The scene opens to a shot from inside of the ring overlooking the Scotland crowd here at the SSE Hydro! Playing in the background, “Bulls On Parade” echoes throughout the building. Scanning the crowd, the camera takes in a shot from one side of the arena to the other revealing every seat in the house to be full. Zooming in, the camera focuses on a few signs held in the mixture of fans.
SINCE 2013

Cutting to the booth, both Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa await their signal.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Adrenaline Seventy, live from the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa!”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight we’ll kick off the first half of qualifiers to determine who will compete in Bad Company. We have teams from all over meeting in a 4CW ring and battling to see who the most dominant team in wrestling is.”
VASSA: ”Bad Str–Company only happens once a year but when it does, excitement is in the air!”
JOHNSON: ”This year’s will mean something more to us all here in 4CW. As you all know, we’ve recently lost a great man, someone who 4CW was proud to call as their own. Adrian Tanner Jr. is no longer with us…”
VASSA: ”It’s been a rough week but unfortunately this is the reality we live in folks.”
JOHNSON: ”We have a full lineup tonight full of all sorts of tag-team action. I for one, would like to dedicate this show to the man himself… this one’s for you, Adrian!”
VASSA: ”Let’s have a moment of silence, please.”
A picture then appears on the screen as silence overtakes the entire arena.

After a few moments pass, Steve Johnson then breaks the silence.
JOHNSON: ”he was taken too early, that’s for sure.”
VASSA: ”Before we ruin the moment, let’s just go ahead and proceed with our show tonight. We lost not only a co-worker, not only a 4CW champion, but we all lost a friend.”
JOHNSON: ”We sure did, Vinny.”
Cutting back to the image of Tanner, the commentary duo go quiet for a few short moments before the picture cuts backstage.

It’s the first cut to the backstage of the night, and the crowd is certainly expecting something after that previous in-ring segment. With the hype still very much alive, the crowd murmurs as the video feed begins to play on the screen. We see Gabriel Hartman, very much still looking homeless. Gabriel is wearing a mix of different suit items, an attempt at trying to look somewhat professional. He’s grinning, from ear to ear, as he holds the microphone in his hand. His visor is cocked to the side, a mostly smoked cigarette still tightly held in between his lips.
Gabriel tosses the cigarette butt to the side, focusing as best as he can. His eyes locked directly with the camera, it seems like this is a make or break segment for him.
HARTMAN: ”Big news, ladies and gentlemen. Big FUCKING news! I know that gets thrown around a lot, but goddamnit …this is seismic! I have an exclusive!”
He pauses for a moment, still grinning like a dumb child walking down the stairs on Christmas morning.
HARTMAN: ”Even the unluckiest bastards strike gold every now and then, and your favorite homeless reporter has struck the motherlode! I have an exclusive interview, right now, here tonight! I have goosebumps, I tell you!”
? ? ?: ”Easy there, big fella.”
Hartman begins to jump up and down with joy, and the crowd can already tell the voice. Without seeing the person, they know. The crowd already understands exactly who is standing off screen, waiting to be interviewed.
HARTMAN: ”Bryan! Get in here!”
Bryan steps into frame and, of course, the crowd cheers. The former Pride Champion is back on 4CW television, thankfully the time away has helped. He looks happy to be there, certainly less beat up than the last time everyone had seen him. Gabriel puts his arm around Bryan, trying to bring him into a side embrace. Bryan has other ideas though, easily stepping away from Gabriel. Defeated, Gabriel gets right into the interview.
HARTMAN: ”Bryan, you suffered defeat at the hands of Amber Ryan. You lost the Pride Championship at Ante Up, and even inflicted several moderate injuries. It was a tough couple of days for you on Twitter. You’ve taken some time off, how are you feeling?”
Bryan thinks for a moment, pondering the question that was just asked of him. He looks at Gabriel, then at the camera. Bryan is really milking the moment. He opens his mouth, but doesn’t speak. Gabriel looks on in anticipation, waiting to hear what he has to say.
Finally, after what seems like minutes (but is really a few seconds), Bryan finally answers.
WILLIAMS: ”I feel okay.”
Gabriel Hartman looks dejected, absolutely unsure of what is happening right now in front of him. This interview is not going how he expected. Immediately he jumps in, trying to salvage what he can.
HARTMAN: ”What do you mean “okay”? Bryan, your whole life was taken from you almost a month ago! I need to see the fury in your eyes! I need to hear the fire from your voice! Call to arms! Raise an army, and take back what is yours!”
Bryan thinks again, taking another moment to decide what he’s going to say. He leans against the wall behind him, sticking his hands into his pocket.
WILLIAMS: ”Nah, I’m okay.”
Stunned, Gabriel stands there with his mouth open. He cannot believe how poorly this is going for him. Then, Hartman closes his disgusting mouth, glaring tiredly at Williams. He takes a step toward the Okay Man and begins pouring his heart out.
HARTMAN: ”Listen, Williams, okay? I get it. Everything needs to be nonchalant when it comes to you because of whatever existential shit you believe it. Fine, but this is bigger than you. This is about me, alright? I need this interview to go well, I need to eat tonight, you understand? I don’t get a salary, I don’t even get paid by the hour! It all depends on how well I do my interviews. This shit right here, that you’re doing right now? No. Stop it. Now, we’re going to try again, okay? Fake it! I don’t care. Just do me this solid, okay?”
Williams is taken aback by the sudden surge of emotion from this man that he doesn’t really give two shits about. He takes a step back, trying to find the words, but he’s stuck because what the honest fuck?
HARTMAN: ”Great! Now, from the top. How are you feeling? I mean, really?”
Before Williams can answer, there is a loud bang and a string of profanities. That, of course, can only mean one thing. The color visibly leaves Hartman’s face as none other than Persephone Marquis.
MARQUIS:”Bryan! There you fucking are. Listen, they have a dart board and I have money to bet, are you in or no way or…”
Persephone suddenly realizes Hartman’s presence, glaring at him.
MARQUIS:”Wow, okay, no. Hartman, he’s my fucking partner right now, okay? We don’t talk to homeless people. Move along.”
Williams smiles, and decides to edge the situation along further.
WILLIAMS: ”Sorry, Persephone. This is a very important interview. Hartman wants to eat tonight.”
Hartman nods in agreement, but looks even more pathetic once he hears Persephone scoff at the idea of him sleeping with a full stomach.
MARQUIS:”If he’s hungry, he can eat his own ass. Fuck off.”
Williams pats Hartman’s shoulder while looking at Persephone, who is getting angrier by the second. She really doesn’t like homeless people. She hates them with a passion, has gone into tirades about how she would rather them all be euthanized. You’re a veteran? Good job, idiot. Totted a gun for the country and now it can’t even provide you with a piss free bench.
WILLIAMS: ”Aw, come on Persephone! Hartman and I go way back, you must have a soft spot down there for the guy. He’s just trying to get a decent scoop, find out how I’m doing and when I’m returning to the ring. All of that sort of stuff.”
There is another pause, another stop in time. Everything is quiet, Persephone looks like she could murder Hartman right about now. Instead though she opts to speak back up.
MARQUIS:”Okay, easy answer. Bryan Williams is doing fucking okay. Better than okay. You know why? Because he’s got me. Simple as that. You see, we’re a team. In literature, we would call this a turning point for his personal character as well as my own. It’s only up from here or whatever. Right, Williams?”
Bryan looks over at Persephone, and then back at Hartman. He gives the interviewer a single, but satisfying, nod of his head.
WILLIAMS: ”Indeed, Gabriel. Look, I get it. I got shat on in the worst way possible. It was a rough day or two for me, but you take enough time away and things get better. You see enough doctors and you find out that maybe that concussion wasn’t as bad as you thought. You see that there wasn’t any serious damage done. A busted nose can heal fine. I wasn’t going to waste away on the sidelines, and miss a Bad Company tournament. I had one partner dupe me into getting that title shot. At least now I know what I’m getting with Persephone, do you feel REMOTELY better about this interview now?”
Gabriel, quiet as he listens, is a bit embarrassed for a moment. He tries to come up with words, something to say to Bryan after his weird outburst from earlier.

HARTMAN: ”Bryan … I-I’m sorry about earlier. I’ve just been so hungry-”
Bryan quickly interrupts him, yet again.
WILLIAMS: ”That’s another thing, Gabe. You know there is catering backstage, right? There has been, for like the last seventy shows. Go eat some food, and stop begging for change.”
There is a realization hovering over Gabriel, and churning on his face. He’s no longer listening, it’s as if his world has come crashing down right in front of him.
WILLIAMS: ”Okay, anyway, you were saying something about darts? I’m fucking in.”
MARQUIS:”Hell, yeah. We’re betting money this time, though, not cats.”
Marquis makes her way out of frame with Williams, before popping back in rather quickly when Williams thinks she’s following. She stares into Hartman’s soul, angry.
MARQUIS:”I don’t care how far back you guys go, okay? I will steal your prosthetic leg. Also, stay the fuck away from catering too.”
She suddenly smiles brightly.
MARQUIS:”Have a goodnight, buddy!”
Persephone finally leaves the scene, jogging to catch up to Williams as the scene fades to black.



JOHNSON: “A two on one handicap match here to start things off on Adrenaline, it will be Phinehas Crowe and Ronnie Harris taking on Viddus Morta. As you can see already Crowe and Harris have already made their way to the ring in hopes of getting some sort of advantage on the former Extreme champion here tonight.”
VASSA: “This is a no-holds barred match, so I don’t think they’re going to be able to ever say they have an advantage over someone as… well, beyond reason as Viddus Morta.”
JOHNSON: “We’re going to find out, Vinny. The numbers favor Crowe and Harris, but the style of match favors Morta.”
Viddus Morta’s music hits and the arena goes completely black. AS the lyrics begin four different fire explosions keep firing in the air on each side. Viddus walks out slowly on pace with the music. The music picks up pace and Viddus echoes his signature laugh almost matching the song that is playing while throwing his hands in the air. Morta begins to make his way towards the ring but stops short of entering as his opponents wait for him to make the first move.
JOHNSON: “Morta just waiting there on the outside of the ring calling out towards Crowe and Harris. He’s just taunting them now.”
VASSA: “And whatever you do, don’t leave that ring. That’s Viddus’ strength, your strength is inside the ring. You might has well just walk into Camp Crystal Lake or take a casual stroll down Elm Street.”
JOHNSON: “And I there goes Harris! Followed by Crowe to the outside!”

Harris slides to the outside of the ring as Crowe follows him, Harris unloads with a couple of right hands which rock the creepy Morta backwards. However, Morta comes back with a couple of shots himself and grabs Harris by the back of the head sending him crashing into the guardrail! Crowe goes for a right haymaker himself, but Morta side steps that and grabs him by the back of the head and slams him face first into the ring apron! Morta then lifts Crowe and charges into the corner post, slamming him back first into the solid steel!
JOHNSON: “The match has started and here we go!”
VASSA: “You know if you just listened to me, seriously.”
Morta turns around just in time and eats a kick from Ronnie Harris! Harris lifts up the ring apron and searches under the ring and takes out a long kendo stick. He spins around throwing the stick wildly, but Morta is able to duck under the attempt and grabs the stick as he holds it across Harris’ throat and chokes Harris. Morta then flings he and Harris backwards…

…crashing the body of Ronnie Harris into the guardrailing much to the approval of the crowd. Morta gets right back up to his feet with the kendo stick in hand and just as Phinehas Crowe pulls himself back up to a standing position and Viddus obliges as he swings the stick…


…the third shot splits the kendo stick in half!!
VASSA: “Splinters. He turned that thing into splinters.”
JOHNSON: “Leave it to Viddus to show off his violent side early on here.”
VASSA: “He has another side?”
JOHNSON: “Crowe and Harris need to get this back into the ring, both men are technically skilled inside the ring. Viddus has them completely out of their element here.”
Morta tosses the broken pieces of the kendo stick into the crowd as souvenirs, he then grabs Crowe by the hair and tights and throws him over the railing into the front row. Morta follows into the crowd and unloads with a couple of right hands to a recovering Crowe. From behind Ronnie Harris attacks Morta and gets a good couple of shots in on the former Extreme champion, Harris stands back and charges towards Viddus…

…but Viddus ducks under and sends Harris up and over with a back body drop onto the concrete! Harris hits with a heavy thud as the crowd is cleared around him, he looks up at the sky and at the birds flying over his head right now. Morta turns his attention towards Crowe just as Phinehas leaps from one of the chairs backwards connecting with a moonsault right onto Morta! Both men are wiped out in the sea of the crowd.
JOHNSON: “Incredible skill shown there by Phinehas Crowe with an amazing moonsault.”
VASSA: “But he’s no closer to getting this match into the ring, in fact he’s knocked Morta further away and further into his strength.”
Crowe motions towards Ronnie Harris to get back up to his feet, the two then begin to take to the advantage on Morta. Exchange of right hands by both men, taking turns hammering away on the former champ. They move through the crowd, security doing their best to keep up, continuing to attempt to beat Morta at his own game. Harris plants a vicious kick to the ribs on Morta which doubles him over in some pain which gives he and Crowe time to set up a couple of scattered chairs into a pile. The duo then both lift Morta high into the air after a dual front face lock, the swing his legs up and over into a suplex position and then…

…slam Viddus down onto the stack of steel chairs with a double suplex! Morta shakes in pain on the ground as the duo have taken control of this two on one match finally.
JOHNSON: “Some well-planned double team moves there by Crowe and Harris and they’ve taken advantage of the former Extreme champion on the outside of the ring. Maybe they’re going to be able to pull this one off.”
VASSA: “They’re showing some skill there, some bloodthirst too.”
JOHNSON: “Ronnie Harris going right back to work, he’s not going to wait for Morta to recover. They’re going to pick him apart like hungry lions at this point. As they should.”
Harris goes to pull Morta back up to his feet quickly and begins to drag him back towards the ring along with Crowe. Morta throws some punches and is able to knock Crowe into a couple of fans long enough for him to get a couple of good shots on Ronnie Harris. Morta clears a couple of rows of fans, he then grabs Harris into a front waist lock and quickly lifts him up…

…throwing Harris into in the empty row of chairs with a belly to belly suplex!! The crowd erupts as Harris crashes through the rows and to the floor below. Crowe takes the opportunity and fires a couple of shots into the face of Morta, but Morta fires back and the two begin to head back towards the ring area. Crowe tosses Morta into the guardrailing, but then he charges towards the former Extreme champion which allows Morta to duck down and flip Crowe up and over the guardrailing onto the concrete floor outside of the ring.
JOHNSON: “Tides have turned here for the worst! I think Ronnie Harris might be knocked cold after that one and now Phinehas Crowe has just been flipped over the guardrailing.”
VASSA: “From bad to worse here now.”
JOHNSON: “Morta back and over the guardrailing. Things aren’t looking good here for Crowe.”
Morta picks up Crowe and rolls him back into the ring and follows him back into the ring. Morta goes right to work with a couple of huge right hands on Crowe, he then sends the Blackpool native into the ropes as he takes off the other way…

…connecting with a running spear folding Crowe in half in the middle of the ring!!
JOHNSON: “Soul Reaper! Viddus Morta connecting with his Soul Reaper!”
VASSA: “I think he broke Phinehas in half with that one.”
JOHNSON: “Here’s the cover…”

JOHNSON: “Ronnie Harris breaks it up! Out of nowhere Ronnie Harris with the save.”
VASSA: “Where did he come from?”
JOHNSON: “From out of nowhere, honestly.”
Harris pulls Morta up and goes for a clothesline, but Morta is able to duck underneath that attempt and instead wraps his arm up under the head of Ronnie Harris! Harris is trapped in a reverse suplex hold and in a single motion Morta picks him up and…

…drops him on his head in the ring!
JOHNSON: “There it is, the Awakening!”
VASSA: “I don’t know why it is called the Awakening when it puts the opponent out cold.”
JOHNSON: “Doesn’t matter, either way here’s the cover by Morta…”

VASSA: “There’s the bell.”
JOHNSON: “And you winner is Viddus Morta.”
The referee lifts the arm of Viddus Morta into the air as “March Into the Sea” by Modest Mouse once again begins to play. Morta looks down at the bodies of his two opponents and runs his thumb across his throat in victory.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner, VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
Having just defeated two men to start the show the former Extreme Champion stands tall in the ring. Viduus more than likely already looking past his now fallen victims towards Carmella Wilder. Until some murmurs start as from the back approach four security guards including Luiz, the Wilder family bodyguard. Behind them is Carmella dressed this time in a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra, seemingly her “fight” gear.
VASSA: ”Oh no, Carmella don’t!”
JOHNSON: ”It looks like Carmella is bringing the fight to Viduus if only behind four other men”
Viduus not seeming scared at all stands in the ring waiting, as the first two security guards slide into the ring. Not seeming the least bit scared probably a couple frat boys that Carmella paid off hoping to make themselves look good on TV. They charge at Viduus the first catching a right hand as the next two including Luiz slide in. He battles away the first two than as the next approaches ducks under a punch grabbing him and hitting a German Suplex that sends him clear out of the ring at Carmella’s feet.
JOHNSON: ”She had a plan but seems like that plan may not work out.”
Luiz seeming not to really want to engage does so anyways only to be caught with a punch that sends him to the corner. The two original frat boys gang up, trying to surround him only for each to get thrown into each other head to head. Grabbing up one of them he nails him with a quick Brainbuster as the second, wobbles around concussed into him. Prepping for a Awakening until Luiz desperately dives on his right leg, hoping to stop him. Viduus simply kicks him off but before he can hit the move he is suddenly folded over as we realize Carmella has landed a low blow from behind.
JOHNSON: ”Carmella just got him!”
VASSA: ”Found his one weakness, well every man’s!”
Viduus falls to his knees in pain as Carmella looks around seemingly shocked that it actually worked. She gets up tossing her title to Luiz who rears back and clobbers Viduus over the head with it to fully put him down. Carmella lands a foot stomp that she hardly committed to, in order to preserve her ability to run as she along with Luiz bail out of the ring. Viduus seemingly down for the count, though surrounded by the bodies of his two opponents prior as well as the security team.
JOHNSON: ”A week after seeming helpless, Carmella seems to have taken it to Viduus.”
Holding up her belt, seeming to think she has slayed the beast for good. As Luiz holds his jaw and walks with her until Viduus slowly gets up to one knee staring up the ramp at her which frightens Carmella enough to stop celebrating and turn tail rushing to the back. Viduus now more than likely only madder in his pursuit.

Backstage in some corner of the SSE Hyrdo we see a close up of a bottle of Punk IPA by Brewdog from which garners a cheer from the Scotland craft beer faithful. We zoom out and see it is being held by The Hardcore Artist which mutes the cheer before he indulges in his important pre match ritual beer.
SCOTTYWOOD: ”I guess it’s fair that the beer is more over than I am right now in 4CW. Like I said earlier in the week, I fucked up on the last Adrenaline. It’s rare… and it’s not something I’m happy about. So this week, in my tag team debut with Stevens I need to step it out that much more to prove to 4CW that I’m not gonna be a flash in the pan and done”
Taking another drink of his his beer Scotty
SCOTTYWOOD: ”I spent the week visiting a lot of bars, some breweries… and even though I could care less about liquor… a distillery. To try and find what I needed to get my head back in rhythm that it needed to be in. Maybe it’s tougher when it’s every other week. Maybe I still feel like I am cheating on Lee Best and can’t shake those 3 letters from my head. Maybe I’m just ready to be finished. But what I do know is that I will not give up until I know there is nothing left in the tank and they have to drag me out of that fucking ring.”
Scotty says taking another sip of his beer.
SCOTTYWOOD: ”Day by day I am finding my stride again. I am finding the motivation to actually show up and cover that canvas with blood. My opponents, my own… and even my own tag partner’s if need be.”
STEVENS: ”After we win the Tag Team Titles and that million bucks Scotty.”
The camera pans over to include Scott Stevens in the shot who has made his way over to talk some strategy with Scotty before the two take on their first tag team opponents in a Bad Company qualifying match.
STEVENS: ”And another pre-match beer? We don’t need a repeat of your match with Kincaid last week.”
Smiles Stevens as he nudges Scotty with his elbow.
SCOTTYWOOD: ”A, you better not be spying on me like the… um… fuck… what was the Soviet Union spy agency called? Nevermind. B, it’s only a single IPA. C, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the other half of The Anti-Tag Team… Scott Stevens!”
STEVENS: ”When did we agree on that tag team name?”
SCOTTYWOOD: ”You got any other ideas? How about Team Scotty?”
STEVENS: ”I like it… since both our names are Scott.”
SCOTTYWOOD: ”Oh… no, that’s just suppose to reference me.”
STEVENS: ”Fuck that then.”
SCOTTYWOOD: ”We could go with the Socially Content Winners.”
STEVENS: ”And fuck you now.”
SCOTTYWOOD: ”What you got then Stevens? ”
STEVENS: ”How about Fully Brutal Infernos?””
SCOTTYWOOD: ”Magnificent Incredible 6ers?”
STEVENS: ”Kool Gentlemen Badasses?”
SCOTTYWOOD: ”Perfect!”
The two pause their act as they chuckle and turn back to the camera which has been absorbing the puns and jokes that Stevens and Scotty have been hurdling towards it.
STEVENS: ”It doesn’t matter that we don’t have a fancy tag team name. Or if we both don’t have nicknames we can rattle off for hours.”
SCOTTYWOOD: ”I am the Hardcore Artist though… spelled with a C.”
STEVENS: ”Tonight we take our place in the Bad Company tournament because we are the better wrestlers which we will prove inside of that ring whether it be with a Toxic Sting…”
SCOTTYWOOD: ”or a Game Misconduct.”
STEVENS: ”We will advance to Tokyo, Japan and the Bad Company PPV where there will be fifteen team left and standing in our way for those 4CW Tag Team Titles, and they will fall just like the two numb nuts we are facing tonight.”
Stevens says as Scotty raises his beer.
STEVENS: ”More importantly you need to quit thinking about Chicago and cue-ball because in the end we will always be on the outside looking in around here. We are outsiders and always will be and that’s why we have to prove to them even more than two guys that aren’t supposed to make it belong. And the only way to show them we belong is defeating everyone in front of us and becoming the next tag team champions and that one million dollars isn’t a bad fuck you to the doubters as well.”
Stevens says as Scotty downs his beer and tosses it behind him.
SCOTTYWOOD: ”If you say don’t think about the elephants shitting barbed wire… you’re gonna think about elephants shitting barbed wire. If I see the scars riddled across my body… I’ll think of… just don’t worry about what I’m thinking about. I fucked up once, lesson learned. Scottywood is showing up this week and I can’t wait until there is some blood on these hands again. Now let’s go win a million bucks and some fuckin’ tag titles.”
The two men fist bump as Scotty grabs his barbed wire hockey stick from nearby as Stevens keeps one eye on him as the two make their way down the hallway as we cut away.


JOHNSON: “This one is something I’ve been looking forward to since this tournament has been announced.
VASSA: “Same here Steve…DTNJ is already in the ring and I believe that Ramstein song signals their opponents, Dogs of War are making their way to the ring.”
With DTNJ already in the ring, the opening of “Mein Teil” by Rammstein plays through the speakers, the arena falls to silence as the lights also dim down. Strobe lights of red and gold suddenly shine towards the stage and emerging from the back is Jack Tillman and Mitsuo Shimada who has a stern look on his face as he stands on the top of the entrance ramp. He’s all suited up, with his hands tied behind his back, he looks down and closes his eyes. Jack stares a hole into the ring as he’s ready for the match at hand.
POWERS: “Making their way to the ring, representing New Japan Fighting Championship. JACK TILLMAN AND MITSUO SHIMADA! THE DOGS OF WAR!”
Opening his eyes, Mitsuo looks back up and within his eyes you can see the evil beneath. He smirks as he makes his way down the entrance ramp, jeers coming from all over the arena but he doesn’t care. Jack quickly follows as he places a black Dog Of War towel over his head. Mitsuo has blocked out the noise of the crowd and his sole concentration is now on the ring. Reaching the edge of the ramp, he pauses once more and looks inside the ring, nodding his head before walking around the edge of the ring and mocking the fans around him. He then jumps onto the apron and latches onto the ropes, inhaling, exhaling, before entering the ring. Meanwhile Jack slides into the ring and makes his way to one ring post while Mitsuo makes his way to another. As both men reach the top rope, the fans throw over a dozen different colored streamers towards them and the ring. Jack takes his index finger and runs it across his throats as he leans towards the crowd. Mitsuo on the other hand takes off his pants from the bottom, extinguishing them before taking his blazer and shirt off, throwing that out of the ring too, with staff on the go to collect those items.

Beginning of the Match: DTNJ waste no time at all charging Tillman and Mitsuo at the start of the bell before sorting out two competitors to start us off. Blake goes after Tillman and Allessandro tosses Shimada over the top rope. Blake and Alessandro now pick up Tillman and deliver a double suplex to him before Alessandro exits the ring leaving Blake and Jack Tillman as the legal men. Blake picks Tillman up but Tillman hits a mean European uppercut to knock Blake backwards. Blake comes forward again but is caught with a clothesline that turns him inside out. Tillman now goes on the offensive picking Blake u p and delivering a belly to belly suplex. Tillman drags Blake over to his corner before tagging in Shimada. Shimada enters the ring as he and Tillman now return the favor to Blake and deliver a double suplex to him. Shimada pops to his feet immediately as Tillman exits the ring and drives a knee to the back of Blake who seems quite isolated now. Shimada lifts Travis Blake up now looking for a scoop slam but Blake slides down his back and deliver s and elbow to the back of Shimada’s knee. Shimad a now on knee between Blake and his corner realizes that Blake is running at him and connects with a modified blockbuster! Blake goes to make a tag but the referee is distracted by Jack Tillman who has entered the ring.
JOHNSON: “Oh COME ON! He can’t do that!”
VASSA: “Hey, if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying!”
Alessandro enters the ring anyways and proceeds to take advantage of a downed Shimada applying a boston crab to him in the middle of the ring. Tillman is point at Alessandro as an illegal man which causes the referee to force AQ to break the hold and return to the outside. Blake is now forced back into the ring arguing with the referee until he is blindsided with a clothesline from the now recovering Shimada. Shimada dragging Blake ver to his corner makes a tag and leave s the ring. Jack Tillman now in full control begins to stomp on Blake as he is helpless in the corner. Tillman rolls Blake towards the center of the ring before climbing his way to the top rope. Blake, however, kips up and runs up the ropes delivering a modified belly to back suplex from the top rope and both men are down!
VASSA: “The referee begins his ten count!”
JOHNSON: “Tillman is already stirring you idiot…look!”
Middle of the Match: Tillman was indeed trying to regain composure as both men hit their feet at a count of seven. Jack Tillman charged Travis head on with a clothesline but Blake rolled underneath him to make the tag to Alessandro. Alessandro enter the ring and delivered a big boot to Tillman. Quagliaterre delivers a stiff right hand to an unsuspecting Shimada knocking him down. Tillman is up again only to be downed with a running high knee. Alessandro, picking Tillman up, drops him into his corner. The referee now being distracted by Shimada trying to gain some revenge doesn’t see Travis Blake choking Tillman with the ring rope. Shimada finally exits the ring and wisely Blake breaks the choke. Tillman crashes to a knee as Alessandro lifts himself up onto the top rope. AQ hits a flying elbow drop from the top and goes for a cover!

