and pushes him off! Jair Hopkins loses his balance and spills to the outside!
JOHNSON: “Oh my god!”
VASSA: “What did I tell you? I knew it was risky to go up top, and Hopkins has paid for it big time! Jair Hopkins is OUT!”
In shock, Hopkins turns and heads to the locker room. Barrows takes a second to gloat, but turns around into a Diamond Cutter!
JOHNSON: “Got ‘em! Sativa strikes again!”
Sativa turns and gets floored by Dakota Smith with a running clothesline. Redd Thunder pulls Ana Hayden to her feet and whips her into the ropes. He pops her up, but she counters into a sunset flip! She cant get the big man off his feet, and dodges at the last second when he drops his weight to the canvas, and gets up to start kicking him repeatedly in the back!
VASSA: “Anastasia Hayden letting her vicious side out now.”
Marquis charges at Mariano, but he catches her coming with an elbow. With her stunned, Mariano takes over, spitting a mist into her face, bouncing off the far ropes, and nailing a shining wizard! Its enough to send Marquis stumbling backward, over the top rope, and to the floor!”
JOHNSON: “Trollface! And Persephone Marquis has been eliminated!”
VASSA: “It’s gotta hurt to know she won’t be getting that gift card now.”
Ana Hayden hauls Redd Thunder to his feet, and pushes him towards the ropes. As she begins to lift at one of his legs, Luke Jones comes in and begins lifting at the other. Dakota Smith comes in and begins pushing one of his shoulders, and soon Sativa is pushing at the other.”
JOHNSON: “Look at this! They’re ganging up on the big man!”
Matthias finds his way to his feet and joins in, followed by Mariano, and a final push from Kaelan Quinn is enough to send Redd Thunder up, over, and tumbling to the floor!
VASSA: “It took everyone left in the ring, about seven, but they got Redd Thunder out!”
Barrows is the first to get punched in the mouth, this time by Luke Jones who shoves him back towards the corner and begins trying to wrestle him out. Kaelan Quinn and Sativa Neveah begin double teaming Dakota Smith, putting the boots to him and knocking him down to a knee. Ana Hayden decks Mariano right in the mouth as the field spreads out.
JOHNSON: “Seven competitors left. Who’s going to walk out the winner?”
Sativa and Kaelan pull Dakota up and push him into another corner, The whip him to the opposite where Sativa then whips Kaelan into him. Kaelan connects with a running clothesline, but when Sativa follows, Dakota shoots his hands out, gripping her by the throat! He turns, and tosses her over and out to the floor!
VASSA: “There goes Sativa, and a lot of potheads hearts are breaking over that one!”
JOHNSON: “We’re down to six! Hayden, Fernandez, Quinn, Smith, Jones, and Barrows.”
VASSA: “Speaking of Barrows, Luke Jones almost has him out!”
Barrows fights viciously, driving his elbow into Jones’ temple, which allows him to escape. Once he’s back in the ring, Barrows lands a hard boot right to his stomach, and drills him with a DDT. Ana Hayden grabs Kaelan by the arm, whips her into the ropes, and floors her with a power slam. Mariano runs over and delivers a vertical suplex to Luke Jones as he tries to get up. Barrows bounces off the ropes and nails Dakota with a running clothesline that barely budges him.
VASSA: “Uh oh, Matthias. I think you just crossed the wrong guy!”
Dakota grabs Matthias and lifts him up into a Gorrila press and begins walking to the ropes as the crowd comes alive. At the last possible second, Barrows rakes the eyes and drops down behind him, and sees Mariano coming in time to duck the clothesline that sends Dakota Smith spilling out to the floor!
VASSA: “Holy bejesus! Dakota Smith is OUT!”
JOHNSON: “Dakota Smith, the first man in this thing, is out! He was in this match over forty-eight minutes ladies and gentlemen.”
Hayden kicks Quinn in the stomach and sets up for a suplex, but Quinn pushes her off and flattens her with a DDT instead. Luke Jones comes barrelling towards Matthias, who ducks his clothesline as well, dropping the rope and dumping him onto the apron. Barrows begins to push with his foot, but Mariano comes up from behind and dumps him over the top rope!
JOHNSON: “This Mexico City crowd just came unglued! Matthias Barrows has been ELIMINATED!”
VASSA: “Look at the shock on his face!”
Unable to handle it, Barrows rises to his feet and clobbers one of the referees!