VASSA: “How did Tillman kick out of that!”
JOHNSON: “I’m not sure that’s a big man crashing down on you!”
End of the Match: Alessandro frustrated with the result once again launches Tillman into his corner before unloading with lefts and rights to the body. He tags Blake in again who is ready to go as he begins to put the boots to Tillman’s stomach before taunting the crowd with his arms oustretched in the middle of the ring. The brief taunt allowed Tillman to regain compsure as he comes full speed with a shotgun dropkick launching blake across the ring into the Dogs of War’s corner! Tillman smelling the end lifts Blake up for The Martyr but Blake delivers a series of knees to Tillman’s head. Blake falls backwards delivering a back elbow to Shimada before bouncing up to the middle rope and nailing Tillman with the Final Deletion.
VASSA: “That could do it!”
Blake falls on top of Tillman but Shimada attempts to get into the ring only to have that attempt cut off by Alessandro who hits him with his running headbutt!

Blake and Quagliaterre stand victorious with their hands raised in the middle of the ring.

The camera cuts backstage, where backstage reporter Gabriel Hartman is standing next to “DA #TROLL GUY” Mariano Fernandez. Having just arrived, the latter hasn’t yet changed into his ring gear, so he’s still donning his usual black leather jacket and jeans. Nonetheless, he’s making shoulder rotations and a few stretching motions to begin his warmup.
HARTMAN: ”Steve, Vinny, we’re here with the new 4CW Frenzy winner and number one contender for the 4CW Title, Mariano Fernandez. Luckily we got ahold of him just in time, thank you very much for taking this time, Manny.”
FERNANDEZ: ”Hey yo. How you doing, mang. Don’t worry about it, pleasure’s all mine.”
HARTMAN: ”First things first, congratulations on being the last one standing at the Frenzy – with 29 other people, among which former 4CW title holders, you managing to hold on to the very end makes for an impressive victory. How do you feel knowing that you’ll be the one to challenge the 4CW Champion going forward?”
FERNANDEZ: ”Thanks, chico. See, everybody’s been congratulating me – telling me how well deserved it was and how proud of me they are, and grateful as I am for that, I feel I have to be honest with y’all. And that, mang, is why I’ll tell you I came into this match with a gnawing sense of doubt.”
At this point, he pauses, looking up as if to think, then nods and resumes speaking.
FERNANDEZ: ”I came into the Frenzy with a lot of questions on my mind, mang. What right did I even have to be there? How would I measure up against people who have already made their mark in 4CW history? Would I REALLY be ready, if I somehow actually won, to compete for the highest title 4CW has to offer? And somehow, mang, I was able to pull it off. Don’t ask me how it happened – I have no god damned idea. But SOMEHOW I was the last one out – and now I have to answer that very same question at Bad Company III.”
VASSA: ”What a waste. Greatest match of his time in 4CW, hell, maybe the greatest match of his career, and he tells you how chickened out he was before stepping in.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s humility for you, Vinny – something everyone always forgets at times like these.”
VASSA: ”Fuck humility, I want someone with a god damned pair!”
JOHNSON: ”You STILL don’t think he’s got one?”
VASSA: ”Why don’t we ask Paige and Alexis Morrison?”
FERNANDEZ: ”And now I’m facing Bronx, mang. That same Bronx Valescence that returned from oblivion at Winter Wasteland. That same Bronx Valescence I was proud to have been part of Gen Now with, and proud to have seen crowned champion at South Beach Brawl. That same Bronx Valescence that now, even now, has shown me nothing but scorn-“
He is about to speak again, but the 4CW Champion himself, Bronxy V, happens upon the interview.
JOHNSON: ”Uh-oh.”
VASSA: ”YES! Manny gonna get roasted WORSE than Twitter, mAnG!”
A tense silence breaks out as both competitors eye each other out – derision on the face of Bronx, defiance on the face of Manny.
VALESCENCE: ”Is this what we have to deal with the entire lead up to this mang, “MANG”? Are we going to have to deal with you telling everyone who will listen about, OH GEE GOLLY I TRIED SO HARD HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Drop the facade, Fernandez. Nobody is buying it. Sure, some may say you got lucky. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve watched you improve over the last couple of weeks, and not even YOU are stupid enough to join a match that you don’t think you can win.”
Manny shrugs, shaking his head, and sighing annoyedly.
FERNANDEZ: ”Can’t one be god damned grateful to people here, mang? I KNOW I ain’t the one you wanted to face. I know you wanted Dakota, or Anastasia, or Jair or Persephone Marquis. But I’m afraid you’re gonna have to deal with me. Thank you, however, for noticing I am giving it my best shot to improve. Talos knows It’s been nothing like I’ve ever been through – but that has NEVER stopped me.”
Bronx adjusted the title belt on his shoulder and glanced down to it before looking back up at Manny with a small, annoyed smile.
VALESCENCE: ”No…. no you weren’t the one I wanted to face. That’s over and done with though. I just want you to know that this isn’t going to be fun and games like you’re used to with your butt-buddy Nirvana. Just know that just because I didn’t want to face you for the championship, doesn’t mean I haven’t been waiting on this moment for a long time. Just know, that if you make a mockery out of me and this championship? I’ll make sure you don’t walk away when we finally face off.”
Mariano lifts a hand up as if to ask for patience.
FERNANDEZ: ”Hold up, chico – You’ve been going on this for a while now. WHY have you been waiting for this?”
Bronx broke out a smile as he reached over and roughly clapped Manny on the shoulder and laughed gently.
VALESCENCE: ”You’ll see, MANG. You’ll see.”
Not knowing what to expect, it’s all Mariano can do to take a deep breath and give the Champion a slight nod.
FERNANDEZ: ”Alright, chico – you have it your way. But you know one thing too. After all that’s happened – never mind the Frenzy, mang, that’s just the icing on a three-story cake. After every failed chance I had, after every god damned hard-earned SUCCESS I’ve had – the LAST thing I would like to do is make a mockery out of you – or the 4CW Title you now have the honor to carry. Remember that before Bad Company – because I WILL. NOT. Forget. Mang.”
He gives the Starboy a wry smile, which slowly turns into the Trollface. With that said, Bronx walks past them as they both stare at him in silence.
JOHNSON: ”And we got sparks flying right here as the 4CW Champion made a statement to the challenger.”
VASSA: ”Manny’s gonna get destroyed a thousand times before Bad Company arrives – and that’s when the champ will put him away once and for all!”


The arena lights begin to flash in tune with the drumbeat of “King” by Saint PHNX, signifying the arrival of Keaton Saint who makes his presence felt at the top of the ramp. Saint looks out to the arena crowd, taking in the atmosphere before concentrating on the ring.
“I just want to scream
That nothing’s what it seems
I’ll just keep believing
One day I’ll be king
Say it loud enough
I ain’t going nowhere
You can’t break me down
One day I’ll be king”

Saint progresses to the ring, taking time to acknowledge his supporters and exchange high-fives and respect.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring from London, England and weighing in at two hundred and fourty eight pounds. He is known as the Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling, he is KEATON SSAAIINNTT!!!”
Saint enters the ring and stretches himself, testing the tautness of the ropes before going to a corner and preparing himself for the upcoming match. While Saint prepares himself to face Darryl Walker the opening tones of “Kings Never Die” begins to play over the sound system. Out of the back comes Darryl Walker at a full sprint, rushing down the ramp and sliding into the ring as quickly as humanly possible before Mike Powers could even begin to announce his entrance. Trying to improv his way to buy a bit more time, Powers finally speaks and adds a bit in.
POWERS: “Now.. uhh.. having made it to the ring is a man who doesn’t finish nearly as fast when he’s in bed with Penny…. he is a man who once went to battle with the most daunting of opponents… a common household broom… he is a man who has to use an entire football to cover his manhood.. NO… HE ISN’T THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD…. he is… DARRYL WWAALLKKEERR!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Well here we go. A man who literally lost to a broom facing a man who… do you remember when the last time he won a match in 4CW was, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Goddamnit Steve are you really going to talk this whole time? This was going to be my nap time.”
JOHNSON: ”You know they pay you to actually do a job, not just sleep?”
VASSA: ”Perry takes naps all the time and if the owner can do it then I can follow his example.”
JOHNSON: ”I have… no words for you. Lets just get this match underway.”

Walker and Saint meet in the middle of the ring right away and awkwardly tie each other up. With both men being exactly six foot four inches and exactly two hundred and forty eight pounds, it’s almost like carbon copies of themselves going up against one another. However, Darryl shows a bit more awareness of the ring and manages to trap Keaton in the corner before lowering his shoulder and exploding with battering ram and battering ram shoulder block into Keatons abdomen. Looking quite energetic once he’s done one has to wonder whether or not Penny gave him a little bit of incentive if he was to walk away from the match as the winner. As Keaton stumbles out of the corner, Darryl turns around and flattens him with a quick clothesline.
Wasting little time, Darryl picks Keaton up and whips him across the ring. On the rebound, Keaton leap frogs Darryl and then bounces off the opposite ropes. Coming back, Keaton wraps his arms around Darryl’s neck and plants him down to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Back to his feet, Keaton hits the ropes and rebounds again, looking to landon a quick senton across Darryls chest but Darryl kips back up quickly and then spears Keaton down to the mat. He quickly hooks the leg and looks to the referee, who seems a bit shocked that Darryl is going for a pinfall attempt this early on in the match.

Walker doesn’t think much of the referee or of the kickout, but then again Darryl doesn’t think very much of most things, but manages to control his temper as he gets up and and pulls Keaton up with him. As he pulls keaton up, however, Saint locks on to his wrist and wraps it around behind Darryl’s back in a wrist lock. He then rushes Darryl forward into the corner and slams him chest first against the turnbuckle pads. Quickly, Keaton releases the wristlock and wraps his arms around Darryl’s waist before taking a step back and then tossing him overhead, and then down to the mat, with a german duplex.
JOHNSON: ”This is kind of an interesting match up of bigger guys. A lot of times we see a lot of fast paced action in this company, especially over on Octane. But not in this match.”
VASSA: ”No this is more of showdown between an unstoppable force and an immovable object.”
JOHNSON: ”…. except that Darryl lost to a broom a few weeks ago so he’s not an unstoppable force, and Keaton up until the last moment has been beaten all over this ring so he’s no immovable object.”
VASSA: ”Really… we’re going to break down my use of cliche’s after I let you openly proclaim that any song by Yanni is better than Slow Hands? REALLY STEVE?!”
Keaton continues his assault on Darryl, stalking him across the ring as Darryl began to push himself up, stomping on his back to flatten him back down to the mat. Walker clutches at his back, rolling over onto his side as his hand tries to soothe the pain. Saint continues his methodical attack, though, dropping an elbow to Darryl’s sternum, standing up slowly after doing so. It’s a bit more precise than what the broom had done to Darryl a few weeks back but you would expect that out of a trained professional wrestler that isn’t into clown rape and kiddie porn.
Making sure his stomps land exactly where he wants them too, Saint circles Darryl stomping on the limbs and extremities available to him. Hands, arms, legs and feet all absorb damage before he leans down to pull Darryl back up to his feet. As he does so, Darryl reaches up and uses Keatons momentum against him to roll him up into a small package pinning predicament! The referee quickly slides in to count the attempted pinfall.

Both men quickly spring back to their feet as soon as Keaton is free of the roll up. Saint moves toward Walker first but walker ducks under and allows the man to go sprinting into the ropes. On the rebound Darryl bends down at the last moment and then lifts Keaton high over his head, sending him crashing down to the mat with a back body drop. Seeming a bit incensed from the attack that had happened moments earlier at the hand of his opponent, Darryl swoops around and quickly mounts Keaton and begins wailing down upon him with hand right hands until the referee finally is forced to give him a five count to break the move, which Darryl does at the last possible moment.
VASSA: ”There we go Darryl. A mean streak is exactly what you need..”
JOHNSON: ”He’s got Keaton Saint in a world of hurt right now.”
VASSA: ”A whole world? What sized world? Like your average earth shaped world? Or are we talking more of a gassy planet sized world like Saturn?”
JOHNSON: “… what are you talking about, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Just breaking down your cliche’s like you did mine.”
Keaton slowly gets back to his feet as the referee forces Darryl to stay away until Keaton can get back up, which he does finally. The moment he’s back up, though, Darryl is there to close the distance between them, landing a wicked right hand to Keaton’s face before scooping him up and dropping him back first across his leg with a JASON CASHE SPECIAL! As Keaton hits the mat, Darryl quickly covers onee more

Somehow Keaton manages to get his shoulder up off the mat which only seems to set Darryl into even more of a rage. He quickly pulls Keaton back up to his feet. Yet as he does Keaton breaks free of Darryl’s grip and steadies himself, teeing off on Darryl with two quick left jabs and then a monster right hand that dazes walker and causes him to stumble back a few steps. Keeping in pursuit, Keaton closes the distance and plants a boot into Darryl’s stomach, doubling him over and setting him up into perfect suplex position. Hooking Darryl’s limbs into the appropriate position, Keaton lifts Darryl up over head and holds him there in a fisherman’s suplex position, stalling for a moment. It’s in that moment that Darryl manages to break from of Keatons grasp and use his agility to land on his feet behind his opponent.
Spinning Keaton around, Darryl gets a boot to the stomach in quickly, almost as though he was mocking what Keaton had just done a moment earlier. Except Darryl progresses to get double underhooks in. As he does so he lifts Keaton up and drops him down with a double underhook backbreaker which he transitions into an armbar submission hold.
JOHNSON: ”You can see the agony on Keaton’s. You can see he’s looking for a way out but every time he moves Darryl wrenches the hold in deeper.”
VASSA: ”Keaton saint is in a bad place right now folks and it looks like… YEP THERE IT IS KEATON SAINT TAPS OUT!!”

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by submission…. DARRYL WWAALLKKEERR!!!”
Leaping into the air, Darryl celebrates like he’s just won the Super Bowl. The referee finally gets him under control long enough to raise his arm in victory as the scene fades backstage.

We open backstage, in front of an Adrenaline backdrop is a not-so-familiar face for 4CW. The man has long hair cascading from underneath the flat bill hat he’s wearing, a floppy t-shirt on with his own face on it and a pair of fighting shorts on. The man rolls his back back and forth before he smirks and looks into the camera and nods a few times.
? ? ?: Bad Company. “It was like, like a beacon dude. When I saw that there was an open invitational for a chance to get my foot in the door in 4CW? I jumped on that, man. I’ve been approached time and time again to sign a contract for Octane, but I’ve always had my eyes on something more. So 4CW, I’d like to introduce you to the MAN…. my name is Cosmo Cooper and I’m not leaving with anything less than the 4CW Tag Team Championship and a contract with 4CW in my hand.”
When he introduces himself, Cosmo raises his arms out.
COOPER: “But let’s face it, most of you should know my name. After all, I was the one who won the Monkey Business Ace’s High Championship. I was the one who won the XHW Medal of Honor. You guys in 4CW hate Wulf Erikson? I beat that flipping idiot, pun intended. You guys hate Kaden Kessler? Guess what? Beat him too. I might as well be wearing a cape and a mask because I’m going to these places that NONE of you dare go to and I stay winning. If I don’t like someone? I go to their yard and I take them down.”
Smugly, Cosmo continued to nod as he spoke.
COOPER: “The Bad Company tournament is no different. There’s A LOT of people I want to smack in the mouth and shut up. There’s a lot of people I want to send home. It all starts with Gavin and Xavier. A lot of these teams? They’re out of their league, but me? I have a back up plan. I have an ACE up my sleeve. I have someone who calls 4CW his home. And that person is my partner…MAX CAVANAUGH!”
With the dramatic reveal, Cosmo opens his arms and expects his partner to come walking onto the screen, but Max doesn’t appear. Cosmo clears his throat.
COOPER: “Okay, my partner and 4CW’s own… MAX CAVANAUGHHH!”
Again, doing his best Vannah White impression, Cosmo reveals his partner but nobody shows up. Finally Cosmo goes off of camera and pulls Max in. He looks sad, a black hooded sweatshirt is on Max and he has the hood pulls over his head with sunglasses on.
COOPER: “Max, uh, isn’t himself right now. He is sad, but we’re going to cheer him up before our match tonight!”
Max mumbles something about being a rape victim and walks off the screen. Cosmo sighs and rubs the back of his head before walking off, then he quickly walks back in front of he back drop.
COOPER: “Regardless, uh, of whatever Max has going on. We aren’t taking no for an an—okay, probably not the best way to put it.”
Cosmo pondered on what could be the perfect send off, and then he shrugged, he jerked a thumb towards where Max walked off and then jogged off in that direction to try and cheer up his friend before their match.

Backstage Viduus and the Speaker are seated in a corner. Two chairs face each other and the Speaker is attempting to calm Viduus down. The camera begins to inch closer and closer but Viduus stands and slings the chair out of sight. He pounds his fist up against the cement wall and leaves them there leaning against it.
SPEAKER: “Calm down Viduus. You do not get rattled. You do not fall victim to the games. You do not get shaken.”
Viduus’s breathing begins to slow as the Speaker rises to his feet and directs Viduus to look at him.
SPEAKER: “We will strike again soon. We will make her regret ever entering the roulette match. Do you understand? She’s not a competitor. She’s not a real wrestler. She laid on top of a fallen man and stole your title. There will be nowhere to run when we speak to Perry about invoking a rematch clause. There will be nowhere to go. The Extreme Title must be defended under extreme rules and Viduus….we will make sure there is no escape for her.”
Viduus nods as the Speaker now notices the camera eavesdropping on them.
SPEAKER: “You want him?”
Viduus turns and cracks a smile at the camera man who takes off running as we transition to the next bit of action.

The grungy opening to ‘My Name Is Human’ by Highly Suspect begins to wave through the speakers. It’s an awkwardly silent crowd in Glasgow due to the recent events regarding 4CW’s very own Adrian Tanner Jr. As the opening ends and the sound of the electric guitar string echos throughout the arena, Johnny Evil steps out onto the stage. Usually you would see him in his grungy street clothes, but tonight he is dressed in a black suit with the 4CW Tag Team Championship slung over his shoulder as always, because fuck putting it around your waist like a normality, right?
VASSA: ”Well I’m sure it’s been a rough week for Johnny Evil!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure it has. I still dislike him for what he did to me at South Beach Brawl, but my condolences go out to him and the rest of the people that were very close to Adrian Tanner Jr. He truly was an incredible athlete!”
VASSA: ”You’re not kidding. In just one year Tanner won the XTV Championship in the Warzone of Horrors. Won the 4CW Tag Team Championships with Johnny Evil and recently fought at Ante Up for the 4CW Championship!”
JOHNSON: “I’m curious to hear what Johnny Evil has to say?”
Out from behind the curtain step his masked lunatics who are also in black suits, bogarting the entrance ramp. Johnny stands at the entrance for a while, looking down upon his belt with sorrow embedded across his face. He scans the arena before extending his arm outward and up into the stands. Giving the gesture of the symbolic finger gun he points and fires and as he does an Adrian Tanner Jr. memorial banner rolls down from one of the upper trusses and hangs behind him.
He takes a moment to gather himself before finally giving a sharp nod of the head and starting his walk down the entry way with his lunatics following closely behind him. Looking from left to right he glimpses at all the signs in the audience… People paying their respects to his tag team partner.
As he makes it to ringside he stops for a moment. The masked lunatics walk around him, surrounding the ring before he walks over to the steel ring steps. He takes a deep breath before he steps up them and enters the ring through the middle rope. A second later the rest of his squad hops up onto the apron and enters the ring.
The masked lunatics begin to pace around as Johnny looks out into the front row. He gives a nod to Brandon Young, Cecil, and the rest of Tanner’s family. As the lunatics fall in behind Johnny, one of them hands a microphone to him. It’s at this point the music starts to fade as Evil raises the microphone to his mouth.
EVIL: “Now usually I’m a scumbag, right?”
As Evil says this, an array of boos are beginning to filter from the silent Glasgow crowd. With a raise of his hand as if to say hold up they slowly begin to quiet down. Evil paces around the ring for a moment with his mob of lunatics behind him. He looks up at the memorial banner of Adrian Tanner Jr. and wipes the sweat from his face before continuing to speak.
EVIL: “Usually I would come out here and I would belittle each and everyone of you in the audience. You all would boo and slander me, just to get your cocks and nipples hard. I mean, for months we haven’t had a focal understanding and I’m cool with that just as you are. None of that bullshit matters though. Tonight it’s not about me and my masked lunatics. It’s not about the viewers in the stands and watching at home. It’s not about Perry Wallace or Bronx Valescence… Hell, it’s not even about Mariano Fernandez winning the Four Corner’s Frenzy…”
Evil shrugs as he takes a breath and paces a bit.
EVIL: ”Tonight is about a man who lived to perform. Shit, he lived for this sport. No matter how hard shit got and no matter how many times he was doubted he still came out to this ring every single time that he was booked and put on one hell of a show for each and every one of us. Tonight is about a man who lived to entertain in the ring as much as he did when he spoke to us through his promos. This man had my back ever since I walked through these doors, regardless of us beating the hell out of one another at South Beach Brawl. When I was lost and at my worse… he never gave up on me. Sometimes we need to get our asses beat to face reality and he did just that. Despite me turning on him and us having our ups and downs, the moral is that he was always there for me, because he never lost track in what we were trying to accomplish.”
Evil does a slow spin looking around at everyone in attendance as he pauses.
EVIL: “Tonight is about a man that I got so close with that I can honestly say he was like the brother I never had. Tragedies happen every day and lives can be lost in an instant. The fucked up irony of it is that it’s always the good ones that are taken from us. We can’t take life for granted and this is a prime example of why we can’t!”
Evil slides his hair away from his face and takes a minute to regain his composure.
EVIL: “Tonight is about my partner, Adrian Tanner Jr!”
EVIL: “Tonight is about making sure that he gets the honor and respect that he truly deserves. It’s about going hard in this very ring and busting our fucking asses to put on one hell of a show in his memory, because he would do the very same for any of us. After all, in case people don’t know… this would have been the show that marked a whole year he had been signed with this company. All jokes about this place being a shit company aside, we have the raw talent here. There isn’t a single fucking place in the industry that has the hitters that we do. Tonight we pay tribute to one of our own and it’s only right that we let him live on through our in ring abilities and gifts that we were all given, because tonight and fuck it, all month even…”
Johnny slaps his hand upon his chest and then points around the arena. He hypes himself as he says this. Causing the arena to roar, something that is uncommon when Johnny addresses the 4CW audience.
EVIL: “We are all Adrian Tanner Jr! It might not mean as much to some people, but to me it means a lot. To me it means yall better turn the fuck up.”
Johnny smiles and looks at his 4CW Tag Team Championship. He hoists it into the air proudly.
EVIL: “As for this situation and how it effects Bad Company??”
Taking a brief pause he looks around as the audience waits for his response in anticipation.
EVIL: “It doesn’t!”
EVIL: “Adrian Tanner was a fucking competitor and he would want the show to go on! With that said, I’m fighting tonight as booked because that’s what a competitor would do. I’m bringing the war to Hostile Takeover and I’m doing it for my brother, Adrian Tanner. Much like I will enter Bad Company alone and stay in that damn tournament and fight for as long as I can possibly can.”
EVIL: “With that said, you’re going to have to damn near fucking kill me to keep me down. I owe it to Tanner to give it my best shot and fight as hard as I possibly can, because if I didn’t…”
He shakes his head in disgust with the thought of not trying.
EVIL: “That would be just shitting on his memory, and that is just something I will not and can not do!”
Johnny slings the 4CW Tag Team Championship over his shoulder as the audience gives a standing ovation. As he drops the microphone, My Name Is Human begins to play through the speakers once more.
JOHNSON: ”Well, there you have it. Well spoken!! Johnny Evil is not giving up!!!”
VASSA: ”I wish him best of luck, because this tournament is stacked with talent!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re not kidding, but at least if he goes down at Bad Company we now know he’s going down swinging!”
VASSA: ”He’s absolutely right, Tanner wouldn’t want him to give up on what they accomplished. I know he’s going to bring it to the next level!”
As Evil and his masked lunatics exit the stage, the scene cuts to the backstage area.