JOHNSON: “What the hell was that about!?”
VASSA: “Matthias has been vocal about the officiating around here, and it looks like he’s finally snapped!”
Barrows marches to the timekeepers table and begins screaming into a microphone.
BARROWS: “Kodiak! Kodiak, get out here!”
Barrows clocks another official and slams anothers head into the announce desk. “Superbeast” by Rob Zombie blares through the crowd as Matthias’ new heavy appears from the back and runs down the ramp.
JOHNSON: “Barrows has called for his enforcer, and now this massive Kodiak Winters is sliding into the ring!”
Matthias throws the last official into the barricade. Kodiak locks onto Mariano, hoists him onto his shoulders, and spins him through the air slamming him on his face!
VASSA: “Kodiak calls that move “Beast Mode!”
Kodiak hoists Kaelan Quinn up next as Matthias slides back in and jams the butt of Black Betty into Luke Jones’ face! Kodiak hits Beast Mode again as Barrows turns and clocks Hayden as well!
JOHNSON: “I tell you this, Matthias Barrows is just about the sorest loser I’ve ever seen.”
VASSA: “He and his heavy have just laid out the rest of the field.”
Barrows finally leaves the ring with his heavy in tow as the camera focuses back on the ring. As the four competitors begin to stir, medical staff comes down to check on the referees, as do the Octane referees.
JOHNSON: “Perry Wallace apparently sending out the Octane officiating squad to finish up here, and I bet he’s gonna lay a harsh punishment on Matthias Barrows when he gets to the back.”
Kaelan is the first to get back to her feet after being laid out by Barrows tantrum. Luke Jones and Ana are next and both seem to set their sights on the Octane star, delivering blows in tandem to Kaelan before backing her up into the corner while Mariano still fights to recover. Initially Kaelan responds, blasting Luke in the stomach with a kick before being met with a knife edge chop from Ana. Orange hair flying everywhere, Kaelan responds with a kick to Ana’s stomach as well, only to be punched by Luke a moment later.
VASSA: ”Look at her go! The Fate Champion and Luke Jones working together against the gorgeous Irish lass that Laughlin drugged into sleeping with him.!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think that’s how that happened. But I don’t want her family to kill me so we’re not going to delve into her background. But she’s holding her own that’s for sure.”
Ana misses on her next strike, Kaelan narrowly dodging it before driving a forearm into Ana’s face, backing her off momentarily. Kaelan then hooks her arm around Lukes neck before hopping up to the middle turnbuckle and leaping off, twisting in a tornado like motion and driving him down to the mat with a tornado DDT. As Kaelan bounces up to her feet, feeling the momentum of the match rapidly shift in her favor, she pumps her fists in the air getting a positive reaction from the crowd. Dakota Smith had been in the match for a long time before being eliminated, and she knew she was not only closing in on out doing him, but was also closing in on victory.
“On your knees dog”

Kaelan’s head snaps towards the top of the entrance ramp as the big screen shows a momentary glimpse of Dexter Severin’s face, a man who had already entered and been eliminated from the Frenzy who Kaelan did not by any means have a friendly relationship with. Scowling, she turned her body fully to prepare for him to make his presence known but a moment later the music faded. As it did a confused look crossed Kaelan’s face before Mariano scrambled to his feet, grabbed Kaelan by the back of her attire, and tossed her over the top rope and down to the outside of the ring.
VASSA: ”What the hell was that??”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not sure… but it distracted Kaelan just long enough for Mariano to be able to eliminate her from the match!”
Mariano looks apologetically out at Kaelan, who slumps against the barrier disappointed. She’s the final Octane competitor to be eliminated and the crowd acknowledges her by beginning to chant her name as the other two remaining competitors left in the ring, Luke Jones and Ana Hayden, slouch in their own respective corners, trying to catch their breaths.
“THANK YOU, KAELAN! *clap clap clapclapclap* THANK YOU KAELAN! *clap clap clapclapclap*”

VASSA: ”Her orange hair might be obnoxious but you can’t deny she showed heart here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”People have been talking about Caroline O’Hara Burchill as being the face of Octane. Tonight, Kaelan Quinn Price might have just stolen that mantle right out from underneath the self proclaimed Queen.”
As Kaelan slowly heads back up to entrance ramp to the backstage area she takes time to slap hands with a few of the fans, waving exhaustedly at the crowd before disappearing out of sight as attention returns to the remaining three competitors in the ring.
VASSA: ”It’s down to three here and I don’t think anyone could have predicted these would be the final three remaining..”
JOHNSON: ”The former fuckboy himself, Luke Jones. The Gadfly, Mariano Fernandez, and our very own Fate champion, Anastasia Hayden. No, I don’t think anyone would have guessed these would be the final three.”
Before Mariano can turn back to his opponents, Luke and Ana both move toward him and lift him up by his legs, tossing him over the top rope. He twists in mid air and somehow manages to land his feet right on the edge of the ring apron, his hands grasping the top rope and holding on for dear life. Ana, acting quickly, smashed her forearm down across Mariano’s, causing him to release the top rope and hold on with only one hand.
Luke, thinking to follow suit, raises his arm in the air to bring it down in a chop against Manny’s other arm. Thinking quickly, Mariano shifts his weight and leaps off of the ring apron, landing delicately on the top of the barrier outside the ring, his feet never touching the floor. With a smirk, he winks at the two left in the ring and asks his familiar question as the fans cheer and shout it at the same time.

Ana, smartly, turns her attention away from Manny and drives a sharp elbow into Luke’s temple, stumbling the man. She quickly whips him into the ropes and waits patiently for Luke to return on the rebound. As he charges back at her, Ana waits and at the last second drops, pulling the top rope down with her, leaving Luke to tumble over it, catching himself at the last second and holding on just as Manny had been moments earlier. Ana, again, wastes no time and drives her fist into Luke’s face. He responds with a head butt and then ducks down, lowering his shoulder and ramming it into her abdomen, doubling her over, before leaping over the top rope, flipping down her back, and pulling her down with him with a sharp power bomb.
Ana’s body connects with the mat as Luke takes a moment to catch his breath, not noticing that Manny has hopped back from the ring barrier onto the apron and then ascended to the top of the nearby turnbuckle. As he gets back to his feet, Mariano leaps from the top rope, hooks his legs around Luke’s head, and takes him down with a diving hurricanrana. Meanwhile, Ana pushes herself back up to her feet and stumbles, briefly, before steadying herself on the rope. Manny charges across the ring and aims a boot at Ana’s head, but she avoids it at the last second and leaves Mariano to have his leg snap into the ropes awkwardly. In pain, Mariano falls to the mat clutching his knee, which Ana instantly notices and begins to focus on.
VASSA: ”Can’t blame Manny for going for the home run, trying to put the women, errr, Fate champion away like that. I hate him. But you can’t fault him for it.”
JOHNSON: ”No you can’t but it looks like he tweaked his knee and that’s never a good sign at this point in a match like the one we’re witnessing.”
With Ana focused on Mariano, Luke once more gets to his feet. He directs his attention at Ana first, driving a forearm into the side of her head before whipping her into the nearby corner. He then chooses to leave her alone and focus on the weakened Mariano, who still his rubbing at his knee in discomfort. Yet again, Luke employs a use of the irish whip, sending Fernandez into the ropes. On the rebound he lifts Mariano into the air and drops him down across his knee with an atomic drop. A stunned Manny absorbs a brutal rainmaker, completing the string of maneuvers that Jones calls the #FUCKBOYSPECIAL.
As he bends down to pull Manny back up and toss him over the ropes, Ana dashes out of her corner and grabs Luke by the back of his tights, turning and tossing him over the top rope where he tumbles down to the floor. The referee immediately signals that Luke has been eliminated from the competition.
VASSA: ”This is all Ana Hayden’s to win, now. Mariano looks like he just got knocked back into Skyrim.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s going to wake up thinking he serves the Empire or whatever the hell it’s called.”
VASSA: ”He’s just starting to push himself back up to his feet now and Ana has him in her sights already.”
JOHNSON: ”Look out, Manny! I hope they don’t ever say this to you about Paige but… SHE WAS ONLY SEVENTEEN!”
As Manny pushes himself back up, Ana uses the ropes for momentum and connects with a brutal running single leg dropkick that spins him around and leaves him draped across the top rope. The fans, instantly buzzing, sense the end of the match coming quickly now as does Ana. Rushing over to him quickly, she grabs him by his right leg and lifts up, but instinctively Mariano’s arms clamp down upon the top rope. Hayden manages to lift him and get one leg over the top rope but Manny then locks his legs around the top rope as well, hanging on as best as he can.