Cut to the back of the SSE Hydro arena, pacing back and forth is none other than Christopher Wrigley. Wrigley is wearing a brown pin-striped suit with a blue undershirt and matching blue tie, he checks his watch and continues to pace back and forth with a worried look on his face. Just then the returning Brody Lee Prince appears which stops Wrigley in his tracks, Brody Lee is wearing a black t-shirt which reads ‘Paradise Moon Lodge’ and has his hair slicked back he is chewing gum loudly and has a casual ‘cooler-than-anything’ look on his face. Wrigley is not too pleased.
WRIGLEY: “You’re late.”
Brody Lee shrugs his shoulders.
BRODY LEE: “We had some travel issues. And by we, I really mean Magnus had some travel issues. I have no issues what-so-ever, as I am a world class traveler and have been to such exotic locations as Ireland before.”
WRIGLEY: “This is Scotland.”
BRODY LEE: “Exactly.”
Brody Lee brushes that one off with little interest, which makes Wrigley shake his head.
WRIGLEY: “What travel issues did Magnus have?”
Brody Lee begins to chuckle before he can even attempt to answer the question. He quickly wipes the grin off of his face with his taped-up hand, and then places his hand onto Wrigley’s shoulder.
BRODY LEE: “The whole story? Yeah, we have no time for that right now. But the short of it? Magnus is insane and should never be allowed on an airplane ever again. Ever. Thank God, you’re a lawyer, Wrigley.
Thank God.”
Brody Lee pauses as Wrigley looks on in horror, you can almost see his mind racing at all the possibilities as to what exactly happened. This prompts Brody Lee to follow that one up.
BRODY LEE: “Speaking of which, you might want to see if you can rent a boat… we’re not flying out of here.”
Wrigley mouths the words ‘motherfucker’ towards the sky. Just before he speaks again there is a loud crash followed by a couple of other sounds that grab both Wrigley and Brody Lee’s attention. As they turn around Magnus Brutus is standing there over the body of a clown. That’s right, it’s 4CW’s resident clown Dick. Dick is laying on his back looking up at the ceiling and looks as if he’s taken a bit of a beating at the hands of Magnus. Magnus is grunting and sweating and has a angry look on his face, behind him stands Phoebe who looks on with a twisted smile on her face.
MAGNUS: “Clown. Must. Kill!”
Just then Magnus stomps down with his boots a few more times, then turns around and from the snack table picks up a metal coffee pot and just as Dick gets back up to his knees…
…slams the metallic coffee pot right into the side of Dick’s head! Coffee splashes up against the wall as the impact from Magnus’ shot left a dent in the coffee pot. Magnus goes to lift the dented pot once again, but Brody Lee steps in from the side.
BRODY LEE: “Whoa, whoa… big man. I think he’s out. The clown’s out. You can put the coffee pot down now, we’ve got a match to worry about later save some for the match.”
Magnus breathes heavy, slowly his eyes lock with those of his tag team partner’s. Magnus lowers the coffee pot and hands it over to Wrigley. He then walks off leaving Phoebe standing there with an ear to ear smile. Brody Lee follows behind Magnus leaving Wrigley with Phoebe. Wrigley looks at the dented coffee pot.
WRIGLEY: “What the hell was that about?”
Phoebe doesn’t even look towards Wrigley, instead just grinning ear from ear.
PHOEBE: “I don’t like clowns. They’re awful.”
She then walks off which leaves Wrigley standing there by himself as 4CW security and medical staff rush in to make sure that Dick is still alive. Wrigley drops the coffee pot and slides out of there just about as smoothly as a human being can possibly slide out. We fade to black.


The lights in the 4CW arena fade down and are replaced by shades of red, white, and blue as “Devil Inside Me” by Frank Carter and The Rattlesakes begins to play over the speakers. The fans rise and boo as Max Cavanaugh steps onto the ramp and plays to the crowd.
POWERS: ”Now entering the ring, from New Orleans, Louisiana and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… MAX CCAAVVAANNAAUUGGHH!!!”
Max walks down to the ring and slides underneath the bottom rope before he climbs to top and throws his hands in the air. When he jumps down, he makes his way into the corner, waiting for the match to begin as the fans continue to boo.
“Lifted” by CL hits as the crowd pops. As the song picks up, Cosmo Cooper walks out with a cocky smile on his face, wearing his flat bill hat and a t-shirt. He looks around to either side of the stage and then drops down to one knee with his arms out as he soaks in the cheers before nodding his head to the beat and standing up, walking down the ramp and slapping hands.
POWERS: ”And his partner…from Santa Rosa, California… he is… COSMO CCOOOOPPEERR!!!”
Cosmo pauses on the ring steps where he slips off his shoes and then tosses his t-shirt and flat bill into the front row before he hops into the ring over the top rope and then does a small sideways trot around the ring before he stops in his corner and leans in it to wait on the bell to sound.
POWERS: ”And their opponents…”
“I’m your favorite drug!
Your favorite drug!
Just one hit is never enough!”

Your Favorite Drug by Porcelain Black blasted through the cleverly placed speakers throughout the arena. Emerging from behind those black curtains, “YOUR Favorite Drug” Xavier Laroux rushed out onto the top of the entrance stage, throwing his arms into the air as the crowd provided that mixed reaction. Trailing him is his partner Gavin Grimes who also gestures to the fans and is greeted with loud cheers
POWERS: ”They are Gavin Grimes and XAVIER LLLAARROOUUXX!!!”
That oh so arrogant smirk plastered across the face of Laroux as he began his descent down that ramp. Slapping hands with whoever wanted to along the way down, Laroux stopped once he reached the end of that ramp. His gaze fixated upon that ring in front of him, Laroux and Grimes run forward only to slide in under the bottom set of ropes.
Popping up to their feet, LaRoux threw his arms into the air, yelling out loudly. Backing into the corner, Laroux peeled off that white tank top, pitching it off to the side as he began to throw his right knee up, limbering himself up for the task at hand.

Beginning of the Match: After brief discussions in both corners it appears that Gavin Grimes and Cosmo Cooper are starting the match. Gavin and Cosmo meet in the center of a ring with a hard lockup before gaining the advantage with a headlock. Gavin and Cosmo begin a nice exchange of chain wrestling before Gavin, using his experience in amateur wrestling, gains the advantage with a german suplex. Gavin drags Cooper back to his corner where he tags in his partner, Xavier LaRoux. LaRoux wastes no time at all dragging Cosmo up to his feet and landing a series of knees to the ribs. LaRoux points and laughs at his downed opponent as the crowd showers him with boos. He grabs Cosmo by the hair but Cosmo lands a series of punches to his gut. Cosmo rises to his feet, bounces off the ropes, slides through LaRoux’s legs and makes the tag to his partner, Max Cavanaugh. He hops into the ring, ducks a clothesline, knocks Gavin Grimes off the apron and hits a spinning neckbreaker on Xavier LaRoux. Cavanaugh is fired up and screams in the face of LaRoux as he lies on the mat. Cavanaugh starts to lay the boots to LaRoux before picking him up to attempt a german suplex but Max reverses it into a german suplex of his own! Max falls backwards into his corner where Gavin Grimes tags himself in and proceeds to the top rope and hitting Max in the head with a shining wizard variation from the top! He goes for the pin…

JOHNSON: “Kickout! But wow, what a move by Gavin Grimes there!”
VASSA: “Which obviously had no power behind it since Max kicked out and one. And LOOK! He’s up already!”
Middle of the Match: Max had indeed risen to his feet but Grimes was ready for him. He springboarded off the middle rope attempting a cross body only to be caught by Max in mid-air and slammed to the ground. Max picks Gavin up by his ears and yells something in his face. Grimes chops Max’s hands off his head and hits him with a step up enziguri. Grimes crawls to his corner as Max begins to make his way to his feet once again but is too late! Grimes makes the tag and here comes Xavier LaRoux! Xavier nails Max with a clothesline. Cooper enters the ring to be met with a clothesline as well. Max is back up and throws a right hand that LaRoux ducks under and delivers a backstabber. Cooper attempts a clothesline of his own but Laroux ducks under that as well and gives him a backstabber! Grimes now is up on his feet and climbs to the top ropes to nail both men with a PHOENIX SPLASH! Grimes rolls Cooper and himself out of the ring as LaRoux goes for the pin!

VASSA: “NO! Kickout!!!”
JOHNSON: “LaRoux has been pretty impressive here tonight but it looks like they need a little more to finish them off.”
End of the Match: LaRoux was firmly in control as each legal man’s tag team partner made their way back to their respective corners. LaRoux nailed Max’s body with several knee strikes to the ribs before looking out to the crowd and grabbing his crotch. Max is up to one knee now and as LaRoux turns around lands a punch to his gut. LaRoux stumbles slightly back and Max sees his opportunity. With LaRoux doubled over Max hits him with a fameasser and both men are laid out in the middle of the ring. Their tag team partners extend their hands as each man makes the hot tag! Grimes hits the ring but Cooper takes him down with a leg lariat. LaRoux and Max make their way up, Max sidesteps LaRoux and sends him flying out of the ring. Cooper and Max now both looking at LaRoux on the outside but Max climbs the corner and hits a moonsault on the outside knocking both men out! Grimes awaits Cooper to turn around and goes for the diamond cutter but Cooper pushes him off of him into the ropes. Grimes attempts to use his momentum for a Frankenstein but Cooper stops him mid move…
VASSA: “That’s gotta be it!”


The sounds of a thunderous helicopter can be heard coming from outside the arena. Cutting backstage the cameras get a view of the helicopter as it slowly lowers itself onto the ground truly making its presence felt.
HARTMAN: ”Right now we aren’t really sure who has arrived in this chopper but we should get a good look as they’re about to exit or so it appears.”
Opening the door to the helicopter out steps the suited and booted custom fitted in a deep navy-blue David August. The chocolate LV’s hit the red carpet that lined a perfect path to a special stadium entrance. Slowly the cameras panned up to reveal none other than Dean Judas the legend in the making.
HARTMAN: ”It’s Dean Judas, he’s arrived just before his match. Let’s see if I can get a word with him. Dean!”
Yelling loudly towards Judas, Hartman approaches the young superstar microphone in hand and plenty of questions loaded.
HARTMAN: ”Dean, you made it here just before your match. What was the trouble getting here?”
JUDAS: ”No trouble, I show up on MY time and besides…the show doesn’t start until I get here. Hope the world is ready, I’m about to make an example outta this Pee Wee Holmesman.”
Fans surround the barricades that line the red-carpet Judas strolls down. Camera flashes pop and hands reach out to get a hand on the future. Shrugging people off one by one Judas takes a second and pauses for a moment before addressing one of the diehard screaming fans.
JUDAS: ”Lemme ask you somethin’ do you know who Andre Holmes is?”
FAN: ”Oh my God, oh my God! DEAN JUDAS! I LOVE YOU!”
JUDAS: ”So, do you know Holmes or not?”
FAN: ”No, who’s that?”
JUDAS: ”That’s what I thought.”
Raising a lip Judas pie faces the fan that was getting dangerously close to his moneymaker face. Passing through security Judas walks the backstage halls into his private locker room cause he’s got it like that. Dumping the LV bag to his left, Judas removes the blazer and reveals his jacked upper boy, his white dress shirt lookin’ more like a compression shirt.
JUDAS: ”None of the people out there know who Andre Holmes is, you won’t find somebody tossin’ up a sign with his name on it and you won’t find a single Holmes t-shirt in the crowd either. The dude expects everyone to bow down to him like he’s somebody special but the fact remains that he can’t wrestle.”
Poppin’ his shirt off Judas was always lookin’ out for the female fanbase. He could see that blank was getting nervous as Judas dropped his pants to hop into his wrestling gear.
HARTMAN: ”What do you have to say about Holmes basically saying all you do is create excuses?”
Judas: ”Excuses? Like I’ve said before, this faggot didn’t bother to look into my past and what I’ve done. He took the shortcuts and he’s looking past me. That’s his biggest mistake. My investigation will be complete and I will get a rematch with Kimchi Zombie and believe that I WILL BURY her without hesitation. I’m gonna run right through her, lights out, Money Train. Tonight, Holmes finds out the hard way why you don’t fuck with Judas cause Judas will fuckin’ kill you. I heard this idiot is already trying to sign a contract with another company. He’s probably still tryna pull outta our match before it goes down so he can save face. Back to the Bingo Hall Championship Wrestling Federation for you Holmes. I knew you couldn’t hack it kid.”
HARTMAN: ”What if Holmes gets the best of you tonight?”
JUDAS: ”A-ha!…”
Judas quickly 300 kicks Hartman in the chest and pulls the camera in closely grabbing it tightly yanking the camreaman along with it.
JUDAS: ”Listen to me, Holmes has NO chance to defeat Dean Judas. He lost the moment he took his eyes off the ball. For a veteran, he’s committed the rookie sin, never look past your current opponent. As dominant of a force that I am, I never look past someone, I’m always lookin’ to set an example. My match against you Holmes, I’m settin’ the example to all those that just MIGHT still doubt me. You’re a cardboard champion and none of those bullshit previous laurels mean shit to me or really anyone here for that matter. Holmes, you came into this place thinkin’ you were hot shit but I’ma pick you up by your jumper straps, toss you out while you throw a fit.”
Walkin’ over to the downed Hartman, Judas scoops him up and sits him atop the foldup table that sits against the wall of the locker room. Slappin’ Hartman around Judas gets him to come to.
JUDAS: ”Finish doin’ yo job. I got a match to attend.”
HARTMAN: ”My head…”
SLAP! Judas pops Hartman upside the head punking the wiry reporter. Judas leans back with his arms folded tapping his foot now in his gear from head to toe.
HARTMAN: ”ALRIGHT! Damn man. If…”
Hartman flinches hard as Judas raises a hand up towards him to make him think twice.
HARTMAN: ”When you defeat Andre Holmes what do you plan to do next?”
JUDAS: ”This is all you’re getting…I didn’t sign with 4CW to just be a member to just be part of another roster that’d pay me money. I’m not Andre Holmes, I don’t need to bounce around and win meaningless bullshit in order to get SOME type of fame. I’m self-made, remember that shit. 4CW signed me to an exclusive contract and so you’ll never hear me complain about the paycheck. I came here to get that 4CW Championship. I came here to take that crown jewel of pro wrestling and to strap it around this billion-dollar waist. When I take that belt I’ll never let it go. So, if Robert Plant Jr. still has the strap you can BET I’ma rip it from his puny hands. Ol’ Michael Bolton with a splash of Nickelback and a twist of Goldie Hawn lookin’ ass. Bonxy V, you goofy fuck I’d bury you in a heartbeat. It doesn’t matter if it’s him or any other of these so called 4CW Superstars. Put em in front of me and I’ll mow em down. Every single one of take warnin’ of probably pain…get the fuck off my tracks or get hit with the Money Train. Choo-choo faggots.”
Yanking Hartman off of the table by the ear, Judas gives him a swift kick in the ass before he shoves the camera crew out with him.
JUDAS: ”Get out my locker room now ‘n leave me alone, I gotta get my hands wrapped before I go break Holmes’ nose ‘n orbital bone.”


A slow but assuring guitar riff broken up in a DJent pattern starts playing with the lights in the arena shutting off to illuminate gray colored images of Andre Holmes on the titantron. “Relentless” by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing, and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena. He walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on. Cheers are increasing like giant waves on the beach to him as he stands on the center stage surveying the crowd with a big smile on his face. Walking down the entrance path, he pauses until hearing the lyrics.
“Tear Me Down, It Won’t Build You Up….”

VASSA: ”Hey Steve, I got a pun for ya!”
JOHNSON: ”What’s that, Vassa?”
VASSA: ”Out of all the ‘holmes’ Andre could have picked, The Relentless One picked 4CW and that makes us special!”
A rise of smoke emerges behind him in single-line fashion as he stops center of the entrance path to raise his arms in the air, and a release a primal scream.
POWERS: ”Introducing on his way to the ring! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and one pounds. He is “Relentless” ANDRE HHOOLLMMEESS!!!”
Afterwards, the lights return back to normal, and he walks down to the ring while mingling with some of his fans at ringside. Climbing up onto the apron, he quickly runs to leap onto the middle rope. A spotlight emerges behind him to cloak him in a silhouette with smoke pushing upwards for that shadow effect. Hopping over the top rope, he lands inside the ring to stay in an unoccupied corner where he removes his hoodie, and tosses it to the outside. Standing in an unoccupied corner, Andre warms up, and he tightens the strap on his MMA Gloves waiting for his opponent to come out.
JOHNSON: ”You know, Andre Holmes has had a great run in every single company he’s ever been in!”
VASSA: ”Well, tonight he’s got one tough opponent, and his name is Dean Judas!!!”
The lights along the tron pulsate while the arena is engulfed in darkness. Each time the bass hits the lights flash on around the entrance tunnel. The beat starts to pick up pace as the crowd begins to stir in their seats and a level of excitement begins to reach its peak. Continuing to thump, the music starts to form a melody.
POWERS: ”Hailing from Los Angeles California, weighing in at two hundred twenty-five, he is The Antivist…DEAN JJUUDDAASS!!!”
Just as Judas is announced for the match the first verse of the song is nearing its end. Anticipation is at an all-time high as the crowd can barely sit on the edge of their seats anymore. Everyone knows what’s coming but it doesn’t change the hype. The song hammers with every pulse being felt throughout the arena, a series of bright blinding white lights flash in time. Wind and smoke chaotically collect, swirl and clash on the entrance stage until it engulfs the entire stage whole. The chorus kicks in heavy with 808s bangin.
”Oh my God, oh my God
If I die, I’m a legend
When they lay me down to rest, I know I was always reppin
Oh my God, my whole life, my words been my greatest weapon
I know I. I know I, been the coast greatest blessin.”

VASSA: ”Here he comes, a kid with a chip on his shoulder looking to prove himself every step of the way!”
JOHNSON: ”Well he’s definitely got one hell of a match waiting for him in the ring tonight!”
Out walks Dean Judas with a grin on his face and cocky swagger about him. Strolling down the ramp as the music continues to overpower the crowd’s attempts to boo Dean into submission. Like a man possessed Dean continues his slow walk towards the ring. Bypassing all the fans with a focused look he hops into the ring. Marching towards the turnbuckle he ascends upwards. Judas stands atop the turnbuckle looking out onto the crowd with confidence as they continue to shower him with boos. Pounding his chest like a beast, Judas cracks his trademark crooked smile flashing his pearly whites. Hopping down off of the turnbuckle Judas appears primed and ready for the match.
The two stare each other down, taking a couple of paces toward the center of the ring as the bell sounds…


As the match begins Andre and Judas began to circle around one another. They both rush forward and begin a struggle for power with a lock up. Andre quickly throws Judas into a wrist lock spinning behind him and transitioning into a headlock. Judas drops to a knee as andre tightens down. It isn’t long before Judas drives an elbow into Andre’s ribs causing him to break off the hold. Andre tries to give no breathing room rushing forward again extending his arm out for a clothesline. Judas ducks under the clothesline and rebounds off the ropes coming back forward and gripping Andre Holmes up, drilling him to his back and connecting a spinebuster. With Andre on the mat Judas runs towards the ropes again bouncing off and coming back into Andre’s directions as he closes in, he hops in the air and lands on Andre driving and elbow into his ribs.
JOHNSON: “Both men tried starting this match off with a power struggle and that quickly went out the window!”
VASSA:What did you expect, Dean Judas is a fucking powerhouse! Even if he only stands at six foot one!”
Judas quickly comes to his feet once more and reaches down, pulling Andre up into a standing position. He locks Andre around the waist and attempts a belly to belly suplex, but Andre holds his weight and drills an elbow into the top of Judas’s head. With Judas stumbling back holding the top of his head, Andre rushes forward with a spinning forearm only to get caught around the waist and sent flying back with a T Bone suplex. Judas looks around and steps across Andre’s chest as if to mock him before reaching down and pulling him to his feet.
VASSA: “The disrespectful arrogance of Dean Judas! HA, I love it!!!”
JOHNSON: “Yeah, but I’m sure Holmes doesn’t and you shouldn’t underestimate a man with as much experience as Andre Holmes, it could come back to bite you in the ass!”
Judas grips Andre Holmes by the wrist and tosses him into the ropes, causing him to spring back into his direction. As he rushes forward, Judas kicks Andre in the stomach and pulls him forward locking Andre’s head under his arm and lifting him into the air with a suplex, dropping him back first to the canvas. Judas climbs up and instantly reaches down, grasping Andre under the arm and pulling him to standing position once more. He pushes Holme’s back into the corner and rushes forward, driving a shoulder into his stomach.
JOHNSON: “So far Dean Judas has been putting on a show and remaining dominant!”
VASSA: “What did you expect, Johnson? That’s Dean Judas for you… arrogant and powerful!”
Andre comes stumbling out of the corner as Dean Judas locks him by lifting under the leg and sends him flying backward with a T-Bone suplex. Feeling confident Judas hops up and begins to hop around in an arrogant type of stance as Andre rolls onto his stomach and pulls himself to a knee. Dean reaches down and locks his hand upon Andre’s wrist, pulling him to his feet. He reaches out to lock Andre Holmes in a sleeper hold, but Andre fires an elbow across his chin, followed by another one.
VASSA: “Andre fires an elbow into Dean Judas’s chin!”
JOHNSON: “I could hear the crack upon Judas’s jaw all the way from the ring to the announce table!!”
Judas grabs his chin and stumbles away as Andre hits the ropes and hops to the second rope springboarding off and coming back into Dean’s direction, locking his arm around Dean’s neck and spiking him down to the canvas head first with a tornado DDT. With pep in his step after shifting the momentum, Andre Holmes hops back to his feet and reaches down pulling Judas back to his feet. He delivers a kick to Dean Judas’s leg, causing him to drop to a knee. Holmes hits the ropes again and rushes forward, connecting a Shining Wizard and falling upon Judas for the first pin attempt of the match.

Judas powers out with force, causing Andre to fall off of him. Judas rolls over and grips his hands upon the mat, pulling himself to his feet. Andre comes to his feet at the same time and runs forward hopping into the air looking for a head scissors, but Judas catches him and spins him out dropping him down with a tilt a whirl slam. Judas sits on the mat for a moment and wipes the sweat from his forehead before climbing to his feet. He leans down and grabs Andre by the forearm pulling him to his feet. Kicking Andre in the ribs he shoves his head between his legs and hoists Andre up for a powerbomb. Andre Holmes kicks out and falls back, gripping Judas by the back of the head, planting him face first to the mat with a sit-out facebuster.
JOHNSON: “Great counter by Andre Holmes!”
VASSA: “Judas went for a powerbomb, but Andre was able to slip off of him and plant Judas with a facebuster!”
Both men lay on the mat for a moment before Andre Holmes rises to his feet. He stalks Dean for a moment as he pulls himself to his feet. As Dean Judas turns around, Andre lunges a kick in his direction. Judas scouts it and grabs Andre’s foot blocking it off. Andre quickly hops into the air and connects an enziguri to the side of Judas’s face. With Judas down Andre walks over to the corner and begins to ascend the ropes. He gets to the top and looks behind him as Dean rolls over onto his stomach. Jumping into the air, Andre rotates himself for a moonsault, but as he lands, Dean Judas raises both knees, causing Andre to land stomach first upon them. As Andre falls off Judas’s knees and hits the canvas, Judas rolls over onto him for a pinfall.

VASSA:“Holmes went for a moonsault from the top rope early and he almost paid for it big time!!!”
Andre kicks out, causing Judas to roll off of him and crawl over to the ropes, using them to stand to his feet. As Andre rolls onto his stomach and begins to crawl toward the ropes himself, Dean Judas steps over to him and drops down upon him, drilling a knee directly into the bridge of his back. Judas reaches down and quickly pulls Andre to his feet. Pushing him into the ropes and clubbing him with a couple forearms. He whips Andre across the ring, causing him to bounce off the adjacent ropes. As Andre comes forward, Judas leans forward for a back body drop, but Holmes stops himself short and delivers a kick to Judas’s face. Judas rises up holding his face as Holmes jumps into the air, delivering a dropkick and sends him tumbling over the top rope and out onto the ringside floor.
JOHNSON: “Judas in no man’s land right now!”
VASSA: “Andre Holmes is looking like he’s feeling it, Johnson!!!”
As Judas starts to stand, Holmes rushes forward and ascends the ropes. Once Judas makes it to his feet, Andre hops from the ropes and delivers a diving cross body block out onto the ringside floor, getting a decent pop from the audience. It takes a second for Holmes to climb back to his feet, but as soon as he does, he lifts Judas to standing position. Gripping Dean’s wrist, Andre looks to whip him into the turnbuckle post, but Judas catches him with a rake to the eyes, causing him to release his grip. With Andre cupping his eyes, he spins back into Dean Judas’s direction and gets speared upon the barricade.
JOHNSON: “What a hellacious spear from Dean Judas!!”
“One! … Two! … Three!”

Judas takes a couple steps back and runs forward he jumps into the air with a body splash, but at the last possible second, Andre Holmes ducks out of harms way. Judas collides with the barricade and staggers backward. Holmes waits for Judas to turn around and forearms him in the face, causing him to slump up against the barricade this time. Taking a couple steps back, Holmes now runs forward and hops into the air, but Judus rushes out from the barricade and grabs him in mid air, running forward and hitting a spinebuster, smacking Andre Holmes back first against the ringside floor.
“Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven!”

VASSA: “Judas seems to dominating outside the ring. His aggression is insane!!”
Judas climbs to a knee and acknowledges the count, climbing to his feet and walking over to the ring, rolling in through the bottom rope but quickly rolling back out to restart the ten count. He walks over to Andre and reaches down, lifting him to his feet by the wrist. Andre uses his free hand to drive a fist into Dean Judas’s kidney causing him to buckle. As he stumbles back Andre runs up the steel ring steps and hops into the air, wrapping his legs around Dean’s neck and sending him down to the floor with a hurricanrana.
JOHNSON: “… And now Holmes is beginning to turn the tide outside the ring!”
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Holmes rolls to his feet and reaches down, lifting Judas to standing position and rolling him back into the ring. As Judas rolls onto stomach and makes a crawl to both knees, Andre climbs up upon the ring apron. Judas starts to stand and Andre hops upon the top rope springing off. It looks as if Holmes is going for another hurricanrana, but Judas catches him in mid-air and slams him down upon the mat with a sit-out powerbomb, keeping his shoulders down for a pinning combination.

VASSA: “Only a two count for Dean Judas off the sit-out powerbomb!”
JOHNSON: Either way, that was a great counter from Judas!
Dean Judas rolls Andre to the side and climbs to a knee. He looks over to the turnbuckles before climbing to his feet. Dean reaches down and lifts Holmes up, Irish whipping him into the corner. Following behind Andre he gives him a massive chop to the chest before lifting him up and setting him onto the top turnbuckle. Judas climbs up after him, but Holmes fires a shot to his rib cage causing him to buckle. Dean Judas shakes it off and reaches over, locking Andre’s head under his arm looking for a superplex. Andre fires a couple more shots, and then pulls his head out from under Judas’s arm before flipping over him and dropping him down with a sunset flip powerbomb into a pin.

JOHNSON: “Andre Holmes almost stole one with the sunset-flip!”
VASSA: “You ain’t kidding. Judas would have been pissed!!!”
Dean Judas rolls out of it at the last second. He reaches down as he rolls to his feet and grips Andre’s legs attempting to roll him into a Boston crab, but Andre starts kicking his feet back and forth and left and right to fight it. Judas finally steadys Andre and instead of turning him, leans back and flips him with a catapult into the corner. Andre smacks against the turnbuckles and pops out of the corner backwards like a q ball. Dean reaches out and locks him around the waist. He flips Andre backward and drops him on his back with a German suplex. Releasing the suplex, both men lay on the canvas, tired.
VASSA: “Both men are exhausted from this explosive match-up!”
JOHNSON: “Both Holmes and Judas are fighting to prove why they could very well be the next top dog in 4CW!”
Judas rolls over and pushes his hands upon the mat, pulling himself up to one knee as he looks over at Andre Holmes. He stands up as Andre begins the same pattern, but before Holmes can stand, Judas reaches down and pulls Andre up. As Andre comes up, he stops Judas from attempting anything by delivering a swift European uppercut to Dean’s chin. Judas stumbles backward a bit as Andre drives a boot to his ribs. Dean buckles forward and Holmes locks his arm around Judas’s head, gripping his leg and pulling it upward before falling back with a fisherman’s suplex. Keeping the leg locked up, Holmes bridges up while keeping Judas’s shoulders on the mat for a pin.

Dean Judas kicks out and Andre rolls off of him, pulling himself to his feet. Andre hops up and back peddles into the corner, slumping himself against them in a relaxed state to a moment to catch his breath. He watches as Judas uses the ropes as a crutch to pull himself to his feet. As Dean stands Holmes runs forward. Holmes looks to drive a knee into the side of Dean Judas, but Judas catches him out of the corner of his eye and lifts him upon his shoulders Doing a quarter turn, Judas goes to drill Andre’s head into the mat with a Death Valley driver, but Holmes kicks around him and lands on his feet behind Judas. He locks his arms over Dean Judas’s head and applies a sleeper hold, but it’s quickly broken as Judas reaches back and grips upon the back of Andre’s head, dropping down and delivering a sit-out jawbreaker.
JOHNSON: “A quick counter of desperation from Dean Judas!”
VASSA: “Both men going back and forth, tit for tat!”
As Holmes staggers backward, Judas stands up and runs forward and locks him up like he’s going to do a scoop-slam, but keeps he held horizontally. Judas jumps backward and executes a standing moonsault fallaway slam. Keeping Holmes locked up, Judas rises back to his feet and vaults him over his head before tossing him forward and driving him down with a forward fireman’s carry slam. Upon drilling Holmes down, he lands on top of him for a pin…
VASSA: “THE BALLAD OF NINO BROWN in this bitch!! This has to be over for Andre Holmes!!!”

JOHNSON:Great ring awareness by Andre Holmes!! I thought the deal was sealed and the match would be over for sure!!!”
Andre lifts a foot and kicks it atop the ropes at the very last second, saving the match. Judas hops up and looks around with a look of anger stretched across his face. He climbs to his feet and reaches down, aggressively pulling Andre Holmes to his feet. He slaps Andre in the face, but that only seems to wake Holmes up, firing a slap of his own back into Judas’s face. Judas staggers back, wiping his face. Holmes kicks him in the stomach and stuffs Judas’s head between his legs. He hoists Judas upon his neck and runs forward powerbombing him into the corner. Judas bounces out and hits the mat stomach first as Andre Holmes falls to the mat exhausted.
JOHNSON: “BAD LANDING!! Holmes is exhausted from the toll of this physical match-up though!!”
VASSA: “Both men giving it all they got to make a name for themselves in 4CW! We’re seeing one hell of a fight!!”
Andre Holmes rolls onto his stomach and takes a breather before rolling back onto his stomach and beginning a slow crawl toward Judas. He plants one palm upon the match pushing himself a couple inches closer. He smacks another palm down upon the mat and moves even closer. Exhausted he reaches out and drops an arm upon Dean Judas.

JOHNSON: “Dean Judas comes through with the resilience!!!”
After taking a moment, Holmes pulls himself to his feet. He looks around and signals for the end. Judas rolls onto his stomach and begins pulling himself to his feet and Holmes stalks around behind him and as Judas rises and turns in his direction, Holmes leans forward and scoops Dean up upon his shoulders, looking for a Holmes On The Range. Judas kicks over him and lands on his feet. He fires an elbow into Holmes face causing him to stumble into the ropes before staggering forward. Judas scoops him, looking to connect a YDG!, Holmes kicks around and lands on his feet. Judas spins to face him as Andre fires an elbow of his own. Judas ducks it and springs into the ropes. He rushes out with tremendous force, leveling him to the mat with a Money Train. Exhausted from the exchange that took place, Judas limply falls on top of Holmes for a pin.

VASSA: “What an amazing match we just witnessed!”
JOHNSON: “You gotta believe is Holmes would have hit Holmes On The Range it would have been nighty night for Dean Judas!”
VASSA: “I don’t doubt it, both men proved that they are 4CW durable tonight, and both have a bright future here!”
POWERS: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match… DEAN JJUUDDAASS!!!”
As Dean Judas boosts himself to a knee, the official goes to raise his hand in victory, but Judas pulls it away and gives the official a menacing look. He climbs to his feet and looks down at Andre Holmes who rolls onto his stomach. Judas takes a couple of paces back and leans his back upon the ropes as he wipes the sweat from his face. The footage than cuts to the backstage area.

After his match, the camera views Andre walking down the hallway in the backstage area removing his MMA Gloves from around his hands. Sweaty, tired, and wanting to go home, he rubs the sweat off his forehead and opens the door to the locker room. He halts in his step. A figure sat down on a steel chair right in front of his locker causes his fists to ball. Andre steps through the door and marches behind the figure.
HOLMES: “Thought I told you never to mess with my locker AGAIN!”
He kicks the figure in the neck only for it to be revealed as a mannequin dressed as American Tommy from behind. As the wooden figure collapsed onto the rug, Andre rolled his eyes.
HOLMES: “Pussy.”
Gathering his things and putting on the black hoodie, he stepped out of the locker room where a voice shouted from the east.
HOLMES: “What the fuc-”
An equipment crate swerved into his right side flipping him over it before crashing down onto the concrete floor. Ande rolls back and forth, covering his ribs with both arms hugging around it. Tommy, on the other hand, struts around his fallen body waving the wand in his right hand before kneeling down.
TOMMY: “It’s easy to get the upper hand when the other person isn’t expecting it. I figured I’d return the favor. You know, after last week, when you jumped me for no FUCKING reason! It’s not my problem that your wife probably wants to fuck me since you didn’t stay faithful to her. Maybe I’ll pity fuck her just because she puts up with your pitiful ass. Leave me the fuck alone so I don’t have to come and beat this ass again.”
After those harsh words were spoken, he leaves the area letting nearby staff and medical attention come to Holmes’ aid as a string dangles from the ceiling.


Peel their Caps back Ice T (instrumental) hits, The Hillbilly Assassin James Fierce and Mad Dog Paul Soutter make their way out to the runway, both are wearing KGB t-shirts and are accompained by their bodyguard the near 7 ft tall Compton Colossal Bruno, Bruno is wearing black sunglasses and a KGB muscle top, he strides down behind both men, all three staring at the crowd meancingly with disdain.
POWERS: ”Introducing first, the tea of James Fierce and Paul Soutter… they are K-G-B!!!”
The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area as the smooth sounds of an electric guitar serenades the live crowd before the vocals come.
“They’re the in crowd, we’re the other ones
It’s a different kind of cloth that we’re cut from
We let our colors show, where the numbers ain’t
With the paint where there ain’t supposed to be paint”

The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a huge anarchy symbol appears on the video screen followed by dripping blood behind it as we see The Hardcore Artist step out onto the stage to a chorus of boos.
“That’s who we are
That’s how we roll
The outsiders, The outsiders”

The video screen lights up once more and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The crowd reaction is mixed, but there are more cheers than boos, as one final image that is displayed across the screen and that message reads in bold, capitalized letters…..SCOTT STEVENS as the cheers intensify drawing out the man from Texas.
“Our women get hot, and our leather gets stained
When we saddle up and ride ’em in the pouring rain
We’re the junkyard dogs, we’re the alley cats
Keep the wind at our front, and the hell at our back”

Scotty and Stevens look at one another and the tension of mutual hatred is felt as the two look like they are about to attack one another before the Texan extends his fist and the Hardcore Artist pounds it.
POWERS: ”Introducing at this time, from New York City… ‘The Hardcore Artist’…. SSCCOOTTTTYYWWOOOODD!!!”
Scotty raises the hockey stick in the air before heading into the ring followed by Stevens who fists bumps some of his fans while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers.
“That’s who we are
We do our talking, walk that walk
Wide open rocking
That’s how we roll”

POWERS: ”And his partner, coming to us from the Great State of Texas, by way of Houston, Texas. Standing at six feet, six inches, and weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six pounds… This…is….SCOTT SSTTEEVVEENNSS!!!”
Scotty reaches the ring and climbs the steel steps to enter the ring as Stevens rolls into the ring.
“Our backs to the wall
A band of brothers
Together, alone, the outsiders
We’re the riders, we’re the ones burning rubber off our tires.
Yeah, we’re the fighters, the all-nighters
So fire ’em up and get a lil higher”

The two Scotts fist bump each other once again before Scottywood quickly scales the turnbuckle and raises the hockey stick in the air as he soaks in the boos and just smiles as Stevens ascends the other turnbuckle and stares out into the crowd as he soaks in the hatred as well.

Scottywood descending the turnbuckles and leans his back up against them while an icy glare and the throat slash gesture come from Stevens as they prepare for the start of their match.
JOHNSON: ”Here tonight in these qualifiers we’ve got a number of different combinations. Teams from outside 4CW facing each other, teams from outside 4CW facing teams from within 4CW and just about every possible combination you could imagine.”
VASSA: ”You’ve got to imagine that KGB are going to be looking to make a statement against the former High Octane, and current Adrenaline, roster members in Scott Stevens and Scott Woodson, better known as Scottywood.”
JOHNSON: ”Well you can’t blame them. 4CW is earning itself a reputation as being the place where the best in the world come to compete. So a win against a duo from 4CW would send a big time message to al to of the other tag teams.”
VASSA: ”For both men they’ve had a tough road lately. Stevens has really suffered since the apex of his career in 4CW at All or Nothing against Elijah Carlson for the 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Disappointment on such a grand stage often leads to a bit of doubt, which leads to problems when you’re in that wrestling ring. Tonight, Scott Stevens can begin to correct that pattern and get things back on track alongside Scottywood. It’s about getting to Bad Company by any means possible tonight.”

Beginning of the Match: Though a bit unnatural to be cheering for Stevens and Scottywood, the 4CW fans show their support for the home team as Scottywood and Paul Soutter decide to start the match out for their respective teams. Soutter gains the early advantage of he and Scottywood trade strikes, torquing Woodson over with a headlock that he transitions to the ground with a side headlock. Woodson manages to work his way back up to his feet and out of the hold but when he goes to attack Soutter he’s met with a standing dropkick that flattens him and sends him rolling across the ring to tag Scott Stevens in while Soutter adjusts his tights with an easy grin on his face. Stevens, bigger and slower, methodically moves across the ring towards Soutter who manages to avoid the grasp of the big man and drop a chop block to Stevens bad knee. With Scott down in a kneeling position. Soutter backs off for a minute and tags his partner, James Fierce, into the ring. Quickly the two move together and thrust their feet toward the jaw of Scott Stevens, connecting with stereo super kicks to the jaw that flatten the big man. As Fierce dives for the pinfall, Soutter cuts Scottywood off early on but Stevens manages to kick out of the predicament at two after which the referee immediately begins to try and restore order, sending Soutter and Scottywood back to their corners.
JOHNSON: ”KGB looking good early on. Although there’s still plenty of time for The Outsiders to get back into this.”
VASSA: ”Really just a couple of early mistakes from Stevens and Scottywood have left them vulnerable.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s how it often is with Stevens though, isn’t it? He’s been through hell and back on more than one occasion in his career and it has left his body a shell of what he was as a younger wrestler.”
VASSA: ”That’s true. He’s not nearly as fast as he once was but if he gets his hands on you, oh boy watch out.”
Middle of the Match: Soutter and Fierce continue to work together, isolating Stevens from his corner and working him over while tagging in and out quickly to keep each other fresh. A big side slam followed by a tag to Fierce and a frog splash from the top rope put The Outsiders in danger of being put away before they could get into the match but Scottywood managed to dive in and break up the pinfall attempt before the three was able to fall. While the referee forced Scottywood back to his corner, Fierce raked the eyes of Stevens who was trying to get back to his feet, causing the big man to stumble back and clutch at his eyes. Sensing opportunity, Fierce pounced in Stevens direction and, on pure instinct, Stevens responded and nearly took his head off with a vicious clothesline that sent the crowd into an uproar. Both men stayed down for a few moments with Fierce being the first to move, and then Stevens a moment later. After a few long moments of suspense Fierce dove to tag Soutter in but Soutter wasn’t quick enough getting into the ring and Stevens managed to get the hot tag to Scottywood who came into the ring on fire and leveled Soutter with a clothesline of his own. Fierce then stood to try and fight back but ate his own clothesline before being dumped out of the ring. Soutter, getting back up, is met with a stiff kick to the face that sends him rolling out of the ring to collect himself and his partner and get things back under control as the crowd reached fever pitch.
JOHNSON: ”Stevens makes the tag and Scottywood comes into the match like a bat out of hell, cleaning house!”
VASSA: ”That’s true but KGB has been in full control the whole match. This is the first offense the Outsiders have really been able to get in. You just have to wonder if once Soutter and Fierce regain their composure if they won’t regain their control as well”
End of the Match: KGB took until he referee reached a nine count outside of the ring before Soutter finally rolled himself back in and Fierce returned to the ring apron in his respective corner. Scottywood, ready to fight, throws himself at Soutter and the two begin to brawl around the ring. Soutter quickly whips Woodson into the ropes but doesn’t notice the blind tag Stevens makes so when Soutter lays Scottywood out with a back body drop and stood back up straight he never saw the forearm shiver from Scott Stevens coming. As Soutter hit the mat, Stevens ran to his opponents corner and caught Fierce with a hard right hand to the jaw that knocked him down off the ring apron. Seeing Soutter begin to recover, Scottywood turns and waits for him to stand before running at him and blasting him with a massive running clothesline that knocks Soutter down to a knee. Stevens, with all he instincts and ring awareness in the world, turned at just the right time to see the clothesline connect and take off in Soutters direction, blasting him across the face with a running knee trembler that lays Soutter out clean. Scottywood dives out of the ring as Stevens jumps across the fallen body of Soutter and the referee slides into to count the three and close out the match.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners advancing to Bad Company III… SCOTT STEVENS… SCOTTYWOOD…. THE OOUUTTSSIIDDEERRSS!!!”

The cameras flip backstage where Christy Chaos sits in her locker room. With somber eyes she looks up to the camera.
CHAOS: ”I’m not going to talk about my match, I’ve already done that. I have another matter to address. A very serious matter. As we all know… Tragedy struck 4CW this week.”
Pausing for a moment she drops her head before continuing.
CHAOS: ”It was very sad news to find out about. It’s never a matter you enjoy hearing about. It’s really not.”
She looks back up to the camera.
CHAOS: ”I’m not going to dedicate my match in his honor or anything like that.”
She shakes her head slightly.
CHAOS: ”You can see that as disrespectful, but to me, it’s exactly the opposite. I don’t DESERVE to do that. I didn’t know the man. He came after I left… and I just recently came back. I never got to meet him, and it’s sad to think I never will. To me, it would be classless to dedicate my match or pending achievments in honor of a person I never met… it’s trying to gain popularity off of a tragedy. That is just plain disgusting. Something I cannot do, something I will not do.”
Sighing deeply she gives a slight nod while there is a knock at her door.
CHAOS: ”What I can do. Is offer my deepest and most sincere condolences to Johnny Evil… Adrian’s Family… and anyone else effected by this horrible horrible tragedy.”
Looking steadily into the camera as she stands up.
CHAOS: ”I’m sorry.”
Walking over to the door she opens it, revealing her partner.
MICHAELS: ”Ready to do this?”
She sighs and gives a nod.
CHAOS: ”Yeah.”
The pair walks out and the scene fades.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a qualifying match for Bad Company. Introducing first, already in the ring, the tag team duo of BIG BBUUSSIINNEESSSS!!!”
With the tag team of Big Business standing in the ring already the marching beat in the intro plays throughout the arena as immediately the crowd in attendance clap along to the beat, the front row smack the guardrail along to the beat as well. As soon as the song kicks in at about 15 seconds, Ace Watson and “Indestructible” Owen Gonsalves burst out from behind the curtain. Both men immediately go to opposite ends of the stage and engage with the crowd, hyped for their upcoming match. The crowd wait in anticipation and as the first line of the song hits, they chant it out along with Owen and Ace:

POWERS: “And their opponents… Ace Watson… Owen Gonsalves… they are… SSHHOOOOTTCCAAMMPP!!!”
The hype behind the chanting of the first lyric in the song connects with Shootcamp as they shake hands like true gentlemen before making their way down to the ring, singing along with the song. They both climb onto the apron before bursting up onto the turnbuckles to another ovation from the crowd before the hop into the ring. They meet in the middle as Owen falls into a cross legged seated position and does a gun gesture with his hand as Ace stands behind him and does a shotgun gesture. The song fades out as they move to a corner to discuss their match tactics.
JOHNSON: ”Another qualifier for Bad Company III is about to get underway here folks and I have to admit I’m a bit interested to see what Big Business has to offer.”
VASSA: ”Both members of Big Business represent SWAT, though I don’t know a whole lot about either of them. On the other hand, Shootcamp are certainly the more recognizable duo.”
JOHNSON: ”Ace Watson and Owen Gonsalves certainly are worthy of the notoriety they bring with them. You have to wonder if Perry has been working both men trying to convince them to sign contracts with 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. They’ve got to actually make it to Bad Company.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re right, Vinny, for once. And it looks like we’re about ready to get things underway.”
VASSA: ”Shootcamp verses Big Business…….. BEGIN!”

Beginning of the Match: Ace Watson and Phoenix choose to start the match off for their respective teams, with Ace gaining an early advantage, whipping Phoenix into Shootcamps corner and lacing knife edge chops to the chest of Phoenix before quickly tagging Owen in. Owen would then lower his shoulder and batter the abdomen of Phoenix before pulling Phoenix out of the corner and dropping him to the mat with a scoop slam. A quick cover would bring T.H. Power into the ring but he was met by a quick flying double axe handle from Ace Watson, though Phoenix managed to kick out of the pinning predicament after a count of two. When the referee finally restored order, Owen maintained control and irish whipped Phoenix only to have it reversed and be sent into the ropes himself. On the rebound off the opposite ropes, Ace quickly tagged himself back into the match by slapping Owens back. Owen quickly leap frogged Phoenix. Springboarding off the top rope as Phoenix straightens back upright is Ace, who drives a forearm into the chest of his opponent. As soon as Phoenix hits the mat, Owen leaps and flips in the air, landing a senton across Phoenix’s chest as the crowd erupts, enjoying the show.
JOHNSON: ”Gonsalves and Watson showing great teamwork early on.”
VASSA: ”Alright maybe Perry does need to sign these two.”
Middle of the Match: Shootcamp take a moment to celebrate and it’s the first mistake in the match they make, giving Phoenix the opportunity to dive across the ring and tag Power into the ring. Power bolts into the ring but Watson catches him almost immediately with a stiff kick to the jaw, dropping his opponent to the mat. Watson begins to work away at Power with stomps, an elbow drop and then a deadlift german duplex that nearly breaks power in half, sending his body tumbling across near the shoot camp corner leaving him in the same predicament that Phoenix had been in minutes earlier. Watson quickly tags Gonsalves back into the match, who climbs to the top rope and leaps off, landing a leg drop across the sternum of Power, covering for a quick pinfall attempt that Power kicks out of at two. A bit stunned that he didn’t get the three, Gonsalves pushes himself back up to his feet. He pulls Power back up and tags Watson back in before both men whip him across the ring. On the rebound Power runs into stern standing drop kicks that flatten him. Immediately Gonsalves dashes across the ring and blasts Phoenix in the face with a forearm, knocking them down to the apron as Watson covers. The crowd cries in shock when Power manages to get his shoulder up at the last second.
VASSA: ”I think the expression on Ace Watson’s face is asking that same question.”
JOHNSON: ”Not much offense from Big Business but maybe they business they’re in is defense.”
End of the Match: Watson continues to pound on Power after the kickout, drilling him in the face with hard right hands before pulling him back up to his feet. As he does so he tags Owen back into the match. Owen quickly locks in a wrist lock and then in perfect synchronization the duo executes there DARK ZERO signature move, flattening Power once more. Owen doesn’t leave him down long, however, pulling him back up and getting undercooks in on Power, lifting him up in the air to piledrive him as Ace Watson ascends to the top rope. He leaps off and the crowd explodes with cheers as VIETNAM lands perfectly, crushing Powers head into the mat. Gonsalves quickly rolls Power over and hooks the leg as Watson baseball slides toward the Big Business corner, connecting with the jaw of Phoenix outside the ring while the referee slides in to count.

POWERS: “Here are your winners, qualifying for Bad Company III, Owen Gonsalves. Ace Watson… SSHHOOOOTTCCAAMMPP!!!”

The cameras pan to the backstage area where Genevie Carlson is seen. She is in her full ring gear. The usual next to nothing outfit paired with a snapback to match. Her Nikes not showing a speck of wear as if she had just pulled them out of the box for the first time ever. Her dark hair was straight and perfect as she brushed it over her shoulders smiling for the camera gesturing to the table behind her filled with various objects.
CARLSON: “Hello 4CW and welcome to the first of very many bits that I will be providing for you on Adrenaline again. It of course feels so good to be back and I couldn’t find a more fitting setting to come back to one year after I debuted. You see over a year ago I came into 4CW being the neighborhood hoe to make fun of. I mean plenty people still do that bit but let’s be honest it’s old and outdated. Since I’ve been married and only have eyes for my husband for well over a year now
She rolls her eyes and picks up something from the table holding it behind her back as she does, shaking her head.
CARLSON: “That’s besides the point let me just get to the part where I come full circle. You see around this time last year we had a bitch here in 4CW by the name of Synnum De La Cruz. Now Marquis softened this bitch to melted butter before I got ahold of her BUT let’s not forget what happened when I damn well nearly murdered the bitch in the ring. I will never let you forget it. Now it seems that we have another Synnum on our hands. Mya dear, if you think that your career over a bunch of different places has no bearing here in 4CW? You’re sadly mistaken. Just like Synnum and although I couldn’t make a plane crash or do some other trash shit in a mausoleum and then have Perry Wallace confused like what the fuck is that?!” I can trigger your ass FOR DAYS.”
Genevie removed the object from behind her hands and placed it on her nose. A Red Clown nose sat there and she held her hands out and winked at the camera.
CARLSON: “This doing it for ya Mya?! I know it takes a lot to get your attention. I’m disappointed I don’t seem to have yours. I’m disappointed I have to put a clown nose on to maybe get you to notice and pay attention to the bitch that’s coming for your throat. No? Not doing it for you?”
She holds a finger up to the camera as if asking them to hold on, as if they can the camera is still rolling. Now giving the viewers a better view at what is on the table. Various objects fit for any clown. Face paint, Never ending Scarf, Clown Shoes, a giant bow tie, oversized neon green glasses, and a Flower that probably squirts water, which Genevie promptly picks up and turns to the camera squirting it at the camera man. Water droplets covering the lens as Genevie wiped it with her fingers. The camera shaking and getting blurry until she removed her hand. The water just smeared into droplets.
CARLSON: “How about that Mya? Did that trigger you?! See this clown flower is like that gaping flower you call your vagina. Squirts like a goddamn faucet when barely even pressed. I know what it’s like to get DP’d bitch and let me tell you, your performance was a little underwhelming. Like those guys were just going at it and you stood there like you couldn’t even feel it. You expect me to believe that was your first time? Bitch. No. I see you. You undercover fucking whore. Acting like it was rape. Rape would imply that you didn’t like it. You dripped like a clown flower. Don’t play a victim when you never were one in the first place. You know what- I can’t do this.”
Genevie tosses the flower down and steps on it. Discarding her clown nose as well as she sweeps her hands across the table in one motion all the objects go sliding to the floor. She turns back around to the camera with narrowed eyes.
CARLSON: “You see this bit was funny for all of two seconds, and now I’ve managed to think of all the other stupid shit and I’ve got to say Mya. This obsession of yours with clown dick is the least of the things that bothers me about you. Let’s go with the main one. Where you thought your rape by two clowns was enough to have people in a frenzy. Like anyone gave a shit about your tiny ass being fucked by two men who weren’t your husband. Like we give a fuck about the blatant incest you forced onto us. The only people raped by your little character development as you call it, was anyone who decided it was a good idea to take a peek into what you posted.”
Another eye roll as Genevie adjusted her hat and tried to calm herself with some deep breathing. After only a couple seconds it didn’t work and she shook her head and clenched her fists together as her eyes opened and looked back at the camera
CARLSON: “Nobody gave a fuck about you or anything that you did. Claiming that shit isn’t relevant in 4CW when it obviously was the reason why you couldn’t have been bothered to actually do any promotion for your match considering it was posted the same evening that I verbally destroyed your ass. Little did I know your ass was being actually destroyed but you want it to be considered in an alternative timeline. Like I’m sure you want us to consider that Drew Stevenson bit in Carny was just a piece of creative expression and not actual child pornography. That you and Nirvana decided to defend and let that be the sword in which you threw yourself onto willingly. Then had the audacity to try and guilt people into staying in a company that would allow Child Pornography to exist. Saying it’s freedom of expression. Congratulations for giving Miles Blake something new to whip his dick out too. All that was missing was a dog having his red rocket stroked and then Freedumb would have appeared and you would have completed the sex offender circle. Good Job Mya, you and your husband are real stand up people.”
Genevie sarcastically clapped her hands together, frowning at the camera as she did so. She sighed dropping her hands down.
CARLSON: “Except you’re not really. Getting all uptight and triggered because someone told you to kill yourself, because you’ve tried before. Bitch there are people who have dealt with sexual assault as children or know people who have and it has lead to actual real life deaths. Not just a little girl who thought it would be fun because she’s still living in the days of emo culture. You’re not the only one who’s dealt with suicide and quite frankly I think the world would be a better place without you in it. So that’s going to be my gift to my coworkers and all the fans of 4CW. Tonight I’m going to erase Mya Denton-King from the history books. I’m not going to recite wikipedia or even ask Bryan Laughlin to be here and dress up in his best clown suit to trigger and send Mya into a panic. No. Instead I’m going to take my bare hands and beat some sense into her and just when she realizes the error of her ways? I’m going to fucking slit her throat and dance in her blood and then? I’m going to turn to Alexis and I’m gonna rub her nose in the blood like the worthless dog she is too. You want a dead rat? How about I up the ante. I’ll give you the gift of a dead body Alexis. Just one more way I’ll always be better than you.”
Genevie was going to continue but her eyes shifted off camera. She made a point to completely walk away, disappearing from the frame for only a second as the camera followed her down the hall. She had glimpsed none other than Johnny Evil. She walked up to him.
CARLSON: “Hey Johnny.”
EVIL: “… Ummm, Hey.”
Of course Johnny Evil was surprised by Genevie’s approach to him. They didn’t have good history. Check the books folks.
CARLSON: “I know people probably keep bombarding you and I know I said something on Twitter to you, but I really just felt it was kind of impersonal and I’m really not good with death or anything like that. I don’t know who to say it to other than you, since you knew Adrian better than all of us. So I really am sorry for your loss. For our loss as a company. No matter who wants to admit it or not in the thick of things when our egos make us clash. He was an amazing talent and you guys were a great team, and great champs.”
Genevie leaned forward without a word and hugged Evil. The silence filling the hallways was deafening before she pulled away.
EVIL: “We wouldn’t have gotten to where we were if we weren’t pushed by teams like you and Tara, Bronx and Lil sis…”
Johnny cuts himself short at this time and just reminisces on the fights they have had in tag team action. Fights in which Genie had been on the other side of the ring against them on three separate occasions.
EVIL: ”That’s besides the point though. As much as I hated him always wanting to be the center of attention at times, the dude was the greatest tag team partner I could ever ask for. Your condolences are appreciated.”
CARLSON: “I’m sad that Adrian’s death was overshadowed by the company that my opponent this week keeps. So in his honor, and memory because he would appreciate it, I know. I’m dedicating the murder of Mya Denton-King tonight to Adrian Tanner Jr and the memory of The Asshole Antagonists since I will not be participating in Bad Company this year.”
Johnny ponders a bit more…
EVIL : ”I think he would appreciate that. Honestly, I wish you would just lynch that handicapped bitch with Little Charlie’s Ninja Turtle underwear. Do this in his honor. He wouldn’t have liked a chick that surrounded herself with pedophiles, ass and vigana raping clowns, and masked people who think they know everything and anything about how this sport works! Even if you two didn’t see eye to eye at times, and hell even if we didn’t this is something that we would both respect!”
CARLSON: “That’s what I thought. Thanks for the blessing, and I promise you neither one of you will be disappointed with what I do to Mya tonight.”
Genevie held her fist out to Evil. He obliged her in a fist bump before they smiled at each other and walked away heading in opposite directions as the scene faded out.