Frustrated, Ana lines up repeated kicks to the abdomen, looking to weaken the resolve of Mariano, who shakes his head no and grimaces as he endures it. Finally, he can’t absorb any more and allows himself to roll toward the outside of the ring, catching his feet on the ring apron. Ana backs up and looks to line up another running single leg drop kick. Fernandez, sensing the danger, drops down to his back and rolls under the bottom rope. A half second before she was going to leap, Ana managed to slam on the breaks, narrowly missing flying over the top rope to elimination.
VASSA: ”Hit the brakes!”
JOHNSON: ”Mariano nearly stole that one. But the match goes on.”
Frustration setting in, Ana begins to stomp angrily on the downed TROLL GUY, who absorbs the strikes, trying to fend them off as best as he can while fighting back up to his feet. Finally, up to one knee, he gets a left hand up, blocking a wild right from Ana. Shaking his head no, soccer mom hair flailing everywhere, Ana goes for another strike but Manny blocks that one as well and continues to shake his head no. She tries once more and yet again, Manny blocks her, pushing his way back to his feet and unloading on her with a right of his own. As Ana turns back to look Manny in the eye he shrugs and shakes his head, looking at her with an “I don’t know” expression. Ana once more tries to punch his face in but Manny blocks once more, waves his finger in her face, and then screams.

He leaps, steps up, and connects. THE GADFLY! Ana, suddenly seeing stars, stumbles back into the ropes and bounces off of them, taking off at a run in his direction. Just as she’s about to leap, Manny spews a foul mist into her face. The crowd, once more on their feet in excitement, scream along with one of their favorites.

TROLLFACE! The shining wizard connects, sending Ana toppling over the ropes. She lands on the ring apron, but with her vision impaired she misses grabbing onto the top rope and, in seeming slow motion, tumbles down to the outside of the ring.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner of the Four Corners Frenzy match… and challenger to the 4CW CHAMPIONSHIP…… THE GADFLY…. MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”
Silence falls over the commentary team and over the entire arena for long moments as Manny, breathing heavily, seems uncertain of how to react. It isn’t until the sturdy drum of his entrance music begins to play over the sound system that the crowd erupts into sheer delirium. Finally, Mariano Fernandez, beloved troll, had won a match on the biggest of stages. Taking to the ropes, he raises his hands in the air in celebration as the crowd, in unison, chants over and over again.

VASSA: ”You’ve got to be shitting me.”
JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen if you placed bets on Mariano Fernandez to win the Four Corners Frenzy match, congratulations. You now have enough money to become a part owner of 4CW.”
VASSA: ”I refuse to acknowledge it”
JOHNSON: ”Whether you refuse to acknowledge it or not, Manny did the unthinkable tonight. He changed the landscape of 4CW with a few tosses of 4CW talent over the top rope. And now, because he is the last man standing, Bronx Valescence awaits him at Bad Company, or perhaps, the Adrenaline after.”
VASSA: ”This is my worst nightmare. The next thing you’re going to tell me is that Tara Davidson really is pregnant.”
JOHNSON: ”She is. With a little girl.”
VASSA: ”I don’t want to live anymore.”
JOHNSON: ”These are the kinds of matches that change careers. Nearly a year ago the world was sure that JPD was on his way to facing Jair Hopkins at Winter Wasteland. Elijah Carlson had something else to say about that at Fright Night, though.”
VASSA: ”Don’t. Don’t you say it, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Leading up to South Beach Brawl, Bronx Valescence went on a tear that saw him defeat Eli at South Beach Brawl and then overcome all odds at Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”I’m going to be sick”
JOHNSON: ”Will Manny be the next one to defy the odds? I don’t know what the answer to that question is but you can bet your ass we’re going to find out soon.”
VASSA: ”Maybe he’ll get an STD from Paige before then and someone else will have to take his place.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t count on it. But that’s all from us tonight folks. Dakota Smith and Kaelan Quinn put on iron man, or woman, performances tonight but just came up short. The luck of the irish wasn’t on their side.”
VASSA: ”Don’t forget Barrows temper tantrum, Jett commentary, Marquis and Jair both being back in a 4CW ring, and everything else that happened tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”How could I forget any of that? What will the fall out be from tonights chaos? Tune in to Octane live, next Friday, and the road to Bad Company that begins in just two weeks when we return, live, on Adrenaline. I’m Steve Johnson and this is my partner, Vinny Vassa. Goodnight Folks!”