“Stronger” by Through Fire plays over the sound system while crane cameras get glimpses of the upper-level seats as the crowd pops. Moments into this transitions to ‘The Anti-Starlet’ Alexis Morrison’s entrance video. After a few seconds, Alexis appears in the audience walking down the first set of arena stairs as fans are there to greet her while security makes room for her path.
POWERS: ”From Salem, New York, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds, she is the Anti-Starlet, ALEXIS MMOORRRRIISSOONN!!!”
Reaching the bottom level. Alexis Morrison stops to take the energy from the crowd. She surveys everything in front of her then with a swift motion hops over the barricade. Alexis circles ringside halfway before pulling herself onto the apron entering the ring and waves to the fans, donning the black and white pinstripes for this match.
JOHNSON: ”Well, Vinny. What do you think? Any chance that Alexis manages to call this one right down the middle?”
VASSA: ”About as much chance as there is of Mya Denton-King NOT walking to the ring with a limp after what those clowns did to her.”
Suddenly the sounds of classic circus music fill the arena. On the big screen a video of Mya Denton-King plays as the fans groan at the sudden change from her normal entrance music. It only gets worse, though. How could it get worse? Well it gets worse when Mya crawls out from the backstage area on her hands and knees with one midget clown riding on her back and another one leading her down the entrance ramp by a leash that’s tied around her neck.
JOHNSON: ”You don’t think they’re actually going to rape her in the middle of the ring like this is Carny Pro, do you?”
VASSA: ”I’m really not sure what we’re witnessing, Steve. But I bet Paul Knight would buy into this without blinking.”
The two little midget circus clowns lead Mya down the entrance ramp, up the steel steps, and into the ring. At the DJ Booth Mike Powers sits in stunned silence until finally the circus music is cut off. The beginning beat of “Killing You Hoes” by Trina begins to play as the lights dim, only white and pink lights shine move out over the crowd.
“Ah ah ah yep yep yep
The baddest bitch is back,
I’m back part 2, part 2
I’m reloaded and I’m killin you hoes”

Genevie appears from behind the curtain with a smirk on her face as she looks around the crowd, drinking in the boos as she does her signature stripper dance, twirling around as she shakes her ass. She completes a rotation as she bites her lip and winks at the crowd making her way down the ramp.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at one hundred thirty-six pounds, she is THE BOSTON GENIE… GENEVIE CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
“I don’t care what a bitch think or how a hoe feel
Cause ain’t nann one of you hoes payin my bills
And ain’t nann one of you hoes fina buy me a crib
And ain’t nann one of you hoes fina get me a whip
I know I must make a lot of ya’ll hoes sick
And all I can tell you hoes, get used to it bitch!”

Genevie carries her head high as she walks down the ramp with confidence, with slow and steady steps. As the song plays she walks around to the side of the ring, hopping up on the apron. She adjusts her SnapBack as she blows the fans a kiss, listening to the boos get louder. This only makes her smirk grow wider as she climbs through the middle ropes, and standing up in the ring as she runs her hands down her body.
“And don’t you cross that line cause I get hot quick
And if you do it’s gonna be me & u up in this bitch
And I’m gonna show you why they call me the baddest bitch”

She does one final twirl to show off her ASSETS, rolling her eyes at the jealous fans as she goes over to the ropes and leans against them, checking her nails she just continues to smirk as the music dies down.
JOHNSON: ”My natural instinct is to say that Genie has the advantage in this match but it is her first time back in the ring in months, and Alexis Morrison is the guest referee.”
VASSA: ”That’s true and we can’t forget the bad blood that has been brewing between these two over Alexis’ actions towards Tara Davidson and her unborn child.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t forget that Genie is partially responsible for Alexis losing the Fate championship to Ana Hayden at Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think anyone could forget that, Steve. The question then is will Genie and Alexis put their differences aside for one evening to see someone who defends a child predator put down?”
JOHNSON: ”If they wanted to dispose of Mya and her clowns right away and then go at each other I’d be alright with that.”
VASSA: ”Mmmmmmmm…. I’d like it if they went at it too… ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhyeaheyeah”
Alexis moves to check Mya over, doing her job as a referee a bit reluctantly. God only knows what kind of bodily fluids she might have sticking to her after all. A moment later Alexis moved across the ring to check Genie over but Genie quickly slapped her hands away and swore at her, earning her a scowl and a few words of warning from the guest referee. Wasting no more time, Alexis turned and pointed to the time keeper, with the bell sounding to start the match.

From the corner one of the midget clowns that had brought Mya to the ring cracked a whip that they had hidden god only knows where, snapping it across Mya’s back causing her to howl out in pain and take two steps towards the middle of the ring which is really all the advantage that Genie needs. Alexis decides to let the crack of the whip go and waves the action on as Genie darts across the ring, her forearm connecting with Mya’s jaw immediately flattening the woman to the mat. She then proceeds to continuously stomp on Mya’s face over and over and over again until finally the woman rolls out of the ring, nose contorted in an unnatural direction with blood starting to drip from it as she does.
Not one to waste time, Genie moves to the ropes, drops down to her back (a familiar position for her) and rolls herself out of the ring. Mya, on her hands and knees, tries to crawl away from Genie and manages to do so at a relatively decent pace only to get over to the steel ring steps. When she does Genie pounces, springing into action like a cat, leaping and placing her boot on the back of Mya’s skull, slamming her face down into the corner of the steel ring steps, evoking an uncomfortable groan from the crowd.
VASSA: ”And Alexis hasn’t even begun to count either of them out yet. I think she’s actually enjoying watching Genie unload on Mya.”
JOHNSON: ”And she’s getting a front row scouting report of what Genevie Carlson is truly made of.”
Genie, of course, couldn’t give a shit less about Alexis and her scouting reports. Instead, she is quick to take the two midget clowns and toss them out into the Glasgow crowd, who immediately begins bouncing them around in some kind of weird mixture of midget crowd surfing/beach ball. While the crowd tosses the midgets around, Genie grabs Mya by her hair and the back of her tights and tosses her shoulder first into the steel ring post before scooping her up and slamming her down across the steel ring steps once more. If you paid close enough attention you would notice Mya’s eyes roll up into the back of her head upon impact. However, Alexis didn’t notice and neither did any of the ring crew. Or, if they did, they didn’t pay attention to it. Maybe that’s just what happens to people who defend kiddie porn. It certainly is on this evening.
Unrelenting, Genie climbs up onto the ring apron and leaps off, driving her elbow down onto the throat of Mya Denton-King as her head dangled over the edge the ring steps. Snapping downward and flipping her body off of the steps, Mya lays motionless outside the ring as Alexis finally reaches a two count in her lackadaizical attempt to count the two women out. Though Mya isn’t moving, Genie doesn’t let it stay that way for long, picking her up off the ground outside the ring and tossing her into the security barrier. As Mya crumbles to the ground, with lightning quick speed Genevie tees up a punt kick that crushes Mya’s skull between her boot and the barrier. If the woman wasn’t unconscious already, she was now. Inside the ring Alexis checked her nails before holding up three fingers.
VASSA: ”I think Genie might actually be trying to kill this woman..”
JOHNSON: ”If there was a woman in this company I would suspect of murdering someone it would be Genie. Or Marquis. In fact I’d think they probably had worked together if they could manage to get along for more than five seconds.”
Genie tees up two more punt kicks to Mya’s skull, seemingly determined to fully bust it open, before dragging her up by her hair and tossing her into the ring. Somehow Mya has managed to regain some kind of consciousness, possibly by being shaken as she was rolled into the ring. As she did so she began to push herself back up to her hands and knees which probably wasn’t the best idea as Genie was quick to follow her into the ring. Seeing Mya moving only seemed to set Genie off more, running and leaping, hitting another STILETTO KISS curb stomp. Mya’s face bounced brutally off the mat and she flipped over onto her back, body going lifeless once more.
Taking advantage of the state of her opponent, Genie quickly mounted Mya and began raining down hammer fists directly to Mya’s face. Over and over and over again until her forehead was busted wide open, nose turned horizontal to her face, both eyes swollen shut, both lips bloodied and the majority of her front teeth were missing, shattered into pieces and scattered nearby around the ring. It was only then that Alexis finally stepped in and pulled Genie off of Mya, which only caused Genie to shove Alexis away and then turn and plant another vicious boot right to the skull of Mya. That seemed to be enough to satisfy Genie as she backed off and waved at Alexis to do what she needed to do.
Checking on Mya and seeing that there was no chance that she was going to get up, Alexis signaled for the bell. Out in the crowd the midget clowns had disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again probably.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by Technical Knockout… GENEVIE CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
Looking down at her fallen opponent, Genie smirks and curses at the woman before turning and pointing at Alexis, warning her that she would suffer the same fate soon enough.
JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen we damn near witnessed a crime here tonight. If Alexis wouldn’t have stepped in I’m fairly certain Genie would have killed Mya Denton-King”
VASSA: ”The Boston Genie is back and working her magic in 4CW once more. Good riddance Mya. I hope you rot in the hottest pits of hell right alongside Maddox Lucien and Nirvana.”
The scene fades backstage with one final shot of Mya laying lifeless in the ring, with Genevie and Alexis staring each other down, hinting at much more to come between the two of them.

The scene opens up to a cameraman stepping into Johnny Evil’s locker room. The locker room is filled with a faint layer of previously burned weed smoke. The masked lunatics linger around Evil as they look to be pregaming for tonight’s match up. Johnny’s eyes are bloodshot, obviously. Looking around at each one of the masked lunatics individually he speaks…
EVIL: “Look, fuck all this fourth wall bullshit. In a situation like this, that fourth wall doesn’t matter I will completely pull out the fucking wrecking ball and go to town like a demolition expert and mostly everyone in this company knows this… because blurred lines, fuck… who needs ‘em?”
EVIL: My lunatics, Tanner’s death hit home not just for 4CW but more importantly us. Tonight as we remember him, I want you all to remember. In death there is no kayfabe. Tanner may have been know as Adrian Tanner Jr. but tonight in death… he has a name. His name is Tim Jackson!”
One of the lunatics looks seems intrigued by this. He takes a step forward to ask a question. Probably the first time we have ever heard any of the masked lunatics talk.
UNKNOWN: “… But Johnny, I thought we were suppose to go by ring names??”
EVIL: “Only in kayfabe. For this situation kayfabe is bullshit!”
UNKNOWN: “Oh I get it. When it comes to something as serious and heartbreaking as death we look past all that?”
Johnny nods. The masked lunatic understands, nodding as well.
UNKNOWN: “In death he has a name… his name is Tim Jackson! In death he has a name, his name is Tim Jackson…”
The rest of the masked lunatics begin to repeat this. It brings a glowing vibe to the locker room as Evil smirks while listening to it. Feeling as if Tim Jackson’s honor should be his own, not just as a roster talent, but a handler as well. Letting this sink in for a moment, Evil raises a hand and calmly quiets them down.
EVIL: “Now, another thing… Tonight you know I would love to have you all at ringside. I know you all would love to be at ringside for this match. Not only to bring mayhem to whomever may need it and have my back, but also in honor of our fallen brother. I’m sorry, but this is something I can’t allow. It’s something that I must do alone!”
Johnny looks around as most drop their heads feeling disappointed, but understand.
EVIL: ”I made a promise to fight and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to continue to fight my hardest for Tim, and not only for Tim, but for these 4CW Tag Team Championship belts… whatever happens out there…”
Johnny drops his head looking at the locker room floor, before taking a deep breath and raising it high with pride…
EVIL: “Please let me do this alone…”
A few nods of approval come in Evil’s direction as the chants begin to filter the locker room again as the scene fades, cutting to the ringside area…


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a qualifier for the Bad Company Tag Team Tournament!”
As Tryhard by Noisia hits the speakers, the lights begin switching between white, red and blue colors. A trollface appears on screen but quickly flashes into a skull, then disappears. The video package of #V2M plays on the screens behind them as Mariano Fernandez struts on stage and poses for the audience. He shouts, backed by the audience.
And just then from behind Manny, as if through magic, Vossler appears on stage in one swift movement. The two nod to each other as they bump fists. The two strut down to the ring as they’re introduced.
POWERS: ”And now, at a combined weight of three hundred eighty-nine pounds… ‘The Gadfly’ MARIANO FERNANDEZ AND VOSSLER… VOSS-TWO-MMAANNGG!!!”
The two climb onto the apron closest to the hard camera as Vossler stays on the apron while Mariano climbs the turnbuckle. They both stand in a neutral pose as Mariano Fernandez’s hair waves with the air in the arena. The crowd cheers as the two climb into the ring and the music dies down.
POWERS: ”And their opponents”
The music begins as the arena lights go to red and green and the big screen shows the logo of Naturaleza Caótica. From the back comes Phage carrying about ten light tubes taped together over her shoulder, but Naturaleza enters behind her and pulls them from her hands. Phage turns around and Naturaleza holds her finger up as if disciplining her partner, but Phage snatches the light tubes back from her and continues down the aisle.
POWERS: ”Coming down the aisle, at a total combined weight of two hundred eighty-one, PHAGE AND NATURALEZA, NATURALEZA CCAAOOTTIICCAA!!!”
The duo makes it into the ring as Phage puts her light tubes underneath and they climb the ring steps walking to the middle of the apron on opposite sides of the ring giving the fans a photo op. Grabbing the top rope, Naturaleza slingshots herself over the rope jumping off of it when her feet reach them and at the same time, Phage steps onto the bottom rope and hooks her arms around the top rope behind her using it to back flip into the ring. Both women land at the same time with Naturaleza landing center ring in a superhero three-point landing as the crowd snaps pictures of her and cheers. Phage walks to the farthest corner from her current position and squats down waiting for the match to start.

Beginning of the Match: Manny and Vossler play rock paper scissors to see who starts the match out, with Vossler winning, and starting for Voss2Mang, while Phage starts out for Naturaleza Caotica. Phage comes out quickly with a couple quick punches, and Vossler answers back with a few thigh kicks to try to keep a bit of space between him and Phage. Phage shoots in to close some of the space, trying to take Vossler at the knees, but Vossler steps aside, and lands a quick kick to the shoulder of Phage stunning her momentarily. Vossler grabs Phage by the hair and mask, and lifts her to her feet, hitting her with a flurry of knees and forearms before sending her to her knees with a spin kick to the gut. Vossler tags Manny in, who quickly bounces off the ropes and throws a running knee to the face as Vossler kicks her in the back. Phage drops to her back, and Manny goes for the cover, but is quickly broken up by Naturaleza.
VASSA: ”Naturaleza just saved this match for her team right there, the Mangs would have won it I’m certain.”
JOHNSON: ”That sure seems like a possibility, but we will never know for sure.”
Middle of the Match: Manny continues to assault the downed Phage with stomps and elbow drops. Manny picks Phage up and throws her into his corner, and tags in Vossler. Vossler hops the ropes, and unloads a barrage of corner kicks and chops. He tosses Phage to the mat, and stands in the corner, readying for what looks like a shining wizard to the kneeling Phage, but she leans back at the last moment, and Vossler overshoots his mark, running into Naturaleza’s forearm shot. He gets spun around and Phage hits him with a belly to belly suplex as he turns into her. Phage quickly scurries to her feet, and dives to her corner to make the tag to Naturaleza. Naturaleza jumps in and hits a running shooting star press to the back of Vossler. She gets up and hits a leg drop across his chest, and then runs to the ropes, jumping off the middle rope, and springing backwards for a springboard moonsault, but missing the mark as Vossler rolled out of the way.
JOHNSON: ”I thought for sure Naturaleza Caotica were going to get back into this here.”
VASSA: ”I’m the thinker here.”
End of the Match: Vossler gets to his feet slowly, as does Naturaleza. Both standing about the same time. They meet in the middle Vossler throwing a kick to the shins, Naturaleza returning the favor. Vossler hits a european uppercut, and Naturaleza returns again. Vossler goes for a forearm strike, but Naturaleza blocks it and hits one of her own. She then hits another, and another. She throws another which sends Vossler reeling to the corner. Unfortunately it’s his own corner. Naturaleza doesn’t notice the tag at first and its Vossler with a corner dropkick, but Manny got into the ring behind her and climbs up onto her shoulders. Vossler gets up from the corner, and hit Naturaleza with the WARHAMMER! Vossler runs across knocking Phage off the apron as Manny covers Naturaleza.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners… VOSS-TWO–MMAANNGG!!!”

The Adrenaline feed cuts backstage and we find Perry Wallace standing in the rear of the arena talking on his cell phone. The conversation is immediately cut short as his eyes drift off screen.
WALLACE: “Frankie!!”
Frankie Morrison steps into the picture, greeting him with a handshake that is pulled into a hug. As the two separate, the amicable greeting amongst old friends takes a quick turn.
WALLACE: “Feels just like old times, huh?”
MORRISON: “If by old times you mean trying to use Chris as a sacrifice to Omertà… Then yeah, feels just like old times.”
Raising an eyebrow, Wallace thinks to himself for a short moment before replying, never once taking his eye off of Frankie.
WALLACE: “What is that supposed to mean?”
Wallace questions before lowering his eyebrow and straightening his posture. Extending his arms to his sides, he slightly shrugs.
WALLACE: “Come on now, Frankie. I wouldn’t have made this main event better myself. Even you know that.”
MORRISON: “That’s exactly my point. This is a pay per view quality match; one that may have stole the show if it was taking place at the Bad Company pay per view. Instead, one of these legitimate contenders is going to be taking an early seat.”
WALLACE: “Exactly!”
Wallace replies in agreement with Frankie.
WALLACE: “That’s exactly how I felt when I saw the pairings. But, as fate will have it, it looks like the boys will have their play time later tonight.”
Frankie chuckled.
MORRISON: “You’ve been hunting for Chris’s head ever since he pulled me away from the 4CW offices. And now fate, has him up against guys that you’ve openly backed in the past…”
WALLACE: “Wait a second.”
Holding his hand up as a means to delay Frankie from continuing, Wallace clears his throat before continuing.
WALLACE: “I don’t know if you knew this or not but Dakota hasn’t been my biggest fan as of late. We may have been associated under Omertà in the past but he’d kill me the first chance he got.”
SMITH: “And here’s the chance.”
Wallace almost jumps out his ever growing pale skin, as Dakota Smith and Erron Wilder walk up behind the portly man. The butcher was only a few inches from Wallace’s face when he spoke.
SMITH: “Squeal for me piggie, squeal.”
Wallace is quick to turn around and back away from the members of Omerta, who both bust up into laughter. Erron smacks Dakota on the chest, enjoying the fear that had put into Perry. Dakota then looks over to Frankie and nods his head.
SMITH: “Fuck you sayin’ old man?”
Frankie Morrison’s posture stiffens up as Dakota circles around the two like a shark sizing up his prey. Erron watches, anxiously hoping for Dakota to act on his threats.
MORRISON: “Just reminiscing of the good ole days when you were a good boy for Perry, doing his bidding. He really wanted Chris’s streak to hang up on Omertà’s mantle; guess he’s giving you one more go at it since you guys have failed so many before.”
Erron makes a mock laughter sound, clearly a bit annoyed at the jab. Dakota on the other hand was licking his lips, as Frankie talked his smile grew – like a cat waiting to pounce. The butcher then marched up to Frankie, eye to eye with the prestigious manager. Dakota’s eyes scanned into Frankie’s as the butcher’s head somewhat twitched to the right.
SMITH: “Funny…Funnny… FUNNY GUY! A regular class clown aren’t you Frankie? I bet you had all the teachers back in school at their’s wits end. Kind of like you have me on mine… Always talking all of that shit, spewing your fucking who-gives-a-fuck. It’s Nauseating how much respect you get, when you’re nothing more than a glorified hype man. Who in the fuck do you think you are Frankie? What is stopping me and Erron from destroying you right here and right now.. Would ol’ Chris be able to get the job done knowing his fluffer was on life support?”
WILDER: “You know, Frankie… Fate is fluid, like how out of all the teams enlisted in Bad Company, we ended up facing each other in the very first round. It’s a mere coincidence that your paranoia stretches into schemes and black hands at work. But Destiny, like this moment of ending Chris Madison’s streak is in the hands of very few men — namely, Omerta. Because tonight, it don’t matter what Chris did back then or what Mark Storm has done outside of 4CW. What matters is what’s going down tonight, and you and your team of bozos seems to think Omerta is just going to stand like bowling pins and let you bowl us over.”
MORRISON: “Bozos? Ha!”
Despite his best efforts to contain himself, Morrison let out a bellowing laugh as Dakota Smith and Erron Wilder snarled in his direction.
MORRISON: “All of these months later and you boys are still spewing the same rhetoric and resorting to the same cheap imitation tricks. You think doing something to me is going to slow Chris down? After the battles you guys have been in with him, I thought you’d have a better understanding of who he is…”
Stepping forward, somewhat in between Frankie and the Omertà duo.
WALLACE: “Gentlemen, let’s not get carried away now. There’s no need to start digging up war stories that have been put to rest for over a year.”
MORRISON: “Whatever you want to call this; fate, destiny, or fixed, tonight ends like it always has… Chris’s hand raised above his head while you two try and piece together where you went wrong.”
Taking a step back from the cluster, Wallace rubs his chin for a short moment as his eyes shift to Dakota and Erron.
WALLACE: “I can see that I might as well not even be standing here. Good luck gentlemen.”
Wallace glances back and forth between the two parties before slowly backing up. He comes to a sudden halt as he unexpectedly bumps into someone approaching from behind him. He turns around slowly and sees Chris Madison and Mark Storm standing shoulder to shoulder, looking through him, towards their opponents for the night.
WALLACE: “Chris! Great to see you sir…”
MADISON: “Not now…”
WALLACE: “Okay.”
Wallace steps aside and lets the member of Invictus Fight Club close the gap and stand toe to toe with Omertà before their massive main event clash.
MADISON: “Well if it isn’t the big bad wolf of 4CW and his hand picked heir apparent…”
Looking across at Chris, Dakota licks his lips before replying.
SMITH: “Well, if it isn’t Unstable’s golden boy himself. You lost, or is this a homecoming?”
MADISON: “Eh, I could get used to running you boys into the ground again; proving that monsters don’t exist.”
Slapping his hand down into Dakota’s shoulder, Wilder then stepped forward, never once looking away from Madison’s eyes.
WILDER: “The past is the past, that ain’t happening tonight!”
MADISON: “If I could beat you two clowns back then, carrying CJ’s dead weight, doing it with an actual partner will be a stroll in the park. When we’re through Dakota, you can go back to your B-rated horror bullshit. Erron, you can fall off of the face of the earth again. Mark and I got some tag straps to claim!”
SMITH: “Over our dead bodies…”
Dakota says with a crack of his neck. Frankie moved off to the side, sensing that things could potentially go south in a blink of an eye. Madison stood his ground and let a smirk escape his statuesque demeanor.
MADISON: “I’ve killed Omertà once, I’ll kill you boys again!”
Madison and Dakota begin yapping back and forth incoherently with their foreheads pressed against each other’s, neither man willing to budge an inch. Mark reaches across the chest of his partner and wedges himself between Madison and Dakota.
STORM: “Whoa! Whoa! I get there’s a lot of built up tension from your pasts, but I think it’s safe to say that we don’t want to jeopardize this main event, or our spot in the Bad Company tournament.”
WILDER: “Hey hero, I think you mean our spot?”
Erron Wilder smirks as he eggs on the fresh face with a push of the shoulder that knocks Mark back a step. Madison responds by shoving Erron, full force, with two hands to the chest, knocking him back a couple steps. Erron bites down on his lip and smiles at Dakota.
MORRISON: “You’re about to not have a main event Perry…”
Suddenly a team of security rushes the scene standing between the two teams. The four competitors try to fight their way through but security continues to swarm, hooking them by their arms and dragging them apart as the feed cuts away.


POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a qualifier for the Bad Company Tag Team Tournament!”
“This is War” hits the loudspeaker as the lights darken and the HSW logo appears adjacent to the 4CW logo on the screen. The four big screens begin to play the music video for HIGH STAKES MANAGEMENT as the Smark fans begin to come to their feet. The first few seconds of the song plays as two figures appear standing next to each other in the shadows in front of the curtain. As the song picks up, a rain of gold pyro drips from the ceiling which illuminate the two figures. The house lights come up as we see “Charismatic” Christy Clark-Chaos and “The Blast” Jack Michaels begin to walk down the ramp.
POWERS: ”Making their way to the ring… from High Stakes Wrestling in Las Vegas Nevada… at a combined weight of three hundred and sixty pounds… The President and C.E.O. Christy Clark-Chaos! The Principal Investor and Chief Risk Officier “The Blast” Jack Michaels! They are… HIGH STAKES MMAANNAAGGEEMMEENNTT!!!”
Both wrestlers are in matching colored entrance gear as Christy wears a black hoodie with the HSW logo in gold over the left breast and “Charismatic” in bold letters on her back. Jack wears a black sequined robe with “‘The Blast’ Jack Michaels” in golden, cursive lettering over a bold HSW logo. The two walk in sequence together as the crowd pops respectfully for the duo. Christy brings the hoodie down and smirks at the fans as Jack keeps jaw locked and his eyes focused intently on the ring. Christy slides under the ropes and walks to a neutral corner as Jack takes the steps into the ring.
Christy pulls off her hoodie and hands it to the ringside attendant as Jack slowly unties his robe which still gets a small pop from the women in the audience. He hands the robe off to the same attendant as Christy meets him towards the center of the ring. Jack does a double bicep flex as Christy leans under his arm with a cocky smile and a pose. Flashbulbs go off as the two hold it for a second before turning their attention back to the task at hand.
POWERS: ”And their opponents!”
It’s the tinkling of the eerie music box that brings the lights down, the crowd murmuring with anticipation, as slowly and silently the big screens seems to crack one by one until Lzzy Hale’s vocals cue shadows to dance across the shattered surfaces.
“I pirouette in the dark, I see the stars through a mirror
Tired mechanical heart, beats till the song disappears”

Squealing violin cuts through the building tension, lights pulsing in red like an erratic heartbeat
“Somebody shine a light, I’m frozen by the fear in me
Somebody make me feel alive then shatter me!
So cut me from the line, dizzy spinning endlessly
Somebody make me feel alive then shatter me!”

POWERS: “Amber Ryan and ‘The Ripper’ Danny BBBB!!!”
As the bass drops, a silhouette of a man and woman standing back to back almost materializes atop the aisle drawing a mixed reaction from the crowd. Most cheer in appreciation of the show that they’re about to witness but many jeer due to her previous affiliations and general devil-just-doesn’t-give-a-fuck attitude.
Dubstep violin leads Amber and Danny down the ramp, a few fans extend hands but receive little acknowledgement for their efforts. They split at ringside and circle the ring in opposite directions, Amber messing with whichever ring crew and staff that happen to be within vicinity before methodically and deliberately sliding beneath the bottom rope and crossing to one of the far corners.
Climbing the turnbuckle left handed, they watch out over the crowd to gauge the reaction, returning the mixed reaction with an acknowledging nod of their own before somewhat turning awkwardly on the spot and taking a seat upon the top turnbuckle with hands clasped and elbows resting on their knees- that familiar Distorted Angel smirk ever present across Amber’s face while Danny sits stoically awaiting the match.

Beginning of the Match: Amber and Christy open up the match as representatives of 4CW and begin the feeling out process. Christy feigns a kick to gauge Amber’s reaction, and quickly hops back to create some space. Amber methodically watches her opponent’s movements, waiting for an opening. Christy steps in again, but Amber catches the leg before Christy can pull back, and hits her with a dragon screw sending her across the ring. Christy scurries to the ropes, as Amber advances in on her, but the referee stops her. As the referee’s back is to Christy, she reaches in and pokes Amber in the eye. The referee whips around to look at Christy who looks back with a “I did nothing” look, before exploding towards Amber and hitting her with a running DDT. Amber’s head snaps off the mat. Christy quickly gets up and throws her into the corner, tagging Jack in.
VASSA: “Brilliant from Christ Chaos. That eye poke was a thing of beauty.”
JOHNSON: “It was dirty and uncalled for.”
Middle of the Match: Jack Michaels climbs into the ring, and grabs Amber from the corner, and locks her in a side headlock. Amber pushes him into the ropes and he knocks her back with a shoulder block. Jack slides in and applies a rear chin lock, grinding his knee into the back of Amber. Amber manages to loosen the grip enough to get to her feet, but Jack hits her with a knee to the midsection, sending Amber reeling. He hits her with a quick snap suplex, but instead of letting go of the head, holds her in a headlock in the prone position. His weight is pushing down into the back of Amber, occasionally he will roll torquing her neck. When they get back to their stomach, Amber manages to push up onto her hands and toes, and twist out of the hold. Jack tries to follow up, but Amber rolls out of the ring to catch her breath. When Jack follows, she hits him with a damaging clothesline that sends him to the floor. She picks him up, and throws Jack into the ring steps before rolling him back into the ring. Amber follows him in, and tags Danny.
JOHNSON: ”Amber’s ring awareness really shined through there.”
VASSA: “Oh, it’s ok to cheat if its Amber but not Christy?”
End of the Match: Danny wraps Jack from the back and hits him with a belly to back suplex. With Jack down, Danny swoops in and locks in a crossface on Jack who is writhing in the center of the ring. He claws and scratches for the rope, trying to free himself before finally getting a hand on the rope. The referee forces Danny to break the hold. He releases, and grabs Jack by the boot, pulling him back to the center of the ring. Jack pushes Danny off though, with his size advantage, sending Danny into the corner.
Jack charges the corner, going for a body splash on Danny, but Danny rolls out of the way to ringside, sending Jack into Christy, and knocking her backwards into the barricade. Danny slides back into the ring and hits a back cracker on Jack. Jack flops on the mat a moment before getting to a knee, holding his back. Jack, pushes himself up off the mat to one knee sitting upright just in time to catch a Colpo Mortale. Just before he left the corner, Amber made a blind tag on Danny. Jack drops backwards, out cold, and Amber jumps in and locks Jack into her Burning the Lot submission. Jack fights for what seems like several minutes, but is finally forced to tap out.

POWERS: “Your winners, by submission, DANNY B AND AMBER RRYYAANN!!!”


The opening notes of “Young Men Dead” by the Black Angels begins to play out over the arena. A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard. As the song kicks into gear out from the back steps through the curtain Brody Lee Prince first, followed by Magnus Brutus with his girlfriend Phoebe and they are all followed by none other than Christopher Wrigley.
VASSA: ”There’s about to be a Hostile Takeover underway, Johnson!!”
Wasting little time, Brody Lee and Magnus begin to make their way towards the ring while Phoebe stands behind her man and Wrigley holds his briefcase tightly making sure that none of the fans come close to him.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty one pounds and lead to the ring by their manager Phoebe and their attorney Christopher Wrigley. Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus, they are THE HOSTILE TTAAKKEEOOVVEERR!!!”
Brody Lee hits the ring first as Magnus stops to get a last minute smooch from the darling redheaded Phoebe. Brody Lee stands on the middle ropes and tosses his chaw to the floor as Magnus climbs up onto the ring apron and sneers in everyone’s direction. Wrigley has a huge grin on his face as he points directly into a camera and says ‘It’s time for a takeover’ a couple of times. He then tells the camera to get out of his face before he sues him.
JOHNSON: ”Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus are back in 4CW!!
VASSA: ”Don’t forget about Wrigley Attorney At Law!! And he wants them medical records too!!”
The opening guitar riff to Black Veil Brides “Heart of Fire” kicks in as all the lights in the arena dim. The stage lights up, showing a giant stage-size Superman ‘S-Shield’ imprinted on the stage floor, the outline glowing blue and white as it pulses with the intro. Inside the shield is empty space, until a blood red human heart materializes in the middle, also pulsing with the music. On the video screens the same image (Shield with heart) appears but behind the heart are spliced together images of fans gasping in shock and awe at a certain someone doing the incredible things only he can.
“Driving through this world unknown,
I’ve built my life on broken bones.
Not living for this anymore,
You want a fight… I’ll bring a war!”

At ‘war’ the ‘heart’ burns away in the video footage as pyro explodes from the stage and the heart in the stage is replaced by the letters ATJ.
“I feel alive inside
I won’t be terrorized,
I’ll take all the blame.”

As the smoke from the pyro clears away Johnny Evil stands in the middle of the stage, where the heart was, head and face covered by the hood of his ring jacket. He is wearing a cutoff sleeve vest jacket, airbrushed with a memorial portrait for the best damn tag team partner anyone could ever have in this business… Adrian Tanner Jr. on the back of it. His tights and kick pads are themed the same.
POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions!! He is ‘The American Horror Story’… JOHNNY EEVVIILL!!!”
“This heart of fire, is burning proud
I am every dream you lost and never found
This heart of fire, is stronger now
Build your walls but you can’t keep me out”

JOHNSON : ”Talk about a way to honor your partner’s tragic and untimely death! Johnny Evil coming out to Adrian Tanner Jr.s entrance!
He walks side to side on the stage, riling the fans up for support, holding up his half of the 4CW Tag Team Championships for each side of the crowd to cheer at. Then he stops again in the middle of the stage, 4CW Tag Team Championship on his shoulder as he points his right hand like a gun at the ring.
“I’ll burn them down.”

He ‘cocks’ and ‘fires’ the gun and another burst of pyro explodes from either side of him on the stage, then he runs down the ramp, sliding into the ring. He hops up onto the nearest turnbuckle and makes the gun motion one more time, firing into the crowd before he hoists the 4CW Tag Team Championship into the air, looking down upon Hostile Takeover who are standing outside the ring pre gaming their thoughts. Johnny then looks to sky and extends his free hand into the air and points toward the heavens.
VASSA: ”Finger guns are more symbolic than they have ever been tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”I wish Johnny well actually going through with this match with what he’s had to coop with this past week!”
Johnny hops down from the ring ropes and then hands the official his 4CW Tag Team Championship as Hostile Takeover slides back into the ring. The team stares Johnny down as he paces for a moment.

As the match begins, Johnny charges forward and ducks under a clothesline attempted by Brody Lee. He springs off the ropes and comes forward jumping into the air and gripping Brody arm, planting his feet upon his chest as he falls forward upon Evil. Connecting a monkey flip, Brody scrambles to his feet and Evil charges forward jumping into the air and wrapping his legs around Brody Lee’s neck, sending him down with a hurricanrana. Brody tries to get up quick, but Evil rushes forward and slides into him, driving both feet directly into his face, keeping him down. Evil kips up to his feet as Brody starts to pull himself to a knee. Evil takes a couple of paces backward and extends his arm outward making a finger gun in memory of his partner Adrian Tanner as the crowd roars with excitement.
VASSA : “Evil is really fired up tonight!!”
JOHNSON : “He said he was going to be and he meant it!!”
Evil runs forward and tries a punt kick, but Brody rolls out of the ring and out onto the floor to regroup. Evil looks around and bounces off of the ropes running forward and diving over the top rope with a suicide dive smashing Brody Lee into the guardrail. Evil hops up and reaches down, grabbing Brody by the wrist and pulling him to his feet. He keeps BLP held by the wrist and whips him into the steel steps, causing him to collide shoulder first into the steel. As Brody tries to stagger away Evil gives him no breathing room following closely behind him.
JOHNSON : “Johnny Evil keeping the pressure on Brody Lee Prince right now, not giving him an ounce of breathing room!”
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Johnny reaches down and grabs Brody under the shoulder, lifting him to his feet, but Brody delivers an elbow to Evil’s stomach as he stands. Brody smashes Evil’s forehead against the apron and then rolls him back into the ring through the bottom rope, stopping the count as Wrigley begins to hype him up with his words at ringside. Johnny rolls onto his stomach and starts to climb to his feet as Brody Lee follows in behind him. Johnny stands up and Brody kicks him in the stomach before whipping him into the ropes. Connecting a clothesline across Evil’s neck, Johnny hits the mat back first. Taking a step over to Evil, Brody drops down, planting a leg across his neck.
VASSA : “Brody Lee connecting a huge leg drop across the neck of Johnny Evil!”
JOHNSON : “Brody Lee Prince is looking to shift the momentum into Hostile Takeover’s direction.”
As Evil rolls onto his stomach, Brody stands and makes his way to his corner where he tags Magnus Brutus into action. Magnus enters the ring and stalks Evil from behind as he stands to his feet. He locks Evil into a full nelson, but Evil swings one arm free and elbows him in the chin, staggering him backward. Looking behind him, Evil hops into the air and jerks his body backward, connecting a pele kick directly to Magus Brutus’s face. As Magnus falls to the mat Evil spins around and runs forward hopping into the air and lands across his chest with a senton splash. He quickly rolls over and hooks Brutus’s leg for a pinfall.
VASSA : “You gotta believe if Evil is looking to catch a win in this match tonight, he’s going to do it as early as possible to avoid Brutus and Brody’s two on one advantage!”

Brutus powers out of the pinfall, causing Johnny to sit up and climb to his feet. He reaches down and grabs Brutus by the hair, lifting him to his feet. Evil drives a knee into Magnus Brutus’s ribs before pulling him forward and locking him in a suplex. Evil tries to lift Brutus, but Brutus holds his weight and plants his feet back onto the mat before lifting Evil over his head and sending him back with a suplex of his own. Magnus drops down onto Evil in a mount position and begins to reign blows down upon his forehead before becoming aggressive and holding an elbow across his throat, causing the referee to give a count for him to release the hold.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

JOHNSON : “Magnus Brutus viciously choking Evil to gain an edge!”
VASSA : “He’s trying to send a message tonight in this non-title match up!”
Talking a bit of trash while the rest of Hostile Takeover cheers him on, Brutus comes to his feet and reaches down, gripping Evil under his arm and pulling him to standing position. He fires a knife edge chop against Evil’s chest before gripping his wrist and whipping him into the corner. Evil bounces out from the turnbuckles and stumbles forward as Magnus reaches out and grabs him, lifting Evil for a scoop slam. Evil uses his weight to kick himself over Magnus in mid move and land behind him. He locks Magnus in a sleeper hold instantly falling out with him and executing a sleeper-hold slam.
VASSA : “A sleeper hold slam by Johnny fucking Evil!”
JOHNSON : “Just like that, Johnny’s back into this thing!”
Johnny pulls himself to his feet. He runs toward the ropes and hops into the air, planting his feet on the second rope, springboarding off of them and landing a moonsault across Magnus Brutus’s stomach. Evil rolls off of Magnus and climbs to a knee. He looks over to the corner as Phoebe starts to taunt him. Johnny stands up and starts to engage in a war of words with her as Magnus climbs to his feet. He runs up behind Johnny clubbing him in the back of the head with a heavy forearm. Evil falls to the mat allowing Magnus to reach out and tag Brody Lee back into the match.
JOHNSON : “Strength in numbers are definitely coming into play now. The outside distractions from Phoebe and Wrigley giving an even bigger edge to Hostile Takeover is uncalled for!”
VASSA : “Like it or not, it’s happening and both Brody Lee Prince and Brutus Magnus are looking to keep momentum in their corner…”
Brody reaches down and grabs Evil by the hair. He kicks Evil in the ribs and then follows it up with a bionic elbow to the top of Johnny’s cranium. As Johnny buckles forward, Brody shoves his head in between his legs and lifts him into the air, planting him downward with a stump pulling piledriver. As Johnny hits the mat, Brody Lee pushes Evil onto his back and lays on top of him for the pinfall.

After Johnny Evil kicks out, Brody climbs to a knee and looks over to Wrigley who continues to cheer him on. Brody makes it back to his feet and reaches down gripping Evil by the wrist. He pulls Johnny to his feet. BLP reaches out and wraps his arms around Johnny lifting him into the air and and spinning to the side slamming him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Brody Lee takes a breath for a moment before pulling himself to his feet. Johnny rolls onto his back and begins a crawl to the ropes, but he’s cut short by Brody gripping his ankle and spinning him back onto his back. Evil quickly jerks his foot up and connects it to the bottom of Brody Lee’s jaw. Brody falls back but hits into the ropes and lunges forward. Evil reaches out and grabs him, bringing him to mat with a quick roll up pin attempt.
JOHNSON : “We got a quick roll-up pin by Johnny Evil, could this do it?!”

VASSA : “Nooo, Brody Lee kicks out!!”
Brody kicks out and rolls onto his back. Evil begins to crawl toward the ropes as both men fight to their feet at the same exact time. Brody Lee runs forward and attempts a clothesline, but Evil ducks it and reaches backward, grasping Brody by the neck and dropping down with a neckbreaker. As Brody rolls onto his stomach Evil stands to his feet. Brody comes to standing position and Evil runs forward with a whiplash type of effect, drilling him with a sling blade. After coming to a stand once more, Evil looks over at Brutus who is trying to enter through the middle rope. Evil runs forward and drives an elbow down upon his back sending him outside to the floor. Hoping the apron Evil looks at Brutus before turning his attention to Brody Lee who is now coming to a stand. Evil spring boards upon the ropes and jolts forward flying knee, driving it into Brody’s cheek, causing him to drop to a knee. Getting fired up Johnny paces around the ring yelling and pointing to the Adrian Tanner Memorial armband on his left arm.
JOHNSON : “Evil has come back to life!! He will not be denied!”
VASSA : “It seems he’s brought this audience back to life too! This is what Adrenaline is all about!”
Johnny backs into the corner, waiting for Brody to get back to his feet. As Brody stands Evil goes to rush forward, but gets pulled from the ring by Brutus. Brutus connects a forearm to Johnny’s cheek and then whips him into the guardrail. Brutus goes to boot Evil into the audience but as he kicks his foot forward Evil ducks, causing him to get hung up upon the rail. Evil notices Brody getting ready to exit the ring and rushes forward hoping onto the apron and jumping into the air, driving him down with a fameassour causing him to drape stomach first among the middle rope. He pushes Brody Lee back, causing him to fall back onto the ring mat. As Brody rolls onto his back, Evil hops onto the apron again and springs himself up onto the top rope. He jumps into the air with a front flip and lands a double foot stomp onto Brody’s gut. Crawling over to Brody, Johnny hooks the leg.

Due to quick thinking, Wrigley places Brody’s foot over the rope and starts pointing it out to the referee. Evil hops up and reaches down to lift Brody Lee to his feet, but once again becomes distracted by Phoebe talking shit at ringside. With the referee warning Phoebe not to cause a distraction, Brody Lee climbs to a knee and drives an uppercut into Evil’s groin from behind delivering a low blow. Evil hops around in pain and turns toward Brody cupping his package with both hands. With a smirk Brody Lee stands and lifts Evil up, dropping him back with a Samoan drop. He reaches out and makes the tag to Brutus who has just recovered and stepped back up onto the ring apron.
JOHNSON : “Johnny Evil is never going to win at this rate. The distraction and numbers are too powerful!”
VASSA : “He may have had it won if it wasn’t for Wrigley placing Brody Lee’s foot on the ropes at the last second!”
JOHNSON : “Chris Wrigley, ever so the opportunist!”
Brutus reaches down and picks Johnny up by his hair, backing him into the corner where he begins to drive a series of shoulders into his ribs. As the official breaks him way for his aggressiveness, Brody Lee reaches out and begins choking Johnny Evil against the corner. He pushes Evil forward as Brutus rushes forward and delivers a big boot into Johnny’s face. Johnny falls to the mat as Brutus begins circling the ring, mocking him. After a moment he reaches down and pulls Johnny to his feet.
VASSA : “Magnus Brutus is starting to toy with Johnny Evil right now!”
JOHNSON : “He better be careful, Evil can shift momentum in an instant!”
Brutus grips Johnny’s chin and talks a bit of trash before firing a right hand to his face. He fires another one, but Evil blocks it off and kicks him in the stomach. Evil quickly blasts Brutus in the face with a forearm. Magnus Brutus stumbles back as Evil lunges forward and connects a super kick to his chin, knocking him off his feet. Evil exhaustedly drops down upon Brutus and makes the pin.
VASSA : “Superkick to the face of Magnus Brutus!”

Brutus kicks out, causing Evil to roll onto his back to take a breather. Evil starts crawling toward the ropes as Brutus rolls onto his stomach and boosts himself to a knee. They both come to their feet at the same time. Magnus turns toward Evil and swings a wild haymaker, but Johnny ducks it and straight jackets the arms while spinning him backward. He drops back and drives both knees into Brutus’s back with a straight jacket backstabber. Rolling over onto Brutus, Evil locks in the Detroit Death Clutch, causing the crowd to irrupt.
JOHNSON : “Evil’s got the Detroit Death Clutch locked in on Brutus!”
VASSA : “Brutus is fight fiercely to get out of it though!”
Brutus digs his free elbow into the mat and snails his way forward as Evil fights to keep him in the center of the ring. Brutus grunts in pain and uses his free elbow to plant upon the mat moving a couple inches closer to the ropes. Johnny continues to dig down, applying more leverage to the hold. Brutus reaches out letting off a yell of pain, but can’t grab the ropes. An elbow drop causes Evil to release the hold as Brody Lee has entered the ring to break up the submission. The official tries to back Brody up, but Brody ducks away from him and reaches down lifting Evil to his feet. He grips Evil’s wrist and sends him into the ropes, causing him to rebound back. As Evil shoots back in Brody Lee’s direction, Brody tries to lift him for a spinebuster but in midair, Evil locks him arm around Brody’s neck and drills him down with a jumping DDT.
VASSA : “Jumping DDT on Brody Lee Prince!”
JOHNSON : “Yea, but look…”
Evil rolls to his feet as Brody rolls onto his stomach. Wrigley climbs onto the apron and Johnny locks eyes with him rushing forward and looking to connect an elbow to his head, but before he can, Wrigley drops himself down to the ringside floor and out of harm’s way. As Johnny spins around, Brody is already standing and fires a right hand. Evil ducks under it and locks him up, drilling him forward and connecting a Revolver.
JOHNSON : “Revolver, in memory of his fallen partner!”
VASSA : “Adrian Tanner’s gotta be looking down from heaven and smirking right now!!!”
Johnny stands, but as he does he gets kicked in the stomach by a well recovered Brutus. Magnus stuffs Evil in between his legs and hoists him into the air slamming him down to the canvas with a powerbomb. The official tries restoring order as Brody rolls out of the ring and falls upon the floor, while Brutus Magnus drops on top of Evil and hooks his leg for a pin.
JOHNSON :Vicious powerbomb to Johnny Evil, by Magnus Brutus!”

VASSA : “Hostile Takeover almost had the win!”
Johnny kicks out as Brutus sits up and looks around the arena. Aggravated he pulls himself to his feet and reaches down, gripping Johnny’s wrist and yanking him into standing position. He looks around and tosses Evil into the corner causing him to the hit the turnbuckle with tremendous impact and stumble back forward. Evil tries a desperation clothesline, but Brutus ducks it and as Johnny turns around Brutus locks him into a suplex, lifting him up and dropping him forward falling out into his double knee gutbuster ‘Paroxysm’. Rolling Evil onto his back, Brutus drops on top of him for the pin.

VASSA : “What, no way, with that impact Brutus Magnus could have broken Johnny Evil’s back! No way in hell!”
Magnus Brutus sits up and slaps his hand upon the mat in frustration before yanking himself to his feet. He takes a step over Evil who rolls onto his stomach in pain and then drives a foot into the bridge of his back with heavy force before reaching out and tagging Brody Lee Prince back into the match up. Brutus reaches down and lifts Evil up as Brody ascends to the top rope. Hooking Johnny in a Russian Leg Sweep, Brutus drills him backward as Brody Lee dives from the ropes with a hard spinning lariat. After connecting The Takeover, Magnus Brutus rolls out of the ring while Brody Lee drops onto Johnny Evil for the pin.

JOHNSON : “Stay down, Johnny!! Hostile Takeover won’t stop until you do!”
VASSA : “You’re right, they want to prove that they’re going to be the next best tag team in 4CW!”
Johnny Evil desperately rolls the shoulder up at the last moment. Brody crawls to his knees and shakes his head in disbelief as he looks at the official and begins arguing with him. Still shaking his head, Brody pulls himself to his feet looking down at Johnny who rolls onto his stomach in pain, reaching for the bottom rope to use it as a crutch in an attempt to stand. Brody hovers over Johnny and slaps him in the back of the head.
VASSA : “Brody Lee is getting angry!”
JOHNSON : “Brody Lee Prince telling Johnny Evil to stay down and live to fight another day!!!”
Outside the ring, Wrigley and Phoebe are growing frustrated at the will of Johnny Evil. He reaches out grabbing the middle rope coming to a knee as Brody Lee slowly stalks around behind him. As Johnny makes his way to his feet, he holds the back of his head in pain and spins around feeling groggy, stumbling into a Elbow Flurry from Brody, immediately followed up with a Tooth Loosener. As Brody climbs to a knee he looks around smirking at the irritated audience. He drops down onto Johnny Evil looking to finish the match.

JOHNSON : “As Hostile Takeover continues to dominate Johnny Evil continues to show the dedication he has to fighting for Adrian Tanner’s memory!”
Somehow, Johnny rolls a shoulder up again, with hardly any fight left in him. Only motivation not to take a pinfall. Brody stands up and yells in anger and frustration. At this point, Wrigley opens up his briefcase outside the ring and slides a slapjack into the ring through the bottom rope as Phoebe climbs onto the apron and begins bickering with the official. With a wicked smile, Brody reaches down and grabs the slapjack, clenching it in his hand as Johnny painfully climbs to both knees. He looks up at Brody and slowly raises his arms up, waving him on with almost a limp body as if to say, ‘give it your best shot’.
JOHNSON : “Just stay down!! You’ve proven enough!!!”
VASSA : “Brody Lee Prince is willing to put Johnny down for good just to prove a point!”
Brody cocks the slapjack back behind him, but the crowd erupts as Brandon Young hops the barricade and slips into the ring, reaching out and pulling the slapjack from his hand. Brody turns around and clocks Brandon Young knocking him to the mat with a right hand. The crowd roars even louder as another person hops the barricade and slides in behind Brody Lee, he locks him in a German suplex, sending him back and rolling Brody back up his feet. He transitions into a Dragon Suplex sending Brody Lee back once more. Keeping Brody clenched he comes to his feet once more, transitioning once more by hooking under the leg and delivering a release underhook belly to back suplex.
VASSA :Death By Suplex!! Death By Suplex!!”
JOHNSON : It’s Andrew Karnage!! That’s Adrian Tanner Jr.s longtime friend and former tag team partner from Hardkore World!!!
The referee tries to regain control of the match as Brutus rushes in and hits a forearm on Andrew Karnage. The two men begin exchange blows and Brutus powers him to the ropes. As the continue the exchange the momentum sends them both toppling over the ropes and spilling out to the floor. In the ring, Evil comes to his feet and reaches down to lift Brody Lee to his feet, but Wrigley enters the ring with his briefcase threatening to sue Johnny Evil if he doesn’t back off. Evil gives a smirk and kicks Wrigley in the gut causing him to buckle. He lifts Wrigley up for a powerbomb and drops him down into a lungblower.
With things getting way to chaotic and unmanageable the official waves his hand for the ring bell, resulting in a no contest…

Johnny reaches down to grab the slapjack but catches a low blow from Phoebe. He stumbles around the ring as Brody Lee gets up and clotheslines him from the ring. While Brody slides out of the ring to pursue Johnny, on the other side of the ring Karnage and Magnus Brutus continue to brawl. Karnage goes for a right hand, but Brutus ducks under and delivers an elbow to his stomach before gripping his wrist and sending him back first into the barricade with an irish whip.
VASSA : “They just won’t stop!”
JOHNSON : “Somebody call in reinforcements, the match is over!!!”
On the other side of the ring, Brody Lee lifts Evil to his feet and brings him forward, smashing his head against the opposite barricade. He attempts to do it a second time, but Evil shoots his hand out, gripping the barricade and stopping the impact. He rakes Brody Lee in the eyes and fires a left hand against his chin.

A massive amount of security and 4CW officials rush down the entry way and begin to break up the brawl as it continues. Brutus rushes forward and clotheslines Andrew Karnage into the audience, but Karnage grips a Brutus’s wrist and sends him toppling over the barricade with him. On the other side of the fight, Johnny Evil and Brody Lee Prince begin going tit for tat with right and left hands also toppling over the barricade. Security and officials continue to intervene pulling all four competitors apart.
JOHNSON :All hell has broken loose!! There must be order!!!”
VASSA :The officials are trying to break this up, but they want to continue to fight!”
As order is still getting restored, the footage cuts to the backstage area.


POWERS: ”The following Bad Company qualifier is scheduled for one fall! Standing in the ring at this time, representing High Stakes Wrestling… THE FROST EELLIITTEE!!!”
Both Maya Jensen and Mizore stand in the ring, awaiting the entrance of their opponents for the upcoming match.
JOHNSON: ”Here we are with another guest team representing their promotion for Bad Company.”
VASSA: ”This will be the second team we have tonight representing High Stakes Wrestling. Give a round of applause for Mizore and Maya Jensen folks!”
JOHNSON: ”I for one am very happy to see these outside teams coming into 4CW for this huge tag-team event.”
VASSA: ”bUt 4cW iS sO mEaN, nObOdY lIkEs 4Cw!”
JOHNSON: ”That seems to be the word on the streets but with the list of names we have in this event I think otherwise.”
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low!”

Stepping out from the back first is “The Smooth One” William D. Williams! Suit top class and expensive as he comes to a stop where the stage meets the aisle ramp. Turning back to the entrance as the lyrics of the first verse spills out from the speaker system.
”Goin’ straight through the hole
You ain’t got no game
I’m breakin’ ya out the frame
Coming through like a train
Looking to take over the world is my goal
With my unstoppable crew takin’ all control
You can’t get none of this, we’re runnin’ this
Well taker, earth shaker, 3 point gunnin’ this
Get out the lane, I’m comin’ through
And if you don’t wanna move then I’m comin’ right through you”

The crowd gets loud and hype as Jair Hopkins leaps out going “high” as Jason Cashe almost creeps out in a squatted “low” playing to the theme song. Both greet “The Smooth One” as the three of them turn to the ring. Hopkins and Cashe color coordinated but keeps their own style about their attire. Hopkins slaps a few hands as he gets a head of the team. Cashe couldn’t care less to interact as William D. Williams moves down the center of the aisle way.
”We want it all (want it all!)
Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!)
You can’t take none of this hardcore (hardcore!)
In the game we take you to war (war!)
You ain’t seen nothin’ like this before
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low“

As the team gets to ringside, Cashe and Hopkins go separate directions. “Smooth One” reaches the steel stairs and climbs up onto the ring apron. As Hopkins slides in under the bottom ropes and Cashe dips in through the middle on opposite sides, the two pass the other by, they clap slap hands three times rapidly. Hopkins pulling his shirt off, Cashe already ready to go as William D. Williams remains on the ring apron outside the ropes for introductions.
POWERS: ”One comes to us from Los Angeles, California by way of Brooklyn, New York! A former TWO Time 4CW Champion! JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
The crowd erupts. A fan favorite, a name that helped make the 4CW brand. Stepping up on the turnbuckles, leaning against the top buckle, Hopkins throws his arms up. Feeding on the audience as they pour him with their love and support.
POWERS: ”The other comes from Houston, Texas by way of DeCatur, Georgia! He is a THREE Time 4CW Champion and a Two time Extreme Champion! The “tRoUbLeD1” JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Slowly he turns to see every section in the arena. Some cheering, more booing and he doesn’t react much at all. Finally staring back at the Announcer, wanting him to hurry along. He gets the the final part of their introduction.
POWERS: ”Accompanying them and presenting them as a Manager, “The Smooth One” William D. Williams! THEY… ARE… WWOORRLLDD SSTTAARR!!!”
The fans echo out the name along with Powers. More cheers and howls of their name are heard as they stand ready to fight.
VASSA: ”And here they are folks, the due of rivals now turned friends, Jair Hopkins and Jason Cashe!”
JOHNSON: ”This is a heavy hitting team that we have in this whole cluster of a tournament. Between the two of them, they’ve held the 4CW Championship a total of five times.”
VASSA: ”Taking the Frenzy out of the equation, this will be Jair’s first legit match back since being injured at the end of last year. I think the question everyone is asking themselves is this. How has that leg healed up over the last six or seven months?”
JOHNSON: ”Injuries like the one Jair suffered are tough one’s to come back from. The healing process can be somewhat tricky. We’re just going to have to wait and see how his knee holds up.”
VASSA: ”Luckily for him, he has Cashe in his corner so if that leg bothers him one bit, he can always tag Cashe in to shit all over the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s disgusting. Please don’t bring back the memories.”
With both teams ready in the ring, Cashe and Jensen will start things off as the official calls for the bell.

Beginning of the Match: Bursting from his corner, Cashe charges straight for the smaller sized Jensen standing across from him. Ducking underneath a running clothesline from Cashe, Jensen counters and hits Cashe in the back of the head with a drop kick, sending him stumbling to the ropes. Hitting the ropes chest first, Cashe bounces off just as Jensen stands, falling into her arms as she positions herself beside him. At that moment, Jensen gained control of the match after dropping him to the canvas with a Russian leg sweep. Given the rather large size difference, Jensen used her quickness to her advantage, dodging attacks from Cashe and countering with swift strikes of her own. Following a spear in the center of the ring that laid Cashe out, Jensen awaited patiently in the corner as he slowly rose to his feet. Driving his face into the canvas, Jensen put him down with a bulldog before turning to her corner and tagging in her partner, Mizore.
Just like her partner, Mizore was nearly half the size of Cashe. After flying off the corner and through the air, Mizore went for a tornado DDT but quickly received something unexpected as Cashe caught her in mid-air. Turning things around, Cashe slammed Mizore down to the mat with a spinebuster, even though driving his own head into the mat and allowing Mizore to execute the tornado DDT. Groggy but not out of it, Cashe crawled to his corner, tagging in Hopkins as Mizore remained down on her back. Leaping over the ropes, Jair entered the ring with flash as the Scotland crowd welcomed him not only to their country, but also back in 4CW action. As Mizore rose to her knees, Hopkins leveled her with a running drop kick that brought those not standing up to their feet. Making the cover, Jair went for the win before Jensen even realized what was going on.

Leaping through the air, Jensen broke up the pin just before the officials hand slapped the mat for a third time. Entering the ring as well, Cashe quickly charged Jensen but was unable to get his hands on her as she quickly fled the ring. Helping Jair to his feet, Cashe assisted his partner as the official counted to thee. Realizing what the count was, Cashe quickly took off for the ropes, leaping up and over them just before the five, but grabbing onto the top to guide his rough landing onto the apron.
VASSA: ”That was a close call for The Frost Elite with a near three count.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it was, Vinny. The Frost Elite started off hot. It’s always a good thing when someone can get the jump on Jason Cashe early on.”
VASSA: ”It’s just too bad for her that her partner slipped up and gave him the opportunity to turn things around.”
Middle of the Match: Still in control, Jair slowly worked on Mizore, wearing her down move after move without giving her a second to retaliate. After laying her out in the center of the ring with a Samoan drop, Jair gained enough confidence to test his knee out even further as he climbed to the top of the nearest corner. Going for the OMFG!, Jair took to the skies with a backflip, coming down hard with the moonsault double foot stomp only to land cleanly on canvas. Realizing that Mizore had rolled out of the way, it was then too late as she caught him upside the head with a unexpected elbow. Lifting Jair off his feet, Mizore slammed him back down to the mat with a scoop slam. Hopping over him, she took to the ropes, leaping through the air and landing on the middle one. Springboarding off, she flew backwards through the air before coming down with a solid elbow drop across his chest. Grabbing his leg and hooking it as she leaned her back against him, Mizore had Jair shoulders to the mat as the official swept in beside them with the count.

Not wasting any time after the kickout, Mizore went back to work, keeping Jair on the mat and raining down on him with kicks and stomps. After finally pulling Jair back to his feet, she whipped him to the nearby corner where he partner stood on the opposite side of the ropes. Just as Jair crashed against the corner, Mizore rushed in and nearly took his head off with a running clothesline. Tagging in Jensen, she then held Jair in place as Jensen climbed the outside of the corner. Pulling Jair away from the corner, Mizore then released him and slid under the bottom rope just as the official’s count reached four. With his back turned to her, Jensen then leaped forward, hooking her arm around Jair’s head and planting his face into the mat with a bulldog from the top rope. Rolling Jair over to his back, she then made the cover as the official quickly began his count.

Forgetting that his partner was underneath, Cashe broke up the count by leaping onto Jensen’s back with a body splash, applying even more weight to his partner pressed against the mat. As Cashe rose to his feet, Mizore then surprised him with an assault of kicks and punches to the mid-section and face. Backing Cashe across the ring, she left him nowhere to go as his back touched the ropes. Spinning around, Mizore then connected with a roundhouse kick that sent Cashe up and over the top rope, crashing down to the floor below. Hearing the official yell four behind her, she then quickly dipped through the ropes and walked along the apron back to her corner. Meanwhile, both Jensen and Jair slowly climbed back to their feet, Jensen standing first and gaining the upperhand.
VASSA: ”These two young ladies are really bringing the fight to Jair’s front door.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s two near pinfalls, one of which being broken up just a split second before it would have been too late.”
VASSA: ”They seem to know the formula for going head to head against Cashe and Jair. If these girls can keep it up, we may have a huge upset on our hands and an even bigger win for High Stakes Wrestling.”
JOHNSON: ”They have already proven they have what it takes. Now it’s only a matter of executing.”
End of the Match: With Hopkins’ legs loose, Jensen kicked and kicked and kicked, finally knocking him down to one knee. Taking a few steps back, she then charged in and went to end it all with a step-up enzuiguri, or as she liked to call it, Green No More. Just before her foot closes in, the entire arena erupts as Cashe greets her with a stiff, striking elbow to the face – the Mark of Jason! Stumbling backwards and still on her feet, Jensen crashes into her own corner and as she does, her arm flies back and collides into Mizore, making a tag in the eyes of the official. Jumping up onto the top rope, Mizore then springboards off flies through the air. Pulling Jair up to his feet by the arm, Cashe then slings him forward into Mizore, stopping her in her tracks as Jair’s head crashes into her stomach. Rolling out of the ring, Cashe begins slamming his hand down onto the apron and cheering for Hopkins. After finally making his way back to his corner, Cashe looks on from the outside as Jair is the first back up to his feet.
Throwing Mizore to the corner where Cashe awaits, Jair chases close behind. As Mizore closes in, Cashe throws his arm over the top rope, hitting Mizore in the face with The Mark of Jason! Flying through the air behind her, Hopkins grabs onto her shoulders while planting his feet into her lower back. Rolling backwards, Jair’s back hits the mat as he then launches Mizore into the air with a reverse monkey flip. Popping back to his feet, Jair then slaps hands with Cashe, making the tag. Dipping through the ropes, Cashe points to Jair and then the corner before making his way over to Mizore. Pulling her up from the mat, Cashe then whips her to the ropes and as she comes back on the rebound, Cashe lifts her into the air and spins them both around. Cashe slams her to the mat with a pop-up sit-down spinebuster, tRoUbLe MaKeR, and from above, Jair flips backwards through the air, landing a moonsault double foot stomp to Mizore’s chest!
VASSA: ”Trouble Maker!”
Looking to one another, Johnson and Vassa then yell together…
With Jensen still out of it across the ring against the corner in a seated position, Cashe makes the cover as Jair keeps a close eye on Jensen.

JOHNSON: ”There you have it! Jason Cashe and Jair Hopkins will advance to Bad Company ladies and gentlemen.”
“Hit ‘Em High” hits the speakers as Hopkins assists Cashe to his feet. Stepping in beside them, the official grabs both of their arms, raising them into the air together.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners… WWOORRLLDD SSTTAARR!!!”
Celebrating together, Jair and Cashe walk the ring as the Scotland crowd cheers them on. Taunting his fallen opponents, Cashe rubs it in their faces as Hopkins looks on from across the ring shaking his head.

We cut backstage for a random turn of events, as we see people lined up to approach what looks to be a judging table with only one person: none other than the Petty Bitch herself, Persephone Marquis. She sighs, drinking from her water bottle as she looks at the paper in front of her. This is it, folks, this is the first wave of the Best Friend Tryouts that she has been postponing time and time again. She looks at the crowd, addressing them.

MARQUIS: “Everyone will be judged on a 60 points scale that covers Relevance to me, the Strength of your Speech, Entertainment, Creativity, Continuity, Your Personal Character as an Individual, and how well I can understand You. Does everyone understand?”

Someone speaks up from the crowd.

RANDOM: “But you always say continuity is a lie?”

MARQUIS: “Very true, but shut the fuck up. Pay attention and you would’ve understood why these judging guidelines are so clever. You can leave, you’re not going to be my best friend.”

Security works on hauling the person out of the area, while everyone murmurs amongst themselves. With the first few people stepping up to try to claim the spot of her best friend, the camera suddenly focuses on someone in the crowd. A young man, or it could be a boy, with a mustache that doesn’t match the color of the hair peaking out from under his cap. Sunglasses on his face. The person next to him speaks up.

ANOTHER RANDOM: “She’s kind of harsh, isn’t she?”

MUSTACHED BOY: “Yeah, but that’s nothing new. She’s really picky and hard to please.”
SAME RANDOM: “How do you know that?”
MUSTACHED BOY: ”No, I’m not Jett Wilder, what are you talking about?”
SAME RANDOM: “I didn’t say you were.”
MUSTACHED BOY: ”Good, because I’m not.”
SAME RANDOM: “Okay, um, anyway, I think I have this in the bag, though, check this out?”

The Mustached Boy looks to see that two tickets are being offered to see and brag. He takes them into his hands and studies them. The camera takes it’s zoom and they are tickets to an EXO Concert in Japan!

MUSTACHED BOY: “Oh, wow, she would love these!”

The Mustached Boy smiles at the person. While keeping his smile and eye contact, he begins to rip up the tickets in his hands. He throws them, scattering the pieces like confetti.

MUSTACHED BOY: “I’m not going to lose to this cheating crap.”

SAME RANDOM: “What the fuck is your problem?!”

Keep in mind that this is a small woman who is up to this man’s shoulders. She pushes him and takes a swing, which the Mustached Boy dodges. Before anything can continue, security is on the scene and taking the woman out of the situation and the area. The boy is furious, or the man, whatever he may be behind his mustache, which is now slightly hanging from his face because of those dodging jukes. He looks around, furious that everyone is watching. He fixes his mustache and pushes his way to the front of the crowd and looks at Marquis.

MUSTACHED BOY: “These are the type of uncivilized losers you have trying to be your best friend?”

MARQUIS: “Yeah, of course. Did you just jump to front of the line?”

MUSTACHED BOY: “Yes, I did.”
Marquis narrows her eyes, looking at the mustache and trying to pick out the features of the boy in front of her. She seems hesitant.
MARQUIS:”Do I know you?”
The Mustached Boy quickly shakes his head.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”Nope! I’ve never met you before, ever.”
Marquis continues to stare at him, with narrowed eyes before she shrugs and sits back in her seat.

MARQUIS: “Okay, whatever. Hope you’re ready for your audition then, because you’re up, buddy!”

She presses a timer. He has five minutes.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”This will be a rendition of a famous scene from one of the best movies ever.”
The mustached boy, or man as he would prefer to be called, places a hand on a hip; speaking in a high pitch womanish voice.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”It’s not that hard, uhm… when he speaks to you count to three in your head before you answer him.”
Quickly transitioning to being a second character in this play for Marquis.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”Don’t show any interest. Don’t even look at him too much. Yeah, yeah. You got it?”
Speaking each differing line with a slightly racial black girl voice at times, transitioning into a valley girl with ease as he moves each time to show it’s a different character taking a long pause.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”I said you got it?”
Moving back to being the upset prep type to question, his other character.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”I was counting to three!”
The mystery man proclaims before moving back into place to finish it off.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”Not that slowly! We don’t what him to think you’re retarded!”
Out of breath from all the acting he just did, playing all four parts with class. As he bites his lip waiting on her response. Marquis’ eyes are wide, having hung on every word from that performance.
MARQUIS:”That’s from ‘John Tucker Must Die’. That’s my favorite movie.”
She smiles brightly, nodding her head before she continues to speak, obviously excited about the situation.
MARQUIS:”That’s even my favorite scene! You played every character so well, I’m so astounded. Like, wow! You would think you’ve watched it a hundred times or something. That’s so cool, because I watch that movie every other day. I love it so much. Also-”
One of the security guards clears their throat beside her, stopping the passionate and excited rant from continuing on. Marquis stops speaking and glares at them before coughing and shrugging, looking down at the paper.
MARQUIS:”I guess I would say that was a perfect 60/60, considering everything.”
The entire crowd in line begins to talk among themselves at the turn of events. Marquis continues to speak.
MARQUIS:”I told myself if anyone got a perfect score, they would become my best friend, so. It looks like you got the part. Congratulations! Now, what is your name?”
MUSTACHED BOY: ”My name? You know, really quick before I get to that, it’s funny. I know that entire movie word for word.”
The mystery man boy takes off his hat, throwing it to the side.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”I have watched it a hundred times, maybe more.”
He removes his sunglasses now, placing them on his head. At this point, everyone should know who it is, but every person is stuck, looking to see the reveal. Listening carefully to what he says.
MUSTACHED BOY: ”And each time I’ve watched it…. I’ve watched it with you!”
He rips off his moustache, revealing who he is! The security guard beside Marquis gasps, along with everyone else in the room.

“It’s Jett Wilder!”

Marquis is shocked, but quickly gets herself together, standing to her feet. She slams her fists down on the table, glaring at Jett.
MARQUIS:”What the fuck are you doing here, Jett?!”
Jett steps up to the table, scattering the papers and slamming his own fists down much harder, shaking the table. Marquis takes a step back, still glaring at the younger.
WILDER: ”I came back to prove that you don’t need anyone else other than me. I came to get my best friend back!”
Before Marquis can even speak, Jett continues and cuts off whatever words might’ve came from her mouth.
WILDER: ”I’m sorry that I forgot our Friendiversary, okay? But you can’t say that I’m the only one wrong in this situation and you know it.”
Jett softens up and eases off the table, eye contact never leaving Persephone.
WILDER: ”You were gone, for over a month. Didn’t tell anyone what was going on. I tried texting you, calling you, looking for you. Nothing. You abandoned me and then came back like nothing changed, came back angry at me, and even then, I was just happy you were around again. So, yeah, I forgot our Friendiversary, but you forgot about our friendship.”
Jett takes a deep breath, Marquis staring down at her feet with guilt.
WILDER: ”Yet, here I am. Still trying to save it, here I am telling you that I missed my best friend.”
Marquis sniffles and sighs, rubbing at her eyes before glaring at Jett. Then, calming her gaze, she begins to speak.
MARQUIS:”I’m sorry. I was wrong and I have no excuses, I’m big enough to admit that. I’m so so very sorry and I don’t know how to make it up to you.”
Jett grins widely and rounds the table to where Marquis is standing, his arms outstretched.
WILDER: ”A hug is a good place to start.”
The best friends embrace and the small crowd in the area erupt in cheers, a single tear streaming down the face of the security guard who now works to clear away everyone from the scene. Jett pulls away from the hug.
WILDER: ”Also, you have to do my laundry for a month, and buy me lunch for two weeks. And don’t forget you have to come to my basketball games to cheat for me. I’m going to need you to drive me around to places every now and then too. Plus, you have to meet my girlfriend and like her. Oh! And-“
Marquis rolls her eyes, allowing Jett to continue his list of demands as she walks off, with him following behind; counting each one on his fingers with the scene fading to black.


JOHNSON: ”Well folks, this should be an interesting match. Considering how well these two know each other, we shouldn’t expect anything other than fireworks here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Look, Luke Jones may be overlooked by a lot of people. He certainly doesn’t have the best record, but he’s got a lot of heart. He wants to show that he can hang here in 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”I think we’ve all noticed the new attitude he’s carrying lately.”
VASSA: ”Yeah! He’s going to need a lot more than that to get through Bronx tonight though. It’s a real big test for him.”
JOHNSON: ”The pressure isn’t all on Luke either. Bronx needs to come up big tonight if he wants to walk away with a win. A loss here could be damaging.”
VASSA: ”The pressure is on! Love when Perry makes matches like this!”
Luke makes his way out onto the ramp and looks out at the crowd as “Break You” by Lamb of God plays. He walks down the ramp and plays up to the crowd before sliding into the ring.
POWERS: ”Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. He is LUKE JJOONNEESS!!!”
Luke climbs the top turnbuckle and poses for the crowd before climbing back down and preparing himself for his opponent.
JOHNSON: ”Luke Jones focused. Ready to assert himself here tonight. You can see how much he wants this match, right now.”
VASSA: ”I don’t even think I’ve seen Luke so laser focused before. Maybe we should just give him Bronx every week!”
The “Stranger Things” intro starts to kick over the house speakers as the fans give their initial pop when smoke begins to fill the stage. As the remix to “Starboy” kicks in, Bronx slowly makes his way out on stage. Pausing in the middle of the stage, he turns sideways and points a finger gun towards the ring before he pulls the trigger and gives a loud, audible laugh before he pulls his ring jacket back to reveal the title belt around his waist, he continues down the ramp, a smug grin on his face as he slaps hands with hands on either side of the ramp, occasionally pointing at the belt and talking trash.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds…He is the reigning 4CW Champion… BRONX VVAALLEESSCCEENNCCEE!!!”
When Bronx gets down to the end of the ramp, he uses one leap onto the ring apron, and then spins around, holding onto the ropes before rising his feet on the apron and walking over to his corner and using the ropes to vault into the ring. Pulling his title belt off with one hand, he opens his arms out to either side he spins until he bounces into the ropes and poses one time for the fans before smirking and removing his ring jacket and sunglasses, neatly placing them underneath his corner turnbuckle before leaping onto the top turnbuckle to sit, waiting for the referee to come over and take his title.
JOHNSON: ”Here is the 4CW Champion. Ready to go, ready to fight and preserve his legacy here in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Bronx has had big matches before, but I don’t think he’ll let this one slip by him. He looks like he’s taking this as seriously as any title match he’s had before.”

There is no handshake, or good will between these two to start the match. The two men square off, engaging in a collar and elbow tie up. Bronx whips Luke Jones into the ropes, who knocks Bronx down with a shoulder tackle. Bronx kips up to his feet, running the ropes, as he knocks down Luke Jones with a shoulder tackle of his own. Luke Jones gets back up, and goes to the ropes again as he tries for another shoulder tackle. Bronx moves out of the way, running to the ropes as well. Both men cross each other on the exchange, with Bronx catching Luke on the other side with a Dropkick!
Bronx picks up Luke Jones and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Luke is staggered for a moment, but follows up with an Elbow to face of Bronx. Luke tries to whip Bronx to the other side of the ring, but it is reversed. Bronx follows in for a clothesline, but Luke moves out of the way! Bronx hits chest first and stumbles back into a German Suplex attempt. Bronx lashes out, connecting with an elbow to the side of Luke Jones’s head. Luke doesn’t let go, instead he pops his hips and lifts up Bronx for the German! Bronx is slammed into the mat, Luke quickly follows this up with a Fireman’s Carry into a Neckbreaker! Swung off of Luke’s shoulders, he crashes to the mat hard. Luke Jones is fired up, looking to send this match into another gear.
JOHNSON: ”What a start to this match!”
VASSA: ”Luke Jones already coming in for the kill!”
Bronx looks to be in pain, as he tries to get up to his feet. Luke grabs him, trying to lift him up but strikes out with a kick to the side of Luke’s head! Luke staggers, breaking the hold as Bronx gets back up to his feet. Bronx turns around, getting tossed to the mat with a Hip Toss! He pops back up, and gets thrown again with an Arm Drag! Luke keeps the arm trapped, turning it into a hold for a moment. He lays Bronx’s left arm down, driving his knee into the arm! Bronx reacts immediately, clutching his arm for a moment. He shakes it out, as Luke continues to press him.
Bronx fights his way back up to his feet, laying into Luke Jones with a few right hands. Luke tries to Irish Whip him to the ropes, but Bronx ducks under and tosses Luke Jones to the ropes! Luke Jones bounces back, connecting with a Calf Kick that knocks Bronx down! The fans are unsure of what is happening, as Luke Jones has been all over Bronx so far. This really hasn’t been much of a match, but a fight instead. Rolling under the bottom rope, Bronx looks to recover for the meanwhile. Luke Jones quickly slides under the bottom rope, he looks to throw a Forearm, but Bronx ducks! Instead, Bronx sends him face first into the ring post!
JOHNSON: ”Bronx has responded back beautifully, this is a brawl if I’ve ever seen one.”
VASSA: ”These two aren’t looking to do anything but hurt each other.”
Luke Jones holds his face, as Bronx takes a moment to recover. Luke ate the ring post, but is already up to his feet as he tries to fight back. He connects with a forearm, but it doesn’t seem to do much. Bronx eats it, and responds with a hard shot right back! Luke staggers backwards, as Bronx grabs him.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

With a hand full of Luke’s hair Bronx drags his opponent around the ringside area. There’s a look in Bronx’s eyes, as he tosses Luke head first into the nearby barricade! Luke crashes with a sick thud, as Bronx looks to continue this attack.
“Four! … Five! … Six!”

Bronx gives a few stomps to the ribs of Luke Jones, as he returns back to the ring. It doesn’t last long, however, as Bronx quickly rolls out. Laroy Jones has to start his count all over again. What Bronx wasn’t expecting though was Luke to be back up, he connects with a forearm and follows that up with a Step Up Enziguri! Bronx falls to the mat, as Luke recovers.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

Luke again picks Bronx up, looking to toss him into the nearby ring steps. Bronx halts this attempt, planting himself. He shifts his weight, and tosses Luke right back into the barricade! Luke crashes, flipping over the barricade and into the crowd! The fans move out of the way, as Bronx heads towards his opponent. He’s not going to let this one end in a countout.
“Four! … Five! … Six!”

Luke slowly crawls out of the wreckage, as Bronx is right there to pick him back up. He lifts Luke up, dragging him over the barricade. It doesn’t take long for the two to re-enter the ring, but the 4CW Champion is all over his opponent. He clubs the upper back of Luke Jones with a series of forearms, prompting Luke to respond back with a Forearm Shot of his own! This seems to anger Bronx, as he quickly connects with a Spinning Back Fist! This spins Luke around, as Bronx drives him into the corner. With a grip around his waist, Luke hits the turnbuckle chest first. Bronx keeps the hold, rolling backward and into a CHAOS THEORY! “For Ana” connects, drilling Luke into the mat! Bronx quickly covers his opponent for the pin!

Bronx looks on in shock as the official tells him he only got the two. Somehow Luke Jones is already struggling back to his feet. Bronx looks for a Running Knee, but Luke dodges it! Pushing Bronx to the side, Luke quickly grabs him and delivers a Headbutt! The blow staggers Bronx, allowing Luke to pick him up for a Powerbomb. He opts to charge into the corner, tossing Bronx back first into the turnbuckle! Bronx lands hard, allowing for Luke to connect with a Corner Yakuza Kick!
JOHNSON: ”Follow Back connects!”
VASSA: ”That’s a great combo, Bronx might be in trouble here!”
Bronx falls to the mat, as Luke quickly scurries over to cover him for the pin!

Bronx kicks out, but this doesn’t seem to phase Luke. He quickly starts sending knees into his side, and the side of his ribs. As Bronx reels back up to his feet from one of the knees, Luke is on him with a European uppercut that sends him back even farther. While Bronx is still off balance, Luke backs up for a high speed running clothesline. He charges, but Bronx falls back and ducks the move! He kips back up to his feet, only for Luke to blast him with a Springboard Enziguri!
The crowd applauds both men’s efforts, as they lay on the mat. So quickly this match has turned into a back and forth affair. Neither man wanting to give in, as they both want the victory. Bronx holds his head for a moment, while Luke tries to catch his breath.
JOHNSON: ”Both of these men are giving it their everything here tonight!”
VASSA: ”Neither one wants to back off!”
Bronx and Luke Jones get back to their feet, Luke shooting behind Bronx for a waist lock. He goes to lift Bronx up, but Bronx blocks the attempt and gets back down on his feet. He lands another elbow, backing Luke Jones up for the moment. Bronx turns and tries for a Leaping Enziguri but Luke Jones blocks the attack! Bronx falls to the mat, allowing Luke to wrap him up again. The crowd watches as Luke slowly deadlifts him up, driving him into the mat with a Bridging German Suplex! With Bronx’s shoulders firmly planted into the mat, the referee starts his count.

Bronx kicks out, allowing Luke Jones to get back up to his feet. Bronx does the same, he sends a chop straight into the chest of Luke Jones. The hard smack echos throughout the arena, but Luke Jones replies back with a fierce chop of his own! Bronx reels backwards, stumbling into the nearby corner. His chest is a bright red, and Luke follows up with another one! The pain is evident on Bronx’s face, as Luke lights him up again with another! The smacks continue to echo throughout the arena, as Luke tries to set Bronx up onto the top turnbuckle.
Bronx throws a hard shot into Luke’s gut, but Luke doesn’t let go and steps up onto the bottom rope. Bronx hits another punch to the ribs, and Luke fires back with a headbutt. Luke steps up onto the middle rope and pulls Bronx part way to his feet by the tights. He goes to toss Bronx, but Bronx holds onto the top rope. Luke falls to the mat, getting back up to try again. Bronx tosses out a kick, landing to the side of Luke’s head. With Luke staggered for a moment, Bronx hops up to his feet and connects with a Crossbody Frog Splash! The two men crash to the canvas hard, with Luke taking the brunt of the fall.
JOHNSON: ”What a move from Bronx!”
VASSA: ”He’s holding his own, and responding like I thought he would. This is getting tough to call now!”
Both men are laid out on the mat for several seconds, neither moving for so long that the official almost starts a count, but Bronx again kips up to his feet. He goes for the turnbuckle again, this time checking to make sure Luke stays down. He looks back for a moment, sizing up the situation. Luke is not moving. Bronx slaps the top turnbuckle, pulling himself up for a Split Legged Moonsault. Bronx leaps up, his legs becoming a base to bounce backwards off of the ropes. Bronx flies through the air, but hits all mat as Luke was able to move out of the way!
With Bronx down on the mat, Luke Jones looks to pile it back on again. He picks Bronx up, another knife edge chop sends him back into the corner. With his opponent stuck in the corner, Luke Jones sends one hard chop into the chest of Bronx. He follows it up with another! He waits for a moment, letting the crowd get into it, before delivering the third strike! Welts cover Bronx’s chest, as he has taken several chops already here tonight. The Champion falls to the mat, as Luke moves him away from the corner. The crowd begins to turn, booing Luke Jones as Bronx lays helpless on the mat.
JOHNSON: ”It looks like Luke has Bronx, and the crowd, right where he wants them.”
VASSA: ”Just imagine how this place is going to be if Luke wins tonight.”
A quick running leg drop keeps Bronx down, as Luke Jones looks to finish this match tonight. Luke Jones picks Bronx up, and like lightning he drops him to the mat with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex! With Bronx on the mat, Luke delivers a Standing Shooting Star Press! The move seems to impress the crowd for a moment, something they weren’t expecting to see here tonight. It looks like Luke is sending a message, as he stands over Bronx yet again. Bronx looks to be in pain, but Luke Jones quickly goes for the pin!

Somehow Bronx gets the shoulder up again! Luke Jones shakes his head in shock, but wastes no time climbing to his feet. He pulls Bronx up, dropping him into an Atomic Drop! With Bronx distracted, he wraps him into a ripcord and attempts for a clothesline! Bronx recovers in time to duck the last part of the “#FuckboySpecial”. Luke turns around, and eats a Superkick from Bronx!
JOHNSON: ”Superkick!”
VASSA: ”Shoutouts to BL on that one!”
Luke is right back on his feet though, just in time to catch another Superkick! The kick lands, sending Luke to the mat. He doesn’t stay down for long though, much to the surprise of Bronx! He knocks Bronx back with yet another headbutt and drives him back toward the corner with a flurry of blows. Luke is about to finish it off with another Yakuza Kick, but Bronx hits a sudden headbutt that knocks Luke Jones all the way to the canvas! Luke tries to get back up, as Bronx calls for him to do so! He’s looking to hit the Valescence’s Victory! Luke finally gets up, as Bronx charges out of the corner. He goes for the DDT, but Luke stops him in his tracks. He shoves Bronx away, sending him crashing to the mat stomach first!
JOHNSON: ”Luke stays alive! If Bronx hit that it would have been all over!”
VASSA: ”Not only that but I think he hurt Bronx! He’s got him where he wants him!”
Luke Jones has Bronx down, he’s not giving in! He calls for the end, picking up the 4CW Champion to his feet. Bronx staggers about, as Luke sets him up for the Annihilation! Luke lifts Bronx, but Bronx grabs a hold of Luke’s leg. He kicks about, throwing off Luke’s balance as he has to drop Bronx. Luke goes for another attempt, but Bronx floats over and lands behind him! He quickly grabs Luke into a Ripcord, attempting to use the #FuckboySpecial! Luke ducks the clothesline, instead wrapping up Bronx for an Atomic Drop! Bronx shoves Luke away, charging at him again for the Valescence’s Victory! Luke blocks the attempt again, prompting Bronx to slide under his feet. Confused, Luke tries to turn around in time. Instead he’s wrapped up, and cradled to the mat with a pin!

The crowd cheers, as Bronx is up to his feet. His hand raised in victory, Luke Jones stays on the mat confused. He isn’t quite sure what happened, but soon realizes that he lost the match. Bronx grabs his title, rolling out of the ring as he holds it high over his head.
JOHNSON: ”What a match!”
VASSA: ”What a response by Bronx! He couldn’t put Luke down, Luke just had that DDT scouted big time.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed he did, but Bronx was resourceful as ever. An inside cradle gets him the win here tonight!”


VASSA: ”Here we are folks, we’ve finally made it to the main event that everyone has been dying to see!”
JOHNSON: ”We thought this was going to go down earlier in the night as you all witnessed. Things didn’t quite get out of hand luckily because these next four are well worthy of our main event to kick off the Bad Company festivities.”
VASSA: ”There’s been talk of controversy over this match ever since it was announced. Quite a few fingers have been pointed towards Perry for rigging this particular match in the qualifiers.”
JOHNSON: ”Until there’s evidence, it’s all just talk. I don’t see what all the fuss is about anyway. This is one heck of a main event!”
VASSA: ”It is, no doubt. I’m just happy to see Madison back inside of a 4CW ring.”

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, our main event is scheduled for one fall!”
The opening lyrics to “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War) by Bullet For My Valentine begins to echo throughout the arena as 4CW rise to their feet and sing along. The lights dim and smoke begins to overtake the entranceway. Chris Madison and Mark Storm emerge and stand shoulder to shoulder as they look out into the live audience. Mark Storm closes his eyes and hold his arms outward as Chris Madison bounces from side to side on the balls of his feet. Madison clenches his fists, raises them up to his head and pounds both sides of his jaw before letting out a roar.
POWERS: ”Fighting at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty five pounds, the team of Mark Storm and Chris Madison… INVICTUS FIGHT CCLLUUBB!!!”
Madison and Storm make their way down to the ring and Madison immediately marches up the steel steps and climbs through the ropes. He hops up onto the middle rope and looks out towards the crowd, raising both arms above his head as Mark Storm stops on the steps facing the audience and lets out a triumphant roar, with the audience roaring back to him. Storm joins his partner in the ring and the duo turn their attention to the task at hand, immediately putting their game faces on, looking ready to scrap!
POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
“Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward
Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both
For a wounded man will shall say to his assailant
If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven
Such is the rule of honor”

“Omerta” By lamb of god plays over the sound system as the lights go out in the arena. After a few moments a search light focuses in on the top of stage. There stands Dakota Smith and Erron Wilder, Dakota with a shit-eating grin and Erron looking as wild as ever. The spotlight follows the pair as they make their way down the ramp. Both seemingly caring very little for the negative reaction that the fans are spilling out onto them.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at this time, Erron Wilder and Dakota Smith… OOMMEERRTTAA!!!”
As the two reach the ring Erron climbs up the stairs and Dakota rolls in under the bottom rope. Dakota pulls himself up using the ropes as Erron climbs in through the middle. Dakota stands in the middle of the ring, smirking to himself as Erron climbs up one of the ropes and taunts the fans. After a few moments the men fall back into their corner.
VASSA: ”The time for fun and games is over folks!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been almost a year since we last saw Madison compete inside of a 4CW ring. Throughout the months leading up to that moment, this man went head to head with Omerta, facing both Dakota and Erron in a few occasions.”
VASSA: ”What happened when they met? Oh yea, Madison walked away the winner, building an undefeated streak in 4CW that still remains in tact to this day.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s a lot riding on this match. Not only is there a spot in Bad Company where the winners receive the 4CW Tag Team Championships and one million dollars, but there is the undefeated streak that Chris built for himself in his year with 4CW on the line.”
VASSA: ”How do you think Mark feels? This is his first match ever in 4CW and he’s in the main event!”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t imagine how he’s feeling right now. While he may be in the main event, I would think his opponents cast a huge shadow over that warm and fuzzy feeling.”
VASSA: ”It doesn’t get any better than this folks. We have a big prize on the line and a lot of bad blood in the water. This has all the ingredients for trouble.”

Beginning of the Match: Starting things off, Mark Storm and Dakota Smith stood in the ring as Madison and Erron watched from the apron. Starting off slow, Mark and Dakota circled each other in the center of the ring for nearly a minute before diving into the action. Locking up, Mark quickly overpowered Dakota, hooking his arm behind his back as he ducked out from under Dakota’s arm. Throwing rapid elbows back and firing away, Dakota connects with three shots to Mark’s forehead. As Dakota throws back a fourth, Mark leans back just enough to avoid his elbow as it misses before locking in a half nelson. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Mark then slams him down onto his head with a half nelson suplex! Working Dakota from the mat, Mark wore him down with various holds and stinging knees to the body. Finally back to his feet, Mark walked the ring with confidence. Establishing control over the match, Mark continued to chip away at Dakota, piece by piece.
Minutes later, a turning point was reached as Dakota snuck one by the official and delivered a dirty low blow to Mark. After finally bringing his momentum to a halt, Dakota exploded with a series of lefts and rights that eventually led to putting Mark down to the canvas with an electric chair drop shook the entire ring. Keeping Mark off his feet, worked his legs, pounding into them with knee drops and closed fists. Bringing the crowd to roar, Dakota wrapped his hand around Mark’s throat before lifting him up from the mat. He then lifted Mark into the air before turning to the nearby corner where no one other than Chris Madison stood upon the apron. Stepping towards the corner, Dakota then launched Mark into the air. Crashing into his corner, Mark bounced off and dropped down to a seated position. Feeling the effects of the chokeslam into the corner, Mark wheezed for air as his head remained lowered.
Bringing the entire arena to silence, Madison and Dakota stared into each others eyes for nearly a minute. Chomping at the bit to make his 4CW return official, Madison took it upon himself to slap his hand across Mark’s shoulder, initiating a tag and declaring himself the legal man. Backing away from the corner, Dakota watched as he rubbed his hands together with a smile on his face. Receiving a huge pop from the crowd, Madison entered the ropes and after nearly a year, stepped his back foot into 4CW. Immediately, Dakota and Madison threw down in the center of the ring. Exchanging fists, the two continued to pound the other’s face, leaving the canvas below smeared with blood. Ducking a right from Madison, Dakota took the lead as he caught Madison with a solid shot to the ribs. Putting Madison down to the canvas of a 4CW ring for the first time in a year, Dakota set the pace as he drove Madison’s head into the mat with a snap DDT!
VASSA: ”Oh my, these boys are feisty tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”What started out as Mark Storm putting on a clinic for everyone, has quickly turned into a feeding frenzy for Dakota Smith.”
VASSA: ”He put Mark Storm down after a low blow and after that, well we just saw what happened to Chris.”
JOHNSON: ”They can say that the blood rivalry is ancient news all they want to. There’s no chance in hell those two forget everything that they went through last year.”
Middle of the Match: After minutes of controlling the match, Dakota dragged Madison to his corner, finally making a tag and officially opening up the floor for Erron’s return to 4CW. As Erron entered the ring, Dakota laid into Madison with solid shots to the body. Using up every bit of the officials five count, Dakota then left the ring, leaving the work to his partner in crime. The 4CW and Scotland crowd instantly welcomed back Erron with open arms. Pumped up by the support from the crowd, Erron then went to work. Picking up where the two left off at Ante Up just one year ago, Erron glided around the ring, working Madison with stiff boxing styled punches. Pulling Madison in, Erron changed things up with a package piledriver. Making the cover, Erron went to give Madison his first loss.

Entering the ring after a good while, Mark broke up the count with a kick to the back of Erron’s head. Drawn to the sight, Dakota then stormed the ring, mixing it up with Mark for a second time tonight. Brawling around the entire ring, Dakota and Mark disregarded the officials count and focused solely on one another. Instead of counting, the official wanted nothing more than for there to be order in the ring. Prying himself between the two illegal men, the official finally calmed things down before sending Dakota and Erron back to their corners. With the piledriver still impacting Madison quite a bit, this allowed time for Erron to get back to his feet first and take control.
After being on the receiving end of a beat down by Erron, Madison finally turned things around after reversing brainbuster and turning it into a half nelson suplex. Dragging Erron across the ring, Madison slammed him against the corner before locking onto the top rope beside him and using it as leverage while he stomped down onto Erron’s stomach. Turning to Mark, Chris and he slapped hands for the tag before Madison turned his attention back to Erron and stomped some more. Dropping Erron to the mat with a northern lights suplex, Madison then exited the ring as Mark entered. Pulling Erron up from the mat, Mark then put a hurting on Erron with a series of high impact moves that left the crowd wanting more. Tagging Madison back into the mat, Mark then applied waste lock as Madison entered the ring. Going to the ropes, Madison then comes back on the rebound with a Yakuza kick. The force alone lifts Erron off his feet as Mark falls back, slamming him to the mat with a German suplex. Rolling out of the ring without a single delay, Mark exits to the apron as Madison crawls over and covers Erron.

Just before the officials hand slaps the mat a third time, Dakota is right there, lifting Madison off of Erron and tossing him aside. Lunging to the ropes, Dakota connects with a stiff elbow shot to Mark’s head, knocking him down to the floor. Dakota and Madison then lock up. With rapid knees, Madison pounds them into Dakota’s stomach as he backs him across the ring. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Madison then throws him over the top rope and down to the canvas. Turning his attention back to Erron, Madison then moved in before he was back on his feet.
JOHNSON: ”Chris Madison after all this time still remains dominant inside of a 4CW ring!”
VASSA: ”He hasn’t skipped a beat, that’s for sure!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s still plenty of fight left in all four of these men. I knew they were going to bring it but hot dang son, they’re really bringing it!”
VASSA: ”All we need now are the other members of Unstable and the third member of Omerta.”
End of the Match: After an attempt to tag Mark back into action, Madison gave Erron a small window of opportunity but just enough for him to turn things around. Dropping Madison with an arm wrench DDT, Erron had just enough energy left in him to crawl across the ring to his corner where he could finally make the tag with a fresh and blood thirsty, Dakota Smith. Just as Dakota entered, Madison was able to reach his corner where Mark reached over the ropes and far into the ring for the tag. Colliding in the center of the ring, Dakota and Mark beat the life out of one another as the arena grew louder and louder. Catching Mark with a chop to the throat, Dakota then followed up with a European uppercut that brought stars to Mark’s eyes. Slapping and slapping across Mark’s chest, Dakota dug into his flesh with knife edge chops. Whipping Mark into the ropes, Dakota then introduced Mark’s face to the canvas as he caught him with a drop-toe hold on the rebound. Rolling Mark to his back, Dakota made the cover as the official raced in with the count.

Kicking out and breaking up the pin all by himself, a look of relief came across Madison’s face as he realized Mark still had plenty of fight left in him. Not wasting anytime whatsoever, Dakota pounded away at Mark while on the mat with fists and knees. Pulling Mark up to his feet, Dakota quickly put him back down with a snapmare, leaving him sitting upright. Running to the ropes ahead, Dakota then came back with even more speed, leveling Mark with a running big boot. Making the cover once again, Dakota hooked the leg as the official rushed over.

With no help from Madison, Mark kicked out from Dakota’s pin again! Frustrated, Dakota began throwing wild punches down onto mark. Pulling him back to his feet, He then went to whip Mark to the corner but before you he knew it, Mark reverses and sent him racing to the ropes instead. Lifting Dakota into the air, Mark then planted him into the mat with a spinebuster, bringing Dakota’s fury to an abrupt stop. Crawling across the ring, Mark and Dakota went for their corners where both Erron and Madison waited along the apron. Making the tag at the same time, Erron and Madison were brought in only to tango once more in what could be easily mistaken as a street fight.
For minutes, Madison and Erron tore into each other with only one thing on their minds – ending the person’s night standing across from them. Catching a break, Erron managed to shove Madison back and into his corner where his arm slammed into Mark. Paying it no mind, Madison rushed Erron as the official thought to himself shortly before pointing to Mark as the legal man. As Erron and Madison continued to fight, the official forced himself in between them. Looking to Madison the official demanded him to exit the ring. Confused, Madison let his guard down for one second, giving Erron a shot to ring his bell with an uppercut to the jaw. Throwing Madison into the ropes, Erron cleared the ring as Madison went up and over. Rushing the corner, he then grabbed onto Mark and before he knew it, Erron dragged him into the ring. Setting up Mark for an abdominal stretch, Erron held him in place as he tried to rip his torso in half. From across the ring, Dakota charged in full speed, hitting Mark with a running yakuza kick of his own!
VASSA: ”Oh shit!”
JOHNSON: ”I… I… I believe they like to call that Decapitation Technique Number Forty-Seven.”
Rolling out of the ring, Dakota quickly jumped onto Madison and began choking him from the mounted position. Inside of the ring, Erron then rolled Mark up as the official slid in beside them with the count.

VASSA: ”Omerta wins it!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh no, I can’t believe it! Chris Madison has finally lost a match in 4CW!”
VASSA: ”Unbelievable!”
Popping to his feet, Erron seems static as the arena surrounding him roars. On the outside, Dakota continues to choke Madison despite hearing the bell in the background.

Stepping in beside Erron, the official grabs his arm and just before he goes to raise it, Madison catches Dakota from below with a solid right to the chin. Snatching his arm away from the official, Erron leaps through the ropes as Madison hits Dakota with a second right to the chin.

Rolling Dakota off of him, Madison then mounts himself on top of Dakota before unloading with a fury of lefts and rights. Pulling Madison off of Dakota, Erron drags him towards the corner of the ring. The two then turn their attention to one another as the arena goes silent. Staring into one another’s eyes for a short moment, the two then lock up and begin swinging away with wild lefts and rights from the lock up. Racing down to the ring, security enters the scene and quickly pull Erron and Madison a part.
VASSA: ”What are they doing?! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Let them kill each other!”
JOHNSON: ”They’re here to get control of the match. This is only a qualifier!”
VASSA: ”If Madison can take them both out right now there won’t be an Omerta to advance to Bad Company!”

With everything finally under control, security keeps a barrier of men between Madison and Omerta. Grabbing everyone’s attention, Mike Powers then steals the show.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners… Dakota Smith and Erron Wilder… OOMMEERRTTAA!!!”
The voices then begin to get louder and louder from ringside as Madison and Omerta yell back and forth between one another.
JOHNSON: ”Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, that’s out first half of qualifiers heading into Bad Company.”
VASSA: ”This was the biggest of them all in my opinion.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re entitled to your opinion! All of these matches we big.”
VASSA: ”We still have another half to go! And then Bad Company we’ll have sixteen teams all competing for the cash and gold.”
JOHNSON: ”Our next stop is Sydney, Australia.”
VASSA: ”Adrenaline Seventy-One!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s all the time we have for tonight folks. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as he head to Australia, just one step closer to Bad Company. I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good night folks!”
JOHNSON: ”Evening ladies and gentlemen…”